THE NINE CLUES….Part Seventeen


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  1. If you follow your sight
    You will see naught the sign
    If you read too deeply
    The child you will miss
    A poem may rhyme
    But often not
    It is there
    Where we think it not

  2. If & I say IF it be Gwaine, Capt. Kid, someone from Idaho, whoever… if the chase does end, may I suggest –
    take photos yes put them on a cd and snail mail it ff & let him post them.
    Honestly, I truly wish some kid finds the treasure and soon before I have to come “out there”.

  3. Well,I was checking to see who did what and where over the weekend.Very impressive batch of photos sent in.Some good stories too.Then I realized that Dal’s blog will soon surpass 1Million hits.In the beginning of march less than 250k.The momentum is surging on the search.Thanks Dal for giving us all you have and it is a monumental feat to reach 1mil.!You da man.

  4. Does anyone have any ideas on why ff said he wished he had left the paper money in the chest?
    Thanks- Lisa

  5. For all you colorado molly brown house people. The first time I saw the poem I thought, “I bet the home of Brown belongs to Charlie.” He did live in Colorado Springs from 1951-1958 but I figured it wasn’t a good lead. But who knows maybe yall will have better luck than me. 🙂

  6. I have read and studied the probable governmental repercussions of finding anything, let alone treasure, on private land, parks, etc… but does anyone know definitively what the government of Canada does when treasure is found up there? Are they as greedy, meddlesome, and aggressive as our feds down here are?

    • I would think the answer to all these questions about what will happen once you find it would be just to not tell anyone where it was. If the Feds ask you where you found it, you simply don’t tell them. Then, you have a bunch of upset people who wanted to know where it was, but at least you can keep the gold. Find it, take a pic with it (blur out the background), leave quickly and quietly, tell the world you found it once you have Internet access, then keep your mouth shut about where you found it. Right?

      • Hi Mindy, The Forest Service guy has probably never read anything, other than the numbers on his pay check. The law says that, “No naturally occurring object, is to be disturbed, or removed, from public land, administered by the Forest Service” This was signed into law in 1986 by President Reagan.

  7. Stephanie davis wrote (in part sixteen):

    “The blaze is there, you have to KNOW it before you go there, or you’ll miss it when you do get there.”


    “It’s also why ff says begin at the bottom… have to have “found” the blaze first.”
    YES and NO!

    He said “and found the blaze”. Found in two senses, one as you mention, and found used as in “foundation” – that is why you have to look down.

    Poisonivy wrote (in part sixteen)

    “FF said he was going to have the line “so take the chest and leave my bones” in the poem, not much rhymes with bones”

    I wasn’t aware of that, thanks poisonivy (can you quote the source?). Just so curious, because there is bone buried near the blaze. But, not in the usual sense, If I can believe what I

    Good luck,

      • Hi Lorax,

        No, I’m expecting more of a parsel post pickup than searching. I’m not to that point yet. One and done, I hopes.

        Be Well,

      • Hello Kym,

        I don’t recall that Forrest said “start at the bottom”, although the claim was implied elsewhere in the blog. If it could be found that Forrest said that, I’d be surprised, but would take it seriously.

        Here is the closest thing I can think of to that concept, from Forrest:

        “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:

        We shall not cease from our exploration
        And at the end of all our exploring
        Will be to arrive where we started
        And know the place for the first time”

        The person who solves it will have boned the poem, and Forrest said this as well.

        Good luck, Kym

        • Astree: The “Will be to arrive where we started” has caused me to be thinking of a round trip in the 9 clues. Following 9 clues to your spot and then start over with the 9 clues from that location. – Keeping mind that f has not said anything like this as far as I know.

        • Hi onecorgi,

          Thanks, I think it’s definitely a good idea to keep in mind. Esp. when working with a trickster.

        • I was just simply thinking that this meant it was on a loop trail or circle that brings you back where you started.

          I don’t think IMO, that it means start at the bottom.

          It means that when done exploring, you wind up back where u started, and see it with new eyes again like knowing it for the first time. Seeing, so-to-speak with a fresh set of eyes.
          Isn’t that why we strive to embrace fresh insight into our companies, because others who have been there awhile have perhaps grown stagnant and are swimming in muddy waters?

          A new perspective brings regeneration and restoration to complacency.

          This could be the marvel gaze. Don’t we look marvely (new word lol) at the things that astound us?
          anywho, that’s what is runnin’ round my head lol

          He tells us where to start and that is where warm waters halt.
          That poem which Forest , sure likes to quote is not in his poem.

        • besides, all the O’s that will be found on mouths when the person finally actually sees the treasure up close and personal 🙂

  8. Stupid question:

    Could FLIR camera technology using thermal imaging find a square chest of gold coins? Perhaps if exposed to the sun (and even if not), it has a differential temperature and a geometric shape that stands out in nature.

    I was thinking we should get NASA to point its satellites toward Yellowstone (using magnetic sensors). They have used technology like just north of Yellowstone looking for Lewis & Clark’s estimated 100 lbs. of metal remaining from a collapsible built they left buried. But commercially available FLIR technology perhaps would work to locate a square chest of gold coins. The plane would only be looking away from structures.

    We just need a small plane, pilot and FLIR technology. The seller of FLIR cameras, used most famously recently in connection with the picture of the young man in Boston hiding in the boat, might love the idea and loan use of the FLIR for free.

    Right now, for example, the FBI is circling Quincy, MA each night round-the-clock looking for a meth lab to pop up.

    Another stupid question: Are flights restricted over Yellowstone?

      • It wouldn’t be a disappointment to the person who found it. 🙂 However, I do agree with your statement.

    • I think one of Dal’s posts was about using IR cameras……..It was funny.

    • No no no! Dont even think that. The government would do it and keep the treasure. Thats how the government works.

  9. Good Morning folks. I drove about 900 miles this weekend and went back to my #1 location. The clues perfectly got me to a blaze last time and then the trail went cold. I recalled that around 50 feet down from the blaze were two old indian ruins and a recess in the ground about 10 feet deep covered by wood, logs and branches. I decided to search again around the blaze and really check out the ruins as well. I went down into the recess with a rope around my waist and did some digging.That was a bit nerve wracking because the ground was soft from rain and I had to be super careful not to collapse those walls. Again, I came up short. We rechecked the area well with a metal detector and…nada. The toughest part of this whole chase is knowing that we could have missed something. We could have been standing on top of that little chest and not known it. I was so sure of this spot that I could taste it. He says that’s you’ll be able to go in confidence to the location and that was really my mindset, on this one. We lightly searched a few other places over the weekend without much luck. Overall, we had fun and got some good excercise and nice weather yesterday. Man, I thought we had it nailed down, but the chase continues…Team f wins again. CHC

    • Sounds like a lot of fun. He’s said though that it wouldn’t be in a place a 79 or 80 year old man would go. If he hid it alone, I don’t see him having to put a rope around his waist to go anywhere. I’m personally not against digging like others are. I think a foot down might be reasonable and might be the reason no one has found it(and the biggest reason you need a blaze)…especially if your digging in sand as he talks about sand(going off into the desert to die, and a palace on sand) and not needing tools….which I don’t think you’d need with sand only a foot deep. Was great to hear your story

      • Thx Steph. Yeah we couldn’t see him going down there either, but though that maybe he tossed it in or lowered it with a rope. It fit so perfectly iwith “in the wood” and bring a flashlight….We thought of each of those Indian ruins as an omega symbol, as well. I was so confident we had the spot, I asked f if he’d like the bracelet back in person or via Fed Ex…haha. Back to the drawing board. CHC

  10. Good morning, Stephanie, I’ve read and heard again and again, the poem is all you need. I find I have the most fun combining many senses — on the trail, in my favorite chair pouring over library books, maps or research, waiting for my poppies to bloom any day now, driving in the car … Most richly important are the themes, lessons learned from my dumb mistakes trial and error learning, that emerge from my dreams at night. What a lovely world. I am so grateful and blessed. Off to work I go — wish I could stay home and share photos and writing with all you bloggers. Have a great day.

  11. poison ivy says,

    “This might be a stretch, but, since FF said he was going to have the line “so take the chest and leave my bones” in the poem, not much rhymes with bones, whatever he was thinking then, could the chest be near something that rhymes with bones? just a thought….”

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Look quickly down for a pile of stones
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and leave my bones

    • Where does Forrest actually say that it was going to say bones? I have never seen that quoted from him. There’s a few other things that have been said lately that I know are wrong. I don’t believe he’s ever said his grandchildren figured it out or that they could. He’s said it’s difficult, but not impossible. Also, I heard someone say that he’s said find the blaze first or start at the end. That is also incorrect. He’s said begin it where warm water halts. It’s not to say that someone might not try and start it that way and see if that’s the way to “unlock” the clues…but Forrest never said it. I don’t mean to be rude by trying to correct these things…I’m just seeing things that are definitely being said wrong. I don’t know if that’s from people wanting to mislead others that the rumors start or what…but we need to stick with just the poem, just the book, and what Dal has said are actual answers from Forrest on his blog in my opinion. If someone takes something as fact like in this instance…they might start only looking for stones, when it’s actually in water, under a log, in a bush or on a cliff wall staring us all in the face 😉 I don’t think Chris or Poison Ivy are misleading…just want to make that clear. I just want to squash rumors so they don’t snowball into seemingly factish. It would make more sense for me to just let the rumors fly…but I just can’t feel good about doing that. Dang my moral compass lol….does anyone have a magnet so I can change that?

      • .
        Found part of it.

        ” Fenn says his original plan consisted of filling up the chest with treasure and walking out into the desert to die instead of facing the prospect of his life ending on a medical bed. That way someone, someday would stumble upon his bones and the treasure at the same time. ”

        Looking for a more direct quote.


        • I know he said he wanted to lay down and die in the desert next to the chest and have his bones end up there. I’m speaking about the actual poem saying the word bones. I’m not even speaking to if it was true or not. My point(opinion) is to not believe anything as fact unless it’s actually come from Forrest. No one has to agree with me…just speaking what I believe.

      • Thanks Steph for being you. No magnets needed, maybe a few gems out of the Chest. Never, did FF say that you should start at the end. I suppose if one was backward they could do that. But good luck to that person – they will never find it.

        • I’m not saying don’t use those things as ideas in my own searches either. I put out ideas and thoughts out there all the time on the blog too. I just think we need to make sure to say if things are a Forrest Fact or not so we don’t close our minds to other possibilities.

      • Thanks for your moral compass Stephanie! I was gone on a little vacation with no access to the blog and came back to over a thousand emails about ttotc to try to go through to see if ff gave any more clues or said something that might pertain to the chase, so i appreciate it when you are able to correct misstatements that might lead some of us astray.

      • Stephanie
        I agree…ff has said many times to begin wwwh. Especially if the blaze is something you find only when you follow the rest of the clue properly. I think it would be so much harder to just pick a blaze (of whatever you thought that might be) and work the poem backwards. I wonder if people are getting frustrated with wwwh so they just try something new.


        Most importantly, when you’re scouting locations, consider that Fenn originally needed a space big enough to fit his own body. That’s because he planned to entomb himself alongside the box, and he still might. How serious is the idea? An earlier draft of the poem ended, “Then take the chest and leave my bones.”

        Fenn has rewritten the poem, but he may just end up entombed with his treasure yet. “If I am diagnosed with terminal anything,” Fenn told me, “I will not die in a hospital bed if I have a few breaths remaining. I don’t want to give any more clues, but if I am not too feeble to return to the chest when my turn comes, I cannot think of any better place for my bones to rest for a few millennia.”

        • I still believe you should only use the sources I mentioned(the poem, the book, actual interviews of Forrest and where Forrest was quoted on Dals site, because I know for a fact that those are things Forrest has actually written). Forrest has said that Tony from Newsweek got things wrong in that article. For one I don’t believe he’s ever said he needed a place big enough to be entombed for his bones. I know journalists have said it’s in New Mexico and no matter how many times Forrest has said it can be anywhere in the Rockies…they still report New Mexico. I know Dal has a blog post all about how messed up that article was. Here it is. I don’t want to come off as sounding like that information isn’t correct either…I just think that’s soooo important to keep only those things he says as fact…and use the rest of the stuff as possibilities.

        • Stephanie, I’m not sure how you are reading the bit about the “space big enough for his body” as a Fenn quote. That is Tony’s interpretation no doubt. Second, Dal’s point by point breakdown did nothing to discredit what Tony has quoted Mr Fenn as saying. You asked “where is quoted from him” referring to the bones comment and I gave the article in which it was quoted – from him. I have not seen a quote from Mr Fenn denying the accuracy of that article nor, more importantly, those quotes. If you have such information from him denying it then that would be useful. Lastly, we know Mr Fenn has intentionally fabricated stories in his “memoir” as hints and the treasure seekers are trying to turn it into fact. There are a few candid moments in his interviews when he goes off “script” and reveals something about his thoughts. Those are important moments as they cut the double talk and go right to the truth. I think Tony’s quotes from Mr Fenn are among those moments. Those were the early days and I’ve noticed that his responses have become very sterile and rehearsed since.

          • Very rarely has Forrest ever confirmed or denied something. He usually has to have a reason like it’s dangerous for someone to go somewhere or where he does a question and answer thing on Dals blog. Fair enough about everything else that you said. If someone wants to believe other things as fact….I have no qualms about them doing that. I’m just giving my thoughts on doing that.

        • If f simply said he will not die in a hospital bed, that could mean he would prefer to die any where else, hospice etc. Did he say he would not be “buried” anywhere different than cemetery, cremated with ashes scattered?
          I have been out of touch with this blog for a while and apologize if these questions have already been answered.

      • Stephanie ppl should appreciate what you just posted. The more precise the info the better chance you will have of finding the chest. Some people don’t realize the new ppl searching hear these mistakes and they run with them and they eventually end up wasting a month of research.

        • I agree, Stephanie is levelheaded. I appreciate her helping the reality check. From previous posts “Crazy” has expressed a desire to live in fantasy. That is OK just don’t be critical.

        • Stephanie has searched more locations than any of you ever will with more WWWH and HOB than any of you. It doesn’t make her an authority on human behavior. You can perceive me as living in fantasy by my accepting the printed and spoken word at face value as much as you like. When the day is done you don’t hold the treasure either. At least Stepahanie has the presence to withhold trivial criticism. BTW, specialK, I haven’t heard anything from you, why don’t you enlighten us all with your benevolent solutions to a fantasy treasure map!

      • Steph, live in NM we get periodic reports with Forrest by the local affiliate before most anyone else gets them. Thats how the rest of the world found out about Forrest and the treasure. It was a local thing that NBC picked up. They are always done under Forrests approval. I also watch and read everything just like you do, but we all can and do miss something. No big deal !

    • Chris Y
      I wrote about the same thing way back in the first clues blogs. Funny to see it brought up again and with new interest!

    • you all realize that as soon as i get on the road this is all over right? you all realize that right?

      • @Chris ,
        Welcome to the “I know exactly where the chest is and will getting it soon Club”

        Your membership card number is 547.

      • lol. Chris we ALL think that. I logged about 900 miles over the weekend and went back to my blaze which led me into an old indian well near some ruins. I totally thought I was on it 100%, which is what got me out there again. The clues in the poem worked so perfectly for my spot. It’s a needle in a haystack. Small chest, BIG world. Good luck! CHC

      • I have a brief moment in time here to talk before i get the chest. Once I go, and once I have it, the quest is over and theres nothing left to talk about. So i will talk and say that i have solved the poem because this is my opportunity to talk before i go. There is no BS here, if my circumstances were just a little different, I would already be on my way, but as it is there will be a delay, and soon i will be going, i am working on it. trust me, i will go, i will get there and i will get the chest, and i wont need to sell a kidney to do it. on the last comment, you could never see a chest of that size on Google Earth, what a dumb thing to say.

        SC …. yes, he’s a str8 shooter, but he’s not in the game, he has no idea where the treasure is. I am in the game, I know, and I will be going there soon and I will keep saying it until i go.

      • C.Y. you sound real confident…….one ? do you think its in new mexico? of coarse you dont have to answer…….i respect you cause you made me laugh with the batman thing sooo funny man so funny……….have you ever considered the fact that F may move the box if he feels someone is getting to close…..? few haver pondered the ? does he on occasion visit this blog site why would he not sc

      • Chris – if you are not going to my spot then you won’t be getting a chest :-).

