THE NINE CLUES….Part Nineteen


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  1. The beginning is the end/the end is the beginning would however suggest the first and last clue are one in the same

  2. Another note is people keep saying he said “if followed precisely” the resource page says this and I remember this topic coming up here before but at 27:11 in the PBS Report from Santa Fe interview he said “and the clues are in consecutive order” not sure how take that but just throwing it out there

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      Currently on the fence regards the “X” as the blaze, but a ring can be ” in the wood ”

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      • LOL astree. Yeah the Omega ring is great! I used to work for a fine jewelery gallery/studio in Soho, NYC where we represented Kretchmer’s designs 🙂

      • Hi,

        You know what happens when you put 2 Omega watches together ! ?

        chosendiadem – you may be discussing something more akin to a fairy ring ? I haven’t gotten this one in focus yet – was thinking more like the rings in a tree that count the years.


        • astree-
          Not exactly a fairy ring…but..There is a fairy falls and a fairy falls trail in Yellowstone that folks have been curious about from time to time.

          • See that’s what happens…new searchers see one thing called Fairy…or one thing called Horseshoe and they think the have it figured out. I saw a town called Tarryall and was sure it was there when I saw a bar called The Stage Coach and there were buffalo roaming nearby across the street from the cemetery, and just near the pond(with I’m sure tons of trout).

    • you know T that link you guys gave about the ‘watch’ being the beginning and the end, well FF said that when he was supposed to be on ‘watch’ that night he was sleep walking and wound up a block past where he was supposed to be.
      At, one point I’d actually thought that it was on a ‘watchtower’ of some sort even an old fire watch tower in the woods he said it wasn’t in a tree but surrounded by trees, and followed precisely is the time.
      When he was released finally from the military that was one of the first things he did, throw away the ‘watch’ no more keeping an o’dark thirty schedule and throw away the calender no more worrying about dates, tht’s why all the postmarks and dates in the book, who cares!! lol

    • Thank you T, I had not seen that. It answers a question I had today while out searching.

  3. I would maybe say to start at wwwh 1/9 not walk up to hob 2 CD 3 past 4 up to 5 look down(6) go there 7 retrieve TC 8 finish at wwwh with treasure in hand starting a whole new thrill 1/9. repeat … a rough cypher I know but it kinda paints the picture for the beginning/end idea plus I don’t want to reveal my potential spot exactly

  4. I appreciate the welcome and hope I haven’t worn it out already. I bid adieu for now. Good luck to y’all this weekend.

  5. Wow Mr Yates,
    Just got up and am catching up on the blog.
    You are really laying it on thick. I wish I could have been out there too, so I could give you a little compitition. Oh well, I still have to say good luck. As far as I know you are still only the second person to figure out the spot. Watch out for all the birds.
    Got to go to work. See ya!

    • Ill be the first to let everyone know Yates wont find it……good luck to everyone!

    • im not sure how you know you are looking in same area as me. tell me something on here clever and encoded so i know if you were at same spot, you said you searched it 3 weeks ago right.

        • that is not nearly enuff info for me to know if you and i are looking at the same spot the poem brings you to at the end. dams are everywhere.

    • ok lucky dog i thot of something. if you are at same spot as me, answer this question. ok first if you did find this spot then you know the poem has 3 points, the start, the middle and the end. measure on a map the distance from the start to the middle, in a straight line only, don’t measure exactly the way the poem tells you to go. just go straight line, start to middle. ok now measure on a map straight line middle to end. add the 2 together and tell me total distance in miles. also, the distance from middle to end, tell me how it compares to start/middle distance. is it half of, is it more than half, are they about the same, is it less than half? ill be looking for your answer but i am getting ready to head out for the whole day so you may not hear from me till end of day.

      • Well maybe I am mistaken. I do not need a map. I believe that if you need a map and have to measure and calculate all that, then you are not in the correct spot. If that ends up being the case, then I am sorry for saying that we have the same spot.
        My chance will be Memorial Day weekend.

        • Ld I’m in agreement with you. It’s my opinion that all you need is the poem. The book may offer some hints but is not the primary source. I don’t think the poem contemplates 2-3 days of searching. When Fenn says go with confidence you should be able to hit all your waypoints or marks within a day or less.

          • DT,
            I think that also. I hope it goes that way, but nothing will surprise me.

        • Curious as to whether or not Forrest would have been a bit more cagey to have the poem relate to some measurements to bring you to the general area. Depending on how your clue research and the results of that searching pan out, I can see where measurements on my leads are necessary to generalize the spot. Remember, whether Forrest meant it or not, 300 mi. from Toledo is a rather specific measurement that lines up with some standouts in the poem. Of course, you need to know where Toledo is.

          • Point taken. We will just have to see how it works out in the end. Hopefully that will be soon. I did some of my honey do list today, but I think my wife wants her husband back. LOL can you relate?

    • or depending on your answer, this may be easier way to see. are you saying there is a dam within to 3 miles of where you are searching for the chest?

  6. I let my kids read the poem for the first time this week… (I have 6 kids, all under 12) One of them said, “Dad, sounds like it you have to look at the stars and constellations and everything” – he’s 10… I think it’d be a very eloquent solution, however the constellations change throughout the year, so maybe Forrest’s “worth the cold” comment was stating that you have to go look for it in the Winter when then constellations are set in a certain formation from where you’re searching… This was touched on by someone at the end of Part 18 last night… I was so proud of my son to bring up something I hadn’t thought of – I truly think the insight of a child is wonderful sometimes…

    • ……… and HUNGRY this time of year. Mommas with cubs are very aggressive and protective. Be careful out there peeps!

  7. An observation into madness:
    We all like to take Forrest’s word as the final one. Second hand information or even reported information that quotes him is and should be suspect, however, when it is written in his book or we hear or see him speak about something, we must accept that as truth. Or must we? This is a guy who is a self proclaimed hustler. This is a guy who tells us over and over that the chest has beautiful women on its sides and top and it clearly does not. A guy who tells us in the book that he won his treasured bracelet in a pool game with the heir of a hotel magnate and then says in a video interview that he bought it from Eric Sloan. I can understand the %15 – average out concept when it comes to the book, but does that mean that everything he says outside of this is truth? It would be nice to be able to hold onto some solid ground of reality somewhere but the conflicting images on the chest and other incidents suggest that you can’t trust what he says outside the book either. How do you measure %15 of BS from the person on a daily waking basis? I suppose all of us have some degree of BS attached to our personality, (maybe Yates more than others – jk ) but it’s madness when you are trying to pin down the truth because somewhere, the truth is out there, otherwise, we are all caught at the tea party, “clean cup clean cup move down move down…”

    • What he bought from Eric Sloane was a different piece of jewelry that Eric had bought for his wife. His wife didn’t like it so Mr. Fenn bought it. That piece is also in the chest along with the turqoise bracelet he won from the Harvey heir. I don’t think Mr. Fenn is lying about anything.

      • Cloudcover, thanks for that. I listened again. One less thing to figure out. However, that is one among many. This has been discussed here before many times.

    • Shu,

      is it 15% BS or maybe…
      15%… Creativity…?
      15%…Different Perspective…?

      I for one can not see the images on the box well enough to say one way or another…does it really matter what they are…? What they are means little to me…what I mean is…I will not let the images distract me from the poem.

      One more thing…we all have the same poem…spelled the same way…and we are ALL Over the Rockies trying to find the same chest…funny huh…? 🙂

    • Stu, Texans are some of the best bullshetters there are. I’m saying this based on personal experience.

      • Yup, nothing better than a tall tale, haha. Gotta love a Texan though, tell it like it is!

        • Tall Tale? Secrent, wasn’t Patrick Swayze inthat movie and he and his wife own a ranch here in New Mexico. It was a bout Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill and John Henry, ….hmmmm tall tale

    • Hi Stu, Looking at the picture of the chest in the book, I can see human figures, but nothing to identify them as women. I don’t see any point in Mr. Fenn misidentifying them though. Maybe there stylized figures? I think I’m one of the few people that look at the chest as a clue, although completely separate from the given clues, so I see no point in Mr. Fenn being deceptive about it?

      • Ok the light bulb came on, some of the figures appear to be climbing ladders. “The fire escape in the book”?

        • James,

          in one of the earlier pages of these nine clues someone said the chest “could” have been to keep a bible in…if that is the case then the contents of the chest (bible) would be someone`s stairway (ladder) to heaven.
          Of course the contents the chest holds today will be “heavenly” for the finder.

    • Stu, I guess I disagree with your line of thought. I think that FF works very carefully to be as honest
      as possible, but he does so very cleverly. He may get things mixed up at times, but with his legacy
      in mind–which is how he sees this–I think he strives to be an honest broker. It must be incredibly hard at times, though, with all the media and emails and interviews and crazies out there. Viewing him as a hustler won’t take you where you need to be to solve this. Just my humble opinion.

      • Wow, you would think by now I would figure out the line breaks. Will keep working on it, lol.

      • Jake, Forrest called himself a rake. While I believe he’s very honest at the same time.some stories don’t ring true for some reason. Why? To confuse or are those the clues? Forrest is incredibly smart and not suffering from any dementia more than I am in my opinion.

    • @Stu
      Fenn’s inaccuracies are abundant…….You are correct about him being a self proclaimed hustler and promoter…..He said give him $250,000.00 and he would make you a famous whatever you wanted to be.

      I’ve never met Fenn, but I’m from Texas and know characters like him…..He would argue over a nickel making a trade and have no problem “embellishing” a story to make an item more valuable, but give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. They are very likable scoundrels. The problem is you never know when they are spinning a yarn or telling the truth, or a combination of both. Just my opinion of course.

      I really want the treasure to be out there and the poem actually lead someone to it; but at this point I don’t know how much I would bet the treasure is there, or not there. I’ve traveled the back country of the west for 40+ years and already know what many of the searchers are learning the hard way; the areas they are talking about are vast and hidey spots many……it would take weeks or even months to search even a small area thoroughly.

      When Fenn was asked if he would have liked a treasure like this when he was a kid…..He said he would have loved it, and he would have looked under every bush in North America……Does Fenn expect us to look under every bush and rock in the Rocky Mountains; how precise is the poem. Fenn said we could move confidently and nothing would be accidental…….Is that the truth or Fenn making a sale?

      • That’s what I’m talkin’ about Stan. I don’t think it is malicious but it is purposeful and anybody who doubts that he is a hustler is not going to fully understand him or this chase. And Goofy, I believe it is there. I just believe that we all need to sift through some things. I have the utmost respect for the man. When I was a kid, Han Solo was my hero. Don’t get me wrong on this and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just looking for some like minded people to bounce ideas where this is concerned off of.

        • Stu – Finally, at last, a believer. The whole book is filled with un-truths to provoke us. FF stated this himself. I don’t know what a Han Solo is, but I know deliberate red herrings when I hear them. I got a handle on this quite a while ago & I think Goofy did too. I also think Dal is beginning to doubt a few things. Anyway, I am definitely of a like mind & I would like to bounce ideas around too. You got any? I have lots.

        • @Stu
          Don’t get me wrong, I think I would like Fenn; he seems to be a likable character. If someone doesn’t “believe” the treasure is there, then it’s a mute point. Those of us that “believe” have to decide how much we are willing to invest in finding the treasure. I’ve traveled the western states extensively so there’s not an incentive for me to go just to see the mountains.

          One thing I have thought about is what Fenn hasn’t said. When folks were digging up outhouses he came out with a clue and said not to do that. When folks were talking about cemeteries, he said not to do that. But when the fellow dug a small hole on the side of the road he was upset at the government. He did not say not to do that… it buried six inches deep close to a road? You could go get the thing in your flip flops.

        • Becky, we need to talk. First of all about Han Solo.
          I have been working on Dal a bit also, haha.
          LIke I said, I don’t think he is malicious in any way but on the big worded page when he talks about what “lies” ahead, I have since wondered myself. I do have some ideas yes but they are tangled and confused. I have tried to average out his truths and his 15% but am having a hard time qualifying and quantifying if ya know what I mean. I find it hard to believe that people who have read the book more than once would continue to think he is just a sweet old man. Some stories are obviously fabricated or greatly embellished for the sake of the hints. Those I get but there are others that confound me. The chapter, “Important Literature” is somehow the most difficult. He is an environmentalist but throws books and magazines in the trash? The confusion is deep in this chapter and I wonder if a key or template of sorts lies within it.

          • Stu-

            I don’t understand your concern with truth and accuracy. Can you remember with accuracy an entire books worth of stories about yourself? Don’t you think if you tried you’d fail? I certainly feel that way about my past. People I knew years and years ago have attributed things to me that I don’t remember ever doing…but which one of us is accurate? There are things that I tell stories about in my life but to be completely honest…I can’t remember what actually happened. I have given a few presentations to various groups interested in Fenn and treasure hunting in general. But I can’t be certain the stories I tell them from 25 years ago are accurate. I think they are…but others who were there with me don’t remember things the same. Someone once said, History is nothing more than the stories we have agreed to accept…or something close…See what I mean..I can’t even recall that short little quote.

            My point is that you sound a little like a conspiracy theorist. And I think your holding Forrest to a hotter fire than you’d expect to be held to yourself. Its a constantly quoted “fact” that for most of us the longer life we’ve had the harder our memory has to work to recall events. A person who is 25 only has about 20 years worth of memories. A guy 50 has about 45…etc…Those memories really get ephemeral by the time you are 83. And if you were not required to exercise your memory on a regular basis than it becomes less efficient with age too.

            Is what I remember accurate or is that the version of those events that I dreamed about for fifteen years and seem like they are real? I believe Forrest has no intention of leading searchers astray by saying things differently from time to time.

            As far as embellishment goes, I think that if you are recounting memories for the War Crimes Commission, you don’t embellish. But if you are telling stories to entertain and capture attention then certainly embellishment takes place. I suspect the stories in the book are full of embellishments and misstatements..partly to entertain and partly because that’s the way he remembers those events. But I never thought otherwise. Narrative is all about capturing and holding onto the readers attention. I know that. I’ve listened to ghost stories around a campfire and I’ve read impossibilities about folks like Teddy Roosevelt, Jack Kennedy, Neil Armstrong, the Anazazi and even about myself.

            You are right, Forrest has said that It’s not important who you are. It’s only important who they think you are. And that phrase cuts both ways. People go to jail quite often in this country for crimes they did not commit and people are also called heroes who have done very bad things but were never caught.

            Finally, it’s really hard for many people to be able to extemporaneously speak with confidence and accuracy when someone has a camera pointed into their face. Words fail them, the best part of the story is forgotten, embellishments are slightly changed…

            So take the book the way Forrest suggested. I don’t think he ever suggested that it was roadmap to the treasure or that it was an unadulterated account of his life. It’s a memoir..not a sworn testimony.

          • Totally agree with you Dal, even if I don’t know ff at all compared to you! 🙂 My only way of assessing his personality is through his book, blog, and all the interviews and videos I’ve watched. We have to remember that Forrest was growing up during the Great Depression so even though his father was a principal of a school, the family was probably pretty poor and he had to be resourceful to earn his spending money. Those experiences expressed in his book shaped his life and made him in to a very successful businessman who knew how to either trade or buy low and sell high. Isn’t that what all retail businesses try to do? I don’t believe he is dishonest or lying about anything in his book, embellishing it a bit to help with the clues in the poem maybe, but not trying to “trick” us. The clues and hints are in there, we just have to decipher them! 🙂

          • Stu-
            Sorry. I did not mean to pile on. It took me so long to write that tome that I didn’t know others were also trying to convince you to change the way you think…lol…

        • Stu & Goofy – Just about every searcher admits that FF is a trickster, but then they believe what he says. FF is a certain type of person. He has never been given the credit/respect that he feels he deserves for his accomplishments. He has had dealings/associations with celebrities & Who’s Who people, but has never been one of them. He’s eighty-three years old & his time on this earth is “drawing nigh” to the end. “No matter how far away a date is on the calendar, it always seem to arrive sooner”. No matter how much stuff FF collected, no matter how many books he wrote, no matter how wealthy he became, no matter his heroic acts & his successful Air Force career, etc – FF was still an unknown to most of the world. But he devised a plan to gain himself importance, variety, a connection with people, & to contribute to the world in his own way. I believe the so-called hints in the book are not about the poem, rather about his life. Once we understand his goals – not to get families out into nature – I think we can get this poem figured out. Now, could I be wrong? Sure, but not any “wronger” than the others.

          Just for the record, FF is not a liar accidently. He tells us up front that his stories are not completely true & the Today Show clues will not help us. FF tells us that he’s gonna tell us, then he tells us, then he tells us that he told us.

        • If anyone believes that I don’t have respect for Mr. Fenn, you would be sadly mistaken. I have never called him a fraud and never would. I think he is a stand up guy of the highest caliber with a wry smile inside because he has done this audacious thing and crafted a chase to confound and be challenging. It could be argued that I have more respect for him because I believe that he is more clever than most do. I believe his words, that I think he intends us to believe, wholeheartedly otherwise I would not be doing this. “Life deals you four cards and Joker” This is not the original quote. Why do you think he has changed this? Just a slip of the memory? If you don’t think he is having fun and toying to a degree throughout the book, then I believe you are missing the intended fun. He tells us that we are supposed to average out the truth by using a rule of thumb of about 85%. In the chapter, Important Literature, he describes the wrong book from Hemmingway. The book he describes is “A Farewell to Arms” not “that Bell Tolls book”. You think this was just a mistake? If he and his editor would let something like this pass then it would be madness indeed to try to sort anything out. It is purposeful. He says that, “If Robert Redford ever wrote a book it would be better than that Gatsby thing”. He knows that Redford did write a book called The Outlaw Trail. The man has stayed at his house. They are both historians of the west. Does anyone actually think that self proclaimed environmentalists – not to mention book collectors – actually throw books and magazines in the trash? The above cited inaccuracies are all in just one chapter. I”m sorry but if you believe that a kid waved a jar of olives in his face at school then there’s this bridge I want to show you. I believe the stories are true. He says this. At least they are about 85% true and it is our task to “average out” what is meant to call our attention. There is no need to defend the man because I am not attacking him – I am applauding him.

