Forrest Comments on the Treasure Hunt

Forrest released the following statement the day after a searcher was arrested for digging on public property while searching for Forrest’s treasure


This is going to get me in trouble but I have to say it. The following words have nothing to do with the treasure chest I hid, and they will give no hints or associations to its location.

Searching for hidden treasures in the mountains is enjoyable. It brings families together, it promotes bonding and it gets kids off the streets, out of the game rooms and away from their texting machines. During rough economic times, it provides hopes and dreams where otherwise they might be lacking. It is both healthy and mind expanding. And it utilizes the great outside for the purpose it was intended. I have 14,442 emails that have told me those things.

I am sorry that someone was arrested for digging a small hole in the ground. In the scope of world events, surely it should not have made the front page and NBC news. It is beyond me why anyone would want to prosecute that man. If I were his judge, I would fine him ten bucks and tell him not to do it again. What has happened to our basic senses? There are those who will tell me that I do not understand the problem, and they will be right, I don’t.

Let us put things in perspective and look at them from a different slant. There are 654,885,389 acres of land in the United States that are owned by the American people. That is what the federal government admits is “public property.” And the population of this great country is 313,914,040. After doing the math I learn that my allotment is exactly 2.086 acres.

Now, what if I wanted to secret a can of Dr. Pepper under a rock in the cooling waters of a rivulet somewhere in my allotted public acreage? If I did, I would not need to use all of my area, I would need just 7.5 fluid ounces and 90 calories of space. And I would still have about 2.08555 acres remaining. Seems fair to me but would I have broken the law? Yes or No? If yes, then let us change the law because who knows where that nonsense could end. If no, then why are we getting so excited about the little things?

Forrest Fenn


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  1. No one needs to DIG!!! The chest is NOT buried. It’s HIDDEN. Seems very simple. Not much to understand. Hidden – Hidden – Hidden.

    • Becky, unfortunately it is not as straightforward as you claim it to be. Something buried would be hidden, assuming you did not know where the item in question was buried. They are not mutually exclusive.

    • Becky…..Forrest has said in the past that it was hidden, but that’s not to say it isn’t buried. It’s only been since this last Today Show clue that he’s given the fact that it’s NOT buried. If you read his memoirs, he talks about burying the bells and jars. So it wasn’t so obvious before that you didn’t have to dig. Now we all know that we don’t have to dig….but you already have to realize that not all searchers are on these blogs, and not all searchers watch The Today Show…so it maybe that others down the line will also be digging. I would hope a ranger could just tell them to fill it in, in the future.

  2. Truly disheartening. I felt certain that an occurrence such as this was only a matter of time.

  3. That is exactly what happens when the media gets involved.Innocent to start with,then papparazzi stalker psychos looking for an angle to cash in.It does not help that the gov has taken to posturing and positioning themselves in regards to this fantastic adventure we are all participating in.Thanks for putting yourself in the line of fire Forrest!

  4. Stephanie, Hurray for Forrest! That fits with what he said in his book. It’s public land owned by the American people and managed by caretakers not land takers.

    • I think the laws that were made, were made because there’s people out there that just trash places. It’s sad that the bad people always seem to ruin things for the good people. I just think sometimes these laws do more harm than good and people don’t think which has been Forrest’s message.

  5. While I agree that this person should only get a slap on the wrist as it sounds like he did little, if any, damage to the ground, it might be better if FF would just make a statement saying “It is not buried” instead of saying “I never said it was buried”. It may look like there is little difference in the 2 statements, but they do mean different things. I’m sure Forrest would hate to see any more of these incidents associated with his treasure hunt.

  6. My Dear Mr Fenn,
    We live in a day of domination in which power and control is the bases for the justifications to subjugate the people of this once great nation. Once I believed in the freedoms the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights provided. Today I sit bound by the chains of law, which are even more intrusive into our daily lives. How I long to find a place to get away from all of the current day madness. So to those that are actively seeking the treasure I say be aware of those you may encounter while out looking. If by chance you find it and there is strangers around make note of location and walk away smiling to return at a later hour.

