THE NINE CLUES….Part Fifteen


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  1. Fenn fans I apologize for any improprieties I may have transcribed. I assure you they were un-intended and were meant to be in jest.

  2. There are actually two Flywater books. Grant McClintock & Mike Crockett were the original authors for the 1994 book. Mike Crockett died. The second book came out in 2010 by McClintock and Tom Brokaw. Both are beautiful books. I think the first book is much better written. They are also both also available in paperback versions which are substantially cheaper. You can occasionally find them on eBay

    • Dal,
      Can I call in sick and tell Forrest I know where the treasure is at. and would he dock
      me for being absent, or would he present me with the found prize if i’m correct to the location,
      as i’m an old disabled
      vet and am trying to make it there, (as I cannot drive myself there).

      Rob E-5 U.S. Navy Vet

    • There’s two books….Now you tell me! LOL I did actually order one from amazon, and it turned out to be the other one. It’s a wonderful book and was only $40, but naturally, I was looking for the first one. I keep looking because I would like the first in hardback, but they are waaay too much now.

  3. Cars? Other than the previous comments about cars etc how would cars be related, I’m curious?

    • DT,
      even though I ROFL about the story with his brother’s car and the wild ride with the bison, I am actually referring to an acronym that I did and one of them referred to a junkyard and one place that I researched has a junkyard right on the road in, anyway, like they say… grain of salt 🙂

    • In regards to the graveyard comment I believe he intended to prevent any desecration like the descanso incident and that the poem doesn’t refer to any burial site .

  4. Signing in from Maine. Hope you all have a great night and please, for those that choose to argue here, you should remember there are kids that read some of these comments so keep your language clean and show respect for everyone else. thank you.

  5. Fennsters;

    I notice that on the final page (before the colophon page) in the Fenn Book “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch” an autobiography about his friend and mentor the artist Eric Sloane…there is the double omega symbol just like in the “Thrill” autobiography. Not sure that alleged “clue” is anything other than his symbol of the beginning and the end, one for Sloane, the other meant to be Fenn’s finale. Now I find it interesting that Fenn is writing another book due out this summer called “Too far to walk” which is a line from the poem. I wonder what it is about and if it could be related to the poem.treasure hunt.

    • well great Always:) that completely frees me from looking for 2 hills together lol I always drew that as a kid yo know, lol the 2 hills with the sun coming up behind it and a bird flying by lol lol lol

        • Laughing now, thanks Kym. Great memories of my great masterpieces. I think all kids draw the same images in the same manner when they are young. I always loved my 2 mountains with the sun rising up through the center. Maybe thinking like a kid and drawing a map from the poems clues will get us all there at the chest at the same time. Now that would be a fun time.

    • always-
      17 dollars is not an autobio. I have a recent interview with Forrest that will go up this weekend where he talks about the new book.

    • I was able to use the omega or double omega to zone in on my starting place for WWWH. On this Blog’s “Our first search” topic I have started to explain some my rationale for picking my search areas. This “omega theory” (I like that) was used for my initial primary search area which I will explain as I get time to write it up.
      The Wolf

      • Why are you applying Omegas to anything? They are not in the poem. Actually once I go get the chest you will understand the double Omegas but they did not get me there only told me why.

        • I think a lot of this other stuff is to confuse us…I just want to know what those little clues are in the book…I think they will do the trick.

        • The Poem is all that is required to solve. However, lots of potential places supply a possible match, omegas were used to get me to my initial search area. Then I discovered that a small tweak to the model was required (there was another exact application that I initially ignored). This meant that the omega had a slightly different meaning – but the meaning was still strong enough to discover that I applied my WWWH inappropriately – it could be a coincidence – either way it worked.
          The Wolf

          • Yeah I think the Omegas might have something to do with it….they seem so unique…but I think it’s more the Alpha and Omega…and that being a religious thing. He talks so much about death and all….I think there’s something to that for sure.

        • Wooot. Go for it Wolfie. This thing is so vague anything could work 🙂

        • Stephanie,
          I believe you have already identified the main clue. The problem is that we all find too many book clues which cloud our perception.
          The Wolf

          • You should email me and tell me what it is LOL…. I love talking about ideas…and there have to be some that make sense.

        • I used the book to validate; but, I guess you can tweak anything to fit any location!

        • Wolfie,

          Go get it :-). When you going to look? We should coordinate our disappointment day! HAHA

        • Stephanie,
          I will explain it in a few weeks – you will understand when I explain my first failure (yet to be disclosed), as we were on pretty much on the same wavelength for a while. Then I discovered my error.

        • Wolf,

          I do have one question – if you want to answer. Have you identified the blaze and understand what tarry scant and marvel gaze mean? Out of all the clues I struggled with those most – I have a great thought but cannot validate them without being there.

        • Einstein,
          I have not set the date yet as there is no hurry – no one will find it if my model is correct. However, you let me know when you are going and I may arrange my travel around that time. Misery loves company (ha ha)
          The Wolf

        • Einstein,
          I have seen the blaze, and yes you have to be there.
          The Wolf

        • Understood completely :-), but have you truly solved tarry scant – I think I have but I am not sure anyone here even cares about those words and just start searching away.

        • Einstein,
          Yes I did solve Tarry Scant and Marvel Gaze. I posted that quite a while ago. It doesn’t have anything to do with the blaze solution, thus I have since discounted it.

          • Tarry scant…1a : to delay or be tardy in acting or doing b : to linger in expectation : wait
            2: to abide or stay in or at a place

            When used with marvel gaze it means don’t linger for too long and stare in amazement. Just take it and go quickly. I also saw it as a hint of black tar covered rocks when I came upon a place like this…CHC

        • Einstein, think what you may, I posted at least twice about it , once to see if someone could come up with the solution and another two times I in a round about way explained – no one cared – look it up if you really want. If I thought it was relevant I would be open to discuss but honestly for my solution it did not apply.

  6. What Forrest meant by the Graveyard clue is this:

    1) it’s not in a graveyard

    2) it’s not near a graveyard

    3) you don’t walk through a graveyard or near a graveyard at any point to get to the chest. This includes theoretically, hypothetically, metaphorically and physically.

    • I’m not sure about that Chris. I think that although he said the treasure is not associated with any structure, did not necessarily mean that we didn’t encounter any along the way. <<~~ my opinion

      • I agree it can be along the way, but I really like the idea of a graveyard being a junkyard as he mentions so many cars, the Skippy Photoshopped car(must have been important to do that), Mrs. Ford, also they stop to get tires from them. I had never heard that as an idea of one of the clues…neat idea.

    • @Chris…

      I agree with #1…however…the rest in my opinion “can” still apply

  7. kym, to be cleary, what i said there is not my opinion. it’s someone else’s opinion. main point is that it’s not my opinion, so therefore, you need to accept it.

    • Forest only said that the treasure is not in a graveyard. not that you might actually have to drive by or walk by one. that’s all. 🙂

      • 100% agreed Kym. And the road to get there, I suppose that’s human made. As well as the vehicle that gets you close, if that be a car or other means of transportation. My belief is the final resting place of the treasure is not a human made structure, as FF states. But beyond that, anything is possible.

        • Correction: FF stated it’s not a structure, I don’t think he actually said human structure, though I think probably that’s what he meant.

        • correction: not ASSOCIATED with a structure. I’m on a roll tonight. Sorry.

        • Yes he did say its not associated with a structure. In the next breath he said but what does the word structure mean?

  8. uhmmm, you just said it’s someone Else’s opinion Chris, so therefore it is hearsay lol I would rather have it straight from the horses mouth so-to-speak 🙂

  9. ok great huntin’ I hafta get up early so sweet dreams all, off to countin’ clues jumpin’ o’er the fence 🙂 lol

  10. thing about the double omegas is, if someone knows what they represent, or think they know, they aren’t going to say

    • I looked up colophon on the merriam websters site and it said, ‘hill’ Chris so that is what got me to thinkin about hills. Also found an ‘omega rd. up at los alamos. lots of omegas out there tho. Got my vaca today approved tho so now I’m on ‘countdown to Montana’ mode in 5 weeks or so 🙂 I will keep lurking, it’s bad enuf that I’m thinkin up stuff all the time now and no one to talk to about it lol

      • If your getting a hotel room in West Yellowstone, look right away. We had a heck of a time getting one last year. Between searchers and vacationers…they fill up. Also, consider staying at The Dude which is the motel that Forrest owned.

        • Thanks Steph for the advice but we are going to rough it (tenting, been campin since knee high to a grasshopper but now I take an air matress) LOL,
          and also go panning near Libby, and dig Sapphires near Helena 🙂 Maybe I will find a ‘gem quality’ one for a ring 🙂

          • oh cool. I was just talking to someone about that new show on The Weather Channel called Prospectors. I saw the first episode last night and they were searching Aquamarines and Brown Quartz I think. You don’t see much of that type of thing in the Midwest…so I’d love to do that out West sometime.

          • I love to go panning even when I dont find anything. Its always the anticipation that is the drive to get you there and the act of panning that takes you back in time. I love it. Hope you have lots of fun when out there.

          • Do you need a special permit for that? I’m sort of confused if your not allowed to metal detect or take even a rock out of a national forest…how are you able to pan?

          • Hi Steph, Im really not sure about Government land out that way. But in Maine, you can go out with Metal detectors and also go panning on pulic, state owned lands with out any issues as long as you arent digging craters. You arent going to find a million in gold…well you might… but its fun to get out in the streams and do it the old fashioned way. You will find gold. You can also go out and find great gemstones. I had a Grandmother that just passed away(at 102yrs. old) a couple years back that was a part of what used to be called The Rockhounds. She traveled all over the southwest in Az. and N.M. and other places collecting gems and rock samples. I guess I got it from her. I have found thousands of coins and many pieces of jewelry and it is an addiction to share with the family for sure. I believe I read in one of these blogs that you can get a permit for such things out there.

          • That’s great information and sounds fun. I actually just joined The Rockhounds facebook page today. I’ve never been up to Maine or out that way…but maybe one of these days I’ll venture that way thanks to Forrest’s chase that now I feel good about flying 😉

    • I guess you could say that about any clues though. Are people willing to give up their clue meanings? Maybe they are only giving info on where they think it is not. I know that is not what the spirit of this blog is supposed to be about, but in reality I think the strong majority of people won’t give up too much, maybe a few subtle hints at best, but if you don’t have a clue to start with then you’ll have a hard time even figuring out which ones are subtle hints. Even if someone thinks they’ve figured parts of it out, no one has the chest yet, so anyone could be giving out false hints even if they truly believed they were right. Oh, what a tangled web!

      • I don’t believe it’s possible to give up info on where it’s not. How would anyone know for sure it’s not in a location they searched? It’s probably more likely to be in a location people have searched if some searchers have been within 500 feet.

      • I will cojfox, here’s one..”tarry scant with marvel gaze” describes a pullout in any one of our national parks. It means stay short and with wonder, look.

      • I’m doomed if that’s what it means Goofy. Wow, good sleuthing. I kept thinking since he talked about Alpha, and there’s two Omegas that it had to do with the circle of life. If you look up Alpha and Omega and Christianity….it talks about that. I didn’t think I’d be shaken from that idea…but now I’m wondering….

        • @Steph
          Thanks, it really wasn’t much sleuthing….I’m a math guy. The omega symbol is used a lot in mathematics in different ways, dependent on the discipline. In statistical mechanics Ω refers to the multiplicity (number of microstates) in a system. In complex analysis, the Omega constant, a solution of Lambert’s W function, etc. etc.

          Fenn’s statements in the last interview about the Coriolis Effect are stuck in my head. Why would he make such inaccurate statements? Pilots use the term in describing spatial disorientation; which obviously is a serious problem. So I know he has heard about it, and he obviously wanted to discuss it with Lauren.

          The omega is also used to calculate the solid angle or the rate of precession in a gyroscope; which I’m sure Fenn would be familiar with gyroscopes. Why would a smart guy like Fenn make such inaccurate statements? Is he trying to give a hint?

          I agree with you, I don’t think Fenn put any magic mathematical algorithms in the poem.

          • Goof-
            I know that Forrest has responded often to kids by using the Coriolis Effect as a tool to get them to explore outside. I think he feels confident in what he is saying. Why don’t you write him a note and challenge him on the subject..?? I am serious. Not trying to provoke anything. I think he might offer an interesting answer and I’d be interested to read it.

            He does lots of inexplicable things. Making up words and punctuation in his book are two that come to mind. I think he may do it to see how far he can go before people call him on it. He asked me once, when he was thinking out loud about government failures, where he felt he had solutions…”Am I the only guy that likes to bump my tires against the curb?” The implication of course is that he doesn’t feel people challenge the way things work often enough…I think this is also a common theme in the stories in his book….and his take on the guy arrested for digging… and rewarding the girl who spent the night in Bandolier…

            I think it’s one of the things that people find attractive about his personality. He is not meek. He takes chances. He appreciates others who also do that…within some idea of reason of course..
            There is certainly a difference between bumping your tires against the curb and running over the curb into the parking meter…
            One is testing the boundaries…a kind of science experiment. The other is ignoring the boundaries.

          • I think it all comes down to asking questions and thinking for yourself. I probably ask too many questions and often end up on the edge of where I don’t belong.

