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  1. Dal, you said in an earlier comment that Forrest has not had an airplane or pilots license for “several ” years. But hasn’t the treasure been hidden for more than several years? Does anyone even know what year he finally put it in his secret where?

    • Digger,

      I’ve wondered the same thing. It could have been secreted a year or more before the book was published. That way “mother nature” could cover any foot prints or grow some cover or even just age the exterior of the chest before anyone goes looking for it.

      I’m interested in seeing Dal’s reply. Thanks for asking this.


    • Digger-
      He has said that he hid the treasure in 2009-2010. He also says he will not say exactly when, because someone might be able to figure out where he was if they knew the exact year.

      • Responses to my little unofficial poll indicate that about a dozen searchers have “solved” Home of Brown in about 14 different ways — interesting. Don’t know how that would be possible, but very interesting nonetheless.

        • You make “Brown” fit to your general area, that’s how. That is how most are solving WWWH as well, and that in my opinion is why nobody has found the loot. You can have a spot on waters, canyon, maybe a blaze, probably find a dry creekbed, and hmmmm well there was this Brown dude/mtn/trout/bear/etc. that maybe passed by this area at some point…I am guilty as well of making clues fit, it is only my opinion. I am moving with zero confidence. My new “Brown” is dirt…oddly enough it makes as much sense in my own head as anything else…yet expands my search area by just a smidge…I think I am losin it

        • Once it is found, we should all put our answers up here. Would be interesting to see how everyone thought through the clues.

        • That is an excellent idea Dale.
          Stance – I am not surprised to see so many with “Home of Brown” After all it is the one clue that does contain so many possibilities. I have two – one is more or less obvious and the second the most least likely of any – but it fits.
          The Wolf

        • My very first thought for “Brown” was about 3 months ago… Ever since I have not been able to make it fit, so I have disqualified it. But I will share, someone might get a laugh. Ever heard the expression, ” what would brown do for you?” It’s the UPS motto… I figured maybe it was near a United Postal Service location :). I no longer think this.

          • I’m not laughing, because I’ve considered that as well at one point. I think till he said the no structures thing…but now I think the no structures thing is just for at the end when your at the treasure…and there can be structures along the way. I don’t know…I’m so confused. I just go down my list of ideas each visit. I’m running out of good ones down south and look forward to the snow melt like most of the others.

        • that is a good idea, putting our answers up here, i would be curious if anyone is on any of the same tracks i am, i am still working on 4 solutions to the first stanza, and they all seem to be pretty solid, and i have not heard any of them mentioned by anyone. its after that where it seems to get difficult to solve, assuming you are at the right place to begin with, but based on the fact FF said 2 people emailed him the correct solution to the 2nd stanza, but then they got it wrong after that, i think theres a good chance one of my solutions im working on has the first part correct. Im getting so frustrated at this point ive almost decided to just start posting and divulging everything ive come up with.

        • @Chris Yates;

          I agree with you, it would be interesting to see how others are interpreting the clues. Forest didn’t say they solved the first two stanzas, he said they solved the first two clues. There seems to be much disagreement on what the clues are.

        • i meant to say that 2nd stanza, not the first. I think the entirety of the 2nd stanza is what FF meant by solving the first 2 clues, but i understand there is disagreement on that.

    • Hey Goof-
      I did…and I have a lot of writing to do. Of course I did not find the chest and neither did the Japanese TV crew. It’s Stephanie I am worried about!!

      • @Dal,
        Looking forward to reading your new stories………..I thought for sure the Japanese TV crew would find the treasure. 😉

      • Dal
        Nobody knows where the treasure is!! and nobody will not know of course until it is found!!
        Your nemesis is maybe nobody not Steph?

      • Dal, I do hope you are writing a book about the chase. I love to read, and I know we have mentioned on here about making a profit off this chase, but in your case…I feel you SHOULD write it and maybe collaborate with a few of Stephanie’s stories too…(maybe even a few from other ling-time chasers) you two seem to be long-time chasers and I would buy it. I have loved reading both your blog posts and stories…the Indian moving your fan a favorite! I think you should write it for therapeutic reasons and enjoyment. But I also think you would have lots of buyers. It would be a very inspiring and fun book to read. 🙂

        • Sheesh, Indian moving your VAN….unless you take a fan on your chases? Maybe you get hot……are you hot? lol

        • I totally agree about writing a book, Dal has an absolute natural ability, his stories are riveting. James

  2. Just finished the book! Great stories and very fascinating. Stephanie mentioned two people passed that were close to FF, his dad and brother. There was another who passed that FF mentions, Donnie Joe. When they went looking for Lewis and Clark on horseback they were lost and hungry (take a sandwich and a flashlight) they burned their map to make a fire. He mentions how Jim Bridger’s trappers were attacked by Blackfeet Indians near where Hebgen Dam would be built nearly a century later and escaped west to Stinking Creek. Stinking Creek is in ID. Up Sh*t creek without a paddle. There’ll be no paddle up (Stinking Creek.) The trail is an uphill climb following the creek (Water High.) You can justify the other clues to lead to that point if you look hard enough. Anyone ever considered this area? Not much info on it except that it is a secret backcountry trail.

    Also interesting is when he worked at the Totem Cafe’ FF mentions the dishes had to be dipped in scalding water that created deep white canyons in his hands and he hated washing the pots used to cook brown gravy and is the reason why he does not consume brown gravy anymore. Water, canyon, and brown all mentioned in that paragraph. Probably nothing, but definately interesting how FF then mentions trappers being chased by indians, (no place for the meek) and escaped west to Stinking Creek.

    Food for thought! I love this game!

    • There is a book mentioned in “The Thrill of the Chase” I have found helpful with the nine clues for the Yellowstone area. It is “Journal of a Trapper” by Osborne Russell. A very interesting read and a good ground-level reference.

      • Thanks very much, Bob, for the idea.

        I enjoyed also checking out quickly Dee Brown’s “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” at someone’s posted suggestion.

        • Although I want to look at it for its description of YNP, I understand from searching the book full-text that Osborne Russell settled below (immediately south) of the home of Adam Brown. His actual deed would provide the location in the present town of Ledford, in Polk County. But the elevation of Ledord is 245 ft

  3. Anybody – I’m confused about the chronological list of events. Please help! Did FF write the poem, then hide the treasure, then write the book – in that order? Or did hiding the treasure come last?

    • Becky-
      Forrest says that he started writing the current version of the poem about 15 years ago. He does not say when it was completed. But he also says that he spent about ten years perfecting it. The treasure was hidden sometime in 2009-2010. Again, he does not pin it down any closer than that. Somewhere I recall Forrest saying that the book wrote itself and that he wrote it in just one month. We do not know how much time there was between the writing and the publishing but I think there would not have been a great deal of time. From what I have seen, Forrest likes to move quickly. We know the book came out in 2010. He made the official announcement about the book and the treasure in the late summer/early fall of 2010.

      • Dal – Why in the world would it take that long to write the poem? He knew the hiding place way back in 1988, right?

        • For Becky:

          Why so long to write the poem? In my opinion it is a RIDDLE so it takes quite a while to make sure you get all the messages in there etc.

        • Becky-
          We do not know for certain that the spot the treasure is hidden in today is the same spot he intended to use back in 1988. We do know that parts…and possibly all of the poem are different today than back in 1988. I think one reason it took so long to write the poem is that he wasn’t really thinking a lot about it. Remember, he got a “get out of jail free” card in 1988 when his cancer went away. He probably didn’t think as much about hiding a legacy until he was approaching old age. If I had just beat cancer, I would be thinking about having fun…not about rewriting my death poem.

        • Dal – Page 131 – FF knew exactly where to hide it. He says “Indecision is the key to flexability & that’s why I waited so long to secret my cache.” What does he mean by that? Indecision about whether or not to hide it? If FF knew where to hide it, why did flexability play a part?

        • Dal,

          I thought FF said the spot had never changed in his town hall meeting last week.

          • gettingclose1-
            Maybe he did. I could have missed that. When I get a chance I will go back and listen to it again..or if you know the time into that recording where he says that please drop me a line.

        • Coincidentally I had a real life indecision/flexibility situation this week.

          Because the architect was inflexible about his specs, no decision could be made as how to proceed.

          I can’t make money that way and I told him so. I’ve moved on to other things.

      • Hi Becky, it just means that he had many options as to where to hide the chest, the poem is not ambiguous, it just fits a very large area, very precisely. James

  4. In one of the articles on here in which Forrest was interviewed, he stated that at times he likes to embellish a bit. I feel that given his personal history and knowledge of history itself, It wouldn’t be surprising to me if he did that in his writings.

    When writing, at times you get “writer’s block”. The easiest way to get out of it is to embellish a bit and get back into the flow of things. It’s not so surprising to come across lines with words that he would like to slip into the narative to keep people guessing.

  5. Hey, some of the bloggers have composed poems on the spur of the moment. There had to be some reason why it took FF such a long time. Like maybe things changed so he had to make corrections. Still I’m not satisfied.

    Also where exactly did FF himself say that he hid the treasure in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, “NEW MEXICO”? New Mexico?

    • “Forrest responds-

      I didn’t think of that Franklin. But yes, it’s Santa Fe, New Mexico. f “

        • Oh sorry..that was from a previous thread..”Forrest gets mail”..October 2012 on here he was responding to someones question…if you haven’t done so I recommend going back and reading all of Dal’s threads from the beginning, there is a ton of good info and tidbits in there…especially the email responses from ff, and the great stories from Dal, he really has some story telling chops…enjoy

  6. Thank you, Hank. So many people make statements that are attributed to FF saying things that he never really said.

    Seems to me that one of the most important issues is HOW he knows no one has found it. Also, if he was dying of cancer – or so he thought – how could he possibly decide to die with the treasure? Just the treatments alone would have been prohibitive. He is apparently big on family & loves his Peggy more than anything. Therefore wouldn’t he want to spend eternity along-side of her?

    “Put in” is a military term that means to park your vehicle. Like when driving – Put in beside that tree. Put in between the red car & the blue car. I think he drove his car until he “put in” … Brown.

    • General thiughts on some mentioned topics:

      Put In: in boating, canoe, kayak etc means to enter the water, in flying it can mean to land as in put in the hanger or as said above military term to park.

      Blaze: a marking that leads the way on a trail, usually at eye level above the trail. They tend to be identical on one path, so if two trails cross you know which one is yours. Could be a mark above the treasure location or an indicator in the poem to help identify the real clues etc.

      Brown: capitalized for a reason.

      • Keep at it David….Sooner or later things will start fitting togeather like a well oiled engine…..good luck.

      • Hi, David. When you see the blaze, look quickly down. At what? I find it difficult to believe that FF marked a tree or a rock, then just set the chest down on the ground.

        Another thing that bothers me is animals like a raccoon or a possum. I have lots of those around my property, & they get into everything. What’s to stop one from lifting the lid, digging around in the chest, & scattering the gold or carting away the jewels & bracelet? Even crows would collect the shiny coins. Bear cubs are also nosy. I just don’t think it’s out there like that. Do you?

        • Maybe if themin’ critters leave enuffin’ gold around, ida leed usin’ to da chest. Watcha thank girl?

    • Put in is military? I never heard that before. Interesting. I looked into the Colorado Air Force Academy to see if spouses can be buried with them and they can. So that’s kind of interesting. We made one visit there. I liked mostly that the ICE company is who owns the little lake/ponds there. Also, a military place would be somewhere he would have had to go in alone. I don’t know if he ever spent much time there or not though. I do know though that it’s an honor for guys in the AF to be buried there and a friend of his Robin Olds who was a famous pilot was buried there and there are nickels strewn all over his grave marker. I just couldn’t make the poem work really well there. I thought maybe the poem worked if he was flying since he wrote the poem back when he was flying…even though he might have just driven there to secret it. Also, I believe you go over a bridge which crosses a creek. So I did like that it could end there and that it was below Molly Brown’s House Museum. Didn’t find a blaze though…oh and there are bronzes there.

  7. Becky,

    History has shown that many famous pioneers of the west never died in the arms of their loved ones. Forrest is a great western history buff.

  8. Dal,

    “If I had just beat cancer, I would be thinking about having fun…”. Now I’ll drink to that.

    • FF could NOT be certain at that time that he would remain cancer-free. He would have had to keep going back for more tests & probably more treatments to make sure it didn’t spread.

      Do you honestly believe that FF hid the treasure so that other people could have a thrill? I do not. I don’t know much about topography & terrains, but I know people. This man wants to be famous & have global acceptance. I do not believe that he hiked up a mountain, down a canyon, thru high water, etc. There are other issues at play here. His body language points to the treasure being relatively close to him. According to FF, I can sit here in WV & solve the location. I was sure it was in Santa Fe, but I cannot get past “north of”.

      I need to listen to that psychologist Benet Davitian a couple more times. His perspective aligns with mine in many ways. The wax on the olive jar is interesting too. Not the jar – the wax.

      • Becky,

        Throughout history, man has always been in search of one treasure or another. It’s one of the reasons there are so many people that use metal detectors, pan for gold in rivers and streams or go to Alaska every year looking for the “Big Placer Nugget”. Whether it’s for the wealth, or just knowing they found it, it doesn’t matter. It just is.

        Granted, Forrest does want to leave a part of himself behing. Hopefully it will be something that will live on into history among some of the great ones. Even if it is a tale of an wonderful old man of the American west (like a Billy the Kidd) that maybe stories will be made up (with certain literary freedoms of course) about him. Who knows. It’s “HIS” dream. Who are we to take that from him. Do you see what I’m trying to say?

        • Yes, I do. But he has involved all of us. If the treasure if located, the publicity will no longer be about him. It will be focused on the finder. I do not think that is his objective. Why bother going on TV with a clue that will not help us? I have yet to find anyone who has even heard of FF & the treasure.

          • Hey girl!!! Be thankful you haven’t. Geez, that’s all we need. Bite your tongue.

      • How does his body language tell you where it is? That doesn’t make sense to me. I think it’s an assumption, because he says it’s still out there that we assume he’s checked on it. He has told Dal(correct me if I’m wrong) that he has NOT been back to see the chest. So that actually could lead me to believe that it’s not nearby…but there’s another way he must know. Maybe it’s across a river that’s too high to cross during certain times of the year…maybe there’s something in the chest that directs the finder to do something that would tell him…like in order to get “title” they must send out a press release that he’s included lol. I don’t know..just coming up with ideas.

        • Steph, it’s simple how Forrest knows that it’s still there. He said “two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead”. He has a dead guy watching it! He has a seance every now and then to check in with the spirit world to get a status update on the chest. Maybe that’s why we’re having such a hard time finding it. We need to be one part Indiana Jones and one part Scooby Doo. 😉

          • Steve you would not believe the emails that we all get that aren’t talked about. I had this one guy who was convinced that whoever found the chest would open up the lid and it would suck their soul out…He truly believed in what he was saying too. Where have you been by the way? Did you go out West yet?

          • Hi Steph. I can believe it. I’ve had some odd encounters and messages (through Facebook, not here). Crazy world out there. I’ll e-mail you privately so I don’t bog down the blog and I’ll catch up with ya! 🙂

        • Hi, Stephanie. My husband Norman had a Navy career. Just about everything he did was Navy oriented – from the folding of his clothes to the way he talked. I would tell him to come with me – he would say, “Got your six” – meaning right behind me. Lots more – the head, the chow line, the galley, etc. When I was driving he would tell me where to “put in”. When I first read the poem “Put in” jumped out at me as parking a car in a certain spot.

          Why all the nickels? FF wanted to leave one under his teacher’s grave marker – page 33.

          • The nickels is a respect thing for other pilots to put on each others graves. I wondered at one time if Skippy was a pilot with all the talk about the helicopter and buying the plane in Idaho..and he might have been the other omega. If you go to and look up robin olds you’ll see a bunch of nickels on his grave. Robin Olds was a friend of Forrests and a famous pilot he talks about in his blog.

        • Hi Stephanie, best regards !
          You are right, Mr.FF knows the chest still there because he visited that place many times before he decided to hide it and he knows when someone can pass or have access to that place.

        • @Becky from WV;
          You asked: “Why all the nickels? FF wanted to leave one under his teacher’s grave marker – page 33.”

          Steph is correct; also there is a song that uses the term “throw a nickel on the grass” about fighter pilots.

          Coins left in Arlington National Cemetery and other military cemeteries have added meaning, according to the website Military Salute Project. A penny indicates a visit. A nickel shows that you attended boot camp or training with the deceased. A dime shows service in the same company but a different platoon. A quarter is left by a service member who was with the deceased when the person died.

          When I was in Vietnam some of our missions (that never happened) was to retrieve downed fighter pilots (from areas they never flew). We would get a can full of nickels from the squadron of the pilots we retrieved.

        • Thanks, Stephanie & Goofy. That’s mucho, mucho info. I don’t think it pertains to the poem. Do y’all?

          Hey, Stephanie. About the body language – how can I explain this? Hmmmm.

          OK. I am an audio person. I remember what I hear, not what I see. Whenever I watch a video I have to pay very close attention because I tend to zone out visually. FF has certain mannerisms that form a sort of pattern to me. He gets asked the very same questions over & over & his reactions remain constant. Whenever he talks about hiding the treasure, he jerks his head to one side as if to say over there. He does not use his arm or hand to indicate a great distance. He also becomes uncomfortable at various points every time.

          Sorry, that’s the best I can do. It’s would be easier to explain the color red, I think.

          One more issue – what’s the 15% & 85% business?

      • Becky I think you are correct about FF wanting the legacy of this Chase. He is an honest guy so the treasure is out there. The question is just how much does he want it found. I think his comments about it being a thousand years before being found being fine with him speaks to this also. The issue becomes what harm the search may or may not bring. This summer will be interesting as I think there are now thousands on board who were not before the TV interviews. If we have anyone injured or worse I think his personal dilemma will be does he now want it over before someone dies. He has said many times that he does not want anyone getting hurt out there and that the treasure is not dangerous to find but that does not seem to have stopped people from taking chances. Time will tell but he may be forced to give more definitive clues to avoid tragedy. I just don’t see him wanting anyone hurt over this. I hope this is not the case but I see this getting crazy later this year.

  9. Becky,
    ““Indecision is the key to flexability & that’s why I waited so long to secret my cache.” See Fenn understands that normally Indecision would lead to no decision. So he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. So there in lies the “flexability” of which he speaks.

    • I don’t understand. Why did he wait until he was almost 80? Way too long. Something else had to be going on. He had already decided everything at age 58. There is no way that he could be sure that he would live this long.

      I hesitate over the word “brave”. That sounds frightening to me.

      • Becky,

        I think his use of the word “brave” is harmless. He knows that for many many people this is going to take courage. It is in a way for people like yourself. People who either never left their home towns and ventured any further than the Town limits. Or raised in a big city and not certain they can survive in the “wilderness” with wild bears they see on discovery channel or movies. That’s kinda funny I mentioned that, my son called me today and told me I should be careful and take my gun with me when I go out “there”. So funny….he lives in the big city and I don’t…LOL

        • But FF says the treasure chest is NOT hidden in the wilderness with bears & snakes & other dangerous things, so why is everyone so determined to go there?

          • Well, only one person is ever going to find it. Maybe that’s the best thing at this point. Too many people are getting involved in this chest. I’m afraid that sooner ore later someone may get hurt. Not that Fenn would ever want that, but people will get careless, like the girl in Bandlier stuck all nite.
            I am pretty positive it will be found this summer. The odds are getting better in someone’s favor. More people looking fewer possible places to look based on the poem.

