Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part one



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832 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part one

  1. I have an idea of where to ‘start’ with ‘where warm waters halt.’ I believe that I have solved the meaning of “put in…….” — it’ll be a matter of going there Saturday, getting out of my car at the right spot, and being wise enough to ID the blaze…..can’t know until I get there but it’s exciting all the same.

  2. Has anyone considered the seven bells that Mr. Fenn buried, I suspect that he would have chosen similar locations to hide them. I think it’s possible that someone could stumble upon one, I suspect there’s probably the F blaze as well.

    • James where did you find the reference to there being 7 bells? Seven being what I am wondering about?

      • The one thing forest fenn said in an interview was that you could not stumble upon the treasure you would have to know exactly where the treasure is before you go and get it.

    • Hi Stephanie, Not sure, I did make a suggestion to Dal, about the possibility, of having a sort of OT section, where people could share thoughts, other than the nine clues or poem. I think Dal, might have been close to a bell. And I think the scrap books, contain clues, to both the chest and the bells. James

      • James-
        I have been very close to a bell. So has Stephanie. In fact, I picked a couple of them up. He has some that are not buried yet in his office. Those are the ones I’ve played with.

        Why do you think I have been near a bell? I assume you mean a buried bell…

        • Hi Dal, Off topic.

          I know you don’t search the area’s I search . But me and the family are heading to yellow stone this summer for a vacation , not a hunt. But, if you were to be heading to yellow stone, me and the kids would love to buy ya dinner. Plus I’m still hoping F will let us meet him and get a autograph and who knows , maybe ‘ll buy a painting from him . If he’ll let me … =)

  3. Thank you Dal for trying to organize the blog. hopefully everyone will use it appropriately, which help us all in staying focused on the Chase.

  4. I don’t think I will search again. Personally believe this should be stopped. The damage being done by people searching is very bad. I have seen damage at most places I have been in search of the treasure. How can places of historical significance be protected when people are destroying them in a search for a treasure.

    A lot of people don’t have respect for the places they search. I have seen holes in the ground even not covered back in, trash. Holes cut in old timber supports. This is so wrong. I never damaged anything, we picked up others trash, respected property.

    I will say we have had a great time together searching, hiking the back country to reach places. We went on a 8 mile hike and had a wonderful time together just enjoying the sights of the country side. During this week we made many new friends, and seen some really great places that I had never seen even when I lived here.

    Sorry if you don’t agree with me, but I am not here to be agreed with.

    • Hi Jim, I’m from the Midwest and honestly…I never even thought about the need to fill in a hole before or that anyone would have an issue with me digging one. Not that it’s not common sense….We all have to learn somewhere and I don’t think it should be stopped, because of those reasons. Why not use it as a teaching tool. I’m sure all the people familiar with being out West and enjoying the landscape had to learn those things. I don’t really have a solution to the obvious disregard for property like the trees and trash. I’m glad you spoke your mind here though…hopefully someone planning to go out there will hear you. I hope you change your mind about going back out…besides the negatives…it sounds like you had some real special times. Stephanie

      • We had a great time. I don’t have a problem with people digging holes, my problem is that they don’t fill them in. I agree with Forrest that we should be able too, since it belongs to all of us. They hide it under dirt and allow no one to see it. We filled in about 15 holes in various spots.

        If people would respect the lands and remember that we all have the same rights to it. The timber wasn’t a tree, it was supports for a structure. I have great respect for the lands. That is why I am teaching my son that even though its not our trash, we should pick up some on every trip. If everyone picked up some maybe one day we wouldn’t see any. Plastic is man’s worst invention for every day use, meaning drinks and such. It’s too disposible and a waste of oil to produce.

        • Jim, if it’s no secret, where were you looking? No need to be too specific. 🙂

          Do you think the holes you were filling in were from people searching for FF’s treasure?

          Thanks for picking up trash and teaching your kids to do it too. I pick up others trash also. We all need to do a better job of taking care of our environment. We almost had our house burned down by some idiot flicking his cigarette butt out his car window.

        • I completely agree with the necessity of filling in holes. It’s too easy for a human or animal to step in one and either twist an ankle or break a leg. That’s why they hate holes in farm and ranch country. If you dig them, please fill them back in!

    • This is why it’s illeagal to dig on federal and most state lands.
      Get enough people, each one digging one or two holes will do a lot of damage to the landscape and natural vegatation.

      • I’ve heard one way to not be destructive (and save time) is to use a thin steel rod to poke the ground in the area of interest. Contact with anything interesting like metal or glass can then be detected by the feel/sound.

      • Brian, that’s a great idea. Earth that has been disturbed by burying something in it will easily be penetrated by a rod or walking stick and I don’t think that be illegal.

        I really don’t think the treasure is buried and if it isn’t, I wish Forrest would say so in his next clue on the Today show. I know he said don’t dig under any outhouses and the treasure was not associated with any structures, but that is not the same as saying “don’t dig anywhere, the treasure is not buried”. Many people who are not educated in the rules and regulations of Federal and State lands can, and will, do a lot of damage to our parks. I really don’t want to have anyone digging in the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, or any of the parks, looking for the treasure or even arrowheads. However, I don’t see anything wrong with picking something up off the ground that is easily visible to the naked eye, perhaps hidden behind trees, rocks, bushes etc, and in this regard I think the government is being a little heavy handed and unreasonable in their recent statements regarding Forrest’s treasure. With the recent attitudes expressed by some government types about the treasure, why would anyone want to let them know if it was found on Federal or State land? I know I wouldn’t! 🙂

    • Oh I agree with you. I’m sure that’s why Forrest wont say it’s buried. Can you imagine the destruction from all the digging without really knowing where it is?

  5. If there’s an issue about ownership, depending on the land where it’s found:
    return the “lost” property to its rightful owner, Forrest Fenn; he will take his bracelet he wants back, and reward the finder with the remainder of the treasure? He did say he wants the finder to come see him.

  6. It seems to me that Santa Fe and it’s northern surroundings are going to be crawling with people… and soon, as well as other areas of the Rocky Mountains. When you find the treasure, you’re going to have to be EXTREMELY cautious about secreting your find; I’m having visions of being shot, or robbed at gunpoint. Convinced it’s a short walk from a parking place, the idea of keeping a wheeled cooler (as someone suggested FF may have used to carry it to its hiding place) filled with empty pop cans – to hide the chest under on the way out – in your car might be a good idea.

    I don’t think the kind of person who would rob a fellow treasure hunter would have read through Dal’s blog much and, therefore, would not see this post. However, if you see me carting my cooler out there, please don’t ask for a cold one!

  7. On yet another subject… I happened across a rule in New Mexico about using metal detectors on some sort of land. Can’t remember whether it’s national forest, BLM or what. Are dowsing rods considered a metal detector?

  8. The treasure is HIDDEN, not buried. No need to dig. The holes are a result of the treasure hunt?

    • But, but, but… dowsing rods can and will pick up above ground. My take on dowsing is… You must BELIEVE. I actually own a rock (a gift due to playing Farkle”) painted sorta gold, with the word “Believe” painted on it. I carry it with me everywhere, and get the rolled eyes, but, guess what, it works! You gotta BELIEVE!

      Therefore, when we’re (me and my family) are on the hunt, I will have my rock in my pocket, and concentrate on what we’re searching for.

      Told you I’m crazy already, didn’t I????

  9. Speaking of metal detectors… I’ve never used one. I just found out that a favorite spot had been gone over with a metal detector in the last couple of years and I’m wondering if it’s still worth searching.

    I know the chest COULD have been missed, but I need to make a decision on this spot. Can anyone tell me:

    What is the range of a detector?

    If the chest is 2 feet or more off the ground and the person is only sweeping the ground, would the chest be detected?

    If so how high must it be to not be detected?

    Will the detector respond to the bronze exterior or will the bronze prevent the gold inside from being detected?

    Is there any kind of “covering” that would prevent the chest from being detected if the detector was within 2 feet?

    This is a real bummer! Thanks for any help you can give.


    • On an object the size of the chest you may detect it up to 16 inches deep or so…Metal detectors typically don’t go much deeper than 12 -14 inches…

  10. Lets just see, I was a Boy Scout and have enjoyed all the different adventures this has brought out of me. So far I have made 4 trips to the desert, taken 3 hikes up in the mountains, and used my new metal detector to find several bullet casings and shells, no gold have not even used a shovel. Just picked up a nearby rock and scraped the ground to find these junk treasures (my gold).
    After 27 years of hard labor and busy work, I have spent more time outdoors truly enjoying myself in the last 2 months and reliving long forgotten times in my mind among nature and fresh air than all the costly outrages “vacations” in those same 27 years. Government can’t stop it as much as they would like to.
    Even sitting here reading the blogs and google, bing map searching for the spots I think hold the treasure, I get carried back to my youth and desire to go out again. I have gotten 3 kids off there smart phones and computers, games and nonsense. They all had fun taking pictures in places they would never have gone. Not to say that they haven’t uploaded their favorites upon our return to the electronic home front but they still got sunburns, scratches, I think they might have even broken a sweat out there. One even slid down the face of a water carved granite ledge (took her 45 mins to get the courage up) and I was with her the hole time but she did it almost by herself and managed to climb back up solo. Another daughter caught a frog and the boy became king of the spring cave. We took pictures on the side of the mountain lying on rocks at such an angle it almost looked like we were flying over the valley below. How much is a silly little memory like that worth.
    I think Mr. Fenn knows exactly how much that’s worth but he could only afford a treasure chest and some trinkets.

  11. Just a note metal detectors are illegal to use in state and federal parks. Please check local, state and federal laws to keep yourself out of trouble.

    • Just had a conversation with someone about this. I think the plan is to carry an old engraved with their name watch with and toss it on the ground if a ranger comes by…it’s legal if your looking for something. Not saying I’m doing it…the idea just might have slipped from my lips lol. I mean some of us can’t bend over to look under a million bushes…..

      • Interesting idea and logical too. I have sites ready to explore and believe me if I happen to be the lucky one to find the treasure when asked where I found it my reply will be…”Follow the clues in the poem and figure it out yourself.”

  12. @CJinCA

    Sorry for the slow response, we were flying and its hard typing on a Ipod. Arrived home and cleaning up and getting my son ready to go back to his mothers, and I was exhausted from the flight.

    We went around the Snake River, and were visiting friends from when I lived there 30 years ago. I believe some of them were dug by people searching, maybe they were looking for artifacts.

    The trails were good, people friendly and helpful. Went on three hikes in varying lengths with the longest being about 8 miles. Fishing wasn’t as good as I had hoped, we just caught about 8 bass which were still very small, good day for catch and release.

    We got a lot of pictures, my son took about 600, and I took about the same. I sure love the digital age of cameras. I started with a Canon Ftb, then Canon A1, and F1. Now I use on trips the Canon 300d. Still have the Ftb, losts the others in Katrina. But with digital you get to see if you like the picture first and new programs out there for adding effects is awesome.

  13. How does Mr. Fenn know for sure that the treasure has not been found. Well, here is one way to do it.


    We’ve already seen night pictures of wild animals taken in his backyard so he is familiar with this technology. As a consequence, assuming he does use this method, the treasure must be in range of a cell tower. That would mean it can’t be located in too remote of an area, and it can’t be down in a deep ravine or canyon.

  14. A topic was suggested on the nine clues thread about how one would arrive at their spot. And it got me thinking… How many of you will physically follow the clues from WWWH to the blaze? Based on what I gather from comments and ramblings, it seems that most people just drive straight to the end. Do we think that Forrest constructed the clues so this would be possible? Are we short- circuiting the system? Perhaps the ‘wise’ thing to do is to follow the clues precisely as written so as not to miss a critical instruction in defining the blaze.

    • Excellent point, I would wager that well over 90% of the searches so far have taken a shortcut directly to the destination (dartboard estimate at best, I will agree), maybe our shortcuts have bypassed an important key to the chest along the route…hmmmm

      • Scott,

        I’m flying out to Colarado Sun night (from Delaware!). I do believe your great state holds the trove…

      • BTW, I hope your spot/spots aren’t too high…we just got 4 1/2 feet of snow in much of the 9000+ foot areas…avalanches are a distinct possibility, be careful!

    • @Hemmingway – BINGO! As I stated before,,,Finding Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove will be like grabbing your keys driving over to your local walmart and buying some milk and eggs. It will be that easy! And like I also said; anyone who claims they have solved part of the Poem is simply guessing for if he knew any clue within the Poem the others would immediately come into view like a domino effect. Atleast this is my opinion.

      • Hi jen, I think a good strategy would be to carry a copy of the poem, start the search at the beginning, and then tear that stanza off and throw it away, find the next point, tear that stanza off and toss it ect. James

  15. Wow, $bill. That’s amazingly thorough. When FF closed his gallery in 1988, he sold it, didn’t he? Do you think he kept an interest in it – like a share?

    • Sorry Becky, that would be a dal question. I have no idea, but I have a feeling that he might have just closed the gallery to the public and sold many items; but, he and Peggy might still live where it was.

      • Good morning PTN. Thanks for the birth date. dal informed me last night about the incorrect year and he might pull the timeline so that I may correct it; or, he might just let it go now that you pointed out the correct year of FF’s birth. I am curious where you found it, I hope it wasn’t in his book, I would feel stupid for not buying the book. No comments about being stupid please. LOL

      • Thanks PFW, I think. lol

        PTN, there is a FF wikipedia page called Fenn treasure.


        I feel that a wikipedia page for FF should have a more descriptive timeline, which I am not qualified to develop. You pink ladies should flirt with FF a little and talk him into developing a good wikipedia page about himself. It might last longer than the treasure hunt, especially since pink ladies are in the search. Go blue/brown! lol

        • Yeah I know about the Fenn Treasure one, but I felt that he wasn’t just about the treasure and that’s why I thought there should be one with who he is. I just put up a basic site to get it started though. I think it needs something like your timeline…the things that directly relate to him…on there.

      • His birthdate was on facebook? Dang. I don’t have a facebook page or ever look on facebook. I had found his birthdate online by pulling up birth records for 1930 in Bell County, Texas. And I could of just gone to facebook. Man, I feel silly.

      • I agree with you about a true FF wikipedia page. Your link takes a person to a wikipedia page talking about “Forrest Fe”. Did wikipedia shorten “Forrest Fenn”? Feel free to copy the timeline and use it as you see fit. I still think that the flirting would be better.

          • Okay, I found the page by eliminating the space you have between Fe and nn. I don’t think that wikipedia would accept my documentation of Stephanie said, dal said, Margie said, etc. lol. I know the FF treasure that you pinks want to check out. It kind fits the clues too. Begin WWWH, take it in the canyon down, and put in below the home of Brown. But it is not a stationary hidy place.

          • Hmmm maybe someone who knows wikipedia can help me out with it and get it going. I’d like to see it up there. You got our number. I think the pinks should come out with a calendar of the blues all turning around. I might have to turn purple though. My husband thinks since we’re a team that maybe purple would be better. I might have to look through my nail polish. Hopefully Jen will still accept me as her Pink/Purple sister.

          • No way sista! You tell your hubby that he is a BLUE! Humph! *Sticking my nose in the air*  He is just wanting to be purple because he knows Pinks will reign supreme and he wants to be associated with them! 😉 


          • Oh yes do! Tell him that if my Jeff has to be on team blue then so does he! HAHA! I’ll set him straight!  My Jeff wants to be purple too I am sure because I am the addicted one! 

            Ok ok we can be the Purple Ladies, but only if the blues that join us pinks to make purple agree to paint their toenails when they are out on the chase. That’s the rule! 


          • Well maybe the Jeff’s will feel less alone if they realize there’s another Jeff Blue out there. I’ll have to ask him later lol. Otherwise maybe purple then pink then purple then pink toe nails…oh then people might see me out West and follow me.

  16. Here is a revised approximate FF timeline based on FF’s true birth year.

    1929 – 1937 The Great Depression era.
    Aug 1930 FF was born in Temple, Texas.
    1930’s The Dust Bowl in the prairie lands was caused by drought and farming methods at that time.
    1939 FF found his first arrow head. FF was 9.
    1930’s – 1950’s FF, his father, and Concy hunted for Indian arrowheads.
    Early 1940’s FF’s father had a summer cabin in West Yellowstone where the family spent summers.
    WW II (1939 – 1945) FF was 9 – 15 respectively.
    Korean War (June 1950 – July 1953) FF was 20 – 23 respectively.
    Sep/Oct 1950 FF joined the Air Force 3 months after Korean War started. FF was 20.
    ?? FF’s last fish trip to Grebe Lake with Concy.
    1953 FF learned to fly. FF was 23.
    Dec 1953 FF & Peggy wed. FF was 23.
    ?? Kelly Fenn was born.
    1959 Zoe Fenn was born. FF was 29.
    Vietnam War (1959 – 1975) FF was 29 – 45 respectively.
    Early 1960’s FF trained fighter pilots at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix, AZ.
    1970 FF retired from Air Force after 20 years of service. FF’s AF retirement pay was $12,000 a year. FF was 40.
    1969 –1972 FF made bronze reproductions, sold some, and traded others for Indian artifacts.
    1972 FF and family moved to Santa Fe with $20k and started Fenn Galleries, LTD. FF was 42.
    1986 FF’s father took his own life after suffering from cancer for many years. FF was 56.
    1988 FF was diagnosed with having cancer. FF was 58.
    1988 FF closed Fenn Galleries and began writing books and digging at San Lazaro. FF was 58.
    ?? FF’s cancer went into remission and it has not recurred.
    1995 The Internet was commercialized. FF was 65.
    Jun 2005 Google Earth was released to the public. FF was 75.
    2006 FBI investigated FF for antiquities theft but FF was never charged. FF was 76.
    Prior to 2009, FF sold his plane and stopped flying solo.
    2009 – 2011 FF hid his chest. FF was 79 – 81 respectively.
    Oct 2010 FF released The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir. FF was 80.
    Nov 2010 dal decided to search for FF’s chest. FF was 80.
    May 2011 dal made his first search. FF was 80.
    Aug 2011 dal started his blog. FF was 81.

    Please feel free to edit, i.e. additions and modifications. Again, silly replies will probably be frowned on by all.

  17. For us Vietnam era people there was an X on the map there, it was called the “golden triangle” and the poem leads you to another. James

  18. It’s kind of a bummer reading some of the posts, seeing the anger and frustration some people have. I’m old, one thing I’ve learned in life is to never fall in love with an idea, It’s ok to put every thing you have into it, but don’t fall in love with it and you will never be disappointed by the outcome. The chest is like the hypnotists gold watch swinging back and forth, Mr. Fenn never said that the chest was the “treasure”, he let you make that assumption for yourself. James

  19. This needs to be said. Someone made a post about being followed by by a white pickup truck. If you ever feel threatened, please take the responsibility to write down a description of the vehicle, it’s occupants and license number, call the local Sheriffs office or Police station and the Forest Service, so they can get there people on it. James

  20. Searchers can assume FF’s intentions just as they are assuming what his poem’s clues are and what they mean. So far, searchers have been mostly wrong on the clues and their meanings. Following are my thoughts and be advised that I am not an attorney.


    “Two things must occur for property to be abandoned: (1) an act by the owner that clearly shows that he or she has given up rights to the property; and (2) an intention that demonstrates that the owner has knowingly relinquished control over it.”

    “A person’s intention to abandon his or her property may be established by express language to that effect or it may be implied from the circumstances surrounding the owner’s treatment of the property, such as leaving it unguarded in a place easily accessible to the public. The passage of time, although not an element of abandonment, may illustrate a person’s intention to abandon his or her property.”

    1) FF has not clearly declared his intention that he has forever abandoned his chest and its contents (his trove).
    2) However, FF has stated (publicly and in his poem) that he has hidden his trove. It is FF’s secret as to where his trove is hidden. By hiding his trove in a secret place, it is not easily accessible to the public.
    3) We do not know that FF’s trove is not guarded.
    4) It is not clear if FF has actually relinquished control over his trove. FF immediately knows that his trove has not been found, so he apparently has not relinquished full control over it.
    5) It is not clear if FF actions show that he has given up his ownership rights to his trove. See below.
    6) FF has stated (publicly) misgivings about putting a certain item in his chest and would like it back.
    7) FF states in his poem “Just take the chest and go in peace”. This might imply that a finder is to leave the contents of the chest behind. But then FF later states in his poem “I give you title to the gold”. “Gold” does not include bronze, gems, jewels, jars, etc.; it is just the gold. He does not state his chest or his gold, but he does state his trove “And leave my trove for all to seek”. This creates confusion as to FF’s true intentions regarding abandonment of his trove. Also, is a poem considered a legal contract?

    Since FF is alive and able to retrieve his hidden trove at his leisure, his trove is not considered lost, mislaid, or abandoned property. Since the owner of the trove (FF) is alive and known to many people, his trove is not a treasure trove. This leaves his trove to merely be FF’s hidden property left somewhere “for all to seek”

    “Forrest Fenn was asked if he had considered land rights before hiding the chest. He said in an email that much has been written about land laws. “I’m staying out of those discussions, except to say it may be fun to redefine some of the terms,” Fenn said in the email.”

    Unless FF declares he has abandoned all ownership rights to the chest and contents, or unless FF states as much in his will; upon FF’s demise his heirs will also have ownership claim to the chest and contents once his trove is found.

    Has FF truly abandoned his trove, or has he just created a chase for it? The cartoon that FF sent to dal says it all for me. I am retiring from the chase until such time FF comes clean in unambiguous English. Good luck all.

    • you are correct, and at the same time many of the passages in this poem-contract can be interpreted in many different ways. FF did leave a vast area of vagueness to consider, and therefor I do not believe any intent to deceive was made. If a legal matter were to be brought forth, it could be opposed with the same vague considerations. Mr Fenn has in good continence given us a gift of life ,liberty and pursuit, I hope we don’t make him regret that decision by acting fool upon mother nature.

  21. This is OT, but I would like to post it, because a lot of people here like interesting places. If your ever near Elko NV. Lamoille canyon is worth a look. You have to be a little South of Elko to see it, but it rises up, out of the desert, like a seen from Lord Of The Rings, and you are still about twenty miles away. When I first went there, the closer we got, the more my jaw would drop. If ancient Royalty ever lived in America, they hung there hats there.

  22. I wonder how many people have watched the video interview, with Mr. Fenn on writing. In the interview, he says “non-fiction / truth”, only has to be right 85% of the time. Mr. Fenn has written the chase, as “non – fiction”, so at best Mr. Fenn is only giving us 85% of the truth, 85% of the facts. Entire subjects could surface and disappear, in that 15% margin. Clues are “typical hidden”, not handed to us on a silver platter, which most people seem to think Mr. Fenn has done. Mr. Fenn has gotten everything in his life the “Hard Way” . Some of the clues we can see, and some are hidden. What we can “believe” about what the poem tells us, is very subjective.

  23. I think the poem gives us nine locations to search, I think 8 hours search time at each location, is reasonable, Mr. Fenn has suggested that the chest could be found on a family outing, thus 8 hours per location, equals 72 hours of search time. 3 years seems a bit excessive to accomplish the task. This would seem to indicate a possible rethink of what the clues are. Good Luck All

  24. Are some chasers handi-caped? Yes, Going from a flatland horizontal landscape, to a mountainous vertical landscape, is a handi-cap, because you are going from an essentially two dimensional para-dine, into a three dimensional para-dine. The searcher is immediately be-dazeled, confused, and disoriented, to some degree. This can make the searcher feel tired, or suddenly, disinterested. The cure is easy, stay at the spot, put the chest out of your mind, taking a little nap would be idea, and a nice casual walk over the whole area,”not looking for anything” but only absorbing every feature of the place, clues tend to stand out more, when we are not actively searching for them.

  25. Something I’ve been thinking about. Dal’s Blog, is kind of like a forum, and there’s people that don’t have a lot of experience with internet etiquette. I’ve noticed some people say, they might have said to much; and I noticed the moderation message come up. If the Blog has rules, I think it would be very helpful, to post them at the top of the blog, so everyone knows what they are. Thanks. James

  26. JJ just posted this link in the Nine Clues section about FF flying an SR-71 in 1986.


    I figured I’d comment here in Odds & Ends (with a focus on Odd).

    This has to be a different Forrest Fenn because:

    He states that the first successful flight of the SR-71 was in 1962 and claims that he had a Revell model kit of it when he was 10 years old. Even if the model came out in 1962 (I’m sure it was much later) Forrest would have been born in 1952 (or later). That would make FF only 61 years old today (or younger).

    The author states that in 1986 he had 13 years of pilot experience. It was 1968 when he was in Vietnam and found the French soldier’s grave marker, which is 18 years prior.

    And lastly, FF opened his gallery in 1972, so I doubt he was flying spy planes in 1986.

    Cool coincidence that there’s another pilot with the same name and even a similar writing style. We know FF likes to embellish, but not this much. LOL

    • I now realize i should have posted it here ty Alexander : ). My post wasn’t intended to mislead anyone so i apologize if anyone thought that.

      • Not at all, JJ! It was a really cool read and the way it’s written sure sounds like our FF, doesn’t it? I mean throwing in the story about the model plane. Definitely his writing style. I also love the joke at the end!

  27. I had to get the wife aboard Team Fenn. She had her doubts so i figured i’d show her what an honest and true American Hero looks like. It’s beyond me why people still have doubts. I hope those of you who have not read this enjoy it i know i sure do every time .http://www.supersabresociety.com/fenn.htm

  28. I don’t understand, I go to the nine clues section and post something that seems relevant to the clues and it gets deleted. And there are other posts, that don’t even mention the clues, that go up. Why ??? Thanks. James

  29. I think this is worth saying, Writing is an art, art is not about truth, art is about emotions, it keeps us moving, it keeps us guessing, it creates uncertainty. It’s important to have an anchor.

    • To me, our anchor is our personal convictions about our clues and our spots, our gut instincts, our little voice. If I have a plan, I like to lay it out on a sheet of paper, so if I forget some detail of my thoughts, or the interplay of ideas becomes overwhelming, if I feel the least bit confused, I refer back to the plan.

      • @James Perotti

        Me too, James. I have my upcoming trip typed out in a WP program complete with Google Earth pics, maps, etc. with my notes of exactly what my plans of action are at each spot. Weather it be a search site, place to camp, etc. I made a few revisions last night to “tighten it up” a bit because a few new thoughts came to mind and even noted why I arrived at that way of thinking or my method in case I forget! LOL. It’s so easy to get side tracked with all of the ideas floating around as you said. Good luck to you!

