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    • @Sam
      There have been several ideas on the blaze…… is interesting what some have thought the blaze is; like the “F” near the John Dunn Bridge and the Manby Hot Springs in Dal’s recent story.

      • Do you think it could mean a clearing in the woods or perhaps could blaze be a general term meaning you’ve figured out the clues and have discovered the trail to the treasure?

        • @Sam
          What the blaze is depends on how one interprets the poem……literal vs. metaphorical. Some think the blaze is the trail, some think it is a marker of some sort, some think it is a marker that looks like a flame; the blaze is a blaze.

          Your example is interesting and more metaphorical but certainly could be correct. The blaze is actually figuring out the poem (the key to the poem), thusly knowing where the treasure is.

        • Sam Sam – “Could blaze be a general term meaning you’ve figured out the clues and have discovered the trail to the treasure?”

          In my opinion, Yes. The blaze is a single word. If you go back to when the Chase first began, FF tells everyone what to look for. Also, I think there is a good reason why he said “found the blaze” instead saying “see the blaze”.

  1. Haven’t seen my answer yet either. It’s a spot that I believe is quite special to Forrest and is significant but not on a map. It’s a place that’s there, but is kind of an enigma. I believe he found it from the air. I got it down to a pretty small area and the clues fit very well. There’s still work to be done and it will take some time and effort. There are so many places out here in the Rockies that can feel like a fit and so much land to explore. Just remember the thrill is the chase. CHC

    • @COHighCountry;
      The poem is an enigma, for that matter Fenn himself is an enigma; so why wouldn’t his special place be an enigma.

      Your theory of Fenn finding it from the air is logical after reading about Fenn and the special place in Vietnam; and the article Dal has on Fenn and his plane.

      He said that one of his great pleasures was “…going to the airport, pushing the hangar doors open, cranking up that beautiful sounding 350 HP Lycoming engine, and heading north for Montana or Wyoming, not knowing or caring where I would land.”

      • Thx for the response Goof Old Guy. I must agree. Also, the spot will be a special place where he’d want to spend his last moments. It’s a quiet place where nobody would stumble right upon it. I just can’t see it being near a water tank or right on the side of the road or popular fishing creek. It’s gotta be more special and secret then that. Now we just need to rent a plane or at least a hot air balloon. Now that would make for some fun searchin’. lol

  2. Has anyone thought about Ice Box Canyon in Yellowstone as a starting point? Of course being where warm waters halt.
    I also wondered if anyone thought about “as i have gone alone in there” as maybe highway 50, dubbed the loneliest highway.
    Another spot Ive been curious about is Las Vegas, New Mexico. “hint of riches new and old”. Vegas being associated with riches. Also, the New and Old Vegas is divided by a river, which I forget the name of.
    This chase has been frustrating. Im all googled out. Id like to finally find a spot Im confident with and go look already!!

  3. Has anyone considered the use of the term ‘put in’ in the poem? It’s commonly used for kayaking/canoeing/rafting as a launching point…

    It sounds like you have to paddle down a river in a canyon, and find an entering dry creek bed to walk up…. ???

  4. Everyone should carry a copy of the poem on them when searching,this is a letter from fenn to you giving you title to his property and directions to where he put it. The treasure is not lost and can not be claimed by the state if you have it. If this was his wallet, do you really think they could claim it.

  5. A circuitous course, 115 miles long, a main blaze at a distance, then markers. No piece of cake.

  6. I think the blaze will turn out to be a rock that either has a mark on it or is so large that it’s obvious. If you look at the book, there are two pictures of people in Forrest’s life that have passed. His Dad and his brother(maybe they are the double omegas). They are both standing with the boulders. I read about a treasure in Cimarron that’s between the town of Cimarron and Ute Park and they hid that treasure near a giant boulder the size of a house. So if that is what they used to do and he’s a history buff. I think he would want to do as those before him did. Also, the Indians used boulders as their map and those arrows are still around today. He would know that. I’m going to post on my blog a picture that shows a blaze on a boulder that I saw personally one of my last times out. There are actually two arrows on the boulder and this guy said there are more in the area we were in. Here’s a link…but you have to go down most of the page to see the photos I put up.

