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The following story is from a note sent to Forrest. Forrest asked if I would post it here with the author’s permission.



Got a call from my brother that I haven’t seen in over four years last week. Instead of saying hi, he started telling me how to make a quick buck. He began telling me about this old man in Santé Fe who hid a lot of loot in the mountains and all we had to do is go get it. Since I was on vacation and haven’t seen my brother for four years. I said, I’m In, when do we leave? Tomorrow morning, he said. Ok, I said, since you know exactly where this loot is.

Twelve hours later I found myself in a motel called the Rocker Motel, in Butte Montana. Since it was St. Patrick’s day, I felt lucky!!

Little did we know Butte has a St Patrick’s festival every year and all the motels are filled, leaving us with the Rocker as our only choice. The only room available was a smoking room for $76.00. (OMG) Desperate after 12 hours of driving, we took it. Besides, we were rich in a few days. As we settled in, with our maps across the bed and Bear spray recently purchased lying on the desk, my brother began giving me these little hints that he didn’t know exactly where the loot was, but he believed it was within a hundred yards off the road…(I thought he said it was 30 yards on the phone?) Anyways, in the morning we headed into Yellow Stone to begin our search…there was one problem, nothing looked like it did in the pictures because there was a foot of snow everywhere and it was 20 degrees outside. After traveling down the snowy hills that seemed like forever, and a weather system moving in fast, It dawned on me that I was not going to be rich today. I couldn’t justify with family back home, taking off 1,100 miles and not searching for this loot. So, I had to keep my chin up and hope for the best. Finally, after driving miles, we parked on the side of the road and my brother pointed to some Aspens he believes hold the loot. I stepped out of the truck and quickly got back in. Oh, hell no! I said, I’m not going out across that field in a foot of snow…lets take some pictures and get out of here. No, not my brother, Bear spray in one hand and wearing clothes that he would wear at the beach, he headed off. Immediately he fell on his face in the snow..I’m busting my gut at this point, but keeping an eye on all these buffalo getting closer at the same time. Within twenty minutes my brother was half way to the Aspens…then I noticed something…those aren’t Aspens!! I couldn’t bring myself to honk the horn, I had to watch this for I’m really busting the gut. I waited until my brother checked every tree in the area and then watched him scratch his head, while walking back to the truck. As he approached my window he stated to me in a depressed voice,” those trees were not aspens” oh, they weren’t, I said. Well, look at it this way, you have another clue, It’s not here!

Now my brother and I talk everyday and have family trips planned to Santé Fe and Yellowstone Park this summer.

Who would of thunk?


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  1. Cute story.

    When the distance changed in the story, it reminded me of percents. When you tell the family member you’ve coaxed into going with you a percentage that your sure it’s 70% sure it’s there….keep it low, because I’m already needing to say a million percent before anyone considers they can trust me anymore. lol

  2. Probably another made up story to get a free book out of Mr. fenn.

    I know I’ve been Mr. Skeptical with everything but that’s the media driven world we live in. Who would of thought the parents of a child would of made up a story that thier child was trapped in a balloon flying off.

    Money brings out the bad in people, so there is merit to being very skeptical.

    • I don’t think it is, but let’s pretend it is…did it make me feel good? Yep….so who cares.

      I pay $8 to watch chick flicks, because I know they’ll have happy endings with all that love and sweet romance.

      Consider filling your glass with a little kool-aid once in a

    • Did that twice……….. First one about leaving April 1st.

      The second sent in pictures of what is in my parents woods:

      Never hear from him by mail but by email. Rarely do we talk anymore. Guess we know what it’s all about now…….

      • Oh that’s cool you did it though. I haven’t sent any since I did a long time ago. I should find one from around here to send. I think that would be fun too…send him from where you live also.

    • Nothing wrong being personal but now it comes down to business. Finding the treasure.