        • Thanks Alexander, I wish you the best on your search too. Yeah, I had my spot picked out, and got there without a hitch, but like so many others, I was somewhat overwhelmed by what I saw. I had planned to hike to a land mark I had picked out, but my map was in my head and I could see that it was not complete, it was obvious that I would need a practical plan for working the area. I only stayed 45 mins. after driving 1700 miles. I made the choice to leave and started back. I knew my wife would be disappointed, I felt like I let her down. When I was far enough out of the mountains for my cell phone to work, I gave her a call, I could hear the disappointment in her voice, but had made my decision to turn back. She called a little while later, to tell me that I got out just in time. A storm dropped 4 feet of snow, where I had been. I guess some times there’s synchronicity in disappointment too.

  30. Someone says, twenty people already checked that place, well they all thought it was worth checking for themselves, our sense of perception is as individual as our finger prints.

    • Very, very informative, but I ventured the thought a day or so ago about “drawing ever nigh ” as possibly always on the left, meaning in the middle and was told I was Very wrong. Good thought !

        • The childhood game Connect The Dots keeps playing out in my mind. Once the picture becomes a little clearer i’m gonna hand it to my youngest boy and have him draw it out. (smile)

      • Sue, no one can tell us we are “wrong” in our interpretations of the clues unless they happen to have found the treasure themselves with THEIR interpretation – just ignore them! Personally, the definition of “nigh” meaning “left” fits in well with my solution to the poem too. 🙂

        • I mention the above in connection with the post Forrest put up on his site 4-4-11 mentioning Amelia Earhart. If you read the first paragraph then read the link i posted it does make you think. Forrest has also mentioned he loves mystery and what greater mystery than Amelia Earhart’s disappearance in which some believe the Bermuda Triangle snatched her from us. I just find it a very interesting connection. Only time will tell what the solution to this madness will be. (smile)

          • @JJ

            I think Stephanie (or someone) mentioned a house that was being built for Amelia Earhart in the Rockies at the time she vanished, but was scrapped once she disappeared. Oh, and she was last heard from over the south Pacific, not the BT. 😉

        • @CJinCA & Sue

          Absolutely. So many people say “wrong”, “way off”, no way”, etc. Only Forrest or the person who has the chest on had can make those statements with authority. Many might just be trying to throw you off track as well. Wealth is like a truth serum of sorts. Brings out the best in good people and worst in the evil ones. Stay true to what you believe is my opinion. Good luck!

      • Very nice find CO sure makes one wonder. I’ve done a little mapping off the clues and a specific location keeps coming up.

        • AS, i think some still associate her with the Bermuda Triangle why i’ll never know. I happen to lean towards the findings of TIGHAR. She was an amazing woman.

        • Oh my, got so wrapped up in all these sights. Wonderful fun. Must turn off brain now. Anyway thanks for encouragement and good luck with your searches, all.

  31. I would not be out in that sun, without a hat, and maybe some extra salt. Just Saying.

  32. I have an idea. I hope there are some that will think my idea is good and there will be those that think my idea is bad.

    If we all worked together, maybe we could narrow down the possible location of the treasure chest. We could all post locations we have searched and not found the chest. But, only those locations that we have given up all hope on. I see no point in several people going to the exact same locations where the chest has not been found.

    Perhaps a separate area on the blog could be setup for this. What do you think, Dal?

    I plan to go on my first search in a few weeks. When I return, I will give exact details of the areas I searched.

    Now I will brace myself for the responses. I have not seen such an idea suggested, so I don’t know what kind of response to expect. Please be civil, I just thought this would be a way to help us all.

    • If someone writes down the correct solution…I wonder if everyone would be ok with the closest person going there to get it. I also wonder if that’s how Forrest hoped it would go. If we work together…only one person’s going to go get it, I’m guessing. I don’t think they’ll send us each a coin…but maybe a postcard from their vacation destination….. So I’m on team, let’s figure it out ourselves…but telling our stories of failure is interesting….I have plenty of those.

      • I’m not all excited about sharing locations of interest but failures yes! Especially exact spots to rule out. Might save some a lot if time and $$!

        j ~ PFW

      • Hi Stephanie, That’s what I said. Share only the failures at places we have given up on. That is the only way we would be working together.

        Who know’s what the correct solution is. Only ff.

        See Jen’s comment here. Save a lot of time and $$.

        • Oh ok…thought you said to post ideas too. I’m going through email…so I don’t always see the whole post. I agree about saving the money…I’m pretty much tapped.

        • It’s fine with me. I thought we were already doing that. I have posted places where I failed..so has Einstein and others. If there are pretty pics and a story we try to post them on their own page with out the limitations of the comment section. I only hope that people do not post 20,000 words in the comment section about their failed trip…
          I think a large story would be better on it’s own page…

          • I really enjoy the write-ups with the pictures on their own page. Of course, we are not all as articulate as Einstein, Wolf, and you too Dal. It might be nice for smaller write-ups to have their own blog page so they are all together in one place.

            PS: Dal, you look very unhappy. Was that taken after your last adventure? 🙂

          • I wanna see your pic cloud. I can send you one of dal and I when I’m at home. I don’t think I told you we met.

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

        • Allright. I’ll send you a picture. When you have an award winning happy look like I do, people want to see your picture.

          • Yeah!!! I can’t wait to see you. I’ll send one of Dal and I. Oh and I have one of Forrest and me also that I don’t think you saw where he’s sporting his cowboy look. Just need to find them…but I’ll email as soon as I find.

        • Stephanie, I sent you a picture. I don’t have many because I’m shy.

  33. okay, lets bring this back to life, odds and ends. In the oct 20th something 2013 gathering at the C Book works, ff was asked if a metal detector would be of any help in finding the chest, he replied something like,,,, yes, if you are are the exact spot….. a decent Metal detector should be able to detect that chest up to about 14 inches deep in the ground. .

    so the chest is buried, right??? what do you think?

    or, do you like this explaination of his answer better: IF its only under some grass or out in the open it will detect that as well, when positioned directly over the chest.

    Think about this, because if its under even just several inches of dirt YOU WONT SEE IT at YOUR Spot.

    • I don’t think the chest is in plain sight and is either under rocks, dirt, or branches. Unfortunately, I don’t have a metal detector but I’m hoping I’ll not need it if I have confidence that I’m at the right spot. 🙂

  34. If Forrest put it in a place that is popular where children are known to be and you were using a metal detector, how would you get it back to you vehicle without being mugged? That metal detector is like a target on your back. Just curious how that would work…..

  35. First of I’d like to thank all those who have, are, and will serve this fine country we live in, as if it weren’t for you “do’ers” the slackers like me wouldn’t be free.

    Anyway, I’d like to post a little poem I penned if I may.

    Ode to Forrest Fenn:
    (the heartfelt writings of a hillbilly Fennattic)

    Oh Forrest Fenn, who might you be?
    A question pondered by many, including me.
    You’re honest and genuine, courageous and true,
    This world would be a better place, if more were like you.
    You’re a teacher and a mentor, a friend and much more.
    To all those who accept the dare, to leave their front door.
    You’ve lived a life of which many, might only dream,
    Influencing the thirsty, like a fresh water stream.
    We hang on the mention, of every word that you speak,
    because it’s our imagination and curiosity you pique.
    We’ve thrilled in every facet, of your fun chase.
    Everything that we learn, all the thoughts how they race.
    Thank you Forrest Fenn, for creating so much joy,
    for now it’s back to the drawing board…oh geese….oh boy… 🙂

    • maybe we can change that last line to
      for now it’s back to the drawing board…what a thrill…oh boy! 🙂

  36. A hypothetical “what would YOU do”

    Imagine you heard the tale of an arborist
    who found a rare tree, the likes of which
    few have ever seen.
    Then this arborist decided to plant the tree
    somewhere in the mountains, and tell
    everyone that if they can find the tree and
    carry it home, they can plant it there and
    call it their own. This, being an admirable
    and commendable action to have undertaken,
    still demands respect from all involved.
    Now, out of sheer curiosity you decide
    to hop on-board and ride the train to your
    researched location, just in the hopes to
    see it with your own eyes.
    Once there you see a tree that seems to
    be out of place, the branches all frozen and
    the roots are dug in deep. Not being sure
    that this is the exact rare tree and not
    having brought your agricultural tools,
    you decide not to uproot it.
    Once you get home and upon further
    research, you discover that the tree you
    had seen had a high probability of being
    the rare tree in question. So you hop on
    the train again.
    Once you get back to the stop in which you
    saw the anomaly, you find that you now see
    no sign of the tree you saw the time before
    other than a few splinters of bark and a leaf
    or two that are now unidentifiable.
    Having not cataloged your findings, nor
    taken any pictures, you realize you actually
    have no proof as to what you have witnessed.
    Therefore creating the real possibility that it
    was only your imagination.

    So what do you do?
    1. Do you announce to all of the passengers
    on the train that you found the tree with
    the chance that it could cause others to
    not hop on the train, possibly causing them
    to miss the chance to have the tree in their
    own yard?

    2. Do you simply announce to everyone the
    location at which you were when you
    witnessed the anomaly, thereby creating a
    possible “race to the finish” scenario being
    that you haven’t been back on the train
    since to see if the tree germinated.

    3. Do you tell the arborist where you saw what
    you thought was the rare tree they planted.
    Hoping that with your minimal knowledge
    of trees, that they will be willing to train you
    in the upkeep and care of such a rare

    4. Do you go off all half-caulked yelling at the
    arborist saying “why did you move the tree?!”
    When in all reality, it was and still is his tree.

    5. Do you _____________________________
    (insert your comment here)

    P.S. Thanks Mr. Neitzel for your wonderful blog.
    P.P.S. Thanks to any who take the time to read
    or respond to my query. I hope you all
    have a wonderful day!

    • Im a tree hugger so I hug it until Im so old I forget what I was doing and wander off alone. Never said I was smart..lol

      • I like your answer! 🙂

        Personally, I’d be happy seeing it planted in a well known public garden for all to enjoy. (minus a small part of it that I could cultivate in my own yard of course) but that’s just me lol

        • J C L – From your available options 1-5, I like #5. Options 1-4, based on your scenario, would make no sense when logic is applied. I do like the idea of #3 if the tree hadn’t disappeared. The answer is this. You first of all thank the creator of the puzzle for caring enough to give you a puzzle at all that would lead you to such a rare, beautiful, sweet and precious specimen. Then, after rehashing it over and over in your mind to be sure, and confirming that your solve was real, and not just a figment of your imagination, you just thank God for the chance to have been able to witness the rare tree firsthand and know in your heart it was real. And that tree, the one you’re sure in your heart you finally found after searching high and low your whole life, is beautiful, precious, and a pearl of a gem that, for whatever reason, I was given a moment in time to dance around, hug, kiss and dream for a moment that I might be so lucky to spend the rest of my life with it in your presence. To talk of it will not help my case. To attempt to create a fury is ridiculous. To scream fraud would be wrong. All I know is I love that tree and want to spend the rest of my life with it but only if it will have me. My heart says it will so I am hopeful!

    • Good Question. I would take the remnants of the bark and leaf and test them to see if they match other species. Then I would plant the bark and leaf in Texas soil, because everything grows in Texas. Once the tree grows, I would share it with the world, and always give thanks to the creator.

  37. I sent an email to Allen Polt, asking about the use of the Rockwell influence in the art work for TTOTC book.
    He replied that most of his correspondence with FF was by email
    and that FF did not suggest the theme of the art work (as to be Rockwells or anything else). Also, for instance FF did not tell him how many stumps to include in the axe man drawing, ( I asked about that one ) Nothing that detail about any drawing was ever discussed, he said. The closest thing he remembers about any FF direction was like, for the chapter about stout hearted men, was that FF said we used to sit around a camp fire and sing,and something about that would be a good image for that chapter.
    He said he used several other artist drawings for models to give him an idea of what to draw to tell the story of that Chapter as he saw it. As an artist, he feels he changed enuff that there is no wrong doing with the use of NRs influence. He said there is NO way the direction he received from FF about these drawings could have slipped in any clues or hints. He is confident that the clues and hints are in the WORDS not the Drawings.

    • Thanks Musstag, there is a connection with NR IMO but the drawings seem to be Polt’s doings by his reply, glad you asked.

      • Yes, the way I understand Allen, the artist, he said FF did not know of the use of NR’s paintings as models.

    • Thanks for writing to Allen and posting his reply!
      I must admit I never realized that any of the drawings were partially based on NR images but thought they were just illustrations based on the subjects in the chapters. How unaware am I? 🙂 The illustrations in the book seemed to fit the chapters except for that one of the tree stumps. Did that one come from a chapter f mentioned to Allen but then decided not to put in TTOTC? It did seem to fit the story first posted on Forrest’s blog called “Treasures Galore” and later printed in TFTW about writing to an editor at the NY Times about how wasteful it was using eighty acres of trees to print the Sunday edition. It’s really difficult to know just how much f influenced the artist but I’m guessing that Allen probably sent f a lot of illustrations and f picked the ones he thought best fit with what he was writing (and for chapters which might have had hints in them). So, I look at everything in the book as a possible hint, even the illustrations.

      • CJ, I just re=read your post above… so glad I did. The axe man is the one drawings that did not seem to fit the way Allen Polt described the drawings design to me, about being about the chapters in the book. Yur right, the axe man fits the “Treasures Galore” story, and then that story was not used, but the drawing was. Great thought process on your part!!

  38. Happy New Year! 🙂 I really wanted to ignore your comments mapsmith, but the more I thought about them, the louder I laughed, then I became worried that someone might think that you really knew what you were talking about. So I decided to poke a hole in your balloon, even if it aggravates some people.

    1. Please, just name one technical option in the market place now that we can all check out and see if it will do all that you say or imply it will do. I don’t think that ff would spend millions to develop a prototype that might or might not work just so he would know if his chest was moved.

    2. Forget about us agreeing on this issue. Maybe we can agree on other issues. 🙂

    3. How would ff know if his one time blipper was working properly or not? Wouldn’t he need to communicate with it to test it? Then, wouldn’t it need an antenna for communicating? My understanding is that most beacons, if not all, do have antennas and do require an open view to the sky. How does ff test a motion detector to see if it is working properly? If either of these devices fail, does ff go out and replace it, at 85, or 90, or 95, or 100 years of age?

    4. Batteries continuously leak their power, even when not in use, from the time they are made until they are dead. The power leak is much slower when kept in the manufacturer’s plastic protective covering in storage and can be fairly good after 10 years or longer. Take the protective covering off and the lift span is not near as long because of increased leakage. Hook any conductor up to the battery and its life span is reduced further by more leakage, even when not considered in use. Put the battery in a box and in contact with lots of gold, it might leak so much to even corrode some of the gold and artifacts, especially if wet. Of course if the battery is submerged, the plastic strip will not protect it from shorting out.

    5. The finder of the chest surely would not think it strange that there was a fish line hanging from inside the chest. The finder would just assume that a fisherman must have snagged the chest. But where is his lure? It must be inside the chest! Oh boy, an extra treasure piece.

    6. If the battery life doesn’t need to be 10 years, how long of a life does it need to have? Battery life is the time of use between charging.

    7. By the ends of the battery, I assume you mean the anode and cathode. If you cover these in plastic, how will you make an electrical power connection to your beacon or motion detector? How will a fish line from the battery to bare ground do anything but go where the chest goes? Fish line is very slick to reduce drag. If the fish line were anchored outside the chest and tied around the plastic inside, would the plastic make it through the small drilled hole, or would the plastic stop at the hole and make it difficult for the finder to take the chest and go? Hopefully the finder is carrying a knife. Fish line is almost impossible to break by hand; it can cut deep before snapping.

    8. Why would ff want to ruin a great artifact by drilling a hole in it; because he wants to know if the chest was moved? He will find that out when the finder makes it known that the chest was found.

    9. How big is the device and how big would the artifact need to be to conceal the device so that it wouldn’t be noticed? Keep in mind that there needs to be room for the treasures too.

    10. My Duracell AAA packaging does say “guaranteed 10 years” then in small print it says “in storage”. So I am not surprised that your 9 v battery was good after 10 years of non use in storage.

    Again, you need not waste your time responding to this, enough has been said for both sides of the issue. Unless of course you are aware of an existing system that will do what you intend. Then I will be happy to apologize to you. 🙂

    • $bill , Pam, et al.

      My point was just that FF said he could tell if it was still there, and IMO thats an easy trick using 2009/2010 technology a) with what we know for sure and b) considering the time that’s passed so far. Ff never said “ten to 20 years from now I’ll still know with 100% certainty whether someone has solved the clues or not and/or track who took it”, and I wouldn’t be able to back that up.
      My cred? I used to be a union electrician and a PI.

      But this situation; a device hidden only 4 yrs , and knowing whether or not it’s been removed ? Cakewalk for any private eye or imaginative and wise electronics guy, and it would take no more than $1000 IMO, if that. Is it an Off-the-rack item from Target ; no. But eBay has a few things that are virtually (minus the battery protection trick) plug n play.

      let me intro you to my friend Google : keyword in ‘tracking signal widget electronics child security safety private investigator and/or mini’

      • Map, I agree that f is certainly smart enough technologically to know about and have some kind of system to enable him to know if the treasure has been found and that is why I thought it might have something to do with wildlife cameras. He posted the picture of the fox using a trail camera and he also made a comment once when someone asked if it was in a tree. He said it wasn’t in a tree but surrounded by trees. He then quickly added that everything was surrounded by trees if you went out far enough. I thought that he perhaps made a little slip of the tongue by saying it was surrounded by trees and didn’t want to give that as a clue. Maybe I’m analyzing his words a little too much but that’s just the way I think, I analyze EVERYTHING! LOL! 🙂

      • mapsmith , first thanks for recognizing that this post is where (I think) this issue belongs. 🙂

        Now, in your own words, you say you are a “private eye” and a “wise electronics guy”, so then it should be a “cakewalk” for you to describe/diagram a set up that would work rather than blowing more wind. But, would you really know if it would work or not until you tested it for many years? If you put together a unit that works for 5 years, I will buy one from you (at a reasonable cost of course); and I am sure that there are lots of other buyers waiting in the wings. In the meantime, give it a break.

        Why do you kind of imply that ff wouldn’t want to know 10-20 years down the road if the chest was still where he hid it? Maybe you should ask ff this question.

        No apology forthcoming yet! 🙂

    • Dollarbill – happy new yr – good idea moving the topic here – thanks!
      a few Point by point thoughts to dollarbill:

      First though, I can imagine several rigs that would do what’s needed to be able to say ‘I know the chest hasn’t been found yet”.
      For the sake of clarity, let’s imagine the chest is in a shallow part of a cave behind a waterfall, and furthermore let’s say it’s deep in a national forest in CO. At least 3 miles from the nearest road, and ten miles from the nearest cell service area. Good challenges to overcome– wet, remote, most likely very dark, no straight shot to an orbiting sat system, exposed to many elements , especially cold, bugs, and water. It’s been there either 4 or 5 years.

      Ok, so here’s rig #1 I might go with: create a fake bronze artifact to house my gps tracker widget (2″x2″x1″ tops), Run an antenna wire out to the hinge side of the chest to inconspicuously boost signal. (Cooper blends with bronze – (literally : for all we know the chest IS the antenna). hammer a tent stake with 3lb monofilament (bloodrun tackle co makes some for $3) tied on. Cover the stake. Attach mono to a clear plastic tab, 1/4″x1″, with superglue or flame (this tab would be just like the kind used in flashlights, kids toys, and battery-included board game widgets). Insert the tab through a 1/4″ hole in the bottom of the chest, into the battery area of the widget, blocking any electron flow. Wrap it Saran Wrap and place in the faux artifact. Bury in gold coins , olive jar, etc.

      I’d presume that the finder would lift the chest in haste, not dig around, and would activate the battery by doing so. Inside the cave this is worthless, but the treasure hunter is going to hike uphill to their car, drive to cell phone service, and call their spouse with a gloating haha! When they exit the cave, the signal —powered by a battery that until a minute ago had no draw, and in fact was kept at cold temps (which extends batt life) –starts transmitting. Whether by SMS or email, FF gets as little as say ten blips and knows the chest isn’t just feeling an earthquake.

        • girls girls girls, enough with the squabbling. Its still there and there is no surveillance to determine so. Mr. Fenn just knows and that’s all we need to know. I can tell you that the individual who finds said treasure must seek FF for some answers, not to mention what to do with it once they have found it. it is NOT that easy for a common man to cash in a treasure of the likes. personally would have been happier looking for cash.

    • Dollarbill; oops hit send on my notsosmart phone. Continuing….

      That’s just 1 rig. Rig # 2 could be the exact same except the mono is replaced by wires to a solar cell at the cave entrance– the battery in this case is continually recharged, just like my yard lights that I installed 4 yrs ago. Same batteries and no problem. The treasure hunter finds chest, lifts and disconnects the tiny wire leads, and as soon as the antenna gets either open sky or cell tower, it sends data to FF.

      Rig 3 would be same arrangement minus mono or wires: In my youth, I had an old fashioned windup train : the flywheel was amazingly strong and the spring would run over a minute before quitting. I once wired it as a trap in my teen bedroom to a small generator ( back then flashlights didn’t use LEDS or tiny batteries, so you powered your bike headlight with a 5 lb turbine) –end result was when the train was even tipped a small amount, the flywheel activated and ran the flashlight bulb at full brightness for a minute. The same trick could power a GPS locator /beacon with ZERO batteries.

      This presumes he doesn’t just use a fuel cell and capacitor combo (SFC energy and Ensol systems both make portable fuel cells).

      So, w/r/t to

      1: eBay has a dozen, none are plug n play, but they do the job. See also: HtC mini & HtC fetch Bluetooth remote/base option, 999gps.net, meitrack mt90; I-TracGPS, concox gk301 childtrack, xexun.com waterproof watch/tracker, gator/fashionable design, carilla102b, carruthers electronics, childtrack24/7.com, loc8tor, xploerSmart GPS, GPS spark nano, amberalertGPS.com’s Portal line, brickhouseSecurity.com, pocket finder , liveViewGps, eZoom, zoomBak, ….knock yourself out :). I’ll tell you that pocket finder,meitrack and eZoom are all waterproof and can submerge. 😉

      2: agreed 🙂

      3: he knows it works because he spec’d it. He doesn’t replace it at age 90 – he either used a design that’ll last or won’t make the same claim at age 90.
      4; Batteries leech out when touching conductors – agreed! Protecting from touching metal is easy. Waterproofing is fairly simple.
      5: I imagined the fish line under neath the chest. You ever see someone find $1000’s of dollars on a hunt? I have: they do not inspect the ground afterwards. They jump and Hollar and then get a little paranoid about thieves. 😉
      6: battery life, if he used a 9v , would be 10-15 yrs so long as contacts are covered and that’s just 1 of many ways to power it.
      7a: spring loaded battery clip, like 100’s of toys & widgets use.
      7b: stake it in ground.
      7c: 1/4″ hole , or just use 3lb test and its enough to activate then snap.
      7d: The force required to lift 42lbs would easily dislodge a tab.
      8: Misunderstood; I didn’t mean ruin something, I meant just make a casing. A false bottom in the chest would work too
      9: Most GPS circuits are small enough to palm – see the Portal model for a large version. 😉
      10: Right! 10 yrs is easy- my 9v was actually from 2002.


      • I’ve had an entirely different thought about how he knows. !!!
        When someone solves it, there’ll no doubt be someone else who does too. A second place: this person is MORE likely to contact FF about their hunt. When they explain their solve, and FF verifies they found nothing at the site, he’ll know it’s been found. With 30,000 searchers emailing him (and we can assume thousands more searchers who choose not to email him) the odds are : we do all the verifying work for him.

        Especially if the first trip of 2 he allegedly made was , say, a casing for the chest, and the 2nd trip was chest+gold. We don’t know …could be. Then the missing chest would be apparent. Ff could ask 2nd place: ‘did you find the safe with the door welded unlocked?’ And he’d know. And not be able to explain without “giving away too much” as he’s said.

        • Gotta say –
          with more and more stories being shared with FF and then reshared online, I’m thinking this deductive-by-other-people’s-reports method of “how does FF know when the chest is found” is getting more and more likely.

          or, here’s another theory:
          it may simply be that someone (or several someones) have already emailed him the actual correct response/solve. He may be saying he has a way of knowing because he’s just waiting for one of those people to actually get out there and test their theory – and it’s logical that those people have already proven that they want to email him , so they are quite likely to email again when/if they actually recover the chest…


          (Which reminds me, FF’s email has changed, hasn’t it? I have found two listed now, one at earthlink, and one that starts with “info”. Spokeo says there’s one at hushmail, also???
          Anyone know of other email addresses for FF? / what’s the correct/current FF email address? )

    • dollarbill,
      Good point. One I can agree with, but you’ve got to love the imagination of all the people and different ideas. We all need to BELIEVE he will know when it is discovered.

          • It was in one of the videos, in response to a question about taxes. He meant it’s up to the finder to figure out how to deal with the IRS. I think there is double meaning though.

      • The imaginations and ideas of the different searchers do make TTOTC more than just a dream. Many provide helpful insights that may someday lead someone to the treasure.

        ff did enough by hiding a treasure, it is up to the searchers to find it and hopefully one will prove to all that it has been found. ff shouldn’t be held responsible if he has no way of knowing whether or not it has been found for sure. Most likely, the finder will come forward. Anyone trying to secretly sell some of the pieces would sooner or later be exposed. In my opinion, it would take a very wealthy recluse type person to find the treasure and be able to keep it a secret; the very same type of person who probably would not even want to search for a treasure.

        Beliefs are very useful for helping people to live through that which is confusing. If believing that ff will know, helps you and others to continue happily with the chase, by all means keep up the believing and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise. 🙂

        • $bill: wise words!! All should take note / Dal should repost this!
          Also, my two bits of advice:
          having a plan B (or in my case, plans B thru J 😉 ) is good for your mental health / Ego too: I’ve known WAY too many hunters who, obsessing on one solve and one solve only, try it …to find it fails, and go from super enthusiastic fun-having fellow community-member who talks big, to bitter foul-mouthed mocker- and/or scalper-of newbie hunters.
          Know the reality of a gamble like treasure hunting. Tens of Thousands will enter, but only one person wins the gold. And with 30,000:1 odds , it’s less like chess and more like poker: it’s chance and fate as much as it is strategy.
          IMO , FF did everyone a favor by making the hunt itself a dang fine second-place reward. Heck, even puzzling out the poem beats a years worth of newspaper crosswords in entertainment value, and without the $100’s spent on pulp/newsprint.
          Anyway, be careful & mindful with your hearts and egos, everyone.

          • Thanks for the compliment Mapsmith. 🙂 I am sure that I will have many opportunities to return it.

