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I don’t know about you, but for me as the stories about the treasure grow in number it is increasingly difficult to remember where everything is located. This post will contain links to audio, video and written articles about Forrest and the search. We will start with a few and add more as I find them. Please email any media link about Forrest or the treasure that you don’t see here.  If you note that a link has gone dead please email me.


Jean Lotus wrote an article for UPI on February 18, 2020. She used some of info from Dr. Alan King’s paper on Treasure Hunters that came out last week and is linked in the previous citation. Jean’s story can be found HERE.
An estimated 2 million Americans are actively in the search for Forrest’s chest. That’s the number arrived at by Dr. Alan King in his paper, just published in the “Human Arenas Journal”.
Alan is with the Psychology Dept. at the University of North Dakota. He spent time with many searchers last summer and even more time researching the Chase, and us who are involved in it. He also collected data from searchers via this website and others. His end game was an academic paper characterizing searchers.
The paper was published on February 11, 2020 and is titled “Treasure Hunting as an American Subculture”. Alan sent along a link to his website where you can view some of his photos that don’t appear in the report and on that page is a link to the paper itself.
When. you click on the link HERE you will go to Alan’s website with a gallery of photos. On the top left of that page is a green box that reads: “Journal Publications”. Clicking on that box will take you to the report on the journal’s website…
There is another green box on the far right that reads “Time Line, Close Encounters…”
Clicking on that box will call up a page of quotes. Some common…some rarely read.
Anyway…have fun and enjoy reading about yourself…


In February of 2020 Bronson Hair released an interview with Forrest on his blog, Running The Dream. Bronson is a good interviewer and the interview is also a lot of fun. I believe Forrest was having a great time. Probably nothing new in it  for those who have Forrest’s books but there is always the pleasant twist to Forrest’s stories when he retells them. I recommend listening to Bronson’s interview HERE.


In January of 2020 Cynthia posted this video interview that she shot in May of 2019 at Forrest’s home. HERE


In November of 2019 Cowlazers released this video interview of Forrest Fenn and his friend and author, Doug Preston. HERE


In October of 2019 Geoffrey Gray wrote a story for a California publication about Forrest and the treasure titled Fools Gold. He also interviewed Saca, IronWill and JDiggens.
Read it HERE.


In September 2019 Voice of America reporter Penelope Poulou did her version of the Fenn treasure hunt story. In addition to Forrest she interviewed Mark and Sacha. There are two versions on the web:

Click HERE
Click HERE


This is a story that appeared in July of 2019 in Germany. You’ll need the password: FennSchatz
Click HERE


John Johnson wrote a story for Newser on July 18, 2019. It’s HERE.


Julia Glum wrote an article for MONEY Magazine in June of 2019. Find it HERE.


Eric Spitzenagle wrote an article about the hunt that appeared in the May, 2019 issue of Reader’s Digest. Find it HERE. It’s 3.3mb so it takes a little time to load up.


April 23rd, 2019 and the Daily Mail has a story about a crackpot who tried to get onto Forrest’s property AGAIN. This time he’ll spend time in Jail. Look HERE


JDiggins wrote a story for Gold Prospectors Magazine about the chase and the people in it. The story focuses on how folks helped her family move on after they were burned out of their home by the California wildfires in 2018. It’s a good read. It’s in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition of Gold Prospector and it’s HERE.


This is an old recording. Probably from 2011. It was recorded by Irene Rawlings and her husband at Forrest’s home. It is a discussion between Forrest and his friend and author, Doug Preston who had recently released his novel, The Codex. The discussion covers many topics but also gets to the treasure. The recording has some issues. It starts in the middle of a conversation and near the end, the microphone gets moved. It is a long recording so it may take some time to load up in your browser. Give it some time. HERE


November 23, 2018. This is a story in Huffington Post by Chris D’Angelo…HERE


I just found this story…another by Eric Spitznagel on his blog. Click HERE


November 1, 2018. Esquire Magazine publishes a lengthy story written by Miranda Collinge about Forrest and the chest and searchers. Look HERE


October 20, Fox picks up pilot titled Forrest’s Treasure…Look HERE


October 15, 2018…According to the New Mexican, the Fenn family doesn’t take intrusions lightly…Look HERE


September 2nd, 2018…This is a video posted on Facebook News about Forrest and the chest. Go HERE


Not exactly news but definitely media…check out this animation…Leeroy Begins His Search for  Forrest Fenn’s Treasure.


