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632 thoughts on “THE NINE CLUES….Part Three

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      • Yeah, Google is big brother to nth degree, worst than Facebook. However, they get you to sign an agreement up front to allow them to collect that information. I think the test in the courts will ask if it is an equitable and just agreement if the person signing doesn’t have the right to negotiate the contract.

        The best thing that could happen is if people revolted and stopped using them but i doubt that will happen.

    • Hi dal, nu-be east coast aviationguy here, checkin-in; fantasic work on this blog, thanks for helpin me climb up to speed. I would like to contribute to the common good if I can. Please note this GPS safety alert that came across my desk today– may be of value to everyone, place it as you see fit.

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      Seems uncle sammy's boyz are messing with our signals from southern New Mexico including 40-miles north of Santa Fe on the ground, on further north to about the Branded Peak/Cuelbra Peak/Fishers Peak line in southern Colorado sloping up to 10,000 ft MSL. See dates & times: Z=UTC. UTC-6hrs= mountain daylight. Thus, tomorrow April 2 expect signal lock-up from 9pm tonight through 10am tomorrow morning AND from 12:30-4:30pm local in the afternoon. See: a lot of days until April 21st. Though I'm sure our blog folks will not be lead over a cliff, our safety/marking back-up may be gone, or worse yet, if you mark the clues/treasuespot with a big X, the peskie little electronic handheld devices will not work right. See, ff wanted us to get away from them!

      • Jeese…First the gov’t doesn’t want us to keep it and now they don’t want us to find it…hahaha!

      • it is hard for me to believe the feds would be messing with cell phone calls. other people need the service. the feds may monitor all calls, and that would be a invadition of privetice.. above 10,000 ft is normaly federal land. with very little roads.
        well on the subject of federal land, can you keep the treasure if found there?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dal! Do you have any info on wether it’s definately on land? My boys and I were wondering if it could possibly be in a pool of water?

    • Lurleen- My best guess is that it’s on land. Forrest has said that it is in a place where a child could get it if the child could lift it. To me, that rules out water. Forrest has also said that he hid it at 79 or 80 so its probably a safe place for young people to look.

  2. I noticed that this afternoon and thought that it somehow knew that I was looking for a treasure. I was thinking that Google maps sure is intuitive these days. Thanks for the link.

  3. They just want to keep a closer eye on the ones out looking. Careful some nerd behind a desk may steal all your hard work.

    • D&C, I saw your post in Part 2. I would feel very guilty if I ever spilled your confidence; or, if I ever was to locate the chest due to your confidence. Believe me, enough guilt feelings in my life already. Thanks, for your offer.

    • That is not too far fetched D&C. They can probably one reports on all the places most frequented in New Mexico and Yellowstone on google earth. They may be able to link this to your Google ID if you have one.

    • >> They just want to keep a closer eye on the ones out looking. Careful some nerd behind a desk may steal all your hard work.

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      • Santa Fe, I only use my Google ID for spam mail form people the request it as terms for downloading white papers, etc. It’s my corporate spam box. Locations services are turned off on my iPad except for SkyMap (not a google app). I won’t let those buzzards have a piece of me.

        • As long as you don’t LOG IN with a GOOGLE ID, your GOOGLE SEARCHES and GOOGLE MAPS will just be RANDOM, DATE CODED info to GOOGLE.

  4. Viper, I think you hit the nail on the head. This going around in circles will drive you mad. I agree that it could be a very small place. I’m not sure if the poem is all you need. “Go to the curb and turn left, then left, then left. Not getting anywhere.

    • @WishIwasRich,
      You may be more correct than you know; Fenn often quoted T. S. Eliot:

      We shall not cease from our exploration
      And at the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time

      If Fenn is telling the truth about the poem, he has said all that is needed is the poem.Then again, what does

      that mean in Fenn speak?

      • Yea, this poem reminds me of the lyrics by Billy Preston.

        I’ve Got A Song I Ain’t Got No Melody
        How’m I Gonna Sing It With My Friends
        I’ve Got A Song I Ain’t Got No Melody
        How’m I Gonna Sing It With My Friends

        Will It Go Round In Circles
        Will It Fly High Like A Bird Up In The Sky
        Will It Go Round In Circles
        Will It Fly High Like A Bird Up In The Sky

      • It’s funny how that acronym for that stanza is ‘baby talk’ for WATER lol 🙂 What is next? the Sippy Cup! SIPAPU

  5. OldYeller,

    You asked about “look quickly down” in Part Two. Here is a different take on it. Stay with me as this may take a couple readings to get it.

    I think “look quickly down” is telling us to look down to the last stanza in the poem.

    The whole line is “Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”. This implies that you are at a position to end your hunt. But you haven’t found the chest yet. Now “look quickly down” to the last stanza: “So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold,”. I think this is telling us the next step has to do with something cold. It could be right in front of you at this point, or your blaze may be pointing to it. But I think this is where the chest is and your hunt is over. A lot of people feel the chest is immediately at “the blaze”, but I think there is another step and it has to do with something cold.

    After “cold” the next line is “If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold.”. This is when you actually have the gold in your hands, and Mr. Fenn gives you title to it, however you have to be “in the wood”. This might be a stand of trees with the “cold” near it or in it… or the wood lined chest itself (your hands are in it). I don’t know, (I think it’s the chest) but at this point you have found it. Congratulations!

    Now go back to stanza 4 line 3. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace” is saying don’t sit around in awe staring at it (Mr. Fenn as said that people will be shocked when they see the treasure) just pick it up and leave quietly. Then stanza 5 concludes the poem.

    Even though I jump around between stanzas I am still following the clues in order because I don’t think there are any clues in stanza 5, or lines 3 and 4 in stanza 4. I don’t think these lines have anything to do with finding the chest, therefore they’re not clues and can be read out of order.

    It is my understanding that the clues have to be completed in order but I don’t think the poem has to be read in order. To me this order seems more logical and doable.

    to sum it up:

    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

    So hear me all and listen good,
    You effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood,
    I give you title to the gold.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go… etc

    deciphering is the key…


  6. How many thought they solved this treasure hunt? I found the Chase poem today, spent 7 hours and have my spot I need to visit. If I don’t find it I will post all my thoughts :-).

    • I’ve probably had close to 50 spots in 5 states over 2 years. I’d say that 2 of them I thought someone got there before me and took it. I’ve traveled through probably 15 states during my travels. I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve spent thinking and planning. It’s been fun….thrilling.

    • I think everyone has thought they found it at some point! HA!! I think I got close once, but I have not yet had that AHHA I found it moment

    • I have been out 6 times so far, 5 times to one spot, once to check out another. I was definitely W-R-O-N-G the first 6 times, but the excursions confirmed what I thought was probably true after the 2nd or 3rd time out. Yes, I believe I have solved the poem….will be heading out soon again. Maybe the 7th will be lucky for me? lol…yeah, the search is just so fun!!

  7. I’ve thought about the statement that you only need the poem, and you don’t need a map. I’m thinking that the approach people are taking where they are trying to figure out which hot spring, which dam, which non-trout stream, or which geyser to start from, then which canyon to go down… That will never get you there.

    There has to be something built into the poem that gives you exact instructions. I’ve noticed the wording is very instructional, but in a different sort of way. It says begin, take, put, take, give. Are these word games? I suggest you get out your scrabble game and spell out “where warm waters halt”. Then start playing around with potential instructions of what to do next. Can anyone see things line up at all? Try lining up the clues, bot horizontally and vertically as you do in scrabble.

    When he says if you found the blaze look quickly down, maybe he means within this crossword.

    Maybe you don’t use the exact phrase, but treat it like a crossword clue?

    And again, there’s something funny about the punctuation he has used. I think this is not accidental, as though the sentence breakout is important.

    Maybe this will get you nowhere, but I think it is this kind of approach, or something similar that is going to unlock this poem. Chasing hot springs and canyons is a needle in a haystack and Forrest alludes that he who finds the treasure will have studied and analyzed the poem, not headed out looking on a hunch.

    Other thoughts?

      • Stephanie,

        I just read your page. I still think you were on to something. Did you try other words, or assume other lines were clues? We still don’t know which parts are the clues. You picked single words. Should you have used the whole phrase? Or treat each as a clue and substitute the answer to the clue into the puzzle.

        I still think the solution is going to be something like this approach. It has to be a puzzle. The alternative is that we are all searching canyons.

        Some combination will unlock it all. Just for example, how about these as 9 clues between his exact instructions to “Begin it” and “The end” at line 10.

        Begin it:
        where, warm, waters, halt, canyon, far, walk, Brown, meek
        The end.

        or as clues
        Not far = close
        too far to walk = drive
        in the wood = forest

        • I thought the same thing…it had to be a way to “unlock” which in my thinking would take a key or a code of sorts. I still love the idea…but I think it’s beyond my brain to figure out what it would be. I thought maybe the 9 meant that 18 words intersected and then you unscrambled the 9 letters to get a word that told you exactly where it was…like atmyhouse lol. I don’t think it’s at his house though…that was just a funny idea…but maybe it says some location and you go there and will see the blaze. I think it’s likely pretty far north or higher up since he talks about waiting till snow is gone…

    • That’s how he double talks…says something that can be taken more than one way..he’s a master at doing that…You see it the more you see things he’s said.. Dal spoke about that in one of his very first blogs…to be careful if he gives you “information”. The treasure doesn’t need a combination, just a key. The poem/riddle might need a combination though. I bet if he was specifically ask if the poem or riddle did…he wouldn’t answer. He does say in his book “unlock” the clues so that would be contradicting himself, because you can’t use a key to unlock clues. I wonder if he feels if someone’s going to email him that he’ll say things like that.

    • hunts4deer
      If the poem is instructional why is everyone stuck in a canyon
      take it in the canyon down, think of it like stairs from the mountain maybe so where does that put you then.
      So Saturday I went off to see the true Wizard of Fenn but I didn’t see him because I couldn’t get the broom, but I think now I know who has it.

    • Didn’t use Scrabble but did what you suggested on MS Excel and I came up with Dallas, Texas Book Depository, and grassy knoll LOL

    • Hi Dazed&Confused,

      Can you post or forward the email response that you refer to about combination/key?

      In part 1 of Nine Clues, you mentioned that the email was about the combination to his *vault*, not to the treasure. Now you are saying combination to treasure. Which is it? This may be of some importance.


      But you *can* unlock clues with a key, there is no contradiction. Key can mean more than a physical object that fits into a lock.

      • Dazed is no longer with us unless he assumed a new persona. Forrest was not answering a question about the poem or the clues. He was answering a question about his vault..the place where he keeps his most valuable items.

        Forrest has a vault in his house. I have seen it. Stephanie has seen it. Someone wrote Forrest and told him that he had the combination to his vault. Forrest replied, matter of factly, that his vault does not have a combination, it has a key. This is true. I have seen him open his vault. It takes a key…not a combination. Forrest was simply pointing that out. Pointing out that the wierdo who said he had Forrest’s combination to his vault was lying.

        Then, said weirdo, places his interpretation of what happened on this blog.

        Next thing that happens is that everyone is assuming Forrest meant that there is a key to the clues in the poem. That is NOT what Forrest said. He was responding to a remark about the lock on the door of his vault…his safe…
        Now maybe the weirdo that sent that email thought Forrest was responding to a question about the clues in the poem. Maybe the weirdo was thinking one thing and Forrest another but in fact, Forrest had no intention of saying anything about the clues in the poem.

        Maybe there is some other reason you should believe there is a key to unlock the clues in the poem but that is not the right reason.

        This was miscommunication.

        • Yeah there is another reason there was talk of a key. Not a physical key. It has to do with the inside of the dust jacket where it says to “unlock” the clues as if it’s more of a puzzle/riddle to be figured out. So I think there’s two reasons for the “key” chat.

          • I have been thinking he said there was a key, I guess I got majorly side tracked trying to find it! I have had some fun with the poem though! I have been very enlightend on word meaning, usage, and poem structure! Although the treasure is not associated with a structure so maybe the poem structure is meaningless! 😉

        • Now Dal, I’ve taken my Prozac today have you. Soon we both going to the bunker.

    • Yep, read my long post at the end of Nine Clues Part 2. It has similar meaning about going around in circles and taking the poem as a whole.

    • Actually, I just had a thought. I think the “unlock” reference can probably be seen on a map. I live in NM so I am searching out here without detailed maps, just basic trail guides. I have been approaching this search intuitively and conceptually for the most part so I probably won’t know if I’m right about “unlock” being found on a map or not until the hunt is over lol.

  8. Another interpretation could be as in this excerpt from one of Mr. Fenn’s boyhood books, “Journal of a Trapper” by Osborne Russell. It reads:

    “we received instructions from Mr. Fontanele to meet the Camp at the mouth of Clarks fork of the Yellow Stone on the 15th of the ensuing October where they expected to pass the winter but he said if he should conclude to change his winter quarters he would cause a tree to be marked at Howells grave and bury a letter in the ground at the foot of it containing directions for finding the camp”

    What does this imply? I may mean that the “final” chest is nowhere near the “blaze”, only the final directions are there.

    “Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (the directions to the chest are buried below)
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze (at the instructions because you got more work to do),
    Just take the chest (after following the new directions) and go in peace. (it’s easy, just a short walk from the road)”

    Here’s the scary part, the chest is in the Rockies and at 5,000 plus feet but everything else in the poem could be elsewhere.

    • I’m thinking I need to read all the books he mentions to see if I can get a real clue. I have his Flywater book which talks about Warm Springs Creek, but I’ve yet to read Journal of a Trapper. Good idea.

    • Tekoa,

      If the final clue with specific directions is in the Rockies, under a marker that is about one square foot in size then here are some real numbers we might consider.

      How many square miles are in the Rocky Mountains? answer: 300,000 square miles.

      How many square feet are in one square mile? Answer: 27,878,400 sq. feet.

      That means there are 8,363,520,000,000 places where this marker could potentially exist in the Rocky Mountains. 8.4 trillion is an astronomically big number.

      If I could narrow the general area down to perhaps one square mile in the Rocky Mountains then I might be the very one in nearly one third of a million people to get it right but…

      If I stepped it off at one yard a second it would take me about 860 hours to step off one square mile or 640 acres! Therefore, in consideration of the above analysis, I now have a different perspective.

      It helps knowing, when i am out and about looking that I have a different goal in mind. Its the thrill, the journey that counts – the treasure would be great but i am not betting the farm on it. On the other hand with the thrill, i win every time!


      • The only geographical information we know for sure is the treasure has been secreted in the Rocky Mountains, above 5,000 feet, north of Santa Fe (assumed N. Mexico) and 300 miles west of Toledo (assumed not Spain). We have no such information about the poem’s locale or, at least, where to begin besides the poem itself. For all we know the poem could lead us to a “blaze” on the side of a building in downtown Santa Fe. Under the blaze are instructions that reads: “Step 1 – catch a plane to Bozeman…” 🙂

      • Yes, exactly. The probabilities are staggering to say the least. The thrill alone is worth the chase but not the farm or anyone’s life.

        I sometimes think the chase appeals to folks with an addictive like personality. I am certainly one of them. It can manifest in many ways, sometimes like skydivers or other types of addictions like gambling for one.

        Its the high one gets and being in nature in my book is one of the healthiest.

      • @Tekoa,
        So the poem could start and end anywhere……That’s going to throw everyone into a tizzy. 😀 It’s kind of like a contest for a new car; solve the puzzle to find the title…..the title will tell you where to pick it up…….This would certainly fit into Fenn double speak. He hasn’t lied……the treasure is in the mountains north of Santa Fe, but the title (and directions) to the treasure are right here under your nose…..That would be so like Fenn to do.

        Title to the gold has always bothered me. The general consensus is that it has something to do with legal ownership of the chest if found on Federal/State land, etc.

        One of my old, very literal, solutions (that I have discarded) leads to a very specific place in Santa Fe. Maybe I should rehash that spot.

        I have been approaching strangers asking them what their first thoughts are after reading the poem……it has been very interesting. This weekend I ran into a young fellow that works as an analyst for the government……there’s quite a story that goes with our meeting but I won’t bother you with that. Anyway, this MIT super nerd jumped on the poem like a hungry dog on a bone. It took him about 45 minutes to come up with a very precise location; his location is just a few feet from mine.

        Could it actually be that simple?

      • Old guy,

        Thats crazy! But interesting to think, maybe it really is that simple. If I were you, I’d be going back to that spot for another check 😉

  9. Thanks JD/all for the followup. Makes more sense than it did. Seems Forrest used words carefully so to insert this adverb “quickly” is somewhat puzzling. Maybe just helps with the cadence and flow of the poem, nothing more. My bigger concern now deals with this most recent clue involving “ structures associated with the treasure”. Hope he provides some clarification on this. Seems to eliminate dams/reservoirs as clues/directions; this impacts my primary locations(since I either start at resv or in one case is “canyon down”). Rethinking my alternatives now. Mainly, just reading, “listening good”, and waiting for snow to melt(is this like waiting for water to boil) for trip(somewhere?) in July. Good luck to all in “the Chase”.

  10. Love the story! I am immediately intrigued and can’t stop thinking about the location. The story is soo much better than finding the treasure! He has created excitement for lots of people and that is priceless.

    Someone mentioned that they enjoyed hearing everyones reaction to the poem and where they thought it would be. Here’s my two cents, only having read the poem and the clues.

    I think he definitely placed the treasure in a place of archeological significance. Probably near or in an Indian cave. He wouldn’t put a million dollar box in any place that would be washed away or crushed in a landslide. Those Indian caves have been around for 20,000 years. Many have yet to be discovered. Ancient Indians no doubt had their own secret caves for hiding valuables.

    The message is clear what to do when you find the Indian cave and treasure. Leave the Indian artifacts where they are and just take the box. It’s Goonies and Tom Sawyer! He probably has been looting this unknown site for years and claiming he found the artifacts in his backyard, hah! Now he is giving back by putting his own treasure there to be found by some lucky explorer, perhaps many years after his death.

    • Tony Joe
      I agree that the clues have something to do with Indians or historical places as well. They have already proven the test of time and are significant to FF. I think that is also keeping it simple and would take away the need for a map. I’m beginning to think that when he said the person will study the poem- that also means we need to study/research history to help solve the clues.

    • Tony, that begs an interesting question. Would we consider an indian cave a structure? I don’t know. Maybe not an ancient cave. Some of the cliff dwellings are probably structures. I knocked a few places off my list after his most recent Today Show clue.

      • MHO on the no structure clue is that Fenn was refering to the chest not being hidden in a man-made structure, shed, bridge etc. His using an outhouse as an example was just to make a cute sound bite for the media types.

  11. Here’s a clue. Why does everyone think Mr. fenn carried it. I’m sure he was smart enough to place it in a cooler with wheels and drag it around.

    No one would pay attention to a old man with a cooler but they may offer help if they see him carrying something that’s looks too heavy for him.

  12. My son made up a new word while we were on the hunt, Ad-fenn-ture. An exciting journey you undertake to discovery something new (or new about yourself). So let’s go have another adfennture!

  13. I noticed in the emails section of this blog from Forrest that in one of his responses, he refers to home of brown as House of Brown. Not sure if this was slip up, or he might of been giving that individual a little edge. Anyone care to comment on how they would interpret it.

    • The house itself gave rise to the letter ‘B’ through an early Proto-Semitic hieroglyphic symbol depicting a house. The symbol was called “bayt”, “bet” or “beth” in various related languages, and became beta, the Greek letter, before it was used by the Romans… (B)rown?… In Irish and Ogham, letters were formerly named after trees, for example A was ailm (white fir), B was beith (birch) and C was coll (hazel).

