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    • Me too, welcome to the club.
      Always wondered why there is no x in the poem ,now i know.

      • Dave wrote –

        “Always wondered why there is no x in the poem ,now i know.”

        Can you elaborate ?


        • astree : I can’t elaborate too much, i believe Fenn the Coyote and trickster that he is left it as an inside joke for himself to chuckle over.
          The meaning will become apparent when the chest’s location is disclosed.

      • Thanks Dave, and understood. The Coyote story is extremely interesting, and well-remembered.


      • Dale that’s what I’ve been telling everyone for months now. X marks the spot! But noooooo….everyone is deciding to go their own way, do their own thing, and use their method of cracking the Poem instead of listening to me VGBOSS! 🙂

      • .
        As relates to the clues in general:

        “I suspect that Forrest will be remembered, not only for his place in the ART world, but for his quite unique and precise contribution in the puzzle genre.

        Some suggest that once the initial part of the puzzle is found, the rest will fall like dominoes. ”

        tweleve dot org/new-hunts-rumors/26220-hunt-%242-million-treasure-22.html#post555003

  1. Dal, thanks for recording the Q&A at Collected Works last night. No new information for me, but it’s always interesting to hear ff answer the same questions over and over and sometimes not answer them at all! 🙂 He’s pretty consistent in his responses but I’m not sure everyone really “hears” what he is saying and sometimes misinterpret his answers.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your trip and hearing about your adventures with the Japanese film crew.

  2. I was just reading some comments from a few weeks ago that state that – what is assumed to be the first clue, WWWH, has been solved by the community, and Dal, as being the Rocky Mountains. I don’t recall getting my ballot in the mail for this vote! First, Why would FF write a clue into the poem and then solve it by telling everyone that the treasure is hidden in the Rocky Mountains? Second and most critical, why would you think that warm waters halt in the mountains? Mountain stream water, snow melt, is very, very, very friggin’ cold. It will kill you in a matter of seconds if you were to get in it.

    • That thought first occurred to me when I was exploring the trout waters map of New Mexico. The warm waters are downstream of the cooler trout waters. So, it’s not he warm waters that would be halting it’s the cold waters. I’m not buying either of these as a solution for WWWH based on logic.

      • Does the Earth’s atmosphere halt at the Earth’s surface; or, does it halt as you travel out into space; or both? By NM definition “Warm waters are all streams, lakes, and ponds except those designated as trout waters”. I think that dal has a few different interpretations for WWWH. The only vote that I am aware of is really just a consensus on being pink and not being pink.

        • dollarBill, if you dig a hole beneath the earth’s surface – does not the atmosphere reach below?
          The Wolf

        • Wolf, would not the bottom and sides of the hole become part of the Earth’s surface, and would not Earth’s gravity be forcing the atmosphere into the hole? What does atmosphere reaching into a hole have to do with a different interpretation of halting? Would not the digger of the hole possibly be arrested?

        • Depends on your interpretation – Is an underground mine beneath the earths surface or part or the surface?

        • Wolf, that depends on how a person is referring to the Earth’s surface. If a cave/mine has a surface that is (by continuity) connected with the rest of the Earth’s surface, it could be considered part of the Earth’s surface too. If Earth’s surface is its upper most land formations and waters, then a cave/mine might not be considered a part of the Earth’s surface. A person needs to look at the context where Earth’s surface is mentioned.

      • Crazyfamily,

        If your WWWH is at an altitude that’s now inaccessible due to snow conditions, then what do you make of F statement about being able to go right there if he wanted to.

        • Why couldn’t he go right to it in the snow? I think he has told us to wait for snow, because we wouldn’t be able to see it. If he knows where it is…he could go right to it. I think he says exactly that too. I don’t know that he says he can take it(could be wrong). So that might actually be a clue it is more likely under snow.

          • Unfortunately my place is not accessible due to the roads not being open, so that would totally kill my WWWH when I have major clues confirming it. He would have to hike 4 miles in the snow and I can’t see him doing that.

        • @gettingclose, I think it’s like what Stephanie is saying. Just because Mr. Fenn says he could walk right to it means that he would be able to see it or pick it up. It could be under snow. Relevant to the conversation above about WWWH being the Rocky Mountains or trout waters(and like you are pursuing, I think) is the fact that COLD waters halt TOO. Just because the poem says warm water doesn’t mean it isn’t about the cold.

        • Don’t know how that happened…. should say “he says he could walk right to it doesn’t mean he would be able to see it or pick it up.”

        • When Forrest said he could walk “right up to it” I don’t think he meant he could always access it, just that he could go and get it as soon as the snow melted. It seemed to me he was implying that he wasn’t too old or that the site was too difficult to get to, in the summer.

        • Remember FF was a pilot and I’m sure he knows the exact coordinates of the box and with a gps he wouldn’t have any trouble locating it, but I doubt he needs anything since the places is special to him and he probably knows it like the back of his hand

    • I don’t think the community has voted on anything and I for one don’t believe that to be true for WWWH and I don’t believe Dal does either…and I don’t even know where Dal does believe lol.

      • Steph
        Yes there was no vote on the Rocky Mountain maybe being wwwh but we all have to asume it is something wether right or wrong then using that move on to what canyon to take in then down is as a consensus
        This was a major reason I stopped blogging mostly because people could not pick one thing and then move one to another maybe logical solution and everyone was always drawing nigh, so it became so disorganized I was not getting really any good feedback to help solve the poem so mostly now I stalk.
        Just a stalkers opinion that is all

    • Warm waters don’t have to be water. We were looking at it from a weather and pilot point of view. Warm waters in the air, jet streams, clouds you name it. All hesitate over the Rocky mountain range and turn COLDER. That was some of the reasoning for WWWH being the Rockies. Which makes sense.

      • As a military pilot myself, I do not consider clouds as a where warm water halts.

        Clouds form at different altitudes (fog is just a cloud that touches the earth) dependent on dew-point (amount of moisture in the air). When the surrounding air temperature cools where it matches the dew-point, the moisture condenses forming clouds. Conversely, moisture can be added to the air until the dew-point is raised to the surrounding air temperature. There is a little more to it than this but is suffice.

        The Wolf

  3. Hey all, does anyone have a link to that site that allows you to search for names of places in NM? Someone posted it a while back and I forgot to bookmark it. THX!

  4. @Dal
    Did the Japanese think you are a ninja treasure hunter with your ice ax? 😎

  5. Did he say 2 people have gotten 2 clues right, Or 2 people have gotten the FIRST two clues right? I know they were within 500ft, but does anyone know if it was the 1st two clues or just any 2 clues?

    • First – it was two parties not two people. Second searchers have been with in 500′ – he did not explicitly state it was the same two parties. Attention to detail is critical and may explain why this has not been found to date.

      • Wolf, he said “people have been within 500ft”, not searchers. Then as a separate statement, he said two parties had gotten the first two clues.

        • Just listened to an audio and f mentions the 500′ and 1st 2 clues item. My take away: 2 parties figured out the first two clues correctly and then went right past the treasure chest and then half of the others?

          Doesn’t answer anything but makes me ask more questions. Get 2 clues right, but pass by the treasure and the half the others. 1/2 the other clues, treasures. Don’t get it.

    • jay,

      The best knowledge is first hand knowledge. Rather than depend on what we think we heard, you’d be better off listening and deciding for your self. You might even hear something we didn’t. The audio is on Dal’s Media Coverage link under March 2013.

      good luck in your search,


  6. Warm waters could be a whole slew of different things.Just like everything else involving this Chase.
    Forrest has done a great job choosing the right camo for his treasure.When I started with the Chase there were less than 200k hits on this blog.That was early march.Almost 800k now!!This has become a craze.I guess we better order our new books now! Anybody heard from Dal?

  7. Doubting Thomas wrote, in Part Eight

    “Didn’t Forrest say yesterday that he could right now walk to the trove and pick it up if he wanted to? Wouldn’t that eliminate a lot locations seeing that the weather has made a lot of places inaccessible?
    So should you be looking in New Mexico only?”

    I couldn’t figure out how to take that statement – if it was a huge slip, he was saying that it was within walking distance of were he was speaking at the moment. He may have been saying that he could (be transported, fly, drive, ride a camel ) somewhere further away, then walk straight to the spot by without going through all types of contortions.


    • When he said that he was answering q question about the beauty and specialness of the spot…In other words, he loves the spot so much he could go there right now. It had NOTHING to do with weather…

      • He stateted 2 parties have been within 500 feet of the treasure. That they got the first two clues right and went right on by the other seven.

        • NO! That’s not what he said! He had 2 independent clauses!.. the first clause “People have been within 500 ft.” The second clause “Searchers have gotten the first 2 clues right and have gone right past the treasure because they didn’t get the other seven.”

          • Thomas,

            Be careful of what Fenn says, he like to use statements like “within 500 feet”, there’ a lot of meaning in that statement….like 50 is within 500, or 450 is within 500… You get the idea.

        • German guy you are correct – right under you nose is also within 500′. It would be just like FF to do that – Forrest I know you are just loving this!

  8. “Definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein

    • Maybe that is why Einstein’s “cosmological constant” ended up an embarrassment to him.

    • Wolf says,

      “Definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein

      I call that a Slow Learner… 🙂

    • @The Wolf
      “Results! Why, man, I have gotten a lot of results! I have found several thousand things that won’t work.”……Thomas Edison

  9. Hello All,

    I suppose you could call me a lurker, but I’m really just trying to not clog up the blog any more than necessary. Most of my ideas are not novel and certainly have been discussed ad nauseum. In line with the thoughts that if the poem were so simple that the chest would have been found, I think simple and difficult can certainly be mutually exclusive. Also, although I don’t subscribe to some of the extreme number/cipher paths some are taking, I do think there can be play with certain letters or words in the poem. Going back to the simple yet difficult idea, I think of riddles. Hard to figure out but usually have such simple answers. If every line, well, maybe not every line, but if most of the clues are each difficult riddles to be solved, at least nine per Mr. Fenn, then the solution could be very difficult. I present the following riddle for inspection (I did not come up with this):

    If you throw me from the window,
    I will leave a grieving wife.
    Bring me back, but in the door, and
    You’ll see someone giving life!

    I like the way it is in poem form and plays with letters. I thought it may spark some ideas for Mr. Fenn’s poem. I am sure there are many who have already had these or similar thoughts.

    Happy hunting,

      • Co Searcher
        You put your right n in,
        You put your right n out;
        And you shake it all about.
        You do the Hokey-Pokey,
        And you turn yourself around.
        That’s what it’s not all about!!

  10. Let’s assume for a minute that the poem is a puzzle or a riddle. And, that the answer to the puzzle will be a word, phrase, or sentence that sets you onto the path to the treasure. Get into that mindset. We are looking for a phrase to leap out at you.

    Then, you would stop thinking of this as a set of directions like you give to get from point A to point B. Instead, you look at it as supplying one keyword from each clue. What directions are we being given when he says to Begin it, And take it, and Put in… Just take, And leave, etc?

    Is where WWWH a riddle, the answer being the first word to the phrase or sentence?

    And take “it” in the canyon down. Is “it” the answer from the first piece? And that is what you take down the canyon?

    Can anyone else pick up on this type of reasoning and make it work?

    • hunts,
      I am totally on the same page with you. I haven’t been able to see this as a set of directions, if they are then they have you going up and down every canyon in a 2000 mile mountain range. I share the thinking that when you unlock the clues together they will point you to a single area, I believe that is why FF says you can move with confidence, and it won’t be accidental. I am not sure each clue will produce one word, but it could…I dig your thinking on this. I have always been stuck on the “it”, and also ridiculed for it, but I still think “it” has is like part of the answer to the riddle…my thoughts. I am surely guilty of over thinking though.

      • I’m with you, Hank and hunts4deer. Why would he use “it” if this word is not important? I think the “it” may be the solution or the process for finding the solution. I have experimented with crossword and acrostic solutions quite a bit but have not made any headway yet. Will keep trying.

        • Yes! It kinda reminds me of the long answers in a crossword puzzle that will give you the theme of the puzzle, usually when you get the first one, you start to have some idea, then the next one things get a little clearer, and it helps you get the last ones! Stephanie was working on a type of acrostic solution over on her blog. Good luck…

        • Not sure where this reply will end up, however it is for: Hank, huntsfordeer & ghostrider.

          FF has told Dal, “don’t mess with my poem”.

          So don’t mess with it or add to it. He tells you in the Poem what “it” is, “your quest to cease”.

          Begin “your quest” where WWWH…..Take “your quest” ITCD.

          (just my opinion) Fred W

      • The other thing that cannot be denied is that the punctuation is strange and maybe even incorrect. The semicolon after nigh should be a period. Is he trying to force all 4 lines to be just a single sentence on purpose? If you want to use a semicolon after meek that might have been correct. Punctuation does force the 6 stanzas to become 9 sentences. Is there something to see in the punctuation?

        Did you ever notice that when Forrest reads the second stanza aloud on the videos, he uses a monotone, giving absolutely no inflection or accent to any one word, as one would do if it were instructional directions?

        • Hunts, Hank, Ghost , I’ll put this out there and that is I believe that home of Brown is a reference to another writing by some poet or author he admired that may be descriptive of a location . Please critique this if you like in any fashion .

        • Rag,
          Same…I wrote this previously but I think there are references to authors, works, friends of his, history, etc. I have certainly found some interesting coincidences, mostly with words in some poetry. Made one connection to brown, but not confident it is related yet…I say stay with that line of thinking..

          • It’s nice to read a different perspective such as yours, hunts4deer , and ghosttown , it some what validates how I perceive the poem .

        • One possibility for “Brown” that I found promising initially was “Sir Thomas Browne”, the physician, author, and philosopher who is quoted on the opening page of Osbone Russell’s “Journal of a Trapper”, a book that Forrest mentions he has read many times. I never really got anywhere with this idea, although I’m still intrigued by Browne’s writings about the quincunx geometric pattern that is found in nature, astronomy, and astrology. Has anyone got any ideas on this?

      • Hank , I with you and hunts and so much as said with his kine about the blaze.

        • Hank…Ragnar your posts caught my attention about The Poem being related to historical poetry and writings. I was curious if either of you have been able to relate any of it to specific people associated with Forrest now? Would love to hear some opinions. Good luck in the chase!

          • Dazed I’m currently in the theoretical stage of this philosophy. My analysis thus far is focused mainly on what the clues may be pointing to in general rather than anything specific but a few things from previous studies I’ve done prior to hearing of The Chase have piqued my interest such as Jackson Pollack , John Dos Passos , John the Savage of Brave New World,Kerouac, etc. Not that any of these are associated with FF or the clues . I did recently read Sloane’s “A Reverence for Wood” and see a connection to one clue but it isn’t definitive .

  11. what i see by looking at the poem is from the home of brown go down to where warm waters halt thats my opinion

    • i also think that up your creek with out a paddle means to walk to the next clue where the poem is sending you

      • ok if i am where warm water hult i am not going to get in the water and swim to waters high i am walking to waters high

        • jmc dont take this to heart but i think that this body of water is being filled by rain water or maybe by melting snow comeing down from the mountains and not by a river

          • Frank, there are some well known intermittent waters which could be construed as wwwh.

        • ragner i think that where warm water halts to me means when its snow its snow when it melts then it turns to water so its warmer then when it was snow there can be other wwwh but but im talking about my wwwh

          • Intermittent waters are the result of snowmelt and rain accumulation , that has been my belief in relation to wwwh all along.

        • i like getting on here with you people on the chase what i dint like is having to do it on a one finger typeing

          • Keep at it Frank and you’ll advance (like I did a long time ago) to, two finger typing…LOL

  12. Halt and walk are the only non-rhyming words in the poem. Does that make them of special interest? Think about the origin of the word ‘halt’ and see what meaning it brings to the term ‘warm waters’ and ‘home of Brown’. This is a well crafted puzzle that first needs to be unlocked to get the rest of it. Where warm waters halt is exactly where Forrest has said to begin. Good luck on thinking it through and doing your research.

    • Another thought also:

      My wife asked me the question – Does ‘where warm waters halt’ mean that the warm waters stop being warm or is there something in the warm waters that is being stopped? Think about it; Forrest is being very clever with the word ‘halt’.

      • I believe it to mean they come to an actual halt, this would exclude geysers and warm springs wherein the water temperature may change but they don’t halt.

        • I beg to differ… warm waters halt in geysers just before they come back to earth after an eruption

          • In the context that you espouse then you are technically correct , I was thinking more of a permanent halt.

        • Someone posted that there was an old Indian proverb that listening to lies was like drinking warm water. So is where warm waters halt = truth or true?

          • Hunts in this particular instance I think this particular clue to be more literal in meaning than some of the others , therefore I think it true .

        • Mike D,

          My line of thinking is similar but the opposite direction, warm waters coming off a water fall and stopping when they hit the ground, both cooling in temperature and physically. Waterfalls also work great for stopping spawning runs of fish up stream, which creates an interesting scenario for the home of Brown. So many ways to spin the word halt,

  13. Fellow Chasers…I need your help! I’m within 500ft from the Treasure Trove but I don’t know whether to go forward 500ft, backwards 500ft, 500ft to the left or 500ft to the right or 500ft in a gosh darn angle! Which way should go? 🙂

    Just kidding my friends. Trying to keep it fun!

    Hey has anyone considered that WWWH might be HMMM?

    HMMM in TAOS?

    WWWH = HMMM ?
    You know how Forrest Fenn plays with words. Forrest Fenn has stated that he likes to use words that are not found in the dictionary.

    Just thought I would throw this out there.

      • Thanks Mike D…so what do you suggest I do?

        Should I walk 500ft towards 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock or 10 o’clock, etc…? I’m within 500ft of the Chest which way should I freaking go people?

        Geez even though I’m only within 500ft I feel like I’m 3,000 miles away from the Chest. I’m just going to sit here along the edge of where warm waters actually halt, enjoy this Sandwich and Dr.Pepper, until someone here, on this blog, points me in the correct direction to retrieve the Chest. I’m not leaving this spot until I get assistance! I’m only within 500ft folks!!! OH SO CLOSE BUT YET SO FAR!!!

        Just having some fun people with the “500ft thingy”.

        • VG , is 500″ down an option is so you should go that route , leap if necessary. BTW didn’t Dr. Pepper use to have a logo with the implication you should drink one at 6,10,and 4, if so then you could incorporate that into your equations.

        • Ragnar I like I like, but also Dr. Pepper was first introduced in 1885 so maybe instead of 6, 10 and 4 I should use 1885 as in 8, 10, 5.

          So I will first walk 500ft in the direction of 8 o’clock and I will be sure to leave bread crumbs just in case it’s not the correct direction. And if that is the case I will return to my original spot and then walk 500ft at the direction of 10 o’clock and repeat the process if it’s not there, with the bread crumbs, and take the 5 o’clock angle.

          Let’s just hope the birds don’t eat my trail of bread crumbs!

          Just kidding folks, I wish I was within 500ft.

        • Fenn was so careful with his comments. He says “within 500 ‘”. That could be anything from 1 foot to 500 feet. Come on, listen carefully to everything he says. He’s not going to tell someone that they were 3 feet away…LOL

    • VG that sounds as hoky as me saying, “Hey, our bodies are mostly made up of 98.6 degree water, so there must be a guard house that stops us on way and says,”HALT!, Who goes there?” LOL LOL LOL too funny ? HMMM? LOL LOL :)~

  14. In the poem, it reads, “Begin it where warm waters halt”. So this is the first clue? Does that mean that all the words before these specific words have “nothing” to do with where the treasure is hidden? Does that mean that prior words are just an introduction? Feel free to email me at

    • Like Fenn says, Start at the beginning and take it one step at a time. Don’t skip around. Following the poem as it’s written should take you to the chest.

      • Absolutely. You must solve this critical part of the puzzle before you can proceed. Otherwise, you are wasting time and resources.

    • Hear Ye Hear Ye my fellow Chasers


      Many, for several years, have been tackling, wrestling, chewing and spitting out and picking it back up and chewing on it again and again, the verse “Put in below the home of Brown”

      While many believe it to be Brown Trouts, BuFFalos, Elks, Beavers, Muskrats, Bears, Grizzlies, Bats, Canyon, Person, ….the list goes on and on BUT….

      Has anyone considered changing the word HOME to DOME? As in DOME MOUNTAIN? Search DOME MOUNTAIN…see if there is such a place….see if there are any Brown Trout there, BuFFalo, Elks, Beavers, etc…. you know stuff that are Brown in color.

      Just tossing this out there for fun. Use it at your own risk. Only participating in the blog for the THRILL OF IT!

  15. A bit of Mike D insight…forrest says in his book, “Occasionally it is wise for the fox to dress like the hound.” perhaps we need to dress as park rangers in order to retreive the chest?

    • forrest also states,”Imagination is more important than knowledge.” he goes on to say, “Don’t make the alligator mad before you’ve crossed the river.” And, You should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL of the truth.”

      • He goes on to say,”The greater part of knowledge is knowing those things not worthy of knowing.” He is a Coyote, a crafty and illusive trixter. His clues will be simple, truthful, and in hinesight will make sense. But trust me, there is a level of deception in the poem, and you must think outside the box to correctly determine WWWH, and the rest of the poem…

          • I agree with you Mike D. I can see that Dal and Stephanie both have felt strongly about the places they have searched so far. At some point, everywhere will be the right place, but only one will reveal the treasure. That said, makes everywhere the right place until it is found.

      • Mike – I hope I happen upon the Chest by accident.

        I hope I trip over it and fall smack on my face in marvel gaze with a bloody nose and when I visit Forrest Fenn to show him that I found his Chest he will say “Congratulations on solving the Poem, may I ask how you figured it all out and why is there blood on the Chest?” Well Mr. Fenn I just happened upon it. As I was going to pee over by some trees I just tripped and fell smack on my face to the ground hard. The corner of the Chest was sticking out of the ground and I tripped and fell. I began to dig it out and well here I am the lucky finder. Oh by the way, here’s your bracelet. Thanks Mr. Fenn see you laters!

  16. One reason why people who live near bodies of water experience less temperature extremes than those who don’t live near water. The water retains heat gathered in the summer during the winter (keeping the area warmer), and keeps an area cooler in the summer while it collects heat.