          • Stu-
            I never thought you were attacking him. I just thought you were questioning how all the inaccuracies could be accounted for. It sounded like you were considering that he was trying to deceive us. I just don’t believe for a second that he is trying to deceive us…but he is also trying not to tell us anything more than absolutely necessary. He tries to be encouraging without giving anything away…and he is very human and prone to errors and exaggerations. I don’t think there is anything Machiavellian about what he does. I think his scrapbooks on this very blog show that he likes to play and maybe stir things up a little. I think he greatly likes the search and the searchers. I know for a fact that he gets a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in knowing that so many families are getting out to look for his cache.

        • @stu
          Great comment……..and eloquently put. To not question what Fenn is saying is to be a fool. Fenn stated he is a hustler and toying with us…..believe him. Wrong book references, wrong quotes, invalid “facts”, half truths, it goes on and on; if you are not paying attention to this you are wasting gas. Enjoy the view because you will never find the treasure…..IMHO

          Recently there have been a few comments about evil brothers tormenting their sisters. My poor son was the youngest and has two older sisters. Many years ago when my kids were young my son came running to me one day gagging and spitting about to be sick. I asked what in the world is the matter with you; he said his sister had made him eat soap. What she had done is taken one of those scented, colored soap bars (one of those girley bars) and convinced him it was candy…….he took a big bite and immediately tasted how awful it was, but she convinced him to keep chewing and it would soon taste wonderful. He ate and swallowed the big bite he had taken. She was laughing so hard there were tears in her eyes the whole time I was scolding her.

          A few weeks later here he comes again, gagging and spitting; and again he said his sister had made him eat soap. I asked him if he thought it was candy, he said yes. I said well son, if you’re going to be stupid, you’ve got to be tough…..and I turned and walked off. He has never forgotten that hard lesson.

          Some folks here have eaten the whole bar……and Fenn is having a great laugh.

        • Dal, I believe it is part of the chase. I don’t think he is evil. I think he is smart and smiling at the scurrying ants going round the tree. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect us or that we don’t respect him. It’s all a great game to me. It seems Goofy and Stephanie and perhaps others agree with me. Nobody who is in this camp disrespects the man but we all respect him more because we believe him to be more cunning – not deceitful. I believe he is due more credit than most because he has made the chase intelligent and frustrating and difficult to decipher. If you and others choose not to believe that these inaccuracies are intentional then that is, of course, your prerogative. I am so thankful that this board is here so that we may bounce ideas off each other, play devil’s advocate and possibly find common ground with some other like minded people. I don’t diss the math geek’s theories because I could never understand them.and that doesn’t seem like any kind of fun to me but I won’t discount the possibility that I am missing something. I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to tell them how wrong I thought they were or to call them names like the post below (keep it classy Deb). I, too believe that Mr. Fenn has a great respect for anyone who is searching and that respect is a two way street for anyone who is serious about the search but my greatest belief is that anyone who picks an area and just goes out to “search” it will n ever find the treasure. There is homework to be done. I believe the poem is the map and the book is the legend. I believe there are purposeful inaccuracies in the book that are designed to call attention to themselves and he furthers this by statements outside the book as well. Sure there are probably slip ups and unintentional inaccuracies as well as he is only human but there are too many for me to ignore them all. I believe Goofy is right and that not to question is a mistake. But hey, as long as everyone’s still having fun, keep on keepin’ on I say.

          • I’m kind of floating between them being intentional and not. I mean he talks about all the different color teas which makes me think he put the inaccuracies in there on purpose. Also, I have other books he’s written and they seem very accurate. Either way…I think if they are intentional it’s a sign for us to think and not just accept what’s put before us. It reminds me of when he talked about the sign in New York on the bench with the wet paint. Do you just accept that it’s wet paint or do you question if it’s wet? Maybe this is one of the biggest lessons he wants to pass on to the people he’s touching with his memoir.

      • I have found multiple layers in the book, dozens of clues. I am still struggling with a couple of chapters and several entries that I still dont have a clue about but am confident that in time I will get a full picture. For instance, I dont know anything about war most of that chapter flies right over my head. I can do research and learn more. I have learned so much from the chase on a whole and am excited about one layer in particular. I see the treasure as the icing on the cake and would be over the moon if its found in my lifetime.

    • Im gonna put my 2 cents in about the topic of Forrest, the book, the full and total truth. Im sorry if any one else already said what I am about to say.I just got in from a day of searching am tired and there are too many posts here to read before I get some rest. My advice to all of you who are questioning the things said in the book to look further than the end of your nose. Forrest never writes anything without a good reason. If something seems wrong, research what it is that is bothering you about it. Dont be LAZY and expect other people to supply you with the answers. This is not simply a race for the treasure its interpeting the hidden clues to that treasure and so much more which I will not even go into because I think you all are just either horribly stupid or so very ignorant about life .You should probably just stop right now and give up the chase. If you dont like my tone, consider how adolescent it is of you to put zero effort into solving this riddle, then to insult his name and question his integrity.If you really believe what you say then find something else to occupy your time and leave the chase to those who support what its about.

      • You know azuredeb, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that your insults were due to fatigue on your part. There are very lovely people on this post who are fun, intelligent and just plain nice. I have spoken to some on the phone and have written privately to some and without fail all have been wonderful. I think long after the search – whether people give up or find it – I will remain in contact with people here. As far as forrest goes, maybe his entire point was to just people out there – and he’s doing it!! How great is that? So, if you can’t be positive and contribute to the fun of the adventure fine, but please don’t insult us.

        • Im sorry it was a bad way to express my frustration at people saying that Forrest is a fraud and insinuating that there is no treasure that everyone is being lead a merry chase of a not so nice way. I apologize about the way I phrased that post. My point was that if people would put half the effort into the multitude of hints in the book and to researching of what Forrest is trying to proclaim as they are putting into trying to discredit him they will find a fine, sincere man who is trying to make the world a better place.The answers are there all we have to do is see them.

        • Azuredeb – No one is saying FF is a fraud or trying to discredit him. Who has said there’s no treasure? Of course there is. But some of us believe that the book with the stories is not needed & that the treasure is not hidden out in nature. Again, why does that bother you?

          Here’s what I can’t understand. If you believe FF, why are you putting so much emphasis on the stories when he has said many times that the book is not needed. Just the poem & THINK. Don’t you believe him? FF also stated in the Santa Fe interviews that he was never any good at math, especially not algebra. Yet searchers are calculating coordinates & distances based on constellations, longitudes, latitudes, etc. Not good at math? Don’t you believe him? Perhaps you should research the man instead of geography.

          How is FF trying to make the world a better place? Our world or his? Would any of us stake our lives on the fact that there is a hidden treasure? No, of course not. We just hope there is & that we are able to locate it. Isn’t that the point?

      • Dal & Azuredeb – I will take the hit – so make it your best shot.

        No one is insulting FF. I am applauding his success at planning this whole event the way he has. What has you so upset anyway? I haven’t asked anybody for their solutions or for the details of their trips. Nothing is wrong. Let me assure you that I am NOT stupid, ignorant, or lazy. I am simply solving the clues in my own way – by analyzing FF. I believe the solution can be found through the man himself – not by trudging to some lake, then down a gorge, or fishing for trout. Why does that bother you? I don’t care about the stories in the book – only how they relate to FF’s thinking & what he would do in certain circumstances. What have I said before that is incorrect? I was talking to Stu & Goofy because we have each questioned several things that should not impact the search for anyone else.

        By the way, I thought it WAS “a race for the treasure”. Isn’t that why you guys are out there searching? Aw, shucks – thanks for calling me “adolescent”. You do like me!

        • Becky, Would any of us stake there life, that there is a hidden treasure? “In a Heart Beat” As a veteran once said to a friend of mine who wasn’t, “You had to have been there”

  8. The core/foundation of the man is solid. My opinion is the embellishment is to get all of us to think and ask why in the world would f say that….it’s working lol.

    • JJ…My exact same thoughts on Forrest as well. I am 62 and at that stage in my life where I have a lot of stories to tell. I have had a very varied and eventful life, of which I have survived so far. I have an affable personality and can pretty much start a conversation with anyone. Of course out come my stories in a short bit. All my stories are truthful, however I do tend to maybe embellish a bit, not intentionally, but it just seems happens as part of story telling. So, must have something to do with age. haha

  9. Good morning and good luck to all the hunters out there! Just checking in…

  10. If there is anyone who can drive 1.5 hrs from Santa Fe today and who is willing to split the treasure 25% for me, 25% for you, 25% to a veterans support organization of my choice and 25% to a veterans support organization of your choice, email me this morning and I will send an agreement regarding recovering the treasure.

    • Email me with some info about you, where you live, what you do, what you’ve done to search for the treasure. I’m not fishing for any clue info, i just need to trust the person. Email is

  11. Two sets of coordinates the poem does show.
    But where they lead I don’t yet know.

    • Hi Pooka, if you go to Google Earth, it shows the coordinates at the bottom of the page, just move the cursor around, until it shows your numbers. hth

  12. Tis the weekend again!I bet the searchers are everywhere out there in the Rockies.Good luck to all and be safe.Last night I discovered the meaning of “There’ll be no paddle up your creek”.It is a total mind blower! Have fun all.

    • Wow Ken…I have been working on that line too. I did come up with something but it wasn’t too shocking in terms of the context of the rest of the lines so far…I am probably waaay off base LOL

    • no place for the meek and no paddle up your creek is truly an understatement. whoever finds this treasure is going to be one tough hombre.

  13. Wow! I just discovered I have a lot of reading to do. The math involved is staggering! Einstein you were completely right. I have a new found respect for you! Time to hit the books. I’ll check back later.

    • Here is some more math for you to contemplate…When the letter I appears in the poem, it may be referring to ff…but I believe it may be referring to just the letter I…now go read the poem again…Thinking of the letter I being the key…its very interesting indeed…

        • I’m sure ff is a fine mathematician like my Dad who was a navigator in WWII, but I’m not buying the “coordinates” angle for my “gas up the car” moment. Math would exclude too many folks from the final solution. He wants it to be a fun experience that includes everyone.
          Honestly, I think he would cringe at people using GPS to trek to the chest. It defeats his whole purpose.

          I happen to believe, from the composition of the poem, he is using a grammatical puzzle to challenge our minds. You can argue that grammar can be equally taxing for the masses these days, but his distain for modern communication devices could be a motive for a return to basics concerning the solution to the poem.

          The poem, after all the analysis, is just a riddle.
          A riddle is a trick of grammar, distraction and dual word meanings.
          In DieHard2, they were hung up on the math involved in the St. Ives riddle when no math was necessary. Hidden. In plain sight!

          It is involved enough to diagram the sentences for dissection. I will not be complicating things by throwing math into the equation. Astrology perhaps, but no Rocket Science.

        • Interesting. If I follow you correctly, I started thinking that way a couple of weeks ago, just thought maybe there was more to it than that. Information I’ve been researching has really made me see things in a whole new light but then I start questioning if I’m really just fooling myself.

  14. Just some references for those unfamiliar with the blog-

    The link below will take you to the Media Page where there are video and sound clips and newspaper and magazine articles on Forrest and the Treasure Hunt.

    This link will take you to the Rumors Page where we list and comment on common rumors about the Treasure Hunt.

    This link will take you to the Tips Page which contains 13 very specific tips that Forrest has provided to searchers.

    • @Dal
      Everyone should read these pages…….for that matter every page on your blog. Lots of great information about Finn and some great articles by you.

  15. Signing in. Hope all you fine Fenn Folk are having an awesome weekend. Remember to stop for a little while. Get outside and feel the sun on your face, smell the fragrance of new blossoms drifting with the breeze. Reach down and run your fingers through the grass. Get in that garden and feel the dirt between your fingers and remember what mother nature has to offer each one of you.

  16. Richard Saunier just put up a new post on his blog about “In the mountains north of Santa Fe”. As usual its a very informative, very practical read. That guy has a great analytical head on his shoulders. Read his blog, Mountain Walk”, here:

    • @Dal
      Good read by Richard………In my opinion his point is the main problem us searchers have interpreting the poem…..What does Fenn mean by that? What is “in the mountains” to Fenn…..He has told us it’s above 5,000 ft…..But what are the east/west boundaries to “the mountains”. Is Denver “in the mountains”? Could it be in Denver as long as it’s not “associated” (what does associated mean, could it be in the front yard) with a structure?

      Take a look at the same map Richard has with elevations above 5,000 feet highlighted…..Are the flat plains and valleys between the mountains (like Richard’s example) “in the mountains”? Very technically speaking to be “in the mountains” means it has to be in a cave, tunnel, culvert, rabbit hole, etc., or buried “in the mountain”.

      Another big problem we have would be Fenn’s truisms, or Fenn facts……for example Fenn’s explanation of why folks in the U.S. and Europe drive on different sides of the road….he says it’s the Coriolis Effect; which is simply not true…….If there was a clue in the poem about driving on the opposite side of the road in Europe and the clue was suppose to lead us to the Coriolis Effect, we would never get it……..It doesn’t matter what we think, if Fenn considers it to be a fact (correct or not) then it is fact…..period.

      I agree with you Dal when you said the better we understand, and think like, Fenn, the better chance we have at solving the poem. Which is no easy task when the person we are trying to understand favorite saying is “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are”.

      • In the same vein, Mr. Fenn said it is located “in the Rocky Mountains”, or does he say “in the rocky mountains?” Not all rocky mountains are Rocky Mountains. When expressed orally it’s ambiguous. Is there any first hand documentation to verify his comment as being in The Rocky Mountains?

  17. Kackster, no offense, but it seems to me that if you are really that certain of the treasure’s location you wouldn’t want to split it with anyone. I mean, aren’t you a lawyer or something? Point being, to acquire potentially millions in loot, you would do whatever you had to do to get to it ASAP…take time off, get a title loan on your car, borrow money from friends or relatives, etc., etc. . I’m sorry, but I personally don’t believe you are at all as sure as you would like people to believe. I think you are just gambling and hedging your bets while avoiding the actual ‘getting out in the field’ aspect of TTOTC. Anyway, that’s my opinion. Now if your remote control searcher actually finds it based on your intel, feel free to utterly rub my nose in it! But spare me one gold coin! Just because, ; ) Peace.

    • I just got back from a search in colorado. Climbed up a mountain trail twice, snow ice, climbed in a hole filled with freezing water. No luck there. Found a better site. I’m sorry you wouldn’t share with vets. It’s the thrill of the chase anyway!

    • I drove all the way from fl and spent some bucks in the process. Family thinks i’m crazy. I’m moving up to maine in the next two weeks, so I just can’t make another trip now. I decided to let someone to help so they could get a chance and ti also decided i could help some veterans if its found. I really have been blessed in my life. Time to help others. My first spot was glenwood colorado. House of brown was mollie brown’s room at the hotel colorado, which is still kept as she had it. Up river from there is a dam on the colorado river. Right there is a trail to hanging lake. Google pics of it and see the double omegas, trout, the view where you would be buried, etc. a creek runs up along the trail, there are old outhouses there (google hiking the hanging lake trail for pics) Above hanging lake is spouting rock(the chase) putting the beginning of the search (the chase) also at the end. Looks pretty good too, being almost due north of Santa Fe. Take it and check it out. It’s not there. It was also made a national natural landmark in 2011. Please need to not trample around that site.

  18. Dang, do I know how to clear a room or what!??? LOL sorry didn’t know I was infringing on my own 1st amendment LOL gotta go finish my french bread anyway. >>carry on, carry on…..

  19. kinda funny how he says he likes being in the middle. He’s made himself the ‘middle man’ that no one wants to cut out. LOL 🙂

    • I just drove by there…not looking for treasure, though. It’s loaded with snow right now, and will be through June (at least at the top). Otherwise, make sure where on the mountain you want to go, it’s huge.

  20. Someone asked me a good question about the Chase today.

    Lets pretend there was a national hide and seek contest. Half of everyone would hide and half of everyone would seek. If you were a hider, where would you hide that would ensure you would never be found?

    The most obvious answer is probably underground. It is likely a good spot but eventually you would be found. I submit the best place to hide would be not just out in the open but in a crowd; say grand central terminal in new york city. No one would think to look for a person hiding amongst a group of people searching. Osama bin Laden successfully evaded justice for a decade not by hiding underground in a cave or moving from place to place but by keeping a low profile in a community of people in a small loyal town.

    To change the scenerio a bit. I submit the best way to hide a needle is not in a haystack but a needlestack. In the case of the Chase, about a thousand mountain sized needle stacks….

    So where is the best place to hide a treasure chest? My vote would be in a place with a lot of other treasures.

    Make of that what you will. Good luck

    • so.. Brox, does that mean that he’s already stated that he’d like it to be donated to the Smithsonian that we all need to book a flight to Washington D.C. ? lol

  21. put in below the home of brown, hey Mole sauce is made with chocolate and so the sauce is Brown and he’s already hidden the ‘Whole Enchilada’ LOL anywho the ‘Moly’ bdenum is mined at the climax mine in Leadville

  22. that’s a good one! But if you ask me the Rocky Mountains is a pretty big haystack too!

