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Monday April 15th

Noon Monday – Mile  0.  left the island at 9am this morning and had to wait til 11am to get my van out of the shop in Bellingham. I was tagged last week  by a brand spankin new Toyota fancy sedan. If you must get bumped by someone, choose someone in a brand new car with lots of insurance. Anyway. It’s all fixed now. Great job!!

This what it looked like right after I got hit. Poor Esmerelda. But she's good as new now...276,000 miles and roarin to go to Santa Fe...I hope!

What it looked like right after I got hit. Poor Esmerelda. But she’s good as new now…276,000 miles and roarin to go to Santa Fe…I hope!

630pm Monday – Mile 347. Gas & go in Umatilla, OR. Free wifi so updated blog.


Just past Umatilla. Getting to be sunset on Monday.

Midnight Monday – Mile 546. Pulled into a rest stop near Mountain Home and fell asleep.


Tuesday April 16

6am Tuesday. Started driving east again.

Ran into snow again on US6 through Spanish Forks. Some accumulation.

Near Soldiers Pass on US6 between Provo and Helper, UT.

Near Soldiers Summit on US6 between Provo and Helper, UT.

1230p Monday Stopped for lunch in Helper, UT. Nice folks. The town has certainly seen more prosperous days. Mining town. Used to mine nickle. Now its coal. Stopped in a couple of antique stores to stretch my legs.

5pm Monday – Mile 1167. Wilson’s arch along Hwy 191.

Wilson's Arch along highway 191 between Moab and Monticello, UT

Wilson’s Arch along highway 191 between Moab and Monticello, UT

8pm Tuesday -Mile 1256. Monticello, UT. Will stay here for the night. Update blog. Had a buffalo burger at the Ranch House restaurant. 6hrs fromSanta Fe.

7am Wednesday morning. 3 inches of snow on Esmerelda. 20 degrees.  Slushy Roads. Followed a snowplow for the first 11 miles. It may take longer than 6 hours to get to Santa Fe.

Noon Wednesday. In New Mexico. Lighter snow. None sticking.

It's about time. Very cold but snow is not sticking. I hate driving in snow.

It’s about time. Very cold but snow is not sticking. I hate driving in snow.

4pm  Friday- Mile 1,787. Santa Fe, NM. Checked in to Inn at Loretto in downtown Santa Fe. I don’t think the valet guys park many 14 year old vans here. But they treat Esmerelda like she is a Mercedes.

The Inn at Loretto

The Inn at Loretto

5pm Wednesday evening. Meet with the Japanese TV crew. Really nice folks. They  film me in the lounge at the Inn. It takes a half hour. More filming with them tomorrow as we hunt for the treasure.

550pm Wednesday. Park illegally in front of Collected Works Bookstore. Grab camera and run inside. It’s standing room only. 150 people crammed into the bookstore to listen to Forrest, Michael McGarrity and Douglas Preston. They have had these events before but never to a crowd of this size. I cannot find a place to shoot from. I can’t even find a place to stand. I am about to head out the door when a a guy offers me a seat he has been saving for his friend, who did not show. He tells me he recognizes me from the blog. It’s Rich. I take his kind offering. I cannot see Forrest from where this seat is located but at least I am close enough to record decent audio. There is no sense in trying to record video.

McGarrity and Preston on stage with Forrest. Forrest is behind the pillar...I am lucky to have been offered a seat. Even if I cannot realistically film from there because I cannot see Forrest.

McGarrity and Preston on stage with Forrest. Forrest is behind the pillar…I am lucky to have been offered a seat. Even if I cannot realistically film from there because I cannot see Forrest.

7PM Wednesday evening. After the event at Collected Works. I meet some blog folks there including Stephan the Pantsless Pirate and his beautiful wife. They are both wearing pants. Rich, who provided me with a seat. Bonnie and lovely family. I also meet Dorothy and Mary from the bookstore. There are several others as well….YEA BLOGGERS….Forrest joins the blog group and is familiar with all the blog nicknames. We stand around and talk clues…well, what did you expect?

Everyone is having a good time. I am soooo glad I did not leave. What a wonderful group of people the bloggers are.

9am Thursday. Meeting with the Japanese crew. We head north toward Taos and the treasure (maybe). I have decided to revisit a place that looked promising but where I ran out of time on my first search. You might remember this place. North of Taos on the Rio Grande. The John Dunn Bridge area. I found an “F” carved in a rock there. But no chest. People ask me how I followed the clues to this spot. Here goes:

Where Warm Waters Halt = the start of the gorge at the NM/CO border. Based on an essay by Tony Hillerman on the Rio Grande.

Take It In THe Canyon Down = the Gorge of the Rio Grande. Also known as the Box. An 800 foot deep canyon that is about 25 miles long.

Not Far, But To Far To Walk = about 17 miles from the CO/NM border.

Put In Below The Home Of Brown = downstream and also south of the Rio Hondo a popular Brown trout stream.

From there it’s no place for the meek = the canyon is a difficult place. There are limited trails and beyond the trails it is rugged walking over uneven, steeply sloping ground and around huge boulders. Another interpretation of meek could also refer to the terrible spring house that was built by Alfred Manby down here. It was so dark and frightening that the public refused to use it. yet another interpretation could be the steep and rugged road on the west side of the canyon leading back up to the mesa.

The End Is Ever Drawing Nigh = as you walk downstream you are headed to the end of the canyon and the end of the trail.

There’ll Be No Paddle Up Your Creek = Manby Hot Springs also known as Stagecoach Hot Springs which seeps from the side of the canon and into the Rio Grande.

Just Heavy Loads And Water High = the large boulders where the springs comes out of and when the Rio is high it floods both the upper and lower pools of the hot spring.

The Blaze = the “F” carved in rock up the canon wall just inside a cave.

The alluring "F" near the John Dunn Bridge and the Manby Hot Springs.

The alluring “F” near the John Dunn Bridge and the Manby Hot Springs.

The JapanTV crew mugging for my camera.

The JapanTV crew mugging for my camera.

Ike their fearless cameraman.

Ike their fearless cameraman.

Chiho working her way back up from the canyon bottom.

Chiho working her way back up from the canyon bottom.

No! We did not find the chest. We looked around a little more. Temperatures dropped quickly. The wind came up suddenly and it began to snow. So we decided to take off and head over the Sangre de Christo’s where the weather looked better. We had lunch in Cimarron and tried to find a blaze I saw three times but was never able to check out. Unfortunately, I could not find the blaze this time …and no…we did not find it there either.

It was dark at about 9pm when I finally got back to Santa Fe. Another 450 miles on Esmerelda.

Friday 9am. Meet Forrest at his house to film his art direction session for his new book. Susan and Lou bring ideas for the book layout and design to show Forrest.

Lou and Susan bring design ideas for Forrest's latest book, To Far Too Walk, coming out this summer.

Lou and Susan bring design ideas for Forrest’s latest book, To Far Too Walk, coming out this summer.

A layout idea for a story in Forrest's new book coming out later this year.

A layout idea for a story in Forrest’s new book coming out later this year.

We also had Forrest demonstrate how to tie his favorite (and trout’s favorite) wet flies. But wait there’s more… Forrest took us out to his pottery shard pile and showed us a thing or two about prehistoric and historic pottery making in the southwest.

Forrest holding a pottery shard from his shard pile as he explains a few things about how early Americans creating and decorated pottery

Forrest holding a pottery shard from his shard pile as he explains a few things about how early Americans created and decorated pottery

We also visited Forrest’s lab where he explains some of the unique artifacts and value of the digs at his pueblo, San Lazaro.

Forrest in his private lab where he brings items from San Lazaro to be examined and stored

Forrest in his private lab where he brings items from San Lazaro to be examined and stored

Saturday 10am. Margie Goldsmith, Irene Rawlings, a lovely friend of Irene’s by the name of Marty and Forrest all head out to do some shopping and walking around Santa Fe.

Marty, Margie, Forrest & Irene on the prowl

Marty, Margie, Forrest & Irene on the prowl

Irene Rawlings is the Media Maven of Denver. She is host of FOCUS on the Clear Channel radio network across the country and has written several books including her latest Cast Iron Cooking With Sisters On The Fly. Irene has been instrumental in moving Forrest’s story beyond the city limits of Santa Fe. http://www.irenerawlings.com

Irene Rawlings

Irene Rawlings

Irene's new book

Irene’s new book

Margie Goldsmith as you all know has written three Huffington Post stories about the treasure chest and broke the story nationally. She also penned the lovely Hemispheres story which appeared in United Airlines seat pockets during the month of January 2013 and which has been credited with getting the Today Show interested in Forrest’s story. Margie is a gifted freelance writer. http://www.mgproductions.com

Margie is the one on the left

Margie is the one on the left

First stop is Wendy Lane Henry’s, Back At The Ranch Cowboy Boots on Marcy Street..Forrest’s fav boot shop. Wendy outfits celebrities like Renee Zellweger and Randy Travis and provides custom made boots. Margie is interested in a pair of low rise cowboy girl boots. What a great place. Margie finds a pair of boots in an astonishingly short period of time (for a girl). The rest of us just gawk and offer varying opinions. Marty and I entertain ourselves by taking pictures of boots and Margie’s feet.

Inside Back of the Ranch

Inside Back of the Ranch

Margie tries on boots

Margie tries on boots

Saying bye bye to boots

Saying bye bye to boots

In the lot Forrest cleans up his Purple Heart plate. “I got this the hard way.” he says.

Forrest's license plate illustrates part of his meritorious service in Vietnam

Forrest’s license plate illustrates part of his meritorious service in Vietnam

Next we head over to the Santa Fe Railyard and the Flea Market for some browsing.

M & F & I stroll down the street

M & F & I stroll down the street

The flea market collects all kinds of interesting folks

The flea market collects all kinds of interesting folks

Forrest examines some beads for authenticity

Forrest examines some beads for authenticity

The women have found some jewelry to consider

The women have found some jewelry to consider

After about an hour with the fleas we look for lunch. We choose the busiest cafe in Santa Fe because it’s close by. It’s a locavore hangout and they have a map showing where their local raw materials come from. Forrest takes this opportunity to show us precisely where the the treasure chest is not hidden.

Forrest tells us that the treasure is hidden near some dairy goats...NOT!

Forrest tells us that the treasure is hidden near some dairy goats…NOT!

After lunch we head over to the State Capital where Forrest has an appointment for a TV interview with Lorene Mills. Lorene hosts a talk show called Report From Santa Fe that airs on several PBS outlets in the State . This is her third interview with Forrest since he hid the treasure. Her studio is very snug…She’s taken a press office and turned it into an entire production facility. Pretty nifty. You can find all three interviews with Forrest on the shows website  http://www.reportfromsantafe.com

To find the Forrest Interviews go to her archive and search on Forrest Fenn.

Forrest & Lorene posing for a publicity still

Forrest on the set with Lorene. Lurkers in the background

Forrest & Lorene posing for a publicity still

Forrest & Lorene posing for a publicity still

More to come including my latest search and poor Esmerelda takes one for the Gipper in Utah..

CLICK HERE for Part Two


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  1. Have a great trip Dal! We’ll all be waiting for updates from you to help feed our curiosity about your excursion to NM and the Japanese tourists. 🙂

  2. Poor Esmerelda……..glad she’s feeling all better.

    Esmerelda should know the way by now………..do you just hang out and enjoy the scenery?

  3. Hope you have a safe and relaxing trip Dal. We will all be here waiting for another great video.

  4. With all the problems in this world; bombs going off everywhere, and he worries about some little afterthought of a dimple in his vans little pinky fender. With 276,000 miles on that thing it’s probably not even capable of performing road kill anymore. Who wants to bet that he doesn’t get a long-distance call away from his island?

        • No pink there…hubby works for DOT and can tell me the species or the roadkill, how it died, how fast the car was that hit it…all from like a mile or two away…it’s pretty amusing to take a roadtrip with him. Oh by the way….I did see armadillo roadkill in Texas. Not sure I ever mentioned that. I always wanted to see an armadillo…in Amarillo. It wasn’t in Amarillo though…

        • Hey $bill…who are you by the way? State, marital status, children, ever go out West yet to search if you don’t already live there. Just curious…hopefully I didn’t already ask you those questions lol. It takes me a while to remember things.

      • In jr. high, I dated a girl from Amarillo. Very flat land. Never saw any Armadillos either, dang. I too worked for a DOT&FCD, but not in law enforcement. Now to answer your questions: AZ, nope, yep, and yep. When you finish your book, send me a copy.

        • I was going to put the book in a chest and hide it. I figured people in 1000 years would want to know who you were too since you seem like such a fun guy.

      • I bet your chest is pink plastic with no real goodies in it. Maybe even a pink Wal-Mart bag. I would probably be a half sentence side thought about a fun guy who worshiped the pink ladies. My blood lines would be so embarrassed that they would change their names and go into hiding, especially when your chest is found within the first few hours after hiding it. Okay, sounds good, I will email you all the info you want, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

    • Thanks for dropping by Forrest. No road trip for me – I’ll stay home and watch some spaghetti westerns tonight for inspiration – and who knows, maybe some clues. Wouldn’t that be something.

    • A dimple in his van! Hehe!! *Giggling behind my hand* $bill I’d like to know who you are too by the way! After all we let you name us! Its only fair!!!!

        • $Bill! I thought you named us!!!!! In fact I am sure you came up with our initials!! Humph!!
          I do want to know all about you though! I like knowing my friends!! 🙂 Wait, ok I will write a book too, there now tell me about you!?
          (I actually started a book once, about a different topic though)

          • We’ll put both books in the plastic pink box. Don’t try and get out of the fact you gave us our initials $bill. Ok, back to heavy loads of laundry….you guys need to stop talking so I can get some things done around here…your all addicted to me.

  5. @Dal,
    Tell Esmerelda not to pay any attention to the Grumpy Old Guy……She probably totaled that fancy sedan.

    Dal, just between us………you do have long distance don’t you?

      • Good Morning Dal,

        I hope you are doing well. All the pictures above I really need to ask. Did Fenn send you the all pictures or just some of them? If so which ones exactly did he send you to post on here? Please email me your answer at geydelkon at Yahoo

  6. I have always been the type to believe in the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Like a great old boxer showing his scars, Each and every one of the dents and scratches on my truck is a memory of something fun or exciting that I encountered or a good lesson learned. Someday I “might” get too old to drive, but as I sit there in my porch rocker reminiscing, I will have that old beat up truck sitting there like a great old movie I’ve watched 100 times.

    • I felt that way about my cedar strip canoe. Every belly scar told as story… And I have a few good ones about wilderness canoeing” S”

  7. Here in RI….Boston is a mess…..safe trails to you Dal….from SoUSAville ….sending prayers out to all on this somber Patriots Day.

  8. I hoped maybe dal would be so preoccupied with updating his blog he would forget about the chase. Happy trails

    • @Derrick,
      They were probably some of Dal’s groupies…….It will probably take him a week to get to Santa Fe; being mobbed for autographs and wanting to get a look at his ice ax. 😆

  9. Are you making any progress on “How to Learn Japanese in 1,500 miles”? Did you watch Kramer entertain the Japanese on Seinfeld? Remember, first thing is the cowboy hats. Don’t listen to the Esmerelda critics. A good experienced Esmerelda can always be counted on to get you there.

  10. Dal,
    If you get a chance, get on HWY 12 in Colorado, and go to where warm waters halt. Stone Wall, CO
    And take it in the canyon down, the Purgatorie River. Not far, but too far to walk to the Home of Brown, an abandoned Adobe home built like a covered Bridge over the North Fork of the Purgatorie River. From there its no place for the meek-Because your on the Purgatorie River, the end is drawing Ever Nigh. The N Fork is on the left as you take it in the canyon down…No Paddle up that creek-but miners paradise!! heavy loads!!

  11. S = 19
    A = 1
    F = 6
    A = 1
    R = 18
    I = 9

    TOTAL = 54 (5+4=9) 9 clues

    G = 7
    M = 13
    C = 3

    TOTAL = 23 (24 verses/lines in Forrest Fenn’s Poem, just off by 1!)

    LOL 🙂

    Keep us posted Dal “Captain of this Ship”

  12. Dal, I’m also a Washingtonian. It’s a coincidence we left on same day. I’m about 3hrs behind you and hot on your trail or maybe not ;)! Pulled into Umatilla about 9:30pm and bedding down for the night. Maybe we’ll cross paths somewhere in the wood. Good luck to ya!

  13. Dal, I truly wish you the best of luck on your trip.Esmerelda is a good name for a van.I have had many over the years and they can be counted on in a bunch of different ways.The japanese searchers probably think you are Indiana Jones’ brother so make sure you where the hat at least.Have a great time and keep us updated.

  14. DAL, on your return trip come across hwy 12 from Lolo to Lewiston and let me take a look at your treasure.

    Be safe and happy hunting!

  15. Dal
    Good luck on your trip. Nice to see you appreciate Esmerelda after all those miles. Maybe after you find the chest she can retire! Hopefully that will be the worst you will have to deal with in this adventure. At least you aren’t driving here in MA, they call us Massholes! 🙂

      • dperez
        I’m in Sterling, between Boston and Worcester. Tiny little town that is barely on the map! 🙂 Where are you?

        • @Oakleygirl.. Hiya neighbor.. I’m in Groton, MA Yea…PINK team!!!
          Been following the blog for a while and wish I had the time to go out and do some searching for the treasure but for now, I’ll content myself to watch and learn from the ‘masters’ of the hunt. Best of luck to all who are out there searching.. be safe.. and for goodness sakes… let those of us who are dying to find out WHERE the treasure is, let us know if you find it..

        • Suzanne & Oakleygirl
          I’m in Revere, been following this since February. Would love to go out & search. LOL Go Pink Team

        • Suz and Dorene
          I started in Feb as well. Glad to know I’m not alone out here!!! Would love to head out as well… just don’t have “that perfect spot” yet. If you want to brainstorm let me know.