        • @Dal
          OK……I’ll email him…….It will be another fine mess you’ve gotten me into Olie….I’m sure he’s very busy so I hate to bother him…

          As far as bumping the curb, I’ve done that plenty (maybe a tad more than bump) in my life, so we have that in common. It’s why a guy that holds a physics degree ends up working and living in the mountains. So he might not like me do to his affinity for college educated folks…….then again, the liberal indoctrination didn’t take with me. Some of the curbs I bumped had college professor’s knees on them. So maybe I won’t make him too mad……but hey, that’s what us curb bumpers do.

          I’ll let you know if he has the time to respond.

        • @Eric
          Wolfram is good, especially being online. I use MathCad……for calcs. I just can’t figure out Fenn’s statements about the Coriolis Effect in his latest interview……….I wonder if he would reply to an email about it?

          • Maybe he just brought that up because he knew most of us wouldn’t know that and he wants us all to get out there and learn those type things. I also think he just likes to say things to make us think strange. I’m really not giving it any thought myself, because it’s nothing in the poem or the book.

          • I agree. It isn’t anything important for the chase. I still believe that all you need is the poem. The book clues will only confirm your spot. I still haven’t gotten the book. I do appreciate everyone discussing the book clues though. Thanks

      • I just listened to the Coriolis effect statement FF made in an interview. His statement is incorrect, this effect is more for ocean and meteorological effects that differ from north to south hemisphere. The comment reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the American embassy in Australia has a machine to make the toilet water spin the opposite direction. This too is of course a false interpretation of the Coriolis Effect that most people feel is true. Regardless the effect is stronger as you move towards the equator and does not matter which side of the world you live on. I chocked it up to the fact no one is perfect, but it may be a test to see how many people will believe his every word. Any way no big deal.
        The Wolf

    • Chris Yates , traditionally in book writing double omega meant end of chapter, end of book. That’s why there is a single omega at end of every chapter. As it applies to fenn, he is near his personal double omega at his age. I don’t know this for sure but I believe this is why we get the two words at the end of a movie”the end” again a double omega.

      • Horatio, this is my first entry in these blogs. However, I do read them all. Yours is the first entry that has prompted me to respond. Your double omega explanation is right on. Most comments are imagination and fantasy. Thanks.

        • Interesting technical explanation and subsequent commentary. I have generally thought of Fenn’s double omega as the end of two stories, the true and real autobiographical account of his life, and the fictitious, red herring laden treasure map story. BTW, specialK, I read a comment from someone that they read the book and nothing stood out as a hint… imagination and fantasy are the tools to translate Fenn’s written word into a treasure map. A dream or two wouldn’t hurt either.

  11. Glad part fifteen is on line, but 15 missing in his book…it’s not a graveyard but close as it will forever be. Just biting my tounge….

  12. In my opinion, my opinion is right and everyone else has it wrong. You stay classy Fennsters!

  13. cojfox: “Are people willing to give up their clue meanings? I don’t think so.” It takes a lot of research and thinking to get where one either solves the poem or “thinks” they have solved it. I don’t believe that you would be sharing any solid clues either. Do the work and reap the rewards. That’s the way it is done. “Maybe they are only giving info on where they think it is not.” This is where you have to decide from your own research, if what is being shared is for real or to mislead. Those of us who have been around the blog long enough know who is leading or misleading. With time, you will see this also. “ reality I think the strong majority of people won’t give up too much, maybe a few subtle hints at best.” Feel lucky, if they give you anything. No one is obligated on this blog to give anything away. If they do, that is their choise. “..Even if someone thinks they’ve figured parts of it out, no one has the chest yet”. A very true statement, and something that should be encouraging to you. It’s still there.

    Good luck on your journey.

    • Which is why I worry about my ‘solution.’ No one has mentioned it openly and that leads me to believe 1000s have been through there. Then again I haven’t seen some of my ‘other’ spots mentioned either so I am way off base or in the right frame of thinking….who knows til it’s over.

      This fishing pond just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    • I put my ideas out there because I am so new, and usually people will tell me if my idea has been brought out before or not, or if my area has been searched or not. When I throw stuff out there, I’m basically trying to find out if my thoughts have been thought of before. I’ve had some crazy ideas about where the treasure is, but the feedback I’ve gotten from some great people has been very valuable.
      I lived in Albuquerque for six years, and a couple years ago I moved back to my native FL, but now I’m regretting that move. I’d be out searching every day if I hadn’t moved!

      • Mindy-
        Some of the stuff you have said, I have thought of before. Can’t say which.

      • Mindy:
        You could read the earlier blogs and posts so you are aware of what folks have talked about. That would do two things:
        1. Provide you with a great background about what areas folks have discussed and for what reasons.
        2. Allow you to speak with authority about what has already been in discussion.

        • Dal, I try to go through the thousands of previous comments as much as possible. But, since I read for a living, I sometimes forget what I’ve read and where I’ve read it. Now that I’ve become serious enough to start taking notes, the problem of me bringing up something previously mentioned should decrease. 🙂

  14. Anyone – Are we absolutely sure that the place FF planned to hide the treasure chest when he had cancer is actually the place that he hid it 20 years later? If it is the same, then FF considered the spot to be “private, personal, & dear” in 1988 & he still does. What place could remain unchanged in all that time?

      • I’ve thought about something on the national register of history places. They could be ideal places, because they are privately owned, but many are open to the public and they won’t be built on. I was once interested in a church for this reason. I knew it would always be there and I figured the church wouldn’t have the rules about keeping it as he thought of everything. Maybe he asked inside a confessional if it was ok lol. Many also have graveyards there. That was in my pre structure days of searching. Not saying it still can’t be part of a solution though.

    • So far, I have found many clues in the Poem.
      I believe there are much more than 9 clues there – any one else feel this way?

      @ Jen – you were close but it’s not teeth!

      • Yes, more than 9 clues, some you see some are hidden. I think he poem gives us an order to proceed in, which I think is the most important feature of the poem. The poem also gives us location information, but at best, this all still very limited. “Consider, how many people have reached there spot, with no idea how to proceed”, so much for what the poem is going to get you, not much. ” I think everything about the chase, is about the clues, that will be at your site”. I think, learning how to see these clues, and understanding what they mean, is the key to success.

        • I think a person should not touch or disturb anything at there site when they first get there, because it could be very easy to damage or destroy a clue, if we don’t know what the clues are. I think writing things down is best, until some sort of tangible pattern emerges.

      • My solution only has 9 – reinforced most of them with the book and things Mr Fenn has said. Did not force it to 9 either.

    • I do not work under that assumption Becky. It may be or it may not be. I have seen nothing that would confirm anything one way or the other.

    • Becky-
      I don’t believe we are at all certain the two places are the same. No one has asked that precise question and gotten a precise answer yet. Next time there is a Q/A session somewhere we need to bring that up…

      There is no certainty about any land but I believe there is less likelihood of construction on some land more than others. Less on National Forrest land and National Park land. Less on Trust land. Less in canyon bottoms and on mountain tops than middle ground. Less in brush land, far from streams than on land where irrigation is a possibility. Less away from the oil patch than inside it…like everything about the chase there are as many choices as there are land types.

  15. To VGBOSS: I would be interested how you came to identify Cow Creek Ranch. I searched a specific spot there a while back.

    • Goodmorning – Pooka, and all Chasers out there!

      Pooka unfortunately I am not willing to explain as it involves all the clues that I discovered using every resource possible available to me, through the Poem, Book, the Interviews, Today Show, etc…

      I’ve fished there, at Cow Creek Ranch (Pecos, NM), before the Thrill of the Chase even started so that helped me with this hunt as it pinpointed a location for me. I’ve fished throughout the state of New Mexico as well and I love the entire state and I may take-up Stephanie’s idea of buying a home there in the near future.

      Well Cow Creek Ranch is my absolute X spot and I’m sticking to it! Now I’m not telling you Pooka or anyone else to go making a reservation, and running there, then searching like crazy. If you or anyone does that you are not following the clues nor have the Poem solved as I strongly believe I do.

      Many will say that “VGBOSS if you strongly believe the Treasure Chest is in Cow Creek Ranch just go get it”. Well what I say to those people is that my final solution to the Thrill of the Chase/Poem is the reason why I don’t go there in search for it but I will go finishing there again and again in the future for it’s a very beautiful place.

      Scratching your head Pooka? Well I am unwilling to really explain as it’s part of my final solution to the Poem, this Thrill of the Chase.

      Pooka if you really and badly want a explanation do your research on Cow Creek Ranch and maybe you will get a glimpse of why I made it my definite X spot!

      Have a great day!

      • VGBoss baby sir good morning! I have seen the light some more. I have located your beautiful spot and you are correct there are many homes of Brown. Almost a gated community in the wilderness! With plenty o sunshine double omegas heavy loads water high and turkey with gravy near the gravy yard.

        • Simply beautiful, COW CREEK RANCH, right Doubting Thomas?

          My X spot is out in public now!!!

          Cow Creek Ranch is my definite X spot but there is more to the Poem than meets the eye!

          And yes many homes of Browns, Beautiful Omegas, IN & OUT, and yes travel the trail and waters are high to your right, above you, no waterfall, but PONDS/POOLS!

          Beautiful place to relax, chill-out, and do some awesome GERMAN TROUT FISHING which I have done in the past before this Thrill of the Chase even started!

          Doubting Thomas I’m sorry I left you for a while there, I run a business and had some stuFF to take care of as well as closing up this Poem, this Thrill of the Chase solution of mine, on paper, writings, my final thoughts on the whole thing, you know?

          So sorry bud, please forgive me for my absence.

          • No problem VG. I understand. Have been waiting and waiting for Yates to turn the letters for the game changer. VGBoss I have deciphered your many videos and hints and found that treasure is actually located at………not Cow Creek but a location far more beautiful and serene. It glows with so much sunshine that you can see the multiple omegas and homes of Brown from outer space. No dinner service however.

      • Hi Mr VGBOSS sir, With all due respect, I don’t understand how Cow Creek Ranch is the spot for the treasure when it is south of Santa Fe. There must be something I am missing.

  16. Chris Yates wrote / May 8 2013 8:24 pm :

    “i think the time has come for someone to put up a canyon sized post that has to do with the probability of the treasure being found”

    Paul Bunion just got UP to log in, but he said it’s too far to walk.

    If there is a treasure, it’s going to be found; gue ssingit will be in the 6 – 12 month time frame. The poem is linking very specific pieces of info, but so far, some not linking up to well.

    What happened re: the andrenaline rush lasted week ? Are you still on that trai ?

    • May 4th, just before 2 am. thats when it happened. i have been going out of my head ever since trying to figure out how i am going to get to that place. does that answer your question

    • .
      It does and I wish you luck.

      As well, if perchance that fails, you may want to begin looking for the chest, at say, the home of ARB, who is said to have shot down the infamous RB.


      • Roy Brown was the famous Canadian who shot down Richthofen in WWI but he lived in Ontario and died in 1944 I believe. Not sure how you have made that connection
        The Wolf

    • Astree wrote:

      o ““home of Brown”, check ART”

      The Wolf wrote:

      o “Not sure how you have made that connection”

      That part I can’t say, for now. And, I’m not saying it was that one.

      (ART Brown had been generally credited with shooting down the Red Baron, but I’m not claiming it’s true. ROY is another “home of Brown”).


      • ARB – is Arthur Roy Brown – Canadian and yes credited for shooting down the Red Baron – “Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen”. Died in Stoufville Ontario. We are talking about the same person. No record I can see of him living in the Rockies.
        The Wolf

  17. Hello everyone, fenn told us to show the poem to our children so I started thinking like a child. Early algebra, let’s say x=10. Solve for x. Ok, 9+1 8+2 7+3 and on and on it goes, there are many solves for x. Now, put this way poem=treasure so poem=x. There it is the missing x from the poem. As there are many correct solves for x=10, there are many solves for poem=treasure but only one solve produces the chest, in which fenn has control. I realized this week in my extensive searches of 4 viable solves of poem that all will lead me to beautiful wonderful places. National parks are treasure. “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease.” it means “if you are smart take yourself and kids to a park and hike a trail, look down at your feet your are standing on gold” therein lies the treasure, which coincidentally is the title of the poem. And this,” if you are brave and in the wood I give you map to yellowstone.” x marks the spot my friends x=a perfect 10.

    • “I mean treasure is treasure, for heaven’s sake. What’s the difference whether the treasure is money, or property, or even culture, or even just plain knowledge? It all seemed like exactly the same thing to me, if you take off the wrapping – and it still does!” –JD salinger, Franny and Zooey

  18. Some of us post our ideas especially if we have more than one on a topic, or when one falls out of favor.
    But a lot of us know we cant run out for a weekend expedition so we dont mind sharing some points with merit.
    My new area of research is Quake Lake, sure its been searched but so what? I am learning alot and enjoy the research.
    Someone once said that truely remarkable people are those who think for themselves and dont just repeat that which they have heard and agree.

    • David:
      Like you, I found Quake Lake a very interesting area. It’s fascinating to see the “ghost village” assembled on the east side. It’s like a monument to that terrible night. Even more than the visitor center, ghost village is frightening in it’s peaceful repose across the Madison. It is a reminder of how easily a lovely vacation can turn into a no holds barred disaster in less than thirty seconds.

      • I’d really like to hear Forrest talk about the Earthquake. I know if it’s there or I suppose even if it’s not…he might not want to talk about it because of the treasure, but I’d really be interested to know the effect on him it had and the stories he must have about it.