        • Nope. I disagree. I think people will exhaust their resources & decrease their efforts. I read where one couple found a rock with drawings on it. As they got close enough to almost touch it, motion detectors alerted a swat team with guns a’blazin’. Scared the couple half to death. If everyone touched it, the drawings would eventually be obliterated. I really think searchers will tire of the quest quickly.

          I’m going to sign off now. Night all.

      • Hi Becky, My sister and I just returned from a search. Got whited out by winter storm ‘YOGI’. Just catching up on the blogs. Question: When did FF say that the treasure was not out in the wilderness with bears, snakes and other dangerous creatures? Can’t believe I missed that! Thanks. PS: I don’t know of any other 65 year old siblings that are having so much fun searching for this treasure! Thanks for your posts.

        • Forrest never said it wasn’t out in the wilderness. That is wrong information if you read it somewhere on the blogs. I didn’t see anyone even say that.

        • Hi, TJ. FF has said that families including children would be safe – that the treasure is not hidden in a dangerous location. Also the video of sociologist Benet Davetian says the same thing. To me, wilderness has bears, & snakes, & scary things. Seems like a dangerous location to me so that’s not where to search, right?.

    • Hiding something in plain site isnt easy. Especially if you are hidding clues in a poem that is going to be picked apart by treasure hunters. It would be easy to write an obvious poem, but difficult and time consumming to do it so it can pass the test of time.
      His motive is stated as a desire to get people out into nature to appreciate its gifts. Could the attention be an ego boast too, sure but so what. Since getting well known by the masses via the Today show, he has choosen to step back and return to his writings.
      I dont know him personally, but I am grateful for the challenge and my 9 year old daughter have enjoyed walks in the woods behind my house here in New Jersey. No treasure of course, but the Daddy-daughter time is great.

      Have fun, be respectful, and enjoy.

      • DavidC3119

        I was born and raised in Jersey. Been in Washington state since ’82. Retired.

        Yeah I can appreciate that Daddy Daughter stuff to..grandkids come in end of the month for the summer.

        • @ Becky.You have made a couple of gut instinct statements.Do some heavy research using all at your disposal.There is a lot of info out there.If your intuition still speaks to you try to build a case from there.Good luck and be safe

      • To learn about FF & his background read a book – Finder’s Keepers. Long before this treasure business, he was quite a different person. Interesting.

        Where in Jersey? More importantly – why are you still awake? Go to bed!

        • Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question. I generally go to bed at 230-300am. Getup around 9am

          Jersey is on the northeast end of the swamp.

      • David, I was never blessed with children, but if I had one interested in this chase, I would hide a treasures for her in that back yard and write her a little poems or set of clues on how to find it and have some great father/daughter memories. I would do more than one too….I bet it would be something she would never forget and carry all her life into adulthood. Finding treasures with her dad, that would be awesome!

    • Im in Burlington now. Very familiar with Jamesburg, Cranbury area.
      I am at work now doing overnight shift.

  10. Interesting facts…Fenn Mountain, Idaho, Elevation: 8021 feet, 2445 meters, Located in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Opps, did we possibly miss something here?

  11. VGBOSS

    When you mentioned EL PASO (“step”), is it because it is directly referenced? I almost dropped my cheeseburger.


  12. All, I have a good idea how Forrest can make statement that he knows the chest is still there. You can upgrade on Google Earth and get real time footage with clearer pictures right down to his specific spot. If thats the case, then one could assume that the treasure is out in the open. Hows else could he know so fast.

    • He can go there comfortably and feel confident that he’s not followed. The place is his secret play area and is off the beaten path. It gives him a vantage point and he can see if he’s being followed very easily. He found a lot of his artifacts there and it’s in a spot that does not have obvious roads to it- a bit of a maze to get in there. I believe he located it by air and even then it took him a while to find the spot driving in. In this spot it could easily sit for many years and it’s not any of the obvious spots that many have been to. We got a few places we’re gonna check on next weekend for fun and then finish the loop here depending on the snow pack. We’ll see where this one pans out. It could take a few trips there and some time so we’re not expecting, as Borat would say, Grrrreat Succcess on this 1st outing to this spot.

    • Google Earth and Google Earth pro use the exact same satellite imagery.

      From the Google Earth Pro FAQ “Google Earth Pro uses the same imagery database as the free and Pro trial versions of Google Earth. However, with Google Earth Pro, you can print these locations at a higher output resolution. You also receive additional tools designed specifically to enhance your organization’s productivity, including demographic, parcel and traffic data layers, to name a few. For more details, check out our Product Comparison Chart. ”

    • In fact all of Google Earth’s imagery is 1-3 years old. None of it is real-time. Real-time (live) satellite imagery for the average citizen doesn’t exist (in the sense that it is available for viewing or even purchase-able)

      FF CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT, check his spot (or his treasure chest) using satellite imagery.

    • I am not aware of any Google Earth upgrade that can give one real time (or even close) data. Seems impossible. How are you achieving this?

  13. I have been waiting for someday to come. I am a SAINT. I will begin it where warm waters halt. As I pass through the gate of hope, I will choose the path of never ending life. I look across it is far but I can’t step but only tread where it is not too far. I come where the water can quench the thrust of life but now it keeps me dry. There I will find the blaze then look as the trees of old that once cried for life. The flowers can be mean then they will soothe my pain. For now I am cold, wet and weary, I must go still and return what is not mine, then I will given my honor, my peace, my glory.

    I am a indian scout of the past within me.

    • Inspiring. I hope peoples eyes don’t glaze over as they read this, it has deep meaning:)

      • I take with me our secret and I leave now my secret with my old friend to cherish the Thrill of the Chase.

  14. I thought of something last night as my head hit the pillow..this chase has been so rewarding for so many and I see the pictures of all FF’s Indian artifacts in his home, etc… and it seems he has a great fan base and this is definitely the beginning of an amazing legendary tale. I think Mr. Fenn should open a little museum. “Fenn Museum, the Man, the Magic and the Mystery”. It would seem a shame for all this history he has discovered, all the mysteries he’s uncovered and all the relics to not be in a place to be viewed by schools, children, families, etc….It could be a whole educational center! And Santa Fe would be the perfect place for it! Chasers and treasure hunters from allover would come and it could really be good for reviving pioneer history. 🙂 Not a gallery type place, but a museum…maybe even interactive in nature.

    • When my husband and I were able to go to his house, I asked him why didn’t he open a museum, because his collection is amazing. He said their too much trouble. I asked if any of his family was into collecting like he is. He said no.

  15. I believe it is supreme confidence in his location that allows Forrest Fenn to claim the chest is still there…he states on his blog that he cannot be 100% sure that it has not been found, but that he is not thinking in terms of months, but hundreds, or even thousands of years! I’m telling everyone right now-the stash spot is a duzy!!

  16. has any body ever thought theres no paddle up your creek having to do with bike trail or a creek ? or heavy loads having to do with tired feet or waters high sweat ? just a thought

  17. @Jen
    That is a very cool idea to have a museum. We need more educational centers for our children. One of the biggest problems with our children today, is what Fenn has said so many times. The children are suffering from today’s technology. So many are following the wrong path.

    • That’s the best I’ve seen of the chest close up. Someone once said that the images on the front right looked like the gypsies and I agreed…now it looks like figures going up a ladder. As for the map…I’m not so sure if that’s a clue. What if he put it there so people believed it was there? I mean if you hide something…do you want to tell people where it is? I kind of thought about that with his book before too. He says you don’t need the book and hints are only sprinkled in it…so does that mean if the book says stuff we should actually discount those things and look at places he doesn’t mention? Obviously, I don’t know the answers.

      • Did you notice the map in the book and the one in the memoirs are the same except for the one in the memoirs still has the W on it were New Mexico used to be, the map was edited

        • When you say in the book…you mean the one you have on your page? I’m not sure if that’s what you mean…but even if they are different….it doesn’t mean that Forrest edited anything. It could just be different versions. He’s also said that he isn’t going to be an X on a map. So to me that might be said so that you don’t look at that. I believe he only started saying that after people kept questioning that map. I don’t know…but again that close up of the chest you did is neat to see the detail.

      • I think, given the age of the box that the ladies are carved are of Greek origin. So if we use the CES and use only the Goddesses names that mite be related to that time we could have; CYBELE, EIRENE, SELENE or a few others. I really don’t think they are Gypsies.

        • Not Greek. Early to mid 12 th century. They look like knights or soldiers from Normandy. Notice the long shields and chain mail shirts. The ladders are of lighter construction and crooked. Suggests they are laying siege to a small fortification or stockade which would’ve been the norm at that time. Laying siege to castles would involve more complex ladders and machines.

          • My guess is that if CES was engraved by the artist it would be a Latin phrase. The box would contain either a set of writings or jewelry. Something valuable to be held in the little fortress called the box. If it was paperwork it would be more valuable than the box today because very few handwritten items from that age exist today. For me CES stands for Cheesius Eggus Sandwichesius which means take some food in the canyon down.

          • CES possibly stands for “cogito ergo sum”. I think therefore I am. Suggests the previous owner of the box was an intellectual perhaps a philosopher. Box probably contained his writings. Maybe he was monk.

          • CES…Chasing Elusive Spots…….Checking Every Source……then Changing Each Spot…again……

          • That could be what CES “might” stand for. I believe that quote was from the French philosopher Rene’ Descartes. A favorite name to us crossword puzzle solvers. At least twice a week he shows up in the daily crosswords. Don’t know of any relationship to monks, but will google it when I get a chance. Might have a bearing on FF’s quote: “It’s not who you are but who they think you are”. Might just be one of the previous owner’s initials too.

            BTW, I must be blind as a bat or got a bad dust jacket because I just can’t find the CES in the photo on my book! LOL

          • Right. Just putting ideas out there Steve. Don’t really know if CES is that relevant. Don’t even know if the CES was placed there by the original artist or craftsman. If Fenn added it then I think therefore I am would make some sense. Right now I’m going with the cheesy egg sandwhich translation.

          • I’m actually thinking of making myself a cheesy egg sandwich right now. Sounds like lunch time to me!

            DT, I wish we had more info on the history of the chest, but like you said, it may mean nothing. Interesting, though! It was thought that it had once contained a bible possibly. I know R. Descartes lived somewhere around the 1600’s. Does the chest pre-date him? I don’t remember, but I thought it was much older, so anything is possible. From the one pic I saw of the CES, it does look out of place and was probably done long after the chest was made. JMHO.

          • I may be wrong (and if I am, Dal please correct me) but I think Dal said that FF didn’t know what it meant either and would like to know. Dal?

          • How about “It’s not where I buried it, It’s where you think I buried it.” Wouldn’t that just be like Fenn.

        • DT…you are absolutely right…I’ve always had a problem with FF’s description in the book of the box having Dancing girls on the four sides and the top…I know battlements and crenelations when I see them. Those are soldiers laying siege to a fort or castle and absolutely have nothing to do with dancing girls. When I see/read things like this, i attribute them to FF’s embellishment and unlike VGBOSS i think this si where here puts his 15% lie as opposed to thinking every statement FF makes is 85% truth and 15% lie.

          • Eric, I think the CES was added on later by another party or owner. My opinion is that it has nothing to do with the location of the poem. However, I have now changed my position regarding its meaning. I think it stands form Croissant Egg Sandwhich rather than Cheesy Egg Sandwhich. Too much cheese might hurt you walking down the canyon.

      • Stephanie,

        I used only the poem to find my spot then read the book paying close attention and found hints that made me smile. I don’t believe the pictures or CES or ‘mountain man’ spelling help at all.

    • Cool links.

      Does anyone else think the black and white image of the chest is reversed? Note the 2 guys holding shields (the ones on the ladders) are holding them in their right hands. Would this be in any way a clue?

  18. begin it where warm waters halt – – and taking the canyon down – – not far but to far to walk – – drive to the home of brown

  19. Just went to Walmart…bar code 44700 01041…check….38739 51553 …check 50400 10720 …check…insanity…double checked. 🙂

      • I am alone….with no treasures bold. Casted out by many tribes for I have betrayed them. I was born south of Santa Fe in the city of roses. My close friends at one time were apaches. I have walked the grounds of Geronimo seeking the gold of Victoria. I have found but I can not have.

    • Geydelkon, interesting drink you got there.Maybe I should try that for my Lyme:)

      • I must did a typo…I didnt have my first cup of brown. What else did you think I bought?

  20. as you go alone in there – – with my treasures bold – – keep my secrets there – – and hints of riches new and old – – begin it where warm water halts – – and taking the canyon down – – its not far but to to walk – = drive to the home of brown – -from there its no place for the weak – – there will be no bike trail or a creek – – just a lot of sweat and tired feet

    • This is for all the Skippy peanut butter theory fans: Skippy was a junior – William Marvin Fenn, Jr., born `928.

    • Now frank, you are changing mr. Fenn’s words in his poem. He’s not going to be happy about that!

      • im not changing the words to the poem im just trying to find a meaning to the words what he is saying in the words like paddle you paddle a bike so it could mean bike trail

        • i think a creek is something like a trail i also think what he is saying likei heard him say is if you find the chest is keep it a secret dont tell any one

    • Wait a minute , frank! That’s it ! “and hint of riches new and old”—-Hint: Rich’s New and Old … A second hand shop owned by Rich, by Jove ol boy I think you’ve done it!

      • horito i put comments here not to be made fun of but to injoy the chase with all these good people to me i have found my terasure in them which is worth more then money or gold to me i dont know you so please CHILL

        • frank you are wise not to suffer fools gladly. Don’t mind horatio he’s just a hornblower. I am learning a lot from your comments.

        • thomas on canyon down – – a canyon is a valley with steep sides often with a stream going throught it – if that cayon makes a – y – and if one side keeps going stright and the other side stay stays down and makes a left so make a left on canyon down – – from there its not far but to far to walk ( drive ) it will take to you to the home of brown

        • thomas when i made a left on canyon down vi think i found the home of brown where warm waters halt the blazing trail the road right below the blazing trail where he stoped and hid the treasure oh and i did say – – i think

        • thomas can you tell me something about the theasure i heard he didnt buried it can you tell me if its where there are bolders or bolder

          • frank, I take treasures bold to mean he went in there when nobody was around. So he carried it in both hands walked about 500 ft set it in the monument he built over the years put the capstone on it ate his sandwich walked back to his car laughed the drove off. Very perceptive frank. You are getting there.

        • thomas i would like to share something with you but i dont know how also do you live in santa fe ?

    • Forgiveness is grace, freely given. Even after, what one thinks to be betrayel.

  21. So Dal, just to clarify, do you (or anyone else) see Forrest’s use of the word “house” in place of “home” as a Freudian slip? Because “house” has a much more limited interpretive value than “home”.
    And if so, might greatly alter ones conclusions. Thanks again for the blog.

    • If I guess wrong on that and limit myself to houses and it’s actually more broad and should be homes, you will never find it. So I’m forced to stay with the poem as written. No other choice.

    • when did this happen, i had not heard of it before, because one of the solutions I am working on fits perfectly with the poem if i read it as ‘put in below the House and Brown’

      • Chris,

        I disqualified “house”, as soon as fenn said it has nothing to do with a “structure”. That made dealing with home a lot easier.

    • digger-
      I don’t see it as Freudian…mostly because I don’t know Freudian from Jungian…but I do see it as a simple misspeak. Same as when he said “I buried it…” on the WGN radio show…I, being an ancient one myself, understand how easy it is to screw up words, to make a mistake when speaking…to recall quotes inaccurately…etc etc..
      I give Forrest a lot of slack in this area. I know as well as everyone the purgatory it is to try to understand the poem’s meaning. I know how tempting it is to try to hang meaning on everything Forrest says and does…but I also my heart…that he makes mistakes just like all of us…

  22. I am not doing well with my typing today. Trying to get on the road to the home of Brown.

  23. No I didn’t I will search for it. I cannot for the life of me get subscribed to work. I only get ‘site’ subscribed.

    • Onecorgi I posted it under ‘on the hunt” post your e-mail and I will e-mail it to you also don’t forget to check the two boxes under your first post

      Notify me of follow-up comments via email.
      Notify me of new posts via email.

  24. Forrest is going to have another media event I guess the Today Show next Wednesday May 1st, Mayday I guess? There is a Santa Fe, Texas. I believe we are all using our imaginations pretty well. I found 2 home of Brown’s in N M. He is clever and uses phrases and utterances fluently. Dal, and Stephanie and all of the Bloggers: Forrest said, that he rewrote the poem several times after he went into remission. You know he was at first going to die with the treasure so we could find his bones along with the trove. When he did not have the Cancer anymore, he had to rewrite the poem!! He was going to leave the poem as is , my thinking, but; it would have referenced his dying too much along with the chest. So to rewrite it several times is also what needs to be considered.!! I have fond a Blaze I do not believe anyone else has found and below it is a Brown, and something wise and several things!! I just want to string them together and figure it out. I got, finally, a copy of the book and it confused me even more. Researching led me to a place not in N M but it could fit.I have more research to go so Happy Hunting and as always Continue the “Thrill of the Chase!” Judy

  25. Chris Yates,
    Please read the posts with a more critical eye. Dale said we should post our theories ‘after the chest is found’. The folks here can get really testy if you spill an idea that is a major part of their solution.

    • If f said ‘across’ 5 states should we only count state lines? Not include Texas? Would that allow NM to be included?

    • My bad. Posted wrong comment. I meant to ask about sharing ideas. What should be avoided? I thought I was hearing many ideas already.

    • John:

      I don’t remember saying that. What I ask people to do is the following:
      1. Don’t say you’ve found it if you have not. Some people have claimed “I found it” when they have never ventured past their front door. It cannot be “found” by working the clues on Google Earth. You may think you have found it. You may believe you have found it. You may be convinced you have found it. But you have not found it until it’s in the trunk of your car. So don’t say on this blog that you have found it just because the you have made the clues appear to work. Every one of us has had the experience of believing we were right. But only the foolish scream out that they have “found it”. You have not found IT until you have followed your clues to the chest and actually touched the chest.
      Evidence of “finding it” would be a photo of the treasure chest with you holding it.

      Saying “I found it” to me, is equivalent to someone yelling “help” in the deep end of the pool just to see others panic. People here are working very hard on the location. To lie about finding it is unethical and inappropriate.
      2. Be mindful of the fact that children read this blog. In fact, I am aware of one 5th grade teacher who has his students trying to solve the poem as an English class project and I am aware of a high school class that is raising money to head out to look for the treasure this spring instead of taking a class trip to Washington DC.
      3. Play nice with others here. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. (who said that and why did she want flies?)

      So, it is not my intent to stop anyone from sharing their clue ideas with others if that is what they want to do. But make sure your ideas are framed as your opinion and not as a fact. If you don’t want to share that is also fine. But those who do are certainly welcome to do so as long as they do not say “I have solved it” or “I have found it” because neither is true until they have actually gone to their spot and found the treasure and it’s in their arms. Further, the only evidence we can accept for such a claim is a nice, clear photo of the finder and the findee.

      Incidentally, I have seen one photo that was represented as a picture of a finder with the chest. It was horribly faked. It was actually Forrest’s photo of the chest photoshopped into a new place and a person’s hand added. It was quite laughable. It is unfortunate that some people think the world is here for them to take advantage of.

      • LOL Dal, ~”3. Play nice with others here. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. (who said that and why did she want flies?)
        Why so I could catch more fish, of course! ” lol either that or jus feed ’em to my pet frog! 🙂 you are a very funny man! 🙂

      • I humor sometimes when I read some of the claims that “I’ve found it”. It’s great to feel that you are “The One” who is blessed with the knowledge of the chest’s location. It’s also superbly gratifying to know you are so gifted with the all knowing “Wisdom” of the ages that none other will be able to compete with you. But at the end of the day, when you return to your car and see the gas bills, restaurant and motel receipts staring back at you and nothing to show for it but mud up to your ankles and a sopping wet shirt on your back, it teaches you what it means to be humble.