  7. Anyone have any thoughts on “listen good”? I believe that listen is an action (verb) and therefore it should read listen “well” I know that Forrest says not to “mess with his poem” but this keeps jumping out at me every time I read it. Then to change the other rhyming word (wood) or not? In addition to this, the word well is used over 15 times in the book and usually at the beginning of a sentence or even beginning of a paragraph. The word “cistern” is also used.

    • Stu where I live it is common to say ‘listen good” , I rarely here anyone say “listen well”. I live in a rural area and this may not be the case in urban setting.

      • Ragnar, I grew up in Missouri. We would have said listen good also. That doesn’t mean it is correct. When you spend 12 years writing a poem, I would think that you would have it proofread for grammar at some point. Nothing is a mistake in that poem.

        • I don’t think songs and poems follow “proper” english and he says he uses words in ways they aren’t always intended. I think it very much shows his individual personality.

        • That would be considered “Poetic license” Stu. Poetry is a literary art form which does not require exactness. The poet is allowed to choose whichever words they feel work best.

    • I don’t think there is any hidden meaning in this line that will help you find the treasure. I think he’s just saying “Listen up good people, because I should only have to say this once.” Maybe once the treasure is found we will have a better understanding of true meaning of this line.

      • thomas i also agree with you on the blaze and snow – – also take in the canyon down would it not mean its down in a valley flat land or something like that?

      • The blaze I found is below the ground, and seen above the ground but it is not a geyser.

    • JD,
      I’m with you! Waiting on the snow to melt may be the hardest part of this whole thing. I remember when I was a kid, we went to Yellowstone and stopped at a picnic area for lunch. It was the middle of June and we only found a couple of tables that weren’t covered with snow.

      • Amary, exactly my point. It was chosen to call attention to itself. Just like the over use of well in the book. Do you really think writing off something in a poem that took 12 years to craft as colloquial speech only is wise? He used poetic liscense to its fullest extent throughout.

        • It’s my personal opinion, Stu that every word of the poem was used with intention. It is a brilliant poem. That said…I guess I just accept his choices for what they are. I really don’t wonder why he didn’t make other choices. To me that would be sort of like saying..”why isn’t this abastract painting more realistic”?

        • Dal , each time you start a new page I always have trouble getting e-mails and also get page errors. The only remedy I have found is to unsubscribe after each new post and re-subscribe on one of the post prior to April 4th (parts 1,2,3) and post a comment thing everything works as it should. I hope this helps other readers of the blog.

          PS be sure to check the two boxes underneath your reply on your first post

          • That’s my only issue that I know of is that when he starts a new thread, I won’t get the emails unless I post something and check those boxes…

          • Thanks Steph I’ll try it that way next time, seems though a glitch occurred between the posts dated in March (pts 1,2,3) and those dated in April. BTW how many people showed up at the airport.

      • My two cents on “listen good”
        The poem follows a simple A, B, A, B format. Example, Good, cold, Wood, gold. Authors will sacrifice gramatical correctness to make a proper rhyme.

        In an A, B, A, B poem there is a chance one A line is a clue and one is there to rhryme. Same with the B lines.
        I have been paying special attention to the unusual phrases and line endings where things seem forced for a purpose.

        Example: listen good, and in the wood, both seem slightly off. Listen well is gramatically correct, and we always say in the woods not wood. Of course it could be simply for rhyming, but I think it has a greater purpuse.

        If either line is an anagram letters are obviously important.

      • John,

        yes, the waiting is proving difficult. Its also been difficult (difficult but not impossible) moving on to other search areas until this one proves wrong. I’d like to go today and if it’s wrong then move on.

        My method for this spot influences all my other search areas. I find I can’t be objective enough until I’m finished with this area or at least the method that takes me there.

        June, for me seems to be the “end is ever drawing nigh”.


        • JD,
          Ha! I think all of us here have an obsessive/compulsive component to our personallity! But, I’m glad you and I are playing the same game. There are some here who want to solve the puzzle, but not look for the treasure. That’s the main reason that I keep tabs on this blog . . . to see if someone spills my spot.

          There’s no harm in trying a different strategy while you wait. It might even be a good way to test your original theories.