  23. T-4 days and counting! If anyone wants to share any intelligent thoughts on the last 3 stanza’s to help make me wiser I will gladly accept. I have so many thoughts on the end but won’t know until I am there. (yep stain).

  24. also of interest is how many 2’s we find hmmm? >> The “Ark” is one of the best wild brown trout habitats in Colorado, and your typical catch is about 10 – 14”, but there are a lot of fish in the 15 – 17” category, and, once in a while, you can even trick trophy-sized trout in this amazing river. Midge and Blue Winged Olives dominate the hatch in the spring and fall, while Stone Fly and Caddis hatches are prolific in the summer months.

  25. Luckydog,

    i think you read something wrong into my question towards the top of the thread. youve got me curious if you searched the same place as i am searching now. i would like to know. i don’t need measurements of anything to get to where i am at. i was asking a question to see if you have the same place as me, but not sure how to go about it now after that epic failure of a Q&A there. talk to me, and if you wanna clue me in as to your place, i will let you know if its the same as mine.

    • Hey Chris,
      If my questions about a dam, birds and red trees aren’t jumping out at you, then I was completely wrong. You seemed so positive that I was sure we had to be in the same spot.
      Let me know your thoughts.

      • If both of you are looking in the wrong place, does that make it the same place?

        • no, if we both are looking in the wrong place, they could be different places. just simple logic really.

          • I know that Chris – just trying to have a little fun. My point was that you are both in the wrong place. But you have fun with your shovel tomorrow.

        • thats a good answer dale, best one that ive read today, well except for Dals

      • i dont know lucky dog, those things you say coud have to do with my place, i never been there in person until just recently. you know what, ill just email you where im searching and you tell me if its your place ok

          • Emailed you back Chris

            No. Totally different places. Sorry.
            I am set on my spot and not looking at any others. Some of the things you said, sounded just like my spot, just with a lot more hype..
            Good luck tomorrow Chris

      • LD you talking about willow trees and woodpeckers or maple and meadowlarks?

  26. hello fellow searchers, i am back from my day of searching, i am going back to a specific place with a shovel tomorrow, … no joke

  27. Dal, i really liked what you wrote above about FF, writing the book with some embellishment, and perhaps there maybe some human memory error but it is for the most part a sincere representation of his life experiences. I totally agree and i think you laid it out par excellent. like you say thats what i thought and expected anyway. i think that FF put effort into the hidden clues in the book, and so they are there, and also the poem was written and then meticulously adjusted over the years, and so i think searchers can have faith in those 2 things. other than that FF is a human like the rest of us except he is 80 years old, living large and well considering that age and he beat cancer, so he has my utmost respect if im being honest.

    • Chris – p.151 of the book. FF states that “at age almost-eighty, I figured it was time to act. So I wrote a poem …” Where are the years of meticulous adjustment?

      • Your book has 151 pages…shoot, I knew I bought the wrong one.

        Just funnin’ with ya Becky, I know you meant page 131.

        • Bingo, Stu. What ya been up to?

          Astronaut Jim Lovell said (circa 1968) on aborted flight to moon – “At one point I sighted the earth with my thumb—and my thumb from that distance fit over the entire planet. I realized how insignificant we all are if everything I’d ever known is behind my thumb.” Born in 1928, he was later Commander of Apollo 13. Any comments?

  28. My mother has written her memoirs (sp?) and it is true in fact, but embellished a little to add some spice, interest and humor. Very common with memoirs I expect.

    • and this is based on what. FF has refused to say if it is buried or not.

  29. I have extensively searched recently and did not bring a shove.l I believe the treasure is hidden within the poem, not under the ground

    • the treasure is hidden within the poem? so if you print out the poem on a piece of paper and then tear the paper in half, does the chest drop onto your living room floor? can you please make some sense.

    • Herman 1 – The answer is FF said to take a sandwich &, if it gets dark, a flashlight. No shovel, no rope, no maps, no metal detector. Just a sandwich. I believe him.

      • I take one of those small folding military shovels when I’m searching. I don’t think he buried it but mother nature could have helped with that…spring run off and all. 🙂 CHC

      • With regards to the sandich tip, I thought that was said after DAl had buried his wheels in some sand and a mysterious native american came and helped him out, and I thought that FF was just being funny and meant a sand wench! I could be wrong though! 🙂

    • Becky its bad enough that i am having to walk 3 miles uphill tomorrow with a shovel, now i am needing a shovel for your responses as well

      • Chris,
        The comment Herman 1 made, did make some sense to me. If you really feel you need to walk 3 miles uphill with a shovel…then OK, that’s your choice I guess, but many believe you will not need to dig with a shovel but you may need to dig a little deeper into the poem itself. F did say nothing else needed but maybe a flashlight and a sandwich.

        • no he didnt say nothing else needed and you are reading too much into that answer of take a sandwich

  30. Right Becky. I did take a sandwich. Of course, I struck out because I did not solve the riddle correctly. Chris, what I am saying is the work is in the solution. The poem is the secret. I am stumped and only recently decided to try again. If I was so smart, I would have found it. I’m just thinking that if solved correctly, you can go with confidence and pick it right up. I searched an area about 1500 feet by 100 feet with a partner. I now believe if you are in that situation you are just not going to find it. I really don’t think you will need a shovel if you have really figured it out. I do wish you luck.

    • Oh, my goodness, Herman 1. I have not figured it out. I agree with you about going right to the treasure if the clues are solved correctly, but I have not. If I could disregard the NORTH of the Rocky Mts, then yes. So many possibilities, huh?

      About the shovel issue – how would FF carry a shovel, the chest, & the treasure in 2 trips?

  31. ok i think i am just going to start explaining my solution a piece at a time

  32. The poem I write tells the way.

    Names have meaning, who are they?

    The lake and mountains are found here.

    High on a hillside above a special place,

    You’ll find the treasure and God’s Grace.

  33. the poem is written with stanzas 2,3,4 as the first 3 stanzas, telling you in a general way where to go. i will call them the main stanzas, each main stanza has a sister stanza that goes with it. the sister stanza goes with one specific main stanza and that stanza only, and it has all the hidden clues and info necessary to understand the main stanza. the main stanza and its sister counterpart are all in order, exactly 3 stanzas apart. so main stanza 2 goes with sister stanza 5. stanza 3 with stanza 6. and stanza 4 with stanza 1.

    look at stanza 5 which goes with main stanza 2, ‘so why is it that i must go ..’ notice that it uses the word ‘go’ in the present tense. notice that stanza 2 also is talking in the present tense, ‘begin it where’ and ‘take it in the canyon down’. ok lets look at stanza 1 which goes with main stanza 4. stanza 1 uses the past tense of the word go, ‘as i have gone alone’. look at its main stanza 4 , past tense also, ‘if you’ve been wise and found the blaze’. the tenses are clues that these stanzas go with each other, also what they are saying is that the main stanza they go with, you are ‘going’ somewhere. the poem has 3 points, the beginning, the middle and the end. stanza 2 tells you to start at the beginning and take it to the middle place. stanza 4 tells you to go from the middle to the end, where the blaze and the chest are at. stanza #3, its sister stanza is #6., notice the commonality in the second line. #3 says the end is drawing ever nigh, future tense, #6 your effort WILL BE worth the cold, future tense again and they are both talking about the chest. the end is the chest and the cold is the cold of the brass (chest). what is important with stanza #3 is when you examin its sister stanza you see it does not have any form of the word go, this is because as you are following the path the poem lays out for you on a map, stanza #3 is never telling you to go anywhere. what that whole stanza is about is telling you what you see, or what is around you ‘from there’, and it is also saying the end will be to your left. stanza #3 is all about confirming your middle location. in summary stanza #2 tells you to start and then go to the middle, stanza #3 tells you what is there at the middle, then stanza #4 says to go from the middle to the end. i have not yet touched on the hidden clues that the sister stanzas tell you what are in the main stanzas, so i am trying to do this one layer at a time.

    • i’m mesmerized.. thats the past tense 🙂 .. thats amazing chris! but it doesnt seem to be giving me any solution??? or is that just the beginning phase of your fascinating theory??

          • Greatest Viking of all that comment was directed towards casey who may have been mocking Yates.

          • Warrior with longboat I am weak and done it tired. And still confused by the discourse in this blog.

        • i am.. i think chris can tell i’m having fun with him.. and i am being honest about his approach, its truly fascinating.. 🙂 out of my are the cryptologist types on the board.

    • Chris, Congratulations! You are out there on the Chase. Your interpretation of the poem is very interesting and makes me think in a completely different way. Don’t give up, you may be closer than you think. Be safe and good luck. Please let us know how your adventure ends.

    • Hi Chris, Making a map is a good idea, I used my map to see how many clues would converge at the same point. I don’t think it’s so important, what our clues are or where they come from, to me if I can get 3-4 clues to converge at the same point, I know that I have something that goes beyond coincidence. Not necessarily the chest, but definitely, something.

  34. i am totally fine with all the responses thus far. yet i find myself halting. i was about to give all the specifics on the clues and locations i found but i hesitate because i feel im doing something wrong. but why would that be? if i dont have the chest then i just have another wrong solution, and i feel so strongly about it, i would like to lay it all out there and maybe someone can tell me why it doesnt lead to the treasure. perhaps i am being premature, i am going out the morrow to dig a certain spot, but lets be honest, does anyone expect i am going to dig and find it? someone help me here, i just need to know where i am going wrong if i am going wrong. but i need to be honest about my solution. its just that it seems so significant how could it be wrong. i could be divulging huge insights or it could just be a lot of crap, i dont know, thing is i dont have the chest so what does that say. someone help me here, i dont know what to do.

    • I believe in you Chris. You got more sense than many haters I’ve seen on here. Don’t let them get to you. Move with confidance and you will find that chest.

      +1 for you.

    • What state are you in? 2 and three get you to the site; 4 tells you what to do at the site and 6!specifies what to look for once you are oriented at the site.

    • Chris Yates you are asking for help from people who haven’t even solved the Poem themselves?

      Would that not be considered the blind leading the blind?

      • Yo Boss,I missed the part about how your search went.Was it a complete bust or are you still liking your site?Hope you had a good time anyhow.

          • VGBoss GQ baby sir do you have the trove or are you on your second level of searching?

        • Doubting Thomas….My Thrill of the Chase friend! What’s up?! How you doing? I’m doing super fenntastic!!!

          My friend you know very well that Forrest Fenn’s awesome Poem, to me, is talking about 2 locations.

          1st location Poem speaks of Cow Creek Ranch:

          2nd location Poem speaks of….I will not reveal…sorry…maybe in the future on video.

          So Doubting Thomas when are you going to share your dangerous insight? I see that Chris Yates and others are sharing their dangerous intel…why not you my friend? You know I won’t go stomping on your hot spot or spots. I don’t play like that.

          My friend you know me…I have many clues solved…in my mind and eyes. I will share these findings of mine with you which I’m sure you and others already discovered but here they are anyways. Again I have many more clues solved but these small clues here I am willing to part with just to add some Thrill of the Chase spice to this blog.

          My friend as you know Forrest Fenn gave us a Poem to locate his Treasure Chest. Second Forrest then brought us a Book, his Thrill of the Chase memoir, with subtle hints to help out with the Poem. Third he then gave us audio interviews and video interviews with Mrs. Mills, and others. Fourth Forrest went on the Today Show and gave us so many clue that people believe are non-clues but boy O’ boy there are a bunch of clues within!!! Most recent Today Show clue 4 daughters? A clue!!! (Read Cow Creek Ranch history and the 4 daughters with one of them named Peggy… . Chanon Thompson, lost girl with RED awesome freaky hair-do, from a while back…lots of clues in that piece/segment! Forrest walking around in his home, and his backyard….many clues!!!

          Forrest Fenn has showered everyone on this Chase with so many clues that one needs an umbrella!!! Forrest is a very generous person and Doubting Thomas I’m sure you agree!!!

          • VGBoss GQ baby sir ! Good morning. Loved the photos and Cow Creek palace but not my starting spot. Here’s some of my intel. All things must return to Santa Fe the start of the chase. The trove is at or near a river that flows towards Santa Fe. Here’s my Indians Jones hint “a wise man’s heart directs him towards the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him towards the left”. You sound like a wise man VGBoss GQ baby sir so you know where to go correct?!! By the way what does a brave man do?

          • I don’t believe anyone has any intel….I believe a wise man would question a man saying he has intel, when he clearly can’t possibly if he doesn’t have it. I think Forrest is the only one with intel….the rest of us just have opinions. I think in a lot of ways Forrest “leads” us places…and it’s the places he doesn’t lead us, that we need to find. For example…did he hide the chest or did he hyde the chest? Not being snarky DT….just difference of opinions on calling anything intel. *hug*

          • Snarky Stephanie I was responding to VGBoss GQ Baby’s request for dangerous intel. We can call intel, insight , hint , clue , analysis, or theory. In my comment I was analyzing the phrase “ever drawing nigh” and “if you have been wise…” So I am saying ever drawing nigh ties into the full circle idea. The end refers to the creek or the river in the poem and the quest in my opinion. I am saying that since all things must return to the beginning it’s probably at or near a river or creek or whatever that flows back to Santa Fe. As to the wise man indiana jones comment that comes from the bible. It is a direction in the poem which tells you where to find the blaze along the creek or river. Just my opinion.

        • ..and dal it’s amazing how you have failed in locating the Treasure Chest over 20 times but you don’t see me and others making fun of you at your failed attempts or at your comments but here you are coming and making fun of a comment by a user. WOW! Really nice 🙂

          And besides… like Forrest Fenn stated: “Life is a game of Poker”

          We play the Thrill of the Chase the way we choose to just as you dal and others play the Thrill of the Chase the way you and they choose to.

          I love Poker!

        • Doubting Thomas I love the Full-Circle notion…very much.

          Hey Forrest Fenn wants his Bracelet returned…right? Bracelet sure looks great on my wrist though…J/K…Thrill of the Chase humor my friend. 😉

          • That is a good idea…that it leads you back to SF as I believe that’s where he went in his car at…that took me on one of my searches actually…had to do with a something over by Tesuque. I know there’s other places too that are similar to something that represents coming home that I need to find and see which it might be at.

          • Yes Stephanie that’s why I am on the New Mexico Conestoga Bandwagon! Yeeehaw! Any body searching above southern colorado and west of the continental divide is not going to find it. Thanks to mike D and his latitude theory. Wooo hoo! Just my opinion.

          • Yes, but it’s also true that he could be speaking of his childhood. He said the first like 18 years of his life were up there…so they took him up there when he was born…so the circle could be up there as well. I wouldn’t discount anything or any place. He was only in SF about a dozen years when he decided to hide it. He also said he always knew where he would hide it. Always could reflect on it’s a place he always spent time. He even talks about going up there as an adult on his vacations.

        • Hi jen!!!

          Are you OK? Is all well in your neck of the woods? Those darn Tornadoes!

          jen glad you adore the pictures…I believe Doubting Thomas would find them fun also too bad the captain of this ship didn’t not find them fun but hysterical.

          You know me… adding something different to this Chase. A different twist so to speak…to this game of Poker I mean to this Thrill of the Chase.

          jen and you know me…I have lots more where that came from. 😉

        • So far we are good! More tornadoes expected today though! Miss you in the chat room!
          I love this game of poker, can’t wait to see what else you have to show!

        • jen and Doubting Thomas do you guys like this google earth zoomed-in photo of Cow Creek Ranch? Hopefully it makes you giggle alot 😉

          jen and Doubting Thomas as you very well know I strongly believe that Forrest Fenn’s Poem is talking about Cow Creek Ranch in Pecos, NM…CCR is 8,000 – 9,000ft above sea level but that it’s only the 1st level….online scavenger hunt…there is more to the this awesome Chase…another location/site which I believe I solved as well. Anyways my friends thought you would get a good laugh at this photo but at the same time find it very interesting. Enjoy my Thrill of the Chase friends who do not insult me. 🙂

          ATTENTION: This photo is intended for the eyes and sense of humor of jen and Doubting Thomas as we love to have fun with this Thrill of the Chase. If you are not jen or Doubting Thomas and happen to view this photo and use it for your hunt, or like Cow Creek Ranch for your hunt, know that it’s at your own risk, your own choice. Some of us are having heavy loads of fun with this Thrill of the Chase. So be wise with what your eyes see or what opinions you choose to absorb.


          • LOL. VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! That is crazy good genius level stuff! My head is spinning. Is that the U from the University of Miami?

        • University of Miami? No Doubting Thomas…UCONN….just kidding….Miami, New Mexico…just kidding…..they are omega symbols, in my eyes, silly rabbit.

          • LOL. VGBoss G(Genius)Q baby sir! When do you anticipate solving the second level? Do you have a timer going like Yates? Yes full circle. Enchanted full circle!

          • VGBoss GQ Boss baby sir! I’m not asking you to boil an egg or do an episode of man vs food. Just want to know when to expect a level 2 video! A brave man stands firm. Is that a reference to hard ground or that the chest is not buried?

        • Doubting Thomas even if you had wanted me to boil an egg I would have had to ask my little friend to go to the groceries.

          WOW my friend I did not know my level 2 location, on video, was such in high demand. I feel like I’m about to release a new Avengers blockbuster.

          “I never said I buried it, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t bury it.” (Got to love Forrest Fenn)


    • Chis,

      Don’t let this get you down. Remember, Dal and Stephanie have made many trips out and when they get back, they reevaluate their clues and strike out again. I don’t beleive you will need to go digging. Fenn said that the only things that could effect the location of the chest was earthquake, mud slides and fire. The key word there would be “fire”, that should tell you that it wouldn’t be buried. If it was, It wouldn’t be effected by fire. Got it? Now go get it.

