THE NINE CLUES….Part Twentytwo…


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    • Great adventure Einstein!

      Thanks for taking the time to write it out for us. Some people like you do an amazing amount of research. I admire your efforts.

      Congrats on your solution


    • Thanks for the great and in-depth write-up Einstein.

      Is there a reason you repeated 755 in your tale, or is it just a coincidence?

    • Was so much research and so involved, We all tip our hat for effort of your chase, but I personally, Einstein, believe; he did not make it that hard to find and it is in NM. The home of brown would be to easy for Utah! I also have an opinion did Forrest not say it is not in Utah? It is close enough for a man in his 80’s to scurry it way!! The treasure isnot farr but too farr to walk. I know what the home of brown is and it is simple. I am narrowing in on the exact location and may never find it but I will be within the round about area when or If it is ever found by myself or any other person seeking this crazy Cache!!! Forrest is clever and his simplicity is what makes it so hard. He is a simple spoken man and his riddle is close and tricky for him. I am working that angle. Dal, when is Forrest going to be back on the Today Show? I hope next week. I have gone on so many tangents of wrong trails that I probably hold the record on false places it could be. Have you been anywhere lately on the hunt? Did you get your eyes seen about? Also, Every soul that has taken this journey with the clues and locations is starting to get frustrated and wants to give up but refuses because it is a part of us now and we all want to solve the riddle and show Mr. Fenn we figured it out. Prize or no Prize it has given us all a new place for adventure and somewhere to go for vacation. Thanks Dal for opening up this Blog. It is informative and interesting. Not to mention great stories . Let us all keep up the Wild Chase for the chest Trove some where just over the next horizon!!JMW 🙂

    • That was really great, Einstein. Very well presented, too! Sorry you didn’t find the treasure, but I’m glad you had a great experience 🙂

  1. Dal loved reading Einstein’s theory of ….well you read it, thanks for posting. Now I can get back to my thinking of the ideas that I think are the meanings of the poem and my area I’ll be searching. My trip west is in a week and as some of you said this weekend will be a busy one. Hopefully my area(s) will be the road less traveled. To all: enjoy the weekend.

  2. nice story Einstein. i had been waiting to find out why you were laughing back to the car, and you didn’t disappoint.

  3. My site of choice is much easier than Einstein’s , and yet I still could not get to it . Got to give him credit for effort and braving the cold though . Well written report .

        • That’s right. I have to admit that I was only a troll though (someone who lived under the bridge).

          • LOL Me too. Grew up there, but moved away 30 years ago. Still try to go back for a week every summer. You just don’t hear Yooper very oftern down here in FL.
            Have a great weekend.

      • Thanks for reminding to get bear spray when I get out there, or someone slower to go with me.

        • Hi Bur,
          Welcome to the blog. You said that you were in FL. There are several of us from FL on this blog. Best of luck to you!

        • Thanks Luckydog, in the Tampa area. Glad to hear there are other from here searching, I’ll be heading out in a week to try my places of interest. Have you been out searching?

          • I am in the Clearwater area. Yes I have been out twice. Searching in Colorado. What state are you heading to? I am trying to get my next trip scheduled.

        • Headed to Wyoming, thought I might try and catch Dal and his hidden cache while I’m near that area. I have a niece in Colorado and am trying to get her into this but she is slow in trying.

          • Have a great trip and good luck. I wish I lived out there right now. Could be out looking every weekend.

        • Your welcome, stay safe, enjoy the great outdoors- don’t forget to stop and enjoy the view(s), and good luck!

          ” Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

  4. So many good explanations out there, I’m becoming embarrassed by my own interpretations of the clues.

    • @twhat,do not be embarrassed by your interpretations.The answers could be very simple and we are all just complicating them.The rate of failure is off the charts,so we are all not doing something right.

    • Agreed, don’t despair. Noone has found it yet, so we don’t know what kind of clues are right. You may be onto something, keep working on it and see where it leads you.

    • yes…there is a very embarrassing interpretation to the poem. I think that’s just to deter non believers…it’s not the real solution.

  5. Folks…I know a lot of you will be traveling over this weekend so be careful. Also Please take a few moments to Remember what Memorial Day is All about. Remember those who have served, those who still serve and mostly Remember Those that Gave All that we have the Freedoms that we have today.

  6. With nice weather coming on , and many more searchers out , I believe this search will be completed soon . Good luck to all involved .

  7. Stephanie Davis (and all), you asked about possibility of a proxy treasure being found on the last thread. Would have answered there but it’s closed.

    I may have been first to use “proxy box”. It’s a response to The Wolf’s second blog entry here (Our First Search… Part Two). Wolf created a cliff hanger after suggesting he found the treasure, as he left the details of it for one or more future installments.

    No doubt Wolf is a brilliant guy. He’s not the greatest writer though. And under the circumstances, a soap-opera-style serial saga is out of place here and now. So I asked him to cut to the Chase and tell us what he found. He made a few suggestions that he found a proxy box, including:

    “I can only state with 100% confidence that I do not have the treasure in my possession.” The Wolf

    It would make perfect sense that Forrest Fenn would create a proxy, to merely “give you title to the gold”. Why would he risk putting ancient artifacts out there that could be melted down and sold as bullion? Considering The National Forest Service and others have already laid claim to the gold, no matter who finds it, the finder might be wise to melt it down. And losing those artifacts could ruin Forrest’s reputation as an archeologist, and as a collector, and further taint the concept of private collectors in general. Why risk that?

    So there you have it.

    • I’m not sure I would have interpreted that statement by Wolf to mean he found a “proxy box” but what do I know? 🙂

    • [[[[[ Enthusiast says, “Wolf created a cliff hanger after suggesting he found the treasure,…” ]]]]]

      Not true. Wolf hasn’t suggested he found the treasure.


      [[[[[ Enthusiast says, He made a few suggestions that he found a proxy box, including:

      “I can only state with 100% confidence that I do not have the treasure in my possession.” The Wolf ]]]]]

      Not true. There is no suggestion of a proxy box here, only that he is 100% confident he does not have the treasure.


      [[[[[ Enthusiast says, “Considering The National Forest Service and others have already laid claim to the gold, no matter who finds it, the finder might be wise to melt it down.” ]]]]]

      Not true. No one can lay claim to it, they have to find it first, and whoever finds it has superior claim as long as they are not trespassing If it is found in a NF the finder has superior claim on public land as long as the original owner is not claiming it back. If the NF can find it first then they can lay claim to it.

      • The NSF can lay claim to it no more than they could if a hiker left a backpack behind at a campground or if your jeep breaks down and you hide it and hike out for help. If someone else retrieves what you left behind and you decide to give it to that person, the ps has no claim. Maybe if a nps employee found it on nps land and no cliam was made to it, it might be considered abandoned property and that might be a different story.

    • Insanity!Forrest has said the treasure is out there in a Bronze box.He has not said there is a proxy box in it’s stead.Let’s move on from this.

    • Yes Chris Yates, The Wolf most definitely, in more ways than one, suggests he’s found the treasure. If you haven’t read it all, give it a try and look for clues. And National Forest Service has said very explicitly that whoever finds Forrest Fenn gold on USA land should not remove it, and call them immediately, BECAUSE it’s their property. And if you missed that also, keep looking.

      • Enthusiast,Wolf may have found a treasure, but it isn’t THE TREASURE.Also,I would say that in essence,the treasure still belongs to forrest fenn.It will continue to belong to him until someone finds it.(that is ,if someone finds it)

        • my point exactly.but the fact that the treasure belongs to f until someone finds it,is relevant.

      • I have never heard or read that the NFS said to call them. They publicly stated that you might have to share it. (Or give it to them depending on how you interpret it), but never was there any statement that you can’t touch it and need to call them. It would be nice if everyone respect the – “I don’t have any sources clause from now on.” Namely, if you have no source, then don’t quote stuff. Next time I drop a nickel while I’m walking in the NF, I guess they own it. Maybe they own my car if I walk away for an hour.
        The laws are quite clear on the “don’t dig” part. But much more vague on the ownership aspect of lost or abandoned items. Then you have to ask who dictates park policy. The NFS is a giant corporation with a giant staff, legal dept and lobbyist. This pdf file is from the NFS.

        There’s not some lonely forest ranger cranking this out. This is big business and in addition to the $6 Billion budget, they receive over $535M is private donations.
        So keep all that in mind if you find it. Maybe you go in peace or maybe tell the world. I can guarantee one thing, the Forest service has no enforcement powers and any action to claw back the chest from you must be done through legal channels and that action will take into account public opinion on the matter.
        I bet FF has quite a few fans at the NFS and all the towns across the Rockies who are seeing both people and dollars out in the woods again. Do they feed the alligator or let it starve? I don’t know; but I bet I can find a sleezeball lawyer to help me keep the chest (sorry all you sleezeballs). I also know the Today show and public opinion really matter in cases like this. Remember – $535M in private donations every year! Public opinion matters!

        • Actually MCP, USFS did in fact demand that Forrest Fenn gold NOT be removed from USA land, and that they be notified immediately upon finding it…

          No need to argue about it. Get it from the horse’s mouth. Here’s your assignment: Contact United States Forrest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS), and then match me with at least 3 more agencies (you might consider equivalent state agencies in the states you’re searching). Get their specific policies for FF gold and report back here… hopefully within a week.

          – or not –

          Because Forrest Fenn knows more about these things then the rest of us put together. And the authorities’ grabby hands are one of several critical reasons why Fenn hid a proxy box, and NOT those invaluable ancient artifacts.

          Instead of completing your above-mentioned assignment, you might start by reading Forrest Fenn’s blog entry The Mother of Indiana Jones, dated summer 2000.

  8. I believe there is a proxy box, but can you give us more of why you think Wolf has it. Thank you

  9. Checking in…Really nice story Einstein. I can imagine the excitement and know the feeling of that icy water pouring down on you. I would have had to check a few more times just in case. For all of us that have served and those that havent, please take the time to honor all military and say a pray for the troops still fighting for us. Good luck if you head out to search and stay safe.

  10. On page 106 in Forrest book there is a picture of his daughters Kelly & Zoe. I was just wondering if anyone sees the double omega symbols there?? Maybe not a clue or is it?

  11. Does anyone have an opinion on how steep would be too steep a grade for Forest to travel over 800 feet or so to hide the chest?

    • Pooka,
      It would help me too to get a better appreciation for what Forrest would be expected to climb grade wise and distance. It sure would help to narrow down the search area. My spot is along a creek, and the hidey spot could conceivably be up to 4.5 miles with a rise of about 1500 feet. That’s a long way to search thoroughly for a “blaze”. I’ve decided to narrow my first search to the first mile only. This is just a wild guess on my part. I’ve asked for feedback from people who have met him to give some opinions on his fitness with little response. What is your guess?

      • Hi Raven, I used sites online for cyclists and hikers to determine grade, dividing the vertical rise by the horizontal distance.

        • Pooka,
          Thanks. I’ve found some good info on cyclists sites too. I also found that the USGS store online is great for downloading topo maps for free. The most recent maps are layered so you can keep the topo lines and border info. on or take them off. They also layer on a satellite map that has pretty good resolution and you can zoom in to places. I think they are more helpful than Google maps and using them has the added bonus that I don’t have to use my Gigs for my internet access.

    • He’s said over and over not to go where an 80 year old man wouldn’t. So I think if you see that it’s steep…it’s pretty unlikely of a place.

    • I did an experiment with 25 lbs in my backpack on a non trail’ed grade (so no stair-steps in the dirt, just a grade) and it was very difficult. I almost fall backwards at one spot.

      My rule is this, if I can walk it, (not climb or scramble up it), then it’s fair game. has a nice scale for all trails and I use it a lot.

  12. My apologies if this has already been discussed. If so, its gotten lost in what’s become mush between my ears.

    How many have NOT used the internet to research a clue? I don’t see any hands raised.

    Mr. Fenn says we only need the poem, so why are we using the internet? At what point do we NOT need the internet?

    I believe Mr. Fenn knew we would all begin our search on our computers and he may have given us a point at which we can NO longer use the internet. He has said to begin at Where Warm Waters halt. Could he have meant that along with the ever elusive WWWH he also meant the internet. (WWW)? Others have asked this in the past so this idea is not new but I think probably every single one of us began our search on the internet looking for a warm water source.

    A common phrase today is “I found it online” or “I found it on the internet”. I think Stephanie Davis pointed out that she “found” her blaze, as the poem states to do.

    What if Mr. Fenn knew we would use the internet and was telling us through a clue that that’s as far as the internet will take us.

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”. “wise” means to discern or have deep understanding. It’s a mental attribute, not physical. We use only our brain when using the internet, so this could be the “wise” he was referring to… to indicate a completely mental usage. So theoretically, we can find our blaze on the internet.

    The next line in the stanza begins “Look quickly down”. If you look quickly down right now, what do you see? Unless you’re seated at a table, chances are you will see your feet. This could indicate something physical now needs to be done.

    The second half of the clue line is “Your quest to cease”. Could he mean “your internet quest to cease”?

