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    • Second 🙂 I’ll be right behind you, tripping you right as you see it. Good luck!!

    • @Tarryscant and Susan. Susan is talking home of brown as leadville or denver and 4 corners as too far to walk, bkut they are no where near one another. Tarry says that leadville is near the mountain route of the santa fe trail, but not in any map I have looked at. They are eons away, same with St. Elmo and the Santa Fe trail. Not close to each other. So was asking them to expplain their logic here.

      • I was referring to where the MRSFT crosses the Arkansas River. It is not “close” but it is downriver from Leadville and not that far.

  1. Sorry Mike. Know what they say…The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

    • Well you are second, so it won’t be either of us. Or will it, because I am now first and last. 🙂

    • Where do you live? I live in WV where it seems that NOBODY has heard of Forrest Fenn or any treasure. I’ve been asking anybody & everybody to go cross country with me to search, but they all think I’m nuts. When I try to explain it, they aren’t the least bit interested. Have you encountered any opposition? When in our lives are we ever going to have the chance again to search for hidden treasure? But I do admit to being scared about the situation – heading out alone 1700 miles to places I’ve never been. The distance is a huge factor. Then there are rattlesnakes, bears, & cougars, right? Yikes! Analyzing the poem was the easy part. My question is – do the negative people cause you to have doubts – like what makes you think that you can find the treasure when no one else has? That it’s useless?

      • Becky-
        In my opinion…
        One of the wonderful things about a treasure hunt is that it provides hope. You have to believe that you can find it. It is a quest. You have to have faith.

        Do you remember being excited about an Easter Egg Hunt when you were a kid?…hope…
        Do you remember being excited just before family vacations?…hope
        Hope springs eternal.

        A treasure hunt brings new ideas and fresh visions into our lives.
        It seems to me that there is something very basic about a quest…
        All humans need a quest of some sort. Some need many.
        Religion is a kind of quest for some….hope…
        Marriage is a kind of quest…hope..
        Business is a kind of quest..hope..
        But a treasure hunt is not only a quest, it’s also fun..pleasurable…even joyful…
        Not only in the quest but also the people you get to meet and the places you get to see…
        Forrest is a magician…
        His treasure hunt produces hope..and fun..and friends …and travel..
        What’s not to like..?

      • I think it’s kinda of like what Jack Kerouac said
        “What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

      • Becky,
        Here in Iowa, not a lot of ppl have heard about the treasure either. My co-workers seem to like to poke fun about it, but nevertheless I made a trip to Colorado to look. I like Dal’s mention of hope and fun. I had a blast looking even though I did not find it and I’m looking at making another trip in a month or two.

        When I returned from Colorado, a good friend told me “Derrick, you are the first person I know who heard about a treasure and actually tried to find it, you are officially a treasure hunter now”. So I had to update my Facebook with the occupation “Amatuer Treasure Hunter in The Rocky Mountains”.

      • OK – Dal & Mark. I understand about the excitement of Easter egg hunts & family vacations. But those are NOT dangerous. I just need someone to be with me ( even Lewis had Clark). That’s the ONLY thing that’s “halting” me. I can go anytime, stay as long as I want, & search my spot – my one & only – til I’m old & gray. Just not ALONE! I’m just a small-town girl who’s biggest excitement is our annual ice cream social & bazaar. How do I prepare to become a wilderness adventurer searching for hidden treasure? Hey, I know what y’all are gonna tell me – “Becky – quit being such a wimp. Just DO IT!” Right? Am I right?

      • @Becky,
        I agree with you completely……….DO NOT GO ALONE. Don’t get gold fever and do something stupid…….As I said earlier, in the mountains the line between a wonderful day and complete disaster is very fine.

      • Awwwwww, Derrick. Just look at you in your little hat & unshaven whiskers. Wow! You really do appear to be an adventurer. How do you “plan” for a trip into the wilderness? What do you take? Also, please explain to me about the “fun. I had “fun” with the poem & “fun” discovering what FF actually intended, but all that has been from the safety & comfort of my home. I really wish that I could just reveal my whole theory & how I came to my conclusions so that I could be proven “wrong”. Then I could put my feet up, watch the Beverly Hillbillies, & move on from this crazy obsession. But, like everyone else is sure they’re “right”, I am too. I’ve just got to tell someone who understands. Does everyone feel this way?

      • Goofy – Where do you live? I think Stephanie lives in Chicago. Is that correct? I don’t have gold fever. The hook for me in all this is having the intelligence to decipher the poem & understand FF. That’s the challenge! If I can locate the treasure, I win. I am a very simple person who has learned the hard way what really matters most in this world. If I could just tell FF the approximate location without having to actually possess the box, that would be enough for me. Unfortunately I will have to “put in” the physical effort myself. Hey, I watched a couple hours of FF interviews – somewhat informative, I guess. Anyway those cast-bronze bells containing his autobiography weigh 5 to 6 pounds apiece & are buried 3 to 3 & a half feet deep so that a metal detector is of no use. He wants his life to matter to someone 10,000 years from now.

      • Becky,

        You sound like a young lady who has spent most of her life sheltered by the people who have loved her and protected her. With familiar surroundings we all feel safe. But inside each and everyone of us there is a light that burns. A light at times that may beckon us to take that personal step forward. To break away from the things that hold us back. This may be YOUR chance to experience a once in a lifetime Adventure. Don’t look at the west as a wild and unruly wilderness, but a place where others such as yourself live and play. Once upon a time you would have found it that way, such as when Louis and Clark came through here. But today it is as safe as taking a train from where you are now to New York or other places along the east coast. If you can impress on those you trust, just how important this is to you, I am certain you can find someone to accompany you on this trip. I guarantee you you won’t regret it.

        If you feel strongly of the location you have in mind for the treasure, you should keep it to yourself and join the Thrill of the Chase with the rest of us.

      • @Becky,
        I live in California by the coast……..I know what you mean and you’re not alone. When someone solves the poem they are busting at the seams to tell someone or if anyway possible go look.

        I’m not usually such a wet blanket……I usually tell people to “go for it”; but this is different. The places they are going can be very dangerous and you really are on your own. I’ve been on many search and rescue missions and the out come more times than not are bad……..After we find them, or what’s left of them, we often asked each other why folks that would freak out if they lost power to their house for three days are way out here wandering around.

      • Germanguy – You are absolutely correct about being sheltered. Also correct about my very strong feeling concerning the location. I know exactly what I’m looking for at the end of the quest. If the treasure is NOT where I think it is, it should be. FF will have missed the perfect hiding place. Anyway I will be content to just come back home & help the rest of y’all as best I can. I understand that none of us trusts the others, but can’t some of us somehow pool our solutions, decide on a plan of action, & go together. Wait! Sounds even more stupid to me after I wrote it. How could we do that? Guess we can’t. I have asked everyone, including strangers, to accompany me. I even emailed FF to invite him along. I told him I would lead the way. Geeze! I’m getting desperate, huh?

        • I know a guy who’s leaving early next week from the East coast. I know another guy who’s searching for people who can’t make it out there. Email me, if you want either of their emails. They seem like good guys. My email is tyblossom at aol dot com.

        • Becky,

          You’re not getting desparate, just impatient. It happens to us all.

          We all work on our “special” places when we can’t get out to them in the winter and as soon as the season starts to change we all are impatient to get out there. In my mind I see thousands of people at the starting gate waiting for the start of the race.

          I can’t speak for the character of people who come on this and other similar blogs, but from all the stories we read about what happens as a result of people meeting on the internet, it does give us reason to be cautious. Your concerns are warranted.

          I was concerned that Stephanie was going out on her own, but she assured me that either her husband, mother or girlfriend was going with her. That’s more important for girls than it is for guys. There is always safety in numbers, depending on where you are going.

          If you are a member of a local church and willing to make a nominal donation from your find, maybe someone there would be willing to go with you. Just an idea.

          • STEPHANIE also has this ONGOING POLICY against teaming up with “Serial Killers”.

            A good policy if there ever was one…


          • On a serious note…I was kidnapped once when I was younger. Thank goodness nothing happened…but I highly recommend not going out into these trails alone girls….and definitely don’t take a serial killer with..that just seems like a not so smart idea. Thanks for the reminder SF Smart.

          • I’ll have my husband with me when I go out searching to my spot but, if he wasn’t available, I’d drag a friend or relative along, even if they think I’m nuts. 🙂

      • The only things I brought with me on my “adventure” was. A backpack (in hopes of finding and carrying a 42lb chest), plenty of water, and a friend that I could outrun just in case of bears (just kidding, but I did go with a few people).

        I am from a town of 400 or less in Iowa, so the only preparation for outdoor critters was an occasional Gardner snake.

        The good thing, Becky, is that Forrest was able to get there at 80, so it may not be in too dangerous of a place. Probably still advised to bring a friend.

        • Good point Derrick. Only problem, is she may not be going where Fenn went.

      • This is just teasing you so don’t get hurt or mad at me. I’m havin’ FUN! Well, duh, Derrick. He planned on leaving his bones with the treasure anyway so if he had gotten eaten by a bear…cest fini. Done! Mission accomplished! But seriously I do have a question – If FF made 2 trips to deposit the treasure in its hiding place, then was it because of its weight? If that’s the case, how can one person carry it back in one trip? Even water is heavy to carry – 8 lbs or so per gallon. Right?

      • 42 lbs is one-third of my weight, so I figured for me I would get it in a backpack and haul it that way. I think on a different thread someone mentioned bringing one of those coolers with wheels that you could just pull behind you.

  2. In response to Treasure Finder from Part Four

    Well articulated and I have only been to NM twice but readying to go again soon to look in my most recent “hot spots”. I have to agree with Forrest who says “imagination is better than knowledge/knowlege” and I have a pretty good imagination so I have been able to find many “sure spots” like many people on this blog.

    I do think one actually does have to be there in person for some of the clues and therefore will return again to look around and hopefully stumble upon the “blaze” and then find the chest close by. I have read the book too several times now (just received it last Friday). By the way– an interesting point if you see Forrest; I ordered his book several weeks ago and it was sold out and on “back-order” Well Thursday I see it on Amazon (from Collected works with Tenn address??) AMAZON ships it overnight and I got it Friday. (cost about $46 total) 1 DAY. That Amazon is amazing, not too impressed with Collected Works and why my order was behind Amazon, does not seem fair. I wonder how many people are still waiting for their “back ordered books”..?”

    Yes, Collected Works orders are running late, but they aren’t handling the shipping. It’s the printer that is. Great deal that you got from Amazon BTW. My order is 43.50 through CW and I’m still waiting. Placed my order more than three weeks ago and I know my order status is “completed” as of four days ago, but no tracking info so I’m still waiting. It’s frustrating, especially when CW states they have 650+ on hand and you grabbed one from Amazon so quickly. After following the Chase, I’ve learned a whole new meaning to the word ‘patience’. Good things will come! LOL

      • Mine finally said completed this past Friday. But, I’m not planning on taking a trip out ’til July anyway, so I can wait. My oldest is going off to college, so we are going to make a road trip out of it as we take him to school.

      • Same here. I ordered from CWs over a month ago and I’m a little bummed that if I had ordered it through Amazon, I would have had it already. 🙁 Oh well, I can’t go look in my “spot” until the end of May anyway.

    • I’m still waiting for the book also. Ordered on 3/3. I don’t expect it to be the difference, but I need a little more insight to who this character is.

      Right now I’m working on a system of following the clues to locations but also finding the specific name of the location within the letters in the particular stanza that has the clue. For example the name of one of my WWWH, canyon and HOB are all in the second stanza. But no letter is used twice. That’s my “key”.

      As you can imagine, there are many possible location names in each stanza but as I’ve said before, I’m just trying to think outside the box.

      another day, another opportunity to be nice to someone that otherwise I wouldn’t.


  3. Guess we should’ve known Part 5 was coming. So I’ll post again because I’m curious as to some thoughts.

    Anybody following the idea that all the clues are describing the same place? I know there has been talk of ‘going full circle’, but it was something I have been pondering. Others have kind of alluded to it in a way. Using the example I posted in Part 2 if you had to tell someone where something was in your house how many steps would it take? Or like the spare soap in the white wrapper in the back of the bottom drawer of the left side of the vanity in the master bathroom. Again just thinking out loud

      • My interpretation take you on a 25 mile or so journey with some clues being directional by place to place and others being descriptive of the places all being natural places not man made.

      • Jwhal,
        When you say all natural places, would you include trails as natural or man made? I have been thinking that “blaze” = a named trail. To me that does not fall under the structure category, but would still be man made.

      • Even though trails could be and are probable man made I consider them natural if its dirt and not paved or something.

        • Then your description fits my general description. Don’t know where to go from there.

      • I think the blaze might be a trail the trail marker or Forrest mark.
        That is the one clue where I think you have to actually be there to confirm what it actually is. And it opens your area up to more searching when you get there depending on what the blaze actually ends up being.

        • Not to be too specific, but is your area currently buried under snow? Mine is, but we’re not looking to get out there ’til mid July, so should be all clear.

        • Maybe it’s a forest service road and the sign actually says Forrest instead of forest…and that’s the blaze. Ok, I doubt it…but it’s a fun idea.

          • If you ever watch ELLEN, Sign Makers make spelling mistakes on signs that are “PUT IN USE” all the time.

            Could be, but HOW LONG until the MISTAKE is CORRECTED… “10,000 years” ?

      • If it ends up being a trail then the look quickly down could be quick go down the trail and look not just look in the downward direction.
        Then you could be going down the trail looking for some place to put you in the wood.

        • What about looking down as in South. If you have arrived at “home of Brown” and looked immediately south….AHA the “Blaze”.

      • I would imagine that snow would still be present it is above 8500 ft but I am from the east coast and not sure when it will be clear guessing more like June would be safe for it being clear of any snow.

    • I think it is a description of one place or pretty close to it. I am still working on that….. begin means to start so I am not sure……I think it may be more of a full circle.

    • Viper,

      Interesting thought, I never went down that road. I’ve been entertaining the idea that this poem is a two part riddle. There are some interesting things imbedded in the poem that are hard to discredit. On the other hand, it’s very easy to take whole thing literally, which then you could be searching for a very long time. I keep going back to F stating if you only need the poem and not a map. The more interpretations we learn about the better.

      • I’ve not actually found where he sez “no map” he has said you can find it without the book. but the person will have studied and so on… Anyhow I think a map is needed. Yet I think of the story he and a friend made and they had trouble making a fire, so they used their map…. but they got lost, so that was a mistake…. two meanings given again.

    • Randy-
      I have read here where someone quoted him in a comment saying that but I personally have no knowledge of that quote or where it came from. I think Stephanie questioned it right after it was posted…Ohhh Steph…are you up yet?

      • Some how missed this….I saw someone say it, but I think they were wrong. I don’t think Forrest ever said Big. I think he said Home of Brown is important per Gadi’s resource page. I don’t know how accurate Gadi is about making sure verbs are exactly how Forrest said them though. I do trust that Dal is a stickler about making sure he gets things exactly right as they were said…so I don’t know what to think about Big or Important.

  4. @Dal,
    That’s hilarious…….no secrets except from Steph. 😆

    Thank you for your response in part 4; it is much appreciated…….I don’t think you should take your post down about the Rio Grande, it’s a great read. Your comment about it now is really interesting and insightful. When I read it awhile back I remember thinking, “man that is some rough country” I don’t think Fenn could put it down there. As you said, we now have the wisdom of more clues; at the time it sounded like a perfect spot.

    It is really interesting hearing your reasoning about selecting your spots. I contemplated copying it over here just so everyone can be sure to read it. I may do it yet.

    I think I’ve finally figured out why I’m having so much trouble matching up a spot with the clues, it came to me reading your reply to me…….As you know I’ve traveled the back country of the west for many years for work and pleasure. My problem is that I know first hand what the spot looks like, smells like, feels like; I can feel the sun beating down me or it sends shivers through me thinking about frozen toes and fingers when I’m looking at a map; and I say to myself “that place is just too rough” or good God it would take a year to search that valley, etc. It really does look different in person than it does on the map.

    This chase has been a wonderful, and at times painful, trip down memory lane for me. I wish to thank you and Fenn for that…….. I don’t know how many times I’ve scurried off to my boxes of negatives (the old days of shooting film) because I’ve got a photo of the place being discussed. My wife scolds me at the mess I make, but she doesn’t fool me, I know she’s getting a kick out of this too. The other day we were discussing (what old people that are still married call it when they are arguing) a spot; we didn’t agree and I thought we left it at that (old people that are still married do that a lot too); but in awhile here she comes dragging in a pair of my old, beat up, artic Carhart overalls showing me a patch she hand sewed on them saying, “that spot we are “discussing” is where you tore your brand new pair of overalls don’t you remember, it took me hours to sew on that patch”. As usual she was correct (what old guys that are still married have come to realize). To save face my response was “well of course I remember, I was just testing you to see if you did”…….She gives me “that look” and her famous “huump”, and walks off smiling because she knows she has put me in my place and made the point yet again that the females of the human race are the superior beings.

    Even though I’ve done it many times and know you are an experienced treasure hunter, I honestly worry about you going out there alone. Oddly enough, even though we’ve never met, you seem like an old friend (maybe there are a few good things about technology) and I would really hate to hear something bad happened to you.

    For those of you flatlanders (as Fenn calls them) and inexperienced folks coming out to search please be careful and very cautious…..there are things and places in the mountains that look or seem innocuous, but will kill you in an instant, and not give it a second thought. The line between a wonderful day and absolute disaster is very thin.

    Again Dal, I can’t thank you and Fenn (and also the many folks that make comments here) enough, it really is a great trip down memory lane for me.

    In closing (sorry for the long comment) here’s something that might fry everyone’s brain. What if Fenn is actually posting here anonymously (he could be anyone of us); giving us little hints all along……..wouldn’t that be a hoot; I can just see Fenn doing that while laughing hysterically at us.

    • Oh! Wouldn’t that be funny! I bet he loves this as much as we do! I loved the story about you and your wife! So funny and sweet! I am glad you have come to realize women are superior beings, haha! Thanks for the story, it made my morning!

    • Great story. You are fortunate to have such a wife. Just wondered what state you live in since you’ve been around the west so much. I’ve lived in the desert in AZ near the California border, western Colorado for many years and Albuquerque since 2000.

      • You are at least half right…….I’m definitely a lucky guy. There is some debate about how lucky she is…….she was not a happy camper when she walked out of the antique shop and I was sitting in the Deputy Sheriff’s vehicle. Actually, I think she was more upset thinking that I got the dog arrested.

        Thank you……I consider that quite a complement coming from you……Your stories are really great reads……You really should write a book.

        The chase blogs are the first time I’ve ever made a comment on the web….Actually, it’s the first time I’ve written anything at all per se. When the wife read my first comments she didn’t believe it was me, I had to log in to prove it to her. She said, “I believe that’s the first time in 30 years I’ve seen you write more than two sentences about anything.”

      • Dal,

        I have read a lot, but couldn’t locate where Fenn said he carried half of the treasure in 2 trips to it’s current hiding place. Yet, I’ve heard people commenting on the point. Is it just speculation on people’s part or a fact.