        • oakleygirl
          I have quite a few spots in 3 states. I haven’t narrowed them down to perfect spots but the fun is in the exploring. I’d like to check out NM first. Would love one of those Bells.

        • Been to the Davis Family Farm for the mazes with the kids I live just below the Quabbin.

        • MA is well represented!!! I’ve been focusing on NM as well. I tend to think YNP is too obvious at this point. It seems so unfair to be so far away from the hunt, but everyone needs to start by doing research anyway. It would be fun to have a group from here head out together in the future. Did any of you read the book yet?

        • Read the book, good read. I think YNP was very special to him as a child, however there are quite a few places that were also special as an adult. If a group of us went together we’d have to pick another color! Why is the reply link not posting?

  16. Hi: I left a comment here yesterday for the first time – I just joined – but I never saw it posted and I didn’t get any replies which leads me to believe that it never did post. Any ideas how I can get it back to re-post. Thanks!


    • Mary, I saw your post. Sometimes, they don’t post in order (something to do with the wordpress blog). In the Clues post (part 8), your post is just over halfway down. You can do a search for your login name and find it.

      • oh good grief – now if I could only figure out where the ‘Clues post (part 8)’ is i might be able to find it. does anyone ever get kicked off this blog for being too dumb to even find posts?? 🙁

  17. As I go into the spansh valley down where it is Dark. I go in with light aLone. Cattle herds with nothng to say that we are Here. Travel with past behind and new beginnings. Peace and safe travels for you Dal.

  18. Hi Dal, Your path should be clear, No need to hurry. The poem is not ambiguous, it’s devious, sometimes the answers are behind us, rather than where we are looking. Best Of Luck James

  19. PS. If you see any old foxes, dressed like hounds, just ignore them. (Add smiley face here) James

    • James if you already know this ignor me, but to do a smiley face from a computer or smart device just do a Colon, Dash, and Parenthesis so a 🙂 would be : – ) (All together no spaces)
      A 🙁 would be : – ( and a winky face would be a semi colon 😉 ; – )
      So you don’t have to write it out anymore!
      I hope this comes out okay since i can’t delete it if it doesn’t!

  20. Oh found it thanks to gettingclose1 – thank you. I posted yesterday but it took a long time to post – i guess it was under quarantine – thanks all – hope to hear from you.

    Hi everyone. Well I just learned about this whole treasure hunt one day sitting in my office in a downtown L.A. high rise, when I clicked on msn.com to check out the news. Loving New Mexico and being a New Mexican once removed (my mom was from Silver City), and a good mystery I became fascinated. I’ve read the poem over and over, and the only thing I can figure out is that there could be a million ways to go with these clues – symbolic, numeric, etc, etc. . Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to figure it out or find the treasure BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t love the mystery of it all. I will be in Santa Fe next month and am wondering if there are any groups around who would like to sit around and talk about this and share stories (like Dal’s wonderful story of his search and meeting Mr. Yellowhat) – sort of a treasure hunt club? If so, let me know – would love to sit around a camp fire – or a bar – and be a part of it. Thanks and take care.

        • Well if you are a boy you go on team blue. If you are a girl you go on team PINK! And team PINK will win!!

        • jen sorry to say but team Pink is not going to win diddly. Only thing you Pinkies might be winning is an invite to my celebration party once I discover Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Chest.

        • mayinsantafe I underestimate everyone even myself! I honestly believe that I will NOT solve the Poem and discover the Treasure Trove but as I stated “more than likely I’m underestimating myself.

          • VGBOSS: I’m not going to find it either – I’m not even looking. The extent of my search is reading and re-reading the Poem – and every time I do my mind starts going in a million different directions then I have to just walk away. What is most fun for me is sitting back and just watching – not Forrest’s intention, but that’s all I can do – maybe when I’m in Santa Fe I’ll venture out for a little search – but who knows. I hope all the people who are searching are careful and kind. And again, it would be so much fun to gather in a group in Santa Fe, but since I’ve had no takers to meet up, I guess I’ll just wander about the town and I’m sure I’ll find hunters. I’ll report my adventures and take some pictures.

          • Well I guess that leaves Steph me and our pink girls to find it! Haha! Don’t worry VG ill invite you to MY celebration party!

            j ~ PFW

        • TIM!!! I lost your email to me. Any chance you can send it again? I was using my phone and when I do that…I’ve been losing emails. I know there was at least one other that someone wrote me and I lost and feel terrible. Write back if you haven’t heard from me.

        • Lol Tim! You can be Purple! You might have to retell your story if the other boys get jealous of your status. 😉

          j ~ PFW

        • Tim,

          I’ll be on team purple too. It’s my favorite color, if you can’t tell by my blog at http://www.pjstyle.com. I’m an engineer and my wife’s an engineer. Men and Woman have similar capabiliies, woman just have a special power over men. I’ll leave that to your imagination. Good luck to all. Go Team Purple!


        • I, too, must self-identify as a purple…but with two pinks and 1 blue in my “search squad” (with me the blue), that would make us “maroons”.

          If our team doesn’t find it, I’m pulling for pink (sorry guys).

  21. PS I am ASSuming that MAYinSF means your name is May but I never know! People come up with some odd names!

    • Ok, well then duh, I am on the pink team!! go PiNK team.

      Nope, my name is Mary – I was having a hard time coming up with a name – I guess there are too many Marys – so in frustration I put in mayinsantafe because in May I will be in Santa Fe. Can’t wait. As you can see I’m no threat to finding the treasure but I sure do think this is fun!

      • Everyone’s a threat when it comes to Trea$ure! You just have to know who you can trust and that circle of trust is very small. While I enjoy commenting on this blog I can honestly say that I only trust 1 person, on this blog, with whom I can actually speak to, who I believe is normal, via email/social messaging away from this blog. Sorry that’s just the way I see it. You want trust? Well it must be earned just like everything else. Give and Take baby!

      • I went and looked, and realized that I’d left something behind. I helped my wife pick out a pair of hiking boots today. James

  22. Ok VGBOSS – you’re obviously on the blue team. So that says a lot right there!! 😉 I don’t remember asking for trust – does anyone remember me saying that? I’m not going to Santa Fe for the hunt – I go to Santa Fe often – I LOVE Santa Fe, my best friend lives there, and my hubby and I want to move there. I’m only going to be there for about 10 days – I’ll be hitting all my favorite restaurants, checking out some real estate, visiting a million galleries and hanging out with my best friend. Now, having said that, if I happen to see a blaze and look quickly down and see the treasure, you can best believe I’m picking it up and hauling my behind out of there.

    Anyway, it would be fun, as I explained in my original post yesterday, to spend one lazy afternoon or evening hanging out with treasure hunters, and talking about it. I don’t know where – maybe in the backyard of the house I’m renting while there – or the Plaza – or that fun bar next to El Farol – don’t know! Or maybe you’ll find me in the Plaza on May 12 – I’ll be the one drinking out of my old X Files “Trust No One” cup!!!

    • mayinsantafe You sound like a great individual however sound and trust are two totally different things. I do wish I was more trustworthy of people, I need to work on that – I know.

      Maybe I need to go with Dal on a few trips or hire him as my guide and build some trust with the folks that he knows.

      • Thank you VGBOSS – here’s the deal. I have a full time job, I also sell art on the side and I built somethng in my garden that a landscape wants me to start doing for his customers – I also have many other interests and obligations – just like you and everyone else. What I’m saying here is as fun and fascinating as this treasure hunt is I don’t have a ton of time to work on it and I’m stuck on the 28th floor of a high rise in downton Los Angeles. Also, as many times as I’ve read the poem, I don’t even have the book – so bascially I got nothin’ you know? The poem as far as I can tell is either really, really simple, in a can’t see the forest for the trees way, or so very complex that Einstein wouldn’t have been able to figure it out- it can go in a ton of different directions – symbolic, numeric, and on and on. Perhaps the treasure is as simple as finding something wonderful within yourself that is more precious than gold and having fun is what Forrest really intended. I don’t know – so before I go further off the deep here – who the heck wants to meet up in Santa Fe for the Pink Hunt Club??? Anyone? Anyone? 🙂

    • I hear you mayinsantafe. I too have obligations. I run a sports business. Every now and then I choose a hobby of sorts to help me step, somewhat, away from my business to chill out and get new ideas, if you know what I mean. Not a vacation of sorts, but a different hobby is what I search for once in a while. When this Thrill of the Chase hit nationally, on the Today Show, I chose to get onboard and decided to make it my hobby. So yes I hear you.

      Forrest Fenn has stated many times you don’t need the book but only the Poem but that the book may help. I personally stick to the Poem, the book I have just there on my bookshelf but not really diving into it if you know what I mean. I say if you can’t understand half the Poem what makes you think the Book will help you understand it not unless you smack yourself over the head 9 times with the book and the Poem will become clearer with each smack and finally see the X spot and go confidently to the Chest. Maybe that’s what Forrest Fenn’s Memoir Book is intended for…to smack yourself to help you solve the Poem.

      I agree Albert Einstein wouldn’t have been able to figure out the Poem. To begin with he didn’t have Internet as a resource such as to blog with people and go through Google Earth or what have you. I have a hard time imagining Einstein hiking up and down a Canyon or searching through a River. I just can’t see Albert doing that. He would probably be using more advanced equations than I do in trying to figure it all out, on chalk board and with the way Forrest Fenn’s Poem is, so complex, Albert would need 3 to 4 chalk boards or even more.

      I would love to meet you in Santa Fe to work on my trust thingy but I don’t know about being around so many Pinkies, kind of intimidating. Plus what would the Blues say?

      • Hey VGBOSS – I am picking up what you’re laying down and I’m with you. – 😉 And we all need other stuff to do – just like I’m not doing my job right now. Look don’t worry about the Pinkies or what the Blues would say – it will be fine – trust me.

        Now, since I am new here and new to this hunt – it’s time to put in my 2 cents’ worth here and while I’m sure this has probably been hashed out already still I’ll throw it in. – you know in the poem where he talks about Brown – has the Brown Ranch been considered at all? Or the outlaw Brown – any hints on the Brown connection? Also, it seemed to me that when I first heard about this (and I honestly can’t remember for sure) but wasn’t the treasure in New Mexico – now it seems people are talking about it being just about anywhere. Just wondering

        • Howdy from Mo. I researched Who Do Brown many times. A relative of his (Brown was the black sheep of the family) asked me to research Brown at Las Vegas, N.M. Yes, Mr. Brown was a black sheep, but he is more connected with the Lincoln Cty. wars – you know Billy the Kid and all that. Brown is buried in Lexington, Mo.

        • MayinSantafe
          I researched the outlaw Henry Brown and Billy the Kid quite extensively but could not find anything linking them north of Santa Fe. Brown was in the Lincoln Country War as part of the regulators, but he fled south to Texas and became a lawman for a while. Could never link him back to the State. Not sure if anyone had any other luck.
          The Wolf

      • mayinsantafe you’ll have to leave this thread titled, On the Hunt which is in regards to Dal’s trip meeting up with some media folks from Japan, and search for that BROWN stuff on other topics like the NINE CLUES topics and there are 8 threads to that topic already with a total of over 5,000 comments! I’m sure you will find people’s comments about the “home of Brown” line within the Poem.

  23. jen I believe you have a gift, the gift of trust. Maybe you are just one of those people who immediately hits it off with others in a positive way. Like I stated in my comment above…I need to work on trusting others, strangers, no matter the outcome or consequence. We are all ONE anyways, so if I don’t trust some people then I’m not trusting myself. “I Am that I Am”

    • This is true!! But I think some caution is a good thing! Especially when treasure is involved! People get crazy when they see dollar signs!


  24. For the love of money is the root of all evil, that means the greed, avarice and lust for it not the simple, yes I need it , like it’s a tool and a wonderful one to have at times too 🙂 Boy, I need a BIGGER toolbox! lol 🙂

  25. In there alone I have gone
    Bold and with my Treasure

    Where I can keep my secret
    New and old riches and a hint of

    Waters Halt, warm waters begin
    Down the canyon take it in

    Too far to walk, Not far
    The brown home, below put in

    For the meek, its no place from there
    Ever drawing nigh, is the end

    Paddle up, there will be no creek
    If you found the blaze, you’ve been wise

    Look quickly down, To cease your quest
    Tarry scant, But with marvel gze

    Go in peace & just take the chest
    I must go, So why is it?

    And for all to seek, leave my trove
    Now Im week & I have done it tired

    So listen good & hear me all
    The cold your effort will be worth

    And in the wood, If your are brave
    The Gold the title I’ll give to you

      • mayinsantafe

        I different take on the poem..no disrespect of the orginal concept or its author!

    • Now that was cool! I know f said not to change the poem around, but that was really neat! Helps to think about it!

    • Wreckfinder
      Very interesting!! I can’t believe how it seems to make more sense that way… that is thinking outside the box for sure!

      • Thinking outside the box might just get you to the real romanesque lock box or it might get you inside a asylum room box.

        Funny that if Forrest Fenn would have originally written the Poem like WRECKFINDER did above then WRECKFINDER, today, would be posting how Forrest Fenn’s Poem is actually written in his Book.

      • VG
        I certainly can’t stop thinking about the poem, but I’m not going to let it drive me crazy. 🙂 I am still probably one of the few who believes the solution is found by figuring out the clues, as written by ff, without changing anything. I am just amazed at how the poem can make so much sense by simply switching it around like WRECK did. Although if any of us knew what ff truly meant with the clues, we’d have the treasure by now. I am addicted to knowing the solution no matter what method worked to figure it out!

        • I agree Oak – can’t wait for the solution – I know everyone is going to have a could have had a V-8 moment and smack themselves on the head for not getting it.

        • I think you can’t figure out the poem exactly. Fenn wrote it a certain way (broad) for a reason. His purpose was to get people off the couch and out into the wilderness. The only way you can do that is to keep it so broad that you would have to literally get out there and check every warm waters halting place there is in the Rockies. One after the other until you find it. I don’t think you’ll ever have a really great starting place. You will think you do but then it can change like the weather. Think about how many places you’ve come up with already that sounded perfect but in some way or another you could see the wrench thrown in somewhere. Just pick a few spots and get off the couch and look 🙂

      • Mary
        I guess we are also assuming that whoever finds the treasure will share the solution with us! If not, then I will go crazy!!! Welcome to the hunt!

      • oakleygirl Poem is the KEY, but……………….well that I cannot share for not many share their dangerous insights to Poem so I will halt from doing so as well.

        But yes the Poem contains many clues, which I too believe, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the Poem.

        WRECKFINDER yes, he WRECKED the Poem horribly like the person who wrecked the side of Dal’s Safari Van, but WRECKFINDER tried and shared his thoughts which is what matters and what I love about this blog. More people should post their opinions so they can be made fun of, just kidding, so we can move ahead with the Chase and discover the darn thing already. The more comments the better, the more fun, the more THRILL!

        oakleygirl that’s the thing about the Poem, it’s so awesome that anything that you hear, see, taste, touch or word you speak out of your mouth is a clue! Just like your username on here.. oakleygirl it may contain a clue I’m sure…maybe the word OAK! Maybe the Treasure Trove, Chest, is surrounded by OAK!

    • What in tarnation’s?

      You certainly have WRECKED the poem horribly WRECKFINDER.

      That didn’t help me at all…instead I think it made me lose my concentration right when I was about to decipher the Poem 100%.

      In fact I probably was about to have my EUREKA moment but then I read your dysfunctional Poem organization, thought process, and my EUREKA moment passed me by.

      Thanks a lot! There goes months of hard work…out the window.

    • Wreck,

      Great Translation. It sounds like Yoda talking. Maybe we need to use the force to unlock the secrets of the poem. The treasure seek you?

      Good luck all.

    • okey dokey –

      ” your effort will be worth the cold”


      “in the wood”

      coal is made from wood – tarry

      There are coal mines all over that area.

  26. I’m new to the chase as well. My 10 year old and I will me making a trek to the mountains this summer…2 more on the Blue team

    • Welcome to the blue……you don’t stand a chance against pink, er I mean GOOD LUCK!!!! Really welcome aboard to the both of you!

      j ~ PFW Team Pink!

    • Will in Texas has just increased our ODDS! Welcome aboard the Esmerelda…Please don’t refrain from sharing your thoughts/opinions in regards to the Poem, but be careful there are Pinkies out there, lurking, that will attempt to use every weapon in their arsenal to get dangerous insights about the Poem. Welcome aboard!

      • No it’s every man for themselves. Jeff’s on the blue team(he doesn’t know this, but it’s all in the DNA)….if we see it, I’m going to trip him and just grab it and go. Poor guy…thinks we’re sharing. Pink Pride here baby!!

        • What Steph said! My hubby (he’s a Jeff too Steph) is team blue too. Beware, us wives tend to have sharper eyesight!

          j ~ PFW

      • lol, too funny. Next time you and Jeff take off in the car, send me an email and I’ll get you directions to our home, much better than sleeping in the car, since you’re so close to us.

        • Your too sweet! I wish we could go back to driving, because I really love road trips better than flying…although I’ve gotten really used to flying. I don’t even mind the turbulence anymore. My husband’s time off is the bigger issue. He’s done to next to nothing as far as that goes and so we have to wait a while to save up with that and also money. Thanks again though Derrick. I’ve just met the nicest people through this. *hugs*

  27. TO ONE & ALL!!

    The last line in the first verse..In There..? I do not think it is a reference to water..one does not go IN there when they enter the water..sounds more like a specific place or area..where ever “there” is I believe is an important place of some kind!

  28. I found a can of crush strawberry soda along with broken pottery chards jammed under a rock in a cold rivulet north of Santa Fe, above 5000 ft, past some old outhouses and asked forrest about it but didn’t get a reply yet. Does this find have any significance to anyone?

