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807 thoughts on “THE NINE CLUES….Part Eight

    • and can see what your searching on his site lol. I once searched something on his site as a joke and then realized it would make a good search location and freaked out about it for a while.

      • if you have found the home of brown thats where you start a lot of people think the treasure is right under the home of brown but what i read in to it its a few miles away the home of brown is just a location from where to start thats what i think

        • I just reply to emails and don’t go to the blog unless I’m starting my own thread. So that’s sort of strange it would go to the wrong place. Hmmm. Sorry.

          • I just posted about CES, thought it would go at the end of the blog but it went to the middle. Not sure what I did wrong. Had a typo on the first one. What I posted may be an answer to CES and last line.

    • I can not give away the answer. We are taking my oldest off to college in July. Part of that trip will be to hopefully pick up the chest. If I don’t find it, I’ll give you everything I have.

      • I could use a second vehicle if you are giving away everything. Oh, did you mean your location or all your belongings?

      • Dale you don’t have to give away everything…just generously give us your insightfulness about the verse… “Put in below the home of Brown” . Dale you got to give before you can receive and 1 million or more bucks is a lot of loot so you must give a lot of yourself to earn that keep. That is in my opinion.

          • VGB,

            I saw your reply and I was just messing with you…maybe I should have used a smiley 🙂
            If you would like to exchange an idea or two give me your email and I will share a couple of things.

          • @Rickinflorida,
            Fenn did say we should be able to “move with confidence” to the next clue…….but I don’t take that as meaning it will be necessarily easy. We may have to do a lot of thinking to find the next clue, but once we correctly figure it out, we can move confidently.

            If it were easy they would of sent girls with pink toenails to figure it out. 😯

            (Taking cover under table) 😆

          • LMAO @ Goofy,

            I hope you ducked in time 🙂

            I feel confident about my spot. I have several hints from the book also…of course until the chest is found… who knows.

          • LOL Stephanie…

            us boys have the Thrill of The Chase Blues Club going for us 😉

          • Goofy, I’m thinking we can’t take everything ff says literally. He has said something like “All you need is the poem” and “you don’t need maps” I’m paraphrasing of course but, I really don’t see how any of us could even come close to figuring this out without looking at Google Earth or maps. If you think WWWH is about a confluence of warm and cold rivers, you would have to look on a map or Google Earth to see the rivers you think would fit that clue and then follow the other clues to see if those clues fit the area and lead you to a “spot”. I don’t think you can move with confidence from one clue to the other. The only time you could move with any confidence would be if all the clues seem to fit the area the way you interpret the individual clues and then maybe you can move with a little confidence to find the blaze. And maybe you will only recognize the blaze when you are at your special “spot”.

            Just MHO! 🙂

          • CJinCA – nice post and I too say that everything that Forrest Fenn says, about this Thrill of the Chase, should not be taken literally. He specifically stated in videos that something along the lines of this “85% and 15% and he also has said something along that lines that when he uses certain words he makes sure they are not found in the dictionary.

            So in my opinion a person, on this Chase, should use the POEM ofcourse, his BOOKS especially the Thrill of the Chase memoir, and watch all the videos where he was interviewed and hear him and listen good.

          • So he tells us ‘hear me all, and listen good’, but what id you are deaf and can’t hear? People who are deaf use a communication device called a TTY to type to each other and make calls. I have noticed that some of the directions to certain parks and campgrounds tht I get from the Forest Service have got to ‘T’ then to another ‘T’ then to a “Y’ intersection in turning. pretty interesting hmmmm????

          • Trying an experiment to see if this will go to the bottom of the page.

            From last night:
            I’ve abandoned this idea, but just to spur some outside the box thinking . . at one time I was trying to make West Yellowstone the WWWH. One of Forrest’s blog entries tells about the one room cabin with no running water and how he preferred to take a bath in the river with the hot spring instead of in the washtub in the middle of the floor in front of his family. He eloquently stated how unpleasant it was and how the water heated on the stove was always too hot or too cold. During that time, I imagine he wished for a real bathroom with a door and a water heater for a warm bath. So . . . WWWH would be the edge of West Yellowstone where the city water system ended.

          • Perhaps the CES on the chest latch is related to the M on the frog on the map. Maybe there are other letters on other items in the chest that are pictured in the book.

          • Look closely at the M in the frog’s eye and find it is really a upside down W. The legs flair out instead of straight down.

            W + eyes =….

          • @Steph,
            You wrote: “I think Goofy is watching over the blog for Dal…maybe he can start a Part 9 to see if that works itself out about the misguided post order.”

            No, I’m not watching over the blog, I’m not an administrator or anything else…..

            I do think it’s a wordpress problem, probably with a plug-in or the theme. Maybe Dal can start another post when he and Esmirelda touch down.

          • “If you are brave and in the wood”

            Here he’s giving the same info as the double colophon at the end of the book.

          • astree the words if you are to me it doesnt mean that you are brave to me it means dont try and be brave and look for it in winter stay home in and i say in the wood homes are made of wood thats what i think

          • Frank, Forrest Fenn has already stated that the treasure is not in any stucture, so there rules out any wooden houses or such. Good luck and welcome to the blog.

          • G-guy,
            Good to point this out. Sometimes people hear different things from the same thing so I believe the following is verbatim: ”

            There’s no need digging in the old outhouses, (pauses) the treasures not associated with any structure,” Forrest Fenn announced on TODAY.

          • ‘…THE TREASURE IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY STRUCTURE. IT IS stated’Treasure’, didn’t say the ‘clues’…
            Associated means connected to, touching, joined.

            Also whats the deal with crazy and close…. i DON’T GET THEIR WWWH…. I don’r see it in the book. I see a waterfall as a blaze. I read hot water bath and washing dishes , wwwh is a geyser, a hot springs, water freezing, or rivers meeting. I see it in his xtra stories, bathing where hot springs run into a river, ff doesn’t say you may need his xtra stories, just the poem, and the book helps….. he doen’t say you need his web site blog stories..

          • Musstag,

            Don’t think Crazy and myself weren’t stuck at one time with the same line of thinking that you are at right now. I can’t speak to Crazy’s WWWH because he’s not shared it with me. Trying to think outside the box you start trying things that might not make a lot of sense, but once I kept researching the area, things started to click. The poem nor the book points you in the direction of WWWH, they only confirm you have the right starting place. Then there’s statements FF made in the past that also points to this area. listen, at the end of the day both of us might be wrong.

            I’ve been at this for two months day and night, if this is not the location then I will let the obsession go. Its taken to much time from my work, family, and my own life. I will not be running across the country like so many people with Gold Fever. I mean if you can’t move to your WWWH with supreme confidence based on reliable research then why go. That’s why FF made that statement about studying the poem.

            I’ll tell you this before I go. I took some of the poem in its literal terms, I confirmed things with a code and I took something from the book. Good Luck.

          • I thought I had it all figured out. I still think I might. But after 2 trips to the same spot (over 1000 miles away) within a week, I think I will give it a rest before I try again. I had deduced from the poem and the book a spot in which I expected to find a blaze within a 50 foot radius. And I did, a painted image on a rock, with an arrow pointing down. I sent an email to Forrest, attaching a photo of the image, and asked him, “Am I on to something or am I crazy?”. His response, “Yes your are .” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!!

          • Unfortunately for you, you gave two questions and he answered one of them. That is first class Fennism humour at work!
            The Wolf

          • Yes, but calling me crazy may be considered offensive, leaving me to conclude that I am indeed onto something…… or not.

          • @probe, You are most certainly on to “something.” Fenn just didn’t admit knowing, or not knowing, what you are on to! It’s like the old tale of 3 wishes when you unwittingly waste the wishes on sausages. That was your first wish.

          • Wolf it is possible that he answered both questions for probeguy. Probeguy don’t take this or the ff answer offensive I think he likes to have fun as much as anyone , btw I think we are all crazy.

          • HAHA! You gotta love f! He is so funny! I just adore him!! *Sprinkling my glitter around*
            You asked two questions, he gave one answer….. hehe! Oh my! HUGS!

          • LOL How does someone think to answer like that…I know it’s probably not funny to you…but that’s so funny. I think I’m too stuck on my spot and need to let it go after my last trip. I spent all last summer in Cimarron before I finally did. You get so attached to them.

          • Probeguy,Early on in my quest I emailed some things to f and asked a general question at the end to see if I could get any feeling to validate my thoughts.f always seemed quick to reply which made me believe I was indeed on to something.Beware how you interpret what he says!My spot that I have gone to four times seemed right at the time,but only because I wanted it to be correct.I know differently now.My interpretation of his responses only fueled my imagination at the time!One can not assume that f would readily give anyone a private clue.That is simply not going to happen! I have a new spot miles from the old that seems to be coming together with a different approach to the whole interpretation of the poem.You might be right on, but only you are going to figure that out,or not!Good luck and be safe.

          • Ken
            I agree that ff won’t be giving out any personal hints. I think he has given us a fair playing field and told us we need to study the poem to find the treasure. I’m sure he is having fun giving answers that make people question or analyze what he means. He seems like he will watch his every word in interviews and comments… ff is no dummy.

          • Oak girl,You bet! The only advantage that I see for some is from a geographical stand point.Being from the east it is a longer,more costly journey for me.Those who live near NM,CO etc…can just head right in to a spot.

          • @theprobeguy,
            You must be wise when asking the coyote a question.

            Considering everyone here is chasing an unsubstantiated treasure with the sole validation coming from a slick talking, specious, self proclaimed hustler from Texas whose favorite saying is “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are”; I figured it goes without saying everyone here is crazy.

            So the answer to am I crazy……is yes you are.

            But, you could also be on to something……..I would look very carefully at your spot and your thinking getting to the spot…….you might have been standing right next to it or passed it on the way.

          • Yes, I will return, and have been trying to think of what I missed. Does the painting mean anything? If so, what does the arrow down mean, down or south? I tried both, searching amidst huge boulders in a straight line south for up to 500 feet. I did not check every single possible hiding place I am sure. Then I wonder about how valid a painting on a rock is. I thought about removing it, or painting over it with a yellow happy face with “F”s for ears, just to see if someone corrected it on my return trip. I am leaning towards rethinking my idea of the blaze to a more permanent marker, and there is a very good candidate in the area.

          • Sorry, just to clarify, that last post was a response to Goody who said:

            “But, you could also be on to something……..I would look very carefully at your spot and your thinking getting to the spot…….you might have been standing right next to it or passed it on the way.”

          • @gettingclose1,

            You wrote: Does this not bother anyone; FF said again, two different parties figured out the first two clues and were within 500 feet but they missed the next seven clues. So this potentially makes “not far but to far to walk” not really a clue or part of another clue. If the first two clues put you within 500 ft then we must be wrong about that clue as far as driving or distance. The only other scenario I can think of is you need to cross a stream or fiver because its to far to walk around it.

            Good point…….it all hinges on what your interpretation the first two clues are. If one interprets the second clue as the “home of Brown”………then it changes. As with everything in the poem, just a slight difference in viewpoint changes the poem drastically………So what are the first two clues? Are there only 9 clues or at least 9 clues?

            The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

          • Last count I heard, Forrest had received over 15,500 e-mails regarding the search…2 parties out of that 15,500 got the first two clues right…that is 0.0000129% of the searchers e-mailing FF. Lets say there are twice as many peope looking that are not informing forrest. That makes it possible that more people have got the first two clues right…So you and I have a 1 in 129,000 chance of getting clues 1 AND 2 right…

          • Wait, thats not correct… You and I have a 1 in 25,800 chance of getting clues 1 and 2 right….Thank god!! I was worried for a minute…

          • Didn’t Forrest say yesterday that he could right now walk to the trove and pick it up if he wanted to? Wouldn’t that eliminate a lot locations seeing that the weather has made a lot of places inaccessible?
            So should you be looking in New Mexico only?

          • And we can deduce that the walking part occurred after he drove somewhere? Or is he talking about walking from the bookstore directly to the spot? Or from his house to the spot?

          • @gettingclose,

            “…if you can’t move to your WWWH with supreme confidence based on reliable research then why go.”

            That pretty much sums it up. I don’t know who could afford to go back to this hunt time and time again based on loose ideas. There are so many other places that I want to travel to that I simply can’t invest that much into a treasure hunt. After all, if adventure is the treasure, then I want as much adventure as I can get. But, I’ll wait until all of you have gone before I go to Yellowstone. This summer I’ll be in Durango, Florida and Rhode Island as well as a few camping trips in the mountains of Colorado. I won’t hunt treasure on any of these trips but I will find it, adventure that is.

          • I agree with the CrazyFamily and in my opinion you must have atleast 99% of the POEM solved with absolute confidence to head out and enjoy the great outdoors with the family and while doing that, on a certain day, tell your family you will be right back in a couple of hours and head out to your ideal hot spot and search for the remaining 1% of the clues which not yet discovered for it can only be doen there at the spot and do your Indiana Jones thingy and find the Chest and go in peace back to your family enjoying the great outdoors a richer man with your beautiful family.

          • I agree with this 100%. Use the poem to find a spot and trust that spot with confidence, even if it is wrong. They go, look, and think.

          • I also agree CO Searcher.

            People should pick 1 area and stick to it with absolute confidence because if you don’t you are just CHASing your tail and guess what you have no tail.

            Finding the Treasure Trove that is 10X10X5 in dimension is really really really really small, tiny, micro, when compared to the vast terrain of the Rocky Mountains…over 3,000 miles of lots of stuff!!! You have a better chance of catching every microbe bacteria in your home with two fingers.

            But hey I’m addicted and I BELIEVE (stubborn) so I will search and search my hot spots in Yellowstone and in Taos this summer. I’ll find the Chest, place it under my bed, then go watch the Man of Steel in theatres June 14th.

            If you have a zillion spots that you like to search through then you are not confident!

          • Well if you’re going to YellowStone the treasure is surely safe. LOL…. The snow is definitely going to need to melt before we can leave.

          • germanguy thanks for the welcome that was nice of you i know the treasure is not in a stucture what i was trying to say is what i read in the poem is he is telling me not to be brave and look for it in winter to stay home in the wood i think he is telling me is dont go looking for it till spring and if you want to find the home of brown and the blaze when all the snow melts is when you can see it

          • germanguy i am retired and i have a lot of time to look at maps and study the poem the home of brown is the key to the treasure find the key and everything will fall in to place

          • I enjoy spilling my proverbial beans but this one is REALLY good!! here we go…BIWWWH=Continental Divide along the Washakie Wilderness in WY near MEETEETSE. ATIITCD= Wood River Canyon NFBTFTW= 37 miles up canyon PIBTHOB=Below Brown Mountain
            FTINPFTM=Amelia Earhart’s Cabin!!! TEIEDN= Creek on the left TBNPUYC= creek not navigable JHLAWH=Creek is a Steep boulder strewn drop IUBWAFTB= Amelia earharts Cabin LQDYQTS=not sure YEWBWTC=heaviest snowfall over 100 FEET!! in a year!! IYABAITW=Wood River What do you all think????

          • Nice try Mike. Checked it out last month.

            Earhart’s cabin was never finished. She never stayed there. She was having the owner of a dude ranch build it for her. He got walls built 4 logs high. Then her plane went down and he never finished.

            Also, don’t think FF could go in there that far, to cabin or the creek you refer to. Google Earth shows a two-track road to cabin. However, further research shows that there is a gate across that road, one mile below the cabin at Kirwin (ghost town). That road to cabin is for Forest Service use only.

            I don’t think Forest would have carried chest that far…..I may be wrong!!! Good Luck! 🙂

          • funny you stated go in there; I believe he went “in there” slightly more than a mile, and the people who were 500 feet away missed it. Close but no cigar!

          • See that makes me wonder if it’s not literal either. I don’t know if that “don’t need a map” thing is actually from Forrest or not…but what if it is and he means something like Yellowstone is where warm waters halt, and Vitenam is the meek and things like that. You end up wherever he kept his plane(does anyone know?) where he parked his car. He could totally say that he didn’t fly to where it was….but it still could have to do with flying in his past…ya know?

          • Stephanie, to me the clues have to be connected one after the other some how. Unless my interpretation of the clues led me to a Vietnam memorial or something related to the war after I put in below a “home of Brown”, then I would consider it. For me the clues have to follow in some kind of sequence, at least until the “go in peace” part. I’m think the last 2 stanzas are more confirming what you have gone through to get to the treasure and why he hid the treasure. they may also be additional clues too as 9 does not seem nearly enough! This is just my interpretation and of course, knowing how many interpretations there are to the clues, my spot is probably wrong too! 😀

          • Right…consecutive order must be followed…I just was giving an idea of flying not really being out of the picture. He didn’t have to fly to place it…just drive to the airport where he kept his plane. If you don’t need a map to get there…which I don’t know for sure that’s an actual quote from Forrest or not. Glad I’m not flying to Boston right now *so sad*…although our plane just got delayed out of Kansas City to Milwaukee…wonder why….. Quick Forrest…if your reading this blog…teach me in 100 words or less to fly a plane, just in case.

          • Stephanie – there was a bomb at JFK also – I don’t have any details but that may be why plane travel elsewhere is delayed. 🙁

          • Yeah I heard that and I heard that they’re dismantling other bombs in Boston too. Not sure if that’s accurate. Might still be why we’re delayed though.

          • The no need for a map comment does make me curious though. Do pilots use a map? Or is it just considered a flight plan or what?

          • I just think that’s such an odd rumor that you don’t need a map. So if it’s a true statement…does it mean it’s called something else or you need something else?

          • Stephanie,
            Do you know where he said “no need for a map”. I thought I recalled (can’t currently find it, looking) where he said something along the lines of someone with a map and some knowledge of history – and of course the poem and book – could find it. I have abandoned google earth for a while, just looking at regular maps. If he really wrote it when he first had cancer that is pre-internet, I for one got hung up zooming in on canyons and rivers and lost sight of the poem. Just my experience. If I come across what I “think” I read, I will post it.

          • No I think I just heard it on the blogs…so to me, it’s just a rumor…so I’ll consider it and not consider it unless someone knows where it was actually said. That history thing I remember hearing too. So maybe you don’t need a map…you need a history book. I think I remember someone saying it might be names of paintings or something….or something to do with the Indian culture. hmmm. I like those ideas better than the number ideas. At least I can relate to them better than VG’s numbers….just not smart that way and have to go with what I got…

          • Oh. Hmmm….interesting. Sure would be funny if it turns out that it was something to do with when Forrest used to fly and that sociologist guy who did the youtube video laughed at my idea. Can you tell it still bothers me? *sob sob* I put my goofy idea out there…and he laughs. Either way even if I’m wrong about it….I think he should find me in the Internet and apologize lol.

          • Stephanie, I feel partially responsible as I pushed the issue, but I still feel the same – even more so now with my solution to the poem. Then again I’m not holding the chest either.

          • Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that you became quite insistent about Mr. Fenn flying to place the chest when I was trying to narrow the search to NM saying that you didn’t think he would drive to Yellowstone and that family members also fly etc. It’s hard to know who’s in the conversation sometimes – maybe you were talking to someone else and I hijacked the thread. It happens.

          • I just throw out ideas most of the time. I don’t know where it is, so I’m never knocking anyone’s idea that it can’t be somewhere. I do like to play the devil’s advocate sometimes when people say it can’t be somewhere or has to be somewhere else. I’m not currently looking into the flying thing as an idea..but I have. I just haven’t been able to make that idea work. I like Yellowstone as a whole is the place for warm waters halting and Iike Vietnam for no place for the meek. That’s all I have though for that. I think he loved his plane and it gave him a freedom that most people can’t understand.

          • Stephanie and everyone, When I watched the video of Prof. Davetian I felt badly about the way he communicated by laughing. I’m no sociologist but I am always trying to apply logic to situations. We are all people who, like Mr. Davetian was saying, have the same needs and he should have known – the same feelings. But more importantly to me in this search, as humans, we do and think the same things. I’m trying to think like an 80 year old MAN(which is not too much of a stretch for me) who is looking for a legacy – as if having a great family isn’t enough. When I looked at locations to apply the clues I wondered, why this spot? Thinking back to when Mr. Fenn began his Today show appearances and wondering – why go on TV if all you want is to be an artist and inspire some young people to go outside?

            When I go to Home Depot I let my daughter ride on the flat carts regardless of the warning that dictates “DO NOT RIDE” because I am responsible for her well being. She questions me and I have said this to her … I am responsible for you, you can ride.

            Aside from his childhood memories of yellowstone he must equate yellowstone with the government and the way they warn you to not touch the art. Remember the Firehole and the warning that there is no swimming aloud within however many feet of a hot spring inlet blah, blah, blah? No, this is bigger than that… bigger than Fenn, bigger than Yellowstone, but close to him in more ways than proximity.

            Like everyone else here I want to shout out where I think the chest is, so that when it’s found everyone will know that I knew it first. But deep down inside I want to be the one who finds it. So I keep it to myself and wait. I don’t know where the chest is either, but I might be within 500 feet and become a part of Mr. Fenn’s legacy.

          • Dal,
            If you get a chance, get on HWY 12 in Colorado, and go to where warm waters halt. Stone Wall, CO
            And take it in the canyon down, the Purgatorie River. Not far, but too far to walk to the Home of Brown, an abandoned Adobe home built like a covered Bridge over the North Fork of the Purgatorie River. From there its no place for the meek-Because your on the Purgatorie River, the end is drawing Ever Nigh. The N Fork is on the left as you take it in the canyon down…No Paddle up that creek-but miners paradise!! heavy loads!!

          • Mike D.,

            Funny, I was just looking in that area; not because I think FFs treasure is there but because there is a legend of a much older (Spanish gold) treasure there.

            May I ask, how does warm waters halt near stonewall?

          • I am aware of the tin man legend of the spanish gold along the purgatorie river. I met an old man once in Hasty, CO that stated that he had found a cave along the purgatorie near Las Animas where the Spanish had wedged a boulder and dropped it from the canyon rim to cover the cave entrance and left a dead man there to gaurd the chest. He said that it would take a crane or something to move the rock ,and all he could get in there was his arm and a cell phone camera…He never showed me the picture though…

          • That’s a great story, Mike D. There are many legends of lost gold/treasure in the area, some with more meat than others. I figure even if I don’t find FFs treasure, I might stumble upon another one. 🙂 It also occurs to me that FF has found many incredible artifacts in his years searching the SW; if he found any of the “big” ones it’s probable that he kept it a tight secret. And it’s possible that’s the special place he put his own treasure. Hint of riches new and old…

          • I think he began the Today Show media blitz in part because they kept after him. I think he was fine with it going alone as it was. Could be wrong though… I just checked to see if he said anything back on his comments and he’s since made them where you can’t comment. Won’t even comment back? Seems like a coward of opinions and pretty arrogant to me.

          • Wait a minute cowgirl (wink), many of yours and others do not allow replies…… I don’t know how one does that, it is a bit frustrating and disorienting if one comments on another person’s comments whic I have done….. How or why does one do this? Replies or discussion will go on anyway about those comments that ff made, correct.

          • I’m not sure what you mean. I was talking about that I made a comment on that guys youtube video on and he since removed my comment and has blocked anyone from commenting on his video. As for Dals blog comments….I know what you mean about how some say reply and some don’t. I’m confused too as to why that does that. I don’t think it’s anyone blocking them though…I think it has to do with wordpress’s system. Maybe they only allow so many. Cowgirl huh? Did I qualify for that status after making so many trips there? *smile*

          • It seems if you are replying to any of the ones from the middle to the top, they reply the way they should. Any of them you reply to in the bottom half seem to just post at the very bottom. I think Steph is right about it being an issue with WordPress.

          • Hi Stephanie! Looks to me like the “Reply” is only available on the first post of a specific thread and the subsequent follow up comments don’t have it, so you can only reply directly from the initial post and not the other replies. Does that make sense? LOL

          • Cool! Wasn’t sure if my coffee had kicked in. When I read what I typed I wasn’t sure if I even understood what I was saying! LOL

          • Not sure about why I said cowgirl, it just popped up. I think “wait a minute cowboy” came to mind first, maybe a movie quote?
            Yeah, sometime there is “reply” and others not and it looks random. Maybe the moderator ;^). I am glad you keep thus blog going in Dal’s absence and appreciate the time all of the “blogerators” spend managing the blogs. Was i the first to coin hat word first?

          • yeah I think that’s a good word! I do need a break from the blogs…so I’m probably going to put myself on a blog diet(Dal termed that phrase to me when I take time away lol). I have some family things I need to work on since I’ve been gone. I’ll try to be on here or there though.

          • Onecorgi and any others who are having trouble with the blog, I also had this problem until I went back to part three and unsubscribed and re-subscribed, Apparently there is a glitch if you try to follow from any of the blogs newer than part three. Hope this helps.

