THE NINE CLUES….Part Eighteen


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  1. COHighCountry says,

    ” I really wish old f knew for sure if his chest is still there. It’s probably under the bunk bed of some boy genius that snagged it two years ago. lol. I hope not”

    …This is my primary concern right now

        • DT. i was drinkin with my brother, what i really meant to say is E has figured it out , he may have my spot….then again this is a game …..SC TERM =BRAIN PICKERS

        • E, ales mostly……..Clue…..come on E….you know the left side of my brain is broken…i often wonder if it works at all…look at it this way ….on the way out i got a pretty bad concussion to that hemisphere….do the math, oh youve already done, you are fast!!! what made you state ” we are all puppets of Forrest Fenn? you may have just injected more hydrogen into the star….wire monkey like!!!! mozart and the monkey!!! do you think Fenn id nervous,he looked nervous when i saw him ,at the plaza a few weeks ago ……SC

        • E i truly beleive hes here alot…..and not just as one person either…….you read his book , you know what im sayin……..he hates meeee…..SC

        • Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here… The poem is so vague I had to take an approach to at least increase my odds against this Fenn character. I am only going to do it once. How many times in life will a treasure come along that is not a legend – the pirate is still alive and gave us a map. If I lived in the Rocky Mountains I might give it more than one shot. My thrill will continue after this chase – it just won’t be this chase. I love archeology. When I was young my dream was to excavate the Great Pyramids. The mathematics of those pyramids is amazing.


    • C is the treasure really a solution? or an escape from a truely(spl?) horrifying future of this world…most people here ,in this cyber world think im nutz, but sometimes even fools have moments of brilliant clarity ,and speak truths bigger than life, i know you dont like me much,who cares this isnt reality but nothing more than an escape….i dont doubt Fenn put something out there….why wouldnt he…he has said in so many words ,he wants to be remembered….what if no one is around to remember him? whats to say the head of orion (beetlgyus splboo big time )exploads… there wont be anyone left to remember him….F visits here, and probably cant stand me ,because i ve / ed his integrity..i realized something on my failed attepmts,due to extreme memory loss….is my life worth a rich mans treasure,i may even just give up my location……it is pretty sound,i was there physicaly…seriously doubt its in colorado…..DAL thanks for honoring my 1st amendment rights SC

      • SC – You said FF wants to be remembered, but how? HOW does he want to be remembered. Only a very small percentage of the entire population has ever heard of him now. Does he want to be remembered as the Treasure Man who gave away a fortune in gold & jewels? Or the greatest archaeologist? Or maybe the Trickster of the Century? Maybe the guy who snubbed his nose at the US government? The most successful Santa Fe art dealer ever? Husband/father/grandfather of the year? War hero? The smartest man without a formal education? A true-to-life Indiana Jones? How does he want to be remembered? What is most important to FF?

        • Becky-
          I don’t think it matters to him as long as it’s not as a scoundrel. Many people will be saying great things about Forrest for decades. And if the treasure is not found people will be mentioning his name for centuries more…
          To some spiritual people it is important to have someone utter their name once in a while. To fondly recall what you did while you were here. I think that’s all Forrest wants. Just to leave a legacy that will make people say in two hundred years…”That foxy old Forrest…I wonder where he hid his treasure?” That’s enough to make him smile!!

    • Good morning, Mr Yates,
      This treasure game is driving me nuts! LOL
      I am finally feeling like maybe I should break down and get the book. I didn’t think you needed it.
      Did you actually get coordinates (actual numbers) from clues in the book? I had thought that all the number games and key words were just a waste of time. Maybe I was wrong.
      Best of luck to you again,

      • Hi LuckyDog, I love your name. IMO I think it is time to read the book. Even the public library has the book now. And even though it is said you just need the poem, I find benefits from all the hints to the 9 clues inside the book, layer upon layer, being revealed. Good storytelling in there. Today I am wondering if Chris Yates or other like-minded will get to the TC before I do. I hope its me. Someone agreed about the shell game and I have not been back to the far field site in a few days. Someone went to a whole lot of trouble to move things around. Seems there are increasing #’s in the Colorado camp and I know I must get back out there sooner than later. Work, life and laundry call. As well, it is time to put in my garden – like you this takes me off trail. Awaiting trip reports, have fun.

      • Luckydog,

        i didnt necessarily say that i got the coordinates from the book, or any actual numbers, i am going to be intentionally vague i hope you understand. i think i said (and i may not have chosen my words well last time but i will try to here), that i figured out the coordinates with help from the book. that could mean a clue in the book directed me to figure the coords in the poem, or perhaps i got something from the book, i am laying down some chaff here as DT says, because i am paranoid someone might be where i was at a week ago and something i say might help them over a hump.

        • Thanks Chris,
          Before you head out, there is more to research and learn. Be sure before you go.
          If your spot has anything to do with trees of the color red, (by the way, they are not the blaze) I have some advise for you, based on my search there three weeks ago.
          Going to get some dinner,
          Until later,

    • Morning Chris,

      When will you be heading out? I’m strictly an armchair hunter, no way to get to NM, so no worries about me being in hot pursuit.

      • its going to be tonight or tomorrow, i am glad you are only an armchair hunter because you are the one who has me the most worried = )

        • Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

        • Sit tight and enjoy the ride. I’ll be in the same spot when you get back. I truly hope you find the treasure.

          I know where you are headed. Without divulging much, answer one question if you could…is your HOB a structure, or a certain “stretch?” Don’t answer if you feel it gives away too much.

        • a structure or a certain ‘stretch’ …. hmmm… it doesn’t fit either of those descriptions

        • ~W

          i need to correct, my HOB does go with one of the terms you are using. i didnt really think it through enough when i first answered.

        • I, too, am careful the way I word my phrases. I was hoping you would understand what I was asking without my spelling it out, literally.

        • Einstein,

          Hmm, a statement that must first use that which it argues against. Interesting.

    • CY, I have four solutions to the poem and all are correct, And I know now there are Probably 10 more solutions that are correct. Maybe a better word is interpretations? Even if your solve does not produce the chest it does not mean its wrong. The poem is a variable. Basic algebra. The poem is going to lead many people to many places, fenn’s goal. I worked hard to come up with my solves and worked harder looking and feel good about the results. No chest means more poem solving and more searching.

  2. Stance,

    Good luck. If you wish, to put a marker in the blog, without giving too much away, I’d be curious to see how you are following the clues.

    For example, “not far, but too far to walk” could be, say, Idaho or Hawaii … not too specific, but a marker.


  3. @ Ava

    I live in Colorado Springs and I am always up for a good adventure. So to you, or anybody else on the chase in this area, I leave a standing invitation to sit down to share some stories over a cup of coffee and lunch (though I am a hot chocolate fan myself). We can even take a day hike to any supposed treasure spots you may desire. I’ll gladly share my knowledge of the region and any insight I can muster for your theories of the treasure spot. I think it would be quite a treasure to meet any one of you.

    Meanwhile, I’m still one who leans toward the meaningfulness Fenn places in the Yellowstone region.

    You can e-mail me at sh_leathercladatminiinfodotnet

  4. There are ways to remain annon and still post here to let everyone else know if it was found. Or you could do it by send the bracelet back to FF and not include a real return address, but…
    If you found the chest and wanted maximum return, you cant just sell it for its gold value.
    You would need to have it documented so the items had the provenence assoc. with them.

    I believe the victor will go public so they can get top dollar, and the bragging rights as well.

      • That, or…. Make it into a print for t-shirts that say: “I searched for FFTC”
        and set up a gypsy “Road Side Attraction” at the entrance to Yellowstone. TeeHeeHee.

  5. “in the wood” can refer to in a cask or keg.

    Wood – definition of Wood by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus …‎

    5. a cask or keg, as distinguished from a bottle: aged in the wood

    Forrest likely knows his way around a wine cellar since his days expanding and augmenting the Matteucci Compound, gallery space which I think he sold in 1988.

    So I would check the refrigerator at the Matteucci Compound if you have the realtor’s permission.

    It is a nice thought to think of oneself aging in the wood like a fine wine.

    • Prior to the no structure clue, I looked in the fridge at the fechin house that had a sign on it saying “do not touch”

        • I think it said that too. I’m such the rebel. Can you see the headline? Fenn searcher doesn’t think its worth the cold anymore. lol

          • lol 🙂

            This is very frustrating. Very positive in my spot, but not being out there. Knowing other searchers are out there already or will be soon. I should have studied a lot more, before I made 2 trips out there. When are you heading back out?

      • Should have popped open a vintage bottle and grabbed the key out of it before anyone seen : ).

      • Funny, Stephanie! I have some similar, hilarious stories around this search too. I think it would be so cool if somebody puts together a compilation of the crazy stories of searchers at the end of this whole thing LOL

        • The craziest stories might even be the sites searched themselves. I’ve seen some pretty crazy interpretations (not that mine is not crazy too).

    • Hi Stephanie, The blog and your posts continues to delight me. I find it positively addictive.

      The Mattetucci realtor and fechin refrigerator comment reminds me weeks ago I wanted to ask if anyone checked out under the wagon at the former Fenn Gallery? I am working out of town this week and am uncertain if Jess has been able to get back to that spot. The old wood wagon has been there since the 1980’s and I pray I am not giving away the TC.

      Last night I finally got back to comparing the Teepee Smoke book to the Beat of the Drum and Whoop of The Dance book (thank you TomWhat) and I am astonished to recognize the beauty of additional artwork. I hope the artist, may peace be with his soul, and Mr. Fenn feel very proud of their work and contribution. Teepee Smoke is a beautiful book and I am grateful I went beyond my book budget to purchase it.

      Today is trash day; should all people be checking their trash for melting frozen refrigerator items?

      Pinking.OfYou, Madeline

      • Hi Madeline(one of my favorite names) I’ve also thought about the gallery as I believe they had/have a bronze indian out front and I thought maybe there was a secret compartment inside where it could be hidden. Now I know, it’s a structure…and wouldn’t be a good thing and I’m sure it’s NORTH of Santa Fe now…I’m no longer searching in the city limits. I don’t have Teepee Smoke…but I do have Whoop of the Dance. I haven’t read it yet though. I’m only half way through San Lazero which I really really love…but I honestly spend every moment thinking about the Chase and just can’t think about anything else unless it’s family and responsibilities. I gauge my obsession by making sure nothing else in my life is lacking in those departments 😉 I went up to Cody Wy and went into the Buffalo Bill Museum and saw the cabin that Forrest donated to them. The presentation is wonderful as they have it in it’s own little outdoor garden space right IN the museum. Then there’s a whole wing area in front of the door to it with prints and the copper plates that he also donated that are by Sharp. Oh and the cabin is decorated with items Forrest donated as well. It’s really fun, because the way they did it, you can walk inside the cabin and close the door behind you and really get a feel for being there. I like the little field trips I’ve been able to go on and learn about history and art and all.

    • Hello DXer,
      Please see my post to Steph about the Matettucci Gallery and refrigerator/freezer.

      My TOTC notes are plenty – somewhere you wrote something clever that connected to me on the one of my favorite trails. I made a note to attribute it to you but never took the time to write. If I find it, will let you know. I thank you for it now, in advance. And, your wood comment may hint of connection to Sloane’s A Reverence for Wood book, yes? A great little book. How would it be if Sloane’s books were all required reading for kids in grade and junior high school? What rich appreciation kids might gain for better understanding, wonder and preservation of the Environment.

      I wish I’d known Eric Sloane. He seems a gem to me; a treasure bee.

  6. Hmm no one commented on my last post. Maybe someone will this time.

    Has anyone considered the treasure is outside Raton, NM? It is right on the CO/NM border (WWWH) there is a state park close by named after a canyon (take canyon down + not far but to far to walk) I-25 connects Raton to Santa Fe so it would be an easy drive for ff to get there and back without being noticed. And finally (check this out) Raton NM has the official USA military geographical designation code FF. It is the only place in the usa with that designation other than monteray CA as since ff is a former military flyer, I’m sure he knows. I don’t know how special the Raton area is to him but it seems to much of a coicendance not to be intended.

    Now I’m not going to lie to you and say Raton is my favorite spot, but hey the clues do fit. I could be wrong and the treasure could be there butI can’t go. So if anyone lives nearby, good luck to you.

    • Hi b,

      I never considered this area, but it sounds worthy of checking out. Then again, that’s the problem with this chase. The poem and clues can fit so many locations, which is why so many spots have been searched by so many people, and no treasure has been found (hopefully!). I know I am guilty of this…making a place fit the clues. This is why, imo, someone needs solid information before heading out and searching. And why I continue to comb through the book with different eyes each time I read it.

      Best of luck in the chase!

        • ? has anyone searched near the vietnam memoral in Angel Fire,the one with huey outside …..i went there with my dad ,when my parents lived in Taos…..the soldier it honors died the day i was born, i cried,big time ..i admit it…..does anyone know that soldiers name? …sometimes my computer likes to play tricks on me when i try to search stuff out,it may a mind of it own…

          • Hi SC. I know several people have searched that area, including Stephanie who has a great photo of herself by the chopper that I saw when watching one of her YouTube vids. (Very nice, btw Steph!)

          • Thanks Alexander. That is a nice memorial, although I didn’t really search it. There’s supposed to be a lake somewhere around there called Middle Lake that I was looking for. I never did find that. It started to rain after we were there so we didn’t really look around even too much. It was cool though to see that helicopter and I loved the way they presented it. It is sad though to think about all the senseless death. The reason for the memorial for anyone not familiar is that the parents lost their son in Vietnam and already had the land and decided to start the memorial. I feel like we live in a giant game of Risk with our politicians just deciding how we can make the next move. I also wanted to say really quick that there are a lot of times when people say things that I want to thank them for…but I don’t want to fill up the blog with just saying thanks…so please don’t take offense if I don’t…I do read all the posts(so far I’ve been able to) and I’ve seen all the sweet things. *hugs*

    • I did drive up to CO for a search, brox. I had a strong sense of the area starting around CO Springs and continuing south. I definitely considered the Raton (NM/CO) border area but I did not have time on that trip to search there. It’s a good possibility IMO. Good luck! 🙂

  7. I hope everyone refrains from speculating on the 500′, first 2 clues right , and the legalities of finding the treasure on this page of the blog. Also wish that people don’t respond to every post for the sake of responding, not trying to moderate this page just making a request to not waste time.

    • Ragnar, I think it two separate groups (people within 500ft one group and searchers with 2 clues correct different group). I think there will be huge legal issues. Finally, just wanted to say good morning to you on this fine day!

  8. Signing in I hope. trying to get on the receive list by replying to email. Didn’t get on part 17.

  9. If someone wants me too look for them in Colorado only… I am avaiable the next 2 weekends, just pay for my gas and hotel if needed. I will leave Saturday and I will have to return on Sunday. I will post a calendar when I am available at You can also reach me at geydelkon at yahoo dot com. Just saying.

  10. Does anyone think it’s possible that Fenn hid the treasure in a spot that would require key access but that allowing people in to look would be at the discretion of key holder? What if the person who has the key doesn’t feel like opening up for the searcher requesting access? What if getting around that situation might require trespassing and potential trouble for searcher? Does anyone think Fenn would have put the chest in a spot like this?

    Fenn has said that the chest is hidden but that if someone can find it, they can have it. The situation I mentioned above seems very difficult to access and implies potential discrimination or a possible encounter with the cops. Thoughts?

    • AT, personaly, i doubt it…..hes a woodsmen….ive often pondered ,if he just left the bracelet in the box, a trade with him ,the bracelet for the gold….and thats how he knows its found….you got to give it to the guy…..hes created a great puzzle….its sparked the fire of all types of minds……and all walks of life sc

      • That is something I thought of, and to me, could be the “bold” part…you’d have to be bold to hide the chest on private land or in a popular nat’l park, and bold to look for it there. The tricky part is getting in to search. Not sure if u saw a little story I posted about getting chased by some guys with rifles. Not all folks take kindly to us all poking around looking for this and it’s really easy to make your way onto private land and not know it. Be really careful out there. CHC

    • Armani,
      You mean like something possibly out of a Doug Preston novel? I wondered the same thing.
      Foiled and sinister plots, I pray not.
      Intrigue is o.k. Jude Deveraux would be less scary.
      FF wants families to get outside and have a good time not be in fear.
      More thoughts?

    • Yes, all of the above. I believe someone asked him if he condoned trespassing and his response was “no.” There are places such as Ponce de Leon hot springs in Taos, NM that was acquired by the Taos Pueblo with the funds of an anonymous donor with the stipulation that the property be open to public access. I believe you must get a permit, but this is what you are describing as a key.

    • Armany–My guess is that he would not put the treasure in a place where you would have to trespass on private property to find it. People can get very upset with others who are uninvited. You are obviously thinking twice about the area you have in mind. Listen to your instincts and stay safe.I do think it will likely be found on public land (Federal park, wilderness area, BLM land, or state lands).

    • Armany–I don’t think he would have hid it where you’d have to trespass to get it. When I went to my spot (hey it was only 1200 miles one way), there was a gate across the road that went up to the top of the butte with a sign on it saying access was controlled by the power company. It would have been easy (but not private) to go around the gate using a farmer’s access road across his property. I didn’t think Mr Fenn would control access that way so I left…but I do like the permit idea CrazyFamily put forth.

      I (re)-learned that Nebraska is a long state to drive across, and more pleasant of a drive when you’re thinking of all the ways to spend the loot than when you’re wondering if maybe you were too meek once you got there.

      I’d say where it was but I still think my HOB solution is correct, and don’t want to give that away. Hey, maybe I’ll head back later this summer and drive around the gate. I’m so hung up on my solution that it might be worth it.

      Good luck!

  11. When we spent a little time with f last week, we mentioned Colorado to him. He didn’t seem too interested. I asked if he got up there much and he said he used to pass thru on the way to Yellowstone years ago. He talked more about areas in NM. You can tell that he’s spent a lot more recent times doing his thing in the land of enchantment. My search is focused on NM and the Yellowstone area is #2. SF to YNP is quite a haul, but I can see him doing it for this. Some days I lean towards NM…some days YNP. CHC

    • CO, that’s good intel, and it makes me think the treasure is more likely in New Mexico…of course there is the opposite interpretation is he was trying to be quiet about Colorado to avoid giving out a hint. Why is there always two ways to interpret everything he says??

      • Yeah, CO Searcher, u never can tell. I do feel pretty good about NM or YNP and that seems to make the most sense. The chest really is a small needle in a very big haystack, so nailing down your clues via good research is a must. CHC

      • You guys crack me up. Sure that’s great intel. What about “… as I walked back to my car I smiled because I was so proud of myself.” There is nothing misleading about that statement. Why was he proud though? He talks about the guy who chiseled the Rosetta stone being proud of himself. You think leaving the chest in Yellowstone near the spot where you can’t get in the water anywhere within however many feet of a geyser inlet so the government could pilfer it from the legally titled owner would make him proud? This is what I’m talking about when I say some of these searchers need to reexamine reality and it’s relationship to this hunt.

