News For Saturday, March 9th…


Forrest got the message below from Gadi Schwartz at KOB-TV in Albuquerque. Please read and take note. It can be very dangerous out there…Forrest advises everyone to wait until spring and good weather to search…

You can read the whole story here:

By the way…

In my opinion there is absolutely no way that the chest is hidden in Bandelier National Monument. I will be posting a blog about this soon.


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    • I saw that going up yesterday. Realized I had a second edition thought it would have been first. Wouldn’t trade it for a chest of gold….ok thats a lie…..but only his chest of gold 😉

    • Seriously Rick? So buy 10 more copies and use the rest to go up to Forrests house have him sign them and Do it ALL over. You’ll be a millionaire in no time. (don’t forget to include me, I’ll take 5% because i came up with the idea.) Your welcome.:)

  1. I understand it’s safe to look in FL right now..except for pythons and alligators and drug smugglers…and there is the issue of the Rocky Mountains not being there…but otherwise it should be a pleasant search…
    After all, its about having fun searching and not about finding it…lol…

  2. Hope you don’t mind me adding this, Dal….yeah. I lifted it from the National Park Service Hiking FAQ’s. I hope people read it and pay attention.

    Q: If I get into trouble and need to be rescued, who pays for my rescue?

    A: The National Park Service coordinates all emergency rescue operations within the park, which is a discretionary function of the agency. The costs of an inner canyon rescue are covered by the tax payer, however ground ambulance transport and supporting commercial aeromedical transportation is the financial responsibility of the patient.

    Q: Is there an emergency phone number I can leave with a contact back home?

    A: 928-638-2477. Tell your contact person your hiking itinerary (including name of trip leader/permit holder if not you), your rim destination after the hike, and the date of your return home. If you indicate you will contact them once you are out of the canyon, BE SURE YOU DO SO! You are accountable for costs associated with the search and rescue efforts on your behalf, and while the National Park Service has your life and safety as its highest priority, it is irresponsible to initiate such efforts frivolously.

  3. Something like this treasure hunt only comes along once in a great while. Can see why people are excited.

    Will it topple Kit Williams Masquerade or Michael Stadther’s “A Treasure Trove”?

    Could easily………..


    People are still paying $400 dollars to a puzzle 10 years old called “Enchant”.

    Memorabilia from this hunt could actually hold these type of prices.


    • Well, then. I guess I’ll hang onto my fully notated and autographed copy of The Thrill of the Chase and wait until some dolt is ready willing and able to hand over a cool million.

    • Do you think they would buy my Smartwool socks which were worn on an actual Forrest Fenn treasure hunting trip? I haven’t washed them yet….

    • I’ll be handing out a free TOTC book at the Washington State GIS Conference in May…
      Of course by then the printing backlog will be gone and they will be as common as black flies in Michigan.

    • Get excited, sure! but keep your wits about you too 😉 This is not a good time to go into the woods with the weather being all psycho. A few more weeks and it should be prime hunting weather.

      • That’s right, but when the weather clears all the other psychos will come out. I can see finding the treasure and some crazy hitting me over the head and taking the treasure. Money makes people crazy! I pan for gold in California, and I saw a young guy fight over half a nugget, he said half was his! I hope I’m wrong but I think New Mexico will start showing up in the news for worse things happening then finding the treasure. Some, not all, of the people going out there are desperate…most will go for the adventure. But that small percentage, boy oh boy. If I find it, I would video tape the find and get outta Dodge. Call Fenn when I get home. Good luck peeps, and be careful!

    • Bet them goats’ll eat bout anything rocks, cans, old signs ,tires I even saw one eat him a whole alternator mmm havin me some french fried taters, mayonaise

      • Well, they eat my cooking if that tells you anything. Then again, with some, I could throw a can of dog food on the plate and they’d go YUM YUM! Amazing what some people will eat.

    • Wait a second! There are other people named Ricky?! 🙂 And yeah, I noticed a few months before Fenn went on the Today show that copies were going for over 150.00 on Amazon. No surprise it’s gone up.

      Be careful out there folks. I just got back from North of Angel Fire and had that storm chase me all the way back to Albuquerque. Dangerous driving. More dangerous trying to navigate icy canyons..

  4. Me to:) That’s why this type of memorabilia can hold unto those type of prices.

    The man and the book changed my life for the better, made it richer.

    Thou as Forrest said don’t stop there keep going:)


    • I’m just going to wait and read the one I find in that chest.
      Then I don’t have to go out and buy one….

  5. You probably all know that Forrest and Doug Preston are good friends. Doug is an award winning and very popular fiction and non-fiction writer. His non-fiction work appears in book form but also appears in the New Yorker and National Geographic among other publications. His fiction work is primarily award winning thriller and mystery novels. He also co-writes with Lincoln Child. Many of their books have been best sellers. I wrote a post about Doug and his novel, The Codex, which is based on Forrest’s original plan to take his treasure with him when he died.

    I also posted about a wonderful blog called, Mysterious Writings, where the host of that blog has a feature she calls Six Questions. Earlier she had Forrest answer six questions. This time around she pointed her questioning mind at Doug Preston. Doug talks about his friend Forrest.

    Here is the link to the Doug Preston interview and look around for the Forrest interview..

    Remember to give her praise and likes if you enjoy the work…


    • Thanks for sharing that, Dal. An interesting interview and blog and I’ll be sure to give her kudos.

      Coincidentally, I just finished re-reading another title by the same 2 authors: Still Life With Crows.

    • I was thinking about something. Forrest originally wanted to hide himself away somewhere with the treasure. Yellowstone would be fitting in a situation like that. However, that idea has passed since ten plus years later now that he is cancer free. There is nothing to say the earlier location he had in mind applies to where he hid the treasure.

  6. Well, I hope the lady is ok …….But really, people need to wake up! It’s about “The Thrill of the Chase”, is it not? This is supposed to be something that inspires us, something that motivates us towards discovery,if not of a treasure, but of ourselves. There is no reason for us to make “Bad” decisions about what we are doing. This is supposed to be fun and enlightening, not a matter of life and death or “I’ve got to find it no matter what!” Let’s be smart about it, and make it last, and maybe someone, “one day” will find it, and “We” will all know more than we did before, huh? I want to find it as much as anybody else, but come on!, let’s take our time and be careful …..and not put ourselves in a bad situation or cause Forrest to decide that all of this is not worth it. Be safe, Be happy, and take a “Sandwich”, and maybe some water, a sleeping bag, a fire kit, ………the National Guard …….just kidding lol! …….Really though, let’s make this last for awhile …………at least till I can find it! Thank You.

