I Need Someone To Look For Me…


Some folks have great ideas but cannot get out to the search area. This page is for people who have ideas but need a partner to go look for them. If you live in a particular area and are willing to go look for someone else you can tell people here. If you have a great idea and would like someone to go look for you, you can tell people here. Be cautious. Click on the comment balloon below to add to this discussion.

Please do not use this area for any other discussion.



328 thoughts on “I Need Someone To Look For Me…

  1. I agree, but if you will NEVER be able to go yourself, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by having somebody check a spot for you. Personally, I don’t like the thought of giving anyone my interpretations unless I’m confident they will honor the agreement.

    • I would suggest that for the protection of both parties, the solve is meted out in portions. I would hate for someone to give me their entire solution and then realize it was one of my own personal searchin’ spots, and I had just agreed to give away half. After a couple of clues, I would recuse myself if it sounded too familiar. That’s how I would play it anyway.

      • I would do it just for fun if I lived in any of the areas being searched. Don’t mean to be skeptical, but I can see all kinds of problems happening.

        Send gas money and I’ll check your spot for you scams…..etc.

        I know that’s sad, but it’s the world we live in.

        • I’ve solved it. And need financing to retrieve it. no bull, this is real. No bull. Will guarantee you 200K.

    • Rick-Sorry firts time blogger. Still working it out. Mr. Russell is interesting. Also, are you the gentlman whom has the blog that has Mr. Sharp info. I ended up at the same place but got there a different way. And by “place” I mean, Mr. Sharp. Hmmmmm.

  2. No Vin that’s not me………… the painting reminds me of human nature, that the human heart is bent and has always been bent to evil.

    case in point:

    Back on Dec 3 2012 Mark knew about a person being within 500 feet before that Hemisphere article came out on Jan 1st 2013.

    Source: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/cache-hunting/281442-forrest-fenn-s-treasure-5.html

    Now Mark and who ever told “themarkd” vowed not to tell the person in order not to destroy “their psyche”

    So this group vowed not to tell them………

    Now if I go back to this location and happen to find the treasure let me tell you about other people’s psyches that are going to get destroyed…………

  3. Hi folks….I live in Santa Fe. If you need me to have a look for you, let’s talk. To be honest, I am already working with a couple people…bouncing ideas off each other, etc., trying to figure our own solutions to the poem. But, if you had a specific place you wanted me to search, I can do that. I can get to most of northern New Mexico in a couple hours. But here’s my deal…I want to leave a portion of the treasure in place. Forrest has been instrumental in getting many off us off our butts and out into the woods, having fun with family and friends, etc. And all that is PRICELESS. I just think the right thing to do is to leave enough treasure in place (25%? 33%?) so the fun and adventure can continue for others. If that sounds good to you: RelaxInSantaFe@gmail.com.

    • I like the idea of re-hiding some of the treasure with new clues but darn it I want to know where it was and so do so many other people that it seems wrong to not share the spot.

      • The finder should never revel the spot, because it’s the place that Mr. Fenn would like to inter himself, when his time comes.

        • Dal, what are your thoughts on the above comment from JP? Have you ever discussed that w/ Mr Fenn?

          • Forrest has said to many people that he has no intent of ending his life with the chest. That was his plan in 1988 but when the cancer left, his plans changed.

          • Of course it could still be in a pre-selected private burial spot near a grave of a man named Brown. 15% finders fee if this is the clue that puts you over the top..Carole52577

    • cynthia dimaria on June 8, 2015 at 4:06 pm said:

      Six Questions More with Forrest Fenn he says, “Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few on in tight focus with a word that is key.”
      Tunnel Vision? Both words are key but the Tunnel is the answer. I think I know where. If this sounds like I am on the right track or this may have merit . Lets talk.
      I know the tunnel and the points

  4. I guess someone would have to convince me of why I should trust them. I am only going to be in northern NM for a week and I don’t want to spend a bunch of time on the treasure and miss the views. I have my place to search (It’s actually 2 areas below my idea of brown.) and I guess I could search another if I was convinced it might be a good bet. However what if someone contacted me and had the same idea I had? I wouldn’t want to give a large share to someone who contributed nothing to my search if I was right. I am a pretty honest person. Can’t say I’ve never lied, or been tempted to do worse. I’ve certainly committed more than my share of sins. But I once found a purse in a parking lot with hundreds of dollars in it (at least $500) just a week or so before Christmas when I still hadn’t managed to buy my 4 year old a single Christmas gift and I waited for the woman who had left it to return even though it was right next to my car and no one would have noticed if I’d just taken the purse or the cash. And yes I was very tempted, because who carries that kind of money around and is so careless as to walk off and leave it in the cart? Plus 4 year old and no Santa… Didn’t even get a thank you from the lady. The year before right after Christmas my parents were taking us to Chili’s in a “rich” area of town near where they live. I found this little cloth thing with a snowman design on the ground. I thought it was cute so I picked it up. It had at least 30 gift cards inside most of them were for $50 or more and many of my favorite places to eat. Some that I couldn’t afford to eat at more often than once a year (or 2) there was no ID and after calling a few of the numbers on the cards no way to figure out who had purchased them. I could have tucked them in my pocket and gone off on my happy way, pretty much guilt free. I went inside and left my number (They wanted me to turn the thing in, but I declined.) then even though the wait was long and we would have gone elsewhere we stayed and waited near where I found the case. After about 30 minutes a lady came out and started looking through her car. It was clear she was searching for something. I asked her “Did you loose something?” and she told me yes and described the case. That time I did get a Thank you and she gave me a $15 gift card for some place I’d never heard of that was too expensive even with the card. OK so I was coveting the one for The Melting Pot. 🙂 I can’t swear I wouldn’t go “gold” crazy and not give someone else their share, but I certainly wouldn’t feel very good about myself if I did. If anyone wants to contact me it’s idancewithwolf at gmail.com. We will be staying in Angel Fire.

  5. I day greed is a horrible thing. I for one would have no problem giving away half. That’s still more than enough money then you’ll ever need. I already have an agreement with someone. I went to search and never made it there due to car troubles. But if I had gotten there and found it I deliver and keep my promise.

  6. This just in from Forrest-
    Dal, I’m getting lots of email from people that say someone claims to have found the treasure. Can you assure them that 14 different men have made bogus claims to have found the treasure but no one has. f

  7. I read about this in a free newspaper on a tube train in London last week, how thrilling. I wish I was closer, the poem describes the place as really beautiful.
    It may be a million miles away from a tube train in cold London, but it sparked my imagination. No matter whether there’s a million bucks or 10, I’m sure that 99% of the treasure is in experiencing the adventure.
    Good luck with your quest.

  8. I have a really good idea where this may be. I cannot get out there to check but if someone is willing to split the trove with me and lives close by I can give you some coords. Just remember greed is evil. There is more than enough gold to split. If you do me wrong karma will surely make you aware. Email me at mehl35@yahoo.com

  9. Perhaps it’s located in Snowy River Cave Conservation area in Lincoln County New Mexico. Warm waters halt when they freeze. This is also nearby a place where the famous outlaw Henry Newton Brown lived and hid out with Billy the Kid.

    The elevation there is 6300 ft above sea level. HE also talks about it being worth the COLD.

    • Eric, that’s South of Sante Fe….
      Given clues: Treasure is North of Sante Fe, could be as far north as Alaska in mountains he said in interviews I found..

  10. I have come to the conclusion the chest is located at the top of Pike’s Peak.

    Don’t forget me when you find it.

  11. I will be in YS the last week of may 2013, will spend up to 6 week on the chase btwn there and NM. Let me know if you want me to check a place for you. musstag at yahoo

  12. I’m sad that I live in Australia and can’t go search for the treasure… I don’t think you can find it by siting behind a desk and googling maps so it would be impossible to guide anyone else to the spot. I believe some of the clues will only make sense when you see them out there. Good luck to those who can search.

  13. LOOKING FOR PARTNER to conduct searches in GREATER YELLOWSTONE area. Current 2-person partnership has highly credible solution with at least 7 and perhaps all 9 of the poem clues resolved. Unable to conduct searches due to proximity. Offering to share treasure bounty with committed local searcher according to terms to be agreed upon. Searcher must be willing to sign formal contracts. Solution with supporting documentation will be shared once terms are agreed and contracts are executed.
    If interested, please send name, age, location of residence, occupation and contact information to chasethrill@comcast.net.

    • Tom-
      That’s the first time I ran into that..
      Forrest sent me this note about it-
      “I am sure that any advice he could give would be worthless.”

      • Interesting way to co-opt a genius idea and add a new spin to it….too clever by half.

  14. Not sure my GF and I need a partner, it might not hurt and could be more efficient on fuel, but at the very least we would love to meet up with some fellow treasure hunters to share stories and ideas. It would be great to have a free place to set up a tent for a few nights as well. We are in the middle of a summer long bicycle trip from Michigan, and have limited resources. Headed to Santa Fe on Monday the 8th from Flagstaff, AZ, if anyone wants to carpool.

  15. Hmmm. I think I know where the treasure is…or at least, I know how to find it. I’m positive that I figured out what the “blaze” is, and I THINK I figured out what the “home of Brown” and other clues mean. I’d like to talk to someone who’s familiar with New Mexico, because I have a question or two about the geography there. And I’d like to find a partner who can go and take a look in the place I suspect the treasure is, and either split the treasure or give me at least 35%. We’d need to sign some sort of legal agreement though. Anyone interested? I can send you my ideas about what the rest of the poem means, then if you think I know what I’m talking about, we’ll sign the agreement and I’ll tell you what the “blaze” is.

  16. In Colorado if anybody want me to check something for them? I Looping Colorado next weekend 7/26 and hitting a couple idea’s of mine. I live 45 Min from Rocky Mountain National Park and Greeley. (For other searches another day) But for my trip,
    I will be heading south 285 thru Conifer, Bailey, Buena Vista to Salida, Then West on 50 thru Gunnison, Montrose, Delta to Grand Junction. Then East on I-70 thru Glenwood springs, Vail ect to Denver.
    Let me know if you live out of state and want me to check something if I am driving near the area.