Awhile back, which publishes on-line books for kids, published a kids book about Forrest and the treasure, including the poem. It’s pretty cute and can bre found HERE.


On July 26th, 2018 David Kushner’s story about Eric Ashby’s death was published in WIRED. Read it HERE.


From Margie Goldsmith in Forbes Magazine, July 2018…HERE


Samual Gilbert wrote a “Shock and Awe” piece about the hunt for The Guardian in July 2018. Sasha is his dominate searcher. See HERE


From the Daily Mail on June 27th, 2018. See HERE


June 26th, 2018. Direct Expose published a story by Michael Berry about Forrest and the hunt…some fact…some fiction. It is HERE.


June 13th, 2018. The Santa Fe Reporter published a great interview with Forrest by reporter Julie Ann Grimm. It’s HERE


May 18th CNBC published a “music video” about the chase. It’s HERE.


In May of 2018 Eric Spitznagle wrote a piece on the treasure hunt for Amtrack’s in coach magazine. It’s HERE


In January 2018 there were two stories on ABC’s Nightline site. One story is video and the other is written. The written story is here:
The video story can be found here:


Explore Big Sky is pretty happy that searchers are coming into their area to search. Read the story by Bay Stephens HERE.


Broadcaster, actor, filmmaker, reporter and penman Allen Abel has produced a riveting story about Forrest and the treasure hunt published in the October Maclean’s Magazine. Look HERE:


Kelsey Sinclair interviewed Forrest and wrote a story that’s been published in the latest Distinctly Montana magazine. Read it HERE.


New Mexico Archaeologist Dave Phillips wrote a piece for the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday, August 10th titled:
Halting Fenn Treasure Hunt No Guarantee of Safety.
Read it HERE. is a NYC based news site that claims 35million readers per day. Holy Cow!!!
Anyway, they published a story about folks who have died on the search for Forrest’s treasure. Read it HERE.


July 31st, 2017 on the Today show a story aired about the the death of Eric Ashby on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Look HERE.


Peter Frick-Wright from Outside Magazine/Outside Online wrote a great article about why Forrest should not stop the hunt after Pastor Wallace’s death in the Rio Grande a couple of weeks ago.  HERE.


Bruce Krasnow over at the Santa Fe New Mexican wrote a piece about Forrest’s resolve after the NM Police Chief called for Forrest to stop the chase. It’s HERE.


From December 27th an Inside Edition story about Sacha, a single mom chasing the chest in New Mexico. It’s HERE.


Forrest states that he is NOT stopping his treasure hunt, HERE:


The death of Pastor Wallace while he was searching in the Rio Grande has generated a lot of finger pointing. Chief finger pointer has been the New Mexico State Police Chief, Pete Kassetas. He called the chase “foolishness” and insisted that Forrest should stop the treasure hunt. Here are a few of the multitude of stories about the incident and reactions:


There was a discussion with Forrest and Tomas Leach after the Santa Fe premiere of Tomas’ film, The Lure on May 18th, 2017. Cynthia Meachum recorded portions of that interview from her seat in the auditorium. Watch HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


Isaac Cole has a podcast called On the Road With Charlie. He posted this interview with Forrest in May of 2017. Listen HERE


James Gorman at 9News in Australia wrote this story about Forrest and the treasure hunt in March of 2017. Look HERE


Gabriel Spitzer from KNKX-FM in Seattle has a great show called “Sound Effect”. I was invited onto the show to talk about looking for Forrest’s treasure with Gabriel. I thought it was pretty fun. It was recorded in March of 2016. You can find the interview and a photo of the object I was certain was the chest on one of my searches, HERE.


Vox has a great story written by Zachary Crockett and Estelle Caswell about their search for Forrest’s treasure. It’s in the March 2017 edition. Lots of photos and graphics and some video too. Look HERE


Aine Cain wrote a story about the treasure hunt and Forrest. It is in the February 10 edition of Business Insider. You can find it by clicking HERE.


