Scrapbook Twenty-five…



Earlier today the Santa Fe cops detained and questioned a person who has been ringing Forrest’s gate bell on perhaps 10 occasions over the last two days. The person’s replies have often been incoherent at the gate. This person promised  the police he would not come back and was released without charges.  But a witness just saw this person sitting in a car parked a few homes away.

Folks, there are both bad people and wacko people out there….please be careful…

Also, please note, Forrest says he will not give out clues over the phone or in person or in email. No clues…so don’t ask!

Watch the Today show for more clues….please!


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  1. For the lure of 1 to 3 million and all the publicity, I can see this getting out of hand. Come spring I can see a lot of misguided people damaging places like the place in Yellowstone “where warm waters halt.”

    • Misguided people have a way of doing that, no treasure needed for motivation. If the treasure prospect causes more the increase will be microscopic compared to the abandoned refrigerators, foam plastic ice chests, whisky bottles and beer cans in the ditches and on deadend roads all over New Mexico. Cow and sheep herds overgrazing… heck, look at the Navajo Rez from Colorado and Utah all the way south, to Zuni, or the Puerco [vertical walled] River from Cuba south to the Interstate. Or the moly mine between Questa and Red River. Or the old Santa Fe Trail you can follow from Fort Union all the way to the Mississippi by the embraded arroyos the tracks eroded.

      Treasure hunters aren’t motivated enough to be bullgoose environmental damagers.

      I’ve seen some whining that treasure hunters will damage our beautiful country, but they don’t have the moxie, nor the numbers to compete with much anyone. You can see the strip mine at Morenci, AZ from the moon, and probably the one at Santa Rita, NM.

      Just a bit of perspective.

      • Dear Old Jules,
        The zeal for sudden riches and treasure has & does indeed cause immense ethnological, ecological and spiritual damage. I was in Olancho Honduras in 1975 trying to find the lost city of Olancho Viejo near El Boqueron. The people were beautiful and loving and the land was lush and amazing. The Spanish came through there (& elsewhere) in the 1500s &1600s and worked the people to death, raped the land and introduced the concepts of guilt and ownership with their “religion.”
        Hike up in the mountains above Leadville, Co. See what folks like Molly Brown’s husband did and how it remains today.
        I do not know how many descended upon the Yukon in search of Gold but so far 5,000 of Maj. Fenn’s books have been printed & he just ordered up another 15,000.
        In the mean time we will have to wait to see the effect of all these intrepid seekers of all that glitters and since you & I are included, we must agree to disagree about perspective. No? Yes? Maybe?

        — Babylon Slim

      • Babylonism: As the spider in the old Don Marquiz tome, “The Life and Times of Archie and Mehitabel” said, “Where I step a flower dies.” It’s the human condition and the condition of every other species on the planet when it gets too uppidy.

        5000 books might represent an optimistic 500 treasure hunters making a trip, maybe two out. Of those, fewer than 100 are likely to make a third trip I’d bet. And those scattered all over the Rocky mountains.

        The bulldozers preparing a single new subdivision outside Santa Fe will leave a bigger mark on the land than all of us could do if we worked three shifts with determination.

        I’m not sure what we needs to agree to disagree about, unless it concerns treasure hunter damage occupying a special place in the environmental damage avenue of human destruction.

    • New Mexico Game & Fish (and most State & Fed. Fish & Game commissions) define “Warm Waters” as:
      —wait for it…
      Warm waters are all streams, lakes, and ponds
      except those designated as trout waters (refer to
      map on page 4).

      I read where someone has solved the poem and is considering selling “the solution” on e-bay. They also wrote that they had prayed on the matter with “The Holy Father”.
      Prayer, huh, hadn’t thought of that. Whatever rattles your cage mang.

      –Papa Greaser

      • I don’t think there is a Holy Father right at this moment. Maybe that’s why Benedict retired…maybe he found Forrest’s chest…

      • babylonslim I also looked at the possibility of Warm Waters being the North American Sea because the sea is considered warm waters , there for where the sea halts is where the mountains was higher then the sea. That would leave only a half dozen peaks above sea level before it started drying up

  2. This is where I sympathize with Forrest over the publicity this has received. It’s bad enough that so many of us have emailed him and I respect and admire him for taking the time to answer. There are too many people out there that don’t know where to draw the line, much less respect those already drawn.

  3. I feel bad for Forrest and his family over things like this too … if you want to meet him, find the treasure! I probably live about a mile (as the crow flies) from him … I haven’t tried to hunt him down or even find out where he lives for information. I just keep looking – on my own and with the help of web-sites. I do hope I meet him though! (with the treasure in hand – hee hee)

    • Cad-
      I think it’s okay. Forrest knows the possible outcomes in this game. I am confident that he weighed all the possibilities including the bad outcomes. He upped his security. He consulted with cops and other security professionals. He added cameras, a German Shepherd watch dog. motion alarms and night cameras. He has a very capable security guy living on his property. He is not without resources. The cops responded quickly. Frankly, from the description, this fellow sounds more like someone who needs medical attention than someone out to hurt Forrest. Next time might be worse…on the other hand maybe there will be no “next time. This is Forrest’s choice. He could cancel the chase. The fact that he hasn’t at this first sign of danger gives us an indication of his resolve. He is enjoying the chase and we should too. If it gets too bad he’ll probably call everything off. Until then…we still have a good chase.

      Forrest could have chosen to stay in his backyard and remain low key. Just another wealthy individual in New Mexico. There are probably many hundreds of such folks around Santa Fe. Instead he decided to share his wealth with someone and his mountains with all of us.

      We need to do our part and be safe while we are out looking and be ever mindful of the environment.

      Speaking of the environment…one more reason I do not believe it’s buried is because I don’t think he wants us digging around in beautiful places…even if it is in a place where it would be legal to do so…

      • Forrest got himself a German shepherd? Wow! I was gonna suggest that very thing! They’re awesome dogs, so very smart and loyal. Forrest is in good hands…er…paws.

      • Personally, I don’t think it’s buried in the earth either, but then I think, isn’t that how Forrest found most of his treasured items?

      • I think a lot of Forrest’s collection came from trading for it, not hunting for it. No doubt many items…like arrowheads and other artifacts he found. But larger, less durable items like his Indian dolls, war bonnets, moccasins and even the Clovis points in the Fenn Cache he traded for or bought from others. I cannot speak to exactly how many of the items he has were uncovered by him…but I have to believe there are many fewer of those than items he traded for.

      • That’s good to know Dal. I don’t know Forrest, and his book is on back order, so I can mostly just guess. That supports my gut feeling that it’s not buried in the earth. I’m leaning more towards under a pile of stones or water. Did I read somewhere where he said that a child could walk up to it? That would seem to rule out under water, or at least deep water. Maybe you could add any such comments to the clues page if they exist? I really appreciate all that you do here! Me thinks you’ll desearve a cut if I find it. 😉

      • Terry-
        I work hard to make sure there is no second or third hand info on the TIPS or RUMORS or email posts. Forrest reviews those for errors. I am as confident as I can be that the information on those posts is accurate…The email posts are Forrest’s own words so unless he’s had to much lemonade those responses should also be accurate. I think in one of the email posts there is a letter where Forrest himself answers an email from a mom who asks about the safety of the spot….

      • I would be happy to go with you, Dal, to retrieve the chest for
        Forrest if he decides to do that. That would be completely understandable. I would love to meet both of you and have the full “Thrill of the Chase” experience.

  4. I believe Forrest is wise enough to know if u go put treasure in a mountain to find, of course you’ll crazys folks.
    Nevertheless, the hunt will continue…I think Forrest has some pretty thick skin.
    Its a storm that he’s more than capable to weather. 😉

    Greetings from Germany,

  5. All I have to say is thank the lord for the 2nd Amendment.The man tries to get these fast food loving,computer screen junkies off their butts ,and smell the fresh air.For what, to have some nut job at the gates of his home.
    You know they say in 50 years if your not 300 pounds and blind from these phones and all the different screens we look at 24/7 ,you’ll be considered to be in good health.
    So let the man be,strap on the boots and get your ass outdoors.

  6. Kinda like when you saw that band in a small bar before anybody knew who they were, and now they are playing stadiums? I am newish to the search, but it never even crossed my mind to email Forrest. I guess I am in the camp of taking the clues at hand and going with it.

    I agree with Jules as well, there are far more people out dumping their trash on a regular basis on our public lands doing damage that a few treasure hunters. I may overly optimistic but I think the group of people (growing rapidly I know) that takes the time and effort to study the poem and make the treks to their “spots” will have some respect for nature. Going to Forrest’s house is just plain wrong, please lock this clown up.

    By the way for the people who have been on this hunt for a while, how did people first hear about this? I consider myself a bit of a news junkie and this story was never on my radar. Just curious.

    • Hank: It came as a complete shock to me [I’m only a few weeks into it] because I don’t have a tv, don’t listen to the radio, don’t read newspapers nor magazines. After Forrest gave out his last clue a neighbor who knew I’d done a lot of boondocking and treasure hunting in NM sent me the poem in an email forward. I didn’t have a clue what it was about.

      Then a few days later he asked me what I thought of it and I told him it didn’t make any sense. He explained about the treasure. Back home I did some websearches and it hooked me.

      I had no intention, a month ago, to ever get fired up about any treasure or lost mine again. Figured to try to make it to Santa Fe sometime spring or summer for an opera performance, zip in and zip out. Now I figure I’ll have to zip a bit further north.

      Coincidence Coordinator work I reckons.

      • I concur Jules…it is a good time, and sucks you right in. I am a proponent of “stretching the noodle out”, getting the old brain working. Just enjoy puzzles, and man this is a good one. Happy hunting.

  7. I love an adventure and I’m having fun researching, mapping, following the clues etc. but with this quest so new to the world and so many people unemployed or looking for a quick rags to riches,,,,, I will passed on a trip to Yellowstone come spring/summer/fall, just to see or hear what will go down with the gold diggers eager to find this pot of gold. With all these new guns laws and people in a panic already, How would you know if someone is carry or not until you find the chest and turn around to see your being held up by the person who followed you or solved the clues to end up at the exact spot. Believe me I’m not a Debbie Downer, I love the outdoors and Yellowstone is the next Nat’l Pk I want to take my family to, we went to Yosemite and Sequoia a few years ago started in Vegas and the beauty of that drive all he way to Lake Tahoe to end in Carson City. The pics we took at some sites looked like post cards, that no one can believe our pics were real. I do want to go back to Yosemite and spend more time there, that my friends was God’s country a must see! I hope who ever travels to the west, Stops, Looks and Listens to what really is around you, it isn’t just about the treasure hunt….it’s America that so many have forgotten the meaning of OUR LAND!

    Be Safe all you Treasure Hunters and obey the laws of the LAND!

  8. Money just brings out what is already there. If your greedy it makes you more greedy. If your nice it makes you nicer.

    This country lacks basic financial intelligence.The educational system teaches me about the War of !812 which I use every day but not money.

    One of my goals is to climb Mount Everest (God willing) due to my friendship with Edmund Hillary. Finding this chest would help me get there quicker BUT would still get there on my own.

    See a lot of people here saying the same thing not realizing you already have it within your means
    to do so without the chest.

    Ask yourself is there a world without risk and no money is needed to be wealthy?
    that will take you on a journey like no other……….


  9. We are new to the chase and as a family have really enjoyed the interpretations, research, conversations and the longing to bring our imagination to life. However, the past few stories of a woman taking chances with her life and someone obviously taking things too far makes me a bit concerned. This is suppose to be fun and full of adventure…right? You all take care.

  10. There is bad risk and good risk. Learn to manage risk.

    Jumping out of a airplane without a chute is !00% a bad risk.

    Jumping out of a airplane with a parachute is a risk factor of 50%

    Having a backup chute moves the risk factor up to 99%

    Being untrained/trained moves the risk factor up and down.


    • Ricky: Risk tends to be in the eyes of the beholder. Understanding Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, weighing the statistics between overweight and no exercise and climbing a mountain at 70, following the latest shrill cries of what’s dangerous and sidestepping them because it’s the popular movement is probably valid to a lot of folks.

      The woman took a risk, presumably made a conscious choice to do it, and it turned out badly. It’s going to happen to some treasure hunters and the news folks will shout it from the rooftops. It doesn’t render her choice invalid, though it would have been nicer if the SAR hadn’t been inconvenienced.

      If I get up there and get the blind staggers and am unfortunate enough for someone to find me I can see it now, “70 Year Old Man Dies Searching For Treasure”.
      All I have to say about that is people need to tend their own affairs and let me calculate my own risks, answer the consequences whatever they might be.

      As for training, most people aren’t going to pay to attend a course so’s a muscled up survivalist can posture and explain how dangerous life is for the non-tough, and how to get tough by being scared of every eventuality and preparing for it.

      They’ll get their treasure hunting training on the job and provided they don’t croak in the process, they’ll be better for having done it.