      • so maybe we are looking for a Brown BirdHouse in a Birch tree on a washed out creek bank… reason to look quickly down? in the exposed roots from the heavy loads and water high?

  14. Isn’t the NM Flag emBLAZEd with the Zia sun, just throwing out stupid ideas

    Blaze may also equate to Insignia, emblem, symbol, ensign, badge of honor : a symbol or token of personal power, status or office, or of an official body of government or jurisdiction. An insignia is usually the emblem of a specific or general authority.

    • So if “BLAZE” marks the SPOT… how many SQUARE FEET in NEW MEXICO in the ROCKIES NORTH OF SANTA FE… to contain a 10″ square, OUCH, how many VERTICAL SQUARE FEET in the ELEVATIONS of the ROCKIES in NEW MEXICO NORTH of SANTA FE…

      FLAG POLES are STRUCTURES too … I don’t know.

      What part of NEW MEXICO do you have to be in to “Look Quickly Down”

      • Nick,

        Nice try and very creative but there is a small problem. The Spanish came very late into this area more than 200 years later than the rest of the state. The Native American Indians dominated this area for a long time and fought fiercely for it.

        The name “Chama” is a shortened version of the Tewa term “tsąmą’ ǫŋwįkeyi”, meaning “wrestling pueblo-ruin. Basically, the Spanish, let alone the Portuguese, were not responsible for Chama’s name. It was the Native Americans.

        We find a similar naming for Taos. The Picuris referred to the native Americans there as Tao. In the Taos language, the pueblo is referred to as “the village” in either tə̂otho “in the village” (tə̂o- “village” + -tho “in”) or tə̂obo “to/toward the village” (tə̂o- “village” + -bo “to, toward”). The Spanish probably added the “s” to the shorten word Tao.

        All the best, JP

    • That is not a stupid idea by any stretch of the imagination!! Great idea, square miles or not – Thanks! The Thrill of the Chase or bust i say! – speaking metaphorically there btw ;). Go Braves!

      • Hope you find it and put me out of my misery, I can’t stop thinking about clues

  15. I noticed in the emails from Forrest part of this blog that in one of the responses Forrest refers to the home of Brown as the House of the Brown. Does anyone think this was a possible slip up or am I reading to far into this?

    Sorry Dal if this post appears twice, but if didn’t show up the first time I wrote it.


  16. A while back when I began my search, I came across “Casa Marron” which translates to Home or House Brown. It’s a furniture joint in Santa Fe and Jeannie Brown (of Diva Interior Design) is the main designer. The physical location of the businesses don’t line up as they aren’t north of Santa Fe, so I dismissed it. Was wondering, though if Mr. Fenn is acquainted with her in any way and her residence is further north? I kind of doubt he’d send people out treasure hunting and start them off in someone’s back yard. LOL. was just going over some old notes I had put aside and thought I’d throw it out there.

  17. Can anyone direct me to a mapping program with which I can tinker with maps. looking for features such a overlays push pin locators, circles lines etc. Google maps are ok but lacks the features I need.

  18. OK – Breaking News . . . I have a friend who was taught remote viewing by Joseph McMoneagle who was involved in remote viewing experiments conducted by U.S. Army Intelligence and the Stanford Research Institute. McMoneagle was one of the original military officers recruited for the top-secret program now known as the Stargate Project. The U.S. invested $25 million into this project and the results were significantly higher than predicted by probabilistic expectations. They were often very uncanny.

    I have not talked with this friend in more than seven years and he has no clue to my interest in the chase. I asked him by e-mail to do a remote view on a target for me without revealing anything to him of why or what the target was about. Of course we all know the target, the booty and where it is.

    The results he gave me were ground moving and fit into the mountainous landscape. He mentioned that were he was there was stillness but movement nearby.

    There are tons of clues he has given me, sites sounds, smells, colors, textures, structures nearby and drawings. However, perhaps the last thing he gave me that shocked me to the core. I quote: “Stuck on a coin in a wood box on a drafting table or work desk”.

    So there you have it, whoever it was that asked if anyone has remote viewed the location. Yes, my friend did it today!


    • JP—Thanks. I thought everyone blew by my question. Although relatively unknown, RV actually works. Would love to compare what your friend “saw”, with what I’ve “seen” .

      • NP, Iseeit – most people think it is crazy talk . . .

        We are still working the RV sessions. I kind of blew it by not telling him it was thing or location. His session was a mixture of the two so we are still working it and he will be doing another session. He is completely in the dark about the poem and any potential locations. We are keeping it that way for now so he is not biased.

        I mentioned to my friend that if we found it we could go on Today and let folks now that we used Remote Viewing. He laughed and said forget it – people would just think we were nuts, just take the money and run (kind of what Forrest said). I laughed even harder because i think that was the general, unspoken for the most part, response i got here.

        I can understand it though…

      • wow..just wow…you think this is how Forrest intended someone to find the treasure?

      • I don’t know Hank, i seriously doubt it but . . . compared to commanding one’s very own licensed 10″x10″ resolution bird, with associated hardware and software to run image and pattern recognition passes on 8.5 million location . . . it might be the next best thing!

      • JP,
        For only by patience, practice, and ceaseless importunity can a man enter the Door of the Temple of Knowledge.

        Good Luck

    • Hi JP – I planned a corporate party for some folks at SRI in my 20’s, but did not know about the experiments until about 18 years later. Thank you for that really interesting story!

  19. Steph and I shared a 10,000 year old TWINKIE in our REMOTE-VIEWING yesterday.

  20. hey I am heading out to new mexico from Philadelphia in a couple of weeks. anyone want to car pool??

    • I might but first i would like to know a little bit about you
      Do you smoke, do you drink, do you chase women , are you the I-65 serial killer?
      If you answer yes to all these questions I’m in.

      • Reply to taco tucker he’s heading west from filly and is looking to car pool his post it is about five up from yours

    • Taco a guy with the handle Seeker is looking to car pool out west , he’s located in Lancaster,Pa
      His post is about five below your original post two below your second post

    • My reply will not fall under taco tuckers post for some reason.
      If you see this reply to me at jadablue4 @

      • Seeker Taco is on the blog ahora u necessitas repaccio usted e-mail entende?

    • Taco this guy from Lancaster Pa. wants to car pool this is his e-mail he posted and wants you to contact him
      jadablue4 @

  21. My new direction.

    Begin it where. “I can keep my secret (where)”
    And take it
    Put (it) below
    From there its no
    the end is
    Just take (the chest)
    And leave (my Trove)
    The answers …………
    I’ve done it

  22. Hi Stephanie,
    Know you previously referenced your many searches and hours in “the Chase”. Just curious, if I am not being too forward, if you put on waders and searched IN the various creeks and rivers, much like shown by Dal in his Red River video. He seems like he has resigned to a land theme now. I am still of opinion that the treasure could still be in water(although many have already dismissed for maybe good reasons). Just seems like the clues lead “in” but then never lead back “out” of water of some sort. Thanks in advance for any updated thoughts!

    • Hi Old Yeller, I don’t think anyone can ever be too forward with me…I’m an open book….well, I can’t tell you my next spot thought *smile*….Yep I have my very own pair of waders. I took a lot of my blogs off that had my videos(and I think I accidentally lost them *sob sob*), but if you want to send me an email…I’ll send you some links that show a couple searches that I put on video. My email is tyblossom at aol dot com. I devised a great tool for looking into water. It’s a clear Rubbermaid tote that you can buy from Walmart for about $5. We’d stop there and pick one up and just use it as a cooler till we needed to put it into action. It was a great way to see the bottom of the water. There is a part of me that believes Forrest bought a bronze chest so that it could be in water. It has to be one of the easiest ways to have it in a well populated area without people seeing it. I just imagined that there would be a rock under the water with an FF scratched into it and you’d move it out of the way to reveal the chest. Stephanie

        • You jest, but I’m starting a movement…have had girls send me photos of their painted toe nails…we’re going to all hike in flip flops and colorful pretty toe nail polish. By the way…they’re pink with a shimmery shiny pink top coat in case you want to get the full image in your head.

  23. Any new insights? Anybody got bragging rights today? Looking for signs of life on the blog……

    • What do you make of the “no place for the meek” segment , I beginning to think that it may refer to the trail being a little scary due to narrow crossings, steep drops , something of that nature

      • Yagnor
        Can we go back to canyon down then get to this later on. saying it nicely as I can
        What I look for in solving clues is more than one meaning so just like the Rocky mountains being where warm waters hakt there where two reasons why that is so, one being trapping clouds more or less and also the western shore of the warm sea.
        So I look for more than one solution but maybe not a the very end of the poem
        I think f did this in case you missed on of them you could get the other one and not get stuck
        Easier to start then it gets reall hard at the end
        I think I may at the end of one logical tangent but I cannot pinpoint within a few miles where the treasure may be within it
        But just one idea after failling in couple of other theories or tangents

        • “Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk.”
          I interpret this to mean a transient waterfall , with a trail down the canyon to it and you may want to ride a horse down the trail .

          • So if forrest later said about 1 year after the poem was released that it was in the Rocky mountains
            gefore that the waterfall could have been Niagra falls because it is north of Santa Fe when the poem was released.
            You are asumming that the poem says this but f told us this later on and he said all you need is the poem, If you disregard every hint forrest gave us and relay on just the poem that waterfall could be have been Victoria Falls
            This is major because of the magnitude you need to consider when solving it.
            If you start anywhere in the world larger steps are needed to solve it. If you start just in the Rocky Mountains you tend yo take smaller steps and get stuck in the mountains.
            We need to vote on this theory otherwise we can get stuck and will have a hard time moving on.
            So think of this disregard every hint he gave us temporarily and is it logical to think that at first it is a waterfall in the Rockies where warm waters halt, why not one in China then?

          • I understand what you are saying but I didn’t begin researching this until about a month ago by then he had stated that the treasure was North of Santa Fe in the Rockies . This is the conclusion I came to considering the data available to me , it doesn’t mean it’s correct but it is what I deduced contingent upon the most probable interpretation as opposed to other scenarios such as the one to which you prescribe wherein Pacific moisture creates warmer precipitation on a particular side of the mountains . To me it seems more logical method to pinpoint a precise location .

      • Could be a church or something like.
        Meek is also spiritless
        the meek shall inherit the earth
        He could’ve easily said week
        Just a thought

  24. What I’m waiting for is someone to find another hidden treasure (not FF’s) that has gone undiscovered for years/decades as they were searching for his…all these people going crazy now that it’s been on tv, seems to me we will be hearing about people finding other things soon. It will be interesting:)

  25. Has everyone forgotten the comment by fenn that said the foothills of the Rocky Mountains are also considered part of the Rockies. Dal can confirm this remark I’m sure. Well Dal?

    • germaanguy
      I like your thinking and if you eamil I will tell you where it might be and it is all logical thinking
      Ponder this scenario, or assumption
      Lets just say when forrest made the slip and said that the home of Brown was the house of Brown
      just say it was the correct place but maybe not
      So if the house of Brown is the Springer hotel lets say, it is on the foothills of the Rocky mountains. So If the first clue solution is the Rocky Mountains, then clue 2 is to take the canyon down, to me this says take it all the way down to the foothills. If you are in the Rocky Mountains and know where Springer is do you not then take the nearest canyon down to get to that hotel even if it is the canyon that is the one furtest away from Springer?
      So you sort of have to have a pretty good assumption where Brown is then to get there, no matter where you are in the Mountains to me this says get the heck out of there to Springer.
      So to me based on my assumptions the solution to clue 2 is get out of the mountains.
      Again when you tell someone to take the stairs down somewhere do you stop in the middle of the fight of stairs, logically no you go all the way to the landing or ground level or foothills from a mountain.
      Assumption #3
      If he origianlly planned to bury his bones with the chest did he not say he was going to walk out into the desert and die witht the chest. I am assuming because of this the chest is maybe not in the desert but at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. if he had said I was thinking of walking into the forest and die with the chest that would tell me it is in the forest. So because of these two things the chest is not in the forest of the Rocky mountains, you would logical think but just based on logic.
      What about that?
      Assumption #4
      When most people think of the Rocky Mountains I beliieve they think of the beutiful trees and forest
      When Forrest is showing you a tree with the blaze it keeps you mind on trees and forest and mountains. What if that blaze on the tree is a slight of hand to help keep you in the forest, I think it is and that is why people are still stuck in the mountains with trees.
      Assumption #5
      Forrest is a sly fox and I think he likes puns so my assumtion here is these puns
      You can’t see the forest for the trees.
      It is hidden in plain sight
      and the one you will have no idea why but I am working on ithe one now Don’t throw the baby away with the bath water.
      Assumption #6
      I think the chest location is somewhere close to something significant or several significant places.
      It is not logical that he would place it where when it is found is not signifcant. People will remeber that it was found but if it is a signifcant location people may still want to learn about those places like they are learning now in tryin to find it.
      My assumption but when I looked at this way I have already assumed what the Brown is and what the blaze is maybe and also references to not far and what a tarry scant and a mrvel gaze might be.
      If the assumptions look good go there and see if it makes sense, if my assumptions are all wrong then go back and assume it is somwhere else.
      So I went out last Saturday and scoped me area and I maybe think it was alogical place to put the chest but within that area I looked but have no idea exactly where.
      PS assumption
      when forrest asked for a recipe for a certain sandwich why did not just look it up online and get several recipes, to me this told me that one clue could be defined as a cooking term used in a recipe maybe and was a subltle hint.
      Long assumptions sorry but this is how I am logically trying to break down the poem.
      Sorry for the typos but my mind is faster than my fingers

    • germanguy-
      hmmm…I think I am the person that said that actually. I believe what I said was that the demarkation of the Rockies is fuzzy and if you are very near that fuzzy area you should assume it’s part of the rockies…

      • Sorry Dal,
        Don’t mean to take away your “blaze”, but I never read your comment on that and figured it was a good thing to point out.

  26. When looking at “canyon down”, there are canyons down from the foothills also.

  27. I noticed that a lot of the potential locations always led to canyons which would not be “canyons down”, but “canyons up” So be sure of the elevations.

  28. Dal, I have to say, I’m really impressed with the setup and functionality of this blog. I’ve been reading the blog for a while now and have had many a sleepless night delving into all these wild ideas I’ve read.

    I did find it fascinating that the publisher had the time to make a custom copy of the book for that girl that went missing, all the while us customers who ordered books over a month ago are still waiting for our copies?

    Perhaps I have to go hiking in the mountains with no concept of direction, get lost, find myself on TV for a few minutes and then shaabam I’ll get a book.

    I’ll post a full synopsis of the book a few days after I get it, hopefully soon.

  29. There’s one sentence in fenn’s book that describes the blaze. This helps, when locating the chest, because you’ll know what to look for. This works with his comments of the book giving subtle hints. When reading his book, read it carefully.

    • Germanguy,

      That sounds interesting. Would you like to provide a reference for us to the page in the book? Let’s see what others think.

      Of course, maybe you don’t want to share but just talk/hint about it. I am not really sure of the intent here by your post.


      • John Paul,

        My intent is not any different than most people’s on here. It is to help guide, but at the same time not reveal the actual location we have in mind. It’s sad but true that everyone wants to say they found it. The blaze is the most important clue to the location of the treasure. If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you may remember that fenn had mentioned the fact that the book contains subtle hints to help you with unraveling the clues in the poem. I never doubted him. Up to this point, between his 9 clues, additional comments, clues he presented by way of the TODAY show and finally his book, are solid in my mind and with any luck, I may be visiting the potential site very soon. Keep in mind this important thought…at what point would you say a hint becomes a clue? After 2, 3, 4, etc. I guess we all have to decide for ourselves. Good luck in your persuit.

      • Germanguy,

        OK, i understand that you want to hint. No problem here but I will talk about some ideas i have from the book.

        To start – “as i have gone in there alone”. This doesn’t necessarily mean a cave or enclosed space. In the book he mentions that it took a lot of courage to “go in there” (referring to the cemetery which is an open space).

        Also, is it possible that the lady who had her ashes sprinkled over Taos mountain might be a similar story to that of Georgia O’Keeffe who had her ashes sprinkled over Pedernal Mountain? Fenn probably sold a few of her paintings.

        Might no place for the meek also refer back to his cemetery story in the book. In this case could that possibly be Ghost Ranch? or . . . Christ in the Desert Monastery? Both are very close to Pedernal Mountain (ever drawing) and also what some say here is warm waters halt and home of Brown, i.e., El Vado Dam and El Vado Ranch where the three largest brown trout in New Mexico’s history were caught. The largest is on display there at the Ranch (home of Brown?).

        I know there were some Gypsies dancing around a blaze in the book – might this be what you are referring to? I don’t know at what point a hint becomes a clue… I guess if it bears fruit then it becomes a clue. By their fruits . . .

        Please come back and share your ideas with us when you feel you can. Good luck, friend!


    • I do not have the book yet, would you provide the sentence that describes the blaze. Thank you. I just found this incredible search less than a week ago. What fun!

  30. dal, you shut down postings on Don’t Look Here.

    I hope you were not meaning hoot as in hooters. I fell asleep after eating, might have missed my only opportunity. Darn!

    I realize that it isn’t easy to just say “no!” to pink toe nails. I hope that the next time they want to borrow, you have learned a valuable lesson to guide you; “no!”, “no!”, “no!”.

  31. My latest list of the clues; as I now see them.

    Clue 1: “And with my treasures bold,”
    FF’s chest is located in a place where life’s treasures (that are dear to him) are conspicuous, i.e., a dear place frequented by the public. FF said “get off the couch and smell the sunshine”. And, that he “loves fishing” and I believe he said that he loves “exploring”. FF wrote, “what I’ve learned that’s most important is that both countries and people should know enough to just leave other folks alone and do a better job of protecting our planet”. FF also wrote “I knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible“. And, “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure”. And, “I wanted later on to give some additional clues”.

    Clue 2: “Begin it where warm waters halt”
    Begin your chase in the Rocky Mountains. FF wrote “The treasure chest certainly is in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe, and that is a clue”; And, he has clarified that the mountains are the “Rocky Mountains”.

    Clue 3: “And take it in the canyon down,”
    Continue your chase down along a stream bottom. FF wrote “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play”.

    Clue 4: “Not far, but too far to walk.”
    You will need to drive. FF wrote “There must be a few Indiana Jones types out there, like me, ready to throw a bedroll in the pickup and start searching”.

    Clue 5: “Put in below the home of Brown.”
    You will need a permit to stay and search. Request a camp site near/below where Brown Trout fishing is good. FF has written “Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for”. And, “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure”.

    Clue 6: “From there it’s no place for the meek,”
    You will now need confidence to continue your chase. FF wrote “Confidence will take you a long way”. FF has also wrote “the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it”; And, “an important clue, no need to look for the treasure in a place where a 79 or 80 year old man couldn’t go with a 44 pound treasure chest full of gold and precious gems”.

    Clue 7: “There’ll be no paddle up your creek,”
    You will need to search thoroughly by foot while traversing up a stream. FF said “Get out in the mountains and turn a log over to see what’s there”. And something like, “Nobody will just happen on the chest”.

    Clue 8: “Just heavy loads and water high.”
    It will not be easy to find the chest, plan on searching at least a few days and encountering much discouragement (heavy loads); and, plan on having trouble (being in deep water) after finding the chest. Many other interpretations exist.

    Clue 9: “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”
    “If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.”
    If you are aware of the ramifications and have found his chest, quickly read the last sentence in the poem which seems to read – if you are audacious and have opened the chest, FF transfers ownership of the riches over to you. Your chase is over! I believe FF said something like “I never said there would not be legal complications for the finder of the chest”. But I can’t recall where this came from.