    • where you headed JD for the snow to melt? I mysself am going to Yellowstone tommorrow i have been twice already but the snow prevented me in getting to my spot but warm weather has arrived! i as believe like so many others to have trurly solved the poem.

      • hunterofgold,

        my spot is above 7500 ft and still under quite a bit of snow. I think the roads are clear but it’s the 500 ft from the road that I can’t use yet. ;-)!

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    I just moved this page to it’s proper location with the other NINE CLUES pages. There have been some reports of oddness with this page reporting posts and sending odd notifications to users. Please let me know if this issue continues.

  9. testing 1, 2, 3…….my favorite part of this is hearing peoples chase stories that are funny, exciting, scary and momentous memories…as for some discussion…I think a person said it best before…a “hint and a”clue” are two different things and he says in book there are “hints”……..:) Just to clear that up.

  10. Posting again to see if I can get the email notifications this time.
    Good Morning everyone!

  11. Why does FF say he will give the finder “title to the gold,” but not title to the bronze box and the jewels???

    • .
      Begin it where warm water halts …
      Put in below the home of Brown

      ht tp://

    • I have always wondered about the legal issues, but I think FF probably thought about that too. Perhaps there is a legal transfer in the box, perhaps theres an inventory sheet and a key and the real goods are in a nearby safety deposit box.
      Or maybe you just have to take the money and run. Lol

      • I’ve wondered if he has property in a trust. A trust is like it’s own entity and you don’t really own the things in it I believe. I could be wrong…but I think that’s how it is. So I wondered when he talks about building houses…if he’s eluding to it being private vacant land.

        • I think I mentioned that before on here and several people think that may the way…..a trust. 


          • I never took anything Tony from Newsweek said as fact…but I do remember him saying that Forrest told him that it could be on government or private land. I thought that was odd, because I never even considered private land. It made me think what type would it be on and that’s when I thought it could be land in a trust that will be passed down in the family. I totally do not think it’s on their ranch though as that I believe isn’t even owned by Forrest, but a son in laws family. I think there’s other land and maybe his family doesn’t even know about. Either that or I thought about a campground maybe that he would spend time at. My Dad has a trust though and I remember the lawyer saying the way it works is that the trust has ownership to the things in there. So Forrest could say he doesn’t own any land outside of his home and he would be telling the truth.

          • Exactly! We have a trust and thats how it is. Things are in the name of the trust not in ours. It eliminates a lot of red tape and can also keep descendants from getting things you don’t want them getting. I think he just may very well have something in the name of a trust………there are also a few other avenues in this realm. 


        • In Forrest we trust, lol.
          I just dont think he would want the finder to have legal issues.

  12. A thought, according to Mr. F the correct answer has been found for the first two clues but the rest were missed by a couple of partys.

    Here is the thought, you can have the Right Answer for the clues but not the right place. For instance you have figured out What the warm waters halt is but not Which one, and perhaps you correctly identified the canyon down as a real canyon. Two clues right but nowhere near the right place so the rest will not fall into place…

  13. Wow I am so sad…so disappointed. I worked sooo, soooo hard on this. I really had no idea you guys were going to do this. I can’t get to my destination for a little while yet. I really wanted the opportunity at least to make it to my destination while there was still a chance. I have the solution…have had it for the last few days but no way to get there so quickly. I am happy that I had the opportunity at least to be a part of this thanks to Forrest Fenn. It has been a wonderful journey…amazing!! I wish I could be at my final destination right now…to at least finish. But, from the way all is going in here now…no way I will make it in time. It has been great being a part of this. If anybody wants to connect, you can find me in FB under the same name…Armany Thursday. I would be thrilled to connect and get to know you guys better. Also…I own and operate a really cool enterprise on the web if anybody’s interested. It”s a fine arts center hosting art exhibitions and openings, live music performances, and poetry…probably some of the best poetry available anywhere on the web. Fantastic art too!! Let me know, it would be an honor to have you guys join us! 🙂

    • Armany…
      Don’t believe anyone who says they found it. Trolls are everywhere and Forrest says the chest is still out there. If anyone found the treasure there would be photos and evidence galore. Guys like Pete post statements like that because they are inept at civil discourse and will not be tolerated on this blog. We are all good folks who play nice and so will others or they won’t get to play with us…

    • Please cheer up Armany and don’t let anyone make you give up your chase. None of us have any better chance of finding it than you do.