      • Einstein, yes , see, confidence and a sense of humor, thats all i takes =)

      • SC, i had to have faith in the man to believe he hid the chest, and faith that he wrote the poem to lead to it, so i have faith he has integrity and will leave it there like he said. it all comes down to having faith in FF doesnt it

      • and no i dont mind saying which state i am going to , anyone who has read my posts already knows, the one with red colors

      • Chris i think feel he definetly hid it out there… in fenn , fenn is god!!! the god of trickery and an ocassional fibb………i wish you luck sc

      • Understanding you were making a joke, or more accurately trying to make a joke, this would not be something by which you would gauge anyone’s intelligence. Any person, regardless of their intelligence level, could see you were attempting humor there. The point is that the joke doesn’t work, and I was trying to keep it short and sweet thereby having faith in your ‘smarts’ so I wouldn’t have to explain why in an elaborate fashion. What makes things funny is that they are true or at least loosely based on truth. Take for example lawyer jokes, if someone tells a really funny one, we may have a reaction and actually laugh out loud. We know it isn’t 100% true, we know it is a joke, but there is an element of truth to it, and that’s what makes it funny. Your joke didn’t work for that reason and therefore was dumb.

      • And trying to prove your intelligence by trying to write something intelligent is even dumber-er.

      • Yates:
        Others have challenged you confidence.

        I admire true confidence so I will take a chance and bet even money that you will not find the Chest in the next 3 months. We can let Dal hold the cash, money orders or gold nuggets. With your confidence I shouldn’t offer even money but I feel gracious today.

        • ouch! maybe Y is just a big bluffer who fears someone else will find the chest…. there are alot of people here who have this fear, i pose this, think of the emotional let down you feel when it is found… pre prepare for the downer….i do beileve it will be found in the next three months….but then again Y absolutely no offense at all but if i had to bet ,i would bet against you ….again i remind you all this is just a game…pre prepare for the downer, for some it will be a doozy sc

          • I will be sad when its over. Even if i found it. It would be exciting yet kind of a bummer. This is all great fun! We all need to find another treasure to hunt after!

            j ~ PFW

          • I agree. Do I really have to go back to a normal life? I don’t think so.

          • Yates should re-hide the treasure in San Diego and write his own puzzle poem.

      • Y’all simmer down before we have to spray the girly pheromones in the place to counter-act all this testosterone ! No virtual bloodshed allowed, cause I dont like pools of blood, its soooo tacky

    • i think that stephanie said when he walks around you hear a slither slither sound

  12. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze – anagrams to: (with letters left over)

    Blinded by the sun
    Day of the indians
    Devil in the woods
    Donna the buffalo
    The eye of a needle
    A beautiful view
    Above and beyond
    Beyond Einstien
    Beautiful and insane

    • and hint of riches new and old

      anagrams to, with no letters left over

      chest, down in an FD drain hole

    • Good effort. But, there are only 9 clues. And 24 lines in the poem…

  13. Hi All, I’m new on here and love the passion and humor that I have read from all of you. It’s nice to feel at home somewhere….my family thinks I’m NUTS! Anyway, I would like to throw my two cents in. These are just some ideas I’ve come up with. Please let me know if you think I’m getting too crazy with it. For the sake of not babbling, I’ll just do it like this
    WWWH: Bath, sink,basin “TAKE IT IN”: mineral BELT? Canyon DOWN: Is there a “blue” canyon?,
    PUT IN: Lodge, Park, “IF YOU’VE BEEN WISE: Sage, and my list goes on and on…. lol am I playing with it too much? And the one that really messed with me was the town of Towaoc, ’cause I’m not sure if it’s too far to walk to or not. 🙂 -Lisa

      • Dal, I had my mom who is retired, hanging onto a rope tied around my waist as I jumped into a hole over the weekend… so…yes, I agree. haha. welcome Lisa 🙂 CHC

        • CO, it’s when she lets go that you know she thinks you’re really crazy. Congrats on a mother’s day she’ll never forget!

          • Double Down, definitely a Mother’s Day weekend to remember. Mom had some fun and we got a got a good story to laugh about. 🙂 CHC

          • I was thinking it’s probably best to have a Mom hold the end of the rope than a husband…but then I remembered when my Mom was with me and I saw the bear…she said after about a half hour…why don’t you go check now…he’s probably gone LOL

      • Someone asked about page 126. What do you suspect? I am curious. I gave my first edition copy to a family member and only have a more recent edition to review. I did note a difference between the photo cover and the interior photo where the letters CES appear on the Addison Doty back photo jacket. See the angle and light is different. What do you think of that? What does/might CES stand for? I think it is not a mark of the 12th century.

    • The thing Lisa is that your family is correct. 😯 Just tell them you want to find a place where all of you can have a nice family outing in the Rockies this summer.

      Welcome to the ward………please give all your sharp objects to Nurse Ratched.

    • i think alot of people haves searched there, the wolf was there i think

      • Were the gates open to go up higher on the mountain? When we were there, they were closed. I think that’s how you get to the lakes up there…right?

          • Not sure what that means…but good luck there. We like a few things there too…and that’s a perfect place to “hide” a chest.

        • Hello Stephanie,

          Some parts may resemble like many of the hundred places people have looked on this blog. I feel I am close but not in that area. The poem is correct and must be read to be a simple place to find the chest. After reading the book, I feel that I must apply the subtle clues to strengthen my thoughts and to be steered away. The second stanza was easy to understand. I wish I could tell everyone but most would say OMG and start laughing. Nobody has yet figured out or mentioned what is wwwh but there are more than 9. Just to let you know, I feel I know the group who was within 500ft. Even I know F has been there so many times. I believe his wife was there as well. It is a place where so many go and so many wish they could go. You taught me one thing Stephanie about this chase….to go in peace as I learn. I can almost put my thumb on this type of map, but I still have a lot to learn on how it is done. I guess just one degree at a time I suppose. Just like in the book.

      • HI Stephanie… no I dont know them or have I ever meet them…just got to do your research…it would be great if you could redfine the terms though. Lots of information I gathered is not on the internet. It takes a lot of ground work.

        • Geydelkon, I attempted to reply to your question about page 126, if that was your question. What does your name mean and where do you live? Why is there sometimes a reply link and other times not? Thank you for your comments.

    • Hi All, I read some where that words have power. I think reading the poem over and over, conditions our mind, to think very narrowly, about the location of the chest. It causes us to think only about certain things, “repeatedly,” and to disregard any other input. James

  14. Good morning everyone! I have received multiple emails from people Who are convinced I have the chest but rest assured it is still out there somewhere.

        • im not asking you at all to do that…..if TP is trully where you headed , i dont think its there,the people of the earth guard that place or at least they did when my folks lived there…plus i dont think fenn would risk being caught even if say someone here completely did figure it out,they would speak nothing of it. people are here for information….the poem is the dog chasing his tail………tha blaze…….is not really clue…to me anyway but what do i know???? sc

        • Nooooooo. Sorry TP is toilet paper – you can see it in the picture of the magazine cover LMAO. Sorry…

  15. How can Forrest say definitively that the treasure has not been found? We need to be looking for a key only! “I give you title to the gold.” Why say only title?

    Forrest is certainly familiar with Dan Brown’s treasure hunt where the key leads to a safe deposit box, prepaid forever, with instructions that anyone with the key can open it. If he went to all the trouble to set that up, easy enough to include instructions at the bank to give him a call if the deposit box is claimed.

    Heck there’s a bank called Woodforest bank located in his home state of Texas. “If you are brave and in the wood”

    • I’ve thought that before too. He says it’s out there though. There’s a bank in Espanola that used to called The Mountains. I thought for sure it was there. Some people have suggested that there’s two locations. Maybe that’s why…one is a key…but the chest still has to be out there somewhere…don’t think in a bank vault though.

          • Isn’t that where the school kids came from? Probably not for the meek kinda place huh? I’ve had some search locations that have used it. We went through that area on our way up to Georgia O’Keeffe’s place too in Abiquiu. I did so much research on her since I know he handled her work and might have sipped some tea with her when she was alive….and her ashes also were spread on a special mountain that Douglas Preston lives near by friends of hers(was he one of them?…I really don’t know). I’ve also used the dam there as my heavy loads that the Army(not meek either) runs that hydroelectric station that gives the Los Alamos(bombs under my wing) power. If you’ve ever gone down into that canyon(take the canyon down) on your car…it’s pretty cool. So that’s how I know of Espanola. I know more about places out West than my own town.

        • yes i know it, no trout fishing there though…..i go though it when i go to Pillar, but its ben fishing poorly there for awhile now, or i just have bad luck, o.k. i am bad luck sc

          • ??? The Rio Chama holds the record for New Mexico for the Brown Trout and is lined with sandstone that I had photos of on my blog that show how easily a double FF could be the blaze. It joins the Rio Grande in Espanola. Were you really unaware of that? I know Dal has searched that area too……

    • tomwhat, if I recall correctly, the key to the box is or was on display down at that bookstore that sells Fenn’s book in Santa Fe, and I think it’s been stated the chest isn’t locked.

        • Oh that’s right…he did say that. So it can’t be in a different location. Someone said it’s at Collected Works bookstore on display. I’m not aware of that.

          • Definitely not on display in the CW book store. At least not back in early March when I spent the better part of two days there drinking coffee, talking to employees and browsing. Lots of great books there. A book lover’s paradise.

    • @tomwhat

      “How can Forrest say definitively that the treasure has not been found? We need to be looking for a key only! “I give you title to the gold.” Why say only title?”

      I have a theory on this point which kind of fits well with my area and other comments FF has made as far as knowing if it has been found or not. It’s only a theory but it makes sense with regard to ownership, public lands, etc. I’d say more, but I don’t want to jinx myself before I go to search next week. When I return about two weeks from now, I’ll give Dal a full account of my search, my line of thinking, etc. to post on the blog if he wishes. Most likely it will be another “came home empty handed” tale, but I know I will have a heck of a time. I will say that if I am right (which is completely speculative at this point) then FF has indeed thought of everything as he stated.

      I’ve been focusing more on the “why” questions more than the “what”, “where”, who”, etc.

  16. E no aplogies nessesary……hope your pictures not the blaze…..good luck…..if you do find it you know what to do, your usual sc

        • F imean ~W sorry preoccupied with trying to think like fenn , welcome to the swirling pool of ideas, opinions, and fennenian madness, enjoy… you will find some too serious, not serious enough , and absolutely determined to find Fenns 10 by 10 and there are a host of other character types here . sc ; ) ; )

      • Hello everyone, I’m a Newbie here.

        I’ve had my book for about a month now. Happened to stumble upon this blog a few days ago, and after reading many posts, I’ve decided its time to join the masses, if you will have me.

        I’ve read, re-read, analyzed, researched, and read some more. I know there are way more posts here than I have had time to read (on my list of things to do), but poem aside, was wondering if anyone has found the blaze to the loot within the book.


        • Welcome -W to the Thrill o da Chase!

          Here’s a clue for you. Don’t follow the masses anywhere cause they don’t know where the heck they’re going, the whole loveable lot of them. LOL.

          • sc-
            I think people have some clues. Forrest even said as much. But I would agree that no one has all the clues. At least no one (including me) who has outlined their clues on this blog.

        • Hmmm. Dal, you don’t say? I will tell you this much. There is not one misdirection in the entire poem, only people’s interpretations of the poem that have been misdirected.

        • Thanks for your responses, eveyone. I’m starting to feel welcome already.

          Let me start sharing what has been bugging me:

          What do people think about Fenn’s sharing of Omar Khayyam’s words?
          Specifically, why does he write the three passages out of order?

        • Dal , hope i have been talking to much, if i find it ,phaa everyone will know it was me ….BIG MOUTH I AM clues, yeah i guess there are clues in the poem…they are so unrevealing, thats F s genius, like ive said , in my head ive taken the poem to all the places ive fished and it fits all them,some better than others, and it can even apply to urban areas, you got to tip your hat to F hes smart as hec, i do believe he fibbs here and there.though for me this blog is real interesting, it is my first blog experience, if i offended you by my kick thje door open guns blazin entry, i appoligize, DT had it right when he said it was arrogant of me to propose a partnership with you , the irony is im not arrogant, clues ill say it ,i dont think the blaze is a clue, rather fenns clever way of keeping people distracted, in essence a decoy, no one says F has to play fair in this game, it is a game. a more then hard puzzle….with limited peices spl boo , the poem things that sing to me= there be no paddle up your creek, i think F is definetly saying dont go that way…hmmmm canyon down , where two ridges form a valley ( mora flats)been there ,nothin marvel gaze that really screams to me , id say what i think it is, but think that might be tipping my hand to much. in reality im not even sure i wont to find the treasure chest, i say that not only because my 6 faultered attemps beat my knees and heel up ,but i mean what do you do if your really find it??? chances are the state will move in with lawyers and take it from you, if you come out publicly( spl boo) just think of it ,youve found, and the next 10 years of your life your in court fighting for it . if you are smart and keep it quiet, how do you sell it off? i think what fenn has done here is pretty cool but , people need to realize there will be good sides to this adventure and bad, not cursing the quest but just thinking realisticuly (spl boo) i guess what im trying to say ,which in word form is real hard for me, again i guess what im trying to say is the treasure couldf be a blessing or a burden . again sorry if i offended you w/ the kick down the door guns blazin entry, it was either that or the mouse that scoots in the open door, bet alot of people here were wishing it was the 2nd one haa SC

          • sc-
            You have to be relentless. Forrest warned everyone when he said “it’s difficult but not impossible.” I think of it like a lottery ticket. My clue guesses or the numbers on my ticket have as good a chance as anyone else’s to win. If not this time than perhaps next time. It’s fun to look. I am in no way put off by the difficulty. The only time I really expected to find it was my first time out. Since then my optimism has been tempered with reality. I’ll still be looking in ten years if it has not been located and probably enjoy it as much then as I do today. It’s an immensely pleasant experience to be out in the hills trying to put the clues against the land and enjoying the clean air and beautiful landscape. The characters and the hikes are quite lovely.


    • Hey G-guy…….was just catching up on the blog. I see where Steph says there are no snakes in Chicago. She’s obviously never been to city hall. LOL

  17. “Your efforts will be worth the cold…”
    All the cold looks and cold shoulders, when you mention the treasure.

  18. The people who know where it is are beginning to outnumber the searchers. Didn’t Dal make a no bragging rule some time back. I think we all know that probably none of us will find it, so the best shot we have at glory is to pretend we know the location. Rather immature, don’t you think? I think we should enforce the no bragging rule (by we I mean Dal).

  19. I’m not bragging, I’ve come out with a lot of ideas to clues on here just like everyone else. That’s what this blog is for. I just said I’m going and we will know if I’m right by the time this week is through. I’m not sure who you think is bragging, but everyone talks about their spot.

      • ghost, I think you posted very useful info just as a lot of ppl have. I’m not sure who is being talked about, but we all know at this point that EVERYBODY thinks they know where it is, including myself. I think until someone actually comes up with it….which it appears someone is getting ready to according to Fenn’s joke of the day, no one is going to believe it until then, but we can still wish each other well on our journeys.

    • Stephanie, I hope you’re the one who finds it! I’m still narrowing my search, but even with an IQ of 152, I have no idea what or where the blaze is. But if anyone finds it before I do, I hope it’s you…you seem genuine and nice and humble, and I think that’s just the person FF would want to find the chest. 🙂

        • Thanks! I have two sites I’m wavering between at this point. In two different states. I don’t have the book yet (hopefully, it’ll be here today!), so I hope it’ll help me narrow down my search a little more. If I ever find a spot I’m super confident about, I’m on the next plane out…if you haven’t already found it! 🙂

  20. theprobeguy – that is probably one of the most sensible, if not the most sensible, posts in at least the last 24 hours!! Dal, for what it’s worth, I totally agree

  21. This may be a dumb question, but how are you narrowing down WWWH if you think it is a dam, hot springs, confluence,etc… to one specific dam, spings, etc…? Is that where the hints from the book help out? Or are you just picking one by the name and searching the rest canyon down, HOB, and seeing if anything matches that one specific place? Even if it’s the Continental Divide, where to start specifically? I guess this is why my thinking goes back to WWWH has to be/mean one specific place that can only fit that clue to begin with. But, if all you need is the poem, it still seems like WWWH has is still so vague. It seems so many on here believe to have THE WWWH, but yet, no one has come up with the treasure.

    • @Ghost

      I know what you mean. I’m like Stephanie in that regard. I get nervous every time I read that someone is heading out to search. Like you said, with limited time to search before having to head back home, it makes it difficult to be thorough. I only had one day last time out, so this time I bought a one-way ticket and don’t have to be back home until June 10th. After that (unfortunately) I won’t be able to get away until next year so I have to make this trip count.

    • ghost, even knowing what I THINK I know, I still posted two clues last night. I probably won’t be posting anymore until after I’ve been out there, but I’ve only ever tried to point ppl in what I think is the right direction.

  22. Does everyone remember reading”I know there are some Indiana jones types out there who will throw a bedroll in the back of the truck and start searching”. WWWH is telling you to go camping…
    We’re looking for a campsite..

