THE NINE CLUES….Part Sixteen


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    • @ sc “fenndrenilin high” 🙂
      Have fun this weekend everyone!
      (and if there is some remote chance that I said anything that could possibly help you – and you feel generous…. please just let me know!:)

    • sc: In 15 you said:
      IT=The poem.
      Is that some of that circular logic? The poem referring to itself.

      • yeah I guess, I mean thats how I understand it….it would be logical to bring the poem with you….unless you’ve memorized it. for some it would be like going to find a treasure without a map.

  1. Lurking but getting ready to hit the hay….got an early morning. Taking my mom out of town for a few days. Happy hunting this weekend seekers!!!! 🙂 Remember, one of the only things you can spend money on that actually makes you richer is… 🙂 And in this case, it could make you financially richer. (said with a wink and a smile)

  2. OK lets get real here. Someone else mentioned this, no replies, SO again, Why do you think ff told us the plot for the wrong book, for the book, For Whom the Bells Toll, he gave us the overview of another book, A Farewell to Arms. WHY? Have any of you read each or one of those books, not I untill the other day, I read a summary of each.

    • Didn’t FF hide some bells and he says (buried) them -ah ha! – perhaps that has something to do with it! Perhaps, since he made his fortune and worked hard to do so, he has decided to spend the rest of his days writing books and burying or hiding things for people to search for… It’s sort of funny, but I could see him doing this… writing books that will bring in money for a cancer fund, and with each book, a new hunt – he’s awesome enough to do something like that! (jmhumbleo)

    • Musstang I have not, but will now that you pointed it out. Thank you! I assume most adults have read those books, I come late to the table on that point.

    • Both books were written by Ernest Hemmingway……….Hemmingway committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in Ketchum, Idaho.

    • Ok just read a synopsis on each and for me it plays in directly why I believe the treasure is in NM. Sorry thats as clear as I am going to get. Its a great clue, thank you.

      • wait… most of the time we all TALK about meanings and WANT to HIDE where we think it directs us too,…. but you have done the opposite…. ??? what does it mean? are you sure it even is a hint, or what/ Its something just like them driving on he other side of the road muttererns.

        • Musstag, maybe FF plays some pool and the driving on the other side ofthe road means,”put some English on it.”, meaning when the trail splits you veer ever so slightly left or right and continue on. 🙂

  3. war =profit for the rich death for the poor maybe fenn see those books as way to get people to understand war is completely stupid and there is really no need for it. do you think it has something to do with the treasure?

    • didn’t completely understand it.. but the science is there…,but the someone else said….your definetly smart…….but do you think its that complex? fenn I guess put enough clues in the poem and book for people of variying intelects to figure out, an equal playing field if you will

    • Mike D,

      Personally I do not like your interpretation; but, who knows. I will reveal mine within 20 days and hope to reveal the chest at the same time (don’t I wish).

    • There are a lot of arbitrary suppostiions in your “solution”. Why is 98.6 F considered warm? WoUldn’t that be luke warm (and why convert it to Celsius-because it “works”?). And then wouldn’t warm describe something between luke warm and hot, or if you want to convert temp to geographical locations, somewhere between 37 (luke warm) and 61 (hot, the upper extremities of the Rockies at the Liard river). “Warm” then might be inbetween. What imaginary line is at 49 latitude? My spot!!

    • mike D,
      Very creative solution and it is fun to create such solutions, which is part of the thrill of the chase. You have definitely shown the imagination with this clue. I have a different much simpler but unique interpretation of warm i.e. warm is a relative concept.

      The question is – do you think you have to be as creative with the rest of the clues or did FF intend us to be creative with only one clue and if so is it WWWH?
      The Wolf

  4. Just finished the book and loved it. f is a great man and quite a war hero. He has had quite a life and surely deserves this great legacy. I am heading out in the morning for some unfinished business in my search zone. I picked up a rental car to make the most of the gas mileage and I’m bringing mom along as my co-pilot and Indiana Jones assistant. Should be an adventure 🙂 CHC

    • COHigh,

      What did you think of the book as it relates to the poem? Did it confirm your poem solution AND make the location meaningful for you?

      • Einstein, It did. Starting with the poem, I think, is the way to go. Get your locations figured out and then get into the book and make those connections. It made good sense for my spot. A few subtle things in there for sure…more hints than big bold places. It’s a beautiful book and he did a really nice job putting it together. It’s a great souvenir and a lot of fine wisdom from f in there. Thx SC- we’ll do! CHC

    • I love the book also, a good read. The fun of being in the moment with FF as he relates his life and searching out the clues adds depth to the whole search. My husband and I are having alot of fun learning and searching. Well done FF!

      • For sure, azuredeb. It’s hiking with a purpose…and it got some lazy parts of my brain exercising again. lol. Our trips have been about 50% sightseeing and 50% searching. Good stuff! CHC

  5. I dont know about the rest of you but isnt one of ff’s points in the book is that you dont need buckets of money to get out and enjoy the chase? I am worried about people investing so much money in searching. The treasure is well hidden, none of us should approach it in a heated desperation.

  6. It is true that you dont need to invest a lot to begin searching, if you are anywhere near the Rockies. But, for those of us who are further away it is a big investment. Travel, accomadations, food, time of from work etc. all need to be planned out.
    Travel is an expense many can not afford these days, but is also one of lifes great rewards. Its also a great education
    I have learned alot about history of this country, the west, fly fishing, Yellowstone, Bill Cody, Lewis & Clark, artists, explorers, natural disasters, preservation of our natural resources etc.

    I am enjoying your comments, your views on the Chase, and the chance to post my ideas.

    I have walked in the woods with my daughter and I havent left New Jersey. I have been hoping to plan a family vacation that will give us the chance to enjoy the greatness of the Rockies and the simple treasures of a mountain sunrise and a river bath. It is what you make of it. Enjoy.

  7. For On2it,
    FYI, the creek, the river plus the south side of the trestle all the way down to the runway is private property. You can drive past the Home but both sides of the FS road up the canyon are again the same private property until you get to a certain Line which than becomes public property all the way to a dead end. The w. towers next to the paved road are on the same private property. Notice the new fencing going up and also notice all the posted signs. A conglomerate owns Home and they are buying up more and more land plus it is definitely patrolled. They don’t even like photographers.

    As far as where they eat, in a 3 day search, found very little that works with the poem. The road in is not a place to have a vehicle break down.

    Out side the box:
    On a map draw a line from Temple, TX to Lubbock, TX and continue with the line and notice what NM town it intersects with. Keep going with your line to the 4 corners.

    Page 118 – “Later three rooms were added to the back” look at the front porch steps. Now, do street view on google satellite 1413 N. Main St Temple, Tx, its on the ID.

    The semi-colon after – drawing nigh, is that just a “wink” or an instruction to find another semi-colon in the book that lays out a hint.

    Take a flashlight and a sandwich, carry water and a snack and do it during the daylight hours.

    Toledo and Nevada…

  8. i would like to ask opinions on a hypothetical, people who have actually been out searching. say the chest was hidden somewhere in a 500qt ft area, and say for the sake of this question it was in fact there,and i knew it was. ok so i am searching alone and i have a whole day, to just focus on this 500 sq ft area…also it is mostly flat and wooded, some sloped areas but not bad at all,some dense tree parts and some not so dense. is this reasonable to do? is it likely i would find a 10×10 chest hidden in an area this size if i am searching a whole day?

    • Chris,

      If you know for sure about the 500 sq. ft area, it is a reasonable thing to do – you’re talking about the size of a large room in a house, right ? . You also have info that it is not dangerous, so that should help.

      Downside – there still sounds like there is a bit of a gamble or uncertainty, since you are asking. When Forrest said that a person should be able to move with confidence, I don’t think he was talking about something that is worn.

      If you go for it, best of luck,

      • .
        broxolm wrote (part fifteen) –

        “ELS (Equal-distant Letter Sequencing) is a coding method to encode a hidden message in a text. It is used famously by people”


        Keep punctuation, reverse it, skip pattern 5.

        Start on any letter of the first 5 positions, and you find something, 3rd and 4th most relevant.

        5th letter – DANk is German for


    • 500sq feet is alot smaller than 500ft in any direction. 500sq ft is only a box 20ft by 25ft. You could easily do that.
      500 feet in any direction is a circle with a radius of 500ft or a total of 785,000 sq. feet.
      Theres a big difference, but if you have all day you could make a very good search oh an area that size.

    • Chris, it depends on how complex the terrain is and whether it is hidden or buried. If there are a lot of trees and bush it can be very difficult – just moving around. If there is a lot of hills (more surface area) made of rock then that increases the number of hiding places. The more rocks the more hiding places. If it is buried then it will take a week.

      My opinion – he hid it in a specific place, thus the poem limits your search area to 10 square feet if you solve it and interpret ALL clues properly. If your search area becomes 500 sq ft then you have not interpreted the clues properly and you are searching randomly. I also believe you could stand on it or be beside it and not have a clue it is there unless you solve the whole poem.
      The Wolf

      • Wolf – you could do a grid and that way be satisfied if you don’t find it, that it is not there. I am begining to think that heavy loads means – covered by rocks. Also I still think a 5 ft. ladder is involved. I see it down, inside a hole in a ledge – which would require a flashlight – the ledge being covered by rocks. janet

        • Janet that was what I was hoping, but it the blaze and find location are that precise then I am afraid it is buried.

          • Good morning all. Mt The Wolf in your opinion is the blaze over the chest or is it a line of sight thing like the carvings you found in your documented search? Is the blaze described in the poem or the book or you will know it when you see it?

        • Where did the 5′ ladder come into the clues? Also, Forrest said that the treasure was not associated with any structure. Does a road (man Made) count as a structure? An old building site? Didn’t Fenn also say the treasure was not buried? Thanks

        • I saw a lot of running man pedestrian signs in Taos. I thought they could be a clue as well. I also saw some along the road to get to Taos in one town where there’s white water rafting(Put In).

      • @ChrisYates,

        Great question. Also, it’s freaky how the description of your hypothetical location matches mine so closely. I’ve been pondering nearly the exact same question as you.

        The location the poem leads me ‘precisely’ to, at its largest extent, is about 100yd x 530yd, or about 10 football fields in area. However, within that area, some spots seem more likely as hiding places to me than others, perhaps totaling 2-3 of those football fields in area.

        Is that ‘precise’ enough? Within the context of the total area of the Rocky Mountains above 5000ft, that seems reasonably precise. Would I prefer to have instructions pointing me to a more precise location? Yes. It is also encouraging to me that I think I see a naturally occurring “X” marking the most likely spot, and the X is below a prominent blaze.

        Depending on the certainty you have of your interpretation of the poem, you may want to allocate more than one day for the search.

    • Chris Yates, yes I believe you would find it. I am returning home to Florida today after a 6 day search. Here’s some things to consider that I encountered in Yellowstone. First of all, you can’t keep your nose to the ground like a bloodhound. I kept looking up and all around me for bears, big cats with bottle of bear spray in one hand, trigger guard removed and thumb on the trigger. Second, search areas all over the Rockies are covered with of course rocks, downed trees, sage brush, and grasses. All providing great hiding places. So yes, I believe you would be able to locate the box IF you knew it was there only because you would not stop looking until you did. When one is not exactly sure the thing they are looking for is in chosen area I believe frustration sets in along with exhaustion and then the desire is to move on. The smallest area I searched was about 2000 square feet an I spent 9 hours over two days looking. Also I did not dig anywhere I went. Digging would take up countless hours, a whole other story.

      • Chris Yates , correction on my last post to you. 20000 sq ft not 2000. Sorry.

        • There should be a place for searchers to leave their bear spray or other things they can’t take back with them if they are flying so other searchers can maybe use them. Maybe in Yellowstone people can leave stuff like that by Dals Cache. I hope everyone who’s gone to Yellowstone will look for it and sign it anyway. We left a cache in Cimarron Canyon near Perryville…I believe it was West of Perryville on the North side of the road under some rocks down a bit from the entrance….not sure how far(I’m sure you could walk there lol). If anyone finds it, they have it…just let me know you found it.

        • Yes sc, if youre asking horatio. I did. The harlequin ducks. Amazing bird, their ability to negotiate rapids is magic. I watched for an hour. They have no equal in the animal kingdom at agility. Truly must be seen to believed. The spawning trout struggle to achieve a belly flop at best.

      • I had a thought before that the burying thing would be hard to do, because there are so many rocks and smaller rocks in the dirt, that make up a lot of the places you may want to hid something.

    • horatio, glad you enjoyed your trip….river birds and duck are amazing….i dont know the species ,but there a smaller grayish birds, that i see that do amazing swiming feats…they also make incredible mud houses ,mud bead by mud bead…..and some rivers they build their nest from sticks and mud and leaves, and these nests hang from cliffs… stonefly nymph hunters they are….would you return there regarless if the treasure is found ?