  14. Waiting for the “snow to melt” comments: Everyone says FF hid the box. I believe him absolutely! Just a couple of days ago, Dal said FF told him the box is still there. I believe FF again! Now if it’s under a foot of snow, how could FF honestly make that statement. IMO it’s not under snow and you can find the treasure today! I don’t think FF would say its still there of he doesn’t know it for fact. Conclusion, “waiting on snow to melt” folks are not going to find the box. Just HMO!

    • Isn’t that exactly WHY he could feel it’s there? Maybe he saw it in the fall and knows that no one would be able to see it to find it.

      • No, I think he knows for a fact, not because he saw it 6 months ago. Somehow he knows, I don’t know how but he does. It could be that when it’s found it will be so startling to the finder that they will have to reveal it’s been found. The gold coins and nuggets are not the supprise, I see those everyday (coin collector). And no, I don’t have a real clue where it’s hidden but like everyone else, I have my ideas but nothing that completes the poem completely.

  15. Welcome back home Dal. I was wondering if you had time to hunt after you left Santa Fe? If so, mighten you post some on that leg of your trip?

    • I will as soon as I shake the dust off my boots and buff out my poor van…
      I am trying to catch up..
      Thanks for asking..
      Some good adventures..
      And..after about two years of writing back and forth I finally got to meet Stephanie…

      • What did you think about her? Is she has fun as you thought she’d be? *smile* Waiting for lots and lots of compliments wrapped in pretty glittery paper. You didn’t seduce any clues out of me after buying me those nice big (2) glasses of wine…did you? I’ll have to ask Jeff if you did.

        • Steph:
          Its been my experience that it takes much more than two glasses to seduce anyone…However I did have the dirt from your boots and shovel analyzed while you were passed out and very soon the fine folks at Acme Labs will be able to tell me where you searched 🙂

          • Oh I doubt that about the two glasses of wine….people don’t know that your pictures online are deceiving and your much more…oh wait, you said children read this blog. *never mind* LOL on the dirt analysis.

    • Im heading up north on the 9th to see what kinda trouble I can get into. Ill have 4 days this time out to either confirm or rule out my hill.

  16. Once it is really found, the honest thing to do is show the proof even if it is done in a very secretive way, so it is 100% known. Send ff a photo and the bracelet anonymously and enjoy quietly…

  17. Hi, Everyone! I’ve been lurking for about a month now, working only with the poem until a few days ago when our copy of the book arrived. I’ve only read a few of the stories so far. Everything I’ve come up with so far is from the poem and reading Dal’s blog and Stephanie’s blog…thank you, both! I’ve really enjoyed your stories. Have laughed alot and been touched by both of you. The biggest thing the commentary has done for me is get me to think about the poem differently. At this point I rarely think of it as a poem…in my head it is a riddle and is meant to be hard and filled with layers and double meanings. I have 2 spots, one of which is in Colo. and even though the clues, as I’ve interpreted them, fit the place it doesn’t ‘resonate’. The other spot, in NM, really ‘resonates’ but I haven’t figured out one of the clues for that spot. I don’t have much to offer without giving too much away right now but will say I don’t think it’s buried because “no paddle” = paddle in Middle English: denotes a small spade like implement. I also think there are layers to the clues…like paddle could mean what I just pointed out and also mean you literally won’t be paddling as in wading or making a ‘boat’ go. And “found” could be referring to the bottom or base. (“found the blaze”) Oh, one more thing…”worth the cold” could mean worth the frustration or annoyance. (I’ve been doing lots of word research). I just want to wish everyone good luck but most of all have fun and I’ll keep checking in.

    • Glad it’s been helpful Zuni….just wanted to say that it’s wild how after so long that I read an email with a new understanding of those phrases or words. I never heard that about no paddle before meaning you wouldn’t need to dig….

  18. COHigh,
    Not sure if your screen name refers to your location or our new Amendent 64, but did you happen to read the news article in the Denver Post last week when we lost the 5 snowboarders? They were interviewing a CDOT employee about it. He directly refered to the area as carrying a “heavy load” and that there was alot of water up there. Its obviously a term still in use today. Just sayin.