    • theprobeguy, everyones bragging because they afraid of th 10 by 10 being found, they know its treasure hunting season,and mant more have joined the search……..i sc highlander to know where the chest is. i was 15 feet from it ,and did not about the the chase,i had no idea what of what id seen …new mexicans were the last to be informed off the chase. hmmmmmmmmmm sc

      • New mexicans knew for two years about the chase before anyone else. I only knew because of the internet. Dal knew because he knows forrests nephew.THRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • sorry major typing malfuntion , and did not know about the chase, i had no idea of what id seen , 15 ft. aghhhhhhhh the worst part is i have no clue as to where i fished, it is erased from my memory, but ive seen the marvel gaze,thats all i remeber…i will meeting with a shrink who had done extensive work with r.e.m. therapy , and no one touch the therapy comment, i know iknow sc

  23. Stephanie Davis (and all)

    Below are three quotes from three different indiviuals just in this short blog topic. If I went back a few I would find many, many more. I am not the moderator, just noticing an increase in bragging activity.

    “I have a brief moment in time here to talk before i get the chest. Once I go, and once I have it, the quest is over and theres nothing left to talk about. So i will talk and say that i have solved the poem because this is my opportunity to talk before i go.”

    “Dal I’m telling you I have the right spot”

    “Actually i will kill all the thrill in less than 2 weeks.”

    probe guy

    • yes I have noticed this too. something needs to be done about it before someone gets hurt.

      • LOL. Yes, like my feelings. But I find little useful information in those 3 quotes. Just chest-thumping. If chest-thumping is allowed I am fine with it– it does provide some laughs. I just thought it was against the rules.

        • I tried to ask something about the clues, but it got buried in all the “I know where the chest is” banter. Maybe Dal should start a blog for those who know where it is. 🙂

          • Hi Oakleygirl.

            Are you in MA? If so, I’m in the Brockton area if you’d like to do an in-person chat session about this stuff. It would be refreshing to talk face-to-face with someone who shares my enthusiasm since most of my friends think it’s a goofy “pie in the sky” endeavor.

        • Alex S
          yes, I am in Sterling. I can’t give an email on here because my hubby and I share one. Do you have a way I can contact you? I’ve been researching for months but have nothing definite yet. I’m not going to be one who says I’ve got it solved for awhile I’m sure!

      • in all seriousness, i will put a moratorium on my comments of this nature from this point on. and if the powers that be wanted to delete some of my previous, i would be ok with that, not that anyone needs me to be ok with it, just sayin. i cant go back and untype what i posted already. posting on this blog is a privilege and not a right and so i want to play within the rules.

      • I just think that when people’s minds are on a roll with their solutions they get excited and are exuberant in sharing with all the other ‘chasers’ 🙂 lol I know I’ve been therwe, I do so want someone to find the chest and I want to know where they found it to know if I was even partially close! lol

    • Since so many know where it is already I guess I will hook up the bass boat and go fishing.

        • probe guy removing the blaze is cheating or is it ? i left all the fs i found….i saw one that was very old on an old aspen but i was FF , it was probably FF years ago, i think F has seen a whole lota the rockies…..i might learn more when i finaly buy the book in a few days, feel weird in downtown santa fe,people look at me and know im weird sc

  24. If you are confident
    You will see
    Scars carved into a tree
    If you are confident
    You will know
    A place at the end of a rainbow
    But, if you are confident
    And know the “line”
    The Treasure will be mine

  25. “I tried to ask something about the clues, but it got buried in all the “I know where the chest is” banter. Maybe Dal should start a blog for those who know where it is.”– Oakleygirl

    What a great idea, Oakley. Do it, Dal. Quarantine an area for the “I know where it is” crowd.

    • serious note hunters , this the begining of run off season, all rivers ,creeks, streams will be running high with water, even if you have waders and think you can get across , think twice, i have many a time gone in , the water is extremely cold, and if you fall towards sun down you will be twice as cold. if you fall in you wil realize it is not worth the cold ……..15 feet people 15 feet sc

        • SC, they do have a type-n-talk at Bestbuy that you can get for your puter then you just talk into mic

        • Kym wow , i thought to myself as i was writting i hate typing, they should have it so you can just talk into a mike a your words come out, im serious i did not know they ( they ?) had this.. i am not a computer person ,born in wrong era……thank you though….but just imagine if i had this technoligy….sc blahblahblah times a 1000….pahhaaa im gettin it !!! jst. kiddinn thanks sc

          • Lol. Sc just keep typing. Turns out you are the most sane person in this virtual room of show offs. A quick question, where would be the best fly fishing in our state? Oh and why don’t you write a book or guide about your experiences. Sounds like you gave a lot to offer in that regard.

        • DT, sane paaahaaa im a loon , you live in New mexico ? hmmmmmm best fly fishing in new mexico? are you fishing ? honestly ive not fished alot of the better rivers,if fished chama awesome need to see more , pecos, cow creek richies took it over before i could see alot of it, jemez particularly the rio guadelupe towards the end of runn off mile marker 6 through 7.5 one of my favorites( holly crap thats where i was !!! jst. kiddin) the rio grande river. Pillar and the wild rivers area where i admit i got got a little turnrd around ,stay on the paths , i ended up on a giant rock feild 300 ft. above the canyon floor,if i had fallen that would have been it. went back down to canyon floor and found the path or blaze….blah blah and many of the rio grande tributaries, creeks essentialy…fly guiding ,im too old and beat up ,and i do consider myself a better than average fly fisherman but not an expert,that is important….i tie my own flys wet only…book i staterd a fly tying book 2 years ago i have the begining ,complete but realized i need more of my own original flys. plus a camera that can get in real close to the vise…..put it this way i hace an imagination of a writer but the motivation of a hobo..not a good combo , and i hate typing… getting that machine u guys are doomed !!! oh and i hate cell phone tech. if i could push a button and destroy all cell phone technoligy i would do it in a heart beat, maybe even t.v. mindless uselees crap on tv booooo …did that answer your ? s pahaaa sc

        • @ SC
          I agree TV is a buch of useless garbage unless its like wild kingdom, wild America, animal planet or documentaries on Indian art, drawings, or history where kids can learn something. I have a Cell phone and hate it except when Im stuck some where Like the mall with my wife and kids then I play F18 carrier Landing while they look at clothes, but I prefer to be outside somewhere.

  26. I’m going to probably tick some people off but here goes:
    first of all the title of the poem is:
    “Where the treasure lies”:
    to complete this sentence in a biblical fashion:
    “There may your heart be also.”
    *Whether that is a clue or not – I am not sure – however…
    Some people begin at the beginning – which is a very good place to start (at least according to Maria in the sound of Music)
    Some people begin at the end….
    Now we are all given a poem, and no directions on where to go with it and many of the things could be interpreted either one way or another…
    To those who are confused as to where warm waters halt – they could halt a couple of places –
    the letter “S” or the whole sentence halts at the letter “T” – do you see – can you imagine it?
    What do you do at the end of the S or the T – is totally up to you – as you work through the poem you must look for subtle clues – there are many – I have found/discovered/ uncovered so much about this that I am convinced it could be approached from so many different directions – that we would need a team to work on it – unless of course you have been working on it for a very long time… I would love to continue in the race for the treasure, but as far as I am concerned – I will not obtain the treasure itself – as many others will not – and all of the time you have spent on this will add up to either happiness of memories shared or you will be upset that you didn’t locate the treasure – and perhaps have been working on it all on your own. I think FF (Probably his pen name) is good in encouraging everyone to include the family – go and look for this treasure – and there may be one out there physically, but there definitely is one out there for you and your family – to imagine, to ponder, to work together through the poem, to offer ideas, even ideas that come from the youngest members of the family, to consider them and work all together – you will truly find your treasure as it will bring you all back together – you will learn to cooperate, to speak up, to encourage and share – these are many of the things in Where the treasure lies, but mostly it lies in family ties, bonds – keep looking – I can share my notes with anyone – but I think I know where my own treasure is – and I have alot of things to catch up on right now.
    If you just want to go searching for a needle in the haystack – then go off and look for the treasure, but If I were you I would definitely include family, so you end up doing something with your family and that will be a treasure for all of you!
    My advice is Look before you leap – especially to those of you – who like me – have very little money. (If any at all)
    If you begin at the beginning – you may or may not interpret each line the same as someone else does.
    If you begin at the ending (ditto )
    I don’t care if anyone can sue me over this – if they can – they will get nothing but bankruptcy information – I love all of you – I must fly off!
    I have alot of the puzzle worked over – and then it just opens up more and more possible directions in which you can take it – so this is why I must go!
    For those of you interested in the answer to my poem: it was:
    “Your faith in God.”
    @ Jen – was the closest when she said “God”

    • thanks LS, I was gonna say ‘the Word that the Spirit wields which is the word of God, able to divide soul and spirit , joint and marrow.”” lol 🙂

    • Sparrow, I always appreciate your posts, hopefully you stick around. I share your approach to the puzzle…for what it’s worth, but dang, it still eludes me.

      • @ Hank ponder each line by itself and work on the poem as you go… you can choose to begin at the beginning, in the middle, or the end or where ever you want to, but ponder each line prior to taking action…

    • Sparrow, very interesting but where do you get the title, “Where the Treasure Lies” ? It is not in the book nor is it on his website. If someone else has titled it, then that is erroneous info.

    • The alpha in the middle of the pg is throwing me off and then there is just alot goin on that fits my search it could go either way

      • Also think your hit parade is your hidden potential
        I dont know if i should read from alpha up, alpha down or all it

    • not really but one thing is bugging me…on page 41, he says the cemetery is a block north of his house…on page 42, he talks about hearing the trains when the wind is out of the east and about the gypsies camping by the tracks…if the tracks were east of his house, why would he go north through the cemetery and across a wide field to get to their camp?

      • Oh great….and we’re following his directions by way of a poem? No wonder it hasn’t been found. We’re going in circles.

        THRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • I think the east he is implying is from where he resides now in nm so theyd b from the east

  27. Little Sparrow. Thanks for the mention of the Bible verse concerning the treasure. It is Mathew 6:21: For “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” I do believe that this is a very important hint to understanding the location of the treasure. I had a theory based on this that helped me pin point a location which I have been to twice, and intend to go back again in a couple of weeks. Taking a small army this time to help search, and staying for several days. A beautiful location for a family vacation even if we don’t fina the treasure.

      • Hi Little Sparrow, Stephanie D, theprobeguy, Yes, I, too, have had Heart lead the way on TOTC. Heart informs my reading, research, trail walks & talk, observation, and dreams in the night. A great guiding life principle from matthew: For “Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be” or something like that. Thank you for citing the reference 6:21.

        • I’ve probably let my heart lead the way too much. There are a lot of amazing minds on this website and many have given me brilliant insight, and for that I am truly thankful. I have to follow my heart though because that is where the thrill is for me.

        • Amen Lena. 🙂 I had a girl on one of my buses once say, “just follow your heart!” and so I have :)…. and He is seated in Heaven at the right hand of my Father 🙂

  28. Ok let’s get everyone on the same page, I’m not trying to offend anyone I just wanting some credit in the finding.
    Here is my solution….
    WWWH means to go camping
    Take it in the canyon down means put in at the bottom of a canyon
    So your looking for a campsite in the bottom of a canyon
    Below the home of brown.
    Brown is cimarron,nm the home of the Boy Scouts of America
    And philmont scout ranch is the camp site were looking for

    Now you have to use the clues new and old and old outhouses
    This tells you that you need to find the old scout camp
    And it is located in the ponil canyon on the chase ranch
    There is a water well at the old camp site
    But you have to be on site to find the rest of the solution
    Point canyon had the largest gold strike in nm

    Tulsa is Toledo and it is east of cimarron
    This is also the coldest place in nm
    This site is also the Indian writing archeological site

    Does this help anyone?

  29. nope. I want to look up by Chama, but just haven’t been able to go yet. Saving for YNP and parts all around Montana for our vaca. I would like to search the trout waters below eagle nest tho again. 🙂

  30. Im down with working with others i wont be able to be out there cor atleast a week

  31. Like everyone else i feel confident in my spot only been searchin for cup weeks and havent heard mention of this paticular area

  32. didn’t Mr Fenn say something about that you would find his treasure at the end of a rainbow trout

    • Hi, I had Rainbow Trout for dinner tonight. Smoked, pretty good. First time I ever tried it. Thought, why the heck not? could be nearing f’s rainbow end. Stopped in at Kaune’s market — you know at the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail? Wow is it now very chi chi, uptown in downtown.
      Hmmm, do you hear it? … my huckleberry friend, moon River and me …

  33. If anyone is going to be in West Yellowstone on the evening of June 1st and wants to meet up to lie about fish and to talk about treasure, please send an email.

    • darn Dal, we would love to meet U. But we are goin last week of June. 🙂 maybe next time you are in Santa Fe,

        • well I have a car and am trustworthy and not a mugger so if any blogger that has been a frequenter of this blog needs a ride and I’m off work and you can pitch in for gas I’d be glad to be a chauffeur lol , oh and you have to buy me lunch LOL I’d even stay in the car so you can look if you are paranoid LOL rotf

        • or actually hiking in the opposite direction might be good as well, cover more ground lol, oh and I can take care of myself and will bring my attack dog!

    • I cant believe its outside new mexico treasures new and old he spent so much time there as child, but here in nm is where he beat cancer and has a family n busniess

      • and one of his daughters last name’s is Old lol 🙂 his daughters are his treasures also he calls them his team along with his beautiful wife

    • Hey dal,

      You are searching the quake lake this time right? That is my next big spot but I am willing to share my interpretation with you for free if you can please check the spot for me. I won’t expect any treasure if you find it, but it would be appreciated. I would like the puzzle solved more than the treasure. Send me an email at ianivor at and I will reply with my stuff.

        • Ok thanks for the reply. Did you check out the forest creek trail by any chance? I have everything including the blaze on that trail bt I can’t get there to check it.

    • @ Dal.

      Well shoot. Looks like I will miss you by a month. I am headed up to Yellowstone in July. I would love to meet you out in the field one of these days and share stories.

    • Has the snow melted enough around the park by early June? I thought I had read it was by late summer is the optimal time to go.

      • According to reports from folks who live near the park the area that I am interested in is snow free. I also want to beat the summer crowds which migrate as soon as school is out, and I want to check on my cache. I think you’re right though. Late summer is a spectacular time to be there.

        • If it were not for bad luck, I would actually be meeting you there; for i had reservations and plans for the beginning of June, but alas, life got in that way and kept me around here for another month. I agree with you; beat the summer crowds.

          For what it’s worth, I think we would make a great team. I grew up all over the Rockies, have relatives I visit almost yearly in Albuquerque and Montana, and have many fond secret spots in Yellowstone. After reading Forest’s Memoir I saw a lot of myself in him.

          Now I just have to age myself 40 years and I will be able to read his mind. 😉

        • Hello Dal, Nice to meet ya.
          Well, if I find and claim the treasure by late May there is a high likelihood I will be visiting WY June 1st. If not, then I will be heading back to work south by June 1st.
          Will be my 1st visit to the spectacular country and i am looking forward to exploring the area. It would be fun to visit. If I recall you posted an outstanding video of the area.
          Lena, my friends call me Nicky

    • dal, good luck in west yellowstone. I have my money on a spot in Idaho.

    • Darn Dal I’m sitting In West Yellowstone as I type this, been in the park camping for three days. Not really searching, more exploring and getting to know the area. Heck I always wanted to come here anyway. I had no specific location to search but I did have three places I wanted to look over to get the lay of the land. Unfortunately two were closed to humans to give the bears some room to roam after their long winter nap so could not explore much. The other is a raging river at the moment and not safe at all.

      As for snow it is melting fast and all roads but the road between Canyon Junction and Tower Roosevelt are open. Snow is only an issue above about 7,000 to 7,500 feet but passable most places. Wish you luck on your search and sorry I missed you. Oh, I found your cache and left a little arrowhead made of agate. Wish the treasure was that easy. I took a picture and will get it off to you when I get home.

        • E snow !!!!! youve just tipped your hand to me ……….jst. kiddin there may still be some left up there, where ever it is in N.M. your goin……….know you dont like me much…..but will post to to you as long as your here again good luck…i may venture out in a week or two …dal said to me be relentless (spl?) boo …i might be hobbling up there ,but i have to see the spot i was at last summer, it is a treasure in it self …makes you feel real alive.. can you promise ,if you dint find the 10 by 10 that you will open your brain to the group … i dint know ,you say very little ,but im fasinated by you , and for the most part ,i really dont like most humans again good luck SC

        • Well maybe. There is still plenty of snow off trail I in the higher elevations. The temps are still dropping below freezing at night but the daytime highs have hit 70 or more in many places. The melt is definitely on. And of course this report is specific to YNP.

        • I have an eye in my location – not a webcam but I get to see pictures on the web taken by a few people who get paid to report and take pictures :-). Gotta love the internet.

          • I am the eye in the sky
            Looking at you
            I can read your mind
            I am the maker of rules
            Dealing with fools
            I can cheat you blind
            And I don’t need to see any more
            To know that
            I can read your mind, I can read your mind

        • I used the Black-Red-Green method to solve the poem. Some many thought I was insane.