          • Ragner,
            I did as you said, deleted the Nine Clues Part 3 and all is well. I sent one above and now this being the second in the same thread, thanks! Others give a shot.

          • Heres something I’ve been thinking about…in Browns Park there was a blaze a long time ago below the home of Brown…it was burned down by the Indians, a Spanish Fort…that no one ever found, but maybe one person did? 😉
            Its no place for the meek, the river draw ever to the left and down, below Lodore canyon where there are heavy loads and water high…Adam

          • Adam sounds very promising and seems to fit, no one , the only thing that seems to be missing is wwwh , unless i misread the part about the river, but somewhere in the river source there may be a wwwh. Good luck , enjoyed your post about your previous attempt is side$how on board with it?

          • @ Ragnar,

            In this situation the (wwwh) to start with is the flaming gorge dam.
            Not far, but too far to walk = fire affected rocks = red canyon.
            As for its not associated with any structure…well if it was the old Spanish fort that burned down…technically its not a structure anymore its burned down. 😉

            Also, in that area if you come down through Jesse Ewing canyon, thats browns road.
            Jesse Ewing before he died had discovered gold. But he died right after he discovered it, and no one ever found his spot.
            Maybe FF found the gold spot and put his treasure there too?
            Just thinking outside the box.

            Sorry Dal, I know this should be under the Idaho/Utah clues location…okay…I’m done 🙂


          • A_The_A, everything you said are reasonable inferences to the clues, and seems that all points have been covered. Is there any connection you know of about your locale and ff ?

          • @ Ragnar,

            Yes, the Fenn arrowhead cache was found in this general area, not in Browns park, but close…

            “In 1988, 56 flaked stone artifacts attached to a large wood frame with heavy copper wire were acquired by Forrest Fenn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”——–1999, George Frison & Bruce Bradley, “The Fenn Cache: Clovis Weapons & Tools” p. 22.
            “The exact location of its discovery (the Fenn cache) is not known, but apparently came from the general area where Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah meet.”——1999, George Frison,

          • Hey A_the_A

            I’ll assume that you are state side.. How long are you here for? Most importantly how did your search go?

          • @ Chuy,

            Well, my friend and I haven’t found it yet, but theres more searching/researching to do.


          • @Onecorgi,
            I unsubscribed to all the posts Dal has closed (all of the nine clues posts except this one)….Lets see if it works.

          • Goof , in my response to Onecorgi I said you need to re-subscribe under Part 3 , I don’t know if that was clear in his reply. Hope everything works out .

          • I think I’ve got this figured out:

            V – 22
            G – 7
            B – 2
            O – 15
            S – 19
            S – 19

            When you add the letters of VGBOSS together you get 84. Now if you take 2 away from 84 you get the age of the man who hid the treasure (Forrest 82), but if you divide 84 by 2, you get the age of the person who is going to find the treasure (Derrick 42).

            I’m just messing with you VGBOSS!

          • Dear Stephanie, He is a Canadian sociologist. The biggest treasure in Canada is Justin Beiber. So don’t feel bad……..

          • Thanks Michael…but I have some Canadian Indian(blackfoot) and some French in me…so I think you just made me feel bad now LOL….I’m teasing. I don’t feel bad about any of it really…but that was funny about bieber. I wonder how long he’s going to be a heartthrob. We had much better one’s I think. Hey speaking of French…why do we think he mentions French street? I haven’t heard that talked about. Maybe it’s nothing…just found it interesting. is it First and French? Has anyone found an intersection for streets named that?

          • I have French Street Highlighted in my book too. I actually googled Temple Tx and found a West and East French Street. I used to live in Texas and had never seen a street with any European names but maybe Temple was famous for its own French Bread, who knows but I let that go for now. Stuck on the 8 or 9 book numbers.

          • Stephanie, first and French street.
            Consider this: the only word in the poem that
            Makes reference to wilderness or desert is”canyon”. What if the treasure is located near a small town north of Santa fe in the Rockies? Wwwh is a coffee shop called “the Coffee Stop” it’s in an old two story building in which a person lives upstairs named brown. This town has a scary sounding name such as “grizzly ridge” hence, no place for the meek. It has a laundromat or a well driilling service-heavy loads water high. The blaze is a sun symbol on a state flag. Upon seeing the flag with your head raised, then look quickly down you’ve found it.dont turn your head left or right. And lastly… It’s near first and French street.

          • I agree that, that’s a possibility. I actually did something like that in a NM town. There’s a court house for example which I thought could be meek as bad guys are there and it leads to the place I was looking into that I know was very special to him in his art gallery days or literary type reasons. He mentions Mr. District Atty and some other references that could be legal type things. I would imagine that will be there for a very long time too. People just assume he’s talking about fishing, because his book talks about fishing. He’s said you only need the poem though…that isn’t a slam dunk about fishing by any means.

          • Stephanie,nothing in this quest is a slam dunk! It seems some think they know the whole story and do a lot of casting,but alas,no treasure for them or anyone else up to this point.Quick question for you.On all of your trips did you always seem to think you had the location right and just needed to find the blaze?Or were you just going on a whim?My four trips were to the same spot.Two times I swore I knew what I was looking for. I do admire your tenacity and wish the best for you in the future.Do not give up.

          • I don’t think I ever thought I knew the blaze till I went out there…except maybe once. I thought in Cimarron that it was at the 4th campground and site 23 per where he said his Dad’s grave site was in Texas. I thought maybe they would go to Cimarron and stay on their way up to YNP. I thought that was odd that he said you could google that and find it…when I googled it…I didn’t. So I thought it was one of the sprinkled clues. Well…there is no site 23. I had a searcher friend who just spent 2 1/2 weeks out there and she found out that it was no longer there…I think to make a larger site somewhere else. Something like that. I think there were only two times that I thought for sure that someone got it before me. One was a tree stump that was hollowed out. It was shortly after that search that Forrest announced that it was still wherever it was…so I felt good that I hadn’t missed it. If anyone goes to the town of Arroyo Secco….there’s a park across from the Ice Cream shop…you walk up the heavy load rock path, past the little waterfall fountain, passed the old historic cabin and passed the covered wagon to the stump(wood). There’s a wood carving on top(he whittled yo yos) which I thought was the blaze. Then I went down behind that stump(just like in the picture with the enchanted boy looking at the moon) and low and behold there’s a flipping opening by the ground. It was purposely hollowed out. I could see this attracting a child’s curiosity…ok, which I can relate too lol. I stuck my camera in there and nothing. The other time I thought it was somewhere…looking back I don’t even know why I did. I think I was just desperate and tired the end of that trip…which I usually am. It usually takes me a day or two back home before I work through the treasure loss grieving process. Don’t tell me to not give up…I’m trying to quit. Do they have a patch for this?

          • Steph , they don’t have a patch for it but they do have a room with nice padded walls lol

          • I think I got a gift certificate in the mail from Forrest once. It was for the Stage Coach Mental Hospital. I thought it was just a theme hotel. Now I’m starting to wonder……

          • LOL that’s funny. I think I need to hang out over on the fb page….at least then I check my own more often. Gotta shut down here…major storms coming into Chicago area.. *yikes*

          • Hi Stephanie,
            Only been at this for 3 weeks. It is addicting! I didn’t know there was a fb page and when I looked, there are several. Which is the one that you check?

          • Steph you should make a patch! That would make a super fun gift to give! I’d buy one and wear it treasure hunting lol!!

          • Stephanie,OK!It is all a matter of substitution.The type of drive you have is a great quality.I will not say you know what again,but keep the thought process going and who knows.BEST REGARDS!

          • Aw, Steph you must be so disappointed 🙁 I hope your spirits are renewed after a couple of days rest. Did you see the blaze? If you did, you were close then! I think it’s possible to find more than one blaze in this…but only one will be physical (the real deal when you are there close). I certainly am going nuts with this if it makes you feel any better. lol. Not only blazes, but my “home of Brown” has been a few different things too. Sometimes I think my thought process is too abstract for this search lol. Sometimes I think I’m really close to the solution, then other times I feel like if I rush out to search I will just be giving the mountain a weed whackin’ like someone said before lol. Anyway…I certainly hope when you come out here next time you will give me a call if you have a little free time. It would be so great to meet you! I will send you my number in FB 🙂 Hope you rested up again soon!

          • *hugs* I didn’t find a blaze this time. That was my problem.

            I’m ok now. Melt down and grieving in the past. I always find my happy button after a couple pouty days.

            A meet up would be lots of fun.THRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

          • Perhaps from a Myopic point of view, but what about these famous Canadians:

            Avril Lavigne, Pamela Anderson, Romeo Dallaire, Shania Twain, Lenox Lewis, Nelly Furtado, Sum41, Rush, Shannon Tweed, Barenakedladies, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Jim Carrey, Natasha Henstridge, Jennifer Tilly, Sarah McLachlan, Leonard Cohen and the current commander of the international space station – Chris Hatfield.


            Dan Aykroyd, Raymond Burr, John Candy, James Doohan, David Elliott, David Foley,
            Fox, Michael J. Robert Goulet, Lorne Greene, Paul Gross, Phil Hartman, Michael Ironside,
            Eugene Levy, Norm MacDonald, Howie Mandel, Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielsen,
            Matthew Perry, Christopher Plummer, Jason Priestley, Keanu Reeves, William Shatner,
            Martin Short, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland, Alan Thicke, Dave Thomas

            Just to name a few – hate to see these fine folks go unrecognized 😉
            The Wolf

          • PS Many have thought the clues all fit together for the areas they have searched but since there are so many different interpretations for each individual clue, if you get one wrong, the end “spot”is wrong. Like ff said, a few people got the first 2 clues correct but went right by the others. Wish we knew what those 2 clues were! 🙂

          • CJ,

            I agree. They may have had the first 2 clues but missed the hoB. “IF” the wwwh is where I think it is…there are a few different directions to leave the wwwh area…so they went down the wrong trail/canyon.
            I wish we knew how long ago these folks got the first 2 right. lol

          • @CJinCA,
            You could be absolutely correct……and Fenn the trickster’s hints are more of a distraction than hints.

            I try to be open minded to other ideas……..mine certainly haven’t worked unless I walked right passed it and didn’t see it.

            Like the old saying goes: The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

          • Hey now…I think we should play a game….we both tell Forrest where we’ve been and I bet I would have been closer….lol and that right there makes me smarter, because I know the odds are in my favor lol.

          • Stephanie no doubt you would win that game, so no thank you, I don’t want to play that game. No fun when you lose. Odds would be in your favor….you were probably one of those who was 500 feet of the Treasure Trove. You probably tripped over it : )

          • Oh sure, make me feel better lol. I’m going home from trip 19 at the airport…wishing I was going back out West. No sign of a return trip. I might go north though if the snow has melted enough. Anyone have a TOTC weather report? Is YNP still under snow? By the way…I have a bunch of emails I haven’t responded to…if your reading this…I will respond..just that I like to catch up on the blogs before they get ahead of me. I’m not trying to be rude.

          • LOL I barely remember that. My little brother and I always call each other to bet on things we’re at…like if he’s at a super bowl party he’ll call me to bet on some numbers. When I go to an OTB place…he always says bet $2 to win on every 7 horse. You’d be surprised, but he does pretty good.

          • It might not make your odds better. If you’ve been to 30 spots and I’ve only been to one and he says I’m closer I’ve got a 100% chance of re-searching my “right” area. You’ve got a 1 in 30 chance of searching the correct area again. I

          • This was 19… plans for 20, but of course I’m getting my best ideas that make me want to go back or go North. Is it wrong to go home and just pack a suitcase as a security blanket type thing?

          • Hey Jen, I have your peanuts. Send me your address and I’ll send them to you lol. I’m getting a glass of wine on the plane now…can’t send that. Never ordered any on the plane and just realize there will be storms and turbulence in Milwaukee. Might make for a good blog later. Why won’t they just let you breath from the oxygen masks during any flight? That would be fun….(no I haven’t even taken a sip yet). Just reread what I wrote….Is there a medical reason for such an erratic thought process?

          • Sorry if this is a double post, couldn’t find it here at the bottom:

            Talked to my boss today about “Heavy Loads and Water High”. He is from Wisconsin and shared that back in the day (not sure which day), logging outfits used to put logs into rivers/creeks/streams during times of years when the water was low, then when the waters were high, the logs would travel down the rivers to where they were used. This was an interesting slant that I had not thought of.

          • Oh yay!! And no medical reasoning, but erratic thought processes are a requirement to be a pink lady!

            Sent from my iPhone

          • Years ago, I noticed on a new’s cast about how a man in England had invented a device (a round wheel) for solving crimes (for Scotland Yard). You connect lines together and when you stood back you could see what people were involved in a crime by connecting one person to another to another then another. When thousands of people involved it gave a clear view of who was involved with who. Each person was connect to several people they knew on the wheel. Anyone remember this or knows what it is. Same approach could be used to solve this puzzle, possibly, because there are so many possibilities for each clue. A clear picture might emerge, same as with a crime.

        • Sorry BOSS, but I have to admit that I’m mostly a lurker as well. I struggled with WWWH for two months before arriving at a starting place. I had an idea but it didn’t develop until I read the book. HOB developed from my WWWH. Now I have a spot that is totally unique and independent of any of the posts on this blog. If I were to tell anyone, then the idea and potential for the idea would no longer be mine. Like Stephan, I might be inclined to share after pursuing the clues at my location and not finding the chest. But maybe not if I still felt strongly about it. I could give information about things that I don’t think are relevant like the numbers game. Without a disclaimer it’s deceptive.

          Ultimately, I really don’t think anyone would share the riches new with me even if it were my ideas that solved the puzzle. I work with a bunch of people who have passed background checks to maintain their employment but they can’t keep their hands off of your lunch(among other things). Frankly, people have become too opportunistic to be trusted.

          • It’s okay Crazy you don’t have to apologize. Just giving my opinion on the Poem and this Chase. It’s a blog afterall.

          • Crazy,
            Question for you.How many clues did you come across that have confirmed your WWWH??

          • gettingclose, If you mean hints from the book? I can think of 2 specific hints that allude to my WWWH.

          • Hebgen Lake/Madison River is the only specific mention of possible WWWH. That was really interesting how “Quake Lake” was formed in 1959 by the 7+ earthquake landslide blocking the Madison River.
            The Wolf

          • That is a heartbreaking story. I think Dal should ask Forrest about that earthquake. I don’t know if Forrest would reveal anything about it as it might be the location of the chest…but there are so many stories I’d love to hear from Forrest after all this.

          • 28 people died in that earthquake lake incident… ironic as Boston deals with a catastrophe on their own. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected by this tragedy.
            The Wolf

          • FF did say in something that I read, that 1.)( he is an environmentalist, so I feel that the urgent need to find a clue in the stumps pic is a no-go. It is really about the bird losing it’s home to over logging and having to fly to the moon just to have a place to call home.

            2) That he would love to find a special place that only he knows about on the Madison River to fish.

          • Crazy
            If you have the correct WWWH not only does the poem confirm it, the book does and a few statements that FF has mentioned. The confirmations are overwhelming, too much to be considered just coincidence.

          • Thats what in my opinion FF means when he states the person who studies the poem over and over and analyzes will move with confidence.

          • gettingclose, if you are replying to me – I agree. And with two specific hints for WWWH, I don’t think a third is important or necessary. I don’t think my WWWH could be anymore related to the clues. Additionally, the area is actually quite small compared to Yellowstone. It’s time to go look but we’ve got another 8″ of snow on the ground and school activities are about to make us nuts. I need more time. What are you waiting for?

          • Yes, I agree no more than two are needed but its strange how his other statements confirm the location, enough make want to leave right now. But as you said, there’s snow on the ground, I’m trying to figure out if its worth hiking in since its not accessible.

          • gettingclose1 says…

            If you have the correct WWWH not only does the poem confirm it, the book does and a few statements that FF has mentioned. The confirmations are overwhelming, too much to be considered just coincidence.

            I agree 100%

          • CrazyFamily says…

            Ultimately, I really don’t think anyone would share the riches new with me even if it were my ideas that solved the puzzle. I work with a bunch of people who have passed background checks to maintain their employment but they can’t keep their hands off of your lunch(among other things). Frankly, people have become too opportunistic to be trusted.

            CrazyF…can you be trusted with a million dollar chest…? 🙂 lol

    • VGBoss, are you really in El Paso, Texas? That is where I live. It would be interesting to meet up and have a chat. My e-mail is JConner at elp dot rr dot com

  1. And take it in the canyon down

    is anyone considering a gulch or an arroyo a “canyon”. Any other ideas for canyon that is not a normal canyon?


    • I’d think a gulch could be called a canyon, but an arroyo is like a dry seasonal watercourse.
      It maybe that calling it a canyon may be misdirrection, it might be labelled as a valley on maps.

      • Are you saying that no paddle up your creek can mean it’s another canyon that crosses the other canyon and you have to turn courses? Maybe the nigh is a left turn at another canyon. Good to know these possibilities.

      • In his book he refers to ridges/wrinkles in his hands after washing dishes, as canyons… due to this has anyone altered their search areas or expanded it to include other types of canyons?

        I’m looking for some alternatives.


        • JD you mention washing dishes. That bowl and pitcher on the bottom of FF’s website reminded me of the old way of washing our faces in a washbasin. Some of the old hotels still have them on top of the dresser. So it could actually be in a ‘wasbasin’ type of geography.

      • Well wrinkled hands hardly have “Canyons” in them do they….lol…. get it its NOT a big Famous Canyon…. its just a little ole canyon, may not even be called a canyon on a mapi

        • Wrinkled hands…canyons…makes me think of a manicure. Maybe that’s his special place!!! Ok, I’m seriously thinking of booking another flight…anyone want to buy 4 acres of property in northern Illinois? I could start all over with another 20 places.

    • i think it means to keep going farther down from where warm waters halt also i think the word wood doesnt mean its in the woods wood woods

      • He’s actually talked about trees, but trees are everywhere. So I think it is. Although I think he could be meaning it’s a national forest.

      • We should find boundary lines of national parks and forests, he may have put it right at the line so we wouldn’t be violating laws that we don’t know about…..

        • I wonder if any trails lead to lakes/ponds and it’s just on the way to a trout pond and you see the blaze as your walking on some boulders along the path. I’m going to post a blog soon about this boy I met on our trip. He talks about seeing arrows etched into boulders too. So maybe people have been going all the way to the pond and it’s actually just along the way and that’s why people have passed it.

        • Jen,

          If your referring to page 27 in the book where he writes “I was beginning to learn where the edges were,…” I agree with you.

          It just so happens one of my “spots” is on the border of a National Forrest. I’m beginning to like this spot a little more.


  2. Have an enjoyable trip dal. Hurry back, with lots of gold. I’m sure that the pink ladies will watch over your site.

    • dollar- I tried leaving them in charge once before and the place was painted pink and had flowers and candy hearts all over the leather bar. A team of unicorns in tutus was dancing in the corner. I can’t do that anymore.

      • Hey Dal been following this blog for a few weeks now. great site. Lots of info and good thinking here. sorry I don’t have much to offer to anyone but i have gotten some good ideas here. Hey I live in Questa and if your going to be in taos I would love to meet you. Where are you staying. Would love to say hi and exchange ideas. let me know. I can be there in maybe less then a hour.

      • I had nothing to do with the pink tutus….that was all Stephi’s idea. I wanted orange.

  3. anyone else realize that the PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AREA FOR ANY OTHER DISCUSSION seems to be getting bigger text wise? *oh crap*…..*thinking* I think cold means it’s on a hill used for skiing….soooo it’s a place that’s worth being at in the cold. That’s my contribution for the night.

  4. Me too…I am the biggest lurker…Feed me some clues so I can find the treasure….and thanks for that last clue, it was a doosie……………

  5. Talk of someone finding his bones next to the chest is just wistful whimsy. I think he has a bit of Long John Silver in that imagination of his. Unburied Treasure is always found with a pirate’s bones close by in the movies. Usually in a cave as I remember it.

  6. I watched a video where it showed FF carrying one dog & walking another. The walking dog looked strong enough to help FF carry some of the treasure to the “hidey hole” if the dog had been fitted with a harness & some sort of saddlebags. Does anyone know if the lid of the chest is removeable?

    • That would be Cody. I think he’s around a year old and full of spunk and love. He’s adorable. I don’t see Forrest as weak as the discussion I read earlier today. I think he could walk a mile or two at a maybe slower pace if he wanted. I don’t think he’d go climbing around up hills and over too many rocks with lose footing. I think he’s very strong still by the looks of his forearms. Maybe Dal could take a video of Forrest when he’s there and we could ask him to spin around lol…what do the pink ladies think? Is that sexist of us?

  7. Hey guys…hope all is well…I made a few comments about a month ago…and no comments….so hear I go and haven’t been able to firm up a state or area…so I laid low….I also told searchers the map was real about a month ago…and that it was an old NM territories map…..I am only going to be researching NM now…I have changed my approach about 5 times in 2 months…but I feel more confident now…I…my last comment was about the “put in below” clue…. I believe it directly references “home of Brown”…”p u e b l o”… look at the letter configuration, what do you all think? Its capitalized because it is the name of a pueblo or town…maybe “Pueblo” or may be” Taos”. Try it again in other parts of the poem and you will see that this may be a way to read the poem….”are brave and in the wood” .. may become “A reverence”…perhaps for wood…. its not meant to be black and white and the spelling isn’t important as long as we get the point….it seems that there is a need to know much about Eric Sloane …”ever drawing nigh “… ofcourse becomes….. “Everard” his real name and he draws quite well,lol…,…I noticed another post about this so its time for me to put my analysis on the table ….look at the post marks…study Sloanes style and note his Taos symbol use …looks like a postmark variation…to me this is a black and white hint….no guessing,its pretty evident……and could stand alone….but when you add all this other info and the map..its hard to get by…..also “hint of riches”… ofcourse his real last name…Hinrichs….and Sloane also loved to play with letters in words…study him and and how he became “eric”from “America”…so now that this is out…..there is a way to read into the poem and shrink the search area…good luck and this way of reading into the poem is definitely associated to Mr Sloane.There is more…think and you will get it…Im not sure Mr Fenn has been completely forthcoming ,lol…..or I may be wrong and you can all ignore me….lol…Steph and Dal thanx for the blogs and emails…good luck guys…peace


      Those are some great ideas, it would explain some of the odd wordings in the poem.

      • Dave….thanx….now on to wwwh…..yeah the odd wording seems to be better understood…

    • Interesting interpretation fo the poem Sousaville. I’ve been thinking about NM sites lately too. I’ll have to read up on Eric Sloane a bit more to see if there are some connections that I totally missed.

      • CJinCA …it think there is a definite connection….but it may help with reading the poem..

      Good detective work! That’s what will solve this type of weaved puzzle.

      • wishiwasrich ……thanx…if you look into it more…a few more connections can be made…its very interesting

      • thanx dal…I have to look at it more closely….it even explains the initals or characters on the dust jacket photo of the chest…hybrid of sloanes mark….enjoy your trip…

      • that is funny Dal, that FF and Eric waqnted to build a covered bridge but their wives wouldn’r let them buy a river. 🙂 lol
        cuz I always thought that you couldn’t buy a river, that you could only buy land on either side of it, that no one ‘owns’ the river. lol

        • the government owns the waters and sometimes land owners do. I found a campground that has a trout pond on their property, because I thought about the picture with all the fish…and the campground owns the entire pond.

    • SOUSAVILLE I like you see TAOS also as a region to check out. I have 3 spots worked out on paper but I’m not going there till I get Yellowstone out of the way as I have a spot I will be checking out this summer but that’s if Dal does not find it when he heads out with those Japanese reporters. Anyways SOUSAVILLE here’s what I typed up about TAOS on the other thread in case you didn’t see it just so you can see a little bit of the reason why TAOS is one of my prime locations to pick through.

      T = 20
      A = 1
      O = 15
      S = 19

      Total = 55

      The Omega symbol is found at the end of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase Memoir Book. And low and behold look what I found – Link… (They look like 5′s to me!)

      The Sum of the first 10 numbers: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55
      (Roman Number for 10 is X and X marks the spot?)

      The 55th digit of pi = 9 (keep hearing that there are 9 clues within the Poem…hint hint?)
      Link… (X marks the spot?)

      Sum of 5 odd heavenly numbers = 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
      Sum of 5 even earthly numbers = 2+4+6+8+10 = 30
      (Forrest Fenn has does want people to connect with each other and for kids to enjoy the beautiful American Outdoors)

      Numerology for 55 is praised in all scriptures and literatures. It represents Will Power and Genius.(Forrest Fenn is a genius, no?)

