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987 thoughts on “THE NINE CLUES….Part Twelve

  1. thanks DT, I’ve only found one good place with 2 entrances like that and it was to a waterfall and I still haven’t managed to get up there on the weekend. need to tho along with the Chama that I want to jus go look at 🙂

    • ok so DT, what if we start at halt, top of dam, look down,ooooh, so high, travel across road on top heavy loads and take it in canyon down road on other side? lol

      • having driven to parking lot at bottom, put in below the dam home of Brown, lol and follow side creek right after having come out of canyon, up the hill to the left, and according to Will, no telegraph anymore at the stage stop nearby, so continue on past the heavy rocks in bed and upstream, water high(fishing term) being wise like an owl I take the Owl Creek Trail and look quickly down to a rock overhang, where I see the chest with my flashlight up against the back wall of carve-out, and throw the hungry waking bear my sandwich so that I don’t hang around too long, not tarrying, and go in peace because for now the bear just had an hors d’oeurvres, but he may come after me wanting more! So, I quickly leave and know that Forest’s wish has been fulfilled in getting us off our butts and taking pleasure in the quest. It wss so hot hiking through that small bit of wood on way back that now I need to sit back in my nice Air conditioned car with it’s air blasting us on cold, brrr! and say man glad we were brave, now leet’s go give Forest his bracelet back!! :)~

        • Well If I find a place that matches the clues in order, then I would take it wherever it takes me. If that means staying in the canyon, ok, if it means leaving the canyon, ok. The poem seems to be taking us from place to place several times, so it seems likely that at some point you are leaving the canyon, but ok it is possible that its not. Like the next stanza after you take the canyon down, “from there it’s no place for the meek”, maybe right there already he’s leading you to the next place away from the canyon. If so I don’t think FF felt required to add an extra line to the poem that said ok you’re leaving the canyon now.

          • Chris you provide the fundamental reason why no one has found it. You are not paying attention to the poem. The poem directs you to wwwh and a canyon. All we need to do is figure out how to maneuver in the canyon and all of the landmarks. Of course if we figure out wwwh then it’s easy.

          • I have elegant solutions to WWWH and HOB but stuck on ‘no place for the meek’

          • Stance imagine you are Fenn. He takes the canyon down. He stops. Where is he? What does he see? How does he describe it? Where does he go next to go to the end of his rainbow? How far does he walk?

        • Doubting Thomas says

          “All we need to do is figure out how to maneuver in the canyon..”

          if this is your gut instinct or personal feeling about it, i get it, but there is nothing in the poem that indicates this or supports this statement.

        • @Chris Yates
          To me the poem describes three locations:

          •The beginning: WWWH
          •The way point: below home of Brown
          •The end: the treasure

  2. astree I don’t see a connection in stanza 2 to shoemaker other than what Kym mention, but i do enjoy your post

    • Thanks, Ragnar. (would you believe “cobbler”? okay, how about a Payless shoe store, lol)

      Just pinging to see if any others found it.

      • so it’s at the mall, right next to Payless, right under the Spencer’s Gifts display of the pirate? Ayeee Matey. I feel like a NASCAR driver, goin in only left hand circles!!

        • Going in circles might not be a bad idea.

          Fenn often quoted T. S. Eliot:

          We shall not cease from our exploration
          And at the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          And know the place for the first time

        • Kym wrote:

          ” so it’s at the mall, right next to Payless, right under the Spencer’s Gifts display of the pirate? Ayeee Matey. I feel like a NASCAR driver, goin in only left hand circles! ”

          lol, Kym. I’m just trying to look at what the poem is telling us. It is a masterpiece. I’m also trying to gauge where others may be with it. I think it’s possible that some are not talking about what they are finding.

          Using your “circles” as an example … There may be a circle somewhere on the route (not far), but you could never walk it – you’d never get to the end (too far to walk).

          I think Mr. Fenn is a very good at misdirection, but still giving us a fighting chance.


        • i’d say thats a good possibility goofy.. you go full circle and the treasure is basically wwwh! bingo..

    • “where warm water halts”

      Perhaps some are working this way, let me know. (I have it on the table with several thousand other pieces at the moment).

      I use body temperature as the comparator.

      ht tp://

      • jplphoto,

        I meant to state snow depth, not snow level.

        My spot is above 7500 ft.

        Yours is gone? Why are you here? I’d be there. 🙂


      • It was 102 here today. If your spot is in Phoenix, the snow has melted. Come on down!

        Sweating and lurking…

  3. I haven’t posted in awhile… trying to keep up is difficult. After reading the book, ff said he hated Spanish. I know many people are linking Brown to Spanish translation places. Does that seem like something ff would do if he didn’t care for it? I know that bronze means brown in French. Since he seems to favor bronze I’m wondering if there is more significance in bronze. I am still favoring the English proper noun version of Brown in my deciphering for now. Just thought I’d share this in case it matters to anyone.

    • i agree that looking simply for the english word brown is the way to go, call it my gut instinct on that one, but even if we knew that for sure, there is an unbelievable amount of things with brown in the name in the rocky mountain states, and i have found so many that are also next to something you could say is WWWH that i have lost count. ya, just looking for the actual word ‘Brown’ will do, lol

  4. Lots of great interpretations here, this is def the place for real information – i just wish the comments appeared in chronological order instead of per thread. Anyway, just checking in so i can view via email.

    • thanks for sharing the article, i read it through

      the headline makes me laugh, in essence, adventurers believe they know where the treasure is (but havent actually gone out to find it yet)

      LOL!, that has only happened 10,000 times, maybe they should write an article every time ha ha

      one paragraph in there i think is revealing

      “Reading Fenn’s biography has been very helpful. There are blogs of other hunters that helped us figure out where it wasn’t. ONCE WE HAD OUR LOCATION IN MIND, WE CHECKED THE POEM AGAINST IT AND IT MATCHES UP PERFECTLY WITH THE CLUES.”

      in other words they read the book, researched some things from other people to learm about FF, DECIDED ON A LOCATION from this, then read the poem and decided it fits the poem!

      that tells you right there they have the wrong place. i would caution everyone not to try to find the chest this way, it will never be found this way.

      • i believe Chris, it is the 1st clue. I think that the first stanza is just telling us he went in vault to figure out what to place in chest from his vault and the idea to go place it. I could be wrong.
        Some also think that maybe he flew or went into cave alone with it and that’s what alone in there means.

        • ok, i was just hoping to understand what illinoisghost meant by his comment

          as far as i know FF has not explained and will never explain what any of the clues means

          i recall something that he indicated the 2 stanza is where you should start,which is where we all think that 1st clue is located. this is not explaining any clue though, only telling us to start it there, which is no big revelation becuase the poem itself is telling you where to “begin it”

    • illinoisghost, I’ve never heard Fenn say what clue one means so will you please tell me? thanks!

      • I Can’t because i have not been able to research all the possible start locations and it makes the poem to easy to understand,but you have heard him say it and you have read it in his memoirs and his book. He has stated it over 15 times. Out of all the possible locations only on reads like the poem so far.

  5. Not to mention they said that “once they had their location in mind, they checked it against the poem”. That was nice of Forrest to hide it in their location. I hope their videographer works for cheap.

  6. I’m also wondering about the clue numbers. There are 9 sentences, but some seem to give more info.

    • My approach is that every stanza (and possibly each of the nine sentences) contains clues. The way I think of the poem is like an optical illusion that has multiple ways to see it. If you look at the poem in a new way suddenly there could be another set of data. So the way I am approaching the poem there is the clear way to interpret the poem with physical (but oblique) directions which will confirm the hidden clues but not lead to the treasure exactly unless you are lucky. Then there is the layer of hidden data that the poem points to. I realize this runs counter to the way a lot of people seem to be trying to solve the poem and also understand that this could easily be wrong but it seems like a logical and elegant solution and nothing I read about FF leads me to believe he wouldn’t have done it this way, especially with such a long time period to work on the poem. To me the poem is kind of like a magic act, if you listen too closely to what it is saying you miss how the trick is actually done. My two cents.

      • Pooka, you said we may miss the trick if we listen too closely. But, Forest said,”so hear me all and listen good.” Grammar wise it should be the word ,’well’ .
        so, what do we get when we drop something in a well, a ‘ploop’ sound like a blip on a radar screen.
        oh dang, arrgghh, so we get right back to maybe it’s by an airstrip, maybe we hear planes taking off and landing nearby? huh?

  7. Anyone ever looked at where warm waters halt in terms of elevation. Conundrum springs is the highest hot springs in the USA and it i located in Aspen Colorado in the heart of the rocky mountains. Thoughts?

    *Thanks for the correction I put waters high on the last one.

    • Conundrum is one heck of a hike.I think it’s around 8 or 9 miles, if I recall correctly. f supposedly made two trips and it involves a lot of climbing, so I doubt it. Aspen sort of makes sense because from Glenwood (Hot Springs) down to Aspen you’ve got the Roaring Fork River…and plenty of riches new and old in the area- that’s for sure.

      • I dont consider it the place to put the treasure. It is the starting point of reference. the trail is 8 miles which is obviously walkable but that would mean to me that you have to drive down from it as well. That would mean that conundrum could be a great place as a starting point not as where he hid the treasure. I don’t think forrest took the path that the poem gives us to get to the treasure. I think he drove there and put it where it goes.

    • I don’t think ff would consider Aspen close to his heart. Its a different class of people up there. Not ffs type.

      • Iseeit, ya never know. f has actually socialized with a lot of wealthy and well renowned people over the years that live out that way. It’s a pretty cool area, too and not as snobby as people think. Great fishing over in the roaring fork, too- a place called the honey hole. I caught a huge cold last time I fished it. lol. I’m not really seeing the location as a fishing spot, though. Too familiar. Fisherman know the rivers all too well…every stone, pool etc. I believe it would have been located already. Maybe close to a fishing spot, though. CHC

        • CHC,, You’re probably right. I just have a tough time associating him with Aspen. Not sure why. Hey, George says the poem is a timeline and not a map. I’m waiting for him to tell us which dimension we will need to enter to find this box.

    • FWIW, someone on Facebook pointed out that “warm waters” is a defined term in New Mexico trout regulations. Basically, I think, it means that there are no trout there.

      • @Dxer,

        I went to place this past weekend. Before I left, I knew through my research that there will be no trout where warm waters halt. Right below, I took the trail below. To my right was the Brown home. I stayed left on the trail all the way. I can see where I was going from a distance but I had to go the longer path to get there. I approached a place with heavy loads and where water was once high. To my left was a creek but no beavers because for it was dry, yet beavers below. I was getting to the spot within 200 ft. As, I approched, there it was the wise blaze with marvel gaze. I quickly looked down. The next line was my quest to cease. It was right on. There was nothing around me of tarry scant. I could not go on with what the poem was telling me to go next. Only 2 possible clues. Came home and researched more. The only clue that made sense was to go to Cody, Wyoming next. Everything I saw was within 500ft. I will do more research to see if that is really is where I need to go. I sat at the blaze for 7 hours and could not for the life of me see what needed to see. I spent 3 days walking around in circles on this path because it brought me back to to the end of the beginning. I wish I had taken my grandson, he would of learned a lot and maybe helped me in the right direction.

        • “As, I approched, there it was the wise blaze with marvel gaze. I quickly looked down.”

          I’d be interested to know what it was it that you tho’t was the wise blaze.

      • How about where a NM river (warm waters) cross a state line (no longer identified as warm waters………

  8. Can anyone help, or have idea, as to how IRONY may be a clue ? Anyone on that part ?


      • re: IRONY

        HI slope66,

        I got it as potential lead, from a string of references in the poem, but unable to get any further with it.

        I’ll keep it in mind.

        Good luck, and thank-you,

  9. there is an owl creek trail in nearby snowmass village. owl (wise) creek trail (blaze)

    i have researched this area before and it seems to come up empty when trying to make it fit with the whole poem

  10. the poem is NOT a map, its a time line!!!!! ” and WITH my treasures bold” is th first clue.

    • So this is a place where ff has been with his family in the past. Perhaps a father and son or sons fishing trip? Father and brother have passed so no problem keeping it a secret. Good so far…..

    • I should have said good thinking to george too. Sorry george. You deserve a big happy face, but my MS Office 10 doesn’t like to make them.

      • I like it too, dollarbill. Good work, George. 🙂 🙂

        Posted in Bandolier Nat’l Monument…Not…:

        Fred W / Mar 21 2013 9:05 pm.

        Dal, I would like to express my gratitude to Forrest for the Chase (shake his hand for me) and to you for this terrific blog. I haven’t had this much fun in several years! As I indicated in previous post, I am a tenderfoot at blogging. I knew about them but chose not to participate.

        Now, I will see if I can get a rise from the masses.

        “As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold,” – – I think this means Forrest had been to this location before with his family (treasures) and went in alone with the chest and contents.

        “I’ve done it tired,” – – I believe this refers to mode of transportation…..examples: I’ve done it by horseback, I’ve done it barefoot, etc. I believe Forrest used car (tired) to get close to location and quite probably another type of wheeled conveyance to transport chest (Read Forrest’s Blog, he’s done it before)…..I love his play with words!!

        “Put in below the home of Brown.” – – much is being made about why Brown is capitalized. What you should be searching for is other word(s) that should or could be caps. There is at least one, which if you capitalize it would be a major clue. {also, I do not think Brown refers to any type of structure or home to any living creature}.

        Just sayin…..Fred

        • Fred, I agree with you that HOB does not refer to a structure or “home” to any living creature. It seems to me that for both WWWH and HOB, FF would provide clues that more precisely narrow the locations. For instance, if WWWH is where a hot springs flows into a creek or river, then that would provide a more specific locale than most other interpretations (though a dam might be as specific). As for HOB, how can one delineate a specific line indicating what is”below” (or “in” or “above”) if one thinks the clue is (let’s say) the habitat of brown trout. No precise line can be drawn, unless one considers a dam to be that line. But this poses greater difficulty further along in the poem of clues. I think that when it comes to HOB one must be able to further narrow the locale. So, I ask, what might provide a better, truer fixed point indicating more precisely when one is below (or in or above) the HOB. And then it dawns on me. Perhaps the HOB is a section (or sections) of canyon where the canyon walls turn from ash grey to a rich brown color as one travels up the canyon creek. Your thoughts?

        • Spire:
          I wrote that post before Forrest had said that “home of Brown was not associated with any “structure”. And no, I do not think it is where the canyon walls “change colour”.

          “I think” it is a named location, within the canyon, that is found on an historical document.
          This location is not found on any current map/maps.
          The “name” of this location is not “Brown”, but it is an English word that
          denotes “Brown”.
          Without this document, you could be standing in the middle of “the Home of Brown” and never know it!

          Just sayin’ Fred W

    • George says…

      what is any man’s treasure? his family

      If that is the case then Mr F is in the “middle” again…
      old treasures…parents and siblings…
      new treasures…wife, daughters and grand kids.

  11. Iseeit, I like it.

    “As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold,”

    FF has gone there alone and he has gone there with his family.

    • dollar-
      I’m a litteral kind of guy. To me the line simply says.
      “I went alone to the hidey place and took my chest of treasures with me.”
      I think the meaning of this line is very would be the case for the first clue.
      From here the clues might get increasingly difficult to understand.
      But the first line should suck readers in..
      Like the first sentence of any good story.
      A hint of adventures to come…

      Once an angry man dragged his father along the ground through his own orchard. “Stop!” cried the groaning old man at last, “Stop! I did not drag my father beyond this tree.” —Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans (1925)

      • dal, I don’t think it is in any conflict with what you are saying. It just adds a little more imaginative zing to the introduction. Anyway, LOL, how many times have you come back empty handed? Hope your sense of humor is working.

        • dollar-
          Point taken..that would be 30 times now..
          But there are at least 7,260 more places to look so I have a few more chances yet 🙂

  12. No living person FF knows has been to this very private place with him. (Possibly alive if they have Alzheimer’s). When he thought up this idea, he said he immediately knew where he would place the treasure.
    I don’t think FF would give unfair advantage to his relatives since they are looking too. They already have an advantage since they know him intimately. That gives them insight as to how he thinks, sense of humor, likes, dislikes and even eating habits that most of us are not aware of.
    I can see them hearing theories about his thought process and say “He would never do that”.
    They haven’t solved it either.

    • Stevador-
      To be honest, I don’t think his family is looking. His daughters are not. I have spoken with them. His granddaughters are not. He has two grandsons and of them it’s possible the oldest is looking but he doesn’t appear to be looking…maybe that’s just camo though. I’ve spoken with him several times. He has never mentioned that he’s looking. He also has a nephew who has not been out looking yet. I do know that none of them have the slightest idea where it’s at..according to what they tell me…

  13. As I work and re-work my own “angles” in the Chase I often fall back on the T.S. Eliot quote (as mentioned by Goofy_Old_Guy) and wonder if the treasure lay WWWH and all the clues stand evident from that particular spot. Perhaps there is no trek to discover the cache if you end up where you started. But, perhaps Forrest wants you to get a little exercise none the less … even if it means bringing you back to point A (Clue No.1).

    P.S. I also enjoy espionage novels that are fiction, some written by retired spies, but based on much referenced historical fact. One of the most interesting things I have found in the readings is that (according to the spies) in spy “tradecraft” the most difficult clues to decipher are the ones that are not “clues” at all … but mean exactly as they are worded. Go figure. This still leaves me puzzled out in left field. However I do reflect on this as I read the poem. I wish it would help more. Any thoughts on this approach ?

  14. I was just on looking for Flywater. The Flywater page also has a “Customers Who Bought This Item also bought:” It looks like a Forrest Fenn suggested reading list…Journal of a Trapper as well as multiple other Russell books, Thrill of The Chase, Yellowstone Trail Guide, Too Far to Walk, Catcher in the Rye, A Reverence for Wood, Eighty, An American Souvenir, and Touring New Mexico Hot Springs.

    Mr Fenn is apparently doing a better job at boosting our economy than Obama!

    • dlkutac, I don’t think that this blog is a good place to start political bashing. I am doing all I can to hold back what I think of your Obama comment.

  15. Stevador, if FF was with his father and brother, his secret is safe. If FF went with his wife and daughters and then asked them to keep it secret from even his grandchildren, I know they would keep it secret, as my daughter would if I asked her to keep a secret. george and Iseeit have put forth a very good interpretation for people to consider. Has FF every said that no other living person knows of the area where the chest is hidden? If so, please direct me to where he said such. I don’t believe anyone was along when he actually hid the chest, so maybe no living person knows of his secret hidey spot. I hope you see what george and Iseeit are saying.

      • Thanks Kym, I listened to Jennifer London say that FF did not tell his wife, his daughters, or his grandchildren. I did not hear FF say that in the interview. He might have said something about it to her and she put her own meaning behind what he said. Or, he might have said exactly what she said. Only FF and Jennifer know for sure. lol Now I need to go respond to dal.

        • dollar-
          Forrest has said to me and to others that no one in his family knows where it is or even when Forrest hid it. He was quite sneaky about removing it from his home. Further, his daughters and Peggy have all confirmed that they do not have a clue where it could be.

        • DB, yes, he did say that. I can’t remember which video it was but he said he had told no one, not even his wife. And she was sitting right beside him. If I can find it again I’ll link it.

        • Real question is how long can he sneak out of the house alone before the tin can on the string starts wanting to know what he’s doing? 😉

      • In the Jennifer London interview, I heard FF say the hidey spot was “secret”, “dear”, and “private”. I had listened to the interview before, but “private” jumped out to me this time. Seems to imply that not many people go near his hidey spot. Any other thoughts out there.

        • dollar-
          Maybe he is telling us it’s on “private land”?
          But I doubt it. I agree. The “private” idea most likely means that it’s his spot. He knows about it and no one else does. Which is why no one is likely to stumble upon the place. The question for me is “why” does it remain private? It cannot be because it is extremely difficult to get to…or Forrest at 79 or 80 would not have been able to go there, twice, carrying half the load each time.

          The idea I like best about “private” and one I have been working on for the past year is that its a closed or blind canyon with a narrow entrance. My image of the place is that it is a place where a stream exits through this narrow entrance and when you follow the stream through the narrow opening you get into a large open area. This canyon is unattended by and unknown by modern humans. It has high walls and may be the home of a an Anasazi type ruin. At any rate it is a lovely, untrammeled and mysterious place. Forrest has left his chest there.

        • dal, how does a road fit in your picture? If the road was well traveled, there would need to be a pullout for FF to park. If there is a pullout, then the spot would not be that private. If it is not traveled very much, then it might be a difficult road to locate. Just more to think about for me.

        • However, “private” seems to eliminate campgrounds and cabins as possible interpretations of where to put in.

        • Dollar-
          A road fits in fine. And so does a parking place. People could be nearby often. But not in the blind canyon. Forrest discovered the blind canyon while fishing. He was walking in the main stream. Noticed a side stream, looked to see where it was coming from, moved some bushes or slid behind a rock and he was in. The entrance is hidden. He has been back many times to fish in that stream and examine and enjoy that side canyon…That’s my story and I’m sticking to it til I change my mind…lol…

        • @Dal
          I’ve also thought about the “private” place he talked about. I tend to agree with you; it’s a secluded place he has found no one else notices or can find.

          Another way of looking at a private place can mean “special to you”. A place of bad or good meaning to you…….everyone walks past it daily and thinks nothing of it, but to you it has a special feeling or meaning, so it’s “private” to you.

          Another way is a private joke or saying between close friends or spouses……another example would be Carol Burnett tugging her ear. Millions of people watched her do it and didn’t think anything of it.

          So is Fenn’s “private” place secluded and hidden or right out in front of everyone?

          And with my treasures bold

        • dal, I like the idea of an unknown world lying just behind a hidden door. But, I bet FF found the unknown world while flying the canyons first and then found the hidden door later.