        • Crazyfamiliy, expect the unexpected is my mindset…it could be pretty much anywhere and he wants it taken quitely. A chest that size is pretty easy to plop into a backpack and roll out without much fanfair. f mentioned that we’d be surprised so I am expecting something more interesting than it being under an old log or something. I don’t expect it to be sitting in “Old Faithful” or something like that, though. He’s def taken his time and planned carefully. CHC

      • I know Dal and I both feel that Forrest umm how to say it…encouraged us to visit Yellowstone. Of course that could be just to see what means so much to him, or it could mean that we needed to consider it in our arsenal of search spots….or we were close in say Idaho and he wanted us to get away from there and go somewhere it isn’t. I don’t think it’s possible to read him and what he thinks…

        • Yeah, Steph he’s definitely hard to read, so we take it with a grain of salt. I told him that we need better directions and becasue gas is expensive. He said don’t worry, it will be worth it. This anagrams to “roadworthiness”…Perfect. lol CHC

          • The way he answers things are so funny. I know a few of us have mentioned how he can say one thing and you get all excited…then you realize it can be taken many different ways. I don’t know how he does that….same with his poetry writing…those are things my mind just does not do and they fascinate me.

        • @stephanie, So once again you tell me to only listen to the words directly from FF and then you tell me that I can’t read him and what he thinks. Oh and you guys are always saying to keep an open mind and then you disregard ideas without so much as flipant curiosity. I think you are making excuses in advance for not solving the clues and finding the treasure. If one can’t use the quoted interviews because they come from a reporter and you can’t trust the internet and you can’t read what FF means when he says something and the book is a series of embellishments, then all you have is the poem. Oh but you want to put everything into an anagram or a numerical formula? Do see where I’m coming from? I think you guys need to figure some things out about your technique. Personally, I’ll go with those slightly personal moments when he opens up just enough to let himself out before building elaborate anagrams and number sequences.

          • No one should pay attention to what I say if they don’t want. I will explain my point though. I will only pay attention to the poem, the book(well….within the understanding that there are many strange things going on in there), his interviews and things he says through Dal’s blog. When I’m talking about not being able to read him is different. It’s when your having a conversation and your telling him about where your searching and he says he MARVELS at the way you think. You immediately think your within 500 feet of the chest…when he’s playing with you. When he tells me that he had a windstorm hit last night and he has branches strewn all around his yard….I’m wondering where I can find a windstorm branches laden place to search and he’s probably amused knowing we’re all doing it. So those are the things I’m speaking about just like CHC mentioned. I personally have never looked at anagrams as I’m not that clever of a person. I tried to do something with numbers, but then after listing all the numbers he mentioned in the book…I realized I can’t count that high and gave it up.

        • Crazy, the various members of this board have said different things…the “you guys” epithet is highly non-specific. I think the individual posters have been quite consistent with their statements.

          For what it’s worth I agree with you here. The only sources of extra info I value are the audio or video quotes from Forrest himself. By the time these quotes appear in print (even if transcribed by a knowledgeable Fenner like COHC) they smell like doublespeak.

          Regarding the book I haven’t decided yet for myself how strong the clues are…still much work to do.

      • sometimes i think every clue is a double entendre and, if your spot doesn’t fit both meanings, it’s probably not the right spot

  12. Signing in. Sunny spring day here in Maine. Hope you are all having just as beautiful a day where you are. Remember, the key is contentment.

    • mike thank you for the reminder. helpful to find my way out of confusion. i found the totc can be energetically exhausting. fun but stranger than fiction energy. or is the saying strange as fiction? yes, the key is contentment. peace calm ease. hmmm sounds like nature. enjoy your fishing pond in maine. thanks to you and dd.

  13. I was just in YNP and the North part still has some snow but its open. Most of the shops are still closed and not much traffic, which is nice. I just don’t see the cheat being in YNP.

  14. Forrest tells us that his family was poor and just scraping by during the war, meat only one day a week, shooting birds for food with his birthday present bb gun. But his whole Yellowstone stories predicate on his family being able to afford to drive all the way across the country to a summer home and spend three months. How many of you working men and women have a summer home where you can spend a quarter of a year, every year, on vacation?

    On page 120, in the caption, he states his father was making $4000 as a school principal during the war. Let’s take a look at that figure, in terms of some items Forrest mentions in his book. For the sake of research, I will presume year 1940 to be the war year and 2010 or so to be present day as you compare to your own financial situation.

    My formula is: $4000 stated income in 1940 / price per unit of goods in 1940 = Z, so Z times price in 2010 prices for effective purchasing power today. Basically earning that much then buys the same stuff today, regardless of year.

  15. Car: $800 then, today $29,217; so $4000 / 800 in cars = 5; 2010 cars = $29,217; 5 x $29,217 = $146,085
    Gasoline: 18 cents/gal, today $2.98 so $4000 / $.18 = 22,222 x $2.98 today = $66,222
    House: $6,550, today $129,000 (in the midwest) so $4000 / $6,550 = 0.61 x $129,000 = $78,778
    Bread: 8 cents/loaf, today $1.395 so $4000 / $0.08 = 50,000 x $1.395 = $69,750
    Milk: 34 cents/gal, today $3.499 so $4000 / $0.34 = 11,764 x $3.499 = $41,164
    Postage Stamp: 3 cents, today $0.46 so $4000 / $0.03 = 133,333 x $0.46 = $61,333
    Stock Market: 131, today 15,215.25 so $4000 / 131 = 30.53 x 15,215.25 = $464,587
    Average Annual Salary: $1,900, today $42,979.61 so $4000 / $1,900 = 2.10 x $90,483
    Minimum Wage: 30 cents per hour, today $7.25 so $4000 / $0.30 = 13,333 x $7.25 = $96,666
    Gold: $33.85, today $1411.70, so $4000 / $33.85 = 118 x 1411.70 = $166,818

    Forrest wasn’t poor, but had a solidly upper middle class upbringing.

    • TomWhat I am laughing, you are so funny. Please tell me where you shop for gas and food? When was the last time you did so? My quinoa millet gluten-free Revolution Bakery loaf costs $8.65. Worth every cent, I might add. Think I last paid $3.68 last gas. Thank you, nonetheless, for your calculations. And, isn’t it likely a family, like a breadwinner teacher/principal/ or even a school bus driver, with the summer off work, who camped out could very well last for a longer summer trip? Especially if you are catching fresh fish, hunting, etc. And back in the day people were just more frugal, spendthrift. I think if travel and vacation is a happy priority, especially to be with your family or people you love, one finds a way. IMHO

      • I actually have no idea how much things cost. Why would I care? I looked it all up online. I have no choice but to buy gas, I have to get to work, the wife buys the food, the family has to eat. I make sure we have a little money saved each month, and don’t worry beyond than that.

        I’ve been broke before, rolling pennies for rent money. Potatoes, mac & cheese, ramen, cans of tuna and Tobasco sauce can keep a body fed three meals a day. I’m up right now, I may be poor again. We can eat out once a week, buy more presents than the kids need, and afford a weeklong trip to Yellowstone this summer to search. But three months a year?

        • Tom, his father was a school principal and if they do pay then like they do now, you get prorated during the summer when the kids are off for 3 months, so the teachers and pricipal who are off still get some pay, even tho not all of it.

      • Stephanie Davis, Oh, you are so correct, Ms AR traveller. My apologies. I got caught up in the text. Maybe it is about raising questions or contractions…Yes, Focus Focus. Need good coffee too.

      • I’ve sort of wondered what it must be like for Forrest to have every aspect of his life scrutinized by us all lol. I’ve been “stalking” him for two years now and told him things about himself he had forgotten about lol…like being robbed more than a few times and he even ran after the guy who stole a Rolex watch from his gallery. I don’t think I’d like it…but he just seems to always just go with the flow.

    • Lol one problem with your logic. Stock market? How much do you really know about the depression? The stock market was the reason for it all, nobody had any money left except the gettys, vanderbilts, the hiltons…you know the 1percenters.

  16. In the State of Colorado – you have a right to be on a creek (on private property) if you are fishing as long as you did not break any laws to get there – in that there may be a public roadway to the spot. Also, you may not harm actual property in anyway. Any river or creek is considered public. You can google: Public ownership of Rivers in Colorado.

  17. Horatio

    he didnt hide the chest in multiple places, so there is only one solution, anything else is a wrong interpretation.

    FF didnt write the poem with the idea that that there would be many places that fit and the person who finds the chest will have searched a lot of them and then just finally found it because they were lucky enough to have been at the right area that happened to fit the poem.

    let’s be clear, the poem seems to fit a lot of places, FF does know this and did it intentionally. it was part of the genius and the difficulty put into the poem. when you solve the poem and understand the clues in the book then you realize it only fits one place.

    • Good day, all! Just a quick PSA for those who are posting in order to follow the blogs. I stumbled on an easy solution. I just went to and signed up for my own blog (which I don’t use). It’s easy & quick and allows you to manage the blogs you follow, all linked to your e-mail address.

      I clicked to follow Dal’s main TTOTC blog page and this automatically gives me all future posts in all forums without signing up each time a new one is created.

      I currently have Dal’s, Stephanie’s & Richard Saunier’s blogs followed and never have to “manually” follow a blog anymore. It’s automatic. Also, if you want to, you’ll now have a blog of your own to post pics, etc. Give it a shot! 🙂

  18. I have never been so confident in my solution. I feel I really may have found it. Every clue leads right to the next one . Soon I will have it unless.. Unless someone already found it. I just don’t know how he be able to know if its still there.

    • I have the same feeling. It’s fun isn’t it? I can actually see a few off-colored pixels when I bring up my spot in Google Earth and zoom way in.

  19. I used to have an open mind to some of the theories that when you get to where the poem leads the chest wont be there. instead it will be a key, or a note, or the bracelet, or this or that, and perhaps you go somewhere else for the treasure. all that speculation is fine but i just dont subscribe to even the possibility of it anymore. FF has said the word chest countless times as well all know, referring to the thing he actually hid. I believe him when he talks about the surprise or shock someone will have when they first find it, and open it up and see whats inside. this is what he wanted, for someone to be out there, and when they find it, to have this experience.

    • One cubic foot of bronze weight approx 560 lbs. I do believe he hid the chest, which could weigh 40 lbs without anything in it, which would lead a person to believe that you will only find the “title to the gold” in there or perhaps the bracelet, which could be a reason why he knows it’s still there as no one has come forward to collect on it…..just an idea I’ve been kicking around….the weight of the chest itself.

    • Of course I would tell him. My hint would be stop searching for brown trout

    • whats wrong with a brown trout. the poem tells you to start with the brown trout then take it to the end of the rainbow trout, there you will find the chest.

      • I was going to write “nonsense,” but it does make sense, I understand why you think this. It’s just incorrect. When you return from your trip, wash out all of this colored trout business out of your brain, and you will be on the path to redemption.

    • What you know ‘bout rockin’ the wolf on your noggin
      What you knowin’ about wearing a fur fox skin

    • Very cool patch, g. I don’t ever recall seeing that one. Regards the poem, I’m a fan of the heuristic approach, without too much external ref.

      I wear your grandad’s clothes …

      • Geydelkon, let me hazard a guess. Perfect choice of verb here, btw. Anyone that is going to your website––is having their address actively pinged. Does that sound right to you? Just curious here………

        • @ Jake,
          No I do not ping anyone. Not sure how to do that. I monitor visitors to my website and how long they stay. Helps me improve the website only. Trying to keep visitors there. I have a lot of work still do on it. I will be shutting down at some point because I have a different platform I want to launch. It is a useful tool I learned because my other websites have been hacked. Each and every website that everyone goes too has there data logged. I am not like NOAA who is filtering your data to see where you have been looking on Google Earth… Just saying…

  20. alright i will just say it. i was looking around some areas on google earth, and i saw a few gold colored pixels, and i realized it was the treasure chest. i calculated the coordinates from that spot.

    • Chris not to doubt you but just curious as to why a bronze chest would reflect a golden pixel. Were you being serious, also there may a patina after having been weathered for a while.

    • @Chris. You’re in lala-land, brother. Google earth satellite imagery is typically 1meter squared per pixel at best. You think a 10×10″ box is going to brighten a single pixel? Much less, “pixels”?

      Remember to enjoy yourself. When you’re coming home without the loot, you’ll at least have added an experience to your life, and you can try to make it an enjoyable one. Some people claim that’s the “real gold.”

    • i was hoping someone would say … ‘ surely you jest’ … and then i could say .. ‘i do not jest sir, and stop calling me shirley’

      • just another thought.. google earth lets you select older image data (pre-2009 for example), make sure you don’t see those golden dots on the old imagery.

        • Hard to find people around here with a sense of humor, I guess. If it makes you feel any better, Chris, I laughed at the gold pixels (after I searched the web high and low for a Google Earth software update).

        • it is important, ~W, for the software update for you cannot see the pirate booty without it

  21. Just a concern I wanted to throw out there for some of you. Have fun with the chase, try to solve the clues, etc. but don’t get obsessed with finding the chest.

    I’ve been following this blog for a few months. I’ve looked at the poem, tried to solve it, had some of my own ideas, etc. I’m starting to think more and more the poem and its clues are almost impossibly difficult to solve. Why? I going to use some guesstimates.

    People have been aware of the poem for three years now. Since the Today show, there are probably a million people who know about the treasure. Assume 100,000 people are currently trying to solve it. We are all using google, yahoo , bing, google maps, the US geologic listing of hot springs,etc. After three years, nobody has come up with a solution?

    Going further, assume 25,000 people are actively engaged in searching for the treasure. At two trips per year, that is 150,000 searches already done. The problem is that you can solve the first two or three clues and be in the correct area, but since you did not recognize the blaze or tarry scant with marvel gaze,after a couple of tries you are going to move on to another area.

    FF’s intention was to get people outdoors but not to where they devote their lives to finding the treasure. When I read on here about people making multiple trips from Illinois to New Mexico or Maine to Colorado, I know it has to be costing ten of thousands of dollars in gas, food, transportation, lodging, etc. just to chase a dream.

    Again, have fun, dream, but don’t let this take over your life.

    • Thanks for the concern, Skeptic. I think your concern is going to fall on deaf ears for most of us, but you may dissuade a few from spending money they don’t have, and a tip of my hat to you for that.

      Let me see if I can help with any other people remaining on the fence. I have only been on this blog for a couple of months, and while it is ostensibly to “discuss the 9 clues,” in large part it is has become the “failed trip blog.” It’s a blog for people to come on, say they know where it is hidden, go on trips, take pictures, come back and post pictures of their trip where they didn’t find the chest that they knew where it was hidden.

      It’s becoming quite ridiculous really, but it’s like a train crash, I just can’t take my eyes off it. Of one thing I am certain, based on projection of historical data into the future: If you come on this blog, claim to know exactly where it is, and go out on a trip to find it, you won’t find it. So please don’t spend that money unless you were saving it for a nice trip to the mountains, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

    • its an interesting question really. people who may be spending money they shouldn’t, can’t really afford or don’t have so they talk someone else into parting with theirs. I am in this camp. there are some similarities to gambling. its taking a risk. history is littered with these stories. there are some success stories, people who stepped out, invested beyond what would be practical, took a big risk and it worked out for them. people don’t generally look at these people in history and say, wow, what a problem they had, a weakness for bad judgement, doing somehting they shouldn’t have … no its usually the opposite, these people’s stories are inspirational. However many more people have taken similar risks chasing the dream, and when it comes up naught, the boo birds are aplenty, ready to pile on and criticize. it’s easy to do, too easy i think, and the chorus sings along, yes you’re right. people need to be practical, we have people’s best interests in mind, just trying to say what’s right and protect those who may not know better….. and it all makes sense of course, but ive always been one who is outside of that box.

      • How many kids did you know who wanted to be rock stars when they grow up?

        How many kids did you know growing up who became rock stars?

        The ridiculously large odds are against you. You cannot escape the box of probability.

      • I would argue what is “too easy” is coming on here and claiming you know where it is. I therefore created a new rule for myself: anyone who does it, is wrong. This is a good rule, and it’s going to be right 100% of the time.

        • You are right on, Mike. And to Chris Yates: I’m not trying to be a downer or criticize those people who are trying or those who take risks. Just keep things in perspective.

          Here is an example of how insidious that poem can be and to those people who just “know” they have figured it out. I live in Southern california and have no interest in trying to look for the treasure. (but I don’t have any problem sharing my ideas of what the clues might mean). Anyways, I know the treasure is not anywhere near hear, but just for fun I tried to figure it out as if FF had said the treasure is in California. Here is what I came up with:

          There are a couple of hot springs in the hills above Los Angeles. They emptied (or did) into a canyon. Nearby there is the Brown House (a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) It overlooks Vermont Canyon. Traveling down Vermont canyon you can see the Griffith Park Observatory a little ways away (not far, but too far too walk). I haven’t been there in years, but it used to have an eternal flame outside dedicated to science or something. Tho GPO is on a hill so It would be easy to go to the “blaze” and look quickly down. That is as far as I got, but you can see how easy it would be to interpret the poem to fit.

          Happy and safe hunting, everyone.

      • Chris Yates,
        boo birds.
        Did you read my previous post?
        Do you really think you were the first to come up with this?

    • I’m the one from Illinois…they don’t make a pill to help me…but at least it’s a 99% happy addiction. I really never had one before that I couldn’t beat till now. Nothing has challenged my mind like this. Thought of a new Thrill of the Chase product idea. If anyone has seen my blog or saw where Dal and I were making up funny product ideas to sell in order to fund our TOTC’s a new one. So I’m thinking of a new perfume….Scent of Fenn Searcher….would be a musky sort of smell. Think it would do well? Would keep bears, snakes, and small children away while searching. It would be produced from the finest searchers around after an 8 hour hike in 100+ heat while hiking only up in altitude.

      • Hi Stephanie. A “fen” is a bog. Good luck trying to market a bog-scented cologne. Hey, it might work!

        • Thank goodness it doesn’t really apply to Forrest…I’ve been in his presence and I believe he smells pretty good. I have been in my own presence after a search like that though…and let’s just say, you don’t want to meet me on the trail. I think I offended a small chipmunk last outing. I didn’t know they could hold their nose…ok that really made me laugh…..

      • Stephanie you really need to work on your marketing…why don’t you call it “Scent of Gold”–you’d get a LOT more sales.

        • LOL Now that’s good marketing skills YOU have CO…How many people take the time to get refunds after buying something? Just thinking once they realize you don’t smell like a million bucks…they won’t want to use it lol. But maybe only 10% will ask for their money back…the rest will throw it in the trash on top of their Time magazine and books they don’t want to finish.

        • Stephanie, I also think its a great idea to market some of your ideas. The perfume though might be given more to people as one of those gag gifts you get from office parties and such, but the perfume name CO came up with is great and you can have a small message that goes along with it. “The Scent of Gold, smells musty as mold, its collected right off of a sweater. but while you’re out searching, it keeps others lurching, and makes finding that Gold so much better. Ok, sorry…I need a break from all these posts on here…its going to be one of those days, 🙂

          • Oh I love that Mike. I’m going to save it so if I have time to make a product graphic for it, that I can add that. You guys are awesome.

        • Hey Stephanie, Make the perfume bottle look just like Forrest’s treasure chest! It doesn’t matter what it smells like, people will buy it for the box.

      • Stephanie step back from the keyboard. You are becoming highfennated.The fumes are intoxicating and addictive! Just say no!

        • You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve quit the Chase…Forrest and Dal don’t even believe me anymore when I say it…I’ve even begged Dal to beg Forrest even to tell me to stop. They are terrible enablers of this addiction.

    • @skeptic40
      Good advice………..But if it weren’t for folks that frivolously waste their money Las Vegas wouldn’t exist. The old saying about fools and their money is very true. Fenn is a horse trader and a master of relieving folks of their money……..You’ve got to admire a guy that can buy forgeries (and inform his clients of such) and by the time Fenn is done talking have rich folks falling all over themselves throwing money at him to buy them.