      • That is really awesome teachers have kids involved! It can cover ever subject really! Awesome!!!!

        j ~ PFW

    • Wow Adam thought you were close. Now I’m relieved to learn that you were nowhere near the trove.

      • DT, I have to agree. I think I’m more confused after checking out this “revelation” than I was before I read it. (If that’s possible) Am I missing something here?

        • Steve you are confused because Adams location makes no sense based on your own solid research and what you already know. Stick to your gut feelings.

          • Thanks, DT. I hope I wasn’t sounding rude to Adam. I definitely wouldn’t do that on purpose. I was kind of expecting him to have said he found it and was posting where it was, based on his confidence level. It could very well be in Mesa Verde for all I know, I just couldn’t connect the dots with what I read. My apologies to Adam (if you’re still here) if my comments seemed out of line

          • Well you know Steve, Adam was pretty rude and arrogant for doing that in that manner. So no you were not out of line.

        • Right on. If you go poking around in Mesa Verde and retrieve something, I guarantee you that several federal agencies will be thrilled to chase you until you are in jail. Afterwards they will be thrilled to make you pay all kinds of fines and fees and probably taxes. As recent events have shown, they will find you quick even if you are stealthy.

      • DT – maybe he is near the trove, I don’t think so, but his logic is nothing I would ever run with – no confidence in anything he wrote on his blog.

      • Doubtful Thomas your name says it all.
        Rude and arrogant? You didn’t have to click the link.

        At everyone,

        Unless you actually read what I wrote not just face value. You may see more than your mind writes off.
        Mesa Verde is not federal land, its a National park…owned by Americans.
        If it were hidden there, your not actually be taking anything that was originally there…except the bracelet…but that would be debatable.

        In any case, look at many of the pictures they are looking to the left.
        Most of the drawing have 5 cats, 5 dancing girls, 5 boys running from the exploding machine, 5 singing soldiers…there were 5 Wetherill brothers.
        Brown squares at the end of every chapter. Squares shooting out of the machine.
        Look at the kivas for spruce tree house and cliff palace. Both have (kiva f-24) in them >> 24 lines in the poem (F) = X marks the spot!

        He refers to the banquet table of history >> mesa verde >> “green table”
        The man with the ax looking up at the bird in the moon…mesa verde has many valleys shaped like a cresent moon.
        Bells at the end are shown and brown squares at the end of every chapter…”square tower house”.
        Look at the dates on some of those smudges for time stamp.
        For instance:
        page 34 >> Forth Worth time stamp saturday 10 jul 1893 ) >> Nordenskiöld published in 1893 , The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde.

        The book color of “The Thrill of The Chase” is the exact same color of the far view lodge at Mesa Verde

        (CES) >> cliff estufa (?) … but I’m not sure which cliff house…maybe step house because that can only be seen 4 months out of the year?

        My thought is its in the valley below one of the cliff houses.
        Which would make sense why searchers were within 500ft but couldn’t see it.

        A quote from the book page 136 >> “Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand come and see my shining PALACE built upon the sand!

        FF loves the American Indian history and way of life…Mesa Verde has alcoves that are above the cliff dwellings where water sits…” just heavy loads and water high”

        I have taken the time to explain my reasoning.
        Look at the pics for the TS eliot poem “The wasteland” it is an exact replica of the top of Mesa Verde.
        At least now I can say I have said my peace.
        So many think FF is talking about a place of waters and rivers, but never considered what that old indian proverb says…listening to a liar is like drinking warm water…as that other blog says…FF would know this…but keep looking for a warm water place…its your time and your dime.

        Until FF says otherwise my money is on Mesa Verde, or somewhere near it.
        Perhaps in the less toured Ute Indian tribal park tours…A_The_A

        • A_The_A

          FF has already said otherwise. FF has said that the chest is in the Rocky Mountains. USGS map shows Mesa Verde National Park as being outside the Rocky Mountains. See

          You might want to post the USGS site on your blog too. I am truly sorry that you spent so much effort on MVNP as being the chest’s location. I think that these are the disappointing times that FF refers to by “Your effort will be worth the cold”. Just my opinions and interpretation.

          Good luck.

          • I think worth the cold is one of the biggest clues in the poem that people don’t really think about. It’s the main reason I want to go to YNP again. I remember hearing that Hebgen Lake is VERY cold. Can anyone from that area say if it’s more cold than other places up there? Interesting too that he sent that photo of him by Hebgen Lake. Any web cams of that area that people know about? That would just be good anyway to know if the snow has melted. He’s also referenced being worried about a rock slide and they have the earthquakes up there that actually caused that big one. One other thing….I don’t see anything causing him to feel you need to be brave….except the idea that YNP is on a caldera. That’s not anything that anyone can avoid being brave about, but it’s not dangerous in a sense. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that ok. He’s said you don’t have to do anything dangerous, but you need to be brave. So doesn’t that seem like one of the only situations that you can say that about? By the way…if you go up to YNP…I’d suggest eating at the Longhorn Saloon. He has family that own it and maybe you’ll hear a story or two…if you do, bring them back here!! lol. Maybe we can all meet up there at some point during the summer.

          • Hi Stephanie,

            I’ve resisted the YNP approach since the beginning (mainly because I wanted to get out looking and not wait for the thaw), but I think it’s gotten hold of me. In doing some scoping out of the area using Google Earth, I noticed a few of the roads up near W. Yellowstone, MT are noted as “Closed Apr” assuming this means they will re-open in April or May and I believe it was said that FF mentioned that May would be a good time to begin searching. Since he made his first Today Show appearance (when prior to that only a handful were looking) the roads have been closed and that’s **possibly** why he’s confident it hasn’t been found. No access.

            Also, the “not far, but too far to walk” reminds me of his bike ride to his swimming hole. 12 miles, I believe. And “Take it in the canyon down” **could** mean take the bike in the canyon down.

            Since I’ve only just started looking at YNP recently, I have lots of research to do, but several things make sense. I think I have a couple of the later clues worked out as to what they might mean, I just have to back track to find that elusive WWWH & HOB and start from there and follow along the poem. I don’t know if the old noodle has any more room in it to try another set of locations and I definitely don’t have the means to make more than one more trip out west, so I might save it for a hobby later. LOL

            I guess I also resisted because YNP seemed too obvious because he mentions it so much, but I honestly don’t know what to think anymore!

          • Well I know one searcher who bets it’s there…and I very much respect their opinion as they have searched since the beginning…. Forrest says in his book something about June, July and August for being up in YNP. So I agree that it could be why he knows it’s still there. As soon as the snow melts…people will be bolting for that area. Most are only searching other areas, because they can’t get there yet like you said. I agree.

          • Yeah. YNP has always been a real hot spot. I’ve always wanted to visit there and have watched a few specials about it recently. A side benefit from this Chase is learning so much about things I’ve never taken the time to look into. Some fascinating stuff out there!

          • I agree a million percent(I’ve been told to stop using that phrase…it usually tends to come in the form…I know it’s there a million percent lol). Anyway….as for Yellowstone…that earthquake up there with the videos online were fascinating as far as learning about that. So sad what happened with those people and how scary that must have been. I was surprised when they said the Air Force pilots came into to help and imagined maybe one was Forrest since he was so familiar with that area…that maybe the Air Force actually asked for him or he told them how he knew the trails and area so well. To me, that was the meek and that’s why you’d need to be brave even if your Forrest Fenn. Here’s a link to the blog I did on that with the video if you haven’t seen it.

          • That’s a fascinating video! Thanks, Stephanie! I also like your interpretation of the poem as it relates to it. Some good, sound thinking there!

          • I know! That’s the thing about this whole “Chase”. On minor misstep and the next thing you know, you’re a mile (or miles) from where you wanted to be. On the right track one minute, then BAM! Next thing you know you’re standing outside of a Taco Bell in Kansas scratching your head wondering what went wrong!

          • Knowing Fenn, I wouldn’t put it past him to arrange it that way. Pick a spot that would slow down the search to the least amount of time. Insure the treasure will stay put for a long time.

          • Stephanie,
            In my opinion, worth the cold is not a clue that will lead you there. I think the directional clues end with look quickly down, your quest to cease. I think worth the cold becomes understood only after you’ve discovered the hidden location.

        • I like the observation that many of the roads in YNP say they are closed in April… That seems like the way FF would think up a clue. I haven’t researched YNP myself… But I may take a peak into it.

        • G-man wrote: Pick a spot that would slow down the search to the least amount of time. Insure the treasure will stay put for a long time.

          (My Opinion)–Agree 100%. That is the one assumption that I allow myself to make!!

    • Hopefully we’ll still see u on here Adam. I think you have the right idea in some ways but I couldn’t see it being right in a national park- lots of red tape if found and also I think that rangers that know the park inside and out would have nailed it already. I could be wrong, but who the heck knows. lol. MV is a great place and it ties into my philosophy of history, archaeology, sightseeing as part of the search. Have a great weekend! CHC

    • AA, seems like you want your own blog. Will you tolerate those who disagree with you? I hope so. Good luck.

    • Adam,

      You my friend have done exactly what Forrest had intended everyone to do. You have lived up to his words “If you’ve been wise”. I too have treked the words, to find the wisdom in all this. Namely read, read, read. Not just his book and poem, but the rich history he lays before us.

      Though your solution is somewhat different than my own, the one aspect of yours versus mine, is he can say with total honesty that the treasure is still there.

      Fenn never intended for the poem to lead in only one direction. It has so many different interpretations, that it so far has lasted at least 2 years. I know that only recently it has gotten the attention of many newcomers, but even they will have to learn the truth behind the man before they can even begin to understand where this adventure will lead them.

      We all salute you Adam for a job well done (minus the chest of course LOL).

      As always, this is my personal perspective.

      • I liked Adams solution too and glad that he’s had a chance to check it out before posting it. I especially like the reason for the typos on dollars like that. I never even thought about that. Very cool thinking.

        • @
          – COHighCountry
          – germanguy
          – Stephanie,

          Thank you for listening to my ramblings and I will still from time to time see whats new.
          Ya see, I don’t mind being wrong but it is disheartening when someone shoots down your idea’s without REALLY reading what you write.
          I respected Dals blog by creating my own for the purpose of my own thinking. No one is being forced to go there and read what I wrote.

          @ dollarbill,

          No, I am fine with people disagreeing with me. 😉

          Okay, for the sake of finishing where I thought it was and using Mesa Verde as the place here we go.

          – Begin it where warm waters halt
          (Mesa Verde)

          – Take it in the canyon down
          (start at the far view lodge)

          – Not far, but too far to walk
          (continue past far view visitors center and past far view ruins)

          – Put in below the home of Brown
          (take the Spruce Tree hiking trail below Spruce Tree House)

          – From there its no place for the meek
          (follow the trail down to below the flat land and go off the official trail)

          – The end is ever drawing nigh
          (stay to the left of the valley floor and continue)

          – There’ll be no paddle up your creek
          (follow the dry river bed along the valley floor, which will keep you hidden)

          – Just heavy loads and water high
          (Heavy loads are the boulders and pack your carrying.
          And water high is the alcoves above the cliff dwelling and pine needles making the sound of waterfalls as you travel to below Square Tower House)

          – If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
          (there is a hiking path called petroglyph point and at location 24 there is a petroglyph that is labeled “F”. It say it gives direction)

          – Look quickly down your quest to cease
          (Finding petroglyph point is what directs you to go down into the valley below)

          – But tarry scant with marvel gaze
          (your amazed at what you have found)

          – Just take the chest and go in peace
          (work your way back to the legal trail without being caught and quietly leave the park)

          – So why is it that I must go
          and leave my trove for all to seek
          (you have figured it all out)

          – The answers I already know
          (his life was for searching the truth in history and he is much like the Wetherills, thats why he hid it there)

          – I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak
          (he’s speaking of his life, and also how hard it was to walk that distance carrying the chest to its hiding location)

          – So hear me all and listen good
          (if you haven’t figured it out he is saying “THINK”)

          – Your effort will be worth the cold
          (it will be worth all past failed hunts and the risk of where you will have to go to get it)

          – If you are brave and in the wood
          (If your willing to be a maverick and go that far off the lawful trail to below Square Tower House it will be hidden somehow in a piece of wood, covered by it, or under it)

          – I give you title to the gold
          (You will have won the reward)

          That was my most recent explanation to solving the chest.
          Just so you know, I did go down there and off the path into the valley, but it was going to rain and it was still 2 miles or more til we would reach Square Tower House…I regret not going all the way!
          At the point we turned around we were almost 2 miles off the legal path already…it was a thrill indeed!! 🙂


      • @ dollarbill,

        I wasn’t just looking for the chest, but a map that would lead me to the chest!
        “I give you title to the gold”.
        I have never assumed that the poem just led straight to the chest, but that it would take me to the real map, just my opinion.

        If you think that I felt searching Mesa Verde was somehow a time waste…you are sadly mistaken!
        BTW, I highly recommend the crusted turkey with plum sauce and chili mash potatoes. 😉


        • A_The_A

          Are you saying that people should be looking for a map rather than a chest; or, are you saying that FF’s poem first leads to a map in Mesa Verde that will lead to the chest in the Rocky Mountains? Will a map last thousands of years? Could someone find the chest in the Rocky Mountains sooner than you find a map in Mesa Verde? Have you posted on your blog that you are actually looking for a map in Mesa Verde?

          Also, I believe that FF was fairly clear when he wrote:

          “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace.”

          I hope you understand that I am merely disagreeing with you. It is your responsibility to defend what you say/imply in a post. Please explain precisely what you are, or are not, telling us. We already have a difficult poem to try and understand.

        • @ Dollarbill,

          No one here knows what the blaze is except FF.
          It could be a map…how come the map would have to be paper.
          There were things at Mesa Verde that had me researching and reading.

          If you’ve been wise and found the blaze…could mean anything.
          Why explain my point to you…you and I know your not going to agree anyways.

          As said very easily by a poster on the blog I started, the blaze could be a footnote in the “cliff dwellers” book…who knows?

          Since 90% of posters here are already looking at the (A-B-C) way of breaking this down, you should be celebrating my out of the box thinking.

          Heres another way to look at it…

          “As I have gone alone in there
          And with my treasure bold
          I can keep my secrets where
          And hint of richs new and old = (Vault)

          Begin it where warm waters (halt)
          Take it in the canyon down
          Not far, but too far to (walk) = (Black Rock_hot springs) Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico
          Put in below the home of Brown…

          What I’m trying to say is, what if the rhyme words shows the way?

          Nevertheless, the fun is in trying to figure it out…so relax and chillout.
          If you disagree with me thats okays too, there are plenty here who will see it like you do. 😉


  26. When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.

    • Yes. I think I can imagine exactly what kind of physical stress the finder of the chess will endure. I recently drove 100 miles, arrived at the home of my sweet 66 year old mother’s ground floor apartment at 1:20pm. The moving van was already about 2/3rds loaded. I quickly helped load the rest and we drove about 8 miles to her new apartment which measured 210 feet and 15 stair steps from where we parked. Three hours later, I and my nephew were done unloading. We walked each heavy load up and I jogged back each time because I wanted to get the job done quickly to save her from having to rent the van for another day. We returned the van 5 minutes to closing time. I must’ve made about 3 dozen trips to her apartment. Effectively 3 miles. My legs felt sore for 4 days. It was a real test of endurance. I shoulda had a V8. I truly believe that this was fates way of testing me to see if I’m worthy to go looking for the treasure.

  27. Okay fellow afennaline junkies!! A few FACTS (as I see them)…
    1.The chest is not hidden in plain site-this notion is ridiculous…There is literally nowhere in the US where people have not ventured…if Fenn has been there…so have others-so forget about hidden in plain site.
    2. The chest is covered up by earth, rock, water, wood, or one or more of these in combination… It absolutely HAS to be if it is to survive the tests of time.
    3. The chest is in the same spot it has always been destined for…Forrest stated the location NEVER changed.
    4.At one time, and maybe even still, Forest planned to die next to the chest. He would not want his bones strung about by animals, so wherever the chest is, its in a location safe from predators and larger birds. It is also in a place where he can die without being discovered for 100 to 1000 years…drink that in for a moment…it relates to # 2 above.
    5.While Forrest doesn’t use the word buried, he ALWAYS follows with “thats not to say it isn’t buried, I just didn’t want to give that as a clue.” He has also asked “whats the definition of buried, I mean is buried the same as entombed, or sepultured?”
    6.By the time you come across a “viable solution from research and computer work, at least 100 people have most likely already looked at that location, either in real life or on the computer.
    7. The poem WILL be solved by letter shifts, substitutions, reversals and/or omissions. Once solved, there will be absolutely no doubt in the solvers mind about the location, but they will still have to figure out how and when to best retrieve the chest. Forrest has said, “If you find it, you can have it, But you have to go get it!” Implying it is not as simple as ABC. He has also said, “The person who finds the chest will have solved the clues, and thought, and planned, and will go directly to the chest.” This is not a spring break deal for him, and he did not hide it like a spring break scavenger hunt. Its there for the long haul, or until somebody cracks the code…Just my opinion

    • If you allow that f might be cremated, objection to wild animals etc. would no longer be a factor.

      • He said that whoever finds the chest will find his BONES, not his ashes…And lighting yourself on fire would let everyone know where the chest is…

        • Also, I believe it takes in the neihborhood of 900 degrees to ash a body, you cannot generate that kind of heat with junper logs and gasoline

    • Mike D,

      Would you elaborate a little on #3?

      I know Mr. Fenn wrote that he originally thought about taking his treasure out into the desert with him to die. I also know that he said that when he decided to have this treasure hunt, that he “knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible”. I don’t know that he ever said the two locations were the same. Are we just assuming they are?

      If he said the location never changed as you wrote, and I think you meant that it never changed from his desertfinal location before the hunt:

      “The chest is in the same spot it has always been destined for…Forrest stated the location NEVER changed.”

      Could he have meant the location never changed once he decided where to hide it, after deciding to have the treasure hunt?

      A lot of people are thinking this chest will be found where he wants his remains to be located but I’m not sure that is the case. Can you be more specific with #3 and provide links to statements if possible? This topic comes up every so often and I’d like to put it to rest if possible.

      Also if the links are in a previous month or year, just let me know which one. I don’t expect you to go find them for me.

      Thanks much


      • Sorry Jd, but that particular statement came from forrest’s mouth in one or more interviews, albeit probably not verbatum, and your point is well taken…perhaps that is what he meant. I guess I just assume when you find the “perfect spot” you don’t go looking for another one after you get well, you just use the same perfect spot. There are PLENTY of High deserts in the rockies…and they are all beautiful. by the way, what is your opinion of my list/ would you say you concur with some, none, a little? just curious…

        • Mike D.

          I agree with 1,2,3,5,6. I used to think 7 was likely, but no longer. I now think nothing about the poem needs to be changed. However I’m still trying to determine if stanzas 1, 5 and 6 have clues that can make a difference in locating the chest or not.

          Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate your posts.


      • I think Forrest’s use of the word ‘destined,’ is more of a spiritual nature. In other words, he may have planned this or that but it ended up where it was destined. Not necessarily where he destined it. In TOTC I think he uses the term a good bit.

    • @Mike D;
      You requested comments on your list:

      •Numbers one and two: I think the hidey spot is very clever…..where ever it is.

      •Number 3 and 4: Not sure; Fenn has made some ambiguous statements about that over time. I’m leaning toward the chest not being in the same place he talked about when he had cancer.