    • DavidC,
      I’m very interested in the exact quote of forrest saying to show the poem to your kids. Do you know where this comes from?

    • Mindy, has to with what Joseph Campbell writes about in hero of a thousand faces. He means always display an outward appearance of accepting of the way things are but inward forever defiant.

      • It might also mean that doing what one believes is a sweet reward .

        • But, why Oreo? I think it’s a clue, because he mentions Oreo’s at least one more time. I know about the Oreo thing with kids, but I’m wondering if there’s anything else?

          • Not sure why Oreo, I think there is an acronym for o.r.e.o. having to do with outdoor recreation something.

          • Hope I haven’t confused anyone , got very little sleep last night and now I going to play golf.

          • Why an Oreo? Maybe the treasure is sandwiched like an Oreo in between a couple of rocks. Like an Oreo, you take off the top to get to the sweet, yummy center!

      • Horatio. As has happened to me many times since starting this quest, I am spiraling off to seek knowledge that seemingly has nothing to do with tangible treasure, however has a lot to do with the richness of my life. Thanks for this post, I just put the book on hold at the library.

    • Oreo’s are very good! Sometimes it feels good to stand up for yourself and be a little defiant and not so meek.

    • Mindy, Oreos because black on the outside white in the inside. Polar opposites. How we appear to others may not always represent how we really are.

      • THE BLACK AND WHITE PAINTING!!!! Just thought of that…..hmmm I don’t know if it means anything, but it’s fun to find an interesting connection idea. Maybe black and white being like cop cars and meek is a court house. I remember him talking about Mr. District Atty and there was something else about a prisoner or something I think…

  19. Good Morning All,
    Just checking in!
    Thanks again for the blog, Dal.

  20. A lot of people are assuming that “meek” means “fearful.” Meek does not mean fearful, it means humble. The opposite of humble is proud, a word FF mentions a lot in the excerpts of the book I’ve read. There is one key clue (I think) in one of the online blog entries. It says “Dodging cars as they whizzed by was a pride thing.” In another excerpt from the book, I think it was in the Old Biddies story, FF again mentions “cars whizzing by” (or something like that). There are also a few places where he mentions his mother being proud of him, and those places I’ve read that don’t really fit.

    So, could that mean the treasure is close to a major roadway?

    • Mindy, I mentioned some time back that I thought there was a connection to”from their it is no place for the meek” and a well known stretch of road out west

      • Ragnar,
        That’s interesting. Now if I could just figure out what road…lol…

    • well, he was ‘near 80’ when he hid the treasure chest. lol (I know he was talking about age..or was he?)

    • I thought it could be near something military-ish. If there was something to do with Army, Navy, AF, etc…that could be the not for the meek. That’s what brought me to look in Colorado Springs.

      • Although I couldn’t work out all the clues yet- at THIS location, there is a home of brown in Colorado Springs. Charles Schultz lived there once drawing the Charlie Brown character.

        • that’s pretty interesting – Forrest has said in the past if you got stuck with the poem, to show it to your kids… or something like that…

      • @Steph…When your in me so you and your husband can meet for dinner. Hopefully I am not in Arkansas looking for a postage mark. 🙂

        • That would be fun. I’ve tried to meet up with others, but our time is usually so limited when we go out there that we don’t have visiting time. If we do…I’ll put a shout out on the blog to see if anyone’s available. Thanks again for the invite 😉

  21. i have found that treasures bold the word bold also means mushroom rock

  22. I am glad to see that others are also researching the definition of words. Here is one for you all: a creek can also be a narrow winding passage. Thats why you dont need a paddle, there doesnt need to be water.

    • Azuredeb , he says “there’ll be no paddle up your creek” maybe he is implying that there is an oar (ore) up your creek. ‘just heavy loads and water high’ a possible reference to hydraulic mining. I know that is way out there but I can’t keep from thinking things like this. IT IS CALLED DELIRIUM

      • Hoe I wonder if Forrest ever considered being a switch hitter. The blended approach seems to work best.

        PAD also means ROAD.

    • @azuredeb I’ve been looking up words, too, and found that ‘paddle’ in Middle English was used to refer to a small spade like implement…meaning you won’t be digging. Also means walk w/bare feet in shallow water. The word ‘down’ is rooted in a Celtic word for ‘hills’ and also in a Welsh word for ‘fort’. Halt is interesting, too…from archaic roots = Hold, fortress and also it cant refer to a small railway stop. Oh, the layers and layers….;o)

    • Paddle:
      (Engineering / Civil Engineering) the sliding panel in a lock or sluicegate that regulates the level or flow of water

  23. If your anything like me, once you get past the honeymoon stage and put everything under a microscope the picture begins to get a whole lot clearer. It’s like fishing, if you do it long enough eventually you’ll catch one big enough to hang on your wall.

  24. Does FF ever say the whole map is in the Rocky Mountains? He says the treasure is hidden there, but I don’t think he says you have to start there?

  25. On Mark D’s blog he posted that he is headed out for a hunt wholly or partially based on an inside tip given just to him in an act of favoritism (his words). Does anyone know anything about this?

    • After looking at the comments it seems like he may have meant to post this to his group only.

    • who is this Mark D how would he have special preferences or favoritism and from whom Is he somehow close to people ff knows or have information that others don’t

      • He’s one of the Iowa boys who visited with Forrest and the Snake or a reporter Tony from Newsweek. Forrest only met Mark for a short time, one time. I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about, but that’s my opinion. Mark’s planning to go out at the end of the month. So if he comes back with the treasure…we can all sharpen our pitch forks then LOL….sorry Mark if your listening, but that’s funny…sort of.

      • TT-
        I assume you mean the Mark D who writes on the Treasurenet forum and who has his own blog…
        Seems like his email is readily available. Perhaps you should ask him those personal questions rather than ask for opinion and conjecture from us.

      • I have followed him at treasurenet and he has always seemed like a good guy. He probably just got excited and worded his post in a way that could be misconstrued. Like Stephanie says, he will probably clarify later. I believe that FF has stated that everyone has an equal chance, which is why the search is so popular.

  26. Just some thoughts to share about the blaze. When I read “look quickly down” I was assuming that the chest is on the ground or somewhere in a hole. Not buried, but hidden, as ff says. But, even though he didn’t bury it, maybe over time it could become covered in dirt, or debris of some sort. Anyway… I was wondering if the chest is higher. If the blaze is on a side of a cliff, then looking down it may lead to a crevice in the rocks that isn’t at ground level and the chest could be placed there. Also if it is a blaze higher in the trees then looking down may be on the tree on part of the trunk. Maybe the blaze is a strange pile of rocks and the treasure is within the pile, still looking down from whatever the blaze is. Or, maybe the trail takes you to the edge of a cliff and once you are there, look down and the chest is sitting on a little ledge below you. I am going under the thoughts that “if you’ve been wise”, which I think means you have followed the right clues in order to get to the blaze, then the blaze will be obvious when you get there.
    Just my opinions of course!

    • I can’t remember for the life of me where i read it i’m thinking in the book Finders Keepers but it tells of a story describing exactly what you just wrote. It was a vase or basket that was i think thousands of yrs old tucked away in a crevice with a ledge overlooking it. The finder stated that it was in pristine condition and put there for a reason, possibly for future generations to find. The finders were in awe of it and spent the entire day out there and ended up sleeping at the site. They describe having to put rocks behind their back to remind them not to roll off the ledge. They actually took samples of the item and put it back. I may not have all the facts correct but you can get the just of it. I’ll tr to dig the story out and compare it.

    • Oakleygirl – My original primary search location used that type of logic for the blaze, it did not pan out but still a valid one non-the-less. I am starting to think differently now as that type of location still leaves a significant margin of error on the look down part unless there is only one angle the precisely marks the spot.
      The Wolf

    • Oakley – apply tarry scant to your thoughts and you are good. But, you need to be at the locations on WWH, CD, HOB, NPFM. 🙂

      • Einstein
        I agree, that’s where the “wise” part comes in, and you already have the rest of the clues correct. Which I do not! 🙂 I was just trying not to limit myself that “look down” meant the chest is only on the ground.

        • You are correct I do and moving with confidence at the right time. I must say Tarry Scant was the hardest part for me until I realize what it meant.

  27. Here’s a blaze that we came upon that appears to be chipped out of a rock. Could it be a blaze made by a tired f after hiking into the spot twice? It’s in a tucked away secret search spot N. of Santa Fe that we located and has not been mentioned on here. Following the poem, it got us there fairly step by step. The location is a good fit and there were no signs of anyone ever being there. We didn’t find anything else after locating our “blaze”. We looked down and nothing but hard ground. We may take another look when we can make the journey. Whatever happens, it was fun exploring. CHC

  28. The double Omegas in the book I think could represent YNP. The numerical value of an omega symbol is 800 multiplied by 2= 1600. In the book he mentions a 1600 mile trip up to YNP when he was young…or they are horseshoes meaning he really likes Lucky Charms cereal 🙂 CHC

  29. I put this link in looking in WY, MT already but I think more people will see it here.
    9 years in the Rocky Mountains, 9 clues in the poem. FF mentions his great respect for Osborne Russell and that he has read Journal of a Trapper a dozen times over the years. I won’t point out the obvious connections that I see, but, I will mention that there seems alot in common with FF’s story looking for Lewis and Clark and some of the descriptions written in JoaT. If nothing else it is a great read and puts you a little further into one of FF dreams and fantasies 😉

  30. In my opinion there seems to be an emphasis on this blog of looking at Forrest’s writing as a representative form. Meaning that what he writes and the colloquial interpretation of his writing is not what he means and that we must all tear apart every thought, every phrase and every word to examine what he could possibly mean.

    It’s kind of like building animals by taking the head from one and the legs from another and the torso from yet another and sticking them together to make a whole. It’s a fun game but in doing that you come up with some of the strangest looking animals imaginable. For the most part the results are terribly entertaining, even interesting, but are they relevant?

    I, on the other hand, believe there is much language in the poem that is very authentic and very practical and does not require deep analysis as much as simple understanding of how a 79 year old Texan, flyfisher, grandfather and fighter pilot might speak.

    I believe many ideas do not need reinterpretation and analysis they simply need to be understood for what they are and applied to the right area.

    But then I am a hard boiled ex-jarhead and probably am on the wrong track. But it’s a lot easier on my brain and on Forrest’s poem when I think of it that way.

    • Dal, I am with you on that one too – KISS. However, entertainment value is priceless.

      • I agree. It’s fun to look at the anagrams and stuff everyone comes up with, but I think that Forrest is a keep it simple kind of a guy. He writes in a very interesting yet simple way in terms he’s comfortable with, which I really like. I think the poem is more of a play on words then anything. Get to know who he is and it will get you there. CHC

        • I don’t think his book is simple…I think it’s kind of twisty actually. I didn’t post this on Dals blog I don’t think…but people should read the second story in this link and see if it seems familiar. If anyone has bought Forrest’s book on Fechin….you’ll see what the last page says about how he feels about him. Forrest also was close to Alexandra and gave her an 80th birthday. I believe she died shortly after and her grave is on the property of the Fechin House/Taos Art Museum. She’s the only grave there with flowers on it. Now I don’t think it’s there, because it’s a structure…but I think those are a lot of things that he doesn’t mention that seem way too spot on to be a coincidence. Forrest also took Fechin’s ashes back to Russia. So it could all be nothing…but you see when he’s on interviews like the Lorene Mills ones, he talks about his other books. Oh and it costs $8 to get into the museum. He mentions $8 a lot.

    • “taking the head from one and legs from another and a torso from yet another’ lol .. reminds me of mr potato head or those little cootie ants back in the day! yep , way too much analyzing for me to comprehend or keep up with.. and i cant help but to think much of whats going on is gamesmanship or flat out deception 🙂 .. love that analogy of body parts though, very funny..

    • I tend to think this way as well because I don’t have any convincing reason to do otherwise. If I ever find a compelling alternate “solution” I might change my tune, but until then It’ll be Auld Lang Syne for me.

    • I agree with Dal. While its fun to ‘mess with the poem’, its probably not getting you closer to the treasure… I was messing around with the letters in one of the lines and got some of the following below… There’s enough content to make a person go CRAZY researching if they wanted to…

      Strangely, I have found “raiders of the lost ark” and “indiana jones” as well























      Wedge tailed shearwater (can be found in Alaska)





















    • Dal,
      Glad you said this. I was starting to think I was really missing something (like a magical decoder ring)after reading so many posts about mystical meanings, complex codes, etc. My take on Fenn is that he thinks very deeply but he is very open in his thoughts and feelings and his poem appears to me as being as direct as possible without being explicit. He is a very sharp man but when its all said and done I think many will be surprised at how straight forward he was with his poem and book.

    • I agree that his poem is pretty much straight forward. I have a spot that I believe fits the poem quite well. I have searched there and it might take weeks there to cover the area if not longer. In just a few hundred square yards hiding places are so numerous it’s mind boggling. My spot has everything but the blaze, but i’m still convinced the blaze could be there, probably as hard to find as the treasure itself.