    Clue 10: “Just take the chest and go in peace.”
    Leave quickly and quietly after finding the chest. FF has written “Please come see me with the treasure. I may make you an offer for the row bracelet. Wish I had kept it now”. Also, “I don’t see a problem. If you find the treasure in the US then sell it here and take the cash”. And, “Call me when you find the treasure because I may need to borrow some money”. But, if FF is no longer available; you will be on your own. Before announcing your find, best to have a wise location where you found the chest. FF has said something like “two people can keep a secret if one is dead”.

      • Jen, I now prefer sharing what I think with all. That is, until I have discovered an exact location where I think the chest is.

    • dollarbill,

      On clue 6 you quoted FF saying, “the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it”;

      I remember reading this but can’t remember where. Do you know where this was written?

      • The entire Rocky Mountains are dangerous. In YNP, which is where I prefer to look, I’m scared to venture too far off trail (even on trail sometimes). So safe is a relative term and I’ve never seen or heard anywhere where he actually said/wrote that statement. More rumors.
        The actual statement was related to the ease of getting the treasure once at the location – “it’s in a place where even a child could walk up and pick it up”. (or something to that effect). I think this was said in reply to those thinking they had to repel down a cliff face to get it off a ledge.

        • ironmeteor,

          Thanks for the response but my concern is not related to perceived safety issues as I have lived and played in the Rocky Mountains all my life.

          I am interested in the actual origin of this quote as it has come up a couple of times, and I know I read it somewhere, but can’t remember where. Seems like dollarbill is quoting from a particular source but you’re right it could just be a rehash of one of the rumored quotes. That’s why I’m interested in his source. So is this and actual FF quote (regardless of how he meant it) or a paraphrase of some other quote, what was the whole actual quote, and what was the context.

        • I remember doing things as a KID that SCARE me NOW… (WALKING Chest-high in a flooded Summer CREEK with the WATER-MOCCASIN/COTTON-MOUTH SNAKES) even as a 17 year old, when you STILL think that you will live forever… I did things that SCARE me NOW… not that I wouldn’t do them again, but with the KNOWLEDGE of YEARS…

          Well that being said… both being SAFE and being SMART are relative terms…

          Would I do it again, YES, especially if I could do it YOUNG again. Would I call it a SAFE or SMART thing to do…. NO.

          Oh, but to be YOUNG AGAIN…

      • Colokid, read through the emails that dal has posted. I can’t remember which one, but FF was responding to Patty.

    • Dollarbill
      Do you have the FF book? (I’m waiting for my copy still) I’m just wondering where you got your new ideas from? I’m glad I’m still not the only one who is reworking clues and I still don’t have a starting or end point yet! I don’t have any new input at this time… just reading others’ thoughts and waiting to read the book.

    • FF may have said two people can keep a secret if one is dead statement is out of the ordinary There are insurance ways that a person could make sure that if something happened to one person or the other that would be brought out to be public knowledge I don’t think either person would want that. Hopefully it would not come to something like that

  32. A hall she saw standing
    remote from the sun
    on Dead Body Shore.
    Its door looks north.
    There fell drops of venom
    in through the roof vent.
    That hall is woven
    of serpents’ spines.
    She saw there wading
    onerous streams
    men perjured
    and wolfish murderers
    and the one who seduces
    another’s close-trusted wife.
    There Malice Striker sucked
    corpses of the dead,
    the wolf tore men.
    Do you still seek to know? And what?

  33. Here’s another potential wild goose chase

    Where warm waters halt: The Rio Grande River
    The river warms and dries up completely. Diversions, mainly for agricultural irrigation, have decreased flow such that by the time the river reaches Presidio, Texas, there is little or no water. Below Presidio the Rio Conchos restores the flow of water. Near Presidio, TX the river’s discharge is frequently zero.

    North of Santa Fe, in the Rocky Mountains, above 5,000 feet, and not far from Forrest’s house, but too far to walk, on the Rio Grande River is Rio Grande Gorge State Park: A canyon.

    Do the State Park Rangers wear brown uniforms?
    There are pulloffs from the road (570) along the gorge. Are there rest stops (home of “Brown”)?

    Looks like a waterfall downsteam a ways on the opposite side. Water high?

    Is there a blaze there?

  34. Has anybody looked at the poem’s first two stanzas through the eyes of a airplane pilot?

  35. I discounted looking at it that way, because if all you need is the poem then in 100 is someone going to know to look at it that way? I am not sure…. I would think that if looking at it from a pilot angle as the KEY to unlocking it, then it would work for the entire poem and it doesn’t…. that is what I am looking for is the key to unlocking…. it doesn’t seem to work out….. but I may re-vist it….or maybe it does work for the entire poem and I am just not seeing it…..

    • Jen
      So why doe it not work out?
      This was major major thing in his life and that was flying!
      I think you do not need to fly over the locations of the clues just imagine flying over them maybe

      • Because its not purely what your eyes see I don’t think. Much like in a pilots world Warm Waters could be a weather cloud indication…….. I can get all the way through the first 2 stanzas doing this, but I halt myself for whatever reason middle of the third one. I am not a pilot though, I just try to remember pilot stuff from helping my old boss study for his test and flying with him…..

        • Jen
          I think you have to have at least been on a plane to somehere at least once but from the air if he was lets say was a farmer and put a chest somewhere I think I would look around some crop circles seen from the air and then a maybe within the those circles it would be a crop cirlce with a corn maze within there the chest is at the end of the maze.
          Does that make any sense?

    • Jen,
      I’ll give you what I got, right or wrong (probably wrong). 🙂
      Begin it where warm waters halt (Flying at 10,000 feet)
      And take it in the canyon down, (Sinks Canyon, Wyoming)
      Not far, but too far to walk. (I’m flying)
      Put in below the home of Brown. (Fort Brown, today known as Lander, Wyoming)

      • Don’t give your stuff out on here you may be right!! 🙂 I get to Wyoming most of the time when I look at it from a pilot POV. I tend to play with “not far but to far to walk” meaning, LONG, MILE, or KNOTS, I am not so sure the actual line means “flying or driving”. What is far? 9 is repeated a lot…. 9 knots…. 9 miles….. 9 mile canyon….. and there I get stuck looking at beautiful pictures ha!
        Brown I have a different thought for…. but that is for another time.

      • In that way of thinking, heavy loads could refer to the aviation term “heavy” which means an airplane that is either very heavy or that creates a lot of wind turbulence (Boeing 757). Perhaps you could rule out airports that are not able to handle a plane like that.

    • Jen,
      “Don’t give your stuff out on here you may be right!!”
      Ha, Ha
      Not interested in the treasure. If I found it I would just leave a “First to Find” note and move on to the next adventure.

    • well to “put in ” means to put a plane in the hanger if your talking about flying, … now what….. it may mean that Brown is notweven in the picture, except near there, you still begin WWWH ….

  36. Who has thought about the caves in El Malpais National Park???

    They have been closed since little after Fenn’s claim to hiding the treasure. This would give added confidence in saying it hasn’t been found yet and won’t be for some

  37. My 2 cents, or belief after finding this whole adventure less than 3 days ago. I think all the remarks about canyons, rivers, dam or no dam, areas north and further north are all great and any one of them can be it…but I think Stephanie is on to something and FF hinted to it about the “key”….I think all the nature info/descriptions in the poem are important..BUT the key to the poem is needed to get the exact area/location. I think it like the last clue…..figure out the key to the poem, either word coding or whatever secret message in there ….or way structured….or created….etc…then apply that to all the descriptive scenery clues and you will have you location. I don’t believe anyone will find the exact location (unless some lucky person stumbles upon it totally by chance) …unless they understand or know key code to poem… I making sense?

    On a side note…..this has prompted me to work at/find a way to get back out west more. I grew up in Tucson and now reside in Ohio (marriage) and miss the west soooooooooo much, I tear up just thinking about it. I had 3 Uncles like Forrest, they were true outdoors men and still are to this day nearing their 80’s! Because of them I saw sooooo much of western America! Heard so many tall tales of Bigfoot ’til it scared the crap otta me and many other tall tales. They were all great story tellers, tricksters, and had a love for the native American heritage, (which rumor has it, we are part Blackfoot) but back in the 1900’s it was taboo to be part whiteman,part Native American. We camped, fished, explored caves, canyons, and more as a child. I loved my growing up there and the memories of being outdoors. One of my Uncles would spend many season living a TP in Alsaka, such great stories! Forrest, for me, brought me back to that and as I sit here feeling stuck inside this tiny condo, in this blasted cold weather and area, I have enjoyed researching so many areas online, especially Wyoming! I would love to see the whole dang state and not for the treasure but for the beauty! Grand Tetons too!…anyway…..I think the key to the poem will lead one in the direction of treasure….We can say …oh, try looking here or there..or this has to be it….but the key holds the secret to figuring it out.

    If you read this far of my ramblings………here’s a couple things I got out of poem (unfortunately, not the key, yet)….the end is drawing nigh…..seems to me that is the end of day, so it’s a day trip to get there, timing is important to finding location. Forrest once said take a sandwich, meaning gonna take you a while. I also think the end of day is crucial to finding treasure…sunset and the rays (blaze) of the sun is important too. Growing up in AZ I have seen glorious sunsets, and the rays as they are setting are spectacular! While everyone looking at sun descending behind mountains, I would turn and watch the incredible light show on the opposite side and the canyon walls… talk about markers, blaze and rays…..People would always ask me what I was looking at. I say turn around! The sun rays at sunset change the color of rock, color of trees, it’s truly amazing:) So, I think you need to be in the right place/time (whatever that place is, and maybe even the right season) to see the sunset/rays to show you the exact spot to climb into, look down or whatever. And he wants you to be quick “tarry scant” because nightfall is coming and you have to get back out of that canyon either with a horse, or canoe is my guess because he is a cowboy at heart and loves native American heritage…and maybe b/c a water level is gonna rise back up leaving you trapped with your heavy load in high water. Maybe an area where water goes up and down daily or seasonally like the ocean tide. Not meaning it’s in THE water, but maybe you have to cross water to get to it ……just my thoughts:) Home of Brown, to me, means Indian. He’s either found a secret graveyard cave or something unique. His whole life has been about digging in homes of Brown for artifacts, culture etc…….it could even be below an Indian reservation on a map or just out of reservation on public land, or historical site, or ancient burial grounds, etc….. and below could mean south…..or in canyon below and the land on top is home of Brown (meaning Indian) etc….

    BUT….after all the deciphering by all of us…I believe you still need the key. Everything I’ve said has been said before and thought about before by someone, somewhere. I think he knew that would happen, thus getting people outdoors to all there locations they pick. Again, why the key to the poem so important to solving the poem!

    Happy hunting and I have enjoyed all your posts and this will be one interesting story, I hope I see the end to it in my lifetime:) Good luck figuring out the key, without it, you have “no paddle up your creek” in my opinion, without the key, you’ll only be left with thousands of places to look:) The key is either clue#1 or number #9 of poem, IMHO:)

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for all your thoughts here. I know how you feel looking back over your shoulder to the west/southwest while living in the Midwest. Funny thing happened to me over those some 20 years. I got really used to green and miss it a lot and a few other things. I was surprised that it took me a while to acclimate to being back here again.

      My biggest question though, and perhaps this should be directed to Stephanie. What is this thing about a key? I missed it completely. Did Forest say we needed a key to unlock the poem? Are there any links?

      Thanks again,

      • JP, I’m not good at posting the links..check the email section and I think “key” is ref in another of these threads. I also think people need to remember that Forrest had the key in mind BEFORE he wrote the poem…so he may have had to make some words fit into place awkwardly. The key was set in place first, then he wrote the poem around it. The key came before the poem, my opinion only, and then he created the scenrey, words and descriptions around that……..AND I agree with the post by someone else that said we all may be on a wild goose chase to end up back at an easy place, a surprisingly easy accessible public place to find it right under our noses. His trickster ways may have sent us all on one wild ride to accomplish his goal of getting you out there into the world. The hiding place can still be above 5000 feet and in the base of Rockies (or sub terrain of them) and be a public well-known place, city or town. No digging required. You just went for a long day ride and came back to square one. You had fun, saw the world.I can see FF saying to everyone’s disappointment, “Well, did you enjoy the Thrill of the Chase? Did you enjoy the ride? I never said you had to go through all that trouble to get it, but it sure was fun now, wasn’t it? I just wrote a poem explaining what I did, the thinking I went though before I left it in it’s hiding place.” Forrests thrill is watching us all trying to figure it out, running around like chickens with our head’s cut off (as my uncles used to say). That’s what my outdoorsman trickster Uncles would have done to all us kids when we were young, sent us a wild goose chase with a twinkle in their eye. My uncles hate technology and the way times have changed from no more outdoor play and family outing times of the past. My Uncles hate seeing kids sitting around doing nothing, in coffee shops, on there iphones, ipads, computers, watching tv. I think Forrest hates it too, very much. To me, that’s the way Forrest thinks. BUT….you still need to figure out the key:) Maybe the key relates to that personality of his
        too in some way. Or this post can be all hogwash! Then ignore and move on……….

      • Ok, thanks Jennifer. I sent an e-mail to Stephanie with inquiry on your report that Forest told her we must use a key on the poem. I am always open to new possibilities.

        I am in the same boat with Goofy_Old_Guy and you about light. Over my many years of making photographs my main requirement is light. If the light isn’t there, often regardless of the subject matter, i won’t shoot it. The digital world has changed that rule a little bit. However, that is still my main criteria when taking a picture.

        Now that said light can be quite subtle and expressive so one develops a sensitivity to it and knows when it will work photographically or not.

      • Hey D&C – thanks. I do remember that. However, i took that as literal. The key is in his possession. He doesn’t have a combination to it. He is not the Da Vinci type.

        One has to know him because this whole thing is personal to him and under his skin. So one has to understand and know what is important to him in order to unlock the poem.

    • Jennifer P
      Jennifer send me your email and I will give you a location that is ties to an Indian and the chest could be there maybe

      Dal by the way just a suggestion but could we have an area that has no discussions but just a place to get put peoples email address instead of having to ask for them

      • Tim, I don’t even know how to give you my email on this thread privately…:) I’m kinda computer illiterate, I only use technology b/c I have too, not b/c I want to:) How do I send it to you on here w/o posting it?

    • @Jennifer,
      Fenn said a searcher could “move with confidence” once the poem was figured out; he also said to start at the beginning of the poem and that it was in consecutive order. To me that means the poem is very literal in nature, or as you and Steph think, a key is needed that would allow someone to “move with confidence”. Although, I’ve found a literal solution that fits the clues perfectly, a subsequent clue he has given invalidated my spot. It is the only literal solution that I have found that would allow me to “move with confidence” through the clues. I think you and Steph may be correct about a key.

      Not for sure if it will fit with the poem, but I love your story about the light. Only those that have experienced it can really understand. I’ve been “chasing the light” nearly my whole life. I’ve traveled hundreds of miles one way and waited for days to photograph that fleeting moment of magic light. As you said, it is a glorious sight to behold as the canyons and rocks change colors by the second. The Yosemite Firefall is just one example of what you speak; I’m there nearly every year trying to capture the perfect shot.

      • GOG, AZ has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen, I have not seen them in many other places so vivid in color. I can still close my eyes and remember the incredible scenes. I understand the love of taking pictures of them, but being there and seeing it is just too much for words sometimes. You just slowly breathe and take it in! 🙂

      • Arizona is where i studied photography at A.S.U. I agree, the desert air gives a quality to light that is absolutely spectacular.

        The best place i have seen for light in my travels around the world is Taos, NM. Mind you, there are other places that i know have dramatic light but i have not been to them – Like Australia, the Himalayas to name only two.

      • @Jennifer,
        GoG and Sedona in general, The Wave, The Mittens, The Beams of Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, the desert and Saguaros, the list goes on and on……..You are correct…….Some say I’ve taken beautiful photographs but in my opinion they don’t come close to being there. It really is something everyone should experience in person.

  38. Googy_Old_Guy,
    What is the subsequent clue that invalidated your spot? I too am moving, with confidence, to a specific spot.

    • @John,
      The not associated with any structure clue really hurt my spot. I don’t have the treasure in a structure but it is associated with several.

      Fenn is a trader…….traders are well known for (which Fenn speaks about) embellishing things a tad…….the truth is relative. Trying to figure out what Fenn “means” is like trying to nail down a Philadelphia lawyer…’s nearly impossible.

      Dal has a good post and links with examples about figures of speech that goes to what Jennifer was talking about.

  39. Here are a couple of things I discovered while researching this poem:

    The definition of “Warm Water” via the following link refers to any sea or ocean between the arctic and antarctic circle:

    There is a “Your Creek” in Alaska not far from the Arctic Circle (where warm waters halt). I have no plans to go to Alaska, I just found this humorous as it seemed to fit with the clues.

    • Do you have any idea how many hits “Your creek” Alaska is going to get in the next hour?! LOL!!!!!!

  40. I believe Forrest was only saying that the treasure is not hidden inside a structure. To believe no structures are involved is unbelievable. Many of the clues point to man made structures. Cimarron Canyon is the most promising location–the clues all line up. I was there over the Easter weekend. I know others have searched, but that doesn’t mean anything. That is a very long stretch of river and it will take days or weeks to really cover it. I think you could easily pass right by the trove without noticing it. I am planning on returning there over Memorial Day and look some more—I don’t mind sharing because we are looking for a needle in a hay stack. Someone will find it and it will very likely be found below the Eagle Nest dam. Patience, patience. The same thing goes for La Junta; a needle in a haystack. Stick with the clues and be workmanlike. I agree the clues are very literal and the hardest worker will win–Kym has a great work ethic.

  41. OK based on what dollarbill said I found the complete reference that was under discussion earlier.

    Here’s the quote from Dals blog Feb 11, 2013 “Forrest Gets Even More Mail”:

    Hi Mr. Fenn,
    I wonder if you could tell me if it’s at a place that my boys and I would be able to go to that’s not too risky of a place (ie: the side of a cliff). I haven’t even read your book yet. I’m already planning a trip though to Yellowstone with my family.

    Patty, the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it. f

    Everyone can interpret as they want but this is the exact quote attributed to FF in Dal’s blog.

  42. John Paul – you are right…to know how to even begin to solve the key to the poem, (the riddle) you first must know Forrest and how he thinks……EXACTLY my feelings. 🙂 So, all maps, notes, graphs, landmarks aside, back to the step one or clue #1, what is the key to the poem………….grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If Forrest reads these posts or is informed of them, he must LOVE IT! This is a thrill for him as well. Makes me think of that character in the movie “A Beautiful Mind” I bet he could crack it if we gave him Forrest’s book to read and then the poem.

  43. So someone (Maxwell Steele) finally figured out a way to make some good money off the chase…
    The Kindle e-book “How to Find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure” is the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Sports Reference e-books.
    I’ve browsed the book. There are a couple of factual mistakes in it that jumped out at me but I think the information is good if you are having a hard time sorting through the clues in the poem. I don’t think it will lead you to the chest but I do think it gives good advice on how to interpret the poem.

    • (Maxwell Steele) obviously did not use his OWN photos… wonder how much ROYALTY (Maxwell Steele) owes the BOOK STORE and CANCER RESEARCH ??? 110% of GROSS SALES sounds good to me, with 10% out of his own pocket, plus he needs to pay his own KINDLE FEES to AMAZON…

      Obviously a work of FICTION…

      • Jennifer P, how where you able to post a picture? I have tried with no positive results.

      • I just took a look at the “Where it’s At” book by James Knepton. It’s not what I expected. It is a short story in nine chapters. Sally and Jack are the primary characters. They go looking for a treasure that is (kinda/sorta) based on Forrest’s chest. The author uses part of Forrest’s poem but not all of it and the author never mentions Forrest by name. Instead he refers to him as the “cowboy”.