      •Number 5: see #1

      •Number 6: I agree with you…..Which is why I don’t have a problem with the arm chair hunters posting their thoughts……Even if the arm chair searchers solved the poem and narrowed it down to a very small area on a map……it might take a year for a thorough search of that area……If Fenn is telling the truth and he wants the fat kids to put down their gadgets and get out into nature with their parents hunting for the treasure the poem is a literal description of someplace. Then again, we are talking about Fenn. I never leave on a search without a nice pair of binoculars and spotting scope. Many flatlanders have found out the hard way that the landscape in the Rockies is vast.

      •Number 7: You could be correct of course……But Fenn said not to change his poem.

      Treasure hunting rule #1: “The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.”

      This would be especially true when talking about Fenn the coyote.

      • @ goofy…I hear you about not changing his poem…but it just seems like there’s no way to “unlock” or otherwise solve the clues taking you to an exact lacation w/o a little hidden verbage somewhere ya know?

          • Stephanie,

            Do you recall off-hand exactly how long the treasure has been hidden? I believe it was not determined as to exactly how long. It won’t make any difference in the solution of the poem, I’m just trying to figure out how old Fenn was when he hid it.

          • He has said that he was 79 or 80 and his birthday is August 22, 1930, so I’m guessing it was near that time of year….unless he doesn’t want people to know the season and that’s why he’s said those two ages….I have thought that season could be the “worth the cold” as water levels change(maybe it needs to be low so you can cross the river and not get the alligator mad…or maybe you need it cold so the green leaves don’t block the view of checking under every bush in north america.

    • Mike D,
      1. I agree, I don’t think it’s hidden in plain sight. You may walk right by it and not see it. Maybe you have to crouch down or climb above something to see it.
      2. It’s probably placed inside or under something like rocks or wood and in my opinion is probably partially, but not completely covered…so take a flashlight.
      3. Yes, there’s no reason to believe the location has changed.
      4. Sounds like you’re right here too. Maybe he had to crawl into this hiding spot.
      5. My opinion is that it is not buried but partially covered.
      6. You would think so, huh?…but nobody’s found it yet (I think…but where’s VGBoss), so maybe we need to just look a little closer.
      7. “The poem WILL be solved by letter shifts, substitutions, reversals and/or omissions.” I’m not sure I agree with you here. I think there will be an elegant solution, beautiful in its simplicity and awe inspiring at the same time. That’s just my opinion. I just can’t get into the letter substitutions or the numbers game…I would go crazier than I already have been working toward the solution.

    • Mike D – I’m probably the last guy you would like to have critique your work. But I will put in my .02.

      __first I have to eat some crow (nasty stuff). To everybody on here, I apologize for my rant the other night. Especially to you Dal, thanks for not running me off!! Having said that, I have no intention (if it matters) of divulging anything definitive about my solution, at least until it has been checked or the Chase has ended. Also, what I did say about the solutions for the lines I talked about, I do have those. No, I don’t claim to know precisely where the chest is, but my solution is pointing to a very small area. Again I do apologize for the rest.

      Now Mike D:…….(This is all my opinion, not saying it is fact!)

      This poem written by Forrest Fenn contains nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of his rainbow and the treasure. Happy Hunting

      Do you believe what FF wrote above? If not, you will never find the treasure!

      There are two constants in the Chase:

      One is the chest, it is in a defined location and is not moving around. Two is the statement FF has made about the poem. FF hasn’t changed the poem since releasing.

      The poem, as written, can be interpreted and followed to the chest.

      It really doesn’t matter what else FF has said since. Some of his hints may validate an interpretation or they may mislead. But if you focus on the Poem and your interpretations fit each line and each line flows to the next, you will find the chest.

      It also doesn’t matter how old or in what condition FF was when he hid the chest. What matters is he did it. It doesn’t matter if he was going to put it somewhere else earlier. The chest is wherever it is, regardless of how it got there, and it is not a moving target!!

      It really doesn’t matter if he would leave his bones there are not, maybe he can/will, maybe not. The important thing is if you discount a location because “you” think he wouldn’t leave the chest there, you may be “shooting yourself in the foot”.

      I agree the chest is not hidden in plain sight. Having said that, I don’t think FF would have to take great pains to “hide” it. There are too many outcroppings in the mountains (why they are called the Rockie Mountains?). A small depression (if it didn’t already exist) could be scooped out and the chest then slid under the base of the outcropping. Or it could be placed into a niche in the rock itself.

      I’m definitely not buying into any way of modifying the Poem, codes and/or numerology. Don’t mess with the Poem if you truly want to find the chest.

      I don’t know about the other “armchair” searchers, but I have spent enough time in the mountains, hunting, fishing, and hiking, that I can give you a pretty accurate description of the terrain you are looking at on Google Earth.

      Remember, two (2) constants. Nothing else matters!!
      Good Luck to You and everybody else!!

      oh yeah, want to leave this for all searchers (don;t know who wrote, so I can’t give them credit.

      “Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate and wine in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!”

      • Well said Fred. I don’t recall your supposed previous rant, but, if your conclusions match mine, we may even run into each other. 🙂

      • Fred W – I enjoyed your post. I do, however, think that the HOW & the WHY are important. I believe that the details of how FF physically moved the treasure chest & why he chose that certain place will help immeasurably.

        • Becky,

          Nothing in life is free. Don’t take this in a negative fashion, but for everyone this has got to be hard work. You ask the questions Why? Well, I to have asked those same questions. With a lot of research (God bless the internet) you can find your answers. I have and I’m sure from what I’ve read on hear, a lot of others have as well. Some, including myself, have learned much from that research and because of the strength of some of that research, we are unable to share it as much as we would like to. It would be damaging to our own causes. Heck, I am so excited about the things I have learned, that I just want to blurt it out as some have done (to their dismay). But we can’t, we have to restrain ourselves. I can share this….I recently even came across an old photo that blew my mind!! But I can’t even share that 🙁

          So don’t be annoyed with any of us if we have good data we can’t share, just go for it. Google it. Read it. Do whatever you can to dig, dig, dig. The answers are all there.

          As always, this rated PG-13 and my own perspective.

        • W Va Becky: I have to remind myself, all the time, to “KISS”!

          Yes, it would be nice to know the “how” and “why” FF did it. But I don’t believe you will truly know until FF himself tells you. Until then it would be pure speculation, based upon another’s perspective. There are hundreds of places that “you” could decide was FF’s “special place”!!

          So for me it really doesn’t enter into the equation.

          As Germanguy posted it takes a lot of research. Thank God for the Internet. It could be done without the Internet, but it would take years: multiple trips to libraries and hundreds of letters requesting documents and/or information.

          • Fred W I disagree. The book tells you why he did it. The poem tells you how he hid the treasure. The book is not necessary to solve the poem but quite helpful. The Internet is great but you will actually need to go there to verify all of the landmarks described in the poem.

        • Thomas:
          Yes the book tells “me” why “I” think he did it. And, yes, the Poem tells “me” how “I” think he did it. But that is just from “my” perspective. I’m quite sure “you” have a different perspective and arrive at a different conclusion. That is why I say it is all “pure speculation” until, or unless, FF tells us. Only he knows for sure!! (My Opinion)

          • Fred W not only does each clue provide you a directions in terms of “right” “left” “north” “south” but they each also reference events described in the book.

        • Thomas – ? not sure what we’re debating here?

          I agreed with you that the book tells me the why and how, based upon “my” interpretation of the Poem. I also agree that each clue provides direction.

          But the Poem is the constant, the “book” events reinforce the interpretation I have of the clues, not vice versa.

          The book did not lead me to where I am, the Poem did.

          Remember the 85%/15%, the book is one the places it comes into play, not the Poem.

          Regardless of what your final solution is, in the final anaysis, it must provide directions to the chest that anyone could follow; even someone who never heard of the Chase!!!!

          My Opinion……………just sayin – Fred W

          ps. now if you are wanting me validate your interpretation of the clues, I will be glad to. Just send me your interpretation and reasoning for each one and I will critique. 🙂 🙂

    • Mike,

      #1.The woods are dangerous and few venture off trail up by YNP. Maybe in NM, Colorado and Utah, with their sparser vegetation they do. But I’ve never seen anyone just walking off the trail into the woods at Yellowstone. (until this chase). From 50 ft, It only takes one rock to hide it, not a whole mountain.
      2. See #1
      3. This one doesn’t matter to me. I don’t know.
      4. Same as #4, I just don’t know, but it doesn’t affect my search.
      5. Buried – no way. If it’s buried, we all go home and stop now. He knows it and so it’s not. You can’t tarry scant and look down and then dig. I bet his next clue on the today show will address this (I’m speculating solely based on the diggers getting arrested.) He needs to end this with a simple sentence. Don’t take a shovel. If it’s buried, it’s by natural causes and not by me and you don’t need the shovel.
      6. That is simply not true. People are not insects. There are several acres of land per visitor to YNP. It’s a 10″ box. I know of areas south of Yellowstone lake that no one visits – ever. (except me last year) And there are forest roads that go there. But the season is short and who needs a 25 mile drive in the dirt followed by a 500 ft hike. But it’s mainly a drive and not a 25 mile hike.
      7. The poem is pure and beautiful and has no codes, shifts or anything mathematical in it. It’s pure Texas wit and grit. If you want numbers and letter shifts and evil magic, go solve the riddle of the book. I will agree it’s full of magical combinations that will turn even the most sane person into a lunatic.

      I talk mainly about YNP. but that’s because it’s easier to type than including all the places I go. I think all the Rockies are about the same for this stuff. From what I hear on this blog, before this chase, NM had some very Private areas in the Rockies that saw no people for years.

      • Good luck to you Shawn. Any idea how soon you’ll be able to get out there? Sure would be interesting to learn how you make out.

        • I am a little delayed on my next visit out there. My real problem is simple, I’m missing a few of the book hints and can’t fully solve it. I must be an idiot and missing something. With that last bit of info , I would eating a sandwich with you.
          When are you leaving ?
          Also- Care to give me a hint on Wwwh- lol. I have 3 possibilities and they cause my search to go exponentially large even with the rest fairly well understood. I only have 3.

  28. Remember, out of over 16,000 e-mails, 2 parties have got the first 2 clues correct!! We CANNOT assume they are the same parties that have been within 500′ of the chest. We cannot even be certain that those who have been within 500′ of the chest were actually looking for it.!! I believe he said searchers have been within 500′, but searchers of what? Search and Rescue? Ski Patrol? Arrowhead hunters? You get my drift…

    • Steph,
      I live in Boise, ID and I have heard that the west entrance and the Norht entrance are poen, but only the loopis open right now…this is third hand info…

  29. my understanding is that one of the original versions of the poem said ‘put in below the house of pass and stow’ before it was changed

    • Who are you that you would have been given other versions to his poem? I’m not meaning that rude and disbelieving…but I can’t imagine that someone would have been given anything like that.

    • I asked Forrest if he would mind telling us if this is true and this was his response. not true. I don’t know what he is talking about. f

      • Nice job Stephanie, thanks…we need to take forrest at his word in all things, but be extremely careful to take them only at face value, and not to “read into” them…I was already going to the liberty bell page when Chris said that!!

        • Yeah that seemed kind of goofy since I thought he was the one who said something earlier about just saying things to mess up the game or something like that…I’m not sure he’s the one, but I thought someone earlier said something like that. I feel bad bothering Forrest…I don’t get why people do things like that.

      • this was a joke, a reference from the movie National Treasure, you know the one with Nicholas Cage, where they are hunting for a treasure and one of the clues has to do with the House of Pass and Stow meaning the next clue was by the house of the Liberty Bell. sorry if you didnt get it, i thot a line from a well known movie and the fact the ff would obv never have hiddend the chest by the liberty bell would be obvious enough. you didnt really ask him did you?

        • oh wait a second wait a second. i see what you did, you turned the joke back on me, pretending to take it seriously and then acting like you asked ff and posting it like he really replied. ha ha. well played, well played, you had me going for a moment

        • Yeah I really asked him, because I didn’t get the “joke”. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get it either….so other people think what you said is true and it could really mess up their search.

  30. I heard from somewhere that the original poem also said, take the chest and leave my bones..? but I have NO WAY of validating this…

  31. Here is something funny (or serious) for all you search parties trying to find the treasure. I kid you not… I have trained my bull terrier to locate bronze objects. He is currently able to find a 1 pound bronze block under debris within 50′ of me after 1 week training – and he does it to the command ‘Fenn’! Oh how pill pockets entice him! Bronze is a sulphide ore so I think it is easy for him. I had someone place a new piece that they thoroughly washed in a field, made them run around the field as to not leave a trail, and ‘Fenn’ worked! I’ll make a video once he is at 100’…

      • That would work great in some of those parks.. the rangers wouldn’t know you are using a “metal detector” right under their nose….

    • I’m no expert in metalurgy, but I thought bronze was a combo of copper and tin…I had no idea there was a bronze sulfide ore! In any event, good for you on the dog training…but now on to WWWH…

      • There you go. Copper and Tin are the sulfide ores. Sorry I did not get a chemist degree!

        • Have not yet – plans are in the works and my confidence is extremely high – even higher after reading this blog – I am amazed where people search based on the info/clues they provide. Almost like they make the clues fit their spot rather than let the clues drive you to a spot.

  32. Please fenners, give me some feedback on my FACT list, I want your opinions…positive and negative criticism welcome!!

    • I have no idea about #6 for my spot but I am shocked it is not the #1 location being searched – I have never heard of anyone searching it and it is beyond perfect to me – guess I have that confidence. #7 did not lead me there, just Mr Fenn and his poem validated by the book is certain ways. And I will not go yet due to snow although I could go with wonder dog.

        • You may not ask any questions about my spot :-). I will reveal everything I know as soon as I get the opportunity to search it. Where is your spot lol?

    • Not sure about #1 through #6 but love the way you are thinking, Mike D. I agree with much of # 7. I think an exact spot (within 10 feet or so) can be derived from the poem. To me, the actual clues are hidden by the more obvious but very general physical clues (which still will confirm the location either physically or metaphorically). My two cents. Love this blog.

    • Mike D,

      I’m a couple days late replying, but here’s what I think:

      1 – I agree 100%, the “plain sight” idea is cute but not likely since the box is so distinctive.
      2 – Also 100% agree, I think he put a rock or log on top of it.
      3 – I strongly agree (more than 100%…if possible). I think he’s had the spot for a very long time, possibly decades. He may have debated dying there and waffled over that, but I don’t think he changed his spot, ever. This was confirmed (IMHO) in the bookstore questions & answers Dal provided last week.
      4 – Disagree. I don’t think there is a place safe from scavengers. Coyotes and magpies can find ANYTHING.
      5 – Agree. It’s not buried, with a shovel at any rate.
      6 – Disagree. Although lots of people have come up with YNP or Cimmaron, there are thousands or millions of other spots no one else has even googled yet.
      7 – No way. I really like the idea of ciphers and codes, I think they are great fun and I could see a rich person using them to hide a treasure. If so, I would be all over that treasure hunt with a microscope (i.e. computer). In this case, I’m not going to bother because I don’t think (IMHO) Forrest Fenn is the type to use them. I just don’t see it.

  33. Stephanie,
    I would like your opinion of my fact list…you have been at it longer than me. What do you think? Be honest…I can take it. Dal, please feel free to critique as well….

    • My biggest critique is that you call them FACTS….and they aren’t. I’m not saying some aren’t good opinions…or ideas…I like different ideas….but I have a big issue with things that seem like Forrest said them. In 7 your saying the poem WILL be solved using letter shifts, substitutions, reversals or omissions and I know Forrest told Dal to not mess with his poem. So I don’t think it can be any of those. Saying that…I don’t think it can’t be numbers or more of a riddle maybe. In 4 you say Forrest doesn’t want his bones strewn around by animals. How do we know what Forrest thinks? Maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he doesn’t think his bones mean too much after he goes. Maybe it’s more about the right before he dies and his private spot than him being worried about what happens to his body after the fact. I agree with 3…that is a fact. In 2 and 1 you talk about things it has to be covered by. Those aren’t the only ways. It COULD be in plain site, but just camouflaged maybe…case in point is the “Where’s Waldo” images where you can’t see him among all those similar colors. We have to remember that he owned a foundry and the box is bronze. What if it’s part of a larger sculpture some how? Sorry if I seem moody…I don’t mean to be. My kids have grounded me from going out West……can someone come to my house and play hide and seek with me?

      • Stephanie,
        Thank you for that are of course, correct. These are not facts, but I must put something concrete in my head in order to narrow down the possibilities…I agree with every comment you made except…the plain sight comment. I just cannot force myself to accept the chest sitting out where everything and everybody can see it. Sooner or later somebody would “happen apon the chest” since its in a relatively safe location…and forrest has said nobody is going to happen apon that chest. But I hear you and thank you for you very valid views…

        • I’m glad you took that well *smile* I don’t even know if I agree that it can be in plain site…but I don’t want to discount possibilities. I came across this flowing water(not a waterfall) and I thought how interesting it would be if the chest was behind it on the wall with just another rock blocking it from view. Everyone happens to pay attention to the flow of water…so they probably would be so distracted that they wouldn’t think to look behind it.

    • Anyone have DavidC3119’s email addy? Also, if anyone wants to contact me, they can do so at
      onetexasgal at yahoo dot com

      Some interesting conversation here today.

      • Ava were you looking for me?
        Davidcurty at gmail dot com

        I tried onetexasgal address but it got returned. Feelfree to contact me.

    • Mike D, my opinion. Stephanie is correct about facts. You might want to invest in some fact glasses so that you are able to distinguish between facts and assumptions. A fact is something that is indisputably the truth. I read only assumptions on your part and no facts. Change your statement to your opinions and then I will wish you good luck with your chase.

  34. I would like to give more insight for all the good people out there as to the meaning of Home of Brown. Unfortunately I don’t have a forum to get rid of all the bad people, but I hope this helps all the people who are truly enjoying ttotc. I am sure that someone has come to this via research and I apologize to whomever has done all the research, but I would love to see this treasure found by some very deserving person. There are truly some great people on this blog so here’s to you…. (written in order of discovery)
    1. The brown trout (we all know about)…
    2. The Brown creeper (mentioned in a previous blog)
    3. Brown Ranch in Cimarron
    4. The Brown story-tellers……
    5-8 to come later…

    The only one I have not read about here is the Brown Story-tellers. This one falls right in line with ff life. It was by happenstance that I discovered this one. Google key words Indian Pueblo brown. If you cannot find it e-mail me and I will send you the link

    I am not trying to mislead anyone and I am not trying to be deceiving. I would just like somebody to find this thing. Godspeed to all.

  35. Mike D, my 2cents
    #1 Not necessarily true. Yes people have been nearly everywhere, but were they actually looking for anything? Case in point— I’ve walked my dog down the same trail for years. One day I decided to pick up what I always thought was a gold colored beer label half buried in some dirt. It was a 2 1/2 dollar gold piece.
    #2 Disagree. Bronze is impervious to the elements. (which is why he chose it). Only molten lava could destroy the box and its contents.
    #3 Agree
    #4 Disagree Does anyone really care what happens to their remains anymore? Its just a meat suitcase. Besides, If you disappear, you become a legend.
    #5 Unsure. Perhaps he didn’t bury it himself, but it could be now by snow, rockslides, or just plain erosion.
    #6 Very Doubtful
    #7 Forrest is a member of the greatest generation. These people don’t need to use fancy trickery, shifts, slides, whatever. They are tough in body, spirit and resolve. I’m with Steph on this one. Word riddles, maybe. Numbers–doubt it.

