THE NINE CLUES….Part Twentyfour…


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  1. NotSoWise,

    I believe a person has to “find” the blaze while in the canyon in order to find the chest. Others believe they know what the blaze is by the book…if this is the case…then the chest would have Been Found by Now…just my opinion though.

    • I think you have to know your blaze or blazeS large spurs or cliffs of Lava rocks and Water falls are two that you will find rather plentiful.

      • I’m getting a late start today, it near frezzing in West YS, 41 degrees now… the place I went to yesterday day had the 2 waterfalls at 10 and 2 oclock, and the rocks of fire cliffs. Going to another (different) water fall today or tmrw.

    • Rickinflorida I agree that we might have better looking around Florida for some of that Peruvian gold lost in the waters around here. And your not alone here, give it a few more hours and this site will be posting like crazy.

      • Hey Luckydog thanks, three days and counting, then three airports then it’s search time. Two suitcases with one filled with back packing gear for me and the wife, this is going to be a fun adventure to say the least. Good luck in figuring out your next location to search. Hey Luckydog and Rickinflorida I will always support you Florida guys best to ya. Bur

  2. I hear voices…

    If Forrest says Not to Over Think it…then why do so many folks tear the poem and book apart to find hidden codes…? Do any of you folks believe him…?

    • It does seem to me people are overthinking this when I read some of the solutions others have come up with. But what do I know, I haven’t even been out searching yet. 🙂

        • Leaving Sunday for the YNP area and will only have one day to search before continuing on to MN for vaca . Wish me luck! 🙂

        • CJinCA, luck. It only takes one day if your in the right spot. I will be arriving the same time but I have four days, but if I find it on the first day then I have the other three to figure out how I’m going to tell everyone.

    • Rickinflorida how do you not over think it? I thought hey I can figure this out and believe I did, but I tell you my mind is always changing. Even with all the other thoughts I’m still sticking to my main area first and if it’s not there then to the other ones I’ve been over thinking about. LOL

    • No you’re not alone in here… And, I believe him. I didn’t think after reading the book that I noticed any subtle hints in there, but knew I had to read it again to possibly get some of it to sink in. Then, I miraculously located a hint/clue while researching that lead me to my 2nd blaze. It was a really exciting moment! Now I have to get out there to check it out… I was in that area late April BTW, and I don’t want to go alone. A friend said she’d go with me but wants a cut if I find it. I’ve got no problem in giving here a cut, but when we discussed the amount, she said 50%! That floored me! Here I am the one that has done all the work!
      What do you guys think?

      • NotSo…

        take another friend that is only about a 25% friend…lol

      • 50% of the fame, 20% for her company on the trail. Unless she is truly is a good friend then 25%, but make her truly search for it too. Okay just my opinion Notsowise.

      • When it was brought to the attention to this treasure and the poem The person that game me the poem wanted 1/4 of the treasure just for bringing it to my attention I have done 2 searches just the travel expenses is about 2 thousand dollars. If that person thinks I’m going to give up 1/4 of it if I found it There crazy. just my opinion Go find someone that has reasonable expectations.

        • Reasonable expectations is all I’m asking. Plus they have to pay their own expenses getting there & back also… I’m not rich, yet! Ha!

      • I think you shouldnt disclose to anyone you dont know you can trust 100% where your site is. Greed does ugly things to people, even friends. Talk with your friend about why she thinks she deserves that much, make her realize what shes saying doesnt make sense in terms of earning the right to a share.

      • Hey NotSoWise,

        what happens if your friend finds the chest…how much of a cut do you get…? 🙂

        • I had issues with a friend about going. This is what we figured out. I’d give her 10k regardless of if she’s with me or not…just because I’d like to do that and she listened to me for the past two years which is worth 10k I think lol. If she goes with me and pays her own way, she gets 50k. Then we sign a contract before I tell her where I’m searching…and that says that if it’s found in a certain area…I get it 100% even if she picks it up and I give her the 50k. We’ve only done that once and it still makes me nervous and I actually paid her way that trip, but it was a good time. I much rather go with my husband who could careless about the value of it and just goes to go with me.

    • The poem is one thing, the book another. Did you forget that Forrest says on the dust jacket that there are clues in the book and that if you use your imagination you can unlock the clues and find the treasure? When Forrest makes blanket statements like people are over thinking its because he cant tell one person they are over thinking, that wouldnt be fair to anyone else. Forrest wrote the book, he published the book himself. Its there in his own words.

      • @azuredeb,

        yes I know the clues are in the book because the poem is in the book. I also know that F has said there are hints in the book to help with the clues. My point to over thinking is this…F is a smart man no doubt…therefore he has to make the playing field “equal” for everyone as possible. If F had made the poem sophisticated in such a way that codes have to be broke in order to find the chest then F has made the chase to complicated for A Lot of people. Therefore F IMO has red herrings in the book for All IQ Levels.
        IMO…the poem is more straightforward than most people think it is. 🙂

        • 100% agree. The poem is designed for ordinary folks. You don’t need flights of fancy or extensive reasoning, just plain-ol’ common sense and an eye for geographic detail. In my most humble opinion.

  3. Let me ask another question…why are you searching the area you are searching…??? Is it because F has business ties to the area…or because of the history to the area…or because he had close friends to the area…or because he has sentimental ties to the area.

    In other words…why would F hide the treasure in your spot…?

    • That’s a good question. Of the 4 choices you offer, I’d chose “sentimental ties”, but I can’t prove it since Forrest never writes about Colorado. He’s been to the state, but there’s no way to know if he’s been to the site, or anywhere near. I do think it is a site that Forrest would like very much, and if he hasn’t been there, he should go!

    • Sentimental hisotry and the area. I thought about it and if it were me in his shoes, YS is the only area I could leave the chest for the reasons he speaks of doing this AT ALL .

    • I believe that he hid it in a special place, but YNP seems too obvious to me. If he loved where he went as a child with his family and those hidden spots, wouldn’t he have taken his kids or grandkids there? If they are searching, then they would certainly have a big advantage to those areas. I think it may be a place that he found alone and thought something about it was so special he wanted to die there. (whether that be the beauty of the place, the isolation, the history, uniqueness,etc…?) Maybe he’s never told anyone about it or when he’s been there. I think that part of the treasure, other than the physical chest, is that ff is sharing his special place with whoever finds it.

      • Oakley,

        He did take his kids and grand kids to YNP. Somewhere on here or maybe on F’s blog is a post about Forrest making sure his grand kids swam in the same ojo caliente springs he did as a kid. So YNP is still special to him. Currently I’m still in NM, but I keep finding more pointers to YNP so I may be on that bandwagon by the end of the summer.

  4. I believe F could have spent time there before, and it also seems like an area that could have personal significance.

  5. If home of Brown is about a trout because the B is capped, then why does not Forrest cap brookie when he talks in the Flywater chapter of HIS book?

    • as you see, I don’t think Brown is about a trout, read it on p 125 just b4 midway down the pagw

      • I’ve seen the “b” in brown in lower case and upper case when referring to trout…I think if he said “house of Brown,” everyone would be looking for Mr(s) Brown’s house…if he said “home of brown,” everyone would be looking for trout, big-horned sheep, frogs, etc. and maybe even pueblos, etc….by saying “home of Brown,” it is sufficiently ambiguous and more encompassing, thereby making the chase more challenging…but what do I know…nada…

        • He said he makes up his own words and some aren’t in the dictionary. So I try and avoid considering the b is a capital B and keep an open mind.

  6. RiF, regarding your question: In other words…why would F hide the treasure in your spot…?
    That is what I ask myself after reading about other peoples searches… I say: “Now why would FF want to hid his treasure there?” In an old mining quarry, or a train, or down a well, or in a drainage culvert on the side of a road?…. I mean really!

    • not IN a mine, not IN a train, not IN a well , are you INsane ..:) jk.. that was my dr seuss impersonation.. it could be near one of those locations?? i would agree that a drain culvert is not special.

      • @ Casey, ha ha – I remember reading all these silly books to my kids – and I think you could start off the next “it’s not” clue down below where they are wondering about the next clue or is it a clue – I wonder if anyone has done anything illegal lately or gotten themselves in trouble – to garner another non clue – but then again, some people need these clues so they don’t go and get themselves hurt – so we have to jut bid our time…. and while we do that…. not in a (use any of the following words for the kiddies… anywhere, boat, box, fox, car, dark, fox, here, there, house, mouse, rain, train, tree, – the places mentioned in green eggs and ham…

  7. It would not necessarily have been found by now!! Also he was on up there in age when he buried it and went alone as to insure that no one knows but him exactly where it is. I am trying another approach and am setting out the week of June 17th and am letting my heart lead me to the site. I of course have about three to 4 other sites in the back of my mind if the first one does not prove to be what and where I think it is. I am excited because I have found three of the hardest stanzas in the poem and lined them up always still researching and I am going to get a map with a key to lead us!!My Mother and one of My sons and I through the maze of the puzzle. It sounds like it fits and would fit him because of his age. Wish us luck as well as I wish all of the Chasers and thrill of the Chest Hunters!! Carry on fellow trail blazers it is time for one of us to find this elusive trove and bring it home.

      • So ready to try out our main place to search. Are booking rooms right now for the week or more for the 17th of June. Just got a new Tablet so wi-fi here we come to use street maps and trail maps and location finders. Hey does anyone think Mr. Fenn used a geo cache in this quest? He does not like the video games and such so I hope it is not a computer game you chase around and find the clues and sign in in a journal and everyone signs in until one person finds it.It is more of a scavenger hunt if you do it that way. I guess it is sort of a scavenger hunt figuratively. On another note My mother is 77, and I am going to have more fun watching her and my 13 year old son on this trip it will be my treasure. They want to go treasure hunting and look under every rock so to speak and actually find it, so do I; but My Mom has always wanted to be a detective and loves a good mystery. She wants to meet Mr. Fenn and talk about about how they both grew up and his wife on how she has lived with him all of these years!! Mostly, I want to see the gleam in her eyes when we find it and my son’s eyes on all of the New Mexico sites to see and explore he wants to go to Roswell and I have a few attractions I want to view Myself. This will be a trip of a lifetime and we are out for the Major Thrill of the Chase to Bond and explore and come home with the Chest and So much More. Drive on Boys cause the Mississippi team is coming and in the time we are there are literally going to use all of our wits and puzzle solving skills to come home with the Prize and the victory of just finding the exact location…………. Alright Jen and Stephanie tell me what ya’ll think!!

        • Hi Judy and good luck on your search. If you make it two Roswell and have some time there are two museums. But if you only have time for one, skip the “UFO Museum” which is a cheap tourist trap and offers a non-scientific and completely biased view of the Roswell incident. The REAL museum of Roswell is this one: and it has much more interesting artifacts and displays, and (unfortunately) a lot less people.

      • He say something like ‘ I didnt say I buried it, but I didnt say its not buried;. I begin to think its buried shallow, that would account for one reason why he seems to be so sure its not found yet.

      • WRONG!!!!!!!!!! He said,” I never said I buried it. I said I hid it. That’s not to say it isn’t buried, I just did’nt want to give that as a clue.”
        consider yourself ridiculed and scolded….carry on.

        • While I agree that it’s important to get facts straight…I think you might want to switch to decaf Mike D lol *hug*

  8. I think in my opinion you are all wrong. The first clue is begin it where warm waters halt. That is the first clue and the answer to that is a place and that place is NM. Thats all that it means. It cancels out every other state. Your starting point is NM. When you can read between the lines you’ll know how I made that find. I also know what the home of brown is and its something you would have never expected. I’m planning my trip hopefully within next month.

    • Wow. TT you are so confident and a teaser. All right, my guess is that yiur home of Brown is the Taos McDonalds home of the McTrout Happy Meal and the McTrout Combo. Cooked so brown that it they
      Are the color of the Taos Pueblo itself. Just my opinion. Where in New Mexico are you searching in general-northwest, northeast give us a hint of locations old and new please.

    • How do you know some of us have never expected it? So you haven’t even been out to search yet? I think you are going to be surprised once you get out and start searching. Things aren’t quite the same as they are from behind your computer. Good luck to you though. What do you think the blaze is?

      • Thought it might help… working on another but different. You only get one chance in making your selection…go and take the poll at

      • inthechaseto, you mentioned the importance of Chicago, just curious where that was coming from… One of the places I am looking also had a Chicago link and I was trying to figure out what angle Chicago may play… Please let me know on here or at brian dot patrick dot porter at gmail dot com

    • Geydelkon,

      Nice site, but can you correct the spelling of Mr. Fenn’s name? Or was that done intentionally?


  9. Excerpt from the Book:
    “Life is a game of poker,
    Happiness is the pot.
    Fate deals you four cards and a joker,
    And you play whether you like it or not.”

    Anyone here believe Forrest Fenn is a Poker Player?

    Please everyone, and your kids, take a seat and lets play a Poker Game that I like to call The Thrill of the Chase. No cards, all you need is the Book which contains the Poem and subtle hints….now place your bet!

    Oh and yes I’m on the Colorado bandwagon with Doubting Thomas!

  10. Hello, my name is Sweetpea, and I’m a fennaholic.

    Boots on the ground. WATER HIGH!! WATER HIGH!!

    My wolf-dog fell in the creek, and I with marvel gaze watched how swiftly he was swept away!

    I tarried scant

    and off I want

    running down to the edge of the creek,

    I pulled that wolf-dog out,

    and he was looking rather meek.


  11. Fenn said to think big. In my research and searches I think that 3 of the clues go for miles and miles each. I think “to be wise” may not mean “to be smart.” And your “quest” might just be “the blaze.” And possibly one or more of the clues could be kinda R-rated. And why do we have to “…hear me…” and “…listen good”? Some of the words and lines surely mean something other than what we would normally think. For instance, “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” could mean you are looking at a scant amount of tar and marveling that it is where you see it.

    • I think he said think big in relation to HOB. Hear me all and listen good – still baffles me. There’s no tar where I’m going.

      • I’m also struggling with the “Hear me all and listen good”. I don’t want to force this to fit in the poem, but could be on to something… still researching that.

        • Hear me all and listen good is an idiom for silence is golden. In essence it COULD mean when you find the chest keep your mouth shut.

        • jen if you and I were to find the Treasure Chest and kept our mouth shut, for we went in peace with big smiles from ear to ear, then how would Forrest Fenn know we found it and how would the public, the thousands and thousands of Chasers, know so they may halt their search…you know to stop searching for something, the Chest, that is no longer out there.

    • Batman queried:

      “And possibly one or more of the clues could be kinda R-rated. And why do we have to “…hear me…” and “…listen good”?”

      First part recently discussed.

      Second part – Nota Bene anagrams to “None Beat”

  12. to CJinCA

    I was in the Rocky Mountains North of Santa Fe. You’re welcome!

    • LOL! I guess you don’t want to reveal your special spot – well, good luck to you in your hunt!

  13. He mentions Miss Ford so much in the book, I kinda think he might of been a little hot for teacher!
    A clue your getting warm? Nudge, nudge.

  14. Batman I’ve thought about that and if FF covered it with a scant amount of tar and put dirt on the outside it would stick to the tar also after time the wind and the dirt from the surrounding area would stick to it when it warmed up leaving a hard crust on the outside it may very well look like a rock in its own place just a thought.

  15. Can anyone tell me FF’s birthday? Saw it here a while back but can’t seem to find it now…thanks.

  16. Also if it looked like a rock and you thumped on it what would it sound like Hear me and listen good

  17. in the picture with the tree stumps and guy holding an axe, i look at the bird on the moon and it looks to me like there is a turtle head poking out the back of the nest.

    i think this may be a small clue that bird is a turtle dove

    • and the turtle dove leads you to peace? Naw – I think it’s a chicken

    • Yates you are catching things that I caught months ago…good job….there’s more in the book. Seek and ye shall find my friend.

    • Funny, good one Chris, that’s about like when I asked on the picture in the book of Fenn’s daughters, when they were young, if anyone seen the double omegas. I believe that’s the birds tail…

      • Wait a minute did anybody see the double omegas, don’t think I ever got a reply. LOL

        • Bur,
          I finally got home and looked at the picture of his daughters. I see the double omegas too!
          I had never noticed that before! Good eye.
          I’ll be thinking about you this weekend. I’ll be sitting by the pool or at a beach bar with a drink in my hand, wondering how you are doing. Have fun!

        • Chris if you search thrill of the chase PDF it gives you forrest blog and there are few pages from the book there.

      • i know the answer to that

        but i am not going to tell you

        and you cannot make me

    • chris i found a picture of a ladder on the treasure chest so im back with a heavy load on my backpack

  18. Bur and the other 1 or 2 of you coming here to YS. The weather did not predict the COLD weather were having here, but it should warm up with highs in the 60;s by Sat, and then next week looks good so far. When or if you are going into the park, if starting out from West YS you may find delays, for the past several days the Buffalo have slowed traffic to the point it took me over an hour to go 7 miles, There is a 45 mph speed limit and 35 in some areas. Quite a few tour buses and still plenty people, School is out. The Park fee is 25 bucks, a day or for the yr , I’m not sure, as I have the yearly senior pass, Fuel is $3.84.9, its 4 bucks in SD. its 30 miles to old Fathful. Mc D has wifi. you can turn right on red. Weekends are really busy. I’ll still be here next week.

    • Musstag good to know, I have been keeping up on the weather and thought I would buy a annual pass for 50 bucks instead of the daily fee. As far as the buffalo I had someone write me tell me to becareful about them and the delays, he hit one at night when a car had it’s brights on and when he passed the car it was right there. Believe that was Buffalo Killer who told me this. Thanks for the update.

      • The buffalo has long shaggy hair over it’s eyes which keep their eyes from reflecting very well at night. So unlike a deer, many times at night you will not be able to see the eyes pop out at you when they are standing on the road & your headlights shine on them.

        • Clinger hopefully I won’t be driving inside the park at night, I’m making day trips, in early and out before the sunset. I do want to see the sky at night without lights bluring the view. I hear it’s beautiful and the amount of stars and galaxies you can see is unreal. It’s a shame there won’t be a full moon to go along with them. Thanks for the insite though and I will watch out for them.

    • Thanks for the weather update – I’ll be sure and bring warm clothes and boots!

  19. I’ve listed some things that may or may not help some of you: (Dal feel free to edit, or just delete if I’m wrong on these.)

    What we are taking as fact:
    ♦Located above 5,000 ft.
    ♦At least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe
    ♦Not in grave yard
    ♦Not in out house…..not associated with a structure
    ♦Chest and contents weigh 42lbs. (Fenn said 44lbs. in one email, but has said 42 several other times)
    ♦Chest is 10x10x5 inches and made of Bronze

    Subjective information:
    ♦Don’t go where an eighty year old man couldn’t go
    ♦Not associated with a structure……what does “associated” mean?
    Def: Connect (something) with something else because they occur together or one produces another Does this rule out it being in town? Could it be in a front yard, park, Memorial, etc. etc.; as long as it is not in a structure?
    ♦Seasonal search: Since it’s above 5,000 ft. just about all of the search area will be impacted by some snow. As the elevation increases the “search season” decreases.
    ♦Located in Rocky Mountains: What does Fenn consider the “Rocky Mountains”

    Fenn has said:
    ♦There are nine clues in the poem.
    ♦Start at beginning
    ♦Clues in consecutive order
    ♦Don’t mess with the poem
    ♦Two different searchers have solved the first two clues.
    ♦People have been within 500’ of the treasure
    ♦He never said it was buried (he never said it wasn’t)
    ♦”The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental”.
    I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.
    ♦Q: Are there clues in the book? Yes, because the poem is in the book.
    ♦Q: Are there subtle hints in the book? Yes, if you can recognize them.

