The Poem…Part One


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Here is Forrest reading his poem, The Thrill of the Chase. If you have not memorized the poem…don’t be concerned…neither has Forrest apparently…

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  1. I believe the whole poem has meaning to it.
    Some clues give you direction some description and some about Forrest himself.
    The whole poem will come together and make perfect sense when solved correctly.

    • Jwhal
      I completely agree or else he would have just given a list of the nine clues. I believe he knew that it would be dissected by many over and over again, so he chose every word with great consideration. Trying to keep it simple in the meaning seems impossible for me at this point!

      • I alternate between thinking the whole poem is important and are the clues for solving the treasure hunt, and thinking only specific lines are the clues. This makes me go in many different directions and I feel I’m spending too much time trying to check out different scenarios. 🙁

  2. Jwhal, when cracked, the Poem will say nothing about Mr. Fenn himself but it will give you important words! Words to guide you to his trove. And listen…IN MY OPINION…it will not give you the exact SPOT down to where his trove is…while it will give you the location yes…but you still have to search that location/spot when there. Work has do be done…one will have to get down and dirty, with some cuts and bruises during the search, and even possibly getting wet…. if you know what I mean.

    • This says plenty about Forrest
      I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak
      Forrest spent most of his life on the chase now he is old not the man he was when he was younger.
      That whole stanza is about Forrest. In my opinion.
      I do agree the poem will take you to a location and you will still have to search for the box.

    • Back in January I asked Forrest how close the poem would get someone to the treasure. His reply was: “The book and poem will lead you straight to it if you can figure it out.” f
      Also, I have completed my first hunt. My spot was perfect and fit the poem exactly. I thought I was a genius until I saw my spot with my own eyes. I urge everyone to go and look if you have the means. Things are a lot different when you are on the ground rather than from Google Earth.
      Happy hunting everyone!

      • So true. I had the treasure in my hands – until I got there and realized google earth makes things look funny. The rocks can be hidden, the trees are rocks and shadows can look like large rocks. Even simple dirt can look like a giant rock with a perfect hiding spot. I even thought I saw a house of brown, but in real life it was a simple dirt mound and square rock.

        I learned a lot after my 3 trips and now I have a much better grasp of what the slope of the hill represents and where to look and what that object in google earth really is.

        The biggest lesson, create multiple areas that all fit the poem so after the first one bombs, you aren’t too depressed and still have a goal the rest of the week and can enjoy your vacation.

      • Hi Kimbrough, Yes, about Google Earth and Google Maps, I’m certain that what they show are digitized images, rather than actual aerial photographs. The problem with digitized images is that features that would normally stand out in a photograph, are blended into the background, in a digitized image.

        • Yes. It is my understanding that satellite images are computer-generated composits of several “snap shots” over time. And they typically cannot provide trustworthy vertical dimensions since the shots are taken from high above.

    • hey vg boss i hear your the one that was 500 ft away. any chance youll share that pot of gold with me?

  3. The Poem

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answer I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

  4. Home of Brown:
    The Brown trout can tolerate slightly warmer waters than other trout and have taken over many of the fisheries once occupied by the Brookies. It is much more wary than other trouts which ensures it’s longevity.
    When Brown trout fishing look for quiet water with lots of cover, logs, undercuts in the bank, rock shelves,overhanging trees and brush. These are the trouts favorite hiding spots. The larger they get,the more wary they become and are more inclined to feed at night under the protection of darkness.

    • The home of Brown Trout might be an entire section of creek or river. It is said that they like upstream tributaries.

    • desperado88,

      end = conclusion
      ever = always
      drawing = pulling towards you, attracting
      nigh = being near, (of an animal or vehicle) being on the left side:

      it’s pretty clear… if something is “ever drawing nigh”, it’s always nearing.
      Since the “end” is a conclusion, the conclusion is always nearing, but never arriving.

      Therefore the end never comes.

      What else could we expect from Mr. Fenn?

      Oh, I left IS out.
      As President William Clinton said ” that depends on what your definition of IS is”.


      • JD, agree. The end is always coming but not arriving. It’s kind of like watching a flowing river where there is no end or beginning. Life is another metaphor too. It could also be a spirit or muse.

      • End also means, border or boundary.
        Drawing means, art or drainage.
        Nigh mean, near, close or left side… or west
        and if your going to listen to what Clinton had to say,
        good luck on finding the treasure!!

    • The word ‘ever’ also completes the 8 syllable cadence. Maybe it means nothing except that it fits in the line and completes the thought. It’s fun to speculate but isn’t it possible that not every word in the poem has a deep seated meaning? There are nine clues in the poem (that number called by Mr. Fenn himself) and 24 lines. Some of these lines go together and some may be connected to other lines but surely there are some words that are just there to serve their purpose as necessary parts of a sentence designed to pull the poem together as a whole. That is not to say that I don’t look up the meanings of words and history of phrases within the poem. I just think that it’s possible to “anal”ize a thing until you are blue in the face and never be the wiser as you stray down false paths.

    • Personally on this one I feel like it has a dual meaning. That the end of life is always getting closer and that when you are headed to the treasure you will be headed toward “the end” but if you get there you’ve gone too far. The trick is to figure out what “the end” means or is. So maybe we should have a discussion on ways that “the end” is used other than in a book. Oh wait maybe it’s inside some fake book in a store that you have to ask for and he knows it hasn’t been found because it’s still listed for sale. So we are looking for a book store at the bottom of a canyon and the treasure/book has been “put in” on a shelf below two other ones “The home of brown” and “The Blaze” 🙂 Hey I’ve read worse theories.

    • Nigh has 2 meanings, near and on a horse, or in a vehicle it is the position of one behind you to your left. Good luck

  5. @Dal,
    Great idea splitting up into different areas. I hope your server can handle the load.

  6. Treasure hunting rule number one:

    The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

    • I agree. I was so positive in my interpretation that I rushed off haphazardly to my spot. When I found nothing, I still wasn’t convinced that I was wrong. I became myopic and psychologically blocked out what could have been potential signs or other possible solutions that might have had importance.. I may never know for sure, but I’ve started with the poem all over again and am trying not to make my conclusions “fit” into my previous resolution, but to see them in a fresh light. Not an easy thing to do, to be sure.

      • @Steve,
        Rule number 2: Always have a plan B

        I feel your pain……..while I haven’t searched my “perfect spot” yet, I am trying to look at the poem from all different viewpoints just in (the hard to imagine) case that I’m wrong. 🙂 It’s difficult to do when you think you are absolutely correct.

        Those two rules have saved me a great deal of trouble in my life…….

      • If your place seems perfect but the treasure isn’t there maybe rather than focusing on a totally new place right away you might back track and see if there is some point along the trail where you got a bit off track and another branch fits the poem better. If the feedback that Forrest has said that some searchers had the 1st 2 clues right but went off track and that hunters have been within 500′ of the treasure, is correct than it seems like a good plan. After all maybe you passed it along the way.

      • I’ve have attempted to make sense of various locations using the clues, not holding on to any one site too dogmatically. In the process, I have found 3 places that fit the clues; 1 in New Mexico and 2 in Yellowstone. Many of us have our “spots,” even our certainties, and these vary among us. This is what makes FF’s poem so ingenious!

  7. The meter and number of syllables seem to be mostly the same throughout the 24 lines of the poem except for lines 2, 3, and 7. Lines 2 and 3 are not that far off but line 7 is very different. Was that line put in there to give direction? And if it was, I wonder why the structure of the line was not the same or close to the other lines?

  8. I found the construction of the poem a little odd……Fenn put the solution in the middle of the poem, “look quickly down, your quest to cease”. It’s like he created the poem, and after rereading it, decided he needed to add some more clues to the end. Kind of a haphazard manner of construction; but we know he spent a great deal of time on the wording and construction… there is nothing haphazard about it. So why did he construct it this way?

    • I too wonder about the oddities of the poem. He has said a person needs to unlock the poem, which insinuates there is a key to do just that. I have spent many hours trying to find this key based on the few inconsistencies in the poem. It keeps bringing me back to the 9 clues… Is it possible there are 8 obvious directional clues but the first one is actually the one that unlocks the starting point?

      • I don’t know if there is one “key” clue…..Some have said it is essential to start at the beginning, but it seems to me if a person found the correct spot for one clue it would lead to the others; either before or after.

        Fenn said, “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.”

        From this it seems if someone found the correct spot for one clue, they could move with confidence to the next spot and eventually all the clues would line up.

      • I agree. We have been told to start WWWH. The clues must not be easy to figure out by skipping ahead. Otherwise the other clues would be worthless. So I start with WWWH and look for how that location might lead me to ITCD and so on.

        Also, there may be 9 Clue but also hints within a clue as there are reportedly in the book.

    • You may very well not be at the treasure at that point. It may not be as simple as looking downward from where you are. It could be quick now go down there and look. The blaze possibly being a trail.

      • You may be absolutely correct……maybe it’s an overlook or vista point on a road. You can see for miles and miles from those.

        Actually the one spot I have linked all the clues to has a vista point right next to the blaze. But I won’t know until I get out there and look.

      • I have considered the opening line “as I have gone alone in there” meaning in the sky, in his plane and as he’s looking down at earth, the mountains, he’s contemplating where to put his treasure, or how to design clues around his spot or He could be suggesting that the clues were written from that perspective, one from above.

      • Heres another take on…”Look quickly down your quest to cease”…what if it means near a high cliff or plateau and if you get too close you go over the edge, meaning your quest, your life, will be over because your dead?
        Its no place for the meek, and you must be brave…just a thought.

      • John,

        I don’t think that Forrest said that it wasn’t in a dangerous place. He said the treasure was no place an 79-80 year old man couldn’t go. He also said something about your kids could walk to it. (reference needed). I’m all ears if there are actual Forrest quotes that directly say it’s not in a dangerous place.

        Also, the route Forrest hid the treasure & the journey he takes on through the poem could be (& I think most likely) completely different. One could be led to the treasure by way of a high cliff & you see the treasure down below, but that doesn’t mean you have to rappel down the face of the cliff to fetch it. Take another safer route. Adam’s thoughts about a plateau I think are very valid & extremely creative. Creative thinking is what will solve this poem. However, he’s probably wrong like all of us. 🙂

      • Clinger,

        Here’s an email that Mr. Fenn sent regarding a dangerous location. This is available in the February thread titled ” Forrest Gets Even More Mail”. There are other references also in other threads for those willing to look for them.

        Hi Mr. Fenn,

        I wonder if you could tell me if it’s at a place that my boys and I would be able to go to that’s not too risky of a place (ie: the side of a cliff). I haven’t even read your book yet. I’m already planning a trip though to Yellowstone with my family.

        Patty, the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it. f

      • JD,

        Thanks for the reference. That’s what I was remembering, but couldn’t come up with where I read it. I do take that to mean that the treasure itself isn’t in a dangerous spot… I’m not sure about the path via the poem.

    • Yes, also a fire, in an old fireplace too…. 🙂 A blaze can be ANYTHING of any significance that points one in the correct direction or clears a path……. or is simply pretty HA! A blaze can be anything at all really!

  9. Where warm waters * halt * (halt) is not a gradual mixing, or cooling, but a * dead stop !* Which strongly suggests an *impound* of some sort. a dam, a pond, a sink hole, ect.

    • I was just about to post something in regards to the word ‘halt’, but you beat me to it. Why not ‘stop’, or ‘end’? The word ‘halt’ seems to have some significance.

      • Well, “stop” or “end” wouldn’t rhyme with walk (although that rhyme isn’t the greatest but hey…). 🙂

      • halt could also mean freeze, as in where warm waters freeze, aka 32 degrees, which coincidentally 32 degrees longitude happens to be the southern border of new mexico

    • I think halt is a key word in the poem because it does not rhyme with walk, at all as my * year old pointed out, and it can indicate stopping OR hesitating……..

    • A dictionary definition of “Halt”: “a temporary suspension of movement or progress; to cause to stop or pause or arrest.” perhaps this might refer to a series of pools flowing from a spring.

      • Spire if it’s a temporary suspension of movement then could it be a ‘frozen’ waterfall? braving the cold.

        • Possibly, or even a trickle that runs slowly down cliff, or an icicle. But I have checked out 3 hotsprings in Northern New Mexico that each have series of “pools” which pours one into another.

  10. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I am thinking of the poem, I just haven’t found anything in the poem, that can tangibly be shown to be a clue. James

  11. CJinCA, I am inclined to believe the same thing. This is a rhyming poem and although they have been carefully selected, they do rhyme and maybe some of them were just chosen because they were the best rhyme and not the most indicative clue- possibly because that point isn’t the most important in the line…

    • I also agree with that. There is a risk to over analyzing each word. Sometimes you can’t always find the perfect word in the dictionary that also rhymes with the next thought. It’s not easy to find a word that rhymes with high or halt. So he had to pick the best choice. That’s not to say he didn’t think about it long and hard, but that sometimes there is no better choice. If he had went with stop instead of halt, then the next clue would have been “not to far, but too far too mop.”. That just doesn’t sound as good as his first choice.
      But the other problem with this is the 24 lines are only 9 clues. So we have too toss 15 lines as worthless. That means several in the middle are not clues. Not easy to know which ones to toss.

      • Why would you toss lines instead of assuming that more than one line can make up a single clue? I personally wouldn’t toss anything. I have marked things as clues, hints and keep your eyes open because even if this looks like trash there may be a treasure hidden in it. As for me I count one stanza as having 4 separate clues and others as having lines that support the same clue. I have debated rather “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – look quickly down your quest to cease” is 2 clues or 1. I can argue it either way.

  12. Stu, im with yea in that way of thinken. But why would he swap the ever and drawing around? The common way to say that line is , the end is drawing ever nigh. What would be the point? Does it change the meaning? It just buggs me.

    • desperado, now that may be important to note. I have thought of that also. Possibly a “drawing”? Even a drawing of the end? The omega sign? Have I said too much?

    • Desperado, while i don’t mean to make offense here, remember that Forrest is from Texas. Most of my family is Texan and sometimes Texan’s mean to say something but get things a bit inverted.

      However, i have also given consideration to the possibility that he wants to emphasize the act of drawing – being involved with the arts for so long as he was or perhaps that some drawing is required, like drawing water from a well.

  13. Heres something more. If you do the math, Forrest wrote the poem at or shortly after his fathers passing. That’s assuming that he wrote the poem in the first place. It mite be possible that his dad wrote something similar and Forrest just made it his. Two can keep a secret if .

  14. I think the general psychology of the poem is important because looking at the poem from one perspective compared to another can give it a completely different meaning. I find all the different viewpoints very interesting. While I have found “my spot” to search, I’m trying to keep an open mind and develop other spots to search just in case I’m wrong. 🙂

    I’ve divided the viewpoints up into different “camps” to broaden my horizons and help me decide how to go about formulating my next spot:

    •The math bunch: This group thinks the poem is a cryptographic anagram or numeric code to be unlocked with a sophisticated algorithm that will give them precise instructions to the treasure or pin point lat lon coordinates of the treasure. I’m a math guy so I find this interesting.

    •The Da Vinci group: This group thinks the poem is written in obscure language with a completely different meaning that must be deciphered to be understood; kind of a Texas “good ol boy” equivalent of Nostradamus’ quatrains. I hope Fenn wasn’t trying to be a modern day Nostradamus because I have zero chance of figuring it out if that is what he has done……I’m just not wired that way.:)

    •The point blank bunch: This group takes the poem literally. A verbatim list of instructions to be followed in order. I fall into this group because that is how I found my “perfect spot” that matches all the clues; at least in my unimaginative mind.:) What makes me skeptical about my spot is it’s too straight forward, it just can’t be that simple; or if in fact it is that simple, the treasure is long gone and someone is sitting on the beach in the Caymans reading this blog laughing hysterically……I won’t know until I get out there and search my spot.

    •And the mystic bunch: This group “feels” the poem……The treasure will be found by remote psychic viewing, dimensional vibrations, or messages from beyond. I can’t give much credence to this group because I can’t see anyone that can actually do that wasting their time on this. This treasure is pocket change compared to the big power ball winners.:)

    Maybe the crafty old Fenn has given each clue or different lines in the poem a different psychology to really mess with our brains; one clue is point blank just like it seems, another clue is metaphorical in meaning. It really is great fun, interesting, and informative to read everyone’s thoughts on how to solve the poem.

    In any case, Fenn has got to be having fun reading our ramblings…..

    • I fit in the point blank bunch and like you question my interpretation with can it be that simple and If so 100s of others must have came to the same conclusion.
      But from all my reading some things to prove others are interpreting it the same as me are not being written about.
      But maybe they are smarter and keeping it to themselves.
      Also I think when you do find the spot. Locating the box will will be the next task.
      Your not going to get to your spot and just pick it up and walk away.
      I’m hoping something in the book when it arrives helps cement the deal.

      • @jwahl,
        We are on the same page……wondering if it could be that simple and if it is the treasure is long gone…….but like you I haven’t seen anything written agreeing with us.

        Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it will be that difficult to find the box at the location. I agree with you that the treasure won’t just be sitting there, but I don’t think it will require any tools or a great deal of effort to get to it. Like the poem, the hiding place will be point blank and obvious if we are in the correct place……Hidden in plain sight so to speak.

        While I think all the other viewpoints are interesting and may be correct……It’s always nice to know someone agrees with me……At least I’m not the only person with the “keep it simple stupid” attitude……..Misery loves company. 🙂

        • Jwhal & goofy, any news? Did you try your spot? Did the book prove to be cement? Did you get out there brave, wet and cold, and find nothing but riches old/remnants?

    • Interesting theory. But I don’t really fit into any of those groups so you need another one for crazy people. 🙂 I think I am sort of between groups. From what I’ve read (dying to read his book but not enough to give up being able to get out and experience life.) Forrest has a gift for words. Anyone who doesn’t take that into account is making a huge mistake. When you write poetry you can be both straightforward and ambiguous at the same time. Since this poem was also meant to be a puzzle it would stand to reason that he choose words that have more than one meaning to make it harder. Otherwise it’s not a puzzle, it’s a race. Then toss in that every reader brings their own baggage which clouds their interpretation and it’s not always so easy. I often comment on poetry and I find that although many times people are amazed at how spot on I am when they are using metaphor and many others don’t get it; there are other times that I get something that seems straightforward wrong. One woman got very upset with me for thinking she was writing about something different than she was but even after she explained what she was writing about I still couldn’t see it. Was the fault mine or hers? In this poem I believe that once it’s solved pretty much every line will make perfect sense and almost all have been chosen with the spot in mind. That although some of them may not be as straightforward as Brown being a home that is labeled as such, most people aren’t going to say “I don’t get it?” I am often amazed at what others think certain lines mean that I feel are incorrect and I can’t even see how they could be open to debate. To me there are several lines that when you put them together each confirms what the other means. Although there are just as many that I can see where there could be many ways to take it. Hard ones are “Home of Brown” and “Where warm water halts,” because I have heard a dozen or more ideas that sound as good as any other. I do tend to feel that it’s likely that Forrest stood near where he was going to hide the treasure for long enough that most of the poem was written from the perspective of him thinking about how to share his spot with others. Or maybe how others were traveling to or past his spot. In a way the spot was mystical or religious or whatever you want to call it, to him.

      • When it comes to poetry, as I write myself, and not including Mr. Fenn’s piece, when you come to think of a poem meaning something in particular, you are not wrong. The writer might have meant something else, but the best thing about any art is that any and all perceptions of the poem should be right. It’s what it means to you. That is why I never tell any one what my poems are bout when they ask.

    • @Patricia,
      I enjoyed reading your response……..Considering everyone here is chasing an unsubstantiated treasure with the sole validation coming from a slick talking, specious, self proclaimed hustler from Texas whose favorite saying is “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are”; I figured it goes without saying everyone here is crazy. 😀

      I would put you mostly in the Da Vinci group………Which is not a bad thing, especially since Fenn has a propensity for bending the rules a tad; why would his writing be any different. It will probably take an imaginative wordsmith like you to figure out what he is talking about and solve the poem……I know you won’t publish your interpretation of the clues…duh 🙂 , it would very interesting and informative to hear what you think the nine clues are if you cared to share that with us.

      I definitely fit in the point blank bunch, while being a say what you mean and mean what you say, no use in using twenty words when two will do, quit talking and “get er done” type guy; I’ve always had a secret admiration for wordsmiths with the magical ability to express emotion and describe an experience perfectly. Being a Texan with typically zero patience for BS’ers I do get a kick out of Fenn creating a world renowned art gallery selling fake paintings and thumbing his nose at the establishment. Fenn is a true salesman.

      My “perfect spot” is a very literal interpretation of the poem. The poem describes three locations; the start, the way point, and the end. All the clues are in order and make perfect sense once I established the starting point, but it really can’t be that simple. When I check my spot and prove to myself it’s not there I’ll post my solution and everyone can have a chuckle at this simple minded Texan.

      • “I figured it goes without saying everyone here is crazy.” Goofy_Old_Guy, who is we pale face! 😉 The whole world is mad except thee and me and even thee is a little odd!

    • You gave Lots of things to consider.. Now remember f f said recently don’t over think it. ( or something like that) THINK (hasn;t got me there yet by the way.)

      • @Musstag
        I found my spot to search and I certainly didn’t over think it……All the clues are in order and very literal.

        I’m skeptical of my spot because it just can’t be that simple… I’ve been studying how everyone else is interpreting the poem to develop a second spot to search. While I find the complexity and variance of the differing viewpoints very interesting and imaginative….

        :8O It’s making my brain hurt :8O

  15. It’s a fun poem. Playing with interpreting the words to come up with a place is absolutely riveting! I’ve two possible locations so far. 🙂

  16. This just in from Forrest-
    Dal, I’m getting lots of email from people that say someone claims to have found the treasure. Can you assure them that 14 different men have made bogus claims to have found the treasure but no one has. f

    • Dal-

      You should let forrest know that even though 14 different men have not found the treasure, it is the women that he needs to be more worried about because they have more colorful interpretations :). I am sure Forrest’s granddaughter would appreciate that. I betcha if the treasure is not found in 10 years…. That little fly fisher girl will be the one to unravel the poem!

  17. Not sure why I’m posting this or how it will be received? I’m still trying to determine how to view the Poem. At present, I’m seeing it as directions/instructions. If it doesn’t help me, maybe it will assist someone else.

    The following 9 sentences are similar to directions I have been given. or gave to someone. while involved in different pursuits over the years:

    I’ve looked there a number of times, by myself and with my family. There are usually several lying around. Sometimes, after a good rain, new ones come to the surface.

    Go down the road until you see an old steam engine. it’s big, so you can’t miss it. Take the next lane down the road past the engine. Go down that lane, it’s not far but it’s too far not to drive.

    Follow the lane until you see “Old Brownie”, my old pick-up. You have to park there and take the trail that is beside the creek.

    It’s a bit of a walk but you’re getting close. Some of those rocks are heavy, so be careful coming back. That creek is flowing and crosses the trail a few times.

    When you get to a rock outcropping, look down the hill, there is where you will find them. Don’t mess around and don’t tear up anything.

    I left several larger ones up there the last time I went.

    I’d take you but I’m done for the day.

    If you’re paying attention I think you’ll find some nice ones, even though it’s cold.

    If you’re willing to go up there, you can have all you can carry.

    Using this method, I have only identified one(?) location that fits my interpretation of clues. (not being cocky, trying to figure out why I’m not finding more?)

    Oh yeah, if it helps to understand phrasing, I live in Texas, not far from where FF grew up.

    PS- if this is too long or posted in wrong place, tell me and I will try to do better!!

    • Fred I dig your interpretive paraphrasing, I grew up 10 miles from the nearest town and that only had a couple thousand people in it. Worked on a lot of farms in my youth and I can totally hear one of the old farmers I would work for giving me directions this way. I too was attempting to word it in such a fashion but you hit the nail on the head. Tho I won’t be thanking you just yet seeing how it gave me yet another perspective and location to research and contemplate.

  18. From the always trusting source wikipedia…
    “A double entendre is a figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. Typically one of the interpretations is rather obvious whereas the other is more subtle.”
    I think Forrest may have used a few of these in his poem.

    • I agree! I use a lot of those in some of my poems. Sometimes the entire poem is one that won’t be clear until you get to the end. Interesting maybe “the end” of the poem and the end of your search is is what is drawing neigh.

      • this “double entendre” is probably why i still cant get past the second stanza’s first two lines.. begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down.. in my opiinion you can interpret that 2 ways.. the water halts then the canyon takes it down.. so basically the canyoon down is irrelevant?/ does that make sense lol.. i’m obssesed this dam thing

    • itsintheblaze
      I’m sure he used these in the poem. The first time I read the poem I looked at it like certain lines were riddles. Either way, he was very clever in his wording to know that people will be dissecting the lines and meanings in many different ways. Perhaps FF is even amused at some of the interpretations that people have come up with!

  19. Some words such as Brown you know he meant and wanted them to be in there, so he would need to find a word that rhythms with it along with saying close to what he is trying to say. Here is a deconstruction of the peom and possible it’s original form.

    Begin it where warm waters end (stop, standstill break-off, letup, freeze)
    And take it in the canyon below (downward, bottom)
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.
    From there it’s no place for the spineless,
    The end is ever drawing near (close);
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.
    If you’ve been wise and found the (eruption, gleam, glow, flicker),

    • Can anyone verify that Forrest said” hunters have come with in 500′ of the treasure” if that’s the case I think eliminate a lot of areas in national parks. I thought he said people have been with in 500′ but Not specifically hunters. Thanks

    • From where warm waters halt to the area where the blaze may be is a path roughly twenty five miles long in my interpretation. With the home of Brown being a little past the halfway point.

  20. That would be the start point to the end point. I’m just putting my opinion out there just to put it in perspective to others. I read some posts and from there opinions they seem to imply most of the clues are in close proximity to each other I am not of that opinion.

  21. 1st stanza- Spanish come to New Mexico

    2nd – San Ildefonso

    3rd – Ohkay Owingeh, San Gabriel; Santa Cruz de la Canada

    4th – Second Pueblo Revolt

    5th – the Tewa gave in to the Spanish because they were tired and weak.

    6th – my effort will be worth the object far away if I brag or boast while being at home. Forrest will give me title to the gold. Lol

  22. When Mr. Fenn first released the poem he had not told us yet that he hid the chest in the Rocky Mountains above 5000 feet. He had only said “in the mountains north of Santa Fe.” So I’m thinking some of the clues must be to get us looking up high enough, elevation wise. Perhaps “high water” and “in the cold” were intended to do this.
    I’m also wondering if the first two lines of the first stanza is telling us that the location is special to him, as he has come out and said.

    If so, that’s twice that he has said something that we already had clues for.
    Wednesdays clue might just be a clue we already have also.


  23. Ok, I’ve just figured the poem out, for some reason It’s pointing to a Big “W”, I hope nobody beats me to it. Let the chase begin.

  24. Wishmeluck, you’ve been watching too many old movies (It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World). However, I have looked at the poem and tried to find a connection to any cliche’ treasure spots – an X (or Omega, whatever), an island (Treasure Island), a cave (Tom Sawyer). Somehow I have a feeling there is a literary connection. Anybody else ever think this?

  25. I’m not sold on the Idea of any literary references. None of it really seams familiar to me. I’ll look more into it.

  26. I have to say, What if it is more difficult than we realize. Fenn did say that the poem would take us straight to the treasure, but what if it is only the first leg? What if this first clue leads to another? I doubt this theory because I do not believe that this is what Fenn wanted to do. I genuinely believe he wants some one to find it and be happy with it. He wants it quickly found, yes?

    • Pin-
      I am not certain how you imagine the hunt to be but I am guessing that it’s more difficult than most assume it will be (difficult as in cryptic). I know for certain it’s more difficult then I assumed it would be on my first 29 trips.

      Forrest seems to be having a great deal of fun with this. I doubt that he wants it to stop yet. But even if he did there really isn’t anything he could do except tell Stephanie where it’s at so she could go out and get it and end all our misery 🙂

      • Dal,

        Not counting the first couple of spots you looked as I believe everyone thinks they have it perfect the first time they interpret this poem, have you ever got to a location, found nothing, and thought “No way! It has to be here.”?

        I wonder how many searchers think their spot is dead on & cling to it, even after it turns up nothing.

