THE NINE CLUES….Part Twentyone


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  1. I want to take this space to apologize to Stephanie Davis. I accused her of misdeeds on this blog that she did not do. I accused her of attacking Stephanie and of claiming she had found the treasure. Neither of which she did. Those comments belonged to someone else on this blog. I should have reviewed her comments more carefully and I am very sorry for having given others the impression that Stephanie Davis would do those things. I now know that Stephanie Davis would not have said those things. She has been very kind and very generous in her remarks on this blog.
    Mea maxima culpa.

    • It’s got to be tough playing referee, when you’d rather be solving the puzzle. You do a great job, Dal. Thanks for your efforts.

    • Sorry, Dal, does this mean you aren’t really a jealous old woman? I swear this is a plot right out of the Nancy Drew books I use to read my daughter at bedtime. If only I could remember where the treasure was hidden……..

      Hope everyone can enjoy the journey here, even the bumps in the road.

    • A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

      You’re a good man, Dal.

      Steph D ♥ ♥ ♥ Did you get the roses, candy, and gift certificate for a weeks stay at Cow Creek Ranch……

    • Very respectable and heartfelt apology, and I am certain Stephanie Davis will accept it and be welcomed back so she can regail us with her hunt!! I, for one, am looking forward to hearing how it went.

    • Good on ya, Dal. I was just about ready to email you about the mix-up after looking at the blog again.

      Looking forward to hearing about SD’s adventures!

      Go in Peace!

    • this is how it was when i first started on the chase every body got along thanks dal for bring it back

    • Thanks, Dal for that heart-felt apology. I had looked back over every one of her posts and found nothing but kindness. Welcome, Stephanie.

  2. I had something come up, so I have to postpone my trip. I will not be able to go this weekend.
    Good luck to all the searchers and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    Has anyone ever thought that Your effort will be worth the cold jail cell, until Forrest works everything out? Just a thought…… He will then give you title to the gold.

  3. Hi All, I’m sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I haven’t read anything on here about it. Has anyone noticed that there seem to be 2 ends to the poem? ” just take the chest and go in peace” and “I give you title to the gold”. The reason I bring it up is because after analyzing that point i thought maybe that if you have found the blaze, you know where it ends and can go to the end and get the chest. (look quickly down (to the end) your quest to cease (your search is over)”. On the other hand, if you need more clues, you need to read on and figure out how to be “brave and in the wood” somewhere where your “effort” will be “worth the cold”. Is it possible that once you’ve gotten to the place with “heavy loads and water high”, you could very well know the exact location of the chest and not need the rest of the clues?

    • lisa i think if you were in the right place where heavy loads and waters high is i think you very well could

    • WB Stephanie. I missed the whole drama, but glad to see you back on the blog 🙂

  4. Very respectable and heartfelt apology, and I am certain she will accept it and be welcomed back so she can regail us with her hunt!! I, for one, am looking forward to hearing how it went.

    • Welcome Back! 🙂

      You may have been close Stephanie so if you think you will be going back to search, you may not want to reveal everything about your search. I’d still like to hear about the general area you were looking and any other info you feel you can share.

      • Yes, the book was in the train. Fenn mentioned in borders to not look at the paperbacks, so I only went for the hardbacks in the train. I originally thought I would just find a crumpled piece of paper in the trashcan….but there was nothing in the trashcan. but in the back of one of the books is an asterick with the words “stories 296. On that pg in the book is a circled paragraph with an asterick. The paragraph directs you a 1/2 mile away, but I don’t know in which direction and I’m beginning to wonder if it was put there by FF or not…..idk….but it was fascinating…..and yes, it was kind of like a nancy drew novel as someone implied in here.

      • One other thing about that paragraph. It was about a man asking for a light for his cigar and there being none because they weren’t in America, so he had to walk 1/2 mile to get a light. A 1/2 mile from the train was the pic I posted of the U.P.S. Overland Route shield on that monument. Coincidentally, or not, the overland route was the first “lighted” all electric pullman VIP car.

  5. Well, you may be right, CJ…but… I was in a train car and every inch of it was searched inside, over and under by me and my friends and the treasure is not there. But It seems to be what everything in the book has in common to me….frogs, paddles, saddles, hankerchiefs, biscuits, Thor and on and on and on…..the ONE common denominator and FF mentions that he loved listening to the train. If you use the coriolis effect and look counter clockwise at the missiles on the ground in ttotc book, you see the letters VIP…Fenn also mentions VIP in another posting. Also if you look at the two identical gold coins on pg 131, I believe, the 6 is backwards….and if you look at it upside down, it is a backwards 9. The only way to make it right is to stand it up…..for the number 1903. The car I was in was a 1903 pullman “set-out” sleeper car. Advertised as the greatest “housekeeper” in the world for it’s 283 million loads of laundry each year. It also was modeled on the interior after a pineapple with astericks all over the table. I could go on and on about other clues leading to it but you get the picture of why I was so certain….plus tarry scant also means stop short….and this was the short line….added to the fact that FF mentions he hates long lines. Plus it is inside a restaurant, so I thought I would get a sandwich to go….and of course you need a flashlight to look underneath. I thought the chest would be “flush” with the wall or RR tie or something because of FF mentioning a poker hand in his book, and I still believe this will be the case, as he talks over and over again about flat things and contrasting things like black/white.

    • Sorry it didn’t work out for you Stephanie and I know exactly how you feel. I went on a treasure hunt once a few years ago and I was so sure I had interpreted it correctly. I wasn’t even in the right state! But, to make matters worse, I wasn’t even using the right method of solving the puzzle which many of the other hunters were using. We had a great adventure though, and we still laugh and talk about all the things that happened on that trip. I hope you have some good memories too. 🙂

    • Stephanie – You amaze me with your reasoning. Who would ever think to look in a restuarant. You have my vote for the person most likely to find the chest.

      • well, thank you, Don……FF said everyone would be surprised where it was found….and I certainly thought this would be a surprise. lol We had to break some laws I think to search that pullman car the way we did, but my best friend, Lisa, is a trooper. She locked the door behind her and the search was on….moving 90 miles a minute to search every nook and cranny before we were run out of there. lol

      • and Don, I can’t say I’m not a little disappointed. I was so sure look quickly down would mean you had to be on your knees to find the treasure. And with the “you might want to take a sandwich” statement by FF, I was sure he meant a sandwich to go so I just knew it was going to be under the train. I guess by now, you have all figured out, I thought the blaze was the train itself…..because the poem says once you “found” the blaze, not see the blaze.

        • @Steph D
          Wow…….that’s quite a story. You should write up your story with all your trips and post it……..If nothing else it would be very entertaining to read…’re a good writer.

          And your statement about “finding the blaze” not “seeing the blaze” is really interesting.

        • Goofy, if you only knew the stories from the search. I have shared some with FF, but they are hilarious. We looked like ppl from an insane asylum going through that train and then trying to nonchalantly climb out from under the thing all covered in dirt, soot and grime and have to walk back through the restaurant, only to climb onto bicycles and peddle away through town looking like true hobos was completely ridiculous looking. Not to mention getting caught down on all fours searching under the chairs in the train…..did I mention my friend dropped her contact 😉 bwahahahaha….Thelma and Louise, I swear 🙂

  6. FF has been good about answering so when I got no response I took it that he COULDN”T answer. If he had said yes, then he knew I would leave it alone, but if he said no, then that would be a big clue in itself, right? So, I went for it.

  7. Also when you look up the definition of associated….as in “associated with a structure”….associated just means “joined” or combined with……that doesn’t mean it isn’t IN a structure. FF is a master at word play. Take everything he says and analyze it carefully…..he means exactly what he says.

    • You all know my HOB was the Union pacific system. A 1/2 mile from the train, this is what I found. Marvel gaze??? Captain America was johnny blaze. The paragraph in that book mentioned America…so imagine how I was freaking out when exactly 1/2 mile away I saw this American shield. lol

      • Stephanie Davis, wow – sounds very impressive – I can’t see the down load or anything – but also know that you are trying to get ahold of FF – also thank you for replying to my question the other day! Your excitement is rubbing off – but I think it’s diff to get ahold of someone – I was just heading to a different route… in the book and poem – but If anything comes of your inquiries – congrats!

      • Stephanie D… Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider – if that helps and the elevation of the area you were in was 6660 feet – hmmmm was does Blaze and that number have in common? H. E. double tooth picks!

  8. Welcome back stephanie davis : ). Looks like i’ll be eating Olive Garden tonight. Glad you made it home safe.

  9. There are many many more clues that point to this train car….the ropes in it to keep you in the center, just like the rope line with the teachers on the ends. There weren’t any DO NOT TOUCH signs but obviously you weren’t supposed to touch anything I guess. Also, canned, as in “you’re canned” means an out of service RR car.

  10. Stephanie d, At the risk of being a buzz kill…why would you think it’s in a train car when his stated purpose is to get folks out into the mountains?

      • I can’t explain all my reasoning on here, it would take up too much space and time but it had to do with “crossing the street” and Iris street…..the purple and yellow flowers or something like that from the book.

        • Well I think you get the Fenn “A” for imagination and while your arguements seem compelling, it sounds like you are relying strongly on elements from the book and not so much on the poem. I just think that based on his interviews the solution is primarily in the poem with a few supporting hints from the book. I think the solution is going to turn out to be fairly simple and that’s why we will be surprised.

        • Having said that, it obviously wasn’t right….or I needed to take it a step further…idk…but I’m out of time so it doesn’t matter. If my posts help someone else then that’s great….if not, it just helps to think on things in a little different way. Like look quickly down, when I didn’t find it down, I moved south or left from where I was to find that 1/2 mile marker with the UPS sign, which just led me back to where it all began….in a circle.

        • Stephanie, did you know that the first trip the Yelllowstone Special made into West Yellowstone was on June 5th, the same day as the postage stamp on the treasure?

  11. Can anyone tell me if there’s an illustration of coyotes in The Thrill Of The Chase? Thanks

  12. Glad all is right with the world. WB Stephanie D and my respect for Dal is ever present. Speaking of respect, my next remark should not in any way shape or form be construed as a negative judgement on Mr. Fenn’s character. On the contrary, I and some others of like mind (hey Goofy and Becky) believe that the book is filled with purposeful inaccuracies that are designed to call attention to hints and/or clues. I believe that they are ingeniously woven (not “sprinkled”) throughout the book and I do not post the following excerpt as an attempt to convert non believers, only as an example of some of the many hints I am categorizing as such and to see if anyone else can further ideas.
    The quote from the chapter “Important Literature” which, in my opinion is rich with this sort of thing and I believe is a legend of sorts, goes like this: “Besides, some of the things I do pretty good I’m better at than some of those college guys are at what they do pretty good.”
    Um, what? Both Forrest and his editor let this sentence pass? Now I know that some people like to believe that this is an example of colloquial Texas dialogue but as the son of a teacher who grew up in Clay County Missouri (The home of Jesse James and also not known for eloquent speech), I would bet that his father would not have let this type of grammar pass in the house, whether he skipped every English class or not (although the only class he ever seemed to have is Spanish). I believe, as Jack stated, that some things are calling attention to circular logic. Forrest believes that education is crucial, although perhaps traditional education is not half as important to him as street smarts or outdoor smarts as the case may be. He is poking fun both at himself and our constructs of educational systems. He does the same thing on a bell where he purposefully misspelled knowledge by leaving out the d. “Stating that Imagination is more important than knowlege” Which rings true but also states that knowledge has its place. Now my question is, is this it or is there something deeper being called to our attention like the fact that the words in the sentence should be “well” (just like in the poem) and maybe we are supposed to pay attention to the word “ledge” that was misspelled in knowlege. ???

      • Stephanie D, the word well is used so many times I literally lost count. Now this actually may be colloquial but the words, “cistern of knowledge” (again paired with knowledge) also appear in the book and it seems a bit of a forced analogy to me. However the idea of a well calls into question the alleged hints concerning accessibility to kids, etc…

        • I’m going to give that some thought and get back to you on it. I’ve had a one track mind….pun intended….since I started this thing, but now I will begin to help others look in different directions. I don’t plan on any more searches but it’s still thrilling to participate in the intellectual aspect of the chase.

        • Ford and Spanish are used a lot as well. I thought about scanning in the pages, doing and OCR to get the raw text then writing a quick program to give me a word histogram. Too geeky? 🙂

      • @stu

        “Know thy ledge.” it just needs a BA to make it perfect.

        @SD.. Glad your back Stephanie. JJ and I can’t be the only Hillbillies representing. 🙂

    • Excellent points. It is even more obvious if you read that story and then read “My War for Me” which is so eloquently written and thought provoking.

      • OK here is a quick thought. I found these definitions of well:
        b : a deep vertical hole
        c : a source from which something may be drawn as needed
        This is the first chapter in the book. Could he be saying that the book is a well from which to draw knowledge for the treasure hunt. You have to dig deep in the book to draw the knowledge that is there?

        • or if you use polarity/opposite…..up your creek….down my well. Did FF have a well on any of his property around NM or his old property in W. yellowstone? I thought someone said he still has property in West yellowstone?

        • The look quickly down certainly fits a well. This has been mentioned before on here I believe. I did some research on owls and wells but turned up nada.

          Even though F says the treasure isn’t associated with any structure (and I do believe a well is a structure), If I happened to see an old well with a owl statue on it gazing off into the sunset in the middle of my search area, I might accidentally have a warm water event. 🙂

        • Jack , I’ve considered this as well but I always find myself asking if there is more? That after all the thoughtful analogies that in the end a more literal simplistic solution is the final answer so that guy e 10 kids from Texas could actually just drive up and find it.

      • Jack,

        I agree with your point of the difference in how some of the stories are constructed vs others. Have you read any of F’s other works? Does anyone know if they flow much nicer than many of these in the TOTC?

        My assumption is that they do.

        • clinger, I believe there are shades of gray with the structure comment. FF says it’s not “associated” with any structure….which means joined or combined with a structure….that doesn’t mean it isn’t IN a structure in my opinion.