      • Sc, oh yeah I’m goin back. All of Yellowstone is fantastic. I arrived may 3rd a winter wonderland. Entry from west Yellowstone reminds me of the movie “Wizard of Oz” when after the tornado the movie changes from black and white to color. Once inside the park, you feel the presence of majesty.

  9. Does anyone know where Forrest had his cancer treatments?
    No one answered last night, so I am trying again.

    • He mentions the name of his doctor in his book. See where he practices and you should know. I believe he’s out of Albuquerque as I had a friend who had two family members who suffered from the same thing and I had looked into it to send the info to her.

    • I would assume he probably had them in albuquerque, most likely at UNM cancer center, it is one of the best cancer centers in the country.

  10. Good Morning…have one book to edit and another to read so I can accept or reject it (I’m an editor for fiction books), so not much cyber treasure hunting today…boo…

  11. If you want to find the temperature when water turns warm, think of Tepid. It may not be just one number.

    The Lat/Long thing is a fun toy to play with but FF has said “if I gave you the coordinates, it wouldn’t be any fun”…or something like that.

  12. After reading Forrest’s book on the treasure, I believe there may be a clue waiting to be discovered near his father’s grave.

  13. Good morning everyone. Hope you all have an awesome weekend and to those going out to search, Keep it safe, have fun and try to enjoy everything you encounter. Ok, lurking in 3…2…1…

    • I tending to agree with you sc. I am just wondering if Mr The Wolf had any idea what it might look like since he’s been out there quite a few times. He found some stuff on aspen trees but I think that might be too obvious and not permanent enough. A forest fire could destroy all traces then everybody is screwed. A mark on a rock the size of the chest could be covered or moved and same result. It’s gotta be a bigger and more permanent thing. Just wondering.

      • The blaze would not be affected by a Forrest Fire. Hear me all and listen good, brave trees face south.

        • E you said last night that anyone that does not memorize the poem does not deserve to look for the treasure…hypothetical ? what if someone had stumbled upon the prize and was unaware of the hunt,would you consider them worthy of the reward?

        • Yes – if someone stumbles on this chest they were searching for something and found a whole lot more.

        • Einstein, we are thinking the same thing. I better get there first because it will torque my gold nuggets if you find it instead of me.

      • maybe fenn has layed out decoys for us…the wolf found what he found,dal found an f cut into a rock on the rio grande, i saw an f cut into an aspen tree in one area i searched….layed out decoys over many years…dont even say forrest fire dt, that would be very bad for multiple reasons…..the fires here 2 years ago hampered my fishing adventures,not mention effected people health…rain rain rain

        • yeah that had crossed my mind, locals!! the one f i saw had an 11 under it ,the trees skin regrowth looks consistent with the time frame…..and whats to say treasure hunters wont start leaving false blazes everywhere they have searched….the place i searched was a wonder in it self but did not have anything that really related to the poem….thats where i saw my bear buddy….the locals have searched up there alot also

      • The blaze is what we all construct in our mind after reading the book or poem, our imagination is the foundation that this is built upon. I am moving with confidence along my rough and rocky trail, and will need no axe because the Truffula trees that were needed have all been felled. the weekend of the 25th im on the hunt again.

        • From what I’ve seen and read I think stumbling upon the chest is just as good of a strategy as interpreting the poem then going with confidence to the spot where it’s not located.

        • I will follow the poem and come full circle just to take in the beauty and possibly score , but i will enter through the back door as I have done before and stumbled upon some evidence possibly from the lore.

      • DT,
        The Wolf has only searched once – but had 10 possible search areas. I agree with your assessment of the vulnerabilities of a Aspen tree and it just is not cool enough for FF to make it worth while. I know he did better than that.

        Dal will soon be posting my second of four instalments of my adventure that go further into what I feel the blaze is.

        I am not sure if everyone can see the blaze; I am convinced only a few can imagine it.
        The Wolf

    • Kismet is a play, I found an online readable form by googling kismet. Im currently reading it to figure out what Forrest saw in it that leads me to where I need to be.

    • Musstag
      I tried doing research about Kismet and found nothing but the play,too. I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds it interesting. Perhaps if it’s that difficult to find info on then maybe it isn’t important. I hope someone can answer!

    • Kismet is the turkish word for luck and or fate, there is also a dice game 2 red 2 black and 2 green. In the book thrill chase forrest and olga drink red, black, and green tea.

      • @Nick.

        Pretty slick discovery. Thanks for sharing.

        I haven’t read Kismet yet. I’ll do so because I wonder if it speaks about anything such as, everyone goes back to the dirt eventually. I know “dirt” was mentioned in TTOTC from a passage in Kismet.

  14. LITTLE SPARROW thinking of the children began to sing this song today,
    This poem is your poem,
    this poem is my poem
    from north of santa fe
    up through alaska eh!
    across the mountains
    of the ro ah kies
    this poem was made for you and me!

  15. The blaze is what we all construct in our mind after reading the book or poem, our imagination is the foundation that this is built upon. I am moving with confidence along my rough and rocky trail, and will need no axe because the Truffula trees that were needed have all been felled. the weekend of the 25th im on the hunt again.

    • Lorax I agree. I think I recently saw Forrests blaze but it was in a picture. All I will say is you will recognize it if you see it IF you have read the book. You guys, its important to buy that book. I am disabled , married to a carpenter so you can imagine I do understand money issues with the economy the way it is. I sold somthing on craigslist so I could buy the book.

  16. It seems were hang on to and analize EVERY word ff puts out, but the odd or uncorrect stories in theBOOK we tend to ignore,….”just show me the Money” attitude I guess.

  17. E i doubt that…at least you know how to spell korrekly… did not lke mike d s interp? if he finds the longitude do you think his solution will pan out?

  18. I will follow the poem and come full circle just to take in the beauty and possibly score , but i will enter through the back door as I have done before and stumbled upon some evidence possibly from the lore.

  19. i have studied the poem, read the book 5 times, and every time I do I discovered something new. to me the blaze is a realization and when that happens your quest will cease. we must read the section that he titles important literature. and the biggest clue that should jump out of the book is the page that is at the end of that section. that’s why its written so bold

    • I think the blaze has something to do with, a part in the book where forrest says not in these exact words but, he couldnt look down well because his father wouldnt allow it

      • I think the blaze is up high, but when you look down, you’re looking DOWN, at something below where you’re standing (well, kiva, over a cliff on a ledge below, etc) I also don’t think the blaze has to be immediately in front of you. It might be a teepee on a neighboring mountain…just thoughts…

  20. So I was hoping the blaze would be a giant neon arrow pointing to the exact spot so I could move with confidence.

  21. let me give a hint. ff never shot meadowlarks to feed his family when he was eight and with a crooked bb gun, he did have imagination. can one man average out that truth?

  22. FF wrote as a quote “life is a game of poker. happiness is the pot. fate deals you four cards and a joker, and you play weather you like it or not”. well that’s not the real quote (look it up)

  23. Two demerits Einstein.

    DB Cooper’s money pack was found by accident after years of searching by treasure hunters.

    “Your rainbow gate, I just can’t seem to jump it.” Lyric from Blonde on Blonde.

      • …in a zone smaller than the Rockies.

        I don’t know how my reply went out of order. It should have been after the moderation comment.
        Bad dam has a “n” at the end.

      • were there any remains of a chute,or did he just chuck it out without one? did they ever finds coopers body i forget,im doing that aloy lately

        • Going from memory … No body found, no stash found and only a few $100 bills in a stream. No record of the money ever spent.

        • … but in the series “Prison Break”, DB Cooper was in prison under an alias and he told the escapees that is was hidden (or should I say buried) under a Farm Silo in Utah just before he died while trying to escape. They eventually found it under a garage of a newly constructed subdivision…

        • interesting…………so you are only searching in n.m? its in n.m. im convinced….its strange the weather here has not been this wild in 6 or 7 years,where you searched has gotten a fare amount of rain,needed big time …..thanks for the DB info

        • He jumped with it on his back. Dress shoes and all. Not a trace of DB or his chute.
          Some people think he made it to safety. I don’t.

  24. I have this fantastic idea about the blaze and can’t tell a soul!
    Pirate speak for frustrated
    I wonder if any one has considered it
    it would include the treasure,
    it would be hidden and hidden very well
    you would need to look down

    but I am stuck on a part of the poem
    I have a few things done, but it is sooooo (need 5 o’s for sure)
    full of information –
    I just …..


  26. Ok ok ok I messed up my question, but even though I messed it up, lots of great answers there, so thanks everyone, and even better I got the feedback I was looking for, I feel like I got the confirmation I needed, even though I asked the question wrong. the area I would need to search is more like 500feet by 500 feet, not 500sq ft which would be like 25×20. If I had it narrowed down to 25×20, honestly, the method that FF used to hide it, and I don’t think he buried it, like buried buried you know what I mean, I think for sure I could search 25×20 and find the chest if it was there.

    To be clear, I understand the actual size of the area is I am talking about. On my first and only real search thus far, I went with someone to a place and we agreed to spend one day at my area and one day where they thought. They thought it was in this cemetery and it is, based on measuring on google map, 700 ft by 600 feet. If I imagined that whole cemetery as a relatively flat wooded area, I would say I could walk it all 3 to 4 times myself in one day. I can’t say I could search it all like I would really want to though.

    My nagging feeling is confirmed but some of your replies given, the feeling that I think I am right about my solution but I am missing one important thing, or one important layer of things, that point to a more specific spot. I see this poem directing me to this specific area that is about 500 feet by 500 feet. That is not exactly going directly to the chest is it. so it’s a good thing that I am not able to leave for this area immediately, because I would have already gone. I am going to continue to study and think. I have had some major breakthroughs that got me to this point, who knows, I may have another one.

    • Chris, You are much more experienced about the Chase than I am. But, I don’t understand why you are looking in a cemetery when Forrest said the treasure is not in a graveyard. What have I missed?

    • Bob,

      The only time i searched I went with a partner and it was a ‘join our resources’ kind of deal so we could make it happen. I live in cali and it is a 2000 to 2500 mile round trip. the money needed for gas, motel etc. is significant for me personally even with a partner, This search happened way before the graveyard clue from FF, and also, I did not think it was in a graveyard, but we spent a day searching there as part of our agreement.

  27. @Einstein…
    One fist, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
    And you also believe someone waived a jar of olives in his face?
    Left foot, left foot, right foot, right

    If I am correct in what you are saying above…the ball of string is also associated…:-)

  28. I have been deleted before, dont sweat it. Just keep on with your thought stream and work it out till it makes sense to you.

  29. If I can’t even find an outlet in the airport, how am I going to find that treasure?

    Begin it where warm water halts (TSA checkpoint)
    And take it in the canyon down (baggage claim?)
    Not far, but too far to walk (use the escalator)
    Put in below the home of Brown (still trying to figure that one out…once I do I’ll be able to re-charge my phone)

  30. Forrest Fenn – Habitual Liar or Clue Junky?
    I’m not harshing the guy’s integrity but it’s one or the other. In the chapter “Important Literature” (which you would think would have important clues in it) alone, there are several instances of blatant B.S. Here are a couple examples of many: He tosses three books and a time magazine into the trash can. This from a guy who claims to be more of an environmentalist than most? A bold statement from someone who lives in Santa Fe where it’s trendy just to recycle if you’re rich, no matter what your thoughts on the environment are. And I believe that in his heart – he does care about the earth and would never throw books away simply for the principle of the thing alone. Robert Redford DID write a book and he knows this as both are historians of the old west (not to mention fellow environmentalists of the west) and it is about the outlaw trail. The Hemingway book he describes is not correct but is the plot of Farewell to Arms as Musstag pointed out earlier. One minute he’s saying that he has to “tell everything straight” even though Napoleon said that history is only fables agreed upon and two paragraphs later he is saying that non fiction writers only have to be accurate 85% of the time. WTH? I believe this chapter is key to sifting the clues but I must admit I am at a loss. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    • Stu, I have thoughts on that but would rather die riding my motorcycle than burned on a cross! Lol

    • hard to say, personaly i think hes kinda a trickster at times…i know he is enjoying all this…i think for the most part hes a straight shooter… i dont remember it ,but my parents tell me i shook his hand in 1980 when i was 12. they thought him a nice guy . back to the trickster thing, its no secret that i searched mora flats and the mora river which are one in the same 5 times , while down in that beautiful place, i saw 2 massive burn fields(spl?) some type of dense bushes with fire orange flowersthat were everywhere,and on the path down there i saw an f carved into an aspen tree two actualy one was a double f it was much older… getting back i just remember getting to bottom ,seeing those blazes if you will ,and just started laughing to myself and saying you old trickster. still searched the place up and down .as agravating as it was i saw alot of very cool things, and learned more about that area. i dont know ,im kinda rambling ,sorry … mora flats is a decoy for sure …this probably has not helped you, just frewheelin here………good luck stu sc

      • um, no on all accounts but thanks for playing. Does anyone have any thoughts on the chapter, “Important Literature” and all the bizarre untrue statements contained there? Wolf, care to chime in? I believe we may have similar approaches although different areas. When I bring things like this up, I often get answers like, “That is just his unique writing style.” Well I have read some of his other books and with the exception of his blog – which is also, by the way, full of strange statements that could only be attributed to clues or non-clues, they are not full of inconsistencies and random statements about pineapple pies and tires and the like.

