THE NINE CLUES….Part Thirteen


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    • Mike D while you are excited that you posted the 1st comment on this new thread I’m totally bummed we did not hit 1,000 comments in the previous thread, only off by 13 comments….I’m so bummed about that-that I will not be posting any comments in this part 13th Nine Clue thread which by the way will make some Chasers happy.

      See you all later…..maybe in the part 14th Nine Clue thread.

      • Thirteen……mmm… you suppose that might be an omen or a clue or something? Just sayin

      • Uh oh…I just knew you were going to bring us bad luck….scoot..scoot….

      • C’mon VeeGee, don’t be a sourpuss…we’ll miss your bombastic bluster. Read ya’ tomorrow?

        Remember…if life gives you melons, you might have dyslexia!

        • But Scott I wanted the other thread to reach 1,000 comments!

          Yes dal….I know – I know I’m posting again, can’t help it, I’m addicted to this Challenge…I mean this Chase….but darn really…I’m bummed about the previous thread not hitting 1,000. I really wanted that to occur…as a goal of mine…and I failed.

          I’ll get over it I.

          I suppose I’ll just post more stuFF on this part 13 Nine Clues about Chipmunks and especially my fluffy, furry, my cute little critters….them Rabbits.

        • Don’t worry VG, this thread will probably get 2000, and you’ll finally realize there are NINE HOBs, nine WWWHs, etc. It’s fate.

        • CO Searcher…I already realize there is only 1 “home of Brown” and 1 “where warm waters halt”. Good luck CO Searcher.

        • VG…we know you still believe there are several Brown’s…nice try…but I will give you some “dangerous intel”. I found my HOB quite by accident the first week I joined the chase. It has never been alluded to on this forum, will not be found on Google, and I am sure most on this blog would agree if I told them what it is, that it is solid. The structure does not exist today, but will remain forever viable in the arts…even 1000 years from now. Naturally, I am probably wrong.

          • Scott,
            Don’t underestimate yourself. Stick to your guns and go for it.

          • Scott C, this HOB sounds a lot like the one I’m looking at and came upon the same way. I haven’t seen or heard anything of it here. It’s pretty much off the grid…Hoping to be there tomorrow for a look. I’m wondering if we’re thinking of the same place…CHC

        • Well we’re both in Colorado, so it is possible…are you a fast runner? Just want to know if I need to cheat in an all out sprint to the chest…I could give a mean “flat tire” in high school!

        • .
          “suppose I’ll just post more stuFF on this part 13 Nine Clues about Chipmunks and especially my fluffy, furry, my cute little critters….them Rabbits.”

          Hey now …

          ht tp://

  1. Totally exited about my upcoming vacation…just confirmed all time off, made reservations, calculated budget, only a few minor details regarding campsites to go! I will now make everyone jealous and suspicious by posting my itinerary…Conner, MT, Cortez, CO, Santa Fe, NM, Folsom, NM, Silverton, CO, and Boise, ID!

  2. Following…….Here’s hoping for a fresh start! *fingers crossed*. Sifting through more than 80 e-mails in one day from a single blogger is exhausting (and annoying)! Good night all! Looking forward to the Today Show in the AM.

    • Steve Tanner – I know huh? How can anyone blog blog and blog all day….as you stated so darn annoying. Hopefully that blogger doesn’t return to this new thread so we all can get some real dangerous insights up on this joint to get closer to the Treasure Chest.

        • Possibly Doubting Thomas…maybe even a Pinkie….heck maybe ME…nah can’t be ME…I hardly post.

      • Dude, Bro, OG,

        Admire your positivity, although I am not sure why your intel is dangerous…but do you really believe that there are several Brown’s, at least 3 WWWH’s and a few canyon down’s secreted into the poem? It seems to me that if two groups figured out WWWH and Canyon Down last November, when the total number of searchers on this hunt was so miniscule that they could have fit into Dal’s van, then it is hard to reconcile that with the kind of layered, cosmic, nuanced poem interpretation you are suggesting. It has to be less complicated than that…IMHO

        Scott Cdot

        • Scott C,

          Don’t buy into his game. If he thinks there is so many HOB’s, let him believe it. You just focus on the poem for your clues. Problem is we have people intend on distracting others, so they don’t uncover the solutions to the treasure. Someone will find it. And believe me, it will be based on their diswcoveries and not supposed ideas of others. So good luck to you and follow your own path.

        • I agree with dal…good point….and besides I don’t know squat, I’m just a regular joesmo.

          There’s only 1 “where warm waters halt” and only 1 “home of Brown”…Just 1 location where the Chest lies with its awesome contents….just pick it up and go…so simple a caveman can solve the poem and retrieve the chest.

        • VG doesn’t bother me…I actually find him mildly amusing…however, I have studied the posts of several on this blog, and can tell you there is some misdirection going on. It shouldn’t be the job of Dal to spend all of his time rooting out the bloggers trying to mislead. I actually compiled the posts of some people on this blog, and it becomes clear, do not believe everything you read here. Several posters on here leak out a small amount of actual intel, wait for someone to bite, and then immediately ask for an email, so they can mine information from that poster for themselves. Amazingly, they post “attaboys” and “you are 100% rights” on posts that are exactly the opposite of their thoughts…sometimes on the same day! I know Dal is not down with that, and ask that everyone on this blog read past threads and decide for yourself.

          Check every one of my posts…they are consistent in my beliefs…same as VGBoss, BTW.

          You integrity is defined when nobody is looking!

        • Scott C. nice post.

          I attempt to remain consistent however when there are those ‘few’ who REALLY attempt to mislead others I turn-it-on right back at those ‘specific’ individuals and also those individuals whom I presume may be working together, as a team, with someone else or others. This is where innocent ones will get confused of what is going.

          This is a Race, this is a Chase, this is a CHALLENGE, to a Trove with awesome valuables possibly worth between $1,000,000 to $3,000,000 and so an individual, on this serious Hunt, after this insane Cache, should have a great OFFENSE and great DEFENSE… you know like in the sport of football!

          We must keep in mind that while we all post our opinions within this awesome blog, where there are actually some nice people, there are still those few out there who hardly post, true lurkers you know, who will hate it and get angered when their insights are posted by someone else, a consistent poster, and they will immediately attack that person with insults and attempt to make that person look bad within the blog.

          Some lurkers are only playing defense lurking on the sidelines and ready to attack when their insights are threatened by consistent posters.

          That is my opinion on this matter and ofcourse a lurker will attack. Expected!

      • Just wondering if the VG stands for Vociferous Gasbag? I really hate to be rude on here (sorry Dal) but you seem to me to be a guy who should start his own blog so he can babble to his heart’s content, boast and brag, talk down to the “little people”, etc. And your “seriously dangerous insights” seem more like misdirection than helpful. Just my opinion, of course. The plus side, you make me appreciate the lurkers more and more every day. But don’t worry…I forgive you. 😉

        • Steve you are correct! You are good. No doubt you will solve the Poem in no time with such incredible insight.

          Just scroll past my comments…ignore them. Is that so hard?

          I enjoy reading everyone’s comments even the insults directed at me. That’s how cool I am like Joe Cool or was it Joe Meek? I don’t know, one of those Joes.

        • Steve,
          I think VG is a woman. Does that fit your scheme? Gasbag? Really? That seems kinda harsh. I got put on moderation for less.
          To remain on cue with the 9 clues theme, at first I thought WWWH referred to hot springs but since have reconsidered. I thought that HOB referred any Brown trout designated stream, however, that seems to me to general. Hence… (I’d love to go on but have been asked not to why I just do not understand, also all my comments are moderated and post sometimes hours after I write them. bummer) lastly, I predict the chest will be found within 70 miles (as a hawk flies) from the Home of F.

        • Babylon Slim I appreciate that….But as the Chase grows, intensifies, more Chasers with HEAVY LOADS of Hate will come out of the WOODwork.

          This Chase is definitely not for the MEEK!

          One must be BRAVE after this TROVE!

          Your EFFORT will be WORTH THE COLD from those tossing stones at you.

          Sometimes some people get so ugly and post insults on here that it makes nice, good hearted people get TIRED and WEAK with all the ugliness and give up their search.

          • VGB…
            Stop insulting people and start your own blog page and take your supporters with you. I along with many others on here are not appreciative of a lot of your remarks. They contribute nothing to the purpose for which Dal’s blog was intended. They waste a lot of time, fill up peoples email boxes and are seen more like “Mind games” on your part. I don’t comment much on here, but enjoy the comments of people who have serious ideas (although I am satified with my spot) to present. I will jump in once in a while to share HONEST thoughts, but will never insult their intelligence. I may even share ideas that may help, but not endanger my location. This is what the blog is about. Not the nonsense you present. When people outright tell you their feelings, regarding your posts, you belittle them and make it seem as there are others that support you. Well, there are and generally you are complimenting them to gain their continued support (like jen and other ladies on here). You remind me of a high school jock who smooshes the girls and have them drooling all over you. Well, this isn’t hign school, but a serious venture for all of us. We invest money and time into this and can’t afford to be waasting either. So, unless you have something to say that we all feel is contributing to the blog, PLEASE DON’T POST. My apologies to Dal, but to me (I will let others speak for themselves) I will have to say “Thanks, but no thanks”. My patients have run out. Dal, if and when I find the chest, you can depend on hearing from me personally (and Stephanie of course 🙂 ).

          • Just because we don’t all give out our ideas doesn’t mean we aren’t contributing. f intended this to be fun and for us to bond with our family and friends and really that’s what we are doing. And you might be shocked at the amount of information sharing that goes on inside a lot of what is perceived as meaningless banter. Calm down and enjoy this! We are!

            j ~ PFW

          • I’m sad if you leave GG, because I really enjoy your posts. VG and I actually had some disagreements a while back on FB, because he is…well, VG..he says confident…I say arrogant…Jen says cocky lol. We talked in email and ended up finding a happy place and enjoying each others company on the blogs and on FB. Someone once told me when I was having issues with someone else…what’s your goal…all our goal is to find the treasure…so I think we should all try and just see through the personality differences and find our places. I’m totally sure I annoy some(or more than some) on here to no end with my girly flirtatious lame humor. I don’t mean this to sound soapboxy…I actually thought what Rodney King said after those riots was one of the most profound things I had ever heard even though so many laughed at him….when he said “Can’t we all just get along”. I hope everyone who doesn’t care for someone else on this blog will reconsider trying to find so mething they like about them and changing their mind. Ok ok…so it was soapboxy lol….*bubble bubble* <—-lame humor.

          • The bubbles go great with turkey and gravy. And I am still waiting for VGBoss to buy a vowel from CY so I can find out about the blazing game changer.

          • Stephanie-
            I just looked at the pics you put up of Pats “trinkets” on your blog. I read the story earlier but had not seen the photos. Very cool to meet him and that he showed you his finds. Is he showing you petroglyphs on that large rock?

          • He’s showing me arrows that the indians made to mark their way somewhere. He’s seen a lot of them around the area and believes they will take him to a cave with a cache of goodies. So I’m guessing Forrest is familiar with the way they made those arrows look like “plus” signs…maybe he’s made some that mark the way and that’s why we don’t need a map.

        • OMG….what did I do to warrant such a huge huge comment directed at me?

          I’m simply participating in this FREE Open Public Blog. If I’m doing something wrong would dal not block me from posting?

          ONCE AGAIN I REPEAT – If anyone hates me or the comments that I post within this FREE open blog, to all Chasers, just ignore them…Don’t read them…and move along.

        • dal I would if you email me and tell what I have done…cause I don’t know what I have done…Instead should you not get with those that are insulting me…you know those who use foul language geared toward me…and you still leave those posts up?

        • Well it’s official DAL has warned me via email about my comments within his BLOG. I guess my comments are just too THRILLING for this CHASE.

          • VGBoss baby sir, you are now on double secret probation in the gravy yard. You may sit on the tomb of the trove.

        • Doubting Thomas….People think Forrest Fenn is a trickster…personally I never believed that for I believe he is a honest and generous man…but I’m realizing now that there is alot of fishy stuFF going on with this Chase and within this blog with so many using different usernames and email addresses.

          The Thrill of the Chase is heating up FOLKS!

          • VGBoss baby sir agreed. The multitheaded shadow searchers are making it difficult to be wise and brave in the wood. I am, however, on the gravy trail up my creek.

        • I hear you Doubting Thomas…So Doubting Thomas are you on a team as I am or solo on this Chase? My team and I believe you are on a team…Is it ok if we call your team The Silver Surfers?

          • I’m Han Solo. Ronin. A knuckleheaded searcher. Having gotten a Dal warning, this is the last time I will be engaging you in this manner VGBoss baby sir! Thunderbirds are go!

        • Doubting Thomas I got that and I hear you..LOL

          Good luck and just in case you’re a trickster… tell your team I say Hello and Goodbye

          VGBOSS is getting off this train gonna hop on another…PEACE

          • Ok good luck VGBoss baby sir. The only team I have is the me in team.

          • God help the passengers of that new train…..sorry, couldn’t resist. Geez, now I’ll hear some intelligent comments.

  3. poor stacy from ny got left in a jilt on the last comment page…..
    If you figure it out Stacy, welcome to Dal’s blog and don’t be discouraged by what some people say on here, there is plenty of places to look and YOURS may be the only right place….so again, welcome

  4. Well….it’s 10:30 here. I’m getting ready to hit the hay. Someone on here told me that everyone can see my twitter feed. Let me just say, that’s fine with me. All you will find is that I am a straight up person. Someone from here asked me a question and I gave my answer. I got the feeling someone thought I was intentionally trying to mislead them. You don’t know me but I would never do that. I have no reason to lie. On my fridge, I have my own personal “family motto” for my kids to live by and learn from, it says “Honor God, love your family & friends, and help someone if you can.” I try to show my kids how to live this by example. Anything I have said on here you can take at face value or you can wallow it to death and try to twist it around but that won’t change the fact that I meant what I said. I genuinely hope someone finds the treasure soon, I had my chance and why wouldn’t I now want to help someone else if I could? I understand greed and the feeling of wanting to keep secrets for yourself but that’s not where I’m at. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m just sharing what I feel is honest and well-educated information. I just gave some really good insight into the clues today but it’s not near everything I know, but I’m truly HAPPY to share and listen to everyone else’s ideas. I got such a kick out of searching for the treasure and I know you do too. I doubt I will ever make it back there and so now I get my joy out of watching you all try and figure it out. If there is something I can add to it that someone wishes to know, then I will gladly help you if I can, if not, I will just be watching from the sidelines and cheering each of you on. I love this blog. I hope everyone has golden dreams tonight and sunshiny days tomorrow……good night all.

    • Good Night Stephanie. I for one, think your heart is in the right place. Though I will have to do some research into the Union Pacific. I was not aware they were traditionally thought of as HOB at their stations. Are you sure you are not thinking of the United Parcel Service? They love their brown color for certain.

      I better start looking at historical records of the Union Pacific just to be sure. Sweet dreams Stephanie!

      • thanks you, Leather….and yes, I am thinking of the UPS…it is the home of brown, but coincidentally the old train depot at West Yellowstone is also called the U.P.S. Union Pacific Systems before it’s name was changed. And the train that ran through there was the Yellowstone Special, which Fenn mentions he has a “special” secret. There are many more clues to the train in the book, for instance the Olga teas are the colors of the old Yellowstone Special Flag that was hoisted traditionally. The old depot still stands in West Yellowstone. I was just sharing this because it is what I based my search off of. The rest of the poem is easy to follow from there…’s why I went there. Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate them.

        • Steph D-
          I’ve scoured that station and neighboring areas including the old water tower for the train (water high), the Dude motel and the place where his family camped and built cabins and stowed their gear in winter. There are so many clues that can be attached to West Yellowstone it can keep you busy for years. By the way. The main drag in West Yellowstone is Canyon Street. You can follow it down hill or you can follow it down on a map (south).

        • When I was a kid, I had an awesome train set. Loads of fun playing with it. Darn I miss those golden days.

        • Ok so we have:

          1 – Union Pacific Systems
          2 – United Parcel Service
          3 – Trout

          …any more OFFICIAL “home of Browns” to add to that list?

          More than 1 “home of Brown” at play within the P O E M?

        • I have not searched Garden of the Gods Ragnar. Though I can tell you, if it was hidden there, it would likely be stumbled upon. That is a VERY heavily trafficked sight. Still a wonderful place to see though. I suppose there is a chance that the clues could lead you to such a specific spot that even in a place like that, it could remain hidden. It is a favorite of Geo-cachers in this area.

    • He’s being very generous with the 107 year comment. I already look like that after close to a year of chasing.

    • This is too funny. I was just thinking along those lines myself. As everyone (myself included) obsesses and spends an inordinate amount of their life in front of a computer looking for THE “answer” like the comedy sketch “Who’s on first?” We click our heels like Dorothy and realize there’s no place like home (not Home of the Brown lol). Maybe the simple solution and message is to get on with the treasures of your own life and resist the endless chasm of the www that keeps on sucking us in. There are many ways you can interpret the poem, one of which is literally LIFE.

      The Chase is thrilling. I’ve learnt so from doing the research. I have my fantasy spot that calls to me, kind of like Fenn’s clearing in Vietnam. Will I go look? Probably not. I really don’t think I need the loot. But I do hope Mr Fenn’s story and the puzzle solution comes out for the world to see. I also hope whoever finds it does use the majority of it to do some good.

      VG I agree and follow most of your logic 🙂
      Hi Steph, thanks for the welcome.

      • Dandelion and Burdock I appreciate that. Makes me feel good to read that and your good hearted comment is a treasure in itself. Makes me feel warm inside and brings a smile to my face. Thank You

  5. Forrest left this message for us:

    Looks like we are going live on the Today show tomorrow about 07:40 or so. Matt Lauer is going to ask me some questions. f

  6. Diggin’ this fresh clean lucky 13 thread- even my thoughts seem more organized now! Going over some maps and planning to head out for a 3 day trip to NM tomorrow night. Time to see how many HOBs we can comfortably canvas. CHC

    • COHighCountry are you saying there are multiple “home of Browns”? No way!!!

      • No, not box canyon springs. Begin WWWH…YS is one of the largest caldera parks in the world….those boiling springs halt at the boundary lines. The only line that means anything to Fenn there would be West YEllowstone. The HOB, universally is the UPS, the Union Pacific System RR, with the Yellowstone Special being it’s last stop on this run is the HOB. The old iron horse also is brown if you rub it. Take it in the canyon down, too far to walk, drive down hwy 20 (aka box canyon), 30 minutes into Idaho, which is the length of time he said his brother disappeared there, Fenn is a history buff, he mentions trains many times…….the old town were called set-outs/put-ins…..Island Park Idaho is one of these put-ins….and its below the home of brown….you won’t need a paddle up your creek… almost exactly 30 minutes of drive time from WYS, you reach the put-in of Island park, on your left is Old Chick Creek Rd…..(Fenn talks alot about old ladies, grandmas, specifically biddies, which the definition for is chicks)……there is a ford back there…..old lady ford, which he loves…..also this rd intersects with the old railroad line, which would put mean the end of the line is drawing nigh, for you and the train, both a LEFT turn. To get to island park from wys, you have to cross the snake river, the buffalo, and the robin’s roost, which is easy to miss (easy to miss a robin in his book), all of these are mentioned, also he says his mother was watching out the window for the postman, the Yellowstone special used to bring the mail. Once you turn onto old chick creek rd, I promise you it is no place for the meek. Not really dangerous, per se, but no reason for any human to go back there, you need a four wheel drive to get back there. All the parts of the poem fit and they fit perfectly. Also, if you research Sawtell, he is an early settler there, attached to the RR, you will find an article about him and it talks about fairies, rainbows, sand, etc…..everything fits this one spot.

        • Also Fenn says know your boundaries. The Yellowstone branch line is the boundary line just before you cross into Wyoming. When you turn on Old Chick creek rd, there is a blaze on a tree, just before you cross through the barbed-wire fence, but it is a ranger blaze on a tree, marking their boundary. So I assume once you cross through the fence, you are not on federal land, but I don’t know this for sure, I’m just guessing about this. But back at the ford, there is a knotted rope, a thick one, to ford the river….he talks about knotted ropes , thick anchor ropes, in the book.

        • and one of the most important clues for me is that Fenn said he would crawl there if he could and die beside the treasure and he might not be found for many years. If you’ve ever been back to this area……there is nothing back there but woods… homes…..nothing but woods for miles. You could clearly see how he might not be found for a long time because there is no reason for anyone to ever go back that way.

          • Steph D.
            That’s your paraphrase of what Forrest said and I think its a misleading paraphrase.

        • Thanks for this post Stephanie. I think the biddies is a hint as well. FWIW elevation of Old Chick Creek road is at least 6250 ft, so it passes that test 🙂 There is one place where the road crosses an apparently unnamed stream, which would satisfy my expectation that the treasure will be found in a valley with a stream.

        • Dal, I’m not trying to mislead anybody, but this location was not gotten through simple guessing. It was after many many hours of careful study. If it was so easy to come up with, I think there would be more ppl on the gravy train….so to speak. Fenn is a brilliant man, but he’s not complicated. He’s straight forward and old school. He even said, don’t over think it. He is a history buff, he’s an “old west” kind of guy. To come up with my location you HAVE to know your history, also one other thing that fits….that ford on river crosses at Tom’s creek…as in “thumb” ….Tom Thumb. It doesn’t matter to me if anyone from on here goes to that spot. If I ever get the chance, maybe I’ll go back myself, if not, I have friends that had already planned a trip to YS, even before I told them about the treasure. They don’t NEED the treasure but they are more than happy to scout around this location for me, just for fun. They leave on the 18th. The snow will be cleared and I have told them what I think Forrest’s blaze might look like, so even though they haven’t studied it, they may still come up with it, but at the least, they will have fun, just as I and my family did. But again, my location is just my opinion….an educated one, but still just an opinion.

