Looking in Colorado…Part One


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  1. South metro Denver…available for one or two day trips into the mountains (job permitting). Can get across the entire Rockies range to Grand Junction or most points south in about 6 or 7 hours (weather permitting, which it isn’t today)

  2. I live in Woodland Park, Colorado. I have a targeted area in mind that the clues seem to indicate here in Colorado. I have been there twice and found some intriguing things. Remember in the book there is a guy with an ax standing by some stumps with a bird and nest in a crescent moon. Well, near where I was looking there were round posts sticking out of the ground about a foot or two tall in an open area. I didn’t think much of it until I looked beyond the posts and there were a few bird nesting boxes. Now I am even more interested in the area I have chosen in my state. Has anyone else had similar experiences in good old Colorado? Oh, my spot is definitely north of Santa Fe… almost due north!

    • I was set on CO for awhile, with warm waters haulting being the headwaters of the Rio Grande but I have steered my search elsewhere but still… I wouldn’t be to sure. Forrest has made regular drives to Wyoming both in his childhood on the way to yellowstone and as an adult for trips to Cody, Sheridan, and for archaeological purposes. It could very well be that he has a favorite spot on one of those routes that means alot to him. A place his family would stop every trip to get out and stretch or hike, or a hotsprings he liked to soak in. He did say we would be surprised when the location of the treasure is finally revealed.

  3. The biggest reason for any location should be because it fits the poem and all the extra clues that have been given and not because one wants it to fit somewhere. I happen to live here in CO and one particular location spoke to me. I wouldn’t even be looking if it didn’t. I didn’t set out to find the treasure and study Mr. Fenn. I read the poem one day and thought, I know a place that sounds like that. The more I study the poem, the more it works for me. I’m not so bold to say that I am sure but it hasn’t proven me wrong so far because it hasn’t been found elsewhere and I haven’t heard any clues that don’t work for me yet. I think the more important question is, Why not in Colorado? Does anyone have any evidence against?

    • I have been searching in Colorado. I have a place that I feel fits the poem. I have the HOB as the owner of land on a plat map below a park where the ladies have the biddies hand and foot card game once a week. There is an old Pontiac car on the side of the “cliff” to a warm river. No I have not found the TC yet but have also looked in the next valley over at a place where high creek is. Still no luck. There is a meadow there – davis meadow which is the last name of FF grandparents. Colorado would be in the middle of texas and montana which is where FF said he would like to be again ” in the middle”. I lived in Colorado 18+ years, but live in the midwest now. I have been reading lots about Colorado only because of FF. My next trip I wish to visit Crestone – looks and sound like a unique place.

  4. A particular area in Colorado, based on the clues alone and maybe the introduction, definitely came to my mind immediately. At first I was very excited thinking aha, I’m a genius, that’s it for sure! However, after some thought, some of my interpretations could be pretty obscure but who knows? When it warms up I’m dragging my sis and maybe my husband out to one of my favorite areas. My husband is familiar with the area, but my sis has never been in her recollection (I’m sure Dad drove through here but it wasn’t his favorite for reasons I can’t fathom) and this is if nothing else a great reason to get her to this wonderful part of the state! If no treasure of gold, we’ll have a treasure of sights and a stop for great pizza and beer to boot.

  5. This just in from Forrest-
    Dal, I’m getting lots of email from people that say someone claims to have found the treasure. Can you assure them that 14 different men have made bogus claims to have found the treasure but no one has. f

  6. Colorado was one of my first places to search. Went to Tarryall and was able to get everything to match up to the clues including a really cool cemetery and some bronze spot that seems to be on the side of a rock wall(heavy loads). Look at this video and go to .03 and pause it to see the bronze spot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpe-7svpvY8 There’s also a bar called the Stagecoach and there’s a farm of buffalo down the road.

  7. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the trip, but am looking to bounce ideas off of ‘Browns Hole,’ located on the northwest tip of Colorado. It was once a famous hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Gang. What’s interesting is that there is allegedly a hidden treasure around the area.

    Reread poem:
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    Below a hole, the home of Brown, the home of Butch Cassidy when he escaped the law.
    There is a canyon nearby and an alleged diamond field close by. So if you don’t find the treasure chest, there are still stories of diamonds and rubies encrusted in the area surrounding the Browns Park.

    There are also dinosaur tracks and carvings for the kiddos.

    Let me know what you guys think of this place.

    • really fine research you have done i am going to colorado the 7th of april maybe we can share some thoughts

      • That sounds to be a good time to go searching for the treasure. Another good spot I have researched is the Rio Grande National Forest, a prime spot for all of the clues to fit together. I’m planning on doing more research on Brown’s Hole, and would be happy to let you know what I find.

      • Hopefully I will be able to secure financing before my birthday June 23 what a way to celebrate if I found it but Grand Junction area is not where I would be looking! Again a clue infamous Brown that made a fortune in the Rockies………….damn last freakin clue I am givin! But I do need a partner!

        • hay jodi,

          i have some free time and a few extra resources. might like to give this a go for a month or 2 come springtime. thanks. bk

    • I’m sure other people have stumbled upon all of this before so I won’t feel too bad putting this out there, but arguably one of the main achievements of Mr. Fenn was acquiring the “Fenn Cache” of Clovis weapons/tools.

      These were originally discovered in 1902 and the location of this discovery, although ambiguous, may be tied to the Flaming Gorge area which is at the border of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Interestingly, the Flaming Gorge Dam is a location which is both metaphorical and literal for “where warm waters halt” as the Green River is actually quite a warm river until it hits the flaming gorge reservoir where the deepening of the channel and halting of waters causes it to cool down drastically.

      The outlet of the Green River from the Flaming Gorge Dam passes through a canyon that is about 10 miles long.. not really that far but you definitely don’t want to be walking 10 miles in the hot summer. Downstream of the Green River, the canyon opens up into Brown’s Park. The origins of the name of the place are widely disputed, but there are two potential interpretations for “home of Brown” which I won’t divulge. In addition to the Fenn treasure, the general area has been implicated in terms of gold and diamond mining and with Fremont artifacts (“hinting of riches new and old”).

      From there… I am stumped and I probably wouldn’t be able to follow any of the directional clues until I actually get there later in the summer.

      • Excellent research ASBal. I was stumped on the warm waters portion of the poem and believe what you said to be considerably true. Forrest Fenn is no stranger to famous outlaws, as he is the co-owner of I believe Billy the Kid’s Museum somewhere in Wyoming.(feel free to check again on this) the fact that it could be near the famous loot of Butch Cassidy is also an excellent motivation to search out here anyways. I came across a book of long lost treasures in Colorado, and they say that to this day the treasure has not been found. Anywho, no need digging up any outhouses out there if you find any. Ill be heading out around there in the summer and wouldnt mind having other people join me.
        2 cents.

      • Sean, there is no Billy the Kid museum or anything else like that in Wyoming. You may be thinking of Buffalo Bill Museum.

          • I have been to buffalo bills grave and all.you get a beautiful view,from there.I even took the old road up,very winding,but pretty,but you got to be careful.go I-70 and get off to go there.you might see some buffalo,as they are there sometimes by I-70.i live in arvada,co.metro area of Denver.my daughter lives at the bottom of look out mountain in a subdivision down there.in golden.the gift shop is a must see.but I ain’t going in the museum.saw it along time ago.

      • Sean-
        Forrest is not a co-owner of the Buffalo Bill Museum. He is on the Board of Trustees along with about 40 others including Alan Simpson, Dick Cheney, Sam Webb, Wally Johnson and other remarkable folks. He has also donated exhibit material to the museum.

  8. Naw not really in a canyon not only possible snow but river to high with run off! I lived and worked in the Rocky Mountains so I know. Hiking down not up.

  9. I just want to give a few saftey tips when looking for the treasure. Never hike alone but if you must let someone know where and how long you will be gone. The mountains can be unforgiving! Also carry water and layer clothing. Weather can change quickly! Also pay attention so not to get lost. If you come upon a bear talk loudly and make sure you are not blocking the exit for the bears. Bears are afraid of us! Walk tall!!! Mountain lions are less afraid and will stalk you! Rattlesnakes like to hang out under rocks and overhangs take care when reaching under things and don’t run snakes can jump their legnths. Be prepared this is not a walk in the park!

    • Be very careful . This guy is a murderer who has only recently been released from prison where he spent 20 years . He writes books about all sorts of subjects and none of them are factual.No one should listen to anything he has to say nor follow any of his directions. And never have anything to do with him in person .

      • Mountainmama-
        Do you mean Kerry Ross Boren, one of the author’s listed for that document?
        Strong accusations. Can I ask where your information comes from?
        I guess I am most interested in the statement that his material is not factual and why we should not have anything to do with him?

      • Dal, this is not an accusation. It is fact. Anyone who googles him will see this history of this guy.Having known him for nearly 40 years there is a lot more I could tell you. Also any person having researched outlaw history knows this guy. He is a joke among all reputable history buffs and serious researchers. He beat his wife to death after many years of abuse was convicted and spent 20 years in Utah State Prison. His present wife met him in prison and worked to get him paroled. His facts are all either totally bogus or in some cases forgeries.Be very careful in dealing with this guy.

        • I did a search for his name and he and his wife in fact are a writing team. They wrote alot of things. I did see a page on guilty or innocent but I do not have time to read as I am leaving for work. It might be easy to crosscheck some of these mentions in his brown writing. I will let you know with what I find out……

  10. Stay strong Coloradans…I firmly believe the box is here. Keep bouncing clues off of each other and believe! Continue to research Molly Brown, that will be the key to “home of Brown”…after 13 years in Hannibal MO, she came here and spent her formative years. Find out where. Remember, Forrest’s good friend Ralph Lauren has a very large spread here, and he has every reason to have been here a lot. Good Luck and represent for the Centennial State!!!

    • Colorado was the first place I ever looked. Part of me thinks that his family must have stayed in Colorado on the way up to Yellowstone and he doesn’t mention Colorado…I think that’s kind of strange. If he doesn’t want people to know where it is…then maybe that’s why. Also, I don’t know about people out West…but when I hear the Rockies, being a Midwesterner…my immediate thought is that they are in Colorado. I didn’t realize they were in other states.

  11. @Scott C ….. or anyone else actively looking in CO. I live out on East Coast I was looking for some people more local to bounce ideas around with who have a better eyewitness knowledge of western CO.

    viper244_03 yahoo

    • viper, I would be glad to give you my thoughts…and by the way Coloradofenns seem to be a pretty small, or very quiet group, but if you are thinking CO then I concur. I’ve been to western CO a couple of times recently, about 6 hours away, and can tell you that the snowpack on trails and down into river banks is still 3 to 4 feet anywhere above 8000 feet, and we are expecting snow tomorrow. You can e-mail me at crosier11 at comcast dot net if you want to converse.

      Incidentally, western CO is the ticket…I could give several reasons for Denver, AF Academy, or CO Springs not being the location IMO, to start with, none of them are even in the Rockies…we are all a few miles east of the foothills (on the beach of Dal’s inland sea)

  12. Alright wanted to give a refresher in this state here. I just know it’s gotta be in Colorado. Let me know what you guys think about this:

    In Colorado, the headwaters of the Arkansas River contain many rapids unattainable by paddle. Nearby there is a Brown’s Canyon. Take it in the canyon down. Not far but too far to walk, put in below the home of Brown.

    Has anyone searched this area? If so, has anyone found any other coorelation in the poem? I will try to get back and post more that I find online and on Google Earth. But like Forrest Fenn said, it’s better to go out yourself and look for it. haha


  13. I’m moving to Colorado in June for a military assignment and am looking forward to the opportunity to get out in the mountains and do some exploring. Like everyone else, I have a few ‘hot spots’ in mind and find myself looking for reasons why any or all of the clues tie to these locations in at least some distant or obscure way. I’m curious how much folks take into account Forrest’s experience as a military pilot into their planning and research. He was most certainly trained to read maps, to chart and navigate, and to incorporate vectors (straight lines between destinations) into his flight planning. Surely the years of studying and absorbing this method of mapping must have factored at least a little into his riddle, no? Look at this line from a site on how pilots read maps: “…that’s the theory. In reality it requires a bit more paperwork before you jump in the aircraft but any real pilot will tell you that pre flight planning is worth it’s weight in gold.” I’m going to assume he wanted the eventual ‘finder’ to be someone who took the time to understand the myriad aspects of his poem…a balance of creativity and logic….art and science….and that maybe, just maybe he wanted this thing to be found in very much the same way a pilot finds his target. Anyone have thoughts on this idea?

    • KenW,

      Where in Colorado will you be relocating? If it’s near me we might get our heads together and maybe plan a trek to treasure hunt. You can email me at jbholli@gmail.com.

  14. Hi everyone,
    I’m another one who believes that the chest is in Colorado or New Mexico. I live in a small town about 2 1/2 hours from Santa Fe and 1 1/2 from the Four Corners. I’ll be making my first treasure hunt trip next weekend. I see that people are teaming up and I would be open to joining forces if anyone is interested. I’m looking at making at least 10 weekend searches this year. My email is sparky953 at yahoo.

  15. While reading Forrest’s book again, I paused on the story on page 45. Specifically the part where his dad would take them 50 miles out of their way to a schoolhouse in Wyoming that had the saying “He who teaches a child, labors with god in his workshop.” Well, it just so happens that phrase is etched over the East door of Kepner Hall (Univ. Northern Colorado)…. Which happens to be in Greeley, Colorado. Which happens to be just off the beaten path his father would have most likely driven from Temple, Texas to Yellowstone. On google maps, there are only three recommended paths to Yellowstone from Temple…. And all three go right past that university.
    So..just one more embellishment? Major coincidence? Or chance that there is more than one school from the 1800s with the same words etched over a door? And if it really was the university, why not say it?
    And there is a Brown Faculty apartment on campus… πŸ˜‰

    Grain of salt.

        • Greeley is not in the Rocky Mountains…it’s about 20 miles to the foothills from there.

      • You could interperet that many ways. I would say it is not hidden within any structure. I do not think it means that none of the clues reference any structures.

    • I think it’s too much to say that it’s actually at the university, but it may be a clue that the treasure is in CO.

      I’ve found it odd that I can’t find any FF reference to CO. It’s almost conspicuously absent from the book or any blog posting or interview (that I could find) that he’s done since the treasure business.

      It makes perfect sense that his family would have passed through on their way to/from YNP. Plus, being the nature-lover/explorer/amateur-archaeologist that he is, I’m sure FF spend a good deal of time in the state once he moved to NM.

      Conspicuously absent. I think its in CO, and I have a few good spots to check out. πŸ™‚

      • Solid thinking elbow…hope to pass you on some trail in the Centennial State…but I hope you’re walking the opposite direction…LOL

        Coloradofenns will prevail!

        • If you pass me hurrying out of a canyon wearing a pack that looks to have something large and very heavy in it, you’ll pardon me if I’m a little brief in my greetings to you, Scott. LOL
          Seriously though, good luck. Hope to see you on the quest.

      • Yeah, I agree…I don’t think it’s at the university. And I agree…he completely bypasses any mention of Colorado. And yet, so much actually points there.
        There are too many coincidences. When I use what I think are clues in his book and match them up with geographic locations, and obviously the poem… There are too many coincidences. However… I have 4 spots in 4 states now… So it’s easy to say that about a lot of locations.

    • I may be late to the punch, but upon reviewing page 45, he said a one room schoolhouse down a dirt road 50 miles out of the way. I do not think a University would have only one school room even back in the 1800’s. And yes the treasure is not associated with any structure. Again sorry I am late for the punch, but it seemed no one thought it was of any relevance.

  16. I have a place I’m going to look in Southern Colorado. It fits HOB, and every clue all the way to the blaze, which I have to find when I get there. It’s going to be found in CO! My spot is on private land surrounded by National Forest – so not sure what to do if I found it. I’m sure FF would tell me when I return his bracelet.

    • Hey inthechase, I am in a similar situation right now. I might have some clues about the HOB but it is on private land. Did anything ever pan out for you? Can you share the place that you had in mind?

  17. Just got back from looking in CO, will be returning in the Fall. Snows were still very deep in June. Will try again in late Aug. Nice reference page.

    • Wow, you must be searching at some really high elevations if the snow is still deep. It’s been hotter than blazes here for a while. Good luck with the search!

      Stay safe out there, CO searchers… and be mindful of how bad the conditions are for wildfires.

  18. check this: …. “the home (page) of (Dan) Brown”….. go to the very bottom…. Job 38:11 … Colorado latitude?
    All heros with flashlights, back to the poem.