        • No…I am just smart enough to know that I am not the smartest guy in the room whenever Forrest is beside me. I have never had the confidence in a spot that I had in the beginning. So when I get somewhere and it’s not there I know two things right away:
          1. This idea had lots of holes in it so I’m shouldn’t be surprised it didn’t work out.
          2. Forrest outwitted me yet again.

      • Thanks for the response.

        I’ve been through three spots, arm chair spots that is. Each one seemed so perfect at the time, then I have time to reflect on it for a bit, study it more…& then realize it’s not *the* spot. However, each spot I have found to be better than the last.

        My current spot seems so perfect though, that if after I search it I don’t find anything promising. I just think I’ll have a hard time turning it loose, although I do have two nagging concerns.

        1. I’ve identified information in the book that it 100% pointing to something important. Forrest has said you don’t need the book, but this information seems so closely related to the poem that I can’t discount it, and I haven’t been able to link it to my spot. It’s possible it will relate after a physical search of the site, but for now, it’s an annoying loose end.

        2. I only have 6 clues that line up. That’s certainly enough to warrant a trip/search but I’d like to have more. It may be that 6 is all you can get without being on the ground, and even maybe that is a stretch.

        Like many, I’m waiting on the weather to warm up some. I’m confident it’s as good a spot as any have looked. However, I’ll try not to be disappointed after I find no blaze. 🙂

  27. Yeah I don’t imagine it full of clues. The poem is enough to keep us guessing. If I were him, I would have a deal of fun too. I’m guessing it is in Colorado.

  28. ❓ @Dal, Stephanie, or anyone else that has to travel a long distance to search and have made several trips looking for the treasure; I have a question for you if you don’t mind sharing your seasoned experience.

    At what point doing your research do you pack up and put your money where your idea is? How many clues match your spot to make it a primary search area?

    What Fenn said is stuck in my head: “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.” He also said the poem is in consecutive order.

    Do you think if you correctly solve one clue you can move with confidence to the next?

    If I’m prying too much into your methodology I apologize……Just ignore me.

    • I make it a family vacation. Otherwise the wife would kill me. If you are treating this like an investment and need a guaranteed return, I would think twice as this road is littered with false hopes and broken dreams.

      • @ironmeteor,
        I agree completely, if someone incorporates the search into a vacation that’s great; or the locals use their “extra” money to search for fun.

        Some folks lose their perspective when it comes to “treasure” at the end of the rainbow. I certainly hope no one goes into debt charging up the credit cards or doing dangerous stuff blinded by “gold fever”. Mother Nature is beautiful, but she is also unforgiving.

        The old saying is so true: “If your gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough”.

    • Goofy-
      I have looked in 28 or 29 spots in six states. In nearly every case I have worked my way to a spot by using various maps and following the clues in the poem right up to the location where I hoped to find the blaze. In a couple of cases I was led to a spot by talking with locals about land features in their area. In all cases but one I was happy to consider a location a “good possibility” if I could get there by following the clues in the poem right through “heavy loads and water high”. I still generally feel that I will find the blaze only when I follow all the clues, in order, through “heavy loads and water high”. Forrest said to start with “where warm waters halt” and that’s what I do every time. I have resisted playing hunches by looking at places that I know Forrest is attached to from reading his books and listening to the Santa Fe interviews unless I can make a connection through the poem.

      One place I have yet to search is for a friend and he has even identified the blaze.

      Also, once, so far, I was guided to a place by it’s solid connection to one of Forrest’s interest’s. It had to do with a Blackfeet legend about the birth place and death place of warm waters. In that case I only had that to work with. But I was so fascinated by the legend and the likelihood that Forrest had heard of it that I could not resist having a look. I will continue to search in that area when the conditions are right.

      But the bottom line is that I have not found it, so I probably don’t know what I am doing. But what ever it is that I am doing I am certainly having a great time doing it.

      • @Dal,
        Thanks so much for your response………It sounds to me like you know exactly what you are doing……Whether you find it or not we shall see; but you are approaching the search in a methodical, logical way. You should write a book about your travels with all the different solutions to the poem complete with pictures. I read your wonderful story about meeting up with the sex changed preacher and his ATM churches…….That was hilarious. Seriously, you should write a book……forget the gold, sell shovels kind of attitude…..You probably wouldn’t be as successful as Levi Strauss was during the California Gold Rush; but it would be a best seller. If you need a nature photographer to retrace your steps and get some great photographs for your book, I would love to apply for that job.

        I find it amazing you’ve found so many places that match that much of the poem. I came up with my one spot by a very literal interpretation of the poem. I found the beginning and everything lined up perfectly, in order, right to where I think it is…..I’m skeptical because it just can’t be that simple, so I’m straining my brain trying to look at the poem from different viewpoints in order to come up with other places to search. I’ve found several places that work with a couple of the clues but that’s it, nothing else fits.

        Thanks again for your response; it is much appreciated and very informative.

  29. Wondering if anyone can confirm the following two statements attributed to FF elsewhere (in this blog I believe), and point me to the reference. These may be paraphrased somewhat;

    1) You don’t need a map to find the treasure.
    2) You will be surprised when you learn where it is hidden.

    • Colokid,

      Great questions. I had not heard or read either of your points – it would be quite relevant to have them answered.


      • mainguyone,

        Yes I have heard him state that in an interview but I believe there may be other subtle information in additional things he says. I believe both these statements have been attributed to him and it would be interesting to have or hear the exact wording. FF obviously chooses words carefully so I would like to “listen good”. It’s possible these aren’t actual FF statements and someone just paraphrased what they thought he was saying.

        If someone can help me out here this could carry over to the Nine Clues thread for an interesting discussion that I don’t think has come up.

    • I believe I was the one who quoted FF as saying you’ll be surprised about it’s location, when and where I read this I am not entirely sure. after pouring through multiple blogs and literally 1000’s of posts I can not say for sure but If I come across it again I will post it here. I also read Dal’s comment about the not needing a map and I think this goes along with Forrests statement that all you need is the poem, this insinuates to me that the actually location or precise starting point is hidden in the poem in some fashion, how its hidden has completely eluded me thus far.

      • itsintheblaze,

        Yes I’m having the same problem keeping all the input straight for the same reason. I think I will try to press on with making my point over in the Nine Clues thread. It might be more appropriate under that heading.

  30. I make it below a dam, where waters halt, you can’t paddle up it, it has a heavy load and high water, that’s my take.

  31. I’m trying to think “outside the box” and have come up with the following thoughts.

    I think it is safe to say that Mr. Fenn plays by his own rules, and although he has and keeps a sense of “fairness”, it’s HIS idea of fairness, just as mine is mine. They may be the same in certain situations, or not, but each of us has our own.

    This is his poem, designed to accomplish his goal. He didn’t design it the way I would because he’s not me. He has stated in interviews with Dal that he makes words up and checks the dictionary to make sure they don’t already exist. He said it’s a freedom that he gives himself. He also referred to an author that told him that an author of non-fiction needs to be “right” only 85% of the time and implied that he agreed. There’s nothing “wrong” with any of this… he’s just different from me and it’s his game, his rules.

    In his poem there are 9 clues within 9 sentences and 24 lines. Which lines are not clues? We’ve all struggled with this. The second stanza has what appears to be 4 clues. 3 of them in the same sentence. Are they all real clues?

    I’ve decided that for me “Not far, but too far to walk” is not a valid clue. I think no distance is too far to walk. I may not WANT to walk that far, but it is NOT too far to walk. People have walked thousands of miles during migrations throughout history. So I find this clue to be incorrect in it’s statement and therefore invalid as a clue. My problem now is if the other parts of the sentence are invalid as well. Is it fair to have 1/3 of a sentence invalid and keep 2/3 as valid? I don’t know but I’m not playing with my rules.

    If I throw out the entire sentence, that makes “Put in below the home of Brown” the starting point and opens up brand new possibilities. No need to worry about warm water or canyons any longer.

    Would it not be possible for Mr. Fenn to tell us to start at a point that he intentionally gave “non clues”? If so, I still start at “where warm waters halt” in the poem like he said, I just ignore it and move on to the next sentence. Similar to ignoring other non clue lines.

    Crazy? probably. Dangerous? Yep, but at least it’s “outside the box”. However, it may also put me outside the hunt. There’s also the problem with the two searchers that got the first two clues correct… but which two clues were they?

    trying something different…


    • Nothing wrong with re-thinking new things about the poem! I guess my overall thoughts about the poem and clues is that he didn’t put info in there to “trick” us. The words are cleverly written to make us think, but I don’t think he trying to mislead us in any way. (capitalizing Brown, not capitalizing meek, changing words, etc…) He seems like an honest man and wanted to make this hunt a challenge, but not impossible. Would he want to be remembered as the man who pulled a giant scam on getting people to hunt without the chance of ever finding it? His goal is to get people back into nature, not send them on wild goose chases. Maybe we need to try several areas that “fit” and come up empty, it doesn’t mean he is giving false info. Again, part of the fun is trying to figure out what the 9 clues are and how to interpret them correctly, even if it becomes frustrating. I truly don’t think Forrest’s goal is deception.
      I just like to think I’m not clever enough yet to understand what he’s trying to tell us!

      • oakleygirl,

        I don’t see it as a scam, but a clever tactic. I think he has made some real clues to look like non clues and some non clues to look like real clues. If this were so, I certainly wouldn’t cry foul. We just have to figure out which are which and come up with 9. We can start at a non clue just as easy as starting at a real clue.

        difficult but not impossible


      • JD
        True. I’ve seen to many people try to change what he wrote, rearrange, use codes,etc… and I agree with you, there are many things to figure out in leaving the poem just the way it is. I wonder if it would be easier if we didn’t know there were 9 clues? Each of us can pick and choose what would “help” and guide us to the treasure in how we interpret. (?)

    • Interesting thoughts. I would argue however that there are many places that are “too far to walk.” Maybe not in distance but by the simple fact that you cannot walk to them. You might be able to climb, crawl, swim, jump, fly… but not walk.

      • Patricia,

        That’s a good argument and I thought of that, but that would make the walk too strenuous or too difficult or too dangerous or too steep… but not too far. The key being “far”. Just like many other parts of the poem he chose certain words when others, we think, would have been just as good. But other words may not have given the effect he wanted.

        Mr. Fenn said it would be difficult but not impossible. What is more difficult to grasp than the perceived obviously important not being important at all?

        I know this idea seems crazy, but people, very smart people have been looking for 2 1/2 years. That road is getting awfully crowded. I’m choosing another path… one less traveled.

        just trying to THINK differently…


  32. I hand never heard the phrase before, so I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

    Brown Study – is a frouteenth centry british term that started out meaning a dark melancholy mood, but later came to mean a state of thinking deeply about something.

  33. You know, my 3-year old daughter has a Barbie movie she loves where they are looking for an enchanted castle and they have to follow the clues. Once they get to the end there is no castle. Then they realize they have to sing a song they learned along the way and the castle appears. So, logically, once you get to where you think the treasure is hidden, you must be wise and sing the poem out loud and then the treasure will be revealed! What tune do you think I should sing it to?

  34. Dal has a great post on getting into the mindset of the poem……What figure of speech did Fenn use when constructing the poem……maybe he used all of them.

    The article and its example are very informative: Everyone should read it.

    imagery: The use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas.

    metaphor: A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison, as in “a sea of troubles” or “All the world’s a stage”

    metonymy: A figure of speech in which one word or phrase is substituted for another with which it is closely associated, as in the use of Washington for the United States government or of the sword for military power.

    Onomatopoeia: The formation or use of words such as buzz or murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to.

    Personification: A figure of speech in which inanimate objects or abstractions are endowed with human qualities or are represented as possessing human form, as in Hunger sat shivering on the road or Flowers danced about the lawn. Also called prosopopeia.

    Simile: A figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase introduced by like or as, as in “How like the winter hath my absence been” or “So are you to my thoughts as food to life”

    Synecdoche: A figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole (as hand for sailor), the whole for a part (as the law for police officer), the specific for the general (as cutthroat for assassin), the general for the specific (as thief for pickpocket), or the material for the thing made from it (as steel for sword).


    Still, I am like a mirror,
    Fast, I am stronger than stone.
    Wet, I can burn you,
    Cold, I can keep you warm.
    Life, I can be in the desert,
    Death, I can be on the riverbank.
    What am I?

  35. Does Mr. Fenn let people tour his collection of other artifacts? Does he have a store of anything where he sells his stuff?

    • Up until very recently he was selling items on his website. But he closed that store, The answer right now is “no”. He sometimes invites searchers into his home. But not very often.

  36. Is there any meaning behind the “double” items I’ve noticed? Could Mr. Fenn be having some fun with us? Or is there a clue behind it?

    double letters in both Mr. Fenn’s names, his wife’s name and one daughter’s name
    15 words with double letters in the poem
    double omega at back of his book
    two photos of chest on the TOTC Resource page
    two illustrations of a man among tree stumps in the excerpt and book
    double letter in the name of this treasure hunt

    I’m sure there are more that I haven’t noticed yet. Coincidence?

    Should we be looking in Twin Falls Idaho or Twin Bridges Montana or Twin Lakes or Twin Peaks Colorado or Twin Creeks Wyoming or Twin Lakes New Mexico or Twin Falls or Twin Islands British Columbia?

    Anyone seeing double vision yet?

    just thought it an odd occurrence…


  37. JD,

    Interesting observation. It may well be a coincidence, but if a Twin (anything) happens to show up near a search site, I would definitely investigate. I have three areas that I like, no twins near any of them though.

  38. Hi, I am presently reading this poem a little differently than beofore. I was previously connecting the dots, one line stanza/place to the next. I just want to throw this out for consideration.

    “Begin in where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, far but not too far to walk. Put in below the home of brown”

    “From there it is no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh. There will be no paddle up your creek – just heavy loads and water high”

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease”

    That to me is the crux of the poem. We get to a particular spot below the home of Brown. Warm waters halt and home of Brown zero in on a particular place. The next part of the poem is about the journey or quest to find it at that particular place.

    The key, it would seem, is recognizing the blaze when you see it and quickly looking down.

  39. I know this topic can get too specific for the blog if we are not careful but is anyone looking at anagrams in the poem? If so, how many do you think there are. There is one phrase I think may be an anagram but it seems like there would either not be any or there would be more than one.

    • People have talked about anagrams in other posts and blogs. I didn’t see anyone come up with anything that wasn’t a real stretch.

    • You mean like:
      “‘Brazenly warm attractive thugs” or
      “Crazy vagrants alert me.”
      The Wolf

  40. Thanks Hank! I used the search for Dal’s site but maybe I am doing it wrong:-). Can you search once on his main page and will it retrieve hits from the comments? Hmm, maybe I have to go post by post. Will check other blogs as well. I will keep your comment about them being a stretch in mind as I read. You are probably right, wishful thinking!

    • I first saw it over on Treasure Net, on about page 20 ish? I think the person was Argus something? Sorry not much help. The same person posted the info on here somewhere. Yeah it’s difficult to go back and find things. I started a word document and when I come across something interesting just copy and paste it for referencing later. The person was working the anagram angle and could come up with a few variations on words but nothing that could give a location, I just don’t see it. That said, I’m still in the “poem is a riddle” camp. Just can’t figure out the riddle yet.

      • Hank is right…Argus33 was working that angle on Treasure Net around page 18…he kept swearing he had “the treasure” and some other words worked out, but then came the problem of all of those extra letters left over. Not really an anagram at all.

        Using his logic I was able to get “the chest is in my refrigerator under the moldy cheese”, but alas, I too had about 450 letters left over. That’s when I quit that angle, and threw away the cheese.

      • Scant,

        No, you are posting to the correct spot…Dal’s blog is the best. You do know “Treasure Net” is another site not just another page or thread on Dal’s blog…right?

        Anyway, I’ve read all of your posts so far, and you have great contributions, thanks!

      • Yes, I just meant I was not hitting the correct reply link and did not want to seem rude. I have seen but had not seen the anagram discussion. I love my spot and it fits the clues amazingly well but I am not hopeful on this it all. If it is the one some one will get there first. That said, the puzzle is so fun and hopefully I will start looking for something else, maybe the bells FF hid.

  41. Re the moldy cheese-LOL! I guess I was think of specific phrases (e.g. Home of brown) rather than anything that long but I definitely see your point. Will check treasure net. Thanks!

  42. I’ve been having some fun thinking about the poem. I’ve taken on a little different approach than most. I decided to turn it into a story of ff telling you about the treasure and how to find it. The liberties I have taken in terms of my understanding and interpretations are an accumulation of things gathered during research, Fenn’s blog and from this blog. It’s meant to be light-hearted, but also allows me to dumb it down into a sequence of events that you would actually have to go through if you were taking instructions from someone. I’m just taking it for what it is and not analyzing every word.


    Just to inform everyone, I traveled alone into the wilderness when I set out to hide the treasure chest. Since I traveled alone, the secret location will remain just that, a secret for many years to come. Thus, I will have the pleasure of promoting its existence to everyone in my poem and memoir.

    The start of this adventure begins at a dam separating warm water on the high side from cold water on the low side. The search will need to start on the cold water side in the canyon below the dam. You will need to drive down into the canyon as it is a bit too far to walk. As you are driving in the canyon, you will see “the home of Brown”. It will be obvious to you what that is when you come upon it. At that location, pull over and park. It will now be time to head out on foot.

    This will be a somewhat difficult walk in the wilderness, so for those of you that aren’t used to this type of environment or aren’t in good shape, please be careful. Fortunately, it is not a very long journey on foot as you are getting closer and closer to the treasure chest with each step. You’ll be walking along a river bank so no need for a boat and paddle. As you are walking, you will come upon fairly large rapids with heavy, rushing water. This is your stop.

    Now, you will need to look for a marker also commonly known as a blaze. You have to be smart about the search for the marker, but know that it will be obvious to you as a searcher but not obvious to a passerby. The marker will not be man-made, but rather something in nature that will stand the test of time. It is really cool and kids will love it. Once you recognize the marker, go to it. When you get to the marker, look immediately down. The chest will be there at your feet in a hole or crevasse. Depending on the time of year, the chest could be submerged in water. Either way, take the chest and leave quickly. As you walk back to your car, it will be a good idea to remain calm and quiet as to not attract attention.

    This entire adventure is something I have been planning for a long time. I have worked very hard in my life and have been blessed with material riches as well as riches in life. I want others to experience that as well. That is why I have hidden this treasure.

    Finally, I will warn you that you will be cold on this trek as you’ve probably gotten a little wet and the weather may not be cooperating. That is all ok, because it will all be worth it. Not only worth it for finding the treasure, but worth it as you have been brave to take on a journey into the unknown wilderness that you would normally have never embarked upon. For that, I am most proud and will reward you with some of the fine treasures I have accumulated along the way.

  43. I’m posting this under “the poem” because I think it is about the construction of the poem; hopefully I’m putting it in the correct spot.

    Fenn said again last night at the bookstore (see the media page) that two parties have solved the first two clues but missed the next seven……This might be helpful if we knew what Fenn considers the first two clues……It doesn’t matter what we think the clues are, what does Fenn think the 9 clues are? How did Fenn divide the poem up into 9 clues.

    Fenn is a simple guy………I think (at least right now) he divided the poem up into sentences and called each sentence a clue. I can just hear folks arguing with him that the first stanza is not a clue……..I think he would say some clues say more than others, if you don’t like what I call a clue write your own poem.

    The poem has nine sentences, thusly nine clues…..So:

    1. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old.

    2. Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk.

    So in this case searchers are getting the “home of Brown” incorrect, if they got the first two correct.

    If you divide the poem up differently:

    1. Begin it where warm waters halt

    2. And take it in the canyon down

    In this case searchers are getting “not far, but too far to walk” incorrect.

    I would really like to know where the searchers were that got the first two clues correct.

    • I have wondered how he distinguishes between clues and pieces of information. If there is not a distinction then each clue is one piece of information and there are many red herrings in the poem and we are left to figure out what they are. I am more inclined to think that each clue contains one or more pieces of information or that there is a distinction between clues and directions. If it is that each clue contains one or more pieces of information, the nine sentences as clues make sense. Sentence one, to me is a clue with more than one piece of information (bold, new and old). The parties that solved hat clue would have had to be pretty specific with FF in explaining their interpretation of sentence one for home to agree that they solved that clue(if indeed it is a clue).

      I had also thought that not far but too far to walk could be a separate instruction. Meaning, 1. WWWH
      2. Go to the canyon 3. Go a bit further (somewhere else down the road away from the canyon that leads to HOB) 4. put in below the home of brown. But his punctuation indicates it is probably not a distinct direction and that it is describing how far the canyon is from WWWH.

      Another distinction could be between clues and directions. In this case the clues would be the extraneous pieces of information that are not directions.

      • Hey Tarryscant, in mho most of the poem is a red herring. There are only three things the poem tells us to do. I have mentioned it on the blog several times so i won’t go into it again. Cheers!

        • John Paul,
          My comment was in response to Goofy’s interpretation of the nine clues as written in the poem. Do you mean that you do not think the nine clues are in the form of nine sentences as Goofy is suggesting?

        • Yes, that is correct. The instructions must be followed in consecutive order but they consist only of three things and nine clues.

        • @John Paul,
          I look at the poem as describing three things: the beginning, a way point, and the end. Is that what you mean; if I’m being too nosy just ignore me.

        • @John Paul,
          Yes, I think I remember that discussion; seems like eons ago now. I still think the same thing now. The beginning is WWWH, the way point is below the home of Brown, and the end of course is the treasure. Everything else is either a descriptor or directions.

        • John Paul & Goofy – You guys agreed that there are only three things the poem tells us to do. Everything else is either a descriptor or directions. Well, there’s something strange about the blaze – the poem directions have been present tense, but the line about the blaze is past tense. Kind of like we should have seen it earlier. The line does NOT say – If you ARE wise & FIND the blaze. Everything else is as it is happening right now – at the current moment. The blaze line seems out of place & out of sequence.

        • @Becky
          You make a very good point…….You are really making me think this through (which is good)…..Thank you, I think. 🙂

          You wrote: “You guys agreed that there are only three things the poem tells us to do.” Not three things, but three locations. Everything else is a descriptor or direction. At least that is what I think.

          OK, so right now I look at the poem as 3 places:
          The beginning: WWWH
          The waypoint: Below home of Brown
          The end: where the treasure is

          If I understand you correctly, you are saying the blaze is something we should, or could, have seen earlier in the search along the way…….And that’s makes sense considering the past tense; found vs. find.

          The only reason I disagree with you (and you could certainly be correct, I don’t have the treasure) is because Fenn said to start at the beginning and go through the clues in the order they are written……… So I’m reading it that I have found the general location of the treasure; and at this place, if I have been wise and found the blaze it will tell me where the treasure is.

          As I said, you could be correct……do you see where I’m coming from and do you think it’s a valid argument…..or am I reading it completely wrong to you?

        • Goofy – Yes, I understand about the order of the so-called clues. That’s exactly why the blaze line seems strange to me. Everybody has their locations, but the treasure still has not been found. I have many doubts that this poem can honestly lead to the correct spot. Something is not right, but I cannot say exactly what it is yet.

          FF states something that sounds definite, then he un-states it later on. You don’t need the book, just the poem. Then read the poem, read the book, read the poem 10,000 times. Hidden, not buried – then might be buried afterall. Aluminum grave marker, then stone grave marker. Too many inconsistencies. Also too many incorrect items in the book. For instance, the date on the postmark on Tea with Olga – 10 Oct 1983 was Black Monday, not a Saturday. What’s the point of making things up? This book is more fiction than non-fiction. How do you know what to believe & what not?

          Also there must be hundreds of locations that meet the clue’s criteria. Shoot – just pick one & go look. That’s basically what the searchers are doing, right? But at what cost? So many people write that they cannot afford the trip, but will sacrifice somehow to get there. Is that thrilling? I think not. So far 100% have returned home disappointed & with less money than they had before. FF says THINK & analyze. I believe there is a twist somewhere in all this. I hope not, but I think so.

          I have something else to say if you email me at the-beck-inator at hotmail dot com. I have something else to say even if you don’t email me.

        • becky perhaps the blaze is the beginning.. but you must start below and work your your way back for the quest to cease..

        • Hi Beck and Goofy,

          Very good points, I do think the poem goes something like this:

          1. Begin it where warm waters halt over by that canyon, oh it’s not far but too far to walk (read better travel by boat, car, or plane) and put in below the home of brown.

          [I read the above to say that wwh, canyon, put in and home of brown are all within close proximity of each other. They tell us where to begin. Then we get the next set of instructions.]

          2. From there its no journey for the meek where the end is ever drawing nigh, there be no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high.

          3. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze then look at it but don’t hang around too long just take it and go in peace.

          It’s pretty simple. Start here and go here, take the money and run. With the help of the clues you only need to get two things right – where to start and where to stop. Once you have that in place then you simply go and pick it up.

          Note: the clues still flow in consecutive order with this interpretation.

          In the first two sets i count nine clues. The thing about the blaze is not a clue – it is in past tense and refers to the blaze of the treasure itself.

          BTW – those TV clues are just “service announcements” – especially the last one about graveyards. 😉

          I find it interesting that Forrest seems intent on not having people dig things up. He has said on television “I didn’t say i buried it” Its like he is making certain that he avoids any liability concerns. So don’t go digging things up like outhouses and graveyards – including descanso memorials that the forestry department allowed to be buried on public land in concrete.


      • that’s true Tarry,
        look at the book with the pic of his favorite (said sarcastically) lol, due to the fact that it looks like a fish hatchery with so many fish in the water.
        But, it must be spawning season because there are rocks in that photo and most fish hatcheries have tanks, (I thought).
        So, with all the red herrings that the acronyms, acrostics and numbers games are producing this photo perfectly describes Forest’s game of wits. lol 🙂
        He’s saying, Gotcha!! lol

      • What makes the the poem so intriguing is the fact that ambiguity naturally means there will be so many red herrings. If you imagine that each of the 9 clues has only three possible solutions that leaves 19,683 possible interpretations of the poem. IF you assume 4 or possible 5 interpretations for each clue then there are 262,144 and 1,953,125 (respectively) possible interpretations. You need to get them all right. I think there are about 8 or 9 different WWWH interpretations mentioned already and the one I used has never been mentioned. We are now getting into power ball odds. Imagine how lucky you would feel to get 5 or 6 lottery numbers correct and yet be so far away.

        He may ( I believe will) even intentionally lead you to believe one is a dead ringer and if it is wrong, it will take even longer to line them all up in the correct order. Have you ever wondered why he releases those emails he receives and how he chooses which ones to make public? Do you think he would release any that were actually on the right track?

        As far as the book goes, there are so many clues that confirm so many interpretations that everyone will be convinced their spot is correct based on so many coincidences – but get one assumption wrong and you go home crying or worst yet return to that location 2 or more times because you can’t believe you got it wrong – that is why this is called the “Thrill of the Chase”

        As far as listening to what Forrest says for the next three months, I would certainly discount it – as I believe he is now purposely misleading people to get people out in the mountains all the way up to Alaska. Think about it – How well will his new book “Too far to walk” sell if someone found the treasure tomorrow. He does not want this to end and neither do we – so look for further “red herrings”.

        He is loving this! And so am I.
        The Wolf

        • Wolf,

          Yes, that is the reality. Multiply that then by how many places a 10″x10″ box can be in one square mile. That’s why i am not losing any sleep over thousands and thousands of people looking for the treasure. The odds may be one way Forrest knows the treasure has not been found. The odds are astronomical! 😉

        • So true JP, and I didn’t even mention the fact you might get the interpretation of one part of the clue correct and then apply it the wrong way. i.e. “Put in below the home of Brown”. You might nail the home of Brown which everyone is at odds with and then get the “put in” or “below” wrong and the next thing you know you are on a one way train to Gitmo.
          The Wolf

        • Very interesting comments from everyone. So, with regard to Goofy’s comment, what clues do you all think are the two that people correctly guessed?

          I like the idea that the nine clues are each a sentence but it could also be they are not (or some are) and the first sentence could be helpful information without actually being a clue. It could be seen as similar to to “here is a riddle that I created about my boldly hidden treasure that is related to new and old riches.”

          That it was boldly hidden could still be helpful without being a clue. I get what everyone is saying about red herrings but am not sure how I feel about it yet. FF does not strike me as someone that wastes words. Changes them, invents them, substitutes them, yes, but wastes them– not really. That is just my feeling at this time and it could change.