      • DT
        Not necessarily. But the mts have areas where the snow lingers all summer. Of course they all drain into small creeks. Another blogger mentioned Mount of the Holy Cross. I can see that from my house. Some years its there all summer, some yrs it melts. Same with Heavy loads and water high. Some yrs there will be snow up on the ridges that will drain down into the rivers below. When I shovel snow, I prefer to do it when its cold because the snow is light. As the weather warms the snow becomes extremly heavy. Thus: Heavy loads and water high. Make sense?

        • Makes sense. So the poem could be referring to springtime or early summer in terms of describing the creek. The condition of the creek when he hid the trove.

          • I just recently saw in one of the stories where he mentions 3 monthes. Maybe those are the only monthes you can get  It.

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

        • Not sure about a time frame. Some of these don’t completly melt by the time the next winter rolls around. Thats how glaciers get started. I’m thinking that where ever he was, he was able to look up and see snow lined ridges.

  19. Iseeit- No, my CO High Country is more leaning towards the above 5000 ft. connotation…the other would make me too spaced out to search effectively. haha. The 5 snowboarders lost in the avalanche in CO was an aweful tragedy. I’ve snowboarded that line a few times and there is often a big cornice up there just ready to go at any time. These days I prefer the resorts. There are very heavy loads up there and waters high for sure. To any searchers poking around in avalanche prone areas…DON’T. I don’t see it as being in a dangerous spot like that anyway. CHC

    • CHC–VERY good advice. Stay away from avalanche areas, and the canyons below them. Springtime is especially dangerous as the sun creates a heavy load on the layers under them and can slide for seemingly no reason. Also, FYI, 5000 ft is considered flatlander territory up here. Where I live, half the folks over 50 are on full time oxygen (includes me) LOL

      • I forgot about altatude sickness. My last trip kicked my butt and couldn’t really figure out why. I have fibromyalgia so im always in pain…but I felt really horrible. Just now starting to feel better. 

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

          • Is it just a breathing thing or can it make you weak? Oh maybe the weak thing is his tired and weak because he went up…oh gosh I have Fenn Treasure Sickness. I’m anemic already…so I’ll double up on the iron next time. Thanks!!

        • Stephanie,
          Did you take altitude medicine? I can not take it and did not and felt ok till evening and got a headache and the others with us did take it and felt bad all day.

          • I never felt bad out West before. I spent a lot of time there in the past couple months…I’m not even sure if that’s what it was. I just felt lousy and had no strength. No headache….just thought it was the fibro because I don’t have strength typically…but this was like 10x worse than I’ve felt before. I just thought I really over did it….which I did. The only medicine I had was two glasses of wine while I was out there 😉 That probably is what caused it lol….hmmm, Dal bought them…maybe he laced then with some anti treasure hunting drug…Dal, wouldn’t do that…would he?

        • Steph, All the 7/11s in colorado carry small canisters of oxygen for sale. Those things have saved lives. Couple of chugs on one of those and all symptoms of altitude sickness are gone. Makes you feel like Superman, or in your case Wonderwoman. Kinda pricey for what you , but well worth it IMO.

          • Does it seem like that’s what was bothering me? I just always thought altitude sickness had to do with breathing and I’ve never really had any problems like that before. I like the idea of the canisters of oxygen. That might be good for my husband too. He seems to get really sleepy out there…more than here.

        • Stephanie, all, Hi, I am trying to find a way to post to these comments about your feeling/being more tired on your last NM trip, altitude, etc. (why do some posts have a reply option, while others do not?) Yes, IMO I strongly suggest all take extra care when visiting or hiking at higher altitudes. Someone posted about drinking extra water. Yes! essential – I would suggest you start hydrating more even before you arrive — and be mindful that extra rest may be important when you first arrive, say to Santa Fe at 7000′ if you come from a lower altitude place. This helps your body acclimate. It really matters cause you do not want to get really sick out in the middle of nowhere on a trail or something. As well, while I cannot remember the science measurement of it, I know from reading and from personal experience prior to my living in SFe, alcohol has a stronger impact, more quickly, when our body is lower in oxygen. Sorry, if that is not clear — been a long work day. When we first visited, each May, before moving here, we always built in an extra day or two to rest prior to our adventures. I know those of us on the Chase may no longer have such luxury of time, nonetheless, take good care and pace yourself, IMHO. Safe travels, all.

