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  1. I was in the Yellowstone area this past weekend. While some of the roads are open and driveable, there is too much snow and, more importantly, ice on the trails above about 6000 feet to make a reasonable search of any area. Unless you are certain that the chest is in a raised location or below this elevation, I would suggest waiting for a thaw later this Spring.

    • I second that. I had 6 ft snow banks blocking my path as I drove past West Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago.

    • I know it would vary from year to year, but about when do the trails clear up? It is a small box, it wouldn’t take much snow to hide it .

    • Just posted on Google maps:
      Winter Storm Warning in New Mexico

      Active for next 1 day, 12 hoursLocations: East Slopes Sangre de Cristo Mountains; Jemez Mountains; Northern Sangre de Cristos above 9500 feet, Red River; San Juan Mountains; Southern Sangre de Cristos above 9500 feet; West Slopes Sangre de Cristo Mountains
      NM Hunters be careful

  2. Quicky from Cimarron canyon: clear creek trail is clear to hike first mile. Downed trees and winter blow disown obstruct last leg to first falls. Corderoy steps dangerous with widow maker over-hang and exposed rerod and ice pack making steps nail biting crawl up. Ground breaking on narrow cliff trail beyond makes trail ” not for the meek”. First falls are frozen solid. Wait another month. No trail maintenance until June 7.

  3. Cimarron Canyon Maverick Trail: Today we traversed the low dry creek bed of Maverick Creek hoping to reach the water falls. Two days ago we hiked up the logging road to see some pretty amazing rock formations and “hidey” places. Rest easy. We didn’t find any treasure and todays hike proved equally fruitless. We never reached the falls as monstrous granite boulders the size of a small house filled the creek bed along with huge blow down trees. Taking the creek bed is an effort in bouldering and traversing steep slippery grade of pine needles and dead wood. Another “not for the meek” trail. Bears are soon to be waking and they will be hungry. Carry a big stick and make lots of noise if you trek anywhere in bear country. Maverick Creek trail going up the old logging road is fairly easy unless you don’t like steep elevation, the views are insanely beautiful. The incline is great, but manageable. The road is a bit rocky and can be unstable so watch your step anyway. Found a working headlamp someone left on the ground. I was thinking about buying one for the trip. Guess I don’t have to now 😉 Weather is sunny, cool breezes, didn’t see any snow pack in Maverick, but it IS bear country. Enjoy and I hope this helps you out if you go.

    After hiking this trail we asked ourselves the million dollar question: Would Forrest have gone here? Answer: No

    • It took me two years to discover this clue thank you for saving me s four hour drive. Karen from Detroit

  4. JERK ALERT!!!! A few days ago we hiked into the Clear Creek area in our attempt to get to the first falls (see earlier Clear Creek Trail update). There was only one hiker who went before us….some dude from Wisconsin driving a grey volvo with smashed headlight and a leaking gas tank (I could smell gas). Apparently, “Dude” likes Pabst Blue ribbon and decided to bring a six pac for his hike. No problem there, but DUDE!!! You left your EMPTY CANS ON THE TRAIL!! That is a huge NO NO. Yeah, we packed out your stinking beer cans. There wasn’t a shred of paper, cigarette butt or ANYTHING in those beautiful woods other than YOUR NASTY BEER CANS….grrrrr….and frankly, if I catch up with you on the trails your backside will be meeting up with my bear stick….AND IT IS BIG. Pack it in, Pack it out, DUDE!

  5. Not trail specific, but I was about 20 minutes north of Santa Fe in Espanola today for work. I noticed that the Taos ski resort, they call it ski valley and I don’t know why, has a good powdering, probably at 7000 ft and up. Not everywhere on the mountain range though. Looks like a few clouds dumped a little snow here and there. It looks like they got 3″ yesterday or last night. There is snow on the peaks, much higher, but today was absolutely beautiful in Santa Fe. Sunny and warm, no snow. Spring is finally here. That could change tomorrow though. This is New Mexico.

  6. I was in New Mexico, the Weekend of April 5, In the Red River area and Jemez Mountains. In Red River, the base snow is melted and all the roads are open, but be careful, Mapquest and Google on Forest rd 134 mis-named Machette rd as Midnight. If you follow the signs to Midnight, you will find snow, deep snow. As far as the latest weather, check videos at

    As far as Jemez, NM is concerned, FR 144 is open, but has deep snow 7 miles down, FR 376 is closed because of a large fallen rock.. Valles Caldera National Preserve is open and ready to roll.

