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I received a nice letter today from a delightful woman in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jeannie. She said she was in the grocery store and looked at a bag of dogfood that weighed 20 pounds so she put two of them together to see if she could lift them (the treasure weighs 42 pounds) she said she couldn’t budge the two bags. Maybe that’s why a 79 year old man had to make two trips to hide the treasure. f



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  1. It was my understanding that the box alone was 42 pounds and as such, the total treasure weight would be considerably more. Is that incorrect?

      • Yeah. I bet that 79 year old man made two trips beacause on the first trip he had the 42 lb chest in one hand, one grandchild on his back, and another grandchild in his other hand. Then, ran back down, wrestled a 400 lb black bear and dragged it up the hill for the exercise and to show the kids.

        • Parks
          If forrest had put the 22 pounds in a well designed not cheap backback a 79 yr old fit person could go a couple miles on a trail pretty easily and this may have been what he did, or not. No one knows that until it is found.
          So what I am saying here is pick the best location that you can that matches most of the poem, go there and then see if you think he could have put the chest there. Looking on a map or google earth is not going to tell you.. How do you know that he maybe knew of an easier route into a dense forest like maybe thru a fire back road, you can’t, so this talking carrying talk to me is useless on wether or not how far he could go. He did put it somewhere though somehow.

        • I will say that I’ve spent a lot of time hunting and in the woods. One man I hunted with was 79 and I’ve watched this man drag 200lb deer for miles out of the woods and drag big wooden ladder stands through brush and swamp. I have no doubt Forrest can hike alot further than you think. 😉

  2. So Jeff was right about that. Funny he remembers what Forrest tells him two years ago, but forgets to remember my lettuce from the grocery store. I can’t lift that much…and I wasn’t wanting to open it right away if I found it.

  3. the weight of two bags of dog food is probably not a good comparison because of the bulk of the dog food. The bulk total of gold items are much smaller in comparison because of the density and weigh of the yellow metal. Therefor carried in a smaller container makes it easier to carry.. Although just as heavy.

      • Dal its good to see a light inside you that lights up. No harm intended It’s just natural for me to be that way. To set in my ways i guess Hard to change me and my personality If you would hurry up and go find that treasure I probably would not have much to talk about your friend M.W.

      • Dal
        For not knowing anything about blogs you have done a tremendous job. Thanks for creating it and you can’t post stuff that’s not going to be hit upon with all of the thinking going on here.
        As far as the silliness that is in the definition of what a blog is, so keep it up and don’t eat all that dog food at once cause it could make you sick.

    • I am interested in the thought that he did this in two trips of 20 Lbs each. I thought he said, and forgive me if I misquote this, “don’t bother looking anywhere an 80 year old man couldn’t go carrying a 42lb chest”. To me, unless I heard that wrong, indicates he carried the whole 42lb chest in there in one trip. I know people have gone on the thought of two trips based on the first two lines of the poem.

      • I’am 72 and can pack a 40 lb. backpack and do once a year above 9,000 ft. in col.
        I’am sure mr. Fenn could make a mile or two.

    • FF says that the weight of the treasure “maybe” the reason “why” it took two trips.

      Obviously peeps, it would have taken anyone at least two trips to hide the treasure. First trip to check out a potential hiding place. Second trip to take the treasure to the hiding place. I don’t think that FF would be running around with 21 lbs of treasure while checking out possible hiding places. But, as usual, anything is possible on this chase.

      Is this the first time that FF narrowed his age to 79 years old when he hid his treasure, or has 79 always been his age at the time. I was thinking 79-80.

  4. The problem is that the 2 twenty pound bags of dog food are long and unwieldy and would be much harder to tote than some thing that is compact. Even more so if you put the smaller item in a back pack to carry it. My son is just a little over 42 lbs and has been for over a year. If I pick him up sleeping and keep him laying sideways my arms get tired quickly. If I put him on my hip I can carry him much further before I start to tire. If I give him a piggy back ride I can carry him much further and once again it’s my arms that tire before my back and legs. I would guess that if I had to I could carry him several miles in one of those back pack things. Hopefully I won’t ever have to though. I can’t tell you how far I could actually carry him but I know I carried him on my shoulders at Mardi Gras Galveston a few weeks for over a 1/4 mile and I really wasn’t tired. Yes 42 lbs is heavy but disperse the weight correctly and it’s more manageable. Cut it in 1/2 and…

  5. 😯 Good Grief! I haven’t had time to figure out the birds and he’s putting out more clues.