  7. Thanks Dal, for the information on “The Codex and The Lincoln Child”, and really, everything that you provide …..your blogs, your pictures, etc. Both you and stephanie make this whole experience worth “The Thrill of the Chase”.


  8. Funny you should talk about Michigan Dal,

    A big meteor just came in and landed in Michigan.

    As a meteorite hunter/trapper ( yes you can trap a meteorite) usually start out in 500 mile squares.

    Reports still coming in……………let’s see what happens:)


  9. Ya weather was bad here in NM the dnow came fast we were in Santa Fe on the trail when we started it was nice weather then boom it came quick the snow was crazy. Our NM weather is odd hott in the morning snow by mid day sunny tmmrw

  10. Glan, I’ve been in Florida eleven years. I’ve never seen a whale. However, they did have a couple of beached whales last week….mom and calf about five miles up the road. I’m five miles from the intracoastal, but it’s a walk through the park to get to the ocean side. I’m on the Atlantic side of Florida. Right where they play the Honda Classic which just ended this past weekend. I don’t golf….boring….kinda like watching paint dry. I ache for hills and mountains.

    • What do y’all think of her choice of locations to search…what are some of the clues that might relate ti that area? I find many places with some of the clues, but its the meek that I can’t get a feel for (in my mind at least)

      • I thought about that same thing. Can you imagine all the people going to look in that area, because if it was so important for her to go. I hope everyone waits to go into any area that has or could have snow. It’s so much nicer to search in the spring/summer…..

      • Not a bad idea for a place to search. That area was one of our earlier research subjects. Unfortunately, our search died out after the “home of Brown” clue. We couldn’t tie in anything beyond that clue.

  11. Bonnie, thank you for the reply. I have always found that the best part of golfing was being outside on a nice course. It’s funny that you and Dal are both from Michigan, I’m from Michigan too and lived most of my life in the suburbs west of the D. And I have been in the U.P. More than once, to Marquette and Pictured Rocks. It’s funny how many people who are trolls (“the people who live below the bridge”) that have never been to the U.P. Lake Superior is a must-see.
    I live in Irvine ca. now and the reason I asked about the whales is because i’ve taken to beach combing and an altogether different kind of search for gold.

      • Hey Doc, you live up in the north I see. I’ve not been up past Yosemite and San Francisco but mean to go and see it. Socal is nice, good weather most of the time. I like to head down the PCH to Dana Point to do my whale spotting. I cannot believe that people are rushing out in March to the mountains to look for the treasure. After using google earth I can see how hard it would be to find in Yellowstone. So many references to Brown. I am confident that Mr. Fenn took his time and picked a good location.

      • Yep, I’m north of you. Although I’m a Wyoming boy at heart, NorCal is pretty amazing. I’m 5 minutes from the beach and about a half hour from the redwoods and the snow.

    • A troll, ey? U betcha! Lake Superior is an incredible lake and so is the surrounding area. You’ve got to see the Apostle Islands sometime. Fish, deer, wolf, even elk and moose now. It was a hoot when they transferred moose to the area by chopper. Poor moose. Couldn’t they just let them migrate over naturally? walleye, bass, northern, musky, salmon, native trout and rainbow…we got it all and some pretty nice little “mountains” we call the Porkies. LOL….highest elevation is about 639 feet, but you get some astounding views of the big Lake on escarpment peak at Lake of the Clouds. Copper mining, silver mining….even a scant trace of gold in some parts. Dad and bro were copper miners. Me…I collect rocks. Marquette lies about 260 miles east of Ironwood. Nasty drive in the winter. Yeah, Florida isn’t the place I thought it might be when I first arrived. Can’t complain about the winters here and it beats 300 inches of snow. But I miss the sturdy mid-westerners and the straight, no BS talk. we get a lot of those New Yakkers down here….city types….know everything, but don’t know how to screw in a light bulb. I miss four seasons and the smell of spring.

      • Yes, a troll who live below the bridge. I also am half buckeye as well (on my mother’s side). I have been to Copper Harbor and up Brockway mountain and looked with marveled gaze at lake Superior. I have also been to White Fish Point. My Grandfather was the captain of an iron boat and I remember the day the Edmund Fitzgerald went down. I have not been to the Porcupine mountains but that and Isle Royale are on my list. I am also a rock collector, I’ve found some of my best white stones at Miner’s beach. In the clear water of Superior they look like real gems. When I go to the beach here in ca. I spend hours combing the beach looking for stones and whatever else the ocean leaves on the beach.
        The thing that I will miss the most here is what you mentioned- the four seasons. The first day the snow falls; how quiet it is at night after it snows; the warm sunny day it all begins to melt away in little rivers and streams’ and you know that spring will be there soon; a proper rain that lasts all day. Thunder storms with heavy winds and thunder so loud it wakes you up in the middle of the night.

        • I love storms that rattle the windows and shake the roof. Agates on the beach. Artesian spring waters. Dipping a cup in Lake Superior while paddling along the coastal areas. Sea caves. Lighthouses. Moose snuffling at your tent in the middle of the night LOL

      • Bonnie-
        Spent all my summers as a youth in the UP. Manistique, Black River, Porkies, Tahquamenon Falls, Picture Rocks, Fayette, Isle Royale..

        • YEAH, DAL!!!!! YOOPER! Black River is nice 😉 Favorite hiking spots and the Porkies. I’ll bet you miss that snow too;-) I know all about the dreary rain out where you’re at too. Crazy mid-westerners….

    • Unfortunately, those two whales died. Red Tide is taking out manatees in record amounts already.
      Pythons in the Glades eating deer and wildlife. Florida is an important estuary for migratory birds, yet it’s covered in pesticide and fertilized run off from the golf courses and cane fields. It’s beyond sad what we do to this beautiful planet in the name of progress.

