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Many years ago Glenna Goodacre (she made the Sacagawea dollar coin for the US mint, and the woman’s Vietnam memorial on the mall in DC) gave me a $1,000 bill to commemorate an anniversary of the two of us working together. She was a painter. I gave her a piece of wax and said that if she would make something really nice with it I would cast it for free, but if I didn’t like what she made I would throw it in the trash and that would be the end of it. She made a beautiful little ballerina (her daughter Jill modeled for it and is married to Harry Connick Jr.) I cast it for her in my foundry doing all of the work myself. Her professor in college said she would never be a sculptor. When I handed the little bronze to Glenna the expression on her face said it all and she became an important artist and was elected to the National Academy of Design. She lives in SF and a nice book has been published about her.wvnm

Back to the subject. I put the $1,000 bill and two $500 bills in the treasure chest originally but after thinking about it I took them out because I didn’t know how moisture would effect them over a long period of time. I wish now I had left them in the chest. You can file this information under Misc in your trash can. f

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  1. I had come across many stories while stalking Forrest and over and over read her account of how she became such a great bronze artist. She always told the same story about the ballerina…giving Forrest credit for being the catalyst that directed her to that medium after that professor said that. When I was in his office and he was showing me his collection, I saw the ballerina and pointed it out. He said she had just given him that a year or so ago. I think I remember reading that there were only about 9 cast. I’ve since seen a lot of her bronzes online. Her children series is my favorite….here’s a link that shows some of them.…1.1.8.img.Rv2VgjDtGGI#hl=en&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=glenna+goodacre+children&oq=glenna+goodacre+children&gs_l=img.3…26186.27290.0.27516.…1.1.8.img.yhmBTWpNI_w&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.44770516,d.aWM&fp=17a965de9667d785&biw=1236&bih=584

    Something else I read that I’d like to learn more about….I remember reading that the reason Forrest started his foundry is because he found this Indian brave. I can’t remember what medium it was…but he wanted to cast it. So he taught himself how to cast bronze for that reason. So where is that Indian? Where did I hear that story? Maybe I have it in my forrest files lol….

  2. That shouldn’t be a problem. If I am fortuitous enough to find the Bronze Chest, I’ll bring it by. Thus no risk to the paper…

    • I like Glenna Goodacre’s initials. Reminds me of the “Golden Gate” (bridge!).
      I Guess I don’t need to Go on and on about hints Galore. All IMO.

      • Giggles…..
        All this talk of “G’s”
        Reminds of when I was young and we sang –
        Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts.
        Y’all remember that one?

  3. Forrest Is A “Jack Of All Trades 🙂 The ballerina Cast Bronze is Beautiful.

  4. What a master of understatement 🙂 “Instruction does much, but encouragement everything”

  5. Ok, just for you Forrest. I will take those Bills of $1000 and $500 and place them into your treasure chest . I’ll even where a blindfold so I don’t see whats inside of the chest…That’s the least I could do I will need a ride there though. .

  6. The thing that struck me about this story is the part about worrying whether the money would be ruined by moisture. Does that mean the chest is exposed to rain and snow or could it be sealed and submerged in water? If it is buried or in a cave, would moisture be a problem?

    • He also said in the book that the chest contains his autobiography sealed in a jar to protect it from moisture. “I placed a 20,000 word autobiography in the chest. It’s in a small glass jar and the lid is covered with wax to protect the contents from moisture.”
      p.130 (actually I don’t have the book yet- this is from the excerpt on his website)

      Why not put these bills in there too?!?

    • I find it difficult to believe that he would put the chest somewhere it would be would be exposed to excessive water damage.
      My own thought is that it is in a rock niche , hidden and protected by a rock overhang. It would only be seen by looking from the right angle, (marvel gaze)

        • I agree that he’s done something to protect it and you wonder when he says “in there”. Is it just a park like YNP or another national forest or a cave.

    • Something doesn’t have to be submerged or exposed to get moisture .. air naturally has water in it – even in the arid desert West – and if you put something in a sealed box (unless you suck all the air out, place some desiccant, and seal it) the water in the air will condense inside the box and eventually ruin anything made of paper ..

  7. I’m starting to see clues in everything…….

    There is a smaller replica of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial by Glenna Goodacre at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park in Angle Fire.

    Just a coincidence?

    • Goofy old guy…My 11 year old grandson and was at the memorial this weekend. We traveled too NM to look. Beyond the flags we found a metal box at the base of a tree. My grandson was excited. We opened it up to find money, CDs and others things. There was a pen and paper. We wrote our names down and where we were from. On a piece of paper it asked of us to take something and leave something and replace the box. I left a $1 bill. We did not spend much time with the box to look through it. We were busy on the thrill of the chase. It seems the box was part of a geo chasing site. The memorial brought back memories and created new ones.

      • My son found two of them, one we left a arrow head but not a artifact, and took nothing. The second one we left a flashlight and he took a tape measure. He was very excited about it, and now wants to do that around where we life and maybe even add one to the list for others.