          So the two clues that were successfully identified could be

          The meaning of the first stanza and WWWH
          WWWH and the canyon
          WWWH (along with the canyon) and HOB


        • @Tarryscant,
          I agree, there are some interesting comments…..Like I said, I think folks are getting “the home of Brown” incorrect. The Wolf made a really good observation….how much of the home of Brown sentence (3rd clue) are they getting wrong? Are they completely missing it or just going the wrong direction from the home of Brown. If Fenn is looking at the clues as sentences getting part of it correct would still make them getting the whole clue wrong.

          To me the home of Brown clue is critical, as it is one of the three destinations in the poem.

          I’m really scratching my head on this one…….If we are correct with the “clues are sentences” viewpoint, the searchers have got the first two sentences (clues) correct. Which means they have got WWWH, canyon down, and too far to walk, correct. If all of those are correct it would “seem” they probably got the “home of Brown” correct and flew off in the wrong direction from there.

        • Goofy,

          We are at a disadvantage here because we lack the details of the e-mails Forrest received. My understanding is that they were sending him their ideas about the clues.

          They got one and two correct but then missed on the other seven clues. Remember this was Forrest responding to clues people sent by e-mail not places they actually went to visit.

  44. A thought on the fourth stanza:

    you’ve been wise and found the blaze. The next line is “Look quickly down, your quest to cease”. I’ve written in the past that I think this line is directional, pointing to down trail, down river, down yonder or perhaps something south, because I think it (the blaze) is pointing (down) to the direction of where your quest WILL cease. I don’t think it ceases at the blaze.

    Next line is ” But tarry scant with marvel gaze”. I used to think this was referring to looking in the chest and seeing the amazing treasure. I now think it is saying to not stay long at your next destination, the one the blaze is pointing to, but continue on to where your gaze will be marveled and at which your quest will cease. This should be a continuation of the direction you took to get here (the spot after the blaze), but there is another spot you need to continue on to.

    In summary: from the blaze, go to where it is pointing (a blaze is usually at trail marker) , don’t stay there long but continue to where the “logical” next step is according to the path you are on. That could be “worth the cold” or “in the wood” but would be obvious to you according to your path. This sounds pretty general and it is. Every path is different and I think there MAY (OR MAY NOT) be more specific location info in the last two stanzas but I haven’t been able to work it out yet.

    I say MAY OR MAY NOT because I also think there’s a chance the final destination may not be indicated in the poem. I think Mr. Fenn may have left that out of the poem just as he left the letter X out and his thinking was if we are smart enough to get this far, the next step is so obvious according to the path we’ve taken, that we should be smart enough to see it, the X spot.

    but I’m still looking for it,


    • JD,
      I like your thinking on this. The way it is written it seems very possible that the blaze it not the end of the hunt and is consistent with his leaving out the X. It opens up a lot of things to think about.

    • Hi JD, I think your thoughts about the blaze and tarry scant, are right on, in the context that you are thinking about them in. James

  45. Hello everyone,

    With regard to the second stanza, the use of the words begin and halt, and the punctuation (all commas), does anyone think it is possible that:

    1. Not far but too far to walk refers to WWWH rather than the canyon?
    2. That begin and halt mean that each line should be a separate start stop direction? Meaning not far but too far to walk is a new direction after locating the canyon.

    Thanks, tarry

    • @Tarry
      1. I think it can be taken several ways. As Begin it is a single point, the next line gives a direction which is not far but too far to walk. Now is that distance from the Beginning or the end/bottom of the canyon. I tend to think it’s from the bottom/end of the canyon. Remember THINK BIG. Most true ‘canyons’ tend to be narrow and steep sided. Of course you don’t actually have to go IN the canyon. Just follow along and maybe enter it at HOB. Not far is relative to the reader; to FF 90 may not be far. Some of the explorers/wanders he mentions thought nothing of going a 200 miles over the course of a month searching for something. Not far may be the end of the driveway for others. It’s also my OPINION that TIITCD is more a directional arrow for which way the chase leads than a start at the top and go to the bottom kind of thing.

      2. Again IMO he’s just setting a starting point and the rest of the poem should be read the way it is lyrically written.

  46. The poem can give you 3 names, Brown is not one of them. The poem with a map and a little doodling, can get you 5 more names and a little imagination, a 9th. We all likely go to the same online resources for information and it’s not hard to see that most people stop reading as soon as they see the first thing that looks like a clue, The official definition of “warm waters” is a good example, it has nothing to do with fish.

    • 500 footers Hoooooeeeeeee and to the women who said that ,i thank you for the reminding me of the old school term for BS your a pip SC

  47. Hey all,

    It seems to me that since he has stated that two groups of hunters have gotten the first two clues correct and were within 500ft of the treasure, that we should not be getting too carried away with finding the starting point anymore. Has anyone tried compiling a list of ALL of the searched areas. It seems to me that a thorough review of the spots that have been looked at is in order…then a reassessment of the following 7 clues from the most likely candidates.

    • Hello hotlipsporter,

      Two people sending guesses by e-mail had the clues right on the first two items but not the other seven. He also said separately from that statement that he knows that more than a few have been within 500 feet of the treasure. Who and how were not defined. It could have been just people going about their everyday activities who pass it because he put it not far from road access. He didn’t say that the more than a few were searchers. Hope this helps.


      • Thanks John Paul , that’s a big help!!! We play ‘telephone’ too often in treasure hunts; “he said she said that he said something like….” Paraphrases in a word-based battle of wits pretty much aren’t good enough.
        I sure would prefer a link and word for word transcripts.
        If Mr Fenn said “people have been within 500′” that doesn’t tell us much useful info at all, other than Perhaps the first sentence/clue refers to how he had to choose a time when no one was there, because normally a ton of people are within 500′ (in a popular cave, for example).
        I like to think you need the flashlight to go at night because you’d be mobbed in daytime.

  48. JP,

    I just listened to an audio clip of an interview where he says word for word “I know people have been within 500 feet. There are two different parties that have figured out the first two clues correctly and went right past the treasure chest. But they didn’t have the others.”

    So, I don’t think these were sent in by email. He most likely found out about it over email or a blog post, but he said verbatim that they “went right past the treasure chest,” or in other words were there in person and passed right by it. The question is which two groups were they and WHERE were they looking?


    • Hmmm . . . if i remember correctly from Dal the two parties to which he refers sent that information to him by e-mail. Maybe Dal can help out here. Forrest may have combine the two instances here without implying they are the same.

      Now if he is referring to the same in both cases then that would indicate the other seven clues are within 500 feet of the treasure or the first two clues. Do you have the link so i can go listen to it? It’s been a while since i first heard it. Thanks!

      • JP,

        I transcribed it word for word from the audio recording posted by Dal from an interview in Santa Fe. I can’t find the link for some reason…but I bet Dal knows exactly where it is. Finding things in these blogs can be a treasure hunt of there own sometimes!

      • Hi john paul and Hotlipsporter,

        There was some discussion of this in the last version (or maybe the one before that) of the nine clues blog post. I listened to the interview as well and posted a similar question on the blog. The interview is the most recent one at Collected Works. Dal posted it in the comments in iteration 12 (I think).

        It seems like the story about the people that were close has been told in a few ways. Honestly, I do not think it matters. We just know that some people have been close and some people have figured out two clues. My guess is that it is possible more than two have been close and more than two clues have been solved because FF would not be lying if he said “two people” and it was ten. He would only be lying if he said two and it was really only one.

        • The only way Forrest would have known if they were 500ft away would be:
          A.) They mentioned specifically where they went for clues 3-7 and both happened to pass within 500ft


          B.) Forrest knows the treasure IS within 500ft (maybe not “far” at all) and consequently knew that they must have been 500ft away.

        • have you ever considered the thought that there are no 500 footers? ans i am not one of those people that gets annoyed when that subject is talked about,

        • Yes, according Dal it’s A.) they mentioned all nine clues to him in an e-mail. However i thought the 500 feet and the two missing the other seven clues were not related.

          “The only way Forrest would have known if they were 500ft away would be:
          A.) They mentioned specifically where they went for clues 3-7 and both happened to pass within 500ft


          B.) Forrest knows the treasure IS within 500ft (maybe not “far” at all) and consequently knew that they must have been 500ft away.”

          • The 500feet comment is easy for me to understand.
            Here’s how I believe it happened:
            There are several people who correspond with Forrest on a semi-regular basis.
            Stephanie, Mark, Gadi, Me and about a half dozen others that I am aware of.
            So lets say I am heading out to search in Yellowstone Nat’l Park.
            I’ll usually tell Forrest that I am headed out.
            He might ask me where I’m going and I’ll tell him.
            I might say that I want to search around Firehole Canyon and the falls in Yellowstone Nat’l Park.
            A couple of days later I show up and start my search.
            End of the day I write Forrest and tell him that I searched the falls area.
            I probably tell him my solution and why I thought it was near the falls.
            I tell him I am going up to the public swim area later.
            Forrest writes back. He says something encouraging like “You’re just the kind of guy who’ll find the treasure.”
            He asks me to take a picture for him of the Dude Motel and and the Fishing Bridge.
            He also reminds me not to miss Old Faithful.
            The next day I take the pics Forrest has asked for and I visit the places he mentioned.
            Forrest tells me that one of his and Donny’s favorite fishing spots was on the Gallatin River.
            That sounds like a clue to me, so I head over to the Gallatin to check it out.
            I walk along the abandoned road where the highway department straightened out a curve.
            Later that day I write Forrest and tell him where I was on the Gallatin.
            I run out of time so I head home.
            When I get there I email Forrest the pics he asked for and he asks me what route I took to get to Yellowstone.
            I tell him and he asks if I stopped at the ice cream parlor in Driggs, ID.
            I tell him that I did.
            20 days later Forrest says that “someone” has been within 500 feet of the treasure.
            He might even say that a “searcher” has been within 500 feet of the treasure.

            Lets, for the sake of advancing this story, say that it was me that came within 500 feet of the treasure.
            And lets say the treasure was no where near where I was searching.
            Lets say that it is hidden 300 feet off the road along Henry’s Fork.
            This is a place I never stopped. I simply drove by it at 50mph on my way between Driggs and West Yellowstone.
            Forrest knows I took this route. What’s more he knows 2,000 people a day pass within 300 feet of the treasure. They don’t know it’s there.
            They are not looking there.
            He could easily say people have been within 500feet of the chest.
            He could also say searchers have been within 500feet of the chest. He knows I went by it and he probably knows others have too.
            It’s not a lot of help to anyone. Worrying about it would be worthless and do nothing for you but increase the amount of stomach acid you manufacture.

            But lets take it a step further. Lets say Forrest told me after having searched 30 different places over the past 2.5 years that I have been within 500feet of the treasure. Does that mean I was looking in the right spot? It might, but it could also mean that I drove past it within 500feet in the over 6,000 miles of various and original road miles I’ve accumulated in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The only thing of use that it might tell me is that it’s not in Denver because I’ve never been to Denver and Forrest knows that.

            This is all speculation. Forrest communicated with a lot of people on a semi-regular basis before he decided to step back and spend more time writing again. He knows a lot of the places many of the searchers have been. He also knows the roads that many folks traveled to get to those places. It’s easy as pineapple pie for him to say that “someone” or even “searchers” have been within 500 feet.

            Although it feels good” to know that others have been close…it is actually a meaningless piece of information…same as “more than 300 miles west (or southwest) of Toledo”.

          • Thanks for the comprehensive explanation Dal. It seems many people are hung up on that bit of info, but, like you said, if the treasure is any where near a road or trail that is fairly often traveled, many people or searchers could have been within 500 feet. with ff now having received over 15,000 emails, there may be more than a few who have solved the first 2 clues too, but went right by the other 7. 🙂

        • Hi Dal, thanks for the input. That is the way i heard it too and thought it was the way you saw it.

          I think the question at hand though is: Have the searchers who got the first two clues right and the other seven wrong within 500 feet of the treasure at that time of getting the first two right.

          If the Forrest quote from hotlipsporter is accurate then it would suggest that to be the case. I haven’t listened to it and need to go listen. Even then it could still be as you described and likely unintentional misinformation from Forrest.

        • Alexander, each persons approach to the poem is a valid place to begin. Thinking about it over and over again the way Forrest mentions is to me, IMO, not reading too much.

          It opened up new possibilities for me to consider. I must admit i am not privy to the clues conversation as i stopped going there on the blog – too much noise to wade through and time.

          Cheers, jp

      • I just looked at the nine clues and saw it is up to iteration 17! The discussions I referenced above are in 12, 13, and/or 14 (it came up twice).

        • Hi Tarryscant,

          I beg to differ though because it matters a lot! 🙂 If Forrest said as is indicated by hotlips in the undocumented audio recording.

          “I know people have been within 500 feet. There are two different parties that have figured out the first two clues correctly and went right past the treasure chest. But they didn’t have the others.”

          Then that means all nine clues are within 500 feet of each other! That is a BIG deal.

          Kind regards,

        • JP, one possible other interpretation is that there is a fork in the road somewhere and the searchers took the main branch to get to their site, but missed the turnoff to the treasure location. I don’t think this is too likely, but it is possible.

        • JP wrote: “Then that means all nine clues are within 500 feet of each other! That is a BIG deal.”

          That would be a big deal if that is what that meant, however take it in the canyon down could be 10, 20 100 miles depending on Fenn’s definition of “too far to walk”. Therefore, the distance between the start of the poem and clue 3 could be many, many miles. I will agree that if your interpretation is correct, it would mean clues 3 through 9 are within 500 feet of each other, but that is one of the reasons Fenn wouldn’t and didn’t do that. Doesn’t make sense to squeeze that many clues into a 500 foot circumference…Occam’s Razor rears its ugly head again.

          Hotlipsporter: You should have added a …

          C) The treasure is hidden within 500 feet of a trail or road…doesn’t have to even be a well traveled route, just enough travelers for FF to know that a couple of “people” have traversed it. Remember, as far as I can tell, only the Hemisphere article author used the word “searcher” (and how are we to know that her notes weren’t plain wrong, or that her editor liked the word “searchers” better)…Fenn has repeated this statement more than a couple times, and unless someone can verify otherwise, he continues to use the term “people”…a big distinction.

        • Hi jp,

          I know, I felt the same way as you when I brought up the issue before. In fact I agreed with another person in that exchange that it was a huge clue. The change is that I have considered various things FF has said on this and different topics and I just do not think we can assume he is speaking in exact terms, because the statements change a bit. That is why I do not think it matters anymore. And really it is not so much that it does not matter, because, like you said, it absolutely would matter, but because we just cannot assume the comments are precise.

        • Hey Tarry and Scott, to me this is speculation on my part but i see that hotlips posted the link and i will be going there to listen. Even then sometimes Forrest says something one way and then talks to the same subject with variations or clarifications. We will never know for sure until the treasure is found.

          However, it brought to my mind something i hadn’t considered before that is as valid as any other approach, that being all nine clues within 500 feet or less of each other. Kind of like playing miniature golf. 😉

  49. If someone figured out the first two clues and went right past the chest. Wouldn’t that indicate that the chest was in the vicinity of the first two clues?

    • Yes, and contextually the other seven which would help to narrow it down fairly explicitly. That might fit with Forrest saying the person will have no doubt and that the clues lead to an exact spot, i.e., no looking around a broad area of one square mile (640 acres) or less. The person will proceed with confidence to the exact location and pickup the chest!

      I had gone from nine geographic locations to two in interpreting the poem but perhaps i need to rethink this approach and narrow it down to only one.

      Wish i could listen to the purported audio of Forrest on this subject that hotlips mentioned.

  50. Hey Everyone,

    The link to where Forrest says ““I know people have been within 500 feet. There are two different parties that have figured out the first two clues correctly and went right past the treasure chest. But they didn’t have the others.” is here:

    Its a big file so it takes some time to load up. You’ll find the excerpt somewhere in the middle (I think).

    • WOW, thanks hotlipsporter! – I had not heard this before. It was delightful.

      Here is what i come away with – let’s FORGET ABOUT the 500 feet thing for a moment. What is important to me is that he said the following:

      “There are two different parties that have figured out the first two clues correctly and went right by the treasure chest and didn’t have the others.”

      The response at that point from the audience was fairly astounding and everyone resonated with the same thought that Forrest intended to make. He had to know what everyone was thinking/feeling at that time. He meant that they physically went right by it using the first two clues and that if they had had the other seven correct they would have seen it.

      This means that one can be very near the treasure with the first two clues, one can then find it using the other seven.

      Knowing Forrest to be an honest, direct and simple person in his speech and talking with others, he was linking the 500 feet and using the two different parties as an example of what he meant. He even used the word “and” to combine the two thoughts. Pretty cool!

      • I’ve been following the thread on this topic for a bit now and so I’d like to add my two cents worth too. First of all I think by now many searchers have gone by the treasure. If two had several months ago, then realistically many have by now given the publicity. Secondly, Forrest has stated himself that sometimes he has a tendency towards “embellishment.” The point I’m making is that I wouldn’t get out the measuring tape while searching, rather I’d be figuring to myself APPX. 500+/- ft. So to me it (treasure) could be anywhere from 300′ – 700′ from those searchers. So too I feel that some of the clues may have been embellished also i.e; “where warm waters halt,” or “no place for the meek.”

        • Peter, i absolutely agree. The number of those who have been close is not the crucial factor nor the exact distance they were from the treasure. However, the fact that it is somewhere within that distance from the first two clues is important. This also means that the other seven clues are nearby as well.

          • Yep John Paul and one other thing I’d add is that the only “clue” to be had out of this 500′ quote is that the treasure lies appx. 500’+/- from a trail, road, bridge, building or possibly a parking lot or a landmark of some kind.

      • It kind of leaves me in a quandary. When I first went over the poem for clues, I was able to get two names out of it. the two names were fairly close together, but most of the other clues were in between, those two clues. When I got more diligent about searching the poem, I got what I believed, were actually the first two clues in the poem. Problem is, they are many miles apart. My too many clues theory, is weighting on me again. lol. James

        • James, i know what you mean. I so want to say, “oh that is just Forrest being Forrest”. And yet i have to tell myself to take a reality check on what i just heard him say. It sort of throws out everything i was thinking.

          I wish i could deny what i heard but he said that people have been within 500 feet of it and then he used the other reference as an example where the two parties had the first two clues right and went right by the treasure chest not having the others right.

          ugh . . . back to the drawing board!

        • Hi JP, Yes, but it doesn’t change my original feeling about the clues or the spots I want to checkout. I think it’s very Forrest Fenn.

  51. The other take away that i have from this question and answer session with Forrest is that he never change the location. I had thought maybe originally he had selected a sight to be “buried” with the treasure and then changed it. He says the spot for the treasure never changed.

    • I had driven 3380 miles round-trip to the location. I have found a blaze on a tree that was a couple of weeks old. All of the other clues were there. I have it videotaped. It was going to snow the next morning and I had a 1690 mile drive back so I left at 3:30am New Mexico time. I will be back, retrieve the chest and return the bracelet to Forrest.

  52. The blaze maybe obvious or not,,,,my concern is that the area we are possibly lead to is large even a smaller area would be difficult to search. Forrest said all you need is the poem,,,,,I am looking to find within the poem a clue that would pinpoint the location of the blaze…. “If you are wise” I believe is a descriptor as to where the blaze is and not what the blaze is…..This pinpoint location is hidden in the poem….any thoughts.

  53. Letting the imagination go wild to solve the poem, I once entertained the thought “warm waters halt” as a reference to let the waters settle in a compass or start with 32 degrees. I tried to connect the house of Brown with this teaching, “Put Red in the shed and then look for Fred.” Somehow “the end is ever drawing nigh” was the needlepoint for dead reckoning after some crazy calculation. I only confused myself with that! I can’t say that worked for me. It was fun to think about. Maybe the thrill of the chase is likened to life, where it is about finding direction and distance (For exact measure) is found after exploration.

    • The compass point idea is inspiring: gone alone = 1 degree, wwwh = 32, canyon down = south, too(2) far(4) to(2) = 242 degrees, no place for the meek (Matt 5:5) =55 degrees, the end drawing nigh: if the needle is nigh, you’re walking south again, water high (boiling)100 degrees, done it tired (86’d), worth the cold (32 or 0), …..that’s eight clues there. Hmmmm

  54. Is water high a waypoint where you find the blaze and continue,,,,or possibly the point you have gone too far if you have not found the blaze….

    Another point,,,maybe not for here,,,Does the reference to 1000 years really mean this blaze would last 1000 years? Being wise is to find the truth/meaning when standing before the obvious.

  55. Dal- I believe the blaze to be a GPR unit
    . A tool used by archaeologists to see underground
    . “ground penetrating radar” the radar waves travel at the speed of light. Tarry scant could mean work a little, or dig it up. You then open it and look with wonder (marvel gaze) at the treasure. The GPR unit is to be used at an existing dig site. The poem describes this site, alas, I have yet to locate.

  56. Arrrggh! “… have gone alone … ” seems descriptive rather than directional. Me thinkst a cave!

  57. Keep my secrets…
    Where…just tell me already. …Aaarrggh!
    Okay…old secrets and new secrets.

    Before I get too carried away…I’m trying to get NM on the 22nd to buy some books…before that I’ll probably park my truck and camp in the walmart parking lot in Taos. The last time I stayed in the parking lot of the 8 something hotel but much too noisey.

    What kind of old secrets were kept where I can keep my new secret.

    Not a ball of string…which is the coolest story of all time.
    If I wanted to hide my stuff…in this case Gold…in the mountains where others have hid or kept or found stuff
    I might start at the beginning!

  58. WWWHs…warm water stops…
    Okay I like NM…thus my wwwh has to be suitable…not a geiser.
    Im not saying I know where…
    Red River…Cimmarron or a waterfall or hot springs…etc.
    However it must be one…as well as the bottom of my coffee cup.

  59. “There’ll be no paddle up your creek ,”

    I think of a pantomime of rowing a canoe .
    To AIR ROW .

    Maybe an arrow marking a trail .

    Or an ARROW HEAD sign .
    Collecting an arrow head was what started ff on a lifetime of collecting .

    I know of an area where both of those things exist in different parts of the area , but close together .

    No , I do not have the TC . Good luck to all searchers .


    • Rebel, It has been a while since I have seen anyone mention the”up your creek” line.I like your train of thought,but I think the line is more literal and speaks volumes as to the general locale of the hidey spot.Thanks for sharing; you have mentioned what I believe to be one of the major clues.Good luck all…

  60. “The end is ever drawing nigh ,”
    The end is Constantly Coming Closer .

    Nigh is both near and left

    C C C
    Confirmation …your quest to cease
    your quest to C’S

    Civilian Conservation Corps.
    Built facilities in area 1934-1935

    Just some more thoughts on Stanza 3

    And no ….I still don’t have the TC .


  61. Been rolling a snowball down the hill a little , but don’t want it to turn into an avalanche , because that would turn into dangerous intel , and no one likes avalanches either because they are so dangerous too .

    So now it’s time to zip up tight , and become a spectator on “The Thrill of the Chase .” Good luck to all searchers .


  62. Rebel are you saying the arrow tree. a tree hunters shoot their remaining arrows into after a successful hunt?

  63. wwwhs: for me in NM.. not just because of family friends economic success or fame…but this is where the thrill of the chase was/is for f. I dont know whats in Cody…but fishing is for relaxing.

  64. My take:
    1. Poems a map.
    2. “went in… Alone” cave
    3. “secrets old… “…..mountains….I’ll come back to this.
    4. “begin…wwwhs” Red River. I’ll come back to this as well.
    5. “… canyon down…” Cimmarron Canyon, N.M.

    I thought I’d throw it out there. See if anyone else is going this way? After all I hardly know what I’m talking about…I’m from Southern Illinois…smiles.

    • Mark-
      1. I too believe the poem is a map. Has nothing to do with anagrams or numerology.
      2. Could be a cave but it could also be just an area…a hollow…a box canyon…a river bottom…behind a waterfall..
      3. I never considered the secrets line to be part of the map…but it’s an interesting idea..
      4-5. So this is a new approach to me..
      Although I have looked in both the Cimarron and Red River areas I have always thought of them as separate, “unrelated” areas.
      Geographically, they don’t have much connection since they are on opposite sides of the same mountain range..
      The Cimarron flows east the Red flows west…and there is only a slim connection between them in that eventually both their waters flow into the Rio Grande..but several hundred miles apart…Not saying they have to be connected…but I have always thought that I should stay in the same watershed at least..

      So I am curious how/why we move, using the poem between the Red and the Cimarron..

      Please continue…


      • Strict numerology,? no, probably not critically important. Though, I notice you distinctly didn’t discount codes or cyphers…. hmm.

        But I’m not quite ready to write off anagrams quite yet…

        “hint: a vow broadened” = brave and in the wood
        “often, a poem heckler” = no place for the meek
        “Catalyzing reverts a warmth” = tarry scant with marvel gaze
        “Oh Thrift, teaches Hell” / “Oh! secret hath the fill”= the thrill of the chase
        “Battering a tenth sign” = start at the beginning
        “Lend it Zeal” = Dal Neitzel

    • Although I believe the poem is a map…with directions, and not an anagram or numerology puzzle I respect those ideas. They are just not for me.
      On the other hand I don’t think the “directions” are as simple as they appear. I do believe some unpuzzling is required. The meanings could be veiled in historical, geographical or other codings that do require research and experimentation.

      Not related to the unpuzzling, I believe the chest is hidden somewhere very near a public place, perhaps a touristy stop or a sign where people like to pull over and take pictures. I believe it is close to a road and/or parking lot. I know this stirs up questions about how Forrest could possibly expect to end his life in this spot…I don’t have answers…only questions…


      • Dal,

        you could be right about the type of place it is near, maybe the type of places you mentioned or a popular fishing spot (that is my leaning)

        on the question of ending his life there, F may have found this place, and you just take a particular trail or road only a short distance away from this popular place, and suddenly you can be in seclusion and hardly no one goes there for whatever reason

        • Chris-
          I like your thought about how it could be near a popular place yet still be a place where one might not notice a decaying corpse..
          It’s always a conundrum for me to reconcile those two ideas in one place..

          • Dal and Chris,

            Your thoughts are correct. However, it is not a conundrum. Just takes thought.

            Remember, time of day and shadows are important.

            In the mountains everything is about these two things. A trail is different at 10am than it would be at 5pm.

            The sun will decide who finds the treasure.

      • Hmm, I could suppose a number of scenarios where it’s very public and yet private enough for one man and his treasure chest: Buried under loose earth/gravel, in the hollow of a very large stump, underwater in a river, in a cave but a deep/little-known portion, under a bridge of high traffic, behind a waterfall, up high in a tree, on a cliff face just below a popular vista point, inside a historic but closed off building (like a condemned barn), calcified inside a mineral spring, and inside a grizzly bear 😉

        • threedragons-
          But you also have to apply the other parameters of the hiding place that we know about..

          It’s in a place that a 79/80 year old could go carrying a 42lb pack.

          It’s in a place where a child could go get it if the child could lift it.

          It’s not in a tree but it’s surrounded by trees (of course everything is surrounded by trees if you go out far enough).

          There are other hints that he has provided over the past three years in emails and comments and practically all of them appear on this blog somewhere..making a list is a good idea..

          You also have to remember his plan to go to this spot and take a handful of sleeping pills and quietly pass away. Hard to do that underwater.

          We also know he expected his bones would be in rest next to the treasure…

          We also suspect he is very aware of historic and prehistoric burial sites and methods.

