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321 thoughts on “THE NINE CLUES….Part Seven

    • At one point, I was thinking about Brown Canyon in Colorado. I liked how the Arkansas River ran through Brown Canyon parallal to the railroad…I was thinking this could be heavy loads and waters high in below the home of Brown. I did do some searching, but the Arkansas River runs for miles along the railroad tracks, couldn’t really pinpoint a good location.

      • this is what i came out with you cant see it from grown level but i found a large area of land that has made a large deer the home of brown then it sayes waters high go up past a body of water waters high right above that i also found the blazing trail its a formation of perfect flames made by the land farther on down i found a large hole in the grown with a vary large bolder in the middle of this hole in there and heavy loads im i lost?

    • ok, for 9 clues I see lines 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 as clues. If either of lines 22 or 23 are clues, which lines do I throw out?

      Mr. Fenn has always said there are 9 clues in the poem. Does his double speak also mean there could be more than 9 but certainly not less?

      Is line 22 saying, “if you can get off your warm couch and get outside it will be worth it”? If so it couldn’t be a clue. Then what about 23?

      still wondering…


      • JD wrote –

        “Does his double speak also mean there could be more than 9 but certainly not less?”

        Toward the end, he says “list ten”

        VGBOSS –

        I’m not finding that the clues fall like dominoes, but take time to work through in sequence. But, you do need to get that starting point, using a sort of key.

        Good Luck,

    • Too general I think. Speaking of mountains when is the snow supposed to melt.

      • i found a plase where you can see a dear from about 7000 thousand feet in the air looking down from a plane its close to santa fe but to far to walk

    • I was watching NOVA last night and it was about grizzlies and wolves at YNP. I watched a 600 lb grizzly bear pop out of a den on the mountain side up, roll down to the water in the snow and pull a trout out of the river. The river is below the HOB. That was an AH HA moment.

      • sounds good, could be just the meaning, a cave, but the treasure is NOT in the cave, you are to just put in a river below a cave… maybe 2000 places like this….. but I will keep that one in mind.

  1. I will begin at www.
    And take it in Fenn canyon down
    I can not walk every step of your past
    Under the rules of mr. Brown

    I’ve grown new eyes so i may be wise
    gaining truth from what you’ve wrote
    what words can i use to convay the blaze?
    but through hunger taught from your note.

    what we read, is not whats wrote
    use rule’s of three to compare
    from by a knight i find the truth
    you gave me clue’s that must be square

    “three square miles” is math, you say
    “three miles square” is the english way
    the answer needs to be written down
    use rule number one,from mr.Brown

    you ask three things, in a line of one
    the answers you already know
    i can only asume, I’ve just begun
    but i’ll figure it out as i go

    I’ll give a clue of what i know
    the trove you leave for us to seek
    it’s ordained that man should grow
    and what we leave, is not ours to keep

  2. Yesterday we were kidding around about buffalo, but I was wondering…in the book he and Skippy named the buffalo Cody (granted, not very original..kind of like naming a dalmatian Spot) but Forrest is on the board of trustees for a William “Buffalo Bill” Cody museum in (I think) Colorado and Steph and others were talking about the Twin Owls (possibly being the two Omega symbols or wise) also being in Estes Park, CO.

    Does anyone recall the name or location of the museum? I checked out their website once but can’t seem to find it again. I remember noticing that Dick Cheney was also on the board with Forrest, but don’t remember if there was a guy named Brown or not (that would be a stretch anyway). Just wondering if there might be a connection between these things to draw me into a possible Colorado direction. If I remember correctly, Forrest goes to the museum once a year or so and I believe he even had some of his collection on display there at one time recently.

    I’m just trying to divorce myself from my original thoughts and think in a new direction. It’s hard when you are so sure of one spot to let it go and not keep imagining things connect to it to the exclusion of other possibilities.

    Dal, do you remember the link to the museum? Google isn’t being cooperative tonight! Lol


    PS: Tonto: “What do you mean ‘we’, kemosabe?”

    • Yesterday we were kidding around about buffalo, but I was wondering…in the book he and Skippy named the buffalo Cody (granted, not very original..kind of like naming a dalmatian Spot) but Forrest is on the board of trustees for a William “Buffalo Bill” Cody museum in (I think) Colorado and Steph and others were talking about the Twin Owls (possibly being the two Omega symbols or wise) also being in Estes Park, CO.

      Does anyone recall the name or location of the museum?

      That’s easy-CODY, WY

      • The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is in Cody, WY which is 500 miles from Estes Park, CO…that is the one that Forrest is on the board of trustees. There is also Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave in Golden, CO (suburb of Denver) on Lookout Mountain. Alas, Forrest has no connection to this one that I have heard, and it still 60 miles from Estes Park.

    • Cheers. Actually I always heard the version “What you mean WE white man?” Gotta be quick to play this game. I’m going to concentrate on a new state and apply what I (think) I know of the poem as well by way of reductionism. Will peruse the sources for said museum.

  3. Hi, i met Mr. Fenn today and asked about how he knew the treasure had not been discovered. The whole story is under my post about finding the blaze. It seemed appropriate to post it there. Ciao.

  4. LURKERS, and there are THOUSANDS of YOU… either come out of the DARK… or go away.

    “This is a BLOG about the NINE CLUES”… “Dangerously Good Insights” – WELCOMED & PREFERRED.

    “HOLDING BACK” and “HOARDING” what you “THINK” you know will not HELP YOU… Just look what happened to the NAZIS in “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK” you will end of ALL ALONE in the FIELD somewhere realizing how silly it was to hold back…

    CANDID INSIGHTS like ours are REQUIRED, Like the 4-Traps of THE LAST CRUSADE… The NAZIS couldn’t pass, but

    INDIANA JONES was MORE “INSIGHTFUL”… ( HOLDING PEOPLE back by “SPEAKING in CODE” didn’t help the NAZIS, nor will it help any of us on this BLOG )

    FORREST FENN likes to be compared to INDIANA JONES… as in his “THE MOTHER OF INDIANA JONES – ( A COLLECTOR STRIKES BACK )” article.



    Take it from “INDIANA JONES a.k.a. Forrest Fenn” and try to be MORAL like “Indiana Jones” & “Angus MacGyver”…

    SPOILER ALERT: “This is a BLOG about the NINE CLUES”… “Dangerously Good Insights” – WELCOMED & PREFERRED.

    • Are you shouting the words that are capitalized or are the CAPS there to indicate emphasis in an other way?

    • I dont think anyone wants to give away any you solve the nine clues…one minor detail where do you start from?

      • The rhyme scheme could order the clues; reorder them actually. I’ve noticed no one has mentioned Animas on this site. Researching it now. Some clues may have double meaning, so I’m trying to use that to winnow down so many possibilities. His friendships seem key at the moment as I study his appreciation of art. Will have to consult with my son’s girlfriend about some paintings.

      • This old wreck hunter collected as much information about a subject before I enter into an area I have not been before..I think like an old man because Iam one:) So with that in mind I know what my limitations are, as does Mr. F. You can only see from your perspective, try and see it from his!!

    • Amen Santa Fe……I could be wrong but I think in the final analysis nobody here is going to give away their spot though one is able to glean some info here and develop a relationship or two so its a good thing, cheers to Dal

      • And I’m sure Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never shared trade secrets either, but I’m sure they were at least cordial, polite and respectful when they spoke to each other. This is a competition of sorts, but it should be a fun one.

        @CO Searcher…do you live in CO or just focusing on CO? Was wondering if you were familiar with the turf around the Cody Museum or Molly Brown’s home and if you think HOB fit’s in any other way besides the obvious? Thanks

        • I’m guessing the “polite and respectful” part (which was the point) went over your head. No need to continue this thread. Sorry folks.

      • Both. I’ve never thought the Molly Brown House (either Denver or Leadville) was very “Fenn-like” (if that’s a word). The Buffalo Bill Museum is in a nice spot but it doesn’t seem to fit any of the other clues, so I’m not looking there.

        • COSearcher-
          I agree. I’ve never felt any of those places were part of the equation. And even less (if that’s possible) once he gave us the “no structures” clue.

    • Hi Santa Fe,
      Just wanted to calm your fears and let you know that I am not lurking because I want to hit you over the head. I am lurking because I think I have solved the poem and I’m trying to determine if anyone else has. However, I don’t want to be a leech, and I did get the answer to one of the clues from this blog, so here you go…
      The most important clues for SOLVING the poem were given by its author and they are not in the poem!
      Good luck!
      (BTW, I thought I’d try your technique for emphasis with the word solving. How’d I do?)

      • Hello Dale, is that what you discovered here? If so can you share or at least point to where? Are you referencing taking them in consecutive order and where he references that he is a simple man, there is nothing fancy in the poem? Thanks.

      • Wasn’t talking to you DALE… I think you already knew that…

        Any chance your SPOT is on the UNBLURRED MAP ?

      • Dale, That was funny, I almost fell off the couch.

        You are so right about the correct solution.

      • Sorry, should have said, “I learned how to solve it on my own.”

        I did get the one clue answer here.

      • The end is ever drawing nigh…

        Stephanie says…Which means take a left turn.
        That is correct, nigh means left on a horse…however…nigh also means “near” as in…
        If a person is taking a canyon down….the end is drawing near

        Hope this helps 🙂

        • Good point. I would agree with you because it seems if you go with confidence it sounds like no turns are needed.

      • Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure what you were referring to that you learned here – the solution to solving or an individual clue. Now I understand. I think you are right in that it is natural to want to share but not too much. Good luck and happy hunting.

    • SantaFe,

      Why do you have an issue with your so called lurkers not sharing information they may or may not have.

  5. @SantaFe

    Be glad the thousands aren’t participating-can you imagine the quagmire this place would become??