        • I recently saw a program (and I am sure others did as well) on the finding of new waterfalls/canyons in Yellowstone.

          It’s definitely an interesting thought…and not just for Yellowstone. There are many less traveled roads…

          I like the idea of an untouched source stream

  16. Ohh how i would have loved to have been a fly hiding out in the car on that last trip Forrest and his father took together. I believe with all my body and soul the hiding place of the treasure was visited on this trip.

        • Sure-
          But where is that place?
          What river is it on?
          There must be some folks here that have fished every trout stream from the Yukon to Santa Fe who can make some guesses about where it might be..
          I’m thinking its NM, although I can’t say why I think that.
          Its Spring. The stream is running high and kinda muddy.

      • Could be a lot of places, but you’re probably right about NM. I didn’t really get anything out of it except it was a Nikon Coolpix S5.

      • Just figured out the name on the hat, it’s “Phoenix Zoo”. Well, we know she’s been in Arizona.

      • They sure don’t have the feel of Wy or Co. The surroundings have a NM feel to them. Plus i don’t think he’d go that far from home with his grand daughter. The size of that rainbow can be of great value it’s well above the average size trout found in most streams and rivers. Wonder if i can get my 12 yr old son to become a pen pal with her lol.

  17. It was intended as humor. Now I’m doing all I can to hold back what I think of your reply.

    • i agree that Fenn has done his part to help the economy, as far as the other name you mentioned, never heard of them

  18. I have to come up with another approach. One spot was not accessible and the other spot had too many people. The great weather this weekend had everyone outside enjoying the sun and warmth. I couldn’t do what I had to do! Very frustrating! Almost time to board and head home. Delayed flight so I am not getting back until 2:30am. Back to work at 9:00! Oh boy! Had a beautiful long weekend and the only thing that would have made it better would be if I had the chest. My legs hurt though! 🙂

    • Lucky dog-
      You lucky dog..
      I wish I had been out this weekend..
      More than anything when hiking, I enjoy the scent of a warming brown path through a subalpine forest in spring.

      • Good morning!
        It is absolutely beautiful out there! This flat lander has to get into a little bit better shape before the next trip. I saw a guy that I actually thought was you, Dal. He looked a lot like you. I did one of those double takes.

  19. Forrest has stated that his wife has no idea where it is and that his own children are in the hunt for the chest. Then there is also his statement that “Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”
    I didn’t put those words in his mouth, so I take them at face value.

    I would hope that he would want his kids and grandkids to join in the thrill of the chase even more than his need to gift it to complete strangers. I don’t profess to know what his private family moments are like, but I do know he is concerned for the future generation’s dependency on tech devices and is not above dangling a carrot to pass his values down to them.
    The most influential teacher is the one who’s students are unaware they are being taught.

    • I would agree, Dal, that is a neat post. It not only makes you THINK (which we are told to do) of what you feel the nine clues are…..but gets you to wonder why again. If the nine clues do not refer to the nine phrases of the poem, why (and how) did Forrest consider ‘that a clue’ and ‘that one not’?

    • I like Richard’s article but find his poll results rather strange. Way different from what I would have guessed. Goes to show that we all do not see the same thing when viewing any given subject Any thoughts by you on doing your own poll here? Warning, your pink ladies would probably select weird clues just to throw the blues off. Maybe a blue poll and a pink poll. Purple polls don’t count.

    • COHigh, there have been posts about it , can’t remember who or what their conclusions were.

      • thx Dal. I do recall it being mentioned a few times. We’ll be down in NM next weekend, so if you see another white van and want to drag race, honk three times. We won’t honk back because we have no horn. lol

    • Hold on a sec…(looks out window)…yep, searched 😉

      Brown’s canyon is a great “brown”, and the Arkansas river is known for it’s fishing and boating (lots of places to “put in”). I couldn’t get all of the clues to “gel” to a specific spot, but I’ve done some searching around.

      There is a hot springs too for your warm water pleasure.

      It’s a pretty good place if you can line up the clues…there are a ton of potential spots around here.

      • You can really make the clues work here and get to a spot that fits well. Keep doing a little research and you’ll see it. Worth a look. Good luck

    • COHighCountry,
      I have and there are several good matches. I was also so distracted by the fishing when I was there that I couldn’t help myself. It’s quite peaceful before rafting season. Anyway, it’s a beautiful area but I am on to something else.

    • i was all ready to be a good sport and leave a nice comment … but then i read the article. Not that im sorry i read it, i like reading a diff point of view, obv he is very cynical towards Mr. Fenn. one of the foundations of his assertion that FF makes puzzling or contradictory statements is that he said emailers got only the first 2 clues correct and went right past the treasure. Well he is getting his facts wrong there, FF never said they went right past the treasure and that is a huge difference.

    • Dal, after reading the article, I was not inspired to say anything agreeing or disagreeing with it, other than there are more like 7,000,000,000 people in the world rather than 6,000,000 people. What’s 3 zeros though. What would really be interesting to me are your thoughts on the article. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to share them.

    • For Dal — in response to the ‘funny’ piece you postedl: I read that piece a few weeks ago when first posted by this guy and commented on your blog that it was the funniest thing I’d read in years — boy the angry replies I got about how dare he not respect such a fine man as Fenn, etc etc……the article is priceless and should be taken exactly for what it is…..pretty much a commentary on how desperate some of us are in our quest. Hilarious.

      • Stance-
        I remember your post. I never went back at that moment to read it. I was overwhelmed…sorry..
        I certainly agree with you. It’s meant to be a parody of the folks on this blog…myself included…and I have enough humor inside me to recognize that it’s pretty accurate and pretty funny.

  20. Everyone, thank you for providing constructive feedback to my “anagram theory.”

    Dal, thanks for the forum.

    It is my belief that word choices like “home” vs. “house” or “halt” vs. “stop” or even “blaze” are not strictly important – in terms of directly discovering the nine clues – they’re just anagrammed letters. More specifically, I believe Mr. Fenn:

    1) Started with nine clues. Some single words. Maybe more complex in some cases, e.g. “50 feet” could be a clue, maybe coordinates, I don’t know.
    2) Chose a riddle, which consists of a set of “riddle words”, that resulted in that clue word as an answer, AND the riddle words also could be anagrammed into a sentence in the poem. I say “riddle words” because to create an anagram you will typically select the words of a sentence ‘that fit’, whatever those are, and not all the words,e.g, the sentence “the color of money” might be anagrammed using only the words “color money.”
    3) Created the poem from that set of sentences anagrammed from riddle words.

    For example, say one of the 9 clue words was ‘chair’.

    The riddle words might be “you sit in it but it doesn’t go with you”

    That happens to anagram to

    Substitution woody, tuition eighty.

    And well, that’d be the line in the poem, that took me two minutes, so obviusly I’d do a better job if it took me a year per sentence. But the salient point is that while “woody” is not deliberate, some chairs are in fact made of wood. But that’s merely coincidental; I had to anagram a riddle, and I happened to choose the solution with the word woody in it. I didn’t even realize I the connection until after I had chosen it. I bet there are other connections that could be made as well, that also weren’t intended. Thinking about “woody things that cost 80” wasn’t the point of that sentence – rather, it was finding the riddle within.

    Thanks for the thrill,

    • In the book ff said that his friend “said his birth date was 1910 instead of 1905 and ‘hoped his friends would forgive him that foolish prank.’ I wish I could be clever like that.” Idk if ff is trying to let us know that he didn’t spend the time to put codes/anagrams/secret messages in his writing. I think he spent a lot of time on the wording of the poem so it can have multiple meanings and yet be so basic at the same time. He is more clever than he realizes. Just my opinion.

      • Oakleygirl, I think you hit that nail on the head there. Have you ever put a phrase into an online anagram decoder? The amount of results are staggering and ridiculous.

    • My feeling here, FF isn’t a anagram kind of guy. Symbols, figurative analogies, historical metaphors,
      even poetic license, yes, but not silly letter scrambles. He likes word play but this is different.

  21. Just went to the eye doctor today, Got to have a corneal transplant. He said May 16. I said no way! Going on a treasure hunt 1st of June, Doc!! Hope to see it “one way or the other”.

  22. Dal, does anyone know or can you assertain when the “two parties” walked within 500 feet of the treasure? When did Forest say this happened? Or when did he first reveal this fact?

  23. Anyone consider that HOB might be a cemetery or grave? Buried in dirt (brown) and it is everyone’s final home. Maybe HOB is a grave for a famous Brown? Sorry if this has been discussed before.

    • Oakelygirl wrote:

      “Anyone consider that HOB might be a cemetery or grave? Buried in dirt (brown)”

      Yes, it is an open possibility, in keeping with the MOTHER mention in the poem.


    • Oaklygirl-
      There is a cemetery in Red River on a dry side creek called cemetery creek. It has a headstone for a Brown. I tried to make that fit but never could.

        • I can give it to you this evening. I am at work on my lunch hour and cannot access my private email here. I feel uncomfortable just posting my email address on the blog.

      • you can ecrypt it, you’ll want to know what I have to say. Some of your comments helped me and I want to share some of it with you.

  24. Thanks Arc,Dal,
    Am I over speculating or is FF saying that by cracking the first two clues puts you within 500 ft of the treasure? I cant see any other way of interpreting their mutual vicinity. It would be a pretty worthless comment if their passing within 500 ft of the treasure was dumb luck after the first two clues were credited with their being brought that close.
    What are your thoughts?

    • My 2 cents on this… the “500 feet” people are not necessarily searchers and could be random nobodies. The “two clues” parties are definitely searchers, but have not necessarily gotten within 500 feet. I don’t think we can be more definitive than that, based on what Forrest said, and how he said it.

  25. Forrest said this morning-
    Tune in on the Today show tomorrow for another update on the treasure story. f
    But later he sent another note…
    The TODAY SHOW appearance has now been changed to Thursday..
    So don’t bother looking for Forrest on May 1st on the Today Show..
    Look instead on Thursday, May 2nd.

    • I find that rather odd, I wonder if someone found it. He recently stated that those clues he gives out on the today show will not help you find the treasure. So why does he want us to tune in???????

      • Hi gettingclose1, I doubt it’s been found. We would hear it direct from FF or Dal most likely.

        • True, how true! It would be all over the media and it would be big. Everything is coming together. I have 3 whole notebooks full front and back and find new meanings everyday…………Keep up the Search Fight and Happy Hunting………………..JMW

          • Hello,

            I just wanted to state that I am not the cause of Forrest delaying his today show. I never found a thing at the site that I looked, I was just sleep deprived and couldn’t tell reality from my imagination.
            I had never sent ff any of my crazy speculations and therefore the delay is not because of me. There are many reasons including travel schedules, health, and tricksters who send him doctored photos that show the treasure or bracelet. (I never did that, but we’ve heard of them).

            I know this is a poem forum, but I’m sure there are many who were wondering about what I said on Monday. therefore I just wanted to put it to rest. Maybe I really was 10 feet from it or maybe 50 miles, but I didn’t find it the site and therefore I’m the same as everyone else, guessing. Sorry for that, I have no photos, chest or ideas at this point to make claims about any site.

            Have a good night. I’m defeated and retiring before I end up even more nuts.. Im glad I wasnt able to find anything and can sleep better being last. 2nd would suck. I hope this gets posted to clear the slate on the speculation about me. If it was found, I know knowing about it.

            Lastly, unless you have the chest, there is 0% chance you’re right. So any number above 0% is guessing.

          • Welcome back, get some rest! Being nuts is part of the fun! So enjoy it! I makes us more child like!!


  26. Yes, I truly hope no one has found it yet. I am just ready to get through with my clues and begin the physical search and try to find it or at least get out and explore New Mexico. Also, DiggerBarnes,Dallas fan as am I; He could just be telling people certain things to add to the chase and keep them going I am just not to confident on some of his comments. He is having fun and hopefully we can keep it up and continue trying pursue all of the clues and use them to lead us to where we need to go…..JMW

  27. Yes but places with certain names are just what the Treasure Hunter asked for to figure it out. Also, to go alone in there is a certain place to go to die. I hope and believe I know where that is.It is near all of the other clues also. He said we could find the spot with out the book so who knows it is all giving me a headache and I am consumed and can not stop myself!! Does anyone else get into clue mode and cannot stop themselves? Just a few hits for the road before I have to get off of the computer or out of the notebook and take care of real business in the real world. Judy Judy Judy!!! Jen or Stephanie or Dal and all of the other bloggers and chatters, do you have to have your treasure fix for the day? I sure do let me know and DAL you better go take care of those eyes your vision is more important than any treasure that is one of God’s treasures he gave to you and us all! I am consumed with figuring out this puzzle also but it is a lark and serious business but does not take great importance over my God,Husband,Children, Family or duties as a Wife and Mother!! My husband kids me all of the time he can retire when I find this thing! Again it is a lark,but if I find the exact location I am borrowing Money to go on a once in a lifetime treasure hunt and will be on TV with Forrest Finn. Lets all head out of the gate and make a strong run for the prize and meet many chatters and bloggers along the way. Be safe and Behave. Judy is coming one day soon.

    • I’m with you! I need to find out news on the hunt right away… So I am on this blog everyday… Before going to work in the am, then when I get home from work, then I will exercise and make dinner, watch some tv, and get on this blog again at bedtime. My boyfriend tucks me into bed, says goodnight. A few nights ago he told me that after he says goodnight sometimes he notices a glow from my iPad coming out of my dark room. Yep… I am sneaking some more midnight information and ideas…. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the Night, bottom line…. My mind is consumed. And like I believe all on here feel…. I have my heart set on a spot that I know is Important to him. My mind will not entertain other ideas. I feel as my spot is the right one… Ad will not consider other spots until I have my first chance at an actual chance to be there… In a few months. The weather Needs to be more cooperative. I am thrilled and scared at the same time of someone finding it before I have my chance. But good things come with time.

  28. Doubting Thomas,

    I may be seeing the light now concerning our canyon down discussion yesterday. Something about absorbing information into the cerebral matter then having a good night’s sleep so my mind can process things without me getting in the way. if I understand you correctly then, ‘take it in the canyon’ would be establishing that we are doing that for the journey? if so my question for you, does this whole trail of breadcrumbs have to be heading down or generally south in a canyon or can it be going diff directions at certain points, possibly back up.

    on a separate topic, you know the song doubting thomas by Nickel CreeK? great song

    • As I have stated in a previous comment : the idiom is “up the creek withou a paddle”. Forrest changes it to no paddle up your creek. So in both cases you have to ask what happens if you are in a canoe without a paddle? Where do you go? But the twist is you don’t need one in Forrest’s creek meaning it is shallow but you are still going in the same direction. So what direction are you walking?

      • DT- I was just thinking about that line (as well as that stanza). I am not convinced that this stanza is even about water, rivers, creeks, etc.

        Of importance to me and what has me stuck is why he used “your creek” instead “the creek”, “a creek”, etc. That tends to tell me it has nothing to do with water but rather references a potential difficult situation that you could be in at that time. Not a dangerous situation, but one that you will have to be wise while doing…

        I believe I recall reading some comments about “your creek” a while back so this one may already be put to bed.

        • Seems to me “no paddle up your creek,” could also mean the water is too swift or too rugged to paddle up.

      • about this creek, I can find answer to the other clues, right or wrong, that I like, but I just can’t feel warm and fuzzy with heavy loads and water high. and that is needed to ID the correct creek to NOT follow. But IT has to be there, on your route….

    The TODAY SHOW with Forrest has been changed to THURSDAY, MAY 2nd. I don’t know why. Their show and their rules I guess.

  30. Dal, great blog here, thank you for all of the work that you put into it.

    I had the opportunity this past week to go out to my most likely spot–but never got right up to the most likely area, as the road to the top of the butte was gated with a sign saying it was controlled by the local power company.

    The spot that I wanted to search was a small section of BLM-managed land on top of a butte, surrounded by private land. The road to the top was gated, as I mentioned, but it would have been easy to go around it.

    A second way would have been by walking the railroad tracks to the foot of the butte, and then scrambling to the top. Climbing gear might have been required; I really couldn’t tell if it would have been possible to get to the top that way. On Google Earth it doesn’t look like you could make it to the top and stay on BLM managed land all the way. I didn’t follow the RR tracks for fear of trespassing (but, coming from a small town where “walking the tracks” was considered entertainment when I was a kid, taking the tracks wasn’t really thought of as trespassing).

    Or, I could have asked one of the landowners for permission to walk across their land, and then it would have been a strenuous walk/hike up the side of the butte to the BLM land at the top.

    Dal, others–what do you think? Would Forrest have driven around the gate to hide the chest (I don’t think an 80 year old could have walked it either going the RR track way or across the fields up the side)? What if the gate was put up after he hid the chest? What do folks think of being required to ask permission to cross private land in order to get to the hiding spot? Was I being too meek?


    • In my sometimes humble opinion the place sounds unlikely for a Fenn hidey spot because of the access issues. But if you were to find a way in that was more available to the public without a technical climb or long walk…that might put the place back into the realm of possibility again…

    • DD, keep in mind that Fenn wanted the kids to get out on this search (big and little I assume), so I would imagine that the situation you discribed would not have been what he had in mind.

      • Thanks Dal, GG, CHC.

        GG, right or wrong, in my mind I’ve convinced myself that it could be anywhere, and still accomplish his goal of getting folks out looking. Where people search is up to them, and you could argue that if it’s .not. in the wilderness, even more people would eventually get out in the wilderness looking for it.

        Don’t worry, my solution had warm waters a ways away, canyon down, home of Brown enough to go around. Heavy loads, water high, left bendy for nigh. It really fit. My problem was that I was narrowed down to a spot that I really couldn’t get to. Or, more importantly, Forrest probably couldn’t get to, which I didn’t know until I got there to see for myself.

        I’d also convinced myself that it could have been a likely spot that he may have originally found the clovis artifacts.

        So I repacked the truck and headed down to Vegas for the weekend, hence the username. I had a little better luck there.

        The low point was washing the mayflies (or some other big bug, I’m not local so can’t tell by splat) from the front of the truck when I got home. Glenwood Springs had so many of them, it was like it was raining bugs for about 2 miles.

        I’ll go out again if I can ever narrow it down again like I did this time…

  31. Got Yaah! Glad I found out. Will probably tape and watch later in the day. Kids to school and other priorities!! I can find an old treasure any old time. LOL LOL Judy

  32. Thought this was interesting..

    “Biologists seeking Colorado
    pikeminnow begin to find them at the
    point where ‘trout (cold) waters’ end
    and warm waters begin.”

    • Precisely why I don’t think trout waters have anything to do with WWWH. It’s the cold waters that halt.

    • have to disagree there. a large dam halts the warm waters at the dam and creates clean cold water on the other side many cases where the creation of a dam led to a habitat for trout on the cold side when it did not exist before

    • Would you mind posting the link where you found the comment about Pike minnows? All dept. of fish and game refer to lakes, ponds,etc, as warm waters where one does not require a trout stamp on their fishing license. A trout stamp is only required when fishing in designated trout streams or cold waters. This obviously does not mean that both trout & Pike are not in lakes, ponds,etc. It is all about them getting that extra $ for the trout stamp because of the efforts involved in stocking streams with trout.

  33. Consider his the comments that he is making once a month now are to be used to confirm each of our locations. If he makes a comment, throw it against your solution. If it still fits, along with your other ideas of the location, it makes it that much stronger. Be grateful that he is doing this. Otherwise you may be looking in the wrong area.

  34. I’d like to make a bold suggestion. Would all those who have actually searched but not found post those failed “hiddey spots” as a magnanimous gesture to get this solved?

    • I write on the blog about many of my spots. But many others I am not finished with yet. Other folks have worked very hard on a spot that may be very near to mine and their spot may suffer if I give out my spot publicly. I think one must be very cautious about handing out their spots openly on this blog, finished or not. I think it’s more important that 20 people check out the same spot than it is to reveal a spot and dash the hopes of someone who has been working on an area for three months only to have it revealed openly by someone who was there but didn’t find anything.
      I certainly am not saying don’t do it but I am saying please consider all sides of this issue before you openly publish a site you may be finished with.

      • Point taken but I have considered your view and still suggest that those who have searched say… below Eagles Nest Dam post their experiences there. I believe that if another feels certain that the trove lies below that dam, they will go there regardless if another has already. Dal, I do appreciate how forthcoming you have been about some of your spots and I have posted about the Chama below the home of Brown… Albeit cryptically.

        Thanks to all…

      • I like how you said that, Dal. I always prefer when searchers don’t identify their locations, and I have a great fear that my current #1 site is going to get “outed” before I get there.

        Babylon, I think folks will be a little less sensitive about sites after a couple more years has passed…if we’re all tired of searching, if Dal’s van no longer runs, if Stephanie runs out of nail polish…I think more people will be willing to share, including me. Just…not yet.

        • I’m still really curious about the f anouncement that is coming this week that is NOT a clue…Thurs, I think. I may put my mental hard drive in stand-by mode ’til then.