      A bad risk is the one a person didn’t take, thinks I.

    • speaking of risks.. what are the chances of encountering a mountain lion or bear? i’ll be in northern new mexico for my search areas in less than 3 weeks. will definitely get some bear spray, but just wondering from locals or frequent travelers the likeliness of seeing a predator??

      • You might see a bear trying to get into the garbage container of a campground if you’re in one. Banging on a pot, yelling and waving your arms around will drive off almost any but a she-bear you’re petting one of the cubs of. If you have to use the bear spray you’ve gotten into closer proximity than allows it to do you much good.

        As for mountain lions, you might see fresh tracks with the dirt or sand still falling back into the prints, but you almost certainly won’t see the feline. They don’t seek out human company, mostly.

        Rare exceptions to both items I’ve mentioned, but too rare to contemplate.

      • thanks jules.. fortunately i have enough sense to avoid petting bear cubs.. but man they are cute. are you a resident jule? if so, i may be asking you more questions soon..:) thanks again.

      • You probably won’t see a mountain lion, but I guarantee they will see you. As for bears. I had one lay down on the side of my tent and eat a bag of Doritos, that somebody left out. Just lock all your food up in your car at night, Bears will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone. Don’t get between a bear and its cubs or its food whether its yours or not. Bears can be a nuisance if you let them, most of the time they are just wondering what the heck you are doing standing in a river waving a stick around.
        The one thing you DON”T want to mess with is a Moose. They are incredibly unpredictable animals.

      • ty caddis.. that bear story is crazy.. were you in the tent? and i feel much better about the mountain lions now lol..

      • Casey: I’ve lived away from NM the last four years. I’m in the process of getting back soon as a resident of sorts. I live in a 1983 Toyota RV, so my residency location is somewhat dynamic.

        But if you ask questions here someone will answer you. I sense a good many people who post here are NM residents.

  11. My boy and I had a blast “treasure hunting” today. Found an area that fits the clues. The “blaze” is a tough one though. Also found great spots to try a blue winged olive dun. I dont want to be tearing up the place, its too beautiful. But, what if its partially buried? I’ll tread lightly so my sons can enjoy this place as I do.

    • Drew,
      Thats what this is all about. Going out with your family and having fun in the Great Outdoors, preserving it for the future. And its not just the beauty of being in the mountains either. Once we start looking at how things balance in nature and how one thing depends on another, you start to wonder where we fit in.
      And its a little early for bwo duns, unless your a purist. Try flipping a prince, pheasant tail, candy cane, or San Juan worm out on the ice shelf, then pull in slowly and let it fall off the edge and follow the current. Use a sandwich as a strike indicator.

      • Didn’t Forrest tell us to bring a sandwich? Pay attention to any reference of a five weight!

      • A fly-rod designation. Three weight: good for pan fish and brook trout; nine weight: good for tarpon and striper. Five weight: perfect for fishing mountain streams and creeks for medium sized brown trout. I love that forrest was a fly fisherman. I’ve been contemplating this poem on stream. The more casts I make the more it makes sense.

      • love fishing but have never fly fished.. can you explain the sandwich reference 🙂 ty

      • i think i get it.. just re read your earlier reference.. its like a bobber then?? no pbj involved.. 🙂
        cad are you a local?? if so, do you know much about the buffalo thunder resort??it looks pretty cool and was wondering if its a good place to stay?? i think my family would dig it..was going to stay in taos but looks like the snow pack up there may hinder my search areas.. but i think we’lll still visit the area, and that way have a better feel for the land , for a possible second trip in july.. ty cad and anyone else who can help..hint hint eliza??

      • This whole fly fishing thing has me stumped. Been trying it for years and have yet to catch my first fly. Why would a fly even be in the water? I don’t even ponder that anymore……I just keep trying. Caught a few whirligigs and a dead honey bee……but no damn fly! Just a heads up for other aspiring fly fisherman…..for bait, worms don’t work, so don’t waste your time. Will be experimenting with a plant for my next bait. Forget the name of it………”Venus” something or other.

  12. This could turn pretty ugly for Forrest unfortunalely
    Good thing he had a gate
    I think when he did the Today show was not a good idea and now hundreds could start to bug him
    I have only emailed him once after searching two sites and I did not expect an answer but I did but his answer left me more confused afterword so don’t expect him to give you any clues or answers.
    I would suggest just to leave him alone because he could just take the treasure back and end the chase if too many people start troubling him…….

    • “Expect” is the key word. I will say from first hand experience with Mr. Fenn i believe if you spark some interest he will in return throw out a subtle hint or 2.

    • I think he won’t admit the exact year because he is concerned that someone will be able to dig up where he went in a given year. So he spreads it out to increase the level of difficulty for someone snooping on his whereabouts in 2009 or 2010.

      • I was thinking along those lines as well and it makes sense. He certainly has thought this through very well thats for sure.

    • jershow,
      He also said he made two trips. I would say one trip to scout the area and another of a more clandestine nature.

  13. This makes me sad for Forrest. If folks would read the poem and then THINK, they would see there is no need to act foolishly. Let’s just keep it fun.

  14. I’m thinking if he gives you a specific year one would be able to backtrack to see what was going on in his life that year.

  15. Can anyone recall when it was that Forrest first stated that the chest was in the Rockies and not necessarily in NM? …and how long had the search been going on at that point?

  16. I’m not too concerned about the wilderness being overpopulated with would be treasure hunters. The economy is just beginning to get back on its feet. I doubt many people would travel to the mountains for a maybe. The Today show has made this hunt a nationwide story, but how many people would be able to venture across several state lines to search? People have been searching for some time now (with no luck). Example… I live in Wisconsin, I hunt, fish, camp and explore my local wilderness. I drive truck and could get a load to just about anywhere in the lower 48. But even with my (limited?) resources, unless I am pretty dang sure of a location, I (and I think most Americans) need to keep working to keep the pantry stocked and the bills paid! As of now I have a pretty good idea for where “warm waters halt” and the “home of Brown” are. Of course there is a canyon separating the two! I think I have “no place for the meek”, “no paddle up your creek” and “water high” but unless I can fit heavy loads and blaze and the other parts of the poem together… I (and once again, I think most Americans) will continue my search from the Internet.
    Just my opinion!

    Happy hunting all…

  17. Paul: Most Americans probably wouldn’t even if the economy was booming. Back in the early ’80s when Ronald Reagan proposed to privatize National Forest and BLM lands he justified it by pointing out how few US citizens use or visit those lands. The people holding the grazing leases and seasonal hunters represented the bulk of users of public lands.

    Today if they handed it all over to the Chinese to pay off our debt to them the great majority would never notice as a ‘where the rubber meets the road’ issue. There’d be a vocal minority protesting, but a lot of them would be doing it without actually ever spending any time in the woods.

    And I sincerely believe the great majority wouldn’t care, provided they were offered a bribe of lower taxes, a new red pickup, or a gift certificate for WalMart.


    • I don’t know, I think a Gift card to Wally-world may get quite a few of the masses to pack up their bags and hit the road 🙂
      And that’s just it… I think there are people who are already in the rocky Mountain area that may make make an expedition to try and find the loot. And maybe a few that were already looking for an excuse to experience the great outdoors. But I wonder how earnest/exhaustive their pre hunt research will be. I mean how many of you have knew, absolutely known your first, second, third or more “spots” were going to bring you to face with that beautiful lock box? I don’t think most will have the ongoing determination to see this quest to fruition.
      There are other “treasures” out there. Some with pretty good descriptions of their whereabouts. Why aren’t they being searched for by the general public? I believe it’s because most people who know of them think… Others have spent years of their lives looking and haven’t found it. So what are my odds really!
      These are just my opinions! I don’t mean to downplay anyone’s adventuresomeness, (that’s my word) wit or commitment. I’m not talking about anyone in particular. I’m definitely not intending to offend anyone. I’m just saying!

      • I think your chances are exactly as good as everyone else’s. This is an even chance game. Nobody has an advantage. The proof is that no one has won…

      • Paul: There are true compulsive personalities, and there are wannabe and get-off-at-the-next-exit compulsive personalities. The second group is the luckier of the two.

      • I agree with Dal. Everyone hunting this treasure has the same chance. If you have the ways and means to go and hunt for it Go for it. I wish everyone luck. LOL I will hunt the ones closer to me that I can get to. I have spent many hours trying to cypher his poem. This one for reason stated above I will arm chair hunt.

      • Paul..
        I think this hunt has a few unique draws. Certainly one is that you can email the guy who hid it and converse with him. Another is the freshness of the trail and maybe a third is the interesting puzzle of clues that appear so easy…yet prove to be so elusive.

  18. Let us not forget, this is a man who carried a 40 pound chest into the wilderness(?), military background, seasoned traveler, and savy businessman. At 80+ years, I think Mr. Fenn can handle himself just fine!

  19. It was a 42lb chest…frequently cited. Why 42lbs…not 40? “The end is ever drawing nigh;” Can you reach an ‘end’ that ever draws ‘nigh?’ Maybe reference to a line…which has no end…such as a latitude…maybe 42nd parallel? Same could also serve as a ‘blaze’…

    • Kinda along the same lines…what’s a compass heading from Santa Fe airport at 42 degrees, go 265 miles or however many coins in the box. Then again could be 9 degrees for 42 miles… Actually I thought the first line was just the number one…”I go in alone” . end draws nigh…I thought that a zero…a circle… he keeps saying begin at the end or end at the beginning I forget exactly, anyways something to indicate a circle. hmm….so many variables…

    • “The end is ever drawing nigh”…I’ll throw ya bone here:

      end + nigh = ? << when you figure this out..BAM…one less clue to solve! 😉

      Happy hunting,


    • Maybe the point is you don’t have to reach “the end.” You just have to head toward it. If so than the trick would be to discover what “the end” is.

    • The end is “ever” drawing nigh means it is increasingly getting closer. Not to be confused with the end is never drawing nigh. If that were the clue, it would be like finding the actual end of an actual rainbow. Like, never.

    • The “Fenn Cache” was acquired by f in 1988. Does anyone know if this was before or after he was diagnosed?

      Some food for thought…

      The cache was discovered in the early 1900s near the intersection of the borders of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming (near Cokeville, like caps collection) and what is also the 42nd Parallel (42 lbs). The cache could allude to TTOTC’s “agate” link. John Dos Passos wrote a book named “42nd Parallel”, similar to Hemmingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. Dos Passos also wrote a book titled “Adventures of a Young Man” which is credited for using the phrase “up s*** creek” and extending it to “… without a paddle”.

      Dos Passos is Portuguese for “two steps”, could be the Spanish link from the book, as well as the allusion to the misspelled currency of “DOLLERS” on the bell, like pesos.

      I’m still digging on this, which landed me here in this old thread.

      Some other maybe related food…

      – Hemmingway spent quite some time in Wyoming, namely Yellowstone and Cody.
      – Hemmingway was friends with Dos Passos, then not, then again.

      • EC-
        That was the same year he was diagnosed with cancer. Hard for us to say which came first..
        But if I found out I had terminal cancer would I be interested in buying more stuff?? Probably not…but I am certainly not the thinker and planner that Forrest is…

      • Interesting to hear your take on the solution, EC Waters. The number 42, Hemingway, “Dollars”, crystal or Fenn cache, are all very prominent in my solution. It goes to show how there are many different ways to interpret aberrations.

        • @Dal, thank you for the sensible response. I would definitely tend to agree.

          @TheWolf, to be clear, the solution I’m chasing at the moment is very different than this and has only cursory links in, but I’m trying to be thorough. The whole process of trying to solve this puzzle is serendipitous and full of noisy aberrations.

          • Understood, but it was your other post that provoked me to post. I have a feeling we have homed in on the same style oaf aberrations but have very similar but yet very different interpretations. Perhaps someday I will reveal more but I just thought I would give you a thumbs up on your discoveries – just bend them a little.

          • Hey Wolf really enjoying your book… It is very intriguing and is giving me a lot of new things to think about… Which is awesome because there just aren’t enough things already to think about lol 🙂

          • Thank you Spallies! I really appreciate hearing that it is helping others. Originally I was going to write two books but decided to merge a bunch of new concepts and ideas into just the one book.

            I always envisioned it as the one piece of research material that could be the catalyst for someone like you to discover the treasure’s secret location.

            When you are finished let me know what you think on the Finding Forrest Fenn page.

  20. If the glove don’t fit you must acquit…. If the clues don’t fit it’s not legit. I was thinking about finding a box in a known location like say Yankee stadium and how hard it would be even if I had a year to do it…. Then I think about the rocky mountains and just chuckle. If someone finds the box it will because they figured out the blaze and got lucky. Even if all the other clues are followed perfect and a “blaze” is missed you are likely to cross that spot off the list and move on.