      Get rich quick schemes work very well…….folks will work twice as hard to waste their money than they will to earn it……I tutor college math students when time allows and have been especially successful with improving the grades of statistics students. In California you can download every winning lottery number that has ever occurred, which yields a lot of data. Through some very complex statistical analysis we should be able to predict the next winning lottery numbers… about focused students, it’s hilarious.

      • Speaking of the lottery…how many are playing Powerball tonight in hopes they win and are able to fund their Chase trips? *slowly raising hand*

          • I still plan on responding to your email….but if anyone wins powerball…they should consider me a charity case and fund my trips…K? lol

        • I bought 1 ticket. I already decided, if I win 300M, then I’m adding some more chest to the Chase. And with this book and poem, I can put them anywhere in the Rockies and the solution works. lol.

    • Beautifully stated…ff intends this chase to go on for a long time, you are foolish to think attrition will put you on the chest one day….Solve it, fall in love with your solution, take a trip or two….Move on with your life and re-visit the poem and resolve it once again, next year take a trip….and so on. You’ve got plenty of time. As ff stated, “It’s a goodun!”

  22. I’m just curious,when trying to figure out “below” the HOB, what are you using to mean below… under, south of, at a lower altitude, lower latitude line?? I know there can be many meanings, but now I am wondering if below is referring to a latitude. Thanks for any input!!!!

      • Maybe Not.:-) Let’s say a river flows North, then “below” where you “put in” at some place, maybe called “Brown’s landing”, would be North, right?

        • CJ
          I didn’t think about direction of water flow. It would still be north of where you started but it would be “below” the HOB. I don’t even know what direction to “take it in the canyon down” is at this point. I agree that I would probably go with the direction of flow once I had my WWWH.

      • @inthechaseto———Remember the poem has to stand the test of time. Will there be a Brown living in that house in a thousand years? Will there even be a record of it? I would look for a Brown that has been around for a couple hundred years, and will likely still be around for several hundred more.

      • Be careful with your choice of words. The poem says, “home of Brown,” not house of Brown. Fish have a home, but not a house. So do birds, frogs, dragonflies, and every other imaginable wild creature.

  23. When does a valley become a canyon,,,,is it a height thing,,,a vertical drop thing?
    Can a valley deep enough be a canyon?

    • CDN check it on wiki , think t is territorial , some places they are called canyons, other place gorges and other places valleys. I think because the Spanish arrived in the west first they are known as canyons there

      • Armany , I don’t know if you saw my previous about not seeing you here for a while , I was just wondering if things are going better for you now?

        • Hi Ragnar, thanks for asking. All good out here. I quickly recovered from that temporary melt down lol. I have remained committed to the search, I just took a break to consider the whole thing on my own for awhile rather than reading the blog.

          I took a couple of short excursions up to Golden, CO and Cheyenne, WY to search. I did not find the chest, but the experience was fantastic! I am back in Santa Fe now and have decided just to search around here. I don’t have time for the travel anymore. “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak?” LOL

          Actually, all I have learned seems to bring me back here anyway. I am still on the search 🙂

          Thanks so much for asking, Ragnar. I hope all is going great for you too!

  24. What a great lesson this chase is. You learn history and geography. Keep in mind something else. Forrest Fenn went out and bought all the contents for considerably less than it is worth today. He wrote a book and donated the proceeds to cancer research and the book store. If he had made the same donation to Cancer as cash the book store would have received nothing and tourism would have been down from where it is today and no one would know about it. People would never see these places on their chases. And people doubt he hid the chest because they have not see it with their eyes. I would hope the government could learn from this. Throwing money at it is not always the solution. Just my opinion.

    Question for those who have been at it from the beginning. Did he release the poem and then release the rocky mountain clue later? or did he release them together?

    • “Mountains north of Santa Fe” is in the book.

      “Rocky Mountains” came later.

      “Never said it was in New Mexico – never said it isn’t either” came later.

  25. An Interesting consideration when your out searching for blazes. Ther are plenty of old Spanish treasures that are said to hide in the Rockies, especially in NM. The Spanish ALWAYS HAD A DEATH TRAP near the mine or treasure. Only if you understood their coded signs, rocks carvings etc could you avoid being killed. I came across this on another treasure site. Be careful out there 🙂 CHC

    • Hi COHC, I’ve heard those stories before, I think it’s nonsense, that people on treasure forums put out, to scare others off.

      • OK James, but when the ground opens up and you land in a pool filled with ill tempered sea bass with laser beams attached to their heads, you’re on your own. lol

  26. That would be my luck….running back to my vehicle with the chest and fall into a death trap

      • .
        I haven’t gotten that far. But I do know that I just spent an hour in a slugfest with Forrest, and he didn’t lift a finger (oh, the pain).

        If there is a solution, I believe it will allow one to (re) move the chest with confidence, sort of like driving to an address.

        But, keeping an open mind for now (and surprised at what I believe I have found, almost rejecting some of it at times), and that could include the C.R.

        • Astree – I totally agree one will drive there with confidence – having figured out “why” he chose that spot. Lots of research involved. History is fasinating to me.

  27. I know of Toledo
    But I will not tell
    Not where you think
    But hidden quite well
    Forrest may claim
    Was a joke intended to be
    But it is there
    As real as can be
    Perched near
    But yet afar
    Clues point a line
    From Toledo
    To a place
    Not searched thus far

    • Are you sure no one has searched those areas west of Toledo? I can reel off 8 areas west of a “Toledo” that I searched. I bet other searchers can name quite a few as well. Now if WEST means +/- 10 miles or more, then I might as well be searching the entire Rockies since there are so many Toledos.

      Hopefully, by June 1st, all roads and trails below 10,000 ft are open for the entire Rockies (and YNP) and we can end the whole – “I know where the chest is” business. Anyone who says they know where it is and isn’t getting it right now is fooling themselves. If you are smart enough to have the poem figured out, then you are smart enough to get it now, even if the area has a little snow. The poem is very precise and it will lead to directly to the chest, even in the snow. I would name all the favorite spots west of Toledo, but I’ll stay the noble one. Why rain on anyone’s parade. (and no money sob stories, if you have it figured out, then you really do have it figured out and you would move with extreme confidence. Nothing would stand in your way, not even a Forest/Park Service lock on a gate)

      End of Line.

  28. One of the most fascinating things about this spot that Mr. Fenn has selected, is that it is remote enough that he believes that the treasure could be undisturbed for millennia… that’s several thousand years. But close enough to civilization, or a road, that he got there by vehicle (at least most of the way) and that treasure hunters have been within 500 feet. That’s a pretty interesting confluence of accessibility and concealment.

    • Not interesting to me as I cannot imagine what is going to disturb the Rocky Mountain areas if this millennia other than natural hazards or war. So much of the Rockies has foot traffic, recreation, etc. in the accessible areas. My spot has a bunch of activity…

      • Could be anything. 310 million people in this country. Lots of Sierra Club bush whackers out there. Not to mention natural resource development companies that are scouring above and below the surface of a lot of the most remote places in this country. Can anything go unfound for mellennia? The government has drones that can see with incredible detail down to the size of a fist. How long before they can accurately see below ground through other technology?
        Anyway, maybe I’m the only one that finds it fascinating how something can be so remotely hidden, yet so close to civalization at the same time. Or maybe calling some unknown ‘road’ someplace, civilazation, is a stretch?

          • Yes I totally believe it’s him. You can see in the way he writes. He must have done some special government work after his retirement which is what I’m assuming. It doesn’t seem logical that someone can do so many neat things in their lives.

        • I should have done a little more research before posting the Black Bird story. The story was written by another war hero named Brian Shul. Sorry for getting anyone’s feathers ruffled : ).

    • I just read that. Thanks for the link, JJ. Unless there is another Forrest Fenn, there seem to be many errors as far as dates are concerned. (No, I don’t think there are any clues in the article, just odd). Waaaayyyyy off in the years mentioned about his age especially. Can’t be the same FF

      • Alexander, dearheart our government doesnt announce their secret defense projects. Dont think it couldnt happen, I live in a special weapons state. You would be suprised what could have happened.

    • Can’t be him. Graduating high school in 1966 would make him 36 or 37. Revel plastic models most likely didn’t exist when he was 10 in 1939/1940. I don’t think the plastics revolution had occurred yet.

  29. I dug up a few other articles, when i get a chance i’ll post them. If i remember correctly the age cutoff was 40 something for the military unless they made an exception. I know some of the pilots/astronauts who flew the SR-71 were up there in age.

  30. I am wondering…when Fenn says that the finder will walk in with confidence, does he mean that it will be an internal feeling? Or does he mean perhaps that they will need to be accompanied by a doctor, a lawyer, a psychotherapist, a priest, or a con artist? Or some combination? I guess in many instances lots of these other people can be one and the same. Has anybody else thought of this too? LOL

    • Armany if it’s in where my first theory took me you’ll need a guide lol and possibly some oxygen. I thought about posting it but i didn’t want ppl thinking i was nuts.

    • He means the nine clues in the poem, when correctly decoded, lead unambiguously to a single place.

  31. The other interesting thing was the joke attached to that story sure looks like it was wrote by a man from Texas . Your right Alexander i wouldn’t consider it any type of clue but it would sure give some insight to who f is. The success he has had in his life i wouldn’t be surprised if it was him.

    • I asked Forrest about that story a year or so ago. He said he never flew the SR-71.
      Just to be sure I asked him again a few minutes ago. His Reply:
      Dal, that story was not written by me and I have never flown the 71. I forwarded that story to someone and somehow my name got on it as the author. Not true. Will you announce that please. f

      • @Dal,
        So he says…..That’s because his super secret buddies flying the new SR-91 Auroras are keeping tabs on the chest for him…..He probably beams over to area 51 a couple times a week to have a beer with them. 😯

        Sorry, couldn’t help myself……..That sounds as plausible as some stuff I read here.

      • Dal, have you heard anything else about the group from Utah who thought they had it figured out?

        • Good question. FF’s response about them at the time seemed pretty dismissive.

        • Ragnar-
          Nope. I think that might be good news for the rest of us. We should call the TV station where that story came from and tell them we want a follow-up..

      • I’m not questioning the man but i can understand why he would deny ever writing that. I signed the form once i was debriefed and discharged. Much of my Air Force career was spent working in area’s classified Top Secret/Secret. I just find it odd to have your name attached to something that was written in 2008 and was never corrected other than the fact that it doesn’t effect you one bit. I’m blaming the internet lol.

  32. I went and made a blog that is mainly for the stories from people out looking for the chest. So if you have a story and are brave enough to share it I’ll be glad to put it up with or without comments allowed. Some of mine are there now and im new to this blog thing so bear with me.
    Just click on my name…..thanks Dal

  33. if anyone has replied to in last several hours to my comments i have not seen them, getting ready for the trip

    and now I am leaving

    i bid you all a fond farewell my fellow searchers

    i shall not speak to you again until i have at last looked quickly down my quest cease

    • Can’t say I’m going to miss your sanctimonious bluster…I would put the odds at you finding the chest at about 100,000 to 1, unless you are a mudder with a fast close. I don’t believe you have ever run this distance, so you are probably overmatched…I know you know what I mean. If you don’t find the treasure, could you at least come back contrite and a little bit humble?

      • No no no Scott C. He should come back the same way. It’s more entertaining.

  34. So under one interpretation of the “in the wood” clue, it would be in a cask. (see previous quote from dictionary giving example of wine aged “in the wood”). And given I like Firehole River area in YNP (per Dal’s essay I read and first loves die hard), I’ll would tell the pilot using FLIR to look for a signature of a temperature differential associated with coins in a round cask under cold water. (If you find the pilot, I’ll ask FLIR Systems to donate for PR — such as they got with the photo of the young man hiding in a boat in Boston.)

    Now my infrared suggestion was based on coins absorbing heat during the day and with a drop at night of temperature on some nights … there being a differential in temperature. Someone astutely asked whether I imagined it working under water. Query whether there is, in fact, a differential already in temperature between flowing water and coins inside a chest inside a cask.

    Here is historic photo of a picture of a man lowering a cask into the East Fork of the Lamar River. I am unfamiliar with the effect of water on wood but consider a heavy cask being encrusted with things that causes to last all these years — just as they find old sunken wooden ships. Picture Forrest finding it one day and saying “cool!” I had imagined him finding his own private mudhole or abandoned geyser but I now favor a cask — due both to the “in the wood” clue and the fact that I’m too scared to go into the woods.

    A man lowers a cask from a small wooden pier into the East Fork of the Yellowstone River (Lamar River) in Yellowstone NationalPark, Wyoming.

    • DXer – How much does a “cask” weigh? How cumbersome would it have been to carry? FF said he made 2 trips. I assume one carrying the chest (20 lbs) & the other trip carrying the treasure (22 lbs). How would he have managed a “cask”?

      • Under the speculation, he found it there. I don’t mean to suggest he would bring the cask. I believe it was Dal who pointed out that 21 lbs — is about right for a man FF”s age to have carried. For say, about to 1/8 mi. So I believe the two trips would be needed just to deliver the chest.

        For some bodies of water, there are maps of things on the bottom. There is sophisticated — perhaps based on sonar. I haven’t had my coffee so I don’t recall. In YNP, boats and relic hunting are not allowed so that sort of mapping is not allowed.

        I am not a pilot and don’t know about such things but a commercial pilot has mentioned that there is no NOTAMS — or prohibition for flying over YNP. The pilot though would be sure to comply with all height and other restrictions. With drones, the height restrict is a maximum — under FAA regulations you can’t fly over 300 feet or near people or structures.

        One would need to consider whether current prohibitions against metal detecting apply to an infrared camera. (I have no idea). At the end of the day, it’s just picture-taking — and looking for something your friend left at the park.

      • If it were in a cask (“in the wood”), I don’t see that it would need to be under some evergreen plantings. The entire cleverness of the clue would be that it is not in the woods, yet it would be “in the wood”.

  35. Ok Stance Brooks. It’s been 24+ hours. Unveil the fruits from your journey 🙂 Personally, I do believe you’re on the right track and I would not be surprised if the bronze chest is in your grip My only request – out of respect to the many treasure hunters, like yourself, who’ve invested significant time (and $$) in this quest – is that if you do discover Fenn’s treasure, please alert the bloggers as many are likely stretching their personal limits to stay in the chase.

  36. Very interesting – someone like you might find this. FF would’t do this as he wants nobody getting hurt on his hunt. Now, as for the infer-red – that coins would stay the temp of the water – so good luck with that. I really think FF would think about that and take measures so that would not happen. He could find that out with one phone call. Hm— I wonder if rocks would prevent that. Well now I have to go make a phone call. Best of luck to you.

  37. JD – SHUT UP!!! If you are going to speak such nonsense to Armany, at least spell the name correctly. What makes all you big-mouth people just keep on & on & on saying you know where the treasure is. You don’t know any more than a goat where it is.

    Your posting is not factual. Halt is temporary ceasing. Temporary! Brown could be a fish to FF. There is no way you could know whether or not the poem leads you to a location so it’s only your opinion. Go get the treasure & quit taking up space on this blog. Evidently the search is over for you because you have it solved. So GO already!

    • Noun
      halt (plural halts)
      A cessation, either temporary or permanent.
      The contract negotiations put a halt to operations.
      A minor railway station (usually unstaffed) in the United Kingdom.
      The halt itself never achieved much importance, even with workers coming to and from the adjacent works.

      • @ inthechaseto, I take it you forgot to take your medicine today. Why would you want someone to drown? sounds like a self issue to me.

        • JD, i stated to someone here , that i would not post here again, because i did not want to play this game anymore, i did not say from time to time i wouldnt be looking in every once in awhile, you sir, are not a man ,any true man ,with class i might add would not insult a women …….you are a cad ,with a small mind sc

        • I tell you why – No one here likes a braggert like you – We are sick and tired of newbies like you, coming on here and saying they know where the treasure is. You “might” know where the treasure is but most likely not. Your mother should have taught you some manners.

      • I DID almost drown in July of 2002 INTHECHASETO and I can tell you it’s not fun at all!! Especially when a truck sits and watches you and then drives away leaving you for dead to fend for yourself calling out to God for help,so please choose your words more carefully this blog of DAL’s is no place for petty insolence and a mean hearted spirit. 🙂

  38. Here’s the thing you guys. Just like a lot of people following this blog, I have worked hard to interpret Fenn’s poem and I have searched a lot too. I have been out searching in New Mexico (North of Santa Fe) and also a couple of short trips to Colorado and Wyoming. Of course the chest is quite small and the search area vast. I could have easily missed it or just been looking in the wrong place to start with. All of my searches have been carefully selected based on my interpretation of the poem which I think has become more accurate over time. So it could still be found in an area that I searched or another place. I think there are really good possibilities in Southern Colorado too.

    I really don’t think I will travel again to search for the chest unless I have some wild revelation that is just too compelling not to check out. Honestly, I just don’t have the time to devote to the search (hiking and road trips) anymore. But, I still love lately I am searching close to home here in Santa Fe. Doubtful I will find it since I’m not going North…or not far North if I do. But, it’s still fun just looking around and learning more about the city where I live. I have found some cool possible solutions, so who knows?

    I do believe though that the location of the chest can be found only through the interpretation of the poem. I don’t think searchers with fancy equipment and solutions will be the ones to find it. Those are just my thoughts and feelings. Ultimately everything will come together at the location where it is finally found…wherever that might be.

    • Armany – you are a very good writer – you should go post your trips at the new blog = desperato88. It’s made just for that. Keep your chin up – we’re all in the same boat. It’s posted above this. I too don’t think any equpment will find it.

    • Armany-
      In my unrequested opinion I hope you do look more. I think you’ll be thinking about the poem. You will have an aaha moment. The light will turn on and off you’ll go..
      I’d say that for myself but I think my light is burned out 🙂

  39. In the wood means in a wine cask? Have you read anything about Forrest at all? He’s a teetotaler, except a few beers with the lawyer lady. On the one hand, I wish he was a drinker because he would have some incredible drinking stories. On the other, I’m glad he isn’t because adventurous boozers don’t live long enough to amass a fortune to hide in the mountains.

    • Hi tomwhat.

      I don’t know anything much about Forrest besides that he is folksy, witty, a great promoter, and has been reported to stock fine wines. He won me over when he wrote to tell me not to believe everything I say.

      • June 09, 1986

      Rivals Scorn His Santa Fe Gallery, but Forrest Fenn Baskets the Cash By Brenda Eady

      Following that principle, Fenn tucked his showrooms off Santa Fe’s main strip and enclosed them behind 11-foot-high adobe-and-stone walls. In addition to the pond, the elegant grounds feature a garden, exotic birds and three guest houses. One of them, attached to the gallery, is stocked with volumes of books, fine wines and $1 million in art. When the rich visit Santa Fe, Fenn scoops them up at the airport in his limo and lodges them free of charge in one of the houses. Jackie Onassis, former President Ford and Cher are among those who have been pampered with catered meals, a Jacuzzi, steam room and a masseuse. Many, notably Steve Martin, have also bought art.

        • Dear Father God,

          I pray that you give all the chasers strength and peace during this hunt for FF’s treasure.
          I pray that you bless them with the true tangible treasures that sometimes in our busy lives that even they overlook or miss out on.

          I bless them and their families, I pray that you keep them safe and out of trouble and give them Wisdom in their favorite spots.
          I pray that you provide for their needs so that none come to lack while out searching.

