THE NINE CLUES….Part Twentythree…


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  1. I’ve listed some things that may or may not help some of you: (Dal feel free to edit, or just delete if I’m wrong on these.)

    What we are taking as fact:
    ♦Located above 5,000 ft.
    ♦At least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe
    ♦Not in grave yard
    ♦Not in out house…..not associated with a structure
    ♦Chest and contents weigh 42lbs. (Fenn said 44lbs. in one email, but has said 42 several other times)

    Subjective information:
    ♦Don’t go where an eighty year old man couldn’t go
    ♦Not associated with a structure……what does “associated” mean?
    Def: Connect (something) with something else because they occur together or one produces another Does this rule out it being in town? Could it be in a front yard, park, Memorial, etc. etc.; as long as it is not in a structure?
    ♦Seasonal search: Since it’s above 5,000 ft. just about all of the search area will be impacted by some snow. As the elevation increases the “search season” decreases.
    ♦Located in Rocky Mountains: What does Fenn consider the “Rocky Mountains”

    Fenn has said:
    ♦Start at beginning
    ♦Clues in consecutive order
    ♦Don’t mess with the poem
    ♦Two different searchers have solved the first two clues.
    ♦People have been within 500’ of the treasure
    ♦He never said it was buried (he never said it wasn’t)
    ♦”The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental”.

    • Thanks for the summary Goofy. Maybe something like this should be posted at the beginning of every new blog page or a link to some important pages so that new people can go over some of the things that have already been discussed before on here a few times.

      • @CJinCA
        Thanks…….It seems the same stuff gets talked about every post; so maybe this will help …..especially for the new searchers.

    • @goofy
      The most important things that Mr. Forrest says is exactly what he says and defiantly to be defined. Yet i can not find where i had seen it..(just thinking)….” it would interesting to re-define the terms in the poem.” Do you know of this quote? So is if you could italicize all that is factual to his words, it maybe vital to his thinking and perhaps an indicator…..just saying. Peace brother.

      • @Geydelkon
        I’m not aware of that quote…….maybe Dal or someone else can let us know where it is and I will be happy to add it……

        • Geydelkon:
          This is from news link you provided above:

          Fenn was asked if he had considered land rights before hiding the chest. He said in an email that much has been written about land laws.

          “I’m staying out of those discussions, except to say it may be fun to redefine some of the terms,” Fenn said in the email.

          I believe he was talking about “redefining the terms” of land laws, not redefining the terms of the Poem.

          my opinion……….Fred W

        • @Fred,
          I see we’re you are coming from. Thought the same so I applied it to the poem as well. Mr. Fenn can be vague in what he says and what’s written in his book yet very broad in his thinking. I won’t discount anything that he has spoken or has written. Just saying…have a great day.

        • @Geydelkon
          Sorry I just saw your comment…….I agree with Fred that Fenn was talking about redefining the laws…..not his poem.

          When searchers were digging in out houses Fenn said not to do that. When searchers were searching in cemeteries Fenn said not to do that. But when a searcher got in trouble for digging on the side of the road Fenn complained about the laws. So is the treasure on a pull out or vista point/scenic overlook on the side of the road. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    • Goofy – Now you can add there is no proxy or note – just the chest. whhhhaaaahoooo!

      • @inthechaseto
        Absolutely added to the list…….will be there next time I post it.

        • Maybe Add –
          It’s not in Nevada
          The chest is bronze 10x10x5
          There are 9 clues in the poem
          Take a sandwich and a flashlight
          It’s in the Rocky Mountains

        • @inthechaseto
          The Rockies are not in Nevada so that’s a non-clue.

          Bronze Chest—-good suggestion…..added

          9 clues in the poem……good suggestion….added

          It’s in the Rocky Mountains……already have that one listed

          Sandwich and flashlight……..I’m on the fence on that one……It seems like that was a response to someone in the email…..but not really helpful finding the treasure. If I listed everything Fenn has said there wouldn’t be any room for comments. 😀

          Dal…what do you think? Should I list it?

  2. I don’t think WWWH is the beginning although the poem says begin it. The beginning is, “as i have gone alone in there.

  3. i am going to address the omega question but i think i need to recap some dynamics of the solution to the poem which i believe has brought me to the right area where the chest is hid, so understand everything i say is based on that… i go up to, but do not cross over a certain line of explanation that i feel comfortable with, and also understand that you can trust everything i say is an honest representation of my solution and not meant to mislead.

    on a previous post i have explained that stanzas that go together are exactly 3 stanzas apart. so there are 3 pairs of stanzas and each pairing represents one locality of the path the poem leads you one. (1) the beginning (2) the middle (3) the end. these 3 places are not evenly spaced apart in physical distance.

    since the parings are (3) apart then stanza #1 is with stanza #4….#2 with #5, and #3 with #6

    understand that each pair only goes with one another and nothing else. so nothing in stanza #5 has anything to do with stanza #3 or stanza #4.

    …. stanza #5, the info and hidden clues has only to do with stanza #2 and vice versa.

    if you have solved the poem up to the end, your focus would then be on stanzas #1 and #4. in one of these stanzas, the poem refers to the omega symbol and tells you what it represents. when you see this, you then can clearly see in retrospect that the whole path of the poem represents a double omega to a double omega. the beginning is a double omega symbolically, the middle is a single omega physically and the end is a single omega physically, so the double omega at the end is leading from itself to itself, from the middle to the end.

    the omega symbol and what it represents is actually only a single layer of multiple layers being represented by one thing. all these things having a common thread which connect them all.

    i have stated before and i will say again, you do not have to change the poem to see this, yet it is hidden at the same time.

    if you believe that the omega symbol has nothing to do with this puzzle and the hiding of the chest, and if you believe that all you need is the poem (despite all the things FF says where he seems to be contradicting himself on this point) , if thats what you think, then my fellow searcher … as you were … carry on, carry on, nothing to see here

    • @CY, I fear you are falling ever deeper into the rabbit hole… please, for your own sake, move on to greener pastures… the path you have chosen is not the correct one (my opinion)

      • perhaps you are right, perhaps i have just fallen deep into the rabbit hole. the white knight is talking backwards and ive just eaten some kind of mushroom.

        but where do i go from here. where are greener pastures. if l left this place i only see one place i can go to. and it would sure feel like i am moving backwards not forwards.

        the only place i can leave to from here is that place where, i look at the poem, and hey here is somewhere that warm waters are halting .. and hey … its near a home of brown …. and hey … there is a canyon to take down … and hey … there is a non-meek kind of place here .. and hey now i go down this creek … oh and guess what ….this here looks like some kind of blazey thing … you know what it all seems to line up in order so i should go over there and search …yeah .. to borrow from jon lovitz … yeah yeah thats it .. thats the ticket.

        do you think the chest will ever be found that way? i don’t.

        • I am not insinuating that there isn’t a methodology… just that your chosen methodology doesn’t seem to be panning out. I have been there (not this hunt, but a different one)… and, rather than insist you must be correct, maybe you should put your mind to other possibilities… I am confident you can find another path, if you so choose, but it takes a little humility to start over from the beginning. My search will commence next month (if not found); if I don’t find precisely what I’m looking for, precisely where I expect to find it, I hope that I’ll have the humility (this time) to start over.

        • @Chris, Was it you who asked if one of the other searchers solution had to do with one of two things and afte answering “no”, he later said that his solution did, indeed, have something to do with one? I ask this because my solution does have to do with one of them… although I’m still wrestling with the rest of the poem somewhat. Thanks

        • I definitely relate to what you’re saying Chris. From my own experience, most of my biggest breakthroughs with this have come during times that I was away from the blog and just listening to my own instincts and researching and reading and exploring on my own. Not saying that’s what you should do. I just wanted to say how helpful it has been for me to pull back from time to time.

    • I don’t discount anything Mr. Yates proposes. I do think that the stanzas alternate in a fashion myself but I have trouble with “not messing with his poem” to a degree as well. I also don’t know if I completely buy the Omega being important as a symbol as such but I believe the representation of it is important in the end. Which brings me to my point. People have said that Omega is not in the poem but Chris is right. It is right there. I am the Alpha, I am the Omega, the beginning and The End. The end is ever drawing nigh. whether it is intentional or not, it is there.

    • The greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is being convinced you already know it.

      If Fenn is telling the truth and knows what he’s talking about most here are way over qualified.

      Fenn has said on several occasions he wrote the poem for a redneck in Texas with 8 kids that has lost his job and just throws his bedroll in the back of his truck to hunt for the treasure……..It does seem the number of kids criteria changes from time to time…..I’m not sure how many kids he’s up to now.

      I am from Texas but I don’t know anyone with 8 kids or more. The wife and I are going to Texas in a couple months………I’ll find some rednecks with lots of kids and see what they say about the poem…….I’ll stop by and pick up the treasure on the way back. You rocket scientists should just give up now. 😆

      • Goofy, Bravo ! I have figured out one thing from all this. Why Mr. Fenn smiled when he walked back to his car. I think he knew just exactly what firestorm he was brewing. ha

      • @ Goofy, nicely said!That is probably one of the purest clues we can rely on.My opinion naturally…

    • Omega somewhere in stanzas 1 and 4? I’m not saying it is not there but I certainly don’t see it.

      Maybe I need some Chris Yates glasses or something.

      I will grab a couple beers and squint at it awhile but if you feel merciful Chris I wouldn’t mind a clue. 🙂

  4. Are there any searchers, that has searched YNP area and completed their searches lately, willing to share the areas they searched and why? I am heading there in a week to try my luck and when I have completed my searches I will share if I don’t come across the TC. Maybe my areas and thoughts will help others. This is a one time only trip for me in search of Fenn’s treasure due to lack of funds to continue anymore, and most likely it will be found before next year when I will be able to try again. Anyway I would love to hear about your adventures.

    • I was in Yellowstone a little over a week ago. I left a post a week ago about my trip. My son and I were the buffalo killers. Please be careful when going by oncoming cars at night if they don’t dim their headlights. We hit a buffalo as soon as we passed their high beam lights. My son slowed to about 35 mph before going past the car. They must have been stopped in the road, beside the buffalo. This happened at about 10:00 pm. My truck is still in Bozeman being repaired. I hope to return in a few weeks, and continue the search, after the truck is repaired.

      My WWWH was Hebgen Lake. Home of Brown was Wade Lake, Where the current record Brown Trout was caught. We started where the creek from Wade Lake runs into the Madison. We were never able to find a blaze that worked.

      We also checked out the cemetery near Mammoth Hot Springs, all the solders have been removed, and just the family members remain. We didn’t find a brown.

      That was about all the searching we got done before out trip was cut short. We’ll be back to join the search once again.

      • Runamuckrick, some good advice. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Looks like we have similar ideas on on lakes and creeks, not saying to much because I know there are a lot of searchers there now but hopefully my adventures will pan out. This is a one shot try for me but good luck on your next try if I don’t come across the TC first. Thanks for the reply and I will post my tracks after and maybe they will help on your next search. Bur

  5. Yes, I am here and you are there. A place with a vision as I get old. A secret garden from above for the paddle has no end. The furnace was once there as in the words I speak for you to seek….. Just saying…..Checking in from Colorado for I am a Indian scout and a Saint. Peace and a two dollar bill.

  6. On the contrary, there is so much insight on this post, whether you agree or disagree with anyone. Still searching…

  7. Really enjoying all the fact finding from everyone’s comments. I have learned so much. The poem is true and the book is only for you. Just saying…forgot to check the box below to see you.

  8. Just finished search in central Colorado above 10,000 feet. Still alot of spotty snow. Drifts in the shade over knee deep. Some sections are completely clear, while others are totally impassable.

  9. Sweetpea Mcgee says,

    “Hi, my name is Sweetpea, and I’m a Fennaholic.”

    hello sweetpea. my name is chris. welcome to the fennaholics anonymous meeting

  10. Anybody looked on paths in google earth trying to locate the treasure?

  11. #23

    If you are brave and in the wood

    we should have the whole poem figured after the next thread.


    • 🙂 Yes, Line 23.

      Do we need to be brave because we are deep in the woods and there may be bears in there? I believe he did say that the treasure was surrounded by woods/trees but then tried to backtrack a bit and say everything is surrounded by woods/trees. It seems that he tries to be very careful not to give out any clues except the ones he’s giving out on the Today show. I do try to read everything he has written and also listen to his interviews as I think he may leave subtle clues there as he has in the book.

  12. Checking in. Love Goofy Old Guys list of ‘What We Have Learned’.
    I, too, see a lot in the Omega business, but I’m totally perplexed by the frog. JDH–You’re very optimistic. Oh, wait. Did I miss the sarcasm?

    Anyway, with Dal’s okay, a shameless plug for my blog: The Fenn Diagrams on WordPress ( Kind of a lighter look at this chase.

    {I know no one wants to share actual detailed solutions, but I will add a page for sharing what you’ve ruled out or given up on, if it made a nice day trip for you.}

    I’m over a thousand miles away and have no plans to head west this year. But I would in a flash, if I could only figure out the 9 clues.

    Happy hunting!

    • Mystified,

      Can’t get any sarcasm past you. I noticed we have over 650,000 posts in Dals Nine Clues section. You’d think we’d be further along in what we agree on, even with less than have of them actually about clues.

      Good luck on your blog.


  13. Was there a new clue? “if you’re looking in a cave make sure the bear is gone”? anyone know where to find this… Was it the today show

    • He said it to the Gadi. I think that’s the spelling of his name. Gadi was going to bear caves and throwing rocks in to see if the Grizzley Bear was home. I saw the footage on the news special he had. so FF asked him to stop looking in Bear caves. I think it was to keep him from getting eaten and not really a clue.

      • I don’t think he said stop looking in caves to gadi. I think he just said make sure no bears are in there. Maybe someone can confirm.

        • Thanks for the replies. He mentioned it on the most recent report from Santa Fe on PBS even said it was a good clue. I still couldn’t find where it came from tho

  14. The frog could be pointing a certain direction – I calculate 12 degrees from west.

    Also the frog is pre-Columbian

  15. In response to Dal from blog #22:

    My intensions were not to confuse anyone or spread misinformation… After re-reading the email exchange with Forrest, I wanted to share a bit, because as some of you noted… there are some interesting parts in it. It is my understanding that Dal received this exact email on October 10. This is NOT the email that was posted on the blog, but rather a note saying Forrest was sending it to Dal to use as he would. Below is the entire SECOND email we(me and my own band of pirates) received from Forrest:

    >———- Forwarded message ———-
    >From: Forrest Fenn
    >Date: Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 3:27 PM
    >To: Forrest Fenn
    >Dal, you may find a place to use this in your writing travels. It was
    >written in response to an email I received from someone who is searching
    >for the treasure and feels dead-ended. He will receive a blind copy.
    >Occasionally I forward parts of emails to Dal for use in his blog to
    >add human interest for others who are in the search, but I never would if
    >it made a difference or in any way might point someone toward or away from
    >the treasure. Dal is also a searcher. I am determined to stay aloof of
    >providing any additional clues that are useful. Everyone has the same
    >information to work with. Some few have stopped within several hundred feet
    >of the correct location, and then passed it by. I said in my book that
    >the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone
    >could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with
    >their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly
    >planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one
    >who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself,
    >”what took me so long?”

  16. Lisa says,

    @Chris, Was it you who asked if one of the other searchers solution had to do with one of two things and after answering “no”, he later said that his solution did, indeed, have something to do with one? I ask this because my solution does have to do with one of them… although I’m still wrestling with the rest of the poem somewhat. Thanks



    what you are saying rings a bell but i think it was the reverse. someone asked me if my HOB had to do with one of 2 things. i said no, then later i replied that i didnt really think it through, it can be related to one of those 2 terms that he mentioned.

    i tread carefully here because…. i dont mind talking about the dynamics and parameters involved in my solving of the puzzle … but i steer clear of anything that would name or otherwise help define an actual location in my solution…exception being the state, i dont mind saying i think its in CO

    if i may offer you some advice, and of course its only advice and my opinion, but i think a good rule of thumb is… if you are searching somewhere, and its an area or place that is mentioned in the book TTOTC or FF has otherwise mentioned it publicly, then you are in the wrong place.

  17. Hello veteran and rookie/newbie Chasers,

    I was over at Forrest Fenn’s home this weekend but unfortunately he did not answer….killed some time at Museum Hill, browsed through the 4 awesome museums… but unable to access the lower level of one of the Museums due to an infestation of some-kind of rodent…I believe Rats….an abundance of Rats….anyways I really wanted to check out that level 🙁 FYI that particular level will be closed for several months.

    After checking out Museum Hill I again went to Forrest Fenn’s gate…no answer yet again. Where is this guy? lol

    Well I then took the canyon down to check out the galleries…awesome stuFF there! Forrest wasn’t there…darn. Was hoping he was down there.

    Well you may be asking why I was at Forrest Fenn’s home and looking for him….I simply wanted to tell him that I found the location/spot of his Treasure Chest and to ask him why he moved it from its original location/spot. (if this confuses you just ask Forrest and he will know what I’m talking about. It has been moved.)

    Treasure Chest has legs and feet, like those of a Frog, and has been on the move, once or even twice or even more.

    Forrest where are you? I need to know why you moved it? Found its original location/spot but I can’t get if you move it from here to there and there to here.

    Oh and fellow Chasers….the first blaze, that the Poem speaks of, is a face! You’re Welcome. (You all can thank Forrest for me releasing this as he did not answer when I went to his home.)

    Forrest where you at? Listen Forrest please ask Dal for my email and let’s talk baby! Let’s talk about home of Brown and how you PUT IN the Treasure Chest and why you moved it.

    THRILL OF THE CHASE….key word here C H A S E!
    It’s on the move, has been before. Darn Treasure Chest moves like a Frog! From this place to that place to another.

    • VGBOSS,

      ok, ok.. i greatly exaggerated in my number of posts in Dals Nine Clues section (I blame it on my abacus) , but you have made a serious accusation that has no purpose. Can you share any evidence to your accusations? If so, don’t just say “yes”, please share it..


      • JDH you may be right…maybe it wasn’t Forrest Fenn who moved it but maybe a Grizzly Bear or some other creature out in the wilderness that moved it…or maybe it’s like what CJinCA said…”that I can’t accept my solution to the Poem was wrong”.

    • VG……off your meds again? Take a deep breath and calm down. (He gets this way from time to time, read the old posts). Don’t you think you’re carrying it a little far harassing Fenn at his gate?

      You made a point blank accusation…….Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof; so let’s hear/see what you got that proves the chest was moved.

      • Hey Goofy_Old_Guy what’s up? Yeah forgot to take them meds on my trek this past weekend. I’m calming down now…back home taking it easy.

        Well Goofy_Old_Guy what would you say if I told you that I jumped over Forrest Fenn’s fence to look for the Treasure Chest or simply to ask him for additional clues? Would you believe me?

        Not sure who said this:
        “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are”

        Well VGBOSS says this;
        “It’s doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters what they think you did”

        Did I really go to Forrest Fenn’s home? Did I really go to Santa Fe, NM over the weekend and to Museum Hill?

        Fellow Chasers I got a big part in the next Avengers 2 movie!!! I also hit the PowerBall Lotto 3 times!!! I also discovered lots of gold in the legendary island of Atlantis.

        Goofy_Old_Guy is that your real name on your Birth Certificate or are you pretending to be someone else?

        • @VG
          So are you admitting it was all a lie and you are just trying to stir up trouble for attention?

          You really are pegging the weird meter…….

        • Hi VG, My solution has a number of spots that are linked together by clues, I think the chest is at one of those spots. I wonder if your thinking something similar, and that’s why you think the chest, could be in more than one place?

    • VG, I have come to points too where I felt so strongly that I was in the right place that something must have happened to the chest…that maybe it was moved or for some other reason it wasn’t accessible yet? Once I pulled back and took another look at the whole thing I realized that I was wrong and that there was another possibility. I honestly don’t believe that Fenn would play games like that. He hid the box and told everybody if they could find it, they could have it. I believe that’s the truth. I don’t believe it has been moved. I wouldn’t show up at his house without invitation or appointment though. That’s a bit extreme maybe?

  18. VG, I don’t know what makes you say this, but I found no face. I did however find what I believe is THE blaze…..and there is no way the treasure has been moved from this spot. Notice I said what I “believe”. If you really worked the poem, I don’t think you would be saying this.

    • Stephanie Davis no not Mt. Rushmore…only Forrest Fenn knows what face I speak of….for he created it!!!

      • You still won’t see a face in route to the treasure. I don’t know where you are looking, but there is no face connected to the treasure. I’m not saying he didn’t create one but maybe it was a distraction.

        • Stephanie Davis I’m posting my opinions just as you posting yours about your adventure a couple of threads back, you know your Captain America?

          Stephanie Davis everyone on this Chase is entitled to post their opinions/comments just as you.

        • VGBOSS Babycakes,

          How are you on this Memorial Day week-end?

          Over a month ago, I decodded part of the poem into the functional equivalent of “Hunter, scour cliff face”. There was no mistaking it.

          Regarding the double omegas under discussion – the end is not the end.


      • Are you sure others are creating things. I have found a FF engraved on a tree. I assumed it’s the work of vengeful pirates (or searchers) who want to muddy the waters. Others are finding engravings and odd items. Make sure the accusation is towards the right person before you ASSume anything.
        BTW – going to his door is creepy and now most of us think you’re nuts.

