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  1. I’m in Utah. Brown’s park peaked my interest… But every time I come back to the idea, it instead leaves me with more questions. So, I’m sticking with my first choice, which I will go to when the snow finally melts… And if that reveals nothing… Brown’s Park may garner more attention :). Then you won’t be alone in the Uintahs. By the way….even if FF’s treasure isn’t in them…there is still gold hidden in them hills!

    • Clearly, I am not the first person to consider Brown’s Park. Yes indeed, this area is rife with outlaw treasure lore. I love Diamond Mountain, and everything connected with the Uintahs. This is a place where one can truly feel the history. My first trip into there in 1978, took just a little getting used to. Must be plenty of resident Spirits still hanging about–such as Isom Dart; Jesse Ewing, etc, etc, etc…

      • I absolutely believe it. The mountains here are spectacular and rich with ‘treasures new and old’.
        Unfortunately I was only born in ’83 – so your first trip was a bit before my time. In fact, even though I live here, my first real trip into the Uintahs was last year. I’ve driven around them, but never hiked into them until last August. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Megs are you from Utah? I was noticing on the wikipedia picture of the Rocky Mountains, that Dal references, that just the very tiniest tip of the northeast corner of Utah is included in the Rockies. I was wondering if that is how a Utahan looks at it? Thanks for any replies. Others have mentioned the 4 corners area of Utah, and none of that is even considered Rockies according to Wikipedia.

      • Sorry, I just now saw this! The majority of Utahns live in Salt Lake City, which is very much part of the Rockies. So it depends on who you ask. We also have some of the flattest land on earth at the Salt Flats. So we get beautiful extremes πŸ™‚
        Southern Utah isn’t so much the Rockies, and as you said, isn’t really mentioned. There just aren’t exact lines drawing them, so I think some feel if there are mountains nearby, they must be the Rockies πŸ™‚

      • There is strength in numbers and plenty of prize to go around… That and splitting road trip costs multiple ways is always a good idea… Anyone is welcome to email me anytime @ pescadogroup@gmail.com it makes for a good distraction at work πŸ˜‰

  2. I searched Ketchum, Idaho. If you read the book Flywater that he suggests….you learn that Jack Hemingway who took part in that book…is buried in the local cemetery next to his father Ernest Hemingway in which Forrest talks about a book of. Flywater also talks about the Warm Springs Creek that stops at the Big Wood River and goes down to the Cold Springs Bridge where there are islands in the water. I also know that Forrest did spend time in Idaho. He mentions in his book about Skippy being there when he talks about the plane he tried to get off Hebgen Lake. We looked and didn’t find anything…but it’s a big big area. We also went up to Baldy Mountain where there was water tanks up on the mountain(water high) and the mountain itself(heavy loads)?

    • Hi Stephannie,

      Very cool links for Idaho. I’m tempted to get that book Flywater just for the pictures alone. BTW though we are talking large expansive areas, the treasure really does have to be around an easy to access entrance. I ended up carry a 50 lb battery in the woods over the weekend. Let me tell you what a chore that was… It certainly opened my eyes and i recommend it for everyone! πŸ˜‰


      • I’m pretty confident that he took it in two trips per what he told my husband a couple years ago. So that’s 20lbs one trip and 20lbs the second trip I’d guess….if that helps. The book is wonderful with amazing photos. Forrest told me that he wrote the author to tell him how much he enjoyed his book and how much it meant to him and his wife sent a letter back saying her husband had passed away. He was really upset about it.

  3. To my Friends in Utah. When I lived in Holladay Utah, I knew a Federal police officer that had tracked down and researched an old train heist up north of Salt Lake. A gang of train robbers stopped and blew up the safe on the train with explosives and this cop went back many many years later after his research was done and was able to locate and find a few $10 gold coins with his garret metal detector. He showed me these coins and said those things blew at such a great distance that he is sure that he missed a few….

    • @michael p.There are a few old west robbery related caches in Utah… Finding a $10 dollar gold coin with a metal detector would be a lot of fun. I can see my kids going crazy now… I’m guessing this is up by Corrine, UT somewhere?

  4. Yeah, there are a lot of awesome prospecting places in Utah. Like I said – even if you don’t find FF’s treasure, still take your metal detector with you… most likely you will still find something!
    Happy to hear more people are considering Utah. It’s beautiful here. And it sure would be fun to run into a few of you fine folk around here πŸ™‚

    • According to my Google Earth ‘Dowsing’, ‘Dr. Livingston’s’ Bronze Chest is not in Utah(my birth place). But, do not let that discourage you, because, besides being the most beautiful state in the Union, she is replete with outlaw lore, and lost treasure. In fact, the largest gold shipment ever stolen, occurred in this state. Get as much info from the old timers as possible, and keep that metal detector squawking. And make sure you bring ‘yer choot goan’, fur the ‘bars’! I know they say otherwise–but, I’ve encountered two Grizzly bears, ‘in them thar Uintahs’. Let them b’ars supply ther’ own lunch!