The British weekly news magazine, The Economist published a story on Forrest and the treasure hunt in November of 2016. It’s HERE.


A couple of years ago artist John Mollison who captures warbirds and the crews that flew them, did a beautiful drawing of the aircraft Forrest had to bail out of over Laos in December of 1968. Although not an actual news story it is non-the-less a media story with quotes from Forrest. John’s art is beautiful…and you can order one, signed by Forrest if you’d like at the bottom of his story. Which is HERE.


On September 17th, 2016 the Weekend Today Show pushed out an update on Forrest and the treasure hunt. They followed Cynthia out looking and interviewed Forrest in his backyard. You can find it HERE.


On August 11the, 2016 Michael Roberts over at Denver’s weekly paper, WestWord wrote a story about the treasure hunt and Randy. It’s HERE.


In July California Sunday Magazine’s Taylor Clark and Jesse Chebak set out to tell Forrest’s story in a piece called “The Everlasting Forrest Fenn”. Read it HERE.


On July 17th, 2016 Forrest was a guest on the Rudy Maxa Travel Show that appears on syndicated radio stations and is podcast. The interview lasted 8 minutes. It can be listened to  in its entirety, HERE.


CBS added a piece of interview with Forrest where he directly answers the question about legal concerns depending on where the chest is found. Find it HERE.


On July 10th, 2016, Julio Sanchez Cristo from W Radio in Bogota Columbia interviewed Forrest. You can struggle thru the interview HERE.


On July 7th, 2016 Great Big Story published an entertaining video about the Chase. It’s HERE.


On July 5th, 2016 Fernanda Santos wrote a very short story about the hunt for the New York Times. She followed avid New Mexico searcher and Fennboree co-organizer Cynthia on a search. Find it HERE.


On May 29th, 2016 Forrest and Dal were on the Richard Eeds Show on KVSF Radio in Santa Fe. The show can be found HERE.


In September 0f 2015 Stowaway Magazine from BYU published this story on Forrest’s Treasure Hunt. It can be found HERE.


NPR’s John Burnett reported on the treasure hunt for Weekend Edition, Sunday Morning, March 13th. Full story is HERE.


Forrest answers a few questions about the value of adventure and the outdoors in our lives and in his own. You can find the interview and article in WANDERLUST.


Outside Magazine published a story about Randy and the search. HERE


People Magazine published an interview with Forrest on February 10th, 2016. It’s HERE.


The Independent in the UK published this story about Randy with an interview with Forrest. It’s HERE.


A Columbus, OH radio Station aired this interview with Forrest on December 3rd, 2015. It’s HERE.


Fox31 in Denver aired a 4 minute story on Forrest on November 25th, 2015. You can find it HERE.


The Expedition Unknown episode from the Travel Channel that aired on November 18th, 2015 is available to view on Amazon and on iTunes. It costs $1.99 for SD or $2.99 in HD. Find it HERE.


Forrest wrote a piece for a new Art Blog called ArTalk. It’s an interesting story about Forrest’s early art and gallery days. You can read it HERE


This is a recycle of the story that first appeared in Outside Magazine in Auust of 2015, but it has different pics. It’s a long skinny article in a .pdf. You might have to save it to your computer in order to be able to zoom in close enough to read it. Look HERE


There are a couple of recent (last few months) videos on youtube..
Lite VUZ has one HERE


Outside Magazine has one HERE


This is a story about Forrest and Peggy’s collection of Native American Artifacts on The Splendid Heritage site. You can find it HERE


This is a story written by Forrest for the West Yellowstone News in 2008. He wrote many stories for that paper around that time. They were primarily stories about his youthful experiences in and around Yellowstone. Many of these stories were rewritten and reappeared in forrest’s memoir two years later. This one is from February 7, 2008. It can be found HERE


I doubt there are any clues in this article from the New Mexican on October 11th, 2015 but it is certainly amusing. Look HERE


This is a lengthy article on the Altered Dimensions website about the treasure, Forrest, the chest and a solution or two…a lot of work went into has some pretty darn good info…It was originally posted in May of 2015.


Forrest had an interview with the Scottish newspaper the Daily Record about the Andy Briggs solution. The story has been archived as a .pdf HERE. It’s 1.5mb so it will take a little bit of time to load up.