    What if Mr. Fenn is telling us at this point of the poem, that it is now time to get off our duff and start walking? I know many people think we will walk from WWWH to the chest and some think we walk from TIITCD to the chest, but what if we can go all the way to the blaze, and know it’s the blaze, on the internet? Then we can go no further and we have to get out in the mountains and walk.

    It seems all of us are walking to the blaze. Maybe we should be walking from the blaze.

    Walk to where? you’re probably asking. I think stanza one is intended to provide that answer, but I haven’t found a definitive solution to it yet. But I think when you’re at the blaze, you realize your answer to stanza one fits here and that gives you the “marvel gaze”. Then you proceed thru brave, cold and wood to the chest, quickly and confidently.

    So why would Mr. Fenn allow us to go all the way to the blaze on the internet when his intent is to get us out in nature? I think because he also fancies himself a teacher and if you consider how much you have learned while researching up to the blaze, you may have your answer. I’m more than a little amazed at what I’ve learned.

    just some thoughts of course… and I’ve been wrong before.

    Now, how many think you can find the chest WITHOUT the internet? I still see no hands.


    • Good thoughts JDH.Creative to say the least. I believe the clues to be more literal in nature.The clues in my opinion are a riddle w/a twist of fenn.My word of the day is ligneous.

    • I do. For me, the internet has only been a vehicle to obtain information that is otherwise accessible off the internet. The maps, books, and other info would all be available at the library or a USGS store. The internet just makes it all easier although it could also be argued that the vast amounts of info,, red herrings, and time spent exploring bizarre theories on the internet does little except to burn daylight that could be spent actually doing a search out in the woods in the real world. Maybe the internet is actually more of a burden that a blessing.

    • JDH, Interesting for sure, and insightful. I had somewhat of a tangential thought today. It was more that I was thinking that what if none of the clues had to do with geographical locations in the Rocky Mountains. This is not new thinking, but maybe a new approach for me. It could be that all you need is the poem as CY says for directions, but the info needed is all out there somewhere…in the book perhaps? I was doing some research on Vietnam which brought me to this thought. I just can’t pick a canyon and follow it down, that thinking does not make sense to me. I do think you need the book though. The poem was published in the book, enough said, and he says it is sprinkled with hints. So my hand is out of my pocket but not to full mast as of yet. I have abandoned google earth for now maybe I will cut the www next..

    • JDH you make very good points , and they coincide with my findings in many ways . There is only so much you can do on the internet , and then you have to take to the hills for the final part . Some things won’t make sense until you are in the right place . I think I know that place , but only time will tell . Good luck to you .

    • Considering that Forrest used the internet to set up this whole thing its a given that everyone else will use the resources available to them to narrow down their search area. His description of the book store, the dimensions of the books and how he threw the books in the trash should have been a clue. There is nothing wrong with using technology because if you try to do it with just the poem it would be improbable that you could ever narrow it down.

      • Hate to pile on to the “you gotta get boots on the ground to understand it” crowd, but I believe a lot of the clues reference locations that can only be understood by being in the actual location and sniffing around. I fully believe that fits with Forrest’s purpose of getting America into the outdoors. For instance, my HOB which refers to the most mentioned Brown on this blog, would be nearly impossible to find on the internet, but after talking with locals, it becomes clear that this is the Home Of Brown. I finally confirmed it with 50 year old newspaper articles on the internet, but I would never have found it without local help. Also, the trail by my location is affectionately known as the “Ho Chi Minh Trail”, but that is only known by locals…seems like that fits with Fenn’s history….once again, had to be here to find that out “If you’ve been wise…” of course I was shocked to realize that I could see a reference to King Solomon from my spot when I got here..actually floored me.. I guess my point is, when you go to your location the first time to do recon…get out and grab information from the people that live there, stuff that isn’t on the web, it seems like what Forrest would do.

        Wanna be wanna be like Forrest!

    DOES north of santa fe mean: santa fe NM, or could it mean another santa fe?
    Does it’s in the rocky mountains — mean THE Rocky mountains – or could it mean any rocky mountanous areas?

    • The Rocky mountains, also commonly called the rockies. FF has clarified that north of Santa Fe is indeed Santa Fe New Mexico, and it is in a general northerly direction

    • Sparrow, he specifically says SF, NM in one of his email is on this blog somewhere under Forrest gets mail.

    • Hi S, North of Santa Fe NM. I think, the chest is in what we would all consider to be the Mountains. But, no small number of clues, says, it could be in what we might call foothills. With no tangible way to prove, one way or the other. Once again, it looks like we have to look for ourselves to know. I think it’s a good question, it gave me second thoughts about my ideas when I first read it, but the foothills are over 5,000′. just my thoughts.

        • Hi Lucky and others – Thank you – I had some ideas forming, but hmmm, still not sure of some things – off to read some interesting tales in TTOTC! (in a bit) 🙂

  14. when FF says ‘all you need is the poem’ i think hidden in that statement is the possibility that what you need also is info the poem will lead you to. all you need is the poem to lead you to this info and eventually the chest. if this is true, there is a point where you cannot entirely solve it from your chair, you get to that point, then you have to physically go to where the poem leads you to figure it out from there. this would be the reason why FF said you can’t just drive your car somewhere, park, get out, walk into the woods and right to the chest.

    • should add that i think there is also the layer that the poem, as it is deciphered and understood, also leads you to things in the book. these things can be understood and figured out from your chair and computer at home.

      some of the conjecture i see, imo, where people are looking at anything and everything in the book for a clue, and dissecting things from every possible angle to see things that aren’t really there, meaning not clues to the hidden trove ….. this stems from trying to search the book first and relate it to quest and the poem. one should try to solve the poem first then let it lead you back to the book for confirmation in the subtle clues found there.

    • Yes!!! I have been running into blocked access a lot lately. At this point, here is what I think it comes down to. Remember Fenn’s #1 rule? “It’s not who you are, but it’s who they think you are”. Here’s the deal people…now is a good time to come up with a serious story about who you are and who you know. Just in case anybody (except law enforcement) tries to get between you and the chest. Relevant to your search destination…you will need to present yourself as someone to be reckoned with. Let me tell you….that story better be a Doozie too! Something that will make them step aside!!

    • Forrest said in several interviews that the finder will have researched the poem and book and nothing will be by accident. He will move with confidence. (I think he says that on one of the videos)
      I have over researched the book and created wind mills out of nothing, but I see no way I can just fly to the Rockies and start driving around without a plan and a few ideas. But I agree with the premise. I found some great ideas by simply driving around and enjoying the sights. Maybe the research you need is only found with a truck and 6 kids in the back. (I think he said 4 kids, but the number has been growing lately on this blog – or the guy got married again and had 2 more).

  15. To Babylon Slim, I am okay. To all, my search was completed, and I rec’d. the well deserved, egg-on-my face for being so confident my search would pan out. Now who wants to be first to serve me the finest plate of crow on the menu? lol

    Will write up a report as it would be too hard to explain how I arrived at the final search location.

    • Ava I am sorry I haven’t followed you since I’m new to this blog. But I believe that egg on your face is probably what most of us will have in searching for this treasure. We all believe we have figured out the poem and know right where it is, and feel like we can boost about that. I too feel like I know where it’s at and when I go and search soon it might not be there but I made my best shot of it as I feel I needed to do. I have added a few extra spots after reading more on how other people think but I am still sticking to my original place first, and as you say I might end up with nothing but the fun in the searching is also the kicker. Adventures are just that and being a lucky one to have one is something special in itself. Don’t lose hope in your thoughts and I like others I will wait on where your thoughts took you and how you came to be there. Wish you the best if your search continues.

    • Let this be a warning to all of you “Certantites” out there: If you are 100% sure of your solution, it behooves you to ask yourself whether your solution is better than Stephanie Davis’, Chris’ Eninstein’s or anyone else’s. Can you not find similar faults in your solution that you can find in someone else’s?
      I suspect people post their “certainty” here as a psychological boost, as if trying to convince themselves by overcompensating in front of others.
      The only thing that I find wrong with this is that beginners might read these posts and be discouraged from trying their luck at the puzzle. I for one don’t fear the beginners, nor the “Certantites” for that matter.

        • Stephanie – I enjoyed following your enthusiasm and excitement. So I don’t think you’ve been guilty of anything. You were no different than alot of others who get excited when the end is nigh. Go for it girl and keep us informed.

        • thanks intothechase……1 hour and I will know. I will let you all know as soon as I do….after FF of course. Thanks for the support. I think this new site looks promising but I’ve been excited before… we will see. I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

        • Stephanie,

          The only difference between you and others is that you were willing to put a lot of your reasoning online before you went and searched. This gave your ideas a lot more weight than others who kept their info close to their chest. I agree with inthechasetoo. Guilty of nothing but being excited and willing to share.

      • My solution was definitely as good as Einstein’s and StephanieDavis’s. I can’t wait to finish writing it up. It would make a believer out of anyone who’d gathered what I gathered. Give me ’til tomorrow. I want to run it past Dal first too, so will send him a copy first.

    • Eva– do not be discouraged. No I will have no green eggs & ham. Keep that out-of-the-box, well honed imagination in gear. Time will only tell when but never if. So rage on, re-engage in, share your process here-in with we who care ( if you want to). I’d love to hear your report to your not so final…

  16. Wow…… Fished Hebgen Basin in April…. Water was high, had to add some load to my wet fly to catch fish. Just thought I would mention that if anyone wanted to do some fishing this time of year. This is not a clue…… you under stand……. So I’m off to INDY, will check in next week.

  17. I used the title as my first clue. “Where the Treasure Lies”. Lies as in falsehood, misleading. I know several of us look at words, sentenced and stanzas in many ways. I think the title validates the effort in doing so. ( disclaimer: In NO way is this statement to be misconstrued as ” Zeldasings thinks or said that FF is not telling the truth about the TC. I believe it is somewhere, I believe it is in a bronze box, I believe it is filled with really cool stuff, and I believe it will make me smile when I see it). TeeHeeHee

      • I see it all the time, can’t recall exactly. I look at alot of “stuff” like we all do. I am not being purposely vague. I will take a few minutes to see if I can find it, however it is Friday night, and there is a tiki bar down the street calling my name. Smiles

        • Hi zeldasings,
          One good thing about FL, is there is always a tiki bar close by. I am heading to one also. Have a great weekend!

        • Zelda…by all means tiki away!!! mmm ..mai’s still early out west…but not too early! I just didn’t see it having a title in the book, so wondering where it came from? Not that important…tiki onward

        • Hank – I got started on TOTC in mid Feb., 2013. At that time I read everything on FF’s site. I also read everything on Dal’s Blog, from first until now (even though it has gotten crazy). I don;t think I would have missed something like that.
          So I am quite interested in knowing where to find it, also.
          Fred W

  18. Hello all, I’ve been following Dal’s blog since late February when I first found it. Dal thank you for keeping people honest and what this blog is all about.

    I’m very into numismatics and would love to find this chest just to see the history inside of it. I have one location I’ve identified and if this site has not been searched by July I will be heading to NM for a week to investigate.

    Good luck to all of you and never forget the thrill of the chase! Thank you Forrest Fenn for creating such a memorable event for a lot of people!

    • I have been collecting coins for over 50 years, never “bought” a one tho my collection is robust with proofs in silver & gold. My first was a Templeton Reid give me by my grandfather when I was 7. I saw a St.Gaudens double eagle in ff’s chest and have always wanted one. They are so beautiful. That one thing is what got me here. I kinda know NM fairly well, if you haven’t been, take 2 weeks history is in the air there.

      • Babylon thanks for your info. I have been collecting since a young lad. My father’s collection was given to me when he passed away over 30 years ago and he had some interesting stuff. I’ve added to this collection four fold over the years. And yes those double St Gaudens are very interesting that are in the chest. I would just like to look and hold them. Wow what a thought!

        I’ve never been to NM but due to the reserach I’ve done due to the chase NM looks absolutely beautiful!

  19. Dal, I want to apologize if I was rude and too blunt with my past opinions. You are very patient with all us unruly children here….Thank you for creating a great place for us to bump heads.

    I’m going back to basics, I just can’t wrap my brain around layers, anagrams, psychic readings, etc., and I’ve had no luck with my psychoanalysis of why Fenn has said and done the things he has……..Not to say those of you exploring these techniques are wrong, if that is what it takes to discover the treasure then it won’t be me doing it.

    I’m going back to my topo map and data sets so I can test “what ifs” of the solution. For example if I can create a complete map of each state with elevation, roads, private/public property, etc. I could do a search (on the map) and highlight all of the areas that are 5,000 to 7,000 ft. elevation and within 500 feet of a road.

    I’ve listed some things that may or may not help some of you: (Dal feel free to edit, or just delete if I’m wrong on these.)