    Btw Mr. Fenn, I think I may be on the trail…. just a matter of sorting a few things out now.
    I will say this much an pardon the pun.. It is hard to see the forest for all of the trees. 😉

  7. This land is your land, this land is my land, . . . this land was made for you and me.

    Come on Barnie, get a grip and take that one bullet out of your pistol and put it away!

  8. just getting into all the blogs and intense attn. this hunt is creating…. Stephanie, how long have you been doing this? Rob

    • 2 years….for some reason I sort of thought you meant posting on Dals blog…if you go back…sometimes mine is the only post lol…boy things have changed.

      • hey Stephanie, ya i was asking about the actual, physical hunt. it sounds like you are in nm full time?! are you from there? Are you no. of SanteFe? I’m kind of looking for some eyes, brains, and hands to take a lead on some clues [or at least take into consideration, tentative to your schedule and priority leads]until I make it out that way in a mo. This whole poem/puzzle kind of clicked with me after an hour of process/elim. with my own exp. of living out west[Trinity county/forest Calif.] when i was younger. My dad, brother and i spent a lot of time in the Redwood Forest and surrounding parks and had an ‘allout”good time’ camping, hiking, enjoying the serenity and curiosity that mother nature has to offer, especially when you’re a kid and your brain is ‘new’. The woods are my back yard and i think i know exactly how FF’s brain works, just like my dads, same age, same generation…Anyway, my translation of these clues are kind of in direct contrast with yours, but that’s not a bad thing, right……..keeps the brains moving and the ‘fog out’ when caught up in your own thoughts for too long [new perspective]. kind of babbling because i’m really feeling good about how many leads i may have, and i’ve only been following this for a couple days, and kind of squirm when i hear so many clues that get close to mine. it’s right under everyone’s nose it seems like. probably wrong, but feels good thinkin i’m not….. would you be interested in having a compensated partner in the think tank? i don’t want to drop all the clues right in this blog, think it over and get back to me.

        • Hi Robbie…no I’m not in nm…I’m in Chicago. I wish I was out West somewhere full time. I very much appreciate the offer to partner up and talk about clues…but I’m more into being a loner when it comes to that. My husband doesn’t even help much unless we’re out there…then he makes a suggestion here or there. If you know the type of area, your ahead of where I started. I just learned that a dry creek is Arroyo Secco. I learned I probably have a good chance that a black bear will run away from me, and that if I get lost in the woods to follow the creek down(thanks Marc Howard from one of your videos). I still can’t figure out how to use a hiking GPS…only the one in my car that has POI that can point me to the nearest McDonald’s for free wifi. Good luck though and if you have any questions about any towns are areas…I might be able to give you some thoughts on them if I’ve been there. Stephanie

  9. So let me get this straight…Some rancher can graze his cattle on my public land, destroy riparian areas, and leave a wasteland of invasive species in the wake… but I can’t dig a hole? WATCH ME!!

    • as backpacking in the wilderness areas are we are instructed to dig a hole to poop in and cover it and stay 200 feet from any water source.
      so just what is one to do, ask the ranger to provide a port-a-potty.

      • no….lets just all poop on the ground as the animals do, after all we wouldn’t want to break a law.

    • True…but that rancher is paying a dollar a year for the privilege…FAR different than destroying public land for free

      • I don’t think digging a hole and filling it in when you find that the hole is empty destroying land…is that what your saying is? I mean if a ranger sees someone dig a hole and just leave it empty…then I can see getting a ticket….or maybe even giving a warning that you can’t leave it empty. Sometimes people just don’t know…I read today that I would be called a flatlander lol…I like the sound of that…anyway…I didn’t know about those things…I live in the country/suburbs outside a big city and people get out digging holes, because it means your putting up a fence. So now I know about that out West…and when you know better, you do better.

  10. Nevermind, sorry. I was on or something similar a while back and I thought that was how they distinguished that word. The searching is fun but I need to find something to obsess on a little closer to home.