    • * 2 different searchers have solved the first two clues

      in one comment FF said about them ‘they didn’t know they were so close’

      in another FF says ‘they went right past the chest’

    • Hi Goofy, I don’t see the quote where he said, “if you know where to start” which suggests that the poem does not tell us.

      • @James
        Dal said, and I agree, that when he said that he was confirming what he said before; meaning to start at the beginning.

        But I do see your point…… I will put that question and answer (if you know where to start) right below the one where he says to start at the beginning.

        It will be there next time I post the list……Thanks

        • Goof,

          BTW, thanks for posting the list near the top of each new segment. I think this really cuts down on new people asking the same questions over and over. Plus, it’s a great reminder to always remember the basics.

      • “suggests that the poem does not tell us”

        the suggestion is the opposite

        if you don’t know where to start then finding it would be impossible

        FF said it is difficult but not impossible

        so FF says it is required you need to know where to start

        FF says the person who finds will have studied, analyzed, thought, and moved with confidence

        FF says it is possible to find it just using the poem

        so the suggestion would be that the poem tells you with certainty where to start

        ‘begin it where warm waters halt’ does not tell you with certainty where to start, it only gives you a characteristic that could fit a gazilion places

        when FF says you need to know where to start, it suggests it is possible to know it. and viewed in balance with everything FF has said, the suggestion is that you can know it from the poem.

    • G.O.G. and Dal,

      Thanks for the notes. Since I’ve done some research, I’m familiar with most of them. There are a few that I haven’t been able to find their context:

      “Fenn has said:
      ♦Start at beginning
      ♦Clues in consecutive order
      ♦Don’t mess with the poem”

      The poem says “begin it…”, but we also know the poem is analogy, puzzle, metaphor…

      I’ve run searches but they all links have led back to Dal Neitzel quotes instead of Forrest Fenn. I’d still love to see the context these Fenn quotes were framed in. Could you give us a link?

      • Verity-
        Done that over and over verity. Use the search mechanism on this blog. You should find what you are looking for.

        • I used the search feature on this blog using these words:

          Fenn quote

          These draw a blank. Any other suggestions? Because I’m now seriously doubting weather Fenn actually said these things:

          “♦Start at beginning
          ♦Clues in consecutive order
          ♦Don’t mess with the poem”

        • @Verity
          I’ve been careful of what I put on the list. He has said several time to start at the beginning. Here’s the page where Dal talks about that.

          The clues in consecutive order statement was in an interview with Loren Mills. It’s at 27:11

          The don’t mess with the poem came from Dal. It was Fenn’s response to Dal when Dal suggested he was changing the poem around. He gave an accounting of that in one of the nine clues pages.

  20. “halt” could be “haul it”

    notice there is no punctuation between the first two line of this stanza, so it reads easier if you say:

    Begin it where warm waters haul it and take it in the canyon down,

    The second 2 its could be gold, lumber etc..

    • Well here’s my little two cent take on that – In the forward to the poem written on his web site – he says “if followed precisly” reffering to the poem. Maybe your right. Happy Hunting

  21. …and it will be there waiting when you arrive?

    Goofy_Old_Guy that line right there tickles me pink. “Waiting for you”? Hmmm so you solve the Poem, all its clues, and you go with confidence to the Chest, no wait he calls the Chest, Trove, Treasure… “IT”…. on that line but my question is ok so you found “IT” so then are you then able to take it easily? You see I don’t think it’s just laying there like a penny out in the street or ground and easily pick it up and take it…there has to be a catch, you know the JOKER card!….READ that line again….”and it will be there waiting when you arrive” Why didn’t he say “and it will be there waiting when you arrive to take freely.”

    Goofy_Old_Guy I like your post but honestly there are just too many questions. I’m with you on what does associated mean? Seriously! Associated? Not the definition from the internet or Webster or what have you but Forrest Fenn’s definition as he twist words, comes up with his own words, his own meanings, you know 85% truth and 15% fiction?

    Ok so he says don’t mess with the Poem but then he comes out and give me clues on the Today Show as well as on audio and video interviews….for he says in the Poem to “so hear me and listen good”. Then the book…subtle hints…People are obviously going to mess with the Poem because of all the information that Forrest Fenn is laying out before everyone on this Chase.

    Not in a graveyard….ok fine but can “IT’ still be in a cemetery but not associated with a person’s gravesite?

    Goofy_Old_Guy once again good stuff and yes what does Forrest Fenn consider the Rocky Mountains or Mountains that are Rocky.

    Could the Rocky Mountains, Continental Divide, simply be the starting point…you know Begin it where warm waters halt….but then the Chest could be anywhere in the United States north of Santa, Fe, NM. For all we know it could be in LUBBOCK!

    Goofy_Old_Guy that list brings up many more questions rather than clearing things up. lol

    • @VG
      I agree………as intended by Fenn. But I think sometimes we may be trying to find a hidden meaning where there is none.

      I recently asked a group of foreign tourist (from different countries) what they thought the poem said. That was interesting…….they wanted me to talk, it seems they are fascinated by a Texas accent.

      They conveyed to me how difficult English was to understand because of all the different meanings we apply to words; and then add colloquial expressions and it is really confusing.

      For example: If Fenn said, “Take the 101 uptown, it’s really cool down there.”

      What does “the 101” mean……it means nothing in California, for some unknown reason folks in California put “the” in front of highways……

      • In the South, we put it in front of WalMart, as in “I’m going to the WalMart, do you need anything?”. LOL

      • Probably not. The graveyard clue is very vague. Also, here what he does not say is important. He does not say it is not associated with a graveyard at all, he just said it is not in a graveyard. And what is a graveyard exactly? A cemetary is but what about a place where multiple people died at some event (e.g. forest fire)? My read on that clue, although I have not fit it to my solution yet, is that death probably is involved somehow.

    • VG, how is Lubbock North of Santa Fe? LOL too funny lol But hey speaking of the South…. In Gila Natl Forest I saw a Continental Divide trail when I was looking up gold panning in New Mexico by Pinos Altos

  22. Seems you guys were right… The Dr Pepper can appears to have only been the allegorical end to the puzzle… “Write it and throw it away.” Man Fenn is brilliant and a pretty good writer too. I bet he knows some Russian….

    Хорошо смеется тот, кто смеется последним. 

    “Three people can keep a secret when two of them is dead.” – Benjamin Franklin. What happens if all three people “die” on the same day? That must be a really big secret!! Either that or you really hate all of your ex-wives. I must be mixing something with my Dr Pepper! Like always don’t read it if you don’t think it will help… Really some of it is written in Russian even…. Lol

    • Hey Frank! lookie here now, Dr. Qwantum is talkin Russian! Russian Frank! Whoo boy I’m tellin you what we ain’t got no chance of findin that box now! I’m givin up. Don’t try to talk me out of it! I Quit! And I’m givin everbody you think “brave and in the wood” is. Ready everyone? It’s … A ball player for Atlanta selecting a bat. sorry Frank, I’m done.

      • People will make up there own minds. I find it very interesting that John Nichols points out a series of authors and books as reference material. Fenn mentions them all in Important Literature. Nichols has a book called Dancing on the Stones and is effeminate in his mannerisms. Fenn sold a painting we’ve never seen described as dancing around a stone. Nichols first day in Toas started in a hot spring. Now all three wives are marked as deceased on the same day and that time frame is commensurate with his publication spoon mountain Only soon before Fenn made national news. But don’t read… I’m sure you will not see a correlation and I am sure you won’t believe it is important with whom Fenn was trading Russian paintings. How’s your search going?

        • Dr. Q, i guess you was talkin to me? Right now I’m searching for Frank, I got the cooler and lawn chairs in the truck and I need Frank to jiggle the battery cable so we can leave. Frank! Where are you!

        • The same John Nichols, who lives in Taos, and wrote the Miagro BeanField War that was directed by Robert Redford and was about a Spring in a Chimayo Plaza 24 miles North of Santa Fe. So you think it’s related? This could make sense. Few people know this, but JD Salinger was special intelligence in WW2 and was rumoured to have been CIA all his life. That is a true fact! Robert Redford also starred in “Six Days of the Condor” that was about how the CIA searched books for embedded intelligence, codes and weird literature. I see the connection now. All the books were obviously coded books as the plots are terrible and no one can write a character worse than Happy Caulfield.

      • LOL horatio come on please stay get the cooler and the lawn chairs out of the truck and lets talk about it breath horatio breath

        • Ok Frank I’ll stay, but I got to run into town to get some salve for this rash I got. I think you were right not to put bear spray on yourself to keep bears away. Then, I can put my clothes back on. You was right about “effort worth the cold” too. Now I know it doesn’t mean to go searchin naked. I’m gonna listen good to you from now on Frank.

        • MCP, I don’t know whether you are joking or being serious about all the spy stuff–but I TOTALLY buy it…and think that Fenn is WAY connected….

      • Horatio,
        Don’t pick on Sheldon… I mean Drq. He may be on to something. After all, some people like the universe stringy and some like it loopy. It’s the same with this poem. It could be a string or a loop and who’s to say which one it is until the loot is found. I think it’s quite brilliant.

  23. The poem is the bricks of the search and the book is the cement. When you have a viable location from the poem, you can get into the book and find the hints that start to make sense. I hit a few walls with my searches until I read the book the second time. Then I was able to get a few confirmations and focus on what I think is the correct solution. This brings me to a few sites for second and third searches. Now we’ll see how that goes…CHC

    • Good Luck to you… I like the way you think. I will be waiting anxiously to hear how it goes. When are you going?

  24. Here is a little thought to keep things simple. I love the word “blaze” that ff chose for the poem. It has so many meanings/interpretations and lets people know that the treasure if there if you have been wise enough to find “it”. Perhaps it was the best word he could come up with to still be vague, instead of using a word like “spot, trail, X, marker…(word of your choice)” to let you know you are in the right place. So, he needs a word to rhyme with blaze, which are somewhat limited, to use in the poem and gaze works. Marvel gaze makes sense in meaning if he wants you to truly look at what you have found. Maybe gaze at the area, the beauty of the spot, take in the moment. I think I said wayyyy back that perhaps he wrote “in the wood” instead of “woods” because it simply rhymed with good. I know that is really a basic way of looking at some of the lines, but perhaps rhyming was important to ff when he wrote the poem. The lines still make sense.
    I think if he said “if you are wise and find the giant F in the tree” that would be one less clue for us to figure out. I think this is why he worded everything so carefully, he didn’t want to make it too easy for us to solve! 🙂 This is just my opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone’s ideas!

  25. There are now a ton of people on this blog each with their own private spot. I have a really hard time believing that all the clues fit in all these spots. What we have to be careful of is finding clues that fit the poem rather than the poem to fit the clues. There have been countless times that I have been researching and searching areas and I see something and think, “I guess that potassium feldspar on the cliff that is reflecting light could be considered a blaze.” or “That looks like an F on that tree.” or “That burned down forrest in the distance might be the blaze.” This would definitely not allow me to go with confidence.

    • Very true DNA…A lot of the time we want to be on track so we will grab anything that tells us we are. When I was a kid I wanted to hear Santa on the roof and I heard him loud and clear. Very exciting stuff. lol. Now with this, We have our “wish” spots and also have our “wow” spots. The “wow” spots are pretty legit and we have some firm research and data to work with. The “wish” spots are like…”oooooh…looook. The warm water is halting in a puddle over here and we have this brown pile of dirt over there. Oh my, Did we just pass a place called Canyon Coffee???” haha. A little extreme but I’m sure there are a lot of folks that think that way. The smartest thing is to quietly do your searching with an even keel, knowing you could be wrong and optimistic that you are right. 🙂 CHC

      • Cohighcountry, you have company in the seen Santa category. My bro, sister and I ALL swear we saw some elves doing jumping jacks in a tree down from our house late Christmas eve many years ago. It was so real I think we would pass a lie detector test. There’s a pic in Fenns book that I was studying and after awhile I noticed it outlines looked almost exactly like the natural formations that can be seen in an aerial view of my choice spot. I showed it to my husband and he was less than enthusiastic. We will be there in a few weeks and then we will see who is enthusiastic!

  26. Forrest is so amazing! He must be the first guy in history to be shot down twice in the same plane!

    • Is that really true – may I ask how you know that? Could you post a link? Thanks Sweetpea.

      • I think she might be referring the the caption with the picture on page 76. FF says he climbed into his plane 274 times and it returned him safely 272.

  27. For Muset re: your post of 5/27:
    I followed your exact clueline to the same place last September, but ended up just above the Devil’s Slide, in the old cemetery. Very cool, abandoned, windswept place. Even had a wooden headstone with the name “Fenn” on it. Was positive the TC would be waiting for me. Alas……

    • oops, sorry…I meant a headstone with “Forrest” on it. A Margaret Forrest from the 1880’s.

    • melanie, cool! We weren’t able to get up there because of closed roads.

      I now think we both went too far if that’s the right trail. Closer to the river makes more sense to me in retrospect.

  28. if you think that brown trout would not be capitalized

    then you are forgetting that Mr. Brown Fishy Mctrout

    is a proper name and therefore would be capitalized

  29. agree with oakley girl, maybe blaze can be broken down, b-lazy-e, like a ranch brand. The b lazy e. (Already researched, isn’t one of concern) but, maybe it’s something like that. researching brands is interesting, and would make sense with next sentence, ” look quickly down your quest to cease= look quick, ly down, your quest to ‘see-e-as-e. A lazy “e” on a brand, you would need to lay down, sideways to see the “e” rightside up.
    been wise and found the blaze= be-in w, w- is- e and f. beef, lazy e. Blaze could be a brand or symbol of somekind with what looks like a- b,e,e,f -where e-f make a w, e is lazy with b. looking at it from your side it probibly points to a certain spot, maybe it’s shadow at a certain time. Just a thought…

    • That’s what I was trying to say…. he chose to use “blaze” and “gaze” rhymes. Sorry,I didn’t mean that the word was more complicated than that. Sometimes poems are more fun when they rhyme. 🙂

    • Hey, I thought you were leaving this blog. And if you don’t think what I have to say has merit….why do you direct message me on twitter? You don’t share ANY info on here and like you said in your own blog, you have no intentions of doing so…..yet you want others to share. Hmmmmmmmm……sounds fishy to me. But good luck to you.

      • I’m sorry, I did message you on twitter back when the blaze was a train car…. but I haven’t done it since.

      • @Steph D
        This is pegging the weird meter.

        I think you are being stalked……..He has created a blog about you.

        You are opinionated and express those opinions strongly…….But as long as you state they are your opinions I don’t see a problem; and my goodness girl, you do have an imagination. 😀

        • lol….goofy….I guess I do state my opinions strongly that’s for sure. I have TRIED to tone it down and will continue to TRY. I can’t help myself….I get so excited!!!! And maybe I do think differently about it than others on here, but that’s what is fun about it to me…..the diversity 🙂 I LOVE seeing everyone’s ideas and I love putting mine out there.

          • Don’t let them get you down Stephanie – just keep looking! When is your next trip or do you have friends searching for you again?

        • The blog is about the chase, the current post is simply about over-confidence. Unfortunalely Stephanie seems to be the best example at the moment. If SD is right about the well I will eat heaping mounds of crow, but if not, she needs to tone down her rhetoric.

        • @Steph D
          “I get so excited”…….That may be the biggest understatement on the blog. Everyone else gets excited, you go ballistic. 😆

          I would have loved to film you and your friends locking the door to search the train car. Of course (as a reality show producer) I would call the cops and had them waiting for you when you got off the train, the look on your face would have been priceless as they put the cuffs on. Talk about a crazy reality show.

          Next show we will have you with SCUBA gear (no wetsuit) searching a freezing mountain stream and suffering hypothermia……..when you wake up by being defibrillated you say, “It’s not there, but while I was down there I absolutely, without a doubt, figured out where it is!!!!!”

    • Probe…..The only thing different from your blog and Dals is THE in the title……And the contents therein of course. In my opinion noone is going to go to your blog to give you their solutions anymore than they are going to do on here

      • @Jerry. I am not looking for anyone to give me a solution. I am only concrned that I contain myself from revealing mine.

        • Hi Probeguy,
          Why don’t you at least let us know what state you are looking in. That is so wide open, it is not going to help anyone. I am looking in Colorado.

        • Perhaps we will run into each other then.

          I have a feeling the treasure will be found by Dal or another vet searcher very soon. I can handle that. The one thing that will just kill me is if someone finds it based on the solution I have worked out.

        • @Tarryscant
          Last time I was looking for a 50 foot square area. This time I am looking for a one foot square area. I will be there at 4PM on June 15th. So if we are thinking of the same spot, I will see you there.

        • My areas are small but not that small. 1×1 sounds like a bullseye. It would be interesting to run into other searchers. I will be the frantic one.

    • I haven’t been right about anything since I married my wife 40 years ago, and that was just great luck on my part. But thank you, I just think everyone is trying so hard that they are missing the forrest for the trees!

  30. Stephanie, sorry for the relapse, but I guess I am addicted to Dal’s blog. If I am direct messaging you on twitter it is by accident. I don’t even know how to do that. I will try to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like you. And one thing we have in common is that we both believe the treasure could be in Montana. There, I revealed something.

  31. In my solution, I start off like I have in other treasure hunts, Cold, then when I feel like I can feel it, warm….

  32. Thor drank from mirmirs well to become wise, but had to give up his eye, which is still in the well of knowlege,(maybe ojo cliente or something like that) now if he only had a good blaze, lighting is the only blaze I can connect him to, but there was a Horse by that name mentioned twice. any more thoughts

  33. Jake says,

    or, perhaps “halt” means halt and “blaze” means blaze.



    FF said not to over think it

    but i have to disagree

    the only way to find the chest is by over thinking

    let me explain what i think over thinking is, it needs to meet the following criteria

    1) the identification of something in the poem needs to be an extremely complex definition

    1a) if it is particularly bizarre and is something almost no one would think of then these are both pluses

    2) the extremely complex and bizarre definition needs to be something that is NOT supported by any possible clues in the poem or the book

    remember, identifying something by finding something in the poem that may identify it, perhaps by finding something hidden through thinking, studying and analyzing….

    …. remember that this is not important

    what is important is if your solution/identification is extremely complex so that no one probably thought of it except for you.

    if this is the case then your solution is probably correct.


    • 1) no, and 2) no. I think the solution is basic commonsense and the ability to simplify, with boots on the ground and a reasonable understanding of what makes Fenn tick. I’m not claiming I have these in the necessary order, but that’s what I think is required here. I do enjoy seeing how far people can travel with their clues, though. And, how they chose to connect the dots. But for me, I prefer keeping it simple.

  34. Hi Dal ,
    I sent two e-mails to your address , and one picture . Don’t know if you have seen them .

  35. This is a question for those either already in YNP or have been there recently. I see the west gate opens at 8:00am, is there a long line waiting to get in at that time, if so how early do you need to be to be up in front of the line? And also I see the gate closes at 8:00 pm, is it dark or light out at that time? Thanks for your help.

    • Can’t you still go in during off hours? It used to be that you could. If you go in before you have paid you have to get a pass later on when you leave. If you have a pass you can drive in whether someone is in the booth or not. Just go a few minutes early to get your pass the first day. It will be fine.

      • Okay I didn’t know that, sounds great, I like to get a early start everyday I’m there. I’m just going to buy a annual pass (cheaper then $25 bucks a day) Thanks for the reply Tarryscant.

        • The fee will be for a week or ten days (can’t remember). It is not daily. I do love the park and miss it. Have fun.

        • So the 25 dollar fee is not daily? It last for a few days hopefully at least 4 days, dang that would be better. I thought I was looking at a hundred dollars first, but seen the annual for fifty so why not save fifty now I’ll save seventy five. Hey if you in the area I’ ll buy you a beer because I just got seventy five dollars richer. LOL

        • Yes it is either one week, ten days or two weeks.
          That is sweet! I would love to have a beer with a fellow searcher but you would have found out anyway. For four days it will be 25. I used to live in that area but am now in the midwest. Will be there later this month.

