THE NINE CLUES….Part Fourteen


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  1. Just wrote a great post about some of our searching over the last few days in NM and the whole thing erased. Hotel internet clocked out. lol. Anyways, 1st thing on the agenda tomorrow is to swing by to try to see f is at his shop. I got this bracelet he may be into since it’s kind of tight on me…kidding. It’s been a great weekend search so far and I seriously think we may have become the third party in the 500 ft zone. We found some exciting stuff but are not quite there yet. We found a spot that, as you get in there, and rolls out each clue just like chapters of a book. We walked along just going OMG look! Waters high in the form of an ancient water trough spanning across this creek. We finally made it to a blaze. It was an F on a boulder but it was not super clear. It could have been naturally formed. Still exciting as you can imagine. This is where we hit our wall. I’ll try to get some pics up in the next few days. Back to the drawing board..and poem. CHC

    • Mike, I know you said you are heading out soon to look. Do you have all 9 clues figured out? Are you looking for a blaze when you get out there, or do you already know what it is before you go?

      • Dale,

        I think you are thinking about me (another Mike – not the one that posted that) – going to change my name. I have the 9 clues figured out but a few require you to be there obviously.

        • Ok changing my name since there are too many Mike’s here. Funny thing – my name is not even Mike! Einstein is going with confidence soon (T-20). Writing a great blog for this site to close my chase when I get back (chest or not).

        • OK Einstein, IMHO it looks like you are the only competition on the board. Mainly because I don’t know what method you used to find your WWWH or what area it is in other than it is still under snow. I can’t head out until July. So…how about a niblet to let me know if we are on the same path or not. North or South of Denver? Or, elevation range? Or, how many inches of snow at the nearest SNOTEL location as of May 6th? Mine is North of Denver.
          Good Luck!

        • North of Denver! Complete confidence except for the exact (and I mean exact) solution on a few words until I get there. So much confidence.

          • “Solution on a few words”…are you using some type of coding/anagram/cipher solution?

        • I have the same level of confidence and agree on the lack of codes/anagram angle. Based on my solution, I’m going to guess heavy loads and blaze are giving you the most trouble. If not, we may be looking at different places.

        • Different location! Heavy loads is probably one of the most obvious things in my location.

    • @Mike…That’s funny and maybe a great clue for you to go on your quest happily searching for the perfect spot to “reel” in that true treasure. If you don’t already have a fly rod, I would suggest picking up an inexpensive one to practice on and take with you. Some of the greatest thrills I have ever had were at the fighting end of a fly rod even when the fish were of smaller size. Truly an addiction you will never outlive. Enjoy!!

    • Mike, I hope you don’t plan on using a spinning reel in river/streams in NM. That’ll get you in trouble with us fly fisherman. 😀 (j/k …I have a couple spinning reels myself)

    • Thanks, Mike. That helped me get a little further in my search although it was in a distantly related sort of way.

  2. Wow, already?

    @CO. Guess the cloak of invisibilty had a manufacturer’s defect huh? If you or Scott C have any plans to be in NW home please let me know. I have a spot there that with a bit of a twist to ‘blaze’ and ‘wise’ with a definite HOB. I will not be able to make it there this year due to work and the funds for a search only allow me one shot in 2013…. elsewhere farther north. Not expecting anything just I hate to think it may be viable and not do anything with it.

    And next time bring your Inviso-spray

  3. Not crazy, just intuitively out of sync.

    Has anyone looked at the link between IFR/VFR and the significance of Brown? Asked my father who was a 30+ year AF pilot instructor but haven’t heard back…probably fell asleep at the computer again…..

    • As far as airplanes and airports go….IFR – Instrument Flight Rules, a very strict form of navigation, requiring a pilot to use what’s Inside his cockpit to fly an airplane. it’s very procedural and requires a constant instrument scan. navigation is soley through the use of NAVaids, like VOR’s NDB’s, ILS, Airways, ATC.
      VFR – Visual Flight Rules, navigation/flying is done more by Pilotage and dead reckoning + a GPS or what have you, its a form of flight requiring the pilot to have his face looking out the window most the time.
      Brown is the color of an IFR aeronautical chart symbol, relating to an airport showing such a brown symbol. The brown symbol is indicating that the airport does not have not have a published Instrument Approach Procedure.
      I am just starting the chase and haven’t gotten a book yet. Curious what lead you have. Because if you tie the above infromation together, it is indicating what I would think is a small airport or landing strip, and the key being “brown”.

      • Under VFR procedures I think brown also shows restriction (either based on altitude or access.) Can’t remember right off hand. Dad was a navigator in Vietnam but couldn’t drive across the county without making a wrong turn. We used to joke that IFR stood for ‘I Follow Roads.’

        What got me thinking about it and old Army Air fields is that prior to 1943-44 the Army Air Corps was known as the ‘brown shoe service’ until the uniform changed after becoming the USAF. That and this poem kinda reads like the AF poem ‘High Flight’. Other references to this subject that I think others already know.

        • Interesting. No telling how many subtle hints Forrest may have attached to a single word that piece a clue together. I gotta hurry up and get the book. I believe it is the treasure hunt of a child with the given directions of a clever and wise elder.

        • @ Stephen

          I found two references to “fort” in the second stanza…which it seems most people seem to think holds the first clue…the 2nd. stanza I mean. I am finding layered meanings to alot of the words. Just searching words in my grandfather’s dictionary. Is there a fort or hold that has warm water in it’s name? I’m still looking but so far haven’t found it…but still looking.

        • @viper244 Thanks for that…can’t look into it just now (yikes! my dirty house and company coming for the next 3 to 4 weeks!) but appreciate the info and will look at the map, yet again!

        • @stephanie d. Thanks, maybe I can get our little library to get it on loan for me…otherwise it’s on my wish list on Amazon. Thanks, Stephanie! btw, I’ve enjoyed your sleuthing…kind of helps me to keep looking at things and thinking differently. Good luck and I hope you get to go get that chest in person.

        • @Stephanie Thanks for that…I’ve bookmarked it and get to read it just as soon as I dust the guest room and make up the bed in there…my own little reward system for keeping my “normal” life going.

  4. Saddle back, Pony back,.i don’t care I just got to get there, Anybody going to Santa Fe?
    Can,t drive any more, can’t see out of my right eye…detached retina ….took my drivers licence away.
    Will be glad to share expenses. because i’m an old Navy vet and I think just like Forrest does.
    After 9 months of research, I know where the treasure trove is located, and will share the bronze
    chest …the prize!! Just let me know, e-mail me at: robsmith2243 at Gmail dot com.

  5. As to the “where warm WATERS halt”

    where SWEAT is contained in WATERS

    “heavy loads and water high”

    and Forrest has mentioned SWEAT.

    (anyone want to respond back, that they are at that point, please let me know)


  6. Here I am with what I’ve found yesterday in my research, which may or may not mean anything. But, I think at this point, any info can help, even if it rules out a location. If any of my findings help someone find the treasure before me, please remember me. I don’t want much, $30k will do! Lol. And if someone else’s clues help me reach it first, I’ll return the favor.

    The area near Woodbine Campground in Montana is close to where FF spent some summers. The town associated with the campground has an annual festival where one of the activities, chicken chasing, is a crowd favorite. Again, I may be wrong, but didn’t FF mention in a blog or story something about someone chasing chickens? And, if you’re in the campground, you’re in the wood. 🙂

  7. Singing in…
    @ astree I slept about a half hour two nights ago, working on the poem. I have the same inclination as you that wwwh is similar to the thoughts you have mentioned. Stayed up all last night working the poem over, I mailed my own poem to FF a month or so ago and he didn’t get back with the answer to the riddle in my poem yet… probs not working on it though! Have a great dayTreasure Hunters! 🙂

    • Nice ! Giving A Taste Of, His Own MedicinE. Would you post it here ?, or too blatant ? (also, is there a treasure chest associated with yours? or a nine-pence ?

      I had looked at that spot in SD before really diving in, so’s to speak. Although it is not in the Rocky Mountains.

      Good Luck,

      • @ astree: the poem I first mailed FF goes like this:
        Beautiful treasures from of old,
        I have guarded more than gold,
        Take me with where ‘ere you go,
        To fight for you against the foe.
        Now what am i?
        PS: i have not hid anything and your own reward will be in understanding the answer.

        • That’s beautiful, Little Sparrow. I shall ponder it through the night. Thank-you.

          ( I was only teasing about hiding something).

          Be Well,

        • @astree The spearfish creek is a part of the rockies and mountainous areas tops off @ 7,000 ft. It looks so wonderful: approx 20 miles of scenic driving, several areas to stop and take in the beauty, plenty of waterfalls… i told my daughter that if I could do it, I would take my 65 year old friend there – in a wheel chair due to post polio syndrome – I think he was 10 when he had polio and has been in his w/c since. He would love it, he can drive his own van and he still works too! Above anything else, I truly wish I could do this for him, I see him everyday and I care for him in the evenings, bed bath etc… It’s a great part time job and we are very good friends too!

        • Little Sparrow wrote:


          Thanks for that, Little Sparrow. Geography has not been my trump suit, so I learned something new today

          I truly hope you and your friend can make your trip, it sounds like a wonderful idea.

          Let us know.


        • @ viper224 Nope! But thanks for reading it! There was a contest for something years ago, and i wrote it up for that, but I never submitted it, because when I reread the info they said they wanted copy rights to it, it is my own and since I’m not a big company, I think I should be able to keep what was and is mine – LOL 🙂
          PS the prize was worth about a C note

        • @ CrazyFamily and Astree

          and I must say CF
          your comment
          ” Mother.”
          reminds me of a line in
          “Its a wonderful life”
          Scene: George is knocking on his mom’s
          door and she opens it and he is desperate
          to find someone who recognizes him and
          he hasn’t quite gotten the idea that his angel
          has temporarily erased his birth –
          he says “mother don’t you know me?”
          she says very sternly “Mother!”
          My friend cracks me up when he says it!
          silly joke sharing with treasure hunting peeps
          to lighten those HEAVY LOADS. 🙂

  8. I also think I found Stephan’s and JB’s(?) area in NM on Google Earth with all the fallen trees/stumps, including the shed with the Chevy. I found an interesting thing looking down on the area, something that looks like this: /////// made out of what I think are fallen Aspen trees. However, I think this area is really too remote for FF to have placed the chest. It’s interesting, though!

  9. I’m out today looking in the Utah/colorado area. There are some guys in Utah that got sponsors and had university professors look into the clues and claimed on ksl news that they found it and are going today to get it with a film crew and spots for others to come along as long as they sign a waiver saying no treasure for me.

  10. In the Thrill of the Chase book he mentions on page 57 which was kinda odd for him to make the remark…”we should have buried him standing up”. Fenn knows only warriors are those who are buried standing up. Just saying.

  11. We were hiking through Bandolier Natl Monument in NM yesterday and kept seeing the “Warning:High Water” signs as we hiked. Down in the canyon, you have a small creek, no paddle necessary. It’s a beautiful area and very lush and woodsy in this canyon. There’s also plenty of backcountry away from tourists. I know it isn’t the idea spot for the search, but I’m wondering if anyone has looked (aside from the Texas overnight lady in the news)? CHC

      • @Steph…
        What if from the southern most tip of Santa Fe would be considered north of Santa Fe? Just thinking…

        • Your asking the wrong person, because I’ll agree with you and I’m sure I’m wrong. Think it’s time for me to set my sights higher than NM for the summer anyway.

      • Mr Fenn said: “If you want to apply those important figures into the thrill of the chase I will give you an additional clue. The Treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe.” 66.000 links is the equivalent of 8.25 miles.

        • I forgot about that clue…would have saved me so much stress on some spots…dang. Not much you can discount…sure seemed like a lot more at the time.

          • Hmm I don’t know….that does seem strange that the name is spelled wrong. I assumed it was and w is close to e, but I know he has posted on the blogs with his real name…so not sure why it would show up wrong. I believe Forrest said not to pay attention to anything besides the poem or the book. So I tend to stick with them as fact, along with the actual emails Dal gets from him and now the Today Show. So I just “consider” things like this.

        • It could be quite significant. For those that love the possibility of number clues – how many miles are more than 8.25… that’s right 9. However, I think the relevance of the clue is in his detailed and historical knowledge of land surveying.

        • Mr. Saunier’s reply was to Todd who was assuming that he was writing to Mr. Fenn. The post from the person who would be Forrest Fenn is dated April 17, 2012. There’s no reason someone would impersonate Mr. Fenn at that time with such a low profile, intellectual reply about the history of land surveying. But if you want to throw it out, I’m okay with that too.

  12. The link for the newest Lorene Mills interview was added. So if Dal wants to post it to his media page. Already sent it to Forrest.

    It was interesting how she tries to lure him into saying NM, but he then mentions all the other states and mentions some fishing spots in YNP which I thought was interesting.

    In other interviews he’s said turn over a log, then under a bush, and now a rock. What will it be under in the next interview? LOL.

    I also have to clarify something. I think I might have said in the past that he said it wasn’t in a cave when talking to Gadi about bears and caves. I guess he said you just need to make sure there isn’t a bear in there before checking out a cave.

    • I caught that cave remark as well. Gadi did say that Forest told him it wasn’t in a cave. This interview definitely makes one wonder about that now.

    • Just watched the video…….There is an example of how things get confused in the interview. Lauren ask Fenn to tell about when he was shot down and tripped over the soldiers grave marker……This didn’t happen when he was shot down, he took a helicopter to this special place…..But Fenn didn’t correct her. I don’t think this is anyway malicious of either of them; it’s just a uniformed, obviously confused reporter talking to an older gentleman that can’t keep up with everything she is saying.

      I’m surprised how out of touch Fenn is with today’s society…….He doesn’t think he should have to tell the American people to use common sense when searching. He obviously doesn’t know what wonderland lemmings much of the American people have become. Just read the warning labels, e.g.…… “REMOVE BABY BEFORE FOLDING STROLLER”…..How long before he gets a lawsuit blaming him for their stupidity?

      Also, he thinks the guy who finds the chest won’t be able to keep quiet about it…..that’s how he knows it’s still there. He is completely wrong about this, it could take months or years, and maybe not ever…….just depends on who finds it. I hope he has a better way of knowing whether its been found or not.

      He’s also thinking the government is stupid by prosecuting the guy that dug a small hole. He can’t believe it made the front page news…….Hard to believe, but apparently Fenn hasn’t learned how overpowering our government has become. He basically ignored her when she stated if it’s on government property, it belongs to the government. He keeps saying he doesn’t mean it’s not buried……..Surely he didn’t bury it on government property…….I wonder, is moving rocks considered an excavation by the government.

      And last but not least, surely Fenn was making a joke about driving on the left in England and the right in the U.S. is due to the Coriolis Effect; the Coriolis Effect changes between northern and southern hemispheres, not between Europe and the U.S.

      • I think he knows more about the lemming effect than most. I think when he’d pull an Eric Sloane book out from under his desk he was practicing it and his success came from it. I would imagine it’s in practice now. Interesting read though Goofy.

      • Goofy, I’m with you. Out of touch. That fellow with a pickup truck, 12 kids, a wife and out of a job that ff keeps talking about is gonna be pissed when he can’t find the chest,and is outa gas and beer money, as will dozens just like him. ff needs to give that LINE up. AND I Don’t think the Chest is just sitting on top of the ground or on top of some rocks, MORE like under some rocks in an area covered with rocks, Or what ever its mostly hidden under will also be thick in that area. Oh, I thought ppl in Europe drove that way because their steering wheel is on the other side.

  13. No, he is showing you that with the way he constructs the “R” in his monthly clues. Check the previous e-mail.


    • .
      Oops, sorry dal et al. Please delete this and previous post. Need another cup of coffee (:

    • ZGW,

      thank you for the input on the Cat that I ran into. My apologize for having responded with the wrong name.
      I didn’t think about it then but you were right it could have been a bad encounter..

      • Chuy, no problem. I know that since finding that cache I hike around our place with such a different awareness compared to before the cache. I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually have seen the cat.

        • ZuniGreyWolf

          I will tell you that what stays in mind is how he slowly walked away. He did not behave like a Mountain Lion that had been surprised. I never looked at me but I never took my eye of him until he disappeared into the brush.

          Sure hope that people understand that this is their territory and they know it. So do be afraid just be cautious. They are out there..

        • Sorry for the typos on the previous post. Sure wish we could edit or delete the errors. Corrected below.

          I will tell you that what stays in my mind is how he slowly walked away. He did not behave like a Mountain Lion that had been surprised. He never looked at me and I never took my eye of him until he disappeared into the brush.

          Sure hope that people understand that this is their territory and they know it. So do not be afraid just be cautious and adhere to the forest service posters on wild life..

  14. HI there Stephanie I just wanted to thank for your work and post on the double omegas, this was big piece of the puzzle for me and want thank you for it, If i end up finding the chest I will show you exactly what they meant but dont know if I know the total meaning just yet, so anyway thanks.

    • your welcome Charles. As soon as I saw that, I thought wow…that sooooo looks like them and I know he was an advisor there as well. I have a lot more pieces that fit there…but just did so much work on it that I’m not ready to give them up. Oh and the owl on the roof….I really think it’s bronze and I found a picture from a few years ago and there was NOOOO Owl. I just hope everyone is respectful if they nose around there. It’s worth the $8 to check out the museum too. I absolutely love the circle windows*smile*. We bought a few silver pieces in their gift shop while there. I don’t think they had realized the price had gone up as we got a great deal. So consider looking at that. Oh and if you go into his studio, can you email me what the religious picture on the wall says? I didn’t get that on my video recording and it’s been bugging me that I didn’t.