          • Not disagreeing that those are good points, Dal, but a few quibbles & questions:
            a. the biggest hint to me would seem to be “all you need is in the poem” – it renders the rest of the hints to a much lower status, right?
            b. When did Forrest say “Not IN a tree” specifically?? Did he say not in a log, or not in a stump? (Because I’ve long thought “In The Wood” should be taken literally not generally/figuratively)
            c. while the imagining the sleeping pill scenario renders the up in a tree, in a barn, & under gravel idea moot, the rest of those ideas aren’t so impossible / against the official 14 or so “clues”: in the hollow of a very large stump could still be possible, underwater in a river is absolutely viable, (moreso with a 42lb bronze box on your lap), in a cave but a deep/little-known portion isn’t hard at all, under a bridge of high traffic could still work though hardly a peaceful RIP place, behind a waterfall is absolutely doable, on a cliff face just below a popular vista point is tough for an old guy but maybe he knows a path?, and inside a grizzly bear certainly still works!! 😉
            d. the child hint I’ve read has only been “a child could figure out the poem” or “have a child read the poem” never “a child could recover the treasure from it’s hiding spot”. I’d love to see a cite of where he’s said a kid could GET the treasure itself.
            e. making a list of all the various emailed hints would be a great idea!! — we’re all looking forward to when you’ve got that webpage done ;D

          • Maybe a child could find it. Being so small, perhaps, they could see it at eye level. Children are curious, especially in places they have never been. Sometimes they search an area, just to find something they can say, hey, what’s this or that? Keep in mind, Forest is writing a children’s book, as well as “Too Far too Walk”, I want to believe that everything he has written, will also have clues. Why a children’s book now?

          • mapsmith-
            All those hints are already on this blog. Including the emails they came from, but you’ll have to hunt them down yourself. I don’t have this blog memorized yet…


  65. Srry Im working a little more today than usual.its nice out. I’m bld n a deck.
    Dal Ive come to respect your political correctness. However I will say it…The poem is not as complicated as many many many have made it out to be. It is tricky but not rocket science.

  66. Hi…
    Back to # 2…make a smart list of places one could go alone and keep there secret where others have kept or found secrets.
    At least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe.
    A cave:
    Secrets are kept in caves. Too a hole behind a waterfall might be a cave…there might be several terms that are similar to caves.
    Old secrets can be kept in caves or another way I could say this is…caves can hold secrets…some folks have made caves.
    As I have gone in caves alone before.
    Dinner time.

  67. So…we all know the poem can take you to many places…my solve is so far…only plausible. Which aint bad…
    I left off with # 3.
    1. poems a map.
    2. cave
    3. mountains
    A cave in the mountains of northern NM.
    4. Red River
    5. cimmarron Canyon
    6. I’ll come back to this.
    7. To leave the house…the car…to explore…is no place for the meek …in a cave with Brown bats…As mapsmith put it…paraphrased…
    One might have to go deeper than most are prepared to go. Cold and damp. With little Brown things.
    # 3. the mountains…this really is a given I feel..but…treasures can be found in the mountains…in caves..and kept in the mountains in caves.
    Im sorry I dont mean to ramble.

  68. A water fall with a cave behind it would also be a structure then…I do however agree…structure was no more defined then anything else. When I said porta potties or pueblo potties I was refering to the home of the brown and wwwhs…but I was kidding. I think f didnt want people turning over outhouses…and structure means building.

  69. 8. “…paddle up…” this is a good one.
    If you type ” no paddle up your creek” on google…then click images.
    you find a pic of the “up s… Creek Paddle Store.” It’s legos…but looks real…night!

  70. 8. cont. Road Trip 7 days!!!

    The end is drawing nigh…This took me to the Bible…Mathew 5 and 6
    While I’m not discounting the measurement of furlong….which I think was 8.5 miles…
    I am using nigh as stay left.

    Thus. a cave…no paddle…could get wet…farther than most would go…stay left…bring flaslight…and sandwich.

    One more thing for this part…
    F said familyy and kids…???
    When I was in Taos on a hike…we came across fresh bear tracks when we hit the snow line….they looked like a mother and her cub.
    A few months ago not far from there was a bear attack in Dutango, Col. 22 bear attacks this year.
    The hunt should be in a safe place???…

    9. the blaze…cont.

    • Mark-
      Bear attacks are nothing compared to other threats to human life..
      Drunk drivers, drug induced madness, road rage, train derailments, climbing accidents, trees falling, quicksand…
      Nowhere is safe.
      Just another reason to believe that the treasure is hidden in a “safe” place…relatively…

  71. dal…true…even at disney accidents happen. Disney is a place they try to protect the visitors too…grins.

    I thought quick sand was only in old tarzan flicks…but found I was mistaken…where we crossed the Canadian River looked like rolling land as opposed to water…watch where you step…smiles.

    Mark H.
    S Ill.

  72. Mapsmith…Who are you. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who and where all the “rednecks” are from?

    Also I wouldn’t under-estimate kids today.

    My Four year old today said, “Dad, they have hearing aids that fit into the ears that you can adjust the volume on.” Awed, he continued. If you got some than Maggie his sister could hear and he could hear and I would hear…..Then….Icould turn down the TV…..FOOTBALL….never.

    • Who am I? Not Jean Val Jean.
      I am MapSmith. I do not work in the field of cartography, that’s just (more or less) my name. I’m a one-time New Yorker who transplanted back home to another city (in the top 20 or so of large cities in the nation). I was born when that one war was going on and around the time that one hotel was being ransacked. I’m an experienced treasure hunter, and that background skews in favor of large organized book or poem-based puzzles, not toward the geocache community (though I am a fan of old-fashioned Baden Powell style orienteering, which was my first merit badge). I enjoy survival science as a hobby – I’m the kinda guy you might find as a victim/participant on Manhunter or Naked&Alone or tagging along with (behind, &winded) Bear Grylls if I didn’t have such a enjoy/loathe relationship with performance media in general. I’m about a 14 hour drive from the treasure (or where I think it must be, anyway), but only a handful or less of hours from Dal. And I have decoded / read the Fenn poem in a number of ways.
      One of them: is a place I haven’t managed to get to and am not willing to get to, alone, right now. One of them: I believe there is a cypher in play, and once I exhaust the possibilities in that regard, I’ll happily tell the key, because it’s been so damn entertaining to me. Nothing else for now, other than to say “Start at the beginning” a) maybe isn’t where you think but where it makes more sense (to a teacher’s child especially) and b) yields a very energizing and interesting coincidence, if it turns out FF didn’t plan it.

    • Smart kid, will be nice to meet you. Look for the fat old granny with the cane wearing the loud clothes. lol

  73. I agree the children’s book seemed odd. Not that he’s writing one…but that he asked ffor help…an illustrator…cartoonist. why¿? he never asked ffor help beffore? IDK.
    The angle thing is good.

  74. Oh…thats who you are…smiles.
    I’ll…again have tpo read that ten times…
    Bob would have been easier!
    Mark H

  75. Your good….you got me…good one.
    It is almost the same but not.
    In both cases he doesn’t really need our help.
    In case A. He could of walked down the street and B. Picked up the phone and called boots and Dinsmore.
    He is Fenn, Captain America (i stayed Marvel), he has an all seeing eye.
    In case A. I BELIEVE it to be a whoops too much…but in b…maybe trying to help someone out.
    I don’t know…lol.
    Mark H.

    • Ding ding ding, Mark you rang the bell with that one. He supplies answers , lots of them. All one needs to know that is to look at how many of his blog stories are in the new book. Figuring out how they all go together is his blaze, in my opinion. Yep, thats just an opinion. Those change too, dont they?

  76. With all the flaws and inconsistences…it’s hard to cipher.

    I don’t know if knowlege…knowledge is important…I think not.

    When a hunter is confident will the distance matter?

    I only have Hamiltons…no Benjamins…this must mean something…smiles.

    I think there are so many questions…I just stick to the map/poem.

    After all…I’m stiil wondering who Russel is and what happenned to his band pirates….ya…?

    I have followed these comments for 2 years now, rarely commenting but watching and taking in all your ideas. Yesterday I had an epiphany of understanding what Mr F is saying in the poem. I now get 70-80% of the clues. I have WWWH and HOB solved now and am sure that I am right. Problem was that I wouldn’t let go of what I thought the answers were! You guys are close but not quite on WWWH. But I only recall seeing the correct solve ONCE for HOB, and that person was only guessing. Yes, I needed to repeat the poem over and over in my mind as Mr F said, then I went back to the book (TTOTC) to figure out HOB. Read as far as the story of him sliding down the fire escape and getting brown rust on his pants. “This is useless” I thought. “I’ll never get the answer in this book!”
    But I rolled over the first 2 paragraphs of the poem in my mind again, then went back to reading a guide book on an area I haven’t ruled out yet. There was a diagram that had a certain symbol for a vantage point on a trail. Then I noticed the title of the next chapter. The chapter title was WWWH, and the map symbol told me what to do at the canyon. When I did that, I knew what Mr F meant by home of Brown! Yes, it is a home, and Brown is capitalized for a reason!
    Stop looking for complicated answers! A child’s clues are better! When Mr F told you to THINK — how many searchers tried to match T-H-I-N-K to clue letters in the book? Well, that is not it. He meant for you to use your cerebral cortex to find the answers!
    Funny thing is, the new book (no I don’t have it) title. Too Far to Walk. That is not the clue. Read it again! What a trickster you are, Mr Fenn! Searchers, stop trying to measure this distance !!!
    The poem once solved is a key. Then you need to find the lock that it fits. Thank you Dal for the great site. Thank you tarheel searcher for insight, and most of all, thank you Mr Fenn!

    • Idahoel, I also have never seen anyone mention how I arrived at my home of Brown. Only time will tell if any of us have found Forrests blaze. He crafted the poem to fit only one place perfectly but many almost.

      I also have a guidebook that enforces all my thoughts,but that really doesnt mean anything until treasure is in hand.

      I wish you well in your search! Good luck!

      • idahoel,

        I’m sure you drive yourself crazy with your solutions. I know I did. After two trips to my search area and reading the poem I am sure of the solution.

        The timing must be right. One must have great eyesight to spot the treasure. Many have had opened eyes but have not seen.

        My next trip is in the works but job, plane tickets,weather,etc must be worked out.

        Good luck in your endeavor if you get to the spot before me.

        Most importantly… safe.

        • Tarheel, I totally agree with you, esp about timing. I am not normally a blogger, but comments and observations like yours have opened my eyes to the solve.
          The poem is a riddle. Most searchers are too literal for the clues that need IMAGINATION.
          For instance, if I was talking to you face to face and asked a riddle “What is black and white and red (read) all over?” If you went to google the answer and thought I meant “red” instead of “read”, you would never get the answer.
          If I gave you a riddle with clues of where I hid a gold coin under “dry wood” but you misinterpret the clue as “plywood”, well then you could search the correct area but not thoroughly and come back from the search confident it was not there. There is a website with a picture of the U.S. with huge search areas marked off as “not there’ (circles with lines through them). Well, I feel the searcher’s pain and frustration, but I would suggest to a new searcher that these might be suitable areas to start!
          You HAVE to get the first important clue right before you move to the next. People, they are linked together. If you have WWWH right, then the next and the next clues are a little easier to solve.
          I see the poem as having an introduction paragraph, then the “meat and potatoes” search paragraphs, then a closing and further hints. But the clues are given in an important order. Don’t mess with that! There are nine clues because there are nine sentences. But there are many more clues with words with extra and valid interpretations. And there are layers.
          Why do we share any information? For me, it is because I have got new info from you all. I learned 4 things years ago when I raced motocross in the 1970’s. There is always someone smarter, more talented and faster than I am, no matter how good I think I am. And when that person passes me on a 1974 Honda CR250M, his knobby tire will throw rocks and dirt in my face when I am just 30 feet behind….

          Stay Safe…..

          • Totally with you, Ida, but I can’t decide if the poem points to 9 different ways to view 1 place, or 9 sequential steps that get you closer and closer to the gold.

    • Ida,

      I have solved it myself just the other day. It took me two years to do so but I finally understand it. No you need no map, no you need nothing but the poem. HOB is the most important part of this poem and that is the only reason why it’s capitalized. Once you know what HOB is you’ll know just where to go. Forrest said it himself. The clues are in order but………. that’s all I can say right now. As much as I want to say what the answer is and how to read it I just can’t! I want to scream it out!!!!! but I know if I do it will be over before I get out there. Once you figure it out, everything and I mean EVERYTHING makes perfect sense. There are two parts to this. I have the first part that allows me to move with full confidence the second is almost together and cannot be completed until you are there. good luck all!! Ill let you know when I have this chest! I’m on my way!!!

      • Come on Jim, give us a hint. Can we expect to hear something in hours, days, weeks? Good luck and stay safe.

        • All I can say is that its very difficult to solve but not impossible. But once you do solve it all the answers come together. Mr. FENN is a complete genius. All his clues make perfect sense.I’m on cloud nine. This is amazing bu it will take some work locating the chest once I’m there.

          • This is what FF said: “The book and poem will lead you straight to it if you can figure it out.” f
            If once you’re there, you need to do some work to locate the chest, then you’re in the wrong place.

          • You’d be a fool to think it won’t take some work once your there. He could give u the exact square mile the chest is in and it could take you forever to find that little 10×10 box that’s the same color and texture of the rocky earth. We have the answer there is no doubt in my mind. I’ve tried to prove it wrong over and over and we cannot.

          • Fenn also said you don’t need the book but only the poem. The book will only help you determine what the clues are in the poem. The poem is the only way.

          • Zero. He said you’d be able to move with confidence. No point in going out unless you know where to begin with confidence.

          • Lots of questions. We’re all hoping to follow them with answers.
            For what it’s worth,
            Devil’s/logic advocate: if “all we need is the poem” is an absolute, then the ‘move with confidence’ and every other thing said in interviews/blogs is negated. 🙂 (i.e. clearly there’s some grey areas of “needed” info, and only FF (and the first finder) can tell which is important and which is unnecessary )
            On the other hand, I have three great pet theories/ideas, one of which does fit the ‘move with confidence’ quasi clue -And it’s precise within 300′ /it involves zero “then try finding the blaze, or go from there, when you get there”.
            It’s also damn clever and addresses a number of quasiclues while solving the poem too. (It’s not the right season to try it though, and whether it’s 1 million or a bizzillion $$, I’ve been a treasure hunter too long to risk my life. )
            As I’ve said before, the start at the beginning part is what I think gives the biggest clue – and it’s neither line 1 nor the wwwh line IF I happen to have the answer. Though I’m not so cocky as to claim “I’ve got it!” Until I can drive up to Dal’s place and give him a piece. 😉

          • I wasn’t expecting that. Interesting. That has been my problem is jumping the gun and going out quick, but I just can’t help it…when I have a search idea…I jump. Good luck with that flight. I’m about to get on one to go back home and to think 3 years ago I said I’d never get on a plane. I’ll say something that helped me deal with my first flights. I figured if the flight attendants weren’t freaking out…then I didn’t have to worry when I heard a strange sound. If they are freaking out…you have logical concern lol. I’ve yet to see them freak out.

          • @Stephanie –
            Here’s from the “Scrapbook Thirty Five”

            Forrest answers a few questions that popped up in recent blog chatter-

            Are there clues in the book?
            Yes, because the poem is in the book.

            Will the poem lead you to the treasure?
            Yes if you know where to start.

            Are there nine clues in the poem?

            Are there subtle hints in the book?
            Yes, if you can recognize them.

            @Jim –
            Here’s the last part of his last answer:
            “The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

            He makes it very clear that the clues will lead you to the treasure, no to the square mile where the treasure is located. No need to do any extra work. After you see the blaze, just look down and there it is, waiting for you to take it.
            Again, if you think you need to do some extra work in searching, you’re in the wrong place.

          • Trust me things are never that easy with Fenn. There will be some searching. It will take you to the chest but your gonna have to be able to see it. Not as easy as you think it is. I never said it will take you within a square mile. See you still don’t listen. I said “if” he told you the square mile that its in you could be looking forever. Things are hard to see. The poem will lead u to the chest but not that easy my friend.

          • Ok, no need to tell me I’m not listening, when I read what you wrote. If you really were able to unravel the poem, and know where to start, then I do have to agree with you that the hardest part is finding the chest.
            I learned about this treasure hunt about a week ago, when my son told me about it and sent me the poem. After reading it and doing some research, it took me a couple of days to find the starting point, and all the rest of the clues fell into place right away. Although at first the poem seems intimidating, using logic and common sense, it’s really very simple to decipher, at least compared to Beale ciphers. No need to use a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence.
            However, Mr. Fenn must have thought about this for some time, and probably tried different routes before chosing the present one, and then coming up with the right words for the poem. He did an excellent job, and I respect him for that.
            Then, I followed the route by using Google Earth, and counted several dozens of different blazes on both sides of the “trail”, and some of them you won’t even be able to see from the ground. Which one is the right one? It may take a few days to find out.
            Due to reasons beyond my control, I won’t be able to go and check it out for myself, but my son is. If you really have the right location, and you get there before he does, then the chest is yours. Good luck!

          • Forrest said that you also need imagination and a little research. Theres a reason for that. Thats what I mean. Secondly, your only one of the hundreds I’ve heard say I just read this poem for the first time and know the answer. Lol. Weve all said that. And when your first attempt was a failure and you dig a little deeper you’ll only then know what I’m talking about. It took a long time for me to figure this out and I’m not worried one bit that your son is on his way. Two weeks into this I am sure your son is heading to a place where the chest is not. This is way more complicated than you know. I know it seems easy and weve all thought that. You wait. Youll good luck though.

          • Old treasure hunt online forum etiquette rules: try not to judge / practice the golden rule; and: all are to happy to read overconfident ‘I know all the real answers’ posts from only one person: the one who’s got the treasure in hand – and has ‘pics to prove it’ , otherwise no one’s opinion is more right/valid/sufferable than any other

            Just my two bits.

          • Thanks Smitty. There’s really no point in writing about having the right answer, until you get your hands on the loot. I’m just gonna reply to Jim and then sign off. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

          • Ok, so you’re sure that my son is headed to the place where the chest is not, and are also sure you’re going to the place where the chest really is, and are going to find it because you are a psychic and an Angel told you so. Right? Cool!
            I really regret that I wrote that post. It was a big mistake. I’m not even sure if or when, my son is going. He’s doing very well, and this is just an adventure for him. He may wait until next Spring to go, or maybe not, that’s up to him. But I’m pretty sure the loot will still be there, whenever he decides to go. Can’t wait to read your story of your trip, though. Have a wonderful and blessed day, and good luck!

          • No I say this because there is onlyone answer to the poem. When you have the correct answer to it no matter how hard you try you cannot prove it wrong. Nothing else can be mistaken from it. Once its seen it is clear as day. You cannot compare the answer to anything else that’s out there or come up with an alternative place for it because it does not exsist. Its a one answer thing. Thats how I know. I’m not trying to put you or your son down. I just know from experience. I know the exact starting location. From there it could be a challenge. If I see the other clues ill find it. If I miss them I won’t. You cannot solve all the clues from home. But if you know where to start and pick up the other clues on site you will be lead to the chest. Its easy to over look some things. Good luck.

          • name_2-
            Please remember that there are some people on this blog who pretend they know a great deal more than they do. The blog attracts posers and spouters and other near-do-wells so put your filter on when you start taking in information from others. Some people on this blog have been here in the past using different names. Some people who claim to know everything about the poem or the location of the treasure…don’t. But they enjoy having people fall for their line. So be careful what you believe and who you trust.

    • Ida I do see flaws in your answer. Remember you only need the poem to solve it. If u used other things you do not have the correct answer.

      • Jim,

        I solved it myself back in September….in the Hampton Inn parking lot while I was discussing my days travels with my wife. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to leave very earlier the next morning to catch a flight and could not return to my spot. I have settled on a Spring return.

        When Forrest advised at his book signing two days ago, that some were very close, I believe I was one he was talking about. I called and told him where I was and my solution to the poem.

        Good luck with your search. If you do find it please let all of us know. I would hate to travel from North Carolina searching for a ghost treasure.

        Be safe and may the Forrest be with you. (:

        • I know the feeling. Its funny cuz I emailed him the day before that with a vague way to interpet the poem. Ill bet everything I have he was talking about me. I am so confident I’m flying there next week and I do not like to fly!

        • I will tell everyone once found.Its an ethicalthing for me. I dodon’t think its right to not tell and have peoplekeep spending their moneyfor something that Is not there. Anyway I signing off until I get back with that chest. Good luck all and wish me luck!

  78. Ah, mapsmith…you cleverly pop ln and out like aunt clara.
    I would think you like the key idea…
    What or where would it fit.

    As my oranges didn’t ryhme with bananas…I’ve started over….smiles
    The sounds of 101 Cheers!
    Mark H.
    S Ill.

  79. Other than lots of discussion about the “within 500 feet” issue, which I never fretted over, this is one of the better threads out there. It wanders well, and the topic “the poem” allows it to. I prefer endless threads to chopping up by topic. But that’s just me.

    Idahoel and Mapsmith touched on the issue of how the clues in the poem work. Forrest has told us how important the beginning is, or you will be lost.

    I don’t believe the clues work like Mapquest directions. The clues are somewhat like a support group. They function more like how ideas and themes interact in prose, which is also Forrest’s more comfortable medium. But there are aspects about poetry that Forrest uses to veil the clues. And there are qualities in a map that can be a hindrance.


  80. f…I’m guessing the ball of string story was a clue. I have my ball of string(twine)…on a cool winder upper. Flourescent pink.
    As I will go alone in there and with my ball of string…Idk…how much string. should I use dif colors for distance. Idk lots of fun.
    I’m Applying for Treasure Hunter’s University…smiles.
    Mark H.

  81. Dal,

    What if Forrest is using this definition of North, found on Wikipedia; The word north is related to the Old High German nord, both descending from the Proto-Indo-European unit ner-, meaning “down” (or “under”).

    What if he didn’t mean the Rocky Mountain Range, since all mountains are rocky?

    What if ‘Just’ is an adjective and only someone with that mindset will be able to figure it out?

    What if the highlighted part of the map in his new book really means the part that is the lightest?

  82. So then, after I throw a temper tantrum on the kitchen floor, laying there kicking and screaming…
    Then…we start all over again…
    But in my most sincere voice…I say:
    “I don’t think so…”

    • Hahaha just giving people some more to think about. I read his explaination of his last book and next book that you posted and it made me rethink a couple things. I do think that one of my ideas is correct, but since I haven’t gained the coveted 42 pounds yet, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  83. Dal,
    I honestly believe I have unlocked the poem. This is not a joke and is very serious. What I have found I obviously cannot say here and I cannot give away the clues to what it is. But in all honesty I can fully understand why things are the way they are and why people think the way they do. I understand completely why those other searchers were within 500′ but missed the other clues. The whole thing makes perfect sense when you see the solution. There is still much work to be done and know the rest will be just as challenging but I know can at least move with full confidence I want to say and tell everyone so bad but I cannot yet.

    • Jim-
      Excellent! Sounds very exciting. I hope you’re right.
      It will be fun to see how the poem unpuzzles so be sure to keep us informed.
      Will you wait til spring to check it out?
      Or can you start looking now?

      • Thanks I certianly will be notifiying everyone. When I leave depends on the next few weeks. Ill keep you posted.

    • Jim;
      Great! can you at least give us a hint if Team Montana or Team Wyoming are on the right track?

      • I’m not really sure since I haven’t been following the blog that much. So I’m not sure where everyone stands. But I sure will spill it all once my hands are on that chest!

      • I’m not sure yet. There are a few things that need to be done. Weather is also a major contributing factor. But I am so confident and absolutely positive I have unlocked this location, I might have to chance it all and head out regardless of the weather.

        • Jim: agree with JR: I was wondering which of the 4 states your solution is in. Mine straddles Montana and Wyoming, so I’m ‘team MT’ and ‘team WY’. Others swear its Colorado, and many are in the NewMexico camp. (ID and UT no longer in the running). Giving up your state doesn’t spill any beans, considering we’re looking for a ten inch wide box. 😉

          • Yes JIM, if the ending needs work, I would say its NOT solved, IMO. also giving the state is not spilling the beans, I like MT and am working on a solve the begins with the warm waters of the firehole going to hebgen lake

  84. Good luck Jim and be safe if you do decide to make the trip. I went out earlier this week and froze my butt off. I didn’t prepare for that 3000′ elevation difference (lol). I still had a good time.

  85. What I think it is mike is put in as a canoe put in take out forrest loves fishing and what better way then to be in a raft floating down stream. Put in below the home of brown my guess is a place near a river where u get put in.

    • The one word Forrest uses to throw the most people off is the word “warm.” It doesn’t have anything to do with temperature. It has to do with color. You have to remember he is an art dealer. Also, If you are thinking about canoes then you haven’t really read the poem yet.

      • I’m not saying the poem says canoe but for example one river gets put in another river is wat it can mean.something like that

        • A confluence…where two water flows come together.

          During different times of the year runoff does move alot of soil making the water different shades of earth tones.

          Both sound possible to me.

      • You have a hard time believing put in is related to canoes but airport u believe. Your in the Rockies where’s the airport on toas mountain

        • Why does everyone assume that the treasure is someplace named in the book? I doubt he wrote the name of the spot in a story.That would be too much like putting an x on the map.

          • And not so subtle. Sounds like new book he says only has the one unintional clue and map from how he talked about it at signing. Ive thought the same.

  86. I’ve been away from this blog for awhile and upon my return I’m surprised most are still hung up “the blaze”

    I’ll solve that part for everybody. “Marvel gaze” makes sense, you know that part isn’t forced. Mr Fenn needed something to rhythm with gaze and his choice was glaze.

    glaze= Forrest’s secret spot

    “If you’ve been wise and found my hiding spot” Look down and you know you’re there.

    • Do not forget that “there’ll be no paddle up your creek”.Have a safe flight and good luck.Can’t wait to read the epilog!

        • Mapsmith,

          Isn’t homonym something they eat down South?

          No wait…it is hominy.

          Speaking of that I’m feeling a little hungry. I think I’ll get a bite and then return to the blog.

          Maybe I can find a place to eat in Sante Fe or Taos?

        • Some people call a creek a crick. Maybe he means the crick in your neck and back from hovering over the book. Maybe he is referring to the Creek Indians. Maybe he means an actual creek with or without water or maybe none of the above. I hope to find out in my lifetime.

        • f sez it doesnt matter what word you use if ppl know what you mean creek can be a river but its not a sqeeeie floorboard

  87. Join a Teleconference on Tuesday Evening to Discuss the Nine Clues…

    On Tuesday, October 29, at 7pm MDT I’m hosting an open teleconference for anyone interested in expressing their opinions on exactly what the nine clues in Forrest Fenn’s poem are.

    There is no need to give up any of your search solutions.

    I’ll moderate the teleconference so any one who wants a chance to speak can have their say.

    If you can, please call in on a land lane, and remember to mute your phone until you have something to say. This is a screen sharing service, so you’re welcome to join the screen sharing segment as well.

    To join the conference, point your browser to Use the “Join Meeting” window to enter your name, email address, and meeting ID. The meeting ID is 588-124-892.

    Once you’ve joined the screen conference, you can join the teleconference using the following procedure:

    Dial: (559)546-1200
    and enter the
    Meeting ID: 588-124-892
    followed by the # key.

    Skype works very nicely for the teleconference.


    Toby Younis

  88. Ok my flight leaves saturday! I’m so nervous so say a prayer for me! I do not like to fly but this confidence is forcing me on the plane! With what we have found we hope to have the chest in ours hands by the end of Sunday! OmG!! This is so crazy!!!

    • True confidence is buying a one way ticket lol. Have fun Jim…let yourself enjoy the flight. Can’t wait to hear where you’re going/went, whatever your story may be.

      • Thank you Stephanie! I will have to try my best to enjoy it…lol and ill will let you all know what happens!!

          • Nice pic Steph…you look like one of the Adams Family…
            Now no one will know what I’m talking about when you change your pic back..
            But no one ever knows what I’m chattering about anyway..

          • Great…now I have that song stuck in my head at 3am….How will I get back to sleep? LOL now it’s in everyone’s head after I mentioned it……

        • Got your parka? big storm this week !!!
          If you happen to be in Yellowstone this weekend, maybe we’ll run into one another !! (…Or be racing to the same spot(!), in which case, good luck and may the wind be at my back and in your face 😉

          • Hows the weather, heard its kinda cold tonite, Wish I was there…. looking to the north and west of you.

        • Smitty and Musstag are relentless..trying to get Jim to spill the beans…you guys should be embarrassed…and you should try something more subtle..
          Hey Jim…if you don’t tell us where your place is at were going to have TSA divert your flight to Branson, MO and send you to the Dolly Parton Theatre….

