Scrapbook Twenty-four…



Hello Forrest,

Just wanted to let you know that my father called me at 5:30 this morning from the Middle East while on deployment to tell me to get ‘get off my ass and get out into the mountains because everyone there is talking about your hidden treasure.  With the weather so great this weekend, I am happy I did get an early start!




This picture was taken in Northern New Mexico, about an hour from Santa Fe.  I had been there once before, but only in passing, and thought it would be a good place to explore.  We have been out a few times hunting for the treasure, and it has been excellent.  The treasure is a great goal, but more important than actually finding it, the hunt provides a reason to go out and really explore the wilderness; to get dirty, crawl around in caves, and cross rivers.  Even after going out a few times I’ve begun to notice things I haven’t before, and through the research I’ve done to try and make sense of the poem, I’ve learned a lot about the history, culture, and geography of the mountains around Santa Fe. I feel like I have developed a few insights into the clues, and maybe I have an idea of where the treasure might be, but if I never even come close to finding it, I will still have the appreciation for the land, the growing collection of arrowheads and fossils that I have found, and the memories of amazing days spent in the woods.




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    • Stephanie, I put the answer to the startiing point on Dal’s site, and some additional info on mark’s site. You guys are gonna get that treasure this year.

    • I don’t want to give up his spot publically…but if you want to email me I’ll say…my email is tyblossom and I’m on aol.

  1. Awesome, Rick! I like where you’re nose is too. Looks like a great place to tuck a treasure into. Be a gentleman though. At least tell us if you find the treasure 😉 LOL

    • Bonnie you should send me an email and I show you a cool pic. triillobite at gmail

  2. Yes, if the treasures ever found we should post picks of the most beautiful spots we found while hunting, with directions how to get there. If we can’t share the actual treasure we can share the “spiritual” one.

    • I like that idea Tom. I love to take pictures of my travels, sometimes though I spend too much time looking through the lens and not enough time enjoying the view. A habit I am trying to break.

  3. nICE AXE whoops hit the caps. I think I see it in that upper cave on the left.

  4. Dont overlook the flashlight clue. I believe it to be a very important one ie… a place that’s off limits so you’ll have to hit it in the dark. Plus he stated at one point that he was afraid that someone might see his car, that car being a rental car. It is my opinion that he flew to the state in which it is hidden.

    • J.C., Do you know where or when he said that? Is there a link or reference? In the book he mentions flying to places where he can rent a car. BTW, there are several rural places in New Mexico where he can do that very thing.

    • I wonder what airport security would think upon finding that much treasure in his carry-on??

  5. Using Forrest’s end-line punctuation as a guide – and reset
    to Couplet.(add a couple of words in order to track the –
    da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM,
    which then sets the pace, meter or tempo to:

    Native American drum


    Forrest Drum Song

    As I have gone alone in there
    [So]I can keep my secret where,
    And with my treasures [noted] bold,
    And hint of riches new and old.


    Begin it where warm waters halt
    Not far, but [much] too far to walk.
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    The end is drawing ever nigh;
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease
    Just take the chest and go in peace.


    So why is it that I must go
    The answers I already know
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak
    And leave my trove for all to seek?

    So hear me all and listen good,
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold
    Your effort will be worth the cold.

    “It isn’t enough to tell us what a man did.
    You’ve got tell us who he was.” — from Citizen Kane


    • Certainly the addition of those words not only fixes the meter, but the number of syllables also in the first two stanzas. Yet, there are still a few “broken” lines in your fixed version. Why would Forrest intentionally break the meter and number of syllables, I wonder? Interestingly if you count up the number of syllables in the “unfixed” version, you get an interesting number that relates to Yellowstone

      • @ASBal says:

        “Why would Forrest intentionally…”

        maybe – because ,
        (got this off the shelf)

        poetic license —

        the right assumed by poets[or authors] to alter or invert standard syntax
        or depart from common diction or pronunciation to comply
        with the metrical or tonal requirements of their writing.

    • Very interesting. When worded this way, it seems to make reference to the canyon being “put in” below the home of Brown, as in Brown bears, Brown skin natives, or Brown trout.

        • Mr. Fenn is quite the double talker…loves the game monoply…his poem uses the word brown. it is both trout and a peoples…

      • Does UPS still have the slogan, “What can Brown do for you?” Where is the UPS hub in the Rocky Mountains? Okay, it’s a s–t–r–e–t–c—h….