        In my simple mind the story and characters are uninteresting. The book appears to be an attempt to take advantage of the interest in Forrest’s treasure hunt by offering a book that appears to be of some value in helping to find the treasure, but is definitely not.

        If the book were a good read and based on an actual hunt I think it might be worth the $5…but it’s all fiction. Even the geography, although based on real places, such as Firehole Falls, is woefully unfactual.

        On the plus side, it is short. It took me only about 15 minutes to read the entire book.

    • There also a guy on internet charging $39 (I think) to put in coordinates for you on a map and send to you via email of an exact location…if you provide coordinates…something like that. There are mugs and t-shirts popping up… now it’s a circus….I just found this 3 days ago and it’s already gone mad. There will be a TV show soon, probably w/o Forrest’s involvement at all…a reality show of some sort…..but people will watch and even if they don’t find treasure….people will watch. NBC touts he will be giving one clue a month for next 8 months. Pretty soon this story is gonna be on every magazine. People are coming over from other countries to search too. I wonder if Forrest thought it would get this big?

      • Just wait til about June in Cimarron…there will be more canyon scroungers than you can shake a sandwich at…

      • We once had a local radio station that ran a contest which was a treasure hunt to find a key that when turned in was worth a $1,000 dollars. People popped out of the woodwork and were running into each other all over town. It’s a good thing Forrest did’nt say it’s under the “big W” or it would really be “A Mad Mad Mad Mad World” out there. I for one think tourism is going to pick up for a few states lol. Thanks Dal for putting up this blog you have made the last couple of years more interesting for a lot of people.

    • Boy, what a waste of 3 bucks. Let’s see….3 dollars times 1,000,000 equals????? Wow, what a heck of a way to create your own treasure. And it’s more than fenn’s. LOL

      • WOW Way to make a fun thing not-fun.
        Dal you should shut this blog down and turn all the pages into a book and sell it! You’d make millions. Then when someone finds f’s trasure you could bury one….. hmmmmm sounds fun!
        Really don’t do that! I love this blog!


        There are so many DISHONEST ways to get rich… but an HONEST PERSON would have to give up their CHARACTER to TAKE such ADVANTAGE of OTHERS …

    • @Dal,
      Lots of folks got rich off the California Gold Rush, Levi Strauss etc.

      Business 101: Forget the gold sell shovels.

      Soon we’ll have Fenn Treasure travel packages:
      Platinum Package; includes Airfare, Deluxe room with personal guide in air conditioned 4×4…….Bring in a copy of Fenn’s book and receive 10% off package price (that was jacked up 75% over normal price).

      Dal’s treasure consulting: $1000.00/hr.
      Actually consulting with Dal: $2,000.00/hr. want to sit in Dal’s van; add $200.00

      • Legitimate Supplies… I can wear the LEVI’s home… and it’s always good to have a SHOVEL in the shed…

        Selling FICTION as though you ACTUALLY know where a TREASURE IS… not the same… MAKE UP A FAKE, x-Marks the SPOT… not the same…

        … is as DISHONEST as the DAY IS LONG…

      • Jeeze I almost forgot: Custom engraved Dal special ice pick……$999.95

      • I don’t think Forrest has any issue with people making money off the hunt. I say that because the book by Behrman about Duveen is one of his favorites and because Duveen was one of Forrest’s role models. if anybody ever knew how to turn a penny into a dollar it was Duveen…

      • @Dal,
        I did some reading about Duveen; it looks like Fenn modeled his business much like Duveen did. His success is famously attributed to noticing that “Europe has a great deal of art, and America has a great deal of money.” He made his fortune by buying works of art from declining European aristocrats and selling them to the millionaires of the United States.

        I didn’t think Fenn would have a problem with folks making money, I just hope not many get taken by the creeps that inevitably pop up out of the woodwork when something like this get popular…….Like the guy that wrote the online book you commented about.

        On a side note, are you aware of any other real (professional) treasure hunters beside yourself looking for the treasure? Being a documentary cinematographer yourself, I hope you are documenting your search, it is a great story.

        • Goofy-
          I am not certain what qualifies as “professional”. Certainly many would guffaw, possibly even mutiny, at your suggestion that I am a “professional” treasure hunter. Yes, there are others that I am aware of and probably scads that I am not aware of. There are also those here who play the treasure hunt challenges that have been occurring within the past ten or so years. I am also aware of a few detectives, investigators and forensic specialists who are in this hunt. I am also aware of a few specialists in western history, and others in western art. Some even comment regularly on this blog.

          I am not documenting my search except in the few posts I write. I believe there are several others who are documenting their search and there are a couple of shows in the making that I am aware of…probably many more I am not aware of. I do know that Forrest has turned down many requests for participation in various documentaries and reality type shows….when I say many…I really do mean MANY. Reality show producers seem to like this hunt a great deal but none have interested Forrest.

      • @Dal,
        Thanks for the response……..I think you’re being modest about your qualifications for being a professional treasure hunter……..You are also a good writer; I enjoyed reading the exploits of your search……..You really should use your cinematography expertise to document your search…….And definitely write a book.

        I figured the “reality TV” folks would be looking at this…….but I’m surprised they are interested in Forrest; I can see the documentary producers wanting to do a show with Fenn; but I figured the reality guys would be looking at someone like you, out there in the trenches hunting the treasure. All Forrest does, concerning the hunt, is sit at his computer and laugh at us.

        There you go……..the show could show you (with your ice axe in hand) freezing, burning up (I think you said your new truck would have AC), crawling into crevices, falling in the creeks and sliding down the rock cliffs, chased by bears, and haunted by Indian Medicine Men……..At the end of each episode show Fenn sitting at his computer laughing.

        • Goofy-
          You make it sound so glamorous. I’m exhausted just reading your description. You certainly have the spiel down…maybe you should produce the show and we can get a certain manufacturer of ice axes to sponsor the thing..Maybe the Navajo Nation would like to sponsor too..
          Their message could be quite simple…”Look on Apache land”

      • @Dal,
        That’s funny; Navajos pay you to “look on Apache land”……… you’re thinking like Fenn.

        Absolutely, no telling how many sponsors we could get.
        Custom made treasure hunting ice axe by Dal.
        Custom line of treasure hunting apparel by Dal.
        Dal survival kit.

        We would have so many sponsors you would look like a NASCAR car with all the sponsor stickers stuck on you while hunting. Truck manufactures would be bidding on creating the Dal special off road package…..And of course you would have the best truck on the planet.

        I’ll be in a sweet at Bishop Lodge editing the video and setting up sponsors. Time to get on the treasure train buddy…’s leaving the station.

        “We created a special treasure hunt package where you can start at the lodge,” said Managing Director Richard Verruni. For right around $150 guests will get a one night stay, a map, compass, survival kit and lunch for two to start the hunt for the famed Forrest Fenn treasure.

        Verruni said they have teamed up with Santa Fe Mountain Adventures to offer scavenger hunts on the property for families and groups. “So people can come here enjoy a mini-treasure hunt and reap the benefits of success and then maybe move on and try to capture the big treasure that Forrest Fenn has planted,” said Owen Perillo of Santa Fe Mountain Adventures.

        Treasure Hunt Package:
        If it’s the Thrill of the Chase you seek, then look no more. Bishop’s Lodge is the perfect starting point for you, to set out and explore. Hidden within the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the treasure chest of Forrest Fenn.

        Three years ago, Forrest Fenn, the 82-year-old multimillionaire hid a chest filled with gold coins, diamonds and emeralds, hoping to encourage people to explore trails and scenery instead of their TV screens. The treasure consists of rare eagle and double-eagle gold coins, pre-Columbian figurines, and large gold nuggets.

        Make Bishop’s Lodge your base camp, while searching for his treasure, time and time again. Begin your expedition with the The Great Bishop’s Lodge Treasure Hunt Package.

        • Accommodation for 1 night
        • Survival kit – lite (includes lunch)
        • Trusty compass
        • Official treasure map
        • Copy of Forrest Fenn’s poem

        Reserve Today at 800.732.2240

        Promo Code: THEHUNT

        • >>

          Custom made treasure hunting ice axe by Dal.
          Custom line of treasure hunting apparel by Dal.
          Dal survival kit.

          I’ll take an “ICE AXE NASCAR Jacket” as well…


          Now an ICE AXE I can use… there’s some places I just don’t want to reach into… I remember hearing that somewhere_ ;^}

      • Don’t forget Life Preserver, you can depend on Dal to be there when the going gets tough.

    • The problem I have with this book is the cover art. Obviously a rip-off from Forrest’s book. If I were to write a book based on my particular experiences in hunting for the treasure, that would be OK because it would be MY story. But to blatantly use this chase as a means to write a book with so-called “clues” to make a buck and steal the artwork from the original author is just petty. My opinion only, but I wouldn’t spend a nickel on it.

      • Yep, its as dishonest as the day is long…

        There are many ways to become rich… giving up your character is not the way… some people were just raised wrong.

  44. I shot an Arrow into the Air…
    This is where it came to Earth:


    As a fond mother, when the day is o’er,
    Leads by the hand her little child to bed,
    Half willing, half reluctant to be led,
    And leave his broken playthings on the floor,
    Still gazing at them through the open door,
    Nor wholly reassured and comforted
    By promises of others in their stead,
    Which, though more splendid, may not please him more;
    So nature deals with us, and takes away
    Our playthings one by one, and by the hand
    Leads us to rest so gently, that we go
    Scarce knowing if we wish to go or stay,
    Being too full of sleep to understand
    How far the unknown transcends the what we know.

    ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  45. Let me shoot some holes in some popular theories:

    1. Located in the water/stream cave/crevices/etc. No way. Even our driest, most desolate streams blast forth in huge flash floods every few years that tear loose boulders and even knock down cliffs, to say nothing of our major waterways that get massive snowmelt runoff. As FF is familiar with this, he never would have put it anywhere near the impact area of a stream channel.
    2. Indian Cave: Dang unlikely. NM is a archaeologist’s playground and they are all over the place, and they know all the secret spots. Bandelier is even more unlikely because the NPS has to inventory all of its sites, ecological impact, etc. after the fire so that area has been heavily scoured by many eyes.

    • Even a slope that might have the potential for a rockslide would be questionable. Doubt if it’s in a cave also. On level ground somewhere.?

  46. Thanks Goofy_Old_Guy. My spot is still safe. I’ve been trying to get inside Mr. Fenn’s head. It sounds like him to make the blaze a “No Tresspassing” sign!

    • @John,
      I’m glad your spot is still safe……I think I remember you saying your spot was a literal solution to the poem…….like mine was.

      In my old spot……..the blaze (marker) looked like a flame (blaze). I thought that was a perfect example of what Fenn would do………I’m still trying to decipher Fenn speak.

  47. Has anyone checked Mesa Verde where he found his most prized possession (now in the treasure box)?

    • In my humble opinion the chest is not located in Mesa Verde or Bandelier or any other national monuments to this continents original inhabitants. I believe Forrest is too sensitive to the culture of the southwest to have hid his treasure in one of these very special places. Just a note on that bracelet you refer to Mike…Only the turquoise beads in that bracelet come from Mesa Verde where they were found by Richard Wetherill, a cowboy from Mancos, who went up to Cliff House in Mesa Verde after the Utes told him that it was a special place and they would not go there. There are always cowboys around who feel one person’s belief is also their disadvantage. The Wetherill boys took a lot of loot out of Mesa Verde and sold much of it to the government where a lot of it remains locked up beyond view of the public. I don’t believe for a second that Forrest would ever hide his chest in a UNESCO World Heritage site like Mesa Verde.

        • germanguy-
          Ha..That’s the AP story that Jeri Clausing wrote. When she interviewed me she never once asked my name or how to spell it. She did have email with my signature. I don’t know why she didn’t check it. After the story was out and the error was pointed out to her she said that she was mortified and had checked the name against the phone listing in Washington State…whatever that is…
          So I assume there is a Dan Nietzel out there somewhere wondering why he is getting lots of email asking him if he knows if Forrest ever said the chest was in the Rocky Mountains.
          Anyway, there is a link to that story on the media page of this blog.
          Since it was written by AP lots of small newspapers will pick it up over the next few days.

          And since you brought it up…hahaha!
          Forrest has been in the news all over the planet this week. In addition to the Germans, Italians and Canadians, he has also done interviews with folks in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Chile and Arkansas? I expect we will have to start learning some foreign languages if we plan to answer everyone’s questions. Although I assume you probably have German covered…I might be able to cover Australian..anybody conversant in Japanese?
          Dan Nietzel aka dal aka Mike…

          • I think that it is more likely that “germanguy” is not your real name than it is that DAL is “Dan”…

            … ( they don’t call me Smart for nothing ) …

  48. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Emerson

  49. Just made my way into Santa Fe. Any other treasure hunters here? I only have 1 spot i think I might have luck in, but if anyone has anything they want checked out let me know.

      • Thanks, I should stock up on “The Thrill of Chase” while I’m here. They are selling for $80 on amazon, maybe I can make my millions that way. Ha ha. But for the people needing the book, I just left there and they seem to have plenty in stock right behind the counter. They are going quick though, was in there 5 min and they got at least 3 phone calls about it. $35 plus $8 or $9 for shipping I overheard.

  50. Here is my latest take-for what its worth.

    The first four lines are a summary statement really of the “what”.

    The next four lines include a starting point-pick the “warm water” area that fits your reality best- and then directives to move(down a canyon and putting in somewhere). At end of these four lines “you” are standing in a single spot-somewhere”below the home of Brown.

    The next four lines define the single “spot” where ” you” are now standing. Hopefully, “you” can stand there, look around, and find that the clues fit your spot.

    {Here there is a gap. You are standing in one particular spot with no immediate new directive. This may be where the “key” is required to proceed correctly-look a specific direction, toward a sunset or sunrise, etc OR, it may be the point that now requires a pretty comprehensive search for a “blaze”-but “you” are probably within 500 ft}.

    The next four lines then become directives to complete the hunt-once you try the “key” or locate the “blaze”.

    The final eight lines are statements to summarize and conclude, and really only serve to better clarify above lines and, the thinking of Mr. Fenn-no directives or signicant clues.

    I think Mr. Fenn is probably a fan of KISS-the oldtymers will understand this.

    In short, find the “spot”, get the “key”, look around, and solve “the Chase”. No problem, right?
    I think I have a good spot to start, but so does everyone else.

    PS still have not received the 2nd edition book yet. Hopefully soon Would like to compare my research to a detailed reading. Anyone else receive their back-ordered book yet?
    Thank you to Dal for the nice blog page.

    • I am of the opinion that there is nothing superfluous about the poem. In fact, I feel like the “tired and weak” line that most people consider a throw-away could be one of the nine clues; His first “hint” that the treasure was in a very accessible location. He has subsequently had to hit this concept home for fear of people endangering themselves… My point is that we should consider every line and every word – I promise you Fenn did. The mark of a good writer (which I consider Forrest) is the ability to subtract words to make a point, not add them.

      • Hemmy , I concur
        “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”

      • Hemmingway, do you think he was literally tired and weak after hiding the treasure? He sure could have been if he had to hike in twice to the hiding spot with a 20 pound load each time.

    • What about metaphor for “down” being south? That would make sense…No?

    • Tumbleweed, Be sure to read the book carefully. One sentence to me stood out as the ‘key’

  51. John Paul your points to germanguy were well put and you have mimicked many of my thoughts, I wish all the posts were that insightful

    “Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires some of the same courage that a soldier needs. Peace has its victories, but it takes brave men and women to win them.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

  52. here is my best guess so far… it is located off of state highway 4 in new mexico. below the hot springs in Jemez. Jemez pueblo are the people responsible for the states flag. its a red star with 4 points at the nswe locations. I believe that’s part of the blaze. water high/ heavy loads = theres water falls up there. the towns that’s a little below it is at the southern end of the majestic Canon de Don Diego. the towns name is Walatowa which means “this is the place”. it is just a tad north of santé fe. like a mile or 2 north , not much. he also refers to circles throughout his blogs and book and that’s why I believe the state flag is important.

    any thoughts?

    • and put it below the home of brown…there’s 2 massive archeological digs around there of 2 huge brown houses that used to house workers.

      • yea I have been in contact with him….how long have you been on the chase ragnar?

      • that’s cool. do you live out there…have you been there yet? and what do you think of my location idea?

        • I used to live in mexico and and have been out west traveled extensively throughout the US , you know that witness protection program thingy where they don’t want you to stay in one place too long.

        • I don’t live there, don’t think I’ve been in that local. As far as your location , I’ve online researched there and it seems a lot of things line-up and it could be the spot but that doesn’t mean you’ll find it even if it is there but good luck and post the results of your search .

          “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.”

      • will do…yea everything seems to line up with that location.. can any1 prove me wronge??

      • Two things to think about are that the last clue Forrest Fenn gave was that it had nothing to do with structures (brown houses) and your location is due West (not North).

      • no its a tad north and its not buried near or under a structure. he never said that any of the references were not structures. its been thoughten about, yo.

  53. Just read some new information regarding home of brown, was wanting some feedback in case others have researched it as well.

    Lawrence P. Browne(yes the E is meant to be there) was one of the founders of a trading house and commission. See passage below

    Old portions of the Santa Fe Trail were rediscovered and used as the railheads marched west. At Grenada, Colorado, the road to Fort Union and its big supply depot headed southwest. Otero, Sellar, and Company, and Chick, Browne, and Manzanares were the big forwarding and commission houses and dominated the ending period of the trail. In 1879, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (A.T.& SF) Railroad crept over Raton Pass and into Las Vegas. And in 1880 the A.T.& SF reached Lamy station south of Santa Fe, ending long distance freighting over the plains – the Santa Fe Trail was at an end.

    Just don’t see how one could ” put in ” there.


  54. Find the blaze and look down, is probably because you are looking over a cliff that is more than 500 feet high. Such as in the Rio Grande Gorge. I am still thinking that the Wild River Recreation Area is the place to look. The poem mentions the quest, and it is near Questa. The hatchery is the home of Brown trout. If you went down road FS9 you would get to where the Red River meets the Rio Grand. Then take a short walk down the Cebolla Mesa Trail. Look around for a place to put a box. I keep visualizing an old cave or site where people may have lived. Forrest is an archeologist and fisherman. This area looks like a combination of both.

  55. John Paul,

    Ok. I’m going to try to explain this in the best way I can. Forrest was quite tricky in the way he used the “Blaze” in his poem (which was revealed in that one sentence in his book). If you noticed, that after he goes through the first 3 stanzas, he then says very specifically “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”. Well, up to this point, he has only given instructions to the location of the treasure. Then you stop and say to yourself “OK. Now I’m here, What am I supposed to be looking for”. You find yourself somewhat lost. You make a 360 degree circle looking for some marker that tells you “Here I Am”. But Nada.

    Well, he is a tricky ol’ conger. In that sentence I was speaking of earlier, He tells me the location of the “Blaze”, but it turns out that it is in more than one place. Mind you, they all are the “blaze”, but with one important factor…there not where you are, their elsewhere. Still in the area, such as a town, national park, or what have you. Think of it this way, You learn what the blaze is and as an example: it says “park”. So you thiink for a moment and realize that in your town there are 15 parks. You now know that the “blaze” is a park, but you’ll have to look in each park for the treasure (I realize this was a poor example, I hoped it would clarify things a bit). Believe me I was really not expecting that, but that’s “The Thrill of the Chase”. Remember, he said it wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t easy either. I can hear everyone now, “You mean there’s more!!!!!”. LOL

    • JP you make some of the most insightful comments on here , and i understand what you are saying and I venture you’re correct . But i would like your opinion on whether you think the blaze is contained somewhere in the poem itself prior to getting to that section where he says if you’v been wise?

