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Dal, seems I am the godfather to two parrotlets. Cindy named them Forrest and Fenn. I think the one on the left started loosing feathers in protest to its name. Do you think your blog readers are interested in this story even if Cindy won’t tell where she thinks the treasure is?




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  1. I love those little birds! We’ve had a few finches, canaries and cockatiels but never any of these beautiful little parrotlets. It looks as if they will get red tails – love the colors on these little guys. 🙂

    • After trying to find out what kind of parrotlets these were, the only birds I could find with red tails were Red Tailed Amazon Parrots, unless someone painted their tails red. LOL Is that a clue? 🙂

      • CJinCA – I think the parrotlet named “Forrest” is protesting all that newspaper that was used to feather the nest. Maybe that is why it is losing its feathers (if it is). It will probaly have a hard time finding a tree to nest in when it’s time. I agree that the wave the future is online publishing. Hey, thanks for that Red Tailed Amazon info….Amazon….is there a book we need to research on Amazon? Is he making any reference to “parrot the phrase”…..oh, here I go again.

      • Stephanie – did you paint the tails of those parrotlets red with your toenail polish? Why not all three colors?

      • LOL Lisa….a little birdy told me that Forrest and Fenn don’t like painted tail feathers…so I guess they are natural redheads…errr redtails.

  2. My bet says if Forrests want to talk about it… We want to talk about it ! Right ? Bring it on.

  3. Do you think your blog readers are interested in this story even if Cindy won’t tell where she thinks the treasure is?

    Are you kidding me! This is huge.

    One of the birds is looking north the other one is pointing in the precise direction we need to search…..Just figure out which one is looking north.

    Quick, grab the meta data from the photo, the camera model is a clue to the lat lon of the treasure.

    What does the paper say the one bird seems to be reading……has to be a clue there.

    What does the red feathers mean on the one bird…..or are those actually feathers?

    Can anyone make out the reflection in the photo……Fenn messed up and gave us a huge clue unintentionally.

    Exactly what species of parrot are these……I’ll bet their scientific contains “brown”.

    Could the migratory flight path of these birds take us over the treasure?

    Sorry Dal…..couldn’t help myself. 🙂

    • I don’t think you have to know the model number of the camera. It’s probably one of those new cameras with GPS – the meta data will certainly help then. If she didn’t take this at the treasure site, we’ll at least know where Forrest lives if she took it there! 🙂

      • @CJinCA,
        That’s true if it’s a newer camera with GPS…….but don’t forget the other numbers: F-stop the photo is shot at, zoom setting, exposure time, lens f/stop range, Fenn could easily manipulate some of those with different light intensities. There has to be lat lon coordinates of the treasure in there.

        OMG!!!! Could the red feathers be telling us about the blaze…..I’ve got to stop typing now; I’m busy piecing the shredded pieces of paper back together in Photoshop and counting the feathers on the birds.

        I’m absolutely certain I’ll have the solution to the poem any minute now.

        • HE, HE, Piecing the shredded pieces together just reminded me of “Argo” where the kids were putting together shredded pictures to identify the embassy workers. They were successful, I’m sure you will be too! 🙂

    • Goofy – We think alike. Maybe we should search for the treasure together? I actually kind of agree with your observations. What does that look like in the window in the upper right corner to you? I am still looking for the blaze of a pirate flag with a skull and crossbones on it, so the parrots fit right in. I hope they won’t repeat the location of the treasure to anyone when they start talking, though. Or, maybe he is just saying that we all sound like a noisy flock of parrots gabbing online in this blog? Or, maybe the zipper in the upper left corner means if we know where the treasure is, we should probably just “zip it” like Cindy has 😉

      • @Lisa,
        Not sure if we would have a snowball’s chance of finding the treasure, but I am sure it would be great fun looking with you.

        The only problem is the wife doesn’t let me hang out with wild women. 🙂

      • Lisa, If you look closely on the left in front of the zipper, what do you see? I see a Skeleton hand. Such as you see on an xray.

    • Cuddly looking birds. Now to the new clue. The $24.9 on the paper takes you to Lat 24.9 N in the mountains of Mexico, not New Mexico. Mexico is out. I can’t read the paper. It’s out. The zipper resembles a dam at the upper end of a canyon. But, I personally don’t believe in the dam theory, so it is out for me, but possibly in for dal. This leaves the hidden clue must be in the parrotlets. It seems that they might have torn FF’s book to shreds, most likely just because of their names. No clue there. One bird watching the other bird as it does its thing. Nope, no clue. Red feathers pointing, but no way to tell which direction; and, red contradicts brown. Nope. Oh well, I already have nine other clues to find and solve. Probably don’t need another headache.

      • dollarbill – the words on the paper say Super Chew, so maybe we should chew on that for a while and get an even bigger headache?