      • Hi Steph! What’s the address of FF’s studio? I might make it back to the area soon and would also like to see as many local sights as possible while I’m relaxing and adjusting to the altitude. Thx!

  15. Why are there Inaccuracies in his memoirs?

    Seeing the latest interview with Lorene, Forrest talks about why he spelled knowledge wrong on one of his bells which I thought was interesting. It made me curious what other inaccuracies are in his memoir and why are they there. I’ve had a lot of people email me and tell me things they realize are incorrect and there’s a guy on Facebook who I think his soul purpose in life is to find them all. I had wondered if there was any rhyme or reason to it, but thinking there isn’t. He fully admits that there are. Just thought it might be an interesting thing to talk about to see if there might be a purpose for them like his admission that it was spelled wrong on purpose on his bell.

    What have you noticed is inaccurate?

    • For Stephanie — about inaccuracies in the book — in the preface he says something about when Wimpy burgers were a nickel – (when he was a kid) — well Wimpy burgers didn’t get to the US (from the UK until the 1950s, not the 1930s….he didn’t have to say that, so why? He also said when he was collecting bottle caps that he deliberately avoided diet drinks because he didn’t want to lose weight – what a weird thing to say because the first diet drink was Diet Rite and it wasn’t until the 1950s, again NOT when he was a kid — he had a fine story going without throwing those two ‘fibs’ into the mix, so why did he do it?

      How about “From there it’s no place for the meek” — a synonym of meek is wimpy — just wondering.

      • Oh wow…missed those totally. He’s one of the smartest…ok, he probably IS the smartest guy I know(lol lessens the blow to all us who haven’t found his treasure if we up his smartness!! LOL…*teasing* He really is the smartest I think)…..anyway, one of the first things I noticed was the misspelling on his bells/jars. dollers instead of dollars lol…my spell check won’t even let me spell them the way he did lol..had to go back and misspell it. The foundry would have caught that I’d have thought…or did he spell that one wrong for a reason too? I read that the book about Hemingway isn’t correct, and that it’s actually Hemingway’s life that he’s saying is the subject matter of the Bells book.

        • If you can believe verbatim what FF says in his book, then he had not yet begun to write TTOTC until AFTER January 27, 2010. That’s the day J. D. Salinger died and he got Catcher in the Rye that day and began his own tale shortly thereafter. Interesting that he uses J. D. Salinger (with periods and spaces) and he uses JD also….any significance? And as PROOF that we can see clues in ANYTHING, I offer that J. D. Salinger wrote “Nine Stories” and also Franny and Zooey (FF’s daughter’s name). That is a really good reason why this cannot be solved through what I call “loose association” — my solutions to WWWH and HOB are NOT loose associations, which is why I am confident in them — but stuck on Wimpy (meek)…

          • His daughters names are Kelly and Zoe. I looked at JDs works…he has one about a laughing man and also about a sandwich….I think the whimpy and meek is a clue….the blaze is a hamburger…I’m so going with that. If it’s from McDonalds…my money is on it lasting a 1000 years with all the preservatives.

        • Take a look at the works of John Updike if you really want to see coincidences…

      • because he didn’t want to look like the Charles Atlas ad in the back of comics? being wimpy? or because he actually used an Atlas and not the google earth that he was surprised people are using?

        • About Wimpy: I have tried to make a Popeye connection, Bluto, etc. — of course there’s Olive Oyl and the mysterious references to green olives and his bio in an olive jar — but can’t make anything of it at this time

          • Einstein – nope, I don’t know what waving an olive jar means….care to enlighten me?

          • You want a dirty martini? Those things are *blech* My girlfriends drink them and I took one sip and about spit it all out.

        • @Einstein,

          I’m a little behind catching up reading these blogs from the weekend, but I thought I might add some insight to the question about the olive jar waiving. Maybe you already know what I’m going to say in which case I miss understood you and kindly ignore this comment. I can’t say if I think the olive jar is a clue/hint necessarily but what I do know is there is a difference between “placed” and “thrown” olives. The difference being “placed” olives are put in the jar in a neat fashion with the pimentos usually facing outward whereas “thrown” olives are put in no special order. The difference? Aesthetics and price. I think the kid in the story was trying to tout his social status by bragging that his family was well off enough to pay extra money just for “place” olives. Do I think it’s a clue? Maybe. It seems like an odd thing for a kid to do so it may be part of that 15% that isn’t true in his book and was added on purpose as a hint. But maybe back then that would have been something a kid would do. Today it would be waving the latest cell phone around. Back then, maybe it was olives. I do recall somewhere Forrest saying that none of the clues in the book were put there deliberately, so that’s something to consider.


    • Hi Steph, My thought on what Forrest stated about the bell in that interview was just his creative sense of humor coming out. I really need to find a way to get his books so I can learn more about him, but I think he was making a joke of it. From the things I get out of these blogs and his interviews, I feel he would rather see people using their imaginations more and maybe not worry so much about having to know everything exactly. This was an Albert Einstein quote that he used and did improve on by making us think and laugh. Im not so sure all his inaccuracies are clues. And to quote A.E. here, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Has Forrest not taught us something in the way of opening up and enjoying using our imaginations to express our own creativity with this whole Chase? Ah, yes, a teacher he is…and a student I have become. Have fun…be a kid. Imagine the possibilities.

      • I have most of his books and got them online, but I’m guessing they’re hard to find now. Gosh, he could probably get rerich if he republished them. I think he’d probably rather them in high demand. Some of mine have other people’s names in them with them signed and I wonder if now they miss them lol. If your in Taos, I know they have a copy of his Sharp book Whoop of the Dance in the locked cabinet in the back room of the library. I bet other libraries have copies…maybe check the Worldcat through your library system and through the interlibrary loan your library can probably get a copy for you. You said…..Has Forrest not taught us something in the way of opening up and enjoying using our imaginations to express our own creativity with this whole Chase? I think when he met me he thought…what was I thinking lol…how do I do the opposite. No seriously, I agree. I still think there might be something more to the misinformation. I just haven’t figured it out.

    • If you look it up the way he spelled knowledge it is an antiquated form. I believe it’s Middle English, a precursor to modern, so not necessarily a miss-spelling just and older version. I haven’t been able to make that mean anything in the context of the Chase but who knows. I suspect it was intentional but he’s having fun with folks saying it was his imagination.

    • ” Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Most of these stories are about or include people who are gone, as Fenn states it. It’s likely that very little of those stories are accurate if at all. On my first read a few stuck out as odd and non-memoir material. Those are the ones to look at. Stephanie Davis’ comment – page down – about the illustration on page 21 “No place for biddies” is a good example. What an odd non-memoir story. One thing I noticed is that the numbers contained in the story when written in order are the zip code for Jackson, WY. I’m not a fan of the treasure being in WY but it could have been anywhere in the US, why Jackson? One thought is that some of the hints are red herrings. And really, if there were just a few oddball, made-up stories then the hints would look funny and be obvious. So there’s lots of them. Which ones are hints and which ones are filler?

      • Great find on the zip code, CrazyFamily. He also put a picture of an “Underwood” typewriter in one of the blog articles, around the “old biddies” I think.

      • I get 82300122 from that story. How did you whittle that down to the zip code for Jackson?

  16. You will find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove….oops sorry wrong blog. My bad guys…continue on.

    • VG stay here. If we all got along all the time….how boring would that be?

      Like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without any peanut butter.

      I personally like lightly toasted bread, with creamy peanut butter with a blackberry jam.

    • Oh VeeeG…you’re like a crazy uncle who always wants to play “pull my finger”. We love him, we hate him, but he’s still part of the family!

      Now about this solve you have…

  17. Believe it is not buried it is in plain site and it just is unnoticeable it looks like it belongs. He does have a map of words and it all leads to that certain place. Ready to go when I have 90% of the exact location. Found two new clues yesterday and am working on them now. Hey Dal and Stephanie Good morning it is still morning here. Hey all of Ya’ll still on the Chase and ready to go down below the HOB and find the trove. Everything looks like a clue. No sleep and Headaches in this Bold and Brave wooded Cold. Let us all keep up the Good Forrest Fenn Path to the chest of riches. JMW

  18. Hi all, new guy here. stumbled into the search and the chase on accident. worked on the poem for a few months and doing research, Ive found my 1st spot i suppose. in Montana.

    have to get up the money to go tho, gonna cost me over 1000 just to get there and back. one of the bad parts, really have to be sure of my spot b4 i go, doing a yard sale, and selling some old trinkets.

    it was an odd journey to get my 1st spot, found a spot that i thought was a WWWH, checked for a canyon nearby, nope, then found another WWWH, check, canyon, check, house of brown, check, on and on, and thought i had the clues figured out and then found out that some of my info was wrong, scratch that.

    followed another set, thought i had it, eh, didn’t really “fit” enough for my liking. like i said gotta be sure b4 i go.

    then i found another WWWH, k, then a canyon, check, then house of brown, k, and then more places that fit, and after it was over i had nine clues exactly that pointed to nine specific spots, in Montana, and #9 dead ends somewhere in the mountains near a hiking path, little over 500 ft away. so here i am raising money to go, gonna fly, terrified of flying but its worth it if im right. Ill give you what i perceive to be the 9 clues, since there is some speculation as to what the 9 clues actually are.


    followed in order they point to specific spots Ive found by name and they form a single line that dead ends at the last clue.

    so heres hoping, guess Ive joined the fenn fever club.

      • It will take me awhile to get most of it done. Got the yard work to do, business to run, remembering how to build a website and my sweetie to tend to. So keep checking back from time to time. It will not hit the search engines for another week.

        • Utah wouldn’t tell you where it is…..but it does something for me. btw, I sent FF the big rock candy mountain thing. There is one in CO and one in UT. Even though it is a good clue… still won’t get you there….but it is a “clue”….and it solidifies something for me. But that’s just my opinion. Good luck to you, Einstein. I know I think I’m on the right trail just like EVERYONE else…..doesn’t mean I’m right. Only a fool has no doubts.

        • and Einstein if you don’t think there are clues in those illustrations, I do think you’re mistaken. Have you ever super-imposed a map over any of them??? Just saying you might be surprised at what you find.

        • Stephanie – I do know you are mistaken :-). And the picture does not say Utah – not BLaH lol. But good luck to you in your chase.

    • Also, on the illustration on page 57, the little bush to the right of the figure has the word “CAVE” hidden in it.

    • not sure what ur seeing upside down. but im not sure there are clues in the illustrations cause then the illustrator would know where it is, or have more clues than we would. and as fenn said 2 can keep a secret if one of em is dead. i dont think fenn wouldve given any info to the illustrator. but then again i dont know him personally.

      • Well, he does say you would have to have a magnifying glass to read his bio in the chest. I find it hard to believe he actually meant that. Just a thought….Utah that I believe is written on page 21 fits in perfectly with my idea of where it’s at. I can’t explain why but some of you probably know the connection.

      • and asking the illustrator to put something like that in the pic would actually give he/she no idea what it meant without just as much research as everyone on here has done. And who was the illustrator….a relative???? I saw the initials JF….I think.

        • HAHAHAH – I actually got out a magnifying glass and wasted 2 minutes of my life. What are you talking about? If it says anything it says Blah. Maybe upside down the h is a u but that is it. Stephanie I think you need some sleep.

  19. re: latest clue

    “The treasure is not found in a graveyard”

    The last letter of first three words gives “SEE”, and of all words gives “EAST END”

    re: latest

    There was at least one Freudian slip, where at about 5:30 he says “last week I p*ssed 15,000 e-mails” (not knocking it in the least, love it, Forrest. I can’t imagine anyone giving better interviews).

    There may have been another slip. Firstly, one must appreciate his comment on the Coriolis force, which most are not aware of (maybe learnt it in flight training ?). So, people talk about “simple Forrest”, but listen to his comment at about 26:30. He is talking about “Coriolis” and “Tree”

    Using the Viginere cipher, Input “C o riolis”, key “Tree”, and output is ” J X NEVEUO”.

    NUEVO is Spanish for NEW. Does this mean NEW MEXICO ?

    Putting this together (SEE EAST END NEW MEXICO), and going to the EAST END of NEW MEXICO, one sees Route 64.

    The poem has 6 stanzas, with 4 lines each.


  20. I can’t watch the link on this computer, but again, with Fenn being a direct, no nonsense person, this would mean to me that it’s all about “perception”….the coriolis effect…..movement of an object when applying everything “around” it… a rotating fashion. Just an idea.

  21. This info is for Doubting Thomas only, anyone else, look away, you didnt see this

    HOB has to do with brown trout

    not sure if anyone has mentioned this before

    • I have to disagree mr colorado bound Yates. Pursuing brown trout would take me into the danger zone near the multiple homes of Brown but not necessarily the correct ones.

    • This is a solid lead. it’s up to you at this point. If you understand that I am pointing you in the right direction then I have narrowed down the possible locations from 1,000,0000 to 10,000.

      I have increased your chances by about a factor of 100. you’re welcome.

      • Chris,
        … and if you are incorrect about the HOB what have you done to everyone’s chances that believe you?
        The Wolf

        • It’s over now that everyone knows it’s Home of Brown Trout…we can all go home now. *sulking back to Illinois* PS to Dal…I AM in Illinois 😉

        • yeah good point Wolf, and if you logically draw out that train of thought, ……. If i am right and someone might believe me and perhaps get onto the right track, well I am going to get to that spot first anyways, so no bueno, and if I am wrong then I am just putting them onto a wrong track. man I love this game …… the thrill of the chase baby!!

          • So Yates sir you just deployed some chaff and are employing other countermeasures to throw us off the trail! I love it! A fenngician amidst the audience. What do you think the blaze looks like? A crescent moon?

        • Stephanie,
          Isn’t revealing to everyone that the HOB is Brown Trout, kind of like giving away a hotel filled Board Walk and Park Place to your opponent in Monopoly… this could be quite controversial!

        • crescent mooon ….. blaze …… no….. but you are venturing into an area of sensitive intel there so i will have to stay away

          • Your responses have been fenncifull and full of fennfusion. You’re laying out so much chaff that I’m thinking you’re either a fighter pilot or mr fenn himself. By the way what do you believe the distance to be between wwwh and the home of Brown trout among other homes without the crescent moon.

        • if i drove straight to where i think the chest is at, got out of my car and walked there, based on what i see on satellite maps, i won’t be walking in any streams.

        • You make a very good point Wolf, It’s kind of like taking someone else’s word for whats at a spot, without looking for our self, it’s not that we can’t trust the other person, but that our sense of perception, is as individual as our finger prints.

    • I disagree, it has nothing to do with brown trout. That was my first thought though.
      Tally- Ho

      • i didnt believe the lorax when he said to stop chopping down the trees and i am not going to start now

  22. Adam The Adventurer posted previously ….

    From: Darin Espinoza
    Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:24 PM
    Subject: Book of Exodus

    Hello Sir,

    I’ve been thinking,
    You said searchers were within 500ft of the chest.
    I believe you also said no one will stumble upon it.
    You’ve also said that searchers only got 2 of the 9 clues correct.

    How can searcher only solve 2 of the 9 clues but then be within 500ft of the chest?

    —– Original Message —–

    Forrest Fenn
    Mar 28

    Because it was two different searchers Darin.


    Thank You, A the A for posting. I really wanted to see this because I think a lot of people aren’t really sure FFs meaning on this whole thing and I may be in that camp now, but maybe not, I will keep an open mind moving forward and in the meantime, I trust more the poem because years were spent crafting it and making sure every word was just right.

    When i first read this response from FF here, I laughed. I mean, what is he really saying? I don’t know, did he even answer Adam’s question? Im not sure.

    If i had read this before I know what I know now, I would have taken FFs meaning to be the ‘obvious’ one, just like Adam did, just like anyone would. in light of other things though, something comes to memory, when i first started reading this blog, where Dal is talking about FF being a master of saying something where the meaning becomes obvious and so he gets you to take the meaning of something he never actually said.

    There is this voice in my head that keeps saying, trust the poem, just …. trust the poem … go to where it leads you. yeah … so there it is.

    • Forrest Fenn wrote:

      ” Because it was two different searchers Darin.”

      It seems like quite a left-field response from Forrest.

      The implication is that each of the two parties correctly figured one different clue each. The logic says that each of those clues (and perhaps some or all of the others), gets one within 500 feet.


      • I was with you Astree until you said that one of the clues gets you within 500ft

        • Hi Chris,

          I was trying to say, that sounded like what Forrest was saying, re: 500 feet.


    • How can one clue get you that close to the chest, very easily, if the clues represent locations, and if you happen to stumble into the chase, somewhere on the course, rather than at the starting point.

  23. Stephanie, RE: inaccuracies in the book… on page 11 ff says “if Robert Redford had ever written anything he probably could have done it better than the guy who wrote that Gatsby book.” It sounds like Redford never wrote anything & FF was just using his name because he played Gatsby in 1974. Robert Redford has written at least 29 books that I have found. Maybe someone can find more significance here. Also, that made me think about the way FF uses wording and double meaning. On page 133 he says “It was vital that nobody share my knowledge about the location of the treasure”. I found this wording odd. He doesn’t say vital that nobody knows where he hid it. Could he mean that he has some special knowledge that he uncovered about the spot… like the nails sticking out of the horse shoes he has talked about discovering?