        • No I haven’t but I was wondering the same thing and I also assume that they do. When i first started reading TTOC, my first impression was, this is not very good. Of course I have now read over many times and it gets better and better. I have always thought that he wrote the book initially as an integral part needed to solve the puzzle and only after getting criticism that it was a hoax to sell books did he downplay the necessity of buying the book and he donated them to Collected Works in order to protect the integrity of the hunt. I don’t know if that is true or not. Maybe someone has evidence to support or refute that. It is just an impression I had because it seems that you have to have the book and it’s clues to find the chest.

        • Stephanie,

          I saw your post earlier about the structure association. I do believe F can wordplay with the best, but I think that he was shooting straight on that one…..that is that the treasure isn’t “located” at a structure. Structures could easily be along the path and other clues, however.

          Having said that…. if my clues took me straight to a structure, be it a 1903 Pullman rail road car, or under the Colfax County Courthouse, I’d be locking the doors, creating diversions, and rummaging about at top speed. A bakery would be nice in this case as I really like pies.

    • I totally agree with your view of the book and stories. He’s very smart and very literate. He write extremely well thought out and researched books, articles, and letters when he wants to. I think he wrote the poem first and then created stories with clues and hints to reinforce the poem. I don’t know how true all the stories are but I do believe most, or all of them, have hints or clues buried in them. Now if I can just figure them out! 🙂

    • Ding ding ding you win the prize! Forrest made no mistakes he spelled it that way for a reason.

    • Stu, Goof, et all-
      Okay…non-conspiracy theorist stepping forward.
      I am of the belief that there are no spelling and punctuation “mistakes” in the book.
      I also don’t believe there is any treasure chest related misdirection in the book.
      and because 3 is a good number to work with…
      I further do not believe that there is any treasure chest misdirection with the bells and jars.

      It’s a belief…an opinion and I don’t know how well I can defend my opinion but I’ll give it a go.

      Spelling and Punctuation Mistakes in the Book
      There are none. Forrest had several other sets of eyes on the book before it was published. He knows exactly what is there. There are no mistakes, only differences of opinion. Forrest once showed me a sentence at the end of a page in one of his books. The sentence had no period at the end. He then showed me the following page, and there it was, after a photo, there was the estranged period. He was quite pleased about that. He said something to the effect that, They say you can’t do that but it’s my book and I guess I can. I think some of his reasoning for the freeform spelling and punctuation in the book is to thumb his nose at the teachers who demanded that he follow their rules during his school years. He didn’t care much for senseless rules then or now. He has often admitted that he makes up words because people know what they mean and it’s fun. This is not the mind of someone who has never challenged the system. This is the mind of someone who has beat the system at it’s own game. Lack of formal education did not stop him from becoming an officer and a gentleman, a highly prized fighter pilot and a very successful businessman. He competed against many college graduates, many with advanced degrees and he beat most of them where it really counts…the pocketbook. I think Forrest is one of those guys who you don’t dare say, “you can’t do that.” to.

      Treasure Chest Misdirection
      The book is a collection of stories. It was certainly planned to accompany the treasure hunt but I doubt that Forrest was so devious that he knowingly misdirected readers to cause sales of headache remedies to soar. I don’t believe that 90% of the clues people dig up in the book were ever considered by Forrest.
      I do believe that Forrest was looking for a way to get the poem out to people. A book was the logical answer. I suppose he could have bought billboards around the country instead. I suppose he could have purchased a few hundred radio stations in the nation and had the poem read by Lindsay Lohan and played on an endless loop for the next thousand years. I suppose he could have started a blog and published the poem there. But he knows how to publish a book and he had stories to tell so that his name would be on everyones lips for the next hundred years. This, I believe was Forrest’s motivation for the book. It was not intended to be a bottomless reservoir of clues to drive searchers mad. It was simply intended to be a place where the poem could reside and and his stories could be read and his name would be uttered.

      Treasure Chest Misdirection With the Bells and Jars
      The bronze bells and jars serve a simple purpose not unlike the book. They help lead to his immortality. “As long as people speak my name I shall be remembered.” I believe Forrest’s motivation was not unlike the “Speak my name-One in three women” project.
      The way to get people to talk about you is to be mysterious. Finders of those bells might very well who put them there but they may also wonder why words are misspelled. When a certain searcher went out to look but then stopped writing suddenly on the blog I received a dozen emails from people who were certain this fellow had found the treasure…why else would he stop communicating, they asked. For me, it’s a simple answer. If you cannot be famous for the rest of your life by finding the chest you can at least be famous for a few hours as people believe you have found the chest.
      “it’s not who you are but who they think you are.”
      Who among us would not like to be remembered for generations after we have gone?
      Forrest is in a position to make that happen for himself.
      If the treasure is found in a few years and people stop talking about him for that reason than maybe the bells will be another reason. Every good plan has a back-up.

      This is a Fenn poem in the back of Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch, Forrests tribute to his friend Eric Sloane

      Mighty oaks from little acorns slowly grow
      Then finally fall and wisp to naught,
      But those who plant a seed of words
      Live on in groves of human thought.
      Forrest Fenn

      he made up a new meaning for wisp..
      We know exactly what he means but that is not the proper use of that word.
      Inventing words and placing them in his writings is just something he likes to do…not a clue…

      Knowlege is pure satire

      • I found nothing in my chase that relates to any ‘misinformation’ or grammatical ‘errors’ in the book. I agree with Dal’s assessment and will still believe until proven otherwise that my war for me is the critical chapter in the chase.

      • With all due respect Dal, just the one sentence I provided earlier is grammatically incorrect so your evidence of Forrest having many eyes look at the book only strengthens our argument. And we aren’t using the word misdirection. You keep using that word. I call is direction.

        • My take on that sentence is that Forrest is saying that he feels confident that the college educated are no better than he is and he is saying it in a self deprecating or humble manner. I think the structure is purposefully less than “proper” to emphasis the point in a humorous manner. As to whether it is a clue–maybe yes but only because the book in its entirety gives us an appreciation of how the man thinks, what he has done in his life and what he values, and his intentions. IMHO

      • I agree with you Dal about the book. I don’t think that every picture,word,number, symbol, etc… has some clue or deeper meaning attached to it or meant to mislead us. If someone is set on making a connection that just isn’t there then you won’t be able to convince them otherwise. I think that is the difference between thinking and over-thinking things. In my opinion ff is probably having as much fun reading about “what he meant” in his stories, too. Just because it’s not the approach I am taking though, doesn’t mean I am right. If we all thought alike, life would be boring.

      • Just popping on for a second to say THANK you for finding that poem he wrote about the acorn. Heck, I had it here at my house the whole time. Someone put it up on his facebook page a while ago and I fell in love with it. Then he closed his account and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I want copyright infringe and print it out to put it up at my house somewhere….or maybe that should be my future tattoo(I don’t have a tattoo, but this has been so much fun that I’ve thought of getting one)

        I also wanted to put up a quick note about that other situation. I’m sorry it got all mixed up….and the main reason I’m taking a bit of a break from the blog, is because I get so much anxiety seeing so many great ideas on here and people going out to search. So it’s really everyone who read’s this blogs fault that I’m not here(feel bad)…hehe just kidding. It’s just my own anxiety. I don’t hope anyone of you all find it though *pure honesty* (I don’t think you should want me to either)…don’t hate me lol. But, I do wish you all to have a good time looking 😉 because I like you guys a lot!! Especially my new found boyfriends(you know who you are). I’m sure I’ll be back to annoying you….but I have to get back to my spam folder and the guy from Nigeria that needs my help.

        • she loves me she loves me not… kind of doubt you’re fanatasizing about me(lol) but hope you’re doing fine, and always.. you’re a good person stephanie and it comes through in all you share.. that said i wouldnt trust you a second out in the wood!

        • Thanks you guys. You totally shouldn’t trust me out in the wood Casey…I’d trip you on the way to the chest…but I would be lots of fun out there…I can sing a mean version of “You are my sunshine” that scares away any black bear within 10 feet. 😉 So you’d be safe too. Ok…*looking for my lurking spot* Stop being so engaging 😉

      • Dal and what if you are wrong and there is a hidden agenda in the book? You may want to spend more time digging out the hidden clues to what this chase is really about. There is a time limit involved here and that is the reason Forrest is giving out clues on tv.

        • It seems to me that a major problem with putting so much emphasis on “hidden clues” is that there’s no indication of what’s a clue and what isn’t. Take the omega, for example. So many people have looked to it for confirmation, or even based searches on it, and there’s no guarantee that it even is a clue. Dal’s just provided an example of using the double omega in another book before TTOTC was even published. To me, that means it’s just something that Mr. Fenn uses (probably “end of chapter, end of book”, as has been discussed before) at the end of the book.

          Others will probably see it as conclusive evidence that that other book has clues in it, as well, and that Forrest had plotted the link between the two all along.

          Me, I’ll stick to the poem; if it points me to something that also is stated in the book, great.

          I’m interested in why you think there’s a time limit.

          Thanks and good luck!

      • @Dal
        I really appreciate you taking the time for such a detailed response; you have made very good points supporting your opinion…..not counting you have the benefit of actually knowing Fenn………Please take my response as good natured and friendly.

        I’ve never considered the bells (not yet anyway) had anything to do with the search. When I started searching I took the poem literally (for the most part) and looked at the search as a needle in a haystack type of search……with the poem and extra clues narrowing down the search area. I paid little attention to the book, or for that matter Fenn (except for the extra clues). Nothing about the search is emotional for me, I’ve wandered the back country of the west for over 40 years so the first time wow factor is not there…..I actually find it a little sad, some traveled so far to search for the chest and it’s their first time in the Rockies but are so consumed by the search they by pass some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet.

        You certainly could be right and none of this dissecting of the book or Fenn will help find the treasure…….I’m going to blame you for creating this monster (at least for me).

        Several pages ago you commented (I don’t remember if it was specifically to me) that we should get to know and understand Fenn; I think you said something like we need to get into Fenn’s head to find the treasure (I honestly don’t recall your exact statement). So I took that to heart……maybe too much, and started dissecting Fenn and the book. There were always things I found odd about the treasure, Fenn, and they way the whole thing was carried out…….but I didn’t care.

        I haven’t been able to tie any of the odd things Fenn has said in his interviews or in the book to anything that would help me solve the poem. So I’m going to put the book back on the shelf and go back to not caring about the oddities of an eccentric art dealer. I mean hiding a million bucks worth of gold in the wilderness is not exactly normal, why would the book or anything else about this make any sense.

        The only decision to make is how much I am willing to bet that I have figured out where the treasure is……The same decision everyone that searches has to make.

        Your comments are much appreciated.

        • GOG – I took that bet and lost less than I do in a normal trip to Vegas and had a thrill looking. I’m here to help anyone, out of the chase from a chasing perspective, so if you want to converse via email I am at You can give high level thoughts or locations if you are more comfortable and I will spill what ever I know. This goes for anyone – you can even ask here if you want it public. I will not hold anything back. When you seem my writeup once Dal posts you will see where my brain goes. I have so many thoughts about Jellystone and New Mexico that have not been touched on here. And, I still believe I was close with my solution but you can be the judge of that. Maybe I too a wrong turn :-). I don’t check my email often so be patient if you do email.

    • When I return to sc I will be posting a long story about the misspellings and inaccuracies I found in the book and my trip to New Mexico. Let’s just say for now… 1600 miles to YNP from Temple? No. 1600 is the half life of radium 226… It is 1450 miles. Hebgen lake has an airport right beside it… So why did skippy dismantle the plane? Can you really eat a meadowlark? Hmmm maybe the story is about the airgun? Read carefully. I have some pictures that might shock the blog. The search is still on and if you believe me then great read the blog we have work to do… “if not you may all go to hell, and I shall go to Texas”

        • What if I told you…. Not the airplane in questa?? Or the helicopter with the orange barrels that leads you to it… Or the 5 foot “f” s that gurgle quietly lead you to the barrels…

        • Skippy took his plane apart and crossed into idaho. Fenn mentions trading fish for potatoes. He also said he had a special secret, the yellowstone “special”??? The old wagons had to be taken apart to cross into Idaho if they used the old RR bridge as it wasn’t wide enough for the wagons. On one of those yelp reviews it talked about land managed by the govt but there for all ppl to enjoy, it also talked about if you missed the connection you would have to wait in line. The oregon short line is in WYS but the connection to it is in Ashton, ID….and there is also a popular bike/hike trail in Ashton, I just threw that in there because FF posted the running man with a bike helmet. This is still following my train theory which I can’t seem to get off of. It may mean absolutely nothing.

      • quantum-
        Why is Skippy’s failure to take-off from Hebgen Lake an issue? It’s a well documented principle that high elevation take-offs require more airspeed to compensate for less dense air. At sea level and at cooler temps the air is more dense and therefore an aircraft gets plenty of lift and gains altitude easily. In less dense air the same plane requires a higher airspeed to get off the ground because the air is less dense and does not provide the same “lift” capability. Inexperienced pilots all over the world have made and continue to make this same mistake. In a seaplane, like Skippy’s, the drag effect would have multiplied the problem. Skippy had to pack up his plane and head to a lower elevation where the air provided better lift factor. Skippy may not have known this but somebody who did probably explained the problem to him after his multiple failed attempts.

        • The Skippy airplane story has always stuck out to me. I do not dispute the rules of flight that limit an aircrafts ability to gain lift at high altitude in hot weather. However, there are options to removing the wings and putting it on a truck, like an early morning takeoff. The air temperature would likely be much colder at 6500′ in the early morning or certainly on a day with a weather system pushing through the area. Second, I put Skippy’s age at about 16 and though many pilots learned to fly with no license or formal training in the early days of aviation, it the first indication that the seaplane from Idaho is suspect. Third, nearly all of the lakes in Idaho are at a higher elevation than Hebgen lake. So unless the plane took off from land on wheels and landed in water on pontoons the story doesn’t hold water. : ) Additionally, the sea plane would have been very new technology at that time and I doubt anyone would let an inexperienced pilot take out a brand new plane.

          Here’s short list of Idaho lakes and their elevations. I got tired of looking. If you want to continue to search for a lake that Skippy may have departed from be my guest.