  11. I too have put my soda in creek or under a shaded rock to keep it cool. Then I retrieved those sodas and drank them…am I under arrest?
    Our government in so many areas has lost touch with the public. These are public lands…”…this land is your land, this land is my land…” Woody Guthrie. At the end of the song he ask is this still our land?
    Mr. Fenn has awoke a sleeping giant. I see I hear and I swing a mighty pen. We should fill the offices of our representitives with letters texts and phone calls informing them …reminding them who they work for and what their job is…they need reminded.

    • Great post. I’m going to listen to that song tomorrow on youtube….the elementary school kids sing that every year and flash pictures on the wall of the different places it talks about…almost gets me teary when they do that.

  12. Forest That Is Sooo True! Here in Washington State we need a Pass that costs about 40 bucks to drive on lands like that. They did that because of the Off Roaders messing up trails they say but many of our 4×4 clubs maintain those trails with our own money, time and sweat. I my self have been trying to just buy a little 5 acre plot with a small house and a shop to do my Street Rods in but there are too many loops to jump thru and too many company hands to grease to get anywhere that requires that you have charge accounts and credit cards to qualify even with good credit. I do not use Credit cards as I feel that if you dont have the money then EARN IT and buy what you need then what you want. I am 61 and still self employeed and love it! I was on the Discovery Channels “Monster Garage” and Won but the challenge in getting a little wooded parcel to live out my life on within nature and wildlife is just not going to happen unless I stash my money and buy it cash. Even then Realtors want their cut. The President signed a congressional order giving every american a 850 perfect credit score from April 15th. for 3 months to boost the economy and allow many people the way to get a home or whatever they have needed and it is backed by the federal government. I still think that it still wont help as the powers to be can say Cool, But you also need to show us 2 years solid income, credit card payments, and anything else they deem they need just to get started. I will try FHA and see what happens as up here the beauty of the land is so compelling. I can still wander out in the back country and thats what counts! Appreciate Our Nations Wilderness. PS, I sold my 37 Desoto on a Jeep 4×4 chassis because a friend has wanted it for 2 1/2 years and has even dreamed about it and its still not going out on the trails. I love dreaming of the adventure you have given people and when I am on the trails pretend that someone like you way back in the gold rush days or explorers stashed something interesting like a jar of stones or whatever and that if I found it it would make my day. Ive found a Clovis Spear head in the decomposed granet and a huge rock mound with holes that indians used to crush nuts in to make paste and boil rocks to get the sour taste out as well as the elongated stones they used to crush them with. That is in Auberry California on a guys little 5 acre parcel. He now screans and finds arrow heads almost every week. His own piece of History. Thanks again for Dream! Tonna Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 22:05:48 +0000 To:

  13. Forrest I can understand you feeling bad for this guy, but its the way of the world now a days for better or worst and I myself think it’s worst. It’s everyones responsiblity to keep themselves out of trouble as another famous Forrest said…’Stupid is as stupid does.’

  14. Thanks for hiding the chest, Mr. Fenn, and for giving us all a chance to dream and learn about ourselves and the great Rocky Mountains. Lord knows, this melancholy pirate hasn’t always enjoyed searching for your chest for the last year and a half, but that is not your fault. Nor is it your fault if any other fools find big trouble instead of fame and fortune…. I have sometimes cursed you in my frustration, but I salute you now, and I hope you will persevere, no matter what adversity comes.

    • There are highs and lows to the search. I’ve never cursed him…I would never take it out on him, because I’m so grateful he’s done this. I don’t see him at all as to blame…but I have cried a few times…or maybe that’s whined. For me to go out there…I have to drive up to Milwaukee, take one plane to a layover, then on another plane. Then rent a car, then drive at least 3 hours to my spot that I’ve spent hours researching and falling in love with….then searching in water, on mountains, in bushes…meeting bears…fearing snakes or mountain lions….rerouting riverbeds….only to have to do it all in reverse with no treasure..and it costs a few bucks to do that. I say that the new searchers are in the honeymoon stage….but there are frustration stages….it’s still so worth it. I always get back to the “I can’t wait to go look again” stage and Ohhhhh I love that new spot.