      • I must disagree with that statement…Fires involving trees can smolder for months along root systems underground, and even create hidden pot hols full of ash. Anything underground less than 3 feet and near trees is at risk from heat and flame.

      • I suppose I should let Chris know that I just made trip 22 out West with too many failed solutions to count and came up empty handed. The 23rd time is the charm though…right? I don’t want to get into where I was….but I started doing something that I think would be fun. The whole reason I found Forrest’s Chase in the first place was that I was looking online to see if anyone had done a treasure hunt and written a riddle to go with it. I thought it would be fun to put a gift card out somewhere and write a riddle for people to find it. I never did that, because I haven’t been able to think of anything else but finding his chest in the past 2 years. One of the first trips my husband took was with our 11 year old at the time son. They were walking back to the car when my son saw something shiny on the ground. It turned out to be gold looking presidential dollars. Well, the other day we got a few in our change and an idea struck me. While we were out hiking in some of our areas, we left coins out there here and there. I’m going to try and do that each trip…to go to the bank and pick up like $10 or $20 worth of those coins and leave them for others to find(would be especially fun if searchers have their kids with them to find them). Just thought that others might want to do that too or they might find a coin and wonder why it’s there. Maybe it can be a stand against the government thinking they should be able to own things like that.

        • What a fun idea Stephanie! I’ll probably only be going out on one search, maybe two, but I’ll be sure to bring some coins along to show that I was at that spot and maybe some day I’ll go back to see if anyone picked them up. Forrest already wrote the riddle to find my cache! 🙂

          • “Forrest already wrote the riddle to find my cache! :-)” That’s awesome. If we leave them in our “spots” then we’ll all have found his treasure lol.

        • Definitely a great idea!

          I just hope Forrest Fenn doesn’t make the riddle/riddles as difficult as his Thrill of the Chase riddle/POEM for if he does then I will be the only person to solve it/them. lol

          Steph that would be awesome!

      • germanguy,

        If I may ask, how was your trip? Enjoyed your discussion of ”nigh”, but felt it came to a bad end. Just having fun here.

    • Chris – I will help you if you want and if you can trust me. I am only going once for the chest and it is not your location. If you feel like blurting it to one person I might be able to help. I go on record here that I will never search Colorado for Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest :-).

    • Chris, do not divulge the rest if you feel uncomfortable with doing that but I am hoping you will.I find your thinking original and impressive. To me, the poem is all about hidden patterns and a key or keys that are right in front of us but so hard to see. Whether you are right about your spot or not and whether you are right or not about the verb tenses connecting the stanzas, it is a very interesting approach you have come up with; it spurs me to look at the poem with fresh eyes. You should be proud of your solution regardless of the outcome.

    • @Chris
      I hope you don’t take this the wrong way……I’m thinking you are a young fellow; I think this from your youthful over confident (some would say arrogant) remarks before you left…….Now you are disheartened, feel foolish, defeated……If you want to find the chest you need to stop feeling anything and think, being emotional may make you miss the chest……Go through your solution again with unemotional eyes……take another look at your spot with zero emotion, just facts. See what is really there, not what you feel is, or is not, there. When it is most difficult to be calm and think is when it is most important to do so…….Explore your spot thoroughly and calmly……You don’t want to second guess yourself when you return and wish you had looked more thoroughly. The chest is there or it is not there.

      If the chest is not there you are wiser having been out there searching. At least you had the guts to go search………Failure only comes from not trying. You have found a place where the treasure is not……One day when you’re my age this will be a great story to tell a young foolish fellow you’re trying to help, he probably won’t listen, but it’s still a great story.

      Hang in there, and good luck with your search.

      • Good advice, G. I’d say research, non emotion and cold hard facts are what’s needed with this search. That’s pretty much the angle I’ve been taking, as well. If you don’t find it, chances are you’ll still have a great story to tell. Good luck. CHC

        • I am not sure I would agree. I have tried to use both sides of the brain. Although I usually differ to solving poem with adventure, outside of the box thinking, imagination, and plenty of emotion. FF we can all agree has a level of trickery or misdirection about him so cold hard facts are truely impossible(untill you have the treasure) and I would think you should be very emotional, what kind of a thrill is emotionless. I am not 100% sure you can research and plan it. I can see it starting in a random way like a pot of hot water under a picture of a log cabin with a map of some trail nearby. None of which you could research or plan for. Forrest has said he likes to go and trail vs planning for one. This is just one thought. Heading to the mountains in your favorite area regardless of there being a hot springs near is treasure in itself. So with that I say go with a sense of adventure, a love of natures beauty, imagination, and try to relate with FF’s personality. Wherever you end up is gonna be worth it even if the blaze never presents itself. Maybe not tho there is a Rainbow hot springs.

    • Chris-
      Every one of us who have been out looking failed…
      I’ve failed 31 times now..
      Ask Stephanie how many times she thought she really had it…
      You just have to step back, figure out where you went wrong..
      and try again..

      It’s just not easy to solve this puzzle.

    • Chris i admire what you’ve done. If we don’t take risks we will never have the opportunity for reward. I wish you the best. John

    • @Chris,

      If you are doubting yourself then you may have the wrong spot. In order to find the treasure you must be very confident. I went to a spot and I knew what the blaze was going to be when I got there. never being in the area there it was with marvel gaze. When I got to it my quest had ended. I looked quickly down and it is sending me to Cody. Not sure what to look for in Cody. Wish you well.

    • Hi Chris, You say you don’t know what to do. Forget the shovel, grab your fishing pole, take a break, put some distance between you and the poem, don’t fight with it, give the answers a chance to come to you. I find, that as soon as I step back and separate myself from the chase, answers pop into my head. To me, I looks like the chase was designed by Walt Disney, and painted by Salvador Dali, it’s enough to take anyone aback. hth James

    • Chris-
      Your situation is not unique. As I have mentioned before, I have been to my spot twice and intend to go again, and I am probably as certaiin about my spot as you are of yours. I think the thing we all need to fight is the tendency to make the poem (and the book) fit our spot once we have formulated a theory. It is a nearly irresistable temptation. It is almost like how religious cults can come up with the craziest ideas that make sense to them, but sound crazy to someone hearing it for the first time. Some of the solutions I have heard sound ridiculous to me, but make perfect sense to the guy who has been nurturing it like a child for a couple months (WWWH = a campground because there are no showers is a classic example…. no offense). I guess we just need to let go, and return to the drawing board with new eyes. Failed trips help us to do this.

      • probeguy…could not have said it any better. It is so easy to get caught up in making places fit the clues, instead of the other way around. I think that is why so many people are getting to a spot they saw on google earth, and being completely overwhelmed. That is not moving with confidence. You can have one clue you like so much you find a crazy way to make the other 8 start sounding “plausible”. Heck, I am still stuck thinking it is a riddle and when you figure it out it will give you the name of a place, that is probably about 500 ft. off a rd. somewhere (like a lot of those fishing holes on a certain river). That idea is crazy to a lot here, but makes sense to me. I like your cult comparison, guess you could say that about other religions as well (but I’m not going to). It seems as though most people are thinking WWWH is the first clues as well? It seems to me FF would not spend all this time on the poem, only to tell you exactly where to begin, i.e., what the first clue is to start with, even though you still have to figure it out.

    • Pea and Chris , here is my opinion and that’s all it is , the number one thing you have to do is identify unmistakably and undeniably WWWH otherwise anything you solve is just SWAG. A lot of people throw out all sorts of possibilities with out any basis just because it sounds good. Chris if you feel you have solved it without solving WWWH then for certain there is a low probability you are going to find the chest, but that doesn’t mean you want find it. I’m teasing some with my other comments but I.m not discounting your ability, I wish you good luck. Remember this is coming from a guy who doesn’t have the chest.

      • you cannot find the chest unless you know for certain what WWWH is. the poem cannot be solved by shortcutting it. i guess i am saying that i agree with you.

        • And you will not know for certain you have the right WWWH unless you find the TC. 🙂 Most of the searchers feel pretty confident about their WWWH and it’s not too hard to make the other clues fit somehow to lead to an area but until we all get out to test our theories, we won’t know if our WWWH was the right one. Then, of course, we have ff saying a few searchers got the WWWH correct but went past the other clues. This is a lot harder than any of us thought!

        • Ragnar and Chris,
          WWWH can only be certain when all of the other clues confirm it. It is just too vague to solve it on its own. There is absolsolutely no other way. FF says start there but one has to use sound logic to solve the poem. You can solve HOB and work and backwards and forwards or you can solve the blaze and work all the way back (which is very difficult). The technique I used was to solve the path of least resistance and then work forward and backwards from there to solve the poem.

          Either way all 9 clues have to be solved to confirm WWWH with certainty. The problem with that logic is that you may have to do a lot of research and field work to do that.
          The Wolf

        • Chris-

          Linking tense together in the stanzas has been something I have looked at as well. Being told to follow the poem precisely has never really struck me as meaning from beginning to end. Same applies to follow the clues in order. Anyway….sure I will get hammered for that comment.

          By chance, does your location happen to NOT be north of Sante Fe? That’s becoming more and more of a non-clue for me….

      • Chris – I think everyone is trying to figure what you said in post one. Agree with Ragnar – for me it was solving the HOB first – as I felt that was the hardest. From there everything else fit. No, I don’t have the treasure so take it for what its worth. Your theory is fun to play with as I too was wondering about the past tense of somethings.

    • Hi Sweetpea, My solution to wwwh was to pick a spot that didn’t have any. Nothing seemed to fit warm waters halting, better than cold water.

  35. he’s always said to start at the beginning. Begin it where warm waters halt.
    Begin: “itw” here (with ” w ” in front)= wit
    warm waters halt= (warm waters “h” alt- or alternate= h warm waters alt= with warm water salt=

    epsom. “poems” scrammbled. Begin with the poem…

      • Little Sparrow i mentioned Salt Lake to f one time in an email and his response was to set my sights higher.

        • Great Salt Lake is at elevation of 4209 chest is above 5000 feet. That may be what he meant by…set your sights higher.

        • Salt Lake City is at 4.2K Feet. FF wasn’t given out much there, Unless you think wwwh starts below 5K and we climb above 5K as we draw ever nigh to the chest.

          • MCP-
            I don’t believe there is any reason that the starting point isn’t below 5,000ft or south of Santa Fe or less than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe or any other location. Forrest’s clues appear to relate only to where the chest is located…not where you start.

        • HI JJ it still could be close to that area – I think, but then again it could be another place that I was considering… and still yet again… I have just started reading the book and I am sooooo (5 O’s for emphasis) entertained and love how he said that someone really needs imagination. That with someone saying “Think BIG” well, I am going to have to read through his whole book because, I think the book is the KEY! This is just my opinion and no one has to believe it! 🙂

        • I thought Mr. Fenn told that person, “not to look at him as a hero” but to set there sites higher.

          • Yes James. That’s what I thought too. I don’t remember where I saw that. I thought he said that to Stephanie but I could be wrong.

          • That’s what Forrest apparently told JJ. Now that you say what you said…it sounds familiar too…like I heard it somewhere else as well. I wonder if he keeps telling people to set their sights higher and it really is a clue to look at the northern states. I do remember feeling like he thought I should go see the Yellowstone…and I believe Dal thought that too, but could be wrong. I don’t think he told me to set my sights higher…It must have been in one of those email responses that Dal posts from Forrest.

        • I really don’t think “set your sights higher” refers to latitude. If it did, that would be a HUGE hint, that Forrest is apparently giving only to some people. As far as I know Forrest has been incredibly diligent not to give out clues to individuals. I don’t think that he would suddenly give out a huge clue to a few people. Since there is an alternate explanation for the comment (>5000 feet altitude) that would keep the “table” fair, I think that is what he meant.

  36. Chris Yates,The journey has just begun!A failed attempt is better than no attempt at all.Do more research and if your site is the right one you will score next time.I still love my first and only.After four failures I have stepped back and looked at it from a different angle.Further research has led me to another more accurate site.There is no rush,no one is even close right now.G ole Guy has said it best.”It is a marathon not a sprint”. Good luck CY and better luck next time.

        • I’ve been lurking on this board for a while. I’m very into the research part of the chase. As far as the travel, probably not going to happen as I am in WV.

          I’m very surprised nobody has mentioned a certain cave. A cave that is in the general area of my wwwh and a possible home of brown is somewhat close by as well.

          Are there any fellow hunters out there who are close to some search areas and looking for new ideas and a possible partner?

          My email is connectedatthecross at gmail. Good luck to everybody out there!

          • I never really considered caves, except for the Horseshoe cave in Cimarron. There’s water in the bottom and so I wondered if it was in there. I then thought he told Gadi not to go in caves, so I gave up on thinking about them…but then heard it again and all he said was to make sure there weren’t any bears or animals in them. Then someone just said something about a cave being IN a mountain and he said it’s IN the mountains North of Santa Fe. I don’t think I’m brave enough to go in one though. So I guess I hope it isn’t….but I’ve rethought my position on if it could be.

      • Mark Twain once said “Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.”

        • My favorite quote – “If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.” ― Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl

        • Ha Ha! I love both Quotes from MCP and Einstein! Yep we need “LIKE” buttons!

  37. The most puzzling line in the poem to me is,
    “I give you title to the gold” Is there a 42 lb.
    box, or a 2 lb. cache with a title in it?

    • `Hey Dal,

      Has Forrest ever mentioned whitewater rafting or kayaking. I haven’t seen much as far as rafting goes anywhere

      • The too far potential clue has me thinking you have to raft somewhere to access it

      • T-
        I have never seen mention of that. And even if I squint and turn off the radio I can’t really imagine Forrest going in for those kinds of sports. I certainly don’t think he placed his 42lb chest in a kayak or raft and headed into any white water…alone!

        • I just see the “in there alone” and “too far, but not too far to walk” seems like it shouldn’t be a car so maybe horseback or raft accessible. The sandwich quote seems to point to a journey that requires much more than short little walk back to a car. He was a fighter pilot in Nam for god sake, its gonna be something. A Backpack in a boat with a guide and whatnot seems feasible(for a family or an old codger). Depending on the class going canyon down on water seems like you would get “too far” farther (safely and good ol family fun) or un-meeklishly to that perfect lil unmarked stream where I would hide a treasure……Any way just wondering if he has ever mentioned it.


  38. Stephanie if you were asking me, yes those were his exact words. I had to go back and look at the email it was about 4 months ago.

    • Thanks JJ. It’s fascinating how you can read so easily into the things he says. You can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason he said it like that. I think I’m just a bit freaked, because Dal’s going to Yellowstone too. Maybe I need to start looking into my higher spots as I do have a few of them. Thanks again for checking on that.

    • My opinion was that it was a very sincere response to the question i asked but who knows.

  39. just checking in…

    I’ve been away for a week searching in Wyoming (unsuccessfully obviously) and noticed in Part 18 someone else was using the sign-in name JD (but didn’t sign their posts with “jd” as I have in the past, and they weren’t very nice, so I will now be using the sign-in name JDH to distinguish us.

    let the thrill continue..


  40. Salt Lake City is only 4300 feet in elevation…Mr F has said the chest is above 5000 feet.

    • Rick at one point i was putting it as WWWH and still haven’t abandoned the thought completely.

  41. Hi JJ,

    not to disagree with you on Salt Lake….but if SL is only 4300 ft. elevation…how can a person “take it in the canyon…Down” and get “above” 5000 feet…?

    • There’s a link that talks about the elevations of Utah. The mean is 6100. Dal just posted that he was there searching and if there’s anyone you want to follow(sorry Dal)…it’s him. lol. He’s got the best scoop on Forrest 101…I think he’s probably even taken Forrest 102. I signed up for both classes and was denied and sent to the principals office for chewing gum in class. *dagnabbit*

    • Down may mean down in latitude, not elevation. And, my understanding is that the chest is above 5000, not WWWH or home of Brown or any of the other clues. The general area of the right location might easily change elevation of a thousand feet or more as you go in. So to me it seems reasonable..

      • Jake the only problem is that the poem seems to start at a higher level than than where you end up. Start at wwwh go down the canyon, put in below home of Brown, through the no place for the meek, downstream not up the creek, then look down which may be a lower level than wwwh all of this must be at least above 5000 feet.

        • Actually it say take it in the canyon down, not go down the canyon. It’s a small difference, I admit, but to me could indicate “down” as in a lower latitude location,not a function of altitude change. Fenn makes it fun here, doesn’t he?

      • Jake, exactly. The key word was sight in my opinion. I never considered it a distance.

        • Keep in mind that Mr F wants this to be a Family event with the kids involved. To me… and this is only my point of view…I can not see starting at one point…then loading the kids up in the car and driving a long distance…are we there yet…to get to the next sentence in the poem…are we there yet…? 🙂

          I personally believe from the start to the end…it is all in a “hike”

    • RickinFL-
      One of the was “down” could work is if you went “south” because south is always down on a map.

      • Hi Dal,

        I agree…we can start at say…4300 feet of elevation…go south and actually rise in elevation. My point above is that I believe all of the clues are in the same given area so that a family can camp, hike, fish, explore and hunt for a treasure at the same location rather than kids in the back seat playing on their electronic toys while driving from clue one to clue two ect.

        But then again…I may be wrong… 🙂

  42. Rick the next line in the poem is not far, but too far to walk which could put it anywhere within visual sight of Salt Lake. I’d be looking for the highest peak that stood out from there. I’ve researched so much i’m like a dog chasing his own tail.

  43. Stephanie i found a minor league baseball team that play in the Pioneer League called the Orem Owlz and their home field is Brent Brown Ballpark (Utah). I think i better squeeze my wife for more info on that vision she had of a park. (lol)

    • E – I don’t know if you mentioned it before but if you care to share, which state are you searching in? Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!