          Bear Lake 5924′
          Feather Lakes 8700’+
          Hayden Lake 2239′ but is very small and private
          Bench Lakes 7749’+
          Four Lakes 9000’+
          Champion Lakes 8000’+
          Stevens Lakes 8000’+
          Twin Lakes 8000’+
          Emerald Lake 9910′
          Snow Lake 10023′
          Toxaway Lake 8223′
          Boulder Lake 10026′
          Saphire Lake 9910′

        • Crazyfamily….you forgot an important lake in Idaho….Lake Coeur d’Alene at ONLY 2128′

      • What if I told you all those stories are fillers and have nothing to do with the chase? 🙂

        • Hi Einstein – How are you doing? I’ll have to go check to see what you posted- I find everyone’s adventures very fascinating – no moo la here! 🙂 I wish there was a group that I could toss Ideas around with – In no way do I have the imagination of some on here – so that alone would put me out of the chase – but it does seem to be getting thrilling to say the least! And I do look foreward to your story and ideas!

      • Drquantum:
        I enjoyed reading your blog; I haven’t read it for a few days so I think I’ll go catch up. I think the reason that Forrest thanked you is because he thinks you’re fulfilling his desired epitaph…

      • But the 1/2 life of Radium is 1600.7 and it’s 1600 miles from Temple to this location and then on to YNP following the roads that were around in 1935. (use the roads from the 30’s)
        The problem with information bias is you see what you want to see. That book has over 1000 clues for everything from The Romans, Ancient Astronomy, The Old West, Trains, Movie stars, Billionaires, Dinosaurs and I could go on for an hour. I found each depending on what bias I went in with .
        Does it help? I know a 1000 clues and I’m lost more than ever. I checked every Radium springs in the Rockies. I checked everything about Robert Redford, Hemmingway. I even checked Hemmingway’s outhouse in Cooke City. I haven’t found – squat. Did I invent these things in my head – maybe. All because I have so much information at my fingertips in the internet. The internet allows me to turn the Omegas and 1600 into Radium, or Horse Shoes, Ohms, or whatever sentence Forrest utters tomorrow….. Forrest wrote a simple book with some clever clues that are real, but I turned the book into the Hitch-hiker’s guide to the Treasure with the internet as my info bank. Good luck with Radium and everything else. I suppose he signs Radium as his moniker for a simple poem for his friend. (dang it, maybe he did, tonight I’ll be researching isotopes again. Did you know Radium 213 has a 1/2 life of 2.74 minutes and 2.74 minutes due west of this Toledo is a place that is known for it’s Radium). I looked there and I guess I need to look again. I’m not being sarcastic, I really did go down that road and all those others. It’s insane and I’m making it 10x worse by using the internet to fish out imaginary clues.

    • @ Stu et. al.
      FF talks about JD Salinger and Catcher in the Rye as being his inspiration for writing his own book. I couldn’t even finish “Catcher”, but it was an inspiration to him. If you think along that way, he took an idea from “JD” and fashioned it with his own finesse. That’s my take on why he wrote the book the way he did and adding to that a real treasure hunt with subtle hints, well, he could have alot of people interested in his writing and before long … english instructors will be having their students disecting his works – I could imagine some Eng professor saying: In this Class I will take you on an adventure, we will be studying a book by an Author named Forrest Fenn. We will be studying this book throughout the whole semester and if we discover the correct clues about his hidden treasure – we will all be going on a field trip! That would have many students thoroughly interested in the class – right? 🙂

    • Stu,

      in my opinion Mr F has red herrings in the book for people of all IQ`s so to speak. He has plain one`s and then he has those that a lot of folks would not normally look at twice. While everyone is looking in all directions for things that may not be there…the poem sits…

  13. Stu just to take that a step further the CES stamped on the chest’s latch makes reference (my opinion) to Cooperative Educational Services which is a purchasing coop united by a joint powers agreement to aid public schools in New Mexico.

  14. To add another layer to that f has made mention that the chest once held a book in it.

  15. Idle….. One of my favorite lines was “7 years of college, down the drain” Thank you John B.

  16. Einstein,

    Just cleaned the litter box, nothing new there either.
    (I don’t know what made me say that….sorry)

  17. Hank et al,I think my post got lost in the transition to 21. My brain hurts I have been working on this so long. I am aware of Irony, the meaning of phone booths in trees and other esoteric hints. I am missing something important. The home of Brown is the big mystery for me. I am pretty sure Hank and I have been on a wild goose chase( I think we have been nosing around the same creek). No ticket to paradise. If I am right, we are both out of steam and are at the end of the line. I need a new direction. The creek certainly had waters high and heavy loads—even a place for a sandwich. Until someone finds the chest, all of the clue solutions are merely theory.

  18. In one of the last post’s by SC i think he said he was done Chris. I bet he’s out searching and getting flies hung in bushes/trees.

    • Look at the 254 reviews. It’s FF. The writing is just like in the book TTOTC. And the name “strawberry F.” also, the addresses of the places are weird in some of them. Some of those things and places don’t even exist, I don’t think.

      • I do not believe that is FF. The IP address of that user is in California.

        • keep reading….he mentions hotei….and starting from the bottom…..and says he likes privately owned spaces that are managed by companies that allow free admission for all and silver noodles and just all kinds of things that go with the book.

        • Speaking of which, Dal you must know where I am based on the IP address :-). Did you look? I have a proxify account but really did not care.

      • I’m not sure that has anything to do with ff . With all he has to do, I don’t think he would have time for reviews. 🙂

        • They are not real reviews…..look at the xx’s he puts in and there is a “formula” a mathematical formula in one. Some of the things in the “reviews” aren’t real. It took me a while to catch on to it but once you read about a dozen of them you start to see a pattern. I could be wrong but there are a LOT of similarities.

    • Thanks for the link. Beautiful old rail car and I bet it was interesting and fun searching it. 🙂

      • It was……did you hear the today show was supposed to be in Yellowstone yesterday? I saw that on TV yesterday or the day before. I wondered if the chest had been found…and now someone on the blog is saying a proxy box may have been found? anyone heard this?

        • And speaking of proxy boxes….that’s what I was looking for. Fenn mentions two hardback books together that were 6 x 4 inches thick….bound together….like a small chest. This was one of the things I thought I would find in that train. Interesting that now I’m hearing there really may have been a “proxy” box.

        • I haven’t hear about the proxy box. I do know the YS Today show was a scheduled event for some time. They have been talking about it for a few weeks on the show. They postponed it when the tornado in Moore took precedent.

        • careful steph, take 2 minutes before posting, there is a reason the today show were going there, and it has nothing to do with this hunt… they were simply highlighting popular summer destinations, Yellowstone being one of many, including Hawaii.

        • I have not heard anything about a “proxy” box being found. Do you have a link or do you know what blog that was posted on?

        • yeah, that’s why I wondered if anyone else heard about it on here??? someone posted on this blog over on the 1st chase section. And thanks about the warning D, I was trying to be careful how I worded that…..don’t want to set off any alarms, but I find it odd they said “proxy” box since that’s one of the things I was looking for as well.

      • Hi Steph – Thanks for your story! Beautiful rail car – Strawberry F has 4 friends and they are all in CA – ?

  19. I have been deeply submerged in decoding the book and have to tell you all it could drive a person crazy! In fact I woke up the other night , exclaming about something Forrest had said. At that point I was sure I had rounded the bend and crossed the bridge into Crazytown! 🙂

  20. My wife has considered this possibility for quite some time. I have asked enthusiast for more information .It is an interesting conjecture. Stephanie, why Yellowstone when it may have been found in nm?

    • I have no idea if it was even found. I just saw someone else post that a proxy box MAY have been found and I just remembered seeing that the Today show was supposed to be in Yellowstone and that’s the show FF announces his clues on… 2 and 2…..but they don’t add up, someone just said they were doing a show on other places.

  21. Stephanie,

    The first step in beating an addition is admitting that you have an addition. LOL

    Ok, I’m looking at these reviews, and you are either Wiley Coyote Super Genius smart or delusional. 🙂 I’ll have to read all of the reviews before I can call it either way. I do love the “strawberry” F connection.

  22. Ok this is too funny. But if one pays attention to search boxes on most sites now, they autofill when you start typing a phrase based upon commonly searched phrases by all others users. Anyone care to guess what common phrases are now in the Yelp Reviews Search box? These are all over it:

    Warm Waters
    West Yellowstone
    ever drawing nigh… LOL

      • I was scrolling too for a long while, then noticed the search box. The instant I started to search for ANYTHING poem related, it auto filled in.. 🙂 For the record, there is a green tea hit, a few Browns including….wait for it… a trail leading to Mr’s Browns house, as well as some other similarities. Good to know your insanity is justified at least.

        • Clinger, one of the things that caught my attn on those reviews was lite….light…all the reference to light. The reason it was on my mind is because of the paragraph I found in that book on the train. It was about a man who needed a light and had to go 1/2 mile away to get it……then finding the overland route sign 1/2 mile away in yellowstone, which was the first “lighted” RR pullman car….it just seemed to all fit. And I still think it might somehow. idk…..just thinking on it.

  23. Some believe Wolf found the treasure and it has not been made public. This thought is not lost on my wife.

  24. I read wolf’s post, nothing conclusive… what is this so-called “proxy box”…. can’t find anything for that…

  25. The story has been posted for what, 4 days. I think it’s all just a knee jerk reaction from a post someone made. If he did find it good on him he deserves it just as many others do.

      • I don’t think he would be answering posts – if he indeed found it. I would be on my way to Santa Fe – or celebrating. I think It’s still out there some where at the end of the rainbow until FF or Dal says it’s been found.

  26. Its weird the resource page did not acknowledge the clue #12 Graveyard thing…..Any thoughts?

      • Dal – Could you please explain about the Scrapbook entries? Did FF tell you to post each one & write up the story for each picture so we as searchers can see them? Just like the parrotlets – I don’t know why some lady would send that picture to him. He was the godfather? Strange stuff.

        • Yes. Forrest sent most of those pics and sometimes the captions…sometimes the captions are written by me after conversations that we had. I think you can tell the ones I wrote from the ones Forrest wrote.
          Yes, the Parrolets are kinda strange..but she is a nice person and Forrest thought it was just fun. If you look at the comments on the NINE CLUES page from the time we posted that pic you will see that folks went a little overboard trying to find a clue in that photo. BTW-There is no clue. Forrest just thought it was cute.

    • It aired about a week or 2 ago right. Is it not a true clue. In the Today Show it flashed a scroll that said Clue 1 …………. and the same for Clue 2. It did not say Clue 3 in the newest one. It said New Clue………

    • T,

      I sent an email a couple weeks ago asking about it. Didn’t get a reply.

      Dal, he’s referring to the the 12th clue given on the Today Show. It’s not listed on the Old Santa Fe Trading Co TTOTC Resource page.


      • Oh…Maybe Forrest forgot to ask Terri to post it. Terri does the technical work on Forrest’s blog.

    • well that was an ambiguous clue…it was presented verbally and for them to post this clue in writing they will have to decide what exactly was meant by that LOL. What I have seen posted on this blog regarding the clue has little to do with a cemetery if you ask me.

      • OOps sorry…I just watched. Hmmm I think that was two clues maybe lol.

  27. If you were worrying about the TC having just been found, you might be backing the wrong Pferd.


    • Tomorrow is the big day, forget this T-3W stuff. I verified a few things today and my initial thoughts were correct. I saved it all for tomorrow – did not step within 500 feet of my blaze today. Maybe a bad decision; but tomorrow I finish my chase. Chest or no chest I will be sending Dal my blog entry tomorrow night. Possibly a huge help for everyone; unless of course I find something.

        • I have a writeup of my search that Dal said he would post as a blog entry. It is my exit from the chase unless something magical happens tomorrow and everyone exits. I’ll still hang around and be more open on this site though as I have lots of thoughts I have not shared.

          • Good Luck to you Einstein – looking forward to your report or news of a big discovery!

          • Well – I hope you find it as I am tired. Lots of magic comming your way.

        • intothechase-
          A blog entry is one of the other pages on this blog besides this one. The other pages contain stories, tips, media links, Forrest’s email..etc, etc..
          Go up to the top of this page and look on the right hand column. You’ll see a monthly post list. click on a month and it opens to all the blog posts that month. All the NINE CLUES posts are like this one but many of the others are stories by various searchers and myself about our search trips.

  28. the chest has still not been found, please don’t listen to a fertilizer salesperson who likes to hear themselves talk, even if they are saying it with enthusiasm. a person can say they don’t have it only so many ways.

    • It was many years ago when my brother and I went camping in Yellowstone National Park. I can’t remember where in the park, but we used waders and caught cut-throat trout. We released them. It was a great time I will not forget.

  29. Did anyone find the answer “to what is Forest’s birthday?” All I saw was “maybe” August.
    This is of interest to me not only because he would be a SUN sign, but also this:

    “As a Leo born between the 6th on the 14th of August you have an adventurous nature and like to explore the different avenues of life to make your life more exciting and interesting. Culture, travel and higher studies are some of the different avenues which will draw you away from a conventional lifestyle to an independent type of life. You have a great love of freedom and will never let anyone dictate the terms of your existence.”

    I’m betting on this week in Aug., just because it seems to fit so well.

  30. It says a lot about the kindness in this mans heart to allow strangers into his home in my opinion.

    • I agree JJ,
      He seems to be a very tender hearted man. Very empathetic. A trait in short supply these days. Its very touching to read about how he responds to emails, visits, and such. He wants people to know they are seen and valued. It makes my heart swell when I think about it. I’ve shed more than a few tears along the way… not of sadness but out of joy of just being alive to embark on this chase called life.

  31. For the record… I’m thinking Fenn is a pretty brilliant guy who is perhaps even too creative for his own good… I have no reason to say that other than it pisses me off to read people talk about how bad his grammar and book is. Read it again. It is a masterpiece if you will just listen close enough…

      • All I know is the large key I found led me to flexibility lmao…. Don’t worry I have pictures… I found it near the Hebgen dismantled plane…. Lol. No joke

        • I forgot to mention the skippy monument … Washtub helicopter monument in the wilderness led me to the cold snow shovel and antifreeze where I had to get brave… Fenn is brilliant

    • Sorry to say, so many are totally focused on the locations in their heads that they bypass the book altogether. Big mistake! You will never find the treasure without the book. Forrest made no mistakes in the book, everything he did was deliberate. Its our chore to figure the rest out.
      By the way if you are the drquantum I am thinking of, you scare the heck out of me! I do read your blog, you are scarey bright.