    • Glan, the only thing I do on a gold course is walk it after the golfers are gone. I take a flashlight so I can spot gators at night. They run fast out of water and they travel through the canals and over greens in search of tasty morsels….usually someone’s little doggie, but mostly ducks, birds, fish and turtles. Loxahatchee river is the best place in Florida to get away from it all. Gators galore in the wild with only the gunwales of a canoe to separate ya’ll 😉 A boy was eaten by a gator about a decade or more ago while canoeing with his dad. The kid got out of the canoe and stepped on what he thought was a log. It wasn’t a log. Dad watched the whole thing in terror. It was horrible.

    • Ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish color.
      Would this be the different kind of gold you seek?

      I have ordered the book and am waiting to read the whole thing before I even begin to look. Just saying.

      • Yes, that is what I look for on the beaches. The book by CK will help you out. Unfortunately I haven’t even found any yet, but spending an hour or two on the beach, well I can think of a lot of worse ways to kill some time.
        Incidently, I found a gold ring in the mud on a golf course once. You never know where you will find some treasure.

  12. Yes, it was a story with a sad ending. Tribal police and lots of volunteers in boats tried to move them back into the ocean, but the mother refused to leave. While they were there, the bridge on 101 was lined with people watching and taking pictures.

    I’m with you on what we’re doing to the planet. HumCo has its own set of environment wreckers, even though we have a huge population of tree huggers and old hippies. You’d be amazed at what marijuana farmers will do to establish and maintain their grows hidden in the forest.

    • If it wasn’t illegal there they wouldn’t have that problem, they wouldn’t have anything to hide from.

  13. There are lots of bears in Alaska… Are there any waterfalls? Or perhaps water near a glacier… That is always “cold”. “Water high” as discussed in the poem… Could come in many forms, gas liquid, solid. If it were referring to solid state, a glacier could be considered a ” heavy load”. I have a place I’m considering searching. I’m guessing I will need a flashlight because maybe it was ” put in” a dark spot , cave?

  14. There is a new story in the Daily Mail, a UK paper and web report, about Forrest and the treasure…also about the woman that got lost in Bandelier yesterday..
    The lead is incorrect..
    I believe they interviewed Forrest yesterday and still..many mistakes in that story..

    • Thanks, Dal. Seems to me that one of the dangers in researching Forrest’s story and the treasure is the subtle changes in information as things get passed around. Sort of like that old party game where you whisper something from one person to another.

      • I think you are exactly right Doc…
        Those web folks at the Daily Mail don’t fool around with short web links. I don’t see how they could have made it any longer …

      • No kidding. I’ve seen the value of the treasure go from 1 mil to as much as 6 mil by some statements LOL Heck! If that were the case I wouldn’t blame Forrest for going back for it himself hahahahahahahaa

    • This is not an encouraging excert from the article: “Monument officials used the hiker’s experience to remind visitors to stay on marked trails and be prepared for changes in the weather. They also noted that it’s illegal to dig, bury an item or use a metal detector on federal lands.”

      • Yes??
        Those laws have been in place for years and years..nothing new..nothing surprising..
        The treasure doesn’t have to be on federal land.
        The treasure probably is not buried…
        A metal detector probably isn’t necessary…
        What’s discouraging about that…??

      • The discouraging part is that the treasure is not on my property. Unless I’m missing something, that leaves Federal land and private property. All land is owned by someone. From what I’ve read, if it’s not privately owned, it’s owned by the government by default. I know Forrest has said repeatedly that he never said that the treasure was buried but on the radio interview that was posted, he said “I buried it”. He could have just been repeating what the interviewer said as somebody mentioned, but it makes you wonder. My thoughts are that buried doesn’t necessarily have to mean under ground anyway, but it still leave me discouraged that digging is illegal. Also, after researching treasure trove law, it appears that if it’s found on government owned land, they keep it. So, if someone were to find it, they would almost have to not tell anyone or risk losing it and that in itself would be illegal.

        • Well..cart before the horse..
          Before any of this is a concern it must be found..
          Seems to me we should be concentrating on locating it..
          If you are the lucky person who finds it call me and I will be happy to come up with a solution that would keep you out of trouble..

          • Agreed, Dal. I see the risk as one more reason to have my fly gear with me. “No, sir, I’m just out here to catch a few fish…”

      • Stephanie –

        I agree. Forrest should be told it was found and given back the bracelet that he regrets putting in the chest. That is bare minimum in my opinion, even if someone wanted to remain annonymous for various reasons.

      • Dal –

        Think of it this way. If a child wanted a puppy, would it be wise of them to go searching for one spending their time and allowance money along the way before finding out if their parents would let them keep it? Sorry if I have a strange way of looking at things, but I’ve learned a lot the hard way in life. You’re probably right in that everything will work out. I’m guessing that if the govt. wouldn’t let someone keep it, it would raise quite a stink.

  15. Bonnie

    Been all over the country the UP was so unique. Went to Hancock Michigan (Old Reliable)

    Still can’t get over the bun runners. Women who at 16/17 wear their hair in buns to let others know they are married.

    Part of the Finnish/Nordic culture if I understood that one right.

    Christopher McCandless heard spent many summers at Iron Mountain. Always thought the UP helped to form his identity

    On another note the meteor looks to be in the Lansing area. Trying to get a all sky camera network out of Canada to report in some data.


    • Heck! This is beginning to feel like ol’ home week…all dem der yoopers comin roun 😉 Definitely Finns n’ Swedes, yaw hey. Don’t know much about bun runners, but I remember bunn warmers 😉
      And as I recall, they were a much needed item. My favorite past time was lounging in the back yard at 2am and watching the northern lights until I fell asleep. Little Sylvania Wilderness area….nice fishing, It is great country.

      • Bonnie, did you know that on cold, clear nights, you can see the aurora from the high desert in SW Wyoming? It looks like searchlights being switched on and off on the horizon.

    • Houghton/Hancock! OMG the SNOW!!!! Did you get a bit beyond that and into the Keewenaw? Beautiful country and only accessible by snowmobile in the winter months. Did you see the giant ruler for measuring snow? Ain’t that a hoot? There is a really cool building up there too, I think it’s a museum now….maybe, but it goes back to the turn of the century late 1800’s early 19’s when lumber barons ruled in grand opulence. The wall “paper” in one of the rooms is elephant skin. Believe me, that really got my goat too. Weird how something can be beautiful and utterly disturbing at the same time.

    • I can relate, Ricky. Even though I know all too well about the dangers of the high country in winter, I have to admit she has spirit. I had to make a trip to norther Arizona a little over a month ago for a funeral. If I had known about the chase at the time, I would have been awfully tempted to put a few hundred more miles on the vehicle and head on into NM afterward.