  34. Forgive a sinner and smile at a homely girl is a big reason ff did this so ot would only make sense to search in groups

  35. You guys are bumming me out. Why do you do this to yourselves and each other? It’s a sunny day,
    seeya ~

  36. @Steph, sorry, may have been a little misleading. Read that from an article from:
    “The Daily Beast”,
    “Most importantly, when you’re scouting locations, consider that Fenn originally needed a space big enough to fit his own body. That’s because he planned to entomb himself alongside the box, and he still might. How serious is the idea? An earlier draft of the poem ended, “Then take the chest and leave my bones.”
    Fenn has rewritten the poem, but he may just end up entombed with his treasure yet. “If I am diagnosed with terminal anything,” Fenn told me, “I will not die in a hospital bed if I have a few breaths remaining. I don’t want to give any more clues, but if I am not too feeble to return to the chest when my turn comes, I cannot think of any better place for my bones to rest for a few millennia.”
    So you’re right, FF did not actually say that. My bad.

    • Hey poisonivy,

      Didn’t I see you had Obsidian Cliff as the WWWH a couple pages back? Do you still like the camp loll area? I also started with Obsidian Cliff but I suspect its for a different reason than you. Care to compare notes?

  37. Anyone ever notice that the 2 stacks of coins on pg 131 is really one stack copied to make it look bigger?

  38. yeah i noticed that, the picture of coins on the left they placed over the top left third of the other picture, and makes it look like one bigger pile if you weren’t paying attn

    • Chris, isn’t that just artistic license on layout of the book, or do you ‘read’ something into it?

      • read something into it? ya i read something into it. how do you think i figured out what the blaze was

        • well when porter put that list of word sentences he got up one of them was readbetweenthelines 🙂 another was , withintenttodeceive

        • U know i thought when ff was. saying 6″*4″ on the hem and gat books he was actually talkn boit tje chest size

      • @ Kym, the first was a little bit of a no brainer, some peeps don’t have to be told to do that, the second, I have no clue, but it sounds like a clue, to tell that person who is doing it (porter) to go back to the drawing board and try try again…

  39. Dal you are here now. Yesterday there was a question about FF wanting or saying that he’d like the O’s bracelet back and I can’t find the link. Did he or not say that?

    • O’s Bracelet? Hmmm which one is that? Several bracelets in the chest. The only bracelet I am familiar with that he wanted back is the Weatherill turquoise bead, silver bracelet. I believe he first said that on the very first Lorene Mills interview in 2010.

        • I actually found a place with tons of o’s but unless NNW is only 1 degree above west then it is not there LOL

  40. Thanks for your responses, eveyone. I’m starting to feel welcome already.

    Let me start sharing what has been bugging me:

    What do people think about Fenn’s sharing of Omar Khayyam’s words?
    Specifically, why does he write the three passages out of order?

    • sometimes i think that the blaze could be something like, you are out searching in the woods, and it is right in front of you and you don’t even know it

      • C i beleive its just a decoy ,think about how many searchers are pre occupied with the meaning of the blaze……dog chasing its tail ,fenns put all are minds in a box with just that word, personaly i think fenn thinks outside the box, i dont know just my opn. sc

      • I agree, Chris. f isn’t that easy. I don’t thinks it’s going to be all that linear. There’s definitely going to be a twist in the road somewhere. He said we’d be surprised…CHC

        • Oh yes. We will have a treasure party in Sante Fe and I will invite a few of my friends from this blog. I am on of the Stooges. 🙂

        • I found a place that has eerily similar things in it just like he says is in the chest. It could be coincidence but it made me think that what a person might find at the actual hidden location is just the “title to the gold”…….I think it’s very possible the treasure is actually somewhere else. But I do believe there is another twist to all of it that I can’t say at the moment.

          • I could see that, Steph D. The trick is the time, miles, and leg work to test all the theories. I’m at 1800 miles over two weeks on my first few trips. Now I have two new spots I’m itching to go check out. I need to do my homework before the next search. Let me know if u have any ideas you wann bounce around 🙂 CHC

    • oops my previous post was meant for your previous question

      on the Rubaiyat, yes that is interesting, mentioning out of order, is there a reason? i havent come up with anything solid, i did notice that on the 2nd one he mentions, 27th quatrain (i think that was 2nd mentioned) the last line has a common thread with the TS Eliot that FF likes to quote, like going back to, or ending back at the place where you started.

  41. Dal or anyone…does anyone have the link to the New Mexico 1800’s map from fenns book?

    • regarding maps I find the following sight fascinating ad distracting. But since I cannot be out in the hunt except for armchairing it, I look at other things like maps. Wish I could be in the thick of things though.

  42. I think that Fenn tells us just what the blaze is and how it can be found in the book. Just a theory that I will test out in a couple of weeks.

    • I found an Omega blaze not far from my F blaze…the “Omega” symbol was made of metal and was originally used to bind an old water pipe. It was on the ground and weighed down by a few stones- not sure if this was just a coincidence or what…but interesting just the same. CHC

  43. When Mr Forrest Fenn assures everyone that the chest has not been found yet, I hope he is not soley relying on the finder of the chest to come forward.

    • /agreed. But even if that’s the case, I hope the person who finds the chest has the decency to take a pic and post if anonymously online or leave a horseshoe (omega) in the chests place. It would suck immensely to be the second person to the correct spot and then keep searching because nothing was left behind.

      • i will leave something behind,the chest and a few goodies,and some sc highlander prince nymphs(fishing flys ) seriously if someone here finds it,leave the chest it will hamper your exit. unless you are a bear man sc

    • I doubt that it is dependent on the finder, due to the fact that he said revealing how he knows the chest is still there would give too big of a clue. So maybe some sort of electronic detection, current snow level, or even perhaps that it is relatively close by to him so he can physically check on it.

    • are you sure that he actually said that? specifically that if he said he cannot say how he knows its there because its too big of a clue? i ask because i have an interview where from FFs own mouth he states that its possible that someone could take it and he wouldn’t know but he doesnt think that someone would do it and keep quiet.

      • Chris,

        Yes, paraphrasing, he said the revelation of how he knows would be too much of a clue. I believe this was in a more recent interview, unlike some of the older ones where he was more uncertain or downright denied he would absolutely know, unless the finder told him of course.

        • Yep he said something similar to that. I beleve its fairly close to him but he doesnt want to check often cause some scumbags are following hi. This disturbs me greatly for his safety.:(

        • I think he either has a camera or some type of gps device on it, or the poem leads to a note or key that has to be taken to a bank where he has access to get the chest out of a safe deposit box.

      • Sd guess what his partner who get the short end of the bargain ain’t going down quietly!

    • relax Chris, its still there because its in such a good spot ff KNOWS nobody has found it…He is confident in his poem…

    • Or he may know because he knows it is not accessible yet. He may know there is only a small window when it is. It may be snow or it may be an area that is closed for various reasons. It does not have to be technology.

      • I feel Mr. Fenn is the type of person who does not restrict his realm of thinking to the so called “box” many people refer to, so therefore he may think there IS no box. I’m not talking about the treasure chest. When someone tells me to think outside the box I always tell them “there is no box”. No big deal. BTW, I like your posts.

        • Stan , interesting i like the term ,unlimited thought with no restrictions,and no place to retreat to ” the box” there is no box i like it !!! you like my posts ,then your sir are a little crazy, thanks sc

  44. Chris,
    You wont at least send us a picture so we can move on with our lives?

    • if i found it, i would go to a public library, post pics anonymously, link to it here and send an anon email to FF with the pics and coordinates where i found it

      • I have seen a picture of what I believe is ff’s blaze. For me it fits the bill. It wasnt my pic, and I think if we all work hard we learn more than we realize. Someday it will just click just like Forrest says

    • my concern isnt what i would do,i couldnt leave so many people hanging if it were me, that would be beyond cruel, its what someone else might not do, or might not already have done as it were. that sounds weird doesnt it

    • Hey! I’m back home after 10 day Yellowstone trip. I’m tired, hungry and sleepy. Busted, disgusted and can’t be trusted. Needless to say, did not find chest, feel like I was so close. I tried … So.. Hard. (sorry I’m choking up) makes me want to quit! Now I’m gettin verklempt (sobbing)… Wait… Tawk amongst ya selfs …(crying) I give you a topic…(sniffs) home of Brown! ( circular hand motion) Discuss!

      • @Horatio…

        mine telling us what area you searched…not specific…just general.

        • Rick in Florida, Lamar river valley. Golden gate above mammoth. Yankee Jim canyon. And Rescue Creek below mammoth is where I found Dal’s geo cache.

      • Home of brown for me is simple. Forrest is a fisherman, not sure but I believe he fly fishes? The brown trout is said to be the most wiley of the trout. I am going with that until I find a better answer. Havent been sold on anything else.


  45. Pssh! Stan, If you could only imagine what I think he did – and I do believe he hid a chest and lets just say this: you may be close by it, you could be very near it, you could probably even be anywhere from 3 feet to 20 feet from it, and you will NOT find it – you must solve the poem/puzzle!

    • Little Sparrow if I find it you will be the first to know. My opinion is that many are making this journey way too complicated. There’s no new Da Vinci code in the book. I’ve read the book many times and for the life of me I just don’t think it has much value to offer regarding the poem. I hope I have solved every clue and next week will have a better idea. I’m not saying I have solved the poem. The book contributed very little. I think its a wonderful book and I love to read it. Takes me back to when my family went fishing and camping on the Brazos River in Texas. The book brings those forgotten memories back so vividly. I hate myself for letting those memories go. Thank you Mr. Fenn

      • Really Stan? I am finding so much more in the book than is obvious, and some of it from things pointed out on this forum.Are you listening good, Forrest ? I see You Mr. Fenn. You play a part, you are so much more.

  46. Continued working on my blog about my solution to the poem – you all get to see it soon! DANG this is good stuff. I have red, green, black, cows, stout men, Brown, creeks without paddles, etc.. If this is not the place then Mr Fenn wins and I fold even with a wild joker. I am booking my trip tomorrow for late next week. The flowers are starting to blossom. ( I had to resubmit this because my DANG was a DAM again).

    • E this was a rather long winded post from you ,are you beging to open your brain to us ? good luck id really like to see whats in that exotic computer of yours good luck SC

    • Good luck Mike! Remember to have fun and take in the thrill of nature while you are out there

    • @E…

      does this blog of yours also have the
      one fish two fish blue fish red fish…? 🙂

      • Rick,

        I promise my writeup for my spot will have Dr Seuss referenced – no joke.

        • That sounds interesting. I have not been able to come up with any Dr. Suess references yet. I will have to think on that one. My wife’s a teacher so we have many Dr Suess books around this household. Great, now I have to spend the night reading through every Dr. Suess book? Oh well, that’s about my level of reading!

        • Not too big a deal – don’t need it to solve the poem as I did but we have some Dr. Seuss fans here and it fits in the story…

    • Einstein, please see my last post. There was no reply box available to reply directly to your statement. I do not think you are anyone else is a stooge.


    • F puting this way way out there, possibly something in nature that reserrects it self? come to think of it lots of things in nature reserrect(spl?) a burnt section of woods, rivers in a certain way, human paths that worn,but not walked on in say 20 30 years are retaken by folige i dont know maybe im grasping at straws here , im in the woods in my head alot, sc

    • Festus! Come out! — Why does it remind you of Lazerus being raised from the dead?

    • maybe he means when Jesus said to the disciples Lazarus is asleep and they didn’t understand his meaning so he had to tell them directly.

    • Festivus for the rest of us! oh wait you’re Festus not festivus, nevermind.

    • .
      Lazarus was a leaper. Are you suggesting that one has to jump across the warm waters ?

      • Lazarus, in the story of the rich man and the beggar, was a leper. The other Lazarus, who was raised from the dead, was not.

      • i think you are confusing Lazarus who lived with mary and martha , with the story of lazarus and the rich man aka lazarus and dives

        • Was that before or after the lady at the well was told that she had had five husbands at the well by Jesus?

          I found out that he wasn’t a leaper either. Thanks for straightening it out.

          Not far … GO
          But too far to walk … GOD

      • Hi Chris,
        Are you going to the same location in Colorado that you searched the first time, or do you have a different place? Just curious.

        • no, i am going to a different place, and the search for me will be very different this time. i am going to a specific coordinate and searching in that 80 feet by 100 feet area and that is it

    • Festus, please share your thoughts about Lazarus with us. How does raising Lazarus remind you of wwwh? Anything tangible about anything would be nice.
      (this is me being my most sincere & humble)

  47. Ephraim (where Lazerus was) is said to be located about twelve miles northeast of Jerusalem (where jesus was), where the mountains descend into the Jordan valley. Maybe this is too specific, prithee Fesivus tell us that we may know you?

    • Interesting how there are some extra lines in the posted link that aren’t in the book…

    • That article is a chapter in “The Thrill of the Chase” (at page 73).

    • Thank you for sharing the link. This is why I say people are under estimating just how sharp Forrest is. Its also in the book minus a couple of senteces. Its one of the reasons I believe people do themselves a disservice by not buying the book. By the way Geydelko,thank you for your service !

      • AZ DEB , Forrest Fenns mind is like a 1000 yr. old samuri sword…,sharp..hes taken one word and hypnotized us all , like ive said hats off to the guy sc

        • Right you are SC about FF. His is a very sharp mind. But he’s also snatched normalcy from us all, and we are hooked, hooked, hooked. I’ve had to put up with someone telling me the treasure was all in my mind, not stashed anywhere. I’ve been called delusional, but let ’em think whatever they want. I’m not quitting, and I am enjoying the heck out of this even if so far, I haven’t left my computer. That’s about to change as soon as I can make it happen.

        • A , has he snatched normalcy from us ?or has he given us an escape from reality? the world has become a horrible place over the last 20 years,has it not? nothings right…seems to me a lot of people are trying to escape this controlled if you will reality in any way they can,,, maybe Fenn wants us to wake up to the reality of the controlled enviroment splboo we are in ,or he wants us wants us to stay asleep…and dream of his treasure….I will admit it im 50/50 on the guy…questioning it as loud as thunder, is he a con man? or a truth teller who fibs on occasion,who has nothing but good intentions in mind ….no doubt the man is a master trickster…the blaze , one word that hypnotizes so many…it is not a clue,nothing more than a brilliant me anyway..I do believe whether con man or truth teller, he put something out there,maybe you find it and its a box full of wooden nickels with a note saying haha gotcha or the real thing.even at that what do you with the real thing? if you come out publicly you lose it….if you keep it quiet ,how do you liquidate it ? is the treasure a blessing or a burden? in my case it would probably be a burden….no one really pays attention to what I say,im the crazycannoyimg guy on this blog…I just wonder if people in this cyber space world even question whether Fenn is a rich man playing god or a real human being who really cares. and this quest he has put us on is an awakening of our minds…I know he visits this site,thers no way he wouldn’t…blahblah of the crzy man and by the way Ava I think your are very sharp also SC

        • Ugh, it baffles me when I want to respond to a post directly, and there’s no reply box on a particular post.

          SC, I think it’s prudent to question who someone is as well as their intentions. I don’t think trickster is the right word. There’s a credentialed, sociologist, Benet Devetian who says FF is more the clever thinker than embellisher.

          Someone, Stan or Stance, here earlier today said he doesn’t think FF has a box to think out of because his imagination readily extends into the wild blue yonder. I’ve come around to that thinking myself. Fenn’s a complex man, but I think his intentions here are quite admirable. He’s right about people wasting their lives stuck behind smart phones, IPADS, and computers. People don’t talk to each other anymore. Our families are hurting, our country’s being shredded, our sense of nationality watered down deliberately, etc. I could go on and on.

          So what if FF is playing both sides of the coin? There’s no such thing as a one-sided human being. We all have some things about ourselves we like more than other things.

          You are not annoying, CS. I very enjoy your posts. I enjoy most of them, but I can’t subscribe to the thread as it’s just too much email so I have a hard time responding to people in a timely manner.

      • I don’t personally know Mr. Fenn, but I would think that he finds people referring to him as a genius or smarter than the average bear (sorry Yogi) gives him a bit of a laugh. He is definitely wise and experienced. He has 82 years of life tucked under his belt (which is more than many of us will ever know), but I doubt he feels like an Einstein (sorry E) 🙂

    • Geydelkon, I read this a few nights ago, very interesting on how FF thinks and he revealed such tender and intense moments and correlating thoughts – I think that War has to be very frightening. This story is one of the reasons why I think FF wrote the poem and the book.

  48. Einstein, I don’t think you or anyone else on this blog is a stooge if your earlier comment referenced me. I have made many, many misdirected interpretations of this chase myself. I am not putting myself above anyone here. Too many good things have happened to many people as a result of this chase. As for what I know, I really wish I could say and share more, but don’t dare. I was joking with you about getting schooled, but actually the jury is still out on that at the moment.