        • This section is for the nine clues only…..but not really. So stay on topic without really talking about the topic……This is too funny. 😆

          Where’s the TMI (too much information) meter at? 😯

  35. Hello everyone new to the blog so bare with me. My writing skills a terrible and its ok to laugh at them cause I do. We went out this weekend and explored our area, we followed all the directions to the tee found the cave empty of course. Unless the Pics I have of the map are not real or have been altered we have now way of knowing till we get our own book of his memoir. (Oh and a flashlight is very much needed and I have the welches on my head to prove it). WE took pictures to show everyone but I guess I need to learn how to use a camera. Only half the pictures I took came out and ALL the ones my wife took did. Who knew you had to hold the button down for more that a second. Maybe I read the map backwards and got lucky and stumbled across a different cave, as there are lots of caves in the area. It is an awesome place and the fishing is out of this world, even with the water being a bit muddy. We could have searched a wider area but the kids started fishing without us. And when your nine year old daughter is catching more fish in an hour than most people catch all weekend, the hidden box of gold can wait. Cause what is more important right? (FISHING). Its a very secluded area and the box has been hidden for three years so it will still be there when we go back. I’m sure if we all ask Dal nicely he would post the pics I sent him of our first venture. And ill send him more if he promises to post them. The place is awesome it has heavy loads waters, a Brave in the wood, a blaze (which most of it is gone cause some idiot on his OHV ran most of them over-OUR HINT TO EVERYBODY your welcome-which we fixed as best we could and as many as we could find and remember) it’s below the home of brown, It’s down the canyon from where warm waters halt. There’s only one way in and one way out with about a 150′ waterfall. The canyon walls display the most awesome array of colors when shown by the sun. (Mr. Fenns rainbow?)

    • As best as I can recall, Maj. Fenn said that it is not in a cave. I think it was in reply to someone that looked in a “bear” cave? Then again, I could be mistaken.

    • nice sancho.. especially like the part about your kid slaying the like slim said, forrest said it wasnt in a cave.. i believe the flashlight and sandwich are neccessities in case you get lost and run out of daylight..just my opinion.. where were you at, the chama river?

  36. thomas where does it says to make a left turn does it say it in the poem ? i cant find the answer

    • Frank, another definition for the term “nigh” is that it also means “left”

      • thanks david that was some great infomation it helped first i made a left like thomas said but i needed to make another left and i didnt know how you got me there thanks

      • It could be both left AND near. All depends on where it fits in your solution. If you’re traveling upstream and he measured it down then left and right can go backwards. Got to look at all angles. Then again it could also be neither of them.

      • The end is ever drawing nigh…. in that context I tend to think it means “near”. If it were used in the context of an animal it would be left. JMHO

        • i like the idea that you are following something to the left. i am leaning towards that u find out what ‘no place for the meek’ is, and follow it left. it may have a double meaning in that ‘end is drawing ever nigh’ also is saying follow no place for the meek, not to the end, but near the end. it is there that you go up a creek, get out your rod and put a heavy bend on it while you are fly fishing, after roasting and consuming your catch, you are nourished and revived to continue up to the water fall.

        • I agree, but when dealing with a complicated puzzle created by a man who admits that he uses word conventionally, it doesnt hurt to know what the alternative meaning of words could be.

  37. Just checking in….loving the comments and wish I had something to offer but so far every idea I seem to have gets ‘shot down’ in the discussion here. But I’m still working on it…crazy how addictive this has become! ;o) For awhile (ok, haven’t quite given up on this) I thought that possibly WWWH was Arroyo Seco, NM where Frank Waters ashes are buried and where he died. My husband tried hard not to laugh out loud when I shared that with him…oh, well, back to sleuthing the riddle. Good luck everyone!

    • It’s okay to be shot down! Just work your angle you might be right! Obviously none of us are yet!!

      j ~ PFW

    • Agreed…no matter what you say, somebody is going to shoot it down (because we all disagree on just about everything…) For every person who doesn’t like your idea, there may be ten who agree with you but don’t say anything because they don’t want to call attention to your idea.

      I am convinced that a lot of outside-the-box thinking is going to be required to find the treasure. Keep up the good work!

      • @ jen @ CO Searcher: Thanks for the encouragement…I’m like rat terrior with an idea….maybe what I really need is a bonk on the head to stop me. One of the things I’m loving about the comments on Dal’s blog is the huge variety of approaches…it really speaks to the creativity of the human animal in such an awesome way. I wonder if Forrest was aware of this as he wrote the riddle…seems like he must have been. Anyway, thanks, youse guys…I feel like part of the group…the Blinks (blue + pink).

        • Lol! The Blinks! I love it! And you don’t need a bonk in the head! Keep up the creative thinking! It’s what we need!

          j ~ PFW

        • Zuni, I agree with CO and Jen, please keep up the chase, there are people on here who are set in their thinking and approach, nobody is right or wrong in my opinion, until it is found. I have to say I am curious as to how people are coming up with their approach, but this will get comments of “trolling” etc. so I to have gotten quieter. There are some people that even if the trove is found, and they don’t find it, they will come out of the woodwork claiming they had the idea first. Just wait for that mess when it is found. Keep chasing, and don’t be deterred by the naysayers…

        • Zuni, The different approaches that people are taking is fascinating in an intellectual way as well…how do we human beings solve complex problems? How can we approach problems where we can’t even fully define what the problem is?

          In some ways, when the treasure is found it will be kind of a let-down, as all of the multitude of approaches will be reduced to a single, “correct” solution. No doubt there will be a bunch of really clever ideas that turned out to be “wrong”, but they were only wrong because the searchers thought of them before Forrest Fenn did.

          • I found that there is no magic to this hunt, just straight out simple KISS. I think of it lke a game show. Some will get the right answer, some won’t, it’s that simple.

          • Germanguy,

            I agree with your statement above. You sound as sure as I am, I’m wondering if we’re on the same page. In the book did you come across the IRONY in one of the chapters? Something you could reference back to the T.S Eliot’s quote.

        • Didn’t Forrest say to ‘think big’ when trying to interpret the clues? What if the clues lead across several states? I’ve begun to think that there are 9 clues that get re-applied possibly several times as you move along hunting but following his clues. Anybody else thinking this, too? (On a side note…when I started this I thought all I wanted was to solve it..match wits with FF. lol Now I want the treasure, too!)

    • Well if we come up with 9 clue solutions we all agree on then it’ll be a mad dash to the finish…..

  38. i just found a significant anagram in the poem,not sure if anagram would be the right word, there is a line in the poem where ff very cleverly encrypted an important location and in my opinion its obvious its not there by accident or coincidence. it confirms one of the areas im researching is the right place, i can now throw the others out and focus on this one. want to share ….. want to share ….. but …. can’t ….. urrrrg … frustrating …. sigh

      • Does someone in the anagram camp mind filling in why you think there is anagrams? I am just not seeing the reasoning. Maybe I am missing something he said? I know he told Dal not to change his poem, using anagrams in my opinion is changing everything about the poem. I am not looking for anyone’s spot or beta, just curious about the logic. Not shooting down anyone’s approach either, outside the box thinking is good, just doesn’t seem like ff’s style. Thanks.

        • I agree with you Hank. I look into the anagram thing to. Problem is that FF seems more of the play on words, double meaning type; not the Poe -Beale papers type. Either way it’s all vague enough to keep us running around in circles seeing HOB everywhere.

        • Perhaps because people keep finding words in the poem that back up their places. I’ve found several. For all my ideas. I think he may have used some word play for hints. The clues we don’t change but the hints maybe so. Really I have no idea….. We are all just trying everything we can think of to figure it out! For me I keep going back to the image he has in his mind of who will find it, and what that person will be like and how they will think.

          j ~ PFW

        • Very simple. The poem is all you need. The poem contains 9 clues. The 9 nine clues will lead you precisely to the location. All foundational truths of my approach.

          Key word: precisely

          That is impossible unless the poem is a cipher. The “literal meaning” of the poem is far to general to lead you *anywhere* precisely, even if you have Brown, and Warm Waters, and the Creek solved.

          An anagram is a simple cipher. Popularized in modern literature by E.A.Poe in the The Gold Bug, the wikipedia page for which states that it inspired R.L.Stevenson in his novel “Treasure Island.” Mr. Fenn has said that he grew up reading “Lost Treasure” books. He’s a collector, a hunter, and he’s leaving a legacy.

          Mr. Fenn is very smart, very knowledgeable, very well read, moreso than most of us. Most of us are not giving him the credit he is due. Still, creating an anagram from known words (what Mr. Fenn did) is much easier than “solving” an anagrammed set of phrase words (what I’m trying to do.)

          Thanks for the thrill,

        • Regarding “don’t change the poem.” I forget exactly what the context of that comment from Mr. Fenn to Dal was, but if Dal wanted to change “halt” to “stop” or “home” to “house” or some other change of letters, that would obviously break his very carefully constructed cipher. Don’t mess with the poem, because every letter is necessary to decode the cipher.

          • Chase-
            Forrest’s comment about not changing his poem was in response to a period I was going thru where the parts of the poem that did not rhyme and did not fit the meter were bugging me. For instance, where “walk” does not rhyme with “halt”. I suggested to him that maybe we were supposed to substitute the right words.
            I suggested that maybe the correct thing to do would be to substitute “balk” for “halt”..because “balk” rhymes with “walk”. Anyway, I badgered him about this kind of thing for awhile and he finally wrote me back and emphatically stated that I should not change his poem.

            So I stopped trying to change his poem..

      • Point of Owner Trunk – Fenn

        (there is no doubt that the poem contains self-confirming anagrams) !

  39. i went left to home of brown no paddle up your greek i didnt follow the creek i went to where warm waters halt from there i went to the blaze i needed to make a left on to a dirt road to where i think he stoped and hid the treasure that leads to below the blaze from there it should not be far where the treasure is still working on that but thanks every body for the help still on the chase frank

    • i dont know how to put this but on one he says treasure – – on another he says chest – – and on one he say trove and the last he says gold is there some thing to this ? just a thought

    • I feel your pain…or madness..not sure. I have an area I have been trying to avoid; clues and research keep sending me right back to the same location no matter how I try to put a determined line of ‘not making the clues fit to what I want.’ And everytime I do the area gets smaller and smaller. Just keep plugging until I get to that one bit of SHAZAM!

      Course I also have a previous spot in the far west part of the search area that I can’t get out of my head either. Despite the fact that it’s a simple elegant and complete solution. Trouble is it may/may not be considered Rocky Mountains. All in how you interpret it.

    • frank

      i think the importance is that using different words to signify the same thing or same idea was necessary to encode the poem. I have discovered at least 2levels to the poem, there may be more. the 2nd layer is what i am calling confirmation clues, relating to places that are on the path or in the area…ones that are in the area but not on the path seem to all need to meet a certain requirement to be referenced in the poem, sorry i cannot expound on that. these are encoded or encrypted into the poem, and the method being used on each one is not all the same. it seems that in the 3 stanzas outside of the point A to B directions, there is at least 1 for every 2 lines. also in the 3 ‘direction’ stanzas, cleverly hidden among the accurate directions, there are some encoded as well. good luck in your quest.

      • thanks chris i wish you well too – on the chase i think you really have to dig deep in the poem far deep in the words to where you get in his mind to find it but theres going to be heavy loads on our minds

      • Ok since the treasure is secure everyone can put their decoder rings back on after making that left turn. Lol

  40. Has anyone checked out Idaho? He made mention that his brother disappeared into Idaho. The NF Payette River, which is a french word, contains hot (boiling) springs near the town of featherville. There is also a railroad that runs through there, which you can be serenaded on, it crosses the Rainbow Bridge (which is also a poem about dead animals). He mentions dead dogs on a bridge and also if you ever loved a cow. He mentions eating haagan das ice cream. There is a Baumgartner spring there, which is the last hot spring on the MIDDLE fork of the payette river. He mentions the middle several times in his book. All of this is located on or near Iron mountain. Oh, also the Baumgarten is, I believe, down river from the Brown springs. Also Fenn talks about polarity/opposites. There is a pullout near the bridge here…..a Ford on the middle fork….put-in….pull-out…..just an idea.

  41. I really think the treasure was found… He said update on treasure not clue to treasure.. sad day… 🙁

    • well then that means that I can place my memoir up on the shelf and have a shredding party with all my so-called clues 🙂 lol And just visit places for fun 🙂

    • the update is that the treasue hasn’t been found yet and here’s your next worthless clue lol. seriously how could someone who found it keep quiet about it, i don’t see how.

    • I really hope not- but it could have been. I’m heading out to search on Friday with my pendulum, divination rods, crystal ball, hummingbird drones, metal detectors and lucky rabbit’s foot. lol. I’ve got a few really cool places in mind, and it would be a lot cooler of a trip making the hunt a part of it. CHC

  42. There are also some creeks up there, like sage hen creek, and some other little creeks, along with trails that have the work creek in them….don’t need a paddle up your creek…..and of course, it all runs through a canyon.

  43. ” pikeminnow begin to find them at the point where ‘trout (cold) waters’ end and warm waters begin” That was a kool find, good work, (forgot who posted that) (but not my spot).

  44. we can all surch for the treasure, and know what every word in the poem mean’s. and according to ff, we still will not find the gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I find it ironic that we all study the words of the poem writen in a book,”the thrill of the chase” but tend to ignor the rest of the words. FF say’s, in the line just before he wrote the poem, “if followed precisely, will LEAD you to the end of my rainbow and the treasure”. FF did not say, TAKE you to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.. in the very next paragraph after the poem he said “there are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories”.

    Just received this from Forrest on Tuesday evening-

    Dal, I’m getting a lot of emails from people because they believe the Utah guys have found the treasure. Can you reassure them that the treasure is safe and secure? f

    • Great news. Now I can continue to put my life on hold. I can also continue to speculate and guess with a relaxed attitude.

    • Ok… I feel a little better now… Maybe I can relax…. Though if it is safe and secure… That could still be in someone’s hands

  46. does that mean safe and secure like hidden? or safe and secure with someone who found it hah

  47. A few years back I travelled to Santa Fe with my mom. It was a little road trip we took before any of this even began. We happened to meet Forrest at his shop and he showed us some great old relics and told us a little about the area. He was very friendly and directed us to a good restaurant. The way he gave directions was a little bit like the poem, so we kind of scatched our heads and did our best to find it. We eventually did find it and the meal was well worth the search. Hopefully we can do it again. The places we all are searching are really amazing natural spots in their own right, treasure or not. Enjoy it. CHC

  48. Thanx dollarbill and Dal for the news. Thats great CO HC, you have followed his direction before… KOOL!
    OK, I hope others will consider this. IF You find it wait untill this fall when we’ve all had our vacation searches, AND IF I find it, I Plan on leaving the chest with some gold coins in it for the next person, lets all do that. AlSO AT THIS POINT AND with the TIME SPENT, IF ITS FOUND i am still GOING TO GO LOOK AT my SPOT, ‘CAUSE IT SUCH A GOOD SPOT MAYBE SOMEONE ELSE LEFT SOMETHING there!!I

  49. Okay yall may have read this, of not, if you have the book, your heart may sink. its from WiKI.

    The privateer William Kidd buried treasure on the island in June, 1699, having stopped there while sailing to Boston to answer charges of piracy. With the permission of the island’s proprietor, he buried a chest and a box of gold and two boxes of silver (the box of gold Kidd told Gardiner was intended for Lord Bellomont) in a ravine between Bostwick’s Point and the Manor House. For Mrs. Gardiner’s trouble he gave her a length of gold cloth (a piece of which is now at the East
    Hampton library) captured from a Moorish ship off Madagascar, and a sack of sugar.

    It is said that Kidd warned that if the treasure was not there when he returned, he would kill the Gardiners. This is not the case as a narrative for the trial given by John Gardiner on 17 July 1699 makes no mention of any threats and Kidd’s conduct appears to have been quite civil. Kidd was tried in Boston, and Gardiner was ordered by Governor Bellomont to deliver the treasure as evidence.

    The booty included gold dust, bars of silver, Spanish dollars, rubies, diamonds, candlesticks, and porringers. Gardiner kept one of the diamonds which he later gave to his daughter. A plaque on the island marks the spot where the treasure was buried, but it is on private property.

  50. Regardless if it has been found or not I’m still going out on an adventure to the Yellowstone area next week. Hey it is more about the exploration for me anyway and I figure Yellowstone in the spring with all the new animals and cold nights and small crowds should be fun.

  51. @Chase,
    You wrote: “That is impossible unless the poem is a cipher. The “literal meaning” of the poem is far to general to lead you *anywhere* precisely, even if you have Brown, and Warm Waters, and the Creek solved.”

    That is simply not true and only your opinion…….The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

    Just an example using a literal interpretation of the poem:

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    Where warm waters halt is cold water. Begin in Agua Fria, NM

    And take it in the canyon down,
    Take Agua Fria Road to downtown Santa Fe

    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    Not far from the end of Agua Fria Road is San Francisco Street. Jerry Brown was born in San Francisco, CA. (home of Brown). Follow San Francisco to the bridge. Put in below the bridge (which is not far, but too far to walk from the end of Auga Fria Road).

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    Going gets a little tougher (we are in the creek under the San Francisco Street bridge).

    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    Is this the end of the hunt or the end of the creek? (works either way)

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Go downstream from under the bridge

    Just heavy loads and water high.
    The creek ends at the spillway (high water) under the street (heavy loads) at the Santa Fe River.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    There are several viewing platforms at the spillway. At one of the viewing platforms is a mural that looks like a flame. The blaze (trail marker) is a blaze (flame looking mural). This is also a prominent place on the Santa Fe River trail……the hiking/biking man?

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    Directly below the viewing platform is a cluster of trees….in the wood (that look like the same type of trees in the picture). I wonder if there is an “F” on one of those trees?

    • everybody in santa fe will beat a path on down first ting in the mornin, or maybe even tonite with their flashlight! lol

    • @Goofy,

      Of course, I always am only stating my opinion.

      My interpretation of “if followed precisely” implies there will be a single place the nine clues in the poem lead to. Interpreting “if followed precisely” to mean the nine clues could lead you to any one of 10,000 locations “precisely” makes less sense to me.

      I believe it is also inconsistent with Mr. Fenn’s own words, that the person who finds the treasure will move with confidence. To me, that implies the person who discovers the clues will know exactly where to go the first time, and not on trip #370 after prioritizing 10,000 possible interpretations of the literal poem.

      • @Chase
        You could certainly be correct…….I think we both think there is a key. The problem is what is the key……an anagram in the poem, a mathematical algorithm, some part of Fenn’s history, a person in Fenn’s life, a phrase in the book, or ?????. Once the key is found everything else will be obvious…….maybe.

        I’ve always approached a spot with Fenn’s words in mind……like you said, we can move with confidence nothing will be accidental. I’m rethinking that a little; if two searchers solved the first two clues why couldn’t they move with confidence to the rest of the clues? Maybe it’s not quite as obvious as he is saying, or as obvious as I think he is saying.

        I just wanted to give you an example of how the poem could lead to a precise location. Like Dal says, until someone has the treasure in their hand, anyone’s idea is as good as the next.

        • Anybody – I do NOT believe that the clues in the poem lead to a rural area. If FF knew the exact hidey spot in 1988 when he was diagnosed with cancer, then the place had to be close to where he was at that time. Yes?

        • @Becky,
          I don’t think the two searchers know who they are……Fenn didn’t say how he knows, we assume they emailed him; but he knew somehow that two different searchers got the first two clues correct and then went off in the wrong direction.

          So this means no area is ruled out……even the ones we know of that have been searched over and over……..I agree with Dal, the hidey spot is very clever.

        • Goofy – It’s a fact that FF drove his car because he walked back to it. I believe he drove to … Brown, parked, then walked. Two trips – so if it was the same place he had chosen originally, he still would have had to make at least two trips carrying the same loads while he was dying with cancer – his body weakened by chemo & radiation. Supposedly the only difference between 1988 & 2010 is that he became stronger. The plan did not change. If FF had chosen the spot when he was well, it could be anywhere. But the choices of a hidey spot would have been very limited.

        • @Becky,
          There seems to be some ambiguity about the spot; when he chose it, and how much he changed the poem over the years; so I haven’t concentrated on that too much. I wouldn’t put much past Fenn regardless of his condition…..he always did whatever he decided to do, one way or the other.

          He said when he got back to the car he laughed and was very pleased with himself. That’s what leads me to believe the hidey spot is very clever. He didn’t mean for this to be easy; I think some think this hunt is a sprint but I look at it as more of a marathon…..most will fall by the wayside defeated and discouraged before this treasure is discovered………

          Of course you could be absolutely correct……and I’m completely wrong; everything is supposition at this point.

        • @Goofy,

          Regarding the “some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues” comment of Mr. Fenn. I don’t have a strong argument for that one. I am forced to fit that comment into my existing strategy, and not change my strategy based on the comment.

          Therefore, my interpretation is that the cipher clues correlate to the literal poem. For example, what I call clue 1, which I believe is likely encoded by stanza 1, might be the name of the lake/canyon near warm waters halting. Even though in the literal poem that “literal clue” is in stanza 2.

          In other words, I suspect the folks who correctly mentioned the locations indicated by the literal clues (perhaps wwwh, home brown), most likely did not come to that conclusion by discovering the corresponding cipher clues.

        • I found the key. It is on page 126. Why have a key to a chest that has a clasp and not a lock? Now, just figure out how to use the key.

      • @Goofy,
        Back to your comment of 3 locations. I think your theory is on the right track. I have looked @ the poem for many hours, looking @ different context, I believe there are 2 directions (clues), 1 location (clue) for the treasure, and 6 observable Locations (clues) from the spot of the treasure. On the note of anagrams, numbers, etc. A person will need a hidden (hard) clue to put your foot on the treasure. If he/she finds the (code,clue) then, yeah, you can then move with confidence through the 9 clues in the poem.

  52. and here I thought it was sittin on the shelf at the El Canon coffee and pastry house lol or maybe even on Granbt Street by the brdge under the Bishop’s Lodge Rd. (home of Brown)

  53. or even at the Greer Mansion in the Brownstein Lawyer’s office and all I had to do was march right in there to tell them I was there for the chest! lol too funny, my mind has been everywhere! lol

    • Kym, You do realize that you’re being secretly psyco-analyzed by thousands of lurkers—–right?