      Just to toss this in for fun
      A song produced by Group X was called “Schfifty Five” (X marks the spot?)

      • vgboss…nice work….it seems that it may factor in… makes sense that some number and letter manipulation would be used to secret info in the poem..thanx

      • VG % is the number for Grace, and two 5’s is double Grace. In God’s numbers. But don’t just take my word for it , look it up 🙂

      • also my non-clues that I got from Acronyms list some ofthe landmarks on main street Taos, that’s why I called them ‘driving directions’ when we drove through there on way to Cimmaron.

      • Kym thank you very much on the % thingy…I appreciate it…and to return the favor, and in my opinion, Cimmaron is not one of my regions to search through. Is there anything you may provide/post, like some really dangerous insight, that would cause me to add Cimmaron as a region to search through? I’m always open and looking for regions to look into. Thanks

      • VG
        I was looking at Cimmaron State park below the Eagle Nest Lake Dam, it is ‘special trout waters’ and was below the home of brown as well as where warm waters halt but now I think I’m going on vaca in June to YNP and Green River Ut, as well as the headwaters of the Rio Grande as well as continue on my 7 or so sites that I like here in Northern ,New Mexico near hiking trails and waterfalls and indigenous home of brown type places. We did drive the Santa Fe trail through there though and you guys can call me crazy, but I wasn’t feelin’ it. 🙂 We did have a good time hiking tho my son and his friend and myself and Ronan, our Papillon.
        (I will be more on vacation than looking tho, that comes second to my sanity. :). )

        As well as the Cooper Ranch area below the Home of the record brown trout at El Vado Dam, then the canyon below Cooper. They have a suspension bridge.
        Some of my anagram so- called ‘non-clues that I told you about lead to landmarks in Taos that I thought were just another ‘red-herring’.
        So, I’m fizzling out. (not made of money and have more bills than ‘extra’ cash): I also truly believe that if the Lord wants me finding that money for His purposes in my life to be established then I will.
        I have only what, 3 or 4 weeks into this and have a manila file folder that looks like I’m making an F. Lee Bailey type case outta this, LOL.

      • Kym I appreciate the reply.. nice read. Love to read people’s adventures especially when kids are involved. Oh and also like eagles, their color, and especially their claws, yeah their claws. I even like how they use the area around them to build those nest out of all that “stuff”. Eagles Nest is not one of my regions to search through but it was considered for a short time months ago. It’s awesome that your son and his friend went along for the quest….that is sooooooooo cool and it’s exactly what Forrest wants out of all this along with his other agendas. But yeah totally cool! As far as bridges, I really don’t know why many people have brought up bridges in this Chase I personally haven’t found anything of vital importance, within his Poem, to make me think of bridges. True-True, I hear you about that money thing, really puts a halt on many people on this Chase. I would like to take a peek into that folder of your’s…I love to read people’s ideas for as to me no thought, of any mind, is useless. Thanks again for the reply Kym and if you continue on this Chase Good luck and be safe out there.

      • Really? I think if you divide the length of the biggest brown trout FF has ever caught by the radius of the enchanted circle and then apply that to the profit margin gained by FF’s third published book and then develop a new anagram based on the title of that book in order to reach that predetermined answer we thought we knew to begin with we will indeed be right back where we started. While you people are breaking it down and down more and dissecting it into so many tangents then a child WILL truly be the one who finds the treasure.

    • So you read this post of mine SOUSAVILLE. Glad it helped. And here it is again for others, newbies, who come on here to read and to possibly use at their own risk as this is just my opinion.

      Yellowstone is one of my areas to search through this summer along with some other areas outside of Yellowstone, such as Taos, that I believe will lead to Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove.

      Y = 25
      E = 5
      L = 12
      L = 12
      O = 15
      W – 23
      S = 19
      T = 20
      O = 15
      N = 14
      E = 5

      TOTAL = 165

      When we add those letters they result to 165 (1 missing, A for Area?) and interestingly enough there are 166 words in the Poem. Also 1 + 6 + 5 = 12 and there are two straight forward words within Yellowstone so we multiply 12X2=24 and funny thing is that there are 24 lines in the Poem.

      Also X is the only letter not used in the Poem and X is 24, again that 24. The FF in Forrest Fenn also 6+6=12 and we have 2 F’s so 12X2=24, once again that 24.(X marks the spot!)

      In addition to all of that we then have the Omega symbols at that end of his Thrill of the Chase Book and the Omega symbol is the 24th and final letter in the Greek alphabet. That 24, WTH?

      Forrest Fenn’s best friend was Eric Sloane and we get the E = 5 and the S=19 and that 5+19=24, again that 24.

      Why do I mention his buddy Eric Sloane? Well Eric Sloane’s birth name is Everard Jean Hinrichs and if you get the 4th and 10th lines in the Poem:

      “And hint of riches new and old.”
      and HINt of RICHeS new and old = HINRICHS? Hmmmm

      “The end is ever drawing nigh;”
      the end is EVER ARDwing nigh = reversing the dra in drawing to get ard = EVERARD? Hmmmm

      ERIC SLOANE was born in New York City = NYC = 14+25+3=42 (42 reversed is 24 Hmmmm?)

      That’s why I brought up his buddy Sloane in this.

      Lots of clues everywhere.

      Forrest Fenn’s Poem is awesome but unfortunately it leads to so many places North of Santa Fe but yes Yellowstone is one of my areas to search through this summer.

      • Victor that was impressive, although I’m surprised being a numbers guy that you missed the important part. I’m wondering if FF made it easy knowing someone who was an expert at numbers would overlook it. misdirection everywhere.

      • VGBOSS, I too started to obsess over the possibility of numerology in the solution and started seeing numbers everywhere, but I think it’s too cryptic and scientific for a guy who seems so down to earth. His favorite books are about fishing and exploring not cryptology after all. But here you go, I’ll add to your collection of numbers.

        “Measure it from the front to back and add one”

        The photo on page 54. And if you add 1 you’re at page 55.

        If it takes a formula to find the treasure, then frankly, I’m not real interested – numbers are not my forte. I like to think about what people say and what they mean with their words. Sometimes it makes me hate my friends, but generally it makes for real friendship.

      • vgboss…too funny…some of the info that is reached independently from one another can only point to a similar thought pattern… let us hope it falls into the “Fennian ” arena of thinking,lol. I do feel this “sloanian” character shuffle is important… it seems to point to Taos…

        • Do people really believe it’s in Taos or are they just saying that to distract others from going where they think it really is? Just seems that, that area is so over searched compared to others and I know other places are very much mentioned in his book too.

          • I think that no area is overworked yet, because what one person thinks could very well be different from what someone else thinks. Besides, someone could walk right by it and the next person sees it.

      • I have a spot near Taos for WWWH. But much of that idea is based on land rights and access to the land etc., so I’m inclined to disregard Taos. If it’s on a Reservation then Mr. Fenn wants them to find the treasure. I’m not going to trespass on Native lands.

      • jen if you are referring to what I personally have posted above then Thank You.

        What some people are failing to realize is that I’m only willing to share 1% of my “stuff”. I’m generous in sharing my opinions but not that generous. So again if you referred that comment to my post above then thank you if not just ignore this.

        For those who have read my comments keep in mind that’s only 1% of what I’m willing to share and especially keep in mind that it’s my opinion.

        Good luck everyone and Happy Hunting. Have fun out there but be safe.

      • I appreciate it jen.

        I try to participate in this blog by sharing some (1%) of my opinions to contribute in the fun of this Chase, I have lots and lots of “stuff”. I’m sure there are some Chasers out there who have more interesting “stuff” but they are not willing to share and that’s their right.

        Forrest Fenn intended this be fun and I respect wishes. Forrest Fenn already gave us more than enough in finding this treasure. The Poem, the Book, his media interviews, etc…So the least I can do to return the favor is share my opinions with others on his Chase and help give it life.

        There wouldn’t be no Thrill in this Chase if it wasn’t for all of us who buy his Book and share our opinions within this blog found through the Old Santa Fe Trading Co. website. We are the energy that keeps it alive. Without us there would be no Thrill, No Chase.

      That would explain why he said to show the poem to a child. Remember, he also owns a pueblo- San Lazaro.

      • Zak…and he owns that one….hmmmm….it would make sense……I have been watching his last interview, 20 times,lol….watch it again and notice how he reacts to being asked where the home of Brown is…he looks left ….[as if he was actually there on the site] and tells her that if she knew that she would go right to the chest…I now strongly feel that when you are at the home of Brown you are …………….within eyesight of the chest location… it and let me know what you guys think? And he swallows very hard when he tells her,and I quote ……….. “if a person will…will think, that can find the chest” as if he felt he gave away too much… with that said…..on to the wordplay for the word….THINK…..he repeats it often and follows it with the word analyze….THE … INK……THINK…… I believe this word play could be important…..check the ink…color of the letters, font type, font size, what non chapter extra large letters are capitalized but don’t start a chapter, hidden letters in the photos and pics, hidden brush strokes in the night skies that form letters…..hidden marks on gold pieces[frog eye], chest photos[lid] … you can find them all……but what do they mean…..and what do they point too…..there are a few options depending on what point of view you are using to analyze the poem….I don’t believe any one will find a straight up clue or hint…….they are all vague and can lead in many directions…however someone will get lucky and put it together the way he intended…. and don’t bother using vinegar or lemon juice and heat on the ink…LMAO… book smells like a salad now…..just kidding…..but a loupe and flashlight are very helpful….I still believe eric sloanes influence is there and if it were my best friend of many years and he went so unexpectedly…..I would remember him aswell…hope this helps out..peace

  8. So hear my now and listen good. Is there a need for repetition and redundancy except to emphasize a point? I firmly believe this is one of the intended nine clues. I mentioned earlier about the Taos Hum. Nobody knows what the absolute origin is of the Taos Hum but 1 in 10 people seem to hear it. I am not one of those ten but research will tell you that it can be heard within 60 radial miles of Taos which further reduces the search area (at least what I consider the area).

    But I. like many others, am probably way off course…..

    good luck to all as I hope this treasure is found by someone soon so I can get back to my life……..

    • @Andy

      This verse/line “So hear me now and listen good” is so important!!! Can’t bypass this one, NO NO NO! Just a short, little bitty clue, to tell you why so you know that I’m not just a talker but a man of action.

      “So hear me now and listTEN good = Roman Number 10 is X and X marks the spot

      5+5=10 (X marks the spot)
      55 is the total you get when you add up the letters in TAOS (See my post above)
      55 appears somewhat in the Omega symbol which shows up at the end of the Thrill of the Chase book
      Click here…

      There’s much much more within that verse/line “So hear me now and listen good”

      In my opinion it’s one of the most important verses/lines within the P O E M!

      • Hi, VGBOSS & everybody. Why is that so important if your quest has ceased? Isn’t it just an afterthought? You would have already found the treasure.

    • Becky from WV – when you or anyone ask a question I feel that the person who answers the question is like giving away an important mcdonalds monopoly game piece to help the person asking the question to win the prize 🙂

      Kidding aside and the way I absorb the verse/line “Look quickly down, your quest to cease” is that it’s in two parts, meaning two different things at two different situations at different times.

      Look quickly down may be a situation
      while the other
      Your quest to cease is another situation

      That’s is my opinion. Could very well be two actions in different situations at different times not both at once. Again that is just my opinion.

      • I’m looking at the “look quickly down your quest to cease” stanza at the moment. This looks like a huge clue, re: as you mention, it could be describing a location with a situation, or something else – haven’t gotten it yet.

        Here’s some definitions relating “look quickly” and “gaze”, etc.

  9. I was just out searching this weekend and saw some pretty pretty landscape, but lots of trash that really bothered me. Just had a thought…If anyone out searching thinks about it…maybe take a walmart type bag with them and try to fill it up each time they go out…no matter where your searching.

    • That is an excellent idea!

      Especially if you find the treasure, and the Park Service or State agency asks you to return to them what you found, give them the trash bag.

    • Oh, oh …now don’t start that again!;) -oops forgot,need a clue. OK, the Taos hum is created by the ice caves in the hills. Talk about WWH! No trash up there.

    • Further to Stephanie’s comment on removing trash, I am both a Cub Scout leader and a Geocacher. Two credo’s of these groups respectively are “Leave No Trace” and “Cache In Trash Out”. We should not only be respectful of the places we visit, leaving no trace (this has two results for us treasure seekers!), but go even further and leave the area in a better state than when we visited. I always bring a yellow CITO bag with me when walking with my kids or hiking a trail. Takes no extra effort to pick up the trash (hopefully inadvertently) left by others, and makes a good message for the kids.

      • If I find the treasure…first thing I’ll want to do is hike just to pick up trash for a week or so. Seriously disgusted me to see the disregard for nature like that. I really feel these parks need more garbage cans and maybe some side compartment where peop

      • Oh, i thought Stephanie was referring to the trash in people’s yards again. I haven’t seen a lot of trash in the public parks but i did find a few beer bottles and covered campfires on the Lake Abiquiui Islands.

  10. @Dal,
    I hope this works………..For some reason the WordPress comments database gets corrupted when the administrator replies from the control panel….I’m looking into it some more…….it could also be a plugin causing the corruption from the control panel when you comment from there…..We’ll see how this works…….try to remember not to reply to comments from the control panel……

    Have a great trip……..touch in when you get the chance.

      • I agree with jen…all the blogs here are awesome. It’s a variety of everything. Nonsense, ridiculousness, bickering, dangerous insightful stuff, etc… It’s like a Chinese Buffet…a little bit of everything and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and I enjoy participating…to a certain extent of course 🙂

      • VGB,

        while you are at the Chinese buffet pick up Lot`s of Fortune cookies for everyone

  11. Has anyone heard anything about that kid who left florida a couple of weeks ago, to Go Pick UP The Treasure? I hope he heard me, when I told him to get some boots and heavy jacket for the trip. But then again, I don’t know if he was a member of this blog.

  12. Anybody – Please give me a synopsis of what to do when you locate the treasure. Do you just bag it up & carry it out as best you can? Then what – just head back home?

    • #1 Only one person should be in the area of your potential find, so it is less noticeeable to others. If with someone else, have them at a close enough distance to observe you.
      #2 Wear a back pack to dump everything in to carry it back to where your car is. After emptying the chest, put a not in it that says: You have found the chest, bring it to me and I will give you the contents of what I said I put in it. Sigh it Forrest Fenn. Type it out, fold in half, put in chest. Carry it out to the car. If stopped by forrest ranger, or someone else, show them the empty chest with the note in it. let them read it.
      #3 Do not fly home with it. You have two alternatives here: Go to post office get one of their shipping boxes and secretly dump you gold and jewles in it and ship it home. Request a signature from whomever recieves it (preferably yourself). Then fly home. Second alternative, is to drive home.
      #4 If you choose to pay taxes on it, expect it to amount to approximately $300,000. Otherwise, you can cash in the coins up until $10,000 without irs knowing about it. More than that and you will have to give them you Social Security number and they will report the transaction.
      #5 You can gift part of it (no more than $13,000, or if married, each spouse can gift $13,000 to one individual) and there is no tax.

      • German guy that was awesome…but darn that’s a lot of work…seem like more work that actually going through the entire process of deciphering the Poem and retrieving the Trove from it’s spot. I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even found the Chest yet… TIRED AND WEAK I suppose comes with the territory!

      • Wow! Thanks guys. So now I will just go get it. Simple. Actually I would like to keep it for 6 months, maybe a year – then offer it back to FF. I don’t know much about treasures & ancient valuables so it probably wouldn’t mean much to me anyhow.

        I would like to hold on to one of those fist-sized hunks of gold though. Tell you why. I don’t have a nutcracker – but I do have a hammer & a rock. The problem is the rock came from a creek & it’s worn smooth. The nuts keep rolling off. I think one of those big gold nuggets might be just the ticket. Does anybody know if they’re craggy?

    • Becky, I can tell you that if I found it I’d be in shock. I can see the headline now: Woman’s corps with a marval gaze found. Film at 11. LOL

    • Hi Becky,

      If I was the lucky person. I would make two trips to my car.

      After that, I would:

      Send Forest his bracelet back,

      Put it up for auction at Sotheby’s. That way it makes it’s way intact to a collector who will someday probably gift it to the Smithsonian, Forrest would like that.

      Send a note to the BLM, State, Local and Federal people telling them where I found it and wish them luck – that being a poem with nine clues that if they take in consecutive order will lead them to the empty hole in the ground and shovel. 😉

      If capital gains tax is still in effect I would pay 15 percent tax on my capital investment…. Just kidding.
      I wouldn’t be able to justify it the way Stephanie could.


      PS – almost forgot, here’s another clue . . . There is an Island on Abiquiu Lake that looks like a blaze from google earth. That would be no paddle up a creek, waters high in elevation, heavy loads for a boat to carry – you have to factor your loads just like you do in a plane. Now, btw … I found about 12 Canadian Geese eggs there but no treasure. However, maybe the concept is better elsewhere. It became too dangerous for my blood (and I did spill some of that).

  13. Becky if you believe you will have trouble lifting it I suggest taking a small light duty dolly/hauler ( ) with you to move the Treasure Trove from that spot, bag contents what you can lift within a backpack and come for the rest later. Slowly but surely. Just a thought.

    Me personally, well I don’t believe I will have a problem lifting the Treasure Trove quite easily and dashing off into the night although creatures and a few of Fenn’s cameras lol may be watching me but I’ll be sure to make some gestures and maybe dance a bit. I’ll skip the tarry scant and marvel gaze stuff…I’ll strike a pose if you know what I mean.

    • I just want to see it in person. The first thing i would grab is FF’s autobiography. I actually could use that olive jar. Tell you how. I’m gonna need a place to put all those nut meats after I crack ’em. Other than those two things – the jar & the 1 lb nugget – I’m good to go.

      Hey, I just thought of something – what if there is just a note from FF saying Title to the Gold & you have to get the treasure from him personally? By the way, I like your plan VGBOSS. Pretty Kool! Now, as I was saying, the load he carried on his trips to the “hidey hole” would have been just the chest, a piece of paper, & maybe a trinket or two. Just throwing it out there. Did y’all catch it?

      • Well, FF says that that when the person opens the chest that for the first few minutes they are going to be dumfounded or in shock. That indicates to me something pretty astounding to look at.

  14. Becky, Buy one of those fold up carts with wheels that older people use for groceries,Bungie it to your back (folded of course), and carry along a picnic basket 🙂 put the chest in the bottom of the cart and cover it with a small jacket or blanket and then set your picnic basket on top, then wheel it out to your car 🙂 people will just think you went on a Picnic 🙂

  15. Mike you nor I are Indiana Jones for if we were Indiana Jones we wouldn’t be waiting for the snow to melt…we would make it happen, like today! Unfortunately I’m missing that Indiana Jones on the treasure hunt ethic if there’s such as thing.

  16. I haven’t seen this approach used yet:

    As I have gone alone in there …. LIFE
    And with my treasures bold ……. BIRTHDAY SUIT
    I can keep my secret where …….wear, and where does anyone keep a secret ?
    And hint of riches new and old…

    As a metaphor to the physical location of the chest.

    • Started too early in the poem. Warm waters halt for all of us. It’s all metaphorical.

      • Yep, seeing that. It was just the intro, to get it started. Didn’t put the whole thing in . it is a life story.

      • WWWH to me is Ojo Caliente river in New Mexico where it ends just southeast of Lamadera

      • If anyone has truly figured out “where warm waters halt’ they do not share that for it would simply give it all away.

    • You guys need to get some sleep! But yes, I have thought of that.

      Begin it where warm waters halt – life, birth
      And take it in the canyon down – live
      Not far, but too far to walk – remember where you came from
      Put in below the home of brown – loosely, establish yourself

      From there it’s no place for the meek – you will not always be met with accolades and smiles
      The end is ever drawing nigh – death
      There be no paddle up your creek – you’ve got to figure it out
      Just heavy loads and water high – obstacles and diversions

      If you are wise and find the blaze – success
      Look quickly down your quest to cease – that’s it, you’ve done it!
      But tarry scant with marvel gaze – don’t brag
      Just take the chest and go in peace – enjoy your success modestly and humbly

      • crazyfamily – I think “no paddle up your creek” could mean no help or assistance.

      • Begin it where warm waters halt = bladder
        And take it in the canyon down = any toilet
        Not far, but too far to walk = about 12 inches
        Put in below the home of Brown= urine into the home of Brown [you know what]

        From there it’s no place for the meek — no sureee!
        The end is ever drawing nigh = a butt
        There’ll be no paddle up your creek — no plumbing pipes have canoes
        Just heavy loads and water high = #1 and #2

        Sorry, I’m been on call the last three nights… ER duty.

    • As far as the Blaze goes…my way of thinking on this is the Blaze will be “smaller” than most folks think. That is where “wise” comes in…you “must” be “wise” to “see the Blaze”

      • Doesn’t that contradict what a blaze is supposed to do though? It wouldn’t be a blaze at all if it’s hard to find..a blaze is supposed to help..I think the wise comes into play to get to the area where the blaze would be…but the blaze shouldn’t be a needle in a haystack. The reason I’m questioning it, is just that I felt I had one of the best spots I’ve ever had and of course it’s not there. I mean there’s the chance I could have missed the blaze if it’s hidden too. Can you imagine hikers walking down a trail if they had to “find” the blaze?

      • Agree, the blaze is the final and most specific hint to the location. How wise you have been will get you to the blaze, and although it may take some interpretation(or context)… it won’t take a slide rule to figure out or say “find treasure here.”

      • Stephanie,

        keep in mind that a carving on a tree can be considered a blaze. Ancient american Indians as well Spanish Explorers used to stack stones to mark a trail and that would be considered a blaze. For example…The Spanish would use a small boulder of different origin meaning a different color from what is where they place it…sandstone color vs gray ect. That one boulder/stone would be considered a blase to mark the trail for explorers behind them to follow.

        Hope this helps… 🙂

      • The Blaze is the most “vague” clue that we have. All other clues are telling us something…where to start, which direction to go ( down the canyon ) ect… but the Blaze…nothing…nadda to tell us what it may be.

        So to me…this is the most important part to be “wise” about in order to figure it out and a person will “have” to be there to find it.

      • Stephanie,

        your message did not complete. But if I understand what you are going to say…then yes…a person has to get to the Blaze by way of the other clues. No one will find a Blaze on a map and go there to find the treasure.

        • If anyone has an idea why that happens, let me know.

          Forrest will have done whatever he chose to do. Im just sort of questioning if he would have hid the blaze. I always felt you’d be confident in your location and once there you’d recognize something fenn-ish.

      • I believe Mr F has a blaze that will only be found by someone like us that are “looking” for it rather than hikers walking down a trail and see something, stop to check it out and finds the chest without ever knowing there was a poem.

      • I personally believe there are a few BLAZES at play with this Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt not just one! That is my opinion.

      • Once you have figured out the poem it is my belief you will know exactly what the blaze is the moment you see it. And for that matter, it may not be in the context every is thinking it is. We pick apart all the other lines and how they could mean different things, perhaps the blaze is not a “blaze”….. interpret that as you will! 😉

      • I’ve always considered “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze” to be the 9th, and most difficult, clue. I think this is the only one you can’t use google earth to find, you have to go there and look around.

      • Rick and Stephanie
        Yea, not going to be hanging over your head, with neon finger pointing down. Hope to Marvel Gaze the Blaze next month when I travel west.

  17. More than words is the clue I give to you. You will need a flashligt to find your way out. It is lonesome with tarry scant.

      • As you read….either there or does not belong their. I wish I could say more. I will be going back to the place where he was once. It meant dear to FF to experience it all over again.

    • Cloudfoot, please retype this. It’s hard to understand what you are suggesting…

      “As you read….either there or does not belong their. I wish I could say more. I will be going back to the place where he was once. It meant dear to FF to experience it all over again.”

      • Ok, pictures tell us a thousand words by themselves. A picture by itself has no words. Just something I noticed from his book. Not sure why page 15 is not numbered.

  18. I’m not 100% positive when mr. Fenn gave the clue that the treasure was north of Santa Fe, but if it was a year after he revealed the poem, and he is quoted as saying that all you need is the poem…I would imagine that he would create a poem that would narrow down the search area quite quickly with the first clue or two and become more and more specific. With that being said, it seems logical to not over think the first clues.

    WWWH = YNP
    canyon down = grand canyon of Yellowstone (or another canyon on the outskirts of the park).

    If he had not given out any clues, we could be looking at way too many possibilities if we try to over analyze every possible warm water scenario. The hard part comes with the next set of clues and how they are interpreted. Still plenty of possibilities even in areas that have already been searched if the searcher doesn’t know what to look for.