        • Dollarbill and Mapsmith,

          Just have fun and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we are all guilty of overthinking. Who can help doing that when the adrenaline rush is all part of the chase? We will all find something of value in being a part of this timeless adventure. Mr. Fenn must get a good laugh when he hears the”experts” make statements about what they think he did or how he feels, and blah, blah, blah. Nobody knows the heart and soul of this man, but I am grateful and humbled to have gotten a glimps through his work.

  39. The Book a kid gave to Forrest, Kismet, is also a dice game played with red, green, and black dotted dice. The Play Kismet, is about mankind making the same choices as in previous history, I think, and The movie Kismet contain a song called “Seeker – The Olive Tree” ( remember the olive jar) and it speaks of a High Flying Dove helping to find an Olive branch …… I know what I’ve said about the drawings, but that axe man and the dove in the moon… could there be a clue here somehow?

  40. Dal and Stephanie,

    Forrest has stated he will know when the person discovers the chest. He has also said 97% of the folks would not be able to keep it a secret. Did Forrest ever say he would know the individual who makes the discovery or just that it would be discovered?

  41. Let’s say, for a moment, that we fast-forward 10, 000 years. I hear about the legend of a “treasure” left hidden by a famous writer Forrest Fenn. What would be the so called “blaze.” Mr. Fenn thinks the treasure could outlast 10 000 years. Certainly, now on the year 12,000, the “blaze” can not be a horse; unless, the horse was made of some kind of rock that would stand the test of time. What about a tree that had been previously scraped, could a tree stand there for 10, 000 years? if so, tell me what tree that is so I can look for it , so I can make cabinets for my kitchen. What about a flame, could a flame outlast 10, 000 years? Well, if is coming from the bottom of the earth in the way of magma, maybe, but would it come from the same place 10, 000 years ago? What about the sun? Can the sun guide us to the searching place? I highly doubt it. What about a rock with a pictograph, or a petroglyph? That’s where I would put my money. I like a petroglyph better though, because it is a carving, rather than a drawing, or a painting. I think that is what we are looking for. Anybody agree, or disagree?

    • I have changed my mind about the clues and the blaze lasting for 10,000 years. IMO I don’t think they will exactly last that long. For the chest to remain hidden that long, I htink most of the present day markers and blaze will have to be lost or changed in view in 1 or 2 thousand years, and that it will HAVE TO BE STUMBLED UPON upwards of 5 thousands year from now to be found.

      • So, the clues can be somewhat temporary,imo, compared to what we might expect to last 10 thousand years. And I am not saying it will take that long to find it, but it will be harder to find in a hundred or more years from noW . IT MAY BE FOUND IN THE NEXT 2 TO 5 YEARS, i HOPE i, AND FORREST ARE STILL HERE WHEN ITS FOUND.

    • Disagree mainly; a) Those cabinets would be made of petrified wood.
      b) And the 1000-10,000 year comment is not part of the poem and I’m a firm believer that the only thing you need is “the map” provided in the poem.
      c) gold will last 10,000 yrs no problem. FF didn’t say the poem would last that long, but the treasure would.

      Where is that “1,000-10,000 years” quote, anyways? ??!!??
      I researched:
      Roc Morin says it, but it’s not a quote from FF.
      Tony D says “1,000 years” but again, not an actual quote from FF.
      Michelle T wrote: “He designs bronze bells the same way. One is inscribed, “If you should ever think of me, a thousand years from now, please ring my bell so I will know.” ” – But that’s got nothing to do with this poem – that’s about bells.
      Alex Hannaford wrote: ‘But after days spent scouring the river bed and banks, he knew it wasn’t. “Today I’d walk right past that spot because one of the things we know is that when Forrest hid the treasure he intended for it to potentially stay hidden for 1,000 years,” he says’ –but he’s quoting Dal, not FF (no offense Dal).
      Dal said FF said to a German reporter: ‘ “No”..said Forrest. “I thought about doing that but what if the chest isn’t found for a hundred years? My IOU won’t be worth very much if I’m dead. That chest is out there and the person that follows the clues will find the chest…right there”.

      There IS this quote in Jeri Clausing’s 3/13 article, but so much of the article seems to lift from Tony D and others that I hesitate to trust it:
      She wrote: ‘But “when a person finds that treasure chest, whether it’s tomorrow or 10,000 years from now and opens the lid, they are going to go into shock. It is such a sight.” ‘ –and even then, it still doesn’t say the poem/clues will last 10,000 years, it just says the treasure & chest will.

      the only reliable quote like it that I’ve seen was on Jenny’s website, where he says , and this is a direct quote:

      “I am ambivalent about the treasure being found. When it is discovered I hope it is by some deserving person who is emotionally involved and has been rewarded by the other mountain thrills that come with the chase. If it is not found for several hundred years that would be fine with me.”

      (end factcheck mode) 😉

      • I must agree with Mapsmith on this one. Nothing will ever stay the same, but the chest will remain hidden until discovered. My biggest concern would be how to get her (the chest) on a plane. TSA would be all over you!

          • Ken.
            Do they rent Brinks trucks? Ha ha! A bit too far to be traveling by car. Also, not real safe to travel long distance with such valuable items. I guess FedEx.

          • It would take days to get back. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be on the road with such valuables. Not safe. Especially with a young child.

          • Pam, my thoughts are that Forrest drove and walked around alone with that treasure taking it to the hiding spot. The spot and where he parked are probably fairly well hidden from casual view or someone would have seen him. I wonder if anyone would see you make two trips to your car if you are alone as f was. Bring a spouse or friend if you can. If you go with someone, you each could have a backpack strong enough to carry about 22 pounds and no-one would know what is in them if you met anyone while walking back to your car, and then you wouldn’t have to make two trips. It’s natural to feel paranoid about driving around with the treasure but who would suspect that you had it? Personally, if I found it, I would probably call Forrest and then drive over to his house with the treasure and have a little chat. 🙂 You could always go to the nearest bank and put it in a safety deposit box until you could make different plans.

            Good Luck to you! I hope someone finds it soon so I can get my life back! 🙂

    • Sorta am starting to agree with the petroglyph idea, RC ….
      A geoglyph in a city would likely still be around. Cities grow (minus the occasional ghost town) like population does.
      Geoglyphs like Hillside Letters (like the M in Missoula MT/UofM campus) are maintained by people as a matter of civic pride. Presuming humans are around to enjoy this treasure hunt hundreds of years from now, these geoglyphs are likely to remain as well.
      –They can be seen from the air (more easily than those concrete airmail arrows), so pilots & roadtrippers (like FF) are likely readily familiar with them.
      —They are certainly a ‘blaze’, and being up high you can look quickly down from them. Moreover, they are in many cases sites of “blazes” of a light-source type: a lot of schools do homecoming events where locals march up to the ‘M’ with lanterns, torches or other lighting, to highlight their letter. Butte MT even has an electricfied one, I think.
      —They are prevalent throughout the west, and especially in some of our 4 target states! All of these ‘mountain monograms’ in CO are in the western half, and the bulk of them in NM and WY are in the rockies section.
      —MT actually has the most of all US states: 112 or more!
      —There’s one letter that doesn’t ever appear as a mountain monogram! You guessed it: X

  42. Is there a section titled “I’m Lost” ? Because at times I feel like I am. I thought I had something in the poem, emailed ff, then i lost it, then something again, then lost it, I keep getting lost “in the wood”! Now I don’t know how many folks think they have something, then lose it, but I am stll sort of lost, I have a little bit of a compass, but I keep getting turned around in the “Forrest” (forest). I need someone who is as far into the wood as I am so I don’t keep getting lost, haha, how do I find that person. Singing some old songs – too. I’m all alone in the woods – I’m scared!

    • I think we’re all lost, Little Sparrow. And a bit dizzy. But my wonderful Mr. W gave me a GPS and a compass for Christmas. So, at least I’ll find my way home again, carrying 42 pounds or not.

  43. @RC I am lookingfor the same thing as you. I think thats what the blaze is,I just don’t know where. I have found both as my blaze, but no chest.I still like that idea.Good luck

  44. High waterhigh!
    You are one lucky waterhigh for the gifts from Mr. W! I think I need a flare gun or some sparklers and I was thirsty, So thanks for the Waterhigh! Still a little scared…

  45. Frozen Smiles to Mark on… oh no, it’s just that i’m so cold, and for you they will be warm smiles…
    Yep I am too cold, i am starting to think about my feet, well, my ah foot, that’s frosen… I think… yep pretty cold… need to ask questions to Mr. Dal, but he may not like ’em… Mr. Dal, when you have a minute could you please e-mail me? My foot is pretty cold here…
    little sparrow

      • If you go into the canyon and put in below the home of Brown, I’m thinking it starts in Montana and enters Wyoming. Montana is the official “home of the griz bear” per state facts. Hum…

    • both WWH and HOB are a specific geographical place

      they can be seen on google earth

      one of them is named on google earth and the other is not

      in my opinion

  46. Hi Dal, please never mind, and to Shep Roost, I think yes it is a physical place. Just my opinion… I’m not sure about my foot any more… just a thought and wondering where my partner is, cause I’m lost in the foot hills – Looking for my partner so we can figure it out – only clue I am leaving is a frosa foot.
    if you can see that, then we need to work together – tanks!

  47. I’m scared… I’m not brave at all, I wonder if I should go look for a treasure hunting partner…. I have alot of woods to go through, but I got lost again… still lost and I’m scared.

  48. I am not sure where to ask this question so Dal feel free to put it in the right spot. Peggy is a very important part of his life. What do we know about her and her interests and loves? Maybe she is off limits. I can’t seem to find out much about her and I think she is a very important part of Forrest. I found the statement Peggy was there, somewhere, waiting for me very interesting and could possibly be connected to the blaze or the final resting place of the chest. Or then again has nothing to do with anything.

    • Partly also in answer to Fred: I think FF gave the bracelet to someone close to him, and I think Peggy would be a good candidate for who had it for 23 yrs: Also think she’s not a factor in the hunt otherwise : this has been and is (in my POV) his treasure and his alone to give / have fun with.

  49. I think because he didnt include her much makes this a bit of a touchy subject. Its obvious he loves her and doesnt want her to be bothered by all this.

  50. I once read someone statement that hiding the chest had something to do with an older forest fire that killed a number of people? I cant seem to find it anymore, has anyone else read something like that, or clarify?

    • I think the connection I’ve read recently was between the 1988 YNP fires and the blaze clue: and how that timing -aling with timing of his cancer and his fathers death, might have halted or changed FF’s treasure hunt plans (if it turns out he hid it in YNP).

      In any case, it certainly was a big & well known “blaze”. Likely would broken his heart a bit to see it ravaged. I know it did mine.

  51. Just an oddball observation in my perverse sense of humor…all of us spending huge amounts of cash and hours of research end up with our mouths hanging open while a lone fisherman wanders into the woods for a “private” release, and spots the treasure, not even knowing what he has found! I know f said it couldn’t be stumbled upon, but if I see something like a cover or lump in a group of trees, I ck it out, I’m nosey that way. I guess that’s why I’m a Chaser. But for a Joe Nonothing to find it…LMAO! That would be just our luck. Like poor Dal, out looking for 44x and I go out, first time, and BINGO! I know I would be alittle dissappointed if I were Dal! Lol (or Stephanie etc.). Sorry, not trying to jinx anyone!

    • For the record…Stephanie has been out more than me…and probably covered more areas too..
      Actually..I know of a couple of folks who have been out more than 44 times…
      If I lived in one of the states in play I would probably never be home…lol…
      It’s FUN to look!!

        • Nick-
          No I haven’t been there. But Forrest ruled out Arizona when he made his map of the search area. The treasure is hidden in New Mexico, Colorado, Montana or Wyoming.

      • I stopped counting. I agree about if we lived in one of the search areas. I’ve heard some get to search every weekend. Stinks being halfway across the country from these places. Now I’m perplexed in being thankful there’s so much snow on the ground and being aggravated because there’s so much snow on the ground lol.

  52. Anyone know when the bracelet was last seen. I think he wears the buckle a lot. The point is were was it for the past 10 years. hmmm.

  53. Maybe he didn’t want to wear it for fear of losing it, or his body changed and it didn’t fit right (no offense intended Mr. Fenn).

  54. Some further brainstorms on HOW DOES FF KNOW if/when the treasure has been found: (my mind keeps working these over –argggh) thanks Dal for the electrons upon which to empty those ideas 😉 :
    — NOT in order of likelihood (IMO) —

    1) Technology! of the mobile / satellite / GPS / remote camera variety, as brainstormed above. Possible, but short lived/fragile. Less likely as more years pass between the presumed hiding time of 2009 and the current searching time (2014). I suspect Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters would say it was too unlikely to rate a “plausible” rating – however, the “assuredness factor” ranks second only to….
    2) He physically checks on it yearly (or more often)! Also unlikely, since people do literally tail him out of his house. That said, from professional experience and colleague anecdotes, I’ll say there are PLENTY of pretexts to be used and ways to sneak a wanted person out of a house, or even a vehicle, that’s under surveillance. That being the case, I also think distance does not deter nor affirm any particular of the 4 states in play: if he can sneak out, a millionaire can get transport to just about anywhere he wants, and without leaving any trail (other than silently & happily accepted cash). Seasons/weather would be the bigger deterrent: he probably cannot check on it this time of year as easily as summer.
    3) The Finder tells him! In this theory, he’s depending on the ego / excitement / earnestness of the finder! They’ll post a message online saying I FOUND IT, or go to the press, or Email him direct. For bonus: maybe he’s left a special phone number inside the chest, perhaps with an added greed incentive, like “call me now and let me know you found this, and I’ll tell you exactly how to find the additional gold coins worth $500,000 that I buried within a mile of you!!” –something like that. This method isn’t foolproof, but fairly wise, and would fit his having taken “two trips” to hide the ‘treasure’.
    4) He might be depending on finder #2 to email/call/publicize! If one person can solve the poem, then more people can too, it stands to reason. For a bonus, he could have brought a container, like a Safe or a bronze casing or concrete shell, which houses the chest yet stays put in place when you lift the chest out, that would make it fairly clear to the Second Place person that they found the right spot, but weren’t the first. Finder #2, from a psychological standpoint, would be even more likely to email / post / publicize what they found. For a bonus, he could include a message or another special phone number on that casing/safe: If ‘2nd place’ doesn’t call FF, 3rd or 4th or 5th certainly will. Reliability of this method is higher than others, and it also supports the “two trips” hint, but it sure would be a pain to install alone, I’d think. Of course, he could have put it in a perfect hole in the rock side of a mountain — then all he’d have to do is chisel ‘sorry, you didn’t get Fenn’s treasure’ into the stone. 😉
    5) non-high-tech technology ala the military! Perhaps the chest is rigged like a booby trap, so that when you lift it, massive fireworks launch or an unstoppable klaxon noise starts up nearby. “tarry scant & Go in peace” indeed…! If the chest is in a populated area, this means people will note it, authorities will investigate, and perhaps FF has left a calling card on the fireworks or the siren “if you find this, tell ’em Fenn’s treasure has been found!” , and then the event will make the press, even if YOU get away unnoticed, the alert WILL be noticed. If the chest is in water, perhaps a giant vat of dye is released into the river, kinda like the ink/dye that’s used on fire alarms and bankrobber cash stacks. i.e. If the Bechler River turned bright pink and bubbly one day, you bet that would make the news! The news will do the work for him. Perhaps you tarry scant and go in peace because there’s a timer delay before the alert launches… 😉 this one is the most fun, and again, seeing as this is all on a millionaire’s budget, it’s totally plausible.
    6) Relay alarm! Sorta like combining 5 & 1; perhaps lifting the chest triggers, via radio, a beacon to light up which happens to be in front of one of those 24/7 webcams across the rockies: He could see it from home then, or it relays to a smoke / ink / fireworks / klaxon alarm, and he hears about it in the news. “Huge stream of Pink smoke seen near Golden, Colorado” might not make sense to most people, but he’d know exactly what it meant.
    7) Uncle Sam tells him! He’s got a brilliant plan to let the government do the tracking/announcing for him: included in the chest could be gold coins or even paper dollars that the FBI are actively tracking, like notes from unsolved bank robberies. As a collector with serious connections, it’s not TOO far fetched to think FF might have access to some items like this— did you all read about the Renoir that sold at a yard sale recently (for $7!!)? it ended up in a yard sale because it had quietly been under the radar for decades since its theft, and passed from private collector to collector. Collectors and traders don’t care about the profit, they care about the story & the possession of the item.
    If the bronze chest contains something like this, and the finder spends it or sells it through any profit-seeking vendor, it will pop up within several months… and would certainly make the news. FF sets his computer to auto search keywords, and he’s alerted as soon as the heist dollars surface, confirming the chest was found. The First National Vault Bank of Chicago Robbery would be an ideal candidate: $1 million was taken, all in $50’s and $100’s, less than 40 years ago; those serial numbers are tracked and $2300 HAS been found since the robbery, but the rest remains unfound. (HOW? If you stole a million bucks, wouldn’t you spend it? Maybe not, IF you traded for them and you’re a collector.) An unreliable method, but no batteries required
    8) The double-Jackpot/ NO WAY theory!: There’s something so outrageously astounding about the location or the contents of the chest that no person alive could resist telling SOMEONE about it. ex: he hid the chest on top of the lost gold of Gen. Custer. His interest in Sitting Bull and the poem line “Riches new and old” could seem to support this, and the bighorn river / Yellowtail Dam is (barely) on the map…

    9) your crazy there here:________________


    • mapsmith you have way to active of a mind. Its true this is a important clue that’s why FF can’t say. Something to do with location 🙂

    • Even if he has a tail he can still check on it “physically” by driving past it and looking. He knows where to look we don’t so its very plausible he can do this without the chest being noticed by others.

  55. Mapsmith,
    you left one out…The stash spot is so ingeneous…so out there….and so good, he simply “knows for a fact” nobody has found it. The more I try to reason my way out of it, the more I find myself going in circles….could it be that simple…..could the first answer be the right one….could that man have actually submerged that box?! Every fiber of my being screams no…which is exactly why it remains high on my what if list….

  56. Some film maker from Ontario Canada named Mike B. wants to make a documentary, he’s looking for people that have actually been out searching…anyone interested in his number or email hit me up on here with yours….

  57. Where oh where could the 42 pounds be?

    42 pounds is not easy to move around. Mr. Fenn might be able to pick it up off the ground but could he move it to a horizontal hidey hole off the ground? And if he placed the empty chest at the opening of his horizontal hidey hole is there enough room to open the lid and pour in the treasure? Once the treasure is in the chest, can he slide it in the hole? 42 pounds with feet on the bottom isn’t going to slide very easily. Then he has to hide the entrance to his hole.

    Perhaps if his hidey hole is at ground level he could push it in with his feet, then block the entrance. How heavy is the stone blocking it?

    Dropping a 42 pound box into a hole 3 feet deep would not be easy either, even with rope. Doable, yes… but not easy. Especially for a 70 something year old man.

    Do a test. Pick up something similar in size and weight of the loaded chest and see how easily you can move it around. Can you lift it above your waist? Can you hold it out in front of you for more than 5 seconds?

    Chances are he placed the empty chest, then added the treasure items. Then concealed it. Perhaps with a stone slab laying above the hole, or perhaps placing large stones around it. But how much do those stones weigh?

    I’m not saying where it is or isn’t. Just giving something to consider when looking in those tight crevices in that rock wall.


    • jdh, while the treasure could be in a cave into which f could walk and perhaps place the chest down and then go back and put the treasure into it, your thinking on how it might be somewhat buried sounds good to me. 42 pounds is pretty heavy and maneuvering 22 pounds around wouldn’t be that easy either. I like your reasoning! 🙂

      • I agree about caves. If any are in my area I will search them thoroughly. I also was reminded by another blog about artificial rocks that could be used for a cover. That could easily place the chest on the ground and make it easy to see by not easy to discover.

        Can you imagine, after searching an area and getting exhausted, sitting down on a fake rock, eating a sandwich and knowing you’re in the right spot… so close you could taste it? Then leaving without it.

        May that never happen to any of us!


        • jdh,
          I know that feeling all to well. I am certain there are no quick solve, or short cuts to the chase. I have worked on this day and night for almost a year. Believe it or not…I still have my sanity:)

          • Pam, I think it’s about a year for me too, although I’m not so sure about my sanity any more. I think I have a bit of OCD, OK, maybe a LOT of OCD as I too have been working on the solution to the poem daily! 🙂 My favorite solution at the moment is snowed in so it’s probably a good time to reread/review the books and a lot of the info on Dal’s blog. Something new might pop out at me as I have some different ideas about the clues since I first started working on this.

        • Remember if the cave is on Natl Forest land in NM, it is illegal to dig in the cave or remove anything.

          • W/r/t: “Illegal to remove anything”

            That’s NOT true DP: regardless of the state, NP / NF land has specific rules about historical and local-cultural artifacts and naturally occurring precious stones/resources — None of which apply to modern/recently hidden ‘Lost n found” items.

    • Jdh…I agree with you and have been saying this since I read TOTC. A lot of old time chasers will poo-poo it, but don’t back down. They have not found it either, so your opinion is as good as theirs. Ya know, opinions are like arm pits, everyone has them and they usually stink! ¥Peace¥

  58. Hi Dal!
    Just wondering who put all the beautiful pictures on this site, was it you?
    They are so lovely… I am a little cold still so I am keeping that e lectric blanket for a little while yet… working hard this week on the poem and the book and I’ll wait to see if anything pops up!
    Happy Hunting to all!
    little sparrow

    • LS-
      I assume you mean the pictures at the top of each page..the header pictures. Those were all taken by Goofy. They are gorgeous and I am pleased that he allowed them to be used on the blog.

      • Yes I do mean the pictres at the top of each page. Thank you Goofy and Dal!

  59. I have been going back through Dal’s blog bit by bit the last few days… It is truly amazing to sift through all of the collected bits and see first hand the effort put forth by all. Dal has been a true scribe in his relentless cataloging of all info pertaining to Forrest. What has really caught my attention are the many searchers who have come and gone. Would be interesting to hear how they went from avid seekers back to where they came from. This time last year, Dal had a counter up that recorded hits for his blog. I believe the number was still under 150k. It was staggering to watch how fast that number increased ! Interest in the search was really picking up steam w/ the coming of spring… The days are getting longer and old man winter has given us a whopper this year. He certainly afforded us plenty of time to hone our tools in preparation for the impending search season. I know a whole lot of searchers have been busy hunting all winter in some milder areas too. The Quest has become a force to be reckoned with and seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Really neat to watch it grow…

    • I never stopped searching this year aLthough I haven’t been out for maybe 3 weeks or a month now. That was choice not necessity. The snow has been a minor impediment. My last 2-3 times out I left my snow shoes in the car. The problem with the snow is that even with as little as there is, it still obscures stuff. I’m searching in NM. The reason I mention this is that you mentioned the whopper winter. It was the driest winter I can remember in my quarter century in the mountains north of Santa Fe. The forests will almost certainly be closed from early June until the monsoons come. In fact I won’t be at all surprised if they close some time in May.

      • True, for you folks in NM. Most of the mid west and points east have been battered and frozen! Now we are mostly in a major melt just in time for another freeze I expect…Good luck John B…

  60. I noticed a picture next to page 23 in TTOTC. A young and handsome Forrest is wearing something on his left wrist. It looks too small and thin to be a watch. It seems to odd for a boy to wear a bracelet back then. Any thoughts as to what it could be? Thanks!

  61. I just looked at that picture again. In some of the pictures, Forrest has a very defined cleft chin and in others it seems nonexistent. Always handsome of course. Maybe it’s just a pixel thing.

  62. I put together a small quiz for fun. It started as a way for me to revisit a few ideas while also forcing me to take a fresh look at the poem. It came together fairly quickly, so it certainly is not perfect. You’ll probably think of some better questions or answers that could of or should have been there. Please do your best with what it IS there. I’ve added the field “other” in a few questions, in case you want to add another answer, or you can leave it blank. I don’t believe that this survey will give anyone an advantage or disadvantage, aside from getting us to think. For all we know, the key is something none of us had even though of yet…CHC

    PS- 100 people can take the 10 question quiz and then it will close, since it is only a free account. We’ll take a look at the results, when it is finished.

    I’m off to get some fresh air and snowboard for a while. Have fun! 🙂 CHC

    Here is the link. Copy and paste into browser if it does not open…


  63. Strange… Just messing around on Google Earth. I found a “Red ____” “Black______” and “Green________” the same distance from and pointing to a “Brown” Making the shape of an arrowhead… Might be worth looking into?

  64. That’s funny. ‘Pretty sure’ is how I describe Spam… ‘I’m pretty sure it’s meat. ‘
    Best luck there, A

    • Whoa… Go easy on Spam. That crap’s delicious!

      Who doesn’t loved chopped, pressed mystery meat that will last forever???

      When it all comes to an end. All that will be left to eat is Twinkies and Spam. Embrace them now………

  65. Spam is not a mystery meat. It’s an animal, a spamimal. Hunting season here in the south is open year round. It’s all the rave for BBQ! Great with cole slaw on it…

    • You know… That doesn’t sound half bad. A nice dry rub, toss it in the smoker for 6 hours, a nice vinegar based mop… Beans or Greens?

    • Isn’t there an annual, The Thrill of the Chase, BBQ somewhere in the Rocky Mountains coming up?

  66. Forrest went to Radar school. He was probably taught these color codes and the poem to help remember them. IT MAY Help, gives you some numbers to the colors of Tea.

    The colors are sorted in the order of the visible light spectrum:
    red (2), orange (3), yellow (4), green (5), blue (6), violet (7). Black (0) has no energy,
    brown (1) has a little more, white (9) has everything and grey (8) is like white, but less intense.[8]

    Color coding is not used for the diodes it is for resistors only .
    Bad beer rots our young guts but vodka goes well . IE:well=white=9


    • Luckily for me I know exactly where that is… Everyone is invited to a Rocky Mountain BBQ this summer… You just have to find the location….

  67. This seems a lousy place to put this belated information…

    Some of you will remember, drquantum, a formidable researcher and searcher, now no longer with us. Some liked Tony, and some didn’t, but as far as researchers go, he was among the best, in my humble opinion. I had a lot of respect for Tony academically speaking. While his dr.quantum site was up, he offered fabulous insight as to how to really dig in, and research a subject in depth, good for this old girl, long out of school and all too rusty. I learned much from reading his website. Didn’t know him personally, but will miss him all the same.