      • LOL Iseeit, that’s been goin’ on for 12 years and they don’t just lurk LOL but… I’ve gotten used to it, now it’s just a bore lol

  54. Hello fellow Chasers!

    I would like to apologize for not replying to questions directed towards me in other threads and not posting new comments lately. I was out deep sea fishing with friends. I did have my girlfriend check in here often as I had told her to do me that favor and check for any interesting, potential dangerous, intel from Chasers and to get to me quick….yes my girlfriend is officially a lurker…give her a break she was doing me the favor.

    Well just letting everyone know that I’m back!

    Hey I noticed that some are saying that the Treasure Chest has been found. I have even received phone calls as well as texts telling me that “it” has been found.

    What’s going on? Can’t I go deep sea fishing for a few days without someone going and retrieving my Treasure Chest without my permission? lol

    Just kidding…but seriously has this “thing” been found already? Is Forrest Fenn going to announce its finding on the Today Show?

    Was it the Utah Boys that found “it’ or the Mom and Dad with those 4 kids at Forrest Fenn’s home that found “it” and will be announced?

    • VGBOSS,
      You can relax and get a good nights sleep. All is well and safe. The things you mentioned were idle rumors with no validity. The search continues. Hope the fishing was good. And the weather was great. Welcome back.

  55. germanguy I appreciate the reply u da man…my trip was short, but crazy awesome!!!

    Not only was I able to get in some great deep sea fishing but while out there I had a breakthrough on Forrest Fenn’s Poem which I will share with you, germanguy, and others as I’m not a party pooper as I’m always willing to share dangerous intel about the Poem that I discover unlike others especially the lurkers/trolls out there who don’t share squat but easy to take from others like thieves.


    Forrest Fenn’s Poem is talking about 2 (two) locations!!! That’s right 2 (two) locations!!! This is why everyone on this Chase, for several years, has not been able to locate “it” for they are trying to pinpoint 1 single area! Not going to happen folks!

    2 locations!

    So all of those Chasers that have been saying that Forrest Fenn had to have carried the Treasure in 2 parts is absolutely correct! But 1 part of “it” is in one place and the other part of it miles and miles away at another place.

    That is my opinion…use that dangerous intel at your own risk.

    I’m back baby!!!

    • A very well put intro; but now that my chase is slightly more complicated by the clues having to point to two locations, I will really need some help from the sharers. So, maybe I just go after the half that doesn’t have the FF bio in it. Wait; maybe I have just been hooked by a clever fisherman. How big were the fish that you caught? LOL

    • Welcome back VG!! Good to “see” you! I like your way of thinking! 🙂  ~j pfw


      • jen I appreciate that. Always makes me feel so good and tingly inside when I’m welcomed anywhere…Life if GOoD!

        My way of thinking is that of a man who is very imaginative, not as much like Forrest, but almost within his realm.

        2 locations jen!

        Go there, to that spot, pick it up, then follow the instructions, and go to the other spot, miles and miles away to pick up the rest of it…then shake Forrest Fenn’s hand, have a cup of Joe with him, ask him what you can do for him to return the favor such as; if he wants you to let the media know personally, shoot video, take pictures, you know the whole 9.

        Oh and yes…toss him the bracelet as you make your awesome impact…departure like the Lone Ranger….

    • Could be 3 places. WWWH, HOB, and, of course, the location of the treasure(the blaze). Too far to walk could be over 91 miles.

      • crazyfamily…noooooo…2 places… not 3 or 4 or 7 or whatever places. 2 places…dos lugares!

        Just my opinion accept it or not….I’m extremely confident that the Poem is speaking of 2 places. Now yes, ofcourse, the process you take can be seen as places but in actuality that process is simply the journey…the Chase…following the clues…to that place…then when found…follow the instructions to that other place and COLLECT…Chi-Ching baby!!!

    • vgboss, I am curious, do you have a time frame that you are going to go out and get the treasure? You said it is not time yet, so when is it time?

      • davegaylene – glad you are out of that cave and willing to join us!

        Well davegaylene let’s just say soon… BUT keep in mind that someone might not be as patient as me nor as considerate of others on this Chase who have yet to receive their Thrill of the Chase Memoir Book nor have even got out to do 1 search yet. Also one has to think about sale of the Books for the Bookstore’s prosperity and most importantly for the Cancer fund as well.

        Honestly I have no problem with someone else beating me to the Trove for as I have stated I’m not in this for the value of the content$ of this cache…I’m more in it for the Thrill, the “Challenge”.

        What’s more Challenging of potentially knowing where the Treasure Chest lies, super duper mega hot spot, and with most of the Poem solved and allowing “it” to still lay out there and risk someone else beating me to it? That is a challenge within my soul/character and it’s quite empowering, a treasure in itself.

        While this Thrill of the Chase is fun for me, with Forrest Fenn having loads of fun and thousands more having the time of their lives out there attempting to crack the Poem and many others out there searching…why would anyone want to put a halt to all that excitement. that goodness!

        The Thrill baby!!!

  56. Whew! Thank Goodness! because I just found “it” too, but not the treasure! 🙂
    1st clue finally under my belt! *or so I think – who knows!
    Happy Hunting!

    • Linda you found 1 clue…congratulations! BUT………

      There are 100’s of clues, within Poem & Book, and if you’d like I can list 50 of them for you to get you up to speed…for only $75,000…I accept credit card/debit card payment via paypal. j/k

      • VGB…

        are you the one selling treasure maps over on ebay…? 🙂

        • Goodmorning RickinFlorida.

          Unfortunately it’s not me selling treasure maps over at ebay…BUT I FREAKING SHOULD as my notes on this Thrill of the Chase will get anyone within 500ft of the Treasure Chest…Guaranteed!!!

          …But again Rick it’s not me selling anything nor profiting in any way shape or form off of this Chase that I so love…I wouldn’t do this to Forrest…he is just to awesome!

          As I’ve stated before I own a sports business and I’m well off, abundantly blessed, thanks to Baby Jesus ( )

          My involvement with this Thrill of the Chase is simply as a hobby which I have also stated before within these blogs. This Treasure Trove I’m after I took upon as a challenge to myself…makes me think, adds some additional “zing” to my life and allows me the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

          So Rick, with that said; would you like to by one of my “Within 500ft Maps” for only $25,000? ( *no refunds 🙂 )

          SHAKE and BAKE!!!

          • I love that you are such a stand up guy VG. Makes me smile! Is your woman in on the chase too?


          • VG BOSS: Tell me what state you’re looking in and I’ll tell you whether you’re within 500 feet or not, for I have decoded the state.

        • Hope you’re having a great morning jen.

          My girlfriend is not addicted to the Chase as many of us are.

          She has seen some of my notes and she’s like “Go Get It Already”!

          …and I tell her “but sweetheart it’s not time yet and besides we must respect Forrest Fenn by allowing him to sell more books for the Cancer fund and the Bookstore, and allow him to do his interviews and for him to have more fun with this, and also to allow many others to receive their books, that are currently in transit, and give them somewhat of an opportunity to get in on this Chase that is so awesome. Sweetheart if the Trove is meant to be ours it will wait for us but we must let this Chase take its course for others to enjoy in the Thrill and the Outdoors. Darling this Chase, I’m sure, is enlightening many out there. It’s doing something great to many people and this we cannot yet interrupt…soon my love…. soon. Patience

          So jen she is cool about it…she’s like nothing…going about her daily routines but like I stated when she happens to come across my notes and reads the Poem she is like GO GET IT ALREADY and I always have to remind her that it’s not time yet and she checks the notes and says “oh, that’s right, sorry honey”.

          • LOL! Y’all are so sappy! Its rather cute! 😉  Patience is a virtue and a wonderful thing to have on this Chase!


        • Stance Brooks – my super duper hot spot is located North of Santa Fe, approx. 300 miles West of Toledo and 5,000 ft above sea level.

        • Stance, You already noted that:
          “I firmly believe it is not in a national park. It is within 100 miles of Santa Fe, obviously to the north.” Wouldn’t VGBoss already know which state you’ve decoded?

        • .
          Sunland wrote:

          ” Stance, You already noted that:
          “I firmly believe it is not in a national park. It is within 100 miles of Santa Fe, obviously to the north.” Wouldn’t VGBoss already know which state you’ve decoded? ”


          The reference to “warm waters”, previously posted above

          ….” I use body temperature as the comparator.


          puts body temperature at 37 degrees (North). This is about 111 miles North Santa Fe.

  57. Finally a break:

    This group of a few people within 500 feet, where really only 2 groups of people.

    Fenn said two search parties had come within 500 feet of the chest. How does he know? “They all tell me exactly where they are,” trying to leverage more clues or location insight, he says.


    That put’s his actions and mine into a better probability recovery bracelet………………


    • Sorry, but that’s only hear say. If Mr. Fenn had made a public statement in his own words it would be different, an example being like publicly saying that the chest is still there. James

    • Except that’s a misquote. the “500 feet” and “two parties” are different people, as has been much discussed.

  58. Based on his own statements “mark d” knows exactly who was within in 500 feet and could put this thing to a end. A few weeks after mark d talked about 500 feet, Fenn went public about this. So either Fenn told you mark d or someone on the inside track

    Or is a incorrect statement mark d?

    • I think you’re getting some facts and times mashed together which is understandable following the different social sites. I don’t think he told Tony or Mark who those people where. If he had THEY would have gotten it already. The media really didn’t pick up on the story full tilt until January of this year and they report stuff a bit behind what we follow daily. Hence why the TODAY show wants exclusivity on his ‘clues’.

  59. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that “done it tired” is a clue.

    • I see done it tired as FF has been looking for treasures for many years.

    • crazyfamily…OFCOURSE the verse within the Poem “I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak” is a clue.

      tired – TIRES
      weak – WINGS
      (Remember, and never forget, that Forrest likes to play with words and he said to THINK!!!)

      But like I stated a couple of comments above… 2 locations!!!

      Forrest drove by car or suv (tired/tires) to 1 location then flew by airplane or helicopter (weak/wings) to the other location.

      I have done it by tires and then by wings. (something to that effect)

      Dangerous intel right there folks!!! Use at your own risk!

      *Caution – all that I post, within this blog, is just my opinion

      Thrill of the Chase baby!!! 🙂

      • What is at the first location? A map? This isn’t the Adam the A theory all over again is it? So after delivering something at the first location he drove to an airport to fly to the second location?

        • Doubting Thomas please do not compare me to A_A….I’m nothing like that dude…I’m VGBOSS baby!!!

          • Sorry Mr VGBoss baby sir. Before I buy your map(s) I just want to know why Mr Fenn would want us to board a plane or helicopter to get to the actual treasure after braving the cold.

        • Doubting Thomas you got to stop doubting.

          Bro listen and listen good. I never said that Forrest Fenn wants us to board a plane or helicopter…never did I say that so take that back my friend.

          Forrest Fenn was 79 to 80 yrs of age when he hid/secret/buried/covered/whatever the Treasure Chest so he drove to 1 location then he flew to another location because after all he is 79 to 80 yrs of age at the time. If he has the means, plane copter, why not do it quicker and less stress on his legs and back.

          Now don’t put words in my mouth Doubting Thomas…anyone may get to both of these locations by car, truck, suv, motorcycle, atv, skateboard, rollerskates, or even a pogo stick.

          I can already see jen heading out to her spot in a pogo stick, it will take her several days to get there but she will get there nonetheless.

          • She kinda looks like me…except I would never wear yellow!


          • Sorry for putting words in your mouth Mr VGBoss baby sir. Are you saying that trove is at the second location? If so what would be at the first location? I’m just trying to understand.

    • Rick I would gladly be willing to meet Mark D at the Bookstore and have many people around us screaming and cheering us on at the Starting Line!!!

      Myself, Mark D and anyone else, with loads of confidence on their spot, at the Starting Line…”gunshot sound”…and They’re Off!

      Folks it would be wise to place your bet on me!

    • Mark Dreyer has talked and he has made it clear that FF has not and would never give names or identities of those he knows were within 500 feet, which FF has now publicly stated is a total of 2.

      • I’m one of the “Iowa Boys” with Mark. Forrest did not tell us who was within 500 feet. Mark cleared that up on his blog. The only one who knows is Mr. Fenn.

  60. Find the “blaze” and “look quickly down”…it’s inside a burned out tree stump…just letting the imagination run freely this morning

  61. Wow, I actually had some guys in a truck following me around from place to place yesterday! I thought I was being paranoid at first but after a while it became obvious. I couldn’t go to where I needed to go. Be careful out there!

    • Maybe you left your coffee on the roof. Hope it wasn’t a Griswald moment and forgot the dog was tied to the bumper!

    • Just cant take security gaurds with you if you had to get the treasure. I have been working out the last 6 months. I know I would have to carry the chest in a different path than I came into the canyon down. That is my plan. I also carry a few things for my protection, especially pepper spray. So get out of my way, I will be blazing out of there if I have to. Lol

      • Geydelkon – After I retrieve “it” I personally would be heading back out the way I originally came in and second I wouldn’t have any need for pepper spray but I would have some need for black pepper for my dinner that evening.

    • Ah yes the Wieland Family…Oh they look like a beautiful, wonderful and loving family. By the looks of one of the photos they certainly were very comfortable with Forrest Fenn…lap and all.

    • It would be cool if Fenn let the littel girl in his lap give all of us the new clue. Starting off with: So hear me all and listen good…..

      • Geydelkon – I agree with you…that would be awesome for the little girl to read off or say the non-clue I mean the new clue tomorrow morning on the Today Show.

  62. In part the ability to solve puzzles is based on the level of personal integrity…………….

    Know of 32 people who have put themselves out for lacking this quality………

    Like seeing crosses in a graveyard;

    X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

    • Rick don’t get ticked off! Relax dude.

      It’s called the Thrill of the Chase…It’s not called the Thrill of Anger and Frustration.


      And yes X marks the FREAKING SPOT!!!

    • Rick, I believe that you cannot judge the level of personal integrity someone has off just reading a blog. You have to know the person first. Unless they seriously need to make an appearance on ‘Dumb Criminals’ and have as much stated so on this bog. lol 🙂

  63. I haven’t heard one person on here say with confidence what they think the home of the brown is…..even though Fenn tells you in one of his comments. I saw one person on this blog that might have picked up on it but I’m not sure if he/she was really aware of it or just said it by coincidence. Or maybe ppl know and just aren’t saying. But once you KNOW this part…..the rest is easy. Fenn is right that you really don’t need the book to find the treasure. You can get there if you follow the poem….it does lead you right to it…but in my opinion, you will have a hard time figuring out the home of brown without the book.

    • I am 100% confident in my WWH and HOB. I did not need the book for the HOB at all. I only had the poem but subsequently bought the book; but, I am a very knowledgeable individual. Why are you here posting this?

    • Stephanie Davis like many out there I will not reveal my personal opinion to what I believe the “home of Brown” means or implies to me. That would really give it all away! No way jose…

      But since I’m not a party pooper and since I’m in this for the Thrill I will still post something along the lines of what “home of Brown” means to me, in my mind, without spilling all my beans on that particular verse within the Poem.

      As I stated before, in my opinion, the Poem is talking about 2 locations.

      Well the “home of Brown” is 2 locations as well!

      Totally dangerous intel right there!!! Use at your own risk
      Remember my comments are only my opinions.

    • Wow, so many people who are 100% confident that they’ve got WWWH and HOB figured out. I wonder who will be correct.

      • Slope66 are you in the middle of your search yet? Yes there are a lot of homes here and multiple locations. Apparently there are lots of troves and maps you need to use.

      • slope66 I believe many people already have solved most of the Poem, but I’m sure they are stuck to “its” exact, precise, location…the true X spot…which is why they are coming up empty handed and only within 500ft, 300ft, 100ft, etc…

        Those people that have most of the Poem solved are not willing to share or atleast post comments within this blog which I personally find sad for it’s all fun but some are taking it very serious as many need the Treasure to pay off their debts for living life above their means which I completely understand but again very sad.

        Oh and slope66 the reason I call it the X spot is because I believe there are many blazes not just 1. Totally dangerous intel right there! Use at your own risk.

        Again all that I post within this blog is simply my opinion.

        • VBOSS,
          I am half tempted to give people a clue that will blow their minds seeing how 99.9% probably skipped right over it.

        • Sorry for being a knucklehead Mr VGBoss baby sir but I am not understanding. So you are saying there are two homes of brown, multiple blazes and two locations for the troves? It sounds like the treasure is in the playground of a gated community. Please clarify to the extent possible. I apologize in advance for my not being wise.

        • VG – there is only one blaze unlike the 2 HOB. Actually, in fact there is only one true HOB. And I was tricked into the 5 blazes when I started down this road.

        • Hi All,
          First time poster and another deranged Chase addict here. I happen to agree with VG that there are many blazes on the trail too. I’ve enjoyed reading about all of your adventures but didn’t feel like I had much to add as I’ve only been been armchair searching so far.

          • I really like your name. You should sell something…I’d buy it lol. Oh, wait…unless it’s a cardboard box…I probably can’t afford it 😉 …..but it would be the classiest box on the block I’m sure.

        • (Please forgive me DAL )
          VG, you own a company that I hopefully assume you started from the ground up and you have the audacity to say that it always a one way road! HA!

          I am irked and actually so, this time. You need to go have some time alone and remember the many who have actually helped and not hindered your progress and the blessings that have gotten you to where you are from where you were.

          There are kids that read this, that actually may think that just because they are poor that they too can succeed and have their own successful business, that doesn’t come with out trial and error and many, yes I said many, mistakes and failures along the way.

          There are also many other reasons that people get in debt and yes sometimes VG it is because of the unjust acts of others so don’t go getting to telling all, that it is always the debtors fault, gee whiz!! Sometimes yes, people do need outside help from others to ‘pull themselves up with their bootstraps”, as the old adage goes.

        • DT, no maps to where ‘x’ marks the spot cuz it is different for us all :), but I will buy a shoehorn 🙂

        • that was to help me get my ‘shoes’ on but does bronze rust? is it gonna be creeky? lol get it… creeky?

        • @Kym – That hurt my feelings….but when I began to say to self…”self this beautiful lady does not know you nor what you have been through nor what you actually do within the sports business so she knows not what she says so forgive her”. Hurt went immediately away.

          So Kym… I forgive you 🙂

          Now who wants to come along with me to retrieve the Treasure Chest real soon?

          Darn… I still have yet to purchase a Indiana Jones kit…

          • Oh me!! Wait are you going to push me off a cliff?! I’m glad you found forgiveness for Kym. Forgiveness is key to true love and life!

            j ~ PFW

        • Way to go Kym. That’s pretty arrogant of you VGB. And even more arrogant to think that she (Kym) was the one needing forgiveness. You VGB, are acting all high and mighty, and frankly it pisses me off. Always spouting off about “lurkers” and demanding that others contribute “dangerous insights” when you don’t really offer squat to the conversation except to try and minimize other’s opinions. If this comment gets me kicked off Dal’s Blog, so be it. At least I won’t have to read your inane drivel anymore.

        • VGB, this is one of those cases where you should where you should have asked for forgiveness (from Kym) instead of offering it. I neither asked, nor require your forgiveness. It appears your arrogance knows no bounds

          • Forgiveness is not something that is given because it is asked for. Forgiveness comes from the generosity of someones heart when their feelings have been hurt. I would suggest those of you being ugly to VG (or anyone else) stop a minute and THINK….. you are being just as ugly/arrogant as you perceive he is being. And really, that’s who he is, he is our VG and we like him that way! So get used to him, get to know him, find something to like about him and ENJOY all the different personalities around here! That is part of what makes this so fun, we are all different, if we were all alike it would be VERY boring around here!!  GROUP HUG!!


          • There she is bright-eyed and bushy tailed spreading her light:) Stones should not be cast unless looking in a mirror first. The road less traveled is always the more scenic route, and there are many different sizes, shapes and colors of stones on that path. Thanks Jen for shining brightly with your eyes on something greater 🙂

        • Goodmorning Eric and all Chasers out there….May you all have a wonderful day!

          I’ll be in and out of this blog throughout the day so if you leave me a question or an insult or what have you I will get to you eventually.

          Below astree just told me that the Poem is not talking about 2 locations so my fellow Chasers I guess there are not 2 locations after-all…per astree.

        • @jen – I appreciate it that very much. I don’t know you, never have met you, but from afar I love you.

    • why does everyone talk like they KNOW they have solved it!! GO GET It or stop acting like you know where it is!!!! Its rude, frustrating, abnoxious and makes you seem stupid!! Afteraal, who would solve the poem and then not go get the chest? That is stupid!

      • Mike D chill-out bro….OPINIONS!

        O P I N I O N S

        The Thrill of the Chase!!! 🙂

      • Actually Mike D – we are not stupid – we are smarter than the average bear. Can’t go yet – unlike some others I am not going when the chest is under a foot of snow.

      • Mike D
        I feel I have solved the poem, but I am up in the air about going to get it. While I don’t have a lot of money, I do have enough and what more do you need than that? I have significant concerns about legal issues. With the state and federal laws, I don’t see how you can keep it unless you keep it quiet. Then, what happens if you get caught? And then there is the IRS…

        I will be deciding sometime in the next few weeks if I am going or not. If not, maybe I’ll post some clues for the clues (don’t want to just give it away). I still haven’t seen anything on here like my solution, so IF my solution is correct then nobody who actively posts here has the correct solution (again that is only IF my solution is correct!). If the chest has not been found and I decide not to go, I can throw some ideas out here and you can shoot ’em down or chase ’em down, whichever you want.

    • Whereis it then eintein? Forrestv statedif he told u where home of Brown was, you’d go straight to the chest! So go if you know!!