        • It’s in Scrapbook Twenty Nine of DAL’s blog in Forrest Fenn’s own words..

          I received a nice letter today from a delightful woman in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jeannie. She said she was in the grocery store and looked at a bag of dogfood that weighed 20 pounds so she put two of them together to see if she could lift them (the treasure weighs 42 pounds) she said she couldn’t budge the two bags. Maybe that’s why a 79 year old man had to make two trips to hide the treasure. f

          • Thanks, I remember the dog food, but forgot about the rest. Ain’t ol’ age a beach.

  5. Curious stuff that ends up on this new part 5 – doesn’t take long………..

  6. Is it possible to go back to the closed threads to see the comments anywhere? I know your closing them, because they get so long and I’m not looking to go back and read anything…just curious.

    • If you click on the bolded title of the post “THE NINE CLUES…Part 72”, it will take you to the closed comments section. It took me a long time to figure this out since I always click the bubble.

        • Molly B
          Someone said it was 64 and then that ends it or maybe that was 92, or 9?
          By the way Molly B where in the world are you if you do not mind saying I thought it was in NM somewhere but I have no mind left anymore to remember anything important especially with all these game changers going on.

  7. bridger,

    you posted in Part 4 about a perpetual blaze… I sure hope your wrong! It’s been hard enough to try to find the exact spot of the chest and now we have to be there at the exact time of day? I know Mr. Fenn has made remarks about Indiana Jones but I hope he didn’t take any treasure hiding tips from the movies.

    It would be awesome to actually find it that way but I sure hope it’s not the only way.

    Great post.


    • Would also need to be same time of year wich poses a problem. If all we need is the poem, I dont see anything date and time relevant. But, it could be in their, buried, hidden.

      I had a dream I showed up at the exact same time as another. Both on motorcycles. Neither removed our helmets. We raced down a canyon via zip line towards the light.

      • JM,

        People have been commenting in the past about if the number of lines and stanzas in the poem means anything… 6 stanzas, 24 total lines… how about June 24? You can find it if you want to look hard enough.

        still looking… not sure if it’s hard enough though


    • JD,

      So that I don’t offend people, I’ll give you my interpretation of the “key”. The key is the number 64 in combination with the number 9. If this was monopoly and Bill left the game giving me properties, he only gave me Baltic Avenue and Marvin Gardens with no houses. This is more like a game of pictionary where Mr Fenn is drawing a picture and everyone is yelling out a guess.

      • Major English,

        Well, you sure aren’t going to do much with those properties, but I think that’s your point.

        Interesting thought on numbers. Not sure what 64 does but I stumbled across 2, what seem to be significant points of the hunt that the number 9 plays a big part of. It actually points to a blaze. That plus the fact that it is an actual blaze gives me hope. I just can’t follow up on it yet.

        6,9,24,64.., hut hut! (that’s football jargon for you ladies)


    • I don’t believe so. I believe even when he was going up there…that they rented a place and didn’t own one as they said they hid their equipment from year to year in some bushes. I wonder if anyone knows a typical time that Montana has now snow…like from this date to this date.

    • Childhood-
      His mom and dad owned property in West Yellowstone where they first put up a tent every summer. Then slowly developed the place by adding a well (hand dug by Forrest) and cabins. It became The Fenn Cabins. Later that property was sold. The cabins were moved. At least one still exists in West Yellowstone but at a different location. In the 60s Forrest, Skippy and Donnie all bought another piece of property in West Yellowstone where they built a motel and a bar. That property has also been sold. Forrest almost bought a place along the Madison on Forest Service land many years ago but decided against it because the winters were so tough and long. To my knowledge they own no property there today.

  8. All the roads in yellowstone vwill be open by Memorial day, but there will be patches of snow until late June or early July

  9. What if Where warm waters halt is the clouds…you know, evaporation and condensation and all that… There is a Cloud Peak in The Bighorns, With a Warm Springs Creek canyon…?

    • Mike,

      I thought about that, the condensation and such. I also thought that warm waters never halt so it couldn’t be an actual water source. I’m not a scientist but if you think about it, warm water is always moving, evaporating, therefore it is never halting. If it freezes it is no longer warm water, but ice. If it boils it is no longer warm but hot. So “warm” never halts, or it is no longer warm. Make sense?

      Where’d everybody go?


    • The Big Horns has a canyon called Warm Springs Creek? I may have to revisit up North this summer when things mellow out cold weather wise. I know Forrest spent at least a week or two every year in Sheridan, Wyoming from something I saw online since I was up that way. Here’s a link to my blog with the link that talks about Sheridan… ight-help-you-in-your-search/ When we were going to Yellowstone from Chicago I had talked to Forrest about my fear of mountains, because we had to go through the Big Horn range. I didn’t know anything about him spending time around there at the time and was the furthest thing from my radar. I asked him if those mountains were scary and I think I might have asked which route through them was the least scary. I know we took the one that went from Sheridan to Greybull to Cody and it WAS scary for me lol…I’m pretty sure it was on his suggestion that we take that route per my fear. So the conclusion is, maybe it’s just the route he knows best, maybe he thinks it’s the most beautiful of the routes, maybe deep down he’s a boy who likes to see a girl get scared so he can giggle about it. It’s probably the later. I’ve caught out of the corner of my eye while I’ve been shrieking about driving off the side of a cliff…my husband have this curl to his lip that I swear is the start of a smile.

    • I think Nine Clues…Part One. There was a long thread about the place where warm waters halted was the “ENTIRE” Rocky Mountains because of the water producing/warm air rising theory. I could never get my head around that theory and anyway I “like” the idea that its a spot…not a mountain range.

      • Whether we are talking about “where warm waters halt,” or the “home of Brown,” I think FF would not make clues so ambiguous or ill-defined or so large in scope like a mountain range (or even an entire creek, lake, dam, or waterfall), that one cannot know more precisely where to start to look. If one says that the “home of brown” is the habitat for brown trout or brown bear or brown recluse spider, where is the line of demarcation separating “below” (or “above” or “in”). I think FF would provide more definitive clues. So, my bet is that “where warm waters halt” refers to a place where hot springs flow into a creek or river, which is more specific. The “home of Brown” is tougher, but again I would bet that there is a clear boundary between “below” and above “the home of brown.” What form or definition of brown could make this distinction? I think I now know. And when it comes to the “blaze,” I believe it would be clear and obvious to most who see it, something rather unmistakeable. i don’t believe it is small or hidden, but more a beacon than a match. It is not, in my opinion, carvings on a tree, piled rocks, nor painted boulders, but a blatant blaze if you are wise.

  10. Of course, since people have already solved the first two clues, it must not be as “deep ” as i thought.. Perhaps we should all retrace our footsteps and reconsider places we’ve already been…It could have been one of us that has been updating Forrest about where we’ve been that was within 500 feet of the tresure. No need for new places….We’ve already been there…

    • I agree that obviously people have been to the place where the treasure is hidden. And probably way more than a few people… Just because F says a few…. We know it is at least a few… And in my opinion… Probably many. We are on to something for sure. Just need to figure out which something. But just because people have searched an area does not mean that they did not miss a needle in the haystack. You could have walked right by the spot because it could have been hidden lower than expected or behind something unexpected… Or possibly higher than expected…. There’s always a chance it could be higher if when reading the poem we are supposed to be hovering over the path… As in a perspective as if we were flying in a plane or flying like an owl…. Then need to look quickly down while in the air, so that we do not miss the spot where it is. So there is always a chance it might be higher than we are looking because we assume the perspective of the poem is that of somebody walking.

    • Mike D-
      Are you suggesting that the persons who unraveled the first two clues were shallow people? I suppose if we knew that I was one of them you might be on to something. But possibly the reason there were only two is because they thought differently…

  11. If I stashed a million dollar chest I think I would want to keep it closer to me…I don’t know why, just human nature?

  12. But if I felt 100% confident about the security of the location, I guess I could place it ANYWHERE

  13. A little bit of snow probably would not hurt the hunt…. But a foot or even half a foot may be too much. I think late spring or early summer seem to be a good time to make travel plans for a hunt. According to the national weather service link I posted above… This would mean late may or early June. Once I do more research into where I want to search… June will be my timeframe so that I do not risk taking time off from work when things might be unaccessible. With limited time off… I have to be pretty sure the weather won’t put a damper on the situation and ruin my chances… Cause then I’d have to wait another few months for another chance.

    There has been talk here about not being able to find the spot where the treasure is by searching the Internet. I think you can get ideas for where warm waters hault on the internet… But when it comes to the latter parts of the poem, that info will not be found on the web. The blaze and where one would go in peace from will only become obvious once there in person.

    • A blaze can be a pile of rocks that protrude above the snow so a trail can be found. Maybe snow is OK.

      • The only problem I see with it being something like a rock is that how are you wise then? I mean there are rocks everywhere. It makes me think that it has to be more special than that. I saw a bronze owl once up on a roof and I thought that was wise…in a place that Forrest would have gone. That’s still on my search list.

      • Snow might be ok… But when I go to search a spot… I do not want o be thinking maybe it will be an ok time… I have limited time off.. So I want to be thinking that I will probably not be missing anything due to snow cover

        • As for snow…wouldn’t it be kind of good that most all the year people couldn’t even find it if they wanted to, because of snow? That would make it more difficult.

      • Ya…. There is probably snow there most of the year, all the more reason I think many people have searched there, but it has not been found. But I’m having a hard time thinking if this to be true… Hen how could it be higher up than expected at first glance? Snow would not affect something that is on a canyon rim higher up as much, right?

      • Hmmmm… I’m not sure now. I live in San Diego… Not much experience with snow here. I just assumed if something higher up is a sloped something rather than a flat canyon type place, that snow would tend to fall or slide off of it into the lower areas. Or perhaps higher up things would heat up and melt better in the sun. Good question though! You’ve thrown me for a loop.

    • I dug a 20×20 area in the snow on my last last trip because I was sure I had the spot. it took two of us 6 hours and all for nothing. The issue with even 2 inches of snow is the fact that it’s not evenly distributed. Right now, there are patches with no snow at 6K ft, but a few feet over it might be 3 ft deep depending on wind, rocks, slope. Walking in 2 inches of slush is easy, but 3 ft of spring snow is like walking in quick sand.

      You also can’t leave the spot until you are sure and you can’t ever be sure if there is snow. So now I have to return to my spot some time in July to be sure I didn’t miss it. And the snow loves to collect in the low spots and clog the crevices and openings in rocks and hide everything. A simple look that takes 10 seconds on clear ground takes hours in the snow.

      The times for a total and complete melt (on the hiking trails and assuming no freak blizzard) in Wy/Mon are mid May for 6K, late may/early June for 7K, mid June for 8K and early July for 9K. I know this from experience and even a random snow shower in June will melt within days at 6-7K. So it’s not an issue then. Obviously the roads will be nice and clear much sooner as the pavement is plowed and the asphalt absorbs the heat. But the trails under the trees don’t get the same sunlight and take much longer.

      The problem gets much worse at higher altitudes like the NE corner where the main hwy gets up to 11K. It still has some snow until early July and it’s window is mid-July to Oct. I favor this spot as it has the shortest season to search (less time to search and he knows it) and unlike the Gallatin River area in the NW, has a ton of easy to get to places off the main road that anyone could walk to (even at that altitude). The season is short and it’s very cold up there, so you have to make sure the snow has melted and you search quickly. Even if you don’t like the area as a hiding spot, take a drive through it as it’s considered the prettiest drive in America and is worth it. It’s also the highest paved road in either Montana or Wyoming and gives you access to a real alpine area that would take hours to hike to on the Gallatin side.

      In my opinion, “It’s no place for meek” as the road twists and turns on the climb up and the resort up there is literally called ‘top of the world resort’. But what an awesome place it is.

  14. “Warm” is not a fuzzy feeling… It will say “Warm” in the spot you find. You could never get started if the first clue is a undefined clue.. to many ways to look @ it if the clue is FUZZY.

    • Maybe that is where the history of F comes into play. We can find where warm waters hault of we know about his history.

      • Childhood-
        There are a number of videos where Forrest speaks about his life on this website and there are great posts about his childhood and beyond on his blog. Have you looked at all of that?

      • I’m waiting on the book to arrive this week via amazon. But I will look on here soon! Thank you! Was out for the day… Friends bridal shower. I can’t wait to read the book… Think there are insights in there as to this F man.

    • All waters in NM that are not designated trout waters are “warm waters”. So, warm waters halt at NM designated trout waters. I think its in NM. I know, still fuzzy.

  15. I KNOW one thing for sure…if I was stashing a chest of gold for “a long time” I would stash it HIGH to avoid earth movents like rock and mud slides from covering its location…..I would NEVER put it “in” a water body…too unpredictable. One 500 year flood event and its all over…If I placed it “in” a canyon, it would be along the rim, not down in the bottom….And if I was blazing ANYTHING, it would be a LARGE boulder, or rock wall face. And I would use ancient petroglyph techniques because they stand the test of time…I may or may not “cover” the chest in earth or stone…depending on my spot. I would have to make the box “animal” proof, and water proof, because the necklace is made of sinew, which is water soluble. Although I believe Forrest said he put some items in plastic to protect them from the elements…

    • Someone just mentioned to me a similar idea…we’re all thinking it’s lower…but maybe your high up. I think even under a rocks or rocks it would be considered buried and I’m thinking he realized it couldn’t be buried…and would need to be placed. So maybe it’s on some sort of rock shelf. That would also make it nice in my opinion for my drive by idea….where he could maybe drive by and spot it without actually going by it and that’s how he’s able to check on it.

      • steph
        look quickly down onto a shelf or ledge viewed from above and you have to look down to see it because from below looking up it is hidden
        Also a ledge where the view is spectacular
        Maybe look for an owl perch on a high ledge with tarry scant of bird poo.
        Scant is also used to describe scat and usually is used describing bird do do
        So this is where I am at in my search and it is going to crap.
        Not silly but looking for a mark or spot like birds is how Carlsbad caverns was discovered by seeing bats coming out from a location at night.

      • Some ledges have a more gradual incline. I agree it will not be anywhere dangerous

    • I like your idea of “blazing large boulders and canyon walls.” However, I think it might be plausible to place a sealed water-proofed chest in a small stream coursing a shallow canyon in a hole on the downstream side of a huge boulder on the opposite bank of the main current Additional rocks could be placed on top. FF doesn’t seem to mind the possibility of no one ever finding the treasure. I think the clue about “waters high” figures large here. In a sense he seems to say “you’ll get cold from the water.” Also, hiding it on a rim of a canyon doesn’t necessarily avoid earth movements which could collapse the rim into the canyon floor. Finally, it might actually br more difficult for FF to have hidden the chest on the rim that in a creek bed. My 2 cents.

  16. I have thought about that. If you can only access the spot a couple months out of the year, that would make it much less likely to be discovered… and it fits with my high up theory. Maybe WWWH is the continental divide? Water flows east or west from there, but right on top it “halts” until it decides which side to flow down???

  17. I am exploring this idea of higher than expected… Maybe atop the rim of a canyon…. But I’m having a hard time coming up with other ideas. A tree seems very unlikely. What if it is inside a man made birdhouse? Lol… That is more of a joke…. That would be pretty funny. Maybe there is a man made owl birdhouse somewhere 🙂 this is a joke… Not where I really think it might be. Besides, that would be considered a structure, right?

    • Well in the graphic with the boy and the moon…he’s looking up and the bird is on the moon…so could mean it’s sitting on something.

    • If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down. Maybe you’ve found the blaze which is the man made birdhouse, then you look quickly down from there… Which could be on the ground or could possibly be somewhere higher, as long as where you look is downwards from the blaze ( the birdhouse)…. This is just hypothetical thinking. I am not saying the blaze is the birdhouse… Just a hypothetical explanation for why “look quickly down”. Might put the treasure at a higher spot than expected.

  18. WOW!! EXCITING!! I have narrowed it down to somewhere near the continental divide…now where to begin…lol

    • When I pulled up a map of the continental divide… It runs all along the Rockies… Lots of area to explore there!

  19. He does say to take it IN the canyon down, so maybe the too far to walk is a small leap or climb down to the rock shelf that Stephanie talked about…

      • Lol…. That made me crack up… Interjecting a bit of humor into this serious conversation I see!

    • Change the emphasis and re-read that…. and take IT in the canyon down……take what? The treasure?(that would be my first impression) or take the creek, trail, road in the canyon down?

      • “It depends on what your definition of IT is”… Lol!

        I always took it to mean “the quest” or the chase. Begin it where… Take it in…
        But perhaps that’s too superficial an analysis… With this vague collection if verbiage, anything is possible.

      • For what its worth, grammatically the second “it” refers to warm waters. I understand its a poem and there should be many interpretations.

        • Thoughts from an English teacher – “it” could just as easily refer to the “chase” in both instances. Begin the chase where WWH …………… Take the chase into the canyon down

      • Absolutely, Stance. It is a poem and poetic license is permissible in an interpretation. I understand the interpretation you apply.

        However, grammatically a pronoun refers back to the closest noun preceding it – in this case waters. This was mentioned in support of Bill’s interpretation of two dams and the canyon that follows.

  20. So I found a continental divide, NM and a casamoreno Mesa with alot of cliff dwellings, but its S of Santa Fe…”crying, rubbing my eyes…”

  21. My take on “warm waters” comes from controlling my kids temperature when they were sick (and young).
    Warm is somewhere between Tepid & Hot. I don’t believe FF is talking about what a fish considers warm.

  22. I thought I would throw my 2 cents in about peoples concerns with snow, what to expect and times of season…

    If you are planning on searching Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana or Idaho elevations 5000′ to 8 or 9000′ You will be fine any time between Memorial weekend and Labor Day weekend. You will run into an occasional snow bank esp. on the North Slopes but other then that you should be fine. If you are searching above that you will encounter snow year round. Mostly in snow bank form from wind drifts or North Slopes again. They often never melt but there is the chance.