    • The Indians drank Strawberry soda???? Who knew. You most likely won’t get a reply from Forrest…he’s writing his book and not responding to emails. When I was out last week…I forgot to mention that I saw a snake and when we scared it, it slithered under a big giant boulder. I’d be very very careful with looking around rocks. Use a stick maybe to poke. I also heard someone say that they can be in fire pits. Maybe from the warmth of the ash.

  29. Hey let’s all go INto the waterfall.

    Just kidding but seriously one can go IN there alone anywhere with or without water in or around the area.

    – CAVE
    – CANYON
    – FOREST
    etc… (List can go on and on)

    • VGBOSS:

      I read where the Santa Fe Forest Service is planning on closing caves to the general public due to something from humans skin can contaminate the bats!

      With a statement ” AsI have gone alone in there”!! “IN THERE may be a special place you usually dont go alone? Food for thought!

      I question a lot of things having had some bad experiences going into places I thought were empty..

      Walk Lightly!

      • WRECKFINDER I hear you but if you go in SOME PLACE with someone or two other people and you all find the Chest more than likely you won’t be coming out. In my opinion I rather go in there along like Forrest Fenn did, brave and in the wood baby!

  30. What does it take to get rid of the PINK square? Or does it represent my “PINKY FINGER”?

    Wondering Wandererererer!

      • WRECKFINDER never implied anything of the sort in fact I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. I was simply saying that I personally wouldn’t go into a Cave or such with another person or a group if the Chest is actually found; as GOLD changes people and could wind up a dangerous situation. GREED shows its face quick. That’s all I was saying.

  31. Has anyone heard from dal? Is he still in Umatilla filling Esmerelda up with gas? Has he learned Japanese? Why haven’t we heard from the blue chief? Are you pink ladies hoarding more secrets for your books?

    • He’s in Colorado. We can’t tell you about our secrets….it’s not because they’re secrets…it’s because you men can’t handle knowing the things we know.

      • You mean knowing: “Why is my wallet empty?” “Where did that dent in the car come from?” “Was Oprah interesting today?” “Why do you need so many clothes, you don’t go anywhere?” “Where are the kids?” “Why was the telephone busy all day?” “Where is dinner?” “Where is the remote?” “Why can’t my friends come over?” “Where is the vodka?” “What was that in my lunch today?” “What do you mean sleep on the couch?”

        • Either this is a synopsis of your life or Ricky Ricardo’s…lol…”someones got some splainin to do Lucy.”

        • LOL Obviously I have accumulated a few too many hours in front of the tube. But maybe someone else has too? lol Good to see you and Esmeralda are making safe progress.


    I and I’m sure everyone else appreciates your time and effort.

  33. Dal, Love the Moab area and Arches National Monument and your Wilson’s Arch picy. Reminds me of our trip through there a few years back. Thanks for the update.

    Will you be at Forrest’s talk at Collected Works Wed night with Douglas Preston? I just bought “The Codex”, the book Preston wrote which is supposed to be very loosely based on Forrest. Maybe I’ll find some clues there. 🙂

    • I went there and made face time with some of the great writers and commenters on this blog..
      Wahta BLAST! 😎

    • Good morning all – hope everyone is well and happy today. I’m dying to hear about last night at Collected Works. I so wish I could have been there – told my best friend to go (she lives in Santa Fe) but she didn’t go!!! 🙁 So any and all news and pictures would be most appreciated. Hope to hear. 🙂

  34. Dal,
    Thanks for driving through our beautiful state (UT). Next time, wave and I’ll wave back. LOL

  35. Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday 4 weeks and 2 days and I’m heading to Santa Fe. Can’t wait. Looking at Dal’s pictures makes me want to be on the road too. Yippee!

  36. Report from Yellowstone. Its about 13 dgrees Fahrenhiet or 3 Celsius if your keeping track. I’m going with Fahrenhiet it makes it feel warmer. The snow is still way deep. Bears are out and are not happy!!! Neither are the Bullalo for that matter. Come to think of it I’m not to happy either at the moment. I have a snow shoe that wants to go home.

    • Hi Muzzlebrake is it snowing the whole park or just low in the valley? i was there 2 weeks ago no snow until we got out the truck then bam it was antartica!

    • hi stephanie
      just to let you know
      there are at least 9 clues to the poem,
      9 to lead you to the area and 3-4 to lead you directly to the trove
      hehehe wish me luck im on the hot trail.

  37. great pics Dal, I’ve been meaning to ask what you take your pics with? I especially loved the one of the wolves you took in YNP 🙂

  38. dal its snowing like crazy here in northern new mexico but im thinking you know that all ready be careful

  39. If you use the last word in every line of the poem. GO SEEK THERE WHERE OLD BOLD WEAK BROWN WOOD HALT

    That sounds like a trail in Idaho Meek Creek Trail off of 89

    • Brad,
      that also sounds like old thick broken down by aged wood like an old broken down cabin and then take the little creek up high on the left hand side, yell when you see the blaze and obtain your cold gold, all is good! 🙂

  40. Dal took a pic of Wilson’s Arch today…so did we!…driving back home after our first trip out! We didn’t find the treasure chest but we saw some awesome sights (will post to my blog)
    …sent F two postcards 🙂

  41. Looking at maps of New Mexico, many places are in spainish. Anyone ever think of translating the poem into spainish?? Or am I way behing the power curve?

  42. Dal,

    Glad to see that you are back on the road. Good luck and thanks for keeping us informed. I can’t wait to see where you are headed.


  43. Forrest Fenn said that 2 parties were within 500ft of the Treasure Trove…Shoot he then knows what I look like!

  44. I just can’t wait for Forrest Fenn’s next non-clue on the Today Show…I’m so excited!!!

  45. My fellow Chasers why are you all getting so obsessed for the “within 500ft” remark, clue, or whatever? This “within 500ft” in my opinion is the same as the 300 miles West of Toledo…a non-clue!

    A Football Field is 360ft in length!

    If you haven’t been to a football stadium whether it be a College or NFL stadium, go see just how long the football field is. But don’t only see it from the stands but go down to the football field and stand at one endzone, by the yellow field goal post, and see across to the other endzone’s yellow field goal post. It’s FAR!!! And that is only 360ft but Forrest Fenn is saying 500ft which is 140 ft much more longer!

    Here’s a picture to help you better see just how long a football field is at 360ft then after seeing it add 140ft more to the football field to make it 500ft. Then imagine a little 10inX10in treasure chest, approx. the size of a shoe box, resting at either end. That’s FAR!!!


    So again, in my opinion, the “within 500ft” is just like the 300 West of Toledo non-clue and the “above 5,000 ft above sea level non-clue”. Don’t get me wrong it helps but really, does it? Oh I’m addicted to this Chase so ofcourse I will say it does help! I need my fix!!!

      • VG was referring to the distance between post to post – which accounts for the other 60 feet

        • Ah…..I stand corrected.

          But I do agree with his point……A five hundred foot radius covers a lot of ground.

    • Agreed VG the “500 ft” remark is not worth going on and on about. However, for me that piece of information just validated my spot.
      The Wolf

      • Ok, I have it on good, I mean GOOD authority that Forrest’s next clue is…drumroll…
        Forrest say: Treasure is 10,000 miles west of China.

        • mayinsantafe – That could be or it might be this:

          The Treasure Chest lies approx. 3,963miles above the Earth’s Inner Core. 🙂

          • OMG – thank you VGBOSS – yet another great clue! 🙂

            I was looking at the web cam in the Santa Fe Plaza earlier, and saw two bewlidered people wearing backpacks wandering around – maybe they lost their shovels.

      • Remember he has flown at 500ft. Highway signs say 500ft before you turn…like the sign in Angelfire before you turn into the memorial. Hmmmm

      • The Wolf
        yes that helped me out too but if he would have said four it would have keep me home
        Can we count forrest in as one of them and make it three?

    • The problem with the 500 foot thing is that if you think you have eliminated a place you have searched, guess again. I think that successive searches on successive days for a week is the only way to really eliminate any area. Taking several sets of eyes out on a search is vital, much like people scour areas in search of clues separating each other by 10 feet. So boss, take 50 people with you and you might find it:) Better yet take 100 to make sure you have both directions covered as the 500 ft is a radius:)

      • That was my thought as well. My current #1 site is going to need at least 3 separate trips, depending on how long I can stay each time. I’m going to cover every inch of that place.

      • Andy that is a good point, during our searches for lost planes, we cover the area 3 times at different altitudes and angles (taking sun into consideration) and often it takes 4 or 5 times to be successful. Often it comes down to luck, a glint of light off the wreckage from a certain angle. Even after finding it it is difficult for other resources to see it; even when they know it is in that exact location!
        The Wolf

        • It’s a beautiful rainy afternoon in Santa Fe right now – wish I was there. Maybe the rain will wash away the dust covering the tresure!

  46. For crying out loud my fellow Chasers, some of you parents lose your kid or kids inside a Walmart and you believe a Football Field (360ft) with an additional 140ft will be fairly easy to find a 10inX10in box? Seriously? I mean I will, but really do you think you will? lol

  47. Don’t forget to imagine either all the trees, boulders/or mountain, grass or what have you between you-500ft-and the box. Imagine all the “nature stuff” on that football field and a longer. Heck I say if this Chase goes on for another 3 years, without the Chest being discovered and claimed, we will have 100’s who were within 500ft!

    • Yeah Pete, the link is on this thread somewhere above…Dal posted the link…just scroll up.

  48. Fellow Chasers you know this just came to mind.

    You know that 500ft remark. Well I was thinking that those who have not yet gone in search for the Chest, this 500ft remark, might motivate them and willing to inve$t in their first hunt…BUT what about those that already have been searching and have made over 10 to 15 trips in the past 2 years?

    Imagine how those searchers felt when they first heard Forrest Fenn say that someone has been within 500ft of the Treasure Chest.

    Really think about it and put yourself in those searcher’s shoes who have made several trips already who might have spent over $10,000 in their trips combined and Forrest Fenn says this remark…within 500ft?

    How would that searcher or searchers be able to sleep at night thinking it might of been him/her that was just 500ft from the Treasure Chest?

    • It would be nice to find the chest. But the chase is not about the chest. Rick put it eloquently when he said, “There are people that live and die, by the only skill they have”. The chase is about honing that skill. And maybe about getting something on you, and definitely about being in a totally unique environment.

      • Amen to that brother – I totally agree. Also, reading this blog, with so many fun interesting people participating in this, is an adventure in itself – and I love it.

    • Wow, are you kidding VGBO$$ – people have actually made 10-15 trips to search?? Holy Moley – and no I would not be able to sleep at night wondering if I was one of the people who had been within 500 feet of the treasure. Then you’d wonder how many places you’d searched in – OMG it’s overwhelming. Are there any stats as to how many people have had to be institutionalized because of this??

      • Yes mayinsantafe. There have been people, and continue to be people, who have already searched many time. People who have already spent thousand upon thousands of dollars on their hot spots to return to their home state or country empty handed and less in their bank accounts. And like I said just imagine how those people felt when they first heard Forrest Fenn say that someone has been within 500ft of the Treasure Trove. I’m sure those people ask themselves constantly “was me that was within 500ft?” And they probably can’t sleep at night thinking about that…like a splinter in the mind.

      • Some have made up to thirty trips in numerous states and still no treasure. I say it won’t be found for a very long, long time. Teach your kids how to search. Better yet, send them to join the boyscouts and the girlscouts, then send them off to Philmont in NM to learn the ropes of search, rescue and survival. Maybe the next generation will be successful in finding that hidden chest 😉

  49. After reading so many thoughts, I am honestly shocked that my thought is completely unique. I wish I had the time and resources to get to the treasure this year…

    • I’ve often thought that as well, but maybe others have or have had the same thoughts, but have been unable to get to the places to search. I’ve had a few ideas, but since I live in Iowa, it is harder for me to get out west to search in the locations.

  50. Some different ideas:

    Begin it where? Warm Waters Halt. Maybe “halt” is a flag stop / whistle stop on an old train line. It would be much more specific than any confluence of waters.

    Below the home of Brown: probably everybody has thought about Clara or Molly. Both live in Colorado. So put in when your canyon route crosses the border south into NM.

    Found the blaze: not necessarily the end of the quest. possibly shows the path after putting in below the home of Brown.

    The end is ever drawing nigh: the true end of the trek– maybe a spring.

    This is fun. Thanks for all the other insight.

  51. Hello, fellow thrill-chasers. I’m new to the hunt. I received my book about a week and a half ago and prompty read it through. So clearly, that means I have the location of the treasure picked out and am sure that it’s there waiting for me with 100% confidence. Plans for my trip are commencing. Since I can’t go blabbing about my brilliant, sure-fire puzzle-solving to you any more than any of you can blab about your brilliant, sure-fire puzzle-solving to me I’m going to pose a different question.

    There are obviously some legal issues to finding the treasure, whether it is on public land or private land. So If you found the treasure, would you tell anyone? Would you tell everyone? Would you keep it a deep, dark secret? Would you say that you found it, but refuse to say where you found it?


    • I’m not telling where I get it but, I will leave a few pieces behind for the next person… Just need to get the funds…. Enjoyed the Chase.

      • angeleyes-
        Interesting…We all await with baited breath to see if you actually find it or are just another braggart…
        But thanks for thinking of the rest of us..

  52. Once the chest is found I’m going to need a 12 step program to get over my addiction to trying to solve the poem’s riddles…

    • Just drive over to Arkansas and start digging for diamonds. That’ll get your mind off the treasure chest.

      • Diamonds in Arkansas?? I’d rather come up and paddle the Buffalo National River…Just sayin

  53. Sounds like you’re having an adventure. Every time I look at this thrill of the chase blog I start to get excited. Can you believe this has gone on for several years now? Wait, it’s only been three. Another 3 years of seeking and triple the searchers. Thought I would give it a go this summer. Every spot I look at fits the poem though. Right down to every detail. Such is life. Have Fun Dude!

  54. Beautiful photos. Sorry about Esmerelda, but every lady enjoys some primping now and then.

  55. The 500 foot remark from ff is very exciting. Somebody has figured it out. Whether or not this was figured out by the veteran chase addict (dal, stephanie, vgboss, kym, etc) or someone new is the question. The point is that when you go out to look it MUST all come together. I will not stop looking for this trove until it is found. It is certainly a luxury to be relatively close in residence to one of the search areas as I plan on taking the fifth wheel out once again.

    Nobody commented on an original post I made about my original meaning of home of Brown. I can only assume that everybody agreed that that was a novice idea. If nobody saw it, I will briefly mention it here again. It was my original idea of Home of Brown before I really started researching. I am not eliminating it, but I have moved on to better more informed ideas. Home of Brown is the Brown Creeper. Brown in this case was not used as an adjective as in the case of the brown trout or salamander. The Brown Creeper has an affinity to build it’s nest in the tallest trees, which in the Southwest is the Ponderosa Pine. Ponderosa is loosely defined as heavy or loads in Spanish….hence the connection. Might I add the Ponderosa is large enough to house a human body standing upright………

    Hope all is well and safe with everyone’s searches as the weather is getting better, but with the occasional storm through NM. Please be advised of adverse conditions wherever your searches take you.

    Good luck and somebody please find it soon……me or you:)

  56. This will be my second trip tomorrow, traveling the fastest trek.Taking Ghost Dreamer with me. She is so excited to go. We only have one place to look into the deep….when we get too NM. I do feel like an Egyptian archeologist moving the blaze… 🙂 I wish peace to all.

  57. Aloha!

    Lived in NM for four years- all in SF or the mountains north.

    My recommended things to do in Santa Fe…..
    1. Hit the plaza up (get an original Frito pie), and then walk Canyon Road and gallery hop.
    2. El Parasol- “The Umbrella” has the best hard shell chicken tacos in America. Kid Rock thinks so and so do I.
    3. Watch the evening Road Runner pass by from the Santa Fe Brewing Co.- it’s on the south side of SF. It has a ping-pong table upstairs, fun regulars, El Parasol is on the way and close by, and most importantly really good beer. Also, the best music shows in Santa Fe happen right next door when they happen (…and the opera). They usually have a few special craft brews drafting or in the works- ask what’s good.
    4. Other good local restaurants:
    -Cleopatra’s – it’s really good Greek food at a sweet price. It’s by Sunflower Market.
    -The permanent hot dog truck close to the plaza- what’s it called? Hit them up for whenever, but don’t doubt there breakfast b/c that’s the best.
    – The Horseman’s Haven- it really does have the hottest green chili and it’s not even close.
    – Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort- they have a sweet buffet special some night in the week (wed or thurs?). I always hit it up when I was playing poker. Regardless- fun place even w/out the munchies.
    – $$$$….like where Tom Ford use to work. Who’s Tom Ford? Gucci. If you like great food at over-priced prices with really small portions that are amazingly delicious then ask around. There’s lots.
    – Josh’s BBQ. Newer place that can scratch an itch. Sugar’s BBQ next to the Grande on the road up to Taos is my first choice bbq.

    Maybe the ‘home of Brown’ is Espanola?- A town north of SF that has the highest death per capita in America for heroin over-dose deaths. FYI- ‘brown’ is slang for heroin.

    • Theo, great post…I’m not looking in NM, but your descriptions had me salivating. Might take a trip down just for the food.

      Thanx 4 sharing

  58. has anyone read this article

    The gold strike that gave the surge to establishing the mountain burg of Baldy took place in the early 1860’s, when a Ute Indian showed a rich “copper” float at Fort Union. This Native American led the interested men (WH Kroenig and William Moore) near the barren top of Mt. Baldy. The two men staked a claim (Mystic Lode Copper Mine) in 1866. Later they sent 3 men to work at the site, while camping at Willow Creek, they discovered gol

    • Rick-
      Yep. Lots of folks have looked around that area. The whole Moreno Valley and down the Cimarron is very popular for searchers. It’s easy to accidentally cross over into the Philmont Scout Ranch there so it pays to know where the boundaries are.