    Could Fenn be suggesting that it may be near a large body of water? He doesn’t suggest any particular time of year, when “warm waters halt”. I see somewhere between winter and summer when warm waters would start becoming other than warm. Just a thought. May be to far fetched.

    • On cool mornings you can stand high above a warm body of water and follow where it flows by the fog created by the warmer water contacting the cooler air. I have seen this on the Colorado river but where I live the water temperature is consistent so I am not sure the following phenomenon I describe even exists.

      Could the fog indicate where the warm water halts and incoming colder water neutralizes the fog?

  17. Save your money!!! Don’t go looking on a hunch or a whim, but only after carefully considering ALL of th poem and how your location fits your interpretation of ALL the clues…There are 9 and 9 is a magic number in Fenn’s Memoirs too…

  18. After listing to Forrest on the recording, I had an Aha moment. Now I have to see if it works. Have some research to do!

      • That’s the way to do it Mike. If you have an idea of the chest’s location and can throw Fenn’s comments against it and it sticks, then you validate your position that much better.

        I believe the only way to know for sure that you have the right location, is to go through ALL Fenns previous comments and test them. If they fit, you’re that much closer to the treasure. If not, drop it and start over. Don’t stick with a location that goes no where. Waste of time and money.

      • Not yet. If it works out I will let you know.Sorry! Like I said, I have some research to do.It could just be another dead end, but I hope not.

  19. I remember when I first started on this venture. I had an idea and I was always trying to make things fit. Then I stopped and stepped back and asked myself “what the heck am I doing? I’m just making this work for me.” At that point, I threw everything away and started over fresh. Read a lot. Listened to all Fenn’s interviews. Made notes (not exactly related to the search, but rather to Fenn). Then I approached the poem anew. Voila! I began seeing things that I had overlooked previously.

    I feel that it was not my approach to the treasure, as much as it was Fenn’s. That is why, for as long as I have been on this blog, I’ve always commented on everyone getting to know the man. HE is the biggest clue of all. I guess I am repeating the same suggestion again. But who will follow?

    • I agree with you. Thanks for the advise. I am following. You can learn from the experienced and wise!

  20. thanks g man but by the time i get to two finger typing hospice will be knocking on my door

    • Thanks, frank for honoring my request! LMAO! Ok, ok clues. Here’s one…”if you are brave and in the wood”. Means-adventurous or bold and are wealthy. Making good wood, because that is what it will take to find it. Someone who can afford to travel, leave home for extended period of time. A guy like Richard (I forget his last name) who owns virgin records. The type of person fenn would hang with.

    • @Frank and @Germanguy lol reminded me of the Omar Khayyam quote in the book, “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on:” just gotta keep moving 🙂 🙂

  21. Hello everyone! I’ve finally made it to the end. Wooo hooo! That is, the end of the blogs. Only took me ten days. I had to read the book in there too. I didn’t want to just jump in and repeat something. So, my first observation came from a post a few days ago about the sun being the blaze. That got me thinking about the picture of the stumps with him looking at the moon (page 145). What if the moon was the blaze? The wise would refer to an owl. Since there is a bird in the moon. When do owls hoot? Not in the sun. Well, mostly. Also, at night it would be cold in the mountains. Certainly worth the effort to wait for night to see the blaze. Only thing is, this doesn’t give me a clue of where to look. Unless, what it refers to a saw mill that has owls near by and only come out at night and are heard when the mill is down? Could also be the home of Brown. A wood producer? A lot of thoughts in one post, but I’ve been holding it in for too long. –Dean

  22. “And like Eric Sloane, at age almost-eighty, I figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:”

    As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk.

    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is drawing ever nigh; there’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease, but tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek?

    The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold.

    If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.

    The nine sentences get an A+ in grammar by Microsoft Office 10. FF might get upset, but I think it reads easier when not in poetic format. No interpretations, just starting to consider a new approach where a sentence may represent zero to several clues.

    • Dbill,
      I wrote it out this way at one point too, didn’t run it through the spell check, good to know, and always good to get a new perspective. I haven’t come up with anything new looking at it this way, you? 9….9…..yes, something to it. I want to think that each sentence has a clue, maybe not the whole sentence is a clue, but each one might hold a clue. A “throw away” stanza or sentence doesn’t make any sense to me, other than to confuse, which we know FF is quite good at. “Followed precisely” —

      • Hank, so far all I have noticed is FF’s use of “my rainbow” in his preamble and “my treasures” in the first sentence. I believe that they might be referring to the same thing(s). Those with his book might be able to make other similar associations. I think that PTN likes the 9…9 theory, but I sure don’t see it yet. It might be 9…20.

        • The place I think Forrest got the rainbow part is in the Flywater book. The author talks about his pole being a rainbow. It’s worth getting that book. I have a question for any fisher people of trout. The photo in his memoir…do they seem like they are trout? I sort of thought they could be catfish. When I looked up spawning of trout on youtube…they seem skittish. I mean he isn’t going to fish in a hatchery even though maybe he’s saying it’s related to a hatchery and he doesn’t actually fish there. I thought about him fishing in a trout pond…which it still could be I suppose. I just thought about how some fish kind of hang out all together like that. Just thought maybe that could be a clue as to a type of place. I did think that it could also be when fish are stocked. is there a list of where that happens?

          • Steph or anyone else,

            Where does it state in any blogs, book or interviews that his favorite fishing spot has anything to do with his hidey spot. Did I miss something???? Thanks.

          • Steph, I’m taking a 3 hr fly fishing lesson in about 45 min, I’ll asked the guys about the reference to the pole and have them look at the picture.

        • PTN, if you will overlook my ignorance on the Flywater book by ??. Why would FF say that the poem’s clues will lead to the end of his fishing pole and the treasure? Is the end of his fishing pole with the treasure? Is the treasure at his favorite fishing hole? How many books does a person need to read in order to solve the clues? I have been under the impression that all a person really needs is the poem and that “The Thrill of the Chase” would be helpful too. Please enlighten me, I just might sweeten the contract.

          • Well I think you could be wise if you use the sprinkled clues in the book maybe? I mean you might only need the poem to get to his secret spot…but the book does have clues and his secret fishing hole is where he seems to say it’s at. Did you read his book? Confused why you’d be confused by that. The author of Flywater went into remission with his cancer and it was believe to be because he fished all these wonderful places….and it’s the author who talks about his fishing pole when it would arch was like a rainbow.

        • PTN, thanks for providing the info. I do not have FF’s book. I only have the excerpt. This might seem strange to you and other seekers, but I am convinced that the book is misleading those who read it. Not that FF was intentionally trying to mislead, more that the readers find things that seem to be more than they actually are. I do not want my thinking to be complicated by what might be, as it seems to me that many seekers’ thinking is. I might be taking a wrong approach, but it is a different approach that satisfies me. I am aware that FF says to read his book then read the poem many times and then read his book slowly. I sincerely hope the best for those who do.

          I should not have questioned your first comments, because now I will have a hard time keeping favorite fishing hole (the book) from influencing my judgment. By accident, it might be the spot that I eventually come up with, but I intend on ignoring it for now; otherwise the poem is just describing how to get to his favorite fishing hole, which is probably in YNP (or nearby) and will be found by the YNP seekers. I prefer just observing FF and trying to figure out what he might really be saying in his poem. FF does verbally repeat much of what is written in his book. I also think that his email responses are very meaningful.

          Does this help with understanding why you saw confusion in my questions? After all, I am not on the pink team, even though I do wish the pink team good luck.

          • I get what your saying and I think that is a good thing to consider doing. My problem is that it’s way too vague and so I choose to look for the sprinkled clues that match the words in the poem…like cold. He talks about a cemetery being cold and a bronze being cold. I think something else, but can’t remember. There’s just no way I could even start without those type things. It’s just too basic. Also, if you didn’t read his book, you wouldn’t even know he spent his childhood up in YNP. I know these are all things you already knew from being on the blog…so I don’t think I’m being a spoiler and giving you too much info lol.

        • PTN, I should have mentioned that some of the unique interpretations that bloggers come up with are very helpful to me too. Regarding “cold”, I visualize it as the many “disappointments” that a seeker will encounter when not finding the chest. I visualize “look quickly down” as Megs’ interpretation of “quickly read the last sentence”. I visualize the “blaze” as being the “chest” itself. I view “wood” as being the “wood lining” inside the chest. I visualize “my treasures” as being the “things in nature dear to FF”. There are more and all are probably contrary to most seekers’ interpretations. LoL

      • So I have found a place where warm waters halt. I have found a “put in below the house of brown”. I have found the name of a trail from the poem. I have found a place not for the meek. I have found a place for waters high and also I think I have the heavy load figured out. I have also found a unique blaze. All in the same area. But I need to receive my book order to go further and to verify it. Come on book!!!

      • Ok, my two cents. If someone gives you a set of directions that you need to follow precisely and you dont start or stop where you are told to what are the chances you will find your way to the correct spot. Probably not that good.

        So…Begin it where warm waters halt…look closely.
        BEGIN it where warm waters HALT. The first and last words are are instructions and not part of the clue.
        It where warm waters…anagrams perfectly to…Whereat writer swam. So where did Mr. Fenn swim in warm waters?
        It narrows the starting point down considerably.

        • LOL – That is a good one! Except on problem there is no “i” in – “where warm waters”. But a proper anagram of that sentence is much more interesting or humorous – depending on your angle!
          The Wolf

          • There is an I and a T in the word it.
            Only begin and halt are the instruction words. IT WHERE WARM WARTERS is what you use to anagram.

          • Well that certainly makes more sense than “sewer wears warmth” – or does it? LOL

          • Lol, wordsmith will be limited to 8 letters or less. I use a pile of lined pads and search for keywords first. I have a gazzillion nonsense lines, but a handful of strong ones.

            My eyes are crossed and bloodshot and my mind is mushy, but I know a good hint when I see one.

          • .

            Put in below the home of Brown

            D. Brown, “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee”

            Wounded Knee Creek

          • .
            I should encourage those , to count the instances of IN in the poem, adn the nINe clues.

          • Hello fellow Fennians! I’ve been thinking and reading about the treasure since the end of March, and have a couple of things on my mind today that I wish to share.

            The first is the 9 clues. This is the ninth part of the 9 clues and I don’t remember anyone suggesting what the 9 clues are. Maybe I missed it, but here is my take:

            As I have gone alone in there,
            And with my treasures bold,
            I can keep my secret where,
            And hint of riches new and old.

            (Clue 1) Begin it where warm waters halt, And take it in the canyon down,
            Not far, but too far to walk.
            (Clue 2) Put in below the home of Brown.

            (Clue 3) From there it’s no place for the meek,
            (Clue 4) The end is ever drawing nigh;
            (Clue 5) There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.

            (Clue 6) If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease
            (Clue 7) But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
            Just take the chest and go in peace.

            So why is it that I must go
            And leave my trove for all to seek?
            The answers I already know
            I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak

            (Clue 8) So hear me all and listen good, Your effort will be worth the cold.
            (Clue 9) If you are brave and in the wood,
            I give you title to the gold

            I know that my clues 7, 8 and 9 are different from others, but I believe them to be clues. Mr. Fenn is the kind of person who when he says “So hear me all and listen good” he is about to say something important.

            I have everything worked out except the last one. So, I’d like to see if anyone would like to discuss the meaning of “if you are brave and in the wood”. He could have use many other words instead of brave. It is not need to the rhyme. So what are your thoughts?

            Is bravery needed to enter a cave, ford a stream, approach a cliff?

          • Could be Brave as in Indian brave. Also, I just had a strange thought about the 9 clues and 9 books. What if you throw out the poem and use the titles of his books? Maybe that’s dumb…and I know Dals ready to pounce on me with such an “illogical”, probable “red herring” of an idea….so I’ll just get on my ATV and go home.

          • (Posted again) OK, we have the poem, and we have the book, and we cling to every word he mutters, SHOULD we also use the stories he has on his ( Fenns) Blog. Some of you probably don’t know about them it takes me a while to find them, so now I have them bookmarked. WHat does any one think about the stories in his blog, river bathing, buffalo smoke and so on?

          • Musstag, if you hide something and don’t want it discovered right away then you may want to supplant dis-information, therefore I don’t think that all his statements warrant credence .

          • Yes Rangor, I have sensed mis direction. He tells some great stories, some may not be hints but they will paint you a picture.. I can think of events that I might like to tell about my life that would have nothing to do with a treasure if I hid one.

          • Sorry, I must have missed this but can someone tell me where the reference to Theta comes from??

          • @Astree
            I-n appears 8 and N-I once. Other things of note:
            The word NINE can be anagramed in nine lines of the poem, but so can DAY (for all the postmark/datemark fans)
            Brown can be found a few times too.

          • What about this scenario: One or two people e-mailed FF with the ‘correct’ solution to Clue #1 (which most searchers means solution to WWWH). And what if someone (not necessarily one of the two that got Clue #1 right) emailed him a solution to Clue #2. He would not have acknowledged to them that they were correct or even close, I feel sure about that because he wouldn’t want to give unfair advantage to anyone. But what about, in addition to the above — and totally isolated and separate — two ‘groups” were within 500 feet of the treasure. Those don’t have to be the ones that solved Clues #1 and #2. If that scenario could conceivably be correct, which I think it could, then those of us that think/feel/believe that we have solved a couple of early clues but they are not things you could ‘walk by’ or even necessarily things that are on a map, might also be true. Yes?

          • Stance! I’m picking up what your laying down and I believe we might be able to help each other out…I have an insight into the poem that may speed up your insight… but how to exchange info…? dproudscot at msn dot com

          • Begin it where warm waters halt all the way to just heavy loads and water high = THE KEY….
            which also = the BLAZE…Once you have that… look quickly down to the remainder of the poem starting with So why is it that I must go….all the way toI give you vtitle to the gold. Those eight lines (9 clues) give you directions to the gold. LETS END THIS OBSESSION!!!

          • From there its no place for the meek all the way to heavy loads and waters high ==CHEMOTHEREAPY

          • cryptogram solves the rest!!!! JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION!!!!!!!!!!LOL I am outta here!!!

          • do you people have day jobs? i am so jealous that you can blog all day and i have to wait to get off work!! If I could only find the chest…then I could blog all day about how I found it

          • Mike D wrote:

            “Put in below the home of Brown ==CANCER”

            Mike, one of the things I looked at, is title “to the gold”.

            This is 9 letters, of order 2 3 4.

            “where warm waters halt”, Tropic of Cancer …about 23.4 degrees longitude.

            TOC, Thrill of Chase, Tropic of Cancer.

            As well, as VGBOSS indicated some time ago, the Yin-Yan symbol, and look at the astrological symbol for Cancer. The constellation CANCER is an inverted “Y” (lambda, meek).

            Think big.

            All kinds of things start coming up.

            Good Luck,

          • FF had 15yrs to write this poem, he perfected anything and everything so everyone would be doing exactly what their doing right now. At the very least, its quite entertaining to read. Keep it up people. 15yrs, say it slowly 15 times…….

          • Anyone know why Forrest says this is his ninth book but the jacket says it is his eighth?

          • Stephanie..All he did was change the picture plates in the book and re-published it under a different name…so nine books is really only eight…get it?

          • I get what your saying, but I still feel he feels they are separate books. If they were just simple changes, it would be a revision of the same book. Either way, one comment says 9 books and one says 8. So something’s amiss there.

          • Geez Stephanie…

            Has everyone overlooked an important fact here?

            Forrest has his autobiography in the olive bottle, in the chest!!!!!

          • So that’s the 9th book? It still doesn’t account for the book and the jacket saying two different things. I really wonder if the number 9 means something or it’s just the number of clues/sentences/stanzas or what.

          • Stephanie,

            I remember Fenn saying that the book would give hints, not clues. Why is everyone looking for clues in the book?

          • Why olives? The term ferrous is used when making black olives but not green. Bronze is a non ferrous metal as he says in the book. A connection? This olive thing is driving me crazy. Also “peace” – olive branch… ? ?

          • Take my advice and forget about olives and the olive bottle. Non-clues indeed.

          • I really like olives, green, black or green with pimento so I will give you this for food for thought but not too much thought please: “Olive Oil, Elixir of the Gods.”

            [September, 1999, issue of National Geographic]

          • Onecorgi,
            That would be great if I happened to have a copy of the sept 1999 issue of National Geo but I don’t and there seems to be no way to read this article online. care to elaborate?

          • Rather than trying to discover the article, which I do not have either, I recommend(ed) this as food for thought but not too much thought. Since I may have missed the mark on my light hearted comment’s intent the abstract available online is below:

            “Focuses on the many European uses for olive oil. How it is used to lubricate, polish, anoint, and as a preservative; Study that revealed Mediterranean peoples have the lowest rate of heart disease among Western nations, attributed to the liberal use of olive oil; Giuseppe Giotti and his olive farm; Culinary uses for olive oil.”

            I too am puzzled and interested in an Olive Jar connection.

          • Solved the olive jar question. Olive jar is an anagram of “oral jive”. Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of jive:
            a : glib, deceptive, or foolish talk

          • The question was asked about why so many are searching the book for clues. I think he definitely placed clues in there to help you solve the poem. He used his “85% truthful” rule for non-fiction writers to put in his clues. Here is what I mean. Assume that the number 9 is a clue. He tells the story about finding his first arrowhead. The essence of the story, being with his dad, how he felt, how it started his interest in archeology, is all truthful. His age is really insignificant to the basic truthfulness of the story. It doesn’t really matter if he was 7, 8, or 14 years old. So if he wanted to plant a clue there, he could make his age 9 without affecting the truthfulness of the story. I think he did that same thing in other stories in the book and there are definitely clues in there to help you with the poem.

          • Jack,
            I came up with one spot before I got the book. After reading the book, hints confirmed some of my ideas. I came up with a second spot and still things line up but with a different conclusion. Seems like I can always talk myself into seeing things that fit what I’m thinking.

          • Stephanie, you’ve met Forrest. Does he seem like the type of man that would craft a fable to become a legend? Maybe Sousaville is right. Maybe the only treasure is in our heads…

          • Ahhh now I’m understanding why everyone is hung up on the olive connection. So you all think he could feel he was cured by olive oil?

          • Stephanie, nice thought but I did not even think about applying olive oil to f’s health. Could also be an anointing for healing.

          • Speaking of magazines…I remember looking to see if spots were mentioned in the different magazines like Good Housekeeping etc. When I searched the Chama train…I felt that maybe there was an article in there that described the train line.

          • germanguy
            I agree! FF was clear that all we need is the poem to find the treasure. The book will help provide hints to solving the clues in the poem is how I understood it. I’ve asked on here before, does reading the book make it harder or easier to figure out the poem? If you read the book and focus too hard on connecting every word you read with the poem, it seems to complicate matters. I enjoyed the book, but after I read it again for “hints”, I will go back to studying the poem.
            I wonder if FF finds it amusing that every single word he has written or said is put under a microscope? He could really have some fun and start saying some crazy things! 🙂

          • Oakleygirl,

            The statement “the poem is all you need” is only correct if you know what the clues are and mean, then yes, all you need is the poem. You’ll never unlock the poem until you read the book over and over and learn as much as you can about the man and his life. Understanding that will help you identify and and confirm the clues.

          • Yeah but think about it…he’s right…you can figure it out with just the poem. The problem is that the poem fits thousands of places and he knows that. So unless there is some way to use the poem to unlock a puzzle of sorts…you either have to go to a thousand(maybe a million) places to figure it out…and even then you might not see the blaze. So maybe it is a puzzle/riddle if you only need the poem. I don’t think it’s mathematical…but think about those riddles like this one…. You are in a room with no doors or windows when all you have is a mirror and a table. How do you get out?

            Answer: Look in the mirror, see what you saw, take the saw cut the table in half, two halves make a whole, jump in the HOLE. You’re out!

          • You don’t have to worry Jen. How many times have I gone out West somewhere? I totally am positive that I have no idea what I’m talking about.

          • Maybe we should wonder around and read the poem to every child we see……maybe they have better insight….. my daughter has some good insight but hers is damaged now because shes heard me talk about f to much lol!

          • Steph your riddle is way I see the poem, some how you have to come up with a starting place and eventually you will be able to decipher the other clues and they will be just as difficult .

          • Stephanie, I’m beginning to think you are correct about the riddle/puzzle.

            Try this: The poem is in two parts. (1) “take the chest and go in peace”, at this location FF has given you the chest…(2) “I give you title to the gold”, at this location FF gives you the gold.

            What I am working on now indicates that he definitely could be talking about 2 locations, in the same general area!!!

            This would definitely account for FF saying “don’t mess with the POEM, solve every clue/hint and follow in order.

          • Yeah when he said don’t mess with the poem…to me that could mean that it needs to be in that order and if you change can’t work. I mean it’s all just fun speculation…and it’s fun to read into the way he says things I think. I mean because it makes us think.

          • I like his poem just as it is. I think it only fits one location but we are all guilty of trying to force it to fit our current point of interest.

            I think he said all you need is the poem but we would need to do some research too.

          • FredW: If “go in peace” and “title to the gold” are clues, you need to eliminate two obvious ones to limit the clues to just nine?

          • Stevador,

            I’m probably going to get in trouble for this and regret it in the morning.

            I don’t care if there are 9 clues or 29 (as I have pointed out before, FF has never said there are “just” 9 clues)!! I don’t care about numerology, codes, punctuation or grammar!! I only care about the words used and their placement in a phrase!

            There are 24 lines in the POEM. Each line is a separate phrase!

            Using this methodology:

            I have identified a WWWH location(so far, no who has posted here has even come close, but if I told you, I guarantee you would agree).

            Along the “not far but too far to walk” is a reference to when you would need a sandwich.

            I have identified a “home of Brown. Again, it is definitive.

            I have identified a “the end is drawing nigh”. (also, this where/when you would need a flashlight)

            “If you’ve been wise”, is you would follow follow.

            “found the blaze”… one is going to like this the blaze is impossible to see, when you get there!!

            “look quickly down”…..only two directions to look from where you are, either up or down!!

            “Tarry scant with marvel gaze” is where you should not be looking.

            “Take the chest and go in peace”…..If the CHEST is here, what about the remaining 8 lines???

            I don’t think FF wrote 2 more stanzas for practice. Looking at them now is what is indicating he may have left his “trove” in 2 locations.

            Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong, we won’t know until I have something for each phrase and go look!!!

            I am positive about what I have identified. After the “home of Brown”, everything below it “wrote itself” (as FF says).

            Dal, I’m really enjoying your site, mainly for reasons WOLF listed. If I have stepped over the line, I do apologize. If you ban me, I understand. Godd Luck to Everybody!!!!

          • Musstag,
            Not arrogant enough or egotistical enough to think I might be the only one to get to this point.
            However, I will never be able to retrieve anything, irregardless of where or how many locations!!
            I am a paraplegic and would have to convince someone locally and pay their expenses. Not willing to do that. Would rather level the playing field for everyone, if that’s the only way I can participate…
            PS….where ya from, Musstag?

          • Musstag, just trying to be neighborly when ask where your from. I revealed where I’m from when started posting. I have nothing to hide. Everything I have posted about myself is true. So I have nothing to lose, I’m just trying to see if I can solve puzzle.

            If you have the one thing needed to identify the blaze and I decide to reveal it, I do apologize.

            I have learned the only limitations are what I place on myself and I don;t limit myself much at all!!

            You can email me at fourwhlhntr at yahoo dot com…………if ya want.

          • Dang Musstag, nobody but you and I have posted for the last hour and a half…did you shower this mornig?? LOL, jus kiddin!! Guess I PO’d everybody?

          • hey G-man, how are you doing? I hope I posted enough to pay my lurker dues? I really enjoy your posts, although you get a little testy sometimes. I just got tired of everybody saying everything and not saying anything because they have not solved much of anything.
            As I said, I never thought I would be only one to find what I found, it’s out there for every body!!!
            Just needed to post enough to convince you guys. I’m serious, closer it gets to snow melting, I may share it all.

            just sayin…..Fred W

          • Hey Fred,

            Answer me this. If there are people who may or may not have a possible solution to the treasures location, why would you go to such extremes to give away a POSSIBLE solution?

            It just seems to be such a waste to throw all that out there and not get anything in return.

            I understand your physical state of being, but not your mental state of mind. That’s not saying you have a mental problem, but just that, if you’ve been bless with the wisdom to break apart this mystery, You should not only be congradulated on solveing it, but also on finding it. Even if that means getting a partner. Friend, family, neighbor, etc. Do a 50/50 split. Be a part of this Great Race to the finish, not a spectator waiting at the finish line. As I always say, this is just my perspective. Good luck to you guy.

          • G-man, thanks for the encouragement.
            I started this as a mental exercise, knowing I could not physically get to it unless it was setting on side of the road.
            I will run it past my daughter this weekend. But not sure she could get off of work and I would have to cover expenses (however that is no problem). As we all know, you can, at most be 99% percent sure until you have it in your hands.
            No extended family. And friends, at this point, are all in worse physical condition than I am, even with my being in wheelchair.
            If I can’t go and pick it up myself, I still have satisfaction of knowing I solved the Poem. And the next best thing would be starting another “Oklahoma Land Rush”.
            Not averse to having gold, but I am in financial position that it does not matter!!
            As far as mental condition, if that sounds crazy…so be it. Should have used nickname friends call me by- – Wildman.

          • Oakleygirl,
            “I wonder if FF finds it amusing that every single word he has written or said is put under a microscope? He could really have some fun and start saying some crazy things!”
            That is what I was getting at with my comment last night on “the within 500′ ” that FF was being disingenuous with that statement.

          • My Favourite FF deception was when he said that west meant 270 degrees and poor Dal looked at all the Toledos in USA drawning 270 degree intercepting lines to the rockies; only to find out that it was a non-clue deception after all. FF is quite the guy!
            Sorry Dal – but you have to admit it was funny!

          • @Wolf.

            Forrest didn’t say the “Toledo” was in the USA. More than 300 miles due West of Toledo, Spain puts you right on target for Leadville, Co. which has a valid WWH and HOB.

          • Clinger,
            I’ve lived in Leadville for 40+ yrs. Trust me, theres no warm water up here.

          • Can you believe CES = WWWH? Amazing.
            I’ve been wondering about the use of “raining” in the book – changed it to reigning – relates to ruler — can’t get it to relate to the poem yet

          • Stance Whoa..Whoa…. one at a time… NOW LETS see CES =wwwh ? well what… what… aw never mind, I’ve got a perfectly Good wwwh answer. You are going to beat that horse to death… don’t give any more away, your answer might be same as mine, so enuff is enuff.

          • ISEEIT,
            You live in an interesting town there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Buffalo Bill Cody and Texas Jack buried there?

          • Germanguy:” Why is everyone looking for clues in the book?”

            My thoughts exactly. FF said “all you need is in the poem”. I can’t concern myself about someone getting there first by taking advantage of what is in the book. I have a process to stick to and I cant force it.

            I am avoiding reading the book until I feel I have exhausted any and all possibilities in the poem.

            I can only do this by thinking I have the luxury of time. The mind is easily distracted and running down blind alleys can blur the focus. I may be approaching it backwards, but it avoids the clutter and I have to think when I do get the book, things will clarify themselves on their own.

            Are the reply buttons working or not?

          • I wondered the same about the book, and the number of books he as actually published. I am assuming someone else wrote the dust cover text and wrote the “eight”, but FF himself wrote “nine” in the book. 9-books, 9-,years old when finding the arrowhead, 9-mile hole. There are a couple other “typos” in the book too. Are these just typos, or hints of things to look closer at? Maybe it is just the keen eyes of starving gold hunters noticing the mundane. He did say the hints were not put there intentionally in the book. One such was Richard Wetherill spelled Wetherell in the book. Probably of no significance…just something I noticed. I did see a couple double entendres as well, ruler/Ruler that I had to think about for a sec. FF is the “coyote” for sure…I dig it, but not until I sniff out the trove…

          • In order to avoid unnecessary distractions, I choose to believe that the references to “9” in the book just supports that there are 9 clues in the poem.

            My reasoning is, if he had never mentioned the poem contained 9 clues, when he originally came up with the treasure idea, the 9 would be referenced a number of times in his book to hint to the number of clues in the poem. Just as the 9 is being focused on by many now, it would have been then.

          • Between postmarks with dates that don’t jive, typos, recurring words etc. I am more and more convinced I just need to focus on the poem. I am not smart enough pick the correct rabbit hole. I will try and connect the dots to my silly rabbit, that is I will give much weight to the poem while I enjoy a tall glass of water.

          • I’m wondered if the 9 is more important than there being 9 clues. The only other 9 that I’m aware of is the 9 mile hole in YNP.

          • As I mentioned earlier on this subject, Tony Dokoupil claims to have an unpublished book titled “Ramblings and Rumblings: The Fenn Family History. That one might be number 8.

          • Becuase teepee smoke is a re-write of the beat of the drum and the whoop of the dance

          • I think he considers them different books though. I don’t think he’d not count one. I’m excited about his new book. Love the title too.

          • To the several folks who have approached me about a one-on-one email situation — sorry but I won’t be doing that but we can still communicate on here………..

          • yep, thats what i was getting at last nite, just couldn’t nail it down to explain it that way… 2 emails got the 1st 2 clues right and went right past the other 7 is about what he said.

          • I’ll spell it out for all you knucklehead doubting thomases….

            K I D N E Y C A N C E R C H E M O T H E R A P Y

          • I have completely lost my marbles….I need a cigarette, a drnik and a fresh legal pad….but I AM in the right track…

          • Heavy loads=needles…water high= IV bags no place for the meek =physical and mental challenges of cancer and chemo

          • By the way, please don’t waste your time on ANY ideas I post here….By the time they show up here I have beaten that dead horse thoroughly….

          • Does that dead horse you found have a blaze on it? Did it expire by a hospital?

          • Been a long time lurker, planned to never post but I must say I think most of you are losing it.

          • Thanks for the contribution Stan A. I don’t doubt it.
            Sometimes you have to beat it to death before the cream rises to the top.

          • I resemble that remark. So his chemo therapist has it in a refrigerator in the hospital next to some cheese pimento sandwiches and a jar of olives.

          • Nope, solve the top of the poem for the key to solve the bottom of the poem which is where the actual directions exist…smoke and mirrors guys!!

          • Sounds like you are about to publish the entire solution. I hope you do it before I drive out to Forrest’s treatment center this summer.

          • Okay, I know the solution is wrong…but I REALLY belive the idea is correct-I mean about the key being the first part and the directions being the second part…

          • Jack, Stephanie, MikeD, Yes I think poem trail does come full circle and cannot recall where i was first introduced to the idea. My favorite place does exactly that and often times looking for the blaze I find myself laughing aloud, appreciating how clever i find Forrest. We have mapped more than one place where from my view the clues fit, each with a circular-type option. There has been so much traffic out there in the mountains north of Santa Fe recently (this past weekend) I wonder if the chest has been found. If so, I wish the finder(s) well. What great fun. We return to our nearest top spot next weekend – this time shovel in hand.

          • Be careful with the shovel. A guy was arrested for digging and I believe it’s going to court even and when Dal stepped on my shovel in the backseat of the car…I was scolded for considering such a thing *smile Dal*

          • Stu, I mentioned theta in drawing a loose connection to the double omegas at the back of FF’s book, the number of clues (9) in the poem, other posters mentioning more incidences of the number 9, and theta in the Greek alphabet having a value of 9. I don’t know that it means anything. It didn’t to me, but I put it out there as someone else might see some connection I didn’t make. It’s not in the poem so it can’t be taken directly as a clue, but Fenn’s use of the double omegas might mean more than we’ve ascertained so far. I just don’t know.

          • Ava and Stance,
            I was intrigued about your posts about the significance of 9. Theta is the 8th letter of the Greek alphabet, but carries a value of 9 in the Greek numerical system. The Greek letter theta is derived from the Phoenician letter teth. I tried to copy and paste a picture of teth here, but it doesn’t work so check out this link and see if you don’t agree that you would love to see a teth on your treasure map. I definitely think you have something there.

          • Be careful though of Fenn shenanigans. The 9th letter of the Greek alphabet is iota. So there may not be an iota of significance to the number 9! 😉

          • Theta is a circle with a horizontal line through the middle. I seem to remember an earlier post about walking in a circle and ending where you started. Does anybody remember what that was about? Was it something FF said? I can’t seem to find it again.

          • I think it was just another poem he liked and I think it was on the 6 questions site. Might have to do with the enchanted circle…or I saw some circle roads that had some water towers for a city nearby. Also, saw some windows at a special place he went to that had circles in them.

          • Nice Jack, a variation of that same symbol can be found in Native Symbology. It has different meanings in different tribes but often relates to the four elements: earth, water, air, fire. It also represents direction, the bars can be N,S,E,W. Cycle of life, death to rebirth – or the end is the beginning. “Blaze” perhaps?

          • Jack, I saw that, and thought, bingo, there’s the missing X, but that’s as far as I got, well almost… I’ve got some info I’m not sharing, and I may have one of the stanza’s solved, but can’t put the rest of it together to make a logical series of steps. I wasn’t in the beginning, but am trying to be very careful that I’m not coaxing the clues towards a solution of my own making, ie., trying to fit square pegs in round holes. With that said, everything about the poem is open to personal interpretation, and that’s the conundrum.

            It seems to me that when the chest is found, the clues should, in hindsight, make sense to everyone who has ever searched for the chest.

          • Trust that it will make for a startleing conclusion when the final results are shared on here.

          • Ava,
            about the double omegas, if u read the book and recall when Forrest was coming back from a
            mission along the east coast over the cities of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, etc. he put his thumb up
            close to his eye and was able to block out the whole city lights of Philadelphia and all the people in it.

            Now take both hands and put the tips of your fingers with the thumbs also touching each other and
            slightly curl them into what looks like a “Horseshoe” and it will look also like the omega sign.
            The sign of “The Enchanted Circle”.

            Happy Hunting !! Capt.Rob70theTreasureDetective

          • IT IN THE CANYON = Contain Ye Hint or Nay Notice Hint or A Niche Tiny Not or Canoe Thy Inn It or Tenancy Hi I Not……and of course Annoy Cite Hint….

    • It is the “where” we seek. We have been given the rest.
      So: Who, What, When and How. Plug in all you have been given and arrange every combination for the anagram as to answer “Where”. Are you really so sure about “Who”?

  23. I spoke with Dal today on the phone. He sounds so happy. He’s having a great time. He wanted me to pass on some information to everyone. He was out with the Japanese film crew all day yesterday. They did not find the treasure. Today he spent all day filming with Forrest, so he’s behind as far as getting online to blog with everyone, but once he’s able to catch his breath…he’ll be back.

  24. it has become clear to me that there is indeed a code of sorts involved…and the totality of it… and ALL THE RAMIFICATIONS is not in my grasp yet…so after the …it …is…. do I keep going….its become ambiguous as to weather its a big joke or if the end result..when it .itself is done….will someone be able to pay off their house and help others with some cash or is it just a big laugh…. because im here for outdoor adventure and the thrill of the find….like It has said what good are the artifacts if you cant hold them…Im not really into rubix cubes…I may be I need to press alittle further…and get a permission slip….maybe vgboss or dave can shed some light on it. I KNOW …….alittle but CLEARLY NOT ENOUGH.

  25. Anyone have any thoughts about why when talking of the french soldiers gravestone Forrest didn’t reference H.L. Mencken who was the original author of the epitaph? I can point out where Forrest referenced him on a different quote. Seems strange to me. Am I alone on this one?

    • Desmond there are some slight differences between the Frenchmans’ epitaph and Menckens’ I don’t know if this has anything to do with acknowledgement , nor did he acknowledge the author when reciting the first stanza of his “Just a game of poker” at the beginning of his book.

      • Good point. It also bothers me that he gave credit to Evetts Haynes for the poem Courage has a crimson coat when it was Nancy Byrd Turner who wrote that. That couldn’t have been an accident could it? Any thoughts?

        • Des , not sure he is giving credit that Haynes wrote it , I can understand why someone would think he is , I had to read it several times and I’m still not sure that he is crediting Haynes . It may be he did not know who wrote it but just remembered who said it.

          • Running through old comments and came across this — someone on this blog was wondering who was this person a couple of days ago:

            SEEKER commented on THE NINE CLUES….Part Four.
            in response to dal:
            Please click on the comment balloon below to add to the discussion of the nine clues in the poem. The earlier Nine Clues Posts are now closed to comments but the older comments can still be read. Please do not use this area for any other discussion. Thanks dal…
            Heading out tomorrow from Pennsylvania to NM.
            Driving with a friend, be there in 2-3 days
            My one and only shot, using my Dads clues and his every last cent, he’s convinced that his spot is the “ONE”, (aren’t we all). He is dying of cancer and has less than a year, so I must at least honor him and check this one spot out. Sorry he can’t travel with me, but I’m gonna document the whole trip for him on video and camera.

          • Thanks Stance Brooks! I was wondering where that post was!

            …SEEKER where are you? Prayers to your Dad! How was your chase? Please check in with us, wish you the best!!! Hope the trip was a blast! Blessings:)

      • I know I may be reaching a little but aren’t we all? This puzzle is driving me crazy. I’m also posting under Nine Clues because I think maybe thinking about these things may help us figure out what the 9 clues might be. I hope that is acceptable to everyone.

  26. Feather Lake and Goose Lake in Yellowstone National Park: “blaze”, “down”, “canyon,” below the home of Brown.

    Feather Lake is a small lake located next to Goose Lake along Fountain Flat Drive, west of Grand Loop Road. Both lakes sit in a natural depression in the land [a canyon]. Feather Lake is located in an active thermal area (the Lower Geyser Basin) and is fed by underground springs and seepage from other aquatic sources in the area. The lake has no outlet. The lake is fishless, though attempts were made in the past to stock it with yellow perch and rainbow trout at various times. It is unknown how the lake received its name.

    Just as “blaze” is referred to a mark on an animal, such as a horse’s forehead, blaze also is used to describe a swath of color on a feather. (See such a use on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website). Forrest is the type of fellow to be familiar with feathers given his knowledge of native Indian culture.

    “down” can refer to goose feathers and “canyon” IMO to a depression. “so in the canyon down” , if I am recalling the phrase correctly, would have you looking in one of these small lakes. Then you look down when you see the blaze.

    And so without parsing the poem before coffee too closely in terms of sequencing — but liking the Dal/Tony discussion of Fountain Flat Drive and Firehole River area — I would consider the possibility that Forrest drove down to the end of Fountain Flat Drive the day he visited with his granddaughters the year hid the cache and plopped it into one of those lakes. They both seem to be about .75 mile from the end of Fountain Flat Drive.

    I just started reading Dal’s blog and thoroughly enjoyed the two essays I read. The second describes his sitting in the swimming pool. (arguably “where the warm waters halt”)

    Note that while I have credited Dal’s analysis of Newsweek Tony’s discussion, even if Fountain Flat Drive is not fairly understood as a canyon, it may be significant that both nearby small lakes are sit to sit in a natural depression on a Yellowstone Wiki. I have not studied a topographical map and have only consulted a AAA map in this regard.

    So you would start where the “warm waters halt” (Forrest’s favorite swimming hole) (see Dal’s essay and his video) and then go “into the canyon down”. That would be either “Feather Lake” or “Goose Lake.” I will read Aubrey Haines’ history of Yellowstone National Park and her book on the origin of Yellowstone names as background. It may or may not be knowable whether “Feather Lake” refers to the feather of a goose — or “down.” “into the canyon down.” That would have you looking in the lake — with Forrest having waded in that day. The Wiki mentions that the origin of the name is not known.

    I don’t know Yellowstone or know offhand what causes some pools of water to be different vivid colors (to include brown, for example), but query whether either of those small lakes have a vivid color streaking through the water where an underground spring or seepage enters.

    I am in Upstate New York and so it is impracticable for me to test out hypotheses beyond sharing them for your consideration. But I will try to locate and Aubrey Haines’ books as background.


    • It seems to me that Forrest is only talking about 2 locations in the poem: 1. Where warm water halts and 2. The canyon which contains a. the creek pulling or draining to the west b. the home of Brown where you enter the creek to go downstream, c. The deeper pools of water where the trout are located, and d. The grove or stand of trees surrounding the trove. The poem are directions for the reader not Forrest. He drove to the location and dropped it off. Warm water halts is therefore largely irrelevant to him but of vast importance to the reader. Find the correct canyon and creek and you find the trove.

    • Does “Brown” sometimes refer to Buffalo in 19th Century texts? If so, Buffalo Meadows is west of his swimming hole, I believe. Although I don’t know the practical distances involved.

      Also, in Old English, is it clear that “in the wood” might actually (in addition to forest) mean rolling upland? I was reading about the synonym for wood as weald or wold and then in reading about the origin of the word was no longer confident it might not mean where there previously had been a forest. But I have to find and study Oxford Unabridged.

      In looking for old maps I also became intrigued by the idea of finding a USGS maps with the wells they dug to monitor geothermal activity. An abandoned USGS well would be a great hidey hole, perhaps. I think they would tend to have a metal top to them. It could be one he had discovered as a youth.

      I would also consider that he may be one or more of these words in the jargon of some field like archaeology or coin collecting. ( e.g., “blaze” “in the wood” )

      If the forum some day were organized along the particular phrases we would brainstorm the different possible meanings.


        • p.s. Re “in the wood”

          Note that the buffalo that roam “Buffalo Meadows” are plains buffalo and not wood buffalo.

          Wikipedia explains:

          “Two subspecies or ecotypes have been described: the plains bison (Bison bison bison), smaller in size and with a more rounded hump, and the wood bison (Bison bison athabascae)—the larger of the two and having a taller, square hump.

          In reading a different Wikipedia entry, I see that:

          “A separate study by Wilson and Strobeck, published in Genome, was done to define the relationships between different herds of bison in the United States and Canada, and to determine whether the bison at Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada and the Yellowstone Park bison herd were possibly separate subspecies, and not Plains bison. … In the study, it was determined that the wood buffalo park bison were actually cross breeds between plains bison and wood bison, but that their predominant genetic makeup was truly that of the expected “wood buffalo” (Bison bison athabascae).[7] However, the Yellowstone Park bison herd were pure plains bison … and not any of the other previously suggested subspecies.”

        • I’m from Syracuse, NY. I would like to visit Yellowstone and go camping there — given that on its own merit, it seems like a great vacation destination. But I think one would want to take care to plan a vacation and have it make sense economically etc. Rushed visits to check out a theory resting on these vague clues may be fun but to me is not sensible (and I’ve rushed off excitedly to find many a treasure). Advance planning and deep research and networking is key.

          My favorite trip was this past year going to the abandoned residence of the late gangster Robert Guarente who had $500 million in 1992 in stolen paintings. (There is a $5 million reward offered by the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston). I took pictures of the location in Maine and urged the FBI to bring ground penetrating radar.

          Instead, I am going to try to develop a bunch of (likely stupid) theories clustered around YNP and then go to spend a week working through them. Dal has forgotten more about the hunt than I likely will ever know.

          We have an annual hunt here in Syracuse based on a vague poem and I can assure you that it is irrational to travel long distances on these clues — unless you take care to ensure that it is a great vacation, within a prudent budget, on its own merits.

          I like true crime analysis and intelligence analysis and treasure hunting (e.g., Isabella Gardner theft, Dutch Schultz’ missing millions) as a hobby. I especially enjoyed the first Michael Stadther hunt and the quest for a chest of gold coins in NYC hidden by some puppets. I’m a big believer in sharing information. Compartmentalization is the death of successful analysis. To illustrate, I’ve ventured a number of (likely) stupid, unviable theories and have benefited greatly by the occasional comment to me by Dal. For example, with respect to the area around Feather Lake and Goose Lake, the tall grasses, he reports are extensive (which is why I’m interested in whether there are any abandoned USGS wells. I have a AR Parrot Drone that has a downward camera that I could use to fly over. So at least I would have a cool video I could later check for hidey holes. I would love to join others in camping. Though everything is subject to my boss’ approval.

        • Hi Dxer,

          Funny you should mention the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum….I am currently reading The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser and was going to write a post about it on my website. An amazing story….Vermeers, Rembrandt’s, and others gone missing…..The study and search for anything results in treasures found!

          • Sixer , I was reading your blog last night and this morning , very good and thanks.