        • I’m with you Stu…there are some strange things in that chapter. I figured ff would have liked – at least the adventurous spirit – of Hemingway, maybe he just didn’t like the way he writes? Then he likes Salinger who was a total recluse his entire life, probably never went into any mountains! Maybe I am just bias I have always thought “Catcher in the Rye” was kinda overrated, it didn’t speak to me on any kind of visceral level. And, Holden claims his childhood sucked, and ff said he felt it was written about him? I don’t get that impression of his childhood when reading the book. Not sure how this will help me solve any clues. And, why would he read Kismet (a musical) when some kid who he claims “I didn’t like at all”? The more you know about the man, the less you understand, for me at least…still fascinating though…carry on.

          • Why didn’t he put Olga on top of the mountain? He says it’s all snowy, and then puts her ashes where the chipmunks and flowers are blooming. Is that a clue as to the place that some have talked about for the warm line on a mountain? Does black, red and green have anything to do with Taos Mountain?

        • You need to read the books pertaining to the inaccuracies to see if anything in it points you to your own particular location in which you may believe the treasure is hidden. In the very least read the synopsis of them online. If you cant see a connection, keep on looking.

        • Ok stu I have questions for you what about tires and pineapple pies? Dont just leave it there, put it all the way out there.

        • @Stu…

          I actually found a hint in “Important Literature” that pertains to my interpretation of the poem.

        • the only thing that I got out of old man and the sea was the obvious correlation between the Bible and his story. Also the name of Hemingway’s boat was the Pilar, which is N. of Santa Fe.

          • Actually Hemingway was contrasting the differences between encountering nature on its own brutal terms(catching the fish with just a fishing line and his hands) vs the articifiality of civilization (the old man reminiscing about baseball). Hemingway was about being in nature and in the wood and meeting nature head on.

        • I get a shudder up my back, when I think, as can see him now, the funny look on his face as he told of driving on different sides of the street, I shudder to think he is saying, IF They believe I hid a million, they will believe anything! If its not found in our life time we will never know the difference, He is only hiding Bells (for whom the bells toll) the chest BEING hid is all BS I’ll be there; looking next week.

    • @Stu
      What is that about? It seems very odd that someone would publish something that is blatantly wrong…….It’s not a difference of opinion, it is just plain wrong. He did the same thing in his recent interview with Loren Mills talking about the Coriolis Effect.

      To address your question; “Habitual Liar or Clue Junky”……I think I understand Fenn’s 85% 15% statement……Historical events for example are absolute fact, they happened; but much of what gets written is conjecture filling in the blank spots with supposition, or outright lies (loosely based on some of the facts) to change public perception of the event.

      But this is not what he has done……..he is just stupid wrong. None of this would matter except knowing Fenn and his character (as he intended) is an important part of finding the treasure……Fenn pulling stuff like this makes the validity of anything he says questionable……..even the treasure.

      So is Fenn an uneducated old guy making a last grasp at some sort of immortality (he was upset nothing was said about his father when he Googled him)…….Does the last paragraph of his auto-biography (in the bells) say GOTHCHA…..there is no treasure. Or is he a literary genius that will be revealed somehow in the future?

      Only Fenn knows the truth……..It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.

      • I went through this way of thinking a week or two ago. The biggest thing that worried me is why did the father of the girl say he was a fraud. It just bothered me a lot and so I starting looking at all these things and questioning…I just realized that the person I researched and the person I saw on those interviews where he says ” what could I say to prove it to you”….I just believe him. I’ve talked to him some…and I believe in who he is. I still don’t know why those things are in there. I know he’s smart.

        • @Stephanie,

          I think all of us believe in who he is because we’re willing to take the time to participate in the Chase. The first question you have to ask, before you commit that time, is to ask, “Do I believe him? Do I believe the chest exists?” Continuing on and participating means you’ve answered ‘yes’ to that question.

          So we believe in him. The “girl said her said said he was a fraud” story didn’t bother me too much. If I remember correctly he followed that story with “I thought that was funny.” I have to take him at his word there, as well. He’s shown he’s capable of baring his soul writing about deeply personal subjects that have had profound impact on him, and this story just didn’t carry that kind of weight with me. Just a ‘funny story’ thrown in – not to say it couldn’t be a subtle clue of some kind – I could just never get anywhere close to “it’s a clue that he’s a fraud” – that’s no longer a valid logical possibility given the answer to the question in the first paragraph.

          • I just heard people saying to me that if there wasn’t a treasure, that it would be like the Lost Dutchman Mine and that he wants to be remembered for future generations. Who could prove him wrong that there is or isn’t a treasure. So that type of talk started weighing on me. I just came to a point where I had to decide who I felt he was…and that’s all I’m going on is pure intuition. I feel I know who he is and that it’s out there. I still don’t get why things are like that. To come right out and say that he only has to be 85% right and I believe the 15% are things he’s actually saying on purpose that are wrong. I just don’t get why that is yet. Hopefully I’ll understand it one of these days, but till then….I’ll save money for another trip lol.

        • @Steph
          I’ve never met Fenn so this isn’t an emotional thing for me……Don’t get me wrong I think you are a good person that would be fun to meet. So if you choose “to believe” it’s fine with me; and I think some good things have come out of families being able to enjoy the outdoors. The treasure may actually be there, I don’t have to like the guy to take his money…….Like I said, I’ve never met him.

          I’ve enjoyed the out doors my whole life (along with my kids), I’ve always taken my kids out into the wilderness their whole lives…..I think my two girls could qualify as Marine Snipers. 😀 There is much to be learned enjoying (at times surviving) the outdoors.

          The kids are all grown, happy, very successful, and raising families of their own. One of the most rewarding things to happen to me is when my daughter ask me to take our grand daughter (when she’s old enough) out with me.

          I do find it very sad that it takes something like this to get people off the couch and into the outdoors………Our society is getting very sick; if this hunt gets people and families off their obese rear ends and into the wilderness then it’s a good thing; whether it’s actually there or not.

          • I think it’s more than emotional for me. It’s also an educated thing for me too. I’m totally cool with anyone disagreeing with me if they decide different and feel there isn’t really a treasure out there. I’m just saying that’s the conclusion I’ve decided to come to is that it’s real. I’m kind of surprised that after 2 years I questioned it. I do find what you guys are coming up with that aren’t true…interesting as I don’t understand it.

          • I’m with you Stephanie, I believe the treasure is real also. I will continue to believe the best in people. Over all, it has served me well in my life. I am also sticking with just the poem. It is all you need!

        • Just checking in but I think the treasure is there….why else would he suddenly start coming out with clues on national television…..after two years of people searching….if he didn’t want it to be found now. It’s there!!! 🙂

      • @Hank, I have read all three but it has been a while. From what I remember, I would think that Catcher would be his least favorite and in the recent interview he did in SF he even almost disses the book and says, “Well I could do that”.
        @Azuredeb, If you read the book and the blogs enough, things like tires and fried pineapple pies will haunt you in your dreams
        @Goofy, I don’t think I really question his personal integrity, only his motives in this masquerade. I don’t deny the existence of the treasure. He would really have to be looking forward to an old fashioned stoning if that kind of evil cat was ever let out of the bag. I think he is solid, I just think it is a purposeful ruse that we are supposed to decipher. What is most bothersome is that he claims the poem is all you need. If even a fraction of the information and misinformation in the book is intended to help with the chase, then that is an untruth right there and that does bother me. Have you read all his blogs on OSF pages? They are also loaded with the same kind of hints and misdirections.
        @everyone – One of the reasons this is so frustrating to me at this point is because I have a place. I’m a show-me boy at heart and don’t even like to even pretend that I know anything for sure until the fat lady has sung but man it is a good one and the only one I will ever believe. All of the straightforward clues and then some fit but for a happy ending (no not that kind) and some of the more strange misdirections that seemingly multiply every time I read the book. I wish I could play ignorant and chalk it up to “just his writing style” but I know better and I know some of you do too.

        • The hmm i hate to call them lies so i’ll sugar coat them and say fibs were put there for a reason,,, to catch everyone’s attention. I believe if you can associate them with the Chase they will become a hint/clue. I know it frustrating but i keep telling myself “Only the strong will survive”. I think he did it intentionally to get rid of all the ones questioning whether is even a chest full of gold out there. BTW evening Stephanie & sc.

        • hey JJ ,fibs with bit of trickery behind a humorous way I think… ff made me laugh even when I was out there…. I saw blazes galour…f s on trees,burnt areas of hills,fire orange bushes,fire pits….have you searched jj?

        • sc i’ve got a few miles under my belt. I was obsessed with Wyoming for many months.

        • Wyoming, bet you saw some amazing wilderness up there, I would love to flyfish up there..big butterbelly browns…so big they look like brown moray eels, and the hook jaws. did you fish at all ?

        • I brought my rods but never put a line in the water. I had one thing on my mind lol. It was early in the chase i have since settled down and educated myself before going out again. I was up by Moose Falls, beautiful area.

        • my 6 failed attemps I brought my rod… that’s my in cognito …I whipped out the line here and there,nothing, resemblent of my quest. water is cold this year real cold. is your area void of a lot of people? sc

      • Stu, Stu, what should you do?
        Fenns word if you care is quite true
        the book is written slyly but yet its so true
        follow the poem exact as he has said
        but take care in your searching for your soft tender head
        the home of brown it does exist, hes just given it a slight little twist
        I don’t have the treasure in hand yet but if your a gambling man would you care to make a bet?
        my last time out I gave the poem a tweak and chewed up my time traveling up the wrong creek
        but remember my name for some future week when you here a yell from the Lorax saying look at that chest, how sweet!
        Unless someone beats me to it, Ouch!

      • Goofy, the GOTCHA has to do with self confidence because when you get to page # 101 the poem by Omar Khayyam, ” Fools!” Your Reward is neither here nor there.” So, like God, you must first believe that there really is a treasure and then in confidence continue on to find it.
        So, it deters people from continuing because when they read that if they have the book it sows doubt, as to whether it is really real or not? lol

    • Pareto principle, aka the 80-20 rule. The law of the vital few, and principle of factor sparsity. 80% of the effects come from only 20% of the cause. Common rule of thumb.

    • @Stu,

      Regarding throwing in the trash, the only thing I can think of is, who was on Time magazine cover the week that JD Salinger died?

      Regarding the Hemingway mixup, could have been a mistake, could have been intentional. Hard to say. One or both of those books may very well be important.

      Regarding the famous literature chapter as a whole, Kismet, I think, as pointed out by ‘nick’ earlier likely relates to the Red, Black, Green tea in the Olga chapter. Which is to say it seems reasonable to conclude, that the first chapter talking about famous literature is foretelling of the use of ideas from those books, in later chapters. In the case of Kismet, it is somehow related to the Olga chapter.

      To take that any further, we’d have to find out a) what that relation is, b) what other chapters are related/reference books from the famous literature chapter, and c) what those references/relations mean.

      Mind you, this is likely all supplemental “clues of clues” type stuff. All you need is the poem.

      • All u need is the poem!!!! The book just helps build your imagination.. so you have to ask your self are u seeking the treasure or are you seeking imagination and new found knowledge.. if your tired of twisting and turning feeling stumped put the book down and go outside and follow the poem. I keep reading the book and i find lil things here and there but i find my best things when im just doin my own research not written by fenn.

      • Haveing thrown the two books away and the having the time magazine in the trash represents the waste of time that he continuosly speaks of he takes jd book back out bc he shared so many connections with that book the rest were a waste of time.. all he talks about in that section is time.

        • No I don’t think so. Hemingway died in Ketchum, Idaho and his son Jack was part of the writers in the Flywater book that Forrest mentions. They are buried side by side in the local cemetery. Hemingway committed suicide as did Forrest’s father.