      • Ragnar, I don’t know. It’s a mystery for me. I doubt it is. It is possible that it is contained in the book but that would negate needing only the poem. I have often felt that the blaze is the treasure itself. I go back and forth keeping options open.

  56. Ragnar of Loky,

    Just responding to John Pauls request. Not trying to rehash old news.

    • G-guy my apologies again, i was thinking that was John Paul’s l post just missed who it was really from, It is you that has with the great introspective , but still would like you’re opinion on what i posted to JP if you feel like commenting on it.

      • Ragnar…In that sentence from the book I was referencing, it actually was a number of hints. I posed the question previously of “how many hints make a clue”, because it became obvious to me that the sentence when studied had more than “1” hint. when combined, was a metaphoric “blaze”. That’s why I then emphacized reading the book carefuly. Fenn stated that the book would give hints to the poem. To me, more then 1 hint starts becoming clues. This is just my perspective.

        I’m trying to protect the direction in which it’s leading me, like everyone else on here. But I definitely don’t mind helping where I can (and if I can). Hope you understand.

    • Ah Ha… It is true. We have amongst us trickster god Loki. Listen all and hear me well, Loki’s positive relations with the gods ended with his role in engineering the death of the god Baldr.

  57. … let’s just stay safe out there … CIRCA… HILL STREET BLUES … don’t compromise the safty of the CHASE… Now that he knows he is not dying of Cancer, Forrest can retrieve the Treasure at any time, he is allowing us to continue. But let’s all stay safe in our METHODS & ACTIONS of gathering information… there’s no fun in trowing or catching the birdies.

    March 11, 2013

    Earlier today the Santa Fe cops detained and questioned a person who has been ringing Forrest’s gate bell on perhaps 10 occasions over the last two days. The person’s replies have often been incoherent at the gate. This person promised the police he would not come back and was released without charges. But a witness just saw this person sitting in a car parked a few homes away.

    Folks, there are both bad people and wacko people out there….please be careful…

    Also, please note, Forrest says he will not give out clues over the phone or in person or in email. No clues…so don’t ask!

  58. Dal,

    If you keep popping up along with Forrest in the news, you’re going to need a publicist pretty soon. I see it now “The Dal Nietzel Reality Show”.

    Hey, just keep the Google language translator handy fer all dem fureners.

  59. D&C,

    No need for anger on this blog. We have to remember we are the guests.

  60. Dal,

    They say three times is a charm. Saddly, I see this as the 3rd and last year of the “Chase”. What you think.

    • I think folks named germanguy and dal will be looking for it long after you and I have passed away. I believe it’s out there but my respect for how difficult a job finding it is, has grown immensely in the past year. It’s not so much the region. I think many folks have been in the area. I believe those same people could be standing directly next to it and not see it’s hidey spot. That’s how good a hidey spot it is.

      In fact…I suspect people already have stood next to it. I am not discouraged in the least. I will keep searching the places I believe the clues lead me. But once in the area the trick is to see the spot…and that is where the real cleverness of Forrest comes into play. He found this spot by accident while out doing something else…fishing, hunting, bird watching, looking for arrowheads…who knows. He kept it in the back of his brain for a long time. Then one day he needed a hidey spot and he knew exactly where to go…

      We have to think like Forrest to see it…

      • Dal,

        You remember that email I sent you with the 99.9 percent. Well, promise me here and now that when I email you to join me and my wife in celebration, you and your wife will come over to Spokane and go out for dinner and drinks on me. Deal?

    • germanguy + dal
      What would you say to me if I said that I went to my 3rd location and I did not find it but I think I know where it is, or the general area where it is, would that be 3rd times a charm or actually finding it be the charm?
      I am not charming but do any of my ideas make any sense becaue now I am not getting any good feedback so am I wasting my time and nobodys time here
      Have I helped nobody I know but did I help somebody here maybe?
      Remember I said I think I know and it all makes sense to me.

      • Tim- I try to be very neutral about suggesting people are correct or incorrect with interpretations of the poem. I think there is room for all kinds of interpretations right up until it’s found. Then we’ll all find out how far off we were. So, I feel it’s not my place to criticize your interpretation. I understand that isn’t very helpful. But I have to tell you we have all been where you are at right now. I have 28-29 places where I thought the clues in the poem led me….not just three… The locations have evolved with each new clue that Forrest has handed out. I can see where some of my earlier locations were terribly unlikely given information I have today. The other thing I would suggest is that perhaps you did end up at the right spot. You simply may have not discovered the hidey spot. I now believe strongly that the hidey spot is so cleverly obscure that we could be standing right next to it and not notice it.

      • Tim you said that your post was silly when you were nobody but your last post you were somebody and you were still silly. :0

        • Molly B
          Love you Molly can we sing together sometime
          How about Home of Brown is Homer Brown the friend to Henry Aldrich?
          Does anyone know that radio show and early tv show?
          yes mother
          That’s worth a gem for me if anyone finds the chest
          I am positive f listened to this radio show for sure
          This for you Molly

      • Dal, I agree with you whole hardily in your reply to Tim. As I pointed out in one of my posts last night, even when we know what the “blaze” is, which for the most part is the “key” to this poem, we still have to actually see it.

        • germanguy
          I did I did actully see a putty blaze but was it the one forrest used in the poem
          Maybe, but of course until the chest is found don’t know but logically could be.
          I have not been doing this for few days, weeks or months but now a couple of years so its not like I am a greenhorn and I appreciate the comments given back,
          So how many places have you searched just asking nicely and how long have you been researching?

  61. I agree with some on here that it will be a day trip. That is why he wants you to bring a flashlight for when it gets dark. I think he expects you to spend the night in the bush. A dry creek bed or seasonal creek sounds about right. Something hot spring fed would fit the poem but the warm waters halt may also mean a place where the water is frozen. At the head of the trail you will see an obvious ‘house of Brown’. You ‘put in’ by parking in the parking lot there. No paddle needed because the creek is too shallow or dry or frozen. It’s probably along a walking trail along the creek or just head down creek into a canyon. I guess it’s a 3 mile walk from the parking lot to some nice lookout type spot. The blaze will be the sun casting some obvious shadow or reflection, probably at sunset. When you are at the blaze point, perhaps the sun shining between two rocks, you will need to look around carefully for a further clue. Probably under a rock. This clue will tell you where the box is nearby. You need to go get it fast because it is probably at sunset. The cold is the cold night you will now spend at 5000ft trying to find your way back!
    I also think the reference that a child could get to the spot is a inference that he visited the spot in his youth. Probably a family camping trip or a boy scout trip where he got lost and found a cool spot.

    • TJ Hampton, you have caught on quickly Padwan…I agree with most of your dissection of the poem, but I believe I would change a couple of your conclusions. I don’t think you will see a “Home of Brown” at the head of the trail…that structure will have been long gone, but well remembered. Instead, look for a marker or local legend of the former structure (ask locals about that kind of knowledge). In addition,I believe “no paddle up your creek” directs one to head up a trail along a creek. No need to paddle up a creek trail. Those that believe that this clue directs us to walk up a dry creek bed have not spent much time in the mountains above 5000 feet. There is snow every year at that altitude, and therefore no year round dry creek beds that I have ever seen. There is always some snow melt run-off that maintains at least a trickle, and even if the creek is dry 3 months of the year, an ankle-breaking hike would greet those that attempted it. Dry creek beds are found only in deserts and arroyos of arid states, not in the Rocky Mountains above 5000 feet.

      You mention following a creek trail down, but I believe that the reason that Forrest states that “meek” shouldn’t attempt this route is because it is an uphill creek trail, not downhill, and has a scary name. The trail will be named after the creek, and have an ominous name…eg Vicious Wolf Creek Trail, Deadly Grizzly Creek Trail, etc. therefore too arduous and ominous for the “meek”, I also believe that the use of the word “nigh” that has been discussed in previous posts, is not by accident. “Nigh” implies the left side…make sure the creek trail you choose takes you in a clockwise spiral up the mountain from your “put in”, and therefore “quickly look down” will be to the left of the trail.

      The walk will be closer to 1.7 miles up the trail, and the blaze will be so obvious (think about a marker above the tree line) that you will not mistake it.

      My opinion, good luck.

      • You’re getting good Scott. You’re recognizing the new guys on the block…:)

      • We need all the help we can get. I need this thing solved…my boss is wondering why I am constructing cryptic clue/maps to my next sales leads. I am consumed by this hunt…and if I was lucky enough to be the one that struck paydirt, I would bid my job adieu and create another hunt throughout America with half of the treasure to continue Forrest’s original aim. Those that are lurking on this site and not contributing need to consider that throwing out some ideas could be good for the community, and you may receive that key idea in return.

        Thank you GermanDude for your contributions.

        • Scott- Had to laugh…You are actually trying to make us feel bad for not contributing to you being able to quit your job and live a life of leisure…I’ll bet you are a great salesman…

      • No Dal/Dan, not trying to make anybody feel bad….but with all of the hits to your blog, it is obvious that there are a lot of people that are taking and not giving. Unfortunately, that is the way of our greedy world…if I can contribute, even though I may be tilting at windmills, I sleep better. BTW, I am not such a great salesman!!!!

      • Agreed on the house of Brown. My first thought on house of Brown was the UPS store, hah.

        So we have again limited it to about 10,000 rest stops in the Rockies!

        I think you really won’t figure it out from the poem until you are standing one day on a camping trip with your family, reading some bizarre national park sign about the first settler’s to ‘backwoods Brown’s’ canyon, and a light will go off. I don’t think he meant for you to be able to decipher it without a little looking. He expects you to go to a few 100 locations before you totally get that you are where the warm water halts.

      • Tony Joe,

        I don’t agree that you have to pinpoint where warm water halts…that is a very general clue, and only means start at the Rocky Mountains where there is glacial snow (in my mind). That means about 20,000 locations in the 3000 mile Rocky Mountain chain (and if you are one of the group that believes in hot springs, dams, or confluences, add another 10,000 locations…I am not in that group). When you get to “take the canyon down”, that whittles it down further and could only allude to about 10,000 canyons above 5000 feet in the Rocky Mountains (FYI, you may want to only look at “box” canyons…would be sweet irony). Now we’re getting somewhere.

        That would mean “home of Brown” is the first real specific clue…start there. I don’t believe it will be a Google type thing…”home of Brown” will take a lot of thought, and local research to ascertain. Once you find a possible “home of Brown”, backtrack and see if it fits to “Warm water” and “canyon down”, and if it does proceed to the rest. Just my thoughts at 1:00 am…

      • Hi Scott, I apologize for lurking without giving you my interpretation of the poem. However, I will say this: I think Mr. Fenn believes that his spot will not be found before his death and that it is in New Mexico. As was his original plan, he is reported to have said “when you find the treasure, you will find my bones.” This hunt tests the solitary integrity of the spot.

      • CrazyFamily, I love your screen name! I too agree on the solitary integrity of a spot, especially because of wild animals……If it is a place he indeed wants his bones to be, or intended that then we have to take animals into consideration. I think we all need to re-examine what a structure is……

      • Scott,

        How are getting the 1.7 miles from the poem? That’s spooky, embedded number code?

    • Keep in mind when looking for the “blaze” it might be a reflective tack nailed to a tree that is only visible by flashlight at night.

  62. Dal, Something change on your blog? I’m not getting any feedback on the comments today.

    • Germanguy- Not that I am aware of. We changed to Clues #3 yesterday or the day before…did you request to be notified on #3?

      • I don’t know any other languages except Hasta la vista Until we meet again. But i do have another story for a treasure hunter It was about 4 years ago I was working my metal detector around an old foundation when a guy stopped by this guy asked me how good i was and how deep my metal detector would go i explained to him i had several detectors and i had one that would go deep . Ok he says i want you to come and search a spot for me . I will pay you for doing that if we find what we’re looking for The next day I met him and we drove to the location because I’m really good at what i do I located what he was looking for . I couldn’t believe my eyes he dug up enough silver bars to fill the floorboard of his truck. This guy pulled his wallet out and handed me 2 hundred dollars and says thanks. I felt stupid i was looking at a half a million dollars worth of silver and got 2 hundred bucks There are many let downs in being a treasure hunter. NO. 1 I didn’t have any kind of agreement before i searched NO 2 It was his property we were searching NO 3 I had bad judgement of character No 4 there was nothing I could do about it Treasure hunting has its let downs and I sure have seen my fair share of them. NO5 I still Love treasure hunting and will continue it the rest of my life. but I have never had that moment of the life changing find that would make a difference in my life. So there are many treasures out there and the search continues. happy hunting and may god bless you.

      • Dal how are you making the diamond / question mark icon? And why are you making them?

    • germanguy you have to click follow this particular page. Is there a little black “follow” button that pops up in the right hand corner?

  63. Dal,
    I checked both boxes under the comment box before I click the post button. Nada shows in my inbox. Do I check those boxes each time I post, or only once a session.

  64. Let’s see if I can make this thing work.
    There is a book I read, true story, where a guy gets in his boat at the home of Brown and floats down the Grand Canyon in the Colorado River.

    Could that be related? the book is really old, like world war II

  65. how’s this,… Ps look in the book

    Warm River, Idaho

    The string, Idhao

    Soda Springs, Idaho

    Cokeville, Wyoming

    Bear lake, Idaho

    Sage, Wyoming

    Fossil Butte, Wyoming

    Chicken creek, in Fossil Butte

    Havent been there yet but who knows……………

  66. “Take it in the canyon down”. Do you interpret this to mean that you go down into the canyon, but can head upstream, or do you think it absolutely means downstream, regardless of whether it’s a dry canyon or not? For example, you find the house of Brown, which is up canyon from where warm waters halt. Make sense?

    • Its an interesting question. Another way to look at this is that there is no instruction here.

      You are simply to begin where warm waters halt and take it (it as a pronoun grammatically refers back to the nearest preceding noun = warm waters) in the canyon down.

      so . . . begin it where warm waters halt and are taken in the canyon down. Of course this also begs the question on the first occurrence of it – which is metaphorical. Now the second it could also be metaphorical. In that case substitute the journey, adventure, chase, river, river of life, etc.

    • As a follow on, what you says makes sense. Such as where the Red River joins the Rio Grande. You hike down into the canyon to get there but once there you find a scarecrow telling you which way to go and neither way is an incorrect answer.

      Another interesting thing is the placement of the word “and”. He capitalizes the word And as you would do if you were starting a new sentence. Grammatically one should never start a new sentence with a conjunction. If you do then it is to emphasize it as if almost shooting AND.

      Now this could have been something his word processor threw in there and he didn’t notice. However, the interesting thing again is the use of a comma and period making the first three stanzas all one sentence.

      “Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down, not too far but too far to walk.”

      • JP, the 2nd stanza is actually 2 sentences. And, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the capitalization of a the first word in a line of a poem or sentence. 🙂

        I think it’s difficult to write a poem like this where you are simultaneously trying to give direction plus trying to follow conventions of sentence structure.

      • Hi CJ,

        It’s good to see you! Yes, perhaps so but that is the way syntax works for English in poetry and prose. Remember, Forrest father probably hammered the three Rs into him as an educator. FF has written several books and is fairly skilled at writing.


    • There is a difference I think between down stream, and down in elevation, you could go upstream or upcanyon, and still go down from the canyon rim into the canyon, thus going down and up at the same, time. The question is should we going up and down, or down and down?

      • you could be going up and down at the same time, Molly. Down stream or down a trail or road at a section where it climbs in elevation would be an example of that.

  67. I have serious doubts its in Bandelier, Mesa Verde, Valles Caldera national Preserve, or any other property managed by the National Park Service. It is Illegal to collect anything from NPS properties and the treasure finder would have no legal rights to the treasure as it would belong to the National Parks Service. Obviously, this would also make private, tribal, DOD, DOE, and State Trust land also very unlikely places for the treasure to be found. If the treasure is found, FF doesn’t seen like the kind of guy who would want the finder to have to keep it a secret. Stick to BLM or USFS property where a finder has rights to unclaimed items, or could even file a mining claim ex post facto.

    • I feel that when Mr. Fenn conceived the idea of hiding the treasure for posterity he was concerned about his legacy thus the autobiography in a bottle. He was also thinking in terms of 100 or even 1,000 years hence. I also feel the treasure was secondary, and like treasures buried with kings, it only serves to indicate his importance. He’s not concern about the monetary value or its issues, that’s the finder’s problem. Most of all, he did not place the treasure for you or me or anyone else to find this summer!

      So from that perspective where to hide the chest would depend solely on securing it for a future generation. Placing the treasure on Park Service Land, or Tribal Lands, or the like would be ideal, a ready made guardian of the treasure. Private lands, including his own handed down through his heirs, do not offer the same protection through the years.

      I think he has been astounded with the response and notoriety he has been getting. Something he finds delight in, and as a consequence, enjoys stoking the fire. It is in effect achieving for this generation what his autobiography was designed to do for future generations. He is extremely confident the treasure will not be found, even with the poem and all the hints, so he is having a great deal of fun while being assured his original concept will endure.

      • Tekoa,

        I agree with most of what you write. Yes, Mr. Fenn wants history to remember him. I think that is very clear. Yes, he’s surprised by the world wide response, but I think he’s a fool if he thought it would never happen, and I don’t think he’s a fool. Yes, the treasure and it’s issues is secondary to his desire for a legacy.

        But No, he is not confident it won’t be found.

        Yes, he is confident it won’t be found by people that go chasing after it with only 3 clues lining up. Yes, he is confident that it won’t be found by newbies that run to the same location the veterans searched 2 years ago. And yes, he is confident that it won’t be found by those whining because it’s too difficult to figure out the clues.

        He knows there are people out there like him who enjoy this challenge and although it may take longer than they want to admit, they will stick with it somehow, no matter how long it takes.

        Yes, he is enjoying the celebrity status… to a degree. I think most of us would. He asked for it, and he knows it.

        I have been following this hunt since late February and I have not been out in the field yet. Why? Because I have only been able to find one spot that every single clue lines up with, actually every single line in the poem except two that most consider non clues. It’s currently covered with snow and because my financial resources don’t allow me too many mistakes, I play the waiting game.

        Come time, the odds are that my spot will prove fruitless. But I will not whine or degrade Mr Fenn for making the challenge harder than I want it to be. I will dig deeper into the clues and into Mr. Fenn’s psyche and enjoy what he’s offered.

        It sounds to me like you should probably stick to Easter Egg hunts.


      • JD

        I wish you luck in your search and hope you find it, but remember the poem’s title is “The Thrill of the CHASE”, not “The Thrill of the FIND”.

        P.S. I have inside connections with the Easter Bunny.:)

      • Tekoa,

        Good point!
        I’ll find comfort in that thought each time I walk out empty handed.


  68. Here was my original thoughts on the poem, however, after travelling around some of this area, I’m not convinced you could easily get a vehicle into this location.

    Warm waters halt – Ice Mountain, CO
    Home of Brown – Leadville, CO
    No place for the meek – St. Elmo, CO (ghosttown)
    Up your creek – up Chalk Creek toward Romley, CO
    Heavy loads and water high – bridge over Pomeroy Creek where it enters Chalk Creek. This bridge, I believe, used to be for rail cars (heavy loads) and in some pictures it appears to have what might be considered high water marks on the bridge bracing.

    This area used to be a popular gold mining area, specifically the Mary Murphy Mine. If this location “pans” out for anyone reading this, send a gold coin my way!


  69. On2it, Regarding the direction of “take it in the canyon down”; because the poem uses both “down” and “below”, I think “down” is south as in ‘down south’ and “below” is lower elevation as in ‘look out below’.