  49. Does anyone believe it could be hidden in a spot with heavy or decent foot traffic, certainly within 500 ft of the chest, but not actually being visited by treasure hunters, or least not knowingly by FF?

    • Yes but not not knowingly by ff. Especially if one thinks 3 dimensionally.
      Speaking of which I shall share a link of many of potential hidey spots images. It was posted on either Mark or Richard’s site. A ubermenche extraordinair who quoted – “Make a man a fire and keep him warm for a day set a man on fire and keep him warm for the rest of his life” – a secure woman indeed. Her photos span N.M., Co., the S.W., etc. :

      • Can anyone please tell me about the 5 ft ladder theory? I have tried to find the original post and cannot come up with it. Is this based on a clue from the book?

        • Stu, I believe it was surmised by someones’ interpretation of the relief on the actual chest which depicts a man on a ladder scaling a wall . I remember only one reference to it , but i don’t remember when or who.

          • Ragnar Great Viking it was I who determined that the chest depicted Norman soldiers laying siege to a stockade or fort. They have distinctive helmets, reverse tear drop shields and chain mail peculiar to Norman knights of the 12 th century. The ladders are short and suggest they were laying siege to a fortress or stockade or small keep rather than a castle. The design on the chest is stating that the contents of the box were in a little fortress for safekeeping. Probably belonged to a wealthier member of society or a clergyman rather than a commoner due to the extensive use of metals and the use of what looks like cedar wood oN the inside to absorb moisture and to repel insects. CES may have been added later.

          • DT , that’s very impressive, that much detail leads me to believe that you must have been within arms length of the chest.

          • Very very close Ragnar. I can hear the sounds of siege but the chirping of the birds distracted me along with a couple other wild things.

        • the only time that I’ve heard FF speak of ladders is in Dal’s Santa Fe interviews from a year ago. When speaking of the ancient cliff dwellers how it was cool that they pulled them up at night and were safe.

        • oh wait tho, i think it was 2 men of verona or one of those books we were critiquing the other night that a ladder that was corded was used. maybe we do need a rope ladder to go down just a little bit to an underground room or cave

        • Fenn may be a lil slower these days but remember he hid the chest when he was still jogging around the block and eating wheat germ! lol

        • The idea of a ladder, especially a rope ladder makes a lot of sense to me used in a couple interpretations of the poem. One thought I have had is that maybe it should read “I have done it ‘tiered'” or even read as tired but as in, he has tied knots in a rope – he is the tier. I know there are ropes with knots in the ‘teachers with ropes’ chapter. Anybody else seeing this connection? Also, why would he say that the box has beautiful dancing women on it when it obviously does not. It depicts a siege scene as DT has pointed out.

    • Jake-
      Yes. In fact I believe it IS near a moderately trafficed area. I have no idea what that area is but I do believe that is the reason people have been near it. Not because they followed clues to it but because they passed by it unknowingly. Both searchers and non searchers. In fact, I believe its quite near a parking area. About 300feet or less I’d say.

      • maybe he was laughing to himself because it is so close to the road you’d have to be crazy to put it there lol

        • There could be other reasons, but one reason he said he laughed while walking back to his car was because he had to ask himself if he really had just hidden the treasure, kind of like laughing at how unreal the situation felt.

      • Hello Dal!
        Like your site. I have to disagree on the 300 feet though, I think its a little farther. Dont underestimate a 79 or 80 year old man. I arrived at my 82 year old grandfathers house one day and found he had dug a 3 to 4 foot deep hole about 3 feet across full of large rocks that would ware out most young kids today. I think heavy loads means your going to be hiking a little ways whichever way you go.

        • Lorax-
          My reasoning has nothing to do with Forrest’s ability. Its based on things he’s said.

      • I’m there with you Dal. I think it can’t be too heavily trafficked because he’d have to be sure someone wouldn’t stumble on him while he was hiding it.

        I have a spot that is right on about 500 feet from an old foot path that’s heavily traveled enough to show up on Google Earth. There’s actually a few pixels off colored in the satellite image right where I want to look to get me to salivating. I’m trying to convince my wife to let me spring for a flight and rental car.

        It’s my current top spot, and I’ve got it whittled down to about a 10′ x 10′ area. If we knew exactly what day Forrest hid the loot I could compare it to the satellite image date and I would know for sure because it’s right around the same time.

      • I agree with everything you said Dal except the 300 feet. I think its off an old footpath 500 feet like tomwhat said.

  50. Holy S&^?!@!!!!! I went out for a couple of hours and the blog went nuts!!!!!! Took me 45 minutes to catch up! I’ll start with one reply for now and do the others as I have them in order. FIRST…….what is the big deal with the omega? Months ago it was never talked about and now it’s a hot topic. I personally think it’s nothing and has just become one of many “mass hysteria” issues related to this chase. Think for yourselves, people. Wow. Don’t get me wrong…it might be something, but watching the way people have jumped on it has me scratching my head. Have you heard my jelly donut theory? Let’s see how long that takes to grip ya! (I’m only kidding…it’s a glazed donut theory). 😉

        • My search started with a Bible verse about a man’s heart and his treasure and it has ended with one…..the alpha and the omega….God is the alpha and omega….the beginning AND the end. And it has brought me full circle to the location I am going back to. I don’t know what drives me to go back… it the spirit of adventure, the heart of a lion, or the stubbornness of a fool??? Probably the stubbornness….I just HAVE to know if I missed it!!! But to think I KNOW this is the location out of the thousands of possibilities is intellectually foolish.

        • The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

  51. Dyslexia

    It really is annoying when you can’t read black on white,
    You just get lost so easily because you can’t tell left from right.
    When words all look like pictures and letters jump around,
    And mathematics baffles you because it has no sound.

    I’m capable, articulate and speak with true conviction,
    Yet it’s written works and reading words that highlight my affliction.
    Sometimes I worry silently, the fear just makes me sick,
    I fear that people judge me because they think I’m ‘thick’.

    So I offer up this silent prayer to ease my troubled mind,
    Let others see me, as I am, intelligent and kind.
    Please feel the struggle that I face each and every day,
    Dyslexia is not a myth, its real and here to stay.

    Alas, I know that faith alone will not bring understanding,
    The world is fast, intolerant and always too demanding.
    I realise no higher being will clear my mind of fog,
    In which case, I have to ask if there really is a doG.

    • Thank you little sparrow for posting that. 🙂 its hard being thought of as ignorant when you really arent, just learn differently.

    • L SPRW, not that I read any poetry, but that was absolutely brilliant, no lies, no B.S…..amazing!!! I understand you more than you know…your lucky you can take those pictures and put them to words I can not.. I see in pictures,but can not transfer them into words the way id like to…Im assumimg you are young…if you have stories in your head with brilliant pictures …become a writer ,seriously….I thought that poem speaks to all who see in pictures…..seriously spl interesting F has inspired people to read ,and write…..LS DONT STOP!!! SC

    • It is my pet theory that most of histories geniuses were a touch dyslexic. 🙂

  52. So i been sitting around tinkering with 37-41… if anyone else has been tracking the # eight i found another one on pg 37 cruel and unusual punishment is our 8 th amendment right. EIGHT has been impprtant in my search because its in btw 7 the number of colors in tje rainbow and 9 the clues. Now this has me worried because i feel this chapter has almost all that i need to get that chest. But now im thinking forrest new ppl would make this mistake hence the c.u.p. ohwell im goin to enjoy searching. The area regardless.

    • Hi Nick,

      I’m not putting too much thought into the book to be honest although I’ve read it many times. Might be to my detriment, but I’m looking at it this way:

      90% Poem
      2% Book
      4% Forrest’s comments
      2% gut instincts

      The number 9 has come up quite a bit here (and my opinion is that it’s simply a number and no more) but the number 8 is a new one.. I see your point with the 8th Amendment, but I don’t know how cruel & unusual punishment come into play here. Remember…..Forrest said not to over-think it. Just throwing it out there for ya. You might be right. Who knows? Only FF. 🙂

  53. Must be the tech gawds tonight? My antiquated computer that only types every third letter I do, the newer tablet that doesnt recognize my touch, and Stephanies phone wont do it either. Is there a dance to let anyone win the prize, if there is I will do it. Lol

  54. 44.872796,-111.342813 is my new search area near West Yellowstone. The campground opens June 1st. Its right in between Hebgen and Quake Lake. The dam (WWWH) is less than a mile upstream. Just north of the waypoint is cabin creek canyon. (Take canyon down). The cabin creek bike trail north of the camp is 8 miles long (Not far but to far to walk + No paddle up your creek) I know from mail sent to FF and replied to on this blog that there is a series of rocks that look like a fire (blaze) and some nearby caves that have yet to be searched. I am posting this info here because I will not be able to go anytime soon but I wish the best of luck to anyone who wants to take a look. If you do go, let us know how it went.

  55. Got the G W and the Double D.. now just got to do my real life for a week then im goin to pop in some MJ THRILLER in the cd player and hit the rd.

  56. Sorry Dal, but the blog has become heavy with One-Up-Man-Ships and faintly veiled insults and apparently rewards the frequent poster with a trump hand. Perhaps the top bill on Mr. Fenn’s site is not such a good place any longer with the influx of the crowd. Addios Chupones, heading for higher ground.

    In every generation gold has elicited one of the most powerful of emotions and drawn men from the warmth of their homes to the inhumane ends of the earth.

  57. Hi all and I apologize for being off-topic (was going to post in the ‘Odds & Ends’ but figured everyone is over here. Sorry, Dal).

    What do you people think about a little ‘giving back’ kind of thing to Forrest? I’m heading down to Santa Fe soon and was going to drop off a little something for him and thought about how cool it would be for us all to show our collective appreciation to him.

    I first thought of a giant card we could all sign and leave at the CW book store, but not all of us are searching in that area, What do you think about us putting together a little treasure chest of our own, a box of some kind (not bronze, though), and leave it in the custody of the CW bookstore (with their approval, of course) that we could leave a brief note and picture of ourselves for Mr. Fenn? I know he archives his e-mails, but maybe something more personal would be in order so he knows how much we appreciate his generosity in giving this “Thrill” to us.

    Even if we don’t or can’t get to Santa Fe, we could mail him a little something in c/o the CW bookstore that they could put in our little ‘treasure chest’ for him. Pics of us at our ‘special spot’, our kids hiking in the great outdoors, etc. I just feel we owe him something, even though I’m sure he’s enjoying our enthusiasm. I’d just like him to know that we care more about this than just the loot. Any thoughts?

    • I think this is a really great idea ! Im suprised somebody hasnt thought of it sooner. I would love to do this, just wonder if the bookstore would be willing? I mean this could turn out to be thousands of people potentially. I do have the perfect thing to give him, along with pics from our wanderings….when we get around to it. Lol. What a good idea Alexander!

    • Yes, maybe everyone could make up a scrapbook page, and we could fill up several scrapbooks for him. He might find that a real treat. Great ideas Alexander and azuredeb.

    • Good Morning, dearly beloveds (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), hear me now: you bloggers are an incredible group and I am grateful to each and every one of you for enriching my days on and off the trails, you each being as important in all this as dal…the stephanie’s, guys, bros and gals…

      To Alexander S: What date do you arrive? In reply to what we could do for forrest for his gifts to us on TOTC, I was thinking of holding a quiet little meal in my own back yard sometime this May. Maybe we could invite f to join us. Before he arrives, I can show you all my maps, photos and clue solutions, along with the precise coordinates for the West Yellowstone trip and we can finalize plans. Then how about I take our group on one of my favorite hikes, beauty all around with varying levels of difficulty for each outdoor view. At home the first poppy of the season opened this morning to a blaze of glory, like that vibrant orange red that Georgia O’K painted. I await the poppies each year and in the past enjoyed sitting on the porch with my kind and precious elder relative talking of life.

      dal…How do I attach a poppy photo? If i send it directly to your address can you post it or does such post go to On The Hunt? Will you be in SFe in May? If so, would you like to join us for a back yard gathering? Visiting? please rsvp

      dal…I will say: I do not have the chest; I have never seen the chest. I do have a trip log almost ready to send to you — telling of a mistake I made in estimation/approximation that may help someone’s TOTC. Coffee finally kicking in, hope to write it up soon. I’ve been under a surreal veil of spirit energy. I can say that, i live in sunny Santa Fe. It’s palpable. I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night and i overslept this morning. Wishing you each a beautiful day.

      “The woods at heart are glad.” -Emerson

      Nicky, the nature detective

  58. Can anyone think of any reason why the chest would not be in water? I have heard some arguments against but nothing that has convinced me. He has done foundry work and knows bronze. He very well could have modified this chest to be water tight with a seal. He might have even made the chest himself. I’m not calling the man a liar per se’ but he has been less than truthful about more than a few things for the sake of the chase. It does not have beautiful women on it. It has soldiers laying siege on it. He states that Bronze is a non ferrous material which is impervious to rust and the elements. If he was going to put it where it was exposed to snow and ice and rain, what is the difference in putting it directly in water?

    • Hi Stu, There’s probably a dozen video interviews and a dozen written interviews, with Mr. Fenn, every question that anyone has ever asked on this blog, is answered in those interviews. Some people have been chasing the chest for 3 years and haven’t read or watched the information that’s available at there finger tips. It doesn’t make any sense to me? Truth is in the 15% margin.

      • James P,,
        I’ve read the interviews and watched every bit of media coverage. I can not find a definite answer to this question. Can you?

        • Hi Stu, Mr. Fenn had planned to inter himself with the chest, the chest contains his life history, telling the finder who’s bones they had found and who hid the chest. He picked a spot, where the chest and bones could be found together a thousand years from now. That’s “never” going to happen in water.

          • Very true, James. The spot that f chose needs to be a bit remote, and protected. I believe it’s a very serene location as well. This is where he planned to spend his last moments. Too close to a trail that sees any traffic would yield a discovery very easily. Out west, all you’d need to do is look for vultures and animals. In a day there will be no bones. We passed a deer that got hit last weekend and there were about 14 birds scavenging there…on the way back, there wasn’t much of anything. I don’t feel it’s in eyesight of any trail. It could be near one, but a ways off it. CHC

          • James-
            What you say about Forrest planning to be with his chest when he first planned to end his life. We do not know that this spot is the same spot where he intended to end his life. It is possible, until we learn more that this spot and the original spot are not the same.We do know the poem is different from the original poem. It’s possible this is a different spot as well.

          • I believe he told Lorene Mills that the spot never changed. I don’t know where that exact quote is though…maybe someone can find it if they’re up to it.

          • Oh yeah…I think you’re correct…I vaguely remember that…Maybe the first interview show she did.

        • James P
          I have to respectfully disagree with that assesment. For one, no one knows if this is the same place he intended his “bones” to rest. Second, his family members were cremated and it stands to reason he would be also just like Olga “her bone fragments drifted out the small window…”. These could be placed in any vesslel and secured with the chest. And thirdly there is treasure under water that has been there over a thousand years still. Thanks for your ideas though. Anyone else care to play?

        • Stu…

          that would mean someone would “have” to know where the chest is at to put his ashes with it…

        • i think james logic is sound.. you reference unfound treasures under water but those werent placed for us to seek as in totc.. you seem to want to believe its in water which is fine, but i think thats unlkely because it would literallly be impossible to find.. its already difficult enough… many potential hazards in water too.. and thats all i got to say about that..:)

      • Hi James, this has become a growing frustration for me following this blog. Newcomers want to be told every detail and where to find the source and the old timers who have fallen in love with FF want to protect him, like a little child, from the bad things in the world. They deny the possibility of him wanting to go with the chest into history even though he has said it many times and written it in the book. They scold for believing what is documented as “from the horses mouth” and yet will buy into some “no one knows”, what-if stories. Basically, new and old alike don’t want to think about finding the treasure among his bones because what does that make them? You think that is not at play here? Read some of the comments to Tony Dokoupil’s article and you can see for yourself how some here just don’t like what he has written about FF to the extent that they just deny it. Why would FF continue to communicate with Tony D. if, as has been said, he got it wrong. Didn’t anyone find curious a reported email from FF claiming that the FBI had apologized and dropped the grave robbing investigation only to be publicly denied by the agency? So on one hand you have a professional journalist who has a career balancing on the factual integrity of his stories and some bloggers who just don’t like the story attempting to discredit him altogether; and on the other hand we have an adventure writer who admits to 15% fabrication, had his house searched by the FBI and is still apparently under investigation, initiates a challenge to the Forest Service to redefine “public” and has hoards of followers criss-crossing the countryside looking In trout creeks for a 12th century, $20,000 bronze chest!? I think some searchers out there need to reexamine their realities. Look, Mr Fenn got all of that treasure in his house somewhere and it wasn’t the pawn shop.

        • Oh please. I don’t think Tony needs to hide behind goofy avatars. Is that all?