      • Jim I will share my state and all the details before Friday next week. It is not Colorado as I stated to Mr Yates yesterday.

  44. JJ- …where warm waters halt. Say it out loud. where. Warm. Waters. Halt. Where warm waters salt? Salt Lake. Anyone ever heard the word “thither”?

  45. Argus i had to look the word up never heard it before. Are you saying Salt Lake is a distraction on the Chase ?

  46. i was able to read everyones potss and appreciate all the feedback. i am getting a late start and i need to get out there so i cant type all i would like. the one thing that is bothering me right now is realizing how this search is much different from my only other real search. the first search i came back and i realized that i had the wrong place and that i had approached the poem wrong. i got over my disappointment and went back to work. if i dont find he chest here today or tomorrow, and i am going to go back home, i will still feel the chest is here, that is the big difference. i am never going to be able to step back and consider i was wrong or that there is another solution, i will always know this is the place and if go on a search again it be coming back here. some folks here may strongly advise me to consider things differently, but you dont know what i know. finding that the stanzas pair together and one stanza specficially goes with another, i have found in stanza 5 hidden in there the name of WWWH and this name has a somewhat unique element to it, there is nothing else called this in the whole US. this name is referenced in part in My War For Me on the headstone and also a reference in the quatrains FF quotes. also hidden in stanza 5 is a clue to the name of the canyon down, remember my explanation that everything in stanza 5 is directly related only to the stanza exactly (3) stanzas apart, in this case stanza 2. also the name of the canyon down is mentioned in the quatrains in the book. conisder stanza 4 which is bringing us to the end, if youve been wise and found the blaze, well if you understand the sister stanza which is stanza #1, there is certain line that is actually telling you what the blaze is. you dont have to change the poem to see it and yet it is hidden at the same time. also when you understand what the blaze is, you will see that there is connection with the book The Rubaiyat, the blaze is not in the quatrains but it has to do with something with the book,. also when you understand how its connected to the rubaiyat you then see there is a personal connection with FF and why he is using as the blaze, and not only is it the blaze but it is the pattern he uses in the poem, at the start and the middle and then end, it is inall 3 places, and hence this is the reason why metaphorically speaking you end where you start, but physically you are ending at a different place. i seriously havent even touched half the things i found, i found more hidden clues in the poem and book but icant write an entire book right now touching on it all. so i feel like this is the place, and if i dont get the chest then i feel like FF got the better of me somehow because i am walking all around it physically and somehow i am not finding it. talk to everyone later. and good luck all those out searching

    • All I can say is wow, I read the verse, now I see why you can’t let go. I would’nt let go either.

    • Go Chris go ! My new interesting site may be very close to yours,or maybe the reasoning is just similar.Who knows for sure really until they are hugging that cool to the touch Bronze Beauty… Good luck to ya!!

  47. CY; WOW! Sounds really good. Why don’t you just go ahead and tell Ol’ argus where it is so I can go find it for you? : ) JJ; Nope. One thing has nothing to do with the other. The phonetic version of WWWH is just something I’ve been toying with. “Thither” is actually something to do with MY absolute certain location. 2 weeks guys & gals! Two weeks and you are going to loathe me!

  48. I like the idea of “set your sights higher” meaning altitude.
    Latitude would make it a new clue that would dash anyone’s hopes of finding it in NM, most of CO and Utah.

        • Pardon my confusion. Maybe I don’t get what you are saying when you say a higher latitude than GSL.
          Great Salt Lake is about 41 degrees N.
          Santa Fe is around 35 degrees N.
          If you are right about the “Set your sights higher than GSL’s latitude” being what FF meant, then everything lower than 41degrees N, (a line running E & W) is off the table.

          Definitely apples & oranges. Two completely different concepts. Sea Level vs. N & S.
          Am I making any sense here?

        • Stevador,

          I believe Mr F means the chest is above 5000 feet ( sea level ). If Mr F meant for JJ to set his sights higher in latitude above GSL then ALOT of people have searched ALOT of places for nothing.

  49. My name is karl Youngs. I’m a retired attorney from fl. A month ago I thought I had a site dead on and travelled to colorado, climbed a mountain trail in the snow, searched with a metal detector, climbed into a hole filled with ice cold water above hanging falls that look just like two omega letters. No luck. I returned here and used the same search methodology and located this new spot. It can be done in a day from santa fe. I drafted up a searcher agreement and I really want vets to be benefitted by this.
    If there is anyone who can drive 1.5 hrs from Santa Fe and who is willing to split the treasure 25% for me, 25% for you, 25% to a veterans support organization of my choice and 25% to a veterans support organization of your choice, I will send you an agreement to review and if you enter into it, the place I believe it is located. I can’t make another trip from Florida as I have to move in the next two weeks. I worked for twenty one years as general counsel for the clerk of court where I live and helped develop the technology for online access to court records. Check me out on he florida bar website and on facebook.
    Money is great and so is the chase. I need the help of someone who’s not afraid to climb in a natural well and get wet, but my solution does not require extensive hiking- I think it’s 500 ft from a paved road. I also want to help our vets. If you don’t want to do it and know some disabled vets near Santa Fe that want to help have them contact me at As everyone on this blog knows, there are many sure thing solutions. I know from my last trip to glenwood springs, co, but I’m not asking for anything from anyone except trust and to take a chance at the treasure.

    • Kackster climbing in a well doesn’t seem to fit the clues or Fenns intent regarding the chase. Seems to dangerous. Are you going to be holding the rope when your partner descends into the abyss?

      • Three ft deep is not dangerous, plus he says sorry for the cold. Unless he assumes everyone is searching in winter, getting wet is one way to relate to that line.

  50. Wouldn’t a well be a structure even if it’s natural, once it is being used as such?

    • good question argus33.
      I look at structure as something built or “constructed”.
      I think a tunnel or mine has to be a structure whereas this natural well would just be a hole if it didn’t hold water. Any bigger and it may be considered a pond or pool. Both natural anomalies unless formed by a dam.

  51. Becky – thanks for the email. Will write back shortly.

    Dal (or anyone), do you know the exact quote from FF regarding the treasure being exposed to elements such as rain, snow, fire, etc?

    • I don’t know where that original quote is but I am guessing it was in response to an email question so it’s probably in one of the “Forrest gets email” posts.

    • chadeverson123,

      I think it came from the interview with the person Stephanie thinks so little of. I think his name is Tony something or other. And I agree with Stephanie’s assessment of him. I disregard everything he says… not that my opinion means anything either.


        • stephanie davis (@honeywilson10)

          yes, sorry for the confusion. I was referring to another Stephanie… from Illinois, with her own very good blog and chat room. She only goes by the name Stephanie that I know of.


        • Yes it was me who doesn’t like Tony. His article had untruths in it in my opinion and in my view it was to create another story, by saying things that I believe could have caused a dangerous situation.

  52. No, there was just such a “well” above hanging lake formed by the flow of the creek.when the spring runoff ebbs, it looks like a shallow well, 3 or 4 ft deep. I got well from correcting Fenn’s english in “hear me all and listen good”

  53. I posted this in the MontanaWyoming section but per Dal’s request am postiing it here as well.

    I previously posted as JD but someone else has posted under that name… and not very nice posts, in thread 18, so I am now posting as JDH. I missed all of 17 and 18 while I was searching. Still haven’t read them all yet. Anyway…

    I’ve returned from my first search and thought I’d share the experience.

    Wyoming is my area of concentration and “the chase” is the cause of my first visit there. I had 3 areas to search with my prime area zeroed down to the actual blaze to look quickly down at. I didn’t realize how much private land surrounded my blaze, but it turned out every road on the map led to a gate, most open, but eventually a closed one. None of them took me all the way to my blaze. It was frustrating, to say the least. After a day of this and I don’t know how many miles down different roads, from all directions, I decided to be brave. The next day I parked the car at the furthest point I could drive and with bear spray at my side and my bear bell jingling off the back of my pack, I hiked the last 5 miles. The hike was hot, windy and lonely. Not another soul in sight (just what I hoped for!). My spot was unknown as my “out of the box” solution seemed to be paying off so far.

    After 3 miles I ran into another closed gate. I was past the halfway point according to my gps .and although I knew Mr. Fenn didn’t take this route to hide the chest, I would end up at the same location that he could have driven to (according to the map and some personal connections which I felt were possible) so crawling under the gate was the practical thing to do… no problem. After another mile was another closed gait… and another crawl under it. The last mile brought questions to mind like “what the heck am I doing out here?” But it was too late to turn back without seeing the blaze. Just over the last ridge I began to see signs of ownership… a house, a truck, some other buildings. Darn!!! What do I do now? I’m within a quarter mile of my blaze. I have to cross this property to get to it. Will they let me?

    I continue my long walk up to the house to ask for permission. I don ‘t see anyone around to talk to so my only choice is to knock on the door and hope for the best. I knock once, twice, while rehearsing my speech in my mind. Do I mention Mr. Fenn and a treasure? Do I ask just to go see my blaze? What are the magic words (besides Please…) that will convince them to allow me to do it.

    No one answers… no one is home. Wonderful! I can go. No, Terrible!! What if they come home while I’m wandering about their property? These people have strong second amendment rights beliefs. How far do I stretch my luck? Brave or stupid.. I begin to look for my blaze. I spot it and move to get a closer look. Nothing there, darn! I look all around it, high and low, in every crevice. I move every rock and bush… nothing. I photo it for posterity and leave while the leavin’s good.

    I get under the first gate back, about a half mile down the road and I begin to think that perhaps the chest was sitting just an inch below the surface. I didn’t really probe the ground… just the surface. I start to think that I have come such a long way to leave without thoroughly… and to my own satisfaction, searching every possibility. I needed to go back and with my knife, verify that it’s not sitting in a hole just an inch or so below the surface at the base of my blaze.

    So back under the gate, down the road and straight to the spot. I quickly jab my knife into the ground all around the base. It goes down an inch in some areas, two or three in others, must be rocks. There no consistency to the depth, so no box here. I’m satisfied and get up to move on. But hey, what’s that over there? It’s some kind of marker. If I stand directly in front of my blaze, this marker is directly behind it about 50 feet away. Look quickly down??? perhaps, let’s check it out.

    It’s a post, cemented into the ground, with some writing on it and an X at the top. My heart beats a little faster. But oh, it looks like a date, written in the cement with a stick or something. Oh, it’s dated too early to have anything to do with the chest. Let’s get out of here.

    I start back up the hill and am grateful for my experience. I can say I found my blaze!! Then the sounds of motors break my joyful quiet. I turn and see what must be the owners arriving. A pickup truck and an ATV are moving toward the house from the back entrance. I keep walking, not wanting to delay my departure but fully expecting the ATV to come screaming up behind me any second. No one comes. Surely they saw me… I was in clear sight, within their peripheral vision.
    I made it over the ridge and out of sight, then under the gate and now on someone else’s property… someone not driving an ATV hopefully. Perhaps my luck will hold.

    I find two souvenirs on the trail back. One a horseshoe that may be from the 1800′s with two bent nails still in it (I’ll have it checked out) and the other a spent rifle cartridge that I’ll keep as a reminder of my possible stupidity. I make it back to my car while a thunderstorm roars in the distance but before the rain starts to pound me. I’m slightly wet, very tired due to the extra mile added to my 10 mile hike in the heat but with the biggest smile on my face. Not because I found the treasure, but because I have a photo of my blaze!

    I used my own out of the box solution, that I still believe is spot-on according to the poem, went to the blaze and found only… the thrill of the chase.

    It could have been better, but it was darn good just the same. Thanks Mr. Fenn!


    P.S. I’d prefer not to show the photos, if you know what I mean.
    You know, I never tried to push that marker to the side to see if it would move. I wonder… nah!!!! Better not press my luck.

    • JDH, you are lucky that you weren’t staring down the business end of a fire stick.Can’t say that I blame you for pushing the envelope and moving ahead w/out permission.Going back in took some guts.Glad you are ok and at least you got a pic for the books.

      • ken,


        I was lucky yes, but I really believe in the goodness in people. I was counting on them seeing the sincerity of my request and felt the worst that could happen was to be told to get off the property immediately.

        That or leaving in a patrol car.

        I accepted both possibilities. I may have crawled under a gate or two, but I didn’t pass any No Trespassing signs. That, I would not have done.


        • JDH. Your spot sounded pretty similar to mine and then I realized it was further north. My story had me being chased by guys on ATV’s and a pickup truck, too…with rifles of course. Very tense situation. We met up with the land owners afterwards and were lucky not to have gotten shot. The sheriff let us off as well. Take note, if you do not know who’s land your on, best not to risk it. A lot of folks out here shoot 1st and ask questions later. Be safe! CHC

        • COHighCountry,

          I think I remember your post with the story. It never occurred to me that I could be walking in to the same situation. Believe me, the message has gotten through.

          Let’s both learn from it and stay safe.



    • @JD
      Great story and well written……..I applaud your persistence but I certainly question your judgment.

      What many don’t understand is what some of the ranchers and property owners have to put up with……..cattle rustling (yes it still happens), poachers, druggies, plain malicious mischief (shooting holes in equipment), and arrogant idiots that think it’s fine to trespass to name just a few.

      The trespassers are oblivious to the danger they may be putting themselves into. Aside from a mad rancher that can make you lay face down in the dirt for a few hours until a Sheriff’s Deputy (rancher’s brother in-law) gets around to getting out there, who can hold you for a couple days while he checks you out, and then sends you before the judge (the Deputies uncle) for jail sentence and/or heavy fine. It will only take a few goof ball treasure hunters before someone is made an example of.

      Aside from all that and getting shot on the spot……..poking around in the bushes on private property could get you snared by an animal trap set by the rancher or Federal Trapper to kill a rogue Mountain Lion or Wolf that has been killing livestock. In this case there’s no need to worry about jail…’ll probably bleed to death long before anyone checks the trap. Ranchers will turn bulls out on certain sections (maybe the section you just crawled into) to free roam. You don’t have to threaten a bull or do anything else wrong, some bulls will stomp you into a bloody mud hole just for fun. These are just two of the many dangers you may be unknowingly putting yourself into.

      I don’t mean to sound harsh……but the world you know and understand, is not the world you are venturing into……..please be careful and use common sense on your searches.

      • Goofy,

        Thanks for the cautionary message. You’re right. Not only was I completely unaware of the possibilities you state, I was very naive to think that a landowner would see me for what I am, a harmless visitor, and not what they have possibly encountered before, a thief or some other trouble maker that just flat out doesn’t belong there, with only my explanation for a defense and being at the mercy of that landowner that might be “fed up” with people crawling under his gate.

        There wasn’t a “No Trespassing” sign at the gate and I could have opened the gate and walked through but it would have required uncoiling the two wires that held it in place, so I got the message that it wasn’t a normal entry point for visitors, and I chose to crawl under it and take my chances. I really thought after seeing the house, that by going straight to it to ask for permission, I would be less suspicious. It was after I realized that no one was home that I became foolish and did not immediately leave, and then came back. But you’re right, anything could have happened at any point after crossing the fence line and I probably wasn’t prepared for any of it, well… except for a bear, or so I hoped.

        I took a risk, but I was not fully aware of the total risk I was taking.

        I suggest all that are reading this to heed what GOG is saying. I know next time I will.

        Thanks again to all that have voiced this same warning. It has not fallen on deaf ears.


      • Belaboring the point about trespassing: I know for my husband and me it is worrisome…we’ve been robbed. The thieves cut through 5 fences on our property before leaving with some expensive tools. We were told by our attorney when we moved to NM that land owners can be held liable for anyone getting hurt on their property…even someone who trespassed illegally! (whacky) We also have 2 companion guard dogs that roam the land. You never know what you’ll run in to. On our place, you’d probably feel lucky to be face down in the dirt waiting for the deputy with nervous grandma pointing her pistol at you. This all sounds so hard core but arises from the ashes of the idiots who do mean harm. So be really careful. By the way, JDH, it did make for a good exciting story! ;o)

  54. If you had been in TX those people wouldn’t have let you off so easy. It gives me hope.
    At least you got a good adrenaline rush from the chase ,if not the one you really wanted.
    Thanks for the story and welcome back safe and sound.

  55. If that story doesn’t get your juices flowing then you better have someone check for a pulse. JD it almost felt like i was walking right next to you. Thanks!

    • JJ,


      I promised Becky in WV that I wouldn’t do anything foolish. Although it turned out ok, I may owe her an apology.


      • Everyone, please consider that many people in the Rockies (especially Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado) moved there to avoid strangers and the laws say they can shoot you first and then find out why you were there later. That’s no paranoia as it happens a few times every year and then we all argue about the laws on trespassing, but then continue on with business as usual. Please stay safe and use the longer route on public lands.

    • If you click on the above photo – and blow it up it’s amazing. It gave me a feeling of patriotism knowing that my Dad went in on the third wave in Iwo Jima, where he say the falg raising. and then on to Owinakwa and made it home. To all those who have served – and Forrest – I sincerely thank you.

  56. Stevador i wouldn’t get hung up too much on what was said as i doubt f would ever give a clue out privately. The response could have easily meant to look up and ask the lord my unanswered questions. (lol)

    • Forrest never replied to me when I sent him my thoughts of where I am going. I emailed him over 45 days ago and nothing – must mean there is no chest! 🙂

  57. Stephanie davis be safe and make us Ozarkians (made that up all by myself)proud.

  58. Anyone not getting emails from the blog? I haven’t received any for 2 hours.

  59. Good luck to everyone hunting or about to hunt! I love hearing the stories. Thanks for sharing hints/tips/clues to those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to travel yet. I think the variety of places being searched and the vast interpretations of the poem shows that ff has truly accomplished his goal of getting people back into nature. I don’t have a hot spot yet, but I will cheer on those of you who think you do!!!! Be safe!