        • Well it a shame your not there I would still by you a beer anyway. I believe Dal will be in the area and Cjinca at the same time. Well the more the merrier as long as your not searching my spot(s). LOL thanks for the info again Tarryscant.

        • No problem, glad to help. I am not searching in the park so no worries there. Good luck!

    • yes, tarry is right , its open 24 hours a day. or at least it has been. its still daylight at about 9 pm

      • Yes I see by the website Tarryscant posted. That’s a good thing, might be able to get two of my searches done (if needed) in one day while I’m the same area. Thanks

    • I was about to ask if anyone has ever figured out why the constant 8 reference in the book. 8, 80, 8:00 and every variety of 8. I seriously can’t see it being the open and close time of the park, but could it? Anyone else believe that? Has it always been 8. Or anyone else willing to share a better answer that doesn’t give away their poem solution.

      • I believe I have an answer to the reference of 8 and I will share it soon, when I have time to explain and illustrate it properly.

  36. Tarryscant:
    To your earlier comment–Yes. That would really sting if someone with the same solution gets there first. Good luck on your hunt.

    • Thank you mystified. It would sting for any of us. Good luck to you too.

  37. Food for thought… Would FF hide his treasure over a super-volcano overdue for eruption if he wanted it to be around for thousands of years if not found?

      • Not necessarily true, Steph D., TX covered is some ash, maybe, depending on air currents. It would even be possible for NM and even CO being spared by most of the ash. Geological history when it erupted 65,000 years ago tells us ash fall went mostly due east to southeast. My point is that the treasure would be blown up in Yellowstone, but would only be covered in varying amounts of ash elsewhere. Again, my question is, would FF have considered this?

  38. Hey Luckydog so does that mean we’re one up on everyone. Two sets of double omegas is that a hint, I believe so. Hey enjoy the beach bar and have fun thinking of me filling my pockets with Feens gold, okay I’ll take the whole bronze box. LOL

  39. If the super volcano ever goes we will have bigger things to worry about than the treasure. 🙂

  40. I too am on the CO bandwagon if anyone would like to share stuff my email is treasurehunter.pueblo at gmail

  41. begin it where the axe obeys

    the tarry scants, the marvel gaze

    moonlit glow, a starry blaze

    its crescent shape in the hidden maze

    listen closely, if you dare

    the hidden trove, I’ll tell you where

    if you’ve been wise, then look above

    its where the turtle, meets the dove

    • Good one…now all you need is a chest full of gold to hide! (although I’m not looking forward to solving one of your puzzles…it’s bound to be a doozie.)

    • There us a hill that looks just like that in YS but the trees are on the ground, and its on the trail to a spring that, could be the well where you become wise. I’m going there sat.

  42. NotSoWise-
    I won’t elaborate on the R-rated clue(s) yet, except that it may have been the reason FF was smiling to himself as he was walking back to his car.
    My thoughts about tar (as in tarry scant) are different than yours but I’m not ready to share yet.

    I will share what I think “So hear me all and listen good,” means: Think of yelling into a canyon and then listening to your echo.

    I think all the clues together cover many miles and could go through more than one state. And based on people I’ve seen searching, I think there have been many who have solved more than the first 2 clues.

    Could “..brave and in the wood,” refer to a wooden Indian?

    I’ve seen two double omegas; one set near the beginning and one set near the end. But they were different from each other.

  43. Anyone good at tying knots knows that while easy to remember and quite appealing the square or reef knot is quite weak and should never be used to tie two ropes (or strings) together.

    • @Eric,

      in todays world we have numerous types of knots. Take a moment and think back to the 1930`s…fishermen did “not” have the knots that we have today…their lines were very different back then. It was not until the 1950`s when mono filament and pvc coated lines came about that folks “had” to learn “new” ways of tying knots because the square knots would slip.
      Because Mr F and his family mostly fly fished…IMO…the comment he makes about tying three pieces of string on a day is in reference to fly line…a fly line has three pieces to it…the floating line…the leader and the tippet.
      Also…back then the lines were made of silk, horse hair and linen. These lines had to be oiled or waxed to maintain their buoyancy so at the end of each day of fishing the lines had to be “dried” out. Some folks would pull the lines off of the reels and lay them on bushes or they would wrap them loosely around something so that air could get to the entire line. After the line was dry it would get waxed or oiled and be ready to fish again.

      And Folks…this ends my knot tying fly fishing history lesson for the day… 🙂

      • Rick, Thanks for the history lesson, much appreciated. Though I would counter that the history of many different types of knots goes back much farther due to sailing vessels. Even the Boyscouts new many different knots at their inception.

        But i concede your point.

  44. I have discovered a ridiculously simple message in the poem! If it’s meant to be there, and not a freak coincidence, I know exactly where the treasure is! Unfortunately, I’m way up in Northern Wisconsin and pretty much broke. I’m close to doing whatever I have to to get there! I’m not posting this to tease or brag, i just don’t have anyone in my life who wants to hear anything more about FF’s treasure from me! You people on this board are all I’ve got. I reeled when I found it. The adrenaline rush was intense. I figured I must have made a mistake, but after rechecking multiple times, I see that it IS there! And it’s so simple and obvious!!!

    • Good for you! Keep it to yourself until you can afford to go fetch the treasure.

      Unfortunately, I believe many have had a similar revelation and sadly learned it didn’t work. I truly hope you are the exception!

    • argus33,
      Congratulations. I know what that feeling is like. It feels great. The spot is the easy part, but when you get there there are more decisions to make. Too many blazes. Which one is the right one? How do you get past that obstacle? I guess what I am trying to say, is be as prepared as you can be, before you invest the time and money. I am researching as much as possible, and hopefully the next trip will be the one. I can’t afford another wasted trip.

      • Thanks LD, and I totally understand. The thing is, it’s a part of an area that many have already claimed to have searched. not YNP. When I can scrape the gas money together, I plan to camp in the area indefinitely. Luckily, I still have my stored up apocalypse emergency food and supplies, so that won’t be an issue. : )

    • I’m in the Rockies next week. If you have an exact spot, I might be able to look for you. But please have an exact spot and not a 640 acre rock mountain that would take days or weeks to search. I don’t care about clues, just a spot to help a guy out and end this. If it’s on my way, 25% charge. If it’s way out if my way, I might want a clue or two to know you’re not nuts and it makes sense. (I don’t do brown trout or structures.)

    • Hi Argus33,
      Congrats. If you nailed the solution I wish you well. Unlike some others, I believe you can completely solve the exact spot without visiting the location. I also believe the message can be obvious and relatively simple so your post got my attention. I have a few questions; feel free to respond or not but the answers would be general. I’m just interested by the way you describe the solve. Do you have an exact spot? As in within a few feet? Or have you solved a message that would lead you to the area and then you will look? By “message” do you mean words? A lot of people have had eureka moments, but one of these days someone, perhaps you, may be right. Good luck.

      • Pooka; It is words. 4 words. I have a pretty exact spot, yes. It fits the other clues pretty well, and like I said, it’s been searched by many. But what I found narrows that down a good bit. I would say probably to within a 50sq. yard area. I hope I’m right, but I also have to be realistic about it. FF seems to be quite adept at giving clues that lead nowhere. But then again, this IS pretty…uncanny. Thanks for the ‘good luck’.

    • ” The adrenaline rush was intense ”

      Yes, and just suggest you check to make sure it flows with the entire riddle, and not just a “spot find”. The whole things flows together, but the spot finds, if taken separately, will appear as red herrings – so convincing are they.


  45. Thank you Jim. Chris, I have to be careful here because I know you are clever…I’ll just say it was not in a particular stanza. But that’s it!

    • Hey there argus33 if your that strapped for cash I wouldn’t go if I were you, reason being said the location is much more difficult to find than what you have suggested, but if you decide to go anyway, just remember I told you so,you won’t find it that way, and this is not a negative message toward you in any way my friend!

      • JH: I can appreciate that, but I really don’t have anything better to do. MCP, thanks for the offer, but I think I’m going to opt for taking a scenic, adventurous trip, and getting 100% of the loot!!! ; ) I just wish I could scream out to the whole FENNventurous world what I’ve found!

        • Argus, That’s the spirit! I remember my first Eureka moment when I was absolutely sure I had the chest. That was many moons ago. Now I just hang around the saloon praying for this to end.

    • argus33

      good luck in your quest

      i am hoping you aren’t saying that you found some hidden message that is allowing you to shortcut most or all of the poem and go right to the chest.

      also when you use the phrase “rechecking multiple times” that throws up a red flag in my mind, but i could be wrong.

      I hope you do find it.

      i can see from something you said that you will be looking in a totally different place than the one i am searching

      so if you did find it, you would be saving me addt’l time and money spent continuing to search my own spot.

      • Chris When are you going on your search. If your going where I think you are really think about what your going to need for the search for that place is not to be taken lightly. There ia a big blonde looking bear in there that will follow you if he gets your scent . If you walk down a trail back cut your trail and look for bear tracks in yours. There are many other obstacles you will encounter also have a good hunt and good luck.

        • Chris I’m not any kind of greenhorn or anything like that I grew up on the colorado- new mexico boarder I’ve been all through new-mexico colorado utha arizona and montana on horseback. I have packed elk and set up camps for hunters back in the wilderness areas. I am older now and don’t do that any more when you get to your late fifties it gets harder to do those things Have a good search and be safe

        • Excellent advice. One day when my husband and I were out hunting…..we separated….I kept walking, he doubled back and came back to the trail and there in the mud, following me, were mountain lion tracks… was stalking me…..but my husband was stalking him……scary but funny.

          • Careful out there Stephanie and remember, brown gravy is not a good animal repellant. lol. I came quickly over a hill on my mountain bike a few years ago in a place called “Bear Meadow” , of course, and startled a black bear momma with her cubs. She gave me a good little chase down the trail. I never rode so fast in my life. Make a little noise when your out in the woods…maybe recite the poem very loudly when you walk. haha CHC

        • lol CO……peddle faster!!! or as we say here in Arkansas…..paddle faster….I hear banjo music 😉 And I always try to be careful. We were out deer hunting that particular day, but that is the second time we have encountered a mountain lion/cougar. I know ppl don’t think they exist here in the ozarks….but I can assure they do. The second one almost got my husband and has had him a little more cautious ever since.

  46. I wonder why ff didn’t write anything about working as a caddy in ID or that he plays golf? Wasn’t the book to be about his life?

    • musstag,

      I’ve asked myself that same question. The stories he chose for his book other than My War For Me and after, seem so odd to me for a memoir. I don’t think it’s much of a sample of his life. But then I remember that no one is still around to verify anything he writes from his boyhood years so he could write anything he wanted to. I’m sure the events actually happened… sort of, kinda, maybe with some embellishing. He just left out so much it makes you wonder.

      He also says in the book that “these pages are as true as any one man can average out that truth…”. Not sure what the average of truth ends up being. It could be a lot less than 85%. But it’s his book, his memoir, his story.

      I’m just banking on the part about the treasure is all truth.


      • Thats because he wants us all to research to figure out what he is trying to tell us. I can only wonder why people who know how intelligent he is would look at those oddly worded chapters and not understand there are messages in those words? Do they think he all of a sudden went senile or something? He is anything but eccentric yet people are willing to just accept it without question.

      • Yes…I always thought the book was a little “light” to be a memoir of this fella who has waaaay more stories to tell. I know he is writing another book, but a memoir should be a bit more comprehensive – given the full life ff has led. Also he says he put his “autobiography” in the chest, is this different from the TOTC book? If so, why didn’t he publish the autobiography?

        • I dont know anything but in my opinion the one in the chest is the real deal. The one in the book is for the chase only. Its a bunch of stories carefully crafted to give clues, not to be taken literally.

    • No, Musstag, the book wasn’t supposed to be about his life…..he wrote the book to hold the poem and clues about a treasure hunt. To create that structure he strung some probably-not-all-true tales together and threw in the chapter on the war that he had previously published. In a way he covered from his childhood to now and mentioned briefly his grandparents and parents, his siblings and friends — but his real autobiography is the 20,000 word thing in the jar…….

      • well glad you cleared that up Stance.
        At first, when I started it was it was only ‘hints’ ,not purposely alluding to the Poem at all, to help solve ‘it’.
        But it makes more sense to me because his friends call him an ‘honest’ jokester, not an outright liar. 🙂 He is well respected and wouldn’t be, they woulda run him outta town had he been a downright ‘scheister’. << only the salt of my opinion

        • Mustag – about the book — it’s been pretty widely quoted that FF said that the book has “hints” while the poem has “clues” — but the book clearly states that it has CLUES too

        • LD, read the book again. Chapter “Gold and More” page 133. First sentence… “There are also other CLUES sprinkled in the stories.”

  47. Dal, I hear your heading back to W Yellowstone this weekend. If you visit my spot, you and Gadi’s original spot, and find the treasure this time, can you email me and let me know so I can share and savor in the moment?!? I’ll be disappointed, but excited for you and excited if it ends up being the right spot after all! BTW, as I was driving around Montana a couple weeks ago I noticed their license plates. Did you know Montana is known as “The Treasure State”?

    • Maria-
      Weather is crummy in that neck of the woods right now so I am heading south first and then work my way back north. I’ll try hitting Yellowstone around the 14th. I’ll stop by the Firehole near Fountain Flats for a pleasant walk. Yes…and Idaho is the Gem State..

    • I spent the greater part of 2 days looking at the Gadi spot. IMO its not there, just saying….

  48. I hope we can all agree that if one of us on this site does find the chest, they will reveal the location via pictures to all of us. I need closure to this, or it’ll drive me mad.

    For my part, if i happen to find the gold first i’ll have you all send me the GPS coordinates to your “I ‘M SURE I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!!” location and i’ll mail a gold coin to the 10 closest responses.

    Since this is the 9 clues blog, i’ll offer a tidbit. While in Yellowstone i learned that in ff’s day there was a fish hatchery near Fishing Bridge that raised brown trout to stock the YNP rivers. Today, the rivers are not stocked.

    A pretty solid possibility for HOB, imho

    If you have ever been to a fish hatchery, it looks a lot like the picture of ff’s “secret” fishing hole. Fish don’t congregate that densely in the wild. Could be a clue..


    • Yes, could be, so, whats the ‘ from here its no place…’ answer to that location?

      • doesn’t it turn to rapids after the fishing bridge farther down? that’s what I thought no place for the meek was quite awhile ago, then changed my mind it fits better with the Chama tho

    • Most generous BEKE.
      My thoughts: A nursery is not a home and “browns” as in trout is not normally capitalized.

    • Beekeeper, I’ll give you a very important clue, YNP has a really BIG part in locating the chest. Fenn said “think big”…

    • Beekeeper, I’d love to reveal the location after I find the treasure (if that every happens), but I would have to wait until I know for sure that a government agency won’t successfully sue me and get their hands on it. I would ask my lawyer before I posted anything here…most likely that means the blog community would have to wait a while to get info on the site.

      • Beekeeper,
        I have thought about this for a while as well. I guess it is up to FF, the location it was found and the lawyers whether it is wise to release the information. The problem with disclosing one found the treasure is that many wont believe you, some will want to see a photo and then others will want to see the blaze and the actual location … Well you know it might just cause more problems than solutions. Would you be happy with just a code word or would you need to see proof?
        The Wolf

        • I know my chances of finding the chest are virtually nil, since I spent a total of 4 hours looking, and cannot get back out for several weeks yet, but daydreaming about what i would do if i did find it is easy, and doesn’t require me to read the poem for the thousandth time.

          Just to clarify, I would reveal the location, and post about it, but i would do so anonymously. I would setup a new handle and a new email address. No talk shows for me, A picture of the chest next to a current paper and a catalog of it’s contents would be proof enough. Also pics of the nine clues that led to the trove.

          I would DEFINITELY do everything i could to keep the mystery alive, and probably re-hide a fair portion with a new poem. This is too much fun to have it end just because one person earns the prize.

    • Hi Beekeeper, well for some reason I want to call you Aunt Bee 🙂 however, I wanted to comment… I too agree the photo of ff’s favorite fishing spot in the book resembles a fish hatchery. I too have done some research on that being a possible HOB… a home is where one has grown up and that is where the fish grow up, but I have touched on so many possibilities on the nine different clues, that I am certain that many of my thought are similair to many other ideas – I have a couple other HOB and one that I happened upon last night while studying the book. FF said to think and boy am I thinking… irregardless of all of my thoughts, I really wish I had a co-conspirator to bounce my ideas off – I am becoming more and more reluctant to do so, due to someone -not worthy of naming on this site – but here I sit, reviewing and researching (and Learning much in the process – so I do have FF to thank for that), and I have never much wanted to wander away any further than my own back yard, sort of like that once famous Dorothy…”Tin Woodsman: What have you learned, Dorothy?
      Dorothy: Well, I – I think that it – it wasn’t enough to just want to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em – and it’s that – if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with! Is that right? ”
      With all good intensions, Sparrow.

    • Actually we recently saw something just like that behind a beaver dam, so it can happen.

    • Azuredeb is correct.
      Also, if you happen to be standing streamside when the stocker truck arrives and the Ranger dumps the fish in the creek. The fish will congregate like that until they orient themselves and disperse. (or unless someone with waders on wades through them until they disperse…..just gotta be sure to wade out the other side after you do it, it tends to PO some “fishermen” 🙂 )

  49. Chance of snow tonite in West YS low 31. ff sez a one room cabin with 5 people can be cozy. Glad I got the RV LP tank filled yesterday

  50. ok since I’m the only one talking again lol I’ll leave ya to it, you and the wells fargo stage coach driver 🙂 have a g’nite ya’ll 🙂

  51. Please accept my apologies if the following has already been stated. My wife would not be “wife” anymore if I spent the requisite time to read every comment on every blog Fenn.

    “Structure” and “associated” are not ambiguous terms. Therefore, dams are out as clues, because they are about as obvious a structure as a structure can be. Disagree? Build one without a team of engineers, highly skilled construction people, high grade construction materials (all of which are pre-engineered/manufactured), and tons of money. If that’s not a structure then the term “structure” loses all of its meaning, not just 85% of its meaning. And if a structure is one of the 9 clues of the poem, then it is “associated with the treasure.” Otherwise the term “associated” loses all of its meaning, not just 85%.

    My point is this: You can rule out any thing engineered by Man (buildings, roads, bridges, dams, etc.) as a clue in the poem, because any thing engineered by Man is a structure. If it is a clue in the poem, then it is associated with the treasure, and “the treasure is not associated with _any_ structure.”

    And “any” = 100%.

    • 100% correct. It is out of play. Move on to your other options. Good luck.

    • Kyle, you are suggesting that the clues can’t be associated with a structure, but that’s not exactly what FF said. If a treasure is associated with a clue, and a clue is associated with a structure, does that mean the treasure is associated with a structure? That’s a second order of association, if you follow my drift, and I don’t think that FF meant the “structure” clue to be interpreted that way…IMHO His primary goal on the day he gave out that clue was to keep people from digging up outhouses, not giving out hints to find the treasure…IMHO.

      • Sorry. I forgot to click “reply”, so my response went into the main thread. Here it is in its proper place.