    Tony was relentless in his pursuit of the treasure, but the more he researched and searched…well somewhere along the way, he seemed to lose more than his edge on the road to Questa. Gone was his once obvious brilliance, logic abandoned or tossed aside, his mind having wandered down some rabbit hole no one could follow. Up until that point, I was certain if anyone could find Forrest’s treasure it would be Tony.

    Go in peace, Fenner, dr.quantum.

  68. I would like to touch on Mr. Fenn reciting “How doth the little crocodile “. This particular poem is a parody of “How doth the little busy bee”. I think Mr. Fenn is telling us that he is deceiving, and tricking us with his poem. Now, it is up to us to try to decipher what he means with words like “where warm waters halt”.

    • Or (imo) it could just be a hint that Poetry is important and we should clue-in to the slant rhyme of halt/walk !!

  69. I really think he’s tricking us into thinking something that is not there. Like a magician, now you see it , now you don’t.

  70. I’ll be anybody that “where warm waters halt” is not what we think. If a kid could figure it out that means is something totally different than we think.

    • There are 23 other lines that a kid could interpret better than any of us have, IMO. If I had to choose 1, I’d say Home Of Brown would be the first that I think adults have overcomplicated. WWWH is easy in my POV

  71. This might have been said before, but I found an interesting bit about Fran Warren (Frances Wolfe) – She had a supporting role in 1952’s “Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd”, and she sang in the musical “Finian’s Rainbow”, also in the 50’s.

  72. There was an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican a couple years ago in which Forrest tells the reporter ‘youre in the dark, just like the treasure”, if that’s any help to anyone.

    • Another double entendre no-hint hint, IMO.
      Whether it’s in a cave or on a desert mountain peak, it’s dark at least once a day, every day, for about 8+ hours. 🙂

  73. Does anybody know what are the little squares after the period at the end of TTOTC book? What are they suppose to mean, or tell us?

    • BW-
      That piece of information is second hand. A searcher named Mark, very early on, told me that Forrest said that to him. He told me this in a phone call we had shortly after he returned from his first search. This was a member of the group that Tony Dokoupil went out with for the Newsweek article in 2012. I have no reason to doubt that information and it dovetails nicely with other things that Forrest has said publicly about the location of the chest..like the location being a safe place for children to look.

      • Thanks Dal. We can always count on you to give factual and straightforward answers. Greatly appreciated!

  74. Dal, one more question , if you please. When you place information under media coverage,( ie your latest post) is that released from Forrest, if not, do you request permission from him before posting?

    • I guess there are two questions there-
      First-Since those links are from the “media” we do not need Forrest’s approval to post them. They are generally public information.
      Second-Sometimes I know about the stories when they are published and can post them. Other times I don’t know about the stories until he tells me about them. Both the EIS story and the story from Southeast Antiquing were interviews I didn’t know he had done until he sent me the links…

  75. I guess you never know how you would feel or what you would do until you had the treasure in your hands. Anyone with a conscious would tell you it may seem very sad to know dreams of others had been crushed. Most of all I think I would wonder if this is what Forrest would have wanted. Heavy Loads may be placed on the one who discovers the chest. It’s not about fortune, fame or self gratification. It’s about a friendship that will live on eternally through words unspoken, but messages whispered to those who can hear. Thank you Mr. Forrest Fenn. Seeing is not always needed to BELIEVE. The wall is down and your secret is safe with me.

    • The folks looking in all the wrong places might appreciate a break in the travel expenses.. 😉

    • And for your friendship I am eternally grateful, and now able to move on through your kind, freeing words. Looking forward to hiking Heaven’s peak with you one day.

  76. Has this definition of “Halt” been posted/discussed before?

    Halt (from German: stop) can refer to:
    Halt, a small railway station, usually unstaffed, with few facilities and normally is a request stop

    This website talks of a water station that was used in the filming of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

    Not sure if this will help with the search, just wanted to pass the info. along.

  77. Hi folks, I have a 4 question survey where you can voice your opinion on who, where and when the trove will be found that I need to finish up before I can publish the results. I need 50 more responses and then I can let everyone see the results. I would appreciate it if you can take 10 seconds to complete the survey. Thank you


  78. A few occurrences of amethyst and smoky quartz in calcareous rocks, sandstones, and quartzite’s, in which there was no known genetic connection with igneous rocks, have been reported. In these instances the quartz crystals must have been deposited by waters of only moderate warmth. Amethyst often occurs in the agatized trees of Yellowstone Park and Arizona, the silicification having been caused by cool waters of meteoric origin.

  79. “The last of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers of World War II has died. Chester Nez, died this morning.”

    All who fought deserve to be honored. Sad 🙁

  80. Recently, a countdown clock has appeared at this website:


    It goes to zero on August 15, 2015 at 4:15 PM Central Daylight Time. In the background a voice can be heard using the phonetic alphabet employed by the military. This may be a hint to convert numbers to letters and to think in terms of military time.

    In the Rocky Mountains, in military time, this would yield August 15, 2015, at 15:15. Putting this all together, we get 8-15-15-15-15, which in turn yields HOOOO. The four Os in a row look a little like the four empty rectangles below the clock.

    The significance of HOOOO is not jumping out at me, but is a sound an owl might make.

    • A nebulous glimpse. Although difficult to ascertain whether joyful, sorrowful, eventful?

  81. Two more observations.

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was an album by the Chicago-based rock band Wilco. The sound track of the countdown website appears on the album. You can learn more about where it came from here:


    Also, H followed by four zeros in a military context makes me think of H Hour, which is analogous to D Day and represents the specific time for the initiation of a military operation.

    I have no idea how any of this would relate to TTOTC.

  82. I would imagine someone just threw that together and out there to get people to waste their time on it- if you recall in the TV Series LOST there was some type of numbers they had to continuously enter on the computer and or the island would blow up etc etc etc go back and look at that.

  83. Just watched the Today Show, and the piece about YNP with Reid aired. Nothing special, just what everyone thought it would be. Having to rescue some, everybody’s digging up the grounds, having to arrest some…..very brief.

  84. Hey Joe Watkins (blazeseekerjoe or blaze seeker joe),

    I just voted for your story – I hope you win.

    I would like to read more about the carving you mention and the horseshoe you found – is that excerpt from a book? Where can I read more?



    • Hate to be no-it-all HANK but i could swear i saw that same type of blaze in a book while going on a road trip out west.

  85. This was sent to me today and I was shocked at the age of Grandma – If this is true, what was it really like when Forrest was growing up. I do not think I have my head wrapped around that yet! :

    How old is Grandma?
    (Read this to the end– quite an eye opener.)

    Stay with this — the answer is at the end… It will blow you away.

    One evening a grandson was talking to his grandmother
    About current events.

    The grandson asked his grandmother what she thought
    About the shootings at schools, the computer age, and
    Just things in general.

    The Grandmother replied, “Well, let me think a minute,

    I was born before:

    ‘ television
    ‘ penicillin
    ‘ polio shots
    ‘ frozen foods
    ‘ Xerox
    ‘ contact lenses
    ‘ Frisbees and
    ‘ the pill

    There were no:

    ‘ credit cards
    ‘ laser beams or
    ‘ ball-point pens

    Man had not yet invented:

    ‘ pantyhose
    ‘ air conditioners
    ‘ dishwashers
    ‘ clothes dryers
    ‘ and the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and
    ‘ man hadn’t yet walked on the moon

    Your Grandfather and I got married first, and then lived together.
    Every family had a father and a mother.

    Until I was 25, I called every man older than me, “Sir.”

    And after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man
    With a title, “Sir.”

    We were before gay-rights, computer-dating, dual careers,daycare centers, and group therapy.

    Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense.

    We were taught to know the difference between right and
    Wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions.

    Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was
    A bigger privilege.

    We thought fast food was what people ate during Lent.

    Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with
    Your cousins.

    Draft dodgers were those who closed front doors as the
    Evening breeze started.

    Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the
    Evenings and weekends not purchasing condominiums.

    We never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CD’s, electric typewriters, yogurt, or guys wearing earrings.

    We listened to Big Bands, Jack Benny, and the President’s speeches on our radios.

    If you saw anything with ‘Made in Japan ‘ on it, it was junk.

    The term ‘making out’ referred to how you did on your school exam.

    Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and instant coffee were unheard of.
    We had 5 & dime stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents.

    Ice-cream cones, phone calls, rides on a streetcar, and a Pepsi were all a nickel.

    And if you didn’t want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail 1 letter and 2 postcards.

    You could buy a new Ford Coupe for $600, but who could
    Afford one? Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon.

    In my day:

    ‘ “grass” was mowed,
    ‘ “coke” was a cold drink,
    ‘ “pot” was something your mother cooked in and
    ‘ “rock music” was your grandmother’s lullaby.
    ‘ “Aids” were helpers in the Principal’s office,
    ‘ “chip” meant a piece of wood,
    ‘ “hardware” was found in a hardware store and.
    ‘ “software” wasn’t even a word.

    We were the last generation to actually believe that a lady neededa husband to have a baby.
    We volunteered to protect our precious country.
    No wonder people call us “old and confused” and say there is a generation gap.

    How old do you think I am?

    Read on to see — pretty scary if you think about it and pretty sad at the same time.

    Are you ready?????

    This woman would be only 61years old.
    She would have been born in late 1952.


    • She’s wrong about TV. Television has been around since the 1920’s commercially and NBC televised live coverage of the 1939 Worlds Fair..
      Many Commercial TV stations signed on in the late’40s…

      So maybe grandma meant that her family didn’t own a TV set…that could certainly be…or maybe she meant there was no TV broadcaster in her area. That could also be true. Many medium sized communities didn’t get broadcasters until after the big cities already had them.

      • Lasers (optical pump), TV, air conditioning, dishwashers all predate 1952 by various degrees. Electric typewriters predate flappers. Ball point pens were patented in the 1880’s. grandma’s very old indeed. 😉
        It’s a fun little meme but not exactly accurate.

  86. Seems like this site is the place for all things related to the “thrill of the chase” search so I’ll share what I have here. The info may or may not be helpful to other searchers (I don’t know). First I’ve included links to a kml file I created that has almost every point I have researched or searched in person since I discovered the poem. Included is a point to a boulder I found in Yellowstone National Park that has something etched into the rock that looks like two horse shoes, however, I did not label this particular point with identifiable info but I promise the point is definitely on the map if you are interested in finding the boulder’s location. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the search but it has been one of the most mysterious “blazes” I have found while searching. It’s a big boulder…probably around 200 pounds. Of course I have explored the area around it as best I could but so far I haven’t found anything else of much interest. There is one other location of interest that I am keeping a secret for now that I may check out somewhere down the road but aside from that, the KML file reveals my areas of focus and contains a little over 1000 waypoints. Maybe someone else will have luck with this info. Best of luck.

    Google map with KML file overlayed…

    Direct download link for the KML file…

    A picture of the boulder…

    A picture of what the area looks like where the boulder is…

      • Ok…there are a few responses to my post so I’ll try to explain a bit more just to clear things up. I haven’t been to every point on my map. I have very good digital topo maps and have spent a lot of time marking various points that either have words or places associated with the poem, early explorers, precious metals or gems, natives, odd places that stand out on aerial photos, places connected to people ff has dealt with, etc. I’ve limited my searching for the most part to the areas with close concentration of points on the map. I’ve searched thoroughy YNP and the surrounding area, Teton National Park, several areas in NM north of Santa Fe, and a handful of places in Colorado. There is a lot of interesting history in the search area. I like rocks and am a rock hound and have also spent some time locating petroglyphs which is how I was able to stumble on the boulder after a rather unusual interpretation of the poem lead me there. I’m from Colorado and explore it frequently but not in search of the ff treasure (just for fun)…ff seems to have done very little in Colorado so if it is in my state I would think it has to be close to the border near NM or the border near Wyoming/Utah.

        I’m frugal and spend my time camping or staying rustic cabins with no water or electricity, eating from food that I brought with me so that enables me to explore a lot without expending much money….my biggest cost is gas for the car. Almost all of my trips have been solo and since I’m fortunate to have plenty of time for exploring and my legs are good so I can cover an area quickly. I am a bit confused by the boulder because I have searched the area on foot a handful of times on 2 separate trips without success…if it’s in that area it’s either burried (which seems unlikely given the location), in the woods a distance from the boulder and probably requires a horse for an older person (which also seems unlikely), or is in the vegetation or water (doubtful) close by and I haven’t found it. Several areas I have searched have odd markings on trees that I have never seen before like Watkins Creek and Joe Brown Creek near YNP…these marking will not withstand time so I don’t think they mean anything but it makes me wonder if YNP and USFS personnel have placed nonsensical blazes in insignifcant areas to keep people exploring in areas they care little about being disturbed…makes me wonder if the boulder is bogus. I’m not sure what to think at this point and am currently on hiatus from the search. With my research and exploring I would guess the cache is either near the green river in Wyoming or Colorado, in or near YNP or the tetons, associated with the great basin, or close to Santa Fe…if I explore in the future I will be focusing on these areas.

      • FYI all, backcountry nav for the android os is amazing and well worth the money. It has topos and aerial photos you can cache for field exploring without internet access and has blm layers you can purchase that show all the NPS, BLM, USFS, and other public area boundaries. It’s definitely worth the money…$10 for the base app and $10 for each addon if I remember correctly.

        Looking at my points again it looks like some are off a few hundred feet so the exact point of the boulder and a few other areas didn’t seem to show up in the right spot but the general area is marked on the map.

    • Wow Pete! You have been very busy–I bet you have some stories from your searches. Sure would love to hear some of them. Thanks for sharing your work.

      • Pete,

        I would be interested in how you came about the idea of the boulder. Your choice, if you would like to share.

        I’ll give you a theory I looked into way back when. It involves using YS Grand Canyon as WWWH… At the top is heated water that ate away the lime stone and started the now upper and lower falls, which obviously takes to the canyon floor. Some areas are very narrow and would be impossible to walk the floor of the full length of the canyon, so one walks the ridge, no far but the long way around. On the North side of the rim or the end, is a two story Boulder, one in which you can climb using 3 different climbing roots.

        My thoughts is to look down from the boulder… but I’ll stop there. there is more but I’m gonna keep that to myself.

        Great pics.

        • Seeker

          So do you think Fenn put his treasure in the Grand Canyon of Yrllowstone? I’ve heard others say this too. Problem is it’s much to dangerous getting into and illegal. Plus Fenn all but said it isn’t in YNP.

          • True it is Dal BUT don’t you think Forrest was giving out a big hint when he said “generally speaking Yellowstone is a place where one should stay on designated trails” then he goes on to say that he never hid his treasure very close to a human trail. HINT all IMO of course.

          • Sally-
            Nope…I don’t think that’s a hint at all..

            Please…when you are interpreting someone else’s words make sure we know it’s your opinion…your interpretation and not fact…
            Otherwise new people come on here and they decide not to look in YNP because they read “on this blog somewhere Forrest said it’s not in YNP”…
            Folks are entitled to know the difference between interpretation and fact..
            You can help by being careful how you write…
            Rumors abound…


        • Sally, I tend to disagree that the quote you refer to made by Forrest completely eliminates Yellowstone. I don’t think ANY reasonable person would suggest going off trail in some areas of Yellowstone especially around caldrons, gas flumes, and other hot spots–it could kill you. The fact that he then said he didn’t hide the chest very close to a human trail also doesn’t eliminate Yellowstone given the fact that no one can know with certainty what “very close” means and given the fact that there is so much accessible space off trails. Its an important, big space to exclude based on that statement alone, imho.

          • You are right Raven. I took from it that it’s not on a trail or off a trail. I think it’s in Yellowstone or outside the park in a place you don’t have trails maybe a populous place. Maybe he wanted people to think that is what he was saying. A designated trail has a trail head. So I think as long as you don’t have those markers then it can be near that place. He doesn’t want people going off trail. He realizes that is something dangerous to do.

          • My guess is that the path to the treasure is not on a blazed trail in whole or in part; about 500-700 feet from where one could park a car, in a wooded area, close to a creek or river; where folks normally do not venture to hike, fish, or hunt. I would point out that one is not required to stay on blazed trails in wilderness areas (with exceptions of course). Most people do so because its an easy way to hike. But even in Yellowstone you can hike off trail as long as you tread lightly to avoid causing erosion and the area is not where you are specifically prohibited from hiking. Many of the remote trails are not even marked very well in wilderness areas so you often are winging it even if you think you are following a trail. That’s why its good to have a map. We use to hike a lot in high elevations where there was a lot of granite and it was virtually impossible to follow a trail. I guess it would have been nice to have GPS but then part of the adventure was learning whether or not we could read a map and compass to get where we were going. I think the “no place for the meek” means that there is no trail even though you aren’t in a completely remote area. Just my guessitmate…

        • “I would be interested in how you came about the idea of the boulder. ”

          OK, I started at the location from “river bathing is best” on the firehole and interpreted that as where warm waters halt, went down stream into the madison river canyon …

          I don’t think the treasure is associated with the boulder but it is strange that the boulder does not match the other rocks nearby and doesn’t seem to have aged the same as the others either.

  87. @sally…I think it’s also worth mentioning that IMO one should always keep in mind that forrest is also most likely legally advised on such a matter and must speak accordingly. Certainly it could be considered ill advised to outright tell people to dig up/ travel off trails/ or otherwise publicly go against the leave no trace or other policies etc. I try and keep those legal/ethical concepts in mind when reading such words and his careful choice of phrasing be it in the poem or in interviews etc. just something to keep in mind.

  88. I think there should be a book written about “How” to treasure hunt.

    Certainly by someone who knows more about it than I do.

    If the internet is a tool – then you should know “how” to look up things – like used a good search engine – possibly Google. You should have a Google tool bar at the top of your computer so you can get there fast. Keep in mind – blog owners can trace your movements – both before you get here and after you leave. So check out completely and get back to your desktop and begin anew. You should have icons on your desktop for every blog that you visit.

    I think after someone posts a map – or anything – that requires you leaving here and going to “their” web site – you ought to trust that web site. If you do that and get pop ups after going to their site – for heavens sake DO NOT click on them.

    When someone posts something that is unreasonable – it probably is.

  89. To All searchers: I am going to make a bold statement, and hope you take it for what is worth, good or bad.

    It is my opinion and only my opinion that if you are looking for the treasure chest itself you will never find it. Remember the title of the book is , “The thrill of the Chase”. What Mr. Fenn started was never the, “The search for the Gold”. In other words, he wanted us to go look for the adventure, and us obtaining the gold was never his goal. I am not saying one cannot find the treasure chest, but a searcher who is thinking about the gold will never find it in his, or her lifetime. RC

    • That’s interesting RC…a bit of a downer when constructed in that way.
      I agree…. in theory at least.
      He expects people to be looking for a good long while.
      I do believe that the hidey spot is so hard to find that many have already and will continue to go right past it.
      But…I also agree with Forrest’s take on the hunt…”difficult but not impossible”

      I always wonder why it is that “no one will stumble on it” (other than the obvious..it’s hard to find)…but why won’t someone accidentally run across it?? Why won’t some aimless fool like me..out there taking pictures and just lollygagging around accidentally stumble upon it?

      • Maybe by saying you won’t stumble over it, he’s saying that it’s under something…so you couldnt physically trip over it. Forrest is clever like that.

      • Dal so what’s up with going in confidence as Forrest stated. I must be missing something here. Can this chest be found?

        • Sally-
          Well..I think it can be found or I wouldn’t waste spend my time looking.
          “Confidence” is a curious word and I think in the case of looking for the chest it has more to do with knowledge held by the searcher than character of the searcher.
          I mean..let’s face it..The first time I went out I was filled with confidence that I had everything correct. I thought I had a lot of knowledge…but in hindsight…I was unaware of my own empty-headedness.

          After that…confidence was not so apparent. However, knowledge has been gained at each turn of this treasure hunt maze. So..I think that based on what I know now (or think I know 🙂 )…which is tomes more than I knew four years ago…if I had confidence again it could only be because it is the correct place and I’d know that before I left Ezmerelda to go get it. So far…that confidence has not returned…but I pine for it…

          • Good points Dal. Originally the question was asked over on Mysterious Writings. Maybe once the bigger picture becomes clearer, then a persons confidence would follow. Another thing I was thinking is if those that were close didn’t go in confidence they must not have understood…seems to me I would keep searching an area (if) I was confident. Ive only been out 3 times myself. I like WY/MT.

            5Q) From receiving feedback on hunter’s ideas and methods about how to discover the location of the chest, do you feel confident your method in hiding the chest will eventually be understood and the chest be found? Please know, I am not asking for any specifics. My question is more like, do you still feel your poem will lead someone to the treasure?
            The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:

            We shall not cease from our exploration
            And at the end of all our exploring
            Will be to arrive where we started
            And know the place for the first time

        • Sally m.* I know you asked Dal this question, but if you do not mind I will answer it for you. The treasure chest will be found, but not in the way many people think. If I were you I would study the poem words one by one and know each of their meanings and analyze the poem over,and over again. RC

        • I will chime in with a thought as well…

          f’s comment about a few are in tight focus with a word that is key… the treasure may be found sooner than I thought…

          I figure that if f is saying that he thinks the treasure will be found sooner than he thought, then this ‘a word that is key’ is the ticket to figuring out the poem and going in confidence.

          There are a lot of people trying to figure this poem out and many are just flat out confused (a number of others are full of themselves and spout off like an uncapped fire hydrant even though they too have no clue what they are really talking about). A few, by technical definition consists of maybe 1-3; so whatever this ‘a word that is key’ is, it is extremely hard to figure out or discover; and once understood, one still must go out and find it.

          One thing that I know about confidence is that it comes from and is built or created by experience. And watching this chase after f’s treasure has shown how easily arrogance and conceit are so easily mistaken for confidence. Through all of this, there has certainly been a lot of humble pie served… wish I had a dollar for each piece that has been dished thus far.

      • I got you thinking Dal, right? Mr. Fenn is very clever that way. Remeber Dal, this was never meant to be “the thrill of finding the gold”, but ” The Thrill of The Chase”, which I have been doing all this time myself. What if we were never meant to find the gold, but something else. How ’bout adventure? I am not saying that a searcher cannot find the gold, but what I am saying is,if the searcher is fixated in finding the gold he, or she will never find it. That is probably the biggest oxymoron of the century. RC

          • Ed* I always think in terms of not believing what I think is true. I sometimes go against my beliefs, and that is never an easy think to do because that is who you are, a set of beliefs, and ideas planted into your soul by whoever shaped you as a kid. What we have to do is ask the right questions, and do not take the meaning of words as what you already know. We should research words, and their meanings and anybody who can do this can solve the poem. I am not saying I know where the treasure is but I know I am getting closer to it. This is my opinion, and my opinion only.

      • If its hidden with rocks on a ledge or in a hole covered with a flat stone or in a wall of stones or in a hollowed out petrified stump or in ….any number of things, someone will not “stumble” on it (literally) and probably wouldn’t see it unless they recognized the blaze that directs you to look down. In other words you might not see it even if you accidentally were at the spot where it is “hidden”. Kind of like when I’ve searched my house for my glasses and they are on the top of my head. Ok, not quite like that but I think you probably get what I mean. Also, my guess is that the blaze is something that fits perfectly into the environment and would go unnoticed by most people including searchers who are maybe looking but not really “seeing”. IMHO of course.

          • When you play this game with Forrest you are matching wits with him. He knows where it is and he gives us tidbits of information disguised among tidbits of non-information about where it is. He can’t decide if he wants us to find it or not but clearly, as long as he is handing out information I will sift through it for ideas that can help me.

            Some day… someone will find it..He didn’t hide this thing to be lost forever…He hid it to be chased and ultimately found…
            Dontcha think?

      • Dal imo the chest sets above a well travelled path where no one travels but bears and lions( and mr.fenn )on a ledge no place for the meek not making him out to be thats special but he’s a mans man you know in the class of Crockett and Boone .its in a place hard to get to but not impossible with some sweat and no fear and once there a oasis a solstice of solitude a place to meditate and heal imo his rainbow

        • I know this place and have seen it from a distance I ziggedwhen I should have zagged I will return there again

  90. RC

    I have been told that as well It’s the Thrill of a Chase. My clients who are wealthy cannot believe that I’m searching for a treasure . They think it’s not true, I on the other hand believe Forrest did hide a chest, and I believe in my location and area I search, wether if I ever find it or not until the day I die I will always believe in Forrest and my location . It has to be there somewhere 🙂

    I have enjoyed the adventure, but there is only so many I can do and afford. We don’t normally take vacations so I have definetly enjoyed Beautiful Colorado 🙂

    • Amy* What I can tell you from what I know to be true is that if you are searching for the treasure you will never find it . You have to open your mind and start looking for the adventure, and not the gold. It is my opinion if you do that you will see what I have learned in the search. Only those looking for the adventure will have an advantage on those looking for the gold. The way of thinking is a maker, or breaker in the thrill of the chase. Mr. Fenn challenged all of us to find the treasure chest, and I take that challenge very personally. I will not die until I find it, but I am not looking for the treasure chest anymore. I am looking for the adventure. You may, or may not understand what I am saying, but once the treasure chest is found you will “see”. RC

      • Personally RC, I have no idea what your attempting to relay. 1st the chest is not out there… then it is and your still looking for it… something you “know” to be true, but we [ assuming all the other searcher] will never find it?

        ” I will not die until I find it, But I am not looking for the treasure chest anymore” is what you stated.

        Yep I’m a bit confused, maybe you could clarify what your talking about.

        • Seeker* I never said the treasure was not out there. What I said was that if you are fixated in finding it you will never find it. I do believe the treasure is somewhere, and I do believe someone will find it but not where they think it is. It is my opinion. RC.

      • RC I agree with you! If you are so focused on finding the TC your mind is too closed to see other possibilities while out and about!! You get discouraged when it is not where you thought it would be and then can’t get past that – heading home in disappointment only to have your mind open up half way home and then kick yourself! Head to your spot and enjoy what’s out there. Spend time to sit and reflect on the poem while sitting under a tree by the river. Take his book along and read while sitting it may just dawn on you as to where there is! 🙂

  91. I think we all are guilty of making the thrill of the chase bigger,and bigger every time we speak of it. I am not saying it is bad, or good I am just saying as a comment. It is my opinion that the thrill of the chase theme was never meant to go out of New Mexico and that is why I have always stated the treasure is hidden in New Mexico no matter what anybody says. But just because something is hidden in New Mexico is does not mean it is physically there. It may be in another state, south of New Mexico. Who knows?!RC.

  92. The treasure hunt reminds me of a movie I saw as a child called The Point! and I think of that often while searching and refer to the search as the pointless forrest out of good humor.