        • Where a man’s heart is….there his treasure lies also. – Bible. Fenn has already said his heart is in West Yellowstone and the surrounding area. His mother died there….the last summer his dad was alive, he drove him 1600 miles to West Yellowstone. Where else would the man want to die but where his heart is. He also said his church is in the woods. He said the chest was exposed to rain, snow and could be scorched in a forest fire. To me, these are the strongest clues…..the essence of the man himself. Like I said before, he’s brilliant but he’s straight forward and I think ppl or definitely over thinking it like he says.

          • I’m conflicted. I like your logic Stephanie D, but I’m pretty sure f also mentioned that he’d go out to the desert and die with his treasure. I really need to get a copy of the book so I can dig a little deeper. CHC

        • Stephanie,

          I like your story; but, I solved (think) the poem without the book and you just applied way too much book to find the location. The book validated my location based on important (and not so important) things to Mr Fenn. I guess in the end Ω we will see (if there is an end to all this madness).

  7. home of Brown = Purple Mountain in Yellowstone.( Purple + yellow = Brown)?
    below home of brown = letter value = 191, hwy.191 under Purple Mtn. just a thought?

  8. Signing in. Lots of talk here but unless confirming embedded clue found don’t think anyone is going to find it. My two cents.

  9. Folks,

    I finally made the trip I had been anticipating for the longest time. I thought I had all the bases covered, except for one minor exception. As I was moving along the trail about 30 yards in front and just of the trail a large mountain Lion arose from the grass and brush. Thankfully I had followed the trail rules which are make noises as you move along the woods so you don’t surprise any wildlife, if you see a predator such as a lion present yourself as large as you can, by all means do not run and carry a large stick and beat it against the brush or trees to enhance the noise. It was these actions that thankfully allowed me to not surprise the lion and made him move up the mountain away from the trail.

    So please follow the posted signs by the forest service and travel with a partner. This is especially true if you are small in stature. More than likely predators in the woods will stay away from you, but you’ll never know when there may be a wild card that will want to behave differently.

    I figured that would be my adventure for the day and I headed back to the car which was about a mile and a half from the encounter.

    Be safe and respect wildlife.

    • @Chuy
      Glad you made it……some of those cats look like they are leaving when actually they are getting behind you. For such an elusive animal they have no problem attacking a human. The fact you seen it at all probably means it was hunting you. You offered some good advice, I hope folks are listening.

      Moose can also be very aggressive and dangerous. For that matter any wild animal protecting their young or being surprised can be very dangerous.

      I hope everyone will be careful and do some research on the dangers of the areas they will be visiting………..The line between a wonderful day and absolute disaster is very thin in the wilderness.

      • Glad you are OK just wanted to say it sounds so dangerous even for the meek and may rethink some of the places. Thanks for reminding us to stay alert and watch for all animal life large and small.JMW

      • GOG,

        It didn’t occur to me that the lion was hunting me. It seemed very curious to me that he/she was so close to the trail. By the way, when I made the additional noise it did not runaway quickly. It very slowly walked up the mountain. Almost like letting me know this is my mountain you are trespassing.

        He did get my attention for sure. It is one thing when you see these Cougars in a zoo, but very different when there is no fence between you. This lion seemed to be larger than what I had expected.

        The encounter would have to be a last stand for sure considering I was not running and alone. As suggested by the forest service be prepare to fight with anything you may have.

        Thank You

    • Chuy, VERY smart of you for sure.It is no joke out there.People please be very respectful of your surroundings.The wildlife in your search area sees you,but you may not see them until it is too late.

      • Ken, you are so right. These animals are smart and know there environment very well.
        I thought it would be helpful for all if I posted the encounter which happened yesterday at around 2PM in the Santa Fe National Forest Mountains.

    • wow chuy.. glad nothing bad happened.. just curious, were you in new mexico or another state?? a question for you westerners, what type of area is the most commom habitat for these lions?? any particular elevations they inhabit most?? thanks

      • Casey, I was in New Mexico in the Santa Fe Mountains. As for the area they could be anywhere in the wilderness. I live in Denver and we have had Cougars in the foothills. But this was the first time that I have seen one in the wild and so close.

      • Casey, its my understanding that they can be found at just about any elevation. Look for them where they can find food. In California they are found in more than half the state. My understanding is that they are found throughout the Rockies. Heck, they are found even in Florida. I’ve seen them several times near my home and have come across their kill while hiking. Considering how many of them are throughout the US, there are very few times when people have been attacked so I wouldn’t let them get to you (remember meek clue). Just stay alert, don’t try to run away from one (they get a thrill of the chase too)and stay very aware of your surroundings. Part of thrill being in the woods is knowing you are not really alone.

    • Hi, Chuy and All, I’m really glad you made it out safely, Chuy. Thought I’d add this email message (one in a series of exchanges we had) from our friendly Wildlife Biologist. We found a food cache on our property here in the Zuni Mts. It was a mountain lion cache of elk…the elk had been chewed in half and then cached in two separate places. Anyway, the info in this email might be good for people going out into the mts. to hunt treasure. My advice…look up, look down, look all around. Then put your right foot in….;o) ”
      Subject: Re: caches in the yard

      Hello again,
      The location of this kill site is absolutely cougar/lion habitat. Lots of low cover to use in their ambush predation. In country such as this, the lions will not drop from a tree as I previously stated, but rather wait in thick brush for prey to move close and be ambushed. Lions also like the surrounding hills to perch on, this is great cat territory and I would have no reservations that you are looking at a lion kill site. So beware…
      Yes, lions can kill cattle, but it is not frequent. Usually they would prey upon calves or possibly sick/injured cattle, but not healthy adults often. If your lion does prey upon adult cattle, it is probably a large tom (male)…then really beware. However, the presence of a lion could very well deter cattle from moving in that direction, hence why they have not tested your fence. Lions usually hunt at night, so as long as you do not roam about this area at night, you will probably be fine. A motion-activated trail camera, which are commercially available and actually relatively economical, would prove once and for all who your neighbor is…..just a thought.
      Enjoy your adventures with your lion, and you should feel honored if in fact one has chosen to reside near you. Just be careful.
      I don’t get out of Idaho often, but if I make it your way somehow, I’ll stop by and we can track your elusive neighbor and say hi to him.
      Best Regards,

      • Jeremy, you are so right about this mountain lion he was large and he was laying low in the brush. He blended so well that it wasn’t until I got closer that he got up. I don’t think there was a kill close by, There were no cattle but plenty of deer.

        For sure he isn’t my lion. But do agree with your advice that they typically hunt at dusk or dawn (early morning or late afternoon). So if you are in the wood and alone make plenty of noise on the trail. I believe that is what made him surface up and slowly walk away, Whether he was stalking me or not it is hard to say.

        • Chuy, I’m no biologist but I can tell you that I personally witness a mountain lion take down a deer on a hill side that faces my house. It was in the middle of the day. It happened so fast that I had barely enough time to process what was happening. My guess is that they usually hunt more at night because that’s when their prey are usually out foraging too but I guess it all depends how hungry they are.

      • Chuy, I tell myself that I’d be thrilled to lay eyes on one…after the rubber knee knocking stopped! btw… Jeremy, a really nice name, isn’t my name… Jeremy is the wonderful biologist who answered our questions about the cache we found. My family calls me Mikey. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Good luck and stay safe.

    • Chuy, I always keep one of those airhorns in my backpack to scare off any large animals when I’m on a hike in the woods. That and a really loud, ear-piercing survival whistle.

      • Gian-
        I was with a friend hiking around in Glacier Nat’l Park a few years ago. He carried an airhorn like that for grizzlies. He kept it attached to his backpack chest harness…like a grenade, because he wanted it handy. We were watching the sunset from a peak on the first evening out. It was calm and beautiful and we could see peak after peak in the western front of the rockies on the horizon. The sky was deep purple and orange…you know the scene..
        My friend was laying down on some soft subalpine grasses and using his pack as a pillow. Completely silent. Just another wonderful sunset in the mountains. For no apparant reason his airhorn just fired off. Right into his ear. It didn’t just pop once and stop. It kept going until it was empty of air. Took about a minute. It was the loudest, most piecing and totally unnatural sound you could imagine. Scared the bejeezes out of both of us and my friend was jumping around holding his ear. He was in a great deal of physical pain from that thing. His right eardrum was numb for about 24 hours. On the plus side we never saw any grizzly bears up there after that.

        • Dal,

          Bet your friend’s horn scared all the wildlife for miles. Those things are loud. There are also canisters with bear spray. I don’t know how well they would work on a cougar since they are so fast.

          Good and funny story probably but not at the time. One would think that after it went off for so long he would have tossed as far as possible just like a grenade.

  10. @germanguy, yup, all fits…I guess it’s just as good as everyone else’s guesses.So many seem to have solved the poem, so many possibles, could be right and be 100 miles from it…who knows. Just hope to be alive when someone does find it.

  11. Stephanie Davis – How far away from those cameras can the viewer be? Is the picture still or is there motion?

    • Becky, I don’t know how far ours can see but I can tell you ours see all the way over to the highway, which is about a 1/4 mile away and they are motion activated but we have the sensitivity set so as not to pick up a car, only a person, and sometimes it picks up wild animals in our yard, but not very often, you can SEE all the animals on the camera but the movements of the smaller ones, such as raccoons and such are not recorded. I can tell you the place where I think the treasure is has a road that dead-ends at a Ford….Old Lady Ford???……off of Old Chick Creek Rd……and there are plenty of places to put a camera that would be inconspicuous and could also get a clear shot if someone was in the vicinity.

      • @StephanieDavis
        I applaude your solution. Very well researched and creative. It shows how hard people are working on this.
        As you no doubt know West Yellowstone was once called Boundary, then Riverside, then Yellowstone and finally West Yellowstone.
        Great job and good luck.

    • It doesn’t have to be a trail cam. There are very good live sattelite feeds available to anyone willing to subscribe to them.

  12. I have been kicking around another idea that perhaps the ΩΩ at the end of TotC means that there are two endings to the poem. (Omega meaning end; the last letter of the Greek alphabet.) Not that the treasure is split in two, but that poem is a double set of directions.

    You first read the poem on a Macro scale, each clue describes a location hundreds of miles from the next. It ends in a general location not specific enough to find the treasure. So you start the poem again on a Micro scale. This time reinterpreting the clues where each direction is only hundreds or maybe only dozens of feet apart.

    The line that makes me think this is “Not far, but too far to walk.” What a weird line, a complete contradiction in seven words. It is far or it isn’t, how can both be true? Loosen the belt on your mind about seven notches, reread the book, and see if you can find the tidbit that matches this one line. Loosen your mind another seven notches and noodle on the story around it.

    • tom I enjoyed your read….and Yes I too believe the Omega Symbols, at the end of the Book, are a HUGE clue…but one has to use insane, awesome, imagination to decipher those….really-really think outside the boX.

      That is my opinion. If you or anyone who reads that comment of mine please don’t get upset just ignore it and move on.

        • stephanie davis that is true but the Omega Symbols mean a whole lot of other things as well.

          • Automatically deleting ANYTHING posted by VGBOSS – too obnoxious for words — and don’t give me any **** about cyberbullying you whack jobs out there

        • O M E G A

          Anyone have some dangerous intel on the O M E G A symbols to share with me?
          Darn symbols are frustrating the heck out of me. HELP!

        • jen – What is that? THINK? Never heard of it or see that word. Is that another word Forrest Fenn made up for this Chase?

          • It could be, really it just sounded good. And that is what I am up to today. Thinking!! THINK THINK THINK!


        • VGB,, In Indian lore the Omegas represent something you played with as a child—-look it up……..

  13. I was hoping we could skip 13 and go straight to 14:). But it is 2013:)

  14. .

    Input: Ca Nyon
    Key: Brown
    Encode …

    Scott C wrote (in part 12)


    Not to sound “wise” but are you referring to this?

    Hi Scott,

    That was part of the reference, but also in jest. Aside from the somewhat meager connection to the poem’s “b-owled” and “in the wood”, I have unfortunately not found any further connection to the owl (unless I haven’t gotten to that part yet), So although that piece is on the table, I don’t put much weight on it.


    There is a group (perhaps a small minority) that is working to deciper the poem.

    Forrest did quite a bit of work on the poem… “I crafted that poem”, he said. And it becomes obvious once you start working on it.

    People ask where to start, and Forrest says “start at the beginning”.

    “As I have gone alone in there” . Here he has (clue) ONE listed 5 or 6 times, and the NEIN (clues)

    Roman I = 1
    A = 1

    As “I” have g ONE A=1 l ONE in there … gone alon EIN (german ONE) there … alo NEIN (NINE) there

    What are the odds of all those ONEs occurring in line ONE? So, one could further exploration in his work.


    “Not far, but too far to walk”, and he later answers with “nigh”, where nigh means both “close” and “left” which is “too far to walk”, since you will never close the gap on something to the left. I wouldn’t say all lines (because I haven’t gotten that far), but many of the phrases refer to multiple interpretation, including this example.

    Anyway, these are not outright clues, but pieces.

    What a joker … “not far, BUTT oo FART o walk … home of Brown”, lol

    Be well,

  15. not sure if this has been mentioned yet this morn, but the new clue is… its’ not in a graveyard…

  16. lol .. wasnt anything showing a moment ago.. anyway thats a good clue in my opiinion.. i was still considering areas near a couple of graveyards.. now i wont.

    • Fenn said it is “not in” a graveyard…does not mean it is not “near” a graveyard.

  17. I always thought that was a no brainer.Good for forrest to clarify just the same.Gold fever has a way of making people do foolish things!!

  18. Hmmm 13 can be unlucky…I am in the mountain of just being the same time. I will soon hear the new clue in my time. If it is true then I must go above the secret garden because one of them is dead. I now know where to look beyond the gaze. Where will the children learn? Anyway, …..

  19. That so called clue just shattered my dreams. I was waiting on a graveyard in Wyoming to thaw. Funny how he throws out places the chest is not on the Today Show. Anyone actually believe he put it in a graveyard? Associated with a historical headstone maybe but in a graveyard come on.

    • JJ-
      As has been said a million times, never underestimate the foolishness of the human race, particularly when it comes to getting a million dollars for following the clues in what appears to be a very simple poem.

      I have twice heard from people who were convinced it’s in a graveyard because that’s where the clues led them and because that’s where they would have buried it…no qualms. That’s why I believe it’s important to understand the character, history and vision of the man who hid this treasure and wrote that poem. I believe that by knowing more about Forrest you will know more about the kind of place he would hide it. That’s why I believe it’s imperative that searchers read his book, listen and watch his interviews.
      There are several places on this blog where we have collected information for just that reason. The media page has a nice collection of interviews with Forrest. A lot of very useful information can be gleaned from those interviews.

      and the Santa Fe interviews are a veritable gold mine of personal information about Forrest:

      • JJ listen and listen good to dal… he knows what he’s talking about…Forrest Fenn’s book, his Santa Fe interviews… have an abundance of good stuFF.

      • Dal
        I am stuck on this thought… this thought that he says the treasure isnt at man made structure and its not in a graveyard. Both of them kind of get to me.. Sure the treasure isn’t at man made structure but Home of Brown could be a structure right? and he said its not in a graveyard but you might have to go through a graveyard right? He leaves all these questions with each one like did he mean no graveyard throughout whole poem or what. Just a thought


        • Stephan-
          People on this blog have gone back and forth on that issue. Forrest has not added clarity to the clue. So we do not know exactly what he meant. Because it’s so vague, that clue has made little difference to me.

          I start with WWWH and go from there…if the only Home of Brown I can find is a structure…that’s what I take..

          The only difference that clue makes to me is the final hidey spot. I am certain he meant that the chest is not hidden in a structure.

      • Your blog is a gold mine in itself you just have to pan for it. I run a small business and handle all my own paperwork. I have a great appreciation for what you do here but i’m still wondering how you find time to search. TY for the links.

      • I agree Dal, 100 percent. You can count on ME to support that idea….

  20. Today Show video: Forrest states, “I hid it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t buried.” What’s THAT suppose to mean?? Forrest has stated in the past that he DIDN’T bury the treasure. Now he’s saying this?? Unreal.

    • Joethepro-
      Nothing new at all. And certainly not unreal. He has said from the beginning whenever someone said he “buried” the treasure, “I never said it was buried. I said I hid it. That does not mean it isn’t buried.”
      His point is very useful. It is hidden but not necessarily buried.

      A similar thing happened in the beginning with “New Mexico”. Reporters were constantly saying that he “buried it in the mountains of New Mexico north of Santa Fe”. Whenever he had the chance he would say two things.
      1. I never said it was buried.
      2. I never said it was in New Mexico.

      These are extremely important tips…or clues.
      There are 12 of these tips listed on the TIPS page on this blog.

      • I agree with dal.

        Forrest says one thing and Reporters scramble his words all-up and say another thing and this is where us Chasers get confused then some Chasers come to this blog and ask did Forrest Fenn say this, did he say that can you point me to the page, video, or where he said that.

        I also, like dal, believe that “it is hidden but not necessarily buried. So how you play with that on paper and in your mind as well as in discussion with friends at a coffeehouse well that’s another thing. Me personally I believe, in my opinion, that the Chest is hidden, may be covered by Trees, Branches, Bushes, Logs, Boulders, Rocks, or some of that with Dirt/Sand/Mud or even under water with all of that stuFF….SO it might be hidden as well as buried!

        ATTENTION – that’s my opinion. if my opinions upset you please don’t read my comments within this blog. Skip over them. Simple as that.

      • dal – you (maybe most of you?) probably have this figured out, but I’ll post for those that don’t.

        My Opinion
        – Forrest has said from the beginning whenever someone said he “buried” the treasure, “I never said it was buried. I said I hid it. That does not mean it isn’t buried.”

        I don’t think FF “buried” the chest, but depending on wear he “hid” it, it is buried for a number of months each year – – by SNOW.

        So could definitely be “buried”, depending on when/where you are searching!!

      • DT- I have thought on these same lines with it being placed in some sort of grave or tomb of sorts that Forrest had set up. Where he has stated that it could be hidden for a long period of time. Maybe there is a special property marker or boundary marker he has placed on a piece of property he owns somewhere.

        • I’m just thinking about his story regarding encountering a soldiers grave stone in Vietnam. Hidden by brush. Stone on top of the grave. Marker hard to see. The box is 10 x 10 etc. it’s going to be tough to find it.

  21. I just watched the Today Show link. I hope people pay more attention to the clue than the Today Show staff does to what Mr. Fenn actually says because Savannah Guthrie says the treasure is somewhere in the southwest.

    When are these media people going to start actually LISTENing GOOD?

    There’s a lot of “fight cancer” ads on the link site… Mr Fenn must love that. I do.

    Thanks for the link VGBOSS.


    • My pleasure JD…I try hard to think about all the Chasers out there and try to help out dal in any way I can but most importantly to make this blog a lot more awesome/exciting/informative….I mean it’s already awesome/exciting/informative without me but I will try to make this hangout a bit more THRILLING whether people like me or not.

      • VGBOSS ….If you really want to make this a more informative blog why don’t you post something informative instead of the the mindless drivel you spout like how you are the only one who knows anything…The way I see it you are fishing for clues from everyone else. Just looking at ALL THE POST YOU MAKE anyone can see that YOU ARE FULL OF YOURSELF. JUST MY OPINION and most likely that of many others on this blog which by the way is Dals not yours

        • Jerry Jerry Jerry…. we already went over all this yesterday with others on part 12, go read that. Play nice now, we adore our cocky VG and he is part of the group so don’t be ugly to him. We all have a role to play, let him play his and just leave him in peace.  By the way, typing in all caps for even one word is called “shouting” and if they are ugly words then it is flaming and flaming is part of cyberbullying. So if your intent is not to be a bully but simply emphasis please be sure to state that so we don’t have to cover our ears! j


        • rbdancer if Your comment is directed at me, VGBOSS, I try…you know it’s like tossing a Stone in Forrest Fenn’s backYard pond and it creates ripples.

  22. Here’s a question for all you that have been reading Forrest’s books. How would Forrest define “meek” and “brave”? “Meek” is a hard one, it can apply to so many things. And, “brave” is a real puzzle to me. It’s not a rhyming word, he chose is specifically for a reason. But why . . ?

    • good question.. to me, they sort of go hand in hand.. brave confirms you havent been meek.. somewhere in this poem is the key to solving the puzzle in my opinion.. i think it comes down to one clue.. but which one???

    • Brave could be…a warrior, especially among North American Indian tribes. That’s how the dictionary defines it. A good fit as f is into Native American archaeology. happy hunting. CHC

    • As many people will tell you they think anagrams play a role in the final soltion, I have learned to accep his unusual words. Google the definition and analize the context and then decide
      for yourself why a word or phrase might be important.
      “brave and in the wood”…anagrams to…”I have donated Brown….

  23. casey,
    If ‘brave’ is a repeat to ‘no place for the meek’, then it’s a filler line. After saying ‘Listen up and listen good’, I just can’ see it as a throw away.

  24. TGIF baby!!!

    (W)here are comments?

    (W)here’s the Thrill?

    (H)eck am I the only 1 truly addicted 100% to this Chase?

    Is there anyone, out there, willing to partner up with VGBOSS? I’m really a nice guy, really.

    Oh and blog alert…I just finished drinking my 3rd cup of Joe. About to get up and get my 4th. So consider this a warning….I may be worse than yesterday.

    And yes I do believe there are 2 “home of Brown” and 3 to 4 “where warm waters halt” and several blazes at play with this Poem, this Chase, this Cache.

    Happy Friday to all and time to get this new blog thread heated-up and going!! Got to give the lurkers and the beautiful people out there something to read! Time to add some Thrill to this Chase!

    *So what’s up with the “graveYard” clue this morning? Anyone love this clue or did you see it and accept it as a non-clue?

    • Clearly a non-clue, along with “brave” and other things parsed endlessly. We already know it’s not associated with or under any structure, and why in the world would he put the treasure there? I think FF left it in a spot of great beauty and one that helps you fear “the end” less.

      Remember, his first plan was to take the treasure, hide it, and just die in the woods, right? I don’t think he’d have chosen to keel over next to (or inside) a graveyard, unless it was an extraordinarily lovely one. IMHO.