        @CO Searcher
        I appreciate and understand your point, however, 85% of the time a structure is a structure, and 85% of the time associated is in relation to, not proximity to. If Forrest’s clue was as you interpret, then it is misleading. He is adamant that it is not misleading, and I believe him

        • But the notion of “in relation to” can be carried to extremes, in which every square inch of the earth is “related” to a structure in one way or another…absurd example: a box buried in an Ethiopian sand dune in the Sahara Desert…the box is associated to the dune, which is associated to the sand, which is associated to wind, which is associated to windmills, which are structures; therefore the box is associated with a structure. Were splitting hairs with the definition of “associated” and the “degree of separation” here, but I do think that the clues can be associated with a structure and the box itself not all depends on whether “A” is associated with “B” which is associated with “C” is equivalent to “A” is associated with “C”, which I don’t think it is, or else everything is associated with everything else, and the treasure has to be associated with a structure (which it can’t be) and therefore doesn’t exist, a conclusion I don’t want to believe.

        • Then by your own logic, if “old outhouses” has any meaning, and since all human beings throughout time immemorial defecate, then any location, as long as it is perceived by humans, is a structure.

          In this case Forrest’s clue regarding structures and associations is not poetic. His language is specific. It is nothing like the poem. If you are correct, then it misleads a sufficient fraction of searchers to violate Forrest’s own 85% philosophy on facts, and I believe Forrest when he insists this clue is not misleading.

          Please don’t take my responses as confrontational. I am only interested in the thrill of the conversational chase.

        • Nope…it’s not misleading at all. The treasure box is not associated with a structure. the treasure box’s associations can be associated with structures all day long. FF never said a single thing about the treasures associations and what they may or may not be associated with.

        • Are we talking about the same Forrest Fenn? I’m talking about the guy who went on national television and said, “No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure.”

          • Earlier there was a discussion by Kyle and others about the treasure being associated with structures. I believe that the clues can describe a structure that lead to the chest. BTW is the chest not considered a structure?

        • Yep….same guy. The treasure is not associated with any structure. The Treasure’s associations can be associated with anything.

        • “The treasure’s associations can be associated with anything.”

          You make a good case for the poem being unsolvable.

        • Um, no. Follow the clues to the treasure. The clues may or may not be associated with structures, but you are allowed to follow them. Really, you are! The treasure isn’t associated with any structure. Good to know; I’ll find a different spot if I find a structure there. Good clue Forrest, thanks! Whether or not the clues are associated with structures doesn’t change the difficulty of the search. The fact that the chest is not associated with structures makes the search a tiny bit easier, and less stinky if I was planning on digging up outhouses.

        • Finally, Forrest said the “_treasure_ is not associated with any structure.” He did not say the “chest”. It is inconceivable to me that Forrest, who emphasizes above all, that the treasure _is the Chase_ would make a comment such as he did without being aware that it is perfectly reasonable, if not almost compulsory to understand his comment to mean The Chase is not associated with any structure. Never, not once does Forrest ever imply that his goal was to simply give away material treasure via a nifty treasure hunt. For him, it is all about The Chase. The Chase is the treasure and he has secreted a chest of gold in order to get folks out into his church and find it (it=The Chase). The chest full of gold is merely a tool to him. I can’t understand how anyone who has read his book, listened to his interviews, and studied the man’s motivations would not see this as _the_ Forrest interpretation.

          Except perhaps this way: Perhaps too many searchers are too focused on the chest and are therefore too vested in a certain structure that is essential to their interpretation of a clue in the poem. It would be hard to let go of such a thing.

          An infinite number of people can find The Chase.
          Only one person will find the chest.

          Who do you think Forrest wants to communicate with? The former or the latter?

        • LOL LOL LOL Kyle,”

          Finally, Forrest said the “_treasure_ is not associated with any structure.” He did not say the “chest”. It is inconceivable to me that Forrest, who emphasizes above all, that the treasure _is the Chase_ would make a comment such as he did without being aware that it is perfectly reasonable, if not almost compulsory to understand his comment to mean The Chase is not associated with any structure.”

          I just had a total pic in my mind’s eye of the little Billy, from Family Circle, on course with his ‘dotted line; of a treasure hunt for FF’s chest!! LOL Thank You! lol

        • Lol Kym. Reminds me of something someone once said. I think it goes like this: “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

      • Ironically, I find the outhouses “clause” to be to be the only poetic or ambiguous part of the clue. Why would Forrest care that people dig up old outhouses, since it is already an established practice? Indeed, if there were one “structure” that Forrest should not care whether or not people were digging “under”, then old outhouses should top the list.

        • The only thing that really matters in this whole discussion, is whether hidden under a structure would let it survive a 1000 years. I don’t believe it would. Even Dams, as strong as they are will have to be replaced sooner or later. That is a fact. Man-made materials were never designed to last forever. My money is on nature. Natural caves and such are not “structures” and except for the catastophies that can befall them, will survive. My money is on nature. It has been from the start and will continue to be. But this is only my perspective. You are free to take what ever direction you choose.

      • I think you’re correct CO Searcher… I think what he meant was that the hidey spot wasn’t associated with any structure. “And to stop digging up outhouses and other structures looking for the treasure”.

        • I think those people digging up old out houses are probably looking for other stuff and hoping that the Fenn treasure might be there too. It used to be common practice to throw old bottles down the out house. Old bottles can be valuable to collectors so some bottle hunters love those old out houses. To each their own I suppose.

  52. @CO Searcher
    I appreciate and understand your point, however, 85% of the time a structure is a structure, and 85% of the time associated is in relation to, not proximity to. If Forrest’s clue was as you interpret, then it is misleading. He is adamant that it is not misleading, and I believe him.

  53. Dal, (if you’re around) have you heard from F lately? Has he totally put us searchers aside to write his next book? I’m concerned about how he’s doing…

  54. Just my 2 cents.

    Forest didnot say none of the clues are associated with any structure, he said the treasure is not associated with any structure.

    I believe he meant the final resting place of the chest. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The outhouse/structire clue was basically straight foward, and we shouldnt twist it to mean anything else.

  55. I agree DaveC3119

    Forrest said the treasure chest is not associated with any structure

    which simply means it is not hidden in any man made structure

    a house, a building, an outhouse, a dam ….. etcetera etcetera

    and to make the point as clear and precise as possible he makes the addt’l comment

    you dont need to be digging up outhouses

    no one is digging up an outhouse looking for halting warm waters

    no one is digging up an outhouse looking for homes of brown

    no, people are digging looking for the chest, so thats what he is talking about

    you dont need to dig anywhere associated with structures looking for the chest

    so it clearly has nothing to do with anything but the chest

    why insert addt’l meaning that is not there?

    he said the chest was not associated with any structure, he only said the chest, he did not refer to anything else

    so he was not talking about WWWH or HOB or anything else, only the chest

    he was so clear and precise in his meaning that for the meaning to be taken any other way is very strange, i think, just being honest

    • no need to be digging up …. did we miss it here, dig digging, I didn’t say I didnt bury it…. He missed a great chance to say it is NOT buried IF IT IS not buried. So may it IS buried, as I am now thinking, rather than think its moved or has legs….

      • finally! A light!! He buries his bronze belles….What in the Helck would keep him from burying the chest?!!! Especially since he wants the chase to last a looooooong tiiiiiime….

    • Nice one Yates i agree with your assessment on this one!

    • Or conversely, why _remove_ meaning that is there? An interpretation based on the precise meanings of the words is objective, requiring neither addition nor subtraction of meaning, and I am not the first to use the word “precise” with reference to following clues. An interpretation based on context, and which diminishes significantly the generally accepted meanings of the words “structure” and “associated”, is subjective. Heck, even Webster defines the word “associate”: “to bring together or into relationship in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or imagination)”. I must admit that I was sort of surprised to see “imagination” right there on the side of the objective argument, if you know what I mean.

      If Forrest’s intention was the subjective path, then this clue risks being misleading, and he is adamant that it is not misleading, and I believe him.

      If Forrest’s intention was the objective path, then this clue is not misleading. It is as clear as a bell.

      There is of course this third option: Forrest had no intent for the clue to be misleading, therefore he doesn’t give a flying hootenanny what anyone thinks about it: subjective, objective, blah, blah, blah.

      • Did Mr. Fenn say:

        “None of the clues in the poem are associated with any structure.”


        “The treasure is not associated with any structure.”

        Answer: The latter. The treasure is the chest.

        @Kyle: you obviously don’t agree with this assessment, but it’s the common-sense assessment. In my opinion, there is nothing more to this comment.

        The fact is, it probably doesn’t really matter. You can probably solve the clues in the poem without associating any of them with structures. Home of Brown might be a little tricky but there are eight other clues to keep you busy. Maybe eight is enough to find it.

        • Mike D I will tell you one thing and that is none of the clues or hints on this blog are associated with the treasure. Lol.

        • Mike, my take on that “not associated with any structures” statement FF made, is that it is not in or under any old buildings. I don’t think he overthought it. I believe he just wanted to halt anyone from ripping apart some old historic cabins, outhouses etc, in their search. I probably would have said it the same way. The one thing I always get back to is the fact that he wanted to be laid to rest by the treasure…I don’t see him choosing a train car, cabin or outhouse to do this. CHC

        • FTR: “Kyle” is now “Little Billy”.

          I’m just curious then, if a structure is the last clue in the poem, then what distance does the treasure have to be from that structure before it is not associated with that structure? Does 1 foot work? 50 feet? 500 feet?

        • Let me change my last answer…the new answer is “I don’t know” and “it depends”. If the last clue is the blaze, then in my limited mind the chest would still be associated with it. I guess the correct answer would be that any excavation at the treasure spot (whether required or not) that would disturb the structure would imply association.

  56. Hi All-
    You probably know I am heading out tomorrow. Plan A put me in Yellowstone country first but the weather there is crummy and the forecast calls for a week of now I am heading south first and then working my way north. If plan B works out I’ll be in West Yellowstone around the 14th. But I’ll keep the blog posted on my ETA in case anyone is around yellowstone and wants to rendezvous…

  57. Hi all, Well, were on the 24th, 9 clues section, and nothing that’s been said or done has changed my mind about my original ideas. I’m not in love with my ideas and I don’t feel at all stubborn about them, they just seem to make sense.

  58. I had thought that the chase was slanted toward the pinks. “The supposed women on the chest”. I don’t see any? And the line, “hint of riches new and old”, I thought was, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” (things that a women gathers for her wedding), I thought it was the women connection again? This was the foundation of my solution, which now seems only tenuous at best, I’ll still go with it though.

  59. The figures on the chest, look like there laying siege, to a castle or fort?

    • Soldiers with ladders, not women as described in the book. Yes its a clue. See how easy finding clues in the book is?

      • Hi Deb, I still like where my ideas got me. I got one clue off the jacket and one from the book. I’m not a critical thinker, my perception is based on symbolism.

      • Actually I got two clues from the book. And just realized this, the bird in the nest looks like a dove, but it’s in eagle territory.

  60. Hi all! Just got back last night from an extensive and fun camping trip, with a little treasure hunting mixed in. No luck, but didn’t really expect any on this trip. So great to get away from phones, computers, etc. This old biker needed some alone time. Haven’t had time to catch up on all of the posts yet (could take a week from the looks of my inbox! lol). Any big news that I may have missed?

    PS – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPHANIE (ptn)!!!!!!! Hope you have a GREAT b-day!

    • Alexander you really didn’t miss much only that I told people that I have the darn “thing’ and Stephanie Davis who has another hot spot and insists she knows where the darn “thing” is and telling people we don’t know what a “blaze” is or what “put in” means. Oh and Doubting Thomas likes the state of Colorado now as a high candidate of the darn “thing’s” resting place.

      That’s all you really missed Alexander. Like I said nothing much. same ‘o same ‘o and it will probably be like this on PART 100 of the NINE CLUES.

    • Happy Birthday Stephanie! Good to see your away from this blog enjoying your day!

  61. To the avid outdoors people on this blog, from an inexperienced hiker: I have a question (please don’t laugh) but are you allowed to go off the designated trails in a national park or NFS land? Do you need to tell the rangers where you are going if you plan to go off the beaten track? When we’ve visited YSN/Tetons previously we only took marked trails. I keep reading on the park website that you can destroy delicate plant life by trampling off trail.

    My predicament is that I have a spot (which I owe a visit to) that is maybe a mile or two from a designated trail. It’s hard to gage the topography and vegetation obstacles from google earth and I do not want to put my family in any danger and require a jolly green giant rescue that is on the 6 O’ clock news:). Would you ask Rangers or nearby outfitters about off track routes? Can I assume that unless the area has been posted as closed by the rangers that it is fair territory?

    PS. In addition to being good girl rule follower I have a pathological fear of bears. Any advice would be appreciated. Reading this back maybe I should just go to the beach with the meek instead:)

    • Hey D&B, I have hiked before in many areas but YNP is not one, although I’ll be there in a couple days. I plan on buying bear spray before going in the back country on my searches. My areas are not on trails and if your’s is not too then maybe you should have a GPS to get back. If your going to spend the night out there in the woods you do need a permit but for day trips in and out it should be open to all unless posted. How I walk in those areas I like, walk for maybe fifty or so yards stop look and listen for a minute then do that all the way to the area I want to be. Most of the time when you stop and listen you will hear movement or see it in the area your at, it is always better to avoid wildlife altogether so stay up wind if possible so nothing knows your coming and then you have a better chance to see them before they see or smell you. Just be like a Indian scout and be stealth but make noise if a bear is around. Good luck and have fun and understand you are in the wild and commen sense will play a major factor. Bur

      • Good info, Bur. Yup, Bear spray is worthwhile (also works on nosey lurkers if they get feisty. lol) A bell on a backpack is a good idea as well- something that makes a little noise as you walk so you don’t surprise Yogi and Booboo. I don’t think you’ll have to go too deep either- remeber FF did this at 80 and made a few trips to get the trease there. Have a good trip! CHC

        • I agree CHC with it not being to far in, possibly 1 or 2 miles at the most, but when you go around in circles looking for the “blaze” you might have 5 or 6 miles under your belt by time you make it back out. Hey I’m a old guy, okay not that old and surly not as old as Forrest and I can truck around with the best all day, but as I stated before I see two ways in to my search areas and if I follow Fenn’s poem it’s a longer version path and I believe Foresst knows the area well enought to take the shorter path in and maybe crossing creek waters is how to make it shorter. So maybe this is where the “worth the cold” comes into play which I’m willing to do. Nothing like being naked and one with nature then getting that cold rush for a minute, so “being brave” is putting that first foot in the water and yes I would “smile” too after doing that. Bur

    • like musstag said you can call the regional ranger district or stop by one when you get there.. your concerns and questions are wise though.. the bear concerns are probably greatest in the region you wish to search too.. so definitely be prepared.. unless you’re an experienced hiker or outdoorsman i wouldnt be venturing off a trail a mile or two.. thats a long distance and you could get lost real easy in my opinion.. btw , there are sharks near the beach 🙂 and jellyfish!

      • Thanks for the advice guys. I’m not too worried about getting lost per se as I should be able to see the roads and trails that surround the area at all times. The worry is more the wildlife and terrain. In fact many people with binoculars could probably watch me get chased by Yogi. Casey…I’m not brave at the beach either. I only swim with the sharks and jellies if it is unbearably hot!

    • D&B,
      If a bear is visible, but not close, alter your route. If a bear approaches do NOT run – their instinct is to chase! Continue to face the bear and slowly back away. If it continues its approach make loud noises and act aggressively. If a black bear attacks use bear spray (about $40) and fight back with everything you’ve got – sticks, fists, rocks. If a Grizzly attacks use bear spray or play dead by dropping to ground face down – leave your backpack on for extra protection. Remain in this position until the bear leaves the area. You’ll find these tips posted at trail heads right now as bears are just waking from hibernation, especially in the W Yellowstone area (and they’re hungry). Go to an outdoor store and buy the bear spray; holster it to your belt/keep it out because when bears approach it will be lightning fast and you will panic just enough, losing precious seconds. Be wise, make noise on the trail (talk out loud, especially if you are hiking alone), stay ALERT. And visit for other tips. Good luck, stay safe, have fun!

    • Keep one thing in mind – Bear spray works far better than you can imagine. Unless you have the cub between you and the momma, that bear spray will work 100% of the time and the bear will take off running away. I also carry a 9mm in my backpack, but it’s more for outlaws and noise than anything else as it’s totally useless against a Grizzly.

  62. ask, you can even email question, check the Park website for email addrress or Phone#n

  63. DAL, I hate that I will miss meeting you, I don’t think I will stay in West YS ’till june 14th, I myself was planning on being in Santa Fe by then with or without the chest. I will be here a week or so longer. Any one else wanting to meet,, my email is at yahoo.

    • Yes musstag I thought I might get a chance to see Dal too but guess he changed plans due to the weather. Hope it turns better for the next week to come and from what is on the 10 day forecast it is a good day bad day senerio. I will be staying the nights in West Yellowstone so if your near that area we can meet up and have beer, coffee or just some good conversation. I will be out early and back around dark most of the time, so hopefully they have wi fi were I’m staying and I can give a shout out to ya. Bur

  64. When will Forrest reveal the next clue on the Today shoe? It has been a month already.

    • Same old shoe.
      Usually the 1st of the month, but they are weekdays only so the 3rd looks likely.

    • Just a few days ago I had asked Forrest whether a date had been scheduled for the Today Show clue. He said the day hadn’t been yet, but he thought it should be in the first ten days of June.

    • I shall work on my typing skulls.


      How’s the action today, VG ?

      ( that’s sort of like Todays Hoe – no paddle – best yet, it is viable )

    • It’s a really big shoe. Insert Ed Sullivan voice impression. Lol
      VGBoss your choice of pics have been really funny in your posts.

      • DaveC3119 just having fun with this Thrill of the Chase…I say why be serious when the odds are against us all.

        I mean even some of Forrest Fenn’s acquaintances and a former Santa Fe County Sheriff Deputy acknowledged that all this could be a private joke…so I say why not believe the Treasure Chest exist but at the same time joke about it because it may not exist. You know middle ground. I believe it but I don’t sort of thing!

        Even Forrest Fenn said something along these lines… That he is ambivalent about whether the chest is found soon, or even in his lifetime. He also said something about that when a person finds that treasure chest tomorrow or 10,000 whopping years from now and opens the lid, they are going to go into shock.

        “in his lifetime”? “10,000 years from now”?

        So I am on this Thrill of the Chase to have fun and accepting it as a challenge whether it exist or it doesn’t. Having fun is key for me! I’m in control of my feelings.

        This way when I go out and search for it, because I believe it exist, I will have a Treasure Hunting fun experience and when I don’t find I know it doesn’t exist and this way I don’t lose my marbles and feel like and idiot…You know what I mean DaveC3119? I believe but I don’t.

        • Interesting that you haven’t been able to decide which side of the fence you’re on. I once heard That there are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. Which are you? 🙂

        • .
          Okay, VG, now you’re bringing up painful memories.

          Walking in the woods with my family (which were more common in those days, unfortunately for today), 5 or 6 years old, that’s just what my Dad suggested I try. !!!!!!!!! ( maybe he just wanted to be sure I remembered those days. ) After that, we decided hands would be more apropos. ( a really good dad, just having some fun ).

          So, this Fenn’s cross between a limerick and torture puzzle .. got a day off today, and plan to spend some time with the poem and aspirin.

          Finally, from the post yesterday (Stephanie D.’s album)

          “I did notice in the picture 19 / 30 what may be VGBOSS making his get away – “just take the chest and go in peace”

  65. astree I was only kidding…you know me my friend…always the jokester of this Thrill of the Chase and having loads of fun.

    Action, me, VGBOSS the jokester? Well astree I was going to go out this weekend in search of the darn “thing” up in Yellowstone as I solved the Poem for the 1000th time but then I found these photos on the internet so I put a halt on my plans for now.


    • .
      Oh man, King Kong vs Forrest. That’s too much ! Made my morning. 🙂

      cousin ‘gar, lol. Swimming with the trout and bluegills ?

    • The photo on the web with the gorilla is a shoped picture Don’t postpone your search because of that If you look on the memoir page in FF book its the exact same picture.