        • Hey Alex, didn’t want to stop your creative flow…. just google away! I do it all the time, and I have learned a lot on this chase 🙂

        • I know absolutely nothing about where that chest is or I’d have bought my horse ranch for all already 🙂

        • Uh oh you guys are SLOWLY catching up with me. Don’t miss the Indiana Jones article in the January 25, 2010 Time Magazine. Happy Mother’s Day gift!

    • Hi Stu, the best thing is to watch all of the video interviews Dal did with Mr. Fenn, watch the one on writing. hth

  31. One moment….wait….OK….magic touch applied. Please return to normal posting.

    Thank you for your patience.

    (If this doesn’t work, please place tape over your webcam to avoid brain scan by illuminati.)


        • The post order has been sputtering a bit Stephanie. We are just playing around.

          sc: Turn off your caps lock please. Your scaring people.

        • its out there, i personaly dont think fenn really wants to be remembered so bad ,hed put nothing out there so people with look forever, he realizes that the human race might not even be around in 50 years. plus i think after this treasure is found he gonna put another one out there, if he does that , more people would remember for a longer period of time …fenn the man that a treasure out there vs. fenn the man that hid treasures all over the place, sorry im kinda out there on this one..cant focus …yates killed me with the batman stuff

          • There is a creek that runs through Taos…and a court house that I tried as meek since he talks about Ogla having a lawyer and also watching that Mr. District Atty. I thought that place would stay there a while and bad guys go to jail. I checked out Arroyo Secco too which means Dry Creek…and that’s near Taos Mountain….OHHH There’s an ice cream place there and I think it’s called something Cow…I forget the name….he has the cow story. I just remembered that…does anyone know what I’m talking about? The name of it?

        • Stephanie,
          I think it is called “Taos Cows Ice cream “. It is a franchise out of Prince Edward Island – Canada. It uses high fat cream and it tastes awesome.

          • Wow….that’s even more interesting, because he did that Canadian interview. I remember it now that you said it. We went there and the food was terrible I thought(and I’m not picky). I didn’t eat the ice cream though…but I remember hearing how good it was. That’s very interesting about the Canada connection…I thought that was the strangest thing that he did an interview up there. I mean I guess the Rockies do go up there…but I just didn’t think he hid it way up there. I do think YNP is possible though….They aren’t all called Taos Cow…are they?

        • No they are called “Cows Ice cream” then you put franchise location in the name.

          • Thanks for that info. I didn’t know that. Can’t find other locations…but I’m more interested in that one anyway.

    • Mr. T
      I pity the fool who doesn’t know that Redford was in The Great Gatsby (I was a film major). But thanks for the link. That’s only the tip of that iceberg

  32. Questions: Did FF actually say you had to use your imagination for “one” of the clues and did he say that the treasure was marked with an “X” nearby? Neither of these are in the poem.


    • @Batman,

      To the best of my knowledge, his use of the word “imagination” was regarding the Einstein quote, something like, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” He’s also said he agrees with that, and has written that he has plenty of that, imagination that is. I’ve never heard him say that you had to use your imagination for “one” clue, but it’s a brilliant idea even if he didn’t say it. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if “imagination” were a clue to one clue in the poem.

      On the treasure being marked with an “X” nearby, I don’t think he has ever said it was. However, he did say on a Today show interview, “Well I’m not going to put an X on a map for you.” It is possible this is a clue. I have reason to believe that he is giving a “real clue” and a “fake clue” on each Today interview. In that interview, the “fake clue”, which really is more of a public service announcement clue for people who are off track, was “its 5000 ft above sea level.”

    • Hello Batman,

      You don’t post here often, but when you do it is very relevant and timely. I can only find one previous post of yours and let me say your dialogue on bat guano was enlightening. I can’t address the ‘x’ part of your question for i feel the intel is just too sensitive there. I do find it interesting that you use the word ‘nearby’ when, if memory serves, FF said i won’t put on X on it, and people generally think that X marks the spot and so I deduce that you, kind sir, know more than you are letting on.

      Did FF say the thing about using imagination for a clue? I don’t know, but if he did, I would think it is like looking at something that somewhat resembles. For example, I see something that somewhat resembles an animal, say a platypus, well maybe not exactly but if I use a little imagination, it is there. I have something more specific in mind, but for now it is just an idea I am batting around. get it? batting around?

      So how are things in the batcave? You should know that I have ascertained the identity of Bruce Wayne.

        • indiana jones search for the grail……the library scene in venice…I J. looks down on the floor in the library there is a big x there and says ” x marks the spot” and in a previous scene he tells his college students ” x never marks the spot”’ 50/50 x marks the spot…and its probably not an x but an…F yates im still laughing so funny man so funny!!!!!

      • Thanks for the replies guys. I know FF said to not change the poem but to also think and maybe use your imagination to solve the clues. The bat guano thingy may not be an actual clue to find the chest but it might be a confirmation to the location. In my searches there is a very prominent “X” on the ground about half way through all the clues. I also think there are other confirmation clues that are not really necessary to find the chest. And I believe that some clues may have dual meanings, one which is insignificant and the other which will help you find the treasure. (Such as, “I’ve done it tired…”) There can be many solutions to the clues. I’ve checked 6 or 7 locations that fit all the clues but found nothing (yet).

  33. Hello people, I only come out of the brush with the thorns as Stephanie says, every once in a while when necessary. One book, wrong story, two books , tongue in cheek, Time, waits for no one. Coriolis effect ? As sc says CURVE people. He is throwing a curve. imo

    • did i say curve ??? i think some body else said that…no matter i agree , decoys decoys hes a trickster ,in a way you have to try to understand his sense of humor ,im sure people that no him thinks a funny guy….if the think you about this whole chase thing its kinda funny ,to me any way…decoys!!!

  34. Travelled a lot of miles in Idaho now. At this rate of one or two trips during the warmer month It’ll take some years before I’ve checked this section of range. Saw some big horn sheep today. Is it possible that Fenn knew of a hot springs that isn’t on any maps?

    • I would be more worried if he found a pueblo than hot springs. That is what scares me more than anything else about The Chase. It is the possibility that FF found a lost pueblo ruin in the Taos mountains and this poem is directions to it and the chest. FF is (in)famous for “finding” lost native artifacts and the discovery of on an unknown pueblo would certainly be important to him. This scares me because FF is basically saying, “Go find El Dorado.” A hundred explorers couldn’t find it in 600 years, but FF did it and now he dares us to also. If FF wants a legacy, he will certainly has a place beside Jacob Waltz for the next 600 years.

      • He hasn’t told you to go just find it, hes given you some pretty good directions in a poem, and all the clues in the book. You just have to be wise enough to figure them out.

        • The poem got me right to my spot – Fenn made a comment that made me more confident – book helped verify it almost 20 days after I found my spot. Luck I guess. I am only going once and only searching one spot. After that if I don’t have a chest 🙂 I am going to open my brain to the group.

        • sc i know your an avid fly fisherman, look up Lake Taneycomo it sits at my back door.

        • so I imagine you fish, posted that above also….taneycomo I will definetly do that, ive never really tried fly fishing a lake before, I mean when iwas a kid ,id fish a small pond where I lived at the time for largemouth. its was fun,but I most of he time walk a couple of miles to the river in a neighboring town ,river fishing soothes my soul completely,even though fly fishing can be mega aggravating at times.i may have to start fishing the lakes ,my knees are pretty bad sc

        • JJ – you are near taneycomo? Ozarks? I’ve fished there and roaring river, Bennett spring and montauk. Canoed 11-point too. Fly and spin cast. I could go on and on I used to live in Nixa.

  35. Stu, Stu, what should you do?
    Fenns word if you care is quite true
    the book is written slyly but yet its so true
    follow the poem exact as he has said
    but take care in your searching for your soft tender head
    the home of brown it does exist, hes just given it a slight little twist
    I don’t have the treasure in hand yet but if your a gambling man would you care to make a bet?
    my last time out I gave the poem a tweak and chewed up my time traveling up the wrong creek
    but remember my name for some future week when you here a yell from the Lorax saying look at that chest, how sweet!
    Unless someone beats me to it, Ouch!

    • Thats awesome Horatio i think Scott C said he grew up in Sprngfld. I don’t know why they call Taneycomo a lake lol i’m still trying to figure that one out. I caught a nice Rainbow a few yrs back, it was just under 12 lbs.

      • Nice fish JJ, my best is 4 lbs. they gave me a lunker release patch at Bennett. I live in Florida now, offshore salt water fishing is awesome. It’s gonna take my 80lb. Test on shark rod to haul in that 42lb. Chest of fenn’s!

        • I know it wouldn’t stand the test of time but i had once had a thought that maybe just maybe he had tagged a few nice fish he caught in his favorite fishing spots with a clue. Rainbows life span is only 4-6 yrs and the clue disappears unless the tag is found one day.

        • Good Morning, Horatio, Where in Florida? Any chance near Sanibel or Captiva? Are you collecting sharks teeth on the beach? Sweet.

  36. Have my way points all set for my next trip out, this time Ill be going in there alone. Had my wife and two of my daughters with me last time so that didn’t leave much time to search after we finished fishing in the mornings. It was still a blast though.

  37. I swear if someone stumbles over the Lost Dutchman’s Mine or the Lost Blue Bucket mine (Along the MEEK wagon trail) during this Chase, I am going to laugh my butt off. I have this cartoon-ish scene in my head of someone tripping over a 50lb gold nugget and tossing it away with a caption, “Geez, that’s the 3rd one today and I haven’t seen any blazes yet!” Of course, leave it to FF’s humor to leave a treasure as a trail marker for another treasure.

  38. Just wanted to throw out my thoughts on one of the nine clues, maybe it’s been mentioned before, but i don’t recall seeing it. This interpretation of “no paddle up your creek” fits with my solve, but it won’t give away my location, so I am okay with giving it out here. There hasn’t been much discussion on this clue as everyone is pretty set on this clue meaning a dry creek that can be walked up, or a creek that can’t be canoed/rafted up, or a trail along a creek that can be traversed without a paddle…etc…kind of a no-brainer…easy…a throwaway clue, right?

    However, what if it means an old stamp-mill? Not all gold mining is done like you see on “Gold Rush” or the other gold searching reality shows. Usually, large gold-bearing boulders need to be crushed into pebbles before sluicing. The way it was done was using a large water mill on a creek or river to power the “stamping” or crushing of the rock. There are probably hundreds or thousands of these, or the remnants of these, littered throughout the Rockies, usually missing the “paddle wheel”. So if there is the foundation or vestiges of an old gold mill on your favorite Fenn creek. there probably would no longer be a “paddle” there. “No paddle up your creek”. Strong correlation to gold…

    Coincidentally, during research, I have discovered that I am related to the man that disassembled my particular old mill a hundred years ago. I have a pretty unique last name, so that is weird…I take it as a sign.

      • Thanks Wolf…I don’t post much anymore as it seems the blog has been taken over by inane conversation about nothing. I thought I would try one more time and hope for some serious discussion about one of the “Nine Clues”..alas wasn’t to be. Oh well, seeing as I can’t pull my seriously dangerous intel back, I will quietly go the way of VGBoss, and peace out. For those new searchers, I would suggest reading every post from the first 12 or 13 “Nine Clues” threads on this site…good stuff there. Adios mis amigos…

        • Mr. Highlander doesn’t need luck, Im thinking hes pretty wise, but he does seem to have quite a few knee problems. I hope I don’t mess up any knees too bad the next time Im out, already had 3 knee surgeries and you don’t get those from playing video games.

        • Scott C – Please don’t leave. That is a brilliant discovery about “no paddle up your creek”. Wow! It makes perfect sense to me, but I have never heard about how gold is extracted from rock. How can you see the remnants of the paddle wheel or the framework? Is it wood or stone? Why are these stamping mills disassembled?

        • So…I just dropped an interpretation of one of the nine clues that hasn’t been seen on this site before, and you want to discuss SC’s knees? I may not even lurk here again…PAZ FUERA

        • Becky, thank you for a sane question…around the turn of the century, they switched to electrically run crushing, so gold bearing rocks were hauled to electric mills that didn’t have to be on a river or creek. Most of the creek mills up in the mountains were shut down. You should be able to see some foundations or timbers from the old mills. I would guess they are all over the Rockies.

        • Thanks Einstein/Mike…appreciate the invitation to leave…perhaps I should post more things about Toilet Paper or Dr. Seuss and you would be appreciative! You are a genius, Einstein (wait…I crack me up, that is redundant!!!)

        • Your interpretation doesn’t fit my kneeds. snicker : ) sorry I had to. ok Scott Ill be serious now, If you really study the book you’ll find that your discovery doesn’t work.