    Please be careful at these higher elevation. More than once I have been in the mountains for the 4th of July weekend. Left camp for an ATV ride on a beautiful warm and sunny morning only to be stuck in a freezing cold afternoon thunder storm. Always be prepared…

    If you are going to be in the higher mountain ranges i.e Wind River, Big Horn, Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone etc. During the “Hot Months” June, July and August. Plan on seeing an afternoon Thunderstorm almost every day…

    If you are coming out to search and do not have experience with the mountains take the advice of what people have been saying on here. There is really nothing to fear if you are prepared chances are once you have experienced the area you will end up moving out here… If you are not prepared the Mountains are extremely unforgiving… Okay back to the poem…

    • In Yellowstone area, Memorial day is not even close to okay at 8K-9K, yes, the roads are all open and perfect, but high trails are still 1-2 ft deep in snow and last year at 8-9K, I struggled to walk through it in mid-June.
      Colorado is no problem as I lived in the Springs at 7500 ft there for many years. But anything north of there is a real problem and the proof is the water flows. Check the water gauges for the Madison, Yellowstone and Gallatin and you see peak flow starts in June and in 2011, the peak was in early July. That peaks means snow melt and the peak occurs when there is still lots of snow. A few years back, I couldn’t even visit the park in early June as the roads were closed except for Gardner entrance.
      You can normally go for a hike at 8K in mid June, but no way can you search off trail. That’s the difference, you need all the snow to melt to see the thing or else it’s a wasted trip. What if you were a foot from it and didn’t know it. I get 2-3 trips a year and have learned all too well that I can’t check an area off my list if it has snow.
      I’m not trying to delay anyone from visiting their perfect spot and getting the chest, but after my many early trips in April, May, and even June to beat the crowd to my spot (that didn’t have the chest), I have learned that I can’t really check anything unless there is ZERO snow. It’s really the truth. Ask Dal or anyone who has ventured there in the snow, it’s useless. It’s not laying on some rock above the snow, it just isn’t.
      My other problem with the snow is the feel of the trail. It changes everything.
      There is one spot I’m dying to check again around Lake Hebgen, but I was too scared to check in the snow as it was on the side of the mountain and the snow could have gave way. I think with no snow there could be a nice little walk way down to the rock ledge. So what seems scary in the snow might be tame in dry conditions. So now I have to check again anyway.
      One trip I even got stuck in the dark because I refused to leave the spot. I made by brother keep digging in the snow because I was sure it was there. I knew it was only another inch away (lol).

      As Forest has said – Snow is not your friend in the mountains. He must know the snow covers it and is helping us all out with that comment. If it’s 500 ft away from the trail, road or whatever that ‘500ft’ means, snow is going to be a killer and your trip will be a waste.

      I honestly believe June 30th is the best start date for Yellowstone and the Gallatin area because the snow is now mostly gone and also the bears now have plentiful food to eat and now sleep all day. It also ends the Park’s bear management season and ALL trails are open after June 30th. After that, short of the highest areas, you can freely search anywhere you want.

  23. If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned, but isn’t it interesting that at this the most crucial point in the poem, He mentions the use of vision TWICE.
    Look quickly down and marvel gaze in 2 lines.
    That suggests to me that the hiding spot has to looked at from a certain angle or in a particular way to be visible.
    “quickly down” makes me think “duck” as in duck down low.
    I was holding my 4 month old granddaughter and the thought hit me that she sees everything with “marvel gaze”, even the simplest things are marvels to her.
    Does that suggest that a searcher at the blaze should be looking from a childs viewpoint ?
    Duck down and look upwards.

    • The use of “wise” has always seemed significant to me. Owls are farsighted and can’t see up close…and since their eyes are fixed in their heads, they have to rotate their head to look around which is common knowledge. I didn’t know that they can rotate as much as 135 degrees left or right. With that knowledge, and expanding on Dave’s point, perhaps one needs to get to a certain spot, do an extreme craning rotation of the head, and be farsighted to spot the blaze?

      • The bronze owl I saw in one of my searchers had his head turned all the way around. I thought that was odd. It was actually looking at an area that was FULL of rocks….they were sort of landscape rocks…not umm the size of a softball. I just posted on my blog about worth the cold. I think that has to be one of the biggest clues.

      • Kinda goes along with my thoughts of later in the poem that I haven’t put too much time into because of puzzling out the earlier directions in detail. A lot of Owls perch in trees but not terribly high up usually while roaming their territories. Not like hawks like to rest on high. So it makes sense that not only COULD the blaze be in a tree but also up a bit. Why else would you then ‘look quickly down’? But then again how many trees are going to survive a 100 or 1000 years? And it would have to be a specific tree in a specific location too I guess.

        • The root system of the aspen tree can survive for a hundred years or more although an individual tree may not.

        • I might be way off on this, but when he says 1000 years, I really don’t think he thinks someone will solve the poem then. I think he is thinking more along the line of what he is doing out on his land there in NM. He is finding treasures buried there, but not because he is following old clues. He is just excavating an old site.

    • It says (to me) find the blaze by being wise. ‘Wise’ such as figuring the time of day a ‘crack of sunlight’ passes through a notch in the (rim)rock, and figuring the angle of the ‘splash of sunlight,’ and the surface it is aimed to project on.

      And when the blaze of ‘sunsplash’ hits its receiving wall, mark with your eyes where it is pointing, because you have to hike over to that place. And the blaze may only shine and show for a few minutes, so you need to have it remembered in mind before its light goes out.

      It seems (to me) that the compound idea of finding the right place at the right time (of day) is just the kind of ‘security’ (by double combination) that diminishes the chance of someone cluelessly stepping on it, (because it’s off the trail a little ways); and increases the chance of another someone (and equally clueless about the treasure chest hunt) just happens to be out enjoying a mountain hike, sits down to eat lunch, happens to notice a blaze of light appear on the rockface over there, and muses to himself or herself, ‘I wonder what’s at the bottom of that ray of light?’ (how I imagine Forrest first noticed the location), and enjoying the outing he or she merely walks there out of curiosity and comes back surprised! with an awesome treasure chest.

      What other meaning for the “sandwich” clue is there besides ‘lunchtime’?

      What other type of “blaze” is going to still be there 100’s of years from now?

      Now here’s a downside of getting to the right Place AND being there at the right Time: What if the shaft of sunlight and blaze on the rock face the day you are there is blocked by dark stormclouds stopping the sunlight?

      • … the name is BRIDGER, Jim Bridger, “Shaken not stirred” …

        … roll closing CREDITS to INDIANA JONES …

          • I’m pretty sure f says to take a flashlight and a sandwich! Maybe not…. But I’ll be taking one. j

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          • Sorry, but I couldn’t see where that fit with his comment “All you need is the poem to find the treasure”.

          • It’s not a clue that’s for sure! But sometimes being wise means to think outside the box! j

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      • @bridger;
        The places you describe are magical places, there are some in Canyonlands when the light shines through some of the arches and rock formations; and the famous sun beams of Antelope Slot Canyons in Arizona. The Yosemite Firefall is another spectacular light show that only happens at a specific time just a few days a year.

        Yosemite Firefall

        To me, if you are correct the treasure will be impossibly difficult to find unless you think the poem leads us to a specific spot where we are to watch for the beam, and as you say the weather could preclude being able to find it then.

        Hopefully I don’t sound too critical of your thinking; I’m just thinking it through. It would be a real hoot if you found your beam and the treasure.

        • OH MAN, is that BEAUTIFUL… I wonder which DIRECTION would be “QUICKLY DOWN”

          WONDERFUL POST !!!

        • Does the FIREFALL still exist ? The Yosemite Firefall was a summer time ritual that lasted from 1872 until 1968 in which burning hot embers were dropped a height of about 3000 feet from the top of Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park down to the valley below, and from a distance looked similar to a glowing water fall because the people who dumped the embers made sure to do so in a uniform fashion. The ritual was performed by several generations of the owners of the Glacier Point Hotel. The ritual ended in January 1968 when the National Park Service ordered that the Firefall be discontinued due to the overwhelming number of visitors it attracted, and the fact that it was not a natural event. The hotel burned down a year later and was never rebuilt.

          The ritual was performed at 9 PM every night, to coincide with the end of a performance at Camp Curry.[1]

          Dropping the fire there was later made illegal, for the Government placed a warning sign. The sign was somewhat blunt and read:

          “It is 3,000 feet to the bottom”

          “And no undertaker to meet you”

          “TAKE NO CHANCES”

          “There is a difference”

          “Between bravery and just plain”


        • >> Yosemite Firefall

          Yosemite Firefall was a BURNING EMBERS display that no longer occurs… “hint of riches new and old” would have to refer to the OLD… since it is illegal there now.

      • @bridger
        Oops….here you go. I just posted the link before.

        Yes it still exist…….not the burning embers. It happens when the light shines up the canyon and hits the falls. Like I said it only happens at a specific time a few days a year. It really is a spectacular sight to see. Here’s a link to read about it.

        Yosemite Firefall

      • Sorry, but I am struggling with how you have connected Forrest’s specific wording of “wise” to your interpretation of a sliver of light at a certain time of day shining on a rock, being the blaze. You may be right, but if you are, I will spend a couple more years having some great outings in the woods searching regular physical blazes, and then bow out gracefully. My issue with your interpretation is that Forrest could have used (and probably would have used) any of 50 synonyms for smart/clever that are available, including words that would have fit your version much better such as “bright” or “enlightened”, but he still chose to use “wise”. Why? I asked my wife what “wise” conjured up in her mind and she immediately responded “Wise Potato Chips” (she is from Boston) and the logo for that company is an owl. I really believe that “wise” has an owl tie-in and was selected for that reason. I believe Forrest crafted this poem over so many years that every word is perfect, and chosen carefully and purposefully. I am not discounting your “light blaze” idea, but if it is right, than that would mean there is a window of maybe 3 summer months that the treasure is not encumbered by snow, and maybe a half hour a day during those months that the blaze is visible? To me that spells trouble for us searchers.

        • Scott C.

          Tearing the word “wise” apart, doesn’t lead to the “wisdom” that Fenn is eluding to.

      • Shucks, I guess I need more wisedom…”owl” look in another direction.

        Thanks my favorite European blogger.

      • I was pouring over some satellite images recently of a stream in a mountainous wilderness area when a huge bright white boulder came into view. It was like a beacon, outshining everything around it. This “blaze” was siting in the stream only 100-120 yards from where a rocky dirt Forest Road dead-ends. Will be checking it out soon.

  24. Ah hah…. Another idea I never thought of! Stay low to the ground, but then you have to look up underneath a hiding area to find it. Kinda like as if it were underneath a table, hidden in the rim… Only visible from a lower perspective. Thank you.

  25. I am concentrating on 3 things because all the others will fall in line and follow one another.

    1>Warm waters halt and 2>WWWH. Third is the Blaze, but only because I’m not convinced on how it is worded, it may mark the start point. As I said in part 2, a blaze marks a trail to the destination, not the end of the trail. You don’t have to be an Indian Tracker to know that. Keep it simple stupid. Stay on point and don’t let your mind wander. (don’t be offended, I’m referring to myself)

    On the WWWH clue, I can’t believe I missed it until a couple days ago, He is giving us a combination with one piece in order. The H is last. The three W’s are the hard part but not impossible.
    I have cracked a 3 number combination lock in less than half an hour by starting with the first dial on 1, going thru the other possible’s on the next 2 dials, move first dial to 2 and repeat and so on.
    Had the combo been 999, it may have taken an hour or more.

    I’m going with the obvious as to what the letters stand for. Otherwise it is useless to me.
    On to the hard part. …now where did I put my favorite pen?

    • Stevador,

      I would blurt out my interpretation but the unwritten rules in this blog prevent me. Therefore I will give part of it in a riddle. “Warm waters moves but does not move, disappears by the moment but is renewed by the end of the day.”

  26. Here is something new I came up with… I did what alot have done before and began by researching history and Joe Meek, as in no place for the meek. Very interesting and fascinating stuff! In about 1829, the nineteen-year old Meek traveled with a trapping party along the Yellowstone River in Montana. A band of Blackfoot scattered the trappers, leaving Meek to travel into what is today Yellowstone National Park. Meek later described it as, The whole country beyond was smoking with the vapor from boiling springs, and burning with gasses, issuing from small craters, each of which was emitting a sharp whistling sound. This was documented by Frances Fuller Victor’s 1870 biography of Meek, The River of the West.(Next book I am going to read while out on patrol, lol) If I am thinking big as in The Great Plains, home to the Blackfoot Indians or more plainly…

    The Niitsitapi Indians, also known as the Blackfoot Indians, (Who forced Joe Meek south into Yellowstone National Park) reside in the Great Plains of Montana – the home of Brown

    WWWH I think is also in MT but I will let you research it as there is quite a few to consider and it would follow a canyon down “not far, but too far to walk” into YNP, WY below the home of Brown. This is where I “put in.” Where Joe Meek ended up.

    If I follow the bigger picture as from a pilots view of a canyon, (THERE ARE SO MANY) and continue to a small creek near one of the most famous blazes in that whole area. The Oregon Trail. Now thats a blaze! Anyway, there sits Independence Rock. Look it up, it’s pretty amazing. Let’s pretend that FF put his name on this huge rock somewhere. Which name would I look for on Independence Rock? Joe Meek? Molly Brown? How about Forrest Fenn?

    I have never been there but in photograpghs, I see alot of crevices and possible places you could stash a chest. It would stand the test of time. 47 miles from the nearest facilities; take a sandwich. In a crevice or tucked under a cracked boulder on the rock below his name, a flashlight would be useful. Out in the elements but protected from the elements that could harm it. A water source flows right past it that comes from, Pathfinder Resevoir, (Another neat place.”)

    Another note: Joseph Meek and his group took the single wagon and became the first ever to make it as far west as the mission on the Oregon Trail, although to get it there they ended up leaving the load behind. (Funny it mentions load)

    How do you all feel about this? I know it is just another spot in the thousands of possibilities. But if we all follow the poem focusing on a certain area at a time, how many of us can somewhat agree or agree to disagree?

    I can’t wait for my vacation time in July or September. My family and I are going out to one of these locations, just havent decided yet. Still waiting on the book thinking that it might give me more clues to “cement” my spot so to speak.


    • It’s no secret that the Gallatin highway and Gallatin river are no place for the meek, but instead the home of the brave.
      I have looked at many places along them from West Yellowstone and Horse Butte to Gallatin Gateway, but can’t find anything, but it’s a 80 x 40 mile stretch of forest land with some of it in the actual Park’s NW corner, so my search represented .0000000000000000000000000000000001 % of it. Forest even hints about that area with the photo he sent Dal showing him parked at the Lake Hebgen near the hot springs that are located at the end of Grayling creek, but I struck out and can’t find anything. If you find it from these clues, send me a postcard.

      I’m now onto the Park’s NE corner and surrounding National forest where it’s higher up (in the cold) and the hikes are much shorter because of the nice highway that bisects the entire area. The road, Beartooth hwy (212), was funded with a special pork barrel bill in 1937 that also made sure to add lots of paved turnouts and nice trails. So the area is well taken care of and and easy to get around. I figure Forest is probably at the stage in his life where a nice 500 ft walk from his car beats a grueling hike. (I’m also now at that stage, I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak as well. I’m going for simple and short)

      • Here’s a video of us going up The Big Horn…lol I’m such a mountain wimp…but it’s going from Sheridan into them in case anyone ends up going there and wants an idea of what they’re like….pretend I don’t say Oh my gosh a million times….I get annoying. I wish it would have captured the sound of all those rattlesnakes though…it was so loud.

        • steph
          At least the road had guard rails
          I just went to a place up a mountain and the narrow road had no guard rails and drops off the side
          My back seat drivers couldn’t look out the windows without screaming
          The edge of the road off the side was like 10 feet away. I felt like i was flying instead of driving and one little mistake I would have been. Funny I did not see any speed limits posted maybe I missed them cause my eyes were always on the road.
          Why it had no guard rails because if they built a road did they run out of money and never put them in? Maybe that is the way they get ri rid of the tourist?

          • LOL It’s the rangers trying to get rid of us flatlanders. It must have been Chama you went through. Dal has one of my first searchers listed on his blog under Stephanie’s search. It was the Chama mountainy area that originally scared me so bad. I talk about going down and seeing this big lake and it turns out, it wasn’t a lake and we went right into it. So now I just scream and say oh my gosh if I angle more than 5% up or down.

      • Stephanie,
        I think the road Tim refers to is Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. It is nothing short of TERRIFYING. Here’s YouTube vid – looks like camera mounted on a motorcycle, so you don’t actually have to drive it to (sort of) experience it. Unfortunately, you can’t see over the edge in this one. Maybe there are others.

      • Tim, the reason that there are no guardrails is that either the shoulder would not support them or it helps the snow plows to be able to push snow off the edge. I have a good friend who owns an old victorian house in Silverton. She would drive that highway to work in Montrose a couple of times a week, all year round.

        • On2it
          es I have been on that road and also was on the jeep trail down from the East
          I didn’t see speed limit signs in your video and I liked it, felt like I was on a roller coaster ride.
          This was antother road I was on but it could be many places like the poem and roads with no guardrails
          Road with with no guardrails to clear snow makes sense.
          So matbe there is a new saying here is like life is like a dangerouse road with no guardrails.
          put sonething else in besides life maybe if you like

    • Along with so many others, I have done a lot of research surrounding Joe Meek, and his older brother. The poem however, says “No place for the meek”. So a place Joe Meek didn’t go, or in the case of his brother, wasn’t welcome. I’ve got a general location thinking that way, but no hard spot. It all depends on if I can get out there. Which will be next week :). And luckily, living in Utah…pretty much everywhere I want to go is a 5 hour drive. Be it Montana, Wyoming, Southern Utah, and even Northern NM. Colorado isn’t far either. I’m pretty much well centered between them all.
      Add to that, I have a hybrid sports car, and I can go really fast with great gas mileage! :D. All I need is more time off.

    • We had that thought awhile back but there was just not ah ha! Yes this is perfect moment! So we moved on. If we are ever in that area we will check out the place.

      Jen Durham

  27. I don’t choose to take license on interpreting the poem.
    Literally, if “meek” was referring to a person, it would be capitalized and would not be preceded with “the”. I think it is a sidetrack and wishful thinking, IMO.

    • Stevedor,
      You know, I felt the same way… And still somewhat do. But every time I stop thinking about meek being a name, and move on…the name pops up in my next location!
      However on my most recent hunt…there is a canyon with fossils in the rocks called meek. Just thought I would share that 🙂

    • I was once in an email exchange with Forrest about the meaning of his poem. I started moving words around, like uncapitalizing Brown and capitalizing meek and he wrote back-
      “Don’t change my poem. There is no reason to change my poem.”
      So I don’t..

      • Well…that answers that. 🙂
        And it’s because of the poem being written precisely the way he wanted it, that I have still doubted the Meek theory. It just becomes too much a coincidence when I’m not even looking for him, and he shows up in my search.
        It’s also why I’m not on the same bandwagon of changing the verses around. He said to start at the beginning, and that there is no accident. So, beginning to end it is.

  28. Not sure if anyone researched this particular note… But commenting on the omegas in the back of the book…. The Omega was the symbol of the resistance movement against the Vietnam-era draft….which Forrest was a pilot. Though everything I’ve read about his entering the military seems as though he enjoyed his time served. Just thought it an interesting coincidence.
    I will say, it’s very easy to find coincidences along this journey.

    • Let me rephrase….enjoyed probably isn’t the right word for fighting a war. I mean more that he was proud to serve his country. He definitely has some tough stories. My father is 80 and was also in the Air Force…. So yeah… Enjoyed wasn’t the right word.

  29. Someone on here needs to design a t-shirt that says something like “I searched for Forrest Fenn’s treasure”. I’d buy one.

    • There’s places you can design your own online like I kind of like the running man with “I Chased Forrest Fenn’s Treasure” I kind of like the I’m with Dal from my blog…or maybe it should say I’m following Dal. FYI Dal…I’m leaving the house to go to Home Depot, so when you see I’m using my phone don’t *shiver*

        • That would be kind of fun….fun to think of funny ideas. 