          I thank you for your everlasting love for each and everyone of us, In Jesus Name, Amen. 🙂
          Take care all and May God richly bless you with perhaps this HUGE treasure and many more besides., Kym

        • @Kym,
          Thanks for the prayer… we are heading out June 1st. Just a safe and wondrous trip and a prayer is all I need. A chest would be nice, but not required.

  40. Toledo is on the map
    But not just any map
    As much as I would like to share
    I have yet to make my way there
    It is a cagey clue
    If indeed Forrest knew
    And should it be true
    Many wanderings
    Will be through

      • Toledo
        Be it a city or a name
        Is a point from which
        Forrest made a claim
        Whether true or not
        It narrows the game
        To one state of which
        The Treasure still remains
        The 9 clues do align
        From this place as well
        That is still the part
        I am working on
        Time will tell

    • YW Steph and Wish, I may not be capable of much and mess up in life a lot lol, but I can pray 🙂

  41. Isn’t the treasure chest lined with wood? My interpretation has from the beginning been that ‘in the wood’ meant you had the lid of the chest open. It’s one of the few things in the riddle that didn’t feel multi-layered to me. Any other thoughts on the ‘wood lining of the chest’ from anyone? (my apologies if this has already been discussed)

    • Zuni-
      No useful ideas except that it was/is common to line a metal chest with wood so that whatever you put inside (in this case a bible perhaps) would not get stained from the oxidizing metal. And we know today that often two differing metals can cause a reaction that damages one or both of the metals. I don’t think Forrest put that wood in the box. I think it was there when he purchased the chest. I still think “In the wood” means in the outdoors…

    • pg 126 of the book shows the chest open, and reflections on two inside walls, and the inside lid, of the chest. I don’t believe that’s wood, due to the reflection. It does look like all parts could be “inserts” of some kind though, so it is possible it is just glossy/lacquered wood.

      • Thanks, Dal, and chaseanagrams …how is it possible that I’m having so much fun not knowing, well, pretty much anything?! I do think it’s lined with wood and I’ve seen mahogany gleam like the pic on pg.126. On the other hand I’m now back to considering the outdoors. ;o)

        • Hi Zuni, Haven’t seen much posted by you. I haven’t posted because I am still learning. But, I may be getting close to having something to share.
          Have you been out searching lately? Will you be going again?

        • @Bob…Hi! I don’t post very often because I don’t think I’ve got much to offer at this point. Spent most of my time noodling with alternative word meanings and finding alot of relationship to my interpretation of what I consider to be the clues. I haven’t been out searching and don’t know if I will. My husband and I are planning a 2wk. camping trip to Utah and points between here (NM) and there but really are camping not hunting. Taking our 2 Grt. Pyrs camping for the first time…think we’ll have enough on our hands just keeping track of them. I started studying the riddle in April and so far have a place in CO and also in NM…but they are huge areas that I haven’t been able to narrow down even though the CO one seems to have everything but the blaze plus stories from the book, pics I’ve seen, and some rather random coincidences. Wish you good luck on your search when you go, Bob.

  42. When fenn started this how was it brought about. As in did he tell someone and then they told someone and then on down? Or was there a town meeting, or did he go to the news, is there a riddle club in santa fe and surrounding areas?

    • Forrest has friends who are journalists in NM. The Santa Fe New Mexican did a story. Then the Albuquerque paper. Then the shopping news papers. Then Lorene Mills had Forrest on her TV show. This all happened within the first few months. He credits Irene Rawlings from Denver with being the person who took the story out of New Mexico. She knew Margie Goldsmith who wrote the Huffington Post stories. But it was very slow going even after the Newsweek story. The Hemispheres Magazine story was the first “big” break which led to dozens of TV show requests, Newspaper requests and radio interviews all over the world. It also eventually led to the Today Show piece. The Hemispheres story…also written by Margie Goldsmith just came out last January. So the story took over two years to catch on…

    • “Sooner or later each of us will be nothing but the leftover of history or an asterisk in a book that was never written.” Stance did you discover the blaze?

  43. Who was on hops along cassidy this evening that thought theybwere sly and got there flash light shut off before somone noticed them? Was it fenn checking to make sure it was still there

  44. Its easier at night to c the earth as whole in one as the nights breaking outline than it is during the day when everything
    Has its own sway.

  45. Sorry for all the ? S this evening but has anyone else been out and about on a rd and thought maybe there was a morse code message being displayed through circular reflectors on theside of the rd and the dashes being the pass dashes to the formula along with a couple other signs? Sorry if im giving someones back bone to this up but it is wat it is.

      • Oh ya, its just i havent exercised my brain in a long time, always one of those guys getting by with just getting by bc it was good enough. Then my buddy told me about this and ive realized how fun And interesting it is to be challenged by a man from a differnt time different way of growing up and so on.

  46. Anybody – “As I have gone alone in there” – in there where? “In” where? FF went “in” something or “in” someplace, right? A building, a garden, a wooded area, a river – what? What did FF go alone “in”? Is that where he left the treasure chest? Is that location the end of the Chase or is it the beginning of the clues? Did he then go “where warm waters halt”, then “canyon down”, & “below home of Brown”? I think he must have been at the end location, but … not sure. Help!

  47. The Federal Government has put its considerable resources on the solution to Fenn’s Poem. In mid March President Obama signed the Rio Grande National Monument into being. Is this a coincidence or staking a claim to the hidden treasure? You know of course that State and Federal agencies and agents have resources you and I don’t have at our disposal. Are the FEDs betting on a NM solution?

  48. Another revelation last night…Perhaps the chest is hidden inside a large standing dead tree. WWWH would be the tree itself, ATIITCD would be the hollow trunk. NFBTFTW means you need a knotted rope to climb up to the entrance, which would be like a kiva, door on top, ladder needed to go in there, and pull the ladder up to be secure…ff could climb up, pull up the rope, climb down, and RIP “forever”. HOB would become more of a location clue. A work in progress….But he would be in the wood, buried standing up, In there, etc.

    • If you tweak the tree theory a bit the heavy loads and water high fits if you consider the water intake and the release of that water through the leaves. I was surprised when i read about the amount of water a tree takes in and releases in a day, a full grown tree that is.

      • But Dal also told me that Forrest then said, “but if you go out far enough, everything is surrounded by trees” or something very close to that.

      • If it was hollow all the way to the ground, it would not be “in the tree” but surrounded by it…outside the box my friends…

        • Mike D, The only problem I see with that is that I have never seen a tree that would fit your description. I have spent my whole life hunting, hiking, camping, biking and running through deserts, mountains and forests. The only truly hollowed out tress I’ve seen were after a fire, and they were only charred stumps barely chest high. I’ve never come across one you could climb down into. JMHO.

    • Interesting find treasureking. The statement made in the book puts the bells 3 ft or more in the ground and out of reach of most metal detectors. It leads me to believe that if it’s buried a metal detector will be of no use. On the other hand it could be someone playing a mean joke. Definately worth more time.

    • I wonder if at one time it was a geocache site? I dont think Forrest would do that, he talks of the Rosetta Stone….he just would make a billboard like that.

      • At first, I dismissed this with the same reasoning.

        However, 3 things occurred to me:

        1. What a strange coincidence that I followed my solution to this tree?
        2. Why would some random person carve this message (in the middle of the forest) – most carvings I have seen are initials and dates, etc?
        3. When compared to other date carvings around the same area, this appears to be about 5 to 10 years old – which may be when Fenn would have carved this message.

    • Thrilltreasureking – Using Bing search I looked up blazed trees. There were pictures of trees similar to yours – shovel blazes & arrows pointing. Great find & we cannot discount anything in this Chase. Was your tree in a highly traveled area or off the beaten path?

      • Nice catch. Now that I look at it more closely, I do see the same line that makes up the lowercase “a”, and it aligns with the arrow’s lines. Interesting indeed. However, I must be too dense to see how it can relate to “down your A” on the poem.

  49. Dal, I very much enjoyed the continuation of your story. Looking forward to reading and watching the rest…

  50. another little tidbit…Put in below the home of Brown could be solve using the resistor idea. FF talked about how he learned about how to ID a resistor value in ohms (omega symbols). depending on its location, Brown has a value of 1 or 10…Red is below brown, and has a value of 2 or 20…and just for fun…If you put “IN” below the home of Brown=1 it looks like this…
    IN or, 09…any takers?

  51. So my coordinate solution would be 37 degrees N Latitude, -109 degrees which happens to be the four corners area…I know, I know. Outside the Rockies, but only the Geographic definition of the Rockies…Perhaps ff has his own definition. Not alot of trres to choose from in that neck of the wood though, so its one or the other, but probably neither…lol

  52. Can anyone tell me why some people believe the chest to be in a graveyard or near graveyard.

    • I know the new clue says not in a graveyard but what clues lead someone in this direction

      • Illinoisghost
        I thought of HOB to be a graveyard because when you are buried and surrounded by dirt, your “final” home is brown. But I didn’t think the chest was there, it is somewhere to “put in below” a certain graveyard. I did find a Brown Cemetery in CO and a grave of Bessie Brown, (which Bessie was his cow’s name)

    • Because Forrest eludes to meek being a cemetery…when I was looking in one, I was using the names of the people or images on their gravestones to work with the poem. I thought maybe he had a gravestone already in place with a hidden door or something that would have held it since he talked about the bronzes having a special lid on them and how he had to teach Tommy Hicks at Shidoni how to do that. So I thought maybe there was some sort of lid or door.

      • My top location has a graveyard nearby but not right in the direct search area. The poem got me right to an f blaze and then to a few indian ruins. Near the ruins was a metal ohm shaped bracket pinned to the ground under a few rocks. I will probably make a third trip there to search some more even though it feels like a combed thru the area really well. The location itself is maybe1/2 mile into the woods.This felt like a pretty good find for my 1st trip and the clues from the poem matched perfectly. Too bad it’s such a long way to go to get there…CHC

      • The Viet Nam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire has a soldier listed having fallen with Dave Westfall, whose name happens to be Brown.

      • Where does he allude to meek being a cemetary? IMO, meek indicates a certain area which does contain a cemetary, but I’ve never heard of Forrest commenting on this.

        • He never used the word meek with cemetery…I think he did elude to it being a scary place though…so your not meek if your going to one in the dark.

        • Stephani – A scary place? What are you saying? Did FF allude to the treasure being hidden in a scary place? When?

          • No he never said it was a scary place…his memoir just mentions cemetery and that’s one of the only places I’ve seen in his memoir that would be no place for the meek.

        • Oh but no Stephanie – my meek cam from a clue in his memoir and was not a cemetery.

    • “No place for the meek..” In the book he tells stories of sitting on grave stones and thinking. He walks through the graveyard late at night to go where the gypsies are dancing . Meek could mean hesitant or unconfident or it could refer to a god fearer.

    • There is a story by Forrest in his blog that talks about an experience he had while out with a friend when he stumbled on a grave stone hidden in the grass. He talks about the inscription on the stone, how impactful it was for him and how he considered how people want to be and should be remembered in death.

      It’s been awhile since I read the story, so I’m not sure if I have it totally right. It’s a great story though.

      • I’m surprised no one has mentioned that he first says the grave marker was aluminum and then he says it was stone. What could that mean? Nothing, something, anything?

        • @Steph
          The aluminum grave markers were upright and covered the field. He tripped over a stone marker that had fallen over……that was the one with the inscription. He returned it face down like he found it.

          Is the chest under a rock with an inscription?

        • @Steph
          No not two markers…….he was walking back to the helicopter and tripped over the stone marker……that’s when he noticed the aluminum one, and looked around and seen several more aluminum markers……..they had inadvertently discovered a graveyard.

          • Oh I’ll have to read that again…thanks for clearing it up…could have swore it was two different for the same guy. It is interesting it was in English.

        • Stephanie, I have noticed that too. I have also noticed that people on here latch onto the idea that it is one or the other. I have a hard time finding clues or even wanting to believe there are many clues in his War chapter. It seems too personal and serious, almost sacred for some reason. However, this one piece of information seems key to me.

        • @Stu
          Are we reading two different versions of the story……Fenn trips over the stone marker and sees the aluminum markers. The stone marker is the one with the inscription he quotes…….Here’s the excerpts from the story.

          I tripped over something and fell flat on my face. That never happens to me. Then, when I started to push myself up, I came nose-to nose with a rude aluminum grave marker. How strange and out of place it seemed.

          I could barely read the dirty nameplate, but did make out the name of a French soldier. Then suddenly we saw more grave markers. The more we looked, the more we found. These soldiers had evidently been killed during the French Indochina war in 1947. But I had tripped over a crudely made stone grave marker that had fallen face down in the grass.

      • The inscription was incorrect, it should have read, “forgive a sinner and wink at a homely girl.” He said it was , “smile at a homely girl.”

  53. Did anyone else see that an entire verse of one of the writings ff used in his book was missing when compared to the my war for me story published years before? That verse talks about a hidden door, or a secret “vale”….Interesting that he chose to omit that verse from his book…could be an unintended clue?

  54. There was the Door to which I found no Key;
    There was the Veil through which I may not see:
    Some little talk a while of Me and Thee
    There was – and then no more of Thee and Me.

  55. “Today’s the day”

    The determined treasure hunter constantly faces the conflicting human emotions of Hope and Disappoinment, and must keep these in check to continue.

    The story of Mel Fisher and the Atocha may be of interest to those sorting through the clues. Mel searched for 16 years and ended up in a court battle, to keep what he finally found.

    Of course, having a Margarita clsoe by didn’t hurt, either. 🙂

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, (1:21)


  56. Good morning all 🙂 I am up early and ready to get an early start to my searching today. What an honor and privilege it has been to participate in this treasure hunt. Since I don’t think Fenn did this with the intention just to make one smart person rich necessarily; if I am fortunate enough to find the chest, a good portion if not most will definitely be going to charity. In fact, I think it would be really cool if a gift like that were made from all of us as a group. So I am racing against the ones that would keep it all for themselves LOL.

    Anyway, it’s a new day. I’m off to see what I can find 🙂 I do not know where the chest is, but I do have some good ideas of where to start. I have a new HOB again lol. This will be my final one, I think. Have a great day everybody! 🙂

    • .
      Good morning, Armany Thursday.

      If you find it, what do you think about having a potato sack race against Forrest to see who keeps the torquoise bracelet ? Or better yet, open it up to all, sort of like an all day event. ( You could always cut some small discrete holes in the bottom of your sack for your feet ). 🙂

      Either way, best of luck and have fun,

    • Good luck to you. Most people looking for the treasure are looking for a way to help out people in their lives who could really use some help. Thats not greed, thats love.

      • I totally agree with you Azuredeb. My reason to search for the treasure is due to greed and love. I have 2 uncles that are greedy for money from the sale of my Grandmothers home. A home I might add was built for her parents as a wedding gift back in the late 1800’s and my Grandmother was born in the house in 1907 and died there at 102 yrs old. My Mother who has lived at this home for more than 30 years caring for my Grandmother was an incredible artist all her life but lost her eyesight a few years ago. My uncles want her gone from the house that my Grandmother told her she would have after her death. They are only wanting money and have no love for their sister(My Mother), so they continue to try bullying her to force her out. With no other way to buy them out, my option is to try to find a treasure to pay them their 3rd of the houses value so my Mother can live out the rest of her short years in the place she has always loved. Sorry this is so off track but YES there are some very special reasons why people are here trying to solve this chase. There is greed all over the world and that is a true shame…yet there is love as well and my reason to post this was only to show those greedy people that they should be thankful for what they already have and maybe try understanding and be a little nicer in the future. Some people have nothing left but a place they wish to call their own and to pray they dont lose that.

  57. Checking in…is there any other way to get emails other than posting like this?

  58. I have an item i found fishing last year that i stashed away. I had thought about taking it to the local historical society to get some opinions on it but opted not to in fear of them keeping it. Would anyone be interested in looking at a picture of it and gives me an opinion on whether it was man made or another wonder of mother nature ? I thought about getting f professional opinion but didn’t want to interrupt his busy life.

    • I’d be interested in seeing it too. Not sure if I can be of help but I have some resources….
      jenigirl4 at yahoo dot com

      • MS if your still around shoot me your address. Stephanie i took it in an had it looked at and they called it an oddity lol probably made an old hillbilly killing some time. Now if i can get my wife to let me hang it over the fireplace i’ll be set.

        • Well that’s good I guess…I hope they are right about it. Might want to take it to more than just one place to confirm that. It’s neat looking.

  59. Ever hear of the home of Brown called Las Vegas, NM? It happened to be the home of Hyman Neill, also known as Hoodoo Brown, a Dodge City Outlaw and erstwhile Justice of the Peace in Las Vegas, NM in1879. His gang included, among others, Dirty Dave Rudenbaugh and Mysterious Dave Mather. It was reported that Doc Holliday was there for a brief time. He was run out of town after a series of killings and was once reported to be living with Elizabeth Brown in Leadville, Co. In 2005 there was a popular Video Game called Hoodoo Brown which had deadly gunfights going on in Empire, NM. A fictional town, but there is Benchmark named Empire between Scully Peak and Mt. Baldy above Moreno Valley(Brown Valley). I so happens this is on the southern leg of the Enchanted Circle quite close to the town of Elizabethtown. This was a boom town in the late 1800’s with Copper, Gold and Silver mining. Some relics from that time remain and can be seen today.

    • I think I have seen it mentioned before, have you tried the search feature of the blog? It doesnt always bring up subjects, maybe its just that I havent figured out the finer points of using it. Sometimes I am more lucky by using google for the subjects.

  60. Why not make a new rule, IF you can’t stand the excitemnet and JUST have to tell us you know where its hid, THAT you must give your answer to wwwh and the state its in. Also if you post some GOOD info, start off with 5 *’s ie: ***** so we can skip the other junk

    • If someone feels the need to give away their ideas to the solution…I wish they would find a partner that might search for them and split it with them. Dal has a blog area for people willing to do this. I’d hate to see someone just give away the solution and it turn out to be correct and those who have worked hard on it…miss out to someone who just happens to be closest to that location.

      • I wish people would keep their solutions to themselves because it ruins it for others who may be on the same track……

      • I thought the point of this blog was for to discuss peoples ideas? Frankly makes me a little disappointed to see people telling others to keep it to themselves.Discussion doesnt necessarily mean you have to give away your location. Assuming because someone comes later to the chase and lives closer doesnt mean they arent working hard on finding it for themselves also. To try and silence their chances of finding it gives those who happened upon the chase first and benefitted from others discussion a big head start. The blog has limited capacity spacewise, the older posts are disappearing into cyberspace. So us newer people have already lost some of what you have been fortunate enough to glean for yourselves. Even if a person goes to your destination doesnt mean they covered every square inch of that place, its a huge country! Like Forrest said the person who truly finds it will walk with confidence in their knowledge of where this leads .

        • Good point. You realize how big the world is when you go out to a small search area and spend hours looking under every rock, crevice, creek, and piece of wood and then you ask yourself Y didn’t I narrow it down first.

        • @azuredeb
          I agree…..if someone wants to post their solution it should be fine. I’ve talked to several groups that are searching and they were surprisingly open about where they were going to look; and the deputies gave me very detailed description of where they looked; and Dal has posted some of his search details.

          What I have noticed from compiling all of these places is that everyone is searching in the same places…..Sometimes they arrive at the same place using different solutions.

          This is way more difficult than people think it is.