    “The round-headed Oblio has had to wear a pointed hat since birth to conceal his “pointless” condition from his pointy-headed peers…the law of the land, which states that those who are pointless must be banished from the kingdom and into the Pointless Forest. … Oblio and Arrow are sent to the Pointless Forest, but soon discover that even the Pointless Forest has a point. They meet curious creatures like giant bees, a “pointed man” pointing in all directions who proclaims ‘A point in every direction is the same as no point at all’, a man made of rock, three dancing fat sisters, and the man made out of leaves who helps Oblio see that everyone has a point, though it might not be readily displayed. Oblio and Arrow spend the night in the Pointless Forest, then awaken to a large stone hand with the finger pointing to their “destination”. They take the road indicated by the hand and make their way back to the Land of Point, where they receive a hero’s welcome from the land’s citizens, and the king. Oblio tells the king and the people of the land that everything has a point, including the Pointless Forest, and himself. Angered, the count pulls off Oblio’s pointed hat but is taken aback when he sees a point on top of Oblio’s bare head. Upon this revelation the points of everyone else in the land disappear and pointed buildings become round.”

  93. PLEASE HELP- I’m helping someone write an article on the ttotc and would prefer real views from real searchers for authenticity. All opinions are welcome. There are many who express different opins on chest, it’s existence, etc. This is an open ended question on truth vs. lies and “lies by omission” the author has no bias towards either one and would like to express views of those who live the chase. Please contribute any thoughts you may have.
    “If the chest were to be found (and forrest was fully aware of this and had told at least one friend or blogger ) do you feel he is morally obligated to tell everyone? Or would it be okay for him to keep it a secret? The latter perpetuating the joy of the searches for many, yet also gives false pretenses to some who may have otherwise preferred to move on to other quests and adventures. Would it be okay, in your opinion, for him to keep quiet? Would you resent him for hiding this or praise him for continuing the adventure for so many?
    This question is posed in regards to announcing “the find” itself and not the name of the searcher or any of their personal information…just the status of “found”
    Looking for ALL sides of opinion. Please contribute, and THANK YOU!!

    • Duck it’s all good Fenn should chill, just because he and another searcher know. The other guy apparently wants the chase to go on so its fair game. Some people aren’t in it for the money… For some its a game of thrills. I mean if he won’t come forward then the chest is more than likely right where Fenn left it.

    • Real view from a real searcher. 2 searches, multiple days. Mr. Fenn mentioned following the Code of the West in a scrapbook discussing friendship, which would lead one to believe he will issue a public notification when the treasure is found. Personally, our family has dedicated time and resources to searching while we enjoyed the outdoors, but would appreciate knowing so we can move on to other endeavors. The blog personalities who enjoy this as a hobby/game may have a different perspective. In the end, it’s Fenn’s call or the finder’s call.

    • Forrest has already stated publicly that when he knows the chest is found, he will announce it so that everyone knows. He will be a little disappointed when it is found, but as he said, he will quickly get over it.

    • Duck-
      I don’t understand what you are asking for..
      The chest has not been found.
      If it had Forrest would let us know.
      Why are you concerned?

      As far as stories about chasing the chest…
      Do you mean something like the stories in “others adventures” on this blog..??
      Is that what you are looking for??

      • No. I’m not looking for any information on anything the has happened. I’m just asking as to whether searchers would really want to know or not. I’m sorry if I phrased it wrong. I just mean “would you or wouldn’t you want to know and why?” It’s only one part of a story.

    • The questions themselves seem bias in nature, leading or persuading to get a negative answer . term such as ” morally obligated” as well as, asking ” would it be ok for him to keep it a secret?… Followed by a statement… ” The latter perpetuating the joy of the searches for many, yet also gives false pretenses to some who may have otherwise preferred to move on to other quests and adventures.”
      Makes it sound like your attempting to push a negative response. Even using the word ” resent” places a alternative method/ motive to the answer of that question.

      I would suggest, maybe thinking over your wording of the questions, that doesn’t have a subliminal tone to them.

      You said all opinions are welcomed, there is mine with a helpful suggestion to boot.

      • Thanks. I’ll see if I can’t have dal delete so I can rephrase. Didn’t mean to lead at all!! So…would you personally want to know or not? That’s as simple as I can phrase.

        • Honestly, for me personally, it’s more about the solve of the poem / matching wits with the Author, than finding the trove. Would it be great to find it? sure…
          It would make a nice little retirement for my wife and maybe I would buy a new truck, She’s a good ole’ gal, still looks good, few dings and dents, still has some get-up and go …

          But my truck is falling apart and need a new one.

          I’m just not obsess with finding it, as some others are. They have that spend all there savings, ignore families, yada yada, then get angry because they feel they should have found it and blame others for the ignorance and lack of self control.

          After all, it was supposed to be an adventure, the thrill of experience to be bold enough to try.

          But Hey, that’s just my way of thinking.

        • Yes, so I can move on with my life. More importantly, I’d like to know where it was to see if I was even close, and what the heck was the Blaze.

    • Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead AND It will be worth the cold.

      It’s the “Thrill of the Chase” and only Forrest knows the truth of any of the poems meanings.

      I believe he said he has claimed right to be wrong once in a while and regrets killing a beautiful female Mt. Lion.

      • That was a sad and disturbing chapter of TFTW that I did not enjoy reading or seeing the gruesome photo. I wish I wouldn’t have seen it. Sorry Forrest.
        Why can’t people leave others alone? Why can’t people leave animals and wildlife alone? I understand conservation efforts need to be enforced occasionally, but there are far too many times that it’s not in the best interest of conservation and animals are being senselessly killed. There are better ways… It disturbs me to think there are people that find pleasure in killing wildlife for no apparent reason or for the sake of a trophy… I don’t see eye to eye with these type of people, and never will…That is of course unless their life is being threatened or they are starving and need food. IMO.

        • Wise, I was a Federal Trapper for a few years, until I got sideways with the USDA and their methods of wild life control. Typical big government bureaucrats that don’t have a clue about what is going on……I was not going to kill an animal unnecessarily; but mostly because I wouldn’t set a trap that killed any animal that happened along. They got the wrong animal a good percentage of the time. Which is a warning to those of you that are thinking about trespassing on private property? You could easily walk into a trap poking around, their aren’t any warning signs.

          As far as trophy hunters go, I would never kill an animal as a trophy or unnecessarily. But those trophy hunters pay a small fortune to go hunting. Those hunting licenses provide the resources to have a healthy managed heard. When the rancher’s cattle are starving during a hard winter, the elk are fat and happy having food dropped to them.

          Mother Nature is a cold, cruel, old gal that doesn’t listen to excuses.

          • Thanks for your informative reply Goof. I wasn’t aware of your Federal Trapper experience.
            I don’t even like thinking about animals being trapped. It’s a cruel method, imo.
            And yes, I’m aware hunters pay a good amount of money to go on these trophy hunts, and hunting/fishing license fees are used for wildlife conservation efforts… All I’m saying is that I’m just not the type of person that can comprehend the thrill someone can get out of killing an animal for such selfish reasons. OK, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Back to the other Thrill.

  94. Searchers, I think we have all missed the point to what the search is all about. It is about searching for the hunt, the chase, and not searching for riches, treasure, gold, and precious stones. If you are looking for the trove you will never find it .Look for the adventure.RC.

  95. Wasn’t sure where to put this but seems like a good place. I’ve been thinking about TIME and how I do not seem to have enough of it to accomplish all I would like to accomplish. I’m able to steal just a few hours a week to think about this chase. I’ve been thinking about my visit to the Sloane Museum several weeks ago. Eric Sloane had about 8 hourglasses on the fireplace mantle. Why? Was it a symbol to remind how important TIME is to him? Or to ensure he used it effectively while painting? I once visited a clock museum and learned that the Grandfather Clock was a symbol used by its owner to visually show how important TIME was to them.

    Anyways, this brings me to the book The Cracker Barrel by Eric Sloane. It will not solve the Fenn Poem but it will make you think (at least out of the box). For example (this is for Michael D and the sounding of words which I cannot seem to put together when I “listen good”):

    Example: YYUR,YYUB;

    Answer on page 38 of the Cracker Barrel.

    Too wise you are, too wise you be;
    I see you are too wise for me!

    The hourglasses I think relates to how he painted. He also writes about the hourglass and art. He painted quickly which allowed him to have strokes of genius and not allowing time to think about creating a great work of art.

    Many interesting chapters. Just figured I would share to those that have TIME.

    I’ve written before on my thoughts of “…Not far, but too far to walk…”. Could this be a reference to distant memories of the past, but since they are only memories they cannot be walked to?
    I keep thinking in the poem he is making a historical reference. Which even if it is of his own memories then it still is technically historical.

    Hope you can make sense of my babble. Day not going the way I planned so I guess I will go work on my constructing my stone wall.

    The above are just ideas I had. Not trying to lead you astray. Just trying to point out a good read.

    • Safety – Cracker Barrell looks like a great read, and reference to making sense of the poem, especially since Sloane was Forrest’s mentor. I see hard copies at Amazon; do you know if there is a downloadable version? running out of time forJanie & Annie’s adventure, which may be more of a laugh if I don’t figure outhow to focus on the right things. tyvm.

      • 42-
        Not sure about a down-loadable version. You could check out your local antique or used book store. Good luck.

    • Safety Joe, such an interesting post on Time and Eric Sloane. I may look for hour glass shapes on the trail. all those midnight references in books must mean north. The memory thing is brilliant and matches up with elements of a place. The only historical event that comes to mind as too far to walk is the journey of Lewis and Clark, but I don’t have a clue how to apply that to my poem solution. Any ideas?

      • lia-
        Haven’t been able to associate Lewis and Clark into my thought processes on location. I am not sure if Mr. Fenn is providing hints/clues in his writings about them or if he is just suggesting exploration and discovery. It do find it interesting/coincidental that the Lewis and Clark expedition departed from Camp Dubois. It is out of search area but interesting. IMO– it is not associated with their blaze but I would like to travel along that path someday.

        • Safety Joe, the spirit of the Corps of Discovery imo is similar to our journeys of discovery in TTOTC. Rugged beauty, uncharted territory. Self reliance, simplicity of nature and her limitations… I had the privilege of driving and walking L&C’s path thru Montana and loved every wind blown sage prairie and beautiful River canyon the passed through. There is a wonderful museum in Great Falls Mt recounting their journey and also a CM Russell Museum there to be enjoyed if you are in the area. I can place Sacagawea near my search area and L&C a bit further away.

          • I enjoyed your comment lia. I have been definitely enriched by this journey to solve the poem. It has taken me places I never would have thought of and has given me a chance to experience so much both in my research and my self exploration.

            I think we may be searching in the same State and perhaps even in the same area. Good luck to you.

          • Good Luck to you Ellen! We may well search the same area. My treasure/search campaign season is over for the year. Time to consider Forrest’s solve ideas and look at the maps again. Are you a local gal to the area or just searching there?

    • With all the clues/hints that ff has dropped in the last year, both subtle and overt, 80-90% of that Rocky Mt search map can be grayed out, IMO. The fact that this is ignored by the vast majority of the “mouse jockeys” is humorous.

      • C’mon Mikey, drop us micesses a morsel or two. I mean you could cut our search area by half and still have a big advantage over us.

  96. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but it’s a beautiful excerpt from “The Shadow Catcher” by Marianne Wiggins. IMO, it’s relevant to understanding how a pilot who loves art and history might view the world.

    “looking from an airplane window. I’ve learned what the Earth looks like from a great height – but how did Leonardo know? Are we hardwired, as a species, to imagine flying? We take it for granted now, most of us, this point of view, as a second site, because many of us have flown, many of us have been up there, and, even if we haven’t, most of us have seen the pictures of our world as a distant object, beamed to Earth by satellite. We can adopt this point of view as a modern way of looking, but is it modern? What if there’s something in our psyches designed to see things from above? Isn’t it a possibility that, as humans, we were built to dream from heights? That Columbus dreamed of flying to America, dreamed his future landfall from above? That Lewis and Clark, bedding down on rocky ground, flew at night across the Cascade Mountains in their dreams, above sequoias, over the Columbia, toward the valiant coast to the magnificent Pacific? Maybe we are built to reconnoiter from above, survey the Earth from heaven, dream of flying. Maybe it’s the angel in us.” Taken from NY Times review of “The Shadow Catcher”

  97. @dal- If you’re doing a contest I always love picture/illustration contests 🙂 I’m not sure how to phrase it…but it could be really fun to see lots of people create images (funny, serious, realistic, photo, drawing or otherwise) that would accompany stories from the book Kinda like an “Alternate Images” contest (maybe with no labels? ) it’d be a hoot to look at the entries and try guess which of Forrest’s memories they are supposed to depict. Forrest picks the winner based on anything he feels like basing it on and tells us why he picked it. 🙂

      • Jamie, great idea! Made me start thinking about a personal art project. Hmmm lots of possibilities.

        • Great idea! The runner up could win the winning piece of art, and the winner could…meet forrest! 🙂

    • I have a lot to share, someday, unless I don’t hit delete button that is associated with my thumb .

    • Thanks Dal!
      Some great ideas. But my kids are all gone now too. 🙁
      I like the create a memory or artifact..
      I also like reading stories…
      My husband suggests an art contest. Any kind.. chase related….

  98. What about a contest for the kids of the chase. I am sure more than a couple have been brought or dragged along on searches. They will have some amazing stories and from a fresh perspective.

  99. How about a photo contest? Photos must be a selfie, but get creative! Search or TTOTC related themes, scenic backgrounds, etc…And voted on by the blog. No videos, just pics. what do you think?

  100. Can anyone tell me how to chg my avatar? Also, when I subscribe to comments it says ck inbox???

  101. Why did Mr. say that the treasure is hidden in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe? Why not say it is somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe? To me that is interesting. The reason for that, I think, is because somewhere is to be understood, or it is common knowledge. RC.

  102. Ask yourself: What do I KNOW about: ?
    The poem
    the chest
    Search area
    other bloggers
    Good questions to jot notes on. Imo

    • Jdggins-
      What do we know?
      The answer…
      •Poem – never enough
      •TOTC / TFTW Only what he chose to include.
      •Forrest – info in memoirs and the example he had set with his wife and family. •How he presents himself in interviews and scrapbooks
      •The chest – photos only
      •Search area – a needle in an ocean of mountains
      •Other bloggers – very little

      Now let’s try and sleep on all those unanswered ???

      I do know FFs a character and as generous as they come!

    • Absolutely riveting! 🙂 That’s amazing to find something so significant that was lost to history…until now.

    • Sadly, it is believed that her body was found there – or what was left of it, many many years ago, when the very first inhabitants moved to the island. However, the discoverers were not aware of the significance of their find, and now those bones are long lost. When they were found, the were determined to be of a female that was about 5’9″ high, which was Amelia’s height.

      She flew most of the way around the world, got lost, crash landed, and survived on a deserted island for an unknown period of time. She certainly had the stuff that stout-hearted men are made of. It is sad that she died – but, I wonder….would we still speak of her so reverently today, if she had not disappeared so many years ago?

  103. So I thought I’d share this recurring dream I have had for about the last two months. It’s the kind that sticks with you, like you remeber being there earlier in the day…
    I am in this Italian like city, cobblestone, skinny streets with no real sense of direction, except the two I am at the bottom of. Cute little aged businesses line the blocks, and it is bustling, but I feel invisible to everyone. There are two roads that begin at the bottom of a full city block, and are distanced the same. They both lead up at an angle to the point where at the top of these two roads (the middle of the hill) there is a circular intersection with three other roads going up and other directions. There is a lot of noise, city noise, foreign faces, foreign places. But I know where I want to go. There is a square building at the convergence of this uphill (upside down) V road. The building is mysterious, and you never see anyone. On each corner of the building is a “secret” entrance/exit that leads to a geometrically stiff, winding, downhill corridor, and when I exit, I am back on the city street below. I try to recruit a stranger on occassion to go with me…but no words are ever spoken, and I continue on alone….

  104. You all know that northern Wyoming is the banana belt of the west I was told by someone and Frosty wasn’t around. It was over a month now and I think about it everyday.

    Anyway, I haven’t been studying much of the blogs. I am hanging around the Libraries because of the wood.

    • You know that the banana belt extends through “Rye”, Colorado as well?…as well as the last remaining sight of a certain greenhorn cutthroat fish before almost going extinct?…

  105. I have been musing about why the box is called indulgence. What’s indulgence? Most websites using that word are about sweets. Other sites have more religious meaning. My belief system does not have a word for it. But, it looks like some sort of act of penance. Not to gain forgiveness but as a way of giving thanks for it. I am not familiar with the catholic belief system. Since the box is from the 12th century, the meaning of the word must have a religious context. The word Purgatory was connected with giving an indulgence….
    Should I connect this with the ski area north of Durango?

    • Michael…To my way of thinking I believe the name “Indulgence” was derived from the fact that FF paid much more for the chest than it was worth because it was perfect for his intended use so he didn’t mind the cost…He indulged himself in a little extravagance for the ideal container for his trove…IMO

      • Sam I once again have to respectfully disagree. If you look up the origin of the word indulgence with the context of Religuary, you will see that your assumption does not correlate and your missing something. Omitting facts in exchange for confirmation bias is kiss of death in this game!
        The Wolf

  106. OTFTC (Off Topic From The Chase…lol): Since I am sadly the one at work who knows something about computers, I was tasked to build our office’s Facebook page. So, if you want to give me a hand and help me get some “likes” on it, just do a search for New Smyrna Orthopedics. I’m still working on getting some pics for it, but the basics are up, and even if you want a legitimate reason to like something before you click the button, you can find one. We’re going to start an “Orthopedic Tip of the Week,” and I added some information about our new total knee replacement system. The surgeon I work for is the only one certified and trained to do this procedure in Volusia County, and I think the only other doctor even remotely nearby is in Tampa.

    It’s called the Biomet Vanguard ACL Sparing Total Knee Replacement, and it really is awesome. I’m one of the few xray techs that know how to prepare the patient for this procedure and one of few people outside of Biomet that know how to use their software for custom sizing the prosthesis. I’m sorta proud about that. 🙂

    So, feel free to check it out. Some of you have been searching a long time, climbing up and down mountains. This particular knee replacement could keep you climbing for many years to come!

    And feel free to send a friend request to me also. 🙂

    • Hi Mindy,

      Looks like you are doing a good job on the facebook page 🙂 I put a few likes in for you but I don’t see where to send you a friend request anywhere??? I don’t do Facebook very often so I might need some help…

  107. I would like to explore my options–if anyone knows of any medical office xray tech (preferably orthopedic) jobs in New Mexico or Colorado, let me know. I LOVE my job, but Florida is pretty expensive, and the kids and I miss NM, and I would love to be closer to the chase. If any opportunity arises where I can provide a better life for my family, I don’t want to pass it up. So, I just ask that you all keep an eye and ear open. I used to work at New Mexico Orthopedics in Albuquerque a long time ago, and I LOVED that job as well. I’m going to see if the old office manager is still there and see if I might be able to come back. 🙂

    • Good luck. I live in Florida also Hate it! On my way west also…
      Good luck , I hope every thing works out for your family…

  108. It’s occurred to me that f must have some preference for the person who is the finder of the chest.
    “My hope is that whoever deserves it, through his efforts will be the finder.”f.
    While that is certainly true, i wonder if he would like, you to donate it to the Smithsonian, or a charity, or the poor. Or re-hide it. Maybe not.
    My first attraction to the chase was for the gold, but as I progress with my solve, my ideas have changed, somewhat.
    I believe f has included more than gold in the chase. I believe that the finder will have opportunities that are hard to imagine, and those thoughts have really gotten me excited.
    More excited than just the money, or fame, or satisfaction in solving the puzzle. A total thrill!
    He thought of everything–What a nice man!
    I hope to know in the spring

  109. Musing about how far off the path and trail FF likes to go I visualized a possibility. A fisherman usually first walks down to the stream and then walks along the edge until a spot or pool is found. Usually there is a group of trees and plants. The fish like to gather in the shade and feed on the bugs in the reeds. It is not on a man made path. It is just the Way of flowing water.

  110. What are the odds that Fenn’s poem solve is arrived at from a bipolar concept?
    I found one that deals with Bees (as in B -brown-) in one hand, and quite literally,
    a whole world of alphabet on the other. So much so that it seems to indicate that the origin of all alphabet characters, comes from a single hand.
    This dual concept entails the bee’s waggle dance within the honeycomb and at the same time, the implementation of an elaborate alphabetic system that is able to portray matrices in 2 and 3D. These are hebrew alphabet DBRroot and DBR.
    Within the poem, you need to find patterns, geometry, symmetry, reflections, mirrors and work with them. Project the characters and tie a KNOT between two that match!

      • Victor that is deep theory, I hear what you are saying , but this concept in modern Semitics is not used to denote mathematical entries. It is used to compare the data and give proper instruction to those who speak different languages, this is used in flight sims.

        This dose not mean you are incorrect in your understanding, but this by suggestion means Fenn is a Mason. This information seems to be used in a lot of Mason Theories. Which makes me believe you research that from time to time.
        But to give you a different view in the same regards you are using, If you look at the first sentence of the poem , As I Have Gone Alone In There , By Definition the suggestion of AS I is subjective to the saying Imagination is equal or greater then knowledge. which is used by Einstein and the understanding of I , and As is a staring point to include a motion of one person in a direct 3d way. You can track over 30 words that are directly in this direction , the first thirty, but then it swings to being a operation manual for a air craft… I know weird , but the fact are facts and the poem by definition dose suggest math concepts as a huge part.

        Ya know In 1,000 to 10,000 years from now speech will be understood by math .. Not language as we now it, even now Semitics are replacing a lot of systems and linear algebra are common replacements…

        As I stated before I was in therapy for the last 2 years, and found out, I have 1 more year before I can go out there and search …. WHA??????????????? ;(

        Thanks for the post

        • Dal and Mr D. Thanks to both for commenting. I do not feel like a nut. And I certainly have no shell (case). Regarding the depth of theories and Fenn’s status, I can only say I don’t know. I am one to dig, search and turn till I am satisfied with a solve to a challenge.
          I can tell you something for good though; I noticed Fenn used as MUCH stuff as he could muster. He pulled from everywhere!
          I have posted many comments and the true direct solve is there, I Believe.
          People are already calling me names but it Fenn who is responsible for the riddle.
          Just think; if it were SIMPLE, it wouldn’t have lasted. Huh? It does not surprise me that the answer is hard to grasp. If you don’t know where it is coming from.
          People think the poem is tough. If you think outside the box, and are open to what you start finding, you can work your way through. But if you box yourself to believe that you are seeking for a bronze chest hidden somewhere, you are already doomed! Does that make sense?
          In response to your analysis of data… Fenn used bits and pieces of tools. So as to make it untraceable. You have to hold on to bits and pieces and put it together on your own. I have been everywhere. Including NM. I drove 5000 kms and was totally wrong. I think I now solved it from my own comfy desk! Cheers
          PS. When you hear the whole step by step explanation, you’ll be mesmerized.

  111. Didn’t know where to ask this, but doe’s anyone know what the weather ( snow ) is like east of Taos ?

  112. Hi all, I’ve finally put together a blog post about my trip to Montana in July. I am posting the link here rather than sending it all to Dal. It’s a bit long with maps and pictures and I don’t want to use up all his space. Please go read it if you’re interested an leave me comments.


    • I really enjoyed reading about your adventure Ramona and it looks like you put a lot of thought and research into your solve. Great pictures too – thanks for letting us go along for the ride! 🙂

    • Nice story and solve Ramona. I particularly enjoyed your tie ins to the Lewis and Clark expedition.

  113. Ramona , Ramona wow very well written, great adventure , awesome pictures, you definetly did some research, thank U for sharing .
    How exciting 🙂

    • Hey Ramona very cool… I have not been to a lot of the places you discovered but I hope to someday… I did stay the night once in an old log cabin in Virginia City… Very cool town…. Thank you for sharing I am getting excited for Spring!!!!

  114. Home of brown,mount Yale Colorado…..if you find the blaze(not if you see the blaze)…Toledo is a sword,not a place.joe meek was the first white man to see the geysers and hot pools in Yellowstone.worth the cold…the trail went cold several times before you found what you are looking for.but let’s not research lets just look for a brown rock with bird blaze on it and go with that.case solved! Or think out side the box because there’s a billion brown trout in the box than outside.research.research.research. ….oh and the Rockies do end at the Canadian border…haha fenn.

    • @Ken, I like the Toledo steel idea, and the tie to Meek on the pools. The Toledo steel reference seems to coincide with f’s Meeteetse story. The Meek reference coincides with something I’m chasing.

  115. The black hills are not in the Rockies.but the big horn range is a spur of the Rockies.10 Sleeps canyon is pretty interesting .

  116. Anyone given any thought to the double omega symbols at the end of the book TOTC? Curious to hear anyone’s thoughts.
    The omega is a Greek symbol, which typically signifies “the end of something” it is also the last letter of the Greek alphabet. I found it strange that it was used at the end of the book, specifically because it does not fit within the framework of Forrest’s motif. Forrest is a collector of antiquities, but not Greek ones to my knowledge, so its strange that there is Greek symbolism and its used twice. Any thoughts?

    • There has been quite a bit of discussion about the Omega’s JS. However Forrest has not explained them.

    • They may actually be a horse shoe brand…for his publishing company..One Horse Land and Cattle Company…

      • Thanks Dal and All for the thoughts, I especially like the headstand from Jdiggins, as I feel like doing a headstand after focusing on the chase for an extended period of time. I did realize that the omega’s could be a publishing brand, however in the front of TTOTC there is a silhouetted black horse above the publishers name (One Horse Land & Cattle), this is why I thought it a strange and out place symbol. As I do not have the answers my guesses are merely speculation. I too have tried running the poem through numbering sequences with interesting results, just nothing concrete enough for me to buy stock in. I do like charlies theory of a mirrored image and have thought through that a bit myself. Anna is also correct regarding the Eric Sloane reference, I have looked into this also, again I found nothing that set a bulb off for me yet. As we are all searching for treasure I know everyone does not want to share all of their theories, but ‘Ill share one, as I am interested in matching wits with the man more so than the riches, don’t get me wrong I’d like those too, but this is a very smart and thoughtful person and it would be equally rewarding to solve the puzzle or be part of the solve. I only ask that if anything I put forth aides another in the find, throw me a memento from the chest as a keep sake. The omega to me is interesting as it does not fit within the genre of Forrest’s historical or archaeological interests, not that he wouldn’t be interested in an ancient spartan spear or something, just that it doesn’t quite fit. The Omega is the last or 24th symbol of the Greek Alphabet, the 24th letter in the English alphabet is “X”, the only letter of the alphabet NOT used in Forrest’s poem, granted not a common letter but still factual. Coincidentally, there are 24 lines in Forrest’s poem that jive with one of the Omegas. Going along with the mirrored image theory that would mean the mirrored image is 42. Again, coincidentally Forrest mentions on an occasion or two that the chest is roughly 42 pounds. So in this I feel they have some significance in the greater scheme of the solve. Could it be a memory from 1942 when he was 12 or a place he visited at 12 years old? Could it be a life event at a place that happened when he turned 42? Is 42 a portion of a larger geo-positional coordinate? i’ll share some more thoughts on this as I delve deeper into the research myself. For now, I return to my real work, happy hunting!