    • Is it possible he didn’t know he wrote books? Is it possible he just wrote the book knowing he only had to be right 85% of the time? I didn’t see a list of 29 books…I’m not sure if there are more Robert Redford’s out there who are authors…seems like it could be a common name.

      • It is definitely possible that FF didn’t know he wrote the books, but interestingly, Robert Redford was a repeat customer of FF and he collected Eric Sloane oil paintings. Most of his books are about Native Americans, sustainable energy and the outlaws of the old west. He also started the Sundance film festival (may be relavent) I don’t know how to post the link, but lists 29 books by actor Robert Redford. In some of the books he only wrote the foreword.

        • What if Forrest just assumed he never did, but was interested in common things and he knew that we would all know who Robert Redford is. I believe though that there’s a similar strange thing with Ernest Hemingway where he mentions his book, but gives the story of Hemingways life rather than the book he’s talking about.

        • @Stephanie, I agree. The Hemingway thing is odd too. These could all be red herrings, but those small details could be worth a look. Maybe someone will see a link.

    • @canyonder
      Could you list a few of the books, or give a link with a list of books written by Robert Redford……..I can’t find any.


      • I think he wrote the forwards in most of those books. Maybe has one or two. The Outlaw Trail.

        • CrazyFamily, you are correct, he did write most of the forewords. I didn’t read the fine print before I posted. It just jumped out at me in the book that FF said “if he ever wrote anything”. Then I found out that he was an Eric Sloane collector and figured there may be a link. It may be nothing, but doesn’t FF say something about “nothing is to small to know”?

    • Canyonder,
      the most significant thing Redford wrote was The Outlaw Trail, that traces Cassidy and company (and other outlaws) on a secret trail from Canada to Mexico. Most notably about this is if you google the outlaw trail, you will soon see Brown’s Hole as one of the major hideouts along the trail (hole in the wall and Robbers roost being the others). Brown’s hole is now Brown’s Park. The origin of the name is up for debate. It is located on the “Borders” of CO, WY and UT. There are canyons galore here. I am telling you this because anyone who googles Redford and books will soon find this information. I believe it is as much as a red herring as every other blatant hint in the book. To me it prooves the existence of red herrings which is somewhat of a good thing for hunters who are trying to link every single odd statement or clue to the poem. Either that or it’s there and you must link all the other clues there and I don’t believe it is or I obviously wouldn’t have said so much.

      • I’m having a hard time with replying. Anyone else?
        @Stu, Thanks for the info. I looked at Brown’s hole a while back for other reasons. This is the first time I’ve seen the Redford connection. I have another area I like much better so that’s where I’m focusing right now. I guess the key is to separate the red herrings from the trail of the fox.

  24. Monday joke from Mr. Fenn:

    ” The end is ever drawing nigh”

    He said to pray. ( at least, I think he was joking ).


    • Oh, he is on a roll.

      “There’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high”.

      He replied with the leek (Leak? i guess the canoe is leaking), which is the emblem of Wales (heavy loads and water high).

      Stand-by …

      • Oh man,

        He followed with “ed BAELy” (what, bail the canoe, Forrest? in stitches here). Ed Baily was a baseball player born about the same time as Forrest.

        Cracking me up, nice ones, Forrest.

        • .
          Cant stop laughing, okay, okay, torquise bracelet, you win. Would you accept an IOU ? I need a vowel or two.

  25. I really, REALLY have GOOD information and am 94% sure I have first three clues. Dal, I’ll trust your opinion..can I email you?

  26. @astree, “leak”, Dam? Hydroelectric Dam? Heavy Loads = electricity…

    WWH = Tears, like u said earlier… in Wyoming?

    • Hi poisonivy,

      I believe I see the connection between heavy loads and electricity. I have seen several dams that looked attractive from an overall location stand-point (like the near Buffalo Bill / Cody), and even made some other close connections. However, my ‘current’ understanding does not lead me to that, least not yet

      Wishing you luck and enjoyment in the chase,

  27. Wimpy burgers? wasn’t there a Wimpy in the 40 and 50s’ LiL Abner cartoons that was always eating a burger? The Diet-Rite, thats a good one, it means ? maybe it uses up the 15%, so the rest of that story is TRUE.

    • That one doesn’t really bother me, because he had someone else do the drawings and he might have just said draw a car with kids holding a rope and the guy assumed it was long ago. I’m leaning towards he just wanted to get the book out there and didn’t really fact check things…and just put the 85% part in there to cover that aspect, because Dal said something about there being a reason he did this when he did. He wrote that in the comments for On The Hunt in his blog.

    • What bothers me is that Skippy looks Photoshop’d and the two cars don’t seem to be the same.

  28. What do catchers, pies, saddles, leeks, Thor, frogs, paddles, Indians, rainbows, candy bars, cigarettes, horses, cows, dogs, omegas, poker, catcher in the rye, shakespeare, bats, bells, sodas, graveyards, stargazers, , “dumb” things…..and countless other things in the book all have in common??? They all have ONE thing in common.

    • Alright then. I say BS. A wise man once said “All of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about where warm waters halt.” Perhaps that is what is in common… nothing to do with “where warm waters halt.” Please, produce the gold or stop the condescension. I’ll buy your ticket.

    • From one Stephanie to another….email me tyblossom at aol dot com because otherwise it will drive me crazy to have another riddle rumbling around in my brain.

    • You might want to check the forecast before hand, new snow coming into the rockies.

    • I listened to you Stephanie Davis and I listened good. Not a spot for me.

  29. The Red Ball Cafe which originally opened back in 1922, it spent about a dozen years on what was then Route 66, offering it’s 5 cent Wimpy Burger with special chili sauce. Wonder if it’s better than In N Out.

  30. Stephanie, if you think back on all I’ve said, you’ll know what the answer is. I’ve given all I have to give on here except the piece to the final clue and the blaze…..both of which I know. When I gave all that info out, I didn’t think I had a dog in this hunt anymore, or a pole in the water… other words I didn’t think I would ever make it back there. But I have had an offer of a way back. I have a week to think about it. I have obligations here that are important to me so…..we’ll see. But if you look back at all I’ve posted, you can find the common denominator in all those things. And if I decide not to go, then I’ll try and help out on here some more.

  31. Forrest looks like he could play the role of Billy The Kid like Johnny Mack Brown did back in 1930 but June is just too cute to be an outlaw (ref: pg. 36 TOTC).

    • funny you should mention Johnny Mack Brown, my mother dated him when I was a kid.

      • It’s a small world ! He had a good run for a while then hit the B list.

  32. It seems the majority of folks consider the aspen tree to be a key in their search. Some have shown ‘blazes’ found on aspen trees. I have another thought about a tree that may be key to the ‘blaze’. On page 15 of his book he states, “So now I sit here past midnight, beside my juniper fire, reflecting back to the year when my awareness took its first few steps.” I ask, why a “juniper” fire? Why not an aspen fire? Why not just a fire? A fire is a “blaze”, right? Could the blaze be on a juniper tree? In the areas of my search, juniper trees are abundant. Anyone have a thought on this subject?

    • I don’t have any thoughts on it, but someone said don’t dig in a campfire pit, because snakes hang out there from the warmth of the fire that was there…I liked that advice, because I don’t want to get that close to any snakes.

          • Stephanie…
            No need for a hotel room….just a rope.
            At nite when you roll out your bedroll…..take the rope and make a circle around the bedroll….
            the snakes won’t bother you then….especially the side winders…lol

          • What happens if your wrong or a raccoon comes along and steals the rope because he’s in cahoots with the snake?

          • don’t think the racoon’s life expectacy is going to be very long with a snake for a buddy. Besides, when’s the last time you saw a racoon in the desert? You do know that the desert is full of side winders right?

          • A shotgun or machete. I seen a shovel used. Dal’s ice pick will work.

      • I post a serious comment about blazes and a potentially pertinent tree and it degrades into snakes… thanks!

        • lol jim.. my guess would be juniper s are freakin everywhere and being an evergreen they ignite fairly quick..

        • That was my thought too…there are billions of them out here. Maybe the blaze is a burned one, but that wouldn’t last very long.

    • Did you know that different trees grow on each side of certain canyons down? That is probably all the intel I would give until I search :-).

    • Juniper fires burn hot all night and have a wonderful aroma. Aspen burns hot and fast. No one really cuts Aspen for firewood. More interesting is the time of day.

    • @ Jim

      Alligator Juniper grows in NM…and didn’t he have 2 alligators guarding his gallery at some point in time. I found this interesting…just in an odd random associatiative kinda way. Not sure about the fire story but 2 months ago jotted down in my notebook…alligator juniper.

        • Well, I have a week to take up the offer of a return trip. I’m thinking about it. I just got back from there, and I’m leaving town again in a few days, then back home for two and then I would have to leave out again for WYS if I’m going to go. It’s just not that easy for me to pick up and go again.

          • Yeah but if it’s thought to have one to three million dollars??? It didn’t sound like you had any doubts as to the location.

          • Why has this treasure gone from 1.2 million up to 3 million? The news reports keep embellishing on it.

          • Who knows, but I’ve heard both figures. Forrest once said that once it got to 20 million he was going to go back and get it lol. I think that was my favorite of his one liners….so funny.

        • Stephanie, I ‘ve made an agreement about the treasure with these ppl, so it doesn’t matter if I actually go or not, except that my husband thinks I should be the one to open the chest for the first time since I put so much time into it, but the treasure will be brought to me if it’s found. My cut would remain the same no matter what. I have given them every direction I have given on here except the blaze and the final “clue” which I will give them when they get there. They just don’t think they can find the “spot” without me……but I think I can guide them right to it….even from here. I know the next question you’re going to ask is can I trust these ppl…..and my answer would be yes.

        • and even if I thought I couldn’t trust one of them (the man), he has already made the comment, jokingly but not really, that I would have him in court in the blink of an eye if he didn’t adhere to our agreement……and this is true. He knows me well enough to know I would do it. He wouldn’t risk tying up time and spending money in court, when he can just do the right thing and be happy with his cut.

          • I know a guy who’s searching for other people and he said his electronic email correspondence will prove the contract between the people. So they don’t even sign a contract.

        • well, you may be right and I may be wrong…..that’s the thrill of the chase, but if it’s not found sooner, then we will all know if I’m wrong in about the next 10 to 12 days. I wish you all luck as well. Honestly, I’ll just be glad when it’s found so I can quit obsessing over it. lol…..I swear it’s become a full time job…..sheesh. I feel like a dog with a bone that can’t let go.

  33. To the family:

    I say family because whether I find it or you do…I will salute you nonetheless! 🙂

    I’ve thought about a couple things and you can chime in if desired.

    I think the searchers that got the 1st to clues correct perhaps were guessing. Or maybe it was Dal or Steph?
    Whoever it was it has been awhile since this has occured.
    This speaks alot to me because in the beginning of this chase, FF dídn’t say it was hidden in the Rockies but in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    As the chase has gained momentum it became all of the “Rockies”.

    Something else I have considered. It took FF many years to perfect the poem.
    He says in his “TTOTC” he wrote…”I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to”.

    FF never went to college, but he says in his “TTOTC” his father asked him who would you rather have working on your car, someone who went to school for four years, or someone who has been working on cars for four years?

    I would venture to say FF doesn’t consider himself a genius, but whether he does or doesn’t, the poem and how he has handled this whole experience is very much genius!
    In a way his poem is a very intelligent way of snubbing the smarty pants people out there, and @ the same time setting up a journey of adventure for all of us.

    From a human perspective the poem is genius!
    But I also realize why FF can’t give any obvious clues…because like a clock its wound so tight…the moment you find the key…it all becomes unraveled!

    Is “wwwh” some random place that he loves? Is it a very known place to many, but his poem hides the location with amazing secrecy?

    How many places has FF been to in his life? I’m sure enough to last many lifetimes.

    My own opinion is my own…but I think although its obvious to FF how to understand the poem.
    Its next to impossible for the rest of us.
    To see into the eyes of an 80yrs old man who has had the life he’s had, is impossible, except to live it the same way he did.

    In my life I’ve written many songs that seemed so easy to understand in my mind, but the average listener, never even heard what I was saying.
    Like so many pop songs that play on the radio non-stop, having no real substance, and all of us go…how the hell did that become a hit??!!

    I don’t think his poem or this chest can be found anytime soon.

    @ the very least I think it will take as many years to find it, as it took to write it.
    It will take some VERY smart person years to discovery where it actually is.
    In my opinion if its found soon…it will be because FF wants it to be found.
    Otherwise the person that will find the chest, will spend more years than Dal has spent searching until it all clicks and makes sense.

    I believe it will be a bit of luck and years of research…nothing less!

    Coincidently, I have shared my thoughts on where it might be.
    Some of my locations have been out of the box, but I chose to do that purposefully to put myself out there in the unknown, to comprehend more than I am at the moment.

    Unless someone gets lucky or FF just gives it to us…it will not be found in FF’s lifetime!
    Although as I read my previous sentence it hits me like a ton of bricks…it resounds with a loud bang!

    I realize the difficulty factor involved, that I didn’t @ first, and thats why you see me posting my thoughts on where it could be.
    Because I would love to know where it is, so I can have a good sleep.
    1 night without saying the poem in my head lol!

    I am someone who given enough time and free-THINKING will find it.
    FF didn’t say search and search til you find it…he said THINK!! 😉

    Kindest regards,

    • I too have said that this treasure is not intended to be found in his lifetime. It is a test of the seclusion of the spot. The one who finds this treasure will know Fenn like a friend and “heavy loads and high water” are the emotions to be felt when the treasure is found with his remains.

    • ATA, right on man, Forest is pretty shrewd. I believe there are many clues that lead us in a Google inspired spot, but we need to look at the man and understand where he is coming from in presenting these clues. It’s my opinion all his clues have an under meaning and are not so straight forward. When the treasure is found we are all going to say “OH” that’s what he meant. This riddle could go on for years before someone finally figures out what he means, after all he’s had 25 years to go over in his head how to get this thing right and confuse all of us. It surely is not at a spot that seems so obvious, I know I’ve already spent a lot of money chasing the obvious. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is not found by someone that just stumbles across it not even knowing whom Forrest is, that is why he put he life story in an Olive jar!

      • I’m sorry Wishmeluck, but the poem is one master piece if I ever saw it. It was designed not to be an obvious path to the treasure. It was put together with a lifetime of exploration and travel in mind. That is why so many people are going in so many directions. Any of which could take them to the treasure. True, all but for one thing. Forrest himself. His story takes many directions. His aquaintences were many. His adventures were many. His passion for history was hugh. All these things shouldn’t be taken lightly. They all are pieces of the clues in the poem, not the poem itself. If you are trying to figure out the place he leads you to in the poem, you will need to find the places that he himself has gone. Believe me there are many. So, as many on here will recall, I stated many times that to understand the poem, you need to first understand Forrest Fenn. I do, and believe me it has truely been an adventure in itself. The information is out there. Look for it. Once you have all that, then and only then study the poem for the obvious links.

        No, I have not gone out to find the chest. I do not claim to know where it is. I do have the knowledge that will guide me though and that is all I need.

        • To me a masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder in which a change of times and tastes.makes different. There are many paintings that people will say are masterpieces, but to me they look like a little kid did them. One only has to look at Van Gogh, he only sold 3 paintings in his life and committed suicide at a young age because people did not like what he was painting at that time in his life, it took a century for his painting to be a “Masterpiece”. For Forrest’s poem to be a “masterpiece” only time will tell, but he is definitely a “Words Smith”. You only assume the fact the poem is a masterpiece because the riddle has not been brought to a close. The clues have been scoured by thousands at there face value and have yet to be solved, not to mention the hardships of families spending money they don’t have searching. I have been one that has been searching and was sure I had the exact spot narrowed down only to find the whole area circled with
          “no trespassing signs”.after traveling a thousand miles. There are many “arm chair searchers” out there thinking they have this all figured out and I wish them well if they ever leave there computers, but it is a whole lot different once your in the field. As far as trying to know Forrest, well good luck. I have a lot in common with him, having spent much of my youth in the same places he has explored and growing up in the same area fishing, hunting and riding horses in many of the same streams and mountains, and I’m still trying to figure that part out.

          • It really is amazing when you get out West and you realize why it hasn’t been found. Since I’m from a city/suburb area…I totally thought it would be easy. Then I went out there and was in shock. I’ve even had what I thought were spot on searches where I could not believe it wasn’t there…not only that, but the places I was…I could tell no one else had even been which really shocked me. So he knows there are so many places and those were the odds he was using that it would take so long to find. I mean who’s to say it’s not hidden somewhere along route 25 and all of us that have driven up there that way have been within 500 feet.

    • Good post…but he did say you had to get out there and search I believe along with thinking….with your kids which I’ve failed at for the most part…I’ve had one of my kids search on two trips. I’ve been better at getting my husband off the couch…but now he’s also taken up reading because of Forrests game and no longer talks to me. Strange things have happened in the past two years here. I’m not even the same person. I might need a new name.