  17. I meant I live 45 minutes away from GOLDEN CO and Rocky Mountain National Park. That central vicinity.

  18. hey can anyone look at jemez falls off of route 4 just a tad north of sante fe for me? you can keep all the treasure i just want it to be found. i think it is hidden near a boulder next to one of the falls.

    • answer-
      The Jemez Falls area has been a very popular search area. Hundreds of folks have been back in there looking for the treasure. I believe that area has been tuned upside down. However you might speak to Phil he is from Taos and he posted recently on the “Looking in New Mexico” page on this blog..look here:
      There is also a link to his blog where you can get his email address and see if he is interested in your theory.


  19. Dal, Thought you would like to know that last week I went to the house on the property where Tom Miners Creek runs into the Yellowstone River. The owner was kind and talked to me for awhile. He says nothing is on his property. He is sure of it. I believe him but who knows for sure. Anyway maybe thats why it is no place for the meek. I wrote about the blazes above the creek campsite. Lots of them on the trees. By the way I have sailed the San Juan Islands a few times and went by Lumni everytime on my way to Sucia and Friday Harbor. Beautiful. Hope I spelled them correctly. Love the native art there.

    • captpappy, I’d like to discuss with you some things offline, if you
      are still involved with this search. Please e-mail me at

      tallandrew at sbcglobal dot net . Thanks.

    • I closed those up to comments because the trolls and taggers were out of control. I agree that it was a verbose place..about a thousand comments every three days..but I just could not monitor it for bad language, out and out lies, just plain stupidity and mean spirited comments. I want to have a site where people respect one another and are mindful of the fact that kids get in here and read about the treasure and don’t call Forrest a jerk. Quite frankly I was spending 6-8hrs a day monitoring those pages and it wasn’t fun anymore…the traffic here now is at a tolerable level. and the folks are nice. Few folks come here just to stir things up. Those folks have gone elsewhere. Stephanie opened up a chat room that get’s a lot of traffic..check it out:

      • This is the best post so far! It never ceases to amaze me how some folks just have to make a good thing bad. I don’t blame you for shutting it down.

        This is a great site and I am glad you put so much hard work into it. I’d feel better if someone would go ahead and find the treasure, though, because the suspense is killing me! I am going to go look for myself someday, just as soon as I have gathered enough information to do so (I just found out about this recently). I have the time and money to go look, but no earthly idea where to start. For all I know, his poem is really just an old cipher he picked up from his days in the military and the solved code shows coordinates. Where’s Robert Langdon when you need him?!

        Keep up the good work. This must take a lot of your time.

  20. I am a 30 year old military veteran of 2 terms which include several deployments. My first term, I was an Armor crewman on an Abrams tank, and my second term I was a Surgical Technologist. I am physically able, seriously motivated, can definitely carry my own weight, and I have a passion for travel & experience alike. I have a steady means of income while I hunt, so I can continue to resupply as I search (sorry, I do not have any additional clues)!

    I have an RV style van with a kitchen (fridge stove and sink), 2 beds and lots of cupboard space. I also have a bunch of other equipment in the van like survival gear, tent, rope etc…

    I am hoping to find a partner to join the search with, wether it be a few weeks or longer! Someone to keep me company while searching, someone share ideas and the experience of a lifetime with; and of course, FIND THE TREASURE!

    If you have the urge, the spare time and would like someone competent to accompany: contact me and lets go find a treasure together! My email and website are located below, it couldn’t hurt to at least think about it as a serious option!

    Make it a great day,

    Chad Caso


  21. I’ve just been on 3 weekends of searches along the Colorado/ New Mexico border, and am no longer going to be able to continue. I would like to share my solve with someone who is interested in sharing in the search.

  22. I’ll look for you but you know as well as I do that you can’t just happen upon the treasure. Send me an email with the nine clues listed and what place each indicates, figuratively or literally. If they all are in a line making a trail then that’s worth a trip. Otherwise don’t bother. findforrestfenn@gmail.com

  23. OK, here goes….
    Sussing out a search trip in June, looking for someone to watch my back in grizzly country. MT and WY and one route that starts in ID but crosses a border. Several (3?) sites to be checked. Some ‘dangerous’ routes, but nothing fancy or requiring special gear other than toughness. I’ll watch your back on 3 sites also, if in the same area. Travelling from Pacific NW. Interested/curious? effectivedetective@hotmail.com

  24. Mapsmith,
    Hows your health? Give me a description. Do you smoke? If I think I can out run you I could watch your back in bear country

    • Kanafire,
      I only smoke when ignited. You might be able to outrun me… Are you fast, yet petite and frail? That’s OKay, because I’m looking for someone who can only lift 41 lbs or less. 😉 haha

  25. Mapsmith,
    Seriously, I am planning a trip this summer. I could possibly make it in June? I had not decided exactly when to go. What did you have in mind? My e-mail address is kanafire62@gmail.com

  26. I, too am planning a fishing and camping trip to the mountains in June. I am honestly willing to search for someone who cannot get out here. Let me know, Thanks Paul rungun13@gmail.com

    • Thanks Paul – though I can get out there, my main desire is to have a travel partner just literally to watch my back for bear. I have a healthy respect for the mortality offered by grizzlies in particular.

  27. Who can I trust? I learned of Mr. Fenn’s treasure late last night, and as crazy as I know it sounds, feel very strongly that I know exactly where it is. I believe fresh eyes can make the biggest difference sometimes. I would go out there myself to claim it if I could. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money or the time off work. I live in St. Louis. With a partner, I am willing to split the pot into thirds. One third for me, one third for my partner, and one third to hide in a new location, after making a new riddle, of course. So who can I trust that could go to Yellowstone after the snow melts (I’m assuming it’s still snow covered)? I need someone in good physical shape as there is a pretty good hike involved and also someone brave and not afraid of the dark.

    • Bill,
      Is that a “good hike” that a 79 to 80 year old man would be able to do lugging 42 pounds? Its awesome that you are joining the hunt, and good luck in finding someone to look for you. There are lots of folks on the hunt that visit YS, you might get a looker for ya. You might want to do some more research as well, this thing is not a one night rodeo and gallop over to the chest. It is cool to have that feeling that “yeah, I got it on the first try” but some research can put things in perspective, I know it has for me.

      Heck my first spot (where I was sure the chest lay in wait) was in Three Rivers Petroglyph Site in southern NM. “Oh wait he said north or Santa Fe? Oh well eventually I will be going north again, its gotta be under that rock with the thingy that looks like a peace sign – its gotta be there.” Not trying to rain on the old treasure parade, but do some reading, have fun, get to know the man, he is quite fascinating. And, save your pennies and head out to YS it is quite a treasure for sure! Enjoy the hunt, hope you find someone that can help you out.

      • Good advice; and I agree. One of the most useful things is to run a search on this site for your solution. You may, like I did, find one or more stories of people who’ve already checked your same spot.

    • Fyi-
      Yes, plenty of snow everywhere and about a third/quarter of the roads are still closed.
      (I have a friend there now at Mammoth)

      • I understand your reservations about my findings. Yes, I did a search for the site location and as best as I can tell no one else has mentioned it. And yes, an 80 year old man could have made it to the site. Though I’m guessing he had four-legged assistance.

  28. And like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have the money to come to Yellowstone. Not today or this summer or anytime soon. I wouldn’t even have enough days off until a year from now. I have been to Yellowstone before. Actually drove right past where the chest sits now. I was 500′ away. And yeah, Yellowstone and Montana and Wyoming is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Treasure or not, I would love to go back someday.

  29. Still no one wants to partner with me? The northern part of yellowstone is where you would be travelling. And if the treasure was not there, I’d even split the cost of gas with you. You can walk there but you have to be in good shape and brave as you do go off trail a bit. The walk is probably three miles round trip: boberg23@hotmail.com

      • Bill, if you’re out there please let us know how your trip to Yellowstone with your fiancé & daughter is going. Livingston accomodations ok? Anxious to hear of your adventure. Heard a friend helped you get there.

      • Blogosphere to Bill, if you’re out there please let us know how your trip to Yellowstone with your fiancé & daughter is going. Livingston accomodations ok? Anxious to hear of your adventure. Heard a friend helped you get there.

        • Just got in to the hotel. The search will begin and end tomorrow. End for me anyway and hopefully for everyone. 😉 We’ll see. And yes, a very generous friend got me here. It is the only reason I could make it. Very grateful.

  30. Well, I obviously didn’t come back with the chest. If I did it would have been heavily publicized by now. I do believe, however, that I found the blaze and thus the chest hidden just below it. The problem is I couldn’t get to it at this juncture. Water levels are still too high. My friend and benefactor will be making a trip later this summer to retrieve it. So you have until then to take it for yourself, and though I obviously hope you don’t, good luck anyway!

  31. Bill, are you willing to work with anyone? By that I mean just giving me a cut, just 15%, if my clues help you find it. It would require some lengthy communications, upmost trust and honesty, and as my lawyer boyfriend says: Get it in a contract, it’s just good business.”