    I you are planning anything in New Mexico, Check the temp and it’s time to Rock and Roll. Check out my search reports at

    Good Luck,

      • Dal, Thanks for asking.
        I found personal treasured memories, and inner-strength, but I did not find any gold. Red River, as JP explained, is a beautiful area.
        I believe there were other searchers althought they kept thier secrets well. I would expect that the squeaky clean mecedes I passed on the dusty gravel, snow ladened Forest Rd 134, was a searcher. We passed with a hearty wave and an unspoken, ‘Tag, your it’.

        Now Where?

  7. Thanks for all the info…but everything said times it by 3. 3 years of snow, 3 years of leaves, 3 years of dust and dirt, 3 years of rain. Let’s hope the darn thing didn’t sink in the mud.

  8. Hey all I have been following for sometime. lurking in the background reading studying and mapping. Let me ask, if FF does not care for government organizations what leads everyone too think that he would have placed the treasure on or in a national forest and or on State land. I think he is smarter than that I think he would not want his treasure ever having to been given up to a state or national organization! Thoughts please.. He has given this years of thought I think those of you searching in Nat Forests and state lands are spinning your wheels. Please share your thoughts

    • Hi Travis & Happy 4th!

      I was recently looking into a National Monument that’s managed by the BLM but the land on which is sits is owned by a non-profit “historical society” who purchased the land from a private owner. So it is private or public land?

      It reminded me of a remark that FF made in an interview once. I don’t recall which interview or his exact words, but it was in response a question about whether the chest was on public land and his reply was something like: “It will be fun to redefine what is considered public land when it is found”.

      I wish I had the time to look up where this came from today, so since I don’t have a concrete link to it, please take this as only my recollection and not as fact. I’ll try to follow up with better info later on.

      in any case, I do agree with you that he wouldn’t want “Big Brother” getting their greedy hands on it and he has said “I’ve thought of everything” so maybe that statement includes this aspect as well. Only time will tell.


        • Well that is as vague as his poem. Lol. I have been searching the last 3 days north of tous on BLM land am begining too think this might not be where he would have put it. Questa area I have about 3 more viable spots too search on Wed then headed back too the drawing board?

    • Hey Travis : my feeling is a millionaire putting a million dollars gift out there -like any million dollar investment- didn’t do so without first consulting an expensive lawyer. 1. He didn’t leave a gold mine, nor a sack of gold, he left an antique box , His box, that is specifically from a time/culture/place that could NOT have been in the Rockies. There’s no way NPS or BLM can claim “that was already there”.
      2. It’s Fenn’s personal property, like if a millionaire hiker lost a very expensive watch. You can pick it up. The poem in fact is a “lost” flyer: the hypothetical millionaire is asking for help in finding his watch. Additionally /actually, he’s said there’s a reward for return of 1 bracelet in the trove : if he decides to reward me (with a box of gold) for finding his bracelet, that’s not illegal. At all – lost & found rewards aren’t regulated.
      3. He chose to put wording in the poem that legally declares the gold a trove and grants title transfer. “Troves” have completely different rules, left over in some cases from mine stake eras- and this could help protect legal right further.

    • One more thought;
      4. Those familiar with law school might know this one– there are certain areas of the US where jurisdiction is in question to the point where legal scholars still don’t have an answer: law students ate challenged with questions like “how would a crime here ever be tried?” & “if a jury could never be raised, the bill of rights rights couldn’t be fulfilled, right?”
      Ok. Fine.
      …two of those jurisdiction ‘no man zone’ areas are in Yellowstone

  9. I just found this site a few days ago. We have lived in Montana for almost two yrs now. Wish I’d known about this treasure then and not just recently. But the first Yellowstone snow was the 19th. Dunraven pass in Yellowstone and Beartooth pass were closed temporarily but opened by noon. At this time where we are there is no snow, but tomorrow they are expecting snow for us and for higher elevations. I see you posted on the 15th so this is a little late.
    By the way, hello to everyone looking forward to hunting some treasure!

  10. I think this is somewhat Trail Condition related: access and parks and NWR areas are all about to lock up.

    The government shutdown, if that indeed happens again, would affect the Dept of Interior to a severe degree, and therefore, many treasure hunters’ plans:

    58,765 on-the-ground DOI workers would be furloughed.