  19. Primarily, i come here to discuss the puzzle that is the hidden trove of Forrest Fenn.

    i don’t care much to try to judge anyone’s character here and if anyone wants to judge mine, i cannot stop you, but it does not concern me.

    one thing i know for certain is that whoever figures out this puzzle and finds the trove, whether they are moral or immoral, humble or an arrogant jerk, or somewhere between, it won’t change the fact that they found the chest.

    as far as coming on this blog, i come here to discuss the treasure hunt and some tangential issues and that is all, and would appreciate if anyone discussing with me would keep it on those things only and leave any words related to character judgement out of the equation. if i want to listen to someone in these kinds of issues i will got to a family member or to church or to clergy and speak with someone i trust.

    for future reference if anyone replies to me using any words that infer any kind of character judgement, like arrogant or humble or anything like that all …..and i don’t care if you are talking about yourself, or me, or someone else …. i will not be responding to you and i will be ignoring you.

  20. As I was driving home tonight, there was a beautiful Colorado sunset. I spotted a perfectly formed F up in the clouds. Maybe it’s a sign for me to head back to my blaze and look a little deeper…CHC

  21. Stephanie Davis good luck with your blaze. Everyone on this Chase has different views of the Blaze, that the Poem speaks of, and in my case a couple of blazes are at play for this Cache and the first blaze that is speaks of is a face.

      • Luckydog I’m not willing to share that but I will share this…it was a angry scary type of face…but cute at the same time.

        • You must have been looking at some real calm waters to see your reflection that clear

        • Aspen marsh how did you know I was searching in water? You must have psychic powers, or a crystal ball. WOW!

        • Hi VG, I just got back from a trip with my buddies to our spot. We all thought we saw a face where the dry no-paddle creek (across from the spring) ends. It had big eyebrows and a small mouth; as you say, it was scary and cute at the same time. We didn’t expect to find one though, and in brighter light the next day we assumed it was just shadows playing on the natural features.

          Behind the face is the “ruby staircase” which we hiked up but found no chest “quickly down”. But that doesn’t mean it’s not there. There is a lot of ground to cover and we could have easily missed it in one of the woods.

          We also took a closer look around the face but only found a tree felled by a beaver nearby. Interestingly, there was no other sign of beaver activity and neither would I expect beavers to be there.

          I will share our futile solution for our hunt our interpretations of the clues in another post.

          The Chase was fantastic fun. Although we did not take the chest, we got the better prize– The Thrill!

    • Stephanie Davis don’t panic…I do not have the Treasure Chest in my closet or under by bed. Simply stating that it has been moved from its original location/spot.

      Stephanie Davis understand that many of us, that have been on this Chase for a long while now, have solved the Poem but the Poem goes deeper…there is more after it’s solved! That is my take on it, my opinion, my solutions, my findings, and I’m sure Forrest Fenn can back me on that…I just couldn’t get his confirmation over the weekend as he did not answer me at his gate. But that was okay as I had the pleasure of checking out Museum Hill and other places throughout Santa Fe, NM. I had a great time!

        • Stephanie Davis Forrest Fenn says on AUDIO & VIDEOS that he hid it but that it doesn’t mean he didn’t bury it…but Stephanie Davis what I go by is what the POEM says and the POEM says… PUT IN.

          PUT IN…not hid, not bury…PUT IN!!!

          • VG,
            There are a lot of things that you say that I can follow, and agree with. At the beginning, I also understood PUT IN, as you have described, but now I understand it to mean the place to start the actual search for the chest. Once I get out of my car, I start below the home of Brown, go through no place for the meek, up the creek, find the blaze (the correct blaze, because there are many), find the chest in the wood, and bravely grab it, hide it in my backpack and walk away.
            I love how confident you are, but I also am very confident.
            At first, I did not understand you, but I have grown to enjoy you posts.
            I look forward to meeting you after this chase is concluded, which I believe will be soon.

  22. @VGBOSS and @Dal I would really like some confirmation of this- if this is so it has totally change my views of this treasure “hunt” for the worse.

    -Sincerely a disappointed ff fan 🙁

    • Some people cannot accept the fact that their “solution” to the poem and treasure hunt was wrong so they claim that either someone already found it or it’s been moved. I doubt very much either of those statements is true. I believe ff when he says the treasure has not been found yet and I don’t believe he moved it. Keep searching! 🙂

        • You’re right jerry a Dingo or some Grizzly Bear or other creature found it and ate it. I have to agree with you.

      • I did not say for people to stop searching…nor did I say that I have the Chest in my possession. Some of you people are so ready to jump on other Chasers.

        The Treasure Chest is still out there….and in my OPINION it has legs and feet like those of a Frog…just sharing my opinions…my solutions…my findings….etc.


    • Middler it is simply my opinion…my workings on the Poem…my solutions….my findings….my searches…my discoveries….etc…

      Middler me, VGBOSS, like everyone else on this blog post their comments…and Middler since it reads on the Old Santa Fe Trading Co web page that if the Treasure Chest has been found and that to their knowledge NO…then the Treasure Chest is still out there.

      Go by what that page reads:
      To our knowledge, NO!
      There is always a chance that someone has found it and hasn’t made it public but as far as we know it’s still out there.

      VGBOSS is only posting his stuFF just like everyone else on here and on this Chase.

  23. @VGBOSS Didn’t mean to get you all worked up about how great you are at solving this poem and finding the treasure- that being said -if you really are the arrogant wise “treasure hunter” I believe you to be, why post all your so called information on a simple blog? Wouldn’t you want to keep all these past clues you’ve posted over the last few months to yourself?

    • Middler if you call me wise and to stay off this simple blog, to keep my opinions to myself, then what are you calling the people that currently come on here on a regular basis? Just asking Middler.

      It’s the Thrill of the Chase and I enjoy reading everyone’s comments on this blog and I’m just tossing in my 2cents in here!

      • VG – Why didn’t you just telephone FF if you wanted to contact him? I do not understand why you would think that the treasure chest has been moved. Just because it wasn’t exactly at your chosen spot … well, perhaps you were wrong. It should have been at Stephanie Davis’ train car. Should have been at Chris Yates’ spot. Should have been at Einstein’s waterfall. They all had the correct solution. Shoot! Dal has had 31 correct solutions. Why do you think yours was any more correct than theirs?

        The poem states “the blaze” – one blaze. Why more than one in your opinion?

        • Why do you think yours was any more correct than theirs you ask? Well because I’m VGBOSS!

          More than 1 blaze ‘in my opinion’ Becky from WV. Have a wonderful day.

        • VG – That doesn’t answer “why”. Are you saying that in your opinion there is more than one blaze “at the same spot”? Such as 3 blazed trees or 2 blazed rocks – side by side or in close proximity?You don’t mean find a blaze, walk a mile, find another blaze, walk some more, etc, do you?

        • Becky from WV would you not agree that 1 “(W)here (W)arm (W)aters Halt” would be here (W)orld (W)ide (W)eb ( . ) – www. ? Human body made up of 60% up to 70%:

          And another “where warm waters halt” out there in the real world? Would that not make it 2 “where warm waters halt”.

          Well in my opinion same with the Blaze, Home of Brown, etc… (more than 1).

        • VG – Not my belief. What I mean is that I think only 1 of each is necessary to solve the poem. Even though there are many possible viewpoints, only 1 is correct. Agreed? According to that Captpappy person, there should be 3 of each pointing to each clue. When you found your blaze & looked down, what did you see? What was there? I found a pile of bones.

        • Becky from WV – yes 1 is correct, the final blaze, however the other blazes assist you to the final blaze…in my opinion.

          Just as “(W)here (W)arm (W)aters Halt ( . dot/halt ) = (W)orld (W)ide (W)eb = www.

          Begin it where warm waters halt – Well majority of people (warm bodies cool down when sitting down and using the computer/device as the human body is composed of over 60% water) begin the Chase on the World Wide Web.

          Becky from WV as you very well know majority of people read the Poem for the very first time on the web. Also majority who have never been out in search of the Chest are doing their research on the web and lurk and others communicate within this blog. Majority of people on this Chase listen and watch videos on the Chase/Forrest Fenn interviews and such…so majority basically have solved this clue (where warm waters halt) without even knowing as they are on it.

          My point is this… www. is the first “where warm waters halt…and so the same goes for the Blaze, home of Brown, etc…

          “(w)here (w)arm (w)aters halt”
          1. World Wide Web (Internet)
          2. Continental Divide (Rocky Mountains)
          3. ??? This “where warm waters halt” is what many are in search of out on the field/terrain…the final 1 as you say Becky from WV. But this wouldn’t be possible if Forrest Fenn never had given us the clue that it’s some place in the Rocky Mountains. Keep in mind that Forrest Fenn at the beginning, back in 2010, never said it was in the Rocky Mountains so #2 Continental Divide would have had to be solved or known. He gave that Rocky Mountain clue I believe a year or two after the Chase began.

          So in my opinion that would make it 3 “where warm waters halt”. Is there a 4th? Well only time will tell and only Forrest Fenn knows. But in my mind there are 3 where warm waters halt as of right now.

  24. VG; Are you speaking figuratively? We do have many pic’s of the chest and there are no feet anywhere that I can see.

  25. VGB i am in no position to judge you or your solution but i am curious to hear why you believe it has been moved.

    • JJ – As CJinCA stated; “Some people cannot accept the fact that their “solution” to the poem and treasure hunt was wrong so they claim that either someone already found it or it’s been moved.”

      CJinCA might be right… I’m just hurting because I failed to locate the Treasure Chest with my solutions to the Poem. I may have been wrong…the Treasure Chest has possibly never been moved it’s just me that is moving from place to place…you know just chasing my tail deep in the wonderland.

      • VG, everyone who was very sure of their solution and went out searching, only to return empty handed, has had the same disappointment and some are so sure they are correct they even go back to the same area. It’s difficult to give up on a solution when you’ve worked so hard on it but sometimes you just need to start over with a different interpretation of one or more of the clues. Just ask Dal, he’s been out on over 30 hunts! 🙂

        • I suppose you are right CJinCA…time to scrap my awesome work and begin it where warm waters halt fresh and anew.

        • @CJinCA – Yes, I too have searched and have even flown back the next day to search again, (I was just in disbelief that it wasn’t there) so, I can very much agree that it’s extremely disappointing (and a little humiliating) to give up on your spot, especially one that you’ve worked diligently on… But, I have moved on now, and am working on a couple other spots that I feel fit the clues even better, so maybe I’m getting “wise”, and maybe I’ll have better luck next time out. “Gotta Keep On Searching”…

          • NotsoWise…sometimes giving up on a spot means going back to the drawing board and hitting it from a different angle. So many nooks and crannies for it to hide in. I finished with a location and then took a little time to process what I saw there. I did more reading and research, and then returned to get a little further…more clues. I hit a wall and then got back to research mode some more. From the book, I believe the chest is masked a certain way that will throw most people off. I got to my definitive spot to find something else there. I saw it as a dead end until I found it in the book. Now I need to go take another look. If I don’t find it there, I may just leave something of my own there for whomever makes it to the spot next so I can hear about it someday. CHC

        • @CHC – Yes, that’s exactly what I did. Then, I was googling images and came up with a “goose bump chill factor” that relates to something in the book. This is now my new search spot/blaze! And this spot is on BLM… the other wasn’t. Well, I hope when you go back to your spot you have luck.

  26. Haha ok VGBOSS since your the all knowing tell us how (as stated in your recent posts) you went to forest fenns home? He has also said numerous times that he will not disclose treasure information from people talking to him via email or irl, or stalking him at his own place of living. But! You VgBoss have claimed that you talk to him through email and that only him and you know certain things? To all avid blog readers and treasure hunters alike take no notice to VGBOSS’s comments. :p

    • Middler you are one of those who puts words in peoples mouths.

      Never did I claim or say in any form or fashion that I speak to the big guy, Forrest Fenn, via email on certain things. I never said that…you did Middler. I’ve never met that guy and probably will never have the pleasure.

      Also Middler never did I say I was the all knowing…simply stating my opinions on this blog just like every other Chaser that has done so within this blog as well. Nothing different.

      I’m just another joesmo on this Chase, like many out there, who believes he or she has solved the Poem and the Treasure Chest’s location/spot.

  27. Dear newbies, Please do not run off Mr. VG. He makes us think and smile. I have told several on here to go with their solves whether it be something I would agree on. Stephanie, Dal and others have visited with Mr. Fenn. Work on finding your WWWH and HOB. Lots of good info on here. Stephanie Davis do you believe the blaze is a natural thing ?

    • i agree sue.

      i like VG and his posts

      i also like S Davis and her posts

      if i want to respond to someone, i will offer something of my own , or i will reply on the substance of what they offered.

      going off into the territory of talking about how someone is acting like they know it all or saying they are arrogant is counterproductive and useless for the purpose of this thread

      there are some here that are confident in themselves and what they have solved. that includes me. i have no desire to clamp down here on VG or anyone, please tell me what you’ve got to say, what you are willing to say, what you think, what you feel sure about. i want to read it.

      expression not oppression i say.

      if someone is crossing a line then email Dal.

      i dont want to hear about it if someones confidence bothers you.

  28. @dal… censor me if you like, but… don’t you have some kind of “this-person-is-f’ing-crazy” button or something? surely, you can see the difference between “I-think-I-might-know-where-it-is” and “I-found-it-and-it-wasn’t-there-so-let’s-riot”

  29. Don’t worry “Sue” we definitely won’t run VG off…… Someone i know might though………

  30. I’m in West YS Mt. I think it was Bur that said he will be here next week, I will still be here. Dal will be here June 1st. Today I determined that a 20 mile bike ride is to far to walk, and that it takes an hour to go a mile if 200 cars are following buffalo on the hwy, of course almost everyone stops dead still to take a closeup, so that does not help the traffic.

    • Musstag, yes I will be there and told Dal I might check out his hidden cache, hopefully run into him too. It would be nice to talk to fellow searchers and sit done and have a beer and discuss our thoughts on this. When I get there I will try and give you a shout and maybe get a chance to buy you a beer or coffee if it’s cold. Until then good luck, but don’t find the TC until I have had my shot at it.

  31. I get tired of VGBOSS saying the same durn thing over and over 5 different ways.

      • VGBoss-
        So I see that you believe it was moved but will you please tell us why you believe it has been moved?

        • dal because when I got there, to my super mega hot spot, it wasn’t there!

          • VGBOSS-
            Fact vs Opinion..A primer for not causing anxiety on this blog..
            When I say “VGBOSS is a clown” This is stated as a fact and many people will believe it is a fact.
            If I write “I believe VGBOSS is a clown.” People understand clearly that it is just my opinion.
            “I believe” is a qualifier that permits people to make outlandish statements because by using “I believe” you have given us all the understanding that this idea comes from your very own grey matter and not something that Forrest has told you or that you read in VICE Magazine.

   said in your report:
            “It has been moved.”
            All of the distress this comment caused could have been preempted if you had simply said:
            “When I got to my super mega hot spot, it wasn’t there. I believe it has been moved.”
            So simple…yet so eloquent.

            The fact that you didn’t bother to phrase your comment this way leads me to my own opinions:
            1. You are trying to annoy everyone
            2. You are looking for attention.

            In which case you must be very happy right now.

            Please state your opinions as opinions and not as fact. If you need more help with this concept please ask folks on the blog.

        • dal there are 23 parts in this NINE CLUES series within this blog with thousands and thousands of opinions and comments and I ask you this question have people on this Chase, who participate in this blog, discovered the 9 clues within the Poem? If so; I need help from them in capturing this Frog many call the Treasure Chest.

          So yes I need help!

        • Yes Wolf you may help me. I seem to have a problem with closing out this Thrill of the Chase. I discovered all 9 clues and then some…however when I went to the correct location the Chest was not there hence why I joke around with it being moved or having Frog legs.

          Wolf where might have I gone wrong? Please help this poor beggar on this Chase who doesn’t have 2 shekels to rub together but merely his nails to chew on.

          Any dangerous intel you may part with will be greatly appreciated.

        • VGB
          Have you read my search experiences? I believe that the solution is clever but not crazy. I try to use a straight forward approach but remember FF has to be able to walk there carrying 42 pounds. All that is required is a logical mind, a little imagination and a lot of hard work. Too much imagination can lead one off the true track. Imagination is only required for one clue!
          The Wolf

  32. Hello fellow searchers. After another long day of searching I know what many of you know, where the chest is not! After sticking my head in a hole under a freezing waterfall I think I may need to start over. Still confident in my solutions up to home of Brown but from there I think I’m stumped! Wish I had a factory reset button as I think I have over analyzed. I would like to take some time off and not really think about it for a while but like many of you I know I will be back at it in a day or two. It is addicting, an unsolved puzzle. So many answers but only one that is right. Hope everyone doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture, have fun and get outside. Will probably share my home of Brown soon. I think it is very unique and definitely have not seen it mentioned. Good luck everyone!

    • Ema – I too think a waterfall is part of this chase. Forrest has been airforce trained and knows well the power of water, survival, and nature. Just spending time in YNP will give you a sense of that. As a waterfall is so powerfull, I really don’t think he would place it under one as things are always changing. I think he may have placed it near one – totally out of harms way. I think Brown is the name of a person. Just my humble opinion.

    • ems take your advice and relax for a bit.. thats my new approach .. mainly because i’m 1200 miles away but.. i still try to keep up with the blog daily, because i like the chasers.. i’m just not obsessing over the poem daily… we have nothing but time.. no one is going to find the treasure anytime soon in my humble opinion.. i also believe the location of the chest is somewhere that is only accessible( or visible) 3 – 4 months a year.. so timing is important and of course the elusive location.. happy memorial day everyone!

  33. Nice….Now I’m a lunatic and a f’ing-crazy person just for posting my 2bits on this blog. lol

    Noone ever runs me off…I go and come by choice. I usually come to read peoples opinions/comments and if you notice I never dog or bash on any person on this Chase.


      • No problem CJinCA…This Blog is no place for the Meek. Our Effort will be Worth the Cold from people who come to this Blog. Must be Brave and in the Wood when commenting in this Blog.


    • Happy Memorial Day everyone! What did I miss? I see VGBoss GQ Baby sir! has concluded his second level of the quest! I hear that Yates missed me. Yes the canyon was dark and full of terrors. Lol. I’m on the red state’s bandwagon where there are multiple homes of Brown but only one counts! By the way y’all need to calm down.

        • Lol VGBoss GQ Baby sir! I see that my cape is blaze blue and moving with the breeze but my hair has too much tarry scant in it and not moving at all !

        • There have been many of us that have been frustraited because one or more of our spots or solutions have not produced the chest . All of us have to regroup and start looking at a different location that all the clues may or may not point to. I don’t think FF is related to david copperfeild but i could be wrong I know i can either laugh or cry so I laugh It’s ok if you want to cry or laugh Its still good to hear from everyone

    • sorry VG, don’t mean to single you out… just would like to see some people tone it down and keep the FF-bashing to minimum; at least until all cards are on the table.

    • VGboss, I think your comments are entertaining. I think if you think it’s been moved, then that’s your opinion. You seem to me that you are poking fun @ a lot of the chase. It is not serious enough for me to get hot and bothered. The curve that you throw out to the chasers kind of get them steaming under the collar, but I read in your lines that they are mostly in fun.. Hey, we all need a little variety, I’ve enjoyed even the most arrogant, that’s what makes Dal’s blog and the Chase interesting. Hey, everyone would leave if it was boring.

      • Thanks WishIwasRich…even Forrest Fenn LAUGHED when he left from the location/spot of where he put in, hid, buried, secret, stashed, covered, camouflaged, or whatever his Treasure Chest.


    • Boss, you are not the lunatic that you make all think you are.I say,post away and have fun.The illusion has been created and we all must see it the way it appears to us as individuals.

  34. Fenn said something like ‘don’t over think it’ and that ‘ the Poem has the clues, the book has hints to better understand the clues.’ and if its giving you trouble, let you kids try to solve it. I don’t see how some place mentioned in the book could be the wrong place. he said he hid it, not buried, but didn’t say its not buried. So, count on it, HID, yes ok, but it might as well be nearly buried. only reason for not burying it is the rocky and hard ground that it may be mostly hid in. Its hard to dig deep in rocky ground. I THINK it will not be sitting on top of the ground.

    • I agree with you musstag but I also personally strongly believe that it’s camouflaged with its surroundings or things around it.

      • I agree VGBoss GQ Baby sir! I too believe it is in a camouflaged bag or container like a dry sack that a fisherman might use.

  35. Chris, All I can say is I have my solve and I am sticking to it. Except I have no blaze. We will have only one shot at this and I am sure all we will come home with are memories of a beautiful trip. Going to Taos to give it a try. I have used clues from the book on my HOB and played with a few words for WWWH. My in the wood does not include a forest. That’s all I have for now but will post all the places I went wrong when I am home. I am sorry but I still got a good laugh out of our little copper box out there hopping around on little frog feet ! Thanks VG. Good luck to all. Thank you Stephanie Davis, will try unnatural. lol

  36. I have a feeling it’s tucked away in a ledge at waters edge.If your going out to get it this time of year i would bring an extra set of clothes, you may be getting wet. My opinion.