          • Sixer, myself likewise, as far as TOC the poem is a description of a trail , ergo a blaze . Please feel free to critique my thoughts +/- . BTW are you aware of Venatu and the Noss family treasure ?

        • sixer,

          Ulrich Boser’s book has stood the test of time well. Steve Kurkjian of the Boston Globe does excellent reporting on the subject and Steve helped Ulrich. I have uploaded the internal FBI informant reports from the Merlino garage given I prefer to rely on original source documents. When I uploaded them I did not realize they were sealed court documents — I was given them by a reporter who 10 years ago likely was given them by a criminal defense counsel who wanted to promote an entrapment defense in the press (relating to a brilliant and righteous undercover FBI armored car sting that sent two of the key participants in the theft to jail). You’ll see Robert Guarente mentioned in one of the reports. The FBI launched a big press push asking for help from the public — and publicizing the $5 million reward. IMO, all but the 2 main paintings are destroyed (based on the informant reports). But hope springs eternal and the museum and FBI hope to recover all the paintings in good condition. The theft participants were connected to the mafia and so as between the treasure hunts — you can choose between grizzlies and whack jobs.


        • @Ragnar of Loky—so many hunts, too little time! Thanks for the info….I wasn’t aware of Venatu.

          @DXer—fascinating info on the stolen paintings.….much appreciated. I am only beginning to research the theft. Now I know who to ask if I have questions (if you don’t mind). My interest lies with the Vermeer (because of his associations (true or not) with hidden sacred geometry in his works. That is one which you believe survives, I assume? (so to not fill Dal’s blog up…my email is sixer13 at gmail).

  27. I wonder where dal is… And I just keep thinking to myself someone on this blog will probably find th treasure this summer! That thought is very exciting to me:). I always have more time on weekends to think about it… But one of these weekends I need to take a break and be a normal person again! A normal person who goes out and does normal things with friends! Just a short break… Then I can refocus my energies on this hunt again. Today is not going to be that normal day for me though 😉

  28. I’m pulling out my ttotc book and investigating that squiggle in the book I heard about as we speak!

    • I looked and can’t make anything of the squiggle, those two pages in his book comprise of a large photo which is the shape of a book that has several photos initial, so to me… The squiggle is just a dimple in this photo, or a dimple in the book… Which does not affect its quality. I wish I could make more out of it, then maybe I’d be on to something. But I hope by bringing it up, I will encourage a discussion cause I’d love to find some kind of meaning in it!

  29. ok if you have found the blaze take the chest and go in pease from there the rest of the poem on down are not glues on how to find the treasure are they cause you should of already found the chest and left help

    • frank

      In my opinion, “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.” and “worth the cold” and finally “in the wood” are clues that confirm the location. So even if you think you’ve found the “Blaze”, be sure that those clues fit as well.

      • I have a spot that I feel is so clever you could right a book about it! However the number one fault of searchers is to fall in love with their spot and put on the blinders.

        For the last two weeks I have been relentless in challenging this spot, nothing until last night… and I finally have discovered one that fits those last three confirmation clues so well, I am beleaguered. This new location would certainly make me laugh as I returned to the car. Time will tell…
        The Wolf

        • The Wolf… I feel that same way but with 9 locations that fit the Poem down to a perfection.

        • But when the wolf states that ” only time will tell”… I get the feeling he feels very strongly! And now he has to wait some “time” until he is able to check and that will make him antsy… And go crazy! Poor wolf!

        • Wolf, when can we expect your post about finding the treasure, or at least the results of your search? 🙂 I love hearing about everyone’s adventures as I can’t search anywhere ’til summer. 🙁

        • Child –
          My profession is in a similar area, so I won’t be going crazy as I do this every day. In fact I will be taking my son on a fishing trip and check out these spots after we hook a few! I suspect by your ad hominem remarks, this may be driving you (and perhaps a few others) crazy. So I will cease discussion as I want this to be fun for everyone.
          The Wolf

        • Go for it Wolf!Maybe you will find some pottery shards or old tools to go along w/the fish you catch.Have a good time.

    • thanks gman you blew me out of the water on that one i think youre right so i will stay on the hunt thanks

      • jermanguy tell me if im right wrong or crazy —- the way i see it is that not only do we have to figure out what the poem says – -but like a puzzle do we not have to put the clues in order too? like the clues might be 4 2 5 3 1 and we have to put them in order like 1 2 3 4 5 ? i know he said not to change the poem but would that only the words? help

  30. Does anyone like this idea of mine?

    Forrest Fenn should have an automated 1-800 # or an APP where you may purchase additional CLUES but the disclaimer would be that it may instead be NON-CLUE for only $1.99.

    You know instead of everyone waiting for Forrest Fenn to go live on the Today Show or eager to hear him speak at his interviews Forrest Fenn should come up with Thousands of CLUES and NON-CLUES record them where addicted Chasers like myself may call by phone or use the APP where we may purchase a CLUE which may also be NON-CLUE.

    I’m sure this idea of mine would make more money than his books!

    Sound dumb? Well there are people that pay $ to have their horoscope read to them or gamblers to get sports winning picks. Might as well pay to get a clue or non-clue.

    What do you think?

    • VG if he did this and anyone bought these clues they would be more confused and less sane than they are now , I suggest you save your money and use it to seek therapy. But if you still want more clues just send me a check and in return I will mail you the 1000 or so I have

      • Ragnar but you are not Forrest, you might be a relative or friend of his but you are not Forrest Fenn and I would not pay $1.99, every minute – of every hour, on just anyone if it’s not coming from the horses-mouth whom in this case is Forrest.

        Ragnar try opening up a 1-800 # and a APP and see if you get anyone to bite…it just won’t be successful at all because you are just Ragnar a regular joe-smo, no offense.

        Save money to seek therapy? There is no need for that as I am well aware of my Thrill of the Chase addiction and I loving every second of it.

        Oh and yes Ragnar just like you I have accumulated much information on this Thrill of the Chase and 1% I have already shared on this blog with others. Now just imagine my other 99% of intel! I’m a treasure in search of a treasure.

        But I appreciate the offer Ragner. Thanks buddy 🙂

        • VG , I may does as you say about the 800 hundred number , I definitely need the money for therapy . I’m glad the Chase has given you so much enjoyment and good luck when you do your search.

        • Thank you Ragnar of Loky and good luck to you on your searches and your therapy sessions. And yes I’m loving everything about the Chase.

          As I’ve stated before I own a sports business and every half of spring and summer I pick up a new hobby and when I first saw Forrest Fenn on the Today Show and heard about what he did that is when I decided to make this Treasure Hunt my hobby this year which is becoming an addiction which I’m loving.

          But yeah, I appreciate the luck, as I will need plenty of this summer as I will be hitting up my 3 HUGE SUPER MEGA HOT SPOTS!!!

        • germanguy – I’m like Forrest Fenn, I may say, or write, something but mean another thing.


          I may have 3 mega hot spots to search through that I love
          I may have 6 mega hot spot to search through that I love.
          Could it be that I just may have only 1 incredible, amazing, right on the target, no doubt in my mind that it’s there, mega hot spots to search through that I love? Hmmm


          • Good point, that’s why I said yesterday that we need only one location that we are 100 % sure of to find the treasure. As long as any additional clues between now and when I go to find the treasure, fits my location, I’m sticking with it. As I hope everyone here is doing.

    • Boss, your idea is really not a good one and seems a little similar to the t shirt guy trying to cash in.I may change my mind later in the chase when I have not found the treasure for the umpteenth time.Nah,I don’t think so!

      • Ken you must have misunderstood the post about my 1-800# and APP idea.

        It’s not that I want to cash in on this idea personally, although I do want to cash in on the actual Treasure Trove when I go retrieve it, but the idea I posted above is for Forrest Fenn to do this and raise more money for the bookstore or cancer research or whatever.

        I know very well a 1-800 # or APP would be a big hit because everyone, as it is, is itching like a crack addict, right about now, eager to watch and hear Forrest Fenn give out his next clue or non-clue on the Today Show. (I am!)

        ken there are thousands of people out there, I can feel them, that are reading the Thrill of the Chase book very carefully in search of hints and clues and some have probably even ran a Q-tip with lemon, dabbing it on pages, to see if there are any hidden clues. (I did!).

        There are also thousands who have read the Thrill of the Chase book over 10 times and some who have read it backwards several times as well in search of hints and clues. (I did!)

        There are even some crazy Chasers who have watched every video interview and heard every audio interview of Forrest Fenn’s atleast more than 9 times.(I have!)

        There are even crazier people who have printed out the Poem and carry it in their purse or wallet and even some who take it out while unloading in the restroom and taking it out and reading it. (I do!)

        ken a 1-800 # or APP would be perfect for all those addicted to this Thrill of the Chase. (like myself!)

  31. For those that prefer a more metaphorical view of the poem Mysterious Writings Blog has an interesting thought:

    However, there is said to be an old Indian Proverb which states, “Listening to a liar is like drinking warm water”, and this has grabbed my devotion.

    We know Forrest Fenn is interested in the history and culture of Native Americans. It is not unreasonable to think he may know of the above mentioned Indian Proverb and may have used it in his treasure hunt poem. If so, then ‘Where Warm Waters halt’ may have nothing to do with ‘water’ specifically, but, where Truth is found. Truth is discovered where all ‘lies’ of drinking ‘warm waters’ halts.

  32. No comment in the last 3 hours? Surely not the over 20,000 people who have purchased the book are out, this very second, searching through their hot spots. Seriously where’s everyone?

    Is there a meeting taking place late tonight where all the Chasers, over 20,000, are meeting and someone failed to send me the email?

    Where’s everyone? Strange.

    H E L L O ? …H E L L O ?… H E L L O ? Echo

    • I was sleeping! It’s nice and rainy here! I’m sorry we left you all alone! Kinda odd though!

      j ~ PFW

    • I was thinking the same thing. Very Strange. Maybe everyone just needed to take a break from this obsession.

      • Luckydog
        It is only 7:15 am in Albuquerque right now annd the weekend so shhh we are still sleeping
        We all wonder where everyone is as well at 9 pm at night

        • Good point! Sorry to wake you. This will be the last post until everyone out west is awake and had breakfast.

        • Yes very strange indeed. Hmmm…where would people be at 9:00 on a Saturday night when we all know that the purpose of this Chase is to get us to huddle around our computers and blog and look at maps and satellite images of the outside world? I’m at a loss for words! Where’s the dedication!!?? Surely the street lights were on by then! Lol

          Sorry all, I always have a little sarcasm with my morning coffee. It’s kind of a Boston thing I guess. All in good fun (I hope). No really. I mean it. That last part wasn’t sarcastic at all. I truly mean it when I say “all in fun”. Or do I? Hmmmm….

          OK back to it…@Viper…what’s the connection with the Weld County School? Looked over the link that you posted and I must be missing something. (No surprise). Thanks in advance! 🙂

        • That’s right ken early bird “gets the worm” but the wise and patient one “gets the snake”.

      • Well you do know when Girls get quiet it can be a dangerous thing!! Perhaps we are on to something and busy working diligently! Mu ha ha ha ha!!! * Cue the scary music*

        j ~ PFW

        • Jen
          I quess Steve Tanner never sleeps?
          So do you have to remember the times zones to figure at when dusk is then?

          • You are correct, Tim! Both on the not sleeping part and the time zones. But if I did actually sleep, I doubt it would be at dusk. 😉

        • jen you Pinkies are not hot in no trail….maybe having hot lattes at Starbucks while discussing how worried you’re about VGBOSS discovering the Treasure Chest before you and thinking of partnering with him as he truly is hot on a trail.

          • VgBoss
            Don’t gamble with the Pinks just give your money to the Jenn’s it will be easier that way!!
            Then maybe they will share, don’t all girls like sugar daddys

        • jen I’m a risk taker! Even more dangerous than a regular joe-smo gambling man.

          So what’s up with the Pinkies. Heard a rumor they are breaking up and each going their own way? Is this rumor true blue?

          • False Rumor! It has to be false because we each go our own way already. See the Pinks don’t just hunt one location and see things one way. We are women, independent and strong going our own way in the chase. Yet there are a lot of things happening in the background that blues just don’t notice. Pinks going strong forever till the end!

            I hear a rumor there is a buried treasure in my state from back in the day. (Oklahoma) You should take a crack at it.

            j ~ PFW

          • I pledge allegiance to the Pink for which it stands….sorry jen. You got me all choked up over that. Feeling very pinktriotic now.

  33. Found a creek or spring I guess it is, that flows water for 10 to 15 minutes or so, and then quits,,, then dries up for about that same time, then starts flowing again… then it quits again….. then …….. well you get the idea.

  34. Anybody read this? Look at last line. What’s interesting is the building just across the way from Kepner Hall. Don’t think it goes anywhere but funny just how synchronous this poem is.

      • viper,
        This area is very interesting to me too. From what I have been able to find out though, it appears to be under the 5000 feet elevation. Am I missing something?

        • Sorry it took awhile to respond, I work weird hours and trying to read the blog on my phone is almost as dificult as trying to decipher the poem. This was in reference to a part of the book where he talks about his father going out of the way to visit a schoolhouse with the quote “Who so teaches a child, labors with God in his workshop” written over the door. Now, he says it was in Wyoming but this is inscribed over the entrance to Kepner Hall at the Univ. of Northern Colorado. Kepner Hall was built in 1912 as a training school for elementary school teachers. Greely really isn’t a specific point of interest except that it’s in proximity to some of my search areas and as such stands out as one of those possible ‘outside’ clues that may point in the right direction. Greely is also not far off the route that they could have driven to get to West Yellowstone back in the day.

          So how does this relate to the Nine Clues? It may not but in the next block of buildings over is Brown Hall which is a residence building. Just thought it was interesting and again shows that strange synchronicity this riddle seems to have with anywhere you look.

  35. Good morning fellow searchers!! I have some good news and some bad news…The good news is I broke the code of the poem, and found the location of THE warm waters halt, and the canyon with the home of Brown…The bad news is I was dreaming and I cannot for the life of me remember how or where I got to the location!!! It was VERY ambiguous, and it was not even close to what I was picturing in my head…But it was an ICE Cave..and the chest was BURIED!!! So I researched…and without fail every 1000 year old treasure cache ever discovered has been in a cave, buried, or underwater!!! That narrows it down …LOL.

    • Mike D I had the exact same dream! Weird huh? But fortunately for me I remember it in vivid detail. So that is bad news for you, every Chaser out there, and great news for me. 🙂

    • That is so funny Mike 😀 I have had so many dreams too. Some so real that I actually woke myself up from the dream and had to start researching right away to see if it was true…if it could be possible. LOL. Actually, my dreams since joining the hunt have been amazing, and even though none have led me to the treasure, they have been an important part of my journey for sure.

  36. Ok I love reading all of these posts and seeing how people go about solving the clues. I guess you could say I have been lurking. I have developed my own interpretation of the clues and some interpretations here seem to be along the same lines and some don’t. So who knows which is correct? But it is sure an interesting thing to work on. So here is my contribution and I’m curious if anyone agrees. It is starting to look to me as though FF designed two correct interpretations for each clue. He may have done this to give you a confirmation that you are correct or it may be done to make it even more difficult to solve such that you have to find two solutions to each clue rather than just one. So as you can see from reading these posts each clue can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. You may not only have to find the one that is correct, but you have to find two to confirm it. Anybody else thinking similarly?

    • if that’s the case Jack then I need to go back to my word searches and actually look at all the ‘doubles’ of words that I crossed out thinking that the ones that weren’ duplicated actually meant something, oh geez!! Boy did I ever mess up!! LOL 🙂

    • You are bang on Jack! In fact I believe that FF will have up to 10 different interpretations for each clue, save too far to walk which is anyone’s guess. Also – I believe that the most obvious one is the one not to rely on. FF is a trickster and he wants you to fall for the obvious. Don’t!
      The Wolf

  37. It’s hard to want to spend HOURS on this site when 80 percent of the posts are drivel, flirting, jokes, juvenile testosterone matches, pink something-or-others and emails wondering where everyone is.

    • Excuse me. That’s Pink Ladies to you mister! We are not something or others. At all. But it’s nice of you to notice us. 🙂

      j ~ PFW

    • Stance Brooks where’s your Thrill of the Chase support, that sense of humor? You say that “80% of the posts are drivel, flirting, jokes, juvenile testosterone matches, pink something-or-others or emails wondering where everyone is”………BUT Stance isn’t that what Forrest Fenn’s P O E M is all about? You can’t even solve it because of all it’s drivel…Put in below the home of Brown? What the heck is that about? “If you are brave and in the wood” Huh? Would you not call that drivel as well Stance?

      Stance don’t be a party pooper…we’re all just having fun, THRILL of the CHASE! The odds of finding the Treasure Chest is immense so might as well have loads of fun in the Chase and just in case noone finds it atleast we had fun, met interesting people, had a great time in the outdoors, etc….got something out of time and money spent on this wild goose chase.

  38. This is in response to the following, plus others who have made similar comments:

    If this poem was meant to be solved 10,000 years from now then their could only be one type of clues to last that long. Everyone wants to share ideas and help one another which is great and honorable if you can’t search yourself. If people would just focus more on WWWH and share ideas, it would probably get everyone even more excited and better chances for people that have put in so much time and money and the first timers real chances of finding it. Unlike all these pipe dream scenarios.

    If the treasure is found 100 or 1000 or 10,000 years from now it will be because someone stumbled upon it looking for something else probably — in my OPINION, it WILL NOT be solved from the poem. I don’t think FF ever meant that the poem itself would stand the test of time — just that the game might go unsolved for many, many years. I posted once that I believe the “blaze” is one of those “campfires ok” signs or one of those “no campfires” signs, both of which have blazes on them. Someone responded they didn’t see how that could be since those signs would maybe not be in the same spot hundreds of years from now….. They won’t HAVE to be in the same spot because things like that and the poem will apply only to a search maybe within the next 20 years — farther out, things might change and the treasure will be discovered only ‘accidentally.’

    • Siance Brooks
      Good thinking and I think rivers and streams change their course in a few thousand years as well
      but some mountains do not. I think the poem could survive the test of time if wwwh is not water.
      The poem may or may not be solved but the fact is the chest is out there and very alluring and using time is very important in deciphering it in my opinion and maybe nobodys

      • This is an effort to post some things that have been making my whiskers itch (if you know what that means):

        Why does FF mention that a kid brought a bottle of green olives to school and waved it in his face? Seems totally insignificant on its face. Later in the book he states he put his 20,000 word biography in a little jar BUT DOESN’T MENTION THAT IT IS AN OLIVE JAR. Yet in an interview he says it is an olive jar.

        Why does FF mention ‘Spanish’ 5 times in one spot, once in another chapter, and even title a chapter with the word Spanish? Mean anything? Like we should be converting words into Spanish? Such as hot water, cold water, and much more?

        Why in the chapter on the Totem Cafe does FF capitalize the word Ruler once but lower case the next time he writes ruler?


        • Stance,

          Ponderosa as in ponderosa pine is translated to Spanish as heavy or load. He continually makes a reference to Spanish class and teacher in his book. I believe that Spanish has a lot to do with this poem.

          A little more itching for your whickers of which I mentioned before on a previous blog post…….The Brown Creeper is a bird that has an affinity to build it’s nests (home) in the largest trees in the forest of which the ponderosa pine is. These trees typically have trunks that are big enough to house a body standing up….perhaps this treasure is next to a stream bed which you have to wade through put underneath a tree that has many of it’s roots exposed due to erosion. If you see a tree such as this and get a flashlight up underneath it you will notice a lot of space…..

    • Many people have posted what they think “where warm waters halt” means. It could be a confluence of warm and cold rivers/streams, the Continental Divide, a dam, clouds, ancient waters, water falls, and probably many more. Take YOUR pick as to what YOU think it means and apply it to different areas YOU are thinking about in whatever state YOU think it could be in. It seems there is no consensus as to what it means or even what state it is in, and those people who have put a lot of thought, time, effort, and/or money into the figuring out the poem and now think they have a very good idea for themselves about where the treasure might be, are not going to share their total solution here so someone else can go out and get it if they happen to be correct. You will have to do your own thinking on this. No one is going to do the work for you.

      If you do not like the majority of the posts here just skip over them or skim them to see if it’s anything that fits in with your thinking. There is no need to bash others on this site who have thought so hard on this and are often just trying to have a bit of fun and are making friendly connections with others here. Just MHO! 🙂

      • @CJinCA,
        I agree no one is going to give away their “secret spot”…….I also understand the arm chair searchers wanting to air their ideas (I think that’s fine)….if nothing else just to know if they are correct or not.

        I search the areas I’m going to be at anyway so there is minimal cost for me. I look at it this way; if Fenn lived next door to me and would tell me the truth if my spot was correct or not (within 500 feet)…..would I be willing to plop down $2,500.00 or more (I wonder what the average costs are for those that travel to search) on his table to get the answer. I just don’t have any spots I’m that proud of.

        There’s an idea for Fenn……for a $10,000.00 donation to his cancer fund he will absolutely tell you the truth (yes or no) about your spot being within 500 feet of the chest……if he says yes, you still have to go find it.

        I wonder how much his cancer fund would get?

        • Goofy, I’m guessing that anywhere from 50K to 70 K has been raised if 15-20 thousand books have been sold @ $35 each. From what I understand, the money will go to families that are having a hard time paying for medical expenses. If the treasure is not found by the time the 2nd book is published this summer, I’m sure even more money will be raised. It’s a very worthy cause!

          It’s so difficult to know if any single one of our interpretations for the clues is correct until someone actually finds the treasure and lets us know where it was found. Dal and Stephie were pretty sure of their interpretations but didn’t find it for one reason or another. Too bad the people who got the first 2 clues correct or the ones who were within 500ft of the treasure don’t know it was them! It sounds like quite a few people have written to ff telling him of their search so it could be anyone. Unfortunately, I’m just an armchair searcher like so many here but I have a few spots that look promising to me. I’m sure there are many who are just waiting for better weather to go check their hot spots and with the weather lately in the Rockies, it may be a while! 🙂

          It seems it’s not hard to come up with a spot that satisfies almost the whole poem, except for the “blaze”. Is it a mark on a tree, a pile of rocks or an out of place rock, sunlight shining on something at a certain time of day, the trail itself, a campfire sign, or ???????? I guess we won’t know until we get there! 🙂

        • @CJinCA,
          You are so right…….it’s not hard to come up with a spot, but what in blazes is the blaze.