  60. Hi Everyone. One of the ways I am approaching the poem is to look for patterns within the poem. Some of these are obvious such as the mis-rhymed words in Stanza 2 while others are more subtle such as the paired stanza changes in tense that Chris Yates pointed out. I thought it might be useful to make a list of these patterns, drawing from everyone on the blog. Maybe spark some new discussion. If I have anything incorrect on the list, just correct it. I am doing it from memory. Here is a start:
    1. Brown is the only word capitalized that does not begin a sentence.
    2. Stanza 2 “halt” and “walk” do not rhyme.
    3. Changes in tense from stanza to stanza, past, present and future.
    4. Nine sentences. Twenty-four lines in the poem.
    5. X is the only letter not used.
    6. Different words for “treasure” or related to treasure are used in Stanza’s 1, 4, 5 and 6. (treasures, riches, chest, trove, gold)
    7. Stanza 1, 5 and 6 mention Forrest (“I” or “me”) while Stanzas 3, 4 and 6 refer to the reader (“your”, “you’ve”, “you”).
    8. Three lines do not have 8 syllables.

  61. If you’re going to look in Colorado, I would start at Purgatory Base Lodge. NO, that won’t work; the base lodge is at 8,793 ft….. I’ll get back to you.

  62. It looks like everyone went to dinner…. So, start taking out what’s not a clue in the poem. Maybe, just maybe you’ll have a different location, and I hope it’s not Salt Lake.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze, > waste no time gawking

    Just take the chest and go in peace. > leave

    Remove all unnecessary lines.

    My spot has probably been trampled to death, but you know the old saying; miss by an inch, miss by a mile.

    Give it a try……

  63. I don’t think there’s anything around Croesus Peak in Idaho. No secret hot springs that I could find.

  64. Sorry to ask but I couldn’t find how many hands north of Santa Fe the treasure is supposed to be more than. Thanks

  65. Hi, sreve. A burning bush? Definitely my choice. Seriously I don’t think anyone really knows for sure. I just hope it isn’t a landmine – step on a crack, break your mother’s back. I found a definition that said a “blaze” could be a loud blaring sound or a blast.

    Chris Yates said something like: Stanza #4 is bringing us to the end – “If you’ve been wise & found the blaze.” If you understand Stanza #1, there is certain line that is actually telling you what the blaze is. You don’t have to change the poem to see it & yet it is hidden at the same time. Chris said when you understand what the blaze is, you will see that there is connection with The Rubaiyat book. The blaze is not in the quatrains, but it has something to do with the book. Chris said when you understand how its connected to The Rubaiyat, you will then see there is a personal connection with FF & why that is the blaze he uses. Not only is it the blaze, but it is the pattern he uses in the poem.

    Chris might be correct, but I’m not convinced yet. I want the “blaze” to be one of those giant search light that stores have for grand openings. A mirrored disco ball hanging from a tree would be good too. Or the 3 religious crosses on hills along highways could be illuminated. Hey, I think they actually are spotlighted, aren’t they? OK – maybe you’d better “blaze” with Chris. I got nothing.

  66. .
    At this time, interpreted the cues as closely as possible. Research has taken down a twisted road, and down in the ‘erin go bragh’ canyon. Poem seems to indicate a crossing, the site looks like there should be a crossing.

    Anyone else find that canyon and a way across it ?

    Becky – Jim Lovell recently joined a private moon flight company.

    Aside – Euclid proposed that two things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other, and that the whole is greater than the part.

    Still generally accepted today.


  67. Richard Saunier’s Comment about what Mr. Fenn would consider to be a mountain, knocked down half of my theory. But the bottom line is still, if we don’t look for ourselves, we will never know for sure, the 15% margin can go either way.

    • Thinking about it, here in the Eastern US., what are obviously tall hills, are often called mountains.

  68. Question, What would you think about the blaze, if it were the easiest clue to find in the chase? Would decrease it’s creditability for you? Or would you still feel, that has to be the place?

  69. I took a few days away from the poem to let things kind of simmer a bit. Yesterday I got out on the river and did a little fly fishing- let my mind quiet down a bit. I got back home and eased back into the poem and the book. I’m seeing some things in a new light and it’s getting me back to one of my search locations. All the clues were there and then I got stuck. I got a new solution in mind and I feel it’s clever enough to keep the trove there safe until I arrive…or it is the all to common false hope and lots of miles. lol. CHC

    • That’s funny my solution that Ive had since starting this hunt in the beginning of April is clever enough to keep the trove safe from most until I arrive in the next 2 weeks sometime. That doesn’t mean Ill find it right away, but i will start meticulously searching the area, and make more trips if necessary until I find it or am satisfied it is not there. Tenacity is not one of my weak points.

      • Lorax, I completely searched my area twice and now I’m looking at it all in a new way. I’m ready to get back to have another look…another trip. The rough thing is that I could still be 1000 miles off course and not even know it. Quite an affliction we have with this whole thing. lol. Good luck! CHC

  70. I took 2 weeks off, other than looking at Dal, email blast updates of course. I came back with the attitude simply follow the poem. I went from 6 places to 3. 1 by the pueblo, 1 up by the co-border and 1 up in wy. Amazingly – they all fit into a search “trip” for me. Just a few more weeks – going even if its found, because I want to see how really messed up my mind works.

  71. James p. In my opinion the blaze as I understand it as it relates to the poem, is a trail marker. It is very important. And to Chris Yates do not despair, your solve to the poem is correct! Unfortunately, many others are correct as well.

    • Hi Horatio, my question is, If “the blaze” was pitifully easy to find, would that lessen it’s creditability for you? Thanks James

      • James p. no it would not lessen its creditability (?) . For me these are the steps… WWWH, HOB, canyon down, blaze, chest. And that’s it, so you see no matter how simple or easy, the blaze is important. Also a river or creek is involved somehow lol!

        • what about meek, nigh, heavy loads, wise, marvel gaze, cold and brave? those are all important too in my opinion.

        • @ Stephanie,
          Yes those have been my best gazes too, usually the meek is the rest of the family, they always give it their best effort though.

        • Lorax, to me those words/phrases from the poem are not specific locations.

        • I guess I’m not reading deep enough into the poem. I thought the poem was a set of directions, and directions usually have specific locations. Unless your not hunting for the treasure and they have more of a symbolic meaning to you then I get where your coming from.

  72. I failed to find anything this weekend. I thought for sure the marvel gaze had something to do with finding a special mountain peek, My guess is that peek will be viewed from the canyon spot where the chest is lain. My theory has Forrest starting his journey at a hot springs so he can warm his bones before taking the drive or trek to the cold place. Its cold with water or snow or its cold from wind. I found some spots that were really cold because they were continually shaded. Tons of squeeters live in those places. Mosquitto bites can give you a dangreous fever. Can that be considered a cold?

  73. The Mormons have enough gold so i doubt it’s in Utah. No offense to any Mormons. (smile)

  74. The dust cover of his book states…All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve,a little imagination, and maybe a 6 pack to help celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery. Anyone can get lucky. But it takes mettle enough to strike a trail, and enough confidence in a maverick to know that the treasure is really there for the taking. I think that speaks volumes and some have gotten so far off the path that it will be hard to find the resting place of his chest.

    • JJ, thanks for that info as I do not have the book. Helps me stay the course!

    • JJ,

      I keep wondering how much of this Mr. Fenn wrote or had input to. Isn’t the dust cover text done by the publisher? The phrase “strike the trail” just hit me oddly. The phrase is normally “hit the trail” isn’t it? It also states that he “concealed the cache”, which means to put out of sight. Does that mean the gold inside the chest is concealed or the chest is concealed from view, which could mean buried? It can’t be concealed if all we need to do is “look quickly down” at the blaze. I can only guess what is a clue and what is a coincidence.

      Much like the illustrations in the book that people use for clues. We know they were done by the illustrator, but did Mr. Fenn tell the illustrator what to draw?

      The drawing on page 41 is a good example. How many people went digging in a cemetery because the leaning cross looks like an X? Is that intentional? Was it encouraged by the author or solely the imagination of the illustrator?

      There sure seems to be a lot of sprinkling throughout the book.

      I agree with the six-pack part though. Maybe that’s why I didn’t find it. I wasn’t prepared. Darn!


      • JDH i’m not sure about all the details of writing and publishing a book but i would assume f would have a say in everything that is put within his memoir including the dust cover. It just struck me as something f would write. It makes a whole lot of sense to me, doesn’t it you ? BTW i really enjoy opening up conversation on things that are sometimes overlooked.

  75. Just a thought,,, your efforts will be worth the cold,,,,comes after the treasure being found. Possibly just referring to the cold your receive from others close to you when you mention the treasure. Especially after many attempts…

      • Has anyone been all through Yellowstone lately? If so, can you tell me if all the snow is melted or if there are any areas that still are snow covered?

        • Stephanie, google- NWCC report generator Beta 5 . It’s what I used on my trip to YNP I found to be very accurate for snowfall amounts on ground.

        • Stephanie,

          I drove this past Friday 5/17 thru the West Gate, thru West Thumb and thru the East Gate. I can only speak of this route but the higher elevations still had quite a bit of snow and some lake area still had ice on it. All the roads were clear. The lower elevations are totally snow free. I can send a couple of photos if you’d like to verify.

          The Buffalo were amazing! One mother had a young calf following her. It was awesome!


          • Oh that sounds so awesome about the buffalo. I loved seeing them. I’m primary interested in the west entrance area…it sounds like it’s snowy around there. Waiting can be so tough.

        • Stephanie,

          The West gate was completely clear of snow when I drove through. It’s one of the lower elevations of my route being around 6500 feet. The snow was at the higher elevations, like 8000 feet and above.

          Hope this helps.


    • CDN it could mean anything our minds dream up. My thoughts are is it’s referring to the climate of the area the chest is hidden. I also believe it gives a hint to the time it takes to retrieve the chest as in crossing a creek and by the time you retrieve the chest that creek will have gotten waist deep from runoff. The photo’s of all those fish in his book are some heavy loads to be carrying across a creek or stream that is waist deep.

  76. When he says to strike the trail…does anyone think it’s too difficult that he’d have it facing the other way so as your IN the WOODS and your looking AT THE TRAIL(which is the blaze)?

    • stephanie – here are my 2 cents i think what he is saying is that you should be north of the blaze and north of the woods thats my two cents

      • Oh wow Frank…never even though that when he says North of SF…that it’s the direction of the blaze. *going back to all my spots* LOL

        • stephanie i just found 2 more cents its like when you are on a horse you turn around and strike him on the tail you see that every thing is behind you

          • That’s funny you say that…when I’ve gone out West, things look so different when your going in a different direction. I think if I lived out there…I’d get very lost. I’m probably the most un directional person there is. I always say I’d be lost without my husband. You can take that two ways.

  77. Just some FYI that I probably shouldn’t give away…but I’m on facebook with Douglas Preston who happens to be friends with Forrest and he posted an auction hike on his property for a charity. The reason I probably shouldn’t give this away is because it probably would be pretty awesome to hike around his property and maybe slip in a question or two about Forrest that I wanted to know. It’s for a good cause though and so my morality is superseding my search.

    Also, if you aren’t aware…Douglas Preston wrote a book called Codex that was loosely based on Forrest and his hiding of the treasure. Dal wrote a blog about it if you search Codex you probably can find it. I read it and it was such a great book.

  78. I’m a new Chaser, picked up the book last week. I’m heading up to Yellowstone with the family for the holiday weekend. Does anyone know if FF spent all his Yellowstone summers in the same place, (W. Yellowstone, Montana) or if the family moved around? I am somewhat familiar with the town of West Yellowstone, but my interpretation of the 9 clues points to the east end of the park, quite a distance for FF to be intimately familiar with.

    Any thoughts?

    • Beekeeper-
      His family started out camping at Fishing Bridge. That was back when you could actually fish at Fishing Bridge. Then they bought property in West Yellowstone where they pitched tents for a few years and then slowly started improving the property with a well (hand dug by Forrest) and one cabin…then two…and so on over the years until they had a group of cabins called Fennhaven Motor Court. They sold the property…I don’t know when (long after the kids were grown and away…probably the 70’s).

      Forrest’s knowledge of the region comes not so much from where they lived as much as where he fished. He was a professional guide at age 12 and guided people on rivers all over the Park and well outside of it too.

      In my opinion there is no place in the Park or around it that he is not intimately familiar with. I have tested this from time to time by showing him photos I took along various rivers, creeks and streams in MT, WY and ID. On the west side, east side, north side and even the south side of the Park. He ALWAYS gets them right. He knows that area extraordinarily well….make that frighteningly well…

      He lived outdoors during the summers. He did not stay at home and listen to the radio all day. He was out exploring, fishing, hunting, hiking and camping constantly. I think you’d be hard pressed to come up with a place in that entire region he is not knowledgeable about.

      • Great info Dal, thanks. I wish I had the opportunity to spend as much time there as he did. In person I mean, heck I have almost the same amount of time staring at Google Earth.

  79. I have a question that I hope doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way. Do you believe that being a little long in the tooth may be an advantage in this hunt? I say that because I see all the recent gymnastics between stanzas and hidden words and acrostic references, and I keep thinking why would someone like FF ever want to go there, when simple cunning works just as well. I say this because I think it is age-related. I’m over sixty, and see that direction as precisely what someone FF’s age and experience would never do. When he says, “Think”, perhaps he actually means to think, instead of looking for all this hidden decoder ring stuff. Perhaps I’m entirely wrong, but there has been nothing in his book that I can discern that persuades me that his mind goes in that direction. Even the misspelled words are logical, not 2nd or 3rd order cryptograms. So, stay young at heart, but start thinking like an old silver fox that has caught his share of chicken over his lifetime. reign.

    • Although he was much younger when he wrote the poem…it’s not recent and he is a crossword puzzler. So I sort of think even though I’m not good with the anagrams and stuff…I think there’s some validity to the idea of them. It’s also very odd to me that the poem seems to go left and right as if it’s a crossword puzzle and there’s more than 9 clues it seems…so if there were like 18…they would cross at 9 letters.

        • Wow I never thought about that Brian. LOL I guess I am. I liked the 9 hole golf course idea and the 9 having to do with a crossword puzzle. I’m glad it wasn’t 8 or I’d be eighting lots of pineapple pies instead of out there hiking. Ok, that was as lame as the joke my kids used to tell when they were younger….. Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9.

      • I agree with Stephanie about the crossword puzzle idea.
        I started looking at the poem and rearranging the lines so they sounded more like crossword puzzle questions.
        I got some different results…
        For instance:
        Instead of Begin it where warm waters halt…
        I would say:
        Name a place where warm waters halt and made the answer 1 across
        Next I built a matrix and tried getting all the clues to be up or down…
        For instance..
        and take it in the canyon down… was 2 down
        Next clue was 3 across…etc etc..

        I worked at that for days…
        Then, when I got out of the institution…just kidding!
        I actually did try this…and had some success…
        It did make me a tad crazy so I have great respect for those who keep trying to make anagrams or the number 23 out of everything or make the postmarks into a set of lat/lon coordinates…
        The puzzle idea is an interesting concept…

        • If you read the book….you’ll see where home of brown probably is. Look at the word brown and see where it gets used most often. I think if it’s a crossword…that’s how you get the answers.

        • Dal, I’m missing something I guess. If you were successfully arrange all the words to the poem into a crossword puzzle, then how would that lead you to the chest?

          • If the 9 letters spelled out the location like Collected as in Collected Works(sorry…only 9 letter word I could think of at the moment)…and it was there.

        • You have spent a lot of time with FF. Did it really strike you that this is how he might frame his clue set? It’s apparent that he has read a ton of poetry and that has certainly transferred to his choice of syntactic structure in his poem. Yes, it’s a puzzle or more correctly a set of puzzles with nine clues, but I’m not sure that means a crossword puzzle. Hopefully, at some point we will all find out for sure.

          • Jake-
            I reject very few ideas out of hand that have to do with this search. I try to be open to ideas. I have looked in 31 different places over 31 months and they have come from a variety of ideas. But what they have in common is that I got to all of them by following the clues. How I got the clues may have varied…as did what exactly the clues were.

            The last thing I want is to be inflexible when I think about a location. If I am looking for a blaze I want to be able to consider everything from a slash of quartz in the side of a basalt ledge to a marker on the ground.

            Knowing Forrest, does not limit the way I think about the poem…rather, it expands the ways.

        • …or each clue/riddle left you with a word..x9 would give you a specific direction to the loot.?

          • Ok I’ll just give out what I found to be Home of Brown. If you look in his book at the word brown. He takes a Brown paper bag to school and also one to college with his toothbrush in it. So I thought maybe school is the home of brown. So I thought you’d use school. I think people hear him say all you need is the poem, but then he says read the book 10 or 15 times. Well, why would you need to read it if it wasn’t important for the clues and why would you need to read it that many times?

          • Stephanie-

            Thats interesting. I did that same exact thing and started my search in the Tetons at Schoolhouse Glacier and then down Cascade Canyon. I pinpointed the chest down near Jenny Lake. But it was not to be.

          • Yes Hank…so for instance once I had a place for WWWH..say the word was riogrande. Next I would look for the name of a canyon nearby…say ojo canyon. I would use ojo and start it at down from the o in riogrande.
            I built the matrix 9×9 and kept working up the area until I could match clues up and down that intersected and were relevant to the area.
            Like I said…it was interesting but the constraints were enormous.