    • LURKER WELCOME, If they BRING DANGEROUSLY GOOD INSIGHT, bring it on… it will keep us from getting off topic with MacGyver banter…

      EVERY WESTERN you’ve ever seen where the GOLD MINER comes into TOWN to the SALOON and BUYS everyone a ROUND of DRINKS… there’s ALWAYS that LURKER that KILLS the GOLD MINER on his way out of TOWN…

      LURKERS, come out of the SHADOWS or GO AWAY… no one wants to be HIT in the BACK of the HEAD by a LURKER on their way “OUT of THERE”…

      • Santa Fe,

        I lurk and pick up clues from others hear, occasionally adding bits here and there. Mostly I lurk. I am not going to hit you on the head. I, like others, think I know where it is, and will be checking my current “favorite site” in a few weeks (or days) if I can. I won’t follow you; in fact I would suspect others might follow me, IF I leave clues. Which would be dumb.

        I’ll give a complete post-mortem of my thoughts if I find it. That way everybody is happy…I get the chest, and you get knowledge. Sounds like a plan, no?

  6. Revisiting the LINK to the “ACTUAL UNBLURRED MAP” on page 133 of “THRILL OF THE CHASE”

    “Historian” was able narrow down and define exactly what this map is and the year. Its an 1888 Rand McNally & Co. Family Atlas Map of northern New Mexico, the portion above the gold items essentially starts at Santa Fe, the center…


    “Dangerously Good Insights” Good Work Historian

    ( Now, Shame on the folks & LURKERs holding out… you know who you are… 🙂

    LINK to the “1888 Rand, McNally & Co’s New Family Atlas Map of New Mexico”,3844

    Rand, McNally & Co’s New Family Atlas Map of New Mexico, p. 110 from New Family Atlas of the World. Rand, McNally & Co, copyright by, 1888

    SPOILER ALERT: “This is a BLOG about the NINE CLUES”… “Dangerously Good Insights” – WELCOMED & PREFERRED.

    See how “HOLDING OUT and HOARDING INFORMATION” does not work… it took TWO PEOPLE WORKING together to FIND, first the YEAR of the MAP… then ANOTHER PERSON to find a USABLE SCALABLE LINK.

    HOARDERS & LURKERS, it is time to come out of the SHADOWS.

  7. Sorry folks, off to a lousy start already. Why this site is bereft of ‘good stuff’ should be apparent. No one is going to give away something they believe is absolutely solid – on the other hand most people on this site have a need to talk and be heard, so they are guessing and messing about just to keep up a dialogue wherein they think that some fool will inadvertently drop the mother lode in their laps. Come on. We all feel that way. That’s just the way it is.

    • … DON’T let the GOLD FEVER get to you …

      You are just as likely to come out as EMPTY HANDED as EVERYONE else has… when you get out into the FIELD you are GOING to WISH you had been better PREPARED…

      If you havn’t been in the FIELD already, this is the FIRST LESSON that we all LEARNED… the hard way…

      HOLDING back what you THINK you know will not help you… I think that the TAOS region, north of SantaFe is TARGET RICH… what about you ?

      • You know, I have heard a lot of good ideas kicked around in here. You have to pan for it sometimes. Nothing discussed here has been earth shattering for me but I have had fun hearing the interesting things people have said. One discussion lead me to discovering HOB for one area that I am looking. However, it was only indirectly because it kicked off an idea in my own mind that I pursued.It’s all good.

        • Someone gave me a very interesting reason why Brown wouldn’t be trout because of something forrest says in the book. Thought that was fascinating.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • Not to close and Not too far. So, which camp does most people think it’s in? The most populated (treasure hunters),…Nope. The least populated (treasure hunters)… Nope. The one PLACE with the most places to hide. It’s an Easter egg hunt, right. And we’re all the kids and FF is the adult.

    • Hi Stance. Was it you who were going to check their spot today? If so, how was it? Was it like you expected (except for the chest). Any experiences to share? Weather conditions, wildlife encounters, etc.?

      • Thanks for asking. Frankly I’d forgotten I said I would update after I went there. Well, went there. It’s a spot in northern New Mexico. I think I have the WWH part so started there, and yep there was a canyon right down the road so went down it (in my car of course). Took me to a spot that is confirmed by a LATER stanza so in order to make things work I had to figure that the blaze was somewhere between canyon down and the later spot you have to be in/at in order to be declared the winner – so retraced my steps (about 7 miles in all–not far but too far to walk) of course still in my car. Looking all the while on both sides of the road for any likely spots such as heavy loads (large electrical loads on high-power transmission lines) and water high (water tanks? reservoirs? waterfalls?). Came to a spot off the highway and down by a river (aptly named) so I pulled off and searched around for about 2 hours and decided I saw something ACROSS the river — stupid to not have brought binoculars or even a standard camera with a zoom lens — oh well. Looked like a big T painted on a flatish rock to me about 3 feet off the ground — but across the river. Well the creek/river looked to be no more than 2 feet deep all the way across (maybe 20 feet at that point). Right alongside the big T was a dark hole within a natural rock formation, again not at ground level but not too high up (kid height?). Naturally I got all excited – had a cohort with me — wouldn’t let the cohort ford the river because there would have been no way I could extract cohort from the creek had cohort fallen and struck cohort’s head…..bottom line, we don’t know if the dark cache hole holds Fenn’s treasure chest. Clutch went out on the car the next day (all those winding dirt roads?). It’ll still be there; no need to rush back because (a) it’s probably not the real spot, and (b) it’s too hard for anyone in their right mind to locate. But I gotta’ go back and check it one more time. With binoculars, and with a rope to tie around cohort’s waist and a big strong somebody to pull cohort from river if need be. It was quite an adventure and a real bonding experience and a helluva a lotta fun. Water high always did remind me of high waters (you know, pants rolled up or too short). So we’ll be rolling up our pants and crossing the creek. I’ll be back to report more later.

        • Hello Stance,

          Instead of taking a ROPE to tie around COHORT’s waist… just see if you can find FORREST’s PARKING SPOT… on the OTHER side of the creek…

          Think like an 80-Year Old Man, 20 LB LOAD, TWO TRIPS…

          See if you can find FORREST’s PARKING SPOT, Just a THOUGHT…

      • Stance,

        So if you were following the poem in order, your “put in” was entering the water where you saw a blaze-like-thing on the other side, and then your “no place for the meek” was a treacherous float across the river, and then “drawing nigh” arriving at the hidey hole/blaze? Are you sure there was no other way across the water, otherwise Forrest would have had to float the chest across too…which I suppose is possible. Your way does follow the stanzas consecutively.

        I guess I am stuck on “put in” as exiting a waterway and heading into a port/dock/sand bar etc. rather than pushing off into a waterway…in my mind.

        Thanks for the blow by blow.

        • My “put in” has nothing to do with water — I’m thinking like a pilot. To “put in” your plane is to put it in the hangar. Since my version of the poem has me in the car for WWH and canyon down, I “put in” my car — PARK IT — at HOB. I never found a possible HOB — I read the last stanza as telling specifically where you’ll be when you find it, so I went from that spot exactly and retraced steps back toward WWH and canyon down and that’s where I saw a likely spot across the water. Water is running pretty swiftly and deep now because of run-off but when he hid it the river maybe only had one foot of water and less swift — it’s rocky on the bottom, easy to see, so all you have to do is be wearing tennis shoes and roll up your pants and walk across it. No chance of parking on the other side as the river at this location is accessible only on one side — other side is a pretty sheer cliff I’d say 3 stories high. Lowest elevations on the cliff side would be easy to climb around on once over there.

      • Hi Stance, it sounds like we may be looking in the same area. Home of Brown is right above where you put in. You have to think big for HOB. But it really doesn’t matter. It is simply a locator to where you put in.

  8. Another possible point of interest from the Cody museum website:


    The “Absarokee Hut” and its furnishings are the generous gift of Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Fenn.

    I’m sure Mr. & Mrs. Fenn have given generously to many projects over the years, so this might not mean anything relating to the Chase, but it’s a good read and might provide some insights into understanding Mr. Fenn’s passions and where his “special place” might be.

    • Steve, STEVE! There you are. Are you going to search soon? Still taking a 2-day train?

      Did FF own that cabin back when he was fighting cancer? Makes more sense to me to spend his final days in a nice, warm, comfortable cabin than out somewhere being more miserable than he needed to be. Besides, unless he planned to take his own life back then, he would have no way of knowing how long it would take him to actually die. He could stay alone in the cabin easier than somewhere in the woods. “The end is drawing nigh”. It would be a safe, dry place in which to preserve his bones. Can’t believe I said that.

  9. I’m going to attempt to talk about the clues without actually talking about the clues while staying on topic of talking about the clues.

    The clues lead to obvious places; auga fria…lots of auga frias out there, a dam….lots of dams, Eagle Nest, Yellowstone Lake, river tributary system, Cimarron, Rio Grande etc. If the treasure was in Santa Fe I could nail it to within a couple feet.

    I’ve tried to look at WWWH in the “big” picture as some have suggested; the Rocky Mountains is the WWWH, the sky is the WWWH, etc. I tried to associate it to the thermocline (metalimnion) of the oceans and apply that to the mountains since Fenn and Crayton are involved in deep sea treasure hunting…….But nada, couldn’t make that work. I just can’t get excited about the “big picture” thing.

    I’m trying to look at this like Fenn would as Dal suggested. Is “the spot” a special place he spotted from his plane; like his special place in Vietnam he saw every time he took off but only visited once; in this case, only visited once when he hid the treasure?

    I have a few things in common with Fenn; I’m from Texas, I was in Vietnam, I’m not a pilot but had some close encounters with fighter pilots, self employed, we whole heartedly agree about government bureaucracy and a few other things in common. So where would Fenn and I hide the treasure? First, what’s the goal? The goal is to get folks off their lazy behinds and out from behind their I-pads and I-phones, this seems to be working pretty good except for Steph and the girls……no reception no searching.

    I think we would hide it in one of two places. Hide it in one of the obvious places where the poem and book lead folks; Angle Fire, Cimarron, Yellowstone, etc.; but make the hidey spot so clever that people will walk right past it or stand next to it and never see it. Or hide it in a special place that’s not in the book or been written about, Wind River Mountains, Glacier National Park, how about Sun Dance in Utah (he said Robert Redford had a good eye for art), maybe Redford is keeping an eye on it for him, so he can assure us it hasn’t been found……there you go, I’ve absolutely narrowed it down to the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.