  15. With all the discussion about public/private land, etc… Maybe we should pay special attention to the line “Just take the chest and go in peace”. I now interpret that as take it and keep your mouth shut! And if/when you decide to go public, what a coincidence that you found it right in your own backyard (wink, wink).

  16. with all the talented Letterboxers I have “played with”, I am surprised this treasure hasn’t been discovered. There are a lot of encryption analysts that have to have some idea where this is located.

  17. It is rediculous. Every Law Enforcement Officer has the power of discretion. A written warning or citation would suffice. Headline news? A misdemeanor? FF is right, as it it doesn’t make sense. And why are people digging? You really think FF carried a shovel with him to his secret spot? Wouldn’t that be strange to see a man walking with a heavy load and a shovel? Talk about drawing attention to yourself in an unwanted manner. I bet FF carried a backpack and a fishing pole and when he was finished with the hiding, he started in on the fishing!

    • As an admitted digger of the past….he mentions his bells are buried…so he does bury things…then he did talk about the measurement of an inch once or twice…so I thought it could be just an inch or so under ground in this one special spot I found. He had said it’s hidden, but that’s not to mean it’s not buried. Still he hasn’t said it can’t be now that I think about it..just that it’s nothing you have to dig under an outhouse for….right? I am no longer thinking it’s buried though under dirt…

  18. Someone explain to me how the last Today Show clue proves the chest is not buried? Fenn said don’t dig in outhouses as it is not in a structure. It can be buried anywhere else tho. Correct?

    • No…The treasure is not buried. For 2 reasons 1. he said it himself “the treasure is not buried but hidden exposed to the elements rain, snow and fire.” 2. It is illegal to dig in the ground for any reason in state and federal parks which is a clue that it’s probably on those lands.

      • He said it’s not buried? Where??? He said it’s illegal to dig on those lands? I don’t recall Forrest saying either of those things.

      • Sorry It wasn’t Forrest who said it’s illegal to dig it’s state and federal law that says it is.
        As far as buried this is was an interview by Tony Dokoupil of The Daily Beast. He Told me it was “exposed” to rain and snow, and could be scorched in a forest fire. He told me the box, which is just 10 inches by 10 inches, is unlocked—suggesting it’s someplace where it is unlikely to be toppled or otherwise thrown open. You can google this interview The Daily Beast Forrest Clues 2.

        • yeah I’m unfortunately familiar with Tony’s interview. I still think under an inch of dirt could be considered exposed to the elements….but I think it’s more likely not these days. Thanks for taking the time to clarify those things.

      • I’ve read a ton of stuff on this and other blogs and watched videos and heard interviews of Forrest and I do not recall him ever saying that it was not buried, but he did say “I never said it was buried”. That statement does not rule out that it COULD be buried. My personal belief is that it is not buried either, but my reasoning just came from my interpretation of the poem and clues he has given and vague statements he has made.

      • The point is this. It is definitly illegal to dig in state and federal parks for any reason. If he buried the treasure on those lands he himself broke that law and thus we can not legally take the treasure because we would be breaking the law digging for it. But if he hid it that would be different because we would not be breaking the non digging law. We still would have other legalities to contend with.

      • Steph I agree it’s sad the world is so tight. But we must be careful in our zeal to conquer the chase. We could get in alot of trouble if we don’t use our heads and plan logistically for any legal reprecussions. As Lincoln said…”It’s a slippery slope.”

  19. Look on the bright side. He eliminated a possible location of the treasure and will probably get a fine and not jail. By the way where was he digging….

  20. He was probably caught by a cop or ranger looking for the treasure as well. How else would they end up at the same place.

  21. Dal just might 86 me, but my conscience must speak out.

    If the children were the true reason why FF secreted a treasure, it would be admirable. However, I have concluded that FF does not want to depart from this world and then be practically forgotten, as his father was. He wants to be remembered as long as possible, like kings, presidents, etc. If FF really wanted to get “kids off the streets, out of the game rooms and away from their texting machines”, wouldn’t FF have been hiding things for them to seek all along? It was only while facing death that he decided to secret a treasure, and it took him many years to follow through. Look at all the children that missed out while FF was making up his mind.