  31. Good Morning ForrestFennites. Just wanted to give a little laugh. Ok, so you all know I work downtown L.A. in a big ugly highrise, right. I take a bus to work and drive myself to the bus stop and usually park across the street from the stop. I parked, went to the signal and pushed the button so the light would change and I can cross. Suddenly something made me ‘look quickly down’ at something that sort of blended with the street – it was a bunch of crumpled up dollar bills and some change! Oh my gosh – all I could think of was the poem!! It was hilarious and I was quickly picked up the bills – nearly missed the bus!! So today I found a teeny treasure – got myself a banana muffin. 🙂

  32. Still lurking (since mid-March). I’m in “The Treasure State”. Know what I’m sayin’?
    Pleasant dreams and happy hunting.

  33. So ues im a newbee just found out bout this last thursday and from that day till sunday all i did was researched hard. I was convinced it was in nm. I just recieved the book uesterday and bein researchin hard and now im convinced its. Orgeon. Anyone want to chat bout my ideas hit me up. Thanks nick

    • Nick-
      Oregon is not likely because the Rocky Mountains do not reach into Oregon and Forrest has stated that the chest is hidden in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

      • Oh i just figured they did opps my bad since that the case i could tell ya the whole scheme i had wwwh the dish washing job he gets fired at take it to the canhon down there was an old woman named brown they call here mother of orgeon and the john meek was just north of that

  34. Hi Fellow Treasure Hunters,
    Just wanted to give some “clues” that I wish to share. I read that there is talk of a cemetary being part of the puzzel. When in Eagle Nest NM area, and down the road from the Moreno ( brown in English) , Ranch on Rt. 38, I came across an old cemetary which was for the Ghost Town of Elizabeth Town, and is still used by local residents. Please don’t dig there. I hope this helps those enthralled by the Enchanted Circle area. Also, where could be more special than the NM Vietnam Memorial to FF, just down the road to the south, but please don’t dig there.
    Happy Hunting,
    Goldless Richard

  35. OH the fun wee all have looking for a 10×10 box I have to laugh I think I’ve seen every angle on every clue and every word in ff poem. I have to say I love that he gets a kick out of the thrill of the CHase I love him he has a sense of humor that comes far and few between Thank you forest fenn

  36. In my opinion the poem is more complex than the simple old farmer theory. I personally think the words alone can lead you to a general area and once you arrive there following them as they are written is indeed the map to the treasure. Anything short of that will never get you anywhere. There was an interview recently where ff said he likes to use words in more than one way. I didnt take notes but if I run across it again I will note where it was.

    • CO, I would have been excited to find that in the wood so to speak. But I was and I think most are thinking it would be more difinitive than that. Especially if you think it needs to pass the test of time FF refered to. Could be 100 or 1000 years till its found.
      But I still would be excited to find it!

      • David, we were excited to find it. At the time, we could have found a pretzel on the ground that looked like an f and been excited. lol. This appeared to be chipped into the rock so it should stand the test of time. We may take another look at the spot with my detector. Could be buried…CHC

  37. Has anyone ever thought of ladders? There are at least 9 on the box and that could be why he says look quickly down. With a flashlight.

    • yes Inthe, and railroad tracks as well being a continuous ladder. Also, all the acronyms that I did also worked out like a ladder on the poem itself.

  38. Assuming the poem is a verbal map, that will lead you precisely to the chest. We are still faced with questions about where does one clue end and the next one begin.
    This is why the general directions can lead to so many different locations.
    Example: If WWWH was the Firehole River. Does that count as one clue or is And take it in the canyon down…part of that clue as well. Then does Not far but too far to walk apply to that clue as well, or is it the second or even the third clue.
    Its maddening, simply maddening!

    • I think trying to figure “how many clues” is a waste of time – I know – i’ve done it. But you just have to go in order and know where you are going. Everything will fit if you are right.

      • Well we know there are 9 clues. The question is (and this blogs purpose) to define and answer them.
        Where one ends and another begins is probably important.

      • Ha he sure sure wasnt writing them as clues more so a well thought out manipulating process

  39. As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.


  40. So, where is everyone at? I mean there spot of choice. Just curious how many different angles this “chase” has led everyone. Me, I’m in Wyoming…

  41. @Dal, did FF say that people have been within 50ft. of the chest, or was that just a blog note I saw awhile back? Different from the 500ft. comment.

    • I have not heard him make any proximity remark about 50ft. Stephanie may have heard something.

  42. Interesting about the cemetery topic. It is funny how everyone”s quest for the treasure has certain aspects of the clues that fall in line with whatever area you seem to be focused on. I find the cemetery extremely important to the line I am following and it is fitting in perfectly. Of course, this could all be part of the imagination process to find the treasure, but imigination is a good thing!

    • He uses the word paddle one time on page forty instead of a switching and there is also an alpha in same paragraph i could elaborate but use you imagination

  43. I think it’s very significant that two people got to the chest location, but didn’t get the chest, I would think, that if they had gotten there by following the clues, they would have understood them well enough to find the chest. So it looks like they stumbled upon it. And weirdly, why only two people out of all those that have looked?

    • Because the poem is always evolving every clue and line can mean something different to everyone and if your wrong on just one it will lead you atray, he designed it that way!

    • I believe FF answered an email stating something along the lines that the 500ft group is not necessarily the same group that solved the first 2 clues. FF never said the 500ft group has solved anything. He only states for certain that two groups exist. One or both groups have solved atleast the first 2 clues and one or both groups have been within 500ft. It could be very possible for one group to be searchers who to have solved 7 (atleast 2) clues correctly and still be 100 miles away from the treasure while the second group is a unrelated group of hundreds of camper who stay at a camp 500ft from the treasure but have never heard of FF. FF is clever with his words. He likes to make you think he said something he didn’t really say.

      • I wondered if the people 500 feet away could just be hikers, but I finally read somewhere that he did actually say searchers.

        • Steph-
          I remember that discussion about “were they searchers or not” right after he first made that statement because at the time he simply said “some people…” I am not aware of where he added the word “searchers” to that claim. I agree with someone earlier that he would have left it open to guessing if he could, just because that’s his nature.

        • he may of said that to get people off their butts… he said these 500 ft. people, e mail him as to where they were, i think the only way he could have know that is if the searchers gave him gps locations.and he knows the gps location of his treasure. i dont know maybe im grasping at straws here, i think a lot of people searching kinda freaked out when they heard he said that, it motivated me more to go out and search.but of coarse i over did it,and beat my leg up real bad,cauae im a looooooooooser!!!!

          • If he knows for instance that many searchers have driven up 25 from Las Vegas to Cimarron….and say it’s off a trail around there. I’m using that as an example since the SF Trail is there…then he would know that many searchers have gone by it.

      • The idea of two people struck me as statistically curious, but I don’t know anything about statistics, so I don’t know why. Thanks

        • maybe one treasure hunter followed another on the same route and day a few hours apart. ive seen people out there searching for it ,either coming or going. still wonder how fenn would know through e mail info that they were within 500 ft. of the loot box. ??????????how does fenn do it ????????????

          • SC. I think that it is all in one area. If someone emails f and says we were here, followed the poem and saw this and that, it means they are in the zone of 500 ft. There’s a slight chance I may be there and an even bigger chance I’m not…CHC

    • Ther was no stumbling, I did my research. All anyone needs to do is follow fenns basic instructions. The poem tells you exactly where to start.

      • yeah but you could come up with thousands of locations that are a like in many states, i see your point though….the only thing that really hits me in the poem is heavy loads and high water….a high altitude lake.?…if he put it up where there are h. altitude lakes will be searching for decades… ive only fly fished 2…. most spectacular( spelled that wrong) veiws from up that high….

        • Water high can be many things…he talks about rain…so I’ve looked at rain gutters. Now the blaze would have to be a non structure though. I’ve looked at water high as this one pipe that let out water from a mountain and created a shower like he talks about in his book taking a shower.

    • i see your logic ,but would that apply if the searchers came from all different directions? what if 20 people came from e. w . n . and s. 10 people e mailed him where they were 10 did not, man im confusing myself, would he know ?

  44. There are definitely alot of spiritual, astronomy and matematical driven clues. I myself are going with the spiritual aspect due to the fact when u find a bell hed like u to ring it so that all is forgiven. In live in cali but plan on being out in new mex next week if neone would like to tag along

  45. I had wat i felt a real sweet local in az but it wasnt north of santafe it would of been stashed right behind a boys in girls club of america afterall that is one of the reasons hes doing this for the children

  46. I’m still convinced that each clue reads like the clue in a crossword puzzle. We know Mr. Fenn does those to pass the time and keep his mind sharp, so why not? Each clue is a direction or waypoint formed as twisted as possible while still being accurate.

    Example, if I wrote:
    Leave it when it’s your time to play,
    Double up what you’ve got that way.

    If you leave something, you LEFT it. Your time to play is your TURN in a game. Double means 2 times as much. What you’ve got is what you HAVE. So “LEFT TURN on 2nd AVE”.

    Once the treasure is found, we will smack our collective heads and say OF COURSE!… wow, that IS clever..

      • Excellent! Why?

        Give me one location for WWWH, wrong as it may be, that doesn’t require at least a Monday NYT crossword interpretation.

        We are up against a clever man, and you better believe it.

        • If the water temp. is less than 75 f. at the hottest time of the year, I think that’s considered to be cold water.

    • I thought it could be something like that. I have a crossword puzzle idea on my blog from a while ago. It seems logical since it goes left right left right and it says to forget some words. Just seems crosswordy to me. Just think we’d need 18 words to come up with 9 intersecting letters.

      • I think he means the figureing out part will be like a crossword puzzle, (like oh aha so that what that means) not like the poem is set up like a crossword puzzle!

        • No I disagree. I think they believe as I’ve thought of….that you might need to do a crossword to try and figure it out.

      • I loved your whack at building a crossword solution out of the clues, Miss Steph. Blew my mind, never would have thought that way. I’ll try to give a little back because of what you gave to us Fenners.

        Indeed what I mean is simply figuring the right words and turning them into the right clue.

        –Where is the crazy cat that eats the lizard’s cousin?
        lizard’s cousin / cameleon
        cameLEON / lion (cat),
        caMELeon / meal (you eat a meal),
        crazy / wild
        So then ca is CA / California.
        Start looking at places in California named Wildcat or schools with that as their mascot. Just an example that took me longer to type up than invent. Maybe I’ve just given you a clue about my true identity..

        See how the clue could turn into like a million things, but the right answer makes perfect sense once you got it? Look up MD5. Super easy to encode, but billions of ways to decode that don’t make sense. Mr. Fenn might not get the programming implementation, but he sure is clever enough to understand the concept.

      • Hi Steph, No cross- word, no scrabble, no anagram, just straight forward names, hidden, in plain sight.

      • Agree to disagree….lol! The poem is simple but yet difficult at the same time!

        • *** Disagrees to agree *** Dang the poem might require each word be converted to Vietnamese then inverted then use the first letter. Who knows 🙂

      • That’s an interesting take. Nostradamus used quatrains for his predictions to avoid being persecuted for heresy and people are still trying to decipher them centuries later. Possibly the same fate with Mr. Fenn’s poem. This chase could go on and on and on……

      • I’m just glad he didn’t use ballad meter, we’d all be singing the damn thing along with The Yellow Rose of Texas or the Gilligan’s Island themesong!

  47. Richard Saunier has a new blog up. Very, very useful information if you intend to head out to Taos Mountain where Forrest intended to sprinkle Olga’s ashes. He really shines on this one:

  48. Hope this is not in appropriate but i had a thought that this search it to cover more than just an area in a state but having to go through 5 state in paticular i also had the thought that heavy loads water high was in reference to how they found skippy 90ft deep under water with weights.

    • Keep reading the book there is a much better tie in to heavy loads and water high. Like he says they are subtle but once you find it you will smack yourself in the head and wonder why you didnt see it sooner.

    • no nick, that’s the underwaterarchaeology that Brian Porter found earlier. 🙂 FF’s nephew is into salvage recovery and underwater conservation sciences, look at old santa fetrading post site of Fenn’s and click on the Fenn Enterprises link. 🙂

  49. co high country, but heres my thinking on that …if they are no major sites or distinguishable( spelled that wrong!!) markers along the way how would fenn know? ive fished alot of n.m. and s. co and alot of the terrain looks the same, waterways in n.m mimick themselves from ridge to ridge its weird!!! even the geo. is sometimes the same

      • yeah a big sign thats says” fenns treasure over here” : ) i did see alot aspens trees tagged with f s but people have seen the samethings the wolf ,dal, me fenn could of spent the last 10 15 years tagging trees and rocks. i think your right in saying large markers or something you dont see every day along the route to the loot

    • f is sharp. He knows his landmarks and has everything figured out. He took years to figure out his details. Not a generic spot by any means.

      • yeah i think fenns played and fished alot in the woods….everywhere! thats whats makes it interesting, there are so many amazing places out here..ive enjoyed living out here should came earlier though …

  50. If we are thinking like FF, and wanted to be buried there – it better be very special and have a deep seeded history as he loves to collect and find things. Perhaps a pony express trail. Or maybe a history of treasures not found. It should be the most beautiful place in the Rockies.

    What is your most beautiful place?

    • hard to say, its all beautiful to me, even some off the most dangerous places ive fished with downed trees a brush that can strangle you are even amazing.. ive been playin in the woods since i was 5, alone ,its always been my peace of mind, fly fishingis the only way to fish cant get enough cant see enough…..sorry to ramble ….driving to el vado damm on the chama river up 85 i think it is 83 is real nice the chame valley is a place i enjoyed seeing , when you get aound teira ameda or something like that you can see the mountains of southern colorado ,really nice veiw again dont mean to ramble just seeing it my head sorry

      • sc rest assured i am not ff. He’s almost twice my age and probably in much better shape.