      • GG
        Yeah right. Water pipes have been frozen for 6 weeks now. Theres 4 feet of snow on the ground and I’m growing weary of melting snow for sponge baths. Should have retired to the Bahamas—sheesh

        • Well, still looks sunny from Crested Butte Mt Resort.

          You just need a few shots of schnapps to keep you warm until july. 🙂

      • Crested Butte? You’re close to me. And all this time I thought you were in Washington state soaking up that Fukishima radiation.

        • Like you, I to am also retired. Funny thing though, when you look around you today, you have to ask yourself “where is a good place to live?”. I think staying as far away from people (big cities) as you can is the wisest thing you can do. What with bombings and shooting and such. Been there done that. Time to retire = stop the BS.

    • Bronze is actually one of the most suseptable metals to acid rain. If you know anything about that subject, acid rain usually falls in the mountains. If the chest is exposed, it will be green in 10 years…

  36. Here I rest where the gathering of the nations meet. I followed and found the blaze which was wise. I quickly looked down and around and my journey has ended. I must take the new clue not in the words I have read but to a new place somewhere north of Santa Fe and laugh this is the Thrill of the Chase.

  37. hey guys…….. THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT I WANTED TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS, i could be wrong and i’m not sure someone probably have mention this already but anyways………

    if i m not wrong…..Mr. Fenn said ANYBODY can go and look for the treasure. He said all you need is the POEM. so………just pretend that you NEVER heard or read anything else he said on news or online, for example he said “the treasure is hidden somewhere in the mountains of north of santa fe”…..
    ………all you have is the POEM…………………………….

    keeping in mind as Mr. Fenn said that the poem will lead you to the treasure…..

    so ofcourse………the peom is the DIRECTIONS to the treasure……….. .

    ….still i know nothing else….whether it is in north, south or east of santa fe……….

    after reading the peom i started on researching “where warm waters halt” and IF thats refers to a place then it could be ANYWHERE in the United States NOT just north of santa fe………………

    BECAUSE Mr. Fenn said that “the TREASURE is hidden……north of santa fe” he NEVER said that the place (WWWH) is in north of santa fe…………

    So my question is that if wwwh is POINT A…………………………………….and we need to go to the treasure location POINT B which is somewhere north of santa fe…………..

    is it possible that the line ” Not far, but too far to walk” could be referring to a highway or a freeway?????

    its just a thought………………………..

    • @John

      I have been trying to say that all along without giving up any of my thoughts as too where the warm waters halt. The poem is 2 parts. Yes, it has 9 clues but there may be a 10th. Then you would start again from the new location. Is that why he took two trips to hide the chest? Nobody mentioned the running man. It seems from enhancing the picture the tree is cropped onto another picture. I am sure the graphics department on this site can determine my claim may be true. It caught my eye when the sunlight was slightly different and the tree was to the left and not centered. Look closely at the right side of the tree. To me it was taken also with a different camera because the interlaceing is different. Just saying…. No I did not find the chest today. The place I went to was exactly like the poem said, yet it could possible be the same in hundreds of other places.

      • I looked at the running man picture again and do not see what you’re referring to, but then again I am no photoshop expert. I did notice that if I really blow up the picture i can see tiny words that were carved underneath the man, they say ‘run forrest run!’

        (stephanie if you are reading this, that was a joke)

        • A few good points were made. The mark under the running man is the chest signifying the 10th clues location. I requested the original pics from dal sent by forrest. Still waiting. Hmmm. I see a V and a 1. To me its the location of the blaze. Just to me I am saying.

    • He’s also said that people should read the book a bunch of times and go back to the poem. Then read the book. So he realizes we need his hints in the book.

  38. Ken – You said that I have made a couple of gut instinct statements. What are they exactly?

    You also said for me to do some heavy research using all at my disposal. For some reason you think I am attributing my ideas to intuition? Why do you say that?

    All I need is the poem & a working knowledge of FF. Each clue line is either a direction or a sign to lead me to the correct location. FF’s instructions – not mine.

    • @ Becky,I saw your posts dealing w/reading f’s body language and thoughts on how you hear the words and tune out etc…My post was not meant to be critical or directive.We each go down the road we choose. To be honest,I have not even read the book! I feel it may be too much static.The research I have done gets me in enough trouble as it is.Have fun and be safe!

  39. Forrest has said 2 groups have come within 500 feet. I strongly believe he has seen those groups on a web cam. What are others thoughts?

    • More than likely, he recieved emails from them indicating the areas they searched. Fenn often gets emails from searchers.

    • i would have to go back and research some sources on this and maybe someone else can chime in and help out if I am wrong but I believe there is ambiguity as to the number of searchers FF said have come with in 500ft, it may be one or it may be more, but i dont think the number 2 has been attached to that specific info. The number 2 has been attached to the number of emails FF said he got from people who correctly solved the first 2 clues.

    • Where exactly does FF live? Must be an awfully big house to store his collections. He also has a fishing pond out back, doesn’t he?

      Why does it matter how many people have been close to the treasure?

    • He gave Dal that web cam picture of the fox in his backyard. So I do agree that there is a good chance there is a way he’s able to see it. I don’t think the web cam though would tell him people got the first two clues right though. I think that must be from him talking to people….I don’t think he’d have one set up at each clue location. I think google earth has a way to pull up web cams…maybe that’s just videos.

  40. Germanguy, I really liked the comments you made to Becky earlier. You gave her very good advice. I don’t post all that much because I spend a lot of time on research. I have too, can’t afford numerous trips and distance plays a factor. The poem will either lead there or it won’t. If I was to want to go anywhere, for now, it would be a trip to FF’s library!

  41. Thank you to all that gave me feedback on my list of 7 “facts”. I certainly appreciate the different perspectives as we hunt together. I must say, your comments are worthy of deep consideration and I will do just that…and by the same token, I hope you might consider mine…I have been out 11 times to places in Idaho, montana, and New Mexico. I have looked at the poem literally for all of those trips. I am trying to think outside the box. I sometimes spout off locations or ideas that I have discarded, but not to mislead anyone, just to offer perspective…I have a tendancy to soap box a little-but I LOVE this blog, this adventure, this affenaline!

  42. An article by Forrest that I found interesting. Gives an in-depth picture into the thoughts of Forrest.

    An excerpt from that article in which he was addressing the The Society of American Archaeology (SAA)

    There are things professional archaeologists can do to help themselves. Here is some advice and a few observations from Indiana Jones to the SAA

    1. I am born of you and am nourished by your lectures, your reports, and your beautiful museum displays. Thank you for giving me life.

    2. Leave the jargon at home. Your future depends on increased public interest, and that’s where your future funding will originate. If 14-year-old students don’t understand your report, you’re doing it wrong. And incidentally, color in books is OK.

    3. Stop whining about what amateurs are doing. You have bigger problems at home, like unreported field work, for starters.

    4. Collectors are not going away, and you’re heavily outnumbered. Get used to it and learn from them.

    5. Don’t get carried away with your importance. Private property rights come first, now and always.

    6. If it’s a Canis Latrans bone, give us a break; say it’s part of a coyote.

    7. Your peers already know you’re smart, so write for the rest of us sometime. We’ll buy your book and read it; they probably won’t

    8. Lighten up. It’s not as if dreaded diseases are being cured or famines being prevented by archaeology. You should be enjoying it more.

    Forrest Fenn

    • .
      germanguy wrote:

      ” An article by Forrest that I found interesting. Gives an in-depth picture into the thoughts of Forrest.

      ht tp:// ”

      So interesting, as it was previously pointed out that there is a direct reference to MOTHER.

      As well, perhaps a bit more vague

      “Not FA_, but too far to walk” (FA_THER).


    • .
      So, got MOTHER, maybe SKIPPY (PB), maybe FA_THER, and maybe where warm waters halt (JUNE). Just looked interesting.

    • .
      Did anyone find the reference to TENT / HERO with ref. to “no place for the meek”? I can’t connect it to anything

    • Wow 5 is very interesting….how important he feels private property rights are. I mean I knew that’s important to him because of San Lazero….it’s what gave him title to the things on his land….is that he owned the title to it. I had read that before, but never zeroed in on that sentence before.

        • nooo. I think they are great. It’s fun to hear his passion for collecting and history. I was just thinking there might be a link on his site for them…not sure.

      • I was waiting to ask Forrest for permission before I posted them. He gave me permission last week. I will probably add them to the “media” page. But it’s fine that you put them up as far as I am concerned.

  43. Geydelkon your the first person i’ve seen mention the marking below the running man. I happen to agree with you. If your willing to give me your email i will share something with you that may be of great interest to you.

      • If anyone else wants to write, I would love to hear from you. My reason on this chase is too help my daughter who is fighting Neuroblastoma a malignant (cancerous) tumor that develops from nerve tissue. I shall help you as well. On my way to the site, need to backup a few hundred feet. For I am a SAINT covered in red lava because it is cold when I start.

  44. Anybody looking at the Me in the Middle chapter with the photo on the album page labelled “Me” and water hole? Same photo is on the front dust jacket in the middle. Feels like a clue. Three corner tabs, two pointing at the coins below, one pointing up and left and upper right one missing.

    • Album page being 122. Seems like there’s a connection there. Just trying to make sense of it.

    • Could be referencing “Me” as in fenn and water hole representing fishing, which he enjoys.

  45. Dal and Stephanie – Need you to shoot down a hot rumor on Youtube. There is a claim that the USAMRIID hiking club found the treasure on Little Saddle Mountain in Yellowstone. It is found in the comments here:

    Personally I don’t think Forrest could have climbed it as a 79 year old. Much thanks in advance.

    • I saw that this morning. Crazy. One guy “solved the poem” and another “claims he has it” and will send out pics only to people who find the flyers he left at the spot. They do make medication for people like this. They should look into it.

    • There are a lot of annoying people in the world. Thank goodness only a few of them have found this blog. It is impossible for Forrest to sooth everyone in the known universe every time some dingbat decides to pretend he has found the treasure. There will be more and more and more of this as time goes on. You have to use your own common sense. For instance. They claim to have found the chest but they post no photos of it, why not? Simply because its a hoax. They have no pictures.

      You also have to trust Forrest. He will tell us if it’s been found.

      I do not waste my precious brain cells on liars. (Although I certainly enjoyed the tall tales of Baron Von Munchhausen when I was in school) To do so would simply be giving them exactly what they want. Attention… and I am not the kind of person that feeds negative behavior.

      I just found out that pathological liars are called “mythomaniacs”…ha!…what a wonderfully descriptive term.

      Anyway, rather than run over here and frighten everyone with an absurd claim by posting it for all of us to fret about every time someone claims to have found it, just ask yourself two things..
      1. Where is the evidence that they found it…if there is none then they did not find it anymore than we did.
      2. How long ago did they claim this travesty? If more than 24 hrs we would have heard from Forrest.


      • @Dal
        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof….period. The only people more emotionally unstable than these “mythomaniac” types of folks are the people that believe them.

        Then again; everyone here is chasing an unsubstantiated treasure with the sole validation coming from a slick talking, specious, self proclaimed hustler from Texas whose favorite saying is “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are” maybe we are all emotionally unstable crazy people……That would explain many of comments here.

        Just kidding……..this is a great blog and everyone here uses sound reasoning and good judgment in the search for the treasure.

        I’ve got to go…….my weegie board is bouncing around; I’ve made contact with Joe Meek and we are becoming friends……he’s going to tell me the location of the treasure any day now.

    • no this guy didn’t find it. He keeps trying to post on my blog and email and stuff. He didn’t find it. This one I actually feel sure about.

      • I sent an email to USAMRIID letting them know about this, and giving a link to this person’s FB page and comments on YT. They may not be happy about someone who works for them or claims to, spreading a false report like this.

      • I mean really? “Reported on Fox News, yada yada, tied up in a federal court, found by a military team, won’t give you access unless you work in the infectious diseases arena…..three months ago…..maybe someone should catalog all the ‘already been found claims…’

  46. Morning all, A while back I heard or saw an interview with FF where at the end he mentioned that the “spot” was either dear, near, or close to his heart. Anyone remember which it was? Steph,dal,GG. Can you help me out with this? Thx

      • jack i watched that video, very interesting, and its an example of why we gotta be careful on the way media reports things, for example the reporter states (2:12 mark) that Fenn said he didn’t bury the chest, which is not true.

        at the 7 minute mark, Fenn talks about how he hid the chest in a place that is special to him, but not anything about his heart.

    • Opps, I see Jack replied to you question already. Well anyway, I was going to ask you yesterday if any of the homes in your town had basements? I ask, because you said your pipes froze up. Hope their starting to thaw out. It’s a little much to be taking sponge baths. 🙂

      • Hey GG, Looked at all Jack’s vids (thanks Jack), but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Will keep looking. It isn’t my house lines that are frozen. Its the main water line. They buried it 3 ft down. Frost line here is 8 ft. It should thaw out around middle of June. Thanks for the concern. Oh and thankyou for your service. Lost my brother over there in 68. I missed the draft by one day, and thank God every day for it.

        • Thanks Iseeit. Sorry to hear about your brother. I lost mine a few months back (natural causes). Seeing how poor the economy is in your area, I can understand why they haven’t invested in a better water system. What you need there are a lot more retired seniors with fat pension checks… 🙂

        • GG, I’m only a “senior” if theres a discount going on somewhere. At all other times I am a Mature kid still chasing dreams.

        • Iseeit

          i spent some time searching and only thing i find is an FF quote, it’s “where my heart is” … but he is talking about YNP not the chest locale

        • Hi, Iseeit. What are you trying to locate? Is it a video where FF tells you what his hiding place means to him?

        • Chris&Becky, Thanks guys. I’m certain it was a video. I remember the seriousness with which he said it–his mood changing instantly from lightheartedness to You had better listen good. It really jumped out at me. I’ll keep looking and if I find it again will post it.

        • I think maybe what you’re looking for might be on FF’s blog page- Old Santa Fe – on the video by somebody London – Jennifer maybe? It starts out with a car driving up a dirt road. I think FF also says it on the video interview by Lorene somebody. That is on the same page – just a one-on-one interview between Lorene & FF.

          If this info is incorrect, we will know soon enough because all the posters on this blog monitor what I say & keep me in line. I cannot make a move without them pouncing. I love it! These searchers are all great in my book. I think we’re like a family – fussy, critical, sometimes annoying, but ultimately in this together as a group. From what I have observed it is a level playing field & no one is ahead of anyone else. I like knowing that I will be corrected when I am wrong & shown my mistakes. Saves me time & effort.

    • Hello Iseeit

      any reason you are asking ? =) this seems to fit with something i am working on

  47. Anyone – As always I have another question or two.

    If the first clue is “Begin it …halt”, & the second clue is “Take it … down”, how far apart – as in distance – could they be? Here’s what I mean. If I wanted you to locate me in WV, I could start you out in NJ, send you down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, tell you to put in above the home of Blue – about 550 miles total. How far does everyone think the treasure journey is?

    “Not far, but too far to walk” is about 4 miles for me, but for a cross country runner it could be a good long ways. Seems like it’s all relative. But to what?

    • Becky? One question… Do you want it according to my 52 inch monitor or my laptop? Waiting for your reply….

      • The bigger, the better! Works for me. You got a 52 inch? Wow! Bet you need to sit two rooms away to view that. See – I knew you were the right guy to ask that question.

        But seriously, germanguy, we really have no way of knowing how far distance-wise, do we? The clues could be in close proximity or extremely far apart. I have 2 places – each fits one or the other. My big problem is not having anyone with whom to share & compare ideas. I need to know if I’m on to something or not.

        • Here’s your clue…
          Once you are at the right spot, it shouldn’t take you more than 500 feet to the chest. Others have been that close (according to Fenn). Now keep in mind, that’s when you get to the spot the poem leads you to (if it’s the right spot). That’s the best I can do, without misleading you. Good Luck.

        • By the way, if you are still in W. Va. you best get a move on it. Times running out soon. Haven’t you noticed the lack of activity on here today. That means the rush is on…

        • The barges & towboats going up & down the river in front of my house are not even that far away. Just because they pass by, it doesn’t mean they’re at that spot to find me. Do we know if only 2 groups have been there? 12 cookies, I eat 6, I say I ate 3 – no lie. I did eat 3, but didn’t mention the other 3. Perhaps FF only told about 15%, not the other 85%.

          Man, I gotta get my life back! This is nuts!

      • Iseeit – Are you on the pink team or the blue – girl or boy?

        Hey, could somebody please – PLEASE – discuss the video of the sociologist Benet Davetian? He made a lot of relevant points about FF. I think it’s very important to the search. Why doesn’t anyone else?

        • Beckinator , in a previous post someone said Davitian is from Canada and is on the news quite bit. This poster who said he lives close to Davitian sort of described him as not to be taken seriously.

          • Yeah, he’s upper east coast of the coast from canada…..believe it’s called Prince Edward island.

        • Becky, the video is just one man’s opinion of FF. Benet never met FF that I am aware of. dal and Stephanie could provide much better descriptions for what type of person FF is.

        • R of L – But what do you think about what he says? He describes FF to a tee, don’t you agree? Davetian is a very accredited professional & highly respected according to what I read.

          What is a Ragnar of Loky?

          • Becky , I didn’t place much emphasis on what he said , it didn’t seem to have much substance , just a repetition of what many have said on this blog. He is a professional but there are many that blog here. Ragnar is a viking legend , loky is just an abbreviation of where I live .

          • The greatest Viking who ever lived. You are the man Ragnar. He has a longboat you know. Of course it’s going to bottom out just before he gets to the trove and he will have to continue in the cold. Brave Ragnar.

          • Thanks DT, but I”ll bring my valiant steed with me on the longboat or rent a car.

          • That’s the problem with you heroic public figures, you don’t want to get your feet wet to find the blaze. If you rent a car will it be a Saab or a Volvo.

        • Really? Not much substance? I thought he was brilliant with his insights about FF. He is a whole lot more reliable NOT having met FF than someone who has. When FF has an audience of 1 or 1000 – doesn’t matter – he will act a certain way. That is not the same as how he feels or of what he thinks. Ken would say I’m having a gut instinct again, but not at all. It’s human nature – pure & simple – cause & effect.

          I believe that FF keeps a close watch on his treasure, & there are only a couple of ways he can do that. That eliminates a whole lot of possibilities in my mind.

          • I think Dal has said that Forrest has not been back to the treasure. I forgot about that…..It might be something that actually was said by Forrest in an interview that Dal was clarifying….I don’t think he was told that directly by Forrest….but can’t remember.

          • Steph:
            Forrest has said to me and others in interviews that he has not been back to the chest and that he never plans to go back to the chest. He also said that if he wanted to he could walk right up to the chest and get it. He also asked me once, what my problem was. He said the clues in the poem point right to the chest and if he wanted to he would have no problem following them right back to that chest.
            Gotta love em…

          • That has to be fun to talk to him about the poem/treasure and do all the interviews you do. When are those going up by the way? I’m sure they’re a lot of work to edit. I don’t know if I ever said that…but they are so well done.

          • Becky , you may be and I hope you are correct but I don’t feel the same as you, I think it was an opportunity to seek publicity. JUst my opinion.

          • If everyone who watched that video, had listened carefully, they would have picked up his comment. He stated that he would give his appraisal of the clues at the end of the video. He never did. So, in my mind he minimized his credibility. I just put that aside and moved on.

        • @Becky,
          I watched the video again just to refresh my memory……I agree with Ragnar, he mostly repeats what has been said here and other blogs……not to say he didn’t come to his opinion by his own research.

          I’m not dismissing what he said……knowing Fenn is an important part of solving the poem. Is there something you feel we are missing?