          • I agree with you Goofy let ’em post , many have done so and yet nada. I haven’t seen any eye opening post as far as location goes and I have seen locations posted on other blogs. After all there will be only one correct solution posted if that.

          • I’m afraid I’m with Stephanie and others on this. I don’t care how long you’ve been searching or how much money you’ve invested, I feel we are all equals in the Chase, Rather it’s more about respecting other peoples’ hard work and commitment. It seems there are two camps…one wants to find it on their own and one that wants as much help or “dangerous intel” as they can get their mitts on.

            Here’s my scenario (and it may sound selfish on my part, but not meant to be):

            I have just enough money to book a one-way train ticket west (which I did last night). I’ll have just enough cash left over for a night in a hotel and a little food. I’ll have to figure out how to survive out there until the 1st of June (about a week and a half) to be able to afford the ticket home. Hopefully a couple of things I threw up on eBay will sell in time. 😉

            Now let’s say that after I jump on the train for the 54+ hour trip (more than two days if you’re counting), someone posts a complete solution that is the same spot where I’m heading and someone who lives within an hour’s drive reads it, checks it out and finds it. Is that fair to me or others? What if after all that Yates had to go through to get under way, someone posts his location before he can get there after putting in his hard work and someone else snatches it whose only claim to fame is that they read the solution here?

            What if Forrest just got tired of watching us go nuts and revealed the exact location. Whoever gets there first, wins? Where’s the fun in that?

            I may be in the minority and sound selfish, but I think it may be the ones who want it solved for them who might be the selfish parties. Working out clues and sharing thoughts are quite different and probably lead to more confusion than help, but they aren’t the X on the map at least. JMHO

          • I don’t think your selfish and I admire your tenacity regarding your trip. As for myself I enjoy the blog and I’m ambivalent as to whether anyone posts a solution or not , mainly due to the fact that as of yet no one has posted anything of relevance otherwise it would have been recovered. It is quite possible that it has been recovered by someone who may not ever disclose despite what ff thinks. Any way there was a gentleman who posted his solution once that caused a rather large brouhaha , unbeknownst to many he had posted the exact same solution elsewhere a month earlier , therefore anyone who looks at other websites has an advantage of posted solutions over those who do not . Good luck, be safe and if you get stuck out there and need help returning post here and maybe we can help. BTW there are others looking to share expenses to search so you may want to research that, let me know if I can be of any help.

          • Thank you Ragnar. I was in a similar pickle on my last trip and Dal & Richard Saunier were incredibly helpful to me. They are men of great character and I believe that if I find myself in a bind while out there, I can reach out to the people here on the blog for advice.

          • Good luck ASuperT. Consider camping. There’s some good spots around as cheap as $5 a night and you may even find some free spots. Rent a car for $12 a day and do your thing. I find it more cost effective than using my own car out here, due to mileage and wear and tear. Don’t get your hopes up too high and consider the experience the treasure itself…If you find the chest is a bonus. Have fun and be safe. Let us know if you need anything. CHC

          • Thanks CO. Tent is packed and ready. I chose the spot (one of two choices I had come up with) because I think it will be more fun. This is my last vacation. You’re right about the chest being secondary to the experience. And Stephanie, don’t worry……I’m not moving with confidence so you can breathe easy! I have a hard time finding my own keys most days! 😉

          • And more than likely one of the professional treasure hunters will find the chest , and there philosophy precludes the use of blogs for info citing that it is more corrupting than beneficial.

        • Did I miss something? Did someone post a complete solution? Are we concerned with Estacado throwing out an idea about a HOB…something that has been done about a thousand times on this blog?

          • I think giving an idea here or there on a clue is one thing..especially when you’ve tried it out…but a free for all when people haven’t been able to go out into the wilderness and test their own research isn’t cool in my opinion. People I believe will start getting upset with each other. Forrest said in his memoir he wants to see people think.

          • This is for all the folks who want there to be rules of behavior for how I conduct my search for about $2 million bucks: just whining and sour grapes from people who don’t want others to give out much about their solution. The statistical odds of our all planning to hit the exact same spot — therefore giving an “unfair” advantage to those closest to the TC — are ludicrous. So it’s not about thinking we’re all going to converge on the same spot — it’s about jealousy and fear. Jealous of anyone who might be smarter, quicker, richer, closer, or more motivated that you are. Fear that you don’t have what it really takes to figure out what others’ hidden meanings might be. There’s something to be gleaned from EVERY little thing said here, only if it’s to discard what doesn’t work for you and assimilate what does work for you. Stop with trying to police how we act on this blog.

        • @Alexander Supertramp
          That’s fine…..and I respect how you feel. It’s a simple solution….simply don’t read the blogs. Actually if you are a purist, Fenn said it can be solved with the poem alone. Aren’t you giving yourself an “unfair” advantage by reading the book? I find the idea of a TMI (to much information) meter a little silly.

          On the other side of the coin if folks posted their solutions it may make you realize that your super genius spot may not be so good after all because lots of folks have already searched that area…….that could save you from wasting your hard earned money and limited amount of resources.

          • Thanks, Goofy. It’s all fair game out here. I don’t think anyone has an unfair advantage from the book, blog or elsewhere. I wouldn’t be bitter if someone derailed my search because they posted something, just disappoiinted. Personally, I really can’t draw much from the book. I get confused with too much info and trying to make round pegs fit into square holes. LOL

            I just wanted to elaborate on the opinions in a way. My spot is one of two that I came up with that probably make no real sense in reality, so definitely not super-duper. I can only get to one before my personal commitments at home take over for the rest of the year, so I had to pick one. One seems sort of logical and the other I just like for the scenery that’s there. I’m going with the latter.

            And I mainly read the blogs because I really enjoy the thought processes, stories and personalities here. It keeps me connected to the Chase in that way.

        • Scott C , i think HOB is a structure,maybe lets say an old bridge made of RR ties….enjoyed our conversation a few nights ago…….im outa the chase SC

        • There is a HUGE difference between IDEAS and SOLUTIONS. Its a matter of respect. I am not upset with anything that happened, I was just adding in my opinion. 🙂

        • @Alexander Supertramp
          You seem like a nice guy…….Hopefully you’re not wasting money foolishly. If you want to come out for sightseeing I can recommend many places that are breath taking and in my opinion everyone should see at least once in their life.

          I don’t want to seem harsh……but if you are coming knowing you don’t have enough resources or if the least little bad thing happens you are in a jam……it sounds to me like you are purposefully taking advantage of the kind hearted folks here, like Dal. Being in a jam is one thing, being a leach is another.

          • @Goofy

            You said:
            “I don’t want to seem harsh……but if you are coming knowing you don’t have enough resources or if the least little bad thing happens you are in a jam……it sounds to me like you are purposefully taking advantage of the kind hearted folks here, like Dal. Being in a jam is one thing, being a leach is another.”

            You misunderstood my meaning I think. I’m in a jam everyday in one sense or another, but I’m self reliant for the most part. If I don’t know something, I ask. I don’t know the area very well, but others are locals and can guide me or steer me the a direction to a campsite, for example. It’s not like I’m asking for money or permission to date their daughter. LOL I’m pretty well organized for this trip, but anything could happen. I’m not a doe-eyed dreamer like the true AlexanderSupertramp (RIP), but I thrive on challenges and I’m realistic.

      • good point Stephanie. I hope people would do that privately too. I think published solutions are a real drag because it robs people of the chance of figuring it out on their own. Also..Fenn said that we would all be surprised at the end. I would hate for that to be spoiled. I would like to see the final solution published on Forrest’s blog rather than read it here first since he’s the one who created the Chase in the first place.

        Discussing ideas is cool….publishing solutions not so cool in my opinion.

    • Sometimes I feel that way, like I’m ready to just give up and let everyone know where I was searching. Usually as soon as I return home, I get another little clue that adds to the possibility that I was in right location but just missed it. Even though I may never get a chance to go back, I would want others to figure it out on their own. Plus, I really don’t feel the need to prove I was right, by putting it out there and letting someone else go pick it up.

    • M just to let you know I’m on the New Mexico band wagon! Yeeeehaaw! I don’t know nothin else because everyone keeps confusing me so I can’t comply with your requirements. However I am waiting for the Uates Report and the Stance Brooks survey of the waterless solution. And next Monday JD may yell at us with his all caps tall tale of discovery.

    • Yo frank, “brave and in the wood” is mustering the nerve to ask a pretty girl for a date.

      • lol horatio im still shakeing with the thought of having to ask the brave has gone out of me

    • Seriously frank, I found two instances of “brave and in the wood” on my trip to YNP. First a large tree had fallen leaned against a smaller one at 45 degree angle. I searched under the fallen tree thinking it may fall to the ground at any moment, luckily it didn’t might have killed me. Second, “brave” could be Indian in the wood. I found an old Indian campsite in an aspen grove at Yankee Jim canyon.

      • horatio i dont think ill be going any where untill my son comes back from a tour over seas he is in the army i just want to be ready for when comes i was just having trouble with in the woods thanks for the help good talking to you

    • Hi, Frank. I’m much better at asking questions than answering them, but I’ll give this a shot. I have asked everyone about “brave” also because I don’t like the sound of that. No one seems to know why “brave”. However, “in the wood” is used to describe a group of aspen trees. It can mean “aged” too – as in cheese or wine or people.

      I’m still stuck at “in there”. I think that’s very important because FF had to have gone from one distinct area to another to hide the treasure. But what did he go “in”? He made a deliberate point of saying “in there”. I know this because then he had to leave the word “where” dangling at the end of the 3rd line to make it rhyme. I still think we’re missing the whole concept of the poem – not out in the wild – somewhere more civilized & accessable.

      • becky in my chase i found a large bolder in a hole about as big as a room of a house in the ground that is my in there but there are a lot of in there you just have to find yours

    • @frank

      Sorry I’m a little late on responding to this. I needed to filter through all the other discussions not about the nine clues. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll still see my post.

      Although not a specific answer to your “wood” question, this may help. One of my interpretations is that brave is not referring to being “in the wood,” but actually referring to the previous line about “worth the cold.” I see it as simply the expression “brave the cold” split poetically onto two lines.

      This is just one idea I had. If you like it, maybe it will help you detach “brave” from “wood” and help your thoughts on the meaning of “wood.”


      • rodan thanks i will work with it sounds good every little bit helps thanks for taking your time to help out

  61. Frank the logical answer to that is if you have the correct spot you’ll be in the woods surrounded by trees. My educated guess.

    • Is it that simple? Forrest came right out and said that it’s not IN a tree but it’s surrounded by trees. I think the poem clue may be at a deeper level than that.

  62. Does anyone know when FF first put out the book and poem? I know it was sometime in 2010 but was it early in the year or late? For someone who has the book, when was the publishing date?

    • Just says 2010 in the back of the book.. Maybe the publisher can give you more info on the exact date.

      One Horse Land & Cattle Company
      P.O. Box8174
      Santa Fe, NM 87504

  63. Just got home from a few days away at work.Great to be away from the internet completely.Of course I had to check in and see how everyone is doing.As I expected, things are the same.No treasure for nobody.I saw the latest opinions about the sharing of individual’s solutions to the poem.The shining point I see is that a lot of folks have busted their tails researching and learning as much as they can to try to interpret the lines of a very cryptic batch of words.Some have spent thousands traveling to and from areas that may or may not be the correct spot.My opinion is that to those people it seems unfair(and rightfully so).To others who have possibly done no travel or little research they may be using the blog to glean info or ideas w/out really doing the leg work.It is clear that solutions should be shared away from this sight or the area Dal has provided to those who can not travel and want to partner up.Let’s get it right and move on! Just my opinion…

  64. I’m interested in some opinions on the importance of “Flywater”. I just received a copy of the book via inter-library loan, which was much better than the $300 being asked on Amazon for used copies these days! Because of the chapter dedicated to Flywater in TTOTC I was convinced that the river/creek area where he hid the treasure would be a scene in this book. Well, my creek location was not mentioned in the book. I love my location and was ready to book my I’m having second thoughts. Any thoughts on Flywater in this regard? Anyone else have the same experience?

    • Ryan-
      There are a lot of folks who suspect that Flywater contains a hidden clue to the whereabouts of the chest. I am of the camp that does not believe there are any intended clues in that book. I don’t think it’s a red herring either. I think it’s a book Forrest enjoyed and wanted to share with readers. Anyone who enjoys fly fishing would like the book a lot. Hence Forrest’s interest. Although there are no clues in it I do think it helps solidify Forrest’s interest in fly fishing. It just compliments the fishing theme found throughout the book. Just my opinion. I am certain others will be happy to suggest that I wouldn’t know a clue if I sat on one.

      • Dal, I have read and studied both versions of this book now and I agree with you. They are great photo essays on some sweet waters that I have fished and would love to fish some day. However, I do believe that the chapter on the book does contain clues

      • Your right on this one Mr. Dal there is no clues in Flywater but it is a great book, I think it’s more of a token of bringing back some of the greatest memories Mr. Fenn had through his life, I too can see the appreciation a book like that can bring back to my memories also!

  65. How is it unfair to those who spend thousands if people research the book and clues at home before running off willey nilley hither and yon because they are afraid someone else will find it before them? Thats rediculous logic.We are all on the same quest, just approaching it from different places. The blog is about sharing ideas not about giving away everything you know.Im sure those same people complaining are also gathering informationfrom the blog but somehow its only supposed to be for their search, not anyone elses. They share after they strike out not before.

  66. Fenn’s purpose in putting this Chase together, had nothing to do with finding the treasure, as it had to do with people getting off their arses and out in the Real World. He has stated “get the kids off the couch”. This was inferring that families should bundle up their kids….pack the car…..and get out on the road.

    Many here are too young to understand what it was like for the people of this country to hit the roads, when the highway systems were first created. It got people away from noisey cities and out west to the great outdoors. Yellowstone Park and so many designated areas of the west became tourist attractions. Millions started seeing the country for what it REALLY was and not just the hustle and bustle of city life. Life was great then. Forrest knew this and in order to get people moving again (out of their cardboard boxes), he created what he felt was a way to accomplish this. “THE THRILL OF THE CHASE”, key word being “Thrill”.

  67. Yeah and some of us are doing the research because we cant physically do the searching. We have limited resources and have to make every penny count. We realize what its all about, but its also a fantasy to also be able to solve the puzzle along with getting to know the world on a more personal level. You know the place, in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play? Enough said, sorry Im done.

    • @ azuredeb et al, I too have limited resources and need to be certain … aka Look before you leap – and during my research I have discovered several wonderful places I would like to visit or perhaps move to… I have learned many things through the research and I feel that ff’s is a great resource of a variety of information. I have learned somethings that make me wonder, now why this and what significance would it have, if any, to the poem, to his purpose…all in all I do believe that the lucky few who have gone on a family trip and has family involved in the “thrill” that it does many things. What does it do? If you and your children or family are working on it together, then it allows the following to occur: discussion, intrigue, ideas, suggestions, ways of looking at things differently, it encourages interaction, involvement… and a possible family trip to the “ideal location”. There are so many things one could glean from this it’s an experience in itself. And I think it was Mike D who was put upon by Jeane who appears to be attempting to not do any work but just glean info from posts. Many on here support Mike D and do not want to see him go (me included) and someone who comes in and acts brashly with others on here is very unwelcome and will never discover the treasure (IMHO) and I love DThomas, and SC Colorado and VGBoss and Einstein, the two Stephanies, astree, Jen and Frank an DAle and Dal and all the others here and I think that we are all in the same boat, and all of us are learning more and more – so in the end, whether it’s learning how to tie a fly or discovering how many meanings there are to a sentence or poem, that we will all end up more knowledgable. When someone speaks, we may begin to ask, now what did you mean specifically. In my experience, I have misinterpreted the way something was said to me, in both good ways and bad, and now, well now, I may just have to begin asking, what did you mean exactly….?

      • @Little Sparrow et al,

        I sing because I’m happy
        I sing because I’m free
        For His eye is on the sparrow
        And I know He watches me

        I’ll keep my eye on the Sparrow too, because you are brilliant! I have also misinterpreted many things along the way because I am such a knucklehead. I’m sure others may have misinterpreted many things I’ve said too, so I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. Sometimes I re-read what I’ve posted and wondered if I could have worded something a little better or made myself a little clearer, or more importantly, opened myself up more.

        Anyways, I just wanted to say, I’ve never been on a blog before, where everyone was so cool! So many times on other blogs, the conversations digress into total negativity! Not too much of that here and sometimes certain people need to be made aware of how they are acting. Kudos to Dal for such an awesome job on this site!

        Your post Little Sparrow, got me thinking about the Who, What, Where, When & Why. I believe I have the Where finally…took me long enough! I might have walked right by it before! I believe the Why is very important and will be revealed when someone finds the treasure. I have discovered so much about myself along this journey and I think that is the What. The Who is of course f and all of You! I really just need to figure out the When. When should I try to get back? When is it best to go? Is one Day better than another? I just need to look at things a little more before I take that final leap of faith.

        Good luck on everyone’s upcoming searches. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

        • Thanks for the reply cojfox, I think if anything I have said has helped you in any way, then that’s great – I guess a little bit of treasure has come my way today because you were blessed somehow by something I had to say! Have a safe trip and enjoy life and never ever forget to pray!

  68. Honestly let’s admit we are all here to mine others ideas partial or complete. If you choose to post you run the risk of aiding someone else. If you choose to read you run the risk of getting TMI. It’s all choice. Since everyone has a different idea on how to interpret the clues I think it’s unlikely anyone will drop their own line of thinking and run off to search someone else’s clue set.

    I get some ideas on different trains of thought here but nothing that makes me want to jump in the car.

  69. I have never felt I had a reason to comment because I had not a thing new, but, for those of you thinking nigh is left he says “ever nigh”. So could he mean always on your left ?

    • You’d be amazed if you understood why he chose the word “nigh”….lol

          • OK, germanguy can keep his nigh for now…unless he wants to trade it for a good, a water high, or an effort. Otherwise, they’ll be available on ebay. lol CHC

          • Just found a new meaning for nigh that I hadn’t seen before. Has to do with the level of difficulty. Is that what your talking about GG?

          • See what I mean everyone…. Now that’s what I mean by doing your homework. Go going Stephanie.

        • “Near” isn’t near enough and “Left” means yo’ve been left behind… You need more work on it.

      • Based on your solution; but, COHI probably does not have your solution :-). But it is good to have confidence!

      • No one understands why he chose the word “nigh”. They can only speculate. I speculate that people will be surprised (and feel a bit stupid) when they do find out what “nigh” means (but, I am sure that me and GG are not thinking of the same thing).

  70. The title of the blog is The Nine Clues, so discussion of them and your ideas, should be okay. Maybe you dont blurt out your favorite hiding spot out of respect for others, but I would lije to see more discussion of the clues.

    No place for the meek has me stimped. Are we looking for a spot with a bold or scary name?

    • DC3 , i believe to be in reference to a dangerous stretch of road , but when i posted this before no one felt it relevant.

      • Shouldn’t Loky be Loki? I think you need to have your location of WWWH/CD/HOB then you can figure to what meek means in the poem. Without the second stanza I feel meek can be many things.

        • Einstein I do have resolutions for all that you mention , nothing to make me go search though. Yes Loki is a Norse god but Loky is where I live.

        • David – give me your HOB and I will help you with a meek LOL – seriously I do not care what anyone’s HOB is – mine is my first and final HOB – after I search I might just hang around and help out.