    • Hey Gold, I’m in Salt Lake City. Right at the base of the mountains actually.
      My first location actually isn’t in Utah at all. I’m not really too sure it IS in Utah personally… but I’m open to the idea. I just can’t find any places where Forrest went in Utah that were special to him…. so it seems to rule Utah out for me. Where I went already, and will be returning to in April is a 5 hour or so drive from where I am… a good day/weekend trip πŸ™‚ So I would LOVE for it to be in Utah somewhere… much close πŸ˜‰
      And yes, if you would like to contact me – feel free. My avatar is linked to my email.

  5. Have you tried, Capitol Reef State park? It’s in some of my “non-clues” lol,

    Maybe something in that area could work with the REAL clues πŸ™‚

    but probably an amazing drive. πŸ™‚ Well, Eldridge is..an old defunct mining town where they mined uranium ore.

    The area was named for a line of white domes and cliffs of Navajo Sandstone, each of which looks somewhat like the United States Capitol building, that run from the Fremont River to Pleasant Creek on the Waterpocket Fold.

    • It’s nice to see a strong SLC showing… I have a friend that is on his way to New Mexico right now. Says he knows right where it is… Good luck T and I will keep everyone posted… lol

  6. Howdy to all Fenn hunters:

    Its your friendly neighborhood treasure hunters Adam The Adventurer and his Captain in charge Side$how!

    Instead of waiting til I got home.
    I asked my brother Side$how to go ahead of me and check my “cold spot”.
    And what I’ve personally learned is I’m a much better singer than I am a treasure hunter lol! πŸ˜›

    A quick apology to all the long term hunters who have put in years on this.
    I had a big ego and it had to be knocked down more than a couple notchs.
    Thats not to say I didn’t have a blast vicariously hunting with my brother Side$how.
    We haven’t given up, but there is much needed regrouping of how to decode the poem.
    Nevertheless in the interest and discovery of the chest, we offer up where we thought the chest was hidden and why…we believed it was hidden below the dam of the Flaming Gorge, on one of the sides of the canyon walls.

    If one of these bits of info help in the final discovery, then it was worth the cold and bitter defeat of not finding it ourselves.

    Through this process though, I wrote an amazing song + this chase just reinforced in my heart what my true treasures are and always will be…my dearest wife Jesi, my children, my family and friends, and the excitement of what life holds for me around the bend…a win win in my book!! :))

    As you know by now we thought it was at the Flaming Gorge below the dam, hidden in the sides of the canyon.
    Now, thats not to say its still not down there…but after 8 days of hardpressed searching the only gold I will see, hangs on my wall at home.

    My stage name is Dante Thomas.
    I sold 4 million records with a song called “Miss California”.
    Your welcome to google me. πŸ™‚

    Okay heres our research…

    -“Begin it where warm waters halt, and take it in the canyon down” >> halt means to stop immediately…not gradually…but immediately!
    Fact: The water of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir is warmer water that is filtered through the dam, and then is turned cold by the dams hydro-electric plant inside the dam.

    “Take it in the canyon down”
    To get to the bottom of the dam there is a winding road that leads to the base of the dam.

    -“Not far, but too far to walk” >> The archaeological description of “far” is…fire affect rocks!
    Fact: In 1869 the Flaming Gorge was named by John Powell who gave Flaming Gorge its present name after seeing the “sun reflecting off the red rocks”

    “Put in below the home of Brown” >> We believed this line in the poem explained the blue ribbon “Brown trout” that reside in the Reservoir of the Flaming Gorge…the line reads…put in below the home of Brown >> Keep in mind Forrest capitalized Brown to give it prominence in the line of the poem.
    Me and Side$how thought it ment to put in where the boats put in, right below the dam there is only one place to put in for the boats.

    -“There will be no paddle up your creek” >> Fact: Below the dam you can go water rafting and take paddle boat trips for entertainment.

    -“Just heavy loads and water high” >> This line we thought gave reference to the dam itself.
    There is a road “highway 191”, that runs along the top of the dam, so big trucks and cars of all sizes can cross over it.

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”
    After much thinking we now realize this is where we got lost…lol…sometimes thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    This was something Forrest Fenn said,β€œOne time a friend and I walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, 91 miles. It was maybe the best trip I ever made.”
    We believed this story was either made up or changed to give the clue of the location of the treasure…from W.Yellowstone to Boseman is not 91 miles, but infact 89 miles!