    Where warm waters halt: Colorado Springs

    💡 Take the number of pieces of food (are these large bites or small bites) divided by the number of lines in the poem; divide that by the number of number of syllables in the poem and that should reveal the lat lon of waters high.

    • 😀 Goofy – When I read the story about the woman and the dog food last night I thought to myself…’Self you are mental!’ I read the dog bags and came up with I Am Healthy and Active but This Is No Country for Old Men…then we have Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair in Colorado Springs…:D Bugs Bunny’s version…I dream of Jeanie, she’s a light Brown Hare. As I said…MENTAL!!

  6. Oya, heavy is heavy. A 50 lb car battery is small and I still hurt days later from carrying it in the woods a hundred yards. Even if that battery was half its weight I wouldn’t have wanted it on my back.

    I encourage everyone to give it a go. Find a small object weighing 20 lbs and put it on your back. Then walk from one end of a football field to the other end and back. :).

    It might help you find the treasure!

    • I think that it is a matter of motivation and inspiration. I personally would be alot more enthused to backpack 40-50 ibs. of gold & gemstones a-n-y distance over a-n-y terrain than dog food, sand or a car battery. I’d get down right creative.

      – Babylon Slim

  7. Get a backpack that has a waist strap to distribute the weight. Glad I was a Boy Scout, we are always prepared. Yes, I am also Eagle Scout.

    In your pack you should have the following. Survival blanket, poncho, matches, rope, fishing line and hooks, flashlight, and 6 days of food per person. You can supplement your diet with berries and nuts and hopefully fish to extend your 6 days of food.

    If your caught outside your first thing to do is build a shelter, food at this point isn’t as important. Don’t get me wrong its important, but the shelter is your primary concern. Build your bed off the ground with pine straw or something to keep you off the ground, the ground steals your warmth.

    Poncho is also good for a tent.

    • Forgot that most of you will need a compass, since I just use my sewing needle for a compass needle I never carry one. I carry a sewing kit, which doubles for stitches if they are needed.

      If you wish to do what I do, you will need a needle, leaf and something to hold water. Sometimes you can leave out the leaf, but its much easier to use the leaf (called water tension). First you take your needle and rub it against wool, fill container with water, put needle on leaf, place leaf in water. It will point north.

  8. “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure,” I guess the treasure is still out there. Yea!

    • Well there goes my solution! It’s not among the heavy loads and water high under Mr. Brown’s outhouse. It won’t do any good to look quickly down and tarry scant with marvel gaze that hole. Back to square one! Darn.

    • The treasure is not associated with any structure. That does not mean that the chase does not involve structures. If you view ‘home of Brown’ as a waypoint, and not the final location, it still could be a structure.

      • Yes, I was thinking that too but he also says it is not “associated” with any structures. Taking that word in such way though may be too literal. I think he just used it in a loose manner.

    • Hi JP, Mr. Fenn has said, that the clues should be followed in the “exact order in which they are written” so, maybe it is only after we take “IT” into the canyon down, that we encounter the house of Brown.

      • Hi James, yes and maybe he meant the treasure’s final resting spot is not associated with any structure. Once again, our trickster is dancing and playing his flute!

    • Associated – if talking about material objects, such as wood, they would be JOINED . So if not associated, then they are not Joined or touching each other. ?I Guess?

      • The woman who wrote the email was from Colorado Springs – a clue maybe? Forrest is very cagey so who knows? 🙂

      • sure is possible.. i didnt think anything of it til you mentioned it cj… thanks for complicating my plan 🙂

      • maybe the delightful woman is Mrs. Fenn….I think they are going to kiss. Perhaps jest a jab at whomever thinks he may have lost his wife.

  9. Did he mean the final location is not associated with a structure or the entire hunt which would include the “home of Brown”….this is a VERY important distinction.

    • Yeah, I don’t know but that is a good question. I think he was being a tad funny and also saying don’t go around digging up property (federal or otherwise) or looking in abandoned structures.

  10. Dont lie to yourself people, Forrest hits the gym in his spare time and squat lifts 850lbs on the hack squat machine…………………. 😉

    • 850 pounds??? Oh, oh. He doesn’t do pushups…he just scares the earth away from him, and then charms it back, right? I certainly don’t want a guy like that made at me!