        • Hey Einstein did you know albert einstein got most of his information from a guy named Fitzgerald who wasn’t even a physicist by education. It was based on the mathematics of Lorentz that is why we call them the Lorentz transformations. Michelson and Morley did the experiments. In the world of physics Einstein is best known for being wrong about quantum theory…. I have some pictures that suggest you should read the book and think about industrial pollution…. But ok your call. At least when I post it … Look at the picture of the washing machine helicopter monument by the blaze orange barrel located in the middle of nowhere. Ok?

        • Drquantum, which posts are those?…the questa guys. I’m on that train of thought also.

  32. Here is something I have been thinking about. The treasure is real and out there in the same spot he hid it, yet no one ever finds it lol. I have been running into a lot of blocked access lately. That usually tells me I am not in the right place. I am starting to wonder though if maybe the treasure is still inaccessible for the time being. I also feel that there are two solutions to the poem…mirrors of each other in almost every aspect. One solution will be correct when it is accessible. Has anybody else had similar thoughts?

    • There is a third also…I believe that’s where you will be tomorrow Einstein. I was there…lovely spot 🙂

    • armany I live 60 miles from the canadian boarder in montana and yes there are many places that are literly un accessible due to heavy snow fall hasn’t melted off the mountians here yet. we usually metal detect blacktail ski area every year and can’t do that yet . And thats at a much lower elevation than alot of places

      • Another note I dont think the sun road to glacier National park is open yet not sure though but havent heard that it is open .

  33. Stephanie –
    So glad you are back in “one” piece. May I, dare I ask exactly where this antique train car was? I think I got that it was circa Y.S. but mind you be even more specific like “about a mile past this rode or Long. x Lat.? I of course will understand if you think it best not to, I just cannot believe how out of your league i am & what determination and energy! Cudos & what do you eat for breakfast & what vitamins, etc.?

  34. I am posting this for one & all… A River Runs Through It had a huge influence on all things Fly Fishing & what with ff knowing Robert Redford & all – as it turns out, it wasn’t shot in the town in the movie. Where it was shot I think might have some significance. I would never deprive anyone, however, from researching that themselves. Some choice side creeks flow in to “it” as well.

    • I believe it was filmed in 5 different locations…two of them are interesting. I do not believe there are many fly fishing folks on here.

      • Already been to the east Fork of the Bitterroot, Lolo, and Florence. Haven’t been to the Blackfoot yet…

  35. If anyone is traveling through West Yellowstone on their way to the treasure, take the opportunity to stretch your legs and look for my hidden cache. It’s much easier to find than Forrest’s treasure and will provide a welcome sense of accomplishment to compensate for not finding the big treasure box…
    Instructions are here:

    • Dal, I think this is a great idea!!! I’ve thought about leaving something special in areas that I’ve been excited about really being “the place where the treasure is”… Just to raise someone’s excitement for just a sec…

  36. Don’t forget to post your book ideas in the book section to, there’s some discussion of book clues there. HTH

  37. I have a dilema, and I am looking for free advice or opinions on the matter, after which, I’ll probably do whatever comes to my mind anyway, but at least I will have heard others opinions…I have time scheduled off over the July holiday and have planned to go to the NM/CO border to search for the chest. I recently discovered that my two favorite bands in the world are on tour in BC, Canada right in the middle of my scheduled time off…I am torn…both would generate great memories, but I cannot afford to do both, so I must choose…The concert or the chase. Please elaborate on your opinions, and justify them to me. okay, now for clue disscussion…What if wwwh is the Colorado border…warm=red=coloRADO? Then TIITCD would be the CO river in Utah…lots of double omegas along that river!! But very few good roads…

  38. The concert is certain, treasure success is highly unlikely. I would go to BC. There is a chance Wolf has found the trove, but who knows. It is possible, but I doubt it personally. People should only look who can financially afford it or live in the local area. Don’t waste money you apparently don’t have to waste. Now go and enjoy The Chase.

    • I agree the treasure is not in canada I’ve checked records of flight path and passport. You have to have one or the other and a birth certificate to cross the boarder. I have found no evidence that suggest that at all. Unless it was done in someone elses name.

  39. I am very interested in Wolf’s account and Enthusiast’s belief. For those of you who are unaware of this discussion, please refer to Wolf’s search parts 1 and 2. I must tell you that I have been working very hard on this treasure project for quite a long time. I have extensively searched in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Although I live in Dallas, I have a second home in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico and am able to carry on my searches from that location. I actually have a day job and run and own a financial services firm. I work on this during breaks, lunch, and so forth. This has been a very interesting hobby. The entire experience has been both thrilling and discouraging. Unfortunately, I have seen some of the worst in human nature. I recently hired a psychic to reframe my understanding and approach to the poem solution. The psychic told me that she believes the treasure chest is in some type of vault (bank vault?). If this is so, the actual chest that is secreted in the wilderness would be some type of proxy box. Perhaps the box has a voucher or would provide further instructions. The psychic gave me a great deal of additional information, which I do not feel like sharing at the moment. Naturally, I am very interested in the suggestions of Enthusiast. I have not spoken to the psychic since I became aware of the new theory of Wolf and his adventure. I do however feel that I have been very close on numerous occasions and am prepared to move with confidence if the trove is still up for grabs. It probably is, but the idea of a proxy box matches fairly well with my new general theory. By the way, the proxy box (if it does exist) likely has a scant amount of creosote on or near it. I would appreciate feedback from Wolf and Enthusiast. One thing I can tell you about life is that things are never as they appear.

    • Herman, no one can give you indicators that the chest or a proxy box has been found because there are none.

      there is only a conspiracy theorist shoveling, shoveling.don’t fall for it.

      The Wolf is in the middle of relaying a nice story about his searches. part of what makes a story good is the manner in which it is relayed, keeping you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

      Dale commented that he doesn’t think the Wolf is even in the right area, to which the Wolf replied that he does not disagree, If he was in the right area, and had found the chest or something FF left to give ownership to the chest, then the Wolf would not say that.

      • Chris, my dear old dad used to say you cant believe everything you read in the papers. Of course, im not falling for anything, I have simply requested comment from Wolf and Enthusiast. I do believe that you will find a proxy box if you are so lucky. I hope it is me. However, I will be really glad when this ordeal is over. I want someone to find it. When they do, I hope they will share all of the details. If I am the one, I plan on sharing all of the details including my snow blindness and 3rd degree burns on my face. I have had many adventures.

      • Chris, my dear old dad used to say you can’t believe everything you read in the papers. Of course, I’m not falling for anything. I have simply requested comment from Wolf and Enthusiast. I do believe that you will find a proxy box if you are so lucky. I hope it’s me. However, I will be really glad when this ordeal is over. I want someone to find it. When they do, I hope they will share all of the details. If I am the one, I plan on sharing all of the details including my snow blindness and 3rd degree burns on my face. I have had many adventures.

    • I have said this before. Yes, in my opinion it is more likely than not that we are searching for a proxy box, or whatever it may be, rather than the actual treasure. I cannot imagine that anyone would leave a fortune out in the woods somewhere, but who knows. Stranger things have happened. It is worth noting that some of the other treasure hunts discussed in Mysterious Writings used a proxy of some type.

      Does it matter? Yes because it might change the way you look at a site if you are looking for the treasure (just to be safe of course) and the proxy box. Also, assuming that the treasure is in a bank near him, the clues and his statements about the treasure can point to different areas. Anyway, this is the theory I have been using for a while now. But we still have to solve the poem before we worry about the size of the item we are looking for.

      • OH yes Absolutely I agree It would Definitely change the way you lLook at a sight Also it makes more Sense to have it that way

        • I am not here to say the gold and the rest of the treasure are not in the box I Just saying it would change your perspective on the way you would look at it I truly believe FF and the integrity of A man and his word If I didn’t truly believe it was there for the finder why would any one bother spending there time and money on a search. But a person can also think that there may be more to this whole thing. Kind of fun to think about the double omega.

          • spent too much time waiting at my job today and my mind searched a little too far outside the box I believe. Kind of funny to me now! You’re right about the integrity of FF. The box is waiting for someone to go confidently to that one spot and get it. Hopefully there is still time for me to do just that.

          • You’re right Stan. I don’t want to be a fox in a box eating green eggs & ham. I need to be free to roam, so I will always try to think outside the box!

          • To everyone: don’t worry about captpappy, I was at Lamar river valley first week in march. I understand his/her? Solve for the poem. Missing an important piece. Captpappy does not have the chest.

          • @Chris

            There is what? Can you please elaborate…Who is confirming what? Thanks

  40. Mike D, since it sounds like you would be going to my spot and i think the treasure is there, i would prefer you go to the concert

  41. Any place you think is worth checking out you should go It’s said nobody is going to stumble upon it.

  42. Dal-
    I’ll be in West Yellowstone on Sat, and i’m going to have my kids “discover” your treasure. Hopefully they will experience “the thrill of the mini chase”. Better yet, my wife may have a bit of fun and not think i’m losing my marbles. My 14 year old son has read ttoth once and he is getting increasingly interested.

    I have an unhealthy obsession with this that will either make me rich or drive me insane. I’m banking on the latter.

    As a new poster, i’m struggling with the conflicting motivations of sharing my theories to get another pair of eyes on them vs. hoarding my “brilliant” discoveries out of a desire to be the first to the treasure. I like to share, but I hesitate every time! Anyone else feel this way? I don’t want to be tagged a “lurker” so here are my recent observations….

    I’m fascinated with the date stamps on the chapter headings….
    – Is there a code here?
    – Why are there some stamps with a 039 next to the day of the week?
    – Why do some of the years deliberately have tiny illustrations rather than a year?
    – These illustrations are recurring on multiple chapter headings…
    – They appear to me to be palindromes,
    – What is the significance of the dates, are they meant to date the adjacent images?
    – If so, why are two stamps only listing a decade?
    – I checked and the day-of-the-week does not match the calendar date on the first 5 stamps…


  43. Unless your so worn out and tired from searching all the time you might stumble over it or stub your toe on it

  44. How angry will you all be if there isnt a treasure buried out in the wild? What would you think if you found out this was all about something entirely different than you think it is? I would like serious answers, not gut reactions against the questions.

    • Disappointed but not angry. Maybe I’m just used to the possibility of finding nothing after a chase. I’ve spent many hours, searches, effort to find a treasure in the Sierra’s that may or may not be there. Its a cache left by a gold miner before he died. Its not even absolutely clear it ever existed (from 1850’s) let alone not already found. Its still fun and I will continue to pursue it (both searches) until its found or I am convinced it doesn’t exist.

    • Hi Deb, It would not bother me to discover there is more to it, in fact I expect as much. But a heck of a lot of invisible high fives, says the chest is out there too. Just my thoughts. James

    • It depends on what it is. If it was just a note saying something like “You’ve found the treasure, you’re reward is the knowlege (sic) that you were right”…I’d feel pretty ripped off. If there is something truly unique there, or has monetary value, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    • For once, I’ll agree with CO Searcher. I think there is a greater story beneath the treasure hunt, but if there is no treasure I will have further lost faith in humankind.

    • I think the reason that things look so layered, is that the chest was an after thought. Mr. Fenn had been making the bells and jars since the 70’s and hiding them. He had dozens of special places to hide them. I think the chest is in one of those places and I think that the chase is designed around those places. Each bell and jar being a different statement, thus adding to the confusion. Just a thought.

    • az-
      This is a blog about the clues in the poem. If you need help deciding whether or not Forrest actually hid the chest you need to go elsewhere. Here it is a given that what we are looking for exists or we would not be looking for it. Please take that discussion to another blog.

    • Azuredeb
      I think I would be more disappointed if there was no actual solution to the poem than there being no physical treasure. I want to know what WWWH, HOB, “no paddle up your creek”, etc… really mean. I would hate to think the clues in the poem are never going to make sense. I guess that I haven’t spent any money on going out on a search yet, so my time spent on the poem would be my only loss. If I were spending every waking moment on the clues and heading out to hunt only to come up empty handed, perhaps I would be a little more bitter. But, then I would still come out of it with some adventure and stories about how I fell for the whole “treasure hunt scam”. I do think you will find some very angry people if the chest doesn’t exist! I for one believe, and until there is proof otherwise, I will continue to decipher clues. 🙂

      • For Oakley Girl and anyone else: But the beauty of it is that the clues DO make sense…..for those I have solved anyway. Because my solutions having nothing at all to do with loose word associations and are not dependent on the book (only as confirmers to what I already solved), I am totally convinced that I know WWWH and HOB and a few other things — have been out 4 times but still need to solve 2 more lines of the poem to be accurate on the spot. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For the haters, I am NOT claiming I’ve found the treasure, but I AM claiming that I’ve solved several clues because it’s a bit like algebra — they prove up….. I wish there was more serious chat on this site instead of those who feel Fenn isn’t really Fenn, there really isn’t a treasure, we’re all fools, and now a proxy box????? Come on – get real — there a treasure worth quite a lot and my advice would be to spend your time trying to unravel that insidiously clever poem not making continuous posts that don’t merit Dal’s hard work to put this site together. And, as always, this is all my opinion.

        • @ Stance, Thanks for a great post.Keep em coming! I won’t have to go back and read gibberish.

        • Stance
          Well said!!! I am convinced the clues all work and once solved will lead us right to the spot. I haven’t gotten them all to work yet, so I just pick a line and brainstorm it for awhile. I love getting on here and reading others thoughts. I completely agree that the blog tends to stray at times. (no fault of Dal’s) I wish you good luck on your remaining clues!!

    • Azuredeb et al, If you look at it this way: There is a treasure to be had in spending time with your family on a “treasure hunt” I’ve said it before and I will say it again, FF’s said he wanted people to get away from all their gadgets… doing this as a family is something to treasure – some people (like me) do not have the moo la to do this, but some people who do not have it, (for example- I read about some people who are selling things at a rummage sale to make enough for a trip – they are trying to get 4 thou sand together to make their trip) it’s inspiring! I live in an apartment and can’t have a rummage sale here – But I really think I am done for a while – I cherished my kids growing up and did take them places when I had the moo la to do so. I have to get back on track with my own life and wish all the FF treasure hunters the best of Luck! by for now!