    FACT: Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is a United States National Recreation Area located in the states of Wyoming and Utah. The recreation centerpiece of the area is the 91 miles (146 km) long Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

    The Flaming Gorge Reservoir Is over 300 miles west of Toledo Ohio + its almost a straight bee-line from Toledo Ohio to the Flaming Gorge dam…google it! πŸ™‚

    -Forrest said someone was within 500 feet of the treasure and didn’t even know it!
    From the bottom of the Flaming Gorge dam to the top…the completed structure is 502 feet!

    191 syllables in the poem.
    Highway 191 runs directly over the dam.

    -“Forrest Fenn” writes: It was maybe the best trip I ever made. We were walking along the Gallatin River with our bedrolls and candy bars on our backs when a mother black bear swam across the river with her two small cubs.
    She ran across the highway just 30β€² in front of us, and climbed up a steep bank.
    Then her cubs ran across the road shaking water off their backs.
    But they couldn’t get up the steep bank. So my friend and I picked them up and threw them about six feet up on top. I’m sure the mother was thankful. It was fun walking on the outskirts of danger. f

    Heres what we got out of it:

    **walk across the river across the highway just 30β€² in front, climb up a steep bank, up the steep bank about six feet on top**

    Our personal thoughts:

    -Forrest was/is a pilot…I believe he has flown over the place of the treasure MANY times, and knows the area like the back of his hand.

    – As we all know Forrest loves archaeology and treasure hunting.
    In his book he talks about Yellowstone and other places. This led us to think the resting place of the treasure would be a place he might have searched as an archaeologist 1st, but would not mention it in his book due to the place being found too soon.

    -Forrest said the place where he hid the treasure is special to him…well…we believed he meant…all of the Rocky Mountains…not just one place. FF quote from “The thrill of the chase” …”My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go play.”

    -We believe the place where the treasure would be hid would have to be free from houses being build or the land being sold.
    A place where it would remain undisturbed until found.

    -We believe the blaze would have to be something that man could not erase, so as the treasure wouldn’t be lost in time, but instead would always show the way to it.

    -If you were Forrest and you were going to hide a treasure like he did…would you hide it in the middle of nowhere, that when its found, people would say “That was impossible to find”…only the bravest, wisest, richest could have found that!

    Or if you were Forrest, would you hide it in a place that when it was found, people would say, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!
    It was there the whole time, and in plain sight and no one even knew it!
    For this reason we thought it would be below the dam, in a place where it would surprise everyone when it was found.

    “Your effort will be worth the cold”
    We thought he ment the Green river below the dam because it runs cold.
    Just to get over to the other side was extremely difficult.
    We had no boat or raft.
    The water was like a natural fortress!
    But eventually Side$how was able to rent an inflatable kayak, which he used to cross over with.
    What he found were caves and even the skull of a wolf…crazy huh!

    “I give u title to the gold”
    Me and Side$how have thought about this line…we think that there could be an actual title to all the richs he stated would be in the chest.
    This way he would gift the finder the treasure making it tax free and untouchable by the govermment.
    So at the same time he wouldn’t be lieing when he said that all those treasures would be in the chest, but this way he would know when the chest was found, because the finder would have to go to him to get the loot…that old fox is ever thinking ahead of the curve!

    After our failed attempt to recover the chest, I wrote Forrest and asked how can someone be 500feet away and only solve 2 of the 9 clues?
    Forrest stated that it was 2 different searchers.
    Actually I already assumed this, but keep in mind he said no one will just stumble upon
    it…this to us remains interesting…I mean…its either hard to find
    or not? πŸ˜‰

    I recall hearing Forrest referance this poem by T.S. Eliot

    “We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”

    Perhaps the place where one of you started is also the place where the
    chest still resides…thats something to consider…?

    So inconclusion as you can see we thought we would find it based upon
    all these things lining up for us, but no luck.
    If any of our info helps reward you with the chest, please remember to
    drop 2 gold coins in our cup! :))
    On behalf of Side$how and myself, we wish all true Fenn hunters good fortune.
    And keep in mind this is what we came up with after just a little over
    1 month of studying the poem.
    Who knows where the next year will take us!

    Stay tuned for the further questing of Adam The Adventurer and Side$how!


    • A_the_A, thanks for rationale you used for deciphering the Poem.

      Don’t sweat the “big ego”. It’s going to tahe a big ego for someone to convince themselves to actually go look, based upon their solution.

      At least you came back to us and ‘fessed up!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    • Sorry you didm’t find it Adam…
      Keep looking..
      It’s out there..unless Stephanie gets there first..