        • I think you are supposed to lay off coffee too. Vasa dilator or something like that.
          Then alcohol is a dehydrator also.

          • Cool formula Jen. I just got 4 drink coupons from Southwest for flying so much…was worried I might have to just toss them. By the way….if you have enough points for a one way ticket…do you wait till you can afford a round trip? Or are you confident enough to just go???? LOLOLOL…. By the way…I don’t think it takes you much altitude *hug hug hug* Your adorable!

        • Stephanie, regarding high altitude sickness…think of it as flying where you fly really high to a different time zone like Europe. You can find great info on the web for preparing although everyone here is giving great advice…Water is probably key and eat light. Jen’s advice on water per glass of wine…well, I really like that. As I love wine. It’s so much fun following along on everybody’s journeys…thanks for sharing and good luck on your next outing.

    • This time of year you’ll feel the altitude a bit more with the change of seasons and traces of pollen in the spring air. I live over a mile up and still feel it when I go higher. Ask for a humidifier if you stay at a hotel plus take the H20, iron and aspirin.

      • Just pulled up that link, because I don’t know if that’s what I really had. I did have alcohol the day before feeling this way and I do dehydrate super quick. The only issue I had was that I was really weak and painful muscles. So maybe it was an oxygen thing. I had driven a lot, but I don’t think I was going super high in elevation too much….but I haven’t really checked the elevations I was in. I didn’t know about the humidifier…that’s great. I bet other searchers will benefit from knowing about that too.

        • My apologies as I went on about the high altitude in the Clue section.

          • We pretty much all just chat on the last blog post. It’s good for us flatlanders to understand about altitude sickness. You wouldn’t believe how much we don’t know lol….I didn’t realize it can all the sudden bother you when it hadn’t the entire week prior….if that’s what I had. Seems like it might have been though…I don’t know. It’s helpful to us that aren’t familiar with it. I really thought it was a breathing thing…hadn’t seen all those symptoms.

          • The most general signs are fatigue and nauseous feelings. Or constipation OY! You could be tired out from all the running around too!

            j ~ PFW

  20. Armany, I hope your not disappointed on account of my funny Facebook post.(it seemed funny at the time). I really don’t know where it’s at and the idea of using a team of sherpa’s and climbers who can free climb a 500 ft rock face at 12K ft seemed ridiculous. (Although FF is a really tough guy and he probably could have made it in his younger days.)
    There is no one seriously trekking in the snow (and I have no idea at what altitude or where they would even go) to get the chest. One simple reason -the blaze stops you. Unless someone here has some magical blaze, looking in the snow is just a waste. I tried it several weeks ago and it was a disaster. Just one big white wonderland and nothing looked like it did on google. Another $2K down the drain.
    I’ll keep the laughs to myself as this is getting a little too serious and nerves are short. Sorry, continue on. I have nothing except a million dead ends and odd clues from the book that seem great, but never pan out. My next search is YNP and then Lake Hebgen if anyone cares, I’ll join the masses when the snow melts at 8000 and we can have a big party at the campground. Sorry for the post, I retracted it. Too many people didn’t see the humor.
    I hope you get a chance at your destination before it’s found. Now if someone really is really trekking in the snow, I don’t know about it. Again, it’s a waste of time in my opinion.

  21. On the page in the book of a pic of the treasure there is a postmark with a different picture. Same one in story of brothers’ flying machine. Just a new idea. anyone figured out what these are ?

    • In one of the interviews Forrest said I think it was an editor of his put the postmarks in. I don’t know if he told her what dates to use…or if she just did it. I can’t remember which interview that was…but it wasn’t all that long ago. Might have been something done from KOB when they went to the printers.

      • The recent large gathering video Dal attended and posted. Also in front/forward of book. He gives her credit for illustrations.

    • They are smudged numbers. None of the dates are correct dates just close years to the story. Random stamps.