    • Oh no, you mean to tell me there are three downs and three ups. I could be going south ward in a canyon while going down into the canyon from the rim while going up stream. So do two downs and an up still equal in the canyon down? GRrrrrr……

    • John,, Thanks for the response. That makes sense. I guess my real question is whether we are to go back up towards warm waters or continue down once we put in below the house of Brown. Anyone?

  70. Like many others, I’ve been following this story from a distance. I’ve looked at the poem and the “clues” from different viewpoints. Here is one avenue I’ve come up with. If it helps someone find the box or decipher the clues, great!

    It may be that people are overthinking the poem. I looked at it and wrote out exactly what the poem says. So I get this:

    Begin it: “where warm waters halt”
    and take: “it in the canyon”

    (not far, but too far to walk)

    Put “in” below “the home of Brown”

    From there it’s “no place for the meek”

    • Sorry. My post above got cut off before I finished. Anyways, so I get this from the poem:

      Where warm waters halt it in the canyon.
      (not far, but too far to walk)
      the home of Brown in no place for the meek.

      I’ve come up with some additioanal research that seems promising. Maybe I’ll post it and let someone else decide.

  71. Dal,
    You seem to know Forrest as well as anyone. I remember seeing a statement from hime(not in poem and I believe not in book), or maybe it was a quote from someone speaking to him, where it mentioned that Forrest seemingly jokingly mentioned “just take the treasure, but leave my bones”.
    Do you think this is really his intent at some point in the future to just take a hike and sit down next to the treasure(assuming still there) and just die away? Or, was this a statement of hyperbole just said in the moment? Treasure would really have be in remote/hidden location to accomplish the first. Not sure practical/legal in today’s world, either.?? All my research thus far leads me to an unremote location near road(within the shot of an arrow). Opinions?

    • I believe that was in reference to the ending of the original poem when he had cancer and was told he had a short time left to live. Remember that this whole poem and treasure idea was promulgated when he planned to “take it with him”.

      In the 1980s when he was sick with cancer he was going to take some of his most treasured items with him in a chest. He was going out into the boonies with some sleeping pills and do himself in. I imagine he would have made arrangements to have the poem published or released to the public. The search would have been on. Those lines in the poem told the searchers it was okay to take the treasure but leave his bones where you found them.

      Then he got well. Cancer went away. So 20+ years later he decides to have the treasure hunt again and he rewrites the poem. We do not know how much change there has been in the poem. The original has not been made available to us. But the line you mention above is an example from the original poem that he has shared to demonstrate the differences in the original and the current poems. As far as I know that is the only part from the original poem that he has shared.

      This time there is no evidence that he plans to also die next to the treasure. In fact, he has said many times that he will probably get “hit by a bus or something”. So he is not planning to commit suicide anymore…as far as I can tell.

      Another unsettled question though is whether the place he has hidden the treasure is the SAME place he originally planned on hiding the treasure and commit suicide…we do not know. Forrest has been elusive in answering that question.

      • That’s the first time I’ve read anything about Forrest’s plans with the sleeping pills but that certainly answers a lot of questions. That was very kind of you to give up that information, Dal.

        I have been wondering how poor Peggy Fenn feels about all of this going off into some unknown place in the wilderness to die business… Forrest seems to love her bigger than the Rocky Mountains but I can’t think of any wife that would be ok with letting her husband go off alone like that. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t tell her and just disappear, she would worry and wonder what happened for the rest of her life. Wouldn’t there be a missing person report and a big search, even if he did leave some kind of declaration of his intentions?

        If the suicide spot is indeed the same spot as the treasure hiding spot, I think these are all things worth kicking around. How would he get there without leaving a car? There’s a big risk a taxi driver or some kind person picking up a hitch hiker with a fine Romanesque bronze box would recognize him on the news and lead the authorities right to the general area. Which friend or family member would drop him off if that were the solution to this? That would mean there would be someone walking around knowing his secret. Maybe that’s what he meant by “two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Who would he leave such a responsibility to, it would have to be someone he really trusts.

        Maybe it’s time to stop with the CSI: Santa Fe and get back to reading the poem… Thank you for the new information!

      • I think f must have had a few chosen spots that he mulled over for some time.I feel that the chosen spot remains the same now as it did then.Thank you for sharing the info Dal.Your endless energy is beyond reality.

      • Hi Dal, Do you think that the article by Tony Dokoupil in which Fenn is quoted “When people find the treasure, they’ll find my bones” is something that he was kidding around with? I don’t get that impression from him at all. I think he was absolutely serious before and I think if he’s saying it still, then he is serious now.

        It’s ok for the old hands in the hunt to disregard a newbies thoughts – but then don’t come back crying that no one is sharing.

        • I don’t think we really want to separate new searchers from those who have been around looking for a long long long *really long* time. None of us have found it….so we’re all in the same boat…and I think for the most part….we’re all really supportive of each other. I personally don’t think he ever would have put his bones out in the wilderness. I think it’s just something he thought about. I could be wrong…but I think his family is too important to him to have gone where they didn’t know he was going and to die alone even though he might want to go that way. I just don’t see it. I don’t think it matters much though if it was more a realistic thing he was planning or just a dreamy thing he was thinking about.

        • At this point I do not know. Forrest sometimes speaks cryptically. He could have put something in that chest. Remember, he wants to be remembered a hundred or more years from now. If you felt that way…what would you leave in that chest? He has said people will be surprised when it’s opened.

          • If Sitting Bull’s pipe were in the chest, THAT would be remembered for a loooooog time! It should really go to the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum though. 🙂

          • PS: Just kidding about the pipe and I’m sure it’s too long anyway 🙂

            With all the items he has mentioned that are in there, I think anyone would be stunned at the beauty of it.

      • Dal, i remember in an interview somewhere he said that they would be in shock for the first few minutes when they see the treasure inside that chest.

        • Exactly…so what did he mean by that…Did he mean because of the shimmering gold and jewels? Or because of something else?

      • Ken, what Dal shared is one of the reasons i gave for why i think it is here in New Mexico or close by. That post is over in the New Mexico listing here on Dal’s site.

        Yellowstone made a better choice with the original plan. I agree with Bonnie, i am sure his family has said to him no way on the previous burial plan.

        However, just yesterday i watched a video, the HDNet Story by Jennifer London. and now . . .

        Well, that is a recent video and he is still saying that the place where he hid it is a very special place for him. So . . . we got to know the man!

        Now though i am torn on the question you raise. Still, he has been in New Mexico now for a good long while and i am sure he has places here that a very special for him too.

        • Just throwing this out there…if he ever wanted to go back to that special place….I mean ever ever ever…..could he go if it were in New Mexico? Wouldn’t it probably have to be somewhere he was able to take a plane if he wanted to go back as not to be followed? So he either had to make the decision that he would never go back to his special place ever again as he didn’t know how long it would be before someone found it….or he had to have known it was in a place that was secluded enough that others wouldn’t see him there or be able to follow him there.

          • I’m pretty sure he could leave his house without being followed at some point in a 24-hour day….but I’m equally sure he knows the treasure hasn’t been moved because he put a little GPS tracer in the chest. When it beeps, he’ll know it has been moved.

          • >> but I’m equally sure he knows the treasure hasn’t been moved because he put a little GPS tracer in the chest. When it beeps, he’ll know it has been moved.


            I disagree on the “GPS thingy” idea… 10,000 years is a long time… who changes the BATTERY after THREE years ? Besides IF the GPS were on the “INSIDE of the CHEST”, and IF the BATTERY is still good, there would ONLY be a PING to GPS if the CHEST were OPENED to let the SIGNAL OUT.

            A BRONZE CHEST is a FARADAY CAGE that would BLOCK any GPS signal getting out, the CHEST would have to be OPENED with a FUNCTIONING BATTERY.

            Ever make a CELL PHONE CALL in an ELEVATOR not wired for CELL repeater ? It’s a FARADAY CAGE problem, ever see that VIDEO with a man standing in a HUGE BIRD CAGE or METAL JUMP-SUIT with LIGHTNING or HIGH VOLTAGE striking it, FARADAY CAGE, even HIGH VOLTAGE can not PENETRATE a BRONZE CHEST.

          • Being a pilot and having the financial resources , knowing the coordinates he may be able to monitor it via satellite viewing

          • Google Maps doesn’t have “LICENCSE PLATE” or 10″ x 10″ resolution… the CIA does, the MILITARY does, but not us NORMAL FOLKS…

            Do you know of a site that gives SATELLITE RESOLUTION down to “LICENCSE PLATE” or 10″ x 10″ resolution ?

          • I do know that the technology to read a license plate does exist how to get access , or if its a vailable to individuals I do not know .

          • If Forrest were watching the box, he would need SATELLITE access to see a LICENSE PLATE… but then the only way TWO people can keep a secret is if one them is dead.

            So either he has access to HIGH RESOLUTION SATELLITES in which case he can watch the box or he isn’t watching the box.

          • GOOGLE MAPS SATELLITE VIEW is “HISTORICAL, fixed in time”, YEARS & SEASONS old…

            Even the CIA has to MOVE a LIVE SATELLITE into SPECIFIC position to watch LIVE ACTION on the GROUND or get a FRESH “THERE and NOW” look…

            Very unlikey… that Forrest is watching or having the box “watched”… because “two people can’t keep a secret” unless one of them are dead.

        • Does FF say this place is “a very special place” to him or does he say it is “dear” to him??? I’ve now heard it quoted both ways.

          • It makes a big difference in my way of thinking as to whether it’s a “special” place he mentioned in an interview or in the book, or whether he has said it’s near some place that is “dear” to him…..big difference. Hopefully Dal will weigh in on this one.

          • I think another thing we all have to get used to is that Forrest does not have all his quotes and stories memorized. They often times come out differently each time he tells them. I have personally heard him say that it’s a “special” place. But I would not be in the least surprised to hear that he also said “dear place”. I think that kind of etymological analysis will do two things: 1. Make you crazy 2. Get you nowhere

        • That Jennifer London video is actually quite old..I think they shot it in 2011. HD Net went out of business right after it aired.

      • Yes, that would make sense if he ever did want to through with the original plan or just go back and check on it.

        He may still be under surveillance though even if he flew. I don’t know but there may be flight plans and logs – at least the potential for others at a small airport or rental car agency to recognize him. Going back to the location now, wherever it is, would be a risk for him.

        • I don’t think you need a flight plan in a small plane…and he has family who flies. I could see him going from one airport to another with his family knowing he’s checking on it or going off on his own in a rental car. Not saying that he did that..just thinking about possibilities. To me it seems hard to believe that he would give up ever going back to such a special place…but you never know.

        • I think you have to give up on the idea that Forrest flew himself anyplace when he hid this treasure. He has not had a plane or a pilot’s license for several years now.

      • Stephanie makes a compelling point…it would be awkward to live close to a special spot and not be able to go there. HMMMMMM….

        Oh, and CrazyFam…thank you for sharing.

      • The deed being done,I do not think f has or will go back.What point would there be?A man such as he does most everything with a purpose to the end.I do not see him needing to reassure himself of what he has accomplished.The chosen spot is in his heart…

        • Well I don’t think it’s to reassure himself of anything…but just to go back an enjoy this special spot. Now that I think about it…he probably can’t even go to the movie theater or people will start digging there.

      • First, I think that for Mr. Fenn to simply say that we would find his bones without at least a trackback to his original poem would be very sensational. Despite his appearance on the Today Show he has been quite the opposite – providing what most consider minor clues when he had the opportunity to create a sensational beast.

        I know you all must have read this from one of Tony’s other articles:

        “If I am diagnosed with terminal anything,” “I will not die in a hospital bed if I have a few breaths remaining. I don’t want to give any more clues, but if I am not too feeble to return to the chest when my turn comes, I cannot think of any better place for my bones to rest for a few millennia.”

        Just saying that I believe him and think that it creates a reason to contain the search to New Mexico.

      • i believe putting the treasure in it’s place was an ending for f.The spot was perfect for that.The end.

      • I’ve heard he has also talked about a place where his family used to leave all of their gear in the offseason, and come back the next spring/summer and it would be where they left it unbothered/touched/pilfered. So he knows a secret location that is basically untouched by the outside world, so no one is just going to happen upon it, or stumble upon it. That is where I would hide it then if I were him, but its a secret place, so maybe that;s where the clues will lead.

        • Molly B-
          I tried reverse engineering that spot. I kinda/sorta know where it is but I cannot make the clues work to put me there. And I have searched that area as thoroughly as I can. It’s not a big mystery really. If you can figure out where the Fenn Cabins were located you are almost there.

      • Hi Dal, I don’t know what he meant but It seems I remember him taking about the items he put in the box. I must have lost the context of the thread and will re-read. I guess maybe we think something else is in there to cause disbelief or amazement.

      • Yes, that makes sense. He looked a little younger in the video. Sorry, I didn’t mean recent to today but recent compared to when he was 60 and had a different intent on going with the treasure.

      • Sweet . . . run that through some fuzzy logic image recognition software and we might narrow down the search very quickly!

        “SantaFe Smart / Apr 4 2013 8:36 am

        Google Maps doesn’t have “LICENCSE PLATE” or 10″ x 10″ resolution… the CIA does, the MILITARY does, but not us NORMAL FOLKS…

        Do you know of a site that gives SATELLITE RESOLUTION down to “LICENCSE PLATE” or 10″ x 10″ resolution ?”

        • That’s a LOT of “LICENSE PLATES”, and depending on “WHEN GOOGLE SNAPPED” the PHOTO, it was either there or NOT… under a tree or in a shadow… someone at NSA or NSF is alreay writing the ALGORITHM…

          DEFINE – In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm (i/ˈælɡərɪðəm/) is a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.

          • …but more dynamic, more like the “MACHINE” in CBS’s “Person of Interest”… which operates on ALGORITHMS …

            …The poem, though it is CRYPTIC, is static…

            … while the ADDITIONAL CLUES are additive …

      • For 12″ x 12″ resolution it is close to 8.5 trillion license plates! 🙂 to get real time images we would need command of our own bird for awhile and access to some sweet hardware for number crunching (plus algorithms like you suggest).

  72. I still think there is something odd about the punctuation, and that it is not accidental. If nothing else, it forces the poem to have exactly 9 sentences.

    In the third stanza: he could have put a period after meek; he could have put a period after nigh, but he didn’t.

    I tried counting commas, periods, etc. looking for a pattern.

    Then I tried looking for Morse Code considering a comma as a dash and period as a dot. You do generate letters, but semicolon and question mark gives some options. I considered a semi-colon as as a dot dash and question as a dash dot. I did generate the word TAN and the number 9, but nothing else meaningful seemed to pop out. Maybe I didn’t break out the groupings right.

  73. Consider this; FF has been quoted as saying that when the treasure is found, everyone will be surprised. This means the places where the majority of hunters are looking are incorrect!
    Yellowstone, all areas close to Santa Fe, etc. Be sure to look anyplace named No Gold Here .

    Are you spending too much time deciphering the poem when you have dreams about the chest?
    I dreamed I found it and there was a key inside with a note that said: To get the treasure, you have to find the public locker that this key fits! Start where the halogens fade, take the escalator down,.. ARRAGH…

    • Stevadore-
      I think it’s also possible that the “surprise” may be about something that is inside the chest.

      • I thought it was more about that you’d be surprised you found the box and the sight of the beautiful things in the box rather than the place it is.

      • Dal, I think anyone is going to be surprised with the contents of the chest.

      • I don’t know Dal, what could possibly trump millions in jewels and gold? I would expect to be awestruck regardless of what’s in the chest. Unless it is empty. SUPPRISE!

        I don’t interpret it that way. I see it as a switchback on the obvious locations being overly assumed possible. After all, what’s the challenge in that? You seem to know him better than most, would he put it in an obvious location near Santa Fe? Good for tourism perhaps but not for longevity. I think someone would have found it by now.

        • I believe Forrest is wiley beyond his years. He could have done anything with it. It could be stashed in the Governor’s mansion or sitting in a musty old library in plain view, just ignored. There is no end to what he might have done, but I don’t believe he did any of those things (none-the-less I look very carefully when I visit the museums of the west).

          I think I know what could trump that, at least for shock value. I won’t say but to me it makes sense when you consider the non-overtly stated purpose of this chest as written in his memoir.

      • Dal, I thought of the museum angle as well. That it has crossed your mind makes me feel much better about thinking out of the box in that way. Something like that would be shocking and fit “give title to the gold” but I cannot see how it would be in a museum or other public space (hidden in plain sight) without someone knowing. Now I am stuck on this idea, ugh.

    • Why does Yellowstone sound so good? What is the color of gold? Hint, hint.

    • To Stevador:

      “Consider this; FF has been quoted as saying that when the treasure is found, everyone will be surprised.”

      My first thought upon reading this is that it will be where we ‘have’ been looking all along. Surprise!

      I have been looking at maps and in NM in areas that have already been searched quite well but have yet to get more than a few clues to fit. So, I am an arm chair hunter for now. Haven’t been to Santa Fe/Taos area since I hitch-hiked through there in the mid 70’s. Fantastic sunflower fields, wonderful folks and visited with some folks in an adobe home. Probably a “green” home before its time.

      To the Chase!

  74. Great ideas. I do think the Brown home in Leadville is the best guess —if Brown is not trout. Question for CO High. Why a church?There are gazillions of brown churches in NM, Co, and throughout the Rocky Mountains. I think the treasure will be found during Forrest’s lifetime. He is going to live many more years I bet, and the treasure will be found in the next 3-5 years. I think the trove is a number of feet above water level because Mr. Fenn is aware of the impact of flooding.

    • the color wouldn’t be capitalized. So it’s kind of doubtful I think…I think it would be more likely a brown trout than a color of an actual house. I think though that it’s probably something that should be capitalized and we just haven’t realized what it is…like a type of rock on one of those mountains that has a specific name….I’d say a flower it could be too…like Brown Eye’d Susans…but they wouldn’t be around in winter…so I don’t think it would be that.

      • I am thinking brown trout too on the micro level, Stephanie. Although I think “home of Brown” might be one of those things that becomes clear once arriving at the right location possibly.

        • I tend to think brown trout….but Gadi said it’s an important thing to all of this…so it makes me think…what if it’s something else…what could it be? Same with cold…I’ve got some ideas about cold…because that’s such an odd thing for a place like New Mexico…especially in the hot summer. So I wonder if that means it’s in one of the northern states….like that’s what it means…worth the cold means north.

  75. Without giving too much away. Has anyone considered Brown to be life, just very small life-as in cyanobacteria, common to many hot spring pools and especially “mud pots”? I guess in a way, these pools, like the Mud Volcano in Yellowstone is a “home” of this Brown bacteria. Not sure Forrest would use reference to bacteria in poetry, though. So unromantic. LOL.

    • I must say the “home of Brown” being bacteria NEVER entered my mind. 🙂

      • I once thought of warm waters halting as bacteria. I should have put up a blog about this…but “dirty” “bacteria” laden water is considered “warm”. There was a pipe that is no longer in Cimarron that looked just like the pipe on the front cover of his memoir that’s taken in YNP that is also no longer there. The reason….the bacteria count was too high. Even if that has nothing to do with this…I was impressed with myself for a few minutes over that figuring out those things. The pipes were where you’d fill your water bottles.

  76. Does anyone know what time of year he visited the site? Did he say he went there twice to bring the 40lbs or just once?

    Also can we count out the Grand Canyon? It is somewhat west of Sante Fe. One of my spots was cruising down the Grand Canyon in a raft and putting in at the obvious house of Brown when I see it, hah. My thought was canyon was simply the Grand Canyon. After looking on a map and seeing it as west of Sante Fe I crossed it off.