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • >> T-SHIRT

        Forrest even sent out a RUNNIN MAN photo from his back yard on DALs BLOG… ROYALTIES need to be paid to produce it past a ONE-OFF I would expect.

      • I would buy one if it was going to charity… I’m not a fan of anyone trying to profit from “the Chase.” My Brother-in-Law Has a t-shirt company. I will see what he thinks. Does Forrest have a favorite charity or can anyone recommend a related charity?

    • I like it. But my shirt will say – “I spent 20K to search for the Fenn treasure and all I got was this stupid T-shirt”.
      This search is getting expensive. The flights and hotels are adding up. I need an old white truck and more time to drive around.

      • Maybe a NEW white truck would be better. First time out I spent $1,999 on two new tires and front end..King pin unlatched at 50mph on the low road south of Taos and boy was that a scary nuisance. Get outta the road boys-here I come…I have 272,000 miles on that old truck and motor now.

        • We’re only at 100k on each of our vehicles…we took two different vehicles on the first half of our trips out West till I broke through my fear of flying. I think the only car trouble we had was the squirrel nest in our mass air flow(whatever that is) we found while driving in 100+ degree Texas heat. Seemed like it was the transmission. Luckily we made it to Santa fe that trip and found a real honest dealer. It’s kind of hard to find those in Chicago.

      • I have one on my blog that says something similar…but not “all I got” it says, “All I have left is this lousy t-shirt” LOL….

        • steph
          so get your tshirts here the slogans are and only 29.95 plus tax and handling charges

          I’m a Fennaholic and can’t keep from blogging
          Chased by a Thrilll with running man sysmbol
          I found a hidey hole or where is the hidey hole
          Get away from my Hidey Hole or stop looking in my hidey hole
          I dig outhouse with outhouse symbol and shovel
          quit looking at my chest and go find f’s
          Get lost on the chase slogan with compass symbol or I got lost on the chase
          WWH is where?
          Only 9 clues and I am still clueless

          anyone one have any better silly but we could get rich!

          • I’d work on some graphics and put up a store maybe. I don’t know if anyone would buy them. I wouldn’t do them unless Forrest approved though. I like I’m a Fenner and can’t keep from blogging…..I like the I got lost on the Chase with a compass. Those are my favorites you said. How about “Hey Ranger…leave my ……alone”…oh forget it..that wouldn’t be appropriate.

  30. I’m joining this fray. Have discovered two literal and obscure places where warm waters halt, but that still leaves me at zero as to where to go. Then again, I don’t think anything literal is how the poem is to be interpreted. Could use a 50/50 partner who, like me, thinks way outside the box, and doesn’t mind starting from scratch innumerable times. Have come up with other possible clues, but that’s all they are for now, possibilities. To me, the solving is all in the poem.

    • Ava, I would be happy to collaborate with you. See my lenghty post in Nine Clues Part 4 if you want to see thinking outside the box in action. You can email me at… Oh, secret. My last name at the mail that is… Caliente! (That’s Spanish for hot, btw!). Welcome to the chase!

      • Yikes. I used a numeric code based on an old British poets meter and divided by the number of words in Bill’s email message and came up with his email address..
        It’s gr2cvax√….was I close?

  31. Beginning to end it well may be, but it seems to me that the beginning may actually involve solving a later clue that leads back to the beginning or makes the beginning make sense.

  32. Becky,
    I just lost my license but would be willing to hold your hand in the woods/ dessert. I live in the mountains of CO. Just went to NM last weekend. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. My search spot needs two people as the blaze is the sun shining through a landmark onto a nearby hillside. Kind of tough to be in two spots at once. If you can get here we could roll down and search together. But I would be more scared of people than animals. There are some crazies out there. Either way, good luck and stay safe.

    • Hey there, Toby. What license? Detective”s or driver’s? Where did you go in NM? I was born & bred in the woods on the side of a mountain here in WV so I’m no stranger to climbing through forests & across streams. But rattlesnakes & bears are a whole other issue. I watched a video of Dal trekking down some path to a waterfall, but he had to have someone with him to film his journey so he wasn’t actually alone. You would hold my hand? Really? Oh, boy! This escapade is just getting better & better.

      • Becky,

        If your location is anywhere close to people, such as National Parks and such, I wouldn’t worry much about bears. Generally you can search the internet to confirm what animals can be expected in the areas you want to go.

      • Didn’t lose it, more like it was taken away from me… Never had a license for my detector. Went to Santa Fe Nat. Forest north of Santa Fe of coarse. Found 1971 penny heads up at WWWH and a pink, fake diamond the size of of a silver dollar where I put in to go up my creek ( did you lose something Stephi? Was that you w/ the cape n ice chest?). Picked up a couple of old beer cans @ water high below heavy loads, but missed the blaze due to clouds. Had that feeling I was being watched walking out at dark. It was a very secluded area once away from the road with very little human activity. Not so sure it would be considered a special place to FF, but then again, who knows… On another note, does anyone know if FF likes to ski? Heavy loads- ski lift. Water high- agua fria mtn. Blaze- you can guess… Just a thought. Also, saw a commercial years ago about a creek or stream in WY that stops flowing on a regular basis- WWWH? Anyone know the name of that creek? Good luck to all. Watch out, I can get my lic. back in a year or so…

  33. Someone referenced a answer for Brown but would not say it due to their idea that it was not the right one….and might get searchers off track, much time later I happened across who it was. I could not link him to any where except MT, he did stay there for 10 years. But to put in below if MT was his home, would be WY. Its very interesting, and its somewhat along the lines of some of ff’s pet peves. Skip the next post if you don’t want to see it I will post this text with his name in it. It is very interesting.

  34. Its in a sentence below

    Someone referenced a answer for Brown but would not say it due to their idea that it was not the right one….and might get searchers off track, much time later I happened across who it was. I could not link him to any where except MT, he did stay there for 10 years. But to put in below if MT was his home, would be WY. barnum brown. Its very interesting, and its somewhat along the lines of some of ff’s pet peves. Skip the next post if you don’t want to see it I will post this text with his name in it. It is very interesting.Its is a sentence above.

    • Musstag , I’ve researched him before, he is most noted for his work at HCF, does have a tie to NM as well .

    • Wouldn’t say MT was his home, but yes both WY and NM has significance. And I can see why his methods would ‘peeve’ a lot of people.

  35. Slope66,

    Not talking about a geyser. The movements of warm waters is regular, on time, but occurs only during the day. May 25th is a good day to start although there will be more opportunities during the 9th month.

      • No slope66 no. The number 64 is relevant in terms of direction and distance. You will understand why warm waters move.

    • Okay I get the 64-9 tying back in the Poem near the dam but my mind is numb now and cannot for the life of me associate it with WWWH. I think I need sleep.

        • in response to slope66:

          Okay I get the 64-9 tying back in the Poem near the dam but my mind is numb now and cannot for the life of me associate it with WWWH. I think I need sleep.

          WWWH = Where Warm Waters Halt

          What 64? What are y’all talking about? Where did that come from?

          Q. What does 25 or 64 mean in the song by “chicago” ?

          A. The author of the song says the title is in reference to the time of day…25 or (2)6 minutes until 4

      • FYI Becky the poem has 6 stanzas 4 lines each. I opined that this directed you to highway 64. Originally I thought it pointed the search to the dam but several bloggers’ have changed my interpretation.

    • Wait are you talking about the eclipse? All NA will get the view of it and then partial in April. Another comes around in October. Which leads me to tides…which leads back to search area #62…..STOP the madness!! 😉

      The only other thing I can think of off-hand are flow releases.

    • Major, could you please contact me via email? I have a question for you. Thanks in advance. Contact me at: wowzraug at gmail dot com.

  36. On page 128 of his book he mentions collecting string and says that “after a year or so the ball was so large it couldn’t go through my bedroom door.” Now, at the rate of 3 pieces of strings a day (which was his goal) how long would it take to make a ball 3 feet in diameter? My guess is that it would take a lifetime. He tends to “bend a little”, so if he is bending here, why?

    • Probe It would depend on how long each piece of string was….The longer the faster

      • I am guessing that the most common string available then would be string used to wrap packages. This string would be perhaps several feet long each, but typically only white in color. His string ball was multicolored. Unless he went out of his way and launched a string-gathering campaign I don’t see how he could create a ball that size in only one year. Probably nothing to discover here regarding the treasure, but I wonder sometimes if clues are hidden in some of these hard to believe stories.

  37. Before you join up with someone to share in the chase, you might want to watch
    “Treasure of the Sierra Madre “.

    You won’t run into any Bandito’s, but whoa….personalities can turn on a dime if you get lucky.
    On second thought, you probably will have a wonderful time.

  38. Not offering to hold anyone’s hand, but if anyone is in Taos tomorrow and wants to meet up for lunch let me know. I’ll have a small window of time from probably around 11: 30 – 12:30 then back to work.

  39. Thinking of a blaze that will be around in a few thousand years, how about the constellation of ORION….the hunter.
    Someone please shoot this one down. I have Zero sextant skills!

    • There is also the Omega Centauri star cluster that is well known :). Thinking of his double Omega in the back of the book

  40. Dal, I read in the rumor section that it was a searcher who was within 500 ft and not just any random person. Is this really correct? Not saying it’s important in the grand scheme, but there’s a difference between a random tourist and a searcher who’s there on purpose and then emailed Forest about the trip.
    If they had the clues right, Forest said the person would move with confidence and find it, so it’s more likely it was a searcher passing by and would indicate the chest is within 500 ft of a road that you could drive by.

    • He has said it both ways and the distance from the chest has also changed. It’s unclear to me if this was a telling of different events or if he just related the same event two different ways. I think that’s part of the problem with putting too fine a comb on his words. They often change in the very next telling. Maybe it’s more useful to look at the bigger meaning than trying to extract detail that may not be intended.

    • It is my humble opinion that this is the person who was in the neighborhood of 500 feet, and this is how FF knows it. What I can’t figure out is why none of you commented on it, because my heart about jumped right out of my chest when I saw it. Alas, Wyoming is not in the cards for me.


      We looked around the area of “Forest Creek” near a blaze there on Cabin Creek but found nothing. We also looked in a small cave further downstream where the pinnacles of the cliff look like a blaze of fire and up the side of the opposite wall about 40 feet. We took bear spray as well as our 9mm’s(some elk hunters laughed at us and said it would only make the bears madder!) Nonetheless, we had a great time as brothers on an adventure and probably will not make it back up there anytime soon. Maybe we can visit again if we get back to Santa Fe.

      Forrest responds-

      Glad you got in the chase but bummer about not finding the treasure. Don’t give up, maybe next summer. Did you see any other caves near where you were looking? f

      • Babylon,

        I saw that months ago and I know where it is and you’re correct its not in WY.

      • Unfortunately that would be hard to confirm and secondly FF would not have left that out for us, too easy.

  41. Becky, Texas. Bill Brohawn, you are the specific person I was hoping to align with. I was about to spill some beans yesterday until I saw the backlash you got. Like you, I would like the treasure found, and I’m not so all fired greedy as it is more the solving of the riddle I like, and the gold is for me, anti-climatic, but would be nice. Hmm. Maybe Dal would be willing to send us each other’s emails if that’s acceptable to you and him.

    • People get antsy when you mention “Their Spot” or a place they’ve been but may have overlooked.

      Personally I liked BILL BROHAWN’s method. It is a good template for any interpretation of the poem.

      Bill left it all on the field… as he said, “his way of letting go” of the obsession. GOLD FEVER is worse than SPRING FEVER… SPRING FEVER can be CURED by the “FIRST LATE FROST” on you newly set plants… The CURE for GOLD FEVER is either “his way of letting go” or FINDING a certain 10″ x 10″ BRONZE BOX of 42LBS…

      • … at least 1/2 the people on this blog

        >> People get antsy when you mention “Their Spot” or a place they’ve been but may have overlooked.

        … I’m actually in the “OTHER HALF”

        >> Personally I liked BILL BROHAWN’s method. It is a good template for any interpretation of the poem.

        … GO BILL BROWAWN I say … and any others like him.

        >> The CURE for GOLD FEVER is either “his way of letting go” or FINDING a certain 10″ x 10″ BRONZE BOX of 42LBS…

        … Either way they got “CURED” and CURES are a GOOD THING.

      • >> You can write your email out. iE: Soandso at gmail dot com

        Evidently you can write it the other way too…

        Becky, the reason not to use the LITERAL EMAIL ADDRESS FORM is to PROTECT YOURSELF from SPAM… next time, just to PROTECT YOURSELF…

        “The-Beck-Inator at hotmail dot com” like MEGS & STEPH do.

        Just an aside on SAFTY. Otherwise GET a good SPAM FOLDER …

    • Ava, you are free to write at brohawn at Hotmail dot com. I was joking about my email addy being a secret. If I feared people to know my identity, I wouldn’t use my full name on this blog, nor have a Hotmail account which is just my last name. 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you.

  42. mcd777 will you email me at desmondbuckner at yahoo I’ve been trying a similar angle as you and would like someone to ping my ideas off of and I use to read your post on quest mystery .com a couple years back so I feel you would have valuable input. Thanks

    • What is it with you & beans? Spillin’ beans, fixin’ beans…I got yelled at by Megs & SantaFeSmart for posting my email address. I think I’m supossed to say the-beck-inator at hotmail dot com or some such thing. I’m sure glad they’re watching out for me. I need it. Thank y’all. Now send me some bear/rattlesnake repellant. I doubt if I’ll be smellin’ none too sweet myself. Peee-Ueeee!

  43. There are so many ways to look at the poem; I have a question that would help me wrap my brain around the poem, hopefully might help others.

    Some think the blaze is the final destination; find the blaze and look down; you are standing on the treasure. Some think the blaze leads to an area to be searched.

    However you get to the final location; either searching an area for the blaze/treasure or searching an area the blaze points you to; how big of a search area is the final location.

    Fifty square feet, a football field, a mile square, or whatever.

    • Goofy_Old_Man; Your question is: How big is the area you will be in when you find the start point?
      I don’t feel that it is germane to the goal. We know it is not far but will take a while to complete. A canyon has a low point to follow. That leads to another obvious trek/stream etc. If you are in the right place, I don’t think there will be any confusion as to where to go if you study the riddle and keep your eyes peeled. My best guess is less than 5 mi. in length and less than 30 ft. wide. It will be slow going. At least one way will be upstream/uphill (you have to come back the way you came). How deep is the canyon? Will you need a boat? These are pertinent questions. Be sure to allow for extra luggage and hope the return trip is the easy half. Of course you will have lots of adrenaline to haul out the booty but make two trips anyway if you don’t bring help.

    • The stripe of pointed light (as ‘blaze’) is what I keep imagining in order to have a satisfying answer that relieves my mind from dwelling on that question.

      I just imagine a slash of sunlight ‘points’ directly at a clump of trees. … at a certain time of day.

  44. I’m from the south, girl, and have beans growing in my garden, too many of them.

    • >> I’m from the south, girl, and have beans growing in my garden, too many of them.

      BLACK-EYED PEAS, a member of the BEAN FAMILY I SUPPOSE are considered GOOD LUCK in the SOUTH because NORTHERN SOLDIERS left them alone during the CIVIL WAR.

  45. Found any good clues with beans in them? Say, Becky, wasn’t “Deliverance” filmed in WV? I don’t know about you WV folks. II might be more askeered of you than bears. JK

    • >> They do have EASTERN DIAMONDBACK RATTLESNAKES in WV… don’t they ??

      >> Becky, wasn’t “Deliverance” filmed in WV? I don’t know about you WV folks. II might be more askeered of you than bears. JK

      According to JEFF FOXWORTHY, DELIVERANCE was filmed in GEORGIA… Something about if BEATTY couldn’t make it out of there, a FRENCHMEN in BICYCLE SHORTS… hasn’t got a chance…


    • Hey, hey – Them’s fightin’ words. “Deliverance” – Them’s my peoples. The banjo player is my twin brother. But listen, all kidding aside, my relatives were just like that. Living up some “holler”, nasty, no teeth, filthy hair, shotgun totin’, nose pickin’, butt scratchin’, tobacco spittin’, snuff rubbin’, road-kill eatin’- mountain rejects from society. I kid you not! Even spoke mountain slang impossible for an outsider to understand. Scary!

      Why is it that whatever area the treasure is hidden is not familiar to anyone besides FF? Seems like the poem should spark someones recollection. Yes? Not for those of us who have never been to the area, but there must be other people who have. Also, if there are true psychics, can they not locate the treasure? This whole thing has gotten me absolutely crazy! I’m on the hook just like one of FF’s old brown trout. I don’t like it.

      • That is so funny. When I first spoke to you about being “sheltered” earlier, I had a vision of the Appalachian Mts. Then when you said you lived in a house on the side of a hill. Again I thought Appalachian Mts. All the while I was trying not to infer hillbilly country. Being originally from Y’all’s North, I’ve been through the Appalachian Mts. in my youth. Never came across any moon shiner’s though. LOL (hope you see my humor and not take offense) 🙂

        • >> Never came across any moon shiner’s though. LOL (hope you see my humor and not take offense) 🙂

          … CORN won’t grow at all on ROCKY TOP they get their CORN from a JAR … Not Canned CORN … something more DISTILLED …

          G-Men, T-Men, REVENUER’s too looking for the place where he made his BREW …

          Mighty Mighty Please’in PAPPY’s CORN SQUEEZ’ins … mmm-burppp-hiccup … WHITE LIGHTNING.

      • no, Becky, the so-called psychics can’t tell.

        I’ve prayed that they would be blinded by God so that no one would tell where it is.

        Psychics are not from God Acts 16:16 says that divination is not from God. They are familiar spirits and therefore cannot tell you. 🙂

  46. Major,

    I am stuck on the 64 part and why warm waters have to move. Could you enlighten me a little more? If it’s something you don’t want on the blog itself can you email me at PBurr35 at yahoo dot com. Thanks,

  47. This whole thing is starting to drive me crazy. I don’t care about the gold anymore. I just want the poem correctly understood. Someone please find this thing!!!!!!

      • Pete and Bill I will email you both. Are either of you actively searching right now? Bill if you are searching you won’t need to take a sabbatical. You will find it within a day. Are your email addresses in this blog? In fact the earliest you could go is May 25 th.

        • Major,

          I did go out looking once and lost my transmission before I got there. But yes, I am prepared to schedule a flight there at any time. As soon as I can move with confidence I am on the next plane there. my email is

      • des, your profile says you’ve been on the hunt since 2010. Why so confident now?

      • Why August? If I knew where it was I’d be there tomorrow. How much are we betting here?

        • This is a game for people that have money. Just ask Dal or Step how much they’ve spent on this. I don’t have that kind of cash so it takes me a while to save up. Life comes first.

  48. I was finally able to read the “National Park Protection Act” and sure enough, unlike the National Forest Land, you can’t take a thing unless you get a permit. You can’t take anything, not even things less than 100 yrs old.
    So this is a really good question, did he hide it within the boundary of a National Park like YNP or put it somewhere outside that influence knowing that the finder would lose it if caught?
    I’m searching in areas that are right on the boundary, so maybe I can cheat it a little and concentrate outside the actual line.
    If I did find it within a National Park, I guess I would have to go in peace and either make up a new location for the media or just keep quiet. If it’s the latter, I probably would rehide the relics and get rid of the chest before I get caught with it. Too bad our government is so punitive to what is clearly an activity that is non of their business.