    • I’m curious about a few things. According to your posts on


      you say you are 38 and from California, but your Wikipedia article says you’re 35 and from Salt Lake City. Is there a reason for the discrepancy? Also, you wrote:

      β€œA clue a clue!” The mob screams out,
      as loud as in a zoo,
      I’ll throw some bones from my β€œcold spot”,
      but only just a few.
      The prescription for what ails you,
      is the compass for the race,
      a description of the land of promise,
      I reveal for all to trace.
      Dos amigos drinking beer
      rotund as a bomb 1 drops
      tightknit lost in conversation,
      I don’t think they’ll ever stop.
      If u see the bouncing zeppelin,
      below lays the home of Brown,
      extract the chain that’s swinging down,
      and my β€œcold spot” will be found.
      Sorry for the mystery,
      that’s the best that I could do,
      If u desire to drink from the golden cup,
      Eldorado is only 2 steps up.

      Can you elaborate on how this related to your location?


      • @ Rodan,

        Wiki has never been right about me lol! And to be real I prefer the mystery…I mine as well be 50yrs old! πŸ˜›

        Dos amigos drinking beer
        rotund as a bomb 1 drops
        tightknit lost in conversation,
        I don’t think they’ll ever stop.
        Answer (8)
        If u see the bouncing zeppelin,
        below lays the home of Brown,
        extract the chain that’s swinging down,
        and my β€œcold spot” will be found.
        Answer (9)

        Total = 89 << the actual miles from W.Yellowstone to Bozeman.
        Sorry for the mystery,
        that’s the best that I could do,
        If u desire to drink from the golden cup,
        Eldorado is only 2 steps up.

        Answer = 91 << the number he said he walked from W.Yellowstone to Bozeman. But why he said 91…well FF said this…think about it.

        Okay now Im off to dreamland to catch my flight in the morning…til then my friends. πŸ™‚


    • Awesome Adam! I have that exact same spot for one of my “possibles”. How was the weather out that way? The only reason we didn’t go, so far, is afraid it is snowy or too cold to do much. Did you travel any dirt roads or are they still closed, or too muddy to travel? The funny thing is we drove right over that dam, and parked and looked over, at the curvy road at the bottom, a year ago in March, on the way back from our granddaughters wedding in Salt Lake, because I wanted to see the Flaming Gorge, cause I figured I’d never be that close again, or ever get back out that way. I remember it being chilly and the trails were snowed over about 6 inches deep in spots, and icy. But I just learned of the Fenn treasure this March when he went on the Today show. So I was right there and didn’t even know about it. Man I might of could just reached out and grabbed it. Now I have to go back! There and Brown’s Hole are my top two spots, and a few ideas for Yellowstone have yet to be totally worked out. Thanks again. Don’t give up! Maybe we’ll see you out and about. It its a truly small world. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Molly,
        I was going to go up in that area this weekend, but I called a ranger and found out that some of the dirt/gravel roads are not yet open. One of the routes from Vernal to Brown’s Park might be ok, but I’m waiting another month or so.

  7. By no means have I given up on the hunt.
    Me and Side$how are already working on new locations to search.

    @ Everyone,
    Thanks for being understanding.
    This hunt is super exciting, even more than before!
    I hope to meet many of you all on the road one day! πŸ™‚

  8. Adam, that was a great story.So sorry that you missed it.Who knows,maybe you walked right over it! With all of the activity on this treasure hunt lately it will get harder and harder to move without a ranger or property owner looking over your shoulder making sure you don’t step over any boundaries or slip anything in your pack.

    • It could still be down there because so many things lined up to that location.
      If its there like I said 2 gold coins in the cup would be fine by me.
      Nevertheless the hunt continues! πŸ˜‰

      • Adam,

        If you’re interested, I can share some information to you that you might find intriguing. I’m not going to tell you exactly where the treasure is, but I’m curious as to your thinking for this solution (or rather, why you excluded some possibilities). Please email me at bmasbal @ gmail.com

        Hope to hear from you!

  9. To my Fellow Hunters;

    I have returned home safely to conclude my 10 day road trip, of which, only 5 were planned.. I feel Blessed to be home but re-adjusting to the “real world” has been a venture of its own. Upon my return, I had to hit the ground running. Inasmuch that time still precedes me to share the hardships and hallows of my quest.

    I would however, like to express my personal gratitude to my Brother and partner in this quest ‘Adam the Adventurer’ for his faith and moral support in our relentless journey. For the sake of imagination I feel compelled to display that Adam and I share a Vision that stretches halfway around the world! Im sure Forrest will be proud to know that His story, that once began as childhood fantasies in river bottoms of the Rocky Mountains, are now echoing over 4,000 miles, crossing land and sea, to the far reaches of East Germany!!