  66. Hmmmm closest to FF’s heart: Peggy, his children, His family and friends, fond memories of his youth, Fly Fishing (aka:FF), Bessie, the lady with the pineapple pies, adventure, treasure hunting, air planes / flying… secret excursions off by himself – (ie: gypsies and graveyards), making things (marbles, yo yo’s tops, brass bells, molding items in wax and casting brass items, writing books), in everything I look at, I think his most treasured “items” are his wife and children who nursed him back to health – so could this be related to a spot he chose? Just wondering – this isn’t even 1 percent of my musings….

    • Little Sparrow that is good stuFF and I’m positive you have lots and lots more just like many of us but seriously when you, me, and all other Chasers cannot even decipher the short 24 lines, measly 166 words, Poem would all that information not make it much more difficult?

      It helps surely but it helps only to direct one to so many possibilities…one would need to be a millionaire even a billionaire to investigate, research, and trek on each possibility…all that information….the entire life of Forrest Fenn. Finding the Chest then would not even make up for all monies and time lost not even close to breaking even.

      I say pick 1 and roll with it! Just my opinion.

  67. Hey all. LT reader but first time poster. To start, my search area is south of my home in Colorado, so the following was not a welcome find to me. Nevertheless, it is what it is and I am hoping for your thoughts on it. Is this real or simply an example of being able to make clues fit almost anywhere? I believe the latter but what do you think?
    If you’ve been wise (Great Horned Owl is the official provincial bird of what Canadian province?)
    And found the blaze( Flames are a pro hockey team in what Canadian province- WCP?)
    Look quickly down(Bow River is in WCP?)
    Your quest to cease(Norquest Community College- two c’s- is in WCP?)
    But tarry scant(fire -South Carolina ant- Blackfire Exploration is headquartered in WCP?)
    With marvel gaze(What is Marvin Gayes mothers name?)

    Alberta all.

    Oh, Canada!

  68. I believe there’s only been one thing closest to Forrest’s heart and that has been “The Thrill of the Chase”. When you totally understand that, you will have your answer.

    • Thank you germanguy for that wise advice I now know where it is. Thrill of the Chase if over.

        • When is soon? Is it like tomorrow? Where as tomorrow never comes? Or is soon like today as in the present day as soon within 1 hour or so?

      • As Forrrest says “it’s all relative”, so I would have to say, it is “relatively soon”.

  69. Thinking of going back out to my spot. Last time I was there I found this well with a rope hanging out of it. I thought to pull on the rope, but instead cut the dang thing, and then laughed hysterically as I watched it drop into the well. In retrospect, the treasure may have been attached to the other end. I am thinking that Forest may have gone out, crawled into the well, and attached a new rope by now, so I think I will give it another try.

    • Probe guy, the question would be, how does FF get back down to the chest to re-rope it? I’m less than 1/2 his age and could not see myself repelling into a well more than 10 ft deep. He could have lowered it in there on the rope, originally. Shoot…how could you not pull that rope? What state were you looking in? CHC

      • COHIGH

        Don’t buy into his remark, he’s just proving that evolution CAN go in reverse.

      • Well, I suppose we could contact Forrest (afterall, if ever we needed him, it is now) and tell him about the rope. Maybe he could send someone he trusts out there to re-attach the rope, and save the chase.

    • theprobeguy – Why did you cut the rope in the first place? I thought structures were above ground, not below.

        • A subway is a structure, the Boston tunnel is a structure — if manmade, its a structure — if naturally occurring, such as a cave or waterfall it wouldn’t be a structure IMO

  70. Maybe FF will go with you to the well this time and show you how it’s done. Or even better yet let you go down there and stand with his emergency trans button so he can get the E M T’S there when you hurt yourself LOL

    • I don’t know if I would trust FF to push that button…. remember what he said about two people keeping a secret?

  71. To respond to the comments on part 23, we never claimed we had special information, received favoritism, or had an inside line. While I’ll admit Mark has a snarky sense of humor (I should know, he’s my cousin), he never claimed to have information divulged by Forrest to us only. We had the privledge to talk with him, and read into what he did and didn’t say (not unlike what everyone else is doing when listening to his interviews). This has been addressed mutlitple times in multiple places. Most notably, Mark addressed it on his blog. Did we have a spot that we liked? Yes – just like everyone else. Did it yield results last weekend? No – just like everyone else. I wish everyone would just worry about their own work on the search vs. worrying about who received information that others didn’t. That said, I am asking, begging, pleading everyone to move on from this. It’s getting old Good luck to everyone in their own searches. I’ll be at home sorting through the pictures and thinking about other options for a future (maybe) attempt.

    • Chad I copiedthis from Marks blog which is linked on Fenn’s site?
      “We’re giving up the rulebook everyone receives when they decide to take on hunting for a lost/hidden/stashed/ cached/secreted treasure and taking full advantage of a tip given solely to us clearly in an act of favoritism. “

      • I hope you can read the incredible amount of sarcasm in his comment. Look at the previous posts on his blog – particularly the one where he states categorically that we have been given no special information.

  72. IMO He followed a trail about 7/10 mile, veered left 50 ft, stuck the chest in a hole and put a couple rocks over it. I tnk you can go off the trails all you want just not near thermal pools and stuff becausethey change oftem and the ground is not soild and you could fall thru and fall nto hot water. No hike permit needed for day hikes, just over nite. But I wpuld suggest you ask for your self.

  73. An 80 yr old man made it to the summit of Everest last week?

    So much for “nowhere an 80 yr. old man couldn’t go”

  74. Listen Veteran Chasers and Rookie/Newbie Chasers

    Above a couple of posts, within this thread, theprobeguy believes the Treasure Chest may be deep down a Well. What do you all think?

    As I stated I personally don’t believe the Treasure Chest is deep in no Wishing Water Well but again the Treasure Chest is not under my bed so I may be wrong. I hate the thought of being wrong….makes me feel as if Forrest Fenn as won.

      • No problem probeguy…I’m here to entertain and to find the Chest and tick people off when I do. (just kidding fellow Chasers don’t get your panties in a bunch. lol)

    • Here me all and llsten good, VG baby cupcake sir. lol. Ya could be wrong. If it’s not deep, but too deep to peep, it is possible. I wouldn’t spend too much time on it otherwise. Old wells can be pretty dangerous to fool around with and FF doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. CHC

      • COHighCountry I hear you about not going down no wells. I agree that it can be pretty dangerous.

        Oh and yes Forrest Fenn doesn’t want anyone to get hurt but in my opinion lots of people are already hurt financially, sustained bodily injuries, mentally anguish and time lost away from work, family and friends from the cause of this Chase. Me personally…. it’s all worth it cause it’s FUN!

        • The only thing hurtin is my legs from so much hiking, and the only blaze I have found lately is the picture on my wall with its beautiful frame and my treasure, my family in the middle with a river and the forrest a ways off in the background.

    • VG,

      If you were close enough to take the picture, why not just grab it? I am surprised that Forrest did not secure it with a better knot. Must have been a dry well though.


      • astree I was going to but right when I was about to reach for it and grab it my darn cell phone rang….I had to let the Treasure Chest fall deep into the darkness of the abyss and had to take the call.

        Astree you don’t know my girlfriend…she’s a firecracker. She told me, before I headed out to my treasure quest, you can go on your little treasure hunt but when I call, and you hear your cell phone ring, you better answer quick, within the first ring, if not I’m packing and out of your life.

        So astree that’s why I didn’t grab it.

  75. I want to wish everyone Godspeed and good fortune in your search for the treasure chest .

    From the clues I have worked out , my hat is off to Mr . Forrest Fenn for being able to write a 24 line poem and encase within that poem so many clues and hints pointing precisely to the exact location of the treasure chest . A really beautiful job indeed Mr . Fenn .

    Now , many of you are probably asking yourself , if this person knows where it is , why doesn’t he have it ?

    Well , in working out the clues I could only work out one place , I did not have the option of several other places to check ….only one location .

    Now my home location is about 700 feet A/S/L , and my location to go to is above 5000 feet , this is very relevant to my body’s acclimation .

    I have had heart bypass surgery ( 5 bypasses ) , Aortic aneurysm surgery , and am partially quadriplegic due to a motorcycle accident years ago .I am on a lot of medication ,including high doses of pain medicine . I am also on oxygen . I can walk very short distances .

    Well , when I drove over 1500 miles to my chosen location , I started out with my walker , oxygen tank , and camera , to the final site . By the time I got anywhere close , even with oxygen on , I was gasping for breath at that altitude and fell . I could not get up , but eventually some hikers came by and helped me back to my van . I knew even if I reached it I could not carry it and my oxygen tank and camera back to the van .I guess the hikers thought I was a silly old fool ( I am 70 yrs. ) , and maybe I am . They wanted to call medics , but I knew that would blow everything , so I refused .

    I have no one physically able , or that I would trust to remain quiet about the location …so if I am right the chest is still out there , and maybe at my site location .

    Not looking for help from anyone ….got to preserve my pride , even if I lose out . But thanks to anyone who might have been considering offering their help .

    • Rebel, Me and my wife be in the YNP area in a few days, if your area is in this area I will give your place a try for you, but if you want me to I just have to search my place first to see if it’s there then we could talk after that if it’s not for your location. Not sure if you would want to split it with someone or not, but I will give you that option. Not sure if you trust people but I assure you the wife and I are honest people but I know everyone will say when it comes to money people change but we are not that kind of people. Up to you and no pressure on my side, if not I understand. Good luck with your quest. Bur

      • Thanks Bur . I really appreciate your offer , and I know there are good and honest people out there , but this is something I have to work out completely by myself . Wishing you and your wife good luck in your search .

        I believe it is fate that some else is destined to find the chest and not me , and I accept that fate . I could send someone right to the chest now , but that would in some ways probably be a disappointment for them having not worked out the clues themselves . They would only be partly fulfilled . Good luck !!

        • Not a problem Rebel, I understand completely. The offer will still be there and I will try and watch this blog while I’m there if you have a change of mind. Good luck to you and your health, maybe you have a close family member willing to help you make it back to your spot so you can discover it yourself. I am proud of you that at least gave it your best effort, and that’s something to be admired. Take care Bur

      • Thanks Brian . Wishing you much good fortune . Have to work all this out by myself . Good luck in your search .

    • @Rebel,

      I’ll give you major points for gusto no matter what your physical condition is. (claps hands)

      • Thanks Clinger . I appreciate your comments . As James Bond would say ..”..Never Say Die “.

      • Thanks tomwhat , your comments are very appreciated . Mine is not to wonder why ….mine is to do or die .

  76. “DO NOT TOUCH.” Does anyone here find this to be a hint from the book? I have not seen anyone mentioning anything about it. I believe that this actually has something to do with both: beginning and ending location. Any thoughts?

    • potko sounds like a Museum to me. Could the Treasure Chest be in some Museum? Hmmmmm

        • potko you don’t believe it’s associated with any structure?

          Really? Why?

          In my opinion it has to be associated with a structure because thousands and throusands of people have searched and are currently searching in non-structure places and can’t seem to find the darn thing….so it must be associated with a structure….no? Sure not in no out house but in some other structure…I don’t know I’m just going with the facts/odds that with so many who have gone searching for it and are currently searching for it in non-structure places they still have yet to find it.

        • He is referring to the book. We have to be careful about what the book is and isn’t. If it gives us hints, then maybe those hints are places, structures, people, etc… They are not the actual places, but things that would trigger one to know the real wwwh or HOB. So don’t rule out any hints because they are a structure. They are only hints about how or why or where to find the real answer.

    • Potko, good catch! I missed it There is a landmark that I bypass shortly after “putting in below the Home of Brown” that fits this clue precisely. Then I leave it behind. From my 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile search area, there are 2 brief spots where this landmark can be seen. I do not believe the trove is near this landmark ( approx 10 mile away from my search area) but the fact that it can be seen briefly from my search area MIGHT tie to the end as it COULD relate to the “blaze”.

    • Potko, it has been my sense that the clues I solve in the book only serve to confirm that I am on the correct path. The clues in the poem are more specific to pinpointing the trove. The aforementioned landmark certainly does the former and may do the latter as well.

      • Yes eugene, I do the same thing. I use the hints from the book to confirm the clues from the poem. But this hint, which I missed when I read the book for the first time, is now giving me a headache. Why? Because I thought I solved the poem. Everything fit perfectly. But then I reread a book and highlighted twice here is this “DO NOT TOUCH” sign. Well, I reread that chapter again and now I think this whole chapter is important. It even gives sense to Eliot’s quote. The problem is, it makes either my beginning or my end Wrong. And I really don’t want my end to be wrong, so I have to start from the new beginning.
        I probably don’t make any sense but it’s so hard to explain without revealing too much.
        I hope I haven’t confused anyone because that is not my intention. What I hope to get is the confirmation that somebody else is seeing what I am seeing, so the seeking that new begining makes more sense.
        I need my confidence back.

    • I have searched in two such places… that was definitely a “do not touch” area and the other was a “do not enter” area. The sheriff showed up at one. So we left, parked down the road and hiked back through the woods to come in on the backside. Probably not a “wise” thing to do.

    • Hummm all those thermal hot pools in YS, they have signs and posters telling you to not touch them…. stay away from them, stay on the boardwalk

      • musstag, be careful out there….those hot springs are nothing to mess with. The places I went had more to do with bucking “the system”…..the federal government so to speak. Searching land that the government “manages” that I should have free reign to search as long as nothing is destroyed or damaged, which it wasn’t. But I stayed on the boardwalks in areas where there was one. The places I searched weren’t in YNP, but they were on government land.

  77. I was thinking here as we all are and I ask you this in plain fun:

    If the Treasure Chest was found today who would be hurting more and possibly crying non-stop…All the people that were on this Chase or the businesses in Santa Fe, NM such as the hotels, restaurant’s, galleries, etc…?

    • bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha. Me – I would not cry – but would need to know details which I would hope would be forth comming. Would’t you want to know WHERE? And how the person figured the clues. What came first the chicken or the egg. The businesses will survive no matter what. Who knows FF just might do this again – and if he did would you look?

        • inthechase when and IF the Treasure Chest is found, in our lifetime, I really and honestly wouldn’t want to know where it was found because I probably walked by it, inches away, or it was in one of my hot spots. I really wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I missed the Treasure Chest by a hair.

      • jen in my opinion Forrest Fenn wouldn’t be sad if it’s over for he is in control of when he wants it found and by whom.

        • I hope you are wrong about that VG, but it has crossed my mind several times. More lately.

    • Stephanie Davis I clicked on your link but it does nothing. I see nothing. So since I can’t see anything I can’t compliment, praise, dish out props, bash, make fun of, etc….

        • Stephanie there are many other websites where you may upload images for free. Search for them.

  78. “immutable – not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature”–

    One question which invariably arises while searching for the treasue is would Forrest Fenn leave clues that could be altered, destroyed, or removed? How permanent are the clues? On one of our trips this year my wife and i discovered a tree with an “F” carved in it, near a spot that we came to know as “the blaze”. As I looked at that carving, it hit me that if this was put there by Forrest, and if it leads to the treasure, I could destroy the whole chase by defacing it, which is what I did (relax, the tree was already “defaced” by the “F”). After scrapping it off, I asked my wife, “Does it look like an ‘F’ now?”. I then sarcastically bemoaned the fact that Forrest would now have to come out and put a new “F” on the tree. I think he is clever enough not to put himself in such a predicament, and I think that we need to avoid possible solutions that rely on anything temporary.

    • And that probeguy is why I know that blaze is nothing of the sort because not only can we remove it such as you did but we can also create them and confuse and mislead other Chasers…our competition.

    • On my chosen site of the nine clues there are only two that would be fairly easy to remove with a few hours labor . the other 7 would still be there .

      • I wouldn’t understand why anyone would remove a clue or a blaze sign other then just being jerk. If you don’t find it you don’t find it, either keep trying if you believe it’s in the area, or if you still can’t find it then give up and move on and leave the blaze alone so if someone else has chose the same idea then they have the blaze to connect their dots. Besides the blaze might be marking something else other then the TC.

        • Also, if someone sees something that looks like clue, something that got there attention, if they tamper with it, that could make it more noticeable, even in the clue is gone, it’s removal can likely be seen.

    • It says: “This is private album.” Maybe you should change privacy settings or something.

    • Stephanie Davis how do you expect to find the Treasure Chest when you are just there busy looking beautiful with your daughter and those two guys, I assume your husband and son, just playing around in the snow? Focus!

        • Your hippie son…sorry…my apologies…I glanced to quick. But yeah you’re a hottie! So you all were really hunting…those are the photos I want to see. You know you guys moving boulders, jumping in ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, moving pieces of wood, sneaking into those bushes with flashlights, looking at your map with your fingers pointing, you and your husband working the map saying lets go here, lets go there, it has to be here, it has to be there. You know…treasure hunting stuff not a snowball fight and your big beautiful smile. Come on!

        • VG, when we were actually on the serious hunt….I wasn’t taking many pics….the one you see of the guys out in the snow with guns was taken just before I put the camera back in the car as we were heading out to check out a “blaze”……and I have a few of searching inside the train, only because i was lmbo at the time at the ridiculousness of it and had to snap a pic of my friends breaking the law with me…..but I would never post those….for exactly that reason.

        • love the videos and that song about the treasure! That was cool. Maybe I’ll make up my own song and post on here. My oldest son plays the guitar and my youngest plays a mean fiddle 🙂 We jam together so…..maybe 🙂

    • Stephanie,

      Great pictures, the memories should last a lifetime. ( No banjo jokes, I love the banjo. It’s been said that it’s impossible to be sad when playing the banjo).

      I did notice in the picture 19 / 30 what may be VGBOSS making his get away – “just take the chest and go in peace”

      Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, and good luck.

      ( Now, I have to put in some work toward the puzzle ) 🙂


  79. Hey all,I work away from home in a remote area and stay away from the internet for 3-4 days weekly.It is fantastic! Thursdays or Fridays I catch up w/ all of my emails etc..The TOTC blog is always in the back of my mind,always wondering who’s off on another adventure,who thinks they have the poem solved,who’s teasing who,or who’s got another idea.I find lately it has been pretty much the same reading.Maybe a few new names,but nothing very tantamount.I never worry about reading the story of someone finding the treasure.Quite honestly,I believe this hunt will exist for years to come.I personally have some very sound info, but still lack enough to not feel 100%.To me, that does not warrant a trip.After 4 trips it only makes sense to not be foolhardy and dash off into the sunset on a whim.I do not think that is how this Chase will end.The answer’s to, and ultimately the discovery of this treasure will most likely be by some person that has spent months,even years mulling this poem over and one day it will just click.The meanings will just pop and the poem will lead that person right to it like forrest says.Making trips w/built in back up searches and over exerting in unfamiliar and unforgiving environments seems very foolish and in my opinionwasteful.Do not get me wrong here.I do love reading the great stories and reading some of the really good humor.I still wish all the best luck to every searcher and hope that safety is the first step in every plan.I just have come to realize that it really is not a competition,nor is it a race.Goofy ole Guy says it best,”It’s not a sprint,it’s a marathon”.Have a great weekend all! And be safe…

    • All very sound logic ken I agree with most of what you say but I also enjoy hearing everyones ideas. One of the things I have been doing is reading past entries to see if anything fresh pokes out at me. I read everything I can find and even watch Youtube to see where people have been, even if its not related to the treasure the videos give me achance to see terrain of target areas so I can exclude them if they dont fit with what Forrest has said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I needed to hear them. Have a good weekend!

    • Hi Ken, I don’t see any way, that anyone could be100% certain. Even with an X marking the spot, we would still have to search. I feel like my solution is maybe 90%, that’s enough to get me back there.