      • Ooh..can I come up with a name for you?
        I thought of Esmerelda for the truck all by myself…

        • No your not allowed at all!! Our cars don’t have names…but our GPS does…it’s Gina, because Jeff was jealous of her telling me where to go and me listening to her instead of him. I wonder if most men feel threatened by their wives GPS units….hmmm. Maybe $bill could come up with a good name…what ever happened to him? He was fun with names. I just wonder what happens when I paint my toes another color. I saw this really cool tye dye effect I’d love to try. Hey check this out……he collected Blatz pop tops. Told him he could have been rich twice. D-CORK-POP-BOTTLE-CAP-/380612414159?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item589e448ac f

      • @ steph,

        I can say after putting over $6000 into this chase…I understand enough about google earth, that it doesn’t have the answer.
        I hold and look at “TTOTC” and THINK…this and the poem have the answer to where the chest is.
        The answer is in my hand right here, so how come I can’t find it?
        Perhaps the finder will make so many trips to discover the chest, perhaps it will happen like that?
        I bet the person that finds it will come to think just like FF…there is no other way!

        Of course someone can get lucky…but not getting lucky costs alot of money.
        If the answer is in the poem and the hints are in the book…becoming FF is all thats left.
        I find this thought pleasing because it means I don’t need to be in a rush.
        I can have fun and take my time. 😉


      • Hi Stephanie, I hope when you say that you are not even the same person you were 2 years ago means that you have been changed for the better, “For Good” (a song to relax you – I like the good u tube version with Xena and Gabrielle – there is a very nice one of them – some are not very good though – it could help relax you between thinking and searches) but if no one else comes up with a new NAME for you, I dub the SteFFenie.
        Little Sparrow

    • Adam if that’s the case, i hope one of our kids find it. I’ve put my years worth of research on disc.

    • A-the-A … I need to chime in. Having owned an undercar repair facility for 15 years I can tell you FF’s dad was mistaken. I would much rather hire a schooled mechanic than a back-yard fix-it guy any old day. Customers gladly pay more to have repairs done by an expert with the proper credentials. Also I don’t see as FF has had such a remarkable or interesting life. What did he ever really do? His stories are filled with longings & regrets that continue to bother him. The only reason any of us purchased his book was to find the treasure. He knows that.

      FF did not spend many years crafting the poem. While he was ill with cancer he purchased the chest. He told Lorene Mills that it took him 6 months to fill it. That was 1988-1990 or so. He was 58-60 years old. In the book FF says that he was almost 80 & “figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem …” A-the-A, if someone tells you a lie once, then anything else they say becomes suspect. Whether FF deliberately or innocently changes his story, I don’t trust it.

      You think the poem is genius, but to me it’s vague & confusing. I agree the treasure will not be found.

      • @ Becky;

        You are entitled to your opinion.
        But as one who has seen and experienced genius…FF is that…here is a guy who never finished college.
        And yet, has higher thinking people stumped!

        I take him as being honest and yet crafty.
        Should he be taken in a bad way? I don’t feel that.

        Now being the devils advocate, someone who says they bend the truth, I have a VERY hard time believing what they say.
        Years of living would never clean up such a lie as one would spin to get this attention.
        But I will say I believe the chest is out there…if for no other reason…ego. 😉


        • Woah Adam – A genius? I think not and I think Forrest would agree with my assessment. A man with 80 years experience – yes.

      • I think you got things confused. He wrote the book in 6 months, but he took years to amass the collection in the chest. I don’t think he lied at all…just might have been confusing to hear or something. I’m sure he does know that’s why we bought his book. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. As for the poem being vague and confusing…I thought what German Guy just said and I should have copied about it being about a lifelong adventure or something like that was cool(the way he said it, not me). I have to disagree with you about his life too in my own opinion. I find him fascinating…but I love history, I love art, I love the idea of being self made. While doing tons of research, I’ve seen all the donating he’s been able to do to help others….for someone to just say that they want to have an exhibit of Russian art and go there…get millions of dollars worth of paintings and create a show. I think it’s amazing he was able to do that….to care enough about someone’s ashes that he takes them back to Russia…or let’s them go out the window of his plane on a mountain shows such great character. I’m not sure why you seem to not care for him. I’m not at all saying this to just swoon over him because he’s the designer of this game. I seriously think he’s done such cool things and deserves to be recognized by words saying such. Gosh, I didn’t even mention the fact he was willing to give up his life for each one of us by signing on the dotted line. I think you should reconsider your stance…but that’s just my opinion.

        • Good words, Stephanie. I think you’re spot on. I too think he has done great things….and like you, I love history, and antique things, ancient things really…..I can’t say I’m an art lover per se, but I can appreciate it.

        • Hi, Stephanie – FF wrote the book in 6 WEEKS. I just listened once again to the Lorene Mills interview (Nov). FF said it took him 6 months to fill the chest with 20.2 ounces of Troy gold plus the jewelry & precious gems. That’s what he said. In the book he tells that approaching 80, he wrote a poem. In that order.

          FF did not arrange the Russian exhibit by himself. Plenty of other people were involved, but he doesn’t give credit to anyone other than one man who knew somebody with connections. As for Olga’s ashes, it was business. FF legally agreed to scatter her ashes in return for the acquisition of her rooms.

          What cool things has he done? He had a childhood, joined the Air Force, went to Korea, then to Viet Nam, started a business with the help of his wife, convinced customers that he was the premier art dealer of the southwest, dug up treasures that didn’t belong to him, bought a pueblo, escavated 30 rooms, wrote 8 books, & hid a treasure for anyone to find in order to be remembered & attain immortality. What do I not understand? Oh, yes – what dotted line?

          • The dotted line when he signed up with the Air Force willing to risk his life for his country(which included me and you). He must have gotten the times mixed up. It’s backwards. You listed a bunch of things about him that one person would be proud to have done, but you don’t want to give him any credit for doing them? I’m confused at why you feel such a disdain for him unless it’s that you didn’t get the chest on your trip and your feeling sour about it. Why would you seem so angry about who he is? I honestly don’t understand your view on him at all. I can only imagine what you think of me as I haven’t even come close to doing things he has.

          • Just listened to part of that interview again…he wasn’t mixed up on dates…I didn’t realize he had it filled that quick…but he does say he filled it back when he had originally had the idea after buying the chest. I’m not sure why any of that is an issue to you.

        • Becky

          The same one that probably a number of others like Dal and I signed when we enter the service of our country. THAT line!

      • WOAH here becky. You are going to be stepping on a lot of toes here with these comments. I’m going to simply say…take a deep breath, think of what you just said, think of who is impacted by your remarks and finally issue an apology to all who may have felt insulted by your remarks.

        Secondly, no more dumb remarks about forrest fenn. You know about as much about forrest fenn, as You do about ME.

        I’m done. My apology to Dal, wish I could have done this in a more private fashion. Obviously that’s not posssible

        • @ Germanguy and all,

          Becky doesn’t need to apologize, but she needs to consider her words wisely!

          Any of us should feel blessed to sit in FF’s presence.
          He is a very wise old man to the world!
          He has seen the folly of what men can do.
          I stopped by his house while in Santa Fe to speak with him briefly, he didn’t have time for me.
          I’m a platinum selling recording artist…I’ve sold almost 5 million in records and downloads, whatever you want to call it…I’ve been there an done that.
          In that respect I’m ahead of FF, but the crux is, I have to live as long as he has to truly understand it all…speaking of the chase!

          Becky, speaking as one who calls bulls*** daily…I believe he’s the genuine article!


      • @Becky
        I’ve never met Fenn but from what I’ve read about him there are some things I like about him, there are some things I don’t like. I don’t have to like the guy to take his money………I don’t worship at the alter of Saint Fenn, but I don’t think he’s the devil either…..Fenn is a horse trader, he buys nags and convinces someone they are worth more than he paid for them…….he bought forgeries and convinced everyone they are special while acknowledging they are forgeries…….that’s a hoot. The world of art has nothing to do with reality……..It’s not who you are, it’s who they think you are. Anyone else says what Fenn does and he’s a dummy, but if Fenn says it, it’s pure genius. Like Fenn says, give him $250,000.00 and he will make you a famous whatever you want to be……..If you don’t have a college degree you are a conman, if you do you are vice president of marketing…….I’ll hand it to him, he sure has removed a lot of money from those that had it…….But you know what they say about fools and their money.

        Did he really bury the treasure? Or is he just taking everyone on a magic carpet ride? That is what each searcher has to decide……and how much they are willing to bet the treasure is there and know where it is.

        • GOG I’m with you, but do you ever sleep? How come the majority of this part 14 blog has been spent on discussing non clues? The question remains whatstheblaze?

        • @DT
          I’m on the west coast, you guys are the ones up late.

          Having lived through raising two teenage girls and spending a great deal of time in the mountains………sleeping with one eye open is the only way to survive.

      • Becky, Forrest’s story about experience vs education was an homage to his father, who knew how to guide him in an encouraging manner.

        The people of WV must have very interesting lives if Forrest’s life and accomplishments seem dull by comparison. I look forward to reading about your experiences in your book–once you write it, publish it, and promote it (donating all of the money to charity, no doubt).

  34. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze.”
    If you change just one letter of each of the above words, and maybe rearrange a letter or two, everything in this line refers to bat guano (poop).

    But = Bat
    tarry = tarry (as in tar)
    scant = scat (animal poop)
    with = sh-t
    marvel = marble (like a rounded marble)
    gaze = glaze (hard and shiney)

    Anyone who has seen a lot of bat guano knows how this fits. So is the chest hidden near bat guano? Bat guano doesn’t have to be in a cave.

    • maybe he can change it because it’s his poem. think about it. have you ever seen Batman and Forrest in the same room at the same time.

      • Chris Yates wrote:

        ” maybe he can change it because it’s his poem. think about it. have you ever seen Batman and Forrest in the same room at the same time.”


        You crack me up, that was good. (for that matter, have you ever seen Robin and Superman in the same room at the same time?)

        How’s the recent revelation?


  35. Sure feels like something is missing….a void of some sorts. I hope Forrest comes out to play with us soon!

  36. Warm waters halt (toilet)… down the canyon (sewer)… to home of brown (sewage settling pond)… no place for the meek… no paddling in that creek… won’t tarry long… marvel gaze?

    Old Forrest is a jokester!

  37. A journeys starts a journeys end
    A genius wrote what we try to comprehend
    So close and yet so far away
    Some have gone and some will stay
    A blaze, the woods, where warm waters halt
    Elude the wise but with the seasons salt

    If every road walked leads to not
    If your desire holds and truth is sought
    If you think and think stay strong and bold
    The chest will be revealed in fields of gold

    For FF will not die forgotten
    His name spoken softly like bales of cotton
    Its soft yet can cut just like a knife
    Where the great ones come to rest
    Wheres the finder of the chest?

    Me thinks to myself its a long way still
    Years from now where only the studied til
    The earth will in time reveal its place
    Until history fills in the missing space



    “Now, what if I wanted to secret a can of Dr. Pepper under a rock in the cooling waters of a rivulet somewhere in my allotted public acreage?”–Forrest Fenn

    “We just had to forego a few luxuries like Dr. Peppers and downtown movies”–Forrest Fenn
    Take the link to the commercial and give it a quick look. Interesting choice of words at the very end…

    • I just discovered in the past few weeks, that while I like Dr Pepper, rather than alternating between that and Pepsi and Iced Tea, I have been sticking to Dr. Pepper strickly. Do you think it is a mental thing, that if I focus on Dr Pepper as my choice of beverage, that it will somehow enlighten me to the location of the treasure?

  39. Some men interpret nine memos.

    (sometimes you need to read something from right to left…)

  40. What if the answer to the poem was as simple as…

    What if “wwwh” is a place (warm-hearted) to FF?
    Could it be Hebgen lake, which leads to Hebgen lake dam.
    Follow it down to the bottom of the dam which runs into the “Madison” river, which is the 1st place Brown trout were ever introduced to all of the Rockies…**fact**…look it up! 😉
    Cross the river…”no place for the meek”… and search the area.
    I don’t claim its there but it has been a thought in my mind.
    If you follow the Madison river down…which is in a way..”home of Brown”…it takes you to some interesting places.

    Of all the places I will search in the future…it will only be places I believe were special to FF.


  41. I see many are becoming disallusioned by the search. But it has been out there for over 2 years now and Forrest has never said it would be easy to find. Many like Dal and Stephanie have kept the faith and pushed forward with yet more searches. I feel that this was never meant to be a burden in any ones life, but strickly an adventure. Mostly for the kids, but adults have now been accepted by fenn.

    No one forces us to do this. We do it for the sake of a lifetime adventure or if you will have it, the thrill. I’m an armchair 67 year old and it has brightened my days to come on here with good people to share it with. Not that looking forward to actually (possibly) hold the chest in my wrinkled hands isn’t exactly exciting too 🙂

    All I can wish for everyone….is peace and happiness if you can find it in your lives.

    • GermanyGuy, sponsor me and I’ll go find that thing for us! I have everything I need except for gas money! I’m way up in northern Wisconsin…
      Ich bin gespannt auf Ihre Antwort. Ich bin ganz ernst, wollen einen Sponsor. Vielen Dank!
      e-mail me

    • Dang G-Man you keep late hours.

      Great post. What gets me is, in this day and time, when most people get disillusioned they blame their lack of accomplishment on someone else! In this case, it is FF fault. “He” made the Poem to hard! They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

      That is what makes Stephanie, Dal and others like them so special. They tried, accepted the fact they were wrong and said “I will try again” – no whining. My hat is off to all of them.

      About the Chase, I don’t think of the location as having a Yellow Brick Road. It is more a Yellow Brick Trail, with a blaze on every brick. Determining which blaze to follow certainly adds another “dimension” to the Chase!

      I don’t have a partner, yet. I still believe the Poem will take me precisely to the chest and I want to solve all of it. If you and your partner can seeit, congratulations. I wish you all the luck and look forward to reading about yall’s escapades.

      The gates will be opening soon and we will know then. I am quite sure, by July or August, this location will have as many searchers as Yellowstone (if it is not found before). I wonder if the key is hanging on a National Forest bulletin board somewhere?

      To those who have read this far and wonder what this has to do with the 9 clues, I believe G-Man can attest that I have covered several within.

      Good Luck to Everyone……..and Dal thanks again for the site and all your work.

      (and g-man, thanks for putting up with me, even if you do it a little testily, sometimes)

      • Hugs fred, but have to be honest. I’m probably the biggest whiner about what this has cost me, but I won’t ever blame anyone else for my choices. 

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

        • ah, but little gal ( not being sexist, but that’s what makes you more special, you are a girl, and still swinging – no quit in you!!)

          There’s a big difference between takin’ a break, sittin’ on a hard rock and b_tchin’ about job you’re doing – –
          – – and sitting on a hard rock and whining about how hard the rock is and wanting someone to bring you a pillow because you’re too lazy to get off it!!!!

          just sayin…………..Fred W

  42. I speak to all:

    Do not think to find the chest by chance…it will be a VERY hard won victory!

    In my imagination I see a group of teens 80 years from now, deciding as a class project to try and discover the treasure of FF.
    I see them using unusual technology and thinking…then 1 of them coming to a very special place….a place no one has ventured to in many years…an there…RIGHT THERE…they find the chest!

    You want to prove them wrong…then…find it in our generation!
    Otherwise, to the wise I might leave the future!


  43. Maybe FF only actually hid the bracelet he wants back. Maybe that is the “ticket” to the treasure, and how he knows it hasn’t yet been found. The finder takes FF the bracelet and is “paid” for it with the box of shinys. That would also help stave off the feds. Just a thought…

    (Thanks anyway G.G.)

    • @ Argus33,

      This chase is not for the faint of heart, or this decade…
      I truly believe he set this up against his own understanding of brains.
      This being said, I think we are all out of our element by about 20 yrs…just sayin…
      If someone can find it in our generation…FF will have given it to us…this is my personal feeling of what I believe is fact!


  44. Doubting Thomas says,

    “The question remains whatstheblaze?”

    I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you

    • Chris Yates:

      When are you heading out? I read your posts the other day – Wishing you luck! But am hoping you are not going to my spot!

  45. First off, to all the bloggers, THers, lurkers, et al who have signed on that dotted line, I say Thank You for your service. There are many people who have never worn a uniform who know in our hearts and minds that the freedoms we take for granted were bought with the blood of our forefathers, and have since been secured with the dedicated service of individuals such as you. So again, Thank You.

    And now back to the Nine Clues…
    Gary…Brown didst shuteye Lamar…anagram of and with my treasures bold…
    JH Sharp House…I have donated Brown…anagram of…brave and in the wood.
    Frank M…fatal raft took out Brown…anagram of…not far but too far to walk…

    • FF, said to start with “wwwh” << what does this tell us…well it tells me, HOB is not home of Brown next to the green river below the flaming Gorge dam!


    • Other HOBs…
      The other UPS
      Trout, bears, bats and critters of all types
      Brown Sponge Geyser

      Feel free to contribute anytime

    • Well said….and I also thank them. As for clues….who were the two parties that found the first two clues and drove by the other 7 ???? I have wondered if it was us…but I’ve gone back through my searches and can’t find different HOB’s that I could have used…unless maybe I went in the canyon the wrong way maybe(Just thought maybe they were going the wrong way in their canyon)….hmm. I’ve even searched Dals locations thinking it could have been him as it’s so nice he has some of his searches up…I want to see more of your old searches Dal 😉 I posted about my Fechin House one, but didn’t give away my Warm Waters Halting yet for it as that still freaks me out that it could have been one of the ones as it was pretty unique. I don’t even think anyone could think of it given that I said the Fechin Taos Art Museum as where I thought the blaze was. Please don’t guess here….Just run with it if you figure it out.