    • Good luck Jim but I bet u your going to wrong state lol everyone has found it the past 2 years and still is in its same spot solving all 9 clues is one thing finding the chest is another

      • I’ve been searching for about two years. I’ve come up with many many areas and ideas. I’ve heard and read hundreds of others. I never saw what I see now. I cannot prove this wrong no matter how hard Ive tried and believe me ive tried. This is the answer to the poem. There is no question about it. I know that you can’t say you’ve got it until the chest is in hand but this time I can. I will email Dal with pics as soon as I have it. I’ve even recieved an odd reply email from Forrest when I had explained to him the answer. This is different from any other thought I have ever seen heard or came up with. When Forrest says you’ll move with confidense he means it. Idk, I can’t give any details but I will soon. I promise. You don’t have to believe me. I’d be the same way so I understand.

  89. Jim – if you arrive early, you are encouraged to join Forrest + searchers at the Moby Dickens bookstore in Taos. 4pm-6pm Saturday afternoon. It’s ok if you don’t have the treasure by then 😉

  90. I’m real confident in my spot too Jim moving confident thru all 9 clues and the blaze that I found is litarally a blaze but let me tell u ounce u find the blaze its not just look quickly down and it’s there nope. Ounce you find the real blaze your chase is just getting started. And I’m not hesitant to say my area my search is in NM.

      • wow got it bad,,, I guess from your post about Flying lasr nite it caused me to Dream I was flying from Mobile Al. Don;t worry the flight was great, so smooth, could not even tell we lifted off, then we headed west. So you flight should be just fine.

  91. Wait a minute….didn’t I read somewhere that at the latest book signing Forrest said nobody has (since) solved more than the first two clues. And, unless Jim emailed Forrest afterwards he maybe still be in the same boat as the rest of us.

    Just a thought…not sure if Forrest said that at the last signing or not.

    • No he said “several”. I looked up that word and it means more than two, but not many. I’m guessing he always know the exact words he might use when doing one of these question/answer type events that will drive us a bit bonkers.

        • I don’t think it would tell us anything since Forrest said “several”. I wish Jim could say something though to calm others down. I think(I know) that people can get worried when someone shows their extreme confidence like that.

          • I’ve emailed him the day before the signing and after the signing. With very interesting replies. Since then I’ve emailed him with a complete discription and he will no longer email me back. Its funny cuz we’ve emailed back andvforth aproximately 10 times. I don’t think he’s emailing me back cuz he doesn’t know what to say. He won’t say I’m wrong but can’t say I’m right. He knows we are on it and he knows if he says anything hell give it away.

        • Several means 3 or more.
          He may have slipped, or he may have been changing it to ‘several’ because of MY email to him, for all we know. 😉

    • My first email was before the book signing explaining in vague of how to unlock the poem. The second email wad after the book signing with details. Of the begining of the starting point. Later I emailed him with a full interpretation which still have not recieved a reply. Ill begin my search sunday morning. If found it will be reported by monday or tuesday.

      • the poem needs a “full” interpretation? I guess that’s were I have gone wrong I figured it to be more or less straight forward

        • All I’m going to say is there are nine clues needed. But not what most think they are. The last stanza is very very important.

  92. Either way, here is a brief tidbit. I’ve read a number of people why Forrest capitalizes Brown in HOB. From his previous literature Forrest is very formal in his capitalization.

    Here is what he DOES capitalize:
    Names / Nicknames
    Locations (Lakes, Rivers, Cities, Parks)
    Company Names
    Indian Tribes

    Here is what he does NOT capitalize:
    Animals (trout, buffalo)
    And whenever he is describing something’s color (brown trout, rainbow trout)

  93. Do you think if someone read the clues to forrest you think he would come out and say someone read all clues right to me they just need to find it I’m not sure I’m pretty sure tho that some people have mentioned more then just 2 but forrest wouldn’t mention it. He did say that some have been pretty dang close if he said that I’m sure that someone has gotten more then just 2 right

    • I think the people who have figured out the first two(whatever they are) are VERY different than the searchers who have been close. Just my opinion, but it seems to me that the ones close just might have happened to be in the area. Heck, for all we know it was people he knows when he went out to dinner with them lol….or what about people like Gadi Swartz who I know would go rafting down the Rio Grande for example.

      I do wonder why he’s doing this book signing in Taos. My understanding was that he’s only working with Collected Works….things that make you go hmmmm…….

      • I would think he has a number of books to sell and maybe they arent going fast enough at collected works?

        When he made the comment the first time I thought he may have seen a video that had footage of where he hid it. Lots of people have made videos of their trips.

        I dont question that stuff, Im still trying to figure out the “cold”! lol

      • His books are available at Moby Dickens in Taos. You can get TTOTC and TFTW there…
        His earlier books have been available there for at least the past year…
        and you can also get them on Amazon…at bumped up prices..

  94. Now your cooking with gas Stephanie lol the people that are close or 500ft away aren’t even searching they are passing by or fishing doing something somewhere where forrest knows that its around 500 ft from there

    • There are probably hundreds, or maybe thousands, of hidden treasures in the continental U.S., and every day thousands of peeps may unknowingly walk past them just a few feet away, but those who hid them won’t know it either. So how could FF know about those who were close to the chest’s location, if they were just doing something other than actually looking for it? Whoever they were, they had to be searching for it, and after the search, emailed or called him describing where they have been, in order for him to know.

      • This is not correct. There is another way.

        However, I did call Forrest, told him of my last search location and my solution to the poem.

        I don’t want to say more. It may give away a clue.

        • What is not correct, and what’s the other way, a CCTV Cam on location? As to give away a clue, not to worry, probably dozens of peeps have already been at your location, before and after you were there, and are thinking the same thing you’re thinking.
          As to the so called “poem”, after I thought I had the clues, I found several things that bothered me and now I consider them red flags.
          One of them is when did FF write it? On page 131 of his TTOTC, he wrote: “…at age almost-eighty, I figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.”
          Then in one of his several comments at his new book signing event on 10-22-13:
          “It took me 15 years to write the poem. I’ve changed it so many times and I’ve said before that I didn’t write that poem…it was written by an architect…each word is deliberate.”
          Well, 15 years from the approximate date he wrote the book (2010), puts it in 1995.
          That’s quite a discrepancy, which is not acceptable to me.
          Then he also said at the same event “When I write, I can say anything I want to, because I don’t have any rules” and also “In each of my books, I’ve made up words.”
          Although he also said “When I wrote the poem, I wasn’t playing any games. It’s straightforward”, at this point I’m not sure what to think. There are too many discrepancies, that don’t make me feel good. I pointed that and a few other things to my son, which is the one interested in this, and he had to agree with me. I think FF must’ve been right when he wrote “my rainbow”, and thousands of peeps are following it. Amazing!

          • name-2-
            So what did you want?…a legal document…?
            It’s a game…not a constitution..
            There will be plenty more oddities in what Forrest says over the next 20 years too…

            None of it matters …what matters are the nine clues in the poem..

            He originally wrote the poem in ’88 when he believed he had terminal cancer. He was 58 at the time. When the cancer did not kill him he put the poem and the treasure idea away for many years and continued with his life. From time to time he took the poem out and worked on it…improved it…changed it some to reflect that he was not going to tromp off into this hidey place with his chest and die next to it.

            Who knows when he completed the poem…but at age 79 or 80 he had his poem, the book (TTOTC) and his treasure ready. So he took the treasure away and hid it, published the book and in the fall of 2010 released the book and poem to the public.

            I see nothing incongruous about what he has said or written about how long its taken him to accomplish all this.

            But I can see you are frustrated. As are many people who search and who think this whole thing should be as easy as the NYT Sunday crossword puzzle. I figured out after my first search when I was as giddy and certain as Jim that I knew where it was…but it was not…that this was going to take a great deal of time to solve. I could either quit or take a different attitude…

            I decided to take a different attitude..I enjoy the search..the looking, the hiking..the visiting new places and old places…The search is what has become important…not the finding…

            I think this is the right attitude because only one person will ever find it and all of us can look for it..

            You’ve got to have guts to stay on the search. Stephanie has guts. She hasn’t given up…and I doubt she ever will. Neither will I. It’s a fun game and a wonderful source of adventure and brings me joy.

            I wish the same for you…

          • Dal,

            I agree with you but this is not my first search. Yes I haven’t gone out there yet and physically searched but many ideas and attempts to understand the poem have been thought out. There is only one answer to it. I’ve never thought it was beneficial to go out until you knew where to go. You cannot be confident of your answer or place until you know what and where the starting place is. The poem is vague on purpose to make everyone do just what they have been doing. But within that poem is the starting place and only one place fits it.

          • @Dal –
            Of course you don’t see anything incongruous in a book written without rules, full of oddities and made up words, because after at least 33 trips chasing a rainbow that is not there, coming back empty handed, and still thinking in spending more money and time in another 33, or 333, more trips, what else are you going to say, other than it’s a game, and you have the guts to keep playing? I dunno, but in my neighborhood they don’t call that “to have guts.”
            Yet, you say that “you can see” that I’m frustrated. Frustrated about what? That I haven’t spent a nickel in not even one useless trip? That I haven’t had to dodge snakes and other critters somewhere in the boondocks? That I haven’t been a few feet from elks and bears? Boy! Am I glad I don’t live in your neighborhood!
            However, if all of the above brings you joy, then I don’t have a problem with it. But please, don’t wish it for me.
            In the meantime, I wish you a continuous joyful and happy searching!

          • name-2-
            My…aren’t you the grouch!
            Okay..I take back wishing you joy…
            and it’s not 33’s 47…

          • I called 411, got his number and he picked up. I was astonished.

            He was very courteous but did not give the first hint of anything. He just wished me good luck on my next search.

  95. Ok for example lets say you hid the chest and for example you hid it pretty close to a place where people go to have a good time lets say a lake people don’t have to tell u where they are cause there’s always gonna be people fishing the lake. So u would know it was a fact that people were around your chest and didnt kno it. Member forrest still claims no one would find it for hundreds of years and if searchers were 500 ft away don’t you think he would be worried or would know its gonna get found a lot sooner

    • And yet….
      he’s also said a child OR an out of work Texan with a pickup truck could crack the poem.
      Tricky to be both. Tricky to be somewhere people go by and yet unnoticed. Perhaps your lake idea is right, JR, and it’s at 500′ DEPTH. 🙂 …hope Jim brought a wetsuit.

    • I agree J.R. I think folks are worried too much about whose been next to it. I spent some time looking around the ghost town of Brownsville near Clear Creek. I’ll bet 20 fishers a week go back where I was scratching around. It’s a beautiful place but clearly, if it were near there, several people would have been within 500 feet of it.

      I don’t even worry about that oft’ recited quote. Forrest knew it would be a distraction when he said it. And he also knows everyone is concerned about the folks that got the first clues right. He understands the human spirit just fine.

      Don’t fall for his distractions…Instead, focus on the poem…particularly on WWWH…That is what will help us find it…not being a worry wart about whose been close..
      I am not a naysayer and I wish Jim all the luck…but I am confident that it will not be found til at least next summer…

      • Hey Dal,I was just wondering what makes you so confident that “it” will not be found until at least next summer?Also,IMO,Jim is going to need all of the luck he can possibly bring on the plane w/him.They may even want to charge for extra baggage .I do wish him the best for sure and hope he finds more than just the Chest.There is value to be gained above and beyond the ultimate prize!

  96. What if for example it’s near one of the ICE lakes at the Air Force Academy off I25 in Colorado and he knows some from NM have gone north…he knows I’ve gone that way to the airport and others I’m sure have. Yet it’s an unusual enough location that not many would get the wwwh. Just a thought….

  97. That’s a strong possibility Didnt he mention the people that were close would go insane if they only knew it was them

  98. Ok so if it is close to public why can’t people see it. You think that says it has to be buried or wat you guys think or under water

    • What if it is close to the public but they would not get out of their auto. Maybe it is near a road and people pass by everyday and never think to stop and look.

      This would ensure many people have been pretty close but not know it. If they were not searching they would have no reason to stop.

      There are many plausible scenarios to why people would be close and not know it.

        • Tarheel-
          What about it?
          It’s a story in his book..there are more than a dozen stories in the book…
          He did not say that the waterfall was a hint..or a clue…
          I think what’s more important about that story is what it reveals about Forrest and his character. But if you insist there is a clue in that story than I think the clue is how much he appreciates a beautiful place…that he was willing to go into an enemy ridden, dangerous place. That he was willing to break a heck of a lot of rules and regulations to get away from the war for just a few minutes to look at something natural that wasn’t destroyed by greed and war. What he found was something else entirely…

          I think those are the clues in that story…not the waterfall..

          • Dal,

            You may be right. It may be just a story and contain no clues.

            But what if…

            One will never know until the chest is found, but if a waterfall is involved you owe me a beer. If not then I’ll owe you one.

            Good luck on your next trip. I’ll be out there next Spring.

      • All of it makes perfect sense once u unlock the poem. I’m telling u. If I come back without this chest I will be the fool. Ill accept it and never think about it again. Its there. I know it is because of what I found. Yes someone is right and once the blaze is found it will only begin.

        • Jim,
          I wish you luck. If you come back without the chest, you will not be a fool. If that were the case, you would have a lot of company, because we have all been there.Either way, you will come back richer. When you say you will never think about it again, you need to give yourself a break. On my first trip, my husband said, with a smile, “You might as well go and get it out of your system.” Little did we know. I had it all figured out right down to how I would get it home. Thats another story. I wish you well. Enjoy!

          • Thank u maggie but its true. I’ve put two years into this. Every day thinking testing theories and studying it. This is the area. I am confident. I want to tell what it is and if I did you would all say holy crap! I’m not the only one that knows the answer I have shown close family and friends and they see it too. Once its known it all makes perfect sense. I’ve tried to prove it wrong over and over. I can’t do it. Id be an idiot if I can’t find it knowing what I know. But anything is possible. I may not see the chest and I could be ten feet away from it. That can happen. Well well see. I leave tomorrow. I’m more worried about the flight than not finding the chest. So say some prayers that I have a safe trip. I hate planes 🙁 doesn’t help that I have severe anxiety and panic disorder. I won’t be able to enjoy the trip at all. Just want to go get the chest and leave to go back to my comfort zone.

        • Jim,
          You won’t be the fool, just a humbler searcher. The odds of you never thinking about it again are nil.
          Good luck out there and stay safe to search another day.
          If you do find it, where’s the party?

  99. Exactly dal no one will find it soon even if Jim as the correct location it’s still not gonna be that easy if you found the blaze the treasure hunt has just started

  100. Jim,
    I meant it when I said I wish you well. I’m just asking that take a deep breath so you can calm down. Money comes and goes, but we only have one mind. If you are really that scared, have a trusted friend or family member go for you. Or drive. You are asking for prayers and using Holy and crap in the same sentence. I would be interested in hearing your plans for after you get it. How do you think it will affect your life. I’ve thought about those things and would like to hear others thoughts.

    • Money wouldn’t change me. I’m an odd ball. Im very different than most people. My beliefs an who i am have never changed and been through a lot. I know what matters most in life and that is life, love and doing everything you can for others and not always thinking of yourself. I am a Christian and that never changes. First thing I’d do with the money is give God the 10% he asks for and since its all his its only fair. The second thing would be to buy my house so my kids will always have a place to call home. Third I’d invest it wisely and make more money from that money and when that happens then I will give back to the community in some way. I’m not a greedy man. Like forrest says and its true. Its best to have enough money and to be comfortable than to have a lot of money. If I found the chest I’d drive strait to forrestshouse. Give him his bracelet thank him and ask for advice on what I should do next with all this gold? Maybe he knows someone who would buy it. Maybe he who knows. Maybe ill put it in a safety deposit box until I figure it all out. Idk. What would you do?

      • 1) You’ll never get a chance to invest it if you do one, two and three. You will be very surprised how fast money goes when you gain the mind set of not having to worry about money

        2) Its gold and already a investment. They predict the price to rise 500% in the next ten years. You don’t want to look back at what could have been.

        Take my story. I spent my 60,000 worth of investment to pay through college. If I would of kept that money in and paid through student loans instead, today I would have 2.1 million dollars in Apple stock.

        • Well the value of the chest is not what one can get. There are many ways to make that chest worth ten times the amount.

          • The value should be around 3 m I would say but everyday it gets a little more valuable everyone is after that chest and forrest is getting more popular I won’t be surprised if someone or museum offers triple what its worth

      • Jim if you want to email me about your anxiety, please do. I dealt with the same thing and, because of this….I did it. tyblossom at aol dot com.

      • Jim; works for me, I just saw the weather report, and it’s going to be 5 freakin degrees Sunday night!!! I too am eyeing Springtime

  101. Jim, Just enjoy the hunt, don’t get your hopes up too much. Hope you find it, but Forrest himself say’s he makes stuff up when he answer questions. Lots of Red Herrings out there. and funny business too…..God Bless You

    • True. For all we know every clue Forrest said is false and only the poem can solve it. canyon down May very we’ll be the Grand Canyon.

  102. You mean after I came to and put ice on the lump on my head. I’m not sure 🙂 Have a good trip.

    • Maggie, Where about do you live? I’d probably loose my job if I lived in search territory….

      • SoCal,
        Lets just say I could easily drive to Stephanies. Hi, Steph 🙂 I was just trying to calm him down. He is wound tighter than a spinning top and they have security on those planes.

        • Oh are you the person that’s up north from me? If I knew…I’m sorry…my brain has been on overload the past few years lol. I get confused with email address and blog names…..

          So the Taos event is almost under way. I believe it’s just going to be Forrest and he’s going to read some of his book and then do questions/answers….

          • No we have never met, but I read your comments and you have mentioned where you are from. No need to appologize for the overload, I’m the same way. Wish I could go see Forrest, I have not met him in person 🙁

          • If you get a chance, email me at tyblossom at aol dot com and let’s chat. I’m curious where we both are. Well, I know where I am lol….

        • maybe when I get back. I’m going to see one of my treasures and my phone doesn’t have internet. It’s ok though, I can use the break.

  103. I’m not sure but did one of the authors that was with forrest at the signing did he say something about the treasure being in NM and forrest didn’t correct him does any one know about that.

    • That has happened before. He often does not correct interviewers. On a radio show in Chicago he once got so involved in the hype that he himself said it was “buried”. Later in the same interview he didn’t know he had said that and claimed he never said it was “buried”.

      I think we should give less weight to those interviews where he contradicts himself…stick with the written and stated facts as opposed to the extemporaneous answers…anyway..that’s been my theory.

  104. Good point dal. I know I’m gonna sound like Jim lol but I too know that I’ve solved all the clues I’m pretty dang sure everything matches perfect including all the extra clues forrest has given including the 2 horseshoes at end of each book all the history matches. I’ve searched this area a few times I found the perfect Blaze but I looked quickly down all around and the area matches so perfect if u know the extra hints ,but came up empty. There’s actually a small dam close and everything else forrest mentions in the book. But further down from the Blaze lets say 500ft is a beautiful area that attracts a few people a day could quickly down mean to go further down like 500ft down the blaze. That’s why I say ounce you have found the Blaze your hunt has just begun, much harder if it is buried. But now I know why forrest says to take a sandwich and that a kid might just find it.

    • JR,IMO,the person that solves all of the clues will be able to go right to the prize.I do not think there will be any doubts from there.Again, this is just my opinion.Solving the clues remains the challenge.A set of directions w/ a beginning and the ending.

      • In the past, I have come up with 2 great solves, Jim and JR, both made perfect sense to me, but having 2 answers was troublesome, but I looked at both anyhow. Just because it makes sense and so on, doesnt mean its there. and things talked about in the book, well, HE HAS to talk about something, every thing can not be a clue. ff has put things in the book that are wrong, and as red herrings, he even said something about no one telling him he was wrong about his story of what ‘As the bells tolls’ was about. I feel it takes the felling you both have of your spot PLUS, no further solve needed once you get there, and then you may still be wrong sever times……

    • J.R.

      Based on your description of your search area, we have searched the same area.
      I too came up empty. Even though everything seemed to fit like a glove.
      Maybe it is time for me to reconsider another area.
      Good luck in your continued efforts.

  105. Yeah it will take you right to the prize but its not gonna be that easy why would forrest say I’m thinking 100 years or more if it were that easy with all these searchers someone should have it got it by now

    • I gotta say again,
      There’s every logical possibility that the poem leads the winner to a general area, down a path, and then finally to a precise spot. Thousands of people can walk by and not know its there. The Proof?
      Several years of poem-based treasure hunting experience here: the Emerald City Search alone had 3,000-10,000+ searchers (in a much more compact and populated search zone than the Rockies!!) all reading the same clues and yet every time (all six years it has run so far) 1) one person found exactly the right spot 2) they did it before the final clues were even released , so they hadn’t gotten any ‘giveaway’ clues. 3) everyone else exclaimed afterwards “oh damn, NOW I get it! ” & saw how the poems could ONLY mean, or lead you down a path to, that 1 spot. And this was a smaller target (4″ medallion worth $5000) in a tighter area (93 sq mi) of a 650,000 -person city. And not one winner stumbled upon it: they read & reread, researched, and moved with confidence.
      Anyway, I consider those facts very heartening & have no skepticism about Mr Fenn saying its both possible and hard work.

      • I agree with you Map…No mysticism or anagrams or numerology involved..
        Just start with WWWH…some have figured it out…Maybe I have and I just don’t know it…lol…

        • Yeah!
          though, why not start with the first stanza? Biggest clue to get you in the right mindset is there at the beginning, not the ‘begin’, IMO, and …
          There is a code, but not an anagram per se, that’s uncanny in how nicely it gets you in the same spot.
          I’ve only seen 2 other people online post that they’ve seen it/read it the same way I did. 🙂 Perhaps these are the “fabled first 2 clues”

          Ha, you know what’s really fun? Imagining the hyperbole that will grow over the decades if this remains unfound… ” I heard forest said once in an email …” will undoubtedly be considered as important as we think “north of Sante Fe” is now. Ha!!
          Poem: it’s all in the poetry.

          • Ever think regardless of if its found people will probably always look thinking it wasnt or when they find one of his books in 1000 years?

          • So far, his poem has spawned 3 or 4 new books about the treasure or where it’s at…I expect that if this goes on there will be a whole industry around the treasure hunt..
            Towns in the mountains will claim they are the starting point and there will be Fenn Treasure Visitors Centers with movies and exhibits and libraries and selling frito pies and Dr. Peppers…

          • Hilarious !!! Don’t forget the amusement park: Splash-behind-the-waterfall Mt waterslide; 5 gazzillion shootin gallery, norte de Santa Fe wind roller coaster, … 🙂

          • Map-
            I don’t find any direction in the first stanza. I see it as an introduction. It sets up the rationale for the map…but is not part of it..
            Of course I was wrong about something once before…but I can’t remember what it was… 🙂

          • Scant clue: In my prime (of 3 ; haha) solution, the first stanza gives a clue about a very specific geological feature, but only by using a genre that has nothing to do with geology, ‘taking the treasure alone’, nor orienteering, and yet everything to do with Mr Fenn AND his hunt.
            I’m thoroughly prepared to be stone dead wrong on this , though. But it’s elegant while simple, and full of entendre of the double and triple kind, …and my read on Mr Fenn is that that would be just his style.

          • Mapsmith, you seem confident that there is a code, and you know what it is, as did the really other smart ppl that found the 1st 2 and went right pass the others.
            SO IS There another code for clues after the first two?
            either way, since knowledge of the 1st two clues still do NOT find the chest, why not share this useless CODE yu’ve found so that some of us that do not think a code is used can examine what you refer to as a code, and then many can see if we agree that there is a code that still does not get anyone to the TC. Or maybe one of us will come up with the next code segment.

          • Musstag; haven’t proven its useless quite yet. :). So, no thx.

            Ah; But how bout this: a fighting chance…?
            . I’ll take my cue from FF and offer you vague doubleentendre clues: it’ll be like what video game devs call a ‘minigame’. 😉
            A. Forrest possesses a surplus of these. Simple and original is better.
            B. In a poem with figuratively both parts of an interrobang, a logical writer or storyteller would tell you if you are trying to start at the beginning it would be neither alone in there nor at the begin it where that would be warm.
            C. And yet : a young writer would also tell you the beginning’s elsewhere.
            D. Paraphrasing FF: ‘the book is only clue filled because the poem’s in the book ‘- I believe that: so no page number /bible type codes. Across? acoustics? What would be the word that would best be a hybrid of these two?

            Have Fun

          • here is an example of what might be called a code or a key to unlock the poem… but is it correc?.
            Certain words in the poem are hinted about in the book on the page number that the words appear in the poem… IE: Brown is what number in the poem, count it out and then go to that page in the book for the answer to Brown. There are a few others.

      • Seattle’s Emerald City Search, very popular there. BTW, the Medallion was found by two individuals in August 2010, after the 8th clue was published. Fun!
        But that could be done in a small area, like a city, but it’s not as easy to locate an object in a swath of territory of over 450K square miles, with lots of similar geographical features. Unless, of course, you have that magical word all down pad.
        I’d hafta agree with you, though, that the so-called poem (in reality a cypher), talks about a general area first, then narrows it down through a specific path, then to the right spot. However, the reverse could also be true, i.e., the spot first, then how to get to it from a general area.

        • There’s also, right now, a $10,000 cash treasure hunt going on in Seattle for about 2 more weeks: find AED devices around the city – find the most / over 500, get $10,000. I’ve got a whole squad helping. 🙂

  106. Ah the Fab Four…
    Yep … I AGREE with dal. The intro sets up the map.
    Have you all missed me?
    I had another project to finish…lessons in humility!

    Im working on my poetry…and my dog is being retaught to hunt…so we have all winter to chat…

  107. Map your vernacular isn’t redneck…
    You wanna get stoned?
    If I do will I understand you?
    Divide by a prime of three…a genre of huh?
    Not geology….person place or thing? huh?
    Im srry…no wonder my dog wont hunt…
    I need to learn everything by spring….
    Be my mentor map.,,,smiles.
    Mark H.

  108. has anyone heard from jim just wonder if he woke up from all them xanex he took on the plane 🙂

  109. Sorry Stephanie I was a victim of circumstance. I feel aweful. It hurt not to swap hugs. Next Time!

    As for my spots….I wasn’t seeing clearly…I’m trying to refocus.

    Also…because Im not as smart as others…I’ll try to listen more and talk less.
    Mark H.

    • So far I’m empty handed. I know I’m in the right spot just can’t locate the blaze. One more day tomorrow. If I don’t find the blaze Iwill spill my whole theory and location. But I’ll be finished if I can’t find it.

      • hey thaNKs for the update….since yor giving up if you cant find the Blaze…… let us help quickly…. do you know what to look for or do you need ideaS … TELL US WHERE YOU ARE and what ever… really if you going to give up if NO blaze there is no harm in telling or asking us for for HELP tonite….

        • One Blaze my wife came up with was or could be seen from the place we felt was “wise” but you had to know what it was and which way to look, in a way that we felf fit the word “found” It was a waterfall 2 1/2 miles away, you could see it barely with the naked eye IF YOU KNEW it was there and JUST where to look…. so the wise was the key spot to that solve…. just food for thought.

          • On another spot, the blaze was a trail head, but I found myself on flat ground all round, so to ‘LOOK Quickly Down” I had to go to the nearest high spot a knoll or hill and climb it……and Look down and around…

        • I have one more thing to try tomorrow. If this is not it then I will retire my fenn search. I knoe its in this place. I just can’t find the blaze. I found some real good ones but no chest. If this doesn’t work tomorrow. Ill tell u all how to read the poem. Maybr you’ll have better luck locating the blaze.

  110. I guess i would do the same thing if i walked up to the spot that i was sure was where it was at and it wasn’t. Plus a blaze can be many things. Maybe a way to break your “writters block” on the blaze. Heck……tonite or tomorrow give a time where we can all chime in and help. Like the last few hours of your search???

  111. Here is a interesting solution to the problem which some may not like here on this board, but it’s something that came to me over the weekend.

    Forrest says to start at the beginning, to me that could mean the title of the poem. From what I see the poem is titled Where the Treasure Lies. What stood out for me is “Treasure Lies”

    The book itself is called Thrill of the Chase, not thrill of finding the gold.

    What if the whole point all along was to just get people off the couch and nothing more.

    • It could also be both. Off the couch trick / thrilling chase AND a real treasure.

      I have no doubt FF is familiar with Luke12:34

      For where your treasure is,
      there your heart will be also.