          Wait! Is that a clue. 😆

    • Stance, FF may be more clever than you give him credit for.
      Your comment gives credence to a more Stellar Blaze and the need for a flashlight.
      “there could only be one type of clues to last that long.”?

      Do you know there is a Running Man Constellation?
      I have heard the Aurora Borealis can be seen from Canada.
      We know Egyptian Hieroglyphs have lasted thousands of years and could last thousands more .

      I don’t know if the riddle will ever be solved but I do believe it can be. I have come to realize that we are matching wits with a master. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy but that eliminates the unworthy. Challenge makes the triumph even more rewarding than the gold.
      Mental reward is staggering!

      If you open your mind, it will not fail you.

      • Hurray Stevador! Vey nice comment and worth reading. Here is a tidbit for all to ponder.Warm waters can make something else happen.

        • I think it’s odd that EVERY TIME I post, someone criticizes my thought process. Wow. Anyway, here are a few more things that might be worth thinking about.

          Why does FF call the candy bar Babe Ruth when it’s Baby Ruth?

          Why does FF say his ‘inferior vena cava’ is malignant when it was a kidney that was malignant?

          Why does FF mention Fort Worth (Ft. Worth) probably 6 times in the book and once in the poem — in fact it’s the ONLY city mentioned in the poem?


          • Stance A very wise professor once told me to surround myself with my worst critics because they and they alone will help me succeed and live up to my best potential. People that just pat you on the back don’t encourage self growth and outside the box thinking. So embrace the criticism! Might help you find the chest! 😉 As to your other questions I can’t answer why…

            j ~ PFW

          • Stance , his mother was from Ft Worth as far, there have many questions about grammatical errors,
            it may be due to publishing errors

            I don’t see this as reference as much as a coincidence Your ef(fort) will be (worth) the cold.
            I really enjoy your post so keep them coming.

          • #1 Most people did not believe the “official” version to the origins of the name of the candy bar, supposedly after the first born daughter of President Grover Cleveland, but thought it was a marketing ploy to take advantage of the popularity of Babe Ruth. Of course, crafty ff could mean something else. 🙂

            #2 Kidney cancer often invades the vena cava which is the major vein from the lower part of the body. In the book he said his kidney was removed but there was also a malignancy in the vena cava. Whether the malignant clot was removed and there was no invasion into the cell wall, who knows? He had chemo and radiation and he was cured!

            #3 Personally I never paid attention to the words “Fort Worth” since he was from Texas and spent his formative years there it didn’t seem important. I did not parse out “Fort Worth” from the poem for the same reason. – maybe others did and maybe it means something – who knows! 🙂

        • @Stance Brooks,
          You wrote: I think it’s odd that EVERY TIME I post, someone criticizes my thought process.

          I agree that some here come across as arrogant and condescending when replying to someone’s ideas……They know everything….just ask them. On the other hand, some are a little “thin skinned” when it comes to discussing their ideas and take an honest assessment and discussion of their idea as being too critical. Constructive criticism is good, arrogant berating is bad……..Knowing the difference is wise.

          You also wrote: “Why does FF mention Fort Worth (Ft. Worth) probably 6 times in the book and once in the poem — in fact it’s the ONLY city mentioned in the poem?……….Anyone?”

          I completely missed Ft. Worth in the poem, are you talking about “worth” the cold? I apologize for rehashing something already discussed, but I did a search and couldn’t find that discussion………I obviously can’t keep up with all the info flying around.

      • Stance Brooks,

        Nice catch on the Fort Worth. I missed that but I saw Fort Will, and looked for a Fort Will or William. Couldn’t find anything I liked. It also made me look closer for other letter combos, but nothing so far.

        again, nice job


    • @Stance Brooks,
      It all depends on how Fenn looked at it. I agree with you (at least for now) the clues or at least some of them may not stand the test of time.

      I think the physiology of the poem (Fenn) is important…….Are all the clues metaphorical or more literal……or are they a combination of both?

      Dal has a great post with good links on different ways to write a poem.

      As far as WWWH; there are many ideas….
      •Aqua Fria……lots of aqua frias out there….including in Arizona. He says the treasure is north of Santa Fe, doesn’t mean all the clues are……..or are they?
      •A dam or reservoir
      •Confluence of tributaries
      •The Rocky Mountains in general
      •Warm waters are lies… where the lies stop.
      •Magical algorithm of numbers and anagrams

      If two searchers (that he knows of) have got the first two clues correct where is that? If Fenn considers each sentence a clue; then the searchers are being confused by the home of Brown.

      I’ve only found one spot that fit perfectly…..but it was ruled out by subsequent clues. So I literally don’t have a clue.

      I have a great deal of experience (for work and pleasure) traveling the back country of the western US for the past 40+ years…….so perhaps I’m being too picky. My problem is I know how rugged and desolate some of the “spots” I, and others here, find on the map …….A very small canyon or meadow could literally take a year to check every nook and cranny and still miss it………Which is why I think the blaze is critically important.

    • Stance, I wasn’t trying to criticize your thought process. I hope you didn’t take my post personally.
      I wanted to convey that I don’t think FF is being disingenuous when he says the poem is the definitive guide to the treasure, now and forever. I merely thought you could be limiting your quest by dismissing that statement.

    • I was thinking the same thing the other day. I mean unless the book and poem are around a 1000 years from now (like shipping logs from the 1600’s are used to find treasure ships today) why would he bother to put his biography in the chest?

  39. The most ambiguous line in this poem is “not far but too far to walk”. I know that this line has been talked about at length on this blog but I am really up in the air with this one. Clearly, there has to be a second way in, but ff intention is for us to take the long trip. He says he wants us to follow clues but he didn’t when he hid the chest. Is it possible that it could be 39 miles? Or 9 miles from the starting point? What is too far to walk?

    • Andy the way I see the verse “not far but too far to walk” is by imagining a mother driving to walmart with your little 3 year old child.

      Mom drives to walmart, parks the vehicle, and heads all the way to the back of the store walls where the eggs, juice, and milk are located. Andy it may not be that far for the mother to walk however what about in the child’s perspective? So what does mom do? Well she places the child on the shopping cart before they enter the store for it’s to far to walk for the child.

      85%fact 15%fiction (THINK!)

      May be far for regular joe-smo city folk but not for your experienced hikers.

      • I don’t know. Try walking a few New York city blocks on an average day (in a city where you either walk or catch a cab.) It really isn’t that far but seems to be an ordeal. Give me 20 miles of open terrain anyday.

      • 85%fact 15%fiction. The first clue is “Begin it where warm waters halt” which is 26 letters in length. 26 letters X 15% fiction = 4 bogus letters. So which word is it, “warm” or “halt”? [:)]

    • My read of that line is: Not too far (as the crow flies). At this point in your travels there’s an obstacle (mountain, canyon, stream, etc) between you and the next step to the treasure.

  40. Maybe I am misinterpreting something, but I thought the book was to provide hints to help solve the clues in the poem?!? I didn’t think there were extra clues we were looking for. I’ve read it once for enjoyment, and now I need to reread and look for the hints. The one part that stood out to me from the first read is when he came upon the grave marker in the tall grass. (There is a blaze marking someone’s final resting spot, and no one knows it’s there, but it’s not really hiding. Probably someone would have to leave a map to find it again.) Sounds to me like the chest we are trying to find. A true example of how easily something so important can remain hidden for so long in nature.

    • Sunglasses, good point , Sixer ” ‘Too Far to Walk ‘ by John Hersey ” very good point. Maybe seen in a similar light as “Catcher”

    • @okleygirl,
      I agree, the “hidey spot” is very clever…….Hidden in plain sight so to speak. The question is how close does the blaze get you to this spot?

      • Goofy
        Good question… especially if it’s not buried. What good is a blaze if it becomes hidden or found on accident? However, at this point, I could trip over the blaze and probably still miss the treasure! 🙂

  41. In FennSpeak ‘where warm waters halt’ may have nothing to do with hot springs and cold rivers and the confluence of waters. What Forrest could have in mind are steam-powered locomotives stopping and unloading passengers for lunch. Hey, don’t Chama and Durango both have steam-powered trains? I love ‘em, their noise, their mechanicals, their strength, their heavy loads. Their what? And you say there’s snow on the peaks above them? Well, I’ll be jiggered, let’s go buy a ticket quick-like, Betty Lou.

    Hiking away from these stops (Osier, for example) looking for blazes in the woods would not be something the meek might undertake. You might miss your train. But if you’re not meek, you’d shoot off like blazes into the woods looking for blazes. You’d miss your train but at least you wouldn’t be meek, or poor.

    • Yes, but I thought Stephanie already pursued that angle numerous times. See whatsablaze blog. Ask her what she found.

    • Larry Rogers wrote:

      “What Forrest could have in mind are steam-powered locomotives stopping and unloading passengers for lunch. Hey …”

      It has been mentioned, that “halt” is also a term for “train station”

      Good Luck,

      • Astree,

        Thats a bit of a stretch, FF just said he could go right there if he wanted to in his interview the other day. Well that wouldn’t work because the roads up there are inaccessible due to the weather conditions.

        • gettingclose
          Why does everyone assume it is snow that must melt before going?
          I could also be waiting for the bears to leave the caves as well maybe for example!
          I think you have to not use the first thing you think of to solve the poem
          and I don’t think it is brown trout either!
          But of course who knows but f’s poem is trickier than most assume I believe
          So why does wwwwh have to be water, to me in some cases it is not, as well as no paddle up your creek.
          So I really hope everyone waits for the snow and keeps looking in or around streams
          this then gives me at least areas where no present searcher has gone before except maybe the two who have been within 500′ and these two maybe are not who you first think of!

          • maybe the brave is that you have to realize there isn’t a bear in the cave and you need your sandwich to see…then you use the flashlight to make sure your alone. Saying all that…I’m not stepping foot in any cave.

          • Brave not foolish. Throw the sandwhich about 500 ft from the cave. After the bear leaves to get the sandwhich tarry scant and search the cave with the flashlight.

          • Tim,

            There are people who have come up with a unique location to WWWH, unfortunately its not accessible due to weather conditions.

          • GG

            FF made a comment to a woman the other day that he could go right to the treasure right now. Well he couldn’t if it was in a place that wasn’t accessible because of weather conditions.

          • My point exactly. If he said he could go right to it now, that would mean that where ever it is isn’t closed off by snow. I remember a while back that he said the foothills to the Rockies were also considered the Rocky Mts. So to me, that would imply that if he could get to it “now”, he wouldn’t be necessarily referring to the high mountains.

    • gettingclose1 wrote:

      “Thats a bit of a stretch, FF just said he could go right there if he wanted to in his interview the other day. Well that wouldn’t work because the roads up there are inaccessible due to the weather conditions.”

      I’d be looking at steam trains and train stations in general. (Although, interestingly, “Durango” translates as “water town”).

      Anway, agreed, it helps quite a bit to keep in mind the constraints that Forrest (casually ?) mentions.

      Thanks gc,

      • CAN’T GET THERE due to snow on the roads, Did yall know that they snow plowed last week to open up YS for the Natln Park week apr 19 to the 26th free admission. Ha Ha Ha,,,, go to the YS Park site and see for yourself

        • Not everything is open. Mammoth to West Yellowstone and Old Faithful opened a week early to vehicle traffic. But having a road plowed is not the same as the trail clear of snow.

          But the fact that he used the word walk and not hike tells me a lot.

          He put it in a warehouse full of thousands of similar chests. Thus the need for the gps to find the actual chest.

          • That’s interesting that Forrest just said that he could go to it right now and Old faithful just opened prior to him saying that…..

  42. hey heres one ive done it ( ihave been there ) ( tired ) i drove ( and now im week ) dirt road

  43. Dal, can we get a” back to top” button down here? Not far, but too far to scroll!
    ( sorry, apology’s in advance. Couldn’t resist.)

  44. I usually lurk, really don’t care to nor have the money to drive over 700 miles on a whim, but I’ve got some thoughts I’d like to pass along, and I’ve spent lots of time using different angles to hone in on an exact location. Not there yet. Here goes…

    Everyone should have figured out by now that FF likes aspen trees, and which in fall are often referred to as a blaze of aspens. Is an aspen forest “the blaze”? Who knows? Might be; might not be. What if FF decided to recreate his favorite spot at his home on OSFT on a smaller scale, the pond/lake with aspens transporting him mentally and nostalgically to the spot where the chest sits?

    Could be there’s more than one blaze. A blaze of aspens leading to a blaze on an aspen tree, ie., just like the ones FF sent to Dal. It’s a thought.

    I don’t know who on here mentioned the double this and double that clues, but I’m with you on that. I also don’t think the poem itself leads to a location, but instead leads to clues that when put together either give the answer or lead to a second set of clues that is the answer to the location of the treasure.

    Found this: Won’t help specifically, but perhaps FF’s poem is a word assembly poem or a word disassembly poem. Just another thought.

    Still another thought: Theta is the 8th letter in the Greek Alphabet. It has a value of 9. “In its archaic form, θ was written as a cross within a circle, and later, as a line or point within a circle (The symbol of a line within a circle or The symbol of a point within a circle).”

    More: The ennead is a group of nine things or people, and refers to the Egyptian Creation Myth. See the Creation Myth of the Navajo and others. Might help; might not.

    The whole problem of the poem is there are millions of solutions. I think there are a number of us that have discerned one or more keys, but absent the others, it’s hopeless. I say forget the thrill; let’s cut to the chase!

    On second thought, maybe it’s “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill, Alaska. LOL. Okay, I had to check. Blueberry Hill is not in the Rockies. Sometimes ya just gotta laugh because something silly might lead somewhere. Ya just never know. Oh woe is moi for I am clueless.

    • The poem is the map. It only refers to two places 1. Where warm waters halt and 2 the canyon in which the trove is located. Once you figure out what wwwh it will lead you to the canyon. Here’s a clue: not in Utah or Wyoming.

      • DT-
        So now you are handing out clues too?
        That’s cool I guess…
        Why do you feel your information is accurate?

        • If my interpretation of warm waters is correct, it leads to only one location not in Utah or Wyoming. Working on getting an understanding of the blaze. That’s all I need and some time to search for it.

          • No all of the clues are needed to find the specific location. I’m just saying Forrest is directing you to two areas, one of which contains most of the clues and the trove.

      • In my opinion Wyoming should be included then. Also, has anyone spent any time on a glacier theory? Would love to hear some feedback.

        • Dazed , not on a glacier theory per se but have considered it as heavy loads and water high

    • @Ava,
      Really interesting thoughts you have presented……..I especially like the idea about Fenn creating his favorite spot in his backyard……What a hoot that would be, Dal has been looking at a recreation of where the treasure is all along.

    • NIce thoughts Ava , I especially like this part ” I also don’t think the poem itself leads to a location, but instead leads to clues that when put together either give the answer or lead to a second set of clues that is the answer to the location of the treasure.” that is what I believe . Maybe it’s in FF’s backyard it seems to meet all the criteria of the clues.

    • I’m with Ragnar on this one. Again I refer to my car keys example.

      @Ava some good thinking in there. We have Theta, Omega, Alpha all kinds of Greek letter references. Let’s hope it’s at a sorority house!!! I’ll bring the beer! And don’t forget Ypsilon.

  45. hello everyone;
    I’ve been following the blog for about a month, and it seems most blogers keep looking for weird or abstract hints. Many seem to think fishing is the key.
    I have been fly fishing for over forty years, and can drop a fly within a foot of where I aim. gently I might add. I’ve caught thousands of fish, as has Forrest. I live on a cold swift river, that I’ve seen Bald Eagles flying over, a wonderful river. But when I die, that’s not the spot I’ll pick.
    Where did Olga want her ashes spread? With her father, her ancestors, her people!
    Forrest is a warrior in every sense. That’s his legacy, that’s who he is! Study the man-
    My two cents–

    • So, Mr. Dearing, you are saying that you think Mr. Fenn will want to buried in Texas with his “people” (family) ??

      • Hi Fred; I believe he stated that he wanted to leave his bones with his treasure. He said nothing about being buried! He’s an archeologist, and a Warrior. That’s his family. He admired his father for the strength to take his own life.
        All i’m saying is that I can’t imagine him wanting to die where he caught the most fish, or where he caught the largest. Study the man, not his hobbies.

        • Mr. Dearing, in 100% agrreement on assessment of Mr. Fenn. However, he was much younger and wanted to take the chest into the desert and leave it and his bones there. At age 82, like it or not he is a much different man. If he is still contemplating “leaving his bones with the chest, then the chest will have to be in an accessible location. If it were in a remote location, no matter how much he wanted to, he could not reach the chest!!!

    • Emmett,

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      I have been researching Fenn for some time now. I’ve been finding out new things about him every day. His associations with various organizations, people, places, etc….

      I see relationships to people, that lead me to places. Places I might add I would never have known about or even imagined that Forrest would have gone to. Yet, I wasn’t so much focusing on clues that might fit the poem. Instead I was focusing on Forrest and lo and behold I discovered more than I had ever hoped. This man has lived a very full life. Fuller than anyone can imagine. It’s been a fantastic adventure for me to just uncover the little we truely know of him. That is probably why I don’t comment as much on here, I’m off on a different adventure… 🙂

  46. Fred: He picked the location in 1981/1982 when he was diagnosed with cancer. The spot has never changed. We are all looking for that spot, not where Mr. Fenn will be eventually be buried. Is that not obvious? When you are trying to decide where he might have hidden the treasure you must try and think like he was thinking in 1981/1982, when he decided on the location. It must be a wonderful spot.

    • Mr. Dearing: Now I am thoroughly confused (nothing new)! My reading shows he was contemplating going into th desert with chest and pills after he was diagnosed with cancer (1981/1982). Now you are saying he picked the current location at that time also??? Can you provide a link or reference to where you derived this information?? All help is appreciated.

    • I don’t have the reference but it has been reported the spot is one he has held special for a long time, hence the rabid insistence on Yellowstone. My thinking on that is it has been many years since then and even though it will ALWAYS be a memorable area (and may yet be the location of the cache) a person’s perspective changes with age. Santa Fe is special. Taos could be considered special. Maybe it was a place he flew over on one of his trips much like the waterfall in Vietnam. It’s just another one of those ‘other’ clues again that help to solidify the answer.

      • @Viper

        I like your thinking on this. He mentions seeing the waterfall while flying over, so maybe (as an example) when he was flying Olga’s ashes to Taos Mountain his “spot” could be seen along his flight path? Any ideas on where he kept his plane? He mentions ponderosa and aspen groves in this story as well.

    • Muss,
      Noticed that as well, actually did you or anyone notice how many times the word “brown” is used in various forms (none capitalized that I could see)? Also the “h” word is in there, not sure if any of these fit anywhere, just trying to make some connections.

    • @Musstag,

      I had a problem with that description since I first read it in the book. Why would he have a brown mark on the BACK of his pants? When I think of fire escapes, I envision an iron ladder extending down to the ground. Descending a ladder usually means facing the ladder and climbing down the rungs. If it was rusty, the soles of your feet or shoes and hands would get “brown” but your rear end wouldn’t even touch the rungs.

      He says he “slid down” the fire escape. You can slide down, but again, it would be your hands grasping the rails instead of the rungs and the insteps of your feet on the outsides of the rails (like I’m sure most of you have seen them do in movies on a submarine, etc.) therefore the rust stains would be on the palms of his hands and insteps of his shoes.

      “Sliding” down a rusty fire escape on your back side “bumpity, bumpity, bump” seems completely out of the realm of possibility due to every fire escape I’ve seen being vertical. It would be “bumpity…AAAARRRGGHHH!” because you would be falling after your rear end hit the first rung.

      As VG likes to point out, this may be the 15% that isn’t true and, since he doesn’t show a picture of the fire escape, maybe back in the 40’s they made fire escapes that were like playground slides? Possibly, since a ladder might be too difficult for younger kids at a school, but I’ve never seen one (or picture of one) personally. I’ve never seen a baby pigeon either, but I know they exist, so who knows?

      Maybe this is a case for you anagram lovers out there? HOB could be a re-arrangement of “fire escape” or “back of trousers”. Never know. It did strike me as odd though because, due to his writing style, you can visualize the stories as you read them and not need a photo to get the feel, but this one had me scratching my head because it didn’t seem logical to me. I just said “huh?” and continued reading and just dismissed it, but maybe it’s worth a closer look?

      He mentions gypsies in the book too, and I gotta tell ya, I’m almost to the point of going to a fortune teller for help in figuring this poem out!

  47. Goofy & Rag, thanks. Sorry, Rag, don’t think it’s in his backyard, but his backyard sure could be a diorama of the place. As for where FF stashed his treasure, I think we would be wise to assume that while the place is of some importance, more importantly is who he was with the first time he laid eyes on the place. I’m old enough to have learned it’s not the places we’ve been to in our lives, it’s the people we shared those places with that give the places their importance.

    As a general rule of thumb to those out searching,please keep this in mind. Someone of Fenn’s age might likely be afraid of falling and breaking a hip. That’s going to be of even more concern to someone who loves the outdoors because such an injury might spell the end to him doing the things he enjoys most. Remember, knee joints wear out too as folks age, so older people are far more careful about how they step up or down or about walking rocky paths, snow, ice, anything that could lead to them slipping or falling.

    So wherever the thrill of the chase leads you (all you searchers) just stop and ask if a 79 year old would go there. FF is not going to do something stupid that could prevent him from carrying on with his archaelogical digging and sifting of his San Lorenzo digs. You can count on him being a man who values his health as absolutely necessary to his existence. I’m not as old as he is, but like FF, I love the outdoors, and if something were to happen to me that prevented me from being active outdoors, then life would not be worth the living.

    • I believe he drove straight to the location and dropped it off 500 ft from his car as frank has suggested. The spot was selected and then the directions(the poem) was constructed going backwards from the spot. I believe there are two ways to the location. Forests’ direct route and the poem for you and I.

      • thomas i really do think thats what he did as you say one direct route for him and one for us and from there he started backwards with the poem

        • Frank thanks for the support. He drove there with the treasure, sandwich, a drink, and a flashlight late summer or early fall with the aspen all ablaze. Could the aspen be the blaze meaning that it is a reference to the time of year he hid the treasure? By the way frank, your typing has gotten better.