        • Hey, Scott C. – I still do NOT think the treasure chest is hidden out somewhere in the wild, but you sure do make a convincing statement about the “paddle”. Before FF said definitely north of Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO, I was sure I had it figured out. My “wwwh” was Two Mile Dam. Then “down” Canyon Rd 2 miles. “Home of Brown” was the Kakawa Chocolate House. “Put in below” – park in big free parking lot. Directly across the street is FF’s ex-art gallery with sculpture garden behind – complete with “heavy loads” – huge bronze statues & “water high” – waterfall. Even a “blazed” tree with horseshoe & skulls. “Look quickly down” – a pile of bones at the base of the aspen tree. “Listen good” – wind chimes. Oh, & snakes. SNAKES! Yikes” When it comes to imagination, I sure got the winning hand. Too bad I was playing the wrong game. Know what I mean, Jellybean?

          • Good Morning!
            Becky, I am curious about your Wind Chime being Listen Good.
            Could you explain that for me please?

        • Thanks for the hint Lorax, but I am pretty okay being more like myself…not Fenn.

          Becky, after all of the talk about Fenn getting people off their duffs and out experiencing the beauty of America, do you still believe he hid his chest in a concrete jungle? I can’t reconcile in my mind an urban hiding spot.

        • a mill would imply a structure, f said the treasure was not associated with any structure, not to say you might not see one along the way, no paddle up your creek to me is f saying don’t go that way

        • Scott
          I submitted installment 2 of my first search and I found an old mine with a crusher on site beside the stream. This would fit very well into the story. Excellent find.
          The Wolf

        • @Becky. Good idea about the listen to chimes. First thing that popped in my head when I read that was an echo. Listen for that in a cave or canyon. Just a thought. A nice yippee scream out when you find it. lol

    • that line just screams to me paddle is the word for, treasure there be no treasure up your creek that’s how I see it, its like fenn is saying no don’t go there

      • Not sure what you are alluding to…I haven’t spoken about my blaze…my location has more cairns (blazes) than there are in all of Scotland. What are you talking about?

        • I don’t hate sc…you seem like a decent guy…you are just wired differently than me. Diversity is awesome.

          Lorax…did you think solving “no paddle up your creek” correctly automatically gave you “the blaze”?

        • @ scott, no it didnt but when I solved almost all the clues to the poem and realized later that I was just one creek away when I returned home. When I get back from my trip the weekend of the near future I will hopefully be able to send you a pic. I would like to tell you some more things but cant right now because then you would go get the treasure, so Uncle! By the way have you been out searching yet?

        • Yes, I’ve been to my spot once…mid-March. Was very encouraged, but there was too much snow, 4 to 6 feet at that time. but next weekend is going to be my chance. My spot hasn’t changed since I started this chase, and no clue so far has not fit in with my solve. Still don’t know why you don’t like my “no paddle up your creek” version, but I suppose that doesn’t really matter…we all see things in our own paradigm. Good luck on your search, I look forward to some great pics!

        • @Scott,
          Good luck to you,
          Sounds like we are searching different areas, maybe youll send me some pics. I was curious, do you happen to hear any meadow larks near your area?

        • scott I don’t think Lorax disliked your no paddle up your creek interp. he just has different view of it. again it would be tied to a structure….id like to hear your ideas on marvel gaze….I think that is very important

        • Nah…no larks, they sound tasty tho’. I did used to shoot a lot of gophers in my youth (Aberdeen SD)…5 cents a tail, good money for a kid…don’t really understand why Forrest didn’t just adjust his sight. If your spot involves meadow larks, we are definitely not going to be parked next to each other at the trail head!

        • SC…I don’t consider “marvel gaze” one of the 9 clues, so I have not spent any time dissecting it. If I am wrong, I guess I will have used up a sandwich and a flashlight battery with only memories to bank!

        • I shot many birds of all kinds, and gophers when I was a kid and never felt too much guilt, but now I would never shoot something just to shoot it. I do archery hunt though, and that’s all Ill say about that. That’s to bad, I think meadowlarks is one of the clues to let you know your heading the right direction. I also think there is something to marvel at with a surprised gaze, and I’m sure Ill see it on my next outing whether I find the treasure or not.

        • Wow, I feel like I’m on the couch…I grew up in Springfield Missouri with a Scoutmaster father who was dedicated to canoeing, hiking, and camping, that was our life…so I didn’t need this poem to appreciate the outdoors. I have always been awed by the beauty of a copperhead, the allure of a black widow, and my respect for a wolverine…that is how I grew up.

          However, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, which has forced me to approach this poem a little more “left-brained”. I have been very analytical about my solution, and have left feelings out of it.

          When I see people re-writing the poem, or creating their own, I quietly murmur “good for you” as I scroll past it…I am glad for those that want to divine some sort of metaphysical inspiration from the poem…but that is not my purpose.

          • Scott C…Don’t go getting all left-brained, analytical on me, or I will have to use my right-brained, creatively found solution and go pick it up today! Just kidding, I think anyone who comes up with the solution must have good balance between the two. The best scientists are the ones who can think creatively and use a little imagination to find their solution. Einstein, surely you must agree?!!

            I rushed out emotionally on my first three trips and it definitely would have been wiser to wait a little while, but at the same time, I did pick up useful information that I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t gone.

        • Planning on going in 2 weeks. So many locations can fit the poem and subtle clues for just about any location can probably be found in the book so don’t be nervous. I do like my solution; but, everyone likes their solution. OK, be nervous.

        • @scott interesting ,I agree there is no need to rewrite the poem,no hidden ciphers there, it is what is… I think f would find your approach very interesting….strange though, and I mean no offense at all when I say this,but you seemed very emotional when you first posted here tonight, you don’t think f wanted you and other fenners to feel something? to me without a sense of feel id be more lost than I am. plus im probably the only one here has read the book yet. no money, wasted it on 6 failed quests, too much emotion. again I find your ,again no offense at all ,but spock like approach to the chase. chem engineer impressive sc

        • SC…email me your address…I will send you my book

          crosier11 at comcast dot net


        • @ Scott sorry , I assumed you had written a book , I thank you for the offer,but no…I feel I should earn money and buy it. I will definetly read it,everyone here says it great. I don’t the book is much a factor in the chase as the poem. thank you again for the offer. do you think f has a way of knowing when the treasure has been found? sc

        • I do…I have purchased a Radio Frequency detector, and on my next trip I will be checking to find any cameras that could be in the area of my location. I think big brother Fenn is watching.

        • S yess this runs through my head often, I think though if he does have cameras he only turns them on intermittently sorry about my spelling .. maybe gps , the chest is shifted from position then it activates sc

        • hey scott, im out man ,tired and beaten I really enjoyed are convo. two people wired totally different chating,interesting to say the least. im glad you stuck around. understand people here will razz you, take it with a grain of the end only one person or party will find it, it may have already been found. I think you highly intelligent ,and a chem eng. degree is something to be exyremely proud of, hats off man…I will say these two things and close….1 if I renamed your post name id call you scotty the engineer, 2 I understand your train of thought, as you said left brained, let your emotions go as you go on your adventure, just an opinion but I think as human being when we go these kinds of journeys ,emotion plays a key factor in learning. thank you again for offering me your book,that was very kind sc out

    • Scott, wonderful research ! Most interesting new idea in long while. I agree and think it takes a person in the right direction..

  39. Well,It is sunday morning and I imagine the search frenzy for the weekend is gearing up for today’s game of “Fenn and Seek”.I was just pondering how small that box is,and how big the”Rocky Mtns” are.Truly mind boggling.I hope everyone is safe and looking forward to the stories.Good luck all!

      • Hi Stephanie, Yes, enjoyed a lovely visit with my mom & i wish you a wonderful day with your loved ones. After 1000 miles in 2 days, Home 1:30a.m. very sleepy, still in my pjs as may well imagine. I learned Madeline was unable to log in this morning – she wanted to tell you her new polish is a gentle pink called Privacy Please. I thought that was hilarious.

        • Love it. I have to do my nail polish today…going from purple back to pink. Glad everyone’s having a good day and having fun and adventure.

      • Happy mo day stephanie! Save some bux and get back out there.Your posts are great.Thanx for all you have done for the Chase.

        • Thanks Ken 😉 I wish I could get out there today…I totally would…. Hey can you email me if you have a second? tyblossom at aol dot com

  40. Does Forrest’s family really have a ranch near Cimarron? I’m just curious if that’s true. I don’t think it would be at the ranch. Also, is it true that the double omega symbol was found near Cimarron State Park?

    • I’ve never found anything related to either one. About 4 months ago i went in a different direction with finding the chest it took me to a place in which i’ve kept the name to myself. I started scoping it out on satellite imagery, found a photo someone had taken high up on a mountain peering through the tree’s and in the background was a small island. The most interesting thing was at the end of the caption it had an f. To this day i still can’t get that out of my head. The area has some rich history attached to it. The only thing that kept me from loading my truck up and driving to this place was it isn’t in the Rocky Mountains.

      • Someone had said they saw the actual double omega in Cimarron somewhere…I wish I had saved that message…can’t remember who it was.

  41. Just me…does anyone know if Fenn is left handed or right handed? I watched a movie weeks before I learned about the Thrill of the Chase… Something struck me after I read the book a second time. I watched the movie again last night…We Were Soldiers… Good movie…caution graphic but listen closely.

      • I just thought that might be the word answer for a crossword puzzle…not that you’d go there….although I did think that at one time too lol.

  42. Halfway through, and haven’t left the canyon yet. Qutie a slogging though.

  43. Good morning affennaline junkies!! Its going to be 90 degrees in Boise, Idaho today!! Great weather for a search of The Warm River Valley, the Wood River Valley, and Big Springs…

    • Stephanie, I believe you have already been to the Wood River…Did you go to the Warm river too?

      • Not giving up on my 37 degrees N latitude, but keeping an open mind and searching close to home until my Vacation starts @ end of June…..

        • By the way, has anyone here heard of Neff Mountain and Neff springs near Toltec? Anyone been there to look?

        • Great video!
          Just finished making breakfast for my wife.(Now I have to do the dishes)
          Happy Mother Day!

        • That was AWESOME!! The aerial photo you took of the confluences looked like Warm River dumpng into the Henry’s fork of the snake….but the rest looked like Sun Valley…Nice trip? Did you like it here?

          • Thanks guys. Loved it. I know Forrest knows people in Ketchum too. When we went there, he said to check out the sheepskin and art gallery that his friends own(The Nortons). That’s also where Skippy went and got the plane from. The confluence was The Wood River mentioned in the original Flywater book where the Warm Spring Creek stops. I figured he must have gone there to drum up business on his own for her gallery on business trips and probably packed his pole. Here’s my Yellowstone one. Seeing them again gets me teary, thinking about the past two years and what they’ve meant to me. I need to clarify the ice cream shots. We begged our kids to go with and they refused…so we were teasing them. They didn’t find it as funny as we did lol.

        • Great video, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing it…nice to put a face to the name.

          • Thanks Stephanie….I had so much fun on those trips…except going up in the gondola up Bald Mountain…that was a bit freaky, but the view from up there in person was the best view I’ve ever had in my life. It’s one thing to be in an airplane and another to be standing on the ground and touching the mountain…and seeing that. There was a tiny pond area near the parking lot that was behind the trees that I could have swore the chest was in or near. We spent a couple days searching back there thinking Bald Mountain was no place for the meek.

        • Very inspiring video Stephanie! I loved it! That was one of my Mothers favorite songs too! Happy Mother’s day!

  44. How does one go about posting pictures on here? Does it go through Dal? I’ve tried to post a few…but no luck!

    • You probably have to have your picture hosted on another site. I’m posting my videos which are hosted on Youtube. I’m guessing you have to have your pictures on one of the picture sites or your own web site and just post a link for it. I know Dal can also post pictures himself…I don’t know anyone else can unless they have them hosted somewhere else.

      • Thanks for sharing Stephanie! You’re so talented in the youtube department!! love all the Fenn stuff laced in…looks like you’ve had alot of fenn, I mean fun, looking.

      • Wow Stephanie! Great Video, Great Songs, Great Looking Places and looks like you had a very nice time! Enjoyed and wish there was a like button on the site but Thanks Dal for all you do!

        • i just watched the other 2 videos stephanie.. very enjoyable.. and that canyon meadow with all those blackeyed susans was spectacular!! thats the type of area i think the rainbow ends…

          • Thanks Casey, That’s in Cimarron Canyon in the Maverick campground area. If you go in there…and go East you’ll see them all. He talks about finding his freedom in a field where he threw his watch and calendar. I never thought about that when I was there though. Stephanie

    • Sorry, everyone is probably enjoying their Mom’s right now…or being Moms…Its my first Mother’s Day without mine…I miss her terribly. I love you Mom….