    What we are taking as fact:
    ♦Located above 5,000 ft.
    ♦At least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe
    ♦Not in grave yard
    ♦Not in out house…..not associated with a structure

    Subjective information:
    ♦Don’t go where an eighty year old man couldn’t go
    ♦Not associated with a structure……what does “associated” mean?
    Def: Connect (something) with something else because they occur together or one produces another……Does this rule out it being in town? Could it be in a front yard, park, Memorial, etc. etc.; as long as it is not in a structure?
    ♦Seasonal search: Since it’s above 5,000 ft. just about all of the search area will be impacted by some snow. As the elevation increases the “search season” decreases.
    ♦Located in Rocky Mountains: What does Fenn consider the “Rocky Mountains”

    Fenn has said: (should these be facts?)
    ♦Start at beginning
    ♦Clues in consecutive order
    ♦Don’t mess with the poem
    ♦Two different searchers have solved the first two clues.
    ♦People have been within 500’ of the treasure

    • Goof-
      Nice list…very useful. And I believe what you have written is absolutely correct. It should be a big help to folks confused about what Forrest has said and has not said.

  20. I know everyone has gotten past the “Rocky Mountians” issue and flogged it quite a bit, but I wanted to try and produce all the facts for everyone to put it to bed completely.

    I think there are still questions in my mind about when he verbally says Rocky Mountains, he can mean rocky mountains…being a trickster. I was trying to analyse why he often says “I have told people” and “I have said…” when referring to the RM. And why has he not written it and why it is not an official extra clue…

    I have done an bit of research and if people could add to it if they want – that would be a great research body for people in the future.

    Verbal references:
    1) Dal – Jan 28 2013 – wrote “I have been with him twice when he stated unequivocally that it was hidden in the Rocky Mountains.”
    2) ABU Journal – Feb 28 2013 – quoted Fenn “hid it…somewhere in the Rocky Mountains”
    3) CBC radio – March 4 2013 – “I’ve told people that its in the Rocky Mountains”
    4) Collected Works Bookstore – April 18 2013 – “it is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe”
    5) Germanguy mentions that it is potentially in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

    Written References:
    1) This was quoted by someone and I think it is a written reference – “I have said that the treasure is hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, and that I advise any searchers to wait until spring or summer to do their searching.”

    If anybody has more hard data on the Rockies – please cut and paste this section into a reply and add to it – if you are interested.

    • What more hard data do you need? Check #2 in your list. If it’s not in the Rocky Mountains, then Forrest is a Liar, and this whole search is pointless.

      • CO, Nope, we’ve been told over and over, the poem is our guide, if someone wants to add or subtract from it , that’s there choice. Where does the poem say it is? just my .02

        • But if that “someone” is Fenn himself? Effectively, that counts as a “re-write” of the poem, IMHO.
          If anyone else adds to it, or if Forrest is misquoted, then the comment is of little or no value. But if Forrest says it, it’s cannon.

        • Co, Remember the 15%? were talking about the chase, weather he says it or writes it, he retains that leeway. The poem is already written and published, it’s the only document, to the chest. just my thoughts.

        • If the 15% applies, then it applies to the poem as well, and there is no evidence to the contrary…Forrest did not say “the 15% does not apply to the poem”…and if he had, was he using the 15% when he said it? No, the poem and Forrest’s statements regarding the treasure have equal validity.
          What is not as important is anything Forrest said not directly relating to the treasure, like the book. That is much less significant. IMHO.

      • My point is, if it is a verbal quote – it could be small r rocky, and if it is a quote from a journalist – it could be a misquote. We need to see him write “it’s in the Rocky Mountains” to be sure. Not “I’ve said it is in the Rocky Mountains” – to be absolutely (within 15%) sure.
        Again I maybe splitting hairs here – but it’s an odd pattern .

        • I agree. Supposed Fenn said “It is hidden in West Virginia”…or did he say “It is hidden in west Virginia”? A secondary opinion of an oral ambiguity does nothing to enlighten. Fenn has written it is hidden “in the mountains…” no ambiguity here, but it seems no one can reference him writing “Rocky Mountains”. It is important because a proper noun invalidates Arizona.

    • Hi BIRD,
      Sparrow here, I had to ask everyone earlier – and I found this and I quote on page 131 in TTOTC: ” It’s in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe.” End quote.
      This tells me that it could be any Santa Fe and any mountains…
      He does not clarify in the Book – Santa Fe New Mexico and he does not state Rocky Mountains.
      That’s what I must go on, because he ” …embellishes just a little.” (p4).

      I know everyone has gotten past the “Rocky Mountians” issue and flogged it quite a bit, but I wanted to try and produce all the facts for everyone to put it to bed completely.

      I think there are still questions in my mind about when he verbally says Rocky Mountains, he can mean rocky mountains…being a trickster. I was trying to analyse why he often says “I have told people” and “I have said…” when referring to the RM. And why has he not written it and why it is not an official extra clue…

      I have done an bit of research and if people could add to it if they want – that would be a great research body for people in the future.

      Verbal references:
      1) Dal – Jan 28 2013 – wrote “I have been with him twice when he stated unequivocally that it was hidden in the Rocky Mountains.”
      2) ABU Journal – Feb 28 2013 – quoted Fenn “hid it…somewhere in the Rocky Mountains”
      3) CBC radio – March 4 2013 – “I’ve told people that its in the Rocky Mountains”
      4) Collected Works Bookstore – April 18 2013 – “it is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe”
      5) Germanguy mentions that it is potentially in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

      Written References:
      1) This was quoted by someone and I think it is a written reference – “I have said that the treasure is hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, and that I advise any searchers to wait until spring or summer to do their searching.”

      If anybody has more hard data on the Rockies – please cut and paste this section into a reply and add to it – if you are interested.

  21. New here, but on the hunt for about 4 months alone. NM for sure, but need help! Has anyone come close to understanding “No place for the meek”.?

  22. Anyone care to give an opinion on the drawing on page 146 of the man with an axe, the tree stumps as far as you can see and the bird in the moon? Is there a story, or poem that fits this scene? My original thought was, well that guy wanted to chop down that bird’s tree and he chopped every tree down and the bird just made his nest in the moon. Kind of a fruitless effort. However, the man looks somewhat content. The bird appears to be a dove? dove = peace? The man although he is wielding an axe isn’t dressed like a lumberjack. He looks like he has fishing waders on to me but maybe I’m just seeing that because it’s time to go fishing.

    • Stu:

      I’ve talked with Forrest about that illustration. He told me that it was simply a comment about loss of wild lands and habitat for wild animals…nothing more. I know he has another illustration in similar character in his new book and it has the same meaning. I think searchers often times WAY overwork the possibility of clues in the book. But then…I have not yet found it either…

    • Stu – Go to FF’s Blog page. At the top click on BLOG. Then go to the 2nd page. Read Treasures Galore. I think that might help you to understand the picture. Might be a clue, but not to me.

  23. Stu, I spent some time on that picture and found that there was quite a bit of confrontation (arguments) over the cutting of the bigger timber in several places in NM. This led to habitat loss of many species. ( I know because I researched it for Brown)ha. Just recently this was resolved, to a degree I suppose. I felt this was maybe just his tribute to peace in NM.. Maybe others have found a deeper meaning.

  24. I too (as many on this blog have) often entertained the notion that this story or that story in Mr. Fenn’s book was altered to deliberately place some vital information that I am required to decipher in order to figure out where the chest lies. But each time I go off in that direction there’s this email that I had read from Dal’s blog entry in January of 2012, “Is the book really important” that keeps nagging at the corner of my memory telling me maybe I’m getting a little carried away with this line of thinking. Now, I do believe the book is important and have read it many times. But I don’t believe any story from Mr. Fenn’s past that is in this book was altered to deliberately place a clue in it. The stories are his stories but the clues are there nonetheless. Now why do I believe that. Because he said so.

    Dear Mr. Fenn,

    We are a group of avid elderly bridge players in San Diego who after reading your book hope to find your treasure. We are not into poetry as much as the memoir. We realize the clues are in the poem, but were wondering if there isn’t at least one clue in each chapter.

    Thank you for a great book



    Forrest’s succinct response:


    All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. f

    • Cloud-
      You’ve actually read the blog…very cool…
      There is a lot of good information here…
      Nice find !!!

      Sorry…don’t mean to sound belittling..
      I just mean that so few people actually take time to read the blog before yelling out questions..
      Your comment is refreshing..

      • Thank you Dal. And I believe there are things in the book that relate to the clues in the poem and very likely in my opinion, the stories chosen to grace the pages of his memoir were chosen because of the hints they provide. He must have hundreds of stories he could have told us about his life and these are the ones he gave us. Lucky us. They are such good stories. I giggled through many of them. Words like “unauthorized autobiography” and “What I said was, my father says your an old bat” will bring a smile to my face every time I read them.

        The things in the poem that I believe are the nine clues relate in my mind to many things in the book And I have gone down the path of over analyzing oddities in his stories too. Mr. Fenn has received many emails from me about them. One that I sent Dal was about that illustration of the bird in the nest on the moon crescent with the lumberjack in waders. It was during my Cimmarron obsession phase. I thought it was eagle nest dam. The crescent is shaped just like the dam. The guy was standing below the dam in a field of clear cut tree stumps holding an axe reminiscent of a time when logging was done with simpler tools and areas were completely cut down. Like logging in that canyon not so very long ago. The trails we hike on today were often old logging roads. And that little tailwater springing out from Eagle Nest Lake sees a lot avid fly fishermen in waders. My very first eureka moment.

    • I appreciate all the responses. I assumed it was an environmental statement but it seems oddly placed. Now if you can all just tell me which ones are subtle hints, I can just wrap this thing up. Thanks.
      All kidding aside, what do you think of the repetition of words like Ford? a possible subtle hint? Skippy’s car was a Ford and I believe that trip was important, maybe parts of it that aren’t detailed in the book. Also Ford means to cross a river.
      Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that the chapter “No place for Biddies” shares “no place for” in common with a line in the poem and he repeatedly tells you that he can “cross the dumb street”?
      Do you think there is a method to the “sprinkling” such as repetition or do you think the method is random and chapter related?
      My point is that the hints have to be in there somewhere. Mostly when people bring up possible hints or clues within the book there are two camps, one that jumps on the possibilities and admittedly over analyzes and the other that attempts to diffuse these connections.
      So from the ‘conservative’ (for lack of a better term and I don’t mean political) camp, what are your thoughts on these subtle hints?

      • Stu-

        I don’t believe the book is riddled with cryptic hints to be found in illustrations, postmarks, tea, Taos Mountain, etc. I think the word “hints” is appropriate. “Clues” are found in the poem and “hints” are found in the book. Further, I believe those hints are about Forrest’s nature, upbringing and value system, which will help you find the treasure. If we want clues we must look at the poem. If we want to understand the man who hid the treasure and what motivates him (which is valuable information) we must read the book….or another way to put it is:
        Clues are in the poem and inspiration is in the book…
        Did I mention that I have not found it yet?

      • Stu i just read your post, it reminds me of this cove we use to go fishing in. The individual that lived above it was a multimillionaire and felt it was his right to own that cove even though there was a public access parking lot within a few hundred ft of it and the law states 50 ft of the bank or starting at the water was public domain. He ran us off several times with a gun. The conservation dept/law ended up getting involved in it because he shot at someone in a boat and they had him arrested. It was nice knowing we didn’t have to sneak down there to fish anymore even thought it was public a public access area.
        Figured i would post that especially when i think about all the fishing f did as a kid/teenager i’m sure he had to run across someone trying to run him out of a favorite fishing hole or not allowing him access on their property to get to that spot.Hopefully not with a gun.

        • JJ
          I’m not quite sure how to take that analogy but I thought you were dynomite on Good Times..

      • Good morning Stu, i was sitting here drinking my morning coffee waiting to meet a customer and seen your post. After i read my post i realized i didn’t reference it to anything (lol). I was referring to the two old biddies making fun of f and him stating he could cross the street anytime he wanted. Thinking in terms of his childhood days and fishing trips. I’m sure he had to duck under some fences and dodge a property owner to hit a spot or two. My opinion of course.

        • JJ , ahh gotcha. I had similar experiences growing up also. Always on one side of the fence (or the law) or another. However I do believe this reference is more straight forward and he is making fun of being “brave” enough to cross the street – and possibly the creek/river also. Mostly I think that because it fits my spot and I’m egocentric.

  25. Dal, Did Forrest ever talk about how long one must stay in the cold?

  26. I strongly believe the path Forrest is taking us on is not necessarily the path he took. So the area this trove is resting must have to ways to get there,,,,, The path the poem take us and the path Forrest took, a less strenuous route ….. So if you find a possible location,,,,does it have a second easier path to get you there….

    He does have a jeep I understand, which can easily take you in at a different route.
    And it may have been a very unlikely route, “As I have gone alone in there”

    I sincerely doubt Forrest climbed up/down 800ft 700ft or even 100ft vertical creeks/paths/trails

    This is one of the clarifiers I use to eliminate a location.
    Any thoughts.

    This may be mute upon Wolf’s 3rd, 4th, or 5th installment.
    Very nicely written Wolf, I enjoyed the read, looking forward to the final chapter,,,,I hope I don’t have to buy another book 🙂

    • CDN-

      I believe you are correct. Every place on earth has more than one way to get to it and Forrest’s chest is no exception. Forrest (in my opinion) drove to within a hundred yards of the chest’s location. But the route chronicled in the poem is far different than the route he took.