  19. And another tribute to another OCD (obsessive clue disorder) author… Mr. Holmes, Game of Shadows, … “The end is nigh. ” Lord BLACKWOOD

  20. An FYI The 1800’s ghost town of St Elmo used to be called Forrest city. Seems like it could be special to Mr. Fenn and perhaps partly owned.

  21. Anybody want me to check something for them? I Looping Colorado next weekend 7/26 and hitting a couple idea’s of mine. I live 45 Min from Rocky Mountain National Park and Greeley. (For other searches another day) But for my trip,
    I will be heading south 285 thru Conifer, Bailey, Buena Vista to Salida, Then West on 50 thru Gunnison, Montrose, Delta to Grand Junction. Then East on I-70 thru Glenwood springs, Vail ect to Denver.
    Let me know if you live out of state and want me to check something if I am driving near the area.

  22. Warm waters halt = Flaming Gorge Dam
    Put in below the home of Brown = Brown’s Park Headquarters on 318
    No place for the meek = Newell once told Joe Meek that the Rockies were no place for them (this happened at Fort Davy Crockett, now Lodore Hall)
    Heavy loads is a geological formation found = very common in this area.
    Water high refers to Vermillion Falls.

    For those seeking the treasure, go toward the Gates of Lodore campground by taking 318 to 34. Go right right on 34 and take the next right (dirt road going northwest). You’ll know the blaze when you see it.

    • What happened after you saw the “blaze”? Why do you end your commentary here?

        • PS – Not in a graveyard means it is not in Dinosaur National Park. It is difficult to determine the borderline between Brown’s Park, Dinosaur Nat., and BLM lands without a GPS unit (topo map doesn’t help).

    • Hello Everyone, I am another person of great belief that the treasure lies in Co. I would like to point something out that no one has mentioned so far. The chest described holding the treasure would need be very strong and quite heavy on its own to hold the treasure. I would bet the chest alone weighs 42 lbs. empty. I would also bet that enclosed in the chest is a special means of contacting FF to claim the treasure without worry of any molestation or harm. This would also be a perfect way to ensure that FF knows when some actually finds it. I know the person who eventually does find it will have to pay the IRS their due as well. Too easy to discover and dash without telling anyone. This is gold and other treasure that would make the chest quite a bit heavier than 42 lbs., if valued at 2 million. A perfect way for FF to bring this quest to a grand finale when found. I also have my own theory about the location, but I live in Fl., and cant get there anytime soon. If anyone is looking to partner up with me, I would love to talk. I have a very good track record with a big win on a similar hunt a few years back. schuckalan@gmail.com Hope to hear from someone! Alan

      • Alan-

        Forrest has often told us that the chest alone weighs about 20lbs and the treasure weighs about 22lbs. The whole shebang weighs 42lbs.

        Forrest has never said what the value of the treasure is. He cannot for a variety of reasons the most significant being the fluctuating value of gold. What it was worth a year ago is not the same as what it was worth last week. The press are the folks who have variously calculated the treasure to be worth from $1m to $3m.

        But the weight of the gold is not the only value marker for the gold. It is also very collectible gold and that value can only be speculative until the market actually pays for the items.


        • Thanks for the info. I would still bet FF has devised a way of knowing for sure it has been found, as well as the safety of recovering it. Lets not foget Uncle Sam and all the publicity.

        • Hey Dal, My one theory of location has not been mentioned by anyone else, as far as I know. By carefully deciphering the clues, and paying extreme attention to FF’s wording, my theory was born. I have researched several maps using my “Mr. Smartypants reasoning”, and would love to share and discuss them. Please dont hesitate to contact me, as I would be happy to share my theory. All the best, Alan.

      • I thought of that too. . However, Forrest has addressed that issue specifically and has slapped it down. He said you will actually find the treasure, no “safe deposit boxes” or similar things. But the fact that he claims to “know” that the treasure has not been found IS some kind of clue.

  23. Just got back from the Black Canyon of Gunnison. Only one spot you can get to the water without having a extremely difficult hike in and out. (not for an 80 year old) By the river just a ton of fishermen (Gold Metal fishing waters) and everywhere else was just steep climbs and loose rocks. So mark that area off your list if any of you have it. No treasure but the plus side I caught a huge beautiful rainbow trout. Haven’t been fishing or camping since 2001. Definitely getting in the woods again was grand!!!

  24. I spent the last year in Arizona with my terminally ill Mother caring for her. Mom loved treasure hunting! We both studied the poem and I ordered the book just before Mom passed away on June 8th. The book sat untouched until my recent move back to Colorado, where I lived before I moved to Arizona to care for her. Mom and I had discussed several spots in Colorado that we thought fit the poem. I am looking forward to getting out to investigate them soon. I’m hoping to find the treasure and honor my Mom by donating some of the riches towards bladder cancer research. I miss you Mom and I know that you will be with me on my adventures. Let the hunting begin……

    • Tracey – I used to live in Colorado (Summit County 18+yrs) now live in the midwest, but my Mother had a stroke and I went to care for her from 2011-2013. I happen to see a story on FF in April 2013. I think it is in Colorado – If you’ve been wise I take as the collegiate range (Princeton, Harvard Yale etc.) Princeton has the hot springs Home of brown – Colorado was the home of Molly Brown and also Browns Canyon is in the area of the collegiate range. I just finished reading the book mysterious Valley – very interesting – I even remember in Summit county strange sightings, but nothing like what has appeared in the San Luis valley. I hope to visit Crestone and then search the Rainbow trail, but that is a long trail!

  25. The treasure is definitely in Colorado. And after realizing this morning that what I thought was not a clue, in fact is…a big one. It made (almost) everything else make sense. Your a clever man Mr. Fenn. My head is spinning, in a good way. Now just need to put a few other things together before heading out on September 14th. Wish me luck!

    • I have it solved in CO also. Just wasn’t so simple on the ground. We searched off and on for a week in early June. Altitude was an issue. Two more places I want to search in the same area, probably will wait until next spring. Found new ideas once on the ground. Blaze is very interesting. Good luck!

    • Sounds like you’re “moving with confidence” as Forrest said the finder would. Do your clues lead you right to it?
      Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.
      Oh, when does the snow start in CO?

  26. It’s not in Hanging Lake, already looked there. Even found “the Blaze” or so I thought. May have missed it though…

    • I think hanging lake area fits all the clues but have some theories as to were around the area. Did you look at the lake?

    • I know! Well, if it does float away…it can float right on down to my house! In all seriousness, it’s a sad situation here. Pray for Colorado.

  27. My treasure hunting trip has been cancelled here in Colorado for this weekend, as you all may have guessed why. The flooding is just unbelievable. If the treasure is in Colorado, as I believe it is, I’m sure Forrest is watching the weather very closely. Are you Forrest, huh…are you? πŸ™‚ There has been no flooding (that I’m aware of) where I think it might be located, but getting there is the issue, with all of the road closures. There are roads and highways just swept away by water. It will take a long time to fix all of this mess. God bless our first responders and my fellow Coloradoans. Looks like it may have to be next spring before I can get to where I want to go. That’s ok, I have one other spot in mind (not in Colorado) that I can research a little more in the meantime.
    Happy Hunting Everyone!

  28. NM is also getting hit with bad floods this year has been pretty bad. Forrest said a while back that only floods and fires can really hurt the treasure hopefully not

  29. Just ordered Forrest’s new book! Can’t wait to get it! I know the treasure is in Colorado…I just know it is!!! πŸ™‚

  30. What would it be doing there sorry to bust your bubble but only 2 places it could be is NM OR somewhere around yellow stone

  31. The treasure is in Colorado. I know the general location. I have solved all of the clues except for the “blaze”. And I am hoping that will be something I see when I get there. It is a very large area and will most likely take many trips. If I don’t come home with it this time, I will go again and again because it IS there. I am headed out in the morning…as long as the weather holds up. Very excited! πŸ™‚ I will try to post a few pics when I return.
    Happy Hunting Everyone!

  32. you must remember most all the land belongs to the government in the united states.public land ,belongs to the government .personal property belongs to the owner of the land,in my case,the land under my ground belongs to the railroad.sbondoned property still belongs to the owner of the property .if he cannot be found .the land belongs to who ever buys it ,or if they can find his realitives first.or the government owns it.so whats left.nothing.I live in Arvada,co.and I also believe its in Colorado.but I could be wrong.how is mr. fenn going to put treasure on land ,he does not own.this is confusing me,as you have to look at the laws of the land.

      • boy,the laws does go way back,change and then change again.ok,I read what you sent,it said I could float on the river on public land etc. and on private land ,I need to float,etc.but not touch the bottom of river or stream or the water mark title,or I could be put in jail as trespassing,as the sherriff and land owners still see it this was as of today.then I read later,that I could fish,float stand walk in the water to fish recreation,etc.even if it passes thru public land,as they do not own the river,as the federal government has sent this land apart for public use.but the land owners and sheriffs still don’t see it this way.they think they own the river,which passes thru their land.so they need to know we can do this as long as we don’t get on any of their land.just stay in the water,floating or walking,is this right.

        • Well, the law was originally written using common sense. If you were lost – the way back was to follow the river. It did not require you to be in the river. If you needed water to drink – you did not have to go swimming. Courts have upheld that in the state of CO. I don’t know about other states – they are all different.

        • You are correct in most parts. Some landowners have granted easements along the river so people can stop and fish. Others sit on their front porch with a hi powered rifle and put holes in your boat. You can own the land but you cant own the water. You can go to your local outfitter and most have river maps that you can look at.

    • Hi Virginia. I think that you are on the right track. Please let me know if you want to discuss.

      • you have to go thru the legal stuff ,or we will end up in big trouble.so yeah,i have been trying to sort out a lot of stuff and also the poem.mr. fenn said you have to do a lot of research and read the poem over and over.cause your not going to find it until the poem is solved.I have been breaking it down.think I might be getting somewhere,I hope.when I started ,I just found out about this chase poem by accident on the computer.I wasn’t looking for the gold,as I told mr. fenn,this 61 year old is not going out where I could be around bears,snakes and mountain lions ,etc.but when I met him,he wrote in his book for me.virginia keep looking.so I started to do all this researching and trying to figure out this poem.I wish I could find it leaglly.pay the taxes and build me a ranch house,pay off bills.and help my sister and two brothers.and a food bank.don’t know what you would do with the treasure if I found it.first I would take it back to mr. fenn.cause I would not know what to do with it in the first place.he is such a smart man,he would know.and anyway he’s the best person I have meet.i only wish,i could of had a loving father like him. I got his book,the secrets of san lazaro pueblo,Too far to Walk,now I got The thrill of the chase coming my way anyday.oh,gosh does this man love to read books.hemingway,whitman,i have read,and they sound just like the books he would read.cause he has lotsssssss of books.he is so intriguing.I’d love to sit in his study and just listen to him tell stories.because,i meet him at the collected works book store in santa fe.and we talked awhile.such a preasious man.you’d just fall in love with him,such a honest gentleman.

  33. I would think that he would of researched the land laws and found a loophole somewhere, so that when the searcher found it, there would be A.) No applicable law, therefore relinquishing ownership to the finder. B.) The laws set in place would be either so ambiguous or contradictory that authorities would have no choice but to relinquish ownership to the finder. C.)Placed on the border of three or more governing bodies like the Fenn Cache. D.) On land that he owns or E.) Land that you own.

  34. It’s very late here but I’m too wired to go to bed just yet so I thought I would share how my trip to “solution” went today. If you read my earlier post, you know that I STRONGLY believed in this location. Here’s why…
    Earlier this past week, I had an “Ah Ha” moment and all of the clues lined up for me perfectly. Comments that Forrest has made lined up perfectly as well.
    So, we went there today. Let me start by saying that it is a truly beautiful place! Had a wonderful time exploring with my oldest son and his family. And after being there, I can tell you that I am 100% sure that I’m right….that IS where the treasure is hidden. There were about 5 things that confirmed it for us. I won’t go into all of them because, of course, I don’t want to give my location away. But I will share one of them with you so that you know why I believe this to be the right place. So, you know that many places have the point of interest signs that you can stop and read….well, there were at least 2 signs that we stopped and read that were designed JUST LIKE some of the pages in Forrest’s books! Not the same pictures, but layed out the same way! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Forrest made those signs!
    It’s a large area to search and could possibly take several years to find it. But I am so sure about this that I am taking all of my other potential locations off the table. I will go back again and again and again. Because IT IS there! I took some beautiful pictures but don’t think we can post them here so I will post them on the FB page tomorrow. Had a fantastic time today!

    • Tracey,
      ff has said something like the clues will lead you “precisely” to the treasure . Continue to work on the poem , and if you get a “breakthrough ” , it could save you many years of searching . Don’t give up . Good luck to you. Just having a great time out with your family is worth a lot .


    • I removed the pictures from the FB page. I hear there are people that aren’t smart enough to try to figure out the clues for themselves so they steal other peoples ideas by running the coordinates on the pictures. Sad…

      • FB does not attach properties to photo’s (like time, location ect.) So you are safe to post.
        When posting to other sites You can remove the properties (personal information) from your pictures by Right clicking the picture
        go to properties
        then Details tab,
        then “remove properties and personal information” link.
        You can make a copy of the picture with all info removed.

        Also if you are using a phone to take pictures turn off the “Location Services” for your camera (in the settings) and it wont attach info on your pictures.
        Hope that helps.

        • Lost-
          Great info…thanks for the tip…
          If you use a mac of course the removal process is a bit different than Lost’s process above, which only works on a Windows PC.

    • tracy, hope you have found the right spot.and get the treasure.it needs to be found by someone who really needs it, and will use the money from it in a good way.good luck,searching in colorado

        • I have heard of that, I can’t figure out how people do it though. It only works when I take pics with my phone. My camera is probably too old for that though. I have reason to believe that if someone were to do that it would only make things more difficult for them. Kind of like reading a book, but starting in the middle.

          • My phone doesn’t even take photos….the cord isn’t long enough.
            Treasure is in Colorado, the Treasure is in Colorado….keep looing…I will be back out there in July. Good luck.

  35. What if I don’t need it ?
    But have some really really good uses for it ?
    Do I qualify as being worthy of the discovery ?
    I have alot of advertising costs that will be needed to get the word out.

  36. I’m attending the event on the afternoon of November 2nd at Moby Dickens Book Shop in Taos. I have been granted permission by Forrest and the proprietor of the bookshop to video record the event. I’ll upload it to my YouTube account after I edit and render it. I’ll post the link to the end of this thread.

    If you have any questions you’d like to have Forrest answer, please add them to this thread. I plan to write them on 3×5 cards and present them to the moderator when he asks if there are any questions from the audience.

    I reserve the right to edit any question that includes the use of the word “metaphysical.”



    • Toby-
      Bring a copy of the poem and ask him to read it so we can hear how he pronounces words and strings the lines together.

      • That is one great idea Dal.

        I’ve only heard him read a part of the poem and noted that it seemed forced – like he was trying to avoid going into a cadance of some type.

        I have often thought of reading it with an accent of some sort.

        Have you heard him read it?

  37. I e-mailed Forrest.

    I went into great detail of when I started my search and what area I am focused in on and why. I told him that I have taken all of my other areas off the table.

    He responded within 4 minutes. His response….

    “Good luck in the chase Tracey”

    (He also made another comment but it was personal and had nothing to do with the chase. It was about my mom passing away from cancer before we had a chance to read the book together.)

    I take that to mean I am right.
    No jokes, no sidesteps…just “Good luck in the chase Tracey”

    Or have others gotten the very same response? Maybe this is just a generic response?
    I’m not sure. I have heard other people say that he made a joking comment of sorts.

    Either way, I know I’m in the right location. I just know it.

    • Tracey…Forrest has autographed my copies of TTOTC and TFTW at different times. The dedication reads, “Good luck in the chase, Toby!” It’s one of his standard, perfectly neutral responses to someone attempting to elicit additional information from him.

      As Forrest would probably tell you, “If you know where it is, go get it before somebody else does!”


    • I also personally talked to Forrest and advised him of my search location. I got the same response as you.

      He doesn’t give out clues.

      He just remains polite.

    • Hi Tracey – how can I get in touch with you? I’ve got an important clue to pass along, if you are interested.

  38. Tracy.forrest is like that.he will not give any clue.its just good luck in finding the treasure.he wrote in my book.Virginia keep looking. Hes a sweetheart.honest.loves people. So good luck and keep looking.

  39. Personally, if I was going to hide a treasure in the Rocky Mountains for all the world to chase, I would not hide it in the state that I lived in. Simply because that is where most people would think it was hidden. AND, I would not hide it in a state that I was going to write about over and over again in my books because again… human nature is to say “hey, he loved Montana and Wyoming, it HAS to be there.” Nope, I don’t think it is in New Mexico, Wyoming or Montana. So what does that leave….Colorado. He also said that where he secreted it is very special to him and private. I’m banking on private meaning that he doesn’t talk about it (or write about it).
    Now where DO those warm waters halt….I’m not telling. But I’m pretty sure it’s in Colorful Colorado!