        • Hi CrazyFamily, I get what your saying, but the chest “is not grave goods” and it never was in tended to be. The location of the chest has nothing to do with graves or grave yards. No Worries

        • Nothing to do with graves – I agree, grave goods I’m not so sure.

    • I don’t think it’s in water. Near water maybe, but if it is in water there is the great danger of a flash flood taking it away. The Big Thompson flood carried 10-foot boulders miles downstream…in that onslaught a little chest would be crushed to bits. I also don’t think any seal would keep water out for decades or centuries. If it is in the water, we better find it soon before mother nature gets a chance.

      • Rickinfla, two can keep a secret if… I’m sure he has a will. How else would his “bones” get there? You can’t always choose your demise, even if you plan to.
        Cosearcher, I have considered this too my fellow Coloradan but he has said repeatedly that it is vulnerable to floods, even tsunamis (in the Rockies?). My original thought was not in water but I have some new light now and until I hear a good reason why not, I will certainly not rule it out.

        • Stu…

          most of us believe he planned on doing the “Same” thing his dad did when the cancer had the best of him…Think about it. Therefore the “secret place” would go with him…no need for anyone else to know where it was at. The two can keep a secret comment to me means this place was a place that he and his dad knew about.

        • I’ve changed my thinking on his dying beside the treasure since I saw an interview where FF said he had an “elaborate” plan for accomplishing this. You wouldn’t need an elaborate plan to crawl/walk out to the woods/desert……just a thought.

      • Very true fellow CO searcher. In a river or creek means it getting lost, buried in sand, washed away, or easily stepped on and found by a fisherman. CHC

        • I agree with all who say it is not in water per the various reasons stated, plus his auto-biography is encased in a jar and presumably on paper wherein water would be detrimental should the seal be broken, I know other things could destroy the document but it would survive longer elsewhere imo.

        • They are all just thoughts Stephanie and I appreciate them in a devil’s advocate kind of way, unless they are handed out in a condescending tone. Then it’s simply not constructive. Butt I’m a turn the other cheek kind of guy if ya know what I mean. Now to follow on your thought, the direct quote from the book starts, “I had even plotted to have rest forever…” The key word here being had.

    • Stu-
      Although a person can believe what they want in this world (so far anyway). Forrest has said publicly that the chest is not locked and the key is inside because he didn’t want anyone damaging it to get it open.

      • I never said it was locked Dal. I said sealed. There is a difference I think.

        • And besides, I believe I have seen someone who looks just like you poking around in a waterfall…

  59. How about we get a few Greyhound buses. We’ll all load up and go to the hot spots. It would be just like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Dal can yell “Swarm!” and well blanket an area. We can split it 200 ways. Just kidding, but it’d be hilarious. Good morning! lurkin’ in…CHC

    • COHC, I think that’s a great idea actually. Can’t imagine how all could derive anymore fun with this than doing something like that. It would make finding the chest a truly memorable moment. Imagine 30 or so people all jumping up and down, screaming, laughing, crying, hugging. The thrill of the chase is the thing, but being able to share that thrill would be priceless, and not only that, Dal could film the whole thing.

    • That image is pretty good. I agree the locals would think we were a crack-up. Steph had an idea like that awhile back. She thought all the searchers could form a line at the eastern front of the rockies. Hold hands and just walk across to the western front. Bound to find it that way…

  60. So I found this interesting skippy real name is William yes he is a jr. Skippy and his sister were both cremated just don’t know where he put ashes. Thanks to for this onfo

    • Hey, Stephan, are you one of the pirates? That reminds me, what ever happened to the bloggers $bill? and others ? Some of you have disappeared. I rarely have time to read the blog(s) but so rich in storytelling. I am so grateful to have discovered this clever, wit, and wisdom. Yes, f says THINK. For me, that is the first hint in all this. Sweet. I am inspired to write myself but have a time staying away from my preferred search place. It keeps calling me there. I have to get to work to finish a report then I will work on the hunt post and send to dal tonight or tomorrow morning. It’s in the On The Hunt lesson learned category — if someone will please tell me how to attach a photo without giving location you will be amazed at the brilliant f place that i found, close but no cigar. like a shell game. Nicky

    • Yes, I already posted on this blog about a month ago that Skippy was a junior and that the family is found on census records in 1930 and 1940 (that’s all I checked) so the person who thinks Forrest Fenn is a “pen name” is waaaaaay off track. Most of the comments on this blog are waaaaaaay off track. I’ve been gone for 5 days to DC. On my return (even though I hadn’t had a chance to subscribe to 16 or 17) I had over 300 messages in my inbox — all were of zero consequence. Too bad.

  61. Morning all,

    Has anyone discussed the Frech grave marker at length? Perhaps it has been discussed elsewhere, and I have yet to find it…so much for me to catch up on…

      • Thanks for your info, G.

        Aside from the battle, what about the inscription on the marker? Anyone care to share their take on its meaning (besides f’s)?

        • No I havent but will now that you brought it up. Too much reading lately my eyes are telling me about it today. Please dont get upset if you dont get an answer, it may be that people are just wrapped up in other stuff , obcessing over their own direction of thought.

    • Hi W, Mr. Fenn wanted to inter himself, grave is synonymous with crypt., that would be my guess, if that’s a clue.

        • I see now that this blog really isn’t a place for sharing. I thought I had opened a door to a pretty good topic of discussion. Either people are more tight-lipped about the information they have gleaned, or perhaps this is a topic that has been discussed at length (unawares to me), and no one cares to explore it further.

          I said I was new to this blog, not new to the chase. I guess I will take my book, and puzzles, and poem, and go read in a corner.

          Good luck to all on finding the loot.


          • W it is an HL Mencken quote ( a famous journalist,you may want to research) , it has been discussed before, the only reason I can think that a french so;dier would have it as his epitaph could e that he was a Mencken fan.

        • W, There is a lot of good information on this blog. Kismet reg, green, black, tea red green black, etc. etc. If you feel the way yo do I have a cap you can wear in that corner of yours :-).

        • @W

          I haven’t thought too deeply about the epitaph and have never googled or researched it. I don’t think there’s a conspiracy to withhold clues hidden in the epitaph. Nor do I think there is a ground-breaking clue there. It’s possible it is one of many things in the book that may help solve or clarify the meaning of the clues in the poem. The poem is all you need, however.

        • ~W, ….new to the blog but not new to the chase, ok thanks for that clarification, it explains a lot actually. i was wondering why you were posting some of the stuff you were, i was nervous to even reply to you honestly, didn’t necessarily want to bring attn to what you were saying. some of the things you are saying i dont know if its just coincidence or something more, understand from my point of view you are an unknown. i did decide to reply to you previously and when i did i phrased my answers carefully and intentionally. this is the nature of this thing, what are we going to do, you know what im saying. if my read is correct on where you are at, you are much further along than 99 percent of the people that post on here. i could comment on the chapter of the book you are asking about, but there are important clues in there that are allusions to a key foundation of solving the poem. I don’t fear saying that much because i think it would be impossible to make the connection unless you already had at least most of the poem solved. FF has said the book is filled with subtle clues, and indeed it is, but honestly, there is nothing subtle about them. the connection is very obvious, but you would have to have solved most or all the poem for it to be obvious. if not, in my opinion, it would be next to impossible to see them. i think they are there more as confirmation, as you begin to solve the poem. you begin to see what are the hidden clues and references in the book and its like a peek into the mind of FF himself, what he did, how he did it and why. you then you start to have that confidence that FF talked about.

        • @RoL, thank you for your response. It was much appreciated. I have already researched Mencken. I was curious to see if anyone else thought the story of the grave stone was peculiar.

          @Einstein, you are correct…there is a lot of good info on this site, which is why I look forward to joining the conversation. As for the cap, thanks, but you can keep it for yourself. 😉

          @Mike, thanks for your response, also. I realize that there’s no conspiracy here. I guess I was trying to push the envelope, to see if people think the things f says have weight, or are bogus. But I must say, the book is extremely relevant or he wouldn’t have written it.

        • @Chris, first let me apologize for missing your previous response. I went back over the blog, and I did find it. Yes, it is like being in the wood and not realizing what is there. I also understand your caution, as I will be equally so.

          I admit to having a certain amount of confidence, and I believe you do, too, and for the same reason. I also admit that I do not have the entire thing figured out. But I wanted to throw my line into the water, see if I got a nibble. You seem to be the only one who knew which fly I was using.

        • @W

          Somewhere way back in the blog this was brought up, but it’s been awhile. I think if you search the blog for Mencken it will show up. One thing I have found is that reading the book one will find many things that fall into the 15% category. When I noticed the first one I had an “AhHA!” moment….and thought I was onto something. Now, I have had many many AhHa moments, yet still I am no closer to the box. There are certainly hints in the book, but no one as of yet has been able to make sense of them in any manner that results in box in hand.

          I just keep re-reading and jotting down notes hoping that one will trigger something eventually.

        • @Clinger,

          I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I have to put everything down and walk away, and hope for more moments of inspiration.

  62. I’m tired of being broke so anyone that can help me get a trip out to New Mexico, I will tell him/her exactly where the treasure is and exactly the correct “HOME OF BROWN.” We will just split the chest 50/50 and go on with our lives. Contact me “JD” at

  63. Ghost you were right! Thank you so very much will be contacting you directly through your email

  64. does anyone recall where ff mentioned something about the chest having 5 ladies on it and that it couldn’t have been more perfect for his treasure? I keep wondering why and also why he recently said he wished he would have left the paper money inside…. any thoughts? thanks-lisa

    • Hi Lisa, The chest itself, is the biggest clue in the chase. No idea about the money, other than it could cover any immediate expenses you might have.

      • Forrest never mentioned that the chest was 500 feet from anything. He mentions that folks have been within 500 feet of the chest. My belief is based on things Forrest said. You won’t find them written or recorded as far as I know. It’s not a fact. It’s my belief.

        • Dal… Speaking of 500….Your blog is just a little over 500 from going over a MILLION hits… Way too go 🙂

          • Frightening isn’t it..
            Back in October of 2012 this blog had 50-100 hits a day and maybe 3-4 comments a day.
            When the Hemispheres Magazine story hit in January those numbers increased by a factor of 10.
            Then at the end of February on the day that the first Today Show story hit we had 83,000 hits…one day..
            Through the winter we had 13-15 thousand hits a day.
            Right now about 7-9 thousand hits per day..
            So there are still a lot of lurkers out there…lol…

          • Remember the days that I was the only one who posted? LOL I think there was a lady named Shirley who would too…wonder what ever happened with her.

          • Shirley is my sister-in-law and a children’s book author. She actually wrote an essay about the hunt that is part of a reading comprehension test. So she can’t share it. But I guess middle schoolers all over the country will be reading about it…
            There was also Susan…the truck driver..

          • Susan is on my facebook, I’m surprised she isn’t still really into it. I know she drove her truck through the YNP area and didn’t even mention stopping. I don’t talk to her…just see her posts on there. I don’t think I knew that about Shirley…or I can’t remember which is highly possible. Very cool about that.

        • Wish I knew about the poem back then – would have put you out of your insanity much earlier LOL. Oh wait, maybe I am the insane one…

        • I know Dal and agree with ya. It’s strange how some people think the word “within” means “exactly”. “Within 500 feet” means from 0 to 500 feet, not EXACTLY 500 feet. These are little things called “words” and their “definitions” are very cleverly hidden in things called “dictionaries”. (Sorry for all of the technical terms). If one can’t grasp that simple concept, then solving the poem looks hopeless.

          They could have been 6 inches away from it because 6 inches is within 500 feet. Right? Right.

          The above was an attempt at humor, nothing more.

  65. I found the home of Brown! It’s at the base of the Grand Tetons in Victor, ID. You just can’t make this stuff up…I’ve included the link so that you’d know I didn’t. Talk about heavy loads…you can buy this stuff by the case, and drink enough (too much) of these waters and you’ll feel the high. Also, no matter how much you may want to, there’s no paddling up this creek. And who could blaame Forrest if he felt like tossing back a cold one after a long, hard day of treasure-hiding? Lord knows, after an unsuccessful week of tromping in and around Yellowstone, I sure would like one now. (Dal, at least I waited until most the snow was gone 🙂 )

    (This post is intended for humor only, and in no way is meant to insult any drinkers of alcoholic beverages, or non-drinkers either.)

      • lol…no, I don’t think I am, anyway. Just happened to be in the area I guess. I did find a “Treasure”, though, that somebody left on the ground…was a bottle of “Montana Treasure” water, but even it was empty.

    • hmmmm a truly big proposal from a complete stranger…..”exact location pin pointed”, as one lady said in a conversation here about DB Cooper…. Hoooooooooweeeeeeee!!!!! ….Ava , absolutely not ment as an insult, you now i think your a very sharp lady, but pin pointed, no way….id be surprised if you have any takers,but who knows im wrong often………and again please do not take my comment as an insult, you are one of the few people hear who chats with me….good luck obtaining a partner…like if said you are a sharp lady….possibly too sharp : ) ; ) SC

      • No, not too sharp. I did not go the route of Quantum guy on his blog. He overthunk this. What could you expect from a physicist? lol However, I did utilize some of his thoughts, but not his location.

        • A i think most people are over thinking this….physicist…interesting..i had a short conversation with a guy with a chem . engineering degree, it was left brain meets odd right brain, it was interesting ,i think hes a good guy….i wonder if E is a scientist? ….if he is id say particle physics….string theory= Hooooooeeeeeeee …the irony of your proposal is that athough i dont want to partner up with anyone because at this point because i dont even know if i want to return to my one or two locations, i state the ? again what do you do with after you have found, what ever you do A do not make it known….sorry went of the rails there alittle….irony of the proposal is that you are near by, TX correct? im in santa fe birth place of the chase, i smoke like a chimmney,i wiil from bladder cancer in the next 5 years if i dont stop…3 factors anyway…….pin pointed…immposible……..SC

        • E has Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Math under his belt. So I gues that makes me an Engineer. My solution is so simple – totally simple but reinforced. I found the location the second time I read the poem without the book but then I have an unfair advantage of some sort.

        • monkey pushed the right button there… wow truly immpressive… no people are nervous….electrical engineering…i installed fire alarm systems for 10 yrs. iwas a wire monkey, with a strange gift of trouble shooting, i would find what the techs. could not mind you there were only a few good ones. interesting a true genius and a stumbler…string theory Hoooooooeeeeeeeeee thanks for the reply a game changer for some… SC

        • Ava funny you mention Quantum i took the same thing from his posts. His darts were laser sharp they just missed the bullseye in my opinion. I think my wife has a crush on him she boast’s about his intellect lol.

  66. I have a proposal I want to make. I thoroughly believe I have the exact location pinpointed. I would go with family or friends, but they either can’t take time from work or aren’t interested or have small children.

    I would like to share this with someone, anyone from this blog who is active on the blog, and has at least posted to the last three 9 clues blogs, and is willing to suspend knowing where we are going until after we meet at a predetermined location as I will either have to fly or drive. My research is quite sound. Would be looking for someone who can pretty much do this on a moment’s notice. It matters not how far or how close you are to the Rocky Mountains, only that you can drop everything and get there, and meet me. It will be an easy trek to the location, but we will need sandwiches and maybe a flashlight.

    I will offer this to Stephanie and Dal first because both have sunk the most money into searching, and because they’ve been working on this so long, and I would like to see them recover some money spent. Unfortunately, like everyone else so far, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    I’m doing this because I want to be able to share the excitement of the moment with someone else. We will do a near 50/50 split, but I keep the TC box, if we can figure out how to divy the contents up. Me, I don’t know artifact values or how much individual coins might be worth. That’s going to be a problem for anyone who teams up with anyone who is not family or hasn’t the foggiest clue on the individual values of the items in the chest. My best guess would be, together we list all items in the chest, and then find a reputable appraiser. This will be an added cost for each of us if the TC is where I think it is.

    If the specific location I have in mind isn’t correct, then we might need to spend up to a week to thoroughly cover the area. Doubtful it would take that long, but just saying it could if we have to go the inch by inch route.

    If you smoke, oddly that’s a plus because I do as well. If not, I can reluctantly chew the gum version in a vehicle, but I might want to make a few smoke breaks en route. I will not be giving out clues via email so mining me for info is out until we meet up.

    • It goes without saying, you could be both wasting your time and money. I can’t offer any guarantees so there is a risk factor involved. I know I will feel quite stupid if it is not there. If the TC is not where I think it is, then I will help people on this blog as much as I can because I’m calling it quits after this.

      • Ava…

        you can quit those cigs easier than you can quit this chase…c`mon…admit it…lol 🙂

        • Hmmm. I don’t know about that Rick.

          Jen, believe me I have tried, but everyone thinks this whole thing is crazy, except for all of us here. And truthfully it is crazy, but it’s just down right fun.

          • Ava , I admire your initiative on seeking the chest and hope someone takes yo up on your offer. There is a guy who lives in Kansas wanting to go I will send you his he e-mail if you like.