    ” All areas of the National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Systems would be closed and public, access would be restricted. [!!!]
    also: …The Bureau of Land Management would terminate all nonemergency activities on the public lands. The scientific work of the U.S. Geological Survey would be halted or conducted in a custodial manner. Only those activities needed to respond to emergency situations would be conducted by the Office of Surface Mining. … Most activities at Bureau of Indian Affairs agency, regional and headquarters offices would be suspended. ….

  11. Dal…you moderator you! dal how did you miss it.
    My mom…God rest her soul…had a saying.
    When you get to the window to make your bet…don’t change your mind and bet another horse.

    • Mark-
      Your email is a fake and you use many different IPs. Maybe you have a lot of computers or maybe you comment from a library where you get assigned a new IP every once in a while…I don’t know. The last IP you used was already on moderation. Used by someone who was annoying on this blog. If you want unmoderated access to this blog you need to supply a working email address and you should direct your personal messages to my email rather than as a comment on this blog, and you should not use the IP you last used.

  12. After looking at some web cams in WY and MT, it looks like there is at least 3-4 inches of snow in some areas at the 6500 foot level and maybe even lower. The hunt may have to wait until spring for me, unless we get some warm weather in the Rockies. 🙁

  13. dal…sorry but I just saw your reply above…
    Plz believe me when I say your mistaken on that email thing….I don’t have any other addresss….this is an android…same phone # for many years.
    No library…or fake anything.

    Also plz believe me when I say sorry for being annoying…I didnt realize!

    Lastly, the above comment I made was in regards to you hunting in NM., and wasn’t well said. It wasn’t meant to be offensive…

    I didn’t mean to other anyone…Happy Day!

    • Yep android seems to have many issues when trying to access blogs. I cant access chasechat at all on mine. Also anything that has lots of bandwidth, forget it. Oh well, lesson learned new computer next year. 🙂

      • I just figured out I can access after I downloaded the firefox app a couple days ago.

        As for typing on a phone….I kept talking to this one friend and it would spell correct something I was saying to her all the time and it looked like I was calling her a “rag”. I’d always cringe when I realized what I had done and tried to explain….after the dozen times I did it, she probably gave up and just thought I really did mean it. Looking back…maybe the spell check knew something I didn’t lol…..

  14. Ya deb I live in the wiifi.
    My android is my connection to the world.
    No Chase Chat here either.

    Fortunately the guy who runs this site does an amazing job….grin.

    I do miss hearing from others at Stephanies site though…like yourself…smiles.

    • Mark I miss you!! Hope I make it to Santa Fe and we can meet up. Try and download Firefox on your phone and see if you can get on there. It worked for me and it’s really easy to use the way the app formats it.

      • I was wondering why I couldn’t access chasechat….. So I downloaded the app. Now I can join you!!!

        • Yeah!! Lots of treasure chat there. Dal needs to come more often to chasechat, but he’s too busy sending me sweet gifts….like the “gps tracking” good luck charm he suggested I keep in my trunk.

          Just wait till he sees the real present he has coming in the mail. Dal…I want an 8 X 10 glossy when it arrives. Both sides. That will make sense when your deserted island gets it’s once a year mail delivery.

          • Hey-
            That was a very thoughtful gift. If you’d ever gotten lost in the wood I would have been able to tell the authorities precisely where the trunk of your car was at. As it is now, all I can tell anyone is where the Chicago landfill is at.

            And stop picking on the mail service here on my little island. Mail day is a big, important day here. I should be getting all my birthday cards from last April in this delivery.

  15. Ok I’ll try firefox…and hi to you. yep…Santa Fe sounds great….I’m wondering what’s up with the trails…
    My first spot is private property…I think…
    But my second spot….maybe not so much?
    I’ll try Chase Chat again….smile.

  16. Its been snowing in Taos with more expected tonight. They believe this storm will expand to other northern mountains including Pecos and Jemez.

  17. Oh no. I was going to try and go up there if I make it to town for the book signing. Ok…where’s the book signing after party at instead? LOL…no, I better not…..Thanks for the update Deb. Are you going to the book signing? Let me know if downloading Firefox helps get you to with your phone. I’ll be curious to know if it works for you also and I hope you are able to come hang out and chat there. We need more girls.

    • Im going to try to get to the book signing.
      I will keep you posted on weather, its New Mexico the snow probably wont last! lol
      Our motto is, just wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.