    • CDN searcher (does that stand fornCanadian)?
      I too use FF’s mobility as a discriminator. thank you for your kind comments. I am away from home for quite some time and have my writings on hold until I can meet Enthusiast’s standards ;-). I hope to have them completed when I return. Not sure how to write the final chapter – even I am suspense LoL

      • A lot of us would spend some time traveling if the glory of “eureka” was our fortune. So if that be your fate, congratulations. Hope you’re having fun. And my personal wish wouldn’t be for highfalutin prose. I just want the bottom line… right now.

      • Wolf,
        CDN (Canadian transplanted, Florida born and raised)
        My son and I took our first trip out there,,, We had a wonderful time,,, He talks to his friends about it,,,, it comes back around, and when I hear how he was so excited about camping out there, fishing and running around hiking up and down the trails,,, I smile….

        That is a treasure!

        • I could not agree more and I can certainly relate to that. This adventure has certainly opened my eyes as to what is most important – the thrill of the chase. Where do you live in Canada?

        • Wolf,
          We live just west of Toronto area,,,,This summer I will venture out again, this time the whole family, We will search together, if the chest has not been found, otherwise we will enjoy the views of the Rio Grande then move on to the Grande Canyon….I think to see the Rio and then the Grande Canyon will make for a spectacular lifetime memory.

        • I can relate to that as well CDN Searcher. Hope you don’t miss out on a spectacular lifetime memory in vain.

  27. Hi Fennsters and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    I don’t post much (maybe this is just my third). Hopefully when people speak less and listen more others will consider their opinion “valuable”. Like many of you I have invested a lot of time (hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars) to the chase. And like many of you I think I have my favorite spot (sure thing).

    So this is the 7th day of my latest (on-site) search. It is amazing how much More info you get when you have your feet on the ground rather than in the computer and doing research. I will say this…I have probably spent 1 hr searching outdoors for every 25 hours I have spent searching “indoors”. The reality is the “outdoors” is quite different and real. People talk about searching under trees and metal detectors etc. You have no idea how big and vast it is. This poem is not very specific (in my mind). Even though I think my solution is as good or better than most i have seen and read my chances are still 10 million to one to find this TC. I have a great imagination so always looking for the solution and trying to make it fit into my search area. HOB and Blaze however are two of the most difficult clues and I believe these can only be solved when you get close to the “spot”.

    I was smart enough to acclimate to the altitude of my search areas…7000 to 10000 feet. I am not from a high elevation…so you need to allow your body time. Second, the air is thin here. What kind of shape are us couch potatoes in? Well in my case I thought I was in decent shape (non smoker a bit overweight, 48 years old). I am so out of shape for climbing up and down these mountains and areas where there could be “fires, landslides and earthquakes”…;where FF says the treasure is hidden. Third, it is really cold at night…20’s and low ’30’s every night. 4th there are some really dangerous animals and plants around these parts. I am not kidding. Black bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, poison oak/ivy etc. And altitude sickness is a real threat…you have to drink a LOT of water. The weather here has been sunny and warm during the day. Imagine if it rains or snows which it can turn in an instant up here! Trees can fall, lightning strikes, worse slip and fall down a steep hill or on the rocks or fall in a river. Do not take this lightly. Be prepared. Water and more water, consider the altitude and your fitness level. Consider your clothing and shoes and the cold and possible rain and sun and wind.

    So if you have taken the time to read this my friends, please be safe, don’t put yourself or your family in harms way. Please be careful. I’m not trying to scare anyone away from a fantastic adventure and better yet find the treasure. I have seen wild deer everyday. Very exciting. Luckily no bear encounters yet but I am prepared with my “bear spray”. Ha! These bears will probably laugh at me since I am no match but I don’t own a gun so that is not an option for me here.

    Folks, good luck and be safe if you come out here in the real world of the wild outdoors. This is not your local zoo and these wild animals are not friendly, they would just as soon make you their dinner!

    I’ll write again soon with a recap of my adventure that could last another 3-10 days. Please Be safe!

    • Being prepared is a must when you are in the back country. I am searching with my wife and she has never been in any woods so along with looking out for dangerous creatures I have to keep a eye on her. I have back packed before here on the Florida trail, and in the Smokey Mountains, and even in Peru. In Cusco, Peru the elevation is like two miles high and the air is very thin so getting use to the altitude takes some time, they offer you coca tea or the leaves to chew on to help with the process. Climbing around Machu Picchu it felt like I was a two pack smoker and I don’t smoke. So yes you have a point potential treasure hunter, and I hope all hunters who are new to the mountains understand the elements and nature in the raw and how we need to find the respect for both when your out there. But also understand it is also quite enjoyable being one with nature too, so have fun.

    • Hi (Potential), Sounds like you are enjoying your really thorough Chase. Do live close to where you are able to spend so much time? Look forward to your next post. Thanks for all the good info on preparation.

  28. the picture with the moon and the bird and the woodsman is literally dripping with vital clues. if it is not, then i have solved the poem wrong and am definitely searching the wrong place.

    • Chris, Don’t start second guessing yourself. Fly with your solve. All minds think differently, that is the joy of the blog. At my age it is wonderful to see so many different ideas gleaned from the same information. Creativity is alive and well.

    • Chris-

      Perhaps you are right, but the conversation I had with Forrest leads me to believe there are no intended “hints” in that illustration. Only his message about loss of wild lands.
      On the other hand, It would not be the first time he has led me to believe something that he later invalidated. I certainly don’t think you should change what you believe. If your solution is dependent upon what you see in that illustration I hope you are right. No matter how it turns out I hope you’ll share your solution with us when you are done with it. Diversity makes the hunt a fascinating process. If we were all looking at the same interpretation of the poem it would simply be a race and not a search…

      • Dal

        ya, saying something then later seems to invalidate it. that is what i pin my hopes on.

        sometimes it feels like the conflict is this, which Forrest should i put my trust in more, the one i see out there saying to someone that clues weren’t put the in the book intentionally to aid the seeker …… or the other Forrest, the one i see in the poem and the book, this Forrest i see having crafted the poem and the book together with hidden clues that very much aid the seeker and help to figure out the puzzle that eventually leads to the hidden trove.

        • I’m not sure that’s correct, that Forrest did not put hints in the book to aid the seeker. I take it to mean that when he says they weren’t placed there deliberately, that he didn’t alter his stories or put untruths in his stories for the sake of inserting a clue. But I am certainly not him so I really don’t know what he meant.

        • On the dustcover of his book it says ” Unlock the clues that are scattered amongst these pages and you can go home with a bronze chest that is so full of gold and precious jewelry that its almost too heavy for one person to carry.”
          To me that carries more weight than anyone else telling me that there are no clues in the book or that if you found it in the book you cant trust it.

        • no worries, herman1, I don’t think the treasure was found yet. Otherwise, Forrest would be posting that news to his blog rather than recent emails.

        • I think ff has made it clear that he won’t respond to every I-found-it-but-it-wasn’t-there email that he gets… I’m confident that if ff has confirmation that the chest has been found, it will be reported on multiple media outlets… in the meantime, the hunt is on.

    • It doesn’t matter when the treasure is found, it only matters when people think it’s found.

      • Enthusiast: So OK, we get it!!! “You” “think” it has been found!!….So change your handle to Pessimist, start your own blog and tell the world, over there, how crazy the people on Dal’s blog are………..start your own sandbox and let us play in ours, in ignorant bliss……….please………….just my opinion…Dal, thanks for great site

      • I posted about a dream i had a few weeks back where i was on a steam locomotive and we pulled into a train station. I looked out the window and seen an old wooden sign with the name Telluride, Co.. The Capt. blow the horn and an owl that was sitting on the peak of the train station flew away. I smile every time i think about it.

        • There is a place in telluride called owl gulch. if you look at it on a map the trees form a large letter ‘F’. at the base of the F is owl gulch. there is a waterfall there.

  29. Wanted to leave last night but had to graduate my oldest daughter, future AZ Wildcat.

  30. Chris that’s interesting. I never even thought of the place in connection with the Chase until that dream. I’ve done very little research on the area. Maybe i should take a closer look.

  31. When first I stumbled onto this hunt, I read Forrest’s blog posts and thought derp, it’s on the Firehole river. Now when this chase was just starting out that would be a great place, but having read about all you clever people I know that there has been no pebble unturned withing a mile of that stream.

    So I started looking at the poem sideways, twisting meanings, doing more research. Learning about the history and culture of the people of the Rockies; both new and old. If a place has anything to do with a brown anything, I start looking around for warm water, both on the map and in the history books. If I find something that looks cold, I’m reading up on nearby woods. Every canyon I’m searching for a creek I can’t paddle up.

    How has your search spot logic evolved since you started this chase?

  32. I grew up in durango colo and know colo. prob. better than most people alive. The narrow guage train still runs to silverton from durango. When you get to the needles and cascade creek there is a swinging bridge there. Just north of there is a water tower if you follow the ridge that comes down to th water tower there is a trail there that leads to web and ruby lake there is a stream that runs to the north canyon of the ridge that has some verry nice waterfalls. Can’t remember the name of it for I amm 55+ in years now. and its been a few years since i’ve been there and dad tells me things have changed alot. Don’t remember there being any roads close but the train used to stop at the swinging bridge. Don’t know if it would be a potential site but interesting anyhow stay safe and have a nice hunt

  33. The distance between these two phrases could be 100s of miles…..

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    Finding the blaze is not the end (your quest to cease) but a point (geocache) containing info (map, etc) where the chest truly can be found or retrieved. A location that could now be anywhere in the Rocky Mountains,,,,,
    A location maybe Forrest could easily monitor…..

    The one with this info can now confidently take their time knowing they alone hold the final key, map, piece to this puzzle.

    Is there any reason to believe the end of the blaze IS the physical location of the chest?

    • @CDN
      I have always suspected that the blaze refered to a way of reading the poem. If you find the blaze then you would know how to read the clues correctly. This is what I am working on. I believe that is how you can move with confidence, and know you are not just making things fit the general poem directions.
      Just my opinion of course.

    • CDN Searcher,

      I believe that the chest is below the blaze and you will be brave and in the wood at the same time.

      Just my opinion (and my solution)


    • i think that there are three blazes and the one referenced in the poem is the first one…

      • The hardest thing is finding the correct blaze. There are so many blazes. Which one is THE ONE?

    • Hi CDN, Well if there’s a blaze that gets you to your site, there would have to be a another blaze to mark the location of the chest. It seems clear that there has to be more than one blaze and that a blaze/ mark of some kind, must mark the location of the chest. hth.

      • James, the spot we are working on has a few blazes. We’ve got an F chipped into a rock, and we have an Omega symbol made of metal in the ground not far from a very “tarry” boulder. All of our other clues are there. I think the last step is pretty clever. It will take another trip…or more, to find out. Happy hunting! CHC

  34. I see a lot comments on “hints” in Forrest book to help with figuring out the clues in the poem. For the most part of us we don’t have access to the book, there are a few PDF pages posted by Fenn blog, about 15 of them, from his book and I’m not sure if there is truly hints in them. For me in my research I’m trying to understand the man Forrest Fenn and his meanings in the poem through that angle. One statement that sticks in my brain was he wanted or wants his bones placed beside the treasure chest so to me that makes the chest in a place that wild animals can’t access to easly to carry off his bones. I believe his childhood memories plays the biggest part of where he hid it and why he hide it there. I am not a young man and some of my fondest memories is when I was young, and when it comes time to leave this earth for me I want my ashes placed at a spot that I loved to go as a kid with a family member. So I am basing my search off the poem and the man himself, plus when I see posts from some of you that truly make sense to me that helps add places I never considered. Not sure the way I am thinking will take me to the right spot but then again it might. And to add to others statements made about taking the route the poem says and maybe there is a easier route Forrest took, it looks to be true because in most of my places of search for me there are two ways in and out, with one the difficult factor applies and the other a shortness factor. So for me if I don’t come across the blaze in the one I take in then I will take the other out. Again these are my thoughts and the way I am searching when I finally get there in a week. The people in this blog truly have a sence of direction and knowledge and why the TC has not been found yet is mind boggling. So to me if your search is from intense research or just off the cuff go for it, because it seems that no ones ideas are any better or worse then the next person looking, because if they were someone would have found Fenn’s treasure and starting their own legacy by now. Dal I really enjoy this blog, and I hope we do get a chance to meet when I get out there.

  35. Has anyone else come across Forrest’s reference to the joke about the sandwich and flashlight ?

    Both usually involve toast, I believe.


    • I have not, but I just thought about this after reading your question and thinking about Einsteins behind the waterfall solution. What happens to a sandwich and a flashlight if your that close to water? So maybe water high is a mountain top lake, or just near a waterfall so he could “pay it back”. I heard the sandwich joke had to do with a Sand Winch when Dal got stuck. I think Cloud referenced it.