    ***All my personal opinion and most likely already thought of and searched out***

    • “It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.”
      The line is from the book on the page before the poem. So, technically, “north of Santa Fe” came out before the poem 🙂

      • That still leaves a huge area to look into. That could be anywhere in the world, north of Santa Fe. My point is that he said it is difficult but not impossible. I don’t believe he is leaving it to chance for someone to stumble upon the treasure after having searched out every other possibility. That, in my opinion, is impossible.

    • I agree. I think you have to have the right WWWH to start – that is what he is always saying, start with WWWH. Then, I think you have to have all the clues after that. My first search, I had 5 or 6 clues and could stretch and maybe make another work. No chest. After that I decided I would not go out again until I am sure I have everything lined up. I now feel that is where I am with my spot. When I get there – look for the blaze and bingo!

      • Same issue here. I feel like I have the first couple clues, but then I can’t get past ‘home of brown’.

        I’ve had a couple ideas…

        Rainbow – the color brown is made up of red/yellow which are colors in a rainbow. The rainbow could also be a ‘blaze'(treasure is below a rainbow). Which also explains ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’ because no matter how far u walk to a rainbow it’s never getting closer.

        Also started thinking of the coincidence of the letter ‘B’ coming from the Egyptian hieroglyphs for ‘house’. “put in below the B of Brown…???”

        Not everything makes sense but once I put all of my theories into a pile I start sorting out what could go together…kind of like a….puzzle…haha.

      • @ Dal,

        Has Forrest publicly said (wwwh) is the official 1st clue?
        FF said you have to follow the right clues…what if (wwwh) is a fodder line?
        FF bends the truth…what if no one has actually solved the first 2 clues?
        What if FF said this to inspire us to search out the treasure, so that we would feel its possible to find?

        As a recording artist who has sold millions of records I know first hand you want to make as big an impact right from the start.
        In the beginning FF said its hidden in the mountains North of Santa Fe, then it became all of the “Rockies”.
        If I were FF I would have said all of the Rockies right off the bat, to get people searching all through the “Rockies”. If its just North of Sante Fe, not everyone can make it down there.

        FF is a poker player in the sense that, when your playing poker and you aren’t sure that you have the winning hand, but sense the other is unsure, you sometimes go big right away, so as to scare off the competition. Why didn’t he go big right away?
        I think I remember him saying that he didn’t expect it to get as big as it did so fast…thats not verbatim but it was something along those lines.

        I do believe searchers were within 500ft of the treasure, but my personal thought is, at that point they were no longer searching.
        Otherwise they would have got the clues right.

        Just some “THINKING” as FF said…A_The_A

        PS- If FF has said that “wwwh” is the 1st clue please direct me to that link…thanks buddy.

        • A_the_A,
          Check “Tips from Forrest” on this blog…


          He has told us over and over that the smart place to start is where warm waters halt. Starting in the middle of the poem, for instance at the home of Brown, is not a good strategy.

        • Adam the Adventurer aka: Adam Lambert, Adam Levine??? You said you sold millions of records…:)

          • Jen his stage name is Dante Thomas he’s char foted here but big time overseas. He has posted this info on another blog. R&B is music genre , you can search him on the web or youtube I enjoy his music.

          • My apologies on the previous post maybe this makes sense

            Jennifer his stage name is Dante Thomas he’s charted in the US but is better known overseas. He has posted this info on another blog. R&B is his music genre , you can search him on the web or youtube I enjoy his music

        • i think in all the interviews I’ve seen where he has read his poem or someone else has they always start with “Begin it where…” Not with “As I have gone…” So to me the clues begin where it says to begin. MHO Otherwise I think they would read the poem from its beginning. Why would they not read the first stanza if it contained clue/s?

      • Adam The Adventurer – I don’t believe Forrest Fenn ever said that “where warm waters halt” is the first clue or even a clue at all.

        As I recall, in a few of his interviews, he has stated, don’t quote me, but he has stated to BEGIN IT WHERE WARM WATERS HALT…To begin trying to decipher, decode, crack, or disorganize it like WRECKFINDER did, etc…from that verse/line within the POEM is the way that I received it. I’m I doing it that way? Maybe-Maybe Not.

        But anyways and to repeat myself I don’t believe he ever said “where warm waters halt” was the first clue or even a clue at all.

        Watch his videos again, for the thousandth time, and Listen good for the millionth time, like me, and you will catch it….or atleast I think I did.

  19. Comment about the clues in a round about way. In my job I was required to explain the same thing over and over to different people. The only difference was the regs would change year to year. After a few times, applicants would look at me as if to say “What are you talking about.” I realized that after working with it so long, what I was saying or writing was perfectly clear to me, but to the person hearing it for the first time, it was as clear as mud. That is when I would have to take a different approach. I’m wondering if this is what happened to FF, thus the clue each month? Just a thought about our interpreting the poem. Clear to him but not to us.

  20. .
    In part of the poem, Forrest is referencing historical material, that was recently in the media. Farily ancient.

  21. Fenn says there are 9 “clues” in the poem, but I say there are at least 10. how you say? well,
    c=10, l=26, u=10, e=61 and s=16. Count them and you’ll see I’m right 🙂

    • I think he just means there are 9 sentences. It’s obvious that there are way more than 9 clues. I think he might just be trying to make us think.

      • I agree… if ff said there are 9 and if you think there are more, even better! Either way I think he feels secure in the fact that he provided all we need to find the treasure in the poem.

      • @Steph;
        You may be correct about the nine sentences being the nine clues, I’ve thought that myself……Or is Fenn being a coyote…..for example; if Fenn said, “there are 5 days in a week”……which is true, but there are obviously more in this case.

        Fenn has made a few contradictions that I’m trying to figure out; for example he has said, “the person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.

        And he has said over and over to find the treasure we must start at the beginning and follow the clues in consecutive order.

        It seems to me if the first statement is true we wouldn’t necessarily have to start at the beginning. If we can “move with confidence” between the clues it would stand to reason if we found one correct clue we could move confidently to the next, before and after.

        I wonder sometimes if the “hints” are more distraction than help.

        • I think he finds it amusing that we’re all trying to figure out which 9 to choose, when it’s 9 sentences. I don’t know that to be true…just wonder if that’s what he thinks. I don’t think he means to leave anything he’s said out…

      • Goofy,
        The way I look at it – you can solve the poem by moving from clue to clue to solve it. However when you move with conviction, you may just go straight to the spot because you have confidently solved all the clues that precisely identifies the spot. This is how I see it and it will be my strategy. No need to follow the route if you are that confident.
        The Wolf

        • Wolf, I agree. I don’t think you have to actually go through the steps. I’m not going to “put in below the HOB” if “put in” is referring to putting a kayak or canoe in a lake or stream etc. I’m planning on driving to the spot the clues seem to indicate to me and looking for a blaze. Of course I’ll have to be open to looking for any of the different kinds of blazes we’ve discussed on the blog, as it may not be a marking on a tree or an out of place rock or a petroglyph etc. I’m pretty sure it’s not a blaze on a horse though. 😀

    • german guy I like that BUT here’s the way I see the number word CLUES and the 9 in my opinion:

      C = 3
      L = 12
      U = 21
      E = 5
      S = 19

      and the 9

      TOTAL = 69

      The number 69 can be, to some, as a representation of the Yin-Yang symbol. The two digits, 6 and 9, when they are placed together with sides slightly touching, require little imagination to see the Yin-Yang.

      Click here…

      A ying-yang symbolizes the belief that there is two sides to everything

      69 is a 24-gonal Number.( The #24 again as I have posted above, 24 is X and X marks the spot.)

      • 9 clues…I is the ninth letter…As I alone have gone in there…that line has been bugging me a lot lately.

    • I think the 9 clues are very literal, straightforward directions. The fact that Forrest says there are nine of them is a “meta-clue” (if that’s a word.) If you find ten clues (or some other number), you are thinking about the poem incorrectly and will not find the treasure…at least that’s how I see it. 🙂

      • Don’t forget the words that have come out of Forrest Fenn’s mouth (“So hear me all and listen good”) He said on interviews…85%fact and 15%fiction….In my opinion the number 9 is 15% fiction more like 90 or more clues exist! Again that is my opinion.

  22. Dal,
    in “Forrest to Spend More Time Writing…” it says Forrest has written nine books and on the back flap of TTOTC it says he has written 8. Is there a “hidden” book (smirk) or is this an oversight one one of those numbers?

      • In the book he says “this is my ninth in 26 years.” Clearly contradicting what is written on the liner notes. This has bothered me since I read it. One of my collaborators thinks its an error with no value to the solution.Tony Dokoupil claims to have an unpublished work of Mr. Fenn’s “Ramblings and Rumblings: The Fenn Family History” that may account for the confusion.

      • It may be his ninth written only 8 have been published. Two different things is how I see it.

        • Ok let’s name them. Whoop of the dance(first Sharp book) Teepee Smoke(second Sharp book)(I still need) Fechin book Dolls book Thrill of the Chase San Lazero The African Animals(I still need) Seventeen dollars Am I missing any? There are other books that he was part of. He wrote the Forward on the Frank Waters book on Leon Gaspard. Leon Gaspard is the artist who he owned his mansion up in Taos. I wrote about that on my blog.

      • Who wrote the message about Forrest spending more time writing? I didn’t think f did. If different author can’t we find out why his is diff than the book?

      • Stephanie,
        100% written by Forrest yet written in the 3rd person seemed to me someone else was writing about Forrest. I love to read but don’t know much about writing, so writing about oneself this way may be commonplace. I’ll let you know when I find the ‘other’ book written by another name. ;^)

        “FOREST has written nine books so far on varied topics and has contributed articles to magazines and other publications. He received the New Mexico Rounder’s Award in 2012 for his contribution to the culture of the west.”

  23. Guys would the “stuff” inside the olive jar, within the Treasure Trove, not be considered his 9th…just my opinion.

    • VGBOSS –

      I believe it was specifically stated that the 9 clues are in the poem.

      I = 9


      A S I H A V
      E G O N E A
      L O N E I N
      T H E R E

      • I like that astree!

        But now if a person wanted to keep it simple without using numbers and such; the verse/line…

        “As I have gone alone in there”

        Would simply be like a person, driving all alone on the highway, pulling over in the middle of nowhere, as it’s an emergency, to make a deposit of human waste by some weeds or trees. Could be that simple in my opinion.

      • 🙂 I agree. I wouldn’t Xit off the list yet.

        Each of us goes into our imagination alone.

    • or like ,,,


      where 1 st column is BAT, 2nd FEN, and 3rd column YEDE means GO, PROCEED

      I F Y O U ‘ V E
      B E E N W I S E
      A N D F O U N D
      T H E B L A Z E

  24. In my opinion Forrest Fenn’s autobiography, within the Chest, would be is 9th book that is if the finder of the Chest decides to publish his writing. Chest worth more than $2million…you betcha!

  25. I am sure each of us has looked up the definition of blaze.

    Merriam-Webster-dictionary definition of blaze (noun):
    1: an active burning; especially a sudden bursting forth of flame
    2: something that resembles the blaze of a fire: as a dazzling display
    3: a usually white stripe down the center of the face of an animal
    4: a trail marker; especially a mark made on a tree by chipping off a piece of the bark
    Merriam-Webster-thesaurus definition of blaze (noun):
    the steady giving off of the form of radiation that makes vision possible
    Synonyms: flare, fluorescence, glare, gleam, glow, illumination, incandescence, luminescence, radiance, shine

    I think that we can easily eliminate definitions 1 and 3. So we have a “dazzling display” or a “trail marker” or FF’s own meaning for blaze. Keeping in mind the longevity of the blaze, it will need to be around for hundreds of years.

    A dazzling display could be any colorful natural formation, landscape, or feature that would catch a person’s eye and be around for hundreds of years. A rock formation, a waterfall, or unique vegetation could be a dazzling display. A rock formation would need to be larger rocks to last. A waterfall seems to be a lasting blaze. Unique vegetation might be destroyed by fire.

    Man-made trail markers could easily change through time. So a trail marker would need to be a natural marker that would catch our eye; otherwise, it would not serve its purpose as a marker. FF did not say blazes, so it must be a single marker at a location directing us to change direction (look down instead of up?). I think that any searcher would be looking down, up, left, right, straight ahead, and back as he/she searched. So, I tend to believe that the blaze is not a trail marker.

    FF’s meaning for blaze could be anything that stands out. His chest could be a blaze. Petroglyphs could be a blaze. The view could be a blaze.

    Whatever the blaze is, it is most assuredly associated with the chest’s location. A searcher must feel confident that he/she will recognize the blaze when seen. So, do we need to figure out what the blaze is before embarking on a search, or will the blaze reveal itself during a search?

    If we were “wise and found the blaze”, implies to me that the blaze is not something that will be happened upon. For me, this eliminates all blazes except FF’s chest.

    I gain when proven wrong.

    • dollarbill nice! Lots of good “stuff” in there especially when you get to the lower part of it. Loved it!

      • VG = very good? If it did I would have solved the Poem by now with the Treasure Trove in my possession. So no VG does not stand for very good.

      • VGBOSS, I meant to add a LOL, but posted too fast. Hope you didn’t take my asking the wrong way.

    • I completely agree Dollarbill! I don’t think we can solve every word of the poem, especially the blaze, by sitting on a computer or doing research. I think it will something obvious when you have followed the previous steps correctly to show you where the chest is hidden when you venture out on your hunt. Forrest keeps telling us the poem provides everything we need to find the box, so he at least he gave us the clue to look for a blaze. It must be something in nature that is so unique and has stood the test of time.
      I guess I don’t see how the focus could be on a blaze if the beginning isn’t solved 100% first. I tend to think ff and his blaze is just another little surprise for the hunter to appreciate when the treasure is near.
      Maybe I am wrong as well, but this way it is keeping it simple.

      • Thanks oakleygirl. However, it seems to me that you are looking to happen on a natural blaze, rather than the treasure chest itself being the blaze. You might be right, but I need more in order to consider some blaze other than the chest itself.

        We need a shorter nickname for you, oakleygirl is too long to type. LOL.

      • $bill
        I got it now… sometimes I read thru the posts so fast, I miss the details. I haven’t read the lines that way before, but they make sense that the chest could mean blaze. You can shorten it to Oak… that’s what we call my dog sometimes. 🙂 I don’t post here as often because it seems like many posts get off track.

    • $bill this was an awesome post. I like the petroglyph idea. That’s what I mean though…I think it needs to be something special and I like the petroglyphs would be on a wall and you look down. They would make a great sign to direct you to the chest I think…maybe it would be the double omegas. Does anyone know if those omegas mean anything in the petroglyph language? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone ever talk about that sort of thing. I wonder if the cave dal went to that one time where he saw the FF had omegas.

      • ptn, if you are a strong believer in petroglyphs, check out Nine Mile Canyon in Utah, i.e., if you haven’t already. Also, there is an Owl Canyon southwest of Pueblo, Colorado, but it might not have petroglyphs. If you are looking for an owl petroglyph, be careful, I found this statement for an owl petroglyph near Tucson, Arizona.

        “The Owl in the Honey Bee Canyon petroglyph generally is used to symbolize a warning. In contrast to western traditions of the ‘wise owl’ native americans in the southwest regarded the owl with foreboding. The owl is often a warning associated with death. The presence of the owl, in conjunction with the astrological motifs, may be an indication of an astrophysical event such as an eclipse.”

        I do not know the qualifications of the person who wrote it. I can lead you to the web page.

      In my opinion, the blaze will be a simple sign that says “no campfires” or “campfires allowed” — we see them all the time…..they have pictures of little campfires with flames (blazes) on them

      • I don’t think camping signs will be the same or in the same place in hundreds of years. But, definitely a blaze for now.

    • you must know it before, It doesn’t say, you JUST got wise and found it….. it sez if you’ve ‘been’ wise… meaning you have been this way for some time period, knowing the blaze. Thats it for me, I still have a list of several to look for….

      • Musstag, I totally agree, I think that the poem itself could be the blaze, or maybe a section prior to the mention of the blaze should be interpreted to be a description of it. Any and all critique welcome.

        • Oooohhhh now you’re thinking like me…. Pink girls we better step up our game! Steph I’m about ready to tell you my spot so you can go search it! I have to wait for school to let out! Yikes! 😉

          j ~ PFW

      • I recall a month or so back, when we had a discussion about the “blaze”. Fenn mentioned that the clues can’t be solved simple by running Google Earth and not actually going out to the sights you gather from the poem. I believe he was saying that the last step “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze”, would mean that you’d actually have to be there to see it. So many have tried solving the poem and then going to there supposed spots, and yet come back empty handed.

        If it was so easy to figure out before we went to the spot, then Fenn wouldn’t have stated that “it’s not impossible to find, but it’s not easy either” (or words to that effect). Remember, it’s been two years and a lot of trips, and yet it still eludes people.

        Personally, I would follow the clues to a strong spot (confident location) and then “be wise” in you search for the blaze.

      • Musstag,Ragnar, I agree with you. Reading a poem, I came to conclusion what the blaze could be. I did not actually found a description of the blaze in the poem, but reading the poem itself, I imagined the way to the place,the blaze, and the place itself where the treasure is hidden. Now I need to go to Google Earth and look for my place on the map. I hope I find it. It sure looks beautiful in my dreams. Take care.

  26. I’ve been thinking lately that the poem itself is only one clue……like clue #9 and the other clues, 1-8, are hidden, like the numbers VGBOSS, astree and others have been working out….meaning you could move with confidence by reading the poem and following it exact after you have clues 1-8 figured out and know the direction to go…….but I also feel there is a lot of different meaning to that clue #9 (poem) as well, to make a person look in more than one place, even though you have confidence in your location to look. Thoughts?

    • I am still working on all the clues as describing ONE location as I’ve posted previously (or look at it this way the POEM is one big clue.) Kinda like 9 descriptors for one specific area.

      • Viper-
        I’ve found that spot and I’m in Colorado right now in a motel room and I’m exhausted because I’ve been looking for the blaze all day! I’ll be continuing the hunt all day tomorrow then a flight back to Delaware Wed. The ground game is not for the faint- of- heart. A little advice for the fishermen: bring your fly rod; I landed some of the biggest trout of my life today. Carrying the flyrod was not only great cover for my investigation but also gave me the opportunity to take a break, settle down and contemplate what I was looking for.

        • Colorado seems like the place to be lately. I keep hearing so many going there. I’ve searched one special place there…but I’m hearing rumors of other places that work…might have to revisit that idea.

      • Hemmingway,

        I’m wondering if you’re in the correct spot. Your trout comment leads to believe you may be. Can you give me the third letter or how many vowels in your WWWH.

  27. Derrick, do you know if dal got rid of any posts on this thread? I was starting to agree with you about deleting posts caused the order problem, but I see it happening here already.

    • I’ve gotten a couple emails from people saying there emails aren’t being posted to Dals blog. Then Dal said he didn’t get my app post. I wonder if something going on that Dal doesn’t even know about. Maybe it’s at a time when he closes the comments on one blog and starts up another that they get dropped.

    • I don’t remember if anything got deleted from this thread. I think there was another theory that it might be caused by Dal submitting a reply through the admin console, rather than like the rest of us. I think in the previous “9 clues” thread, someone spammed a ton of stuff and after it was deleted, all the posts below that seemed to either be in the middle or the bottom.

    • Rickinflorida even if it’s worth more than $100,000 that’s fine by me. Plus let’s not forget Forrest Fenn’s autobiography contained with that jar which is in the Chest!

  28. @Rickinflorida – I never said/posted that I have figured out “where warm waters halt” that is why I’m here on the Internet, on this blog, to get some assistance from people on this Chase. Hopefully someone, very generous, soon comes to this blog with some really dangerous insightful intel about the POEM to help me figure out where warm waters halt.

    • well , what else can it be other than (1) somewhere where water freezes, (2) a hot springs flowing in a creek or river,or (3) a geyser flowing into same (not a real hot one) but then how hot is warm, warm should be some temp that you could put your hand in it and not flinch Its one thing to ID wwwh, and then to pick the right one of what may be many.

  29. Rickinflorida my response to your comment moved up a few spaces. This blog has a mind of its own. Hopefully it doesn’t do it to this one as well.

  30. Hey fellow Chasers, especially to those who are newbies to this Chase, or rookies…there’s this other blog which in my opinion contains an abundance of knowledge for this Chase. Here’s the link for those interested…

  31. Hi everyone. Well I just learned about this whole treasure hunt one day sitting in my office in a downtown L.A. high rise, when I clicked on to check out the news. Loving New Mexico and being a New Mexican once removed (my mom was from Silver City), and a good mystery I became fascinated. I’ve read the poem over and over, and the only thing I can figure out is that there could be a million ways to go with these clues – symbolic, numeric, etc, etc. . Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure it out or find the treasure BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t love the mystery of it all. I will be in Santa Fe next month and am wondering if there are any groups around who would like to sit around and talk about this and share stories (like Dal’s wonderful story of his search and meeting Mr. Yellowhat) – sort of a treasure hunt club? If so, let me know – would love to sit around a camp fire – or a bar – and be a part of it. Thanks and take care.

  32. Being somewhat old..not as old as FENN..if I wanted to hide something..I sure would find a spot where anyone could NOT see me..some old guy carrying a back-pack looks a bit out of place in the forest or walking over a treeless hill..go down a nice old dirt road which is rarely used, park close to the spot in which you would want to hide our deed..then take a bunch of photos like you were a photographer..and leave!!


  33. “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”

    I take that to refer to the popular saying, “up the creek without a paddle” which generally means to be in a difficult, unfortunate, or inextricable position.

    Are we to assume that this will apply during our search as we will encounter rapids, a climb, ect.?

    OR is it worded that way in the poem to indicate you will not be in a difficult situation?

    • @Cliff Holmes;
      You certainly could be correct……..In one of my spots I applied the meaning not to go upstream……..go downstream.

      That’s the problem with the poem…….a slight difference in viewpoint changes everything.

    • What does he talk about in his book that could have to do with a paddle or a creek or a problem? I think bronze could be the cold…but he talks about a cemetery being cold too. I think those can be the sprinkled clues. I sort of wonder since he said he loved Monopoly so much that maybe he’s saying he had so much fun making his money…that his special place has to do with his art business.

  34. I have a few places in which to look some areas north of the Santa Fe place marked X, Taos was on my list, but I dropped it in favor of an area NE of there & Hiway #22 area looks good, as well as area in Colorado, I dont have a Atlas for that area yet…Clues are good if one can get them in the proper of yet noone has done that!

    Happy Hunting!

  35. Goofy_Old_Guy no need to take cover under the table. Bring it for we’re all on the same Ship, neither of us have the Chest in our possession!

    As for me, I believe it is that easy once the “where warm waters halt” is really figured out all the other clues will immediately come to view like a domino effect of sorts. Like I said that is my opinion.

  36. “I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze. But I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both are happening at the same time.”

    • What about water tanks? The reason I’m saying that is they are filled with clean water…and if warm water can be considered water with bacteria…then wouldn’t a tank be where it isn’t? Sort of the same as the Aqua Fria(cold water) idea. I did see some water tanks that were near some circle roads(I don’t understand why DOT’s think those are a good thing) up in the Taos area near a campground I wanted to check out, but it’s not open till the end of May. Was thinking it was a good WWH and water towers would be around for years and years and years. Trying to find the info I had where bacteria or wastewater is called warm water. If anyone has a link to that term, let me know.

  37. Talked to my boss today about “Heavy Loads and Water High”. He is from Wisconsin and shared that back in the day (not sure which day), logging outfits used to put logs into rivers/creeks/streams during times of years when the water was low, then when the waters were high, the logs would travel down the rivers to where they were used. This was an interesting slant that I had not thought of.

    • Hey Derrick,
      I found this a couple weeks ago. Hopefully it will help. You can google it for the web site.

      Thank you for contacting us! The Safety and Ice Boom is one of our strongest debris boom options and is well equipped to handle heavy loads and areas with a high water flow. This log barrier features high density polyethylene floats that have been steel reinforced for handling areas with rough conditions such as high water flows or large loads. This would allow the barrier to placed off your shoreline to prevent logs from entering the inlet.

    • Back in the late 1800s floating pine logs down the streams in Wisconsin was very big buisiness. This was called a log drive. I’ve not heard of this in the mountain states though, I’m not sure why.

      • My grandfather was given a job by the CCR I think it was called to replenish the trees in Northern Wisconsin, because the logging really took a toll on the forests up there.