  40. Tons and tons of reading and research and I’ve finally got the blaze! Woo Hoo and Yippy!!!!! I have struggled for months with this blaze thingy. I’ve figured out that whole stanza! I’m sooooo happy!

    • did you read Loren? “We refuse to consider that in the old eye of the hurricane we may be, and doubtless are….”

  41. Our treasure hunting weekend started out with a tour of the Molly Brown house in Denver on Saturday morning. The tour lasted about an hour and was fascinating to learn how the rich lived back then. I am not sure that this is my HOB but it was fun just the same. After the tour we headed to our destination. After a long car ride, we were all ready to get out and stretch our legs a bit. We found a historical welcoming center in the area that had 3 floors of information for us. That is just what we were hoping for. We spent about an hour there then headed to one of our locations. We knew we would not be on foot much today as it was getting late but hoped to get an early start in the morning. So we got a motel in a quaint little mountain town near our search area. We woke up to snow on the ground and high winds. Oh no! We aren’t going to get any searching done like this! We loaded up in the car and headed to a war memorial that we had seen on the edge of town that warranted some investigation. It was nestled against a mountain right beside a graveyard. We piled out of the car to look at the giant helicopter and cannon and to read the memorials. Man, was it bitter cold! Needless to say, we didn’t stay long. Just as we all got back in the car, a police officer pulled in behind us and spoke to my son. He ran a check on his drivers license and then let us on our merry way. I’m not sure what that was about but I can only guess that the officer must have thought we had mental issues to be out there in that bitter cold reading those things! We left there and headed to our secret spot. This is why I love Colorado so much…by the time we arrived, the snow had melted, the winds had subsided and the weather was perfect! So we headed down the canyon and did what treasure hunters do. We saw some wildlife along the way. The best moment was when we came upon two very friendly horses. They just kept wanting to touch us. My daughter in law gave them a drink from her water bottle and one of them had the biggest smile, showing all of his teeth and gums! We all laughed so hard! I’m kicking myself for not having my camera ready! Then we hiked to the top of one of the mountains and the view was gorgeous! We even saw the biggest tire that you have ever seen at the top! It was laying beside a water well. Could that be β€œheavy loads and water high”? I will definitely be entertaining that idea as I research. At this point, we had limited time to walk around because we only had about 2 hours of daylight left once we reached the top. Which meant we had to head back down soon. I did not want to be stuck up there for the night not knowing how to get back down! We made it back down the mountain to where our vehicle was parked just as the sun was going down. As we drove out of the canyon and headed towards home, we were already talking about our next trip in the spring. Our adventure caused us to miss watching the Bronco game but we listened to it on the radio and cheered all the way home! Go Broncos!

    • Yup….There are other things about Leadville that make some sense…..to my imagination, anyway:-) Prolly cause I’ve lived here for the last 14 yrs and think its the most special place ever. Riches old and new….

  42. Telluride

    Bridal Veil falls freeze (Warm Waters halt)
    Down canyon to Brown Homestead at edge of town.
    Mill creek rd ( no paddle up creek)
    Drawing nigh (take fork to left)

    What you think?

    • Jim-
      Would frozen water qualify as warm ?
      I dunno…but it seems not likely…

      I really liked the idea of a box canyon. I thought the clues in the poem would lead me up a stream to the end of one.

        • Jim – your interpretations are worth consideration. I initially thought it might be in NW Colorado but the clues don’t fully jive. Check a map of hot springs in Colorado then look for the ‘Brown’ reference. Leadville is an option but Telluride makes sense too.

      • chris,really weird,last night,I found the same thing online.I was looking in telluride for a reason and came upon it,also the cementery

  43. I for one think it’s in CO. The clues all line up nearly perfect when I translate the names of places to similar meanings – and they match nearly every line of the poem – but I guess I’ll find out soon enough. I’ll be there this next weekend… (driving from Seattle 1,000 miles in the winter no less….)
    -Mr. Fisher

    • With it being February, I hope it’s not snow covered when you arrive after making that long drive. My only trip to search was in Colorado last May. When we arrived at our area, there was a ton of snow. Luckily, we made the trip a family vacation (not just for searching for the chest) and we had 9 days to play with. By the end of our trip, there was just a little snow in our immediate search area.
      Have a safe trip!

      • My son and I went to CO from Vermont last June…too much snow…took a week off from the search and went to Yellowstone to see all the animals being born WOW!!! Would only recommend July/August for higher elevations. See you out there soon.

    • BIG BREAKTHROUGH – I previously thought the treasure was in NW Colorado near Brown’s Park but I was only trying to make the area fit the poem. I recently learned that the word Pagosa in Ute means warm. Pagosa Springs, CO isn’t too far from Santa Fe and it is a gorgeous area. A friend in Pagosa was telling me about a canyon hike east of town. The hike follows the river in ‘Pagosa Springs’ (warm water) and goes to Treasure Falls. I’m not kidding, check it out – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treasure_Falls,_Colorado. Brown’s Trail is atop the falls and winds down the right side to the base. The trail is easy to walk but it can look scary if you get too close to the edge. My friend, Paul, was telling me that the switchback goes to Misty Deck – an area where you can see the falls from the base. At the base there are large boulders (heavy loads) and the water (waterfall) is high. Paul says that there is plenty of coves (holes created by erosion and freezing water) in the area surrounded by an aspen grove. He and his friends used to carve their initials in the aspen tress (PH, TM, etc.) I bet there is a tree at the base with FF carved in it. And beneath that tree is a cove.

      Has ANYONE search Pagosa Springs? I know all of this to be true but don’t know of anyone who searched in this area. If you do go, Paul and I recommend that you bring food and water because there is no place to eat until you get to town.

      • I have looked into that location last year, but when we made the trip to CO, we didn’t include it in our physical search. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching the area, but at the time, I didn’t think it fit the poem well enough to warrant a search. My sticking point was that I didn’t like the idea of Brown’s trail being the “home of Brown”. The location still crosses my mind once in a while as a possibility.

      • COG-
        Pagosa Springs has been examined by many over the past three years including much of the San Juan River both north and south of the town.The Pagosa Springs City website says the following about the origin of the word Pagosa:
        “Pagosah” is a Southern Ute word for “healing waters”

          • “water” and “red rocks” are a literal translation

            if memory serves i found multiple sources that say the meaning conveyed in the ute language (which may not come through in a literal translation) is warm

  44. Good luck Fisher. Bring lots of warm clothes (lol), the higher elevations have gotten hammered lately. I’m down in Denver and we’re still trying to thaw out. Take lots of pictures for us.

    • I would wait until after the spring thaw to go searching for the treasure.I live in Arvada,co.metro area of Denver .I am in the west part of area.june would be the best time to come.I have seen it snow june2nd. one year.usually on may the 15th,we start planting our garden,as the ground around arvada,has thawed out. around fall of the year ,we can have 80 degrees and the next day it will be snowing,thats Colorado.its got to be in Colorado,new mexico and Wyoming.does anybody remember what year mr. forrest hid his treasure.

  45. well if my big brother ever calls me up, with the words, ” its time to end this little search”, we will find it!!!! We’re both retired Houston Fire Fighters, and together, the treasure has our name on it. Just got to get some adrenalin in him. With his brains, and my “hunch” it will be ours. So ya keep coming with those clues, they’re damn good. Somebody wake up my brother.

  46. I truely believe it’s in Colorado . I have made 2 trips last year and I have one more in June where I’m searching I did find a tree that is blazed how Forrest would blaze a tree so I’m digging at night u have to be brave to dig there in that spot. Mr fenn knows my thoughts on where I think it is he never replies to me when I email him I never ask for clues. I feel that he may be speechless lol. Of course we all feel that we have solved the poem I’m really proud that I got involved in the Thrill of a chase.

    • amy,I have also e-mailed forrest on where I believe the treasure is,he gets so many thousands of e-mails daily.I doubt he reads everyone.it seems as if it would be impossible for him to be able to read each one.you’d think his computer would just burn.I have written him and have gotten no response.I don’t think anyone has heard from forrest in a long time.I sure hope he and his family are ok .this man has become a part of my heart,because he cared enough to meet me .so happy hunting,we all love mr. forrest for who he is.a father,husband and a true gentleman who cares for people.

      • Amy, if you email your search spot to him or your solve, he will not answer. He said that himself.

        • I figured that it’s ok he did see my scrapbook I put together he said I have done some research but of course that means anything and nothing cause I did do my own research. Forrest didn’t have a whole lot to say but at least he does not give hints or clues to let u know if u are close . It’s his game and until someone has the chest in hand then game is over. I happy to have met him.

  47. Thank u for letting me about his response to people . I’m sure he gets tired of reading the emails and yes he was a very nice man

    • August of last year I was onto a very very convincing location. Of course after going it wasn’t there. I emailed forrest with my clues and pics and he did respond within 5 minutes confirming to me that he didn’t know that spot I was searching If was pretty cool to get a confirmation on a spot that it wasn’t in. I too am a Colorado believer.

      • Very Cool! If you don’t mind sharing, where is that spot that it isn’t? Could save us Colorado believers some time and money.

        • Their is a small mining town off 70 called silver plume. Their is a mountain nearby called Woods Mountain. “Brave and in the wood right?” Google earth it and you’ll notice the shape of the mountain is odd. Looks very much like the omega sign. Once u google it , on the right side at the base of the mountain right in the middle of the field you’ll see a small Rock circle that appears to be a peace sign. Look closely. On the outside of the circle you’ll see a pair of shoes. Remember he used to talk about losing his shoes in his book. I was convinced this was it. After looking at it for months on end, I noticed about 25 feet down the hill from the circle was a small row of rocks big to small. Right above that, if u use google earth from the computer and not your phone you can see an F plain as day on one of the rocks. Right under that. Their is an arrow pointing down. Oil down under the big rock and you’ll see a square box sticking half way out. Looks as though hall of it was buried. Now their was no doubt in my mind. This was it. I traveled from NJ 3 times to look. The first 2 I just couldn’t get get to it because if the snow. The last time I was simply proven wrong. I decided to drive back to NJ and on the way I emailed Forrest because I thought someone may have found it and never said anything. But he did confirm. “He dissent know that spot.” I am even more excited this year for my new location. Hope I’m right this time!! But go check that out on google. It’s crazy. Let me know if you can’t find it, I’ll shoot you over a pic.

          • Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you were on to something! I couldn’t find the peace symbol you were referring to, so I didn’t get to see the exact spot. Are you saying you can actually see a pair of shoes on google earth? or something that resembles shoes?

            I went out to Colorado last May….I am from Pennsylvania. I hope to make it out again at the end of May, early June timeframe.

          • Here’s the GPS.
            39 43’32.21″N
            105. 50’22.54″ W

            Yes. On the outside of the circle you’ll see another rock that is attached to to circle. You’ll see the shoes right there. Looks looks 2 small rocks are inside where you would put your foot. Maybe to hold them down.

            Down the hill is where I thought the box may be. Here are the coordinates

            39. 43’31.54″ N
            105. 50’21.91 “W

            Look under the big rock at the top and tell me that doesn’t look like a perfect box shape.

          • ok, I think I see the spot you are talking about. Perhaps the box is actually just a shadow from the rock.

            I hope you made that drive to Colorado before Forrest stated that the chest is hidden below 10,200 feet. That info would rule out that particular spot you went to.

            I have to go back to my same location that I searched last year. My primary area of interest is at an elevation of approx.. 10,192 feet, and what I believe could be the blaze is exactly at 10,200 feet (according to google earth). Looking down from the blaze (IMO is a vantage point), it would put the chest below 10,200ft. Once I have boots on the ground this year, I will use my GPS to check the elevation of the search area to make sure it is below 10,200.

  48. No I didn’t hear that Would have helped. Sounds like your onto a promising prospect for you site. Good luck with that !!!

    • I looked it up, he made that statement after your trip, so you couldn’t have known not to look there. I bet a lot of people wish he had said that earlier.
      Thanks, and good luck to you as well!

  49. GPS. And google earth is not going to help in the search he says use your imagination no one is doing that

    • Amy-
      I respectfully disagree with your statement. IMO, A GPS and the use of google earth will indeed help, of course, along with imagination. I believe the majority of searchers, if not all, are using their imagination to some extent to come up with their solutions.

      There is nothing wrong with using google earth as a research tool. And there is certainly nothing wrong with utilizing a GPS when out on the search. I use both tools, and find them to be helpful in my search. Do I NEED them? No, I guess not. But are they helpful? Absolutely.

      I would, however, agree that no one will find the chest using google earth alone. Maybe that’s what you meant by your statement above.

      Good luck with your search!

  50. UP – I am planning on taking the family on our first TOTC search this summer. After reading Dal’s blog on and off over the years, I finally started to try to figure this out. I am amazed at all the places that people have searched and their fascinating stories. I want to go visit many of them simply to enjoy and “discover” the beauty. But my first site will be where I think you may already have been. I originally thought it would be at the 12,357 elev. up the road from where i believe you have searched. But then later coming across the ‘below 10,200 foot elev.’ clue, I had to adjust things. I came upon the 10,200 spot that I think you were at. So, we will first check the shaft at 12,357 just for the thrill of it, hike, explore, see the amazing Rockies in that area and then check out the 10,200 site later. I’m not expecting to find anything but fun and memories. BTW that cabin across the way would have been a great spot for Forrest to have installed a web cam. Perfect line of site. Best of success on your second and my first trip there.

    • Dal-
      Sorry for the poor grammar. Line of “sight” is what I meant.

      Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this web site (there we go). It has been a source of much enjoyment and curiosity over the past couple of years. Yours is really a labor of love it seems.

      I hope all your research and searching pans out for you (no pun intended) and that you find the treasure. But if not, maybe someone will share it with you. You deserve at least that.

    • MacSweeny,

      We took a family vacation last year, and we had a great time. It was our first time to the Rockies, and it was just amazing. Just like FF says, I feel like the mountains are beckoning me. I can’t wait to get back out there. It was absolutely beautiful!

      I don’t think you are going to the same location I went to. There is no cabin within sight of the area I’m interested in. So there is no confusion, I wasn’t anywhere near where Tony (from an earlier post) was looking. I didn’t give any clue to where I have been except to say 10,200 feet in elevation.

      It has always made me wonder why he said below 10,200 feet. Why not 10,000 or 10,500? He said 10,200 after we made our trip. So I checked out our spot on google earth, and found that the possible blaze we found was at 10,200 (approx.), so I knew we are still good for our possible location. When we found what could be the blaze while on our physical search, the immediate area under the blaze was covered in 1.5 to 2 feet of snow. I have to go back, to look under that snow so I can discount that area…..or find the chest. I think the line “look quickly down, your quest to cease” means to look down from the blaze in that immediate area (the word “quick” is related to the word “immediate”). So when he says look “quickly” down, he is just saying to look in that immediate area to find the chest.

      Have a great family adventure! You’ll love it out there in the wood!

      • UP
        Thanks for the reply. I had thought of looking in the area Tony was talking about, but couldn’t make enough of the clues work. Besides, where I am interested in looking is in the Ouray / Silverton area. I wonder where exactly Dal searched in those areas. But it doesn’t matter. I have my spots chosen where the family and I are going to look. I just hope I get to those spots before the treasure is found. I get jazzed to go out with the thought that maybe, just maybe, it might be there. Not seriously thinking that I have solved it, but determined to join in the chase just for the fun of it. Who knows, maybe I interpreted some of the clues right, but it’s worth the adventure to me to be completely wrong. We will be part of an historic event. Best of success with your search.

        So as to not be a mooch off of others, I will say that my interpretation of WWWH is probably different than most. FWIW, warm waters evaporate. Water vapor in the atmosphere condenses and comes down as precipitation. If as liquid, it continues. If as snow, it halts. Thus, in my mind, a snowbank high in the rockies is where I start my search. Maybe way off base, but who cares. Colorado, here I come.
        OK, maybe not till June when it is more accessible.

  51. I think dal would deserve some of the chest of gold due to this blog and him trying to answer questions and all the searches he has been on thank u Dal so proud I can be a part of Thrill of a Chase

  52. As Dal’s blog is rather extensive, I have not been able to read everyone’s thoughts on different parts of the poem. But I was wondering if Forrest read any Marvel comics as a child. Perhaps there is some allusion to some comic book(s) in his “marvel gaze” statement. Just wondering. Thanks.