        • Well people have to go–maybe an old out house or a place a civilization had constructed where stuff flowed down. One would be up a creek without a paddle then. no place for the meek.. And heavy loads out water high…just a thought…

      • Don’t think an outhouse would qualify. Can’t justfy the capitalization and an outhouse won’t be around for too awfully long, unless it’s built like a brick ____house. 😉

  6. Mick get out of my head lol i had translated the poem similar to yours. Glad someone is driving in the same lane as i.

  7. Didnt he say that following it step by step (as in not modifying) was the key. Just me but i think adding to it/translating it isnt the best idea.

    My .02

    • You can try…my in-box looks about the same as my room looked when I was 10…
      I may find it…I may not…

  8. Coyote says:

    “And when you find it,
    You may not want it.”


    (One of the Sisters[Muses]
    brought this by)

    We are working along the
    edges, the lines – getting inside
    looking/seeing the differences
    all textures, shades and colors
    defining Values, all, inside the lines

    While Coyote watches
    from that centerline
    on the highway, scanning
    those ‘areas obscuras’
    all of that-Negative Space

    Those places that don’t
    seem to count; wait,
    old Bill, long ago said
    you had to have:

    A Background
    with your
    that must always be.

    Thanks, Bill



  9. Wow! That looks like a treasure in itself. Can anyone recall seeing a riddle that someone posted to a handicapped woman that asked if she could go with anyone? He asked of the woman, and I paraphrase here, “what is 2 feet wide, 6 feet long, and contains a particular pallet?

    If you can find that post, I’ll give a coin to the first person that re-posts it – but only if I find the treasure!

    • The riddle Was posted Aug. 23,2011 under In the beginning. William Puckett posted comment 3/2/2013

    • What is approximately 2 feet tall and approximately 6 feet wide and has very Particular pallet? If you can answer this correctly you will be on your way to finding the Treasure of Forrest Fenn.
      And yes I wouldn’t mind going along to see the box anyway.

  10. John Paul just read your post. I’m not sure when the flashlight reference came into play without digging, but i’m confident it came from his mouth along with a comment about a sandwich. Just curious, do you believe it is in New Mexico? BTW if you prefer privacy which im sure some do i’d be more than glad to give you my email.

    • Hey JC, I hope it is in New Mexico because that is where I live and I know some things about the state. However, it could be Yellowstone because that was a childhood favorite place for Forrest. I also think it has some beautiful parts a little nicer and greener than NM, and more wild life readily visible. I remember meeting a mother grizzly and her cub on my motorcycle as I rounded the curve there. They were just about to cross the road. Fortunately I survived! However, I know nothing about Yellostone and haven’t a clue where to start. Sorry for the pun. 😉 I am johnpaul at jeweledway dot com.

  11. I’ve been searching for the last three days, broke down most of the poem. Found nothing yet, but intend to continue to look further. I hope everyone is doing well, and good luck, if anyone does find it, it would be nice to know so we all can give up this wild goose chase.

  12. One interpretation:

    Begin it where warm waters halt
And take it in the canyon down,
Not far, but too far to walk.

    Put in below the home of Brown.

    ….Forrest says to start here…but note the period after “walk”…there is direction up to that point. The next sentence starts with “put in below” – direction still? or is he telling where he put the treasure.

    put in below the home of brown:

    brown trout – trout live in water – where you live = home – put in below home – the treasure is below water

    Your effort will be worth the cold:

    mountains have snow – summer is warm – snow melts when its warm – snow on the mountains melts in the summer – water runs off mountain raising water level – can’t see through the high water level in the summer – thus go in the spring when its cold.

    • Hello Adventura. My take on it is that it is the next set of instructions. The treasure comes later at the end of the poem and the other clues.


    • What are your thoughts on this-I thought the “it” in the canyon down could refer to the “warm waters.” And take (the warm waters) in the canyon down. Then I thought why would it not be “them?” I think the water(s) may be significant. Why didn’t he say warm water halts?