  46. Why is the first letter of every line capitalized??? Even when that word is in mid-sentence??

  47. Please allow me o post this HYPOTHETICAL moral dilemma. Lets say your clues took you to the famous Balanced Rock in Arches National Park and your solution told you to remove a rock that was located between the base pillar and the balanced bolder.

    Lets say you we’re certain and travelled there and could even see the treasure box behind the rock, but when you tried to move the rock it wouldn’t budge. Since Mr. Fenn hid it there the weight had shifted and if you removed the rock hiding the treasure, thos giant boulder-monument might tumble.

    Lets say you emailed Mr. Fenn with your poem solution and pointed out that the weight had shifted since he hid it and got no reply. What would you do?

    • Well, first thing I would do is to find a fellow chaser to help you navigate around the arches’ perimeter until you find an entry point. Choose wisely, because that other chaser might want to keep it to himself; make sure you have a good agreement before you start.

      Next, make sure you have a Sawzall ( ). As you begin working away, make sure you don’t spill too much – disturbing public land has been found not to go well with the authorities.

      When you do get through and retrieve the chest, if it hasn’t been cut to ribbons, I’d make sure to keep it secret, or the tax consequences could be unwieldy.

      Finally, I wouldn’t worry about Forrest answering – he said several weeks ago that he doesn’t have time anymore to reply to e-mails.

      Hypothetically, of course. By the way, is that location in the Rocky Mountains ?

      Good luck, sounds like an adventure,

      • So you wouldn’t disturb the rock, even if there was no other way to get the chest? And I made up the Arches location!

    • I would email Darin ATA or Chris The Joker Yates for a solution.

    • Kachster,
      Put it this way – is it that important that you are prepared to go to jail? If yes blast away – but also be prepared to be made a fool of in the public domain – they can be nasty. If not don’t do it.
      Surely you could get a fiber optic video snake camera, like the ones they use to look down sewer pipes. There is probably a small enough crevas to manouver that in there.
      I wouldn’t do it, but if you do decide to go against conventional wisdom – we would surely enjoy the media story that would erupt during the aftermath!
      Good Luck!
      The Wolf

    • Yes, Jeff is there now. Gary Brown, former chief ranger lived in the park years ago, as did Otto Brown another former chief ranger.

      Gary lived in the Lamar Ranger Station, not sure where Otto lived in the park.

      All are viable.

    • Yes – now which one of those 2.2 million acres do “put in below”?

      • Wolf,

        Follow the poem. I do not like this site anymore because a few people seem to be blazing along towards the solution.

        • Einstein Mike,
          Do not let that deter you, it is not what it all appears. If you have read those stories of all the people who have searched and felt they had a 100% solution only to become a member of another one bites the dust.

  48. If the book is sprinkled with hints then why are people stuck on Yellowstone ? I wouldn’t call pictures labeled with specific names a hint. Wouldn’t that be considered more a clue ? Of course that’s just my opinion.

    • Agreed. If I were hiding a chest, I’d put it where people don’t look. Most are going to go out in the wilderness to look, so I’d be accomplishing my goal of getting people out into the wild, anyway.

      On the other hand, when I went to look at my spot, I didn’t get a great wilderness experience or a hike through Yellowstone; the chest was supposed to be my payoff for that particular trip (which didn’t happen, of course). So what do I know.

    • JJ, I so wish there was a “like” button on this blog. Until people accept the probability that the book is full of red herrings (as well as legitimate hints) they will convince themselves that the “clues” they attach to are attached to their specific area which is the was the intent. Everyone (including myself) is guilty of this. I, like you, think that Yellowstone is overstated (almost as much as Santa Fe or directly north of) but as long as the masses are busy on their chase I’ll just keep smiling. I don’t believe there is any kind of a code for the poem or to weed out what is a red herring and what is an intended clue in the book. That is part of what makes the chase “difficult but not impossible”.
      I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am btw. wherever your search takes you and that everyone is respectful of places and people. I believe that Mr. Fenn likes to expect the best from people and we owe him and each other that much for this fine adventure.

  49. Kackster ; Simple. Do what you must to get the chest. If this causes damage, quietly use your secret new found wealth to have it repaired! We put men on the moon, surely men can repair that stone wonder. Cripes, men built the pyramids in Egypt eons ago with hand tools! Look at it this way; if it is there, SOMEone is going to remove it. The stone structure is doomed anyway so it might as well be you! But shame on Mr.Fenn for his irresponsible short-sightedness in placing it there! (which is why I know it’s not there. He wouldn’t do that.)

    • It’s not there. My hypothetical assumes Forrest wouldn’t know at the time he hid it that the site would change and removing it would damage the natural wonder. So you would go for it? It would be worth destroying a natural landmark?

      • Kackster, in your hypothetical you mentioned that you could see the chest. Don’t disturb it, take a picture, and then go see Forrest about it and see what he says.

        If he confirms the picture and your solution, then you two can decide what to do about it.

        If you can’t see the chest, you’re just putting your best solution forward (ie guessing), like everyone else, and it’s more likely that you’ve convinced yourself it’s there when it really isn’t.

        My 2 cents.

        • I’m not trying to brag up my location. My concern for the spot is genuine. The place I found is in the middle of a small, moss covered “wood” off the trail at a site visited by thousands of people a year. The exact site is a natural well, the bottom of which is silted over. Stirring up the silt, jeopardizes a pristine “mere” below it. No, I didn’t see it he box. I actually hope I’m wrong. If a bunch of people figure it out they will trample the place. I’m not fishing for any clues, but in my solution I figured out the line “hear me all and listen good” by 1. Matching hear me all with the poem “Voluspa” 2. Realizing that “listen good” is bad english. 3Reading the poem about Norse gods and a well of knowledge guarded by Mimir. 4.Looking at a Marvel comic book on Thor by googling images of Mimir’s well. 5. seeing Marvel’s version of the well where it is guarded by a blaze. 6. Finding the natural well at my location, just downstream of a chase

  50. It really depends. I think I would view the natural landmark as having already been destroyed by the person who would hide it in such a place. So, do you really have a bead on it KY?

  51. Yes. Solution from the poem, match of Forrest’s tv clues, match on double omegas, match on old biddies, match on Thor, and most importantly, end at the beginning as forrest quoted in the T.S. Elliot poem. The title of the book is the beginning. You end experiencing the thrill of the “chase.”

  52. The person who solves the poem, will somehow present the treasure, not just empty claims. Sorry, but you’re not credible. No offense. ; )

  53. No offense taken. The person who would risk ruining a national natural landmark for pieces of gold Is just the kind of person who Forrest would not want to find the treasure. When I sent Forrest the solution I came up with and told him what I saw when I went there, I told him I would not disturb it. Good luck to you.

    • Yesterday we met Forrest. Very exciting! He came out to meet us personally at a spot in Santa Fe and we sat and talked for a while. Of course, We didn’t get to ask him very much. He seemed pretty excited about our location and asked us what we found. We’d told him that we’d gotten about as far the blaze,or what we considered the blaze, and got stuck. Although he did not say much, I think we learned a lot about him yesterday. We had just picked up a copy of the book recently, and he signed it… If any one else has had personal signing done, what did he write? He signed ours in a way that left us wondering a few things, like he was hinting something to us. We wanted to ask him a few questions and talk more, but he couldn’t stay long. As soon as he left, I was was thinking to myself- I should have said this or asked that or done this…I think that just the surpise of him coming to see us left us a little dazed. It was a great day. CHC

      • @cohighcountry,

        Are you from Colorado? How long will you be in New Mexico? I am planning to head down that way for business trip. Nice that you got to meet him. I would like to meet him as well someday. I was just thinking about how if one was to find the the chest. I think to get around all the government bull. I would first let F know that I found the chest and to meet with him. Then I would hand him the chest and tell him that I found the chest that belongs to him and I am returning it to you. I would hand it too him. Now it’s his to do whatever. Then he would hand it back to me minus the bracelet and tell me its gift from him to me. The gift is the title. He gets a tax write off and I don’t have to pay taxes. Does anybody think that will work? Just saying.

        • I’ve thought about this exact plan too. I don’t know why it would be any different than returning a wallet full of money to it’s rightful owner. But then if you sell it or “loan” it to a museum…..would you then have to pay taxes on it??? I don’t know.

          • Back from NM now. It was great meeting f. We’re heading back down very soon to work on our last clue. I feel the spot we’re on is pretty hot. He mentions right in the poem to quickly and quietly take the chest and go in peace. In my opinion, if you go public you should be ready to be in court for years. The chest is full of gold and some relics, not stocks and bonds. Tuck it away in your own special place, send f his bracelet, and anonymously let it be known so others can stop searching when the time comes…There’s a story of the Odyssey crew that searches for sunken ships and treasure. They found an old Spanish galleon loaded with treasure after searching for years and spending a fortune searching. It ALL went right back to Spain- every penny. Personally, I’d take the chest and just drop it off at the IRS and cross my fingers that I get a cut….yup. CHC

        • When I find it, the only person I’m going to tell is Forrest. Of course I’d send a picture to every one here of just our hands…….me giving a thumbs up, and Forrest wearing the bracelet. He can have it. Shoot for all I care the gov can have the gold (even though I’d love to give it to the cancer society instead), I just want the chest and the relics. Not to sell, just to keep so I can start my own artifacts collection.

          Sleeper Ω

        • @Gey

          The potential problem with this approach is that if a large amount is being gifted to you, the person doing the gifting has to pay the “gift tax” on the total appraised amount of the gift, as well as, I believe, capital gains on any increase in value of the non-monetary objects being gifted, if they have increased in value since the were purchased (the “cost basis”).

          In other words, it’s like saying “Mr. Fenn, thanks for the gift, now go pay 35% of ~1.5M + any capital gains to the IRS.”

          On the other hand, if you “find” abandoned property and nobody claims it, I believe its appraised value will be considered your income for the tax year you found it, and you will be required to pay federal income taxes on that value.

          I believe there is an exception for finding minerals (such as gold) in a mine. I don’t think that is taxed.

          Bottom line, if you find it, step 1: secure it. step 2: speak with a qualified attorney.

          *I am not an attorney just some hack on the internet*

      • COHighCountry,
        Great job on your solution. How is it that you were able to contact Forrest without the bracelet in hand? He publicly announced he was not responding to emails. With the exception of Dal and Stephanie who else does FF respond to when you email him?
        The Wolf

        • Think or know? Confirm? I received an initial response but nothing since – made me wonder how he would know if anyone found it if he isn’t reading all of those 16000+ emails

        • Wolf, I just emailed him and mentioned where we were searching. This is only the second email that I have exchanged with him. The first was a few months ago. Whether we’re on it or not, he did seem to have an affinity for our search location. He mentioned to me he is not doing much on the blogs or emailing much anymore. Very cool meeting him…CHC

  54. What really sucks is being so into this,…and having all of these ideas of where to look, but no way to afford getting there. Therein lies the irony of the whole Thrill of the Chase…the likelihood that whoever finds the treasure will be well enough off to not really need it since most people are too broke to go out on a cross-country treasure quest. Don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but if hard work was all it took to be wealthy, their would be alot more millionaires out there! Good luck everyone….

    • Argus, This may not make you feel any better but there are a lot of locals like me who aren’t rich but can search without spending more than a tank of gas. It won’t necessarily be a rich person who finds it.

      Also, If you have a car and are willing to camp along the way (like Forrest has done many times) you can get out here cheaply. Look into it, save up for a few weeks or months and make a run.

      • and many of us have become poor while searching lol… that could be another type of non rich person who finds it(although now I can’t go look….and I really wasn’t rich before).

  55. Goodmorning everyone!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday and also wanting to let you all know that I enjoy reading all of your opinions as well as your journeys.

    • Welcome back VGBoss baby sir! I have seen the light err blaze and I agree that there are multiple homes of Brown! At least 5 at or near the location!

      • Doubting Thomas being that you were 1 of the very few that was nice to me throughout the Thrill of the Chase, within this blog, I will leave my last and final comment dedicated to you.

        You Doubting Thomas replied to many of my comments and gave me a Thrill, laughs.

        So Doubting Thomas I’m leaving you with this video as it’s my vision of where Forrest Fenn may have secret “IT”. You know where a kid and a 79 or 80 year old man would enjoy.

        Thank you Doubting Thomas for your replies towards my comments throughout this Chase and Goodbye. God Bless U

  56. HI VGBOSS!
    I share your enjoyment of many of the postings and travels!
    Do you have an agenda, an ETA, or a sweet spot zeroed in yet?

  57. Kackster,

    I know you implied it was hyperthetical and all, and not to come off like some stuffed-shirt starchiere waiter in an expensive French restaurant, but “if you are wise and found the blaze” (and 2:44)

    Good Luck,

    • LOL. awesome song. You checked out the clues I sent to doubting Thomas? Do you know what thing could be a chase, if it is an object in the mountins that involves water as I saw, rather than an action?

      • I will need check later, I am off to a meeting in a few minutes (work getting in the way again, lol).

        Yes, though, “chase” can refer to a channel that water runs through.

  58. I’m empty handed after searching a few hot springs for hidey spots. These were below a short but steep hike from the road to a river where hot pools were up against the cold water separated by only a few choice stones that could be easily moved aside or replaced for folks wanting to control the temprature. It reeked of rotten eggs as I climbed past a brown and yellow area to the pools below. The pools were speckled with golden flakes called iron pyrite. I thought the chest could be placed right outside the pool along the edge of the cold river. I could kneel waist deep in hot water and reach over into cold. It was early morning and people were already using the pools. If there is a list, you can cross Stanley, Idaho off it.

  59. Forrest sorry this trip did not go as planned on my way back hopefully this week. I know its there and after catching up on the blog, I believe I was within 20′

  60. On my way back home from my recent search, I stopped for Chinese food and this was my fortune in my fortune cookie:
    No kidding…I had a good laugh about that one!

      • Stephanie, we should be married cause I disagree with just about everything you say on here :-).

        • E what? Awkward…now you need some sleep. By the way, your proposal should be held in the marriage proposal blog section. Discuss some blaze or heavy loads please! By the way do you think FF used a horse to deliver the trove to its resting place near the gravy yard?

        • If you cannot figure out what I meant by my statement then you will never find the chest LOL. No DT he did not use a horse. And the heavy loads and blaze is a known to me so I do not discuss at this time. No gravy yards I know of.

        • Probably. I once said “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

        • I will not reveal anything I think I know until after I take a small vacation this month. At the end of my vacation I will tell all I thought I knew.

  61. “The person who finds the chest will have solved the clues, and thought, and planned, and will go directly to the chest.”

    “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.”

    …. if you want to have a snowball’s chance of finding the chest, read the above statements very carefully, and pay attention to what is being said.

    going to places that fit the poem in a general sense and thinking you might locate it just by the quantity and persistence of your searches, it’s not going to be found that way.

    the person who finds … will have studied over and over.. and thought … and analyzed …. will be confident he has figured out the right solution …. will realize this cant be an accident ….. will make plans …… and go directly to the chest. See, these thoughts can’t be reconciled with the idea that you will go somewhere and then see things while at the location that match the poem. Again, that’s not the way it will be found.

    Looking for a path that you think may lead you to the place because it seems to match the clues, but not only that they are all in the right order! believe me, that’s what I thought when I first began this quest. it’s what lead me to do my first real search. I came back determined to do more and better research and research I did and what I found were a lot more WWWHs and HOBs and one day I had an epiphany, the poem was going to match a lot of theses places from start to end, and I could search them all for the next 10 years, and I would still be empty handed.

    From the collective intelligence on this blog alone, I am sure there are 100’s of possible solutions that could fit the poem and in order. See, it isn’t just that any one thing is general and can have a wide open interpretation, take Home of Brown for example, it’s that each one is so wide open, that even the whole poem, even when considering you need to follow something that all fits in order still can lead you to one of 1000’s of possible solutions. To make matters more difficult, I believe that when the true solution is known, you could look back and see that even a general solution to the poem could never have even gotten you there.

    The poem was written using a certain methodology. I think i read that FF loved the hidden treasure stories and books. Im curious if he took the methodology from one of those, or if he took one and added his own variant to it, or if he just came up with one on his own. whatever the case, the use of places and terms that are somewhat vague and open to interpretation is intentional. it makes it impossible to solve the poem any other way but having to start from the beginning and figure it out each step at a time. and when you decipher the methodology being used, it leads you to one place and one place only.

    • Well stated, Chris. Please, don’t elaborate….many of us are on the same page as you are. Don’t feel like you need to get your point across to everybody. You’re doing great work with this chase, keep it up, but keep it quiet. Thanks!

    • Thanks Chris and with that last piece of information you have supplied … I know I now have the irrefutable the solution to the poem.

    • Agree with 99%. I happen to believe the “literal poem” clues could have gotten you there when the final clues are discovered. Coz I think he’s that good. You’re still way behind the curve if you’re only looking at a literal interpretation of the poem, though. Being curious about the methodology used to construct the poem puts you a step ahead.

    • I agree fully with this interpretation. I have “discovered” tens of valid locations except these are all correct only in my mind and my (vivid) imagination. I have been twice to my locations (over 500 miles away from my home) with what I thought were solid clues leading to my location…but not to be. It is exciting but also a bit of a letdown when you drive all that way and think of how you will spend or invest or give away all the money, only to drive back home empty handed. Well, Dal has none that dozens of times from farther away so Kudos to him for his persistence. It did in fact make me even more determined to research and invest more time including reading these blogs. The better your imagination and creativity the more locations you (we) will come up with. If in fact the poem can be solved (treasure location found) only thru the poem alone…and not the book or other clues or having to be there in person to find or discover the blaze will be interesting to discover.