  53. Leadville area is starting to thaw out. Just in town, really. Be a lil while b4 trails and pine forest floors start to show themselves…

  54. Whispering pines in colorado? where did you locate that? According to wolf’s limited poll, the bulk of searchers are going out there in June 2014. Colorado huh? I do not see that post. Interesting though.

  55. Those are not whispers coming from the pines, they are creies for help because the beetles are chewing them to death.

  56. My 7 year old and myself are heading to CO next weekend to search for the treasure. We have been researching since February, and have some great clues that have pointed to Colorado. Maybe we will get lucky and find the treasure on our first trip! Excited for our adventure!

    • Didn’t find the treasure, but had a great trip! I still think the treasure is in CO, and will have to plan another trip. I had a hard time believing an 80 year old could manage some of the trails we hunted on!

  57. I heard that …… removed by administrator….. Take care!

    You heard wrong CO

    • The biggest hole in this plot is the “he hasn’t issued any new clues” bit.
      The last several ff scrapbooks have been FULL of new clues. You kidding me? WWWH: not a dam. Whispers, not what they say. Not a cipher. Not a riddle. They are as big as ‘not an outhouse’& ‘not a graveyard’ IMO. He’s been very generous with clues all winter long, if you’ve got eyes to gaze em with.

      • I know right, these clues have been huge, from my view. It actually had me review my solve and now i have taken another solve that seems so air tight. All from info taken from the recent scrapbooks. CO seems like a person who has a good solve and may fear time is not on his side and attempted to use some lame tactics to buy some…. just my poker read on this bluff

    • Good try COgone but your logic and reasoning are lacking substance. Forrest would never have the chase continue if the chest was located. Your “discovered in NM”… and “Guess we were wrong about CO after all.” are contrary statements.

    • COgone,

      If you heard that, and want to believe it, go right ahead and stop looking in CO. The less competition the better. However, I would encourage you not to believe it without some sort of proof. Mr. Fenn knows a lot of people spend a lot of money (in some cases, money they don’t have to spend) in order to make the trip to their search site. He would not let people spend their money looking for something that is not there. He would announce the chest has been found as soon as he knows.

      If you’re making the story up, hoping to have less competition yourself, nice try, but without proof, we will continue the search. A lot of people looking in CO. I’m heading out this summer with confidence.

    • Thanks Dal. And thanks for your comment on the poetry page. A separate page for ongoing miscellaneous chit-chat does sound like a good idea. Have we asked enough form you yet?! πŸ™‚
      It looks like there are quite a few poets out there. Piratesofgold laid down the gauntlet to you. I hope you reply back with a zinger.

  58. Co gone
    I’m sure that’s incorrect info. And that would not be right of Forrest to do that . I don’t believe who finds it will have to be involved in lawyers or the government. Not only am I looking for the chest but I’m also looking for a glass jar with a note in it. Forrest may have the chest with him due to all the controversy if found that way the government can have the broken glass. Anyway great if it was found but I doubt it. It’s in Colorado !!!!!!!:)

    • Oh, I haven’t given up yet, Amy.
      Simply checking into the veracity of the information.
      Was just planning the rest of my trip while showering (no shaving today) and thought that even if it is found, we should keep this blog alive and share where we are going. I am headed to Durango, Silverton, Ouray, and Glenwood Springs to the amusement park there, regardless of everything else. Have always wanted to see SW Colorado, and just learned of the amusement park on the side of a mountain. How cool is that?!!?

      Then, we should ( IMO ) have a celebration party and meet other bloggers for those who haven’t yet, and those who are able. I hear the San Juan Islands have a great little meeting place, and the Pacific NW is one of the most beautiful places on earth in July – Sept. in me not-always-humble opinion.

      But thanks for the encouragement.
      – Mac πŸ™‚

      • Bye the way, has anyone heard from Dal lately. I wonder what his response will be to COGone’s statement about the treasure having been found in NM.
        Dal . . . ? You there ?

      • Mac,

        while you are in Glenwood Springs there is a great hike up to Hanging Lake just outside of town….and don’t miss the hot springs. You can also walk up to the cemetery where Doc Holiday is buried…he thought the hot springs would cure him.

        • Thanks, Windsurfer.
          Sounds like good stuff. And while in South Florida, stop for some alligator bites. Tastes like chewy fish. Really chewy.

  59. Hey Mac
    Hope u have a lovely adventure. You are so lucky to be going before me . You know we are Colorado fans. Any way my search begins june 23. Will be leaving Texas on the 22. This is my is my last chase I have had so much fun with my adventures I feel so free. πŸ™‚ wishing u a safe trip . Please let us bloggers know how your trip was can’t wait to hear πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Amy. I will make sure to send in a report. For me, that’s the best part of this whole thing. As a fourth-grade teacher, my brain has become accustomed to thinking like a nine-year-old. That’s why I like my solve so much: it’s childlike. You will probably agree when you read my solve. Nothing deep or mysterious. Just basic. But the fun was how it came about. So, if the treasure isn’t where it’s supposed to be, I will email Mr. Fenn and let him know that he should have put it there. JK of course. But, thank you for the kind wishes. I hope your trip is safe as well, and that it yields much reward. Go Colorado searchers!! OK, off to bed and then Florida tomorrow. Bye.

      • I know right Stan it’s crazy 18 hours πŸ™ but the scenery gets beautiful I live in Tyler not from Dallas

  60. Hi Donna,

    I am not sure that is correct. On my very first search not far from a home of Brown near Colorado Springs I provided Mr. Fenn some exact GPS coordinates and a summary of the search I undertook.

    He replied…”thank you for the directions to no treasure”.. Other responses from Mr. Fenn have also been of the …in your face …sort.

    I originally thought this location might be promising because the home of Brown coordinates were taken from the exact coordinates listed on a searchers website for the statue of William “Billy”” Mitchell…father of the Air Force…located at the Air Force Academy. I could not believe that when I plugged the GPS coordinates for the statue into Google Earth that the result was not the statue, but an actual home of brown and a location that fit the other poem clues of sort. And also fit the story in the book …Stout-Hearted Men.

    I just wish that Mr. Fenn would have kindly replied… good effort, but not correct…instead of the snide comment.

    • Humbug. Methinks you’re simply taking the good humored Texan quip the wrong way. I see nothing snide in his many many similar responses. IMO.

  61. Windsurfer
    I have met forrest and showed him what I had made he was a nice man but yet quite . I think that he just gets to the point and doesn’t bet around the bush maybe he is just forward I would not say that he made snide comment maybe u we’re expecting encouraging words maybe he may be disappointed that many haven’t figured out the poem well I don’t know just letting u know he was not a snob . Have u met him yet.

    • Amy,

      I have not met Mr. Fenn and I do not believe that is in the cards. I have the utmost respect for him. I am certain that my communications to him were very confusing and perhaps disturbing to him at times although that was never my intent…just the way the games were played about a year ago on Dal’s blog.

      I am sure Mr. Fenn is very kind hearted. His communications are brief and to the point so as not to lead, mislead, or give an unfair advantage to anyone. I think he plays this game with honor and I hope to be the one to ring the bell, but not likely.

  62. Mac,

    The amusement park at Glenwood Springs also has caverns that can be explored right in the park. Stalagmites, stalagites, and a bunch of other good stuff. They also have a mountain slide that is not to be believed. The car is attached to the rails so you can go as fast as you want…the g-forces are unbelievable. Most thrilling is the swing that launches you out over the canyon and the Colorado River…definitely not for the meek….have fun!

    • Thanks Surfer !!
      Yes, I saw an article in one of my class readings about the place. Sounded and looked amazing. Not yet “discovered” from what I hear. – Mac

      • If you are going to Glenwood from the south, look up Avalanche Ranch (cabins and hot springs). Awesome place! Enjoy Glenwood Springs!

    • Hi Amy-
      Just got back from Florida tonight. Too tired to think. Will have to postpone my trip to CO for a week or two, as I have a class down in Flagstaff all of next week and not completed with class assignments. (Can you say “procrastinator”. Sure you can.) So it looks like you and Mike D. will have the jump on me in SW CO. But since my solve seems less and less likely as I rethink it, I won’t have to worry about finding/not finding the chest. Besides, I found a bountiful supply of gold in Florida this past week. Also had some wild run-ins with Fenn and poem related things there. Quite the adventure. My best and very most favorite find of all were the seashells. Life’s little pleasures. ahhhhh . . . . . . .
      You and Mike get out there and find the chest. Make all of us CO solvers proud. (That is, IF it’s there.) -Mac

      • Good night, Grandpa. Good night, Jason. Good night Mary Ellen . . . la la LA la LA la . . ..

      • Well Mac
        Glad u had a lovely time in Florida I live the beach just don’t get there hardly at all lol
        I’m not searching the south colorado mine is a different location. So don’t worry about me being in the south only Michael lol
        Glad to hear from u and thank u

  63. I cannot tell you how sorry I am to hear you had to postpone your trip! (YEAH!!!)
    Do not let doubt creep into your head!

    • Yeah, I can hear the teardrops falling. πŸ™‚

      Go search your spots and tell us how it turns up.
      Just don’t wear your pink tutu while searching. You might get locked up by some law enforcement agent. Then we’ll never know.

      No doubt in my head. I could have driven there anytime (only 6 hours away) since Oct. 23rd, 2013 – my solve date. But circumstances dictated that I wait for “the fam”. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a complete package deal. That’s the real fun of it for me. Could have had two “fortunes” before. But they weren’t mine to begin with, so I didn’t really lose anything. (Except headaches and lawyers.) Guess I’m just not in it for the money. Although I wouldn’t complain if I found it. πŸ™‚ Safe hunting, Michael D.

      PS Leave a note behind in your spots for me to look for.
      I will do the same when I get there.

      • @MacSweeney – a similar situation to mine. While I loved having family along for my search, the discovery was such a personal journey that much was complicated by the package deal. Some things we are attributed to do alone, but can’t. Would you ponder a question, and let me know your thoughts? Is it possible that Forrest’s memoir TFTW leads to an entirely different location & more personal place. I believe that’s where my solve led. Absolutely perfect and coincidentally, my favorite place. No gold there, but perhaps the greater treasure. Possible? If it’s gold you seek, stick with poem & TTOTC or you may stumble upon a different treasure. (keep in mind I wear rose color aviators;-)

  64. Mike D
    How often have you searched in your magical area? In reference to your comment on the poetry page (don’t feel like writing a poem to make this statement), you say the poem gets you to the area and then you have to search. Yet Fenn says it will lead you right to it. I also believe that the poem will lead you right to it (to within a foot), within 1 cm if you use the book. I feel that if FF took 15 years to make a poem he would not leave you hanging around looking, rather I think everyone including FF would like a solution that leads you exactly to the correct location without searching – now that would make a perfect puzzle don’t you agree?

    That said how close do you think your solution gets you to the exact spot?
    The Wolf

    • He will be wandering all over Colorado, until he trips over the border into Wyoming. (Insert Michael D smiley face here)!

      • After tripping into Wyoming (as opposed to ‘tripping in CO’) He’ll need heavy loads tied to his ankles to remain upright. Man does the wind whip there :-/ even blows your smile sideways.

      • Still waiting for the pics of you and the gold, POG.
        I have mine now. Ha ha ha !!

        • Mac, go to my blog.You’ll see the chest and gold!

    • The Wolf – I just told Michael D the same thing! Great minds think alike:) Forrest also said “98% of the people wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret.” What do you think about that?


          • It is human nature, unless of course you are a true fisherman. You don’t tell your secret fishing hole!

        • Pam, I will paraphrase here because I don’t remember where I read this but, one time a reporter questioned Fenn’s ability to get to his spot and die with the chest without his car or whatever being tracked or found at the location. He told the guy that he had no imagination. With that in mind, I’d suggest the very distinct possibility that there is something else of larger significance than the chest at this spot. The one who finds it will not be able to keep it a secret. Many have speculated that it will bring on the heavy loads and result in the cold that you will endure, IMO. Imagination is more fun than working –crazyfamily

          • Crazyfamily – I couldn’t agree with you more! Forrest was right.. the reporter has NO IMAGINATION!!

          • CrazyFamily, you are starting to sound like Cloudcover, and I appreciate your protective sheltering advice – given significance of where the chest could be found. I have peace knowing I’m not strong enough to carry the lode and hate cold anyway. Someone with wider shoulders than mine is meant to find the hoard. My adventure and delightful friend made thru TTOTC are more impt to me anyway. Happy trails on your search.

      • Pam, I tend to agree with most of your ideas and boy was your thinking cap on early today! I desperately needed my beauty rest and just removed heavy loads from my eyes.

    • I look at it differently, and I agree with Mike D.

      One will move with confidence, but will still need to search for the blaze. If the clues are followed precisely, you will follow the path Forrest intends for you to follow. Along that path, or route, you will know when to start looking for the blaze. Once you’ve found blaze, look in the immediate area for the chest. Once you’re on the correct path, you will either find the blaze, or walk right past it without noticing it.

      So I look at it as the poem leads you on the correct path to find it. I don’t think it will take to an exact spot.

      • Pirate * there may be hidden dichotomy in your phrase ‘true fisherman’ IMO – for I believe true is a heart issue. True would reveal the secret for the benefit of others. For example if in my favorite spot on the Gallatin the fish had whirling disease, I would disclose to protect others and get the environment back in check – especially since I loved that place. Of course I’m just rambling since my solve was wrong!!!
        Did you make anyone walk the plank this morn?

        • Svenska, True is a heart issue. (IMO).However, it is in truth that is for the benefit of others.I too would reveal to fish and game diseased fish on a particular place of water. Yet I could catch a record trout on the Powder River, and I would tell you so. However, I would not mention by what inlet, rock, tree, or specific location.There you have it. I’m true to what I have a passion for,and truthful to you. And no, nobody on the gangplank. Waiting out stormy weather.

          • Gotta love an honorable Pirate! Well then matey, it’s good that you’re not my boyfriend because they used to take me fishing to their favorite spots, back when dirt was young. (probably just to show off) most were ‘bait’ fishermen and I usually out fished them with a chunk of cheese – since I hated putting worms on a hook.

            Safe harbor to you as you wait out the storm POG;-)

          • I’m familiar with powdr river basins mess of fish, but not interested in a trip to fish there. Would rather keep fellow fishermen company while they mess around with casting and stripping lines to raise the treasure to the surface. Have to run, spring laundry is overflowing the westbank

  65. Colorado Rocky Mountain high .
    Yep it’s almost 9:00 pm in Texas fixing to head that way to Colorado.
    I’m hoping we have a safe trip should arrive to my special location tomorrow evening. This is my last adventure. I will post my solve soon.
    I can’t wait thanks again Forrest for another trip!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  66. Heigh Ho
    Heigh Ho
    off to find the chest I go. .
    Dig, Dig, Dig…….


  67. Just a update from last night search at the blazed tree by the main entrance, creek we dug 3 feet found nothing there even had a metal detector. Today we have other ares to search πŸ™‚

  68. Well finished searching for today . I really feel like my solve is correct but we all think that lol. I will post in a few days what I thought it was about and where I was searching . It’s a special place here in Colorado. I feel like I have started from the very beginning of the poem to the end and still can’t find the chest. My mind nor my heart will let me search anywhere else but at the location I have chosen. I will share soon. πŸ™‚

    • Amy,
      I am heading out that way in a couple weeks, where should I not be diggin? Ha…well hope you have some better luck…enjoy the beauty of the place…it’s a cool state…

    • Sorry for your disappointing search Amy, and I know the feeling well. Many of us have been so sure we had the correct interpretation of the poem that it’s hard to start all over from the beginning and change our focus completely to a different area. I probably won’t go out searching again for that reason. If he didn’t pick my spot, he should have and you probably feel the same about your solve! πŸ™‚

      • Yes u are correct. Thank u but I’m doing just fine it’s beautiful here.

        I will share soon my solve and then either u can double check me lol or do not go there. I have been searching there 3 times

    • Amy,

      With one day left share your solve with me and I will help you. You just might be close.

      • Einstein
        Help would be nice today is the last search how would I share my solve so all don’t see at this time.

        • Hi, Amy…..I’m no Einstein, but look for a white mark blaze…..and, you should wait to share you’re solve and maybe take another trip later…It may be years before it’s found or maybe not in a lifetime. Keep it secret, keep it safe! Good luck to you!. πŸ™‚

      • Ritt
        Lol how will I regret it. It’s my last search this is my 3rd time to location .
        Besides some of my clues may help others I have used my imigination to the fullest.
        Just can’t find that darn blaze. πŸ™‚

        • Besides my Warm Waters is something no one has mentioned.
          I ‘m not searching hot springs, nothing like that .
          My Brown totally different then what y’all are thinking.
          Meek different , my whole solve is so different.
          Chest or not I know what the treasure is.
          And I love my solve .