        • JS, I think 24 and 42 are both important kind of like x and y axis are needed in geometric solutions.

          • I agree. The numbers some how fit in to the solve. My take on the poem and the path with which to answer it are a little unorthodox. I do not feel that at the essence of the poem, there is a numeric solve. I think the numbers play into the solve as “path markers” perhaps, but I think the overall solve is a combination of literal, figurative, numeric and physical. I am fairly confident ( as anyone can be given the difficulty of matching wits with Forrest) that I have figured out the State the treasure was placed in, which I believe is the first clue. I am now focusing in on the “Begin it WWWH” portion on the solve. We will see! Happy Treasure hunting Anna!

          • Thx J Scarfo. I wish you the best in your search for treasure too. My treasures this morning were friendship; and a few minutes near a pond watching mallards land on the water. Iridescent emerald green feathers are a marvel worth tarrying over.

        • @ J, as we put our heads together, we may have an answer. I mentioned the rock and reflection thing because it’s what is at my spot. Actually, the rock looks like a horse. A horse rock, shaped as an “m”. It’s reflection makes it look like an 8 sideways. I’m pretty confident with my numbers(alpha/numeric) and the end is “ever”, ever=8. The blaze being a combo of w,e,f,o,and b lazy, gives me the 8 sideways with a line thru the middle. In my opinion, with you bringing this up, Dal’s reference to horses, as yours, I believe it’s the blaze. I haven’t made it to my rock yet, but it wouldn’t suprise me if the rock actually has some marking, like on a horse, pointing the way. We will see.

          • Very interesting @Charlie, I hope the location works out within your solve. I agree that when people looking at common information share thoughts, it sometimes helps us individually to confirm or disprove our ideas. Best of luck!

    • @JS, in keeping with your theory of the “end” these symbols may have some importants. Mirrored. May be part of the blaze. A rock of somekind. A rock, in the shape of an m. Rock=m, reflection=w. Draw them both together and put a line between them. It will look like a “lazy” 8, or an 8 on it’s side. The rock, the land(line), and the reflection of the rock in water.
      If you have the correct letter values, ever=8.It’s a possibility this could be the blaze. That line does say w is e and fo, And the blaze could be “b”lazy. You can use w,e,f,o,and a lazy b to make a symbol that looks like a “lazy 8” with a line thru it. This may follow the next line of looking down. Finding the rock, looking at the reflection in the water, may reveal a reflection of what you are looking for.

    • In a humorously sketched witticism Eric Sloane suggested an omega resembled a butt. (it does resemble a rear End.) I’ve wondered if there exists comical entendre in the poem’s line Butt.arry scant – (since F speaks of 13 yr old boy humor.)

  117. Oddly this goes here.
    Many people ask where to begin? For me it was just the process of elimination. All I have to work with is a broken cell phone “powered” by Sprint, no computer, GPS etc. So I just removed all of the locations that plugged me into a sprint tower. Granted that wasn’t much and then found where I could roam and still be sort of in the woods. This limited my search area drastically. I have found many treasures just not “The treasure”. But I’m feeling pretty good since my search area is a while bunch smaller than yours. So if by chance I do happen to find the treasure I will be able to thank sprint for their very limited support. Also it never hurts to help a litter bug out with their obvious lack of judgment.
    Good luck and keep smiling.

  118. I have been thinking a lot lately about the “special place” ff placed the treasure. Specifically, the Public Land vs Private Land part. As a young man and through adult life ff seemed like a guy that was searching for his place in the world, but also, to some degree a carefree spirit, hiking and living in the mountains, fishing, adventure, etc. As an older gentlemen, with decades of life experience and business success I think ff would have given this great thought as he mapped out his plan for “indulgence” and his final resting place. Think about it, if he went on public land and literally went to go onto greener pastures with the treasure, I would think that the Fed or BLM would remove his remains for relocation, not something I think he would want to happen. This is just my opinion and I’m just thinking out loud from the hip. Is it possible, he put it on Publicly accessible land that is Privately Held? Kinda like an association would be or something to that degree? Any thoughts? I understand that ff has not spoken about this issue in any detail or barely at all and I believe somewhere on Dal’s blog there may be an interview where he almost avoids the question. Obviously, a clue like that could aid in narrowing down the search area in all state, so I understand why he wouldn’t want to speak of it, but I’m starting to feel like its not on public land, I could be way out in left field here.

  119. A while back some of the ladies here were talking about working with the Discovery channel on some treasure hunting project. Coincidentally about that same time I was at a friends house when he got a call from a lady about some equipment. Didn’t know who she was because I don’t watch much T.V. but it turned out to be “Gold Rush Melody” from the series. She seemed like a nice lady from our short visit. So from my limited experience with mining and THing I think the ladies could really shine given the chance. Just as long as they could stay out of the snow. Good luck, hope it works for ya.

  120. I have seen a lot of people quoting FF as having said something about “imagination” being important to finding the treasure. I have looked all over, but I have not been able to find the direct quote (here or elsewhere). I know that imagination is mentioned on the dust jacket of TTOTC, but the jacket does not read as though it was written by FF. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  121. I’m a latecomer to the search and I’ve never stepped foot in the field so take my input for what it’s worth.

    That said, Forrest said he delivered the chest and the treasure from his car, to the hiding place, in two trips, in one afternoon.

    Just based on that, he would have had to park his vehicle somewhere, hike out to deliver the chest, hike back to the vehicle, hike out to deliver the treasure, then back to the vehicle again.
    “in an afternoon” is a bit ambiguous, but I’d say we are safe saying it is after 12:00 pm and before 8:00 pm.

    That gives him 8 hours to make four trips. So he couldn’t have hiked farther than 2 hours from the vehicle. If you can hike 3 miles an hour it has to be within 6 miles of a place to park your car. Could be a parking lot, could be the side of the road.

    Maybe that doesn’t help at all, but it seems to me to be a little detail that might help. If you think you are close is it within six miles of someplace to park your vehicle?

    Good luck searchers.

    • Matthew, Noon to ?… 8?
      Don’t you think 8pm is stretching “afternoon” a bit?
      I’m thinking 6pm?

  122. There are 500 characters in the poem after clues are considered to correct a few “typos” The is the also the number of integers in a perfect spiral, the Fibannacci sequence. The Fibanncci sequence is a common design in nature. The answer to the puzzle is not in a graveyard, The answer is in life.

    • I like your thoughts a lot Andy. I remember telling FF in my first email to him that I thought his poem has a lot of life in it.

  123. Hi Everyone.
    I think he as telling us to go here? Hope I am right. Let me know if This is OK, Ok Goofy? I respect you.
    What I wanted to say was that If I find the Chest, I am going to donate all I can to help someone.

    Lou Lee Bear, Donating. No gifts to government.:)

    • Same here Lou Lee,
      As this is not my blog site, I will respect ‘their’ rules in ‘their’ sandbox, regardless of whether I think it right or wrong or makes any sense. Just as in the military you salute the rank, not the person.
      And just maybe, I can help someone with their solve if we stay within someone’s idea of being on topic.

      • Hey Sharsburg tell me more about that dream of yours. Do you have many of them, seems to be a common theme? Wouldn’t that be cool if someone dreamed the correct solution? Wonder what they would call that phenomenon?

        • I’d hope they’d call that dream “it’s about time”…and someone would dump everything out in the public so there was nothing left to be disclosed or used against people. Hmm. I wonder if anyone would like to help write it and cut some of the leashes it seems some people may have mistakenly been roped into wearing. Maybe it wouldn’t have to be a dream even….you in wolf?

          • I’ll put it together as fast as I can. OPEN NOTE: if anyone needs anything chopped email me anonymously at jjones1 @zips dot uakron dot edu. If you’re not comfortable typing it I’ll send you my phone number and you can leave a message about the nature of it. If I know it I will publicly post it for all freeing anyone of any disclosure ties around their neck. No questions asked. Go team!

    • Yes Lou Lee this is the place to post non specific comments about the chase. It’s sure quiet now; what happened to everyone that insisted on posting off topic comments in the nine clues? I’m sure there are lots of folks that want to hear more about Sharps dreams……….Well maybe not.

      Looks like Jenny is having the same problem keeping folks on topic. She created a chat page for folks to make off topic comments. There are only 4 comments on that page; she was probably deleting 4 comments per minute at one time.


      Now they have a place to make off topic comments and nobody is talking…..seems like very strange behavior to me.

      • Is there an “I love Goofy page” or a “don’t s*** where you eat” topic? I’d like to post something there. LIKE. A. BOSS.

      • It would seem to me Goofy, the owners or mangers of any business or web site should be the example not the exception to behavior.

        • i tried to send this on the other side and got axed. our movie was on to night i misquoted it
          Dobbs: “If you’re the police, then where are your badges?”
          Gold Hat: “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”
          i love this movie because it shows people at their best and worst. i also asked if anyone wanted to chit chat please email me wild birder ntx @gamil.com

          i also asked about the wedding poem
          something old and something new
          something old, something blue.

          if we didn’t know this was for a wedding what would we think it was. since we know it context we get it.
          because we know it’s the wedding poem it easy.

          but how well do we have to know fenn to get his poem

          just posted this to get us thinking about fenn and what does he mean the poems context to be.

          • wildbird, Sorry, I don’t know what you are referring to about a wedding poem. Is that from TFTW or what?
            Also… I think you meant to type “something BORROWED, something blue… Am I correct?

      • Well Goofy, that was not me on Jenny’s. LOL..However it was a fan of yours, who was also Dishing on you and Jenny on another blog.
        Me I am trying to be good. But IMO…I always was. Just trying to help someone, who ended up being a #%& Case. But that is HISTORY….I am focusing on finding the treasure. And planning on a great summer!
        Maybe this can be our new off topic thread. Hope you don’t mind me weighting in on the topic you just brought up here above. I felt safe for just a moment. 🙂

        Lou Lee Chased by goofy to post over here on “odds and ends” and Loving it.

  124. They all ran for cover “gun shy” BTW Sharps I watched “THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE” last night BRILLIANT movie. Besides the fact that gold brings out the worst in people. Are there any other parallels to the chase. What other old west gold movies would you recommend other than the good bad and ugly.

    • Hi Edward, One movie that I really recommend is not a old west one, but a movie about 25 plus years, maybe 30 was “Mother Load” !!!! Oh My God its the BEST. Charles Heston. A modern day scary, movie about Gold in Alaska. Anyone who wants to look for a treasure, should watch this movie. 🙂
      Anyone seen it?

      Lou Lee Bear, who loves the Thrill….of the Chase!

    • here some of my favorite Bad Day at Black Rock
      Stagecoach, Ride the High country,
      Magnificent Seven there are a lot more. what Hubby remembers most about High Sierra is the ugly lizard hide in Dubs stache and how he nearly got bit. people sometimes can’t see what in front of them. we still the ebee jee bees after hearing Not Ob stick his hand down in a hole. cold weather or not YULKY!!!!!!
      i said before when out searching keep a low profile you are just hiker, bird watches, what ever.

      • Right, I think Forrest was dressed as a fisherman, to hide his purpose…..As he went up a creek without a paddle to the Waterfall that had heavy Loads and water high. Or Lake….

        Lou Lee Bear, from Whoville

      • @ Bird

        Thx for the movie recommendations. I picked them all out and will be watching shortly.

      • Thx again for the movie recommendations Wild. I’ve watched everyone except High Sierra out of them all I liked treasure of the Sierra Madre best.

        Jamie I’ll check out Goonies tonight.

  125. Matthew, On May 5th you posted a comment regarding “Forrest said he delivered the chest and the treasure from his car, to the hiding place, in two trips, in one afternoon.” On Jenny Kile’s site dated Oct 13, 2014, Forrest answered a question with this answer “…I walked less than a few miles if that will help.” My question to other boots-on-the-ground searchers (I have not seen this discussed previously but might have missed it): Do you think his car was visible to him after he parked as he walked the chest and then the treasure, or vice-versa, to his special place to hide the treasure chest? Can any of you imagine leaving $2 million worth of gold and gems in your trunk while you hike miles back into the forest? Living in NM and searching here makes me question the distance between his parked car and his hidey spot…I often wonder if my vehicle will still be there when I return, and there’s nothing of value in it. Anyone?

    • Hi Cynthia….Maybe he took the millions in gold and jewels first and just left the chest in the trunk. I think that would work. Don’t you think?

  126. I don’t question which he took first but either way, he had to leave the $2 million at either end. I just can’t imagine leaving it for more than 30 mins max. If Forrest parked his car on public land whether BLM, National Forest, or State Forest, anyone else could randomly arrive there. I’m always amazed when I’m out searching (hiking, not in my car), thinking I’m alone in a fairly remote spot and find beer cans, which means at some time another person has also wondered through that same area. Hmmm…

    • I don’t think he was worried about where he put the 2 mil treasure. It’s been over 4 years and no one has found it yet, even with the help of clues in a poem. Why do you think he hid it there? No one is going to stumble on it. So if he took the 2 mil first he only had to worry about the 25k chest being stolen. And that was probably very unlikely, which it happened to turn out that way.

  127. I don’t know which he took first but it think it was less than a mile, maybe way less.

    What about this, if you have a canyon north of you and one south of you….and they both slant lower to the north, and you “take the canyon down’ Does down mean south, as I hear it did in oldden days, OR down in elevation?

    • Musstag, I lean toward the lower elevation personally, which is the way the water will flow, no paddle up the creek. Just because I don’t have the chest doesn’t mean that I am wrong, or right. I also don’t think down being south is just an old term. Traditionally, if you put a map on a wall or in a book, North is at the top, so south is down. On the other hand, you push the stick in an aircraft away from you to go down. No, it doesn’t have any thing to do with which direction to go in the canyon, but FF was a pilot. 🙂

      • Obsessed you had me, but I got lost with pushing the stick away from you thing…? I agree that down is the direction the water flows… which seems very tricky going up and down those mountains.

        • The Airplane thing had nothing to do with the chase. Just a little thought that popped into this old brain late at night, regarding which way is down. I used to fly RC airplanes and some one who doesn’t know anything about real aircraft controls. would hold the model’s control box up and thinks that moving the stick would make the plane go down, not up, as it actually works a real aircraft stick.

  128. First time subscribing to Odds and Ends. I’m subscribing just to suffer torment and strife by way of reading others thoughts about the chase whilst I sit on my hands and attempt to remain silent. I should be reading Catcher in the Rye, but I am not the sharpest tool in the tool box if you catch my drift. I was always trying to find the easy way out in school and things haven’t changed much since then.Well, I’ll read the blog and try to avoid the Little Boy and Fat Man devistation. My mom always said rocks were for dinner whenever I asked. I think I really must have ate some. Why else would I have rocks for brains? At least that is what my teachers would say. My mom was nice though. She would always say stuff like, “Ruben, I swear, sometimes I think you’re so smart, (that) you’re stupid!” If you don’t know what a Ruben is, look urp the word. Don’t go spelling it witlh an “e” next to the “u” or you might end up an idea on something that should be taken on a search. I’d pick one up from Revolution Bakery in Santa Fe… IMO…for good measure. May the Gods find favor in all of you… myself as well.

    • 🙂 LOL …Oh the suffering and torment of reading posts……Well
      especially from seasoned searchers, who have already been to the end of the internet in search of NINE Clues…..Very Funny Slurbs! Time for BOG, again…..Its really the only way to find the Chest!

      Lou Lee Bear, from Whoville!

    • Slurbs, I’m not exactly sure what you are saying here… but I know there’s something worthwhile (TOTC related) to be interpreted here. Hmmm. Maybe I ate some rocks too!
      Urban Dictionary says slurb means: The slushy icy mixture that soaks your foot when you step off a curb after a snowstorm.
      Here’s a visual for you… One freezing cold day along a busy downtown street, I was cautiously walking along a snow packed sidewalk making my way to my car. Most people were driving slow along this street because of then slushy / icy road conditions, but one no-so-nice person came along driving fast enough to cause a huge wave of SLURB to completely cover me from head to toe! The only good thing about it was, I was on my way home and not on my way to work!

  129. who knows we have one of each and will let you know IF we find it and IF Aug ever gets here.

  130. Whoa! I looked up Ruben and I became flabbergasted! I believe I meant that you should look up Rube. Rube is the root of Ruben I think. I believe I am exposing how dumb I can be. Maybe you shouldn’t look up Rube. I haven’t checked to see if I’m right or not. Maybe you all should just ignore my name if it ever comes up. Just for the record, I don’t believe Slurbs had a definition when it was first used on me. Anyway, I’ll try to give “Slurbs” a good connotation by the time my time is said and done. You know what, it might be best you do not look up any words I use. I’m not a wordsmith and tend to missuse vernacular or something like that. My daughter has a degree im English, I, on the other hand, do not. Forrest is not good at Math, I, English. I wonder if I’m a good Forrest Fenn treasure hunter. I nominate Forrest Fenn an honorary patron saint of mountain men and women… or patron saint of treasure hunters. What do you think?

  131. Sorta off topic but a great side benefit of this chase is the good friends I’ve met. And the best of them all is Jamie Jones, and she is on her way right now for a Florida getaway. We are planning on nailing down our final spot. We are also going to fish for alligators, count cheese and say TOKYO. And maybe find some treasure here.

    So keep an eye on my blog for videos of our adventures.

    And for the love of all that’s holy, Jamie and I are NOT lesbians! Lol…

    • Ummmm….does this mean we will not be consummating our relationship in the swamp? I thought you were just playing hard to get. Ugh.

    • Girls just want to have fun! Slightly jealous of what’s about to go down in FL. But then I remember I’m too old to keep up now days anyway. Have fun Girls. =)

      • Ramona!! Come down!! I just got my ticket today- it’s only $100 and swamps are free! You can even have the other half of my hotel room is you promise not to try and get frisky!! Why not just jump!

    • Mindy you guys have a great time and enjoy enjoy enjoy the sunshine. i burn easy and usual this time of year i have to be careful but we haven’t since the sun in weeks but our part of the state is out of the drought

  132. William,

    now I know why I have not been invited to have lunch with them while Jamie is here. I live just a little ways off of 44 about midstate…not too far from Mindy. :mrgreen:

      • Well you know we are amateurs and don’t fit into there men haters club 🙂

        It’s all starting to make sense now but who am I to judge! I listen to Rascals Flats in the dark while drinking light beer 🙂

        • William, we are men LOVERS, not haters! And it helps to be over six feet tall and look like Brad Pitt. Or like Forrest in his thirties…:)

          All Florida lurkers and searchers are welcome to join us when we aren’t conniving. I’ll post some updates on my blog and FB to let you all know where we are. Just come up and say “Hey.”

          We will be journeying and adventuring from NSB to Tampa!

        • William,

          sssshhh…don`t say that too loud…you could lose your man card… :mrgreen:

    • Mr. Green,
      I told Jamie you were around here. You are welcome to come to lunch or dinner with us!!
      You don’t mean SR 44, do you? I thought you were in Tampa for some reason…

      • Yes ma`am I mean state road 44. I am over a little west of Wildwood. If I can work it into my schedule ( very busy here lately ) I would like to have lunch with you ladies.

          • It’s one of the best things, I think. What sealed the deal was the guy in a buffalo video on my blog. Hilarity ensued after she sent that to me. We both have an off sense of humor.

  133. Just finished parts 1 through 4 of my trip to nm. includes my summation of white rock, eagles nest, and cimmaron, more to follow on los alamos,truchas, moreno valley . Includes my interpretation of the clues. hope you enjoy and comment at endofthechase.wordpress.com It is best to read part 1 then 2 etc just like the poem.

  134. Hi There

    I was wondering if they are having that Fennborry, get together? Just wondering how it went or is going? Does Forrest attend?

    Lou Lee, just wondering

    • It happens next weekend, over Memorial Day holiday weekend. Forrest does not attend, but I hear several reporters may be in attendance. I can’t take the little one camping just yet, so I can’t stay, but I may drive up for the day to meet others.

    • Hi Dal,

      How is Esmerelda holding out these days and will you be at the Fennborie?

    • What happened with RickinFloridia

      Rick this lady offered to buy you dinner.

    • C’mon guys, Odds n Ends covers a lot of ground but you’re stretching the limits here. Mindy I cut you a little slack with your “off topic” comment and it turned into this chat session of over 20 comments……This kinda stuff is what fills my inbox with complaints.

      Mindy has her own blog; the link to it is at the bottom of the page. If you want to make dinner plans with her I’m sure she would love to talk to you about it over there.

      • You’re right, Goofy. Sorry about that…I’m usually pretty good. Blame Jamie. She’s wearing the devils horns. Lol. But playfully…

  135. I’ve loved this song since I was a kid…

    “Rainbow Connection”

    Why are there so many songs about rainbows
    And what’s on the other side
    Rainbows are visions
    But only illusions
    And rainbows have nothing to hide

    So we’ve been told
    And some choose to believe it
    I know they’re wrong, wait and see
    Some day we’ll find it
    The rainbow connection
    The lovers, the dreamers, and me

    Who said that every wish
    Would be heard and answered
    When wished on the morning star
    Somebody thought of that
    And someone believed it
    And look what it’s done so far

    What’s so amazing
    That keeps us stargazing
    And what do we think we might see
    Someday we’ll find it
    The rainbow connection
    The lovers, the dreamers, and me

    All of us under its spell, we know that it’s probably magic

    Have you been half asleep?
    And have you heard voices?
    I’ve heard them calling my name
    Is this the sweet sound
    That called the young sailors?
    The voice might be one in the same

    I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
    It’s something that I’m supposed to be
    Someday we’ll find it
    The rainbow connection
    The lovers, the dreamers and me

  136. I went ahead and asked David Letterman to go pick up the treasure chest for me since he’s retiring and going to have extra time on his hands. IMO he lives in the state where the treasure chest is. Family camping trip. LOL…no seriously I did I just didn’t him where…yet.

  137. I’ve got to stop treating my solve like an old pair of high school Levi’s…a force fit!
    For me, I have two great difficulties; my mind vs my husbands, and trying NOT to force the solve.

    He says here, I say there, regardless, we always look back and laugh….great memoriez!

    And I think I have it…ding ding ding!
    What do we have for her johnny???!!!!

    • LOL JDiggins

      Thank You for that “visual” of the high school Levi`s 🙂

  138. Due to all the newbies repeating old questions and glorified solves, I have to say with regret, I cannot follow this blog to my email. Just too much junk… Sorry Dal, (to Goofy’s delight).
    I will now have to be a lurker. Old crew know how to reach me. Everyone have a great weekend and don’t forget what this Holiday is about.
    Corsair Francisco
    aka pirateofgold

    P.S. Be in Wyoming Tuesday 🙂

    • Godspeed, Pirateofgold. You brought up an interesting observation. Next year…Forrest Fenn’s Day…aka The Thrill of the Chase Day…will be observed the day BEFORE Memorial Day (May 30)…and even COOLER than that will happen in 2017…when Forrest Fenn’s Day will happen ON Memorial Day…MAY 29!!! Coincidence? I don’t believe in such things. 🙂

    • POG,

      Good Luck next week.

      I agree…Thank All of Those who have served and Especially Remember those that Gave ALL…!!!

      God Bless

      and everyone please have a Safe weekend.

  139. Fennboree attendees – I understand that the campground at Fennboree, in fact the whole area, was a sea of mud due to an overabundance of rain. I’d really like to hear what all went on this year … even though it was a holiday weekend. Would some of you searchers please expound on the activities & some of your experiences? I would appreciate hearing if FF showed up & who all was there … including media & celebrities.

    I would also like to know if anyone thinks it would be feasible to arrange another large get-together near FF’s home in Santa Fe later this year … in a more civilized environment. Sort of a city-oriented Fennboree gathering for those of us who are not quite so rustic & primitive – like me. I need a hot shower & a real bed in addition to decent food & a roof over my head. Would also like to have somewhat partial access to FF if possible.

  140. On thing that I left out of my search writeup is that as we were walking along the Firehole we passed a man poking along the river with a walking stick. If you happen to be that man I would like to know who you are and if you found anything. It was Monday morning April 27th. (Maybe it FF checking to see it it had been found yet- I know he said taht he wouldn’t go back! Who knows, maybe he was wearing a disguise- LOL ) He may have just been looking for a good fishing spot.

    • Michael H. – to my uncertain knowlege Forrest will not say which type of property the tc is on as its “too big a clue.” Regarding BLM land, every forest service map clearly shows where blm, fs, state lands, private proptery lies (color coded).

      BLM is Bureau of Land Management which oversees federal lands from several different agency branches depending on timber, ag, land preservation, etc.

  141. Book Giveaway!

    Okay…let’s try this again, but this time the first five entries will win a free copy of my book, A Treasure More Than Gold. Click on this URL to win.


    Be quick, only the first five entries will win. (Taxes and shipping are paid.)

    I hope the winners enjoy the book,

  142. Ritt, It say’s I won, but it wont let me sign in, and I only have two min. I really would like this. Its going to my daughter account and I would have to deactivatel
    her account and make a new one for me, but I can’t log on. Can you help? 🙁

    Lou Lee, from Whoville

  143. The giveaway has ended.. 5 winners! If you are one of them and would like to share, please do so. If you didn’t win you may get another chance in the future.

    Thanks for entering,

  144. Here are the winners from the book giveaway:

    Ken R.
    Robert P.
    Gina F
    One winner was not able to claim the book for some reason.

    Hope you enjoy the book.


  145. Lou Lee, that must have been you that wasn’t able to claim it.
    If you can get me an address , I would be happy to send you one.
    Sorry you had trouble with claiming it.


    • Oh Hi Ritt, Yes was me, because my daughters account came up. It wanted me to change her pass word. ? anyway, I could not get ahold of my daughter. I will message you on Stephanies if you have a log in there?

      thanks so much, Lou Lee

        • Oh Thanks so much Ritt. I don’t know how to
          get around over there, since I have not been there much. I will find you and send address. Thanks so very muchy.