      • I also thought about “it” referring to water, but there are 2 its in the sentence. Do they refer to the same thing? Perhaps, perhaps not. I would think the 1st “it” would be your quest or journey. I would think that “waters” would refer to either lots of water or moving water. There are just so many different ways of interpreting the poem. The thing of it is, there is only 1 correct way of interpreting it, and that gets down to every single word and its intended meaning and usage. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Batman, but Batman & Robin were geniuses at interpreting the Riddler’s riddles. It would always make me laugh at how quickly they interpreted them and how “far out” the interpretation was. Where’s Batman & Robin when you need them? 🙂

      • There’s even more than 1 way to interpret WhatMeWorry’s comment. One would be as in Did anyone call him or did anyone call me. This certainly isn’t an easy challenge otherwise it would have been solved by now. Or has it? Ever think that if someone found it, they may keep it quiet so they didn’t have the government and beggers on their doorstep?

        • Yes, Terry , I did. This will be a life-changing event for somebody. It willl get you fame (albeit fleeting), fortune (which you can’t take with you) and the american way. Do you want that? I don’t. I have my wife, my health, and my sanity. And soon Mr. Fenn will have his finder of the fortune.

          • I don’t want fame, but heck I’d love fortune to give my family financial security. I don’t understand why you don’t want that. I mean no one has to have the fame part.

          • Stephanie, your assuming that if want it, that i must not have it. And really, it’s all relative. Really, i think what i wanted is validation – I’m feeling just a little bit low in that department right now. But that’s not important. I’ve got all I need in this world. Now put those clues together and GO GO GO!

          • Oh I’m sorry, you were saying you didn’t want it and I thought you meant the fortune. Maybe I read that wrong. Sorry your feeling a bit low. I hope things start to look up for you soon. Hugs and Love!!

  13. Having grown up in WY and traveling many times to Yellowstone, it is not a place for the unprepared or uneducated hiker or treasure hunter. I think too often people get gold fever, or in this case treasure fever, and ignore how harsh this place can be. I’ve backpacked through the park in June and gotten 6 inches of snow, and also camped in late July, early August where it froze 5 nights in a row. Its not uncommon for the temperatures to dip below freezing in summer. I’m not talking about spring; I’m talking about summer.

    Just consider this when you plan to go out searching in Yellowstone: Since 1975 only 3 years have had the “highest daily low” or “warmest night” above 30 degree at the Tower Falls weather station. Tower Falls is at an elevation of 6250 feet. The average elevation of the park is 8000 feet. THREE YEARS IN THE LAST 37 YEARS HAVE HAD ONE SINGLE NIGHT AT A MINIMUM THAT WAS ABOVE 30 DEGREES!!! So, you do the math. The nights are cold, period. Be prepared.

    I’m not trying to stop anyone from going searching. By all means, go go go!! But, bring your 3 or 4 season tent (even in the summer) or make sure you get a hotel reservation, because Yellowstone is no joke.

    Oh and the weather is not even the most dangerous part of Yellowstone. Moose and bison are plentiful. If you think a griz is more dangerous than either the moose or bison especially in mating seasons, you are mistaken. If you have a healthy fear of bears, good, double it for moose and bison. Youtube will provide you with numerous examples of people who didn’t believe.

    • OK, folks, I lost my father in September. I have decided that I could lose my marriage with this nonsense, and I refuse to lose my mind, so I’m going to open up clue one to you based on my local knowledge of the area. I only ask that if you are to discover el dorado, that you speak kindly of me on the today show and let me write the forward of your book. Ready?

      Clue 1. Begin it where warm waters halt.

      Forrest was an air force pilot – in Vietnam – where there is a yearly weather phenomenom called the monsoon season. In northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, we share that same particular weather pattern in August-September of every year. Warm waters are blown in from the Pacific ocean, through Arizona, up over the 4-corners region (the only place in the USA that four states all meet), and up to the Continental Divide. And the weather is not restricted to just the monsoon season -that weather pattern is year round, and it results in the largest amounts of precipitation in that area. To wit, Wolf Creek ski area has received over 25 feet of snow this ski season, And it’s dumping snow up there as you read this. The snowfall total is typically over thirty feet per year.

      Where do the warm waters halt? At the continental Divide, in southern Colorado – northern New Mexico.

      From: (
      Fri 3/08/13 6:11 AM
      Summit Base Depth: 80″
      Midway Base Depth: 70″
      New Snow (24 Hours): 0″
      New Snow (48 Hours): 0″
      New Snow (72 Hours): 0″
      New Snow (7 Days): 7″
      Storm Total: ”
      Year-to-Date: 303″

      Clue one is yours – knock yourselves out.