Forrest was on The Richard Eeds Show on KVSF Radio on September 14th. He talked about Andrew Briggs’ solution that has been floating around. It’s HERE.


Mark Oswald wrote a humorous piece in the Albuquerque Journal about the celebs of Santa Fe all being a part of the recent CBS Sunday Morning story. It’s HERE.


Nic Krause tried searching around the Green River at the Gates of Lodore in July and wrote this story for the Colorado Springs Independent.


There is a new story by Peter Frick-Wright in the September issue of Outside Magazine. I think it’s one of the best written adventures about the chase that I’ve read..
Don’t miss watching the video…
It’s all HERE.
and there is a follow-up by the editors HERE.


CBS Sunday Morning ran a piece produced by Dustin Stevens and reported by Barry Petersen in July of 2015. It is HERE.


Playground Magazine out of Barcelona Spain carried this story written by Rafa Marti in August of 2015. Find it HERE.


TaoStyle has a very nice photo story on searcher Katya Luce who has changed her life to play in the Thrill of the Chase.


California Sunday will be publishing a lovely pictorial story about the Forrest and the Chase on some Sunday in July, 2015…
The photos are great..the story is a little on the colorless side …
but good profile on Forrest…
How did Taylor manage to make it so little fun?
Katya is WONDERFUL..
You can read it early and often by going


CJ Baker wrote a second story for the Cody News Company about the Virginia couple that got in trouble and had to be rescued on the east side of Yellowstone. I like this story even better. Some interesting info about the gold dust inside the chest.


CJ Baker at the Powell Tribune reported on two searchers that got into trouble in an area between the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and Cody, WY in June of 2015. HERE


Richard Eeds on KVSF in Santa Fe had a great 50 minute interview with Forrest and his Granddaughter Mika. on May 29th, 2015. Turn your sound up.


Maria Judnick wrote a piece on the chase for KQED’s website on May 20th. It’s riddled with misinformation.


This is a video shot by Julius Brighton for the BBC in the spring of 2013. The story originally aired on BBC1 in the UK. Dallas Campbell is the reporter. We went looking for the box together. The crew was a lot of fun to shoot with. We had a good time.
The story couldn’t be seen by those of us in the USA til 2015 when Julius put it up on YouTube. I wrote a story about searching with Dallas for the blog. It is HERE.


This is the link to the Mike McConnell interview with Forrest on WKRP…oops..I mean WLW in Cincinnati from May 18th, 2015.


Here is a new story (May 17, 2015) in the New Mexican about the treasure hunters who claim they found it. Kind of amusing..


The video of Bruce Krasnow from the New Mexican interviewing Forrest about folks who ‘found it in their mind” is HERE


Bruce Krasnow wrote a short article aimed at folks who believe the stories that claim the chest is in New Mexico.


ABC News in the USA did a story on Forrest that has a very nice interview in April of 2015.
and the KOAT-TV version of the story is longer with more interview.


A sociologist explains why Forrest hid the chest:


Mary Caperton Morton wrote a great story about Forrest’s treasure for EARTH Magazine. You can read it here:


Here is the New Mexico Tourism piece that drew so much attention for the things Forrest said in it. He later tried to clear all that up on this blog and in an interview in the New Mexican…which you can find two links below this one.


Here’s the Huffinton Post LIVE piece with Forrest, Dal and Kim


A story in the New Mexican tries to clear up the controversy about what Forrest says in the New Mexico Tourism promo. But it doesn’t help very much…And I swear, I never searched in Minnesota..Jeese!!


Brian and Greg hunt for the chest around the Chama River. Great pics and some pretty good tips.


The Santa Fe New Mexican carried a story today about their favorite treasure hunter, Forrest Fenn. The story was primarily a friendly nod to Forrest and a link to this story that appeared just before Christmas on National Public Radio’s Beautiful World program, which is produced out of Minnesota Public Radio.


BYU Radio won the Silver Award from the Utah Broadcasters Association for their story on Forrest and the treasure hunt. It’s an hour long and Forrest isn’t even interviewed in it????Once you get past my stammering and guffawing there might be some useful info for someone new to the chase. The best part is the geologist who doesn’t think it’s in Montana. 