        • i was just kijin ya man ….yeah im your age and beat to hec…!! i got one more run in at the spot ,then i will have to rest for a while so i can fly fish more of the red river, only fished it once ,cralwe down into the rio grande george ,man thats toughcoming out, the old codger definetly didnt out it down there ,that place is brutal, in summer fishing is worthless i went from the top of the big aresenic at 8;00 am it was 70 degrees to the bottom in less than and hour by the time i got to the bottom it was almost 100 caught 2 fish ,never do that again, horrible day on a river

        • sc are your trips serving a dual purpose ? I’ll be out that way in June.

    • Havent found my most beautiful place yet except inside my own dreams and head. Its a lovely subject though and am hoping everyone will answer so one day I too can share in that beauty!

      • if you look outside carefully the is beauty everywhere maybe thats fenns lesson to us all to look past greed and awaken. but on the other hand his books makling him some doe!!!! what would the world be like if money was never created?

        • Sc highlander, Forrest is not making money on the sales of his book. He has had them printed at his expense and donated them to the santa fe bookstore. A portion of the sales money goes to a fund to help pay for cancer treatment for kids with cancer. Forrest did this so people wouldnt say he was doing this to make money. He is a truly wonderful man.

  51. illinoisghost says,

    “Going back out tomorrow believe this will be the end!”

    are you going back to the spot where you were within 20 feet?

    • yeah kinda jj , i fly fish here and there but the fish are still slugish, the waters real cold still… part of me hopes some one finds it i guess , ive logged probably 60 miles looking for a place i was last summer ,and my memory has failed me big time,just did not remember, maybe its fate , im mean the treasure could be a blessing or a burden….i know where was now of coarse, but my body has payed the toll. saw alot of places i had never seen before, the brown bear i saw awesome,athough he booked down the trail real fast,it was great to get a glimpse of him . at thesame time its kinda sad, because i go to these places often ,is see how sick the trees are ,dead fish that should not be dead,and vegatation also dying one of those people that beileves(spelled that wrong
      ) chem trails are real … the places i fish just seem yo be sicker every year,granted weve had serious droughts over the last couple of years ….some places i fish have old veitnam vets living in there , dont ever see thembut see signs of them .god bless them for living the old ..all right buzzed rambler stoping

  52. Hello Fellow Fenners!! I am about to reveal something that is going to break this hunt wide open!! (I believe) I have solved a clue…I believe it is # 1 but it could be # 2…This clue, if true, cuts the state count down to two….and the canyon downs to 22!!!Now onto HOB!!!

  53. I will only reveal this clue with the blessing of both stephanie and Dal…Are you guys monitoring??

  54. This will crowd things up quite a bit if I reveal….Everyone will buy into this solution…its sppoky good!!!

    • do it to it bro!!! think the steph went to sleep…..”everyone will buy into this solution” come on watcha sellin? lets hear it, sc will tell if your right or wrong ,been there ,seen somethin!!! do it ! do it !

  55. Some may have already figured this out but I garauntee most have not…

  56. not teasing, I will tell if I get the okay from the two hunters I respect most…no offense meant.

  57. as good as my 2am moment? no trust me, it’s not. ive discovered the methodology FF used to write the whole poem, why there are 9 clues, why the directions are given to things and places that are vague and open to interpretation, how you identify those places specifically using the poem, and how the so called subtle clues in the book aren’t subtle at all, they have a strong direct connection to things being referenced in the poem.

    • Chris, It sounds as though you are convinced, so go get it dude!! If you are certain then risk it and go!! I am only convinced I have ONE clue figured out, and not everyone may buy into it, but it will for sure get more crowded in a certain region….

      • dude any where you go people are searching, i went to one place to search at 4 30 am and there were 2 cars that got there before me , new mexico is gonna be overloaded with people searchin.

      • go and get it, exactly, thats what i been working on since may 4th, i need just a little more cash and its go time. my life situation aint the greatest right now

        • Yates do you agree with Mike D’s assessment that it has stanza 2 line 1 has nothing to do with water?

  58. OK. We’ll see if EVERYONE buys into your solution, as you say. Of course, if you get your blessing first that is.

  59. i respect dal and steph cause the been at it for a long time, but they have noy found anything … they have insight ,but have found nothing … do it ! do it !! or stop playin with the rest of us still awke

  60. i would like to know Mike D what you’ve found, if you want to share it, i would honestly tell you if it jives with what i found

  61. and of course what i found may not be what FF put in there, maybe its a coincidence, its my opinion that its the right solution, cause it seems all things considered too much to be an accident,but again its my opinion. would be interesting to hear what you got

  62. i do want to hear but if it is that strong of a find, you should keep it under the vest

    • lol @ quick downgrade.. mike d if you got #1 then everything else should fall into place, right?? but, if all you think you have is one clue then i see no harm in disclosing it!! do it.. i got to hear how this has nothing to do with water…

  63. I will give you a hint of a trail to this solution…well…let me put it like this, In the book ff talks about why Bronze feels cold even though its the same temperature as the room…It occurred to me that water is the same way!

    • Got it. Sounds like we are on the same page. May have solved more.

    • that’s very interesting Stephanie Davis, because one of my anagram clues is ‘the joy of birth’ 🙂

      • SC I would not say that it is in YNP, if it’s in Montana, I am thinking that it is not right insidethe park, but then again, what do I know? lol

        • yeah im feelin pretty clueless ,to many beers!!! lack of education!!! oh well I went out there and blazed a trail ,didn’t find anything but few f s on trees anybody coulda done that…lol

    • you think so mike d ,weird you might be right,water could be a massive diversion good luck , you guys make me feel dumb as rocks !!!

      • speaking of water, I found out tonight that the Rio Grande Gorge has a nice caddis hatch starting on Mother’s day and lasting for several weeks for you fishermen and women. 🙂

  64. So at two years per clue X nine clues in eighteen years I will find the chest!!!

  65. “Fenn’s statements in the last interview about the Coriolis Effect are stuck in my head. Why would he make such inaccurate statements? Pilots use the term in describing spatial disorientation; which obviously is a serious problem. So I know he has heard about it, and he obviously wanted to discuss it with Lauren”

    I may be wrong about this, but I think FF with countless flight hours and missions knows exactly what the Coriolis Effect is. The first time I heard it, I assumed like you that he just had it wrong. But I also
    knew about the double omegas in the equation, so I thought about it for a long time. Again, I may be completely wrong here, but this was the first sleight of hand I was talking about, and I think it may actually be FF not able to help himself, since I’m guessing he reads this blog and others, and frankly just could help himself any longer. Dal would probably know the answer about this with FF, but I think he actually may have been having some fun here, re the other clues. That’s my guess, at least.

    • so if it refers to the ants traveling counter clockwise then maybe the ‘end is ever drawing nigh does mean that the road switchbacks in a ‘left’ or counter clockwise direction.

      • No Kym, it just means turn left after you are through with the clues before it.

        • I did find a Hell Roaring Canyon in MT, since I will be there soon as the ‘no place for the meek”??

    • @Jake
      You could be right about Fenn just playing with us…….I’m sure he’s getting a good laugh from all our ramblings…….

      I emailed him about his statements like Dal suggested. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say, if he responds.

  66. when you say it doesnt have to do with water, you mean water physically, i mean, does it at least have to do with something with water in the name? or are you going in a different direction entirely

  67. dt, can u elaborate just a bit? Historical how? archeology, geology, Natural resources? what kind of history?

    • Like I said if you find out everything will fall in place. The answer lies in Fenn’s book and it has been discussed many times on this blog. If I told you, it would be unfair to everyone else. The home of Brown is the hardest to figure out. There are at least 4 levels of analysis you have to go through. But I’ve said too much.

    • yea Mike if you are talking about it being the Continental Divide, then that was already pushed much, and someone on here was absolutely convinced that was the WWWH

    • i was on the scent of WWWH being an imaginary line myself, before i mean, i would like to tell you directly what, it was a very clever interpretation i thot, but im afraid someone else might still think its valuable intel, even tho i gave up on it, so i dont want to upset any one.

      you statement about the bronze being cold doesnt lead me to think that your imaginary line is the same as mine was

  68. Paralysis by analysis. Coriolis Effect, 2 parties 500 ft, anagrams, ciphers, numerology, photoshopping, etc. This is being made way too complicated.

    • Why are you even looking at those things. Coriolis was in response to a kid in the outdoors and ants magically going a certain direction around trees. Photoshopping as picture that has nothing to do with this chase. let everything you just said go and read the book but do not let the book drive the solution to the poem as I see on here often.

      • Einstein, I agree. That’s why I listed those insane topics before I made the comment about way too much thinking. I have read the book at least 6 times and find it of little value. The point I attempted to make was that I’m weary of non relevant issues.And I must suggest to you that I agree you should take a break.

        • Yeah – I am in a mood tonight – I think I need to stop posting :-). Now figure out how to apply that blaze you found – it takes some deep thought.

  69. DT, you agreed with mikes statement that water has nothing to do with it, then you tell me that physical water ..’of course’ has something to do with it. i must be missing something because that is a contradiction

    • It is a contradiction. It’s like that line from Saladin in Kingdom of Heaven ” Jerusalem, it means nothing…it means everything”. The solution is a doozy but not something far fetched.

      • I’m not on the same page with understanding what you know here, but I love your answer from Saladin. This is my feeling exactly about how the poem has been constructed.

  70. Such a time long ago, where a place, the memory stays. May it be far, may it be near, the memory still brings to me a tear. If a love, a love one knows, can be shared…. therein lies the treasure trove.

  71. Hey, anybody want to get on a Ouija board with me. I have an old 1923 William Fuld Ouija board that I can’t get anyone to sit down with me and play it. Have a strong feeling could answer some of the poem clues with it.. Worth a try?

  72. Let’s just say I read from afar…. Coriolis effect? You know what a peppermint stick looks like? Place it on its side and put a little airplane prop on the end. The red stripes going around the fuselage (or stick) is the wind coming off the prop tips at the front of the plane pushing on the tail during takeoff. You have to compensate for it by adding more rudder. Did I miss something here? What does that have to do with anything in the poem?

    • putrudderright is another of the assumed ‘clues’ that brian porter got from the poem. and some of that list he printed actually ‘clicks’ 🙂 <<~~~ salt!

    • Dusty,

      What your describing with adding more rudder is Newton’s 2nd law of motion, not the coriolis effect. The prop has mass, the crankshaft, pistons, igniting fuel are creating a torque to swing the prop (a force) and the airframe that’s holding all of this want’s to counter that force…so it begins to twist the other direction which will cause a slight roll unless you counter with your available control surfaces. The engine is actually mounted not inline with the airframe, but at a slight angle to help counter this force.

  73. the treasure is there and i am here. i dont how much longer i can take this frustration. i thot i had things coming together so i could go and then a setback. if i wait too long Forrest is going to go get it and hide it somewhere else.

    • Zia means light.

      well… my light is on and no one is home, runnin’ up the dumb electric bill again! so FF went alone in there, the light bulb in his head.

      We used to have a christian cross carrier friend of ours in TX, always say, ” I’m building a cabin in my mind, Kym.” LOL

  74. I think its pretty arrogant of someone to think that when you solve wwwh that everything else will fall into place…why would ff make it that easy? I am certainly confident with my solution to wwwh…and after sleeping on it and reading what I wrote last night, I have decided that I gave a decent clue to give serious searchers a chance to uncover my solution if they THINK about what I said, and apply it in a way that matches the clues ff has given.

    • I agree Mike D. There is a twist in the poem that, will halt you, unless you figure it out. It is the real key. The poem is very literal and can be followed step by step, but unless you make this connection, you won’t find a thing. You can be 3 feet from the chest and not see it. You can have every clue down but unless you get this one part, your done. This is why Forrest feels his stash is going to be unfound for a while. It is completely ingenious and I give props to f. CHC

      • Hi COHighCountry,

        ” This is why Forrest feels his stash is going to be unfound for a while. It is completely ingenious and I give props to f. ”

        Does this imply that Forrest is wrong about “unfound for a while”, and that you understand ?


        • f said we’d be surprised. He did this is really slick and nobody has seen it yet. It’s not an anagram or a math equation, more like simple mountain wisdom…a fennegram. I will relate it to driving to a town. You get there and are excited to be there, then you find out you have to go ten more miles. You get there…and then you have to find a hotel that’s unlisted. I’ll never officially find it, but keep this in mind when you get there. CHC

    • *Yawn* Just woke up and got through all these emails. I appreciate Mike so much that you care what Dal and I think. That’s very sweet(and humane lol). I can’t put rules on this game…and I don’t think anyone can(even Forrest in a way). I will give my opinion though. It would hurt bad if someone put the entire solution online and it turned out to be right and someone local to where it is would just go and pick it up. I think there would be a lot of people hurt by that including Forrest. It’s no secret that I’ve been chasing it for two years and spent a great deal of money. The rules have already changed as to what I thought they were. I’ve spent a ton of time and money on places that it wasn’t even viable for it to be at since Forrest decided to give out extra clues. I can stamp my feet all day about how unfair I think that is…but who am I to say what the rules should be? I only get to own my own feelings and opinions. I do appreciate that you care to know how I feel and that’s pretty much how I feel. I like when people give ideas about what clues could mean in a generalized way. I’m good with solutions that people have actually gone out and searched and found it isn’t possible it can be there even. So I hope you change your mind and keep your spot for yourself to check out. I mean if your right….do you really want to give it away? Thanks again 😉 Stephanie

    • I may be wrong (very high probability of that, but Dal or Steph can correct me if so) but I believe that FF once said (paraphrasing here) “Once you know where to start, the rest of the clues fall into place” or something like that. Not that it’s easy, but the rest would make more sense.