    • exactly el zurito.. the range of area is staggeriing.. and what is the blaze?? i have a couple of ideas but cant quite get myself to share them..yet. :). perhaps after my excursion i’ll disclose where and what i looked for.. gl2u

    • El Zurito,

      In there lies the rub. I have been doing some research for the past few weeks and have come up with my own sweet spot. No better nor worst than anyone else. Well maybe worst than most.

      Great thing about this treasure hunt, is that we all have equal footing. In my opinion the Blaze is not a mark on a tree or road sign. The blaze may be a hole in the rocks where the sun shines through at the right time of day.

      Just my thoughts as I join the party…

      Best of luck to all.

    • @ EL Zurito wrote…”If someone finds the box it will because they figured out the blaze and got lucky.”

      I believe this to be correct.
      If I hid a treasure and wanted someone to find it, lets say I had an elaborate set plan.
      Lets say It was like a maze inside of a puzzle.
      But…as being the one who created the path that leads to the treasure, I still know how to get there and be able to completely by-pass the maze inside the puzzle.

      Your question answers itself in the sense that…finding the location >> is just the beginning of the true search to find the treasure.
      Many football players may desire to play in the Superbowl, but to have access to that field on that day…is a whole other story! 😉

      Happy Hunting,


      • Finding the Blaze is easy, just like finding the haystack. Now find the needle this where it gets tricky

  21. I’m rather new about this, having only learned of it through recent media coverage…I have ordered the book! I hope my brain farts don’t offend.

    Seems that somehow, with 9 clues, he needs to take you to a specific point…following on my note above about possibilty of a latitude line, seems that where a latitude line would cross a mountain peak (point of highest measured elevation) gets you to a specific point.

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,”…i.e., don’t stop (stay long) and stare…rather, peek…or ‘peak’?

    Again, a latitude line could be the ‘blaze’…where it crosses a peak, could be THE point.

    I think it’s where a measured peak and latitude line intersect…

    Oh, and it’s in a designated Wilderness Area…wilderness is, “…no place for the meek” AND has a boundary where you can ‘put in.’

    Now, go find it.

  22. Why do we need to be wise to find the blaze?

    Hidden in plain sight?

    Time sensitive like sun?

    Season sensitive like wildflowers?

    One thing I know is the new fun way to blaze a tree is with a FF… cuz that aint it IMHO.

    • Might be two separate issues, being wise on the one hand, and also finding the blaze. Wise maybe because [thus far] you haven’t been runned off by the tribal police and you’ve spang found the blaze.

  23. Have any of you ever seen the phrase, “put in below” used in any way not involving things nautitical – boats, rafts, canoes, inner tubes?

    I’ve always seen and heard it used in a comparatively narrow context. A pair of chest waders wouldn’t be nautical enough to suffer being put in.

    • Put in can be used a lot of different ways. Put in a hot tub. Put in a hard days work. Put in a garden. Put in for a raise. Maybe the canyon was formed or put in below the home of Brown trout or the Brown bear? It may just be a reference to the canyon and not really be a significant clue in itself.

    • to “put in” can also be used in regards to landing a plane in a specific area. Forrest being a pilot could give some credence to this. Anythings possible.

      • jershow: Good observation. But the poem’s presumably for searchers and I’ve tended to read “put in” as an instruction, as opposed to a description of how he got there. But you might be right.

        Incidently, although I’m a pilot, I don’t recall ever using the phrase in that context. Might have, though.

    • @ JC,

      1 question is your “Blaze” the Continental Divide?
      Now if it is…you can still say so, because there are many already searching along that route.
      So in that sense its nothing new.


  24. Take a number, JC. 1479 ahead of you, but likely in a few hours there’ll be another 1000 behind you.

  25. Congratulations J.C. and don’t go spending it all at one place. Be sure to return the bracelet back to Mr. Fenn as a token for your appreciation. Well everyone the search is over as J.C. has solved the poem and is headed to claim title to Mr. Fenn’s Gold. Who wants to have a drink, I buy!

    • VGBOSS: I heard somewhere he wanted the bracelet back. Couldn’t help wondering why he doesn’t swing out, pluck it out of the box and [if he’s concerned about keeping the value the same] dropping in equal value in gold coin or something more easily converted to currency.

      I’m guessing him wanting the bracelet back might be another rumor.

      • Old Jules it’s no rumor he actually has stated several times, on a couple of interviews, that he regrets placing that bracelet in the chest. In regards to him heading back to his secret spot where he ‘hid” the chest, I really doubt he would do that as this Chase of his, that he ignited, has blown-up so much in popularity especially with the interviews he has done on the Today Show as well as Good Morning America. Book sales are through the roof, the Art Gallery is receiving so much PR it’s insane…I doubt he would tamper with any of it as the waterflow i$ running $moothly. All is well in Mr. Fenn’s World. I personally would give him the bracelet and not sell it to him if I were to claim title to his treasure trove. Yes Old Jules he has also stated in interviews the he would pay around $20,000 straight up for the bracelet but I would have a cup up joe with him, chat a bit about my adventure as to how I find his trove, then as I’m exiting his place I would toss him the bracelet and say “Hey Forrest Catch” and be on my merry-way.

      • Interesting VGBOSS. No point in me indulging in such fantasies, I reckons.

        If I should be so correct in my assumption I’m going to be the one finds it and I actually do so, I’d like to be the only one knows it. Me, and the multitudes who share my belief in me [in that regard] and would assume when it’s discovered it’s gone, that I got it.

        The bracelet seems to me to be a minus, rather than a plus, because it couldn’t be disposed of easily and anonymously. I don’t need much to survive, but if I sent it back to him by anonymous mail package I’d suggest he contribute the $20K to the Albuquerque battered wife center. He evidently doesn’t need the $20K as badly as he wants the bracelet.

        But if I crack open the box and it isn’t there, I won’t be offended.

      • Not a rumor OJ. He has said, written and smoke signaled that he wants that bracelet back. Maybe its part of how he knows if the chest is still out there. Maybe that bracelet has something to do with his recon system. Maybe there is a transponder hidden in it.

    • Every WalMart, Home Depot and Harbor Freight in the country’s likely to have their hired hands writing poems and burying boxes full of gift certificates, electric drills, and sheets of 3/4 inch plywood before this is over, sounds as though.

      • Dal: I’ve got to remember to carry a ballpeen hammer with me on arrival, smash that bracelet so’s it can’t track me to my hideout.

      • @ OJ,

        If u do find the chest and the thought of a transponder worries you?
        Just cover the whole chest with something that will block the signal…problem solved and no need to destroy anything. 🙂


    • No market base for the pyramid, Kevin. Everyone’s either solved it already, or well on the way to solving it. Forrest must have put dozens of boxes out there in a hundred locations. Told where all of them are in a single poem.

  26. J.C. in all seriousness if you truly believe you solved the poem and truly believe it is in that X “hot spot” of your’s, located in and around over 3000 miles of Rockies, then by all means go to your Bank and take out a loan for $3,500 and this way you don’t have to give anyone 25% simply pay the Bank back along with the interest. You know J.C. I find it funny how you say you solved the Poem but yet are asking people to GAMBLE on you. LOL “Only a Person, No matter where he lives on this planet, who Truly believes he knows the exact location of Mr. Fenn’s Treasure Trove, would do anything and everything to get to that spot on his own .”

    • @ VGBOSS,

      This isn’t entirely fair to say…

      For instance I believe I’ve found it. 😛
      But atm I can’t leave because, although I know the location, there is still the area to search.
      This could take days in and of itself.
      I have 6 performances this month alone.
      I’m a singer and I would lose maybe $10,000 or more to leave now.
      Now yes, I know of the location but should the treasure not be found right away.
      Well Sir…my wife ain’t hearing that!
      If you’ve ever been married or are married then no explanation needed.

      Happy hunting,


      • $10,000 is peanuts when compared to $2,000,000 which many say is what the contents within the Chest is worth. Adam the Adventurer if you or anyone truly believes that you have solved Mr. Fenn’s Poem and know of Mr. Fenn’s treasure trove location there would be nothing to stop you from getting there to claim the title to the gold for yourself despite what the wife says. Just leave, grab the loot, leave in peace and believe me the wife will have a big smile on here face when she sees you walking in the home with it.

        • Well, Like I said having a location and still searching it are 2 similiar but different things, at least in my wifes eyes! Lol
          Besides, I gotta give the rest a chance to go get it 1st. 🙂

          Lets say for the sake of argument Im right.
          And 20 odd days from now when I get back from Europe and do find it…
          whats a better ending than that! 😉


          • ATA, I truly believe like me you have discovered (in your mind) the location of the trove. Being an armchair explorer the last couple of weeks and having the resources of the internet and 30 plus hours of trial and error it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to some conclusion as to where the treasure is located. I just hope you and I and the rest of those who I’m sure have come to the same conclusion as you and I, don’t stumble all over each other trying to find the thing or this could turn into another Mad, Mad, Mad, World.

          • @ WML,

            I like the mad, mad, world movie…good stuff! 🙂

            @ all,

            Something I’ve found a true blessing.
            If God allows you to find someone you can trust…this is good in my opinion!
            I have a close friend like a brother whom I have shared my location with.
            He’s not blood, but when we talk I feel inside his true friendship!
            He has shared some of his secrets too.
            And I have kept them to me only!
            When fate allows certain people to come into your life, embrace that! No man/woman should be an island.
            This quest can do a number on your mind and heart. You don’t have to do this alone. Its good to have someone you can trust! 🙂


          • Good thoughts Adam

            Safe travels back to the the states and the best of luck.. Got like the beer gardens in Germany. I was in Munich for a week and enjoyed every bit of it…

          • Dal

            Didn’t mean to post that over several times.

            Thats a metaphor…meaning turtles often win the race over rabbits. So many people are claiming to have found the treasure New people who never even cared about this hunt until The Today Show. People who just run right out the door and think they have the location.

            Been working on this hunt for 2 years 3 hours every day after work……

            Have hundreds of hours of research……..

            About to have a computer cross referance all the material and kick out a few locations.


          • Does having hundred of hours give anyone the right to the treasure?

            No that would be a sense of entitlement. Know hard work dedication thrift has it’s rewards.

            It has been fun being here but rather be by myself…………

          • Rick: If the looking for it doesn’t provide its own reward there probably won’t be one. For you, for each of the rest of us. You’ve been blessed with the experience of having looked for it longer than most of us. Might as well be grateful for that.

            I’m figuring I’ll be robbed of getting to look for it as long as you have, by either croaking, or zipping out there and finding it while everyone else goes on being bleased by the search.

            But it all counts and its all good. I’ve already passed my three-score-and-ten, so it’s all gravy anyway. From here on.

          • Some mountain kid from Pendejo up on the Chama River out looking for elk antlers will probably find it over spring break. Used his school computer to follow your hints.

            When he takes it to show and tell at school, stands in front of the class with the box, he’ll start with, “I’d like to thank all the LITTLE people who got me here.”

          • If someone finds it with only 1 hour of work great or 10 years great

            Eventually someone will find it. Whoever you are, I’ll just smile and go on doing this.

            There are no guarantees or fairness in life. Don’t operate under these delusions.

            Said my peace…….have fun:)

          • Rick: There’s a hint of bitterness seems to be in the last few posts you’ve made. As though you think there’s some fairness issue when it comes to finding this thing, even in your declaration that there’s none in life.

            I think there’s a tendency on the part of we obsessive personalities to let thoughts of that sort creep into our perspectives and poison the waterholes of our reasons for doing things. We believe in ourselves and our abilities and have a lot of difficulties, once the subtle target of our obsession slips from searching, to finding and we can’t help starting to spend the money we know we’re going to find. Takes a lot of the joy out of being an obsessive personality.

            But it’s worth keeping in mind there are a good many other obsessive personalities floating around the Fenn treasure, including his. The only way I’ve ever found to keep my obsessive personality over on the joy side of things is to corral it and keep it focused to the fun of looking. The instant it begins anticipating findingt it starts trying to grab ownership, and fairness abstractions climb over the fence.

            Just saying.

          • or taking the time to write:)

            Not angry or bitter:)

            As for being obsessive (more than most) but part of being obsessive is knowing when to cut your loses and to move on.

            This poem is designed to create romantic wanderings. In the history of the West most people came in quest of discovery exploration or gold (cough cough).

            Very few came for the natural beauty.John Muir came close but a man named Everett Ruess surpassed him. Ruess took it to a level never seen before or since.

            It is thought had he lived a longer life (thus creating a larger body of works) he would have been one of America’s more prolific writers/poets and artists of the 20th century

            Point being his love/obbesion for natural beauty/cost him his life at the age of 21

            He died over natural beauty not gold.

            Part of growing up is to realize you don’t always get what you want. Learning to let things go………..

            I also know not to take anyone or anything for granted. While your out chasing rocks you may lose diamonds along the way:)

            Having fun……….:)


          • The poem is designed to make you think, use logic and information required to solve the poem. I disagree with you that its a something that is just romantic, its a very logical, well thought out riddle. You can find many things that fit, why because that is what he desires you to do.