  22. Haven’t seen this mentioned before, so thought I’d throw it out there for responses. If you were FF, and your lifelong interests were in geology/archeology/paleontology, couldn’t the term “in the wood” carry a different meaning than a forest or trees per se? As in petrified wood. Some areas of the rockies have loads of it, from the deserts to the highest peaks. Any thoughts?

  23. Hi all, about a month or so ago I chimed in for the first time with a few thoughts and followed up a time or two later, but as a true lurker I’ve felt more comfortable from afar.
    I truly enjoy all of you and time and time again you all have made my day. I would hate to see your quest end, and thought if I did find it, I would ask FF if he would want to buy back the entire treasure minus one gold double eagle which would allow me to move on with my life, paying Uncle Sam, underwater mortgages, etc, and FF cares to, he could re-hide the treasure to continue the chase that he gets so much enjoyment out of. After all in purchasing it back, he is only trading paper money for gold and jewels. I believe he said he is getting more than a million dollars worth of fun. I just can’t see you all not conversing and sharing your thoughts with one another. If it’s not me that finds it I truly hope its one of you. Good luck!

    • I feel the same way lurker Gilagin, I don’t post a lot either. If I was blessed to find the chest, I would drive right to Mr. Fenn’s home and hand it to him. I would barter/trade, as well. I was intrigued by the comments he made in interviews and articles about bartering. I barter all the time:) That’s all they did in the pioneer days. I bartered an electric fireplace I never used to my nail girl for a few mani, pedi’s! My nail girl and I still laugh about it. I bartered my hair stylist for dog-sitting, I watcher her dogs for her while she was on vacation and she did my hair numerous times for the service. No money exchanged hands, just like the days of ole’! I also want the chase to continue on for others. It’s just too much fun to stop:) I would work out some sort of barter with him too.

      • Stevador and others, I have already assembled another chest to replace fenns IF i find it. And am working on a poem that would lead you to the same spot. My “second place” chest is not as extravagant, but the chase would continue. Fenn has assembled a group of like-minded people, this may be his legacy. EH? Something to do while waiting for snow to melt.

        • Sounds like Horatio’s home of Brown will be associated with an old outhouse.

          • DT-
            Lets not go back to outhouses and septic fields again. I like to think we’ve gotten past that. By the way. About a year and a half ago I was running around on the Red River looking for the chest and at one point I emailed Forrest to tell him that I was considering the Red River Sewage Treatment Plant as the home of Brown. He pretty much yelled at me and told me to forget about the home of Brown having anything to do with a sewage treatment plant. I got the impression he was pretty disgusted with the notion. And now…since he has made the remark about structures…it seems highly unlikely that the home of Brown could have anything to do with sewage. 🙁

  24. Dal, Is there a way to see what keywords FF has searched here?
    Would you tell us if there was?

  25. Jennifer P., I think that’s great! I too use to barter at times with my art, and I think that’s why I believe I understand F.F.s love for man’s creations both new and old. I would love to meet the man who’s footsteps on this earth has brought so many people to come to realize that the stillness of their soul left alone in the wonders of the Rockies is the real gift or treasure this man has left us. For the past thirty years I have tried to get my wife to the Rockies and thanks to F.F. we’ve made our plans and will be leaving within a week. I believe I’ve done my homework and feel pretty confident about my spot. I have even spent the last two weeks trying to prove myself wrong, but couldn’t. So it will be a one shot trip. I wish you and everyone good health, good luck and be safe.

  26. Here’s a thought regarding the blaze. Everyone here has to agree that the blaze can be almost anything. That said, suppose the last two stanzas of the poem are actually like supporting actors. You don’t really need them until you call upon them. Example: “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”. supported by “So hear me all and listen good”. If the “blaze” was actually a sound…supported by “listen good”. As always, just me perspective. Good luck all.

  27. Dal, can you confirm that Forrest said in a “slip” that house of Brown is all he meant when he used the word “home” in the poem?

    • I’ve never heard Forrest say anything like that. In an email posted on this blog Forrest wrote “house of Brown” rather than “home of Brown”. I do not remember him ever providing an explanation. I do remember that when it was pointed out to him he was surprised that he wrote it that way.

  28. In a few moments I will close this page down to comments. A new page has been added…NINE CLUES…Part Eleven…

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