      I do have what I think is a solution or “the key” but still missing some critical solutions like HOB ( I have several options, most seem weak to me) and the “blaze” which maybe can only be found at the location in person when you “look down”. If you found the blaze and quickly look down you are there on top of it…

      Still having fun with the “thrill of the chase” however and will continue to look. Planning a week long trip in a week or two, waiting for snow to melt (hint).

      “dum vita est spes est”
      while there is hope there is life

    • Yes, Chris. Only one place. The poem tells us where to start and where to stop and pick up the treasure. The clues all support two things, where to start and where to stop.

    • Also Agree 100% – I was thinking just the other day – Forrest said no one will just stumble upon it and “you have to THINK!” This is a very nice treasure and you must think think think!

  62. Has Eagle Nest Lake been totally searched over? Has anyone noticed the differences in the tea FF and Olga drank? Red/black/green? Red River, Black Mountain, then Green Mountain near Eagle Nest Lake. The Horseshoe Mine is right above an area where the river looks like the double omega symbol. I’m torn between this area and Mammoth Hot Springs now, and am going insane…

    • Welcome to the ward mindy. 

      All those searched, but that doesn’t mean anything if some have been close.

      Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • Also Olga received a gift of bubble gum from FF, and there’s a mountain called Big Red right next to Black Mountain.

    • Yep, Yep. I’ve looked at all those things but you can’t oversearch that area. How about Touch Me Not Mountain sandwiched between Old Baldy and Green Mountain. DO NOT TOUCH written in bright red letters twice in Mr. Fenn’s book about the kachina doll place on Canyon road and also with the school children coming to his gallery.

  63. Mindy you’re coming up with some wonderful ideas….truly. You think outside the box and that’s a good thing. Good luck. I hope you actually go search for it…..we had the time of our life while we were out looking. We went to WYS, Utah, Idaho, Mt. Rushmore, and Custer’s last stand. We wouldn’t have done ANY of that if it hadn’t been for the treasure hunt. Thanks you, Forrest Fenn. I wish good luck and God’s blessings on each of you adventure seekers.

    • Thanks, Stephanie. It sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime! I’m hoping to get out there sometime in the next couple months if I can really narrow down a spot or two. It sounds like just the thing I need…

  64. Ok… real busy at work today. lol Came a cross articles about Project Omega in Vietnam. Was wondering if Fenn was on one of those projects and the double Omega is the 2 times he lost his plane…just thinking…

  65. Does anyone else think that the Oreo’s FF mentions several times could represent an arroyo?

      • Got it…the Oreo is New Mexicos State Cookie. 🙂 I’ve got to be on the right track. Now if I just knew why FF keeps talking about nakedness, unless it means Baldy. The mine Stephanie (I think) looked for there was started on both sides of the mountain, and the tunnels made it to within 1 inch of the other. Which brings up an interesting FF quote, “I explained that no one should ever fear crashing because it is only the last inch that counted.”
        And I also need to know why FF keeps referring to underwear and “foundation” garments.

        • Maybe he just likes to be a little boy at heart and refer to little boy funny words. All little boys snicker at naked, underwear and so on. I’m just speculating. No good answer here on that one!

          j ~ PFW

        • I just looked up the state cookie of New Mexico and it’s not the Oreo, but the biscochito which is funny, because I never knew a state had an official cookie before. I think I should do some research though, because I would imagine if I take a bite of an Oreo just right…it might appear to be an omega and might give me some insight into what it all means. Apparently Illinois’ is the Oatmeal Raisin….just seems like a “regular” choice to me lol….

        • Dang it…now I’m trying to find the website that told me the lie that the Oreo was the state cookie! Lol

          • I think I read that they were made in Mexico… maybe that’s what you read? I think we should have an Oreo Omega party if we all end up in NM or YNP at the same time.

  66. The picture was brought up before… Skippy in his car, the grin is real….yet the cars are different in the book…so the car his not his real car. Look closely….just saying. Feedback please.

      • Not sure why the picture is a big deal…I’m guessing if he didn’t have a pic of him in his car…they found one of the car or a similar one and put him in it to decorate the story with. I doubt it’s anything other than that…but who knows…if we could only look in the trunk of that picture *smile*

        • It’d be full of spare tires and fishing gear like mine is I bet. I just thought the pic of Skippy was a bit odd and another one of those ‘strange’ side notes in the book like many others. Wonder if it was a Ford?

    • Not sure what to make of the car thing. They are definitely two different cars and the shadows are wrong on him in the one pic. Why go to the trouble? Which brings me back to my point of why go to all the trouble to put so many odd statements, date stamps, mismatched photos, They can’t all possibly lead to one location. The “hints” in the book are supposed to just help with the poem anyway I thought. So many people are running with them to different locations and then trying to make the poem fit once they are there. Red Green and Black mtns. Candy bars and Oreos, Popeye and Thor. If you add up all the supposed “clues” what do you get? You get a mess of confusion that makes the chase more difficult (but still not impossible if you find the couple clues that do help instead of hinder) I believe that Forrest is a fisherman in every way and a lot of people have been hooked. When I began the chase I waited weeks before I ever ordered the book because I was afraid of this very thing. This blog, although I am very appreciate of it Dal, is also pretty detrimental at times to my focus. I don’t believe there is a key to the poem but I do believe there may be a key somewhere in the book to help separate the red herrings from the true hints. Anybody else thinking along these lines? btw, I think this is why the blog is good. It gives us all an opportunity to ask for conformation. That’s all any of us want right? besides a couple million dollars I mean.

      • It’s all one big demented game of pictionary and we’re screaming out answers. Just remember the 85/15 rule.

      • I think the cars are referring to fords….but if I were you, I’d take a magnifying glass to that book. Fenn mentions he put a note/bio in the chest and the type is so small you need a magnifying glass to read it. I highly doubt his writing/font is that small. Just something else to think about.

      • Funny…about the postage stamp….as I was hiking down in New Mexico several weeks ago…I came across a historical marker that had a picture with a postage stamp on it….it was the only time I didn’t get a picture because my gopro battery died. I have taken nearly 1100 pictures and video of my hikes. I took pictures of everything under the sun. Really cool stories of my hikes to tell my grandkids. Every time I stopped I photographed or filmed all directions. Going back down to that area in a couple more weeks. So many places in northern New Mexico that fit. I found as I began from where warm waters halt and I took myself down the canyon too the home of Brown. Found the too far from there was the place where there was no meek.

        Reading the book it has one basic story to tell and it isn’t about Fenn. Anyways…just saying.

      • I agree about the TOTC book…there’s a key or 2 in there…I beleive one of them is in the books he referenced…I try to not spend too much time on the solution at one a little then leave it, and come back fresh. I really enjoy reading the insight here…

  67. The book and the poem is the title………as far as all the legal stuff don’t know, it will be interesting to say the least though,I want to give everyone a clue, this is going to be harder than most people think it will be!!!

      • Yeah sure what im saying is most people not all don’t realize how hard this trove will be to find, when it’s all said and done and the location where he hid it will be a surprise to everyone!!!

  68. The wife reminded me today during a heated discussion about a vision she had the first time she learned of this. She swears up and down that it’s in a park surrounded by trees with a playground. Could Forrest have been so brave to do such a thing ? How could he possibly hide it in plain site like that? Would love to hear some feedback. Remember though before you type that’s my wife’s story and she’s sticking to it (lol). I myself believe it is in NM.

  69. How many aviation searches are here? I found something interesting. I was doing a search for rainbows and came across one that was for a CIA project for radar cross sections for the Lockheed U-2 planes. U-2 = UU. Two upside down omegas? This was in 1956. I also found a plane called the Republic XF-12 Rainbow. First flown in 1946. They were the fastest planes at the time. Page 73 said he flew the F-86D which held the world’s speed record at the time. I would think for a pilot you would be up on the speed records and know what was the fastest plane at the time. So he would have known about the rainbow’s speed record. There were only 2 built before the orders were cancelled due to insufficient orders. Of the 2 made, 1 crashed in Florida and 1 was used for shooting practice in Maryland. I couldn’t tie them to anything else in the poem. Any others have any ideas?

  70. The details were of a park that has a playground with an old teeter totter in it. The only finger i could put on it was if Forrest cast a bronze or had a very close friend cast it, put something in or on it and donated it to that park. I apologize if i got too far off track for this section of the blog.

    • I don’t think you got off track at all. I do find it hard to believe it would be in such an obvious place, but who’s to say it isn’t. Maybe it’s right out in the open and that’s why we can’t see it.

  71. Does Mr. Fenn ever reference, “that you even need to know anything about him”, to decipher the poem? I thought He said you only need the poem….Although Mr. F. says that there are clues in his book to help, (doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know anything about him). ????

    • Lois – true the poem is all you need. Book gives subtle clues but nothing specific as that would violate poem only requirement. Where knowing him helps is if you can think like him, you can interpret what he means by each clue. There are many possibilities for each clue interpretation, but knowing him and the book may assist you in either ruling out or confirming those clues
      The Wolf

      • Thanks lois / May 5 2013 4:04 pm .

        Just needed to add my thoughts…..I wrote to Mr. Fenn back in March, this year: — Original Message —–



        Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 11:15 AM

        Subject: Re: The Thrill of the Chase- Possible Clues Found

        Hello Mr. Fenn, again. I have been working on this poem for about a week now, and have come up with only one conclusion, that’s it’s in your hometown of Santa,Fe. My clues thus far are: Start at either, Water St, Aqua Fria or the Santa Fe River, not really sure, then proceed down Canyon Road, then perhaps driving over to the Cathedral Basilica (which I believe, is the home of “Brown”, because of the Franciscan Fathers garb., also home of “God”). Now, the treasure can’t be there, no place for the meek, so keep going. Unless of course, you placed it in the crypt, at the Cathedral. Yikes, not going to look there either. Proceed down Palace Street, (no “place”) and maybe getting a little closer to the blaze and treasure. I pass the park, not sure if the water in there is the Santa Fe, or a creek, doesn’t matter, I’ll keep walking, don’t need a paddle anyway. Now I’m at the train station, (heavy loads?) and the water tower, (water high?). What the heck???? Do I get on a train or just stay here? I’m sorry Mr. Fenn, I’m not getting on that train, I’m staying right here. I’m exhausted just getting to this point. Maybe I’ll walk back to the park, sit a while, think, and have my sandwich…… So this is where I am at this point in your poem. I’m not sure if I ever physically, will get to Santa Fe, (being from Massachusetts) but I feel with all the maps and virtual tours I’ve taken, that I have already visited your beautiful City. I know I should be there, at the train station, to look quickly down, and perhaps one day I will….Bye for now, Lois. So my point is: If this helps anyone looking for Mr. Fenn’s treasure, this, is my contribution, and a different take. Mr. Fenn did reply to me, “if you read my book, you would know you are mistaken”. MISTAKEN. Mistaken a few steps, or really wrong? Doesn’t matter now, I’ll still continue “into my imagination”. Hope this helps someone not make the wrong turn, like I did. Just seemed logical, at that time. I can post another thought, but not now, it’s actually too funny but it will give away everything I’m working on. Hope it’s found soon, my brain is on tilt. My other thoughts are, that I previously posted, I do an “old neighborhood party” every year, where I grew up. I no longer live there but my reunion is in that town. Still dear to my heart. Good luck to all. Bye for now
        Someone e-mailed me last night and told me I posted in the wrong section. Haven’t read the book yet, but Mr. Fenn said you only need the poem. Just tried to think like other people, but now going back to the poem as if I didn’t know Mr. Fenn. Thanks again WOLF

        • Forrest said on Richard Saunier’s blog that the treasure is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. So it cannot be downtown Lois.

  72. Can anyone tell me if the picture of the New Mexico map Fenn was pointing too was brought in by him or did he give it to someone to display. I think there is a clue. ….just noticed something. I like the last 10 postings. I can bet that it is in New Mexic….any takers. 🙂

    • its in new mexico, but where? this place is filled with double omega canyons and double omega arroyos, not mention double omega streams and rivers. has any one looked around the pilar area of the rio grande or the rio grande red river confluence?

  73. Also, regarding Mindy’s post about the Brown’s living in Mammoth, I don’t think Fenn would put a clue in the poem that isn’t sustainable….as in endure time/history. But I love the idea…..maybe. But along the same lines did anyone notice the big X on the map, beside the circle, when you pull up a satellite view of lower mammoth, Wyoming? It is clearly a HUGE X that can be seen by airplane…..curious to say the least.

  74. So,on the homepage of Old Santa Fe Trading Co. it scrolls through a few pics. The pic. I want you to look at is the one of FF sitting down holding a pot. If you click on the pic. to make it large in size. You will notice two paintings. both of which are photoshopped into the original pic. WHY?

    Maybe nothing.

    • @Raydar4567…What great find… Why all the photoshopping? Just like the running man picture and others I mentioned. I liked the one of the two birds he is holding with the red tail feathers.

    • Good eye. Like one of those hidden object puzzles….I think I found the screwdriver, fish, and fire extinguisher! Seriously though I have an idea of the painting on the left but the other not so sure.

    • @Raydar4567,
      I noticed that picture awhile back……’s a very poor job of photoshopping. I’m a photographer of sorts so it really stuck out to me. It’s just another anomaly, of many, that doesn’t make any sense. As picky as Fenn seems to be about the quality of the things he does to allow an amateurish photoshopped picture on his home page is odd. So does it mean anything, or is it just a sloppy job of hiding whatever is on the wall he didn’t want everyone to see?

      The latest interview he did is also really odd…….The whole Coriolis Effect discussion is just blatantly wrong…’s not a misstatement or slip of the tongue; it’s just wrong. I think he’s smarter than that so what’s that all about. Is he making a joke that fell flat, did he just make a dumb statement, or is he giving out some sort of hint?

      Lots of odd things about this treasure hunt.

      • Goof and Raydar-
        I asked Forrest about that photo a while back because I wanted to use it in a presentation. He had not noticed the additions. I asked him if he had a clean copy and he looked around for a few days and said that was the only version he could find. He had no idea how that photo got that way and simply didn’t notice the changes until they were pointed out to him.

        • @Dal
          Thanks for the reply……..Being a cinematographer I figured it would stand out to you. Does this strike you as odd?……..Maybe, I’ve gone wacko seeing clues in everything.

          OMG…….I see dead clues. 😯

        • It looks to me like the paintings were placed to maybe cover up something else. We all know that the feds were and possibly still are watching FF to see if there is something they can press charges for in regards to his ownership of artifacts. I think we should all concentrate on the poem, not so much on stuff not directly related to the poem, like photos. The poem is directions, no photos needed.

    • .
      Check the buffalo skull there, horns straddle AFTER ART … hole in skull, looks like ariel view.

      • I noticed that, too…I found a little unnamed lake east (I think) of Baldy in NM that looks pretty much just like it.

  75. the poem is useless unless youve been to a place that mimicks the poem. most people dont venture out in the woods,the person that finds it will be a person whom spends time out there,not some couch potatoe,did i spell potatoe like dan quail? damm! 10th grade education watcha want? double omegas =double horse shoes? his treasure is in new mexico, why would he hide it anywhere else? hes lived here a long time, plus people here were mostly unaware of the hunt til this year.

    • Truly I say to you … a few hours before your post, I spent some time talking to a homeless man ( who avoids shelters, and has been living ” on the ground” for years ) from North Carolina. He insisted that there are two spellings for “potato(e)”, and that the media jumped on the Dan Qual due to a political agenda. ( I was not able to verify his statement ).

      However, I do believe I was able to verify that one does not need to have been to a place that mimicks the poem, to follow the clues.

      Good Luck,

    • Ding ding ding, sc you get the grand prize. You guys the book is only sold in one book store in the US. Why do you think that is everyone?

  76. hey dal what if i told you i know where it is? but i searched the wrong areas and beat my body up so bad that i will be off my feet for awhile, would you help me get it ,and what would the split be?

    • Wouldn’t do it SC. I have my own places that I want to look. Besides I already have 30 places I know where it is not. I get closer to finding it every time I go out. At this pace I am certain I will locate it on my own in something less than a thousand years.

  77. fished it twice last summer ,only remembered one of the trips searched that area 5 times ,beat my knees and left heel up pretty bad,then remembered where i was, im serious dal what kinda cut do you want?

    • That’s inconsistent with what FF has been saying. What’s your home of Brown?

  78. If you put this on the “earth” view, and zoom in a little on the circle you see off to the right, you can also see a big X to the left of the circle. It would only be able to be seen by air. Thoughts anyone? I’m curious what made that X???

      • It’s virtually the same configuration as the airport at Las Vegas, NM…. also an X in the desert. I spent many hours looking at airfields. Can’t put anything together with what I found.

        • it could very well be an airfield but still thought provoking considering it is right beside what appears to be a circle in the dirt near the home of Jeff Brown…..wouldn’t that be funny if it’s just right there, where X literally marks the spot????

    • Stephanie look a little further east, the road has the shape of a paddle.

      • JJ, Yes, it sure does. Hadn’t noticed that. I just find it very interesting. Especially given the fact that it would apparently be below the home of Jeff Brown as the residences are in fact in the lower mammoth area, along with the elementary school. Even though I won’t deviate from where I think it is….maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is the spot and this is why he was laughing as he walked back to the car??? Idk….