      • Little Sparrow,
        You seem very kind. Best of luck to you!!! I really hope people don’t mortgage their futures to hunt for the gold. You are so right about family. Today is my anniversary; I am so lucky. God speed Little Sparrow.

        • Herman 1 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I summed up my search with a link below – enjoy!

    • I’ve thought about this and sparing the details of how I arrived at the number, I concluded there is a 60% chance of the treasure, or a proxy for it, actually being out there somewhere. Factor in the slim chance that I might find it, and discount the chance that it has already been quietly found, add in the excuse to simply get out in nature and stomp around, and I decided to go chase.

  45. Forrest said that the person who finds it will feel surprise and awe at seeing what is inside, it is such a sight. if what they find is some sort of proxy instead, then this experience could not happen. so it is clear FF is saying he hid the actual chest with the gold and jewels etc inside. there are no new questions, only the same old questions that have been there all along, either you believe that he hid it or you don’t. either you believe him when he says it isn’t found yet, or you don’t.

    if FF decided to address these questions, he would just be repeating what he has already said, the chest is there, it has not been found.

    there is nothing that needs to be ‘cleared up’ here, there is nothing that needs to be addressed here. only a conspiracy nut stirring up the pot, and people go oh, oh , oh, we need to talk about this, these questions need to be addressed!…… ummmmm . .no….

    so what i am sayiing is …. please don’t encourage them or add to what they are doing

    • Chris, name calling doesnt help your position. Im asking a serious question for a really good reason.

      • deb chris stated what he believes and i feel the same way.. forrest has said the treasure is real, its hidden, and you will be in awe when you find it and look inside.. believe it or not…. personally i think chris is being too forthright and i would just let people believe what they…

      • az-
        Piling on here…
        We are not here to answer your “serious question for a really good reason”. We are here to talk about the clues in the poem. That is the discussion here…by and large.

        Consequently the people here already believe the chest exists…or why would we bother looking ? I think that’s a fine discussion…but not here. If you want to start a new discussion about the existence of the chest I think you should take it over to one of the naysayers quantum’s..or start your own…

    • This was published March 31, 2013 in the Associated Press and previously identified by Dal.

      [Forrest Fenn was creating a bounty, and the art and antiquities dealer says his goal was to make sure it was “valuable enough to entice searchers and desirable enough visibly to strike awe.”

      Occasionally, he would test that premise, pulling out the chest and asking his friends to open the lid.

      “Mostly, when they took the first look,” he says, “they started laughing,” hardly able the grasp his amazing plan.]

      Why would you have the initial response of laughing? Would your initial reaction be to laugh or to be awed and blown away by the contents. Would you congratulate him on his plan or laugh? I believe Forrest has made it confusing to determine his real direction.

      • I know three people that looked at the chest before Forrest hid it. The contents of the chest were the gold and gems and jewelry that Forrest has described. What makes people laugh is the notion that he would hide such a beautiful thing and let whoever finds it keep it..
        It’s an honest reaction…

      • I can sure relate to someone just laughing My first reaction would be exactly that I know I would laugh. But I still love Treasure hunting

    • Not only does it not make sense…because of the thousand year statement…its also not what Forrest has said. Forrest has said to me and others.. “Its out there. It’s real. There will always be doubters until it’s found.”

      There are two types of people out looking. Those with dogged determination and those who give up. The determined understand that if they have not found it it’s likely because they have not cracked the poem. The folks who give up often try and find someone else to blame for the fact that they didn’t find it. “Forrest lied”, they might conclude.

  46. I have been struck by the different cognitive approaches displayed here. Some prefer the laser saber, others a shotgun pattern. It’s goes in part to personality, but also how our brains are wired to find connections or patterns, even where they are nonexistent. Not sure how knowing this helps find the treasure, unless you are able to tap precisely into FF’s cognitive mindset. It does suggest, however, that your own personal style can lead to over thinking this badly, and mismatching what appears to be clues to the poem when what you are seeing is really random noise and degrees of freedom gone wild. I feel half the sites suggested here and most of the clue solutions can be tossed easily by a simple occam razor principle, why would this have personal or special meaning to Fenn?
    Again, different cognitive styles will come up with different answers, but that’s the key question for me.

    • Anias Nin said something like ” We don’t see things as they are but as we are”. I think that applies here and should be taken into consideration when trying to analyze the clues, Forrest, and others feedback.

  47. I agree with azuredeb. Calling people conspiracy nuts is not the way to win friends and to influence people. I think it’s nuts to walk 3 miles uphill with a shovel. I think the point of this blog is to share ideas in a friendly and cooperative manner. Chris, it sounds like you are a very black-or-white guy. It is this way and not that way. I remember the smartest kids in school were the ones who were always asking questions. I will always ask questions. No one has a monopoly on the truth. I am not trying to scold you. I have enjoyed many of your comments. I do think you need to be more open-minded and less judgmental.

    • Herman-
      I agree with your statement. But I point that accusation at you. You are being judgmental..just as I am right now. But the bottom line blog…my rules…
      If you want to have a discussion about the existence of the chest do it somewhere else. What we have here are a group of people who believe that the chest exists and want to discuss how to find it. That is the purpose of this blog. So let’s move forward with a discussion of the Nine Clues…

      • i agree with you dal on moving forward with the discussion on the nine clues what i would like to know if mr fenn said that we needed a ladder or is it something that someone came out with ?

        • frank-
          Someone around here brought the ladder thing up earlier. I have not heard Forrest say to bring a ladder. I have heard him say to take a sandwich and a flashlight…but I don’t believe that was a serious remark. hH has also said that you only need the poem…but then he said we should read both the poem and the book…
          So here is my take on all that…
          Ignore all of it except the poem and book part….maybe even the book part…

  48. Checking in. Hope everyone is having a great day. Another wet cool day here in Maine. Hmmm…what to do, what to do on a rainy day?? TTOTC? I think so.

  49. Back home from my weekly out of town work week.A lot of blog catch up it seems.The only important thing I see so far is that the treasure has not been found! The drama level seems to be escalating somewhat, but that is par for the course.Forrest says there is a bronze box out there right where he put it.If there are those here that do not believe that the box is holding inside a treasure to shock us all,I see that as an advantage for me.I am a believer,and I have faith that the poem and some serious research is all you need.Forrest was not kidding when he suggested giving the poem to your kids to solve.I have not done so(had the kids read it) but a couple of things I have figured out are down right child like.I also believe Forrest is having some fun w/ this, and if I was in his shoes I would want that treasure to remain where it is until long after I was gone.I do not believe he is going out of his way to lead us to the box or away from it in any way at all.I do trust his ambivalence.@ Dal,thanks again for your undivided attention to your blog and kudos to you for being a bigger person in all you do.Thumbs up Dal, and don’t let me or anyone else say you don’t deserve that box any less than the rest of us. Oh yeah, to all of us failed searchers,chins up and happy Memorial Day! Long live the CHASE!

    • Well said, well said, I can feel the earth under my feet again. Thanks I agree.

  50. I never said its a hoax, I didnt say there wasnt a treasure. I said what if its not hidden in the wild? Look at the poem. Did you all know a definition of blaze is alot of publicity surrounding a sensational subject? The poem says find the blaze then it points out after you have found the treasure that it will be worth the cold and says you must be brave to get the gold. Cold. Kind of like the words you are saying just because I asked a question? I. Came to you for guidance. Thanks alot.

  51. Hello all!
    I am an armchair hunter for the time being and I have watched as Dal’s blog seems to be approaching terminal velocity. I am amazed at all the creativity and outside-the-box thinking on this site. Dal posted a link yesterday shortly before welcoming Stephanie D back from moderation and I think it may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Do any of you think there is any merit to the info/claims on this site?

    • thanks for reposting that.. i ve seen discussions of this area and it certainly looks intriguing. hadnt seen that picture of that cabin. dang it! i’m trying to focus on new mexico …

    • I think this has real possibilities. I know it may sound crazy but “strawberry F” on the yelp profile is a man, you can tell by the man’s shirt and wristwatch. Fenn loved strawberry shortcake. His face is covered up by a pic of the mona lisa, a world renowned painting. Mona Lisa lost her smile….smile at a homely girl or give a homely girl a smile or something like that from FF book. In these reviews, scattered amongst some real reviews are non-reviews…or not real reviews and compliments. In these reviews, I believe, are some clues. I had already found the silver and bow tie references, but I was relating them to railroads, but maybe it is referring to this area, also I found clues in there for starting at the “bottom” as I said on here yesterday. I think this post about the silver gate and the bow tie ball has real merit.

      • I can’t find those reviews, but it is interesting to note a “strawberry” connection. Did’t Forrest propose to Peggy at Strawberry Hot Springs? Strawberry Fields Forever I guess.

        • secrent, idk about the peggy thing, but I really do doubt it is FF, it was just probably an interesting coincidence, and even though it had bow ties and silver references in it, I got those ideas originally from the bracelet FF wanted back and from the ties, bow ties in the book. That bracelet has 22 circles in between silver and it came down through Fred Harvey, the “father” of the RR restaurant chains….the harvey houses.

      • Stephanie Davis,
        I’m wondering if your offering up the yelp stuff as a red herring. The poster you are referring to is very clearly a woman. Her profile says she can be “found” in either park trails or high heels. I don’t think the second half of that would apply to Forrest however, perhaps Dal can enlighten us on this. Under her pic it says “she’s yelping”. She has done 254 reviews and most of them are in the Bay area (San Francisco) or elsewhere in California. I don’t think any are in NM. Your credibility meter in quickly dropping into the negative range. I hope you are not purposefully trying to mislead on all of this.

        • Not misleading, I just can’t make up my mind about it. I only found it because I was researching the train and that site had some pics, but there are just a few strange things about some of the reviews, that’s all I’m saying, and as I’ve said before, it may be nothing. However, I combed through it anyway just on the off chance he was using someone else to post things. I already had my train site LONG before I ever started looking at that yelp thing… simmer down. This blog is just to put ideas out there. Chances are it probably has nothing to do with Fenn

      • Personally, I like the thought. Maybe it’s really Forrest, but just not a clue. Just his own way of being anonymous. Could you imagine if Forrest really posted a review of some fried chicken at the restaurant. I bet we would research grease, chicken and eggs for months and debate sweet and sour sauce. People would spend thousands to get to the Tetons, or Sweetwater creek or Sour Grapes creek and all he wanted to do was rate a meal. And God forbid if he had ordered a Buffalo burger in a restaurant owned by Nicholas Cage or Robert Redford North of Santa Fe.

    • I am the one that originally brought up a ladder, but I meant a rope ladder…and it was just a spur of the moment thought….you can let it go if you like….

  52. The treasure is real and it’s out there . Mr. Fenn’s reputation is at stake , and after 80 + years , with less ahead than behind , I do not believe he wants to leave what so far has been an unblemished record , and tarnish his future . He also has a family who he would not want to embarrass with such actions .

    I also think he will know for sure when the chest is found , because it has a small transmitter of some type which will send out a signal when the chest goes out of range of the hiding place , much like the child or pet locators you can get and attach , that signal if your child wanders afar . Just my thoughts . Happy hunting to everyone !!

    • I’m sick of the question of whether it exists. It’s like asking if Dal’s cache exists. It’s only a million dollars. People need to get over that and move on. We all could hide a certain dollar amount for fun or legacy and not even miss it. My number is much lower than Forrest’s number. But I do have an amount that I would never miss. Once you understand that simple premise, then it’s easy to believe in the treasure. He is buying a legacy and for him, it’s cheap at only $1M. Carnegie had to donate $200M to buy a legacy. Rockefeller donated billions. Buffet will donate $35B when he dies. Fenn, he donated $1M to the chase and is the talk of the town. That’s a bargain.

  53. where is the Doubter. is he only lurking, only reading, waiting for the right moment to pounce? has he put together a spot from all the big hints ive been throwing out there, and he has gone out to search my area hoping to score the treasure of lore?

    • @ Chris Yates,I was away at work and any posts you may have entered after your search.Anything spectacular that you posted monday thru wednesday?

      • well, only thing spectacular would be if i found the chest, which i didnt. i have a posted a lot since then, so can’t really go thru it all, but since you asked i will bring the one thing to the forefront that i think is the main thing for me after this last search.

        my prior and only previous search, and all previous solutions i had worked out, well, this current one is different. it is different because even after a failed search i still am convinced i went to the right area. i am disappointed because there was still something i have missed, i thought i had it all worked out. i am working on what i may have missed, and i am making a little progress in that arena, i will be going back to this area in about a month.

        • Good for you Chris.I stuck w/ my only search area four times.It still haunts me so I have not shared it yet.My new hot spot stands alone and a few of your posts struck a note or two last week.Good luck to you on your next journey.

  54. If many are thinking that leaving such a grand prize for all to seek would deprive his heirs , Mr. Fenn is probably a very wealthy man , and doing so would not greatly harm his heirs . Also with the name recognition he now has , if he decides to publish a book with profit in mind , I believe his sales would greatly enhance his fortune for the benefit of his heirs many times more . Just my thoughts . Also , if he publishes a book of the archived e-mails relating their experiences in their search for the chest I believe if might be a best seller .

    • Rebel-


      I think your arguments are water tight…
      Forrest certainly does care about his family and his reputation…

  55. 12:00 PM: My chase is complete. I laughed so hard on my walk back to the car. Full report with pictures will be sent to Dal in under an hour. Ω A

    • I’m glad you said “My chase is complete” rather than “THE chase is complete”. Good luck you to you, worthy competitor, and look forward to the entry.

    • Einstein “Laughed so hard” I cannot wait for the REPORT! Oh dear nearly dropped out of class too soon…

    • I laughed hard too after the adrenaline wore off and I realized that my intel was WRONG.Human reaction to either cry or laugh.My failures have only made me more determined to see this to the end.

    • Einstien
      Eager to hear about your quest! I know I silently cheer for whoever is out there on the hunt. So glad you were at least able to end it smiling.

      • come on e , ive been waitng all day!! throw us a tease at least.. i got places to go !!! heavy loads?? anything.. i need it..