      • Did’nt Mr. Fenn say that, after the girl got stuck in Bandolier overnight?

      • Well my interpetation of that was he was referring to a place here in NM. But then some of you dont think NM is a special place to Forrest, even though he chose to live here so I could be wrong about that. 🙂

    • .
      Thank you both for your replies. I thought he had made reference to a BLT of lightning.

  36. I sure do like a hot bath after hours of fishing, thats where my warm water halt. Been checking basins throughout nm. Saunier, i like your story, blog and thoughts on Galisteo basin.

  37. I want to try to explain something, that I think is important. Mr. Fenn had been making and hiding, the bells and the jars since the early 70’s. I think he had many special places “picked out already”, to hide then. “It was years later”, that he thought he would die and came up with the idea for the chest, which I believe, he hid in one of the special places he already had picked out for the bells and jars, and designed the chase, around these same locations. I think this for a couple of reasons, one is, the odd blaze, at Wolf’s 1’st site, in the center of the blaze can be seen “the rainbows arc” look at it, it’s no accident, it’s not something naturally formed. The other reason, is ourselves, the degree of passion that we all have for our spots, something more than just the poem, draws us to them, I suspect that if it’s not the chest, then it could well be the bells and jars, that we might be sensing.


    ….is what I will be saying in a couple of weeks. hahahahaha Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist!

    • You just about gave me a heart attack! 🙂 Hopefully, I will be saying that before you get there. LOL

      • hahahahaha sorry! like i said, I just couldn’t resist. Every morning I dread getting on here and finding out that it’s been found.

        • Actually, if I found the treasure, the first person to know would be ff. I would send him a picture of the treasure chest and let him announce it. Dal doesn’t allow anyone to on his blog to say that they have found the TC as there have been too many people making that claim without any proof and then everyone gets all upset and thinks they should quit searching. I know I had that sinking feeling when a few searchers have said they found the treasure and I had never even had a chance to get out to search. Now I’m a real skeptic when I hear either claims that the treasure has been found or that someone is so sure of their solution that they just KNOW they are correct and will be announcing their success soon. We all think we know where it is. 🙂 Keep searching everyone!

  39. On my search two days ago, I found what I thought just might be the blaze! It was bunch of large sticks and pointing out of a hole, and a big rock was there too. The line if you are brave and in the wood… so I move the sticks and rock, and looked down into a hole that looked like the beginning of an underground cave of sorts. I thought well,… you’d certainly would have to be brave (or really stupid to go down there), but being as how Forrest didn’t mention the stupid part, I actually went down into this hole WITH MY FLASHLIGHT! The earth held for a few moments, then started to collapse under my feet. I was in this hole over my head, but managed to scramble out. Looked back in the hold and the bottom had collapsed about six feet. What a dumb thing to do! I’m sure at least MY bones would have rested there in that beautiful place for a few millennia !

    • The sticks and rock were there to prevent what happened to you, hopefully you replaced them, so no one falls in. It’s common practice to mark a dangerous spot.

    • I’m picturing Sweetpea Mcgee as this big burly leathered up biker jumping in a hole…the rest of his gang is like, “Man, have you seen Sweetpea around lately?”. lol. Be careful, Sweetpea. I did the same thing last week with a towstrap around my waist and my retired mom hanging onto the other end. haha. Have a good weekend. CHC

  40. OMG! Stay safe! Don’t forget, Forrest kept telling us to not go where a 79-80 year old man wouldn’t go.

  41. The clues to my spot are so simple and in perfect order of how the poem is written, backed up with lots of research. I, also think that the intro to the poem, as written on FF’s website is very important. But now after reading many others complex ideas and comparisons I am second guessing myself.

    • Intothechase, I too believe the intro is very important. Curious to know where you are searching. Stick to your guns I say. Unless of course you’re in my spot. Then I think you should definitely look in Yellowstone or Santa Fe.

        • Inthechase. Sorry for the delay. Been irrigating all day. I’m in colorado also. There is a chance we are of like mind on this. I have one spot and one only and that will not change until it is found ( elsewhere or not). Should we talk? Stuparadise@gmail

      • Indecision is the key to flexibility and that is why i waited so long to secret my cache.

        My spot is in colorado too, wonder if you are anywhere near mine.

        I think the intro is important too, i kept repeating lines of it out loud as i was walking there including the one above. i would also say this one

        “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their entrances and their exits, and one man in his time plays many parts”.

        • Chris – I think you are looking too far east according to your calculations. But, that’s OK. You really got me thinking about longitude and latitudes and I appreciate that. There is one thing about my spot that is special and only a handfull of people know about it. The museum doesn’t know. It can’t be found on the internet – believe me I’ve looked. I was taken there by a dear friend years ago. It’s under trees and so amazing. It has to do with the history of our pioneers. It’s a place that FF would have been taken to – and I think I know who took him. It’s not where the treasure is but close. Dang – what you get out of me.

        • i could be overlooking something but i dont think ive revealed anything that would let you know how far east or west i am looking

        • Well maybe I’m thinking of something else. I am blonde. I do know there are no locked gates where I am looking so your not close to my spot and further west – your out of the rocky mountains.

        • ok so we are not looking in the same place. thats what i was wondering. thank you for the clarification, i know it can be difficult becuz we dont want to come out and say what our spots are lol

        • @CYates,Just got in from chores and was catching up on blog stuff.I noticed you and ITChase’s dialog.If you are truly looking in Colorado,the similarities I was noticing a while back in regards to my location are just similarities period.The generality of the given clues can be formed into just about any place and that’s what makes this the ultimate challenge.Good luck in CO.

    • Stay simple. I don’t have the chest and therefore my opinion is worthless, but some of these solutions are very abstract and seem too complex for an unemployed truck driver with 8 kids. (he had twins yesterday)

  42. Please Everyone be careful while searching for FF treasure and THINK about what would be a Safe thing to do If you are not a expearienced woodsman or mountain person please dont enter any vertical holes shafts or caves please stick to the horizontal caves or a place a person can walk to. A tragic event could end this whole thing for everyone none of us would want that . Remember FF wants us to enjoy the outdoors and remember the good time memories PLEASE EVERY ONE TAKE SOME CAUTION WHEN SEARCHING Have fun and good luck

  43. Yes, please be careful everyone! The reason I shared the story of climbing in the hole was to convey to people to be careful. When I got out of the hole, I was thinking about how sad it would be if a searcher were to go missing out there.

  44. Anyone ever thought of using the word uncompahgre for wwwh. It is a ute word meaning warm springs or warm waters. If you were in the uncompahgre NF and came to the boundary line it could be said you are at where warm waters halt. There is a lot of boundary though for this NF so maybe combine with below the HOB to narrow down a spot.

    Brown mountain lies right on the boundary, also uncompahgre river comes to an end right here at lake como. if you take the canyon down it goes into silverton and S/E of there is King Solomon mountain.

    There are other places with brown in the name that I found near the uncompahgre boundary ….. john brown canyon, ulah brown springs, carroll brown dam, homer brown springs, and just ‘Brown’ with a capital B (don’t know if this is an area or town or what, just says Brown on the map and I cant find addtl info online)

  45. I have been reading the blog for several weeks now. I don’t like the term ‘lurker’ – I haven’t made myself known because I haven’t had much to say compared to most of you.

    Like you, I have read and studied the poem until it runs through my dreams… I have found my ‘spots’ and felt my heart race like mad. But I am nowhere nears making a trip to NM or CO or YNP or anywhere that looks likely. I keep coming back to FF’s remarks about going there ‘with confidence’. I am convinced he poem works on multiple levels and on one level there is a key. That key unlocks the confidence and certainty that will finally find and unlock the chest. This will not be found by a hunch – but by absolute certainty. At least that is how I read it. I have been playing with ideas but no luck so far.

    I am also taken by FF’s comment about how he smiled (laughed??) when he walked back to his car. There is something humorous or ironic about the location I think.

    Well that’s my two cents. Wish I had a couple million in gold to add to it…

    • Mary, I agree with you 100%. There are too many possibilities to run off to every one.

  46. In Margie Goldsmith’s article,, she quotes Forrest as saying (regarding his cancer coming back):

    “If it comes back, I’m going to grab a pocketful of sleeping pills, take a treasure chest filled with treasure and a copy of my bio; and I’m going to walk out into the desert. Sometime they’ll find my bones and the treasure, but my bio will be inside the box, so at least they’ll know who I was.”

    then he continues…

    The cancer remained in remission so Fenn, who said, “I just got tired of waiting,” decided to go ahead and bury the treasure somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    Per comments above, Forrest has said:

    4) Collected Works Bookstore – April 18 2013 – “it is in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe”

    So, shouldn’t we be looking for “desert in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe”?

    des·ert1 [dez-ert]
    a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all: The Sahara is a vast sandy desert. Synonyms: waste, wasteland, barren wilderness.
    any area in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water, permanent frost, or absence of soil. Synonyms: wasteland, barren wilderness.
    an area of the ocean in which it is believed no marine life exists.
    (formerly) any unsettled area between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains thought to be unsuitable for human habitation.

    Granted, that still leaves quite a bit of space out there all over the Rocky Mountains in the US… however, should narrow it down a bit…

    • I grew up in California, I always considered the whole South West, to be a desert.

  47. Dal- I was doing some research and found that you have done some work for CNN. Some day you should publish your own story. I think it would be interesting.
    What did Forrest mean when he said something like [ if you go with Dal you better bring bear spray and a bible]?
    Have a good everyone.

    • Dal once shared with me a lot of his work history and documentaries he’s done. He’s been a part of a lot of exciting things in his life. We all have a lot of catching up to do between him and Forrest…well, at least I do…but I’m working on it 😉

  48. i dont think its in a desert area. the poem doesnt sound like its in a desert area and every solution ive ever come up with doesnt bring you into or near a desert area. to bring up a statement like that FF may have made in the past and now apply it as a rule to the current hiding spot i think is a mistake.

    • But he’s said the hiding spot never changed. So if he said he’d go out into the desert…does that mean it’s out in the desert?

      • The problem with that is that he’s also said things about looking under rocks, logs, and bushes….so I don’t think he’s giving anything away during interviews etc…so does that mean he’s saying the opposite and it’s in the woods? Interestingly, I know two long term searchers who are bloggers who will be in Yellowstone in the next week or two. I’ll be *waiting* to breath again…..

        • Even a desert is “surrounded by trees”…

          I thought F said somewhat recently that the chest is surrounded by trees…maybe I am wrong…I am just going off the top of my head here…I have been smoking ribs today with a few adult beverages… 🙂

          Have a good weekend folks and Please Remember Our Heroes…!!!

      • stephanie, i believe that FF had this certain hiding spot in mind for many years. the going out into the desert comment, doesnt strike me as something he said with this special hiding place in mind. i think there was a time he was considering just going out into the desert with the chest, but not to the spot where the poem leads.

        • CY
          My thinking exactly on that one. I have gone round and round with people on this.
          BTW, I live on the western slope of CO and know the uncompaghre well… But that’s not my spot

      • Stephanie – When he said that – did he mean before or after he hid the chest?

  49. Is a pattern being repeated in this thrill?

    I’ve watched videos of mathematical formulas that recreate patterns the deeper into the pattern it goes. The Mandelbrot Set is this type. Although I don’t pretend to understand them, they’re pretty cool to watch and I wonder if the idea doesn’t apply to this hunt.

    The name of Mr. Fenn’s book is The Thrill of the Chase. Inside is the poem pointing to a chest to provide us with the thrill of the chase. Is this the beginning of a pattern?

    Is “the thrill of the chase” pattern being repeated from the book to the poem then to each clue? Does the solution of each clue have an element of someone’s thrill of the chase in it?

    For example, WWWH. Can this be a random warm water source or does it need to have a story behind it that fits the thrill of the chase theme? Perhaps trappers pursuing their furs or miner’s searching for gold. Did Ponce de Leon search this source for his fountain? (a way-off example but an example just the same) And the canyon… does it require a different story of someones thrill of the chase? And Brown, what was the “Brown” thrill of the chase? Could this theme be required in each clue solution?

    Mr. Fenn has many thrills that we can use in our solutions: his love of fishing, his love of Native American history, art (not sure art is a thrill), digging for artifacts, flying, collecting in general. Does his chase for various thrills need to be a part of every clue solution we come up with?

    I know some people are using Mr. Fenn’s interests in fishing and flying, Native American history or collecting in some of their solutions. Others have written about the history of their spots, like those around the Lewis and Clark expedition and it certainly has the element of “the thrill of the chase” theme in it, and I think they are on the right track. But maybe we need to find a connection in EVERY clue solution?

    Ultimately, I think we come to a place that is special to Mr. Fenn and one of his “chases”, and we find the chest. But along the way, how many other “thrill of the chase” stories will we encounter, whether his or someone else’s?

    I have a problem with a warm water source that has a canyon nearby and “something” Brown at an end that has no relation to any “thrill of the chase”. I just don’t think the chest will be there no matter how brilliant the blaze is.