        • Becky from WV:

          Thanks for mentioning the video by Benet, I hadn’t seen it before now. If you’re interested in discussing or hearing my comments please contact chaseanagrams at gmail.

          Thanks for the thrill,

  48. Thanks to Illinoisghost for the great pics of the chest.

    I didn’t spend too much time on this because I don’t believe there are any real clues on the chest itself.

    Using the magnifying glass feature in Windows 8, I zoomed in on the lettering on the latch at 400X and turned the color inversion on.

    What I found is the C is not really a C but a sideways “J Y”. (anyone else think it was more deformed than the other letters?) That makes it stand to reason the next figure is sideways too and under the JY. That would make it a small case “m”. Under the m is another figure that appears to be an “S” or”5″ but turn it sideways like the others, and note the tiny blob in the center that appears to be where the lines would cross in a figure 8. If so, a sideways 8 is the symbol for infinity.

    Make of it what you will or call me loony, but I think this is a bit of Fenn graffiti stamped on the latch interior.

    My interpretation is:

    Just You

    A note for the finder. Inextricably linked by the treasure legend forever.

    I don’t have the book so if the letters are initials of someone he knows, let me know.
    Or any other ideas would be welcome.
    Or just call me loony. I’ve been called worse. ;>)

  49. Something else has been bothering me; a hatchery is no more a “home” than a nursery at the hospital is.
    I’ve never heard of a fish migrating back to a hatchery to spawn.

    • This has bothered me too. I don’t know that he ever says that those fish are trout even though we all assume it from Home of Brown. So I sort of wonder if they aren’t a pond with catfish or something. I brought this up last week on the blog and the reason is…I found a place out in the woods that has a catfish pond that’s part of another body of water that has Brown Trout in it. I actually was told this by the kid we met(pays to get to know people out there) I also found though that there is a species of Brown Catfish. So it was just another idea I had. When I saw trout on youtube spawning(I closed my eyes through the good parts)…they really didn’t seem to get along like in the photo with all the fish together in his photo. The one’s in the photo remind me of when your at some amusement park and you sprinkle popcorn or something in the little pond of water and all the sudden it comes alive with fish going crazy for the food. I think in that instance they are typically like a carp though. I don’t know…I’m not really into fish habitats…just trying to learn.

  50. I was wondering does anyone know what kind of a vehicle Forrest was driving when he hid the treasure? By that I mean was it a 4wheel drive? I have seen him mention a vw before but that could have been in the 70s. Alot of the places I am thinking of have pretty bad roads, wondering if we should even bother with those locations? Your thoughts are always welcome.

    • Debra not sure what he drives , but I think that no place for the meek is a reference to the road he drove

      • Ragnar,

        I don’t think an 80 year old man would venturing out on very rugged roads, but that is my opinion. I’m 67 and I just bought a Chryler 300c for the trip. I think I can handle that last 500 feet…LOL

        • G-guy I was hesitant about posting a road reference but the one I had in mind is not rugged.

        • LOL!! G-man, you mentioned earlier we might run into each other on the trail? As much as I’d like to, I don’t think we’ll be close. When and if I go, I’ll be pushing a Dodge 4×4. May not need 4wd, but I’m pretty sure a 300c won’t cut it for mine. 🙂

          Good Luck to ya.

          Fred W

    • Debra,

      That may be a question Stephanie or Dal may be able to answer, as they have been to see him. From my perspective, I would think roads were driveable or he would rent something in the area of the chest.

      • I think Dal told me that he did drive up to Yellowstone around the year it was hidden, but I don’t think Dal knows what year any of that was…Dal wrote the blog that included Forrest taking his family up north and his grand kids wouldn’t go into his favorite swimming hole…that’s the time he drove up there. He might go up there every year or multiple times since he’s on the board at the Buffalo Bill Museum. When I saw him with my husband, he drove a mid size SUV I think you’d call it…it would definitely be good on most all forest service roads I’d think(and I’m chicken about getting stuck places)… I have no clue on make or model(I don’t pay attention things like that)….

        • That’s kinda what I thought as well. Since I never met Fenn, I referred Debra to you. Better hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth as they say.

          I honestly believe it’s pretty much a straight shot. not a heck of a lot of terrain to cover. It really doesn’t need to be if you have the right location. At least that’s what my location tells me. We’ll see I guess.

  51. I have to stick with the CD theory for WWWH. The reason being that I can get in my car and drive over to the west slope(an hour from here), where there are orchards everywhere (mostly peaches)and stand out in the rain and it isn’t much different than taking a warm shower. But if I am east of the CD, the rain will always be ice cold, even in the middle of summer. Just makes too much sense. Anyone?

  52. “to be, become, or keep silent or quiet” is an obsolete definition of “peace” per This leaves “peace” most likely meaning “freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions”.

    FF “Just take the chest and go in peace.”

    With this line in the poem, it seems FF is telling us that there is no need for worry after finding the chest. That then implies that there will be no government or individual whom will cause problems once the chest is found. If this interpretation is true, and since no one except FF knows where the chest is hidden, the chest most likely is on private land controlled by FF and possibly managed by a trusted person bound by oath not to reveal FF’s control over the land and not to partake in any search for the chest. For the chase to continue long after FF has moved on, the trusted person most likely would need to be a very loyal family member.

    I realize that the ownership of the land (where the chest is hidden) has been touched on. I am hoping to find criticism or support for the idea that FF’s use of “peace” implies the chest is on his land somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. FF has said that his grandsons might be looking for the chest. Surely they would first thoroughly search any/all family property, so I feel that most of the family would not be aware of this land.

    Now, your thoughts are solicited, and please no “it doesn’t matter” comments.

    • *warning, sporadic ideas* I’ve wondered if it’s private land that his family doesn’t even know about…maybe he set up some type of foundation even that own’s it. I mean he’s sat on so many boards for museums etc. What if they bought or own the land and he figures one day they might find it and it will go to a place he wants it to go to? I think he does say that eventually it will be found…so maybe it’s on some vacant land that a museum owns and he knows when they build on it…it will be found. I know that the Buffalo Bill Museum is one that he sat on and might still and he’s donated such a great deal to them. I wonder if when he’d go up there that he had a place he’d fish that was private and special to him…if I remember right…I think there is some water behind the BB Museum.

      • Steph
        I am thinking that is highly probable but how would you know if you were not trespassing on the wrong property and get shot maybe?
        I think truelly the only way that I would almost be 100 percent confident that the chest was somehwere is if I knew forrest owned the land and I now look for those records before going out.
        Oh and I am going out in early May 🙂

        Also a side note here if you are going out at least that is in New Mexico there is a permit that is required before going on NM state trust land, so if want to search legally please apply for that permit.
        This wll not be needed for parks or monuments where public is already allowed acces w/o it.
        here is the link

        There is a map which shows which property in NM trust land in grey on that site
        but other sites do abetter job of showing that.

        So a note here is please try to find out where you are going who owns that property and if it requires any type of permit also like a GAIN permit in some wilderness areas in NM.
        A knowledgeable person told me that if you are found within NM statre trust land without a permit, they will probably and take this lightly probably just ask you to leave. However if you are caught digging or look suspecious with that metal detector and shovel I have no idea what could happen to you Also it is wise to see if it private property because who wants strangers in their backyard(s).

        This is not a joke and should be taken serious!!

        • Tim,

          Let’s get serious here. When Fenn announced the purpose behind his putting this treasure out there, he said it was to get the kids off the couch. Ask yourself, would he make such a statement knowing that children are in volved? I can’t accept that thinking and have resisted it on this block and in my own mind. This issue keeps coming back. Just enjoy the trip guy. don’t cloudy the waters for others.

          Now, that was not meant to offend you, just to emphasize as strongly as I can that it is truely a non-issue for us all.

          • I’m confused. I’m not sure what Tim said that got your response. He was just giving information if anyone wanted to be permitted for different things. I thought it was a good thing. Is it the private land thing? Tony from Newsweek said that Forrest said it could be on private land. You would need to make sure you have permission to go on it…I agree with Tim about that….I think even Dal mentioned some family owned land(not Forrests…but he was referring to a type of land ownership).

          • Yes Stephanie, But even Dal said that this sort of conversation was too distracting for the blog. I agreed. The last time this happened, it took forever to get back on track.

          • ?? Dal said he didn’t want us talking about what type of land we’d be going on and how to get permits for it? I don’t remember that.

          • Like I told Dollar, speak with Dal….I’m seriously considering leaving this blog.

          • Why? Don’t leave. It seems like you and Tim don’t get along…I think I remember something a few weeks back, but don’t remember the context….you guys should talk privately if that’s the case…you both obviously are important to the conversations on this blog and I hope you both stay. Sometimes all it takes is someone saying…what’s your goal(I’ve been told this)…our goal is to find the treasure. Give each other pass about the past arguments…consider liking each other and let’s talk treasure 😉

          • Steph-
            Yes..I did request that people stick to the NINE CLUES on this page and not other issues related to removing the chest. My philosophy is to find it first. Don’t put the cart before the horsey on this blog please.
            If you have found it but are worried about successfully removing it from where ever it might be..please feel free to call me… 🙂

          • I thought you ended up agreeing with me in email though about that. This would be a permit that might allow you to search and not go to jail. So I felt it was helpful and plan on trying to protect myself from my searching different lands. It doesn’t even have to do with finding it, because that’s a whole other issue. So I think the cart is still behind the horsy….we just don’t want the horsy going to horsy jail…dang…I have something funny to say, but can’t lol….

          • Maybe we need a post that is specifically dedicated to what to do after we find it. Then everyone can beat the… Well I don’t like to think of dead creatures but we can beat the subject to death anyway. Maybe there is a post for that already. I really need to go to the actual blog site. I just do this via email.

            j ~ PFW

          • GG
            Yes this should be an issue because people will get in trouble if they have no idea where the are trespassing so to help everyone what I am saying if you only look in a National park or such forget it but otherwise if t is not then you better find out, Most people will not find that out and get in trouble believe me they already have and will in the future.
            Did you not understand that, Steph and Dal certainly have not always been in a park and neither I have not always been in a national forest.
            Do I have any supporters here cause if you think this is nonsense then I may be the only person here that may legally find it. So let me hear what others are thinking on this and if I am wrong I am gone but I can always proudly show anyone my pernits and iI take ownership of land to be serious stuff to consdider.
            I think you may not have considered this GG if you have never gone out to search.

          • Are you aware that the National Parks have a treasure trove permit? Thisay not be a treasure trove however. A treasure trove involves an unknown owner. Technically in this case Fenn owns it until you find it then ownership transfers to the finder.

          • Are you sure he owns it anymore? I mean if he’s left it there for a certain amount of days maybe he doesn’t…therefore it might be considered unknown lol.

          • OK Tim. The problem is only a problem if people don’t do their homework. Enough said.

        • Also, I would hope that we as parents would use our heads in going into some of these places.

          Fenn eludes to he goes into someplace alone and it right away creates images in everybodies mind that he doesn’t want to get caught. This is true, but it isn’t necessarily by the feds or other legfal entities. It’s because he doesn’t want anyone to see where he’s hiding the treasure.

          OK, now you can question what I’ve just put out there and criticize me.

          • GG
            The areas of where national parks and where trust land begin and end are not that relevant,
            I was in a national park and I asked a Ranger this who ownes the property right next to the park, and to me that land looked the same as the national park, the ranger said that land was on state trust lands
            Now you may know where that is but I do not think most people now where one begins and the other ends.
            How do you know who owns wthat unless you ask or look it up before going,
            I did not say it was not a safe place, so what do you think would happen if A_A did find the mapor chest at Mesa Verde and was caught with it?
            Not everybody is thinking reasonable and need to find this out maybe to stay out of trouble
            Last post on this but to me this is a big issue and I wnat people to think before going if it is not a park!!

        • @Tim
          I agree with you…….these are things that need to be considered when out exploring. Government people can and will make your life miserable. It has gotten much worse the last few years……the government employees are not there to maintain “public” property for the enjoyment of the public; they are there to keep the public away from “their” property. I have seen this attitude shift first hand.,,,,,,,,Much like Fenn’s address to the archeologist. Government employees are no longer public servants; they view themselves as public overlords.

          Not to mention the natural dangers and the weather…….getting caught in a summer storm with golf ball and larger hail could be a career limiting move for your treasure hunting.

          • Goofy_Old_Guy
            Thanks for that reply and I just want people to be safe and obey the laws to protect our national treasures and themselves.

        • PTN, I believe that you can search the land departments of each State for online maps. Also, more detailed parcel ownership would be found on County Assessors’ gis maps. Many Counties don’t have their maps on the internet though. You can find FF’s San Lazaro property on Santa Fe County Assessor’s gis map.

      • It seems that Stephanie and Tim recognize the importance of who owns the land being searched. My hat (which I don’t wear) is off to them. Now, do either of you think that the word “peace” has anything to do with it.

    • It’s obvious it does matter to you…
      Don’t get bogged down. If no one knows, then we all have to agree that it doesn’t carry enough weight to justify dwelling on it.
      I have mentioned many times that it wouldn’t be on government land (if you want, take it as my opinion), after all, no one will know for sure until they have found the location and picked up the chest and ran like heck.

      • gg, how do you know that it wouldn’t be on government land? If as you say it is not on government land, then a large percentage of the Rocky Mountains does not need to be searched. That leaves private land or Indian land and possible trespassing problems. It doesn’t seem to me that you are saying that the finder could go in peace if the finder has to run like heck. Are you saying that FF hid the chest on someone else’s private property or on an Indian Reservation? It seems to me that if I can logically narrow my search to properties owned by trusts,etc which FF could possibly have control over, I am a step ahead in the chase.

        Now to the point, do you have an idea why FF included this line, or does it not justify being dwelled on in your opinion?

        I am thinking that a clue lies in the use of the word “peace”.

        • he also says in book, ‘that the bells are on land owned by the american people but tended by BLM’, so the same could be true for the treasure. pg. 138

        • Dollarbill,

          Listen. I’ve said as much as I can. I only want people to enjoy this adventure. If we really wanted to, we could create a lot more turmoil by bringing up additional concerns that have no relevance to the game at hand and we would accomplish absolutely nothing. If we do nothing but focus our attention on the poem and it’s meaning we will be better off then we are. It sometimes seems to me that as soon as we get this going at a decent speed it all of a sudden comes to a screeching halt. A problem arrises, or returns. You get my point?

          • Dollar the only advice I will give is – bring this up to Dal and see what happens.

            I was on here the last time someone started this conversation. I thought it could be addressed swiftly before it got out of hand again. My bad….the end

  53. Becky from WV

    just watched that Davetian video for the 1st time, ty for bringing it to my attn. couldn’t agree more with his statement “what is disappointing is that the way these clues are being interpreted does not give enough credit to this man.” Some of the stuff I read on here and elsewhere borders on the ridiculous, or is too general and wide open in interpretation. FF has said that the person who finds the chest will have solved the clues and thought and planned and go directly to the chest. If you read the paragraph in the book directly preceding the poem it seems to confirm this “so I wrote a poem containing 9 clues that if followed precisely will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure”

    Some of these things I read, it appears that someone has decided on a certain locale because a certain thing they know about FF or a certain piece of info, they then interpret the the whole poem making it fit into their choice. When the true location and solution is found, it won’t be like that. The locations will make sense, the names of places will makes sense, how you get from one place to the next will make sense, once you find a certain thing, like a creek or river, how far you travel along that creek or river before you go to the next point, will make sense when you understand what certain lines mean. the poem is laid out in in such a way, that the proper interpretation of each part will all fit together without having to use brute force. People who aren’t approaching the poem this way, and understanding that FF had years to get the wording just right, so that it can lead you to a specific location, aren’t giving him enough credit, like Davetian says. Understand how difficult it would be to write such a poem that could lead you to a specific location in the rockies, using the words contained therein, think about the dynamics involved and what would need to be communicated to accomplish such a thing …. If a person realizes this then they are a lot further along to possibly solving it.

    One of the things Davetian says early in the video I don’t quite understand is …“but im not here to tell you where the treasure is, I will tell you at the end that I know where it is,but that’s not what im here for” , but he does not say anything at the end of the video that he thinks he knows where it is, nor does he give any location.

    • also, on your question about how far is not far but too far to walk, i think the purpose of that line is not about distance but about the names of things/places and which one to take. “not far” , meaning not this one, and “but too far to walk” meaning ‘it isn’t the first thing mentioned , it is this second thing that you are going to follow down’, and the words themselves “not far” and “too far to walk” are related to the actual names of the places which are right next to each other and so it is telling you, do not take this one but follow the other one down

    • @Chris Yates

      Agreed about much of the discussion/interpretation not giving enough credit to Mr. Fenn. If you’d like to discuss, chaseanagrams at gmail.

      Thanks for the thrill,

    • Mr. Yates, I raise my glass to you!! I think you are absolutely correct in how to approach the poem. Great post!!

    • Thank you, Chris. That was wonderful. Gee i don’t know where to go from here. Let me see.

      If each one of us had to write a riddle poem leading to the to the very same location – same location for all – we would each give different clues. To me – apparently only me – why FF chose those particular clues matters.

      I still believe that after “Brown”, that’s it. You have arrived. Then your mode of transportation needs to change. I do not think that “heavy loads & water high” are things you need to really deal with. I think they are just there. Ya know what, Chris? The most frustrating aspect of this whole chase is NOT being able to flat-out say exactly what we mean to each other.

      Aren’t there any towns in the mountains north of Santa Fe? Maybe the treasure chest is in a more civilized area. Yes?

      • I actually had a search where I thought that the blaze WAS the water high….because if you read it…it says if you’ve BEEN wise…and the previous thing your told is to find the heavy loads and the WATER HIGH. Does that make sense? As if you’ve already seen the blaze.

        • so then Steph that could be a blaze carving on a water birch 9water high, they grow to 33 ft.) in Northern New Mexico

        • that makes sense to me steph.. and so far ive only come upon one place in new mexico that may fit that description.. its not far but too far to walk , from say, santa fe.. and from what i can see on maps there are forest roads that will get you very close… possibly within 500 feet. its an area some refer to as “lonesome country”.. i believe you’ve even been near it>> but dont blurt it out! lol

      • “The most frustrating aspect of this whole chase is NOT being able to flat-out say exactly what we mean to each other.”


        i know exactly what you mean. i am forced to be more and more creative with what i say and how i say it … so i can at least feel like i am sharing this thrill of the chase with others here.

        on that heavy loads and water high thing, i am having problems with that, cannot seem to make it fit anywhere i am looking at. i keep finding myself ignoring that and finding a fit for everything else, but i cannot ignore it, it is too important.

        let me share how that phrase originally struck me, but being honest this ‘take’ doesn’t fit at all with my current #1 location I am working on, or any of them for that matter

        when i hear ‘heavy loads and water high’ the first thing i think of is doing laundry. heavy loads of laundry being put in, and the water level is going to need to be high of course if you are doing heavy loads. well the thing you put the laundry in (in the washing machine) and where the water level is going to be high is called a basin. there are lot of places called this basin and that basin in the rockies. also, way back in the day, a round wooden thing with a metal sleeve wrapped around it that people did laundry in was called, simply, a basin. anyways, its a thought.

        • Mr. Yates are you not an avid fisherman? If so, if you had a big fat trout hooked on the line, would you say that you had a heavy load?

        • im not a fisherman unfortunately but i am interested in where you might be going with this. i know a little about it, i mean, if you are going fishin for some big ones you need line that can handle certain loads right? are you a fisherman? if so, let me ask you, do they call it a heavy load if you have a big fish at the end of your pole? and if so, where then does ‘water high’ fit into it, cuz those 2 things need to go together i think.