      • dollarbill – No headache. Just looked up African Gray Parrots on a Martha Stewart pet site. When setting up the cage: “It will also need an assortment of toys to chew and tear at to keep itself occupied; don’t pile the toys in the cage all at once. Put a different one in each day so the bird will have something to look forward to each morning.” Forrest seems to be giving us something to chew on periodically too 🙂

      • Oh come on you’re better than that. If you look at the timestamp on the picture and you know where the house is the birds are in you can use the angle of the light and shadows to calculate what direction the birds are facing. Also I see little blue and yellow strips mingled with the others, and come on, that has to mean something!

    • I’m getting my magnifying glass because that is clearly a clue tucked under the bird on the left’s right wing. Maybe we are supposed to turn left and then right. Or right and then left to get to the treasure? Yes that is clearly a clue that we shouldn’t just go straight to get there. We just have to figure out which one is correct. Loved your ideas Goofy_Old_Guy.

      • Patricia – thank you for the heads up about what you saw in the photo. Looks like a circle and a small triangle on that slip of paper and I just realized that blue and yellow make green, which helped me greatly 🙂

  4. Congratulations Forrest, are giving out ceegars? 🙂

    (now we know where the birds go when the “forest” is cut down)

  5. Yikes….those are African gray parrots. I’m leaving for Morocco in the morning. 🙂

  6. Oh, wait a minute….maybe it is reference to the movie, “The Godfather”! Check out the text, Goofy.

  7. I am wondering if these are clues as well as something about someone named Albert – So I am just going to toss in my latest idea(Please feel free to toss me a few cookies if I am right)

    Here goes:
    1. Begin it where warm waters halt – warm water flow up towards alaska and well it gets gold, ooops sorry that’s cold – ha ha, so you begin looking for any treasure using a MAP – so Lets use the Map of North America –
    2. Take it in the canyon down – Put your finger on the map mkay? Travel over towards Alaska and LAND Ho! – you swarthy Pirates!
    Now look for the the Rocky Mountains – in ALBERTA CAnada – there are some sweet places there -such as a) PEACE RIVER – (From Poem: Go in Peace) etc etc…
    b) The Alberta side of Chief Mountain – Chief (From Poem: if you are Brave – Brave Indian warrior – or warrior could be a clue) – haven’t researched everything, um… yet)
    Just a few suggestions -knowing that Forrest Flew a Plane and could take off and come and go as he pleases and knowing he’s very interested in Native American artifacts and such… I am guessing that it would be related…

    I wish, well I may tell Forrest how wonderful it is to just escape from some of life’s troubles and look into his Treasure hunt! Thank you Forrest! (even big kids (adults) like a little fun!)

    I am too poor to travel, but I still have a good mind!

    *make sure it’s above 1524 meters (That’s 5000 feet to those of us in the states) – Well much of the mountains are above that area…

    Well, that’s it for now….

  8. 3. Not too far, but too far to walk – on the map -follow the canyon down on the map – Not too far – but definitely too far to walk…. so don’t go too far down the canyons of the mountains… but you will need a vehicle – motorcycle is probably okay here… So now Number 4 – put in below the home of Brown- still haven’t quite figured that out yet….

  9. Has anyone figured out which one is Forrest and which one is Fenn?It appears as though the one on the right is reading something (probably clues!) that is upside down to the other.Obviously the one on the right is reacting to what is being read! Oh my gosh… the end

    • ken – the one on the left is sitting on his upside down paper, not reacting, pretending not to look at his clues (so the other one doesn’t notice and he can go get the treasure!)

  10. Did you know that African Grey Parrots can have a mutation called “Grizzles” That’s very close to “Grizzlies” and we all know how FF likes to spell things oddly.

  11. Fenn, Thanks so much for the Birds/’They are beautiful and remind me so much of my Heritage 😉 ;)You are a Good Man’ and you will not ever be forgotten, your Legacy will live on for many many years. my 4 yr. old walks around the house and in public saying his favorite Fenn phrase,” Take it in the canyon down”..LOL .. people look at us like we’re crazy and i just laugh. 🙂

    • Hi Alissa – I had a parakeet growing up and was always trying to teach it to speak. Maybe your little son would enjoy having one of those parrotlets as a pet? Maybe he could eventually teach it all of the words to Forrest’s poem? Here are some instructions I found online:

      Teach your bird a few lines of a favorite song. One fun way to encourage speech in your parrot is to try teaching him or her part of one of your favorite songs. Birds are naturally inclined to enjoy music, and many make this apparent by “dancing” whenever their owners turn up the tunes. To teach your bird a song, start out line by line and see how far you can build on it. Some birds have enjoyed these exercises so much that they’ve been able to learn entire songs note for note. Even if your musical tastes don’t exactly mesh with your bird’s, trying to learn a song together will be great fun for the both of you

      • Lisa, he prefers “bluejays”. when he sees one he gets so excited, but i showed him the birds and he said,” if those were my birds,” i would name them Dragon and Dinosaur because that one looks like it has “Fire” comming out of his butt..LOL 🙂

  12. hey look what are they doing there looking at clues there trying to figure out what kind of birds we are oh they better watch out they’ll start loosing there feathers. naa ” what do you mean look at me.