    The theme of this hunt is “The Thrill of the Chase”. We may need to look for that over and over and over again, maybe nine times. That’s what I’m trying to look for in my solutions… someone’s thrill of the chase in every clue solution. Perhaps that’s the reoccurring theme, or “back to the beginning” idea that some people talk about.

    But hey… what do I know, my pattern so far has been… empty hands.


    • JDH – I think you are right on. Each and every clue has a story and they are woopers. For me it Involves, history, pilots, flying, pioneers, friends, being alone, art, rainbows, people, other treasures, high places, waterfalls, streams with names that are plain as day in the poem. These things would represent not only clues but hints too. And I’m not done yet.

    • I think warm water halts, tells us, there’s no warm water. just my thoughts

      • James,

        No problem there. My point was just that no matter what the solution is, does the “right” one have a thrill of the chase theme? That’s the one that counts.


    • @JDH
      Fractals occurred to me too. And spirals and crosses and broken circles……
      I think he said to read the poem 9 times. Maybe you’re saying that’s the nine clues. (9 WWWH’s, 9 HOB’s, etc.)

  50. ken says,

    “The generality of the given clues can be formed into just about any place”

    yes, ken, what you said right here … this exactly. hope you dont mind but i am going to use what you say here as a foundation to explain how i logically branch out from that

    this is the revelation i had shortly after my first failed search. there is literally no end to the places you can put together where WWWH is near HOB, you take a canyon down, then you find NPFTM, then you go up or down a creek, or not depending how u interpret, then u find heavy loads and water high, then you find a blaze etcetera. I realized I could put together paths like this, some of them being very clever interpretations and even fitting the poem much better than others, and I could search them all for the next 20 years and never find it.

    someone who is posting their searches on here made a comment to me that the way you know WWWH and HOB is because as you see the rest of the poem fitting, that it leads you to NPFTM and heavy loads, water high, being wise and finding blaze etc, this is how you know you have the right WWWH. But this is actually opposite of what would be mathematically true, there are so many places where the entire path makes sense, and fits so well, the the odds are heavily against you that it is the right one.
    I think when you realize the poem was intentionally written this way, you then realize that no matter how clever or well your interpretation of (WWWH for example) , it doesn’t make the interpretation any more likely to be correct, just because it is particularly complex or clever. My personal opinion is that WWWH is not anything complicated at all, it is very obviously a WWWH, the difficulty is knowing that it is THE one that FF is talking about in the poem, and FF knew full well there are a ton of them out there, and so he can use one that fits the description simply and obviously.

    How did he encode the poem so as to give the precise identity of things that are unknowns. This is where you start, this is how you crack the poem. FF says you should start with WWWH. I think he is saying, you need to figure it out, where to start, how do you know the precise identity of it.

    Think about ‘no place for the meek’. A lot of conjecture out there on what this is. Im sure FF knew there would be, but the answer is not to speculate on what it could be, the poem tells you what it is, it solves itself. And so it is with WWWH.

    This all be only one pirates opinion only, aye?

  51. Nicely said Chris.That is certainly one approach, and who knows,it could be the right one.It would be interesting to know for sure how many failed searches there have been.The numbers have got to be staggering!But, anyhow,Your thoughts are interesting.Worth the read any time.

    • Oh yeah Chris,There is a different approach to No paddle up your creek.My interpretation actually narrows down the srearch area considerably.

  52. im liking that…and now my HLWH matches with WWWH and my “new” NPFTM. I was stumped there, but after changing a bit, it seems it could be. good…im tired.

    • if he is in WY or NM then i have nothing to worry about. if he is in CO then that is what im worried about

      • I don’t think you have a thi g in the world to worry about. The trove is in nm I thinks

    • Here is a thought,,,,,

      The blaze was found and followed to it’s end, looking quickly down a cache was found containing a map to the chest…..somewhere up in the Rockies. Maybe on a piece of property Forrest owns. Now, out of vacation time, the chase must wait until an opportunity allows the map to really reveal the treasure. Maybe next year when enough vacation time is accrued to follow the map…

      There are so many ways around this, it is to complicated to digest….

      Really,,,,, I wish the best for the one that finds the treasure…..

      “There can be only one”……I’m going to put that on a t-shirt! 🙂

      No I have not found the treasure….

      • CDN,

        and while accruing more vacation time, at the home of the finder his dog eats the map while going for the teenage son’s homework, then deposits it on the neighbors front yard. The neighbor scoops it up and tosses it on his other neighbors yard, whom everyone hates because he doesn’t clean up after his own dog and while flying in midair the map separates from the mess. The hated neighbor’s 4 year old see’s the bright colors of the map and picks it up. The mother see’s this disgusting event and with a plastic bag, takes the paper from the child, scoops up the mess and tosses both into the trash can, never to be seen again.

        I hope not


  53. My wife is taking me out for “date night”.Gotta go get a shave and get spiffed up.Have fun all!

    • Have fun Ken……can you ask her to buy you a couple drinks…then come on here later tonight and tell us where your spot is? If not, I understand…just figured I’d ask.

  54. Enthusiast just to follow up. When do you expect an announcement. My son gets out of school next Friday and my family and I will leave for our summer home in nm. I have 24 locations im nm and co I will be checking out over the summer
    I hate to think I might be wasting my time.

    • Herman, Please don’t take the bait. I don’t know if the Enthusiast believes what he is saying or not but it concerns me that anyone would base their decision to make a search on what he has to say. Whoever is discouraged from making a search is one less person to compete with. That is a fact that you count on–and the rest is simply smoke that is best to let fade away.

      • I’m really truly trying to be helpful Raven. I’m not trying to get sneaky. Not at all. I believe the treasure’s been found. I don’t know 100% for sure…

        • Enthusiast-
          You and Forrest apparently believe differently. I’ll take Forrest’s beliefs. And in my own humble opinion no one has knowingly been close yet.

        • Its not helpful to try and convince folks they are being conned when you have no proof whatsoever. . Being less than 100 percent sure is like being a little bit pregnant–either you know or you don’t and it is apparent that you do not know. Continuing to try and convince people otherwise without proof is what suggests you have other motives.

    • “When do you expect an announcement.”

      The Wolf has suggested that he won’t even post his next entry for at least a month. And there may be more than one before we concludes.

      The biggest factor I see is that Today Show has committed through August, and there are quite a few benefactors to don’t want that left on the table.

      And if you asked the likes of the owner of Totem Cafe (yes, it’s still there nearly 70 years on), I suspect they’d tell you the 1,000 year range that Forrest has mentioned sounds good to them.

      As of now, my prediction is plans are for somewhere around Labor Day.

      • I don’t mean to be a thorn — but don’t you “see” our e-mail addresses or ISPs or “real” ID – or whatever regardless of what “name” ( I pretty much always post under my moniker) we post under. I’ve been re-reading your blog going way-way-way back and 2-3 posts seemed it might be he? No? Maybe it doesn’t really matter in the big picture but the devil is in the details. Yes? Feel free to e-mail me if I’m out of line with this. Just please don’t through me in the tar pit, br’er rabbit.
        Thank Ing

  55. I real ‘isa changin’ the subject from the anxiously a-wited premiere of i don’t know who is enthusiastic but & this has been discussed b4 in more detail than I ever thought I could go into anyway: The 3 books that ff “read” in the Important Literature chapter: that he got the plot by Hemingway intentionally wrong and the “thickness” of one of the books I think is intentionally leading us down a primrose tale & I think that Holden Caulfield & ff have as much in common as the square root of negative one. And Einstein’s theory E=mc2 relies on the name of the periodical on which they were heaped.
    Now Puleeeze… mighten someone smarter than me straighten this all out for me?
    If someone does a better job than I can bend my brain to decipher the above in detail, I will tell what I think I think but could be wrong how the blaze leads down the trail from up one must LooK
    & eggs Actly where it is in the BooK.

    ThanK Ing

    • Babylon,
      I’m not going to be much help but can offer moral support as I have struggled with this section as well. I don’t think the answer lies in literary connections of authors. At least I can’t seem to come up with them. I believe the answer is more personal. It is Dal’s brlief that we must know the man to decipher the poem and the hints in the book. Although he and others may not see this section in the book as important as we do, I think the philosophy is correct and should be applied here. Time seems like the key but I don’t know how to unlock it any more than you do.

      • Stu,

        I take this section of the book as follows…F read two books and tossed them in the trash can…trash can = “waste” basket…then F read another book and tossed it in the “waste” basket on top of a “Time” magazine then removes the book. I see this as…this book was “not”…a “waste”….of “time”…just my opinion though.

      • I think that Time is a factor and not about being wasted. Also, it is the style of the authors and the characters they created that shed light on ff. Then he said how small or light weight the Hemingway Book is… take your pick, for whom the bell tolls has close to 500 pages & a farewell to arms about 350 — not light weight. But hey, I’m not going to reason this out here in the light. The hint of the blaze to which i think i am wise I shall not share. I mean, I might want to find the chest in a couple of years my own self but I agree Stu, this chapter is important. Thanks for engaging me in such a civil way.

        • When talking about Eric Sloane Forrest said in part of a scentence on aging that…ignoring time itself may be a secret technique..hmmm

      • The book will not “solve” the poem for anyone in my opinion…but a person may find “hints” in the book that may confirm your spot for searching.

      • James – the Poem is “literarily” part of the book. I’m not afraid to say that I’ll take as many hints about the clues that there are. The “Book” will not solve the poem only a person can do that.

    • Babylon,

      red herrings…do as Fenn did and toss two…may want to keep one… 🙂

      • The story-narrative of Hemingway’s that ff says is from For Whom The Bell Tolls is actually the story-narrative from A Farewell to Arms. ff knows this & did this for a really really good reason. If you guys think I’m speculating on non-issues as concern this chapter of the book providing an important hint (about Forrest Fenn &…), then I’ll just take my fore-head slapping, Wise revelation about what chapter tells what to look up from after finding the blaze (i.e., I think it explains exactly what the blaze is) and lurk.
        & May The Shwartz Be With You

        • Babylon,
          I have always said that this chapter is the legend that foretells which chapters to pay attention to for hints. This one section is the hardest for me.. Some will think this is a non issue and others won’t. Everyone has their own approach. I happen to think there is something there also.

      • Most generous of you Chris. I held out for a while from buying the book I said “I don’t need the book, just the poem”. A while back someone with a better literary mind than I used to have sometime approached this subject in lucid detail – at the time I thought “boy howdy… they are really reaching, how silly”! It exceeded my grasp then. All I know is I feel alot more like I do now than then. So I fault you not.

  56. Kismet was a Musical for the stage… a “Theatrical Production” based on the Arabian Nights.

    Now I’m hungry & have to take a shower.
    Please, somebody help me out with the above Literature “hints”?

      • Actually it is… ff is right, it is not a fun read (as many musicals are not & I even hate reading Shakespeare) – but it tells me that in fact ff actually read the WHOLE thing for the quote is at the end of the play:

        HAJJ. And I take it again at dark ! That is Fate ! Up, thou one-eyed curse ! Learn to renounce ! To the Caliph I may be dirt ; but to dirt I am the Caliph ! (KASIM rises and, dropping the beggar’s cloak HAJJ gave him at stmrise, goes off by the alley,
        Left. HAJJ takes it and wraps himself in it once more, then sits down on his seat with a loud sigh of relief.) Renunciation ! There’s a sweet smack to it. A taste of having lived ! And I have lived to-day. Mine enemies dead, Marsinah wed, Meccah to-morrow, (He yawns prodigiously.) My say is said. So glory be to the One, the Eternal ! He who begetteth not, nor is begot ; the Ruler of Tide and Time, who sleepeth not. (Dropping off.)
        And to Mohammed, his Prophet chosen amongst Mankind Peace and
        {A gentle snore ; another snore louder ; another )
        [SLOW CURTAIN]
        End of the Play
        AUGUST 1910.

        The “western definition” of the word “Kismet” is “Fate”. To a muslim (since it is about The Arabian Nights) Kismet means “it is allah’s will”. –>>

        • Thank you, I missed that! Now I have to see what it means, if anything at all.

        • Nice correction Babylon..thanks for fixing that kind of error before it becomes part of the “lore” of the clues.

  57. @herman 1…… Let me explain it to you this way;

    “The Thrill of the Chase”

    I finally figured it out. How many times have you watched a dog chase its tail around in a circle? I did four circles in NM.

    Enjoy your summer…. Keep running in the Chase

    • Dal i figured you’d be out waxing Esmeralda up for the trip. You mind swinging by the Tetons with that ice ax of your’s and chipping that chest out of the freezer ? We can split it 50/50 minus gas. (lol)

      • I should be waxing up Ezey because the slick finish gets me better mileage. Unfortunately the extra weight of the wax slows me down..ha!

  58. I can think of only 3 or maybe 4 locations for the chest that would make it out of reach of the draconian federal thieves; 1) In Canada 2) On Forrest’s privately owned land. 3) On an Indian reservation. Or maybe 4) In the actual water of a major river. Not sure of number 4. Forrest is probably more savvy than any of us when it comes to the feds trying to lay claim to found treasure. So I guess I just don’t see him putting it in a place that would expose it to the fed’s jurisdiction. If I am mistaken about any of those locations, please someone reply to this and set me straight.