          Lou Lee, Chased by bears in jellystone park and lived to tell the tale.

  146. Here’s a thinker:
    Why is plural for cactus cact I and singular cactUS? 😉

    • If you really want to know cactuses is just as appropriate in English. In Latin, same with the octopus…it’s because the US is already being used to represent a plural in the first form. It happens mostly in biology and science words that are already super long so it’s kind of nice to cut down on the unnecessary syllables. English takes them both and even cactus itself as an an alternate. That was nice of America. Haha. If you want a real thinker…next time you hear some scholar OVER annunciating to look smart in one form or another…find some reason to talk about your anus and make sure to annunciate “ani” as that is also correct….AND forrest just may be keeping his “secret where” there too 😉

      • Thanks jamie, very interesting! Ani didn’t think anione payed attention! 😉

        • Anytime-J, I like what you say. 🙂 I laugh at myself when I think about ani too. Sometimes I wonder if we just said “please water those multiple green plants over in the corner covered in spikes” how many like myself might get so lost in the points of semantics that even the cactuses themselves would dry up…but then again if no one was there to see it did it really happen? Whys it all so confusing? Shouldnt that be the opposite of the point? Argh. Cest la vie I guess. It truly is the song that never ends. Until that one three year old goes wandering off to lick a window or eat a bug in the corner- then trips over the cord on accident unplugging the radio as we all stare at each other in astonishment wondering just what IS this curious silence of which we now here?…or is it hear?…or there?….

          • Yesterday my husband (moniker hothgar, never posts, only enters contest, 🙂 ), well, he turned the big 50. On the 9th, I’ll be 46. Started the chase at 44. Time flies!

  147. Calling IRON WILL….you will like my blog today…www.myeverwonderland.blogspot.com

  148. I would like to be bold and say that the treasure chest may be between 5000 feet above sea level and 7500 feet. Sagebrush grows at this altitude and pinon, and pine nut trees dwell at this altitudes as well. It is my opinion. RC

    • I predict it is between 6-7,000 feet and will be found this summer, maybe within a month…

  149. If anybody is trying to track down the location of the cabin from the river bathing is best story my research shows that forrest’s maternal grandfather, Charlie K. Simpson got a land grant/patent in 1931 (document available from the BLM website) for lot 12 of block 9 in west yellowstone that is presently the site of the Yellowstone Cabin and RV park … “nestled in the pines” … at 504 US Highway 20. The website has a few pics you can compare to photos in the book.


    The land patent is available here…

    An interesting thing is if you search current tax records in montana for that lot and block it returns a guy with the last name of parkinson on rainbow road in bozeman which may be a clue that leads to the lot in west yellowstone since those things are mentioned in the stories. The exact lot is not listed in modern tax records but with a little detective work using lot numbers around it you can figure out the exact location like I did that points you to the cabin and rv park between firehole ave and highway 20, just west of north geyser street. My guess is the river bathing is best may be the key to the poem that leads you from the warm spot in the river to the cabin in the story (water high from the water pump in the pic or crying from emotions).

    Current tax records…

    I’m done searchigng for the chest and could never bring myself to search this particular area since it is private property but thought I would share it in case somebody else wanted to check it out with a metal detector or something but if you do you should ask the current owner. It has structures on part of the lot of courrse but in 10,000 years it wouldn’t have structures so who knows if it could be there since the clue “think 10,000 years” was given as I recall, or it could be on the rv park side without structures burried in a fire pit or something. I would think it would be hard to hide there but who knows…if somebody finds it please let everyone know it’s found so we can stop trying to figure this out.

    • Pete-
      The site of his father’s cabins has been well documented to be on Boundary in West yellowstone. There are still a couple cabins there which have been modified significantly. Crayton (Skippy’s son) remembers staying in them when he was young. There are old photos of the place when it was called Fenn-Haven. I believe the site you are looking at was owned by another side of the family and that family is traceable to Chip Smith today. There was more than one side of the extended Fenn family that had property in West Yellowstone..

      • Thanks for the info. It may still possible his maternal grandfather owned the property I mentioned and in the book he mentions his mother’s cabin in a story. The Charlie K. Simpson land patent definitely traces back to that lot from the info I found. There is also a pic of his maternal grandparents in front of a building that says “office” in the books that reminds me of the office building on the yellowstone cabins and rv website. Maybe there is no connection but I thought I’d share the info since his maternal grandfather seemed to be associated the the property.

        • That side of the family owned the Arrowhead Lodge. There are also pics of that facility floating around. It was in a different place in West. I think the Arrowhead Apartments are there now. The Fenns and Simpsons have had quite an influence in that town. Forrest wrote articles for the newspaper in West Yellowstone. Donnie and Skippy and Forrest built the Dude Motel and the bar that is next to it. Skippy did construction in that area for awhile. Chip builds beautiful homes there now. The Fenn and Simpson legacy lives on.
          Here is a pic of the old Arrowhead Lodge built and run by Chip’s side of the family:

          Here is a pic of the Fennhaven Cabins on Boundary that were operated by Forrest’s parents.

  150. There is also ojo caliente (warm water) springs in new mexico north of espanola. There is a hot springs hotel that has a fountain outside with warm water (warm water halts). If you follow ojo caliente creek down you run into rio chama. Follow rio chama upstream and you pass arroyo de madera (wood arroyo), madera canyon, and on upstream is the unexcavated Poshuouinge Pueblo (aka turquoise pueblo) that has only stones remaining on the ground and was abandoned in the 1500s or so (it is on forest service land and would be very illegal to search here so I wouldn’t do it), then upstream is a town called abiquiu which the tewans referred to as the timber point and in the 1700s was the 3rd largest settlement in new mexico. The san lazaro people went north for wood so it could be they went to this area. It is possible it could be hidden in this area as well…all in rio ariba county (aka river above which could be interpreted as water high). Cerro de palderna is visible in much of this area and plaza de blanca is nearby and the ghost ranch property that is open to the public.

  151. Mr. Fenn tells us in his poem where to start. Which lucky for us narrows the area down to one location in one state. Then if we look at the BIG picture, all the things he writes about…, his past and present, hobbies, history, native americans, friends, family, Vietnam, mountain men, being in the wilderness, fly fishing, comic books (superheros), art, collecting, nature, owls, frogs, etc. we can narrow that starting point down to an exact location. I have found such a place IMO. And through his imagination, that will be his final resting spot, right there in the middle of all the people and things he loves. Even though his bones will likely rest in a lovely place next to Peggy. Imagining your final resting place in the middle of all the things you love and have built your life around is better than the knowledge of your bones laying in a grave. Forgive me if you find that offensive. No offense meant just trying to share. I’m just saying that is how Mr. Fenn can take his treasure chest with him…to the place he imagines as his final resting place. My amazement is how Mr. Fenn is able to tie in so many people and highlights of his life into such a small area. That is a story I would like to hear and the story I fear will be lost if the treasure chest is not found soon. But maybe it is in his autobiography in the chest. I don’t know. I said IMO above but let me say it again. IMO. But, seriously, doesn’t this make sense to anyone?

  152. Ok I need to clarify what I just said. It is through following directions in the POEM that you will find the treasure chest. But it is all the other things I mentioned as to why this area is special to Mr. Fenn.

  153. Ramona,
    You speak wise words. You echo my thoughts exactly. I have asked Forrest on many occasions to tell his story. It is far richer than any treasure chest could hold. Perhaps we could start an online petition to convince Forrest the world wants him to share his story, not his gold.

      • Pam,

        Mr f`s story has been told…in his autobiography…we need to find the chest in order to “hear” his story 🙂

    • Aw, I think let them have the gold. At this rate no one is ever going to find it anyway. And maybe enough time hasn’t passed. It’s really nice that Santa Fe created The Thrill of The Chase Day. We need something like that nationally. So that people will remember to get outdoors and have an adventure. And wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Fenn could be remembered as the founder of something like that?

      • Oops! I forgot to say IMO. IMO no one is ever going to find the treasure chest unless you stop obsessing on wwwh and home of Brown, etc and look at the BIG, overall picture.

  154. I heard the thrill of the chase has been aired on BBC in UK and surely have sparked great interest there,,,Yankees beware..the Brits are known for treasure hunting:-) .Seriously many intrepid THs of the last century especially in the 1930s(golden years of TH)were Brits…But being a non American myself,I want to know how it would be felt by American searchers and even Fenn himself if the chest is to be found by a non American?

    Tintin Treasure

    • I would feel the same regardless of their age, gender, race, or nationality…..I would hate their guts. 😆

      This is America; may the best man/woman win…….Fenn said he didn’t give away the chest because the person that finds it will have earned it. I believe him.

    • Brits take heed, we Yankees have a spirit of rugged ingenuity that built a great nation. We are not in this chase to drink tea 🙂 may the best win.

      • Lia
        🙂 ,,we will see how it unfolds ,whether it is the Yankees or the Brits who get it.But don’t forget lone individuals like me who are not Yankees or Brits,but could be potential spoilers:-)

        Tintin Treasure

  155. Did anyone attend the event yesterday at Lizard Lounge? I am rarely able to access chase chat and was curious how the event went and if anyone has pix and/or a report?

  156. I live in Taos and there has been lots of search action around here, lots of helicopters etc. Some of my friends and I wondered if maybe he was looking for the Treasure but hopefully no relation, but it’s hard for us locals not to consider that as so many people are coming up here looking for the Treasure, if you hang out at the Taos Mesa Brewery for a day you will meet searchers.

    My friend went down to the Stagecoach Hot Springs the other day and there was a guy actually soaking in the springs AND reading TOTC at the same time, picturing that really made me laugh.

    I have lived here for over 20 years and can’t remember the last time the rivers, streams, and creeks were running like they are now, talk about water high, we have been having some record rainfalls in the last few months, streams and creeks I usually can hop, skip, and jump over, or wade up, are now like raging rivers, so if you come up here to Taos to search have a great time but be very careful in the streams and rivers for the next month or so until the snowmelt dies down a bit.

    It is making it hard for me to find that can of Dr. Pepper Forrest secreted under a rock in the cooling waters of a rivulet somewhere, but when I do find it I am going to sit down and enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper and that sandwich I have been carrying around…

    • Ramona – I really enjoyed your latest solve! So well thought out with an excellent presentation. You mentioned Norman McLean. That area of Montana is not far from the Blackfoot River where the actual true story took place. Although the river scenes were shot on the Gallatin and Boulder rivers.

      Your subtle inclusion of Forrest’s “Higher Hand” is brilliant. I’m not sure if all will notice the mountain/cliff on the left side of your photos looks just like the arm & hand of God enveloping your search area. Very cool Ramona!

        • This song is a lost Treasure Jd…

          It’s so coincidental to me that you posted this trees of green, red roses song today, here is TMI, I read recently on Seeker’s post that black is the absence of all colors, I knew this already but I was thinking about it and was talking about it yesterday with my daughter, Lauren, she was here for Father’s Day and got upset when I proposed perhaps black is not a color lol, besides working at a gem and mineral shop in the John Dunn Shops here in Taos she is an artist and a tattoo artist and she loves black and white drawings, so she didn’t like this black is not a color thing, we discussed it at length, after that she went out hiking around my property and found a perfectly beautiful gray/black arrowhead and we agreed that whatever color black is or isn’t it’s still beautiful; on another note, she’s the coolest kid ever, 26 years old, wise, and beautiful, here she is at the gem and mineral shop where she works, bottom of the page in pigtails:


          She knows gems and minerals and gets to go to all the shows, Denver, Tucson, etc. and buy stuff for the shop, I am so proud of her obviously, so back to this point, she gave me a Fathers Day card yesterday along with a UV flashlight and bunches of cool Taos area maps, the card had 2 long sweet notes, one was written in invisible ink so I needed the UV light to see it, the other was written in Morse Code, like I said, what a cool kid…

          Anyway I go to bed last night with all this going through my mind, is black a color, where’s the Treasure, stories and maps of Taos, Forrest Fenn stories, Long John Dunn, who cut off Manby’s head, E-Town gold, Blue Lake, Comanche’s and the Vista Verde site, the Poem, Morse Code, arrowheads, the White House chef missing in the Taos Mountains, etc., etc…

          When I woke this morning I remembered vividly a dream I had of Olga, myself, and the missing White House chef, in the dream Taos Mountain was all aglo in a spectacularly colorful blaze from the sunset (that happens everyday, nothing unusual, except I have never used the word aglo before, I had to look it up today, aglow = glowing, aglo = Olga backwards?), so the 3 of us are sitting there looking at this beautiful glowing Taos Mountain at sunset and Olga asked what kind of tea we wanted, Red or Green?

          • Mark-
            When you go to bed you are supposed to sleep deeply and quietly so you can grow up to be strong and smart..apparently you did not learn how to do this very well…

            Your dreams are going to keep me awake tonight.

            I notice that you said:
            “Long John Dunn, who cut off Manby’s head,”

            I don’t think the law ever pinned that beheading on anyone..certainly not John Dunn. Do you have some hidden info?

          • Hello, mark. I see these same type of “coincidences” all through the chase. I think a lot of folks do. It’s really weird, almost fate, if you will…

  157. Thanks all for the Over The Rainbow renditions. Danced with my son at his wedding to Louis Armstrong, but have to say how much I loved the IZ Hawaiian version.

    • Me too. I like that one so much because it starts and ends with over the rainbow yet the middle is actually what a wonderful world if you listen to the whole thing (ironically the urn comes out right there too lol)….I’m pretty sure there’s a third song that also fits in with those too, but I can’t find it on YouTube. Argh.

  158. I had to think last night that the scrapbook with the mammoth fossil tusk was a hint. I thought it was a general location hint to the area of Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone. Gardiner is also up there, which is often deemed a hint. Slide Lake is in the area, I think.
    That’s where my head is at now.
    We could use a list of possible hints from the books and from the Scrapbooks on this blog, and comments by FF on other blogs. Anybody have such a list?

  159. @Michael H: woke up with The Madison on my mind…..that and Sky Pilot by Eric Burdon of the The Animals! Hope some one finds the TC soon so I can get my life back, lol!

  160. Anyone heard anything more about any of the the media sources (filming/video) in connection with any searches? I wonder what’s going on with that.

    • Hi wiseone. Perhaps I can answer a wee bit of your question. I just heard from Hannah at Paper Route Productions last week. They just wrapped up a promo they are sending to the networks. So, it is still in the planning process. (This was for the chase reality show) The only thing is, I’ll find it before they are ready! Got a go pro now though! 🙂

          • Hello, wiseone. Yes, I believe that mindy, jamie, diggin gypsy and sweattea have also interviewed with her. I will keep you posted, but like I said, it’s not likely they will be ready in time for my next search, though I know not when that is either…
            My avatar is the view from my front porch, and my “dream believer” poem on it (on poetry page if interested). Thanks for asking! Good luck on your search as well, wiseone. 🙂

          • I didn’t interview with her so I don’t know anything at all about that…but I wonder the same thing about where it went as well! I’m excited to watch a Chase Show and dying to know when it’s coming out! Lemme know if you hear anything too please 🙂

          • My apologies, jamie. I stand corrected. 🙂 I’ll post, ONLY what I KNOW. 🙂

          • Haha J- no apologies necessary! I just cleared it up because I don’t have any info to offer and have been poking around a bit myself curious as to what came/is coming of it too so I could set my DVR!

          • I’ll make sure you know in the meantime I’ll have to remember that IMO tag a little bit more lol! 🙂

          • Lol… Since I seem to be into dating myself as well (See Mindy’s blog) I thought of that song too although it was my parents who were listening to it not me if that helps me look younger 🙂

            JDiggins is your poem in the Poetry I or II page?

            How funny I went to search for the song to see who the singer was since I am old now and can’t remember things and I got Adobe DreamWorks software hits all on the first page… It’s Gary Wright if anyone else can’t remember either 🙂

          • Hi spallies, it should be above, if not for sure Pg 1 poetry.
            Starts out
            a dreamer believes…

          • Thanks JDiggins I finally found it…

            Figured out how to just search the site using site: but it still only took me to the post it was in and I had to search though the entire post. I remember people talking about different ways to search a specific site. Is there a way to search so that it goes to the exact spot in the post for the words you are looking for?

            I really liked you poem a lot it was worth the search 🙂 🙂

            Oh and if anyone has a tip on how to go exactly to the chest that would be cool too 🙂

          • Hi spallies, thx for searching, sorry, I should have just posted it for you…alas, directions to the chest…I think we are daydreaming with focused on that! As for searching, wildbird had said previously to hit ctrl f, but I have merely my android so I cannot attest to that suggestion. I just go to search the blog then weed through it all just like you just did. 🙂

        • Jd – I like your dream believer poem. Reminds me of an old song.
          Certainly Forrest has woven a few dreams through our lives.

          Dream Weaver
          I’ve just closed my eyes again
          Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
          Driver take away my worries of today
          And leave tomorrow behind

          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe you can get me through the night
          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe we can reach the morning light

          Fly me high through the starry skies
          Maybe to an astral plane
          Cross the highways of fantasy
          Help me to forget today’s pain

          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe you can get me through the night
          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe we can reach the morning light

          Though the dawn may be coming soon
          There still may be some time
          Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
          And meet me on the other side

          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe you can get me through the night
          Ooh, dream weaver
          I believe we can reach the morning light

          • Amazing, anna! As I wrote that post, this song came to my mind as well! Though I take it as As a compliment from you! Thanks! 🙂

          • Dating yourself(s)! Lol! Song reminds me of a night in the French Quarter about 1975 or ’76……two nice girls from Kansas and…..

          • Hehehe! Thx for the chuckle cholly!
            Wait, chuckle cholly…
            Say that fast 3 times! 🙂

      • Jdiggins, Thanks for the wee bit of info. 🙂 I hadn’t heard of any “Chase Reality Show” being planned. That’s sounds interesting. We could use some more chase related content. Are there any other searchers involved? Keep us posted if you learn of anymore about it. And good luck on your search..

  161. Today I feel sorta strongly about my blog. Sometimes I realize I’m misunderstood, and although only the words on my blog today are my own, I feel each video conveys a part of me that I can’t ever even begin to explain in words.

    I also think it represents in part what the chase is about–finding yourself, your talents, humanity in all it’s flaws and beauty, adventure, and fun…

    Please read and watch. I want people to know me for who I really am, not just for what you may think I am…


    And sorry, Diggin, no country music on this one, although I know you Georgia girls can appreciate a mean violin. 🙂

    • Mindy, great videos. I had the opportunity to spend some time with with Lindsey Stirling at an event related to one of her recent performances. In addition to being really talented, she’s probably one of the most genuine, down to earth people I’ve ever met.

      • Way too cool threerocks…i was thinking about her the other day during the ‘is black a color’ posts on here. It’s funny how we need the black of night to see the stars, kinda like how her individual light/music shines so bright against a background like Skyrim where people run around on other people’s quests. Genius to be able to show such contrast in a single shade of gray….and ironic in how well it markets to both the far black and white ends of the spectrum for their own ways as well where they just fund/fuel more gray! Talk about a holy grail of both business strategy and life! Wowza! Something tells me that Lindsay may have found the treasure and used it to fund her first album….IMO, of course 🙂

        • I might be wrong, but I think she got her start on America’s Got Talent or some show like that and was ripped apart by the judges for missing a note during a complicated routine. She didn’t let that stop her, though, and started doing what she loved on YouTube and she’s got millions of followers.

          She’s even more into Skyrim than I am. Lol. Many of her early YouTube stuff were themes of the video games she liked best.

          She’s the kind of musicians who builds an audience through talent and hard work.

          I like her because it’s evident that she loves what she does and remains a good role model…:)

          • That’s exactly what I mean about having the holy grail of business and life! Judges rip her apart- she turns it into good stuff. Skyrim? She takes it up a notch a real life role model of great quests and inspiration! Forget lemons…that girl turns oranges into lemonade and inspires kids to figure out how she did it. Awesome stuff 🙂

          • For sure! There are some really talented people out there who still want to use their power for good. 🙂

        • Jamie, thanks for your comments. I think Forrest and Lindsey probably come from a similar place of being driven primarily to impact the world in a significant and positive way. Lindsey through music and sending a message of enforcing positive self image in kids/young adults and Forrest by motivating large numbers of individuals out into the remaining wild places on this planet from which he has derived so much inspiration over the years. One of my favorite writings from Forrest is his comparison of our individual lives to a freshly cut bouquet. The moment we are assembled as a unique bouquet our clock is ticking and we have a fleeting moment to influence this realm before moving on. I’ve not found the chest of gold. I have found insight and wisdom through the stories of an individual who is driven to impact the world in a positive way. It has colored my perception of the potential every new day brings to alter the natural course of things in a positive way as a fingerprint of sorts on one’s surroundings.

    • Mindy, thanks for sharing of yourself through such outstanding musicians! I really enjoyed the videos.

  162. I throw this out for anybody in the North West New Mexico area. I had a friend that told me he new where the treasure was hidden as soon as I told him about FF last fall. He showed me the spot a little ways down from Navaho Lake dam. He didn’t explain how he knew but the he used to go there and had some of the best fishing. A few weeks ago as I was planning to go to CO for a few days he asked if I was going to his spot. I asked him why he thought the chest was there and he said that he saw a metal box buried in the side of a bluff with the bottom sticking out. He asked on of the guys with him and they said it was probably someones ashes. May be, but I didn’t get to go by and look last week. No promise if its still there, he saw it in 2013.
    36 49 32.03 n 107 39 03.14 w There’s a parking lot not too far away and trails that lead out near the “bluff’. It appears to be 10-15 tall and has an overhanging lip if Google Earth is right. He said it was out at the “point” (North East corner) So if you are in the area check it out and let me know.

      • Specialklr, thanks for the response. The reason that I had not made the “out of the way” trip to the spot is that it doesn’t fit the poem, in any way that I can tell. It is just interesting that there is (was) a metal box stuck in the side of a bluff. There are a lot of old tells of stolen gold being hidden and never found. Could this be one of those? Probably not but someone will hit the lottery and someday someone will find FF treasure chest, but probably not me. LOL. Thanks again. If any body looks “out of curiosity sake” email me at mcmulgl@yahoo.com and let me know if it was still there and if anything was in it. Maybe it will be “Doc’s” cousin’s ashes from Diggin Gypsy’s hunt.

  163. Forrest, just have to share a giggle with you. Three kids have gone along with us previously, our 2 youngest girls, 19 and 20, and their friend 20. He just texted me: “I got treasure hunting fever, we need to plan a trip in july!” Our youngest is on deck anytime as is now our 2nd eldest (who’s never gone), and yesterday, our 2nd youngest (5 kids total combined, only one boy)she’s calling asking when she should book a flight!!! They are hooked and it is soooo awesome! Thank you forrest, for giving our kids a different kind of dream!

    • That’s awesome Jdiggins…that’s the way it should be.
      Ha, I didn’t call u Higgens this time. And I interviewed for the TV show too.

  164. I am having a difference of opinion with a fellow searcher regarding, TTOTC, page 17, First Grade. Mr. Fenn said, ” Ora Mae smoked cigarettes with no name on them.” I say that is a reference to Prince Albert, roll your own. My friend says that is a reference to marijuana. Am I that naïve?

    • My father told me that his uncle smoked mj in the 30s. I guess my question would be- did she pass 1st grade, or pass the cigarette? 🙂

    • BW, the following is US tobacco/cigarette history from the 30’s.
      While I haven’t figured out the relevance of Ora Mae’s name, I have 2 guesses regarding cigarette’s. Perhaps a reference to generic cigarettes during depression called “loosies” or roll your own from nickel bag if Bull Durham or Sir Walter Raleigh (pirate era)

      “Probably coming as a surprise to the corporate directors at Reynolds, American Tobacco, Liggett &Meyers and Lorillard, it didn’t take long for the price increases to have a negative impact on their sales. In 1931, for the first time in over a decade, overall cigarette sales dropped, going from 124 billion to 117 billion units. Sales of Camels dropped an astounding 30%. Much of this was accounted for by the rise in sales for sack tobacco. For only a nickel, a penny-pinching smoker could buy a bag of Bull Durham and with the aid of some paper and a little practice, he could roll twenty perfectly good cigarettes. In retrospect, it is clear that executives at Reynolds and the other major firms misjudged the market as well as state of the economy in general but that is somewhat understandable given the commanding position which they were in at the time.
      Then, in September 1931, Larus & Bros. a small Richmond firm, introduced a new brand called White Rolls based on the same blend of tobaccos in the standards but priced at 10¢ a pack. Even with very little promotion or advertising, the brand quickly picked up sales. The following month, Philip Morris followed suit by moving Paul Jones Cigarettes, which up until then was considered a regional brand with a small following in New England, onto the national market with a large advertising campaign. “America, here’s your cigarette, twenty for ten cents.”

      • Lia

        Ora Mae could be a reference to Mora County NM, located to the East and North of Santa Fe, just an Idea.

      • A decent case could be made for opium/hashish the way I look at it. Just IMO of course. 😉

        • I believe in the 1930s Texas, it would be more like Bull Durham loose leaf tobacco, the kind the cowboys used in the little bag with draw string,, also bull durham, something eric sloane would paint as an advertisement, Imo

          • I could see that…Or maybe even like BullWinkle…and the Bad News Bears…and the Sandlot…all at once in this peace pipe opioid/hashish dream sequence montage…but then the end really is real and it’s more like Rudy. I don’t know…but that would be sweet- I mean, who wouldn’t die to feel like Rudy even just once? Lol. Just IMO on a rainy night…

    • @BW et al, regarding the janitor and her hand rolled cigs: I’d go with Prince Albert IMO…..on that subject when does the special cactus flower down there in MM….?! A few buttons might help vision up the TC. lol!

  165. Very good reference Sally2 – With Forrest’s NM video comments and Scott W’s line of reasoning, I’m convinced to give up Wyo/YNP solution and join the New Mexico crowd.

  166. Quick story…
    Background: I spent my growing years in my search state. I have decided I would like to move back there, so I am casually property shopping while selling a flip…

    Me: there’s a new listing (I describe), it’s $xxx.
    Husband: why do you want to torture yourself?
    M: what do you mean?
    H: I mean, why torture yourself?
    M: it’s not torturing myself, I gotta have a dream. I can’t just say I don’t want to torture myself, I have to dream, to have a goal. That’s how we move forward in life, otherwise we just stay still, and then it “is what it is”, and we both know how I feel about that. It is what you make it, and without a dream, it ain’t much..
    H: … (silence).

    Happy 4th all! Be safe! 🙂

  167. OT: I just saw what people on chasechat say about me. Woooweee! People are vicious! I guess it’s easy to be vicious to someone you don’t even know, and who don’t think you will read what was said.