            Lets see, Forrest Fenn writes a book to allow himself to live even when he is gone. Think about this, he had already written many books before this one, so its not about living forever, he already accomplished that.

            I know this was already posted, but I will go into detail why. “Home of Brown” can’t be brown trout, they of course are native to Europe and Asia, not the United States. Ours are Golden Trout, and Cutthroat Trout as a native species. Brown trout were first introduced east of the Rockies, it was their first home in the U.S. They are stocked by man, they can’t reproduce. So, if they stopped stocking them, they would disappear from the country. Unless science is correct in the theory that without a proper mate they could reproduce with just one sex, I guess its possible. I have doubts about this, how many animals have went extinct and this theory didn’t help them at all.

            I found many “home of Brown”, but I am only looking for the one that is most right. I stopped counting them after 14 and have not looked back. I was sure I solved the riddle the first time, and of course the second time, but always thought something was missing. A riddle takes in circles because the author wishes you to go in circles, or he would have just told you to look here.

            I am very impressed with f, he does things that are the sign of a good person, how many of us answer almost all of our emails? I am sure he is having fun listening to us, I heard he doesn’t read here, but I never heard that from him or at least I have not found it. Being a good person isn’t hard, but as you can tell we don’t have a lot of good people left in this country. I will get a little political here, I call it trickle down morals and the example is the current political situation. I will use President Obama as my example. He claims he is a Christian, ok I will give him that, but I don’t think he is. My reason is that when they were claiming all those things that were false about Mitt Romney he never told them to stopped, a good person would have.

            This is my motto. Its not hard to do the right thing, sometimes its hard to know the right thing is to do.

          • Jim,

            Home of Brown was posted Mar. 10 at 12:07a.m. under Forrest needs our help. Posted by
            Home of Brown.

          • Found that one shortly after I started, it’s not my home of Brown.

            I read that, but was of little interest to me. There are many places that fit, you must find the one that is the “best” fit.

          • The problem I have is that All the dots connect. Every single one including comments like searchers have been withing 500ft. and references to Take a Sandwich. The odds of all this connecting both going in and coming out for me in the manner that they do is just way way way too high. That’s what makes this puzzle so great. Perhaps Forrest put a faint in here to lead people down a false path.

            Pretty incredible if he did. I am amazed at what he has accomplished if even the first path is correct. Truly Incredible!

          • Windsurfer: His reply to your email says it all: “Thanks for describing where it isn’t.”

            Before this is over most of us will be able to describe where it isn’t. And if we’re concrete enough in our certainty we had the poem right, we’ll be forced to conclude that because it wasn’t there, he didn’t put it out at all.

            Far better for him to have lied than for me to be wrong about something, I reckons.

            Up there on that mountain of thread you insisted your post needs to be read because it’s important.

            Is there a shortage of descriptions of places where it isn’t, or is there something else important about it?

          • Well “jim”

            Don’t tell me wandering is not apart of Fenn’s personality or the poem:

            How do you like to travel?

            I’ve always been independent and somewhat impulsive, and I like to do things without a goal or strategy. There’s a freedom in not making decisions until the last minute. My best hours have been flying at 500 feet, looking for Indian ruins or following a river through a winding canyon, not knowing or caring where I might spend the night—even sleeping on a riverbank if there’s no motel. My wife cringes when I tell her these things, because she thinks roughing it means no room service. But she’s always allowed me to just go do it. How can life get better than that?

            Source: The Robb Reader: Forrest Fenn MARCH 01, 2012 Margie Goldsmith

            Could answer questions on Forrest all day long………….

            Here’s the one unanswered question I would like to ask Forrest,

            Do you believe you have a mystical connection to the finder of this treasure?

            If you haven’t read the book this won’t make sense to you

          • Yes I guess you could see it as wandering, I see it very deliberate. I have greatly enjoyed this chase, its been great.

            Do I believe in what f has said. Most emphatically, yes I do. I guess we all see common things by reading his book. I do believe there is a connection between all of us, as most of us are willing to put forth the effort to find something that is elusive.

            I can see f, sitting back reading Dal’s blog, yes I believe he does. Laughing and seeing everyone saying something that might fit the puzzle, but they just don’t know it.

          • Jim

            Longfellow said:

            Footprints, that perhaps another,
            Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
            A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
            Seeing, shall take heart again.

            Let us, then, be up and doing,
            With a heart for any fate ;
            Still achieving, still pursuing,
            Learn to labor and to wait.

            Now if we cease from are laborer we might or might not see Forrest here give us a reply.

            Of course someone here will get a itchy finger just can’t be still…………..

          • I used to thing maybe it had to be just one but now I am on the path of thinking he uses double entendres in the poem and it could have two or more.
            For instance “where warm waters halt” could be a dam cause it holds back water, but it also halts the warm water because in a dam the water is released at the bottom which is cold.
            So to me a dam fits two ways if not more, hopefully it is the damn answer or damn why didn’t I think to start there. I think we need also to look for big things such as a brown canyon and not a brown house. Blaze like a fire or a volcano.
            So if you are solving the poem look for the double and I think this helps confirm the answer.
            That is being book smart and not Internet smart and he is a writer
            I now believe to use the KISS principle (Keep it simple stupid) and when it is fianlly solved I will bet a beer that it is really simple and we will think (DUH)
            Just like a joke where a termite goes into a salon and ask “Where is the bartender”

          • Jim: One of my ambitions for the past couple of decades has been to go a full presidential term without knowing the name of the person sitting in the Oval Office. Haven’t managed it yet. One of the reasons is that people posting on other matters have a way of interjecting their opinions about whether the current king of the US is a Christian, or not, or whether he’s a good person.

            It goes without saying he wouldn’t be there if he’s a good person, and the only qualification to be a Christian is whether a person accepts the Apostle Creed .

            Thanks for not mentioning tha name, though someone else already spoiled that one for me for this term of office on a thread somewhere about vintage Toyota RVs.

          • I am a atheist, but that doesn’t change that others have that right if they desire it. You don’t have to believe in something to be a good person. You just have to be a good person. Like the way I raise my son, and he does right even if others don’t like it. He knows what it is to be a good person, and I have to say for 11 years old he is growing into a fine young man.

            I spanked my son one time in his life, after I was done I sat down and told him that I never wanted to have to do that again, so far I haven’t had too. He got in school detention for protecting someone that was being picked on, I told him I was proud he stood up even when others didn’t. A few years ago a neighbor came over to thank me for my son not allowing others to pick on his son.

            That is the sign of a good person.

          • I got this from another blog:

            If there is no God
            Not everything is permitted to men
            He is still his brother’s keeper
            And he is not permitted to
            Sadden his brother
            By saying that there is no God
            Czeslaw Milosz

            I don’t believe in altruistic atheism.
            Everyone believes in something.
            Just raise your son the way you wished you were raised.
            Men who change diapers, change the world.

            Cheers to You JIm! 🙂

          • I don’t care if anyone has searched for it for 20 or more years, if I solve the poem in 1 day and search for it the following day and find within 72 hours it’s all mine and I owe noone anything, no matter how long anyone has searched for it or how dedicated they were to the hunt,. The only person I would own anything to would be to Mr. Fenn himself, a thank you and hand him his bracelet and get with my accountant to give the IRS their cut.

          • ATA,

            I agree with you totally. I too have a lifelong friend whom I have brought into this quest. He is my subconscious, a person that I can run my thoughts through, can give me an objective view,, and bring me down to earth when I get too far up in the clouds. I will not be pursuing this journey alone

      • Adam: You have your priorities in the right place. The great divide between believing and knowing becomes ambiguous and fluid. I climbed and unclimbed half the mountains and canyons in New Mexico knowing where the Lost Adams Diggings was. I could have slowed down the process and maybe not been through so many vehicles and women in my life if I could have backed off far enough to only believe it.

        I’m hanging on with teeth and toenails to only believing on this one. Trying not to have the cats starving from my spending my next-month catfood money, my food money, and the next oil change money getting out there to snag it.

  27. Dal, it wasn’t me I’m still in Kentucky. Unfortunately in this day Mr Fenn may be seeing what it’s like to be chased over dreams. I wish him the best and hope it’s not related to the chase. Don’t want some crazy giving we chasers a bad name, I can do that on my own.

  28. “Never feel sorry for a man that owns his own plane”

    I try not to measure another. Any other. N.M. has attracted & sustained all kinds of extremes since forever. I feel compelled to say, however, that tho I hold Maj. Fenn in high esteem (as I do ALL octogenarians). I fear that no-one born before 1990 could possibly have predicted the way social dynamics and privacy would be affected by the internet. Be that as it may, my guess is that right now Maj. Fenn is wishing he hadn’t have taken this to national T.V. God knows why he is really doing this at all.
    I lived in N.M. for some time. Will be back soon I guess. To any of you that do not know that country, by all means, explore away. It is magnificent. Just don’t “expect” to pinpoint any THING.
    N.M. is immense & craggily and tho I wish that Maj. Fenn would narrow the thrill down to one state It probably wouldn’t affect the timely conclusion of the chase or reduce the number of outlaws that it attracts.

    • Hope you’ll report what’s said, Stephanie, if anything earthshaking is uncovered. I’m on a slow dialup connection. KOB’s not in my universe.

      • VG
        Dal hasn’t cracked anything since Christmas when he bought that big bag of Pecans..

        By the way..I completely frown on people who brag that they found it because they solved the poem..
        Truth is these people THINK they solved the poem and they certainly have not found it til they have the chest in their quivering arms. We won’t believe that anyone has found it til you show us the proof…a photo of yourself holding the chest and excited as a dog with two tails.
        If folks continue to make false claims I will remove their permission to post here. So qualify your boasts..put I THINK or I BELIEVE in your statement…
        It’s really unfair to new folks who might actually believe your boast…
        I thought I solved it about 29 times now myself..but I had the smarts not to brag about it so I wouldn’t look any more like a fool than I already am..
        Respect others…curb your enthusiasm and don’t tell lies about finding it…until you do…

  29. I’m new to this search as well, and I think I see a new post (if not several) every day about someone who figured out where the treasure is. Go get it! I told my hubby that I have way too many thoughts or areas that fit the clues right now, but when I truly think I have it narrowed down, then I would pack my bags in a heartbeat! I live in MA, and for now I can only use the internet in my search. I truly believe that the final clues, the blaze, waters high, etc… will only become visible when you are at or near your target. I think the reason Forest wants people in nature and on an adventure is to see what cannot be seen through a computer monitor. I have found so many places in NM that I want to visit even if the treasure isn’t there. I for one am not going to comment about knowing where it is until I am standing there with it in my arms. Good luck to everyone who still hasn’t figured it out. 🙂

    • Keep in mind he started this poem before google earth. Wisdom involves patience.

      • though google earth is very helpful i’d like to see it evolve some .. maybe a 3d drone application.. so i can fly around new mexico searching for the blaze from the cozy comfort of my basement bunker.. just cant tell forrest 🙂

      • Hemmingway and Casey: “Spy Hawk RC-plane lets you snoop from the skies” – – When Google and Flashearth run out of steam and you just don’t want to give up the location, too tired to climb one more hill:

        “For capturing video footage, there’s a 5 megapixel video camera on-board which beams a first person view, live video feed to a 3.5″ LCD screen housed in the remote control transmitter unit. The rubberized remote control also has 4 GB SD card built-in, committing everything the diminutive spy plane sees to memory.

        The Spy Hawk even boasts an autopilot which the company state is capable of keeping the plane level with minimal effort, its built-in gyroscope causing automatic flap controls to compensate for errant gusts of wind, and thus allow a budding James Bond to concentrate on the actual spying.”

        You could probably even get one with a transponder so’s when it goes out of range of your controls and heads for the tall timber you will know when someone finds it.

      • ask and you shall receive.. too cool.. thanks for sharing. i may need the helicopter for hovering and descending into tall wood .. i’ll have to take another look at those, maybe i can still search those peaks after all.

      • Casey: I’ve never owned one of those, but I came across the technology back in the late 1990s, and when I decided the Lost Adams Diggings was a place I might be able to get into, but would have a lot of difficulty getting out of, I had a closer look at how far the technology’s come. When the Adams alligator began nipping at my pantsleg again a few years ago, and I decided I knew one more time, where it is.

        I think owning one would be a kick, but for me, not enough of a kick to justify buying one. But if you get one and admit to it, I’ll take some joy from knowing it.

  30. Dal, i apologize to you and your readers for the poor choice of words. The comment wasn’t meant to come off as arrogant, maybe just a little too much excitement. It is my belief that the box has already been found and the reason behind Mr. Fenn offering a substantial amount of cash for the bracelet(fishing for the finder) which is why i used the term gamble. BTW VGB some of us are a little more giving than others. You can write me off as just another idiot on the internet as you make it sound. I will say this in closing….when i put all my research up against the poem it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    • @ J.C.