      • I’d go with ya but I can’t leave at moments notice….kiddos… Maybe you will find someone who can go! I agree that it would be more fun to have someone with you to hoop and holler!

        • I understand Jen about kiddos. I almost wish someone would come and bring their child, one who is old enough to relate to finding a treasure chest. I’m still sitting here, waiting on my daughter to run the errands with me. I have tried to talk her into going, but she can’t afford the time, due to work and child.

          • My daughter is 8 so she is all involved in the chase! LOL! My son is 1 so he doesn’t care but he does love dirt and rocks! I cannot wait to take him to the mountains this summer!


      • Jen, how fun, TC hunting with an 8 year old. I don’t know about taking a 1 yr. old. That would be hard. I once had to do a week at the beach with two under 5’s with the chicken pox. That was no fun, and both came down with them after we arrived.

    • @Ava,
      You seem like a nice person…….But this is pegging the strange meter. You shouldn’t make deals with strangers you meet on the web……especially when millions of dollars are concerned……. Perhaps you should consider that your family and friends are correct.

      Your wrote:
      “….is willing to suspend knowing where we are going until after we meet at a predetermined location as I will either have to fly or drive.” Is this like a job interview or something……….What if you don’t like me?

      Would be looking for someone who can pretty much do this on a moment’s notice. So I should get packed and wait on you to tell me when to leave……Do I get a self destructing message…….Good morning Mr. Goofy, your mission should you decide to accept it………As always should you or any of your IMF team be caught or killed the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions……Good luck Goofy, this message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

      I’m doing this because I want to be able to share the excitement of the moment with someone else……So you’re going to give a complete stranger a ton of money to share in the excitement with you…….How excited do I have to get……and what does “share the excitement” mean……We don’t have to hug do we……a high five would be OK, maybe a flying chest bump….

      We will do a near 50/50 split, but I keep the TC box, if we can figure out how to divy the contents up…….Wait a minute…..exactly how much is my “near 50” share going to be?

      If the specific location I have in mind isn’t correct, then we might need to spend up to a week to thoroughly cover the area……..Now you want me to work, I thought you knew where it was………what’s all this inch by inch stuff. I was going to wear my Hawaiian shirt and flip flops… you’re telling me I need a metal detector.

      • GOG you’re going to need some shorts with that Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. It sounds like it won’t be a buck naked stroll in your backyard.

          • Right so no snags when Ava lowers him into the hole. Good thinking Mike. Should be a neon blaze like color so that it glows in the dark. No need for the flashlight.

        • I had to re-read ‘lowers him into the hole’ and then speak it out a few times to make sure there wasn’t any double meaning. Never can be to sure where the clues are hidden.

      • Goofy_Old_Guy,
        I agree with most of your issues but feel your response a bit cynical. Perhaps the devil is in the details. Hopefully we will all end up discovering that truth is a process not chiseled in stone.
        We may all think that we know each other somehow here in the blogosphere but mighten we all have to learn not to judge based on what is written in the sometimes narrow scope of a response to a response based on a riddle surrounded by guardedness?
        Now I know that you’ve been around longer than I but prithee answer not in haste for I have always held you in high regard.
        The sun tells me it is time for me to go alone in there to the local river for my constitutional.
        We never go alone in there on this blog, perhaps ff is telling us to go alone in there on the quest – then again perhaps opposites are the key to the meaning of the poem.
        ~ cheers

        • @Babylon Slim
          You wrote: “Hopefully we will all end up discovering that truth is a process not chiseled in stone.” Not only is truth not chiseled in stone……. truth is mostly a matter of perception or belief. What is true to one person is false to another.

          As good ol Indiana Jones said: Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.

          Didn’t mean to be cynical……..just trying to get Ava or anyone else considering something like this to practice a little healthy skepticism. She does seem like a nice person, I just don’t want her to be blinded by gold fever to the dangers of what she is doing.

      • Goofy, ha ha, if I don’t like you, we ain’t goin nowheres together, comprende? lol Oh, you are making me laugh so hard I’m crying. It is as stupid of me to suggest this as it is of FF to hide the treasure. Just gotta walk in our shoes. He and I are both from
        He and I are both from Texas ya know, so maybe that has something to do with it. We drank from the same warm waters, and I don’t mean the Indian proverb that was posted here.

        50/50 split on what’s in the TC. I think I’m a good judge of character, and would run a background check on anyone. Also, I have a significant other in my life, but like Quantum guy, my guy is a math and physics nut, and he thinks I’m delusional for wanting to find the treasure, and he won’t go. Actually I’m just using this as a ploy to try to get him to go with me. I told him I’d only heard from several men so far, and that is the truth. Where are the ladies here? I’d really feel more comfortable if another female would go.

        What is the fun in finding this treasure if any of us find it alone, and then can’t open our mouths about it for fear of some .gov wanting their fair share or some private landowner?

        And speaking of treasure, what state is Stance going to search in? If he isn’t going to the same state as me, he won’t find it even if our solutions evolved the same way.

        • A” what is the fun in finding this treasure if any of us find it alone” so we can cry if needed without anybody seeing……….sometimes being alone in a journey can be a more eye opening experience……..i like being alone when i go out there, it makes me feel really alive…awake if you will SC

        • @Ava,
          I’m glad you can see my humor……..just don’t want you get blinded by gold fever and do something dangerous……Then again, maybe you’re one of those women serial killers trolling the web for you next victim……and don’t tell me there aren’t women serial killers, they just haven’t been caught yet. 😯

          I’m from Texas and I’m also a math and physics guy…….sounds like me and your hubby would get along just fine, we both think you’re delusional. 😆

          Good luck with your search.

        • Goofy, truthfully you are right. It was a dumb thing to do. I guess I don’t care about the TC as much as some others might. Mostly I want to go just to determine if my solution was correct. I love word problems so I have enjoyed the heck out of this.

    • My suggestion would be sotheby’s. The chest and contents maybe worth more to say a museum, and they routinely attend artifact auctions.

    • Hey Ava, That’s such a sweet offer. I so very much appreciate it. My husband and I have decided to just stick with being solo at this point(till I’m desperate which might be soon..ya never know lol)…but I wish you lots of fun on your adventure!!

      • Stephanie, thanks. I gathered that searching might have set you back some, and now you had to be very careful with the clues and when to go and spend the money. I also knew you had children, and well, between kids and treasure hunting–that takes some dough. Good luck to you!

    • I will do it if you tell me what state you are going to and I agree its in that state….

  67. ****************
    Maybe someone has address here on this site. On page 126 what is written in the post mark below 5 Jun?

    • Well I pulled out my big magnifying glass and flashlight and it looks like some sort of symbol that Im not familiar with, sorry Geydelkon.

  68. Just made the mistake of doing the maps-up approach, looking at Fort Brown (no place for the meek) on the Rio Grande “creek” (think grande). Not a problem going upstream, to get north of Santa Fe, but cannot id the place (not a graveyard) indicated by “and leave my bones for all to seek”.

    Also, there may be some reference to the bedouin warriors (again, no place for meek), as relates to the desert en route.

    • Yeah its a creek right now we havent had much rain in almost 3 years. What would your area look like without any rain or snow in 3 years ? lol

  69. When FF said the chest is not in a graveyard, I remembered him saying he wanted to his bones to be found with the gold. So I guess eventually his no graveyard clue will eventually be false.

    • agreed, if he wants his bones to be found with the TC hed better be sealed up somehow, scavengers would scatter his bones for miles ,or hundreds of yards…..cave wouldnt work either sc

  70. Want to hear something not for the meek? Right now I’m the brains of the organization! LOL Everyone has a job, a broken leg, no money, no time, and I think like everyone on here that I figured it out. As soon as someone comes home who can actually read the print we will have a plan. Where is Molly Brown when you need her ?

  71. OK, I just watched my first two interviews that Dal linked to, and I have to ask: Is FF a complete wacko?

    In the “Knowledge” video, he says he doesn’t care about knowledge, he just wants the artifact. Give a choice between having the arrowhead or having the knowledge the arrowhead conveys, he’d prefer the object. Ok.

    Then, in the “Rules” video, he boils life down to “it doesn’t matter what you are, it only matters what they think you are” (paraphrasing here).

    His first rule: “Don’t make the alligator mad until you cross the river.” How did he arrive at that? A random cowboy came up and punched his lights out for waving and calling hello to him as he rode by. THAT’s the rule he deduced from an innocent encounter with a stupid bully?

    After all the publicity and such has made him sound like such a homespun philosopher, I was expecting something more thoughtful. But maybe that’s the biggest clue in the interviews: It’s really a lot simpler than you think, and probably involves some element of spite.

    Does that help us home in on WWWH and HOB? I have no idea… but it sure makes me think of this entire discussion very differently…

    PS I’m on my way home to NM after a week in MO, so I’m looking forward to resuming the chase in person ;-}

    • Mr. Fenn definitely has (at least) two very different sides. On the one side, the craggy old quick witted Texan who calls things dumb and stupid, and doesn’t want people wasting his time. On the other side, the man who is generous with his time, meeting and answering emails from people on the chase. A man who claims to have found peace with his purpose in the world, to enhance the lives other others. I think it’s the latter side that hid the chest. The former side is still a big part of who he is.

      • Well, that’s very insightful, Mike. I hadn’t thought of it that way, and I appreciate your reply. I think I’d use a different adjective than “quick” in front of “witted,” but I see what you mean. That helps as I chew this whole believability issue over. Up until seeing the interviews, I was convinced it was all according to (at least his version of) Hoyle. Pondering…

      • I know what you mean re: ‘quick’, but he’s a hustler, I think it’s important to not forget that.

        • hmmmmmmmm is questioning (spl?) Fenns integrity wrong? im mean most have this immense faith in the man without really knowing him….bear your soul to them and they shall follow….im 50/50 on the guy…to be honest…but im looking forward to reading the book…after hesitating……….sc.

        • Naw, he’s a marketing whiz, a salesman. Sales speak is mostly BS. If you can’t BS, you won’t go far in sales. It’s also a numbers racket. X number of people won’t bite, but a certain percentage will. FF is good with the ladies, even the homely ones because it was to his benefit.

          In a way, I see him as a hoarder when you look at all the stuff on his walls, then think about him wanting to buy the car his dad sold back, and to keep it forever. This is not to say there’s anything wrong with hoarding of this nature nor of being able to put the BS on people. Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and realistically look at how the world works. It too is a mix of both good and bad and in between.

      • You are so right Mike. It reminds me of this:

        An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

        “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

        The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

        The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  72. Following up: Just watched the “Archaeology” clip. I realized two things:
    1) His voice, cadence, and depth of insight are a perfect match for George Dubya Bush (bathtub paintings, anyone?) and
    2) He’s full of Brown.

    Latest examples:
    a) “Dead as a doornail.” FF claims this expression comes from horse shoeing, having to do with a clenched nail that keeps a shoe from being removed from the horse. Has he ever asked a farrier? Charles Dickens used the expression to describe Jacob Marley (twice), and it traces back to the 1300s and actual doors with actual door nails in them. That’s why it’s not “dead as a hoof-nail,” Forrest!
    b) “I’d have fought the Indians in the rain back in the day, because their bowstrings were made of sinew, and sinew is water-soluble, so in the rain their bowstrings would break.” Hogwash and balderdash, not to mention WRONG. The sinew / water problem came with sinew-backed bows, and it was the animal glue used to laminate the sinew to the wood of the bow that might dissolve if subjected to long immersion in water. Most bows had no problem killing invaders just fine in the rain.

    This issue of course leaves aside the question of how you get the Native American warriors to wait for rain to attack.

    So, he’s not only simple (if not simple-minded), he makes stuff up. Including, perhaps, the “two parties within 500 feet of the chest”? This truly complicates the search, and calls every “clue” into serious question. Sigh.

    I’m just glad I didn’t fall into the trap of spending good money for his book.
    Chase Curmudgeon
    aka Randy

    • just my opinion, but i think it seems apparent in so many ways on the surface that FF is full of balderdash, that it is in fact a clever blocking mechanism that will hide the fact to most people that some of the things he says actually contain very truthful and specific and important clues and info related to the hiding of the treasure.

    • Randy,

      The “My War for Me” chapter is worth the price of the book, whether or not it’s embellished, or even if it’s 100% fiction. Have you read it? If not, read this:

      “Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance” – Albert Einstein
      (not the one who posts here…;)

      • Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

    • Maybe you don’t ask enough questions, before you assume you know the answer. Doesn’t it seem odd that someone who’s been so successful In so many different venues have so many things in his book wrong? Your only answer is that he’s a wacko? That just doesn’t seem logical…does it?

    • Hey Randy,
      You sound a little bitter.

      In refernce to Dubya his IQ is just north of 120. While that is not a genius it is by no means a moron.

      The correct term is Clinching not clenching. In carpentry when you hammer a nail through some wood and flatten the end over on the inside, the nail is said to be dead because it cannot be removed easily. Farriers have a specific tool called a clinching tool which has been around a while. This may not be the origination of the phrase “Dead as a doornail” but I am not convinced that we will ever know the correct origination.

      To anwser you question about wether he has ever asked a Farrier, I believe the anwser is yes because he talks about the proper way to shoe a horse.

      As for the bow string, a wet bow sting has a different tension than a dry bow string which not only changes the draw on a bow but also limits the bow’s power and accuracy.

      As for getting the Indians to wait for the rain to attack, you don’t. You attack them when it is raining. A good warrior chooses the time and place of his battles.

      As for FF makes things up. He has never denied that he likes to embellish a bit.

      This forum is for talking about the clues not trashing FF.

      PS. is this the webpage you read about clenching on, I see it has the Charles Dickens quotes on it.

  73. looks like i am going to be able to make this trip. right before i walk out the door to put the pedal to the metal i will post on here to let everyone know, for anyone who might care to know. I should be there within a day after that.

  74. Something I don’t understand…maybe someone on here can help clear up for me. FF has stated that the finder of his chest will just go there with confidence having solved the clues. But contrarily, he then says that at least two different searches have solved one or two of the clues and came within 500ft of it. How can someone solve one, let alone two of the clues and not then be able to move confidently and find the treasure? It seems to me that once you solve the first clues the rest should easily fall into place…no?

    • They misinterpreted the third clue. There are multiple homes of Brown multiple locations multiple blazes. You need to find out which one is correct.

    • this topic has been hammered pretty hard in here altho it is still a legit question and still open to interpretation. I will give my opinion and answer your questions, and understand my take is based on a solution i have found that i believe to be the correct one. i am going to be a bit more open on some things i am saying because i am getting close to leaving.

      “How can someone solve one, let alone two of the clues and not then be able to move confidently and find the treasure? It seems to me that once you solve the first clues the rest should easily fall into place…no?”

      incorrect. solving the first 2 clues is important, but it gets more difficult after that, altho if you read between the lines of what FF said it helps with that difficulty. if you correctly solve the first 2 clues, and you know it with certainty, then you would also know that you have actually solved 3 clues. this is an important dynamic to the poem. see even if you happened to find the right HOB and WWWH, if you didnt understand why they are the place, and the only place, you will eventually be deterred by failure to solve the rest and you will move on to other WWWHs. If you do understand that you have the right starting point, you will then research,think and study undeterred by the difficulty until you start to put it together with stanzas 3 and 4.

      “But contrarily, he then says that at least two different searches have solved one or two of the clues and came within 500ft of it”

      I dont know if FF had in mind searchers or just people or both when he says the 500 ft thing but it really doesnt matter. the place he hid it is approx 500 feet away from a path or a road that is traveled, i won’t say if it is a path or a road.

      • Chris Yates,
        Good luck.
        Will you at least say which state you are going to?

        • i had a sponsor but i knew the minimal expense and needed them to up the ante a bit. they did. i also needed a car that can make the trip. family member came forward to help with that. they are both people i trust and so i have been sharing specifics with them. the obstacle is that telling these things to people who are not familiar, it takes time to understand the significance. i had found a monstrous confirmation clue in the book that i knew would slam it home , but until someone understands all the foundational knowledge, the significance of it may be lost.

  75. Here we go with the “500 feet” statement again. I would suggest everyone re-listen to the Collected Works Bookstore Q & A tape very carefully starting at minute 22. FF says “…I know people have been within 500 feet:” Then in a separate sentence he says “There are two parties that have figured out the first two clues…..”. While it may be human nature to combine these two sentences into one train of thought I think this is a mistake. The “people” and the “two parties” are not the same but he intentionally says this knowing it will press everyone’s buttons. If I can direct you to a spot that is 500 feet away with 2 clues why does it take 7 more to finish the job. More than likely the spot is 500 foot off a common hiking trail which makes statement 1 obvious. The “two parties” got the first 2 clues right were probably miles away. Both statements are true but unrelated. Occams razor.