    • Hi Stevador….I’m sorry I had to use your comment to reply to desperado88 but he has no reply. I wanted to ask desperado if he is real, real sure it can’t be figured out in a few months, I think it can. My problem is I’m in the same boat he is in.

      • If that was the case, this blog would not be here. Time = wisdom. My next post on here will be in mid Aug. Yea im that confident but isn’t everyone ?

  49. If you’re that sure just let me know where it is. I’ll run pick it up and split it with you. If we wait til August someone else might find it.

  50. I’m starting to see clues in everything…….Earlier today Dal posted a nice piece from Fenn about how he helped Glenna Goodacre. The post also shows a quarter designed by her and a picture of Vietnam Women’s Memorial also designed by her.

    There is a smaller replica of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial by Glenna Goodacre at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in Angle Fire.

    Just a coincidence?

    • Goofy-
      I looked at the veterans memorial in Angel Fire the first time I went out…After deciding it was not in the gorge I moved up to Angel Fire. I even made the clues in the poem put me there…right up to the blaze. I could not find a blaze there…and yes..I did look inside the HU1E. I even looked around the creek nearby.

      • @Dal,
        That’s funny, you looked in the helicopter…….I’m glad the veteran’s memorial was on your list for your first trip. I’ve been trying to find a way to put it close to a veteran’s cemetery/memorial/park since I first started looking because of his military service. I just couldn’t make anything fit.

        Thanks for the reply……….On to the next spot.

      • When we were at the memorial, we found a geocache hidden under a stone by a tree. We had found a memorial marker for a soldier with the last name of Brown. It was a part of the memorial next to a steep hill. So, we looked down, saw the tree and walked to it. Can you imagine the heart beating when we saw the rock, picked it up and found the tupperware container – not a bronze box, but still… Inside the cache was a page marked 5-5-08 with the initials “F.F.!” Even if it has been searched, it is worth seeing…

  51. I’ve tried to make this point in a number of places in the blog, but it seems to keep popping up. NO ONE NOWS FOR SURE THAT THE TREASURE IS EVEN GOING TO BE LOCATED ON GOVERNMENT LAND. Sorry to use the caps this time, but the point I’ve been trying to make is this.

    Fenn is not very friendly when it comes to the government. Especially when they confiscated a number of his artifacts and though they never charged him with any crimes, they wouldn’t return his property.

    My feeling is this. If Fenn was to bury his treasure, I am certain he wouldn’t want the government getting their hands on it. I would almost guarantee this. Granted I’m not going to tell everyone that I know this for a fact, because I don’t. Ask yourselves if you think he would start this treasure hunt knowing people would get in trouble. It wouldn’t be in your or his best interest. I just hope (wish) this issue wouldn’t keep coming up. It is such a useless distraction.

    • germanguy, you know that I am a supporter of the private property theory with the caveats that FF has control of the land and the land is open to the public.(i.e. privately owned camp ground, lodge, etc). The caveats are to prevent a person from being shot or arrested while searching and removing the chest.

      However, I ask you, is property considered abandoned when on private land. If someone stores their antique car on some of their vacant land; you just can’t take the car saying it was abandoned. Whereas, if they stored it on public land, you could probably say it was abandoned.

      Also, seeing that FF does not see a real problem with digging a hole on public land, he might not see a problem with hiding his chest on public land. I am starting to lean towards the chest could be anywhere; Indian, public, or private. There probably will be legal issues associated with finding the chest no matter where it is. I am not an attorney and I recommend that any serious seeker should consult with one. Remember, ignorance of the law is no defense.

      • Say someone INTENTIONALLY leaves property on private land. Someone walks by, see it and picks it up. Who now owns it. The person in whose possession the property is now. If I’m not mistaken, there is a time limit in which it meets the definition of abandoned. Fenn has had it out there long enough to meet that time limit. Now the question becomes, whether or not the private property owner can claim that since it was on his land, he is the new owner. Not true. The one to find it claims title. And since Fenns poem says “I give you title to the gold” the title is in favor of the one who finds it. Had the land owner found it first, then of course he takes title.

      • @germanguy,
        I’m certainly not a lawyer…..but I don’t think you are correct. By simply being on private property without permission you are trespassing. I know a couple of guys that hunt meteorites; even if the treasure falls from outer space it still belongs to the property owner. You have to prove ownership (title) of an item and then you still have to have permission or go through proper authorities to retrieve your property. This is still true even if the property owner allows the public to enter; parking in an undesignated spot for example can get really expensive.

        Just a word to the wise, be very careful about trespassing.

      • I know it’s been said here before, but I lived in Texas for 23 years and when we talked about trouble we always said “you’re up sh*t creek without a paddle.” I’m not convinced that “there be no paddle up your creek” is not a clue but it might not be. It might be a warning.

    • Has anyone just thought about making your claim site on FF property. I don’t think he would care. Issue solved…..

  52. Becky, you’re a hoot, and I’m glad you didn’t take offense at my reference to Deliverance.

    german guy, I’m with you. I think the last people FF would want to get their hands on his treasure are any .gov people. I feel certain he took that into account in such a way as to thumb his nose at them. So where does that leave us? Me thinks perhaps it is on private, unfenced property, close to a road. Think trail head where cars are parked and everyone’s got a backpack. I have to believe he was concerned for people’s safety as well as his own. If I was him, I would not knowingly place people in jeopardy.

  53. I am excited to get out and search again in a few weeks. I’ve completely enjoyed the research, comradery, and just tuning into all of the great ideas throughout the search so far. I’ve got a doozy of an idea for “home of Brown” and am pretty excited to test the theory. It did involve some big thinking and layers to get to it and it’s in a spot that suites Forrest. The west is a BIG place and it seems like this poem could fit into many good locations. At the least ,we’ll all get to see some great natural places…

  54. I didn’t see The Robb Report article on Dal’s list and it seems an abbreviated version of Margie Goldsmith’s earlier interview, but what I found telling was the last question in the article….

    “How do you like to travel?
    I’ve always been independent and somewhat impulsive, and I like to do things without a goal or strategy. There’s a freedom in not making decisions until the last minute. My best hours have been flying at 500 feet, looking for Indian ruins or following a river through a winding canyon, not knowing or caring where I might spend the night—even sleeping on a riverbank if there’s no motel. My wife cringes when I tell her these things, because she thinks roughing it means no room service. But she’s always allowed me to just go do it. How can life get better than that?”

    March 2012

  55. “Put in below the home of Brown”.

    “the home” implies it is the one and only home. If it were one of many homes, it should read “a home”.

    “of Brown” implies a singular name, place, or thing. If it were many Browns, then it should read “of the Brown” or “of the Browns”.

    So, I now think that we put in below a unique location that is/was the home of a unique person, place, or thing. A Brown trout stream (which is actually brown trout stream) would not qualify. A Brown Indian/Spanish abode would not qualify unless there is/was an Indian/Spaniard called Brown. Brown could be a singular person. Brown could be a place such as a lake’s name. Brown could be a thing’s name such as a company/corporation.

    “Put in below” might not be apparent until you reach “the home of Brown. “Put in below” could mean: stop driving and start searching by foot below, stop driving and camp below, obtain a permit for a camp spot below, rent a cabin below, or some other action below.

    But then, FF admits that he sometimes makes up words. Maybe he sometimes makes up names too?

    If this has been discussed before, I apologize.

    • Dollarbill
      I have thought the same thing… it must be “the” one and only home of Brown. However, it would be “the” home of Brown if you were on the right path to begin with. (wwwh, canyon down, etc…) Maybe “the” only one that you come upon when you start at the right place. I think I posted somewhere before that around here in New England, “the” home of Brown is Providence RI. I’ve looked to see what “the” home of Brown could be for the Rocky Mt area and didn’t find one distinct place that could serve as the answer though. Good thinking!!!

      • Thanks oakleygirl, I agree that you probably need to get to the general location of the home of Brown before you become aware it. I too have tried to find the home of Brown in the Rockies, but no reasonable hits, mostly politicians. Let us know if you have any great revelations after reading FF’s book; i.e., other than checking yourself into an asylum.

  56. Major English, I’m completely perplexed by the May 25 thing. I know there’s a full moon that day and a partial eclipse but how does that affect the “Chase”? And there isn’t another eclipse until the 10th month, not in the 9th. So maybe you aren’t referring to the moon at all? I need to get back to work, but this is driving me crazy 🙂 Could you give us another clue or email me one? chadwick at comcast dot net

  57. Quote for today, in memory of Margaret:

    ” Just walk, and sooner or later, you’ll get somewhere. “

  58. The poem itself looks to contain almost all the information necessary to begin the solve.

    As an example, is the missing “X”, taken as the blaze (read also blazon, and blason, as in the Blason de Clovis, frogs).

    “now list TEN good” – roman X
    “I’ve done it tired” – salTIRED , X

    Good Luck,

  59. astree,

    I like your idea. I’ve been thinking that the exact “X” spot is in the last stanza. Your idea might be verifying that for me.

    You given me more to ponder and decipher. thanks


    • JD,

      Righto, his use of the “wise” is mutli-layered. “W (eyes)” and “Y”‘s bracket the X.

      Good Luck, Look C Gud,

  60. About this deal about ownership if the treasure is found on Federal land. I don’t think Forrest wants to get the Feds involved. I know that I don’t want to get the Feds involved. So, why would I go on national television and point to a map and say I found it right here? The only person that can tell the Feds where the treasure was found is the finder. So, keep that part quiet! What does everyone else think about disclosing the location or even that they found it? Are you inclined to have your 15 minutes of fame on national TV, or just take it home and not tell anyone, or something inbetween?

    • “take the chest and go in peace”.. i don’t get all the fuss over where it’s at either… find it and take it. contact forrest and decide what to do or not…

  61. If any of you find it and decide to keep it quiet please leave a bottle in the spot with a note in it to future searchers letting them know the spot was correct!

  62. Good Morning, All. Here’s my question of the day – When the treasure is finally located, then what? I mean does the person just carry it away & go back home? Who do you tell? Would that person just walk around lugging the gold & jewels, hoping nobody sees the ear-to-ear grin? Take it on a bus, a train, a plane? What? How? Heavy, heavy, HEAVY! Even after arriving home with the treasure – what then? Shove it in a safe & tell nobody? Seems kinda difficult to me. I need a plan.

    • Becky 1st handle the problem of locating it then if you handled that then worry about the 2nd problem. Don’t overwhelm yourself with problems when you haven’t located the Chest yet. Locating the Chest will be a good problem to have which I’m sure many on here would agree.

    • Becky,
      I believe those things need some consideration. If you fly to NM and rent a car, how will you get it home? I can’t see trying to take it through TSA screening. They may even question your right of ownership. I know the community here would like to know when it is found, but do you want everyone to know it was you. What kinf of problems will it create when your neighbors, friends and family find out? What about your WV relatives?

      • John I understand that your reply is directed towards Becky but in my personal opinion those are wonderful problems to have…and I’m ready for them.

    • Becky,
      I posted a couple of suggestions over in Odds and Ends about carrying it out and a possibility for thwarting the guvmint if it’s an issue. A lot of the folks here seem to agree that going straight to Fenn himself is a good idea. To complicate this, though, are his stalkers, so one would have to contact him to work out a plan first, I think.

      Seems like if you have to travel, wrapping things up in bubble wrap so it doesn’t rattle and then shipping them to yourself in several different boxes might work. Insured to the max, of course. The TSA people would have it in an instant if they saw it with their x-rays.

      • Becky, I’ve considered this as well. First, if you have a rental car when you find it, drive that sucker home with the treasure in the trunk! Most larger companies have one-way rentals, but even if they don’t, you’d have enough cha-ching to buy the car!

        Second, Amtrak = no TSA

  63. Just FYI, I just ordered my book at the end of March from Collected Works. It was shipped on April 2nd and arrived today. I live in MA, so hopefully those expecting books will receive theirs soon as well. Looking forward to having more input on the clues after I finish! However, if you miss a day on this blog, you can easily spend the day reading this to catch up. 🙂 I feel like I am so behind everyone else!

    • HI Oakleygirl, I live in MA also and mine arrived today as well. I ordered mine about the same time as you. Can’t wait to read it!

        • Sorry Casey. Didn’t realize Dal hired someone else to monitor his blog.

      • lol i didnt mean it like that.. just anxious to what you think and it will be far easier to find on that link ..enjoy

      • Casey
        Sorry to get off topic! I was going to ask Dal to remove my last post.
        Have you read the book yet? I’ve asked on here before to anyone that’s read it already…. do you think it helps or adds more confusion to the poem after reading the book? I know ff said to read it once to enjoy then reread it to look for hints to the clues in the poem.

      • i’m not the police, lol sorry if my comment came across that way.. just read it last night, for what it is.. and will again for the “subtle hints”.. in my opinion it doesnt complicate matters unless maybe you’re too focused on everything being a clue..

      • Oakleygirl, Steve,
        Just received my book in Maryland today, too. Reading chapters tonite between blog clicks. Sorry to see ff said today that e-mails have gotten too extensive to read all.

    • oakleygirl you shouldn’t feel as if you are so far behind everyone else…IT HASN’T BEEN FOUND! So oakleygirl everyone is on the same boat or rather I say on the same pirate ship! Jump on board and get to solving this and go claim title to the gold!

  64. If you find it contact Forrest. He can give you options/advice and besides he wants a bracelet back that he put in it. Then write a “Ficticous” book (under a pen name perhaps if you don’t want the notoriety) about how you found it and what you did with it so we can all sleep at night 🙂

  65. 45 1 H4V3 GON3 ALON3 1N 7H3R3
    4ND W17H MY 7R345UR35 B0LD
    1 C4N K33P MY 5ECR37 WH3R3
    4ND H1N7 0F RICH35 N3W 4ND 0LD

    B3G1N 17 WH3R3 W4RM W473R5 H4L7
    4ND 74K3 17 1N 7H3 C4NY0N D0WN
    N07 F4R, BU7 700 F4R 70 W4LK
    PU7 1N B3L0W 7H3 H0M3 0F BR0WN

    FR0M TH3R3 17’5 N0 PL4C3 F0R 7H3 M33K
    7H3 3ND 15 DR4W1NG 3V3R N1GH;
    7H3R3’11 B3 N0 P4DD13 UP Y0UR CR33K
    JU57 H34VY L04D5 4ND W473R H1GH

    1F Y0U’V3 B33N W153 4ND F0UND 7H3 BL4Z3
    L00K QU1CKLY D0WN, Y0UR QU357 70 C3453
    BU7 74RRY 5C4N7 W17H M4RV3L G4Z3
    JU57 74K3 7H3 CH357 4ND G0 1N P3453

    50 WHY 15 17 7H47 1 MU57 G0
    4ND L34V3 MY 7R0V3 F0R 4LL 70 533K?
    7H3 4N5W3R5 1 4LR34DY KN0W
    1’V3 D0N3 17 71R3D, 4ND N0W 1’M W34K

    50 H34R M3 4LL 4ND L1573N G00D
    Y0UR 3FF0R7 W1LL B3 W0R7H 7H3 C0LD
    1F Y0U 4R3 BR4V3 4ND 1N 7HE W00D
    1 G1V3 Y0U 717L3 70 7HE G0LD

    • louderback1960 that’s it, it’s confirmed, you have completely flipped out…total GOLD FEVER!

    • I think it explains pretty well up above that you only need to put “blahblahblah at chickenliver dot whatever” to hide your email address from naughty people…seems like a lot of work there to hide your addy. That being said, I am running your digits through a codex as we speak.

      • Thanks Dollar…but that was meant to be tongue-in-cheek…guess I forgot to put LOL.

        But seriously, I really do value your posts…no LOL intended.

      • Scott, I thought that you might have been secretly LOL. Weighed it, then made the wrong guess, as usual. LOL

      • BTW, spot on with the “home of Brown” dissection above…caveat as always…”IMHO”.

    • I see it! That’s IT! Numbers are the key! ROFLMFAO!

      But seriously, just to prove YOU CAN READ ANYTHING you like into this &%!-ing poem…

      Has anyone ever thought of it in a… um… well…

      What I mean to say is… uh… … well… you know!

      Puts a whole new light on the thing…

      As I have gone alone in there (I should hope so!)

      I can keep my secret where (please do!)

      Take it in the canyon down (self-explanatory…)

      Too far to walk (too often men have to crawl… sigh)

      Put in below the home of Brown (that one is dependent on position…)

      Let’s not even talk about the end drawing nigh and heavy loads….

      Please don’t yell at me! I know, it’s sick and terrible! Immature! Classless! Tasteless!
      But I couldn’t resist the joke to relieve some of my frustration with this so-called “poem!”
      It’s all smoke and mirrors! GARRRRRRGH!

      OK, I’m… better now… …. really…. I’m sorry if I offended anyone…

      “I’m ready… I’m ready for the laughing gas… I’m ready…. ready for what’s next” (U2)

  66. Has anyone been able to apply more than a few clues to their “spot”? Who has better than 4 of 9 clues?


        HOW MANY DIFFERENT SPOTS in HOW MANY DIFFERENT STATES have you be able to apply the clues to …


        COST OF THE CHASE $$

      • The Wolf
        Me and nobody have matched ten but we still can’t find the chest so we are baffled and do not know what to do. I quess we go back and search the area again because there was like 30 + hidey holes and we did not look in all of them, oh and it was on state grazing land so no feds just cows.
        So did we look down in the wrong direction after finding a blaze maybe so, now we have to go back and look down looking farther south to another blaze and search there. I have blazes up to here but
        I think I have narrowed them down to the one f might have put the chest.
        Am I Confusing you by this, join the crowd so are me and nobody.
        Oh I was near many Browns, including cows if you wat to count them and I had to be brave and I had a reference to not far and had a distance that is too far to walk, I saw alot of creeks, saw a tarry scant along with a marvel gaze and It was cold really cold but there were only patches of snow.
        I am not making this up but you can fit the poem into many many areas and still be wrong especially when you have nobody along. True story but I am not going to tell you where.
        Now I am thinking we have all this wrong and the poem is figurative not physically descriptive.

          • Jen
            Yes half for me and the other half for nobody
            then a contribution to the butterly foundation afterward.

          • Please direct the butterfly foundation to provide better more accurate descriptions for kids!! 😉 j

            Sent from my iPhone

          • jen
            Boy before that last post of yours I thought you were a harmless butterfly but maybe you are jen the tiger. Hope you stick up for me like that when I need it and I will always admire and backup the tiger butterfly.

          • Well Leo is my star sign. Not that I get into astrology at all. But I do prefer to to be sweet an soft and harmless looking flitting around like a flutterby, but I can be fiercely loyal! Perhaps much like the Africa butterfly….. I got your back Tim! 😉 j

      • But that doesn’t mean I’m right because none of us will know for sure until we are able to get to our “secret spot”.