Tom Hoesten insists that he knows where Forrest hid his treasure and has a picture of it to boot. Read the story as it appeared in the news here:


Desertphile has made several videos confronting those who take Forrest’s treasure hunt into areas not intended. My favorite is this one where he questions the validity of a nimrod claiming that he found the treasure..


Rockwell, Texas native Tracey Tousley’s harrowing experience as she was caught in a Colorado flash flood while out searching can be found in the Blue Ribbon News.


The Jackson Hole News has a story about the treasure hunt with quotes from Will Ortiz and Diggin Gypsy. Please note that on the bottom of the story there are links to three more stories about Forrest…


Bruce Krasnow from the New Mexican wrote a front page piece about Forrest and Pam Shetron’s claim. It’s here:


The Dateline story from Australia has been posted on Youtube..
This was filmed in May of 2014 and includes Diggin Gypsy, Dal, Forrest, Ranger Tim Reid and others at the Fennboree and elsewhere…
There are two videos. Each is different. Look here:


Emma over at the Jackson Hole News has a good story about the arrest of a couple of searchers in Yellowstone National Park in May of 2014. 


Brian Mockenhaupt is a freelance writer and storyteller who drives an old Corolla. He ran into Forrest’s story in 2014 and decided to look for Indulgence…and possibly get a new Corolla along the way….HERE is his excellent story.


On May 21st the Huffington Post had a new story about active treasure hunts including Forrest’s.


The April Issue of Southeast Antiquing and Collecting Magazine has a story about Forrest. You can read it by clicking on “Click here and read the entire edition now” on their page. It starts on page 12. Good luck negotiating all the ads …


The guys over at EIS (Everything Is Stories) did a great interview with Forrest. Some of it is what we’ve heard before. But there is some interesting new stuff there too…The part about the IOU is interesting. Forrest mentioned that IOU before but never in exactly this way…and it raises some interesting questions…and I certainly chuckled when he mentioned that the Air Force offered him submarines…lol…
Hear it for yourself…It’s a strange site to negotiate but there are both photos of Forrest and the interview to listen to…you can also download the interview at their site…


This is a new Forrest Fenn interview by Jenny Kile over at SIX QUESTIONS posted in February of 2014. Here there be some interesting hints…don’t miss it!!


Toby’s excellent video from the Moby Dickens book signing on November 2nd, 2013. Forrest at his best. Wonderful information. Some good laughs.


This is a story from September 2013 by KOAT-TV on Forrest’s, new book, Too Far To Walk. The YouTube URL is ridiculously long so just click below.
Click Here


Here are a couple of videos from the October 22nd book signing with Forrest, Doug and Michael. Toby filmed one and Stephanie actually live streamed the event so others could see it who were not there…A lot of work…
Toby’s is open to all
Stephanie’s requires a Facebook account or email log-in


This is the great story in TrueWest Magazine by Johnny D. Boggs. Also mentions Marc and me…did I mention that I am also in the story?…lol…

A radio interview with Forrest, Danny Bodelson and Shiloh Old by Dorothy from Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe.

The September 2013 edition of Open Skies magazine has a story on Forrest and the treasure beginning on page 108. His pic is also on the cover and on page 30.

This is a Canadian paper and this story by Alex also appeared in the London Sunday Telegraph.

New outrageous Forrest Fenn interview by Margie Goldsmith at Huffington Post…
The photos are a riot…

Denise Plante is an Emmy winning radio host in Denver on KOSI-FM. She co-hosts Murphy and Denise, a popular morning show in the Denver area. She visited Forrest in July of 2013 and brought back this report for her show. Fenn.mp3


Hunderte Karten, Bücher und Luftaufnahmen der Rocky Mountains hat er studiert, sie füllen ein ganzes Regal in seinem Haus. Er wohnt in der Nähe von Seattle, am anderen Ende Amerikas, nach Santa Fe ist er mit dem Auto vier Tage unterwegs.

The Air Force Association group from Albuquerque interviewed Forrest in June of 2013. This is an audio only interview.

Craig Rosequist just published a book about his search for the treasure. As I look at his site I don’t see an email or any way to purchase the book except by sending money via USPS. I’m sure he’ll come up with a better solution . His website is here:

Michelle Teheux at the Pekin Times in Pekin, Illinois wrote a nice piece on Forrest. You can leave comments.