            I actually had one, my first one, work out. That is to say I had all nine clues fit into a 9×9 matrix with intersecting words. It fell together quite easily. And I searched there and wrote a story about it on this blog.

        • Just to add to the “crossword” theory a bit more. To those that do (and enjoy) crosswords, think about the clues in a crossword that has a question mark at the end (?) “The question mark indicates that the clue is far-fetched or has an unusual interpretation, or that the answer is a pun or play on words. Metal worker is a straightforward clue that is not the same as Metal worker? The answer to the former could be machinist, tinner, founder, or blacksmith, whereas the answer to the latter will be more eccentric — robot or automaton, for example.” Another example would be as a clue…”Mental Block?” ….answer…= rubikscube…now it is much more difficult when you don’t have a number of letters or even the fact you don’t know if the answer is one word. But I can totally see “where warm waters halt” being in this vein of thinking.

        • Dal,

          Honestly, when are you really going to start putting some real effort into this!

          I have a friend who worked for HP in their calculator days, and I have to laugh because he is always translating numbers he sees into polish notation. He says he can’t help himself. I guess that’s my take here as well, you either see things as crossword clues or you don’t, So, that really was my question: what kind of glasses does FF wear? Again, no disrespect intended here, because anyone willing to make the trip and brave the elements, whatever their reasoning, has my wholehearted respect.

          • Jake-
            I see the humor. I saw the humor then too…maybe I was addicted to the idea as well. At any rate I went to CWA..”Cross Words Anonymous” and I am now in step 3 of a nine step process..

        • I emailed Dal a little while ago about a clue that I anagrammed, and very cleverly I might add. Dal politely told me I was nonsense, but in a very encouraging way.

          There is a chance that each of clues might need to be interpreted in a different way; maybe one is an anagram, another is a crossword puzzle type clue, another needs to be translated into a different language, another is out of place in the poem, another is a GPS coordinate or compass heading, another is a letter substitution cypher, etc..

          I dismiss nothing.

          • Trust in Dal. If he says it’s nonsense, it is. He has been seeing these theories come through this blog for over 3 years. Nobody has even found the chest that way. Take his word as gospel, you’ll save yourself a lot of anguish and time.

          • I continue to believe it is 9 straight clues. No anagrams, no numbers, no ciphers. One layer. Solve the 9 consecutive clues to take you from the beginning to the end where the chest is waiting.

            It seems that most here are using some other method. That is why I am confident that most here are not heading in the right direction.

    • Jake, I’m with you buddy. My instincts say read the poem, read the book, do a little research, and go out and LOOK. I really don’t think an “X” to mark the spot will be found in decoding secret meanings in the poem or book or anything else. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part but my sense is that Fenn wants us out and discovering the treasures found there and not on the couch looking for hidden messages. I just hope my cataracts don’t keep me from seeing it when I get out there next month!

  80. Jake,

    I think that’s some good advice. I’m a little long in the tooth too, so that’s the way I interpret the poem as well.

  81. Make it simple
    Make it fun
    The clues should not be
    Hard work
    Once you have begun
    Each word alone
    Is all you need
    There it can be
    More easily seen

    • Secrent, get in line one at a time. Forrest was first, we will solve his and you are next.

      • That’ funny. I am just trying in my own mind to try and think inside the paradigm of Forrest’s poem. If I can grasp what he means and see what he says, writing poetry may give me the edge.

  82. I thought back on a statement made by f in which he said if he was younger he’d go right back out and get the chest (can’t remember the exact wording). It makes me wonder if the spot is in a secret fishing hole or a place he found something very special at. I wonder where the very first spot was he caught a lunker rainbow at and got him hooked on fishing just like we’re all hooked on finding this chest. It sometimes feels like a big fishing tournament (lol).

    • I think it is a place where he found something very special while exploring looking for ancient artifacts because that’s what he does. i think I was close the last time out, but now I think I have the correct area down to the last couple of acres, but I need to get back out there to find the blaze. Soon, very soon.

      • Unless Stephanie Davis found it. Haven’t seen her on here today. Maybe shes hand delivering the bracelet to Forrest right now.

  83. I believe Forrest said the poem CONTAINS the clues,,,,
    A clue is a clue unless it is a riddle, A riddle solved reveals the clue….

    I believe it is directions but not a list, there is the reason to think…

    The crossword idea is an excellent exercise,,,,to solve the lines that are riddles.

    • CDN

      I agree. The crossword didn’t reveal the clues..except at the very end. For instance in determining what the blaze was. I had to find a word that was 6 letters and started with s and had an a in it…that kind of thing…

      • But let me also say that I finally gave up on the crossword idea. I have not used it in a year or so and will not again.

        • Dal, on the puzzle thing I was thinking more like jigsaw puzzle. I found borders first and put everything else inside. Very first line being “so why is it that I must go?” then paired up last words in each line that rhyme. “so why is it that I must go? The answers I already know.” and so on until last line.. Or border,should be as final statement, “your quest to cease, just take the chest and go in peace.” it gives the poem better rhythm. Each paired rhyming line is a piece of the puzzle. After rearranging them several times I’m no closer to solution, hope it helps someone.

      • Dal,
        I agree the crossword will not reveal any clues,,,,but treating the lines of the poem as a riddle in a crossword, may help someone reveal a clue….
        It is just another way for someone to look at the lines and process it .

        All you need is the poem….

        • Why does he say read the book 10-15 times though? I think the reason the poem is all you need is if your at that location it will obviously work so he can get away with saying something like that. I personally need to figure out what the hints/clues are.

  84. Here is why I believe Forrest insists the poem not be altered…
    If you alter the wording in what is a riddle,,,,,you will never find the clue.

    • To CDN Searcher.
      I agree, with all of the potential HOB’s, WWWH’s, blazes, et al. And the myriad way in which all of us diversely organize information; there has to be a ” consistent”.

    • Stephanie, I believe he used capitalized Brown as proper name, which I found is scattered in every state in the Rockies in history. Seems you can’t find anywhere that doesn’t have someone named Brown in its history. Might as well have used Smith or Jones.

      • Dal wrote a blog about how Brown shouldn’t be for brown trout I believe because a brown trout shouldn’t be capitalized for the reason your saying. I asked a grammar teacher and they said the same thing. I’ve still used it that way…but it’s probably not right. That’s why I’ve considered other things like a field of Brown Eyed Susans which I found in Cimarron which should be capitalized. I think that’s the reason people have gone right by the Home of Brown if they got the first two clues right…it’s probably something you don’t notice so easily. Just seeing news about Oklahoma…it looks like this is going to be really bad.

  85. Sure makes a lot of sense. I never really looked at it that way. CDN you deserve a six pack of your choice.

  86. Maybe the riddle-poem is written as a rhetorical Zeugma? Zeugma is a feature of a riddle-poem.

    • Secrent-
      Oh no!
      Not another one…
      Okay…so how does that work? (He asked while getting ready to plug his ears)

    • I’m not a wordsmith or English major, add the Texas accent and some say I don’t speak English at all……I have presented the poem to several English/poetry/literature professors; it will be interesting to see what they have to say…..I couldn’t help myself, I had to look up Zeugma…..I found out there are lots of Zeugmas, there’s Prozeugmas, Mesozeugmas, Hypozeugmas, and last but certainly not least Diazeugmas. If you disagree Fenn used this style he probably used hypozeuxis or anaphoras…..You bet everyone knows that……Gawd, if that’s what it takes to decipher the poem I’m toast.

  87. T-2 days and counting. Looking forward to this adventure even though I am still not sure what led me here…

    • That is exciting! GL Finding that those announcing a search, adds to the thrill of trying to get out there for one’s self before it’s no longer a treasure hunt.

      • A zizzer zazzer zuzz as you can plainly see. Friday – and I promise to bring Dr Suess into my writeup.

        • NIce! I look forward to the writeup. Maybe well cross each others path out in the woods. I have extra flashlights and sandwiches.

        • Maybe Montana after reading Steven Shultz story. What was it that Forrest said about indecision and flexibility? Its a toss up between Colorado and New Mexico. One location just seems to fit better than the other though, and I never got to thoroughly search it last time, plus i think I was off by about 1 to 200 yards. this time i know exactly where I’m going. you never said what state you were headed to. Also what do you think Forrest meant by the word wise in the poem?

        • Wisdom… Also, I am not going to Colorado; so, the chest is probably there 🙂

        • E,

          do not forget the ball of string with the Dr Seuss stuff… 🙂

          Good Luck to you

  88. Forrest mentions the nasty brown gravy in his book as well – maybe he capitalized it to give it respect for how awful it was… 🙂

    • Or he ate it with his school lunch too lol. Oh he had an apple and sardines(I prefer smoked oysters). Maybe he ate a real lunch in high school with Brown Gravy. Maybe the biddies were actually the lunch ladies too.

  89. Dal i just seen you mention Jenny Lake , i would love to hear the details. I have a location very close to Jenny Lake that keeps pulling me there. It is 1 of 3 places i’ve ever been willing to risk a trip to. I hinted around to the theory i had on here but ppl thought i was crazy (lol) They just wouldn’t believe that an 80 yr old man would take a stroll there. Thor Mountain is within view.

  90. Anyone know if f and Harrison Ford have ever hung out together ? I seen where HF owns a substantial amount of property in Jackson with a helicopter/pilots license. He also helps in search efforts in the area. A secret can be kept if the other person is dead but what if the other person wasn’t dead and he happened to be someone you can trust with your life. With fundraisers and all i would almost bet that f and Harrison have crossed paths.

    • Gosh that would be fun if Forrest was friends with him. I personally thought a similar situation with Doug Preston since Doug seems to be with Forrest on these interviews with CW. I thought maybe Dougs book Codex might have had the answer in there(I wasn’t aware of any)…it just seemed odd to me that he would write a book that was loosely written about Forrest and his TOTC.

      • Steph-
        Preston mentions the reason for his idea for Codex in the preface. Doug was one of the folks who saw the treasure chest before Forrest hid it. I think if you are a mystery writer and a good friend of your’s tells you the story of how he planned “to take it with him” you cannot help but turn that idea into a good yarn…

        • Yeah I was aware he saw it and all that…I think like you have said…since you’ve gotten to know Forrest…you learn about him and it might be helpful. I think that might hold true with reading Codex even. I mean did he run ideas past Forrest? Did he put things in it that might come from their friendship over so many years? I like all the twists and turns and research of the chase.

        • I just read the Codex a few weeks ago – fun read but no clue,s that I could see anyway, to ff’s treasure. I just picked up a few more books by Preston and Childs at the used book store in town as I do like a good mystery! 🙂

          Beekeeper, I’ve looked into Flaming Gorge a bit myself and like your train of thought – it’s another good possible area. Looking forward to hearing about your Yellowstone search!

    • JJ-
      I have never heard Forrest mention a relationship with Ford but he and Robert Redford nearly bought a restaurant in Santa fe together.

  91. I was sitting here sweating thinking man people must think i’m nuts. I honestly hope what i write doesn’t throw anyone off or make them think otherwise. At this point i’ve put what the chest could do for me and my family on the back burner. I am just so thankful for all this bringing my mind back to a much healthier place. It’s amazing how one man can affect so many in such a positive way.

    • Not to worry. I was just a bit distracted re: the TINA embedded in the last two Today show clues, and the “This Is Not Art” festival on Hunter. Just marking it up as a curiousity, though.

      • “but tarry scant with marvel gaze”

        Be careful. He can trap you once you’re get down in the canyon –

        ht tp://

        • “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” maybe that means we don’t have long to look because the sunlight elluminates the spot for moments only. Is it tucked into a cliff wall along a watery spot?

    • JJ. I don’t think you are nuts and I agree with your sentiments about The Chase. It stimulates me intellectually, physically and emotionally.

  92. A school so hard hit in Oklahoma – say prayers for those people and kids.

  93. The lords way of telling us we need to join hands and come together as a people. I live 1 1/2 hrs away from Joplin, Mo. the tornado there was a life changing experience when i helped with cleanup.

  94. Thanks for the lengthy response Dal, you’re very kind by sharing your “insider” information.

    I must confess over the past 10 or so days, I’ve become obsessed with this treasure. I almost hope someone will find it so I can get back to living a productive life and think about something other than obscure references to warm water, Brown, paddles, heavy loads, blaze, etc…

    In the spirit of contributing to the search, and gaining street cred on the blog let me share a possible location which I have not yet visited, but believe has great potential.

    Near the border where Utah / Wyoming / Colorado come together…

    Begin at Flaming Gorge Dam (WWWH, “blaze” reference?)
    Head downstream through narrow canyon on the green river (canyon down, popular trout fishery)
    Downstream 15-25 miles (too far to walk)
    Enter Brown’s park (house of Brown)
    Historic area for 19th century outlaws, including Butch Cassedy (no place for the meek)
    exit green river and hike up…(end drawing nigh)
    seasonal creek / dry stream bed, likely Vermilion Creek.. (no paddle up creek)
    continue to Vermilion Falls (water high)
    The rest you’ll have to decode on site, but i came across a reference Butch Cassedy and other outlaws that hid their take in Irish canyon, a couple miles from vermilion canyon. My imagination suggests the storied past and world class fishing attracted F and he subsequently located a cache there, and has added his to the hideout (treasures new and old). I also understand Irish Canyon has native american rock art, (the blaze?)

    Alright all… Google it and draw your own conclusions, if you find the treasure based on this interpretation, be sure to send me my 15% consultant’s fee (i’ll settle for you paying off the mortgage on my house:)

    Has anyone already searched this area??

    I’ll report back from Yellowstone on Tues next

    • I’ve heard of a couple people who strongly believe it’s in that area…one being a long time searcher, but I only believe has been out there to search it once. I don’t know their exact location though…just that it had to do with the flaming gorge.

  95. This search was done by Steven Shultz who was nice enough to give his permission to post it for others to see.
    Well my family vacation to Yellowstone is now complete. We traveled 8 days for 4,440 miles through 10 states, saw Mt Rushmore, Custer’s Last Stand, Yellowstone, Cody WY, Thermopolis WY, and visit my son in Colorado Springs. In all we had a great time. And of course I did a little treasure hunting, but came up empty. As I promised, I will now share my solution to Mr Fenn’s poem.
    CLUE #1 Begin it where warm waters halt
    (FF fell in love with Yellowstone; Yellowstone noted for geysiers and hot springs; Begin = first; First hot spring from Gardiner, MT (northern entrance to Yellowstone; specifically noted in book) is Mammoth Hot Springs; in Journal of a Trapper by Osborne Russell he noted how the waters from “Hourly Geysier” (Old Faithful) turned cold as soon as the water drained from the geysier)
    CLUE #2 And take it in the canyon down,
    (Mammoth Hot Springs ends in a lake, then into Clematis Creek, then into Gardner River. Gardner Canyon runs along Gardner River)
    CLUE #3 Not far, but too far to walk.
    (drive your car to the footbridge over Gardner river)
    CLUE #4 Put in below the home of Brown
    (Put in= enter; enter the footbridge: the start of the lava creek trail; below the home of Brown=
    Brown, Joe Joe Brown discovered gold in Bear Gulch, near the park’s northern border east of Gardiner, MT in 1866. It was reported that he took out $8,000 in gold that year. He discovered gold ore on Crevasse Mountain in the 1870’s and sold out to George Eaton in 1885, who built the first quartz mill in the district. A trail up Dome Mountain, near Yankee Jim Canyon, is named after Brown.
    CLUE #5 From there it’s no place for the meek,
    (meek = timid, weak; Lava Creek Trail; a nature trail is hard to do)
    CLUE #6 The end is ever drawing nigh;
    (not a clue – the end is drawing near)
    CLUE #7 There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    (Lava Creek Trail – no need for a paddle to walk the trail)
    CLUE #7a Just heavy loads and water high.
    (heavy loads = weighed down with emotional importance; “The Thrill of the Chase” – water high = Undine Falls: Undine is a watery nymph from Greek mythology (like the gypsies in one of his stories??))
    CLUE #8 If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    (NPS trail markers are a orange diamond; blaze = torch)
    CLUE #9 Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    (At a specific trail marker on lava creek trail; #65?(post mark on teasure chest is June 5th))
    To my dismay the trails in Yellowstone are not marked in any way, so I did not have a proper solution to the blase clue. I quess I need to work on that one and try again some day.

    Good luck to all who is still trying to “solve” the chase!

    • Isn’t it so nice how you can apply this poem to so many areas? One needs to think about where HOB is applied – before or after entering the canyon down…. Be careful. I thought about this and went with what the poem tells me.

        • Not trying to be snarky about the canyon. It is a riddle so nothing has to be taken literally. I guess it depends on what your definition of “it” is though.

          • Yeah I’ve had some pretty odd canyons….I can’t even admit to it on a blog unless you all close your eyes. Ok, that alone should tell you what it was lol…..actually I had two that you should close your eyes over.

        • i think you might be right, tarryscant…if “down” is a hill of the canyon, “take it in the canyon down” could mean take it in the hill of/by the canyon, in which case you would not have to enter the canyon at all…

      • Well if you don’t find it Friday Einstein we may be tripping over each other Saturday if were both headed to the same home of brown.

      • Thank you for not going to Colorado – I really wish you good luck. If you find it, my life can get back to normal.

    • That was another WWWH area I was looking at, although my interpretation of the clues took me to a different spot.

  96. Long time lurker…working on FTINPFTMeek

    I have an anagram for after From There: hike on por (Spanish for “for”) mcl (roman for 1150) feet east.

    I thought that was interesting – but not elegant enough for me. Someone may like it.