  16. glad the woman is ok, but she apparently cant read a map or a compass.. 🙂 do not join her expedition. btw dal, ty for the great blog, and ty to all the contributors.. this whole treasure hunt is a great diversion from the monotony of every day life.. and most of all, ty forrest fenn for the hunt, hope to bring you that jar someday.. 20 days til exploration!

  17. Wait ’till spring …. OK, When does ‘spring’ begin in North New Mexico? I have 5 results for Brown. the 2 I like the most don’t put it at a good spot….I have one terrific one for the meek but I don’t like the place it takes me to but it fits one of the browns well and its not from the bible FF gave us all the clue of warm waters halt, when he said North of Santa Fe in the Rockies. Thats the answer to warm waters halt (.Check the NM Game and fish map) now for distance and Brown…..

      • thats cool steph.. i suspect i’ll be hooked and havent had my first run yet.. the weather i may encounter in early april concerns me but it may be the only chance i’ll have til late june or early july and that could be doubtful.. i’ll make the most of it regardless..i may spend alot of time in the casino 🙂

    • Muss-
      Remember to start at the beginning…can you follow the clues from the very start to your places…if not they probably are not viable. Also, remember that even if it’s nice in Springer or Taos you may have to go through mountain passes to get to your spot and at 10,000 feet some of those passes can be horrible when it starts snowing and your caught on the top…See Cloudcover’s story about that on my blog…Curb Your Enthusiasm…

    • i checked out that map musstag.. helped to narrow down the area .. maybe a million acres? lol.. jk.. i did find some good info there.. where, and where not to find brown.. if brown is a trout?? tks and gl

  18. Went out this morning to look, came back empty-handed, but I checked the weather first and ESPECIALLY (NM DOT map and current road conditions) to make sure all the roads were clear where I was going considering the snow the past two days. Be safe and if you search in NM (any time of year) please save the DOT link and use it.

    PS: Big thanks to Dal for all the help and my man Richard Saunier for going on my adventure with me!

      • Had a blast, Dal! Head back to Boston tomorrow with great memories and photos. Should be back in my own bed by Wed. night, then back to the drawing board and start the adventure again! Good luck to all!

    • i was wondering about how you made out steve.. where was your primary search zone? you said you’d tell us lol.. glad you had fun..

      • Hi Casey. Even though I didn’t find the treasure, I’m still thinking I was “sort of” on the right track. I’ve been bed ridden since my return so I’ve had nothing to do but re-think a few things. I just think that the 3 day train ride with a lack of sleep and a frantic quest to find a ride out to my spot left me somewhat myopic once I got there and missed a valuable clue. I left no room for flexibility or adaptation. My body was weak and I was running on pure adremaline. Once my “perfect spot” went sour, I began to fade and all that my body wanted was to collapse in bed. Once I can get my health back and sustain it and save up for another trip, I will go back. If the next trip is fruitless, I will share the location gladly if only to save others the disappointment! Take care & happy hunting!

      • hi steve, thanks for responding.. glad you survived the adventure. i’d say you pushed yourself a little too much in that short time frame.. but i also understand time was limited.. maybe you caught mountain sickness?? from the altitude change. i came across information somewhere that said to allow 2 days to acclimate.. without giving away too much:), did you climb any peaks?? and at what level?? curious if snow was an issue..

      • Hi Casey. I have emphysema pretty bad and expected difficulty with the altitude. Picked up a brochure on Altitude Sickness at my hotel (just in case). Hard to say if that was much of an issue. I have problems exerting myself at sea level too! The weather wasn’t an obstacle. Some snow in the area, but I missed most of it. Taos seemed to get the brunt of the storm. I was at about 6000′ altitude or so from what my guide (and new great friend) told me. One thing is certain, if I can make it back out there I MUST bring a better camera. So beautiful.

      • sorry to hear that..maybe next trip you’ll have more time, and can take a slower pace.. i hear ya as far as the scenery goes..i ve googled plenty of topography and looked at dozens of pictures from different areas.. absolutely beautiful. one more question if you dont mind Lol.. where did you stay?? 🙂 details please lol

      • I stayed at the Motel 6 in downtown Santa Fe. Cheapest place in town! LOL Not bad, though. I’m no photographer and all I had was my cell phone to take pics, but mother nature did all the work and I got some breathtaking shots without even trying

      • thanks steve.. lol right now i’m booked at the quality inn in taos.. very reasonable 69.99/night. and if i decide to bring the pup along, only 7.00 more a night:).. still 2 weeks away for me but i’ll probably share my experience here.. thanks again.

  19. First time poster…Greetings all. So I cant say I’ve been at this since the begging but I have put considerable time into the search and I wanted to see what everyone thought about vetting of your spots. I like to run mine through the ringer of sorts I always ask Can it stand the test of time? Is it significant to Forrest? Is it worthy of such a quest? Does it fit With Brown, Blaze, meek, Warm waters, ect… Almost every place I’ve looked doesn’t honestly pass all of the criteria Except one that seems too perfect and thats my quandary.

    Every clue half clue and detail of forests life let me to one place and I just cant shake it… Hell even the flashlight comment…. Even the blaze is special. I cant search it now as I don’t live near it and the weather sucks but Its on the short list of my life.

    I cant be alone… who else has perfect spots that wont give it up?

  20. This is my first comment on this blog. I live in Los Alamos, NM, about 10 miles or less from where she got lost. I’d like to say that while a portion of the state was receiving blizzard-level snowfall, Los Alamos and the surrounding area were not at all. We were travelling back home through Taos in a Mazda Miata at the time, and had to put on snow chains for a few tens of miles. Once we were deep in the gorge on NM68, we took them off and had absolutely no trouble all the way up to Los Alamos.

    The person who got stuck here didn’t get stuck because of bad weather conditions, but because of insanely bad hiking skills.

  21. El Zurito, I too have always had a special spot but have not yet been able to check on it. Unlike you however, I truly enjoy the puzzle solving part of the chase and matchingn wits and cunning with all these other fine people. I am hoping that people including Forrest refrain from posting additional clues or even perceived answers to the clues in the poem so we can enjoy the Thrill together in competitive spirit. Forrest has left us with a great challenge to solve and he says that the poem is sufficient to do so. If people want to partner up in private that is great, but my fear is that this will simply turn into a chase to see who can get into line first for concert tickets once everyone knows when the tickets will go on sale.

