Forrest To Do More Writing


April 8, 2013-

In a short note today Forrest announced that he plans to devote more time to writing and less to the search for his treasure.

fff2Forrest had three books in the works when the treasure hunt first gained notoriety in 2010. In order to get the word out about the treasure he has had to devote considerable time to the hunt over the past two and a half years and very little to completing his books. Now that the treasure hunt has reached maximum velocity with searchers from all over the world participating, Forrest feels that he can finally return to his writing. So today, Forrest announced that he will no longer be available to answer questions about the treasure on FaceBook or via email or phone. Additionally, he will be cutting back on book signings, appearances and media requests but will continue his monthly appearance on The Today Show to hand out a new clue.

In his note today Forrest said “I love all of the adventurers who are in the search but I can no longer answer, or even read, most of the 300 emails I get each day. My book has to be my priority.”

Forrest has written nine books so far on varied topics and has contributed articles to magazines and other publications. He received the New Mexico Rounder’s Award in 2012 for his contribution to the culture of the west.