        • Not “the car”, “my car.” There’s no way he drove HIS car to WY. We’ve all had experiences with our elderly parents and road trips. They drove 6 hours and called it a day. It would take 6 days of driving for a round trip to WY from Santa Fe. No way he would do that. The treasure is in NM. As for the laughing, I think he said “I smiled” and I have a couple ideas that I can’t share yet.

          • I agree. Do you think he had a horse in a trailer ? And did he take it down in the canyon?

          • My grandparents are very close to fs age and they road trip everywhere all year long in their car all by themselves! They went from Oklahoma to Oregon recently. So yes. Yes he could have driven his car just fine to WY!

            j ~ PFW

          • He’s on the board of the Buffalo Bill Historical Museum up in Cody. So he’d go up north at least once a year I believe just for that reason alone. Dal has info about a trip that he took up there around the time the treasure was hidden which he posted in his blog.

          • Yep. And who is to say that he meant ‘home’ in Santa Fe? Could be someplace he has stayed frequently. If you disqualify everything strictly based on that assumption then you rule out some very important possible locations.

        • I think he parked his car and walked with the chest full of gold, left it and returned to his car smiling because he was so proud. No horse.

          • You got it CF. I think he then sat down in his car and ate his cheese pimento sandwich. Took some notes. Put away the flashlight. Left. Got some gas. Got home before sundown. Ate dinner.

        • Muustag….that IS my prime spot….montana/idaho. And no, I’ve looked at everything on here and nothing has changed my mind. Everything fits for me….right down to the stumps, power lines, barbed wire, etc…..I’m going back for the gold….one more try… we’ll see soon if I got it right.

        • But if I don’t find it where I’m going…..I may just take a look around lower mammoth….although like I said, I can’t really make that location fit from here….and I found my other location from here, in my home, it just all fit…..I just couldn’t quite get to where I needed to be due to the snow…..but hopefully that won’t be an issue now.

    • SC-
      I cannot reveal all that I know..but I know for certain the spots I landed in contain no treasure. And the distance to the treasure from any place I have been must be greater than 500feet…and more than 300 miles west of Toledo.

      • Dal, what do you think about that woman ff made the original comment to about 300 m west of toledo? She says he said 300 miles Southwest of toledo. is it possible that forest made a mistake by being so specific so backed it up to just “west’ instead of “sw”…..because toledo is the birthplace of montana…..and hegben lake/west ys is exactly 325 miles sw of toledo, mt. You know the man, what do you think?

        • Stephanie said this earlier. Be careful what you hold Forrest accountable for. He is not trying to be slippery. He just forgets. I can think of several occasions when he has countered his own earlier statements. The Toledo clue is a none clue. It’s not important. He only said it because he was trying to get someone out of his hair. He has also said Toledo, OH was the Toledo he was referring to. I wrote a post about Toledo and what I believed before Forrest corrected me.

      • That is a rather interesting statement Dal. You are usually very careful not to speak in absolutes about anything to do with this chase. How could you possibly be certain you were not within 500 feet of the chest?

        The simple logic should be.. If you do not know where the chest is, then you can not be certain that you know where the chest is not (other than where Fenn has specifically confirmed it is not). Unless Fenn gave you privileged information (which I do not think you guys are the types of characters that would conspire unfairly), or you are very certain of a new interpretation (and such absolute certainty is not like you judging from your previous statements).

        You have been to more places than most, and many popular places others think may still contain the treasure that has simply been overlooked the first time. If you somehow knew for certain those places are not within 500 feet, that would be some major intel.

        Just to clarify, I don’t mind if you find the treasure first of course, you deserve it more than most. However, your previous statement confuses me as to how it came to be made.

        More likely I am just misinterpreting something. I would be a fool to underestimate the cleverness of Dal.

        • Leather-
          It was just meant to be funny..It was a take-off on Forrest’s 500ft statement. Sorry..about the confusion. That’s what happens when I try to be funny. 🙂

        • No worries Dal. 🙂 That is why I asked for clarification before jumping to conclusions. Don’t stop with the humor on my account! Now that I understand more how you whimsy, the more likely I am to catch it and appreciate it for what it is.

          Some of the funniest people I know are also the “tell it with a strait face” type. You have the learn them before you can laugh with them, but once you do…. they never stop making you smile.

      • .
        I believe he may have given the Toledo comment, knowing that the connection would eventually be made to the Yellowstone Trail.

    • That’s interesting. Mammoth is currently my second favorite place right now. I’ve got to say, I think it’s in NM at this point. I think the clues he gives in the book and blog aren’t where the treasure is, but landmarks to look for to let you know you’re going in the right direction.

      • Also, Mindy there is an article on lower mammoth that talks about that parking lot (in the circle) being “put-in”…….just fyi. I can’t make this fit the poem or what I believe to be the “final clue” but it would be a place I would definitely take a look at if my place doesn’t pan out…..maps sometimes don’t show every trailhead or creek, etc.

  79. doubting thomas, cant tell you my home of the brown,just that there used to be another species of trout there that ive not seen for years,chemtrails are destroying high altitude forrests . its ashame, they are and were a great looking trout. he rode it in the canyon down on horseback, as for the ”i got in my car comment, whos to say he didnt have someone else bring the horse up there,in there ,out there for him.

  80. I think Forrest didn’t like Hemingways “For Whom the Bell Tolls” because the protagonist, Robert Jordan, considers his father a coward for committing suicide which is the opposite of how Forrest felt about his own father. For me, this speaks to “no place for the meek” you must not be a coward about death.

    • if ‘no place for the meek’ is a graveyard, due to not being afraid of death, then the ‘end is ever drawing nigh’, means turn left after the graveyard?

      Because FF did say no it is not in a graveyard.

      • He did say it wasn’t in a graveyard, but just like structures….he didn’t say that the path or the clues couldn’t be in a graveyard.

    • sc-
      I also teamed up with a German journalist. Maybe I just like those Axis countries!
      In reality, no teaming up. Those were photo ops. They hung out and shot video while I searched.

      • Dal, LOL
        Your getting to enjoy the bright lights. Pretty so, they’ll be a reality show for you.

  81. o.k. dal i feel ya… good for you ,chances are a local got it. id be surprised if it wasnt. you did search mora flats in the pecos right ?

    • I’ve never searched in the Pecos. I’d like to just so I can say “I rode all up and down the Pecos.” to my friends in NYC who have only been as far west as New Jersey and think the Pecos only exists in John Wayne flicks and James Michener novels.

    • I just looked you up in the “bad boy” folder but you are not there. Not everything you write ends up in moderation. It’s not me. It must be the WordPress gods that you have offended. I suggest you offer up a bag of red Twizzlers and a sixer of Corona to St. Jude this evening.

  82. dal you dont like the pecos?its one of the jewels of new mexico….aside from campers that trash the place…….offer up a bag od twizzlers and a sixer of corona to st. jude this evening ,man you really dont like me do you ? thats o.k. i like you your a treasure hunting character,like sc highlander

  83. sc highlander I think you better stay out of the mountians you already hurt yourself and can’t walk or get around as for a horse you wouldn’t know how to cinch a latigo strap if it slapped you I don’t think ff was thinking about riding no horse in anywhere at the time.

  84. If anyone has a copy of the book they don’t want or need anymore, would you consider selling it to me for something less than the $65 they want for it on Amazon?

  85. Coriolis effect in aviation has to do with twin engine propeller situations. The engines each spin different directions to keep the aircraft flying and landing in a more straight direction.

    It seems very reasonable to me for Mr. Fenn to have made that comment.

  86. Has anyone checked out the area around Quake Lake? Heavy loads and water high really fits along with other things of course.

    • Your assumption that Dal needs or wants a team is false. Your request or anyone’s request for a cut on this blog is just plain rude and reeks of arrogance.

  87. he took it in there ,out there,up there around there on horseback. no other way, the guys a millionare you dont think hes got a horse?

    • He rode in on 360 horses. Got out of his Jeep. Walked about 500 ft. to the Wood. The blaze was already there when he made it on the trip before. He then put the chest in its graveyard. He then took in the scenery while eating his cheese pimento sandwhich and sipped his dr pepper. Got back in his jeep after smiling. Drove back home and ate dinner.

    • Can’t subscribe to the horse theory. When is the last time you saw an eighty year old on a horse? The risk factor is too great. Falling or getting thrown off would be disastrous. Think broken hip with rescue improbable due to being in a remote location. Don’t think Fenn would risk it. I sure wouldn’t………

  88. nevermind there it is, still sticking to the horseride theory. my legs gettin better maybe i will go out look around in my area. maybe not its been rainy there mud and hiking is a bad thing. this aint no fun!

  89. doubting t how do you know theres only one blaze? there maybe multiple blazes,how do you know it was a jeep ,fenn said car did he not? just sayin

  90. d.t. he also most likely has a truck,car, and maybe even a buggy! or better yet a flying tee pee. multiple blazes ,remember fenns a trickster

    • If You believe Fenn is a trickster then you may be searching for a long time. He’s got a lot of experience and is not tricking anyone. If you use your common sense you will figure it out.

  91. d.t. are you sure i dont know where it is? fenn is a trickster with a great sense of humor, i think, he put somthing out there ,just hope its not the chest filled with wooden nickles. multiple blazes

  92. I haven’t posted in awhile, seems like discussion of the clues is off track sometimes. But I keep reading, so I guess I am a lurker now. 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to chime in and remind people that ff said that all we need is the poem. He never said a horse, a boat, a plane, etc… to find the treasure. I guess I’m not focusing on how he got the chest where it is. If it isn’t accessible to us on foot, then the odds of anyone finding it seem close to impossible. (my opinion) I truly think he wants to give everyone a fighting chance of finding it. But I don’t think we need to be expert outdoors-men to do it. He was an old man when he hid it and he keeps telling us to keep that in mind. I have a 70’x80′ fenced yard. It takes me so long to find a small orange ball for my dog in the grass, and I didn’t even hide it. I wish I had some great insights to share, but I am still going through the book and trying to rethink the poem. It’s nice to see so many new people have joined!

    • I think you could find the treasure by following the clues exactly, but then you may not want to go back the way you came hauling 42 pounds of metal. I am assuming he won’t require us to go the exact route of the poem, and he himself didn’t go that way. Of course, if the solution is not a physical path but a metaphorical one you wouldn’t go that way either 😉

  93. d.t. thats your opinion, you have not shared a whole lot with this blog either. and if you are here posting with the name doubting thomas why bother?

  94. whats a blaze? a mark on a horses forehead, a burnt section of woods, a mark on a tree,fire, something bright in color, ???? the sun ? marvel gaze ? a deep canyon ,a veiw from a mountain top? a grand veiw of a river? dal said lots of people have searched the pilar and john dunn bridge section of the rio grande ,has anybody searched the rio grande george up by questa n.m. ?

  95. My thought about the blaze is this: You’ll know it when you see it. I’m not in the camp about following poem clues to the letter, I think there’s some misdirection words that make you think of one thing but really is just a riddle within a riddle such as the “no paddle up your creek”…. But…whomever, whenever, where-ever, the treasure is found…we will all sit dumbfounded as why we didn’t think of that!…Happy hunting all!

    • .
      I come across a remark recently related to “waled”, which is a way of marking some things. Too vague, though.

      One thing that is bothering me, though. I was recently reviewing some comments by Forrest when he is discussing the clues and the treasure, and I thought there was “all lent” in there, but it was a bit garbled, I wasn’t sure. However, I am quiet curtain, that he did follow-up shortly thereafter with another comment about lent, so that had me concerned. I’m not sure if he’s implying that the treasure was all lent, or if it’s on land lent to the public, or what. Got me a bit rattled.

  96. i think he was joking, it the state knew it was there they would conficate it immedietly…still beleive they are more then one blazes…..

  97. after considerable thought and reading and re-reading all of FFs quotes concering 500ft and 2 search parties, esp the CC bookstore quote, i think i am changing my mind once again. im not convinced that the 500fters and the 1st 2 cluers are the same folks, or that FF ever said that, or if that is even the case.

    • Chris I too have a problem nailing that one down. Early comment made me think one way CC makes it sound the other way. I figure I just have to discount it for the following reason.

      If they got the first 2 right and then went to what they thought the third was, it could have been anywhere between 2 and three that was 500 feet away.

  98. I wanted to add one thought about the 500 foot thing, its possible FF is watching videos being posted online of peoples searches and saw 2 different videos of 2 seperate people bypassing where he put the treasure. So, ready , set, go!

  99. I have a question about somewhere I read that Forrest’s family members are searching for the treasure as well? I would think that immediate family members or close friends “could” ascertain the general area that the treasure had been placed by a timeline. Obviosusly, if it was known when he was going out to hide the treasure, the duration of time in which he was gone and other aspects of his travel needs, could easily point to how far away it is from Santa Fe. I don’t know what if any precautions Forest took to avoid any detection on his trip to hide the treasure. Just curious if this has been covered or talked about in previous comments. Nothing negative intended by any means.

    • i am going to try to say this from memory best i can cuz i dont recall where i read it. there was a period when FF was traveling colorado, wyoming, montana, maybe utah maybe some other places, and he made more than one trip to some of these areas. at some point in this time period apparently he went alone and hid the chest. FF has give a wide time period for when he hid the chest he said so to avoid the possibility that a family or friend could deduce a location because they were familiar with where he was at at that time

      • Mr F said after he had filled the chest it sat there covered for a long period of time. At some point he put a stack of books in place of the chest and then covered the books with the same cover as if the chest was still there. His family had no idea of when he took the chest and left the books…

      • Rickinflorida

        yes. love it! the intrigue, the mystery, the deception.

      • That’s a very good point Chris Yates. Since he didn’t want to give an exact date in order not to tip off his whereabouts, it leads me to think that it’s not in NM, since he lives there. As an example, if he said he hid it in September of 2009 and he took a trip to The Cody Museum in WY that same month, that would tip off WY and somewhat near the museum as the area (or if he drove to WY, somewhere along his route), whereas he is in NM every month of every year since he moved there.

        It’s subtle and might mean nothing, but that’s one reason why I’m not thinking NM anymore. Knowing his travel locations at certain times within the time frame that he his the chest tell me to look elsewhere. JMHO

      • Thanks for the info Chris. I was rather certain he probably made sure to cover his tracks. Was just curious however.

    • Stephan,
      Valid points raised and I considered that when I determined my search areas. However, Forrest is a busy guy for a man of decade eight and he travels a lot. He left an almost two year window to hind that chest (2009-2010). No one in his family could track all the places he went over that period with any kind of precision. He hid the treasure on his work bench under a handkerchief, he wife finally knew he had hidden it when she was cleaning and removed the handkerchief and instead of the chest there was a stack of books.
      The Wolf

      • Thanks for the info The Wolf. I was just curious about it and I am sure Forrest had taken taken it into consideration to make sure he didn’t leave any tracks.

    • And maybe he went on a trip for several days, he still could have hid it in NM, CO WY ID UT MT if it was only one day away, he may have stayed gone 3 days in case someone was half way watching his movements.

    • Perhaps not: Forrest’s family may be more sane. This would disadvantage them.

      • My understanding per Dal is that his immediate family really isn’t searching…at least not in NM. Maybe his oldest grandson he said. Forrest once told me he had family searching, but I believe it’s family that lives near YNP that’s searching as I talked to the girlfriend of the family member and she said they were.

  100. Dal, I been in YNP for 5 days now searching for chest. Today I found a “geocache” does that says “In the Woods” on the lid. Does this give me title to the gold?

      • Musstag, 2 ft snow from fishing bridge thru Hayden valley. No snow northern half of park. I walked about 200 feet off road high and low sides in canyons. At snow places could not go farther than 20 ft. ( knee deep). The geocache was at Gardiner river below mammoth. Across a footbridge about 150 ft from road/parking lot.

        • No Stephanie, not in west Yellowstone. Geocache was between mammoth and Gardiner at the river. I’m in Gardiner right now. No snow here really nice had a cheeseburger outside tonight. Going to west Yellowstone tomorrow.

          • You should look for Dals Cache. He has a blog that gives you directions to it. I didn’t sign the book or exchange anything in it, but I did get a picture with it. If you find it, take a picture if you can and share with us. I’d be curious to see if many have signed it yet.

    • How long you planning to stay in Yellowstone? I plan on getting to West yellowstone by Saturday, maybe we can meet up and have a beer?

  101. i think that not but to far to walk means just that to me he says drive dont walk thats just what i think

    • sorry not far but to far to walk some times this finger has a mind of its own

    • there was a time when i thot that too far to walk meant he drove the whole way there and never got out of his car. he disguised the chest as a boulder (treasures bold) and drove to a spot and heaved it out the window while he was still driving, I thot i had the poem figured to a precise spot and so i was gunna drive there slow down to about 1 mph, open the door and scoop it up with one hand and just keep driving. about this time i saw the video where FF said that he hid it and walked back to his vehicle laughing, and so this idea ended up the wastebasket.

  102. Eugene, Oregon. Just now getting into the Chase. Dang good fun for sure! Got a few things that have popped out at me about it, guess I am “hooked” now. haha

  103. Not far, but too far to walk…

    A little over twenty miles is my guess.

  104. i live in california, and don’t bother, ive already searched everywhere, it’s not here.

      • I remember when I was asked to teach the Navy’s new Ageis radar system in Cherry Hill…. Decided to go Lincoln labs at M.I.T. to help develop the first windshear radar detection system for the FAA. In doing that I made some fascinating discoveries. Mind won’t stop till it hits the cloud.