  37. That darned home of Brown is everywhere isnt it? I keep wondering what I missed, but someday it will become clear wont it? Its funny to look at something and wonder if it fits. Once I had an omega. Its catalitic converter overheated and caught fire it. The omega had a full tank of gas and made a huge blaze! Somehow I dont think that was it though….

    • @Azuerdeb, every clue has multiple solutions… because of this reason, you can find multiple wwwh to Begin… Take it in multiple canyons down… Put in below 2millionand2 home of Browns…go Blazing anywhere and can get to any spot in the Rockies, . That’s why a kid can start and probably figure it out because the simple solution is under our nose. So all you old fogies (kids @ heart) figure this out before the summer is over!

  38. Ok maybe I should find my glasses so that it looks like I speak english! lol

  39. Fritos were 1st created in 1959. I don’t think ff had them for Lunch in the 7th grade.

    • musstag-
      I think Fritos were around a long time before ’59. ’59 was the first year that the Frito-Lay Company started distributing them. According to Wikipedia they have been around since the 1930s.

      According to popular lore, Fritos hail from San Antonio, Texas, where Elmer Doolin, who apparently had an obsession with making a snack based on corn that wouldn’t go stale too quickly, found a local man who had deep-fried corn snacks made from an extrusion of masa. Doolin bought the man’s patent and recipe, and with the help of his mother perfected the recipe in his own kitchen (in much the same way that he later invented Cheetos).[1] He began selling Fritos in 1932 under the moniker of the Frito Corporation. Original Fritos ingredients are limited to whole corn, corn oil, and salt.

  40. Oh, OK thanks for the info. Just ate some tonite, Its Raining hard here tonite, and its cold abot 48 right now.

    • Dr Quantum

      i read your post

      Forrest Fenn has hidden a bronze chest of full of gold,jewels and valuable artifacts in the Rocky mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico

      i think you missed that part of it

    • Dr Quantum

      My spot also has a major mining disaster. The Summitville Mining Disaster, of 1980 where an accidental leak into the Alamosa River occured. I don’t believe this or any other disaster has anything to do with the treasure.

      I was wondering where Mr Fenn said that a friend helped him and is now dead. I have never heard that before.

      Thank you for your post.

  41. As you search, be aware. You may find something else. These mountains are loaded with all kinds of treasures. I was out a few weeks ago and came across a great old arrowhead. The excitement of finding something up that was last touched when it was shot years ago is a rush in itself. I have my own little chest of things I’ve come across here and there over the years…a diamond and gold ring from the 1800’s, a rusted out revolver, a spear tip that from a cave tucked below a castle in Ireland, an old Breitling watch valued around 3k, a small piece of gold from a stream in Colorado, mining tools etc. This time of year is when the creeks see runoff from the mtns and sometimes uncover gold and other artifacts. If you find anything cool, let us know. We’d love to hear about it, CHC

  42. Doubting Thomas

    whats this with the red state

    have you changed on this issue

    • It’s in Colorado Mr Yates! Thanks for all the hints. Paonia has a great McDonald’s.

        • Hey VGBoss GQ Baby Sir ! That looks like my search area except not so red and wet, and it has a few more excavations courtesy of Yates.

        • Doubting Thomas you are a genius…you caught that…Chili Colorado is the MAP. I’m positive you saw the Treasure Chest by the Sour Cream….right?

          • yes VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! I see a glint of bronze in there. I may need a special tortilla chip shovel to uncover it. Of course, out in the field I would use a backhoe, perhaps an excavator if it fit on the trail.

          • Yates no excavating for me. Don’t worry I didn’t touch your spot. I don’t even know where it is. Hehe.

          • VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! I hope to unearth the legendary 7 cities of gold and the subway which Fenn uses to move that trove. Just my opinion.

        • Ah Doubting Thomas I want some of that action…what’s the buy in? VGBOSS willing to invest in that quest.

          • VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! The buy in is a cheese pimiento sandwich and a Dr. Pepper. Excuse me, I have to watch Battle if the Bulge and the Longest Day again. Have a great Monday everybody!

        • DT, you are saying that Paonia is on the way to the creek you speak of? You are aware the best thing about the McDonald’s in Paonia is that it is 30 miles away.

        • DT,
          Welli would call it “my creek” because I live here and I fish but its not where my search is although that would be nice

          • That’s great Stu. You live in a beautiful area. That ain’t necessarily my creek either. But all signs point to colorado! Yee haw!

  43. Forrest put the poem out of order so the pairing up of the stanzas would not be so obvious.

    I think some folks have confused FFs meaning when he says not to mess with the poem. He has had this reaction when someone changes actual words in the poem. The words are important and have been placed in the stanzas with precision and meaning, you should not change them.

    This does not mean there are not hidden clues or some clever shifts with certain things you need to make in your mind’s eye, so to speak, to see things hidden in the poem, but the point is, they are there hidden in the poem, just as the poem is written, do not try to change any letters or words in the poem to see these things, the poem was written just the way it is for a reason.

    When FF says not to mess with the poem, he does not mean looking at the stanzas in perhaps a different order. We know this is OK from FF himself, who will start with reading stanza #2 ‘begin it where….’. This was one of the first of many bones he was throwing out to people.

    Back to my 1st statement, Forrest put the poem out of order so the pairing up of the stanzas would not be so obvious. I believe the TS Eliot poem, the beginning is the end, is a subtle clue FF has thrown out there, one of the layered meanings having to do with the order of the poem. The beginning is the end. The beginning stanza is the last stanza. When you move stanza #1 to the end, the whole poem would then be in perfect order.

    It goes 1,2,3 then 1,2,3.

    1 being start, 2 being middle, and 3 being end.

    Begin it where (start) then, from there its no place for the meek (middle) then, if you’ve been wise and found the blaze (end)

    Then it repeats itself in order

    So why is it that I must go (start) then, so hear me all and listen good (middle) then, as I have gone alone in there (end)

    Notice the ‘start’ stanzas both begin present tense. the first ‘start’ stanza being 2nd person (you) and the second ‘start’ stanza being 1st person (i/me)

    Notice the ‘end’ stanzas both begin past tense. the first ‘end’ stanza being 2nd person (you) and the second ‘end’ stanza being 1st person (i/me)

    Notice the commonalities of the ‘middle’ stanzas. There is a future tense in the 2nd line of both.

    The end is ever drawing nigh …. The effort will be worth the cold ….

    They seem to be both talking about the chest …. The end is the chest … the cold is the cold of the bronze

    These are the middle stanzas which have to do with the middle location, and so they are both saying, you are not at the area of the chest yet, but you ‘will be’ (future tense) when you get to the next stanza (end stanza)

    • IDK Chris… interesting, but it all seems pretty confusing to me. I definitely don’t believe the “cold” is cold from the bronze. JMHO

      • I don’t believe the cold is the chest either. It’s from water. The laws are in the state of Colorado are that any water way is public. This stems from way back when there were no trails and people got lost. The water was the way down and also survival, therefore access was granted to all. I don’t believe he put it in the water – he liked that chest too much for that – but it’s close I don’t think your gona find it – if your not by water.

        • Agree inthechaseto. As I stated I believe it’s in a camouflage patterned dry sack such as what a fisherman or kayaker might use to protect their sensitive equipment. Yee haw! I’m on the colorojo bandwagon!

          • Some say it’s in a camo sack – I am guessing it’ll be stuck in an olive drab canvas bag (military) – may even have Fenn, F stenciled on it.

        • I agree it’s probably in an olive colored bag, maybe even a “dry bag” to keep moisture out for a while.

    • Doubting Thomas

      Welcome to the parade into the Rocky Mountains High. I hope your not in my spot. I too thought about it being wrapped in something.

    • Hi Chris, The pirate will share some small snippets with you from my own trove of limited Fennian correspondence. I only do this because I like your guitar playing:

      “Don’t over-think, it’s not that difficult.”

      “When you find the chest, you will marvel at how easy it was.”

      • FF says to use your imagination, in my opinion Chris is doing that even if I don’t agree with him.

  44. My kids would be pi….. if we went out treasure hunting and the treasure ended up being a Dr. Pepper can. I would need ear plugs for the ride home.

  45. Haaa Co it’s a trip isn’t it ? I found it next to a stream. I’m still stumped on what it is though.

  46. I never considered it a clue really. I took it in and had a professional check it out. They told me it was probably carved by someone very bored that or they had alot of time on their hands. It has no paint. It’s all natural and has some age to it.

  47. Anybody – What do you think “below” actually means in the poem? Beneath? Under? South of?

  48. @VGBOSS, sorry to hear Yogi and Booboo made off with the pic-a-nic basket. Your posts are always intertaining.

    @ChirsY, does your sollution involve a dry lake?

    Twenty miles could very well be too far to walk, a bike would be handy.

  49. the canyon down… working with it both ways for my locations, just makes more spots to look. But that I WILL!!i If you are in say,Cody wy, do you say you will drive ‘down’ to Casper? so down can be south. btw its 38 degrees this morning in West YS Mt. LOVE IT!

  50. what ever happened to that Mark Dryer guy, the one who posted that he had special hint as a favor or something like thatHERE it is ” We’re giving up the rulebook everyone receives when they decide to take on hunting for a lost/hidden/stashed/ cached/secreted treasure and taking full advantage of a tip given solely to us clearly in an act of favoritism.” tis is reach thru ff resource page now. so whats the deal???

    • Musstang, im going to put my two cents in on your question. In my opinion, I dont think ff would give anyone extra info that he didnt divulge on tv. If anything he may supply them with false info just to teach them a lesson about trying to use him in that fashion. So all those people crowding around him in hopes he will play favoritism are wasting their time and money. Dont worry ff has more integrity than that.

      • Az,you’ve got that right!Some are like the paparazzi.Thinking they are going to get the inside scoop,not a snowballs chance in Hades.

      • That inside tip, has had almost three weeks to produce results and we haven’t seen any. So much for the big tip, even with the book and the poem.

      • I agree with az, i’d be very hesitant to email f unless it’s to tell him you have the chest. If he gave a private hint/clue and it led someone to the chest it could possibly become public knowledge and ruin his reputation, i don’t ever see that happening.
        I enjoyed receiving emails from f back when he was responding but i never took them as a hint or clue. Read the poem and chip away at the book it will lead you down the right path. My opinions of course.

        • Early on I kept in touch w/f on my search ideas.His responses were clever for sure.On more than one occasion I took them as a possible nod.Trust me,those imaginary nods will not get you the prize…

  51. This ” tip by favoritism” is now reached by clicking the Mark Dryer Link on Forrest’s Web Site resource page. So DAL, and others, does ff know that THIS is written in a blog that you get to from his own site?

      • Yes I know he knows him, but does he KNOW what Mark is saying about the tip? any idea of any way to ID them?…Ill be on the lookout forthem.

        • I don’t think forrest cares as he’s never given mark any tip. Mark is with 3 other guys and his son. I don’t know that they are IN Yellowstone.

        • FF likes to reply to our emails and give us his wisdom and little sayings. His reply to mine was a pretty good clue – “Give up now as you have no chance.” I knew he really meant to look at the Last Chance Mine in Colorado. So I’ve been looking there ever since. Once in a while I do something right!

  52. Sooooo……my searchers are still awol. The last i heard from them, they were in a very remote area just south of Montana, in Idaho, but they had a bar of reception. The last actual contact I had said they were taking a break and heading into YNP to see the scenery…..anyone know anything about reception down in YNP???? Would they have any? My instincts say they are probably ok and just having fun, but I thought she would have checked back in by now?????

    • My advice to stephanie:

      Do not panic. Cell phone reception is spotty in Yellowstone and in any area in the Rockies in general. All mountains mess with signal. Texting is a good idea! Also, cell phone batteries drain very quickly when they are expending juice to try to reach distant towers.

      Do you know when your searchers are supposed to “return to civilization?” like an airport or pass through town of more than 1000 on their way back home? If you have a date/time for that, then I wouldn’t alert authorities till that time.

      If your searchers are more than a day late (24 hours) from a “front-country” location where cell service could be anticipated, that may be the time to call in searchers.

      For others reading who is expecting a backcountry exploration, it’s important to give a reliable person you entire itinerary, day by day of where and when you will be, and know when you will return to the front-country. Also, cell phones are a great tool, but they should not be relied upon as one’s only survival tool should there be unexpected complications. Finicky, quickly draining of battery.

      My hopes go out to it turning out to be “nothing.”

  53. Let me be more specific. When we were out there a month or so ago, most of YNP was closed, but we were able to get as far as Old Faithful only beccause the park happened to open a week early and it was National Park Week so we got in for free, but Llsa said they wanted to see Yellowstone Lake. Does anyone know if there is reception in that area???? We had cell reception at Old Faithful but we are on ATT,,,,,they are on T mobile. Anyone have any info on this????

    • Thanks Tarry….I guess I’ll sit tight today and say my prayers and hope they are just having a blast down in there. I have been debating about calling the authorities but you’re probably right. I’ll give them today and hope i hear from them tonight.

      • Stephanie, did you try texting them? It only takes about a nanosecond for a text to get through to them so if the coverage is spotty, they’ll get your message as soon as they get any kind of service and call or text you when they can.

      • We’re they going to attempt something dangerous? I am disturbed about some of the risky things people are doing when they search.

        Also, are they as committed to this as you are? I only ask because my family thinks I am crazy. If they looked for me they would think nothing of going off to have fun somewhere while waiting to discuss it while I fretted. Not because they would want to cause me stress, only because they do not have gold fever!

        If you think they are in danger you could call the police but do text first.

        • Tarry, that’s exactly my dilemma….no, they are not as committed to the search, they only know what I’ve told them, so it is possible they are just off having fun not thinking another thing about it. I’m going to give it until tonight I think and see what happens.

  54. That’s what is bugging me. I’ve also sent emails. They were pulling a camper, which is in an RV park west of West yellowstone. I don’t even know if they took their camper down in to YNP with them. I guess I just assumed they were going down there for the day and would be coming back to their base camp at night. I know they have spotty service but they have always been able to contact me at night back around the campground area. So unless they moved their camper down into YNP, they should have contacted me either via phone or email last night.

        • Stephanie, the phone coverage in the mtns pretty bad unless you are right at a ski area or in a town. Even then, it can be really spotty. There are lots of people around this weekend, too. They should be fine, but keep trying to check in 🙂

    • stephanie davis – Alert the authorities. Let them make the decision concerning how to approach the situation. They are the experts & evidently handle problems such as this multiple times daily. Your friends know they need to call you, but they have not. That’s a clear signal to be alarmed. Much better to be safe than …!

      • I feel like Sybil…..I’m split on this, but you all are voicing everything that has been running through my head all night…..different scenarios about where they could be. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to call the authorities and tell them to be on the lookout for their vehicle. I think I’ll do that right now.

        • Steph, If it’s more than one adult, I wouldn’t worry to much. What if they have the chest? I would not want them stopped. hth.

  55. I know nothing about YNP area itself as I have never been down in there except that one day I went to see Old Faithful. All I know is they mentioned wanting to see Yellowstone Lake. I believe I saw RV parks inside YNP when I was there, so maybe they moved their camper down in there???? idk.

    • I don’t think you need to panic yet. From what I’ve heard, there are a lot of people in the national parks this weekend and traffic must be terrible in the park and they can’t get to an area with service. And like you said, they may have moved their camper to an area where there is no service. Hopefully they will contact you soon.

        • I would call someone. Is there family they may have checked in with you an contact first? My motto in life is its better to be safe than sorry. Even if they are perfectly fine and you called the athourities they would simply know you care. If they are hurt or lost then they NEED you to call someone.

          Didn’t we have a search and rescue guy here? Wolf maybe? Anyone a pro at these things?

        • PS did you guys agree she would call you ever so often? Or did she make those arrangements with someone?

    • Stephanie,
      Over the course of my whole life, every time I have been in a situation like you, my people have always turned up fine, just having a good time and losing track of its normal constraints. “bad” things have always come out of the clear blue sky. Just the same, you could call the state police, express your concerns & ask if “anything” has happened if it would put your mind at rest. Every time I have ever done anything like that, I usually end up hearing from them soon after with relief. Maybe wait until tonight? You posted about flying out there. Where those your original plans? To meet them out there? Or are you THAT worried? I don’t know all you know about the situation.
      I’ll be more than happy to help if you like — I’ll call “out there” if you want me to? Ask Dal for my e-mail, I’m great at hunting people down who don’t want to be found.
      All I know for sure is that worrying never helped me once. I feel everything will turn out fine for you & soon. No news usually is good news.

  56. Happy Memorial Day, everybody! I hope everybody stays safe out there today, especially on the roads. I don’t know about elsewhere, but our highways here in NM can be very dangerous. Unfortunately we still have lots of drunk drivers out there and more so on holidays. Please be careful everybody and don’t get frantic. The last thing we all need in association with this hunt is a traffic fatality or more graves to mourn over all for the rush for money. That would be a huge tragedy.

  57. Wolf,
    I am very familiar with the area between Taos and Angel Fire. I have spent much time there and have searched there. I am now beginning to believe you may have run into something. Have you ever spoken with Forrest in person or on the phone? Why the delay in your trip report. You may not have the chest in your possesion, but if you know you will in the future, I think you need to let us know. An absolute denial would include language like I have found nothing that leads me to believe I will ever have possession of the chest. Your past denials have left the door open. People are spending money and possibly getting hurt. I want an ABSOLUTE denial or an admission of the true nature of your search. Please.

    • Herman 1,

      Wolf owes none of us nothing. To demand an “ABSOLUTE denial” is ridiculous. Make your own decision about your own expenditures and your own safety based on the information available. If you think waiting on his final report is critical to your search, then I guess you’ll have to wait it out until he decides to make that final report or you decide it’s not worth waiting any longer.

      I have yet to hear any report on the news or in this blog of someone getting hurt (spending the night out and alone doesn’t count) during a search for this treasure. Please don’t use hyperbole to try and bolster your demands or arguments. It only makes your argument look less valid. And making demands of any of us is just a waste of time. People almost always do what’s in their own best interests (altruism not included).

      • SC Highlander got hurt. Some people are saving up and planning for these searches in advance. Should be a common courtesy to let us know. So I disagree Eric.

      • Eric,
        I have a house n angel Fire. I am not worried about the $. People have had heart attacks and then there are Stephanie’ lost friends and the lady in Bandalier earlier in the Spring. What hype? I can ask any darn question I darn well want. What gives you the reason to be so unfriendly?

    • Hi Herman 1, It sounds like you have your ears on and your eyes open. Maybe you and the Wolf, could double team it? It doesn’t sound like his son has much interest. just a thought.

    • Jeez ms Davis,I hope your searchers turn up soon!A lot can happen in a very short time.Better safe than sorry.Maybe your next wave of searchers should have better logistics.Let’s keep it safe.Good idea to have them check in periodically.

  58. Has anyone ever searched exact coordinates for the treasure.. Some have eluded to wanting to use them, but has anyone every done a search. I came up with Coordinates, no magic hocus, pocus. to make it fit. Just used some logic… may be wrong approach but I will know.. starting out for Mount Rushmore, June 1st, then on to the Rocky Mountains.

    • WishIwasRich – Yes, some people on here have looked at coordinates. They used the book,

      • Inthechaseto.. I found them in the poem.. Not saying that they will produce anything but heading to those (coordinates) to set my foot on.

    • WishIwasRich, I have exact coordinates derived from the poem. But there are different ways to interpret the coordinates, if you know what I am saying. I searched once in New Mexico and came up empty. What state are you going to look in?

      • Wyoming, Colorado.. Yea, depends on the how you derive it… I still don’t think I will find it, but it still fits with all the clues fitting… Did your coordinates fit all the clues.

  59. Stephan says,

    “Don’t over-think, it’s not that difficult.”

    FF has said it will be difficult

    finding the chest will require thinking yes? i suppose its a matter of debate what would be ‘just the right amount of thinking’ (whatever that even means)

    i would prefer to think more rather than less, but maybe thats just me


    Stephan says,

    “When you find the chest, you will marvel at how easy it was.”

    yes, its so easy thats why it has been found 5 times already

    actually people all over this country, and thats a heck of a lot of people if you didnt know, have been searching almost 3 years and it still hasnt been found

    were you offering this as some kind of insight or help? perhaps you need to explain how

    if this is something FF said, understand that he has made clear it will be difficult, (that is the opposite of easy fyi )

    if this is FF, obviously he is having fun with this, he can see people are having a difficult time with it, so he is in a position to have a little fun.

    hey, show it to your kids, they could prolly figure it out….needling at people.

    why not, he should have fun with it while it lasts.

    • Chris,

      I tend to agree with Stephan. To many people are over thinking the poem. We need to follow the poem in the order that it was written without adding to many nonsensical hoops.

      Of course the entire premise in solving the location is the starting point.

      Mr Fenn is an intelligent old dog that has us running all sorts of ways like chickens without a head.

      All the best to all the chasers and good luck.

    • Hi Chris, Stephan again. Those statements in quotes I posted before are not mine, they are straight from Forrest Fenn…believe it or not, as Ripley used to say.

      • Sometimes the simplest and most elegant solution is the hardest to perceive. . Yes, the poem could then be very hard to solve, but with the right insight, it could well be ridiculously easy… I have a feeling we will all slap our foreheads when the veil is lifted…

  60. the previous thing about the cold of the bronze is probably wrong

    i picked that up from someone here

    my main point is the order of the poem, the tenses of the stanzas, and the 2nd line of both ‘middle’ stanzas is talking about a future thing

  61. Easy is relative. How hard do we work to earn a dollar? How hard will the finder have worked to earn the value of a treasure? Planning your journey, walking and hiking, finding it in some cold place and hauling it back the way you came is a mix of hard work, fun and excitment. When it’s all said and done, you’re exertions of time and money for the economic return will have been “easy”.