      • I think so too. My “certainty” goes like this…I have found a spot that fits all the clues well, without having to resort to convoluted reasoning, and I’m going to check it out for blazes.
        If we all take this approach, I think it will be found soon. If we’re chasing certainty with book-clue epiphanies, we are not likely to find it. IMHO.

        • @ CO searcher and James P.,I personally think that the clues will tell the right person exactly where the treasure is w/out too much trekking around.I also believe that the poem, a map,and some in depth history research is what is necessary.Poring through the book and trying to glean hints from it have proven to be the undoing of every searcher so far.It is far stretched to believe that any one can know for sure what is a hint and what is not.W/out all of the clues solved one could go out and search 1000 times and lady luck could serve up a big fat goose egg every time! So, no, joining hands and doing a line search is not going to find it.IMO …

        • Ken, unfortunately it’s not possible to determine whether or not the clues are solved, or even what the clues are. Those folks that find a true, pure solution (like one that generates lat/lon coordinates or similar) have had no better luck than the “hunt & peck” crowd. I think (IMHO) “hunt & peck” will eventually find it.

        • Since the book is likely about chasing and the poem about finding, the hints/clues in the book may take a searcher to many places that Forrest Fenn loved to go. He wanted us to have as much fun as he did when he was chasing his treasures and adventures and we can’t do that if we go only to one place so he made sure we would be chasing. I feel confident that he knows many of the places searchers have visited very well including the ones in NM that are not mentioned directly in the book. There is a reason some places are searched over and over again and it’s because of the book, I believe. I think only when the poem is solved will the victor know which subtle hints/clues were about Mr. Fenn’s other places that are special to him and which ones were referencing the clues in the poem and the treasure location.

    • Stephanie, I don’t believe rubber is a good long term covering for the chest either in water or expose to air. The ozone breaks it down as dry rot and in the water it breaks down also, yes that’s over a period of time but definitely before 10,000 years. Of course I’m not saying it could have not been used.

      • a pile of old tires is one of the landmarks in a spot I’m searching. I’ve done it tire’d and now I’m weak and headed back later this week 🙂

        • CHC are the tires just waste someone threw in the woods of you searching a recycle dump. I know you have some extra time to search everywhere now, but I don’t think Forrest fondest memory area is a dump site. LOL okay kidding, I’m sure you have your reason for the tire’d and tires landmark. Best of luck.

          • No, Bur the final spot is not an old dump…but some old tires are part of the journey and they kind of point you along. A small set of wheels are also part of it and they’ll keep ya on the road too but I will not say how..The blaze F spot I made it to after getting thru the clues is quite purty and very secluded, I must say. With all my calculations, I think this gives me 5% chance of gettin’ lucky. CHC

        • Maybe I’m not best one to throw any ideas out right now, my concentration on getting to my search site(s) and how I came across them finding them and the adventures ahead makes it hard to think out of the box right now. So sorry if I made any off the wall remarks lately, all ideas are are good if they help in searches. Bur

  80. If you believe a clue in the poem can be a man-made structure, then I have the following question to ask:

    If the last clue in the poem is a man-made structure, then how far away from that structure does the treasure need to be before it is no longer “associated” with it?

  81. Just to respond to a few comments from yesterday…I think ff finds the chest location “dear”, “special”, and “Private” because he discovered his own cache there in the sixties when he was flying jets in the four corners area looking for ruins. I personally believe the location is going to be difficult, but not impossible to find from the ground whether you are on the canyon rim or on the canyon floor. I believe its placed where you cannot walk…you must climb, or crawl, etc. to get to it. it will be “in” a canyon wall somewhere, relatively safe from animals, weather, smaller flood and fire events, etc. You will need to be brave to get to it, even though the climb is relatively safe. And, as always, this is just my opinion…

    • Mike D i agree with you 100%. Tucked in a crevice of an overhanging ledge. Protected from mother nature for the most part. I’ve been trying to debunk my theory of it being situated on a lake where the water level conceals it for a certain time of the year. I was locked in on Yellowstone but eventually fell in love with Idaho. I came across some information doing reasearch last night that really motivated me to the extent that i would love to drop everything and go search. I made that mistake when i was really green and wasted a 1600 trip to Wyoming due to the weather, won’t make that mistake again.

  82. on my last search these are the animals i came across

    bunny rabbits

    (they run can faster then i realized, and kick up some serious dust while they are doing it)


    a beaver

    3 wild horses

    (i was amazed how they turned and ran up a steep incline like it was nothing)

    2 male deer

    a ram with big curled horns

    when i went into the wooded area, i heard knock knock non stop, like woodpeckers maybe

    and this wooded place was a home for birds, all kinds, never seen so many birds and so many nests all congregated in one area

    i saw a small bird that made me think of a roadrunner, wouldn’t fly hardly just ran around on the ground , real fast sometimes

    i walked for miles uphill to get to this wooded area, then miles going back. i did this for 3 days straight.

    never once did i see another human being or even get the impression there was one anywhere around, the whole time i was there.

    i saw animals a lot, run in front of me sometimes, sometimes to the side of me across the incline, sometimes in the valley below me.

    this place, the scenery was indescribable, especially when you are first going in, huge drop off to the left, trees and beautiful green valley below and a river, then when you go in, wall of trees on either side, like you are inside a secret place,

    it was like the animals knew there was rarely a human presence there, they ran around like it was their home, without a care in the world.

    i found one sign that someone has been there. a circle of rocks just outside the woods, like for a fire.

    the road that goes through is driveable, but the only way in is obstructed for a vehicle unless you had a motorcycle, maybe a golf cart could fit thru.

        • Chris they are devices which can capture and freeze time. These devices are great tools that we humans have at our disposal. They would have came in handy in your quest which would have allowed us, not with you on your trek, to visualize see what you saw during your actual quest. You should look into these said devices. You can get great deals on eBay and you will need no paddle up that bay however at times you may experience bids high so bid at your own risk and be wise doing so as not to pay heavy loads.

    • chris you did’nt see any elk was the road blocked by a gate or what You said you could take a motorcycle in there is it a no motorized vehicle area I surely wouldn’t want the warden giving me a ticket

    • chris there are very few places where there are wild horses most places are open range and the horses belong to someone The only other places wild horses are are designated wild horse ranges and most there is a notice of it being such.

    • chris that was my fire ring I almost froze to death that night was really cold when it was still snowing

  83. Sounds like a reddish colored river canyon somewhere west of where warm waters halt…

      • Thanks Iseeit , I understand what you are saying . Good luck in your hunt .

    • Rebel….

      Remember what Forrest said about 2 people and keeping a secret…..

      Protect YOUR interests. Contracts only

      • Thanks germanguy et al . I’m trying to be careful . Good luck in your hunt .

    • You must have something Rebel. You’re making every one nervous. Why don’t you meet people at your spot and take the easy approach – Let them search while you supervise by the car. It’s the American way.

      • MCP , too sick to travel that far again . Not far ….but too far to crawl . ha ha lol Thanks for your concerns , they are much appreciated . Good luck in your hunt .

  84. COHighCountry says,

    “remember, brown gravy is not a good animal repellant.”


  85. Last weekend I went fishing for shark once again. Not teeny little 3 foot shark, but BIG, atleast 6 foot shark. I had a hook as big as my hand, a leader made out of a coat hanger, and a head of a 25+ pound snapper for bait. My companion went out atleast 29 feet or more into the surf to throw my line, waves; waves 3-4 feet crashing about him. I sat there next to my 14 foot surf rod and waited for my pole to hit the sand, waiting for the PVC pipe rod holder to falter. I waited. I tweaked my line, pulled sea grass off the line… Waiting for that pole to bend, really big, and my drag to start whining. I was multitasking, fishing for big azz shark and thinking of the nine clues at the same time. I did not catch a shark that day, but no one else caught anything either. I thought of us, on the blog, us searchers; waiting for that day when our pole slaps the sand.

    • Zeldasings your shark comment reminds me of this video I watched of this guy, this fisherman, who does lots of fishing but when he had, I believe, a fish on his line a shark went for it. If you haven’t seen that particular video here it is.

        • So true Zeldasings….Adventure is where you find it but I would like to add that Adventure is where it finds you.

      • I mean the head was off a 25# + snapper. But you guys knew that, didn’t you?

  86. Just revisited my Blaze today. No snow to hide the treasure this time. I looked quickly down, was bold and in the wood, even ventured into the cold. No chest, though. Tomorrow’s another day. My rental vehicle is white with Washington plates. I keep expecting someone to walk up to me and ask if I’m Dal. Surprised that there are not that many people in my neck of the woods today. Had the blaze area to myself.

      • Germanguy,

        I don’t. I’m actually from near Stephanie in the greater Chicago area, but Hertz gave me a rental from WA instead of from MT or WY.

        • Jeff,

          I think when the treasure is found, Chicago will play a big part in it. And it is major. When I find it – I will let you know.

  87. Is the title of the poem “Where The Treasure Lies”, or “The Thrill Of The Chase”?

  88. When you figure out the poem, then maybe you’ll need your GPS. “the poem will lead you to the treasure”. Mr. Fenn does not say Goggle Earth. Perhaps, tomorrow with another hint….truly doubt it will help. I have a few clues of my own, not like Steph D., they are just from the poem. It’s just connecting one thing to another.

  89. stephanie davis What was it you said Thor had that was shaped like an arrow,? Was it an arrow like the white Blaze on Lighting the Horse on pg 58?

  90. I’ve said here before that nowhere is too far to walk if time permits.
    Although that may be technically true, a more literal meaning is most likely FF means. To walk somewhere is very different than hiking there. You wont need a sandwich to take Fido out for a walk. You just wont be gone that long.

    Webster calls a hike a long walk and depending on the difficulty, you may have to trudge there.
    I believe he made both trips to the hidey hole in one day’s time.
    (A long day maybe, but it’s too much trouble to make a return trip later.)

    So all this does is clarify the “not far” part.

    Also, the verb “Hike” means to lift, elevate, get up or raise from a lower to a higher position. Lift a load.

  91. Someone asked me what about the 2 waterfalls that appeared at the same time, one to the left, one to the right. They, waterfalls can be a blaze. THESE 2 appeared suddenly and at the same time in opposite direction in a box cayon. Going back there.

    Bear Spray, its at a hardware store in West YS in south part of town west of McDonalds.

    The YS Info trail markers are faded, can’t make out much from them. On a simple trail you feel you may be lost, because you are not meeting any one,,At least use a compass.

    Weather is cold hi of 56, but was mostly sunny today, but it did sleet twice for several minutes, but this weekend will be sunny and 65. I’m wearimng my pjs under my jeans, and have on t shirt and 2 sweat shirts and a rain/wind breaker with a hood..
    But its better than 90+ degree heat for sure!!

    Got to Midway geyser Basin today,. The search if ever drawing shorter, half way there….lol

  92. Oh, and we are carrying a small tarp in a backpack in case it rains, to cover up during a possible downpour.

  93. I’ve been trying to talk myself out of a trip to Idaho, i think my rational side is losing the battle. Looks like i will be going on a trip in June. (lol)

    • I’ve seen many prospects in Idaho. Without giving much away, I estimate it will take myself 2 years to search all the spots on my list. I look at it like this- more blazes than WWWH, more hot springs than homes of Brown. Good luck, JJ.

  94. Hey Musstag got you message from Rebel and the meet Monday night sounds good. Bur

      • Sorry tried to post back to ya Luckydog but it said it’s in moderation. But as I said in the post I can’t wait to get my feet on the ground and start searching. This waiting these last couple days and the
        excitement has me just wanting to reach my place and mellow out and enjoy the chase. Have you decided you next search yet? Bur

  95. Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world, and succeeds in helping souls into paradise – Christopher Columbus

  96. Thanks Luckeydog, yes can’t wait to just put my feet on the ground and get some searching done. These last couple of days just waiting has me so damn excited to get there. I need to reach my place and mellow out and enjoy the chase. Decided your next search yet? Bur

  97. Anyone out there still believe that “home of Brown” is in reference to Brown Trout?

    Personally I still believe Brown Trout, as the home of Brown, is a strong possibility but I’m still leaning towards the bronze romanesque lock box, from the mid-12th century, being on land. After I rule out my next 2 spots on land and if those 2 land spots fail to bring me the Chest I will be swimming with them trout.

  98. After the HOB you get this….
    From there it’s no place for the meek,
    Could this mean the direction you will be going after you have gone up your creek without a paddle?
    After you have come to the water high and been wise to find the blaze that will lead you off where the meek ( unadventurous ) would not go…..

    • Because I don’t believe anyone is seriously close to solving this (and most in my opinion of course are not even in the correct state), I want to give away something.

      “no place for the meek” equates with “no place for biddies” from the book
      we know the meek could be chicken-hearted (opposite of stout-hearted) and the definition of biddies is also chickens –

      so we should be using that line as “From there it’s no place for chickens”
      So where is ‘no place for chickens’?

      Could it be:
      cemetery (don’t think so)
      frying pan

      Anyone want to brainstorm the line?

      • stance,I agree that no one is even close.Just my opinion of course.The meek part I do not agree with…

      • Stance,

        good question. I believe there are more than one way to the chest…the way F went and the way he is sending us. IMO…the way we are going at one point the terrain becomes a little rough so to speak. Maybe this is the area that people have been within a few hundred feet but they went a different direction.

      • Stance,
        Agree with some of your suggestion on “meek”. Was thinking battlefields as well, in particular the Nez Perce War, which had battles being fought around the MT, ID, WY borders area. Native Americans trying to reach asylum (joining Sitting Bull in Canada) while being hunted by army troops, seems kinda meek to me…

      • If you go a month or more back and read some of my old comments within this blog you will read several of my hints that I gave about CHICKENS and such! I even posted a song about CHICKENS but 1 or 2 people found it insulting and didn’t really catch the hint I was giving about CHICKENS.

        Here’s that particular video I had posted months ago…enjoy.

        Don’t take the song wrong people. I have my solutions and I give out my hints mostly via video, audio, and photos and they are never intended to insult any Chaser whatsoever.


      • Stance! What if each of the locations described in the poem has its own unique no place for the meek! The home of Brown is located in a lonely yet often visited location in my opinion and is the color of the McBiddie Nuggets if they were cooked until they resembled the adobe walls of the Taos Pueblo. Just my opinion. I’m going to Colorado on the Yates bandwagon! Yeeehaw! To see that huge in your face home of Brown and huge in your face blaze! Again just my attempt at storm braining. Move along.

          • ROTFL. VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! The bike might not make it above 5001 feet. Remember we would be carrying flashlights, cheese pimiento sandwhiches, Dr Peppers, Mctrout Combo meals and trove detectors. In addition, Yates, our guide,would be on the handlebars with his shovel to do his yatescavations. So maybe we
            need something bigger like Rebel’s van.

      • theres no need to speculate on what NPFTM is

        the poem tells you what it is

        just like t ttells you what the blaze is, and it tells you what WWWH is

        it solves itself

        its like one of those test booklets where there are a list of questions and it tells you, turn to page 38 for the answers,

        you just need to know how you turn to page 38 in the poem

  99. Hi to all hunters ,
    Been thinking about my situation , and at this stage I want to see the treasure found , and maybe get some one on one credit for leading someone to the right place .


    Here is the way I will do it IF I do it . To try and make it as fair to everyone as Mr. Fenn has done , 1 week before I release my clues I will designate a city for everyone who is interested to travel to . That way people who may live close to it will not have an unfair advantage .

    Then after allowing for time for anyone interested to travel to a close location I will release my clues , and when you see them you will all be amazed .

    Just trying to make this fair to any who might be interested , and give everyone interested an equal chance .


    Good luck and good hunting everyone . And thanks to all who have said some very nice things about me , but please don’t hate me if I decide not to go thru with this plan . It’s a decision that weighs on me .

    • my suspicion is growing .. hey btw chasers ive just discovered a reccuring theme in a few stories of the book.. and it may be a major clue.. i’m willing to share thisl breakthrough to the highest bidder! no guarantees but this just may be the ticket to paradise!

    • Rebel, maybe you should appeal to Mr. Fenn himself. He has shown a willingness, at least on one occasion, to assist someone who was disabled. If your story is true, and you have the solution, I suspect he will help.

      But please don’t release your solution. I, like you, also believe that I have the solution, and I have a trip scheduled with my family to go find the treasure.

      My children are very excited about the hunt, and we have been waiting months for school to let out, for my vacation time, and for the weather, so that we can enjoy the hunt as a family.

      If you truly have the solution, then you will be providing a short cut for others who could not figure it out, and turning this into a race. I’m sure Mr. Fenn would prefer to assist someone who is disabled than to turn this into a race.

      Please think it through. I hope that you decide not to go through with it; if you do, I hope that you will wait at least until the end of June, so that families with kids can enjoy the thrill of the chase when school is out.

      • excellent point dacoma, and well stated .. and rebel maybe you could find a family member or friend who could assist your hunt..

      • Hi dacoma ,

        I have sent five e-mails to Mr. Fenn , some including photos that only he would recognize if I am right .I have explained my disabilities that have prevented me getting the last 100 feet . I believe Mr. Fenn is a fair and honest person , but as he has stated that he is working on another book , I believe it is possible that he is not reading his e-mails . I have tried putting different things in the subject line to no avail .

        I have and will continue to consider some of the good points you have made . As I said , this is not carved in stone yet . I may change my mind . Would be interested in a consensus of opinion regard what I should or should not do .

        Thanks to all involved and good hunting to you all .


        • so we should drive to a certain city and wait in anticipation of you releasing the hidden location

          count me in

      • Regardless of anyone releasing their site info it shouldnt make a bit of difference to anyone because the great outdoors is a huge place and even if you shared the same location there is a very good chance you wouldnt look in the exact same hidey holes. Think outside the box, be creative. By the way you cant tell anything about a place by looking at it on google earth, so plans dont always match up with research. Always look for other things to do when making a trip because its probably a couple of billion to one chance that you are the first to search any given spot.

    • I don’t think you should do it Rebel reason being said the chances of you being wrong far out weigh you being right, and the personal responsibility of it and being wrong is huge.

      Also I have never looked up or even researched not one site or location, of anyone that has blogged about on this site, all my research has been my own, I think the accomplishment of someone getting this done on there own time, research, guts, know how, and mettle would be a HUGE accomplishment, and for those who are wanting it to be found is noble thought but undermines who Forrest Fenn is and what he has done and all the hard work he has put in to this.

      • I totally agree with Jackalobe Hunter….In that Chances of You, Rebel, and many others, including myself, being wrong far out weight any of us being right.

        Many of us, thousands and thousands of us, believe we have the Poem solved and know where the Treasure Chest is and many of us, thousands and thousands of us, are 110% confident…but it don’t mean the Treasure Chest is going to be there when you get to you super duper sizzling hot spot.

      • Well said Jackalobe . Appreciate your taking the time to say them . Good hunting to you . Rebel

    • Hi Rebel. Before I weigh in, I applaud your search effort! Takes guts to push yourself like that.

      Now, as for your plan:

      I can appreciate that you feel that you are “sharing the wealth” so to speak however, one big thing that stood out the most to me is your statement that “you want to see it found”. Not to be harsh, but that’s smacks of selfishness on your part. Lots of people have invested time & $$$ and have burned out a lot of brain cells over this and I think setting off a mad dash for the chest just so you can “let it go” and have the chase be over with is (IMO) not a good enough reason. Kind of takes the “thrill” out of it, don’t you think?

      And what happens when 10 people show up at the spot at the same time and there’s a million+ dollars on the line? Maybe a bit of ultra violence could ensue? You can bet on it. I’m sure you’ve seen what people are capable of when the stores open on Black Friday and all they want is a good deal on an XBox or a flat-screen TV. Imagine that times 1,000,000.