      • I agree with you rbdancer…totally a non-clue this morning…BUT….it there might be a clue in there, somewhere, for those who are using anagrams/crypto…and stuFF.

        Right about now those people using those systems to crack this Chase are probably working the word graveYard and anything else Forrest Fenn said this morning.

        Even those people that study Forrest Fenn’s facial expressions while being interviewed along with his posture and trying to get clues with that method.

        So this mornings appearance by Forrest Fenn may in fact contain a clue in there somewhere for some people but a non-clue to some of us.

        • VGB, I like the anagram angle to provide supporting hints, but, the no graveyard clue sounds like FF scolding us for doing stupid things like digging in graveyards.
          Didnt someone get arrested for this recently. Sounds like Forrest saying Stop That!

          • F really should just come out and say knock off the stupidity people! But hopefully people will take the clue and not dig up graves. Just tacky!

            j ~ PFW

      • Most definitely Doubting Thomas…and as I stated before – Forrest Fenn is awesome….This Chase is Funtastic and Fenntastic at the same time!

      • Forrest is having to say clues like not in a cave, not in an outhouse, not in a graveyard because people are doing stupid stuff that is totally out of left field trying to find this treasure. Common sense rules in this quest, he is trying to save people from themselves.

        • Debra,

          I believe that whatever forrest says outside the poem is only warning….
          Stuff that goes on in the search that may be problematic, such as not needing a shovel or it’s not in outhouses. People have actually been doing and looking in these places. The clue today wasn’t a clue but rather a warning. Don’t expect any real clues from him.

          • It’s sad he has to give warnings. People would otherwise have all sorts of things dug up that should never be touched. Graves are sacred.

            j ~ PFW

    • ok john.. you asked the question u got some feedback, now what are you going to divulge? 😉

      • casey,
        The only thing I will divulge is that I believe the clues for ‘cold’ and ‘brave’ are important clues. And, I don’t have them pinned down yet. The rest I will keep to myself. I’m planning my trip later in May.

  25. I think the “BRAVE” thing is much simpler. Like maybe the road or canyon where you start looking for the blaze is steep or narrow or otherwise kinda scary to some but not to all.

  26. I will add one last thing; there are two games being played here. One, to find the chest. The other, to solve the puzzle and not find the chest. I’m in the first group.

    • you’re correct.. i guess i’m somewhat a member of both camps.. i like sharing a little insight/interpretation but not too specific.. my chances are very limited being 1200 miles away. hopefully i’ll get one more chance this summer.. gl to you

  27. Greetings all! Thought I’d finally join in after lurking around for awhile. Started creeping myself out. You seem like a friendly group. Thanks Dal for all the effort it must take to maintain this blog. Kindda glad FF confirmed the treasure is not in a graveyard. Was getting worried that all the graves in the Rockies with a horseshoe on them were in for a unwelcome visit. Hey, there are more of them than you think! My two bits for the day–the treasure might be under a pile of rocks and whether one considers that “buried” or not is irrelevant. Rocks would hide it enough from being found casually, protect the box somewhat from the elements and curious bears.My inner Raven says that’s what to look for. What do you think?

    • could be raven.. but .. according to the poem, “look quickly down your quest to cease”.. i interpret that as its visible…jmho

    • Raven,
      There hasn’t been much talk here about cairns. But, where trees are absent, cairns are used as trial blazes. So, in your case, the cairn would serve as both the ‘blaze’ and the hiding place. Also, meets the ‘look quickly down’ phrase!!

      • When I was searching one of my “special” spots, I came across a cairn right where a spring (warm waters?) entered a cold river. Nearly had a heart attack myself as I scrambled up the hill. But the spring petered out before anything interesting happened — it was coming right out of the mountainside under a huge pile of rocks (heavy loads?). And too close to fishing foot traffic. But cairns are still on my list.

      • John, I’ve considered your cairn idea. I would add that I’ve seen cairns in all types of wilderness areas–even those with lots of trees. My thought is that the cairn ideas also fits with the “heavy load” clue–area with lots of rocks.

  28. I’m checking to see if I got enough term life insurance coverage just in case the stress of a high altitude hike gives me a heart attack.

  29. Hey there fellow treasure hunters 🙂
    Ever since I watched national treasure, followed by the treasure hunters series, I’ve been dreaming of something like this. Never thought it would actually come to fruition.
    I have a few “GOOD” ideas about the location of the treasure but i live all the way up in Canada for one; not that it would stop me. Im in my twenties so I dont really have any children of my own to share this experience with and b/c of visa issues(long story short, I have a Canadian pass but my dad doesnt) cant go on this chase with my own family. I want to drive all the way down and share this experience with some new ppl and make some lasting relationships along the way. And hey, im not greedy eh! Im willing to share my prize, personally bc of ur passion dal ur my number one pick 😀
    And steph u can be second… If you guys are interested we can discuss this further…
    Just an FYI everyone, including myself, get goosebumps when i tell my interpretation of the location 😉
    I really would share here but Ill wait and see what my new friends have to say abt my offer 😀

  30. This just came to my mind…and I started to chuckle a bit but then started feeling terrible.

    Imagine a person, drove all the way from New York City, to the Rocky Mountains, in his or her ToYota Tundra, to his or her favorite X spot with loads of confidence early this morning.

    Arrived to his or her X spot, sat down by the X spot tired and weak deciding to rest a bit before digging and searching…then decides to pull out the cell phone to watch the Today Show and listen to Forrest Fenn’s new clue with excitement…clue heard “The treasure is not in a graveyard”…and heck he or she is right there sitting in the graveyard.

    Did this happen to anyone out there this morning? If so; I feel for you and in no way am I making fun of you. If it was me I would feel terrible.

  31. Dal and fellow Chasers,
    What are people referring to when they speak of an “x” in the book or poem, where is this coming from or when did Forest talk about it? Someone mentioned it earlier in one of the threads I think.

    • Digger-
      There is an out of focus vintage map in the book with a frog on top of it. Some people feel there is an “x” on that map. Not all of us…just some of us…

  32. @ stephan sorry for the confusion, i meant stephanie by steph and dal u didnt take me seriously 🙁

  33. Thanks casey, gl to you too but I have had some very weird stuff happen since I found my spot 😛

  34. I have always thought I know the location and one of the clues I used was”there’ll be no paddle up your creek” this tells me it’s not that type of creek.

  35. Maybe i have to show my abilities a bit to be taken seriously 😀
    The interview on the today show where Mr.Fenn says that it is above 5000 feet : If you pay attention, Mr.Fenn has a Freud slip in my opinion, he says “the treasure is higher than 7… than 5000 feet above sea level”. Mind you, he is reading off of a piece of paper… why would he say 7 first … I believe its not just above 5000 feet but above 7000 feet 😀
    Tell me what u think 😀

      • Law enforcement :D… would make a great searching partner if you are open to it sir.

    • KK-
      That slip has been talked about and covered pretty well on this blog. It happened over a month ago.

      • hmmmm, touché dal. 😀
        finally an answer though, I hate being a broken record but I guess i missed that on here 🙂
        how can i reveal some of my work without actually doing so… should i write a poem for u too dal :D?

  36. Dal-
    besides the fact that its above 7000 feet it tells me nothing… I dont tend to read too much into thingz bc brilliance lies in its simplicity. Once again the whole chase is based on the premise of family involvement in outdoor activities; therefore not only is the terrain not challenging to the ages but also the clues.
    B/c u engaged me ill let a little more out in hopes of it not being a repetition.
    Without going to much into it, I believe the turquoise bracelet is more of a key than anything to solving this 😀
    I dont know how much more i can give away Dal without meeting up and going on a chase 🙂

    • I would like to see a link to the quote where Forrest says, “know your boundaries” and that he would crawl to the treasure”. Apologies if it is already posted. Also, does anyone remember him saying that if you were having trouble with the clues then ask your kids??

      • I think you will find it next to the quote where is said he flew into a cave with his plane and had more than a dozen people working on this making it as hard as a physics thesis paper 😀

  37. Has anyone on here actually seen the chest, sounds to me like its only a little bigger than a shoe box? I think the pictures of it are deceiving.

    • Forrests family and some of his friends have seen the chest. Some even lifted it and some even ran their fingers through it’s contents. The size of the chest is well documented. Forrest has given out the measurements and the weight and listed several of the items inside. They are mentioned in various places on this blog and in other articles written about the hunt. It’s 10x10x5 inches.

  38. Does anyone or everyone feel that “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,” is a clue or just a statement?

    • I think that I will be able to decipher that one at the location but from my armchair it sounds like “if you’ve been wise and found the place” lol

    • EmsSillyGoose – personally I believe that particular verse contains so much intel and to answer your question boldly NO it’s not just a statement.

      ATTENTION: That is my opinion. Don’t get mad, upset, angry, frustrated or what have you. It’s only my opinion and if you hate me, for hate ever weird reason for you have never met me, and you hate every comment I post, within this blog, well just scroll and pass over and ignore them.

    • Actually, VG, I think that is the final clue. The non-clues are things like “brave” and “cold” and “in the wood,” which would apply just about anywhere we would be searching (above 5k feet in the mountains). The ambiguity of the word “blaze” and the need to “look quickly down” seem to argue that this is surely a clue.

      • Interesting, I also think that clue is significant once you arrive at the “spot”. I also considered the line “your effort will be worth the cold” could possibly be a clue as well as I didn’t think that late summer time even in the rockies would be cold but I have yet to be in the rockies during summer so that assumption may be incorrect.

    • Yes it is a clue, but there needs to be more than one. A blaze can be described as “any conceivable feature that stands out from it’s background” A blaze can be very bold and easy to see, like the moon, or very subtle, and not easy to spot, like a bent leaf. James

  39. The last two clues, in my opinion, are less clues than urging people to be respectful to the grounds and heritage of this Country.

    Don’t dig up old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure. The poem doesn’t point me there, but if it does to someone else, come on. Don’t destroy property.

    The treasure is not in a graveyard. Don’t go digging up ancient burial grounds and crap. That should go unsaid, but apparently people have been trampling all over these places.

    It seems to me, this is a lot about Mr. Fenn wanting to help us preserve our heritage by getting us back out into the wilderness. Destroying property goes against the what he wants. This is why I see the last two clues as just setting guidelines to urge people to be more respectful, than actual clues.

  40. I’m not a treasure hunter, and I haven’t read Mr. Fenn’s book, but the poem points me to a very specific place. I’m going to be about 400 miles from said spot in June during our family vacation. If it seems like no one has found it at that time, I will definitely have to push for a detour in our trip to see if a day in the spot uncovers anything.

    The funny thing about this spot, it seems so obvious to me. Either too obvious, and it’s long been searched and crossed off by the people who have been at this a while. Or people may be making this more complicated than it has to be. Regardless, I have seen no reference to the spot in transversing the websites on the treasure, and that makes me wonder if it’s gone mostly unsearched, or if it’s just everyone playing it close to their chest. Come mid-June, perhaps I will see.

    This is an interesting website/blog. Thanks, Dal.

    • Rock,
      Go for it! I too have a spot that I haven’t seen discussed except in a very obscure way on another website. I tend to think that many folks are burning sunlight looking for hidden meanings although I certainly understand the temptation. I think that the clues are pretty straight forward. The only clue that is elusive at this point for me it the “blaze” clue. My guess is that you have to be in the wood so to speak to discover it.

  41. Seems to me Forrest has started using the Today Show clues for damage control. Now that thousands of people are searching for his treasure, he doesn’t want them tearing apart old historical buildings (hence the “not associated with a structure” clue). After the digging up-the-cross-incident, although he doesn’t think the guy should get prosecuted, Forrest also probably doesn’t want searchers destroying cemeteries and burial mounds all over the Rockies, so he gives the “not in a graveyard” clue to help contain that problem. Next clue might be, “not inside a cave with an active volcanic vent” to keep people from boiling themselves alive. Just sayin’.

    • Yup. That is my thought also and I believe that depending on what happens this year, people getting hurt etc., he may have to start giving real clues to get it found. May come down to his not wanting to be responsible for someone getting themselves killed. I hope not,I hope it is found before that, but we will see.

    • That does seem to be the case with the last two. I wonder if the Today Show is feeling a little burned at this point, thinking they had these big exclusives and all they get is the functional equivalent of “don’t be an idiot!”

      • He might have, but as someone who’s traveled through a graveyard looking for hidden compartments in tombstones….I think it could be a useful clue on top of being damage control. I also think that the reporter that was invited into Forrest’s house tried to journalistically attack him at the end. Reminded me of a Tony move.

    • @Mary Lee Malcolm
      Are you the Harvard lawyer/writer with lots of hats?

  42. I agree. Fred Harvey, the guy who bought the bracelet was an innovator in rail travel. He had close connections to the Kansas Pacific Railroad. Also, I forgot to mention that the first train to run in the u.s. was also named the Tom Thumb. One of the first emails Fenn ever replied to me involved this bracelet. I thought that was significant at the time and I still do.

  43. Also, Fenn mentions he traded his fish for potatoes…..perhaps Idaho potatoes??? Another clue for the old railroad put-in at Island park, Idaho??? Also there is a poem on the internet about “hearty souls”… is referring to the first RR travelers to West yellowstone as Hearty Souls….also mentioned in Fenn’s book.

  44. On page 136 in the Chase, Fenn talks about a blacksmith, coal, shoeing a horse, the ping of anvil and hammer…..the cadence…..and the 7th cavalry…. and that these things are important to know. The old iron horse was “shoeless”…..and custer and his 7th cavalry were attacked for the first time by the Indians, while guarding a Railroad survey, in Montana.

    • Just got my book in the mail today, looks like i will be reading all weekend! Any significant pages that I should pay special attention to? If I think I find anything of use or have any ideas I will definitely post it here.

  45. I posted the following a couple of days ago, but without reply. I think it became lost in the transition as Part 11 closed and Part 12 began. Regular bloggers may recall that I have been searching the Jemez Mountains, among other sites, for the treasure. In my research of San Antonio Creek, which flows down San Diego Canyon, I have been able to answer and connect every clue, save one, the blaze. While my HOB might seem suspect for some (I will not share it here), in my continuing research of “Brown” I came across an interesting synchronicity. Wikipedia lists Franciscan monk frocks among several other examples of “brown.” San Diego and San Antonio were both Franciscan monks who always wore a brown frock, as all Franciscans do.Further, “San Antonio” is Spanish for “Saint Anthony,” a Catholic Saint born in the same century (12th) that the bronze treasure chest was created! St. Anthony’s friends called him the “jewel case” of the Bible due to his eloquence! He is mostly known today as the “patron saint of all things lost!” He was always helping people find things they had lost. Compare a description of FF: “seeker of ‘lost items’.” Serendipitous? Uncanny! It is also interesting to note that the first Europeans to settle in the Jemez mountains were Franciscan monks.

    I know that FF was raised Baptist, and today may have little to do with organized religion, nevertheless, he likely knows the history of this area. Additionally, San Antonio Creek is a great trout stream with relatively easy access if one knows the back road in. Right up FF’s alley!

    If any of you have been searching the Jemez Mountains, and would like a partner in your chase, I am planning a third trip to this area this summer. Perhaps our shared knowledge could lead to great thrills!

  46. I have 3 questions that I’m trying to understand. The first one is why do I need to “brave”? If this
    is safe enough to bring your kids, is the clue suggesting a kind of cognitive audacity rather than a physical form of bravery? And, yes, it seems to be associated with either cold or wood. The second question is how could someone walk within 500 ft of the chest if they were only using the first two clues and failed to understand the remaining clues? This suggest the first two clues are actually generic, broadband enough to get you there if you cover enough territory over time, even if you ‘t understand the implications of the remaining clues. That’s a critical insight if true, and a great elimination tool. Finally, why has the narrator “done it tired”?, and exactly what did he do in the context of this poem? I think this is a heavily loaded clue, and simply isn’t what it seems.

    • I believe there is two meanings to this also, and one is either driven or ridden and….

    • The people within 500 feet are not the same people who got the first two clues correct. I believe people are confussing to seperate responces as if they were one.

  47. Stu, did you not get my email? Back to this ‘hid’ deal, No digging in cementaries, where do we dig? Once he sez no tools needed, but just think, if it was you, hiding this I mean, wouldn’t you at least kick some dirt over the top of it before you walked away? Then maybe even turn around and place a flat rock over it? we all know the 500 ft thing, but someone may have even been closer. I’m going to search in a few weeks, but somewhat nervous about what to look for to be able to spot the chest. Bushes have been mentioned, Just have to have a keen eye I guess, look at anything out of place or different..

    • I think it would be similar to the French soldier’s grace stone which he accidently stepped on. A marker with a stone over the chest’s grave constructed by him.

  48. that today show segment was not handled well imo. the lady came across as unprofessional and a little bit rude. it seemed like she could hardly wait for FF to finish speaking so she could jump all over him with ‘what kind of clue is that!’, came across as too obvious that it was already decided she was going to blurt this out no matter what FF said. like theyve been feeling the blowback or critcism, people asking, why you have this guy on regularly giving out worthless clues? the irony is that this is the most meaningful clue that FF has ever given out on the today show, i think most people would like to see a tv person listen to what he says, process it and respond like a normal person. it was that lady standing next to him really that turned me off, matt lauer handled it well and i liked what he said

  49. Forrest’s words were “I didn’t say I DIDN’T bury it”, “I said I hid it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t bury it”.

    Now those were his EXACT words.

  50. look, I am going to help everyone out here in understanding today’s clue. it’s not in a graveyard, it’s not near a graveyard. you don’t walk through a graveyard to get to it.

  51. i spent about 2 hours yesterday with the vigenere cypher, trying to decipher the poem with any and all key words i could think of, including words and phrases and lines in the poem itself. bupkus. ill prolly give it a few more runs.

  52. @kk, you can say a state that you think without giving up any info. I too have a good spot like many, to me, if you say anything other than Wyoming, well, I think you’re wrong.:)

  53. @C.Yates, tried that too, came to a deadend. Not to say you would too, but just couldn’t find anything. Good luck.

  54. A bit ago VGBOSS asked if anyone was out searching cemeteries when FF gave out his latest clue of not in a cometary. I have a friend who was in fact out and had been out searching for two days at a cemetery location. He had very good rational and the clues seemed to fit but like we all know so does everyone that goes out. I feel bad because he traveled a long way twice now to this general location for naught. There he sits today wondering what next. I talked to him today and told him to look at the bright side, he is now a certified veteran of the Chase! Time to come home and regroup.

    • JBS – You being serious? No way! Ah man I feel for your friend.

      Makes me think how many were searching in outhouses, ankle to neck deep in Brown stinky stuFF, when Forrest Fenn gave that clue that specific moment in time. Bummer

      • Not kidding. And if the clue had been given on May 1st as planned he would have had to wait over three days for a flight home instead of one! Like i told him at least he got the Thrill of the Chase before being let down. At least he is now a seasoned veteran. Hopefully he will jump on when he gets home and tell the tale.

  55. to me, the suggestion that someone would come on here and post stuff for the purpose of misdirection is laughable. i read and research for myself, i choose a course and stay on it, no one else can decide that for me, and no one else could influence me or steer me off it. if i like what someone else says on here, its only because they are reflecting what i already see, and there is joy in sharing. there also can be joy in conversing with someone who sees it different. if i knew for a fact someone was actually intentionally trying to mislead, my response would be that they think too much of themselves and their chances of finding the chest.

  56. @C.Yates, If that was directed at me I apologize, not trying to mislead you at all. I actually like your thinking, it helped me to find my spot. So, do you live close to Wyoming:).

    • i live in Cali. ive made one trip to search several places in colorado, bummer that i dont live near because it would really help me to go out and just be able to check some places out.

      i read through the comments and remember someone bringing it up. don’t remember the name and dont believe it was you. i didnt have anyone in mind when i wrote that, i just had something i wanted to say about that idea in general.

  57. When I think about the word graveYard, in this mornings clue…all I get out of it is the word GRAVY for I love GRAVY on my turkey and mashed potatoes at dinner time. That’s what it makes me think of GRAVY.

    Don’t listen to me I’m just a person on this Chase running like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Just my opinion people…don’t get mad at me or my comments…just posting my opinions. If I tick you off just skip my comments and move along.

      • astree – It’s the THRILL baby!

        Not unless we, all of us Chasers, simply settle for what went on with the Today Show this morning…too boring for me of what took place…I feel I got to liven up the mood on this Chase!

        But again it’s all just my opinion…if I rub you the wrong way just skip over my comments and ignore them.

        • Fish and rattlers can be rubbed the wrong way, I don’t worry much about it 🙂

          Check today’s clue in it’s original format, look at “TREASURE”, look vertical, find TROVE. Cool, huh ?

    • .
      ( hard to say much without saying too much )

      For Friday afternoon.

      following the links in the poem ..

      “And take it in the canyon down” … link says ROAD
      “Not far, but too far to walk” ……….. Forrest changes to RODE

      (won’t give the rest )

      Have a great week-end, All.

    • VGBoss baby sir with a little cranberry and pumpkin pie I am ready to put in below the home of Brown for some nap time but I realize its clobberin time when I get there because the my creek is cold and full of water high. The canyon down is full of surprises.

      • Exactly Debra. VGB gave us all a clue. I’m thinking you put in below the gravy and gravy yard. What that exactly means I have to figure out.

  58. Bummer, I’m also in Cali. Cerritos. Would be a long trip for us. Have had a place that sounded good for about a month now, try little things now and then to try to confirm, but felt like everyone else, just have a good place. Saw one of your posts earlier, went with it and actually found a coordinate of the blaze. Exact spot….Freaky

  59. That was too funny… I need a little help..maybe put you on my short list of bones that will be tossed. Someone mentioned about the home of brown being a rangers station or something relating to. Can someone please point me to the area on this site? Thanks.
    Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

      • @iseeit….maybe 13 is a better than unlucky…I tried this sites search …could not even find Lamar. Just wanted to read that persons post about the ranger station..I think I would laugh as well.

    • I dont know where it is any more but the thought was home of brown could bethe home of Otto Brown or Gary Brown. Both were chief rangers in yellowstone. The staff often lives in the park at ranger stations or other accomadations.