  11. Forest seems like he’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever read about A few years back I had growth on my thyroid I was sick and dizzy and crawled around on the floor for three days before a friend found me and took me to the hospital. I couldn’t even lift my coffee cup.

  12. For some reason the poem give the sense of the need to hurry up, wherever you may be when you spot the chest.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (Why quickly? What’s the hurry?)
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze, (Tarry Scant, meaning don’t hang around long)
    Just take the chest and go in peace.(Get it and get out of there)

    It’s no place for the meek.
    (Is it dangerous there? Are you trespassing? Will someone see me and tell me to get out of there?)

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    (What if I go in July? Will it still be cold? If so, am I standing in a cold creek, on a glacier, or in a wet abandoned mine? Is a mine a structure? A cave?)
    If you are brave and in the wood
    (In the wood or woods? A forest, or support timbers in a mine?)
    I give you title to the gold.

    • Hunts4deer,

      Hadn’t really given much thought to the “worth the cold” statement as it is pretty cold out right now and it just seemed like a given, therefore I hadn’t contemplated searching in the coming heat of summer. For that line to make sense even in the warm season, there has to be uncomfortable cold to endure, implying snow, snow runoff, or maybe (and I stress maybe) a deep cave. I think that you would have to be pretty far into a cave to encounter cold temperatures in the summer (way farther than the clues indicate to me the treasure is hidden), and I doubt Forrest has buried this chest in a glacier snow bank, so that leaves…a creek. Even in the summer, the water from melting snow would be 35 to 40 degrees and definitely uncomfortable. After your revelation kick-started my brain, I became more convinced than ever that the chest is in a driftwood or rock outcropping/depression along the bank of the creek (that you just didn’t have to paddle up)…probably only accessible by wading or kneeling in the frigid water. Thank you for the fresh perspective.

  13. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of places that the poem would describe to in the rockies north of santa fe One of those places that fit the description is pagosa springs colorado it has a hot spring there at the san juan river and the river comes from the high country north of there out of wolf creek pass .where warm waters halt would be a good description of the river there at hot springs Several of us stone masons would go relax at the springs after a hard days work on dan folgleburgs house when it was built in the blanco basin just outside of pagosa This might be a good place to search for the treasure. M.W.

  14. I’m a local outdoorsman and hunter who is very familiar with the wilds of northern NM, and most of the interpretations I’m hearing are way off from my ideas. You need a local coot to figure out an old coot.

  15. Dal, is Fenn including geological “structures” in his clue today? I now that it applies in geology as well as man-made. Heck, that would reduce the possibilities in the search areas. As tricky as Forrest is, I wouldn’t put it past him.

  16. dal
    i believe fenn is talking about a place in time ,of the out house of sorts ,this refers to a place in a general area and not neccesarily in the “woods”
    just a hunch!!!!!!

  17. Dal, is that Forrests’ photo or yours? If yours’ did he give any input on which to pic? Thnx

    • I have never been around Forrest on any kind of outing or hike. So I have no knowledge of what he might bring. My opinion is that he did not because the hiding place is very near where he parked…very near…

      • Which article in this blog talks about the hiding place being very near where he parked?
        Sorry, I couldn’t find it by searching.

    • dal wrote: My opinion is that he did not because the hiding place is very near where he parked…very near
      dal “old buddy” :), given that you have been acquainted with FF longer than anyone else here:
      Is there something, that you are aware of, about FF’s health or physical condition, at the time he hid the chest, that would possibly have prevented him from physically transporting the chest and contents for any distance;If he had wanted to do so.

  18. I guess I missed where it says it was close to where he parked too. I tried the link but it just took me to the main page and I don’t have the time to search right now. If that is true than the 2nd spot I had in mind was more likely than the 1st, but I thought it was less likely. As for carrying a backpack with 20 lbs I did an experiment on my hike last weekend and I filled my backpack up with stuff that I wasn’t likely to need to see how hard it would be for an overweight, out of shape, middle aged woman to carry. I’d guess that I had between 30 and 35 lbs of stuff in there. I know for sure there was over 25lbs. If I’d tried to carry it with my hands I would have left on the trail about 100 yards from the car. TOPS! On my back going down I noticed it, but not so much that I spent the entire walk thinking about it. Going back up it was much heavier feeling even though we were drinking some of the water and we ate an apple. Not sure the distance is accurate, but one site said it was 1.5 miles round trip. The trail was rougher than I expected and I twisted my ankle badly at the bottom so coming up would have been hard even without the extra weight. My 5 1/2 made the hike with me. I thought I posted the story, but I don’t see it under NM so either I posted it in the wrong place or it didn’t go thru. I’ve had so much trouble with internet and phone service over the last 2 weeks. I discovered a couple of days ago that I had a bunch of messages on my phone that I never got a notification about. I’m wondering if it’s because I was roaming. I am headed home tomorrow and I can’t wait to catch up on everything.