        • Einstein, do you think Forrest wants people to know where he hid the treasure…I mean after it is found? Is there anything in the poem that makes you think he wants it made public?

        • i always thought that meek stood for – not for cars but for some thing larger but thats my opinion

          • frank I’m picturing Yates hiding behind a tree as a bunny hops out from the brush on to the trove.

    • @DavidC3119
      Meek has been defined several ways here…….Dangerous, difficult, name (Joseph Meek); like all the clues there are many interpretations. From what I’ve seen the general consensus is that it means difficult not necessarily scary……..But none of us have the treasure.

      • i’m iin the scary camp as in its a lonesome place.. making you feel very vulnerable to the elements.. woooooooooooooooooooo

        • If its no place for the meek, and antonyms for meek are bold and brave, its a place for bold and brave.
          Someplace scary, wild or so named??? Opinions welcomed.

        • DavidC3119, from my first reading of the riddle those three words seemed connected to me…all referring to a similar thing but one of them coming from the opposite direction. Tonight it just occurred to me that ‘meek’ is also some type of parrot…maybe it is saying we have to be original in our thinking and movements on the search…maybe that is the advantage that children would have…they aren’t so cluttered up. Oh, I’m kind of rambling here and sorry I don’t have anything more definitive to offer.

      • GOG, Change your name to Goofy Old Dude and you can be GOD. I will have the treasure next week because I am not meek. Oh boy. Failure is imminent 🙂

        • E what day will you issue your Treasure Treatise? I want to compare it to the Yates Report, the Stance brooks Survey, and JDs Monday Night Screamathon.

          • In response to:

            E what day will you issue your Treasure Treatise? I want to compare it to the Yates Report, the Stance brooks Survey, and JDs Monday Night Screamathon.

            and anyone else who might be curious as to whether or not I found the treasure — I did not.

            However, I am still confident of my WWWH and my HOB — what I need are additional solutions to “meek” and possibly “blaze”

          • Stance thanks for the update. Let’s work on meek. Saw a description on one those fishing websites. Described a fishing location as having high canyon walls and was no place for the timid. So challenging to get to, intimidating=no place for the meek.

          • For Doubting Thomas: “no place for the meek” — how about we brainstorm the phrase WITHOUT thinking about the poem at all? Just free association and see where that leads…

          • DT, supposing “meek” was to be taken at it’s face value, nothing more and nothing less. Then moving on to other lines wouldn’t be so difficult. Also, you wouldn’t be too focused on a word that is killing your time on solving the whole poem.

            In my solution, I found that solving the poem didn’t necessarily need to fit “meek” in any particular catagory, other then the simplist meaning.

            However, if your solution requires the inclusion of “meek” to work, forget I said anything and continue your quest.

          • Okay Stance free association, what makes some feel meek may just be a nuisance or actually enjoyable to others, there is the one thing that comes to my mind many people do everyday that can cause clinched cheeks.

          • I’ll play…

            The meek shall inherit the earth. So ‘no place for the meek’ => non-earthly / non-inherited place?

        • From Goofy to GOD………that’s quite a leap, I think I would get altitude sickness. Perhaps Saint Goofy or maybe Sir Goofy…….work my way up the ladder slowly.

          Good luck with your search.

        • I would suspect next Friday I will issue my failure report; but, it was a fun chase and I expect more fun when i get there.

          • ” I expect more fun when i get there”. Now that’s what the chase is about….enjoy Einstein.

      • I always liked the Joseph Meek thought – I would not be bothered about the m not being capitalized.

        • frank I think Fenn went a little crazy thinking of this chase and he is driving me crazy with the poem and this blog is driving me crazy with all of the crazy interpretations so to speak. I’m having a crazy good time trying to figure it out.

      • hmmm…i was thinking “from there it’s no place for the meek” and “if you are brave” was in reference to going to collect the TC and leaving with it…consistent with “as i have gone alone in there and with my treasures BOLD”…

    • About “no place for the meek” — could it be a cemetery? how about a battlefield? how about a coliseum or arena? how about hell? Let’s brainstorm it.

      • Make it easier on yourselves…. Think of “meek” in two different forms….. Metaphorical as well as Literal. Opens up so many more insights.

        • Or you could just read the chapter that is titled, “No place for Biddies”. Now where have I heard that before, “no place for…” It is short and a ridiculous story that is most likely fabricated and states one directive a couple times.

      • Tarry Scant ~ Tarry Semi ~ Cemetery. Marvel Gaze ~ Entranced.
        Cemetery Entrance?
        Stance Brooks, how about we kick off this brainstorm with your opinion on “no place for the meek”?

        • If I had a strong opinion on “no place for the meek” I wouldn’t need to brainstorm – lol. I’ve kind of discounted the whole “My War for Me” chapter in the book because (a) it is totally out of the style of the rest of the book and (b) it’s fact-filled whereas the other chapters are folksy recollections that have zero need of being truthful or factual because there’s whimsical and meant to ‘hint’ at some things in the poem. Having said that, I kind of like a battleground or battlefield as no place for the meek. He did say in that chapter that certain soldiers/airmen were brave and his heroes. Something about no place for the meek reminds me of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, but I’d have to be hypnotized to figure out why I get that connection.

        • I’ve discounted most of the My War for Me chapter as well. 95% of the content was published a few years before he released ttotc. And, in a comparing of the two, I didn’t see any significant differences. I believe most of the “subtle clues” are in the first few chapters. They are more oddly worded and multidimensional than My War for Me.

        • Stance…these the kind of battlefields you are referring to?
          ” It became an annual ritual for Forrest to take a room in Sheridan, Wyoming, from where it was a short drive to many of the old forts and battle sites where he fantasized about his knife sheaths hanging from the belts of brave warriors who fought to defend their vanishing way of life.” I have also thought “As I have gone alone in there” was referring to into battle, or on a combat mission, alone in his fighter jet…but I guess he didn’t have the treasures bold yet…unless those treasures were not gold at all..?

        • Hank – Where did you find that info about FF in Wyoming? I must have missed it.

      • Think Bible on this one……I am almost certain that Forrest’s deep beliefs are central to solving the Poem.

        • In the Bible, the meek shall inherit the Earth. In TOTC, the non-meek or daring, will earn the chest. It should not be dangerous, but it will take some bravery. Maybe going through a dark slot canyon, into a cave, thru an old cemetery, up a steep narrow creek. Meek can mean anywhere off the beaten path. CHC

          • To all searchers: So what I’m getting from the responses to my request to brainstorm “no place for the meek” is that most must think that it is not a clue to be solved at all — simply something to be taken at face value — just a literal sentence FF threw in the mix. Is that what most of you think? If so, then it’s NOT one of the 9 clues, right? Help me out here people, because I’m confused by your responses. Is it a clue or isn’t it a clue?

          • I believe that it is a clue that will be easily answered when you see it, but it is not a necessary clue to solve before you find the right spot.

        • @Stance
          I think finding the treasure would easier than getting everyone here to agree on anything.

          Now you want to define the 9 clues…….The poem has nine sentences, if Fenn considers each sentence a clue there’s your answer. Some say the poem has twenty clues.

          The problem with the poem is everything is subjective……only 9 clues or at least 9 clues, how far is too far, is below south or underneath, etc. every single line or for that matter nearly every word can have multiple meanings. There’s only one guy that knows and he ain’t talking…….

          The only thing that will make anything definitive is having the chest in your hand. It would be hilarious if someone found the chest and told Fenn how they located it and Fenn said, “Wow that’s not what I meant at all when I wrote the poem.”

          • Yes, sir. Maybe 9 clues…maybe 20. I look at everything in the poem and try not to count although there may be some significance in the #9. F cleverly created a poem that can match up to quite a few locations in the west. Lots of HOB’s and halting waters out here. It easy to get really excited when u see your clues come together, but unless you have the chest in your hands it is means nothing. I’m on a location now that is ridiculously perfect and I’m still striking out. We’re looking at a new spot that has two HOBs associated with it. Maybe it’ll be twice as lucky…lol CHC

        • Stance – “no place for the meek” – i think FF drove from “warm waters halt”, “canyon down”, & parked “below the home of Brown”. Then, because he was on foot from that point carrying the chest/treasure twice, it became much more strenuous. “From there it’s no place for the meek” had to be a lot more difficult, but it must be close to where FF parked. I don’t know if it was “no place for the meek” for him or he meant it for us.

      • One of my places uses meek and Hell, I was directed there from another clue and was surprised to find that it fit.

    • From the way I am reading the poem now, David, I see the word “no” as an abbreviation for North = No. But that is just my interpretation for the moment. My solution for the poem is constantly evolving.

    • DavidC3119 – – “The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.”–J. Paul Getty

  71. @cojfox…. I just had to post one of my notes


    This will be like hitting the Power Ball. You talk about media hype, and Forrest will be right in the middle of it.

    • @ Desert Pete…Sorry for the slow reply, long day.

      It sounds pretty righteous!

      OK, need to go to bed now, night all!

  72. I know GG has all the answers but just for those of us still struggling around in the dark , I think meek may be found more in your history than something expected of you. Nigh– Incoming. Eminently close on your left. jmo

    • I never said “I have all the answers”. No one on here does. If I throw a comment out there, it is because like most people on here we have pretty strong solutions from our study of the poem. Only our actually visiting our spots will we know for sure. If ideas are thrown out there and seem feasible, you may want to hold on to them. Be cautious in doing that tho, as you need flexibility to uncover the ACTUAL solutions. I followed that logic when I first started out (as others have) and when I could throw any of Fenn’s comments at it and it still was valid, that’s when I stop looking or forcing things to fit.

      • hey germanguy its been a while sense ive talked to you just want to thank you and thomas for all the help you gave me when i first got started im still typing with one finger but having a good time on the chase you guys are good people thanks

        • frank your typing has improved. You are a good guy yourself. Hope your son gets back soon so you can teach him to type with one finger and to look for treasure with a keen eye.

        • Thanks for the complement Frank. I’m one of those people, who believes that the “meek” will inherit the earth. That’s why us meek people have to stick together. While the chickens run around with their heads chopped off, the meek move in to capture the prize. Keep the faith and your hard work will eventually pay off.

  73. Hey Einstein,
    If my put in below HoB was YRA airport in Cody, Wy. What then?

  74. GG, didn’t mean to be critical and slap at ya but your response wasn’t very meek. lol We all are doing our research and I have gotten much fun from listening to you all. My ideas are mine alone and I will not change them but I do see the new people come in and some seem so lost. Remember you started once at the beginning too. Just advice from a stubborn Show-Me.

    • “My ideas are mine alone and I will not change them.”

      If this is the approach you take to this, you will never solve the poem. I’m sorry, but that is the truth. If you asked others on here if they had changed their thinking, once they got into the poem, you will find that they had to in order to make things fit.

      My comment to you earlier regarding the word “nigh” was legit and meant to get you to think. I ABSOLUTELY know why Fenn used the word (when the chase is over, you will understand). I have not claimed the chest yet and possibly won’t. But what I have learned so far has been truely astonishing (regarding the poem) and I only wish to share indirectly as I can without giving away my solution. If Fenn was willing to confirm some of my “discoveries”, I know for a fact that he would agree with me. Not that I’m saying I have learned where the chest is (I need to actually have it in my hands to do that), but rather some of the solutions fit too perfectly to be accidental. You could say that they were “freebies” of sorts for the right people.

      My remarks may tend to sound overly confident. That’s just the way I am. I can’t make apologes for it and probably won’t. However, (as Dal and Stephanie from Illinois will confirm) I have always tried to be a helping hand on the blog.

      I rarely comment on the blog anymore, because it’s taken a different direction from what it was originally intended to. We have been having people attempting to disrupt the blog with worthless comments (eventually they go away or lurk) or blattently give misleading clues. As more and more people enter this blog, it will become more and more difficult to follow. I feel that eventually people may give up on it totally. This would be a real shame, as Dal has worked so hard to provided this site and so much more to keep it viable.

      Of course, you can look at this comment as just my opinion.

      • GG, I am truly sorry if you think my posts were worthless or misleading. I will make sure it never happens again. I sincerely wish you well and good luck and hope your treasure is there.

  75. People that are dumb enough to post their solution deserve exactly 0% of the treasure when it’s found there. Also, kills me when people say “I don’t want the treasure, I just want the poem solved” WHAAAAT?! If that’s the case, go buy a crossword puzzle book and have fun!

    • I could tell you my solution to the first five clues, and get you within 500 feet and you would not find it….jmo

      • Nope. You are dumb for thinking you have the first 5 clues figured out. The only treasure you could get within 500 feet of is another man’s trash.

    • Well Jean, if they post the correct answer here they probably won’t get anything unless of course the person that gets it sends them something. They would certainly be on my Christmas card list.

      Do you have the TMI (too much info) meter with you? I’ve been looking for that thing; it keeps getting lost.

      Oh by the way, why are you here? Surely it’s not to get information. What would you do if you got an idea or maybe the exact solution to a part of the poem? Oh wait, you don’t need any help……why are you here again?

  76. Wow lots of sour grapes, chest thumping, self promoting, and false prophesying. Would one of you please go get the chest?

  77. Jeane has successfully managed to p. i. s. s. me off. U r rude, and full of yourself, and I am through with this blog….Dal, some of these people need to get lost. I apologize for posting various solutions that threaten to derail this entire hunt-I will keep my ideas to myself. The chest will not be found by shallow minded weak thinkers like Jeane. I never stated I had solved the poem, the jest was it doesnt matter if I told you where it was or not, you wouldnt find it without a full solution!! Goodbye to what was once an enjoyable blog…but has become a place full of pipe smoking jack o. f. fs.

    • mike D say it ain’t so. I was looking forward to more of your insights. Now I’m stuck with just Jeane. We’re now just going to get some rude intel. Probably all in caps. And not revealing much just like Yates teasers except ruder of course. Reconsider mike D ! By the way, is p.i.s.s. a clue regarding wwwh?

    • Mike D,

      Don’t give way to Jeane’s comment. If she feels the way she does, she’ll make the right decision for all the blog members. Stick around an bypass her remarks. Continue to provide the support you have been giving, to the rest of the blog….Welcome Back Mike

    • Wow Jeanne, you seem like you would be fun to party with! Someone with a stick that firmly up their HOB should probably be given a timeout, and then find another blog.

      Mike D. I don’t generally agree with all of your thoughts, but please reconsider…we need more 9 clues input!

    • Mike D, you need your mouth washed out with soap there young man………..

    • Agreed! So many people on here no so little. All they can do is run down others because the ideas they give don’t fit there clues. They comment on every post others make telling them their not doing their homework, if they are so great how come they do not have the treasure. Most of them do not stand any chance of ever finding the treasure.

  78. Mike, don’t post again until you have ALL 9 clues solved, and make sure it’s the right solution. Then, go to bed.

    • Excuse me….am I missing something here? I’m bewildered. I thought this was Dal’s blog and he was the moderator…

      Then, go to bed? What planet are you from? You shouldn’t be speaking to people like they’re children.

  79. Well, had a great thrill yesterday and this morning on the chase. It looked like the research worked very well. Then again more research is needed. I enjoyed the area I went to but it was as marvel as it gets.

  80. ….and trust me, I LOVE it when people post solutions. One day, one of them will be correct and that person will be sad when someone other than them finds the chest. I didn’t say people shouldn’t post their solutions, I just said it’s dumb to post your solution (IF you think it’s correct)

      • I’m here to post where I think a million dollar treasure is, just like everyone else! (why would anyone do that?!)

        • In other words you aren’t going to answer the question……

          So you think we should talk about the nine clues without actually talking about the nine clues while staying on the subject of the nine clues.

          I think you’re here to get information……but wait….anyone that gives you any information is dumb…….So that means you’re getting information from a dummy which doesn’t sound very smart on your part. It would stand to reason if anyone is actually dumb (per your definition) enough to give out any information they are probably giving out dumb information because they are dumb.

          So all of the information you find here is given out by dumb people; which leads me back to the question of why are you here.

    • Incorrect, If I post the correct solution and somebody else finds it, I will be happy KNOWING for a fact, it was not Jeane…Thank you to everyone else, …it feels good to know y’all got my back!

    • LOL a person who has done very little work on the poem would not even be able to realize the full solution unless it was sitting in front of them – this is just much more difficult that saying – oh It’s at the left side of the right corner of the underside of the fourth branch on the right of the rock with the special mark not the first three from the road with the other portion from the second clue, but the one from the sixth clue and then you jump over that one thing mentioned in the fifth clue and you have to know to pick up that item mentioned in the 9th clue in the beginning of the entrance and do not forget to bring a sandwich…. LOL sort of like that!

      • Little Sparrow – Your description of the poem is dead-on-perfect. It has no definite clues so searchers from NM are going to CO, searchers from ID are going to AZ, etc. It’s crazy! The poem is the same for all of us, yet there are a multitude of places covering a multitude of areas in a multitude of states. Thousands of searchers are no closer to finding the treasure than thousands of other searchers.

        Just like processionary caterpillars. French Naturalist Jean Henri Fabre` placed several caterpillars in single-file around the rim of a flowerpot. Each caterpillar’s head touched the caterpillar in front of it. He put the caterpillars’ favorite food – pine needles – in the flowerpot. Each caterpillar followed the one ahead thinking that it was heading for the food. Round & round went those silly insects – for seven days! After a week of this mindless activity, the caterpillars started to drop dead because of exhaustion & starvation. All they had to do to avoid death was to stop the senseless circling of the flower pot & head directly toward the food – less than six inches away.

        As humans we often confuse motion with meaning & activity with achievement. We get into ruts that become vicious circles. I doubt that the treasure can be located by the poem. FF wants to be remembered. – if the treasure is found or not – done. He wants families out into nature – done. FF wants celebrity-ism – done. He wants a connection with people – done. What I’m trying to say is that there are so many un-truths in the book – supposed to be a true accounting of FF’s life – why do we believe his tips? Maybe the treasure IS in a cemetery. Maybe it IS associated with a structure. Maybe it IS located around or south of Santa Fe. Maybe the double omega symbol means there is no beginning, just 2 ends – that the treasure is still where it started. Imagination. Why was FF so proud of himself & why did he laugh out loud? I think I might know.

        • .
          ” As humans we often confuse motion with meaning & activity with achievement ”

          Beautiful Becky. That is so going into a frame and on the bathroom door at work. Or, maybe the White House.

          The poem is filled accurate clues, and precise directions.

          Good Luck,

        • Hi Becky, Imagination is a powerful thing, we can use it to create our own truth and a clear path to where ever we wish to go.

        • Hi Becky, Writing is an art form, art is not about truth, but rather emotion. And we know that emotion, is not a good foundation to draw conclusions from. The chase and the chest are real and there’s already more than enough information to find them. Mr. Fenn asks, “Can you trust an old maverick”? Implicitly! James

        • True Becky lol, maybe we should just do opposite everything he says lol and sit down, grab THE book off the ‘bookshelf canyon’ from between the 2 Omega bookends and read his story again but put the truth where we find the un truths and ‘feed’ on that. Selah~

        • @ Becky from WV I haven’t gone out on any searches – me and the poem are just getting to know each other a little bit! 🙂 I was trying to explain to someone that you can’t just pop on here without even working on the poem and think you’ll understand what peeps are saying! This is an in depth puzzle! LOL

      • Spot on! Little Sparrow. Your description of the poem, and the experience of searching, is so funny. LOL I love how you said that. I take it you’ve been out there, or hmmm, watching closely. Maybe this being Friday will help me clear my head.