  60. just to let everyone know … i am very opinionated… i am also right.

    • Good for you Chris…It’s a FREE country and it’s a FREE open blog plus Forrest Fenn wanted us all to have fun with this Chase….THRILL!!!

    • thank you VG

      problem is, i don’t know which things i am right about. but i do know i am right about something.

  61. OK, I’m going to share something that I believe to be a possible interpretation – mostly because I could use all the karma I can get in my chase.
    I believe the poem is a set of directions. My brain doesn’t work in anagrams or coordinates so I think every line that can be a direction is one. For example:
    The meek look down because they are shy and meek. so when you are there, um, look up.
    “The end” is synonymous with omega. and a better translation of nigh isn’t go left but “the one on the left”. so maybe this should translate to when you see two omegas, go to the one on the left.
    Obviously, I could be wrong but I am trying to take the Occam’s Razor approach these days having exhausted my google earth sunsets on formations at different times of the day and year.
    Anyway, anybody else see these clues as such?
    Also, I asked earlier but didn’t get an answer, Anyone know if Forest said if you were having trouble with the clues, to ask your kids???

    • Nice take on things, Stu. Good Ideas thru the thrill static. lol. I believe Forrest did say something about asking kids about the clues. I don’t recall the exact quote. Think about it…If you ask a kid, where does warm water halt? They would probably say a bath tub. Maybe there’s a feature or part of a river called wash basin or something like that. From there, I think it’s in a place he kind of stumbled upon while digging or fishing. I have a few spots tucked away like that myself. CHC

      • There is the Devil’s Wash Basin in Philmont Boy Scout Camp…but I couldn’t figure out how to make a solution fit it.

        • There are a lot of places inside the ranch that don’t show on the USGS topos. I’ve been too lazy to go pull out my old BSA topo of Philmont but there are a lot of inferences to possible clues. The geography just doesn’t point in the right direction IMO. Doesn’t mean it’s not ‘below’ the Coyote Mesa HQ or Cimmaroncito camps.

          • When I was looking at that as an idea…I thought when he said he went in there alone was because he could have gone there as a boy scout alone….but I don’t think it would be in Philmont…I think it would lead to a more public area in Cimarron maybe.

      • COHigh, I was thinking about pertaining more to HOB for my own use (I mean as far as asking a kid). I’ve thought about that bathtub of Olga’s also. Could there really be a bathtub 36″? I have made myself crazy by analyzing every odd statement in the book. There are a lot. It has led me to believe one of two things are true: A. they all pertain to the location of the treasure or are hints to help with the poem – or B. Some do the above mentioned but others are red herrings. If you find one odd statement and attribute it to answer B. because it doesn’t fit your spot, then you must assume there are others as well – or your spot is wrong. Do ya follow this logic? Take Robert Redford for example…

        • Stu yes there were 36 inch bathtubs. We took one out of an old house and turned the space into a much needed closet. That bath was so small my kids couldnt even stretch their legs out in it! 🙂

    • Stu,

      The ask your kids comment rings a bell to me too. However, I have no reference to cite.

      • I believe the “ask your kids” quipp predates the nine clues series. If I recall it was info relayed from a personal email response from Forrest. So all second hand info…

    • Stu I think the directions are that you should keep looking up or forward until you get to the chest. Otherwise, you will miss all of the signs. I thought the end is drawing nigh is referring to the creek bending or drawing left. At the bend is the blaze.

  62. astree says

    ( hard to say much without saying too much )

    For Friday afternoon.

    following the links in the poem ..

    “And take it in the canyon down” … link says ROAD
    “Not far, but too far to walk” ……….. Forrest changes to RODE


    link says road? what do you mean by links. you get the word ‘road’ out of ‘and take it in the canyon down’? how is that. can you give me a little hint. don’t make me beg, cause i will.

  63. Anyone still believe that the 9 clues are the 9 sentences. I know this has been talked about in the past, maybe I am just revisiting some of my old thoughts. Hmm circuitous thinking or tail chasing? Oh well, anyways. So some say that there are way more than 9 clues throughout the poem, we don’t know which are which. This makes a lot more possibilities and combinations (I’m not going to do the math). By sticking to the 9 sentences (if you believe they are the clues) then you can say, okay, I have the 9 clues for sure, now how do I decipher them. Now it is easy to take this sentence ” From there it’s no place for the meek, The end is ever drawing nigh; There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.” and pick about 4 possible clues out of it. What if it were one clue with multiple parts to it? I am reaching I know (not misleading) but trying to take new approaches, nothing else is working too good. I just don’t believe he spent 15(?) years refining a poem to have any part of it be throw away, or just words and filler. Every word seems precise. My opinion….

    • Yes Hank, I believe every word does have meaning, otherwise why put them in. I believe there are 12 clues and 5 qualifiers to those clues. You can join some clues together and get 10 if you wish, as long as you consider them as a clue.

      The qualifiers give strength or conviction to the clues.

      The Wolf

    • Hank-
      I don’t know if anyone ever truly believed the nine sentences were the nine clues. As I recall, months ago, someone pointed out that there were nine sentences that made up the poem and asked if anyone thought the nine sentences might be the nine clues. There was a great deal of discussion about it but I don’t know that anyone accepted it as accurate…rather, just another concept to be rolled around in the brain.

    • Hi Hank,
      I thought it was possible at one time but not anymore. Based on my “key” (which I had not done enough work on when we commented on this before) they take different forms the poem (phrase, stanza or sentence). But I am only through “water high” and my key is probably wrong so who knows. (smile)
      My thought is that there are few if any throwaway words but I believe FF when he says there are nine clues. To me, understanding the first two clues is helpful because that helps you understand how the others might be placed. This is all based on my hypothesized key, so take it FWIW=likely wrong.

      • Nice Tarry, glad you are on a good direction…I am still looking for a key. I spend more time these days at the proverbial “drawing board”. I have ditched the google earth and have just been reading a ton, things that have been mentioned in the book, poems, history, etc. That has actually been cool, and I have learned a lot. I am kinda a history geek anyway so it’s easy to peruse lot’s of different things and just enjoy the research. I have come across some things that gave me the butterflies, yet I can’t plug anything into the poem. Sometimes you come across a word from the poem in another writing and it gives you the goose bumps. I still can’t put a solid spot on the map yet. The places I have been are interesting and historical, yet I moved with a minimal amount of confidence. Time to go read the book again…enjoy the weekend everyone.

        • Hank , I have a similar approach , research and hope something key will pop out. I do have an exact location, though it’s not enough to put me out on a chase, not that I’m adverse to chasing waterfalls.

        • Nice going Hank. I found that research was a must. Like you, I found so many new things that I wasn’t aware of. Some gave me the additional support I needed to hold on to my hidy spot. This trteasure hunt has really been an education.

        • Hi Hank,
          We may be using the same key! Agree about the words (and the fascinating stories) but they wrote in middle English style, as does FF in many places, so those words jump out. I guess it is just matching up the right passages/lines to the poem. I can match some, but I never know if I am interpreting things too broadly and his use of the word “precise” makes me second guess myself a lot. Even if the “key” is correct there are still so many forks in the road. I am enjoying this because I am like a dog with a bone with brain teasers but I cannot do another actual search until late summer, when I will be passing through my area for other reasons. I think it will be found sooner than later. I will root for you. You have always been a kind poster on this blog.

        • @Hank.

          I like your approaches. I’ve been doing some reading too. Specificailly, TOTC. Slowly.

          I discovered something interesting, he uses the word “secret” as a verb in a couple of places in the book to describe stashing his cache. Kind of a weird use of that word. There’s also a picture in the middle-ish of the book with a lot of densely packed trout, with the caption of “secret fishing hole.” So maybe his secret is his secret fishing hole.

          On the surface, that’d lead a lot of people to Montana or Yellowstone. But he also says later in the book that all of those places (from the 30s & 40s) are overrun now by everyone, even though he thought those were only his. So, maybe he has a new place that is only his. An avid fisherman has his secret spot. when it’s no longer secret, he find a new spot that is.

          Thanks for the thrill,

    • @Hank

      1. 1 Poem. 9 clues. 9 Sentences. Check.
      2. New approach. Nothing else working good. Check.

      A nod of respect from across the room.

    • Wow, never thought to count the sentences. That’s intriguing, and bears much further pondering.

      Okay, BUT, on the “Tips” page on this blog, Dal reminds us that Forrest has said over and over to begin where those vaguely warm waters do their halting thing. Or, for those into the shorthand, WWWH.

      Then the question is: if that is the first clue, then are they in sequence in the poem from there? In other words, when Forrest says that teams have gotten the first two clues correctly and been within 500 feet of the spot, does he mean WWWH and “take it in the canyon down?” If so, the sentence theory seems to go out the window, along with the more-than-nine-clues one. That’s two lines, two clues, and in sequence. Why make it harder by looking for clues where they aren’t?

      Every time I read the dang thing, it feels like a classic structure: Introduction, Clue Section, and Conclusion. Nothing in the Introduction or Conclusion is relevant except in a “framing” way. The clues are in the center. There are nine lines of the 24, beginning with “Begin it,” that contain clues, in my reading. The final clue, the “blaze,” means you’ve solved it.

      Again, I’m dithering about the “look quickly down” bit. Is that part of the ninth clue (but on the tenth line), or just poetic frillery to say “you’re standing on it, idiot”?

      And for the Wolf and others counting 12 or 15 clues or so… wait – what? Isn’t the number of clues explicitly set, by FF his own self, at 9? Or why isn’t this thread “The Fifteen Clues,” or even better, and following current journalistic practice, “A Number of Clues”? ;-}

      And don’t even get me started on the non-clues Forrest is now issuing through NBC. Clever fox. I agree with the damage control theory on that one, as well as those who think he’s not going to give up any information that will make it easier to solve. Just things to keep us from hurting the environment or ourselves as we search.

      While I am grateful, I don’t think it’s worth hanging on every word from FF via “Today.” Dal’s communications with him, generously shared with us, are much more valuable. And as Chris says, I have an opinion. I don’t know that it’s right, but I’m convinced of it at the moment. Of course, tomorrow is a brand-new day.

      Randy in Tecolote, NM

      • How is (paraphrased) “Don’t mess with my poem” addressed in your theory.

      • “And for the Wolf and others counting 12 or 15 clues or so… wait – what? Isn’t the number of clues explicitly set, by FF his own self, at 9?”
        When Forrest says “9 clues” he is correct even if there are 12 clues, because 9 clues are contained in the 12. He would have to make a statement like – “there are 9 and only 9 clues ” to make the assumption of only 9 clues.
        The Wolf

        • @Wolf

          There are very few pieces of information we can be certain of. Nine clues is in the book (pg 132) and is one over the very few pieces of information that in my opinion we must actually accept as a fundamental truth. Failure to do so disregards logic.

          Thanks for the thrill,

    • @Hank
      I’ve always thought Fenn classified the nine clues as the nine sentences. Some clues reveal more than others……..

      To me it really didn’t matter how many clues anyone thought were in the poem. It was still the same information either way; it wasn’t until Fenn said searchers had solved the first two clues that made them matter…….So where are they getting lost?

      If we use the “each sentence is a clue” line of thinking the searchers are going wrong at the home of Brown clue (sentence). The home of Brown sentence has two parts; home of Brown and put in below. Did they get the wrong home of Brown or did they misinterpreted put in below. I guess it still doesn’t matter except it brings into question Fenn’s statement about moving with confidence and nothing being accidental.

  64. Hank,

    I’ve waffled back and forth on that. I finally came to the conclusion that you need to treat every significant “word” as a clue. When I’m researching an area or thought, if I can match it to anything in the poem, I make a note. If by chance I finally get enough clues in one area to actually worry about if
    they match a line vs entire sentence, I’ll be thrilled. 🙂

    • Come to Chicago and pick me up…pay for gas and hotel and I’ll take you where it isn’t….then let me have some “alone time” lol…Ok, your probably not going to go for that…huh?

      • As i said, i would love to share this experience with someone…. so picking u up is not a problem cuz ur on my way anway… If your not pitching for gas, maybe u can pitch for some grass cuz im dry south of the border 😀
        As for alone time, i am spoken for but a plutonic relationship with the opposite sex is fine by me 😀
        btw im 24 so maybe a little young for you 😛

        • Ok I really was kidding…I hope you got that. My husband doesn’t let me play with 24 year olds. I have no idea why(silly…right?). As for grass…hmm, haven’t done that in years…I wonder if it would help me solve this poem. The alone time was more about me looking in the bushes rather than having fun in them..but I appreciate the friendship nonetheless *smile*. a little young? I thought I typed young and cute….dang, my age is showing…I’m going to seed chasers!!

      • I hope you know i was joking too 😀
        ppl who joke should expect it in kind 🙂
        Im a little brighter than i seem, especially after the grass comment, which was clearly a joke since i wouldnt dare do it in a country u get prosecuted. I never said come alone, I kinda knew u wouldnt wear 2 different shoes, especially male loafers or w/e that is.. He is more than welcome to join us though.. and as for ur age, i just assumed i was much younger than the average blogger on here thats all.. do i sound young from my writing :S?

        • The grass totally gave you away lol. That’s not my husband’s loafer…it’s Forrest’s. I saw him at the gold show and after I had a picture of him and I taken…I rudely put my pink toes next to his loafer and snapped a shot. I’m sure he felt violated…but I hope he’ll still talk to me on occasion. I’m glad your funny kk…so where do you think the chest is? I won’t tell anyone.

      • Now that i know thats forrest’s loafer, i find it more amusing. I cant wait to meet him when i hand him back his bracelet :DDD. All i’ll say is that its in Santa Fe and that bracelet has more to do with it. I also have an actual home of Brown that not only makes sense, its goose-bumpy 🙂

      • Im a student :S, if you are referring to an earlier comment… it was about another guy on this forum who has a sheriff outfit in his photo…. and wouldnt u feel safer with a cop? I know i would, especially down south, i mean south of the canadian border 😀

  65. Just a housekeeping note-
    Astree and Jen have both had emails end up in the spam folder. I don’t know why. But if you post something here and it does not show up and you are not on moderation, have me check the spam folder. Astree had MANY..maybe 6 emails there.

    I will keep a closer watch on that spam folder…

    • repeating this at top of post (go Domino!)

      “What people don’t realize is that I could hide something in your neighborhood, tell you it was there, tell you the yard it was in, and you’d still have a very difficult time finding it without something to put you right on top of it. I’ll bet if we polled geocachers -who are searching for things with exact coordinates- we’d hear tales of missing things, searching for hours only to find it right where they already looked, second guesses, blame on the GPS triangulation, etc. etc. Finding stuff is hard, especially stuff that is not meant to be accidentally found.”


      dal wrote:

      “Astree and Jen have both had emails end up in the spam folder. …. Astree had MANY..maybe 6 emails there. I will keep a closer watch on that spam folder…”

      Thanks, dal. I don’t minding up in the SPAM folder so much (I probably deserve it, 🙂 ), just as long it’s not the MAPS folder.

      A word about MAPS … At points when I find (interpret) information related to general areas, or when I hit roadblocks, I sometimes pull up the google (or other) maps, and begin browsing and zooming. It’s a bit hypnotic, actually. Can absorb a lot of time, which I realize has gotten me nowhere.

      Anyway, the potential chest locations are almost infinite, and there is enough similarity between those many places and the poem, that the map-based interpretations of the poem are going to likewise be almost infinite. It’s depressing, I know, but I think using the MAPS-based approach is not going to work, unless an individual is unbelievably lucky. (and, yes, I understand that quite a few individual’s are working to supplement this with historical research, studying Forrest as a person, etc.)

      Here’s an interesting quote, from Jenny Kile’s mysteriouswriting’s website:

      “What people don’t realize is that I could hide something in your neighborhood, tell you it was there, tell you the yard it was in, and you’d still have a very difficult time finding it without something to put you right on top of it. I’ll bet if we polled geocachers -who are searching for things with exact coordinates- we’d hear tales of missing things, searching for hours only to find it right where they already looked, second guesses, blame on the GPS triangulation, etc. etc. Finding stuff is hard, especially stuff that is not meant to be accidentally found.”

      In summary, SPAM folder .. okay, MAPS … no !

      Thanks for the blog, and all the great info and effort, dal.

      Wishing you well,

  66. Everyone posting here have great inputs for the most part… some, of course, better than others. i have posted only a couple times on the searching in Colorado thread. I wonder how many others read but don’t post. I also wonder how many searchers are of my mindset. If/when I find the treasure, absolutely NO ONE will know I found it. Thus, I wonder if it’s been found by someone who thinks as I do. Why would anyone publish that they found it? The IRS will be on them like stink on pooh. Also if it’s found on National land, then legally it won’t belong to the finder. Thus I caution those of you who would love to spout-off “I found it!” and/or send Forrest his bracelet to think long and hard before saying/publishing the find.

    • The YNP newspaper, under “what you cannot do” says that you cannot remove any natural, cultural or historical items, or something to that effect. Forrest will give u title to the gold. That’s not to say you shouldn’t leave with the chest unannounced.
      The IRS is a different story. Didn’t Capone go to prison for tax evasion? You will have to pay the taxes! no ifs, ands or buts.
      Should I get lucky, I would like to have the coins certified, and auctioned off with a Forrest Fenn Treasure logo. All of the treasure hunters will have an opportunity to own one of the gold coins.

      Or you could sell them to the pawn shops and move to Mexico

    • I have considered long & hard how ff seems to go with confidence that “to our knowledge No” evry time somone says they found “it.”. I believe that ff would have spent $300 and put a waterproof motion sensor GPS tracker in the chest. He was military and probably knows guys …been putting ’em in go bags for years. You can even get them with batteries that last a year or more and have 2-way voice or texting com. I still wouldn’t go counting ones eggs before… you know, Dal’s analogy of the stooges 3, & was German Guy über Pferde sagte. I say – Don’t worry, be happy!

      Babylon Slim

    • Judging by the number of FB likes and such (along with the 900k+ hits to Dal’s blog) I imagine there are a ton of people out there reading quietly. Some throw a post or two up. Work keeps me from actively participating daily and my phone HATES wordpress. They just don’t get along. Of those secretly taking notes from here I would imagine there are two types. One that will do as you suggest and just go quietly into the night; the other wouldn’t hesitate to pop and give a ‘bronx cheer’ as they taunt everyone else. People are people……

      Sooner or later you’ll have to deal with the IRS. It’s inevitable. The influx of income either from owning the chest, selling pieces, or profiting in any way would certain peak capital gains. Just have to deal with it. But before all that we gotta find it! Then you can take emmett’s route and run for Mexico…or Canada whichever is closer.

  67. I guess as a “recovering attorney” I find it mildly amusing that anyone who has not yet found the treasure would spend ANY time worrying about what would happen after they find it. I’d like to offer ANYONE who finds Forrest Fenn’s treasure an immediate,detailed legal analysis of how the United States government and the state government of the place from which you retrieved the treasure actually treat “found” items of no Native American or other intrinsic (inherent to the place) archaeological significance. I will represent you all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States for the flat fee of the emerald ring Forrest says is in there. Plus, any communication that we have about your having found the treasure will be protected by the attorney client privilege, so if you don’t go blabbing your secret is safe with me. A friend of mine’s father was an investor with Mel Fisher who found the Atocha and beat the state of Florida in being able to keep the bulk of it, so I know a bit about the battle that may await you. Sorry, Canadians, I’m not licensed to practice there–but good luck. I’ve been looking for the treasure myself twice, and hope to go back–but a lawyer’s job is to make money off the fortune or misfortune of others, isn’t it?

    • Mary…..boy are you screwd. Now don’t behave like the image most people have of lawyers, just be sweet lady. 🙂

    • Mary Lee
      What is a “recovering attorney”? What if a foreigner finds it but doesn’t wish to liberate it but rather sell it in the USA – are saying you can’t represent that person? Why can’t the finder just ask Forrest to put out a “I changed my mind – please return my lost treasure to me” notice and then return it to him and then have him then gift it to you? Surely the Feds/State can’t claim any ownership as this is now a lost and found case not a treasure trove.

      The Wolf

      • Unfortunately it’s not a lost and found case The Wolf. Forrest knows where it is.

        • Yes well “he has done it tired” and he needs help recovering it. So I guess he just has to issue a please recover this for me (once you prove you know where it is). That is even simpler. DT you are a great help!

          • Mr.The Wolf I don’t think we have to worry about lawyers at all. You still have to find it and once you do i think you can move confidently through the legal system!

        • DT – I actually feel 1000x more confident in finding it than I do in moving through the legal system at this time. Once I figure that out – I will make my move!
          The Wolf

    • Are you licensed to practice anywhere especially in any of the states where the treasure may be found? Are you suggesting that the searchers break the law? By the way what’s your interpretation of the home of Brown?

      • Thomas, I think the third question is the one you really mean to ask… heh.

        Hey, I’m looking for as many of those as I can get too!

        • Well I need all the help I can get after I blunder through the wilderness and find out my home of Brown sucks or doesn’t exist. I was hoping a smart lawyer would know but then again she hasn’t found it either.

    • I found your post very appropriate and would take you up on the offer in a split second if i were lucky enough to find the chest.

    • Mary,

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the irs can’t tax the gold until it is cashed out. Being that fenn already gives title to the treasure in his poem, which would be a legal declaration, given that it is public at this point. There would be no take on the find because, like owning a house and selling it for an amount in excess of what was paid for it, only the gains part of it is taxable. Correct?

      I one were to find the gold, it wouldn’t have any value until it was sold. But then, because it is titled to that person, it would be like the home example and only the excess nwouyld be taxable. How would one determine that excess?

      Hope there is some carity to what I just presented.

      • GG it sounds like you will need more than just one attorney. You potentially may need a tax attorney, a criminal defense attorney, and some kind of civil law attorney. I would feel uneasy retaining a blog attorney who essentially solicits you for a cut of the action. Seems like you would be both a client and an employee if you know what I mean.

        • “Seems like you would be both a client and an employee if you know what I mean.” No, I would be Mr. Anonymous.