      In my opinion the bio inside the chest is the REAL treasure!
      And considering this, considering the person that finds the treasure would make MORE money by coming out than staying hidden…there is your answer!
      Its still un-discovered…
      That being said I don’t believe it has been found!
      I will also say…Im VERY happy so many are searching ‘NM’. 😉


      • caddisfliesandshinsplints: It’s almost certainly against the law to remain silent. Gold is currency, defined as such in the US Constitution. Today in the US anytime more than $5000 changes hands it has to be reported.

      • On the “…more than $5,000…” changes hands comment, everyone needs to know that the “Affordable Care Act”, some portions of which went into effect in December 2012, has a clause that says any time “investment grade” items (which includes all jewels and precious metal) exceeding $600 (six hundred dollars) changes hands, a 1099 IRS form must be accomplished and sent to the IRS. I found it when I was trying to find out whether a safe deposit box at a bank has to be reported…. Knowing this has certainly cooled my jets.

    • JC Forrest offered to buy that bracelet back from day one. So it has nothing to do with your speculation…however..I do have a theory..I think I posted it below somewhere…’s actually above somewhere..

    • J.C. I’m sure majority of people who have tinkered with Mr. Fenn’s Poem has hit them many ‘a’ times like a ton of bricks in many instances believing they have solved it. The reason I say this is that Mr. Fenn is a genius, in an odd sort of way and configured it, wrote it, in a way that will make everyone believe it’s easy.

      Mr. Fenn I’m sure spent many years writing the perfect Poem and planning a perfect location to rest the Chest. I’m also sure that many will agree with me that the Poem’s words, order, is “way more than meets the eye”.

      If it was easy someone would have found it 2 to 3 years ago. There are people, rookies, that just begun to attempt to crack the Poem this year 2012 and are claiming to know it’s location but yet no evidence of it’s findings has made headlines.

      I personally think it’s still out there waiting for that person who thinks like Mr. Fenn, has an intellect like Mr. Fenn’s as well as a sense of humor like Mr. Fenn’s.

      The Thrill of the Chase

  31. I’m fairly certain if the treasure is found and if Forrest is still alive when it is found – then Forrest will know and announce it to the world. Just my two cents on this.

  32. If the treasure is found and Forrest is still alive – Forrest will know and inform the world. Just my two cents on this.

    • I hope he does not inform everyone if it is found. I would hope that this one is allowed to live on like the Lost Dutchman, and many others, Keep families and people hunting it for years to come. Give kids the love of the hunt and out doors. just saying no offense to anyone I hope who ever finds it keeps the information to them selves.

  33. @ Dal,

    With all due respect!
    Let some of these folks have some fun, by golly let them live/share in the the fantasy that they found it!
    For those that would be discouraged they will never find it anyway…because…
    “from there its no place for the meek”

    And besides one of these days one of them will be right!
    Just sayin…


    • I see what you are saying ATA but all I’m asking is the insertion of two extra words..I BELIEVE or I THINK..That’s the difference between the truth and a lie. Thats the difference between a new person thinking you found it and understanding that you have not, and that the treasure is still out there for them to find. I think it’s quite fair to ask a searcher not to rob the next person of his or her own enthusiasm for the chase…

      • @ Dal,

        Fair enough. 🙂
        But also if I may…for how many times I’ve heard someone say “they know where it is” << speaking for myself, it makes me EVEN more hungry to find it!

        Maybe that my competitive nature?

        @ all the newer folks,

        If u really plan on going to find this, just realize there are some SUPER smart individuals searching for it even now!

        People who are going going at it relentlessly!
        Should this be a deterent to the average hunter no!
        But u should at least undetstand this is fierce in and of itself!

        I didn't sell 4 million records by being anything less that a beast when it came to achieveing that feat!

        I approach this with no less vigor!!


  34. @ all,

    Not sure what the technical term for this is…
    When u feel you’ve found the location.
    Become an unbeliever of it.
    And go through the process of proving yourself wrong…if you can do that and its still at least 98% proven correct.
    Then you’ll really have a good spot to search. 😉


    • ATA – “If u really plan on going to find this, just realize there are some SUPER smart individuals searching for it even now!”

      My sentiments too. I am new to the search. I see such great minds already active in the search. Therefore I am persuaded to search in unconventional ways. Of course I have no clue what that means yet, but that I will do. Those unconventional ways will probably mean nothing until one has in his gaze the ‘blaze’ or the chest in hand.

    • ATA,

      My wife serves that function. She can punch holes in even the best of my interpretations. As for my latest search spot, she’s only mildly skeptical. I consider that a SUCCESS as I’m a glass half full guy, & she’s a glass has fallen over, water gone, table on fire kind of girl. We make a good team. 🙂

      I do think I have put together a few clues that are “spot on”. However, it’s so hard to really gauge. I also tend to believe that even if you are in the correct search area, the blaze isn’t going to be a neon sign pointing down. Being so far away from Yellowstone or NM, it’s more of an intellectual hobby for me.


  35. Adam, i appreciate the comments you posted. It is true that until your holding it in your hands, your no closer than the next guy which is why i can understand some of the negative comments not to mention the fact that i’m sure hundreds if not thousands have came and went on this site claiming to have solved it.The old timers on here are probably tired of hearing it. I didn’t just grab a bunch of clues and throw them against the wall trying to get them to stick. It is through long hrs of research and 36 yrs of treasure hunting experience (novice) that i have made my decision to pack up and head out this weekend once i take care of my responsibilities of work & family. My vehicle isn’t going to be pointed in the direction of norther Santa Fe either.

    • If you are not going north of Santa Fe, what direction are you going in relation to Santa Fe?

  36. @ Dal,

    Just curious…hypothically if Forrest put a transponder in the chest?
    How would one find its signal, say if they were within 500feet of it?


    •’s very difficult because a transponder does not send out a continuous signal like a radio. Transponders “sleep” until they are woken up by an unlocking code. Then they put out an acoustical signal or a light that lets you know where they are. Salvers use them to mark a shipwreck so they can return after they filed the legal papers to possess the wreck. The transponder is left at the wreck site but sits below the surface so it cannot be seen. You don’t even know it’s there unless you have the lat/lon. So the competition doesn’t see it. When you get back in the area you cruise by and transmit the unlocking code. When the transponder sees the unlocking code it wakes up and emits a sound which can be located. Very useful in the ocean where there are no landmarks to guide you and the wreck is several thousand feet down. These days they are more commonly used to mark things and see if they are moved. You don’t actually have to be in the area. The transponder is at rest on your target. It emits a radio ping every minute or so. Very efficient. The transponder will last for several years. The ping is picked up by a receiver maybe a thousand feet away. The receiver is actually a translator. It picks up the weak transponder signal and then re-transmits that signal via a phone line or fiber or a stronger radio signal. It monitors the location of the transponder and can track it for a short distance. The device does not tell you where it’s been moved to…only that it’s been moved. So using a technique like this a person can see if an object has been removed from where you placed it.

      • @ Dal,

        You said difficult but not impossible! 😉
        Thank u Sir! 🙂
        This was extremely helpful.


      • Dal: “The device does not tell you where it’s been moved to…only that it’s been moved.” Comforting info in an abstract sort of way.

        • So do you guys ever time test your thoughts on the location or devices located on places.
          Do you really believe a tracking device would still work 1,000 years from now if it was on the box?
          What about a tree blaze, would that still be there 200 years from now. How about a Brown house,
          how long does paint began to fade. I do not know even if a dam could still be around in 1,000 years.
          I think Forrest made the clues to be still be valid hundrds of years from now.

      • Tim: I don’t know anything about tracking devices, but I have a middling amount of experience with blazes of various sorts, or marks on trees and rocks a person could construe as blazes.

        In the desert east of Socorro, NM, there’s a cliff overhang with a rock painting depicting folks in jockstraps pulling men in Spanish armor off their horses and slaughtering them. Probably put there in the heat of the moment following the during the event during the Spanish retreat from New Mexico following the Pueblo Revolt of 1580.

        All over New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and southern Colorado a person finds rock art and cliff art hundreds of years old.

        The shelf-life of the blaze depends almost entirely on the medium used.

        When I was a kid there was a tree somewhere with the words, “Danl Boone killa bear on this tree, 17somethingorother.”

        Even on a tree a blaze can survive a while.

    • Now your in my area of expertise. No its not possible to do with the limitations on batteries. Temp changes drastically also affecting the battery life. If you could have it activate when item is removed, then maybe but it wouldn’t last long. You are talking low RF power, like a epirb but again its still has its limitations. If your don’t have it checked every couple of years, you won’t know if you have a reliable unit.

      Its not impossible but would be highly expensive unless you find something currently manufactured or have someone that can build one. Frequencies are set up to allow certain bands to be used by different equipment, and some are not allowed for civilian use. You will have the be in the Mega, or Giga frequency range to use low power that will allow transmission to lets say a satellite and beamed back to the receiver.

      To expensive and not as reliable as someone would want. If you built one with a sleep mode lets say out of a PIC chip, that would allow it to stay asleep until an action is completed to activate it, then in turn activating a cellular phone to call himself. Could be done, but it always comes back to a reliable power source. I know use a solar panel and then we could just follow the wire to the treasure.

      Interesting on this subject, I did a binary conversion last might on the treasure. I don’t think Forrest learned binary when he was trained as a radar tech, I could be wrong but I don’t think they were teaching that at the time. Its not hard to learn, its fairly easy if you follow in the instructions. I know binary, hex and octal, and a little of C+ and C++.

      I don’t think he would want to travel there every couple of years to check the battery status.

      • Another technology that could “work” in this scenario is passive rfid tags. No batteries, they power up when they come near the field of the reader using magnetic coupling. I say work, because it would only work if you hauled the chest near a reader…for practical purposes that would be around 5-10′ so It’s not really a workable system, but it is theoretically possible if you could somehow force the item to come near a reader at some point. The tags are incredibly small and ubiquitous & they are on 1000’s of the items you buy in any store such as WalMart, Kmart, Target, ect.

        The tag has a unique ID that the store has in it’s database that gets tracked through its inventory control system. In the case of Walmart, their prime concern is to make sure shelves are stocked. The rfid tags allow them to minimize their out-of-stock events and more efficiently manage inventory. All Tier1 vendors to Walmart have been mandated to ship product with RFID tags for the last few years. In many cases, each individual product (such as a pair of shoes) has an rfid tag on it. Other times, it’s just the pallet or box containing individual packages that have the tag. Anytime a pallet of material or individual item is moved in/out the back docks or in/out the doors from the back of the store to the main floor, or in/out the front doors to the parking lot, the tag is read and something useful is done with the data. You’ve all experienced this when you walk out the front with your new dvd & the alarm goes off because the checkout forgot to scan it telling the system that your dvd or “National Treasure” has been paid for. (Resarch DVD. :))

        Again, they only really care about inventory management. However, if they *wanted* to, a store could read the tag on the pair of shoes you’re wearing as you walk in the store, match that with the transaction id when you bought the shoes (assuming you bought them there), peel your card info, look up previous matching records, determine what you buy, notice that you’ve been buying camping gear, maps of yellowstone, and Nicholas Cage movies, then send a message to the Greeter who will tell you about the special they have on bear spray, Isle 5. I’ve designed rfid readers & worked with large IT teams for these system & all the hardware is already in place.

        Having said all that. I don’t think there is ANY kind of transponder or electronics on the treasure. It’s a cool box full of goodies in the mountains. If you are still paranoid about it, don’t take it inside Walmart when you go shopping. Leave it in your car.


      • Only problem would be that it’s not a independent system. If you are going to do something like that, why spend all the money on a system that might or might not work. I would want every chance of success.

  37. “What In The Blue Blazes??!” – from a cartoon I saw.

    Maj. Fenn has 2 dogs. One is named Cody, the other Tesuque. There. Now e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e will be able to solve the poem.

    ~ Papa Greaser

  38. Peggy replied to me ( for some reason there is no “reply” at he end of her reply?):
    “babylonslim I also looked at the possibility of Warm Waters being the North American Sea because the sea is considered warm waters , there for where the sea halts is where the mountains was higher then the sea. That would leave only a half dozen peaks above sea level before it started drying up.” —
    To Which I am now replying (after considerable reflection):
    Huh? I mean like really Huh? A BIG HuH? as in wow would you like esplain it to me like i was a little child?

    B. Slim

    p.s. — just watched KOT-TV saw Fenn is having 15,000 more books printed “somewheres south of Santa Fe”.