  38. from the shadows she emerges like a butterfly…ah, that would be me…Hello All….have been having soooo much fun with this since July when my brother-in-law told me about this…have studied it incessantly…we three are headed out currently on our “first” trip…brrrr…it’s getting colder…
    about the clues: sometimes I here things wrong…and like Forrest spell things rong two…maybe it will pay off this thyme….good luck to all…would have preferred to wait for warmer weather but this week worked 🙂

  39. Trying to simplify things… if we take ff word for it that he hid the treasure, then we should take his word for it on other comments: a child could find it, think, there are 9 clues in the poem, follow them in order, don’t need a map,etc… I just don’t see how studying the poem for a “code”, lat/long, numbers, or hidden words goes with what he said we need to do to find his chest. It’s just my opinion, but the words he used in the poem are complicated enough at face value. He’s got so many people questioning his every word and analyzing everything he says. Just hope everyone is still having fun trying to figure this out instead of getting frustrated.
    (I hope no one thinks I’m bashing anyone’s way of thinking)

  40. We haven’t talked about this in awhile, but halt and walk are driving me nuts! Why didn’t he say warm waters balk? Rhymes with walk. Instead he chose halt. And the 6-7-7 thing. I’ve tried to repair it but I’m just not real good at it! Now that we have a jillion lurkers someone come out and play with this one!

      • if you want to correct the stanza sylables……try using the double omega concept…..u and u….equals w… w has two syllables… look it up on wiki… also goes together with the eric Sloane thing… german background and all…..german w is a v sound…..plays into the omega and w origins….its worth knowing ven if it isn’t an exact fix….good luck

      • 3 lines have different amounts of syllables… line has 6, two lines have 7, and the rest have 8.

      • I am pretty sure Mr F said …do “not” change my poem. That tells me not to switch letters or rearrange letters, words or sentences.

        • I agree on not changing the POEM, I just wonder if those lines point to a word that we need to get to the location. Or a meaning. And by exploring alternatives it can help us figure it out. There has to be a reason he wrote it that way. He is to precise and had to much time to not to. His other poems are not that way…..

          • I agree with Jen. It might mean if he says don’t change his poem…that your need it exactly the way it is to get the right answer. Like if it is a numeric thing.

  41. I miss Bill Brohawn, where did he go????????? Come back Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I am not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, I swear. And since I don,t have the chest yet, this is just opinion…But if a couple people have already got the first two clues right, and searchers have been within 500 feet of the chest, our time might be better spent concentrating on more literal translations rather than alpha-numeric translations… VG, I am in AWE of your numerical analysis of the poem, and I understand it represents only 1% of your solution…and you are perhaps on the verge of solving the poem….But I REALLY doubt it. However, I REALLY like your Eric insights….Oh heck…Why did I even write this? Nevermind, forget I said anything.

  43. i would be willing to bet a portion of the treasure itself that one or more of the people on this blog were within 500′ of the treasure. Furthermore, I’ll bet another portion that it was someeone on this blog that CORRECTLY identified clues 1 and 2…

    • So maybe a good idea would be to go to the blogs and posts and find all the ones that mention trips they’ve taken that were wrong…and go look for yourself. LOL….what an idea(I already pretty much did it…so maybe I was 500 feet from it now too). I can tell you places Dal was that I was that Forrest knew about. Cimarron, I was in Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho….not sure if Dal was, but I know he was in Idaho, YNP(I was mostly in West Yellowstone and 9 mile hole), Abiquiu, Chama. Those are the places that we both were at the time when Forrest said that. At the time, I think Forrest said he was getting about 10-20 emails a day. So there might be good odds in those being good places. Then again…maybe it was other people he talks to that were. I’m not giving away places Dal told me about..he mentions all those on his blog.

  44. Lets have some fun… who will be the first to anagram this line into a Blaze
    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”

    Two possibilities if you remove “but” and “with”

    Have fun!

    The Wolf

  45. Stephanie,
    Did I understand you were going to post your latest hunt today? I can’t find it on this or your blog.
    The Wolf

  46. I’ve abandoned this idea, but just to spur some outside the box thinking . . at one time I was trying to make West Yellowstone the WWWH. One of Forrest’s blog entries tells about the one room cabin with no running water and how he preferred to take a bath in the river with the hot spring instead of in the washtub in the middle of the floor in front of his family. He eloquently stated how unpleasant it was and how the water heated on the stove was always too hot or too cold. During that time, I imagine he wished for a real bathroom with a door and a water heater for a warm bath. So . . . WWWH would be the edge of West Yellowstone where the city water system ended.

    • I had similar thinking for where water halts but at different locations. This location seem a logical place as any to try to coordinate with all the other clues. I am trying to put the pieces together at other locations but I end up with scatter ideas and other hints, suggestions and then it is such a mess I start over with a blank piece of paper.

  47. Dal,
    If you get a chance, get on HWY 12 in Colorado, and go to where warm waters halt. Stone Wall, CO
    And take it in the canyon down, the Purgatorie River. Not far, but too far to walk to the Home of Brown, an abandoned Adobe home built like a covered Bridge over the North Fork of the Purgatorie River. From there its no place for the meek-Because your on the Purgatorie River, the end is drawing Ever Nigh. The N Fork is on the left as you take it in the canyon down…No Paddle up that creek-but miners paradise!! heavy loads!!

  48. Here is my two cents on a BLAZE that seems to jive with his ‘you don’t need a map.’

    For my wisdom I only ask that you all stop using this poor board as your personal twitter site. Please keep comments related to you inspirations or lack there of of the clues. DAL can you perhaps create a board for off topic posts, basically for all the junk? Also I would like to see a board about the legal implications even though you claim you are not interested in that subject. I think we all are very interested in that subject, especially trespassing, mining, discovery, taxes, etc.

    There is only one blaze that stands the test of time. Even a petroglyph could be covered by an enormous bird crap.

    Well how do you get around in the mountains without a map? You use ancient navigation techniques, namely the sun, the moon, and the stars. Most ancients did not know about compasses but had ready access to the sky. In most civilizations, including American Indian, they created celestial navigation devices and structures to help with telling time and getting around. Usually they aligned at important days of the year, like summer solstice, fall harvest, etc.

    So I am looking up, literally for my blaze. I believe it will be either a sun shining event, perhaps on a special day, or perhaps the location of a constellation in the sky. This makes total sense why you would then look down. Look below the moon or below the constellation of your choice from where you spot the blaze.

    This also seems to go along with why someone may have been in the right spot but maybe not the correct time or they were not looking to the sun, moon, or stars for their blaze. (flashlight required for star/moon viewing).

    This is essential to My search location. If my spot is wrong maybe it will help you all. I am only going to one spot and I plan to camp there until I see the blaze or someone else finds the treasure. It will be a nice spot, some where you can wait for Godot.

    • @Tony Joe Hampton,
      Interesting idea you have on the blaze……You just might be correct.

      As far as your idea about a legal board here………that’s probably one of your worst ideas. The last people you want to ask legal questions to are anonymous treasure hunters, or anyone else for that matter that’s not a tax attorney.

    • I think Dal is ok with the way his blog is going even with the little comment emails. I don’t know how you have your blog set up, but you might want to just check posts on the web instead of get them in email, because of so many non clue posts that I’m sure I’m one of the biggest offenders. Dal hasn’t asked me to stop posting like I do at all and if he did…I’d hang out on my own blog. We’ve become such good friends because of those posts I think…and we all still get back to talking about the clues. As for the legality thread. I don’t think Dal wants to do that, because he doesn’t feel it’s an issue that people need to really concern themselves with. Only one person will. I’m going on some conversations I had with him. So I don’t think he feels it’s a big community benefit to talk about things like that. I think your blaze idea is interesting. I’ve seen a photo from a searcher that showed a very shiny area that was on a mountain. I don’t know what type of rock was on the mountain, but it only sparkled when the sun hit it. That would make sense if using your blaze idea and it’s exactly what I was talking about….that it needs to be something special like that. Please don’t take anything I say as a negative personal attack….it’s just my opinion.

    • Don’t forget, he built the blaze around his spot- not the spot around the blaze. I find it hard to believe that he had the perfect hiding space in mind that came complete with a Indiana Jones style celestial marker. I’m sure he would liked to have been more poetic but he was working within the boundaries of a predetermined spot. The blaze must be plain to see at any time of the year… If it was seasonal or time specific there would have been a stanza or clue describing the event. The poem is ambiguous enough as it is… A more concrete blaze helps offset this and takes it out of the impossible rehlm and into the hard but not impossible. At least that’s what I’m looking for.

      • Hemmingway,

        You may be right but you can’t discount the setting sun when FF states the sandwich and flashlight comment. Sure flashlight could mean its in a dark hole or cave like structure. You really need to have every possible definition of a blaze.

        • And Tarry Scant means stay a short time. Why would he post anything to do with time and why do we have to quickly look down? Maybe it’s not always there.

          • I wondered about that too, Stephanie. We know the chest isn’t far from where you can drive to since he walked to his after hiding it, so it possible that the occasional passer-by might see you lugging it to your car if you don’t “tarry scant”. As for the “look quickly down”, I was wondering if that doesn’t mean looking beneath the blaze, but looking directly down from where you’re standing when you first see the blaze. Since you are walking, if you down look down quickly, you’ll pass it. Just some thoughts. Coffee is kicking in a bit too much now! LOL

            BTW, when you were in the area this weekend, did you see or talk to Richard?

      • Hemmingway, I agree. I believe someone said previously that creating a treasure map is basically done in reverse, starting with the X on the map and working backward. He wanted to put the chest in a place that was special to him, so he worked out a route telling us how to get to that spot. It’s possible that the spot that he wanted already had a blaze of sorts when he hid the chest, but it may not have so he had to “create” one. Whether it be a notch on a tree, a pile of rocks in a specific shape or whatever.

        I’m trying to look at the poem a little differently now. I’m concentrating on what places might be special to Forrest and seeing if I can work the poem in that direction beginning with WWWH and follow sequentially. Every time I start with WWWH and follow the rest of the clues in order so that they seem to fit and arrive in an area that might have a blaze, I can’t connect that spot to anything that might be special to FF. All of my perceived clues check out in my mind, but I think the most important clue is the one that isn’t in the poem and that it’s a “place that’s special” to him. He uses that phrase in nearly every interview as well.

    • Tony, I am in agreement with you on this and have been from day one, with my first post talking about sunset and the rays and the colors it splashes on the canyons and rocks. I believe everything has to stand the test of time with this treasure hunt. I do believe there is a limited window in the year and day to see where it is, in other words right place at the right time will only reveal what you need to see….will be difficult, but not impossible. I have thought that one would have to sit and wait, be patient. Watch all day, and different times of year….good job on your thoughts, I’m on board with you:)

      • Your post made me think about how Dal said that Forrest told him about some special land he was going to buy off the Madison River, but how he didn’t…because you could only use it at a certain time of year. Does anyone know exactly where that land is besides Dal? He’s on the road so can’t answer and I don’t think his post was that specific. He might not actually know where it is even. Does anyone else remember Dal talking about this?

    • Tony that was a great read…but as for me personally I don’t believe the BLAZE has anything to do with a sun shining moment, constellation, or moon…oh but don’t get me wrong, if the Treasure Trove is not found before this summer and I’m at my perfect, prime, favorite spot, and if my idea of the “X” (don’t want to use the word blaze as I believe there to be a couple of blazes on this hunt) doesn’t pan out then I may resort to Indiana Jones type of event when at my X spot. But yes, great write up Tony! Loved it!

      • I do not totally rule out the time a day as a factor. I believe at a certain time of day the Blaze may be more prominent than at other times. Perhaps making the difference between recognizing it or not. I envision a scenario where the Blaze ties in the subtle clues in the book and poem; where time of day could make a difference if you do not pick up on the subtle clues of what the Blaze is. Time will tell
        – The Wolf

    • I’m with Tony on this idea of “blaze”. I like the article online on how Lewis and Clark used the North Star to chart their course.

      • Stephen Ambrose’s UNDAUNTED COURAGE might be an enjoyable read. The subtitle is Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West. I read it for the purpose of understanding the detail relating to Great Falls, Rainbow Falls etc. Not being able to paddle because of a series of waterfalls, they hid their supplies in a cache and then recovered them on their return. That’s what Forrest’s family did each year. The location was in the woods. I don’t recall the distance — perhaps 1/2 mile from the road.

        • Also, if anyone has Netflix, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns’ “Lewis & Clark” is available for streaming and it will really get your adventurous spirits pumping! It’s nearly 4 hours long, but packed with great info and never gets boring. No corny re-enactments, just actual (and beautiful) footage of the exact spots referenced in the journals that each member of the Corps of Discovery were required to keep. It’s worth it even if it doesn’t help with the clues, but you never know……

          I picked up a copy from Amazon after watching it on NF because it was just that good.

        • I did a search of the L&C journals for heavy loads and water high. All the heavy load hits were about Supplies and such on wagons or boats. They would refer to snowmelt swelled rivers as high water.

  49. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed something about $8 a lot in his book. Maybe it was just once, but I thought it was an odd amount. Also, I was thinking about places that are on the historic registry. Those places would be protected for a very long time. Might be a good thing to look up for any of the search areas.

    • And the 8 syllables, and the postmarks seem to have 8s in them…. 8 is a fun number! Maybe just his favorite number…. maybe not……

  50. this is what i think reading the poem one what is it treasure two where is it home of brown three what to do when you find the blazing trail and it also from what i read tells you when to look for it thats what i read in to it

  51. To all who have questioned CED and the last line of the poem. The following may answer those questions: Cestui que/Cestui que trust

    • BW wrote:

      “To all who have questioned CED and the last line of the poem. The following may answer those questions: Cestui que/Cestui que trust”

      Hi BW –

      “go in peace” – PAS
      “in the wood” – SAP

      frog …. SAPO

      Good luck,

        • Just FYI the mansion is privately owned now and I don’t know if you guys knew that Forrest had planned to move Leon Gaspards remains back to that property under a tree where he originally was buried. His widow had him removed from the property and put in the local cemetery, because she felt the property would sell for more that way. Forrest didn’t end up having him put back on the property when he owned it. I don’t know why. When I went to the cemetery in Taos I was able to see his grave. It’s strangely sort of backwards and can easily be missed.

  52. To all who have questioned CES and the last line of the poem. The following may answer those questions: Cestui que/Cestui que trust.

  53. answer me this! , WHAT About the stories on ff ‘s website, the stories that are not in the book. Should these be used? I don’t know about a map but He does NOT mention these extra stories……

  54. Has anyone considered MUSKRATS/POSSUM for the “home of the Brown”? There are some pretty big ratholes out there in lakes, rivers, caves, etc…

    Click here…

    Like many I also like the Bear as the home of Brown
    The same with Bats also. Bats would fit as the home of Brown
    Even the BuFFalo. BuFFalo I like a lot as the home of Brown

    Any other ideas you guys are willing to share as the HOME OF BROWN?

    • I found a big field of Brown Eye’d Susans in Cimarron and questioned if that could have been the home of Brown. That for sure would be capitalized unlike brown trout. He does mention flowers in his book as well.

    • what i have found is a very large deer earth made and you can see the head the eyes the ears the nose the body and one hind leg and i think its the home of brown from there every thing on the poem seems to fall in place that is what i think i could be wrong just a thought

    • At vgboss,

      Originally my home of Brown was the Brown Creeper, a bird that has an affinity to build its nests in the tallest trees in the forest. These trees typically are, at least in the Southwest, the Ponderosa Pine. Why is this significant? Ponderosa means heavy or load in Spanish. If one goes out into the forest one will notice that the base of the Ponderosa is by far large enough to fit a body into……just sayin.

      • Ok this is interesting although I don’t think it’s anything helpful. When my husband first met Forrest and Peggy two years ago with our son….we were searching Chama and the train line up there. Peggy asked how they liked the big pine trees. I know his video on Youtube mentions pine too. Of course Forrest said no one knows about it and it’s just a simple question she asked…they are amazing as I’ve seen them before. So I’m really sure that it’s nothing…but your comment just reminded me of it.

  55. It seems if you are replying to any of the ones from the middle to the top, they reply the way they should. Any of them you reply to in the bottom half seem to just post at the very bottom. I think Steph is right about it being an issue with WordPress.

  56. Guys what’s going on with this blog? It’s a mess! You post new comment, not a reply to anyone else, and it shoots up top or the middle. It will probably do it to this one.

    • If you want your post at the bottom, i found if you just reply to the very bottom post, it will put it down there.

    • I think Goofy is watching over the blog for Dal…maybe he can start a Part 9 to see if that works itself out about the misguided post order.

  57. Well that’s not going to make much sense with my post at the bottom. What’s going on???

    • I’m not sure what email address you use. I think I might have lost some emails because I had checked them on my phone and now they aren’t on my laptop. So if you emailed and I haven’t responded and you can resend…please do. I know there were some very detailed questions and feel terrible if I blow you off. It’s unintentional. I know one was from Tim and I can’t find it.

  58. I often wonder what the lucky person, who discovers Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove, would actually do when he or she first lays their eyes upon it. Would he or she tarry scant with marvel gaze at the site of it? Would he or she quietly lift it and go in peace? Or would he or she scream and shout to the top of their lungs and scare all the birds and animals withing a 9 to 10 mile radius while jumping up and down at the same time? [url=][img][/img][/url]

    • This is what I visualize myself doing:

      1) open up the lid just a little less than 2 inches to make sure there is booty in there and not some rocks left by the guy/gal who found it before me.

      2) get it inside my bag/cooler and put in some empty pop cans/clothes/etc over the top of it and quietly roll it back to my car.

  59. that place that i mentioned yesterday fits almost all the clues taking the canyon down 32 miles, not far but too far to walk, to Big Eddy take-out, but didn’t someone search that yet? and really went over it?

    • argggh this comment jumped too lol, btw thanks VG 🙂 have a great day, goin 4 lunch b4 i have to go back 2 work

    • HI Kym, yeah seems like at least a dozen or so have been there. I think it was John Paul most recently, but I could be wrong. My mind is getting cluttered lately. LOL

      Seems like the latest trend is Cimarron or Eagle Nest Lake. But ya know, if the blaze is hard to find it could be the 50th person to the same place who finally sees it.

      • that’s true Steve. I haven’t been up there yet but hopefully this summer on a weekend. I thought someone was getting close but no one dare venture to say they found it yet. The old adage,’if it wee a snake it woulda bit ya.” is most likely true since FF said that we’d be mightily surprised when someone finds where it actually is. 🙂

        • LOL Kym! And speaking of snakes, there’s even a sign posted to watch out for rattlers! I pretty much ruled that area out for one main reason….there’s nothing about that entire stretch of the Chama that I could decipher as being “a special place” to Forrest. Closest thing would be as a fishing spot, but I think it’s gotta be more special than that and nothing in the book seemed to validate anything about that area either.

          The Vietnam Memorial I can see as special since he served in the war and also knew the woman who designed it. Also the Sloane angle due to their friendship. I’m just throwing out stuff that’s been on my mind. I’m looking into trying to figure FF out and what places might be special to him. Very special is how he phrases it. I’m starting to think that’s going to be the key since the poem has led people to dozens of different places. I remember reading one solution the other day about where someone thought the poem led and the general area of where the blaze might be and I thought “What’s special about that place?” That’s what got me going on this new tactic. I could be, and probably am wrong but I’m tired of Google Earth and want to do some solid research on FF.

          I’m going back to square one and watch all of the video interviews again and read the various blogs with the actual info rather than the guesswork of others. While insightful at times, my head is spinning! LOL

  60. hear me all and listen good i think it means to me is he is telling me to listen to the sound of spring like birds rivers thats when i should go looking for it

    • Frank
      One of the sentences that stood out for me in his book was that “Humans possess five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing.” I started thinking that the poem and the clues are also meant to be experienced or figured out by using more than just seeing them. (if that makes sense) Maybe the blaze is something we hear, warm waters is something we need to touch/feel, in the wood= something to smell, etc… He also wrote that “he feels sorry for those who don’t enjoy the depth of imagination”.

      • ok oakleygirl you are right in what you said i dont want to change your mind in any way but to me warm waters halt means this body of water where the water is as far as it goes to me no paddle up your creeK MEANS DONT GET IN THE WATER ITS NOT THERE IN THE WOOD TO ME DOESNT MEAN WOODS I THINK IT MEANS IN THE WOOD IN YOUR HOUSE DONT GO LOOKING FOR IT IN WINTER AND BEAR THE COLD THATS WHAT I READ


  61. The finally stanza gives a clue as to why Forrest is so adamant that no one has found the treasure…
    **** I give you title to the gold****
    Maybe this has been hashed out,,,but I believe not all the treasure is in that little box….Forrest has held some back and for the person that wants the rest, they would need to go see Forrest.

    If I had buried/hidded a treasure I would love to talk to the one who found it, learn how the deciphered all the clues and their trek into the wilderness to recover it….

    Then again, someone may have taken what they found and do not need the rest….or it is still out there,,,,,somewhere,,,,,I will still be making a trip,,,,,Hope springs eternal..

    • Oh I bet he’s got all the inside stuff with him. He’s not he wasn’t going to bring it all out there maybe till he thought he was. That’s why the finder would be surprised. It probably just has a note saying come see him.

  62. Mmmmmmm just had some Hooter Wings for lunch with a large Dr. Pepper.

    Sadly I return to this blog and there are no new comments…what’s up with that?

    I know there are hundreds if not thousands who come to this blog and surely they cannot all be Lurkers/Trolls, can they? Are you a Lurker/Troll in the shadows? One who simply comes here just to read but does not participate?

    Over 20,000 books have been sold, I believe, not to sure about the volume of sales but I’m sure thousand upon thousands have been sold, so ask where are all the Chasers? They all cannot be on the search right now as they would be on each others X spot or getting in fender benders like Dal.

    People post comments! Give me something to read and maybe it will give me reason to share 1% more of my stuff.

    • VGBOSS wrote –

      “They all cannot be on the search right now as they would be on each others X spot or getting in fender benders like Dal. ”

      Okay, to get a post in –

      K = 11

      So hear me a11 and list ten good
      So hear meak and listen good

      where a “meak” is a hook with a long handle.


    • vgboss wrote:

      “People post comments! Give me something to read and maybe it will give me reason to share 1% more of my stuff.”

      That’s a good one, vgboss, after telling me to stop posting, even though I post on topic and you don’t.

      You obviously don’t have any ideas and are looking for others to provide them for you.

      You forget that I was the one who mentioned that the Blaze is probably an ‘X’ just like in Indiana and the Last Crusade, because Indiana was surprised just like the finder will be. You usurp others ideas and contribute pablum.

      Anyway, be that as it may, a Blaze is also the name of a fishing lure.

      Regarding the clues being valid 1000 years from now – I think Mr. Fenn said that someone might find the treasure in the distant future and be amazed, not that that person would need the poem or any of the clues at that time. I don’t think the clues are meant to remain pertinent forever, so the Blaze might be around for years or decades, but not necessarily forever.

      Also, I think that logically eliminating erroneous ideas is as important as providing answers to the clues, if it allows people to focus and speculate on meaningful data.

      I seriously doubt that Mr. Fenn used anagrams or numerology.

      I like the idea of the Sun being a Blaze factor, especially sunrise or sunset.

      I don’t think it’s in New Mexico.

      There are various uses of the word “it” that infer but don’t name:

      Begin it = treasure hunt
      take it = the path? the treasure?
      it’s no place for the meek = the hiding place? The trail?
      why is it = that FF hid the treasure
      I’ve done it = live a treasure hunting life? hid the treasure?

      I know, it’s probably meaningless, but I like to make suggestions; they may not be answers in themselves, but they may spark ideas in others minds – I call it brainstorming.

      I read somewhere that FF once walked 90 miles, does that mean anything more than that is too far to walk?

      Does no paddle up your creek mean that the creek is impassable, or that it’s a dry riverbed?

      I like the idea of high tension wires and a water tower for heavy loads and water high.

      ‘If you’ve been wise and found the Blaze’ could mean that if you’ve been wise you’ve deciphered the poem…it will lead you to the blaze.

      Or the poem itself is the Blaze! Ta Da!

      I have three places that I think are promising, but I can’t get away at this time to find out for sure (like many of us).

      I read this blog because there are some sincere and creative ideas, and there are also some helpful comments trying to keep the thread on topic.

      I don’t plan to stop posting, so whine all you want vg.

  63. Hi,

    I’ve just started reading the blog and so forgive me if the subject has already been covered.

    But this week in reading about this hunt I thought Dal’s discussion of the Newsweek / IPAD Fall 2012 story was especially insightful.

    I think both are on to something very powerful and view Dal’s comments as an important improvement on Tony’s key idea.

    So I heartily recommend Firehole River in the solution — and propose that the key is to drive down Firehole River Drive and take a walk into the woods.