      • germanguy wrote:

        ” the irs can’t tax the gold until it is cashed out” .

        Nicht recht. The taxpayer is taxed on equivalent value (which CAN be an issue for debate) of gift or in this case, treasure recovery (a gift from Forrest ?). If you win a car on a game show, you pay tax on the quoted value of the car – you don’t wait until you sell it. This is my understanding, happy to be wrong a bout it, if there are any exceptions.


        • How does the IRS determine the value of the gold, if someone holds it and cahes it out in small quantities? Example…. if I cash a coin(s) thruogh a dealer, as lomg as I don’t exceed $10K, there is not record of the transaction. It is only after I exceed that amount that I must give my tax number for the transaction. I f the dealer suspects that you are “laundering” the gold that would raise a red flag and they would report it. I’m not suggesting that laws are broke, but simply that avoiding taxes has been the goal of the very rich for decades, if not longer. If you have children and both you and your wife gift them each $13K (total of $26K), that is a one time gift and none taxable. Kids in college? Pay their education loan of..nontaxable again….these are the tax laws. Ways the very wealthy get away with it.

          Sorry Dal for the off topic, but I felt I needed to explain myself better. I probably shouldn’t have said anything to begin with.

    • Mary Lee wrote:

      “I will represent you all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States for the flat fee of the emerald ring Forrest says is in there.”

      Could you post contact info here, or e-mail to ” astreeturover @ yahoo . com ”


  68. i don’t know anything about the legal landscape one may encounter after finding the chest, but i will say this, if it’s problematic, its a problem i would like to have

  69. I find it significant that folks here are discussing the unknown and undefinable issue of what happens when they actually find the chest rather than the primary problem which is actually finding it. It reminds me of a Three Stooges episode where they were so certain they had the winning lottery ticket that they went out and wrote a bad check for a new ragtop sedan. Of course they were delusional, didn’t have the winning ticket and ended up breaking rocks at the jail house.

    We don’t even know whose property the chest is on. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. Way to many options to worry-wart your way through all the possibilities. If you figure you have to know step #5 before you can proceed with step #1 then I think you should just sit this one out like dollar bill.

    • There you go … horse before the buggy. I like the analogy to the stooges.

      • Duh…. gotta get some sleep. before I do, I’ll put the buggy before the horse….there we go.

    • just listen to what Forrest said. such sage advice. he didn’t say you start the quest by worrying about what land the chest is on. he didn’t you start by worrying if the finder can be the rightful owner. he didn’t say you start by being concerned with possible federal taxation or some other legal battle with the feds.

      Forrest said ,, yes .. he said …. hmmm. .. thats right ….he said to start it here … you know what he said …. begin it where warm waters halt. aren’t those words just soothing to the soul. it’s like warm water being poured over the spirit. yes. its like the poem was written just for me. don’t worry chris, everything will be alright, everything will work itself out in the end. just begin it here …. begin it where? ….. yeah ….. begin it where warm waters halt. thank you, Forrest.

    • Call me Mo cause I KNOW who’s property it is on :-). Soon! Mother nature is killing me waiting for more than 30+ days already…

    • The main worry should be to first get moving in the right direction,find the treasure.Worry about the ownership issues later.Also to anyone that is so so sure of their spot…Good luck w/ that.I do not mean that negatively either.Be safe and be smart out there!

    • Dal,
      Earlier you said, it was wrong to scare everyone by posting on this blog that you have found the treasure. If someone is following that advise (and found it or actually solved the poem) and is now at that stage of trying to recover it, would it not be appropriate? Of course it would look like they are putting cart before horse because they are honouring your first wish – “Don’t claim you have it unless you have it in your hands”.
      The Wolf

    • “It reminds me of a Three Stooges episode where they were so certain they had the winning lottery ticket that they went out and wrote a bad check for a new rag top sedan.” Love that! Happy searching everyone!

    • So right Dal. This discussion doesn’t apply to 99.9% of us.
      I love The Three Stooges.
      “I try to think but nuttin’ happens” Curly

    • Dal, definitely horse before buggy kind of worrying. I’m going with the line in the poem that says “go in peace”…I think Forrest figured something out that will alleviate some if not most (dare to hope, all) of the financial and legal pain…I really think the legal end of it has been dealt with by Forrest in some way. Taxes on the other hand…well, that’s another story probably. IMHO

  70. I dont post much but I do read. Many times reading your thoughts (everyone) makes me think in an entirely new direction and sometimes you just confuse the heck out of me.If I have an answer for anyone that is helpful I will try but will do my best not to confuse you also! Now we all have our reasons why we think its one place over another, that’s always going to be the case. I am learning so much, and hope you are also. Someone asked why I commented about a 36 inch bathtub, its because I actually had experience with the subject, and the info about it came from the book. My very best suggestion to anyone looking for the treasure is buy the book so you get a better picture of who Forrest Fenn is. Dal, thank you for all your work on the forum and common sense ideas you share with us all!.. deb

  71. I’ve solved the poem. I have no discretionary funds and no way to get there. What do I do now.

    • Have been following your comments. Are you serious or making fun of earlier posts?

    • my adrenaline is really going right now I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. I need some kind of outlet. what i will do is put together an elaborate and explanatory post, or series of posts, how i got from where i was, to figuring it out. I think i can explain a lot of things in a general way without giving away specific places or too much info. and it will give me something to do and help me to calm down some.

      • Chris, only advice I can offer, is to temper your explanation, such that you do not give away a competitive advantage. As well, a group of treasure seekers are inclined to keep the actual recovery secret.

      • Chris, I am one of those who would hate to see it spoiled for someone else who has worked just as hard as you to come to the same conclusion (right or wrong), just to see all their work shared with a lot of strangers on the internet. Go tell a friend or family member you know. Who knows, once you sell them on it, they might become a believer and help fund your trip. My advice would obviously be not to share what your answers with anybody you don’t personally know.

    • .
      Feedback requested:

      I have found a “10” at the location which I believe the poem directs one to, when you get to the part of the poem that discusses ” the blaze “.

      Since “10” is Roman “X”, and “X” marks the spot, is this a solid find or not ?


      • astree, based on the solution i came up with, i dont see that applying to it in any way. could be wrong but that’s my honest answer. I am about to post the first part of my story, i won’t be posting again until tomorrow, adrenaline has worn off and i am about to crash for at least a few hours. talk to you tomorrow.

  72. It was not too long ago, I was at a point where, I was working on several WWWHs and HOBs that all seemed to be possibilities, one in particular was #1 on my list as it seemed to fit a little better, but I could not seem to follow the clues past stanza #2.

    Then, a breakthrough. I found a very clever encoding that I felt made it clear this was the right starting point and there could be no other. It took me a while, but since I was focusing only there, I began to be able to construct a path that seemed to fit the clues and brought me to a general location. There were some problems though. the area I was ending up in, fit the poem in a lot of ways, and seemed to match a lot of clues, but I wasn’t able to solve it in a way that it was bringing me to a specific spot.

    I felt like what I needed was some kind of break like before, finding another clue encoded that would slam dunk it for me that I had the right place, or seeing something, mainly in stanza #4, that I didn’t see before that would make me see it was bringing me to a more specific place. Then I could feel more confident about things. As it stood though, I was stuck, and definitely missing something important, or worse, the nagging feeling in the back of my mind that, ok I got the right start but I am veering way off course somewhere, but I had no idea where I was going wrong no matter how much I studied the poem and the area.

    Then it happened. I noticed a discussion in the comments, there seemed to be some dispute or confusion about the comments by FF concerning searchers who got the first 2 clues right and searchers who came within 500ft of the chest. I had believed at that point in time the searchers were different parties and the comments FF made concerning them were separate comments and he was talking about separate people. I had even gone out of my way to correct and clarify others by telling them this. I noticed there were 2 people in this comment discussion on this blog who were saying what I was saying. Also it seemed common sense to me, why would FF say that a party that got the first 2 clues right, but the rest wrong, came within 500 ft of the chest, that would be like saying if you get past the first 2 clues, you are now within 500ft (or as I think I have now figured out, you are not, but you are indeed very close, I will clarify this later). So, that would be a huge piece of intel right? I mean FF would never give up that kind of info, not even by an obvious inference. Well I was wrong about that.

    This is where Dal and this blog comes in. I want to say right now, that this blog has been a HUGE help to me, and thank you to Dal because without this blog and without his help, I would never have figured this thing out. If I do find this chest, I owe you something Dal, I will put that out there right now.

    So in this discussion on this blog I just previously mentioned, I asked Dal if he could clarify and/or verify the things FF had said about it. Dal gave me a link to an MP3 which was FFs appearance at Collected Works bookstore in Santa Fe. What Forrest said on there was a total shock to me, a cold slap in the face. I had been studying, searching and working under bad info and bad assumptions. What he said was clear, and left no doubt as to his meaning. Here is the quote “I don’t know what you mean by close, but I know people have been within 500ft. There are 2 different parties that have figured out the first 2 clues … correctly .. and went right past the treasure chest, because they didn’t have the others.”

    After realizing and accepting what FF was saying here, I went thru about a day of depression, because now clearly I had to accept that the solution to the poem I had worked so long to put together, after stanza #2 that is, was wrong and needed to be discarded. I thought it led from this place to that place etc. and well away from the end of stanza #2 (wwwh, take the canyon down), but no, this was now impossible based on what FF had said. However, all was not lost, I still had the right beginning and the comment did not change that ‘fact’ (what I felt was,right). What I should have realized sooner, and did later, is that this was truly a blessing in disguise. For starters, this helped me off a path of thinking that was never going to get me to the chest, and I don’t know if I would have ever gotten onto the right scent, so to speak. I was at the time, though, downtrodden, and if you saw my previous comment where I am talking about soylent green, that was right after I had listened to the MP3 recording. So here I was back to the beginning, but I felt I understood Stanza #2, and where it brought me to, and I also felt that stanza #2 is the first 2 clues, so therefore this point must be within 500ft of the chest, and I will have to solve it within that context. I can say now, feeling that I have it solved, I was wrong about it being within 500ft at the end of the first 2 clues, but that’s what I thought at the time. I will explain why this is later on before I am finished with this story. For now, this is to be continued until tomorrow, or until my next post.

    • Wow Chris,

      The traps of the human psyche .. the hopes, imagination, ego, struggling with uncertainty, disappointment of false leads … definitely a big piece of the process.

      You are now officially christened Sir Chris Chaser.

      Thanks for the beginning of the story, get some rest, good luck,

    • Chris, does your solution involve coordinates or just geographic/physical clues to location?

    • chris, we can help you.. i think you may be suffering from acute totc syndrome.. the cure is to let it all out. set yourself free. now lie down on the couch, and continue with your thoughts..

  73. HCBoss is present…my new alter ego. haha. Just kiddin’. Heading down towards Taos,NM today for some searching. If anyone needs something checked out, confirmed etc. around those parts, let me know. I’ll do what I can. We should be down in Santa Fe on Sunday and then heading back towards Colorado Monday night. We’re going to try to hit 3 locations, see some sights and have some fun. Good luck, thrillin’ chasers. Tip of the day- Gravy does not work very well as mtn lion repellant. CHC

  74. I’m new here, but I am trying to think out of the box (I have Asperger’s, so it’s easy for me to think this way). I don’t know where to really start with the warm water thing, but here are some interesting things I’ve found so far:

    There is a young momma grizzly bear who lives somewhere in the West Yellowstone area between Fishing Bridge and Indian Point. Her name is Blaze. Grizzly bears can live a very long time, but since FF says he doesn’t care if his treasure isn’t found for 100 years, it sorta makes this unlikely that this is the blaze he’s talking about. However, if the treasure is located in or around a bear’s den, and I found it, I wouldn’t tarry long to marvel, but just get the chest and go in peace (before getting torn to pieces). It also fits the “not for the meek” and the brave part. This is also an area that is special to FF.

    Along the same lines, buffalo are brown, and FF has mentioned them in his blog, and many of the trails (both marked and unmarked) were created by buffalo.

    If you do a Google search for “heavy loads and waters high” you will find a web page selling logging and debris booms that go into the water to catch all kinds of debris. The web site specifically says something very close to heavy loads and high waters. There were booms in Yellowstone to catch such debris from an oil spill in 2011, but from what I read, FF hid his box before then, and I don’t really know the location of where that occurred. I just thought it was interesting.

    And, lastly, there’s a campground near West Yellowstone (I think) that is called Woodbine, and it has many of the features listed in the poem.

    • very interesting mindy.. especially the grizzly’s name and your interpretation of the tarry scant etc.. like you say, the bear wont be around in hundred years but that story may.. thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks dal. I thought it was boring at first, till I saw the pig boy thing. I’m Hooked !!

  75. Me too, but my first awareness came with the freeze frame on the movie that says “Did you see the moonwalking bear?” before it begins. Looking for the bear, I missed a pass. LOL

  76. Has anyone given serious consideration to the first stanza of the poem? I mean really serious consideration.
    In solving this poem puzzle, I asked myself this question “Why did Forrest put in the first stanza and then start the supposed clues with the second stanza”. I gave a lot of thought to this and came up with a revelation that helped me in solving the rest of the poem. It seemed strange to me at the time, but after realizing all the time I was spending on HOB, WWWH, creeks, water and loads, it was a waste. It went to so many places. Too many, unless it could be narrowed down. And narrow down, it did.

    Now that is an accurate hint for all to consider. None of the “secret keys”, cryptics, anagrams, numerology and such. Just plain old Fenn.

    Time is nearing and weather is improving… My promise to all, that I will eventually share my story of the Chase. Remember we all have an equal chance of finding the treasure. If others uncover the truth in what I have presented here, we may yet meet in person. Good luck and happy hunting.

    As always, this is only my personal perspective, and should be considered just that.

    • To German Guy about the 1st stanza: The 1st stanza tells you the state.

    • I have not. I’ve always considered it a frame for the art inside..
      Maybe that’s one of my problems.. 🙂

      • Dal, from my standpoint, you really do not have any problems that can’t be overcome!You have made many trips and seem geared and able to make many more.That,in and of itself, is the one luxury that many on here do not seem to have.Granted,the paydirt has eluded you,but you have had a plethora of unforgettable journeys! I would guess that with your endless talents that you could write one heck of a journal documenting all of the cool experiences you have had.I would definitely buy one! That my friend may be your treasure chest if all else fails.If I haven’t said it enough,thanks again for all you do.

    • Well G Guy,good luck w/ all that.Solving it for sure tells most of the story.I can’t see where the weather matters much though.Just my opinion.I do wish you the best when your journey does come to fruition.Much nicer and calmer on here for some reason.

      • might be because someone started his own blog ove at “what’s a Blaze” 🙂

        • Not cool guys. Not cool. And what’s a blaze is Stephs very awesome blog. We are ALL very protective of her so leave her blog out of it. I’m known as the sweet one but spicy is rearing its ugly head.

          j ~ PFW

          • Jen,

            Why the agressive attitude? I thought I read a personal opinion in his statement. Those I respect…personal opinions. That’s the problem with a lot of people, they take things so personal, as you are doing. Chill. Go with the flow. Many of us have never met and likely will never meet. But after this “chase” is over, we all go back to our own lives. No matter what they may be, good or bad. But for the time being we all have a chance to (hopefully) enjoy each others company for the short journey.

          • GG my statement was not directed at you. Bullying is never ok even as a personal statement. People are running their mouths about people I consider friends. Some more then just blog friends some just blog friends but still friends. I stick up for my friends and others too. What kills me as a teacher is that we have kids reading this blog and they are watching grown adults be MEAN to each other. Many states actually have cyberbully laws now and there are some people close to crossing the cyberbully line. Personal opinions that are mean should be kept to oneself or done in private at the very least. Not put out in public to for kids, small and teens to see. What an example we are setting. Again my comment was NOT toward you, I don’t know where it landed as I blog from my email. And this post is to simply explain why I take it personal. I work with teens everyday that are bullied and the statistics for suicide from bullying is staggering and growing. Someone has to be the voice and I chose myself. I will not sit by and watch bullying occur under the guise of a “personal opinion” without saying something because the kids that read this blog need to know it is NOT okay. No one has room to say that me speaking up is not okay and I should chill until they personally know a 10 year old that killed himself and his mom had to find him because of mean “personal opinions” of others. That’s my 2 cents no more no less. Ill step off my soap box now. For what it’s worth I like ya GG!

            PS Dal I know this isn’t clue related so if you need to delete it no worries on my part! 🙂

            j ~ PFW

          • For Jen: I can predict with about 100 percent certainty that you will get on your soapbox again — you have a track record. Dal is the sheriff of this party, not you. So I second whomever said ‘cool it.’ Naturally this all my opinion – like I have to say that every time …. duh

          • That was nice of you to say. It seems jen that the world is in constant flux, with wars and violence, that it is hard to protect our kids from those that really don’t care who they hurt. It’s good to see someone like you stand up for those to small and weak to stand up for themselves. I admire that. And be assured, that Dal would forgive you for this post, as he would be in total agreement with what you just said.

            I usually say this is just my perspective, but for this reply, I’ll say that this is my feelings also. Happy hunting.

          • @ Germanguy,

            Its posts like this that I take my hat off for.
            Yes indeed, until the chest is found, having respect and keeping it fun, should be a HUGE part of the whole experience.
            No one has to agree on anyones opinion. If you don’t like what someone writes just pass by it like a small town on the highway…no worries…no problem. 😉


    • Agree with Stance, I used it for the state and also a framework to conceptualize the clues around.

        • I think the first stanza is the first clue and the second stanza is the second clue. Most people will not agree with that though.

      • Tarryscant,
        I’m looking at the poem as having six, four line stanzas. Do you agree? Please clarify what you were referring to as the “first stanza is the first clue and second stanza is the second clue”.

        • Raven,

          Everyone sees the clues their way….if you see them differently, go with it…you never know who is going to be spot on in the end.

        • Yes, six four line stanzas. I think the first stanza gives background information so that you are not completely aimless trying to find WWWH and the second stanza tells you what to do first. I cannot be more specific about the second stanza without giving myself away but probably the best way to describe it is that it describes one action (to me). I think the other clues are sentences, phrases and so forth, not whole stanzas.

          This is just a theory and I am not one of the more confident people on this blog. It is just where I am at now.

    • @ germanguy,

      I’ve been so bothered by the wording in the last 2 lines of the first stanza. By one word…”where”…it just doesn’t fit. Is it saying wyoming here? (I haven’t even looked into Wyoming as a possibility. yet.) If you get rid of the word completely those 2 lines make more sense, at least to me. It is such weird wording that I think it’s important…although I haven’t figured it out yet…but, imo, it is important. If not a clue than as the first and therefore the most important hint. Just my cwazy thinkin’.

      • Don’t take any words out, that will get you more lost than found. IMHO where is a very important word in that line.

        j ~ PFW

      • Zuni,

        Don’t focus to much on the word “where”, study the first stanza as a whole. There is so much more meaning to it, you must go over it and over it. For some, it may click as a “Gotcha”, for others, it may elude them.

  77. Hello everyone, im switching gears here and offering a mea culpa of sorts. My emotions kinda get the better of me and I get caught up in the moment but then its come back down to earth reality time. In a nutshell, ok im in a better place now, and good news is I still feel the same way about my solution, but I think was approaching this the wrong way posting on the blog. Don’t know if my last post was too revealing in some ways, I cant go back in time now, but I think it was pretty much just based on examining FF comments and applying to an approach to the poem. I am not going to continue on with the ‘story’ as I had planned, other than say what’s already obvious, that FFs comment changed my approach and I now feel I have a solution that may be the right one. I think you know I feel it is more than a maybe but I would be ‘wise’ (lol) to speak more in maybe type terms. I realized I may be risking giving something away w/o realizing even tho I would try to be careful, so my change in heart is based on the 2 common sense reasons, and I think Dal has touched on them before in posts. (1) for protection of myself and (2) out of respect for others.

    I sometimes feel like others in here may be very very nice people, in that, they are giving me room in the way I express myself and maybe not saying what they might want to say to me and I really appreciate that if its you. I may be given too much room and hang myself tho lol. So, you know, at the end of the day, I gotta do what anyone else has to, if I think I got it, I need to go there and see if its there or not. Everything in between is just noise and theres no need to write checks I may not be able to cash. So in the meantime ill be around, reading some comments and maybe posting some more of my own, you know, with words like ‘think’ and ‘maybe’

    • What? No game changer? By the way what’s your interpretation of home of Brown(I haven’t gotten any hints from the lawyer lady ). Does it have anything to do with the graveyard?

      • graveyard ….. no …. just …. no ….. on every level and in every possible way

    • To CHris Yates: Don’t worry. IMHO your long, long, long, long message said NOTHING.

      • I agree that C Yates’ monologue said zip zero zilch! That is ok by me.It is good to vent though,so good for him.Not much happening on this here b log.Searchers must be out in droves right now.It is coming up on the afternoon now so I would imagine there are a lot of “what the bleeps” happening as I am writing this” no info” post.I posted this a while back,so here goes again.Warm waters make something halt…

      • and if most people feel the way you od, thats a big relief. i worry too much

  78. i used to think that 9 sentences were 9 clues. i now realize that is wrong. i think the sentence opinion was a minority opinion anyways, but now i know the majority opinion was correct. there are 9 clues, just like Forrest said, and not every line is or has a clue. imo

    • Chris,

      Sit on it for a day or two. If you have the book see if you can find the subtle clues and how the location was important to Mr Fenn other than his treasure is there. I felt the same way when I solved it. I have since tried everything possible to find my solution wrong – not find more evidence. Heading to the Rockies in less than 30 days from San Diego – woot. Snow is not melting :-(.

      • There are 2 huge subtle clues in the book, and i know what they mean now (provided my solution is correct right). one is something talked about on here regularly and the other is one that has been talked about on here before but i have not seen it mentioned in a long time.

      • btw, are you saying you feel you solved it and you havent checked out the place yet?

      • I live in San Diego too! I can’t wait to go looking for the treasure too! Where’s your spot? :). Just kidding… I know you can’t say. But I betcha San Diego will bring it home!