    Hopefully I’ve stayed on topic without being on topic so I haven’t upset anyone.

      • Hello Stance,

        I responded to you in your response to Steve Tanner, it should be up by now.

        Good Post. Think like an 80 year old man and find FORREST’s parking spot on the other side…

          • In regards to the Rand McNally maps, you can search and find for the these in the David Rumsey collection among other sources, I like this collection because you can drill down into a section of a map (enlarge) for higher resolution. Since Rand McNally and Johnsons Maps were in stiff competition, they constantly revised their map content, search for New Mexico 1890 and you’ll find the 1890 Rand McNally, which has been updated to show more creeks and towns.

            Also, if you want a well done earlier TAOS region topo version (which is downloadable), use and select TAOS 1936, this is the Perry Casteneda collection. I like working from topos, and have for some 40 years now.

            I’ll take my shot (if the treasure box is not found) late May or early June, I love this area, I was at Philmont Scout ranch just east in my youth where we climbed Mount Baldy at night just so we could take a picture of the sun rising (don’t ask me why), and want to revisit this area as well as the Taos region extensively. Here’s what i will offer up, if I do not find the box once complete, i’ll be happy to share exactly what i was looking for, what I believe the clues mean, etc.

            Some other perspectives:

            1) CANYON DOWN This is an old term, used by hikers, surveyors, etc, since not all canyons have active streams or even streams of any kind, and since they don’t follow an easy directional aspect, it was always noted to go “Canyon Up”, or “Canyon Down”, meaning up or down the slope.

            2) No paddle up your creek. In my opinion, this does not mean a dry creek or river, it just means shallow, requiring portage, etc. Canoeing maps in the past and still today would show key symbols, one was a paddle with an X over it, meaning either get ready to pole along a very shallow or low rocky water area, or carry the canoe, kayak , etc.

            3) With heavy loads and water high- (again my opinion) He did take at least two trips due to the weight, bulkiness of the load, and possibly terrain, and went when the water was high, meaning when the snows were melting. If one is planting something by or in a stream, it pays to understand where the high mater mark is, the characteristics of the stream, its erosion points, etc. Further, if I was on a fairly well traveled area and did not want to be seen, i would take the object when the area was in least use, which often means due to high fast water, and certainly very cold water as melting snow creeks are.

            Cheers all, and best of luck!

          • @Mike D;
            That is some serious searching………If you don’t mind sharing, what is your opinion about the “hidey” spot.

            Some think the chest is just basically sitting there and the key to finding the treasure is the blaze.

            Others think the “hidey” spot is very clever and some searchers have actually found the spot but not the chest.

            If I’m being to nosy just ignore me……

          • I personally believe the spot is Extremely concealed, if not buried or Entombed.If I were stashing a trove where I wanted to die, I wouldn’t want animals to have acces to my bones…

          • Exconsinite-
            I think his hidey place would have limited animal intrusion. I think he would not have wanted his bones carted away or his carcass dragged by large animals because he wanted his bones to remain with the chest. Small animals would have presented a smaller threat to that happening.

          • Agreed, Dal… and with that in mind, we are back to an elevated hidey spot, or a niche or cave with a large obstruction, or perhaps a combination of both. Or underwater or protected by water.

          • So I’m on the rim of the canyon looking down or across, not all the way to the canyon floor but part way up the wall… On a shelf, in a cave, or entombed in a cairn or hollow spot…Who concurs?

          • Mike D-
            Yours is a reasonable interpretation but not the only one. I think with all the clues its nice to have a plan but it’s also important to expose yourself to as many interpretations as you can so that when you get to your location you are not close minded to other possibilities. I believe the “blaze” is certainly one of the landmark clues that requires some flexibility, mediation, self negotiation, when you are in your area searching around.

          • Mike – What is a cairn? I thought it was a pile of rocks. How do you entomb yourself in a pile of rocks?

          • I’m not searching underwater (ever, again) so I don’t mind saying this clue. He mentioned Skippy being found 90 ft under with his weight belt still on. You can weight yourself down and jump on in. But honestly, would he do this. I think not. It’s just eerie to think his bones would be found that way 1000 yrs later after the lake was empty or was low from drought.
            But, I wouldn’t rule out the chest being underwater and the whole ‘bones’ thing was never really a serious thing. But I’m not searching underwater. I already did an icy pond last year and after that whole experience, I realized the craziness of it all. No more crazy ideas for me, I’m sticking to normal places and trails.

          • I think it’s more of a dreamy thing that he would do…not that he actually would do. If it was under water though…what’s to say it wouldn’t be in t he water and him next to it on the land? I always assumed that when I read the part about his bones being by it.

          • Dal and Mike…

            I agree. I believe it is some type of niche or cutback overlooking one of his favorite fishing holes.

          • Forrest can leave what is left of his bones just like Ms Svoboda; he would have them spread all over the treasure site. He does say in the book “Olga’s spirit was pleased when her white bone fragments flittered through the small window” of his airplane. There is no need to be concerned about grave diggers.

          • Ex,
            Seems like you are believing that the spots are the same? I am not convinced of this, I haven’t read enough to make me believe they are the same. It seems like F has not gone into great detail about leaving his bones out there somewhere, I have only seen him mention it in somewhat casual reference in interviews, unless someone can point me to more info? I believe F has many “spots” that could be his spot. He did say in the Lorene Mills interview that it is “private”. That could be 500 feet off a hiking trail, or way out in the boonies. We know he changed the last lines of the poem, that is why I think it is a different spot. He did have 20+ years to work on the poem and the book after his initial plan. This is just my opinion, the spot could be the same, but really I don’t think it even matters all that much.

          • I have a hard time believing the treasure location is where he want his bones to be buried simply because if he dies tomorrow the treasure would be revealed, thus violating his 100 and 1000 years from now discovery.
            The Wolf

          • Hi, Wolf. I thought that was waaaaaay back if he died from cancer. Does he still plan for his bones to be placed with the treasure?

            Geeze! This sure is a morbid Sunday.

          • Mike – Really? That’s the main reason I would want to die at HOME. Until my body is discovered, my pets can sustain themselves by eating me. Think I might just put that in my will.

            I’m still waiting, Goofy. PIZZA!!!

      • Ok SantaFe,

        I’ll, give you something some lurkers know without upsetting them to much, I hope. The MAP is something to focus on. Any other clues would would probably start a firestorm with those that have figured out certain things in the poem. Non of us know where the treasure is located for sure until we have it, its all speculation. Its just some people have figured out some things through way out of the box thinking, research and a little bit of luck. At the end of the day, we all want to find the chest and solve the riddle and giving up specific clues would give away what we’ve think we found, which is the correct starting place. If you take this poem in its literal terms, you could be searching for a very long time, although you would have some great stories for your own memoir. Hope this helps.

      • I`m upset…I was watching Nascar and my driver did not win. However, there was a number 9 car in the race and he spun out…kinda like some of these folks keep doing with these clues… 🙂
        Anyone want to comment on their thoughts as to line 11…
        There`ll be no paddle up your creek

        • >> There’ll be no paddle up your creek…

          After you put in, ( yourself, not your boat )

          1. The Treasure is not UPSTREAM, so look DOWN STREAM ?

          2. Or you won’t need a BOAT Many Fly Fishermen don’t have boats, they stand in WADERS, waist-high or chest-high to fish for COLD WATER TROUT… ( will be worth the COLD water ? )

    • You are absolutely correct Goofy, it’s either in an area he talked about in the book, or it’s not! 🙂

      My guess is either YNP area or the Taos area. Unfortunately, now I need to narrow down my WWWH clues and follow it to the other clues. I’ll only be able to search one of those sites the end of May but hopefully, if the treasure has not been found, I’ll try the other area in the fall.

    • Goofy – I am one of Steph & the girls. We reason out the clues in the poem, find where they fit, then make our move. I would be very foolish indeed to grab up my sandwich & my flashlight, jump in my car, & head west. FF said book, poem, book, poem, book – as many times as needed. I am unable to comment about the stories in the book until it arrives. But the poem I can analyze. I think the journey is more difficult at the start, then gets somewhat easier. But heavy loads & water high doesn’t sound too easy to me. Might be draggin’ my lazy behind up a mountain trail. Huh, Goof?

      Fenn didn’t get us out in nature & away from our electronic technology. I think he accomplished the opposite.

      OK. I keep returning to the 2 trips to hide the treasure. Could 78 year-old FF carry that much weight up a steep incline like a mountain trail?

      Yesterday at Kmart I experimented with bags of cat litter. Two 10 lb bags, one under each arm, were much easier to carry than one 20 lb bag. If I had been FF, I would have carried the chest first before I became too tired. Then I would take a break before dividing the treasure into 2 separate parts.

      I used to be a mail carrier. The full mailbag weighed up to 80 lbs. – heavy load. I would remove some mail from the bag as it hung on my right side. I carried lots of the heavier magazines & catalogs in my left arm which I held close to my body. It gave me balance & was much, much easier. Perhaps that’s what FF did – one 10 lb bag of treasure on each side. Anybody?

      • He could easily carry 20 lbs if he parked his car, and then walked 500 ft down an easy to moderate slope to the spot.

        • … Exactly, and FORREST never said that HE followed his POEM to the spot … so if you “PUT IN BELOW the HOME of BROWN” and see something on the “OTHER SIDE”… start looking for a ROAD, and then a PARKING SPOT on the “OTHER SIDE”…

          Forrest said it was “TOO FAR to WALK”, which is why he DROVE… and then put it in a SPOT that was not TOO FAR TO WALK in at least “TWO TRIPS”…

          I received a nice letter today from a delightful woman in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jeannie. She said she was in the grocery store and looked at a bag of dogfood that weighed 20 pounds so she put two of them together to see if she could lift them (the treasure weighs 42 pounds) she said she couldn’t budge the two bags. Maybe that’s why a 79 year old man had to make two trips to hide the treasure. f

      • >> I believe at 80-Years Old, at least two TRIPS … would have allowed him to WALK farther “INTO THERE” … ( Becky, you are UP late 🙂

        I received a nice letter today from a delightful woman in Colorado Springs. Her name is Jeannie. She said she was in the grocery store and looked at a bag of dogfood

        that weighed 20 pounds so she put two of them together to see if she could lift them (the treasure weighs 42 pounds) she said she couldn’t budge the two bags. Maybe

        that’s why a 79 year old man had to make two trips to hide the treasure. f

      • Doubting Thomas – That means we would have to carry it back up. Thanks alot, FF.