    • 😯 That is amazing 😯

      I think I’m being too critical of my spots.

    • The spot I’ve recently been researching fulfills all the clues, save one: the blaze. But I believe one may not know what the blaze is (or where it is) until one has found the location of the “home of Brown” and has physically been there. I’m going to my spot this coming week. Wich me luck

    • I narrowed the search area to a 50 foot radius based on the clues in the book and poeim, and actually found a pretty convincing blaze mark within that area, but no treasure. I will return.

      • >> Didn’t Find It, I Will Return.

        EXACTLY, just because you didn’t find it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

        The SAME People on the blog telling where they’ve been like, you can cross that place off your list are the SAME People against opening up a SPECIFIC LOCATION CLUE DISCUSSION, like if they didn’t find it at the SPECIFIC location they just discussed, the box can’t be there.

        Just because you didn’t find it folks, does not mean that it wasn’t there.

        In my Humbled Opinion. Open up the NEW BLOG for SPECIFIC DISCUSSION, those that don’t want to READabout about SPECIFICS don’t have to look… IMHO.

        Don’t let GOLD FEVER cloud your judgement on one of AMERICA’s CORE VALUES, FREE SPEECH. Some people just need to get GOLD FEVER off of their chests and move on. ( ONE POST PLEASE, not like the guy who was trying to team up in ANGEL FIRE the oter day, there’s already a blog for that )

        Have the BLOG prohibit making a claim to the treasure later. if someone else finds it on their description.

        • Dal doesn’t have to give you your right to freedom of speech. I mean it’s up to him, I’m not even making a suggestion to him….Make your own blog and tell everyone you want them to supply you with as many answers to locations as possible, because you want to locate the treasure without figuring it out yourself.

          • Watch out boys! Us ladies are on a role tonight! *Painting our toenails orange with black stripes!* ROAR! j

          • Steph, with all due respect, that’s the trouble with GOLD FEVER and limiting FREE SPEECH of others…

            Chad in MN / Apr 8 2013 7:58 am When we were at the memorial, we found a geocache hidden under a stone by a tree. We had found a memorial marker for a soldier with the last name of Brown. It was a part of the memorial next to a steep hill. So, we looked down, saw the tree and walked to it. Can you imagine the heart beating when we saw the rock, picked it up and found the tupperware container – not a bronze box, but still…

            DAL looked in the HUEY at ANGELFIRE, but still didn’t find the GEO CACHE… DAL thought ANGELFIRE was a GOOD PLACE to look, otherwise why look in the HUEY, but again still didn’t find the GEO CACHE…

            Just because DAL didn’t find the GEOCACHE or BRONZE BOX at ANGELFIRE doesn’t mean the GEOCACHE or BBRONZE OX at ANGELFIRE wasn’t there at some time or EVEN when DAL was there… is my point.

            If Forrest got “Chad in MN” off the couch, then FORREST’s mission was accomplished…

            I have been “Off the couch many times”, others need more convincing… others just like BILL just need to LET IT GO… and get on with LIFE… even FORREST is letting the chase go to finish his books…

            There is nothing wrong with BILL or FORREST letting the chase go to get on with their LIFE for their own SPECIFIC reasons. Just because someone thinks it is WRONG to discuss specifics, does not make it WRONG.

            Taking discussions OFF-LINE is just another way to hold people accountable… which was DAL’s concern… making it a PRE-REQUESITE for posting fixes that problem.

          • I’m sure if someone wants to lay their whole interpretation out for everyone to see, they can do it in the Nine Clues thread just as well as a separate one. I just can’t see that very many people besides Bill WANT to share their thoughts on their WHOLE solution. I think most searchers want to either go out on their own or maybe team up with one or two other people to check out their theories and if correct, share the treasure with their partners. I really don’t see any infringement of Freedom of Speech here. How do you figure it does? Just because Dal hasn’t started a separate thread?

          • I agree, no separate thread necessary, just don’t beat up the next guy like BILL that comes along with a reasonable SPECIFIC POST…

            It does seem that BILL is still around, and that is OKAY too…

            Someone is going to finally have to watch someone with-in ARMS length walk away in PEACE, if the response to BILL was severe by 50% of the post and the other 50% were okay with it…

            Just saying get ready to “let it go”. ONLY one PERSON will have TITLE to the GOLD. Even though BOTH people were OFF the COUCH…

          • I just disagree. Forrest also said to think. I think it’s one thing to toss out some ideas and it’s another to lay out entire solutions that haven’t been tried. Why do you want those solutions so bad? Also, Dal has not stop anyone’s freedom of speech. Just because he might not want to open a new thread with what you say, doesn’t mean he’s doing that. He let Bill’s solution on here. To be honest I was so frustrated once that I was going to do just list my solution and I just couldn’t do it to Forrest(if it was right) or to other searchers who might have had the same thought….because I feel it’s also a game. I’m fine if you disagree….this is just the way I think is all. I tend to not think like others…so I’m probably on the wrong end of the disagreement.

    • I do. Missing tired and weak though I am not sure if it is part of a clue or not.

    • I thought I had all nine clues… put them up here for all to see, too. What did I know?

      When I was so dang sure, I got (extra) cocky and sent FF a little poem of my own.

      Here’s how it went:

      Mr. Fenn,

      The title’s drawing to a close,
      The heady crop of what you’ve sown.
      The soil your bounty lies you chose
      Shall soon to the whole world be known.

      The wise look round with little eyes
      At switchback trails near forest roads,
      And turn their gaze with sparse surprise,
      Not far off from the home of Bode’s.

      I wish to share my thoughts more plain,
      I can’t move quick to claim your chest,
      But wanted you to know my name,
      Who thinks his answers solve your test.

      I’d like to send you my solution
      I don’t now ask you to confirm,
      I merely seek your vindication
      Once the chase has come full term.

      Having fun with it! Thank you, sir!

      William Brohawn M.D.
      Tupelo, MS

      Here’s what he wrote back, in typical FF doublespeak fashion:

      He’s one who seeks the bounty full,
      And hopes to find it fast and go.
      But maybe he’ll find Sitting Bull,
      And take him back to Tupelo.

      So… is Sitting Bull his way of saying I’d find squat (which I did)? Or that I’m a bullspitter?

      Is it a clue to learn more about the life of Sitting Bull to help on the chase?

      Or is Sitting Bull his cute nickname for the treasure chest (sitting out there in the wood somewhere), and he’s encouraging me I’m close with my solution?

      Just like the poem itself… read into it what you want to… only FF himself (and The Shadow) knows just what he means. I don’t know… Maybe he needs his dose of Aricept upped!

      • Since he owns his pipe…maybe he’s insinuating your smoking something with that solution? (just teasing). Cool you got a poem response back like that….and funny too.

  67. Dal, even though I think that the clues point to being wise about finding the chest, some of your bloggers believe that planning for the finding of the chest is important while others do not. Do you think that a new blog thread separate from the nine clues is appropriate for those with concerns?

    • I agree but Dal should also open-up a new blog that is strictly to those of us who believe we have solved the Poem and the Trove’s secret hiding place. But Dal will have to place a “WARNING” stating that these comments are from crazy and confident Chasers who believe they have solved that Poem and are giving out their thoughts as to the whereabouts of the Trove, or approx. vicinity of the Trove, and if you so choose to follow their belief or thoughts it’s at your own risk. Something along those lines. Anyways Dal should create this type of blog so that we can really post our thoughts as to the actual location, with solid facts pertaining to the Poem and Book, of the Trove as we believe. It would make things fun, more interesting, and more competitive…THRILL OF THE CHASE! Let’s get this Blog truly going with real factual stuff, with videos and photos!!! With hard evidence backing our claim to it’s true location!

      • With respect VGBOSS, I disagree on giving exact locations simply because that would give an unfair advantage to folks who happen to live in the area and can check the spots anytime they want without incurring any major expense, whereas most of us are located all over the country and have to scrimp and save in order to make even one trip per year.

        So rather than making it more competitive as you suggest, I would argue that it would make it less competitive.

        Example, let’s say I think I have it figured out and I post my location and solution. It takes me 2.5 days to get there by train. By the time I got to the spot a half dozen local searchers would have easily beaten me to it if they thought my solution was worth a look. Also, as Stephanie said the other day, it’s unfair to those who have been on this thing for years and have spent thousands just to have someone blurt it out and a *newbie* (no offense intended) grabs the idea and scores on their first try without having to do any work themselves except for signing on to this blog.

        Just my 2 cents, IMHO, LOL and all the other disclaimers 😉

        • I would like to see DAL open up another blog for PRECISE LOCATION talk… no one has priority to the CHASE…

          If you don’t want to SIGN onto the NEW BLOG because CLUES are being INTERPRETED so SPECIFICALLY, then that of course is your CHOICE…

          EVERYONE lives FAR away from SOME PLACE in the ROCKIES… the ROCKIES span several STATES and go UP and DOWN in ELEVATION… and if you’ve driven in the ROCKIES, its no joke about BRAKE JOBS for LIFE indeed.

          To get a get a LOCAL off the COUCH… is the stated PURPOSE of the CHASE…

          Trying to LIMIT the FREE-SPEECH of OTHERS because just because they seem to be getting too close to your spot, or havn’t put in the time as you see it, is not the AMERICAN WAY… FREE SPEECH trumps all… in my humble opinion.

          • I’ve been thinking. And thinking hard. My brain hurts. f has made my brain work with this chase! j

          • I’m dying to get out there! I just don’t feel anything is solid enough yet. I’ve chased a lot of dead ends the last few days. I even went on a Brownie chase because of HOB. (Google HOB, they clean your house for you ha!) You would crack up if you knew half the stuff I’ve thought of lately!!


          • >> Forrest wants us to Think…

            Steph, Then why discuss the NINE CLUES at all ?

            In discussing Specifics BLANE did it wrong (sending people to click into his personal site)…

            but BILL did it right (a single post that IS a good templete for any Spot’s Specifics no matter where you think your spot is, you can use BILL’s template to think it through as you say Forrest wants us to do)…

            …just because DAL (and others) didn’t find the box it ANGELFIRE, doesn’t mean that BLANE will not… bless his heart.

            …What if the guy shooting COLORED NAILS into the CREEK that DAL met was just trying to throw DAL off the trail using Scouting as a cover ??

            … if GOLD FEVER makes us capable of LIMITING the FREE SPEECH of OTHERS, what else are we capable of.

            There’s no HARM in what BILL did, his stated goal was to LET IT GO, to cure his GOLD FEVER… making a separate deal to keep him in mind, that was wrong… and can be a PRE-REQUISITE for posting… but taking a SPECIFIC discussion OFF-LINE… is EXACTLY the same thing between TWO people who will seek the HOLD the other ACCOUNTABLE… I say air it out in public.

            The ONLY CURE for “SPRING FEVER” is a late Spring FROST on newly set PLANTS…

            The ONLY CURES for “GOLD FEVER” is Let it Go, like BILL, or Find the Box.

            … If “Elite Searchers” will discuss where they have been, what is the difference… just because an “Elite Searcher” didn’t find it at ANGELFIRE doesn’t mean it wasn’t there… like the guy who found the “Brown Headstone” and ANGELFIRE and found the GEOCACHE…

            … any chance someone left the GEOCACH after they REMOVED the BOX …

      • VG-
        Are you kidding…WARNING..ha! that will be the most frequently read post on this blog…
        I wonder if people will try to hold the folks accountable who list their solutions if it turns out the treasure cannot be found there? Some people are like that.

        • >> VG-
          >> Are you kidding…WARNING..ha! that will be the most frequently read post on this blog…

          >> I wonder if people will try to hold the folks accountable who list their solutions if it turns out the treasure cannot be found there? Some people are like that.

          NOTE: CAPITALIZATION is for BOLDING & EMPHASIS, not shouting…

          >> try to hold the folks accountable
          WHEN PEOPLE GO OFF-LINE to EMAIL, that is EXACTLY what is HAPPENING… and this BLOG is the CATAYLST.

          Make it a REQUIREMENT that PEOPLE on the NEW “SPECIFICS” BLOG can NOT hold the folks accountable and that REPORTERS REPORT and SEARCHERS SEARCH at THEIR OWN RISK.

          Every time you tell us where you (DAL) have been, you are doing the SAME thing and leaving us to assume that just because you did not find it there, we can cross it off of our list… Just because “one” does not find the box at a SPECIFIC location does not mean that the box was not there.

          If Telling people they can’t DISCUSS the NINE CLUES down to SPECIFICS on this BLOG offends ELITE SEARCHERS, then CREATE a BLOG where FREE SPEECH ( not the ANGEL FIRE GUY repetition to his facebook or whatever page ) but where AMERICA’s FREE SPEECH can prevail above the ojections of those on the blog who would limit FREE SPEECH or HOLD the SPEAKER BACK …

          The ONLY CURE for GOLD FEVER is to EITHER FIND the BOX, or get it off their CHEST.

          • I don’t think Dal has really commented if he likes or doesn’t like when people give out an entire solution without having checked it out….it’s been me that has said I’d like to play the game and don’t want to see someone find it that was just following someone else’s idea from online. I think talking a few ideas here or there and saying where it isn’t is different…but maybe someone has a problem with that. Let them say and maybe my mind will be changed with what they say. I just think Forrest did this as a good will gesture to all of us and to try and find a way to take someone else’s solution so you can hurry up to that location to see if it’s there…isn’t what he was hoping for. That’s just my perception and opinion. Night all.

          • >> it’s been me that has said I’d like to play the game and don’t want to see someone find it that was just following someone else’s idea from online.

            Even if it MEETS “Forrest’s STATED GOAL” in the chase of getting “PEOPLE of the COUCH” ?

            Forrest is SATISFIED enough that he is going to let it go work on his books and revisit the chase once a month on the TODAY SHOW…

            BILL is SATISFIED that he can let it go after leaving his interpretion and method …

            There was nothing wrong with what BILL did… but I respect your right to disagree, even while I disagree that it was actaully wrong to tell BILL to “shut up”…

            No one wants to see the person in front of them carrying off the chest “after being so close”, but what you do if you were within arms length of the person carrying the bronze box out, after all, FORREST has given THEM TITLE to the GOLD… you can no longer claim it…

            Would you let them go in PEACE as FORREST wants or say something to them… you have to be ready to “LET IT GO”, after all BOTH you and that PERSON in front of you carrying the BRONZE BOX are “BOTH OFF the COUCH”, but ONLY ONE OF YOU has TITLE TO THE GOLD.

            There was NOTHING wrong with BILL being so specific in his post and we will just have to “AGREE to DISAGREE” about how wrong it was for “ANYONE” to tell BILL to “shut up”.

          • I never said shut up to bill. I don’t talk like that. Forrest said more than he just wanted people off the couch. I don’t think he meant get off the couch and go to the location someone else told you about to see if they were right. He wanted them to think too. He also didn’t say he was giving up on this…he’s just not devoting any time to emails, facebook and the phone…or giving interviews etc. Doesn’t mean that he isn’t still going to watch and know what’s going on when he takes a break from his writing and spending time with his family. You still didn’t answer why you feel you need to hear other people’s solutions so badly. I’m not in the mood to debate though…so you don’t even have to answer. I’m done for the night.

          • Now I feel like I’m at a political debate. That was SO last year! 😉 Lets move on peeps! We have a treasure to find! Who’s up for that?! j

      • @Steve
        I understand what you are saying; I don’t see any problem with blurting out exact locations if that’s what a person wants to do. It could lead to someone finding the treasure like Dal that knows the person is wrong but provides him the one speck of information that makes everything fit and leads him straight to the treasure. (Most likely scenario in my opinion).

        It could be a total red herring and all the newbie’s head to a completely bogus spot, while Dal has complete privacy when he gets the treasure……If I owned a restaurant or tourist trap guess where the clues I (and all my relatives) posted would lead. 😆

        Is it fair for Fenn to be handing out clues every month for the next eight months? Couldn’t that lead to a newbie or local searcher knowing exactly where to go? Perhaps all the veteran searchers should sign a petition and send it to Fenn saying how unfair all the new clues are to them.

        I know Dal has made trips in the early days that the later clues have disqualified.

        I can here Fenn’s answer to the petition now: Who told you people life was fair? 🙂

        • I agree completely Goofy…I too can see Forrest shake his head and then ask aloud, why it’s not okay to run this race the way HE wants since it’s HIS treasure and HIS race…
          If Forrest’s rules disgust people, just don’t play. But at any rate whining won’t get folks a darn thing.

    • It wouldn’t matter what he called the thread – it would become filled with things that are MEANINGLESS to the 9 clues or anything else, just as this one has

  68. I’ve noticed that most people itemize the “heavy loads and high water.” sentence as a single clue, but tend to discuss it as if it’s two separate clues ( a-heavy loads, b-high water). So what do most folks thinks…one clue or two?

    • Heavy loads can be interpreted in many ways, i personally don,t regard it as a place descriptor but as a reference to his having to make two trips carrying the treasure to its location, in regards to “water high” maybe had to walk up a trail where there was a lake or some other water source. just my take on that phrase. I would like to see some feedback on this if anyone cares to.

      • @Ragnar of Loky,
        I think that’s the challenge and “key” to the poem………Which lines are descriptors, which are directions, which are locations; are the clues metaphorical or literal. A small change in the way one looks at the poem changes the poem drastically.

        Heavy loads and water high could certainly be as you described; others think it is a location, a road over a spillway for example.

        Is the whole poem a trick (wouldn’t that be like Fenn the Coyote to do): A college professor gave an important exam, the exam was broken out in different sections (as most exams are) i.e. In the following section pick the best answer to the question; the next section says, in the following section pick the answer that does not fit the statement.

        The first instruction of the exam says to carefully read through the entire exam and then proceed answering the questions according to the instruction to each section. The last instruction of the several page exam says to disregard all of the above sections, be sure you have put your name on the exam and turn it in.

  69. This may have been discussed but I can not find it. Does anyone know why sometimes there is a title to the poem when it is posted in articles, “Where the Treasure Lies”. I just see it is titled simply, “The Poem” on the Old Santa Fe page and in the book there is no title. Has anyone else found any evidence that there may be some purposeful misdirections in the poem – where up means down maybe? I can’t help but turn over the word “title” in the last line and it’s double meanings.There are obviously several double meanings in the carefully chosen words. Some of these are meant to be taken twice, some are meant to be taken once and to suggest a red herring route for the other. The book jacket says that you will need “some resolve” to decipher the poem. Anyone have any thoughts on the poem’s title and or if there is a key code to directional words?

    • Stu:
      Don’t know. Never noticed it before. I wonder if the folks posting the poem sometimes make up a title. I have also noticed different punctuation at times.

  70. If I find it on Federal lands, they will never know, and I won’t tell. Unless they have cameras everywhere no one will find out. So, the question remains how then will I tell the tale of how it was found (which I will be very desirous to do). In all seriousness, a “fictional” account is the best way. I will even include a “fictional” account of me writing a “fictional” account (and Geroge Clooney will play me in the movie).

    • Don’t forget to work Dal into it! Maybe that’s another project for this group, to write the sceenplay!