    FF also attributes hiding a large fortune “During rough economic times” to providing “hopes and dreams where otherwise they might be lacking”. What is really happening is that families are spending their last pennies in hopes of becoming very wealthy, like buying a lottery ticket. Do you think that a lottery’s main purpose is to provide hopes and dreams? No, lotteries are ways to tax the poor so that the wealthy won’t have to pay for certain public services and infrastructures. If FF really wanted someone to find his secret, he would not have made the odds so high. Maybe, he would even have secreted several smaller fortunes.

    At one time, FF liked the government enough to ask it to help finance the shipment of and the security for Russian paintings that FF wanted to display in the US, most likely in order to boost FF’s popularity and notoriety. After the government said no and even started investigating FF, he seems to have formed different feelings for our government.

    Our governments provide essential services and programs for us. If we all behaved the exact same way and had the exact same beliefs, education, wealth, and health, governing would be relatively easy and fewer laws would be needed. But when a park ranger sees the public’s park being abused and trashed, it is his job to put a stop to it. One hole is not an environmental catastrophe, but thousands can be. They can become possible hazards for breaking legs. They become unsightly after a certain point. How would you protect our public lands from irresponsible people? Why have hunting laws? Why have traffic laws? Why have any laws? Think before you blurt that government is bad. It is the politicians that are bad.

    Why is there very little chatter regarding the bells that FF secreted? No hopes and dreams? No children off the streets? No one really cares about bells? I suspect the latter, and FF knew it would be that way.

    If FF truly doesn’t understand the problem, many people have been giving him credit for being smarter than he actually is. FF worked for our government for over 20 years, mostly as a pilot. How could he not understand the problem? Was he in a protective cocoon during his service time? Suppose someone dug a hole in the runway, fine him $10 and let him go? Suppose thousands of people dug holes in the runway? Who decides where it is proper to dig a hole on government land and where it is not proper. Not FF.

    • Its nots f’s fault if someone wants to disobey the law. That is individual choice. It is not his fault if someone spends all their money looking, that is just plain stupid but their choice not his. Rough times, well people still go on vacation, take cruises, go to disney and so on. At least in the rockies they can camp cheaper and kids can make some rockin memories. I think what f did is amazing and wonderful no matter his motive. If he wants to be remembered, let him, and he will be! I am glad he did this, its gotten us off the couch! We have even taken up geocaching locally because the chase is so fun! So thanks Forrest!!

    • I have been hoping that ff’s legacy will be that lots of other wealthy people like Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, – – whoever — would start secreting away “treasures” for the great unwashed masses to really bust their noodles trying to find. The system would re-align to mercury in retrograde. Cars would be abandoned in the roads, no one would eat or go to work or school, dogs would start sleeping with cats. Others would discover deep spiritual meaning in the chase, some would fall down & worship the thrill.
      I think that this too will pass. Until it does, cheers to whatever is next.
      Shine on you crazy diamond.

      — (edited & censored ) –Anonymous

    • Who said Forrest’s father isn’t being remembered? I don’t know this for certain…but I believe he has a park in Texas named after him and it would be my guess that Forrest was behind that. Maybe Dal knows…I never asked Forrest any of this…I just read about it. I think Forrest did this for many reasons…..I don’t think he just had to decide on one reason….and I think he probably continues to find more good reasons for it as it goes along and he hears people’s stories. I’m running out of posting steam…but wanted to say that I think Forrest stopped thinking the government was all that when he went to war and was able to see from a new perspective how things worked. I think by the time he was asking them for permission with the Fechin exhibit he had already mistrusted them…but felt he needed to do it to be able to have that show. Then he ran into so much red tape, he just did what needed to be done. I think your absolutely right that he did it for notoriety and popularity. He did it for his galleries success. As for the holes. I agree what you say about all the holes…but what about common sense in asking that man if he could just fill in the hole, and stop digging holes because it’s illegal. Someone else mentioned the hole the government put us in…thought that was a great analogy. Anyway….did they really need to belittle and embarrass the man by arresting him and putting him in handcuffs? I think it was a “dig” against Forrest for having so many of us “unwilderness” types on their land. At least that’s how I see their snarky attitudes with that whole finders keepers thing etc.