  64. VG

    Have to go back to a certain location due to the way the clues fit and only 1 other team being in the area…………..Don’t see how the other team team would know about me but know about them:)

    Twice Forrest tried tricking me and twice had to trick him back……………..we have a trick or treat relationship by the way:)

    If Forrest would have said 2 teams 6 months ago……………..Anyways it’s just a game but own Forrest a trick:)


  65. Rick you and others may view Forrest Fenn as a trickster…me personally I see him as a very generous human being.

    Forrest Fenn not only has giving many people the Poem to add additional wealth to their bank accounts or portfolios or to potentially help them get out of their debt or what have you but Forrest Fenn has also provided many people with a Book “memoir” to help solve the Poem. And to top it all off Forrest Fenn has also giving out many other clues on video interviews.

    Forrest Fenn is a very generous man who simply does not stop giving clues and it’s ticking me off…j/k…it’s his game and it’s freaking fun and boy do I find myself laughing whenever he speaks!!!

  66. VG

    Money just brings out what is already there. If your greedy it makes you more greedy. If your generous it makes you more generous.

    Forrest is a very generous person and wealth starts within and radiates out…………..

    Yes he makes me laugh to and I’m sure made him laugh to……….Like selling his book on ebay for $460.00……..or another time…………………

    No need to prove anything to each other, or who has the most toys, Where past that stage……………………


  67. Slope if you find it, I hope you are a kind and deserving person. I believe humility is an excellent quality. If you have benefited from this blog, I hope you will not be cocky. I am not rooting for you because I want to find it.

    • Hey Boomersooner,

      I’m only cocky on the golf course.LOL… Otherwise I’m just excited to finally get out here and search.

  68. Anyone who is currently searching North of Santa Fe, or for the next couple of days…. Be careful, major storm rolling through. Low temps and lots of snow!

  69. HOB~ the Shidoni Foundry where he made his bells? ie: The Browns and this song, Three Bells 🙂 lol,

    did you know that if you ‘put in’ at Santa Fe then the road 285 although going north goes downhill between the hold back walls of the road which are decorated with southwestern animals, ravens, horny toads, quail, and snakes(no place for the meek), roadrunners, etc and yes even frogs!

    And the Frogs seem like they are the only ones facing back towards Santa Fe, right before Tesuque, except for 3 ravens and 4 quail, there are six frogs. He did say north of Santa Fe, don’t really know if Rocky means just that, rocks or THE rocky mtns. and Santa Fe is already above 5000ft. in elevation anyway so that is nothing, really.

    This is also the same route that hundreds walk every year for Good Friday, miles and miles in a pilgrimage towards
    Chimayo, too far to walk? just thinkin, it may be just stinkin? lol

      • Horatio, you know, I don’t know, I’d thought that Stephanie had been up there when she visited but since I’m new to Santa Fe by 2 years,I have not ever been up there..yet 🙂

        • Hyde State Park up on the SF mountain? I was there. We tried going up to the lake, but the gates were closed when we went up there. It’s a beautiful drive. I saw the lakes from the airplane, but not in person.

  70. I hope that the finder of the treasure is a kind and deserving person. There are definitely some ego maniacs on this blog. I am probably one of them. I do think people need to refrain from giving the impression that they have a superiority complex, whether that be intellectual or financial. I agree with other bloggers that some people feel they are close to solving the poem; others are certain, whether they are actively blogging or not. The poem will be solved when someone has the chest in their possession. I wish everyone safety as they are out in the wilderness looking for the trove.

    • boomersooner – you are confusing ego maniacs with confidence maniacs. Big difference 🙂

  71. May I give what I believe is a tell, “dangerous info” so to speak. I looked at the Red River tie into the Rio Grande. So that was wrong but I felt it part of the hole .
    I can make 1 more trip here shortly, I feel I found something that brings a “great place”. The fearless Dal has even recently visited the area, however I don’t think he knows what I do about the place. If you look at FF’s blog on his website you may see what I see. I know some of you have his book and I think it is in the book as well. If a picture is what you are looking at then you may just see what I do.
    Thats just about as close as I can get and keep it fair for all. But, if your wise and can see it for what it is then you should agree it fit’s and with more certainty than most and it would be just like FF to post it for all to see.

      • Illinois-
        My map tells me that the elevation of the Rio Grande west of Questa, NM is 7,410ft. According to Wikipedia it’s highest elevation at it’s headwaters in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado is 12,000ft.

        Perhaps the map you got that elevation from was reading meters and not feet.
        According to my computer 3,900mtrs is about 12,950ft.

        • I’m back!!! Had me some brisket and ribs at Famous Dave’s BBQ

          So anyone here like these cute critters?

          Anyone out there still tackling the “where warm waters halt” verse?
          In my opinion that verse is talking about a couple of locations/areas.

          Absolutely dangerous intel right there along with the image!!!

          Again…everything that I post within this blog is my opinion. If you so choose to use my opinions in any way, shape or form understand that it’s at your own risk.

          • VG-
            I am and I am guessing everyone here (except Stephanie who is just waiting for snowmelt) is still open to ideas.
            Wacha got?

        • Hey dal what’s up my friend, whom I have never met, who is awesome and I appreciate very much for maintaining this blog and putting up with our shenanigans whom I would like to meet one day and have a cup of Joe with.

          dal are you referring to the my little critter image, within that beautiful surrounding or the “where warm waters halt” verse or both?

          Me personally I believe you have “where warm waters halt” solved as you are a veteran to this Chase…but how may I assist you?

          It would be my pleasure to provide you an opinion or 2 of mine to add to your data…that is the least I can do for all that you have done for us Chasers.

        • Steph, i use adobe pdf toplogical maps where you can add or remove layers of info, elevation being one. another option for you is, look up your locale on google maps, (not using earth) zoom in and use the drop down list on the top right to select terrain. it will give you the elevations. do not zoom to close or the option is not available. look at the Rio Grande as it leaves the RGNF and you will see it says about 8400′

        • Steph-
          I use Garmin Base Camp. The program is free and although Garmin charges an arm and a leg for their state maps, there are FREE maps of all the RM states available on the internet for Garmin. I can also load these free maps up on my hand-held Garmin GPS…I can also place waypoints (markers) on my map at home and load them up on my GPS before I hit the road.

          • thanks guys. My husband just mentioned Google Earth….I just never had reason to check till that clue…and then it was said that pretty much everywhere is above it.

      • I will not identify exactly, but the clue I gave about them are in my post. Keeping my secrets a bit close to the vest but if I am right it is “info” for sure. You would still need to have figured out the clues and then have the ability to match them up. The POEM is the key the pictures are just confirmation of the area.

  72. lol….Dal….I’m just in it for the fun now. I had my shot at the treasure recently but went while still too much snow. Now I just want someone to find it so I can quit obsessing about whether or not I was on the right track. I love reading everybody else’s ideas about where it might be…..and I hope I don’t come off as KNOWING anything because I’m just like a thousand other ppl that think they KNOW where it is. I’m just enjoying this whole spirit of adventure everyone has now. Good luck to all you true seekers out there.

  73. Me thinks the end is nigh by virtue of a few comments certain others have made. You know who you are, but who will win out? That remains to be seen. I’m giving this a couple of weeks max before it’s solved.

    I haven’t joined in many conversations here, but I have loved this blog, (and with a special thank you to Dal), everyone’s persistence, even the silly pinks vs. the blues, and I shall hate to see it all come to an end. For even to the person who finds the treasure, it will be a let down on some level because it really is and has been the thrill of the chase that has driven us all. If anyone from this blog finds it, you can’t help but think of the others here and elsewhere for whom it will be a great let down, but maybe also a relief, in a way, to all us treasure addicts.

    If I should find the TC, I would want to perpetuate the thrill of the chase for others, in a pay it forward kind of way. It might take a little time, but to me, that would be an outcome with an outgrowing that Mr. Fenn would relish, and a real tribute to the man who has given so many so much value beyond any treasure chest full of riches. I, too, think we need to get children and families outside and into the real world as opposed to the virtual one.

    Some time back, 10 years or more, there was a person who planted treasures all over the US with clues to finding them. I believe it was in a book called “The Treasure’s Trove,” and no one in the US was further than a day’s drive to finding any one of the hidden treasures. My daughter told me about it. I like that idea a lot as it gives people all over the country a chance to find a treasure.

    We are all dreamers here, and on some level, the little child and the adult inside each of us, dreams magically of finding something exciting to add to our lives. The dream of finding hidden or buried treasure is not without its “when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are….” magic.

    • Ava you are correct about “The Treasure’s Trove”, i think all items were recovered. in the late ’70s a gentleman hid a solid gold model ship and wrote a book with clues to its location , I don’t think it has been recovered.

  74. Mike, I posted about HOB because I saw that Forrest made some comment about the finder would go with “confidence”. I believe that’s true. I think if you KNOW, then you can go right to it because all the other clues fall right into place and lead you right to it. I went to a specific location…..following the clues, one by one, and every other tidbit he throws out in the book, comes together in this one location……from this one location, you have to pass or can see all the other clues…..that’s all I’m saying. There was snow there and I didn’t have time to wait around. I do believe someone will find the treasure soon though.

    • @Stephanie Davis,

      I would like to know more about the quote and its exact origin on the internet. (Forrest made some comment about the finder would go with “confidence”.) It can really help to solve a piece of my puzzle.

      • @Geydelkon

        Question from Jenny at Mysterious Writings Blog:
        •5Q) From receiving feedback on hunter’s ideas and methods about how to discover the location of the chest, do you feel confident your method in hiding the chest will eventually be understood and the chest be found? Please know, I am not asking for any specifics. My question is more like, do you still feel your poem will lead someone to the treasure?

        Fenn’s Answer:

        The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:

        We shall not cease from our exploration
        And at the end of all our exploring
        Will be to arrive where we started
        And know the place for the first time

        • @yuG dlO_yffooG
          Its alot different than I expected. Now I am going backwards again… lol

        • Goofy – FF stated that he was very surprised after his book was published that everybody started Googling maps to locate the treasure. Doesn’t that mean he never planned for the treasure to be located that way? Just analyze the poem & think. Maybe that’s why the treasure has not been located. Isn’t it nearly impossible to determine any of these clues from a map?

        • @Becky
          That’s a good question considering what Fenn said……..I’m surprised that Fenn is surprised (if in fact he is) that folks would use maps to match the poem. Fenn would have to be familiar with topo maps, aerial maps and observations, etc. etc. being a pilot. His nephew (I think it’s his nephew) is on the cutting edge of technology building side scan sonar’s and deep sea diving suits; it’s hard for me to believe Fenn isn’t at least aware of the latest technology……. I’m wondering if Fenn is pulling a “ah shucks I’m just a dumb good ol boy”……with that statement.

      • Gey,
        Pretty sure he says it in the Lorene Mills interview…I think it’s the first one from 2011.

    • Regular bloggers will likely recall that I have been researching (among other places) the Jemez Mountains. Specifically, I have been able to answer and connect all the clues, save the blaze, while researching San Antonio Creek in San Diego Canyon. My HOB might seem suspect for some (I won’t reveal it hear), but I came across an interesting synchronicity doing further research on “Brown.” San Antonio” is Spanish for “Saint Anthony,” a Catholic Saint born in the same century (12th) that the bronze treasure chest was created. St. Anthony was an eloquent preacher, beloved by all. His friends called him the “jewel case” of the Bible! As a Franciscan monk he (like San Diego) always wore a brown frock (as all Franciscans do). The earliest Europeans to settle in the Jemez mountains were Franciscan monks. Saint Anthony is mostly known today as the “patron saint of all things lost.”. He was always helping people find things they had lost. Compare a description of Fenn: “seeker of ‘lost items’.” Serendipitous? Uncanny!

      However, as many will recall, FF was raised as a Baptist and may have little interest at all in organized religion. Yet, he may know about the history of the Jemez area. Food for thought.

      • I know… really does suck!!! 🙂 lol…..and I really feel like it was right there under my nose but I had my 14 y.o. son with me who needed to get back to school after a week. We spent 3 days there kind of waiting for the snow to melt a bit but it just didn’t melt quick enough, but I promise you it was worth the trip out there. We did so many other things besides the 3 days we spent there. We all had a blast. If the treasure isn’t found, I do have a couple of friends who are taking a vacay on the 18th heading out that way so maybe they will stop and get it for me…….

  75. Treasure trove across the US? Has it all been found?

    Back to Fenns Treasure hiding spot. He said never a doubt where… BUT what about the story of spreading Olgas ashes, was that not a change to the spot due to circumstances…so did ff encounter a change of circumstanes big enuff to change his… the ability to drive a long distance or something else…. is that a hint in the book or another red herring?

    • Musstag, yes, they were all found over a period of I believe about 3 years.

  76. Dal, if you are reading this, there seems to be some debate if the number “2’ is attached to the search parties within 500ft. is there any way to confirm the accuracy of FF saying this? The article claims he said it at a book signing.

    Article about the upcoming Today show says
    At a recent Santa Fe book signing, Fenn said two search parties had come within 500 feet of the chest. How does he know? “They all tell me exactly where they are,” trying to leverage more clues or location insight, he says.

    James Perotti says
    “Sorry, but that’s only hear say. If Mr. Fenn had made a public statement in his own words it would be different, an example being like publicly saying that the chest is still there. James”

    CO Searcher says
    “Except that’s a misquote. the “500 feet” and “two parties” are different people, as has been much discussed”

    My own take on this … It may be a mistake to accept this because media have stated a lot of misinformation relating to the Fenn treasure hunt already, for the time being I am accepting it because it makes a lot of sense (until I found out otherwise). think about it, FF has received how many emails, 20k? ..more? im not sure, and how many people have told him in person where they have been searching hoping to get a profitable response. So only 2 people out of all this has mentioned the right area. 500 ft is probably an arbitrary number chosen by FF, meaning they could have been a lot closer. Not that that they were close to actually finding the chest, miss by an inch, miss by a mile.

    I don’t see how this can have even a slight significance on anything, The people who mentioned the area will never know it was them (unless its found) and we will never have an idea where the area is from this. Think about this, how many people have just said areas they think it could be it to FF, just to see if they can get a certain response from him, but they have not actually searched the area. What if it is one of these people.

    You will need to get a lot closer than 500ft, and you will need to know where you are at is exactly where the poem has lead you. If you are 100ft away, you would never see it. if you are right next to it, im guessing you still wouldn’t see it. you would need to know, this is the spot, and then be searching with confidence, this is the spot. If not, you could be right there, and you would just walk past it.

    This is interesting stuff to know, that 2 people have had the right area, but no one should be dismayed, as if the chest is or was close to being discovered by these parties.

  77. I will say this, I know Dal (if my place is right) was with in 500 feet of it. Or maybe he has it already….DUM,DUM,DUM…

    Okay…enough wining about someone finding it.. 🙂

    I’ll bet someone that in two weeks the chest still will not be found.
    I’ll wager a brand new TOTC book (worth $35 retail against something of like value..(tell me what you’ll wager)
    The way we will know I lost is if Forrest states that it’s been found on or before Friday May 17, 2013.

    You have to take me up on this (once in a lifetime) bet by stating so on this page of this blog and telling me what you are putting up. If there is more than one offer I get to choose the offer I like best.

    This bet expires at 2pm Pacific time today if there are no offers before then..

    This is just for fun!!

    • Dal , i agree it will be there in two weeks, but to hedge the bet , I will put up a pimento cheese sammich, a flashlight, my bottle of pink toenail polish, and a list of 500 guaranteed clue resolutions.

    • I’d be more likely to bet you if you agreed to wear something pink, sparkly and a tad frilly for a day if you lost….. Or perhaps agreed to paint your toenails pink or purple and post a picture of them on here….. hehe!


    • Definitely not taking that bet because Dal wins, comments elsewhere on this blog notwithstanding.

    • Heh, heh, heh, Dal, I’ll put up a certain little, memorable frog. Make that a first edition TOTC signed by FF, and you’re on!

    • I’ll bet you a few things…. The food bill of a 13 year old male child The attitude of an 18 year old girl when she can’t text her boyfriend A treasure map to the last place a tired and weak 2 year into it searcher has gone to. Ok, you pick. I hope it’s a first edition.

      • Steph-
        Very compelling offer…just to hear you tell us where your last place was at is very tempting..

        • I tell you…if Forrest ever hides another treasure(I know he isn’t)….he really needs my help…I have had some incredibly illogical places. I think the last one is the best and most interesting…by the way…has anyone ever heard that religion isn’t about the structure?

          • Steph-
            If you ever hide a treasure and then write a poem in pink about it with 9 and a half clues to it, I know better than to even try. You have the most unique puzzle mind I have ever met.
            If there was a consolation prize on this hunt for “creativity”…
            You’ll also be on the top for Ms Congeniality…

          • Okay…your right…premature…but the consolation prize is a years supply of flashlight batteries and a free class in grizzly-bear-whispering at the School of the Rockies in West Yellowstone…

          • How many children actually read this blog? I had a cute comeback, but I suppose I better bite my tongue. Ok second comeback….hope you enjoy that class 😉

    • i can put up 2 mil worth of pokerstars playmoney chips. problem is I want to be on your side of the bet Dal, because that is the winning bet, so nevermind!

    • @Dal
      Well pilgrim…..That’s mighty bold talk for a one eyed fat man.

      Sorry Dal, couldn’t help myself…….I love that movie.

      I think you should throw in your signed ice axe…..against a thousand bucks. A few dummies that would take you up on that bet could get a complete go through and detail job for Esmeralda. 😆

      • Goof-
        I am finishing up my hunt post today…As you will see poor Esmerelda could really use a buff out…poor girl took a beating and I had to enlist the help of mesa discards to get her out of a jam…

        • @Dal
          I’m very much looking forward to read about your trip………Poor Esmerelda, take good care of her.

      • My offer died at 2pm but Memorial day seems to be the promised day for finding the chest.
        We wait with baited breath.

  79. I would love to see a discussion about red herrings in the book. Forrest says that the book is sprinkled with clues that will help you with the poem. However, there are blatant signs that point to specific locations scattered throughout the book. This is also evidenced by reading Flywater, and other “suggested” reading material throughout the book – one of which is not named but heavily suggested. Many point to one specific place nearby a capital B. and if the majority of people who have been searching for a while haven’t figured this place out, then I hope nobody quits their day jobs – I know I haven’t. I don’t want to discuss this place for fear of ruining someone’s day but I propose that this set of clues are so blatant that it must be misdirection. Anyone care to discuss these or other red herrings? I find it hard to believe he would simply hand the location out to someone who simply has to check a book out of the library and look at some pictures. If you want to discuss in private, feel free to email me directly at

  80. To me the biggest “red herring”, while a place everyone should visit is YNP, I also think Yosemite is a better park to be in awe of everything around you. Geyser’s are great but if you want to be made to feel like an ant, boy everything is bigger in Yosemite.
    I have done some searches and have to say I think it is in NM.

    • @sreve
      I tend to agree that Yellowstone is a red herring; then again it is very big. I find it odd there’s no one talking about the Wind Rivers.

      I too like Yosemite and go there several times a year (I don’t live far from there); it is a beautiful park……..But for the grandeur of things everyone should visit Canyonlands and Glacier National Parks.

      • Goof sreve-
        Although I tend to agree that the Park itself is an unlikely spot I believe the area around the park is very interesting, particularly when considering clues like WWWH and HOB and the immortal blaze. When we talk about places that are special to him it’s hard to ignore the place he spent all of his summers, made lifelong friends, earned his first income and where most of his collection of stories originate. Forrest has owned property outside the park. Thought about buying a cabin there as an adult. As a kid he built cabins, dug wells and learned about being a fishing guide there. To this day he knows every trout stream in that corner of the universe. It’s hard to ignore that place…

        • Dal,
          I would hazard to guess that he knows other places with mountains and rivers very well also. Ones that he has omitted from the book entirely. I find what is missing from the book much more interesting than what is there.

          • No argument from me…good point..lots of wonderful places in the mountains…but clues are in the poem and hints are in the book.
            Gotta start somewhere..
            I’ve tried places from the book and places not in the book…maybe 50/50 each
            I’ve let my imagination run free about WWWH and all it did was run away.
            So now I am looking for fresh ideas..starting with WWWH…

        • @Dal
          We agree that the park is an unlikely spot……that’s why I was surprised no one is talking about the Wind River Range…….I lived in Big Piney and went fishing at Half Moon and Baby Half Moon lakes often (I think it’s call Little Half Moon on the map, but the locals call it Baby Half Moon); there are several high mountain lakes up there that are absolutely beautiful; especially compared to Eagles Nest.

          Going up there that often and owning property in the area, I would consider it almost impossible he didn’t visit these areas.

          At one time I really wanted the treasure to be buried at the Mormon Barn area by the Tetons…..but couldn’t make it fit.

  81. Sreve, I’m of the opinion that if everyone is still looking in NM and Yellowstone for the next few weeks then you are probably right.

  82. Did Mr. Fenn say that he knows people have searched within 500 feet of the spot, or that people have been within 500 feet of the spot? Anyone have the exact quote?

    • Rock-
      That conversation, with answer, was discussed an hour ago on this very page. Please look at the earlier comments..

  83. Steph, If you are looking in Idaho, research “Trail of Tears” Lehmi Shoshone indians. Warm waters = tears, halt = there end stop- Fort Hall, Idaho. Just a thought.

  84. I believe the chest will be found by someone who is quiet and rarely or never posts on this blog. I also believe it will be found over Memorial Day weekend. An obvious guess since that is when the most people will be able to search.