      • stumbled acoss this today, does not fit in with the clues though. still trying to prove myself wrong, did you see my last post

        • also i have been trying to unblur the map in the book. the one in his memoirs is the same as the one in the book, however the one in the memoirs has a W for west on it and the gold is on the opposite side. i deleted the gold coins off the map and overlaid the two together. after attempting to unblur the map the only part i can really make out says”Rio Arriba” which is the county just north of santa fe

        • Rick, no need to squint. The un-blurred map is linked in The Nine Clues #8.
          It is an old map that shows Counties that don’t exist anymore.

  59. If no one else is going to say it, I am. If you’re a member of the Boy Scouts wake up! Fenn has been trying to get your attention. This treasure hunt is meant for you! The express UU bar ranch is 3 miles south of Cimarron and it bears the exact 2 Omega Symbols on a sign in the shape of two horse shoes that are in his book, it’s on the west side of the road on rt21, this is Fenns ranch where he keeps his horses.

    • Fenn gives a hint to this when he talks about”if there is a 12yr old that does not see a liitle of himself in this mirror, then maybe he deserves a second chance”

      • I tried to get the guys to think like twelve year olds when we were out searching in NM. Apparently, they can behave like they’re twelve, but not quite think like it.

      • i am over 1600 miles away from Santa Fe, and i will still offer the location to anyone who agrees to honestly cut me in for a fair share of the find. i have a word file that can explain every clue as to the location of the chest. but you understand i have to beware of the rare rattlesnake lol…

        • That’s no fun. You need to go get it yourself. I will be utterly disappointed if the treasure is found by someone who was handed the location and had not figured it out for themselves. Seriously, it would hurt my feelings. I’d prefer you found it yourself. Even if it means we have to wait a few months for that to happen til you have the time to go for yourself.

        • Rick, I don’t happen to believe it is in NM. For that reason, I respectfully decline.

          Are you going to foot the bill for this expedition if it fails?

        • I still believe the treasure lies in NM in Cimarron Canyon. All the clues point there and the subtle clues scream it. We spent three weeks searching (five days of bad weather) and still didn’t find it. We were able to get to some of our spots, but water falls were frozen and some trails were just brutal for some in our group. After consulting with our waterfall guru, we learned that the treacherous trail was in great repair three years ago and would have been a fairly easy hike to the end of the falls about the time Forrest would have hidden that treasure. Will we be going back? Probably not. We got our boots on the ground, got wet, got cold, turned over rocks, knocked over boulders, checked aspen growth, walked a special trout stream, found blazes galore, hiked in high elevations, followed trails and found zero treasure. I can assure anyone who’s never been out, but enjoys the confidence of “knowing where it’s at”, that you will come to the realization once you get to your spot; the world is much bigger than you. Forrest could narrow it down to a specific 33,000 acres and we still wouldn’t find it. Imagine the vast area if you are considering the entire Rocky Mountains????? Yikes! In diamond mining, I only have 37 acres to wander. I KNOW for a fact that there are diamonds under my feet. Already found one the other day and I’ll find more. I am now onto a sure thing. Forrest’s treasure is far too illusive right now even though it’s easier to hike and look than it is to dig, haul and saruca. Did find a piece of petrified wood the other day….and THAT is a GREAT FIND to me *S*

          • Bonnie
            Did you happen to go up Maverick creek to Maverick falls.
            If so to me those huge house size boulders in the creek certainly could be heavy loads right before you get to the water high, Maverick Falls.
            I did Maverick creek thinking Maverick horses have a blaze on their face
            I never could find the second true blaze and I am not going back to Cimmaron or that area.
            To me it was not far enough away from the dam. A few miles is not far enough maybe.
            I was in the wood there in Sept. 2011.

          • I want a picture of your wood and I want to go diamond hunting sometime!! Maybe next year if you go, we can meet up. I agree with so much that you’ve said about the area. People don’t realize how vast it is if they aren’t from there.

          • Stephi? I beg your pardon? LOL um…you’re talking about the petrified wood I found while searching for diamonds? ok I have to take a pic and post it. I’ve seen it before, touched it, but never ever found any. It’s pretty cool! ok, so I sound like a goofus getting excited about a piece of wood. But I later found a garnet, then minutes later, the first diamond. It’s old, I’m old. The dirt is old. And that’s a good thing. *S* Yes, CC is my great mysterious love, just as it is yours. Once I got there I totally understood what you meant by heavy loads. It was plausible for certain. Water high could have referred to the time of year when the dam is open and the river fills to it’s brim…the highest water level of the river. All of our searching caused me to seriously reconsider the family factor that Forrest began with. Clearly, his intent was to get families out and doing things together. Get the kids away from all the gadgets and do things outdoors. This treasure hunt is really about kids and families; dreams and discoveries. Even if the treasure is not found, other treasures abound. Who’d a thunk I’d get the man hiking in the mountains, on trails and searching for waterfalls and wildlife along the way when a year ago I couldn’t get him to walk the dog *S* Anyway, I think the secret is to rethink the search…..as a twelve year old 😉 Still considering writing about the whole trip.

          • Yes I want to see your wood bonnie lol. I’m serious. I love wood. I used to own a lathe and turned vases with rings I would release from same block of exotic woods.  I’m old too. This last trip about killed me. We walked this beautiful canyon area. Just amazing. Then I dug through tons of rocks. I couldn’t move my arms without tons of pain the day after the rocks. They still are sore. You mentioned same with you diamond dirt shaking I remember. I think I love cimmaron most. I think because it makes you feel the past. I love the photos on the main strip and I love the rooms in the st.james. I hope you do write your story. I’d put it on my blog if you wanted. That goes for anyone who wants to tell of their adventure. Just message me.

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

      • other searchers i was trying to work with talked to people on the ranch and then decided they did not need me anymore after getting this information.

      • not uncommon for horses to be on a cattle ranch but is uncommon for a cattle ranch to publish a book”thrill of the chase”

    • Rick – those look nothing like the Omega symbols. But I completely understand that us addicts to this Chase will make anything we see seem like a clue or make anything we hear to seem like a clue as we need our fix to keep on the Chase.


      But Rick don’t get me wrong…I love it!

      • they emply 2 horses shoes turn the over and there their pretty much the same, the others i was working with stated the people on the ranch said fenn rents the horses to movie companies

        • there is no guarantee i’m right until the chest is found, it is a treasure hunt. but has anyone else came up with this kind of info, if so the have not posted it. i’m 1600 miles away and this is the only real info i have seen besides fenn’s clues on any blog. i can’t find it but do you remember the post”how do you go from hawk to eagle to bear” these are scout badges , it was posted on this blog. i do wish everyone luck in finding the treasure and do enjoy in participating in the search. however everyone like money LOL.

        • Rick i’ve associated parts of the chase with the Boy Scouts. It didn’t lead me to a spot in NM but rather to a spot in Wyoming,what do you think ?

        • All I did was what Fenn said to do. Figure out clue one and you will understand why I say it’s there

        • People walk within 500′ of it because they are guessing what the clues are and have not figured them all out. They have not seen the map yet.

        • rick,
          not trying to be a party pooper here ,but to my knowledge there is not a hawk badge or the likes associated with the boy scouts . thats not to say back in the day there might have been something . bear , yes .wolf ,yes .eagle ,yes . even a silver beaver. but i do not remember a hawk . now there is a hawk council , hawk mountain, etc ,but i don’t know of any badge or rank in the BSA like what you have stated . not even in the order of the arrow . of course i could be wrong , and please feel free to correct me if i am..///bob

    • I am curious as to why you think that “this is Fenn’s ranch”? I spoke to some friends in that area who know some folks at that ranch and they said that Fenn has no association with the ranch. They could be wrong tho. Please, do expound.

      • Anybody who has obsessed about the Cimarron area surely has come across this ranch in their research and looked up who the owners were. Mr. Fenn is not the listed owner but it’s been awhile since I’ve focused on Colfax county as a treasure chest resting spot so maybe I missed something. Only obsessed about Cimarron canyon, Philmont and the Valle Vidal for over a year. I made about 8 trips to this area. I have always believed that Mr. Fenn referenced the boy scouts numerous times in his book and philmont specifically in one of his stories. The spot on philmont is very near to this ranch. In September of this year, I will have been on my quest for two years and I’m sure I’ll still be doing this in September if the chest has not been found by then. My last spot in Colfax county was Copper Park near the summit of Old Baldy and I talk a little about that in a comment I posted on Dal’s blog entry, “What’s it really worth” last November. For the time being, I am researching another area and have managed to fall as completely in love with it as I did with Cimarron. But who knows what the future holds. This place still calls to me.

        • Cloud!! *hugs* Hope the wedding was wonderful. I didn’t know anything about the location of the ranch. That’s interesting. Someone said the double omegas are around Philmont. Would love to see an image of that.

        • Hi Stephanie! The wedding was beautiful. It was entirely in Spanish. They served carne asada with the meal afterwards except what they served I always referred to as carne adovada. It was delicious either way. Still in Cruces because I didn’t want to travel at night. Having car problems. So enjoying the night breeze on my sister’s porch right now.

          If you go south on highway 21 past philmont base camp and rayado which is on philmont,, the road will curve to the left and you will see the a road with the ranch name over it . This was once part of the land that was owned by Waite Phillips, part of the portion that he didn’t give to the Boy Scouts. If I remember correctly and I’m going strictly off memory because I am too lethargic at present to google anything, I believe Waite had wanted to name his ranch, originally, the W Ranch but that was taken so settled for two Us instead. The double U Ranch or UU. Please correct me if I’m wrong because my memory is faulty.

          • So cool about the wedding. Sounds fun and yummy. I did a bunch of research on Philmont…that sounds familiar. My memory stinks too lol.

        • Hey Cloud!!! Good to hear from you. Don’t give up on Cimarron. I feel it too, but probably will never get back there. It’s there somewhere.

        • Hi Bonnie! I probably can never give up on Cimarron. I immersed myself so completely in my research of the area that even when I’m looking at maps of other areas in NM that I’m interested in, my eyes will drift up to CC and gaze longingly at my first love when it comes to treasure hunting.

          • Cloud, I know how you feel. I do the same thing even now. There’s a reason why it screams at us…”don’t forget me”….that chest is well hidden.

    • Rick-
      Forrest does not own a “ranch” in NM. That is an out and out fabrication. If you do not have evidence to back-up what you say please frame yor comments in “I think” or “I believe” or “Perhaps”…so people know that you do not have evidence. And if you do have evidence please reveal it.

      • Besides that, Forrest wants families with kids out looking. Get the kids off the video games and computers and get them outdoors doing things. How do you do that? You take the kids camping, fishing, horse back riding and seeing sights. Get them interested in nature, animals, learning about animal tracks, birding, insects, plants, look for dinosaur tracks, maybe learn a few survival skills during a camping adventure. When I was a kid we played outdoors. And though I was a girl, I still built forts in the woods, played with trucks building roads and villages in my sand mounds in the back yard and searched out pretty rocks along the shore line of Lake Superior. Tom boy all the way here and still am at 59. I can still climb a tree and schlep a pack up the trail.

        I still hunt for pretty rocks and appreciate anything I find in the woods….especially the silence. When all is quiet in the woods except for the birds and wind and wildlife, I immediately feel my blood pressure drop, a weight is lifted, the frown leaves my face and I am enveloped in silence but for the drone of nature vibrating every cell in my own body. I could just lie down and never get up sometimes. There is nothing more peaceful than being in the woods, lying in the grass and listening to the flowing water bubble over rocks.

        Encourage your kids to join the scouts 😉

        • Hey Bonnie, I may not have mentioned it before but I used to live in Minnesota when I was a little girl, my dad lives there still. In the summer,after I had moved to NM, when we visited him, he always took us up to the North Shore of Lake Superior each year to camp or we rented a cabin. This was around Grand Marais. I remember the waterfalls in the area looking like root beer from their high iron content and the white froth that would foam up from the bottom where the waters from the falls would crash. Sometimes at night, there would be lightning storms lighting up the sky and you could see the waves grown large on that freshwater inland sea hitting the shore and threatening to come all the way up to our little cabin. The back part of the cabin rested on wooden stilts. I wonder why. A spactacularly beautiful place.

          • Cloud, I KNEW there was a reason why I liked you! LOL…another true midwestern gal *S* The north shore is pretty neat. I often traveled up to the Boundary Waters and Quetico for my wilderness canoe trips. Not a soul to be found up there for days on end. The fishing was always pretty awesome. The storms were earth shaking. The Northern Lights phenomenally outstanding. I do NOT miss the snow, however…..nope.

  60. Dal, thanks for the update on your travels to Santa Fe! Great story and great pictures. Now, tell us what ff said after the talk at CW when you were with our fearless bloggers! Any new accidental clues given out? 🙂

  61. Thank you for sharing Dal! And congrats to all the bloggers who were fortunate enough to meet with ff!!! Good luck to everyone out there hunting right now! I for one am jealous, but my time will come. 🙂

  62. Finally received and read the book. In short, really enjoyed, regardless of treasure. Pulled some life lesson learnings. Have to respect someone who has lived to the age of 80+, served our Country, and been a successful member of community and family. We need more people like Mr. Fenn, not less.

    “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.” Quote from P.4. Leads me to believe that treasure is IN water. I have always felt this and fits my #1 targer area.

    My biggest question at this point lies around blog from Tony Dokoupil(see @the dailybeast) where he references road trip by Mr./Mrs. Fenn to Colorado, Wyo, Montana and then back home to New Mexico. This trip was to have happened around 2009/2010. Would have taken at least a week and was to have been confirmed by his friends/neighbors. To me this is the key. Key, key, key.
    If happened, then treasure is in in Wyo or Montana. If not, then treasure most likely in New Mexico. Confirmation of this cannot be emphasized enough, I think.

    Dal, or Stephanie, or any other regulars. Can you confirm this trip? Thanks!

    Also, previous references about “1,000 years to find” deals with the bronze bells(see p. 138 of book), not the treasure. I think treasure will be found within next two years. Good luck all!
    Me, I’m just waiting for snow to melt. LOL.

    • That quote from page 4 is my favorite!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m glad you got the book!

  63. Thanks Dal for sharing your latest expedition! The photos are great.Your Japanese contingent appears to have had a really good time.What a nice experience that must have been for them.Did you find that you were distracted from doing any real searching?

      • Seems like a lull in the blog actvity.Maybe everyone has a fried brain! Over 800k hits on this blog now.Soon to be 1Million! Dal, you are the multi tasker extraordinaire! What do you think about all of the “decode the poem” banter?Numbers and codes!?

        • Ken-
          I do believe there is a key to the poem. I find it difficult to buy into the numerology or word counting ideas. I think the key has something more to do with thinking like Forrest. Having said that I could also point out that Forrest likes crosswords. He does 2-3 per day including the NYT puzzle. Just playing around with that idea I think I get different answers when I frame WWWH as a crossword clue..

        • Dal,

          Great idea for the crossword concept. Do you know if Forrest likes playing Scrabble too. Because I see a whole lot of letters that seem all scrambled up. Good luck on your hunt.


      • Hey there Dal!
        I’m new to this chase, but not inexperienced to the mountains, Ive spent a large part of my life in them here in southern Arizona. I feel confident I have the poem figured out and will be heading out Thursday night with the wife and kids to head to my spot. Don’t worry we will be filming, I have my go pro and video camera just to catalog our search and any results that may turn up whether its treasure, trout, or other things of interest. i enjoy reading your blogs, and watching the videos of you on the chase.


      • You mean host, treasure searcher and baby sitter….LOL Great trip there, Dal. I’m really waiting for your book to come out one day. You have such great stories and now, an entourage!!!! LOL Aren’t the Japanese a trip? They are so funny. btw, they love Mickey Mouse. I think he’s some kind of idol over there 😉

        • Dal, I think you should title your book “Chasing the Thrill: My Quest to Find the Fenn Treasure.” You’re welcome. 🙂 An autographed copy will be thanks enough. 😉

          • Thanks Elbow..I see a Pulitzer Prize in my future…ha!
            Best Title for a recent book about treasure hunting in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.

  64. After educating myself about bronze, I am concerned that acid rain may affect the chest over time….we had better find that thing while its still pretty to look at…

    • Mike believe me there is no need for you or anyone to be concerned about the “Chest’s” condition, over time, for it’s very well protected…atleast that is my opinion for what I have discovered within the P O E M.

    • Also, being out here in the west it will get much less corrosion that if it were back east…it should be fine, for a few centuries at least.

  65. Think i posted in the wrong spot before.

    Hey there Dal!
    I’m new to this chase, but not inexperienced to the mountains, Ive spent a large part of my life in them here in southern Arizona. I feel confident I have the poem figured out and will be heading out Thursday night with the wife and kids to head to my spot. Don’t worry we will be filming, I have my go pro and video camera just to catalog our search and any results that may turn up whether its treasure, trout, or other things of interest. i enjoy reading your blogs, and watching the videos of you on the chase.


    • @Jay,
      Go Pro is a great idea……..Looking forward to your post and video on your search. Dal should wear one of those to document his book.

      On another topic…….I disagree with what Fenn said at the recent Collected Works talk about the treasure finder not being able to keep quiet. I hope that’s not his reasoning behind “assuring” us the treasure has not been found.

      There are thousands of government employees scouring their area (and other areas) for the treasure. They certainly couldn’t come forward unless they are willing to give up a few million bucks for an employee of the month award.

      If Fenn is monitoring the chest somehow; would he declare the chest has been found if no one has stepped forward with the chest? I doubt it.

      • Goofy Old GUy,
        I think it would be hard to keep it quiet unless you just wanted to use the chest and its contents as a boat anchor. once you start circulating those coins and other valuable pieces in the chest the cat will be out of the bag. Like Fenn said, 2 people can keep a secret if ones dead. I have not met too many people in my life that can keep a good secret.