      • @Cloudfoot & Jim,
        What a great dad and grand dad you guys are………These will be cherished times, hold on to them. My grand kids are mostly too young to go out to the boonies with me; but last year I took my 4 year old grandson to the Sequoias and he actually found a little cache inside one of those gigantic trees. He took a little compass and we left a small Swiss Army knife. My daughter says that little compass is his most cherished possession.

      • How close we were to each other. 🙂 If you had looked at the list you would have seen our geonames following our Geocaching team name: Way of the Wolf. We were there the 2nd or 3rd I think. It’s a beautiful monument. I wasn’t searching for the treasure just paying my respects and signing the geocache that I knew was there. My son took a quarter and my husband took one of the small flags and we left 2 quarters and a dollar. Can’t get rich on money that way, but we can enrich someone else’s experience. I wish I’d thought to bring my bag of goodies so we could fill the box up, but it was late and I was too tired to make another trip to the car and back that day. I thought we would go back by, but my husband was feeling bad much of that week and the next. We are back home and he’s still ill so I guess another doctor’s trip is in our future.

  8. As I read more about Mr. Fenn the more I realize he has had an amazing life.
    Thanks Dal for sharing this.

  9. Dal….a suggestion for a discussion

    What would you do with the treasure chest?

    The chances of any of us here finding it is meek to none but it would be fun to see everyone’s fantasy after the chase has ended

    • I personally think that is a good idea, not a great idea, but good idea. I say this because loads of money, millions, changes people. What I mean is that 1 person may say they will just pay off their bills and live in the same house, drive the same car, use the same lawnmower, or what have you…but in reality they would scat from their old house, dump their old cars, and say adios/goodbye to their neighborhood and move uptown if you know what I mean. The mind plays tricks on people.

      • I would actually use the money to help open a home for pregnant teen girls. Although I don’t know if I could bear to part with the animal fetishes. I do love those. Although my hubby would insist on the purchase of some land he could hunt on in our area!

        • that is an awesome challenge and opportunity Jen 🙂 I hope and pray that you are able to do that if ever you find the box or not 🙂

  10. michaelp wrote

    “I’ll even where a blindfold so I don’t see whats inside of the chest…That’s the least I could do I will need a ride there though. .”

    That just cracked me up.

    Dal – interesting picture of the memorial. Where did you find it?


  11. I’m so bummed, just as I was getting into FF books (all his other books, not Thrill of the Chase) and reading them, they are no longer avail at libraries, checked out and on wait lists….and On Amazon the are selling for $150-$450 dollars a PIECE! I am not looking to read them for the whole treasure hunt, I just wanted to read them and enjoy all he learned about nature and history…….I’m loving learning about it all and now sad, I can no longer even get his books:( I wonder how long before they go down to normal price again or become avail from libraries………..

    • Susan, I believe the chest is supposed to be Romanesque and from about the 12th – 14th century so maybe it stands for something in Latin? I really don’t have a clue. Could be someone’s initials?

  12. I have another good idea, not a great idea, but a good one. Anyone know if Fenn is a pet lover?? I’ll put a million dollars down he had a dog named Brown that passed away and he buried him at a spot dear to him.

    Again not great but worth a thought

    • I tink Fenn is — and has been for a long time — a pet lover. He’s apparently had at least 2 dogs, 2 alligators, 3 ducks, a donkey or mule, and I don’t know what else as pets. But I’m not sure your idea qualifies as even “good”. How would we know if Fenn ever had a dog named Brown? Fortunately, the poem still exists, and is still available if you want to go back to it. Good luck. As always, all in my opinion.

  13. The eyes look colored in, I wonder why?
    That cute baby sure looks nestled in
    and bedded down. Almost like he’s ready to
    be born again in another world.
    Happy hunting around everyone.

  14. I do so enjoy these stories. I love that he has encouraged so many people in their passion. I wish someone had ever believed in me that way. I am thankful that he did so that we can enjoy the fruits he nurtured. Much better to toss fertilizer on dreams than what the professor did when he tried to trample them down. Makes you wonder how many others lost their spark and how much great art was never created because someone said “you can’t” when the truth is that they just needed time and the right subject. I hope that we keep getting these little stories because the more I read them the more I realize that Forrest has already spread a huge treasure across this land.

  15. Forrests dogs are named cody and tesuque, for two of his favorite places. I believe I saw that on a news interview.

  16. Almost two years later a new searcher chimes in on the logic for not leaving the paper bills… about because they might be worthless in 300 years, sort of like confederate money….Really enjoying reading all the older post from 2013 and seeing who all is still active today, also getting a little bit of knowledge and a few more bookmarks….been at this off and on all day and just now up to SB 31….Interesting to see how the 9 Clues were discussed in a few of the SB’s.

  17. Sacagawea is one of my favorite historical people. Some one that was willing to work for the people who invaded their lands, guide them and show them the way through the west. Unselfish, dedicated to the end. Sorry Forrest Fenn, I think her aura is a little stronger than yours in my land of happiness – Unless of course I happen to cross paths with Indulgence. Then I may have to renegotiate with the mind to see if there is any change .

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