      • Hey WMW,

        You’re right, nothing in that little box in the mountains is as valuable as family and friends. I think that’s a big part of “the thrill of the chase”, it’s a chance to build memories and experiences with the people you are closest too. I love the idea of working out the puzzle and camping in the mountains with my family, perhaps doing some fishing, hiking and yes even look for the gold. As silly as it might sound, the treasure is not important, building those memories with your loved ones IS. The treasure might be found tomorrow (I doubt that though) and then it’s all over, but your friends and family will be there for the rest of your life.

        • Maybe if someone does find it…it doesn’t have to be over…maybe Forrest and the Chase will be the catalyst for people to keep seeking adventure with their their families.

  14. For those of you that have been chasing this for awhile, does Mr Fenn answer alot of your emails? I emailed him twice yesterday and he returned both emails. Is that common?

    • He’s overwhelmed with emails, so has said that he’s trying to at least answer one from people. So two, your pretty fortunate. I think he’s averaging like 200 emails a day. He’s an amazingly fast typer…..

      • Well…no matter if you knew where the treasure was or not….spending $10,000 to hang with Forrest….would be well worth it to me. I’d tell him I was going to Yellowstone so I got my money’s worth lol.

      • See , that’s where the validation part of this comes in. Heck, I would think that he would want to spend 10000 just to hang out with ME! LOL!

        • Well if he finds that your that much fun to be with…I think you’ll get your $10,000 back….because he won’t have felt his time was wasted. I’d call his bluff and take out a loan LOL

          • Getting back to the part about not wanting more of what you already have. I don’t need to take out a loan, what I’m looking for is more along the lines of validation.

          • Ok you can give me $10,000 so I can have Forrest go with me…..I’m not sure what you need validation about. I don’t know if I’ve ever really needed validation…

          • Everybody has wants and everybody has needs. The trick is to have as little of them as possible. Validation is in my list of wants, not needs.

          • But what do you need validated? That your a good person? That you’ve figured out the poem from Forrest? I’m not sure why you would consider someone else’s opinion better than your own.

          • But you’re TRYING to figure that out, Stephanie, and THAT’S what I’m talking about when I refer to validation. You are a good person. It’s complicated. But it’s not important.

          • I think I get it…hmm…but I don’t think you should give that type of power away. You should only allow yourself to validate yourself…

          • Thank you Stephanie. Sometimes though, people aren’t always in control, and so it’s important in those situations do your best to try to understand that, and not what the meaning of a clue to a treasure is. You will be rewarded for that someday.

      • Wow! I thought Dal was taking about me for a minute since my name starts with T and also since I said that some people may keep finding the chest quiet to avoid the IRS and beggars on their doorstep. I just hope that even if someone did want to keep finding the chest quiet (annonymous), that they would at the very least send the bracelet back to Forrest. It was his to give and he regrets it. Bear in mind that if he wasn’t a man of integrity, he would simply go and retrieve the chest himself to get it back. That in itself say volumes about the man!

  15. I’ve sent him a counter ro his counter, and awaiting his reply, but with 200 a day, it may take awhile, especially if he’s in meetings all day.

      • My wife and I give to charitable organizations often and generously. But what we don’t like is solicitors. We’ve used the no-call list to limited success. So my wife always tells them, “I’m waiting for a very important call from my doctor”, because it’s more effectiv – and sadly, true..
        I called Forrest twice. I got the response “I’m in a meeting.” I’m not trying to be whiny, I just think that it could gone differently. And before you reply, please know that the full story has not yet been told.

        • oops I just solicited for the $10,000. When I get calls like that…I don’t even give them a chance to say anything and I just say I’m not interested and hang up. My husband can’t do that. He has to give them a story which gives them a chance to get into his heart. I could totally understand Forrest being in a meeting. I just don’t think he’s in one all day. I can also see how he can’t be on the phone with searchers….we’re lucky he talks to us at all if you think about it.

          • I guess that’s one way of looking at it, and just like clues, stuff can be looked at a lot of different ways. I’ll be waiting for an e-mail, that’s one sort of validation. Hmmmmmmm.

      • Whenever I get a call from a solicitor I turn THEIR call into MY call. I offer to buy whatever they are selling but they have to buy from me first. I tell them that it’s good business, after all why should I buy from them if they are not willing to buy from me? I start off telling them that I’m glad they called because I have a great opportunity for them. After about ten minutes they get tired of me trying to sell something to THEM and realize they’ve just wasted their time. I know this has nothing to do with the treasure but I live alone and am desperate for human interaction. I won’t be able to look for the treasure but I do like hearing everyone else make their plans. Good luck in your searches. And don’t forget to enjoy the view while you’re out there!
        And thank you Dal for making this blogsite.