      • Forrest didn’t know about the park. The City of Temple did that on their own Marvin was a very respected man in Temple. Forrest and Peggy have done things to commemorate their folks in Temple but the park was not one of their projects.

    • oh puppy poop . . . one darn little hole or even a thousand of them in the rocky mountains doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. There are 300,000 sq miles out there . . . and room enough for 28 Million holes in only one square mile. Give me a break! Citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest!

    • “If the children were the true reason why FF secreted a treasure, it would be admirable. However, I have concluded that FF does not want to depart from this world and then be practically forgotten, as his father was. He wants to be remembered as long as possible, like kings, presidents, etc. If FF really wanted to get “kids off the streets, out of the game rooms and away from their texting machines”, wouldn’t FF have been hiding things for them to seek all along? It was only while facing death that he decided to secret a treasure, and it took him many years to follow through. Look at all the children that missed out while FF was making up his mind.”

      Sounds like sour grapes on your part dollarbill. Seems that Forrest, at least from his book, realizes that there’s more to life than just being remembered. It’s not like he’s seeking adulation. If you have any sense of discernment that doesn’t seem to be his nature. I think it’s more along the lines of what happened when he found the soldiers epitath. Whether the soldier wanted to be remembered or not, his life, or his death, ultimately had an effect on someone that he never knew. Sounds like someone else I know. In this case in a deeper way than I think Forrest has elaborated on. What are the odds that he would return to that clearing and stumble across that piece of aluminum?
      To find an urn, or bell, with notes from someone a thousand years ago would be an amazing thing. It’s not an ego trip but you seem to want to make it one for some reason.
      As far as the kids, check out Youtube and the stories of the two kids and their fathers. There are more. Very enjoyable and heartwarming. I’d rather spend the money and have the memories than sit at home and wish I had done it on my own deathbed. That’s why I’m out there with my daughter.
      And if it was only while facing death that he decided to secret a treasure, sometimes it takes a near death type of situation to help us see things more clearly. Instead of saying look at all the children that missed out while FF was making up his mind, which really sounds like immature jealousy, be grateful for the ones that have had the opportunity to do so.
      By the way, why would you even criticize someone for giving them this wonderful opportunity? You should take this for what it’s worth and examine your own life and attitude. You stand out on this forum as a sad individual. You don’t seem to be out there enjoying it by any means. If you were you wouldn’t be here criticizing and complaining, unless that’s where you get your enjoyment in life.
      The weekend is here, time to head north.

    • I read all of your rebuffs. I don’t believe that I said FF hasn’t done good things too. I was just responding to his comments. Now let’s just concentrate on the chase. I know that will be hard for pink toe nails because of our pending contract. I just might have to sweeten the pot. Maybe a chocolate covered ice cream bar, after ptn finds the chest?

    • That is a lucid, well thought out argument. However, our government has forgotten it is OF the people BY the people and FOR the people. THEY can graze cows and sheep on OUR land without OUR permission, sell logs and mining claims without our permission, close roads and trails without our permission, but we cannot look for and remove a chest that EVERYONE KNOWS about? I dig a hole to bury my shit, I pound stakes to pitch my tent, etc. AND I FILL MY HOLES IN WHEN IM DONE!! I challenge anyobody to go find my holes the next year…And as far as your comments about FF… Yes, he is a shameless self promoter, but the secondary consequences of his actions have come to light, and he is enjoying that aspect as well. And if there was a poem to the bells, I garantee SOMEBODY would be looking for them!! And if people cannot afford to go chase the treasure, but do it anyway-thats just a sign of the financial irresponsibility that runs rampant in this country-INCLUDING THE GOVERNMNET YOU ADMIRE SO MUCH!!