    • Keep in mind that the Feds have a place for people who won’t talk. It’s called Guantanamo. I foresee warm waters boarding in your future. Will Clooney go for that? dal might jump in his wienermobile and head for Stephanie’s to plot an even crueler future for you, i.e. after the Feds have gotten their info and let your broke a~ go.

      • I believe the burden of prove will be on them. Why in the world would they suspect that I retrieved it from federal lands. What a crazy idea.

      • Does your quote “If I found it on Federal lands” ring a bell? The Feds will be after the first person on this blog site who quits their job, or buys a new car, or tries to leave the country. You are guilty until you prove your innocence. However, after a little warm waters boarding, you will be happy to say it was on Federal lands even if that is not where you found it. But I would be more worried about dal and Stephanie. They are not going to go down easy. LOL

      • “You are guilty until you prove your innocence”. I think you have that backwards. Like I say, the burden of prove is on them. I look forward to worrying about this.

  71. I am fascinated by all the approaches to the issue of finding the gold, and even more fascinated by the fact that none of them have worked out so far with as many people as are searching. Just remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Ever new approaches are called for in my humble opinion.

  72. I’ve been following this story since I first heard about it several weeks ago. I have written an article about my opinion of the matter and where I initially thought the treasure was located when I attempted to figure out the poem (if it actually IS there keep me in mind). In the very least I feel that my article is humorous if not insightful. Please enjoy it if you have the time.

    • Brett-
      I was reading the piece you posted. Was in the first paragraph when I noticed that you say a football field is 600 feet…
      Football fields in the USA are 300 feet or 100 yards…well under 500 feet
      Thought you might want to fix that before I posted your comment and link…
      Then I decided…what the heck!…
      So I posted it anyway..

    • Humorous? Mildly, maybe. Sardonic? Definitely! Insightful? Perhaps a little, but not wise. You question Fenn’s motives. Okay, that’s fair. But what of your own? How seemingly clever do you think you are? You condescend and impugn more than entertain. How comforting it must be for you in your ivory tower to name so many as witless suckers. Feel better about yourself now?

    • Sounds to me like you are just trying to build your fan base. If you don’t believe move on. You shouldn’t be on this blog for sure. At least FF is doing something productive! j

      Sent from my iPhone

        • This is to HANK: Most entertaining thing I’ve read in 20 years. To the rest of you: The mean age must be 13 – I’ve never seen so many immature responses. Why do you care what he posts?

          • One might ask the same question of you Stance – Why do you care what we post?

          • We care because he is insulting a very wise man, someone who some of the posters call friend, who has provided is with a thrill and an adventure and we will stick up for that man! And we will have the backs of our friends and the people they care about at all times! j

            Sent from my iPhone

  73. I enjoy reading the various posts. I just wanted to add a couple of thoughts to those of you searching for the treasure. Rather than saying what I believe is true (which I obviously don’t know) these are some ideas that I believe the treasure is NOT:

    The box is not in water. No rational person would hide the box in a stream or river. Streams flood, change course, change appearance, the water levels rise and fall, deposit and remove sand, etc. Even a small stream can move hundred pound boulders around.

    The box is not buried. Burying the box would simply make it too hard to find unless you had a very specific location, which I don’t see the poem revealing. You could dig within a foot of the box and still miss it. How deep would you assume you have to dig? Besides, nowhere in the poem does it mention that you need a shovel or digging tool for the treasure.

    I don’t believe the box is very far from Santa Fe, maybe within a two hour car ride. FF first came out with the book in 2010 and it was only available in his SF shop. His treasure was not a national story then. If his purpose was to get people out looking for it, it just seems to make sense that it would be geared toward the locals on a day trip. Yellowstone is a thousand miles from Santa Fe. To a local (and most of us)it would take a major effort in time and money to search there.

    Along with this thought, some posts have mentioned searching from an airplane or a pilot’s perspective. If this is the case, that eliminates 99% of the hunters. It kust couldn’t be that complicated.

    Happy hunting everyone.

    • I agree with your post and I strongly believe that the box is not far from Santa Fe as well, maybe 2-3 hours max. My search area is roughly an inverted triangle from Santa Fe to Eagle Nest and Santa Fe to Farmington with the Colorado border being the top of the inverted triangle. I said “roughly” as it’s not exact, the Rockies in northern NM are not confined solely to this area and some of the triangle contains high desert. I also agree that an aerial view would not help. Nor would searching for it during a lunar or solar eclipse, during an equinox, beneath the light of Haley’s comet (that one hasn’t been mentioned, I’m just anticipating) or limiting it to a certain time of the year other than to avoid snow above 5000 feet. I don’t think a boat is needed. I don’t think seasonal water levels play a part at all, nor do tides, UFOs or anything from another planet, dimension or worm hole, etc.
      Just covering all bases here in case there may be someone from Taos reading this.

      • On2it
        No aliens involved but maybe the chest is causing the Taos hum?
        Find the hum and you have the chest.
        Too bad I am hard of hearing so I can;t hear the hum for some reason?

      • Tim, Dang, I forgot all about the hum. I was up there today. I should have turned my music down and listened for it.

      • I had put a map up on the FB page awhile back showing a map of just what you’re talking about. I found it a bit synchronous that Mr. Fenn’s home is roughly 91(2) miles from the NM/CO border. Makes a neat triangle.

  74. This may be an odd question, but how long or how much time does anyone think it’ll take to follow the clues? Once you start from wwwh, to looking down to see the chest, are you thinking hours or an all day trip? It may help me to understand what is “not far, but too far too walk”. Is an hour drive too far, or is it only a 15 minute span to “put in” to home of Brown? I know ff said to take a sandwich, which means that it will take up at least 1/2 day, unless you like to eat non-stop. 🙂 I am assuming you may venture out in the day and miss lunch. However, when I was traveling to the grand canyon, we didn’t find any places to eat along the way except a gas station. Maybe you need to take a sandwich because the area is more remote than you would realize. I know once you get to “the spot” you can spend a great deal of time searching that area to make sure you don’t miss the chest, but that amount of time is up to you. If ff has the goal of getting families back into nature, then his clues could very well take up to a full day to travel from start to finish. I realize that ff can get to the treasure in a completely different way from starting at wwwh. To those who have searched, have you made it an all day event?
    Not sure if this question makes sense or is of any help. For those of us traveling from out of town, it may help us to plan on how many searches we can do in a given amount of days.

    • Hi Oakleygirl. Your question is not odd at all, mainly because I agree with your viewpoint. See my post above.

      People are looking for the treasure in Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, some even mentioned Alaska and British Columbia! I just don’t think FF would put the box in such a remote area that it would take a week out of a person’s life for a single search.

    • I spent a whole day looking, two hour hike in searched, one and a half hour out. Got out at dark (Easter weekend, see my post above). Days are getting longer now, but keep that headlamp handy.

    • Some think the clues are spread between different states. It’s my opinion that the clues are in fairly close proximity, maybe 20 miles or less.

      • John
        You may want to stretch that to 92 miles?
        This is referenching and I can’t remember where f said something like he walked 91 miles onetime somewhere either in the book or a quote but I do remember that statement somewhere.
        Maybe Dal can help to clear this up or tell me I am wrong, please.

    • From WWWH to my spot is 75-100 miles in one version and a little more in another version. (I have two versions of WWWH that end up at the same place for HOB and the rest.)

    • Distance from wwwh to search area is 35.56 miles. Distance one way from Santa Fe is 350 miles or so and along the flight path from Santa Fe to Yellowstone. But that’s this weeks research. It’ll change I am sure.

  75. This Thrill of the Chase at times makes me feel as if there’s a group of multi-millionaires, behind the scenes, laughing at all of us Chasers blogging on here and in search of the Trove while they’re smoking cigars and drinking scotch. This Thrill of the Chase also brings to mind that movie Cannonball Run…

      • No doubt Toby the Thrill of the Chase is definitely a Rat Race and Cannonball Run… . Multi-millionaires are probably laughing at all of us on this Chase. They probably have WAGERS/BETS going on!

        The Thrill of the Chase (Place your bets!)
        – Will it be a Female, Male or Group of People who finds the trove?
        – Will it be a Hispanic, Anglo, African American etc..?
        – From what State or Country will the finder hail from?
        – What month will the Treasure Trove be found?
        – Will it be found on an odd or even date?

        These and others are the type of wagers multi-millionaires probably have going on. I sure would like to be in their shoes..LOL

  76. Goofy , I got a A- on that exam , would have been an A+ but i misspelled my name. The only A I ever got because I left all my exams blank except for my name.

    • You may be correct “Jenny , I am not a smart man …..” , as spoken by another Forrest

  77. Seriously Goof , I think mostly metaphorical, but I do enjoy reading your insights. Can we be sure you are not the wily coyote of Native American lore?

  78. Consider this. If the treasure is truly out there somewhere, then Fenn himself had to have a starting point from which to write his poem. Research. He had to research first how to write complex treasure hunting clues, even if he ultimately didn’t follow prescribed rules. Research into writing treasure hunting clues is what I believe is the true starting point. It is my belief that everyone choosing to ignore that, is why someone hasn’t found it, if it’s there at all. Isn’t it funny how everything in the pictures of the box is the same color of gold, be it polished or in its natural state?

    The reason every writer ever picks up a pen is an attempt at immortality. That’s the bottom line. This isn’t about getting people out to enjoy life, a tacked on afterthought in Fenn’s mind, but it sure sounds good, and makes Fenn look good in less suspecting people’s eyes. I don’t think anyone should ignore that nor do I think anyone should ignore the fact that Fenn is not accidentally a multimillionaire.

  79. Someone might really get mad at me, but I’m going to give an example of what could be a complex treasure hunting clue using the line, “put in below the home of Brown.
    Drum roll

    foundation, basement, slab, etc. I have no idea if that’s right, and I’m not sure I care. I’m thinking I might not like the real Forrest Fenn, though I like his public persona. He is an interesting person with a truly interesting life. I just want this blankety blank treasure found.

  80. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”, i’ve deliberated the meaning of this phrase quite often and now i believe it to suggest ‘hurry up and get outside and enjoy the wonders” which if correct would preclude it from being a clue. I would welcome any comments or alternative conclusions.

    • I have never been that hung up on the line “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”. It hasn’t been on my list of clues, I only referenced to what Forrest said in the 6 questions interview, “One thing is certain, when a person discovers that beautiful bronze chest and opens it for the first time and sees the bracelet with hundreds of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds, and the 265 gold coins and hundreds of placer nuggets, he will be in awe. It is easy for me to predict the expression on his their face”. Don’t freak out too much and make a scene, gather yourself and move along…peacefully.

    • Ragar of Lokey
      Maybe tarry scant with marvel gaze means hurry up but when you have found another strike out zone and moved on to another, you may find out that could come in handy so rule it out maybe now but never take it off your plate because you may need to eat it some other day to keep you going.
      I always thought it was a clue and made no sense because if you find it why would you have to hurry away after searching for it for several years. I would want to sit there and marvel at it and try to remember the marvel view where I found it. Then I am going to bury the treasure nearby and walk out with just the chest, and if I get caught I can give up the chest but still have my prize to come back to when nobody is around and take it out a little at a time.

    • At one time I thought that the word “marvel” might be a clue when I found a Marvel, Colorado! Now I think the line means to get out of the area quickly and don’t stand there staring in awe at the treasure. You shouldn’t jump up and down and yell “Eureka! I found it!” 🙂

      • CjinCa
        Why not yell the last few places and especially the last place I looked there was nobody around for miles and the only other warm bodies I saw was an elk and a few cows, So why does it seem like you have to hurry out of there if it is in a remote area with no one nearby, This hurry up makes no sense to me. Sure get out of there but what harm is there to stay? The only reason to hurry I suppose if there were other people nearby and then I would not try to carry anything in bulk out of there. Also f uses tarry scant with marvel gaze and to me marvel is describing the view not the chest.
        We already know the chest is a marvel does f really need to tell us this in the poem.
        Scant is hurry but scant is also a cooking term which means a little bit of something.
        So I also keep that term to look around when out searching
        Just my take on it but hurry up is not logical if the chest is in a remote are with no one around.
        I also keep a scout on lookout for other people when I do get stuck in or looking for hidey holes.

        • Tim, my interpretations of the clues do not lead me to an extremely secluded spot. The possibility does exist that someone could see the person retrieving the chest from the area I’m interested in. We just have different interpretations I guess. 🙂

  81. I talked to my sister who lives near the Rocky Mts in a couple of weeks. We really haven’t seen each other much in the past 15 years, needless to say, she is excited to spend some time together. To be honest, life gets busy and we sometimes forget to slow down and focus on what really matters in life – relationships. My sister knows that I am coming to visit because of the hidden treasure and she likes the idea of Forrest hiding the treasure, because who knows when we would’ve gotten together had he not.

    This will be my 2nd trip to look. First trip I was able to spend some time with an old college buddy who I hadn’t seen in 20 years and this trip will be some valuable time spent with my sister. I may not find Forrest’s treasure, but some treasures aren’t always in the form of gold.

  82. Just a thought for those who don’t live close to there prefered location and don’t want to camp. There are some websites that allow you to exchange homes for vacations one i checked out had several locations in all the states that could be the where the treasure might be . Hope this helps.

  83. “If this treasure is buried, you would need to dig for it. And you can’t dig anywhere in a national forest without a permit,” said Bruce Hill, spokesman for the Santa Fe National Forest. “Even if it is not buried and it is just placed somewhere it becomes public domain.”

    Ditto for state lands, according to Department of Game and Fish spokesman Dan Williams.

    Forrest Fenn was asked if he had considered land rights before hiding the chest. He said in an email that much has been written about land laws.”

    I know aspects of this has been discussed here, but I find this both confusing and discouraging. Obviously, Fenn didn’t abandon the chest, he hide it without burying it. Why is this a public domain
    issue? Any comment?

    • To be honest…that does make me pretty sad. Who knows though…maybe just the chest is out there with the olive jar that tells you where to get the contents. So the rangers really don’t know what’s in there…ya know?

      • An olive jar with 2 notes, one for the rangers, reading, “Here’s my jar, you can have it.”, and the other describing the location of the treasure (which you throw away). Perfect.

    • Thousands of people looking for the treasure and not being able to find it in nearly 3 years. How in the world then would “they” know where you found it unless they were there when you found it. Of course you could confess, which would be stupid, and perhaps inadmissable anyway. You have 5th amendment rights also against self incrimination. As I have said before, I hope that one day I can worry about this.

    • Jake,
      Your hitting on a point I was making earlier today. How will they know where you found it unless you tell them?

      The prerequisite for finding the chest is to figure out the poem/riddle. The prerequisite for keeping it may be descretion in what you say afterward. I’m taking lessons from Forrest on practicing descretion. He’s giving us a great example about how to keep a secret.

  84. Treasure hunting is a cut throat kinda game, just sayin’. Not that we aren’t friendly and build friendships in the process but it is a wild and wooly endeavor and sometimes maybe even dangerous, such is life. WWFD? (What Would Forrest Do) If he found such a chest he’d take it in peace and get the hell out of there asap and to hell with the .gov!

    • >> Treasure hunting is a cut throat kinda game, just sayin’. Not that we aren’t friendly and build friendships in the process but it is a wild and wooly endeavor and sometimes maybe even dangerous, such is life. WWFD?


      Someone’s going to walk away with FORREST’s TITLE to the GOLD… and someone will be right behind the… with NO CLAIM to the GOLD… but the FEVER… to what… say something… what else are we capable of…

      if we are capable of limiting BILL’s FREE SPEACH… what else are we capable of… ( BLANE did it wrong, BILL did it right )

      Let’s be careful out there…

  85. Major English,
    I am actively searching and believe I completely understand the situation on the ground. I would like to know if you are willing to talk?

  86. Not meant to discourage anyone, but my guess is that the Feds already have a few people searching data files and attempting to crack the poem. A little software interfacing the files of the many departments would be able to put together most probable solutions to FF’s poem. They have the eyes in the field to go search too. Maybe this is what FF wanted to do, send the Feds on a wild goose chase. Don’t give up; I am most likely wrong again.

    • Anyone who has worked for the government would know that there is nothing to fear concerning them using their vast resources to find the treasure. Did you ever see “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?

      • No, but I have worked for a government writing software that interfaced many government files. Previously, I thought that I was having fun along with you, but I now realize that you are very serious. A little advice, if you rob a bank, don’t tell the authorities that you found the marked bills in your back yard.

      • Thanks. I was kidding, of course. Pleading the 5th is probably best. Let them do the leg work, and prove that a law was broken.

      • I am glad that you explained. It’s good that we can partake in the chase with some humor too. I think that dal would agree that the person who found the chest, and was able to leave with it, should contact FF as soon as possible. If FF is not available, the person might want to contact the family to see if FF left any instructions. Just my thoughts.

  87. Has anyone hear from Adam the Explorer? He was suppose to be hot on the trail since last week.
    As I understood it, he was flying in from Germany to join the chase.

    Adam are you out there?

  88. Major,
    You and I might be on the same wavelength. maybe not. I simply would like to see–if not, we don’t need to waste each other’s time.

  89. OK, so… Dal seems to think FF has rules for this game…. HIS game, HIS treasure, HIS rules, he said. I can respect that point of view. But, I have a different view…

    Personally, I think the moment FF put the poem and chest out there “for all to seek,” he gave up any rights to the chest or how the game gets played. It’s taken on a life of its own, and is now way out of his control. FF has fed the fire with the media. I wasn’t kidding in my poem when I called it “the heady crop of what (he’s) sown.”

    Dal can set the rules for his blog, but Dal quite sensibly and correctly doesn’t seem to be censoring anyone here… I say part of how this game gets played IS the wildcard, random element of the right word going in the right ear of the right person with a mind fertile enough for the seed to grow into the solution.

    That having been said… and I’m not just saying this to make the point, though it bears making…

    I have a really good idea I want to post about what WWWH really means. Just one of the nine clues; not a total worked out solution. I happen to think it’s the kind of thing that could be a major game-changer. (I’m arrogant that way!) I suspect from recent experience that many people here will be real upset if I post it for all to see. No one gets too mad at the posts that don’t seem so likely, but if an insight is really plausible, it shouldn’t get shared. Any others who may have thought of it before me, and therefore think it somehow belongs to them, get mad; I spilled THEIR secret… the product of much thought and toil.

    What do I do? Post it? Put “SPOILER ALERT” in front of my post? Tell people who want my thoughts to e-mail me for it privately? What’s right and fair about that? Or do I keep it to myself? But then what’s the point of this lovely blog if you can’t share dangerously good insights?

    See, the unspoken rule of this blog is that no one will share the really good insights out of self interest… a desire to get the gold… or some sense of fairness to the game; FF’s game. But I’ve relinquished that goal for a new one. I WANT THE POEM SOLVED, and that’s all. So, is this blog a forum for a wildcard like me?

    • >> But then what’s the point of this lovely blog if you can’t share dangerously good insights?

      AGREED. “Dangerously Good Insights” are exactly what gets people “OFF THE COUCH”.