        • thanks thomas not bad for one finger typing thomas i think that the blaze has nothing to do with the time he hid the treasure i do think that summer is the only time you can see it ( THE BLAZE) cause of the snow i think that blaze has something to do with flames i found flames that are earth made that i think no artest could paint them but like every body else its just an opinion of the blaze

        • i think if blaze has something to do with heat to me it would have something to do with flames its my opinion

        • thomas i started thinking about your question seems to me if i was going to hide something it would be in winter – – – one there is not that many people hicking in winter there would not be any one to see me and also it would be to cold for snakes or any thing that would harm me like cats bears snakes you know what i mean

  48. I just noticed we are on part “nine” of the The “Nine” clues. I just spent the last 9 minutes on the wiki sight for the number 9, only to find out what germanguy already knows…will this help me find the chest? Nein.

  49. What’s everyone’s feelings about being notified when the treasure is found? Would you want to know and have it all be over, or be kept in the dark and continue the chase?? I keep struggling with that, and who/how to notify.

    • Dakota,

      Supposing that question has already been decided. No one is speaking up on finding it. Fenn is depending on human nature, for someone being so excited that they come forward and announce it. All the time everyone else is still searching.

      That’s why I’ll be making it a pleasure trip when I go out. It will be part of my plans, but not the full extent of my trip.

    • @Dakota Kid,
      If the finder of the chest walks in to his favorite publication and plops the chest down on the desk everyone will know. He/she could probably make a few bucks just giving the exclusive first interview and pictures to the highest bidder (today show?). Talk to a tax attorney and hire Fenn for your agent……Fenn said pay him $250,000.00 and he could make you a famous whatever you wanted to be…….

      I would definitely want to know if someone found it. Another quest down and on to the next…….the adventure is only over when you say it is. I find it sad so many don’t see life as the adventure…….The thrill of the chase.

      • @Goofy_Old_Guy

        Yeah, no, I wouldn’t care for ANY publicity. I’ve heard about the lottery winners who are hounded night and day by people wanting to get in on the action…
        Maybe others would love the attention!

  50. Fred W., we all might be surprised where this treasure is. I’ve seen trails up over 11,000ft. with 2 wheel drive access in remote areas, and with the hiking trail rated “easy.” I wouldn’t discount remote places if I were you.

  51. WOW!! You guys have been spilling alot of proverbial beans lately!! I was just about to give up, but now I have more stuff to research….Thanks, …I think!?

  52. Just watched the Today Show where FF gives the most recent clue “Don’t go digging up any old outhouses. The treasure isn’t associated with any structure”. He used the word “associated” rather than say it’s not in or under any structure. Just wondering if that was a non-clue use of word play? I wouldn’t “associate” a bronze chest full of gold, etc. with a structure. I might associate a “treasure” with gold, gems, a duffel bag full of cash, but associating the word “treasure” with “a structure” wouldn’t be something that I would literally “associate” with each other.

    Like that “word association” test that shrinks give you (and I may need one before this is done) where the doctor says a word and you say the first word that comes to mind. Example: Athlete:Sports, etc.

    It’s probably nothing, but we know FF can be cagey and he did say in both the recent radio interview and in person at CW that the new Today clues wouldn’t help lead us to the chest. Maybe we shouldn’t completely rule out structures after all? Any thoughts or should I make my appointment for therapy now? 😉

    • Steve , if you hear the word “brown” and your first thought is poem,clue,home or Fenn you need to make the appointment.

    • I interpret FF’s statement as: the extra clues won’t help you find the treasure as true in a general sense. I believe it more or less eliminates some things that most would see as common sense, but yet others may pursuit them because they really took the “imagination is more powerful than knowledge” just a little to far!
      The Wolf

    • Steve , I was kidding in the previous post , hope you understood that I’m running out of steam (my subconscious just went “wwwh”) . My appointment is tomorrow at 2:30.

        • I’m going to be honest with you Steve…if we go together…they will probably charge us more if they know who I am. lol.

          • Good point! LOL Are you out west on the hunt again already? Wow! Good luck, Steph!!!!!

          • I’m going home in the am. Have a few people coming to meet up at the Ramada near the airport( I think I’m at Gibson and Yale)….everyone is welcome to come by as long as your willing to be in a picture to send to Forrest.

  53. Just another lurker checking in. I’m one of the New Mexico searchers simply because that’s the part of the country I know and because it is the closest area to where I live, so it is much more accessible to me than Wyoming or Montana or anywhere else in the Rockies North of Santa Fe. And, as everyone else, I have a location, or, I should say an area there in mind that is located in that part of the country. I have a comment or two and maybe a question or two.

    I really doubt the “blaze” referenced in the poem is on a tree. If the treasure can still be found using the poem in 100 or 500 or 1000 years, I just can’t feature the blaze being on something so fragile and short-lived as a tree. I’m thinking it has to be something to do with the sun or moon, as has been previously addressed, or some more enduring geological feature. It’s my opinion that the pics of blazes posted by Mr. Fenn may just give us clues as to the geometric look of the blaze. The slant of the F is certainly distinctive as is the double F and the F in the back of rocketman.

    Has anyone considered that “above 5000 ft.” may refer to something other than feet above sea level?

    It seems apparent to me that Mr. Fenn can check on the location of his treasure pretty much at-will either via sattelite feed or a GPS device of some kind in the box itself. I’m leaning toward the sattelite feed. Otherwise he’d have to physically check the location in order to be assured the treasure has not been found which would, no doubt result in someone being aware of his trips to check it.

    It seems “no paddle up your creek” would mean it’s a dry creek bed or the water is too swift to paddle against going up stream or too difficult due to the physical aspects of the creek.

    Any comments other than negative ones concerning lurkers? And there are hundreds if not thousands of us.

  54. @viper244 et al.

    Great info about Kepner Hall! I emailed UNC asking about who Brown Hall was named after. If you don’t already know, it is after the former president Hank Brown. He was president from 1998 – 2002. I’m assuming this is not the Brown we are looking for. 🙂

    • Maybe not. Still when enough coincidences pile up it’s hard to ignore even if they are wrong. The campus is also right off the Cache la Poudre (hidden powder) river which is a Brown Trout spawning water also fished year round. It is only about 42 miles from Estes Park which some people are looking in.

  55. Well that certainly makes more sense than “sewer wears warmth” – or does it LOL

  56. Is an old train considered a structure? Did Forrest say the chest could be shorched in a “forrest fire” or did he mean “Forrest Fire”? Maybe its in his fire pit in his back yard?

  57. OPINION OPINION OPINION OPINION OPINION (shouldn’t have to say that should I since everything any of us posts here is just our opinion)

    One stanza, one line holds the ‘key’ to solving the poem–verified by the book
    It is not literal
    It is not encoded such as cryptography
    It is not anagrams
    It is not geographically suggestive
    So, to all of us who have already been into the field looking for the blaze and more (and that would include me before I became converted) we should have stayed home until the entire poem was solved and gone straight to the chest. But as humans it is too tempting not to take a giant leap and hope our hunches were right — we’d kick ourselves forever if we didn’t.

    I firmly believe it is not in a national park
    It is within 100 miles of Santa Fe, obviously to the north

    The solution will consist of 48 letters or less and will give a discrete location, such as:

    Quail Camp, NM two hundred ft E from N table up forked aspen

    Like I said, MY OPINION, and at this moment (with part the poem solved) a VERY EDUCATED GUESS.

    • What a perfect statement. I should have stayed home until it was solved. Where were you when I was out being crazy – lol.

      The book is the real problem because it gives us such awesome clues for just about every possible place we’d consider. So you see what you want to see. I can list over 30 clues from the book and can fit them for every place I look.
      Some are so perfect that I just hop in the car and drive to YNP, or Lake Hebgen or even Colorado and yet I never find it. I’m convinced he went to each area (like YNP, Lake Hebgen, 100 Miles within Santa Fe area) and made sure the book had clues for each entrance and area. Then somewhere buried deep in the text are the real clues and they aren’t in your face like Canyons, Spanish Class, Mrs. Ford and Brown pants.
      The reason I’m sure of this is simple logic. If those clues were real, then I think we could skip the Wwwh and other early clues and go right to some of the landmarks dictated by the clues in the book and work it backwards.
      But everyone agrees that he’s a genius, so I need to treat him like one and not see simple clues in simple things.
      It might turn out to be simple, but still cryptic in its deduction from the book clues.

      • I wish I knew Spanish…and now Greek with the omegas. I’m near someone right now that smells of Ben Gay and I’m salivating after my last painful trip…wonder if I can figure out who they are and find a reason to give them a big ole’ hug lol……

    • Stance
      How can you say “with part of the poem solved” ?
      Many of us have 1 or more answers for several parts, but it can not be considered solved… prove it… in your mind WHAT PART IS Solved and whats the answer? I would not expect someone to do that, give up “THEIR” answer, but you speak of it as if it were common knowledge.

      • This is for Mustang, who has questions about whether I’ve solved any of the poem and whether my solutions are “common knowledge.”

        As far as I know — which I can only discern from what I read on this post — there is NO ONE who has MY SOLUTION to the poem. WWWH is solved by one particular insight from the poem and then verified by one particular page in the book — and it has NOTHING to do with anything geographical or anything at all like that — NOTHING to do with anything EVER discussed on here. It just makes complete sense to me from the poem and then is verified when I saw what I saw in the book on one particular page. That’s all I can say, except to say that WWWH doesn’t take you ANYWHERE you’ll ever find on a map.

        • Good Reply Stance
          I’ll give you credit for that and not getting po’ed

          HEY someone mentioned olives. I found this on WiKi…. I would guess ff is almost as tough as olive trees.
          ” The olive tree, Olea europaea, is very hardy: drought-, disease- and fire-resistant, it can live to a great age. Its root system is robust and capable of regenerating the tree even if the above-ground structure is destroyed. The older the olive tree, the broader and more gnarled the trunk becomes. Many olive trees in the groves around the Mediterranean are said to be hundreds of years old, while an age of 2,000 years is claimed for a number of individual trees; in some cases, this has been scientifically verified.”

          • Let me just throw out a few things I noticed about the book. They may or may not be ‘hints’ to anything:

            Once FF writes Border’s with an apostrophe but the next time it’s just Borders
            There’s another candy bar mentioned in the book: Snickers

            The use of ‘covered’ seems odd: 3 instances — The cup almost covered her face, my thumb covered Philadelphia, etc

            It was raining
            It was still raining
            Why that?

            What do you think? He uses that several times. That plus his comment to “think” makes me think that think might be worth thinking about

            Do these letters mean anything to you anagram peeps? DWKUOHYAOT

          • Thanks Stance, but I just wanted to know if olives are in cheese pimento sandwiches. Now I have to look it up. So when are you going to get the treasure? Sounds like you have it all figured out. I can’t go until June or later. Should I cancel my plans?

          • Doubting Thomas, they don’t use olives in pimento cheese sandwiches, just the pimentos.They do stuff olives with pimentos and occasionally they serve pimento cheese on Ritz crackers topped with an olive or pickle slice sort of an hors d’œuvre .

          • FF says there are 9 clues in the poem. We already know that there are 9 sentences in the poem. We also already know that there are 9 words that give a ‘direction’ in the poem.

            Here’s something new: There are exactly 9 capital I’s in the poem – and I is the 9th letter of the alphabet. And FF’s use of Alpha a couple of times in the book may be to alert one to the alphabet and his capitalization of Brown may be solely to draw attention to capital letters.

            With now five different hints at 9, we are beyond the probability that that is coincidence. Therefore, the number 9 (or the letter I) is significant or it’s a red herring — one or the other — because for SURE it’s not a coincidence.


          • Well I count 12 that give direction. Brown is capitalized to distinguish it from brown. So in terms of home of Brown we are looking at an uncommon or important brown in the canyon. Do cheese pimento sandwiches have olives in them or not? And if the trove is within 100 miles of Santa Fe you should get it tomorrow before Stephanie or Dal deciphers your code.

          • This is for Doubting Thomas: The 9 verbs that give direction are:
            Put (in)
            Those are the only 9 verbs that give direction from writer to reader (take it from an old English teacher).

            I’d be interested in knowing what your additional 3 are.

          • English teacher Stance you mentioned words not just verbs. I stand corrected. There are 10 words and three phrases that give the reader direction. The nine you mentioned are the obvious ones.

          • I personally don’t think there’s a code. I think you can find things in words that seem like a coincidence…but he’s said to not over think it. I don’t think it’s a crossword puzzle or anything like that.

          • Well, understanding the words and phrases and how he uses them is the code. Nothing is by coincidence. Once you understand wwwh then you understand where to go because there are no other choices. All you need to do is maneuver around in the canyon as the poem instructs.

        • Stance
          so, if not a place, more like a feeling, How would several ppl that emailed ff that he said had the 1st 2 clues right but missed the next 7 (or something like that).oh, but I assume they mentioned places, but maybe they didn’t. But OK, a feeling kinda like Brown and Home, Home on the range, what a great feeling.

        • Stance, I beg to differ with you, but Stephanie has already mention that one about a month or so ago.

          • For German Guy:

            You say Stephanie has already mentioned ‘that one’ a while ago….
            What one?

          • For German Guy (sure is difficult to respond when the posts don’t go where you put them): I don’t follow – I think I posted that no one has my solution to WWWH – what does that have to do with what Stephanie posted? Honestly (not trying to be rude or funny) I don’t get what you’re saying.

          • WWWH is not on any map…that’s what you said. But it is very much one of Fenn’s favorite places.
            If you’ve studied Fenn long enough, you’d know that by now.

        • Is not over thinking something ff told you or somewhere else? I guess I am confused.. he said this:
          “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental” in the mysterious writing interview, that does not sound like “not over thinking”. Maybe just another way to throw us off.?
          I also think everyone interprets things differently, maybe it’s a right brain/left brain thing. Trying to find a canyon to go down is not for me. Thinking that WWWH has nothing to do with water or being warm heat wise, is right up my alley. It looks exactly like a clue you would find in a crossword puzzle. Just my opinion. I enjoy your logic Stance.

        • wwwh = Well I don’t see how it could be something so different than water . the answer maybe broad as YS or more detail as the name of a river. And dxer, those are geyser basins, they are not canyons, but thats not imporatant ,you have some good ideas.

        • @Stance
          Can you at least tell us what chapter the big hint or revelation was for you about WWWH? I am just curious as to why it can’t be anywhere or a place on a map if that is where we are told by ff to begin. I am not saying that you are incorrect, I am really curious now as to what else it could mean. Is it a state of mind, fictional, lore,metaphoric…? You’ve got me trying to figure out your clues on top of the poem now. 🙂 I’ve read the book once, but I need to find time to reread and really dissect it for hints. This is what I think ff means about imagination is more important than knowledge. You need to be creative to figure out his poem, not just find info.

    • When you say
      “One stanza, one line holds the ‘key’ to solving the poem–verified by the book
      It is not literal
      It is not encoded such as cryptography
      It is not anagrams
      It is not geographically suggestive”.

      Is that outlined in the book? Sorry, I do not own a copy at the moment.


    FF said someone got the first two clues correct. Assuming that “where warm waters halt” is the first clue, WHAT is the SECOND clue supposed to be?

    • Clue #2: that would be “And take it in the canyon down”.

      He uses “it” in the first 2 sentences’ in this stanza.
      I assume “begin it” refers to the quest.
      “And take it” is kind of obscure, like a double meaning but the use of “And” implies a continuance of the previous instruction.
      “Continue it in the canyon down” would be more to that point and would have worked for the sake of prose and yet he doesn’t use Balk for the sake of rhyme when it means the same as Halt.

      It is as if he is forcing words in that need to be there for another reason. Or to confuse.

      I’m going to go lie down now.

      • Well, I think my muzzle has been removed so here is a thought.

        I think the poem is nothing more than a trail map leading you from one clue (i.e. blaze) to the next just like on a real trail, but instead of the Forest Service marking the blaze we have the Forrest Service markings….which are incredible by the way….so much so… that my educated engineering brain does not believe it to be even possible!! Move from one blaze to the next with confidence. IMHO. This Man is unbelievably crafty, cares so much for your life that you might be written in the book, and is challenging me like no other in all my dinosaur years, but I finally think I have found the final Key….we shall see…I have only come up cold, colder, and freezing cold so far in all my searches. Amazingly enough, I also believe All my searches have been spot on the trail thus far….but still no chest so I might as well be in Mims, Florida I suppose. Take if for what it’s worth…nothing so far.

        • You are correct sir with specific directions and landmarks to guide you.

    • There are thousands of people living near the airport, you are gonna have to give me a hint before I can even hazard a guess [smirk].

      • Ok…if anyone wants to meet up at the Ramada hotel by the airport…I’m here and can meet up for about an hour(unless you guys are fun to talk to…then maybe an hour and a half). I think Tim Nobody is going to be there…and Bob…let’s all meet…sorry no continental breakfast lol. I’ll be over there in a half hour…grab a table. I’ll be the one with a pink tank top and pink toenails and flip flops. By the way…I finally met Dal this weekend. Dal I’m smitten with you just as much in person as on the blog…and by the way…thanks for the very expensive dinner(mostly wine) for Jeff and I….we’ll expect it every time we meet up…so I hope you find the chest(not really). Stephanie

  59. You folks who have computer programs that solve word junk — I believe that one of the key words has ME in the middle of it — probably a 6-letter word but maybe an 8-letter word. You all know why I like that.

  60. Casa Morena (Span.: ‘brown house’). An ancient pueblo ruin of considerable importance, situated near the top of the continental divide in n. w. New Mexico. It is usually assigned to the Chaco canyon group, but this is assumed without evidence except as to outward appearance. No excavations have been made and the ruin has not been described.

  61. Stance, I like your train of thought. Care to email me? I’d like to get your opinion on a couple things I found if your open to it. Thanks. Desmondbuckner at yahoo

  62. I’ve been looking at these 9 (or so) clues for some time now. I’ve had James Brown songs and Brown trout swimming around in my head for months now…lol. All of my locations thus far have been rivers, springs, and waterfalls. I have a hunch that a water location could be too obvious since it is where the poem naturally leads us. Tonight I came upon another spot that is pretty high and dry. It’s going on my list. Hoping to hit about four areas on my trip and will be taking a lot of pics for my own lil blog. Happy hunting folks. This is fun stuff.

    • i really do think that keep it in the canyon down means – – keep it down from the canyon flat ground

  63. begin where warm waters halt take it in the canyon down ( follow the clues ) its not far but to far to walk – – where i put the treasure below the grown

    • its not far but to far to walk would it mean that its not close but its a long walk to the treasure ?

        • sorry people i am going to stop my comments until i know what the heck im talking about

          • Frank your points are just as valid as everyone else’s. No one has found the trove yet. So go for it. I also think you are on to something.

        • I know what you are trying to say frank, the message is”keep it simple and get back to basics- everyone is over thinking it” ( I won’t tell them who you really are)

        • thanks thomas that made me fill real good its fun doing this ill give it another try hope i can come out with something to help every body thanks thomas didnt expect this

          • That’s good frank. I am too. Just keep expressing your opinions and you will learn a lot more.

        • webster def for quest – -an act or process of looking carefully or thorougly for some one or something — look quickly down to me it means look farther down or go farther down carefully and thorougly for your quest to end ( your quest to cease )

        • this is what i think from there it no place for the meek – -the end is ever drewing nigh you will have to be strong until the end __therell be no paddle up your creek – – you will have to walk – -with heavy loads ( back pack ) and waters high ( a lot of water ) when you drink you raise the bottle to drink ( waters high ) would this section be what you have to do to get there?

      • ( take it in the canyon down ) what i see a canyon is mountains on top of mountains very dangeras place for an 80 year old and young kidds to go so with that does (down) mean stay on flat land? or not in the mountains ?

        • I was in a place this week that had big boulders and the boulders were like stairs. I didn’t think of them as dangerous. Also, I actually saw some hallowed out boulders. I was shocked…hadn’t seen that before. I mean there was like a space inside that a small child could fit. It could have easily been covered up by other rocks in front of it. I have a feeling that might be what the blaze is per the photos of his dad with the big boulder and Skippy holding the rock. No one can see it..and it would be protected pretty well by the elements and I’ve always thought that while it’s outside…he would find a way to protect it.

    • LOL Armany, I went to Denver this past weekend to go see my 20 yr old treasure 🙂 (my son, Eric) and we did stop along the rio grande on way back and hiked a little, but I’m still waiting for my vacation in about 2 months time to really have time off to look and fish and camp and have some fun 🙂 My mind is still hmmm’ing tho 🙂 I am also going thru the book and writing down anything that I think is a clue to a clue 🙂

      • That’s great Kym! How wonderful to have time with your son. I hope you have a wonderful vacation this summer 🙂 I can’t wait until I have some time to hang out and hopefully enjoy some of these incredible activities and destinations we have all been researching for the hunt. I am hoping to be able to travel soon too…but I will be searching when I go unless the treasure is already found by then 🙂

  64. I think I’ve learned 9 things this winter that relate to the poem. They really are helpful hints, especially the bonus hint.

    1. I went in there alone – Don’t you do that, it’s extremely dangerous in the mountains and getting buried after you crash your snowmobile is proof. Luckily, Canadians are very nice and the two from Alberta who heard me calling for help helped dig out my snowmobile. (but they did lecture me about being alone in the Montana back country.)
    2. I can keep my secret where – True, I haven’t found it yet. My only blaze was a 7-up can stuck on a branch. Didn’t that commercial say to blaze a trail and drink 7-up.
    3. Begin it where warm waters halt. – I tried this, but swimming in a frozen beaver pond sucks. I’m sticking with warmer waters now.
    4. Take it in the canyon down – That 14 mile hike in the snow was also not so fun. The sun burned my face and eyes. (wear sunglasses everyone, the sun/snow really can injure your eyes)
    5. Not far, but too far too walk – The problem, an avalanche of snow buried by car 3 ft deep when I tried to drive onto a snow covered trail, so I had to walk for help. (Where were those Canadians when you need them?). (spring time is very dangerous for small avalanches of melting snow)
    6. From here it’s no place for the meek – I agree. Facing a Black Bear alone on a creek is not too fun. Good news, bears don’t really don’t like us and will run away – Hopefully.
    7. The end is ever drawing nigh – The end really was near. When in Lake Hebgen, if the ground starts to shake, it’s not another Earthquake, it’s your car rolling down the hill into the frozen lake because you forgot to put on the car in park before you went to sleep. (after a few seconds of a 9.0 quake, you figure it out and step on the brakes, right before you hit the water, thankfully).
    8. Heavy loads and Water High / The effort will be worth the cold – Yes, if that dang Beaver would have given me the chest it would have been worth it. Memo to everyone, beavers don’t like you going into their home for their gold.
    9. If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold – If this is true, then I definitely own it now. I’ve been crazy and even dumb, but definitely brave and definitely in the wood. That beaver will vouch for me. So please send the chest to me when you find it since FF gave the title to me.