  22. Forrest, I didn’t know you were so good at math. I must find my 2000 allotted acres and I hope it’s not in Illinois….

  23. When I first heard of the arrested person and where they were I thought it was more likely they were searching for the awesome meteorites in that area and thought they’d trick the law by saying Forrest Fenn’s treassure. Searchers are watched and arrested there because of two jerks who were digging holes, not filling them in and leaving trash behind. Some private and some public land. Well lets all learn from this and go on our chases. From all that I’ve read it’s not buried. For an 80 yr old man carrying a 42lb chest hauling a shovel would have been an extra challenge.

    Unless….. maybe…. isn’t “BLAZE” a metal detector brand?

  24. So I have been hearing rumbles of UN agenda 21 but I will tell you, I am not educated on this at all. I’d appreciate hearing more informed opinions. thnx

  25. Should ask yourself:

    Yeah why doesn’t this treasure hunt not have rules?

    If you can’t figure that out, then you should get out.

    • Rick, I realize it’s difficult to tell from the post your tone, but I do sense some antagonism. I’ve understood from the beginning that there is more to this chase than meets the eye, but it’s kinda like Rumsfield said, there’s the stuff you know and then there’s the stuff you know but don’t know that you know. That’s my paraphrase. Even though I don’t have it all figured out, I’m staying whether you approve or not. What I do know is this is Dal’s blog so unless he blocks my posts, I’m digging in my heels. If you want a flame war, bring it.

      • sorry Rick I overreacted to your post. You are exactly correct we do not know each other. So I hope I can start over by saying I come in peace… and ignorance. Also you were correct in that someone will have to draw me a dang picture for me to wrap my head around this. Do you believe we are be facing a predicament like the Native Americans?

      • should read we are or will be facing….
        Through the ages, Art survives. So we all should become more artistic? Even though I sounded ready to go to battle, I really hope some folks have figured out very creative ways to avoid bloodshed.

  26. “If this treasure is buried, you would need to dig for it. And you can’t dig anywhere in a national forest without a permit,” said Bruce Hill, spokesman for the Santa Fe National Forest. “Even if it is not buried and it is just placed somewhere it becomes public domain.”

    Ditto for state lands, according to Department of Game and Fish spokesman Dan Williams.”

    Randy Gregg said this..”I work as a State Park Ranger and I am sure it is different for every State as well as it is most surely different for Federal Land but an example is: A deer hunter brings an expensive deer stand into the State Park and leaves it locked to a tree. Another hunter comes by days later, finds the deer stand and removes it. The deer stand has found a new owner. According to our Park Rules, if you take a stand into the woods you must take the stand back out the same day. If you leave it there it is considered abandoned property and can be used or taken by anyone who comes across it. ”

    So what does public domain mean and the possible penalties that are being alluded to if you found it and took it?

  27. What treasure? Are you catching on yet, or are you going to play by their rules where they will take everything and then send you a bill for taking up their time.

    They are not Honorable men they lie steal and cheat……

  28. Forrest made the kob tv news again. at 10 pm………..all about his letter.

  29. He should of said that he found a hole and was filling it in. Not a law against that, is there?

  30. not really surprising, these are upside down times were living in now especially when it comes to the government.

  31. I have enjoyed taking my 2 boys out into the west deserts of Utah doing some meteorite hunting for the past 5 yrs just a way of getting them out of their rooms and out doors. Last Dec Utah just passed a law that you can’t do that any more ” with out a permit” and if you do have a permit you can’t sell or even trade it. Now my 2 sons and I need a new hobby. But I’m at least glad I was able to find that law I sure wouldn’t want my boys watch me get arrested. The public land we searched we designated for OHV so I’m not sure what a hole would harm as we all ways covered.

  32. If I find the the treasure, no one will know where it came from. But I will write a “fictional” account of where it was found.