        • Gold is easily marketed a bit at a time.The relic jewelry is another story.Talking about the treasure before having it is unwise anyhow.Good luck searchers!And be smart.

      • Hello Goofy Old Guy and good morning everyone:

        Seems like I missed alot by not reading over the weekend, so Goofy, you’re saying that there are “thousands of government employees scouring their area (and other areas) for the treasure”. Really? How do you know that – is that common knowledge? Do you mean they are being paid by the government – that’s so hard for me to believe that the state – or any state these days – would have the resources to do that. Or do you think they are doing it in their spare/off/vacation time? Hard for me to believe that many could be doing it. Comments to this appreciated. thanks.

        • @mayinsantafe,
          Top of the morning/afternoon to you Mary……I hesitate to elaborate not wanting to turn this into a government rant page (Dal had to shut down the other one down, it got a tad heated) instead of the hunt for the treasure page; but you asked me to elaborate.

          No “the government” is not looking for the treasure. They don’t have to…….they will simply confiscate it from anyone that finds it on government land…..assuming it is on government land. If it’s not, then the tax man cometh and I’m sure the folks investigating Fenn would want a look at it just in case he hid something in there. Government bureaucracy and associated regulations are mind numbing in complexity…..as intended; and Fenn is not exactly on their good side.

          I called a park ranger (a friend of mine) this morning in Montana to get first hand conditions there, I’m trying to get a preliminary schedule together; I’ve got a job to do up there. In passing I also asked him if he has heard about the Fenn treasure, he said everyone has heard about the Fen treasure, he’s hoping not too many idiots show up in his area to search. I asked him if he had a spot figured out, he said when I get up there, he had a couple places that needed updated for his annual reports, and could use my rig to get to them….wink wink. We had a laugh and hung up.

          I’m sure you are correct……the government workers would only search during their time off. It is a silly coincidence that their trail/road/wildlife/woodland/stream/ inspection reports just happen to be where warm waters halt. 😉

          • Goofy: thank you for responding – and yes you are so right – what was I thinking that they’ll have their fingers in it the second someone finds it. I’m with Forrest when he says that public land belongs to us – the public. Why can’t they just let people be. Well I don’t want to start that rant.

            I am going to Santa Fe next month. Not to search for treasure – as far as I’m concerned Santa Fe is the lovliest treasure in itself. I go there as often as I can, but I haven’t been since 2008 so I’m very much looking forward to it. I would love to meet up with searchers – to hear their stories and just talk about this most fascinating adventure. Anyone going to be in the Santa Fe Plaza on May 12? 🙂

  66. It is quite ironic that I too have searched this area…..Is it because we are all on the same blog or is it independent interpretation. I believe it is a combination. Worthy of more time, definitely…..

  67. Ken,
    i fail to see your point where talking about a treasure is unwise, am I jinxed now?, it didn’t cost me a dime to talk about it, i didn’t give out any clues to where Im headed, I thought that was what this site was for. Forrest wrote a whole book about the treasure and we are not supposed to talk about it, come on man!


    • Talk is Talk.My point more explicitly was merely to say don’t count your chickens before they hatch.Keep things in order.Just my opinion.There was no judgement involved.

  68. I figure the value of the treasure chest is down about 30% since Mr. Fenn placed in 2009/2010. Gold, which was once at $1,800+ an oz is down now to $1,400/oz. May slide further to $1,100. Other commodities and art/jewelry prices are down, too. At least we have the romance of “the Chase” and the fun of the experience. I havn’t given up, just waiting for the wind to cease and some snow to melt. Good luck!

    • Tumbleweed I appreciate the update on the price of Gold…but as I stated before “I’m a wealthy man, own a sports business, I’m more interested is Forrest Fenn’s autobiography that is within that Chest”.

    • Hey Tim, Yes, we hiked Maverick logging trail and the creek bed and did it three times just to make sure.

      Our blaze was the cliff face which could be seen only from the Maverick Trail through the trees. We hiked through bramble bush and pickers only to discover we couldn’t make it that way. The canyon walls were too steep and ominous.(bad knees here) Those boulders in the creek were certainly heavy loads. I could hear the water rushing behind it, but could not get around those boulders from the creek bed. Behind the massive boulders were downed trees with circumference greater than 2.5 feet and filled with dried brush to make it a real nasty tangle wood.”There’ll be no paddle up your creek…just Heavy loads and water high!”

      Then we hiked the logging trail again and took it in the canyon down to the creek once more. The face of the blaze ran straight down to the bottom all the way from the top of the cliff face as if it pointed straight down to the treasure. Alas! no treasure. Doug Scott did that same trail the day it snowed and got to the open falls on Maverick. No treasure. He knows that place better than anyone!

      I found an awesome hidey hole to the rocky side an poked in it only to find…..no treasure. I did take a pic of it and posted it on my FB page for anyone to see. Once I blew it up on the computer it looked as though a squarish box had been in that hole in front of the critter hole inside. The dirt even looked as though there had been some patina left behind discoloring the dirt and rock within the hole. My heart sank in thinking it was there…and gone. But on the third hike up I was so caught up in that hidey spot that I actually measured it to make sure that the chest could not have fit that hole. I was a bit relieved to discover that the hole was too small for the treasure chest, but that didn’t make me feel like jumping up and down either. Forrest confirmed days later that the chest was still undiscovered.

      I have to say that we did, in fact, find actual trail blazes on Maverick Trail. Very unusual, since the park service does NOT mark trails with diamond blazes anywhere. We found two red diamond blazes on trees up there at the fork in the trail where it breaks off to Black Jack peak and Maverick Peak. After searching the area, however, we determined that those blazes were there to distinguish the wood cutting area. We never attempted to go further up the mountain since we were already at a steep incline and high elevation. We asked the million dollar question: Would Forrest have gone here? We thought he wouldn’t have gone the route of the dry creek bed. He may have taken the logging trail head with a horse. The elevation and steep incline was a bit much for my partners. I was the mountain goat in my little group and the elevation didn’t bother me.

      We were going to check Lost Creek, but I remember what you wrote about your trek up there, and the rangers said that trail had been closed three years ago because it was so bad. Others said it is rarely maintained, if ever. I wanted to do it just so I could see if you were a “weenie” LOL….but common sense got the better of me after bushwhacking through Maverick’s bottom and I began to value the scant ACL left in my knees more than ribbing you 😉 btw, we found elk and deer carcasses everywhere. I imagined that more elk meet their fate at the bottom of a canyon trying to get to the water and breaking their legs in the process. Damn walls are steep with loose rumble rock everywhere. Not for the meek, certainly. But I stil dont’ think Forrest would put it in a place that would be dangerous to a family with curious kids. Our trip got us re-thinking plenty.

    • I believe Dal has to do it for you and he is busy. Alternatively you could add the photo to your profile. I am sure you car won’t mind the company
      The Wolf

  69. Hello Dal,

    I just returned from New Mexico on my second venture. I took my dear friend Ghost Dreamer with me. It was like we were the double omegas in our thoughts, funny… just identical. We had the best time of our lives. We tried to get into the Lorreto but it was all booked up Saturday night. So we stayed down the street. Not a good idea. The poem is like a quote made in the movie Contact with Jody Foster. And no, we did not find the chest….The water wasn’t clean. Peace

  70. Hey Dal,

    That map looks a lot like the one in Forrest’s book! Also, if Forrest is a lurker on the blog and knows our nick names, does he have one too?

    Sorry we didn’t hook up. I called you and left a voice message on Friday. I figured you were busy since i didn’t hear back.


    • Therefore, the chest is somewhere in mountains of New Mexico. I will be going down the Fast road to New Mexico for now I am sure.

    • JP

      Forrest posts here under his own name. He never posted much, but less lately. I’m sure he lurks more than actively posts for the obvious reasons.

      • Forrest, you lurking right now?? Yep, I’m pretty sure I just heard you chuckle! 🙂

        • Just got his book yesterday…gonna have my 10 yr old partner read it first to see if he can unlock anything..I’m hoping the young mind free of adult obstruction will help..happy hunting all! .On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 2:46 PM, THRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

          > ** > mayinsantafe commented: “Forrest, you lurking right now?? Yep, I’m > pretty sure I just heard you chuckle! :)” >

    • That map in the book is of NM and it is from the mid to late 1800’s. Ray remembers better than I since he is the one who researched that and wouldn’t give it up til he figured it out.

  71. Just got his book yesterday…gonna have my 10 yr old partner read it first to see if he can unlock anything..I’m hoping the young mind free of adult obstruction will help..happy hunting all!

      • Yes after reading the first few chapters, I’ve come to realize that our most “experienced” citizens tell the greatest stories due to their lack of distractions of their personal environment during their most impressionable years. It leaves me wondering what kind of stories will our kids write?

  72. Well if we had known there would be a meeting of bloggers, some of us lurkers would’ve showed up!
    Dal, my heart dropped when I heard that you took off on the quest again. But now apparently there’s a whole posse tramping around some of our clue areas out there. I’ve been lurking for a few months now. We’re all geared up. I’ll be happy for any one you to claim the treasure before we did, circumstances have postponed our 2nd visit until mid-May, which is troublesome – I just wish I could drop some of my commitments. Good hunting, stay safe, and leave no trail. blessings

    • I am back today. Treasure is still untouched by me. But running into you wonderful blogsters was a gas. Had a great time at Collected Works…

      • Dal,
        Can’t wait to hear all about your (and Stephanie’s too) latest adventures/locations. I love the imagination and concepts that you guys come up with. Keep up the great work!
        The Wolf

      • Dal,

        Can you elaborate if the comment made at the link below was truly said by Mr. Fenn last Wednesday night at CW?


        The specific quote: “two separate groups of treasure-hunters interpreted THE FIRST TWO CLUES CORRECTLY and came within 500 feet of the treasure”.

        If truly said, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the first two clues would even bring me within 500′ of the treasure. Seven additional clues to cover the last 500 feet? Your thoughts?

        • What Forrest said doesn’t pinpoint the chest to within 500′ of the first two clues. They are two separate pieces of information. Some have decoded the first two clues correctly, however, I’m not sure that he specifically says the SAME parties were within 500′ of the treasure.

        • Stephanie, LMAO, I told the wife I’d be hearing from you as soon as I created my username and posted for the first time. No we haven’t talked, I’m a newbie creeping along since February (I apologize). I’m South of Fox Lake, Not far, but too far to walk (again, I apologize). If memory serves me, your Kenosha, right?

          I’d like to say thanks to you, Dal, etc. for being tenacious in the hunt and sharing with the rest of us! I’ve felt I needed to drive out West, at least once, before I was worthy to post, but my inquiry above got the best of me.

          • No way!!! I’m in the next town over from you. Spring Grove. Dang! Your like 500 feet from me lol. Shoot me an email if you get a chance…tyblossom at aol dot com. I want to hear your story with the search.

        • That came from the associated press originally. I wonder if they spoke directly to him or if that came from the actual event.

  73. Hi Dal. and hello to everybody !
    Thanks for everything you post in your blog. By the way, I think The Blaze = The ” F ” you found in the trip with the Japanese crew is for one of the bells or jars that Mr. FF buried. Good luck in the search.

    • Armany – if you’re in Santa Fe – meet up with us – it would be so much fun! You too Dal, Forrest. We can go to Tia Sophia’s and have some posole! 😉

  74. hi gang
    have a couple new pics on my profile of a few “f”s
    has anyone any comments or have they seen the one on the rock ,uncanny resemblance eh!!!!

  75. With all the speculation about finding the treasure in Uncle Sam’s yard…if one finds it…who’s going to know where you found it accept Forrest Fenn himself? I’m thinking I’d offer it back to him and just accept the reward he decided to bestow upon me…or maybe not…happy hunting

      • Stephan had a poem thats believed to be by forrest that says no tools needed.So maybe no one should dig anymore. Only use hands to move rocks etc. then they can’t arrest you.

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

        • We don’t carry any tools other than a bear stick. Turn over rocks. Look in stumps. Look under stuff. But no digging. I imagine we could get into trouble for just moving a rock the way some people are talking. Hope not cuz we turned over many! LOL

          • If you look at the boulder that his dad’s in front of at 9 mile hole…I imagine it’s lodged under a boulder with an undercut like that with rocks blocking it’s view. Now if I can just find the right boulder lol. Someone emailed me where Forrest said that the 2 people who came in the Collected Works speaking engagement it seems were within 500 feet. It does seem like it might be pretty close to the beginning. Listen to 22:30 on Dals audio file of that..could give us a clue if that’s how you hear it.

          • I’ll recheck that , Stephi. If there were a way to confirm a spot I think I might be able to convince the man to do another search out there. Unfortunately, I believe he’s thinking “cruise ship” now. Next trip, he doesn’t want to do any hiking, climbing, digging, zip lining or swimming with sea critters. He’s thinking more spas, massages, lounging, sunning and swimming. I’ll be bored to hell. And the office is calling me now too. I need to get back to being a guardian for the kids soon.
            I was actually hoping to find the treasure to helps the kids….maybe get them into scouts….maybe get them camping and doing things. It’s all volunteer. The cash would have helped a bit for the kids. Oh well. Maybe I can drum up some other support 😉

      • My thought is when you find it and someone stops you, or hears about it and questions you, you just tell them your returning some personal property Fenn had left out there because he was tired and couldn’t carry it all the way back. Its none of their business why he took it out there. I think the plan is don’t dig, and if you do find it don’t tell people where you found it, just let Forrest know so he can announce that it has been found.


        • Why mention Forrest’s name at all? Just tell ’em you dropped your ring and you’re looking for it.

      • ok…that’s the old one. Glad to read they were just going to charge him with a misdemeanor instead of a fourth degree felony.

        • Oh it is the same situation. I wonder how many boy scouts they arrest every year when they go to make a fire and have to dig a hole for that….or as some have pointed out…when you go into the woods and have to use the “restroom” hole.

  76. Stephi, I’ll send you a pic of my wood as soon as I can. I still need to show you the horse at Lucky Shoe. He has calephons for nostrils and a “do not touch” sign hanging on his neck. He’s a blue horse too 😉

      • Jen, we have an ongoing comedy act. We just haven’t taken it on the road yet 😉

        • Stephi, you should tell Forrest we’re almost ready to make our debut as his opening act LOL I need to get more mud on my boots and sweaty salty stuff on my straw hat. I’ll be more ripe in about three weeks…..and I still have to decorate my bear stick properly. Yeah, I took it with me when I left LOL…..so someone arrest me now!!

          • I sent him a marquee graphic a while back that listed him as a comedy act, because he said something that must have really made me laugh. That’s not unusual though. He has the best witty sense of humor.

  77. Does anybody know where there is a link to the poem that can be printed so it comes out a decent size? I only have a small pic of it…not easy to read in printed version.

    • I just copied it, resized it in a word document and printed it. If you can’t do that…let me know and I can do it for you. Just email me at tyblossom at aol dot com.

    • @armany

      You can just cut and paste the poem into word as well. Just highlight it from Forrests’ resource page. Ctrl-C. Tab over to any text editor, ms word, ect. and Ctrl -V it.

      • Copy and paste as you like:

        As I have gone alone in there
        And with my treasures bold,
        I can keep my secret where,
        And hint of riches new and old.

        Begin it where warm waters halt
        And take it in the canyon down,
        Not far, but too far to walk.
        Put in below the home of Brown.

        From there it’s no place for the meek,
        The end is ever drawing nigh;
        There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
        Just heavy loads and water high.

        If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
        Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
        But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
        Just take the chest and go in peace.

        So why is it that I must go
        And leave my trove for all to seek?
        The answers I already know,
        I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.

        So hear me all and listen good,
        Your effort will be worth the cold.
        If you are brave and in the wood
        I give you title to the gold.

  78. Stephi, I think the BS can dog any where they like on the Philmont Scout Ranch. They certainly have enough property at their disposal.

    Anyone going to Cimarron Canyon!!!!!! Be sure to stop into the Philmont Scout Ranch and head to the Tooth of Time Trading Post. They have AWESOME SALES!!!! They were selling Vasque hiking boots for $25.00 pair when I was there (I paid $117. for mine on sale from another company). T-shirts for $5/each. Hiking/camping equipment, great socks, trek poles, long underwear 😉 (you might still need them in this weather;-) Tooth of Time Traders is the best outfitter anywhere. Can’t beat the prices at all. Great maps too and they’ll tell you all about the trails if you need info. It’s a worthy side trip *S*

    • I meant “dig”….thought I corrected it, but my computer sometimes has a mind of its own.

      • My phone keeps typing Dal’s name as Dallas. I’ll have to tell him he needs to move. Did I tell you that Jeff and I went out with Dal while out there? I mean for dinner and drinks. Ok, I had drinks….they had dinner lol. I need time to recover after that trip and probably make a doctor’s appointment lol. It’s too bad they don’t sell IV’s by the six pack. It was amazing though. My memoir’s title needs to be OH MY GOSH!

        • Ya know, Stephi. If I am upset at all over this, it’s because I didn’t get a chance to meet up with anyone out there. I met other searchers, but no one I knew from the blogs. I was hoping to meet Forrest too, but our time constraints and the man’s need to get out of the elevation prompted a fast exit. We stopped at the book store and tehy told us Forrest would be doing a talk on that following Tuesday. But we’d be long gone by them….much to my chagrin. I may have to do a sneak trip some time. I’ll just tell Ray I’m going down to the kitchen for some tea, sneak out the door, jump in my car and drive 1200 miles again. He’ll never know I’m gone until he needs something. Oh wait….I think I hear him calling already. Darn….and I was so close to the door.