    Wow. Jiminy Christmas, I have a great idea for a blog post forming.

    And by all means, they all can say whatever they want. People who know me, know better. And knowing better is better than knowing worse.

    It just sort of amazes me that a chase meant to bring people together has some people jumping at the chance to rip others apart.

    • Mindy-
      Don’t sweat it..
      If Goofy and I worried about what they say over on cc than we would have both quit the blog business and opened a cuddly stuffed animal and greeting card shop in West Yellowstone by now. Remember that many who have been 86ed from here, hang out there. I certainly don’t mean to imply that everyone who comments there is low-life…but even pond scum needs to find sunlight somewhere. Once in awhile they trickle in here too and slime the room..
      A Marine general I once worked for told me: “If it wasn’t for scum we wouldn’t know how bad the world could really be without diligence and effort.”

      • Great idea…..A cuddly stuffed animal and greeting card shop; we could put flowers and little bears all over Esmeralda……

        Friends and loved ones could order sympathy bears for the searchers when they don’t find the chest. I would hand deliver the bears to our “special” searchers like Mindy, Jamie, Gypsy and her sisters and give them a big sympathy hug. A really loooooong, tight, buckle polishing hug. It makes me feel warm all over and my heart race just thinking about soothing their devastated, down trodden, little hearts after not finding the chest. I’m really a very sensitive guy you know.

        And Dal could climb a tree to put IronWills little bear that glows in UV light up there. How wonderful would that be.

        • Awww, Goofy, you big ole softy. You’re so cute and snuggly; Dal could sell little stuffed Goofy dolls. I’d buy one. 🙂

          And thanks, Jdiggins and Spallies. I love everyone here. 🙂

          • Wondering what it says when you press the belly of a stuff Goofy doll…

            LOL ~ there’s a new contest idea…

            I’d put an entry in, but I’m afraid of what the prize would be.

          • There’s only two things it could say: “You’re NUKED!” (In Trump voice)


            “Do your research!”


        • spallies I get paid to wander the Rockies. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. 🙂

          How bout we fund a big ol tailgate party with the proceeds. Nothing like having a beer and cheeseburger with a few thousand of our closest friends.

      • Chasechat is the competition, so it is not surprising that it gets a bad rap from the powers that be here. Chasechat is a little rough and tumble. It isn’t mired in hero worship, or hampered by excessive moderation. Almost nothing is off-limits. Yeah, it can be rough sometimes. So maybe people with weak constitutions, thin skins, or who are easily offended should stay away. But hey, the wise among us know that those sort of people probably don’t have any real chance in this game anyway. Over at Chasechat we know the chase isn’t all just rainbows and flutterbys. There are serious. even highly controversial issues involved that often get swept under the rug elsewhere. The result is an incubator for ideas you aren’t likely to hear anywhere else. And that’s a good thing, because sitting around hashing and rehashing the same sorts of failed ideas with the same people isn’t going to produce the sort of breakthroughs needed to solve the poem. So if you are brave, (with or without wood), stop by Chasechat and get your mind expanded and your skin toughened. You are going to need a lot of both to have any real chance of winning this game.

        • mdavis,

          You make some fair points but fundamentally it boils down to the fact that blogs have personalities. Some folks prefer Dals and some prefer CC. It’s not a matter of good or bad just preference on who you want to associate with.

          That said, I used to frequent CC but found the egos overinflated and the tone very negative. It reminds me more of a drunken frat house party with a lot of loud aggressive posturing but little substance. Sure you can say whatever you want but most of the bawdy talk over there isn’t anymore useful than what’s said over here. It also seems there’s a perception over there that the contributors are “more experienced”, “wise” and “know more”. Well that remains to be seen since no one has been able to demonstrate a successful theory to date. More searches, abstract thoughts, and failed unusual theories does not equal or incubate superior knowledge in this arena.

          You said: “…because sitting around hashing and rehashing the same sorts of failed ideas with the same people isn’t going to produce the sort of breakthroughs needed to solve the poem.”

          You’re doing the same thing….. just a different group of the same people.

          Hero worship? Say something negative about Steph over there and prepare to get flamed. How’s that different then those that jump to Dals and F’s defense over here?

          Bottom line is: chat where you feel comfortable and forget about the others. Nobody is winning at this point and everyone is the competition whatever your conversational style.

    • Mindy –

      Your not really famous until they start talking about you. I have no idea what they are saying – but you are well loved here. 🙂

    • Mindy, I think you’re great and enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep on keeping on 🙂

      • Thanks Dal, into, and Cindy. I don’t let it bother me. I was just sorta surprised that there was that much talk about me. I’ve been to that site like once or twice a long time ago.

        I guess I should be a little flattered to be counted in the Forrest Fenn Union, as they call it. 🙂

        • Ummm…could we rewind to the part where goofy talks about his belt buckle please? Mindy… We may need to schedule another search. ASAP. Wonder twin powers activate!!

  168. Mindy, I am unable to log on there but once in a blue moon, and I only do to see if there is anything of substance, and usually I just speed read thru it, because most of it is crap. But, in a treasure hunt, you have to sift through crap…
    We love you here!

  169. Dal calling people that blog on Chase Chat pond scum is ranting and raving and I remember you once closed this site because people were flaming others so I am a little disappointed in that you seem to have become a ranting one as well and might want to consider why calling others names is really necessary.
    It drives a deeper wedge between bloggers on either site and most of us at CC have never been banned here but left for other reasons. Comments like yours can get you banned here so you are welcome to join us at CC if you ban yourself from using rude comments by calling others bad names. After being banned here there really is no where is for bloggers to go to have their voice heard but to CC and not all there are people that have been banned here.

    • Wow… Just wow.

      I mean… Wow is all I can say at the moment.

      Actually I could say a lot more…. But why bother.

  170. mdavis chasechat is not the competition; it’s a chat room to talk about anything but the chase run by, and occupied by, paranoid people scared to death someone might give out useful information……..get a good conservation going exchanging information about finding the treasure and it gets shut down by the paranoid elites.

    Users can edit their comments; so they make a nasty comment and then go back and change or delete it. So the threads make no sense at all with people responding to a comment that doesn’t exist or has been changed.

    You talking about getting a bad rap here by the powers to be is hilarious after the nasty hateful trash that gets posted about Dal, Fenn and some of the chasers over there.

    There were some good people there but it’s mostly foul mouthed psychos attacking each other then going back and deleting their comments. You are right; nothing is off limits except actually exchanging any information that might be useful finding the treasure.

    As far as excessive moderation you were allowed to have your say….now go back to the snake pit and have a good day.

  171. I cant find any info on WHERE Forest was born, only that he lived in Temple Tx at a young age.
    Does anybody know?
    Thank you in advance!

  172. Mosey, someone posted a link to Temple Tx county records, but I believe they were census records rather than Forrest’s birth certificate. Given his August 22nd birthday I’ve wondered if he was born in Wyoming or Montana before his family returned to TX for the school year.

    • That’s what I was thinking, also, Anna. Funny how he hasn’t mentioned the place of his birth in his writings.

      At times I think the poem can be read as a birthing process, imo

      “Arrive where we started and see it for the first time”

      • I agree with you Mosey. The poem can be read many different metaphorical ways including birth or returning to a mothers love. (In TFTW, Forrest says he wanted to return to his mom and wished he had spent more time with her).

        Of course, the poem must also be quite literal directions in order to solve an exact location.

  173. Wow tell us all how you really feel. Nice, real nice.
    Some of us try to find someplace we can be a part of the chase but apparently thats not allowed.

    The problem with your tirade is that many of the people who post on other blogs also post on your blog under other names.

    I am one of the few who posts on all blogs under one name. I dont appreciate being lumped into a catagory any more than you do. In case you havent been following, not everyone is as bad as you want people to believe.

    Mikes blog is gone, not much choice where we can talk to other searchers. Pond scum? Really?

    • Really Deb? Nobody, davis and you where one of the few that seem to have some common sense when I posted there. Yet it seem as if you don’t see the degrading uncalled inflictions that a lot over there do and say… do you three even read the post?

      Come off it, there has been bashing of not only this sight but searchers themselves. I have not posted on that site for a very long time, but i have been ridiculed by more than one over there for my thoughts and ideas. The same ones that like to delete their nasty comments while hiding behind a monitor.

      Not just fenn and Dal have been called every name in the book. and you know that to be true…but you come here and complain when someone gives a little back. You act like there was never any provoking or reason. You just surprised me and that doesn’t happen very often. So I guess you can be proud of that anyway…. truly unbelievable…

  174. Actually I thought Dal was above painting everyone with the same paintbrush and it suprised me to see him call everyone who posts at another website” pondscum”.

    You know for a fact I tell them when they say less than kind stuff that they are full of it. What makes it any different if I say it to Dal? Is he exempt fom being reminded its not just his Chase but all of ours?

    I am looking for a place where all searchers are treated with respect regardless if their ideas fit into the approved format of thought. I havent seen much of that with the belittling on all the blogs, including this one.

    This war between Stephanie and Dal is stupid. Since they own the blogs we are supposed to shutup and take the abuse? Get over that idea.

    • Good Golly Miss Molly….I didn’t think I would start a blog war, but apparently this war has been going on for quite awhile. I honestly didn’t know. To be fair, there are some good people over on chasechat. I was just a little surprised at some of the things I read over there. Sometimes I’m surprised at the things I read here, too.

      But I believe the moderation here is a good thing. Perpetuating hatefulness isn’t something I would want if I was Forrest, who created the chase to unite, not divide.

      It’s great to have an opinion about something, and the freedom to say whatever you want, but when it turns into a pie fight where no one is laughing, then maybe it’s time for Dad to come in and break it up.

      There are strong personalities in this chase, some that clash like a red shirt worn with yellow pants.

      This shouldn’t be a “war.” Maybe a different perspective is needed. Maybe some personalities fit better over there. Maybe some personalities fit better over here.

      Maybe if we all used the THINK theory, we would get along better. THINK.
      T– Is it true?
      H–Is it helpful?
      I–Is it inspiring?
      N—Is it necessary?
      K–Is it kind?

      I might be tempted to add an “F” for THINKF, because if it isn’t T, H, I, N, K, is it at least funny? 🙂


      • Hey guys and ladies, I just had to comment after seeing the post from yesterday and today relating to chasechat.
        Seeker, you said some things that work well with me on this.
        Mindy, your not the start of all these negative posts posted. It has been brewing for awhile to a boiling point. You just helped open a relief valve for those who need a reality check.

        First I would like to say I first started posting on Dal’s blog shortly after he started it, but moved to Mike’s blog when Dal shut his site down for awhile, reasons like the post recently.

        In the begining I belive all the blogs were full of friendly healthy discussions and helpful hints thrown around from blogger to blogger. With everyone grasping on all different trains of thought. Blogs were fun to read and could widely expand your thoughts with the way other searchers ideas differed in so many ways. But it seems over the years this process had changed on certain blogs with their veteran chasers , maybe because most ideas have already been thrown out there and the sucess rate is still null. I have watched when newbies that start to climb the same ladders we already climbed put post that might seem boring because of their old news questions then I see remarks by veterans to them like “do your research I’m not going to solve this for you” or “your wrong in your way of thinking” or just discouraging comments in general. This is one of the reasons I quit posting for the most part on Mike’s blog and in general. To me this is bull___t.

        Now here on Dal’s blog Dal and Goofy try, in the most part, to keep everything on a even keel and focused on topic’s in which discussions are titled. Sure I see posts get off topic and a sort of quarreling happen but hands get washed and back to business it goes. Yes, we don’t have to like everyone, that’s our right, but this blog is not where to express it. Remember “ideas” are just that “ideas” no matter how stupid they might seem to us.

        Us veterans searchers should be examples to others and encourage fresh thoughts and help guide those who discriminate againts them. We are learning something here all the time from Forrest or the topic’s provided by Dal or the discussions that follow in them. I for one grasp every tid-bit I can and research it whether or not it pertains to my solve. I can not say that blog info has never helped me, nor can most of you.

        So open your minds and understand we might not agree with all posts and a good fact discussion on that is healthy, but when it gets ugly it’s time to regroup and get back to the chase.

        Now with that said: I’m not much of a writer and sometimes my thoughts get tangled up trying to express them but I like to give “food for thought” ideas every now and then to see if it may spark a interest in someone searching for answers.

        So here’s a thought on Forrest’s reply : ” Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f
        “the big picture” – back in the day (wasn’t that far back) this was referencing a movie theater, the big picture show, a movie. so is he saying to look at a movie.
        Then there is ” short cuts”- this is a 1993 movie. My reference here is not so much about the movie itself but the filming locations. Filmed in Bronson Caves, Bronson Cayon, Griffith Park- 4730 Crystal Springs Drive. I’m looking at key words here: location- caves, canyon, park, springs. Could these all be the in the area of the location of Forrest’s trove. Just again some “food for thought”. Good luck everyone. Bur

        • Hugs to you Bur –

          Thanks for getting us back on track here. I for one miss Mike’s Blog – I wish he would put it back up.

          Re: The Big Picture – I haven’t explored the movie part you mentioned but will take a look. I like the idea of it.

          I think the big picture is on pages 122 and 123 of the book. If you turn it side ways – it shows the letter “E”.

          If you look at the bottom – middle it looks like a map and shows a stream.

          So – I’m wondering what you and everyone else see in this picture – or if you think it is important.

          • Well inthechaseto, I had nothing to do with getting things back on track. In fact I’m very proud of a few here that stood up to the bashing from a few that expressed and posted negative thoughts here. Mindy, seeker, goofy, colokid ect…..I will have to look at the book and see what your talking about. By the way there is something else on the movie angle that helps reference a special area that Fenn has been, but you have to research that part to find it. Just more food for thought. Bur

          • Bur –

            I do think movies are involved – perhaps The Wizard of Oz – but not related to the actual spot where the treasure is placed.

            That movie “No Shorts Cuts” is a stretch at best, because of the content of it. I know the number nine is involved and a poem – but remember this is for kids too.

            I love Griffith Park – been there many times – but have not found a clue to it.

            As for the crystal – take a look at the museum and Wally World.

      • JER-RY!

        lol, i love Jerry Springer. and now we gots it right here.
        hunch here, just havin a little fun. never mind me, i’ll go back to lookin for treasure. so-long.

    • Deb The problem is not a “blog war”. The term is ridiculous to even use.

      Most complain about moderation but lets face it is need because there are crazy “adults” that just don’t care what is said or to “whom”. The owner / operator of CC not only allows it, but even encourage it. The reason I no longer post there, as well as many others.

      This isn’t about strong feelings being debated, but out right verbal attacks… and some on posters who don’t even comment there, and it seems to be a recruiting area for just that. You have spoken up about some of these issues in the past, and so have other posters… but has gone by death ears. Blog War? it’s complete lack of common sense and self control.

      And that is why you surprised me with your comment as you even voiced the same over the last two years or more to the same death ears. I’m not going to comment on this issue any more… it’s more than a waste time it’s out right disgusting.

      • Ummm Seeker….isn’t this about Pond Scum? Has anyone even LOOKED UP pond scum? Or do we only obsessively research and critique Forrest’s life and not our own? Last I checked pond scum existed on the tension bonds on the surface area of the water…and is beneficial to both the algae underneath as well as the pond itself. I’m not quite sure how one can brag about the ‘real’ and ‘rawness’ of their pond while denying the properties and function of pond scum itself. Pond Scum does not have an invisibility switch, nor can it self deny itself. One of its biggest functions is based on what it does with light/dark. I might not know about a bunch, but I know my pond scum. IMSO.

        • Jamie,
          I’m not sure why you directed your comment to me. But seeing you did, i agree with your overall analogy of pond scum.

          But to put ” perspective ” on the subject. The three poster [ i referred too ] Apparently didn’t read close enough to what they were complaining about.

          Part of Dal’s comment; ” I certainly don’t mean to imply that everyone who comments there is low-life…”

          Parts of Deb’s comments; ” I dont appreciate being lumped into a catagory any more than you do.” AND…

          ” Actually I thought Dal was above painting everyone with the same paintbrush and it suprised me to see him call everyone who posts at another website” pondscum”. ”

          I won’t bother making this any longer than it needs, as the other two comments sound more like commercial advertisements than rebuttals to a comment.

          One thought does come to mind … Guilt by Association. One meaning is: Feeling responsible for some offense or wrong.

          And yes pond scum is beneficial.

          Would anyone like to talk about the poem?

          • How about the tension Jamie mentioned above in relation to Teaches with Ropes??? Newton anyone? Maybe Dal meant meant to say algae 🙂

          • 😉 there are some extremely interesting and dynamic types of algae if you ask me Spallies 🙂

          • Or possibly the mossy mat that can cover a poor fen, an extremely rich fen, or a fen somewhere in the middle?

          • I think that’s called Smooth algae Mindy…dive and fly, right? We may need to play A LOT of Carlos Santana on our next trip, eh? WTPA form of Pond Scum!

    • Wow Jamie, did you catch me with my pants down… Talk about Smarts. I don’t hold water to you… scummy or otherwise.

      Tadpoles is an interesting thought… but i’ll need to freshen up on my biology lessons a bit. lol i haven’t see a classroom in a few years. Few meaning more than two [ decades ]. Thanks for keeping it real. And a good thing I had clean boxers on. lol

  175. I’ll be darned……Adults. I expected the place to be a shambles this morning. I didn’t think a mop and broom would do it so I fired up the back hoe, unrolled the fire hose, put on my hazmat suit, and greased the nuke button expecting to spend all morning nuking and blasting out the crud.

    I don’t know what to say……I’m very pleasantly surprised…….much thanks to all of you. I really mean that, thank you. Back to the chase.

  176. Hello again, it’s just my second post since joining earlier today. FWIW from a newbie here – if you’ve lived even a few months in any kind of chat room, on-line forum or blog spot – flaming is a way of life for some folks. I try to practice what I was taught by my dad when I was a lad, when he said to me, “Consider the source,” in reference to folks attempting to belittle me for something I had said or done that they did not approve of.

  177. Here is my last comment here on the pond scum gate. If you happened to look at the post after Dal made the remark about some people were pond scum at CC there were quit a few really nasty remakes made against Dal concerning this. I was only trying to remark that calling anyone names just leads to more negative replies and really does no good to start the process of doing so. How can my remark be considered negative when I was trying to make things positive by just asking that we should treat others nicely. I have been guilty of this years ago and was warned by Dal to play nice and have tried to do so ever since and have learned that that is probably the best policy. I just wanted to remind him as well. So call me what you want but asking someone to be nice to me is not being negative but take at as you see it and next time Dal ask you not be so negative remember that advice or you are just adding to the fire and not really trying to do anything to stop it from spreading. Truthfully that is all I was trying to do and I was also hoping to get some help here to stop the insults but got only more negatives. Sad

    • Tim, what I find amazing is you folks from over there coming here to bash Dal for taking up for Mindy (Not your fault Mindy it was just the straw). I would post what was said about Dal but I would have to nuke myself. And that was just this time; It’s a national past time over there to attack Dal, Fenn, and the other searchers with filth that is beyond description.

      I mean really…..have you read the filthy trash that was posted about Dal just this time? That’s OK with you apparently. Yet here you are preaching to us about being called pond scum. That is unbelievable; you folks are making complete fools of yourself.

      You’ve had your say and I’ve had mine; it’s over. Now go back to the septic tank you call home.

      • Goofy,

        In my opinion.

        I don’t know the history between you and Tim, but it sounded like he was extending a hand. He even admitted guilt. IMO

        In my opinion, I think no response would have been a better choice. Bummer that, but I guess it will be good for the reality show. The more conflict the better.

        BTW – please don’t ban me or put me in moderation for saying this, but I will understand if you do since I disagreed.

        Scott W.

        • Scott actually I like Tim and you aren’t nuked for your opinion. This has been going on for years, and apparently Dal had enough of it when they attacked Mindy.

          Like Dal said in his comment he and I are used to it and running a blog is no place for thin skinned folks, but apparently attacking Mindy was too much and he spoke his mind.

          I could post hundreds of pages of absolute filth they have said about Dal and Fenn and other searchers and believe it or not even loveable little ol me.

          If Tim wants to chastise folks he should start in his own house. I would have a lot more respect for him if he did that. But not one word from him when the nasty vile stuff was posted about Dal. Then he has the gall to say the negatives here are sad, that is unbelievable.

          And so it goes……….

          • Since I obviously do not know the history here, I will comment no more on this topic.

            Thanks for not nuking me. 🙂

            Scott W.

  178. I agree Tim. I don’t why anyone would have a problem with what you said.

  179. The folks participating on both blogs probably SHOULD say nicer things about each other…….. but I’d rather hear the truth!

    • And, in my o-pinyon, the TRUTH is that the posters on Chasechat sometimes talk like idiots.

      They have to………. Otherwise, Dal’s regulars who are lurking over there wouldn’t understand what is being said!

      T – Is it True? Maybe
      H – Is it Helpful? Probably not
      I – Is it Inspiring? Maybe to some
      N – Is it Necessary? No
      K – Is it Kind? No
      F – Is it Funny? Absolutely!

          • Spallies, Yes. But the problem I am having is within myself. I don’t believe I have ever followed CC. After the discussion about CC that I’ve seen here which includes comments from CC followers, I feel like I just can’t log in to CC. I don’t know, maybe I don’t have a problem with logging in to CC. No try, No prolem. I like it here. Thank you all that deserve thanks… and a 🙂 for you know who as well.

          • I was able to get to the main page but can’t get to the chat forum. Maybe the mudslingers are using a heavier mud today and the server can’t handle the extra weight.
            SPLAT! oh, I just got myself.


      • Jason, think of all the other positive things you could be doing with your life instead of writing a post that likely is designed to be copied and pasted back over on chasechat so you can all have a good laugh. Honestly this whole thing reads like CC having a bit of an inferiority complex. I hadn’t spent much time on the site before but it seems like there’s lots of resentment in the fact that Forrest trusts and respects Dal and provide him quality original content. If you are trying to change perceptions and emerge from labels such as “pond scum” taking the higher road and pursuing a dialogue that transcends grade school is usually a better strategy. If you are trying to just lob criticisms then you are really reinforcing the initial label that the CC folks took such exception to.

        • I’m really trying to get a grip on naming a few to represent the many. I post on here, CC and Jenny’s blog and how do I get tied up in the mix? If you can only name about 5 people that fit the criteria that you speak of then you shouldn’t put a label on the rest. Deb post over there and I consider her to be the idea Chase Searcher with good intentions. I post over there more simply cause I’m a creature of habit and developed a repore with other great people. I’m not understanding how this turned into teams? I’ll be first to say that something’s said was wrong and out of character for some but you can’t take away the right that they can say it regardless if you or I don’t like it.

          I’m just saying there are not sides or teams and if you take what few say then terrorist speak for all muslims, Jessie Jackson speaks for all blacks, Paris Hilton speaks for all white women, Jared speaks for all Subway……….. Wait no he messed that up.

          • William, I agree with a lot of what you’ve written in principle. I’m failing to see how inferences could be made of “teams” or “the few speaking for the many” from feedback provided directly to
            Jared on his snarky comment and the general observation that there does seem to be an element of resentment at CC towards this blog. Honestly, Dal uttered the phrase pond scum and then that was followed by a string of posts on CC that can only really be described as character assassination towards Dal and others. People only really respond that way when they are backed into a corner, are responding to feelings of inferiority, or are frankly juvenile and don’t really fully understand the impact of their words on others. I’m glad you don’t seem to fall into those categories and have a different focus during your time on this medium. However, your feedback might be better spent posting corrective comments towards the folks who frankly are giving CC a bad name.

          • William, Dal clearly stated in his comment he wasn’t lumping everyone together so I don’t know where you get that. He wrote: I certainly don’t mean to imply that everyone who comments there is low-life

            You wrote: “I’ll be first to say that something’s said was wrong and out of character for some but you can’t take away the right that they can say it regardless if you or I don’t like it.”

            That is simply not true……we can allow or not allow anything we want. The admins over there can do the same. We have lots of kids that read this blog so I do my best to keep the cuss words out.

            That’s our choice and I don’t care if you like it or not. Just like the admins over there don’t care if someone didn’t like all the vile nastiness. They would tell them to hit the road if the don’t like nasty.

          • I remember when you first post on Dals blog and the negative feedback you got here so how does that equate to over there on CC? you keep separating the two but you fail to realize that the same people post over here just under different screen names.

            The comments about over there and here is a separation in ideology that we aren’t looking for the same thing. I follow both blogs and the only thing I seen said about Mindy was one searcher that has a history of meltdowns. Heck me and Rick have our rounds but that’s how you develop thick skin.

            It’s human nature to go into defense mode if you think your infrastructure is being attacked but I think more that the ones that did have opinions have a bad dealings on here. I think its a domino effect that started with something small that let a lot of buildup emotion to unleash.

          • Goody I remember a time you use to post over there and used cuss words and had a negative comment about Forrest so please don’t nuke me as a rebuttal to what I said. I would think you can see the middle ground for what I was saying.

            I didn’t imply that Dal has a separation of the two groups only that I implied that all the searchers that were commenting had a separation and not realizing that the same searchers post here too under different screen names.

          • William I’m not going to rehash “The Great Useless Clue Debacle” as I call it.

            What I find strange is you seem to be standing up for all the vile comments over there but are all bent out of shape over Dal calling someone pond scum.

            Do you just want to start trouble?

          • What else can I say Billy Rocks always has always Will… Now back to the chase how can we find that Blaze?

        • I’m not understanding how you think I’m starting trouble? You’ve been on both sides and I would only assume that even you can see how things work there and how things work here, what I don’t understand is how the two blogs turned into a war and separation?

  180. Go Forrest , Go Forrest let us have another scrapbook. Make it the Big Finale one 🙂 Peace

  181. Anyone feel like talking about stuff like clues, the poem, hot feet, or cold water?

    Going to the nine clues section to wait for meaningful/relevant discussion.

    Peace out.

    Scott W.

  182. William, and everyone else; here’s what I’m gonna do……..I’m going to call “The Great Pond Scum War” over. I’ll nuke any more comments having to do with it, either side.

    Dal if you call anyone else pond scum I’ll nuke you. Hey he gets the same warning everyone else gets. 🙂

    Now back to the chase.

  183. The Thrill of the Chase continues…
    Another article in Gold Prospectors magazine July/Aug issue. Fyi…. 🙂

  184. Thanks JDiggins! I might have to join I always wanted to!
    FYI there is a lot of new info up on the titletothegold site… Goofy you probably don’t want to see it… Can’t we all just get along… 🙂

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