      • Go Pinkies!!!…but I will want a photo of you all with me right dap in the middle…don’t worry my girlfriend is not the jealous type….don’t know about your husbands though. 🙂

        • Mine won’t get jealous! When its found we need a “Dal Blog Reunion” (known from here on out as the DBR) !! Ill bring the camera and some out if this world delish cupcakes with yummy treasures atop! Oh what fun that would be!!

          j ~ PFW

        • VG, I’m glad that you can forgive people. But, I did not type to you in a malicious way and if you read my blog @chosendiadem.wordpress, you will see that yes, I do know of what I speak. And being a business owner, I’d thought that you had it long enough to take it in stride, being used to boardrooms and that sort of thing all the time in the business worl there are way worse than me. Dal thank and I hope you all find the treasure in a place that I am not looking. 🙂 lol

  85. just listened to the collected works appearance from Apr 17. everything i said before about the 500ft and the searchers, forget it, i got it all wrong. disregard it, ignore it. unreal. unbelievable. what is going on here. i have to take all my work and throw it in the trash and start over now. there is this guy running through my head right now screaming about soylent green ‘its made out of people! its made out of people!’ i dont know what is going on with this guy. feeling downtrodden and disillusioned right now.

  86. Okay, time to add some fuel to this blaze…If you use crypto instead of ana you come up with one interesting word for each line of the poem…hear are a few bones for all of you folks that like dangerous insights…Hear are the first 10 crypto solutions…..
    1.Go fish
    5.Huge Elm
    6.Beef Lease
    7.Dragons nose
    8.Caached in Yelp
    10.Grand Sauna
    Still think its not a cipher???!!!

        • jen it would be awesome to have Stephanie as company but I would first have to meet her husband, get him to really know who I am, gain his trust, etc…

          First we would go to Las Vegas, NV to have some fun, you know do a little bit of gambling, have some delicious eats, enjoy some concerts and stuff…I always celebrate before success will be bestowed upon me not after. I’m full of faith, a true believer I am.

          Then after 3 days of Vegas craziness we would visit Yellowstone…walk around…see some sites and talk about Forrest Fenn and stuff. We’ll then head over to Taos and check out some stuff there.

          After that we would head to Santa Fe, NM to visit Forrest Fenn, hopefully he sees us and wants to meet me…this overly confident, energetic, self motivator, ambitious, etc… guy who goes by the username VGBOSS. Stephanie he already knows. Well we will have a cup of Joe or 2 and I would ask if Forrest if he may show me his arrowhead collection, and other stuff. I sure would love to hold some of those bells in my hand. That would be totally cool!

          After the visit we will head North of Santa, Fe, NM, 300 miles West of Toledo, and at 5,000 above sea level and go retrieve the Treasure Chest.

          Now this trip will cost me no doubt, but the Thrill of it all is well worth it.

          After all that fun we will call up Dal and ask if he would like to meet us…we will head over to Washington and he can take us to his favorite hangouts…my treat ofcourse.

          The Thrill of the Chase!

          If this post of mine rubs you the wrong way please try hard not to hate a man who is positive, confident, happy, etc…

          My Post, My Opinions – Read it or not, it’s your choice what you digest in your mind. I’m not forcing you, twisting your arm to read my posts.

          • Steph would be screaming to get to the treasure after day 2 in Las Vegas! My baby brother (not a baby anymore sadly, he’s a man) lives in Las Vegas. He’s a worship/youth pastor. Might be a fun trip! Hmmmm

            You forgot treating Steph to a pink pedicure in that super fun well thought out trip! 🙂

            j ~ PFW

          • ohhhh I think I said before on the blog…but if I ever found the chest…I’ve thought about getting a tattoo. I don’t have one. So I thought about a Brown Trout…and I’ve joked that I could tell people what a good catch I am…the lamer the joke…the better if you know me lol…anyway. It needs to be a PINK trout…..

          • LOL it’s not you that would be the problem. I just tend to have too much fun when I go out…and I’m good…don’t think I’m “like that”…I’m just the type to dance with strangers.

        • jen – forget about me hooking-up Stephanie with a pink pedicure out in Las Vegas, NV. Heck when we retrieve the Treasure Trove I would have a small, very tiny, portion of the gold melted and used to get Stephanie a real Gold pedicure…that would be quite a Thrill for her I’m sure and many searchers would be Chasing her toes down!

          • Wow VG….would that be permanent? I hope they could do some pink overtones with it. Right now my toe nails are purple. So I don’t want to go to Vegas…I want to go out West…how am I going to get there…I’m broke. I need ideas to fun my searches. What’s your sports biz by the way VG? Is it memorabilia? How much is a football signed by a 1985 Chicago Bears guy worth? I forgot who it was lol…not Payton. Oh and I have a question for anyone reading this blog…Last plane trip I took…there was a famous guy on there. I think he was a country music guy…had silver/gray spiky mullet maybe 60s guy. I think he was country….he was with a very good looking native american guy who might also have been famous. I know that’s not a lot to go on…but does that sound familiar to anyone?

  87. Out fossil hunting…………..Now hearing about 2 teams within 500 feet………….

    Know what Forrest told me about another team in the area and needed to set my gun sights higher on the time table.

    Where does encouragement begin and end with Forrest?

    Anyways have to make a hard decision drop everything possibly and head out West.

    Yeah Yates we all have are solutions where working on:)

  88. Think it comes down in how much confidence and integrity you have in the hand your holding and what your pushing into the pot………………

  89. My friends….I know Forrest Fenn does not make his appearance till tomorrow morning and we all are so excited to hear his next clue or might simply be another non-clue….but nevertheless I’m psyched, pumped, ecstatic, and eager to LISTEN AND LISTEN GOOD to what he will be telling us all.

    Hey, listen, I haven’t seen the Japanese video link anywhere on this blog. I’m assuming not everyone has seen it. Well if you have not seen it click the link below:

    Click and drag forward to the 36:19 mark…that’s where the Forrest Fenn, Thrill of the Chase, segment begins.

    You’re welcome 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t post it early, I knew about it when it was actually uploaded to youtube. I ass-umed the link was already somewhere within this blog…if it is… well I haven’t seen the link anywhere hence why I am posting it.

    • VG-
      I liked that.
      Had not seen it before.
      I’ll add it to the media page.
      It’s a good story…lucky them to find photogenic people just out looking…
      By the way. I was working on a different Japanese TV story and a different crew. I have no idea when it will be aired.

      • Glad I can be of some kind of assistance here.

        As I stated…I had watched it when it was first uploaded to youtube April 17th but I thought you or someone might had already uploaded it somewhere within this blog.

        When I started browsing through some threads today I noticed it was not posted anywhere….so there it is for all to view and contemplate the “rabbits and chipmunks” verse and to add it to all the other verses within the Poem and all the other words that have come out of Forrest Fenn’s mouth and Dal it’s great that you are adding it to your media page.. definitely warrants to be there with the others.

      • Just an FYI all, the You Tube link above is to a Korean TV story on Forrest, not Japanese. So Dal’s may still get to be the first Japanese story to be linked here when he posts it.

        • I can download it and translate it to Spanish and I will be the first to upload it in Spanish. I’m sure spanish speaking people on this Chase would love that.

          • Murph, thought they spoke Portuguese in Brazil or am I missing the point as I often do ?

          • Murph, new i was missing the point just had to know what it was.LOL

          • Murph, just read a bit of your blog and linkenIn profile, very impressive. I have worked with some people from RSA and ate many of their native dishes , a couple of them live in Chicago now , that’s close to Steph as well

          • Ragnar – thanks for the comments. Funny you should mention the food from RSA. We just last week made the same menu mentioned on the blog because we were craving bobotie. Just as good this time. Yes, I live and work in the western suburbs, a bit away from where I think Stephanie lives.

    • i liked the part where it shows FF with the german shepherd

      this may have got past some of you all, but there is a HUGE clue in the video. they are interviewing a searcher as she is standing next to flowing water and she says that the poem mentions waters high and that they are about 8000 feet above sea level. hello….waters high….makes perfect sense! problem is i dont know where they are at in that video. if only i can find somewhere that has flowing water above 8000 feet, could really narrow this thing down. if i do, you know what, Dal, i am gonna take you up on that bet.

      • It isn’t hard to find waters high ….In the Rockies … ALL the water is high

      • Ha…its after 2pm Chris.
        You’ll just have to settle for finding the chest and using what’s inside to buy your own darn book.

      • About 80% of the 30-mlie long San Antonio Creek in the Jemez Mountains has an elevation over 8000 feet. Not sure if that was the San Antonio Creek in the video.

    • Wow, Thanks VGBOSS. Thanks for giving us the time to advance to. I could not understand anything except when Forrest and others spoke. Does anyone know who the searchers were? Anyone on this Blog?


      • PJ – Not a problem…I know you are being sarcastic but it’s all good in humor.

        I really thought someone had posted that link somewhere within this blog back on April 17th. When I was not seeing that link earlier today I then posted within this thread.

        I mean honestly I really didn’t have to post the link…but you and everyone else on this Chase are my friends and yes even those that dislike me for whatever reason despite them not knowing me personally…simply going, making judgment on me, by my comments on the internet, hmmmm go figure. What a world we live in.

        Oh….You’re Welcome

  90. Just some thoughts since I haven’t posted in a while. As I mentioned a while back, I believe that WWWH involves more than one “water” and it’s not what you expect nor anything I’ve heard mentioned, including geysers, hot springs, pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, snow or clouds. I will explore this soon as the snow has now melted where I plan on looking.
    I can’t remember the source but I remember hearing that supposedly, someone found some Spanish gold while metal detecting a few years ago. It was in the form of a bar, buried, with Spanish markings on it on a popular historical trail. His options were pretty much to give it to a museum, if the state would have let him, or have every government agency that exists go through their processes for 20 years then give him a few dollars if anything, or nowadays, more than likely just tell him that he was lucky he wasn’t arrested. The other option was to quietly have it melted. Forrest’s coins have a far greater numismatic and historical value than gold bullion. Not relevant to the clues per se, but interesting nonetheless.

    The following is from a KOAT news article regarding a proposed bill related to buying/selling gold in NM:

    “Rehm is proposing a 15-day waiting period before selling or melting the jewelry for metal dealers and pawn shops. The bill also said photographs of the jewelry or precious metal items must be taken and given to local law enforcement agencies.”

    Read more:

    Just more of our government looking after our best interests. I’m sure they have no interest in who actually owns goal. /sarcasm intended

    Back to the warm waters. I believe they come from different directions, halt, then move again. If I say more, I will give it away and there has already been an uproar about overly detailed clues being presented. Anyway, hope this adds to the confusion. I will update once I’ve checked out the spot. Looking forward to tomorrow’s new clue!

  91. Okay, just got back from the store and saw 0 comments on my cryptogram post, so you all must finally be over that silly notion…or you are frantically researching dragon nose geyser in yellowstone park, or red, green black and brown mountains in paradise valley montana, or the Warm River in idaho…i’ve been there, and more…i couldn’t find it…does not mean its not there…just means I couldnt find it!

    • Mike D….Shhhhh…you just named my super duper hot spot! Don’t give it all away dude.

        • Heck Doubting Thomas let’s just carpool to our super duper hot spot and help decrease the pollution/emissions on this planet we call Earth!

          But I’m trusting you bro…don’t go getting greedy…as we claim the Chest you immediately whack me with a log over the head, while my back turned, and you leave me their unconscious with the rabbits and chipmunks.

          • VGBoss baby sir that’s not my style. I would whack you on the head with the chest not a log.

        • Whacking me with the Chest I would have no problem with for then maybe atleast a tiny fragment, piece, would happen to get stuck within my skull and when I gain consciousness atleast I will have a piece of the Chest and a great story to tell for years to come.

          So yes whack me with the Chest not the log, great thinking, that is if you elect to do that if not let’s go 50/50 on the find and you go your way and I go my way with great big smiles from ear to ear.

    • Mike D
      I think your crypto concept is above my pay grade. I read the site you posted. I read your comment. My head hurts and I feel dizzy. I hope crypto is not the answer because if it is I might just as well pack away my ice axe and start looking for the hidden case of Bud Light that Safeway hides every year. I’m pretty sure they didn’t use crypto.

      • Dal, I agree that the poem is not a cryptography or an anagram, it seems contradictory to one who paints portraits with words such as FF does to use a word to create a cipher rather than a word that conveys a purposeful meaning .

    • Mike D
      I am not trying to make fun of your idea. It’s perfectly plausible. I’m just saying I’m counting on Forrest not going that route. Others here may feel entirely different. Going to get some Tylenol now.

    • Mike I’ve long thought it might be a cipher of some kind but I don’t understand how you came up with those first 10 solutions. Enlighten me?

  92. Does everyone think the finder will have to go on The Today Show and explain how they figured it out? I wouldn’t be surprised. I am expecting that to be a requirement. If I don’t find it, I will definitely want to know how the finder figured it all out. I would want to know their process.

    • boomersooner,

      I don’t see how it could be required. It’s your treasure, you call the shots. I’m sadly surprised Mr. Fenn is willing to get up before the sun for a 3am taping.

      He must think it’s worth breaking a promise to himself.


    • @boom

      I think I would give the news guy that lost his job on his first day….the opertunity to report my find…if I found it..anyway….. Didn’t he start out saying…Gey….

  93. Interesting the tribes he mentioned. 3 of the 4 are Northern Tribes

    Nothing to the east like Hopewell/Adena. Or to the West like the Nez Perce

    Seems to have a preference for the Northern country………..

    Then we shall come full circle…………Lakota:)

    • boomersooner,

      In one of the videos he talks about stopping his car, ducking through a fence and going out into an open field. He takes his watch off and throws it out to the field, he tears into little pieces a calendar that was in his wallet and tosses the pieces to the wind. Then he makes a promise to himself that he will never go to bed before dark and never get up before the sun. I think it was right after he got out of the air force and he was always getting up before he wanted to for special operations and such.

      I don’t remember which video it was.


      • The movie “Easy Rider” from ’69 was shot in Taos,NM…at the start of the movie Peter Fonda throws his watch on the ground as the movie begins.

        • COHigh-
          They also shot in Ojo Caliente…before it became yupped up. Also in Las Vegas, NM and Santa Fe…
          Forrest was still in Texas when he tossed his watch and calendar..
          I don’t think they shot any of Easy Rider in Texas..

  94. I’m a quiet one, just reading. Jen is the brightest light on this blog, she is a sweetie, seeing the positive in everyone. There are some pinks I like, and some blues…but when you mix…. I like purple best. VGBoss, are you waiting for a time of month that only happens every few years? Just curious. I tried so hard not to ask, but like the cat………

    • Jennifer P – you or anyone else can ask me anything I’m not a party pooper and such…I’m game!

      ….But be warned my comments are simply my opinions…so be wise to use them in full, in some sort of way to assist you in this Chase, or just ignore my opinions entirely…simple as that.

      Also keep in mind that I do not post my full opinion on a topic/verse/question only small bits…but small bits is better than me not posting nothing at all and contributing to this blog and help in making this Chase much more fun…to add to the Thrill is what I believe is important.

      Yes time of the year is key, in locating this cache, in my opinion. With that said; keep in mind for how long this Chase has gone for…approx. 3 years thus far….and not yet found.

      Yes more people are on this Chase today than 1, 2, to 3 years ago and odds may seem probable/likely that it should be easier to locate with so many on the Chase today but again with all the clues within the Poem, and all the clues within the Book, and all the clues within the video interviews and all the clues that come out of Forrest Fenn’s mouth and all the comments that Chasers, like you, myself and others post…it’s only making it more difficult, it’s only burying the Trove deeper.

  95. Hi, I am new here. I was skiing in Taos over spring break and heard about it. I read that a journalist has earlier versions of the poem and a copy of his autobiography. Is any of this available?

    • Bird-
      The “journalist” is a fellow named Tony Dokoupil. He has neither. Rather, Forrest told him about the earlier version of the poem and Forrest allowed him to peruse the auto-biography. Neither of which is publicly available.

  96. Hi everyone,
    I am back from an intensive 4 day search. Very humbling experience with lots of ups and downs. It was really interesting seeing how the actual terrain compared to the Google Earth simulations.

    I feel fortunate to have 8, (yes EIGHT) possible solutions, so I kept very busy. I found a 3 blazes and now I have a true understanding of the poem. I can attest to the need to leave the living room, explore in order to pick up on the finer details of the poem. Thank goodness I went with a father/son bonding agenda with lots of hiking and fishing planned in between searches.

    Over all I returned very much happier than when I left – for I have learned so much and I have truly lived the ultimate Thrill of the Chase – Thank you Forrest

    The Wolf

    • Welcome back! I am glad you had a good time and you are happy!! Do you have pictures!?


      • Thanks Jen – Oh do I have pictures. Would love to share them with you folks. I could give a brief account of one or two of the searches but would require a separate posting area. Dal would have to set that up though.
        The Wolf

  97. Anybody – I still do not understand how everyone is so sure that the location of the treasure is out in the wild. If you are somewhere searching where warm waters halt, then down a canyon, not far, but too far to walk, what kind of a blaze are you attempting to find? You’re not just out for a walk in the woods to enjoy nature. The poem seems to have as many solutions as there are chasers so all you are doing is guessing, right? According to the poem, why couldn’t FF have hidden it in a town?

    • Becky,

      I can’t speak for others but I’m just not sure where in a city he would put the treasure to protect it from builders developing new sites, city employees fixing busted water pipes, park employees planting new gardens, and many other possible accidental discoveries. I think places like a bank safety deposit box requires his presence if not prearranged custodial services, which are probably more of a hassle than he wanted. If you think about who Mr. Fenn is, I don’t think a city location would fit his style.

      I really think, when he first hid it, (and this may have changed since) that he preferred that it not be found until after he passed away. I think he wanted to hide it and forget it. I’m sure he’s having fun with the publicity but I think he would prefer to not have to deal with all of it on a regular basis. So my thinking is that he hid it in a place that is protected from all development including logging and other accidental discoveries.

      My understanding is that the Bureau of Land Management allows people to pick items off the ground and keep them. No digging is allowed but I can pick up a rock, pocket it and not be worried about a ranger behind a bush waiting to fine me. I think BLM also allows metal detector use unless the area is registered as a historic site. Since I don’t want MD use in my area my search is focused on BLM land that is registered as a historic site. These are also areas that are frequented by tourists, so are maintained to a certain point, safe to visit with kids and because of historic significance will be here forever, thus providing Mr. Fenn’s desire to have the hunt last a long time if possible. Some of these are not out in the wild, although away from cities, but are in areas that provide camp grounds, fishing areas, wonderful natural scenery, the outdoor smells Mr. Fenn mentions, critters crawling around, and sights just not seen in cities. The best of all worlds. Many are also in hunting areas so an orange vest is part of my search kit.

      sorry for the length, hope the read was worth it.


      • JD, we in the west wish that the BLM was safe from development. We call it the Beef Lumber and Mining company. It is the farthest from safe from development.

        • Stu,

          Thanks. There’s likely truth in that.

          My ignorance and naivete have been exposed. Now, being wiser, I should be better able to find the blaze.

          much obliged.


    • 1. He wanted everyone to get outdoors and explore nature.
      2. Not associated with any structure.

      Not to say it isn’t a ghost town gone back to it’s original state or a large city park, but the chances of it remaining undisturbed for as long as he is hoping are not likely in/near a populated area.

    • I’ve thought he could have hid it in a town. I think the wilderness isn’t so confident. I’ve thought that the blaze would be either the double omegas or the FF etched on something.

    • No one is SURE it is in the wild, we just are thinking based on what f has said. He does not really seem to like town much…. but it very well could be in the smack middle of a huge city……. who knows!


    • my take on it is,because in town someone might stumble upon the treasure ,in the wild nada ,you have to know where it is !1

    • Mike, were you being serious about your cipher solutions? I like them but how did you come up with them?

      • I plugged one line @ a time into the cryptogram solver, and then surfed through letter substitiutions A-Z. Each line used a different letter substitution….Halt = olga and so on..I posted the web site I used…You have to figure out how to use it….

  98. “As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold”. The use of “bold” may say that he took the chest into a place that was pretty risky- either private land or maybe a national park. Maybe he walked right thru the park headquarters a few times with the load. A bold thing to do. Not sure if this idea was mentioned before, and if so I do apologize. CHC

    • VGBOSS,

      RE: your multiple-location post(s), From what I understand of the puzzle, Mr. Fenn is ostensibly talking about one place, while talking through a second, to define the location of the treasure. But, there is only one treasure in one place.



    • havent seen or heard a thing this morning. my wife thinks she heard matt lauer say tomorrow???

    • Yeah I think they said coming Friday. May be due to weather? Dunno. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

  99. The uplink truck had issues this morning. They postponed the event until tomorrow…by which time they will have had a chance to get it fixed/replaced.

      • Can people see your emails on here or only Dal? What if you want to privately ask a person a question about something, without posting it? This post I writing now, most probably gonna post, where I maybe didn’t want it too…blog can act weird at times:)

        • Hi Jennifer,

          I have found that subscribing to receive e-mails from the blog works for me to get all posts from bloggers in chronological order of when they are posted. When I want to reply to a specific post, I open that specific e-mail and click on the blue “Reply” button in the body of the message (not the reply button of your e-mail program). This opens your browser to the bottom of the blog page and “comments” box where it says “Leave a Reply to (whoever)”. I enter my comments, check the two “Notify” boxes and hit the “Post Comment” button. I’ve never had a post go to the wrong thread or appear anywhere other than where it was intended, right below the last comment on that particular thread to which I was replying.

          I know others have had problems as well, but the blog seems to work right to me. New posts (threads) that people post by clicking the “Leave a Comment” button at the top of the blog page, end up at the bottom. Even though you may intend your comment to be a reply to another person’s comment, by clicking this “Leave a Reply” button at the top of the blog page, it is treated as a new post and not a reply therefore going to the bottom of the page.

          Hope this helps a little. 🙂

          PS-Sorry for off topic and hope this wasn’t previously covered.