        During the summer at these places, isn’t there a mess of people & animals hiking these trails or fishing at the rivers & lakes? FF wouldn’t have gone off the trail, right? He had to have hidden the treasure in the summer months, but there are lots of icky things out there in nature.

      • Hi Becky, I agree. Many folks have taken to their electronic tools to solve this. We all work within our means. Speaking of means. Regarding your question, Could Mr. Fenn walk up a steep incline carry twenty pounds on his back (twice) ?

        Mind you, he hid it three years ago but the Forrest Fenn I watched walking yesterday could not have done so, not without help. I don’t mean any disrespect but he moves slowly and gingerly.

      • @John Paul:
        I came up with the spot in Santa Fe many moon ago before any extra clues, or book, or knowing anything about Fenn…….I knew Fenn lived in Santa Fe and other than that I used the poem and it fit perfectly…….I mean really perfectly; at least in my head.

        Wouldn’t that be a hoot…….It was in Santa Fe all along and I knew where but didn’t go look…….Surely someone has checked that spot years ago……It really can’t be that simple.

      • Hey there, Goofy!

        FF definitely said “in the mountains NORTH OF Santa Fe.” Doesn’t that NOT include Santa Fe? If I tell you to “find me something in the shed NORTH OF my house”, that would not include my house. Seems very specific that he mentioned Santa Fe as being the area that would be south of NORTH.

        Talk about being tired & weak – I’m exhausted. Hungry too. Goofy – Bring me a pizza, please. My house is NORTH OF the river.”

    • Hi Goofy ,
      The Sundance angle has not been an easy one to study.
      off the grid , so to speak . not impossible , just not easy. don’t know where this post will appear. I’m not lurking {BTW}, just skimming through this blog as time allows . Lots of places fit the poem better . but its still fun to look.

      • @kanabite;
        I just grabbed Sundance out of the air because of what Fenn said about Redford. It would be like those two old coyotes to put the treasure at a ski resort and sit back a laugh at everyone……..I can make it fit (more or less) in Park City also.

        I do think Dal is correct when he said the key is to know and understand Fenn. The poem IS (as santa fe would put it) ridiculously easy, but connecting WWWH to Fenn is ridiculously hard…….Another fine mess Fenn has gotten us into Oli.

  10. Thanks for sharing that, Stance. I enjoy hearing about the adventures! It’s fun out there searching, isn’t it? Can’t wait to go back once I settle on a spot.

  11. What about Frederic Remington? Perhaps F.F. searched for the painting locale…hidey spot

  12. OK. I’ve given this a lot of thought and decided to share it with everyone. What could Forrest have been aluding to when he said “There’ll be not paddle up your creek”. Number one I believe he is telling up that there’s water. Secondly, I believe he’s saying that the water you are looking at is NOT a creek but possibly a river or some other larger body of water. What does everyone think.

    • VGBOSS –

      hmmmmmm… I have a friend who walked from Bodega Bay, CA to Ocean City, MD and I’m betting it would be too far for him to walk. A few others here may agree. ?

      Good Luck

  13. Hey 🙂 has anyone thought that the begin it where warm waters halt might mean 32 degrees. 32 degrees north is the headwaters of the Rio Grande and that starts around Creede, CO. then go down from there not far, but 200 far to walk?

  14. Question..on maps is an X for Santa Fe, does anyone know where that X is to use as a reference point?

    • … I will give you a 3-Year Head-Start on that location … 🙂

      Will a PIPE last 10,000 or even 1000 years ?

    • Todd (the “webmaster” of should be tarred & feathered for making fun of folks that need professional help. The postings about the “solution” of the pom are rants of a disturbed &
      person. Very sad.

  15. Fenn buries Treasure. Gift to whomever finds the treasure. Included in the poem is “Title to the gold”. Fact, •The donor is responsible for paying the gift tax. However, if the donor does not pay the tax, the person receiving the gift may have to pay the tax.

  16. germanguy
    OK. I’ve given this a lot of thought and decided to share it with everyone. What could Forrest have been aluding to when he said “There’ll be not paddle up your creek”. Number one I believe he is telling up that there’s water. Secondly, I believe he’s saying that the water you are looking at is NOT a creek but possibly a river or some other larger body of water. What does everyone think.

    @germanguy @viper244 – I am seeing it as runoff from a mesa.

    • Since I don’t know Western verbiage….I was once corrected that a dry creek bed is called an Arroyo. It of course sent me right to Arroyo Secco which couldn’t fit all the clues I felt. I just wanted to pass on that information to any flatlanders, since we really don’t know the Western speak like those out here.

    • Hunting Veritas – Hi. Maybe FF means the journey is becomming more difficult. If I did not have a paddle up my creek, I would be having a BIG problem.

  17. You filled my email box with some very strange emails. I’m not in Jemez at the moment. I am out West though…leaving tomorrow. No treasure and probably should be last trip….

      • Yeah…I keep saying that…but when you hear I’m living in a cardboard box…I’m pretty sure I’ll be serious….because then I’ll just be living out here and can search all the time.

          • LOL Funny Jen…but that has Dal’s name on it..Dal offered me the sofa I think lol. I’ll be lucky if I can put my cardboard box out back by the pond. Good thing I like fish….are koi fish good for eating? LOL…

          • hair is dry…need to go out for the day and not find the treasure again…don’t wish me luck at that and maybe I’ll find it.

          • Ok! As actors say break a leg! (Really don’t cause then ill have to break into my treasure fund and send you an edible arrangement!) take me pictures!! j

            Sent from my iPhone

          • lol I cant do pictures anymore….people use them to find my spots *pout*. Ill wait to break my leg till the end…..

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

          • Oh! That makes sense! I’m glad you said that! Ill be sure to remember that when I go out, unless if course you find it today!

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          • If anyone needs to be one with the trout waters because they think its under water… I suggest trying a green latte from starbucks…smells and tastes like the bottom of a fish tank. I think I’ll stick with my chai….might end up searching in india, but at least it tastes better. Kind of funny that after smelling it…I still tasted it lol.

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on THRILL OF THE CHASE jen commented on THE NINE CLUES….Part Seven.

            in response to Stephanie:

            lol I cant do pictures anymore….peop

    • Stephanie,

      I hope it’s not your last trip. You’ve had too much fun to stop. But it may be your last chance for Mr. Fenn’s favorite sandwich. Go for it.

      Which clue do you seem to have the most trouble with?
      Maybe “we” can help a little. What do you say fellow “Fenners”?


      • I don’t have a problem with any of them…I have too many to search lol. I can make anything work. I appreciate the thought though…so many sweet people I’ve met.

    • Stephanie,
      you mean this might be your last trip for this weekend….right…? 😉 You are a die hard and will never stop hunting…Good Luck Today Hun

      • This seriously should be my last trip, but I’m seriously addicted. I probably would have ended after the first couple, but Forrest kept being so encouraging and it was so fun to try and figure it out that I kept getting in deeper and deeper. Now I’m into it so deep that I feel I can’t quit. I quit every time I leave and usually have my new place picked out by the time the plane hits the runway. I shutter to think how I’d deal with it being found(no offense as I’m sure there are others who would take it hard too)….and I still love love love being out here so much. I have a story I’m going to blog about when I get a chance maybe later tonight or tomorrow.

  18. Keep reading my posts though..k? I met with Forrest yesterday at the gold show. Also, saw Ricky one of the other bloggers and Tim Nobody. Have a special new picture for my gravatar $bill. lol…guess who’s shoe that is with my PTNs. lol.

    • ptn, I would be a fool to stop reading your posts, especially when you and FF stand so close together. Were you dancing?

      • No we weren’t. I didn’t think to ask him and he didn’t ask me. Do you think I should have asked? Gosh, now you’ll have me wondering.

    • Stephanie – “Fearless Leader” of the Pink Team

      What is a gravatar? What is a PTN?

      Were Ricky & Tim Nobody together? How did you know who they were?

      Wow! You visited with FF. Is he pleased about the progression of the search? What all did he say?

      • No we’re all equal…no leader in our group 😉 It’s the little picture on the blog we use. PTN is the nickname $bill gave me…it stands for Pink Toe Nails. Jen has Pink Flutterby Wings. You need one. We all already had our books…so we figured we might all be current searchers. We all got there right in the beginning so there wasn’t any line. We kind of looked at each other and I guess I was obvious…and then they introduced themselves to me. I very rarely ask Forrest any questions…Dal is the one who interviews and gets all the first hand info(he’s avoiding telling me if Forrest spent time in Idaho or Utah hmm I don’t think he shares all the info he gets)… I don’t even know what I talk to him about now that I think about. lol. Oh I remember…I ramble on and ramble on about things and he just listens(he’s sort of forced to I guess with email and all). I’ve suggested he just delete my emails after I’ve met my quota. He might do that…he might have forgotten who I am even. He looked as if he did recognize me though.

          • I wish I didn’t live so far away. I really wish I could meet more people. My search time just gets so used up. We probably put 1000 miles on the rental car searching locations in 3 days. When they change the rental cars to no more unlimited miles…I’ll expect you’ll all have the right to blame me….and I promise to be sorry.

        • ptn, dal was calling you pink toe nails before me. Is pfw wings or wind? I guess if you just use pfw, it doesn’t matter, it can be either one. So sorry you didn’t find the chest. Did you look under all the bushes? Anyway, welcome back to civilization. Keep in mind, the longer it takes you to find it, the more you will appreciate finding it, if your mind is still working.