  18. Hey ladies…folks,
    Just watched an episode of Kit Carson and El Torro!
    They were protecting a little girl and her father’s gold mine from claim jumpers…his nname was Joe Brown…I swear.

  19. Hi…in regards to the trails…I heard while watching the news…the recreation areas could be open by thursday….???

  20. Love is in the air…
    Ok…but I am excited.

    I was thinking about my last trips to NM…
    My first trip to Nambi Falls below Nambi sewage plant. The HOB was closed…still haven’t seen the falls.

    The de Chimayo, was awesome…but I had no wwwhs.

    Abiquiu…and Georgia okeeffe were next…that went badly…still hadn’t explored abiquiu dam, El Rita, and the Echo Ampitheater. work still in progress.

    Last time I was afraid to stop between Eagle’s Nest…and Red River with all the cops and bikers…so I had to take an another route…I’m sure way out of the way up the bull of the woods. Instead of cops…fresh bear tracks…you could smell them.
    The Red River fault trail was packed with bikers as well.

    This time government shutfowns and snow…
    And yet. Im excited!

    Meeting people and the book signing sound fun…and too
    I have four or five…places yo check…
    1. I liked Dawson..just below Raton…Harvey Brown the ol 49. stag.
    Heck I liked lake dorothy and Sugarite springer and the canadian.
    2. I like the Red River Fault trail and The Gaudalupes…power lines and the river.
    3. Mines and lost lakes on Wheeler. The Gold Hill and Aspens. The Black Mesa.
    4. Cloud cover said not to leave out Farmington and Aztec.
    Farmington to Folsom.
    5. My favorite…although…I don’t know if any of hundreds of thousands of combinations to this lock will ever be found….is….the story of the Colfax County Gold
    Now that my friends is how to tell friends your thoughts!..
    Mark H.

  21. Unless…and I’ve always wondered…if f went to the Chimayo when he was sick? If wwwhs wasn’t the hot spring the spanish filled with dirt??? then the Pocito could be the HOB…thetr is also a creek brlow it…just say n.

  22. Also…and I’m srry I forgot to say would love to discuss any of the above locations…from mummies to hair curlers….salt caves to hill tops covered with Sat towers…
    Mark H.

  23. All interesting ideas Mark, and each probably corresponds to a lost treasure too I bet. Funny how many lost treasure stories are out there, I had no idea. Have a safe trip!

  24. Mark, sorry was out having dinner with my daughter. Dont get to spend much time with her.

    You can always check the weather underground for weather in your search area. Then you arent dependant on if we are around.

    Safe trip, and best of luck to you!

  25. I understand about kids…I have 5…
    None have time for dear old dad…smiles.
    On the weather apps…its better first hand….last may…3 apps said 48 and smooth…snowed 12 hours straight…
    I appreciate your time…see ya at the show.
    Mark H.

  26. I have traveled across states where mobile phone dead areas seem to occur. It is my understanding that part of the problem lies with the specific mobile phone carrier that you use and the location you are in. The interstate highway system seems to be well covered, but getting to more isolated areas coverage is sometimes reduced or nonexistent. Have many people that search “off road” from Montana to New Mexico encountered these mobile phone dead zone areas where safety might be an issue?

    • ‘ Breaker breaker good buddy , there’s never a bear where you need one. ‘

      ie There are other methods of staying safe besides cell phone. I personally prescribe to the same one to which the boyscouts have, forever: Be Prepared.

      Safe hunting!

    • Specifically Don Johnson; there is Verizon & AT&T service along most of I90 in MT between Missoula and Livingston. Highway 89 into Gardiner & Yelliwstone, not so much. Gardiner and Mammoth have weak but viable service. Once you head towards old faithful though, both carriers drop out unless you’re in the immediate area (1 mile or less) of one of the villages (Norris, Madison, & Old Faithful). Hope that little bit of MT and WY intel helps!

      Also by the way : snow in Butte and Bozeman this week, and decent snow in the SW park, from about 5 miles north of Norris, down thru Junction, and a little near OF. Some pretty big plow banks alongside the road, and PLENTY cold at night.
      Also, (this is unconfirmed, but rumors I heard in Livingston) several parts of the grand loop were closed again due to snow.

  27. Yep and with less people out in the winter it can become a life threatening situation very fast.

  28. Has anyone been out lately in Northern NM? If so, what is the snow condition like?

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