    If that happens, it will be a sad day and the Thrill will be gone.

    • Oddly enough, Windsurfer, I kind of agree with you. Having hoards of people stomping all over the place with scant knowledge of what elements they might be dealing with does put a damper on it all. hasn’t stopped me though 😉

  22. I agree.. I wont be in the woods until it calms down. Im pretty sure the spot is beyond safe for a variety of reasons. I probably just go have lunch at the shed and bide my time.

  23. Seriously, Doc? Auroras in Wyoming? That is awesome!!! I’ve seen some pretty amazing sights in the northern reaches of Wisconsin. Once, while paddling back from Long Island on Lake Superior I saw colorful rays of light from the sunset jutting out from behind the western horizon. To the south the sky was darkening into a magnificent midnight blue with stars beginning to pop high over head. In the north the sky was deep purple with thunderheads rumbling far off in the distance. Then, as icing a on a cake, the northern lights appeared directly over my canoe, such a phosphorescent green of cascading curtains and so close I felt I could reach out and grab the bottom edge of the curtains and tail gate back to the pitch black shoreline doted by camper fires. It was breath taking! A religious experience! I was alone. No one to share that incredible experience with.

    • Sounds incredible, Bonnie! It might have been nice to share it with someone, but then again, there was nothing to distract you from it, either.

      I’ve watched the aurora several times in Wyoming, including once while sitting by the campfire in the Bighorn Mountains. There’s not much color, just moving curtains of light. One day I hope to see it a little more up close and personal.

      • Go North, young man, go North 😉 A trip on Lake Superior awakens the spirit. Big Gitcheegumee lays bare her treasures for anyone to experience. Yes, I was alone with no one to share the splendor with. My life has been that way sometimes because it takes someone special to appreciate that kind of experience with awe. I would often go alone into the woods because it was a time for me to stop and empty my mind of all confusion and distress. I would ALWAYS come back refreshed, calm and ready to see things differently. I have some understanding of what drives Forrest and why he thinks as he does. And as you know, fly fishing IS a religion of one. It’s not about catching fish and eating them (although I’d rather eat them than let them go). It’s about the rhythm of the wrist, the flick of the line, the deftly dropped midge just above the path of a trout, BITE, SET, SNAP that puppy from it’s pool! Into my net and creel you go you tasty trout, my dinner, my strength. Shore lunch of pancakes, fresh plucked blueberries and a rainbow. I leave a little tobacco in thanks.

          • When my son was six I took him to a waterfall on a quiet little river few knew of. We fished fresh brookies at the base of the falls. He caught his first one there. So excited, he begged me to cook it right then and there. It was a mere six inches. Too small to keep. But who am I to deny a boy his first catch? I looked around to make sure no one was within range, then stealthily took the little fry back to the tent and prepared my son’s first fresh catch. He was hooked.

            I also taught him how to drive a stick shift at that same age. By the time he was twelve, he was taking my car (sans my knowledge) after I had gone to bed and proceded to cruise around. I awoke in the wee hours earlier than I usually did (2:30am instead of 3am) and did my usual rounds….check doors, check windows, check kid in bed. When I checked on Rich I thought something just wasn’t right. Two more steps into his room revealed a troll doll head of hair poking from under the covers and pillows under the blankets!! My son was gone! In the middle of the night! And my car was gone too! I thought for a second…..uh huh….he knows my routine. If he’s smart, he’ll be coming down the hill any moment thinking he’ll beat it home before I wake for my rounds. I turned off all the lights and stood motionless on the front porch. Within a few minutes I heard a car approach. I watched as the lights of the car turn dark. The engine fell silent. The smart ass knows enough to turn everything off and coast into the drive. Sneaky devil that I raised. HA! But mom is smarter.

            As the car silently slipped into the driveway, I waited at the door. Rich must have known something was up. He sat frozen in the car like a mouse at the sight of a cat ready to pounce. I calmly walked out into the night and up to the car. I open the door to see my son and say “You’re busted”. Then I did an about face and walked back into the house without another word and went back to bed.

  24. Greetings to all! I’ve been lurking for a little while, but this is my first post as well. To reiterate what others have said about Montana…please wait until spring, those of you hoping to search the Yellowstone area. It snows here (even at lower elevations) well into May, and it can stay very cold. It simply isn’t safe unless you’re an experienced winter outdoorsman, and then it’s just risky. Getting lost out here frequently ends badly.

  25. i agree dal.. unless she was eating peyote.. and a spirit guided her there?? how or why else would you go due west of santa fe, when all you here is the treasure is north of sante fe.. then again, my wife doesnt no north from south :X

    • I thought Bandelier was still some what North even though it was West too. I sort of feel bad for her that they gave her name and the funny facebook picture…unless it’s something she wanted out there.

      • lookiing at my map, bandelier seems to be within shouting distance of santa fe??
        ” hey … somebody!! i’m up hereeeeeeee” .. i’m lost .. i can see lights and hear traffic.. over here!!!! heee heee
        this story sounds a little fishy.. maybe she was with another???

    • I’m kinda hoping we can be done with the humor about the poor woman that spent the night in Bandelier. It must have been a tough night for her and you know what they say…
      There but for the grace of dog go I…

    • (>_<) my order is still pending… dal don't you have a new post for me to read…what's the holdup on that Bandelier thing. someone said you are fast…guess I'll have to question the handsome comment as well

  26. Feel free to delete this comment, but put the desert survival book up. I’ve no pride of authorship. You’re welcome to lift if off my blog and use it without crediting me as the source. Old Jules isn’t my real name anyway.

    When he thought my book might get non-woodsmen into the New Mexico wilds looking for it the Bureau Chief of New Mexico Search and Rescue suggested I put it together and add it to the book.

    Later I added a lot to it, refined it, and made it a book to stand alone.

    I’m not spamming you with this, just suggesting something of the sort needs to be in the picture.

    • Jules,

      Good stuff in there. I particularly like this sentence in the introduction.

      “The reason he survived rested on his ability to quickly detach his mind from how things had been in the past, how he wished they were, and accept completely the situation he was in. ”

      Summarized today, it’s “NO WHINING!”. This applies to any situation, whether it be survival, work, or play. Lamenting about the situation or how it could be better never helps.