    Now here is a real hint –
    Bonus Hint – After the beaver incident, I had the epiphany moment. He hid somewhere simple and not in some crazy spot. You figure that out in that moment of despair when you’re in the forest and have nothing but freezing wet clothes on and a frozen power bar that’s too hard to eat. That’s when it hit me, FF walked to it. He didn’t boat, hike, or swim to it. He simply walked to it!

    This is all a true story – along with the epiphany part. I’m now convinced he walked to it and it’s somewhere very easy to get to. Experience is the real teacher and no poem or book could have given me that lesson.

  65. Stephanie and Becky- hello! it’s Sherri again. No – I didn’t find the treasure (I went to the Shoshone River right outside of Yellowstone). The weather was amazing though – and I got some great pics! Steph – I do want to tell you about my trip to the Rio Chama area… let me know when you have some time. Becky – I hope you are finally showering !!! I can totally relate – i’m a mess – my car needs servicing – I’ve been buying all meals out – my taxes are late- i’m behind at work etc… I just want someone to find the treasure already!!

    • I’m excited to hear about your trip. I had a fabulous trip, but now I’m so broken. I don’t think I can move lol. I’m not usually like that, but we hiked so much the past two weeks. I think I could have gotten a minimum wage paying job and earned a million dollars by now with all the thinking, and labor I’ve put into this. Wouldn’t change a thing though. I want it over too for the sake of new adventures 😉 Of course they will all be out West, because I need to slow down and enjoy these places. I love the people experiences I’ve had too. I met this older guy…probably around Forrest’s age. There was this water pipe where you can fill up a cup to get something to drink. It was just him and I and he had two cups. He filled one and drank it. Then proceeded to tell me how him and his dad would come to this place all the time and always get a drink of water and how he hadn’t been there in a very long time. Then he filled the other cup and said, this one’s for my dad. I’m not so sure his dad was in the pick up truck. He might have ended up drinking it for his dad. I just really felt how lucky that I was able to share that moment with him. Totally reminded me of Forrest and his Dad. I wish I had made more of an attempt to stop him and talk like I did with the young boy we had met. I’m just so torn, because I need to look for the treasure which I love…but I really don’t want to miss those special times. I think I mentioned that I met Dal finally..that was another great experience….but I think my favorite was taking a half hour nap under this beautiful tree I’ve become familiar with. Gosh I needed that. Send me your story…can’t wait to hear…or post on here if you can.

  66. I am brand new to this so excuse my my ignorance. I read somewhere that some guy used the two omegas as a key to decode the poem? Anyone else had any luck with that?

  67. Hi Everyone,
    Following the nine clues I derived an exact location but it’s in the Santa Fe municipal watershed in the Santa Fe National Forest which has been closed to the public since 1932. I assume this means that my location is wrong and am reworking the poem but thought I’d ask you all about your opinions on possible locations. It is my understanding that FF has never said whether it’s on public or private land so why couldn’t it be in a location above 5000 ft, north of SF that is open but not open? This location would bend the rules but be well protected. Thoughts?

    • We’ve asked for permission to go into places like that and were granted the right to do so. He talks about those signs that say Don’t Touch and going places we might not be aloud to go. I would never ever go anywhere though that you don’t have permission to go in…but usually that’s easily fixed. Just have a good excuse lol. My favorite is that I’m taking photos and would they mind. This might be the reason it’s eluded searchers.

  68. Hi Dal, thanks again for all your great work on this blog. Not to be nosy but I was just wondering if you will be “on the road” for the rest of the Summer? The only reason I am asking is so that we can know if your posts here to the blog including communications from Forrest will continue to be delayed due to your having limited access to the internet? I think most places have internet now except while hiking in the wilderness or forests probably. Anyway…can you update us about whether and for how long we should expect long delays in relayed communications? That would be a big help maybe.

    Thanks Dal!!

  69. Begin it where warm waters halt all the way to just heavy loads and water high = THE KEY….
    which also = the BLAZE…Once you have that… look quickly down to the remainder of the poem starting with So why is it that I must go….all the way toI give you vtitle to the gold. Those eight lines (9 clues) give you directions to the gold. LETS END THIS OBSESSION!!!

  70. Luckydog from Florida here.
    I’m on the road working down in South Florida today and for some reason John Anderson’s song Seminole Wind just popped into my mind. I haven’t heard it in years. I had to google it and I found this link. Someone has put pictures of the West, the Rockies, snow, canyons, cliffs and mesas to the song and I just got the felling that the Seminole’s are behind me. I became wise after my first hunt: I realized that you have to get into Forrest’s mind to figure out the poem. I believe I have. I am planning my final trip asap. The Seminole Wind is Blowing all the way to the Rockies!
    I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

  71. Just my Humble opinion
    I must admit this has been very entertaining and thought provoking to learn how everyone can interpret the clues differently. I am positive that Forrest is enjoying it even more.

    That said I am in the camp that feels the answer is very straight forward. 9 vague but clever clues and 3 clarifiers with several ways to interpret each. This leads to simple directions (straight , turn left/right, go forward small distance and stop at Blaze and pick up treasure. It is just a matter of getting each clue correct and being alert to the fact there may be another interpretation – flexibility and an open mind is paramount. There will be very subtle clues (not direct ones like Hebgen Lake and Watkins creek) in the book that will build confidence to the solution. There will also be several red herrings that will confirm other similar locations so one will have to be alert not to fall into that trap.

    Thus, as interesting and entertaining as it may be, I certainly do not buy into the anagram, hidden coordinates, coded clues and other overly imaginative solutions. I believe Forrest even predicted that would occur. I am not trying to discourage as I like reading them as much as those who enjoy coming up with them.

    Time will tell … until then enjoy the thrill of the chase!

    The Wolf

    • Wolf,

      I’m in your camp as well, mostly because I think that Forrest is more of a romantic “kick over logs” kind of guy than a classical “slide rule” guy, if that makes any sense. I think that it will require a ton of legwork to find the treasure…but kudos to any searcher that proves me wrong!

      • Yeah I agree. I mean in his book he talks about how no one knew of his special place and thought it was his alone, but realized he had to share or something like that.

        • Stephanie,

          Why would we assume that he would pick anyplace he has routinely ventured to in his various trips, that would be the hiding place of his chest? What if it was somewhere he felt an attachment or like for that was relavent to his life in one way or another. I believe (and it’s quite evident) that Forrest liked adventurous places all over the west, even Alaska. His special place may as an example be a particular burial spot that had a rich history to it, that he seldom was able to go back to. We have no idea where that “special place” is. It is only known to him.

          That’s why I felt so strongly that it wouldn’t be someplace he would openly write about. That would be too apparent, as well as giving the search a chance to survive longer than 5 or 10 years (if not sooner). He says he would hope it would last a LOT longer than that (the 100, 500, 1000 years).

          Instead of picking places that fit the location of the chest, I’ve looked at places that fit Forrest. As always, this is just my own perspective.

  72. So where then is the horizontal line in the enchanted circle. Is the enchanted circle actually an oval? I think yes:)

  73. Okay, I know the solution is wrong…but I REALLY belive the idea is correct-I mean about the key being the first part and the directions being the second part…

  74. I have been reading these blogs for a few months now. Fenn told us one import key to the poem. Mr. Fenn if you are reading this and I feel you are. It will be worth the chase. I have dedicated my life of over 40 years in troubleshooting and analyzing the most difficult problems. I have approached the poem like you said remembering the Occam’s Razor approach that I live by. I am sure there are many like me seeking the same with the same approach, but perhaps not. My words I have posted in previous discussions may appear beyond useless but you will understand when you read between my words. I know my eyes have gazed over and I have had the wow moment but not the 9 because i ran out of time. My approach to your poem was to also feel what you were feeling in each word of words. So I laughed as well from my gaze. Yet, if I solve the end result, I will not anyway exploit the find for days or perhaps months to anyone like you once mentioned that this person will. I suppose I may not be that person then. Just to let you know, you will laugh once again and have a smile a few miles long. At some point you will check from time to time if anyone has picked up the chest. You will see the same perhaps years down the road. This is my final post, for I have found who I am, not who I once have been. Thank you for reading my first post it meant the world to me. Peace to all and safe hunting.

    • If people insist on cryptic messages, can you at least say I found the chest or I didn’t. No need for the media spotlight, just send a note in the mail to Forrest or Dal with a pic and be done with it all. These trips are expensive for all involved and it’s just common decency to let the world know it’s gone.

      Of course, I also arrived too late and missed the 9, but I don’t can’t figure out anything after that and so I’m lost in a world with loud sounds and I still can’t figure out who I am. (you’ll all understand what I mean).

      • I just visited Forrest and he told me the treasure was still where he hid it. And I know I didn’t find it…yet!!

      • Shawn,

        Pay attention and you won’t miss the 9. And if your in a world with loud sounds get out of there as you are lost and will never figure out who you are.

  75. I’m sure that this has been mentioned before and I hate to beat a dead horse……but, if two somebody’s got the first two clues right (begin where wwwh and ticd) and they were within 500 feet of trove the distance of nfbtftw clearly must not be too far. At this point we must consider what we are doing when it is too far to walk…..swim, canoe, wade, climb, etc. This eliminated many places in my mind. Second question, is then how did he get there? I’m pretty sure hes not swimming in very cold water, he didn’t carry a canoe, he didn’t rock climb, and I don’t think he waded without seeing the ground underneath the water. Again, there has to be a second way in. So I hope that all you guys who claim they have the spot are essentially driving there and starting in the middle of the poem…..just a thought peeps.

    • I have come to learn that his chemo therapist does not have it. So don’t go to the hospital of Brown.

    • Andy – why do assume the two parties who go the first clue correct were also the same to become 500′? I interpreted those were two as separate and independent events.

      • @wolf
        I agree with your statement but if we are to follow the poem in sequence as suggested by ff we could get within 500′. I would think if they weren’t the same person/group the number who would have gotten the first clue right would increased increased by one more. To get within 500′ one must have gotten the first clue right unless it’s by happenstance.

        • Andy
          Where those two somebodys within 500′ there before the chest was placed there or after the chest was put there?
          When forrest hid the chest maybe put it where he know that someone had been there before?
          He does not say when the people where there, I think it is a Fennism!

        • Andy – is it not possible for another set of searchers to start at another WWWH and intersect the path of those who got the first two clues correct, which brings them within 500′?
          Tim raises another good point. It can be lethal to make assumptions.
          The Wolf

      • I have a question..can 2 parties be the same as one group? I think you can go either way on the 500 feet. It seems to me that for sure some where close without figuring out the wwwh-ing. It seems like it probably is likely that the two parties were within 500 feet..but that’s just a guess that we can’t say for sure.

        • I’ve been following this treasure discussion for weeks now and did a bit of research and thinking. Let me brainstorm out loud.
          The problem is the large amount of possibilities:
          – Warm waters could be anything. (Yellowstone alone has over 10,000 thermo structures, many involving water).
          -Canyons are everywhere.
          -Brown is incredibly common as a color of earth, species and as a last name.
          -If in Yellowstone, within 500 feet of the treasure may not be that close, as only 1% of the total yearly visitors venture more than 300 feet from the roads there.
          -Even the two parties that were within 500 feet I doubt felt confident in their locations. They failed to get beyond two clues and, with the two clues so general, you would need the remaining clues to confirm and give you confidence in your initial guess. Yet we know they have no knowledge of the 3rd clue’s location. So with perhaps 1000’s of people who have looked along roads, it is quite logical to think someone by mere luck passed by the starting location without a strong conviction in what they had stumbled upon. How many possible solutions to the first two clues have you all come up with and where you thought that each of them were equally persuasive? How can a single solution rise above the rest as FF says it should to get you to “move with confidence.” Canyons are everywhere, warm water halts everywhere and in different ways(it can halt its physical journey or perhaps halt by becoming cold water OR evaporating). The problem isn’t that I can’t solve the first clue, the problem is that I can solve it over and over with different answers equally sound and reasonable. And lastly, the ability to solve a riddle poem is dependent not only on your ability but on the soundness of the poem itself to be logical and as FF said, possible to solve. Since he did not share it with others who could have given him feedback, we have no way to know how difficult it really is to solve, never been tested by an outside objective party(I wish he would have done a small hunt first, as a warm up to the big one to get us thinking like FF treasure hunters). I’m starting to think the poem was deliberately designed with a desire to have future generations be the ones to solve it or accidentally stumble upon the treasure.

    • In the canyon down may require transportation of some sort…but what’s the difference? If you haven’t done the previous steps how on earth would you know you are in the correct canyon in the first place?

      • I would think that it’s not a common canyon. Is there a list of canyons for the rockies? I’ve seen lists of hot springs for example….but not canyons.

        • Stephanie,

          The first thing you have to do is count all the mountains and divide by 2.

          A Canyon is any where 2 hills or mountains meet at the bottom, forming a “V” shape. Generally there will be creek flowing in them from upper mountain melt. Let me know how you do…LOL

          • I was hanging out with a couple searchers last night and it still makes me laugh at the terms I’m unaware of. I love learning things like that. Seems like a simple thing…but if you don’t have canyons in your neighborhood…you might not realize that a creek or whatnot is supposed to be or have been at the base of one.

        • now turn the omegas upside down and you get…Origin of COLOPHON
          Latin, from Greek kolophōn summit, finishing touch; perhaps akin to Latin culmen top — more at hill
          First Known Use: 1501<<< a mountain to START the 'begin it where warm waters halt." you are right back where you started. 🙂

    • If Fenn said that a couple of people came within 500 feet of the chest, you have to first ask yourself, were there possibly more than 2 people who came that close? Possibly others came that close also, but he doesn’t say anything in that regard. Stay with me on this. So, we know that at least 2 people have contacted him regarding their search.

      What if everyday 100’s, 1000’s, etc. people pass by this spot (all within 500 feet). That would put it within range of a number of roads, trails, paths, etc. Right? This would open up a whole new set of possiblities that many avoid, because they’re looking for more remote locations with fewer people.

      • I’m guessing that the chest is 500 feet from a trail or road…and LOTS of people have been within 500 feet. The “two parties” are people who wrote him letters (or posted on this blog or others) regarding their failed attempts…they were not the same as the “500 feet” folks…according to my uneducated guess.

        I am also a believer of the “two path hypothesis:” The (literal) 9 clues would take you by a different route than the one Forrest used to hide the chest. To recover the chest, you could theoretically go either way but why bother? Just use the easier “2nd path” route that Forrest used.

        • The two path hypothesis (f and ours) would make possible an X marks the spot…… Line f + Line r = Au

        • I think what someone else had said about the 500 feet is interesting….we know that he showed the chest to Doug Preston, Peggy and Irene Rawlings prior to hiding it. Not sure who else. So that makes sense that people have been that close and he knows it about it. I would have never thought about looking at it that way.

  76. Wow you guys seriously harsh my mellow. I am really starting to believe that the treasure was found, pre-recorded and the only purpose for this blog is to let everybody who participated finally feel like they at least understood the poem. Case in point…relentless obsession about the parties who came within 500ft comment. Give it a rest people, please!! Honestly, it becomes insulting.

    • I wasn’t going to post my thoughts on this until this armany dude asked me to so nicely…I don’t think that the parties that got the first two clues right were the people that were within 500 feet. He says, “People were within 500ft.” And in a separate statement, “two parties got the first two clues right.” IMO, not the same people. You’re welcome armany!

      • My two cents on the within 500′, I think he said two parties/people have been within 500′ , I don’t think he said searchers don’t remember the exact phrase. I also believe he said that he showed it to two people prior to hiding it . So is it possible these are the parties he is referring to in the 500′ comment? I don’t consider it relative just trying to resolve it for those who do but would this fit his style ?

      • Thanks Dale lol. Well I do understand his comment…but he has given that information on many occasions. In fact it’s in his interviews, etc. that are posted elsewhere in this blog. Seems to me somebody is stuck out there and too embarrassed to resurface without treasure in hand LOL and they are just pushing for ideas hoping that some unsuspecting blogger will just say the right thing that gets them right to the spot. All this repeated harping on that single point seems really desperate to me lol.

        • Heh heh,

          I like the picture you portray (could be me..):

          “Seems to me somebody is stuck out there and too embarrassed to resurface without treasure in hand LOL and they are just pushing for ideas hoping that some unsuspecting blogger will just say the right thing that gets them right to the spot. All this repeated harping on that single point seems really desperate to me lol.”

        • Stephanie,

          Not just waiting but prodding and some times guilting for clues. But Forrest never said there are rules and he loves fishing ;^)

    • I agree armany, especially since 500 ft. is 166.6 yards, more than a football field in length. There’s something hinky about Fenn even making such a statement.

  77. Whoa, if you go by T. S. Elliot the finder will be “like a patient etherized upon a table.” Not good, bad juju. lol

  78. Will someone please list the titles of the books by Mr. Fenn. I’m having difficulty deciding which ones I should count. Only those written by him?

    • From the Jacket flap of TOTC:
      1-The African Animals of W.R Leigh
      2-The Beat of the Drums and the Whoop of the Dance
      3-The Genius of Nicolai Fechin
      4-The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo
      5-Teepee Smoke
      6-Historic American Indian Dolls
      7-Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch

      After these 7 the discussion revolves.

      • Well, TOTC is the eighth book. Now for the ninth, Forrest is about to print his latest book.

      • Thanks. I’m still confused. Didn’t he have a co-author on a couple of those? What about the others listed on Amazon that don’t have a co-author?

        • You know more than I about the books, I have yet to finish TOTC, but I did read the flap ;^)

    • Hello BW,
      What do you mean by “Count” the books? are you looking for a numerical clue or something? In MHO, I find each of Forrest’s books rich with information and inspiration. Onecorgi lists the titles below and at the moment I am drawing a blank if there are others. Teepee Smoke if a re-release of The Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance. The intro is revised but I did not find any additonal clues reading it. I noticed a couple of painting are placed differently and perhaps there are a few different ones but I did not compare page by page. (Hmmm,maybe I will do so next rainy day.) Sometime ago, I did write and ask Forreset which of the color plates were more true to the original paintings (just cause I am curious) but I never heard back from him. The Teepee Smoke plates are more vibrant, IMO. We love books and we love reading and learning more about f.
      Pinking.OfYou, Madeline

      • Have you or others compared this 3rd printing TOTC with prior printings? It would be a clever and tantalizing move to toss in a few dry bones. Postmarks?

  79. I seem to recall Forrest Fenn talking about Olga in ttotc. Olga’s ashes were spread about on the mountains near Taos. Olga used give Forrest red tea, black tea, and green tea. Could it just be another coincidence that there is a green lake, a black lake, and a red river in the Enchanted Circle area?

    • I believe so. Look around long enough and you’ll find a lot of color/number/word combinations repeated in just about any area you search. Hence why it’s a difficult task.

    • COHIGHCountry
      Are you telling me that the blaze may not be a liitle f on a tree?
      Watch what you say becasue hopefully nobody will believe you!
      and I hope people here shoot down or maybe not believe your plain simple assumption.

  80. Fenn’s poem is not a maze, which is meant to mislead in different directions, but rather a labyrinth which leads to only one ending point.

  81. The question was asked about why so many are searching the book for clues. I think he definitely placed clues in there to help you solve the poem. He used his “85% truthful” rule for non-fiction writers to put in his clues. Here is what I mean. Assume that the number 9 is a clue. He tells the story about finding his first arrowhead. The essence of the story, being with his dad, how he felt, how it started his interest in archeology, is all truthful. His age is really insignificant to the basic truthfulness of the story. It doesn’t really matter if he was 7, 8, or 14 years old. So if he wanted to plant a clue there, he could make his age 9 without affecting the truthfulness of the story. I think he did that same thing in other stories in the book and there are definitely clues in there to help you with the poem.

  82. I took the dove pictured in the book, lonesome dove in the nest…great movie. The cattle used in the movie was contracted through a firm in Santa Fe. Filmed below Eagles Nest in at the blacks lake area. Google still shows the cabin still there. The location was to be Montana.

    • I know right. I mean he says there ARE clues in the book….do you really feel that someone like Forrest would throw out a book? When someone “burns” a book…isn’t that a stand against government some how?

      • I always thought that “burning” books was more a rejection of formal education (expanding the mind) as opposed to a rejection of governmental control…

  83. Given that 4 or 5 people on here keep talking in a manner that suggest you have the whole thing solved, it will be entertaining seeing who has the guts to jump the gun and venture into this forbidden zone (or whatever is keeping you form getting it) and get the chest first. You can hire an experienced backcountry hiker to lead you there if it’s under 15k ft. People climb 14’ers in the winter, so in late April, there is no reason a 15-30 mile hike at this time of year keeps you from the chest. If I had it solved and was as confident as some if you sound, I would hire someone this weekend and get that chest. And don’t worry, an experienced guide will keep you alive and it’s pretty warm right now – even at 12K. Just goto REI and post a message on the wall. There are plenty of experienced Mt. Everest types with the moxy to help you for a small fee or percentage.

    • Shawn-
      Good idea but the treasure is not located in a place Forrest could not have put it by himself. So if it takes a sherpa and climbing gear to get there I doubt Forrest traveled to the spot.

    • Shawn,
      Who are you referring to that have this all figured out? There are a few that have 9 clues or spot(s) that they plan to visit with a certain confidence, but so have many in the past and yet no chest! Check out my previous post on the probability of finding 9 consecutive clues with 3 or more interpretations for each clue… astronomical. Keep the faith!
      The Wolf

  84. Another thought on “heavy loads and water high” and no “paddle up your creek” . Quake lake was created by heavy loads falling into the Madison River creating waters high. If you take poetic license and consider the Madison a creek then you would not need a paddle at that point.