        • Actually, I spent 18 years in San Diego, and only came to CO a few years back due to a job transfer…can I be a part of the San Diego team too! Filipi’s pizza…mmmmm!

          Go Padres!

        • Haha… Ya… It feels kinda nice to have some team spirit involved :). We could totally be team San Diego! I love pizza… But also love Mexican food! Lets focus on the chase… Maybe team San Diego will have to come to Colorado… Then we go from there! You’re lucky you can search easily during weekends… I’m assuming you search Colorado?

  79. I have just one question about the first stanza–why does he say “where” and the next line starts with “and?” The rest of the poem’s sentences make fairly logical grammatical sense, but that just doesn’t.

    Could the spankings he referred to in the book refer to the line about the paddle? Switches and paddles are almost the same thing, and he said (I think) to pay close attention to where his father is mentioned. One line that stands out in that except makes no sense to me. This is the paragraph, and notice the last line,

    “Sometimes I knew my father was mad at something else and was taking it out on me. I could tell because what I’d done didn’t merit the punishment, like the time I locked my little sister out of the bathroom. Those lickings never hurt because I knew he was just blowing off steam. I was always willing to help if it made him feel better. Besides, I was so far ahead a good hanging couldn’t catch him up with me.”

    What does that mean???

    • I would think that FF did a lot of things that his father never caught him at 🙂

    • Mindy great catch! I hadn’t thought of paddling in that context. To me AND indicates we do it or see it at the same time. ie eat your bread AND butter. Not eat your bread and then the butter.

      j ~ PFW

      • Thanks, Jen! I’m just not sure how it would fit, but it does seem to be an important part of the book.

        • It sure looks like a piece of the puzzle in my opinion. How the world did you stumble across it ?

        • I’m a writer and editor, so I pick up written subtleties fairly easily. I’m also the Queen of Internet research. Lol.

          • Mindy-
            Yes…but can you make a great pimento cheese sandwich and do you have a good flashlight?

          • Now if Mindy has a flashlight and can make a Pimento Cheese sandwich we all better look out! Yikes!

            j ~ PFW

        • Unfortunately, I can’t make a pimento cheese sandwich, although I could find out how on the Internet!
          I have an awesome flashlight, and some extra funds to travel, though. If I eventually figure it out, I will be making a trip, but I want to be really, really sure before I go.
          I think I may be thinking a little too out of the box, though, although the little hints you guys give are helpful. Now I’m thinking to start on a snow capped mountain in Colorado. Lol…

    • @Mindy- I have thought “where” was (w)here with W being the state. I have also thought that children use the word “and” a lot. So I was looking at those words around and in the poem. Thank you to Forrest. I read a story where everywhere he went people knew his father, but after his father passed and over time few if any knew who he was. Now someone like me not only know of Forrest, but also about his father and the other treasures around the rocky mountains.
      This is just my opinion.

    • Mindy wrote:

      “I have just one question about the first stanza–why does he say “where” and the next line starts with “and?” The rest of the poem’s sentences make fairly logical grammatical sense, but that just doesn’t.”

      Hi Mindy,

      I don’t follow this comment – I read it as ” I can keep my secret location and (I) can hint of riches ..”. That’s just a compound sentence ? I found some other odd constructions, but not that one (although the type use of “where” was rare).

      Mentioning the “pimento” … I don’t recall it begin mentioned, but folks can google the “Pimento Horse”, or for those so inclined “Pinto men horse”.

      Good luck,

  80. I have decided to implement the use of some non traditional treasure hunting methods. I will be searching next weekend. I have been waiting for this time for quite a while. The snow has melted, the clues are falling into place, and I have someone coming from out of state to join the search. He is bringing his bloodhounds. I will let them become familiar with the scent of a $20 double eagle then head north from Santa Fe. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • May I suggest that the dogs become familiar with the scent of BRASS instead? Because that’s what they’ll need to smell to find the chest. Give the dogs a break, don’t make it too hard for them.

  81. Since I’m pretty new to the Chase, I have some locations in mind. My NM locations are Abiquiui and Ghost Ranch. It seems to fit with the no place for the meek. I took my kids there a couple of summers ago, and they were told the spooky ghost legend around a campfire. None of us got any sleep that night, especially when my daughter thought the ghost was scratching at the window. It was a really cool place, and I can definitely see how a chest could be placed in about a million different places.

    I’m also thinking Brazos Falls might be a good place. It’s got two tiers, and is NM highest waterfall.

    A question for the two guys who have “solved” it: is the warm waters halting speaking of literal water, like in a dam?

    I’m also wondering if the gypsy story has any significance, especially to how gypsy’s relate to the omega.

    I still like my Blaze the Bear story, although I realize it’s not really a feasible option, since Grizzlies are dangerous and FF said the chest wasn’t in a dangerous place.

    • How do gypsies’ relate to the omegas? I was thinking the mention of alpha and omega being the beginning of life and the end of life as a Christian meaning was important. Never saw anything to do with gypsies though.

      • (137) Omega/Chandra Symbols: Libra 26 – 30

        Phase 42. Revealing the Concealed (Mem Yud Kaf)

        Angel: MIKAEL (MI-ka-EL) Political Authority and Order

        Libra 26. Down the side of a mountain, a stream cascading for hundreds of feet. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Experimental

        (Degree Angel: Iah-hel (EE-a-HEL) Parent – Teacher not Preacher, Desire to Know)

        A feeling of inevitability and momentum is here. The person possessing this degree has a relaxed, vital quality that can enliven and refresh everyone. Others may readily get caught up in his enthusiasm and without trying he can be a leader. When he strives to do anything he interrupts his natural flow, and is at his best when being as spontaneous as he can.

        The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby.” Home is wherever you make it, and this degree has the capacitiy to be comfortable anywhere. It has a lack of concern with formalities and the complex ways of the world. It is direct in its approach, and relaxed. This makes all living simpler and more direct. When things get out of hand it knows how to scale down and cut back, while maintaining a joy of living. This helps to relax others who come in contact with it, and to focus more on the here and now rather than worrying about the plans and duties of tomorrow. We are all going where we need to go, and the more we acknowledge this, the easier the path becomes, until it is as easy as water falling off a mountain.

        • I looked up Libra before, but when I saw that it wasn’t his sign…I didn’t dig deeper. Interesting though. Might be interesting to see if it’s possible to research the other people who have passed to see if any of them are.

  82. If anyone would like an extremely focused, different kind of thinker on their team when they travel to NM, I’ll go. I’ve lived in Albuquerque before (now in Florida), so I know a little of the lay of the land. And I’m not skeered of nuttin’. Lol.

    • There was one guy that was on a Florida TV station that had the riddle (poem) all solved. Last we heard, he was headed out this way to pick up the chest. Haven’t heard hide nor tail of him since.

      Are you sure you want to come out here? They be them bears and snakes and such. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

      Just joshin’ ya. Welcome to the crew. Pull up a chair and join the search.

    • he was going to NM? ya … it’s not there .. i mean … it’s not there imo

  83. I used to go snake hunting when I was a kid. I grew up in the swamps and surf of central east coast Florida, and have swam with sharks at New Smyrna Beach. Our sharks would kill them bears…lol

    • Mindy, I went fishing for shark last weekend, down behind Lou’s Blues on indiatlantic beach, as exciting as that was…. This quest is potentially exciting also. The Intrigue turns me on. It is challenging when ones point of reference is ocean and beach and not the Rocky Mountains.

  84. there will be no need for metal detectors or bronze sniffin dogs. when you figure out the poem. go to place,pick up chest, leave.

    • i dont have the book, so i dont have it in front of me to go thru, u know what i mean. there are 2 things i am aware of that are in the book, from people talking on here. one of them is a subtle clue in the book, only saying that word subtle cuz thats what ff calls them, and it is referenced in the poem. the other one i would say imo is definitely a more subtle clue. i would have never made the connection, but once i figured some things out it became obvious. basically there is a line in the poem that is referring to a certain place, and this place is encoded in this line of the poem, whereas the subtle clue in the book is referring to the same place but is related to the surface meaning of the line, yet it has to do with the same place. if i could tell you more directly, it would blow your mind, it did mine.

      • Chris, is one hint and its clue the hoB. email me at yahoo I now doubt you have solved the poem if you don’t have the book, I maybe wrong just saying

  85. Some have said here that Forest can’t monitor the status of the box by satellite mapping. Here is a site that has a plethora of maps. The location in the coordinates box are for a HOB most of you will be familiar with.

    Notice the second vertical group titled “Articles”, has updated links for “near real time”, “1 or 2 times a week” and near the bottom contributed by Dispenser: “Daily 7:00 UTC”

    I don’t know if FF uses this tool to check up on the box, but someone Tec savvy could show him how to enter the coordinates, (he surely has memorized) and link to them whenever he wants. Of course, the box would have to be visible /uncovered.

    I personally do not think this is the method of choice for Forest.
    My suspected location would not likely be visible by this method.
    I am quite confident he will NOT be returning to the box himself just to see if it is still there.

    • I think I read somewhere that FF had hid the chest prior to Google Earth and had not counted on that being available to use as research. I may being delusional by this point…I’ve been researching for about two or three days now, and the amount of info and potential info is soooo huge.

      Still, Google Earth sorta sucks for honing in on really small things. However, I do love Google Earth. On a different topic, you should see some of the things I’ve found that I don’t think anyone else has…like what looks like a mummy’s tomb with the top off on the side of a mountain in Chile! I’m planning on making my own Google Earth web page or blog soon…it’s amazing…

      And yes, I have WAY too much time on my hands…I need a JOB!

      • Mindy-
        Forrest hid the chest in 2009-2010. Google Earth was ubiquitous at that time. However he began writing the poem 15 years before that..which would put us at 1994-95. I don’t know if GE was around at that time but there were other satellite imagery programs available like TerraServer. Not as cute as GE and not as user friendly but still delivered detailed sat images to your personal computer for analysis and manipulation. He may have considered this spot as early as 1988 when he believed he had terminal cancer and was going to “take it with him”. Certainly, neither GE nor it’s predecessors were available to the general public at that time on personal computers.At least that’s my recollection..

  86. Chris I would not be too sure of that, just picking it up, that is. You think ff gonna leave it be that EASY? be ready todo some head scratching, and looking, I think. Also sounds like you still want to spill the beans, Right or wrong, my spot or not, Don’t.

    • well yeah, i mean, i am prolly oversimplifying. i just think you know the spot, you search and find and go. the key is that you know the spot, and there is no doubt in your mind, go with confidence. if there is doubt, you did something wrong, keep working on it.

  87. Mindy, do you know where is stated that ff said to pay attn to where it mention his father? I don’t think I’ve heard that before

    AND Chris, yes i think ff did say you (some one) will go right to it.

    • I just retread the article–it was in The Daily Beast, and it doesn’t say that FF actually said it. I don’t know how the author of the article knew this–whether it was something FF said or his own deductions, but here’s the paragraph:

      I believe you can find it, even if you skip almost the entire second half of The Thrill of the Chase. You can ignore every page about Fenn’s war years, his gallery years, and his budding family. Uncap your highlighter, however, when you see the word “Yellowstone” or “father,” or “cancer.” These words mark important passages, the best windows into Fenn’s mind as he composed the work—and picked his spot.

  88. Hey G-man,you out there?………… I’m bored…..

    so why has no one ever mentioned the obvious meaning of “look quickly down”? Is it a secret?

    I thought, when I posted the possibility of 2 locations (because there are 2 more stanzas after ”take the chest and go in peace”), that someone would speak up! 🙂 🙂

    Follow Forrest’s instructions and Poem reads like this:

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answer I already know,
    I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.  

    Now that makes sense!!!! He has given you title to the gold and “then” tells you to take chest and go in peace………then he tell you why he has to go (and also how he did it)!

    ..…..I have been vocal about not to mess with the poem, as Forrest says, but in this case, you are just following Forrest’s instructions

    …………Attention All —- This is just one Texas boy’s opine!!

    What say yee, people???

      • nope, looking for opinions on following instruction in the Poem and reading the Poem, as I posted???

        • Fred, you confident now? If so, go for it. I wouldn’t chance loosing it at this point. Sounds like a lot of people are sure of their spots. Question isn’t so much where it is anymore, but who gets there first. This is only my opinion. I sure wouldn’t want to wait too long.

        • G-man,
          as confident as I can be at this point. Got a dawg in the hunt, but I only have it narrowed down to about 60 acres (near as I can tell). Still working on 2 lines, that I think will narrow the trail considerably……my Opinion.

          Even if I could go , Now is not the time. A remote weather site (very near) shows there is still 4 foot of snow there. Got 3 inches yesterday (brrr).

          Thanks for agreeing w/ me! 🙂 🙂

    • Boy that was such an adventure. So well planned out. I hope that the rest of the well-deserved time there will renew Wolf’s spirits to journey yet another day. Way to go Wolf and good luck on your next venture.

  89. Thrill of the chase extreme edition. PLEASE LEARN FROM THIS…Big search day. We found our halted warm waters in NM. Next, we found our home of Brown, not too far- too far to walk…check. No place for the meek…certainly. We make our way in and end up hiking up this rocky and mostly dry creek bed- heavy loads for sure loaded with big tarry blackened rocks. Above us…an old 1800’s water flume high above the creek bed. There’s our water high. We started poking around and then climbed up a hill for more of a vantage point. All of a sudden, across a field we see an old pickup truck blazing toward the site at high speed. A guy in camo jumps out with an assault rifle pointed up at the hill. We duck down and hide behind some rocks. Another guy with an assault rifle races thru the field towards us. At this point, we are not believing what is happening. We’re out far enough not to have cell service and I’m packing a little bear spray and a pistol, which is staying in my pack unless it’s a last resort. From our high point these guys are looking none too happy. After a while of circling around and looking for us, they finally leave. It felt like forever. Luckily we hid well. We’re relieved for now but not sure what to expect on the way out. This is feeling like a movie. We walk out slowly and quietly, finally emerging from the woods. Our car is completely blocked off by three trucks and three armed guys. We raise our hands and try to keep calm. Turns out we were on a stretch of private land, which we had no idea of. They inform us that the Sheriff is on the way…great. While waiting for the sheriff we started talking with the guys and they turned out to be OK. The sheriff arrived in a few minutes and he was pretty understanding. No charges were pressed. This land is NOT open to the public. After speaking with the owner for a while, he surprisingly let us go back and finish our search. We found two old Indian dwellings, a few possible blazes and these amazing waters high. Every clue we could think of fit here. The landowner even told us about the Indian and cavalry history here and it’s incredible. It finally started to get dark and…no chest. We may try to get back there if we can coordinate it with the land owner. Today way like a movie- excitement and adrenaline filled. Craziest day I can remember…

    Note: These lands out here are vast. The boundaries can be vague. Nobody needs to be this brave. We got lucky. Be really careful where you go searching. DON’T risk it. Some of these landowners are very serious about trespassers and most are really well armed. If in doubt don’t risk it. We entered at an area without any “No Trespassing” signs present. Turned out the land was very private. They said that some of the land we’d end up searching on was public land, but getting in there without crossing private land is an issue…

    Be careful. CHC

    • Could Forrest walk that dry creek bed to the location to hide the chest? Was it uphill?

      • The spot we were at was something I believe Forrest could climb and it wasn’t too deep in the woods. We basically were in and out twice. As avid hikers, it was a hearty walk for us but for an 80 year old carrying a load, it probably felt too far to walk. Capt. Rob…OK you go out in the unknown with some gravy and you can be tasty all ya I ‘ll keep a little bear spray and pistol. The bears here will most likely not bother you and they are pretty rare to see. Mtn lions can surprise you and that’s no fun. Chuy had an encounter the other day and posted a story. A pistol shot into the ground will send ’em running. Usually they will go on their own. Mostly we keep just a stick, knife and bear spray unless we’re really in a place that feels like we need more. I spent 6 years as a back country mtn guide when I was a little younger and the biggest advice I can give is, be prepared for anything. PS- I actually did have a bear chase me a little ways a few years ago. I came up on it with a mtn bike and she had cubs. Never peddled so fast! How’s that for the Thrill of the Chase? We got sore legs today. Maybe we’ll pop down to Santa Fe and try to see f. Take care! 🙂 CHC

    • @CHC,No doubt you were very fortunate to not be arrested or charged.Some people take trespassing very seriously.The men you ran into could have been totally different.Thanks for sharing your experience so others can learn from it.

    • Azuredeb, unfortunately I can’t give this spot out because we were told not to. It will only draw a lot more folks to it and the owner of the land doesn’t want that to happen. Only a few searchers have made it there so far. It is kind of close to a location where people are searching in NM.The moral of the story is not to go somewhere that your not sure about. Ask for permission if you dare, but don’t be too bold and brave in the wood unless your ready to be Rambo. lol. CHC

        • please tell me you are searching in NM so i know there is no chance of you finding it

        • oh, i overlooked, i think u r saying ur searching in NM. thats good news ….. for me

          • I think you just gave out a game changing Hint. Colorado it is. Flight changed check.

        • DT, yes, all you need to know is the state and at that point its obvious and you just walk right up to the chest and take it. so simple a caveman could do it.

        • Yes, please give us a heads up, I don’t want to head out there if a champion has been crowned!

  90. Can someone post a link to the interview where Forrest said people had been within 500 feet.

    I cant find it but I think I have misunderstood exactly what was said in it.

    Thanks in advanc#.

    • Dal posted the link on the previous ‘the nine clues’ thread …. part twelve

      in one of my posts on this thread, i have the entire quote typed out

      • Thanks Chris, your post was the reason I wanted to go back and hear it for myself. I didnt want to keep giving out bad info.

  91. David,

    Check out the “media coverage” section on this blog’s homepage. Several different media sources have the info you are looking for. If you listen to the audio portion of the Collected Works Bookstore interview of FF, I believe it is stated somewhere there.

    • “where warm waters halt”

      Just for the really addicted – the US Post Office is offering a series of “Forever” stamps featuring “geothermal” items.


  92. After listening to the audio of the interview where Forrest says people were within 500 feet, I realized I was guilty of accidentally giving out bad info on this blog.

    I am sorry for not personally checking before giving an answer. I did not mean to give out wrong info. Sorry

    • That is a game changer to me. At least as how far one must travel between clue locations.

      Time to revisit old ideas with a new perspective. Depending on how you read the clues the chest must be located…well…anywhere…argh.

  93. Good morning to all! My wife and I just return yesterday from our first and only trip to the Colorado Rockies. I can only express my gratitude to all of you and Forrest for awakening in the kid in me that once ruled my life with imagination. Through the process of growing old I have suffocated him with life’s problems and buried him deep with in me ready to except life’s conclusion.

    OK, folks it’s down to business and a real game changer.

    The definition of the word Wood:

    Webster’s Dictionary wood is defined as: Tree, Forest, hard fibrous substance, lumber.

    In American Heritage College Dictionary wood is defined as: Cellulose and lignin, a dense growth of trees, a forest, a golf club.

    And here is the game changer:

    In Microsoft Word program on line Dictionary the word wood is defined as: timber, lumber, firewood, forest, woodland, copes, covert and coppice.

    Now to see for yourself, open a new page in Microsoft Word and type the word Wood then right click on the word and scroll down to synonyms and hold the curser over the word. This is the first time that the word WOOD is defined as a Covert, and as you might know a covert, is a half dome made out of metal used to allow water to pass under a road. Believe me they make huge coverts. So now you have the last clue defined.

    The first clue Where Warm Water Halts is a Dam. Whether the water is hot, warm, or cold what makes water stop is defined as a dam. It could be made by an avalanche, by a Beaver or by man; a dam is a dam.

    Next, think about when he wrote in his book: I went to Borders to buy a book? Take the word Borders and use it! It is the answer to the first clue. Try Flaming Gorge Reservoir at the border between Wyoming and Utah that flows into the Green River which flows into Colorado then through Brown Park.

    And know this from the beginning point to the end point there are connecting roads. Don’t Search where a 79 or 80 year old codger could not go carrying a 42 pound box of gold. All the written clues and the verbal clues are met from beginning to end.

    To put in is to change direction from a vessel already in the water; as to put in to port, or put in to a harbor or another river.

    Maybe I should stop there and let your imagination take over, but I want you to know that at the end point, from the road (above the culvert) the Google car cameras show three teepees (the Blaze) across the river from the culvert. They are not seen from the Google space cameras. They only show from the Google car camera from the road above the culvert, and to make things more difficult the three teepees are really not there, they had been removed. How Forrest managed to do know.

    You might ask why don’t you have the treasure, and I will answer the water running through the culvert is high, icy cold and treacherous. Unless you have a wet suit and I don’t mean waders you would not last a minute in it, you’ll need a safety rope and another person at the end of the rope strong enough to pull you back to shore… please be careful everyone I mean it, trying it by yourself is too dangerous!

    Look I understand that I might be wrong, but you must admit that Microsoft’s Word definition of wood is a game changer.

    My wife and I had two million dollars worth of fun and had a great time. I hope none of you are mad at me for giving away too much, but there is still work for you to do and it is all in the definition and taking words or so out of context. Good luck to you all…..this will be the last time I contribute.

    • Great story. We looked at culverts, because he mentions having houses and asphalt all over and we figured it would be a place that fisherman wouldn’t really go under much. We used a clear Rubbermaid container we’d get at Walmart to push down into the water so we could see the water bottom better. The worth the cold for us, was when it’s cold in the fall the water levels were dropped in a lot of rivers and streams I think to build up the reservoir levels.

      • Stephanie, Wednesday we drove through white-out conditions up there and the creeks are now fast moving rivers. The culvert is so big you could drive your car through it. Starting this week they will have four days of storms so it will be even worse.

        • Yeah it can be dangerous. When we were in the Cimarron it doesn’t even sound as bad as your describing. I had thought a rope would be a good thing to tie around my waist while my husband held it…but then I had second thoughts about how much he really liked me lol….*kidding* I’ve thought the USGS gages can be water high too…that’s what they use to check the “highness” of the water levels since we’re on the subject.