    You begin your hike at his favorite childhood swimming hole — “where the warm waters halt”.

    “Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,”

    Dal uploaded a wonderful video in 2011 of his visit.

    The hot springs empty into the cold river.

    In his blog, Forrest wrote:

    “Anyway, occasionally I’d ride my bike [from West Yellowstone] into Yellowstone Park to a spot about twenty miles from town where a seldom-used dirt road turned right off the main drag. From there it was about a mile down that road to the Firehole River. Just before the river, there on the right, was a green geyser pool which spilled and spewed a small streamlet of boiling water that ran downhill for about fifty feet and into the cold river. My secret bathing spot – where the hot water tumbled into the stream – was maybe four feet deep, and long, beautifully-green river grasses swayed back and forth in the gentle river currents just several feet distant.”

    “I could change the water temperature around my body just by moving a foot or so. Sometimes I stayed in that place for two hours or more and when I decided it was time to leave I’d back a couple of feet downstream where the water was cold. That gave me instant incentive to climb out and sun dry in the tall grass that populated the river bank.”

    “Now the National Park Service forbids swimming where geyser riverlets enter a stream. They also closed that little road to all vehicles, even though where it meets the river is one of the most beautiful places in the park, as buffalo and elk graze nearby and river otters often wiggle through the water looking for fish.”


    “Several years ago, with my daughter Kelly’s family, my wife and I drove to the little road (It’s paved now) and walked to the river. I tried to get my granddaughters to swim where I had spent so many peaceful hours. The idea didn’t interest them much. That spot, which was so important to me sixty-six years ago, is mostly overlooked now by the occasional passerby. My memories of those experiences are so dear to me that I hope in time all of my grandchildren will follow my footprints to that special place.”

    “Surely, God underestimated his ability when he created the Firehole River.”

    Now at first I totally agreed with Dal’s dismissal of Newsweek Tony’s interpretation of “canyon” or his interpretation of the heavy loads and water high as referring to a bridge just 50 feet from the starting point.

    Personally, I interpret the heavy loads and water high as referring to the cascades. I would therefore look in the woods before the cascades — at a point too far to walk from the starting swimming hole.

    So I’ve been collecting images of the area much as the FBI is collecting images of the marathon bombing. Google earth has a premium version that is especially useful.

    Using the Yellowstone Firehole River to frame his poem

    “As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,”

    1. He’s climbed into the “firehole” naked when he used to skinny dip in the area.
    N 44° 37.029 W 110° 51.321

    The watercourse is the Firehole River. He went in the Firehole River, he says in parts of the passage I’ve omitted, in his nakedness, and enjoyed the solitude very much. OTOH, he did not like the public bathing he described in earlier paragraphs in his memoir.

    “I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.”

    “Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,”

    So start at his boyhood private cherished swimming area and proceed to follow the Firehole River but then I would go down in the direction of Firehole Canyon. Firehole Cascades at the top of the canyon.

    Dal and others, having been there, can correct me on my geography as I further check things using maps etc.

    3. It is too far to walk. So go back to the road and drive down Firehole Lake Drive. (I’ve never even been to Yellowstone and so am thinking out loud here. Park your car below the point where it is famous for brown trout. Historically, this river is very highly regarded for its fly fishing and brown trout. But a fly fishing magazine article is especially good at explaining the good spots and the bad spots. As Dal has pointed out, it has to do importantly with temperature.

    So the “below teh home of Brown” would be below the spot that is good for Brown trout.

    “Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    “From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is drawing ever nigh;

    Yellowstone is no place for the meek. Given the bears, it is important to bring a friend who is slower than you. Also, you do not want to go into the cascades. He has assured the public that the place is safe for children.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.”

    Now while I have liked this as a reference to the cascades, I have an open mind as to whether it instead refers to the bridge just a short ways down from the swimming pool. My openness to Tony’s suggestion relates to a wikipedia entry about the potholes in the area. That is, Forrest might have just dropped it into a pothole. It might be underwater. With 36% of Yellowstone affected by a forest fire in 1988 or whenever, even if underwater in the course of history it might be thought to be subject to being scorched. In any event, we know Forrest took care to waterproof the contents — he has said it is exposed to rain and snow and is not locked. I don’t find this inconsistent with being underwater in a pothole with a flat rock placed on top.

    I recommend you canvas the area with flippers and scuba goggles while I bring an inflatable canoe and jerry rig an underwater camera.

    Dal is expert on the range of temperatures but Forrest has said that even moving his feet a little this way or that could put him in very cold water.

    4. You can’t use a paddle over the cascades — there’s just heavy loads and water high. So if the bridge is not the object of that clue, his treasure is before you get to the Cascades.

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease”

    But stop right there, I like “blaze” as referring to fire turned to stone. There is a prominent waymarker explaining the Plateau of Fire as referring to fire turned to stone. So I love the treasure associated with the Plateau of Fire on your way down Firehole Canyon road. But notice also that Ojo Caliente means hot eye. So query whether interpreting the spring feeding his hole isn’t itself the blaze, which perhaps makes Newseek Tony’s use of clue work.

    He could crawl into the hole and leave his bones. When animals fall into the geysers, the hot water causes the skin and bones to float away and then the bones sink within a few days. A watery grave, to be sure, but one better suited to Captain Kidd than hanging. He was able to walk there carrying 20 lbs (it took him two trips). He was almost 80 when he hid it. If you can get there to the woods along Firehole River I can print high resolution from premium google earth and get them to you digitally. I’ve studied his gait at 82 and don’t see him bothering to carry the 20 lbs more than 1/8 mile.

    Blogger Dal advises us that most of the features around the river are hot springs, pools and mud pots, not geysers as suggested by the fellow writing in Newsweek

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.”

    Under one approach, don’t dally at the overlook. But you should be focusing on the wooded areas at the higher elevations. Woods + elevation = treasure.

    Under another approach, it is underwater and the Ojo Caliente being the blaze.

    6. You are going to have to walk through some cold water across one of the tributaries to get to the box. Woods + elevation + plus crossing a cold tributary = treasure.

    “So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak
    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.”

    7. The treasure is in the woods along Firehole River. Note that he apart from the poem has said that the box could be scorched in a fire.

    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    So stick to the portions with woods — and find that darn “firehole” that I think at a high enough resolution may be locatable even by satellite. Forrest understandably cringes at the thought that people just don’t get out to the wonderful nature.

    See google earth to identify which portions have woods.

    In terms of local experts, you could team up with Bundu Bashers. or caverspencer at

    Forrest Fenn has given apt commentary on my brainstorming. He emailed me:

    “Don’t believe everything you say.”

    American Airlines just canceled my flight due to a computer glitch so I’m giving you a headstart.

      • As you know, the fun of treasure hunting is coming up with a solution you like better a few minutes later. :0) I now like Rainbow Falls on Falls River.

        “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
        Look quickly down, your quest to cease””

        The most famous blaze charting a course is the North Star or Polaris. It’s what the wise men used. That is what Lewis & Clark used. Forrest once recreated Lewis & Clark’s travels not far from Yellowstone. He would understand the method Lewis & Clark used based on the North Star/ Polaris.

        Forrest would want a solution to be very elegant. Something elegant even 500 years from now. There’s little more elegant than Lewis & Clark. Even though they never entered the area of Yellowstone National Park — passing it 50 miles north — they had their famous portage at RAINBOW FALLS. So you need to find Forrest’s rainbow. His Rainbow Falls. Did he ever fly fish Rainbow Falls? Is it too far for an 80 year-old to reach? It is on the Falls River, I think, in the SW portion of the park.

        Falls is what you do when you are tired and weak.

        I believe FALLS RIVER is good for fly fishing but not visited by anglers. I will study the map I just picked up at AAA and some more googling. My thinking about Rainbow Falls is extremely preliminary, coming upon it just a few moments ago, but it squares with my initial thinking that Forrest hid his cache just like Lewis & Clark did. (I was interested in using NASA satellites in locating his box just like they are using NASA satellites to locate 100 lbs. of metal left from Lewis & Clark’s collapsible boat. Earlier in the week, when I first learned of the hunt, I was focused on the Great Falls, MT/ Rainbow Falls area. But then I decided I would much prefer planning a trip to Yellowstone. And then I came across Firehole River and fell in love with the swimming hole story and how the clue might fit. But I picture Forrest engaging in some gentle misdirection — with him preferring in the end a historically pleasing Lewis & Clark type solution to one that was narrowly focused on his favorite childhood swimming hole and a blog post he made. I mean he wrote the post knowing how it would be interpreted. But he ultimately would want a solution so elegant that would make sense 500 years from now.

        Brown is the combination of all the colors of a rainbow. But it wouldn’t have to be capitalized.

      • Assuming Rainbow Falls is not accessible by an 80 year-old carrying 20 lbs and making two trips, then I will want to consider Lewis Lake. Lewis Lake in YNP was named for Meriweather Lewis, commander of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
        Coordinates 44°18′16″N 110°37′46″WCoordinates: 44°18′16″N 110°37′46″W[1]
        Lake type Natural lake
        Primary inflows Lewis River
        Primary outflows Lewis River
        Basincountries United States
        Surface elevation 2,372 m (7,782 ft)
        Lewis Lake is located in the U. S. state of Wyoming in the southern part of Yellowstone National Park, about 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of Shoshone Lake, and approximately 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Yellowstone Lake. Lewis Lake and Shoshone Lake are both located a few miles northeast of the Pitchstone Plateau.

        The Lewis River is the lake’s primary inflow, draining south from Shoshone Lake. The primary outflow of Lewis Lake is also the Lewis River, continuing south to join the Snake River near the southern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. A few small creeks also feed Lewis Lake. There are several hot springs emptying into the lake on its northwestern shore and two more hot springs at the lake’s southern end where it empties into the Lewis River. A campground is located on the lake’s southeast shore. Yellowstone National Park’s South Entrance Road (which is also numbered as U.S. Route 287, U.S. Route 89, and U.S. Route 191), run along the east side of Lewis Lake.

    • DXer- I like what you are thinking and the location. I’ve researched this area and tend to agree that this matches well with ff’s special place as he describes in that article. I do not have the book yet so I don’t know if Firehole or this swimming spot is mentioned in it. Here are some of my thoughts and differences…

      “No to far, but too far to walk” has been bugging me all along. I strongly believe now that it does not mean to drive, fly, bike, boat etc. but rather it means get in the Firehole River and float/swim down with the current for a distance. It will certainly not be a situation for the meek, it will leave you tired, it will leave you weak, you wont ‘need a boat or paddle cuz you can’t carry it and most importantly you will get cold.

      Plus, it’s been noted that ff walked back to his car after hiding the treasure. Obviously, that contradicts the literal meaning of “too far to walk” and its intended to trip us up. I know, I know…the kids shouldn’t get in the river. I don’t think ff ever said the journey to the treasure will be safe but rather it’s where a kid could get it (something like that) if found.

      I struggle with “warm waters” but as with “too far to walk”, I flipped it to mean “where cold waters start”. Matching with the junction of the Madison and Firehole. I’m still working this one.

      “home of Brown” is either trout or buffalo that are often seen up on the banks there.

      “Heavy loads and water high” tells me that you will encounter some rapids along your float.

      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease”. I’ve always thought that the blaze will be natural, big and will stand the test of time. More importantly, will be very obvious to “us searchers” in context and not so much to a passer-by. Kids will see the blaze and point it out immediately. I have a an idea of what I think it is.

      “Found” is a key word to me. He didn’t say “saw the blaze”. I think the implication is you find it, go to it and at it look down. My suspicion is the blaze and treasure will be in water and you will look down in the water at the blaze. The bronze chest will be there blending in well with the color of the rocks and river bottom.

      “If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold”. I did type up a story version of how I thought the poem would be told and posted it under the Poem section. I have changed a lot of what I thought earlier except for my understanding of this line. I take it to mean you’ve been brave on this journey and you’ve taken time to go out in the wilderness/woods as that’s all that ff has wanted us to do. For that, you get a reward of gold.

      I’m nowhere near the Rocky Mnts so a journey for me is unlikely. Maybe some day. Stick with your thoughts, but plug in mine as well. The Newsweek article you reference above is just too much of a coincidence not to mean something. IRegardless of what we’ve been told, I think its clever on ff’s part and meaningful.

      Ready for the comments…

      • Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that ff took the river route to place the treasure. So he may have not ever gotten in the river but could have walked, drove, biked, etc back and forth two times to place it. Once you know where its hidden you can take an unlimited number of ways to get back to it. He had to frame this in a poem in terms of instructions and to make it an adventure for us. Doesn’t have to mean this is what he did. It’s about perspective.

      • DXer- forgot to comment on ff’s comment back to you. It’s clever and implies you’re not completely wrong. By saying “don’t believe everything you say” he means part is right and part is wrong. If it was all wrong, he would have said “don’t believe anything you say”

      • Cliff Homes… I mention your name ’cause I have no idea where this post may land. Just a little note…. Boats , kayaks and other floating devices are not allowed in most all YS rivers, its OK in lakes, but…yes…you guessed it, WITH A Permit.. I haven’t been there yet, but I did read it in YS Park website.

        • OH, AND CLIFF the bathe part is not in the book. which brings up the question, what do we do about all this xtra stuff, info on ff web site. He sez we only need the poem, but the book helps…. so what about all the other stuff on his website thats not in the book???

      • You write:

        “I’ve always thought that the blaze will be natural, big and will stand the test of time.”

        I totally agree. For example, upon considering the idea that he might have carved his initials on a railroad tie, I dismissed it for this reason. Note that in a film Gadi did, there was a blaze behind Forrest (with the initials FF). I think that would be all part of the fun FF is having — but I think the correct interpretion of blaze would be far more “natural, big and will stand the test of time.”

        I had liked lava – fire turned to stone – Fire of Plateau… but not at all compared to the blaze that guided Lewis & Clark.

        Rainbow Falls (Missouri River) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        The waterfall is part of the five Great Falls of the Missouri. The river spills … Rainbow Falls was first discovered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Rainbow Falls …

        Rainbow Falls was the Great Portage – there was no paddle up their creek.

        That’s where they hid their cache (and later dug it up).

    • i believe that its no place for the meek means that its scarey where the treasure is thats what i think

  64. The fourth and sixth stanzas are now giving me trouble. That seems to happen after reading this thing 100’s of times.

    I am struggling with the instructions to “just take the chest and go in peace” then later in the poem being told “If you are brave and in the wood…I give you title to the gold”. If followed sequentially as we’ve been instructed to do, it seems to me the search ends at “just take the chest and go in peace”. So that tends to tell me the last stanza may not be of value it terms of including a clue.

    This poem seemed so much simpler on the first read. Just genius

    • Cliff
      After reading what you just posted, I look at the last stanza as almost more “motivating” words from ff. Like he’s trying to appeal to everyone to listen to him, your efforts will be rewarded if you head out into the woods and brave the cold… you will find the treasure. Almost as if he wants as many people as he can get interested in the search and promises there will be much to gain. Just a thought. I go back and forth about what are actual clues and what are some extra hints in the poem.

  65. what i think wwwh is a body of water that is filled not by a river but by rain water and from there it goes no where where warm waters hult

      • VG and astree , does the Golden Ratio find it’s way into any of your numerological solutions ?
        Could home of brown be in reference to some cowboy poetry , for some reason it seems to ring a bell , but i just can’t place it at this time .

        • Ragnar of Loky wrote –

          “does the Golden Ratio find it’s way into any of your numerological solutions ”

          I just post numbers once in a while, not my core approach. Closest I’ve got so far in the ballpark of what you mention, is “e”, referring to log. Not pursuing that.


      • VGBOSS & astree, don’t worry about giving too much away. Each time I read your posts, I’m lost, LOL…..I so wish I was on the “in the know” with you two….and if you have it figured out…..why are you not out there picking up treasure box? I’m confused with you two:) Your posts make me feel like I know nothing at all, lol:)

        • You’re not alone Jennifer, I’m right there with you. It’s half irritating and half insulting. I too wish they would just go get it and shut up until they get back with then thing. Then if they woUld, they coUld explain it all to us idiots. 🙁 IMHO

      • Ragnar of Loky yes ofcourse the Golden Ratio is part of my solutions. Forrest Fenn is a genius so course he would include it in this Chase as well. Forrest loves to fly fish and so the shape of the hook is, well, Golden Ratio like in shape…if you know what I mean which I know you do. Even when Forrest wrote his autobiography, that is contained within the olive jar, in the Chest has to do with the Golden Ratio as he had to close his hand to wrap the pen..

        Home of Brown could be in reference to many things even to cowboy or any western folklore type poetry as well…I’m still working on that. Still thinking it could be a darn RAT. I say RAT because there are lots of RATS around with many even working closely together for a common purpose or agenda.

      • No Jen, NEVER, would I call the Pinkies RATS. I actually would love to see you all together, and me jump in, and take a quick photo so that I may post it on here for all Chasers to see…so they may see VGBOSS with the beautiful Pinkies, with me right in the middle.

      • VGBOSS wrote –

        “No Jen, NEVER, would I call the Pinkies RATS”

        BATS –

        “So hear me all and listen good”

        Bats use echolocation (listen good)

        “Your effort will be worth the cold”

        The Bat Cave

        “If you are brave and in the wood”

        (baseball) bats are in the wood (made from wood)

        Take a “sandwich” and a flashlight

  66. Some idle thoughts and a few things I’ve tried:

    I placed the entire poem into an Excel spreadsheet/gridlike and attempted to turn it into a word search – not fruitful

    I’ve analyzed the first letters of each line, last letters of each line, first words, last words, every 1st, every 2nd, every 3rd etc etc letter – not fruitful

    I checked to see which countries have flags that are only red, green, and black (tea drinking colors) — only Malawi and Libya — don’t anagram to anything fruitful

    I looked up every odd word he uses in the book – nothing fruitful

    Although he has said ‘no need to mess with my poem,’ I alphabetized each line – checked first and last words – not fruitful

    I re-listened to every interview with him — he suggests there may be 3 or 4 clues in the stanza beginning with WWWH and he suggests there may be a couple of clues in another stanza.

    I figured out the blurry map and that it isolates an area of northern New Mexico. In my opinion that’s where the treasure is hidden

    Education seems important to him. I researched every community in northern New Mexico that has a school and called each to determine their ‘mascot’ hoping one might be a grizzly or something brown — not clearly fruitful at this time

    I determined several 9-letter words that might have meaning in solving the puzzle: encrypted, alphabets, interpret, intersect, underseas, endorheic, and Esperanto – have fun with those

    I’ve used the Internet to research home of Brown (university, Encyclopedia, UPS hdqtrs, Buster Brown, Browning firearms and others – not fruitful to this point

    I’ve isolated all the double letters in the poem, trying to determine if they set a pattern — letters/words before and after, etc – not fruitful yet

    I have come to believe the poem is NOT to be taken literally
    I have come to believe the poem is not encoded/encrypted etc

    There are 4 great things I’m trying that I am NOT sharing here — I think one of them holds the key

    I’ve had a lot of fun — and get it in your head that these are MY OPINIONS ONLY so I don’t get a bunch of hate mail

    • Good gosh Stance Brooks you sure have done extensive work there. I can only imagine the countless hours you have put in on all this and all the computer files or paper files or both that you may have on this Case…I mean Chase. Simply Amazing. Thanks for sharing that. It shows people just how serious people are really tackling this poem and how bad they want it.

      • You’re right germanguy….majority of people are on this Chase because they NEED it. I think Pres. Obama is also trying to solve it. lol

    • I don’t think the book will give me much but I’ll give you one more thing to think about. The blurry map, what do you see in the gold and the frog? I see a fly fisherman fishing south west of where he stands.

      • Onecorgi – That is what I see too, but you have to tilt the book to see the flyfisher. But there is something else that the fly fisher is looking at….
        The Wolf

    • What about the Lava Have you thought bout Flaming gorge as having the red canyon the green river and the black forks in regards to the colors of the tea. They are at the three points of the

      It seems a lot of clues point to the flaming gorge both literally and figuratively if you know what I mean.

    • Stance Brooks wrote –

      ” placed the entire poem into an Excel spreadsheet/gridlike and attempted to turn it into a word search – not fruitful

      I’ve analyzed the first letters of each line, last letters of each line, first words, last words, every 1st, every 2nd, every 3rd etc etc letter – not fruitful”

      As in showing the MOTHER example above, here is another, broken down by phrase:

      “IF YOU ARE BRAVE AND IN THE WOOD” – use the 5 x 5 grid

      I F Y O U
      A R E B R
      A V E A N
      D I N T H
      E W O O D

      Interesting, 1st and 2nd column gives AFRAID, 3rd column ONE, and 4th column BAT.

      (reproducing from previous post)

      BATS –

      “So hear me all and listen good”

      Bats use echolocation (listen good)

      “Your effort will be worth the cold”

      The Bat Cave

      “If you are brave and in the wood”

      (baseball) bats are in the wood (made from wood)



    Some idle thoughts and a few things I’ve tried:

    I placed the entire poem into an Excel spreadsheet/gridlike and attempted to turn it into a word search – not fruitful

    I’ve analyzed the first letters of each line, last letters of each line, first words, last words, every 1st, every 2nd, every 3rd etc etc letter – not fruitful

    I checked to see which countries have flags that are only red, green, and black (tea drinking colors) — only Malawi and Libya — don’t anagram to anything fruitful

    I looked up every odd word he uses in the book – nothing fruitful

    Although he has said ‘no need to mess with my poem,’ I alphabetized each line – checked first and last words – not fruitful

    I re-listened to every interview with him — he suggests there may be 3 or 4 clues in the stanza beginning with WWWH and he suggests there may be a couple of clues in another stanza.

    I figured out the blurry map and that it isolates an area of northern New Mexico. In my opinion that’s where the treasure is hidden

    Education seems important to him. I researched every community in northern New Mexico that has a school and called each to determine their ‘mascot’ hoping one might be a grizzly or something brown — not clearly fruitful at this time

    I determined several 9-letter words that might have meaning in solving the puzzle: encrypted, alphabets, interpret, intersect, underseas, endorheic, and Esperanto – have fun with those

    I’ve used the Internet to research home of Brown (university, Encyclopedia, UPS hdqtrs, Buster Brown, Browning firearms and others – not fruitful to this point

    I’ve isolated all the double letters in the poem, trying to determine if they set a pattern — letters/words before and after, etc – not fruitful yet

    I have come to believe the poem is NOT to be taken literally
    I have come to believe the poem is not encoded/encrypted etc

    There are 4 great things I’m trying that I am NOT sharing here — I think one of them holds the key

    I’ve had a lot of fun — and get it in your head that these are MY OPINIONS ONLY so I don’t get a bunch of hate mail

  68. Has anyone looked at Eric Sloane’s paintings for clues? There a couple in his collection which certainly peaked my interest…..

    • (raising hand) I’ll go, I have over 6 digital cameras which I use for my sports business and all the software, but Steph will I get reimbursed or is this volunteer?

      • It’s just because you trust me more than anyone else *smile* I know Jens on her way to that short list very soon….so it’s like a karma swap…hey, I kinda like that term.

      • Don’t pull that female flirt-on Pinkies, although it’s working and I love it, but stop. I’m only a few hours away…but will I freaking be reimbursed? Like I stated I have 6 digital video cams and software. I will place 1 camera, on a tripod zoomed in on Forrest’s face, super zoomed you know, to capture any weird facial expressions, and read his lips better to get additional clues and I will have the other camera in my hand up close, moving around to the side of him, constantly moving getting the best angles possible. Again I do this as a business, sports, so any media or any person in my way I would push them out of my way to get the best shots for the Pinkies and all Chasers out there. So again will I be reimbursed?

        • Wow do you think Forrest will give clues like raise an eye brow when he says the word Brown and we might figure out his actually meaning? No you wouldn’t get reimbursed. You’d have to do it out of the goodness of your heart. I think Dal might actually be doing it…but not sure. Just saw it on their web site and figured people might want to go. I should have made my trip this weekend so I could meet Dal and also I’d like to of course see Forrest…..but also hear his friends speak. Why does Chicago have to be so far away from the action???? *sorry* mini melt down.

      • Steph, if you are driving across interstate 80, you and your hubby should stop by and say hi. I live in Iowa just off I-80, I assume that is what you take when travelling out west.

        • We have. Lately we’ve been flying. We used to leave after he got off work and drive for like 4 hours and sleep in the car at the big truck stop on I-80. He always hated that though as he doesn’t like roughing it. I liked the saving money part, but have to be honest…hot showers and hot coffee are all I need in life and without those, it didn’t make for a fun trip. You know there’s a group from Iowa that have been out searching and I think are planning a trip this summer. They were the one’s in the Newsweek article and Mark has a blog that’s listed on Forrest’s resource page.