    • I am sorry if I offended you I did not mean to. You had mention the definition of warm waters according to NM Fish and wildlife i believe. I was trying to be helpful. It helped me on checking for spots to hunt by going back to the standard definition of warm waters which is an ocean or sea not in the arctic or antarctic regions. Mr. Finn is smart and a fisher but I thought maybe he was going by the standard definition that would make everything under 5000 ft above sea, under water at one time. now because that would have been under water it would be leaving just certain areas of the Rockies above Sea level. It was just an idea

      • No offense Given or taken Miss. I was just perplexed and confused about your first reference to The Sea, matey. I still am not certain that there is a “standard definition” of “warm waters” as being “The North American Sea” that could lead one to the Rockies tho. But then again, look what Columbus did while searching for a shorter route to the East–he went West. All grate minds do not always work alike.
        As a Shinto Master once said, “all paths lead to the summit of Mt. Fuji”. Tho the Major may have indeed considered what you postulate, I would have never got here from there or there to here. Ya folla? Doesn’t mean I don’t like the cut of your jib.

        –Crusty Seaman

        • Thanks was half asleep still when i replied : I am a closet treasure hunter and I remembered that at one time from my maps etc that America was divided by sea waters from hunting information on a lost Spanish ship in the desert . so when I started the Finn treasure hunt ,I googled warm waters and got the definition. That is where I come up with North American sea might be warm waters. I also use Google maps and high light the Rockies and knock out all that would have been under water at the time with the use of paint. IT narrowed it down quite a bit. I mapped all Indian lands , which removed more property that does not have to be searched. then go from there knocking out private property. That is where I started the search for the rest of the poem. It brought it down to 4 ranges that it could be in.

      • hi. I noted this idea/theory posted up earlier. very clever. all that i feel sure of so far, is a need to be the kind of creative and “out of the box” sort, as much as possible like the fellow who wrote the poem. second is, of words having more than one meaning, a single location that fits in more than one way would seem ideal. if any given clue is meant to be literal or figurative, will only be obvious when looking back from the box location. -imho-
        i would like to throw in 2cents.. about the sea level altitude.
        the rio grande drainage is a long/large rift valley, runs roughly parallel to the front range (eastern slope of continental divide)
        on the other side is, sangre de cristo/ sandia/ manzano etc, mtn ranges. anyway, 100ish feet (altitude-wise) below sandia peak+crest is the limestone w/fossils etc, layer of what was once the sea floor back then. its been pushed up to 9thou +feet. (would have to look up exact numbers, but you get the idea) pondering what would be the “high tide mark” so to speak, to reference from.? related, FF said on tv interview, look above 5k ft alt.
        lastly, i am located out west, if anyone wished to bounce ideas around, link to my avatar for PM. thx.

        • Thank You, I have come up with some good places to hunt using that. But where I get stuck is the Blaze on each one being as how I can not get in low enough ( Ground Level ) to walk the surrounding terrain with my maps well Here I set. As I can not do not have the funds to go hunting treasure out west. I am still arm chair hunting this one. Another posted the Continental Divide being where warm waters halt, which in its self would be correct with the same formula.

  39. Without a doubt, if I were to be so Blessed to have found the goods, I would drive straight to Mr Fenn’s home and deliver the bracelet no questions asked no need for any payment.
    Most importantly I would shake his hand and thank him….

    This would be the very least I could do.

  40. Dal

    Didn’t mean to post that over several times.

    Thats a metaphor…meaning turtles often win the race over rabbits. So many people are claiming to have found the treasure New people who never even cared about this hunt until The Today Show. People who just run right out the door and think they have the location.

    Been working on this hunt for 2 years 3 hours every day after work……

    Have hundreds of hours of research……..

    About to have a computer cross referance all the material and kick out a few locations.

    Let’s see what the computer “believes”


    • Somehow I think the person who finds the treasure will have searched more with their heart than with a machine. After all it seems to me, that is how Forrest decided where to hide it.

  41. Does having hundred of hours give anyone the right to the treasure?

    No that would be a sense of entitlement. Know hard work dedication thrift has it’s rewards.

    It has been fun being here but rather be by myself…………

  42. If someone finds it with only 1 hour of work great or 10 years great

    Eventually someone will find it. Whoever you are, I’ll just smile and go on doing this.

    There are no guarantees or fairness in life. Don’t operate under these delusions.

    Said my peace…….have fun:)

  43. How about a cooperative of stewards over a trust…im sorry i talk to much.

    Wouldn’t be a lot financial gain. Probably get only “The Thrill of Being Involved in the Chase.” An excellenat title…I’ve got dibbs on that. lol I swear i thought of that as I was texting…

  44. Hemmingway – thanks for the 5 weight being a sandwich comment. Just looked up flashlight fishing and at the end of the day to catch just a few more fish or overnight in camp they are very popular. Now Forrest has a sandwich and a flashlight to take along….it is all about the fishing!

  45. OJ

    Thanks for taking the time to write:)

    Not angry or bitter:)

    As for being obsessive (more than most) but part of being obsessive is knowing when to cut your loses and to move on.

    This poem is designed to create romantic wanderings. In the history of the West most people came in quest of discovery exploration or gold (cough cough).

    Very few came for the natural beauty.John Muir came close but a man named Everett Ruess surpassed him. Ruess took it to a level never seen before or since.

    It is thought had he lived a longer life (thus creating a larger body of works) he would have been one of America’s more prolific writers/poets and artists of the 20th century

    Point being his love/obbesion for natural beauty/cost him his life at the age of 21

    He died over natural beauty not gold.

    Part of growing up is to realize you don’t always get what you want. Learning to let things go………..

    I also know not to take anyone or anything for granted. While your out chasing rocks you may lose diamonds along the way:)

    Having fun……….:)


  46. Hey All…I would like to share my recent experience and theory with you all and get your thoughts.
    I am writing this because I am concerned that people may be taking unwarranted risks in pursuit of the treasure at this time of year and also people may be expending resources that they do not have.

    As I posted in an earlier note, I have always been concerned about the construct of the poem in that the seeker gains possession of the chest (supposedly filled with gold), but does not gain title until after two more apparently meaningless stanza’s of the poem run by. The other thing that has always bothered me is the reference by Forrest to the following T.S. Elliot poem.

    We shall not cease from our exploration
    And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

    The last line in particular in that it infers that you won’t know it the first time. My searches and analysis led me to believe that once you find the chest, you will only be half way there. In addition to going “in there” you must also go out again and it will not be as simple as just walking out. You will need more clues and must reverse your steps albeit taking a bit of a different route of sorts. If you start returning home from where you “take the chest and go in peace”, it may look something like this.

    But tary scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and go in peace

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek
    The answer I already know
    I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak

    So hear me all and listen good
    Your effort will be worth the cold
    If you are Brave and in the Wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    Begin it where cold waters start
    And take it in the canyon down
    Not too far, but too far to walk
    Take out above the home of brown

    From there its a place for the meek
    The beginning is ever coming now
    There’ll be no paddle down your creek
    Just light loads and water low

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Look quickly down your quest to cease
    But tary scant with marvel gaze
    Just take “It” and go in peace.

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold
    I can keep my secrets where
    And hint of riches new and old

    I believe the chest will be found by solving the puzzle and I can tell that a number of people have as I had done several weeks ago. More have done so after someone (Forrest?) posted the Home of Brown on this blog last weekend. The place cannot be accessed until the snow melts unless you are williing to take a 6 miles roundtrip snowshoe trek. Once the snow melts, you can do it in about .5 miles in your flip flops…been there, done that. I will not spoil your fun of the hunt here, just be safe and go now only if you are experienced. I do not believe the chest has any gold in it other than maybe a token coin to add to the enticement at an attempt at validation. I believe the chest will contain a map of clues along the lines of the poem above to retrace your steps.

    I have taken these steps first via the internet and then physically. Here is how I did it. The line “brave and in the wood” always troubled me as meaningful, but apparently unnecessary. After some thought, I finally arrived at searching for Brave (as in soldiers) in the Wood (as in the Wood Memorial). You will find a brave soldier by the name of “Billy” Mitchell (Father of the Air Force). Searching for a memorial in his name will take you to a website a scavenger hunt waymarking site (hmmmm). The site shows a memorial for Billy at the Air Force academy in Colorado Springs with Longitude and Latitude designators. I thought, O.K. if that long./lat. shows the location of the memorial then maybe a dead end. If not, maybe on to something. Well, plug in the long./lat. into Google Earth and guess what? The site is a location for a “brown home” just outside of
    Colorado Springs out of the mountains (i.e. where you began)….Reallllyy??, Reallly? Yes Really! Oh and what more if you pan out you will see a satellite image of a snowy imprint that shows a blaze just like the one you already found if you have the chest. Also, it shows a creek, a canyon and the “take out” point now “above” the home of brown to get you back where you began. This route follows the version of Forrest’s poem that I provide to you above. At the end of the route is in fact another version of the same blaze variety as the first two. Looking quickly down from this blaze was a very large out of place (i.e. praire land) piles of pine straw and pine cones (i.e. in the woods) that someone had placed there. I tore the pile apart hoping to find so called treasure, but the cupboard was bare.

    I write this so that you all can make informed decisions of your own regarding your quest based on my recent experience. I do not want to see anyone get hurt physically, financially, or otherwise. Turns out this last blaze is about an hour from my home so no big deal for me.

    I still plan to go track down the chest for the adventure of it with my sister, but I am getting skeptical about the reality of the treasure. Forrest replied to me by stating “thank you for providing the directions to no treasure”. He is right. I found no treasure, but now you can decide for yourselves.

    Keep in mind the last stanza of the poem as I have constructed it above. Looks like Forrest still keeps the treasure.

    Hope this helps in your decision making process. I got concerned when I saw folks saying there were venturing out even this week for the chest. Know what you are getting into. I also sincerely hope that I have not spoiled anything for anyone.

    • Nice post, windsurfer. Thanks for taking the trouble to write it up thoroughly and carefully. It’s interestinger and interestinger to observe the workings of human minds once they begin tearing away at a problem.

      Especially enjoyed the Eliot connection.

      Leads me to think it’s actually hidden under the bam, under the boo, under the bamboo tree.

      After reading a post by someone here earlier saying any transaction involving jewelry, whatever, valued at more than $600 is required now to be reported to the IRS I’ve fairly well determined I couldn’t care less whether the box has anything in it or not. My life’s complicated enough as it is.

      But I plan on searching out my favorite locations, anyway, partly because it offers the opportunity to take all the risks other people might deem unwarranted, I choose to take.

      And partly because I haven’t been up into some of those places in a longish while. Mightn’t get another excuse this lifetime.

    • While my interpretation of the clues is entirely different, I found your reasoning just as well thought out as many of the other seekers who have posted here…..and my own! 😀 Some people are out searching now and come snow melt, there will be many more of us out there searching our favorite sites/sights and hopefully one of us will prevail and post our method of solving the puzzle. I’m anxious to get out there myself but time and money are not in my favor right now. Hope the treasure is still there when I can get out! As others have stated, while I would be thrilled if there was a chest full of gold to be found, I’d be delighted just to find that beautiful box, even if it were empty. I love the thrill of the chase, even though it’s the armchair variety right now. I have learned more about so many different topics than I ever thought I would have had I not started on this adventure, so a big THANKS to Forrest for starting it all!

    • Windsurfer, whew the winds sure were in your tail we you wrote that, flew right by me
      So are you saying the end is the beginning, I am more proned to think the opposite.

      I do not believe Forrest had google earth when first wrote the poem and don’t take this wrong but you may be overthinking it maybe, but if you are correct and find the treasure please blow rasperries at me.

      If I luckily and alot of it would be needed and then I did find the treasure after all the time spent, and all that brain strain time, and when I did open the chest to find no gold in it but then something else I had to do to get the gold, I would want to strangle Forrest, just literally though and probably just give it up.
      That would too mean of him to do that and that I believe hopefully is not his nature.
      Finding the chest is hard enough already.
      Like teasing a dog with a steak, showing it to him but he never gets it until he can flip over backwords three times, does two but can’t seem to do three and wonders why he did’nt get his reward.

    • Windsurfer –

      May I ask where Forrest refers to that poem? Is it in his book which I don’t have yet?

      About the chest: Forrest has stated repeatedly that the chest contains the treasure and not just title to it. So, if if you know that and don’t believe it, then why even believe there’s a chest at all? You have to take him at his word.

      I agree with you that people shouldn’t be looking for the treasure if they don’t have the resources to do so. I really hope that people aren’t being financially irresponsible over this. This is to be worked into your entertainment/recreation budget, not taking away money you need for daily living or getting you deep into debt.

    • @Windsurfer – I think you may be over-analyzing Forrest’s poem and perhaps taking everything a bit too literally. Forrest uses a lot of words that have double and sometimes triple or more interpretations – that’s what makes it so difficult to solve, and so interesting. 🙂

      @Terry – Sorry – my mistake! I have no idea where that reference to T.S.Elliot came from. I never saw it in Forrest’s blog and I don’t have the book so don’t know if it’s in there. Regardless, I don’t think it relates directly to the treasure – at least it doesn’t fit with any of my solutions – Great poem though! 😀

    • I think if it’s that complicated I am really never going to find it. 🙂 But I believe that we should all follow our hearts and our guts on the search. …and just because I think, what you think sounds crazy doesn’t mean I believe that crazy can’t find it! Heck it might even be a requirement.