    • Argus, spent much time in N.M., CO., WY, ID, Utah or Montana? If not wait and see. There are so many craggily spots that potentially can hide things. I explored the small pile of rocks called Cerro Azul on several occasions. On one of the last visits my x-girlfriend found an almost complete Pot ornately painted like yesterday. The missing piece could be within 50 ft. and be missed for hundreds of years. A mostly complete human skeleton was discovered real near yellowstone lake just a few years ago. At first everyone thought it must have been a recent homicide. Turns out it was hundreds of years old. They notified natives of the area & it was buried where it was found. The first few times i visited N.M. I was dumbfounded after growing up in Ga., living in N.Y. & L.A… Dumbfounded.
      BLM, State Park, National Park or Forest it just doesn’t matter. Find it first, then worry about getting it to your car.

    • Anything on Indian land automatically become property of the tribe. They will fight you tooth and nail over that.

    • Hi Argus – I’m curious what you were thinking when you said in the actual water of a major river. Not disagreeing, and I realize you said you weren’t sure about it, just curious. It would not have occurred to me that in the water of a major river would make a difference. Thanks

  59. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. After a full day of searching and a slight sunburn I will be back at it tomorrow morning. The ever elusive blaze! At least much of the snow has melted. I enjoyed reading the posts about two ways to get to his spot so thank you for those posts. After my search today I started to doubt that Forrest could have or would have been able to travel to my location so I have renewed hope and will do a little more research and see if the second route is easier, if not time to re-evaluate. I see a few others are searching in the same state as I am which is not NM. As this is my 4th trip it is only my first since the snow has melted so it is much different. Has anyone considered this:

    Possible Clue: “If you are brave and in the wood” – Fenn

    Possible Solution: “Iron is a brave commodity where wood aboundeth” – Bacon

    Thought I would put that out there in case it helps anyone. Don’t want to divulge all my analysis until I have exhausted my search but this is one thing I have considered and wanted to share with you all. Enjoy the search everyone!

  60. i keep finding myself visiting Capt Pappy.

    i can’t help it, the pictures are just fantastic.

    i think he may have looked in the tree hollow and found a leftover twinkie wrapper that had a visible impression of the corner of the treasure chest still on it

    thats when he realized he was the second one to find this spot. imagine if that were you, how would you feel. if only he had gotten there a little sooner.

    he took the twinkie wrapper for the evidence it contains (the previous tasty contents being no longer therein).

    the wrapper may have been there for some period of time, and so questions may arise as to whether the good Capt is removing park property, and so he cannot acknowledge its existence or its removal. it is a delicate situation involving a former home to a delicacy.

    imagine if you are Forrest Fenn …. you receive an email with photographic evidence …. and to your complete shock and horror, your chest of gold and jewels is now gone and the only evidence of its existence is the discarded plastic home of a hostess treat.

    if you were FF, you couldn’t … you wouldn’t ….. respond back, right? so it all makes sense.

    i have more than a half dozen indicators that this story is most likely true. just don’t ask me what they are.

    • If he found a Twinkie wrapper, he missed out on the treasure and one darn healthy and tasty snack for is efforts!

    • Chris Yates why don’t you buy his auction offering and become rich? Or start a CaptPappy fan club where you are President and ruler of all minions like yourself?

      Something that puzzles me about the “Holy Grail of Twinkie wrappers”.

      The impression made into the wrapper would have to be made by FF placing the chest on top of the wrapper, so either he carried the chest to the stump to place it there but took a Twinkie break first before placing the chest, or someone ate a Twinkie in the wood and placed the wrapper in the stump prior to FF placing the chest there.

      So I think we must determine first who was the owner of the Twinkie wrapper. It was either FF or some person that takes Twinkies to snack on in the wood. Was there an empty DP can nearby?

      • Stan

        these are all very legitimate questions you are asking.

        the original consumer of that delicious golden doughy snack, did they just devour it all in two big bites or did they inhale the filling first. wait, did you even ask me that. i forgot.

    • Chris Yates

      I am amazed at you when you were so certain of your spot. Don’t give into this charade. So his pictures are good – that doesn’t make him a great treasure hunter. And IF he found a candy wrapper there how does he know someone didn’t put it there to deceive. I haven’t looked back over at that web site – as I realized anyone trying to auction off nothing is nothing. Have you been to the auction site? Forrest would have to say the treasure has been found NOW – because someone would have it. He knows If it’s that tree. If it came out at a later date – and that particular spot was said to be it – it would not be good. I sincerely hope this hunt ends in the beautiful way that I imagine and not by someone in hiding. If you are buying into this – what are you going to do? Quit? You don’t sound like that kind of guy to me. This is making me upset. Dal said this is not the first time this has been done. I am saying it won’t be the last. Are you going to read everyone of them and worry or trust in yourself. I say you’ll make the right decision.

      • janet

        i do not mean to upset you or anyone. please don’t be. i haven’t lost faith in what i believe. i am going to my spot again in a month to search.

        i do get upset myself sometimes reading this blog, but i have medication that helps with that.

        i do hope you keep the faith as well in your search.

        • Hand over the Meds – I need some. Is it a full moon tonight?
          Thanks for your response.

    • Chris, please don’t worry. I honestly don’t believe the chest is hidden in a location where a scenario like this is possible.

    • Captain pappy does NOT have the treasure nor is he on the right spot. I know we said we wouldn’t say anything with certainty but I can say this with 100% certainty. And no, I don’t have the treasure. I know none of you know me and you have no reason to trust me, but pappy has it wrong. Don’t abandon your searches. I PROMISE you pappy has it wrong and I never make a promise I can’t keep.

      • Now your sounding just like him, Do you know he answered my email about why a picture wasn’t posted? Quote “A picture would be inciminating for the first who found the treasure and very difficult for the second.

  61. I’m sure it should have been a snickers wrapper, get it? Snicker, snicker…..

  62. “Three men can keep a secret as long as two of them are dead” — Benjamin Franklin

    Perhaps two are still alive….

    “If you have read this far, in the coming hours/days I will post a series of discussions about what I found when I was in New Mexico.  You will be shocked.  I am both shocked, confused and humored.  I know what is true.  I think I know even more than what is true.  Some treasure searchers will be angry.  Some treasure searchers will be disheartened.  Some will be elated and some will feel an even greater sense of desire.  Some won’t give a sh!+.  I can only tell what I know to be true.  Yes it is that odd and complex.”

    You might want to read along…. Then again you might not….

      • I was and knave spent 48 hours thinking how to present it in the best format to others. I have pictures as well…. Trust me the TOTC is more complex than you may imagine…. I know what I know

        • Stan and other mobsters. Interesting how the ego is playing into the chase! This display of yours is why this blog has become useless. It is blatantly obvious that you all are only interested in posts that bolster up your little mind ideas. Where were you and the mob when Wolf was taunting and teasing? Wolf still has not posted part three. Quantum has said he will post the story with pictures, and he will. At the very least, I know I won’t see you at any of my search locations.

        • No, no hating here. To each his own. I liked his first detailed post about the Dam up the Chama. I just do not get how a M.D. with a Doctorate in Physics that has been a Professor can be unemployed. But the Doc’s analogical reasoning is sound & the blog an important reminder for someone left of liberal like me that it takes all kinds. As the old Shinto Master said “Their are may paths to the summit of Mt. Fuji.”
          Doc you are most welcomed here.

        • Drquantum – I’m very anxious to hear what you discovered. I have been concerned that something bad happened to you because you didn’t post on your Blog for a couple of days. Your research is so involved & informative. When do you have time to conduct your market analysis? Stay safe & “watch your toes.”

        • Drquantum,
          Keep the posts coming. I learn from everyone’s ideas. You are posting on your own blog so I can go to it if I choose. I will take what I want and discard the rest.
          Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Doc, I think, all of the math can be done on your fingers and toes, the clues are all, left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain, Good Luck

  63. Why don’t you just post it now ? Oh I know – you want your five minutes of fame! I really don’t need to know about your childhood. Just don’t read my posts if you don’t want to – blame Chris – he got me mad..

  64. I was doing some late night stumbling and came across this webpage:

    It says it was popular with military and one of its possible origins was that the picture is a character of the omega symbol. Could be something. Did FF and Kilroy ever meet? Because now I’m wondering if Kilroy has already been to the chest.

    • I think ff started out as a radar tech in the air force?? Also the shoulder patch from his Unit in Vietnam – I Think has an Omega on it. Dal & Stephanie 2 feet would know?

      • I’m not sure if he started out as that.

        Someone sent me this for Memorial Day and wanted me to pass it on.


        The main reason this video is called “Angel Flight” is: When the plane releases its decoy missiles, as is shown in several pictures, it creates an Angel shape in the smoke. But it is much MORE than just visual…See for yourself!
        Listen to the words of the pilot and the tower… listen to the very end.
        This is truly beautiful beyond words!
        God bless our Veterans!

        Click here :

      • Slim, that was my understanding also. You can find that info in Dals video interviews I believe.

  65. Hello all,

    I have been a searcher for some time, since last summer…. though not nearly as long as others. I have been out to search but two times… though I have spent countless hours researching and pondering. I spend plenty of time outdoors, so I only go searching if I just can’t pull myself from a spot… and they were unfruitful yet enjoyable.

    I have been following the various blogs and comments since they have been around. There have been some great conversations and some interesting “solutions” that have really expanded my way of thinking. I am a bit saddened by some of the bickering and trash talk that seems commonplace with an online impersonal atmosphere. If I may make a suggestion of simple mindfulness when commenting… If we could imagine the people sitting right in front of us when commenting rather than a page full of text we could ask, “Would I say this to their face?”

    Maybe we would… maybe not. I am actually posting because I recently went back to read some email exchanges with Forrest last October… (part of the email is available in one of Dal’s email posts) and was a bit taken with part of what he said. It may have been a canned response, maybe many of you have received something similar, and maybe it has even been mentioned before(heck, maybe it is in the book itself…I don’t have it in front of me).

    But here is what it said (October 10, 2012):

    Everyone has the same information to work with. Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by.

    I said in my book that the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself, “what took me so long?”

    • Thanks vagabond.I guess that clears that up.Sounds different than what has been tossed around here before.

    • Vagabond,
      I couldn’t agree more. I live in a small town and the message board often degrades into slanderous comments (I’m not sure that is the correct term for electronic verbal abuse). Tone and sarcasm are often misinterpreted and it’s too easy to berate someone when you don’t have any real physical contact. I think visualizing is a good technique. Thanks for your comments. And especially, thanks for the quote from Forrest.
      There is a wealth of in formation there. First it implies that more than 2 have been close but still not several. I would think that this should eliminate some popular places but I’m not going to poke that bee’s hive. It also implies that from where they “stopped” which I am interpreting as parked, the chest is either very close or behind them at this point. I realize it could also mean where they “stopped” their quest for that day but the “and then passed” seems to imply further searching to me. The end of his paragraph implies that the treasure is indeed there (not a proxy as some have suggested) or at least the “gold”, and that it will be found by correctly deciphering the clues with imagination and following them precisely. I am of the opinion that it’s not going to be found in a tree stump or under rocks. This could be done accidentally and this comment about luck reinforces this. It’s in a place where nobody would ever look, even if they were just randomly turning over rocks, unless their solution prompts them to. What kind of place would this be? I have some ideas but most will nay-say them. But isn’t that exactly what he would want if he were trying to make it difficult?.

    • Vagabond,

      I started searching when Forrest was first on NBC but I didn’t get the book until late March, so I am not long into this game. I agree completely with what you have written above. I will recount in my next post a discussion of how day after day last week, I would look at something and it would take hours or days to realize what it was I was looking at.

    • Vagabond, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have similar feelings. I think everyone brings something valuable to the chase and that nobody should be degraded simply for their thoughts and ideas. Maybe thats why so many lurk instead of sharing their ideas?

    • Vagabond-

      “Everyone has the same information to work with. Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by.

      I said in my book that the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself, “what took me so long?”

      There is no quote like this on that post.
      I did a search and could not find a quote like that anywhere on this blog except from you.

      Please let me know if anyone finds a statement from Forrest like Vagabond’s

        • Armany-
          He says it came from Forrest on this blog..and cites the blog post…nothing about the book..
          The blog post is one of the Forrest gets email pages

      • I think he’s saying he got that in a direct email from Forrest to him, but that part of the email was one that Forrest sent to you, Dal and is on the blog. Read what he said again and see if that sounds right.

  66. Quantum seems to be at a loss.It is tough to admit defeat.Some deal w/it w/ease and are gracious.

    • I finally figured out why no one has found the treasure yet, everyone has been looking in the wrong place. Trust me, it’s not there so don’t even bother to look there. Save yourself time, energy and money by only looking in the right place. Some may reply, “Ok wise guy, so where is the right place?” The answer is obvious, it’s surrounded by all the wrong places (which you should avoid – see my opening statement) and it contains a smallish bronze box filled with treasures. That’s all the information I want to divulge right now. I hope this little hint doesn’t spoil the chase for anyone, but if you follow my advice it will allow you to pursue your quest with confidence.