      I can understand the frustration of believing you have it solved and being unable to get it yourself, but the bigger picture is that you are only one out of thousands involved in this quest and your need to see it resolved does not outweigh all of the other searchers’ need to continue on this wacky ride (also IMHO).

      Good luck to you and, if you are right about your spot, you’ll find a way.

  100. All of my clues except for the last two and one hint came be verified by the use of a dictionary , wikipedia , and google earth, and excepts from the book, without leaving home . As I said the last two require “boots on the ground” because those things are no where online .

  101. Good ideas on meek Stance.

    OKAY there will be a ‘meek’ meeting Monday nite 9:30 pm at West Yellowstone Mt McDonalllds.

    Thats june 3rd I think

    • Musstag I did get your message from Rebel in case you didn’t see my earlier post. So see you there.

  102. lt looks like I’m heading out to my main location Monday or Tuesday, probably solo- which means larger caliber, bigger bear spray, rope and an airhorn. I’ve been to a few spots and this one keeps calling me back. You know how f said you could go right to it in confidence- for me this is it. The blaze takes you to the perfect spot where FF and his treasure could go hidden indefinitely. When u finally get there, all I can say, is that there is a kind of a little puzzle to get thru. This is where I got stuck and then rained out. If I’m wrong on this one, I’m going to hide a chest there someday and we can use the same poem…only my chest will have a lot more crappy stuff in it than ff’s. lol.

    • @CO,That’s the spirit! Good luck and be safe.Stop and take in your surroundings and enjoy the search area.That may be what you get out of the trip,but who knows…

    • I like the airhorn and recommend it or all of us solo adventurers. No matter how careful we all are, a random snake can bite your behind and put you in a jam.
      The Alpine distress signal traditionally consists of a signal by blasts from a whistle (may also be an air horn), which is repeated six times in the minute (every ten seconds). It is to be repeated after one minute of break in same manner.

      6 is the standard, but I know from experience in rescues that everyone responds to 3 or more quick blasts that repeats every minute or two.

  103. Has anyone elses research tied into Native American history/folklore & astrology ? Sure seems like here lately all my reasearch ends up having to do with Native Americans. Also i’ve got a really good spot for you Yellowstone fanatics if your on the ground up there and willing to share. The area happens to be near the South entrance.

    • Yes JJ I have brought that up as well months ago within this blog and other blogs….astrology…constellations. Other Chasers have brought it up as well.

      Here’s a photo that I used in one of my posts from months ago when talking about astrology and the constellations: This bad boy fits the poem, in my opinion, if you do the research.

      Some of you need to go back several months to a year to see what many of us already talked about and brought to the table in regards to the Poem and this Thrill of the Chase.

    • Jj my research points to natives also but the only thing I got with stars was that they planned their year around the stars positions to tell them when to plant, harvest and to prepare for season changes.

  104. Well said VG Iv’e told everyone in the past and will say it again this will be more difficult than most people think it will be.

    • Yes Jackalobe Hunter I agree with you once again. It is more difficult than majority of the people think and believe.

      When one really, really, really, considers how long Forrest Fenn took to get all this together…plan, organize, execute, etc…I believe it was 15+ years that it took him….well there is no way, in my opinion, that it will be found in 1 year, this year 2013.

      The reason I say 1 year, 2013, and not 2010 when he actually secret, hid, buried, whatever the Chest well only a few were out in search of it, not many people knew about it only a small handful.

      This year, 2013, is when the Thrill of the Chase has actually hit the main stream media, Today Show, and where Collected Works Bookstore are really selling the books hot-off the press…so the way I see it is that 2013 is barely, just, the 1st year because of the volume of people who now have the book, and those who are waiting for the book to arrive, and currently those doing research as well as those on the Chase. We’re now talking about thousands thousands of people on this Chase not small handful.

      Forrest Fenn 15+ years putting this whole “thing” together and to expect to find it this year…the 1st year, in 12months, 1 year, 365 days? I don’t think so…but I could be wrong as lightning does tend to strike people on the head at times.

    • Like Fenn said “It’s not impossible, but it isn’t easy either”. It’s meant to be there a long time. People will come within a few feet of it, but they won’t know it. I don’t believe that it is buried, but just concealed enough to weather the years. And many years at that.

      So some (like Rebel) may feel that know where it is, but until someone actually sees it or holds it, it will go to way of the “Old Dutchman’s Gold Mine”. And if anyone has read about that mine, they will know that people have died trying to find it. We already have at least two (if not more unknown) casualties from this search and likely to have more.

      I for one am not concerned the Rebel has found (or at least feels) he knows where the chest is. I read his initial comment and don’t believe (my opinion here) that the chest is going to be anywhere “hikers” would normally go. For that matter, where anyone currently travels. I say this, because “I” personally wouldn’t. I’d put it somewhere that when I got to the location, I’d be tired and by the time I treked back out, I’d be weak. To me, that was pretty much a face-value clue. But then as always, this is only one man’s perspective.

      So my fellow adventurers, I say “Viel Glück und eine sichere Fahrt zu Ihrem Topf voll mit Gold”.

      • Gguy, I thought you were positive you knew exactly where the trove is?! Did something happen to your theory?Did I miss something along the way?

        • Just because I understand Fenn’s way of thinking, doesn’t mean I’ve given up on him. 🙂

      • I found that translated to: good luck and a safe journey to her pot full of gold

        Why are you saying “her”? Or was my translation wrong? 🙂

        • Obviously, you’re not German. You depend too much on the online translator….lol
          It doesn’t handle grammatic German very well. Mine is the correct version.

          • Actually half German, but unfortunately I was never taught the language. I should put that on my list of things to do after I find the chest! Thanks Germanguy, I enjoy your posts

      • G Guy, I am not so sure any can claim to understand fenn’s thinking.We all wish to,but, good luck to you anyhow…

  105. Note: The following post is just my opinion. Believe it, don’t believe it, it is just one person’s musings. But if you knew me, you know I don’t just pull things out of the air or make wild speculations. Everything I am about to suggest is based on a combination of logic, common sense, simple laws of physics, what I’ve deduced about FF’s thinking and behavior, etc. I just don’t want to post a 5000 word essay explaining my reasoning. Just keep an open mind.

    I would love to see someone crack the poem and get the box. After reading some of the posts, and since this blog is supposed to be about helping each other solve the clues, I’ll be blunt. Some of you are way off in your thinking and have no chance of locating the chest. Looking in trains, restaurants, the mantle above the Yellowstone lodge fireplace, walking 10 miles down dusty trails, etc. No! Making anagrams out of words, using numerology or substituting words and phrases, No!

    Again, my opinion, there is nothing man-made associated with any of the clues (except maybe the HOB). Man-made objects and structures get moved, burn down, get torn down, etc. FF has a long term view of things. This is my scenario:

    Years ago FF was out exploring an area and discovered a secret place: a small cave, niche, rock overhang, or whatever. Possibly there was some evidence of Indian habitation (a blackened hearth, some pottery shards, other artifacts). At some point he stayed there overnight. The first four lines of the poem: gone in there alone, can keep my secrets, dream of riches new and old (gold coins and indian artifacts).

    In the morning, a shaft of sunlight illuminated the space, but only for a short while.

    So in order to compose a poem that leads to this location, you work backwards and designate natural features as the clues. (the blaze, the creek, HOB). Look for a location that meets these criteria:

    In the mountains within 150 miles north of Santa Fe, look for a warm spring or creek that empties into a larger river. This will be in or near a canyon. Drive down the road no further than 10 miles (not far, but too far to walk). There will be a turnout or rest stop. This will be located below the HOB. (you “put in below the HOB” like a ship puts in to port). I don’t know what HOB is. I am leaning toward a place where a colony of Brown bats live, but idk. Below you will see a river with white water and rapids. Be there at sunrise and search no further than 2 miles up the river for the “blaze”, such as a notch in the canyon walls or an unusual rock formation. Remember, FF made two trips to place the treasure. Even at two miles it would mean 8 miles of hiking.

    The location has to be a place that is accessible and identifiable since FF has said at least two teams have passed within several hundred feet of the location. I don’t know that these teams have solved the first clues. It could simply mean that someone e-mailed FF and said “hey, Forrest, we’re going to search in Chaco canyon. What do you think?”. I’ve estimated there have been at least 100,000 actual searches over the past three years. Simply by chance some people are going to be in the vicinity.

    I hope this helps someone. If you do find the chest using this information, at least give me a beer and one of the gold coins, okay?

    Happy and safe searching, everyone.

    • Hey Skeptic40 I like your handle. What if I told you that the person who came within 500 ft of the treasure was one of his grand kids? Would that change your analysis?

      • Sure could have been one of his grand kids Doubting Thomas that he took fishing near the area where he secret, hid, buried, whatever the Treasure Chest to test it’s visibility and he counted himself and his grand kid as 2 parties. That’s my opinion.

    • skeptic40 nice write up. I enjoyed reading it but it would be better, work best, if you make a map, of your region/area, for those of us who work better with visual items, images, thoughts, ideas, etc….

    • skeptic, curious as to why you chose 150 miles of santa fe?? thats dangerous insight in my opinion. can you share how it was derived??

      • Lots of people love Taos and the high New Mexico desert. Nice area to search!!!

      • The box was hidden sometime in 2010. FF purpose was to get people away from the television and video games and outdoors looking for the treasure.

        It wasn’t until earlier this year when the story came out on the Today show that it became a national story. I had never heard of it before then.

        The story was only known locally for a couple of years. The only place you could get the book and the poem was in his Santa Fe shop. I feel it was intended for the people in and around SF. I don’t believe FF intended for people from all over the country to be traveling thousands of miles and spending thousands of dollars in their searches.

        • I agree about that skeptic. Its was a local story picked up by the national affiliate. Thats why the book is only available through one small local bookstore. The rest wont want to hear that. But its gotten big now and thats ok, because Forrest did a bang up job with those clues!

        • And you call yourself skeptic. He said that his purpose was to get people off the couch and digital media. I think this is much more than that. If he wanted to, Fenn could start a youth camp, with all of the publicity, and people would flock from all over to dig at San Lazarus and camp on the grounds of ancient civilizations. He could literally transform a generation of would be “Indiana Jones” from digital to tangent. Everyone loves to think that archeology is what he has done tired and yet we continue to see video and photos of him sifting through ages of earth to uncover relics. Sorry Skeptic… and others, back to the drawing board.

    • the method you are suggesting is way too general

      it would be impossible to find anything this way

      • Nope…not impossible. There are thousands of us, all poking around. If we focus on Fenn-like clues & Fenn-like spots we will find it within a few years, tops…IMHO.

    • In my opinion – this sounds like quantum physics. Impossible to find this way – and your up from down with HOB is a little mixed up. Thanks for trying. Use the KISS principle.

    • I dont think Forrest ever tells anyone they are close. I think he makes blanket statements that send people scrambling back out to the places they checked before. When he said that it wasnt really of any help to anyone, just a comment to make
      people think deeper.

    • I tend to agree also.

      About the coin…I think I’ll go ahead and splurge for the beer. The coins are going to the taxman, the lawyer, the banker, etc. with the rest to the University of Overpriced Education & the retirement home of gruel & schlepp.

      • Fellow CO searcher…after coins to the taxman, banker, lawyer, psychiatrists etc. there won’t be any left. lol. Best find it, share the pics ASAP anonymously and cash in slowly…I’d bet ya ff would tell ya the same 🙂

        • CoHighCountry- I believe the chest would be considered under the gift tax IRS rules. This would mean that the giver (Forrest) would be responsible for the gift tax if he receives nothing in return. I think the gift tax exemption now is around $14,000. Usually the gift tax is paid to the IRS from the givers estate. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

          • Not sure how that works, Don Johnson, but I saw a similar case like this on Miami Vice and the chest stayed in probate court for quite a while. lol. It all depends where it’s found ,I guess. Either way, hands will be extended looking for $$ or claiming it’s ownership. I’d say find it, keep it quiet, and get pics and details out anonymously so we can all read about it. It’d be a shame to spend all the time and expense to find it, and then give it all away…CHC

          • DJ it’s not a gift. You have to earn title to the gold by engaging in this chase. Therefore, only state and federal income tax rules apply.

    • Skeptic40
      I would say you are about 85% correct! My interpretation is very similar to yours, but i definitely disagree with the 150 miles N of Santa Fe.

    • Your theory fits my spot almost exactly the way you wrote it. The pull off or turn around at my location has an old time cemetery there along the canyon wall.

  106. Slip in the back country entrance to Yellowstone there’s some nice search area’s close by. Don’t forget to check out Lake of the Woods.

  107. After noting some of the comments regarding my possible plans , and realizing that in the extremely small chance that the chest might not be there for whatever reason , I would have some highly agitated people angry at me ( something I do not want ) , I am deciding it might better to crawl back into the cocoon . This is becoming such a headache for me , that I just want to return my life to the state it was a little over 2 months ago when I knew nothing of this Chase .

    It’s said , ignorance is bliss , so now maybe I can return to that blissful state .

    But I feel you all would have loved my explanation of the clues .

    Good luck everyone .

    • i know you would like everyone to see and know your explanation of the clues and the poem, that is something that could happen down the line if you wanted, but my advice in the immediate future you should consider sharing with one person and just one person only

      if there is no one you know personally, then you can continue to reach out here,see if there is one person who may believe in your solution and would be willing to search it

      it would be optimal if they happened to live near the location, as a long distance drive suddenly turns it into a much more substantial expenditure

      if you do find one person you trust on here and they are willing to search and it turns out they dont find it, you then may want to share some of what you found to get feedback. when the place is actually searched, it can have quite an effect on your point of view of your own solution, which i think is a good thing, you might still be really convinced, and if you still felt that way, then maybe you still shoudn’t share it, but i think it becomes more of an option at that point once you it has been searched.

      • Thanks Chris for a well thought out reply .Yes I would want preferably to find someone close to the site to save on expenditure . I am retired and have less than $1000.00 per month income , so I know about counting pennies . I think probably the only advantage I have over others is free time , as many people have to work . However , my illness has reached the point that I am not well enough to travel far . I am just in turmoil and frustration at this point , and need to pull back and re-group .

        Good Luck in your searches Chris .

      • For once I agree with Yates. The treasure was secreted in Sept./Oct. 2010.

      • Einstein I loved your write up a few days back . My location is like a walk in the park in comparison . Very ,very easy , but still too difficult for me . Don’t give up Einstein , the answers are all in the poem , and precisely down to the inch .

    • Hey Rebel, I appreciate your offer and input. If you think you have a good solution but don’t want to give it away completely you might consider looking through the posts here and arranging to give you info to whomever you thought was the most helpful or the most kind. more than likely that person will compensate you if you are correct.

  108. When and if this quest is solved by someone else , there will probably be people come forward claiming to have known where it was all along , yet never having produced any evidence to back up their claims .

    I can say that if it is found at the location I have worked out , there are a small hand full of people I have already produced some of my evidence to , that can backup my claim . That will be some small satisfaction to me . I have given evidence of what I feel is the final location , both in pictures ( I was there and took the pictures from 100 feet away ) and words .

    I am not just an armchair searcher .

    Good luck everyone in your search .

  109. Alexander Supertramp says,

    “And what happens when 10 people show up at the spot at the same time and there’s a million+ dollars on the line? Maybe a bit of ultra violence could ensue? You can bet on it”


    i will be there with shovel in hand. approach at your own risk.


      • Rebel not trying to discourage you but anyone knows that has been searching that the way things look on google earth or any other program are way different when you get on the ground at the location. There always are unforeseen things that you encounter that were unaccounted for . Such as private property , access to the location. equipment needed, amount of time it takes to travel there what to look for when you get there etc etc. The unknowns are too great and your expectations compared to someone else is never the same. then there is the account of is it legal to take from said such location does it constitute keeping silent . Is there going to be litigation over the legal ownership and so on . everyone has to do what they need to do but something to think about

        • TT I’m not speaking for Rebel but he said he has been to his location and has pictures showing the area so that would mean he has field experiance in the area but because of his health he collapsed before making it to the final spot and needed help just get out. I believe if he could have made to the final spot there would not be this conversation going on. He is in a hurry because he feels people are getting close as I do about my areas. In fact I believe some might have searched it but I still am going to check and make sure that it’s there waiting on me, but if it’s not I will move on. Everyone here is not the perfect searcher or the gold would be shown on TV with the person standing beside it.

        • Do I have to repost my funny black helicopter story. Let’s not scare everyone with the camera boogie man. There is zero chance there are cameras on every bend or even any bend. (maybe one where some vandalism was occurring). The mystery cell provider that provides massive bandwidth for remote video through out the National Parks doesn’t exists. Have you seen the budget for the Forest Service. They don’t have room for $500M in cell service and don’t have black programs where secret surveillance occurs. Please save it for the contrails website. I don’t know if it’s in a National Park, but I have zero to fear from a secret remote video seeing me load my car with the chest.

    • Just get a really bright flashlight and you can temporarily blind everyone else . lol

    • Yates we have to approach at our own risk because of your fabulous awesome martial arts like dance moves.

  110. Rebel

    “There are a small hand full of people I have already produced some of my evidence to”. How is this considered fairness to everyone else, who has worked hard at trying to solve this poem? I’m sorry for your condition and your frustration over not being able to personally retrieve (if it’s there) chest. However, giving away your clues so openly here on the blog to a select few, somehow doesn’t reflect the spirit in which this whole chase was invisioned by Forrest from to start. You are tainting it.

    If I were to be in your situation (God willing, I’m not), I would leave the chase and just follow back stage. “If”, and I do mean “If”, the chest is ever found, you will know how it is solved. Then you will know for sure that you were the “first” to have solved the poem. To me, I would see that as a personal accomplishment. I could hold my head up high. This is part of what we call “Personal Pride”. Not something that you have to share with the world. They could care less. But, something to share with those who personally know you, like your family, relatives, friends. To prove you’re the first to have solve it, I would have recommended you typed up your solution, put it in an envelope and send it to yourself by registered mail. When you recieve it, don’t open it until the search is over (if it is in your lifetime). Then do with it as you choose. That is how an honorable person does it. Not desparately seek out others and leave a burden of proof or guilt on their shoulders.

    But then again, this is but the opinion of one honorable person.

    • In my opinion everyone needs to get off Rebel’s back. He can/should do whatever he pleases. Reminds me of when Stephanie (with the pink toenails) used to give out strong suggestions as to how everyone ought to handle their clues too. That I do not miss. My opinion.

      • Strange, from someone sharing in the rebel’s clues.

        You have no justification for using Stephanie’s name in your comment….don’t. Dal and Stephanie have more field time then anyone (including you) on here. If you want to address me, that’s fine, but don’t throw other peoples names into the mix. Stick with the meek “chickens”.

        • German Guy: I’ll talk about anyone who tries to censor info on this blog and who tries to steer the behaviors of some who think differently. Why make Rebel feel bad for his choices?….he should be free to do whatever he wants with his solutions. You and others seem to want to limit rights — I’m for expanding rights. I don’t accept that you’re the sheriff of my fun.

        • Stance,

          “I’ll talk about anyone who tries to censor info on this blog and who tries to steer the behaviors of some who think differently.”… LOL. A little louder, I don’t think Dal heard that…LOL

    • Germanguy ,

      This is starting to sound bad to me , so I think I will make this final statement and then retreat . The two people I revealed one clue and a few hints to , was done as a means of possibly enlisting their help . I had to give them something as an encouragement to help me . What I gave them was a photo of what I believe to be the final place . But , in looking at that photo , there is no way to tell where in the Rocky Mountains it was taken . There is no metadata on
      it at all . I do believe if you were in my position , you might have tried to partner with someone who could complete the team too . Maybe I’m wrong about you , but I needed help .