    • As with all gold seeking, it was only easy if you found it. For the rest, it was anything but easy. Easy for 1, hard for 50K others who went home empty handed. That word is overused and really not appropriate after 3 years of no chest.

      • 50K might be an accurate number by the end of the summer. That’s a big enough number of folks that the mishaps might add up to a significant number of cuts and bruises.

  62. ff has made his reasons for putting on this hunt pretty clear. One thing that seems clear to me is he made sure it’s going to take some work to find it maybe a moment of endurance in cold. He didn’t make it something about risk of personal danger. He wants to reward the person who risks nothing. A person who is willing to spend a small amount on travel to have fun and exploration on something no different than taking a trip to the beach which has it’s own reward is all ff has done. We are responsible for ourselves and should know reasonable limits to what we should spend on recreation and we should assume all the responsibility of planning accordingly.

    I don’t expect to find it on my next adventure, but that won’t be awhile because I just got two ruined tires and my wallet is tired and meek till next pay day. When I do go, I’ll make sure it’s a trip that counts towards my happiness and well being no matter what.

  63. where warm waters halt, is about warm water… take it in the canyon is about a canyon….. 2 points in sequence. distance is kinda short…… NOW if all you need is the poem, then you have to rely on your guess of where the water and canyon is, and come up with a Brown for that area, if you use the book. that may help to determine several Browns to choose from. ie: not over thinking..

    • “where warm waters halt, is about warm water…”


      “take it in the canyon is about a canyon…”


      ” NOW if all you need is the poem, then you have to rely on your guess of where the water and canyon is, and come up with a Brown for that area”

      rely on a guess … dont you think there is a little more to it than that .. dont you think its possible to have at least some certainty that you have the right canyon and the right brown. wouldnt FF have put clues in the poem along these lines

      ” not over thinking.”

      seeing this term pop up a lot here lately. i think people like to say it because no one really knows what it means and so its easy to say and feels like you’re saying something right.

      • thank you chosendiadem for the positive reply

        the contrary responses have beaten me up a little

        i understand i am sitting in a place where apparently peoples opinions are very different than mine, i get that, so its ok

        • yes Chris, YW. 🙂

          and everbody’s thought processes are different from one another that’s why I think when Forest said ‘For everyones’ pleasure like the saying from Roosevelt I believe atthe north entrance to YNP, that it will not only be one’s idea that solves this thing but many working as a team.
          Everyone on here has been a catalyst to thoughts and helped to shape opinions and thoughts as to the final resting place that Forest chose, even if there is only 1 person standing in front of the chest the day it is found, all who have contributed will be there in spirit as well.

  64. I saw in a film clip that FF would like to see the Treasure and Chest displayed in a museum so everyone could just come and look at it – I guess if the museum wanted to pay for it – that’d be fine – there’d be millions of folks who would like to come and take a peek at it – and then wonder what it would have been like to find the treasure – the museum would definitely make up their costs in no time!! Great Idea FF!

    • A good way to handle this would be to work out a deal with a museum to have the chest “on loan” for a month or so, but the finder still retain ownership. That way the museum could make some money without having to shell out the bucks to buy the chest, and the finder gets it back at the end.

      • I had thought about this. I have a connection to Alice Walton….the walmart heir. She lives not too far from me and she owns the Crystal Bridges museum. It is known for it’s fabulous art collection. She will be the first person I hit up. It would be great to see the treasure displayed right here by me.

    • Dal, I reread the interview posted 8/10/11 and was surprised to see the “clue” Forrest gave Margie in answer to one of his emails, was that the treasure was “300 miles SOUTHWEST of Toledo”. Is that accurate? Did he misspeak, did she get the quote wrong or is it really SOUTHWEST? If it is Southwest of Toledo, I, and many others, are hunting in the wrong area. 🙁

      • The Toledo clue has been mentioned several times on this blog including in the Rumors post. He said both and he also said it’s not a clue that is likely to help anybody. My advice is to move on. It’s worthless. Both are true but worthless.

      • i looked up margie goldsmith articles and i found one from 2011 where she starts off by saying Fenn has hidden the treasure in the deserts of the southwest. later she claims Fenn told her

        Okay, I’ll tell you what I told a woman from Nevada who called and said she knew where the treasure was, but was incapacitated so would I please get it for her. I said, ‘Well, you tell me where it is, and I’ll bring it to you.’ The woman wanted an additional clue so I told her it’s more than 300 miles southwest of Toledo.

        I dont see how southwest of Toledo could be true and worthless at the same time. maybe its worthless if its not true.

        Montana, Idaho and most of Wyoming are not southwest of Toledo.

          • Steph:
            He told me that too and then he went ahead and said it again. But it really does not matter. Forrest said to me that it was meant to be an unimportant clue. He further told me that he only said it in the first place because the woman was pressing him for a clue he didn’t want to give. So he made that up on the spot. The next time he said it he probably forgot whether he said west or southwest. He used it often for several months. He sent it as a response to people who were badgering him for a clue. I wrote a story about how I fell for it on this blog. He had me drawing 270deg lines from about 17 Toledos to see where they intersected with the mountains. Then he told me that he meant west in a general sort of way not necessarily due west. He finally told me it was meant to be an unimportant clue.
            Even so…every once in a while I drag out my list of coordinates for Toledo just to see how close my newest search area might be to a workable latitude..
            He has been quoted saying both west and southwest but I know that west came first so when I think about it at all “west” is the direction I consider.

          • Thanks for the additional explanation Dal. Since I was not following ff treasure hunt until this year, I had no idea which statement was made first so when I saw Margie’s article from 2011 saying SW of Toledo, I thought that he really meant SW and my search would be in vain as I’ll be looking in the Northern states. I’ll probably not find it anyway as the statistics are certainly against me, but I’ll have fun trying! 🙂

          • Thanks for the info Stephanie. I was wondering if I should abandon my spots for a different state!

        • Sorry, I don’t understand why it’s not important whether Forrest actually meant SOUTH or SW of Toledo. It makes a HUGE difference.

          Does it matter, North or South, of Santa Fe NM ?

          Also, I thought that it was clarified as Toledo, Ohio, but if not .. what does “Toledo was the birthplace of Montana” mean, and what would 300 miles S or SW of that leave?

          • astree, that was my concern because my interpretation of the clues do NOT take me SW of Toledo. Dal and Stephanie have now both said ff has said it was not a clue so I’m going to disregard that statement and just presume he said that without really thinking and continue with my plans to go to the YNP area. Hope I’m not mistaken. 🙂

        • Astree, Forrest said west of Toledo as Stephanie said, not south of southwest.

  65. “There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

    Can i get an Amen up in here y’all !!

    • Dr Quantum doesnt realize how close he may have been

      etched inside the can of Dr Pepper, may be precise directions to the treasure

      when FF released a statement previously, he threw out a subtle hint about secreting a can of Dr Pepper

      the secret hint is in a can of Dr Pepper

      • What about an old Olympia beer can? We found a 1959s Oly can at our site. 🙂

      • That’s sort of what I was thinking where he says ” and take it in the can, ‘yon down”

        BTW, “Blue is the Warmest Color” just won at the Cannes Film Festival.


  66. To add some clarification…….. OP

    Dal’s blog dated March 2, 2013 @ 4:45 pm

    I was with Forrest when he was being interviewed by a reporter from Germany about the treasure chest and that topic actually came up. Someone suggested that the way Forrest would know if it had been found was probably because instead of the chest there was a big IOU in the actual location which you would then take to Forrest to collect the treasure. “No”..said Forrest. “I thought about doing that but what if the chest isn’t found for a hundred years? My IOU won’t be worth very much if I’m dead. That chest is out there and the person that follows the clues will find the chest and all it’s gold and gemstones and beautiful objects right there. Not a piece of paper.”

  67. Great picture! House shoes?? Where are your boots? Good looking man such as yourself needs on a pair of good looking boots!! Little humor there. Picture perfect….

  68. By the way…I still think the safety deposit box was a fabulous illogical guess….especially when I realized that the commercial bank in Santa Fe was called The Mountains and opened in 1972(same year he opened his gallery) and then they changed it to The Community Bank and he said in one of the interviews how the people of SF have been good to him(hint hint…The Community)AND!!! they had a branch in Los Alamos which was in the mountains. I think that was some darn good figuring, even if it was wrong.

    • there is also a banner in Los Alamos that says,”where dreams are made.” 🙂 I still have not ruled out the canyon down from the security station( as wwwh) there or the Valles Caldera area. one of the creeks looks like a horsehoe on the ‘wind’ there.

      • I’ve never been to the Valles Caldera area yet, but I’ve heard of some searchers looking there. I’d also like to check out Hyde(I hid the treasure) Park. I just can’t find any warm water there….but there is water high…and it’s also just over 8 miles from SF which is interesting. Personally though…I’m seeing some really good searchers looking up in Yellowstone which sort of freaks me out and I know the window to look up there is only so big.

    • I think the majority of these “guesses and searches” have been pretty darn good figuring. The bank thing included! It’s amazing how many directions te poem can take a person!
      I still can’t narrow a spot exactly but I have a pretty good theory that not one person has mentioned yet, but a place where a few have guessed that fit the first couple of clues. I don’t thinky area is going to be it but I love how it fits!
      I can’t wait to get out there! Waiting on weather!! In the meantime I am going to keep cracking at this thing!! I really liked a statement that f clarified today in Dals new scrapbook post. Made he wheels turn!

  69. we are in NM, I’ve been here 2 years June 2nd from Colorado, but I’m an army brat so I just tell people I’m from everywhere! lol

    • Yeah I can’t wait for it too. I would doubt it…but you never know. I’m sure many will buy it for the chance just to know him better to get an understanding to help them locate it.

      • that’s true Steph, even if I wasn’t looking for treasure on the side, I still relish having the book and the story of Forest. There are so many great stories out there, I especially love hearing the ones from the Old Timers who lived even before the one’s kids call ‘old’ these days,lol you know where forty and fifty is ancient? lol

        • so do you know of anyone who has searched around burnt hole in YNP? I’d thought of that area because of the brown garnet found around there

          • About a place being “searched to pieces” – quite honestly one could visit the same area a hundred times and not make a thorough search — you’ll need something that tells you exactly where to search. So a place cannot possibly be oversearched – IMO

        • Funny I was just talking to a girl the other day about chalk boards, because now they have the dry erase boards. I had to ask her if she had ever used one. She said in elementary school. I said her grandkids will tease her about using it.

  70. DaveC3119 says,

    “@ChrisY, does your solution involve a dry lake?

    Twenty miles could very well be too far to walk, a bike would be handy.


    Hello DaveC

    no, my solution doesnt have a dry lake

    twenty miles would be too far to walk

    for what its worth, my solution, from start to end, as the crow flies is approx 6.5 miles

    if i measured the path as the poem tells you to follow it, then it is about 9 miles

    • Hi ChrisY,
      Thank you for your prompt reply. I have enjoyed your posts and glad to see you got out to do some searching.
      I am in NewJersey and family vacation plans were set long before I heard of the chest. For now at least my search is within the poem.

      Although I am also lioking for connections between the lines in the poem, my direction is probably different.
      Good luck to you.

  71. I have a question for those who have been searching for awhile, or have been to many different locations already in their pursuit of the treasure. What do you do (or would you do) if you run into other searchers at a location you’ve spent many days/hours/weeks narrowing down to, and are convinced (at least at the time) is the right spot? Do you speak to them? Do you admit what you’re there for? Do you ask if they are there for the same reason? Do you offer to make some kind of ‘on the spot’ deal to split the treasure if one of you finds it first? Or do you just go about your search as though you were alone?

    I ask because the spot I’ve picked to start my search in July is very obscure and off the beaten path. It’s nowhere near any landmark, city, historical location, or spot of any significance except for the fact it fits the clues as I interpret them. If someone else happened to follow the same very simple logic and end up at the same location, and say they decided to search over several days during the same timeframe I was there…I would know for sure why they were there, and they would also realize why I was there. But I wouldn’t know how to approach this situation. I don’t want to share any more than the rest of you do, but I also realize that my chances of finding the treasure would immediately be 50% lower just because someone else had (theoretically) arrived at the solution.

    Has anyone encountered such a situation, or thought about how you’d handle it if you did?

    • I would split it if they showed me their notes 🙂 especially if they were there the same time as me and for the same reason 🙂

    • I had a man and his two boys watching me searching in the water.They yelled down to ask if I thought it was there.I replied”Is what there?” The man said”you know,the treasure” I said”what treasure? I’m cleaning up after a long days journey!”

    • I’ve been out a bunch, and never really ran into anyone much. There was this guy we saw on a hike who I believe was looking. He was alone and seemed like a deer in the headlights when he saw us and just stood there. Then there was once that we were in a restaurant and my husband said some lady was looking at me and whispered to her husband. Both those times I thought maybe they recognized me from my blog from when I had photos up. Neither was a problem though, because even on the hike…we were hiking out and had already figured it wasn’t there. There was a time when I was in NM at the same time Dal was. We hadn’t met yet….I wore dark sunglasses and a long black coat just in case I’d have run into him…because I figured we’d recognize each other. We didn’t…but met up later that trip. I think I’d try and escape the area if I saw other people around…I wouldn’t offer to split…that can get funny I think with legalities and all…I mean unless you both actually saw it was there for sure. Dal has always just spoken up and tells everyone he’s searching, which I don’t get…I wouldn’t want the competition. Him and I are polar opposites…I think that’s why we like each other so much lol…lots to debate.

      • That’s a good question. I would challenge them to a game of wits. Winner takes all.

    • I can’t speak for anyone else but when I g on a search and I”m out in the mountains I go in camo and I usually know that someone is there before they know I’m there or see me. I try to make sure they don’t see me and I have no contact with anyone else. I will keep low untill they have moved on or I move on . I try to keep something between me and them like a tree or bush or rock. when leaving and try not to break any branches or crunch any leaves that can be heard from a distance . Just my personal way I have when I’m searching. Each to there own preference I suppose I have smelled womans perfume a half mile down wind from them. No offence ladies you do smell nice. Happy hunting and good luck

    • hmmm…it varies for me depending on the situation. I don’t hide from anybody though. Sometimes I say I dropped something if they ask. Once somebody asked if I was looking for the Fenn treasure, I just told them yes and smiled. We had a funny conversation about it. The guy was under the impression that it was all a big publicity stunt. His response to me was “we can’t even find airplanes out there when they crash in the mountains. How is anybody supposed to find a little box like that? LOL

    • KenW:
      That’s easy. I’ve run across folks at my search spots before…twice. No problem… We say hi and talk about the hunt and then continue searching.I have not had any problems.

  72. Dal… I promise to be good. Really… Lets just say it’s part of the blogger protection program I’m in at the moment until I can prove myself. My name has been change to protect the innocent. Well, not really innocent. I have never used a vulgar word on your blog, that I can remember…. OP

    A word to the wise for young families in the Yellowstone area searching “The Thrill of the Chase”

    Many of Yellowstone National Park’s thermally-influenced waters contain organisms that are known to cause serious skin rashes, infections, and/or primary amoebic meningitis, which can be quickly fatal. The thermal waters of Boiling River have been shown to support the organisms that can cause Primary amoebic meningoenchephalitis and Legionnaire’s disease. Avoid submerging your head and inhalation of thermal steam. If you have any signs of symptoms of irritation or disease seek medical help immediately. Swim at your own risk.

    Please use extreme caution in and around the thermal waters of Yellowstone.

    Now, back to the blog…..Be safe and enjoy… OP

  73. Hi ya Old Poop – how are ya doin? There is a place on this blog for “odds and ends” and probably were this should have been posted. Nice to see you here – don’t kill the messenger.

  74. Comments or stories Mr. Fenn told as his own that aren’t:

    Story: Thumb blocking Philadelphia when flying down eastern seaboard at high elevation.
    Actual: Happened to Jim Lovell on Apollo 13 mission, (was also re-enacted by Tom Hanks in movie of the same name).

    Story: Epitaph on the gravestone in the clearing in Vietnam, which said “smile at a homely girl.”
    Actual: An epitaph suggested by H.L. Mencken, which said “wink at a homely girl.”

    Story: “Two can keep a secret if one is dead”
    Actual: “Three can keep a secret if two are dead,” Benjamin Franklin, from Poor Richard’s Almanac

    I also heard a phrase in the first Indiana Jones movie, that is either in the book or said by Mr. Fenn, but I can’t remember it.. will keep looking.

    Any others?

    • There is also in the great lit chapter where he is discussing the hemingway book, he is talking about For Whom the Bell Tolls , he describes passages of Farewell to Arms.
      Its up to us to figure out what he wants us to look for.

    • 2)
      Story: Epitaph on the gravestone in the clearing in Vietnam, which said “smile at a homely girl.”
      Actual: An epitaph suggested by H.L. Mencken, which said “wink at a homely girl.”

      as usual, understand that my following reply is based on my solution to the poem, which could be right or could be wrong. i think i am on the right track and in the right area but completely understanding the 4th stanza has prevented me from getting the exact final hiding spot correct.

      the Mencken quote is ”…wink your eye at a homely girl”

      this follows a pattern of other subtle clues in the book, whereby FF changes something, and the clue is gained from focusing your attention on what it was changed from

      ‘wink your eye’ was changed to ‘smile’ and so the subtle clue is in the key words ‘wink’ and ‘eye’

      this subtle clue relates to the ending area of the poem, as referenced in stanzas #1 and #4. there are 2 areas referenced in theses stanzas, they are right next to each other, and one of them is the area where the chest is hidden.

      the clue in ‘wink’ and ‘eye’ has to do with ‘wi’ together with ‘eye’

      this is referenced in the poem in the line ‘if you’ve been wise and found the blaze’

      when the clue in ‘wise’ is understood , the meaning has to do with ‘wi’ together with ‘eyes’

      a second layer reference is added in the same stanza in ‘with marvel gaze’

      it is again a combination of ‘wi’ and ‘marvel gaze’ marvel gaze having to do with the eyes

      this type of subtle clue, and i think FF has hinted at this, is not going to help you solve the poem or find the chest in and of itself. it is the type of thing that if you solved the poem, or had most of it solved, you will then look at this after the fact and see the connection. like a lot of the subtle clues in the book, they are confirmation you have the right solution once you have the solution.

      understand that he changed the line from ‘wink your eye’ to ‘smile’. its kind of of obvious i think that he changed it and not by accident.

      • Right. And he says more than once I can’t recall which that he hardly ever plans.

  75. I just got back from hunting in Montana, near Gardiner. I went with a couple of buddies and we had a fantastic time although we found no chest. We got what we were meant to have, and that was the Thrill and the experience of such a marvelous part of America’s geography, nature, culture and history. I thank Mr. Fenn and all you bloggers for encouraging me to do it.

    Our interpretations of the clues have been considered by lots of people on this blog already. We just strung them together in our own way to get our search area.

    I believe Yellowstone began as a tourist destination at Mammoth (“warm waters halt”) and the Roosevelt Gate (“take it in”). I read somewhere that the Gardiner River used to be called Warm Springs Creek. The Gardiner river enters the Yellowstone River below Jardine, which I believe was the home of Joe “Brown”. There is a boat ramp there, which is where we “put in”. We actually brought our own raft but we didn’t use it; not brave enough for that with the water levels being so high right now.

    From there, the river flows north, and not far is where Joe Meek had a run-in with the Blackfeet near Cinnebar Mountain. It is private land on the west bank. The land owner is a survivalist organization who also own water rights to the Hot Spring run-off at La Duke on the east bank. They are drawing off that water so that the Spring is now a trickle. The whole huge area on the west side is the natural winter grazing area for the animals of YNP. Until recently, most of that land was fenced off so there was no place for the animals. I think there is ongoing effort to free up more of that land for the animals.

    So for us, “meek” refers to both Joe and the animals, “the end” is the end of the raft trip, “the end is… nigh” are the landowners, “ever drawing nigh” refers to the fact that we should be approaching it from the water and to the left (west bank), and “the end is ever drawing” refers to the land owner drawing water for its own use.

    Spring Creek used to flow into the Yellowstone River across from the La Duke hot spring. The original mouth of the creek is actually about 100 yards upstream, but on Goggle Maps today it shows it as being almost directly across. Both mouths are dry now. Its source is near Aldridge, an old coal mining town with a lake (old “heavy loads and water high”). Along the way are the coke ovens of Horr / Electric which burned the “tarry” byproduct to generate electricity.

    Above the new mouth are power lines that power a large irrigation rig (new “water high”) in a field that now covers over the lower portion of Spring Creek (new “heavy loads”). Behind the irrigated field and across the road and old railway line is a field of sage (“wise”) that leads to the Devil’s Slide (“quickly down”), with its bright red “blaze” running up the middle.

    An aside: we thought we saw a face in the west bank at the new mouth of Spring Creek but didn’t think much of it and that it was just light playing off natural features. There was a hollow tree near the face with its detached copice placed back over the hole, but no chest in there.