    • Kinda glad I didn’t have the book yet or I wouldn’t have read Old Jules link. Wow, very informative! I’m a nine-life-long learner, cause there’s so much I don’t know. It’s going to take that long to get up to speed.

      Has anyone heard from Doc this morning? Or is he sleeping in? Out searching already? Hello, anybody?

      • I’m here, bco. Just having a busy morning. Unfortunately, until I find the treasure, I still have to keep the clients satisfied or I’ll be out in the woods in a whole different and not so pleasant way. Not much chance of Doc heading out on any treasure hunts for a little while, but I won’t sneak off without at least dropping a hint about it. That just wouldn’t seem fair to all the people that are making this part of the search so much fun.

    • OJ, thanks for posting the link. I’ve only had time for a quick scan so far, but it looks like a great read and I’ll be getting back to it soon. I’ll also be happy to include it in the links on the new blog.

  27. The news stories are very confusing and lacking in details (like they usually are) Love that one says in the headline that she almost died, but goes on to say she is at home. From what little I can gather it seems likely that she did a lot of things right. When it got late and she realized she missed the trail back she stopped and found shelter to wait until daylight. Then she backtracked and found the trail. Assuming that story was accurate she was “found” as she was walking out on the trail and the rescuers were headed down. Seems to me if someone was supposed to be on or near a well known trail the 1st thing to do would be to walk the trail before calling for a full on search. After all anyone could be delayed for one reason or another. Maybe she found the treasure and decided to spend the night communing with God and doing dances of thanks. OK so maybe not, but as an adult I wouldn’t expect a full bore search because I sheltered in place over night. Then again I would have had my GPS (OK so 2 with extra batteries, plus the one on my phone) and I’d have marked the trail. She also told someone where she was going and when she should return. They did say she didn’t take enough water so that was careless. I always take excess water and depending upon where I am going some of those freeze dried meals. I really don’t like how the news stations are getting about reporting things, because I can only make guesses about what really happened. A few stories make it sound like she was lost for days, but if you read carefully I’m pretty sure she was just out over night and the days they were counting were other days she was out searching.

  28. Hey y’all

    I am puzzled by the construct of the poem in that it appears a successful seeker will take the chest and go in peace well before the end of the poem. In fact there are two more stanzas(?) before gaining title to the gold. Does this seem odd to anyone?

  29. Dal, based on the amount of comments you’ve ben getting since the Today interview, I’m thinking you’re about the second most popular man in this treasure hunt. Fenn being the first of course. 🙂

    • Yeah, I just watched this the other night. Pretty decient hour long show that could in fact save your life. I recommend Surviorman as well since its more gear towards a single survival situation.

  30. Hi Dal,
    Just curious if you were still going to blog about Bandelier National Monument? I think your absolutely correct that the chest is not there, but close too it 🙂 ….My friend and I are on our way in 3 weeks to go discover it. I will keep you posted…


    • Bandelier would be awkward. Long before modern surveillance technology they had a display in glass there of the artifacts they’d caught people picking up trying to carry off. Along with a list of how long they had to stay in the slammer for doing it, or how high the fine.

      By the 2000s I’d guess a person would be in danger of being picked up on a hidden camera somewhere if he were trying to haul a 42 pound box ‘in there’ to stow.

      Upgrade in Frijole Canyon, maybe a person could do it by coming down canyon from the west, but it would be a tough entry and exit.

      And unless I’m mistaken, that end of Frijole canyon is more west than north of santa Fe.

  31. Oh I know about that, trust me… that is why I’m still sitting behind my desk and not in NM, I like Stephanie’s plan 🙂

  32. I can handle Brute if it means having you on the blogs all day hanging out and entertaining us 😉 I might have to fly out there to do it I suppose if she doesn’t have a number. Getting my *grrr* ready

  33. Hmmm..I would be a good talk show host. I have so many questions:
    A stich in time saves nine…nine what?
    What are imitation rhinestones?
    Can fat people go skinny-dipping?
    Do pilots take crash courses?
    Who is Phillip and why are screwdrivers named after his head?
    How do you make a “0” in Roman numerals?

  34. Has anyone given any thought as to why Forrest put ,on page 20 ; No Place For Old Biddies ?
    I know its not in there for no reason. I understand a few of the others and what they point to , or could point to but that one makes no sense at all.

    • I’m not certain it’s important…or even wise to try to find clues in every story in his book. It’s a memoir not a “Book of Clues”. Having said that…there are supposed to be some general “hints” in the book but I think looking for something in every story may be putting that ol’ book to a lot of trouble.

  35. I do agree with you for the most part but what i have found in a few of them would make yea do a double take. Ive been in this as long as you and i dont take wild guess anymore.Mite be worth your time to look harder.

  36. Will have to check it out. I looked on KOB’s site but didn’t see any mention of it. I will have to scrutinize the site…maybe I will find something…

  37. Hi…I recently noticed the wooden box under the bronze box…is this old hat?

    Addittionally; discussed has been “the home of the Brown.” a young person said poop…my wife said grizzley….i thought trout or peoples, but stephanie pointed out Brown had been capitalized. It must be a noun? Today I feel the Brown are…Big Brown Bats..
    Ive also found…cont

  38. Man…ive been try to forward information (good or bad) all day…sorry not blog savvy…The Big Brown Bats r a possible choice. The brown were said to have been miles long and thick…no place for the meek. They hibernate in caves inthe winter and they like the warm waters that attract insects…where warm waters halt. ie hot springs…with the water tables changing one might be in a wet cave or up a creek without a paddle. cont
    I want to post all my info on Dal’s blog for others to see and discusd

    • 4/15 might be pretty realistic. I think things will slow down once the college types get past spring break. I can say that prior to the story by Margie Goldman in Hemispheres. My numbers were about 50-60 hits a day. During the month of January when Hemispheres was on United Flights that number jumped to about 1,000-1,200 per day. When the Today show hit the statistics went ballistic at more than 80,000 hits per day. The folks watching the Santa Fe videos on my site increased in like fashion. The videos reside on a different server so they are not counted as hits on the blog. The number of hits yesterday was 12,490 with 2,600 unique visitors…so the average viewer looked at 5 pages yesterday. I have not checked the videos lately but I suspect they are about the same. I think that number will fall off dramatically around the first of April…

  39. Hey All…I would like to share my recent experience and theory with you all and get your thoughts.
    I am writing this because I am concerned that people may be taking unwarranted risks in pursuit of the treasure at this time of year and also people may be expending resources that they do not have.