      • Rebel,

        There is nothing wrong with the idea of partnering with someone. That’s a personal decision and nothing dishonorable about it. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I would recommend in your particular situation. Just be careful in who you pick, because some people are not what they seem, and are nothing more then “actors”, playing a good role. Find someone who may be in your local area and go have coffee with them. Meet them in person. Then decide if there is a fit between you both. Good luck to you and stay well.

    • Germanguy ,

      I seem to read in your statement that you feel I am not an honorable person . You don’t know me , but that hurts .

    • how is Rebel sharing his ideas with anyone tainting the chase

      you talk as if it would be like FF himself handing out clues

      • Chris,

        Personally, Rebel is free to do as he pleases. However, many people on here have invested a lot of time and effort, such as yourself, in puttting their solutions together. When someone offers their hard earned efforts openly on here, it will draw others to want to share in the supposed “freebies” and will probably abandon their own efforts. I’m sorry, but I don’t see this as a very wise choice. “They” may very well be closer to a solution and now will be abandoning it. How’s that fair to them? You’ve been out there. You know how hard and frustrating it is at times. Found what was the “perfect” spot, only to go home empty handed. Some will be able to follow through with the chase, and some will not. That is just the way it is. But at least when they look back, they will be able to say “I did it and it was a ball”, even if it didn’t result in the final trove.

        Thanks and continued good luck.

    • @GermanGuy
      I find your righteous indignation silly and your policing of this blog arrogant. Don’t you have your own blog to police? I thought you had visions of grandeur for your blog, I haven’t noticed anything new there…….Wait let me go check…….Nope nothing new, why not?

      I can hear Fenn now: “Who told you life was fair?”

      So are all the groups pooling their resources unfair? Dal and others have posted detail descriptions of their searches…….is that unfair to anyone that doesn’t read this blog. I’ll bet you are having a fit about all the evil locals that are searching their areas. They obviously have an unfair advantage over foreigners like you.

      What about Fenn…….Giving out new clues. GAWD that’s unfair to all the searchers that have been here from the beginning…..digging up all those out houses and structures not to mention plowing all those cemeteries.

      I could go on and on how silly your “unfair” remarks are.

  111. Hope everyone understands ……I am not doing this for attention . I don’t like typing that much . Just feeling frustrated at my inability to complete this quest .

    • Rebel as you know this blog has many thoughts and some just care to write things just to stir the pot, as we talked about things just maybe you need to not tell your thoughts. I will email more in a little while just busy getting stuff together right now.

        • Check you email if you get a chance, I might be leaving this blog soon after I get to my area.

          • Bur,
            Don’t leave the blog. It seems that this type of thing happens every week or two. Hopefully it will blow over. Over all I think the active bloggers are good people. Can’t we all just get along?

        • Luckydog, I will keep a eye on this but it seems people just want to knock down other people more and more then actually put in thoughts on the reason this blog is here. I have always enjoyed looking here even before joining and hope if I don’t fined the treasure in my future searches that some here does, then I could feel like say hey I know that guy good for him. I feel I have made a couple friends here and consider you one, it just seems I’m deleting blogs left and right without even reading them because of what is being said. I will contact you when I’m done searching. Good luck and take care. Bur

          • Sounds good Bur,
            Right now, just enjoy every minute of your trip and update us when you get back.
            Have fun and be safe,

  112. Germanguy has insinuated that I am not an honorable person if I team up with another person other than him and we get the chest for whatever reason , but I would be honorable if I just take my knitting and sit back in the corner and stay quiet . Well , yes that would be good for him , he would still have a chance of finding the treasure himself . However if I partner up and we are successful then he loses out . I think I understand his motives very well . But to insinuate that I am not honorable to me is like waving a red flag in front of a bulls face .

    Thanks Germanguy … have now given me the incentive to do whatever I can to get the treasure chest , if for no other reason than to make sure you don’t .

    I needed that little push … here goes nothing . lol

    I would have some regrets at depriving others who have worked hard on this chase , but at the moment Germanguy is not in that category .

    • Good for you Rebel, I know you have put the research in too as like all of us and hope your out come works in your favor. We all believe FF has put the treasure out there to be found either tomorrow or in 10,000 years so let the best man or woman feel that glory.

    • Huh? That made absolutely no sense what so ever. Me partnering with you? Where is that written?
      Geez. Rebel, now you’re going off the deep end. I tried to only, “only” give you good advice. Forgive me if I hurt your poor feelings, as that was not the intent. However, I have said my piece and will withdraw from anymore conversation with you. Do as you feel, and good luck.

      Others may make what they will of my comments… tenure here is up.

        • Afraid you’re sandbagging with malice, Rebel. It was perfectly clear what germanguy posted. Good to know that you like to game people. Too bad, this is a site where everyone–almost–tries to help or offer good advice. Good luck in the future.

      • Actually, I think both sides comments are being taken out of context. It’s an odd fight without any context for one. Rebel, partner up and find it and GG you’ve been great for sharing hints that have helped me and I hope you stick around. This is stressful and I hope everyone sees that and relaxes and rethinks today. Nothing was said except we all want to find it and hope our hard work is not wasted.
        I do agree with that and I think everyone does. Anything else was just noise and stress. Let’s move on.

  113. Stephanie et al, I’m sure this has been covered before but can anyone direct me to the source or exact quote where FF says that a map is unneeded? Thanks.

  114. Well, I learned yesterday that I will be furloughed– every Friday off for eleven weeks. Plenty of 3-day TTOTC search weekends coming up, and I have enough frequent flyer miles to last a life time (literally). Just looking on the bright side.

  115. I’ve found something so ridiculously easy as to be almost ludicrous. I have a new spot and guess what…’s not anywhere near Montana……holy cow, I’ve been so blind. I am NOT saying I know where the treasure is, just have a new spot I want to check.

        • My original idea I thought was genius, but I abandoned it when I did not see confirmation in the book. HOB=Deb’s meadow, named for Debbie Reynolds who played Molly Brown
          Owl Creek Pass=”when you’ve been wise”, where John Wayne made is reigns-in-the-teeth run in True Grit.
          WWWH=Ridgway, CO, also home of one of FF’s friends. They have hot springs there.

          Ever since then I have been careful to not get to married to a solution.

    • Stephanie, You strike me as the kind of person that can SOLVE this a thousand times, be wrong a thousand times, and somehow not get discouraged and never give up. I don’t know how you do it.

      For me, i’m a serious skeptic and second guess my “solutions” because how can I ever say I’ve solved it definitively when hundreds of other have made that claim and been wrong. There can only be one right solution. Even when I do go look, I admit to myself it’s a long-shot. Otherwise, the disappointment would make me give up searching.

      Can you bottle that enthusiasm and send some my way please?

      • lol….beekeeper, I’m not jumping up and down this time. I hope I have learned my lesson. But it is strong enough evidence that I WILL check this spot out. But honestly, like I said before, I don’t know what drives me but it’s probably the stubbornness of a fool, because it is foolish to think I have it right anymore. But it is oh so fun trying!

        • Do you drive a green Subaru, cause your tiny pic looks like someone I saw along the Firehole river last weekend?

        • Where in Idaho? i used to live in Idaho Falls, less than 100 miles from Yellowstone?

        • 2 of my lava tubes are close to the Ashton area. Did you go search Warm River? The first time i read the poem i immediately though of that river.

        • Don’t want to cause you to get crazy again, but there is a river literally called “Warm River” on the south end of Island park, it has a waterfall, and there is a path alongside the river that used to run through there. Also, in island park i stumbled across the Brown family cabin.

    • Oh man……Here she goes again. 😀

      For safety concerns you should post the general area and roads you will be traveling so we can post an obsessed searcher area warning; like one of those tornado warning boxes on the weather map……You have given a whole new meaning to “no place for the meek”.

      I can just see you and Dal running down a trail swinging ice axes at each other. 😆

      • lmbo Goofy….safety first…..sorta 😉 and I won’t be going anywhere for at least 24 hours speaking of tornadoes. Got two kids in OKC, tornadoes all around them, but they are both underground in different locations. But tornadoes headed my way again tonight. I will make sure we are all in the clear before I head out of here. But when I do leave out, you probably do need to put out a “storm” warning. lol

    • Stephanie, I wonder if we’ve found the same ridiculously simple thing “in” the poem…

  116. CO Searcher says,

    “Nope…not impossible. There are thousands of us, all poking around. If we focus on Fenn-like clues & Fenn-like spots we will find it within a few years, tops…IMHO”


    CO, i think we have a different idea of the nature of this search

    anyone looking in the wrong place has zero percent chance of finding it, and no matter how many 1000’s of searchers that increases to, and for however many years they are poking around, the chances don’t increase when they are looking in all the wrong places.

    i think some folks don’t recognize the magnitude of FF saying he found the ‘perfect’ place to hide it. he wasn’t just talking about he specific hidey hole of the chest, he meant the place, the area. no one goes there, no one knows about it, no one would ever think about it.

    the only way someone actually searching for the chest ends up there, is because they solved the hidden clues of the poem and it brought them there.

    there is apparently, based on some things FF said, a rare human visitor in these parts, and they may stop in certain places that bring them within hundreds of feet of it, but the chest is in no danger of being found by them, only a searcher who is brought here by the poem.

    “if we focus on Fenn-like spots” ….

    this is actually one way to assure one’s self of never finding the trove, imho, because this spot will never be known as a Fenn-like spot until after the chest is found.

    that is why it was the ‘perfect’ hiding place, no one knows it is a Fenn-like spot, and it is not mentioned in the book and Fenn has never mentioned it publicly, and no one, not even anyone in his family or friends, knows this is that special place.

    • Chris – I agree – no one goes there – not even to hunt. After your clues yesterday – I think I know where you are looking – not exactly but general area – which is huge – but I’m sure you have narrowed it down.

    • Totally,

      That’s why i think it’s in a lava tube (cave) somewhere outside of Yellowstone that Fenn discovered, found treasure within, (indian artifacts) and did not share with anyone. Bring a flashlight, it’s cold and dark down there. Look quickly down, cause the opening is small. I personally know of two tubes within 60 miles of W. Y., and geographically, there is likely many undiscovered ones in that general area.

      • Most of the lava tubes are on the internet. To discover a new one would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. but if that floats your boat – without a paddle – go for it. I wish you the best. Oh by the way watch out for the bats.

        • Unfortunately, i think Forrest did not really intend it to be found anytime soon. Loooong odds. I doubt he put it somewhere he knows people regularly visit. On the other hand, he does not want to say anything to discourage searching, so he says if you follow the clues precisely, it will lead you directly to the treasure. Precisely to me suggests you have to be almost on top of it to see it. I think there is a bit of luck involved.

          But if you chance to correctly interpret the clues, you’ll be close. OMHO

    • Sounds like a spot I found, not a trace of human tracks, only elk deer rodents and a blaze. Need to get back up there in a few weeks and finish searching. No lava tubes for me, just a straight line of sight from point A to point B.

    • Chris Yates Maybe that rare human visitor is a little superstitious. It didn’t feel right at the time and several other things this person was concerned about led to the decision that made him abandon his search for another time. Maybe he knew he was within a few hundred ft. of the treasure and will return later. Knowing that no one has found it in three years. The chances that it is found in the meantime are slim to none. If it is found in the extra time the person probably would say congratulations and move on, Just my opinion.

      • This is not a quest, it’s an obsession. I don’t believe any of us can walk away if we know it’s close. I would literally quite my job and abandon my family if you told me it was close. No one knows for certain they were close or they would have it by now. We are all obsessed, that’s our bond.

  117. Just sent my search story to Dal, (with pics) but i get the impression that he is on the road and it may be a day or two before it’s posted. It’s more of a confirmation that FF’s donation to the betterment of humanity is having it’s intended effect rather than my solution to the clues, but i think it will bring a smile to your face.

    • beekeeper did your search involve a lavatube? if so i got to see the pics! 🙂

      • Not this time. Before I was a Fennster I’ve been in several tubes in E. Idaho, and they are really cool. To be honest, I have not really searched much yet. This recent trip was more of a campaign to my family that it could be fun to search, and scouting the area on the ground. You cannot see everything from google earth. We did find a blaze that had us excited for a brilliant moment before our hopes were dashed by cold reality.

  118. Staying in the Fenn state of mind, I got out in the canyon for a little flyfishing today. I took my motorcycle down not far but…you know the rest. I did not find the HOB but instead the HOR the Home of Rainbows. I did well. Nothing big, but plenty of them. It was a beautiful blazeworthy spot on a blue sky day. I had to let my clues simmer a bit. CHC

    • Well CoHighCountry – you’re suppose to find his rainbow too! Perhaps you have!

  119. When I first started my search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure, back in January of 2013, I quickly had it all figured out. The world “wise” in the poem, as in “if you’ve been wise and found the blaze”, didn’t make sense to me. Whenever I find something that is lost, it is not because I was wise, but lucky. I thought maybe that “wise” meant something else, like an owl. I did a google search for geographical locations that had owl in the name, and quickly stumbled across Owl Creek Pass, near Ridgway Colorado. After just a little research I learned that Deb’s Meadow is at the top of Owl Creek Pass, and Deb’s Meadow is named for Debbie Reynold who played Molly Brown in The Unsinkable Molly Brown (she was nominated for an Academy award for that role). This was my “home of Brown”. After just a little more research I discovered that it was in Deb’s Meadow that John Wayne made his famous reigns-in-his-teeth run in the movie True Grit, certainly a good candidate for “no place for the meek”. Ridgway Colorado, has hot springs (“where warm waters halt”) and Forrest’s good friend Ralph Lauren owns thousands of acres there.

    It all added up. I booked a flight to Durango, and was already determining how I was going to spend the money. But then the book The Thrill of the Chase arrive in the mail. I expected to see subtle hints about Colorado, True Grit, and Molly Brown, but found nothing of the sort. The book seemed completely silent about Colorado. Since there are supposed to be hints in the book for unlocking the cluse in the poem I abandoned my idea.

    Since then I have been careful to not be too attached to “my spot”. I still don’t give up my spot easily, but I am always on the look out for something else. It seems to be human nature to want to believe you are ritght about your “solution” and everything you see is interpreted to convince yourself that you are right. We need to fight against this. Always be open, and ready to consider other possiblities.

    • Just a question. Why does a solution to find the treasure chest have to be confirmed by the book?

      • Well, FF has said that their are “sublte clues sprinkled in the stories” in the book, and the book has some pretty strange stories in it, especially for a memoir. He appears to be a good writer when he wants to be, but some of the the things he writes about seems more like attempts to throw out clues than to tell stories from his life. In fact, I don’t believe that many of those things actually happened, or at least not as he describes them.

      • It doesn’t have to be confirmed by the book, but the book will help confirm your answers to the clues.

      • Bob, I don’t really know that it does have to be confirmed by the book. What popped out at me from the poem today was nothing that has ever crossed my mind. But now I am looking back through the book to see if there are any clues in there that fit my new spot and yes, I think there are.

        • It seems to me Stephanie if you were going in confidence you would not be going to so many different spots. Maybe you should spend a little more time in your spots searching, you might have passed right by the treasure already and not even realized it, that would be a bummer. I think Forrest mentioned something about tenacity. Well at least your seeing a lot of beautiful country.

        • Lorax, the first time I went, I had a huge area to search, and couldn’t because of the snow, then when I went back, I felt I had narrowed it down. This time, I didn’t do any research. I was just studying the poem and something popped out. I feel I must go check it out.

    • Fenn says there are subtle clues in the book if you can recognize them

      if you had the poem solved, beginning to end, and, after the fact, you could not even recognize one subtle clue in the book related to the solving of the poem, that would probably be a sign you did something wrong yes?

  120. Doubting Thomas says,

    “Mike D I will tell you one thing and that is none of the clues or hints on this blog are associated with the treasure. Lol.”


    Ladies and Gentleman, the comedic offerings of one Doubting McBrownTrouting Thomas


    • Dancing Yatescavator! Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m here all summer.

  121. Hmmm – does anyone else see the word “run” on the Buffalo’s back ? LOL – must be seeing things…

  122. Dang Yates i am actually very impressed with your thinking lately you’ve come up with some very novel ideas my friend keep on trucking and you are very possible on getting there eventually!

  123. There is a fire up in Jemez, east of fenton lake.its about 300 acres so far.not a good time to go to Jemez.

  124. inthechaseto says,

    ” After your clues yesterday – I think I know where you are looking ”

    no, you don’t

    i know what you are thinking and

    you are




  125. Herman1 begins his on and off 60 day search next week. If someone else finds it, I hope they are any where but NM and CO. I will feel sick if it is found around or near where I looked. I will never search north of CO, so I will not be disappointed if someone finds it in Yellowstone. This is tough. I know NM and CO like the back of my hand and I have had many adventures looking for this chest(voucher box). The odds are next to zero, but I am middle-aged bored and need another challenge. Good luck to all. I rate the location odds as follows: NM 40% CO 30% Wy 20% Other 10%. I will mostly be looking with my wife and 14 year old son. A friend occasionally and my 23 year old daughter once in a blue moon. I have 2 dozen locations to check representing 3 primary theories. Sixteen in NM.

  126. Herman 1 says,

    “Oh Yates, please don’t put my comments in quotation marks”

        • He’s fishing and doing a little looking if his leg is feeling better.

          • I don’t know. This blog may be around for a 1000 years if Yates doesn’t find it next month. So SC may return.

          • When are you going back out to CO searching DT? I am still trying to work out another trip out there. Getting more and more confident.

          • The bandwagon leaves in about 2-3 weeks if all goes well. Confidence at 90 percent.

        • DT

          what do you put the odds of finding the chest at

          realistically, no 90 percent malarkey

          • For Colorado searchers, the 8 ball says odds are awesome. Just don’t move 500 ft south of your location to make it a 100 percent chance.

          • I’ll be in Northern CO. Don’t know if we will run into each other. If it hasn’t been found before I get there, I am in the upper 90% confidence level.

          • I don’t know where he took them fishing. Is it in the book? It really doesn’t matter to my solution.
            I do hope that when this is over, that we can meet up and put faces to the names. Your posts are great.

          • Sounds great LD. Good luck! Hope someone doesn’t find it before we go or if they do hope they have the courtesy to let us know so I can work on finding the Holy Grail(which is probably in the Smithsonian along with the Ark of the Covenant and various Crystal Skulls, not to mention Thor’s Hammer and the Loch Ness Monster).

        • I’ll take those odds
          I’ll put $10 down that you don’t find it. With 10 to one odds you owe me $100 bucks if you strike out !
          Good luck

          • Never been a betting man Beekeeper.
            I am on a completely different track than anyone else (at least that has been mentioned) and everything is lining up. Just anxious to get back out there. Hoping no one gets there first.

        • @Doubting Thomas,
          you read my mind, I was planning on moving 500 feet south on my next outing.

        • With a name like Luckydog, i would have guessed otherwise. Love the confidence, someone will get lucky, may as well be you.

    • I haven’t heard when the next Today Show appearance is. I just googled it, but didn’t find anything.

  127. I’m so sick of hearing searchers say that they know where it is… if only they could go there. Look, I work for an airline – I can fly anywhere I want to go. I have not gone to a single location yet because I know that the solution is not that easy – even though I have “my spot.” I have offered to buy others tickets to go and retrieve the treasure in the light of their supreme knowlege, and yet searchers are still bemoaning their plight on a public blog! Stop saying you know where it is but you can’t go! If you really, really know where it is but can’t go, then contact me. I’ll get you there, but you have to pay me full commercial value of the ticket upon your return and that’s how I know you aren’t as confident as you say. If there is anything that that was done tired, I think I know what it was.

  128. I found a spot that allowed me to wade in the water about a foot or two deep for about half a mile. If wading isn’t walking then maybe thats what too far to walk means.

  129. Closing the Nine Clues comments down. I find far to many of the comments off the mark and blatantly rude. I am sure you can all find another place to preen and goad and share video clips.


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