          • LOL I love that idea. I think it’s been so fun meeting other searchers and of course Forrest most of all. My girlfriend’s coming over an hour and I’m giving her, her own TOTC book….hoping we’ll be hopping on a place out West soon. Just need to give my kids some of my time before heading out again….I asked my daughter who’s missed me if she wanted to go out there..uh…well, no….she wants to stay here and talk to her boyfriend, but wants me just to be here lol. If I find the chest…we’re all going out West and taking the boyfriend with lol.

        • I already know what the title would be to my memoir….”a day late and a dollar short”

        • We met Garland from Tx and invited him over to the ranch for dinner. We hared a few ideas, talked about the treasure and he feels the same as we do. Cimarron. He didn’t find it either. We also ran into a group of New Mexican dudes at the Tolby campground. The first words out of their mouths was “are ya looking for the treasure?” LOL Caught me off guard for a second there. They were pretty cool guys sitting around the camp fire, drinking beers and playing guitar. They invited us back over for grub later, but we already had other plans. They were hoping the chest would be found by NMrs instead of some rich dude who doesn’t need it. Well, I can certainly agree with the rich dude part LOL I hope it’s found by me….um…well….I have to get back out there if that’s gonna happen….unlikely. But I do hope that the person or people that find it are spiritually deserving in the sense that they will not be corrupted by greed and do something good and creative with the treasure. Something that would please Forrest and his legacy.

    • Bonnie, It’s great that you have the bear stick as a reminder of your adventure out on the trails. Decorating it and keeping it with you might even bring you a little luck next time out on the Quest. I live in Maine and my youngest son traveled out in that area with his college Geology class for a summer field study project with his Professors and guides studying the rock formations. Well he picked up a small rock that he liked the looks of and figured he would keep it as a small reminder of his trip to the West. Just as he put it in his pocket a Ranger burst out of the bushes yelling STOP, STOP, STOP…you would have thought he might have robbed a bank for the way this Ranger was acting.
      He learned a hard lesson about rocks that day with a $350.00 fine as his memento. I think the Ranger could have easily asked him to drop it and not do it again, as they(Government), Sells the exact same rocks in the shops there for $10._$20. a piece…Oh Gee, maybe thats why, lol. Never understood the governments logic on rules other than they think it works if they are making money on something that belongs to the People.
      Anyway, for all those out on this great adventure, I say stay safe, use caution off trails and if you deside to keep a little trinket to remember the fun and excitement, look first before you slip it in your pocket.

      • WOW! The ranger was hiding in the bushes?!? That’s nuts. I agree with you. It doesn’t make sense that the land belongs to the people , but the government will only let us look….dont’ touch, don’t take a freakin pebble. I guess that makes me a big arse law breaker then because everywhere I travel to I take back a little natural souvenir: a pot shard from Greece, a pebble off the Apian way in Rome, a rock on the ground from….shhhhhhh…..dont tell anyone…..New Mexico. Yeah! That was me! Government is, indeed, out of control. Thank goodness I’m in Arkansas right now. I’m picking up rocks left and right. THe car is going to weigh a ton more by the time we leave here. Difference being that they WANT you to come and take all the rocks you want. You can take a five gallon bucket everyday if you like *S* I’m in rock heaven. Sometimes people with badges take themselves way too seriously.

        • I’m kind of wondering what I should wear in my mugshot. So far I’ve dug, picked up rocks, used a metal detector…it’s just a matter of time. Maybe I should start a kickstarter project….bail out a Fenn Chaser and we can start a fund going.

          • There ya have it, Stephi… A new side business being a bail bondsman for Fenn searchers who get into trouble. Only problem I see is people claiming to be Fenn treasure seekers when they are only getting into trouble. Lol

          • That’s ok Bonnie…we could let the fund take care of your bail when your in Cimarron wrestling with the Wisconsin beer drinker for leaving his trash on the ground. Oh wait, that is a Fenn Searcher activity.

          • No worries, Stephi. I found plenty of hidey spots to bury the bodies 😉 LOL Besides, what I can’t hide away the mountain lions will take care of in short order.

        • Oh dear, I’ve brought a rock (s) from states we were in. Always thought people who came here would take a mo. rock home and in that way keep the order of the universe!

          • I hate to promote stealing rocks as it’s a federal offense it appears…but I have a cousin who collects rocks with lines in them(I’m from a very artsy family)..and she puts them all around the outside of her house…on the window sills etc. so the lines in each rock connect with each other. She also collects heart rocks and when we go to family reunions…she finds us all heart rocks. I think we should all do that on our trips…then when the rangers arrest us…make sure to hold your rocks up so we can all see them.

      • My bear stick needs a little red, green and black on it. I already have some native bead work I bought in Taos from a native guy who made ankle bracelets. There will be a few other trinkets added to it that made it back from our trek in NM. I plan on doing a bit of carving on it too. Stephi’s not the only one who loves woodworking *LOL* I am a printmaker by trade, education and passion. Wood block printing in particular so I may have to carve a few wild designs in it over time. *S*

        • That is nice. I always encourage people to try their hand at carving. I started carving walking sticks more as a hobby and stress relief but found the more I did, the more I enjoyed the things I created. The picture of the fish that is on my profile is the top part of a walking stick I carved. I have always enjoyed picking up little things at the places I have traveled so I could look back on those times and relive it all again. Your stick will always be a great reminder of a wonderful trip to the west and a part of a great trek in life.

          • I love wood working too. My dad taught me tons and I carried that with me always. I used to build houses too, so I am no stranger to power tools, chain saws and even old tools and planers. I used to collect old farm and wood working tools, sharpening wheels and oil cans. I know….sounds strange coming from a female. Sometimes I think I was a man in a past life. I like tools.

          • Bonnie,mikeseges , you should both read Eric Sloane’s a “Reverence for Wood” it is online a scribid I beleive

          • Thanks *S* I’ve seen it, but haven’t gotten to reading it yet. I have a book list about a mile long now LOL

          • Sloane was ff’s close friend, who he gives credit to for much of his success and i think that his segment of the poem “in the wood” may be a reference to this book .

    • I said that someone on Dals blog said it was found and he said it hadn’t been. If I email asking for clarification he’ll sometimes answer(not always). I’m glad he did so that won’t freak us all out.

      • Thanks Stephanie, being fairly new to this chase….I get so “irked” at the “whackadoodles” posting sometimes. I’m glad you veterans are keeping the blog on the up and up with your policing efforts:) Thanks Dal too. Boy imagine the freaky emails FF gets!

  79. As for Fenn… I am sure he knows that he is being watched, tracked and hacked. I feel the same as you do Stephanie. It kinds makes me want to become a funny old man. I laugh all the time when I read these blogs. Some dont smell right. When I go and look for it someday ….I hope I come out smelling like a rose.

  80. That is true! Not a rat race! Instead it is an opportunity to see the beauty of the wilderness!


  81. Oh! That would be horrible Steph!!!!! No one stop looking unless f says its found!! Don’t believe anyone else! 

    ________________________________ From: THRILL OF THE CHASE To: jendurham24@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 1:58 PM Subject: [New comment] On The Hunt…

    WordPress.com Stephanie commented: “Not cool, not funny pete. Peop

    • There you go again jen…encouraging me to book a flight. I need to quit or your going to need to help decorate my cardboard box.

      Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on THRILL OF THE CHASE jen commented on On The Hunt….

      in response to Stephanie:

      • I have glitter and paint! I got a free paint sample from Lowes the other day! Just the right size to paint a box! HA!  You need to convince hubby to get a second home out there!! 

        ________________________________ From: THRILL OF THE CHASE To: jendurham24@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:06 PM Subject: [New comment] On The Hunt…

        WordPress.com Stephanie commented: “There you go aga

        • Oh gosh….I see a new product in my totc product store.

          Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on THRILL OF THE CHASE jen commented on On The Hunt….

          in response to Stephanie:

          There you go aga

          • Do you really have a store going? We need flip flops with the ff logo on them!! 

            ________________________________ From: THRILL OF THE CHASE To: jendurham24@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:26 PM Subject: [New comment] On The Hunt…

            WordPress.com Stephanie commented: “Oh gosh….I see a new product

          • On my blog….made up funny products. Dal and I had joked a while back about funny ways to support our treasure hunting habit. Things like a map of where it isn’t. Tshirts with double omegas. I think products with ff all over like Louis  Vuittons LV would be great. Only red, green and black…(with a little pink lol)

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on THRILL OF THE CHASE jen commented on On The Hunt….

            in response to Stephanie:

            Oh gosh….I see a new product

          • Oh the bags sound great. I would never pay for one with the other letters on it but I would get one with ff all over it. Better yet make mine a lightweight backpack. No more heavy packs down into canyons for me. I want a cute little ff one that will hold a couple of bottles of water, some snacks (must hold an apple for my son and I to share) a treasure map and some lipstick.

          • I thought women “always” looked at the size of a man`s foot… 🙂

            I hate when the post goes to the middle…one more try for the bottom.

          • Hey maybe some cute little fenn police outfits for us girls in pink. lol

            BTW.. Thank you guys for the love. Maybe pete will change his teasing ways and return. 

            Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:Respond to this comment by replying above this line New comment on THRILL OF THE CHASE jen commented on On The Hunt….

            in response to Stephanie:

            Oh gosh….I see a new product

          • You must mean like the cute pink and black stripped outfits that they issue to the pink inmates in jail, with numbers like PTN9999 and PFW6666. LOL

  82. Why dont we just blog about what we came across in our search for the chest. Maybe odd things or wonderful views from some peak. The fond memeories that you will always treasure with you family and friends. If you find it, lets ask a question on what you will use it for? I know what I will use it for. Lets enjoy Fenns rainbow.

    • LOL! 

      ________________________________ From: THRILL OF THE CHASE To: jendurham24@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 2:23 PM Subject: [New comment] On The Hunt…

      WordPress.com Stephanie commented: “Beep beep beep….lol I’m stealing th

    • I am going thru the blog for today to get rid of all the nonsense spewed by Pete. In the process I also am eliminating comments to him or about his uncivil, inaccurate and trollish claims. This may leave some of your comments orphaned. I apologize for the confusion.

    • Please remove this comment. I don’t think that’s right to post someone’s personal info on here. . My comments about pete were erased so why should this one be able to stay on? Its very bias and not right. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Why should he be ashamed of himself? He didn’t post it for one. Also, just so you know…that’s a public profile. Anyone can go to facebook and see it. That’s what facebook is for.

      • No one needs to be ashamed! Facebook is meant for sharing….any digital media that is out there is fair game for anyone to use at anytime. Hence the reason we teach kids to be careful and about privacy issues. It honestly isn’t biased, its just the world in which we live. He could just as easy provide a link to this blog on the facebook page and it would be fine. Its the way things work now days.
        Welcome to the Digital/Social Media Age! 🙂

        • Its not illegal but it can turn that way fas especially where threats were made by wolf. If he loses any money , job or people post untrue things it deframation or if people are contacting him because of it it becomes harrasment. This whole blog could be shut down and a law suit. My husband is an attorney.

          • Its actually called freedom of speech. No one posted anything untrue. Opinions are allowed. If he or anyone doesn’t want their name associated with things then it is their job to ensure privacy settings are correct. And realistically he started it and was meaner then anyone else was. Besides that Dal took down all the mean stuff! 😉 so all is well! I teach this stuff. 


          • The man would have to prove the loss of job and finances are directly related to the particular incident. Defamation of character, libel and slander are extremely hard to prove in court. That’s why you rarely see anyone in court making such claims. Many may try, but few are ever proven. Anyone who begins with the drivel he did would have a hard row to hoe. Generally speaking, I’ve found that most garbage begets its own. People make themselves magnets by virtue of their own words and actions. Best we just forget the lug and be done with it.

        • The blog says your personal info or how you log in will not be visable to others. It depends how far he wants to take it. Dal I’d remove it.

          • The point is that facebook is not personal. It is social media. Meaning anything that shows up on it is public information. Personal information is information you have not made public. 


          • Andrea, “personal information” means actual email address, phone numbers, home adress, password, etc. Any info posted publicly is fair game.

          • I thought it was Andrea….no? It’s Pete? I thought he took a powder judging from the updates I got. Good thing I wasn’t hear to read it IRT. I would have had to raise my bear stick. *L*

  83. Where will you be traveling from? Glad your out of those lurking bushes….they have thorns.

    By the way….if anyone wants to send forrest a post card from their home town or their search area….I have an address on my blog whatsablaze.wordpress.com under the post writing campaign. 

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy™ S II 4GTHRILL OF THE CHASE wrote:

  84. As of now I have focused my search in New Mexico; however, I feel like I just hit the gold mine–the mother loot 🙂 in Colorado. Does anyone know what affiliation ff has with Colorado? What would encourage him to hide millions of dollars of gems in Colorado? Aside from its’ marvel gaze and pristine beauty I really don’t see much of his lure (pun intended again) to this state.

    Maybe I have been overanalyzing New Mexico because it is my home state and I hope it is here, but I guess I need to broaden my search area…..

    • Maybe you’re suffering from “the grass is always greener” syndrom. NM is my choice for the treasure, but CO is pretty darn cool too just for looking for gem stones. NM has my heart and always did ever since I first went there in the early 90’s. There is no reason to think the treasure isn’t in CO. Forrest did say it was in the Rocky Mountains north of Sante Fe. The Rockies run all the way through Canada so it could be there *S* I know we didn’t find it in NM….but I still think it’s there 😉

      • I’m just curious, but when we hear about the Rockies in the Midwest….we always think “the Colorado Rockies” Do people out West think of them that way? That they are sort of Colorado’s mountains? Anyone from the Midwest or out East know what I’m talking about?

        • Hey Steph, same thing here in Maine. I have always heard it called the Colorado Mountains….meaning the Rockies. I guess everything else is just a hill, lol. All I know is I want to get out there and explore the trails, fishing and scenery. Would love to find the chest of gold for my sons and to save my Mothers home. I even thought about moving out that way so there wouldnt be any expensive trips back and forth. Any takers want to share an old run down shack out that way. Im a woodworker and cabinet maker so can fix up about anything thats been run and neglected. 🙂 Darn (ed), run down and neglected is kinda like me.

          • I hope your able to go out there for a while like that. I have to be back once a week to make sure my Dad’s ok and he’s sort of emotional if I leave for too long…lately my kids have been missing me a lot. So that’s been a big part of why I’ve had to make so many trips back and forth. There’s a chance I might go out with a girlfriend and our sons in June…I used to do woodworking. I loved it.

          • Mike S. , there are websites where people exchange homes during vacation season, I hope this is a feasible alternative for you.

          • Thank you Ragnar. I will definitely check in on it. Im thinking its time for a change for me. I have always lovrd that area of the west and have wanted to go back. What I need to do is line things up ahead of time as I will probably need to get some sort of a part time job out there to wild life style…Yes that is definitely a joke there…the life style not the job hunting, I love the idea of traveling out there with others that want to share the adventure.

          • Mike you may want to check that area for jobs on craigslist then, there may be something on there.

        • I’ve never heard of the Rockies being called the Rockies of the Midwest. In Wisconsin, we have no mountains even though we refer to those little hills as mountains. Before the glaciers carved out the midwest and leveled it, however, the little Porcupine mountains were grand mountains even higher than the Rockies. The Porkies are barely a foothill to what once was. Gold, silver and copper all found there at one time. Copper remains, but the mining has ended. I think they grow mushrooms in those old mining shafts now and flooded the rest. A real shame.

        • Stephanie,

          I think most of us from Colorado think of the Rockies just as the textbooks say, from Canada to New Mexico. Although we look down a little at all the neighboring states and their shorter peaks.

  85. I just want to say this for the record. Pete’s post about having found the treasure had nothing to do with my earlier comments. I am just so hurt though…and actually now becoming really angry. I didn’t join this hunt so that I could take a walk in the woods. I live in Santa Fe, NM at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains on five acres of land near the National forrest. I am in the woods every day. I joined the hunt so that I could solve the puzzle and might actually have the opportunity to find the treasure. I have sacrificed a great deal so that I might do so. My family has suffered…I wasn’t able to be contacted while my nephew was bleeding out (lost 3 pints of blood) due to a botched tonsillectomy. My cherished project (my gallery) has suffered since I have dedicated so much time to this.

    To those people who are here only to play games and test and see if others have come to your solution regardless of the damage it causes others who might actually be searching, I think it’s a shame you have been allowed to do so since Dal’s post about leaving for Santa Fe and leaving the blog essentially unmonitored. I honestly wish he had shut it down while he was unavailable. The posts lately have been so transparent at this point my dog will get there first. It really stinks that you people think that anyone with a genuine interest in this would be an idiot, and that’s the least of it. At this point I think unless you are on the “blue” or the “pink” team…even if you did work hard to figure it out yourself, you are pretty much out of luck at this point.

    Anyway…I just want to say that. While it has been fun hiking and working out the solution to the poem. That fun has come at great cost on many levels to a lot of us. Now..the final insult. Those of us who weren’t included in the inner circles and who have worked so hard can just sit here and watch while you guys do everything you can to lead people with IQs of 47 (that’s not a clue) to the location of the treasure. Wooow..I NEVER (oh that’s not a clue!) thought it would come down to this. I am honestly so hurt.

    • Wwwhhhhaaattt?? The chase is supposed to be a THRILL! I think f would be hurt to read your post. It’s about a treasure yes but he intended it so much deeper. To find new friendships, connect with family and find beauty in the land! If you haven’t found that you are on the wrong chase. Team blue and pink is for fun while we bond have a great time! Join in! It’s ok to be friendly!

      j ~ PFW

    • Armany, sorry to hear about your troubles , I hope things get turned around for you, but for a lot of people this blog is about communicating more than treasure hunting. Several have mentioned that they are physically or financially unable to participate and this is there chance to discover some form of treasure such as friendship,kinsmanship or whatever . I don’t believe anyone has any malicious intent , they’re just expressing themselves and it occasionally goes awry or perhaps is misinterpreted. Good luck and keep trying.