    As I posted in an earlier note, I have always been concerned about the construct of the poem in that the seeker gains possession of the chest (supposedly filled with gold), but does not gain title until after two more apparently meaningless stanza’s of the poem run by. The other thing that has always bothered me is the reference by Forrest to the following T.S. Elliot poem.

    We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

    The last line in particular in that it infers that you won’t know it the first time. My searches and analysis led me to believe that once you find the chest, you will only be half way there. In addition to going “in there” you must also go out again and it will not be as simple as just walking out. You will need more clues and must reverse your steps albeit taking a bit of a different route of sorts. If you start returning home from where you “take the chest and go in peace”, it may look something like this.

    But tary scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and go in peace

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek
    The answer I already know
    I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak

    So hear me all and listen good
    Your effort will be worth the cold
    If you are Brave and in the Wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    Begin it where cold waters start
    And take it in the canyon down
    Not too far, but too far to walk
    Take out above the home of brown

    From there its a place for the meek
    The beginning is ever coming now
    There’ll be no paddle down your creek
    Just light loads and water low

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Look quickly down your quest to cease
    But tary scant with marvel gaze
    Just take “It” and go in peace.

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold
    I can keep my secrets where
    And hint of riches new and old

    I believe the chest will be found by solving the puzzle and I can tell that a number of people have as I had done several weeks ago. More have done so after someone (Forrest?) posted the Home of Brown on this blog last weekend. The place cannot be accessed until the snow melts unless you are williing to take a 6 miles roundtrip snowshoe trek. Once the snow melts, you can do it in about .5 miles in your flip flops…been there, done that. I will not spoil your fun of the hunt here, just be safe and go now only if you are experienced. I do not believe the chest has any gold in it other than maybe a token coin to add to the enticement at an attempt at validation. I believe the chest will contain a map of clues along the lines of the poem above to retrace your steps.

    I have taken these steps first via the internet and then physically. Here is how I did it. The line “brave and in the wood” always troubled me as meaningful, but apparently unnecessary. After some thought, I finally arrived at searching for Brave (as in soldiers) in the Wood (as in the Wood Memorial). You will find a brave soldier by the name of “Billy” Mitchell (Father of the Air Force). Searching for a memorial in his name will take you to a website a scavenger hunt waymarking site (hmmmm). The site shows a memorial for Billy at the Air Force academy in Colorado Springs with Longitude and Latitude designators. I thought, O.K. if that long./lat. shows the location of the memorial then maybe a dead end. If not, maybe on to something. Well, plug in the long./lat. into Google Earth and guess what? The site is a location for a “brown home” just outside of
    Colorado Springs out of the mountains (i.e. where you began)….Reallllyy??, Reallly? Yes Really! Oh and what more if you pan out you will see a satellite image of a snowy imprint that shows a blaze just like the one you already found if you have the chest. Also, it shows a creek, a canyon and the “take out” point now “above” the home of brown to get you back where you began. This route follows the version of Forrest’s poem that I provide to you above. At the end of the route is in fact another version of the same blaze variety as the first two. Looking quickly down from this blaze was a very large out of place (i.e. praire land) piles of pine straw and pine cones (i.e. in the woods) that someone had placed there. I tore the pile apart hoping to find so called treasure, but the cupboard was bare.

    I write this so that you all can make informed decisions of your own regarding your quest based on my recent experience. I do not want to see anyone get hurt physically, financially, or otherwise. Turns out this last blaze is about an hour from my home so no big deal for me.

    I still plan to go track down the chest for the adventure of it with my sister, but I am getting skeptical about the reality of the treasure. Forrest replied to me by stating “thank you for providing the directions to no treasure”. He is right. I found no treasure, but now you can decide for yourselves.

    Keep in mind the last stanza of the poem as I have constructed it above. Looks like Forrest still keeps the treasure.

    Hope this helps in your decision making process. I got concerned when I saw folks saying there were venturing out even this week for the chest. Know what you are getting into. I also sincerely hope that I have not spoiled anything for anyone.


    • I believe that you are calling Forrest a liar. I don’t believe a man of his caliber, having gone thru everything he has experienced in life would just leave an empty box. I think your a buzz kill. People have dreams, wether dangerous or not. People take risks. And sometimes it’s the risk takers that truly live, while the rest stand on the sidelines and only dream.

    • I am just curious why you feel changing the order helps to solve the poem? Forest said that we need to think to figure it out. If we follow the order of the poem then we will find the treasure. I’ve seen many people try to re-arrange it, use numbers, count syllables, etc… and I’m not sure that’s what he intended. That makes the poem so complex, and at times he’s said a child could figure it out. I think reading the lines, which are like riddles, the way it is gives you plenty to think about. He has kept it “simple” yet with many interpretations available. I’m not saying that you are wrong. I’m just wondering why people feel making such changes is the key to a solution. Maybe I am missing something. I think it’s hard enough if you narrow “where warm waters halt”, down to a dam, lake, or hot springs…. there are still hundreds to choose from. I guess I also believe in over-thinking something,too. I am not trying to be disrespectful in any way or offensive. I am still new to this and still reading the poem at face value.

  40. What happened to the other post of the guy who claims to have found the FF on the tree and pile of rocks below it ? I cant find it on here and im almost sure it was here.

  41. You know, that WOULD kind of fit with FF’s comment about paintings and not loving them any less just because you have learned that it is not an original. The thrill of the chase is like a painting, with the signature of the artist being the chest full of gold. Is it real? Or is it just a fake? Wouldn’t that be a trick for an old coyote? (no disrespect intended Mr. Fenn)
    I for one believe that the treasure does exist.

    • One reason I know he wouldn’t put fake things in there, is because he told me that even every little finding on the jewelry had to be gold so it wouldn’t rust.