          I know what that means.

          Where is Einstein ? I may need his help lol need the Blaze!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
          I leave tomorrow

          • Remember, you will only find the blaze if you are wise. Think about not just the wheres but the whens– when you begin, might be just as important, as the where in order to find the wisdom to find the blaze

          • Map smith

            I have been wise . I found a tree blazed Tx
            Forrest is from there.
            Looks like a blaze he would do. It’s right by the main gate entrance, there is a Creek right there and across the little dirt road there is a creek with water and rocks that goes up no paddle Up your creek right. Went all thru that and trees, brush, Mosquitos ( lol)
            It all made since to me at that location it’s no place for the Meek.

          • Main gate? By the ranger station? Go to the end of the parking lot and walk to the big boulder…look to left. Good luck!

          • Amy-
            Thinking about your blaze…a carving in a tree…
            Would that last a thousand years?
            Even a hundred years…?
            In my opinion the blaze needs to be durable…maybe a carving in a rock..
            or an intrusion of lighter rock in darker rock forming a narrow whitish band..
            In all the clues I think it’s important to ask yourself if the object you have selected could stand the test of time…barring disaster, of course..
            But just in the normal course of events…will your HOB be there in 100 years…
            What about your WWWH? and certainly your blaze…
            All this is my opinion but this is a guiding principle for me as I identify objects that could be related to clues in the poem..

          • I agree Dal that the blaze should be something that could appear/occur in 2009 or in 2109. I’m not sure this limits it to rock, though…
            E.g. I still wonder if “blaze” might mean trail, as in the ‘trail’ the poem leads you on to get to that ‘if you’ve been wise’ point.
            If the path you follow, for example, happens to create an X -like shape, you can sure bet I’ll then define the ‘blaze’ as the cross-point and dig/look there, even if it is a decaying tree πŸ˜‰

          • Fascinating wolf , thanks for the info. I wonder if ce5 translates to 35.5 / $35,500?

          • That email was also posted on ttotc.com
            Here’s for those too lazy to research or click πŸ˜‰

            “Subject: RE: ce5
            Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2014 11:39:03 -0600
            The CE5 cannot help you in any way. It is only my cost code to tell me what I gave for the chest. That information is on the blogs somewhere. You have an inquiring mind. f”

            It’s certainly on the blogs now πŸ˜€

          • Amy,

            Very unique solve indeed. I sent you my only though on being wise and blaze under that context.

    • Amy,

      I booked my trip and will be in Colorado the 2nd week of July. I personally hope you aren’t looking in the same area I’m heading to….because it would be a disappointment to me if you were to announce the area for all to see just before I make it there.

      Before you announce it for all to see, could you send me your area to shueman09 at gmail dot com. Just the county and closest town is all I need to know if you’re looking in the same area.


    • While you are there, go to the waterfall. As you leave and go right on 318, you’ll see small caves on the right side by the bridge. Look in the cave closest to the top of the hill. πŸ˜‰

  69. You know I wonder what the blaze could possibly be. I feel my solve is special . πŸ™‚

    • Dal,

      Thank u for your response.

      I was thinking what if u could only see the blaze at night he says bring a flashlight. Could he have used some kind of glow in dark pen or marker to write on something?
      Good Lord who knows . Only Forrest knows or maybe Einstein would know I haven’t heard from him lol .

      Thank u and nice video.

      Maybe I will look tonight this is it.

      • Amy-
        Glowing strikes me as possible but not from anything that Forrest would have put there. Those pens and glowsticks are not likely to last long…same for glow paint…might last longer but not 100 years…in my opinion…

        There are natural things that glow at night and also things that can only be seen under UV light…a strong flashlight with a UV filter would help with that…

    • Amy,

      Sorry I was working offsite all day. I figured you were in that area (not a bad place to be). I suggest you share with everyone since this is your last try and you are leaving tomorrow. I know many of us will help.

  70. Amy I searched grand Mesa last year.nada,but lots of bugs and good fishing. good luck

  71. Einstein
    Thank u for your clue to my solve
    I went and did exactly what u said I will go back in the morning and check it out πŸ™‚
    Thank u

  72. Amy 3 of my friends spent a week searching in browns park, but theydid not find anything

  73. Thank u for all the support while I was searching. Headed back to Texas . I will post soon my solve when I’m at a computer it will be easier than typing on my phone.

    I did not find the chest.

    I have so much info to share I dissected that book. I defined a lot of words and their meanings.
    My solve is absolutely unique, and precious. Every line has a meaning to me.

    Can’t wait to share. My husband thinks I should not tell. I have been 3 times we just can’t find it. Maybe someone has already found it and didn’t say anything ( lol ha just joking. I’m not thinking that way)

    Forrest Fenn
    Thank u for the Chase it was pleasure to have met u back in October 2013. I enjoyed searching
    Due to me ignoring my family while doing research and blogging it’s time for me to get back on track.

    Searchers Good luck
    And may God give u a safe journey.


  74. This is Any

    Einstein gave me a clue he thought of
    He told me to find the north star.
    So I did
    In his book remember he talks about Dancing with the Stars.
    Last page of book the sky at night has stars in the sky its dark.
    Could the blaze be the star.
    It did not help me in my location but I found the north star and followed it to my location.

    This is something to think about
    Are we the Blaze. Look quickly down when u do that isn’t that
    your chest ( right under your nose).

    Also searchers study the cover of to far to walk. Its interesting .

    I may have some good clues soon things y’all aren’t hearing or seeing. It may be Monday before I put The Solve out there but its obviously not The Solve because I did not find it.

    But I found something better in my research. πŸ™‚

    But of course some gold would be nice πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad you found something :). My Blaze is not the star but for your solve the North Star fit perfect since Wise Men used the stars to answer all questions about earth.

    • One of my few solves: Begin it where warm waters halt: North Pole. At some point in time warm water will halt there. I have some really good ones.

  75. Up

    My location was not north west it’s more central

    Where are u searching

  76. Lol
    Since I’m a girl I can get away with the wrong directions πŸ™‚ and I’m trying to figure a poem out. ( Really)

    Had a safe trip back to Texas just got home.

    And with his elevation stuff I ignore that πŸ™‚

  77. I made it to Colorado today for my second, and most likely final, search attempt. I have 2 days!

  78. No luck so far. The blaze I was interested in is still of interest. (found this possible blaze May 2013, but the area below was covered with snow…so I’m back) But I’m not as sold on it as I was before. The possible blaze, and the area immediately below are just below 10,200feet. The blaze itself is on, or part of, a large rock, and can only be noticed from a certain angle while following the creek. I have previously sent a pic of it to Stephanie, so she is the only one who will know what I am talking about. The rock is on the side of a slope, and just below is a ton of rocks of all shapes and sizes. I started moving rocks around, and was able to find cavities, but none large enough for the chest. But the fact that there are cavities is good enough for me to keep looking. But there are a ton of rocks, and it will take some time, and a lot of effort, to look beneath them. I tell myself it’s not there, but then I keep hearing Forrest say: the person who finds the chest will have worked hard to find it (paraphrasing), so I will continue to look until the location is exhausted. I am heading back out shortly.

    Even if I conclude it’s not the blaze, I like the area, and will continue to look for another possible blaze.

  79. I headed back in late afternoon yesterday, and spent my time looking for another possible blaze along the creek. I didn’t see anything of interest. Today I will be back at my original spot looking under rocks.

    Yesterday, at the end of my search, I climbed to the top of the ravine, and just sat and enjoyed the view for a good while. It was very peaceful. It’s amazing that I felt like I was the only one for miles, even though I knew there were a lot of people at the local tourist attaction. Once I started my hike in, I didn’t see or hear anybody. It’s only a 3 tenth mile hike one way.

    I head back in today for my last attempt to find the chest.

  80. Good Luck UP! Looks like a beautiful morning here in Colorado so enjoy the day and rejoice in it either way. Safe trip home.

  81. Up

    Can’t wait to here your solve.
    Do not be disappointed remember u enjoyed yourself and the time away. And at least u gave it a shot.

    I will try again Labor Day weekend back to my location this time I’m searching out of the national forrest. πŸ™‚

  82. Hey Dal And Map- Just started reading this page- guess I should have been here sooner. Blaze – The angel of Shavano? It is seen only when enough snow is on the mountain. I guess it would last a long time unless the mountain breaks apart? The angel is below the Collegiate range ( the wise range) below Princeton which has hot springs. Also Banana mountain, Tin cup, Brown Mtn. and Brown falls and Browns Canyon (yes I know every one know about Browns canyon since the Hitler video). I’m earning my trip back to Colorado this fall. I just finished mowing the 10 acres for the last time as the mower blew up and just finished splitting the 4th cord of firewood – the splitter broke – so will have to finish the rest when the splitter is fixed. I hope to make it to Colo. in Oct. πŸ™‚

  83. I have been researching a couple of Canyonsnin Colorado today. I was wondering if anybody had been to them.
    1: Phantom Canyon Road. It goes down from Cripple Creek and Victor to highway 50 at Freemont County Airport. East of Canon City, west of Colorado Springs. Elevation just above Phantom Canyon is 10,200. At the south end elevation down the Arkansas river is 5000. I am guessing that WWWH would be the treeline at Cripple Creek. I doubt that there would be a paddle up any of those creeks up there. But these were mining towns with heavy loads and water high.
    Here is a blog about a motorcycle trip up that canyon:

    2: Browns Canyon south of Buena Vista


    And Browns Creek North of Salida, west of the Aransas river


    I think that I saw a youtube search of Browns Creek with one of the best blues sound tracks I have ever heard.
    I am going to Breckenridge for vacation in a month and would like to know which of these spots I should stop at. I usually go up past Salida and Buena Vista, but I am open to any ideas.

    • Meek also passed through cripple creek…and on some maps I saw off the highway/main road that goes down through there around the west side of pikes peak a small dear end road offshoot to the east called “Meeks road” or “Meeks outlet” or something like that…it only goes like a few city blocks in the middle of nowhere in the desert/sandy light brown land. My first solve had me out there with “where warm waters” being the “w’s” (name for roads leading up/down pikes peak) the omegas being Manitou Springs (manitou translates to both beginning and end in Native American) the canyon down was the cog railroad (too far to walk)…home of brown was the last remaining/living member of the manitou tribe named Joseph Brown Bear something (train goes under manitou peak)…heavy loads was the resovoir at 4 mile mark on cog stop. Maybe Madison? Translated to heavy loads and was formed by melting glaciers causing giant heavy falling rocks etc. I won’t explain every part but I believed in the area and spent some time there hoping to find the treasure at minnehaha falls (historical and Sacajawea reference) after basically wrapping around the mountain ending up back at the start. (People would have been very close passing right next to it on the cog railroad (also railroad=x) but there is no stop and you need to go All the way around the mountain to actually get there on foot) I didn’t find it there and spent a few days in the cripple/pikes/manitou area exploring alternatives- (pikes summit, Olympic flame, every spring around, cripple area, gods garden etc) . I won’t list all the places but if you want to know anything I’m an open book πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for enjoying my video, the old guy (Steve Miller not the famous one) singing died in 2004. I played the music over it so fewer deciphered clues would leak out. You’ll need to wait till spring to get in there now.

  84. Oh yeah…this doesn’t look promising at the top but there’s some interesting maps and info if you scroll down a bit. Plus, ironically the railcar on the original ‘monopoly’ railroad through there was also named ‘phantom’ anyhow- here’s the link, just scroll to the pics if you don’t want to read it…but reading will provide more meek references and other neat stuff πŸ˜‰ good luck!


  85. Has anyone on here searched an area nearby or close to Kit Carson/ cheyenne/ sand hill massacre area in Colorado? I don’t and won’t be searching there (I’m across the country and my solve from another state) but found something neat/ peculiar/possible strong hint related to there in some scrapbooks and would share it with someone that maybe has been there and couldn’t find the blaze? (Maybe this is already obvious to them, but maybe not) soo…it that’s your spot and you’ve been there shoot me your email!)

    • I have also thought about sandhill myself after reading between the lines on things and then reading about that area.not too far away ,but winter is here ,have to do some more researching until summer.but very interesting,but I really don’t know if it would be there as that’s a very sacried place because of what happened there,should of never happened at all.I don’t think mr. forrest would hide the treasure there.

    • Jamie – I’m headed back to this area and would be interested in your thoughts. If you’re still up for sharing…email me at river_gal9 @ yahoo

  86. …yes, Browns Park has been tossed around plenty. Rafting down the river looks to be an experience like none other, though I might have to sell a kidney just to have the opportunity.
    But what if Mr. Metaphor (Fenn) was retelling a possible outcome? What if some shortsighted politicians would’ve succeeded in throwing an enormous Dam across the area? Well it could have happened back in the 50’s …

    “Echo Park Dam was planned for a site just downstream from Steamboat Rock, a monolith standing just below the confluence of the Green and Yampa, where the Green flows out of Echo Park, …the dam was to be a 529-foot high concrete gravity dam.
    Above Echo Park the 6,400,000-acre-foot reservoir was to flood the Canyon of Lodore, extending upstream through Browns Park. The Yampa was to be flooded as well to Lily Park. Roughly half of Steamboat Rock’s height would have been underwater, along with archeological sites, caves and wilderness valleys”

    • Funny you mention Echo Park. Brings back some memories…
      Echo Park was my first search area. You can see my pictures and story over on TTOTC.com under “Search Reports / NotSoWise”.
      That experience wised me up real quick as to the difficulty of Forrest’s poem… But, I’m still at it… πŸ™‚

      • Echo Park remains a very promising area for many searchers, even those who have previously ruled it out. Lots of interesting history there.

    • Echo Park was one of my early search areas. Camped there overnight just me and the tame mule deer herd. Slept with the prow of Steamboat pointing to me, woke to snow. Very surreal experience. I was looking where the dam would have been built, figuring to cross Green River at low flow. Not likely for f to make it across twice in an afternoon. Put the chains on my tires to drive out of the narrow switchback canyon and locked myself out of my truck 40 miles away from the next human, but that’s a “nother storey”!

    • crestone by far….you will be shopping in alamosa and or to the north Salida anyway. Salida is best…great atmosphere, beer joints, river rafting, fly fishing. Alamosa….uh….uh…chain restaurants….uh dirt, wind, dry…..uh….flat. Crestone in spiritual, hippie, laid back, but small. good community. Mountainous, but next to the flat valley that alamosa sits at the bottom. Must drive to shopping though, about 40 miles one way. What are doing for work. I spent all summer in the area, working, four wheeling, hiking.

      • Pirate

        You stay out of Colorado πŸ™‚ you need to figure out why its in New Mexico πŸ™‚ ( NOT)

        • Hi, Amy. Are you looking in Colorado just because the Rocky Mountain High that John Denver sang about is recently “new and improved”? πŸ™‚

          • I picked up THree Awesome books on Colorado at a Yard sale for .50 cents earch. One is ” The Exploration or the Colorado River and its Canyons”.
            So Now I am looking in Colorado…..Learning lots of stuff! Its seems to me that Colorado is speaking to me now….So I will take a open minded look. Lots of Browns there…..Common name it seems….

            Lou Lee Belle, Taking a look at Colorado

          • There is an excellent documentary on the Colorado River delta. Called Watershed. Google it. πŸ™‚

          • JC

            Not because of that song. But because uumm a secret ….. πŸ™‚

  87. Loe lee

    Great decision get to thinking I’m 2 years ahead πŸ™‚

  88. Hi Amy

    Aren’t you jumping the gun by a few days? I thought you were getting to CO on June 7th so 4 weeks would be Sunday. You must be excited for your trip!! Good Luck!

    OFF TOPIC – Yay our outage ends this weekend and back to normal hours! A couple of weeks to recuperate then hopefully we will be back in the hunt for the TC!

    Also prayers for my sister if you are so inclined. She has had lots of complications from her emergency back surgery!!

  89. Homecoming

    Well I might be jumping around but I will arrive on June 6 and start the search on June 7th πŸ™‚ I have waited so long what’s another day πŸ™‚ lol

  90. I believe I may have found another angle to look at the riddle and I have a very strong gut feeling that I’m correct on a location in South Western Colorado. Is anyone in that area and willing to take a look?

    • I’m not heading to search, yet I think I must see what you do as well. It’s right there in the poem for a town in Southwest Colorado. Can only figure the first two clues there, otherwise I’d be there. I’m feeling sure about the first two.