    • /agree. I think FF confirmed your thought in a mail response. He knows just how to say something to make you think something he didn’t really say. Glibness = +30 to bluff checks.

    • Finally someone explains it the proper way which i don’t know how people didn’t catch it watching the Q&A.

  76. So, did anyone ever find out what the Canadian government’s role is when people find treasure up there? Are they as awful as they are down here?

    • Argus-
      Worse up in Canada. They send a team of Canadian hockey players out to beat on you with sticks in the middle of the night.

      • I needed a good laugh it’s been a rough day at the office. I’m beginning to think i need to partner up with Dan Burstein on this chase.

        • Wow congrats Dal…that is so cool. I know you’ve worked hard at doing your blog and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of it…reading all your awesome stories and I’ve really enjoyed becoming good friends. *hugs and love* Dal !!!!!!

  77. Tomorrow I go hoping to find the treasure. If I could look you in the eye and shake your hand, I would bet anyone a thousand dollars that I know WWWH and HOB …… not even a little doubt in my mind. And it’s not because it’s a watery spot or a dam or a river or a favorite fishing hole or ANYTHING RELATED TO WATER of any kind for WWWH and it’s not because it’s brown or brownish or kinda brownish or named for Somebody Brown or because 12 confirmers are found on a map near my spot or anything like that. The solution to WWWH and HOB (if I’m correct and I believe I am) are nothing like what I hear about being posted on this site – I mean NOTHING like those places. Here’s a hint (again, based on what I believe): The reason it’s advised to follow the poem precisely–which means the clues go in order– is that the first solution contains the second solution, the second solution contains the third solution, etc., until it is so narrowed down that you can actually go lay hands on it. That’s what I think. So you can put me in the camp that thinks it’s solved – tomorrow – if I’m correct.

    • WWWH has nothing to do with water? hmmm well ok good luck in finding the treasure where it is not

    • Go get em Stance!!! Amazing how the mind works. The only real valuable thing is intuition.

      • Be interesting to see how quickly those photos of the treasure will be coming out, by weeks end.

    • Good luck Stance. My strategy is the chest will be found with exact coordinates and you don’t need to change the poem to get them.

        • Hey Chris, good luck when you go. I thought in response to my question a while back when you solved the poem you said your solution did not involve coordinates? Has your solution evolved since then?

        • good luck Yates, if you are indeed going to Colorado ,i dont think you will find anything ,but what do i know….enjoy the adventure……….sc

        • Pooka, yes, i had solved the poem and it brought me to a specific area, no coordinates involved there. i wanted to go at that point, was not able to. i then realized that this area may be too large to search, i may only have one shot at this, and if there isnt something that narrows it down, it could be the diff between finding and not finding. so i went with my instinct, this nagging feeling i was still missing something important. i have the coordinates now and i am going straight there.

        • Chris, It almost sounds as if your original site is the one I just went to. Interesting. Good luck this week, tell us if your coordinates are right.

        • its not in Colorado………its in new mexico…….my beer belly tells me it is…….and to me it is the most logical spot………but what do i know…

    • Nice work Stance…no “water” indeed…for the first time I think someone – and based on a lot of your other posts, which I always appreciated – you might lay some hands on the cool bronze…!

    • Sounds just like my solution, Stance. Good for you. Go get it!
      May the warm waters be willing. No way I can beat you to it now.

    • So how long will it take, after what I think I am counting as 4 people/groups who will fail to find it this week, until another batch of people think they have found it and set out? Another week? Two?

      • Well Mike add a few thousand who just lurk to gather info and you maybe right. Hubby and I will be out and about too, so I may be in that number too! lol

    • Good luck Stance,

      My wife and I head to NM on Thursday so if you are out and about in NM, maybe we’ll run into you. I just have one specific spot to search & then it’s on to playing tourist.

      • but he does say moose were near his fishing spot and also Montana means mountains….so till it’s found….I don’t know if we can say we know where it is…if you can…tell us how your able to do that as a fact as I’d be curious.

        • Lots of study. Lets just say I stumbled upon something, not the chest, but something that made me go hmmm? by following most of the clues. Ill tell you this. it was an olive color, and it is not something of the woods.If the treasure is near where I was Fenn is correct in saying that nobody will just stumble upon it, you will have had to do your homework, and then again my spot may be just like all the other X’s people have marked their blaze with. Maybe its not far from Montana, but who knows maybe It was Idaho, but then I drive kinda slow it could have been Colorado, oh blast I think im going vertigo.

        • L for me it was obsidian(spl?) black….what if someone stumbled opon it ( the 10 by 10) just exploring? say with fly rod in hand… this really is a fun game !!! where have the reader clan gone ? oh yeah right they are reading kmet, they have vanished………E say something ,make me look like the fool i am, ive been laughing at myself for the last 20 years….in reality to cover up my pain, but it works….L is a lorax a feline species like the lynx? just curious SC

        • @SC
          Reminds me of the wolverine which is most closely related to the Tayra or Martens.
          some strong little smellers I mean fellers.


        • sc…you are a riot…my offer of Fenn’s book stands…just send me your address, and it is yours. My e-mail is back in the past posts where serious intel swam with the likes of VGBoss and $Bill, GOG and GermanHerr, and yes the controversial “Bill”, who would have been heralded as a genius if he had posted his solve with 9 posts over 9 days instead as a neat tidy one post package…miss you Bill. Can’t wait for the johnny-come-lately group of braggarts to go out and experience the disappointment they so richly deserve, so that the forum can get back to a group-think on how we are going to find a flea on the ass of an elephant. Not wishing anyone bad luck, but OMG you recent bloggers are insufferable!

    • I was there a couple of days last week. There were 2 spots I didn’t get to check, though…1 I really wanted to hit. Weather was GREAT! Take clothes for warm weather, even at 7000 feet.

        • For the most part, yes. Scared the bejeezus outta the missus when I stuck it in 4WD up the side of a mountain to get a look at a cemetery (this was before I read the latest clue). The 1-lane trail still had ice on it at that time, and she thought we were going to slide off the mountain. I wasn’t quite so sure myself (talk about no place for the meek…whew). Probably all gone now, though. Got some beautiful views and found the most peaceful spot near a running creek – a place I could leave my bones, even.

      • yeah no kiddin, i dont even know what im talkin about……im the blabbering fool who may have stumbled upon the site, and feels undeserving of it….sc

        • S D , physicaly im outa the chase, my 6 mind you searchs/adventures in 2 locations ,one ive mentioned one ive not..has beaten the crap outa my unhealthy body, i need to change my ways, nicotine addiction has caught up with me…plus ive stated i do not really feel worthy of the prize….maybe even i dont want it..SC

        • You have to look down or you’ll stumble over the RR ties and don’t forget to listen to the whistle if your in a tunnel. If you find a note thrown by the captain, pick it up they tend to flutter by when not weighted by.

  78. hahahahahaah Yeah, right. No, I’m trying to figure out if anyone knows how the Canadian government reacts to people and the treasure who it up their. Are they as aggrressive, hostile, and greedy as our American feds are?

  79. Maybe Forrest will pay the site a visit to congratulate Dal on this milestone.

  80. The chest is in the united states…FACT! But I cannot reveal my source…

  81. Stakes are getting higher all of a sudden. All’s fair in love, war, and treasure hunting. Who here is from Colorado?

      • hmmm interesting prediction, ava. will you tell us what informs your co confidence speak? i am curious if you might be the role of ava gardiner, rita hay-worth, maverick pilot, touché too loose to trek or another? all spelling intentional. imagination may be more important than knowledge, sometimes.

        • Sorry, I don’t think you wrote frankly enough. lol You left turtle out of touche. It’s too bad I can’t put an accent mark over my e like you can do, but then frankly Abignale or Scarlet or whoever you are, I don’t give a ….

        • LOL. Ha, and here I sit trying to find someone in Colorado who wants this treasure, 50/50. We have at least two posters here from CO, and evidently they don’t want to go get it and beat out Stance.

        • Well it’s not going well, Geydelkon. I think Stance’s solution might be the same as mine. It engenders that kind of confidence. Yes, I’ve seen 127. I see the hoarder instincts from childhood. Funny, I drank Grapette as a kid, that dates me lol,and I don’t remember the bottle being thicker than any of the others. Did I miss something white or something?

        • @ava

          You have to start somewhere. I don’t think anyone on here is close. They may have been as close as 5 feet, but never knew it. I can almost bet the boys that took a picture of him near the front entrance of his home maybe be one of the groups. I am at the point to peel the cover apart on my book to take a look but I will cut out all the pages first and maybe it will fit like a puzzle or use the gold thread that binds the ends of pages together a make a very small ball of string. Hmmm wasn’t there a movie like that….anyway…where was eye with my thumb one inch away. Yes, I am from Colorado…just an Indian scout and a Saint.

          By the way, I have a problem with the video on my webpage on…It won’t play on my IPad..need the check the CODE.

  82. Nope, I don’t believe E knows, and I’ll tell you why. Engineers aren’t known for their emotionality. Just think how many times FF cried in his book. Whoops forgot you hadn’t read it. Anyway, what I’m saying is it takes someone who is well versed in the emotional aspects here, and typically that doesn’t describe your average engineer. Now if E was a female, that would be a bit different.

  83. Are people in general consensus of MikeD’s position that is isn’t outside the United States?

  84. SC, if I could pick a state it would be in NM because it would be easy for FF to go pick up the TC if he should change his mind about all this. For example, if a bunch of people got hurt, he might want to just call the whole thing off. I know I would if it was me.

    Also with him being somewhat of a hoarder, I kind of think he’d like more control over this treasure which he is still claiming is his even though it’s been put out somewhere. Plus, not only that, I’ve never been in the Santa Fe-Taos-Tesuque area, and I would love to go there, but I let the poem lead me, not me leading the poem, and the poem is directing me to Colorado.

    Fenn’s poem paints a very good picture, a picture on the surface that’s a trap. To find the TC a person has to give up those pictures and yet somehow has to start off with a physical location. That’s a tall order there. People are going to be surprised at the genius of this poem.

    I found something terribly funny in the WWWH line, and I’m sure it was intentional on Fenn’s part. One of the things that WWW stands for is Wolverine Worldwide. You know what they manufacture?
    Hushpuppies. Yep, that’s right, Fenn’s favorite shoes. In addition to the shoes. there are the kind of hushpuppies people eat with catfish. One of the things Fenn likes to drink is also an ingredient in the food, hushpuppies, and that’s buttermilk. There’s a whole interesting line of thought that follows buttermilk and plays into Fenn’s life. Are hushpuppies the shoes, the food, and buttermilk clues? No, but they are hints. Strong ones to let you know to stay on the same track, and that is if you’re on the right track to begin with.

    Could a person locate the TC without those hints? Sure, but they’se very helpful.

    • Ava
      Do you really think that FF picked the spot bAsed on changing his mind later on? How does that kind of rationale fit his statement that the site was based on a spot he always knew where he would hide it?

      • Wolfie, no, I don’t think so. If I believed that, I would have stuck with NM. I didn’t want to give up on NM. I like NM for a number of reasons, but mostly if F saw the handwriting on the wall and felt his death might be imminent, he could get to his TC more quickly and die beside it if he hasn’t changed his mind.

        He recently made the statement, dying with the chest was his plan, but now he’s not so sure that will work out. Where he originally chose to put the TC could have changed greatly, perhaps all depending on his state of mind at the time of the placement.

    • First, a big congrats to Dal on surpassing 1M. Way cool blog you have here. Thank you for your service.

      On hints and hushpuppies,
      back when our esteemed Stephanie tblossom changed her photo to include a man’s shoe, id’d as f, as a hushpuppy, I looked up the company. Yes, Jen, 😉 I used google or yahoo. The co is over 50 years old, started in 1958 to design a shoe for casual living and a pursuit for more leisure time. I do not recall where the company began. But then I went off in the direction of the San Antonio TX shoe company SAS. I felt that might have a strong hint link even beyond the hushpuppy. Intuition a bit stronger there — sounds like more of the people connection, part of a theme I see in knowing the man, Mr. Fenn.

      The SAS company ad reads:

      “Life is a journey. Wear comfortable shoes. We’ve always walked to the beat of a different drummer.

      Our passion for shoemaking started with Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. By the 1970’s shoemaking was leaving the United States and many of those who remained were cutting corners to compete with less expensive imports. Neither Terry nor Lew wanted to compromise on quality, so in 1976 they quit their jobs in the shoe industry and started SAS. They crafted every shoe by hand, with attention to detail and the best materials available. We wanted our shoes to be so comfortable that you didn’t want to take them off! Soon friends told friends about their “really, really, really comfortable new shoes”, and before long SAS became a national brand without any national advertising. The shoes we sell today are the result of 30 years of hard work, dedication, and the belief that we must always strive to be better. Every day we work to make sure the SAS name continues to stand for superb craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort. With every step along the way we’ve made new customers and friends.”

      Cool story I think and thought I would post it especially given my desire to support made in America.
      Good night. Rest well dreamers and treasure seekers, all.

      • Rose, good thinking, but FF is still wearing those Hushpuppies. He’s wearing them at home in the video the Japanese visitors put out, and that Dal posted on TOTC.

      • Rose-
        My brother was comptroller for Hush Puppies (Wolverine). Just another meaningless connection to mull over…

    • Solving the poem has nothing to do with hushpuppies, but it was an interesting and enlightening side trip so to speak, and let me see into FF’s humor. I’ve reached the limit of what I can say about that line of thoughht, one among so very many.

    • Well so did I. I’ve been to Colorado, Wyoming &Yellowstone, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, AZ, Utah, and gone through NM three or four times headed to or coming back from somewhere else, just haven’t been to those places on a search for the TC.

  85. i still remember those days when i first heard of fenny and his magic treasure. i dove right in determined to find the secret place, but i was like an infant, naive and with no direction. first i was convinced warm waters halt was agua fria. then i thought it was abiquiu reservoir and the brown home was mesa prieta. as i look back down the long road ive traveled …. virginia slims … you’ve come a long way baby

    • Abiquiu, been ther twice caught nothing , beutiful (spl?) canyon though , red rock canyons are very cool …iron iron…. there are some like that near jemez….springs. the rio gudelupe(spl?) …is rally one of my favorite places to fly fish…all though alot of it has been stripped of fish by fish eaters (men who think there are men by catching fish and killing them) and feel they are true woodsmens, they have no clue of conservation(spl?) or understanding of the woods fools in my opinion , this coming from a fool….but true….. SC

      • The problem with trout is they taste like salmon. I’d much rather have a turkey grand slam than a trout grand slam. I even own a fly rod, but gave that up because it was impossible to manage rod, line, tying a fly with glasses for far sightedness and sunglasses. Too much trouble. So now I just buy Coho and King salmon when they’re in season and thus on sale. Anyone want to buy a nice flyrod, some flies?

        You really need this rod, SC. Shall I wrap it up for you. lol

  86. I know everyone is fixated on the poem, trying to find the treasure. I just wanted to say when I started researching some of the inaccuracies that have been pointed out about the great literature chapter I found some very interesting backstory to the whole thing. I wont tell you what I believe because I think Forrest wants us all to look deeper. Continue the mayham, Im going over to the quiet corner. Its up to us all to decide if we want to know more.

  87. just noticed this reply to me towards the top of the thread

    onecorgi says,

    “Others have challenged your confidence.

    I admire true confidence so I will take a chance and bet even money that you will not find the Chest in the next 3 months. We can let Dal hold the cash, money orders or gold nuggets. With your confidence I shouldn’t offer even money but I feel gracious today.”

    the odds you are offering is laughable. how many people have sounded confident only to come up empty handed and the chest hasn’t been found in almost 3 years. from a pure handicapping point of view the odds are so heavily in your favor that you should be offering anywhere from 100 – 1000 to one. no matter what odds you offer though, i would not take the bet because i have nothing significant to gain. if i lose, i come back empty handed and full of disappointment and will have wasted other people’s money and then i would have lost more money to you, to boot. if i win, i will have the treasure and could care less about a bet, and i wont make it just for bragging rights because if i find the chest i will have all the bragging rights i desire.

    its not like you’re going out on a limb here saying i won’t find the chest, you are just thinking what most other people are thinking, i am just another searcher with false confidence who will come back empty. how sheeple of you. baaa baaaa. come out of the herd my friend, show a little more moxie than that. if you truly wanted me to make a bet, you wouldn’t just be offering me the realistic odds considering the circumstances, you would be offering me even better odds. dont you think the chances are really in your favor that i wont find the chest? that is a realistic point of view for anyone who doesn’t know what i know. So the fact that you only offered me even money shows how afraid you are i am going to actually find it.

  88. Took a little break today to give my mind a rest only to find a thousand email updates to catch up on. This is a lot of work. I really wish old f knew for sure if his chest is still there. It’s probably under the bunk bed of some boy genius that snagged it two years ago. lol. I hope not. Either way, I’m excited to get back into search mode. CHC

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