        • OK, I will give you one for heavy loads since you can’t wait. Forrest said more than once in interviews that there is an appropriate quote by Joseph Duveen – “They never knew that it was the chase they sought and not the quarry”. Heavy loads are taken from quarries and the quarries in the Rocky Mountains almost always have waterfalls entering them. There are over a dozen quarries in Yellowstone park (watch out for the trash pits though).

        • @Einstein,well that answers that.Will you continue your quest?And did you have a good trip?

        • excellent.. i like quarries, trains and ski lifts.. yellowstone eh?? hmm . looking forward to the rest.. ty 🙂

        • My chase for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure finished over 2 hours ago. I had a great trip and am still laughing. Relaxing in HOB right now. Start heading back home tomorrow.

      • I thought you were going to wait for me so we could have a sandwich together and I could lay my eyes upon the chest you had found, but if Yellowstone was your spot than you would have been waiting for a long long time.

    • “Relaxing in HOB right now” Einstein – I’m just going to toss this out there – this HOB – does it have Wheels? if so, is it a Blaz er er er….?

  56. Dal – definitely your blog, your rules. I was responding to azuredeb’s question. I did not doubt the existence of the treasure. Please review the blog to see that I was merely answering a reasonable question. If you must know, I believe in the treasure so much that I hiked 23 miles at almost 10,000 feet on May 9th with a heavy pack on my back looking for the treasure, and then drove back to Dallas from southern Colorado all in one day without sleeping. I am 55 years old and am as tough as nails. Why would I do that if I didn’t believe in the existence of the treasure?

    Chris, this is for you too. You have provided me no clues. Sorry. I have been working on this and generating my own ideas and am thinking outside the box. Why does it bother you so much that I believe there is an actual chest full of gold, but it might be in save keeping? Why does my opinion bother you? Why does it matter if I am looking for a wooden box with final instructions versus looking for the actual chest? I believe there is a chest, and that is why I am looking and thinking. I would like to receive the title to the gold. If I am being judgmental, please explain how I am being so.

    On a recent search, I became snow-blind and received 3rd-degree sunburns on my face. I was out in the snowy wilderness all day long and did not adequately protect myself. I don’t have to prove my belief in this to anyone.

    • “Why does it bother you so much that I believe there is an actual chest full of gold, but it might be in safe keeping?” (FYP)

      Herman, that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the conspiracy put forth in the other thread which you refer to when saying “I am very interested in Wolf’s account and Enthusiast’s belief..”

      let’s be specific, the conspiracy is that Wolf found the treasure and FF has advised him to keep it under wraps to draw this thing out

      your comments indicate you wanted to consider this conspiracy….keep an open mind about it… perhaps you were somewhat sympathetic towards the possibility of it …. I don’t presume to know exactly what’s in your mind, and i carefully chose my words so as not to make any assumptions towards you. So reread my first response to you and you will see that the entirety of it, in essence, is that I am advising you not to entertain this conspiracy, don’t fall for it. now, you are going to do whatever you want to obviously, and so that is only my advice.

      I understand if you just want to keep an open mind. I don’t typically go around making responses like that to every post on here just because it may express something i disagree with….your post caught my attention because of the possible danger in entertaining that conspiracy too much and it would be detrimental and hurtful to others on here who have already invested serious time and money.


      “Chris, this is for you too. You have provided me no clues.”


      ok, i didnt know this was a requirement. if i need to provide some clues for you, i will try harder.

      • I do not need your clues. What are you talking about? At first it seemed you were apologizing, and then you ended by kicking me in the teeth. I’m interested by the way in what the possible journalist has to say. Are you interested in learning new things? I think you just want to pick a fight. I will not be responding to you again.

    • That is a common problem as my eyes are still not healed after a long hike in the snow 3 weeks ago. (And it was in Michigan at 800 ft. and not at 8,000 ft in YNP). I hope everyone wears real UV sunglasses. Mine were a cheap $10 pair that said 100% UV protection. The red burn around my eyes said otherwise.

  57. I saw Miss Ford today, and she was a little blue. (I think she misses Forrest)

  58. Where is Ava? I have been hoping to hear something back from her soon here.

    This is all just so…. mmmmm, fun.

  59. Good afternoon everyone….

    Just trying to catch up on the flogs…. sorry, blogs.

    @Herman 1, What part of below 7,000 ft. did you miss? If the it’s a Treasure or just a cache with the “Title to the gold” in it, what differance would it make. You still have to find it by the poem. I personally would sleep better at night knowing the chest was in a safety deposit box North of Santa Fe……. see, everybody has an opinion

  60. Little Sparrow,
    I too am withdrawing from this blog, at least for a while. It has gotten adversarial and I am a peaceful person just trying to get through life in a calm and pleasant way. I have been beaten up on this blog. I will withdraw and let my teenaged son continue to kick me in the teeth.

    • Herman, if you have been following for long, you know that we have all been kicked, some of us harder than others…we are all flesh and bones, all have feelings too. Relax, take a deep breath, and rejoin us. There are many stages of development represented on this blog…I can tell by reading, that you are a chaser. So stick to it, gleen what you can, contribute what you like, and take the consequences like an adult (which you have), and to everyone else…why can’t we all just get along…if you don’t have anything nice to say(I am as guilty as anybody), don’t say anything…NINE CLUES ….What if wwwh is the clouds…as in the white cloud mountains?

      • Thank you Mike D. It is not that I can’t take it like an adult–I run a business and manage $millions in client assets. Why would I voluntarily take crap for just participating. I have enough stuff to deal with on an average day. I don’t need any more. You seem nice and I appreciate your sincere gesture. I wish you great success.

    • Herman 1 I have an 18 year old daughter who “knows how to drive better than I do!”

  61. While I have ideas about the poem as a map, I cannot say with certainty yet that it along with the book have led me to “it”. While I haven’t been able to leave the east coast lately I have been colluding with trusted friends back west and they have been searching. Profiling is one thing I do. Time & again ff has said that “it” is still there. There are 2 ways that I think he could know this that I am willing to put forth:
    (1) He has a friend(s) that perhaps have (has) plenty of $$ & success & think his idea is fun as much as he. He could have hidden “it” on their property. One example I will say here is perhaps tt’s Vermejo Ranch. I know this area, been there several times before he bought it. I know people that have worked for him. He rewards loyalty but can be very tuff. An employee of his up there would know beyond any doubt if anyone had been there and found it & would tell tt who would tell ff. (2) Then there are the motion detecting 4g/sat. gps. devices one can buy for less than $300 that have batteries that last for several years when in sleep mode. ff would know about such stuff. We been putting them in go bags & secreting them away unfound for years. Old tricks are the best tricks.
    It was asked “who would hide a chest with over a million $ in the wilderness?” – ff did, I wish Warren B. & J. Chambers and others would in their vicinities.
    I really wish I could be out west hiking & fishing right now. Until then, I’ll keep visiting Dal’s & others blogs to share in the thrill & will be thrilled if someone finds it.

    • Doubt it is on tt’s ranch.There are many ways f could and will know when said treasure is found.The most probable way will be that the lucky dawg that finds “it” won’t be able to contain themselves and will let him know right quick like.It will certainly be a thrill to hear that someone did find “it”!!

    • So many people don’t get “IT” regardless of what “IT” is. Keep pushing hard! Enjoy the camaraderie that comes from pushing hard, and suffering with others. Once it is formed, it is an unbreakable bond that is only understood by those who share “IT”. A quote i read on a professional rock climbing site that i thought was fitting.

    • Slim,

      I’ve also thought number 1 was possible. He could just ask (and compensate them) to hide something on his friends property. His friend wouldn’t know what it is, so the statement that no one else knows stays true. His friend is aware of only where it is to check on it occasionally or keep an eye on it.

      This presents other problems for searchers and also could create annoying visits, bothering the owner, because he couldn’t point it out, he’d have to let searchers wander around looking for it.

      Not sure it’s a 100 year possibility either, but it keeps it out of fed hands.


  62. Check out that thar 80 year old Japanese feller who just climbed that thar real-tall-like Everest Mountain they got somewhar over the puddle thar, afore anyone goes on a-sayin’ more that Forrest Fenn couldn’t go very far with that thar bronze chest…Us pirates hyar send out a big salute to all robust 80 year olds everywhar! May you continue to amaze and inspire us!

    • Can any one who has met Forrest ( or not) wager a guess on how far you would expect him to walk or ride a bike on a medium rise in elevation (on a trail). In one interview I watched he said he has been digging 3 or 4 feet deep holes to bury his bell jars. Geez, I’ve been digging 1 foot deep holes for fence posts and find it exhausting. This is one wild card I see in trying to narrow down how far “up the creek” to look. Help anyone?

      • ff is acclimated to high altitudes, I knew a Taos indian that drank too much but was wiser than I & walked 10 miles (at 8,000 feet) every day until he was 90. ff is a teetotaler & Pepper Uper, has a loving wife, seems pretty darn pleased with his life, so I say he is rather healthy & is certainly the driven type. I would wager that he could do just about whatever he wants to do – even if he has to collude.
        Anty up… let’s say one eyed Jacks are wild as are weasels.

        –May The Shwartz Be With You

  63. I admire the 80 year old who climbed Everest , after 4 heart surgeries . I am 70 and have had open heart surgery once , and I know I don’t think I could do that . . Best of luck to him . Other younger and healthier people have failed . Sometimes it mind over matter , and maybe I can test that theory soon .

  64. Just checking in… has it been found yet? I found a new blaze to check out!

  65. To all armchair chasers

    Geographically, I am somewhat fortunate to only live 5 hours from Yellowstone, and am going up this weekend. I have 2 potential poem solution areas to search within the park, but am willing to check out your “solution” if you are a trusting sort and don’t mind trusting another. If i wasn’t a trusting sort i wouldn’t believe in the treasure in the first place.

    To all those “in the Wood”

    I think it would be a blast to trade ideas in person and hike up creeks without a paddle with a teammate. If you will be in Yellowstone on Sat or Mon, email me and we can work together. I’ll leave the bees at home, and I don’t come with a stinger. You can email me at

  66. well, getting back to the clues, I was looking at the map in the book and OMG!!!!!!!. does everybody else see all that I see? look at it for a long time and you will see !!!!!!

  67. I can see the stelth fighter, a horse wearing a hat, a bunch of faces,, school bus

  68. What I would like to ask others about is The Lanier School photo of the students. Why do only the girls have “L”s on their shirts? Why do they look “photo-shopped” in? Who are Edard, Pat & Kacir? What does it all mean? And what am I missing? now i’m bumming out.

    • I was wondering if Kacir is Donnie Joe’s last name? I don’t know if it ever said in the book, but I found something interesting out in the forest around hegben lake. It was a blaze on a tree with the initials DJK. Dont know if it meant anything.

      • I think the “names” were written on there for the publishing of the book. I think it all means something. I will get to the bottom of it.

      • If you buy into drquantums KGC theory KACIR (Kansas Advisery Council on Intergovernmental Relations (Kansas Dept of Rev) may be someone you’ll have to deal with lol.

      • I don’t think Kacir is DJ’s last name. Somewhere on here about a month back, someone cleared up both Kacir and Edard (missing W). Forrest had said that Edard was just what everyone called Edward. Kacir was just Kacir, but I don’t think it was Donnie.

        Note: I didn’t verify any of this, but at the time it seemed trustworthy. I also have a fun theory about Edard. It may not be missing a letter. It may in fact have an extra letter that has been misplaced from some other part of the book. 🙂

      • Stephanie Davis – Lawyers in Temple, TX – last name Kacir. Relatives?

        You seemed to have all your clues lined up perfectly for your search. The treasure should have been there. I’m disappointed too. Again – what was your “blaze”? I researched slang for the word “blaze” & it’s a doozy! Check it out on Bing.

      • lostineasttn,

        Edward is circled, Mr. Fenn has an arrow pointing to him.

        I noticed the broken circles also and figured it was just the way he made them. Some people circle with two lines, some people just one line. I looked for a hidden meaning and come up with a headache.


        • I disagree IMO the arrow is
          pointing to Me (ff) and edard is not circled or are you saying edard is ff? I missed that one if he was referred to by that name?

        • lostineasttn,

          Edard is circled, ff is two kids in front… in the first row in front of Edard. ff has the arrow pointing at him, ME. ff is not circled.


        • @jdh

          If you look at the circles, I think they are edited it.They are only 2 of the same. 1 is 180 degrees out. Just saying…. Seen some really cool things under my labs microscope….just saying again…..

  69. I have been searching YNP for 11 days now and have not found anything yet. Since this blog is about discussing the clues, I will give my partial solution away with the hope it will generate some new ideas. Forrest said that the site is more than 300 miles west of Toledo. I know Forrest said it was a non-clue, but Toledo, SD is 320 miles west of YNP. Draw a line north of Santa Fe, and follow the Rockies, and it intersects the west line from Toledo SD in YNP. So the treasure is in YNP. WWWH is the intersection of the Firehole River and the Gibbon River. The Firehole River is 20 degrees warmer than any other river in YNP, and it halts when it meets the Gibbon to form the Madison. Take it in the canyon down is the Gibbon Canyon, past the Gibbon Falls. Not far but to far to walk is approximately 12 miles from the intersection of the Firehole and Gibbon rivers where you will find the HOB. Now I was always concerned why Forrest would capitalize Brown, and I researched the surname. Brown is an old norse name that means bruni. Bruni translated from old norse means fire. You are looking for the house of fire which just also happens to be brown. HOB is Chocolate Pot geyser located on the Gibbon river 12 miles from WWWH. From there it’s no place for the meek is the thermal and geyser area that is very dangerous to walk through as you now head south towards Paintpot Hill. Now there are three creeks you can follow. Only one creek fits everything and that is Geyser Creek. There’ll be no paddle up your creek, Geyser Creek is very narrow and shallow. Just heavy loads and water high, there are a lot of downed trees in the creek due to the thermal heat, and water high is the steam that rises off creek. Now I won’t give away the rest of the poem, but I have found a “blaze”, and standing at the exact spot I saw the double omega, but I didn’t find anything. There were a few crevases I couldn’t peer into due to the danger, and I couldn’t get to one of the caves just below the blaze. I will be staying in YNP in Madison campground until this Tuesday. If anyone want to treasure hunt with me, 50/50 split, and has something to offer in the way of a search plan contact me at tjcam at yahoo dot com. I am sitting in the West Yellowstone McDonalds since they have free wifi, and can’t check any email till tomorrow. Hope I didn’t give away to much.