    Since the land is private, I’m not going to say what we did next, but we were “brave”. We didn’t find the chest, but we also didn’t look in all the possible “woods”, so if our interpretations are right, the chest could still be near there.

    Good luck to everyone.

    • Hey! Thanx Muset for the cool run down on your search.Who knows maybe you should make another trip…

    • Great story Muset! You were in an area I’ve been looking at also, although my interpretation of the clues was a bit different and so was my path. I’ll be around YNP in a week or so and I may get over to this area too if my #1 spot doesn’t work out. 🙂

      • Good luck! If you do what we did, you probably won’t find the chest but you’ll be pretty happy with yourself in marvel gaze.

        If you are willing to brave the cold, the slope below and south has many more woods that we scantly observed.

        An interesting feature of the Slide is a hole dug into a quartz vein near the bottom of the southern wall. I imagined Joe Brown testing it for gold hundreds of years ago. No chest in there.

  76. Hey muset, I do agree with most of your ideas and thoughts on the puzzle but have a hard time believing the treasure would be in yellowstone (a national park) IMO that would just be to blatant of answer for WWWH. I believe that WWWH refers to a lake which has dried out…. Just one of many thoughts!

  77. Thank you Dal!

    for keeping us in the chase..

    I believe Mr Fenn is a straight shooter. Did he make it easy for us to find the treasure? No!. If he had we wouldn’t be here.

    Chris Yates:

    Per Fenn himself:

    “Will the poem lead you to the treasure?
    Yes if you know where to start.”

    the starting point is fundamental to solving the location of the goods and following the clues step by step.

    End of Story (Poem)

      • Chris, this goes back to the discussion with Stephan at about 11:35 today.

        My quote:

        “Of course the entire premise in solving the location is the starting point. ”

        Fenn’s quote:
        ““Will the poem lead you to the treasure?
        Yes if you know where to start.””

        My point lets keep it simple and straight forward.

        Good luck..

  78. Well, for anyone wondering my searchers called me about an hour ago….they are ok. They had to climb some mountain to be able to get reception. They will not be back on my site for 2 days…….grrrrrr!!!!! but thank God they are ok.

      • Chris Yates it seems to me that in the 4th stanza he is simply telling you not to marvel at your reflection( holding the chest )in the pool of water near the trove. Marvel gaze is redundant. Marvel is to stare in awe. Gaze is to stare in awe. You are staring at your reflection in awe and your reflection appears to be staring at you. Just the opinion of a knucklehead who was in a dark canyon.

        • so you are saying that marvel gaze is a clue that the chest is hidden in water or right next to water

          that makes sense i think

          marvel and gaze are mostly redundant terms like you say

          thats not the same as saying there is no significance in both terms being used

          i dont think Fenn could have said ‘with marvel’ or ‘with gaze’

          because he included both words for an important reason

          • Yes I think it’s near water. Hope that helps your search. I think your interpretation has some merit by the way.

          • I don’t think he’d ruin the wooden inside though…and someone else said the wax wouldn’t last that long in water. So I think it’s more likely in a place where it’s near some type of water…like a waterfall for example..not under the waterfall…but near it.

          • Stephanie what if it’s in a camouflaged dry bag like fishermen or kayaker’s use. That material will last a long time in or near water. More likely on a ledge or little cave that is near water however just like Einstein described.

        • i see it as he ‘s telling you to enjoy the moment a little .. your quest has ceased! and you’re simply marveliing at the beautiful little box… 🙂 i can see me now lol..

        • MarvelousGazer
          Doesn’t it depend on whether “marvel” is being used as a noun or a verb? If “marvel” is used as a noun, in my opinion it is not redundant with “gaze”.

          • GF. How is it being used? Verb, noun doesn’t matter. Conveys same concept. But what is your interpretation if it is a noun.

        • Marvelous Gazer,

          I don’t think it is redundant. I think marvel is about the perception of wonder about something. It could be of any of our 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sound or sight. I think gaze is solely about sight. You could marvel at the flavor of a strawberry, for example.

          I think marvel gaze is about the wonder of what is being seen.


          • Disagree JDH. The terms are redundant when placed together in sequence since we are concerned with primarily with sight in the search for the trove. If we are left to the interpretation of just simply wondering it doesn’t tell us anything about the location. However you identified a key distinction between the two redundant terms. A person does use their five senses to marvel. A reflection of that person only gazes. So what I am suggesting again is that Fenn is telling you there is a pool at or near the location. May be confirmed by the phrase in the cold. Otherwise the line marvel gaze is just a throwaway. Just my opinion.

        • Marvelous Gazer,

          I see your point and the possibility of a pool nearby. I also see the possibility of seeing something at the blaze that is so clearly and obviously a pointer to the exact X spot that is nearby (and related to stanza one) that you are so amazed at the sight of it, you lose your sense of time and stare at the it. Yet you still need to go get the chest… or it could be the sight of the treasure itself, which certainly seems to be enough to me to cause a “marvel gaze”.

          Either way I don’t think Mr.Fenn intended to be redundant. However, it could be giving a hint to the location by telling us to “tarry scant”. This has been discussed at length (fed prop, private, BLM, etc.) and ideas on this are many, as with any clue or possible clue.

          Your idea of a reflection is as good as any so far and one I have not considered yet.


    • That’s great news. I hope they have a time they will get back to you. I always email my kids and tell them where we’ll be…but then I realize it could be a week before they realize they haven’t heard from us(ya know…when the food or money runs out)…so I email my Mom….who hopefully would be concerned.

      • I could believe the chest is deep under water or in a dry area, but never in a waterfall or area that gets wet and then dries up during the year. The reason is simple exposure and freezing at high altitudes. The fastest way to ruin the chest and have it break open is to allow water into it that then freezes. Even with Bronze’s good thermal properties, it would be bust open over time. I know Bronze is good for handling thermal cycling, but ice is a killer for any enclosure, so I can’t see Forrest risk that. He also stated it’s unlocked, so it can’t be out in the open where a heavy windstorm could open it and allow moisture in. So it’s my believe that it’s protected from direct weather and the elements.

    • You bought that? Just kidding, I been wondering about you wondering about them and now will stop, just knew you had good karma.

  79. Thanks ya’ll…..I was happy to hear from them. She said she tried to tell me they were leaving the area but I couldn’t hear her, so when she just dropped off the face of the earth, I was concerned. I didn’t want to say it on here because I didn’t want to alarm anyone but they were pretty sure they had someone following them…..but all is well now. But that is why they left the area for a bit.

    • No wonder you were concerned- I would have been too if someone was following my friends! Did you end up contacting the authorities?

      • Yes, I did…..I contacted a friend of mine in law enforcement and he found their license plate number and passed it on. They had no idea that I hadn’t heard them when they said they were leaving the area. The connection was sketchy and in the middle of a sentence the call just dropped so I never knew they had left the area, but they found them far away from my search site. they will be returning in a couple of days.

  80. That is not the right blaze….so don’t anybody go running out there….but like Forrest Fenn says….he can show you where to look, but not what to see……open your mind. What do you see? We are going to have to start using our imagination.

  81. @Stephanie Davis – I can’t see any of your links – they never show up – but perhaps it’s just my computer – maybe it doesn’t allow me to see certain links – not sure – Glad your treasure hunting partners are okay!

    • @Steph D
      Just from the address you listed it looks like you are linking to a picture that is in your inbox……..

      If that is the case you will need to upload the photo to the web for others to see it……a photo sharing site for example.

      If that’s not what you are doing let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out what you are trying to link to.

        • yes, you could also post it on twitter then copy/paste and share the url for the twitter on here

        • if ou havent done that before just click the thing like you normally do to tweet something then click on the camera on bottom left, navigate to where the picture is on ur pc and post it

        • @Steph D
          Good, glad we figured out the problem……..Yes photobucket is fine………there are several.

  82. I see we are back to where warm waters halt…just think newcomers…there are more than nine… I mentioned this before in an earlier blog weeks ago. A Hydrologist knows how many there are. Just saying…my grandson read the poem and the flash of light became apparent. Taking my time crossing all my teas and dotting all my eyes before I feel like going to the place. It’s been three years and I got all the time in his world. I just believe there is only a few clues on the book. It was meant to do what he wated it to do. Just saying again. On a personal note…I have been too busy to work on I just keep my notes on the backbone until I am ready to revel my travel. You guys and ladies are great with so much imagination and knowledge…. Where were you several years back?

  83. you posted the link to your yahoo email on twitter, you should go ahead and delete that tweet

    what you want to do is download the file you got in your email, the picture file, jpeg or whatever format it is, download onto your computer, just put it on the desktop if you wanna make it easy to find

    then you post that file from your computer to twitter

  84. @steph…I had to log into my twitter account to see it…looks interesting..yeahnot even close to what the blaze is. Just saying

    • Maybe… but she could still start using Google earth & send the coordinates to those who believe in her.

  85. Wow- Just got back from a little fly fishing and hiking up at Rocky Mountain National Park and noticed that I got a lot to posts to catch up on. I need a cute secretary that can monitor this stuff and give me a summary. haha. I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. CHC

  86. I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of F

    That I almost believe that they’re real

    I’ve been living so long with my blazes of F

    that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can FFeel

  87. So I go to the head waters of dry cimmeron river – where warm waters halt
    I travel down to Folsom NM, -take it in the canyon down- not far but to far to walk
    I find the home of brown being – brown street in Folsom and the river that picks up after it is of course again the dry cimmeron river. (i did not enter in there)
    So then i use my pre-loaded google map and travel to F.olsome F.alls, very nice place reminds me of a certain Vietnam waterfall story. At that point I am looking for a blaze, hmmm – what to do here – oh there is a burnt out mill down the river – blaze but no TC – you end at the beginning dry cimmeron river.
    Fun trip, but thats my third search – don’t think I will be making anymore for a while – maybe the fall for another trip. Good luck all.

  88. Is anyone familiar with where a pipe that has water like on the cover of his book is, in Yellowstone? Are there any in New Mexico?

    • Hey Steph I know where one is in New Mexico it’s where warm water comes out also!

      • I think I already searched that area and I think Dal said he doesn’t think it’s north of santa fe…but I heard it feels dang good!! Might just have to check it out for the sake of checking it out 😉

  89. Hey Dal, the next time you talk to Forrest could you ask him if maybe he could move the treasure over here closer to the east coast so some of us can search more frequently like a lot are doing now over there. Florida has a lot of beach area, great for hidden treasure. LOL Okay maybe not, but it would be nice to have the opportunity to search more like so many others, this waiting on next week is killing me and I want to get my feet in the back country and check my spots. I know so many have already been searching and are doing it in abundance right now. I know the Rockies are a big area to cover but when you narrow down the poem there are a few choice areas and many searchers are concentrating on them. Time is not on our side for those living so far away so figuring out your spot before your quest is very important, but the more I read here everyone sure has good ideas and they all seem to make sense. I feel my area has been searched but as some said you can search a area and not search everywhere, even a couple of times. So I still thinking my spot(s) are good and plan to have great time making my way to them, then searching and then making my way out. Hopefully the blaze will be waiting for me to come along and and look quickly down and see that marvel gaze. Just kidding on moving the TC guys. Maybe Forrest can make another one for the east coast searchers, and add to his legacy. Just a thought.

    • Dal have you noticed the your blog has moved to the top when you put in “Forrest Fenn” on goggle search. This must be the best place to know about Forrest and his treasure, and it is so true.

      • I’ve been using “Fenn Dal” as my search terms as it pulls this blog up of course, but just a few down the list is Stephanie’s What’s a Blaze as well.

        • Yes they both have grown in popularity and I understand why, they are full of useful information especially for some of us that are new to the search.

  90. This is off topic I know, but the Santa Fe Trading Co website has been updated with the “graveyard” clue and I’m not sure if this is new as I hadn’t scrolled down to the bottom of it in a while but there’s a cartoon spoofing us “internet searchers” that’s been added also.

    Is it a clue????


  91. I’ve made about a dozen searches now. Each time I go out I think this is the right solution, only to be disappointed. But that leads me to think outside the previous “box” and come up with a better possibility. I think I’ve got the first few clues correctly solved but it’s been the last few that I’ve had to change my thinking on several times. Without divulging any specific location I’ll give out some information I think pertains to the clues.
    1- Three of the clues go for miles and miles.
    2- One or more of the clues may be kinda R-rated. (This may be why FF came back to his car with a smile on his face.)
    3- To have been wise may not mean to have been smart.
    4- Your quest might be the blaze.
    5- Why do we have to hear him and listen too?
    6- “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” is something unexpected to be seen at this location.

    These are just conclusions I’ve come to but that may again soon change.

    I need to get out again and check out my latest ideas.

  92. Jdh the boy is a Boy Scout and I believe there is a Boy Scout camp in one of the most searched area in Wyoming. So is that a clue?

      • Unless Jeremiah D knows the location of the treasure, or FF altered it (which would give JD a edge on things), then this is a not a clue. Seems to me more like someone wanting attention on their cartoon.

        Hey JDH, you wouldn’t happen to know Jeremiah Dinsmore by any chance would you?

      • Jdh there appears to be a “107 The Bones” rock station. Thinking that’s not a help answer.

    • They both look like soldiers to me. Just my opinion. They are drawn by a former soldier.

      • Bob you could be right, I was going off the number patches like most Boy Scout have on them.

      • Thanks, guess the Boy Scout part is not right. So I guess I gave a possible hint out about a clue in the poem. Oops. Okay it might already be out there, I’m still looking there anyway.

      • Actually it’s in Wyoming if my research was right, I came across that info early in my research and am not sure where it popped up when I was looking but it did. That’s why I said what I said to jdh, it just clicked when I thought they were Boy Scouts.

  93. I stopped to get some gas this weekend and the girl behind the counter looks at me and goes, “Blaze!” I laughed and said, “What???” I’m thinking- did f put her up to this? Do I have to look under her shoes for another clue? She goes, “Your shirt. It says Blaze on it.” I could never figure out what the writing on the shirt said, but she was right. So now I’m “The Blaze”…and I’m confused. lol. CHC

    • Yesterday, we picked up one of my daughter’s friends to go to a festival in Vienna. She was talking about some canoe camping she had just come back from .. that there were two per canoe, except her Dad, who put Blaze in the front.

      Huh ?? Who ?? “Blaze, that’s the name of our dog”

      • I went to my daughter’s graduation the other day and they told them to blaze their own trail and something about no mountain being high enough and there were a few other references that privately tickled me and gave me a verbal fix.

  94. I think some of you might need a break from this search…………you’re starting to talk a little crazy.

  95. I believe our best chance is to form a giant line at the northern border of Santa Fe, join hands, and walk north to the Canadian border.

    If we dont find it, we simply turn around take a half step to the left and walk back to Santa Fe.

  96. Fenn metions an old lunch-bucket lady…..bucket in a well. The rock on pg 133 that the frog is pointing to is a “slab”….fenn mentions a sand stone slab in his book. The frog means water. The treasure is pushed up under a slab of rock, probably covering a well. The end is drawing nigh. He mentions a rope many times in the book with a frayed end……the treasure is in a well and I know where. Who wants to go get it?

      • Would you mind posting which state? It kind of matters. I’ll hop up & go If I “believe” in it.

      • I sent you my e-mail once when I had to go to your twitter feed. I no longer tweet however. I would have to know a tad more but am my own man & can hop on a flight free anywhere-anytime. I just have to believe….

        • Babylon, I’m waiting to hear from Dal, I think he deserves first dibs…but if he doesn’t want in, then I will take you up on your offer. I have some stipulations. I will split it 60/40, I want a signed contract. I can have it drawn up by my atty and have it faxed. I wouldn’t want the treasure melted down but sold only to a collector or a museum, or sold to collector(s) if we have to sell off the things in it separately. I would want to keep the chest and 3 gold coins. Think on it and then get back to me.

    • Stephanie Davis, going into a well would be very dangerous and we know finding the treasure does not require the searcher to put themself in danger. Can we please avoid talk of wells? Someone is going to get hurt.

        • I hang around this computer room waiting – if someone else is going, please say so, if you are (wisely) going to wait, please say so, just please say something?

        • swell… I am outa here. no one ever replies to me anyway. This computer room is a drag in the day time & almost impossible to get a secure bounce out of.

        • If you found this well via internet research, I do not think you’ll find the treasure there, but good luck to you and whoever joins you.

        • another think to keep in mind… I think an old well would be considered a structure (unless it’s a natural formation)… I admit that there is some room for interpretation with regard to “associated”… but, IMO, hanging in a man-made well is probably over the line.

        • dacoma, I did not find it via internet. I was there before, i just didn’t have the poem finished. If you don’t finish it, you will go in circles, which is what I did. Then I had friends who were on vacation and know nothing about the treasure except what I told them. They are far from my area and heading home from what I gathered. They are not in an area with good reception. However, they were able to finally shoot me some photos I had been asking for of a particular area. One of those photos has what I believe is the blaze. And if you knew what made me send them to this area in the first place, you would want someone to go there too. As far as the structure thing, not associated with just means “not joined to” or “combined with”. And I don’t believe the well is manmade because it is FLAT to the ground. FEnn mentions flat, flattened, flat things, flattened sandwiches, etc

      • Tarry,

        There are many many ways for one to get hurt searching for this treasure. Falling into/climbing down into a well is just one of the more stupid ways! Everyone searching should be responsible for their own thoughts, actions, & results.

        I would think that statistically, everyone of us is in more danger when we drive to/from the search area than anything sane we might do actually at the area. Looking down a well, around a well, or near a well is sane in my opinion.

        Standard disclaimer of course:
        Bouncing up and down atop the sun dried ancient timbers of a boarded up well while shouting “Eureka”, nor holding your little brother by his legs to just take a “peek” further down constitute sane behavior. These two are certainly not an exhaustive list. 🙂

    • Interesting, one does ‘draw’ water from a well, and a dry well might be construed as being nigh of water. 🙂 It may be as empty of treasure as it is water, but it’s full of creativity. I’ll give it that.

  97. Q: are there 9 clues in the poem?

    A: Yes

    if there were 20 clues in the poem the answer to this question would still be yes

    • Chris, I definitely agree. There could easily be more than just 9 clues.

      Also, has anyone put together that there are 24 lines in the poem and 24 chapters in the book? The 24 chapters is discounting the Intro and Epilogue, however. I thought at one time perhaps each chapter contained one link/clue/hint to each line in the poem. I identified a few, but fell far short in that line of thinking & matching all chapters/lines.

      For instance, I postulated that the chapter about Teachers and no ropes & his explanation of cold bronze statues to the children would explain the line “your effort will be worth the cold” as the bronze chest of treasure being carried out will feel cold. So one down, 23 to go.

      I have since abandoned the 1-1 link from chapter to line, but would be interested if anyone else tried that or had more results than I.

      • .
        There is also the 42 pound chest. There’s more too, but I am wont to mention.

      • Clinger,

        I’m on the same page with you here. However, FF constantly talks about his Spanish teacher in the book. Spanish, I believe, has a huge part in this hunt. Don’t want to give away too much but knowing Spanish equivalents and being from NM has a rather large advantage.


        • C-DNA: Spanish could very well play part. I have kept this in the back of my mind, since reading it in the book.
          Especially since I highly doubt that Spanish was part of the 7th grade curriculum in Temple, Tx in 1943!!
          (oh yeah, Becky from W. Va, that is probably another one for your “not” list!! 🙂
          my opinion…..Fred W

      • I feel it helps explain warm waters, that its relative, the temp, it may fell cool but its warmer than other water

    • I am sure we wont be reading anyone’s post anymore if someone finds it. Yet, I have been thinking of hiding a treasure myself…hmmm.

      • Geydelkon if your treasure is worth the same as Fenn ‘s as I stated earlier to Dal to tell Forrest ” Hide it here on the east coast better yet Florida”. That would be great.

    • I sure hope it doesn’t end this way and right now. Stephanie Davis can you wait another week before you give away the final resting place. I would like to have my shot at this without knowing it has been found. I won’t be in the area your talking so no chance of me locating it so it will be safe.

    • Brian, fenn is a genius…..that’s all I can say at this point. I have found “clues” at each of my locations that I have not mentioned on here….with the exception of the clue in the train. Each of those clues led me to another location, but at some point you reach the end or the beginning….however you want to look at it.

      • stephanie d – not trying to belittle your idea, just want to be a small voice of reason… if I came across something that I truly believed was a “clue” of some kind, left by Fenn to point me in the right direction, I would ensure that the clue was not available to the next searcher to come along (assuming it could be taken/hidden/covered without overtly breaking the law, of course)… do you really think that Fenn would have sprinkled clues around for only the first person to find, handicapping everyone else, and encouraging vandalism in the process?

        • I kinda figured you’d take the righteous stance…

          yes, we definitely are different… everyone has a different moral compass… by pointing that out, you’re actually making my point – you might leave the clues for others to find; I would not break the law, but would definitely take the clue if was legal to do so; others would go so far as to vandalize or break the law to give themselves the advantage…

          however righteous you believe yourself to be, this is simple human nature, and inarguable (NOT my opinion)… you’re fooling yourself if you believe otherwise…

          and (IS my opinion) FF would not be dropping one-time-use clues around the countryside, especially not critical clues that lead you to the next step… if he had done this, he would have destroyed the integrity of the chase

        • Dacoma,

          You caught me. Every since I scratched out the first one, I’ve been scribing F’s and omegas in aspen trees and boulders all over the Rockies. LOL

          While I support your enthusiasm, I do think Dacoma has a valid point. Consider that FF wants his clues to be available long term. It might alter how much weight you give to each individual clue you find. They could easily be real clues (see below) just not as hefty as something more substantial found in the poem.