    • Think of the expression. “Up the —-creek without a paddle”. Means you are in trouble. However the gist of it is that you are in a canoe in deep water without a paddle. Here Forrest says you don’t need a paddle up your creek. Why? Because it is shallow. In terms of the poem which direction does it tell you to walk? Or if you have no paddle or no control over the canoe where do you go?

      • Just trying to bring something to the table albeit carrion , some one may digest it and regurgitate something with more pertinence

          • Doubting Thomas, I too enjoy your posts and welcome all critique , constructive or otherwise. At this point I have many interpretive thoughts on the clues and post them for analysis and feedback hoping that someone is enlightened by one or the other.

          • Thanks Ragnar. By the way, just between me you and frank, once you solve wwwh all you will need is the photo of the location available to all.

  85. I may be in the minority here but I think the only point of saying that there are nine clues is to tell you that not all the information in the poem is useful. My opinion is that a lot of the words are just elaboration/poetic. Your job is to sort out the real info from the fluff. As for the book, I think he said it contains “hints” not to be confused with “clues”. The difference is that the hint can point you and lend confidence to the actual clue in the poem if you recognize it. The hints don’t stand on their own in terms of directions or locations.

  86. This question is for the handful of people in the blog that so plainly state that they have figured it all out. I am only asking because I sincerely want to understand. Why have you not gone to get the treasure yourselves if you are so sure of your solutions? Time and expense should be no issue given the stated value of the chest. Why would you continue to be in this blog? What interest could it possibly hold for you? Just for the sake of showing off? Why do you continue to hang out in the 9 clues section specifically when you have already solved it? Why just help others along at risk of your own loss of opportunity? These questions concern me a great deal as to the integrity of this hunt. I would sincerely appreciate honest responses from those who claim to have figured it out.


        • Armany Thursday- until the chest is found and it’s location revealed, ALL of our posts could be BS. Try to have fun with this.

    • The weather and one final issue with the poem. Don’t want an avalanche on my head. You should have confidence when you go. Not there yet.

        • Think what you will armany Friday. Safety first. The conditions are different from when he hid it. If you solved the poem you would know that the location is accessible by car. In fact you would just need to get out and walk about 500 ft to look for it. But not now. Not necessarily an avalanche that would get you into trouble. But what do I know I’m the knucklehead of the blog.

    • To All Chasers, I’m tired of the bickering and backbiting and pettiness that I find in the comments here, I thought this was going to remain good-natured fun and jabbing, but some have taken it too far.

      The clues that I have given, have been true to the best of my knowledge or lack of it. 🙂

      As to the reason why I would pass up getting to the treasure first by maybe giving up ‘my spot’ is because the $ that my God has promised me to fulfill His plan for my life, He said that HE would GIVE. Not that I had to EARN it, that is by works and not GRACE.

      So, I am more than willing to legally sign someone’s’ I want help in looking’ paper that is legally binding, to find it.

      I would only want a ‘finder’s fee’ to cover my getting out of debt and my gas money of course :”)
      LOL I do love the thrill and going on adventures and exploring and have ever since I was a kid.

      But, I would also take great pleasure in finding the answer to where in the heck FF put it!! LOL

      And to help someone else that truly needs it, gain pleasure and become richer for it too. 🙂
      I really truly hope that someone finds what they are looking for in themselves, for themselves and as well as this treasure. :), Love Always Remains, Kym

    • I also have that question.
      I did hear from a friend that Yellowstone is booming with searchers along the Gardiner river. (he thinks it’s all the locals) So at least the waiting is coming to an end over the next two months as the snow melts and the park fully opens. After that, the excuses end.

      As for anyone knowing the exact solution, I just don’t think it’s possible with the vague Blaze clue hanging at the end. I have some potential Blaze solutions and a very good idea of what I’m looking for, but I could be wrong and never find it.

      And if my wwwh is wrong, then obviously I’ll be way off. The problem for me with wwwh is that you can understand the hint from the book, and still choose the wrong spot. So in my book, no one has anything solved, until they send FF the bracelet.

    • armany thursday,
      For me “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “patience is a virtue”. This trip is a father/son bonding type adventure (with some fly fishing and hiking thrown in)and I needed to wait for him to get time off work. Sure I could have left and went it alone but I would not be living the spirit of what FF wishes.

      You ask why hang around the 9 clues section, well for me the biggest mistake a searcher can make is to fall in love with his “spot”. I have been challenging my location to ensure it is absolutely correct -nothing is 100% until you are holding the goods. So by hanging around; I was able to find a better location, call it a plan B which is more and more looking like plan A. Most of my time is spent researching with 3% spent reading here and that reading is meant only to bring forth new ways to challenge my positions and to provide to comedic relief or the tedious research. I think like most we want to know we solved this on our own – we do not want this Monopoly game ruined by someone handing over a hotel filled Boardwalk and Parkplace to our opponents.

      Besides my wife said I have one shot at this and she is really tough- so I better get it right!

      Now I was honest with you – how about you explain what you mean by:”These questions concern me a great deal as to the integrity of this hunt.”

      I hope you are not suggesting we are purposely misleading the group to buy time?

      For those lurking hoping to gain an advantage by doing your due diligence on these blogs – be careful – I find 5% of what is said to be of value and the rest is just speculation or out right crazy. But it is entertainment, there is no substitution for hard work!

      I will give you a personal example – before I got my book there were a few things mentioned on this blog that I based some of my theory on. When I read the book for confirmation, I found that the weight I put on other peoples ideas was inappropriate and did not work. Only by doing your own hard work and using your own common sense filter can on really move with conviction.
      The Wolf

      • Fair enough, Wolf. I wasn’t making any hidden accusations of people in here to mislead others. But, honestly people that have it figured out must have some reason for continuing to hang out. Your reasons for not having gone yet are the best I’ve seen yet and seem honest to me. Thank you 🙂

        • I think it’s easy to be confident in your spot, before even going out. I’ve been searching two years and have fallen head over heels in love with some of my spots thinking they were perfect. I just don’t tell you all that I’m that arrogant to myself, because each time I’ve fallen flat on my face lol. Some just can’t get out there right away. It kills me that I’ve had to take so many trips. I wouldn’t dither, I’d just live out there…but I have a husband, kids and a father I care for and have to be home for those responsibilities.

          • I should have thought of the cost issue. I’ve had too many trios myself and now that I have the perfect spot (lol), I’m having more trouble finding the time and money. I should have been more patient early on and built up several spots to search.

        • @armany thursday

          I’m hanging around to see if anyone else has come up with my solution, to judge whether or not to worry about the competition.

          As for not going to get it now, my spot is under 76″ of snow, and my location to search is at least as large as a football field. You think I want to shovel six feet of snow off of 5000 square yards?? Please!

      • Oh sorry, Wolf…just caught your question about the integrity aspect. I simply meant that when there are hidden agendas for spending night and day on a blog in an area that people have supposedly already figured out…that anything else might be possible too. Specifically it causes me concern sometimes that the treasure has already been found possibly, but that information is not being given to blog members. After all, so many have stated how they would love this to keep going for a long time. I have put a ton of time and energy and actual footwork into my solution for the poem. Everything Forrest Fenn has said or written has been extremely helpful. I guess I would just like the security of feeling like I haven’t put all this energy into something that everybody else treats as an inside joke of some sort. It really does become insulting. Unecessary caps, etc. just for people to show off…I just find it moronic, that’s all.

        • Very well said. I don’t mind looking for a treasure that I’ll probably never find. But I would hate to be looking for a treasure that’s already found.
          I still end up with nothing in either case, but they are very different to me.

        • i believe the treasure is still where f put it.I also believe it is quite possilbe that a lot of searchers have been close.Whether they were close during a search or just by chance remains to be seen.I believe the right sequence of research will lead to someone finding the elusive treasure.I took a good break from this whole frenzy and it does wonders for the brain.Stay sane all and happy hunting!

          • I wonder if it’s up on a rock wall shelf and he can easily drive by and see it…say hi to it…bring it a sandwich…flash it with a little illumination when it’s dark……and that’s how he knows it’s there.

        • armany-
          I trust that Forrest will tell us when it’s found. It takes faith. I hear what you are saying but if you believe there is a chest to begin with then you also have to believe Forrest will let us know when it’s found. Nothing anyone else says matters. Don’t be a Doubting Thomas…(sorry DT)

          • Are you calling armany a knucklehead because I’m the only one who resembles that remark. I’m going to drink some warm waters now with my cheese pimento sandwich.

        • armany,
          I have put the faith in that it is still there. You have to, to play this game, otherwise it is best to find another. I can understand how it can be kept a secret for a while, legal implications, security, transport, media,etc. but eventually it comes out as that would be too hard of a secret to keep.

          Question to you or anyone:
          If the treasure was found and the full set of facts couldn’t be released for say one month or so, would you:
          1) rather not know about it and then have it all released at one time, or
          2) be told only that it was found and that is it (you would have to wait several weeks before any information like who found it and where it was found)?
          The Wolf

          • Hello to all true Fenn hunters out there.

            I’m back from my newest adventure with Side$how and what a time we had!
            I will not be disclosing our location or state, but I “BELIEVE” we have been to the home of Brown…and what a place it is! Beautiful and takes your breath away!
            The next trip back there will be soon.

            Speaking to those who have had time to talk with me privately…no, I won’t be spilling the beans on the place or location…although my gut tells me you already know where I’m talking about…clever clever you two! 😉

            In any event to those that know this place, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m on my way back there soon, very soon!

            I now know for certain why “dollers” and “knowlege” were spelled wrong, and what “CES” stands for.
            To FF, if your still reading these blogs this maverick is hot on the trail!


          • I’d rather whoever finds it (if its not Dal) sends Dal their phone number and he can make up a new email address and then the person can email a picture to that address. Dal of course will check that email at a wifi location so its not his IP address. Once it is confirmed then Dal can get the inside scope and story via a video or in person interview at a non disclosed location. Then Dal can run the story as he deserves to have the breaking news before news sources do. Then he can release it to us. All secretive and FBI like.

            j ~ PFW

        • Wolf,

          I’d definitely want to know it was found. All it would take would be one comment from Forrest and I’d be happy to go on to other projects…checking back every so often to get all the info.

        • Thanks for helping me chill a little everybody. I will keep the faith…I definitely believe it’s out there. Response to Wolf…personally I would rather know right away when the treasure is found even if it would mean waiting for details. Knowing immediately would definitely be best as far as I’m concerned.

          • I’m glad Armany Thursday asked the question he/she did:) I think it needed to be asked. I also wanted to add, I sure hope if/when treasure is found, I hope all of you just don’t throw all that research in the trash. Keep it. Get out there and see as many of those places you looked/researched. I hope you still search for treasures in all the beauty, nature, mountains and people you will meet. I feel some just seem so focused on treasure, you are missing the “having fun” part and “enjoying life” part. Maybe I’m wrong to an extent, and this post is certainly not meant to upset the wagon cart…..just a friendly reminder to take this hunt with a grain of salt, keep things in perspective and enjoy all the learning. I sure am! I know more about America, Native Americans and pioneer history that I ever did before. High school and college never taught any of what I’m learning now. I truly hope all of you feel that way too…some of you are more of the scholar/mathmatecal types and I hope you are also expanding your horizon of knowledge:) Peace:)

        • Armany/CO,
          I understand your point, I feel there are some out there that would not want to know because they know there is a slim chance of finding it (after all no one has found it yet) but want to live the experience. Knowing it would take that from them. I think I am in that camp … and I feel that knowing it was found without details may be worst waiting for it.
          The Wolf

    • I tend not to worry about those that have claimed to have “solved” the poem. If they have a spot picked out, so what? I think they are wrong. In my humble opinion, no one is going to find the treasure or get an exact coordinate without finding the blaze. Also in my humble opinion, the blaze has to be seen in real life…it’s too small for Google Earth or not visible on it.

      If anyone’s post annoys me, I just sit back and get all smug…happily content to believe they are wrong.

      Of the “serious” searchers (those who actually find good spots and go look) I haven’t heard of one who wouldn’t let Forrest know if they find it, and the rest of us would know the next day.

      • I will tell everyone right now, for where I think its hidden, uncle sam would surely say…”Oh you found it there, then its mine!”

        If I get to it first, when asked where I found it…the answer will be simple…right were FF said it would be.
        If Forrest decides he wants to tell everybody where it was found thats on him.
        But as for me, I won’t be disclosing the location ever!! Sorry about that…


        • Adam,

          Tell FF what the CES stands for on the box. He would really like to know himself.

        • Adam,

          Also those two words are not historically spelled wrong. An 80 year old mountain man would spell them that way. Have a fun hunt.

          • @ Mike,

            FF knows, he’s the one that put them there.
            When you figure out what those initials mean, you’ll know ” where warm waters halt “! 😉


        • @ Adam The Adventurer:
          A word to the wise: I would rethink telling the government you found it where Fenn left it. The government can “compel” you to tell them where you found it. With the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent…..they can and will confiscate it until you answer all their questions. The government will hassle anyone that finds Fenn’s chest; he’s not exactly on good terms with Big Brother.

          Quote from Fenn’s letter here:
          If yes, then let us change the law because who knows where that nonsense could end.

          I thought Fenn probably put the chest on private property but I’ve changed my mind because of Fenn’s letter here…….It seems he might have finally woke up to how intrusive and powerful our government has become……..and apparently is not happy about it. The whole country is well on its way to becoming just like The Peoples Republic of California……..Government rant over.

          I hope Fenn has a way to verify the treasure is still there. as he has assured us it is, other than counting on who ever finds it to come forward.

          • One question Adam, can you at least say whether it was searchable now or will you have to wait for snow/permission/park opening etc… Just wondering how long we have to wait for the verdict.

        • @A the A…You sound so confident! You have me worried! Can you elaborate on the misspellings without giving your spot away?

        • Don’t worry he spewed braggadocio like this on another blog, whipped everyone into a frenzy that he had it in the bag, came up empty handed. A@A like it has been said a million times on here, quit telling everyone you know where it is and you have it all figured out then dangling non-clues in front of everyone. When you get a pic of the loot then you can vaunt poetic all you want. Until then it seems like you are stringing people along, making it seem like everyone should just give up now because you and “sideshow” have this wrapped up. Your “spot” is no better than anyone else…just saying.

          • Hank
            We call those people Trolls and Trolls post upsetting things to stir up trouble
            Best to ignore him or just reply Troll Alert to warn us
            I did not mention who that Troll was and I am trying to be nice and purpley

  87. OK, we have the poem, and we have the book, and we cling to every word he mutters, SHOULD we also use the stories he has on his ( Fenns) Blog. Some of you probably don’t know about them it takes me a while to find them, so now I have them bookmarked. WHat does any one think about the stories in his blog, river bathing, buffalo smoke and so on?

    • Musstag , I found the excerpt from “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch” of interest, not sure that it conveys any reference to the treasure , but it does express his character somewhat.

  88. I’ve read comments about returning to where one started. What is the origin of this thought? f interview, book or clue in poem?

    • I think it’s mostly the ts eliot poem that’s on the 6 questions interview. I sort of think that it might just be something people took from that and it’s probably meaningless. I don’t think he ever really said anything like that.

    • @Onecorgi;

      Jenny Kile at the Mysterious Writings blog quotes Fenn in her six questions for Forrest Fenn article:

      The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:

      We shall not cease from our exploration
      And at the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time

      • Thank you, GoofyOG, Yes, there’s where I read the circular-type idea, arriving where we started. Thank you, cause I’ve been trying to remember. I posted something yesterday but think it did not go through. IMO, Our clues, when we mapped them, did the start and go-around thing; it was not until we were out of the trails that we saw this in evidence and how we can get back more quickly once we did the entire circle (so to speak — it is not a true O perfect circle). What is funny, too, is that out on the trail I sometimes find myself laughing out loud at how clever f is to construct or design such paths througha poem and IMHO, I believe that he did so for more than one spot or destination. While I might sound sure of myself, it took many trips for us to find what we think is the Blaze. That being said, when resources allow we will return, shovel in hand. If that is empty, we will share concrete ideas. Best to all,

    • It comes from a T.S.Elliot poem in which after your exploring you return to where you started and now it again for the first time.

    • Sorry all I did not include any conversation pertaining to clue solving in my last post. “look quickly down your quest to cease” so I bought a Nissan quest and drove it into the Rockies til it ran out of gas. Looked down at gas gage it was below e. and it ceased. A canvasse of 500 foot radius found nothing. Next time out gonna let oil out of engine and drive into Rockies til it ceases again. I, Horatio, proclaim myself KING of MORONS!

  89. his last paragraph in the book says it all….sounds like this book is the beginning….a rough draft of whats to come…that great banquet table sounds like the end of the Grinch who stole xmas….yes the kids could solve this quicker than we….

  90. yes maybe no begin it where warm waters halt the home of brown is flat land you should be not far but to far to walk from the bottom of the canyon to the home of brown i think

  91. Ok. Here’s a free-be for everyone.

    Fenn gave out two statements that included the number 500. Why 500 miles and 500 feet? I found them quite interesting. Also, in saying he would like the chest to go undiscovered for 100, 500, a thousand years; the 500 again. Ask yourselves why restate the same number? Nobody listening, maybe?

    Sometimes things are under our noses and we still can’t see (smell) them. Have fun with that one.

    • GermanGuy
      Pilots fly at 5oo to 1,000 feet for search and rescue missions
      Search and rescue satellites that pick up emergency beacons orbit at 500 miles
      Since he was shot down twice maybe that is why he uses those numbers
      Look it up but I believe those are typical numbers for search and rescue missions and SARSAT miles

      • Search altitudes are 1500,1000 and 500 feet over land. SARSAT satellites orbit in a sun-synchronous orbit at approx 528 miles. It is common for pilots to speak in round numbers.
        The Wolf

        • The Wolf
          Thank you Wolf I like your attiude better or is it altitudes and I elevate you to a higher standard

  92. @ Goofy_Old_Guy

    If thats the case…hmm…sadly then EVEN if found, it may remain a mystery forever!
    Nevertheless, whoever finds it I believe it would be worth the fight!
    I mean as an American, this is our land!


  93. I’m going to relate a search — because I am through with this area — but I sure liked it once.

    As I have gone alone…..Solo, NM (right next to Ojo Caliente)
    WWWH …..Ojo Caliente
    Canyon down….keep driving in the canyon down toward La Madera
    Could not locate HOB….but thought since
    If you are brave and in the wood …..La Madera translates to “the wood” (not woods)
    that the treasure might be hidden somewhere between Ojo Caliente and La Madera — the road is Highway 111 — only a few numbers can be pulled from the poem but 3 of the 4 are ones – 111
    So found my likely hiding spot, saw what looked like a big black T painted on a large flatish rock — didn’t have binoculars so couldn’t tell for sure and couldn’t see inside the ‘hole’ next to it big enough to hide a chest. Went back today with binoculars — the black T is a natural break in the rock and there’s nothing in the hole – the creek Little Vallecitos that I thought looked wade-able was actually about 4 feet deep and running swiftly – needless to say did not cross it….

    But while driving around the area thinking about the number 9 I noticed that every single mile marker was present EXCEPT mile marker 9 – jeez I was excited – marked it off with my odometer – thought I’d pee myself if the mailbox across the highway had the name Brown on it – alas it did not and a thorough search of the area at mile marker 9 between Ojo Caliente and La Madera was a bust — fun but no cigar. It give it to the masses

  94. EXACTLY STEPHANIE… only need the poem to discover the treasure….but you need the key to read the poem properly ,which leads you to discover the treasure….open your chest[book] and go to first grade an start at the beginning….like dr.seuss….its a puzzle…remember his last interview where he talks about the stack of books in place of the chest…look at the big picture[page 18-19]….edard..really…Edward….w…. missing………..pat…really patrica….slide the letters……kacir…really Patrick…flip the letters….skippy…skip…letter y …its all a letter game …I=me=my= ttotc…..remember the comments about children reading the book…remember he refers to childrens section at borders….9…9th letter of 26…the alphabet…..”I”…..bottom of page 4…”.I”=ttotc….9 letter out of 26….that’s why the book count is always a question[8 or9]….almost eight…is almost 9…almost eighty….add y….the whole book is like a dr seuess book…its amusing… …6 pack he refers to on the jacket…its the 6 pack of dr seuss books…wiki it….now why are people not talking about it here…its on the other blog…study rich’s blog….his blog seems unrelated ..but it is very related……surreal photos…seems to fit…..pimiento and cheese sandwich or pimento…it all about the I…and he does it with a straight face…he is good..very good….I just hate to see people struggle to come up with cash to hunt when it may be all …..about a surreal treasure…..this is my humble opinion…the book talks about capital letters..contractions..etc…listen to the last bookstore audio now and notice how he wont answer that its an artifact…he skirts it and references it as a work of art…its crafted to deceive..happiness is the pot….and if I am wrong please forgive me and search on…this book should be a part of 5th grade reading class…children can learn so much from it…about word usage and phonetics…and all the research on the great historic accounts and references…note the sketches…they have a child like quality…..some of the stories take on different means if you apply this imaginative format to it….I know its hard to swallow but I think guys like astree,germanguy and dave know what I mean….based on what I have seen on this blog…..perhaps there is still hope that this decoding can lead to a pot of gold one can spend on friends and family and unfortunates…. that it can be used to make this world a better place….mr fenn maybe you should have considered that its not who you are…[like your letter substituions] but who they think you are….that applies to people as well…sir.

    • Wow…I sure hope you are wrong…I hope he is doing both…the untouchable surreal treasure is the thrill of the chase…But there is also a real life motivator out there, just like there was when FF was experiencing the thrill of the chase when he put his collections together. But if you cannot afford to chase…Be responsible and buy a lottery ticket instead. Don’t lay the financial irresponsibilty of others at FF’s feet.

  95. @ ken,

    I no longer think its hidden there. 😉
    But this thread isn’t about proving me wrong.
    This thread is about solving the clues.
    As for my experiences on my last adventure…all I can say is this…

    Happy hunting,

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