        Oh, in an unrelated but connected thought – did anything think hole in the head when they saw Dal’s hole in the rock photo? Those red bluffs are awesome. Makes me want to take a road trip.

  81. Hand in air – have a Q…
    Has any one else during their work on the poem, have had any references to a victory medal? I have had 2 and possibly 3 references – these are given for bravery “if you are brave ….”
    I tried to ask Einstein if he has gotten any medals for his work on the poem – but I got no reply, so I am asking as close as I can without giving out any other clues – I am no where near finished with this as I am looking at several avenues due to the fact that It could mean one thing or another thing.. and sometimes even a third or fourth thing… so anyone get any references to these in the poem?
    Little Sparrow

    • I am sorry my little sparrow. I missed your comment and just got back online. There are no medals in my solution. That’s the beauty of the poem – hundreds of solutions and many confident people hundreds of miles away from each others spot.

      • Thank you for answering Einstein, it appears that everyone does have a different interpretation and it’s possibly an exhaustive work/ search. Good Luck – I do believe that whoever does discover the treasure, will indeed have deserved it. I had thought about this: If I were to find the treasure, what would I do for people who come knocking on my door and asking for a portion of it, I have decided that I would hand them the poem and say, I worked on this to discover the answer, lets see what you come up with…. although I already had thought about specifics regarding donations and my children, it’s certain other people that I know whom I would have been concerned about. I know, I know, cart before the horse type thing – but I thought what if and how could I prepare? I Also thought about racing someone to the area, knowing that they know similar things as myself, but getting there just moments from each other, would I share? I think so, I think that if someone were that close, I would definitely share! *I am months (hopefully not years) away from a solution though!

  82. I know some people who are trying ciphers on the poem/book and some people are trying to find a hidden lat/long. Has anyone considered that instead of lat/long, FF used the Military Grid Referance System (MGRS)? As a military pilot, I’m sure he is familar with it. I was attracted to it because it is a geo location system that can pin point a 1meter square area anywhere in the world and to get the 1 meter square level of accuracy, you need 9 points of data (as opposed to how lat/long uses 6). 9 clues in poem = 9 data points.

    If you have any ideas, please share.

    • possible, brox, but that would definitely exclude a lot of us….me for sure LOL. I’m not sure he would make it that inaccessible to most. But still it could be hidden in there for those that are looking for something like that.

    • I like the idea…the trouble is I can’t make the 9 clues settle on 9 numbers. If I ever get anywhere with any of the “numbers stuff” I’ll give it a go.

      • I like mike D’s latitude explanation. I think home of Brown has something to do with longitude but haven’t figure it out yet.

    • .
      Thanks broxolm,

      Interesting, as Santa Fe is in MGRS grid 13S, and the 13th line is “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”


      • A double Omega is also an M. M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. At what point do coincidences become so far fetched they must be intentional.

  83. @Geydelkon,
    No real winners anymore.. where are the singers of old, like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Clayton Thomas, who’s voices were not tuned to a tee, but you knew who was singing. Went to Colorado from Mississippi, 3 years ago with 2 of my kids, then 8 years and 13 years old, and by the way i’m 59 so go figure, and been married 30 years, with 2 other older kids, and 1 daughter who passed away 20 years ago..Married to the same wonderful women. Played “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” … “And when I Die”. We played it the whole way there. My daughters loved it. So last year, we went out west again (New Mexico, Arizona) and we played “Little River Band”… “It’s a long way home”. We pick a song out every year when we go.. So we are leaving June 1st, heading west again. Staying for 2 weeks and will be on the TOTC. We will pick out a song and play the oldies all the way out. My daughters know all the thousands of song’s that I play from the 60’s and 70’s along the way. So this will be an especially good trip.. Hope for a good and safe trip, and with God’s blessing. Everyone is excited to go… we have studied the poem for 3 months… have a plan. Might not work, but hey we’re doing what FF, intended it to be. Might make “John Denver”.. “Rocky Mountain High” the song. Maybe “And when I Die”, could be a clue.. LOL.

  84. yes, I have come across that too Little Sparrow…I’m not sure how much will work when it all shakes out, but those have come up in my solutions too (or at least one).

    • @ armany thursday, Thanks for responding… I feel the same way and I look into the poem and think, (“or, OR the poem could mean this…. xyz …. I keep going back to the drawing board – Ha ha !) The best thing is this: no matter what type of clue you may be trying to not give away, no one even knows whether it is a correct solution! And that is why, when someone is trying to discover where the treasure lies without even doing any of the work on their own, they will not understand until they have spent hours upon hours of working through the poem all on their own! 🙂

      little sparrow

  85. Word to the wise if searching for the chest…

    An Arizona climber has been found dead, dangling from a rope on a cliff face south of Tucson, after apparently being stung to death by bees, police said on Wednesday.

    Steven Wallace Johnson, 55, a counselor with some 30 years experience hiking and climbing, headed into the mountains south of Tucson on Friday, Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada said.

    Johnson was reported missing on Monday by co-workers after he failed to show up for work. A Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue team found his body that afternoon, Estrada said. “He had been stung repeatedly and he was dangling there,” he said.

    “He was climbing the cliff and was about 70 feet up and still had about 80 feet to go, so he really didn’t have anywhere to go when he was attacked by this swarm of bees,” Estrada said.

    He said Johnson’s dog had also been attacked by bees and was found dead nearby.

    • Hi Mike D! This is very sad news. I have a story about a couple of climbers who found remnants of someone who also climbed. When I was a child my father brought the family to the badlands and we met two climbers who nearly lost their lives while searching around the hills, they came upon a partial jaw bone of a man and his wallet, although I never got to see the wallet, they had shown it to my dad. I was about 9 yrs old and I recall holding onto something and showing it to the camera (home movies aka late 1960’s). My dad did some strange things at times and we had done a little digging – everything was quite dusty, including us when we were finished. We had recovered a few old dinosaur bones and brought them home and I asked him many years later about the bones and he said he buried them some place. I thought – gee dad, someone is going to come upon those in the future and think they have come upon some great discovery – and possibly keep digging! Again sorry to hear about this climber and his dog. So very sad.

    • Thats the hazards with nature, especially with killer bees in Arizona. There are lots of places they like to nest, clay tile roofs are one of their favorites places. Nasty little science experiment gone awry. So far my part of NM has not been affected, lets hope they never climatize!

  86. Here is the best comment I can make on the 9 Clues at this point. I really don’t believe it has anything to do with numbers of clues. The entire poem has to be solved in order to find the treasure. My best success with it so far has come from taking it very slowly little by little and keeping my imagination flowing as to what else the poem could be saying. For example…I just came up with an opposite reading pretty much of “the end is ever drawing nigh”.

    That plus “brave and in the wood” has given me the craziest feeling tonight about where the treasure might be. I don’t see the connections yet but maybe soon. I think maybe I was there already or at least close and on the right track. I think I will go back tomorrow and see how it looks again. Treasure hunting is so much fun! lol. I will definitely have serious withdrawal issues when this is all over.

  87. Armany Thursday – This might stir up a “brown” storm, but I like your posts and several other’s as well.
    I’m posting this to show that some things in life are free.
    “The end is ever drawing nigh” -> if the day is ending, the end is ever drawing nigh.

    The clue is referring to a celestial object that also shows that the day is ending.

    Won’t tell you what is is or what it refers to…. as G-Man says, have to do your homework.

    • Fred,

      I use the celestial object but not because of that line in the poem. Not sure how you associate that line with the celestial object as it is in the middle of going up the creek, etc.

      • Einstein- thought all you had left to do was go pick up the chest?? 🙂
        The object is the first “blaze” my solution uses after “home of Brown”. Oh yeah, “no paddle” tells me not to go up the creek!! 🙂

        • Yeah – flight i booked, blog is written minus the physical search itself. I’m not leaving until Tuesday so I am here “-)

    • my solutions tend to come out more simply. I think of it like that rhyme we used to say when we were little children. The one that goes something like…”X marks the spot with a line and a line and a dot, dot, dot” More of a simple traditional treasure map leading to X maybe? LOL…who knows? It’s quite possible that there are at least a couple of different ways of coming up with the same solution.

      • Armany – You are correct. The object I refer to is one of the “dots” you must connect, there are several, in order to draw the line to the X.

        just sayin, Fred W

        • (m)Einstein(ie) –
          You’re good, but not that good.
          As “DT” says, looking forward to reading all about where you thought it was. 🙂

        • LOL. Yeah it should be some fun reading. I needed some time off from work so I decided to just go for it. I am going to search for fossils and arrowheads and do some 4 wheeling.

  88. Forrest you clever fellow
    A poem you say
    With clues to show the way
    But a poem on display
    Is of ones’ thoughts and feelings
    Innermost they say
    I study the prosody
    Of your poem each day
    Searching for meaning
    To come my way
    It occurs to me now
    What you are trying to say
    Is in a Riddle
    That is the game to play
    A Riddle-Poem
    Now that is fun
    To think through
    What you have begun

    • S I hope you solve it and get the treasure because I won’t be able to get through your Epic Poem should you not find it. I’m going to lose it if I have to analyze your riddles which analyze Fenn’s puzzle.

    • .
      It’s a wacky conundrum of tossed bone
      A wet enigma buried in foam
      Yet, somewhere buried in all that rime
      Millions slumber bedded, dreaming of home

  89. For me it just works to relax and play around with the interpretation of the poem. Now I understand why I was always changing homes of Brown…I won’t be doing that anymore LOL.

    • Home of Brown is for me the hardest part, there are so many possibilities in any one given location. I try to find solutions by laying out routes from each one to see if they fit with the poem, then we go.If its not the right directionality of course its thrown out. Everyones thought processes are so different but many times we end up in the same places, funny.At any rate its getting us out of the house and we are learning alot about the history of each area, the geology,the species that inhabit the area, what life was like for the early people of the area.The very best part is just spending time together with my loved ones, laughing and enjoying the beauty around us.
      Speaking of beauty, the dogs are outside protecting the yard from the great offenders from above, otherwise known as a hot air balloon. lol I live on the outskirts of town,There is a field they use down the road to launch from so we hardly ever get to sleep in on weekends! Its great when you have little kiddos, but lots of dogs hate them. Such is life in the west.Have a good day, off to do chores. Deb

  90. To: the puzzlers

    START. A comment above may be interpreted to mean that the two most accepted definitions of “nigh” are not needed. Not true, though more may apply. Stay on course. STOP

    • My sticking point these days is “The end is ever drawing nigh”. I can’t confidently pin this one down. My thoughts are “the end” = omega perhaps? I realize nigh has been attributed to left but it doesn’t mean go left or turn left, it refers to the animal or object on the left. Obviously it also means close and GermanGuy seems to have another idea but since he is not going to share, we must press on ourselves on this one. How about “ever drawing”? why not “drawing ever” as it is typically written. Electricty is measured in Ohms and draws. I don’t know. Anyone?

      • i’m just approaching it as the end is near and maybe to the left is where the treasure lies.. i think the key clue is, heavy loads and water high… is water high a waterfall or just a creek at a high elevation?? the heavy loads an old wagon trail railroad tracks?? old mine shaft?? ineed a month to wander around the west 🙂

        • One of my thoughts on “heavy loads and water high” reminds me of the Lewis & Clark expedition when they had to portage (carry their heavy keel boat and supplies over land) around the falls on the Missouri river. They thought it would be an easy one-day portage, but it ended up taking weeks. The heavy loads being the boat and supplies and water high being the falls.

        • armany are you talking to me? lol.. if so was that a smack down or a compliment? 🙂

        • Oh Casey lol…I was responding to Stu’s comment about “ever drawing” being typically written as “drawing ever”… but it’s not a smack down for sure. I was just saying that I have never seen it typically written that way lol.

        • whew.. ty.. you know the more i think about, “the end is ever drawing nigh”, the more i think its a directional clue.. for sometime now ive thought you go up the creek, and i think this may confirm that.. for example if you draw something in, your pulling it towards or in this case you are traveling up.. thats my theory and i’m sticking to it… but again the key is heavy loads and water high?? i’d sure like to win the powerball thisweekend and spend the rest of my life looking for this treasure!

        • Has any one considered that “nigh” may not be the important word in that clue. Maybe we should accept the normal meaning of nigh as either near or left and focus on end or drawing as the words that need interpretation. For instance, he went into borders alone twice. He went in alone twice to hide the chest. Maybe “end” refers to a border of something or some area.Maybe drawing refers to one of the drawings in the book- maybe the left end or to left border of a drawing has some info. I think FF may rely on human nature to draw conclusions and focus attention on the more archaic word and away from the the more common word or meaning as a form of deception.

  91. To anyone with the clues figured out: pick up a decent sized battery at the store and carry it around for awhile.

    I hiked a bunch this week and drove a lot too. I’m with dal on having to spend a little love on my rig. Lost two tires that weren’t even very old from driving around pointy rocks. Also, there are some roads that are really steep out there and it can be really hard on your car.

    I can’t say I’ve seen anything that’s been helpful except the time someone mentioned Hemingway. Who here has been preparing themselves for the journey that Fenn has set for them? I’d tell people where I think it is and it won’t make any difference if they can’t carry a car battery from the back the storage shed across a muddy cow path to the front of the barn. I helped my mother move a few weeks back and now I’m carrying loads of bricks around the property with a wheelbarrow. I’m beginning to think one person can’t do it alone unless they make two or three trips.

    • I would also suggest a good sized sturdy backpack with a bath towel to pad the corners of the box to enable you to safely and quickly leave the area without people visually seeing the box as you flee. Would be horrible to find it and get mugged trying to get to your vehicle. Stay safe everyone!

    • Mike D, so you believe that the poem gives specific coordinates based on body temperature and hidden numbers within but you think that “the end is ever drawing nigh” means “just plain ole Hey dude, now you’re inching closer”?? Just trying to understand the logic. I admire anyone who is left brained about the solution because mine doesn’t work that way. Btw, sorry for your loss of MCA. He will be missed.
      I believe this is an important line in the poem because between putting in below the home of Brown and the Blaze, there are only a scant few lines and there probably are some specific directions within.

      • Lol, Yo BOOOOOOOOOOOOy….You caught me Stu…unwilling to give u my true thoughts on the Nigh line…

      • I think the nigh line could be in reference to a draw being a terrain and nigh telling you it’s on your left side.

  92. Can anyone explain more about how MGRD works? I looked it up, and it may actually fit my lat long solutuion better than lat long…Unlike some, I have 10 numbers that I extracted directly from my interpretation of the clues…do you need 9 single digits, or do you need some double digits? Everyone knows I already believe WWWH=98.6, or 37, which by the way, does not change the location of my line!! 98.6 on the MGRD = 37 degrees N. Latitude….But my longitude isnt working out as well….

    • I think you mean MGRS.

      From my limited knowledge of the subject, the soldiers on the ground typically use UTM coordinates, which is essentially a subset of the MGRS system. However, I’m pretty sure if you ask any Air Force pilot for a coordinate, they will provide Lat, Lon, and will struggle to provide a MGRS position.

      Regardless, here is a more direct answer to your question:

    • Hey Mike D

      If you find the chest using MGRS, can I get a single gold coin for inspiring the idea? lol I just think it would be neat heirloom to show the grand kids someday. Good Luck to you.

      Good luck.

  93. I would like to know, if you find the treasure what is the first thing you will do once you are safely away from the site? Then what will you do with your treasure? I am interested in peoples desires about the treasure. Final question, would you share the knowledge of what you learned with the world? Im not talking about how you found it but the messages inside the treasure.

    • #1 Nothing in particular. #2 Maybe look for an auction house. #3 If you go there, you will see that the messages are the places themselves, and the only way to share them is through first hand experience. Just my opinion. James

    • I am so interested to see how this will all come together at the end. I would want a lot to go to charity. Let’s face it, all of us who are searching have extra resources to do so. Many, many do not and there are so many great organizations out there that could use the money to help those less fortunate.
      After contacting FF and returning his bracelet, I might seek some professional assistance that could help me protect my privacy…a PR agent or something. I would be willing to do a little in order to satisfy the public that the treasure was actually found, but no way do I want to get caught up in a media whirlwind. I would be willing to share my story for sure. TTOC has been an incredible experience on so many levels.

      • “Lets face it, all of us who are searching have extra resources to do so.”
        With all due respect armany thursday, there are many who do not and for those who do not, and are able to use their wits, and hopefully when they are sure and they are going to be able to go with confidence they will (in the case of me: I will) most likely pawn a number of gold jewelry pieces (a small inheritence held for just such an occasion.) so I may travel there and then hopefully retrieve them when I am able.

  94. I would post fenns autobiography, & perhaps use some of the treasure to pay for publishing it. I would keep most of the treasure, but liquidate coins and nuggets over time… And after a while, I would rebuild a treasure and re-stash it using knowledge gained from the thrill of the chase…to secure my legacy and FFs as well…

  95. The law protects us from self incrimination, so I would not say where I found it…but I would pay the taxes…because I would want the recognition due whoever finds it…my 15 minutes of fame if you will.

    • Same. I just lost a bag of apples because the paper on the bottom was weak. I’d hate to be hikingand then have a strap break or my pack tear open. How embarrasing would it be if the gold fell out on the trail and the shift in weight pitched you off into the canyon.

      • Don’t worry pretty soon there will be so many people searching that they will be able to recover the gold after you have fallen into the canyon!

  96. Dal,
    Can you tell me the difference between the two flywater books? Even if they are different, do they contain the same list of fly fishing locations?


    • The books are each by two authors. One author died between the first and second books so Tom Brokaw was the second author on the second book. They have different streams…maybe a duplicate or two or three but all new photos and all new text.

    • Maybe you don’t have to research heavy loads and water high but instead follow stanza #2 and they will magically appear. At least this is what happened in my solution.

      • @ Einstein – my study of the poem leads me to take breaks now and then… but I will double check – I have started work and stopped work on the poem several times … sometimes I feel like giving up…sometimes I dont know which direction to go and when I’m stuck I work on areas that are a bit easier for me to understand… I’d do better in a group I think – LOL

    • Little Sparrow, I love the old hunting and fishing photos. Your fish pic is a tarpon.

  97. I know exactly what its like reeling in one of those sturgies only mine was only the size of my leg.

  98. i didnt get to my location until late in the day yesterday, all kinds of delays on the way. to complicate things there is a man made obstruction to the road i was expecting to travel down to the tsmg, forcing me to park nearby and walk up the road, on my map it looks like 3 to 4 miles, but it felt like a lot more and it is uphill all the way. i had driven the whole way without sleeping, and so i made this journey on fumes, had about an hour to check the area out i wanted to search. trying to walk to the coordinates was a bit more difficult than anticipated, also my heart sank as i looked at the terrain, for i realized with the inherent innaccuracy of my gps unit up to 60 feet plus another 100 feet that is encompassed by a second of lat/long it could be anywhere in maybe a 200 feet by 200 feet area, and there were a million places this thing could be hidden, plus the ground is really soft everywhere, it could literally have been buried in any spot here. on the plus side, as i walked into this area, this feeling came over me, i said to myself, this is the place he hid it. i always figured when i find the area, that picture in the book with the woodsman, it would look like that, and it did, chopped down tree stumps everywhere. the tarry scant with marvel gaze is proving to be a formidable foe, but i have only begun to fight. i feel like i am going to be matching wits with Forrest himself, where and how did he exactly hide it here. i am going to be here for at least 2 more days of searching, maybe 3. i am wondering if i have missed an important clue in the poem or book, that will tell me more precisely how he hid it, or where, if something is marked a certain way. i looked around some for anything resembling the blaze that brought me to this area, but nothing. not much of a search though at this point, i will be hitting it in a much more thorough way over the next several days.