  45. @ s c highlander I thought your comment on X never marks the spot was very intriguing my friend, was wondering was that the first movie of Indiana Jones, and also I was wondering if this is a rule of some kind among treasure seekers that find a treasure map of some sorts it’s very interesting to me?

      • hey all goodmorning!!! Charlie C yeah i think DT is right , i know he seaches for the holy grail, with his dad. treasure hunter rules, hmm i say no rules really not really a treasure hunter per say ,more of a explorer i guess. in the case of fenns treasure i think an F marks the spot,and these F s could be anywhere fenn has been in the past, look at it this way hes making his mark in society with the treasure hunt, whats not to say he didnt start leaving his mark at places hed been as a child, you got to give it to the guy,he is a genius, my new term for him is geo. trickster,because thats what he is in this instance. hes also got a great sense of humor, i dont know man, im tired today starting to ramble,my final thought, the blaze, most people here would dsiagree, but i personaly beileve there are multiple blazes, you may see all forms or definitions of them along the journey…i think the poem has alot of double and even triple meanings in it. sorry if i rambled sc mega tired!!!

        • Sc I think the blaze is big. I think it’s huge in your face such that you don’t even realize its a blaze. I think it’s a big old waterfall with rainbows all around and when you stare at it you have to look down on the ledge below across from the waterfall just like his story involving the discovery of the grave in Vietnam. What do you think of that sc?

        • DT , i know its big.. ive seen it!!!! jst. kiddin boo on me …. hmmmmm waterfalls probably heavily searched…high water.. ?? slow thinking i am today , fenn found a body in the boonies in nam, wow i dont have the book yet,dont beileive spl. boo i need the book yet , i am looking forward to the read though. i say again there are multiple blazes… maybe at the end of the journey there is a waterfall , he says it will be worth the cold , not thinking clearly to day ,sucks being an insomniac spl. boo sc

          • Well sc nothing to search but as blaze or sign. Fenn was dangling his feet over the edge. Maybe that a the distance between you and the chest. Leg dangling distance. Could be misinterpreted as water high but is actually the blaze.

        • I hope that other guy sends you the book, you NEED to read it before rambling imho really i think it will help……. us all. If you get the book that is. LOL

        • yes scott c did offer me his book ,a more then kind offer to a complete stranger, i told him i needed to earn the money to buy the book myself, if id get off my butt and make some money id buy it … if i ramble please tell me sc

  46. Made it home this morning! Did not find the chest. Sucks that I do not have the time to search all the possible hiding spots, but only have one left at this location and will search it on my next trip

  47. Everyone have a good mothers day. Im going to take my first grandchild up for his first meeting with his great grandma. Its the best gift I could ever give her! Anyway, I have a question I would like some input on. Do you all see the first stanza as a part of the clues or are you starting with the second stanza?

    • i think the search starts with the second stanza but the first stanza shouldn’t be disregarded

    • @azuredeb…I found this written about the area I’m focusing on…also, it’s the first time for me that the 1st stanza seemed meaningful to the riddle. “It is for this preservation of natural and cultural riches that Congress designated the (my search area) as a National Heritage Area as it still tells the story of both the ancient and recent past in the Rocky Mountains.”

      • Hi, Very interesting looking area. I will not reveal it. Wish I had something to contribute.

    • Hi azuredeb, I start with the first stanza, I get a name out of it, and I see a clue.

  48. I went back and watched a bunch of the interviews with Forrest and one thing that stood out was him repeating that the person or persons that find his treasure will not be able to keep it quiet. My opinion is he’s speaking about a child or teenager. Any opinions would be appreciated.

    • i don’t know about that…i can’t help but wonder if the person, who finds the chest, has to return the silver and turquoise cuff to him…in other words, the return of the cuff is not optional…i also can’t help but wonder if it is possible to return the cuff without revealing one’s identity…

      • I don’t think he always said the person should return the bracelet. I think someone asked if he wanted something back if they found it and then the bracelet became a thing that people said they wanted to give him back. Then I think he started saying he’d like it back…I think that sort of evolved.

    • @JJ

      I think he’s basing that statement on human nature. After all, how many people have boasted here and elsewhere when they believe they’ve figured out even a small part of the poem? Imagine once someone has the chest in their hands! I’m sure the lucky finder will at least tell FF that he/she found it and may or may not choose to remain anonymous about their identity and location where it is found. Just to get a “Nice job, kid” from him. lol

      I say that I hope someone tells at least FF so we can all know that it’s found, even if the finder chooses to exercise the 5th Amendment and not reveal the exact location (but it would be fun to know if any of us were close).

    • JJ howdy , i kinda doubt this but , maybe fenn is assuming that the person/ s wants to be famous…that is a good ? i mean i doubt fenn would oust the persons identity, i think if the person/ s that find it are smart they would try as hard as possible to keep it a secret. if the finders reveal themselves , they will be in one court or another fighting over it for years. governments take .. i duuno man my head is not clear today , it is a great ? though sc needs zzzzzzzzzzzzzz event horizonzzzzzzzz

      • Afternoon sc, that may very well be the reason. I’m just trying to get in ff’s head and stimulate useful conversation. I said it awhile back, i think it’s going to take some brainstorming and teamwork to get it solved in our lifetime.

        • jj the irony here is its probably something so simply we are overlooking it.. he did say his grankids figured it out didnt he ? what kind of mind is missing from this blog site? sc

    • When i fisrt started looking into this a week ago i found a spot that was interesting because it would have placed the chest near a boys and girls club of america. But this spot was not north of santa fe.
      Also this tells me that it will be best to search for it in the summer months when kids are out of school. Just as when fenn had the best times of his life. Alot of children group/ clubs gather and meet frquently in areas the chest is hidden.

        • Stephanie that’s because it entombed inside a glacier. The glacier on average only melts a foot or so in diameter every year specifically towards the end of summer. The glacier is protected by a mountain which shades it and slows the melt process down. If global warming reverses itself the treasure may never be found at least not until we have a drastic weather change. The window to just go pick the chest up is about a month out of the year depending on the average weather temp for the yr.
          My theory is or was f waited for the stars to align on this one. The poem led me back to the Lord and the lord took me to this mountain (hint). Find the mountain and you will find the blaze & home of Brown.

          • I’m going to avoid glaciers…but good luck with that. I’m anemic and need to be kept at 80 degrees. I wont’ go to YNP till July or August if I can go lol.

    • @JJ

      I’ve had a similar thought. Specifically, a location I have in mind is a place an adult would not normally go. Adults, in my opinion, are often kept busy executing their plans for the future instead of being in the moment. They’ll take pictures of the lake, the wildflowers, the mountain peak, because they are truly beautiful, and they want to capture that beauty for later. More conscious of potential dangers, they’re more likely to stay on the trail.

      A child on the other hand, sees only what is in front of her, moving from one shiny object (flower) to the next (colored moss on a rock), in the moment, not caring about the future. Left to her own devices, she will cover the entire meadow, make friends with butterflies and grasshoppers, and return wide-eyed with many stories to tell of her magnificent adventure.

      It’s possible that such a childlike imagination and being in the moment is an important idea to keep in mind.

      • I’ll also add: and turning over rocks to see what’s underneath. A uniquely childlike behavior, I think. I think Mr. Fenn mentioned that some place, I wish I could remember where.

        It’s one reason I don’t think it can be hidden in a National Park, or Monument, or Heritage site. Turning over or moving rocks, and see what is underneath, is very likely going to be helpful. That’s not something anyone should be doing on the most highly protected federal lands.

        • We have to remember too that some how he knows it’s there and he hasn’t been back to it per Dal per Forrest. How can that be? I mean even if he has a note inside that says call me for whatever reason…that doesn’t mean the person will and he has said he’s sure it’s still where he put it. I also find it odd that Tony from Newsweek heard directly from Forrest(hearsay) that it could be on private land. I don’t think Forrest would say that and have people traipsing on private land if that wasn’t a real option. Now I don’t think it’s like his neighbors property like he uses as an example…but something like a museum that’s owned by a foundation or something like that as in private…I could see possibly. Especially if they have some sort of camera system. I searched around the Taos Plaza for that reason as I know there’s a camera pointed there. Although that’s not private…just speaking on the camera idea.

        • @Steph,

          Do you think the legacy he wants to leave is, “I talked a lot about being out in nature, even wrote a poem that could have been interpreted that way, but in the end, nature was just a metaphor: I hid it in a museum. Hah hah, I thought that was funny.” I can’t get there from where I’m sitting.

          Every parcel of land that lies above 5000ft, is North of Santa Fe, in the Rockies, not in a graveyard, and not associated with a structure, is a “real option.” That is a big area, too big to search in our lifetime, so now we each have to, individually, reduce that area further. This is where I think we need to use what we have learned about Mr. Fenn, about the person he is, and about the legacy that he wants to leave.

          He has already told us his chosen legacy shall not include the searching of sacred gravesites, or any structures. For myself, that is easily extended to not include sacred (most protected: park, landmark, heritage) areas, which are the true legacies we all together must help preserve and pass down to future generations. Going in to those places and digging holes and turning over rocks cannot possibly be the legacy he has chosen to leave. Nor do I believe it can be on private property, as I believe private property is equally sacred (though, “just passing through” is arguably acceptable – “searching/having an impact on” is absolutely not). Think about San Lazaro Pueblo, would Mr. Fenn want someone on his property without permission turning over rocks?

          • I think he would want people on his property turning over things. I mean as long as they are careful. I think he’s like that. He let’s disadvantaged kids from Wyoming come dig on his pueblo. Remember letting the kids touch the painting? He’s only told me that this is very serious for him. He’s said that he wants someone else to have the adventure he has making his money. That is what he’s originally said. He’s since added about getting families out into the wilderness. I don’t think he originally said it…he’s said that more in the last year I think after he talked to people. Those are just my opinions and observations from being obsessed.

        • @ Mike…. You gotta be kiddin me? Turning over rocks is a national sin? Sacred non-no’s? Fenn himself has said that he owns part of this so called public/park/BLM/national land, we ALL do. I agree that digging holes and not filling them back in ain’t cool but digging a hole in itself shouldn’t be felony either. Fenn hasn’t and does not play by their rules.

        • In a national park, monument, or heritage site, yes. Those places are for preservation, and restoration, for current and future generations. We all own them, I agree, and we all share the responsibility for preserving them – for leaving them in a better state that they were in when we entered.

          Mr. Fenn has worn many hats in his life, and I don’t doubt that he has bent or broken rules. But now he’s leaving a legacy, based on all that he has learned in his life. I don’t believe the legacy he’s intent on leaving is any variation of, “Don’t play by the rules.” Though it may very well be a variation of “Don’t be a afraid to allow your inner child to walk off the beaten path.”

        • Fenn does NOT like the feds and says/knows their rules are BS. Do you think he would report finding a treasure box to the gestapo for more questioning and taxation? Me thinks not.

          • I’m curious who here thinks that digging on federal or state land is wrong if you fill it back in. If you find an arrowhead should you be able to keep it? Just sort of curious about everyones thoughts.

        • @Steph
          ♥ Happy Mother’s Day ♥

          Fenn has said he thinks the person that finds it can’t keep it quiet……Fenn has made other out of touch statements and this is one of them. So I don’t think he knows whether it’s there or not…….I specifically asked the Deputy Sheriffs that went out searching if they would have disclosed it to the public……their answer was an emphatic NO. I was surprised to learn from them how many groups are searching.

          What no one has mentioned is what Fenn has and hasn’t said. When he heard people were out there digging up out houses he gave a new clue and said not to do that. When he heard people were out digging in cemeteries he gave a clue and said not to do that. When the guy dug a small hole on the side of the road Fenn threw a fit about the state being ridiculous…….Maybe you should break out that metal detector of yours and check the side of the road in your spots.

          • Thanks Goofy. How do they know how many are searching? Doesn’t it seem odd that so many are searching and he’s so confident it’s still out there? I’m just so curious how he knows. I mean his web site says maybe he won’t know…but he’s said for sure that he does know when he’s on tv. I mean wouldn’t he have to have known just minutes before going on live? *baffled*

        • @Goofy,

          He said news coverage of digging the hole was blown out of proportion. He also said he’d fine the guy $10 and tell him not to do it again if he were the judge. He never implied it is OK to dig holes. On the contrary, he implied that behavior was not OK, should be fined, and not repeated.

          He did imply it should be OK to leave a small item “under a rock.”


          I make a (perhaps arbitrary to some) distinction between “all state/federal lands” and those lands specifically set aside at the highest levels of protection, such as parks, monuments, and heritage sites.