      I’m taking a low-brow approach to my next search and just start at where I think it begins and hike along with a clear head and open eyes looking for answers, but not trying to ‘make things fit’, but explore the possibilities if I see something. I’ll be out there for at least a week and covering a couple of miles per day between campsites. I want to do this on the ground in an explorer type of fashion and there are several points along my route that are accessible to vehicles, so those will be where I will pay particular attention to in looking for what might be considered a blaze. I’ll have possibilities in my head (a cairn, trail marker, wise old owl-shaped stone, etc.) but I won’t limit myself to preconceived notions of what the blaze might be. I think it’s something that has to be “found” as stated in the poem, and my thinking is that the only way to find something is to physically look for it.

      After this, I might just stick a map of the Rockies on the wall and throw a dart at it. Probably the same odds of success in finding it. LOL

  75. “No time spent in thought is wasted and nothing is too small to know, so one should not let knowing a little bit substitute for learning more.” Keep on thinking even when others would try to discourage your thoughts. You never arrive at a solution without trial and error. Even those who are the most vocal are on the same journey.

  76. WWWH is definitely a starting point, a narrowing down of all of the possibilities, but not a unique identifier

  77. Yes, thanks Steph…I have reconsiderred just blurting it out, even though it really isnt the “full solution” it narrows it down considerably. Its kinda funny, the places it narrows it down to have mostly already been mentioned on this blog…if i am right, alot more than two people have been in the right region…

  78. and you don’t change the poem, you just interpret it correctly to get this clue…

  79. I just spent 30 mins reading the blog to catch up, and now I feel like I need to solve the clues in the blog to understand the clues to the poem! 🙂 No offense to anyone, just kind of ironic. I’m happy for you mike D if you have the correct WWWH, but it’s funny that until you have the chest, it is still your opinion and you have many people on here fired up about your idea. I wonder if you would have gotten more positive feedback if you said… what does anyone think about “your idea here” for WWWH? You would have been providing us with your thoughts and who knows, maybe someone would provide an idea for why it isn’t correct. Dal keeps reminding us that these “solutions” are only opinions until the chest is found by following them. I truly am excited for anyone who makes an ah-ha connection with the clues. Good luck to you with the rest of the clues mike D.

  80. To anyone who thinks they’ve figured it out:

    What do think the chances are that IllinoisGhost will find it? Has he given out enough info for you to think he’s right? I think he may be onto something.

    Also, do you think VGBoss is really serious about his recently revealed location? I think he’s found a good spot to fish while he’s there!

    • cojfox if you ask me I don’t think VGBOSS is really that serious of his super duper hot X spot, he’s probably just trying to get people off track….Oh wait…I’m VGBOSS…how silly of me.

      Yeah I’m always serious, but I’m usually 99% of time wrong about my super duper hot spots and return home empty handed like many other confident Chasers out there….but yeah I’m serious cojfox.

      Cow Creek Ranch is a beautiful place… isn’t it?

      • VGBoss,

        You never struck me as someone who would intentionally throw people off, so I guess you are serious. It is just the fact that it is south of Santa Fe that made me think you’re just goofing around.

        CCR does look beautiful!

        • cojfox I’m just like every other Chaser out there posting their 2 bit$ in this blog.

          People have posted about Red River being a hot spot. Others have posted that it’s in Yellowstone which I personally love. Many Chasers keep posting their areas/places and I’m just doing what many are doing in this blog…you know tossing my pebbles into the pond so to speak.

          I do enjoy reading everyone’s opinions and their area/places of choice especially those who write an article and post photos of their quest. That I find awesome.

          But yeah cojfox I’m not trying to throw people off if you or anyone else thinks that I am then what does that make everyone or many on here that are posting areas/places?

          I’m just another person on this Chase who post his opinions. Nothing new, nothing different. Just participating in this awesome blog which I admit I’m addicted to.

          • VideoGBoss. It really just has to do with things you’ve posted in the past, making me think that we were searching in the same spot. It’s always hard to know if someone else is really interpreting the clues the same way you are.

            It is an awesome blog (thanks Dal) and a total addiction!

        • I hear you cojfox…the Poem is so awesome….genius…..darn Forrest Fenn used every letter in the English Alphabet but he omitted the letter X, that’s the only letter he did not utilize in his Poem. I understand there are not many words with the letter X but just saying that he practically used the entire English Alphabet.

          To top it off he made the Poem super long. 24 freaking lines. 166 words.

          And to make matters worse, for me that is, he stated the Treasure is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains….for crying out loud that’s over 3,000 miles of terrain…that just makes it more difficult, for me that is.

          As I stated in a previous old post, located somewhere within this blog, even if Forrest Fenn hid, buried, secret or whatever his Treasure inside a huge Shopping Mall and gave out a Poem with 24 lines, 166 words, similar to the current one trying to find the Treasure would still be difficult. Darn Treasure Chest is said to be 10X10X5…that’s the size of a little boy or little girls shoe box. That’s small and now consider 3,000 miles of the Rocky Mountains.

          But yeah I’m also one of those who believes he can solve this amazing Poem and discover this treasure up in the Rockies or in my brother’s words “discover half a needle in a many piles of haystacks”.

  81. Goodmorning fellow dreamers.

    Listen has anyone seen Doubting Thomas? Has he stopped by this morning? I have these symbols to run by him referencing the HOBO code and I’m in serious need of his brain. If you see him around please let him know that VGBOSS is looking for him. Thanks and keep that dream alive!

    HOBO code symbol of “HALT” (stop)
    HOBO code symbol looks like OMEGA (In & out)

    Doubting Thomas where you at!!! (Yelling)

  82. I know you guys, its a crappy thing to do, and I hate it when others do it to me, i am so sorry…Very rude to dangle a carrot and yank it away… but i really feel like I gave a place to start from with my hints…and I am scared that i am too right to give it away…I am going again end of june for 16 days….I will spill it when I get back I promise….

    • apology accepted :).. now about that wwwh theory?? lol .. im envious of your 16 day trip.. thats the amount of time one really needs out there.. where ever there is.. when i go back i’m hoping for at least 2 weeks.. gl mike

    • I wouldn’t sweat it, Mike D. It’s called excitement and enthusiasm, something TTOC brings out in us all….especially when that light bulb goes off in our heads and we believe we’ve hit upon something conclusive. It’s only natural to raise your hand in the classroom when you believe you know the answer to the teacher’s question and the rest of the class seems baffled. Keep the faith and work out the rest of the clues & good luck to you!

      • and as Alexander’s pic reminds us, please watch what kinda berries you eat, don’t wanna make me cry now. 🙁

    • @ Mike D,Do not be scared!You did not give anything away.Hope you have a great time on your search.Make sure you stop and smell the daisies while you are there.All search and no play makes no sense.Enjoy and we’ll be waiting back here for you.(on the blog that is)

  83. @mike… thoughts of many… Write me… You will find my email address at… It has nothing to do with hob or wwwh..

  84. Goodmorning everyone…

    weather report…
    it is sunny and going into the high 80`s today here in Florida…
    Poem report…
    you folks talking about wwwh has nothing to do with water…but…it does…has me all confused this morning. I think I will go get another cup of coffee…

      • jen it right “nothing is ever what it seems.

        Heck look at her avatar for example….You think she is actually a real butterfly blogging with us. What about me…look at my avatar…darn blue bug blogging here with you all. Me and Jen bugs? Yeah right….”nothing is ever what it seems.

        Keep that mind sharp because your eyes may lie to it.

        • You liked that jen? If so; I got more stuff that would make you giggle. Check out Stephs chat room.

  85. No matter how many clues there are and no matter how many interpretations I can come up with,nothing has changed my basic thinking, or my original convictions, about the poem. The 15% margin is real, but I think that it is only a taunt, ( like saying, nay-nay, and thumbing your nose). Mr. Fenn gives one of keys for cracking the poem, in one of the video interviews, VG Boss, put the other key up on a bill board. I’m feeling the urge to go back and look, I’ve whittled my ideas down to 4 places and maybe 5, but I still feel, that some how I know where it’s at? lol.

  86. VGBOSS? Me? put up a key on a billboard? Where? Which one? I want to know and if I did please ignore.

    • Hi VGBOSS, I don’t remember exactly, but on here or the previous nine clues. James

  87. Ok. How is it that I found a place down river from my WWWH where a couple named Brown lived and coincidentally Mrs. Brown use to bake and sell pies to folks in the area ….. but I still came up empty handed? Ha! Gotta love the Chase!


  89. scary thought, the treasure been out there for what? 2 years maybe more, what if its been hit by lightning? oh man that would be bad.

    • SC, that’s impossible. f covered it in lightning proof lotion. It’s like a really strong SPF sunblock. He thought of everything…CHC

      • CHC are you kiddung me? as by now you all know im not the brightest guy..just a fly fishing freak..but seriously did fenn say that? get outa here !!!! your pullin my bad leg!!!

        • lol. No, but I like to think f checks in here from time to time, so we can give him a laugh once in a while. I’m a fly fisherman, too…sometimes I catch the back of my shirt, my baseball cap, etc. I’m a better treasure hunter 🙂 CHC

      • What if he didn’t think of everything and a bear finds it, because it smells of pimento sandwich’s from when it was at Forrests house? *Visions* of a bear wearing all that jewelry out in the woods.

        • Stephanie,

          Your visions are concerning to me. Forrest has made you crazy.

          • I was thinking that too…I really was a normal person prior to this. Some people might not agree with that, that knew me Pre Forrest Fenn. Sorry Jen about the rolls! They smelled so good. I saved one for the bear out in the woods too.

          • Maybe I found one of those mushrooms CHC’s friend found out in the woods. I see all kinds of visions….I’ve seen signs for dancing deer out West a lot…I’ve wondered if I’ll see any of them out in the woods….

          • We have dancing deer on the yellow signs here in the Midwest too. I think it’s funny the cow signs going up to Taos have UFO stickers on them. We thought we were seeing things the first time we saw one.

  90. And now for something completely different…has anyone ever thought that perhaps Forrest Fenn’s inconsistent spelling is simply due to the fact that he might be dyslectic? Odd that a gentleman with his obvious intelligence did so poorly in high school that going to college was not even an option for him–suggests some sort of disability/processing issue. I have no idea what it takes to be a pilot, but I have a feeling being a good speller might not be a major criterion–point being that there may be a lot less import to his spelling inconsistencies than some people think. IMHO…oh, hang on…I see that Deb from NM also posited this possibility on, so I’m not alone in thinking this. Doesn’t make me right, of course.

    • Back when Forrest was in the military it didnt matter. They basically had the theory every man was needed to defend our country. The military was a career meant to not only defend us but to provide training and a way of life for men who needed to learn. Forrest was a natural pilot therefore he was needed and found a career, until war taught him too much.

  91. thomas i think that theres no place for the meek means that its not a place for you to talk your car more like a truck

    • By the way Sparrow…your video you posted the other day was very sweet and made me cry. I don’t think I said thanks for that. I mean that it was sweet…not that it made me cry lol. I can have sappy moments and that was one of them.

  92. a bumpy forrest road where cars cannot pass? i know a road like that… almosy gotta wear a helmet….its so bumpy….the old t yota can handle it!!! its kinda fun


    • maybe that’s the reason for the barbless hooks? lol sorry that happened to you SC ouch!! chee wa-wa!

  94. Good morning, All. Enjoying the comments today and just catching up for a few minutes.

  95. Mike D

    i read your revelation but can’t figure out your meaning

  96. @ Stephanie, it makes me think of my sister every time I see it, she cannot know how much I appreciate her, I love xena and gabriells relationship – its so sisterly and some of us on the search for the treasure are experiencing frustrations etc… it’s good to take a break and let your mind think of other things and give it a rest now and then, all of a sudden, some great realization will occur. I could tell you this, I looked at the poem for a very long time, I heard FF was a pilot and thought about how he said something about giving the poem to your children – they could help, I thought what I would do with a piece of paper when I was a kid so I took it and folded it into a paper air plane – ***warning*** if this ends up being a clue in the end – I’d appreciate it if you could help me out too – if you find the treasure i mean. The initial folding of the paper into an airplane did not help – I thought what if I center the poem and make a paper airplane out of it and look at what I get on the center when it matches up -hmmm. well it didn’t work out the way I was hoping, LOL, but in a few days after that, after thinking and thinking and thinking, it suddenly dawned on me where warm water halts. And believe it or not, many on here are constantly giving out clues, when you realize wwwh you will understand exactly what I mean. Love all your postings and sense of humor! 🙂

    • I love your idea about the airplane. I thought when he said to give it to your kids that it was his way of saying to involve them. I think that’s very important to him. I wish mine would get more involved, but they’re teens and full of resistance. Luckily a couple years ago my son wanted to go a couple times and he’ll have those times he’ll recall at some point and I know will enjoy those memories. My daughter is just recently thinking about it and trying to help. She’s not really the outdoorsy type. She’s allergic to everything out there unfortunately. Poor thing had her eyes so swollen the other day from just being in gym class outside. I can’t imagine having that problem. Hugs and Love!!