  13. I had a parakeet named Sky he was a pretty sky blue color – and we taught him to talk and say things like “Who’s a pretty bird?” Then he would get stuck on the last word and say it more than once with a lot of clucking and chattering. “Who’s a pretty bird, bird…..” Then we sort of teased him because he started saying bird twice, so we’d repeat “Who’s a pretty bird, bird?” and well, may be you already guessed, but he added on another bird – so he was chattering “Who’s a pretty bird, bird, bird?”

    • I had a parakeet that liked me to open my mouth so it could peck at my teeth. I also had a baby turkey and ostrich…they were best friends. It was so cute. We would volunteer at the nature center.

      • That’s so sweet! I do recall that mine pecked at my teeth too. He loved to take a bite of my toasted runny yolk egg sandwich too – he’ d lean off my shoulder and stretch really far to take a bite. Another thing he use to do was take some of his bird seed and plant it in the dirt of the potted plants, then when little stalks of green would grow he’d taste it with his tongue – so funny!

  14. Probably more like a stool pigeon….”A decoy”….just saying. Red feathers may also represent, Red Feather Lakes, in Colorado.. I’m not going there. I’m happy with the clues I already have.

  15. Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? What great talkers African Parrots are and how quickly they learn. Do you think Cindy is thinking that Forrest talks to himself about the treasure when no one is around and she’s hoping that the birds might overhear him?

  16. Forrest…you’ve got yourself two African Grey congo parrots! I used to have one myself named Paco…he was quite a talker. He mimicked the dog barking, the answering machine and every other noise he heard in his vicinity! Have fun with these guys…they have a lifespan of about 50 – 65 years!

  17. I’m fairly new to this hunt, so I have a question. Is Cindy Forrest’s wife? If so, then why would he say he was a “godparent”….wouldn’t he be a parent?

    • I have no clue who Cindy is. I think she’s just another searcher. Peggy is his wife…so it’s not her for sure. I think they were just joking around about the Godparent thing. I don’t think it’s official…I mean to make it official they would have to go to his church in the mountains hmmmm *realization of what Cindy is up to*

      • Hi Stephanie – so maybe it is a “The Godfather” movie reference….maybe Forrest is saying “I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse” in exchange for not telling anyone that you know where the treasure is located. Baptism of the little parrotlets at his church in the mountains would be nice too, though 🙂

  18. I knew some people who had some like those as pets. I have a cage but it isn’t ready yet. Does anyone know if Is it possible to introduce them in stages to their cage as I work on it or must it be done all at once usually?

  19. I’m not sure which thread to hijack with this info…guess the birds win till Dal maybe finds a better place he wants to put it.

    This just came in and I’m excited to put it out there. There’s a wonderful writer that has her own blog and she asks people 6 questions. If you don’t already know…she asked Forrest 6 questions as well as two of Forrest’s good friends…Suzanne Somers, and Doug Preston. Well, she asked Dal and I each to answer 6 questions and I’m excited to share them with anyone who might be interested.

    • Congratulations Dal and Stephani on the Six Questions interview in Mysterious Writings! I loved the questions and the answers were awesome! Dal, you really nailed it on Forrest. How cool. Now we have nine “clues” giving much insight about Forrest to ponder as well.You guys rock 😉 with Forrest as the Band Leader.

  20. Dal your six question interview was a polynomial one that was interesting and showed character . I can tell that Forrest has a friend in you that is hard to find in a life time. I was reading about a venture you took earlier in the hunt where you wanted to take a picture of a room that had some interesting history. I also think that you are one of the few . M.W.

    • Mark-
      Yikes…I had to look up polynomial..the education a guy can get from this blog is sometimes overwhelming. I got that picture and a head full of flies. You should stop and take a look at the Manby home…and the Manby Hot Springs…find the “F” in the cave and see what you think. If someone goes there, finds that rock carved “F” and locates the treasure directly below it, I will be one sad puppy…