    Please stay tuned for highlights of my pilgrimage. I might indulge enough to share the details of a mislead fortune involving a twenty mile hike, a Failed attempt to cross the massive Green River on Foot and blizzard conditions that followed. With elements that were threatening hypothermia every step of the way, I kept pressing forward rehearsing the lines “From there it is no place for the Meek” … I have pictures and detailed journal entries.

    If I would have known then, what I know now, I might have already recovered the grand prize! For all of you out there in pursuit of FF’s treasure, please be safe and bring adequate supplies. If I would have not been prepared myself, you might be reading this entry from a third person standpoint on some online news report or newspaper obituary somewhere..

    As for the future, our quest has yet to cease, and I look forward to meeting some friendly faces on the road as we make our second go round, which will be sooner than you might think πŸ˜‰

    God Bless


    • Hey Side$how,

      Round 2 is coming bro.
      Btw, what u have written is so real! πŸ™‚
      Are next adventure will be epic, but this time I’ll be there with u, not 4k miles away.
      You have my utmost respect!!
      I can think of no other person I would rather travel with!!

      I go to catch my plane in about 9hrs…see u soon brother!


      • You all seem to be having a great time with this, would love to meet up some time and do some searching with you all!

  10. Adam & Side,

    Thanks for posting back your results. Kudos for that. I think a lot of people post that they are “on the treasure” go look & then slink away. That’s my plan. lol Not really, I’ll post my defeat soon I’m sure.

    Here’s some info pertaining to your interpretation. You may or may not have thought about it, but regardless, I think it helps when an outsider gives some feedback.

    – The water isn’t made cold from the hydro-electric generators, it’s just cold because it got pulled from the bottom of a deep lake before it’s ran through the turbine. The cold water then makes the river cold (which coincidentally trout love). Most hydro dams will pull from the bottom (if not all) so any dam with a generator should give you a good warm water starting point & a trout population below it. This is assuming that it’s deep enough.

    – Remember Forrest stated that originally he was going to lay down and die with his treasure, so I think the spot is going to be more serene & possibly less populated than the dam site itself. Of course he also stated that we would be surprised where it’s at, and your spot would be on the money with that phrase.

    – The mileage difference could be just a function of towns growing larger. I don’t know if the measure mileage from center to center, or city limits to city limits. Also, I would think that mileage measurements today tend to be more accurate than in 1940s.

    Anyhow, more food for thought. Thanks again for posting your solution for us to look at. Your solution is definitely one of the more creative ones I’ve seen. In addition, after a quick review of your area, I identified some things that might answer a question I have about one of the stories in the book. If you don’t mind posting some contact information, I’ll email you what I found. It’s not smoking gun by any means, but something you should be made aware of & maybe it fits with other information in your files.

  11. Salt Lake people, Fremont and Carson, accidentally left a piece of there surveying equipment, on one of the small rocky islands at the East end of the lake, only realizing this after they had left the Salt Lake area, and did not go back for it. That would be a prize! to find.

  12. I live in Pennsylvania and can only dream of searching. But I love the mystery. First I though NM, then WY, considered CO but was drawn to Utah.

    I really enjoyed your post Adam The Adventurer. Great descriptions and good thought process!

    I sent f an email asking why he thought the Cowboy had punched him in the face for saying hello, (The Rules video in FF interviews). I was curious to see if i would get a response. He responded to me in less than 20 minutes!

    Anyways, I stumbled across this website and while it is easy to make things fit the clues of FF’s poem, I noticed alot. Maybe this can help you all in the search of Utah. It mentions alot of Brown’s. A trip that ended with no oars. Being visited by Joe Meek. A little stream at the canyon mouth called Vermillion Creek. It even mentions that Baptiste Brown operated a Trading Post in New Mexico! FF has the Old Santa Fe Trading Co. Baptiste carved his name on some ledges, possibly the blaze? Being FF loves archaeology, I think this part of the sentence (Suffice it to say that the history of this amazing valley spans the history of Indians, the Spaniards, fur trappers, explorers, cattlemen, settlers, outlaws, rustlers, and many others to an extent unknown anywhere else in the American West) would excite him. Not only can all sorts of treasures from history passed be there, but maybe, FF’s as well.

    Here is the link: http://www.prospector-utah.com/brown.htm give it a read, maybe it will add another piece to your puzzle.