      • I’m confident that the general location I want to search is the one. As far as the clues, I feel I’ve covered them to a good degree of accuracy, and if I missed on the first try, I’m willing to bet I won’t miss the second time. This is coming from a very meek person, lol.

        • If you’re reasoning is compelling, I am close enough to make the trip (I am in central CO). What is the theory?

          • I wrote Forrest last night and he replied “You need a new map, Becky. Good luck in the chase. f”

            I don’t know what to make of that other than I’m wrong? It’s awesome he responded though πŸ˜€

          • When he told you to get a new map, was it in reference to your solve or the entire state?

          • I had sent him a screenshot of the specific location, just a map shot not satellite. He wasn’t referring to the entire state.

          • It was a screenshot of just the road map view on Earthtools. πŸ™‚ I wanted it to be clear to him what I was trying to point out.

  91. Becky, I can do some groundtruthing for you in SW Colorado, but we are moving to Arizona at the end of the week.

    • My spot is easy enough to get to. It’s near Camp Bird, CO. My concern is that I read they are reopening or have reopened the mine so I’m not sure about the whole private property issue. It’s not ON the Camp Bird site so it should be fine. If you check the coordinates 37.968011, -107.727513 and 37.971851, -107.728232 on a map, you’ll see a great big heart (lol) that’s not my soul reasoning for liking that spot. I followed the poem, and used lots of FF’s hints. There’s Sneffels Creek bridge, but I’m assuming that’s a human trail so just check just in case. There’s a ledge on the glacier slide past Camp Bird that measures exactly 10,200 ft in elevation, check below there. and of course any interesting spots around the creeks (Canyon Creek, Sneffels Creek, and Imogene Creek converge in a Y at this location. Thanks! Let me know if you do go. My email is synchronicity76@yahoo.com

  92. Can anyone tell me when or to whom Forrest said the treasure is more than 150 miles from Aspen? I’m trying to separate misinformation from fact by searching through interviews and videos for original sources. I haven’t seen any mention of Aspen Colorado anywhere except for a couple comments here and on Forrest’s website. Help?

  93. Thank you Mr. Fenn!!!
    I made my first trip last week.
    2 glorious, fun filled days wandering aimlessly through the mountains looking for a specific “1 sq.ft.” of real estate.
    Although my pockets remain empty, “WOW, what a great time!!!”
    Good Luck to all the Seekers and may God smile on your journey.
    Be Safe.

  94. I haven’t found anything that fits the poem better than Browns Canyon. I’m just concerned that Forrest hasn’t spoken/written about that area before. Can anyone verify that he has indeed referenced Browns Canyon area in his writings?

    I’ve only hiked the area once so far, but I’m going to be concentrating all my searches this summer in Browns Canyon.

    • I’ve never seen it mentioned. I actually searched there a couple years ago for a good 3 days. Unfortunately I’m still poor.

      • Interesting. I suppose you’ve searched all the waterways that I plan on searching. Maybe “in the wood” doesn’t apply to what I think it does.

    • I think I found a location in Wyoming that fits the poem better than Browns Canyon. Wish I lived closer.

  95. I have searched Browns Park but never Browns Canyon area. Vermillion Falls was my Blaze. Good Luck Tommy!

  96. I have done some research but have yet to find a spot matching the criteria exactly. If anyone is looking for someone to help along with their journey, or collaborate with email me at grandprecj at gmail.com. I live in south Denver for the Summer and Fort Collins at all other times.

    • I found the spot matching a whole lot, the blaze is not a pin point, Brown had more than one home, It’s not in a National Park, I know where warm waters end, but I’ll be grabbing it this weekend so you won’t have to look!

  97. I’m heading to Colorado next month for my first search — I can’t wait!

    Maybe I’m delusional, but Colorado feels “right” to me. How are you other CO-believers feeling? Is anyone giving up and re-directing their attention toward the other states?

    I’d love to hear about your favorite Colorado searching stories.

    Here’s to the chase!

  98. Another word for ‘wise’ is sage. Another word for ‘blaze’ is trail.

  99. @Groundscorer Cheers to you as well !!!
    I agree with you, CO “feels” right to me also.
    I made my first trip this year, the last week of May. My next trip is scheduled mid-August. I can’t wait.
    I do know one thing………..looking for that special “1 sq.ft.” is daunting………so remember to look up once in a while to view God’s work. It’s Priceless

  100. Hot Sulphur Springs, CO
    Reference: Wikipedia “also known as Warm Springs”.
    Can’t make all the clues fit sitting at my computer, but some of them do.
    Anyone looked here ???

    • hello hammer, hunch here. yeah I searched Telluride. absolutely loved the place. treasure everywhere…just not Fenn’s. can’t wait to go back, i’m sure i missed somethin. not sure what. figure that out when I see it. ya know, hammer, it’s funny… some say I’ve spent most my money on beer and women, and the rest I just wasted. but I don’t listen to some say. he’s just a drunken indian friend of mine.

      • Lots of good WWWH ideas in the Ouray area, although many connections are clouded by relatively recent name changes.
        Locals say there have been multiple groups of Fenn searchers in the area but their ideas are all over the board.

  101. Has anyone ever been kayaking?? The poem says it’s to far for you to walk it.. and later on it says you can’t go UP with a paddle… when you kayak you blaze DOWN trails that you could never be able to paddle back up because of the current.

  102. Im in Vail colorado area and looking for a searching buddy. Ive got some places im already hiking. I hike 14ers all the time so i able to make it anywhere a 80 year old can make it.

  103. Trip #2 is now in the books.
    Once again searching for that elusive “1 sq.ft.” of Rocky Mountain real estate.
    All I can say is “Strike 2” !!!
    Still in the game though…………..just trying to figure out if it will be this fall or next spring when I get another chance to go.
    Good Luck to All and Be Safe !!!

  104. Trip #3 is complete with the same result as above.
    Now, my Chief Financial Officer (my wife) says I will have to wait until next spring.
    We hope everyone stays safe.
    Many thanks to Mr. Fenn, this website owners and operators, and the contributors to this website.
    With all the β€œperfect solves” discussed here, I am certain the TC will be found.
    ( notice I did not say “when” the TC would be found )

  105. There is a certain creek in Colorado loaded with hot springs. The creek flows into a cold river. The cold river flows thru a canyon. Several miles down river on one side of the canyon and up a hill are a town and graveyard having a name different than it was in the 1800s, the old name had Brown in it. Since “put in” is a nautical term meaning “to land” and this part of the river is below the home of Brown its a good spot to land. On the other side of the canyon is a seasonal gulch which goes up 7 miles (elevation 7,200 ‘ – 10,000’) to a wetland park. Along the way are numerous boulders, rock outcroppings, cliffs, etc. As you gain in elevation the views of the Rocky mountain peaks are spectacular. Typical of this terrain and elevation are Pinion Pine, Juniper, Cedar, sage brush, and wildlife. I think the treasure is in this area. But what are the “heavy loads” and what is the “blaze”? I think the blaze is an aluminum marker of some kind.

  106. Anyone into getting together for a brew and discussing the finer points of our addiction, im in Denver

    • Would love to! However, I have been stuck in our driveway, the food delivery guy got stuck, my husband got stuck getting the delivery guy out and last but not least the tow truck driver got stuck getting the two if them out ! I am probably not going anywhere for the rest of the winter! See you all next summer ! Merry Christmas!

    • Ghost,
      I like this thought except for one thing… Glaciers move. How could the poem bring someone precisely to the chest if it was placed on the tip of one?

      But if you think about a long past glacier, and look at the poem as an environmentalist… That might work. The Glacier or Ice river moves down creating a canyon, not far, but too far to walk in time. Stanza 3 could be explaining it’s end, obviously no paddle up an ice river, just heavy loads and water high or frozen waters ~ where warm waters halt.

      So now the blaze is the trail of the glacier and today’s present condition of the land left behind by it’s action, or geography. Could hear me all and listen good be hinting to the sounds of a glacier, and the reason your effort will be worth the cold? even though it is no longer present.

      Now all that is needed is to find the correct area this took place and why there. Extinct glaciers can be found in all four states, yes even NM.

      On the flip side, should you be correct and the chest is on the tip of a present day Glacier… this would fall in line with… it would be harder to locate the chest in the year 3009 idea. The Rockies are still moving. That is assuming by “TIP” you mean the Glacier itself.

      • @ Seeker

        The pic is not in anyway connected to my Colorado solution just meant to stir the thinking pot. I’m of the school that thinks this poem was intended to be valid 20-100 years after that it belongs to the ages. A glacier will be there every year for years to come at any altitude and the tip is not hard to find. Here is a BIG clue (And with my treasures bold) Boulder, CO

        My searches have taken me all over the place include Yellowstone and SW Wyoming. You got to remember this thing we seek is 10x10x5

        Good luck in your endeavors!

        • Ghost,

          One could make an argument to Treasures Bold being MT., which also has Glacier National park, and known as the treasure state. Anything is possible as long as the poem works for the area.
          You said you think the poem would be valid to a glacier 100 years from now. I would agree in some cases, yet it’s been predicted that in the next hundred years Glacier national park may not have any left… who knows. There was even a conference about keeping the name should all the Glaciers disappear.
          Point is, no matter what time line is involved… a glacier moves. How can the poem precisely take you to a 10″x10″ spot if the place it’s at is moving constantly? Not to mention the thawing and refreezing where the chest could not be interned in ice, many many feet below the surface. I’m sure you have seen picture of Glaciers from the 1930 to present, and know some of those are no longer there.
          I’m not trying to deter you on this theory, Just discussing possibilities. Another question is, why would this be the final resting place fenn talks about? Most areas that have Glaciers are baron, with little or no trees and hardly any animal life… this seems to be in conflict with fenns comment about what he would see and smell if standing next to the chest. Just another thought to think about.

          Trust me when I say, I like the Glacial approach… I just think it may be leaning towards an extinct Glacial area. An area that is now more like fenn describes and the poem is describing the affects of what happened. Again, just more thoughts.

  107. I hope SPRING is just around the corner! Have been unusually sick since after Christmas. I may have to take a little hiatus from TTOTC so I can find a job in June after my current project ends. Hopefully that will be easier than finding the chest!! Will be lurking and checking in when I can. Good luck searchers!

  108. I still have a somewhat decent feeling about browns creek for some reason. Brown’s creek is south of Browns canyon and also browns creek forks off at a point at a creek call little browns creek So its also south of that. So in a way that could be considered below the home of brown. And another interesting thing is that if you look at the last words at the end of each section of the poem, you can also see it says down brown creek. I dunno just a quick observation

    • That’s the area I’m most interested in looking…especially since it’s where I live. Makes sense to get to the trailhead with the poem, just not sure where it leads me from there!

      • Not Browns waterfall. I have climbed down, with rope and harness, and looked behind the waterfall. Nothing. It is beautiful and worth the hike but not worth someone with little experience getting injured.

  109. Hey all,
    I’m relatively new to the chase, about a week or so. I’ve pulled a few late nights and one all nighter. (Brain was working too much, or atleast trying to.) I’ve got a few spots close to the CO-NM boarder that I think could be a great places. I live close to the boarder so if anyone is planning a trip out this way and needs a hiking buddy let me know.


    • Have you ever searched just west of Hwy 17 on the Rio de los Pinos or down Toltec Gorge/Canyon? I might be looking around there this summer or sooner.

    • virginia diane, arvada,

      Good luck to you. IMO…..you are on a good track!

      COLORado ~

  110. My fiancΓ© told me about ff’s treasure about a week ago and I’m determined to find it! I was able to find very obvious answers to 6 stanzas in the poem and I believe it to be in Colorado. I plan to find some additional spots to check before coming to check on foot since I am in Michigan. Are people still out looking for this? I would love to hear how it’s going for others

    • I live in arvada,co.metro area of denver.i keep trying to figure out clues.but don’t know if they are right.good luck.i thought Colorado to
      But ask myself if its in new mexico.as mr.forrest did it in one day.

      • Virginia Diane , I will be passing through your neck of the woods tomorrow…..on a personal trip not related to the chase. I may run up into the mountains if I can find the time….I’m in the New Mexico camp….but love all the Rocky Montains…

        ” I see the white caps, I’m almost there,
        Soon I’ll breath, that crisp mountain air.
        Feet in the snow, midst evergreen trees,
        Listening to spirits, That live in this breeze……”

        See ya , Focused

        • Focused,
          Please bring my spirit with you,
          I’ll send it on loan.

          Working on that I’m attributed to,
          But I may just be on my own.

          After fennboree,
          That’s my timeline you see
          Hoping my courage won’t bend.

          I hope we will meet eventually
          My online friend.
          You are inspiring to me,
          And your words, they transcend.

          Good luck to you,
          You deserve it.
          Your color of blue,
          Turns mine violet.
          Until next time, see ya! πŸ˜‰

          • Thank you jdiggins for your kind words, I enjoyed them. And thank you for your selfless attitude…..may your words flow from your heart……see ya my friend

    • @Corin, welcome! You’ve come to the right blog to learn just how many folks are still searching and how it’s going! There are lots and lots of folks still searching. Good Luck to you.

  111. Been thinking a great deal about Colorado, and am trying to understand why. ( I’ve been in the New Mexico camp since the beginning.)

    I feel that the Flyer’s hidden Chest IS located in the most beautiful, magical and spiritual of surroundings, and was placed there by Forrest after the earthly loss of his beloved Brother…..”Skippy.”

    Clouds seem to be a ‘natural’ and significant part of the journey ~


    • Hello SL. Thank you for going down Memory Lane. I went to this beautiful town on my honeymoon. Went into a little shop and purchased an apron that read, “Eat at your own risk.” Still have it after 35 years. πŸ™‚

      • pdenver,

        That’s too funny! – I like your sense of humor!

        In my ‘other’ life, I flew over the beautiful State of Colorado several times a week. The only place I thought was as; or more beautiful, was Canada’s Banff National Park. Breathtaking!

        Thanks for the smile,


        • Hello SL. Thank you for the compliment. I greatly appreciate it. I’m glad I was able to put a smile on your face.

          I’ll have to look up information about Canada’s Banff National Park. I’ve never heard of this breathtaking place.

          • The 175 miles or so from Banff to Jasper is the most unbelievable 175 miles you will ever experience, guaranteed… and I live in Colorado.

          • Wow! It definitely looks like a place everyone should visit. Would love to be in a convertible and view this spectacular place.

  112. Is anyone who searches Colorado still considering Ouray and surrounding area? The history of Chief Ouray, Chipeta, Shoshonean language, Meeker Massacre over horse racing, Ice climbing, and Hot springs is simply too inviting not to do the map work.

    Has Forrest ever mentioned where he and Peggy Honeymooned? I wonder if they visited both Wiesbaden hot springs in Germany and Colorado.

    • Hello Anna. I had searched in the surrounding areas of Ouray. What I’ve found is breathtaking and others have shown signs they’ve been there.

      I’ve never heard where Mr. and Mrs. Fenn honeymooned, but it would be fun to know, although, it’s probably a bit personal. I would like to guess Paris, Italy or the Virgin Islands. Almost forgot a popular destination…Hawaii. Hopefully, the military didn’t have their say. If so, you may be correct by saying Germany.

  113. Anna and pdenver,

    I highly recommend the following areas:

    Portland (Canyon) Creek, *Stream in Ouray, Colorado.

    *I believe that Forrest’s story of Olga in TTOTC said she had a small bathtub, “thirty-six inches long” – I’d connect it to “Baby Bath Tub” which is another name for Portland Creek. (Kind of thought the measurement he gave was really NOT an error).

    If you’ve not been to “Yankee Boy Basin”…….go! Too beautiful and a ‘forever’ tranquil place..


    • I was thinking about this the other day, but couldn’t remember who had posted it. It was YOU, my friend!

    • Still looking for the post you mentioned, SL, but while scrolling down, I found this one. I must say, over the weekend, I was thinking about your comment, above.

  114. Hi pdenver,

    I’ve been fortunate to have visited this glorious State many, many times in my life.
    A favorite trip on personal time involved camping, fishing and riding horseback in Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid territory. ( A couple pilot friends were also guides and lived in CO) . A great memory! Real ‘outlaws’ these two!)

    My Mom was born in Denver and returned every now and then.


    • Hello SL. Sounds like you had a great time. Camping, fishing, etc. is a blast. My first and last horseback riding….that’s another story. πŸ™‚

  115. Pdenver or SL – have you noticed any past Colorado solutions based from Mantle Cave, Brown’s Hole area? The NW corner of the state has fascinating dinosaur & Freemont culture history as well as Brown’s Hole being a favorite rendezvous of Mountain men. I like the hems or edges of states, parks etc.
    Trying to determine if it’s worth the time to think out a solution for this area. It’s so time consuming to complete a thorough enough solve to even consider a trip. Any thoughts on this area? I would sincerely appreciate anyone’s feedback.