    • good to hear from you cy.. the terrain is merciless in areas. absolutely incredible. so are you in new mexico, colorado?? where?? have fun and good luck..

      • colorado. the good thing is the terrain isn’t hard to traverse, it is just the type of area i never came across in my previous search. there are many places to hide things, too many in fact. walking around there made me realize FF may have very well buried it. you hear people say they dont think he buried it, because he will only say he hid it, but that may be part of the reason he said that, so people wouldnt think it was buried. it would be so easy to bury something here, ground is so soft, i dug a couple places fairly deep just with my hands. if he did bury it, i also know he somehow provided a way to locate the exact spot to dig. i am doing some thinking right now.

        • Whew, I’m glad to read that you’re looking in the wrong place. Regardless, enjoy the beautiful wilderness, and be safe!

    • Chris – can you supply the first letter of the road you traveled up 3-4 miles? 🙂

      • i dont believe it has a name. i think there was a sign at the start that assigned it a letter and a number. i forget what it was at the moment. it is not identified as anything on any maps i ever looked at.

      • colorado springs is east from me yes. i know nothing about trees so i cant answer your first question, but my best guess would be they are not lodgepole pines

        • Mmmmm, Black Canyon of the Gunnison or Royal Gorge maybe ? Don’t fall in Chris. It’s a loooong way to the bottom………. good luck

    • Good to hear from you, Chris.

      Colorado you say? I guess we weren’t on the same page after all.
      Keep looking! I hope you’re right and I’m wrong

      • ~W, i think you have solved some of the hidden clues and meanings in the poem and the book correctly, but i think you are looking at the wrong place, just my opinion

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the news about your search. I love hearing on-the-spot coverage of peoples searches. Makes me feel like I am searching with you. Not to mention, your insight with the clues (now that you can talk a little more freely) is great. Keep em coming! Good luck in your search.

  99. Heavy loads= all those stringers of fish f caught in his younger days. Waters high= f getting lost in the thrill of catching all those fish and having to cross the rising river to get back from his favorite fishing spot. Just one on a long list of my opinions.

  100. Mr. Yates… connectedatthecross at gmail dot com

    I’m interested if you are close to my spot of Colorado. If you become exhausted in your search and need another mind to look at things differently, please write!

  101. hope you find it Steph 🙂 , please email me if you do and put me out of my misery, guess I better move to Missouri cuz I hear they love company! LOL

  102. I’m very much starting to think that all 9 clues are within 500ft of each other. I used to think all the clues were spread out over many many miles and would create an X on a map which would lead to the spot.

    I look at the clues this way. Many people look at the clues like a line of landmarks that end at the chest. But I disagree. If that is true, I believe the chest would have been found by now. I’m not saying I’m right, but here is an alternate idea. It is unlikely FF’s spot lays directly on a simple lat/long coordinate like 20, -100. Its much more likely to be in a very complex coordinate like 20.1234, -100.5678. So my very logical left brain says the most effective way to point to a complex coordinate is to “create an arrow” of way points. If each clue designates a certain geological feature, those 9 feature would create a shape. It could be a line. It could be an X. It could be an arrow. It could be an F. It could even be purple peanut. The point is, if the features lay out like a shape, then that shape may point to a searchable area that may not be even lay near to where the clue features are located.

    While writing this, I had a new idea for a good 9-pointed blaze. I will let yall know if something turns up.

    • Brox are you saying if the clues are aligned corretly they form the blaze?

      • Yes. I’ve always interpreted the blaze to be both literal and figurative. Literally, there is a marker of some nature above the chest marking you have found the correct location and figurative in that the blaze is also the method you used to decipher the poem. “If you have been wise and found the blaze (Correct path)”

        Like I said, I could be wrong. Its just an idea. I think I might have a good idea on what shape the blaze might take. Does anyone know the name of the ship FF served on?

        • I’ve interpreted it that way too. If you’ve found the correct HOB/Blaze then it gives you a final path.

        • Interesting Brox for sure. I am not convinced that all the clues are within the distance you say, not discounting it either. I toyed with an idea that somehow the clues were different places as well, and would create an X on a map, but can’t make it work. I find it hard to believe that the chest is directly below some kind of marker on a tree, well..never believed it was on a tree, and if there is there is no way it’s an F…in my opinion. But like you say maybe the blaze forms something on the map that points “down” to the spot? Everything is not far, but too far to walk in the rockies. Not to far to drive, fly, train, etc. What is far? It would have been found by now too. There is a reason why people are coming up with the same locations, etc….google. I think the solution is somewhere outside of google, he would not have said you only need the poem. Sure there is a plethora of information on history, geography, the man, etc. but it has overloaded me with stuff, time to get simple, back to the poem, and read the book again. X is the only letter not used, maybe it is the blaze and you use “it” when you draw it on a map…

          • man, you guys are just full of creative ideas. I thought I was creative but I like your way of thinking here.

        • I have an even better idea waiting backstage. But to reveal it, I need the name of FF’s service ship.

        • Dal

          Yeah that would be nice but I had assumed he took off in his F100 from a carrier. Did he primarily fly off from a base?

          • brox-
            Forrest was Air Force, not Navy so he didn’t fly off a carrier. Also, in the Navy and Marines a pilot and a plane captain have a plane assigned to them. That’s the (generally) only bird the pilot flys while he’s in that squadron. The pilot’s name and the plane captain’s name are painted on the side of the craft. Not so in the Air Force when Forrest was in. The plane captain might be assigned a single aircraft but the pilots flew all the planes in the squadron. They were assigned different aircraft for every combat mission. In Vietnam the individual fighter aircraft did not have names…just tail numbers as unique identifiers. The pilots had nicknames for radio communication purposes but those changed with every combat mission too. Not nearly as much “romance ” in Vietnam era Air Force as in WWII era Army/Air Force.
            Having said all that, the F-100 Super Sabre did have a nickname. They were all called “the Hun”, which was short for hundred.

        • Thanks Dal. Yeah, I misread FF’s service record from the book. Thanks for the info though.

    • Somehow I don’t think this is what FF means when he says to give it to your kids and they will figure it out. I think you are over-thinking this. Just MHO.

      • @ Probeguy,I agree! I may be totally wrong,but I too believe that the answer is more literal and not secret codes.Just my opinion.

  103. I went back looking over some comments and had to laugh. People are worried about snakes, bears, and dehydration. For the ones looking up in Yellowstone you may want to take into consideration, your standing on the worlds largest volcano lol. Then to top it off we turn it into a tourist destination……welcome to America!

  104. More then halfway there to my destination. wish me luck! I have tons of confidence with my spot

      • Thank you Dal! Only few more hours away from my destination then I will have to set up a tent and search in the morning

      • I bought the powerball as well just in case I don’t end up finding the treasure then hopefully on way home I end up calling to find the numbers out and realize I won it. I wonder what the chances are that I end up finding the treasure and winning the powerball.

        • The chances of winning the powerball and the treasure…pretty staggering! You would have to feel extremely lucky to get one of the two. Powerball would be nice, but who really needs that much money!

          • Gosh if I won powerball…hmm, I’d buy a couple hotels in some strategic areas out West and anyone who hangs out on the blog and wants to search could stay there for free…. Also…gosh again…600 million it’s worth…I could afford to secret a treasure that forrest might have an interest in searching for 😉 What would be in that chest? Oh the mammoth with the clovis point in the ribs(would have to be a big chest) and I’d have to buy the Madison River…wonder what that would cost….how could I get that in the chest? Maybe just a bottle of Madison River water with an IOU.

        • Luckydog I am searching in Colorado. I live in Idaho so its a good 10 hour drive from where I am at.

          cojfox who knows maybe I was destined for both hahah I can only wish.

        • Honestly, I’d prefer discovering the treasure than winning the Powerball lottery. No joke. And I don’t even plan to keep the treasure. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It’s all about TTOTC!

  105. sorry i have not responded to every person individually. for everyone who has wished me well and good fortune etc i really appreciate it and i have read them all

  106. broxolm, sorry I was away for the day…. your 100% correct on the single line of 500 ft. Forrest has said many times people have been within 500 ft. From the begining to the end it’s only 500 ft.

    • I wish folks would stop saying that as fact. If you want to believe that the entire poem spans 500 feet, then knock yourself out, but don’t state it as fact. If that were the case, then you would only have to solve the first clue, then draw a 500 foot circumference around that end point, and search. Could have been a two line poem…1. WWWH 2. Your close, wander around a bit. Sorta sucks the drama out of it.

      For those just tuning in…there is by no means a consensus on this blog that the entire route of the poem could fit inside Cowboy’s Stadium!

    • @Desert Pete

      I’m not saying you’re wrong because I don’t know any more than anyone else, but in my reading of the poem, especially the part “Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk” seems to imply travelling a distance much more than 500 feet for just that part of the poem alone. 500 feet is an easy walk.

      Maybe not with the chest (if that’s what you’re thinking), but I don’t think the poem refers to carrying the chest from WWWH, etc. I think it’s telling us where we are to begin and we wouldn’t be carrying the chest yet.

      Just one man’s interpretation.

      I never got caught up in the 500 foot quote as a real clue because it was in response to a question of whether he thought anyone would be able to find the chest and he answered that people have been close. It’s just an encouraging statement that it can be done. IMHO

    • Desert Pete, Yeah, I don’t think I can make that work with my spot. I’m thinking it’s spread out a little more than that.

        • 500 ft in altitude. I never even considered that, but still I’m not sure that the starting point would be that close to the end. Could be though!

        • Seriously…you think that if he hid the chest at 8000 feet of altitude, then he was saying some person had been within 500 feet of the treasure by being at 7500 foot to 8500 foot of altitude somewhere in the world…genius!

          I’m liking my chances more and more.

    • oppppps did i say that !!! in a steve erkle type of voice!!

      Oh, you must be referring to me…Yes, I’m a complete dork…but I’m the coolest dork around! lol

  107. I do agree with you also goldmeber333. It could also mean 500 ft. of altitude. With that said, we have now covered New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and any state from above 5,000 ft. to below 7,000 ft.

  108. i was thinking its prolly more like 80 feet from start to end. the canyon you take down, is about 55 feet long and then you have a river that goes for about 22 feet and then its 3 feet from the blaze to the chest.

  109. Put yourself in Forrest’s shoes….. How far can you travel? Forrest is in a lot better health today than he was then. There’s a lot more to the poem than what is written.

    OH!!!! It’s Friday night fish fry, trout of course……… by

  110. One hour away but I am about to lose complete phone reception so hopefully when I back on its when I find the treasure

      • co thx for responding. Did it take you to a speciific location ? If so i’d love to compare notes to see if we’re in the same state and exchange idea’s

        • JJ, I appreciate the offer but I think we should keep everything out in the open. As far as the state goes…I don’t know that it really matters, I mean if you’ve had at least one person (myself) who also made the connection you did, then maybe we’re looking in the same area, but it could be we have completely different reasons/search areas.

  111. Just a thought for those of you dwelling on the 500ft. What if those that were within 500ft sent a note, like a lot of people, where they told Forrest where they searched for awhile. Then they said after awhile they halted looking for the time being and took their kids fishing, swimming, or hiking for family time somewhere near and where ever they took the kids ended up being within 500ft by coincidence. Just an opinion.

  112. I had a wild idea that the blaze might be a constellation. WISE men follow stars don’t they? It is very possible to start in a location (WWWH) and walk toward a star and not be going in a straight line ( WWWH is the start, the chest is the end, and the blaze is the path you took between the two. Not necessarily a straight line. Along the way you would see heavy loads, high water, and the HOB. The big problem is knowing which constellation to follow. I was hoping FF had served aboard an ship because many US ships are named for constellations (Example: but that doesn’t seem likely anymore. I thought maybe Pisces would be a good bet (Brown Trout) and in astrology there is a meaning for house of Pisces (Home of Brown: Pisces is associated with the Planet Neptune. Maybe you could follow Neptune to the chest from the WWWH and see all the other clues along the way. When FF was asked about the HOB, he said “Think big.” A constellation would definitely be big and would last thousands of years.


    • Broxolm – wow – that’s creative thinking. It wouldn’t work for my spot as there are too many trees to see the sky that clearly. And you won;t kind me standing there at night – much too scary. Now I too would like to know the name of his plane or ship – I have always felt his service in the airforce was involved .. I’ve never heard that he said “Think Big” about HOB. What a great clue. Guess then its not a little fish.

      • Are you saying that if you drew out the constelation on paper – it would fit on a map from the beginning to end? What a concept ——–

        • inthechase

          Don’t bother on trying to look up the name of his plane or ship because he didn’t serve on a ship and he didn’t use any single plane (other than the F100 type).

          Yes, placing a constellation with 9 stars over a map could draw a path (or blaze) connecting 9 different locations (WWWH, high waters, heavy loads, HOB..ect) to the chest. But I was thinking more like what the WISE men did. Start at the WWWH, find the correct constellation, and start walking. I think the constellation is the HOB and “Put in below it” = follow it like the WISE men did. If you walk towards a constellation, you will not be walking in a straight line and it is possible to arrive back where you started depending on the constellation. (

          Again, this is just an idea. Its not my primary one at the moment.

    • Broxolm, That may make sense with the line of “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.” When are we most often tired? Either at night when we are usually sleeping, or very early in the morning. Perhaps his best opportunity to hide the treasure was when no one else was sure to be around.
      Just my own thoughts about that particular line in the poem.

    • I’ve thought long and hard about the blaze being some kind of constellation, sun or moon. Most ancients used stars to navigate by telling them the latitude or longitude of their location. This is accomplished by knowing where the stars should be and extrapolating to where they are where you are standing. This doesn’t seem to help much for this search as it doesn’t give any specific location. You can’t really go to a star or constellation any more than you can follow the sun. What you can do is keep the celestial object in a specific place as you travel. So it really just gives you a direction maybe, not a location. What constellation has an owl? That would be a wise blaze to align in your search.
      The other way celestial objects are used is to tell time. Things align at specific times. Celestial time events include solstices, eclipses, etc. Again I am not sure how this will help any for a blaze search.

    • I know of a great iPhone / iPad app that lets you superimpose 88 constellations (as well as all the stars, planets, moon, even satellites) onto the camera’s view. It even allows you to look at a mountain and change the date/time to see exactly where the sun rises and sets by blending the camera and the objects. Could be useful if you think constellations are important.

      But I don’t want to be accused of spam, so if you care to learn more about this award winning stargazing app, click on my name or icon – only offering this because it’s appropriate to this discussion.

    • nick-
      I don’t believe he does own any horses. He did rescue some wild burros that were going to be shot to control the heard by the BLM. But those are being cared for at burro retirement ranch (brr) somewhere.

    • One of his daughters has a ranch and they have some animals including at least one horse but those do not belong to Forrest.

  113. Forrest said that the place is on that map in the book and so i went to a place that is on that map. someone posted a link on here to a picture of that map and it was all cleaned up and readable.

  114. I was able to stop by the area i believe its in the other night i got there a lil before 8pm so i just drove the trail looking around. I stayed the evening and with the time i had available i did a lil searching. Its funny the day i was traveling to get there 50 mi out i turned on to a higway and just two min later there was a rainbow in front of me. I thougt that was pretty cool then the next day there were 3 lil clouds near the sun and reflecting yet another rainbow. Weird!!! But i dont believe it is coincidence bc i also found a new clue i believe to be hand written by forrest..

  115. Now i didnt get a whole lot of time so i didnt start from the beginging i went to where i believed the end would be near with research and google maps, all the signs were there. But i think its important to begin it where he ask u to begin it and it would make your trip much shorter.

  116. A horse would be the only way i believe for him to have gone out there and do all that he did unless he had help…because even if u can turn this into a 500 ft search fenn didnt stop at 500 ft he completed the around 70 mi i believe it io be trip.

  117. Or he could have rafted/canoed. Most of it stopping along the way marking the trail or trails to follow.

    • Lorax, nice video of your trip. Thank you for sharing, and good luck on your next search.

    • Thanks for sharing that with everyone, Lorax. Nice looking bunch of Loraxes, you are! Too bad you didn’t find the treasure. Maybe next time. The meadowlark was a nice touch!

    • Lorax-
      Thanks for the video.
      Your family could be models for the Visit New Mexico campaign.
      What kind of lure did Mrs. Lorax use to snag that beautiful trout?

  118. Hie could have rafted or canoed – but that just might be too risky for someone to see him with the chest. and I really think he did it in two loads. Try haulin 42 lbs around I used to backpack and do that but wouldn’t want to do it anymore. I think the spot is about 500 ft from where he parked his car – which if it’s the spot I have picked is not easy. of course he could of done it on a horse – but my thinking says he didn’t. Its just too noticable. I think he got in and got out. Tarry scant

  119. 42 lbs…..42 lbs…. Go to Home Depot and pick up a 40 lb. bag of play sand. Place it in your cart and go through the check out. Take it out to your cart and put it in your trunk. NOW, remove it from your trunk and hand carry it back to the return area and get your money back…….. Next, go to your chiropractor….. sorry, just an opion…… I wish you all the best of luck, and please be safe.

  120. Begin it where warm waters halt…Iceland
    And take it in the canyon down,…The continental rift
    Not far, but too far too walk…walkabout in Australia
    Put in below the home of Brown…Papua, New Guinea
    From there it’s no place for the meek…the Bermuda Triangle
    The End is ever drawing nigh…Oh, I’m so close! If I could just figure out a few more things, I just know I can get there! The Blaze must be the sun…which means…Florida! I don’t know, are there rocky mountains that far East?!!!

  121. As I have gone alone in death
    And with my wisdom I have grown,
    I need someone to leave it with,
    Was left with me, and now my own.

    To anyone who listen good,
    In death your merit follows bold.
    If you have grown before you’re food
    My wisdom through you is sold

    New to post here so please bare with me.
    A few thoughts that may or may not have been discussed
    The first and last stanzas seem to signify life/death beginning/end. The end of the chase starts a thrill in finding a new one. Also a good adventure/hike comes full circle. No one likes backtracking. That being said I would say a possible clue is the beginning is the end/the end is the beginning….

  122. Also a halted warm water is a good start and end to any journey.. A warm shower in the morning and a soak in a hot tub after the long trip.

    • T – Forrest did say to follow the poem precisley. That is written on his web site and you should read it = there could be a hint there.. Read above the poem. He also told people don’t mess with my poem. In other words – don’t change it. Many people here think the alpha and the omega have something to do with it also. Hope this helps you.

      • I have read and re-read mostly all of the text around this chase including his book(s) The rainbow reference is what i’m assuming your referring to. I’m pretty sure the PBS interview with Lorranne Mills he said “If followed in consecutive order” or something around those lines. That doesn’t mean you cant start at one place and end up back where you started

  123. Dal says

    I am familiar with the map.
    But I never heard Forrest say there was a place on it..
    I heard lots of others say there was an “x” on it but never Forrest?
    When did he say that?”

    my source may be wrong on that. i will check with them tomorrow.

  124. @Brox, Hey Brox, sorry so long, check your e-mail. Tell me what you think…

  125. Hi All-
    Going to start page 19 in a few minutes. This page will soon be closed to new comments.


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