          I do believe it’s possible that the long term clues are the poem, the book, and maybe some massive geographical feature, and then FF added some little short term ‘helper’ hints along the way. These hints could be what Stephanie is picking up on. Following the bread trail so to speak.

  98. He is a genius, I agree… I would just encourage you to curb your confidence for those who enjoy the search… I don’t think it is really productive on Dal’s blog… I have found it particularly enjoyable to engage my brain in this search… I ultimately BELIEVE the answer will be incredibly elegant… I want it to be that way, at least… I BELIEVE simplicity is the key… My apologies for my comments, but I don’t believe people on this blog want to read about how someone else “knows where the treasure is” – they want 1) to converse about their own research/adventures 2) bounce ideas off of others 3) ask questions/clarification from others…

    • Brian, I’ve been MORE than generous with my hints to the clues. You’re welcome to take what you want from them and leave alone what you don’t want. I don’t think I ever recall you putting even one clue out here.

    • Brian,
      I believe Stephanie Davis is doing your 1) to converse about their own research/adventures. Stephanie has been out on an actual search(s). I have not been out on an actual search yet, but plan to in the next few weeks. Have you been out on an actual search? I think freedom of speech is the rule here.

    • +1 on the support for Stephanie.

      I think she meets all three of the criteria that you mention above.

      I do find it funny that you are attempting to set ‘valid post criteria’ for a blog that is not yours & cite as the reason how others (besides you) on here feel.

  99. A frog is a frog is a frog…but not all frogs are water frogs…some are land frogs and some are tree frogs and they tend to have longer toes and no or little webbing between them. Did anyone notice All of Mr F`s frogs only have three toes with no webbing…? I personally do not pay any attention to the frogs as any kind of clues or hints.

    @Bur…I agree…I wish the chest was much closer to Florida.

    • I think the frog could be a blaze…in my opinion, the frog on page 133 has the same shape as the blaze on the horse (see, e.g., page 58)…the base of the frog looks like it could be nailed to something, like a tree, and face downwards, inserted into the side of something, like a tree, and face outwards, or wedged between two objects, like rocks, whether on dry land, by a waterfall, or in a river bed…but what do I know…nada…

  100. “From there it’s no place for the mEEk”

    There are two E’s, and dEEr has two E’s and also represents a meek animal.

    Anyway, a “broken rEEd” is an idiom for a fragile person.

    I am confident in that.

  101. regarding the emails I am getting. I can’t answer anymore right now. I have to go do something but i’ll be back in a bit. Regarding my over confidence. Yes, I could be wrong, I won’t know until someone goes to look in my location. So keep searching.

  102. I have certainly put clues/hints out here for those to peruse… I think everyone takes what they want from what is provided and discards the rest, or files away for future times when their current theory seems incorrect…

    However, requesting Dal to immediately contact Forrest for you does not belong on this blog, in my opinion, and I believe Dal would agree…

    I am heading out in just a few weeks to my location… Clearly as there are millions of square miles across multiple states and terrain and seemingly endless “solutions” to the poem, I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery, as do likely most of us…

    Stating definitively that you know where the treasure is, multiple times, is like stating that you know that your numbers will win the lottery… I guess I should just step back and allow Stephanie to say what she wants, but I, like others, read this blog every day and it just gets a little old, really…

    I’ll share with Dal after take my “chase” and he can share all that he wants on the blog…

    But, I’m certainly not going to sit here, whether I’ve gone once or 100 times and say “I know where the treasure is”…. Dal’s probably been out more than most of us, and he doesn’t do that… He uses self-deprecating humor and grace to share his adventures…

    I’m more interested it getting some time away from my job, 6 kids and “real-life” to go be a 5-year-old again, with a buddy of mine, searching for hidden treasure in a beautiful area…

    Stephanie, I do hope you find it… When you do, you can completely rub it in my face… for now, I guess I’ll just have to skim your entries…

    I am incredibly glad that your friends are OK and they live to search another day… I can’t imagine what the cell coverage is like out there, especially since I lose coverage certain times driving home from work, in a fairly flat part of Indiana…

    If anyone wants to join me, I’ll post when I’m going out and you can search with me and you can split it with my friend and I if we’re right about the location… For me, its not about the treasure or the money, its about solving the poem at this point… 🙂 I think I’ve done more research into this poem than any research combined I did in college about any topic…

    I bear no ill-will, but if Stephanie can say what she wants on the blog, so can any of us…

    • Brian,
      Depends on when and where you will be going.
      I also live in Indiana, not far from you. I will be driving and camping when I go in a few weeks.
      My E-Mail address is rdbuckler at comcast dot net.

      Hope to hear from you,

  103. I am sorry, but I am leaving this blog. Stephanie, I have watched your posts and viewed your twitter posts, and I know that we share a lot in common, but this pretentious, melo-drama (“I needed FF at that exact moment”….give me a break) is too much for me. You are a virtual solution factory, and absolutely confident that each new solution is the right one. Only a few posts back you said “if you knew what made me send them to this area in the first place, you would want someone to go there too”. You said something very similar about the train car (the blaze?) a week ago. I will never hear of you again until I see you on the Today show. If anyone wants to contact me they can reach me at, because I won’t be available here.

    • I wouldn’t leave, it’s getting fun. This pattern is normal and is the final crashendo before a complete meltdown. Solutions come faster and faster until one day, you can no longer think straight. This blog is a like the core of a galaxy and as we hit July and August, I expect younger stars to go super nova daily.

  104. I agree with theprobe and Brian. This blog is a place for meaningful comments which help generate meaningful thoughts. Ive read at least 5 of your posts about how you know where the tc is. best of luck, you’ll need it, IMO

  105. I don’t think that there are latitude and longitude numbers in the clues, because you don’t need them. If you know your position on the map, all you need is an azimuth and range.

    • So… like a trajectory?
      In MY humble opinion, I have seen ’em come and seen ’em go. IMHO, this blog is different things to different people depending on all kinds of intrinsic and personal variables… its just like real life. Acceptance, generosity, inclusiveness & humor will get you through times of no treasure more than treasure will get you through… well you know what I mean.
      Everything I ever needed to know about people I learned on the play ground in elementary school.
      Play Nice.

      • Yes, like a trajectory. So instead of looking for lat.and lon.#’s, you pick a point to start from, pick a likely spot and check the azmiuth and range, then see if you can find similar numbers in the book or poem, that might pin point, the X

      • Longitude and latitude weren’t used in Vietnam, Only azimuth and range.

        • My bad, I should have said, that azimuth and range were the most often used measurements in the field.

  106. I’ve traveled the back country of the west for over 40 years…….times have changed. It used to be hard to find a town with a working phone……

    (I’m not associated with any of these companies in any way other than using their products.)

    If you are worried about staying in contact I use a Wilson Cell phone booster with antennas that have their own ground plane and they work great (it works even better with the older phones that have an external antenna connection. I keep one of those old phones charged up and with me….they still work when dialing 911)……Be sure to turn your cell phone off when you are out of range……the battery will drain very quickly when the phone is searching for a connection.

    When that doesn’t work I use a Delorme InReach for satellite texting and it works great. I also have a personal emergency satellite beacon. I’ve used it a couple of times for folks I’ve run across that were in serious trouble…….Throw in a handheld GPS and a GPS receiver for the laptop with topo and satellite maps installed and you are ready to go.

    When all that stuff fails (and it will) it’s good to have the experience of wandering the back country for years when it was hard to find a town with a working phone. 😀

    Be safe out there……the line between a wonderful day and total disaster is very thin in the mountains.

    • GOG I’ll go in the woods with you anytime!! Great info. I’m keeping this post to look up those products. I hate not having wifi or cell phone(don’t tell Forrest lol…no he totally knows…I was emailing him from the top of Baldy Mountain in Idaho telling him I was about to die). Sounds like I could have annoyed Forrest in Cimarron with the bear had I know about these things you mention. I probably could have just put the bear on the phone and Forrest could have talked the bear into keeping me company out in the wood instead of scary the bejeezus out of me. Thanks again for taking the time to post that stuff. Yipee!! *going to ebay* I hope those who I just saw, say they were leaving the blog…change their minds.

      • Sorry I missed your return Stephanie, glad you’re back on board. Looks like same @#$!, just different day. And don’t worry none, I have your back (as does Dal).

        • “I have your back”….can you rub just a little lower and to the nigh? *hugs and love* GG ….I think the person who said what a terrible person I was has left the blog. I haven’t seen them…and I’m doing good with my treasure anxiety 12 step program….I’m up to 9 steps…or is that clues….hmmm. Ok, maybe not THAT good.

      • @Steph
        You’re such a hoot……..You probably could convince a grizzly to talk on the phone. You’re more than welcome to join me……I can always use a good sherpa.

        Note to self: Add ear plugs to list of must have survival gear. 😆

        • You think I’d make a good sherpa (of course I had to look that up…I’m from Chicago lol)???? Have you seen my flip flop hiking gear? Ok…well..let’s just say that you’ll do 85% of the sherpa-ing and I’ll try and do 15%… Yes, you’ll need earplugs for sure with my “you are my sunshine” being a bit(WAY) off key….I’ll make up for it though by blasting some pop bubble gum music and we can occasionally dance like gypsies out in the woods….*smile* I still like Call me maybe…you probably didn’t hear about that one….it’s catchy and pretty lame…but it’s happy 😉

  107. Stephanie Davis,

    Did you say that your friends got a picture of the blaze for you?

    • Yes, they did….they are far from montana at this point. They were awol for about 48 hours but I had asked them to take pics of the place I sent them. This morning they got to a location with better reception and were able to send me the pics. On one of the pics is what I BELIEVE is the blaze everyone has been looking for. I won’t know until someone can go to this particular location and look at that spot for me. When they took the pic they were in the car. They never got out of the car in case you are wondering. They don’t know much about the treasure. They were only looking for me and it was fun for them, but they don’t really believe there is a hidden treasure. They had no idea what they were looking at in that picture.

      • my blaze will be located in new mexico.. mr yates blaze is in colorado .. etc etc etc .. everyone’s blaze is not in montana.. i understand the thrill but you are going a bit too far.. gl

  108. People please remember if someone irritates you with what they post you really dont have to read their posts. Its the only way to remain sane on any forum. Dont throw the baby with the bathwater. Dal has plenty of great stuff on his blog. When it gets too much maybe go read some past posts, some of those may give you more ideas. May we all have a good week!


    Stephanie Davis has not, I repeat HAS NOT found the chest. So rest easy and continue your search. All is well in DAL WORLD.

  110. PLEASE everyone, I am not trying to create drama….I have given freely of my interpretation of the clues. I have never lied on here or tried to mislead. I genuinely want the treasure to be found. If you had a spot that you felt strongly about, you would want someone to go look. That is all I’m trying to make happen here while also ensuring some sort of safety net for myself. I have SINCERELY cheered everyone on who has hit on a hot spot. I think I have found someone willing to go take a look. I have been in touch with FF and let him know as well where I am sending this person. Please do NOT abandon your own searches as I could be wrong.

    • why is it necessary to contact forrest with your every whim?? seriously..i’m gonna be ticked off if forrest takes back his treasure because he’s tired of being bothered.. hopefully he just deletes these crazy notices…. btw hello forrest.. i’m just a regular guy in a regular town living a regular life and just want to say thanks for the fun.. and dont worry about me as i wont be calling you or knocking on your door or emailing 5 times a week.. maybe someday i’ll stop by with the chest and we can have a laugh or two.. thanks, casey from indiana

  111. Hey G-man (and others):
    where ya been? 🙂 You been gone a couple of weeks now. How is your (yall’s) quest going? Are you waiting for Dal to come find it for you?? (LOL…just kidding 🙂 )
    What makes you so absolutely “sure” that SD HAS NOT found the chest?
    Be careful out there, it’s too far to walk to civilization!!…………Fred W

    • I’m back from my first search. You will get the details on it real soon. I’m not shy, so I tell all and reveal all. I believe I have done as much recon of the area as I can, as you will see.

      • germanguy et al:
        Thanks for prompt reply. I was hoping you, of all people, would have better luck. Seriously, you have had great forebearance with me on here. If I start to get on “your” nerves, just tell me to back off. As you know, you indicated that you thought your site and mine might be the same. So I am definitely awaiting your report….Best of Luck next time………….Fred W

      • germanguy et al,

        Perhaps you had all the clues correct, almost that is, but were simply one canyon wrong. Just a canyon off, despite the obvious choice of your canyon. So, you might wish to revisit your clues before you share them here. I’m sure you were more than thorough in your hunt, but Fenn has a twisted sense of irony at play here, or so I believe. Good luck in any case.


        • Appreciate your comment Jake. I made myself a promise when I started this whole search business, that if I plan an area search, I will know exactly (before I go) what terrain I will cover. If after that search trip, I do not come up with the chest, I will move on. Never to return.

          Now sharing my trips in this fashion, I feel that if I missed a clue, I don’t deserve the treasure and as a result others who may have done a better job can claim it for their own. No if, and’s or but’s. It’s theirs, fair and square.

          I may sound foolish, but that’s just the way I am. It would be nice to know that hopefully, something of what I share will be of use to others.

          The world’s too full of greed as it stands now, I don’t need to contribute to it.

        • Jake, I really like your wisdom. Germanguy, I really like your reasoning.

          After my own failed trip I figured for sure I would never have another opportunity to try again and so the best thing is to share with those who shared with us. I think it’s fair and I think we are all a better society for it.

          And I also realized that I missed something vital and the Chase is still in my heart. Some things I still think are correct and other things I think weren’t necessarily wrong, but just were taken far enough.

          You were probably on to something and you will naturally improve your theory further in the near future; so please do share but be ready to get back on that horse.

        • Typo. Now I understand Bev Oda’s frustration. I wrote “…but just were taken far enough.” but really meant “…but just were ^not taken far enough.”

      • germanguy et al,

        Well, if you change your mind, let me know. You have my email address. Glad to discuss why you didn’t find it in the most obvious spot in the canyon, or even your other choices. Truth is that Fenn threw a changeup pitch in the late innings. At least that is my belief. That’s why the rest of your clues match, but no chest. Will be here until Thursday, when i travel to where I think the chest might be. No attempt at drama here, just some obvious time constraints now.


  112. Hi Dal – I noticed that if I use the search box at the top of this page that it does not return results for “THE NINE CLUES” blog. I actually copied something directly from a post and pasted in the search box and hit enter and it did not return that particular post. I also tried several other searches and noticed that no results ever show up for “THE NINE CLUES” blog. I was had read something in an earlier post and wanted to re-read and discuss but was not able to locate and was curious if you know that to be the case as well. Thanks.

    • I noticed that too. I actually was curious if Dal checked his search results once and put funny things in there like dead squirrel and other strange things. I also put something about a search that I didn’t think was right…then a couple months later decided it was right and panicked so bad that I had given him the information of that place. Just so you guys know if you didn’t already….anyone who has a blog will see things you search…

      • if you want to avoid revealing your search terms (and probably get better search results to boot), use a site-specific search on google… for instance, follow your search terms with “”, something like this:

        “the blaze”

        … that will search only this site, and it does return matches from the nine clues (maybe not the most recent posts).

        of course, then you are exposing your searches to google… but they probably are less focused on this hunt 😉

    • ems i dont know if there is a connection but i’m getting a security certificate error at the top of my page.. so maybe this security block has something to do with it..???

    • @EmsSillyGoose
      The wordpress search feature gives some odd results at times……If you are looking on this page for example just use the “find on this page” feature of your browser, see if that will help you.

    • there are ways to use the regular google search engine to your advantage and find specific things posted in comments here.

      the search box hosted on this blog wont do that, i believe it picks up anything that is on the title of articles or threads on this blog

  113. if anyone finds the dr pepper can that FF left as the blaze marking that the million treasure is nearby, please dont take it, or throw it in a recycling container.

    the location of the treasure may be lost forever if you do this. be considerate of other searchers.

    keep in mind it may not be a soda can, it could be a tennis ball, or something like that. whatever it is, you know, candy bar or whatever, keep in mind that thing needs to be there for possibly another 1,000 years.

    thank you.

    • Chris,

      It’s funny you should bring up the aluminum soda can idea, I had thought of that a long time ago, in reference to it surviving in the wild for 500 years. I gave that one up (and don’t think I’ll be returning to it). After studying this poem, for as long as I have, I’ve come to realize just how “original” Fenn is. It is something you or I would think of, but not Forrest Fenn. However, don’t let me dissuade you, if you wish to keep it in your arsenal. Just my perspective as always.

      • The vip pullman sleeping car was originally yellow….fenn’s boss drove a big yellow car. Then they were made in grey and yellow….the poem in the book about grey and yellow. Then because of the weight of the wooden cars they were made from aluminum…..silver….like an airstream travel trailer that FF pulled. But before the aluminum cars could be accepted they were put under an XRAY examination…..white bones….white hands with deep canyons, as seen in an xray.

    • Chris, I’m glad you mentioned this. I found an old can (was for Grapette). And it was intentionally jammed onto a branch to keep it there for a long time. I took the can (I’m sorry, I thought it was my good dead of the day). Was this a blaze? LOL. I searched the area and found nothing, but the water on the creek was high and I couldn’t get across to all the rocks I wanted to search. I never went back. I really believed it was a joke by another searcher or just litter. If it had been a grapette bottle, I would have stayed there until I found the chest! I’ll go back next week and take a look. But I’m sure it’s nothing.

  114. Alright, back to the clues…

    “Are there subtle hints in the book?
    Yes, if you can recognize them.”

    I have re-read the book a couple of times. I subtle hint to what? Hints about direction/places, or a hint to the solve of the riddles in the poem? These “hints” seem harder to figure out than the “clues”. I do believe there is 9 clues, and only 9. Some have mentioned there being 20 or more, I think this is one of those things that ff has stated that needs to be taken (I believe) at face value. It says in the book 9 clues, he doesn’t say there are 20 possible clues and 9 are the right ones, this is just my approach. I still think one of the most important things he says, at least to me, or maybe something I just can’t let go is the person who figures it out will move with confidence, nothing about it will be accidental. This led me to possible coordinates finding, but nothing seems to be working out. How else can you move with confidence to a spot containing a 10″ x 5″ box? Seems that a name of a place, canyon, trail needs to be revealed within the poem to move like that. The places in the book where he talks about that are North of Santa Fe seem too obvious for me. People will say, well its’s a big area and YNP is huge, long rivers, yet I just don’t buy it. We know it’s a special place to him, and he probably has secret spots, but it’s not in my plans…yet anyway. CO is intriguing, it is a place he never mentions, never talks about, is not in the book, yet truly represents the “Rocky Mountains” and has a ton of natural beauty. It also boasts a serious amount of old, really cool ghost towns – of the gold and silver mining type. Why would he use the term “outhouse”? My immediate thought was to those ghost town outhouses, not your state of the run campground pits. Connection? WY? A serious amount of history there, the kind ff likes. I know I am not presenting any groundbreaking info, just questions clanking around in my head right now. I will keep trying to figure out the first riddle so I know where to start…I mean, start over. Enjoy…

    • Hank,

      I got the feeling he used the word outhouse because it was being tossed around on here so much & people were emailing him about outhouses. I do think old ghost towns are a very likely location, however. Plus they are cool to research so it’s a bonus.

      BTW, The first spot I had picked out was in CO and near a ghost town.

    • read the book then read the poem. read them both until you are familiar with both.

      once you’ve done that then focus on just the poem.

      the poem may lead you back to things in the book, but not vice versa.

      focus on the poem, try to solve it, try to find the hidden clues

      if you find something, if you solve something, if you see the hidden clue, and realize this is the place where you start for example, you will then look back at the book and see that there are subtle clues that refer to this place.

      you would not have been able to make the connection just looking for that subtle clue in the book, but finding the hidden clue in the poem first, then the subtle clue in the book becomes more obvious.

      the clues in the poem are placed more intentionally and with more precision and are put in certain locations of the poem for a reason.

      when you see what the subtle clues in the book are, you also see they are placed in the book in such a way that FF is giving out big hints near them saying hey, right here, in this part of the book, this is a subtle clue people. even though he does this, it is near impossible to see or understand them without solving it in the poem first.

      when you see the subtle clues in the book, you realize what sections where he is actually giving you the name of the place where you start, he also gives the exact name of the canyon that is taken down.

      • I agree with Chris on everything he says except the last paragraph. It’s not that I disagree with the last paragraph, it’s just that I haven’t found the name of the starting place or the canyon in the book, so he may be correct about that also and I haven’t found it. But he is absolutely correct about the confirmation clues in the book. As far as the 9 clues in the poem, I have found that FF has designed them with multiple CORRECT interpretations and uses. They all have at least two correct interpretations or uses, some as many as 3 or 4. So 9 clues actually multiply to 18-30. It is brilliant. There are also confirmation clues in the book for most of those multiplied clues in the poem. The poem, book and his statements create a complex web of connections and interwoven meanings that eventually lead to the treasure. That is why it is so confounding, fascinating, and addicting.