      Until then, we each have other things to do…………

  3. Great story – I love it! It reminds me of the adventure my husband and I had on a different treasure hunt where we got stuck in the snow and mud in a cemetery and had to be towed out. 😀 . I’m sure many people have great stories like this and I hope they share them. I’ve really enjoyed reading the ones that have been posted so far.

  4. Does anyone think that maybe forrest sent this story as a clue that, for whatever reason, we should not be going treasure hunting because the treasure will not be accessible right now? If so… When do you think will be ok to go? My initial hunch is June? At high elevations the snow can stick around for a while?

  5. I laughed so hard i cried reading this out loud to my wife. She told me it sounds like something you and your brother would do.

  6. The picture looks like a frosted cake on the right side, now I want cake. Thanks Dal! Lol! Off to bake :-/

  7. Found our first geocache today, amazing we found something we weren’t even looking for. We left a arrow head, but took nothing. If I could post a picture I would, but I still need to download the card. The program for pulling the pictures off my camera is at home, and I didn’t bring a adapter for taking them off the flash. I will try and pick one up later and if you can tell me how to load one here. Or Dal I can send it to you. We are going camping tomorrow so, it will be a few days till I can. Trout sure tastes good in the morning. Weather is great and today we celebrated my son’s birthday at nice steak house.

  8. I drove right past that hotel on the same day looking for the treasure! Small world. 🙂 I said the same thing…feeling lucky. But the snow said no.

  9. does anyone know the size of the chest? I thought i recall reading somewhere the dimensions of the chest were listed, but now i can’t seem to find it.

    • I’ve heard 10 X 10 X 5, but I’ve never heard Forrest say. I think he has said 42lbs though..chest with contents for weight. Just saw on the travel channel that at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science they have a rover that was on Mars and they said that it discovered there was water on Mars. I had heard that before, but they said they were hot springs. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  10. Dal, did you see the story from the ? It’s well written probably one of my personal favorites.

    • Yes, that is from the AP earlier today. It will appear in papers, radio and TV that subscribe to the AP News feeds all over the world.

      • With as many people that now know about this…we could all hold hands…walk across the Rocky Mountains together and one of us should find it…then we can split it. What is 100,000,000,000,000 divided by $1,000,000?

  11. LOL…great story. I’ve been researching Yellowstone and I was “sure” I knew where it was a week ago – only reason I’m not there now is the snow and cold. After another week of researching, I’m beginning to realize the enormity of Yellowstone, finding other locations it “might” be, and glad I waited.


  12. If anyone is out searching right now and is near Santa Fe/Taos, would you please contact me via email? There is a journalist from France who is doing a story on Forrest and would like to meet a real searcher in that area. I can put you in touch with him if you are interested…

    • that could of been me had i checked the site.. lol..i just spotted this link today. very fun story and these guys had the right attitude once reality set in.. it’s sort of funny but i knew before i got to new mexico i wouldnt be finding the treasure.. my wife of course didnt like the pessimism but once we were there, driving around aimlessly, and wandering where we could, the treasure didnt matter.. and i cant wait to do it again:)

  13. This is so funny I was there when my brothers took off on this adventure my sister and I thought that maybe this would be the bonding time that my brothers needed , they didn’t find the the loot but they found something much more .eachother family means more then any treasure in the world ……

  14. ROTFLMBO Seriously !! I’m still laughing Gut buster !! My eyes are watering and Im still laughing . The mutts are circliling thiniking I have lost my mind !!! Falling off my chair . I have lsot it. Up till midnight reading this stupi8d post of Dals and back up at six am for another couple of hours. OK I’m leaving. But if you haven;t read this person’s story . . .DO !! Thank you for making my day !!! Hysterical !! The neighbors next door are looking over kinda concerned.. I am in afit of laughter. kdfjaojfasdklfjiofjqe3ihig[hqig9aioi[ofjgirgigh[rgihoehvioqerhgioqegi[hgoiefggqergijgdegfqergqighggiregrijop

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