    • Armany, I hope I haven’t upset you with my antics. I want to say that I totally “get” what your saying and how your feeling. I’ve also neglected my family over the last two years in a way…spent way too much on trips etc. That’s part of the reason I tell everyone how much I’ve spent and whine about things out in the open…so people realize that side to this. I feel the new searchers are in the honeymoon phase as I once was(and miss it!!). You go out and see incredible wonderful things and you feel you really have a chance at it your first time out. Then after a few trips you realize it’s not as easy as you thought. By then you’ve invested so much of your time and money and you feel your soooo all in, that you can’t get out. If you get out, then you’ve accepted you’ve lost what you have into this…emotionally and financially. I don’t think there’s a right answer to feeling that way and it’s just something that we have to accept if we’re going to play. In my situation my family has had to learn that I’m not always there to fix things, clean things, handle things for them. They need to do a little growing up. I’ve had to grow up too. If you had any idea the emotional growing this has done for me…you’d be surprised. I hope you can come out of the angry place about it. Take a rest…and come back when your ready. Hugs and Love, Stephanie As for inner circle. I don’t believe there is one anywhere in this. If it’s the pinks/blue thing…we’re just having fun and everyone is always welcome.

      • thanks Stephanie…yeah I can identify with your sacrifice for sure. I will stick with the hunt. I don’t think it will go on for 2 more years…but you never know, I guess LOL

    • Dear Armany: I was off for several hours and just got back and read your post. It made me very sad, but I want you to know that I am not looking for the treasure the way you are – I am new to this and while i am fascinated by the puzzle – I’m fascinated by anything that’s a puzzle so in that way I am very interested. I love Santa Fe so much and my husband and I have been trying to get out of L.A. for a few years and move there – but he lost his job in January of 2012. He got another great job last September, but it doesn’t offer him the same option of working from anywhere – so here we are. I want you to know that when I get to Santa Fe, I’ll help you look and share my thoughts with you about the treasure and you can go check it out. Just leave me the Zia Diner or The Shed and I’ll wait for you. I feel bad that you are hurt – don’t be hurt Armany. Just remain positive and true to yourself and all will be well. We shall meet soon, with Jerry. It will be fun. Take care and be sad no more. 🙂

    • Armany, you can’t let people like Pete get the best of you. You will see many like him full of bluster and ego and little digs meant only to get to you and knock you off your stride. Let them bluster like an errant wind going no where and accomplishing nothing other than to cause you to readjust your hat. Treat them like the noisy child interrupting a good read. Allowing someone like that to infiltrate your head just gives them the satisfaction of upsetting your cart. They have won. I often thought the best way to deal with dream dashers is to ignore them if you can. Yeah, they’re like flies around your burger, but a good swatter takes care of that 😉 Just don’t give ’em a chance to land.

  86. We are in Missouri. Going to Taos. Seems to make some sense. Will enjoy no matter treasure or not. Do plan to give Mr. Fenn his bracelet if we do happen to be that lucky.

      • Exactly what I was about to recommend – very interesting and but time sink for me. Might be what of great value tho

      • Good sight. By the way has anyone come up with a reason to the different pictures in the 2 postmarks ?

        • sorry. Just plain old Sue. Not tech savy, Anyway good sight. The 2 postmarks on the pic of treasure and story of ff and brother and the flying machine.

          • I can’t find the thread to your response Sue. Is this response related to my asking if someone had done a comparison between printings of TOTC?

          • No. We just noticed in our book the 2 postmarks were different than all others. Looks like a pic in the mark instead date. Very hard to see.

        • I wondered what the significance was of Forrest changing his ID card picture from one of him being seventeen to one of him being about six years old.

        • I have wondered why the TOTC books arrive with Jacket off? I have never received a book without dust jacket on. Also I am trying to figure out which postmarks you speak about. Page number?

          • My extra book that came a few weeks ago had the dust jacket on and was sealed in plastic. Maybe they’re trying to cut a step to get them out quicker.

        • Hmmmmm, maybe I have a secret super special one of a kind copy that came without a dust jacket on ;^)
          I cannot reply to posts and I forget the fix posted. Unsubscribe and resubscribe or delete and resubscribe? I still can’t recieve 9 clues 10 emails either. Ideas?

          • Onecorgi, some people can go to the latest page, enter their e-mail in the follow box and are ready to go. This doesn’t work for me as I get the dreaded 404 page error and have to do it differently. I have to un=subscribe and go to part 1,2 or 3 and re-subscribe then post. you may want to copy and paste this post somewhere so you have it for future reference.

          • Mine came without the dust jacket on, too. Had to re-fold it to get it to fit properly, too. I figured since it wasn’t folded correctly that that was why it wasn’t put on at the bindery.

        • Ragnar. Took your advice and copied what you wrote and saved it. I have a bit of memory loss so thanks for the advice.

    • Just import the topo layer (vector format)through google earth (not google maps). It is invaluable!
      The Wolf

      • Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check them out. Found one at http://archive.org/index.php Search usgs. Just now scratching the surface. I stumbled accross this one almost by accident. Just FYI if anyone has ever noticed older topo maps show more detail than newer additions such as caves and indian ruins and mines.

        • Will,

          As I understand it the newer maps are based on a completely new vector graphic database and much of the information has not been entered into it. Also there are inter-governmental squabbles and proprietary formats that are getting in the way…it’s a huge mess and won’t be sorted out for some time.

    • I do, but they are outrageously expensive. Still want it? Don’t know if they include caves and such.

      • I’ve located a number of places…it seems the problem is that there is no map reference key…in other words, you have to look at each map to see exactly where it is. I’ve seen them for newer maps at map stores..just not for older ones online. Thanks for all the input!

  87. This is a whole new off the wall thread. Seems like not a coincidence that one post mark would be in 2 places and different than all others

    • We hashed over all those postmarks at one time. Found one that was accurate in date and used twice. We didn’t get anywhere with it at all. Some people were trying to get GPS coordinates out of it as we were too. All it got me was going south to Mexico LOL Maybe you’ll do better with it. I still can’t even figure out my GPS correctly. One thing we found out while in NM is that a satellite was out and GPS was practically useless in Cimarron Canyon. The article on the subject stated that the satellite wouldn’t be repaired until weeks later. We also learned from a ranger that it is near impossible to fly low over Cimarron Canyon because of the box feature. The winds and suction would not allow a plane to fly low and get up fast enough to clear the high peaks, thus….the many plane crashes. The ranger DID say that only a wild, gutsy pilot with high skill and a penchant for risk might try it and succeed…..hmmmmm….Forrest?

  88. Hey Dal or Stephanie,
    He is giving out a clue tomorrow on Today Show right?

  89. The wife, kids and I are heading out tomorrow for four days to hunt for the treasure and do some fishing, and just like everyone else I think I have the spot.

  90. Questions for veteran hunters: Would 4WD be handy for the expedition? Anyone brushing up on their Indiana Jones? Anyone consider “where warm waters halt” to be a train depot?

    • I don’t think you need an ATV. He says he “walked” back to his car. He’s also said it’s in a place where a 79 or 80 year old man could go. So it’s not anywhere too dangerous(although you might have to be brave to go where it is…maybe in the woods or cemetery?)…but it’s not dangerous…. I did a whole search on the Cumbres Toltec Train line….with the water towers being water high. Gosh that was such a long time ago. I don’t think it’s part of that, but I don’t want to discourage anyone from their own searches. My husband took our son on those trips and I know they will be in his memory for a lifetime.

      • The memories are the most important to me at this point…one thing they are gauranteed..the chest is not. I’m thinking cemetery as well. There is also a Beaver Creek along the way (beavers are brown).

      • i’m thinking “not dangerous” to forrest, is dangerous to many regular folks though.. he’s a man who traveled / hiked or rode a horse a 100 miles in the wilderness at a young age.. and there are absolutely dangers in the wilderness.. and we’re talking about a man who was shot down in war.. his idea of dangerous is probably alot different than ours>> ya know what i mean? .. btw i like that area you were referriing to stephanie.. hope to get there this summer..

    • Canoe or kayak? I know he say’s “be no paddle up your creek” but just before says “put in below the home of Brown” which to me could be a reference to a canoe or kayak launch..

      • “Put in below”….tells me it is a waterway…….”home of Brown” to me is the special trout water section of a river. “no paddle up your creek” indicates to me that the waterway is not navigable by boat, kayak or canoe. I believe you have to walk this creek….or dry river….or shallow , narrow river . *S*

        • Or does is that what he wants us to think…that it’s a river and that’s why people have gone by it? I’m wonder if there are two things near each other that can be considered home of brown…and people are taking the more obvious one. That’s why I questioned the Brown Eyed Susans or a type of rock that’s a Brown such and such…

          • He talks about butterflies really being flutter-bys too and in that special area (not so much when we were there) there are butterflies all over the place. We saw some, but not all were out yet. Flowers along the streams….there is an area there that “looks like a rainforest” where moss grows in the spring.

          • OH YEAH! We were there too early to see the flowers. When we got to Eagle Nest and Cimarron I realized just why Forrest said “May may be a good time”. We erred in rushing our trip. The flowers were not in bloom. The butterflies were barely beginning to come out. The north facing falls were all still frozen. I knew then that Cimarron Canyon was not ready for us….not in her full glory. When mother nature opens her arms full, then is the time to go. Some things may be better hidden, but I can say now that being early didn’t benefit us in any way…even though there was little snow on the ground. If I ever go there again, it will be later in the spring….maybe even early summer or early fall. Int he meantime, the blaze still befuddles my mind. It is the blaze question that keeps me awake at night. We saw a gazillion things that could have been “the blaze”. The one thing we didn’t/couldn’t find is the “joker” face rock formation. Maybe it was because it was up too high, but we were certainly high in elevation while hiking up Maverick trail.

          • Wouldn’t that be something that the reason he knows no one has found it, is because the flowers weren’t in bloom to point the way? So it’s not the snow that we’re all thinking…but it’s for that reason. I like all the twists and turns we can think of that can relate to the poem and why he said what he did in it. It amazes me how generalized he made it to fit so many situations like that.

          • Stephi, no kidding! There are a million ways to think about things and Forrest nudges us with his enigmatic words. Upside down, backwards (or is it back words?) and inside out. We’ve looked at it every way we can think of….LOL. But I knew when we got there exactly what Forrest meant. May might be a good time if everything is in bloom. It was not. Maybe the idea is not to rush to wehre one thinks the treasure is. Maybe we should be slowing down and smelling the flowers 😉 Maybe “gone in there alone” means also going solo and having the time to do what you want when you can do it instead of curtailing events and plans to accomodate everyone else’s wishes while traveling and hunting. I could do a search solo and enjoy it immensely even in the Rockies. (the man tends to be a bit “protective” of my well being, however. I gotta admit that it sometimes irks me……I can take care of myself just fine *S*)

          • Maybe when he goes into the field to throw his watch…it’s a field of flowers like this where butterflies go…and the water high is the rain that gives them water. Maybe there’s a big rock on top of it. Let’s just figure it out here together Bonnie lol. If someone’s nearby….can they go get it when we’re done and send a third to me and a third to Bonnie and then you can keep the other third?

          • LOL, Stephi, I’ll work on resolving that little issue, but I won’t count on seeing any “third”….only because I know my fellow man all too well. I’ve already seen how greedy and goofy people can become in this chase and it does dishearten me somewhat. The treasure lured me. The chase enthralled me. The discord makes me turn my back on all of it because that wasn’t Forrest’s intent at all. Loving and respecting nature, enjoying family, being outdoors, bringing people closer together is what it means to me. Going slow, smelling the flowers, watching flitting flutterbys dash in the breeze and being lulled by babbling brooks. The treasure lies in a peaceful mind and a soul reborn to create again. Slowly, I work my way back. btw, did you get those pics I sent you? petrified wood and the Lucky Shoe Horse with the colophon nostrils *S*

          • Oh I meant to reply to you about those on facebook…I did reply to you about them. I even sent you back a double omega photo I had. You didn’t get it? Hmmm I hope the treasure isn’t in that field of Brown Eye’d Susans lol…I’d feel awful that I put it out there like that and it was there lol….

          • Stephi, maybe you can take comfort in knowing that it’ll be a bit before those Susans are up and yawning. The weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. That gives you plenty of time to book another flight out there when they finally bloom. *S* maybe it’s a big sun flower *S* Doug Scott told us a great story about his mother using a sun flower to discourage a bull from running her down on Tolby Creek trail. It was the one day she didn’t bring her bear stick for walking. Animals respect the stick because they understand you can hold it in your hand and they can’t do that. Of course, they can always run over you, but for some reason, they respect the man with the stick (or woman, as the case may be) *S* Short people need to carry big sticks….that would be me.

          • I once held the door open for a guy with a big stick and he said thanks and I actually blurted out without thinking that I always hold the door open for a guy with a big stick. I still blush when I see that guy. lol…..

          • The worst part is that he’s a fireman…so I see him in serious situations and I KNOW for a fact he’s thinking back to that time and trying not to bust out laughing.

          • Thats why this Jen loves her flutterbys and is named PFW 😉  Flutterbys are special indeed…..!


          • I remember reading a bedtime story to my son when he was a little bit and it had “flutterbys” in it *S* I love butterflies and dragon flies. Dragon flies have so many varieties of colors in those gossamer wings. Some moths too….there is a Luna moth here in Arkansas that lives one week, but is lime green and has a wing span and tail span of four inches. Poor thing smashes itself against the door at night and sounds like someone’s throwing rocks at the cabin. One week to live…..amazing.

        • bonnie i’m still thinkiing “Brown ” is trout waters too, along with colorado as my backup plan :).. something to consider though, from what i gather, is eagle nest res. does not have brown trout… therefore…. just my humble opinion.

          • Cimarron River DOES…..a special trout area which locals call the “holy waters”. It’s a fairly short stretch of the Cimarron. Eagle Nest Dam was my “warm waters halt” since NM Game and Fish defines warm waters as ANY water not designated “special trout waters”. Since Forrest is a fly fisherman (and they do fly fish that narrow river which is not navigable by boat, kayak or canoe), and fly fisherman walk the river bottoms, it made great sense to me. We found blazes along that area….one was a rock X on top of a bigger rock. X marks the spot??? We thought so and crossed the river to check the other side under that X…..no treasure. What bothered me about that area was the loose rumble rock under the X. Forrest would not expect a family with kids to cross over and search in loose rumble rock. Cross the river? Yes….while fishing maybe. We were in places that clearly were not for the meek. In fact, just about anywhere in Cimarron is “not for the meek”. We try to forget the poem because we probably won’t be searching again, but it’s etched in our brains now….forever. We’ll be relaxing on the back deck watching the deer after a day of diamond digging when all of a sudden Ray or I will blurt out “WHAT’S THAT DARNED BLAZE”!!!!!!!! There is no cure for this treasure fever.

          • Bonnie..and others…
            There is also a stretch of “special trout waters” on the Red River above the town of Red River. That is one of the reasons Gadi and I looked there.

        • ok..lol, just trying to help eliminate a large area that in my opinon is not “it”! it’s the most obvious place that everyone looks at first when they decipher clues.. eagle nest, angel fire, aqua fria, cimmaron r. and canyon… just trying to help 🙂

          • Casey, I agree with you. Cimarron is probably the most popular search area and has been done over and over again by numerous seekers. But that only means it hasn’t been found yet, that none of us searching there have been right on the spot. It doesn’t mean it’s not there. Cimarron Canyon state park covers
            33,000 acres. The river continues out of the canyon, thru Ute and on and on. The blazes are too numerous to even mention. High peaks and trails abound along with waterfalls and immeasurable beauty from rock formations. It’s breathtaking….and in some cases, literally because of the elevation LOL I couldn’t give up on Cimarron as the place to look. It has everything from red, black and green to horse shoes, black smiths, apaches, the Sante Fe Trail, cowboys and indians, treasure lore galore (besides Forrest’s), old mines, great trout fishing (the Holy Waters), it’s off the enchanted circle…I could go on. It’s got a warm water halting, home of the brown, not for the meek, heavy loads, water high, and blazes!!!! Blazes! There are so many blazes! I know that treasure chest is there some where. Gotta figure out the blaze. That is key.

          • Yeah I have to agree…just because so many have gone somewhere doesn’t mean it’s not there…and might actually mean it is there, because he said searchers have been close.

          • Well, if Forrest comes back and says I was within inches I’m gonna be something like that Black Hawk Tarantula Wasp that you were having lunch with that one day. I’ll either be biting someone or screaming in pain for three minutes. LOL

        • ok gang up on me lol..ok heres my misunderstanding then.. what is”put in below home of Brown” under the cimmaron theory?

          • Also home of Brown ranch on Dry Cimmaron creek and near the waterfall From Johnson Mesa?

          • That was actually our very first “home of Brown”, but it was too ephemeral for me. Even though they’ve been there a long long time, it made no sense that a clue would be something so easily changeable like who lives there. Could be someone else in a few years. Could all burn down in a fire. Home of Brown has to be something more permanent or long lasting. Brown trout have been around since the early 1800’s I believe, so that makes them pretty native after a couple of centuries. They thrive sans help from the hatcheries and, where I come from, when something is considered indigenous, we refer to it as “the home of….” as in native Brown Trout.

          • The only thing that bothers me about Brown Trout is that grammar wise it might not be right…and if you look at the other trout he mentions in the book…I think it SHOULD be capitalized.

          • Casey, that would be just beyond (below) the special trout water section of the river. Not IN the special trout waters. The river winds back and forth across 64 as it leaves the canyon and meanders into Ute (which is completely private property and unavailable for searching). A few locals mentioned that folks in those parts do shoot at trespassers FYI And I would have a tendency to believe them.

          • I don’t know where it is to say where it is, but I’ve searched there a lot and got my memories worth out of that place. I love that area and it’s so easy to just go off a trail just a smidge and be totally by yourself.