          In Washington state where I live, Mt. Rainier National Park is such a park. At that park, you’re really not supposed to even leave the trails, as the high elevation meadows are very delicate. However, there are backcountry passes granted for adventurous hikers. Technically, you’re supposed to pack everything out, even your #2 business, in little “blue bags” they give you at the ranger station.

          If you’re on a week-long or more hike in such a place, chances are you’re not going to pack it all out. You’ll dig “grease pits” to drain the grease from your frying pan. Maybe even throw some egg shells into it. But you should always have the goal of ‘leave no trace’.

        • @Steph
          You asked: “Thanks Goofy. How do they know how many are searching? Doesn’t it seem odd that so many are searching and he’s so confident it’s still out there? I’m just so curious how he knows.”

          There are apparently groups of law enforcement personnel, firefighters, treasure hunters, and other clubs, etc. searching for the treasure pooling their resources. I’ve personally verified a few of these groups exists……they have wanted to talk to me because of my experience traveling the back country…..It’s been fun.

          He does seem confident at times, and other times he says he has no way of really knowing. During the talk at the bookstore (I think it was there) he first said he wasn’t going to reveal how he knew it was still there, and then in the same talk he says he really doesn’t know except he thinks the person that finds it won’t be able to keep quiet. So what is the truth?

          Have you given any thought to Cloud Peak in the Big Horn Mountains being WWWH?

          • Nope…but those mountains are scary. I posted a video of me going through them. Not as scary as Chama though…those are freaky scary I think…

        • Hmm you guys are confusing me. If you read the story about meeting the young guy…I went on his property without permission…

        • @Steph,

          Yeah the story about the young guy was fun to read. Thanks for posting that.

          I’m about to give up on this line of reasoning because I’ve made my point and people will either agree or disagree.

          But first let me ask, what is your conclusion, from the experience meeting the young guy?

          I’m not going on much here, but reading between the lines, you might be saying, “I went on private property and nothing bad happened, in fact it was kind of cool, so I bet Mr. Fenn wanted us to have cool experiences like that, so he might have hid the treasure on private land.”

          Whereas my conclusion from your experience is, “going on private property without permission can result in interesting stories, that can be made into blog posts.” Which is to say, I don’t see any relation to Mr. Fenn or his treasure or the legacy he wants to leave.

          • My private property that I crossed was posted and I still decided to take the risk. Maybe dumb…probably dumb…but I thought I was ok to do it as I figured I could talk myself out of trouble which I did and made a friend. My husband was so livid with me. He’s such a good guy. I usually am too, but I’ll bend more than he will. I didn’t feel it was the same type of situation as CHC where she had guns pointed at her. There were others going on this persons property to fish. Well, I found a special catfish pond on his property..then he actually told me even more about it. He had a grandfather who owned the property who I thought maybe Forrest knew(I still be he did know) It had an island even…I searched some of it. I don’t know if I have a conclusion. I hope he calls me so we can go back and hang out. I don’t think Forrest has any preconceived notions about what will happen. I think he’s interested just to see what does…I think part of him doesn’t care…it’s like an experiment for a good way. Honestly though…I have no clue about Forrest. Just when I think I know what he thinks…I decide I don’t.

        • @Steph,

          Regarding pre-conceived notions, I can’t disagree more. In fact, to me, that’s what page 15 in the book is all about. I read that page as, “I have spent 15 years on this plan. Its my (perhaps final) masterpiece, my legacy. I know how I want it to unfold. Every day I question my ability to make it play out as I have envisioned.”

          To hear from someone who has been on this chase for two years, who has been on over a dozen trips ostensibly to search for the treasure, who proclaims to have no understanding of how Mr. Fenn thinks, and doesn’t appear to consider whether any ideas or actions are ones that Mr. Fenn would want to be remembered by, is fascinating to me, to put it lightly.

          • Have your read his book? *kidding* He’s confusing. I mean who do you know who’s become a fighter pilot, become a famous art dealer, writes poetry, but watches football. He says he’s lying to you straight out, but then says it’s his memoir. You know there’s like 20 different directions in his book and poem. It reminds me of those books where you get to pick the ending(I loved those). I bet if you called up a bunch of people who have known him more than 10 years…they would say they can’t figure him out or what he’ll do next. I bet he doesn’t even know what tomorrow will bring. I mean who owns alligators?

        • I’m sure FF requested permission to excavate the sites he’s been to, lmao.

          The real Fenn is in the poem and somewhat in the book but the crazy media train that’s developed is him having a big time with all.

  49. Stephanie, Thank you for the videos. Wonderful. Heading to Taos first of June and now we can’t wait. You have memories that will last a life time. At our age this will probably be our last big trip. Will just add these memories to 70 years worth. Hope you find your treasure. And by the way, as far as the moon? He was in the Air force.

  50. Watch his interviews he keeps trying to beat the unemployed/numerous kids/and someone who cant keep their mouth shut will be the kind of person to find the treasure. Which one of you fits that description i wanna got hunting with you lol.

    • jj are yu referring to me? let us all never forget…. sometimes in a chase,,,the chase involves games…felines spl boo cats, play with with their prey….ive even seen trout even kinda play with surface bugs, games and trickery…..i think there are alot of really good people whom ive talked to and alot of them are real smart, the smartest player if you will is E ,you learn more by listening and seeing then you do if you talk, E sits back and absorbs what he!..i admire him or her….i admire alot of you ,but it this ,even if i did lets say have a site with a high degree of sucess, which i really dont,whats to say im not a master B.S. artist .SC could stand for so clueless…just sayin when it boils down to it ,fenns master plan to get peoples minds reactivated is beyond brilliant, but greed is a major motivating factor when it comes to the chase,he knows that…i beleive spl boo he is confindent the right kind of person/ s wiil find the chest .i honestly hope so to. I dont think any one has really considered Fenns position spl?, put yourselfs in his shoes ,,seriously,,,,your a millonare spl boo bgt!…youve put a treasure worth say a million out there some where, how would you feel if say someone was killed searching, or hurt badly or people who dont know the woods get lost on a regular basis, or attacked and maimed by a wild animal, or one person murdered another for the treasure,,,,, there are so many possible tragic scenarios here its actually really scary…now being in his his shoes imagine the level of stress that would have on you, i seriously doubt fenn dosnt care,slim chances he is a bad person . i dont know im ramblin on here , charlie c up top asked me up top if there are treasure hunting rules, i told essentialy no, i dint think there were any, that kinda scares me,i think it should put a little fear in anyone who searches granted i am a whimp ppahaaa DT knows it….ramble ramble …totaly lost my point …………..i guess what im trying to say is this in reality is really a strange human game…sc

      • I’m curious what he thinks about that…like did he think people might get in trouble or hurt. I do think he’s the type of person who would care very much about those situations. I am worried too about all the Yellowstone people…but at the same time…people do go out in the wilderness for the first time anyway and making terrible decisions about how to not protect themselves from their surroundings. I know when I was at Jemez at the Soda Dam…I took some pics and a facebook friend called me out on putting my hands on the side of the rocks as there totally could have been snakes in there. That’s something not in my nature at all to think about as really don’t have many out by where I am.

      • re reading ,mann!! i need sleep, i aploligize to all…..i think im done with my fisrt and only blog adventure again i apoligize losing it B.T. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey sc never thought you were a wimp. You got the wilderness in you. By definition not a wimp. Also seems like you walked in somewhere busted up your leg and then walked back out. That’s not a wimp. Crazy but not a wimp. Plus you have some great insights.

    • Stunning…..did you pick up that shiny thing in picture number 7? *teasing* Was hoping to see what you looked like. This is fun seeing pictures.

  51. In the teachers with ropes section, has got me believeing that the chest is in an area where one is not permitted to go.

  52. i cant talk right now. i … just … can’t …. talk. breathroughs of earth shattering proportion. i figured out how Fenn hid the precise location, using the poem and with help from the book. i just need to get there, somehow, someway. i have some money, i need just a little more and a car, or maybe a partner who split the travel costs and has a car to use. i would give them 10% of spoils, just split the actual hardware, and go our separate ways. i would want to keep the bracelet tho to give back too FF myself.

      • lol e.. i wanted to laugh so hard when i saw that.. but had to restrain myself, as my son drilled me with a line drive earlier.. it hurts to breathe..:) and no offense chris i love your determination 🙂

    • Where do you live Chris? and your going to have to have at least the same general area that someone else feels its located at for them to want to split the cost. Good luck on the 10% too if they are paying half and providing the car, and then what if your spot is not the correct one?

      • I live in so cal and i think it would be more like someone would need to live near me for it to possibly work. they wouldn’t even need to have their own search location in mind, because my solution is most likely going to be where the chest is at. thats the selling point here. i don’t know why you are asking what if my spot is not correct, the answer is obvious isn’t it? no matter how we would split up nothing, it’s still nothing. on the 10%, yeah, that is prolly more than i would want to give up, what i had in mind actually is they would get our best agreed guess to 100k worth of the gold. that would be possibly as high as 10 percent but maybe less since the whole value at this point is an unknown. i would want an agreement as to an approximate value rather than a percentage now that i think about it, regardless of how much it would end being worth overall. think about it, someone is putting up the ride, and spending a couple hundred dollars in exchange for possibly 100k worth of gold that they otherwise will not find w/o my solution. seems more than fair to me.

        • @Chris
          I live in California also…….You obviously haven’t dealt with any venture capitalists; which is what you’re looking for. As a venture capitalists the first question I would have for you is why you can’t convince a friend, co-worker, family member, etc. for such a paltry sum of money to back your adventure vs. a complete stranger. If your friends won’t loan you a few hundred bucks why would a complete stranger?

          You would have better luck asking for $100,000.00 or $200,000.00 so you can perform an extensive search and get the equipment you need. You will need to make a convincing presentation to get the money. Since you know exactly where you are going it won’t take hardly any of the money to find the treasure which will make your investors even happier…….Pull that off and now you have a record to go on…….you could get millions to find the next lost treasure you want to find.

          Like Fenn said: Think Big

  53. Forest said that if he told if the treasure was on federal property or not that it would be too big of a clue. Isn’t that a clue in itself?

  54. Just talked to my Mom for the second time today and I am feeling good, so here is one little clue:
    Look quickly down, you have to bow your head. Actually you will be on your knees!
    I have a very good friend, who is very religious, and he always referred to “looking quickly down” as praying. Get on your knees when you find the blaze! Good luck to all!


    This is a site for free bus service in New Mexico. I just passed it onto another searcher and figured some here might find it useful. I ran into the guy who drives the bus and was talking to him. It says you have to call like 48 hours in advance to set up the pick up.

    • The back of this brochure has other info that’s not on the site.

      Atomic City Transit

      Red River miner’s Transit

      New Mexico Park and Ride

      Santa Fe Trails

      Taos Chile Line

      NM Rail Runner Express

  56. Greetings Fenners…I have returned from my site empty handed, as expected. I have a lot of pictures to go through and study. My chosen site is very large and I wasn’t able to cover it all in one weekend, so I will be heading back there later on.

    I did find quite a few rugged trails which I decided would be too difficult for a 79 year-old to traverse while loaded down, so I axed them. There is still so much territory to cover!

    Keep up the good work Fenners and someone will find it soon.

  57. I just found something I think is very important that points to Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone as the WWWH. If anyone has an interpretation that will support this, I will share mine also. Sorta I will show you mine if you show me yours kinda thing. If I am right, it would explain why a kid would be good to solve the clues, and why no one has found the chest yet. I am hoping someone has an interpretation that supports my own. I already gave my WWWH, if you did also why did you decide on that spot? I think poisonivy had Obsidian Cliff awhile ago but I can’t find it now.

    • you’re right. why didn’t i think of that before. i’m throwing everything in the trash and starting over.

      • but, you are right stephanie davis, not everyone, but most everyone on here seems to be going about the chase as if this isn’t true

    • a B line straight to the chest……….as that x wrestler who has the t.v. show where he uses m detectors, says when he finds something of value .. BOOM BABY BOOM!!!! dont watch much t.v. but catch that once in awhile, hpoe hes not on the chase,hes pretty smart,knows his history sc

      • getting close1 i have come to the realization you can go anywhere in the rockies with fenns poem that has water,mountains or hills there and the poem fits , in my head ive taken it to many of the places ive fished and it fits. some places better than others of coarse… some cases it even fits urban settings…the poem is a whirling.swirling geo. puzzle sc

        • Okay so here was my site that I got really excited about.