    • Sherif… Most times Dal supplies photos to stories Fenn sends him to post. I think this may be the case here as well.

        • It’s all good pdenver! As you know, these same things have been brought up many times, with the same answers. Next week…someone will bring it up again as if it was new intel. Have a nice day.

          • Thank you, ken. I hope you have a nice day, too. For each new searcher introduced to the Chase, there is always a chance it will be brought up.

      • Mr. Ken–

        It could be conformational bias, but I am seeing the same trend in many things. Maybe Dal would be kind enough to answer that question. Who supplied the photo?

        If I were going to take a picture of two bags of dog food….why take two different pictures? IAMS is pretty common brand but HI-TOR neo diet…I’m not sure where you could even find it. If you were using stock pictures to illustrate a point, wouldn’t you pick common well known brands for your audience?

        Then there is the unanswered mystery as to what happened to SB32. Dal doesn’t even seem clear on that. But I have information from secret agent Joe, that SB32 possibly refers to super bowl 32. Elway was quarterback….which ties together with IAMS dog food. IMO

        What a coincidence!

        1F Billy

        • Billy… the answer to the missing SB 32 is not a hint or clue that has anything to do with the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt. It was explained by Dal way back and has been beaten to smithereens over the ages here. Perhaps a kind note to Dal would shed some light for you. As for me… nothing but examples of 20# bags of dog food. Take care…

        • Back to SB32 again huh, Billy.
          Pretty sure Dal explained the mystery and lots of others have reposted.
          Enjoy your dog food for thought.

          • Jake–
            I’m kinda simple minded. So if you wouldn’t mind, please direct me to where Dal said exactly why there is no SB32. I am confused. I seem to recall that Dal wasn’t exactly clear on that either. I’m like an hour drive from Missouri, so–show me…


          • Jake–

            Thank you for supplying Dal’s explanation. I found it enlightening. Poor Dal….32 being a “SACRED” number to him and all….and less than a year later he couldn’t remember why 32 wasn’t there…..must be Alzheimers. IMO ie..

            dal on October 12, 2014 at 7:15 pm said:
            I don’t remember what happened to 32 anymore..but most likely I just skipped a number by accident…”

            Next time Dal puts me in jail, I hope he doesn’t forget where he put the key or the bread and water…Now I’ve done it. I’m likely to be in solitary playing solitary..IMO


          • Convict Billy-
            I hate answering the same questions over again and again simply because some folks are too lazy to read the entire blog from start to finish and take notes…
            If I had read your comment before Jake there would have been a completely new answer to that question…

      • Ken-
        You are correct about the pics on many posts from Forrest…Certainly not all. I did supply the dog food photo..Forrest had nothing to do with selecting those photos…
        He may have suggested I find a photo of a sack of dog food…but there were no specifics and he did not see the photo until after I put it in the story..

        • Warden….

          I know.. the very next SB submission you recieve from Mr. f, why don’t you number it SB 32 with an asterisk? That way all this controversy will go away and the innmate won’t call you a stoge behind your back.

          When is my parole hearing?

          1F Billy

    • Hello Sherif Billy. On March 28, 213 at 12:19 p.m., searcher Tim asked the following:

      “Dal, is that Forrests’ photo or yours? If yours’ did he give any input in which pic?”

      With this, I’m not sure if the two different bags of dog food can be answered at this time. Over the years, Dal has chosen most if I recall correctly. It’s been a long time since I read this scrapbook, but don’t recall reading responses. I love the responses from searchers, “parks, Indy, and Ronald Planesi”. I had a good giggle afterwards.

  19. Bueno…I may be loca but it looks like there is flash photography on the Hi-Tor bag and the Iams photo looks like a stock picture…Dal are you sure you supplied both pictures?

    I swear I can almost see a face under the OG….maybe I am loca lol.

  20. I think that Forrest Fenn was carrying treasure in a backpack, because it’s more convenient, and I think that it didn’t go too far from the parking lot and to hide the chest.

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