          • Chris in fishing terms a portion of the cast is called loading the rod, same in golf clubs or anything where a momentum shift creates distortion of the object in motion. The amount of energy generated is the load or so it is in my experiences.

        • Chris it is my opinion that heavy loads and high water are describing the characteristics of the creek you will be walking up to find the blaze.

        • Your post caught my attention. There may be an are of interest to located south of Firehole Falls, Pocket Basin/Queens Laundry Area.

    • oops meant to post this down here…

      Fred W, thank you for the compliment

      Chase, i might take you up on that, maybe, you will hear from me if i do

  54. Hello everyone, I recall an artical or an interview in which they were speaking I believe to the daughter of a friend of Forrests when he was stationed in AZ in the air force. This article talked about fenn flying the canyons of the four corners area and scouting for ruins, then returning with his friend to gather artifacts. Can anyone on this blog provide me with that link?

      • Speakin of which, LOL,(and not to discourage anyone), LOL, we have Timber Rattlers up here in the rockies, Yep, grow 6 to 8 feet long. Big around as a pickle jar, and able to break a man’s leg with a single strike.Yep LOL LOL And don’t forget them fangs. Able to pierce steel they say!! LOL Maybe ya’ll best stick to them there flatlands…

  55. Someone on the Thrill of the Chase facebook page says they figured it out(of course haven’t found it)…but anyway, they said something about the first letter of each chapter. We went through and noted each large letter in his memoir and this is what’s there. awinmlimloiimomoaswtwwbsowtiaicn so if anyone wants to unscramble that and tell me if they find anything…I’d much appreciate it lol.

    • You talking about Bolo? Have you seen the youTube video he posted? Makes a stupendous amount of claims and it’s all under NDA regs, a restricted website, and found by the US military Infectious Diseases Research ‘hiking club’ three months ago. A very piled up load of ‘Brown’. Surprised no one has gone ballistic over it.

  56. My thinking is very specific, and very simple. The poem is a series of anagrams that need to be solved for the clues. If you are only interpreting the poem ‘literally’, then the odds you’ll ever find it are very slim, as the literal poem could refer to so many places.

    The poem will take you *precisely* to the right spot. There is no way that could be true unless there were clues embedded in the poem through some sort of “cryptography.” Cryptography is a classic method of hiding treasure in literature, and Mr. Fenn is a very well read man who even stated, that he read “lost treasures” books in his formative years. Google ‘fenn lost treasures books’ for citation.

    I believe it is one sentence per clue. Nine sentences = Nine clues. But I don’t know that for sure yet – some of those 4 – line stanza’s have a lot of characters and will take a long time to solve if I’m right.

    The easiest is likely sentence 3: Put in below the home of Brown.

    Anagrams to:

    month when Bowie pueblo fort

    pueblo fort: The Alamo. Mr. Fenn is a Texan, and he remembered.
    Bowie: A commander at the fort when it fell
    month when: March 6, 1836.

    Therefore I conclude the third clue is likely: March.

    • I have anagrammed the heck out of this poem. I got a couple other things for HOB. But nothing makes sense yet. Although I did find a very interesting anagram earlier today….. 😉 I have a literal spot to check out too. I’m going both ways with this poem!

      j ~ PFW

      • @Kym

        No answers found for ‘PutinbelowthehomeofBrown’. Check you entered the letters correctly.

        I conclude that website is of no use. (Nor are any other web-based anagram solvers I’ve seen).

        • yes chase i figgered that out lol I went the acronym route and went up and down both sides of poem and across back and forth and it looks like a ladder, got all kinds of answers but only have one place that put them all together, the rest seem like great ‘sunday’ driving directions 🙂

    • Not sure about anagram being the answer but have not ruled that out. Where I get roadblocked trying to move forward in my 9 clues is not being able to locate a unique location from each clue. If any clue along the path is obvious then I might just start with clue #4 right? Anagram gets more interesting after hitting one road block after another.

      • Remember: Mr. Fenn is clever. This is going to hard, perhaps just short of impossible. It sounds like you want it to be easy.

        At this point, I know there is a “second level” to the poem – that while it can be interpreted literally, and that the literal interpretation will “make sense” after the fact – the literal interpretation will not lead you precisely to the spot.

        What I don’t know is if it ends at level 2. Given the nine clues, there may still be another level, another “puzzle” to solve.

        Remember: Mr. Fenn is clever. 15 years is a long time to be involved in something (creating a poem). He also likes crossword puzzles (thanks for the tip, Dal).

        • Chase, I believe there are two levels to the poem – the first level “literal interpretation” clues which confirm the area and the second hidden level embedded in the poem that provides precise directions. I am not, however, using anagrams to try to uncover the second level but am using techniques that do no change the poem.

    • It also anagrams to…I flew up to hometown hero BnB…BnB as in Bed and Breakfast. So who is a hometown hero, perhaps Buffalo Bill Cody. He has a town just outside of Yellowstone named after him and there is a BnB in that town named after him, and the Yellowstone Regional Airport is littrrally right below the town of Cody. Just saying…

  57. Anyone else following this path? I can’t find anyone else who talks openly about it. I am interested in collaboration.

    chaseanagrams at gmail

    • That’s because we don’t want to give our solutions away! Can’t always trust people! Rarely in fact. Sad but true!

      j ~ PFW

    • Chase if you go through the previous pages you will find a few who have anagrammed many words of the poem and share them emphatically.

    • Chase – Why would he do that? I mean, that’s very involved. What are you supposed to do with “March”? How is that a hint in the book?

      • @Becky,

        I agree, it is very involved. So involved in fact, that it might take 15 years to perfect such a poem. Why would he do it? To go down in history as a clever, respected man (see Benet video).

        What are you supposed to do with March? Put it next to 3. on your list of clues. And move on to solve another clue.

        I make no claim that it is a hint in the book. I subscribe to “the poem is all you need” philosophy.

        I can lead you to water, but I can’t make you drink.

        Thanks for the thrill,

    • Hi Chase,
      I am one of the few people who have posted anagram results and other info on here about finding hidden clues or hints.
      Been working this angle for awhile and can tellyou first hand that there are good anagrams in the poem.
      Mr. Feen spent all that time on the poem for a reason. I believe there are also false anagrams in the poem. My reason for this is very specific. I have found 4 direct anagrams concerning HOB. Only one is correct but all seem legit when you first find them..
      If you want some private anagram chat I am davecurty at gmail dot com.
      I dont mind sharing, but it is a two way street. People have asked for info and never shared back anything they thought they found.

  58. This may be a game changer … we’ll see … check out 35.9201 degrees North x 106.6539 degrees West … While these coordinates are NOT “x marks the spot,” they give one a great place to start looking. By researching this area one can answer every clue and fit them all together, save one, the blaze, which can only be determined at the actual site. Zoom in, zoom out, and roam. Coordinates are in the Rocky Mountains and “latitudinally” north of Santa Fe (remember, FF is a trickster) at 8,074 ‘ elevation. WWWH is easy enough to determine as hot springs flowing into a cold creek. Note that one need not have to physically start there. Look for a “back door” road that parallels the canyon creek within 500 feet. HOB is trickier but keep looking over the area. One might also discover “waters high.”

    If this helps someone to find the chest before I do, consider tossing me a nugget!

    Good luck!

    • @Spire,

      I do agree that the “within 500ft” comment of Mr. Fenn’s is likely due to Google Maps’ distance legend showing a 500ft / in. when zoomed in almost all they way. The location probably is near such a road or landmark that is within 500ft on Google Maps.

    • Spire, I’m having problems with your coordinates. Usually expressed in degrees, minutes, and seconds. The number after the decimal can’t exceed 60 minutes. Uh-I don’t have to convert to metric or something do I? It isn’t some of that new 3 dimentional stuff is it? I’m not very good at that.

      • Iseeit , if you search using google maps,down at the bottom there is a written tab (in blue)called maplabs. Click it and enable the ladlng buttons , then go to your map and hit shift and coords. show up in decimal format. These coords are nw of fenton lake state park nm

      • This is the exact location
        Santa Fe National Forest, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 0.8 mi S

    • copy and paste this into google maps if you want see where the spot is

      35.9201, -106.6539

      just northwest of Bandalier

        • I’ve been to that boulder (a blaze?). Looks much different at creek level. The sun doesn’t hit that rock until afternoon. Even then, it does not light up as much as the satellite image depicts when viewed from below at creek level.. There are 3 great “hidey holes” at the base of the boulder. When I was there the combination of soil and rock particles were too frozen to dig, like cement. There is no way that this boulder will move downstream. It is 20 feet in diameter and the creek flattens considerably — a long pool that leads to divided riffles creating a island. Remember, I said that x does not mark the spot, but I think it gets you close.

          • I hiked 5 miles on Forest Road 376, because the gate was closed, to San Antonio Hot Springs. There are no designated trails or roads paralleling San Antonio Creek on either side going downstream. There is a little used trail on the east side, but it meanders and often felt like bushwhacking going down it. The back door road is the best way in from the south. It now also has a gate and places where boulders block the road. These may not have been there when FF hid the treasure. From Highway 126 it’s now about 2-3 mile hike to the nost accessible part of the creek.

          • No, but plan to check it out when I return this summer to further search San Diego Canyon. Why? Do you have some insight about Alamo canyon?

        • Spire, not sure. One of Chase’s blogs mentioned something about using cryptography to find Bowie, pueblo fort, etc. as in Alamo. Just a thought

        • I hate to be the one to put the Kibosh on this one but no one else is chiming in here.

          Where you guys are looking is NOT the Rocky Mountains.
          This range is a volcanic event as opposed to the upheaval that is the Rocky Mountains.
          Yes it does butt up to the southern tip, but a different range and source altogether.
          Ask any Geologist.
          I will be very disappointed in FF if the treasure is found beyond the Rockies.

          • Stevador-
            The USGS does include the Jemez Range as the southern tip of the Rockies. We have been through this before. I wrote a post about it. There are a lot of areas on the fringes of the Rockies that one geologist excludes and the next includes. As has been said before..if it’s a fringe area and you have reason to believe the chest might be there…you should definitely check it out…

          • That’s correct. So that would include areas that are in the foothills 5000 and above.

        • I stand corrected. I remember reading your explanation about Jemez Range Dal.
          I think my hesitation to agree was from so many years of telling people I lived in Los Alamos for two years when now I think it would have been much cooler to say:
          ” I lived in the Rockies for two years!”
          Looks like my search area just got bigger.
          At least I can count out the 26,000+ acres of restricted area up there.

          I wouldn’t mind visiting Bandelier and climbing the ladders again. I really loved that place.

    • Follow up to Spire’s “check out 35.9201 degrees North x 106.6539 degrees West”:
      San Antonio Hot Springs are warm, not really hot. Down the canyon is San Antonio Creek, a trout stream. Your spot is south of the latitude thru Seven Springs Fish Hatchery (Brown trout) [a few miles west]. I went up Ice Cave Canyon, immediately east of your spot. I searched the streambed area, especially below blazed (i.e., graffiti) aspens. I used a good flashlight to examine the Ice Cave. I agree the old forest road has been closed too long; access is limited to a good hike. Plus, the area is quite popular. I’ve dropped this area from my list.

      Dal: thank you.

      • Snowshoe-
        It is my understanding that none of the hatcheries in New Mexico raise Brown trout. They did several years ago…prior to when Forrest hid the chest. All the Brown trout in NM breed naturally in the streams where they are found.

      • Dal,

        Thanks for your post. Forest Road 132 (no signage on site), off Highway 126, may have very well been open when FF hid the treasure. It leads north generally paralleling San Antonio Creek on its east side, within 500 feet. There is another unmarked turn out on a Highway 126 u-turn just beyond FR 132 that leads to the west bank of the creek. I no longer believe HOB refers to brown trout, even though San Antonio is a trout stream. So, for me, Fenton Lake and Seven Springs do not enter into the equation. I think that FF’s HOB clue would suggest a more precise line of demarcation indicating a more exact location of “below.” I think I know what draws that line, but won’t reveal it. For me, San Antonio Creek is still on my list of possible locations of the treasure.

  59. Most of us probably think “in the wood” refers to the forest. The Brothers Grimm repeatedly use the same term to describe the forest in Ltl. Red Riding Hood.
    For example:

    ‘A good quarter of a league farther on in the wood; her house stands under the three large oak-trees, the nut-trees are just below; you surely must know it,’

    1 League=aprox. 3 mi. In case anyone was wondering.

    • Well that wasn’t quite what I was getting at with the Brothers Grimm thing, (which I accidently mispelled), (sorry GG), but am willing to consider this angle too.

    • In reply to your previous post, Jemez Mountains are indeed within the southernmost tip of the Rocky Mountain chain. Check USGS.

  60. I have been thinking about FF’s autobiography, the one in the olive jar inside the TC, he sealed with wax. How much heat from the sun would it take to melt the wax? How much heat would there have to be to melt the wax if the chest was in a shady spot, but still subject to a series of hot days? Also, how much cold could the wax tolerate before it hardened or contracted to the point of cracking?

    If in a place where the nights were cold and the days relatively warm, wouldn’t that affect the wax in some way? For purposes of preservation wouldn’t the wax have to be kept within a certain range of temperatures to keep it from either cracking or melting?

    It just seems to me that FF would have taken all that into consideration since he went to the trouble to preserve the autobiography.

  61. JJ

    Yes it would, but I don’t think nature is that cooperative. You’re not seriously suggesting the TC is in a climate controlled storage facility are you?

    • No, i was thinking more of an opening in a rock formation protected from the elements by a ledge.

    • Yes it is very interesting. The numerologists here will have lot’s of fun with Solomon’s Square.
      Even if it is unintentional on FF’s part, there is a great deal of divinity attached to 9. You would have to go out of your way to avoid some correlation to the number. It’s everywhere.

      I like: “…. symbolizing the nocturnal and terrestrial things, for the Aztecs.”

  62. Somebody on ebay is selling duplicates of the 1888 New Mexico map used by Forrest’s designer in the TOTC book.
    Go to ebay and search on Forrest Fenn.

  63. Anyone have any thoughts about 36 being important in any way. Olga’s bathtub was 36 inches there is a ’36 Chevy he would like to buy back and the bells are buried more than 3 ft underground or 36 inches. Just have an interesting thought that connects if 36 is important but if it is not than I may be waaaayyy off? Opinions anyone?

    • Desmond

      Do yourself a favor and just focus on the poem. I’ve personally found this poem to be nothing other then a pure work of a genius. Mind you, this is only one opinion. Others may feel differently. Be cautious in what you are told.

  64. Hey, Dal. I found this quote by FF in an article by Margie Goldsmith – “What serious adventurers should remember is to not believe anything that is not in my poem or otherwise in my book.”

    Does that include the tips & statements he gives additionally? Like saying north of Santa Fe, then later qualifying it to be Santa Fe, NM. New Mexico not in poem or book – only stated. True?

    The quote continues – “There’s some misinformation out there. For instance, I never said I buried the chest, I said only that I hid it. That is not to say it is not buried, so maybe we need to define the terms. Does ‘hidden’ mean in plain sight? What is the difference between ‘buried,’ ‘entombed’ and ‘sepultured’? What does the word ‘blaze’ in the poem mean? A horse can have a blaze on its forehead, a blaze can be scraped on a tree to mark one’s way, a blaze can mean a flame or a scar on a rock. And what about ‘water high’? Does it mean deep, or higher than normal?”

    He actually said all that himself. What is it exactly that he says or does that reveals him as a trickster? I want the treasure to be in Santa Fe, NM. Is that possible or not?

    • BEGIN…an instruction word
      IT WHERE WARM WATERS….the clue
      HALT… An instruction word

      The clue anagrams to…Whereat writer swam….
      I believe this refers to his weekly warm baths in the Firehole river.
      I believe the blaze marking this is the line above it with the word HiNT in it.
      …and hint of riches new and old…look after the word hint. Of riches new and old …contains the letter needed to make Firehole.
      In this case the blaze marking the hint to the clue appears just above it in the poem. It does get harder as you move along.
      I have found solid leads to a bunch of clues

      • David – I like your thinking on the possible Firehole anagram coming after the word “hint”. Very interesting. I can’t make anything out of the rest, though.

        • Begin it where warm waters halt anagrams to Begin “Where writer swam at” halt. Then does this mean start/stop searching at the same point?

        • While you are anagramming that stanza I would recommend including the word ‘halt’, since we were to told to start where warm waters halt. ‘waters’ halts before the word ‘halt’.
          Also and unrelated, regarding some locations being outside the Rockies, I consider anyplace outside the Rockies as long as those locations can lead me to the Rockies and hopefully the chest.

        • There are 2 levels to the poem. The first is the journey from one location to the next following the very general description that could apply to so many rivers canyons and creeks.
          The underlying second level is where you use a combination of research and puzzle solving to find hints to the more obvious clues.
          It occured to me that it would take forever to write a bunch of anagramed hinys into rhyming surface clues. Then begin/halt hit me. If you dont have to use every last word in your anagrams, the ryhming would be much easier. Some do use the last word, some do not.
          The flexibility is maddening as an anagrammer because you want the whole thing to work perfectly.Theres more to it (if I am right) but as I havent found all nine clues yet, I am just expressing my opinion. But 6 out of nine is not a bad start.
          Still more work to do.

    • Becky, if I may, I will give my opinion on FF and things he says outside of the book and the poem.

      Depending on what FF is talking about should either be taken at face value or handled carefully, but like I said it depends on the subject, I will explain. #1 first and foremost, Mr. Fenn is not going to lie. He will give and has given many pieces of helpful info (some call them clues although I think they are not) . Let’s take the example that the chest is not associated with any structure. If the chest was in fact placed in a building or something, then this ‘clue’ would have to be a flat out lie, so therefore we know FF is speaking truth here. Is it perhaps true but misleading? No, because it is not that kind of statement, either the chest is associated with a man made structure or it is not. FF doesn’t mind revealing this info is what it comes down to, and there are a couple reasons why. In the big picture the one who finds the chest will have arrived at a specific location by solving the poem. What difference will it make , or how will they get there any faster if when they do arrive, they know a building is not there. The main reason FF provides info like this is for all the people who are looking in the wrong places. It is somewhat helpful and considerate when considering all searchers as a group. They are looking in the wrong place anyways , but hey, at least they now know they can leave that building alone, or not be sneaking into someone’s house, or they can now disregard that 10 mile search area they were going to comb through with their whole family because it is below 5,000 feet, or now they don’t have to spend time searching this place because it is not in the rockies. On that last one, we know it isn’t stopping some people. Be emboldened, however, knowing this is some of our competition.

      As for the other FF quotes that should be handled carefully, It was noted that FF will not lie. It should also be understood he is not going to help anyone find the chest, more specifically, he is not going to help anyone to understand the poem or the clues it contains. This is where he has drawn the line. In fact, imho, I think he even makes an effort when speaking about anything in the poem, to say something that is true at face value, but is somewhat misleading if compared to the meaning in the poem interpreted correctly. He expects the one who finds it to be smart enough to understand they are going to have to read the poem for themselves and investigate and research and figure out the right way to twist it, and if they are gullible enough to think he will help them in that regard, then they could get twisted the wrong way.

      Part of that that quote you mention is a good example, where he is talking about a key word IN THE POEM, ‘blaze’ …. “What does the word ‘blaze’ in the poem mean? A horse can have a blaze on its forehead, a blaze can be scraped on a tree to mark one’s way, a blaze can mean a flame or a scar on a rock.” There is no untruth here, FF is speaking fact, but I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that if we knew what ‘blaze’ will be in the true solution to the poem, this quote is going to be at least somewhat misleading. Not that it may not be related in some way to things he is mentioning, but what he is saying is not exactly steering anyone onto the precise course, if you know what I mean.