    I think rafting/canoeing is definitely in order to find the location with all the water references. You would start your raft trip where some warm water joins some cold mountain water. Putting in could mean both putting your boat in the water or pulling over and getting out. He seems to mean getting out of your boat there as the rest of the trip seems to be on foot. Can anyone comment on Fenn’s experience rafting and/or canoeing?

  77. Knowing that Fenn has remarked that he wouldn’t want to end his life in a hospital bed, but rather die with the treasure; says that he would have put it somewhere he could go to, no matter how febble he may be. So that would eliminate anyplace where it would be too difficult to return to. After all, he did say even a child could get it.

      • No Stephnie, stay away from hospitals. Honestly. You know Fenn hates those places.

    • That brings up the issue if the clues are on a trail or landscape scale. Just because the clues go down a river and then up a canyon doesn’t mean that a car can’t drive up that canyon as well.

  78. A cemetary sounds like a good place to look. Perhaps where someone dear to him is buried. Is a cemetary a structure? If he stashed it under a 40lb grave marker or rock, that wouldn’t break from any of the clues he has given. He said a child could get it if he could lift 40lbs. Probably he has arranged to be buried there, near to his stashed treasure, just like he wanted. A grave robber won’t find it if they dig up his grave, cause it’s nearby under a blaze (Christian Cross?). He don’t want you to disturb his grave or the others, just find the rock its under and get outa that cold cemetary!

  79. Tony, Tony, Tony… You’re grasping at straws here. I don’t believe that he would have released his poem while he was alive, with the idea people would be tearing up grave yards. Think of the impact that would have on this treasure hunt.

    • All these people tearing up creeks and stream across the rockies is maybe not such a good thing either! I can just see all the abandoned coolers and beer cans from all these weekend warriors. If you look at it like some search places are off limits then everywhere is basically off limits. I am not saying at all to deface any cemetary but the clue to the final location may be there. Just like a park, take only photos and leave only footprints! It could also be some other type of final resting place or monument. I am thinking he wouldn’t want to just die in some boring spot in the middle of nowhere by himself, but someplace with other old bones or a very large monument like a pyramid. Hmm, welll then I have decided he has placed it on a ridge overlooking The Luxor in Las Vegas!

  80. I hope Mr. Fenn does not get irritated at these searchers digging up the wrong things(see recent news release) and generally behaving badly. Especially with Spring and more activity on the way. Given his seemingly decent health, he might just go out at midnight, get the treasure back, give it away to charity, and be done with “it”. Hope not.
    Let’s all be sensible out there. He already stated no structures involved and will most likely not require any digging(“never said buried” clues). Maybe the next clue(and soon) could clarify this further in the interest of the intended adventure and experience.

    • Have to say Forrest looks amazingly in shape in that photo…may have to recalibrate the distance that he could have hauled 40 lbs…or 20 lbs twice.

      • When has anyone seen a photo where Forrest Fenn doesn’t look amazingly fit? I have two friends who were once jet fighter pilots, one in the US, and the other in Germany, and they are both phenomenal physical specimens: savvy, fit, and capable in ways that most of us poor schmucks can only dream of. Forrest is a jock, and he still is. Don’t be surprised if where he put the chest is far from where you might imagine, even if it is still safe for kids!

    • Unfortunately, I think this sort of thing is just the beginning. There are a lot of people out there who have not been paying attention to what FF has said about not digging under structures, or they don’t think he meant what he said, and many may not know, or even think, about the laws regarding digging on Federal, State or tribal lands either.

      Some searchers may take chances they shouldn’t and get hurt. I know FF wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone because of the hunt for his treasure but I think something will happen if the episodes we do know about are any indication of things to come.

      • They said it happened last month…so maybe this is the reason he gave that clue…because he was already made aware of it?

        • For all of you who are not from New Mexico (or Mexico) a descanso is a ‘memorial’ (usually in the form of a Christian cross with flowers) that marks the site where someone died (usually in an auto accident). You find them along highways, winding roads, etc. to mark a place where a loved one died. They are quite common.

          • Thanks for clarifying that. We have those here too, but we just call them memorials around Chicago. I’m surprised he got arrested and a ticket for that….I mean what if he was just sprucing it up. I mean I know he admitted to what he was doing……just seems logic in my opinion has gone out the window. Why not get a ticket if you don’t fill in the hole? I mean are boy scouts going to get tickets if they dig a hole for a campfire???

        • He was digging under a tombstone, or grave? On state land…. Aren’t cemeteries privately owned?

    • A descanso memorial, a roadside memorial is a marker that usually commemorates a site where a person died suddenly and unexpectedly, away from home. Unlike a grave site headstone, which marks where a body is laid, the memorial marks the last place on earth where a person was alive – although in the past travelers were, out of necessity, often buried where they fell.

      Usually the memorial is created and maintained by family members or friends of the person who died. A common type of memorial is simply a bunch of flowers, real or plastic, taped to street furniture or a tree trunk. A handwritten message, personal mementos etc. may be included. More sophisticated memorials may be a memorial cross or a plaque with an inscription, decorated with flowers or wreaths.

  81. With all the research everyone has done, has anyone ever come across a Forrest creek next to cabin creek? Thanks.

  82. Forrest is a veteran, so maybe cemeteries aren’t out of the question after all. But, I would suggest considering Veteran cemeteries.

  83. Hey, that’s not a bad thought. Suppose he has already purchased his site and headstone and in the base of the headstore he has a small 10″ by 10″ chamber with a plate over it? Maybe worth some investigation…No? Well, at least it’s worth considering.

  84. Dear Treasurehunters,

    Just heard about this chase a week ago. Very interesting. So thought I’d give a shot at interpreting it.
    Keeping in mind Conan Doyle’s principle”…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. I’ve read the poem, various blogs, and articles regarding Mr. Fenn. With that it mind, one can eliminate several locations right off the bat:1. Indian Reservations(whatever is there belongs to the reservation)2. Private lands(I assume Mr Fenn doesn’t want you to get shot and whatever is there belongs to the owner).3.All lands under federal jurisdiction, national parks, blm managed lands, etc.(the code of federal regulations indicates the Feds have a substantial claim to whatever treasure is there and if Mr Fenn left his bones there, the Feds would remove them if found-I don’t think he wants his bones moved from his special place.

    By a process of elimination we have 1. State controlled lands and 2. Those controlled by cities and the like as likely locations. We can eliminate cities etc because we know that based on his life story Mr Fenn is not going to leave his bones there. They are not special. So we then should strongly consider state lands such as state parks. Now, there are a lot of state parks. How do we reduce the possibilities? Well, we know the location is 1. In the Rockies north of Santa Fe. 2. Above 5000 ft 3. Not associated with any structure. Still a lot of possibilities. Here’s where to poem and clues fit in.

    Given all of the above, if you read the poem, it is a map which goes from general to specific in directing you to the treasure. It is a brilliant puzzle because you have to think out of the box when reading it. I believe the first clue is not the words in the poem but the structure of the poem. When you describing a poem one may state that it is comprised of x stanzas with y lines each. Here we have 6 stanzas with 4 lines each. That is the structure if the poem. Now, in order to get to the treasure you have to follow a structure or in this case Highway or Road 64.

    If you do some research, you will find that there are two state parks which fit all of the criteria above,
    namley, Eagles Nest and Cimarron Canyon State Parks. Ignoring the first stanza for a moment, you then have to ask are there warm waters near any of those locations? Well you have to determine what warm waters are? That can’t be done unless you analyze the word halt. Halt suggests the warm waters are moving then stop. So we are looking for moving waters that stop. Geyser? Hot spring? None in that area. Are we done? No because what Mr Fenn is referring to is a color when he says warm. Think of this poem as painting a picture like the art and some of the items he collected.

    What body of water is a warm color at this location? It is the brown, sometimes copper colored and appropriately named Moreno River which flows from the north and halts at Eagles Nest lake. Moreno translates to dark or more commonly brown from Spanish to English. This then leads you to the home
    of Brown(the Moreno River) which is the Moreno Valley. From there you go to the canyon below which is Cimarron Canyon. This is where it gets interesting.

    From there it’s no place for the meek. This ties in with the first stanza where Mr Fenn states he is hiding his treasure with a bold attitude. So it is confirming that you have to engage in the chase and also the nature of Cimmaron canyon. I believe Cimmaron translates to wild which it is. And the canyon itself may be visually intimidating to some.

    Now after this, Mr. Fenn describes a specific location identified by three clues which must be aligned in order for you to be successful. 1. He states there’s no paddle up YOUR creek just heavy loads(large rocks or boulders) 2. The blaze( a mark probably on a boulder or large rock) and 3. The wood(defined as a grove or stand of trees). All three of those elements must be present to locate the treasure. So you need a creek, a blaze and some trees. However, and here is the Indiana Jones feature of this quest, you will only see that creek during a certain time of the year. Based on Mr Fenns
    Email responses to various inquiries by people, the description of water high, and the fact he went alone in there(fishing season not underway), my guess is that he hid the treasure in mid to late spring when it was still cold. That is when that creek is most evident. If that is the case, then the window for a reasonable search will soon close.

    Good luck to all.

    • Dear Major…thats quite a mouthful, good job! Can you tell me what the elevation is at this spot?

    • I think he told people to start searching during the spring and summer and fall not winter

    • Interesting concept you have there Major, however several people are explored that area with little success.

    • I believe you are on to something. Maybe there or not there but simple elegant analysis. If it truly is a code, all code can be broken, probably by a million internet fools like us.

      I am interested in your take on the rest of the poem. When you are wise and found the blaze, what is your take from there? You still don’t have the box but the poem makes it seem obvious if you look down? Downhill from there? Under something like a rock? Or even South of there?

      • I like your analogy of the poem! Fits right along with some thoughts we have had.
        I am really all over the place thinking of this in every which way! HA!

    • Major English, Love the bold/meed connection. A couple questions, Why is the first letter of every word, in every line, capitalized? Why is Brown capitalized? At the right time of year, all water is brown, when the water is running high. State land, look up Mel fisher and the state of Florida.

      • I’m not a poet, so I wondered about the capitalization of the first letters and I guess that’s something they do sometimes.

      • Having studied poetry for awhile I would guess that capitalizing the first letter of each of the first words is Mr Fenn’s preference or style. A poem is equivalent to a painting but in words. The canvas is both the paper it is written upon and the mind of the reader. The unique thing about the Moreno river is that the early Spanish settlers named it because of its color. By capitalizing Brown Fenn is referencing and specifying the name Moreno not just any brown. Within the context of Fenns background and clues the time is now for checking out the high water when the snow is melting.

    • Interesting post. I try to sift through the information on finder’s rights on various types of land and remain confused. Several people have cited federal laws that state that property on fed lands goes to the government. But I know of someone that abandoned a car on Forest Service land and they found his name through the DMV and asked him to come get it.

      • You just hit the nail on the head. My understanding is that the Feds will ascertain ownership first and try to get the owner to remove the property. If no owner the Feds will retain custody and claim ownership. The question is do you think Mr Fenn would want to risk damaging his legacy by leaving it on federal lands after what he’s been through with the Feds? Why would he want you to experience the thrill of the Federal chase? You know the Feds will claim some or most of it if they find it or track you down.

      • Maybe that would be precedence that they’ve given other’s back things like cars…so they should allow the finder to keep the chest if it ends up on land like that. If not, I’m going to find some human bones and put them by the chest so the government can never touch it either. If that doesn’t help…I’ll a scream like a girl and they’ll have to give it to me.

      • Stephanie,

        I’d be careful with the screaming part, they may think your a basket case and call in the guys in white.

    • Major: I would consider a highway 246 (24 lines 6 stanzas) unless we should be starting where warm waters begin which would eliminate 1 stanza and 4 lines. 205(29 lines 5 stanzas) or 54(5 stanzas with 4 lines).

  85. I have read and read and read, and still come to this…As younger adults in the Livingston area used to do, drive to Gardiner area just inside the park and go “hot pottin” (swimming nude, at night, where the hot spring water flows into the river)…
    So, here is my take on the poem…

    As I have gone alone in there (you had to climb down an embankment to get to the river area to swim/soak/party)
    And with my treasures bold, ( could mean he swam nude)
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt (the place just outside Gardiner, MT)

    And take it in the canyon down, Yellowstone river flows from Yellowstone Park to Missouri river. (Yankee Jim canyon)
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown. (former governor Brown) Billings, Mt (about 200 miles) 3 and half hours

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    (Bighorn national Park) (also has quite a few lakes up there)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

    ( there are “lookouts” posted on google earth, a few interesting photos around Black Mt)

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So if I had the time off… this is where I would head off to… but after being out of work on a medical leave for the last 6 months and just now saw this treasure hunt, on the first day back to work, I doubt I will get any time off to go there. So wish you all the best of luck and will be following this just for fun 🙂

    Also in searching this I did find a town named Thermopolis, which has the world largest mineral springs, which may be the starting point… but having never been there, would not know how to traverse the geography in line with the poem, but it may be another avenue..

      • Is that a rock with orange moss? orange=blaze look quickly down. How much you think that rock weighs?

      • Hi, I don’t think its rock, I think its a form of lichen or moss, someone took the pic and all the heading says is “withered tree” just below the High Park lookout area.

        • Maybe it is hid under one of these

          The bristlecone pines are three species of pine trees that are thought to reach an age far greater than that of any other single living organism known, up to nearly 5,000 years. Bristlecones grow in scattered subalpine groves at high altitude in arid regions of the Western United States. The name comes from the prickles on the female cones.
          Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, is a species of pine native to the United States. It appears in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and northern New Mexico,

  86. The only bones to be found out there will be mine, not Mr. Fenn’s. I’m staying until I conquer the mountains or they conquer me. I promise to leave a map behind as well. LOL. I did find a nice little spot and I’m cool with it. Long live the “Thrill of the Chase”!

    Going to be a fun spring/summer season! Good luck to all!

  87. How about:

    Where warm water halts…….is cold water. So something starting with cold water ie. Cold water creek, cold water mountain, cold water ???????

    Or Agua Fria……….Lots of Agua Fria’s out there.

    • Supposing it’s the point at which warm water stops being warm and becomes cold. As in cold enough to freeze. 32 degrees F. 32 maybe a clue?

      • I was reading in the Trappers Journal -Osborne, where he described the water coming from a spring and flowing down to a river that was 68 degrees. That is not a hot springs, but if you felt it you would definitely sense that it was warmer than spring water generally is. When you figure we set our winter thermostat at 69 all winter, 68 is not hot, but it is warm. only problem is the descriptions in the book are very convoluded so I have no idea where in the Rockies that spring could have been. Only that they do exist out there. warm water springs

      • Germanguy
        I had thought of that about the water,too. When does warm water halt? When it freezes or turns to ice. The dam doesn’t really halt the water, it contains it, but it may still be warm and moving. Although, not sure that helps narrow down many starting points.

  88. Just something important I’d like to share with everyone.

    Some areas of the Rocky Mountains rise quite high. As much as 14,000 feet and higher. At this altitude the air is extremely thin, as in there may be difficulty breathing. The usual recommendation for this situation, is when you get to 5,000 feet, layover for a couple of days and get plenty of rest. In addition, eat low-fat food and foods with a lot of carbohydrates; such as pasta’s and such. Don’t drink coffee or caffiene drinks. And throw awy your cigarettes for the rest of your journey.

    I don’t see where many people will be searching in those altitudes, but fenn did say he “did it tired and now he’s weak”. Possibly a clue we’re over looking here as well.

    If you check with anyone who has climbed mountains of any height, they will tell you the same.

    Hope that helps someone.

    • This is IMPORTANT and I thank the GG for bringing it up…my cousin’s husband DIED from high altitude sickness while they were white water rafting in the mountains…got back to hotel and he fell over and died! He was feeling weird, with headache, and a few other symptoms for a few days before it happened. They were in a remote area and took paramedics 1/2 hour to get there. He was already dead. This is a very valid point and serious. You adrenalin may be pumping as you excitedly search, but be SAFE!

      • Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the search, but never stop to think of where we’re looking.

    • I hope everyone is listening; this can be very serious. I’ve seen it happen lots of times. You can be in top physical condition and still experience altitude sickness.

      Also many people don’t understand dehydration in the mountains; in dry conditions and mountain air you lose more moisture than you realize…….You don’t think you are sweating, but you are. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids.

      The symptoms of altitude sickness include:

      •A headache, which is usually throbbing. It gets worse during the night and when you wake up.
      •Not feeling like eating.
      •Feeling sick to your stomach. You may vomit.
      •Feeling weak and lazy. In severe cases, you do not have the energy to eat, dress yourself, or do anything.
      •Waking up during the night and not sleeping well.
      •Feeling dizzy.
      Your symptoms may be mild to severe. They may not start until a day after you have been at a high altitude. Many people say altitude sickness feels like having a hangover.

      Altitude sickness can affect your lungs and brain. When this happens, symptoms include being confused, not being able to walk straight (ataxia), feeling faint, and having blue or gray lips or fingernails. When you breathe, you may hear a sound like a paper bag being crumpled. These symptoms mean the condition is severe. It may be deadly.

      The signs and symptoms of dehydration range from minor to severe and include:

      •Increased thirst
      •Dry mouth and swollen tongue
      •Palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)
      •Sluggishness fainting
      •Inability to sweat

      • I experienced some of the effects on my last (and first) trip out. I counted on breathing difficulties (I have emphysema) but rest of the symptoms were unknown to me until i got there. Fortunately, one of the guys at Collected works is a recent transplant there from my area and he gave me some tips and the hotel where I was staying had a pamphlet warning of altitude sickness. I’m definitely going to take it slow on my next trip and just hang out in town for a couple of days to adapt to the altitude before I embark on my quest. Thanks for bringing this up, Goofy

  89. Oh, one other thing… You’ll know if there is a problem a high altitudes, because you will develope “flu-like” symptoms.

  90. So I’ve never posted before, but have been working on this poem for quite some time. I’ll also been a bit of a lurker on these various blogs, wondering if I should ever post anything regarding my thoughts or findings. Anyway, I’d finally throw out a bone or two and maybe help out. Some of the conversations on these blogs have been useful along the way for me, so I figure I should give back.

    But first – if I see another person say “I KNOW where it is! The treasure is mine!”, followed by declaring how they’re going share it with everyone, spend it, etcetera (like it’s a sealed deal)…and then make continued posts as a cocky authority on it…I might just poke my eye out with the first arrowhead I find and not be able to enjoying the moment. It’s nauseating. Okay, sorry had to get it out. That said, these are just my thoughts/theory and am giving out one of my “Ahaa” moments that may help. While I do think I have it figured out, and did my little happy dance…who knows.