  32. Not really in need of a partner as such, I have one now who gave me the start of the solution for 25% of the treasure if I would finish it and secure the chest…It is finished…BUT,

    I simply cannot afford a trip west for another few months, strapped for cash…

    Making an open offer(same on Chase Chat) to all reading the blogs…5% share of the treasure for the funding necessary for the trip…I can show the solution and you decide, I have no doubts as to the answer…The only thing I will not reveal is the hiding place of the chest…I only need one maverick somewhere willing and able to back another…

    So if you or someone you know seeks a little adventure and notoriety and lights their Havanas with C-notes…Drop me a mail…Could prove profitable…



  33. Need someone who is living in santa fe and want to help me finding the chest.

  34. There is only 6 weeks left to gain the treasure access. If you are a believer in the anagram theory and need a partner, please mail me at rpeternell@ cox.net

  35. samsmith, Where do you live that you need help traveling west? I would like to know what state you think the treasure is in. Maybe can help

    • louie,

      Sure wish I had seen your message last month…Sorry for not replying…Just missed it…

      Was set to go then and the guy who was going to back the trip and go with me changed his tune at the last minute…Think he was all BS and won’t trust him now at all…

      Guess I have told enough people now that it doesn’t matter if I say the state I need to get to is Wyoming…Special place…

      Saving money now to make a trip when spring/summer arrives…Will have to wait for snow melt to reach the search location…

      Can’t get away from work right now even if I had the money…

      Email me if you wish and we can talk…


      • Ah, Wyoming.
        I just passed through there, and should be headed back in a week or so. I witnessed the full eclipse of the moon, then an overwhelming night sky of stars, in a very cold, historic location.


        • Hi Halo,

          Yeah…Been in love with WY since the first pass through in the late 60’s…

          Rockhounded various places around the state a few times since…Been to Jackson Hole, The Tetons, YNP, and Devil’s Tower most recently(’99 or ’00)…Never got to Cody, but plan to visit just to see BB’s Center of the West…Cheyenne is a nice town especially during Cheyenne Days…

          Great memories from that state…


        • Hi Louie…Haven’t made the first trip yet…Will be going out to Wyoming in June, a few weeks from now…Got something on your mind?… 🙂

          • Would like to get to my spot in a couple of weeks also. Not sure if that is going to happen. I would like to have a few options to fall back on. My spot is in Wyoming also. If your spot is close to mine then maybe we can come to some kind of agreement. We may want to take this conversation to a more private place.

  36. Looking to Finish The Game Coach ! Put Me In…!!!

    Anyone want to chat about the hunt?

    Want to take home the first hand memories of the discovery of the Blaze and the Chest, and the thought of helping another survivor (in remission)?

    I am looking to go to Colorado this summer and get this done, have been sitting on the location and photos of the Blaze and the Chest since last fall/winter.

    If you cannot get out there and are looking to partner up, feel free to throw me an email @ blueexplorer76@hotmail.com

    I am only looking for the partner to book a flight or train ticket from Burlington,VT to Denver, CO, with a local bus ticket then bought to get as close as possible. The totals are no more than 600.00 for the round trip for both.

    Of course when I find the chest, I am sure you will want to collect your 10% personally and take a look at the goodies ! If not come with me to see Santa Fe himself…..LOL

    I can cover my food and lodging on the trip, and will have ground transport waiting for an emergency pickup if I find the chest or have a problem while out, from the local taxi service I am in contact with, as I will be Mountain Biking the rest of the way from the bus drop off to the put in point of the Blaze, and back to the hotel for the night.

    Totals are 75 miles each way from dropoff point at the local store, and it will be ANOTHER epic ride to return to the hotel to hang out until you show up to escort me back to Santa Fe to deliver the bracelet as he has asked.

    I have travelled there once to scout the possibility, and ran out of daylight and money while inspecting one out of two possible locations that the trails lead to, with the intent to return with more preparation to go to the final location of the rock its perched upon.

    My time is free and open, but the cost is something holding me back from going the distance from Vermont.

    Think about It,

    $600.00 down with a return of at least 100,000?

    I’d say that’s one hell of an armchair deal !

    I will also include you in any books, articles, or film docs we make afterwards, and while on the journey, will be willing to maintain constant communications with you, until we reach the no-cell zone in the outback.

    I will even send you a picture of the Blaze, and the Chest perched upon a rock at the end of it, shown in Google Earth as a square outlined man made object, with bronze/green runoff looking stains on the rock from all the weathering. The shadow of the rock is shown in the pic and the square object is perched there as well, but even more defined in its shape and is measured to show the exact dimensions of the box.

    Absolute proof provided before booking any money is involved, guaranteed.

    Looking to leave when you are ready,

    James Simpson

    • Sounds like you have it all figures out James, except for one minor detail. I think before you get out to the site you are going to have to prove to Forrest somehow that you have solved the poem. I believe he has this built this into the chase so that someone not deserving (has not put in the time and thought) can not just walk up to it and take it home. Finding it may be easy, but the solve is necessary to claim title. Hard thing, unless you know a way to get hold of Forrest. Forrest receives hundreds of emails everyday and his email is likely unsecure with cyber hackers perusing his emails. And the solve may seem easy, but there is an added element of easiness that makes it hard to grasp.

      Something to think about…

      Good luck James. I am rooting for you!


      • I have established a personal contact with him already to let him know I am the New Kid in Town…..LOL

        He agrees, but after opening a discussion that offered a Fenner the chance to offer their solves to him for comment, he answered mine,…….

        …..and then abandoned the entire offer immediately afterwards for the other solves.

        Told me so much without saying a word.

        Thank You for the support

      • I agree Lianer , that’s why I’m deciding to take on a partner…( half of something is better than all of nothing ) . While I was in Santa Fe I met with another searcher for coffee, his name is Richard… Richard if you read this contact me at the e-mail (hotmail)address I gave you in Santa Fe. Sorry that I have lost your e-mail. We talked about teaming up then , but I was reluctant at the time. I have since changed my mind if you are interested in joining up, for a 50/50 split if found. I liked your way of thinking. I know you have been searching there all along , but now I too believe it is in (yellowstone national park ). I have a lot of information , proven by fact….contact me Richard if interested….if not I will choose someone else…

        • focused, I am interested in teaming up with you. However I do not believe treasure is in Yellowstone but nearby. You can contact me by email; luigiwhittedluigi17@hotmail.com. I would also like to exchange phone numbers because that would make my life so much easier.

  37. Hello to all the ones out there searching for the treasure,

    My name is Stephen and I have been reading Forrest Fenn’s two books, “The Thrill of the Chase” and “Not Too Far To Walk” and I have been reading and analyzing the poem over and over for the past two years. I live in Tennessee and I am highly unlikely able to go searching for the treasure, but I believe it is real. I have no around me that is interested to discuss this with, which is kind of a bummer. I have watched interviews and more all about Forrest Fenn’s treasure. I have about 3-4 different locations and ideas about the poem and treasure. I would love to find someone who is interested in knowing my thoughts. If any are interested, you can either email me or I can get you my number to discuss over the phone. My wife and family have no interest in the chase, so I am just throwing myself out here to all of this long drawn out blogging to hunt down at least one who is interested and capable of searching the treasure in my stead. I am not looking to get anything from the chest out of this sharing. I just want to help figure out the clues and location, and to get Mr. Fenn his bracelet back. If I could go myself and acutally found it, I most definitely would make a special trip to Mr. Fenn’s House to return his treasure to him and say thanks for the “Thrill of the Chase”. I know that may sound stupid, but this is all about fun and adventure. I would do anything to go out West to glory in the nature and beauty out there. All I have is the internet and you guys who are able to search and share. Thanks to all who make this enjoyable. Now, I want to help however I can. Please, someone, contact me and I will share what I have come up with!



    • Stephen, if I understand you correctly, you want to share what you have come up with–but don’t want anything from the chest if it is found. Why not just write up your “solve” or the parts of it that you are comfortable sharing and send it to Dal to post OR you can post it yourself on the Nine clues page or some other appropriate page. You will probably find that others have similar thoughts or have conducted searches near your spot. But beware– posting your solution is not for anyone whose ego is easily bruised–the feedback can be vigorous and at times a bit rough. However, the feedback is almost always done with candor and honesty and you may find it very helpful. Welcome to this community! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • I agree with Raven. If you truly don’t want anything in return, just write it out in the nine-clues thread. It will probably be more fun for you as you will bring a lot of folks out to comment.

      Your call though. Welcome to the Chase.

      Scott W

    • to Stephen, from Steve:
      going west soon, december.
      i’m from chattanooga,tn and would like to correspond with you on the tereasure hunt.
      i would be glad to stop by and talk , i’m in no hurry , retired.
      my son daughter-inlaw and grand son live in kingman, az, and i will be spending christmas with them and then on to stanton,az for the rest of the winter, i’m a gpaa life member and gold hunter.
      if interested, let me know and we can make contact.

      EDIT: Charles I removed your phone number. It’s usually not a good idea to put your phone number on a public website. I’ll put it back if you want.

      • i am always interested to talk with those who are interested in the thrill of the chase. I live in West Tennessee, near Memphis, TN. If you make your way down here, maybe we can meet at a Starbucks and discuss the chase. I still think that the treasure is located in near or in Yellowstone, due to the fact that in his book he talks so much about his experiences there. I do have a few specifics, but without being there, I have no way of narrowing things down. I do think you have to actually go for everything to come to full understanding, but also knowing the 9 clues is important. I still think that the 9 clues are the 9 complete sentences in the entire poem. If not that, then the 9 back to back lines of the poem starting at WWWH. We can exchange numbers if needed or just email is fine by me. Look forward to hearing back from you. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

  38. Okay, I am going to share 2 ideal locations that I have read many have ventured on but they may have been the ones within 200 to 500 feet and missed a clue. First, around the Firehole River and the second one is around Yellowstone River at Joe Brown Boat “put-in”. Without pictures and being there, I dont really know what it looks like, but google earth, google maps, and youtube footage have been somewhat helpful. Firehole mainly because that seems to be the start of the poem. Yellowstone River at Joe Brown boat ramp due to many factors, especially the “put in BELOW the home of BROWN (Joe Brown’s Cabin). Let me know your thoughts. I have more details, but first would like to hear comments. Remember, I am just having fun and don’t think that I am a wiz at this. This is just a blast for me to try to decipher its meaning and location.