    • Very doubtful. That will be like saying he hid the chest in a church somewhere in the U.S., so peeps will go more often to church.
      Also comparing Luke 12:34 to this, it’s not correct, cuz verse 33 clearly points to “treasures in Heaven” instead of material wealth.
      As to “Treasure Lies” it could also be interpreted as the noun “lie” instead of the verb “lay” meaning that earthly treasures are really a lie, cuz they don’t last, like the treasures in Heaven do.
      It was FF who wrote the cipher, and only he knows what meaning he ascribed to each word. He’s also said that “he is looking at ten thousand years down the road”, an indication that it’s not gonna be easy to crack.

  112. I am wondering if a glass pane in Missouri is cracking due to Jim and his search? I think those mountains he is in are sure getting an earful about Forrest and warm warters and heavy loads!

    • It’s sad. The poor guy had to drug himself up, so he could fly over to gawd knows where, cuz he was so confident he had the whole thing nailed down to the T. Although he hasn’t posted yet, and he may have found something, the odds are that he’s probably going back home empty handed, on top of having to go through the same flying ordeal again. That cracked window pane could very well be in NC instead.

      • name-2,

        Fair enough.

        Been there…done that.

        But there is next Spring and I have no regrets to my search endings so far.

        A man cannot complain of seeing some of the grandest land on the whole planet even though his pockets are not filled with gold.

        I love the East but it does not hold a candle to the wide open West.

        Thanks for thinking of me.

        • No prob, Tarheel. I’ve been out West, but not too far North, still it’s great country out there and I enjoyed it. I’m glad you did too. And yeah, there’s always next Spring. Be well.

      • Well ill admit it. I was wrong. No chest for me. 🙁 but it was a fun trip. Now back home and time to put the fenn treasure hunt to rest forever. Take care all

        • Take care Jim and thank you for sharing your story with me. *hugs and love* You have so much more now, than you had before. *congrats*

        • Jim, Submit your story to Dal for the “Other’s adventures” thread. I’m sure everyone would like to hear about your flight experience and all.

        • Jim,

          A valiant effort none the less. It takes guts to travel far to an unfamiliar place, walk alone in the woods all for a chance at the chase.

          CONGRATS on your attempt.

        • So, JIM, when you have time, be sure to tell us how to read the poem as you mentioned. Also you know maybe you are now the third to have the 1st 2 clues right…. and walked past the checst….

  113. I so love hearing about everyone’s adventures. One thought keeps me awake at night, and that is the longevity of any one of the nine clues. Meaning, has anyone thought about what these nine clues would have to be to withstand say 100 years? It would seem to me that Forrest would have to choose these nine clues very carefully considering the impact mother nature could have on the environment. Forrest fires, mudslides, overgrowth, and erosion just to name a few. If we are to believe that Forrest truly believes that the treasure could be found 100 years from now, it is only logical to proceed with that knowledge and ask ourselves what the possible topography could be like, what a blaze could be, would there still be a home of Brown, can the chest still be found in the original location, etc. Might make searching a little easier by ruling out the “would be” from the “might not be” in 100 years…if I’m making any sense.

  114. Excellent thinking Charles veen, may give us another lite in which to consider our answers to the clues, maybe ff has that covered. Public (state or fed) land is most likely not to change, but I know of some cases where it too gets changed, Here in the Gulf coast area Of Alabama they bult a zip line across the rd from the beach and next to come is a large Hotel on state white sand beaches Of course we get hurricanes that change things a lot.. ff has stated he tried to consider chages like land slide and more…..

  115. I couldn’t agree more Charles. That’s why I am struggling so with my solve. I cant seem to make the blaze make sense in that regard. And I also can’t wrap my mind around the comment that Forrest has made over and over again about this being a very special place for him. I have never heard him mention anything in the area of my solution. Good sign or bad…..who knows.

    • Tracey-
      There is no way that we can know about why a place is special to Forrest that he hasn’t spoken of. He also said it was private. Would you hide a treasure in a place that you told the world about? There are countless places that he has been to both alone and with loved ones, and the poem tells about just one of them.

      SYand 42lbsHeavier,

      • That’s very true Halogetter. Maybe that’s a good reason to keep it on the table. Actually….it’s the only one on the table! I recently told Forrest my solution because I am so sure everything fits. I just have NO idea what the heck the blaze is! For all I know, I looked at it, walked past it and didn’t even know it was the “blaze”. His response to me….”Good luck in the chase Tracey”. Yep….I’m going to need it, I’m afraid.

  116. Before I thought forrest had mentioned some have got the first 2 clues right and went right past the other clues. On Saturdays book signing forrest mentioned some have gotten the first 2 clues right and walked right past the chest. So does that mean all 9 clues are in walking distance.

  117. Yes, he said Chest in his last two book signings. But before that he did say clues. That kind of took me off guard too.

  118. “some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.
    Those were his exact words. I don’t think all 9 clues can all be walking distance especially with take it in the canyon down NOT FAR BUT TOO FAR TO WALK

  119. Each one of my clues took me to very different places. And not very close to each other. I’m hoping that he meant that they didn’t get the 3rd clue right and headed in a wrong direction with the poem.

  120. Well what’s the first 2 clues. The way forrest read the poem sounded like. BWWWH and TIITCD are both in one

    • Yes, I have tried and tried to get some of the ‘know for sure wheres’ to gives theres up to see what others think. ff said something way back about letting your kids try to solve the porm, so one of my wwwh was Old faithful, I told that to ff when I met him and he laughed and said bet they wouldn;t let you go look there for it. THE BEST is that over 300 hotspring or warm hot geysers flow into the Firehole river and ff sez God outdid himself when he made the Firehole, but the rest of that I will not tell yet, there are several solves from that mention of the Firehole.

      • I think many people are overthinking the “let your kids solve the poem” statement. I believe Forrest said that to get the kids involved more than just dragging them out to the middle of nowhere.

        Get them involved. Let them know why they are going out to get bug bitten and even so searching in a location they think it is….for fun.

    • Yes, ff did read those 2 lines rather quickly together at the mobydick meet, In such a way that I noticed that right away.

  121. You know, the next section after hoB does NOT tell you to go any further, its just telling us that from ‘there’ about the meek, the end, paddles, loads, its NOT saying we go there, it may just be describing the hoB area more…. of course this still makes it fit at least a hundred places…. and still leaves us with THAT blaze, which now could be right next to hoB. Oh yes, and the chest may be under 2 inches of dirt.

    • Hey musstag, thanks for breaking the ice. After Jim’s treasure hunting adventure went south, this place started looking like deadsville.
      Your post is interesting, but it doesn’t connect well with “put in” below the hoB. There’s an implication that after “putting in” whatever it is “bthoB”, the “from there” gives the sense of movement, meaning that whatever you put in, had to move or change position, even if it’s a short distance, to experience “the end ever drawing nigh”, but at the same time you may not have to move too far, so there’s no need to paddle up “your” creek, cuz you can see the “heavy loads” and the “water high” from your position. After that it says that “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”, may imply that within the short distance you traveled, you should’ve obtained enough information of what that “blaze” is, in order to recognize it. Now, whatever that blaze is, it’s gotta be right above the spot where the chest is, which not necessarily has to be under 2 inches of dirt.
      Like you said, the above scenario fits hundreds, if not thousands of places, all in very different locations. We have to remember that the highlighted area in the map, is over 300K square miles of territory, and to “begin where the warm waters halt” is not, IMHO, where one would start.
      In addition, the last paragraph of the cipher bothers the crap out of me, cuz it implies you must be in a certain location which has nothing to do with the so-called locations previously mentioned. That puts additional pressure on the search, cuz from beginning to end, every piece of the puzzle in that cipher has to fit perfectly, otherwise the searcher will go home empty handed, which is what happened to Jim and the other thousands of peeps that have tried it before.
      One more thing, it would be great if those peeps who have been in so many places and found nothing, to share their full experience with the rest of the peeps that may be thinking about searching in the same areas, in order to save them money, time, and aggravation from going to the same dead end places. That’s my $0.02.

      • Name-2-
        You should be the guiding light and list your failed places first…

        Seriously, Most people have not given up on a spot just because the treasure hasn’t materialized for them yet.

        • Dal-
          I’d happily do that, if I had done any physical searches like those peeps have, but that’s not the case. The only searches I’ve done, have been in my iPad using Google Earth sitting in my living room. I mentioned in my last message to you, that I haven’t spent a nickel going anywhere searching for that chest, and that is the absolute truth. And to be honest, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in searching for that chest myself. It’s my son who is interested in this and I just want to help him in solving the cipher, which is one of my hobbies. At this point, we’re just studying the cipher very carefully, before he ventures in a physical search next Spring.
          In a way I can understand why some peeps don’t wanna give out any info about the places they have been. They are still holding onto some thin thread of hope that maybe they’ll find the chest in their next visit to the same location, cuz they think they missed something “important” in their last visit. It’s a catch 22, and if they don’t face reality, they’ll continue to suffer more disappointments, unnecessarily. I just made that observation, cuz to me it makes tons of sense.
          Be well, my friend.

      • hey name-2. I agree with your $0.02. So I will tell searchers about my very first trip to Bechler Meadows spot. I just want to give searchers an idea on where its not, in my opinion. In hopes that they will save some time, effort and cash. At the same time I want to also let the searchers out there know that I think they should still take a trip to this part of the country because its that cool to trek and see for yourself and your family.
        Ok here’s how I found that spot. I won’t put all my clues that put me at this spot only to save space here and to try and keep your attention. West Yellowstone area because he spent so much time there as a kid. 50 mile radius from Red Canyon trip that he and Donny took trying to follow Lewis and Clark. 50 mile radius put me close to Cascade Corner in Yellowstone NP. Waterfalls everywhere. I found that Brown trout(Home of Brown)was introduced in to Yellowstone just above Bechler Ranger station. This Bechler ranger station area in Cascade Corner is rich with geothermal landscape(warm waters). I found that there was a fire in the Robinson Creek, that goes with his Major General Robinson assignment in the military, picture of f on pg 74. Well, I then found a website that had all the waterfalls in Cascade Corner. Thats where I found Wahhi Falls. Wahhi Falls means Two Step in Indian. I put Two Step to go with Double Omegas. And out the door I went to find Wahhi Falls once I seen that possible combo. So I make it up there to the Bechler ranger station and try to get to Wahhi Falls. I quickly realize that its just not a trail that a 79-80 year old person can do while holding or packing a 20 lbs chest x 2 trips. I did a couple of much shorter hikes in that Bechler Meadows and it wasn’t easy. So I say this only to save you fellow searchers some time and stuff to try and find the real spot. When you do decide to visit Bechler Meadows in the future take plenty of bug spray or wipes too.

        • That’s awesome, treasurehun4dummie! You’re very smart to realize that trail wasn’t the one a 79-80 y.o. man could’ve chosen to hide a 42 (not 20) lbs. chest. Even FF has said not to go anyplace a man his age couldn’t go. You probably saved a lot of aggravation, disappointments, and money, to a lot of peeps that were planing to search in that same area. Kudos to you, my friend!
          If those who have had similar experiences, would share with all present and future searchers, will help weed out those searching areas which are definite dead ends, then the general search area will, little by little, narrow down to only those which show more promise, and eventually it will make the chest easier to find. Cool!

  122. I had a good solve thought I had it for sure. But searched a few times and nothing. I still had strong feelings about that place. I didnt bother to check or search or research any other area cause this place had it for sure. So still stuck with this Place. UNTIL TODAY it took me 1 hour to crack the poem in my new spot and YES it’s the right spot 100% 😉

    • JR-
      So surprised you would stoop to the level of Jim…
      You do NOT know where the treasure is located…
      You only THINK you know…
      Why would you say something like “It’s the right spot 100%”?
      Makes you sound like one of those guys no one wants to listen too…

      When someone new comes to the blog and see’s your comment they think it’s been found…and it has not…

    • 1 hour? Wow, that was fast! It took me months to crack this thing! Not that I’m saying I have the right spot.. I don’t know if it is. If I did though, and I had worked with someone on this, I sure would cut them in on their fair share. Or at least a small amount, know what I’m saying? It’s only

  123. Hey Dal,
    I’ve conversed with you before. This has been so much fun! I have seen a number of cool places because of my searching, some by accident that I’ve stumbled upon. I’m trying to take each of my boys, one at a time so they can enjoy the thrill of the chase. My wife laughs each time I tell her I know exactly where it is. Shhh, I know where it is again but let me know where others think it is and I’ll be glad to check on it for them when I’m out and about. BTW, if Forrest needs someone to portray one of the treasure hunters in his movie, I’ll be glad to make myself available. In the meantime, happy hunting with emphasis on the hunting – let me do the finding. haha

  124. Yes, name-2, the ‘end’ statement does indicate movement….. of something. And ‘found’ does indicate previous action.
    but others have got some clues right and missed the others, so the thought process we use has to be different. Jim and J.R. and I and you, we may all get the first 2 clues right only to miss the others , thats what history sez, because its happened to others.

    • I think ff’s words about the others missing the next clues was something like ‘they went right past the other seven’.

    • Hey musstag, thanks for your replies.
      I do have a problem with the fact that “others” who found the first two “clues” went past the other seven. That just doesn’t set well with me.
      At the book signing event on 10-22-13, FF said that whoever is “able to decipher the first few clues in the poem, they can find the treasure chest.” That makes it clear all clues are in sequential order, and each one automatically leads you to the next and thus, directly to the chest.
      So how is it possible someone can “figure” the first two clues and miss the rest?
      It’s not possible. What really happened was that those peeps were in the location of the first two clues, but didn’t know it. In other words, there were there as part of their general search but without the deliberate knowledge that the first two clues were there.
      That was confirmed by FF himself, on the 11-02-13 event in Taos when he said: “There are several people that have deciphered the first two clues. I don’t think they knew it, because they walked right on past the treasure chest.”
      He then added: “And I’m not gonna tell those people who they are because one of them particularly would faint, I know. She’d tear the countryside up trying to figure out where they’d been…”
      Although he said that they had “deciphered” the first two clues, they really didn’t. They were in that location accidentally. Which matches what FF has repeatedly said, that nobody is gonna stumble on that chest by chance, it’s got to be purposely found. It also concurs with what we discussed last night. Most clues are not too far apart, but a short distance from each other.
      That’s the reason why they walked by the chest without knowing it was there. And that’s the reason he ain’t telling her cuz she will go bunkers tearing apart every area she’s been at, looking for it, which is practically impossible to do.
      I also find it funny that he used the gender “she” instead of the neutral “individual”. That smells to me as one of FF’s tricks to further confound the audience.
      So, after thinking about all of the above, at this point I can say with confidence that so far, NOBODY has purposely and knowingly deciphered ANY of the clues in the cipher, because if they had, that chest would’ve been found long ago. That’s a fact, and you can take it to the bank.
      One more thing. In my previous post to you, I said that the last paragraph of the poem bothers me. Why? Because it’s got no reason to be there, unless it’s part of the clue system. That’s why FF has said that the “poem was written by an architect…each word is deliberate.”
      Have a wonderful and blessed day!

      • I thought I was the only one that caught that part…that he doesn’t even think they realized it. I never understood how they could figure out the first two and go by the rest, but now that seems possible.

        • Stephanie-
          Those peeps who were in the area of the first and second clues, didn’t know it, cuz they didn’t figured out anything. They were there by accident, that’s why they passed by the chest and didn’t know it either. It’s that simple.

          • I never thought that maybe they didn’t realize they mentioned the first two clues to him. They could have just said them while in conversation about the chase some how. I should see what his exact words were…but it was something like, I don’t think they even realized them or something. I just always wondered how they couldn’t have found it then.

          • Stephanie-
            Those who live within driving distance from the Santa Fe / Taos area, and some who may live far from there, but are in one way or another, friends with FF, would want to go to any event which FF is attending. They want to scrutinize every word he says, and hope that at some point, he will “slip” and say something important that will give them an edge in the search. But although he’s 83, he’s still sharp as a tack, and knows very well why peeps are there and why they want to approach him, and tell him where they’ve been, hoping he will give them some “private” clue or hint.
            That ain’t gonna happen! The guy is very tight lipped, and he’s said “I haven’t given a clue that I think was going to help anybody…” So he’s sticking to that premise, which is the correct one.
            The reason why those peeps couldn’t find the chest at the time they were there, is because they weren’t there on purpose and by knowledge, just by chance. Otherwise they would’ve found it.
            One more thing to think about. FF is 83, and because of his age, is evident that in a not too distant future he’s not gonna be around anymore. So what then? There won’t be any more book signings, no more TV interviews, no more clues. Everyone is on their own, and the only thing that’s left to hang on to, is the Poem.
            So, IMO, is better to concentrate now in how to decrypt the poem, and forget about what FF is, or isn’t, saying. In the long run, that approach will yield better results.

          • Dal-
            It’s obvious what your opinion of me is, but in doing so, you have made Stephanie look like a dirty, good for nothing hypocrite, that’s worth less than a dog’s spit.

            I don’t think she’ll appreciate that.

            Good luck in your 48th search!

          • I believe name -2 is wrong.

            I believe Forrest slipped up at his last conference when he said ‘she’

          • Perhaps name 2 is a little envious that Forrest inadvertently “named” Stephanie as one of the close chasers. Giving her a huge advantage over the rest of us. Stephanie if you don’t find it by next fall I’ll be very disappointed. Happy Hunting

      • name-2-
        You said-
        “So how is it possible someone can “figure” the first two clues and miss the rest?
        It’s not possible.”

        I agree that the clues are followed sequentially but nothing stops anyone from taking a wrong turn…misreading the next clue at any point and heading off in the wrong direction after following one…or nine correctly..

        • Agreed. On another hunt, I’d been in the right neighborhood a full three days before other searchers, and literally stepped on the medallion I was hunting 2 hours before it was found. Anything is possible. !!

          • Mapsmith-
            The reason why you almost stepped on the medallion and didn’t find it, and two others found it 2 hours later, is because you didn’t know exactly where the medallion was, and the ones who found it, did. If you would’ve known for sure, you’d have found it instead, since you we’re there earlier. Knowledge is power. Like they say…

        • Dal-
          Those who would that, don’t know they are in the area of the first and second clues, that’s why they pass by the chest and didn’t know it.
          If they would’ve known, there’s no way they would take a wrong turn and miss the rest of the clues, cuz each clue leads to the next, and finally to the chest.

          • name-2-
            I know you are completely wrong about at least one of them. I have no reason to believe you are right about the other. And in my opinion when you state things you THINK as if they are FACT you do everyone a disservice. What’s wrong with saying that things you cannot prove are simply your ideas..your best guess…you think…you believe..
            Unproven theories are never fact til proven..

        • Forrest also says you can solve the poem if you know where to start. Maybe he isnt talking a place, maybe he means where the clues start in the poem?

          Most people tend to throw out the first stanza, and the last one.Just a thought as to why that could happen.

  125. It’s Friday Baby! It’s been well over a month since I’ve had a day off..”It’s Miller TIme – time for the High Life!” Have a great weekend everyone and keep your search alive….p.s. tomorrow I will celebrate my 40th! It’s hard to believe but it’s true!

  126. Those 2 clue folks went right on by, because that third clue must be a doozie.. one to think differently about.

  127. Thanks Mark! Have had more than my share of emptied beer cans to be honest and I don’t usually even drink! What I’ve found I need is some sort of pain relief medicine for my head. LOL A good friend of mine offered up some ibprofin so I took it. That 5:15 Happy Hour was everything I hoped it would be…. On with the Chase folks!

  128. Jesus everyone is still hung up on what the blaze is?
    Fine ill relevant another clue.

    This is Forrest’s secret spot. It is special to him. He has been there many times, maybe even stayed the night there. The blaze is the campfire he built.

    Possiblely made out of rocks. In the past he has probably left items there to see if, upon his return, they are still there. After years of no disturbance he concluded that no one has yet to ever visit his spot. And yes, it would be very close to Santa Fe to return time and time again, but possibly far enough to fly to if he felt like flying.

    • Speaking of flying: was Forrest ever a recreational chopper pilot? I know he said he no longer flies planes, but he didn’t (specifically) say no more choppers. I also know he said; after hiding the chest he laughed all the way back to his vehicle, but perhaps the vehicle was never a car. The odds of a ‘truly private’ place reachable (only) by chopper is much higher than by car. Any schmo can drive: wouldn’t much fulfill his goal of getting people to unplug and experience nature if it’s near a road like so many people think.
      Food for thought.

      Ps : seems Jim is taking some r&r before fulfilling his word on giving us all a report — or did he file it elsewhere? So impressed that he one-up’d all the selfrighteous armchair- indiana-joneses and actually chased the dream into the outdoors!.

      • Mapsmith-
        FF didn’t say “vehicle” and it’s definitely NOT a chopper.
        At the book signing event in Taos on 11-02-13, FF said that he “wanted to be visual enough, so that when a person found the treasure chest, and opened it for the first time they would lean back and start laughing.” Then he added: “When I hid it and was walking back to my CAR (caps mine), I started laughing out loud…”
        In addition, he said that he doesn’t want the exact date he hid the chest to be known, “because I am afraid somebody will go check the rental records and how many miles did Mr. Fenn put on the truck or the car…”
        So there you have it. He did drive to the spot in a car, or truck. Never flew there in a chopper to hide the chest.
        As to Jim, he was so sure that he had the right spot all figured out and was gonna get his hands on 1-3 mil worth of gold, that with some help from Xanax, he flew to gawd knows where to get the chest and take it back home. When reality struck, he promised to release a report of his ordeal to everyone in here, but obviously, he changed his mind and shared it with Stephanie instead, and most likely will never post it for all in here to see. In reality, it doesn’t matter, cuz it’s obvious that he was in the wrong place anyway, so it won’t be of any help to anyone, except to know not to go there.

  129. In the flywater section of ttotc he tells you of special and private places, its just that they can no longer be private as others also enjoy them but they can be private in your memories and thoughts, and inthe other book and/or a booking signing I think he sez he is cemented to these spots when talking of West Yellowstone area. Also to say the treasure is north of Santa fe in the Mountains is alot different than IF he said ‘the treasure in north of Santa Fe in the Mountains of New Mexico’

    • musstag-
      FF may be cemented to those spots in West Yellowstone, but when doing a reality check, a 79-80 y.o. man that just went through a very dreadful disease, which even when licked, it leaves a permanent mark by weakening the body, makes it extremely doubtful that he had the energy to drive almost 15 hours, a distance of more than 920 miles, to hide the chest in West Yellowstone.
      Not to mention that anything could happen in such a long stretch, like a blowout, a hose leak, and a miriad of other occurrences, that would put him in unnecessary danger, particularly when he was carrying 1-3 mil $ on board. That’s enough to make the coolest person, nervous.
      And if anyone here is thinking that he could’ve flown there, think again.
      It may or may not be in the mountains of New Mexico, but based on the real facts, is highly unlikely that is in Yellowstone.

      • Quibbling in fun – please take/give in that spirit:
        Thanks for car quote : I’d heard / he ‘d said vehicle once before.
        There’s nothing in the poem to suggest its “highly unlikely” to be in Yellowstone — and the map in TFTW puts WY awfully center of all those square miles. It’s no more or less likely to be /anywhere/ until one of us finds the chest and can evaluate via hindsight.
        I feel that Distance from Santa Fe is obviously a nonstarter: charter planes, trains, greyhound buses would all be great ways to safely transport a 42 lb box across several states to a rental car place.

        • Forrest was..and still is.. on the board of the BB museum in Cody. He makes treks to Cody for the annual board meetings. He certainly traveled to Cody in 2009 and 2010. He also went to West Yellowstone in 2009. Sometimes Peggy was with him. Sometimes not. So assumptions that he would not travel for days away from home without Peggy are in error. He has had paintings and other valuables probably worth more than the chest in his car many times. My point is that he has a record of traveling alone, long distances, by himself, over many days through 2010. A person can make assumptions about Forrest’s inability or non-desire to travel to Yellowstone by himself when he was 79 or 80 but they would be incorrect. He had opportunity and motive.

        • I am not advocating that the treasure is in or around Yellowstone. I look in all four states. I don’t rule out any places based on distance from Santa Fe. I am only saying that many of the arguments put forward by folks who insist it cannot be there are speculation and personal opinion. I would hate to see someone new to the search rule out an area in Montana, or elsewhere just because someone on this blog stated that it cannot be there. Opinion is good as long as folks reading the comment understand it’s opinion and not fact.

          By the way…the above is my opinion 🙂

          • Ok the “chest” is located somewhere in the highlighted area of the map in TFTW. But the clues in the poem may not be. Maybe WWWH is south of SF or north of Montana or in Utah or Idaho, it could be below sea level!
            I think the poem needs to be solved before going into the mapped area and retrieving the treasure. MHO

          • Dennis-
            I agree. It is possible that the clues start outside of the area on the map…
            Also possible that they start and end on the map..
            Also possible they are all within 25 feet of one another..
            Can’t rule much out at this point…
            Scroll to the top of the page and click on the tab that reads Cheat Sheet…
            Goofy started that list. I have added a few things to it.
            But it represents what is known…
            or at least what Forrest has told us…
            Hopefully that is the same…
            I have no reason to doubt that what Forrest has intentionally told us is truth..

    • This has been mentioned before and is worth consideration by searchers…
      1988 was the year Forrest was planning his own demise with his chest of treasures..
      1988 was the year of the worst fires in Yellowstone..
      The fires got out of hand in July..
      What influence..if any..would those fires consuming Yellowstone have had on Forrest and his location?

  130. Yes, I have considered the distance and how he could pull off a trip like that from NM to MT, but there are several ways. His sister lived in Bozeman, so he must have in=laws in that town. Anyhow….Back to it being a special place. This Place was special in 1988, even before that, it was a special place before he quit operating the gallery. How many places do you know that would remain unchanged since at least 1988 and would remain unchanged for 100 years from now?
    Also, for someone to do what he did, to plan this out, such an expensive plan and so unusual, if you wanted the place to be THAT special place , are you going to scimp and place it somewhere else??

  131. Hey folks…
    I agree dal…let people wonder all over God’s creation…not just four states…Dick’s Sporting Goods sells Rockies…Dick’s are everywhere.

    Too…The Lone Ranger…dep…sf… was that Bozeman?

  132. I believe that he wanted to hid it in west Wy or Mt but the story in the book about Tea with Olga, may be saying he HAD to hide it somewhere else.

          • Have a great idea! Maybe we need to talk Forrest into inviting a bunch of us girls to his place next summer to go dancing or stumbling by his wagon in his yard to a roaring fire with some good music. All the guys have to hang out under the wagon though…they don’t get to dance.

          • Lol Peggy Probley run us. Off with a broom I would like to camp and build a fire at the ruins 🙂 Treasure hunters Bon fire. Girls. Only 🙂

          • Love the idea of the ruins. I’d fly to Santa Fe for something as fun as that. I only have one issue…if all us girls camp at the ruins….don’t we need a guy to protect us from mountain lions and bears? Forrest would need to stay and after reading his mountain man story….I think he needs to rent us some plush campers(wagons) to dance by. Now we just need more girls and we need Forrest to like our idea as much as we do *smile* Maybe we can get Suzanne Somers to dance with us….

          • That would be fun but. Me and my sister don’t need a man to protect us were hillbilly s we can kill a grizz Will all will dance around with our homemade spears 🙂

          • Ok, you girls will protect me then…right? LOL. Is Forrest still invited or are we just going to tell him he needs to let us hang out at his ruins and supply us with camping luxury for a weekend?I wonder if the ruins have wifi.

          • Im sure Forrest would be snuggled right up with us. Lol friendly ole coot loves to hug 🙂 I gonna try and join your blog

          • You’re too much fun gypsy. I don’t know if Forrest could handle that. I bet there would be a lot of girls wanting in on the fun of a weekend like that.

            Cool about joining I don’t know if Forrest goes there…but if we can get a bunch of girls interested…it would be fun to see his reaction to the idea.

          • Would be fun 🙂 He has invited us out there to camp but we had to get back home Going on another hunt in 2 weeks

          • Oh your so lucky. I wish I could go there in two weeks. It would be so fun to meet you….although I think it would be too cold to camp this time of year. The fire would be nice though 😉

  133. Any word on Michelle yet? She scared me with her “3 river crossing” and “2 blazes’ spot. Well…not scared – maybe a little “THAT BETTER NOT BE MY SPOT YOUR LOOKING AT”! Just kidding!