    Regarding the treasure hunt itself. I think people are completely underestimating the poem and the chase itself by thinking you could possibly solve it from home on a computer and know the exact treasure location. Changing your mentality on that and realizing what you need out of the poem helps tremendously. Even a novice of novices knows that any good treasure hunt has on site clues, markers (“blazes”), additional on the spot thinking, maybe keys, etc. If you could figure out the exact treasure location without ever leaving your house, that would be unbelievably lame. That’s not an adventure, that’s a “traveling” fast food pick-up. I give the modern day “Indiana Jones” Forrest a lot more credit than that. Just saying

    Okay, my 2 cents on the poem – it’s multi-dimensional, and is definitely very clever. Descriptive, directional, and reinforcing all at the same time with lots of word play and multiple meaning. Like many, I believe Brown is key and was definitely an “Ahaa” moment for me. No, not a fish (in, or below, a wall or otherwise – to one of the blog owners who will know who you are, I am curious if you checked the photos under?), not a Brown-drake, a beaver, a bear, a person…but a variety of the very ground you stand on. As a California transplant from the northeast, one of the things I miss is the seasons back home. How almost all the leaves change colors to red, orange, yellow, purple, crimson, etc. And they do that because they are deciduous trees, which require…Brown-earth soil. The meek will inherit the earth? Deciduous trees are only prevalent in the northeast to central United States. However, there are some select areas where you can find Aspens and CottonWOOD deciduous trees in the western mountains that happen to stick out quite prominently in the COLDer months…with bright yellow and orange broad leaves. There’s more, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

  91. Just thought of something about codes I read once. The American code during WWII was based on the Navaho? launguage. The reason it was really hard to decipher was because they used the same word for multiple meanings in that language. Not sure how this might apply but if Fenn knew anything about code breaking…

  92. I think Mr. Fenn looks to be in remarkable shape for his age. My guess at age 79 he was more than capable to walk several miles and could carry the treasure in a pack in two trips, if necessary.
    My problem(amoung many), is that the clues do not take me to a remote location. I think the Treasure is located within an arrows shot of a road. When he took the trip to deliver the Treasure, Mrs. Fenn most likely sat in the car or a nearby hotel room to wait. Probably a pretty quick ordeal all in all. JMTC.

    • Tumbleweed, that may not be a problem. He has mentioned that people have been within 500 feet of the treasure. Dal and/or Stephanie may be able to clarify as I am not sure if he said searchers or just people, but I think it was plural. There may be a few searchers that are very close to finding it or it may be near a road, or both.

  93. More hikers hurt.

    Mr. FInn may want to call this off before someone dies.

    Wouldn’t that be ironic, he creates a treasure hunt near the end of his life only to survive cancer and get other people injury or worse.

    • He wouldn’t be getting people injured. People do that just fine with no help from anyone.

      • Hikers get injured on their own. If the Hikers were on the hunt, they need to be prepared and they need to know their limitations.

        The treasure is said to be no where that is dangerous.

        Entering a Dangerous situation would elimiate that location as the spot. Exit the location if it becomes dangerous.

  94. @germanguy

    I had thought about the whole “where warm water halts” being at 32 degrees. Add the clue of being north from Santa Fe and you get:

    “Begin it at 32 degrees from north of Santa Fe”

    Points right to Eagle Nest Lake!

    I don’t really think this is a clue, I’m not much for over stretching the poem’s contents, but boy would I be kicking myself if it was exactly what Forrest was thinking. I just thought it was funny. Maybe it will help people keep thinking outside the box to find the box.

    Happy Hunting

  95. How about this? I can see the eye rolling now. 🙄

    Home of Brown: Jerry Brown (governor of California) was born in San Francisco. Any mountain peaks (San Francisco Peaks for example) or streams etc. associated with California or San Francisco in the Rockies?

  96. Why is everyone obsessed with Cimarron Canyon and Eagle Nest? I’ve spent a lot of time hunting and hiking in that area, and there is no warm water; just a cold stream, a cold lake, and a cold river. I might add that Cimarron State Park is a highly visited and intensively managed park, and that it and the surrounding Colin Neblett wildlife management area are SCOURED each year for 1) deer, elk and turkey and 2) the fantastic elk and deer sheds (dropped antlers) that are found all over the place. So if you think that the thousands of fishermen, big game and shed hunters have somehow missed a treasure chest, yet you are going to find it, I may say that is high expectations.

    • TDB
      So warning here guys make sure if you are walking in the forest to wear bright clothes because you could mistaken for a treasure when hunting for one during hunting season. I do not know when that season is but look it up or ask the local sporting goods store for that.
      When I went in there Colin Neblitt I made sure I wore bright clothes but I also did not go doing hunting season and I made sure of that, just something to think about
      Plus if you go into Colin Neblitt get a bigger gun and a hunting permit or a GAIN permit if just hiking
      Most will not need a GAIN permitif you are within the State Park but once in that wilderness be legal and stay safe.

    • Dal
      Are you back to this again, you know if you post this I have to pipe in. (LOL) so now where is the canyon to take down?
      Hope you get where I coming from on this but not not where I have gone!
      I liked it!

  97. Santa Fe , technically it is static , but in a peculiar way it’s some what fluid and dynamic hence the many interpretations of the clues and what they mean .

  98. Dal,

    Thanks for putting together such a wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments. There are a lot of really intuitive people here! I wish I lived closer to the rockies to do some searching, I have a few places in mind to look, but it’s not easy to get out there from the midwest. Until I can make it out there, I guess I’ll just wear my Indiana Jones hat and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark again for now.

    I did make, what I would consider, an amazing discovery the other day on one of the poem stanzas. After I get a chance to search a location or two for myself, I’ll share my thoughts on your blog.

  99. Let’s consider for a moment the fact that Fenn has said he would like the treasure to be hidden for over 500 years. Even as long as a millenium. With that in mind consider what would last that long in nature. How about: STAUROLITE – Colour, reddish brown to brownish black; hardness, 7.5. The transparent kinds when cut resemble garnets. Because of their resemblance to a cross, the twinned forms are used to quite an extent as ornaments and charms; there is a tradition that they fell from heaven. Think “blaze”. Now think “cross”. Now think “X marks the spot. Kicker is they are found in the Rocky Mountains and the Sierras. Maybe the location has an outgrowth of sorts that can conceal the chest. We know that Fenn has explorered the Rockies, so he may have located this site in his travels and remembered it as an ideal location when it came time to hid his stash (of gold that is).

  100. Staurolite-quartzite bands in kyanite quartzite at Big Rock, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico

      • You know i just re-read his book last night and he talks about a river in Yellowstone where he could get the best quarts/stones for making marbles. That summer activity must have kept him in Fritos and Coke for the whole school year!

        Another thing i was thinking was that the blaze might be aluminum colored because that was the color of the markers in Vietnam by the waterfall. That experience seems to be the climatic point of his memoirs and motivation for writing and doing the chase.

      • Well now, how cool is that. I wonder if agates still feature in soft area of his memories. Its kind of where he got started in all his trading adventures.

      • Hi Stephanie – I sent you an email invitation about an hour ago, but I meant “otter den” not “otter dam”. I did follow Ragnar’s advice. I am looking for ward to your response.

      • there is a movie on netflix right now, called Where the Yellowstone goes. a group of people start out in Gardiner and float down to the end, a 30 day river trip, in it, they stop and are collecting agates. also found this website about rockhounds who have found agates in the yellowstone… the movie also shows where the diversion dams are and where they had to take their boats out of the water and walk around the dams. may be of some use to someone ?

        • that was part of my search in the Yellowstone area, because there’s a place where they put in the floats that’s called Warm Springs. I don’t think it’s in the same area that documentary shows though…it was North of there maybe. message dated 4/4/2013 5:24:42 P.M. Central Daylight Time,

    • John Paul,

      The Vietnam experience has nothing to do with the hunt. I’ve already talked to him about it and his answer was “No”.

      • You’re claiming you talked to him and he gave you specific information that he’s given no one else? I find that incredible

      • Stance Brooks

        Like the words written on the aluminum plate over that French soldiers grave you stumbled upon in Vietnam, I know the words you leave on your “blaze” will be just as thought provoking.

        The only question I would ask, did that grave give you the idea behind your “Thrill of the Chase”. I see this as a non-clue question and hope that you can answer it.

        “No, it did not. f”

        If you wish to question someone’s credibility, first check you don’t make a fool of yourself.

        Sent on: To: Forrest Fenn
        Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 9:26 PM
        Subject: Re: Request to chat

        • germanguy
          On page 129 of the book Thrill of the Chase f describes there what lead him to hide the chest and was an idea to let others come searching for his treasures on realizing that he may die
          On page 128 he said he was 58 when diagnosed with cancer and if he is 83 now that was 25 yrs ago
          that he started this.
          On page 151 he states It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.
          So maybe you knew this but this might help others who do not have the book yet.
          So where he hid the chest could relate to Vietnam but not how it all all started.

      • Oh, ok – well it seemed to me that the experience of tripping over the tombstone in the tall grass at the waterfall impacted him in a significant way thinking about the transitory nature of life and how quickly we are forgotten in the stream of life.

        Elsewhere, parlaying that viewpoint he decides to give life the nose-thumb’s up or to slam the door on its unkind dictates by instilling the thrill of the chase in others over time with the treasure hunt and thereby removing some of the transitory nature.

      • Tim,

        I have no doubt that events in his life (including Vietnam) had something to do with his decision to create this adventure. Heck, he may have been part of the air support that saved our a**ses on many occasions when we were up north. When I asked him at the time, I was trying to decided whether or not the aluminum cover over that French soldiers grave may have possibly been a clue to the makeup of the “blaze”.

        Aluminum has a life expectacy of 200 – 500 years. If he was going to make sure the marker (or blaze, as it is) was going to survive that long, I suspected if he had answered in the affirmative to my question, that would help in decrypting the poem.

        But alas, it was simply “no”. Since then I have moved on to sweeter pastures.

      • Children, daddy Forrest does not love any one of you more than the others.

        One of the hazards of Forrest answering e-mails is that everyone is suspicious that they are missing out on hints that Forrest is giving out in responses. If you don’t trust that Forrest has the integrity to stick to his word and “not give out hints, so don’t ask” as he has said…then you probably shouldn’t trust that he ever hid a treasure in the first place. I don’t see any hint in that reply. Thank goodness Forrest hasn’t released all replies to every e-mail he has gotten, or we would be poring over them and try to find embedded codes and puzzlegrams.

        It would be less stressful for Forrest not to answer any at all…and I don’t believe that is what we want…be careful what you wish for. I never saw anyone get one singleresponse from Michael Stadther during “A Treasure’s Trove”.

      • germanguy,

        I’m disappointed that someone would try to trick Mr Fenn into giving unpublished information by suggesting the question is regarding a non clue subject, and then tell us it would have helped in decrypting the poem if the answer had been yes.

        He knew what you were doing, and so do we.

        Shame on you…


      • JD

        So you are saying Forrest knew he was giving out a clue and did it anyway? Now you are casting aspersions on the veracity of Mr. Fenn. Shame on you.

        BTW, this hunt is supposed to be fun, try to enjoy it.

        “Lighten up Francis”
        Sgt. Hulka…”Stripes” 1981

      • Scott C.

        Your right. That is why I wasn’t hesitant to share that with everyone.

        Like you said “No” isn’t really a clue. That’s why I moved on.

      • JD

        Just sent off an email to Forrest to apologize for my indiscretion. Happy now. We don’t need any negative conversations on Dal’s blog. After all, we are all guests here. Now back to the search.

      • Scott C.

        Thanks, but I believe I warranted her/his criticism for approaching Fenn like that.

        SGT. Ken USMC ’67 – ’71

      • germanguy,

        thank you sir for taking the high ground. case closed.

        I’m enjoying the chase on a level playing field again.


  101. My thoughts on a reality TV show just in case they are monitoring here

    I am extremely , photogenic, articulate, witty and master of the malaprop. I also have my own catch phrase “Noooooooooope not hear”, have previous experience with reality shows (watch them all the time), am available and my agent is , well never mind.

    Cogito ergo sum – Descartes

    • … I think if DAL and STEPH aren’t available, you’d be hired …

      Especially like your catch phrase… was that you I’ve been hearing around the Rockies echoing through the range like RICOLA… RICOLA… er, I mean…

      I think therefore I am – Descartes ( It’s LATIN )

      • Not yet I’ve been out buying satellite , excuse me , i mean camping equipment in preparation of heeding Horace Greelys advice , who by the way I know was not the progenitor of the phrase.

        • … just as long as you turn toward THE ROCKIES, somewhere NORTH of SantaFe …

          “Go west, young man”

  102. I have heard very few people discussing the first stanza of the poem. Yes, it does say “Begin it where warm waters halt” in the 2nd stanza, but I believe people are missing something critical in the first four lines. I believe what I’m about to tell you is the key to figuring out the poem, but I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet and, to be honest, I’m likely to get frustrated with it an move on to something else in the long run. So, for that reason, I’m sharing this information. I just hope that if any of you find the treasure as a result, you won’t forget where you heard it!

    Here goes:
    “As I have gone alone in there” (no meaning)
    “AND with my treasures bold”

    AND (+) indicates you need something. What are the treasures bold? If you look at the map from page 133 in his book, the treasures are BOLD against the fuzzy background of the map. You don’t need the map but you need to look closely at the BOLD treasures. There is a coin in the photo with the date 1905. 19=S 05=E or SE

    “I can keep my secret where” (no meaning)

    “AND hint of riches new and old”
    Here’s another case where AND is used at the beginning of the clue, indicating something you’ll need.

    I believe this is a reference to a set of maps available online called “New Mexico Gold and Gems Maps Then and Now”.
    hint (map) of riches (gold and gems) new and old (now and then)

    There are 5 maps in the set, 4 of which are the four quadrants of New Mexico: NE, NW, SE, and SW.
    Looking back at the date on the coin, 1905, or SE, I think the clue tells us to look at the SE map.
    On the back side of the map there are smaller insert maps that include the areas north of Santa Fe. I think that the info on one of those maps will lead to the next steps….

    Good luck!

    • Forrest has stated one doesn’t need the book to solve the riddle. This scenario would make the book requisite to finding the treasure. Restrain from “over-cooking”!

  103. I don’t have the book. The picture is available online. I’m probably wrong like everyone else, but I doubt that randomly selecting from thousands of potential starting points is a better strategy.

  104. Dal,
    Few points I want to confirm with you.

    Point #1 Was it shortly after his diagnosis that Fenn started thinking about this treasure hunt or was it much later? What age?

    Second point – does he still fly?

    Third point – Wasn’t it only a few years ago when he actually buried the chest (2010)?

    • germanguy-

      You’re trying to wear me down. It’s an evil plot. Do I owe you money or something?

  105. Let’s say you DO find it…then what??? Lots of news articles out there right now about NOT being able to keep it, especially if it’s found on state or fed lands. What would you do? I’d probably drop the bracelet f. wants back in an envelope along with a few photos, and send it off from my “out of town” return address labeled…T.finder 99 Goldigger Way. Trove, PA… then you may see me on an episode of Pawnstars selling Chumley a coin once in a while. lol

  106. Lots of good ideas, but I would bet my expected earnings as a bonafied member of the “future American retired treasure seakers” or F.ARTS for short ,that the treasure is NOT in New Mexico. I live in the State now, and its great in a lot of ways-meaning sunsets,rich Native and Spanish histories, green chiles, and clear skies; just not as a hiding place for Treasures. Hate to hurt tourism, but the clues and Mr. Fenn’s history all lead north to me. Me, I’m getting on the Hwy 191 express in the old Mercury when the snows clear in Yellowstone, hopefully in the next several weeks.
    Let’s all be smart and careful out there(no shovels/no distruction of public lands), and respectful of what Mr. Fenn has created, or he might just get “ticked” and do something different.

    • I don’t know where it is and still have spots in different states to check out…but I tend to lean it’s more North because of his comments about waiting till spring/summer. I mean even saying summer. If it was in NM…would he say summer? You can search there even in winter sometimes. I also wonder if he didn’t know it would bring people to NM where he could watch out the window LOL

      • Fenn must be splitting a gut over all this, everytime he sees another out-of-state car go past his place. I can just see him sitting in a woven chair out in front with a hugh smile on his face, waving as they go by.

  107. If anyone can figure out the clues in the poem, it will need a key… Consider this….. Say you correctly find the 9 clues in the poem, AND each clue has at least 2 different interpretations.
    That means there are 2 to the 9th power different answers to the problem = 512 different solutions. Clearly, an impossible task when applied to the Rocky Mountains.
    The only way to find an answer is narrow the possibilities with a key… otherwise, it’s a shot in the dark. Find the key and you will “move with confidence.”

    • Alex-
      We already know that at least two people have figured out the first two clues. So is that luck or does that mean maybe there isn’t a key?

        • Stephanie- The quote I have from his post on this blog awhile ago is the following: “some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”.

          To me the word some means at least two..

          • yeah that’s what I was referring to…but just saying two made me wonder if there was another situation I wasn’t aware of. I don’t know how you find all the quotes so fast.

      • Dal

        When did it start with looking for a “key”? Didn’t fenn always use the term “hint”? As in hints from his book.

    • Alex

      I agree with Dal. The first clues are solvable. No keys needed until after the “blaze”. That’s where most people seem to be hung up.

      • Hi germanguy, add me to the list of those that think the key is in the interpretation. I think most people are hung up at where warm waters halt. Mr.Fenn got into the conversation when Stephan was doing some posturing(Stephan returns to the Blaze I think) and suggested that he was bluffing since he wouldn’t name “where warm waters halt.” Mr. Fenn has maintained that you must start there for all of the clues to fall into place. Starting at the H.O.B. or the blaze won’t work.

        • Wildandcrazyfamily,

          You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. There’s always people who believe they know a better or quicker way to do things. There’s a saying that goes somewhat like this… If you want to get a job done fast, hire a lazy man. Only problem with that is, what is the results of the job going to be.

      • Does that mean that a bunch of you believe you’ve solved “home of brown”?

        • Yes. And then some in a lot of cases. I believe a lot of us are just waiting for things to warm up a bit and in some instances waiting for snow to melt.

        • NO, the people who came close and figured out the first two clues… don’t know it was them, they were never told it was them… so anyone who reported to Forrest ANY clues will all just have to wonder if it were them or not…

          Forrest has given NOTHING away… except what is public knowledge as we know it today…

      • Hey Santa Fe Schmartguy…:) my reply to stance was in regards to his comment “you believe you’ve solved”. I’m sure that none of us that hasn’t actually gone to our spots will know if we have actually solved “the home of brown” yet.

      • Germanguy and others, not asking you to give anything away here but I am curious if more than one interpretation of the clues leads you to your spot. For my best spot there are three very reasonable interpretations of warm waters halt that lead to three canyons and all to one home of brown (or two depending on how broadly it is interpreted). At that point the rest of the clues lead to the same place. This is probably just extreme bias on my part that is coloring my perception of the clues as they apply to one place but I wonder if others have experienced this.

        • Tarryscant,
          The one to ask about that would be Dal. He has at least 29 trips out already. To be honest with you though, I don’t see how you can have one location (assuming “the home of Brown”) and multiple ways to move forward. The way I see it Tarry, if you follow the directions as listed, it can only take you directly to the location of the treasure. It sounds as if your complicating this somewhat. No offense, but don’t look at like a highway with multiple exits. The only thing you’ll accomplish, is get lost. None of us wants that.

  108. Today in history… Forty-five years ago today, at around 6:00 PM I was standing in front the Christian Serviceman’s Center in downtown Memphis, Tenn., I heard a shot ring out. Who can guess what took place at the motel a half a block from where I was standing? Tick tock…

  109. My favorite idea on this blog is from germanguy I think. “Begin it where warm waters halt” = water freezes = 32 degrees = latitude 32 degrees = Jackson Mississippi. Too bad water doesn’t freeze at 45 degrees.
    Anyone think home of Brown might be a sports team?

      • Germanguy
        Good point about the 500 year sports reign…that would be quite a team. I’m going out next week for a look anyway, as I hope I’ll luck out. Funny how one takes an area they know, and mold the clues around it. Alex

        • I believe if I’m not mistaken (and I know Dal will correct me if I am) fenn said once you are certain, to move with confidence.

          If (and I do mean if) I were to give advice to anyone, it would be this… When you have put your solution to the poem together, stand back and start shooting holes in it. If it survives, go for it.

  110. Dear Us-
    In a minute or so I am going to start a NINE CLUES…Part Four and then close this one to comments. I am also going to start a new page (per a suggestion) for general comments…not related to the clues or the poem…
    I also figured out how to move the four Clues pages next to one another so at least you won’t have to go through the whole blog to find them.


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