      • From the goodness of my heart? But goodness of the heart does not fill up the tank nor even cover the tune-up, and wear and tear on them tires…look at Dal’s tires for crying out loud, in the picture above, and look at that damage on the side of his van. Things happen and that is why I’m asking to be reimbursed.

        And yes Forrest Fenn probably gives out clues by raising his LEFT or RIGHT eyebrow. He might cough before or after a certain words. What if he scratches his nose at certain times while speaking!

        Pinkies I can even put the video on slow motion, on certain parts, as well as the audio and even play the audio backwards in certain parts…maybe some words he says and played backwards on audio will mean another thing…you know like Pink Floyd and those Heavy Rock Metal Albums.

        So anyone willing to reimburse me?

        Pinkies talk it over in a group, vote upon it, and get back to me asap.

  69. ??? Alice in Wonderland time here. Up is Down and down is up. I don’t know where this post went or where it will end up so apologies if you saw it somewhere above. In fact, I don’t see John Paul’s post it was in response to.

    JP: You said Forrest meant by his comment that everyone will be surprised by what is inside the chest. I’ve said before that not much can trump a few mil in a little package! That isn’t a surprise. It’s the one thing we do know. I think what he said was:

    “When the treasure is found, everyone (else) will be surprised.” (I added the “else” here)

    The one that finds it will be thrilled for sure and doing the prospector dance Houston did in Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but he is already expecting to be rich when the treasure is reviled.
    It don’t get any better than that, and anything else is just gravy!

    I interpret it as saying it won’t be in the obvious places everyone thinks it is.
    As in: “How did they ever figure it was there?”.
    That just makes more since to me. Many won’t like it and we believe what suits our thinking but,
    That means Santa Fe, Taos, Bandelier and even YSNP are out.

    Now the old map of NM has convinced some that they can eliminate most of the Rocky’s and stick to NM. Notice how San Miguel has left NM and is now in CO? And that San Miguel is home to one of only 9 known Big Brown Bat colonies in the State.
    I’m not saying “It’s in CO”, just don’t count it out. Limiting the search area could put someone out of the game.

  70. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace.” Does anyone else think this says it is on a Res? Also Dal, if you get a chance, ask Forrest if he ever helped two brothers air drop supplies on Black Mesa.

        • Oh yes I got that part lol! I was just wondering how you applied Tarry Scant to that…..(I Think thats the part you applied, I reply from email and I get confused ha!) If you can’t answer that its ok! But if you can I’d love to hear the explanation!

        • Jen,

          phil will have to answer that part himself…I was just trying to help with the res part.

      • Jen

        If it is on a reservation, you dont want to hang around – they will confiscate the treasure and fine you if you get caught, also “go in peace” has native american written all over it.

        • I’m going to scream bear bear!!! Like Steph. And get the heck outta dodge! Really I’m not going on a reservation. I know better!

          j ~ PFW

    • hi Phil. This is just my opinion and maybe not too helpful, but I definitely don’t think the treasure is hidden on a reservation. That said, I do think it’s quite likely that it’s on land that was historically inhabited by native Americans.

  71. theprobeguy.

    that means Mr F is “not” going to give you any extra info. 🙂

  72. O.k. Guys. I know you consider me a lurker but I have not had anything to say that was new that you all don’t comment on the minute I think of it. I have followed all of you and you have discussed every clue except one. Mr,F has said it is in the Rocky Mtns. Going on the 85% – 15% are we sure he meant Rocky Mtns or could he have meant rocky mtns ? Just looking for something new to chew on. Good luck Dal.

  73. I agree with oakleygirl.

    Forrest Fenn most likely is not giving out any more clues. I don’t know where I heard or read it but it was something along the lines that if people ask Forrest Fenn for a clue or a person who tries to get a clue from Forrest in a sneaky manner Forrest might say something that seems like a clue but is a non-clue to distract or mislead that person.

    In my opinion Forrest Fenn has been more than generous by giving us a lengthy Poem. That’s more than enough and I believe that is all a person interested in this Treasure Trove needs. But then he brought us a Book, Thrill of the Chase. I personally believe he should have stopped with the Poem but he brought us all a book. Then being such a generous human being he decided to go on interviews. Like I said in my opinion the Poem was enough. But noooooo a book and interviews on top of the Poem. Forrest Fenn has been more than generous. Stop asking him for clues people!!!

    I can’t wait for his next clue on the Today Show! lol

  74. Well in my opinion after the end of the Poem it should have had a WARNING LABEL like in cigarette packs. “This Treasure Hunt may become addictive…..” You know some type of WARNING. Cause I’m getting there too. The Thrill of the Chase book should have came with a few patches enclosed just in case, you know as for an emergency exit type of thing.

  75. Okay everyone I just figured out the big grand daddy of them all “where warm waters halt” I’,m selling it to the highest bidder, with the bidding starting at $50,000, and you may place your bet here on the internet over at the auction site called…


    • I clicked on it thinking it would take me to a funny picture or something but nope! Attach something funny!!

      j ~ PFW

  76. a lot of people are trying to find the blaze i am going to say what i did with my blaze cause i dont want to lead any one to what i think is the blaze cause i might be wrong so ill call it my blaze what i did was go to my blaze and from there i went up to 7000 ft above sea level from there i went 7000 ft away from there and it went right to the place where i said he hid the treasure then i went 500 ft down but i found that the road where i here he got off to hide the treasure was 2000 feet from there now that doesnt mean that im in the right place just saying

  77. Mr. Fenn has said that people/searchers have been within 500 ft of the chest. I can’t find anywhere that he said “linear” feet.
    Given his propensity for saying something and allowing the individual to interpret it however they want to:
    Has anyone given thought that he may have been referring to elevation??

    Proximity to chest would be greatly different if he is referring to “within 500 ft, of elevation”!!

    Thanks again Dal for the great site, good luck on your Chase. And kudos to the Pink Ladies for livening things up!! 🙂

    Fred W

  78. hey I can’t find who wrote about the big chair inthe carolinas? was that on rumors abound? anyone? I know where there is a bg chair, lol besides the one that Lily Tomlin used to give her Bronx cheer from 🙂 lol

  79. Astree and VGBOSS,

    Question for the both of you. Reading some of your intricate code analysis and Anagrams which I found very interesting and way over my head. FF has stated more than once, that he is a simple man and that we shouldn’t read to much into the Poem. Do you guys really feel like there is a bunch of hidden cryptic codes?

    • gettingclose1 – If Forrest Fenn was a simple man as you say and that the Poem is really that easy why hasn’t it been found in close to 3 years?

      Seriously if the Poem was easy, and with all the intelligent, smarty pants, folks out there surely just by reading the Poem they would have solved it already and this would be over and done with, Thrill would be gone and no more Chase.

      For pete’s-sake people can’t figure out “home of Brown” much less figure out “where warm waters halt”. We can’t figure that out but yet we are all trying to figure out what he means by “Blaze” or how should we stash it and hide it when it’s found? Seriously there are people that talk about the blaze or what steps to take when found but yet they don’t have the “home of Brown” solved as well as “where warm waters halt”. Makes no sense to me but it is fun talking about it on this blog, THE THRILL!

      In my opinion when one dives into this Chase, this Poem, this madness, this craziness, he or she should take into consideration that the Treasure Trove is worth 1 to 2 million bucks possibly even more who knows, not even Forrest Fenn places a price tag on it. That’s a lot of chump change so no way will the Poem be easy or would Forrest Fenn be so simple minded about it at all, that’s my opinion.

      Forrest Fenn has even stated, don’t quote me as I may be wrong, that he wouldn’t mind if it’s not found for 100 to over 1000’s of years, something to that effect. When you chew on that a person must say to himself or herself that while the Treasure Trove is worth 1 to 2 million today what might it be worth 100 years from today or 1000 years from today? 25 million? 50 million? 100 million? Who knows?! I don’t and heck and who cares we won’t be alive 100 or 1000 years from today – but will Forrest Fenn’s legacy, Forrest Fenn the legend, live on for 100 to over 1000 years?

      In my opinion it’s going to have to be earned and some people from all over the world have been in search of the Chest more than 10 times, trips back and forth, with thousands of hours into it and thousands of dollars into it as well, and away from family and friends and still searching and $pending today with no luck. If it was easy it would have been found already.

      I’m cracking the son of a gun soon! I hope!!! Using my numbers method and even hitting myself over the head with the Thrill of the Chase book every so often hoping it switches a light bulb on atop my head with me having that EUREKA golden moment and so I can tell everyone on the internet, via video, that I have found it so everyone on Dal’s blog can say… NO NOT HIM, NOT VGBOSS!

      • Hey Boss,Do not whack yourself too hard,you may knock some thing loose and forget what you did not already think you thought you might not already know you forgot!

        • ken honestly, and the way I have been attempting to crack this darn Poem…I wouldn’t mind and I believe it’s a great idea that everyone, who has purchased a Thrill of the Chase book, all line up, yes everyone over 15,000 people strong, and I run pass each person and they smack me over the head with their book (only once mind you) and when I receive those over 15,000 smacks over the head I’m sure I will have figured out “where warm waters halt” and share it with everyone. This way we will all have the starting point!

          Then we can have someone else run through (any volunteers), while I recover, to get the “home of Brown”. We can go with this process to get the solutions to the Poem!

          • I’m still laughing! And the picture made me laugh harder! I might pee in my pants!! I can just see it now!! VG do we have a real life picture of you somewhere?! I need to properly visualize this!

            j ~ PFW

          • Oh you have me in stitches tonight!! How will we know its you out there in the wood?! Will you have one pink toenail for identification?! I think that should be a requirement for all the members of the blue team now that I think of it. We have to identify you all somehow! We know what Dal and Nobody looks like. *pout* Steph where are you to back me?!

            j ~ PFW

      • VG we would be happy for you. Sad the blue would win but thrilled its you not some unknown person! I’m rather fond of you around here! 🙂

        j ~ PFW

        • Jen I appreciate that comment and yes so true…would be nice that it is someone who has interacted within this blog that finds that Chest. It would only seem right, but then again it’s open to all even to the lurkers/trolls who just come here and read but do not post their thoughts to assist with the Thrill of the Chase.

          • Ok this might not post the pic but lets try! This is a pic of VG and astree trying to figure out the blaze by your 2 Jenns!!

            j ~ PFW

      • VGBOSS,

        I never said he was a simple man, Forrest said it. I didn’t say don’t read to much into the Poem, Forrest said it. I don’t think this Poem is easy or meant to be easy. I believe the reason it hasn’t been found for the last three years is due to searchers with GOLD fever taking the Poem in its literal terms, chasing every hot spring, warm river, Dam and melting snow scenario. In my opinion you will never find it that way. I’m sure those searchers who have blown through all that money and time have wised up especially if they have been reading this blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was found by the end of the year.

        I also agree that too many people are wasting their time chasing laws and a bunch of what IFs rather then focusing on WWWH.

      • I have to say VGBOSS, I enjoyed that read…it’s what a lot of us are thinking anyway:)

        • Glad you enjoyed it Jennifer P. We got to keep the Thrill of the Chase alive! I can’t wait for summer, that’s if no one finds it before then.

          For if I find the Chest, or not, this summer I will be uploading a video of my entire trip and process I went through no matter what.

          We need more videos uploaded. I mean there are thousands of people who have purchased the book and know about this Chase but hardly no videos have been uploaded on youtube or wherever. Are they embarrassed? Are they scared to give their secret spot where they didn’t find it but are considering going there again and again and again and again and want to keep it a secret from all?

          WE NEED MORE VIDEOS!!!
          I Just think it would add more Thrill to this Chase. Additional encouragement, motivation, fun, etc.. you know?

    • @gettingclose1 I agree – ff did say somewhere that he was a simple man and therefore I can’t help but think that the solution to finding the treasure relies on getting the clues in the poem correct rather than using terribly complex codes. He made it very difficult just by using plain language and words that can have so many different interpretations. He said it wasn’t easy but not impossible, and I believe him. People could have the correct state and the Home of Brown right but maybe not the correct WWWH so still not be able to find the treasure because of the incorrect canyon etc. Even with the WWWH clue correct, you may not find the treasure because of incorrect interpretations of any one of the other clues. It is hard but I still have faith that someone will get the correct solution by testing out their guess first by using the poem, book, Google Earth, and maps to help confirm their solution as much as possible and only then going to the spot and having an open mind about the blaze, if they don’t already know what that is. This of course is just MHO. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have a clue about those really complex solutions so I’m hoping the solution is just in the poem itself! 🙂

  80. I enjoy spilling my proverbial beans but this one is REALLY good!! here we go…BIWWWH=Continental Divide along the Washakie Wilderness in WY near MEETEETSE. ATIITCD= Wood River Canyon NFBTFTW= 37 miles up canyon PIBTHOB=Below Brown Mountain
    FTINPFTM=Amelia Earhart’s Cabin!!! TEIEDN= Creek on the left TBNPUYC= creek not navigable JHLAWH=Creek is a Steep boulder strewn drop IUBWAFTB= Amelia earharts Cabin LQDYQTS=not sure YEWBWTC=heaviest snowfall over 100 FEET!! in a year!! IYABAITW=Wood River What do you all think????

    • Very interesting – he did talk about Amelia Earhart! I’ll have to look that info up – good find!

    • Mike,

      I had looked at Meeteetse once after I saw a video of Mr. Fenn there. I thought it was quite a good connection that Emelia was having a cabin built there. My understanding is that it was not finished after she disappeared. I gave up on the spot but was not considering the chest being at her cabin.
      That would be a structure… still, perhaps worth another look.


  81. Does anyone know the source of the (alleged) FF quote where he says the chest is exposed to the elements or rain, snow, fire, etc.? I can’t seem to locate it except in blogs from fellow searchers, but not FF himself. Any ideas?

    • Steve I was not aware that there is such a thing (Forrest Fenn saying that). I would like to hear him say that or watch it on video or read the article where he is quoted in saying that if he indeed say that. But if not, and in my opinion, he did come out, on the Today Show, and say it’s not associated with any structure, something along those lines, so I would think it has to be exposed to mother-nature’s wrath throughout the months and years.

      But not unless you believe it’s in a cave, then him saying that would be of vital importance I would think. The Chest covered in rocks would still be exposed of the elements outside of a Cave in my opinion.

      Steve if you find that video, or article post it on here I would like to watch it or read it.

      • Thanks, VG. Probably just a red herring that someone misquoted. I watched all of the videos I could find and read most of the articles, so unless he said it to someone personally or via private e-mail, I’m just going to assume it’s a rumor.

        Reason I asked is because of the thing he DID actually say (per Dal in the ‘Rumors Abound’ section on this blog) is that it’s not in a tree but surrounded by trees (which could mean almost anything…my house is surrounded by trees but I hardly live in the woods. LoL). It was the “exposed to fire” part that made me wonder because most of the areas that I’ve considered along with other people’s ideas don’t seem to put it at risk of a forest fire. Not a lot of trees around, and some mention caves or in a nook on the bank or a river, etc.

          • Here’s the quote if you didn’t want to read the full article.

            “But as you frisk and refrisk the poem for its meaning, keep a few more clues in mind: some people have suggested the treasure is under water, plopped in a river where Fenn loved to fish or swim. They are wrong, I know, for in a moment of exuberance, Fenn said so. He told me the chest is “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire. He told me the box, which is just 10 inches by 10 inches, is unlocked—suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open.”

            I don’t agree with the whole article, but this quote seemed to me to be an additional clue.

          • Thanks, Dave. I really should take better notes! I read this so long ago it must have gotten pushed aside in my memory with all the new stuff. LOL Much obliged!

        • I have read an article, or watched that video too where he said that about weather…when Dal’s back maybe he will post, but yes FF did say that about weather somewhere…just can’t remember where I saw it…had to do with it lasting the 100-1000 years thing……..we need Dal:)

        • I would take the Daily Beast article with some hands full of salt. The part about it being exposed to rain, snow, fire, etc. is only what Tony the author claims FF told him, it is not a direct quote from FF. FF has also stated there were many inaccuracies in that Newsweek article, written by Tony. For whatever that is worth…

    • Forrest did say that to us when we sat down with him and Tony Dokoupil from Newsweek. While I will dispute a few things Tony said, Forrest responded to me directly that the chest could be affected by rain, snow, ice, or fire. Now it comes down to your interpretation of “exposed”.

  82. Nice try Mike. Checked it out last month.

    Earhart’s cabin was never finished. She never stayed there. She was having the owner of a dude ranch build it for her. He got walls built 4 logs high. Then her plane went down and he never finished.

    Also, don’t think FF could go in there that far, to cabin or the creek you refer to. Google Earth shows a two-track road to cabin. However, further research shows that there is a gate across that road, one mile below the cabin at Kirwin (ghost town). That road to cabin is for Forest Service use only.

    I don’t think Forest would have carried chest that far…..I may be wrong!!! Good Luck! 🙂

  83. Just a word of caution. I hope people who are trying to get ideas through this blog, are aware that some persons will use this blog to distract people from getting actual help in solving the poem. They will put ideas out there to distract people from ligit clues. I have notice this taking place. Although you don’t hear from me very often, I still follow the blog. Dal and Stephanie both know who I am, and I’m sure they would vouch for me.

    When I’ve contributed to this blog, it has always been with the intent of helping people think. Not to put false directions to distract people away from my researched locations. You can see my comments on here and judge this for yourselves.

    In the beginning I listened to what Forrest said. You can use Google Earth, but you will need to do a lot of research before you can solve the poem (or words to that effect). I have followed his advice, and as a result I believe I have solved this very unique poem. I could only have done this on my own. Not saying that sharing ideas with others wouldn’t have been nice, but I realized from the beginning that everyone was out for their own “Thrill of the Chase”. Some may have formed partnerships and that is ok. But then it boils down to trust. How well people can trust each other in todays environment? I think this is highly questionable. Why? 1.2 million reasons why.

    I’m sorry if you think me a poop, but I feel I owe it to the people here who are really looking for help to speak up.

    I will continue to post help where I can, but I will NOT mislead.

    Now there will be the familiar comment, If you know where it is, why haven’t you gone for it? Well, like most on here, I’m waiting for better weather. However, when I go, it will be a one time deal. I have either found it or I haven’t. That’s to be seen. Thank you for your time.

    • Germanguy,the weather should not stop you.If you have truly solved the unique poem you should be there yesterday!You are absolutely correct w/misuse of this blog.It is fairly easy to spot the cons on here.But that is the way every where these days.

    • germanguy and lurkers, I think I have it too. I would like to know if anyone else has what I have. Two questions…do others (like yourself) that have an answer want to see if anyone else has the same answer? And two, how can you find out without tipping off the others? So, if you think you have it solved and would like to compare some notes without giving anything away, send me an email and we’ll see if we can come up with some questions for each other that might help us determine if it is going to be a race or if we have different ideas. tomdjohnson at hotmail

      • Nice try Dale…LOL. To do that would not be fair to everyone else on here. I never asked anyone for help and what I feel was the original intent of Forrest, was to solve this on my own. I believe that when he said “marvel gaze”, he wasn’t expecting discovery of the treasure by a “search party”…LOL.

        Sorry, but I have to decline.

        • No problem. I am going a little batty waiting for the opportunity to get to my spot. I just read through some of your past posts and I don’t think we are on the same page.
          Good luck!

          BTW, VG – I think we can come up with some questions like, How many vowels in your HOB? Or, what is the thrid letter in your WWWH? Don’t have to give away the farm for a quick check to see if you match up.

          • Dale,

            I know we’re not on the same page, if you went by any of my earlier posts. I’ve since found the ideal location that fits better. Of course, I haven’t said anything about it for the reasons I stated earlier.

        • right on, germanguy! I have the same sentiments about the search generally speaking. I really hope whoever finds it is someone who has figured it out on their own, rather than someone who is receiving input from other searchers. That would just be so cool that is someone who is capable of figuring it out by themselves. I haven’t asked for help with the clues or joined a team with other bloggers either.

      • Ok Dale sounds like a great master plan. I will email you all my stuff first and then when you’re done checking out all my stuff thoroughly, and if you find it workable, then you can email me your stuff so that I may also compare it to my stuff. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. lol

        • Geez….I think you are beginning to get too close to the edge. Better back up a bit.

        • Boss,1k sheets of numbers in groups of say, 24 ,should do the trick.Right? Just having my daily melt.No offense.

    • I have to agree with you GG in some ways, only in the fact that this blog could be seen as a microcosm of our society, with people willing to climb over others for financial security. That is certainly not what FF intended I can be certain of that. I think though that people need to think for themselves at some point as well, use the book and use the poem, like FF said. If people are only getting info from this or any other blog, than they might want to rethink their strategy. I for one take everything on here as persons opinions, and not as fact. Sure there are lurkers, but if someone lurks, then goes and gets the chest can you blame them? Thus is the digital age in which we live. FF wrote this without the knowledge of the internet, I think it should be able to be found without it as well. I enjoy this puzzle, I’m pretty quiet in person, and thus kinda the same on here. I also will freely admit that if I think I have a good spot or clue, I don’t want to blab it all over the internet. Is that being selfish? If so, than maybe I should drop out too. I think there are some solid, honest, helpful individuals on here, but also some that are hypocritical (not to mention any names, but the ones begging people to leave dangerous intel, then calling them rats) but I still feel it is a level playing field. I will be blunt, I don’t trust anyone in this chase, Im not looking for a partner either, I also want to go out in the woods by myself and find it…if only I can be so wise. On that note, I strongly admire those who have been in this from the beginning, shared info, and made friends. I personally feel like a lot of my ideas are super dumb and thus I don’t throw them out there very often. I will say I think the clues are riddles, and when you figure each one out, then you will pointed to a special place that is private and secret. I haven’t figured sh*t out, but I have learned a lot. I do believe that an entire sentence could be 1 clue. I don’t think there are any “throw away” stanzas, and it is not in YNP. Enjoy….

      • Nice thoughts Hank. That’s how you will solve the poem. Hopefully take home the prize as well. Good Luck.

      • Hank,you are 150 percent correct with your opinions.However,Forrest did make this a public affair! When that happens the sharks come out of the woodwork.I use this blog to let off the steam my brain builds up,and to see what’s going on out there with others unsuccessful hunts.It helps to soothe the pain of my own failures.I have surely made my blunders.Live,learn and enjoy!I would not be so sure that Mr.Fenn is not aware of or is not willing to enjoy the benefits or power of technology.This blog has gone from less than 200k hits in early march to 750k now.Books are flying off the shelves everywhere!The states in the Rockies should send Forrest a thankyou at least for the revenues he has generated in just the few weeks since his publicly aired appearances on national TV.I believe you to be correct that the treasure is not in YNP!

        • Thanks Ken,
          Guess I was going off the assumption of FF having written the poem in the late 80’s after his cancer diagnosis, thus the comment about not thinking about technology. Even google earth is relatively new, and I can’t imagine him thinking people would be using such technology in the chase. I haven’t been relying on google earth too much myself, but I will say I really enjoy seeing pictures of various places I have stumbled upon, time for another road trip. I know he has changed the poem since then, I really wonder how much other than the ending. I posted a while ago that I could swear I read somewhere that he said all you need is the poem, the book, a map, and some knowledge of history. I promise I am not making this up to mislead anyone. I am still trying to find it, I just can’t seem too. What do I know though, my best spot I am still trying to convince myself is in the rocky mountains. It’s kinda hard to define boundaries of the rockies.

        • Hank, the man flew fighter jets for a living.He was schooled in the latest of technologies by the best in the business.Radar programs,navigational systems,weapons systems,electronic counter measures.He is plenty savvy I am sure.Yeah, the rockies sure are a large space to put a tiny little box!

    • i have noticed the trickery or deception to germanguy… it may be beneficial :).. where ‘s your spot? just a hint come on…. nm?

    • @germanguy,
      The guy that wrote the poem says, “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are” and you think the folks making comments here are being misleading. 😆

      You know where the treasure is and didn’t need any help solving the poem….but you are here out of the kindness of your heart helping us poor lost souls……… 😉

      You wrote: How well people can trust each other in today’s environment? I think this is highly questionable. Why? 1.2 million reasons why.

      Then you wrote: I will continue to post help where I can, but I will NOT mislead…. So you are the only trustworthy person here that is above the 1.2 million reasons why you would try to mislead anyone away from “your spot” if you thought they may be getting close……You betcha. 😯

      • Goofy….