  70. How many people do you suppose have deliberately made a trip into the mountains to search for FF trove? The number has to be large and growing…

  71. Hi everybody, I’m just checking in. Was the treasure found today, does anybody know? I have spent the last 12 hours researching and redoing my entire search LOL. I am taking a whole new approach to this now.

  72. I have emailed all my trips with picturess to Forrest, and counting……one

  73. The double omega may be Forrest old college fraternity. Mine was “Ate A Bite of Pie”
    Time to check on my tracking # for the new fly rod…..

    • Forrest didn’t go to college but his dad did. Maybe his dad was a member of that fraternity originally started by former boyscouts. Alpha Phi Omega

    • Desert Pete, of the places I’ve been to search you’re better off with a short rod light tackle spin casting outfit. No room for back cast. Spinner bait cast UP stream and drag it back fast as you can. Fish yes! Treasure no. Good luck anyway on both.

  74. Read the poem to children and see if they reply . Maybe they will give you a clue and an answer .A flashlight and a pimento cheese sandwich . These things sound ridiculous don’t they . Well , when the answers come out , if they ever do you will see the relevance of those statements .

  75. Doubting Thomas not posting on here is making me very nervous. he is searching my area i know it. DT come back here at once

    • OK – he’s saying he found it first or second – so he doesn’t break any laws. He said he sent info (?) to FF and a reporter – both with no reply on the 18th. I tried to ask questions and just get kicked off the web site. All we can do is wait for Dal to check it out. Seems fishey to me.

      • I finally got thru to Captpappy – asked him to post a photo of it. It’s awaiting moderation.

        • inthechase, I sure hope not. I’m getting ready to go full time on this thing. My company is laying off and the outdoors are calling….CHC

        • I truly thinks he just wants his five minutes of fame – like so many others. Sorry about your layoff but good luck with that hunting.

      • How should Forrest respond? If the guy was right he needs to go get it. What does he expect…that Forrest is going to say..”Well I’ll be darned there Pappy..your absolutely right.”…No way…Forrest isn’t going to tell anyone they are correct or incorrect. It’s up to them to go search for it.

        And if the guy is wrong and Forrest tells him so…jeese!…That’s a huge clue that he would have and you would not. So Forrest does not answer emails from people who claim to have solved the poem. This guy is not the first to try this tactic. I know for a fact that multiple times..maybe as many as ten times so far this exact scheme has been tried.

        Forrest’s tactic is to remain silent. Eventually they go away.

        Gadi is the same way. How many folks do you think try to get the media to publish their “solution”…
        People are hungry for their 15 minutes of fame…
        Gadi doesn’t play that game either.

        Please don’t credit this guy with anything more than being convinced he’s correct. If you think there is something to it than you should run out with the other 300 or so folks headed there right now to look.

        In my opinion the guy is no where near it. His far…is not even original. I personally know at least a dozen folks that have lined the clues up the way he has…none of them found it…

        Be cautious in what you believe…

  76. Some people here think that wolf may have found the chest and he may have, if you ask me that sounds too easy the way he wrote it. He may have seen the first blaze but In my opinion there is more to it than that maybe one or two more blazes that involve some more work. There are also some other things I found in my research that I have not seen posted here. Maybe hes just trying to keep us all in suspense for a while or he hasn’t figured out the other blazes yet.

    • I am heading out real soon to search for the treasure once again unless someone drops a bomb in my plans, and I will not keep any one in suspense.
      I’m on it like blue bonnet.

    • Wolf has not found the chest, and just like the guy form mens warehouse….I gaurantee it…

  77. Great new input on the pic of the map. Been a long time without anything new. Edard-dared? I have pondered those two names for quite a while. I also have seen different things in two of the dates on postmarks.

      • Well the story on his brothers helicopter and tne picture of the treasure chest.

        • Some said the person who set the book up just put them there, but it seems strange Mr. Fenn would not have final approval ? They are definitely the same but different.

    • See my post above. If you anagram all the class photo names you get “caretaker did map” also “dramatic red peak”

      • possible. My WWWH came from an anagram. I do believe all you really do need is the poem and the book just confirms. I am way outside the lines in my interpretation on the poem but will see how far off I am in a week. Keep digging and sometime things just smack you in the face. As somebody coined the phrase I am just an old “Ozarkian” you have to show me ! Good luck to all searchers this weekend.

    • Nice Frank – but is it a clue – or is it put in below BELLOW??? mwa ha ha ha….

      • I have another one for you Frank – ready?
        if you’ve been wise and found double A’s – Mwa ha ha ha!

        • little sparrow i didnt get the double As part would you mind putting it more plainly so i can ha ha with you too ?

        • Frank, I am not saying that your clue is incorrect, how would I know? I am saying that we can pick apart the poem readjust the letters align, realign them, “try to find double A’s” (the Blaze if you didn’t get it – say it Da bl aze) or two A’s in any arrangement you can imagine in the poem – via adjusting or readjusting the sentences, I just was playing a little bit with the poem, the Mwa ha ha ha, is the laugh of a person who is also rubbing their hands together around and around and Laughing that somewhat devious laugh -The laugh is just because I have probably “lost my marbles” trying to figure out the clues…

        • ok little sparrow sorry for the misunder standing you just went above 9th grade level on me and i took it wrong LOL my bad again sorry and thanks for the explanation

        • @ frAnk & Astree
          I actually liked your clue frank -I was just being a pit, ooops I mean a bit silly 🙂
          Thanks for responding!
          I am not sure about the poster info – astree???
          I think there are sooooo many people in the chase that are very creative and imaginitive – I sure wood like to know why Einstein was “laughing” still don’t understand – other than a possible reaction to what he may have found…
          Which, who knows what that could be….

  78. Hi All! Good luck on your searches this weekend. We’re heading out Sunday (the wife & kid) weather or not the treasure is found. The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Angel Fire has several activities scheduled Sunday & Monday. I’ll take my 9-year old there for the Sunday night Candlelight Vigil and try to use that as a teaching opportunity. I hope to see some of you there! Then we will go hiking on Monday and if the chest has not been found, then I’ll search of a couple of spots. I probably won’t find it but who knows…maybe by the grace of God!

    • The memorial is very cool. We spent several hours there last year. See if you can find the geocache. Hint – find the brick that memorializes a soldier with the last name of Brown – follow it down to the hiding spot. Needless to say, it gave us a rush when we found it. Good luck!

  79. mike d i am now being moderated, So if I wanted to come back, I am not welcome apparently.

    • Herman 1….. Never give up. Never surender. Everyone is entitled to the First Amendment. Just keep it light…

    • Herman One my man… I was on moderation – you will live thru it – you just can’t “I.M.” like for a while,
      makes one choose their posts carefully. Then your off. It’ll be O.K.

      • Babylon Slim – On moderation – what does that mean? How does Herman 1 know he’s moderated? What is “just can’t I.M. like for a while”? I don’t know what you’re saying?

    • Herman-
      You are not on moderation. You used a certain 4 letter word in that post and the blog automatically put that message on hold. Kids read this blog. No reason to use language like that here. I changed the offensive word and allowed your comment to then be posted.

  80. Leaving tomorrow AM to spend a couple days checking my spot for the long weekend. This will be my fourth trip to the same area. If I am not able to locate on this trip I will consider sharing my search location when I return. That elusive Blaze! Whatever could it be? Good luck everyone!

  81. is it br’er rabbit and br’er bear you are seeing in the map? i don’t know, ive been staring at it for half an hour and don’t see anything

  82. Here’s a quote from the Capt Pappy website blog thingy

    The triple references to “look down quickly” come when you look down at the tree, then down inside the tree that is down from the others. And, then you are looking in the hollow where Fenn placed the treasure!

    And so you may ask why am I giving away the treasure’s location? To paraphrase what Fenn said, “been there, done that.”


    well, first we see that he is saying the chest is down in the hollow of a tree. didn’t FF say that it’s not in a tree, but is surrounded by trees? not that that matters, if this guy says it’s in a cemetery south of santa fe, new mexico, i would believe him, he’s got such nice pictures.

    you can also see here that he doesn’t have the chest, he is just giving away its location. how nice of him. why would he do that? oh … “been there, done that” …. i see, wish i was this guy. apparently, going around finding million dollar treasures is something he has done a few times before.

    • Chris and all – here’s the deal with him – he’s selling a package deal on an auction site! You get the book, a map, and a one hour consult with him. Give me a break. First of all I don’t think FF would put it in a cottonwood tree as they only live about a hundred years and they look about that old now. Secondly they burn like crazy. Thirdly if he knew the treasure was there – simply go get it. His photos are great and it’s too bad he doesn’t use that gift – instead of trying to deceive.

      • selling it on an auction site? ok that makes some sense. if someone buys then at least hes getting something. if he goes to his spot then he gets nothing.

        honestly, if someone offered me 10k cash for my spot and all info and solving of the poem i have researched to this point, i wouldn’t take it.

        • Chris and all, in Captpappy’s comments he is essentially claiming to have the treasure but that admitting it will imply that he has taken property that belongs to Yellowstone. He further claims to have provided proof to FF and the media in Albuquerque.

  83. Does everyone or anyone feel the article on thedailybeast website about the chest being exposed to rain, snow, forest fire is accurate? Has anyone been able to independently verify this information or possibly heard this from Forest or another reliable resource? I have considered the chest may be under very shallow water but if that information is correct then I believe my theory is invalid. Just curious if that info has been verified in one way or another. Thanks in advance for any responses and again, good luck searching everyone!

        • ESG……Forrest did say in his book I believe that he was going to put a thousand dollar bill and two five hundred dollor bills in the box but took them out because he didn’t know how they would react to moisture over time. Not sure if that will help you.

      • Where and when did he say this? That is quite a bold statement. Can you provide a link?

        • Stu I think you can find it in Dal’s media links from four or five months ago…He definitely said that it was not in water or under water right around the time of his first Good Morning America appearance…maybe before? You can ask Dal or Stephanie too.

        • Can anyone else verify this because its the first time I have heard an outright claim from him that it is not. I know many people believe it is not including Dal but I have watched them all and have never heard these words. U used to think it wasn’t either until recently. Now I’m not so sure

        • I have no recollection of Forrest saying that it is or is not in water. So I cannot add much to the conversation.

          Many searchers, me included, believe that since he intended to be next to the treasure when he died it is not in water.

    • This comes from our visit with Forrest last year. He was graciously sitting down with us – and Tony D. – answering questions. We asked him whether the chest would hold up to the ravages of time. He said (paraphrase) that he didn’t know how the chest would hold up to the elements – weather, fire, etc. I followed up with him on an e-mail and his response was “I have no idea what this country will look like in a thousand years so sure things can happen to effect the treasure chest, especially since it is not locked. I’m thinking about earthquakes, fires, land slides, floods and atomic bombs made in Iran.” Bottom line, I can verify what he said. However, he didn’t say it was or wasn’t buried. I have reason to think, though, that it isn’t under water. Hope that helps.

      • Do you have other reason to believe that it isn’t under water or are you basing that on the above mentioned ? Just curious. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ems, Personally, I think there is no reason to doubt the content of the articles by Tony Dokoupil. However, there is quite a bit of dissent on that subject as Dal and Stephanie-tyblossom, among others, think Tony’s work is dubious at best and bordering on reckless. Generally when a journalist quotes an interviewee it is considered a quote. Those here do not accept them as such.

    • Em-
      Forrest has said the same or slightly different in other venues…So it’s an accurate comment.

    • Very nice Chris , maybe it will go viral and you get discovered like Kolby Callait

    • Loved it – especially the guitars – do one with your face on it. We all know the words. Rangar – Who the heck is Kolby Callait? I ws thinking Justin Bieber.

      • youtube her – inthechase colbie caillat.. she is very good. r&b /folk singer

    • ya, ive been thinkin about walkin on american idol audition with my guitar and playn this. slightly overweight 40 year old balding guy with a bad complexion. that would be awesome.

      • chris i liked it.. a little tweaking and you and forrest could maybe strike a deal lol

    • Enjoyed that brief interlude Chris Yates . It took some of the tension away .

    • Getting late…
      Thanks CY for the bedtime serenade. I liked it!
      Night All.

    • Chris-

      That was great! I think you should play that at the National Searchers Convention held just below the home of Brown next fall?

      Thanks man!

      • oh bummer sorry he didn’t find it…great that he has such a good sense of humor about it though. That’s a necessary ingredient in this search imo 😀

      • FYI – if you hit control F on your keyboard – it will open a box at the top of your screen. You then can type in the name of the thing or person you wish to find on this page. Hit next and it will scroll thru the posts.

      • Was he brave and in the wood? I have interpreted the poem to take you to one specific spot. The poem as I see it has an ending but the end is also a beginning? I hope that take the chest doesn’t mean “take the jest” lol. If so…maybe I should save the gas money tomorrow? LOL

        • He said he would have Dal post all the details. I’m not sure about the beginning and the end and really don’t care. I think the home of Brown is big and it’s not a trout. . I would go look if everything you have fits. Luck be with you.

  84. I found this excert about the Kepler Cascades I think yall might be interested in:

    “These falls, if located on an eastern stream, would be celebrated in history and song; here, amid … as to strain conception and stagger belief, they were passed without a halt.” – Gustavus Doene 1871

  85. I don’t mean to double post, but I’m not sure my last one came through properly. I have been limiting my search area to Santa Fe for the last few weeks with no results. Great insights though. Today I spent a full 12 hours straight starting over again from scratch. I’m going out tomorrow morning to see what might come of it…this time I will actually be going North past city limits LOL.

    • armany thursday – Is that where you live – Santa Fe? How did you overcome the NORTH of Santa Fe thing? I know where there’s a hollow tree you could look down into, but no kind of blaze. At least I don’t think so. Actually I’m not sure what kind of blaze there should be.

      • I live in Santa Fe, Becky. About 3 weeks ago after travelling a bit to search, I came back to Santa Fe and decided I would search in the North part of Santa Fe which is actually our downtown area if you check the map. Yes, he always said it was North of Santa Fe, but he never said it wasn’t in Santa Fe either.