      BTW, I intend to visit the right place just as soon as I am released.

  67. Drq i enjoyed your post on NBF. I came across the name some months ago in connection with the chase.

    • Hi Stephanie, “hint of riches new and old” “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something….. There is a map. PS. that’s a clue, to clue, that’s hidden under it.

    • I’ve heard him say he isn’t going to put an X on a map…so maybe that’s a clue that it’s not anywhere in the map that’s in his Memoir.

      • Steph, it’s not a map like you’re thinking of. I can’t say much more because I have feet on the ground, I’ve lost contact with them since yesterday, all I can say is that picture on pg 133 means more than anyone knows. Look at where the frog is pointing, look at where he is slipping the coin under.

        • who have you lost contact with?

          I was just throwing that out as an idea of a possible clue he could have been giving…but I have no clue where it is obviously 😉

        • My friend is still out there searching not too far from West Yellowstone but i lost contact with her yesterday. She is not alone, so I am not worried but have had no contact with them since then. Still trying this morning but to no avail. I am looking at flights at the moment. This sucks trying to fly out at the last minute…..very expensive 🙁

        • Steph, you might be right about that being a clue. I look at everything he says as a clue. I try to analyze things he says very carefully. He’s a player of words that for sure….but he means EXACTLY what he says.

        • Hopefully they just lost signals! Keep us posted on when you hear from your “feet”! Maybe they found the treasure!

        • Oh gosh…especially leaving on a Sunday it’s expensive. We drove to West Yellowstone when we were there…Not sure where you fly out of or where your going, There’s some bad storms popping up tomorrow and Tuesday in the Plains and Midwest. Hope everyone keeps an eye on them if they are in your travel paths.

          I agree that he means exactly what he says…that still mystifies me…the way he speaks. I wonder if he’s written a lot of other poetry. That would be a neat thing to see if he has….or if his Dad wrote more.

  68. Look closely at the picture on pg 133. FF says if he knew where the old lady’s grave was he would slip out there and slip a nickel under it. Now look again at that picture on 133. He is slipping a piece of the treasure under it. Look at the rock formations. Which one is he slipping it under??? If you know this you can find the chest.

    • Sorry Stephanie, I wrote about the same thing your were saying. I had seen the same thing as you did and you posted it first. You do have something there as I see it too. I could not get the coin thing but you did it seems being the gold under the ledge. Like the idea were on the same wave length.

    • You mean if you know this MAYBE you can find the treasure. This is the earliest beginning of a theory, and certainly not conclusive. For one think, that is not a nickel, for another, are we to believe that he shaped a piece of gold into the exact shape of a rock which he hid the treasure under or that he looked and looked until he found a rock that happened to be the exact shape of that nugget and also the perfect place to hide a treasure. Both seem like a stretch to me.

      • Yes, probeguy, I should definitely preface everything with maybe or I think….I get excited and forget to do that. I have sent my friends to this specific site, however I don’t know if they made it there yet as I haven’t heard from them. I feel like if they had found it I would have heard from them…..idk.

    • Your theory may have merit, SD, but there is a heavy dose of speculation required. More speculation than I am comfortable with. I could not take this idea and go with confidence…. but that’s just me.

    • Or…. maybe the nuggets represent the treasure and they are hidden OVER a frog-shaped rock. Just as likely.

    • To all it may concern…New here…so give me a sec…About the map. In the excerpt from TTOTC, the map shown is different from my copy of the book. It appears that the frog and booty have leapt to the other side of the map sort of NW. Has anyone considered the fact that Mr. Sloane could write backwards and upside down?

  69. The book has more than one layer of storyline. Maybe Forrest buried the clues deep in his book. I grew up playing puzzle and word games with my grandmother, I suspect Forrest did some of that too in his lifetime. Back before tv people entertained themselves with words.

  70. Okay, I’m not sure if anyone has thrown this out there as a possible clue but on page 128 with the map and the gold nuggets it looks to me like the nuggets have been placed in a formation. Maybe this is the rock formation surrounding the chest, look carefully it appears the frogs nose is pointing to it’s location and the tip of it’s nose is under a ledge of the biggest one. So can this be a clue ” under a ledge of a rock or bolder surrounded by others”?

  71. the frog, and the tip of the frogs nose and the round coin are not north of santa fe. they are west of and for the most part south of ….but some of of the top parts are close to the same latitude.

    the top part of the round coin is covering the san mateo mountains.

    all i have is page 128 with the map and the frog, coin and nuggets. i dont know if its the same picture as page 133. the top right gold nugget is covering santa fe nm.

  72. hey anyone notice the gold nugget that the frog is putting its nose into, that nugget looks like a frog also

  73. I will share this insight with the group. I think the searcher may have to justify why they believe the treasure to be hidden at that location in order to be granted permission to search. Just a feeling that I have…but it might be a really good idea to have that together everybody. I don’t think proxy searchers will be allowed.

    • If that’s the case you may have to bring your bargaining skills. Just might be another hand in the kitty if it’s on private land.

    • Good Lord! You want to hold inquisitions & judge who’s motives merit the permission of the ?elected?appointed? ones in frocks to search? Who decides which is a “proxy” search?, etc., etc. Shoot, I’d pee on a spark plug if I thought’d work.

  74. Most frogs in the SW bury themselves in the earth.When water forms in basins,creeks they come out.A certain type actually (halts) eating to mate before the water either evaporates or runs off.Just saying.

    • So frogs come from the ground? I hadn’t seen that yet…but those lizards scare the heck out of me. We don’t have lizards in Chicago…and they move fast. I think they’re cute and all…but I scream every time one surprises me. I’m curious…can you pick up the lizards? I mean they can’t bite you…right? Do they have diseases that you can get if you pick them up?

      • no no.. they come from the sky just like cats and dogs .. on a more serious note :).. gila monsters are lizard like stephanie and they do bite and i believe are venomous.. dont think they can kill you but cause a nasty infection. i think you may be referring to horny toads.. and iguanas. they’re out there in the desert with the rattlers.. and the tarantulas and jumping wolf spiders! everywhere you go out there in the west there is something wanting to bite or eat you lol..

      • Lol the only lizard in the southwest you shouldnt pick up is a gila monster and if you see one of those you wont want to. Generally lizards just eat bugs, nothing to be afraid of. Ok I see casey beat me to it. If you see a horned toad consider yourself lucky, they are endangered.

  75. I’m like f, i happen to like frogs. There’ll be no paddle up your creek may refer to a creek full of frogs then? (lol)

    • On my second search at my site I spent over an hour in the water w/ these little critters everywhere.In their early stages they are kind of freakish looking.

  76. The omega is shaped like what? Oh, a horseshoe you say.The center pad part is called a what? A frog you say.Well that would be correct! Any good horseman knows that you have to clean that area out to keep your trusty steed healthy.Wow, my wife musta slipped me a truth serum last night!

  77. I don’t see mention of the frog in the nine clues. If it is there as a clue can anyone speak to that?

  78. Attaboy, Ken…you have said it. Just waiting for someone to jump on my horsebrained idea. Hadn’t seen much,although Im not too crafty with the computer. Just getting into this web stuff because my granddaughter told me to.

    • Huntlover, nothing is horsebrained in the chase. Your thoughts will spur someone elses thoughts. Its all good.

  79. so i wonder if Stephanie Davis is searching in the canyon known as ‘Mr. Toads wild ride on the golden coin’

    • i cant believe everyone is still looking at that picture as if it will unlock the puzzle…. all i see is a blurry map , a frog, some nuggets and a coin.. wait a minute, is that a butterfly on that nugget bottom right??

  80. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Toad’s wild ride track #2 passes through a gypsy camp…… hmmmmm.

  81. “From the boarding area to the plaza, Track #2 passed through two scenes not seen in Track #1: Toad’s trophy room, and a Gypsy camp. After rounding the plaza, instead of entering the courtroom, guests continued on and entered Winky’s Tavern. The vehicles made a right hand turn and guests could see the Weasels hiding out in the Tavern among the ale barrels. “

  82. “When you spend your whole life wondering what is after the edge of the earth, just to learn the earth is round, you have not answered your question, but only rendered it irrelevant.”  — Brian Greene The Fabric of The Cosmos

    A few questions I considered before my last search…. Don’t read it if you think I’m nuts. Hey didn’t Fenn say he was crazy when he compared himself to Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye? Weird coincidence….

    • Quantum,are you alluding to the fact that you claim to have found the treasure?yes or no

  83. Only Fenn can answer that question such that a searcher would believe it. I will post a letter to Fenn in the coming hours. Quantum by it’s definition is only probabilistic. Remember the poem says “title to the gold” Not just the word gold…. I think I am talking about something bigger and more important than a little bit of money.

    • I am sure most of us here would also like you to publish the letter to Mr Fenn on here too – or on your web site. Thank you

    • Conspiracy theories about the Red Queen? Ray-Gun & J. Lennon? Doesn’t sound like this would come from a man of science so I must have your comment wrong which I sometimes am more than I would prefer.

  84. You guys gotta remember that everything you need is found in the POEM. Not the BOOK.

    • The poem was first published in the book. ff his own self that there are hints in the book, clues in the poem. Can’t make an omelet w/o…

      • Thanks Slim, now that’s an eye opener! I have been wondering for a while. I could see how the poem gets us to the spot and I did wonder if it was enough? Won’t know till I look though.

  85. I would love to see someone try and find the chest with only the poem. That means no interviews, no memoir, and no knowledge of the man who secreted the chest. I very seriously doubt it will happen. I’ll see you on the other side where your life will be filled with plenty of gold.

  86. Wrong. Why are all you people so afraid of others reading the book? You should encourage it because if you are right it just takes more people out of your way.

    • I want folks to buy the dang thing because this is ff’s gig & he paid $ to publish the book so folks would buy it & have the $ go to cancer research. So everybody, go and buy the book. I think they’re about to run out of copies again soon.

  87. Hey! I didn’t say there was anything wrong with the book i just said that the poem is the key to finding the treasure, going back to the omega symbol that quantum mentioned- there is no mention of any of that in the poem so i just find it very hard to believe that there would be any extra major clues found within the book. -That is All-

      • Hi Chris! prithi in the poem of f where dost the “omega” lay oh my brother? Tease me not. Please post page & what other?

      • Chris is it symbolism? Because I just am not seeing it. Lol yes, I used to be blond it takes me a little while.

    • Good citation Tom. I just read that again today. If anyone is wondering that was Forrest’s response to an email question about the omegas found on this blog from Oct. 2012

  88. If you think all the frog talk was a bunch of bull (frog) then why not ask yourself why f inserted a golden frog in the chest, mentions frogs in at least 1 interview that i know of (in relation to the bells), and then go and make bells with frogs on them.
    In the Christian Bible frogs are a sign of finding reason out of falsities. The Native American folklore frogs symbolize fertile wetlands and female fertility. The Chinese culture view frogs as a positive sign of prosperity. They may not be an X on the map but they could be a hint to the type of area we need to be looking in. My opinion of course.

  89. I also think the omega is a non issue. So we agree on that. As far as Im concerned its not a clue, but others do so they should be allowed to discuss it, shouldnt they? I know there is a part of Dals blog for discussing the book, waaaaaay down at the bottom. Im not sure how many know its there though. Im not sure why the division of topics, why there need to be lines drawn? I learn something new from most everyone. Lets face it, we are all in the same boat here.

  90. Anybody know where Dr.Q got the quote “Watch your feet” I don’t remember it in the book. he refers to it in latest blog

      • His dad? When he was a wrestler, b4 he was a physicist B4 he was a physician b4 he was a professor, administrator, advisor of financial wizards and wifi visionary cruelly cheated out of his algorithm? Why, where else does the quote appear?

  91. Inane comments are turning this into a worthless site – can’t you please only talk about the 9 clues?

  92. Well, if you read the book, you’ll figure out about that rock….and that’s a HUGE clue. I have no way at this point to get back to Montana and I have no idea what is going on with my searchers. They were leaving tomorrow, so maybe they left a day early. I just don’t know anymore. I am still looking for other ways to get there. I have put a call in to another friend who has a small plane but I just don’t know if he is capable of flying into the mountains and the other Stephanie said there is bad weather rolling in out that way and into the midwest. I’m not going to post my solution on here but I will help with clues. Another big clue I gave was that Strawberry F is forrest fenn….after looking at the photos posted….I’m pretty sure this is true. I won’t say one hundred percent but I can say with a lot of certainty.

  93. You are right Stance. Also, you can be tarred and feathered by some of the “low IQ aggressive” personality types. Comment and write at your own risk. Conformity

  94. Back to horses…I like the animal thoughts relating to the clues, only cuz im an old animal hunter/lover, if you can be both. I have even started my search at a horsehead crossing up the goodnight loving trail to the Pecos into Colorado. Asleep is the only place I go alone….hmmm but way too many brown animals for me to ponder.

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