        Show me where I have misled anyone on this blog. My comments (like the one I posted earlier) have always been for the good of the blog. Such as: Fenn wouldn’t put the chest on fed land… get to know the man and try to think like him… etc.. These are the only type of comments I can honestly make. If I tried to add anything else, I would only do it if it helped someone. As in my commenting to Stephanie once that she had one of the clues spot on, but she passed over it to quickly. Of which she replied…”I’ll have to go back over my notes”. Of course, that was one of MY CLUES that I shared. I left it to Steph to determine which clue it was. I was being fair in pointing out that fact. That isn’t dishonest or misleading.

        I don’t know if Fenn heard this from Stephanie, but I told Stephanie in an email that I felt the best place for the chest would be in the Smithonian. If you follow fenn, you have probably heard him suggesting the same thing recently in an interview. So, do I need to explain my motivations regarding the 1.2 million? I don’t think so. I’m very comfortably retired. Tell me how the treasure is going to make my life better. Am I enjoying the Thrill of the Chase”? You betcha. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved.

        If you feel I am not a valuable contribution to this blog, just say the word and I will lurk!

        Enough said…

        • G-Man, as far as I can tell, you’ve been honest with your comments and have just stated your opinions about why you think ff would or wouldn’t hide his treasure in certain areas, or you’ve made general comments about possible interpretations of the poem, which is what many of us have done. Very few people are going to lay out their whole solution to the poem which could lead someone else to their special spot if they happened to be correct. At this point those, like you, who think they have a good solution to the poem are just waiting for better weather to go check it out. What more can you do than that? So…….when are you going to get the treasure? 🙂

          • Just as soon as the weather gets better going through Denver. Seen the weather reports lately? Burrr…. Too cold for these ol’ bones.

      • @germanguy,
        It’s certainly not up to me whether you lurk or not……..I seemed to have touched a nerve. Didn’t mean to upset you.

        Actually, I’ve enjoyed reading some of your comments. But your comments are your opinion…….until you have the chest it’s all supposition…..period.

        You think it’s not on federal land based on Fenn’s attitude toward the government; which is certainly a legitimate opinion. There are some that think it is on federal land and his giving title to the gold (whatever that means) somehow takes care of that and allows him to thumb his nose at the feds if the treasure is found; which also sounds just like something he would do.

        The advice you give is based on how you have solved the poem; which is misleading if it’s not there. Everyone else is giving their opinion and bouncing it off the other members, their ideas are no more or less legitimate/misleading than yours, no need to chastise them for their thinking……You seem a tad arrogant for someone without a chest in his possession.

        • Goofy…
          I guess we’ll have agree to disagree. But I must admit… When initially typing out my comment, I said to myself. Who could find anything negative in what I say in this comment. I figured that only someone who was here to mooch off the dedicated bloggers would probably attack me for what I post. Strangely enough, the feedback I got was all positive, excepting yours. Strange, I never expected this of you. As matter of fact, I felt you would be the last person I would hear from. Funny how sometimes you think (I thought) you know someone, but you really don’t.

          Regarding your remark, “based on how you have solved the poem; which is misleading if it’s not there”, That is called confidence and we all have a right to express it. Whether we actually find the chest or not. That’s each and everyone of us. From Stephanie to Dal, to everyone who wants to share their excitement with the “crew” of this blot. Let them share it. Don’t start telling people what they can and cannot say, or feel for that matter.

          “No need to chastise them for their thinking”? Where do you see in my earlier post, that I chastised someone? You better put your glasses on when you read these posts.

          You call me “arrogant”? You damn right I’m arrogant. I only get that way with people like you, that think you have to impart your philosophies on others. Sharing a point of view, an opinion, or otherwise is just fine with me as it is with others on this blog. But outright calling someone arrogant you don’t know, is outright foolish and insulting.


  84. Hi all,
    I just discovered this whole treasure search less than 3 weeks ago. I have sent a couple of posts, but I really didn’t have a lot to add, so I just read when I get home from work. Well tonight I saw a post that stated the people who just sit back and read and don’t post are called trolls. I really hope I can’t be a troll in only 3 weeks. I appreciate everyone’s posts and personalities. You all have a nice Forrest Fenn Treasure Finding Family! I am posting this story of my trip, so you know I am not a troll.
    I had two spots that I thought it could be in and went to check them out in a whirl wind 36 hour trip from Florida to Colorado this past weekend. I hoped that I would have to rent a car, call in sick to work and drive all the way back. (FYI about $800 for a one way car rental) The foothills with the snow-capped Rocky Mountain peaks looming behind was absolutely beautiful. I lucked out and had great weather for the two days: in the 60’s on Saturday. I want to thank my wife, for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams.
    This is the story of the first spot:
    WWWH: The top of a dam. Surface water is warmer than the water below. There is a road that goes right on top of the dam at Horsetooth Reservoir in Ft Collins. As you drive over the dam, you can see a water tower which on google earth looks Blaze Orange and white. (it wasn’t quite as Blaze Orange as it looked on google, but I think it has faded) From the road, all you can see is the top to the water tower, so you have to look quickly down over the edge of the dam to see the bottom of the tower. (Water high can be either the tower or the reservoir). Close but too far to walk (actually, too steep too)
    The reason I picked Horsetooth Reservoir (elevation 5430 feet) is because before it was turned into a reservoir, it was actually Horsetooth Quarry, where they mined the flat sandstone that many of the old historic houses in Denver were built with. Yes, including the famous….. Molly Brown House Museum! The porch and steps leading down from the Molly Brown house are sandstone. The sandstone was (drum roll please) Put in below the home of Brown.
    Canyon Down: The first road you can take down to Ft Collins and the Blaze is Dixon Canyon road.
    There is a small creek that runs right next to the water tower, and yes it is wooded and you definitely would not need a paddle with it only being about a foot deep at its deepest point. As a matter of fact I scared 8 resting mule deer, when I went down in there. And boy that water was Cold!
    Oh did I mention that the BLAZE orange water tower is right next to the engineering building of Colorado State University (easily within 500 feet). Those engineering students carry Heavy Loads of classes. You can park on the side of the road or the college parking lot. An easy walk, but it would take two trips down the creek bank. It was steeper than I thought it was going to be.
    Needless to say, I did not find it. Maybe I just missed it.
    I don’t know when I will be able to make it back out there to try again. Hopefully this story will open some minds to things they hadn’t thought of before.
    Please remember me if this completes your quest, and maybe throw this old man a bone.
    I didn’t find it in my second spot either, but I was so limited on time. I haven’t decided if I want to tell that story yet. Still working on it a little bit!
    Good luck!

    • Great read Luckydog! Appreciate you in sharing your adfennture with me and anyone else who comes on this blog and reads it.

    • Congratulations Luckdog and welcome home. Geez kind of a radical change in weather between Florida and Colorado my friend…LOL

      • It actually felt great to me. Like I said, I really got lucky with the weather. 60’s on Saturday and upper 50″s on Sunday and nothing but sunshine. The snow storm came in right after I flew out.

    • Luckydog,
      Sounds like a great trip. Ft Collins is one of my favorite places to visit. That lake is beautiful!

      • Next trip I will have to take more pictures! It was beautiful. Although the water level was very low.

        • Awesome interpretations of the clues, Luckydog. I really like the Molly Brown solution. I haven’t heard such a good -literal- interpretation of “PIBHB”.

          • Thank you elbow23! Even though I hadn’t been at this for very long, I thought it fit. Enough that I invested in the wonderful trip West. I hope I can follow up on my other spot soon. I really appreciate your comments!

  85. from the home of brown go down canyon down to where warm waters halt from there no paddle up your creek dont go in the water go to the other end of where warm waters halt waters high leave the water behind you you were on the south of the water now go north of the water the water is to your back now go north to the blaze from there look down quickly walk fast or run from there its scarey its not for the meek go down and get the treasure and terry scant get the hell out of there go to the nearest bar and buy everybody a drink

    • germanguy i think mr fenn is a very smart man i think he is sending us the long way for us to enjoy the thrill of the chase i dont think he walked it he drove to the end of the chase skiping every thing that he is telling us to go i think there is two ways to get there one by walking and the other by driving so being 80 i also would drive drive to the end of the chase

      • its like going in a tunnel you walk and you walk to get to the other side when you get to the end of the tunnel youll find that theres a road where you could of drove your car to get there

        • i guess what im trying to say is if the blaze is the last clue before going for the treasure should there not be a road where he stopped and hid the treasure be low the blaze just wondering

        • i dont mean to rub any one the wrong way im just looking for answers like every one else

        • Frank , G-guy , In my opinion his primary objective is to get people back to nature and spur environmental protection, secondary is this same concept for posterity, thirdly he hopes to benefit cancer research and least on his list is whether the treasure is discovered. Therefore the proverbial “wild goose chase” encompassing as much of nature as possible be by foot or other means. I know this wasn’t his original concept and it’s just an opinion.

  86. I’ll share my latest outing with everyone — maybe you’ve already been here anyway.

    I began it WWWH – Agua Fria —
    Well actually I began it by reading the book and getting the feeling of intense patriotism and decided it might have something to do with Vietnam or a memorial to those soldiers. So googled and found a small marker put up by DAV for Vietnam Veterans — NOT THE BIG DEAL NEAR ANGEL FIRE — that was located in the little town of Eagle Nest. (Eagle Next right up the road from Agua Fria.) Right next to the marker (like a New Mexico historical marker) was a church — Valley Baptist Church-Moreno — well the whole area is in the Moreno Valley — Moreno means Brown in Spanish. Google earth showed the DAV marker sitting in what appeared to be a park or small forrested area about a block long and a half block wide — looked dense with trees. I liked the church for a few reasons that I won’t divulge here but strong clues. Got in my car the drove 3 hours only to find that (a) there’s no such DAV marker in a park in Eagle Nest; (b) there never HAS been such a marker in a park in Eagle Nest; (3) the alleged church is blocks away from where Google earth showed it; (4) there were NO TREES in the alleged park, hence no hiding spots of any kind. It was a blustery day, cold and windy with snow flurries. Moral of that story, make a couple of phone calls to verify certain tidbits before making a trek — I won’t make that same mistake again…..luckily I live in NM and can afford the luxury of running down my spots but I feel sorry for people that fly in from other states — that’s gotta hurt the pocket book. And lastly, beware how much faith you’re putting in Google earth — not everything looks the same in person as it shows with that app. (Lunch in Taos was great, but saw no signs of Dal and the Japanese contingent – lol)

  87. The “not far but too far to walk” is obviously a play on words. i.e.: nowhere is too far to walk if you have the energy, legs and feet. Our ancestors exclusively walked everywhere. That means you cant walk were you need to go, so you have to do something else to get there.

    Cycle: NO, if you can get there on a bicycle, you could walk there. So this logic applies to any ground transportation then… trains, cars, snowmobiles, skipping, sauntering et all.

    Air: NO, Out by default. Too limited. Not many could do this or even operate a hot air balloon.

    Swim: No. Forrest would sink like a stone with that extra weight.

    Wade: NO. Can be technically considered walking in water.

    Zip line: Nah. Obvious reasons.

    Boat: Maybe. It could be inaccessible by land and swimming is not an option.
    Inflatable though. He wouldn’t haul a real boat down and up a canyon w/chest.

    Climb: YES. Most likely. You can’t walk up/down a cliff. Sooo…UP or Down? At least it’s not far.

    Am I close here or am I missing something?

    • Stevador,

      Think of this… Example:You believe the chest is in Taos… If you have to take a bus, train, or plane there, you get off and from there you determine that your hidey place is 2 miles away. Do you walk all that way? Or do you think driving would be much easier and faster. I believe that line is a face value clue. Considering distances, a city could be big, compared to a couple of blocks.

    • Stevador,

      I like your thinking and I’ve said the same on this blog. No distance is too far to walk. I hope climbing works for you.

      Good luck,


  88. Stance Brooks / Apr 17 2013 9:55 pm

    I’ll share my latest outing with everyone — maybe you’ve already been here anyway.

    I began it WWWH – Agua Fria —
    Well actually I began it by reading the book and getting the feeling of intense patriotism and decided it might have something to do with Vietnam or a memorial to those soldiers. So googled and found a small marker put up by DAV for Vietnam Veterans — NOT THE BIG DEAL NEAR ANGEL FIRE — that was located in the little town of Eagle Nest. (Eagle Next right up the road from Agua Fria.) Right next to the marker (like a New Mexico historical marker) was a church — Valley Baptist Church-Moreno — well the whole area is in the Moreno Valley — Moreno means Brown in Spanish. Google earth showed the DAV marker sitting in what appeared to be a park or small forrested area about a block long and a half block wide — looked dense with trees. I liked the church for a few reasons that I won’t divulge here but strong clues. Got in my car the drove 3 hours only to find that (a) there’s no such DAV marker in a park in Eagle Nest; (b) there never HAS been such a marker in a park in Eagle Nest; (3) the alleged church is blocks away from where Google earth showed it; (4) there were NO TREES in the alleged park, hence no hiding spots of any kind. It was a blustery day, cold and windy with snow flurries. Moral of that story, make a couple of phone calls to verify certain tidbits before making a trek — I won’t make that same mistake again…..luckily I live in NM and can afford the luxury of running down my spots but I feel sorry for people that fly in from other states — that’s gotta hurt the pocket book. And lastly, beware how much faith you’re putting in Google earth — not everything looks the same in person as it shows with that app. (Lunch in Taos was great, but saw no signs of Dal and the Japanese contingent – lol)

  89. Hey all! Steph wanted me let those of who have been asking know that we have a Facebook page. It’s found by search The Thrill of the Chase. That’s what it’s called!
    I have posted on there but it’s there if anyone wants to join the group!

  90. Was anyone at Collected Works yesterday to hear FF speak? The ABQ paper says he said,”Two separate groups of intrepid treasure-hunters came within 500 feet of Forrest Fenn’s famed bounty, the author of “The Thrill of the Chase” told a packed crowd at Collected Works Bookstore on Wednesday, “They interpreted the first two clues correctly but walked by it,” he said. “The clues are difficult and I designed it that way.”

    If this is a correct quote, it would really clear up the “500 feet” issue, because until now it has not been clear that he meant that SEARCHES had been within 500 feet, or whether just “some people,” which gave rise to the theory that it is 500 feet away from a path or road that is traveled fairly regularly. Fenn made the original 500 feet comment a while back–at least as far back as January, when the United Inflight Magazine came out (and would have gone to press in December).

    This time said he “two groups” were close–maybe you know who you are? Two groups who searched before December of 2012? Don’t know if that makes you feel worse or better! Was anyone at the bookstore yesterday who might be able to verify this quote?

      • Dal, thanks again for your ongoing efforts to keep us all informed. It is calming to hear the voice that has given The Chase to us.It makes it that much more real to hear f calmly joke around while answering a few questions.Have a good one and be safe!

      • To Dal or to the person who captured and uploaded the audio of last night’s “ask Mr. Fenn a Question Party” at the book store. Thank You! It was awesome!!!

        In my opinion Forrest Fenn gave over 100 clues last night…he’s just too generous, and I don’t like it…LOL

      • That is awesome Dal 🙂 Thanks so much, I wish I was there. I have to work nights and always miss all the good stuff :(, so thanks again for the audio, that’s great 🙂

  91. Dal, thanks for posting the bookstore event! Pays to do your homework. He actually said, “two PARTIES,” not “two groups,” which is a big difference, because a “party” can be a “party of one,” (think legal documents). Also, I think he made clear the treasure is somewhere that is beautiful, so no more looking under culverts for me!

    • Also, he said, “People have been within 500 feet.” Then, “There are two different parties that have figured out the first two clues correctly and then went right past the treasure chest…”

      To me, that does not necessarily mean that the two parties were the people who were within 500 feet. The way he said it made me think they are separate.

      All my own humble opinion.

      • If two different parties have figured out the first two clues, then the rest of the clues to follow must not be that “obvious”, (for lack of a better word) If they started at the right WWWH, and took the right canyon, then the not far and HOB must be more difficult to figure out from that point. Or, there are more choices for the rest of the clues from the canyon down. Not sure if that makes sense. I was guessing that once you had the correct WWWH, then the rest would more or less fall into place. How many canyons down or HOB are in the same general area from the correct WWWH? Maybe where they went wrong was the “not far” clue. Perhaps went too far or not far enough to put in below HOB. I would think that whoever the people were to start at the right spot, already had their HOB, blaze, etc… that matched before they headed out.

      • It will be tough Derrick, I want to tell the world. Like Forrest Fenn said; the person who solves the Poem and the location of the Chest with absolute confidence will not be able to keep it quiet. I better cancel my internet service. LOL

        Just kidding. I haven’t discovered squat! I’m still doing my numbers thingy trying to crack it the son of a gun.

  92. About FF’s appearance at Collected Works Bookstore this week – good interview – he’s very witty, isn’t he. At one point in the interview he said two “parties” had been within 500 feet; he also said that it hadn’t yet been found; then later he said (direct quote) “I can’t say positively that I will know when the somebody find the treasure chest. I think I will.” He declined to say if there’s a GPS involved. When asked about the location he said, “I could run right back to that Treasure. It’s in a very special place.” He also said, “If you’re seriously interested in finding the treasure, read the book, then read the poem 10, 12, 15 times, then go back and read the book slowly looking for clues….” to the poem.

    • Interesting he says he could “run right back to that treasure”. Does he mean it’s that easy to get to? And no mention of wintery conditions that could hinder getting right back to it easily. Hmm

        • Probably figuratively speaking,but maybe.Be careful what you read into his remarks! Like everything else, one wrong turn could make or break the quest.

          • Someone (a lady at towards end of recording) also asked if FF if he could tell us if the treasure was in NM? FF said “No, Ma’am.” Which could be taken two ways….no, it isn’t in NM, or no, I can’t answer that……she should have just said, “Is it in NM?”. I wonder how different his answer would have been. Meaning how he would have worded it to get out of answering it. She left it open-ended. He must love when people give him freebies like that….a trickster doesn’t even have to work hard to answer. Seems when you are asking FF a question you need to leave no room for two answers (at least as best you can), or else FF has an automatic escape/out of answer. He thinks before he answers to and chooses his words carefully you can tell:) Seems like people ask the same questions over and over. too…I’d love to ask/hear totally different questions. Questions I have not heard anyone ask yet…..not even related to treasure so much, but more about his life not on the pages of his book….his book leaves out a big hunk of his life. I know that is prob in his biography….but I hope some people get more creative with questions they ask in next interview:) just my 2 cents:)

          • Jennifer, he is very crafty and he did answer her directly by saying “No, Ma’am” but the unsaid part of his response was probably “No, I can’t answer that.” I think he felt he didn’t answer the way he should have as he quickly added something like “I can say it’s in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe”. I don’t think it’s in NM either but many people do because of other things he has said which make people wonder and read into his remarks something that may or may not be there. He’s trying to be very careful and not give anything away – maybe he’s saving it for his book that will be out this summer. I wonder how many people will buy that one hoping there will be additional clues in it? 🙂

          • Ken understood and thanks I’m well aware of his ambiguous method and measured way of communicating. But it just struck me as being straight forward in this instance , as in the context of Malcolm Gladwell’s ideology of thin slicing, that is where my opinion was derived.

        • Do we know that the people who were withing 500 feet, and the people who figured out the first 2 clues are the same people, or is this just implied? Could make a big difference.

          • Hank I think its possible that those who got the first two clues right may have done so via e-mail which is easily understandable as to how ff knows this , what I have trouble comprehending is how he knows two parties came within 500′ of the chest . I have a theory about what that means but it is probably in accurate and irrelevant. This of course would indicate four parties being involved.

  93. Hi there to all. Newbie here. Not sure of the relevance of this or if I am posting in the right place but I thought I might add to the fun. I only just discovered this chase yesterday and was engrossed by this blog. I had an interesting thought. It seems FF is very convinced that none of the folks claiming to have found his treasure are telling the truth. so I must say that if he is so sure then surely the loot is tracked. i figure there are a few ways he can know for sure his loot remains untouched.

    A: He has a bead on it with google earth premium and can clearly see the sight is undisturbed which means there is a visible indicator as to its state.

    B: It is electronically tracked. ergo lojacked. meaning he can simply open up an app on his computer and view its position.. and may even get an alert if it moves.

    How else could he know 100% that it remains in its cradle?

  94. Does anyone remember the young man that was taking off on a search for his Dad that was ill/bedridden….he said his Dad gave him money and wanted him to check a spot and keep in touch over phone, so they could do chase together even though his Dad was bedridden …..he was gonna report back….I’ve been thinking of him, are you still on blog lurking?? First, if you are here and lurking, you have been on my mind. And how is your Dad? Blessing all is ok:) How was your chase? Can anyone repost refer back this blog post? I think was in clues part 6 or 7…….anyone??

    • Jennifer P. , funny should ask i have been thinking of him myself the last few days. his handle on this blog is “Seeker” he is from Lancaster,Pa. , hope things are better for him and his Dad.

      • Unfortunately there are many that have come and gone.It seems some have failed and their hopes are dashed to pieces.It makes me feel sad.Hopefully the young man is fine and the dad is doing better.

  95. Thought I’d throw out a bone on an interpretation of the blaze. I don’t think this’ll make the difference for anyone (and if it does, remember me fondly). If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…. We’ve already talked about looking for owls and such, but what if it means to act like an owl – turn your head around (look behind you)….. If nothing else, hopefully this will allow me to remove my lurker tag…

  96. All,

    Does this not bother anyone, FF said again, two different parties figured out the first two clues and were within 500 feet but they missed the next seven clues. So this potentially makes “not far but to far to walk” not really a clue or part of another clue. If the first two clues put you within 500 ft then we must be wrong about that clue as far as driving or distance. The only other scenario I can think of is you need to cross a stream or fiver because its to far to walk around it.


    • Close1 check Hank’s post , I agree with what he said and posted a reply in response

      • What about his statement to the woman that he could go right there right now. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t any place in the higher altitudes with snow now be ruled out.

        • I don’t think it means a lot , he said it was above 5000′, so it is possible it’s not under snow. It could also mean he knows the area well enough he could get there regardless of the weather. I think his intent was for everyone to keep searching , and if he could go there right now , then no one else would be endangering themselves. imho

          • I think you are correct Ragnar. It could also have been just a throw away line that doesn’t mean much more than that FF knows where the treasure is and whether it was buried under snow or not, he could get it out as it is not in a dangerous place. It’s probably not up a cliff and probably not under ice either! 🙂 On the other hand, I wonder if he was thinking about the driving aspect of getting to the treasure. Could he also mean it’s in an area that did not get a recent snow storm which would make it more difficult to get to even if it’s only 500ft away from a road? Does he mean it could very well be in NM or one of the states that didn’t get snow? His answers always lead to more questions! 🙂

          • CJ it was such a general response I don’t think you can apply any real meaning to it regarding location.

    • @gettingclose1,

      You wrote: Does this not bother anyone; FF said again, two different parties figured out the first two clues and were within 500 feet but they missed the next seven clues. So this potentially makes “not far but to far to walk” not really a clue or part of another clue. If the first two clues put you within 500 ft then we must be wrong about that clue as far as driving or distance. The only other scenario I can think of is you need to cross a stream or fiver because its to far to walk around it.

      Dal covers this question on his “Rumors Abound” blog

  97. took my son to the dentist in Los Alamos today and just for the heck of it decided to go see a frozen waterfall in a canyon that I’d seen before but never stopped and guess what…lol
    the road is actually called Omega Rd. lol but then the darn road was closed off due to it belonging to the government and you had to call a phone number to get in. I said to him, maybe we should call and tell them we need in there to look for a treasure! LOL

    • Kym you must have forgotten about these lines in the Poem!

      “If you are BRAVE and in the wood!” and “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

      • lol VG there is a roadblock=end nigh and brave enuff to outrun Los Alamos govt. police?….nahhh, in that case just guess I
        ‘ll hafta remain meek like a mouse and squeak on by him! lol

  98. What about his statement to the woman that he could go right there right now. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t any place in the higher altitudes with snow now be ruled out.

    • GC1, Los Alamos just got a dusting today, in the am. I used to live in Denver and it could snow 6 inches there and 2 days later be 70degrees and burn it all off except in the mountains, so 1 inch is nothing.

  99. I Think FF wants that treasure found. he keeps saying how it would be sad when the thrill is gone but when asked what his next book would be called he said “Too far to walk” which is clearly an indicator that this new book is directly related to the chase I think he is putting new clues in this book.

  100. Did he say 2 people have gotten 2 clues right, Or 2 people have gotten the FIRST two clues right? I know they were within 500ft. Does anyone know if it was the 1st two clues or just 2 clues?

  101. I am going to start up Clues Nine as soon as I can get organized…a few minutes from now..
    that means this post will be closed to comments..
    Then I hope to update the first page with pics and a story about our hunt with the Japanese TV crew today…

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