  47. All,

    Please check out my last post…it is buried above and not in squence (?) and it is important.

    For those of you wondering about the tax situation on the treasure if there is one. The key line if the phone states “I give” you title to the gold. This makes it a gift and I believe is free of tax to the receiver. Forrest however would have to reduce his tax tree transferable estate value (limited to $ 5 million per person) by the value of the gifted treasure.

  48. Well, after 84 hours from hotel in Santa Fe to my front door in the Boston area, I am home. Riding the rails, waiting for a train. Riding the rails, waiting for a train. And repeat. You’d think I would have been exhausted, but when my daughters greeted me at the door, neither they nor I could wait to go over the wonderful memories of my journey and look over the awesome photos that Mother Nature provided! It was nearly 3:00am before we decided to pick up again this morning. With any luck (and a lot of financial planning) we will be returning as a family to do it all over again this summer! For this exciting prospect of an adventure with my girls, I can only thank Mr. Fenn for lighting the spark. The treasure is now a mere footnote as I have no other ideas of where to search, but the thrill lives on and there will be many more joys ahead! This is the true treasure!

  49. Exactly Windsurfer. One must take a Sandwich for it’s needed. The Flashlight, well it must be taken just in case you are too meek and decide to go into your “hot spot” at night, best have extra batteries just in case. Most definitely everything connects, I agree. The 500ft, shoot, people have been by that “hot spot” within 9 to 10 feet! That’s right 9 to 10 feet but those people did not see the blaze! Mr. Fenn is a genius, in an odd sort of way. I will be having coffee with him soon enough. Happy Hunting and be safe out there. GOD SPEED!

  50. Old Jules
    I am beginning to like you more after have I read your post and I may have to buy you a new laptop to hear more, but I will not buy catfood cause I hate cats.
    So if we post where it wasn’t or find the people that where within 500 feet of it we could probably solve this tomorrow probablly be easier than figuring out the poem.

    • Tim: Thanks anyway. I couldn’t allow myself to accept a laptop from anyone who hates cats. Reading your post the way I’d read the poem I’ll have to suppose you liked me less, sometime before you read my post. I work at being consistent, but I don’t always succeed.

      Incidently, I think you’re onto something on the process of elimination method. If we can trust everyone who’s ever been anywhere to honestly confess where it was they were and how they got there.

      Some of these hints mightn’t be hints at all, however. Forrest, for instance, was already elderly when he placed the box. Anyone over the age of 65 knows a piece of life changes around then and a man begins taking reading material when he goes to pee.

      Forrest might have been merely commenting that a person needs to begin with a good pee so’s he’s not having to spend a lot of time along the route doing it. Provided he doesn’t spend more than half-an-hour on the route.

  51. Windsurfer, I went on a treasure hunt a few years ago and was sooooooooooo convinced that I was right that my husband and I used some air-miles to fly from CA to NY, brought along a metal detector, rented a car, stayed in a motel for a few days, fibbed a bit to a museum docent and a cemetery worker to get info, got stuck in the mud in the cemetery and had to call a tow-truck, tromped all over the cemetery and found so many clues that fit – I was sure we were on the right track. We didn’t find the treasure and had to fly back home. But we were excited about all the clues that fit and were making plans to fly back to NY. The day before I was to make air reservations, we found out the treasure was found AND it was in California all along! We laughed so hard at our folly, but we had a great adventure and still remember that trip and what fun we had! So, even when you might be wrong, you can still have a wonderful adventure. Now, if we had not had the air-miles, I doubt we would have paid to fly to NY so I certainly do not advocate spending a bunch of money you don’t have to try and find a treasure.

    For this hunt, no additional money will be spent on looking for the treasure as we will be taking a driving vacation the end of May and my #1 spot is on the way when we drive through the Rockies.

    I just hope the chest hasn’t been found by then as the looking and searching are so much fun.

    Hope you are having fun too!

    • CJinCA
      I likeed your story and now suggest that you do not pick your #1 spot ever again. Go with #2

      • LOL! 😀

        I had about 3 -4 favorites but only have time to search for one of them on the way to our destination. If the treasure still has not been found, we’ll try one of the other ones on our way home. No matter what, we’ll be driving through some beautiful country and I hope to get some memorable images with my trusty camera. 🙂

  52. Jim Longfellow said:

    Footprints, that perhaps another,
    Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,
    A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,
    Seeing, shall take heart again.

    Let us, then, be up and doing,
    With a heart for any fate ;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to labor and to wait.

    Now if we wait cease from are labor on this thread we Might see Forrest give us a reply:)

  53. Jules,

    It was just the safety issue of people going out at this time of year in certain spots as to why I thought it was important. Particularly given my premise that the chest may not hold what people think. Otherwise, why would Forrest state that he can imagine the surprised look on the face of the finder. If the chest has exactly what he states is in it, then that is what we would all expect to see. I don’t think I would look all that suprised at that point. However, if it contained something else..well then.

    Also, why do you need the title to the treasure if you already have the gold in your hand?

    • Provenance documents would be my guess, windsurfer. But if he’s stated there’s something surprising inside the box, I’d expect there probably is. I’d be hesitant to speculate the meaning far enough to guess what it might be, why it would be surprising, and whether the fact something surprising in the box would be an addition to what he said was there. Or a subtraction from it.

      At the moment Forrest Fenn’s generally being treated with neutrality, or respect by the news folks and the people talking about it all over the country. If if should happen there’s any misrepresentation about what’s in the box, no matter how that manifest itself, that would probably change to scorn.

      Seems unlikely he’d do that in the limited world I live in. What possible motive or reward could balance the loss of his good name and his reputation for honesty? Not the sort of legacy a man would leave for himself after he’s gone to so much trouble to become a household name.

      • Old Jules
        I think the suprise in the box could be a cobra so be careful when you open it when you find it
        of course that is after stepping over a dead Windsurfer since he will have found it first and opened it thinking it was empty.

      • Tim: A 1957 edition of Mad Magazine depicting Alfred E. Newman on the cover saying, “What? Me worry?” and directions to the D.B. Cooper airplane hijacking loot would be more to my liking.

  54. Jules,

    It was only important as a safety item for people venturing to certain spots this time of year. Other than that just a failed attempt but a rather unique one. What I can’t figure out is why you need the title to the gold if you already have the gold in your hand. There has to be an explaination for this or the last two stanza’s are basically meaningless which I do not believe.

  55. “Brown trout were first introduced east of the Rockies, it was their first home in the U.S. They are stocked by man, they can’t reproduce. So, if they stopped stocking them, they would disappear from the country. Unless science is correct in the theory that without a proper mate they could reproduce with just one sex, I guess its possible. I have doubts about this, how many animals have went extinct and this theory didn’t help them at all.”

    You may know something about where Brown Trout originated, but you don’t know crap about there existence. The Madison River has not planted fish for decades and the brown trout are proficient in those water as with the Firehole river in the Park along with the Gibbon, the South Fork of the Snake, and most rivers in the western US. The Brown thrives on its own in these waters. I don’t know where you have come up with this, butI wish people would do more research before posting crap like this.

  56. Forrest has NOT authorized anyone to make any T-Shirts or other memorabilia. There’s someone trying to make money off The Thrill of the Chase and they are they are infringing on his copyright. He’s already aware of it, so no need to contact him about it.

    • Someone is always out there trying to make a buck off of someone else’s success. 🙁

      Anyway, I wouldn’t want to buy one as I don’t want anyone else to know I have a bad case of OCD! LOL

      • Dang so I quess I now cannot publish my “Where it was’nt I got chased by a thrill” book now if Foreest has all the rights.

        • I wrote a story about my adventures and coincidental, but wrong, interpretations for the last treasure hunt I was involved with and the response I got from the author of the hunt was……nada, nothing, zilch. Trust me Tim, no-one will want to hear my story, but yours sounds pretty interesting – I might buy that one! 🙂

          I participate in an on-line photography group and copyright infringement is a very big issue with them so I could see where Forrest might take exception to the T-shirts. But it does show someone has an entrepreneurial spirit and if he had gone to Forrest for approval, I bet Forrest would have OKed it.

      • I think Forrest is most concerned that the guy is using his image and therefore it looks like Forrest is involved with it…

  57. Hi all!

    This is my first time posting anything about my own personal interest in and/or search for Fenn’s treasure, and I’ve only been studying it for a short time after learning of it on the Feb 27th, 2013 TODAY Show. I’ve also bought and studied Fenn’s “The Thrill of the Chase” – and the poem therein – a bit.

    This scrapbook/blog seems to be at the top of the list as far as the Old Santa Fe Trading Co’s site is concerned, and since that site is owned by, maintained by, or at the very least closely *watched* by Forrest Fenn himself, that makes Dal Nietzel the “go-to” man for us treasure seekers, right?

    I don’t consider myself a fanatic about the treasure…I’m just another regular guy living comfortably unemployed due to circumstance and with entirely TOO MUCH free time on his hands. As such, Fenn’s treasure intrigues me and gives me something more intellectually stimulating to think about than, say, a Kardashian’s weight gain or what Bieber has to say right now about his “haters” – things which Forrest Fenn himself probably wouldn’t give a flying fig about anyway.

    OK, so, I have a few questions to throw out there:

    1) Is this the #1 place I should be looking for Fenn Treasure updates? And, if not, then where else? Do I have to bounce back and forth between here, Facebook and (ugh!) Twitter? One single consolidated source would be *nice*, but…probably unlikely in this age of information overload.

    2) Is there any particular reason Hebgen Lake isn’t mentioned any more than once in this entire scrapbook? The reason I ask is because it is referred to quite a bit in the “Chase” book. Perhaps Hebgen doesn’t mesh with any of the other clues (i.e. it is less than 5,000 feet above sea level, perhaps)? Yellowstone Park gets more attention here, and a national park doesn’t seem like an ideal place to bury – errr, I mean “hide” – a chest with 40 lbs worth of loot. Wouldn’t the Feds have something to say about it if it were found there?

    3) Speaking of clues, there are supposed to be “nine” clues in the poem, right? And we have this certain specific number of “nine”…why? Did Fenn himself say so? Only two clues so far really jump out at me – “where warm waters halt” and “the home of Brown” – that leaves seven more clues if we’re sure about there being nine clues total.

    4) “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”…well, I know a “blaze” is another word for “hand-made trail marker”, or, in this case, “tree or rock where Forrest etched something with his own hands”. This is one of the reasons why I think the chest is hidden someplace where casual graffiti like a “blaze” wouldn’t attract too much attention – say, by State Park rangers in Yellowstone who would just as soon cover up such “unsightly graffiti”. But my question is this: What kind of “blaze” would Forrest himself use? What do people carve in trees or on rocks to mark points of interest where they’ve been? I’ve seen Dal’s posts elsewhere about “mysterious photos sent by Forrest” that show what Forrest carved into trees on his own property – a big “F” and a man running. Forrest doesn’t seem the type to let a simple “X” mark the spot…unless its really big and really obvious.

    5) I know better than to pester Forrest himself for clues. By now the poor man is probably regretting starting this whole chase, what with hundreds of emails a day and some kind of deranged loony literally ringing his doorbell, he probably thinks we’re all nuts. Granted, I’d love to sit down with the man and ask him any of the above questions, but I’d also love to ask him a bunch of NON-treasure-related questions as well being that he’s a seasoned world traveller and explorer (he didn’t get all of his collection through trades and deals, after all…he’s actually been places and seen things! Probably some strange and weird things, too!) But what if all I want is for him to autograph my copy of his memoirs? Where do I find out when his next book signing will be? Does he do Q&A with “the people” afterwards, if we promise not to mention the treasure in our questions?

    6) Last question: How sure are we that the publishers of the “Chase” book didn’t make any grammatical or spelling errors in the book’s printing? After all, nobody is perfect…but we’d better make sure whomever printed the book is pretty close to it since there’s a lot riding on it and some of us are taking the hunt pretty seriously, which leaves little or no room for error since the book is all we’ve got and Forrest doesn’t answer questions.

    I’ve rambled. I’ve asked too many questions and probably asked them in the wrong place. If I have, I apologize, but in my own defense this seemed like the best place to ask.

    Thanks everyone!
    — JC

    • Terrific. I didn’t know there were three other “JC”s posting on here. I almost went off on someone I thought was addressing me…but whose comment made zero sense in regards to what *I* posted.

      From now on I am H. KNIGHT to avoid confusion.


    • In riddles there are grammatical and spelling errors put in on purpose.
      Food for thought.

  58. “Don’t forget your T-shirt!”

    It seemingly never occurs to people who scam this quickly…that their limited grasp of the English language (“this one is an iron on”!…its spelled IRONY) is the first red flag that goes up whenever anyone with two IQ points to rub together goes and reads what they say. He even misspells the name of his own company (is it Blaze or Blade?)