    Be Safe, and HAPPY HUNTING! πŸ™‚

    • Put in below the home of brown, hmm gates of lodore is a put in for white water rafting further down the river is disaster falls no place for the meek and the end is drawing nigh

      • Nomad,
        I am right there with you on this one. Flaming Gorge is a definite place where warm water halts. By creating a standing-water pool on a sediment-laden river, the dam has caused the lower Green River to lose its sediment load and decrease in temperature. The water coming from the dam is known to be cold, at one point too cold. The water release into the Green River is cold and the Green River is in a canyon that leads to Ladore Canyon. I think FF means, take the warm water that has turned cold (halts) into the canyon down. I think he is talking about the water itself in the 1st two lines of the poem. There are 3 named sections of Brown’s Park, each about 10 miles long. Named sections A, B, and C. 30 miles, not far, but too far to walk. Section C floats through the historic and wildlife rich area of Browns Park. Beyond this point, (Which could relate to put in below the home of Brown. Brown being Brown’s Park) the river enters the forbidding walls of Ladore Canyon and begins a rollicking run down to Dinosaur National Monument. This wild and scenic stretch bears many labels from the early explorer John Wesley Powell. “Disaster Falls”. Meaning if you were to “put in” #1 it is no place for the meek, and the end is near at Disaster Falls. In my mind this fits the poem to this point. This is where I am stuck. Have you considered this area Dal or Steph?

        • I have not…but I do know people who have felt strongly about this area and one of them has searched it, but yet to find it there. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place. My step dad has his pontoon there in the summer…it really would make sense to look where I’d have a free place to stay and access to fun in the sun.

    • Hello Randy,

      Well, it looks like the soon to be hottest search spot is open for business! :))
      I wish all the hunters a good search and may one us discover the chest this summer.
      Me and Side$how will be relentless in our hunt! πŸ˜‰

      I believe we have all discovered the beginning of the first clue…who will bring home the gold??

      Lets all go rediscover the “Old West”!

      Be safe in your hunt,
      Adam and Side$how

    • Ha! Unfortunately there aren’t too many places above 5,000 ft in and immediately around the Great Salt Lake. There’s a peak on Antelope and a few places in the Promontory Mountains near Golden Spike, but I can’t match up any of the other clues there.

  13. hi adam the adventurer,and side show
    just came back from the dam
    as you have suspected i have not found the place either ,since i am writing in here .but you have brought up new valide points which me and my chief investigator(wifey) have strengthened our place even more
    there has been one section that i was not able to verify!
    i will verify with someone near to maybe do that .

    • Hi Goldmember,

      The dam in and of itself is an awesome location, so many places to hide it.
      But even if not finding the chest…this location is super special.
      If someone asked me where I thought the chest was at this time.
      3 places:

      1- Where FF and his father use to go arrowhead hunting.
      2- Where he proposed to his wife.
      3- The secret location of where the “Fenn arrowhead Cache” was found.

      Keep hunting and good luck!

      Be blessed,

      • That’s a good list of potential sites. I always wondered about #2 due to the curious phrasing “remembering the special things that brought me to that final place, one of which was knowing Peggy was there, somewhere, waiting for me.” Of course, there’s many curious phrases throughout the book though.

  14. I still like the Green River/ Flamming George idea… I’m working it all the way from the Wind River Range to below Browns Park. There are many places that match clues and with the amount of archaeological opportunities and Old West history, Forrest is going to be well aware of the area… Looks like I better finally replace my 5 wt’ floating line.. I have a feeling it is going to get a lot of use this summer…

    • Yes! one of my hot spots also. Please check around Vermillion Creek and below disaster falls! I want pictures of the awesome fish and of course the chest!! I posted this earlier but someone said a murderer wrote it. http://www.prospector-utah.com/brown.htm I found other sites that mention the same things. Cross reference the history, but a lot fits. It mentions Joe Meek as well. Good Luck Matt!

  15. Just for fun… Has anyone found a double omega or as we like to call them “horseshoe bends” consecutively in the Green river? Take a close look…..

    • Well, I do believe that I may have resolved the mystery of the Double Omega. Interestingly enough, every other clue, seems to be present as well. But, for the time-being, I am stuck up here in Washington, which is far from it’s prospective location.
      Yes, they are ‘horse-shoe’ bends–and, if I am correct, they must fit together, as Dr. Livingston has them…I presume!

  16. I started researching the Browns Park area at the same time I started searching another spot in Montana back mid February.
    The more I research the area, the more I like the idea. And interestingly, all of us who have thought about Browns Park, have come up with the same and similar ends.
    Since I live in SLC, I can make a trip down there when I have a day off easily enough. I’ve got all the clues matching up with the general location…but still working on an exact spot.
    Goldmember….still sad we couldn’t meet up. Maybe next time! We will have to make it a date. D&D and M&M πŸ˜€

  17. Forgot to share! I opened my fortune cookie from lunch this afternoon! It says “The rainbow’s treasure will soon belong to you.”
    I don’t think I could take that any other way!