    • Browns’ Park NWR is beautiful place, rugged and remote, with lots of amazing history – but it is a very long way from anywhere. There is no cell service, no gas stations – nothing but a ranger station with a pay phone (what’s that?!) for miles and miles. It is hours (parts of it 4-5 hours) away from any services; the roads can be treacherous, and that is in good weather. It is advised by the park service to have extra water and food, sleeping bag, and gas if you want to make the trip from Rock Springs or VernaI to Maybell. I made a quick day long recon there on my way home from a ski trip in Jackson Hole this winter (I live in Durango CO). My personal opinion is that I don’t think that FF would have gone “in there” to hide Indulgence. Too remote. He likely couldn’t have gone undetected by friends and family; his absence would have been noted. Truly, the area is a long way from anywhere. All that being said, by all means go there for the natural beauty, the geology, the history. I was really interested in the Gates of Lodore; Powell was the first white man to explore the area and it was definitely “no place for the meek’. But in the end, I abandoned the idea. All IMO.

      • Hello SandyB – thank you for such a well thought out response. I agree that it’s far too remote to travel too; but sure enjoyed reading someone else’s adventure and family history.
        Thank you!

      • I looked at the Gates of Lodore area too, and also gave up on it.
        But what a Beautiful area, I’d like to go there some day. Winnie’s Grotto looks amazing.

      • Went to Browns Park on a search. Found it to be an incredible visit. you are literally out in the middle of no where. Be prepared to walk as the fences put up by the BLM prevent you from going into the hills very deep and the roads are rough. But it was worth all of that as it is one of the most breathe taking places I have visited and a trip I and my family will never forget.

  116. SL – WOW! Thank you. I haven’t been wowed in a while, but that did it. What a poingently beautiful journey to discover the echoes of ancestors in a wild and wonderful setting. She writes with an easy grace.

    1. that is a perfect solve in every way. I’ll bet Forrest was wowed by Mantles cave at some point in his
    adventure filled life. Im certain he has studied the Fremont Indian culture which is linked to the Shoshone. I would enjoy listening to him discuss (tell stories of) an ancient civilization in the way he brings to life what may have been.

    2. If I could travel with Forrest on an adventure, it would be to a remote place similar in natural beauty and ancestral history to Mantle’s Cave. Or maybe just a tour of his den and vault! πŸ˜‰

    • 42,

      Not sure if you are still frequent here, but did want to know if you were ever able to look into my suggestion of the “Brown Homestead” in Colorado as a high probability of being the HOB. (Am glad to hear that you enjoyed the great history of “Mantles Cave” as well !)

      HOB reference information:



      • Might also suggest taking a look around the Lyons, CO area. Might The Flyer and his family have stopped in that area as opposed to a schoolhouse that was in Wyoming?

        I believe there’s an old, one room schoolhouse in Lyon where the Brown’s sent their children to. (Could connect some of the dots).

        Our friend, pdenver might want to check it out?


        • I would think Mr. Fenn and his family would have stopped off for the night somewhere in Colorado. The approximate mileage from Temple, TX to West Yellowstone, MT is 1200 miles. I would think Rocky Mountain National Park or somewhere along the Big Thompson Canyon would have been a good choices. I know there’s small campgrounds elsewhere, but I don’t know how old they are. Lyons, CO is about twenty miles to Rocky Mountain National Park. Not sure if his family took two or three days to travel from Point A to Point B.

        • Found your response, SL. I still haven’t checked out this area. I wonder if the schoolhouse was saved from the bad flood Lyons suffered a few years ago. There’s another one-room schoolhouse that comes to mind, but it’s fenced off. On this road, there’s a sign on a house that reminds me of, “Not far, but too far to walk,” and it made me stop and take a picture of it.

      • My hometown newspaper!! Further on up are the headwaters of the Colorado River.

  117. (splitting this in two, can’t seem to post the whole thing):

    Just returned from a trip to Colorado to search for the treasure. Thought I’d post a longish note about my solution and search. Found no treasure, though I did have a fabulous time in the Rockies, and found a spot where it might possibly have been. Will have to email Forrest a picture or two just in case it was indeed the hidey hole (in which case he can in turn inform the world that someone must have found it).

    My solution (omitting parts of the poem I consider not to be clues):

    ‘Begin it where warm waters halt’
    I took this to be a hot spring or thermal pool and in order for various other clues to work I narrowed this down to Salida and/or Poncha Springs (after making a spreadsheet of other hot springs in NM and CO and looking for spots consistent with other clues).

    ‘Take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk’
    Down the Arkansas River in the canyon that runs down to Wellsville and Howard. If you drive this or raft it, it’s an easy trip. Walking it would be twenty miles or so.

    ‘Put in below the home of Brown’
    Taking this as referring to brown trout. Rather less sure of this than some of my other conclusions (why capitalize Brown if it’s trout?) but in this case, consistent with the next clue, I assume this is Badger Creek, which does have brown trout.

    ‘From there it’s no place for the meek’
    Reference to the creek name. Badgers are known not to be meek animals.

    ‘The end is ever drawing nigh’
    This refers to Tombstone Gulch, further up the creek just before it enters the San Isabel National Forest.

    ‘There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high’
    Not so sure of this one. May just refer to the actual physical character of the creek, which indeed is alternately too shallow or too fast and steep to paddle up, depending on the season. There is an outside chance that the second half refers to the names of two gulches further up the creek, Deer Gulch (heavy loads = buckshot) and Hell’s Hole Gulch (hell or high water) but this seems like too much of a reach for me. I initially thought this was a direction to go up Tombstone Gulch, and that ‘water high’ might refer to springs or seeps in the gulch walls, but no such features exist.

    ‘Your effort will be worth the cold’
    Just refers to the need to cross and re-cross the creek (due to the way it winds from wall to wall) if you hike up it.

    ‘If you are brave and in the wood’
    This I take to mean that you should be in the national forest (=wood) and that the treasure is likely near the boundary.

    ‘If you’ve been wise and found the blaze’
    Well, so I need to look for a blaze. Pondered what ‘wise’ might mean in this context and didn’t come up with anything more than maybe needing to look behind you at some point.

    • Thanks for the layout.
      On the blaze, did you look for piles of stones as markers?
      I don’t think “wise” means anything more than having figured out the clues.

      • Yes, there’s an outcropping with a lot of tumbledown stones, which I searched (further described in my second comment, if the forum software ever decides to accept my attempt to post it). A pile of rocks would have been the logical blaze, there – some trees grew on it too, but in that exposed spot would have been subject to many misfortunes which would have made it unlikely that any blaze on a tree would have survived a hundred years.

      • Interesting you mentioned that BBob. I am currently working on those 4 words (If you been wise). The IF has its place in my opinion. I am trying to see how it all adds up. I am working in decimal degrees only for now.

  118. Browns Creek in Co. Close to the waterfall (heavy loads..water high), look for the blaze. As in a trail blaze. The term is for pioneers marking the trail by removing some bark off of trees (blazing the trail).

  119. My solution to F. F. Poem
    Begin it where warm waters halt (Refers to the large hot springs that supply the public pools then flow into the river at Glenwood Springs Colorado)
    And take it in the canyon down, (Go East into a very scenic Canyon on the most expensive section of highway ever built, Interstate 70) Not far, but too far to walk (Go for a mile or two and take the first exit No Name. Turn right and take road down to the dead end).
    Put in (Clearly a boat in a river reference) below the home of Brown. (Grizzly Creek is the very next exit just up river, or east on I-70 and Grizzly bears are also known as brown bears)
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (River is very narrow and rapid upstream from this point but downstream is not as rapid and it widens out)
    Just heavy loads (Across the river is a railroad track and trains carry heavy loads)
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (Downstream about ΒΌ mile and across the river there is a Railroad tunnel entrance and just up from there is a blaze like feature, a huge notch, in the canyon wall from a very old rock slide)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (If you’re in a boat and you look down you are looking into the water!)
    But tarry scant (Train tunnel entrance is black and tarry looking from diesel smoke) with marvel gaze, (Metaphor for canyon wall. Tar is small in perspective too…)
    NOTE: This location is above were warm water flows into the river, below the home of Brown, in a canyon, and above 5000 feet elevation. The GPS position is 39 deg. 33’ 24” N 107 deg. 18’ 30” W.
    So hear me all and listen good, (Hazard warning) your effort will be worth the cold. (The river water level is too high and murky in the summer. Only time to search is late fall winter and early spring. After the snow melts the river is low and clear)
    If you are brave and in the wood (Another reference to Glenwood Canyon)
    Every clue in the poem can be solved with this location however, the Colorado River has had many years to either conceal the treasure or wash it up onto shore. GOOD LUCK

    • Sounds logical and straight-forward. Hope you or someone finds it at your location.

      Good luck and TRY to STAY SAFE


    • If I’ve pegged your notch correctly you are in or near the area where a scene from The Great K & A Train Robbery was filmed in 1926. It starred Tom Mix but the rumor I heard growing up was that John Wayne was a prop boy.

      Just a frank word of warning – the Colorado River in this area is not a force to be messed with during any season. The glassy water above the Shoshone Dam is moving much faster than it appears….straight into the dam. Just below the dam is water generally recognized as Class V+/VI-. In other words it’s called Upper Death for a reason.

      Further down the whitewater levels out, but it’s still unsafe to cross mid-river without a solid floatation device. Most folks get themselves into trouble closer to the shore just by slipping a foot under a rock and being pushed face down in the water.

      Nor is it safe or legal to walk the railroad tracks.

      So if you’re determined to scope out areas on the far side of the river and doing it safely – plan on a long, tough hike with map and compass or hiring a private raft guide.

        • You don’t have to cross the river to get to Hanging Lake – so I wasn’t speaking of that location. Perhaps I misunderstood the original post but I don’t think it was referencing Hanging Lake either. However, I’d note that my father is almost 80 years old and definitely not a fitness fanatic and he has no problem with our hikes up to Hanging Lake and beyond.

      • The Notch is only about 1-1/2 miles east of Glenwood Springs. It is on a sharp river bend just above an old road side rest area that has long since been abandoned. Traveling east on I-70 you will exit as soon as you go through the first tunnel.
        The railroad side of the river cannot be accessed by hiking. It you tried to walk up from Glenwood Springs you would have to walk through a train tunnel and that is suicidal. Walking downstream from the Hanging Lake trail head is also very dangerous because of miles of tracks, canyon walls, and river rapids.
        I still think the treasure is in the river well below what you said is called Upper Death. The river flow rate in the winter months is 20 times less than it is in the early summer. To me, this explains the stanza β€œYour effort will be worth the cold if you are brave and in the wood…”, still it is β€œno place for the meek”. I know my limitations and admit that I am too meek.
        Interesting story about the old movie filmed there. I need to research.

        • Oh, come on now, if an 80 yr old man strolled in there what is stopping you?
          Yeah, that’s right he must have parachuted in

          • I’m actually a raft guide on that stretch and have passed that spot literally hundreds of times. We have a story we tell the customers about some of those marks you mentioned- Paul Bunyon and Babe plowing out the Colorado River and all that.

            I’m really not quite sure that would an idea solve, although it makes good sense at first. There isn’t too much really special about that exact place first of all- train and highway noise abound, although it is beautiful. And the access would be very difficult, sharp rocks, and of course the train. He would have had to ferry a raft (or maybe ducky) back and forth several times to go twice in an afternoon- even at low water it is not wading friendly. I might also add that going upstream from G-wood (east as you said) would NEVER be considered ‘down’ by anyone who spent as much time on the water as Fenn.

            Good interpretation overall, though. Very sensible, I’m just speaking from a regular BotG perspective.

            If you have any other questions about hot springs in the area though, feel free to ask.

          • Lindsay,
            The poem is a very clever twist of words. The word β€œdown” refers to where warm water is halting β€œdown” from the start point of the hiding place. The No Name exit fits, which is also β€œin the canyon”.
            This location on the river bend became isolated when the most expensive highway in the world tunneled through the mountain. I think this place fit Fenn’s ego as well as his nostalgia. It may be sentimental to Fenn considering it was once a roadside rest area and it could have been on the route from Santa Fe to Yellowstone where, as a boy, he spent his summers, and he and his father was avid trout fisherman. I realize I am speculating on this part but all the poem clues are a rock-solid fit to this place.
            Does the power dam upstream that controls the volume of water flow ever reduce the flow on a public announced schedule? This and the winter would be the best time to look at the river bottom. The risks are beyond my boundaries. Randy Bileau had come up with a similar poem solution and unfortunately died last year searching a river in the winter. I live in Virginia and quit searching when I decided the odds of retrieving this treasure is very slim. Keep your eyes open when your making floats trips. I hope it washes up for you.

            BE SAFE!

          • Ken,
            Only 1 of ‘nine’ survived a plane crash near the area which occurred over 40 years ago.

            We could be thinking of the same area.


        • Ken..would you mind giving an example of your thought here? “The word β€œdown” refers to where warm water is halting β€œdovwn” from the start point of the hiding place”. I’m intrigued. Thank you in advance.

          • Sandy,
            We need to remember that Fenn took many years to write his poem. He thought it out very thoroughly. If it wasn’t tricky the treasure would have been found. Here is how I translate.
            As I have gone alone in there
            And with my treasures bold,
            I …..
            The first stanza is telling us about a journey to hide a treasure.
            Begin it where warm waters halt
            And take it in the canyon down,
            Not far, but too far to walk.
            Put in below the home of Brown.
            The second stanza tells us where he began. He began β€œBELOW the home of Brown” (Grizzly Creek fits). He began in the canyon. The words that are not used are β€œwhere warm waters halt and take it down”. The warm water cools (halts) where it flows into the Colorado down from where he began. The start point is ABOVE Glenwood Hot Spring.
            This second stanza also tells us how he traveled. He did not walk. He β€œput in” is a boat in water reference.
            The rest of my solution is on my July 17, 2016 post.
            I hope this helps.
            Good luck!

  120. Ok, I see that I have not commented on this thread or Chapter previously. I will say that I had announced that I would be going on a search for Indulgence this weekend. I made the announcement elswhere on dal’s site and I cannot find it nor do I recall where it was made. From here on out, I expect this is where I will announce a COLORADO search. My search was going to take place in COLORADO and has been postponed for a few days.

  121. @E.C. Waters – Hi there! Would like to connect on collaboration. I think together we might have great fun with Chase and solve. Please respond with way to contact if interested.

    • Twingem, in response to one of your previous comments regarding myself, I reside in NM. I am not currently looking for teaming up, but I may consider it. Given the location of these comments, is it safe to say that you search Colorado? How is your solve going?

      • @Slurbs, Hi there! I live in CO and believe Indulgence is in CO. Even if I didn’t live here, my belief would remain the same.

        Having a blast with chase. But also feel having collaboration would be even better. I’ve worked very hard on my research and feel certain I’m in the right area. I have no doubts on area. Just stuck on getting it to 10x10x5 spot! Aren’t we all ?

        How is you search going?

  122. I’ve been following this for a few years and decided I need to join the chase too. Been reading everything I can on FF and his treasure. I’m in the Denver Metro area if anyone wants to go out on some weekend trips, it would be great to meet some of you and work towards finding this!

  123. Twingem and others who care,
    I’m going to write this little search story so Forrest can comprehend it. Here we go (I’ll try and keep it short).
    I went out to search on Thursday. Spent Wednesday night at my mother’s because it was a good thing to do. Well I packed up a couple of nights supplies in my Toyota and hit the road Thursday morning. My Toyota bucked like she didn’t want me riding her so hard. I hardly let her cool down. On my way up, I came across a fellow who was in a need of a hand. He’s got his rental stuck something bad. I gave the gent a ride to his vehicle and on the way, something gave way on mine vehicle. I only heard a noise and didn’t think much of it. Well after some persuasion, his vehicle decided it wanted to go home. It was rough, but Bejamin Franklin and friends has a way of making me smile. It was time to get back to my rodeo. I was having a good time and decided that I better investigate the noise before my quest was not worth my investment. Whoa! I had a broken Main leaf spring on the driver’s side rear! Boy, was that upsetting. I should have grown up to be a bull rider! To get back home, I ran over a rock to adjust the alignment of my rear axle and took my sweet time getting back to a smooth personality. My camp and search will have to be put on hold while I have that leaf spring and other bad things taken care of. I gotta be prepared. Cody took an axle and mine almost found a new home. Whew!

    • Hi Slurbs, thanks for sharing! I few of my trips have been like riding a bull in a rodeo too. With all the rain around here of late, I can only imagine the next bull ride will be on helluva ride!