      • As a parent I’m surprised, that other parents, haven’t picked up on it, because it’s partly about a kids line of sight,(which doesn’t vary greatly from their parent’s) ; But has waaaay, more to do with a child’s abundant sense of curiosity and unlimited imagination. Some parents have probably wiped the clues, off there kids fingers.

        • Hi Stu, Not the clues that guide us to a spot, but all the clues that we find at a spot, once we get there, that tell us what to do, or look for next.

        • Hi Stu, Some of what I write, might be had to understand, I think partly because I’m not a writer and I have limited education, I couldn’t pass basic English, even in college. And partly, because almost everyone I have ever known, including myself, were collectors of believe systems, rather than possessions.

  97. Has anyone ever considered Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon? Don’t the falls freeze in winter (WWWH)? Wasn’t there some kind of building at the top of the falls that burned down (blaze?). Aren’t there two cataracts to the falls (double omega?)? I don’t think there’s an easy way to walk from one end to the other (too far to walk?). If I recall correctly, there are 189 syllables in the poem. Doesn’t hwy 189 run through the canyon there? I thought I saw somewhere online where it said the falls were 189 meters tall, maybe not. Also, didn’t a Senator Brown live north of there?

      • i mean yes to your first question , but like every other of the hundreds of places that fit the literal description of the poem , who know ? there has got to be something in the poem that makes only one spot work . someway to read it that no one has mentioned . at first the wise and blaze thing screamed flaming gorge to me . there is something else that i have not figured out yet . something hidden . no way to be sure yet . and i guess the only way to really be sure would be to find the chest

  98. Mike D and DT Which one of you was talking about your outstanding answer to the clue of wwwh? seems as if both of you where, was it DT that made reference to the Bronze Indian? Anyhow (the one without water in its name) Is it ONE place or thing, and it does NOT offer you more than one that may be somewhere to choose from?

  99. “The arch is inscribed with the words, ‘For the Benefit and Enjoyment of All People,’ a quote taken from the congressional act which made Yellowstone a National Park in 1872. “<<<<<>’for the pleasure of the people’ 🙂

  100. wow weird, wordpress edited me. ugh. i had woohoo! and this entrance id the north entrance to ynp, at Gardiner

  101. so this bronze indian, is this code language for the game changer from Mike D someone please hold my hand and explain because i don’t understand

  102. Ok, so who is from Colorado? As I sit back and have read all the blogs and the book…hmmmm which is true or not so true..the clues…just thinking. Everyone have a great day. I might go dumpster diving later.


      • @ my birdie….
        In 2006 I was laid-off due the company moved manufacturing to a place too far to swim…anyway…I started dumpster diving for electronic parts and for a few omegas as well. Traded on Ebay and bought equipment start a very successful business in Medical and Semiconductor repair. So many treasures out there. Just have to think????? I was a little concerned about WWWH that they figured my special place.

  103. I am starting to think the poem to be somewhat irrevalant as one “lump” source of direction. Know one’s self as others might see, see one’s self as others might be, be one’s self as only thee can be.

  104. Okay, all caught up @ work…So listen good…(this is all my opinion).WWWH ….If you place your hand under a faucet and turn on the hot water, it feels cool at first…then, as it heats up it bigins to feel warm…But there is a moment in time where the water is niether hot nor cold…and that is where warm waters halt!! Now I just all but spelled it out for you…I will go no further! The rest is for you to figure out!!

    • Mike D,
      Your analogy could be interpreted as WWW halt or more appropriately where WWW start. Your clues are very cryptic so I am not quite sure where you are going with it, however I must admit my theory to WWWH is linked to the bronze statue story as well but I feel my solution is much more straight forward but definitely a halt and no confusing it with a start. Good luck with it what ever it is.
      The Wolf

    • If the term “warm” is subjective, then what temp are you considering it to be “hot” and “cold”? When it is boiling or frozen? Then anything in between would be warm water? Some people think room temp is warm, but again, that is also subjective. As long as the temp of the water is above the air temp, would that still be warm? Sorry, one more question… is there areas of water in the Rockies above 5000 ft that would be considered warm all year? It is so hard to get a definitive answer about what temp water is considered warm when you do research.
      As you can tell, I am fixating on trying to figure this out. 🙂

  105. I think I have a little crush on @Stephanie, @StephanieDavis and @Jen. My wife (whom I love very much) wants nothing to do with the Chase and I just think its really cool that you girls are so into it!

    Treasure Hunting Chicks Rule.

  106. one day, maybe soon, i will be going to the land of halting warm tears, walking canyons, and the dwelling place of Brown.

  107. well all i can come up with is either you are talking about where cold waters run into a hot spring or a place out in the woods that has indoor plumbing

    • A thermocline is where, in a large body of water, a thin layer exists between hot and cold. I am pretty sure there are some lakes with thermocline properties in the Rockies, but I’m not sure which ones.

  108. Ok, I have searched 5+ areas so far, both in NM and Montana. I was working on the theory that WWWH was an abandoned train station (a halt) in a town called Warm River or Hot Springs. I found old rail maps and train codes from museums, libraries, and even corporate business records. I compared all sorts of railway codes to the poem. I know I’m not a 500ft’er because I never told FF where I went nor did I leave a trace. I have also put the poem under every cipher, ELS, and anagram I could find with no luck. When FF said show your kids, I took out some old board games to see if I could match or anagram something. I fully believe if the poem has a hidden message, its not train or cipher related in anyway. Some of you may think I am trying to throw you off, so I am willing to share any questions about where I have been or anything info I have found because I believe it to be worthless at this point. I am going to take a break and search google earth before heading out again next year. Plenty of time to get some more monthly clues.

    • Hey Brox… From one searcher who’s searched far and wide to another…congrats on coming back with determination to regroup and go at it again. I think it’s cool to hear about searchers that have checked out multiple states like that. I’m so glad we did. I too have considered trains along with the different stops they make. I sort of wondered if him saying he went back to his car was to throw us off that he took a train. Also, he could take a train alone, and he could always go back by it on a train and maybe see it that way without actually going back to it. I’m pretty sure my train wasn’t it as I really searched the area really well…but I don’t give up on the idea of it. Thanks for sharing your story Stephanie

      • Hi Brox and Steph – I thought of that too – but disrgarded it when I tried to imagine him carrying the treasure. I think he took a car and took the treasure in 2 loads to the hidey place.

        • I thought though that tarry scant meaning you only stay a while was good for the different stops. I figured he could bring the chest in a backpack and get off at the stop where they have those water towers and need to fill up…then go off and secret it. The train line I looked at would stop on a mountain side where they had a dining hall and everyone would eat…then the passengers could go walk around. I thought that might have been a good place.

    • Hi broxolm,

      I admire the determination, and wide range of ways you are looking at it.

      Is ELS associated with some type of code, or are you using as the railway ?


      • ELS (Equal-distant Letter Sequencing) is a coding method to encode a hidden message in a text. Its famously used by people who believe holy texts contain prophecies of the future. I got rid of all capitalization, punctuation, and looped all poem into a near infinite loop then had a computer spit out ever Nth letter hoping a secret message would appear. For example, if you use the seed phrase “Weird people decipher complex puzzles.” Using ELS, you can get the hidden word “pep” by reading every 9th letter (Sorry, I’m better at solving puzzles than making them). For Fenn’s poem I wrapped the end to the beginning to create a loop of letters and used a computer program to feed out letter strings. I searched every Nth letter from 2-50,0000 which even with a computer took a long time. So if the poem is encoded with ELS, you would have to search every 50,001 letter and beyond. Good Luck

    • Brox, thanks for sharing. I like where your head is at. I don’t think I would totally abandon the train idea, maybe just put it on the back burner and try other angle. I keep it in my periphery. The reason being, it has been mentioned on here before, but maybe ff got to his spot one way (car), yet his “map” or directions tell you to get to it another way. I certainly don’t believe he rode a train to get to his spot, but maybe you need to be on one to see the blaze? Not sure yet, but train systems in the west and the rockies have as much significant history as anything else, and they are just cool. “It” in the poem could be mode of transportation….like the Old 97…

  109. Mike D –
    There are lots of Spring Falls though- and although it might be a good interpretation of WWWH it leaves us in the same spot. I think the “Clues” that people believe are straight forward are being missed. That is why the searchers that got the WWWH right missed the last 7 clues and the treasure. I would guess that take the chest does not mean the box of gold. I think is means take the bridge “chess” or take the box ” box canyon” Anyone have a guess as to what go in peace may mean?

  110. mike D
    Not sure what it is yet, but is it specific enough that it could only be THE place WWWH? Or are there so few of these, that it has narrowed down your place to start?

  111. when you solve the first stanza, you have to feel like it is THE wwwh, like oakleygirl says. and im not sayin because of anyone in particular’s proposals, just sayin you need to feel sure.

    the reason is because it gets difficult from there and who knows how long you will spend trying to solve the rest, and if you dont feel sure you may not focus enuff and be dogged and persistence enuff that you continue to try and build on a sure foundation. if you cant see why you feel sure, then you may go right past it like the others, give up on your wwwh and move on to other things. but if you are sure you may come up with the wrong solution several times for the rest of the poem but then finally, one day, you are like oh thats it! and you got there only cuz you were never letting go of what you knew was sure.

      • lol keep drilliing chris we’ll get answers one way or another…. i’m still waiting for how wwwh has nothing to do with water.. and i’m not buying the luke warm explanation 🙂

        • I agree… it’s sad we are trying to decipher the blog posts in order to get a clue on one of the clues! 🙂

        • what fun i use to have common sense logic, or so i thought , but this blog has corrupted or polluted all my simple reasoning and now i’m trying to combat

        • Casey,
          Have you ever wondered why Warren Buffet is so successful or asked why his HQ is in Omaha Nebraska? The answer is simple – he avoids the group think of NYC and h is a free thinker. Too much blog can corrupt your nature instincts.
          The Wolf

  112. I LIKE the Oreo cookie idea someone posted. I know I could not leave that chest just sitting somewhere on top of the ground if it were me hiding it. I would at least place a flat rock over it or several leaning on it to hid it. He did say he HID it, not PLACED it, right? any other idesa on how to hid it without burying it?

    • mustag i think he could leave it sitting out in plain site.. because in my opinion its somewhere very desolate and very foreboding( a forrest term).. its no place for the meek

  113. I wonder how illinoisghost is making out today?
    I wish I was out there!

  114. as ive fly fished in there alone – only i know where- a place of many an indian bone -and home of the bear- the journey there is long- thru the woods and hills- to river of right and wrong- hunt for fish with blood red gills -canyons high and without end- trees with eyes and hands- waving and watching as i go round the bend- looking back, remembering the ties- been here before and will return again- to the cold river and aspen grove- in the footsteps of wise old fenn- woods whisperings as i near the trove……man!!! im losing it!!! somebody send me a good leg i gotta get outa this place!!! hey D.T. I APOLIGIZE, IM MR. EMOTIONAL I ADMIT IT…YOUR SHARPER THEN THIS BEAT UP FLY FISHING FREAK ….AGAIN I APLOIGIZE…GOOD LUCK!!!

    • No need to apologize. I get loopy sometimes myself. Keep hashing it out. I’m still trying to figure it out. Every time I read this blog I keep changing my knuckleheaded mind.

      • yeah i know what you mean….only 2 things in poem stick out me….im just going on what i see out there in the woods,if i dint have that i wouldnt have any clues!!!! peace out!!

  115. SC, right on :)>>>”woods whisperings as i near the trove”, I once told a native american, “why was it that every native american that I’ve met was so soft spoken?”>> then I told him……” so you can hear the wind.” 🙂

  116. Greetings and happy weekend to all fellow Fenn searchers! I am off to my #1 spot for a serious reconnoiter and (hopefully) recovery! Good luck all…I’ll catch you up on Monday.

  117. yeah i listen to the wind all the time, but sometimes it can trick you…..sometimes when im out there on any river i hear the river and groups of people taliking in the backgroud that are not there,its weird,im losing it !!! this happens to me often….native american spirits are strong in new mexico….

    • I think it’s just amusing that you can see the rain coming for next week when your out West. Here in the Midwest we don’t know it’s raining till we’re wet.

  118. kym once i was fishing and i met an native american women ,she was fishing to,she said that fish sang to her, what was weird i knew exactly what she meant …maybe im a white indian or just nutz!!!!