          • Ahh yes Dal has known about the pink toe nails for a long time now. I think I was always doing them when it was just him and I chatting on the blogs. I think your the one though who gave me the abbreviation.

        • Stephanie – Thanks for answering all my questions. I know I ask too many, but I’m just trying to keep up. We got a couple of new Pinks, didn’t we? Welcome, welcome. Still no book, but I mainly concentrate on the poem because FF said we don’t really need the book. Does he read his emails – not answer them – just read them? This treasure hunt is FF’s baby so I wouldn’t think he would NOT monitor his mail. What do you think? I have something to tell him, but no way to do it. I emailed him “way back when”, he emailed me & made me promise to do something for him & let him know my answer. But how now (brown cow) can I get back to him? Help!

          The clue I have the most trouble with is “your effort will be worth the cold”.
          The poem should have stopped when the quest ended. Yes? Cold – what cold?

  19. I am just really wondering why contributors to the blog who type in all caps and seem to have directions to the location of the treasure don’t have it in hand yet? Given the value of the treasure…next day flights are pricey but easy to book.
    Just in case this might be helpful to someone, I took a hike yesterday in the area where I believe Mr. Fenn might have hidden the treasure, the land of heavy loads and water high from my perspective anyway. Spring is showing itself in the mountains, it was such a beautiful walk in an area where I certainly wouldn’t mind my bones being left behind either lol. It didn’t take long for me to hit snow though. I stopped at that point, I wasn’t prepared for the snow.
    What did I see? I saw a cowboy, some bikers, and two alpine hikers (with dog). I saw a beautiful creek, snow capped peaks, a decomposing deer carcass, and a beautiful butterfly.
    What did I learn? Once again, I learned on a deeper level what Mr. Fenn did not do in his hiding of the treasure. Although I believe he drove where it is too far to walk, once he got out of his car…too far is still too far, even if the destination seems to fit perfectly. The walk was gentle and easy, but next time I won’t walk so far while searching for treasure.
    Just some thoughts to share for searchers who might be spending a lot of money on gear and preparing to hike into the mountains. Hope it might be helpful.
    BTW hahaha this post is not coded. Just plain English if that still works on this blog? I do certainly think Mr. Fenn relied on the fact that many people will overlook his hiding spot based on their natural instincts to over complicate and over think clues. Just my opinion.

    Good Luck in the Search Everybody 🙂

    • armany thursday says…
      BTW hahaha this post is not coded. Just plain English if that still works on this blog? I do certainly think Mr. Fenn relied on the fact that many people will overlook his hiding spot based on their natural instincts to over complicate and over think clues. Just my opinion.

      *I agree 100%

      Good Luck on future searches

    • Hi, Armany Thursday.

      How do you search a place? I look at pictures of the terrain – paths & trees & bushes & rocks & water. Unbelievably difficult to explore. If I had hidden that treasure it would be on the highest mountain or in the deepest canyon. How can the searchers be so sure it isn’t there in the spot they’ve chosen? What if the “blaze” is several feet above eye level & you need to “look quickly down” at maybe a hollow hole in a tree – not ground level? Isn’t it impossible to check every tree & look under every rock?.

      • @Becky from WV – I know your comment is directed at Armany Thursday but I too think that as well.

        I say many Thrill of the Chase searchers, or Fennians, have probably walked right by it and missed it. Some people say they searched a Canyon, River, or what have you but it’s not like they searched every inch of it, that’s impossible!

    One of the clues was True North from Santa Fe, True North and magnetic North are two different places. The other clue that was not offered is where in Santa Fe was the starting point, city limits, Santa Fe Police station, etc..remember Mr,. F was a he always plotted his course before he left home!

      You wrote: remember Mr,. F was a he always plotted his course before he left home!

      I understand what you mean, but that’s not how Fenn looked at it.

      Forrest, all alone in his Piper Malibu Mirage, scouring the country side in the wilds of New Mexico. He said that one of his great pleasures was “…going to the airport, pushing the hangar doors open, cranking up that beautiful sounding 350 HP Lycoming engine, and heading north for Montana or Wyoming, not knowing or caring where I would land.”

    • never once did I hear him say true north of SF. where did you hear that from?If its true north of SF then that would cut out 99% of the R mtns.

  21. To one and ALL:
    Try this while wandering about, place some very small stones in your shoes under your feet, why because us old people for the most part walk softly our ankle’s and knees are worn out..with that in mind think how far you can carry something before your feet start to hurt. As a pilot you use your feet alot,..see how far you can carry a 20, 30, 40 pound back pack!

    • Hi, Wreckfinder.

      Where did you get that idea? The current videos of San Lazaro show FF walking on rough, rocky, uneven terrain. His ankles & knees are not worn out – even now. That man is used to pain & being uncomfortable. You said “our” ankles & knees are worn out. Are YOU experiencing this?

      • Becky-
        I was with Forest when that video was shot. of all the folks there, he was the least aggressive in his movements. Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting that he was not capable of moving where he wanted but he was careful not to put himself in a position that would have sent him sliding around either. Fly fishers are particularly aware of, and experienced with moving around on rocky, moss covered, slippery river bottoms. Getting your chest waders full of icy, heavy water in a fast moving stream can be life threatening. Falling into the water while wearing chest waders can be the end of you. So Forrest is careful not to move out of his comfort area when outside. He knows where that is. While others were scrounging up on the undercut ridge he stayed down on the hardpan where the footing was good. Like most wise folks he looks comfortable out there because he is comfortable out there because he knows where the risk area starts and did not put himself at risk of falling.

      • Dal – Difficult for me to keep the times straight. Was the video shot in the early stages of the hunt? He HAS gotten older since the start. I bet FF wouldn’t like us bringing so much focus to his age & feebleness. Does he still flyfish?

        How do you stay in touch with FF? You guys who have been in this since the beginning have had the opportunity to ask him questions that the rest of us wish we could. He quit reading emails. Correct?

        Hey, I read he has alligators in his pond. Is that true?

        • Becky-
          We do not know exactly when he hid his loot. So the video is from either two or three years later.

  22. Mr. Fenn hid his treasure in/near a famous spot. His ego is LARGE. He’s a self-made man, an ex fighter pilot. He would not hide the treasure in an obscure Arroyo. This is the reason he would hide the chest near the World’s First National Park, also called America’s Best Idea…. Yellowstone!

    • @OnNightShift – I agree with you. Yellowstone is one of my areas to search through this summer along with some other areas outside of Yellowstone that I believe will lead to Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Trove.

      While many clues, of the Poem, lead to Yellowstone and why thousands love that spot to search through and many already have but with no luck… but missing it by maybe 500ft?

      I’ve posted this on another thread, I believe the Montana and Wyoming thread but I will post it here for your viewing OnNightShift.

      Y = 25
      E = 5
      L = 12
      L = 12
      O = 15
      W – 23
      S = 19
      T = 20
      O = 15
      N = 14
      E = 5

      TOTAL = 165

      When we add those letters they result to 165 and interestingly enough there are 166 words in the Poem. Also 1 + 6 + 5 = 12 and there are two straight forward words within Yellowstone so we multiply 12X2=24 and funny thing is that there are 24 lines in the Poem.

      Also X is the only letter not used in the Poem and X is 24, again that 24. The FF in Forrest Fenn also 6+6=12 and we have 2 F’s so 12X2=24, once again that 24.

      In addition to all of that we then have the Omega symbols at that end of his Thrill of the Chase Book and the Omega symbol is the 24th and final letter in the Greek alphabet. That 24, WTH?

      Forrest Fenn’s best friend was Eric Sloane and we get the E = 5 and the S=19 and that 5+19=24, again that 24.

      Why do I mention his buddy Eric Sloane? Well Eric Sloane’s birth name is Everard Jean Hinrichs and if you get the 4th and 10th lines in the Poem:

      “And hint of riches new and old.”
      and HINt of RICHeS new and old = HINRICHS? Hmmmm

      “The end is ever drawing nigh;”
      the end is EVER ARDwing nigh = reversing the dra in drawing to get ard = EVERARD? Hmmmm

      ERIC SLOANE was born in New York City = NYC = 14+25+3=42 (42 reversed is 24 Hmmmm?)

      That’s why I brought up his buddy Sloane in this.

      Lots of clues everywhere.

      Forrest Fenn’s Poem is awesome but unfortunately it leads to so many places North of Santa Fe but yes Yellowstone is one of my areas to search through this summer.

    • I kind of think he has such a great sense of humor that it might be somewhere that would make us giggle. Somewhere very populated. I thought for a while it could be at his gallery inside one of the bronzes….but I know that’s not North of Santa Fe…so couldn’t have been. I have some very interesting articles that lead me there that I’ll have to post one of these days.

  23. Happy Day, Everybody! Glad to hear from Stephanie & Jen. We are the “pink” girls team trying to beat the “blue” guys team to the treasure. Right?

    Well, I don’t know public land from private land, but here’s my question. Does ownership of land change hands at anytime? Like first the land is public, then the same land becomes private? My friend Bob bought his land from the city so now it’s his. I also know of people selling their land to the city or State of WV. What makes the difference anyway?

    • Exactly! Beat the blue!! You know…. We “lease” a parcel of land in New Mexico (not north of SF) from the government. Many many states have leases on certain parts of wilderness land. Anyone can walk on our land, we would never know. It hut looks like wilderness. But we can use it to find treasure. If we find it then its ours. We cannot dig with machines though. It is considered ours until we decide not to pay to renew the lease when our term is up. I wonder if FF has done something like that somewhere…. Leased something in the name of someone or something else where he stashed it with say a 100 year contract…. I don’t think so but a possibility….? I don’t know all the legalities of it so anyone with those questions I am not the person to ask.

      Stephanie if you want you can always live in your cardboard box on our land out there. 😉 j

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Jen-
        At one time Forrest considered a lease/purchase in the Gallatin National Forrest along the Madison River. He ended up not doing it because the winters are so long and hard in that area that he felt he wouldn’t get to spend much time there. The property that he was interested in is not very far from the spot where the photo of him with his Dodge and rooftop boat and oar was taken.