    • Hey Stephen,
      Those are both popular interpretations. I have thoughts on one. If you care to share, holler. josephljones at Comcast dot net (middle initial “L”)

      just so you know, I am content with my solution for now, and it takes me to a specific spot I can drive to within a few hundred feet (in a capable truck), elevation ~7600, midway between 5,000 and 10,200

      perhaps I could check your spot, but only after I prove mine wrong haha

  39. I know it has been said that there’s no need for tools to find the treasure chest. Is that correct, or was it special tools not needed? I can’t seem to find that information. RC

  40. With all the comments about the little girl in India not getting past first two clues I thought I might subscribe here. I would love to share ideas if I felt I had good ones and according to some only the first two clues I would share can be helpful. Maybe this could be shared outright on this blog. None of my first two clues give me certainty, such as the Triple Divide being wwwh and many canyons there, or particular basins or such wwwh. I at one time used the circulating currents in the Ocean cooling down in the north near Alaska and Labrador, the latter having hob at Brown University, the canyons on ocean floor (canyon down)

    • LOL………I wish I had a partner to go looking for this treasure and as excited about the search as much as I am. My big problem is funds to get there and search and having the time off work to go and search. I ish that I had the capability of having a partner to go where I directed them using a camera like skype or something so as they walked I could enjoy the search from my very own house……but, I guess that would take away the point of Forrest Fenn hiding the treasure, so never mind. I want to go so bad though and search!

  41. Stephen Williams,
    If your spot is in sw MT I’ll consider taking a gander in June.
    j o s e p h l j o n e s atsign Comcast period net

    • Would the Gallatin National Forrest be considered in the SW part of MT?
      That’s where I hope to be in June, if JD doesn’t find it in WY. Not, 4 bucks.

      • In my book it is Jake. If you see a green Tundra stop by and we can compare crow recipes.

        • Well Joseph,
          I have a few of those crow recipes to share.
          I will try & hit the Tundra stop in June. I will need some Sage & Thyme to spice it up a bit.

    • There are at least two highly considered areas that I would like to visit….they are: The Firehole River area and a specific location near Yellowstone River and Yankee Jim’s Canyon.

  42. I’ll be in the Yankee Jim Canyon area; it’s been picked over pretty good though. Firehole river is on my “OK-I-didn’t-find-it-now-what-do-I-do list”.

    Jake sound like he’ll be in the general vicinity but he’ll have to speak to that.

    • Thanks Joseph,
      There have been many searchers scouring the Firehole River up & down.
      My personal opinion is there are way to many tourists (including myself) there now as opposed to the days when Forrest bathed there.
      Not to suggest the treasure isn’t there because of the traffic.

      I consider this place to be the begin point & not the end place.
      I just don’t think Forrest would have hidden the treasure in YNP.
      Way too much people traffic.
      You should be able to peddle there & throw the bike in water high though.

      I am searching West of North West from here now, where there are more Grizzlies than people.

      Sometimes you just gotta advance on your own accord.

    • I hear that alot of people have looked over those areas. however. Forrest has said a number of times that some people have been within 500 or even 200 feet and went right past it cause they did not know some of the clues. That is why if I had gone to that place already, I would not rule it out until I retraced my steps and seriously dwelled on the poem more, possibly in that setting. I really wished I had the opportunity to go that way for the view, adventure and hunt of it all.

  43. Yeah the Firehole is an awesome starting place, and it leads to the Madison, which ff holds dear. I just couldn’t make it work for me, and I exclude it for the WORST of reasons–the Madison downstream of Hebgen just looks too boring. Plus, there’s some guy that posts here a whole lot has made countless trips there. Grayling, Red Canyon, not sure about Stinking Creek–every place I could figger has a travelog that ends in “No Joy”. I’ll cede the Madison to him. Wishing you a “Tallyho!”

    Our solves appear tantalizingly close; mine is not in the Gallatin drainage proper (GNF is all over the place). I haven’t penciled in a date, but I’m thinking a couple weeks after you.

  44. I am looking for someone to search my solve. I believe New Mexico is the place to start.
    Ten percent for me is a fair number.
    I will give you the solve and I trust you and karma will ensure my cut.
    I have a legitimate solve for four of the location clues.
    This is a legitimate offer with a bonafide solve.
    One of the clue lines is home of brown.

    • Hi Timw. I’m headed over to NM/CO in a week or so and would love to do some BOTG for someone who has some treasure chest ideas–I’ve memorized the poem and look for a few hours most days but am still stumped. I went to Fennboree 3. I’ve read and re-read TTOTC. I guess the first clue is the toughest so maybe Canasta is in my destiny…email seems best for me. rpantera at pima dot edu

  45. Hello searchers! I’m getting ready to do a road trip/camping from Tucson to Crested Butte, CO.(week of July 8-15-2016). The road over could include lots of New Mexico and some Southern CO. I have some time and inclination to go search but the poem still has me stumped. I just learned about it in March of this year(’16). Of course I’d like to find the treasure chest but I’m hoping there are some folks in my area to meet up with and look at maps OR maybe someone wants to put my boots on the ground in their stead! Let me know! rpantera at pima dot edu.

  46. I am looking for a hiking partner for West Yellowstone area…Friday 7/1 or Saturday 7/2…I have a VERY specific location…start to finish will be less than 4 hours. Comment if you are interested in joining me.

    • I would love to join you but I can’t make it out that way due to money. Where in West Yellowstone are you looking? I have a few places there I am strong with. Fill me in when you get done with your chase! Be safe and stay protected!

  47. I am looking for someone who is willing to go look with me for the treasure chest. This is really just for support. Send me an email only if you are planning to go look in New Mexico. We may be making history here ladies and gentlemen, but then again may be not. Tech.t@live.com.

  48. OK, maybe I do need a hole in my head.
    If you can’t change your mind, why would you have one.
    Looking for someone to look for me & my bro James in late Aug or Sept in & around West Yellowstone area including the Madison’s.
    There’s one particular spot north of West Yellowstone that needs to be checked out.
    If your interested in searching & your honest, able & willing, please click on my name & contact me.
    This also includes Dal & Goofy.
    Even though I’m a pain in the brain at times, I think Forrest summed it up best.
    Something about relying on other people to paraphrase.

    • jake, you’re in the right area I believe also. jtrolingeratmedotcom
      tell me the creek bed and the reason why you believe that and I will discuss with you

    • Jake, I would consider. Only after I checked my spot, and if not found, then got in contact with you. Sence we would know I didn’t find. Also, your clues would have to go past line 16. I am not a firm believer that the clues are all in lines 1-16. But, sometime in August, Montana bound. charlieivey.wfp@roadrunner.com

  49. This message is all just my opinion. I will repeat it several times below.

    This is also a relatively long message. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    I’ve been “lurking” on this forum for quite a while, and before today never
    posted anything on it. But I think that people are getting so close to the TC,
    that it’ll be found this summer. And I feel like I’m running out of time to get a
    “team” together to search.

    Starting about September 2015, I spent about 4 months working on my solve, and now my confidence level is very high. EVERYTHING in the poem agrees with my solve, as well as some (3 or 4) hints I found in TTOTC. They are significant, and further support my solve. Additionally, Forrests videos, interviews, and responses (some evasive) to questions lend even MORE support to my specific solve. I admit, he is a very clever man — and his poem is BRILLIANT! (I’ll be happy to comment further on that after August 2016). No
    wonder it took 15 years to polish to this degree! A bit of a fluke helped
    lead me to my specific solve.

    I did try to solve the poem as if I were “consulting” with a child of perhaps 10-12 years old. This did help, by the way. I’m a little surprised that more people haven’t yet been reported as having been within a few hundred feet of the TC
    . . . or even found the thing!

    By the way, I don’t think it’s important how many clues are in the poem, as long
    as nothing in it is ignored. I didn’t bother with counting clues. But I did spend a
    long time with a dictionary, looking up many, many words — and I’m a college-
    educated, retired engineer. I am quite impressed with the poem. Many of the
    words can be taken in more than one way, and if taken a certain way, seem to
    lend even more support to my solve.

    Even though I spent a long time working on the poem before I decided that I
    had a good solve, in hindsight I now agree with Forrest that when it’s announced
    where the TC was found, (paraphrasing now) people will slap their foreheads, and say “Duh!” I’m not surprised that several people have been within about
    500 feet of the TC. I think these few folks weren’t “in tight focus with a word
    that is key”. And by the way, Forrest was very clever when he wrote that. I
    am willing to explain this after my next search trip (soon).

    I went searching alone in May of this year, and saw a good amount of bear scat and some bear tracks, which made me quite nervous, even though I had bear
    spray and kept making noise. I thought that this soon after winter, the bears
    could well be quite hungry.

    I had gotten within about a thousand feet of my specific search spot (which is very small, due to the poem being pretty specific), and was pretty exhausted —
    even though I had trained for this hike, including losing more than 20 pounds
    specifically so as to not have to carry it on this hike. The place is truly not for the meek, and the air is noticeably scarce above 5,000 ft. altitude. It started snowing on me. So I decided that survival is more important than the prize, and turned back.

    This is all just my opinion.

    I don’t plan to go alone when I return in August. And yes, I am concerned that
    by then, somebody else will have found Indulgence. But I don’t have the funds
    to go any sooner.

    So far, one of the most difficult things to do is to convince ANYBODY that I have
    solved the poem. Since people don’t believe me, I can’t get anybody interested
    in leaving their “comfort zone” to go with me into bear country. EVERYTHING
    supports my solve so far, with no conflicts or vagueness. It’s just a matter of
    going there and getting the TC. I believe that Forrest drove a Jeep or something
    similar to a place near the hidey spot, then made his two trips on foot to hide the
    chest and its contents, like he has said. All in one afternoon. But please remember that he has led a rather dangerous and adventurous life at times, so
    it didn’t surprise me to come to this conclusion about how he travelled. I think he only carried the prize a few hundred feet on foot. And there is no human (designated as such) trail within several thousand feet of my specific search area. I did, however, see lots of animal trails, which I favored walking on.