        • armany thursday – Did you look in FF’s ex-gallery sculpture garden? Have you been there? What is in your downtown area besides businesses? Parks with trees & water fountains or falls? Maybe boulders or bronze sculptures?

        • I recall reading here on this blog that ff said that “it is at least 8 1/2 miles North of S.F.” — and… nevermind.

        • But Armany..Forrest said it was at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. He said that on Richard Saunier’s blog. I was suspicious about it really being Forrest so I asked him about that comment and he told me that he did write that hint on Richard’s blog..

  86. Thanks Chris Yates for lightening the tension some . That was an enjoyable 3 minutes .

  87. Hey Dal, the carpet baggin second guessers are getting restless at warp speed. You have my blessing bro. See you in West Yellowstone on June 1st. Been driving 2 days from Texas and right now I’m resting in Salt Lake City. I will have searched for a week before I see you so we’ll have plenty to talk about. Incidentally I picked up a couple of goodies from Texas for your cache. Hope WE can find it. LOL

    • Lookin forward to meeting up with you..
      I left a trail of bread crumbs last year so I could find my little cache this year..
      SLC is west of Yellowstone..what happened? Did you drive right past the park in your sleep?

  88. Where is Ava? and I wish Stephanie 2 feet would come back for a visit.

    I think that i have had a slap my forehead moment about the blaze. I think ff spills out exactly what it is in the BooK.

    —sleep tight

  89. Anyone – In my opinion the clues are actual physical directions – Begin it …halt, Take it …down, Put in …Brown. Then what?

    Maybe it’s a dead end – perhaps a canyon wall or a locked gate or some impassable point. So you have to retrace your route back to “where warm waters halt”. At that point the beginning is also the end of your quest.

    Maybe you would not have spotted the “blaze” at the start because you were not aware that you needed to find it there. Could that be the “wise” part? So it’s possible that FF could have hidden the treasure at “warm waters halt” & not had to walk the clues. Right?

  90. Dal – Who is that Captain Pappy person? He said he sent the treasure chest info to FF several days ago, but has had no response. Can you ask FF if the whole story is true? What’s the deal?

    Captain Pappy based one of his clues on Capt Kidd & Gardiner’s Island. That’s not correct. Gardiner’s Island is a small island in the town of East Hampton, New York. That’s where Capt Kidd hid his treasure – not in Yellowstone. Again, what’s the deal?

  91. Dal,

    A question about your Captpappy post above. I took his article differently. He’s not asking “Is this the site?” nor is he asking for hints. He’s saying “This is the site.” He’s saying he has it. He posted a very detailed picture of the specific hollow tree.

    For Forrest, to comment back to him (or to us) and say “My treasure was not in THAT tree.” That would be absolutely no hint for anyone. For all we know, it could be the tree right beside of it. The fact that he hasn’t replied has me nervous.

    Have you talked to FF about when the treasure is found. Will he let the public know? Or, with all of the people going out and searching and discovering beautiful scenery, does he view that as a second treasure?

    Not at all trying to be argumentative. Just looking for clarification. Thanks.

    • Chad – I’m not nervous, but somebody needs to say something – one way or the other. Captpappy said he sent out the info on the 18th & this is the 24th. Evidently there’s a problem. I think if Captpappy is correct, he would post pictures of the treasure also. Nah! Full of crap. Not in that tree – the clues don’t fit. Doesn’t look like a very dear, private, special place to me. You?

      • I agree Becky plus why would f respond he’s seen that trick a time or two before. F wasn’t born yesterday.

        • Hi, JJ – If Captpappy actually found the treasure, he would have sent FF a picture – right? Evidently he didn’t. Here’s what I don’t understand – why would Captpappy tell the whole world about it on his blog? It’s one thing to be a jerk to FF, but now we all know he’s a jerk. How humiliating!

        • I hope you’re right. I’m really hoping Dal, Stephanie, or one of the other hardcore searchers on her finds it! DId you read his comments though?

          “If I say I was first then I could be breaking the law. Remember it would be the property of Yellowstone. If I was second something would have been there that would not be there after my visit. This could be an imprint of the box or a note etc.. Fenn was given a picture history and since then there has been no comments coming from him or his blog site about the treasure. The last one was about April 18. He got my info shortly after that but will not contact me for comment. I have also given the entire story to the local news tied to the Today Show. Gadi is a reporter at KOB TV and has reported on the treasure over the last few years. After three weeks and a hand delivered packet he has made no effort to contact me. Let me answer you this way the few who could end the debate are not talking.

          If I were to be more specific I could be admitting to breaking the law. I am saying it is gone. I gave the info and picture history to Fenn but he has not talk to me or anyone in the news nor have there been any statements as to the treasure’s status.”

        • Dal did address this CrappyPappy thing above – also the guy is selling his info on an auction site. If indeed someone does find it – I am sure FF will address it in a timely manner. It’s a matter of honor.

  92. Dal, did f state 8.25 miles N. of Santa Fe NM or 8.25 miles N. of Santa Fe ? Thanks

    • There’s much more important things to focus our attention on. If you have the book did you see all the hidden items on the picture of the map ?

      • JJ – I saw some faces. The map is blurry so I am not able to figure out where the guy (whose shape is formed by the gold nuggets, the coin, & the frog) is pointing. Probably doesn’t matter anyway. What do you think?

    • “If you want to apply those important figures into the thrill of the chase I will give you an additional clue. The Treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe.”

        • No, he responded to that already with something like – I never thought of that, no, the treasure is north of Santa Fe, NM. I couldn’t find the quote but it’s on this blog where he responds to an email with the same question.

        • It’s in the “Forrest gets mail” section:


          I haven’t seen where anyone has asked you if you mean Santa Fe, New Mexico or another Santa Fe. I think we all assume Santa Fe, NM but there is a Santa Fe, TX as well as in other states. Have you specifically said New Mexico? Maybe we should expand our search area to in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe, Argentina. Once again, if I ask too much please forgive me and disregard this e-mail. I have really enjoyed this puzzle, thank you.

          Forrest responds-

          I didn’t think of that Franklin. But yes, it’s Santa Fe, New Mexico. f

    • First off he did not say precisely 8.25 miles. He quoted the distance in links. 8.25 miles is what the distance works out to. He said earlier that the Santa Fe he was talking about is Santa Fe, NM.

    • I was only referring to the post on Richards blog not any previous statements made. Becky your probably right about the hidden items on the map. Probably something he threw in there for some amusement.

  93. Im looking over a pile of old notes and trying to rethink ideas I havent previously followed thru on.
    Has anyone ever found out where Otto Brown lived? I never tied up that loose end…Your help is greatly appreciated.

    @Dal, thanks for doing a great blog.

    @Everyone, have a great weekend and be safe out there.

  94. Does anyone know of a geothermal feature in Yellowstone named for Joe Meeker? I feel sure I have seen a photo (Google maps, Google Earth, etc.) of one called “Meek’s Reeker” or such. I think it was a sulfur vent near one of the entrances to the park. I’ll end up running across it again, the reason I post this now is for those of you fixing to head out thata way soon. I remember thinking “no place for the meek” must mean (in the context of Yellowstone) if you got this far turn back, you passed it. Anybody?


  95. Dal,
    Why are my posts appearing before other folks who posted on May 23rd? (below)

  96. My comments are appearing above (as opposed to below) folks that posted yesterday. I noticed happening yesterday beginning with TT’s post at 10:01 A.M.

  97. .
    Forrest has offered his word and bond that the treasure is real, and that he will convey title.

  98. Hi everyone, I’m new to this blog or should I say new to blogging altogether. Yes I am one of Forrest thrill chasers and for right now I’m in Florida. I will be heading out west on my own search in a week and have enjoyed reading your blogs Dal. Dal I want to say you and Stephanie D are both standup people in my book on the way you guys handled that minor conflict between you two. Now if some others who tend to be here for maybe the wrong reasons just please understand there is a lot of time involved into everyone’s lives who are in search for Fenn’s treasure and saying something to knock them down from the plateau they have built up in the research they have done is very stressful. I realize that everyone has opinions on just about everything in these discussions but try and stay focused here and that is on ” The Thrill Of The Chase”. I too love hearing all the ideas and how everyone one is looking at them from different angles, in fact this has helped me in my thoughts of where I might search. I had one strong area at first where I was going to search but now after understanding some of your reasonings I now have four places. Can I cover them in the four days I have there, I’m not sure, but will give it a darn good try. So fellow searchers, whether arm chair or actually out there looking “Good Luck” with all your doings, and for you Mr. Fenn hopefully I will be bringing you your bracelet to you soon…….Hey guys I’m a dreamer too. LOL

    • Dal if I have time I will seek out you hidden cache and put something in it. Okay now you know the area I am going to…. I will tell more about my areas of search after I get back, maybe it will help others.

      • Thanks Bur…maybe I’ll see you there if you are around on the first of june. Hoping to meet other searchers there as well.

  99. Clue Question:
    If FF said that it’s in the mountains – did he say it’s in the rockies or just infer the Rocky mountains…
    If FF whol admitted he likes to embelish a bit – said it’s in the rockies, could he mean Rocky areas?
    Also if he said North of Sante Fe, but he didn’t say North of Sante Fe NM, does that mean that other Santa Fe’s are disqualified?
    And, being a bit of an embellisher – when he says it’s above 5,000 feet, does that specifically mean 5,000 feet in elevation or could it mean, if I were to look at a map of any Santa Fe area in a northerly direction of course, That I could wager a guess that it’s “beyond” 5,000 feet northerly direction?
    And for the Kiddies, could it mean North of Santa’s Sleigh?

  100. There is no absolutely no way that the gold is hidden in the hollow of a cottonwood tree. It just fundamentally does not fit with my understanding of ff’s special place. I am confident that the special place is closely tied to ff’s love of archaeology, perhaps where he found his first Indian arrowhead?

    I have decided to limit my search to the greater Yellowstone area, and my pure speculation is that in his youth he discovered an “uncharted” cave or lava tube that had signs or remains of prior habitation, and that became his special place. This makes sense in my mind, as it would be the beginning place of his lifelong passion of collecting artifacts.

    The Northeast Idaho landscape is covered with dozens of known lava tubes, and i’m sure there are some out there not officially discovered. It is known that these tubes were used by Native Americans as places of habitation. It fit’s with the “look quickly down” as these tubes generally have smallish openings on flat terrain as opposed to caves that are on hillsides. You would also need a flashlight.

  101. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would do with the treasure if I found it. Let’s say the value is worth $1 Million. What is the best way to help as many people as possible with a portion of that money. I’ve been watching the news about Moore, OK and it kind of puts things in perspective for you about what’s really important in life. It’s foolish for me to ever whine about my situation when others have lost so much.

    So, let’s say I make a contribution of $100,000 to cancer research or something like that. That may seem like a lot but it’s probably just a drop in the bucket and may not be the best way to help. I could never really be sure how the money was being spent.

    So…maybe I find an individual or individuals who I could help. I would have to get to know the person/s first to know if I was really helping them or if I was just enabling them.

    Maybe I should try to invest the money to make more money to help more people, but I don’t know anything about the stock market or if the economy is going to crash.

    I could use the money to go in a new direction personally and maybe become an author or painter, for example, but those things take more motivation than money.

    Maybe I find a small collective group of intelligent individuals who have a cause that I believe in and I try to help them in some way. Do any of you have any good ideas?

    Even if I had $10 million, I wouldn’t want to just retire. I haven’t done enough with my life yet. I don’t seek fame…some recognition would be nice, but really I just want to feel that I’ve done something worthwhile on this Earth. I guess I’m just not a power hungry individual who needs a ton of money & toys to make me happy, but of course, a little moola would be nice to get me on my way!

    • Cojfox if you don’t want a lot of fame maybe you should stop looking or never tell anyone you found it. Then never try and sell any of it. This treasure is a about fame, no way to get around it if someone knows you have it. Every newspaper and talk show will want to talk to you and not to mention all the new friends you will have. LOL I do like what you will do with it as I think a lot of us will do close to the same.

  102. Stephanie Davis, on your urgent email to Forrest, did u remember to attach the pictures?

  103. You’ve gotta hand it to Forrest for putting, “home of Brown” and “where warm waters halt” into his poem. These are two things we can find ALL over the Rockies…which means we all get plenty of exercise. Is anyone getting out to search this weekend? I’ll need your exact coordinates so we don’t “double search” any locations…lol. CHC

    • I’ll bet there will be a lot of people out searching this weekend! It seems like there are fewer people on the blog today.
      Good luck to everyone this weekend!
      I hope you don’t find it. LOL

      • I think everyone is on the road now rushing to their “spot”. 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m not one of them – next week will be my one and only search this spring/summer but, if the treasure is not found this summer, I’ll have another chance in the fall.

        • I think it will be found before September, so make next week count. Enjoy your adventure.

      • Yeah, it’ll be a busy weekend out here. I don’t think we’re going to make it back to our spot until next week. Don’t anybody get lucky and find it. Without a treasure, this blog will just be about a bunch of aimless hikers. haha. CHC

  104. I think captpappy is either full of BS or delusional… it seems clear from comments on his blog that he’s claiming to have found the location, and that someone beat him to it… if he had anything convincing, then the media that he supposedly contacted would be all over it.

    • What seems fishy to me is 1) if he found it or 2) if someone beat him to it, why would anyone want to buy his map? Either way the treasure would no longer be there. I would have a very hard time believing that if he actually found it, he would leave it there for someone else. If he really was concerned about the government taking the treasure away, he could always lie about where he found it. The whole thing stinks like 3 day old fish. 🙂

  105. let’s petition Google to update pictures of Madison river along W Yellowstone entrance road. Those dang clouds are annoying;)

    • Einstein… your solution is beautiful/eloquent… I wish it’d had been there for you in the waterfall with the rainbow… don’t give up!!!!!

    • Great story Einstein! Thank you.
      Quite an adventure.
      (Now I know where I can get a free copy of the book!) LOL
      I hope to be able to schedule my next trip soon. Your story just make me more anxious.

  106. Hi all
    I will be starting page 22 shortly and closing this page down to comments.
    Starting a new page is the only way I know to get the comments posting correctly…

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