    • Congratulations!
      Life will be good for you – or will it?

      I know that it will for me……………..

  16. The word “scant” perplexes me most. Why that word? The more obvious words would be short and litte… “scant” is a synonym of these. It’s as though he did a thesaurus search for the best word. As of yet I have never seen “tarry” and “scant” (“tarry scant”) used in conjunction… If you have seen this, please let me know.

      • scant is more like only a little bit, as in a scant teaspoon in recipes, not a full teaspoon. So don’t hang around long just marveling at it, take it and git!

    • Forrest likes to use interesting words in his writings. I think that’s all there is to it. I don’t believe it’s a cryptic clue..You knew exactly what he meant the first time you read it..don’t stay there too long…he succeeded…
      And he’s right…if you find a million dollars in gold and jewels don’t stand there admiring it…pick it up and get moving before you are noticed..

      • In the radio interview the other day, It sounded like Forrest expects the Finder to be overwhelmed at the sight of the treasure. I agree with Dal that it is encouragement to get moving.

    • I don’t think you’ll find them used together. I would think “tarry not” would get the point across. Tarry scant, with scant being an adjective meaning not very long, tends to add less of a sense of urgency to it. In my humble opinion, it’s just a poetic way of saying don’t just stand there all day and look at it. But, you never know. There could be a reason for that if somehow time would be of some importance. We’re all trying to decypher the poem differently because we think differently, so your choices are to try to think for yourself, think like others or think like Forrest.

      • Yep..I am with the “don’t over think the poem” group. Possibly because my mind is too simple to do otherwise…

      • Me three. Simple. Not long ago, someone said that I suffered from cognitive dissonance. I had to look it up 🙂

        • My learned word today was planned obsolescence. Nothing to do with the treasure unless forrest hooked up atimer and a bomb to chest to go off in 1000 years thinking we dont deserve to have it if we didnt find it by then.

      • Yeah Stephanie, that’s most of the electronics industry any more. Just throw it away and buy a new one. I used to be an electronic technician back when people still fixed things. Recently, I wanted to replace the bad volume control on my amplified computer speakers. They’re glued together and not meant to be serviceable. As far as the chest goes, I think in far less than 1000 years, there will be some type of scanner available that would give you a 3D image of what is under ground and in surrounding areas. Wouldn’t that make things easier?

        • I worked for an electronics company for years…I can even fix your VCR….oh wait…very obsolete. I’d rather have a mind that can figure out his quest than a tool that can see things like that. Hmmm, could use that for other things though. *smile*

      • I did it for about 20 years. I even had my own shop. I specialized in audio. I worked on very few VCRs. Mostly head cleanings on those as a quick check tech at a large appliance store. You’re probably right about the fact that it’s more important to figure out where to look than having high tech equipment to find it.

  17. Has the word “Angel” ever entered into anyone’s thought process through all this? If so i’d really like to speak with them.

  18. Stephanie ..think he means to tarry but a little while ie don’t wait long

    Dal are probably correct but I believe he may have purposely chosen a short more inclusive word to fit the narrative on purpose <~its that purpose that interests me bc it means there may be at least two ways to decipher his poem. Be that as it may, I am inclined to think its just descriptive writing ..but all the while looking at every angle.

    • Just a little more on “tarry scant” ..besides the obvious meaning to wait a short while there are other ways to interpret this phrase.

      -Could also mean a vessel covered scantily or sparingly in tar

      …simplistic alt def for “tarry” is a tar like substance on a vessel …pronounced “tar”ry
      …def for scant most likly used in the “tarry scant” phrase would be “sparing”

      I eliminate all possibilities <~this is crucial

      Little about me:
      First to find last remaining Civil War fort "FORT MANHASSETT" in Sabine Pass TX
      Cache, relic, gold, wreck, artifact "hunter"

  19. One word I’ve been looking at is “cold”. It’s a pretty signicant word to throw in there. But, does it mean what you would assume it would mean? Most would automatically think of temperature. But, “cold” in terms of searching, can just mean not being close to what you are searching for. Any thoughts?