    The required travel on foot is between 1 and 2.5 miles each way, and the terrain
    is a bit rugged — but not particularly dangerous. It was muddy when I went, and
    I fell 3 times. This is another reason I don’t want to go alone, even in August
    when the ground is likely to be relatively dry.

    I have asked a friend to accompany me, but his interest seems quite limited, at best. He is self-employed, and has a family. (Of course these things are important. Fortunately, I don’t have a job or social obligations that would keep
    me from this hunt.) If I don’t hear from him by Tuesday, 7/12/16, I think I’ll give up on trying to get him to help.

    Since time is of the essence (because there are so many folks trying to solve
    the poem, somebody may find the TC this summer, I believe), I feel a sense of
    urgency. And it gets more intense every day.

    I’d like to interest someone (or preferably 2 people, in order to help deter bears) in an agreement to go with me. And since I believe so strongly in my solve, I also
    believe that I will deserve most of the “prize”, if it is found by my team. Basically, just hiking with me and helping to carry the prize is what I would want my teammates to do, with no guarantee of success. I would even be willing to pay for the expenses of my teammates, although if the TC is not found, the payment will have to be stretched out over a few months, as I am quite poor. If the TC IS found by me or one of my teammates, I would be willing to pay a decent amount to them both for accompanying me (as “bodyguards/porters). This does not have to be complicated, but I will require that a non-disclosure agreement be signed before I give much more info about the location. And I will also require that a “sharing” agreement be signed before we team up. In other words, I’m looking for a couple adventurous, physically fit people who are honest and, perhaps more importantly, AVAILABLE and INTERESTED.

    My solve is very unlike most or all of the ones I have seen on this forum (thanks, Dal, for making this forum possible). I can provide some info to show you that
    my brain works exceedingly well. And yes, I realize that I seem arrogant. But
    if I can’t convince anyone to have faith in my solve, I won’t get a team together.

    I have been taking notes for my own use as I worked to solve the poem. They now constitute about the equivalent of 30 or more typewritten pages. Even though there’s a lot of repetition, I have been very thorough. I have considered and discarded places with the following names that I thought might relate to
    the poem’s directions: Bunsen, Swan, Wigwam, Cache, and others.

    So here’s some info about my solve:

    I have an idea of the “word that is key”, and I think it’s a very important word.
    It’s in TTOTC, but not in the poem. However, the poem does contain a word
    that is extra-important. It contains the letter “e”, and may well be the “word
    that is key” to which Forrest referred.

    A good map is quite important. I used both mapquest and google earth, and
    don’t think I would have solved the poem had I not used both of those. I spent
    probably 50 hours looking at them, over several months. My solve was 99%
    finished in January 2016, and only in the last week have I narrowed my search
    area from about 5 acres (in January 2016) to less than 1 acre. Now I believe
    I can “move confidently” right to where Indulgence (hopefully!) lies waiting. It’s
    a bit of a shame that the hike is so challenging. I’m 65 years old, with no
    history of heart problems, and am now training again for the hike. I plan to
    lose a few more pounds.

    My ideal teammates would be able to be extremely secretive about all this.

    I honestly believe that Forrest hid the TC in a way that allows the finder to
    legitimately and legally lay claim/title to it. Forrest said that he spent a good
    amount of time/money consulting a legal expert about this. So I believe that
    the TC and its contents could be considered a “gift” to the finder. Please don’t get me started talking at this time about tax liability. If any risk of this concerns you, or if you can’t keep a secret, then I don’t think you are qualified to be a suitable partner for me.

    I live in Northern California, and believe the hidey spot is not in New Mexico.

    This is all just my opinion. Thanks for reading.

    Good luck to all searchers. Please stay safe.

    • Hi Andrew, my name is Steven. I’ve been a serious searcher for 4 seasons wishing I had one person to share my experience with. I’m interested in joining your team. My email is sts1167@gmail.com

    • Andrew, in New Mexico the bear threat is minor and one can of bear spray and an air horn will scare everything away. One partner is good for safety reasons, but if you can’t find one then buy a De Lorme unit and pay the $40 for the month for full texting and emergency response. You can also pay an additonal fee for $100,000 rescue coverage. I would consider the biggest threat to your life being the actual drive to NM, so drive safely.

      Relax and don’t stress about the other searchers. The odds that two poeple have a correct solution at the same time seem about zero given the past six years experience.

      • Thank you, Indy, for your comments. Please re-read the
        last few lines of my long posting (above). I DON’T plan to
        search in NM. Good luck with your search.

    • Remain calm Andrew……there’s plenty of time to panic later.

      Every year someone comes on here in panic mode and predicts it will be found this year because their solution can’t be wrong.

      Don’t let your enthusiasm/obsession get you into trouble. I’m glad your good sense made you turn back on your previous search. Hopefully you won’t let your enthusiasm get the best of you this time.

      It sounds like you are looking for Sherpas not a team. What if one of your “team” members don’t agree with you? You wrote: I’m looking for a couple adventurous, physically fit people who are honest and, perhaps more importantly, AVAILABLE and INTERESTED. I disagree with you on this; if they aren’t honest your non-disclosure and “sharing” agreements don’t mean a thing and could prove to be detrimental to your health. It seems over the years that teams haven’t work out well………….Just my opinion.

      Good hunting.

    • Hi Andrew, Here’s some advice: Your most important criteria in selecting a companion to accompany you into bear territory should be: be sure you can run faster than your companion! Hee hee – just kidding!

    • I believe that Forrest previously said he drove a sedan to the spot, not a jeep. Does this help or hurt your solve?

  50. Also, I didn’t try anagrams, cryptography, numerology, counting words or letters in words, prayer, or detailed history sources (although a teensy bit of history knowledge of the area might have helped). My solve doesn’t rely on GPS coordinates or even a compass. Like Forrest said, “don’t over-think it”. A little imagination was helpful (referring to a child’s way of thinking, perhaps). There
    is a real creek in the area. I crossed it twice on my hike in May. At that time,
    the creek was quite narrow and shallow. I think I may have put just one foot in
    it, and the water was perhaps 3 inches deep. In August, the creek may be
    virtually or totally dry. Definitely not a place where you could paddle a raft,
    canoe, or kayak up the thing. The above is just my opinion.

  51. Good luck in finding one or two hearty souls to accompany you in your search and TRY to STAY SAFE


  52. Let me preface this by saying I am not 100% sure of where the treasure is. Because I have not seen it. I just came back from a week’s long search that ended where I believe very much to be the location of where the treasure is hidden. Unfortunately, I got there at dusk on my last day, ran out of sunlight very quickly, out of money, and out of time to be able to stay one more day (I had stretched it too far even then) and had to return home. And I do not know when I will be able to return.

    I will say this. My solve is aligned with each of the clues in the poem and I have uncovered several clues within TTOTC. One of those clues is absolutely huge. I cannot emphasize that enough. I can tell you the one possibility that has not been analyzed that is essential to the winning solve. I can tell you why there have been searchers who have been close, but did not find it. I can tell you what it was that Fenn wished he had not said in the New Mexico True Stories interview and why. I can tell you where in the poem the actual hike occurs. I can tell you in which state the treasure is buried. Any question you have about any clue, in the poem or in TTOTC, I can give you the answer. But I will give no clues away to anyone until a deal is struck.

    So… my point.. I am looking for searchers who have the means to get out in the Rockies and soon… and who are willing to split the treasure if it is found. I am not asking for money for my solve… only a percentage of the take IF it is found with my solve.

    The catch.. I will not accept less than 50% of the treasure and I will give my solve to the person who offers me the largest take beyond 50%. I will get out there eventually, if there are no takers, but I am willing to share the treasure with someone in the interest of time.

    So if you are someone who would like to be the first person to physically find the treasure and are willing to agree to a deal… in writing…. Let me know. I have seen a lot of people writing comments in here and elsewhere that claim to know where the treasure is. And I don’t know how to sound any less arrogant about my own solve. lol. So, I understand completely if this post is scoffed at or even deleted. And that’s okay. Again, in the interest of time I figured I’d give this a shot. In any case, I wish everyone the best of luck with the chase and thanks for reading this.


    • If I know what you know, and you know, what I know, why should we care what you know if you know that I know that you know.

      • If you knew what I know, I wouldn’t know. I don’t know what you know. But I do know that you don’t know if I know what you know… or if you know what I know. Or we’d both know. You know?

    • B, your message seems so similar to mine (the long one, a few postings above yours) that it almost looks like you simply paraphrased much of what I had posted. I would like to know if your search location is effectively the same as mine, but (like you) am pretty private about where it really is. Mine is in a desert. Yours?

      Andrew Jef

      • You know, I thought the same thing when I read yours. lol. But I don’t think we have the same spot if yours is in a desert. But since you were bold enough to give me a clue about yours… I will say that we both agree that it is not in New Mexico.


  53. Wow! Everyone has solved the clues and everyone has solved the poem yet no one has the proof including myself. I have recently expressed to Dal I KNOW where it is and I can now understand the skepticism. Let me encourage all to take a second look at your resolve and if one clue is out of line, be honest with yourself. I will tell you this…I feel the treasure will be discovered by the end of the summer because a lot of you are smart, adventurous, challenging people.

    Dal has formed this forum for a release and sharing information. I have recently gotten hooked because I find certain post interesting like Jeremy P. recently posted.

    I am not a redneck with 12 kids driving an old pick-up truck who has recently lost his job…I am an urban guy from Missouri with 3 kids in a sedan who has recently lost his job but has found himself again…

    Mr. Fenn reminds me so much of my grandfather who has offered plenty of wisdom and challenges and I would like to thank him for that. I’ve been able to avoid life’s distractions to look within my inner self for answers. Not worried about a resolve at work, a negative email, a girlfriend picking at your flaws, but an opportunity where lately you might wake-up in the middle of the night and say…that is the answer! Or this is my game plan! Why we do what we do as Jeremy eluded to in his post. Be willing to open up and feed yourself with positive things…some do it with church or a thrill of a chase!