          • Just a note to all-
            I am taking off for about ten days. During that time I will have limited access to the blog. So there may be lengthy periods of time when I will not be able to allow new folks in or free up comments from those who are being moderated. I apologize for that.
            By the way, I will be out looking with a group from Japan. If you run into us, stop by and say Hi. I’d like to meet you.

          • Dal,
            In what “general” area are you going to be? I may be out there at the tail end of you visit?
            The Wolf

          • Wolf I doubt Dal will provide that intel. Hopefully when he and his new found friends out of Japan are done with their search Dal will post video and photos of their quest.

          • Dal I love the Taos areas so many darn clues point me there and it’s my favorite 2nd area to search at after I’m done with my Yellowstone spot. I have 3 spots to search through in Taos. I hope you and that Japanese group don’t search through my spots, in Taos, but if you do I hope you don’t find it or if you do find it atleast leave a trinket in that spot where you found it so that I may still hit up those spots and gain something for my troubles. Thanks!

          • VGB,

            how many spots do you have in Yellowstone…? I see that you have 3 in Taos…so you must not be very confident about Yellowstone…lol

          • Rickinflorida I answered your question about an hour or so ago but the comment decided to call home a bit higher within this thread. sorry …blog is a bit wacky

          • Dal,
            Well isn’t that a coincidence. You warm the foreign media up on how to search; and I will show them how to find! HA HA (oops sorry i just used capital letters)
            The Wolf

          • Hey Dal you have me sweating bullets here with you and that team of folks out of Japan. They must really believe where the location of Forrest Fenn’s Trove is if they are truly out of Japan. That’s a long ways to come on just a hunch. THAT IS SOME SERIOUS CONFIDENCE!

            Dang 9 to 10 whole days you will have me sweating bullets. HERE WE GO!

          • If they were that confidant they wouldn’t need 10 days. Just sayin…. Unless they plan for 9 days of media coverage. In that case… YIKES! Steph find that treasure today!! 😉

            Sent from my iPhone

          • Jen,

            I think you’re right. They wouldn’t need 10 days. They probably have a lot of different places to check out and they want someone familiar with many areas. Dal may come back speaking a little Japanese for us.

            I know you didn’t ask this but for those that did, as far Mr. Fenn not answering emails…if you think about all of the new people coming on board asking the same questions that were asked by the last group of newbies, I’m sure he’s tired of reading the same questions over and over again, and the demand on his time had to be tremendous. I’m sure many of the emails were simple “thank you” for doing this. I was always surprised he was willing to do that. He was extremely generous to be so available.

            I highly doubt either event has anything to do with the chase, close to being over.


          • Totally agree JD! F is a generous kinda guy!

            Lol at Dal speaking Japanese! Dal learn some new words for us!! j

            Sent from my iPhone

          • Forrest was planning to stop being on email before this media blitz just so you guys know in order to write his book. So that’s seriously nothing new that just came up. He actually put off writing to be available during this latest media frenzy. So it isn’t because anyone is close or anything that, that came up.

          • 19th trip was a big zonk as far as the chest goes…but have a great story to tell about it and having a chance to see Forrest was worth not finding it(this time…I want to find it next time)

          • I wouldn’t be too concerned vgboss. Imagine what it’s going to be like, when Dal and 10 japanese natives go in somewhere as a group searching. Park service is going to be everywhere they are. Too many people.

          • To all you folks travelling in the wilderness, I work in Search and Rescue and with an organization called COSPAS-SARSAT
            and I have done extensive research on Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and other satellite based emergency notification devices. I suggest you if you go deep in the mountains that you carry a 406 PLB (under $300) and make sure it is registered. If that lady who was lost last month carried one she would have been rescued in a couple of hours. Note cell coverage can be bad to non existent in more remote areas.

            Alternatively if you are a serious hiker that adventure more often try
            Their devise is Iridium satellite based and allows loved ones at home to track your progress and you can send text messages and position reports from any where in the world and of course they have method of sending emergency alerts as well.

            Finally there is a device called SPOT (cheaper alternative) that provides a similar service but does not work as well in heavy forest or cavernous regions.

            They provide an excellent piece of mind. Unfortunately we see this a lot when the inexperienced go out in the woods, but the 406 PLB can save your life.

            Travel safe!

            The Wolf

          • Good luck to you Dal! Hope it all goes well for you. Keep us posted the best you can!!

      • Oh Jen…I love you girlfriend!! I’ve thought about this…we all chip in to lease a piece of land and bring our bedrolls so we can live out there cheap. Then we wake up in the morning and follow each other all in circles lol….

    • Becky, when ownership of the land is the Federal government, a State government, a County government, or a City government, the land is considered to be public land until such time a government sells/trades the land to an individual or corporation. Supposedly, a government only sells/trades public lands when it is in the best interest of the public. But, we are all familiar with our representatives’ questionable practices.

      Private lands are owned by individuals or corporations, solely for the enjoyment/benefit of the individuals or corporations.

      Governments can also lease public lands to individual or corporations for a special purpose when it is supposedly in the best interest of the public. Example, since governments are not in the oil business, they lease some public lands to oil companies for drilling, etc. The government then receives a royalty from the oil produced. Some companies lease government land for access and hunting rights. Some individuals/corporations lease government lands for the purpose of grazing their cattle. I believe many farmers are able to lease government lands too.

      Now pfw is going to lease government land just to harass the guys. I don’t think that it will fly with our male representatives.

      • dollar-
        I believe another category of land “ownership” within public lands are “in-holdings”. In-holdings are typically private property that was obtained before the time that the place was declared a National Forest. These property owners were given the right to keep their property in perpetuity but they cannot sell or transfer the property beyond their immediate family. So if my father had owned a dude ranch along the Gallatin River before that area was declared a National Forest, the government would have given my dad two choices. He could have sold the ranch to the government and it would have been absorbed into the National Forest lands, or he could keep it and it would become a private “in-holding” surrounded by National Forest. When my father died he could pass the property on to me and when I die I can pass the property on to anyone in my immediate family, or I could sell it to the government.

        • I believe that you are right again dal. There are many privately owned/occupied cabins in national forests that I know of. I am probably wrong, but I believe most are under a timed lease or the owner can’t rebuild if the cabin falls apart or is destroyed. Again, I am not sure of what conditions are attached to keeping the cabins. There probably are other situations where private land is considered part of public lands with special privileges/conditions for the owners/occupants. The more you look at it, the land ownership issue does get more and more complicated.

    • Becky, what makes the difference is the water and mineral rights to the land. Just because you bought the land does not mean that you have rights to the water or minerals in or on the land.

    • Becky, I don’t know about the other states but here in TX all rivers and waterway’s are public access as long as you don’t leave the water to go on private land. Landowners have no say in the matter as long as their land is not encroached, it’s not trespassing. Dry creeks or arroyos are not included. I don’t happen to believe the chest is in water, so I don’t know where that leaves us legally. It’s what they call a conundrum.

    • oops that got sent on accident too fast. I was going to reply to this email too. I’m leaning on it has to be public land. The reason being…can you imagine him putting it on private land and the private land owner finding out about it and being upset? I don’t think that would go over well. I think if it was public land that people would rally around his rights to do this. So that’s my opinion on public vs. private. Also, I don’t think he would be ok with us going on someone’s private land to get it.

      • Got my book yesterday and read it right away – read it again — aloud– to my husband today. Yes, he’s folksy and a little clumsy with the language from time to time. But anyone who doesn’t think that he has truly profound things to say just doesn’t get it. The book is a WONDERFUL READ even if you’re not in the treasure chest business….so filled with life’s most tender thoughts and so filled with himself. It was a pleasure and I’ll read it many times to come.

  24. Sorry to be a lurker for so long. The area I’m thinking about was one that I came up with on my own, but I think it does help to read others posts to get you thinking about things you might have otherwise overlooked and to possibly add to your own insights.

    I’m still trying to figure out why you have to “look quickly down”. Does that mean that once you find the blaze that it will be obvious? Maybe the first thing you see when you look down will be the hiding spot? Sure sounds that way to me.

    • cojfox-
      I think that’s correct. The blaze is over the hidey spot. You won’t notice the hidey spot because it’s well concealed, but you will see the blaze and it is directly over the hidey spot.

      • The “hidey spot”. Dal, you are precious. How can such a “hidey spot” kind of guy be so rugged? I saw you trek into wilderness that I did not even know existed. I swear, if you can’t find the treasure…who can? Will you be upset if someone else does?

    • i think its keep walking when we walk we look down at our feet i think quickly is just aword he just put in there

      • do you really think we have to look that much for it? I’m thinking it’s something we’ll be confident we’ll see right away, because we’re wise. For example if you see a bronze owl on something(even a structure) and you look down below it and there’s a hole with something covering it…you remove that something and there it is. I don’t see confident in walking around aimlessly looking for the blaze unless I’ve misinterpreted the confident clause.

        • I believe the blaze might be evident but the chest will certainly not. That’s why folks can pass right by it and not notice it.

          • Yeah I think the blaze would be very obvious or how else would you be confident….ya know? The blaze is supposed to be helpful…if you have to find the blaze…what’s the point of it being a blaze….right? LOL…and once you see the blaze….your just looking quickly down…so it’s not like you’d need to be in a 1 mile radius around the blaze…..and you have to look around for a mile…right? Does anyone disagree with that logic(if everyone raises their hand, I’ll cry…just saying)

          • Steph- I agree with your logic. All I’m saying is that like everything in the poem each clue is a challenge. I believe the blaze will be somewhat easy to identify if you happen to have Forrest’s idea of a blaze in your head. If, say, you think the blaze is a mark carved on a tree and that’s what you are looking for but instead it’s a fault, filled with white quartz you might miss it. Not because it’s hard to find but rather because your “blaze” vocabulary isn’t large enough.

            I feel the same about the actual location of the chest. If you are in the right area you’ll need the blaze to find the chest because it won’t be anywhere evident. Like Forrest said, no one is going to stumble upon it.

      • Stephanie,

        I’m raising my hand…

        crying… crying’s not allowed in treasure hunting!