          • I thought it was odd since they are metal…well, we searched them for the other reason…about the asphalt being all over the place in the future and they are dark where you’d need a flashlight.

    • G, based on your description of the waterlow, my guess is that the chest is not in the covert but 500 ft
      downstream in several pieces and that you will now have to pan for all of the gold.

      • I tried posting an answer on my cell, but it didn’t work so I’m trying on my PC. The chest is only five inches high and is heavier than a good size river rock, so I believe it hasn’t moved. Again, I want to say I might be wrong but all the clues including the verbal clues lined up to this spot.

        • Well remember its been 2-3 years of that water flow. A 42 lb bronze chest could not withstand that type of pressure. Water is tremendously powerful. That’s how gold flakes and nuggets end up in streams and such minerals are anchored to the ground so to speak.

          • What if it was lodge under a boulder with maybe a rock on it? Maybe it’s on the “waterless” side of a boulder where the trout hang out. What will my non fishing girlfriends say when they find out that I know these things?

          • It’s interesting you mention that waterless side of a rock or boulder. My understanding placer miners describe that area is where the stream or river releases its load. So heavy loads might mean there is a lot of water pressure or activity on the other side of the rock due to water coming from a higher level the water high referred to. In fact you could probably include the waterless area behind structures such as dams, beaver dams, and fallen logs or any such object in the water.

    • Ah but the wood could also be defined as a thicket, a collection of trees with brush underneath, a pile of timber or firewood, and a covert could also be defined as a hidden or secret shelter. There was also the expression “out of the woods” meaning safe. Fenn when he states brave and in the wood may have twisted this and is saying if you were adventurous and placed yourself in a not so safe situation(you searched like he told you) then you get the gold.

      • thomas your in the woods helped me alot also covert i also need help on cold have any thing on that ?

    • Hi Gilagin,
      Sounds like you had a great trip!

      Question–Do people generally use the word ‘covert’ in place of ‘culvert’ where you’re from? I’m wondering if it’s colloquial, as I haven’t heard that before.

      I’ve looked up it up in dictionaries, online, and in Word as suggested but I can’t find anywhere where it says that it’s another word for culvert.


      • DoubleDown, I didn’t realize I had incorrectly corrected myself. I was right the first time in my first post, it should be culvert. Sorry, but thanks for catching it!

        • @ Gilagin, Following the definition of wood a bit further wood have told you” in my opinion” that lignous could also mean “in the clear”.Again,just my humble opinion.

        • Gilagin,
          I think we were confused on the Culvert thing. I think I figured out what happened.
          You (and MS) were correct in your first post when you said Covert is a synonym for wood.
          Your description was of a Culvert (half pipe).
          I thought that MS Office was defining Culvert and you spelled it Covert by mistake.
          I hope all this makes sense.

          Anyway, here is the definition of Covert as it pertains to wood:

          “hidden from prying eyes by a leafy boscage”

          Great. Another word to look up.

          Apologies to MS and all the superior knowledge that $$ can buy.

  94. Dal i wanted to touch back on a question you posed back on Apr. 29th at 7:22 PM. My answer or opinion would be Rio Chama, It took a little digging through my archives but i had Rio Chama with a ? noted.

  95. I wouldn’t put too much weight on MS Word. Remember what happened to people who used their Maps! The Webster’s Dictionary doesn’t have any connection to culverts. I really don’t see how they could be connected.

    It does mention “out of the wood” as being safe and out of danger.
    Maybe just a callback reference to the “no place for the meek” line.
    Your not out of the woods yet.

    • Highway 40 that runs adjacent the Yampa River that flows into the Green River has a town called Craig that has one of the biggest collections of Petroglyphs in Colorado (which I believe FF had to have visited) is connected to a town called Meeker by Hwy. #13. Meeker (meek) is only a directional clue to let you know you are on the right track. Meeker is south of craig but not the direction you want to go.

  96. Hi everyone,

    I am writing about the two search parties that were within five hundred feet of the chest based on the first two clues. My understanding is that FF discussed this months back and then again at the recent interview at Collected Works.
    I have one more question I was hoping someone could clarify.
    Has the number of parties that have been close changed since the original comment? Meaning, it was two parties then and it is still two now so no one has been that close since he made the original comment?

    Thank you, tarry

    • He never said the people who figured out the first two clues were within 500 feet…only that they went by the other 7…so you could assume saying BY that they were still close…but you can’t say that they were the same as the 500 feet. I think that’s my take on it at least. Also, I believe there was only one group last year and we only found out in the past couple months that another party figured out the first two clues. Makes me think that home of brown is the stumbling block…people are finding something obvious that they are following and they should be looking for something less like maybe a rock formation that has the name of Brown listed in it’s name. He does mentioned rocks like agate and sandstone. is there a Brown Sandstone?

      • Isn’t sandstone a color within the brown spectrum? Tan. Khaki etc.

      • Stephanie,

        I might have to disagree on the 500 feet conclusion. In my opinion, there were two parties, each of which missed the remaining seven clues while being approximately 500 feet from the treasure. I believe both the parties were close to the treasure around the same time period.

        BTW, I like your blog site!

        • Thanks about the blog. I think we heard for a while it was just one group…then all the sudden we heard there was another group. Maybe Dal can give his thoughts on that. Also, I thought I heard him say the parties went right by the other 7 clues…which if that’s the case…they would have gone by the chest I’d think. Not that it matters really…just fun to think about I guess.

        • Kan, thanks for the new map, is there a crazy mtn or anything with the name crazy in that area?

        • hi kym there is a loco creek in MT . but i got to check and see just where it is , in relation to this area . it might be on the dark side of the moon though . lol

      • Stephanie, I am not so sure about the 500 feet peopl being different from the 2 clue people after listening to theaudio from Collective interview. Do you have a link to when he first said these things. I have been looking for them from when he first said or wrote them. Any help?

        • No I’m sorry I don’t. I’m the worst and finding information I read or heard. I just thought I remember him saying one group…and then hearing two parties all the sudden at the CW event. So don’t take anything I say as fact since I can’t recall an interview etc. Sorry.

        • David – hope this helps,

          FF wrote, on Sept. 26, 2012 in “Stephan Returns to Blaze”:
          I use a small f because I’m too lazy to hit the shift button. All of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about where warm waters halt. Several months ago some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close. Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.

          Also:Searchers have been within 500 feet of the chest – Forrest did say this and he was quoted in the Hemispheres story in January of 2013 by Margie Goldsmith. Some people think that this would be a huge clue to any searcher who was told this.

          And this: Adam the Adventurer: I wrote Forrest and asked how can someone be 500 feet away and only solve 2 of the 9 clues? Forrest stated that it was 2 different searchers……A the A wrote this post on here – I didn’t document where, sorry.

        • @Fred W
          Thanks for the info on the 500′ quote. I didn’t realize it dated back to Sept. of 2012. That let’s me out since I didn’t get out there unitl this March. 🙁

          Since that was pre-Today Show, not nearly as many searchers back then, so my money is on Dal or Stephanie being the ones who were close.

      • stephanie thanks for the waterless comment on my chase there is such a think

    • Tarry-
      The number Forrest uses has not changed. It was two in the beginning and is still two.

      • Thank you Dal. I searched a site in March but needed more time and felt it might be worthwhile to go back. It is a very specific place (not very big area) so the 500 feet rule would apply. I guess I can scratch that one off my list, which is too bad because it was a great site. I emailed Forrest at the time, not expecting a reply, but he did reply so he knows we were there.

        Thanks to Stephanie and others for your feedback. It seems like even if we look at the quotes there is still some ambiguity (agree with Jen that it may not mean they went by the clues physically).

        So since he did not change the number all of us that have searched very specific sites
        and told Forrest abou themknow we we do not need to go back.

    1. Low, flat, swampy land; a bog or marsh – could a bog or marsh be located in a mountainous area?
    2. Medical definition: Fenn Effect: 1. the increased liberation of heat in a stimulated muscle when it is allowed to do mechanical work;)
    *** That’s it – this is the FENN EFFECT!

  98. Everyone seems pretty concerned about the “500 foot” comment. I heard what he said but could this be one of the exagerations FF has admitted that he is fond of? Perhaps the searchers weren’t really within 500 feet of the stash but within that distance of an important landmark that is related? Seems to me if it is really only 500 feet off a road, as some have speculated, that kind of defeats his stated purpose of getting folks out into the wilderness. I’d be cautious about calling this a “rule” as I think you might be establishing a “non-clue” as a fact. Don’t underestimate how far an old guy can go. I know plenty of mid to late 70’s folks who think nothing of skiing cross-country with a 35 pound pack at 11000 feet in a blizzard more than 6 miles to get to a backcountry hut.

    • @Colokid

      I tend to agree. IMHO too much is made from this 500′ statement First, he says “within 500′” which can be any distance from 1/4″ to 500′. He could have said within 5 miles and still be an accurate statement, but hardly as dramatic. Many think the 500′ seems to correspond to the distance that he walked from his car to the treasure hidey spot. I see no connection here based on what he said.

      The main thing is that it should give some hope to the dozens (or hundreds) who have e-mailed Mr. Fenn about their adventure and think about re-visiting the area mentioned. As I believe we all are optimists, we might as well assume he’s talking about any one of us. After my first and only trip thus far, I e-mailed Mr. Fenn, so naturally, I thinks he’s referring to me. LOL Well, not really because in hindsight I think I had a few things out of order and didn’t follow the poem “exactly” as he advises. I was probably within 1000 miles of it at least (which can mean anywhere from 1/4″ to 1000 mi.)

      • Don’t forget the vertical component. To an aviator it’s a 500 foot spherical radius. The treasure could have been 500 feet above or 500 feet below. What if they were near some cliff dwellings for example..

    • The darn treasure could be only 500 feet off a main hwy or a county road, Anyone driving down that road would be within the 500 feet even if they weren’t searching there.

  99. I came across this in my research. I hope it can inspire someone else as much as it inspired me.

    East is the entry gateway to the “sacred circle” of life. Corresponds to Spring, birth, new beginings ~ all starts in the east ~ from where the sun rises, we begin a new dawn. Each day is a good new day with a fresh beginning, and a new start. East is the direction of air, mental activity, conception, including children and new borns. It is the time of change, for all is a new beginning. New ideas and seeing the light. Enlightenment. Change. Spring is the season when all things begin to grow and awaken. Yellow is the path of Life, to begin the walk, to shine in all that you do. The sun rising in the east empowers each of us. The energy to do and to begin the action of the mind and heart is there.

  100. Just did a little catching up on the posts here. I guess the thing that scares me more than someone else finding the treasure is that someone is going to get killed doing something stupid and cause this whole chase to be curtailed. People are talking about wet suits, tying ropes around their waists and entering fast moving water with someone else holding on. Seriously? There is almost nothing more dangerous in the Rocky Mountains than a river or creek heavy with runoff and nearing spring flood stage. Folks, please, if you aren’t an experienced with weather, water, animals, and backcountry travel this time of year is not particularly forgiving. Please think twice before you do something you are going to regret. A lot of people go into the woods totally unprepared and get away with it but they have no idea how lucky they were. “This ain’t no Girl Scout Camp.”

    • Here-Here
      Well said Colokid! I work in search and rescue and our number one client is an inexperience individual(s) who are way out of their element. Be safe and carry an Personal Locator beacon – regardless.
      The Wolf

    • I believe Forrest has said the treasure chest is not in a dangerous place and that a child could get it. So, why is anyone looking in such dangerous places? Let’s just keep the Chase safe and simple.

      • I’m not sure he said a child could get to it. I think the Iowa guys said that he said that and I believe he ended up saying he didn’t say that…I’m not sure. Maybe he just didn’t say it in the same way that they did, because I think I remember him correcting it. That made me think you might have to cross some water or something that not all children could do…I don’t know…but I’m not so sure he actually said a child could go to it regardless…maybe someone can find a quote from him either way.

        • Here is a quote from the Santa Fe Trading Company website:

          “The chest is not in a dangerous place. Remember, it weighs 42 pounds and an old man carried it to its secret location. Keep your children close in the mountains and search at your own risk.”

    • CKid,Right you are!I am sure hoping nobody does something really foolhardy.The Chase would get a bad rep and that would put a damper on future searches.Gold fever has reared it’s ugly head time and again throughout history.I always go w/partner and we always have a plan.Be safe and smart all.

    • Little Sparrow wrote:

      ” re: earlier post, I wanted to sing a christmas song to you… do you know what I know?”

      Hi There,

      Not sure. Understanding the desire to not say too much, but if you could give a little more, a synonym, etc.. I had come across a distant reference to Christmas at one point, and there is the “X”mas. All kinds of things.

      Hope you are having fun. I’m amazed, and delighted.


  101. Forrest’s comments were very clear. 2 different parties, got first 2 clues right, within 500ft, also they went right past THE TREASURE CHEST.

    Now if someone thinks that the truth is something other than what FF says here, that FF is playing so fast and loose with the truth that they weren’t within 500ft of the chest, and went right past it, then I don’t know why they would even bother to search for the chest. Why even believe then that he hid it in the first place?

    • I think people just get excited about the idea it could be them. I though Steve Tanner summed it up pretty well about that. It’s exciting to know one of us might have figured something out and I’m guessing we’ve all retraced our solutions to think…could it have been us. It’s fun to daydream about that sort of thing.

      • I want to clarify my comment above. It was not intended to sound arrogant. I live in the Midwest and was on a family trip in March. I managed to convince my family that it would be a good idea to take a wide detour and check my spot. This was not part of the plan so we had very little time there. I live in the Midwest and have limited time and money so each search has to make good sense. I am able to go back to my area this summer but will be short on time again. If I can eliminate a spot based on FF’s comments about the 500 feet and concentrate on the alternatives then that is very helpful. I will probably only have this one extra search so I need to feel very good about the sites that I choose.

        I went back and listed to the recent interview at Collected Works. The one puzzling thing is that his comment about the parties within 500 feet seems to contradict what
        he said to Adam the A. Based on the interview it sounds like the two parties that got the two clues were the ones within 500 feet.

        • i agree that it sounds contradictory. i do not have a first hand source for this comment though, only that i see above someone is quoting A the A. it is a second hand osurce of a second hand source. i would like to know if FF said that comment that is connected with A the A above. if anyone has knowledge of this quote and source, it would be helpful and appreciated.

        • Chris Yates – go to “Rumors Abound” , Jan. 27, 2013 on this site and scroll down…

      • Just a quick note to say that although I replied to you Stephanie, the comment is not directed at you. Just did not want it to end up separated from the others.
        All best, tarry

    • I will be going to the spot i believe it to be soon. On this blog there is a reply comment from FF where he says in essence ……. got the first 2 clues right and the other 7 wrong and didn’t know they were so close…………. i am pinning my hopes on the idea that what FF said here is not entirely accurate. I don’t think FF would say something false intentionally, but he is human and makes mistakes like the rest of us. If i have what I believe is the correct solution to the poem, then when FF was speaking at the CW bookstore .”…..figured out the first 2 clues … correctly .. and went right past the treasure chest, because they didn’t have the others”, his change in language here is not by accident.

      I know this may sound like a contradiction to my previous comment but there is a difference between say like concluding that perhaps FF forgot where the chest was or didn’t undersand where the searchers were and where they were going so therefore the 500ft thing is wrong (that would be too big of a mistake to reasonably believe he would make it) … difference between that and something smaller and more technical, an oversight that i think anyone could make.

      • Dal has said not to hang on his every word and I’ve found that too. He uses different words when saying things. I believe Dal has mentioned before how he’s said the word Home for Brown, but also said House of Brown and they can have different meanings.

      • Hi Chris, can you clarify what you are saying here? I assume you are saying that the first two clues that you have solved do not get you within 500 feet of the location you have identified? Also, wondering if your solution is based on coordinates and physical directions or just physical directions? If you want to answer but not post, I’m at holmes pooka @ yahoo

      • Pooka,

        your last question first

        my solution is based on physical directions only. no coordinates that i am aware of. it is also based on … when i started to see why FF said there are 9 clues, what those 9 clues are, where they are located, that certain stanzas have ‘x’ amount of clues and other stanzas have ‘y’ amount of clues, such that, there is an order and reasoning behind it. part of the reasoning being, the poem is constructed in such a way, that it could not be shortcutted. someone could not read one of the important clues at or towards the end, for example, and say hey it matches this place perfectly! and then they easily figure out the spot from there. then they didnt even have to bother to solve the clues that preceded it.

        I don’t want to risk that I may not entirely understand the meaning of your other question so let me give my answer like this.

        search party … gets first 2 clues right …. gets the others wrong ….. as they are at the right place initially they then head towards the wrong place ….. in doing so they go right past the chest and at a certain point come within 500 feet

        all that is 100% true in my opinion

        • Thanks for the response Chris. Very interesting thoughts. Good luck when you go.

  102. im curious, has anyone ever considered the “Craters of the Moon National Monument” in Idaho as a possible “no place for the meek”? as the bible says “the meek shall inherit the earth” so to me, if the meek are on the earth, then there would be no meek on the moon…. Just a thought. After all, Fenn said the treasure was in the Rockies, he never said the clues were ALL in the Rockies, maybe one or two just outside the Rockies? Again just a thought…

  103. Just to put the 500 foot frenzy into perspective…..Over Easter I attended a friends Easter egg hunt for his 4 grand kids. 10 brightly colored plastic eggs with dollar bills inside went out in the backyard measuring approx 100 feet by 70 feet. Only 7 came back. At the end, the “hider” and the other adults scoured the area after being given a very specific description of the hiding places and those 3 missing eggs never were found. I think this was also covered pretty good over at the recently referenced Mysterious Writings blog. You can be standing almost on top of something knowing or thinking it’s there and never find it. This is going to be much harder than many think. My opinion…no blaze=no box whether or not you got the other 7 right. Probably time better spent figuring out the clues than worrying about heartsay.

    • I think the reason it’s so hard is that the blaze isn’t near it. He talks about under a rock where the fairies play or something. I think you can easily have a blaze and then it be under a rock in tall grass with vegetation coming into play now and it will be near impossible till fall. I think between the small window of time and the easy way it can be hidden…it can easily be in a public area and not be seen.

      • Stephanie,,,,who mentioned the Fairies around a rock? Was it FF? Because he said one of his first paintings he sold was about fairies dancing around some rocks. During my research, I also found a place near West Yellowstone called Fairyland Basin. I also found Fairy Falls, although I can’t remember where it was.

        • Fairyland Basin is in the north end of the park Mindy. In my opinion it’s not an easy enough trail for Forrest to have used.
          Fairy Falls is not far from Forrest’s favorite bathing spot at Ojo Caliente off the Freight Road Trail. It’s certainly not within a few hundred feet of where he could park his car.

        • Oh, okay…too much info in the last two days…sorry about misinformation…

          This is something I just found…I’m sure it has nothing to do with the clues, but FF did say that whoever found it would be surprised (right?). I just found Surprise Spring in the white capped Geyser area of Yellowstone. That’d be hilarious if it was there. 🙂

      • After thinking and rethinking, reading and rereading, I am beginning to think that the thing that is hidden is the blaze. The poem may lead you to find the hidden blaze, which then in turn leads you to the treasure. The poem says found the blaze, not see the blaze. You have to find it before you see it. And you have to be wise to find it (in other words, you have to solve the poem to find the blaze). I think it may be in one of his Bronze jars that is hidden but not buried like the others. Wouldn’t that be a typical Fennian twist to the search?

          • And therein is the key to why people have come within 500′. The Blaze has to occur by the time you reach that line in the poem.

        • Plus it would remove all the legal questions of removing a treasure from wherever you are. You are only removing an old jar that you found.

        • If Mr. Park Ranger wants the jar that I found, he can have it after I see what’s in it!

        • Mindy, I believe his statement was “When the treasure is found, everyone will be surprised”. I see it as a profound statement.
          So I reiterate that he means it is not where most people are looking. Santa Fe & YSNP for the most part.
          Not many agree with that, but they are committed to those obvious areas, so don’t start over on my account.

        • Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
          ….I think Jack found what makes the Poem Tick!!

          Good work, Jack!!!!

  104. Fairy Falls was a favorite possibility for a while.I now believe the trove to be closer to f than that.

  105. I’m still at the “exploring every possibility” point in my search. Where the warm water halts is my biggest stumper. I think it could be the top of the rio grande (even though the river flows south), Eagle Nest Lake (although I think that area has been searched extensively), Firehole River, Flaming Gorge, and a few other places. The house of Brown is also stumping me, since I lean toward it not being about trout, but an actual place or person’s name. I can see how it would be relatively easy to get the first two clues right then totally go off track with the last seven!

  106. Well I guess what I just stated could be interpreted as an arguement that it’s in a public place (hiding in plain sight) but not what I’m suggesting. If my stated purpose is to get people off the sofa and out into the wilderness then I’m going to put the prize out in the wilderness. Not sure why ff would do otherwise.

  107. Has anyone considered the Brown Family cabin in Island Park, Utah? It’s in Yellowstone, close to the Firehole and there are waterfalls and other clue-like stuff around there. I just read a blog about their family reunion, and it has a lot of interesting pics.

    • I looked at Brown Family Cabin in Island Park also. At the entrance they have a sign that says Home of Brown. The only thing that makes me think its not there is that in a 100 years it might not be the Home of Brown. It could be the Home of Migatulski….

      • Raydar-
        I also looked in that place…
        I have a different take on it than you.
        I think it’s fully functional as an HOB because it’s property and as long as their is a functional government there will be property records that show that when Forrest hid the treasure that property was the Home of Brown.

        • Hey, Dal. I understand private land & I understand public land. If FF would not hide the chest on someone’s privately owned land & he would not hide it on public land, what else is there?

          • Beck-
            There are many subclassifications of property inside what you mentioned. Trust land which can be private or public, commercial or non-profit is one example. There are also special rules and regulations that apply to all kinds of public lands which would make it perfectly acceptable to remove Forrest’s chest. But to go into all here is pointless. The possibilities of removal and ownership on all the various land types in this country are practically endless.