    On my last trek to search for the treasure I met a fellow named Neill. He is 70 years old and a retired photographer. We spent the day together hiking and sharing stories and Neill has a very good eye. He helped me locate some very good spots that led me to validate some clues. Needless to say we walked right passed the treasure but think we have captured the location on film.

    I’m going to head out this week to try to find the treasure because first I would like to prove to my daughter who gave me this story in May of this year ,but a part of me hates to end this due to so much compassion that comes from these blogs. I’m not big on something I never had. Not that type of a person. My daughter wants to become an archaeologist. At first I was like nah and now I am like go for it!

    Back to the hunt! I want to share with you this. There is a particular clue in the poem that will put you within a couple of hundred feet of the treasure, your starting point! IT IS NOT IN BEAR COUNTRY AND THERE IS NO BROWN TROUT! Also if you read carefully, Mr. Fenn has given you information that will put you in the area, however I feel he has been misleading on something he said in particular. His poem is true to the direction.

    PS- On his location of where I think the treasure is I got up on a mountain/hill and was able to look down on the treasure spot! Good luck!

    • Jon, I think you and I are on the same page… possibly exactly the same page. Would you be willing to chat in private?

    • Jon, I offer the following as an attempt to help you, rather than
      simply to criticize what you said (Back to the hunt! I want to share with you this. There is a particular clue in the poem that will put you within a couple of hundred feet of the treasure, your starting point!) . . .

      Since the poem says “not far, but too far to walk”, how does
      this allow for your claim (in parentheses, above) that the treasure
      is within a couple of hundred feet of the starting point? Many
      folks seem to agree that “too far to walk” is more like a few miles, instead of a couple of hundred feet.

      Good luck in your search. Please stay safe.

      • I just saw this sorry….to get to the starting point you have to travel 2.3 miles to get to it by foot. From there it is another .7-.9 miles straight forward if you are pointed in the right direction. Hence “As I have gone alone in there”…So after searching it will be every bit of 6 miles maybe 7. Like I said before even if you locate it…it is a task moving 40 pounds out of the location where the treasure lies. FF made two trips so he has a good set of walking legs under him. It s not like walking a track.

    • Hi Jon, Funny, I already posted to see if I could be involved in the Wyoming search that B posted about. To get kinda caught up I read a bunch of the other posts in this thread and am replying to yours to ask if your (new?) friend, Neill is from or lived and worked in the Phoenix area (I believe as videographer for a television news channel)? Neill is a fairly common name I realize but if it’s the Neill I am acquainted with, it’d be great to chat with him again. My treasures often reside in the hearts of the people I’ve met along the way! N’est Pas? Best of LUCK!

  54. B,

    I am interested in seeing if we could collaborate. Let me know if you are interested in a private chat.

    Right Angle

    • Hi Dan. I believe I have found a partner already. But if it falls through, I will let you know. b

      • Hello B,

        I would be interested in a private chat, if possible. Let me know how you would prefer to do that. I’m not keen on posting my email address publicly.


  55. Hello everyone,

    I need someone who is strong, in really good shape, and trustworthy to do a search for me in Wyoming (not Yellowstone). 50/50 split of the treasure, if found. Any takers?


    • Hi B, I’d love to search in Wyoming. My solve(s) lead me there also but I’m not at confidence phase yet on my own. Depends when you need someone. Looks like you might’ve already filled the spot. My interest is predominantly the puzzle part of all this so if yours is THE solve-I’d just want to cover expenses and pose for photos (HA!)

      • Ms.Elaine.E, I could be interested. Could you email me? If Leza is reading this, I think you are also not too far from my solve if you are interested in looking for me. (I’m not seeing an end to my illness, so I don’t know when I will be able to search.). Thanks

        • JBL-I did send you an email, you should have my address by replying-I saw this post practically the minute it went up! You be the brains of the operation and I’ll be the arms and legs. But also let me know if I can help in any way w/the illness. Ms.Elaine.E


    Been on here a couple of months, went on an expedition or 2, and made a few comments, and saw a lot of smart individuals making sense of their own interpretation of their poem.

    Whether its the right location or not, of course we will never know who is right until someone actually solves the poem correctly and grabs the Roman Chest.

    or stumbles on it while hiking or camping and never knew nothing of ” The Thrill of the Chase” or Mr. Fenn

    This is why I want to act fast and start a team and go one last time to my locale in New Mexico before winter— Who is with me??

    I will hand pick a few people so go to my website/blog and put in your resume even if you cant look for it physically or think your too old, or handicap or too busy at this stage of your life… please apply I have other options


    Thank you for your time, and Happy Hunting !!!

  57. Is there anyone actively searching from the Sierra Nevada Foothills in the greater Sacramento Area of California? I’m looking for someone to meet with to continue discussing the search.

  58. I need some Western Brawn for my brain. Looking for someone willing to search Colorado. I have a high IQ (perfect score on analytical section or GREs and 1 wrong on math section 1590 total for both sections) and have what I believe is a new take on the poem but I live in the East. Would have to agree to sign a contract to not disclose my ideas to anyone, to split gold 50/50, to agree to sell or donate artifacts to museums as appropriate, and to give Mr. Fenn his bracelet back. Obviously, there can be many takes on the poem so I am also hoping person with be light-hearted in the chase with the outlook that finding the treasure is extremely small! I did email Mr. Fenn the other day with my ideas (without asking for clues) and he basically said, “Go look and good luck”…vague but nothing sarcastic.

    • Hi. I’m a little rusty on Thrill stuff—got busy in the “outside world” but would LOVE to be part of a search party in Colorado and more than happy to sign any legal docs needed. My enthusiasm is less towards the riches and more towards the “chasin'”/camping/poking around in the mountains. And getting a good solve–solving the riddle that confounds. I have a flexible schedule and my own “means”. How do we trade contact info?

  59. Well I would like to share a solve with a fellow searcher. Also someone to talk to about this since family and friends dont want to hear about it any more lol.

    A email to reach me at is qdispair@gmail.com

    I have been to a few places but just don’t have time to do proper searches. If my solve or ideas would lead a person to happen to find it all I would ask is for a few coins to remember the chase by and the chance to read whats in the bottle. That shouldn’t be to much to ask of anyone i believe.

  60. Any of you oldtimers want to step up to the plate on a partnership.

  61. Looking after my mother. I tried getting somebody last week but it didn’t work out and times a wasting I believe. So I would share.

    • Don Q 9,

      It’s been 7 years and 100,000 seekers. No-one has found the TC. Time is NOT of great importance… IMO. Be patient! 🙂

      Best of Luck!


      • Fennatical, rumor has it that FF has now said (in the
        last 3 days) that LOTS of people have been within 500 feet of the TC.

        This strongly suggests to me that the treasure hunt
        is heating up very quickly! I think that time IS now
        of great importance!

        All my opinion.

    • I completely understand, that’s the best excuse a person can have. I may be in the general area a week from now. If you were to make a list, what would be the most important thing I would need to have with me? In the event we could work together.

  62. I’m still tempted to post the map on the internet then I can claim the solve and then it becomes a matter of however greedy are the people who make it there first in relation to how I have helped them.

        • Hi Louie –
          Can I ask how many of the 9 clues you think you have figured out? Don’t tell me more. Thanks

          • Iceman, All of them. I am very busy and don’t have time to look. Its been over a month since your blog to me. I am just to busy.

          • Louie –
            I am honored that you want my help but at this time it would be a conflict of interest. I think I already know where it is. I am sure there will be another searcher to take up your offer. Best of luck.

  63. Treasure map for partnering, once in the history of the universe opportunity.
    Is anybody out there? Please patch through.

    • Don, I suggest you calm/slow down a bit.

      It looks to me like you “lost” Iceman as a prospective partner, after posting BZN as “the name of a state” . . .

      It may seem unfair, cruel, etc. the way people respond to
      things that make no sense to them, but that’s the way of
      the world.

      The above is my opinion, and an attempt to help.

    • Disgruntled D. Q.

      I think Iceman means, we all get overzealous.

      You can’t push your will (or Iron Will’s ) conceptions on others.
      Classroom is in session, & Fenn is the teacher, his study materials unlike that math book in school don’t come with an answer key in the back.
      Once you return empty handed from that first trip you’ll understand what most of us already know, it ain’t simple

      Those who know/ have known ff the longest are stymied.
      Only one thing is for certain, Fenn is the only person on earth who knows precisely were he left it.

  64. If u post it on the internet, that will make it public knowledge, and the person who finds the treasure doesn’t have to reveal the location where it was discovered.
    The only way for this to work is in a private contract with another searcher. IMO

  65. Ok, I’m your Huckleberry folks, tell me where you think it is and if it’s there I’ll deliver it in 30 hours or less or it’s free. My boots were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do, for you. 🙂 cheers

    On standby @. amp526@yahoo.com

    • *30 hour guarantee valid only for the continental US. Alaska, Hawaii, and out lying territories not included.
      Some restrictions may apply.

  66. In light of recent events and potential end of chase.

    Accepting proposals for partnership. I will overnight on my dime personal dossier to what I deem as best fit if there are any. Must be in very good physical shape and willing to do moderate hiking in Grizzly country. Please send your terms and any info you would like to share. This pertains to a greater Yellowstone search but in an area that I haven’t seen discussed.
    Thank you for your consideration.


    • Hi Don.

      Although NM State Police is actively trying to stop this chase, they really can’t.

      Let me ask you something…..

      Do you think they should pull and remove all the alcohol on the shelves in order to stop future deaths because of its consumption?

      Those who think this chase is a problem are idiotic and are very much not thinking about what causes death.

      Their perception of what is priority and what is not is a far cry from helping anyone.

      BTW – never go out on a search by yourself. Both of these guys had. Not putting safety as the first priority.

      NMSP and any other organization who thinks this chase is causing people to die are only looking through a tunnel of their own making and saying things that are quite untrue and unfounded.