        • Jen P. create a dummy account with yahoo, then post it to communicate with someone. When you get connected with them, you can give your real email account (if you desire) and no one will be able to bother you, other than someone you want to talk to. I do it. I use the dummy account for all junk emails….delete them once a year…LOL

          • Thanks germanguy:) Nice idea:) I think I figured how to ask this person…time will tell:) Thanks again, Blessings

  100. I agree the Halt pertains to Olga…..but only the colors of tea, and I don’t think it has anything to do with Indians. This is why I said I believe all 3 excerpts from TTTC listed on his blog are all pointing to the same place. Fenn loves antiques….old things……relics and I think this is what the Olga story is pertaining to. Also, at the site I went searching at, there was a barbed-wire fence but I’ll assume it was legal to go through it since the gate was open and there was one other thing at this location that was specifically mentioned in his book, but only one time…..but if I said what it was…..that would probably give away the location and I know alot of ppl, like myself, want to figure it out on their own.

    • stephanie davis,

      I want to congratulate you on having enough confidence in your solution to get out and test it. I have not been able to do that yet. Too bad about the snow but glad you and your son made the best of it anyway.

      I’d like to reiterate what others before me have said… we need to remember that Mr. Fenn has said that all we need to find the chest is the poem. Even though all that you say in your conclusions may be correct, people that have not read the book or visited the TTOTC website and know nothing of Olga or tea, or any other hints that Mr. Fenn has supposedly tossed out, still need to be able to draw the same conclusion as to the location, from only the poem.

      Your conclusion may make a lot of sense on paper, but does it through the poem? If it doesn’t… that may be why the treasure is still out there.

      My point is that there MUST be something in the poem that tells us what “warm water” is THE warm water and where or how it halts. Not the book, not the website, not the interviews, just the poem. If this conclusion cannot be determined by the poem alone, I think we are wasting our time pursuing it.

      I think I have found a “where warm waters halt” solely through the poem, so I believe it is possible to do it, by the poem alone. Others have indicated this also. And yes, there seems to be a logical order of solutions to the rest of the clues once the warm water is determined. Is it the right one? I don’t know and won’t until I can test it. I’m halted by snow also and the recent addition of more snow has delayed me further.

      But I caution people that might be drawing conclusions from sources other than the poem, they need to find the same conclusion in the poem by itself, also. Otherwise, empty hands may be likely.

      thanks for sharing your experience and for being brave enough to test your conclusion. Doing so encourages the rest of us.


      • I believe that the hints in the book are not necessarily of people or places but of how ff uses words and language. Just my opinion. If you can find some terms and “Fenn Speak” in the book, then figure out how he is using them, you may be able to apply that thinking to the poem.

      • Keep in mind, SD, that warm waters may start out as cold in the spring, but if shallow enough they will warm up in the summer depending on location, and could even dry up. It’s also possible we might be looking for small catchment basins in limestone where waters that have ceased flowing, between rainfalls or due to them being old snow melt, but pool up in small limestone lined, natural pools before evaporating. These are common here in Texas.

        • Humans are 60-70 percent warm water. What if Forrest is talking about himself?

          • So it’s his warm tears on Taos Mountain for Olga when he spread her ashes? Didn’t he mention crying at a funeral in Vietnam? I think there are lakes on that mountain too, but I never researched it…

      • also JD, the secret where refers to machines….big machines….like old trains made of iron…..the old iron horse….a shoeless horse of course. Fenn refers to his “special” secret. Could he mean the Yellowstone Special??? West Yellowstone was the final stop on this route. From the location I searched the old RR tracks cross it’s path almost at the end of the line…..the end is drawing nigh, both for the searcher and for the train. To me, WWWH is just fairly obvious, even without the book, but Fenn does say the book helps and it would be wise to read it….a couple of times.

        • stephanie davis,

          keep your notes and solutions handy. If this hunt goes as long as some think, you may have another shot at it.
          I think I remember at least one other searcher talking about the train at West Yellowstone. Not sure where they actually searched though.

          Just like Derrick, you can now add “Treasure Hunter” to your profile. It’s official!

          well done.


      • Thanks JD….yes, I guess I really am a treasure hunter, I never thought about it like that. My goal was to take my son there, which I did, so when he is older he can tell his own kids that their “nana bunny” took him across the country looking for gold. And we saw alot of other cool things along the way…..came back with many treasured memories. So mission accomplished, I guess 🙂 Good luck to you.

  101. astree you know very well I still strongly believe the Poem is talking about 2 locations…right?

    Yes I believe the Poem is talking about 2 “home of Browns”
    Yes I believe the Poem is talking about 3 “where warm waters halt’
    Yes I believe the Poem is talking about a couple of “blazes”

    …list goes on and on astree my friend.

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    “T R E A S U R E S” ^This stanza is talking about 2 locations

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    ^This stanza is talking about 3 locations maybe even 4 or more.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    ^This stanza is talking about 2 locations.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    “C H E S T” ^This stanza is talking about 2 locations but letting us know of many blazes at play.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answer I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    “T R O V E” ^ This stanza is talking about 2 locations.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    “T I T L E” ^ This stanza is talking about 2 locations and several moments thereafter.

    astree buddy…sorry but IN MY OPINION I still believe the Poem is talking about 2 locations with a couple of blazes at play.

    Thrill of the Chase

    *ATTENTION: anyone that reads my comments, within this awesome blog, understand that they are simply my opinions so don’t get upset over my opinions. If my comments rub you the wrong way then don’t read my comments and simply scroll pass them…simple as that.

    • VG Are you going to be checking both locations or just one?


    • I follow you to a point. I feel as though the poem starts at one place, then begins at another like two arrows pointing at each other. Problem is that way leads me to 2 locations in one area. Time to throw some ‘other’ clues at it and see if they stick. The other issue is I am surprised a 1000000 people haven’t been all over it but I haven’t seen it mentioned but once or twice in the last three months. Again just trying to find my car keys…..

    • VG,
      I agree that wherever the treasure is, I can get 2 to fit for each clue. Just waiting to see these clues in action as soon as snow clears.

      • I bet a bunch of us meet here and there as the snow melts! Everyone play nice out there!

        j ~ PFW

  102. Hello jen…1st “find” will lead you to the 2nd “find”…the T I T L E

    That is my OPINION.

    • I wonder if you will run into a pink lady when you go to check on it…..


    • VG, I’m right there with you in seeing great depth to the poem. It amounts to a massive amount of research, not knowing initially when info is discovered where it might take you next, but the info has to be retained until more extensive reading reveals where to go next. Point of note, one of my collections of information required me to jump from there to a location 2 or 3 states away. I followed it to what I considered was a dead end, rechecking other possible directions to see if I missed something. Still, there’s some solid feel to the info that impels me to retain it for future reference.

      In addition to that, I have found that FF, ever the trickster, has included a bit of quite humorous info in the line, “Begin it where warm waters halt.” Methinks Kym has also found that as she alluded to it in one of her posts.

      • I agree Ava… and again, to me, the verse “Begin it where warm waters halt” signifies/points to 3 to 4 or more locations with 1 of the locations humorous.

        My idea of the Poem talking of 2 locations is the reason why every single Chaser is scrambling this way, that way, over there, over here, etc… and why it has not been found but with many, including myself, strongly believing that they have it solved.

          • DT,

            I struck out, my HOB is either incorrect or my put in was off. I know I’m in the right place, there’s a number hint in the book that I was describing to you and I didn’t recognize the possible importance of those numbers. I belive they may be a hint to HOB now, I only have one day left so I will be working on it tonight.

          • Haven’t made a comment for a few days, so I’ll throw this out there. A while back I posted that I thought the answer would consist of 48 or fewer letters that spell an exact location……and it may still be that way, but I no longer think I have a solution via the means that I thought was correct that day. Here’s what I was thinking. TITLES are important (he uses many in the book and alludes to titles in the poem). So I assigned a “title” to each line of the poem — here’s the important part — IF THE TITLE could be found within the line itself. So for “If you are brave and in the wood” I got Robin Hood — fit with the meaning plus Robin Hood can be extracted from that line. Likewise for “Just heavy loads and water high” I got Niagara. You get the drift – all answers had to be a movie, book, radio program, TV program, magazine, poem, etc. I figured if I solved all 24 lines correctly, voila! a sentence would appear that gave me exact directions — or maybe it was the last letter of each title, or the first letter of each title — you get the idea. Anyway, I thought that was a BRILLIANT way to solve and fitting with what he might do and I LOVED the idea. Well I don’t love it any more so I’m giving it to the universe.

  103. jen most likely I won’t be running into a Pinkie…as I’m in no rush for “it” so a Pinkie will surely beat me to “it” and I’ll be ok with that but as I’ve stated before I will want, demand, a photo with me INBETWEEN the beautiful Pinkies and if you allow me to hold the Treasure Trove for that brief photo shoot…that I would appreciate very much. That would be a Thrill for me.

    • in-be•tween
      1. intermediate: existing or occurring between two states, categories, or points
      2. somebody or something intermediate: somebody or something that exists or happens in-between
      3. noun

      Also, in-be•tween•er. a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.: yeses, noes, and in-betweens; a tournament for professional, amateur, and in-between.
      Or a person who handles the intermediary steps, as in a manufacturing or sales process.

      in-be•tween inf. • adj. situated somewhere between two extremes or recognized categories; intermediate: I am not unconscious, but in some in-between state. • n. an intermediate thing: successes, failures and in-betweens.


    • So VG, in the picture when you hold the trove do you want to be between the pinkies or have a picture with one and then the other?

      • jen…The 1st group photo of me and the Pinkies with me between the Pinkies…then a 2nd group photo of me, the Pinkies and Forrest Fenn all together with tarry scant and marvel gaze type facial expressions 😮 with the photographer telling us to say cheese.

  104. The end is ever drawing nigh;

    Why did FF choose to insert the word ever? The end is drawing nigh; is all that is needed to state that the end in near or becoming nearer.

    Why the emphasis on ever? Any thoughts or ideas as to FF’s thought process here?

      • I’m more stuck on the word BEEN in the poem….and how he talks about ending where you start. Makes me think the reason no one has found it, is that it’s actually hidden where you begin…and that’s why your wise. He’s gone full circle. Maybe that’s the two locations that’s being talked about?

          • No, but my daughter was all about that a couple years ago. She’s a read-a-holic. Sort of question if BEEN also might mean Yellowstone since that’s where he’s BEEN. Sometimes the little details like Butterfly is a flutterby can be important.

        • I agree. It sure seems that way, and particularly as indicated by the Elliot lines he’s so fond of, but is it a trick? Some have said the more Fenn says, the more confusing it gets. I wouldn’t put it past him to hand out non hints. So that leaves us basically at “Two roads diverged…” I’m reminded of the book, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being.” It’s whole premiss is that as humans we can only go down the road we’re on in life. We can’t go back and take the other road, and then choose which road was best, and redo our route in life. We make a choice when we come to a crossroad in life, and we must live with the outcome of our choosing.

          • AVA, I don’t know you…..funny how life works……but you don’t know how bad I needed to hear that right now:) That was a blessing to me! Thank you for posting:)

          • Who knows if it’s a trick. He says it’s difficult. I’ve thought it could just be a romantic whimsy like I was talking to someone else about last week….and it’s actually him going home. What would represent that and how to make it work….

        • AVA good stuff…and YES Jennifer funny how life works…there are no coincidences. We, everything, is ONE. ( In my opinion:) )

        • Hey Steph, when you find one place that fits the poem from two different starting points, I’ll be on top waiten on yea.

    • Hello, Randy Gregg. I think FF used the word “ever” to show that as you continue on toward the treasure, you’re getting closer & closer. The end of your journey is within sight. Ever as opposed to never, nigh meaning near.

      The dilemma for me is “in there”. Has to be from one completely different area into another kind of place. Also I do not like the word “brave”. I don’t want to even think about why I would need to be brave – as in courageous.

      • Becky, I believe the answer is yes and no. I believe the poem works on several levels that is until you reach the final understanding of the poem. Then and only then can you actually begin with where warm waters halt, and follow the clues to the chest. And just as FF has said, then it will be like seeing it for the first time, an actual revelation.

        Here’s a clue of my own making given what we know of Fenn’s past and his propensity for flying. It won’t be all that far from an airport which could be anything from just a long flat field where he could land his plane, to a paved airstrip, maybe even a private one, to a city airfield with air traffic controllers. He hints of this in his book.

    • Randy-
      He needed the “ever” or some two syllable word to make the meter and rhythm of the line consistent with the other lines in the poem.
      Each line in the poem..except one, has eight syllables. Without “ever” he would only have six syllables in that line.

      That is part of the problem of putting directions down in a rhyming, metered poem rather than just freehand. Sometimes you have to add words…sometimes remove words…to make things work..
      It’s what makes a poem a challenge for both the author and the interpreter.

      As far as the word “ever”…
      I think you could substitute the word “always” and get the same meaning. In other words, by my interpretation, “as you travel on this path to the chest you are always getting closer.” or “Your getting closer”. or like we used to do as kids when our friends were looking for a hidden object and they were getting closer we’d say “you’re getting warmer” and when they drifted away from the object we’d say “you’re getting colder.”

      • I’ve seen this comment about the rhythm scheme of the poem before, and it drove me to double-check. What I have discovered is that, of the 24 lines in the poem, there are 18 with 8 syllables, 4 with 7 syllables, and 2 with 6 syllables. (Those are “And with my treasures bold” and “Tarry scant with marvel gaze.”)

        If you are into cryptology, you may find meaning in the sequence of the syllables:
        8678-8878-8788-8868-8878-8888. I don’t see it, but my mind isn’t particularly good at that kind of code.

        As for the meaning of the phrase, “The end is ever drawing nigh,” I have been thinking it could apply to the end of a terrain feature such as that creek you don’t paddle up as opposed to the end of the chase.

        The reason I feel that line must have a more subtle meaning is that I’m one of the group who thinks the nine clues are the nine consecutive lines beginning with “Begin it…” As folks have said, FF is a simple guy. If each of those lines is a clue, then “you’re getting closer” isn’t really a clue. It must mean more.

        For those who insist on finding meaning beyond “don’t stand there gawking” in the “Tarry scant” line, I think the odd language is distracting you.

        The “Look quickly down” line — is that a clue? If it is, my nine-clue structure is wrong. Does it mean “trace a pathway downward with your eyes” or does it mean the treasure is at your feet? If the latter, it’s not a clue, but if the former… hmmm…

        My two days of putting theory into practice taught me a lot. One thing I learned is that there are myriad places consistent with the poem. You just have to go see them in person to get a feel. What a great excuse to waste time outdoors!

        • I must have been tripping when I counted (heh). OK, so “The end” is 8 syllables and so is “But tarry”, and “the answers. Sorry about that. Really messes with the numerology: 8678-8878 to start, and the rest all 8s. So yes, three lines of fewer than 8, two at 7 and 1 at 6. Doh!

      • rbdancer,

        you have the first 2 stanzas correct on the syllables

        all stanzas after that are all 8 syllables, you should recheck, you will see

          • No, that’s funny! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been thinking about those syllables, and can’t believe how my eye skipped over some of them (like al-read-y I saw as two).

            Randy in NE NM

        • I spent a long time looking into the syllables trying to get coordinates out of them. my thinking was that encoding a poem w/words that equated to coordinates would be difficult, almost impossible, but changing or adding and subtracting a word here or there to get syllables in just the right order and quantity as to possibly indicate coordinates would be very feasible. and maybe it was just the whole number part of the coordinates put in there, to let someone know, this is the area you need to be looking in.

    • There are 3 lines that do not have 8 syllables

      and with my treasures bold – 6
      i can keep my secret where – 7
      not far, but too far to walk – 7

  105. I found The Home of Brown,IN MY INTERPRETATION: it is an actual place you can go inside and it is plausible! I am working on the canyon down now and am bursting to figure it out. I hope Mr. Fenn did use this home of Brown and continued down this path,DID I JUST SAY THAT? Anyway was bummed he was still not on Today Show Yesterday or Today!! Have DVR player will tape. Jen,Stephanie and of course, Dal, are you checking into the Possible TV show on chasing the treasure? Sent them an Email just for more information. How they can produce a show and not reveal to everyone all of our clues is impossible! Am very hyped up about home of Brown. I could go and sit in it and search and take more clue notes If it is a bust, I am as lost and more confused and need a whole bottle of tylenol and a pimento and cheese sandwich and to lay down for a while and ponder over all of Mr. Fenn’s stories and Poem one more ugh, a hundred more times!! We all need closure and until this treasure is found, we will all still lose sleep, need that headache and stomach ache medicine; along with lots of dictionaries and internet search engines just to continue the long winding crazy Chase. We are all like that movie It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World” I put to many Mad’s in there did I not oh well, It is a Mad, Mad, Mad, chase of the Poem of misunderstandings!! Literally!!! Just a bit of humor amid all of this madness and confusion of meanings and directions take a left at this rock and a right two mountains from the right over the stream bed and down the canyon to wherever land then enjoy the cold as you stand in the woods but look at the scenery scantily with a marvel Gaze until you are eaten by a bear or bitten by a huge snake out in the middle of nowhere. I am crazy but am I crazy enough to find this thing, along with all of you are we just crazy or just love a good mystery?

  106. I keep coming back to what he sez, ” don’t over think it”
    so, a hot sping, a canyon, scary in someway, not too far to go, skipany creek, find you a blaze.

  107. Also JD, you said warm water, its warm waterS , so without over thinking that, its mult hot springs or geysers. And hot springS can be found in 4 or 5 states in the rockys.

  108. And of course if those hot spring flow into a creek, they go from hot to warm to colder.. just like touching the bronze Indian, to the Human it feels cold in a warm room.

  109. Stephaine Davis , you say “all 3 excerpts from TTTC listed on his blog are all pointing to the same place” You mean the old biddies, Olga and the trip he got lost on, all speak of the same Place? I don’t get it.

    • Musstag….yes, they are all about the same place…..the colors in the Olga story refer to I guess what you would call “a relic”??? I don’t know any other way to say it….other than maybe an “old tradition” but it has nothing to do with Indians and it connects with the other two stories…..I know the biddies may be confusing but that’s the BEST key of all. And Fenn is right…..I think ppl are over thinking it… WWWH…..don’t think specific… a specific river, stream, lake….etc…..think in general. The place I went to had a barbed-wire fence I had to go through, it had EVERYTHING he talks about in ONE location……and I do mean EVERYTHING. I believe I was on the right spot….but I know so does everyone else. I will not be going back , it is a long ways from my home and unfortunately there was just too much snow for me to see what I needed to see.

  110. gooooofy!!! i think its time to be careful with the dangerously good insight.. i need at least one more chance in the wilds .. if youve followed the above, you know what i’m speaking of..

    • Hey All!! Just came home after working out of town all week.Decided to not even follow the” Chase” at all for three or four days.What a fantastic break! I see that rascally treasure is still being it’s elusive self.I saw further back in the blog Dal was predicting paydirt dates.Honestly,I see this hunt going on next year at this same time! Not trying to burst any bubbles or make enemies,but the truth has got to be sinking in by now.That little 10x10x5″ box is just a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things.The clues given are so obscure and vague that to align 1-9 in the correct sequence at the real beginning is going to represent a major miracle.There have been a lot of sure searchers(myself included) and no aha! yet.I will probably never stop brainstorming,but my searches will be way more relaxed henceforth.Stay safe out there(wherever that is) and just stop and smell the daisies while you are there.Happy hunting!

      • @Ken
        Of course we could be wrong………But I agree with you. This hunt is a marathon not a sprint. I get a kick out of the over emotional folks here. I wonder if Fenn can be held liable for their nervous breakdowns.

        I met a Deputy Sheriff in the process of my search (I posted the story on one of the earlier 9 clues pages). He and some of his law enforcement buddies just got back from an extensive search empty handed. He called a few weeks ago to ask about a few places he had in mind (unbeknownst to me they were actually about to leave on their trip) because I have extensive experience traveling the back country of the west. I felt bad after talking to him because I thought I had dashed his hopes of the areas we talked about.

        He called yesterday and told me about the trip and said I was right, they are a bunch of idiots……..I told him I didn’t call him an idiot…..He said, “that’s true but you did say something like I was a city boy flatlander without a clue about what it’s like out there.” We had a laugh and he said boy it was exactly like you said it would be and we almost got into some serious trouble. He said his group wanted to talk to me about their trip and thoughts……and they would be willing to pay me. I laughed and told him “if they would bring me a nice ribeye roll today I would get up early tomorrow and get the slow cooker going with the meat and beans, and see if I could talk my wife into fixing a big bowl of her famous potato salad and we could have a debriefing about the trip. That is of course if all you Davy Crockets think you can get to my house with the beer and rest of the fixins without getting lost or hurt.”

        So tomorrow will be great fun hearing their story………..

        • G ol guy,Keep me posted! Can’t wait to hear the story if you share it.It is no joke out there and to think of all the tenderfeet just running on out with fate in their hands!Ha!

        • Oh yeah. The ones who have break downs can blame only themselves.We all have the ability to make our own choices.

    • Man, casey, I can read double-speak, ya know? Just sayin.

      And with that, I will bid you all adeu for the time being. I have a small country place, and need to go fix a couple of water troughs and a water heater, and no, it is not double speak. Y’all just sit on those spots you’re wanting to check until I get back, and back in the game. lol

  111. Jennifer and VG, thanks. I wanted this to show up under your posts, but the reply box only goes back so far and would no longer let me respond under your posts.

  112. This board is wonky at times. Replies don’t necessarily go where I want them to with any repeatable success.

  113. stephanie davis (@honeywilson10) says,

    “I haven’t heard one person on here say with confidence what they think the home of the brown is…..even though Fenn tells you in one of his comments.”

    i think illinoisghost said something similar. what comment are you referring to?