  20. Wow…been reading till it hurts…lol. Fenn appears to be the real deal! heres my take: i dont know of too many people carrying boxes of loot around…in Chicago where im from it would be very bold…Too i doubt id take anyone with me to hide my loot…how long would that last? id go alone… My loot wouldnt be far…if i was sic and planned to either hide…die…or return to it…it would not be amongst the bears…in the bitter cold hundreds of
    miles away…sorry yellow-stoners…must be NM…ok now after a little research…The home of the brown must be trout and grays/SALMON

  21. Srry dconn. “to put in” means on or by water…one place where water halts is a dam…the cimmarron river or colo.river i think flows into lake navajo which has both fish…the lake was made to be a retainning water reclamation project…maybe fenn as a pilot was involved…idk but the fish were introduced ti4 lakes in NM…as im new to this i have to re read my thoughts…more tomorrow but taos….arriba…NM.

    • If you are referring to Navajo Lake in the Four Corners area, the lake is a dammed section of the San Juan River. The trout waters just below the dam are well known among flyfishers.

  22. Well im rested…hope the young lady hunting the treasure yesterday is too. i was discussing the home of the brown..and came to conclusion fenn meant trout….even tho he could just as easily be talking about the brown people…of the abiquiu ruins…as for trout and dams…the abiquiu dam on lake abiquiu also offers a good place to start…and yet…maybe he’s talking about the hot springs in abiquiu where warm wars halt…where the Channa river flows…

      • So I’m late to party again.. Of course ya’ll probably already know this:
        Abiquiú is also the location where the opening shot of the 4th Indiana Jones movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was shot. Rainy day here good day to get caught up on my Indiana Jones movies. How do you spell marathon?

        What I’m wondering about today is why some names like Stephanie are underlined and others like Mark are not on this blog?

        • My name is underlined? I don’t know what you mean? If it’s true, it’s
          because Dal thinks I’m special though…I’m sure of that 😉

          I didn’t realize Indiana Jones was filmed there…I only thought it was up
          by the train that goes through Chama…that one town…Alamosa I think.
          Interesting about Abiquiu. I liked Abiquiu because of the electric power from
          the army corp…I thought army guys are not meek and I also thought the
          electric which feeds Los Alamos where the bomb was made(he had a bomb under
          his wing)…could be the heavy loads.

      • Names get automatically underlined when you have commented over one million times on this blog…
        hahaha..just kidding..
        It means Stephanie’s name is a link and if you click on her name you can go directly to her blog…

  23. Well im rested…hope the young lady hunting the treasure yesterday is too. i was discussing the home of the brown..and came to conclusion fenn meant trout….even tho he could just as easily be talking about the brown people…of the abiquiu ruins…as for trout and dams…the abiquiu dam on lake abiquiu also offers a good place to start…and yet…maybe he’s talking about the hot springs in abiquiu where warm wars halt…where the Channa (spelling) river flows…

  24. Its hard to choose between his many passions…but flyy fishing or hunting artifacts is what i think led him to his destination….also Ms. O Keefe is in there somewhere so i guess abiquiu is the place to start. i like the idea of searching with family and friends…id say a few weeks and ill be in the wood…

  25. I don’t think he means brown people and that wouldn’t be capitalized anyway..the Rio Chama is good though for Brown Trout…which I can go both ways on…it’s really not supposed to be capitalized but many people do. I did so much research on Abiquiu and I’m really surprised that I didn’t find any info about those hot springs. I did get to see Pedernal…that was cool.

  26. When I first thought of your Treasure Hunt,I thought about your Family,a True Treasure in anyone’s heart.I thought of your Chest with your heart is your treasure chest.You were in a picture with a lady with what appeared to be a gold nugget on her chest, a sign of family being a true gem.Someone told me, you don’t understand, he really placed a true treasure somewhere.I had a boyfriend that had Lung Cancer.I went to Mother Neff Park with him,and later went back thinking he Indians used this area and it seems high, closer to God.I found a rock previously that had a heart shape worn in the center.I laid it down and misplaced it.Later I decided to go back and find it,and like on Little House On The Prairie, maybe I could make something and include that heart rock if I could find it.Well my dog and I started walking,Kept looking on the ground,covered a large area.when I eventually looked up, I was lost.Called my dog to follow me in what I believed to be the right direction.He refused and ran the opposite way,stopping for me to follow. I knew I was right,and went my way.At that time I worried will I see my dog again?That’s. When I also realized my kid’s would be getting out of school in an hour an I had no idea where I was.Eventually I heard a car in the distance and followed the sound.Someone was nice enough when I found the road,they gave me a ride to the car.Guess what, low and behold there was Addie waiting right by the car for me.As I thought back,I did’nt find the heart because it went to God.Your treasure hunt is very interesting,and it does tempt you to take it if found.The quetion would be should you.You placed it there when you were very close with God, should we interfere by accepting it.I think like the rock heart,it won’t be found, it’s in a sacred place between you and God, as it should be.Your a very special person,wanting to help people,and we appreciate it.I’m happy you have a good outcome with your cancer.Cherish your family, as I know you do,and they cherish you.I think I’ll take your challenge to stay online for the adventure of the hunt.If I were to find it, I think I’ll let it stay.When you said,find your treasure,some never do,I thought of Love and some never find Love.You have found Love for your Family,Friends,and us,and I know a lot Love and Cherish You.Thanks for your adventure.