  67. I’m looking for a partner in Western Colorado. I live in Tampa Florida. I have some pretty good ideas but can’t just fly there to check out each idea. Email me if you’d like to partner. I’m Doug at ddenning@outlook.com

  68. Have the solve (IMO) looking for partner. I solve ,you find. We split. Need to look in Montana.

  69. Hello,
    I am looking for a partner too, because I feel like the little girl in india ;).
    I live outside the USA and like Doug said: I have some pretty good ideas but can’t just fly there to check out.
    I contacted Dal before and he gave me the tip of this site.
    If I am right, the search area will be very small in south-west Colorado.


  70. I have a bit of an unusual partnership request… I have a trip lined up, but it came about relatively last minute and I haven’t had any luck finding someone to go with me as of yet (trip would be the 2nd week of August). My wife has general safety concerns about me going alone even though there’s almost zero chance of becoming lost and my search area is not in grizzly country or especially remote. I guess she’s worried about me spraining an ankle or breaking something and me being out of cell phone coverage.

    Anyways, I’m looking for someone to act as something of a safety control so I get the sign off from my wife to go. I’m not sure if we’d go together to my actual site as, if you find it while we’re both looking, that seems like it could lead to issues. Instead, I think of it more as us meeting up, me giving you a walkie talkie (so there’s no cell phone issue) and making plans for if I don’t check in by a certain time or something. I don’t know exactly – we’d have to work out the details. Anyways, % of value of TC up for negotiation if we figure the rest out.

    Search area is in Colorado.

    Email me at – fmcpartner817 @ gmail.com

  71. Hi Searchers. I’ve been reading Dal’s site for awhile now and came over to SF to meet Mr Fenn at Fennboree #3. Planning to return for #5, I wondered if anyone needs someone to search in Southern WY or NW CO. I’m headed up (1800 miles RT) to watch the solar eclipse (on Aug 21) and that’s only 2 minutes long so I could easily add on a look see. I’ve been in contact w/ a couple of people over the years who had solves they wanted to try out and I’m happy to sign anything about ownership of the treasure should yours be THE solve–my interest is just in getting out there and learning a bunch (as I already have). Feel free to reply and we can go from there off Dal’s site if you wish. My integrity is the finest treasure I’ll ever have so I’m set. I just LOVE this puzzle and really want to live long enough for it to be solved so I can find out what in the heck those clues really are!

    • I would love for someone to go to the Joe Brown access Put-In at Joe Brown’s Creek on Highway 89 near the Slip N’ Slide Ranch right off the Yellowstone River and video the the area especially the direction the river is flowing along with standing in front of the boat put-in area and filming the sandbars or “little islands” in the river itself and the small tree area on the other side of the river. I am so far away and don’t have the time to visit yet built up, but I want to narrow my searches. Thanks and have a great day!

      • Hi Stephen. Well now, that is specific—I’ll do some research on the map and let you know if I can go by there for you—sounds fun—I’ve been up in that area and your description sounds vaguely familiar since it was about 10 years ago.

      • Stephen,
        The put in is immediately alongside the highway on river right with a thin band of boulders, some scrub brush, a guard rail, then asphalt . There is a little more room river left, but not much as this area is a natural bottle neck. For this reason the area is of archeological interest because it has been the best northern access to yellowstone for thousands of years and the narrow passage provided few options for travel and encampment. The indians traveled into yellowstone to get obsidian for arrow points. There is a nice interpretive trail off the dirt road that runs river left that describes the various old roads of which there remains old stone work and even some painted signage on a boulder. There is a drainage with some aspens that was once a favored indian camp. I tried to scout around in there but the brush and grass was thick and high. All of the terrain immediately approximating the river is heavily accessed and exposed. This includes any sandbars or islands which may or may not be present due to varying water levels. There are a lot of users on the river and along its banks here. The terrain across the road river right is rocky and steep and exposed to view. The is a gaping cave above the put in and joe brown creek. I watched a man tentatively approach making sounds like a marmot, then enter and shortly exit empty handed. All within view of the put in parking area. The sphinx feature I hiked to is not far from the put in on river left. If there are any good treasure hiding spots in this area I would bet on them being at least a few hundred feet from the left bank of the river…and don’t be surprized to find plenty of trash from careless users if you go looking in there.

          • We explored this area. For some reason, what doesn’t show up much in googling is the Joe Brown Trailhead, just up the road from the Put In. It eventually crosses the Joe Brown Creek itself. We walked past the creek and explored a bunch up the mountain. On our way back I hear someone say “Well. here’s the Joe Brown Creek” As I walked past I said “found the treasure yet?” The young guy with his female friend said “No, but I hope someone will soon so I can stop looking!”

    • MselaineE. My email is in an above post. We can discus the idea of searching together but not for me. I am looking for a potential partnering for safety reasons.

  72. Alsetenash – wouldn’t it take a special partner to actually discuss the solve in confidence? Safety reasons or any other….would still require someone who could be trusted under all conditions.

    • Cover One. Yes , oh how I understand that. One can only ‘ try’ to see if it is possible. I utilize the realm of synchronicity , where possibilities exsist. I would never give out my solve, not even to friends.

  73. I have a New Mexico solution to within 20 feet of where I believe the treasure to be. I live on the east coast and my family is not supportive of me going on a treasure hunt. Therefore, I am considering sharing my solution with someone interested in investigating the specific site of my solution in New Nexico. Does this appeal to anyone?

    • Good luck Tom, I’m on the east coast as well (Florida), so not so easy for me to just get up and go either. But I know you always to be logical and well thought out, so I’m sure its a good solve. Hope it works out for you!

    • Tom B, well I’m half way there, I live in Arkansas … but maybe a New Mexico local will help ya out… let’s give them time to chime in k….
      Have a great night… see ya

  74. I’m looking for someone “brave” to search a specific location for me in New Mexico. I have a simple, complete, poem solution that leads to within 30 feet of the treasure (if I am correct). You can email me at BACKTL@comcast.Net
    If interested. Tom

  75. I live in Colorado and after 8 tries, have exhausted all of my ideas for this state. Right now all of my solves are in WY and MT. so there is no conflict of ideas.I do alot of camping, prospecting and just exploring places I’ve never been in this state. Even at 60 If I find a good reason for a road trip, I’m all over it. If anyone has an idea for a solve in CO I’m up for a discussion. Natims2007@yahoo.com

    • Cumbres Pass is the closest to CO and the furthest from my search area I have searched. I’m a native New Mexican from Texas who has only been to CO once. If you need assistance of any kind in NM do not hesitate to inquire.

  76. Looking for trustworthy 50/50 partner in the Santa Fe, NM to travel to a specific spot and check the area. I live in North Carolina and don’t have the resources to just go and check. I will describe more in detail through email correspondence.


  77. Hello Searchers.
    I’m looking for a Montana/Wyoming partner. I have an exact spot so it would be an in and out trip.

    Hope all is well with everyone,

  78. anyone in New Mexico willing to search near Abiquiu for me? I have a pretty good solve and was able to explore the area a little recently. however, my “partner” wasn’t interested in searching for very long so I think it could still be in the area. there were a few things i was unable to check out. send me a message and we can go over the details.

    morninam /@/ miamioh /dot/ edu

  79. Looking for a partner in SW Montana, near YNP. I have a very promising possible solve and pic of what I think the blaze may be. Trying for a 50/50 split. Please email me at callmecarlos@gmail.com.

    Like everyone else, very confident in my solve. No areas to look at, just one hidey hole under a blaze.

  80. Dynamutt, if you’ll also post on CC, you may improve your chances for finding someone interested in helping you.

    I may be interested myself, but want to guard my privacy re: my e-mail address.

    Good luck to you. This is all my opinion.

    • Thanks for the advice – I’ll check it out. My solve is a full, 9-clue solve. There are no ciphers or numerology, but there is a little bit of word play. The location where you park is 1/2 mile away, but nowhere anyone would go. It’s also 500 feet away from a place where numerous people might travel. If you want to talk, let me know.

      • I’m in the same area now and have been since April. I likely already know and/or have been to your solve…there are only three places that fit Fenn’s ancillary comments and this is one but finding the blaze is impossible unless you know what it is or where it is.

  81. If interested in a “possible” solution, check out my entry under “I think the chest is here…”, dated May 11th, and posted by John.

    I tell where I “think” it might be, and show my reasoning as well. If it makes sense to you, I would be interested if you’d check it out. In my mind, I think it is right in that area… If you are honest and find it, I think a 50/50 split would be fair. I you aren’t… Well, you can live with knowing you did what you did. It is too far for me to run back and forth to, and I am not so young as I once was, and what good is simply keeping information to myself anyway? I hope most of the people on here are honest. If so, and my logic seems okay, give it a shot. Thanks.

  82. Will those that live in a search state who might consider a botg partnership just say “Aye” and name the state you live in?

    • Aye.

      Colorado, not too far from Wyoming border.

      “might consider” is accurate – I’ve seen a lot of proposed solutions I wouldn’t put my boots on for (some of them my own), but I’d happily and politely say why.


      • Thank you for responding Jake.

        I am going to see if it is possible for me to get botg one more time myself within the coming week. If I can’t, I’ll be in touch. I know from reading some of your comments that you are vested in the search, are a reasonable person, and you may live fairly close to my area of interest.

        It would be an easy trip physically. Not much walking, and a pretty small target area.

        • Hey-O, kk –

          Hope you were able to make your trip. I’m just back from a week’s camping up the Poudre River (hiking, sketching, and splashing in the water – not search-related).

          I agree on a small target area, not much walking (a few miles at most) – we’re on the same page there.

          If you made that botg and are still unencumbered by treasures, I have (or can make) holes in the calendar the rest of this month (want to get more camping/sketching in the Snowy Range during summer dog days, but the only fixed schedule item right now is getting youngest daughter to college in Durango lateJuly/earlyAugust).