Catlin O’Connell wrote a short but accurate story that appears in Reader’s Digest’s July 2013 edition. You can find a copy of the one page story here:

Holly over at Club Thrifty produced a very nice interview with Forrest. There are certainly some tips in there about searching for the treasure. You can find that interview here:

The June 28th Today Show clue is here:

Roc Morin over at VICE Magazine wrote a story for the July 2013 edition. You can find it here:

This is the Pick & Shovel Gazette, June-July 2013 Issue. There is an opinion column on Forrest by Brad Jones on page 4. He expresses some interesting ideas. This is a 6mb .pdf file.

This is Davis Zombrano’s (sp) search story on Channel Nine News in Colorado:


This is the May 2013 Today show clip with Forrest’s new clue.

A really great story by Bruce Krasnow in the New Mexican from May 1st, 2013.

Lorene Mills of KNME-TV in Santa Fe has been hosting Report From Santa Fe for about 40 years. There are three interviews with Forrest here. You can find links to all three on the following page if you use the search mechanism and type in Fenn:

This is a nice video interview by the folks at It was filmed in April of 2013.

Here is the audio only portion of the event held at Collected Works Bookstore on April 17, 2013. Authors Douglas Preston and Michael McGarrity help Forrest with questions from a crowd of about 150 people. Many of them readers of this blog.

Here is an interview by Todd Eric Lovato of KVSF-FM in Santa Fe. The interview was recorded on April 11th, 2013.

This is a new Huffington Post article by Margie Goldsmith and published  on April 11th, 2013.

This is an Associated Press story written by Jeri Clausing. Forrest mentioned in a note that he felt this story was particularly accurate. Okay…but she got my name completely wrong…

This is a radio interview with Forrest by Radio New Zealand on April 3rd 2013.

This is a 30 minute KOB-TV program that aired on “Eye on New Mexico”, March 17th, 2013.

This is a story published in the Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin on March 17th 2013. The author, Til Krause, visited Forrest in January 2013. Do you understand German?

This is from Chicago radio station WGN and aired in March of 2013.

This is from the CBC radio program “As It Happens” and aired in March of 2013.

This is a collection of interviews with Forrest filmed in June of 2012 known as the Santa Fe Interviews.

This is a print story from Hemispheres Magazine written by  Margie Goldsmith. It appeared in the January, 2013 edition of the magazine.

These are most of the stories that have appeared on NBC Nightly News and the Today Show about Forrest and his treasure hunt.

This is from The Metro in March of 2013. The Metro is a UK publication. The story was written by Ross McGuinness.

There is a series of posts on Jenny Kile’s, “Mysterious Writings” blog that are related to the chase. Included is an interview with Forrest and a fascinating discussion on the Home of Brown:

Six Questions with Forrest Fenn

Put in Below the Home of Brown

There is a Kindle edition eBook out. “How To Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure”. I noticed a couple of factual errors but it looks like it might contain good advice for folks who are having a hard time figuring out how to get started with the poem. I suspect Maxwell Steele is a pseudonym. This book was released in March of 2013.

There is an iPad App called “$1,000,000 Santa Fe Treasure Hunt” that provides a lot of info about Forrest and the chase and also provides monthly updates on the hunt. It came out in March of 2013 and was developed by Robert Knack. I can’t really put a link to it here because the iTunes store can’t be linked to. But those of you with an iPad can find it in the store by searching the authors name, Robert Knack.

This is from the Today Show on March 27th, 2013. A New Clue.

This is a story that appeared in the on-line Temple Texas newspaper in June of 2013 by Patricia Benoit. Click HERE


This is a Tony Dokoupil story for Newsweek Magazine in August of 2012. Click HERE.


This is a story by Forrest’s friend and gifted writer, Margi Goldsmith that appeared in The Robb Report in March of 2012.


This is a Huffington Post Story from August 23, 2011 by Forrest’s friend, Margi Goldsmith.


This is a video interview conducted at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY in 2006. Click HERE


This is one of the earliest stories we have read about Forrest. This is from People Magazine in 1986. Click HERE.

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