    • I think the treasure is real, just as Forrest says. He mentions the silver bracelet, and how he regrets putting it in the box. If it’s a fake, then he would have had to contrive the bracelet story out of thin air, involving a level of duplicity that doesn’t seem to match with what I’ve come to believe about the man.
      The other reason I think it’s real is that most of the hoaxes we hear about fall apart pretty quickly under scrutiny. Remember the guy who claimed to have found an alien, but it was just a rubber mask and a dummy? That story imploded in about a week. If Forrest were faking the treasure hunt and still be able to keep up the humble, straight-forward narrative that he does in all these interview would mean he’s a first-rate genius of a liar. I don’t think that is the case.

  42. I vote its real but I think there may be some Herculean challenges in retrieving it. Ive asked him about some of it and he basically confirmed my fears in his cryptic manner…

  43. I don’t think he wants someone who is a slob finding his baby I think he wants someone who is cut from the same cloth as he is. I wouldn’t be a little bit surprised to find out that the area its hidden in has signage about poison contamination or some other bad thing that will befall you if you venture in. .02

    • He has said it is not in a dangerous location and has given me no reason to doubt him. He has however given me every reason to appreciate his generous spirit and authentic goodness in that he has made his treasure available to ALL that are brave enough to go after it.


  44. I can think of three ways that Forrest will know whether someone has found the treasure.

    1. There is no treasure (hope this isn’t the case)
    2. He or someone on his behalf can easily check on the site on a daily or regular basis (fits my hypothesis that the journey is both into the mtns and back out again)
    3. The final step to get the “title to the gold” is an internet step which would match the T.S. Eliot line about arriving where we started (i.e. the internet)

  45. Winsurfer
    Cousin It was in the Addams family
    Now I have serious doubts about what you are talking about because of that oversight.

  46. Those of you that question the integrity of Mr Fenn are grossly uneducated about this man. Give the man a break, he has been criticized for many many yrs for being a private collector…..give it a rest. We can all learn alot from this experience if you’ll just open yours eyes and accept the gift that is being given.

  47. Forrest has NOT authorized anyone to make any T-Shirts or other memorabilia. There’s someone trying to make money off The Thrill of the Chase and they are they are infringing on his copyright. He’s already aware of it, so no need to contact him about it. Thanks

  48. Saw that earlier on Facebook. Somebody piggy-backing on the popularity of the “Thrill” and trying to capitalize. Did you see the part where he’s taking donations to fund a treasure hunting trip? Sheesh…what’s next? I’m not sure, but I think you need permission to even include links to other peoples’ websites or at least it would seem like common courtesy to ask.

    • Hi this has nothing to do with finding the gold. we want to go birding in New Mexico I love birding I cannot get anyone to tell me when is a good time to come when I will not get burned to a crisp because I am very fair skinned and I take meds that do not allow me to go to too. However frostbite is not a good idea either. We were going to this a year ago but I fell hurt my shoulder it got worst and I had to have surgery. They moved my bicep tendon and dremeled my collar area. Can you say ouch? It is now frozen but Dr said I can take trip I will get second op next fall to loosen it. We want to go the Rockhound state park too. friend at hubbies job went to Santa Fe two years ago Daves has wanted to take me there to go birding ever since. Can you help with weather advice we want to come around the end of April to mid may


      ps because i was able to work till a few days ago we have been follwing some of this making guesses but if we found it we cannt keep without major fights about who owns it but we have had fun guessing

  49. Looks like he took down all the stuff with pics of Forrest…
    Maybe Forrest’s attorney scared him…
    He would scare me…
    I certainly don’t have the resources to get in a legal battle with Forrest…

  50. Tim, thanks for the Adams Family correction. Please forgive my old brain (not as sharp as it once was) and the oversight.

    • Jus b glad spell checkr did’nt ketchup it oops I meant spellchekker ore was that spelt cheaker or was that spelling snekker oopps mint oops I thunk its spelled cheaker sory for the oopps but kent edit this after ward to corect my speekking oops. Itt is herd to type in the dark isnit
      Butt hopefully u can reed it Sorry also broaked my glases
      I am glad we both spelled ITT IT

  51. HI to everybody, first time in this blog, thanks to Dal.Since I read the story in it got my attention, so I printed the poem and after three days of read and read I got the state, the area and the place, not easy to believe it but it is.
    @Steve Tanner. Hi Steve, I read in this blog that you spend some days searching for FF treasury, and that you are from Boston MA,, if you want I can give you all the information I have, because I decided to give all what I find to two persons ans to FF. Please let me know in this blog and I’ll give you my email.
    Sincerely: Enrique from NJ.

  52. Sorry for all of us idiots clogging up the blog. We’ve provided a lot of dribble.
    Im headed out to hunt the end of Mr.Fenn’s rainbow and treasure. This time I have it narrowed down to ten destinations…sadly; at each of these places are ten sites or locations which may lead me to ten more. At least I have it narrowed down…I should find it by the time Im 80.
    Also I think FREE ENTERPRISE IS GREAT. if someone wants to sell shirts and hats or were fortunate enough to have sponsors–NIKE call me! Thenmore power to the I say…

    • Free enterprise is one thing. Cashing in on someone else’s trademark and/or copy write is completely different….and very illegal. In the world of copy write laws, there is no such thing as changing something ten percent to get away with it. I spent enough years in the graphic arts business to know that one.

  53. more power to them….
    As I head out splunken this week…I think of stupid things like avalanches and spanish death traps…I know most of U are familiar with these traps charging moose…sinkholes and a host of other dangers but others might not…be prepared…read…let others no where ur going…be exact..Im not going alone! Good hunting!

  54. Watch KOB tomorrow at 10:00am for a 30 minute program about the chase. Channel 4 in SF. It’s an NBC station. I’m guessing it will be on, but as we found out last time…they only put the link up at about that time.

  55. I’m leaving tomorrow night. Ill be there in a day and a half. I don’t mind the cold its been in the 20º-30º range here in the day. We also got hit with 3′ of snow then 10″ and last week 24″. It will seem like summer to me there. Wish me luck.

  56. hi marie again i need to fix a typo. my should that i can not get too hot. i over heat like old car with a bad radiator. thanks. also when i said i couldnt get answers about the weather i meant we keep being referred to charts that make no sense to us.

  57. I enjoy all of your posts. Some of you are clever and add to the excitement of deciphering Mr. Fenn’s words. I’ve picked a spot that I think fits the riddle. My boys are excited to go back and pick up where we left off. It’s like an Easter Egg hunt for them. Yeah we’d love to find the chest, but we’ve found much more. My thanks to Mr. Fenn and all you clever bloggers.

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