  21. Dal i write of a story lets call it at the beginning I was working with a friend that was older than i by a couple of years when he talked me into buying a used metal detector. the metal detector was an older one that was kind of out of date but an older one. And a good one. The first time out after some time of searching we joined each other back at the truck When he asked me what i had found i showed him three coins a nickle and two pennies both clad . When he opened his hand I couldn’t believe it. He had about fourty coins about half of them were quarters. Boy did i feel inexperienced After awhile on those trips i started to catch up to the same amount of coins he had As time went by i started to double up on him He told me i had a natural nack for finding coins and i needed to leave some in the ground for him He quite going with me. Experience sure has a lot of credibility That was many years ago Now when i hear another coin shooter tell me a park is searched out I kind of smile and agree but i go back there because i know that there are still some keepers there. Its mostly searched out because a gazillion people have searched there but the best keeper is still there and i find it . I approached it from a different direction I know its there from experience and my gut instinct tells me there is still a good keeper there. When i ran my detector over it it didn’t give a good signal only a slight crackle I had been there before and hadn’t found it . When i went to dig it out i hadn’t gone deep enough when i found it i looked on the otherside and found a scratch that was there Sometimes you never find a keeper a lot of times you do happy hunting my friend M.W.

    • I get it Mark. It takes practice and patience and sweat to find things. Unless you’re lucky. Then it just takes a few short steps in the right direction so you can trip over it. 🙂

  22. Please let me know when the runoff reseeds . The snow is still in the shade and the grass has not started to grow I have to feed hay to my horses and I don’t know anyone we can trust to take care of them if we leave. I did that last year and came back to horses in bad condition. Will never do that again M.W.

  23. Research done on treasure hunting through the winter here in Montana has led to treasure hunting library with so many clues it can drive a treasure hunter half crazy I sure am glad spring is around the corner. cabin fever is hard on a person where the months of winter last so long. It’s time to get outside and breath in some fresh cold air to clear the cobwebs out of a persons head Thanks for all you have done to keep us posted M.W.

    • I’ve looked at the histories of the states in the Rockies and it’s amazing the amount of “treasure” that has been discovered in them! I’m in CA and the Empire Mine, which we just visited a few weeks ago, produced over 5.8 million ounces of gold! CO had a lot of gold too. 🙂

      • I know the Empire mine is not in the Rockies but, the “treasure hunt” got me interested in gold mining in our area too, besides all the treasures found in the states in the Rockies. 🙂

  24. Colorado does have its share of gold and silver. Silverton CO. has the history of one of the bigest silver production sites in the whole state. It also has a good amount of gold found during silver processing . There are several stories about lost mines in the area but like many areas in the north are under snow for a majority of the year . Therefor hunting for some of it would be restricted to the summer months . The mountains in that area are some of the most beautiful and majestic mountains there are Several of them reaching over ten thousand feet. All the drainage from the mountains there flow into the Animas river that runs south through Colorado to New Mexico and into the San Juan river That area was known to be visited by the Spaniards searching for the precious metals. The Animas river has excellent trout fishing both brown and rainbows and one of the few places that has golden trout. If visiting the area please be careful the river has many under currents and the Original name for it is the Rio de las animas meaning River of lost souls because of the people that have drown there. If visiting there be sure to check out the narrow gauge train that goes from Durango to Silverton the best time to take the train is in the fall because of the beautiful orange and yellows in the aspen trees when they change colors. M.W.

  25. there has been lots of comments about horseshoes of some kind can someone please tell me what the story is on that

    • Forrest paid $20 to learn how to make a horseshoe and there’s two “horseshoe’s or Omegas on the last page of the book. Someone just posted this on another site… “Associated” is in the TOP 1 % of words looked up today in the Webster on line dictionary

      I was one of them…..

        • *outside box* a horseshoe is like the Enchantment circle tour with an opening that shows 50 miles from the beginning(how far Donnie and him were in Lewis and Clark when they got unlost).

    • Hi Bill,

      Just wanted to tell you I like watching your videos, I am jealous that I am not as close to the Rockies and have as many opportunities as you do to enjoy them.

      Keep it up, hope you find the riches someday.

    • Oh, also wanted to say I have a 6 year old African Gray Congo. We call him Stewie, he knows a few hundred words already, been talking since he was about one year old. He says complete sentences now 🙂

      I know for the most part they simply repeat what they hear, but I think there is a lot of intellgence too. For example:

      + When I am putting on my shoes he will tell me “Cya later, come right back!” when he knows I am going out.
      + When the wife is coming home from work and he hears the garage door opening, he will say “Daddy, mommy is home”
      + He calls our dogs by name
      + He has the mouth of a sailor… not sure who was teaching him those words though 😀 LOL

      I will say this, it is cool getting up in the morning and having a pet talk to you, and say goodnight when I turn off the lights at night.

      You’re right, the congo has the largest vocabulary, I think the Timeh African Gray are second.

      • Togo tells me what the crows are talking about. Trying to get them to show me where Fenn put it. A dove did land in front of my car right by the dove in the crescent. It looked at me and flew towards the crescent.

        The sketches in TTOTC are the treasure maps!

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