    He may have a built-in spellchecker, and it IS working…but he’s not equipped with enough of an attention span to even go back and double-check what he’s written.

    “Don’t forget your T-shirt!”

    How do people set things like this up so quickly? How many t-shirts has he sold in less than 24 hours? How fast can Big F shut him down?

    And what, if anything, is Babylon Slim babblin’ on and on about? Given the timing of his post and the fact that he’s bashing Big F in the text of it…I’d say that should cast a wary eye of suspicion on him.

    Yo, Babylon Slim…if you see fit to rant at me for saying so…well, good luck, given that you already look like a lunatic. And don’t forget your T-shirt, your spellchecker and your attention span.

    — H. KNIGHT

    • I have not bashed anyone nor will I resort to name calling.
      I do apologize to anyone that thought otherwise.

      Sincerely –
      b. slim

      • Here’s the one unanswered question I would like to ask Forrest,

        Do you believe you have a mystical connection to the finder of this treasure?

        Let’s clarify:

        Why everyone is out looking for the gold. Is Forrest looking (waiting) for the finder of the chest


        • Rick: By ‘mystical’ do you mean ‘metaphysical’?

          Forrest probably wouldn’t answer the question if you asked him. But from the viewpoint of at least one individual involved in the searching, there’s no way he could escape a metaphysical connection with everyone who studies the poem and submerges himself [even briefly] in the life, words and experiences of Forrest Fenn. He’s become a piece, however significant, in each of their lives and worldviews. And in a lot of instances by the time this is over he’ll have been the nudge by the Universe to cause hundreds of chains of experience in thousands of lives. Chains of experience that wouldn’t have happened if Forrest hadn’t placed the box and announced it.

        • (Do you believe), Absolutely, that connection is between everyone that has joined the search, including Forrest. Does Forrest have another motive? If you wanted more incite, into how people find things, (the skills they employ), this would be a good way to check them out. James

    • H. KNIGHT: You’re here with all the rest of us. Pots calling kettles black in this asylum over spell checkers and teeshirts underscores the fact none of us would be here if degrees in Psychiatry acquired watching Opra wouldn’t tag us all lunatics.

      I’d like to think I’m the bull-goose looney here, [One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest] because I’m probably the only person invoved in this who voted for Barry Goldwater for President of the US.

      • In 1964 not a lot of people had gone down Grand Canyon in a rubber raft, but Goldwater had. And the opposition asserted he was forbidden to serve as prez of the US because AZ was still a territory when he was born there. And, of course, they said he was a lunatic.

        Which was enough for me.

        • No OJ

          Think the question would make more sense to Forrest then anyone else.

          Where not dealing with visions like Sitting Bull seeing soldiers falling out of the sky. More like a “Great Hand” (God, us etc) creating a series of events

          These events (waterfall,cancer book treasure) upon Forrest and possibly on the finder of the chest.

          It is this part of the chase that intrigues me the most.

          One time was talking to man who was on the USS Kennedy. He said on Nov 22 1975 ( day Kennedy was killed) the ship went on tilt 45 degrees. They thought a Russian cruise missile hit them…………

          Instead it was a collision with the USS Belknap. The strangest part is if you look up Belknap it means

          The crest or summit of a small hill.

          We all know what part that hill has to play in the Kennedy drama.

          I’m not drawing any conclusions just gathering information…………….This is very subjective material.

          On another note this is the first time I have published these findings. Something very personal and great meaning to me.

          Others may come in quest for gold have questions on a higher level:)


          • Oswald was both Russian (cruise missile) and one of are own (USS Belknap)

            Something wants us to take a closer look at that hill or put us at that hill………..As if….

            Anyways need to get out of the drama of this hunt and more into looking:)



          • Rick: I hope you find what you’re looking for. If it’s what Forrest wants I hope he finds it too.

  59. “He didn’t have Google Earth when he planted the treasure.”

    Evidently there’s a belief system alive in the universe today that involves sat-view photography never having existed prior to Google Earth. [I don’t have Google Earth because my comp won’t load it, but I do use Google Maps Sat]

    Fact is, FlashEarth dot com was out there with birdseye views at least five years ago. Still is, though the Bing version hasn’t been updated since 2009. It provides as good a view of a location as Google Maps. Just the way the location appeared in 2009, as opposed to the way it appears in 2013 through the Google camera.

    If there’s something you see from the sky you think might be related to the Fenn hints it’s actually a good way to double check by pulling it up on FlashEarth. If it was there 2009 it was there too early to join the chaos.

    At least if you’re talking about a blaze large enough to be seen from the air.

    For instance, there’s a huge ‘F’ on a bare hillside, maybe 500 feet long and 100 feet wide on a bare slope in northern New Mexico that’s there today, but doesn’t show on the 2009 Bing images. No idea how it got there or why it shows. Looks almost as though it was done with a mower or shredder, but all right angles, unmistakable as the letter ‘F”

    And almost certainly has nothing whatever to do with the blaze in the Fenn poem. Although all the other clues could be construed to fit with it, except the home of Brown, which is too far downgrade.

    And it doesn’t strike me as the sort of place Forrest would want to be buried, from an all I’ve gathered about him by reading here.

    I doubt he’d have put his initial on that slope, anyway. Too obvious and the fishing around there mightn’t be all that great.

    • If the home of Brown happens to be a graveyard, though, Google’s a lot better than FlashEarth.

      But FlashEarth displays the Long/Lat coordinates, decimal or degrees/minutes/seconds, whereas Google doesn’t. Or if it does, I haven’t figured out how to make it do it.

  60. I agree Rick, some days I feel like I am getting more of a history lesson than looking at clues, it’s pretty cool. Are these stories from the book? I can’t seem to get my mitts on a copy yet, very interested though. I am finding particularly interesting all the Native American tribal histories that I have come across. While it is well documented I think we often forget, or don’t realize the brutal extent that the treatment of natives was, and still is one of the biggest injustices and tragic episodes our country has ever seen…ok back to the chase.

  61. Has Mr. Fenn spoken at all about his cancer? I haven’t received my copy of the book yet but I haven’t read anything regarding it. Does he talk about it in the book? Does anyone know what type of cancer, where and what type of treatment he received? If he’s said it’s none of our business, I accept that. I just haven’t heard anything about it. I’d ask him directly but don’t want to ask something he’s already answered. Perhaps I’m being insensitive to even inquire?


    • He had kidney cancer. Thank goodness his treatment either cured him or put him into remission. This disease can be fatal. My mother passed away from it so I feel a bond with Forrest and sympathize with all he had to go through during his treatment.

  62. The house of brown was capitolized because maybe he is refering to the home of Brown Trout

  63. Here is my tail of woe. I have done exhaustive research and developed a theory based on that research and my psychic impressions. I followed the poem’s instructions, as I understood them, and found a letterbox exactly at the spot I expected to find the treasure chest. In the letterbox, I found a note initialed by “f f ” and other notes from people from the Temple Tx. area. I cannot confirm these notes were from Forrest or other members of his family. I did contact Forrest by email and told him about the box and how shocking it was to find it exactly at the spot I believed I would find the treasure. The notes did not pertain to the treasure, and as far as I could tell, there were no clues in the box. Forrest emailed me back and wished me luck and encouraged me to keep thinking. It is my understanding that Forrest is from the Temple, Tx area — I was bewildered to find “f f ” initials in a box at that exact location. At this point, I’m not sure I want to continue. Forrest offered no comment on finding the initialed note or the other markings from people that might very well be members of his family back in Texas. I can’t be sure these were Forrest’s initials or that the other markings were from members of his family, but what a coincidence at that location. This is very frustrating and confusing.

    • Maybe it is one of them Geo caches from someone hunting the treasure to let you know wrong track

    • Herman: No way for anyone besides Forrest to know whether what you found is significant, or insignificant. Him, and if it isn’t significant, the person responsible for it being there.

      If Forrest isn’t saying, there’s not much point in anyone else speculating about it. Just more blind leading the blind.

      If it’s frustrating and confusing maybe that’s the Universe telling you to ease up on how badly you want it, anyway. Telling you to relax and enjoy the ride instead of scowling at the ride in anticipation of a destination that mightn’t come to pass.

    • It looks like someone is messing with you/us or maybe a geocache like Peggy mentioned. Prretty funny! LOL Did you leave it there for others to find?

      • Not speculating on them or anything but wish he could make a post and scan those letters into and post them for all to read, and see what everyone thinks. Only he knows where he found them so anything of use would probably be from that specific location. Would be fun reading anyways.

  64. Has Fenn confirmed that the site of the treasure remains the same as when Fenn left it there? I mean no forest fires, floods, high water, etc. With time, things change within the forest.

  65. Watch KOB tomorrow at 10:00am for a 30 minute program about the chase. Channel 4 in SF. It’s an NBC station. I’m guessing it will be on, but as we found out last time…they only put the link up at about that time.

  66. The box is where I found it. I am likely going to stop wasting my time searching and focus on my day job. I do not want to invade or display anyone’s personal or family life.

  67. Hola all. I wanted to let you know where warm waters halt. And that would be… in cold water Mi amigos. that is all 😉

  68. I have some words of advice for folks out there. You are all privileged to be searching for the chest. The quest is real, and I would call it sacred as well. If you are truly committed to exerting an exceptional effort to solve the poem, then you might have a chance. But be prepared for some deep frustration and real heartbreak, in addition to the joy and exhilaration you will find as you search in the woods and begin to perceive the infinite care and brilliance which went into the crafting of the treasure poem…

    I have been engaged in a long correspondence with Mr. Fenn ever since I began this search. He seldom replies, but when he does, he is always fair and honest. But don’t expect him to give you anything other than encouragement or good will, or you will be disappointed.

    For those of you who doubt or see conspiracies, I ask you to reconsider what Mr. Fenn is offering you: the chance to believe in human goodness and altruism.

    I, for one, don’t just believe, I know that Mr. Fenn placed his chest in the woods for someone to find one day. So go and find it. You won’t just find it with the internet, no matter how perfectly your clues seem to match up. Be prepared to work very hard and to suffer some. But go, and try, and good luck!

    And when anyone finds my carved tree with the FF I look forward to hearing from you. I think you might then be closer to the chest than you realize…

    • Stephan: It would be a shame to see a sacred quest end before all the searchers emerging have a chance to go out and look for it. The foundation of the entire thing, according to the news folks, is cemented to the concept of getting people into the woods searching in hopes they’ll awaken to what they see around them there.

      It’s not easy to reconcile heartache and frustration with anything of a sacred nature. To my limited understanding, ‘sacred’ is a source of comfort, of awe, of deep respect.

      If you truly believe it’s a sacred quest, not about ego, not about money, not about fame, seems to me it would make a lot of sense for you to take whatever you actually need out of that box, drop in a note explaining why the weight dropped a pound or two, close the lid and go about your business doing whatever’s next in your life.

      I agree that box is out there. To some degree and in some sense, I’d concede it might be construed as a limited and somewhat obscure ‘sacred’.

      Rhymes in some ways with an olla in the desert in southeastern Utah. People have been finding that olla for 30+ years, dropping in a note or business card with the date they found it, and walking on. Despite the value. ‘Sacred’ to the people who’ve found and left it to sufficient degree to motivate them in that way.

      I’m not talking about the families who are just out looking for the Fenn treasure for recreation. Not talking about people who are looking because they make no pretense of doing it for anything other than money, or fame.

      I’m not even talking about someone such as myself, who’s willing to concede after some thought, that it might be construed as sacred, but with reservations.

      I’m mostly just talking about people declare it sacred and don’t draw a boundary around what they mean when they declare it such.

      The proof of the pimiento-cheese sandwich, you might say, is in the eating.

  69. Hey Dal,

    Here’s an off the wall question that you have not been asked yet. Have you ever seen Forrest wear a black fedora hat???

  70. I’m new to the search, just researching for now, but had a thought. I grew up in San Francisco, and back in the day, a favorite vacation or weekend spot, was referred to “as the river”, everyone knew what river, even though it was 100 miles north and there were rivers, that were closer. The phrase “and take it in the canyon down” reminds me of the same thing, there are many canyons, but to the locals, there may be only one. James

  71. Hi Tim, I wouldn’t say that there was anything unique about this particular river, my point was that our’s and everyone else’s reference to this river, as being “the river” , was a local “colloquialism”.

  72. To all the treasure hunters out there please bury your holes pickup your trash respect what nature has to offer and leave it as natural as you. found it. lets not leave a negative impact on the treasure hunter that know the real treasure is in the natural beauty that is bestowed upon us from our creator.

  73. Dal.. can I just send my ideas to you on this address? I’ll never be able to search and I hate the Internet.. Carole

    • Carole-
      I don’t know what kind of ideas you mean but if you mean where you think the chest is hidden…I would rather not know. If you mean your ideas for some of what the nine clues might mean..certainly!

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