  97. Nice work Stephanie! Seems the treasure should have been yours with those connections.
    Does anyone know if the clues have perspective if viewed from “above”. I don’t know if Forrest flew quite a bit in Montana although I would think so. Maybe there is something that he has thrown in that ties in with an aerial view.

  98. Well, I am coming out of a research rabbit hole that will most likely lead to a dead end. It seems like some posters may be getting close and that is exciting, but then I think about the veteran searchers, Dal, Stephanie, Richard Saunier and others, and I understand that they are all very smart, and have likely pursued and eliminated the ideas that I am pursuing, and that truth is deflating. The question is, when to decide a rabbit hole is too deep and extricate yourself from a particular line of thought? I could read book after book after book (which I have) following a clue to another to another, which are at different layers of meaning. There is no real point to this post other than to vent. My spouse is tired of listening to me!

    • Tarryscant, the rabbit hole has no end. Physically search the area you are interested in. Not to do so will bring regret later. If the treasure is found where you think it is and you say “I knew it” no one will believe you. In speaking for myself, of the four areas I searched in YNP, the treasure could still be in any one and I missed it. You must go look, get out from behind the electronic device. This was Forrest’s desire to begin with.

      • Thanks for the encouragement Horatio, I did search once, and that spot was actually pretty good, although I suspect others have been there as it is a great fit for the poem. I will go back because I did not have much time. I will be in my area next month and will look again if it has not been found.I have 3-4 spots in pretty close proximity (not too far but too far to walk!) to check then. Good luck to you.

    • My friends keep referring to “a wild goose chase”. I thought disparagingly of that comment when I saw all the Canada geese, in YNP. I’m going back. Gotta have some relief.

    • I think it’s the lurkers we all have to worry about….maybe they can raise their hands so we can count them to know how much more we should be worried. Only two parties figured out Warm Waters halting and only a few have been 500 feet or closer…we probably shouldn’t be so worried as the majority aren’t looking in the right place…but it’s hard not to be. Maybe those odds will lessen once more people can get into YNP. By the way…I feel like I’m starting from scratch after every search….but my best ideas come when I’m on a plane back home lol…..

      • There may be more that figured out WWWH or have been within 500ft of the treasure but they didn’t write ff about their searches.

        I think you’re right about searchers in YNP and other popular spots – they’ll probably be tripping over each other over Memorial weekend! 🙂

      • Do you know why your best ideas come from flying back? Because when you have two people pulling on a rope and one lets go – what happens to the other person. When you let go – your mind opens up. Tug Tug Tug – let go everything happens.

        • I am a Gemini and most people that know me probably think I fight with myself more than anyone else…so maybe your right in a zodiac-ish kind of way My husband hardly thinks about the chase. Since Forrest signed my book though with his name too…he’s taken a bit more interest in it and now wants us to search his locations too.

      • Agree about the lurkers and ideas that come too late.
        Also, I admire your mental toughness Stephanie.

        • if you saw my freak out emails you’d say I need professional help. Dal can chime in and confirm my mental status if he wants lol.

      • (raising hand) We move swift, we move silent, we move deadly.

        I hope Tarryscant is not going to be upsetting inthechaseto by going to her state. And I think Chris Yates is already in her state.

        In my opinion, I am not sure WWWH has to be a hot spring. I also believe it is possible that “in the canyon down” could mean go in the next canyon, not the one you are in.

        Perhaps I have contributed something useful. Do I lose my lurker credentials now?

        Good luck to all.

        • Yes now there are two lurkers that we’ve captured and need to be regulars so we can keep an eye on you guys. Glad you spoke up and raised your hand(LOL).

      • I am not too worried about the 500′ thing. Just my thoughts, but the treasure I believe is 500′ from some path or trail that is commonly traveled at different times, therefore it is kinda of a given for Forrest to state that.

      • I think he took to digging today – on private property – not a good idea.

        • Seriously??? wow. One of my last trips I was digging on County land and I was so scared I was going to get busted. I hope he’s ok…it does seem strange he’s not here, but he might be having a melt down too. I have plenty of those trips that end like that. Maybe Forrest could put a therapist on staff for us all. lol.

        • I thought this hunt was therapay for all the bs we deal with in our day to day jobs.

    • im back home and my most recent search is now over. appreciate the concern, im ok, all is good. after my digging expedition came up empty, i did a little more searching , then the day was done and i started driving home last night and went straight shot thru the night and all day till i got home, colorado to southern cal. so i havent slept since i woke up sunday morn. funny enuff i feel totally fine right now. i have a hard time writing short posts when i have a lot i wanna say lol.ill be posting some more thoughts tonight but right now im relaxing with a few cold bud lights. so chaseto and steph, all is well on the homefront. fyi , i wasnt digging on private land

      • What part of ca?? I’m in San Diego! If you ever need anyone to search with… It may be fun to join up!

  99. Stephanie Dal will add me to his crazy list after he reads the last email i sent him. Chris is probably trying to drag that heavy chest back to his vehicle.

  100. Stephanie Davis left at the right time if she’s on her way to Idaho…..we have tornadoes all around us.

  101. ???? How is it possible you can say that and then say no one should ask you. Unless Forrest said something like that to you which I highly doubt…you can’t know that’s the case and shouldn’t be saying that and misleading people. When I said I dug…it was in sand…and the sand was filled back in if that’s what upset you.

    • It;s a clue in the poem. If you don’t believe it then that’s OK by me – of course I don’t know that for a fact. I should have prefaced the comment with I belive – sorry about that. Can you forgive me?

        • I agree with inthechaseto if you really read the book and pay attention to things he says outside the book you would know you don’t have to dig. If your digging your never going to find it, fact! there I said it.

          • I really agree that when you find the chest you will not have to dig .You might have to be at the right angle to see it though (just a thought) All states north of Santa fe are fair game . Personally I dont think IT will be found anytime SOON it’s been THere for over what 3 years Good LUck searchers

  102. I’ve been getting updates on the storms. Got a call from my renter….it got part of my rent house but thank God my renters are safe. Update on the hunt. So the hunt goes on for me. Got to my “spot” and there was a clue there to look in a book…in the book was some writing that directed us to a page, on the page was a circled paragraph with an asterick. It has led to another spot. Will search it tomorrow.

    • Glad your renters are safe but so sad about the devastation and deaths. 🙁 Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in OK.

      Your adventure sounds fascinating Stephanie – can’t wait to hear all the details!

        • stephanie davis, please stay safe…and I’m cheering for you. Hope you find that lovely chest. You’ve been so generous and informative with the things you’ve shared here although I must confess I’m stuck with my head in an ancient dictionary looking at the root meanings of words (any words) and not doing much about hunting. yet. I really hope you find the treasure. My heart goes out to OK and I’m glad your renters are ok.

  103. Sounds exciting! We have been watching the weather real close. The family has their running shoes on.

  104. zuni…thank you. I was excited to find the clue…however I feel like it led me back to my original spot that I posted about on here….going in circles here. I’m missing something but I don’t know what. I’m going to clear my brain tonight and give it a rest. I have that crazy song playing in my head….the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…..and well, you get the idea. lol

  105. I agree with inthechaseto if you really read the book and pay attention to things he says outside the book you would know you don’t have to dig. If your digging your never going to find it, fact! there I said it.

  106. I know that, but others might not and Dal works really hard to make sure people get the right information. Saying you KNOW something isn’t possible for any of us…saying something is FACT isn’t possible for any of us. Saying you KNOW where it is before you’ve gone there to get it, isn’t possible either.

    • You are correct Stephanie, but I think this is where people need to put there common sense hat on. I don’t think Fenn would hide it in a place where you have to break any laws or go digging up the countryside.

      • I see what your saying Lorax, but In my digging was only sand. I could have moved it with my hands and he says that he has dug 3 feet down to hide the bells. So I don’t think digging is out of the question when he has that in his memoir with hints/clues in it.

        • I agree I see no problem with sand but will the local authorities see it the same way if they catch others digging in harder terrain. I think the bells are a whole different ball game I don’t think he wants those to be found for quite a while and they can be on his land, others land with permission, he may have mineral rights to certain areas, and some places may let him bury anything he wants with a substantial donation.

          • I think the whole digging thing is sort of goofy. I think the ticket should only come into play if you don’t fill it in. What’s wrong with digging a little hole. I mean as long as it’s not so deep as you have to worry about hitting electric or something. Next they’ll give you a ticket if your buying a shovel…or maybe even thinking about digging a hole.

        • Whats next Yates? When are you heading out again? And what happened to Einstein? Hes the only one that has me a little worried right now, but it would still be neat if he found it.

        • I am here. My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Never worry about action, but only inaction.

        • Your right and you pointed out one of the big problems with this country, city, state, and federal authorities always worrying about the piddly stuff instead of concentrating on the big problems. Come down here to southern AZ sometime and Ill take you to what was once beautiful country, but is now littered with the trash from countless illegals sneaking across the border.

        • I knew it would come to this. Who is illegal? Who took the land from whom? Where are the boundaries of the first settlement to the next, and to the next, and so on. Fenn loves this kind of thing like he talked about the Libiyan desert(talked about to the unmentionable Tony D.) where WWII artifacts were strewn about with artifacts from centuries earlier. Finally, there is a new angle other than Brown Trout.

  107. The chest may not be buried but the bells are with your golden ticket/invitation for you and your family to go hunt for treasure (joke). Welcome to Willy Wonka Resort.

  108. As i have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold

    doesnt this sound like FF is going alone into the graveyard and it took boldness to go in there

    • he is going alone into the cemetery and it took a lot of courage to go in there, thats what it sounds like to me

    • I take that line as he is going into death with his wisdom and knowledge or life lessons learned graciously. just my 2 cents. Can apply to finding the “spot” also though Kinda like that perfect fishing hole a friend or your lil grandchild prolly knows well. You can die with nothing or you can die with a legacy full of your nothings.

      • Somebody once said something about A man who dies with more than $50 is a failure. Not sure if that is a clue to the treasure, or a clue to living a good life.

  109. Anyone familiar with Geocaching?
    Leave the shovels at home and
    you won’t get into trouble.

    • This is the ultimate geocache. No coordinates, vague clues, huge cache..

      No shovels, but don’t think the box can be seen from the sky. I will wager a shiny new penny that it is inside, behind, under, covered, or otherwise shielded from the elements. You need to KNOW where it is to find it. Ain’t no guessing here.

  110. …but BURIED to VGBOSS is:

    -under 3ft to 4ft of dirt next to boulder/rock formations or surrounded by bushes?
    -under a huge boulder/rocks?
    -under mud and rocks in water by the edge/ledge?
    -under a pile of wood with junk on top like Dr.Pepper bottles, Bottle caps, Marbles, etc..
    -under a tree slit or within a tree trunk/hollow
    -under a roof surrounded by 4 walls, lock box, at a UPS store or Safe Deposit Box/Vault (had to include this one just for kicks 🙂
    …and the list goes on and on!


  111. A military veteran/active duty wears his ribbons/medals on his chest (bold) that is when he’s in his dress blues. Could be a reference of having to carry that chest above his waste as to not drop it in that stream he may be crossing. Just a thought.

  112. What is going on?! Some people on this comment section of this blog are sooooo over the top with their sense of righteousness and judgmentalism and criticism of others who have joined the hunt at a later date…don’t you remember how you started?!!! Your insecurities verses your certainties? Who are you to pass judgement on anyone??! For one thing, anyone coming to this blog should know this is nothing more than a group of people sharing opinions and ideas or (from what I’ve read) thinks they know everything. Or at the very least, more than anyone else. And if they don’t know this, well, welcome to the real world. It is still nothing more than a point of view. And to think everyone should be monitored by some searcher who has been “at it longer” is simply bs. I don’t contribute much because I don’t have much to contribute. On the other hand I really haven’t found anything on here that tears me away from my word search…just loving the root of words. I’m all “yay” for the people who are going camping with their families as I think that is what Fenn intended. I’m going to delete my bookmark of this site (sorry, Dal, it’s not you, it’s her) and delete every connection to this site I have. I’ve enjoyed, tremendously, so many of you on here but I really can’t deal with the bs any more. I wish all of the newbies and the oldies good luck on the hunt. But my real hope is that the jobless guy with the pickup and, is it 37 kids now?, takes his family camping and simply stumbles over the treasure and never has to be subject to some of the vitriol on this comment site. I do not hold Dal responsible for the way people take advantage of and use his site…he seems to have an inordinate amount of patience and insight and commom sense. adios

    • ZuniGreyWolf I don’t know you but I hear you and I understand you. I’ve been back and forth on this blog for months. There are lots of Mr. and Mrs. Know it All’s on this Chase…I think I’m one of them….lol

      …but seriously my advice to you is just ignore those that you wish to ignore or should be ignored….enjoy the Chase! You must remember “Your Effort will be worth the Cold” some people can be cold in this blog…”If you are Brave and in the Wood” people on this Chase need to be brave in this blog.

      The Thrill of the Chase is a Poker Game…people are playing their cards…some will attempt to distract, insult, make fun of, etc… keep in mind we’re talking about a $1,000,000 to $4,000,000 Treasure Chest/Trove and people will do and say many things.

      ZuniGreyWolf I say stick around and ignore those few…if I’m one of them ignore me…I’m cool with it. Or ZuniGreyWolf step back for a while, from this blog, and return later. I’ve done it several times. This blog can be very noisy at times and intolerable because of a certain few.

      • No it’s not Einstein. Definitely no place for the Meek.

        World Wide Web ( WWW. )
        ….it’s the first solution to “where warm waters halt”

        There are a couple of interpretations to “where warm waters halt’ when speaking about Forrest Fenn’s awesome Poem.

    • I’m fine with you using my name and you could have emailed me direct. Why not tell me you have issues with me prior to this? I never ever said I was better than anyone else, because I’ve searched longer. I’ve only tried to share information that I’ve gathered over the last two years…I’m sorry if that makes me appear righteous to you. Many things have gotten mixed up through the media and there are many things that people new to the search are unaware of that I’ve tried to help clear up. My whole point in the latest exchange your talking about is that she had said she KNEW where it was. Here are her exact words. “How do I know – don’ t ask me” To me it sounded as if she some how received it….not that it was something she thought she figured out. So maybe it was a misunderstanding on my part that we could have worked out. I just felt a new person coming to the blog though and hearing someone say this is where it is might feel the search is over, or that it will be found under rocks in this case and they won’t consider anything else. I’m sorry you feel the way you do about me and if you want to talk or if she wants to in email I’d be happy to try and work out these feelings. I don’t want to upset anyone. My email is tyblossom at aol dot com.

      • I agree with you Steph-
        Comments like “I found it” or “I know where it is” or “It’s here” are not tolerated on this blog. If you feel the need to express your opinion make certain everyone understands that it is your opinion by stating it as an opinion as in “I think..” or “I believe…” or “It’s my opinion…”

        7,000 to 10,000 hits a day on this blog and I don’t want newcomers to look at someones “I know where it is…” comment and give up because they think it’s been found by some blow hard.

        So people who break that rule get moderated as soon as I notice.

        I also do not tolerate yelling at folks…
        This is a place where we help one another, tolerate one another. If that doesn’t work for you please go somewhere else.



        • Dal, I appreciate all that you do with this blog. You are totally right in running this place as you have, on the up and up, and I appreciate it. I like to think we all do. But don’t get upset (or surprised) when certain parties post to throw others off the chase through meanness or indirection. There’s a lot at stake.

          Don’t give it another thought if you delete a post or ban a hater. This is your place, keep it yours.

    • I am a newbie. You may not have posted a lot, but I like your posts. Please don’t let anyone drive you away.

    • I’m with ZuniGReyWolf on this – too much whining and crying and sniveling on this site by a few who know who they are. Why not just let people say what they want – it’s all opinion anyway. And why are my posts ‘moderated’ and others’ aren’t?

  113. Einstein, Where are you flying from? do you have it all figured out after the home of brown? You can answer this without giving away your search area, are you heading east west north or south from once you put in below your HOB? What do you think nigh means?

    • I am flying from social. I know exactly where I am going, I am just not exactly sure what to do once I get there 🙂 – have a good idea of what I am supposed to do though. I am heading up to the heavy loads with water high :-). Nigh means near or almost or for an animal the left side :-).

  114. @ Intothechase…a little mud from runoff, four rocks and one more surpise layer before you get to the prize. I got rained out, cold and discouraged when I hit the 3rd layer. I dove back into the book to find that my 3rd layer was correct…now I go back for session #3. I could be wrong, but that’s enough fuel for me to make another trip. CHC

  115. i am realizing things right now people. wow. i think i know where i went wrong. i am going back in a month to the same place.

    • Chris ‘think’ and ‘confident’ are 2 different things, feelings, etc…

      Are you really sure? 110% sure?

    • T – I personally believe a boat/horse may indeed be a clue just as a otter, rat, bat, bear, boar, etc.. or OTHER BOATS.

  116. horatio,

    Fenn said not to change the poem. Isn’t that changing the poem?

  117. Hi all! I’m several dozen posts behind because i was out tonight, but just wanted to wish all a safe upcoming weekend of searching. I’m heading out in the morning and will be near my search zone by Friday afternoon. Actually, I prefer to call it my camping zone since I don’t think the search will take as much of my time as getting settled in. For anyone worried, I found one solution….rather than carry a bunch of water bottles in my backpack, I decided to lighten the load and only carry dehydrated water instead. Smart, huh? LOL Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

  118. Hi all. I don’t think my earlier post came through because I wasn’t signed in. Heading out tomorrow with hopes of fun, adventure and getting some much-needed sun on my pale skin. Hope everyone has a fun-filled and safe Memorial Day weekend of searching and family time!

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