  105. maybe he flew over the site and dropped it in by parachute : ) jst kiddin! i dont think its in ynp though, some where in new mexico makes the most sense to me. i know the area where i searched has been searched heavily. sc

  106. jersey huh i grew up there lived in whippany, mt.tabor, then the last ten years in maplewood. miss jersey humor still ,people from jersey are usually pretty sharp . ive dulled over the years though .

  107. In my interpretation – If the poem is indeed all you need (in theory) and the treasure can be found by following the clues within it precisely, then the treasure is not far from where you “put in” which is the first real leg work to be done in the poem. The subsequent clues seem to be directions that end with look quickly down. The text between is short and pointed, although there are countless interpretations, but their succinctness (is that a word?) leads me to believe that it is very close. All the lines after “cease” may still be clues but they seem like conformational clues to me. If I hid 2 million dollars worth of gold close by the road I would surely laugh and smile as I walked back to my car.
    My point is that when I hear of people who are “looking” or “searching” in different areas, I have to wonder why. If the poem hasn’t been solved with some degree of certainty at least up until “If you’ve been wise”, then fresh air and exercise are all you will ever gain (which isn’t a bad thing). You might as well be feeling around in the dark whether you have a flashlight or not. When you couple this type of attack with your head armed with random pointed clues from the book to any given area, you get the desired effect – A wild chase that certainly gets people outdoors, over and over again.
    I’m not knocking anyone. I’m guilty of the same. But my focus now is once again on the poem. The next time I go to my area. I will go with purpose. I, like some, believe that I may be close but I am not so bold as to claim that I know anything with certainty though I do suspect. I wish I had some kind of a confidentiality agreement with a like minded searcher to run ideas by without the risk. It’s why I post and I think why many others post as well. Surrounded and alone, we all will carry on.

      • Or is it 91 miles from start to finish? That’s only like an hour and a half to two hour drive…unless it’s the 50 miles…which makes more sense to me…that’s about an hours drive.

        • My opinion would be 91-100 mile round trip. In the chapter titled “Long Trip Home” he does mention stopping to change a tire every 50 miles. Could he be hinting here on the actual trip or trips he took to hide the chest? I often thought about him going alone and having regret of not having someone who was close to his heart to share it with. It would become a very long trip home reminiscing of all the wonderful times he had on the road with family. I’m sure many tears were shed by a kind hearted man.

        • I put that map link up in previous reply…funny thing….I think Taos is almost exactly 50 north of his “home” near as I can surmise and the NM/CO border is 92. Synchronicity again?

  108. I’m in the western mtns of CO btw. And proud to be among such excellent adventurous people as yourselves.

  109. man!! has anyone noticed in the picture of dal at the top? to the left of him in the picture, looks like a skull ,creeeeepy!!!!!! dal get a new picture man that freaks me out !!!!!

  110. If you come to nm to search, please remember a few things:cell phones probably wont work in mountain areas, its very hot in nm so carry lots of water with you, there are wild criiters here so just use common sense,we are in a drought, no fire including smoking on public lands, and its a long way to medical care!

  111. feel ya 4th gen new mexican……i saw a brown (rusty brown ) bear where i searched ,he booked down the path, real fast!!! first one i ever seen in the wild,and that guy was big!!!! seen grouse id never seen before too . the new mexico highlands are awesome. i agree with you 4th gen n.m- people who arent used to being in the woods please use your heads,ive crawled outa backwoods river systems at night with a flashlight because i egnored my turn around time,and it was pretty scary not mention dangerous. always have a turnaround time. a locator beacon if you can afford one. be safe be smart

  112. Has anybody thought that since the treasure is where an 82 year old man can get to, it’s possible an 82 year old man cannot recover? He said he wishes he had the bracelet back, so, since it’s so important, why not go get it? Replace it with something else? Maybe, he can’t. So, maybe it’s not in a place you can just walk up to. Just a thought…

    • That’s kind of an interesting point. Also, he says if he was younger he’d go back and get it. He did say though he can go to it. I guess doesn’t mean he can take it though…

    • @ poisonivy He has already said it is a part of the treasure, even though he’d like it back…his integrity is involved there so, no, I don’t think he’d go get it even if he could. Also the part where he says something about if he was younger he’d go back and get it…this whole treasure hunt is his Great End of Life gesture…he knows he’s close to the close of his life. I don’t think that statement from him has anything to do with physical ability…if he was younger this gesture wouldn’t have the same meaning that it does now that he is 80 something. just my humble opinion.

    • poison-
      He’s not going back for a couple of reasons:
      1. He knows people follow him.
      2. It’s a long trip and he was tired after the first trip. He says so in the poem. I think!

  113. poisonivy i agree ,the loot might be gone how would he know ? maybe when he put it out there it was his last ride on a horse, but most people arent buying the horse ride thing. needle in a double haystack.

  114. @Stephanie, Thank you, I did not know he said that. Confirms alot…..

  115. Wish I could explain this in detail, but Forrest Finn did a sleight of hand in the last month that is
    simply dauntless. It took me forever to catch it, but the audacity of what I think he pulled off left me impressed with the man for the first time. I know he has his fans here, but I have been slow to that parade. No more, if I’m correct on this, he is one of the most mischievous character I have ever seen. Please don’t assume that he is slowing down or has a bad memory at times, because I believe he likes to feint just he throw his true punch. This has me laughing out loud!

    • I am considering taking your post seriously, but before i do, i have a question that will help me to decide. is english your first language?

  116. hes a trickster!!!! the poem is filled with double meanings, hes put f s on trees and rocks all over new mexico….im with you hes foolin alot of people,i think hes probably a good guy but likes practical jokes and trickery…..his mind is still fast and sharp….geez hes cranked out the thrill of the chase in 6 weeks and hes crankin out another one.those are not the ations of an slowing down old man… he rode a horse in the canyon down probably put the treasure way back some where. im 100% convinced

    • He drove and then walked to hide the treasure not a horse Highlander is right no one is perfect…wherever he hid it.He packed it in..Some say he couldn’t of packed it in to far but believe
      me he could of packed it in and hid it 4 or 5 miles or more from where he parked his car..He could of taken 2 days in doing that or longer.He’s well experienced at those hiking trips..

  117. leave him alone !!! not everybody in this country has perfect grammar,the american education system blows,plus you dont know his story no use insulting people ,dont accomplish jack!!

    • i am not sure how to take the post. he is hinting at an insight that would require some high level discernment and intelligence on his part. if he is claiming this, and yet his ability to communicate it appears to be suspect, i think it is a fair question.

      • Chris, I understood your question perfectly (adverb, not adjective). Since you asked in that artful way, I assume you already have a glimmer. However, it’s more than just that particular instance, FF is actively pointing to two more balls he has thrown in the air for everyone to juggle. That’s why I was laughing at what he did. It also convinces me that he would like to have it his chest discovered before he passes. Why,because this is going outside the poem itself as the only required information, and he is saying, if you can use this to get there, then go with it.

        Whether you take these posts seriously or not is moot, and equally funny to me. But I will suggest that everyone listen very careful to everything FF has said in the last month, because he is sharing something that will unlock a key clue, and two other clues consequently. That is, assuming I’m not just blowing smoke.. .

        • Do you think the graveyard clue is important? To me it seems like a big clue. Why bring up the idea of a graveyard? Or is it something else he ‘s talking about?

    • i fished it last fall below el vado dam the chama river that is and once this early spring at the time i didnt know about the hunt. i doubt hed go all the way up there who knows though. and being honest i dont really know that area at all . i know the jemez area and pecos very well. ive searched the pecos heavily,thats why my legs messed up. went down into mora canyon a few times,on the way down i saw a few aspens tagged with e s cut into them , but i guess it was the guy here who calls himself the wolf found 2 trees in the santa fe ski valley tagged with the running man and the f he found nothing,just like me. and dal found an f carved into a rock up by the john dunn bridge . thats why i think there are multiple blazes be it carvings or burnt sections of woods. i went dowm into mora flats canyon because there is a massive burn field there actualy 2. fenn is a doubt. i have one more spot where i fished last summer but at thois point mt leg wont take me there. sc

  118. in response to Geydelkon: So where is everybody from? Represent your city. just asking…I live in Colorado Springs, CO

    I’m from Loky, if you don’t know where that is it’s a little past Loco. Seriously I’m from Possom Trot, Ky.

    • Cow Creek Ranch……..Now that’s my kind of treasure hunting. Have you made your reservations yet?

      The 2013 season runs from May 22nd through August 31st

      The ranch offers one week, four-night and three-night vacations with everyone arriving and departing on the same day. All rates are per person rates and are based on double occupancy.

      Seven-night packages run Saturday to Saturday or Wednesday to Wednesday with check-in at 2:00 p.m. and check-out Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

      Adults: $2,765.00 Children ages 4-12: $2,590.00

      • Your kidding your charging $2,590 for children that’s not proper kids should be free .That’s a big ripoff

        • Not you highlander I meant the goofy old guy those rates are ridiculous especially for children..

      • Oh my God, I could never justify spending that much money on fishing when you can find just as much of a thrill catching fish for free on public lands. Thats too funny. Here in Maine, you can go out in any direction and catch fish all day long and only spend enough money for the gas to get you there and a sandwich at lunchtime. But if you all do go fishing, Please take a kid with you. Its a day full of smiles and great memories to last a lifetime.

  119. COW CREEK RANCH is where I personally and strongly believe is where Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove is:


  120. plus cow creek ranch is mostly stocker rainbow trout, im a believer in tthe brown trout thing,i guess cause im a fly fisher man

  121. Why not private land? Especially if there is a public easement going thru it. He wouldnt want to mess with anything state, fed or national. And rainbow is in the intro to his poem on his web site – a huge clue.

    • I think private land is very possible and he mentioned it to Tony from Newsweek, that it can be on private. I still think there might be some private land that he has control over and maybe can have a camera at.

      • I believe there are laws about streams flowing through private lands that favour the finder if in the stream.

    • I see no reason why i shouldn’t accept the hint he threw out on page 138. Makes sense for it to be on land owned by the American ppl and tended to by the BLM.

      • I tend to think along those lines too, JJ….of course everyone knows my hunting ground is Montana, specifically around WYS, so it’s hard to tell what’s federal and what’s private out there. I guess I would never intentionally go onto private property without permission, but I did wonder about the barbed wire fence I had to go through. I don’t know if I crossed onto private property or not, I don’t think so, but the gate was open so I went for it, for 3 days I went for it and never saw another person out there.

        • Glad you made it back in one piece. People don’t realize, 3 days out searching will take it’s toll out on a body.

        • Thanks, JJ, yes, it’s definitely hard to go from down south to that far up north, but it was worth it….had a blast up there. Oh, and just a funny story, I had guns since it was open carry, but I bought some bear spray also, and I commented to the salesperson that it seemed rather expensive. She handed me the receipt and said if it doesn’t work then bring it back and you can have your money back……….ummmmmm…….WHAT????!!!!! Love that northern sense of humor.

  122. because if you go on to private land especially there you get kicked out as soon as someone saw you .private land owners in that area (pecos) are real snotty ,as are moat rich land owners . the rich are stealing water way all over the place and could care less about the smaller man who has fished those spots for generationds. this country is being privatized at a rapid rate ,this is not a good thing.

    • I don’t think private has to mean like you or I own it…I think it can be something where a foundation owns it. There are a lot of privately owned places that the public is allowed to go.

  123. I think you need to think along the lines of what Forrest Fenn’s rainbow is…..and I don’t think it has anything to do with fish…..just saying. Rainbow trout would be the obvious….so why would he say it…he’s more clever than that. THINK like he does.

      • Stephanie, who wrote Flywater? Tried finding it but didn’t exactly know what I was looking for.

        • There are actually two Flywater books. Grant McClintock & Mike Crockett were the original authors for the 1994 book. Mike Crockett died. The second book came out in 2010 by McClintock and Tom Brokaw. Both are beautiful books. I think the first book is much better written. They are also both also available in paperback versions which are substantially cheaper. You can occasionally find them on eBay

    • If I could think like ff I would be wealthy and would have hidden my own treasure. LOL

  124. Well, I’ll check it out, Steph, but if it has anything to do with water, then I don’t think that’s it. I have a different idea of what it is…..and it’s what connects just about EVERYTHING in his book.

  125. i think the time has come for someone to put up a canyon sized post that has to do with the probability of the treasure being found

    • lol Chris,
      I found a cross with the word LUV spelled out right beside it right after the overlook trail, while ‘flying over’ via satellite on mapcarta, on way down to rio grande.

      And off to the left of that was 3 initials and what looks like the omega symbol.

      I was like,”uh huh, there goes the false ‘blazers’ at it again.” ugh. There are so many people out searching now that some people think that it’s quite amusing to put up pillars of stacked rocks and an earring right next to it as some supposed blaze or now these words.

      Or, giving the LUV artist the benefit of the doubt, they just wanted someone in an airplane or ‘flying’ via satellite to know that they loved them 🙂

  126. in his book ,the picture where fenns on a horse somewhere , the tube behind his saddle is a fly rod carrying case, fenns definetly used to fly fish ,or spin fish which is boring.

    • I was told by a young guy I met out there and lives on a mountain by himself that there were places on his land where the water softened the ground and he’d lose horses and other animals in these areas. I don’t know if that was quicksand. I think he said it was the parts on the mountain that actually had grass and they were under the ground springs(that’s why grass grew there). So many things as a flatlander that I have no clue about till I talk to people in the know….like that bout of altitude sickness…I just didn’t feel good for about two weeks straight…feel great now…and wish I could go back.

      • yeah been there with the altitude sickness ,i didnt feel good for weeks when ifirst came out here from fl. if you start getting a headache drink water a go back

  127. Stephanie, we all had bouts of altitude sickness out there too. The first thing I noticed out in WYS is that they have decongestants in the motel rooms for all their flatlanders. I wondered about that until I woke up there the first morning and couldn’t breath through my nose…

  128. yeah it sucks some people are more affected then others to….i still feel it if i havent gone up high in awhile,plus i smoke damm cigs!!! worst mistake of my life . wheres dal tonight ,maybe hes found it , 30 trips hes made hes seen alot . i vow to learn and fly fish the red river . sc

  129. and the story it told of a river that flowed
    made me sad to think it was dead
    you see, ive been through the desert on a horse with no name

    Forrest says you only have to trod where some 80 year old codger did, but then he laughs at you behind your back, because see, the 80 year old codger is him, and he’s Indiana Jones.

    If you want to find the treasure, there will be snakes, there will be large boulders rolling after you, there will be poisonous darts. make no mistake, you will come face to face with death. this is for a chest full of gold, jewels and valuable artifacts folks, it’s as serious as it gets.

    • Yes Chris “Joker” Yates and you need to know about the penitent man.

  130. grimm bro grimm the trick is folks if you do find it ,leave the chest the weight alone will kill you take as much as you can carry out or up . unless you have a horse.

    • Or if your SUV is 10 feet away. Drive sc drive! But don’t run over the trove!

  131. Someone mentioned Chama earlier. I will be there this weekend with the gold seeking bloodhounds. 🙂 There is something Brown in that area that I have not heard mentioned on this site. If anyone knows about it let me know. Not trout though. I know exactly where it is, but just wondered if anyone else does.

  132. insult me all you want man, chances are youve never seen half the real wilderness i have , just the blog name youve chosen for yourself inplies your a small minded fool , good luck bro

    • Wow where did that name calling come from Mr sensitive. I know you are, but what am ?

      • grow up man ! seriously youve been baiting me ever since ive started posting, whats the problem? are you trying to maske your balls grow by picking on a stranger whom you dont even know . you have all the answers , let us here from your great wisdom.

        • You’re the one with all of the answers and delusions of self importance. By the way why do we need to tarry scant?

  133. sc, i seriously doubt DT wants to make you made, hes been lurking here all day trying to coax a game changing clue out of you

          • Sounds like yours is smaller. At least I use capital letters sometimes. I don’t care about your final location. Keep it to yourself. I got plenty of clues solved. Who’s closer or not doesn’t matter. Who has the treasure is what matters. If you have a final location what are you doing here? You are wasting everyone’s time with your rants and raves.

    • maybe so , but theres no need to insult anyone, thats what he did , he needs to wrap his small brain around the fact i dont know anymore then anyone here ,im just basicaly stating my opinions and telling people where ive fly fished. and what ive seen . im not asking anyone to hang on my every word . and for self importance i have none , in fact im seriously insecure. DT can chop at me all he wants , i will never reveal my final location ,chances are its way closer then his . maybe hes just pissed cause hes clueless thanks yates

  134. my secret project, aka, the Fenn’s poem read along with blues melody, is near completion

  135. I will be starting up part fifteen at aprox 10pm…in 15 minutes and then closing this one down to new comments…

    • Sure. Now I don’t get your explanation of home of Brown. Did you say FF mentioned it previously in some comment and that it is also in his book?

  136. I think the graveyard clue was due to one (or both!) of two reasons: 1) He doesn’t want us out there digging up bones or 2) somebody springboarded a clue off a graveyard and got really close so he wants to throw us off just a little.

    Notice that there was an arrest and a rescue of fellow Fenners, and no comment from him on those. Not an extra “be safe out there” or a “don’t go digging in sensitive areas”.

    • Tomwhat I think it may be your point number 2. Maybe he is actually saying one of the landmarks is near a graveyard or something of that nature but not the actual graveyard itself.

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