        • Jack,

          You seem to have confidence about which lines of the poem are clues. There are still people having trouble determining which lines are the nine clues. If you don’t mind, could you list what you believe to be the nine clues so we know specifically which lines you are referring to? I’m not asking for solutions, just which of the 24 lines are your 9 clues.

          thanks in advance,


          • Here are what I believe to be the 9 clues:

            1. WWWH
            2. canyon down
            3. Put in
            4. Below
            5. HOB
            6. No place for the meek
            7. End is …. nigh
            8. No paddle up your creek
            9. Just heavy loads and water high

            But you still have to locate the blaze, which you cannot lay eyes on from your couch or computer, so all 9 must be solved BEFORE you go forth following them (in order) to find the physical blaze. IMHO

        • Stance,

          I would combine 3, 4 and 5 into one clue, and then to add 2 more:

          “worth the cold” (standing in 35 degree snow-melt runoff to retrieve the chest)
          “in the wood” (stashed in a creek bed in a log/root/rock cavity)

          However, I like that you are trying to steer this in the right direction.

          • @Scott C. – Thanks – I discount everything after “your quest to cease” — I take that to mean it is OVER. So find the blaze, pick up the chest, and get outta Dodge — in other words, I am a literalist when I find 9 clues — 9 is 9 and no more — so that’s my final answer. IMHO

        • I still believe that the entire poem has clues in it. The final couple of stanzas may just be a wrap-up and a reflection of the journey, but to assume that those reflections don’t aid in the search seems to be fraught with problems to me. If the final clue ends on the word “cease” as you believe, then what if the final stanzas had read, as an example: “Your brain cramps from solving anagrams will be worth the pain”, or ” You have shown fortitude to peer into the dark”, or something similar. I would certainly consider those very important clues, and yet they appear after the word “cease”. I think “worth the cold” and “in the wood” although after the fact, are 2 of the 9 clues.

          That being said, with only 166 words, I think one should use every word in the poem, and not worry about the number of clues. Considering Forrest’s mind, 9 may have been an approximation anyway.

      • Chris Yates – great post and totally agree. Well said about needing to solve the clue in the poem first and then realize the subtle clue in the book. Wish I had seen my “canyon down” in the book, maybe time for another re-read!

      • Chris If FF gives the exact canyon to follow down A person would think that knowing this information that that person would have the chest. Due to you not having it is there another reason for you not having it , We all would like the answer to this for my curiosity is strongly getting the best of me. I know curiosity killed the cat but generosity brought him back.

    • Hank – I watched the very first Lorene Mills video several times yesterday. FF is wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt. He stated at 27:10, “The clues are in consecutive order.” He also said, “Study every line, every word.” FF went on to say, “There are hints in the book that will help you with the clues.” I am NOT qualified to instruct you where to go from here – others might be or think they are.

      The one point I want to make is that FF has stated many times to ONLY believe the poem & the book. For me, everything else is suspect – even the statements he himself made subsequently. Remember the old Simon-Says game? Everyone is told to only follow the commands preceeded by Simon says. Simon says touch your nose. Simon says wink your eye. Stick out your tongue. If you do – bye-bye. Makes sense to me.

      *** I really would like to know if the hiding place is the same now as it would have been circa 1988. Very important to me, but no one seems to know.

      • Agree Becky WV, I liken it to a game of “telephone” sometimes, the more people read the more distorted the words supposedly from ff become. I take anything else, even the clues ff gives on the teletube, with a grain of chunky sea salt. Sometimes I get caught up in liking the stories so much that I forget all about the “hints”. This chase is maddening sometimes…

        • Hank – I see an issue with the punctuation in the poem that changes “As I have gone … treasures bold” & “where warm water … canyon down”. The absence of a comma at the end of each line entirely changes the meanings. Can you see that? I can attempt to explain what I mean, but it’s somewhat difficult. Not for you to understand, but for me to explain on this Blog.

        • I totally understand what you are saying Becky…I am not opposed to saying the punctuation itself is not one of the 9 clues. But, that being said, poetry is open to all types of conventions. It appears to be terza rima at first but does not follow really any rules of poetry…except free verse. It gets back to ff playing by his own rules in life, and the chase. There is certainly a reason for every word/line/capital/period, etc. figuring out why is …well…why we are here…Leaving most every possibility on the table right now…except YNP…i don’t believe it is there…just sayin

      • Here is my two cents – Indecision is the key to flexibility. I have no idea if the hiding spot is the same or if it even matters, but he states right there that indecision allowed him to be flexible. What “flexible” means is up to each of us. I think it means he changed his mind (he didn’t want to hide his bones anymore). But it doesn’t change my problem, I need 9 solutions to 9 clues of a poem and I don’t have them.

  115. I suspect quite a few searchers were out and about this last weekend, my hopes are that all had a safe and enjoyable trip out there. I was in NM from socal. A lot of driving and not a lot of time on target but as FF says, “go with confidence”. I was confident but did not find the chest.
    The place/well was searched already as well as the grave area near by. But feel free to set someone’s cost and contract them to 40% – are you sending them 60% of the travel cash? Just a question, but anyone here sending out contracts is silly and not what I believe FF wanted an out of work (pick your expletive) to do in order to locate the TC. I love the enthusiasm, but I don’t think it is in the spirit of the chase at all.
    I have done 3 searches and yes I have been to CO, and looked at that sight because of what the guy means to FF, well is a good way to solve that 1 clue but it wasn’t there last fall. So if you are confident then get yourself to a pay-day cash store and put your money where your chase is. Spinning people around their search for the chase and what it means is selfish and greedy and against everything we’ve been led to this blog for. I could also be wrong and I am thinking of some other well near some other guys place, also the well would be a structure by almost anyone’s definition (didn’t have that info last fall). I can say that you deserve the 100% TC with your passion but this is misguided in my humble opinion.

  116. All – this is off-topic but funny. I was searching along a major road in Co this weekend and decided to check a blaze of Aspen off the road at a significant point. My friend and I almost died laughing b/c at the first spot we had happened upon, a 6X6 area had recently been dug by someone (no where else was there an freshly dug area with 1000 feet. Did anyone dig recently off a road in CO?? Ha! Happy Hunting!

  117. Thanks everyone for the reply on the search feature. I was able to find the post using the browser search function. It was on part 22 and it was a post by vagabond108, an email response from Forrest that “Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by.” Wondering if these searches may have been the same searchers that solved the first two clues correctly or if anyone knows if that has ever been confirmed or verified in some way by Forrest. If so that would indicate of course that the first two clues would put you withing several hundred feet of the location. I think I may have read theory in previous posts but do not recall if that connection between the first two clues solved correctly and the searchers within several hundred feet was ever confirmed or verified as the same searchers?

    • I don’t think that has ever been confirmed. I think f has been careful to say those things in two separate statements as well.

      • Oh beautiful jen making clearing things up. Oh I just adore neutral parties on this Thrill of the Chase.

        Hey everyone listen…the reason Stephanie Davis has not found the Treasure Chest is because I have it already, found it over the weekend. Can’t find something that is not out there. (only kidding folks…thought I would get back at Stephanie Davis and her 100th super duper mega hot spot when she attacked me several posts above.) All in good Thrill of the Chase humor. Oh and please don’t reply to this for then you will get me to reply then you will reply then I will reply then you will reply then I won’t have a life. 🙂

        Anyone see a Frog leap through here? Darn little rascal is quick!

        • VG, I don’t know how old you are but I’m thinking you must be young because you don’t know the difference between an attack and an opinion. I said in my opinion FF said he hid it and never went back and that’s what I believe. I simply said that I’m sure you had reasons for thinking he moved it but that I disagreed with your opinion. That;s no an attack…..that’s an opinion…..see the difference now?

        • Stephanie Davis halt from attempting to explain to me the difference of this and that. I’m stubborn which means you will only be wasting your time.

          Just go find the Chest already. Oh and I’m 79 to 80 years old.

    • if you look at all Fs statements, you see that he is NOT saying first 2 clues gets you within hundreds of feet

      he is saying that search parties have got first 2 clues right then went right past the chest

      he is also saying people have stopped within hundreds of feet of the chest

      this may include the searchers or it may not, but if it is the searchers then they have come within hundreds of feet while going right past it, not at the end of the 2 clues

      one of Fs earlier replies on this blog was in essence dame fortune that fickle and seductive wench they (the searchers) didn’t know they had come so close

      if you read between the lines on all these statements, you can see that after the first 2 clues, you are near the chest, of course near is a relative term.

      if i were to reply based on my interpretation of the poem, then ‘the end is ever drawing nigh’ is what is being hinted at here

      you take the canyon down, at this point you are at the spot solving the first 2 clues brings you to.

      ‘from there’ its no place for the meek, is telling you what you see from there. you are still at this same spot, and the next line, the end is drawing near.

      so at the end of the canyon you are already near the chest. the word near being used because the distance you traveled from the start to here is ,say, x number of miles, and now from this point to the end is less than half of that.

      • Thanks, I had thought that as well, but was not sure if there was ever a confirmation that they were the same, appreciate the response!

      • You may or may not be correct, but if you do not travel the route that the poem indicates you may never find the blaze which is one of your last clues to lead you to the treasure. How will you know where to search without a marker?

      • I think you’re probably correct, but also think that from the beginning to the spot that you look “from there” could easily be 30 miles (too far to walk), and that yes, it is likely another ~15 miles “from there”. So while that may be “near” in some some relative terms it doesn’t really help narrow down the search area to anything near “precise.” I believe the best the poem might lead you to is a 15 acre area. Additional clues in the book can narrow that down to a more manageable area. (1 square mile is 640 acres)

  118. Okay since this blog is about sharing I would like to share my first area I wanted to search when I first heard about Fenn’s gold. Understand this was many months back and before some extra clues were given by Forrest. I still feel strong about this area in New Mexico but since then I have change my spot location to Wyoming and my money will only take me to one area. So here goes….WWWH – that would be Jemez Springs, they have a hot spring bath house there so that’s where the WWH…..home of Brown- the Jemez River home of brown trout…..cayon down- at the bath house you go across the road (Route4) there is a dry creek cayon thus no paddle up your creek…. As you hike (to far to walk) up the creek you will come across some very big boulders on the upper creek ledge (heavy loads and high water)….I believe there is a “blaze” on one of the boulders or on one of the many ledges cut from the creek and if you are on top of the blaze and look “quickly down you’ll see the marvel gaze”. Okay I hope this might help someone looking in that area and good luck if your willing to try the spot. If you do come across the treasure chest there maybe you can throw a few coins my way. To all on this blog your ideas and thoughts are very interesting to say the least and I enjoy learning just how this poem and it’s clues can mean so many things to so many people. So any drama is not a help, but any suggestions referring to to the poem or TC and it’s possible location is something I look forward too every time I open this blog up. Thanks everyone. ( I understand the location is not associated with any structure, but the hot springs was there first and this was not a clue yet.). Bur

  119. Well while you all were here picking apart the poem and clues I was enjoying the cool wind from my window with a river front view and Peregrine Falcons flying around all day, what a marvel gaze. I have not located the treasure yet but in my opinion i feel I am very close. Hope you all had a good Memorial weekend.

  120. I haven’t been a sharer, but thought I would share the results of my recent failed research, if only because some might be interested in the idea and the story it brought to my attention. I only wish I had found this in time to post on Memorial Day.

    Let me stress that *this is not a clue*… I have ruled it out, due to the fact that the dates don’t match.

    I have been thinking for a while that, maybe, Donnie Joe = Jonnie Doe = John Doe… in other words, maybe Donnie Joe never existed, or maybe a thinly-veiled pseudonym was used for some important reason.

    So I did a little research and came across the info below… again *this is not the Donnie Joe FF writes about*… and, now that I’ve seen that Donald Joe is not an uncommon name, I no longer consider this a fruitful line of research.

    However, the story of this Donald Joe Hall is eerily similar to FF’s story in My War for Me – only, with a more somber conclusion… here a couple of synopses:

    • MCP I agree. Let’s have more drama! Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink and grab that popcorn! This is almost as good as a movie. Yeehaw I’m on the Yates Colorado Bandwagon! By the way I am encountering many homes of Brown. Which one is the correct one?

      • if the home is the residence of one Mr. Brown Fishy McTrout , then it might be the right one

        • There you go again Mr. Yates throwing up dirt from your many excavations. Don’t worry not interested in your spot. Hehehe. Whatever you think the home of Brown may be I don’t believe you are thinking big enough. I am going to have to supersize that McTrouty Combo with a large coke.

      • Yo Doubting Thomas I know for sure, in my opinion, that the Chest is not in Colorado BUT bro you seem to be having so much fun that I just might change my entire view on Colorado as the Chest’s resting place. Anymore room, for one more, in that bandwagon? I’ll be able to help you out with Homes of Brown. I have lots of goodies on that particular verse.

        • Hey Elderly VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! I think SD found the well of souls! The trove is next to or in the Ark of the Covenant! There’s plenty of room on the colorado bandwagon! Gamechanger Yates is driving and has whipped the Clydesdales into a frenzy. I keep asking “are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?”

        • I already searched in the Well of the Souls it is not there. The Trove is next to or in the Ark of the Covenant? Holy Forrest Fenn and Peggy Sue you don’t say? I must have missed something as I had searched in and around the Ark of the Covenant just last week. I knew I should have worn my Urkel glasses.

          Plenty of room? Heck yeah!!! I’m in there like swimwear. Yates has come through? I knew he had it in him…no wonder he wouldn’t sell me a vowel. Darn rascal.

          So where are we going to meet and when are we going to pick up the Chest? You think we might as well pick up the Ark of the Covenant in the process…you know 2 birds with one stone.

        • there is plenty of room on the colorado wagon train

          Yeeeeeeeeeeeee HAW!

          just remember to bring plenty of rations including extra lard and butterfat

          alright time for some serious and str8 up truth people

          this Fennster puzzle is so difficult, anyone thinks that it will be simple let me tell you, Fenn has said some things that imply its easy, but he is laughing at you if you believe him, because he knows its not

          let me put it this way, let’s say hypothetically that the area i am focusing on, that i think the poem has lead me to, is the right place, and the chest is there somewhere

          i could tell you where this place is, and i feel certain you would still not find it. thats how difficult this thing is. people can say im way off on that, that im crazy, yeah well im just crazy enuff i might figure this thing out all the way to the end. then ill still be crazy , but, ill be crazy rich !!

          Yeeeee haw!!

          • If this puzzle easy or difficult? Well what I believe to be the correct solution to 3 of the clues are so simple as to be ridiculously simple, but you have to THINK in a different way — just THINK! IMHO

          • Stance,
            I am in the Colorado group. Do you mind if I ask which state you are looking at?

          • That’s the spirit Yates! Yes it’s a hard riddle/poem but it’s not hard as you think it is. By the way can you steer the bandwagon a little more towards New Mexico rather than that there excavated spot of yours? I’d appreciate it crazy game changer Yates. Now mind you I still think it’s in Colorado! Chili Colorado. North of Santa Fe. 300 miles west of Toledo and above 7000 ft. Not in an outhouse in a graveyard or a Pullman VIP car which has a well inside. Home of Brown is huge! Just my opinion.

        • Dang you Doubting Thomas…it’s like you can read my mind. WTH? Stop using those super powers on me.

          I’m talking about “home of Brown” for it is HUGE!!!! And yes that is my opinion to just as you so 2 exact, same, identical, opinions must make it fact…right?


          • Yes Elderly VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! It’s so huge that we don’t see it when it’s in our face. We are so focused on the Internet and google and the analysis of the poem that we fail to see what is obvious. We ignore our common sense. So I’m itching to get there again if only Yates would drive the bandwagon closer to New Mexico. Just my opinion nothing else. I’m off to get a McTrout Happy Meal with the trove detector toy.

        • whether or not the HOB is obscure or obvious is irrelevant

          there are no clues in the book or the poem that say, HOB is obscure so if you can think of an obscure one thats the right one, and there are no clues that say, its obvious, so think of the most obvious one and that will be correct

          there is only one HOB, it has an identity

          there are clues that reveal the identity. solve the clues, learn the identity, then you have the right one, and the only one the poem is talking about

          when you know what it is, whether you think it is obvious or obscure will be irrelevant

          and whether it was obvious or obscure will have nothing to do with figuring out what it is

          Yates has walked onto the dance floor, thrown it down, moonwalk and windmill

          your move DT

          • First of all Yates, stop dancing. Three steps doesn’t make a moonwalk. I’m picturing you walking stiffly backwards and breaking your ankles. Of course, it’s obvious. It so obvious a kid would point it out if you told him or her to point out the huge Home of Brown. It goes to the very foundation of this chase. Fenn said don’t over think it and I think some people have done so. Stop it Yates. Relax. Your at the edge. Use your common sense. By the way what is your home of Brown? Hehehe.

          • Doubting Thomas I have a HOB that I’ll be checking out that is about as obscure as can be. You really need to get into Indiana Jones mode for this one. It would make a pretty epic search and I think it embodies what f is really about. This one’s a pretty big hunch and I will say more about it after I come back sunburned with cactus scratches.

        • Once again I completely agree with Doubting Thomas…every gosh darn word!!! Doubting Thomas you are definitely a mind reader…scary but interesting. You are honing in on my true “home of Brown”….I will not tell you to stop as I’m curious to see just how far you will go to reveal my “home of Brown” and if you do I will probably lose my marbles.

          • Well Elderly VGBoss GQ Baby Sir! Got to hit the hay. The Mctrout Happy Combo meal is sitting heavy. I put in too much. My eyes are marvel glazed.

      • Since it seems people pass that one by…I’d suggest the more obscure one is the right one….not the obvious one staring you in the face. Just my thoughts.

        • Stephanie it is my opinion is that the home of Brown is big and obvious and in your face just like the blaze, but we have all been programmed by Fenn to look for the obscure one. So when it is in front of you, you don’t see it. I think somebody saw it and walked on by because they didnt know it was the home of Brown, then walked on by the trove. Just my opinion.

        • I agree with Doubting Thomas so that makes it right because 2 exact, same, identical, opinions makes it fact.

        • i meant to put my dance floor comment down here, oh well, this blog confuses me sometimes


          there can only be one

  121. Hi everyone,
    I was not sure where to post this. I am curious if anyone has seen an estimate or has a guess on the number of searchers overall (those who spend reasonable time from home on it) and within that group, how many are expected to search some time this spring/summer? We do not have good numbers to draw from so it is not the best question to ask but it is still interesting to see what people think. I will start with a guess. I guess there are 20,000 that spend time on it and 2000 will look this summer (just throwing numbers out there). This site gets a lot of traffic but there are only about 4000 “likes” on the main Facebook page. FYI I have not “liked” any of the FB pages. Thanks and good luck to all.

    • I think “reasonable time” is the key phrase… your numbers seem reasonable to me, if you include casual searchers that just think it will be fun to look around close to home, or while they’re out… I suspect the number of “active” searchers, those who are spending significant time at home and planning vacations around the hunt, are probably a bit smaller… maybe half your numbers, if not less

      • I think we would all be surprised…another parent from my son’s high school baseball team was asking my wife why I wasn’t at the game last weekend. She replied that I was out hunting…”I didn’t know he was a hunter” he replied. When she continued “treasure hunting” he said “Forrest Fenn’s treasure? My son and I went to Yellowstone looking for it 2 weeks ago.” That about floored her…here is one of our best friends, and we had no idea he even knew about the hunt.

        Given the viewership of the Today show, I would say 10 million know about Forrest, 10% of them looked into it on the internet, and of that 1 million, 200,000 have done at least some work on the poem. I would be surprised if there weren’t 50,000 individual searches this summer

        I believe Forrest has achieved his goal already.

    • T-scant: Good ?. One way to find out how many (possible) serious searchers there are, would be to ask Dal if he can find out how many copies of “the” Book have been sold…..Fred W

        • hmm, I didn’t realize the sales numbers were that high… maybe your original guess was closer than I thought… if you bothered to buy the book, there’s a good chance you took a crack at the poem first, and you’re at least considering a serious run for it… and, as Becky points out, a lot of people that have not purchased the book would qualify as “serious” (I personally don’t think you need the book, though it doesn’t hurt)

    • Tarryscant – Maybe tally the books sold + 25% who haven’t purchased.

      Bur – In some ways it’s a benefit to live far away from the search areas. Those of us who do tend to be more precise in our choice of locations. We don’t assume that every hint in the book relates to the poem, then based on guesses, strike out blindly just to come up empty-handed. We are as the turtle in the race – slow & steady. Many are like VG’s frog – hopping mindlessly from place to place in a pond filled with lilypads. Chances of landing on the correct spot are – in my opinion – astronomical.

      Anybody – I can find no evidence of FF’s daddy ever being a principal. FF could not have ground rocks into marbles by using a sandstone slab. So many non-hints in the stories. How can you base your searches on one as opposed to another?

      • The book is in 2 parts. 1st part CANNOT be confirmed by anyone living but Forrest.
        2nd half CAN be confirmed by a few still living. Everyone would be wise to remember this.

      • Becky, that seems reasonable. Some serious searchers probably do not have the book and others bought it but did not move forward, but an inflation factor is probably correct.

        Scott C. that is a lot if people. You may be right, but I kind of hope not. The Today Show has about 4.7M viewers ( and with the way news spreads over the Internet it seems like at least 10M would know about it, so your number does not seem unreasonable. Just to illustrate the way it spread- I heard about it on a sports message board.

        dacoma, I hope you are right as 50,000 searches is a lot of competition.