  33. That is a lucid, well thought out argument. However, our government has forgotten it is OF the people BY the people and FOR the people. THEY can graze cows and sheep on OUR land without OUR permission, sell logs and mining claims without our permission, close roads and trails without our permission, but we cannot look for and remove a chest that EVERYONE KNOWS about? I dig a hole to bury my s@it, I pound stakes to pitch my tent, etc. AND I FILL MY HOLES IN WHEN IM DONE!! I challenge anyobody to go find my holes the next year…And as far as your comments about FF… Yes, he is a shameless self promoter, but the secondary consequences of his actions have come to light, and he is enjoying that aspect as well. And if there was a poem to the bells, I garantee SOMEBODY would be looking for them!! And if people cannot afford to go chase the treasure, but do it anyway-thats just a sign of the financial irresponsibility that runs rampant in this country-INCLUDING THE GOVERNMNET YOU ADMIRE SO MUCH

  34. Mr. Fenn, I totally agree. You are correct. Its a shame what this world and country has become. You have no idea how sick it makes me.

  35. I agree, it has to be hidden. I am going this summer to have a great adventure and come back Fort Hood where I teach and have the adventure again with my class. Mr. Fenn thanks for the adventure.
    I have some idea of the clues, but if I tell then I would give it away. Lol

  36. Has it become known whether or not ashes were buried at this descanso, or if blood was shed precisely at that location? Not agreeing that the actions the law took are justified but if this was indeed the case ethics and morals should prevent any type of digging there just as if you were in a cemetery. And we, (as a community of “friends”;-) should discourage it. I don’t think Forrest would bury a chest in such a location. Whether or not Forrest did bury the chest in such a place, I will not consider it for a precise location. I may search in the general area but not at that precise point of public land.

    • I thought the purpose of a cemetery is to dig holes so that people can be buried. Now you have to have a masters of digology degree to dig in a cemetery or just one to supervise someone else to bury someone. I see now just a little bit of how consensus is manufactured with your comment as to what you will or will not do. Thank you for your comments, but I will think for myself, even if it is a long and arduous task 🙂

  37. I totally agree. Think of all the mining, grazing, and logging that occurs on public lands.

    If the government has time to prosecute a guy over something like this, then we have one to many prosecutors.

  38. I just sent my first letter to my local state rep Jerry Costello in S. ILL and it felt good. Fill their offices with your concerns. Be polite. I wrote: In regards to public lands both state and federal. We are law abiding citizens concerned with our governments over policing of our constitutional rights. Threw in Arlow Guthrie …used my veteran status…and played any card I could think of to support my arguement. It felt good as I really believe what I said. Time we take our country back and fire those who aren’t doing their job. Mediorite hunting is cool I say “tamp the hole and let him go?”

  39. descanso rest… in peace. this is an education I did not get in school. Thnx Professor Fenn.

  40. Someone said this earlier-
    Rules are there because we have to regulate the behavior of the lowest common denominator. And there are plenty of them to be regulated. If digging holes were allowed at the Custer Battlefield the whole place would be a miserable eyesore because every knucklehead that goes there would be looking for some kind of souvenir to take home and put on the knickknack shelf next to their swiped restaurant silverware. There are just too many folks on the land and therefore a large percentage who are irresponsible and cannot be allowed to police themselves. I sympathize with the fellow up above who is careful about digging holes and who repairs them to his own exacting standards before leaving. Unfortunately very few of us can be “trusted” to do that. Hence the rules. So that the rest of us do not have to look at the destruction when we visit our public lands.

    “Smokey, this is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules. “

    • I just want to speak on the Custer Battlefield part…what if just under the dirt there’s some amazing artifact that will rot to never be seen before if you leave it in the ground another 100 years? Shouldn’t we allow some way to peek under the dirt and if it’s not there….cover it back up? I mean I get what your saying about lots of holes…but the problem only seems in your example as your changing the look of the landscape and the way to solve that is to just cover it back up…not to say don’t dig at all. Heck my thinking is charge a permit fee to dig in a certain area…if the finder finds something….bring it to the such and such office so they can catalog it for future knowledge and let the finder keep it maybe…I think about the diamond park in Arkansas…I love love love the idea of that park…get’s people out digging holes and looking for riches and the state park gets money. It works there…why not other places?

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