    • In my experience you can count on fortunes from the cookies being right 100% of the time.. Watch out for people following you every where you go now.

      I’m in SLC as well and I’m always up for a quick road trip…

      • Awesome. You should email me. My avatar is linked to my email. My hubby can’t always make the trips with me, and I don’t really want to head out into the wilderness totally alone.

  18. Hello all,

    Its looks like many searchers are looking hard.
    Me and Side$how are a month or so away from our next adventure.
    We will be taking a camper and all we need to stay in the area.
    If you”ve been reading this blog then you know where are search will take us next.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if its found in our general search area. Thats not to say its not in our original “cold spot”, but there is so much rich history in this area.

    We will be searching for 3 weeks straight its going to be amazing!!

    To all who posted back on our research we’re glad you liked our idea of where we thought it was. πŸ™‚

    Mark my words…I predict the chest will be found in an area near or in Flaming Gorge.
    Anyone care to talk with me privately…my addy is…

    Good hunting and may the chest be yours…if not ours first! :))

    Stay tuned,
    A_The_A and Side$how

    • @A_The_A and Sides$how If you are going to be searching that are for 3 weeks take the time before you come out and read up a little about fly fishing. Invest a little money in some gear or rent some. It won’t be top of the line but you can get everything you need for $100 – $200 You are going to be searching some of the best Blue Ribbon fisheries in the West.

      Once you hook into a 26 or 28″ Brown or Cutt on the Green, you will forget all about the treasure and spend you day looking for the next big fish….

      • @ Matt,

        Side$how has been saying the same thing to me lol. πŸ™‚
        We’ll definittely take some time to drop lines, it will be awesome!
        And thank you for the advice we will take it.

        3 weeks in that beautiful land…man oh man…can’t wait!


  19. Storm is rolling in today…especially in the mountains. If you’re searching in Utah today, please check the weather conditions!

  20. IMHO: Forrest knows that the chest is still there because it was last fall when he checked and the area has been closed off and buried with snow since…. Just Saying…

    • @ Matt,

      Or its what I had thought it was… in the chest there will be a title to the gold that you have to take to him, then he gifts you the treasure tax free, untouchable by old Uncle Sam…what makes more sense? πŸ˜‰

      Its up to personal interpretation…if its as you say…then NM would be the likely place he hid the chest, otherwise welcome to the Rocky mountains! πŸ˜€


      • Hey Dante… I mean Darin… I mean Adam,

        So do I get a prize for figuring out you were the ‘Miss California’ guy before anyone else? ;o)

        Hey just a heads up (and Dal can confirm this), the chest definitely does NOT have a paper ‘title to the gold’ in it in lieu of the treasure – this was explicitly stated by Forrest himself. His reason being that once he dies (if the treasure still has not been found) what good would that title be to the person who finds the chest in say the year 2385?

        Sidenote: To the poster on this thread who thinks someone else has been made aware of the treasure’s exact location by FF… NO, Forrest refuted this idea directly as well. Remember, he says he is really good at keeping a secret! (his quote about two people being able to do so only if one of them is dead is evidence enough)

        Thx for coming back and telling us how your search is going! I don’t think you give yourself enough credit… I think you’re a GREAT treasure hunter! Especially with your trusty sidekick by your side. ;o

        Good luck you guys!!!

        • @ Dave in VA,

          Lol…Im not sure who I am anymore…j/k. πŸ™‚

          How about when I finish this song, I’m writing about the chase called “Eldorado”, after Forrest gets a copy and my publisher, I’ll make sure I send you a copy next!

          Well, if I was wrong about both…I can live with that, what is living without learning? πŸ˜‰

          As for being a great treasure hunter, I am working on that but even Dal can probably agree, it takes dedication and patience.

          After some recent “THINKING” concerning the way to the discovery of the chest, Side$how and I are putting together an even better solution to the treasure.

          Its a work in progress that will “IMO” bring us ever closer to the chest…time will tell.

          Btw, how is your search coming along bro?


          PS- hello to Dal, Steph and all the regulars. If we were in a bar 1st drinks on me! πŸ˜€

    • Do I think that he has the capability to track it, gps, etc. of course.. But I think he is an old school hunter… If I was going to bet on it I would put everything on he filled that box and tucked it away somewhere…

      • Dal and I had a talk about putting a gps in the chest, and how it could be tracked like that.
        But I don’t think FF would do it that way either.

  21. I possibly think that someone else might know about the treasure location and Mr. Fenn has that person check on it periodically. He has said something to the effect of, “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” He may be referring to himself as the one of two people that will be dead. I imagine he would have it in his will to pass on the location to at least one person to help keep “the chase” alive after he passes. It might make perfect sense to tell that person now so he can have someone anonymously check on the treasure without anyone following them.