    • just got through posting on nine clues, will tell you about second blaze if you’re interested

      • well – well – well…if it isn’t Michelle “The claim jumper”! Sorry to hear you did not find it! Just kidding…I’m on a roll this morning! Anyways Your other post was pretty complex on your interpritation of the clues. But what made you think it was in NM?? The reason I have asked is that I personaly have never entertained NM. Your story was to the point also. Why no fluff piece. Like you skipping with the squirrles, or whispering from the willows stuff? I hope this was a good warm up michelle cause i know (or can tell) you got the the Forrest Bug! congratz on getting out and IMO coming back and telling your story. This is the begining for you!

        • I’m completely obsessed. just can’t continue the search on my own. Sorry about the post, I don’t know what happened, guess the computer went a little hay wired. try reading it again…it just had some repeats.

          • I’m a texas girl myself, born and bred all over texas, lol, mostly east and west, red river is in my blood, so to speak.

  134. To all,

    After reading the poem for umpteen gazillion times I’ve come to a conclusion about “there will be no paddle up your creek”

    “Up the creek without a paddle” is “in a difficult or perplexing situation”.
    So I’m saying, Forrest is indicating there will be no use for a paddle……meaning you can exclude a boat, canoe or kayak trip.

    You will be in a difficult situation but will have no use for a paddle….except to fend off a bear or mountain lion. Anything is possible.

    Just sayin’. For what it is worth.

  135. I’ve often wondered if it means, no turning back, once you’ve reached a certain point. When I was younger, some of us found an opening we wanted to check out. We jumped down into what turned out to be a very long, cold, tunnel like cave. After we talked about how cool it was, we discovered there was no way for us to go back the way we came. No rope, no ladder, unprepared for what we got ourselves into. We ended up following the tunnel for a long ways and there were tunnels within the tunnel. It was a little scary to say the least. We finally saw a small light up ahead and followed it. It was an opening, a couple of miles from where we started and the opening was quite a ways from the ground. We were able to help each other out and everyone was safe, and it taught us all a good lesson. Forrest has told people that if they are going into the mountains to be prepared and use good sense. (Not his exact words, but close.)

  136. There is some real good clues in the book but you will not recognize them if your in the wrong spot. Ounce you have found the right spot you will know what I’m talking about. But let me tell you ounce u have figured out the area and Blaze its not a walk in the park it only gets harder. It’s not as easy as look quickly down Look quickly down your quest to cease but tarry scant with marvel gaze all have a meaning too don’t look past those. Now I know why it’s a SPECIAL place to forrest. I do not have chest in my possession but I can really feel it when I’m in that Special place.

    • J.R you know Dal and others do NOT like these type of post, like you know something we don’t know, arrogrance. If you are going to post such crap, you should be man enuff to spill the beans, to a certain point, because the rest of us dodos would never figure out what you;ve gave away..

      • Who cares what people “like”?! I mean seriously…freedom of speech, right. As long as JR is respectful to others on here, they can post whatever they like about their own journey in the chase.

        • I get having freedom of speech, but I get what musstag is saying and believe as he does. It’s in bad taste to talk like you know, when in fact it’s impossible for him to know. So it’s false information he is giving. Dal and others including me want to try and keep “ideas and thoughts” noted compared to things we can back up that Forrest has actually said. It would be sad if someone said something as fact and someone new came along and spent tons of money going to Idaho, because someone started saying they knew it was there. That’s my opinion at least which might not be worth much.

          • I understand what you are saying Stephanie. However, don’t you think people are smart enough to research the facts prior to hopping on a plane somewhere? If they aren’t bright enough to know that, they deserve the price they pay for their ignorance. Right? We can’t control other peoples actions by moderating what someone else believes to be their “solution”. Just my opinion.

          • I see what your saying…but, I don’t see the harm in trying to keep people happy without being upset about arrogance, and also try to find a way that new searchers don’t get confused if possible. I mean I suppose it does benefit me if people get confused and if they get upset with each other and storm off the chase…but I just have so much fun getting to know people and this being a happy community that it seems to trump all that for me.

  137. Musstag its the truth I’m not trying to get my 15 min or whatever. I’m gonna do a few more search and if nothing ill let everyone know the location and u will see everyone running to that spot race to the chest. But there’s is plenty of clues in the books. 1 major clue in TFTW there’s no need to get mad if you can’t figure it out. And call me ignorance it takes brain work and studying. I can tell everyone where to search but I need a cut too lol

  138. I never said I found the chest I said I know the area there’s a big difference. In the past I have asked Stephanie and dal if the wanted to join my hunt and they declined which is fine. But don’t get hurt if you’ve been out 40 times a year trying to locate it and haven’t. Someone can actually find it in their first search that’s not gonna make me angry

    • I never said you said you found it. Here’s an example of what you said…” Now I know why it’s a SPECIAL place to forrest.” No you don’t. No one knows that, but Forrest. I wish I knew. There are other things you said, but that’s just an example of something you can’t possibly know. Other things you said had to do with logistics that can’t possibly be known. I could careless if someone says exactly what you said and you said “I think” so it doesn’t confuse people. Again, all this is my opinion. I’m not upset with you at all and I’m not hurt at all.

      The only reason I decline when people make the offer to me to partner or tell me their solutions is because I want to figure it out myself, and my husband is my partner even if he wishes he wasn’t lol. Also, if someone tells me their idea and it’s already been my idea….I don’t want anything weird after the fact like someone claiming they gave it to me. So I won’t accept any partners and I don’t want to hear other peoples ideas as much as my curiosity does.

      I don’t know why the fact that I’ve search so many times seems to make me out to be arrogant to some. Shouldn’t you guys just think I’m a pretty lame searcher and pity me a little? LOL…..I’m not arrogant about being out that much or knowing about the treasure that long.

      • You are just fine Stephanie
        {I THINK} that some of these guys out there just LOVE to go around and correct people, and forrest did not tell us his special place because he wanted to keep it secret, and he was able to do this because the person who he went to this special place is now dead. So it is a secret. Meaning he did not reveal it in the book, only hinted about it. {I think} he discovered this area later on. Not as a child….maybe……Along the path from YS to Home.

  139. I’m not saying your arrogant steph and neither am I. Reason why I said it was special to forrest cause its special to me and everyone else would think the same 😉

  140. There’s another blog who apparently think that of me. So I was speaking in part to that. It does bother me as I’ve tried to clear things up, but they just ended up taking what I said and turning it around into something bad. *sob sob*…I just don’t get it. I do have strong opinions and emotions…and I hope people “get” who I am…that I try to come from a good place. Ok, therapy session over 😉

    I’m just saying that my opinion is stating things as if they can be facts, can rub people the wrong way as we’re all trying to be “the one” and it also can throw off the people who are new to gathering up info on what’s true and not. I think it’s easy to throw in a couple words like “I think” or “its’ my opinion” to solve those two issues. Hope there’s no bad feelings that we disagree on that.

    • Steph is spot-on about bad taste: griefing/trolling are the terms for this unproven-assuredness/unfounded-certainty in other online forums, full of BS, or all hat no cowboy, is what some of us might call variations of it in person. (Miles Gloriosus and Braggadocio are other stock versions we all universally look down upon). Now, I’m a card-carrying member of the ACLU: there’s indeed a freedom of speech and press, but there’s also the responsibility of thoughtful use that comes with it. (And for those who ignore that responsibility, we have things like libel and slander and false-advertising lawsuits ).
      *I believe* it’s important to the usefulness of and trust in this Community we are part of (/contributing content to) that each of us frame our “I know” and “this must be” and “there’s no way it’s anything but…” statements in a very clear “it’s my personal belief” /IMHO / ” I wanna go on record that I think…” / “Hope I’m proven right” -kind of method. Any new & growing community requires this kind of clarity, else we start excluding newbies by virtue of invisible boundaries / unwritten rules / unspoken marginalizing jargon: Personally, I like new blood and fresh eyes on a problem.

  141. No bad feelings. Lets start that over I think it’s the area not sure. Another reason I know its special to forrest cause he mentions it in the book. It’s not impossible that I kinda kno the area not sure. Someone has to find it. No ones gonna find it for 10000 years think of that as clue.

  142. Lol if this is the right area steph. To answer your question who has been closer u ur dal. Both u guys have mentioned the first clue I think on here some where in the blog. Maybe that’s why forrest said faint cause u too were identical lol

  143. Can u imagine the publicity who ever finds it . The today show Oprah gold prospectors everyone that has mentioned forrest story is gonna wanna chat with the finder lol and discovery wants to do its own show as well crazy

  144. Dear Mr. Fenn,
    You spent 10 years writing the poem but you STILL made a grammatical error with “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.” Why in the world would you add a comma here, now, when you didn’t do it throughout the poem with ‘and’.

    Fire the editor!

    • or is the comma a clue? He said not to mess with his poem. The poor editor had no choice, but to leave it(I think Forrest was the editor).

    • djjmciv, my guess is that ff was creating a pause here that helps accent a weak old man. My guesses have a high probability of being wrong.

      • Possibly. I do know, for entertainment sake, that if you take all the commas and make them a (-) then everything else is a (.) and turn this into Morse code you get….

        — .- -.. – .-. — ..- – .-..

        Which translates to MAD TROUT L
        Weird coincidence., kind of thing that keeps Stephanie up at nights 😛

          • Yeah. But I wouldn’t put much faith in the Morse code theory since it also perfectly spells out MEGA ROUND (which is 9 letters, the clues???)

            Mega Millions is in New Mexico, so THATS IT!!!!! The poem has been solved!!! Forrest Fenn is telling us to play the lotto!! Or possibly that he has won and the winning ticket is in the chest!! THATS HOW HE KNOWS WHETHER OR NOT SOMEONE HAS FOUND IT. THEY HAVE TO CLAIM THE TICKET!

            Boom! On to the next hunt.

          • Nice theory djjmci, but, ff doesn’t expect anyone to find the treasure for 10,000 years. I don’t think that the lottery gives you quite that long of time to claim your prize. LOL I think that Stephanie needs to stay up several nights trying to figure out the MAD TROUT L connection. I think that it has better possibilities.

          • I think I’ll travel all across the Rockies and carve MAD TROUT L into trees and rocks! That’ll drive everyone crazy!

          • I think we should go around and carve funny things in the trees like “not here ff” I like “mad trout ff”…what else would be amusing? Nothing to trick people, just make them laugh. The mad trout’s been weighing on my mind, so I’m having cod tonight and feeling a bit mad…mad as in crazy mad.

  145. I think it’s going to be awhile before anyone finds the treasure due to the snow will restrict if not completely stop anyone from getting it. The best thing to do is kick back study the book and the poem re organize and plan for spring or summer. Say HI to Forrest for me . Does the brick on the gerber building still look good across from the square.?

    • Woody,

      Sounds like you have intimate knowledge of the weather conditions where the chest is hidden?

      I’m thinking maybe a February or March search wouldn’t be too bad. Those who pursue Trout have a good run during that time of year.

      If the fishermen can get out in the elements I believe a few hardy treasure searchers could handle it as well.

  146. Did everyone notice that ff used “water high” in an email response (see Forrest Gets Mail 2). This might shed some light on “water high” in the poem. Since he could throw his bike into it, it probably isn’t a waterfall. Also neat to note that an 80 year old could ride a bike from WWWH to the vicinity of the treasure. If asked, I will explain how I theorized this possibility, but I think it is self-evident. However, I believe ff was still thinking about going to this spot for a final resting place. He might have changed the location or his mind since then. Hard to access 5,000 to 10,200 feet all seasons of the year 24/7/52. The Grim Reaper might not wait for the snow to melt.

    • Anyone notice if he has a bike rack on his car? If not, then he must ride from his house. When I saw him, he showed us some tricks on his BMX bike, and then he took out his unicycle. He’s amazing….was doing wheelies with the unicycle lol….Then he threw them both in the pond in his backyard. I tried to stop him. He said he does it all the time…habit to throw things in water..a bit of OCD I guess.

      • Hmmmmm! He must have a thing for throwing bikes into water. Probably goes back to his childhood when his mother told him that the fish in the pond came and took his bike. Ever since, he has been feeding bikes to the fish.

          • I had to google a banana seat. My first impression of one was not very nice. I think that banana seats are post ff childhood.

          • Good guess. At one time, I was the president of a two man corporation. The other man was vice-president. Lots of nothing below us. But it was fun while it lasted, 6 years.

          • Best that you imagine short hair, short full beard, and mustache. Not at all like Washington. However, the presidential association is appreciated. I need to go order some cod before Survivors comes on. Oh wait, I know how to cook. bye, bye.

          • dollarbill=Washington. I’m glad you don’t like like him. I didn’t think he was such a hot looking prez. Watching Survivor now…should I play spoiler? Let’s just say eeeewwww!!!

          • I am glad that you didn’t play spoiler. I was unaware that they were sending two players to the redemption island.

            I got the nickname dollarbill from an undercover police officer that I dated many moons back. It was on a birthday card that she got for me, but I can’t remember what the card said. I do remember that there wasn’t a dollar in the card.

            I got her so mad once that she made me dance by shooting at my feet. Many fun memories with that girl. It was great having a cop on my side.

  147. ff said: “The person who finds the treasure will be the one who solved the clues in my poem and walked to it.” And: “No one will happen on it”. He later said that a metal detector would help a person find the treasure if that person was “in exactly the right spot”. This implies to me that the poem leads to a unique spot and not to a specific search area. For this to be true, it seems to me that the blaze would need to be at the terminus of a dead end path, since the finder would be walking to exactly the right spot. Not climbing, swimming, etc. Wading is a form of walking. The path is probably winding through large boulders or trees or both, making riding a bike along it difficult, but probably possible to push a bike along it. The finder might have to cross deep water (via boulders, log, etc) in order to reach the terminus; but the water crossing would be safe for the elderly and children alike. The chest is probably out of sight below ones feet at the terminus, because lifting a 40 pound chest over one’s head would be too dangerous for an eighty year old. An 80 year old could pull too many muscles and drop the chest on his/her feet, possibly leaving him/her stranded.

    ff has said that he took two trips to hide the treasure; but, he has often said that an 80 year old man could carry the 40 pound treasure to the hiding spot, implying to me a single trip with the treasure in hand.

    Does anyone’s next search take them into a unique rock formation or into a natural cave? A natural cave would explain “it’s no place for the meek”. But it seems to me that most all caves are visited fairly frequently.

  148. “will not happen upon it” I think I heard him say ‘not stumble upon it’, I KNOW he said that IT will not be found by accident. So I think To that I would add, its Buried, or hid so good or in such as way that it might as well be buried.. So this could explain WHY you DID NOT see it at ‘your’ spot and won’t see it if you go back and get closer than 500 feet to the chest.

    • I thought there was a chance he could have created a vault in something. When he mentioned turning over every log and looking under every bush, I thought that maybe he could have created some sort of “vault” in a log. Also, he talks about teaching his foundry friend how to make a lid for the bronzes. So I thought there could be an aspect to his secreted location that was like that.

  149. Well, lets hope that its not buried 3 feet deep like those Jars and bells are. It may not be covered with dirt, but I Think it is somehow concealed so that from most directions it can’t bee seen, maybe by a pile or rocks, But you may notice the rocks when you get there. And Yes, I heard him say something like if I was a young man searching for the treasure I would be out there looking under every bush.
    Ha, you know I had directions to Dal’s geochache and it still took several passes of walking around to find that.

    • Other thoughts about if the chest is buried or not. If NOT, seems to me he would say so, but if it was buried or not in plain view, he may be less apt to admit it because less ppl would go searching. What do tall think?

      • I think the poem saying “look” quickly down lends itself to my belief that you can “see” it and he’s said it’s exposed to the elements…so I think that means it’s not obstructed by anything…..or maybe you’re looking down at the blaze and it’s under that. My original thought though was that since he says look….that you can see it. I’ve had all kinds of ideas though.

        • After reading the book again and again, I believe the answer to the blaze is in the TTOTC. It is almost word for word to that stanza. It fits right in with his statement that you “will not stumble” upon it. And yes, I believe it is bronze.

        • I interpret the “exposed to the elements” concept differently. In my opinion he indicated that anything could be affected by floods, fires and natural disasters. I don’t think he said that the chest was exposed to rain or snow. I believe it’s hidey place protects it from most weather…

      • I don’t think it’s buried. But I do think it’s hidden and not in plain view. In my opinion you will not see the chest when you get there. You will not see the chest until you are inside the hidey place. You will have to “discover” the hidey place. The blaze marks the hidey place, not the chest. You will need the blaze to find the hidey place because it is not easily discovered.

        • Dal next time our paths meet, can I hear you say hidey place? The thought of hearing you say that, intrigues me for some reason. Maybe a video so I can play it over and over at my leisure.

          On another note, I noticed you said he goes in somewhere and it sparked a memory that I think I might have heard it said that he wanted to be entombed with his treasure. Does that sound familiar to you and if it does…do you know where it was said?

          • Steph-
            I use hidey place because I don’t know what it looks like and any other phrase I could come up with seems too specific and rules out something I think is possible..

            I think the “entombed” statement is key to it’s hidey place. I cannot recall where he said that. 🙂

          • I still think you should make a sound bite for us all. It used to annoy me to hear that word…I think I thought it sounded like hiney and that just doesn’t verbally sound attractive…but after all this time it’s started growing on me….kind of like how I disliked those high heels that go up past the ankles and now I think they’re hot….I gotta hear you say it some day lol.

            Ok, so it sounds like you remember hearing that he wanted to be entombed with it. That makes me sort of think it can be in a little cubby area maybe. Maybe a place to camp or maybe a place made of rock(heavy loads) that kept him from the rain(water high)…. I don’t think it’s deep though, because it could hold animals then and I think it’s not a place a bear would be.

          • Ok, I’m working on it. I think since you’re so good with video, you should wear the shirt I sent you and say hidey spot 6 times. I know that’s asking for too much, but since you’re the most handsome devil…we should see you 😉 I’ll email you my sound bite as soon as I can trim the giggling sounds lol.

          • I’m inclined to think it is exposed to the sun because he makes a comment about throwing himself on top of it in the sun. I think that is on the Taos video. Which fits right in with what I think the blaze is. I hope I’m right because that’s what I’m looking for. 🙂

          • I bet that would hurt! Yikes! I’m thinking though about him talking about sun. I’ve heard that people have said something about NM having the sun as a symbol. Is that the symbol that’s on their state flag with the circle and lines that’s red and yellow?

          • Forrest has made many conflicting statements regarding the treasure chest. You’ve probably noticed this. He will make a statement in an interview and then say something that contradicts that statement in a comment on someone’s blog. So…randomly accepting one statement over the other will probably only get you somewhere if you believe 50/50 are good odds. I try to look for patterns in what he says. I also disregard statements made flippantly when I can…for instance..when someone tries to put him on “the spot” with a question we all know he doesn’t want to answer but feels the need to say something witty…

            I’m not pretending I know a thing more than the next person about how or where this chest is hidden. But I think there are smarter and less smart ways to listen to what Forrest tells us. To believe everything he says will drive you crazy. As has been said many times…understanding the man may help us understand better where the treasure is hidden.

          • That’s a bizarre thought about the ‘hidey place’ comment. Because I thought the same thing, that it struck me as oddly cute. And you want to hear a tough guy like Dal say it.

            “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead you to the end of my rainbow and the hidey place.”

            Regarding the hidey place, I believe that it is placed, not buried, so that it would be extremely unlikely for someone NOT looking for it to see it, but would be visible to the knowing searcher if they were very observant and had the correct, complete solution. Also bear in mind that Forrest recently commented that Google Earth doesn’t go down far enough, and him sprawled on the chest and bones rotting in the sun- what does that imply?


  150. I imagine that the treasure will be concealed in something similar to what is shown on page 218 in TFTW. Only instead of a flagstone lid, it might have a bronze lid. I also believe it might have these words on the lid. ” If you should ever think of me when I have passed this vale, and wish to please my ghost, forgive a sinner and smile at a homeless girl”. That is my interpretation of what the blaze will look like. I also believe that it will be in the tall grass because he talks about tall grass several times in his books. I also think I know what kind of terrain it will be in but I’m keeping that to myself 🙂

  151. LOL!!! Oops….Homely girl! Too funny! I was probably just thinking of myself after this chase! LMBO!

    • I’ve realized I do that also. I type pretty fast and sometimes my fingers just type words they think I’m thinking…but they aren’t always right lol….

        • I went through an evaluation once that said I “should” be an A student. I was a C or D student typically though. I knew better than to F and have to take the classes over again and lose the chance to be in class with my friends. My high school closed my junior year and so I went to another schools night classes. I got straight As. That’s the report card I show my kids lol…..

          • I hated school. I’d revamp the whole system if I could. It’s so counter productive to happiness if you ask me. I think kids should go to 5th grade and learn all the basics…then after that they should get to pick things they want to learn 100% and there should be more real life things you can learn about. Why learn about things you don’t want to and don’t interest you? The only time I used higher math was to help my kids with their homework.

          • I went through an evaluation once too. I found it very uncomfortable answering those questions while I was in that straight jacket.
            Speaking of strengths. I think the thing I am good at is finding the candy bowl. If only Forrest had put a Baby Ruth in that chest I’d have found it by now.

          • PTN, no wonder I am having a hard time being your tutor LOL: Given a newspaper to read, would most 5th graders prefer to read the comics section, the news section, the business section, or none of it? If you say business section, I will find ff’s hiding spot and end my recently miserable life there, after I pull out my hair of course.

          • When I was in the 5th grade, I can remember learning what the word entrepreneur meant and falling in love with the idea. So, are you talking about most 5th graders or me? If you’re talking about me…uh oh.

          • Most, most, most, … and then most. I just realized that my hair is too short for me to pull out.

  152. Here is a what if for ya’ll to think about…

    What if Fenn only capitalized Brown, not because it’s the actually name of a person or place, but empathize that it IS a person or place that brown is describing.

    Here’s an example. Georgia is know for the peaches. So I would write “Put in below the home of Peach”

    • I had an idea of a search that went along those lines that I looked into once. It started where El Nina is over by the Pacific Ocean. It was him taking his plane. He went passed the Grand Canyon(what more famous canyon is there?) The home of Brown was Utah…One of the Morman founders was named Brown and there were a few other reasons I could make Utah home of Brown. Then you follow the Colorado River which he shows himself rafting in his new book I believe on that river. I went all the way to the Rio Grand.

  153. Stephanie….I think I know why you go astray……it seems you WAY over analyze the poem and clues a little bit.

    I was thinking more along the lines of….

    Toas – means toast – toast means to brown

    • I know I do way over think things. What better way to ellude all of us though. If he flew from the Pacific to Taos, who would get that? El Nina is where warm waters halt. If you’re in a plane…not far can be pretty far and you’re not walking. He said in a recent interview that he could drive right there…which seemed like it wasn’t that far. Taos is only an hour and a half from him and I know he was spending a great amount of time in Taos in 1988. I think it is/was a pretty good idea..and not that far fetched. He knows most of us won’t think in terms of it not being far in a plane.

  154. But warm waters halt is not the end of the clue…..
    The next stanza starts with And.

    The hint of this is look at the first stanza.
    I can keep my secret where, And hint of riches new and old.
    There actually SHOULD be a ; after where because this can translate to mean
    I can keep my secret and riches, new and old, where

    So lets apply that to the next stanza
    Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down
    This translates to Begin it where warm waters halt and gets taken to the canyon down. See what I mean? The warm waters halts then gets pushed down the canyon.

    So we’re looking at a spot where a river/stream runs through a canyon, because we know that’s were the warm waters go

    • I don’t agree the line>>>>>Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down<<<<< if the 2nd part is referencing waterS then the it would be them . Begin it where warm waters halt And take THEM in the canyon down.
      the way it written its (the two 'it') talking about your Quest.

  155. Anyone else find it interesting: Forrest said there have been those who have solved the first two clues and went past the rest. Seeing as how home of Brown is somewhat in the middle of the poem and clue section…..ANYONE ELSE FIND IT INTERESTING THAT NOBODY TO DATE SEEMS TO HAVE SOLVED “HOME OF THE BROWN”???

  156. djjmiciv – There are hints and then there are clues. The devil is in the details, or “which witch is which?”. In my solve, first stanza is all hints. Second stanza is where ff says to begin. Actually, I have begun with the first stanza. But the second stanza is where the CLUES begin. 1st, WWWH. 2nd, hoB. I have the clues solved down to the blaze in my solution. I could be all wrong. But all my solutions make tons of sense to me. All this is IMHO.

  157. To know for sure any one has the right location you gotta read TTOTC for a second time third time or fourth time and there’s really good clues threw out the book that verifies your location good luck to u all

    • I agree, there are vertical sides and an alligator out there somewhere.. along with who knows which other things. crooked front sight, cobras, tigers..

  158. Dat dar gator is a monster!…That was my favorite entry also deb.
    I’d pose the question what isn’t brown in N.M.? wwwhs and hoB occur often.
    WWWHs…and hoB in Wy. Prob. not so much?
    I’m still intrigued by the box!

    • Mark, most of the time the sky isnt brown in NM. But you all miss out on the nuances of shades. Its not just brown its sagey greens, grays, lavenders, yellows. It takes very little rain to transform those browns to a rainbow of colors. If you really just sit in the desert or mountains you will notice the beauty of other colors instead of all that green.

      Sometime next spring I will gather some rocks and wild flowers so you all can see the desert through my eyes. Im sure Forrest has seen similar things. 🙂

      • That would be great Deb –

        Dad always told us – to see the desert really well – you should be on your hands and knees. When we did that – we saw the magic. The tiny wildflowers – so intricate, the sparkles, the colors, and if we looked real close – gold.

  159. All you got to do is show the poem to your kids like forrest says lol. Have any of you seem the Goonies

    • Yeah , tried that. Not sure that
      One-eyed Willie, Short Round-meets-inspector gadget, playing an organ made of dusty finger bones, or a pinheadish-deformed version of Godspell’s lead role doing anything to help.

      • Lol true mapsmith but I think forrest is trying to say kids are smart these days and just might crack it lol

        • I took the “ask a kid” hint seriously last spring. I was in a 5th grade classroom talking about the poem and posed the question to them..”Where do warm waters halt?” Two hands shot up immediately. They both told me that warm waters halt in a bathtub..

          Okay…So..I started looking up natural features that are called bathtubs. I found a few. My favorite was the Immigrant Bathtub and Laundry near Warm Springs, WY. I could not make that work..even if I used the deep wagon ruts as canyons..
          Then there is the Indian Bathtub also in WY… canyon..

          I tried a few more before deciding I was taking the “ask a kid” thing much too seriously..

          • That was a pretty good answer dal instead of looking for a bathtub tho think of something like a bathtub like for instance a lake or something similar

          • JR-
            Been looking at reservoirs, lakes, ponds, springs, geysers, puddles, glaciers, divides, tarns, streams, creeks, pools, fountains and the like since I started..the point of the kids was to try something new..

  160. Okay…Brown trout bats and lizards…Brown Mollys…Brown Construction and electic. Brown for incouragable boys…hotels with girls…authors actors just Browns…and a favorite of mine is blue as to police as brown is to the USGS or the BSA…lets not forget grizzes or devils.

  161. Map JR…
    I’m always trying to get my 6 and 4 year old to tell me where the hideee place is…but they keep telling me it’s a secret. They must be in cahoots with f who has been talking to them through Elmo!

  162. And I told you the truth…they’re in collusion….smiles.
    So where is Olga’s bath?
    dal I had to look up tarn…
    AS every one knows Boots favorite wwws is the little room…and Red River…but warm is also a color and a feeling.
    It must have been professor Plum in the library with the candlestick.

  163. One can take a bath in a hot spring. And if that hot spring meets a river it halts there. And if that river flows through a canyon then that warm water gets taken to the canyon down.

  164. Ok I got one for you all. Ok so if the wise Blaze is a mountain peak then how do u look quickly down where do u look down.

  165. HAHAHAHA !!!!
    If anyone wandered the significance of below 10,200 ft. I just solved that clue!
    A HUGE clue!

    Greatly reduces the search location to one area.
    Ill tell if ask nicely.

    • I thought f said “below 10,000 feet”. Do you know where he said 10,200 feet and would that change anything about your solve?