          WWWH= Eagles Nest Dam
          HOB= Philmont Scout ranch
          Meek=Cimarron mean Wild
          Drawing nigh= getting close or veering left
          No paddle= You’re following Ute creek up the mountain
          Heavy Loads Water high= Lake Aspen lake Doris

          Okay here is the break down, look on page 114 and look at the cloud. There are some things in that picture that don’t make sense. One, Taos does not have a bald spot like that, Mt Baldy does. There is also a 5 and a 6 at the right side of the cloud, could be a 9 also. You could also see more numbers if you looked hard enough but I think its all just red herrings. NOW LOOK AT THE CLOUD UPSIDE DOWN, what does it look like????? A foot, the heal is the curve and then the toe. Now you might say maybe. Okay, now everyone open google maps and look at Eagles Nest lake. Pull back until you see HWY 64 to the west of the lake. Now turn that picture counter clock wise, what do you see. Holy crap a similar looking foot. Coincidence, I think not. Now look at pg 115, its supposed to look like Taos again. I believed that it looked like FF was showing you the beginning and the end in one picture. the cloud represents Eagles Nest then Mount Baldy is the end game with Cimarron canyon in the picture.

          HOB, this could be a stretch. After each story we find a brown square, i researched what type of symbols that writers sometimes use at the end of chapters and I didn’t find anything on brown squares. I was then researching the Boys Scouts brand page and when I got down to the Fleur -di -Ls….. and what was right at the bottom??? A very similar brown square representing the pantone color in their emblem. There are 13 stars and 13 stripes in the Boy Scouts emblem. Well there were 26 Brown squares in the book so I thought I might be on to something. FF mentions the BS and he collected string among other things the scouts do. The Philmont Scout ranch is 137,000 acres, so where do I put in???

          Again, I used the structure of the poem for direction and distance. HWY 64 for 9 miles. So where is the 9 mile mark you say, right at UTE Creek which is coming down from Mt Baldy. There is a road B13 that parallels Ute Creek all the way up the mountain. This has to be it right, NOPE. No need to waste anymore money and time until you understand how he really wants you to decipher the poem. I feel bad for the people that have got caught up in the gold fever spending thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars chasing a dream.

        • gettingclose1 some interesting deductions( did i use that word right?)but fenn said something to the effect of his grandkids figured or so easy a child could figure it out. i tend to beleive that…….this is the super puzzle of the century!!! take the word BROWN from the poem, some people are rewriting the poem, cutting words up,which in my opinion is pointles, ok here goes BROWN BR= BRIDGE OW= ON WATER N= NEAR.????? i dont know whipping out fly s here sc

          • Forrest never said his grandkids figured it out or could figure it out. He’s said it’s difficult, but not impossible.

        • really , man ive jumped into another universe again, i could of sworn he said that ….geez im feeling even more lost in the woods then ever…thanks for pointing me back on the right path, path hmmmmmmmm the saying” blaze a trail” if youve been wise and found the path ???? nah dosnt take you anywhere sc thankz!!!

  58. Dear Fellow searchers,

    I’ve been at this pretty hard since January, just about everyday. I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to head out to Santa Fe and do some searching and sight seeing. I had two theories that i wanted to share with you, that unfortunately did not pan out and I wanted to share with you some of the ideas a hints I thought to be very clear. I’m sure there might be some people out there that might have an issue with putting it all out there but I have good reasons. Since I thought I had benefitted from lurking and reading, I think its only fair I share my thoughts.The second reason is that I now believe I have been looking at this puzzle the wrong way and I now have an entirely different approach to how this will be solved and its much harder than anyone realizes. I’ll try not to draw this out to long with unnecessary descriptions, you can just figure it out with a little bit of research.

    Location number 1.

    WWWH was the Toltec Train out of Chama, why because it stops in Osier and then back again. Why Osier, I believed that the structure of the poem gave me a clue. 6 stanzas 4 lines and 9 sentences. Now if you ask me what about the other 9 in the poem, 9 clues. Well, steam trains are the only trains that use a 36 gauge track. 3+6 = 9. The track is 64 miles long and the original train had 9 cars. Osier is also German. There were two movies filmed with this train, Indiana Jones and Where the Hells that Gold. How about the word TOLTEC look that up and then tell me FF doesn’t lead that life. FF said think big, well its located in the Grande national Forest.

    Take in the canyon down?? Sure there’s a canyon to follow right to HOB.

    HOB, just above the Toltec gorge is predominately German Brown Trout. Some fishing articles even stated it used to be a secret fishing hole way back when. Still I just couldn’t believe that HOB has anything to do with trout.

    The rest of the clues could easily fit right up until the blaze, which isn’t there.

      • Actually Stephanie you can’t possibly know what the blaze is until you’re in the correct place and thats not it.

        • Actually, you have to know the blaze before you go….it’s why other searchers have passed right by it even though they had some clues right. If you knew the blaze, I think you would have a different opinion.

          • There seem to be two camps on the “blaze” thing. One group thinks you need to know what it is before going out to the Rockies, and the other one. The one I’m in, that doesn’t. I have a few “ideas” of what I “think” might be the blaze, but I feel that I won’t know until I see it (or wise enough to find it). If I go looking for one particular “blaze” be it a rock, tree or whatever and I block out every other possibility, I’m outta luck if I’m wrong.

            I see what you’re saying Stephanie and I was of the same mind on my first trip. I thought for sure I knew where the blaze was and what it was. When it turned out that I was wrong, I was bummed and bewildered. However, on the long train trip home, I realized that there was so much more to be seen and I could have easily missed something important because I was too focused on my one “blaze”. Same thing could have happened to those searchers who came close. Who knows?

            I have an area that fits the clues (in my mind anyway) and I’m heading out within the next two weeks. I am confident of only one thing…I will trace my interpretation of the poem with open eyes and deliberate steps. I think the poem is an adventure that FF wants us to take as much as it is a riddle to solve, so I’m going to take that ride all the way from the first word of the poem to the last and see if there’s a blaze of some kind at the end of my journey. I could be dead wrong, but nobody can say they are 100% right about anything until it’s found. OK, I’m also confident that I will have a blast. So two things. 🙂

        • mulyiple blazes ,multiple blazes…….hers one , i wont it right but , fenns freaudian spl? slip 7000 oops 5000 is this a clue of some sort? sc

    • wow …getting close, you just revealed a spot i like immensely.. did you actually search there? we may need to talk .

        • You can see all the excitement when you mentioned Toltec. Maybe we need to get a Team Toltec together and brainstorm.

        • gc1 wish i’d have known you were headed that way i would have ran my theory by you to see if it was worth your time to look there. It’s possible the steam locomotive may be the blaze…they caused alot of fires back in the day not to mention they blazed the trail and opened up trading in the US.

      • Did you see 2 lines like this? >>l l it means, ‘ the sky is the limit’ 🙂 that’s a blaze fo sho 🙂 lol

        • Ohh my goodness i need to print those. Smokes coming from my ears, i think my brains on fire.

  59. Thank you to those who answered my question. I am looking at it both ways and your input is very much appreciated. I have a few potential places in mind its just seeing if they all fit the clues and the riddle most of all. I dont pretend I know anything, just am learning alot about locations, history and yes human nature.I prefer to see if it all fits to a point before I go searching an area, then we look. If we dont find it we can come back again. In the meantime I will spend time with those I love in the beautiful outdoors. Its a win-win situation for us all.

  60. SC, you Really need to get the Book, may cut some of the ramblings and give more real stuff to your ideas, your doing ok i guess wthout it, but I think we may all benifit from you getting the book. This is not meant to be rude.

    • M oh i know your not being rude at all , i probably wrong and stephanie will correct me , but didnt fenn say all you need is the poem?? gettinclsr 1 stated ”you cant possibly know what the blaze is until you are in the correct place” my theory is that there are multiple blazes along the way ….different veiws different opinions… getticlsr s statement is not backed by any fact at all . mine is weakly backed but i ll state it , things you see in alot of the woods and colors . burnt areas of forrest=blaze ,a trails that has been walked many times= blazed, marks on trees either made by man or animals= blazes, bushes that have fire colored flowers atop of them .. = blaze i dont know i have a very different veiw of the chase then most people, isee from the woods not a book, i will read it, but i do understand your point. sc

      • I like your thinking here, SC highlander, but still think you should get the book. lol

      • SC, oh yeah, I do think FF fibs, and definitely embellishes what would otherwise be mostly an uninteresting story. I have checked out the names of people he’s mentioned via census records and social security death indexes. So far the names have checked out on the ones I’ve checked, but there are incidences in his stories where I want to say, look here, FF, don’t ….on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

        • agreed you just did say it to him , chances are he visits this blog now and then ….i mean just a thought ,if i was him i would… sc

  61. Hi all. I’ve been back awhile (not out searching), just haven’t posted lately. To the Mikes and IL Stephanie, thanks for the pictures. They were great. I am really curious what brought each of us to the search for this treasure?

    I am no stranger to the wilds myself, having hunted mule deer in the Uncompaghre with my late husband. He almost got lost up there one day, but lucky for him, I have some inborn great sense of direction. I intercepted him heading away from camp when he thought he was headed back to camp. I finally bought myself & family members, a small place in west Texas that has Axis and Whitetailed deer, turkey, racoons, possums, porcupines, rabbits, squirrels, birds, probably a few snakes, but haven’t seen any yet, and the place is out in the boonies of the hill country where it’s possible to see or hear a bobcat or possibly even a mountain lion. I figure so long as the bunnies are hopping around I don’t have to worry about any big cat. I have seen 3 of them, a mother and two half-grown cubs tagging along, but further south in the Texas brush country.

    I was also a serious student of poetry, and have received monetary compensation to read from my work, but that was a long time ago. I have also worked in the OTC trading room of 3 brokerage houses, but that too was long ago. I have entertained the idea of treasure hunting for years, but just never had the time while raising 3 kiddos and doing the sports mom thing. Saw the story about FF’s treasure more than a month ago, and was immediately hooked. FF is sure catching lots bigger fish these days and more of us!

    Best of luck to all.

  62. Okay, not lurking much lately. Things have kinda dried up in the sense that the
    “serious intel” is not better than my “discoveries.”

    I’ve got doubts about “it.” Not the “begin it” or the “take it” but the “done it.” Is it as most have suggested that “done it” is the chase? I’ve seen recent video of Mr. Fenn taking reporters on tours of his Pueblo and seen photos of Fenn piecing together artifacts in his laboratory. Has he tired of the chase? I think not. Someone reposted a Fenn remark about thinking big and I wonder how big is everyone is thinking?

    I’ve thought about Mr. Fenn’s interview responses about his memoir and how everyone, EVERYONE, should write their memoir and send it to the library of congress; and the supposed impetus of getting everyone, EVERYONE, out into the woods and away from the digital media and I think those comments are a smokescreen or a trap, not of the people – but of the government, to tax the resources of the government responsible for those respective departments. In a way, to return the government into the service of the people. Yes, the people should get out into the woods but not because Fenn says so – but because the government has restricted it through fire bans and wood cutting restrictions and camping and use permits. He says “I’m staying out of those discussions, except to say it may be fun to redefine some of the terms.” “Occasionally it’s wise for the fox to dress like the Hound,” but eventually even the fox has “done it tired… “

  63. “i cant talk right now. i … just … can’t …. talk. breathroughs of earth shattering proportion. i figured out how Fenn hid the precise location, using the poem and with help from the book. i just need to get there, somehow, someway. i have some money, i need just a little more and a car, or maybe a partner who split the travel costs and has a car to use. i would give them 10% of spoils, just split the actual hardware, and go our separate ways. i would want to keep the bracelet tho to give back too FF myself.”

    Hey, I have a car, camping gear, food, and I’m also looking for a partner. How sure are you? e-mail me.

  64. Hey guys that have gone out searching, how many spots do you have picked out in advance to look at during a trip? How long do you spend looking at each spot?

  65. I have read and studied the probable governmental repercussions of finding anything, let alone treasure, on private land, parks, etc… but does anyone know definitively what the government of Canada does when treasure is found up there? Are they as greedy, meddlesome, and aggressive as our feds down here are?

  66. Ok, I fully realize I am about to stick my foot in my mouth and take a huge bite but I just had an epiphany and it has led to something amazing. I am not anywhere close to moving confidently and if I am right, I don’t think anyone will be finding the treasure for a long time yet. I can’t say much but if my hunch is right, then FF is a genius and won’t be releasing anymore good clues soon. (Can a lack of clues be a clue?) I think we are in for a long string of non-clues. Even if what I have found is correct, it will take a lot of fact checking and research but will result in moving confidently. I will say this. The blaze is something you need to find first before you can begin where warm water halts. The poem is a map, the blaze is the legend. Find the blaze and you will understand where to go. If I am wrong I will share what I found and hopefully it will inspire someone else.

  67. This might be a stretch, but, since FF said he was going to have the line “so take the chest and leave my bones” in the poem, not much rhymes with bones, whatever he was thinking then, could the chest be near something that rhymes with bones? just a thought….

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