      Be safe while having fun.

  124. This is great…love seeing people abandon greed and band together. NM searchers are also coming together. Group mind …100th monkey… let’s rock this thing!

  125. All,

    While I’m not in the Colorado camp I did come across an interesting potential search area, please excuse me if it has been mentioned before.

    Refrigerator Gulch in the Lost Creek Wilderness of Colorado (WWWH). Follow Lost creek down (SE) it disappears then possibly reappears as Goose Creek, continue to follow it until you get to Molly Gulch Campground (hoB?). Sheeprock is to the east so instead go west up either one of the twin creeks to the NW or Molly Gulch to the W. From there you are on your own i didn’t research it more than that, but definitely an interesting local, lots of rock outcroppings and there was a previous fire.

    Good Luck.

    Google refrigerator gulch, very interesting spot the creek enters into a cave and disappears!


  126. I followed the poem to a canyon that has carved in the rock a skull, an ear, am ear horn, and a tree. So if we are listening to the story of the trees (wood). Listen Good!

  127. So the hot spring is too far to walk, so you go down the canyon and up the creek that hints of riches new and old, past the heavy loads to the waters high, then below the blaze until you tired and weak and cease, then it is between two logs. Then take it and run.

  128. Just curious if anyone had ever checked out the area around “Parachute” Colorado? It’s in the map region and just happened to catch my eye.

  129. pdenver,

    I had been doing some research on that area, but got sidetracked to Eisenhower Tunnel. Wouldn’t totally discount either of the areas.


    • The Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel is nice. Once entering the Eisenhower side, heading West, once exiting, it’s breathtaking. Silverthorne is the first town you reach. Dillon Reservoir is a nice place to fish and camp, too.

      • PD,
        I spent a winter in Silverthorne/Dillon area before I had kids. Got a season pass to Keystone and spent every spare moment on the slopes. Loved to ski at night there!
        I love your idea above. That’s sounds like a perfect fit!

        • I hear night skiing is absolutely beautiful. The ski areas are rejoicing with the snowfall they’ve been getting and it continues to fall. I’m more of a sledding person myself.

          • It’s amazing p! Unfortunately it is a joy that I’ll probably not experience again but I’ll always have those memories
            My daughter misses the snow and sledding and the cold. I do not! Lol

            I do miss the mountains terribly though.

          • Thank goodness for memories. I hope you’ll find yourself back in the mountains someday soon.

  130. Has anyone looked in the salida leadville area?

    Warm waters- Hot springs in Buena vista.

    Canyon down- down towards salida

    Below home of Brown- Molly Brown lived in Leadville which is north of salida and buena vista

    tary scant- leave quick (salida in spansh means to depart)

    marvel gaze- good view (buena vista is spanish for good view)

    The Arkansas river runs between Leadville and salida which would account for the water parts of the poem.

    Heavy loads- there is a train track that follows the river (trains carry heavy loads)

    I’m just joining the hunt and have a lot to learn but this is my beginner theory and wanted to get some feedback. I know I’m missing some key clues but I haven’t been able to come up with any ideas.

    • Yes, I spent a few days in that area. Mind you I took Salida as the starting point and went ‘in the canyon down’ to where Badger Creek (‘no place for the meek’) enters the Arkansas River, just past Wellville, then followed it north until I was in the national forest (‘in the wood’). There’s some interesting rock formations overlooking the creek which seemed like promising locations, and they also fit some other details that we know – for example it’s plausible that a spry 80 year old man could make two trips there in an afternoon; I’m always boggled when people go searching deep in the wilds or in places that require strenuous effort even from the young.
      Never found blaze nor treasure there though.

  131. Rick, are you going to be at Fennboree this year? I hope to see you there. Keep an eye out for me. I’d like to meet with you.

    • I did not know there was such a thing…when and where is it? Is Fenn master of ceremonies?

      • Rick, go to the top of this page and right before the Looking in Colorado title, you will find “Fennboree 2017. It is held just north of Santa Fe in Hyde Park. It is from June 9 -11. Check out the Fennboree 2017 link for details.

        • What got me back on the FF thing here after a winter hiatus was a conversation with an acquaintance a week ago. He works for the FBI in SLC. I mentioned the FF thing in passing and he said, oh that guy, we have been looking into that, he has stirred up a lot of people. So, I hope Forrest didn’t leave any kind of a paper trail, CC records, flight plans, hotel bills when he stashed his loot, or the FEDs are way ahead of us. If you see men in black you might be close.

          • May have something to do with a different matter entirely.

            See the chapter on ff in Craig Childs’ excellent book “Finders Keepers.”


          • Not really sure but I had visions of myself after weeks of blood, sweat and tears, climbing over snowdrifts…because the road is not open yet and coming out from under the water falls, shirt about ripped off showing my stretch marks from losing my winter hibernation belly, throwing my head back like Fabio to clear the water, 42lbs of treasure in my arms…then the black helicopter swoops down and this hot blond dressed like Tomb Raider says, “Thanks we’ll take that, oh and by the way you are responsible for the bill for this operation” Then she leaves without even kissing me…the helicopter blowing moss and mud all over my face as my hair wraps around my head like a mop. Maybe thats my over reaction to the flip side of the coin I have been working on. “How to spend the treasure without everyone knowing you have it” I mean I have some pretty good ideas but I am going to have to look at the loot first and see what could be sold on ebay, at auction or to a collector without everyone saying hey…thats part of the Fenn Collection. I have strongly considered just leaving the chest with a note and a new poem, “Once I was lost in there and molested by a grizzly bear, found the chest of Forrest Fenn, now you have to look again…

  132. I’m thinking about Colorado sites and stumbled on this area. It does not look man made but this is as close as I could zoom on GE. Anyone have any thoughts about it? It’s not too far from Pagosa Springs. Happy hunting for the loot!

      • Bob.not this park.its right by the school i work at.its walkable, but not much to do.not dense. Very open space.not real big.has a walk,bike path.its in a subdivision. My school is built right next to it.

        • There are about four of five that look great on GE. However, sitting on my sofa in Michigan prevents me from taking a close look. Four Mile trail is also of interest, the forks of the San Juan River, Coffee Creek, the rock formations, natural and man made. Just a plethora of things that might interest and archeologist who likes being in mountains. The nearby cattle, safety even with kids, are all things I have heard FF mention in his interviews over the years. Looks like a great place even to fail! Wouldn’t surprise me to find a blaze on a rock near a ledge near some water above the Brown’s home.

    • It looks like a cool area, Bob. The description of the Fourmile Falls Trail sounds like a good hike that I’d like to give a try sometime. Some recent commenters on one site mentioned that the trail is currently full of deep snow and fallen trees.

      For a solve area, it also seems like it has some good things going for it. I’m assuming that Pagosa Springs would be your WWWH and it looks like there are several possible candidates nearby for a HOB. I’d say it’d be worth checking out, and at the very least you’d get a nice hike out of visiting the place.

      (I’m not sure what location Virginia is talking about. She may have some Gremlins in her GoogleMaps.)

      • I’ve been interested in Archuleta, County and, as you mentioned, it’s rich in possibilities. There’s a Kiva, warm waters, trails, and very interesting stone formations. And that is just looking at GE. So, if you make it there I wish you luck. The Piedras River, Coffee Creek, Rainbow Hot Springs have my attention. I offer this info freely as I think it may help other searchers. If you find it I want to be invited to the party!

        • If you’re really interested I have a discovered a few Browns in the area.

    • Bob – Pagosa and that entire area of Colorado is wonderful. The San Juan Mountains are amazing! I don’t think the treasure chest is in CO but there are lots of other treasures there that are worth the trip.

    • Been there. Done that. Walked the length and both sides of the river a few times. Getting off the path gets you into some serious marshy areas. The riverpath area was redeveloped a few years back and unlikely to be holding FF’s treasure. I received a few good laughs from the locals when I brought out the metal detector.

    • I’m looking to find a searcher with more mobility than I. Someone in proximity of that area to work a plan.

      • If my main solve doesn’t pan out this season, I’d be up for doing some BOTG searching for the solve you’re working on, Bob. Let me know later in the summer if you’re still looking for someone.

      • Hey Bob
        I’ve been to Brown’s park and Fort Davy Crockett in the last two days. Tons of interesting information to be found. I had to come back to Denver today, but I feel like I’m in the right spot. The blaze is a tough one. But I think I now have a better idea what I’m looking for.

  133. Oh yes, I have Bob. I’ve been exploring the Colorado Rockies including the mighty San Juan intensely for almost 60 years. Unbelievable treasure here. I’ve probably been within 12 feet of the TC repeatedly. So far no luck. But, I have taken to collecting coal off the train tracks in my travels. Pretty good addition to the campfire if you like a really hot blaze. Which I do.

    • Within 12 feet repeatedly, perhaps you need a set of 9 foot stilts Sandy. I do like your way of handling the coal though but can you do it with your eyes closed? Don’t forget to put the fire out, that stuff burns long and hot. Try wearing it around your eyes at night for camoflouge, at 3am you’ll be glad you did, just ask the chiliman.

      • Hey, Straw. I hope you realize I was crossing my legs when I made the 12 foot comment. I suspect my decimal point is a few places to the left of right…perhaps drawing nigh as we ponder our next move. This coal fume addled state isnt helping any. Like your idea for stilts but seems a little to close to circus work. I’mnot afraid of heights but have a ladder phobia. Jumars or some other ascending device might be more relevant in our quest. Guess I’d better take a refresher course on my knot tying skills! BTW, I eliminated bright colors from my search giddyup. Camoflauge is your friend in this endeavor. Thanks for the reminder. Anyhoo…catch you at the shindig next weekend?

        • The improved clinch and bloodknot are the only ones you need to know. Though difficult to tie its well worth the effort. Cutthroats are fishing good. That June shindig brings about sore memories, my knee jerk reaction says turn a boot sideways. The beautiful thing about Jumars, you can trust them as long as you dont push your daisies. I’m toying with Breck for a couple days. You know what they say, go high or go home. Catch ya on the rebound.

          • What do you think of a nail knot, Straw? I’ve been using Tie-Fast, which always ties a nail-knot, supposedly the strongest knot there is. But it does seem to break on me often. Or perhaps I’m just doing it wrong?

          • Well, Straw, some things are just too hot to touch. There is room at Camp Retrievers if you change your mind. We don’t even have to leave the party to go fishing…c’mon! Bring your skis if you go to Breck…ABasin is still rocking the white stuff. And, I think the phrase is “go BIG or go home”.

          • Straw…I am mistaken and you are correct. In Colorado the phrase IS “go high or go home”. How could I forget that in the land of more dispensaries than liquor stores? Jeez.

          • I’m with you Spoon, the nail or straw knot has its place, no doubt. I just know Sandy lives in Colorado and hitting her with 3 knots at once is a lot to remember. Besides I’m not sure she would be comfortable tying the knot. And before I get nailed down for not following this SB, as everyone knows, Colorado is a home of Brown.

  134. Sure appears that way, Strawshadow. Best HOB that I’ve been able to find.

    So far. lol

    • Does the name Chalifoux mean anything to anyone? I have stumbled upon a possible connection and am just wondering if anyone else came across this.

  135. Bob Miller,

    Quite a project, but hope you’ll be able to glean some productive information.

    The Chalifoux name revealed personal and historical data in both Colorado, (Southern), and in New Mexico:

    Trapper, Soldier, Prominent Citizen – ( In Costilla, CO there exists authorization privileges related to” an Irrigation Ditch #10″ that also relates to the Chalifoux name.

    The following Researcher will hopefully be able to yield good results. (You may want to aid in offering her with the following reference tool):

    The Colorado Hispanic Genealogist
    Volume 3, #4
    Winter, 2006

    Her contact info:


    Another CO Researcher, Henrietta Christmas… should also be able to offer some assistance. I will post her contact info shortly.

    Let me know if I can be of any further assistance!


    • I have uncovered info about this man and he was in a bunch of locations, the last of which appears to be in Trinidad, Colorado. I also know about the other locations and his history as a horse thief and NM resident. Just curious if you are on the same page.

      • Bob Miller,

        Many generations of individuals and families share the name of “Chalifoux,” as you may be aware of. I attempted to perform research specifically in Colorado with the addition of New Mexico.

        An example:


        You might contact suggested researcher ‘s …Virginia Sanchez and/or Henrietta Christmas? I’m fairly certain that their resources far exceed what Information I was able to obtain for you.

        Good luck to you.


        • S.L,
          Thanks for the link. That’s the guy. Reading an account of the early trappers led me to J.B. and his “alias”. Did you also see a connection between him and Joe Meek?

          • No ‘solid ‘connection between the two.

            J.B was at Browns Park in 1827, and Joe Meeker arrived a * couple of years later.

            BTW…Jean Baptist Chalifaux, AKA *Baptiste Brown, is often credited as being the Brown of Browns Park(Hole).

            Further research into the “Davy Crockett Fort” as it relates to Browns Park, could yield some serious and valuable insights…. IMO.

            After reading the following link, you might agree:

            https://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/refuges/documents/Browns Park – Fort Davy Crockett.pdf

            Hope you’ll give it a LOOK!!

            Good luck to you,


          • Thanks, Jake,
            I posted a note a few minutes ago before I read your link. I found a biography of this guy by LeCompte beginning on page 58 of the book Mountain Men VII. Very informative.
            Good luck to you.

    • Bob Miller,

      Unfortunately, the link isn’t responding. Please try a search:

      Davy Crockett?: An Archaeological Mystery Browns

      Fort Misery is it’s other name.


  136. Will continue to learn much more about the “Davy Crockett Fort” – With a nickname such as “Fort Misery,” there is more to this story, IMO.

    A lot more,


  137. Bob,

    I dont know if you read my solve “Starting at Agua Fria” but Gray’s Creek was my final destination.

  138. While looking up stream quality information I. Found it mortifying. They are all polluted. May look pretty but wow. The mining industry has dumped and still dumps excessive amount of heavy metals. Sometimes it kills the fish and sometimes they are not fit for consumption. Except for the one that turned yellow awhile back. I figure the heavy loads if its not heavy metals which I don’t think so it is tackle or big boulders or logs I think it signifies a pretty robust river or stream. As that part of the clue.

    • Just noticed your post, my friend. I’m going to read more of it later in the day. I read the one about John Albert and how he walked 140 miles in three days without a coat in winter conditions. Thank you for the link.

  139. Shout out to the footprints of a searcher who is stomping my ground with me (probably over the weekend of Sept 16-17). Under the tallest blaze around, up the gulch of heavy loads, my effort was worth fording the cold. We are totally in the right spot, and I loved the amazing pieces of history poking out of the dirt (or displayed on a rock). We spotted so many treasures, just not the kind in a bronze box.

    • Those were not my footprints, Lindsay, but I am intrigued about the described area you have been searching. Hope you can share more about it someday!

  140. I am in the Denver area with my wife for today and tomorrow. Any searchers in the area want to meet up an discuss the Chase or just hang out? Right now, I’m hanging out at Ziggi’s coffee shop in Westminster. Local time is 12:38pm.

    • Sorry I missed you. We left there just last Thursday. Lots of rain and beautiful colours. On our way we saw six individuals who claim they came from 4 states (CA, NM, CO, AL) and that they were traveling to Mexico for a wedding. It must have been interesting for a wedding and all the duffle bags piled up on the CA vehicle top. I think they were searchers starting from CA route 10 and heading up 25 in NM or onward to CO.

  141. I had a brief but intense search last year that took me and my son to Dinosaur NM in Colorado. We of course didn’t find the treasure but it sure seemed like a good spot for it. It was somewhat of a surreal end as I later wound up in the hospital and was diagnosed as being bi-polar for the first time in my life. Not exactly sure who and why but had some strange interactions before and in the hospital. Kept waiting for things to get clearer but that clarity never came. Didn’t have a chance to post much but I started a blog and maybe there’s something in there that can help somebody.

    • Thank you for sharing, Eric. You have several interesting insights, and way of looking at words in the poem.

      Bipolar can sure be hard and variable, and it can also scramble up your thoughts at times. Keep in touch with your treatment team, and remember…the incidence of bipolar disorder in highly successful creative people over the centuries is estimated at around 50%. If you let your mind go outward for a bit to make unusual associations, make sure to bring it back πŸ™‚

      I looked at DNM, too, but haven’t gotten out there. Looks like an awesome place!

  142. Sometimes it is good to come back to this after being out. What do you guys think of this: Your effort will be worth the cold….
    The trains would go from FT. Worth to Denver and beyond to get coal. I think cold is coaled. Welcome comments……….

    • I think there is something to the word cold. I also believe there is a train association, but not in my current solve, yet.

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