        Thanks to all for the responses and to Dal for allowing this diversion.

        • 4.7 million per show…not all the same every day. Forrest has been on 4 times…not unreasonable to assume 10 million have seen him on one of the shows.

        • Scott C yes, I was assuming most of the viewers were loyal, but maybe that is wrong. I still think your 10M is probably about right.

    • Tarry, You left one important number out! The number “1”. This will be the year the chest is located.

      This is my prediction, and you can take that to the bank. 🙂

      • Germanguy, sorry, do you mean it will be about one year from now or sooner?

      • I usually associate a well with a house and private property. Also don’t think FF would have toted a shovel with the treasure.

        • steph d – he also mentions “Dad usually killed a chicken”… maybe it’s near a chicken coop? or a chicken graveyard? or a KFC?

          just randomly opened my book to that phrase, which IMO is what you’re doing… as before, not trying to taunt… just trying to point out what, to me, seems to be reaching to find clues that aren’t there.

        • @dacoma

          Well, the Firehole river goes into Biscuit Basin and it’s very common to get biscuits with a bucket of Chicken (mashed potatoes and gravy too- but haven’t solved those clues yet), and anyway since his dad killed those chickens, it’s got to be in that basin!

          BTW Firehole is what happens when you eat too much spicy southwestern food, and since Mr. Fenn lives in Santa Fe I’m sure he eats alotta nachos if you get my drift.

        • Stepahnie Davis wrote:

          “Fenn mentions falling back to a place where there is no where else to fall back to”

          Spring forward, fall back

    • Sounds similar to the spot Im going to be looking into on my next trip. Thanks for the verification, and good luck on your search.

        • Thanks for the link, I love all kinds of art work just never have the extra funds after doing the other things I like to do to purchase any. Ansel Adams happens to be one of my favorites.That quote is haunting me right now because after reviewing photos I took I think I was too hasty in my search of my blaze area and I might have overlooked something. Part of me thinks the blaze might point you to a certain location also, so I have two areas I definitely need to search when I return.

    • “Fairy circles are caused when the ground is wet, it causes fungus to grow and darkens all the vegetation around it in a perfect circle.”

      So now this blog is about gardening?? Don’t you think that is way off topic?

  122. I was trying to refernce the note in the pocket comment but never could find the source (old man’s syndrome). Any help would be appreciated.

  123. Stephanie Davis, I enjoy reading your post and ideas how ever wrong I think they are,, I just wish your efforts were put towards the real Clues. The poem has the clues, the book has Hints. YOU are making clues out of words in the book and may some day use every noun in the book as a clue to yet another spot.
    Hey but keep AT IT ! And keep posting, you may give someone the idea they need because we all are not as creative as you and creativity is what is needed to solve this puzzle.

    • musstag, I followed the poem forwards to get to the RR car….I didn’t use the book much. I then took the clue I found there and worked the poem backwards to get to the point I’m at now. End it where you begin.

        • can you hint more about the bracelet, when did the it come into the equasion?

        • The bracelet is no secret. He says in the book he wanted it back. He describes it in detail. It was won by the heir of a RR magnate…..the “father” of the RR cafe chains….the harvey houses. It is 22 circles in between silver…..

        • just to clarify: I believe he has mentioned in interviews and/or email that he wishes he had kept the bracelet… however, the book does not exactly say this… it says:

          “And with some reluctance I included a small silver bracelet….”

          … that’s it, he does not say another word about this reluctance, as far as I know… it does not say he “wants it back”… I believe that idea came later

        • Steph D
          Maybe it has a special meaning to him? I don’t think we need to go down that street next. Stick to viable solutions and stay away from all this fairy, wells, etc. It’s driving some of us crazy. And another thing, as long as I’m trying to clean the air, wait till you have something that is worth contributing to the rest on here before you put those fingers of yours anywhere near the keyboard. Ask yourself one important question before you type, “Would I honestly believe what I am about to type?”. If not, don’t.

        • Fenn has stated the bracelet was the only one he has ever seen that FIT HIM.

        • OK. This is going no where. Fenn has stated that he would like the bracelet back and whomever finds the chest, he will buy it back from them. Period. End of story. You see, he has a special feeling for the bracelet. I see no where, that the jewelry has any significants to the hunt.

          OK. Point of fact. Fenn stated that “You only need the poem to solve for the clues to the treasure”. Not the book, not his comments, not his TV appearances, etc. Just the poem. Did you hear that Steph D.? If you didn’t have any of the things I just mentioned, what would you be doing right now.

        • Stephanie – Similar bracelet cuffs are for sale on Ebay. Funny – I never before noticed how many words contain a double f. If FF was so attached to that item, he would have kept it. Now he may NEVER get it back. I doubt he really cares one way or the other.

          Isn’t a railroad car a structure? Manmade by assembling many different parts into a whole item.

          I do not think “Tarry scant with marvel gaze” is a clue that relates to the location of the treasure. How do you relate to “go in peace” as a clue?

          • anything build or with organization seems like it would be a structure. So
            he’s said it’s not going to be associated with it. Found this definition
            online…interesting that they mention a poem as having structure and it’s
            supposed to be associated with that.

            noun, verb, struc·tured, struc·tur·ing.

            mode of building, construction, or _organization_
            ( ; arrangement of parts, elements, or
            constituents: apyramidal structure.

            something built or constructed, as a building, bridge, or dam.

            a complex system considered from the point of view of the whole rather than
            of any single part: thestructure of modern science.

            anything composed of parts arranged together in some way; an organization.

            the relationship or organization of the component parts of a work of _art_
            ( or literature: the structure
            of apoem.

    • musstag,

      I tend to disagree, creativity won’t get you there. But research will.. Once again the starting line will be key to a successful find. Narrow down the clues to the starting line and select your locations.
      Follow the poem step by step after starting at the right place.

      stephanie davis,

      Time to give it a break! Telling Dal to get Fenn on the phone???? Does Dal also carry the briefcase for Fenn?

  124. I will share a little of my search today in YS. I am walking a trail, knowing (mostly) what to expect , but never have seen it before, heading towards my blaze for this location. When all of a sudden and at one instant step forward, two waterfalls appeared in a box ravine that angled to the left and revealed the water falls. , one was to the left at the 10 oclock position, the other maybe 500 yards away to the right was at the 2 oclock position.They were beautiful If the chest is there nearby it is BURIED….. a idea that I am begining to pay attention too

  125. Today I got laid off from a desk job of 5 years. Honestly, it was driving me pretty crazy being stuck in a cubicle pushing papers around all day. I am an outdoor enthusiast and very creative, so now it’s time to get going on the things I’m passionate about.TOTC is up on the top of my list. I am an artist, photographer and musician and will be spending time on those things AND some full time chasin’. I’m getting down to a few of my search spots later in the week and will be posting some of my hunts and photos up on my new blog as I go. Hopefully I’ll get to meet up with some of you out there on the road to share a few stories and laughs. I may try to get one of my early search stories up tonight and will link it when I do.

    Now, back to the poem and going over each word with TLC. Warm waters (plural) halting tell me that it’s not any old hot spring or single river. It’s big…either a few rivers temporarily stopping at a dam or big bend in a river, OR the big daddy- the Continental Divide. Time to get serious.This hunt can really drain you if your chasing any old hunch. I randomly came across a few new “waters halting” and HOBs while travelling, that could have easily lured me into spending an afternoon at either. I have learned that you’ve gotta do your reasearch, make your plan, and make it count. CHC

    • CHC,

      Sorry to hear about your job loss…you are one of the posters that I pay attention to when you take the time to contribute. I wish you well.

      • Thanks Scott C. I am excited at being able to pursue something new and have the time to get out in the woods flip a few rocks over and jump in a hole or two.This Summer will be a lot of that, some shows with my band, and working on my own little story. Someday I’d like to write a great book like Forrest’s, so now is the time to live some good chapters. Stay in touch and happy hunting! CHC

        • Are you looking in Colorado? Seems like that is the trend now, so I don’t want to fan the flames, but I think the Centennial State is the ticket. I am a little scared to run across DT or VGBoss GQ Baby Snookums out there, but I am committed to the home of Molly Brown. BTW, there is a home for her that has never been discussed on this blog, and will be around for eternity…just mentioning. Would love to compare notes if you are a Coloradofenn.

          • Hey hey Scott C you don’t need to be afraid of me! There’s plenty of room on the Yates bandwagon -just hoping he steers it away from his spot and closer to New Mexico, maybe even closer to Toledo. Scott C. you can search your spot and I won’t look to see where you went. I won’t even memorize the coordinates.

          • Scott C, I’ve been a New Mexifenn lately and sometimes I lean towards being a Wyomifenn. lol. Most of my Colorado searches have been secondary hunts so far…I’ll plan on a little fly fishing or biking in a spot that kinda works and take a peek around. When I got together with f a few weeks ago, he did not seem to indicate anything regarding CO. He talked about passing thru CO years ago on trips to YNP, and it seemed like it was just that. We talked more about NM and Wyoming. The way I see it, NM to YNP is a haul, so you stay on the highways. He has all the geography, fly fishing and archaeology he needs in NM…or in YNP on those special trips. I could see maybe Southern Colorado…if it was me, I’d hide it within a few hours of home in a spot that I’ve gone to a little more often and spent some quality time at. But really, only f knows. CHC

        • Nope, way more esoteric and virtually impossible to Google. I actually stumbled into it accidentally, and have since found a couple of 50 year old newspaper blurbs, and one line from a non-fiction book to back it up. Locals have confirmed. Unsinkable my arse!

        • Never really been afraid of anyone DT…however, I am not ready to jump on the Yates horse wagon. In my past experience bettin’ on a horse racing handicapper was never a great idea. Although like a blind squirrel, he does have a chance, as I remember doing pretty well at the Tijuana Caliente books back in the day with a cocky devil-may-care attitude, so I guess it could be feast or famine for him…good luck to you both.

          Love the flirty banter between you two…get a room!

    • Congrats, CHC. I envy you. CO is beautiful country I hope I can make it down there sometime this summer.

    • @CHC – So sorry to hear about getting laid off from your job. Maybe it will be for the best though, you just never know… I can totally relate to your scenario – my graphic art job was outsourced to India, so now I’m lurking and researching TTOC all day long. But, you’re right… Research is KEY!
      and I’m making a plan, but don’t want to head out alone, if I can help it.

  126. SD look more into that ‘marvel’ and Thor mentioned above. Marvel comics and Thor ?,; ,

  127. CO high, the firehole is the Daddy of all the rivers in the World that receive hot water from thermal geysers and hot springs.

  128. COHighCountry….I have my own business, it’s a sports business, and 2013 marks my 10th year doing what I love. I work my own hours. Simply put…I’m extremely happy. Must follow your heart, your passion, acknowledge your skills and talents….you know all that good stuff which is what will get you through adversity and to prosperity or to your goal or mission. Make your Luck through wisdom and hard work, no such thing as Good Luck. Make it happen in an easy and relax manner in a healthy positive way.

    Like that fellow says in the movie Fool’s Gold “I’m the lead character of my story”. COHighCountry be the lead character of your life, your story. Write it, Act upon it, and Accept it for you Deserve it.

    • VGBOSS. That’s what it’s about. Nicely worded and thank you for writing. You have to follow your passions and do it with confidence. What I like about all the folks here is they are doing something different- taking a risk and searching for a treasure. They don’t teach you that in college. That, in itself, is thinking outside the box and breaking out of the mold. Get outside, use your minds and your muscles, and make it happen. At worst, you’ll get in shape and breathe some fresh air. That is a gift f has given to us willing to accept it. CHC

  129. Has anyone else noticed the rainbow in the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington called the “Landsdowne Portrait” from 1796. I’m wondering since FF talked about the GW painting the kids got to touch and following the clues precisely leads to the “end of my rainbow” if it means anything.

    Any thoughts?

  130. spaghetti eaters, beware the infinite noodle

    think I need to go to bed now, my noodle hurts

  131. DT

    i can throw down my shovel and walk to new mexico from here, how much closer do i need to be

    • 500 more feet Yates. 500 more feet! Put that shovel away, we ain’t digging no gold mine.

    • im so close to new mexico, when Forrest drove here, got out and hid the chest, he thought he was still in new mexico

      • Next time when you go on outing with Forrest take notes as to where he buried the goods. If that happened the first time, you would be a rich San Diegan. 500 feet Yates. 500 more feet. Ditch the shovel please-don’t want to leave any holes for anyone to step in. By the way does the poem tell you how deep you have to dig to get to the trove?

        • Yates! LOL. What was that an MTV video from 1985? Was there a clue in there? I almost called 911 because it looked like you were hurting yourself. Yates I stand corrected, 1000 feet…you need to move 1000 feet closer.

        • This Blog has it all. Now we have people Break Dancing….It’s time to take them meds.

          I swear when I locate the Chest I’m going to either Moonwalk to it or do the Robot towards it.

        • ok, i cannot tell a lie.

          that is a video of a group from the early 80’s , alter boys, kind of obscure, i have one of their albums, one of my favorites

          no, thats not me dancing in there. i wanted to tell you that so you would think it was me and get a good laugh

          i love this video, watching the people dance is hilarious

          • Yates that was funny. Very funny. Balances all the drama in here. A good night to all.

        • I dont’ know but for some reason I see Forrest Fenn dancing like that guy, with the yellow shirt, in that video. Forrest Fenn got’s some moves.

        • Chris,

          Upper left of your video freeze frame. There is a wrist, and that is the turquoise bracelet above it.

          You are such a teaser !

          ( wild stuff, good luck with your continuing adventures )

  132. I do not see how the man could have put the chest anywhere other than YS from all I have learned, and tried to put myself in his shoes about where… the only hint of somewhere else is tea with Olga. And If he did that I would bet HE REgrets it now,

  133. Scott C.

    You may want to wait on that Molly Brown trip. I have been out there and gave DAL my details on my search. The part you stated, regarding the home of molly, you and I may have the same place in mind. I’m not telling you not to go, but rather wait and read my writeup on it first. It may help you if you decide to go.

    • Been there twice..still convinced…when is your write-up coming? Do you have a movie connection?

    • Molly brown had about 4 or 5 homes, 2 on the Natl Registery, and property, 400 acres.

  134. ScottC, you are searching in an area that’s been covered, and actually there were 2 separate routes that lead there, one long route, and then the short one. I took the long route so was surprised to wind up downstream of Avoca. I couldn’t go, but it’s been thoroughly covered by Geydelkon on his and my behalf if you’re talking about anywhere around or in Ft. Logan Cemetery.

    Dal’s busy now, but we will have the story up next week. It’s amazing.

    • I looked into the summer house for a while, but finally decided it was a dead end. I look forward to reading the story. If anyone took the Molly Brown House Museum tour, did you notice the fireplace at the end of the tour, in the room with the props for pictures. There is a rock on top of a wood board inside the fireplace. Why is that there? Scant. Blaze. HOB. Dead end.

      • Ava,

        There is no way I could believe it to be hidden in Denver…I live here, 20 minutes from Avoca…that would just be too convenient for me…and about 4 million other people. I wrote a novel in regards to there being no way it could be here back on NINE CLUES part 2 or 3 or 5??? seems like a year ago. There is so much construction going on here that every square inch of dirt will be turned over about 3 times in the next 20 years.

        No, you would have to dig very deep into the filming of the movie, and find where the opening 20 minutes was shot. The credits say The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National forest…but there were several other places where scenes were filmed. Hmmmm…what is that song that JJ Brown is singing in front of that waterfall?

        • Scott C,
          The only reason I looked at it, was that I tied in the sandstone steps and porch that are below the Molly Brown House. I tied it to Ft Collins and Horsetooth quarry. I posted it in one of the earlier sections. At least my search area was in the foothills! I had time before I left, so I took the tour.
          I wish I lived out there right now. I could search in the mountains every weekend. Still planning my next trip. Just not that easy to get away.
          Good luck with you searching!

  135. Scott C.

    I made no “movie connections” in my workup of the clues, just raw research into historical records. When you read my writeup (whenever Dal gets to posting it) you will better understand my methodology. It fit in every sense of the word. Problem was, that this was just one of the many locations in which it would.

    I’m glad I did this search, because it has unfolded new clues I had previously missed. Clues that now give me a better than average chance of finding it on my second search. Like I always preach here on the blog, all you ever need is the poem (and some serious research). Everything else will fog up your thinking and delay your moves. At the end of the day, when your tires hit the road, the poem should be your GPS with POI’s already plugged in. When I go to the store for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, that’s what I expect to bring home. Not an empty sachel. So good luck to you and GO FOR IT!

    • Same here, germanguy et al. Research and the poem. Mine didn’t start anywhere close to Denver, but that’s where it wound up so I had to follow where it led.

  136. Beekeeper, me too. I experienced firehole after my last trip to Santa Fe, as well. That spicy green chili had me keeping my Charmin chilled in the fridge a few days. lol

  137. Back from 2 hectic days in Yellowstone with the family. I somehow feel like I’ve earned my stripes by actually getting out and peering into crevasses and speculating with the kids. I’ll write a detailed write-up with pics and post it sometime within the week. Needless to say, no gold, but some good laughs with the family… Saw foxes, bears, antelope, bighorn sheep, bison, elk, and heard wolves howling in a thunderstorm at night. Legendary stuff

    The highlight was when my wife actually got excited because she found a tree that was fire-scorched (blaze) in the Lamar River canyon a few miles down from HOB, and someone had nailed a wooden stake to the tree with the pointy end pointing down. (look quickly down) Directly below the stake nailed to the scorched tree was a flat stone that was wobbly, suggesting to my imaginative mind that it was placed say…3 years ago and not fully settled into place.

    TTOTC IS LIKE A PLAGUE, read the poem one too many times and you’ll catch the fever. BTW, that scorched tree sounds very hollow, and we never did find a way in, just sayin…:)

    Dal, thanks for the W.Y. Cache, we found it and took an arrowhead. We left a stone that my daughter etched with a double omega. My 6 year old wants to take the arrowhead to show and tell at school.

    Scouting trip is over. Planning a real search for end-of-summer, sans smallish kiddies.

    Now i’m in Florida on business searching for another gold, liquid gold… Tupelo Honey.

    Beekeeper out!

  138. Hi all, Another method for calculating position, besides longitude and latitude, or azimuth and range, is Cartesian coordinates, used for triangulation. hth.

  139. If you were to draw a line, from the east coast to the west coast, through the center of old Santa Fe, technically, everything above that line would be North.

  140. Thought of something else, in Vietnam, distances were measured in kilometers or meters. hth

  141. I woke up with a thought today. The poem and the book seem to be filled with double meanings. I believe he has taken the double entendre to it’s extreme. Some clues seem to have even more than two meanings. I wondered if there could indeed be a second chest. Not one to use as proxy or to mislead in any way but to hold the other. The poem uses “treasures” where treasure is already plural. Maybe he made a “new” chest to hold the riches in the “old” one – to make doubly sure it would be safe in a place with water exposure or freezing. Maybe that’s why the discrepancy of a chest with dancing women on it vs. one with men on ladders in the photograph. “Two can keep a secret”… Maybe that’s what all that business about “Frosty” and in the “Frozen” meat locker and giving an inch and becoming a ruler – 12 inches. Just the right size to hold a chest of 10 inches. He certainly knows how to cast bronze and has gone out of his way to tell us that he knows secrets to do it so that you can seal things in. This would answer many questions for me and wouldn’t that be nice? This is just a thought and not one that I care to defend because I am sure of nothing. All I can do is test it. I’m going to take one last try at my spot. It is a few hours away but might as well be 100 as I can’t justify going there often. My wife is very cool and understanding but there are limits to my madness. I have had only one spot and will believe that it is the one until it is found there or elsewhere. It’s been a pleasure bouncing ideas with some of you. See ya in the funny papers.

    • Stu you do have reason, I to have been looking at two or doubles in some of my research and the double omegas is the reason. I believe there are two ways in to where the chest is, one the way Forrest wants everyone to go so that everyone searching can enjoy nature for a period of time before coming to the blaze, and the shorter trek in one that Forrest took in to hide it. There are a few other reasons and they are definitely in a spot or (two) of mine where I’ll be searching, so your idea is on course to the way I’m thinking. We both may not be right but hey I’m glad there are others playing with the same notion. Good luck in your search and take the wife too so you both can enjoy the adventure. Bur

  142. I guess for the most part everyone on this blog is on mountain time or close to it, because there is no action here in my mornings but my email box is full from the night before, so I have to catch up on old news and have missed jumping in on everyone’s posts.

    • Good Morning Bur,
      You are correct. I go through that every morning. That’s what we get for living in Florida!
      Good luck with your search. Have fun and be careful.

    • I agree…I do the same thing. We need to be hunting some of this Lost Florida Gold.

  143. Okay, some material I recently came across in the reference material, whilste researching the poem.
    I believe it was in or near MT. It was about mention of the Brown Bear massacre. Apparently, it was quite a mess. Anyone know any more about this?


  144. Maybe I’m wrong, but It sounds to me like most people are going out to search without having found their “Blaze”. They are just going to their general area, below their HOB and hoping to find a blaze… Maybe if I lived closer to my general area, I’d do that too, idk, but didn’t Forrest say “you won’t just stumble upon it, and to move with confidence?”

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