  119. Hey all,

    Where warm waters halt= Obsidian cliff.( obsidian rock known as Apache Tears)
    in the canyon down= Osidian Canyon. ( South on the 89)
    below home of Brown= Purple Mountain.( Purple + Yellow = Brown) also, letter values: below home of Brown= 191, purple yellow mountain= 287. Both hyws meet there. The 20,89,191,287.
    From there it’s no place for the meek= Grassy lake.( meek meaning lamb or lamblike. Shoshone indian tribe that stayed in Yellowstone year round were known as sheepeaters, but, also known as the “Grassy”, or “Grassy hut” people to other indian tribes.
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek= Grassy creek.(obvious)
    Just heavy loads and water high= Grassy lake dam.( part of the Minidoka project)
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze= (multi meanings) Ashton-Flagg Ranch rd. leads you to Camp LoLL rd. Owl being a symbol of wise, and also death in indian culture(end is ever drawing nigh) move the “L” IN “LOLL” TO OLLL OR OWL. So take Ashton-Flagg Ranch rd. to Camp LOLL TO find the blaze.Using letter values:
    Ashton-Flagg Ranch rd. Camp LOLL BLAZE = 110.8446 = LONGITUDE -110.8446, which is were the blaze is.
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease= 110.8446 puts you right in the middle of Lake of the Woods.Quickly down = underwater at 110.8446.(so, tarry scant with marvel gaze= dah, you’re underwater no loitering. Just take the chest and go in peace. Or “in piece”?, Best to take up treasure piece by piece).
    If you are brave and in the wood= “In” being the main word here. Dive to the bottom of the lake.
    I give you title to the gold= letter values again, treasure being 107 and “I give you title to the gold=285, gives you the latitude= 44(being laake of the woods) 44.107285.
    Trove= LATITUDE 44.107285N /LONGITUDE 110.8446W
    Just a thought…:)

  120. Yes, I know. 10 clues, actually, Look quickly down is not a clue. I just added that in because it’s obvious.It’s more like a piece of advice. Like tarry scant or go in peace. 9 clues…

    • i agree, look quickly down is not a clue, like take the canyon down is not a clue

      • Well then “put in below the home of Brown” is not a clue either. They are all directions. I guess we can just keep going but you get the point.

        • Put in below the Home of Brown is a clue, it is actually a part of the first 2 clues. The meaning is not clear, and is hidden, and so it is a clue, and it must be viewed in combination with other clues to understand its meaning

          • Does anyone wonder why Tony wanted to take parts of the poem out after interviewing Forrest? At first I laughed at the idea…but then I sort of wondered about it thinking how he says “it’s not for the meek”.

        • Chris,
          perhaps; maybe look quickly down is a clue to and not as obvious as it seems. One could say the same for take the canyon down. Maybe home of Brown IS obvious (when you solve WWWH) and thus is not a clue. One can only know this once the poem is solved, until then everything is a potential clue.
          The Wolf

    • Nice read poisonivy, thanks.

      Although me personally I believe Look Quickly down is a huge, gigantic, enormous, clue just like many other words contained with his Poem. No way Forrest Fenn would waste his time on a word that is useless in his masterpiece. This guy is a multimillionaire….he doesn’t waste his time on something that may be of no use.

      So again in my opinion “LOOK QUICKLY DOWN” is worth much in gold…just like Tarry Scant and the others.

      Just sharing my 2bit$

  121. Ok, I just have to say this and I am just thinking like Fenn…so he says there are 9 clues in the poem…or did he say there is no (Nein) clues in the poem but the book will help. Ok, dont shoot me.

  122. @VG, I agree. I just posted this so others can see that there are a lot of different ways to look at this. I think solving the poem is the easy part, (somewhat) the hard part will be recovering it. I don’t think someone can just walk right up to it, or, he would have done it to recover his bracelet. There are so many “right” possibilities to consider. I also think together, a group can find a solution. Just need 9 different people to have at least 1 thing right.:)

    • “I think solving the poem is the easy part, (somewhat) the hard part will be recovering it.”

      in my opinion, wrong on both counts

  123. So, you think you’ll just walk right up to it? Hopefully, we’ll both be alive to find out one day.

    • I think ff said that no one will just stumble upon it. I can’t imagine that there are too many people wandering aimlessly about the Rocky Mts with that kind of luck! 🙂

  124. The Wolf says,

    “perhaps; maybe look quickly down is a clue to and not as obvious as it seems. One could say the same for take the canyon down. Maybe home of Brown IS obvious (when you solve WWWH) and thus is not a clue. One can only know this once the poem is solved, until then everything is a potential clue.”

    Ok, now that i think about it, i shouldn’t categorize that this is a clue or that isn’t a clue, because i don’t understand exactly how FF may see it in his mind. so let me say what i feel confident about, FF considers that the 2nd stanza contains 2 clues. based on my solution, the 2nd stanza is 2 places, one where you start,and the other, you go to the end of it. now if i wanted to really break down the 2nd stanza, i would say there are 2 clues for each place and so there are 4 clues total. however i know that FF does count only 2 clues there, and i also know that if i counted it as 4 clues, then there would too many clues in the poem to come out to 9 total. so whatever the exact breakdown is in FFs mind, i could not guess, but what i do conclude is that, whatever his thinking is, there are 2 places, and so therefore he says 2 clues. FF may very well consider take it in the canyon down to be a clue, but if he does, i know he does not consider it to be one clue in and of itself, he considers it a part of a whole.

  125. Okay, spilling it…. can’t take it any longer!!! let me put it like this, In the book ff talks about why Bronze feels cold even though its the same temperature as the room…It occurred to me that water is the same way! If you place your hand under a faucet and turn on the hot water, it feels cool at first…then, as it heats up it begins to feel warm…But there is a moment in time where the water is neither hot nor cold…and that is where warm waters halt!! Why does this momentary time where its not hot and not cold exist?….Because the water reaches 98.6 degrees F. But convert F to C and you get exactly 37 degrees…Which happens to EXACTLY coincide with the North latitude of the Colorado-New Mexico Border!! Begin it @ 37 degrees N latitude, and take it in THEE canyon down….Anybody else got goosebumps yet???

    • very elaborate and complex, ill give it that. but dont you only have latitude with that interpretation, i guess you could say, you combine it wth HOB and pick a more precise spot that fits.

    • @Mike D
      I think you have a good solution…..a very imaginative one. Question I have for you; do you think the rest of the clues are like this one? What I mean is, do the rest of the clues give latitude or longitude or both? I’ve always thought the key to solving the poem is figuring out Fenn’s methodology for translating where he hid the treasure to the poem……In your case it’s figuring out what lat lon the clues are.

      I recently spoke at length with 6 Deputy Sheriffs that just returned from an extensive search…..They were very forth coming about where they searched and how they arrived at the spots. Their first area to search was below the Colorado/New Mexico border. They got there differently than you, but the same search area. There “attitude” was the blaze was difficult to find (need to be wise), and the hidey spot was very clever. These guys are trained to notice little things so they thought for sure they would find it……They brought back hundreds of photos and wanted me to look through them to see if something would jump out at me……So far it hasn’t.

      I also believe Dal thought the same thing (correct me if I’m wrong), and that was one of the areas he searched first……..So you aren’t alone in your thinking.

    • Mike,

      I disagree with the others that you need a longitude number to help out there. Sure, there are a lot of canyons to take down along the NM/CO border, but there is only “THE ONE” canyon, and that’s the Rio Grande Gorge. Dal has a great blog about it somewhere on here. The area below the gorge much like the spot where the dead horse used to be, has been beaten to death with searchers. I’m going next week! 🙂

      It has been searched a lot, but my wife and I are going to Sante Fe for a little mini vacation. I’ll at least look along the river while we play. Any ideas on things to see/do while we are there are welcome. (Not treasure things, although I wouldn’t turn down coordinates. Haha. I mean like off the beaten path neat places, local food hangouts, bars, galleries, ect)

    • @mike d

      I liked the way you came up with the wwwh…unfortunately I have a completely different process about the words. I havent seen any posts on what I think it is. It has been fun seeing all the postings. Hmmm a thought just came to me…well got to go and research it.

  126. So do you still feel thats correct astree? If two can come to that conclusion, maybe were onto something…

  127. I also thought about Thee canyon being 1…Not far being 0 4 and but too far to walk being 242 giving a long of -104.242….but I don’t feel that one like I do the latitude

    • I actually think that is quite brilliant. You almost hit my spot. At least it gets you in the right state. Now you have to figure Brown and you will see how it all fits.

  128. boy, it sure got quiet in here all of a sudden…HELLO? …Hello, hello…(ECHOING..)

  129. sorry im gasin up the vehicle and gettin on the road. thanks for the tip!

    • Stephanie,
      I have been waiting for the snow to melt for quite a while to check out the train location you mentioned. I won’t mention the name of it, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. I’m headed up there tomorrow with my brother. Glad to see someone else at least considers this idea. The warm waters do halt there and there are several other clues that fit. There is also another home of Brown not too far from there, but that I haven’t heard mentioned by anyone yet. We will check on it as well.

  130. not if your sick of winter, water situation will remain the same as last summer dry, i hope not thoughthose big fires 2 summers ago were real bad

    • Hope you all get a thaw soon…..we just had a flood here last night…..roads washed out everywhere….and I’m talking the paved roads, not just dirt ones. The last week I was in Yellowstone, which was a couple weeks ago, it hailed, sleeted, snowed, rained and went from 30 degrees to 70 degrees all in the same week here…..and now a flood. Gotta love this Arkansas weather… they say, if you don’t like the weather here….just wait a minute 🙂

  131. Another Oreo reference–one of the most common ways to teach mountain/volcanic geology to kids is to use an Oreo cookie, which describes the twisting or moving of the earths layers. One of these examples was the hotspot of Yellowstone…but…I’ve already forgotten exactly where in Yellowstone, so I’ll have to go back and look it up, lol…

  132. Thats pretty good MikeD, thats exactley what hes talking ‘to the kids’ about and m a y b e thats what we meant when he sez let your kids try to solve the poem? Oh…. wait…., he told them to go home and ask their partents….. so…. ???

  133. 37 &111 puts u south of Rainbow but it is only @ 4600 ‘. How do you go down to reach 5000’?

  134. hey thomas i got one for you ( i can keep my secreats where ) i think secreats means treasure

  135. to everyone offering your opinions on here (which of course would not include me) i offer this simple wisdom. you may be right, but also, you could be wrong. think about it. this could be a key to solving the poem.

  136. Y u suppose ff is leaning against that stump in the picture near the end? Perhaps its because he has just give the greats STUMP SPEECH. Ever

  137. Mike D, and all – If FF wrote the poem first – then hid the treasure – he’d have to be pretty computer savy to hit the nail on the head. Do you think he knows computers that well?

  138. There’ll be no paddle up your creek,(vale , a farewell)
    Just heavy loads and water high. (burden from visiting waterfall in Vietnam)
    Collectively applied to the poem he is talking about somewhere sacred, not a creek,boulder or rapid.
    Just my opine

      • SC , I believe each segment is a marker on the trail (blaze) articulated in the poem , this one points me to Grebe Lake , which is not the hiding spot but just one leg of the journey. In other words I think the poem is tale of his life and places where certain important events occurred not a geographic ledger.

          • SC , you could very well be correct but “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” leads me to think you’re at the end of something such as the last time he took the teacher fishing and was saying farewell. I just can’t see the poem being solely geographic locations. Hope this makes sense.

        • My husband likes Grebe Lake. He found a map online that said some really interesting things about fish being trapped there and he thinks that’s where the picture was taken with all the fish.

          • Hi Steph , haven’t corresponded with you in while but read all you’re posts and enjoy them very much.I’m trying to avoid Stephanitis , it’s a knew medical term for those that suffer from Fenn fever.(just kidding)

          • I’ve heard it takes a heavy toll on your pocket book. When you heading out again?

  139. Speaking of waters high…..@Clinger, I hope you’re on high ground. I just heard they have declared my county, and I assume yours, a disaster area, with more rain coming tonight, flood warnings out on all surrounding counties as well.

  140. read my horrible poem in the above, im no poet for sure,wiyh exception of the end ,it is one of my usual fly fishing trips, i m ilitrate to a certain extent,but have good imagination and see the world in some ways as a child, ive played in the woods alone since i was 5 ,no lies

    • SC if you’re referring to me I did read it, it’s not horrible. Paraphrasing what FF said “others may think they know who you are, but if you know who you are is what matters’

      • thanks R yeah i know who a am , i dont think most people would want to me,i dont have bad luck i am bad luck,but i can still laugh about it. irony , irony back to the clues

  141. To Horatio
    A poem from
    (A poem from Zelda)

    Choosing to travel the treasures of Fenn
    with thoughts of riches I could win
    I left my home, woman and cat
    to seek out treasure that would give me that
    freedom to live the way I want to
    with no thought of working, or making do.
    I looked for 10 days, following every clue
    My 10 days are done, and now I’m through.
    I drive through the night to catch my plane
    having added to the riches that keep me sane .for I am not one to sit on the fence
    when I commit to something ,
    I am a hundred percent.
    Choosing adventure is not new to me
    I am responsible for my own reality.
    I walked as a man, where men walked before ,my time in Yellowstone caused my soul to soar.

    Horatio. You are amazing.


  142. I haven’t read the book. I only know what is referenced here in the posts. I am immersing myself in the poem for now and will buy/read the book when I have exhausted all the processes pertaining to the poem alone.

    I take to heart Forest’s comment about the solution being hatched from reading the poem again and again. Of coarse I give credit to this blog for keeping that tack from stagnating and looking at the first stanza as an important part of the solution. I had dismissed that part in the beginning and it has turned into my best lead.

    I’m keep seeing posts here that quote the poem as “Take the canyon down”, when the poem says “Take IT IN the canyon down”. I think “it in” is there for a reason and the meaning greatly changes by eliminating those two words.

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