    • I think kind of get the feeling that nothing would please him more than to check out of this life without the treasure being found… Knowing that him and him alone knows where it is and it is going to take someone with mad skills and dedication to discover it… I’m going to stand by my original opinion.

  22. Speaking for myself, as a married man who loves and trusts my wife.
    If I had hid a treasure like FF, my wife would know about it.
    Forrest has been married for years…I am 99.9% sure his wife knows where the chest is.
    The only reason she wouldn’t is in some relationships some questions are never asked.
    But after all the years together and all the struggles, behind every good man is a stronger woman keeping him solid and complete!
    Some men love their wifes so much they seldom mention them in casual conversation out of sheer respect!

    In the end…should any of that matter?
    Lets get back on topic because obviously he would never tell us anyways.
    Besides, all we need to find the chest is the poem. πŸ˜‰


    • Unless she is like my wife and when he brought up the subject she just rolled her eyes at him, shook her head and told him he was nuts but go have a good time…

    • Hi Adam,

      Things have kind of slowed down here. I personally feel like you’re in the right area and I’ve been looking forward to hearing about your next trip. When were you headed out again for your three week trip? Randy shilohsr@gmail.com

  23. So….I got my book, and was interested in seeing what Forrest’s childhood home looks like now. Well…I’m seriously confused. On Trulia.com, there is a yellow monstrosity sitting there, that says it was built in 1929…and you can see it on their google map embedded on the page. Well… If you look up his address on google maps…the house doesn’t exist. There is only a porch, and dilapidated drive way. But it’s the same address…and I know it’s the same location because of the neighboring houses. Also..in the book, he lists the zip code as 4303. Which isn’t a zip code at all, and certainly isn’t the zip code for Temple, TX.

    • And I should note, the yellow house looks nothing like the one he pictures in his book.

      • For sure Stephanie. I wonder if the Trulia site is somehow wrong, because all the other realtor sites only list the land, but Trulia shows an actual house and gives the square feet. It’s so odd. Maybe the house burned down or was demolished between the two different photos? But all of them say they were updated in 2012. I dunno. Just an odd occurrence, that I’m sure has nothing to do with the treasure. The only odd thing I think I think might be associated is the 4303 “zip code”.
        And the odd fact that none of the stamps match their actual day of the week.
        Oh, and the aircraft in the book is a F100F… Forrest flew the F100D. And it happens to be that same date on the photo of the plane is the date one of those F100Fs exploded after leaving Utah and killed 14 people. And it was almost 10 years later Forrest was shot down in his F100D.
        Why have all these stamps that don’t match, dates that have nothing to do with him, houses that don’t exist, zip codes that aren’t zip codes. And even more curiously about the stamps…some of them have clearly been written in. Pg 51, 54, 140….
        A lot of purposeful discrepancies in a book meant to be an autobiography and “guide”..

        Just realized this probably should go in under About the Book…

  24. Green river currently is one of the best fisheries in the continent and is definitely a world class fishery in every sense of the term.

    When the Flaming Gorge Dam was built the water was so cold, 30’s and 40’s (fahrenheit), year-round. The growth rate of the trout slowed considerably and fishing suffered. Modications were made in 1978 on the dam to draw water from various depths of the reservoir.

  25. Sitting at work wishing things would slow down so I can get my hunt on… Guess there is no rush for a couple more months…

  26. Is it just me or does it feel like the newness and excitement of the hunt has worn off and the realization of the difficult task at hand is starting to set in?

  27. I think we are all just waiting for the cold to subside…we all have our spots, and just can’t get there

  28. I have made no secret of the fact that my heart belongs to Colorado sites, and even though it doesn’t sound as though anyone is searching Idaho…I wanted to throw this out in case there are silent wanderers in that state. Perhaps it has been discussed already, somehow I missed it, and this is no revelation at all…if so please ignore. If this info helps someone solve the chase, so much the better, since if it does end up being in Idaho I would not have searched there anyway.

    There looks to be a huge hint pointing to a specific location in Idaho. It’s in the book…at the tail end. I won’t say anymore than that, but as I said I won’t be going there so I would be okay giving it up.

    As most of you want to figure this out for yourselves, I won’t just blurt it out here.

    • I haven’t been actively looking in Idaho but there were two things in the book that raised my eyebrows. That combined with some outside research made me wonder. I just don’t get that intuitive feeling that it’s there. But I don’t know enough about FF to say that it wasn’t a significant place for him.

  29. On June 27th 2013 Forrest announced that the treasure was not located in Idaho or Utah.
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