          • Hi Jake,

            I have returned from my botg unencumbered, but more sure of my location. My search ended early than I intended today because I stepped a little too close to a sunbathing rattler. I escaped unscathed, but having not ever encountered one before, it unnerved me and I ended my search early.

            So if you are still up for the gig, please email at this address onefulloffaith@yahoo.com and I will send you my solve, along with a picture of general boundaries of my search area. You determined how much and which of the area you search within that boundary and how much time/resources you allocate out of your schedule and means to do so. I trust your integrity on the honor system.

            Thaks! 🙂

  83. Hello, my name is Renard. I’ve been working on this search for years.

    I’m looking for help.
    This search is in Wyoming.

    I know everyone says that they have a great solve, but I’ve never seen any like mine.

    If interested, please e-mail to renardmiroir at gmail dot com

  84. I will search anywhere, anytime for a 10% take, you just need to pay for all expenses in advance! Native Lands are off limits.

      • Howdy Littledab, just wrote to you, included my cell phone, standing by and ready to get ‘er done!

        • Cholly, double check the email address that you sent it to because I just double checked and there was nothing. littledab at Hotmail dot com thanks!

      • @Bruce re where I hang my hat….I’m in Northern California….read all about me under ‘searchers introduction’ link! Have a few disclaimers with my service offer to search and share: 1) Must have a clause so that if not located where the person thinks/feels it is, I’m free to continue searching other locations, willing to keep your area ‘exclusive’ for a 100 mile radius for a few years. 2) if you feel Double Omega’s have anything to do with a solution I’m not interested! 3) not responsible for your share of the taxes both federal and state(s), 4) you can have all the fame and media 5) please don’t let ‘nigh’ mean go left! (although this isn’t a deal killer) lol! willing to sleep in my vehicle and rough it, don’t need anything but gas allowance. For security you can let all the folks here on hoD know that you have shared your solve and hired me to go get it! I’m totally happy with 10% proceeds of the contents and the chest value. If real property is also included we can take a look at options to market that as well with same share/split. Time is of the essense, others have opened casual dialogue but no employment offer yet!

        • I’m already here and will be here all summer…I’ve been searching and scouting Yellowstone and surrounding areas for almost three months now and I know where the chest isn’t!

          • DR – New year, new season, perhaps new partner. Contact me by email. BMGman@swbell.net I’ve got some info that you might need Looking for a BOTG this May or later – but not too much later.

  85. Hi Jake,

    If you are still interested in partnering up and putting botg, and can do so relatively soon, please email me your thoughts and/or requirements for doing so.

    You can let me know here on the blog and email onefulloffaith@ yahoo.com

    Might put your name or TTOTC in the subject line.

    Thanks, Kristina

  86. Hi, all.
    This is certainly an interesting discussion. I have tended to lurk elsewhere and didn’t know about this page. I just returned from taking two different people to the area in Montana where I am confident the treasure is hidden. It matches so many clues and I truly believe we were close. The difficulty was that neither one of these individuals really enjoyed being there. I was reminded of Forrest Fenn’s remark that the treasure hunt should be fun. I love being up there and am truly grateful that Mr. Fenn introduced me to it. I think it wise to team up with someone in the back country, even though it’s not far, because of grizzlies. I live in California. If you are interested, please send an email to linda.doran@nasw.org.

    • I’m a semi-retired Accountant currently in the Gardiner area and have been here since Apr 28, 2018, and will likely be here until it gets too cold.

      I’m looking for others to help me with research until the end of summer…I’ve been all through Wyoming and Montana, all through Yellowstone, down to Cody, Kirwin, the Shoshone and Wood River, all through the Shoshone National Forest (a dead forest), Beartooth National Forrest, Gallatin National Forrest, etc… out to Hebgen Lake, Firehole Canyon, Norris Canyon, Yankee Jim Canyon, etc… and just about every river from southern Wyoming to Bozeman, MT and can tell you, based on Fenn’s ancillary comments, where the chest is not.

      I have narrowed it down to an area within a canyon (as I have gone in there) and around one of four rivers all within the same area and all in or near the park boundary.

      I found the “Brown Family Home” in Gardiner as well, this is uncle Joe Brown’s home, as well as his mining partners, near his claim on Bear Creek, though I’m not convinced Joe Brown’s home is THOB. There’s trail below Joe Brown’s home that takes you down to Bear Creek, the only other way to get to Bear Creek legally is down Eagle Creek Trail from Eagle Creek Campground.

      I found an old Indian cave just below Deckard Flats and just above Brown’s mining cliam…there are two channels dug in the 1860’s on top of Deckard Flats that bring water from Palmer Creek and Malin Creek and over the side of the cliff on chutes down a draw to the mining site…water high? There’s also an old hydro-generator down there that was installed in 1903 to provide power to the town of Jardine.

      I found another Brown in the Army Grave at Mammoth Hot Springs but don’t believe this is THOB either.

      What I believe is this poem is not just a map but also the path of a specific event…Fenn has said there’s a relationship to the clues, if these are points on a map then what are the possible relationships to points on a map…think about it. Find the event and solve the puzzle…

      Has anyone noticed the word “tarried” at Colter’s Hell? It’s definitely not the location of the chest but it could be the starting point of an event, i.e. the Nez Perce trying to escape the army.

      There’s more to the puzzle than meets the eye…

  87. I didn’t say anything about it being there, “tarried” is not a common word and something I had to look up when I first read Fenn’s poem. There are three possible reasons for this; coincidence; Fenn read this sign at some point and used it in his poem; or it’s a clue.

    I’m looking for a starting point for an event, if there’s a relationship to the places in the poem than there’s a relationship to the points on a map. What are the possible relationships to points on a map? I can think of only two practical possibilities.

    These points are likely related to an event, i.e. an expedition, a stagecoach or mail carriers route, a discovery, the route Trout take to spawn, or just a day in someone’s life, something ties it together and I can find only two possibilities as to how points on a map could be related.

    Also, Fenn’s comments about what you would when you found the chest makes Cody impossible but it could be a starting point, though I don’t think that’s likely either. However, there is a one in three chance that the word “tarried” on the sign in Cody is a clue.

      • Colorado boy here. I have wondered that also, but I have not come up with a solve that connects with the Tarryall Mountains or Tarryall Reservoir apart from that one single potential clue.

        Also, it occurs to me that “tarry all” is nearly the opposite of “tarry scant”.

        It is a great place to marvel and gaze though. 🙂

      • That’s a beautiful area that I’ve hiked around plenty in, Soloman Stanton. Certainly not a wasted trip to visit the area even if you don’t find the treasure!

  88. I am in search of someone in the Wyoming area around Yellowstone but not in it. I am in a hurry because i believe my solve is also on the verge of being solved by someone with the means to go. I feel i can get you within 10-20ft of the chest. I am in Florida and have no way to get to my solve for a long time.

    I would love to discuss with someone asap and make plans. Please help a fellow hunter in this most desperate hour.

        • Yeah not the mit ppl. But a discussion between 3 ppl had some key words I believe. At least key words or phrases I use or used.

    • I live about 120 miles NE of YNP. I have locating equipment. If someone gets me on the site i will split it 50-50 with them.
      mowypt yawhoo

    • Well you let me know if you’re still interested. I’m headed that way this summer. I can check for you if I feel its viable enough for me to. respond to my email ironwillyatgmaildotcom

  89. I need someone to look for me that can ride a horse in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem or backpack multiple days. As a flatlander I am physically unable to make the journey.

  90. I concur with Dal. It is unlikely in the extreme that Forrest rode a horse to hide Indulgence (otherwise 2 round trips is a bit hard to justify).

  91. I am in New Zealand and not able to visit the areas and i don’t have good enough net/web connection to access details maps or google earth of areas, and i don’t have Fenn’s books, but i believe i have found some matches for some clues and i need someone who can visit the areas to partner with. I am willing to go halves or negotiate depending on how much we each contributed to the finding. There would have to be some sort of written agreement and witness of info i share.

  92. I’m a 69 yo nomad self sufficient retiree. I could go most anywhere. But after years of study, I have not come up with any ideas that I consider good enough. So I probably won’t think that your idea is good enough, but you never know.

  93. Let’s revisit this. I wanted to head out to Wyoming and Montana this September, but I was offered a job I could not decline. I posted my biscuit basin solve and I took the feedback and went back to the drawing board. My new location fits so well I do not want to share the solve.

    I also just put $1800 down on a car my wife wanted, so my spending cash is on hold for a while. Hey, have to keep the wife happy as well. I need convinced, an agreement, written, signed, faxed…some way to know I will not be screwed. Let’s talk.

  94. If you can make it to Los Alamos, NM, and will split the “take” 50/50 I have a solve for you.

    It will only take about an hour from where you park to check it out.
    It can be done on a weekend.

    I have traveled by plane to NM 5 times and learned a lot, now I am too broke to go again.

  95. Michael,
    I am in Santa Fe, just an hour from Los Alamos… contact me at fennatical at gmail dot com…

    Willing and able for an adventure and of course a 50/50 split …

    –Best Regards


    • Very sorry, I just saw your post today.
      I thought Dal’s website would email me any replies to my posts, but I guess that didn’t work.

  96. ByGeorge,

    You were reaching out for a new team member who would help you with your solve. We are not greedy and want this treasure chest found for Florrest Fenn. He is generous and amazing and we too are near the end but cannot find our solve. So, we humbly ask to join your team if possible…the weather is racing against us.

    Let’s do it for Forrest Fenn.

  97. Hi all.

    Having posted a couple of solves here on Dal’s site recently (https://dalneitzel.com/2019/10/03/gardiner_jonpaul/) I now have a logical and robust solution to the poem that is consistent with the 9 clues and Forrest’s many ATFs, that defines the blaze, and is self-validating a la TS Eliot. If I’m right, Forrest is one clever SOB. However, being an armchair searcher based in the UK, I need someone Stateside to go BOTG in the new season with a view to confirming my solve and splitting the treasure or its proceeds. Contact me at jonpaulfahy(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk



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