      Loved your POST BILL BROHAWN, and “your RIGHT to POST “Dangerously Good Insights” ( for your own reasons to “LET it GO” )

      ( “I WANT THE POEM SOLVED” ) Don’t we all, 99% of us, preferably while holding a certain 10″ x 10″ 42lb Broze Box. 🙂

      SPOILER ALERT, “this is a BLOG about the NINE CLUES”… “Dangerously Good Insights” – WELCOME & PREFERRED.

    • I vote that we get the poem/clues solved, but then, I don’t really have any intentions of going to look for the chest. The chest will probably be happened on before we succeed. I do want to say that dal’s blog has given me a unique opportunity to exercise my mind and to speak my piece, as well as learn from dal and other bloggers. It is very entertaining for me.

    • Bill Brohawn
      I posted what I thought was wwwh was being the rocky mountains and some agreed and maybe most did not so i think it is okay to say what you think that one clue is, I also think but most probably don’t want the total solution, Also I would suggest and only suggesting you move on and don’t stir up the embers and create another fire storm, but only suggestiong so where is wwwh and two reasons that support it please.
      Thanks for coming back
      If you don’t want any kindly suggestions from me then please tell me so

    • Bill Brohawn you should start your own webpage, or your own blog, facebook or even a twitter page and post your HOT SPOT or whatever you think is “where warm waters halt”. I would be interested in reading it! Simply because many do not post their true HOT SPOT or “where warm waters truly halt”, “home of Brown” or what have you does not necessarily mean no one has solved! ICE and SNOW must melt before going to retrieve up in that higher elevation. Although a handful have been on this Chase for years it has only been like since the end of February, when the Today Show aired and the Chase went worldwide, that thousands upon thousands have got on this Chase…Many may have solved but are waiting for the ICE and SNOW to melt, enough, to be able to see the… ” “….within the ” “. and retrieve the ” “. I’m sure many read this blog but resist posting a reply or comment and are simply patient and will soon move confidently to the secret hiding place of the ” “.

    • Bill, have you thought of teaming up with 1 or more people to test your theory or theories? Why miss out on the thrill of discovering the treasure and sharing in it? 🙂

    • @ Bill Brohawn;
      I think you misunderstood (or I did) what Dal said: In Dal’s response to my post he said he agreed completely with what I said.

      I said in my comment you should be able to post anything you want……

      So go for it……Can’t wait to hear what you think WWWH is.

      If I misunderstood what Dal said, I’m sure he’ll set me straight.

    • Bill: Finally, signs of intelligent life on this blog. Jeez – you’d think all of us were in junior high. I’ve been playing these treasure games for MANY years, starting with “Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse,” the granddaddy of them all. I’ve played Ultimate Quest and many others – I know some really, really good puzzlers out there — have a hunch several are lurking — you could say one is nuts if one joins the forum because of the level of immaturity you’re apt to face. Go get ’em, Bill, and post your solution to WWWH – it would be great to discuss something concrete for a change.

      • Stance Brooks
        Didn’t you see see my interpretation of wwwh being the Eagle Nest dam, now if that thing is not concrete enough for you then I not ever going there every again.

      • Stance…If you still haven’t figured out Bill’s WWWH by now, then you haven’t been paying attention. Review the posts again.

  90. Bill,
    I solved the thing with regard to warm waters. I think you have worked it out also. I do not think you should post what you and I know. In a sense, this is intellectual property and I have earned it with enormous time and effort. Dr.–you have earned it too. I completely understand what you have said–but please don’t play the role of spoiler and punish the brightest and hardest working searchers. There should be a Darwinistic outcome here. I don’t mind discussing privately, but why should we give our hard work to others (tens of thousands) when they have not earned it. I plan on getting the chest over Memorial Day weekend; unless someone beats me to it. If you disclose the warm waters, it will truly be a game changer. You are not cocky, you simply have reasoned it out. Please don’t punish the worthy. This should not be a socialistic enterprise. By the way, I still have one more loose end to tie up before I am completely confident. Maybe Dal should terminate this blog if people are going to get actionable intel without being deserving . Thanks Bill. Dal, please turn this off before innocents are punished.

    • Herman in another post you are giving your e-mail to share clues with someone in private so you can get clues and share yours but you do not want others getting clues and sharing theirs here what is the difference sharing public or private.

    • Did you just say that I weren’t brite and hard werking? If I weren’t gonner take a nap, I would right a real mean post back about you and yur…………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • What kind of irrational thought process decides that anyone who has been looking 2 years is “deserving” and a really bright person who solves it in a week is “not deserving.” I am continually amazed by how juvenile folks can be.

  91. I really don’t understand the flap, people have been giving exact answers and their interpretations from the git go. Now for some reason it’s not in vogue?

    Mr Brohawn, my hat is off to you sir…as well as all the others who value unfettered speech and thought.

    • lt, this is a game with a pot of gold at the end.. not a democracy.. and i’d have to disagree that the other interpretations were as well conceived as bill’s.. it really was good and everyone complimented him.. the dispute is dont give away the farm just because your tired of the chase and you want the puzzle solved.. let it be earned..

      • Casey Bro
        I don’t see how giving up where wwwh would be a game changer and highly doubt it would lead you to the chest. Now maybe saying truelly what the blaze is maybe but it is a big world out there to still search
        I told forrest even if he told me which canyon the chest is in I probably never find it or it would almost take a lifetime trying to find it.
        People say all the time what the blaze is and where wwwh is and we have no problem with it.
        so if it is close to your idea or is the same I would either by quiet about it or shout how dumb that idea is. it will just get lost in the blog eventually do you think so?
        So when are you coming out to gamble the night away.

      • i understand what you mean..iinterpretations of parts of the poem are fair and fine because they dont necessarily put you anywhere?? but bills initial post was a complete breakdown of every line.. it was very impressive and it led you to a particular area.. there were still ? marks though.. but a few of us didnt think it was wise or fair to give spying eyes an all out plan of attack.. although still very difficult.. just my humble opinion

  92. This is funny. Why are you responding to Bill publicly? Also, you just THINK you solved the thing with regard to warm waters. It is intellectual property in as much as a knock knock joke is. I won’t bother to comment on the rest. Sounds like you’re just bored. And right, I’d wait until Memorial Day weekend too if I thought I knew where it was.

  93. Lets not be intellectual communists. Dal, please shut this down. People need to earn their way. This is America.

    • Hernan 1
      Yes this is American and Bill has the right to speak freely and we can suggest to him but we can’t force him to be quiet.
      Okay maybe I can quess what wwwh is its a painting?

    • Herm, I don’t really care how Bill responds but it strikes me odd that you wanted to communicate with Major English and now want the site shutdown. I’m not criticizing or condemning anyone here but what is the difference other than the platform of communication .

      • Shutdown this site? Who in the heck wants this site shutdown? There is no other site on the entire internet that has more Chasers interacting with each other, about the Thrill of the Chase, than within this BLOG! If you don’t like this site go to some other site…oh wait…there isn’t any other site with this much traffic. DAL please show Herman the door! Thanks

  94. Herman you are making a number of assumptions in trying to censor another poster. You assume you and Bill have the same solution, you assume your solution and Bill’s solution are correct and your assuming others have not worked as hard as you have at this. All weak assumptions at best. I say let posters post whatever they like. For the most part all it does is add quite a bit of chaff to the mix and confuse most people further.

  95. OK, Herman. Mum’s the word. I’ll keep your/our secret. Waiting patiently is not my long suit, though… sigh.

    Just for fun, send me a nine letter word in an e-mail that proves you are thinking what I am thinking. You know the word, right? 🙂

      • slope 66
        Boy this prime time entertainment is exciting, I could not turn of my pc waiting for Bills wwwh game changer. Almost like a sopa opera and had to see who was going to die next
        Last nights episode had Bill almost leaving us then we happily get to see his return
        So stayed turned in tomorrow as the Warm Waters Halt and maybe we can find a out who knows what the blaze is?
        And maybe next week Adam the Adventurer returns Or maybe we will see Old Lules back in the saddle again.
        So stayed tuned in and don’t piss anyone off or you will miss the fun.
        and make sure you drink your ovaltine!

      • tim its funny how herm was able to tame bill.. yet zack was piled on for basically suggesting the same thing??? i’ll be waiting anxiously for their today show appearance with the trove!

  96. Called family obligations–you are as bored as I am. You have many more posts . You are a real smarty with the knock knock joke. You want the free intel–plain and simple.

  97. I agree with On2it and CJinCA. If anyone is very confident of the Trove’s exact location then go get it tonight or tomorrow and be king of the Thrill of the Chase…but don’t forget to take your Sandwich and Flashlight. lol

  98. I agree Tim. Free speech is as American as apple pie. I merely make suggestions. I am asking Bill to show restraint so that the race can be won by a worthy competitor. I am grateful for his agreement. I’m sure he would not want a cheating med student to become a doctor.

  99. In yourself? Do you believe in the survival of the fittest or socialism? Do you believe in free lunches for those who can’t cut it?

    • Can you guys just get to your private email drivel already and keep your political views out of this? Thanks..

  100. Ragnor,
    I wanted a private discussion to see if he Knows the secret and then move forward. I believe there is a difference between discreet communication and giving away the farm to people who don’t get it. Good question. Next, anyone?

    • Puhleeze, Dal could you start “The Nine Clues Part Seis” so those of us that aren’t as smart and hard working as others can get back to trolling for clues?

    • @Herman,
      Do you think Fenn is an intellectual communist for giving out more clues?

      I do believe gold fever has driven you senseless……if you know where it is go get it.

  101. Is there anyone that recommends a 1 or 3 “RESERVOIRS” that would be great to search in and around its area? Not for me but for my cousin. He believes reservoirs is where the loot is most likely hidden.

  102. Brohawn at hotmail.

    Gosh, I FEEL like the Riddler now, not the campy TV Batman and Robin trying to SOLVE the riddle, as someone said of the logic of my original essay… 🙁

    Or maybe more like the Joker, since I’ve styled myself as a wildcard?. “Let’s put a SMILE on that face!” 😉

  103. Jwahl
    Please see response to Ragnor. Bill understands and I really appreciate it. I am only interested in speaking with someone who has the same general understanding. This can only be accomplished in private. Hank, I have no political views beyond fairness. I will never post another blog on this site..Best of luck Ladies and Gentlemen. Thanks again Bill for preserving the essence of American exceptionalism. Hard work and enterprise. I think that is the American Way!!!

    • American exceptionalism? And yes you did start throwing around your political views when you insert words like “socialism” and free lunches (some of us like teachers know what and who you are talking about). Hard work? Is that what you consider getting information off of others? Sheesh, now you sucked me into your absurd rhetoric.

  104. Anyone have any thoughts on the possible walking distance from where Forrest might have parked his car and took the two trips to where the treasure is hidden? 100 feet? 500 feet? 1000 feet?

  105. We may not be allowed to share that someone may all ready have there idea on it and get upset if we tell you and that was their idea.

    • Exactly! What to do, what to do… Moral dilemma.

      Just like the Joker dropping money on the streets of Gotham and the mob of ordinary citizens killing each other over it…

      Or a guy having a heart attack out on the trail.

      Or a woman getting caught out all night in the cold canyon.

      Or getting arrested for digging in public lands.

      Or many more to come.

      “And where… is the Batman? He’s at home… rinsing out his tights!” (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

      This thing has a life of its own now, folks. Best to walk away while you can.

      • Bill, Keep playing everyone like a fine tuned fiddle, just like Fenn. I love it.. Does anyone hear that slow music in the background.

  106. Jwhal that is funny. Someone may own rights to the Feet answer and no one is allowed to voice it, post it, as they may be infringing on someone’s copyright of first discovering it months or years ago…You’re funny Jwhal.

  107. I am putting forth my arguments why “the blaze” is the actual bronze chest.

    1. Once you put in below the home of Brown, the end is ever drawing nigh. FF seems to be saying that you are close to the chest at this point in the chase. You should be looking for the chest and not some weird blaze. You might pass the chest by if you are looking for some other kind of blaze rather than the chest.

    2. “the blaze” implies a unique type of blaze. If you don’t know what blaze you are looking for, you might never find a blaze, but you might have walked right past the chest blaze.

    3. FF references his hidden chest using many descriptors: “chest”, “trove”, “gold”, and possibly “my treasures” and “in the wood”. Why wouldn’t “blaze” be just another descriptor for his hidden chest? Bronze does have sheen, if it is not too corroded.

    4. The sculpturing on the chest would surely pass for a blaze.

    5. Do you think that FF would find a blaze and then look for a nearby hiding place; or, find a hiding place and luckily there was a nearby blaze? Or do you think that FF made a blaze so that he wouldn’t forget which rocks he hid his chest under? If he ever forgot where the chest was, he probably would forget where the blaze was too. He probably has a detailed map taking him directly to the chest. It is hidden in his tackle box.

    6. What if “the blaze” was destroyed beyond recognition? Game over?

    • Citizens arrest…citizens arrest! (Barney voice). That was my my idea and you just gave it away! 😉

      • So sorry LT. I truly though that I was the only one in the world that was smart enough to come up with the idea. My mother was lying to me.

    • Why would you need to look down if you saw the blaze, being that the blaze is the chest?

      • FF is telling you to quickly read the last stanza or last sentence in his poem.

  108. Could you not put the end is ever drawing nigh almost any where in the poem.
    Seems to me ever step you take toward the chest you are getting closer.

  109. Herman 1 and Bill, I don’t know, sense, intuit or even particularly care what either of you are thinking. Whatever ideas you’re playing around with, I hope they are awesome. I hope you’ve thought and researched and come up with some brilliant insights and have figured out the location.

    I also hope that you keep IT TO YOURSELVES until you search your spot(s) and feel that you’ve exhausted its/their possibilities.

    Then come back and report it to us. By all means, reflect and rehash and give it a thorough autopsy. There’s just something that seems, uh, FUBAR about giving away “game changers”. Oddly, as you’ve referenced, Bill, it’s not about you only, especially when it is taken publicly in a forum like this one — it’s about a lot of other folks and the thrill of the chase, which after all was originally the point the point. Let people have their fun until the moment you find it. While I appreciate your concern about others getting injured while searching, I hope you keep this other aspect of their “wellbeing” in mind.

    Ultimately, the pleasure that folks receive as they hike the country, chase dead ends, pore over maps, and legends and history seems a pretty awesome by product of Fenn’s riddle. Don’t shortchange them by revealing too much.Your treatise on the Rio Chama/Ojitos was awesome, but I’m glad you waited so long to tell it. I might never have learned what I did, went where I went, and ultimately failed in a similar fashion if I’d read what you posted too soon in my own search.

    From what I’ve read here, you and Herman 1 may or may not be on the same wavelength, but thank you both for not really hashing the specifics of it out in public. It’s much appreciated.

  110. Slope, you know the word? Herman hasn’t sent it to me yet; he’s stalling. He waves the flag well, though…

    Anyone who knows the 9 letter word, send it to me. One right answer and I’ll never post WWWH or any other insights again. 9 letters, starts with a vowel…

  111. Okay, it’s becoming boring now that blain, desperado88 and Herman1 are gone. Hmm, isn’t that a coincidence?
    So, has anyone noticed that one of the chapter titles in FF’s book is “my back yard’.
    I know that there are other chapters that also give specific places, but the title of this chapter just seems a little out of place. I think maybe “Bessie the cow” or something along those lines would have been more appropriate. Just another reason to suspect that the treasure isn’t too far from Santa Fe. I will add the disclaimer that as always, I could be wrong.

  112. Goodnight, peeps. Lets see if anyone has emailed it in the morning. Stay safe on the chase…

    Dal, I think herm has a point. What do people really want to accomplish here? I predict the person who finds it will have never posted anything here. They are keeping all cards to themselves. They may read it, but they’ll never write on it. Best shut it down to give yourself the best chance… Posters, you are only helping your competition… It’s Darwin, right? Every dog for himself…

    “Dog, dog… dog eat dog.” (Ted Nugent)

  113. Oh, hank! Just saw it. Good job. Was that so hard? No, a promise is a promise… I’m gone folks. Enjoy. I’m going to drink tequila until numb then hit myself on the head with a hammer until I can’t remember ever having seen this poem again!

    • I don’t think anyone should leave…Axl said it best, we just need some patience…and when you think you have thought of every place, every brown, and every thing, somebody has probably already thought of it…until somebody is holding that box…I enjoy the puzzle…hang out some more Bill…buckle up.

      • hank, thanks for the endorheic basin education.. i remember dal bringing up the great salt lake as a wwwh, but dont know that he’s ever searched around it.. it’s an interesting theory, but i dont think thats what he/forrest is referring to.. if it is, i’ll be sol…

    • Bill,

      Is that where the term getting hammered comes from? You are a wealth of enlightenment my friend!

      • Scott c email me I have some thought on Colorado and want some feedback. Ninjavoorhies @ gmail

  114. Hey folks,

    Let’s back off a little and look in the mirror and ask ourselves “what the hell am I doing?”

    I just read 85 posts and only 3 had anything to do with the 9 clues.
    I see a lot of egos going berzerk, a lot of whining because Dal is letting everything we write go through for us to read, ( thank you Dal!) and a lot of people who want their 15 minutes of fame through this treasure hunt.

    What is the rush? It seems many want this ended NOW, even if they don’t want to solve it. WHY?

    We’re having a little fun, we’re having a challenge looking for a chest, trying to solve a puzzle. It doesn’t have to be solved today. What’s the rush?

    I see some who really don’t want to wait for the answer to this puzzle. They probably do the Jumble in the newspaper and if they don’t finish it in 5 minutes they quit and turn the page for the answer.

    Well this is not the Jumble. We can’t provide the answer that way, You’re going to have to wait.

    I also see those who want a piece of the glory of solving this puzzle and don’t care how they get it. They want their idea or resolution “on record” so they can claim their glory when the chest is found and the path to it is made public. That’s fine with me. I’ll give you credit. But do you really get satisfaction providing the answer to one part of a nine part problem? You can do better!

    I’ll be thinking “This guy had the answer. Why didn’t he play it?”

    I don’t know. I hope he does.

    The whole issue about freedom of speech is ridiculous! If you want what you have to say published, then publish it. Don’t whine that some people don’t want it published. But I ask that you first ask yourself why you want to do it. What is the motive for putting your resolution out there for everyone to see? If you think it is a viable solution, then why don’t you play it? Look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Let’s be honest. Is it really more important that we know you had the right answer but you spoiled our fun… or that you know you had a piece of it right, but we had a great time during the 60 months it took to resolve it?

    I want to see the answer to this riddle. But I want to figure it out myself. I seek help and have gotten it from many people on this blog. But I don’t want your “spot”. I want your method of getting to your spot. I want different ideas that will help me look in places I haven’t thought of looking in yet. But I do not want your spot!

    Why do you want to give me your spot? Just ask yourself that. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon.
    Why do you want to drop out after the first mile? There is no chance of winning that way.

    I’ll probably regret posting this as I’ve had a few too many beers tonight but I can’t believe how childish this thread has gotten. I had to say something.

    I should probably ask myself, what the hell am I doing.


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