      “What serious adventurers should remember is to not believe anything that is not in my poem or otherwise in my book.”

      This is good advice, and I am heeding it other than paying attn to what FF says after filtering it properly. All the outside chatter can be ignored, we don’t need it to figure this thing out, and it more than likely has thrown a lot of people off the track.

      • M(?) Yates, (I addressed you as Mr., before, which was presumptuous, sorry…I don’t know if you are pink or blue)

        You just keep writing the most enlightening things for people on here. I still agree with your approach wholeheartedly, it is exactly the path I am following.

        I also agree with you about what the “blaze” will be revealed to be. But I don’t think FF’s examples, of what a blaze might be, are misleading. He just did not carry it further and state “however, a blaze can be whatever the person, “marking” the trail”, chooses it to be.

        Speaking of horses, “ya can lead em to water, but ya can’t make em drink”.  🙂 

        • Fred, thanks again for the kind words. ya, im a mister. on the blaze thing i am currently leaning towards that it more directly will have to do with a trail itself, not the marking of a trail, or that the name of something will have ‘trail’ in it.

  65. Good morning everybody! I been chillin like frank asked me to, took a day off. I was working on the wise/blaze clue and turned it into owl/burn. Searched “burning owl” and found “The secrets of bohemian grove” check it out it’s amazing. I could not find fenn’s name on a list of it’s members- but wow!

    • Bohemian Grove is one of fellow Austinite Alex Jones’ big conspiracy’s. He snuck onto the grounds and filmed a ceremony before they sealed it up securely.
      Fenn has professed that he is a simple man. No possibility’s here.

    • Wow, Chris Yates! You certainly know how to explain things to me. Thank you soooo much.

      Look, I’m not sure just how much of a help FF tries to be. If he really wanted the treasure found, wouldn’t he give more sensable clues? Where in the poem or the book did he actually state “Rocky Mountains”? My book just says “in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe”.

      Have you picked out the 9 clues from the poem? Some clues get you there & other clues verify that you are at the correct location, right?

      FF says we only need a sandwich with us – not a metal detector, a shovel, hip waders, etc. He says THINK. That’s it. Just the poem & your brain.

      • “Look, I’m not sure just how much of a help FF tries to be. If he really wanted the treasure found, wouldn’t he give more sensable clues?”

        honestly, i dont think he wants it to be found. he said he is ambivalent about it, but point is he is not going to help anyone in determing the correct path to follow. So the objective isn’t or wasn’t to give more sensible clues,it was to make it very difficult but not impossible, and it appears he accomplished that.

        “Where in the poem or the book did he actually state “Rocky Mountains”? My book just says “in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe”.”

        right, it doesn’t say that in the book. that was an after the fact quote.

        “Have you picked out the 9 clues from the poem? Some clues get you there & other clues verify that you are at the correct location, right?”

        My belief is that there are 9 sentences in the poem and therefore 9 clues, meaning that the whole poem is clues. For example, I could hide something near my house and say to a family member ‘go out in the backyard beyond the tree stump, and head southwest from there’, and say this is the first clue I am giving them. Someone could split hairs and say each piece of info is a clue, but I am calling it one clue,and when I get to the next statement, that will be the second clue. I could be wrong about that, but if I was I don’t think it is critical, what is important is to understand that almost everything in the poem could be and probably is a clue.

        On the 2nd thing you said, I agree. I view the poem as 2 levels, or 2 dimensions if you will. Within the poem are your ‘start at Point A and end up at the chest directions’. Outside of those directions, but I also think interlaced and in some cases on top of those directions, are allusions mostly to place names. Names of places that will not necessarily be on your journey, but will be right there, nearby and in the general area you are traversing. When you see all the key words in the poem, and you see all the name places you are going to or going by/near and they all go together, like bunny goes with rabbit, like dark goes with light, then you will say Eureka!, im in the right place. This is necessary because otherwise there could be a 1,000 places that fit. It helps also to use the best maps, google doesn’t quite cut it.

      • Can anyone point out where FF actually wrote “…in the Rocky Mountains”? I can only find second hand quotes. The point being “in the Rocky Mountains” is specific, “…in the rocky mountains” could be any mountains. If FF gave this clue orally and not written down in his own hand, it could be another sleight of hand trick from the trickster himself. Suppose it is lower case, now Arizona comes into play.

  66. If someone finds a link online for this…can you please post it?

    Forrest Fenn Talks Treasure April 28 Forrest Fenn, author and former owner of Santa Fe’s Fenn Gallery is this week’s guest on Report from Santa Fe airing 8 a.m. Sunday, April 28 on KNME, PBS Channel 5.1.

  67. Stevador, you are from Austin too? That makes two of us.

    gg, I think the poem is ingenious too, a real marvel.

  68. remember the wondering about the semi-colon after ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’?
    well in FF’s book he has a story about having been a paperboy, and he speaks about ‘punctuating’ life with something useful like a waiter or a paperboy. 🙂
    ~ they both carry heavy loads lol and sell you food and the news. There is a bronze in downtown Golden,Co. that has a paperboy lifting up a paper on the street corner dressed in his knickers and yelling, ‘papers, five cents!” lol
    just my mind wandering off…… arrghh, gotta go get it, just like a horse.

    • Break time!I check in every so often just to see who is close to the edge.At one point this whole Chase had me good.I can now see clearer with separation from daily overfennicitis.I also ,like to keep tabs on any news from f.Keep safe all and happy hunting!

    • maybe it’s in a creek that is only 6 inches high, ‘high waters’ lol when we were mean little kids we used to ask someone whose pants were 6 inches too short, “whatcha waitin for a flood?”

      … those knickers he used to wear were by today’s standards, considered ‘high waters’ lol

      …. jus tryin to THINK like a kid. They have tremendous amounts of faith and are so blunt and outspoken and see things so simply, they don’t complicate things.

  69. Otus flammeolus otherwise known as the Flammulated Owl which are named for their flame like markings on their face. These owls are obligate cavity nesters meaning they will only create nests in tree cavities and no where else. One of their favorite trees happen to be the ponderosa pine. I think if i was wise i would grab my flashlight and go find this blaze somewhere in Yellowstone.

      • It is surrounded by trees? I must have missed that. Where could I find the whole quote or statement about this? I will search for it. Thank you!

        • Lucky dog-
          Yes…surrounded by trees…and then he went on to say that of course everything is surrounded by trees if you go out far enough….
          So be careful what you take away from that comment.

    • “the end of his rainbow”~ the tail of the rainbow fish? I thought I saw a tail mesa or mountain up in northern new mexico or SW colo.?~ the tail or aft of the plane?

      • oh Wow! lol if you turn a number in the tail number on his plane in the book it is the zip code for Telluride, Co .lol

        • ok Scott C. this is weird and I apologize, i’d thought i got it off pg. 85 but i looked again and that plane’s tail is so dark you can’t read it! OMG!! I am not lying, maybe I dreamt it, oh geez, i am soooo sorry, but as soon as i find ‘how’ i git it I’ll let you know. but there is a creek nearby telluride airstrip as well as Bridal Falls that supplies electricity to the area. oh goodness gracious!!

        • ok i quit. 🙂 now for real. if I’m dreaming up plane numbers it must be my true calling so I have to concentrate on that. I will not post, just keep up on the ‘news’. sorry, don’t know where i got that number. ugh. i even have it written in my notes.

        • Not a problem Kym…don’t stop posting, I am a Coloradofenn, so that was exciting news. If you find where you found that, please post again.

        • well Scott,
          the headwaters of the Rio Grande are at Creede,Co. that to me is where warm waters halt below the reservoir and below Brown Lake there are trails. We won’t get up there until my vaca in June, on way to YNP.

          There is also a Treasure Falls 15 miles west of Pagosa Springs. on hwy 160 those are 105 ft. and a short trek with switchbacks. 300 Spanish in the 1700’s or 1800’s were traveling thru that canyon and hid gold in treasure Mtn. supposedly.

          So, hey ,even if we never find FF’s treasure maybe we’ll find others. lol

          I am truly stymied on just where that plane number came from, ugh.

          I also like Placer Falls area because they actually let you pan for gold there, sounds fun 🙂
          I love history so I gotta give Forest kudos on teaching us all a thing or two with all the research we are doing on trying to solve his poem. 🙂

          Thanks for your understanding. After people getting so upset that someone was lying to everyone I was aghast when I went to go look for the page number to tell you, and that darn plane pic was so dark, I was like, “ok Lord, where the heck did I get that number from?” lol

        • Hi Kym, I’ve heard this WWWH is at the headwaters of the Rio Grande and I seem to be missing the point. How is it that waters halt at a headwaters? I’ve seen headwaters and usually there is water everywhere and it is moving not halting. In fact the snow melts, becomes relatively warm and starts moving. Anyone care to explain this to me?

        • Crazy Family,
          I began this quest thinking ‘wwwh’ meant a dam, and in keeping with the 2 omegas and the end of the book, being linked with where you started.

          The poem by TS Eliot that keeps getting quoted,”We shall not cease from our exploration, and at the end of our exploring, will be to arrive where we started and know it for the first time.” So if we both start and stop from there then the hob to me would be Brown Lake that is below the dam , there have got to be some good side creek or hiking trail nearby. I know that there is a falls with a bridge nearby,

          but… since I am going there and looking by a few mtns. while I’m there I will not give you everything that I’ve gathered. 🙂 That is only the beginning of my vaca since it is only 4 hours from me.

  70. Will someone please leave a trail of crumbs for Becky, so she can find the Rocky Mountains. 🙂

    • Hmmmm! A clever smiley face insult. Why don’t I see any crumbs from you? Might give away too much? Ooops, this is the Nine Clues thread. Sorry, dal.

  71. Fellow searchers,

    Has anyone come across why the number 26 might have some significance to the book or the poem? Thanks.

    • Slope , I believe someone has mentioned it ,can’t recall who are what it was related to.

      • For you number crunchers, which I say fondly, if you Omega Size it, Omega is the last and 24th letter of the greek alphabet. So if you have reason to believe there is relevance with 26 perhaps there may be some relevance to 24.

      • yea thomas im 66 years old if i was going any wheres i wouldnt i wouldnt go ( walk ) to far

        • frank I don’t like walking above 5000 feet either. If I were fenn I would’ve lowered it down from a helicopter and then I would’ve flown to the nearest steak joint for lunch.

          • DT , I have room on my longboat, but remember it’s the Valkyries who chose .

          • DT , I don’t think you understand , valkyries choose who survives and who does not.

          • OK DT, I choose you , we will sail to Wyoming because I now believe that to be where wwwh,hob,nplftm and all the other clues fit best are you on board?

          • Sure but I thought the Valkyries were choosing. Can we stop by my spot in New Mexico? Wait maybe its Montana. Well could be colorado. We may need to stop by Mesa verde for a map.

          • DT, I,m rescinding my invitation , you’re indecision good make me bear bait and you’ld probably just throw cheesy pimento on me.

          • Sorry for the indecision I think. Maybe not. Hey Ragnar do you think the blaze will be obvious or do we need to wisely look for it behind some bushes etc.?

        • yes Frank, it’s a ‘grubstake’ 🙂 lol like when Forest said something about rolling over logs just to see what’s under them. You usually find ‘grubs’ under them right? lol

  72. I had a great day…seen my first snake in the woods. It was so cool, only about 12 inches or so. Tried to get a picture of it…but it put me on another chase. WT…

  73. Keep in mind chasers, the snakes are coming out. Always, make sure you get some help immediately if you get bitten. I know children as well have traveled the same path. I have meet up with big snakes in the past. Be careful sitting on logs or crossing them. If you plan to walk in heavy brush make sure you feel your way with a stick. Keep your eyes and ears open. I can’t stress that enough. Be safe.

  74. Well…as the weekend draws to a close we should hear back from the searchers…I always look forward to that..

    • Lucky dog checking in:
      My second quick trip from Florida. My second weekend of beautiful warm weather. The locals I’ve talked to want me to stay if I am responsible for bringing the great weather. I thought I had it all figured out this time, but haven’t found it yet. I actually thought it was in a tree (in the wood) now I find out it is surrounded by trees. (thanks for the warning on this Dal) I have one more day to figure it out. I know I am close. All my best, Lucky dog.

      • I do often wonder if, once the treasure is found, how many people will discover that they had been within tossing distance of it in their searches. If you are in the right spot, I wish you all the luck implied in your name Lucky Dog.

        • Thank you leatherclad!
          My legs are aching from the last two days, but it is time to head out again. 🙂
          It doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

  75. Kym said

    “oh Wow! lol if you turn a number in the tail number on his plane in the book it is the zip code for Telluride, Co .lol”

    • Telluride zip code is 81435

      The zip code starts with 8, 8 is the most common number of syllables of each line in the poem

      of the 24 lines , 1 line is 6 syllables, 2 lines are 7 syllables, all the rest are 8 syllables

      all of the last 4 stanzas, 16 lines, have 8 syllables

      if you add the zip code 81435 the total is 21

      if you add the 3 types of syllables in the poem, 8+7+6 you get 21

      ive done it tired and now im weak

      the word tired can be found in telluride

      so hear me all and listen good, is like saying im telling you … telluride

      too far too walk, means you would need a ride ….. telluride

  76. I just got back from a beautiful hike in New Mexico (North of Santa Fe). No FF treasure (yet), but I certainly had a great time looking for it – nice side effect from this obsession.

    The snow finally melted enough for me to search my location, but now the water is too “high” with “heavy loads”. Now I have to wait for the water to subside a bit in order to search my spot – pretty clever of FF.

  77. there are 6 stanzas in the poem and if you were to fill out the degrees,minutes and seconds for latitude and longitude, there would be 6 spaces to fill in … coincidence? hmmmmm

    • Is it just me or did FF not say in the audio broadcast (on dals link) stating that he would give monthly clues on the Today Show but you would not find anything from those clues. In other words, they are non-clues about the treasure! Listen closely to the audio.

    • Is the Today Show today? What time?
      I’d like to see it before I head out. Thanks

  78. A Theory:
    I think it is generally accepted that Forrest wrote the poem and the clues in the book with the intent that they match more than one location. I propose that they not only match several locations in the Rockies but within the area that the chest is hidden as well. It could be possible that the reason he rewrote the poem so often is because he found better hiding places within the area until he was finally satisfied. I know it is also generally accepted that the hiding place never changed but that could mean the area. Lets say the canyon is called Treasure Canyon, He went there as a kid, fished it, all that, and decided to hide the chest there but while finding the perfect place, he wrote and rewrote the poem to make sure that not only did it fit several Brown’s and Blazes in the general Rockies, but it could also be used to fit several within a specific area. There are so many random sentences in the book that are used as “hints” to help with the clues in the book but I believe that the majority of them will lead you to the wrong location, whether it is in the wrong state or on the wrong side of the creek if you use them in conjunction with the poem. There is obviously only one correct interpretation. I have found random hints from Tires to Robert Redford to crossing rivers to olives and about 20 more. Most of these precede a sentence that then begins with, “Anyway…” I don’t believe that all of these are designed to lead you to the “one” place but most rather to lead us on a “chase”. Anyone concur or have evidence against this?

    • Stu – it is possible that FF put red herrings in the book. Given that a treasure hunt for any individual may require a drive of 1,000 miles or more, the cost of gas and hotel rooms, that would really suck if he did. Nonetheless, it is possible. I had a location that fit the poem extremely well and I thought was supported by “clues” in the book. Needless to say, no treasure. Does that mean the clues were red herrings or just coincidence? Who knows? There is always a tendency to look for things which confirm our suspicions rather than things which contradict them.

      • A lot of you have ‘great; places, yet no Treasure… maybe it isn’t buried DEEP, just 1/2 inch of dirt on top…. or its in a 5 inch hole with 1 inch sticking out with a nice flat rock about 12 inches long on top of that.
        YA’LL Need to be talking about that, how it was hid, everyone can find a good place to look but you don’t know what to look for

        as for the poems direction, Ha several of yall can’t evenv follow Dals’ instruction about this blog LOL

        Hints in book: you can’t write a story of you life without talkng about ‘Things” so they all can not be hints..

      • Spoon wrote:

        ” it is possible that FF put red herrings in the book ? ”

        He is quite masterful, and spent a lot of time on it, but if I got it correctly, he’s directing away from some of that, so that people don’t get hurt.

        I was a little surprised that no-one else picked up on his YELLOW + STONE the several weeks ago, just as an ice-breaker.


    • I like your theory, however I think it is likely you have it slightly backwards. The way I read the type of character Forrest is, I think it is likely he had the EXACT spot in mind when he first thought of hiding this treasure. I could very much see him stumbling across rather unique hiding places in his long life and storing them away in his adventurous mind until opportunity came to use them.

      However, your thoughts about red herrings ring very true to what I see in him too. He has almost said exactly that himself (when he speaks about why he likes such multiple meaning words as “blaze”). I do think he sprinkled some playful false leads around that book and perhaps the poem itself. I think he loves the fact that some people have been able to solve the first two clues, but misinterpreted the rest.

      I wonder how many people have been on the right path, but gave up thinking they had “exhausted” the spot. Of course, not letting go of the wrong spot is a very real risk with this sort of thinking. If it is a beautiful spot, then, at least you will not be wasting your time. 🙂

    • Dal, I believe you might want to delete all posts after and starting with astree’s 5:12 am post. I believe they are some how linked to the deleting of Shawn’s post or of another post that you deleted. I know mine were linked to Shawn’s.

      • dal, my guess as to what is happening is that the software running your blog site is searching for the original posts (which you deleted) to place replies under. When the software can’t find the deleted posts it places any now non-linked replies at the bottom of the thread. The writer(s) of the software should have included a prompt asking you how to treat any replies linked to the post being deleted.

        • .
          Checking on where others may be with this. In the Stanza 2, did anyone else pick up the reference to “shoemaker”?


          • I’m sorry Astree, but how did you get shoemaker out of stanza 2? Is that saying that the HOB is Buster Brown shoes? and we put in dirt? lol

  79. Anyone ever looked at Waters High in terms of elevation. Conundrum springs is the highest hot springs in the USA and it i located in Aspen Colorado in the heart of the rocky mountains. Thoughts?

    • @Do not seek;
      You comment brought back some old memories…….Several years ago I happened across Conundrum Springs……..You have no idea how “high” Conundrum Springs is…..The place was full of old hippies smoking pot and snorting something. I’ve seen frat parties that was less of a mess than the campground was. I’ve never seen so many naked women that I wished would put some clothes on. 😯

  80. I see some angles of the poem that are not viewed here, but let me start by asking, and I saw someone else ask without a reply, where exactly did FF say Rocky Mountains? Or even mountains? And what classifies mountain?

    As for my views, which may be dismissed if you so choose. The word ‘Brown’ pronoun, person or place, or a place related to a person. ‘Put it in’ not where the treasure is but something else and would a 80 yr old man need, have assistance. ‘Worth the cold’ this is something you will have to endure even in the spring and summer. The time when FF has said to search.

  81. Hi Everyone-
    I am going to start NINE CLUES…Part Twelve at noonish (pacific time) today. At that time Part Eleven (this one) will be closed to comments and Twelve will be the place to continue the conversation…


      • Kym I have to disagree with you. Each clue is a landmark that you have to follow in sequence. Like a combination to a safe or the sequencing in a computer program. If you don’t hit the waypoints one after the other you will not find the trove. the poem is the route fenn wants you to take not the one he actually took to get there.

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