        I think the blaze will be obvious but I think it’s indicating a change in direction. I don’t think it’s the end of the hunt but pointing to the end of the hunt. I think the clue is saying look and go down there a short distance, that’s where your quest will cease.

        Down could be down trail or down river or south or down yonder. But it will be obvious which way to go. I don’t expect the chest to be at the blaze.
        I also think the rest of the stanza is telling you what to do when you get to what the blaze is pointing to.

        Someone else said all this in a previous post. I forget who it was but I agree with their assessment.

        I’m only one.. so no tears,


    • Hi, Mike D. I haven’t seen you on here before. Are you new to the Chase?

      Wouldn’t that full treasure chest – 42 lbs – serve as an anchor to hold his body under water until it decomposed? Wow – that was stupid, Beck. FF would have had to throw the chest connected to a chain tied to himself into deep water. He would have to drown himself. But he didn’t die. He didn’t drown. Make no bones about it – there ARE no bones (only in my bonehead).

      GOOFY – Where’s my pizza?

      • Ive been on the chase since August, 2011. i have been an infrequent contributer to this blog since FF went national in Feb. 2013. I have been on 11 searches so far, and I am convinced I will find it every time I go out. My areas have evolved with my grasp of th poem and ff giving more clues…

      • I’m sorry Becky from WV…if it’s not showing you have to click that survey or whatever they have as their ads to display the rest. I dislike that format but it’s their website. I also couldn’t figure it out at first.

  25. If you would like to know where “warm waters halt” I came up with Agua Fria.
    It literally means cold water. Just a thought. There is a nice Vietnam Veterans National Memorial just North. Eagle Nest could be home of Brown, also to the north. There is a canyon from Agua Fria to Eagle Nest. Also, not far away is The Brown Ranch in Folsom. No place for the meek could simply imply traveling on Enchanted Highway. Putting in(pilot jargon) below Eagle Nest could mean landing at Angel Fire Municipal Airport at Agua Fria. Angel Fire could be a Blaze. The end is ever drawing nigh(near). Not far but too far meaning you may have to drive, hence Enchanted Highway. No paddle up your creek can mean a road named after a creek, therefore you need no paddle. It could also mean a dry creek, or a creek filled with so many rocks you can’t see the water, a creek like Burns Creek. Suddenly Burns Creek takes on two meanings Burns for blaze and a creek that needs no paddle. Just thought i’d stimulate the thoughts. Good luck to everyone and enjoy.

  26. hello i’m not from an AMERICA and live in POLAND but i read this clues about feen treasure and look at gogle earth (35°02’21.44″N 101°45’49.57″W) there is a
    mountain with several waterfalls … on north is a lake (Begin it where warm waters halt – lake) and far up north are warm waters with hotels. This place you can go by your’e car, there is road where 80’s years man can drive. And the best in cold days the waterfalls freeze. (So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold) If u found treasure there… please share with me too. ;-D Regards

  27. Hmmmm how interesting. With Forrest Fenn stopping from following the Chase by not responding to emails and not doing any media interviews and with Dal going out on a search with a group out of Japan that tells me the Chase seems to be coming to a conclusion folks.

    Good luck Dal and to your new Japanese friends.

    The Thrill of the Chase was fun while it lasted.

    • I agree VGB. This is done in 10 days with Dal and his tour group, Derrick ,and The Wolf churning up the wilderness. Not to mention Steph on her last trip.

      • I hear you Doubting Thomas. That is odd. Forrest Fenn stopping from responding to emails and media interviews. Stephanie stating within the blog that she is making her last and final attempt to locate the Treasure Trove. Dal going on a search with a group from JAPAN? Like you this just may be over within 10 days let’s just see how they decide to wrap it up and announce it to all Chasers. They might locate it within 10 days but they probably will prepare and figure out how to announce it to the media and the Chasers which will take longer than 10 days. We shall see. 10 days of Thrill of the Chase darkness is upon us.

        • I just can’t see f or Dal being those kind of guys. Or Steph. If they are all in some big conspiracy then I’ve got them all wrong and I need to recheck my ability to discern who good people are. I believe f when he says that he imagines a laid off dad with a beat up truck finding it. (Not ppl from another country)

          I’d almost hope f would tell Steph where its at so she could beat them to it if they emailed and know where it is and are going to find it. I just can’t imagine it will play out like y’all are worried it will.

          But you never know I suppose. We shall see!!

          Sent from my iPhone

          • Did they say I was in a conspiracy? I don’t think they said I was….but, I can prove by my checkbook that I’m soooooo not. I’ll pull up the hotels from across the country, airline tickets, care rentals, gas station receipts …oh and you can ask the guy at the airport who now remembers our names…lol and you can talk to my kids and ask them how they liked the little packs of peanuts and mini bottles of shampoo in their stocking last Christmas(I’m kidding…I didn’t). I have put in hours upon hours upon hours of research on this for the past two years. I hope you can tell by all the comments on the clues I give and on my blog. Those are my thoughts and ideas…strange as they may be as I’ve been laughed at for my flying one and ridiculed also about my library idea(I have normal ones too). Also, in case people haven’t been fortunate to talk to Forrest in email or otherwise…this is VERY important to him and he takes it VERY seriously. Ok…my Mom said I should never feel I need to defend myself…I think I just did that.

          • Oh no! They didn’t say that out right! Just panicked because you said it was your last trip. Insinuating you might know something! Don’t worry, us regulars know you are good people! And Dal and f are too! Dal set them straight! 😉 I like what your mom said! I’m going to teach my daughter that! Ill take the peanuts off your hands! I love me some airplane peanuts… Wonder if a person can buy them on eBay…..

          • I wonder if Forrest served airplane peanuts when he was the pilot. Maybe that’s the blaze….airplane peanut wrappers stapled to a tree. Remember when they had the grey poupon commercial with the guy in the rolls royce and they would drive up to him and get a jar of that? My little brother once saw a guy in a rolls and they asked him for grey poupon thinking they were being funny…the guy gave them a little sample jar. LOL.

        • Yes the thunderous herd will generate its own warm waters causing the creeks streams rivers and lakes to boil such that the trove is launched into Santa Fe.

        • Just FYI…never believe anything I say. I need to remind myself that sometimes. I’m seriously trying to quit this…because it’s seriously effecting my life…but I love it way too much…there lies the dilemma. I’ve never really had an addiction till now. I’m wondering how you find a therapist for this.

          • Lol I am sure someone will provide us services soon! I look at it as we could be obsessed with very unhealthy things in life, and this is super healthy! We learn history, geography, made new friends, we get out in the wild, we bond with our hubbies and kids in ways that families don’t anymore! My little girl is learning to read a map. She begs to treasure hunt instead of begging to be on her electronics. I think its fabulous….. it can break the bank I am sure, but heck girl we are LIVING! That is what its all about!! Right!? Maybe I am lying to myself!

            j ~ PFW Team Pink!

          • *booking my next flight with tears in my eyes* Absolutely PFW…your so right….. *second thoughts* I’m in so much trouble having you as a friend Jen…does anyone want to detract me from going out West? I need a new best friend on here…Jen needs to leave the blog immediately lol.

      • Yep, no “Doubting” about it (pun intended), I guess the Japanese, sitting on their duffs in front of a computer screen figured this thing out from Tokyo, and instead of walking up the mountain to get it themselves, contacted Dal to walk with them. Dal, hiding the fact that he knew where the treasure was all along, admitted to them that they were right and asked if they would let him tag along to watch the finding of the chest he has been seeking for 3 years. Stephanie, an accomplice all the while, decided to end her searching because Dal assured her that the international visitors had the drop on her and she might as well give up.

        Wait a minute…if Dal is so sure they are right because he knows the location, why doesn’t he go get it himself? Why would it take 10 whole days for Dal and his team to walk to the spot and hightail it out of there with the loot? Would Steph really roll over and play dead with so much invested in the search? Forrest announced a week ago that he was backing away from the chase…he must have known then, so the Japanese had already informed him, yet they decided to wait over a week to come and get it? Couldn’t find a cheap flight?

        Please people…use some common sense and calm down. Keep doing your research.

        Although I could be wrong, in which case………nevermind!!

        • It’s going to take ten days because they are going have to stop at all of the gift stores and galleries in Santa Fe and Taos. In addition they will be taking photos with Dal at all of the scenic viewpoints.

        • I love this! Yes anyone that knows Steph knows she won’t go down without a fight and I would be willing to bet she’s win without even scratching a bit of the pink on her toenails!

          Sent from my iPhone

          • I just read Scott wanting Dal to find it and Jen wanting me to find it….I’m feeling like a race horse neigh…neigh…of course first race horse with pink hooves. How about Forrest goes and gets it and we all just split it and still hang out with each other?

    • VGBoss-
      You are working this way to hard. There is nothing sneaky going on. Forrest needed a break from the tons of email and I agreed to an email request from the Japanese TV folks. Remember that I also took out a reporter and photographer in January with the German press. We did not find it during that excursion either. We will only be searching one day with the Japanese. I am driving so five of those days are on the road, one is with the Japanese TV folks and the rest is just business in Santa Fe. Please don’t try to build any stories around this.

      • thanks for explaining that dal.. i just read the conspiracy crud.. i can see where forrest could need a break. frankly i dont understand why so many pester the man anyway.. be thankful he gave you something fun to do and leave it at that.. i can see some thank you’s , but it’s all the other nonsense that he’s probably tired of.. for the record i havent bothered him nor do i plan too.. if i were so lucky to find the chest, then i’d contact him.. have fun on your trip dal.

  28. Why would anyone think the search is coming to a close because FF is not doing interviews or replying to emails or someone going searching with a group. Can you say reality check….

  29. Begin it where….. And take it in…. I always thought wwwh then the canyon, but the canyon Could be later…. I know he said follow the clues, but it may not mean the canyon could not be past the ‘no place for the meek’ for example ??? whatca think? Read those two lines again….. BEGIN ….. And take it in…..