      • CJ-
        He said 10,200ft and it comes from an interview with the editor of True West Magazine last fall. Look above in the Cheat Sheet and you will see what we know.

        • Thanks Dal, I must have mixed that figure up with f saying that he doesn’t care if the treasure wasn’t found for 10,000 years. 🙂

          I wonder if that remark really is significant or if it’s in the same vein as his “above 5000 ft” and” 300 miles west of Toledo” type hints. if it’s that important though, my favorite spot isn’t particularly close to 10,200 ft. 🙁

          • Just to throw one in on you that i have not seen mentioned that the statement 8.5 miles north of Santa Fe and the jar in the raffle weights 8.5 pounds I think

          • Still presumes one kind, and not the other, kind of link/chain. (Engineers vs nonengineers) I still say 12 miles. 😉
            And didn’t he pointedly say AT LEAST 66,000 links north?

            Of course, it’s the 66,000 that was a much more interesting number to me: f being the 6th # in the alphabet, 66 therefore being “FF” 😉

          • CJ-
            I think it’s just a range. He was eliminating the tops of the highest peaks and the low plateaus..
            It’s between here and here…a range…
            I don’t see either figure as being significant on it’s own…but I am always willing to learn..

            Of course there is always the possibility that he wasn’t talking altitude at all..
            He said “above 5,000ft” and we assumed he meant 5,000ft in elevation…
            He likes it when we assume..and are wrong..

          • You are so right Dal, f does like to play with words and meanings!

            I think I’ll just have to wait it out until spring to check out my current favorite hidey spot which is in the Rockies and in the range between 5000 and 10,200 feet in elevation. (I’ll go with elevation for now) It’s going to be a looooooog winter. 🙂

  166. Hmm….not convinced to unveil yet.
    I know searchers have been here before, and by not finding the treasure they obviously must of passed by it. If they had received the below 10,200 during the time of looking at this area they would of searched until they found it.

  167. And it wasn’t even the 5000 to 10,200 that took me to this area. It was the clues I found in the book TOTC that lead me there and after researching I stubbed upon the significance of the elevation.

  168. And I may only reveal under Dal (and maybe Stephanie’s) permission because it will take a lot of the “hunting” away.

    For some, coming up with it on their own is part of the excitement.
    Maybe I’ll email it to ya’ll instead of posting here. What do you think Dal?

    • DJ-
      I am not certain what you are asking?
      Why would I take offense if you want to tell everyone here where you think it is.? I think it’s a foolish idea but I certainly wouldn’t ask you to stop.

      I do care if someone starts posting that they have found it when they have not.
      I do care if someone starts telling us that we are all idiots for not seeing what they see.
      I do care when someone posts that they found the spot but the chest wasn’t there and they are convinced that it was found before they got there…but Forrest says the chest has not been found.
      I do care about name calling…

      But if you have ideas about the clues in the poem and how to find the chest…and you want to share those ideas here..that is what this blog is all about..

  169. A location on a river where fish spawn is a home and not a structure, but who said a home can’t be a structure?

  170. exactly, so how can something be a home and also not associated with what one might imply as being a structure? That’s the riddle of the day

    • djjmciv,

      I’m still waiting with baited breath for the 10,200 significance.
      We all would like to know. It seems pretty high up to hide a treasure.
      But at this point not much is out of the question. Seems we’ve all come up empty handed.

    • if I make no assumptions and try to discover what is not a structure (with it’s many definitions), I am left with answers involving experience. Love, birth, sex, death, dreams, hallucinations, imagination, generosity, compassion, etc.

  171. I don’t usually interject here, but I live in Colorado and I’m heading up I-70 this weekend, if anyone wants me to check someplace for them.. just an offer:)

  172. Zebulon Pike (Of Pike’s Peak fame) had a wife named Clarissa Brown. That could make Zebulon, Mr Brown. If so, that could qualify Pike’s Stockade at +37°17’37.07″, -105°48’35.80″ for the “house of Brown”. Its located on route 24. There are 24 lines in the poem. coincidence?


  173. Today, December 20th, 2013 is an anniversary for Forrest. 45 years ago today Forrest was shot out of the sky over Laos. You might want to send him a note at

    You might want to congratulate him on surviving so he could torment us with this great treasure hunt…

  174. Here is my latest interpretation of the first stanza for all to consider.

    As I have gone alone in there
    (I have gone alone into this area)

    And with my treasures bold,
    (having the things that I cherish the most available for all to see)

    I can keep my secret where,
    (I can keep my secret as to exactly where)

    And hint of riches new and old.
    (and give clues for finding my bronze chest filled with riches new and old)

  175. The numbers 4, 2 and 12 million can be associated with this poem.
    Not dollars and cents.
    A very important clue has these as its foundation.

    Forrest knows the significance and history of these numbers.

    Research, research, research.

  176. For what it is worth, following is one person’s interpretation of the entire poem. Keep in mind that unless ff did change the hiding spot after he was cured of cancer (i.e. ff planned on his remains to be with the chest for a very long time) this interpretation could be worthless. But, this interpretation can be tweaked to fit many locations in the Rocky Mountains. Let your imaginations roll.

    As I have gone alone in there
    (I have gone alone into this area)
    And with my treasures bold,
    (Having the things that I cherish the most available for all to see)
    I can keep my secret where,
    (I can keep my secret as to exactly where)
    And hint of riches new and old.
    (And give clues for finding my bronze chest filled with riches new and old)

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    (Begin the trek at Madison Junction. By October the warm waters of the Madison River are no longer too warm for trout)
    And take it in the canyon down,
    (Take the trek down into Madison Canyon)
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    (Not far (1.0 – 1.5 miles), but too far to walk carrying 42 pounds of treasure)
    Put in below the home of Brown.
    (Park in the parking pullout below Harlequin Lake – home of the Beaver)

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    (From the parking lot, the trek will be no place for the meek – i.e. bears, buffalo, elk, wolves, park rangers)
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    (Harlequin Lake which contains the bronze chest is close by)
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    (You will need to hike along a creek trail up to Harlequin Lake)
    Just heavy loads and water high.
    (For most of the year there will be snow all around or high water in the lake – both preventing you from searching where the chest lies among the lily pads or reeds. October is probably the best time to search, the driest month for Yellowstone)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    (If you have been wise and found the bronze chest – among the lilies or reeds in the lake)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    (Read the last two lines in my poem, your adventure is to cease)
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    (But don’t stay and marvel at the chest’s contents)
    Just take the chest and go in peace.
    (Just take the treasure and leave Yellowstone happy)

    So why is it that I must go
    (So why must I take the trek)
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    (And leave my bronze chest for all to seek)
    The answers I already know,
    (The many reasons I already know)
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.
    (I’ve done the trek tired; I know I must do it again now before I am too weak)

    So hear me all and listen good,
    (I call for all to search for the chest after reading my poem)
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    (Your effort will be worth the unpleasant cold of October)
    If you are brave and in the wood
    (If you have braved the bears, buffalo, elk, wolves, park rangers at Yellowstone and you have found and opened the treasure chest lined with wood)
    I give you title to the gold.
    (I give sole ownership of the treasure to you)

      • Good point Dg. Per Google Earth, the trail is approximately 2,100 ft from the highway to the lake. Maybe too far to walk carrying 20 pounds. 🙂 Uphill going to the lake, but all downhill returning. 🙂

    • Another problem that I find with my solution for the poem is that the American Antiquities Act of 1906, which ff has been and is surely aware of, made it a crime for “any person who shall appropriate, excavate, injure, or destroy any historic or prehistoric ruin or monument, or any object of antiquity, situated on lands owned or controlled by the Government of the United States…”.

      The United States Code goes further to include “any other objects of historic and scientific interest”. And, “any object of antiquity taken, or collection made, on lands owned or controlled by the United States, without a permit, as prescribed by the act and this part, or there taken or made, contrary to the terms of the permit, or contrary to the act and this part, may be seized wherever found and at any time”.

      So ff’s resting place for his bones and the law are two problems I see with YNP.

      However, not meant to be sarcastic, but those of you who have ruled out Yellowstone because he talks about parts of it in his books; and a treasure hider would never mention the area where he/she has hid the treasure: have you ever read or heard ff mentioning certain Rocky Mountain parts in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, or New Mexico? I believe that he has.

      After all, ff lives in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, has mentioned parts of the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico in his books, has held book signings and interviews in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, travels through the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, and displays Native American artifacts on his web site that came from the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico. So is New Mexico’s Rocky Mountains ruled out too? I think not.

  177. Dollarbill and Diggin Gypsy, I agree with you on the distance. Regardless of the state in which the chest is located, Forrest drove his vehicle to a designated parking area, made two trips with the 42 pounds of loot to the hiding location and drove away. An elderly but fit man can walk a long distance from his start of his walk but it would be unlikely the distance would be close to a 1/2 mile. The total walking distance at 1/2 mile going to and from the treasure would be two miles This would not be likely. I have read on the blog and others where several searchers have walked several miles from their parking locations. Could many searches be overshooting their walk?
    I am aware that Forrest has a Jeep Cherokee he uses to get to the San Lazaro ruins. I am not sure if he has another vehicle. Maybe Dal or Stephanie could help on this.
    Forrest has stated (not exact quote) something like “this chase is for all the rednecks that have lost their jobs and have a pickup….” On another occasion he stated something like “I walked back to my car after hiding the chest and laughed…”
    Is a jeep a car? If he used a car it would dramatically reduce the areas he could have driven..

    One of these days all chase questions will be answered. It would be neat if a computer program could tabulate all entries on all blogs and determine who had the closest idea where the chest is hidden. For those that looked in Utah there score would not be high.

    • Both his cars are SUVs I’m
      44 and I don’t think he could out hike me and I was struggling I think he hiked 1/2 mile to a mile max

      • Both his cars are SUV’s now but in 2011 he had three was a VW bug..Don’t know what he had in 2009 or 2010…

      • I am 44, too…in my head…no, actually, since I have been participating in this search, I am now about twelve. And I have been hiking a lot to get in shape for the trek. Sometimes with a backpack with bricks in it…at a good altitude, too. Maybe the Gypsies should hike together?? 🙂

    • I carried the Dog Food in today and my distance limit would have been 200 ft max. If you cut the weight down by half to 20 lbs, maybe I can make a mile, but it better be flat. If it’s uphill I’m not making it and if it’s down hill I’m falling down the hill carrying a load in my arms. I’m 45, so imagine what someone at 80 could do. I doubt Forrest walked more than 200 ft and it must have been fairly flat. I think everyone should hand their +79yr old parent or grandparent a 21 lb load and see how far they can walk carrying it. Then report the results.

      • He carried it in two trips. So only 20 pounds each trip. That’s like 4 packages of sugar each trip. That’s not too much. Maybe you didn’t know about the two trips.

        • Yeah, that’s why I mentioned that if I cut it in half, maybe I make it one mile.(and I’m 45)
          Forrest has repeated on several occasions that “don’t go looking where a 79-80 year old couldn’t carry a 42 lb chest”.
          Notice he says “couldn’t carry a 42lb chest” and not “carry 21 lbs of the treasure.” I believe he carried the chest and then carried something else on the 2nd trip.
          I think the spot is close enough to carry the chest in 1 trip regardless of age. I guess we each will figure what that distance is and how we do it. For me that leaves the mystery as to why it took him 2 trips.

          • I believe he made 2 trips when he was 79 or 80, because the first time (at age 79) was to place the chest empty by itself. He then waited a year (at age 80) went back to the location to see if it had been disturbed, moved, taken, etc, and then placed the contents of the treasure. At that point he made public his intent to to have a treasure hunt.

  178. DJ, just think of the low score for those who searched Alaska. lol

    Possible that ff took rest breaks? Probably no one else for miles around at the time. Since ff was laughing on his way back, he probably wasn’t breathing very hard. Looks like we might need to find out his physical condition at age 79-80. 🙂

    • Mr. Fenn said show the poem to a child, there are nine words in the poem that a child would not know the meaning of.

      • JP, which nine words are you having difficulty understanding the meaning of? Maybe there are some words in the poem that ff invented. 🙂

    • Hey dollarbill,
      You lol ing about low scores again, is putting ideas in my head, about purina shark chow. And just when I thought I was done crying about that, and ready to move on! JK 😉

      • MM, I sure hope you were not one of those searching in Alaska. 😀

        For the record, I ranked some of your entries very high. If you had been more specific about your searching spots, they would have easily been in the top ten and maybe even the top 5. 🙂

        Please no purina shark chow, I am already on dal’s s— list. 🙁

    • Forrest mentioned that someone or a few had been within 500ft of the chest I think the chest is within 500ft of a road so I’m sure he didnt travel far. 42 lbs is heavy 21 lbs is heavy. Pick up a dumbbell and try to walk with it especially 79 80 year old he must have had a back pack

        • The thing is…there are so many roads. He talks abotu one’s with pot holes and 5 miles an hour. There are a ton of roads like that. There’s also trails you can drive on.

      • I just carried a 30lb pork liver. I don’t think I can lift 42lbs. I’ll need two trips lol…no matter where it is.

        • There’s no way he could have carried it a mile I’m 28 I workout and walking a mile with weight in high elevation is tuff lol especially for older folks. I wonder whoever finds it if they might have to make 2 trips also. Or could someone actually take it out of its location the whole 42 lbs.

          • I’m thinking a few hundred feet. But the problem is he has a 4×4 Jeep and roads to him are meaningless. He knows the areas of the Rockies and already mentioned that he will go off the beaten path and do whatever he wants. So even following known trails might not help. During the late summer, you can ford creeks and even small rivers and make it quite a ways into the wilderness. That’s why the 500 ft comment only tells me it’s not on some remote mountain top where only a hiker can go. Forrest drove, rafted, hang glided, biked, parachuted, used a 4×4 wheel chair, or flew there, but he didn’t hike 10 miles with the chest. But otherwise, I don’t think it helps that much.

          • To all: It always amazes me that no one suggests that perhaps FF just put the 42 lbs on wheels, like a reasonable person, elderly or not, experienced outdoorsman or not, would do. A hand truck? A grocery helper? Garden cart? Heck, even a wheeled suitcase –or cooler (which is just the right size to disguise)– would be more reasonable than an 80yr old hand-carrying.
            I personally think the 500′ thing is one of those outside-the-poem distractions that’s been overthought. Until he says ” yup I put the chest within 500′ of a road or trail or somewhere drivable” it just ain’t so (IMO ).

          • Wow! I find myself agreeing with Mapsmith on an issue. 🙂 No TTOTC rules that I know of against using a wheeled aide and taking rest stops if needed.

            If the chest lies in a 999 ft diameter pond or lake that is frequently visited, surely a few people could have come within 500 ft of the chest. 🙂

          • Ha! Aid. Right, otherwise line 1 is in error.
            Wheels though = for sure a good idea. Not a famous invention for nuttin’ 😀
            And, the 900′ pond, that’s a fun idea (though not to the folks who swear it can’t be in water / can’t get wet).

            We also don’t even know for sure if he kept the gold IN the chest …. A friend of mine suggested he poured the nuggets and coins into a huge X shape and then covered it with earth. Hope not. But not impossible.

            I still say he hid it in a bunch of trees. In a swamp. Nothing like using your own name as a clue. 😉

            Glad we agree $bill. 😉
            Was bound to happen sometime.

          • Oops Mapsmith! While taking a shower I recalled ff’s rule: “Alan, no need to go where a 79 or 80 year old codger could not go carrying a 42 pound box of gold.”

            Sounds like one trip carrying 42 lbs? 🙂

  179. Here is my alternate approach to solving the poem. Don’t try to solve the poem line by line in the order they appear. Instead, solve lines that you feel comfortable interpreting. For example, I like the line which reads:

    “Put in below the home of Brown.”

    I already know from previous lines that I am not walking when I come to the home of the Brown, so I must park when I am below the home. Doesn’t matter if it be a car, a bike, a horse/donkey, or a boat, I still park it and then get out/off to walk the rest of the way. Not sure why I would need to park a horse/donkey though.

    From previous lines I know too that I am in a canyon. And from future lines I can assume that there will be a creek near where I park.

    I also know that a home is a permanent place where one lives. Brown being capitalized implies to me that home of the Brown is a well-known permanent proper place that is the home for some brown animals (I know animals are divided into various sub-groups, including birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects). Say YNP is the home for many brown animals and say San Lazaro Pueblo was the home for many brown people. Note YNP and San Lazaro Pueblo are both capitalized being that they are well known proper places that are/were homes for animals. But, what animals they are/were the homes for are not capitalized. I like Harlequin Lake, home for the brown beaver.

    So when I look at maps, I am looking for a well-known place in a canyon that is a home for some brown animals and I can park below it. There will also be a creek near where I park. I find Harlequin Lake, located in Madison Canyon, home for the brown beaver, with a parking area below it, and with a creek and trail leading up to it from the parking area.

    I then look at other lines in the poem for support or conflicts. This is when WWWH becomes very important. There must be a WWWH up canyon from my home of the Brown. Once I find a conflict that contradicts my location, I discard the location as a possible search area and seek a different home of the Brown.

    In this approach, a bear den would not work but a place called Bear Cavern, where brown bears hibernate, would. An adobe structure would not work, but Bandalier National Monument, where brown people once dwelt, would.

    I hope some of you consider this approach. I feel that a person should solve the entire poem and eliminate any doubts before he/she sets out on a search for ff’s treasure. 🙂

    • Question…why would Bandalier National Monument make brown people a capital letter or a place called Bear Cavern make brown bears a capital letter? That doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Tracey: I dunno about brown people , but Brown Bears Aka Grizzly/Kodiak , is a unique Species and as such, it can /should be capitalized. Then if you believe FF capitalized Brown for this purpose, you may associate Brown with Brown Bear.

        :). Nobody knows though. Until the treasure’s found, He could be trying to get us to solve for “Umber Mansion” for ‘home of Brown’ for all we know. 😀

      • Tracy-
        Maybe the folks who decided that brown would be capitalized in those instances were simply desperate for a capital “B”. or maybe they do not believe the capital letter is important and any “b” will do..

      • Tracey, basically what I am saying about ff capitalizing the “b” in Brown is: ff wanted all to consider the Name of a Place where browns live and not just the home of the Brown’s living next door. I hope this clears any confusion.

      • Also Tracey, look at it as though I am just offering new unbiased ideas/tricks for possibly solving the poem, with hopes to assist those folks who have been searching unsuccessfully for a long time. However, I do recognize that it is near impossible to teach old dogs new tricks.

        • Woof! EVERYONE has been searching unsuccessfully, both old dogs and young pups. 🙂 I would think most everyone has looked at each clue in many different ways.

          On HOB, my personal opinion is that f likes to play with language and be unconventional in his uses of the printed word, so capitalizing a word at the end of a line as well as at the beginning just seems like something he would have fun doing.

          • As to hoB, a word processor will capitalize the first word at the beginning of a new line automatically. It will not automatically capitalize a word at the end of a line. All new line words in the poem are capitalized. Only other word in the poem capitalized is Brown.

            I prefer to think that ff is trying to say something specific about the word brown rather than him just having fun capitalizing it, even if it does just signify a proper name.

            Now let us all practice: Ruff! Ruff! 🙂

  180. I’ve been thinking about the use of language and obscure definitions to keep us guessing. The one thing that keeps coming into my mind is that although ff might like to fool us with some out of date definitions, there is a limit to his trickery because of his legacy.
    If someone does find this soon, there will be an evaluation of everything he said and I can’t believe he risks his legacy with lies or items that people will say were impossible to ever figure out. This is important to him and therefore I believe everything he says is the truth and doesn’t require a twisting of the language. Searchers have been within 500 ft, others are going there and don’t realize how close they are, a 79-80 yr could carry the chest to the spot, there are 9 clues in the poem, etc… Why are these items so hard to believe and why would he risk his legacy by lying or using such twisted language that everyone gets mad later about it and says it was basically a lie.
    If he hid it so well that no one will ever find it, then he wouldn’t care and could say anything. But if it’s found soon, then these words matter and he knows it. I believe legacy is everything to him, so he speaks the truth and in hindsight it will be “obvious” and not a matter of conflict or anger with searchers who spent a lot of money on his every word.

    • don’t you think that’s why he said he embellishes and it’s ok to tell the truth, but not all the truth? I think that is the reason he’s said those things. He has said legacy doesn’t really mean anything to him. He cares about the here and now.

        • Actually, I looked at the box and it was 35lbs of pig liver lol. I’m making liverwurst for my Dad and some friends and family. My grandparents used to make sausage every year and I do it now and my Dad’s not well…so I wanted to make some of that and our Brat recipe for him so he can have some to remember. It is so good. I didn’t need that much, but the butcher I went to said if I bought that much that I could get it super cheap. So it’s like 12 pig livers lol…way too much. Anyone live near me and wants some, let me know 😉

          • No offense but eeewwww. LOL

            Is that a common ingredient in sausage? I stopped eating it years ago.

          • Only in Liverwurst….I use the liver, and the belly or jaw meat and fat to make that. For the Brats I use Pork Butt or Shoulder. Tomorrow I’m doing a lot of stuffing and hoping to get the kids help.

            I don’t think I could lift the chest though…I could barely lift the 35lbs.

      • In my thinking, the embellishments must be something that makes sense later and not just an outright lie. But if he really wants it to stay out there for 1000 yrs, then anything goes and everything other than the poem is suspect.
        He did say early on to ignore everything except the poem and the book (before the 2nd book was published).
        If he’s being honest, then he already said to ignore everything since the book. So he’s not lying now because he already warned us that everything he says might be a lie. That becomes an endless loop of contradictions that I’d rather avoid.

        • I know what you’re saying, but I think using the right word is important. He’s come out and said he hasn’t lied. I think saying lie means he’s done something in malice and he hasn’t. So he chooses to use the word embellish. I think that’s the right word to use as I feel saying lie he feels is offensive. I think because it’s a game..he’s not trying to do anything mean.

          I don’t know what to think about his stories. Did they all really happen? Are they just stories with fun embellishments for the fun of telling a story or are they hints? He has said that he hasn’t placed anything in the book to aid in the finding on purpose(not his exact words).

  181. The area I’ve been searching the clues took me to an owl formation. I think it might be the wise Blaze but how do you look quickly down this formation is BIG you can’t just look quickly down when you look down its a big area to search. That tells me if this is the right location look quickly down your quest to cease But tarry scant with marvel gaze those lines mean everything. Those 2 lines is what pinpoints exactly where to look but its not easy what you guys think. If that owl formation is the Blaze then wat next

  182. You think Forrest is using that as a decoy lol if it is the location It might not be. But everything in the poem is in the area but idk. What owl formation u talking bout gypsy

      • Anyone that finds this owl won’t just search ounce and leave they would stick to this area and keep searching its hard to give it up lol

        • JR — That’s one rocky owl. I’d go there ounce, pound and ton. Or did you mean wuuntz?

          It’s not there imho.

          • JR – –

            My reply is “no comment” because I don’t publicly give that away. Public comments here are like playing poker whereas you show your cards to everyone and get zip in return. But thanks for asking. I am concentrating on another area right now.

          • I think you all might have been by same area but this area I’m sure is a different area a lot of hints in the book hit this area

    One thing I would not do is undersetimate Forrest. He didn’t say a typical 80 year old. He knew exactly where to put it and figured out how. But I do believe he wants people to use their common senses, as he has said that on more than one occasion. Most of us probalby couldn’t keep up with Forrest for one day at the Pueblo. Stay safe and good luck.

    • I might have to agree with you and retract my thoughts on his abilities. I just read about the guy who climbed Everest at 80.

      His name is Miura and if he can do it, why not Forrest. He trained by using heavy backpacks. So what is normal for an 79-80 yr old?

      From the article on Mirua –
      To prepare, Miura walked three times a week with loads of 25 to 30 kilograms (55 to 66 lbs) on his back.

    • I think about the 500 ft clue when I get insane ideas about hiking into the remote areas that very few of us could do. He has also stated from the beginning that he wanted families out there looking for the chest. In my book, that means it’s within a reasonable search area for a family to hike.

  184. I placed two new videos in the Gone Fishing Series.
    Both are of Forrest showing us artifacts from San Lazaro that are in his lab.
    Do you know how to tell the difference between an Anazazi dog skull and a European dog skull?
    The two newest videos are listed in the index as San Lazaro – sl02 and San Lazaro – sl03…
    Get to them by going to the index here:

      • forest doesn’t rhyme with good….and he had to use wood and not woods, because he was saying good and not goods. That’s my thinking…not that it’s right though lol.

        • when we talk its almost in habit, just like your singature cause up until now I always called it woods or wood but never forest so I would asume in the video that the indians wouldnt move their home over to the woods. Just trying to get a handle on Forrest idea of wood so maybe in literal sense its in the wood ( hollow tree )

          • That makes sense. Also, as others mentioned he has said there is a concern of a forest fire. So I do think it’s plausible what you’re saying.

          • Hum, going by this logic, my first assumption that is was not submerged in the water appears to be correct. Maybe that is why some searchers have been close but not finding it, they were looking in the water and not some type of structure, rocks, trees etc…not to get snarky about it. Peace¥

  185. Thought of the day:

    Everyone mentions and questions how far Forrest can carry 20lbs (chest in 2 trips). One can easily assume the clues and path are very very close together.

    But what if the nine clues are a descriptive visual of what you see when you are at Forrest’s spot. For example what if it is a scenic parking spot.

    Simply park, marvel at your gaze going through the po with your eyes, get out and go no place for the meek (within 500 ft of the parking spot)

  186. You think the chest is hidden in a fake hallow rock and everyone just passes all the rocks and doesn’t bother to check the rocks since it looks realistic

    • JR: that would be pretty funny. Disguising as an everyday item is the strategy emeraldcitysearch used every other year. MIT has used that strategy a few times to, for their “coin”.

  187. Never thought about the 500 feet being used like that. He did say something about riding a bike where it maybe that’s in reference to your wheels theory.

  188. It was an email reply that was given to Dal to post. Here is the letter and Forrest’s reply.


    I have a couple of suggestions for your final hour:

    1) I would make you a similar offer like Olga requested of you – I would drive you in my vehicle – wait for a specified period of time (as determined by you) – and then drive back home. Or

    2) You can put the title of your vehicle in my name, make sure you don’t leave anything personal in it at your final resting place, wipe down any fingerprints, then, when it is found it will be in my name, have my address etc. (be sure to send me photos of it)—people would swear that it was your vehicle because they had seen you driving it, but, with it being in my name I don’t think they would think twice about it. And, NO I don’t need another vehicle I have six (6) already in the family. I would sell the vehicle for you and make an anonymous donation to a Non-Profit organization of your choice.

    3) Also, I could suggest Parachuting—that would take you back in time, however, I feel you would be too old (sorry) to make it safe to your final resting spot after that endeavor.

    I wouldn’t want you to commit suicide like your father but, I understand. You could draw-up a contract for us to sign stating that I couldn’t claim the Treasure. Doing it yourself would ensure that no one other than you and I would know the plan. Just a thought, I know you don’t know me or I you, I just feel a connection with you somehow. Maybe it’s just the long forgotten memories of my youth. Then again, you may want to choose a closer friend or not. Just think about it. No rush! I’ll go on with the remainder of my day either way.

    Forrest responds-

    I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it? You don’t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. Thanks for the input but I think you should mobilize your club and hit the trail searching for the wondrous treasure. Besides, I’ll probably get hit by a train. When you find the treasure please come sell me the great turquoise and silver bracelet that is in the chest. I wish now that I had kept it. f

    • Yes, riding a bike to the spot makes you think in more simple terms…. but maybe he had to park the bike and still walk some distance.




  190. Yes! they go wooosh when they light up don’t they. I think his blaze to be a rock pile arranged in some design. Or you will see a blaze type object from one certain view.

    • Just found some amazing rocks in my area that I need to check out. I agree it has to be something that will last. I’m sure he thought of that.

  191. Something I posted on my site and wanted to repost here…

    Today is the last day to buy a ticket if you haven’t or if you can spare $25…or more, for more chances to win. Remember a couple things…ONE, we are helping someone else out who’s had a bigger struggle than most of us can imagine. Giving her a chance to maybe not stress about so much medical debt and stress can’t be good. TWO, I think it makes Forrest smile that he’s brought so many