            Instead, follow the clues in the poem to the treasure. When you figure out where it is and you then know the pertinent regulations and are frightened to go get it…then is the time to worry about it..Right now, in my opinion, the mission is to figure out where it is. Not figure out how to remove it.

        • I also think I found the cabin on Google Earth, using the Brown Reunion Pic of the property as a guideline. There are some interesting possibilities, but I can’t imagine why this particular area would be special enough to hide the chest there. There are Indian artifacts still to be found around the lake, but other than that, I’m not sure what the draw would be.

  108. It’s like simply kicking a stone along the trail. Don’t pay attention to it, but it was right there in front of you all the time.

  109. What if it was simply a bottle cap. I had a friend tell me once, he was walking his dog and in the dirt was something that shined like an old beer bottle label. Cleaned it off and it turned out to be a gold double eagle coin.

    • Just to expand on my solving the puzzle leads you to a hidden blaze possibility. What if the blaze is hidden somewhere in the Rockies north of Sante Fe. The blaze itself would be a treasure. I for one would treasure it because it would tell me where to find the chest. The chest itself could be safe and secure somewhere else. Maybe on FF’s bookshelf, in his yard, in a safe deposit box. Only FF knows. But it would answer a lot of questions raised here. How does he know the chest has not been found? How does he know searchers have been within 500′? What are the legal problems of removing it? Why is the blaze so hard to figure out? he says he could go to it right now. Just one of thousand possibilities might be that someone solves the poem, goes to the correct location and finds one of FF’s bronze jars. Inside the jar is a note that says go to GPS coordinates x and x. You follow that trail and find yourself at FF’s front door or maybe inside a bank lobby or who knows where. There you somehow get instructions on how to get your title to the gold. I am just trying to keep an open mind and discover the answers to all the questions raised.

      • Jack, if you are going through all these none clue efforts, you may as well forget the search for the treasure. I say this not in an insulting manner, but rather to point out that there are 1000’s of people out there who are getting ready to go after their places. they may or may not have all the answers that you ask, but they know that time is a wasting and the chest waits for no one.

        Do youself a favor and put all those concerns away for now and work on your solution to the poem. You will feel so much better, as you see the picture of the solution come together for you.

        I have my favorite spot already. I’m not giving another thought to worrying about what’s going to happen after I get the chest….those concerns will be the least of my problems, believe me…..I’m looking at possibly 1 million reasons not to worry right now. Good luck to you.

        • I also have a spot to search. I am not really concerned about any of those other questions. I believe FF already considered most of them before he chose the hiding place. But many of them get raised here and they are interesting to ponder and to consider how he may have worked it all out. I have had my mind in puzzle solving mode for the last two months and can’t get out of it!

      • i understand what GG is saying and i don’t want to get caught up in blind alleys myself, but I have thot about what you’re saying Jack. what if i get to the place where the poem leads and find something other than the chest. well i hate the thot of that for starters because then who knows how small this thing is and how hard then will it be to find even if i have the right place. with the chest at least i know it is 10x10x5 and 42 lbs and i know it would need to be somewhere FF could reasonably go with that weight and put it somewhere that can support that weight. also, how can FF say comfortably that it may not be found 100 or 1,000 years. if he has it in possession, it brings in too much complications to plan to hand it down then to another person after he dies, and then plans made for the next in line. same complications arise if he places in the possession of another trusted person. some of these issues are solved with a safety deposit box, and the poem leads to a message with a key. but again, could FF feel ok saying oh it may not be found for 1,000 years with it in being in a safety deposit box? seems unlikely….. occam’s razor …. the most likely explanation is the correct one. when you get there, the chest will be there, and something i just thought of also, he said something before about being buried next to it.

        • I think that you and Jack are probably right. My husband and I talked about this last night. It is not something to ignore IMO because it changes the way you search at your site. It is an explanation that makes sense of the ownership issue and how he knows it is secure (in a safe deposit box?). That said I plan to search for the chest *and* a small item with instructions. It also complicates things a lot. As was said, the clues and blaze may be in one place and the chest in NM close to him, which would make his statements about the treasure more complex. But yes, it is hard to match with his comments about not caring if it takes 100 or 1000 years to find it.

      • sorry folks but i think this theory that the chest isnt in the wood is nonsense.. he claims he hid the chest making two trips..period. so theres no jar or note required to retrieve the chest. its out there, in the mountains along a river in a canyon in the wood!

  110. Well, I know he originally said he didn’t care if it was years before it was found, but I believe it is clear he has changed his mind and this is why he is giving out new clues every 30 days now…..he wants it found while he is still here to see it. And I believe it will be found very soon.

  111. Fred W says,

    “Chris Yates – go to “Rumors Abound” , Jan. 27, 2013 on this site and scroll down…”

    ok Fred, i went there and read, I do not see anything to confirm what A the A said. what I found there is this

    “some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close”

    this strongly infers that after getting the first 2 clues this got them close to the chest. We have a quote from FF at the CW bookstore which would confirm this

    “I don’t know what you mean by close, but I know people have been within 500ft. There are 2 different parties that have figured out the first 2 clues … correctly .. and went right past the treasure chest, because they didn’t have the others”

    so we now have Fenn expressing this idea not once but twice, i want to narrow this down a bit from 2nd hand of 2nd hand to just 2nd hand so i searched for the A the A comment and found it under ‘looking in idaho and utah’ here it is. (man this was a loooong frickin post, and i thot I was long winded! but i will only quote what is of interest)

    Adam The Adventurer says, “After our failed attempt to recover the chest, I wrote Forrest and asked how can someone be 500feet away and only solve 2 of the 9 clues? Forrest stated that it was 2 different searchers.”

    So i will put out the APB again, if anyone has any source to confirm A the A’s claim here, i am all ears and thank you in advance.

    for the time being we have an unconfirmed comment from A the A versus 2 statements from Forrest Fenn.

    So …. you know …… yeah. I am all ears, if someone can provide a confirmation source to contradict what FF has said, i will be anxiously awaiting, and again, thank you in advance, and i will be here waiting ….. and waiting ……. and waiting …… and like Ace Ventura said, if i’m not back in 20 minutes …. just wait longer.

      • thats a good point Ragnar, but you would have to tell me why it has relevance to this. what i see here is 3 things …. 2 FF comments … direct from FF himself, not media quoting him …… and a comment by someone on this blog.

        • Chris , it may not be relevant , I was trying to point out that the poem and book is all that matters and to some degree that it’s possible that those who got the first 2 clues correct and those who were within 500′ are probably separate . Adam is a searcher and has his own blog , it’s possible that he mis-interpreted FF’s response, just trying to help.

    • Seems to me that a fellow whose authored numerous books and with a not insignificant grasp of history, longevity, and humor might want to have a little more fun with the other seven clues than to cram them all into 500 feet.

      • Stephan (are you the pirate?) I don’t believe the clues are within a general area but take you to places all thru the Rockies.

        • Hi Ragnar, I am the pirate, at least in my own fevered imagination. There has been much discussion about those searchers who were correct with the first two clues and whether they were the ones who were within 500 ft. of the chest… It just seems unlikely that seven additional clues would be needed to take you that last 500 ft….

          • Great Stephan loved your stories and hope you are still “our-supreme” to your crew and there hasn’t been a mutiny. I think those who got the 1st two clues and those who searched within 500′ are separate entities.

          • Chris I don’t disagree with him I’m just not seeing it the same way you are.

        • Greetings again Ragnar, There have been mutinies a-plenty, because it seems that Stephan The-Somewhat-Brilliant only manages rare moments of lucidity these days, what with the grog and all, and me lads, well, they are a-chafin’. A pirate without a chest is like Picasso without a brush, so you can well imagine my predicament. But fate has decreed this hyar blog for my perusal and I worry not, ‘cos it seems that ALL other folk are equally bemused as I….and no one will get it on their first try! Time fer more grog!

          • Stephan The-Somewhat-Brilliant there is a site called Venatu where you can search for treasure from the comfort of home while enjoying a pint of grog , maybe this will quell the mutinous buccaneers and help you to fund future excursions.

        • Ragnar, The pirate knows not this Venatu of which you speak. But even were it to have real time satellite photos, methinks the resolution would not suffice to identify that thar bronze chest! But do I think the chest is out in the open? I’ll bet my entire vintage pants collection that yes, it is!

          • Stephan me thinks also that the chest is sparsely covered, Venatu is a different kind of treasure hunt for cash where you resolve clues and claim the booty. Check there website they are starting a new hunt 1st clue just given out.


        • Ragnar, That thar Venatu looks purty much appropriate for this hyar pirate. ‘Cos I counted up, and I done wore out my fancy I-talian hiking booties doin’ over 250 miles o’ foot ramblin’ lookin’ for that thar bronze chest and methinks I’m done and ready to sit in an armchair now!

      • reminder: everything i say is only my opinion

        it is 6 clues, not 7, and they are not all crammed within 500 ft. not even close actually. you are not paying attention to what I am saying, but it’s not necessarily in my best interest if you do, so that is fine with me.

      • Hi Stephan! Here’s a scenario that ‘might’ explain the ‘within 500 feet’ thing and why I don’t necessarily believe it’s all crammed into a 500 foot area either. Imagine you have the first two clues figured out, let’s say WWWH & HOB for example. They are on a river in YNP and you are driving along a park road that parallels the river. The river is flowing South, but you are driving North toward your HOB. You might drive up this road for 10 miles (or more) along the river before reaching the HOB. You can see the river next to you the whole drive.

        You get to HOB, then blow the rest of the poem’s clues from there. You turn your car around (dejected and sad) and head back out, down the road, along the river again. If the treasure is hidden somewhere along the river banks within that 10 mile or so stretch of river that you’ve now covered in your car twice, and you are driving parallel to the river (within 500′ of it all the way as many of these roads do) then you will have passed the treasure without knowing it.

        A person could have had the first two clues right, were within 500′ of it at some point, but it could be miles and miles from WWWH & HOB and they drove right past it. Could be many other scenarios as well. This one just fit a place I was checking out tonight on Google Earth, which was a dead end, BTW.

        On a Nine Clues note…I just realized (after one failed trip and another one booked for next weekend) that I only seem to be able to come up with 7. Might want to postpone.

        “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak” has me thinking. Need to re-read the book again to see what he might mention that he did while tired besides the flight over Philadelphia. Anyone think this part of the poem is relevent?

    • Chris…we get it…you believe the chest is within 500 feet of the end of the second clue. I couldn’t disagree more, but it is apparent that doesn’t matter to you.

      Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself as much as the blog. Good luck, go get it.

      • you are free to disagree with my opinion of course but don’t misrepresent what I have said. the one time when i did say that was only to clarify that at one time i thought that then realized i was wrong. don’t see how i could make it more clear.

        • Chris,

          Seems like you have gone back and forth on it…I guess I am not really sure where your head is at this moment…just wish we could put this one to rest. Judging from the new names that have been popping up, there are a lot of searchers joining this blog every day, and they have to be confused about fact and fiction on the most over-analyzed Fenn statement so far IMO (but read Fred W’s post a couple dozen above…good info).

          Here is what I have gathered so far, and my thoughts…I’m sure it won’t be the last word on it tho:

          1. Forrest has said that 2 parties have e-mailed him and had gotten the first 2 clues correct…in an “e-mail”…no mention of a search or actually following these 2 clues physically. He then said they “went past the other 7”, or “went right past the treasure chest” depending on which quote timeframe you subscribe to or want to believe. Either way, my interpretation of both of those quotes is…they e-mailed the first 2 correctly, but got the other 7 wrong…but only in the e-mail. They may have not even visited the site. I know you disagree, Chris.

          2. As far as can be determined by anybody so far on this blog, at a separate, and probably earlier time, he stated that “…people have been within 500 feet”. I know Margie Goldsmith printed “searchers” in the Hemispheres mag, but that is the only time I have seen that wording, and she may have chosen an ill-advised or flat out wrong term. Dal, correct me if I am wrong, but I have seen quotes from Forrest of “people” several times, not “searchers”. Even if the correct quote is “searchers”, it could be argued that anyone out on a mountain trail is searching for something (sunshine, picnic spot, waterfall, inner peace, etc) and Forrest would probably laugh all the way back to the car on that turn of phrase.

          3. Common sense has to prevail here…Stephan said it well just a few posts above…why have 9 clues in a poem, but basically give up the location after 2? Clue 3 of the poem could have read: “…you’re getting warmer…look around” and saved us all a lot of time.

          4. Adam the Adventurer said that Forrest e-mailed him and told him that the “500 foot close” people and the “2 clues correct people” were not the same. Adam could be lying, I don’t believe so…Chris might disagree, it is for each of us to decide.

          5. There is a “period” between the two statements at the Collected Works April 17. Two separate statements. Forrest has probably answered the “Has anybody gotten close?” question so many times that he has a standard, canned answer (keep in mind “close” can mean “close” physically, or “close” poem solving-wise). First the physical “close” answer…”people have been within 500 feet”. Then the mental “close” answer…”two parties have gotten the first 2 clues correctly and went right past the treasure chest”. Sounds like he has combined both for his standard answer for “close” from now on, but it is up to each of us to decide if any parties got both the physical and mental “closeness” that Chris believes (I think).

          New searchers: it is not the consensus of the blog that the treasure is within 500 feet of the end of the second clue…at this point, nobody knows…formulate your own opinions.

    • Salutation to all Fenn-hunters:

      Before I share with you folks my current of interest for the chest, I wanted to share with you in my humble opinion, what I have thought might be “wwwh”?

      Weres do warm waters halt or better yet, where is the highest hotsprings?
      It happens to be in Colorado.
      The Maroon Bells of Colorado have the highest hot springs in America, its called the Conundrum hot springs.

      – Conundrum is defined as:
      A riddle whose answer is or involves a pun or unexpected twist
      A logical postulation that evades resolution, an intricate and difficult problem

      “Take it in the canyon down”_Looking at it from flying a plane point of view.

      “Not far, but too far to walk”_Its not far to the hot springs, but don’t go that way.

      “Put in below the home of Brown”_With the Maroon Bells mountain above, it could mean the changing color of the leaves, representing the autumn season…there are so many colors of Brown in that beautiful place.
      It could also refer to the old brown cabins you past on your way to the hotsprings, in the beginning of the hike you’ll first pass through groves of aspen trees.

      The name of the trail to the hotsprings is called “9 mile trail”.

      Have fun with this one. 😉

      Anyways to my original email conversation with FF.
      There was more said, but this is the part of the email you were wondering about.


      From: Darin Espinoza
      Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:24 PM
      Subject: Book of Exodus

      Hello Sir,

      I’ve been thinking,
      You said searchers were within 500ft of the chest.
      I believe you also said no one will stumble upon it.
      You’ve also said that searchers only got 2 of the 9 clues correct.

      How can searcher only solve 2 of the 9 clues but then be within 500ft of the chest? 😉

      —– Original Message —–

      Forrest Fenn
      Mar 28

      Because it was two different searchers Darin.

    • Most illustrious sir, Scott C.: this pirate thinks your thoughts most pithy and to the point. And if us pirates don’t hoist the chest, may you do so in our stead!

      • Thanks Stephan…I’d like to reply in “pirate”, but I only took two years of it in college, and what you don’t use, you lose….so here goes:

        “It’s more of a guideline, than a rule” Johnny Depp

  112. I agree with Mary Lee about the treasure having no direct connection or archaeological involvement to the place where found. I bet the first thing the finder will do is open the chest and find a pen and clipboard with boilerplate agreement such as “I, Forrest Fenn (signed), release interest in one bronze box and all items contained for $1 and other considerations to _(print you’re name)_ on this date: (either blank or day date he hid it). Message from FF- NOW TAKE THIS KEY AND LOCK THE CHEST. If you’re ever detained and searched there would be no separating you from ownership and it would take a search warrant to get you to unlock it.

    • morpheus , i know dal does not want to do this , but if the chest is found on federal land , it does not matter. the box itself is over 50 years old . read the latest addition to the antiquities act . its a stupid law i know . the nuggets would be IMO fair game , and maybe the coins , but that is it . now maybe the chest is not on federal land , and that should be a clue ,but it is just my opinion. look up the NGPPRA and find out for yourself , this is a start
      these people do not play fair either , that is not my opinion it is fact

      • sorry there are too many P’s in my last post . also look up the act of 1979 . things were much more fum in the hills before 1979. there are artifacts in Fenns chest . you will need to be very brave if you find it and go public.

      • I had the opportunity to learn first hand when I sold an European object of over 75 years of age to a US museum.

        • but there is a huge difference between that and finding something on federal land

        • I learned about this the hard way , when I asked the great Granddaughter of Richard Wetherill for a treasure trove / cultural use permit in 1999. they do not play by their own rules !

    • because treasure trove covers coins not artifacts . there is a meaning for the word blaze that is something like to proclaim to the world in a grand fashion , or something .IMO this is not just a treasure hunt , i think Mr.fenn is trying to change something that is just not right in the US in regards to treasure hunting . what is it he wants ?the thing he wants to be remembered for ? it is dang hard for anyone to be indiana jones in the Us when it is illegal to do on public land .

    • interesting … so it is saying that the finder has superior claim of the find over the owner of the property if the finder is not a trespasser. so if you say got into an NF and find, you have superior claim over the gov’t ownership of the land.

      • The chest is personal property that was purposely hidden and it is not lost nor is it an artifact. Plus the poem is a legal transfer of ownership and direction to where to pick it up, not find it

      • Unfortunately this is not lost, misplaced, or abandoned property. Forrest Fenn knows where its and still technically owns it because you don’t own it until you find it. Further, it’s not a treasure trove because in order to be a treasure trove the owner must be unknown. So by giving you title to the gold when you find it, Fenn created a mechanism by which you can claim it with a good argument that its totally yours minus any tax consequences. By the way in the NF the federal rules would apply and so would the antiquities act. Strictly enforced in a National Park like Yellowstone.

    • what is also interesting is that no real problem seems to exist in claiming ownership except if Mr Fenn passes away. it says that it then becomes treasure trove, however ownership under American common law still goes to the finder. however the possible problem is that some states reject the treasure trove law, so the question becomes, what states are these?

      • Here’s the pirate again, with a piece o’ advice. If you’re a mate, find yourself a comely lass. If you’re a lass, find yourself a handsome mate with a nicely muscled bit o’ thigh (means he might be a hiker, that). Hold hands, and walk in the forest, making sly eyeballs at one another. That’s the best treasure you could ever hope to find, and the guvernant won’t have nothin’ to say about it neither!

      • Chris not treasure trove because owner is known and still technically owns it until you find it. The owner would be his estate if he passes.

        • well that’s good then, except FF would need to specify something in his will that ownership goes to the finder, if legally he can do that i dont know, in case the estate for some reason would not follow his wishes and disputed with the finder for ownership

  113. Why worry about trouble that may not even be an issue? I think Mr. Fenn is smart enough to help someone figure out what to do with it if you find it. Didn’t he say, or maybe I dreamed it, that he would represent someone all the way to the supreme court for the price of the ring inside the chest? If that’s true, and him being a betting man….it would stand to reason he would only bet on a sure thing. He’s been fighting the federal govt for 4 or 5 years now, and doing a fine job of holding his own against a HUGE entity.

  114. This quest is too hard for me to do alone. I can’t decide who would be more helpful, Nicholas Cage or Harrison Ford.

    • I would go with Bilbo or Frodo Baggins. They have experience with my precious and will be able to crawl into small holes with a flashlight and a cheese pimento sandwich in hand.

  115. Dal,

    Put this poem in the hands of a child and tell him/her to follow it exactly as it is laid out, step by step and they will do exactly as told and complete the task. But put the same instructions into the hands of an adult and they will tear it apart piece by piece looking for secret code sequences in numbers, words, cryptic writings and such, On top of that, question the authors motives, use of trickery, illegally hiding it on federal land, tax consequences, on and on…..

    What’s wrong with this picture? No wonder it was to get the kids off the couch. To Forrest that seemed like the simplest approach, in his original intentions. How did it get so convoluted?

    • To much forensic investigations on TV. Everyone wants to be an analyst or investigator. Me…I am a child I guess.. 🙂

  116. Scott C.

    On point #1, I agree. Maybe you think that I have certain opinions on things that I don’t, not sure. I choose my words very carefully. On the last thing you said about the emailers not searching, I agree, and I have expressed that sentiment in comments here before.

    On #2, when FF says searchers he means those searching for his chest. I think that because he is talking about the emailers and so they are searching for his chest. As you said before they may not have actually searched what they are emailing him about. Now let’s go thru this logically, if after the second clue, you have landed in the right spot, then you continue on to where you think it is, which is the wrong spot, and in so doing you go past the chest and within 500 ft at a certain point, I don’t see how this can be except while one is driving. The exception would be 500feet from that spot after clue#2, but I don’t think that and neither do you, so moving on here. Ok, so, that means it is 500ft from a road, and every time someone drives down that road they are within 500ft at some point. I think FF is only making a comment of people that he is aware are searchers because they told him and he knows that they went down that road, but he also knows that a heck of a lot of people have driven by the treasure, searchers or not, but he will not and does not want to say it like that. For obvious reasons.

    On #3, you said “why have 9 clues in a poem, but basically give up the location after 2?”
    Maybe you can clarify what you mean here, but how is any location being given up by FFs comments. People don’t know where to start or where to end except by solving the poem. If you get to that spot after #2, you had to solve the poem to get there. And if you get to where the chest is from there, you again have to solve the poem to know where to go. The only way it is giving up a location is if it was 500ft from that spot after clue#2, but FF didn’t say that exactly did he? And we both agree on that
    On #4, it could be, as someone mentioned earlier, that FF emailed a response to A the A and he misunderstood FFs response.

    On #5, I concur

    • Chris,

      After your response…I don’t think we are that far apart…as long as you don’t believe that after clue 2, the treasure requires 6 or 7 more clues , yet is only 500 feet away. I can’t reconcile that in my grey matter

  117. Maybe “feet” doesn’t mean what we think. 500 imprints of people’s feet. Hmm. Who knows.

  118. #13 is my most unfavorite number, so not sorry to see it go. but i will say goodbye. goodbye #13. goodbye. time for a new chapter in my life.

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