  30. SantaFe Smart

    The only search I done so far is via earth, google maps, and Delorme Atlas & Gazetter & aircraft sectionals which I have used for years. Do I have a specific place in mind ..not yet!

    I dont like to rush things..when you do one tends to make errors…take it slow and easy:)

    When I feel Im close, I will let you know Iam coming..its a long drive from Northern Calif to–

    Wreck Hunting is Fun?

  31. JD I appreciate those words brings somewhat a comfort feeling but one must ask… Dal wouldn’t be wasting his time on search spots that are not of his interest or do not have any solid, concrete, worth towards the Poem. The Japanese must be covering all expense$…I highly doubt Dal would be spending any money that are not his spots of interest to search through. Just my opinion

    • Dal has spent so much time on research/searching/this blog/answering e-mails, that it would be a shame if he didn’t get something out of the chase by the time it ends (although he probably will be walking out with the box…6 to 5 favorite). I would hope that due to his high profile in the hunt, he was contacted and offered a sum of dollars to guide these people to their spot. I wouldn’t begrudge him that and sincerely hope in my heart it is true. As a side note, I personally think he should charge a nominal monthly fee for us to be on this blog.

    • Hmmm. Maybe I can convince some corporations to sponsor my search and put it on tv. I’ll be the one with the shirt that has logos from the Discovery Channel, Dr Pepper and a bacon company to be named later. And a film crew following me.

      • We should hold a PINK breast cancer awareness search day. That would be super awesome!! All the men dressed in pink! j

        Sent from my iPhone

    • VG-
      This is gratis. I am doing this to help sell books and coordinating it with some business that I have in Santa Fe. No money will change hands. The press does not typically “pay”. Although I am hoping to get a lunch out of it.
      I will, of course become famous in Japan, just as I have become in Germany…. 🙂 Ignore the fact that I am selling a line of T-shirts on this blog now and that the sales pages are only available in German and Japanese. I will be wearing my new shirt line in all the footage they take of me… (just kidding).

      • Geez Dal, You had me going for a while there. Glad that’s not true, I have too much respect for you.

      • You’re too funny Dal. I’m sorry I did not know it was a media party. May bad. Please don’t make me walk the plank. lol Give them some good stuff and make it good, make them sweat! lol

    • Maybe that is how Dal makes money for his trips. Never thought about that. I tried the app…it’s so not working. I need something else.

      • Stephanie what you need is a partner, that you can trust, and split costs but who knows where the Chest is or has great stuff that you agree with as the hot spots to search! That’s what you need. You know Steph like that Movie Fools Gold with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey where Matthew, oddly movie name “FINN”, helps in finding the Trove. That’s what you need Stephanie your very own, personal, FINN!

        • I seriously was considering something like that today. I’ve said no so many times to a partner…but today I had a melt down. I was searching this one area and my husband said I couldn’t go to this one last place in that area. I can’t get into why…but my husband NEVER tells me I can’t do anything and I must confess…there’s a bit of stubbornness in me when I really want something. I mean I’m a very fair person…I’m not spoiled or anything like that…I was wanting to do something he deemed umm illegalish. No grave sites…no digging. So we drove an hour away without me talking much and I don’t think he could handle the quiet and turned the car around without me even asking….let me go on my little illegal stint and there was no blaze…so then we headed home with me feeling confident that it’s another place that fits the poem, but wasn’t there.

        • Maybe she needs two partners so they could be like the three musketeers. Just don’t pick partners with the names of Larry and Curley or Steph will have a new nickname.

  32. @Dal,
    Have a good trip……..

    I’ve been reading that WordPress is having problems like is being experienced here when the administrator replies to the comments from the control panel; and I noticed the threaded comments seemed to be working until you made a comment.

    If you want to try a fix, just start a new post for the nine clues and don’t reply to anyone from the control panel…….A good 10 day test.

    Keep us updated when you get time…….Is everyone going in your van? 😀

  33. Here’s just a couple of the reasons why the TAOS region is one of my places to search through in the summer after I’m done with my Yellowstone spot.

    T = 20
    A = 1
    O = 15
    S = 19

    Total = 55

    The Omega symbol is found at the end of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase Memoir Book. And low and behold look what I found – Link… (They look like 5’s to me!)

    The Sum of the first 10 numbers: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55
    (Roman Number for 10 is X and X marks the spot?)

    The 55th digit of pi = 9 (keep hearing that there are 9 clues within the Poem…hint hint?)
    Link… (X marks the spot?)

    Sum of 5 odd heavenly numbers = 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
    Sum of 5 even earthly numbers = 2+4+6+8+10 = 30
    (Forrest Fenn has does want people to connect with each other and for kids to enjoy the beautiful American Outdoors)

    Numerology for 55 is praised in all scriptures and literatures. It represents Will Power and Genius.(Forrest Fenn is a genius, no?)

    Just to toss this in for fun
    A song produced by Group X was called “Schfifty Five” (X marks the spot?)

    • Victor…will you do my taxes next year? Your numbers get me dizzy…I’m more into verbiage. I’ll write you an essay in exchange.

      • I’m sorry, Steph it’s just the way I attack things….with numbers…..I’m a numbers kinda of guy. You would actually trust me with your taxes? Sweet!!! LOL

        You can either use chopsticks, a fork, or your fingers to eat chinese food or what have you…I’m attacking the Poem by way of numbers and other methods…such as acronyms.

  34. Hi Dal – I’m new here. Jjust had to join the fun in this blog that I have been following for months. I now want to join the pink group. I hope you have a nice trip with the folks from Japan. Are you taking them white water rafting? Maybe visiting all those waterfalls? Hope so. I of course, I think I know where the treasure is and no one here has gotten the first clue right. Thanks so much for all you do here.

    • Janet-
      No one? Not even Stephanie, JP, Germanguy, Goofy, VG, Frank, Jen, Bonnie, Wreck, Stevedor, Becky? By no one do you mean me too? Jeese I was sure someone had it right. Maybe they have it but are not willing to say it…like you.

    • Janet,
      That is pretty cocky for a pink team member! LOL How do you know no one has the first clue right, since very few actually state it?
      The Wolf – blue team

    • Nice to meet you Janet. I want to know your first clue solution…whisper it to me…or not 😉 I’m starting to think Forrest needs a black leather jacket with all us pink ladies.

  35. this is how i think how the story goes start at the home of brown go to the other side of the body of warer dont get in the water when you get to the blazing trail look down at your feet when we walk we look down keep walking when you find it dont be afried meek just be careful when you are going down to get it

  36. Here’s just some of the reasons why Taos is one of my places to search through in the Summer after I’m done with my Yellowstone spot.

    T = 20
    A = 1
    O = 15
    S = 19

    Total = 55

    The Omega symbol is found at the end of Forrest Fenn’s Thrill of the Chase Memoir Book. And low and behold look what I found
    Link… (They look like 5’s to me!)

    Sum of the first 10 numbers: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 (Roman Number for 10 is X and X marks the spot?)

    The 55th digit of pi = 9 (keep hearing that there are 9 clues within the Poem…hint hint?)
    Link… (X marks the spot? and the Omega and Alpha are displayed?)

    Sum of 5 odd heavenly numbers = 1+3+5+7+9 = 25
    Sum of 5 even earthly numbers = 2+4+6+8+10 = 30
    (Forrest Fenn wants people to connect with each other and for kids to enjoy the beautiful American Outdoors)

    Numerology for 55 is praised in all scriptures and literatures. It represents Will Power and Genius.(Forrest Fenn is a genius, no?)

    Just to toss this in for fun
    A song produced by Group X was called “Schfifty Five” (X marks the spot?)

  37. The Taos Hum have anything to do with your search area, Dal? I have searched the Taos area in about ten different spots. It is a very intriguing area as I imagine FF wouldn’t want to be too far from his loot….at least I know I wouldn’t want to be.

    • Andy- No. Only my interpretation of the clues and some backstory on Forrest’s involvement there. Also because my CO, MT, WY places are still under snow. Tell me about the hummmmm.

  38. Hey Rick, what’s up! Yeah just 1 spot in Yellowstone, I have, which I will be searching in the summer but that’s if Dal doesn’t return from his trip with that group with Trove at hand. So yeah 1 spot in Yellowstone for me and 3 in Taos.

  39. Talk of someone finding his bones next to the chest is just romantic whimsy. I think he has a bit of Long John Silver in that imagination of his. Unburied Treasure is always found with a pirate’s bones close by in the movies. Usually in a cave as I remember it.

  40. Hey guys…hope all is well…I made a few comments about a month ago…and no comments….so hear I go and haven’t been able to firm up a state or area…so I laid low….I also told searchers the map was real about a month ago…and that it was an old NM territories map…..I am only going to be researching NM now…I have changed my approach about 5 times in 2 months…but I feel more confident now…I…my last comment was about the “put in below” clue…. I believe it directly references “home of Brown”…”p u e b l o”… look at the letter configuration, what do you all think? Its capitalized because it is the name of a pueblo or town…maybe “Pueblo” or may be” Taos”. Try it again in other parts of the poem and you will see that this may be a way to read the poem….”are brave and in the wood” .. may become “A reverence”…perhaps for wood…. its not meant to be black and white and the spelling isn’t important as long as we get the point….it seems that there is a need to know much about Eric Sloane …”ever drawing nigh “… ofcourse becomes….. “Everard” his real name and he draws quite well,lol…,…I noticed another post about this so its time for me to put my analysis on the table ….look at the post marks…study Sloanes style and note his Taos symbol use …looks like a postmark variation…to me this is a black and white hint….no guessing,its pretty evident……and could stand alone….but when you add all this other info and the map..its hard to get by…..also “hint of riches”… ofcourse his real last name…Hinrichs….and Sloane also loved to play with letters in words…study him and and how he became “eric”from “America”…so now that this is out…..there is a way to read into the poem and shrink the search area…good luck and this way of reading into the poem is definitely associated to Mr Sloane.There is more…think and you will get it…Im not sure Mr Fenn has been completely forthcoming ,lol…..or I may be wrong and you can all ignore me….lol…Steph and Dal thanx for the blogs and emails…good luck guys…peace

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