  27. Or a potty pueblo…lol I have several spots id check…and il tell U…The four corners…spec…Fenn’s lost ruins or

    • Somewhere important to Fenn in Rio Arriba cnty Galestio Basin san larezo (spelling). and yet i Like Abiquiu…Fenn’s book and poem reads both as a map and an implied contract. He conjurs up images of many tails and places of importance over a lifetime. U might have to walk in his shoes–and worse. He challenges us to question our integrity…finders keepers or sacred and to be left alone…idk.

      • I found a sister pueblo to San Lazero that’s near a reservoir in NM. It’s definitely north and works with my flying solution. Probably will be my next NM search. I imagine that maybe Forrest was the one to find it, because he fished near it. It’s only been discovered in the past maybe 20 or 30 years I think. Should be a fun thing to spend time researching. Does anyone know how many pueblos there are in NM? Are they everywhere out west? I’m not pueblo savvy.

  28. Stephanie U might walk in Fenn’s shoes. im assuming the one who finds his treasure will be finding more than just a bronze box…the finder will more than likely meet famous people…develope a never ending quest to continue exploration…too feel the burden of consious and to ask god’s forgiveness…The finder might even open an art gallery in Santafe… If someone searches these places in the four corners…they will with out doubt find treasure…and Fenn owns a good part of san lorenzo so it might be legal but is it ethical. good luck.

    • If I found the chest…that doesn’t sound like my plans…honestly I have no plans. I’ve talked about things for the fun of talking about them….but I have very few things I’m sure I’d do and none have to do with me.

  29. Where I live, many that own land in the Animas and San Juan basins have found ruins buried on their property. Part of the town of Aztec, where I graduated high school, sits on ruins. The excavated part of the Aztec ruins is by no means all there is. Not sure how the poem fits this place but it’s not a place to be overlooked if you want a taste of new mexico.

  30. Hey Dal my apologies. I have to read my text before I post them. I would like U and all Your readers to know that I Believe Forrest Fenn is the modern day Indiana Jones. He is and will be remembered as a man who found and brought to life a rich history of a past peoples. Too Mr. Fenn has re-introduced Georgia okeefe–many have us have no very little knowledge of great American Artist. …cont

  31. Srry word check…have little knowledge…
    Im a firm believer in “first come first serve” and “finders keepers” it’s what You do with it I guess?
    Would love to play monoply with all of U…Ive got a buck!
    P.S. Ive sarted a blog in which I have begun what I call Ten Days-Top Ten Destinations…happy hunting.

    • Yah’te’hey abini shi’ e Cloudcover yinishe. Or something like that. I’ll check out your blog when I get off of work. Have a nice day!

  32. So if he rented a rental car just subpoena the records from the rental company and find out the mileage that was put on the car from the rental car company. Use the mileage and starting point to creat a perimter, ha. There is your search area.

    Its a thought right.

  33. Cool story…good luck.
    Ive just started blogging recently and cant stop. We r learning many lessons.
    I though i would tell a quick story and then a cool observation. Something I just noticed even if others already knew.
    My brother in law was called the Chief. Oddly enough; he had little indian in him other than spiritual. Anyhow he and most my relatives are artifactors…it is more than a hobby…its a culture…we are not archeologist …but r familiar the pieces in our collections and always talk about them….cont

  34. And honestly most all the pieces iether found bought or traded come from private State and or Federal ground….that being said all my friends and relatives would gladly give them back to any of thier rightful owners…but who is that? If a hunter biker fisher explorer find something awsome and pick it up. it is what they do with it. The chief loved artifacting he could tell U much.

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