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Okay…so this isn’t actually something Forrest sent. I just thought you might enjoy something different by Forrest. Some people think that The Thrill of the Chase is Forrest’s only book. In fact he’s written nearly a dozen. If you’ve got a copy of The Thrill of the Chase you know how beautifully designed, illustrated and printed the book really is.  My guess is that if you enjoyed Forrest’s memoir you’ll also like his book titled Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch. It’s a great read about Forrest’s good friend and prolific artist and writer, Eric Sloan. It’s written in the same style as his memoir and gives an intimate peek at an unlikely friendship between a New York City artist and a cowboy hatted gallery owner . Did you know that Eric Sloane and Forrest Fenn wanted to build a covered bridge but their wives wouldn’t let them buy a river?




This book can also be purchased from the Collected Works bookstore in Santa Fe.

Phone 505-988-4226 or on their website.

The more we know about the man who hid a fortune, the more likely we are to discover his hiding spot…









31 thoughts on “Scrapbook Twenty-eight…

  1. Dal,
    That’s what I have been emphasizing all along. That to know the man and the way he thinks is the fastest way to the treasure.

  2. You should see what all his books are doing on the secondary market…wow…glad I got the ones I did when I did…including Flywater which I think I paid $5 for. I got The Whoop of the Dance for $70…think Forrest said he saw it for $700 at one point….hmm you could buy a couple plane tickets for that *thinking*

    • Not rattles…they don’t mean a thing..just there to add balance to the photo. I put them there, not Forrest.

      • Thanks for responding. What are the two objects, I mistook for rattles? They are nice . Even if not associated to FF.

    • The San Lazaro book is not in that photo. I don’t know where it was that day but it should have been with the others. Maybe someone borrowed it.

      • I wasn’t sure if this was your collection or if this picture might have been taken in Forrest’s home.I didn’t word my question very well so I think you misunderstood me – but you answered it anyway. Thanks!

  3. Speaking of Eric Sloane…has anyone read his book, “A Reverence for Wood” (that last word sounds familiar, no?). Also, a couple of Sloane’s paintings that intrigue me are “Requiem – Sioux Burial” (anyone recall the word “Requiem” coming up on this blog recently?) and “Taos Church” (“go in peace” is something I’ve heard before at the end of a church service, so I found the tie-in to Taos interesting). There may be others that I’m not aware of…

  4. Whenever I meet a new person, I always look at the books they own(or lack of books) to try to get some insight about who they are. It seems important to also know what Forrest reads. Anyone know what type of books are on his shelves?

    • Forrest has what I would call two book collections. One collection is made up of books that he uses for reading and research. The other contains books that he collects. This is my classification, not his. He has books that appear to me to be priceless, one of a kind editions, in his collection. In the more common area his books are generally research books about Native American culture and tradition and ceremony, about early explorers and by early explorers. A few classics by Steinbeck and Hemmingway and probably others. I also witnessed the occasional paperback mystery on his desk…Doug Preston’s newest book is the example that comes to mind first. That’s about all I can say before the truth gets stretched into hearsay.

  5. Thanks Dal. I hope to send you photos of the lost lady and the special book we made for her. f

    • I’d love to see you books, but there are none at Collected Works and I can’t afford the ones on Amazon or Ebay! Maybe a library will have them so I can at least borrow them. 🙂

    • Hello Forrest
      Did you ever find the picture of the lost lady and the book you made for her?

      Thank You for the Thrill and all you do. A lot of people are having fun that they never would have had, if it were’nt for you and the chase.

      Happy Holidays to the Fenn Family and all those Familys touched by the chase.

  6. One of my favorite books is, Through Five Republics On Horseback, buy GW. Ray

  7. Hey Dal, I have tried to locate the book titled “seventeen dollars a square inch” and cannot find it on the CWbookstore. Any help?

    • one-
      I am looking into it. Last I heard they had plenty. Maybe there was a run on them. I saw some on Amazon a few minutes ago.

    • Interesting that the book about Eric Sloane is a different size than the others… Would have thought that the way Forrest is with lining up his forks he would have made them all the same size… Maybe he wanted it to stand out from the rest… A little tribute to Eric or maybe Eric just had a lot of paintings in landscape orientation… 🙂

      • Spallies
        Yes he has quite a few landscape size paintings in the book, It is a beautiful book and really shows what a fantastic artist Sloan was, I have a few of the Sloan books and it amazed me that The Book Forrest published made me appreciate Erics art work more than the Books Eric had Published himself.

        Forrest must have loved Erics friendship dearly because he sure did him a classy Tribute with his 17 dollars a square inch book.

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