    • Chris Yates I won’t say it, or post it, but I will sell it to you for only $55,000 and I will give you a discount of 55% OFF to the 2nd “home of Brown” as well.

      Again, in my opinion, I believe the Poem is talking of 2 “home of Brown”

      Don’t get mad…simply my opinion.

      Oh and I was only kidding about selling my dangerous intel. So don’t go asking me if I take credit card or debit card payments over the phone or via paypal.

      • VGBOSS

        every time you post my blood gets so boiling that i have to take my medication

      • VGB,

        Just curious, why do you incessantly repeat that there are two “homes of brown”. I heard you the first time, and now with repeating it so many times leads me to either believe you (finally) or wonder if you aren’t confusing things for others still working on the poem. Please explain your purpose??

        • germanguy my purpose is that I Believe…it’s a condition called Faith, can’t seem get rid of this Faith thing. Sorry buddy.

          Oh and just skip over my comments and your problem will be solved.

          • VGBoss,
            Let’s get one thing clear. I’m not your “buddy”. We have never made any such arrangement. Enough already. As I recall, friends are friends and buddies sleep together. No more insulting “dude” remarks either

        • Bloggers from here on out I will no longer post Fellow Chasers, or post the word buddy, My Friend, Bro, Dude, Pinkies, etc…you all are now just Bloggers to me….don’t take it personal just don’t want to offend anyone when I post the words Fellow Chasers, Buddy, My Friend, Bro, Dude, Pinkies or what have you.

          • Dude, seriously bro you still have to say Pinkies! C’mon buddy, you are a fellow chaser Buck up my friend don’t act that way bro, yo dude, Steph a little backup here my friend! We have a fellow chaser losing his mind, pinkies to the rescue. Hang in there buddy, we will set you straight my friend! j ~ PFW

          • umm…why would anyone let someone else(not sure who it was..but did see the post)…change who they are? They’re trying to knock you down because your very arrogant VG lol…which you know you are..but you get to be who you are. We all do. I’m just glad I get to be cute, fun and pink along with Jen and all the other girls on the blog. I’ve spent too much time caring what other people think….I choose to try and not do that and I hope you consider doing the same…. *Go Pinkies* *Romantic Whimsy Alert* This has nothing to do with anything…but I have the Amanda Knox story on from a couple days ago and she has a boyfriend who sent her a trace drawing of his hand so she could put hers inside it and he would be holding her hand while she was in prison. Is that not the sweetest thing ever???? I think I want to ask everyone I know to trace their hands for me now.

        • Beautiful lady bloggers I’m sorry but I will cease from using those words. Don’t want to offend anyone. Kind’a slows down the Thrill for me but if my words…Buddy, My Friend, Dude, Bro or what have are being taken wrong then I must cease in posting them.

          But beautiful lady bloggers… I still loves U 🙂

        • I don’t know Doubting Thomas, on which vowel to buy….OMG the pressure…I’m thinking the letter Y but I don’t think Y is a vowel; however I’ve heard some see the letter Y as a vowel…I don’t know… maybe Chris will accept the letter Y as a vowel…and if not well I guess I’ll buy an E.

          • B ar D n. I’d like to buy an E as well VGBoss baby! Turn some letters Vanna. Chris still waiting for the game changer. We are running out of blog time. Forrest might give me my E tomorrow. Then No Trove For You.!

        • Yeah I know stephanie, I hear Ya and feel Ya. But I’ll still try to bring some fun to the table, this Chase, despite not using those words.

      • stephanie davis if you can’t hold it in then release it. Let it fly like, an eagle with beautiful wings, on high.

        • Yes. Let the flutter fly out of its chrysalis. The cat out of the bag. The cows out of the barn. The olives out of the olive jar.

        • I love it Doubting Thomas!

          And yes she should Scream, Yell and Shout it out from the top of her lungs for all to hear and for all to stop what they’re doing and rush to her! Let it rip stephanie davis!!! Hold on…let me first put some earplugs on. Ok…Go for it!!!

      • well it sounds like you dont mind sharing, so if that is the case, let me think of a way you can message me

      • @stephanie davis,
        I think its ok to say what you are thinking. If FF actually said something pertaining to the HOB then everyone has access to it. Perhaps you are just reading into something? I know that’s what we are all doing in every sense.

      • ya, or you can just say what it is,i mean, its hard for me to say if i dont know what the comment is, but like stu said, you are talking about a Fenn comment that is already publicly available apparently

  114. Ava and once again I agree.

    This blog is, as you put it, “wonky” with many of us Chasers not posting all of our, that we believe to be, great insightful stuFF but ironically this blog already has over 900,000 blog stat hits on its way to 1 Million hits!

    A whole lot of nothing but yet we return for more. Therein lies the rub.

    The Thrill of the Chase!

    • VG, I’m back for awhile. Got my bags packed, but don’t like heavy traffic.

      My feeling is one of these days, when the dream of single-handedly or double-handedly finding the treasure wears off due to the endless possible solutions, we will form a group to jointly pool our thoughts, entering into such an agreement, content with a small portion of an equally divided treasure. Even so much as one coin from the chest would be a reminder that we beat Forrest Fenn at his own game.

      I believe it is group think that will solve this. And who knows, the group could go onto solving other treasures still out there too. The big issue of that idea though is trust, and unfortunately it’s a huge one. Then again, the thought of being the sole person or even one of two to find this treasure sure has its appeal. Darn, there are those “two roads” again.

      • Ava,

        I can’t believe that Forrest put this whole thing together as a “Game”. I believe he originally created an adventure for the kids…. As he has stated, “…to get the kids off the couch and away from their texting, etc.”. So why would we even consider he is playing games with us. After all, I am convinced that this adventure is from him, not us. The poem starts with “As I have…”, not “As you have…”.

  115. Woah, What a dream I had last night! I awoke this morning only to realize that the poem is a rewrite of the Wizard of Oz. Don’t laugh yet. LOL So anyway, I’m walking down the yellow brick road and suddenly I’m being attacked by these flying monkeys with pink toe nails and fingernails. Seriously. They are tring to make off with my dog (Daisy, not Toto), and I reach down to grab a brick to throw at them, only to realize thats its too heavy to pick up. The brick is made of solid gold. Like Fenn said, its the journey thats most valuable, and not the treasure at the end of the road. Well, I won’t go into how I suddenly had a wheelbarrel and filled it with bricks of gold, but think about it. When Dorothy reaches the end, she was sent back, only to know the place for the first time. I think I’ve been reading this blog too much. LOL

    • You take your meds today guy??? That was so humerous…. I almost had a heart attack reading it. Now we definitely wouldn’t want that, would WE.

  116. I think some of you obviously know what the HOB is….it;s not an animal and it’s not a structure….per se…..what is universally known as the home of brown??? If you know the answer to this… think about it in historical terms. And by the way, you definitely won’t need a paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and waters high……because it’s a great fishing spot……although it is a difficult spot to get to, it’s not impossible, just takes a four wheel drive, and I could see why he says it’s no place for the meek…..but I wouldn’t say it’s a dangerous place either…..some might find it peaceful… someone who likes the woods.

    • SD you are speaking Fennglish a dialect I still do not understand. Please clarify as I am currently trying to solve a poem that is a riddle.

    • stephanie davis you have all of us Chasers in suspense!!! Come on girl let it rip!!!

    • Stephanie D, I always find it humorous when someone speaks so confidently about WWH or HOB or the blaze. Do you have the treasure?

    • Stephanie, yep, yep, and nope or rather it might depend on what one is fishing for. Don’t get hung up on any one idea just because FF likes trout fishing. FF is baiting, and if you bite on that lure, spit it out before you get reeled in, at least that’s my opinion for now.

  117. I can’t begin to know what is and what isn’t a clue. I gather that there’s a creek involved at some point. Being a regular old old-fashioned kind of kid, I remember folding a piece of newspaper into a boat right after a heavy rain shower and I could release it in the gutter of the street where all the water gathered to form a rapids. My guess is the location is in a spot that doesn’t get much rain, but when it does rain, there’s an instant creek.

    Another thing I love doing when I’m in a canyon type place is yelling the word “echo!” and listening for my voice to come back. I have a feeling that’s what Fenn is talking about where it’s no place for the meek, meaning it’s a place for someone to speak up.

    I’m most familiar with Idaho and there’s some good trout fishing there near the middle fork of the Salmon river. There’s lots of hot springs around too. I plan on visiting a couple of my favorite spots at some point. Last time I was there I encountered a bear. I was feeling really ill and I couldn’t do anything but lie on the ground. I thought i was done for but It walked right on past me.

    • OMG stephanie davis!!! NO YOU DIDN’T!!! That’s it…now the Chase has really begun!!!

      • lol, VG.. It’s already been stated that “halt” is another name for train stop.

        • I was only kidding astree, just adding thrill to the chase that’s all….and halt is not another name for train stop ‘atleast’ not when it come to this Poem, this cache.

          So what’s up astree…where have you been? Out searching at my super duper hot spot have you?

    • “now think about it in historical terms.” Whose history, please cite.

  118. Look at the old train stops and think about what Fenn says about polarity/opposites either way you look at it…..a put-in or set-out below the home of brown……box canyon leads down from the home of brown…..take it in the canyon down, not too far but too far to walk, box canyon leads into Idaho…..didn’t he say his brother disappeared there after having to take his plane apart??? In the old days, the wagons had to be taken apart to get across the old railroad fords because they didn’t build them wide enough…..coincidental story???? I think not. He said his brother disappeared for about 30 minutes into Idaho……what do you find exactly 30 minutes outside of West Yellowstone? Check your satellite map… over that area……and watch for Robin’s…….they are easy to miss.

    • stephanie davis thanks for the short THRILL it was awesome but I’m not biting it!

      Oh and yes I told you too but so did Doubting Thomas and Stu.

      We wanted a THRILL for the day but we should blame the Today Show for not giving us our fix this morning.

      Darn Matt Lauer (Today Show guy) I’m sure he is also after Forrest Fenn’sTreasure Chest and this photo proves it!

        • stephanie davis I’m sorry its just ever since I came upon this Chase I feel more and more like a actual brown trout…and Forrest Fenn has me on his line, real good, nicely hook, and I can’t escape. Which is why I can’t bite anyone else’s line.

  119. Why am I not seeing comments in order….or until it’s too late…..Ken, I’m sorry, I just now saw your comment and Stu, no I do not have the treasure, but I was there…..I saw other things in this one location that all match up with the book. I just felt certain it was there…..I made a 24 hour drive… way….. to get there…..and yes, I was confident it was right there, but I went too early….too much snow still on the ground. I guess I won’t say anymore, someone can surely figure it out from there.

    • stephanie davis – 24 hours one way? Where do you live?

      Do you really think FF would walk down in a box canyon for 30 minutes – carrying the chest, turn around, walk back to the car, then back down the box canyon for another 30 minutes – carrying the treasure, then back to the car again? Sounds like a herculean effort to me.Remember, you will have to carry it out of there.

      How could FF possibly know the treasure is still there & intact?

      • Becky. I’ve been trying to contact you in email. Did you get them? I got your email through my blog to contact you.

      • Becky, I live in Arkansas…..and my guess is he’s got a deer cam out there or something like it up in a tree. We have them all around our house and property…..and they are linked to my email. Anytime anyone comes on my property I get a picture of them sent to my email. Mine aren’t deer cams….but they work the same way.

        • Wow—24 hours from Arkansas to the rocky mountains? you need a new car Steph

  120. Stephanie, VG knows, as do I, of what you speak, at least I think so, but, but, history in itself is a long train with many stops or halts if you wish, an I ain’t saying no mo.

  121. I get what you’re saying, Ava…..and don’t anybody rush to that location on my account…..I know everyone else has a spot they think is the right one also and maybe they’re right….but I’m with Fenn…..I love that Old Lady Ford.

  122. speaking for myself only, you havent ticked me off steph, not at all, just im a little bummed how this turned out. if i played a part in getting you to say something that you shouldnt have said i apologize. i wasnt asking for you to reveal research and work and opinions and conclusions you had based on what you looked into on FFsblog.

    you mentioned that FF made a comment saying where the HOB was. I wanted to know what the comment was. so i think the reply i would be expecting, based on what you said, and based on what my request was, would be this

    Forrest said this quote ” (FF comment quoted here) ” end of quote

    and the quote could possibly be, again based on your initial comment, “hello, im Forrest Fenn, and i want people to know that the Home of Brown referred to in my poem is such and such location”

    or something close or similar to that

    it seemed unlikely to me FF would say any such thing so that is why i was asking for what his comment was. because you said that Forrest made a comment telling us where the Home of Brown is.

    in the grand scheme of things steph, this is no big deal i think, just miscommunication and misunderstanding, and i wanted to explain where i was coming from and why i was asking. please don’t be mad at me. i wasnt trying to get you to divulge secrets youve worked on. you gave me what i was asking for, so i could never be ticked off at you for that, i guess i just didnt understand the meaning of your initial comment.

    • Chris, I’m definitely not mad at you. Not too much upsets me…..and I’ve learned not to take anything too personal. If I’ve helped someone then great. Like I said, I’m just one of many who thinks they KNOW the right spot. There is a LOT more that I haven’t said. Trust me when I say that anyone going out to that spot would still have work to do. I didn’t tell EVERYTHING 🙂

      • yep, i know what you mean steph. i have feel like i have solved some huge clues and found a cleverly encoded word that confirms i have the right starting place. as huge as i feel this intel is, i know even if i completely shared it on here, we’d all still be a long ways off from actually putting our hands on it.

  123. Wow Step, been there and was ready to go to a place near by tomorrow morning. Ok, I am on my way. Hope to see you all there.

  124. Hi All, new to the blog so thought I would say hello! I have been out 3 times to my “spot” but the blaze has eluded me so far! Good Luck to all. BTW does anyone think it is under water (worth the cold)?

  125. Hey VGB, You mentioned that you thought there were two HOBs. Is that like two separate locations or a double meaning for the same place? Just curious Thanks

    • .
      Chris Yates and VGBOSS,

      If you are game, could you send your e-mail address to astreeturover @ yahoo . com ?


      • astree my blog friend who I do not know personally nor have had the pleasure to have a cup of Joe with and reminisce about stuFF but will do so maybe in the future, North of Santa Fe, NM, up in the Rockies someplace, at 5,000ft or more above sea level, 300 miles West of Toledo and definitely not in some outhouse but for sure down a canyon, not far, but on my ToYota Tundra…why not.

        Am I game? Yes, just not Today, maybe Tomorrow.

      • i sent you my e addy but im not sharing my encoded word secret =) HUGE , game changer, thats right, i said it

        • Chris Yates I love game changer intel….what’cha got? If you don’t want to share can I buy atleast a vowel?

          • Yes. Let VGBoss baby buy a vowel. Buy a vowel. Let the cat out of the bag. The brown out of the homes. Set the brown trout free. Game changer lets go!

        • Doubting Thomas I love your fire…you and I would get along just fine up in them Rockies…I can see us now…doing some trout fishing… listening to some mountain music such as this..

          …and yes we pick up the Treasure Chest in the process leaving the canyon with big ol’smiles from ear to ear.

          • It’s going to be difficult fishing, watching the trove, keeping my eye on VGBoss baby and listening to mountain music. Can we just listen to the birds 500 ft apart? By the way where is that game changer clue. The home of Brownses is_________?

        • I don’t know…I’m here ready, with credit card at hand, to purchase atleast a vowel.

          Yo Chris Yates…where you at…Doubting Thomas and I need another Thrill on this Chase…what’cha got for us?

          It’s all in good fun Chris and anyone else who reads my comments…don’t hate my me or my comments on this Thrill of the Chase. If you do hate me and my comments then blame it on Forrest Fenn for going on the Today Show, for the first time, for that is when I was hooked on his sharp, but attractive, fly.

          Darn I seriously feel like a trout, a Brown one that is.

          • Common Vanna is ready to turn the letters and I’m ready to spin the wheel. H me f Br wn s ________!! Give us some letters like Pat. I want to open the envelope.

        • sorry guys, was away for a while when you started posting all these comments. hmm not sure what i could throw your way. lemme think about it. i like games

    • Hey Iseeit dude…Yeah I strongly believe there are 2 “home of Brown” at play here. No double meaning or what have you but 2 actual locations.
      ATTENTION: That is my opinion and if this opinion of mine rubs you or anyone the wrong way just ignore it and move along to the next comment. You are in control of what you digest in your mind.

        • Chris Yates sorry to be the cause of that…Would it be better if I rather say 3 ‘home of Brown” locations?

          ATTENTION: That is my opinion and if this opinion of mine rubs you or anyone the wrong way just ignore it and move along to the next comment. You are in control of what you digest in your mind.

  126. Dal-
    Kind of timid to contradict you but in the interest of accuracy… E Z Rider didn’t shoot at Ojo. Dennis chose Mamby (Stage Coach). Absolutely certain about this, straight from the horse’s mouth. R.I.P.
    They also shot in Ojo Caliente…before it became yupped up.”

  127. I hate to leave this with you good people for several days, but maybe that’s a good thing, and maybe I’ll even get some time in to hunt for arrowheads on my own little place, so chow for now.

  128. Well I’ll feel better if you tell me you’ve got HOB figured out. That way I can go tool around Santa Fe a spend more money. My mind is spent.


    Haven’t made a comment for a few days, so I’ll throw this out there. A while back I posted that I thought the answer would consist of 48 or fewer letters that spell an exact location……and it may still be that way, but I no longer think I have a solution via the means that I thought was correct that day. Here’s what I was thinking. TITLES are important (he uses many in the book and alludes to titles in the poem). So I assigned a “title” to each line of the poem — here’s the important part — IF THE TITLE could be found within the line itself. So for “If you are brave and in the wood” I got Robin Hood — fit with the meaning plus Robin Hood can be extracted from that line. Likewise for “Just heavy loads and water high” I got Niagara. You get the drift – all answers had to be a movie, book, radio program, TV program, magazine, poem, etc. I figured if I solved all 24 lines correctly, voila! a sentence would appear that gave me exact directions — or maybe it was the last letter of each title, or the first letter of each title — you get the idea. Anyway, I thought that was a BRILLIANT way to solve and fitting with what he might do and I LOVED the idea. Well I don’t love it any more so I’m giving it to the universe.

    • hmmm thats a pretty good idea. question is is it the idea FF used, thats where it gets dicey, but if oyu were onto something here, i think they would all be titles of books only

    • COhighCountry it would be wise to be against doing that, painting your home Brown that is, for then you would have me and possibly other Chasers searching throughout your front-yard and back-yard being that you are from Colorado I presume.

  130. OK here’s something to consider. I’d be interested to hear any comments. I don’t remember seeing this discussed previously. Has anybody considered the possibility that the clues in the poem as well as the book will lead you to something other than the chest? What if he designed the clues to lead to one his bronze jars which is hidden and inside the jar or inscribed on the jar, is the blaze that leads you to the chest? Look at the photos of his jars on pp. 138-139. In terms of color, they could be described as “olive jars”. After several years, their patina would be even more greenish. If it was on federal land, you would only have to be removing an old jar that you found or you could leave it where you found it and take the information in or on the jar with you. You would certainly have to be wise to find that blaze (you would have to correctly solve the poem). The blaze would remain in place for as many years as it took for someone to solve it. That just occurred to me that it might be an interesting twist that FF might add to the thrill of the chase.

    • Jack,

      That may be stretching it a bit, but then again you have to follow what your gut tells you.

    • @Jack,

      Mr F said those jars/bells are buried 3 feet deep. He also said “no” digging required for the chest.

      • Do you need any tools to dig in sand in the desert? I think you only need to swish the sand with your hand to move it… Do people in the desert build sand castles even if they aren’t at the beach? I’m just sort of curious about that….

        • Steph
          Are you trying to get out of that brwon box you are now living in and want a sand castle to live in?
          You will need heavy loads of sand and water high to upgrade, sorry to learn that you are not buildling it on the beach but I would think a desert beats a box on a busy Chicago street
          You will need a bucket and I think they took away your shovel so yes use your hands.

          • Do you want my shovel(one of them)? First one to the Walmart on Cerrillos in Santa Fe can have it if it’s still there(someone might have come across it already)….It’s behind a retaining wall on the north side of the building in the back. I have other things hidden out West….

      • Hi Rick!

        I believe you are mistaken on this. I believe FF has said repeatedly that he “never said he buried the chest” and “that doesn’t mean it isn’t buried”. I may have missed something, but Dal could clear that up.

        I know many of us doubt that it’s buried, but I don’t believe Forrest has actually said those words. I think the only thing close was his Today Show “hint” about not digging up any old outhouses.

  131. thomas on synonyms i found out that meek also means yield un less i miss understood what i read

  132. im working on a bluesy melody that i recite the words of the poem too

  133. Bloggers just 14 more comments to hit 1,000 posts within this Part 12 NINE CLUE thread!!! Come on we can do it!!!

  134. Sorry misread it….we still need about 54 comments to hit 1,000. My bad 🙁

      • Yes jen, we can do it! I believe it would be a record for this blog. 1,000 comments, within a single thread, would be the most ever! Let’s do this!!!

        Watch dal come and close it… 🙂

  135. Chasers – summer is just around the corner and I have a very, very, very strong feeling Forrest Fenn is going to unleash some dangerous-high-level intel clues tomorrow morning, not non-clues as before, but HUGE and many more in the coming days so stay tuned and listen and listen good. I strongly feel that, and again this is just my opinion.

    I also strongly feel he wants us all making a cannonball like dash to his X spot after-all he is considered by many a great promoter.

    Happy hunting Chasers and Be safe out there!

    ATTTENTION: My comments are simply my opinions. Read them at your own risk. Again don’t hate me or the comments I post. If they rub you the wrong way simply scroll past them and ignore.