Scrapbook Thirty-three…



This is an actual email to Forrest from a searcher



Hello, Forrest!

Since you have gone on national television about the Chase, I’m sure there are many many more folks looking for the treasure.
After being stumped last October, this time I returned to Yellowstone with my boyfriend to search around the base of Osprey Falls, which if you have never been to it, is an awesome site that can only be seen by hikers.
While we didn’t find the chest, another treasure came to me that day.  I proposed to my boyfriend at a scenic overlook of Osprey Falls before the trail goes down into the canyon. He said “Yes!”
Upon our return home to New England, he surprised me with the engagement ring his mother and grandmother had worn over 80 years ago. The diamonds are hand-cut, and I am now proudly wearing a piece of his family’s history.
After many displays of affection (which scandalized the grouses and marmots!), we hiked down into Sheepeater Canyon. The base of Osprey Falls has a trail marker. It has overhangs and caves.  Sadly, even though we looked in cracks and crevices all around and below the wooden post there (the blaze) that was marking the end of the trail, we did not find the chest.
Due to recent warm weather and previous rain, Osprey Falls was in full-force and everything around its base was soaked. Thankfully, my fiance and I are well seasoned hikers and we had our rain gear on for the cold exploration.  The force of the water did not permit me to wade anywhere near the bottom of the falls.
Proposing at Yellowstone gave us an excuse to return some day and look again.  Whether we find the chest or not, Yellowstone will always be special to us.
Thanks for the Adventure, Forrest!  Any boyfriend crazy enough to follow me looking for your chest is a person I want to have adventures with for the rest of my life.

26 thoughts on “Scrapbook Thirty-three…

  1. That’s what it’s all about! Congratulations Aurora and boyfriend.Sounds like you both have found your treasure.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! You are absolutely right Aurora – I married someone willing to follow me on my crazy treasure hunts and it’s been a blast for many, many years!

  3. Sounds like a love me tender story, adventure partnership willingness to go the distance. Sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. My first thought after reading this was, “the cupidity of it all”. Then I looked up the word cupidity and wondered why I had thought that. Best Wishes Aurora. I imagine you agree with George Catlin, ” . . in a magnificent park . . . . a nation’s park, containing man and beast, in all the wild and freshness of their nature’s beauty!”

  5. Forrest Fenn 18
    Collaboration DNA 0
    Another trip next weekend though. I don’t care if Forrest Fenn gets to 100 as long as I have a 1:)

  6. SB 32—–You know it’s conspicuous absence let me know that somehow it was connected to solving the riddle. Ever since Billy broke his knee (depressed and comminuted tibial plateau fracture) he has reached out to a few of you to partner no avail. Oh well… Well then Billy has engaged the services of two secret agents to do his work for him. The first, whom I refer to as Brando acted to get Mr. Fenn to dedicate a book to a special historical person I believe is related to the chase. Brando reported back to me on f’s comments and reaction.

    The second secret agent is in intelligence and lives outside of Boston. I refer to him as Joe. In our limited conversations, Joe has managed to solve both of two questions posed to him. Amazing! The last one was last night when I asked him if SB 32 meant anything to him. His reply was 1999. I asked him why 1999 and he said that was superbowl 32. That indeed solved the riddle. Didn’t Fenn say he was a Broncos fan? Now all you need to do is figure out how Super Bowl 32 relates to solving the quest. Secret agent Joe did all the heavy lifting. The rest is easy. Don’t believe me and secret agent Joe? You could always ask “the man”. Dal..maybe you should put Super Bowl in it’s place under SB 32. IMO (for Dal) ask the man

    Best regards to all;

    1fBilly and secret agent Joe

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