          • That’s ok Casey. No one wants to brain wash you into changing your favorite spot. That’s what makes this hunt so interesting…everyone has their own ideas based on how they decipher the clues. I think NM for certain reasons including the fact that Forrest never talks about NM in his memoir other than to mention his efforts in Sante Fe. He doesn’t talk about how his family traveled through NM to get to Montana every summer. Or how he may have followed the Sante Fe Trail rather than Louis and Clark (as he says in the book). Never mind he lives on the Sante Fe trail or that everything he mentions in subtle clues plays out right in Cimarron, or that he is a fly fisherman who’s probably fished that river a billion times through his youth and adulthood once he settled in NM. I keep going back to one big factor. When Forrest retired from the AF, he could have settled ANYWHERE. He settled in NM. If I could live any where in the world that I wanted, I would certainly go to the place that meant the most to me. *S* I’m betting that river fed his family time and time again. The bounty from NM in that canyon is immense. Arrowheads, cowboys and Indians, treasure lore galore, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and a successful art gallery with a beautiful family and pueblos, caves, tubes, river, falls all around to explore. Believe me, Casey….it’s ok that you don’t think it’s in NM 😉

          • I still want to figure out the “middle” of Temple and Yellowstone. I always thought it was interesting that he gave those directions going up there.

          • Yes….and he never, ever once mentions stopping in NM on the way. But you know they did. Had to. Plus the fishing would have been great 😉

          • I wonder how far Cimarron is from Temple…I think I’m going to play with those ideas on mapquest a little. If anything it would be fun to guess where they stopped to camp. It’s too bad he can’t tell us things like that. I think we’ve probably all gotten curious just from a puzzle standpoint…and know who he is from his memoir….what else happened between the lines in his life. I’ve always wondered about his sister for example. I don’t think she had kids or we would have heard…did she get married? Things like that.

          • Stephi, there is a lot a “fill in the bank space” in Forrest’s memoirs. I would think the path they took to get to west yellowstone would be included….where they’d camp, fish, hunt and the mountains of things they discovered along the way. But nothing. Not a word. Which makes me think it’s important. He only mentions crossing five states to get there. NM had to be a big one, plus, it’s the place he settled after leaving the AF. Sure, he claims Peggy picked it, but those two seem pretty close after all those years together. Understanding how close couples can be, a man will leave the choosing to the woman he loves knowing full well that she will pick what HE loves best because a happy spouse is a grand thing *S* He also said that Peggy claims he threw his hat and jumped up and down, although he says he doesn’t remember that part;-) yeah, right, Forrest S** I bet he was happier than a pig in mud on a rainy day.

          • She didn’t pick the place. They moved there because Texas didn’t have a big art market for his foundry. That’s why they moved to Santa Fe…she just agreed to it I believe is what he’s saying in his Memoir. I also don’t believe they would have gone through NM to go up north..it would have been out of the way….two other things…his sister settled in Bozeman, MT and his parents vacationed every summer at an RV park up in MT. So he also spent a great deal of his adult life up there. Remember how he says he went on vacation to visit his Dad every summer as an adult? Peggy went to vacation with her Mom to talk about him? Montana was still a great part of his life when he was an adult…it wasn’t just as a child.

          • Stephi, the part of Peggy picking NM is from Dal’s video blogs. He doesn’t talk about it in his memoirs. I can understand him going to Sante Fe because of the art influence. heck! That’s where I’d go too, but I do recall him saying Peggy picked the place and he tossed his hat and jumped. Recheck the Dal’s video interviews. That’s not saying that Forrest’s story changes from time to time 😉 LOL….depending on the audience I imagine.

          • I think my info came from an article I read. Maybe they just realized they needed a good art market type place and she picked NM. I don’t know….looking at what’s in the “middle” of Temple and West Yellowstone and it’s below Denver wherever it is…they never would have gone into NM though or they would have gone off their route. First area where they hit the mountains is throughout Colorado which might be why so many have decided to search there.

        • sounds like an awesome place bonnie.. i never went east of eagle nest, but may have to next trip for the visuals.. now i never said i didnt think it was in nm.. i believe it is too.. happy trails to you.

          • LOL….then GO! Go when everything is in bloom. Go with a camera or video cam. It is rough country, but awesome in beauty. Check out the waterfalls…..there are several in the area. The wildlife is spectacular too. Elk and mule deer moving through Tolby and the dam area. Eagles swooping overhead. Mountain lions, bear, bob cat. I am rarely ever jealous of anyone or anything, but I find myself being envious of the boy scouts. They get to go to Philmont and trek that place….the STORIES about Black Jack’s ghost, the trails and peaks and wonders!!!!! The BSA get to do cool things. I want to go back in time and be a boy this time…..I want to be an Eagle Scout and climb the high peaks with rubber joints and an exuberance that doesn’t quit. btw, I can tell you where NOT to look so you can save time LOLOLOL

        • @Bonnie;
          You wrote: “He only mentions crossing five states to get there. NM had to be a big one”

          The five states would be Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. This would be a long boring, basically flat, drive but the easiest roads and more services available especially in those days……Could be why he doesn’t talk about it much.

          The other route would be Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. This route would barely cut across the Northeast corner of New Mexico; have much less services, and be subject to many more road closures, do to weather, rock slides, swollen rivers, etc.

          I beginning to wonder if the book is a distraction from the poem.

          • Yes, but there is plenty of wildlife, fish, history, camp sites, pueblos, etc …..they bartered for things along the way. We drove through Oklahoma….even today there ain’t much there. heck, we hoped for a gas station when we were on the Indian Highway. I’d rather drive through Texas….and that still ain’t saying much. If I were God (which everyone should be happy that I’m not) I’d be moving Oklahoma and Kansas out to the edges of the country so no one would ever have to drive through them again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Question…doesn’t he say that the route took 1600 miles(can’t find it)? I’m at around 1500 on mapquest….which would be a side trip of 50 miles approx to somewhere out of the way and back(the school house…right?) Interestingly if you add Denver as a spot they wanted to travel through…the route takes you near or by Cimarron. So maybe as a family they would stop there and camp as one of their layovers. I need the hints or else I’ll never be able to figure out which canyon, home of Brown etc.

        • LOL…Stephi, I surely can’t imagine what Forrest wants us to think. Sometimes he says “think”, then he says don’t over think. I don’t know which I’ve been doing more, but most times I think I’m over thinking. My mind tends to go places it probably shouldn’t just like a bad dog. And when I try to call it back home, it just won’t come. Even while in Arkansas at the Crater I am thinking of treasure and wehre it might be. Even some of the other miners talk about it. I was thinking of digging around some old mining equipment the other day only because I thought Forrest’s treasure might even be….in Arkansas!!!! LOL In my head….it’s everywhere. When we drove out to NM we had Navi (garmin GPS) take us where ever she decided. We came through Texas and once we got into NM she took us straight up the Old Sante Fe Trail and into Angel Fire. I can’t imagine what it must have been like traveling that country in covered wagons….wearing a bustle!! Now, if little Navi took us on the SFT from Tx, why not Forrest and his family? We traveled along side the old Route 66., the oldest highway and the most traveled in the country. Getting from Temple, Tx up to Rte 66, through Tucumcari and up east of Sante Fe and finally through SF. That certainly would have been an appropriate road to travel back then. I guess some research into this might be helpful. The federal highway system was initiated by Ike Eisenhower when he was pres and I believe that was in the later 50’s. Over all those years, as the federal highway system developed, might they have changed their route from time to time? Or do you think that they might be serious creatures of habit and travel the same place every time? I think it varied. And I also think they would travel through places that had great fishing and hunting since they didn’t stop off at restaurants to eat back then and bartered for goods along the way, be it gas, food or tires. Remember, Forrest was proud of his efforts in helping to feed his family along the way. And considering his deep interest in cowboys, indians, artifacts and history, the Sante Fe Trail would be a hot interest spot for his family. That’s how I think anyway 😉 i could be way off base, but it makes sense to me.

          • Speaking of bartering…he mentions doing that with fish. So if your right about it being along the SFT…Cimarron is right there where they would get plenty of fish and I would imagine they’d want to go through Denver on their way up to probably replenish some supplies on their trip.

        • Stephanie, regarding the 1600 mile route he took…remember there were no interstates back then, that may have lengthened his trip. Print up some old maps and plot his route by hand.

        • I keep biting my tongue when I read that people are ruling out boats so often because of the “no paddle” statement but they totally seem to disregard the “up” part. Couldn’t it mean that you literally can’t paddle “up” the creek? The question I had after I returned from my trip is does that mean I have to travel “up” the creek from my starting place or do I travel “down” a creek I won’t be able to paddle back up? In my creek I was traveling down because that is where “the end” was and that is where “down” was.

          • Patricia, funny you should mention that because we have thought that way too. Maybe I should start at the bottom of the creek and work my way up stream, but I have to walk? “No paddle” means to me that it’s not navigable. But I’m not discounting anything. Ray didn’t want to search the River because of the “no paddle up your creek”. He focused on the waterway being a creek, but not a river. Yet Cimarron River isn’t very big, deep or wide and can be walked fairly easily….and it certainly looks like a large creek as opposed to a river. There is no way you can use a boat, kayak or canoe. I don’t recall Forrest saying you don’t need a boat, but Forrest doesn’t strike me as a boating kind a guy unless it’s a small boat meant for fishing. Every time we searched an area, I always looked back from where we came because it seemed to me that once you got to a certain area you had to look back to find the blaze. My trip trigger is the blaze. One has to be “wise” to find the blaze. Well, finding it might be easy if I only knew what the heck the blaze was for sure. Where we were there were a million possibilities. I even saw a black rock at the edge of the River with a metal cross that said “Rick’s Rock”. Now that could have been a blaze, but so could the X rock, the Frog rock, the black deposit in the face of a rock formation, the cliff face across from Maverick Trail that went clear down to the creek and falls, or even the “joker” face that we couldn’t find at all. It’s there. We just didn’t find it. The blaze is the secret for me. Did I miss you when you were there?

      • hi Will in tx, in our preferred place we take “no paddle up your creek” to mean there is no to little water there, we are walking the creek. that’s not hard because currently & recently in the mountains north of santa fe (unless all the way to top of ski basin) has had little to no rain. it is very dry here. we were going out today – had a few sprinkles on the car and put the camera back inside. by the time we arrived at our favored spot, it was dry again. wanted to take photos and post but concern is not understanding how to remove location, embedded in photos — if that even exists. we have a digital slr, still learning how to use … can anyone assure us if location is off on smart phone that we would be safe to post? would be happy to share some of our intrepretations without giving what we think to be our whole solution away. appreciate learning if anyone has honest info. we have been taking photos for some time and each time are amazed at new discoveries. great fun. thanks, jess

    • Another factor to consider is that although an ATV or 4WD may be appropriate, those roads are often closed to vehicles anyway. Feet are the preferred method of travel. Some places you can take horses though 😉

      • With the train idea I thought the tarry scant was you wait a while, while it fills up with water from one of the water tanks.

        • One way to view “halt”
          If a station is on a single track main line, it often has apassing loop to facilitate the traffic. The smallest stations are most often referred to as ‘STOPS’ or, in some parts of the world, as ‘HALTS’ (FLAG stops).

  91. A lil bit of Friday humor. Forrest’s poem sticks in your head and once you put it aside for a little while it jumps right back up again when you least suspect it. I’m sure many can relate. I was sitting in a hot tub last night drinking a cold beer thinking. hmmm…warm water halts here and this IS a brown ale. Man, it’s too far to walk to get another one. Wow, this beer has a blaze on it, and ya know, the water in the tub is pretty high tonight come to think of it. I’m not brave enough to get out in this cold to get another cold one. Maybe I’ll just halt here in this warm water for another 10 minutes. Finally I did brave the cold and there I was Google Earthin’ and lurkin’ wayyyy past my bedtime. Thx Forrest. lol

  92. My wife has a makeup case that measures 10in x 8in x 5in. Mother’s Day is coming upon us soon, so I figure I ought to try to get her a new one that’s roughly the same size (give or take a couple inches on one side). Consider me the newest member on Team Blue, making trip number two. This has been my blog of choice to keep up with events. Thanks Dal et al for all your work!

  93. Does anyone know why we can’t see recent posts by others on the Thrill of the Chase Facebook page?

  94. Does anyone know if you can use the Cumbres & Toltec RR as a drop off as for a backpacking trip or other such things I might be doing in the mountains of New Mexico? 🙂

    • i think they will, Will.. and even pick you back up, should you get out alive.. just kidding of course. gl

      • Thanks Casey, Still trying to confirm for sure. I left the question on their FB page, and emailed the info box…still no reply. I don’t know why I’m stuck on the train idea, with warm waters halting…heavy loads…water high (as in the boiler). I know I’m probably over thinking it. Up the creek could just be a euphemism for a bridge over a creek. Looking down from the bridge…all my thoughts right here…If anyone finds it under a brigde…just throw me a nugget!

        • Wouldn’t a bridge be considered a structure? FF said in his last Today Show ‘hint’ that the treasure wasn’t associated with any structure.

        • i’m with you to some degree Will.. i have a few other ideas too but the heavyloads has to narrow down the possibilites.. and a train certainly fits.. ive thought old mining sites as well but they seem too few or for that matter “special”.. also thought ski lifts lol … and one other thought as some have mentioned, old historic wagon trails.. ???

        • I’m stuck on the train idea also… check out the Rio Grande Southern (find an old map of its route). A ‘halt’ is an English term for a train stop, usually at a junction. The RGS begins at Ridgway, CO on the Uncompahgre River (warm waters in Ute speak) and heads down where a few stops later there is a station called “Brown” with a water tank. Below Brown towards Placerville is a mine called “Omega” that had an aerial tramway (like a ski lift for ore). If water was used as a ballast for the empty cars going back up the hill, then heavy loads and water high… I haven’t searched there myself but am keen to know if somebody has already.

        • Hmm..I wasn’t aware of the wording on the structure…I thought he said it wasn’t in a structure. Agreed that a bridge is a structure. Wagon trails or abandoned railways. Not far but too far to walk…So how do you get there? Supposedly he walked back to his car…does that mean he took some other form a transportation first? Anyone aware of the “walking back” stuff?

        • Will he drove there.. and made two trips in and out, supposedly walking.. the speculation is, how far did he walk?? maybe a mile, or two??.. or more?? depending on the terrain in my opinion..

        • Just learned that one of the parts of a telegraph machine is called a “paddle”…oh the hits just keep on coming!

        • and it’s on the Stikine River, who said something about somethin stinkin’ earlier in these post? hmmm

        • How about this one: There is a Telegraph Mine and Telegraph Mountain in NM…however it’s south of Santa Fe…This is killin me!

  95. I must be just reading my older TOTC email notices. I’m just now reading the P exchange. Disgusting…really. Glad it’s O V E R. Good thing I wasn’t here with my bear stick, Stephi 😉 Thanks, Dal for cleaning up that trash.

  96. It’s a gorgeous weekend in the West and a great day to get out and find (or not find) hidden treasures. I am headed out on my motorcycle to a few Colorado locations pretty far down on my list today- more of a ride than anything. I don’t expect to find a thing except some beautiful scenery and sunshine. Maybe if you come across a blaze and look down you’ll get lucky and see Stephanie’s painted toenails and flip flops. If you look up and see a blaze go by on a dual-sport bike, tats, and sorta loud pipes, it’s me. Have fun and I hope nobody (but me) finds anything today. just kiddin’… lol. CHC

  97. soooo!!!!!!!!!!!! has anyone heard when the new clue coming out ,need it for final clue .actually dont really need it ,but just need a confirmation .

  98. Hi Dal, My wife and I didn’t make it out there, I was worried about a health concern and knew the distances between facilities was only going to get longer. The tornadoes and torrential rains west of Memphis would have turned us anyway. I don’t think the meek were cut out to be long distance drivers either.

      • Hi Dal, Yes, I would still like to give it a good shot. A round trip flight and car rental for a week, is just slightly higher than the cost of driving, but adding the cost of wear and tear, they look pretty even.

  99. Fun Fact (but not a clue): You can sing the poem to the tune of Empty Chair at Empty Tables from Les Mis.

  100. As a new searcher, I am overcome with the brilliance of Forrest’s plan to get us out there “in the wood.” I spent Friday and Sunday on the chase, with my wife along for the Sunday fun. The discoveries we made, even after living in and exploring northern New Mexico for almost 18 years now, were great, satisfying fun on their own, regardless of our failure to find the gold.

    And to echo many other voices on this blog, that poem gets under your skin, doesn’t it!

    Suffice to say we left, dusty and tired and a bit sore, with plenty of places still to look and a trove of locations we want to go back to just to enjoy with friends and family.

    Having a purpose for your hikes makes all the difference, something I learned scouting and hunting deer and elk. And having the Internet makes the search all that much more interesting. Thanks to all of you guys who are keeping the conversation civil and sane yet light-hearted and full of life.

    Just received this from Forrest on Tuesday evening-

    Dal, I’m getting a lot of emails from people because they believe the Utah guys have found the treasure. Can you reassure them that the treasure is safe and secure? f

    • Two things, one I find this borderline disturbing that F could make that statement once again so quickly. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that someone would want to remain anonymous if they found the treasure. Whether its from being worried whos property they found it on or wanting to avoid taxes or whatever their reason is. I get it that F thinks the person who finds won’t be able to keep it a secret and I’m sure most of us wouldn’t. Again, how could he make that statement unless the chest was really close, and I mean really close. He can’t get live google earth,he doesn’t have GPS because of battery life and its a low probability that he’s using a web cam, that would be dangerously to close to human contact plus the cameras are terrible. I know he stated the chest is north of Santa Fe but did he officially state downtown Santa Fe. I’m very perplexed at the moment.

      Secondly, any chance you are in Santa Fe this week?

      • We have all gone on in this chase on at least a measure of faith that it exists and it may take the same to keep going on the hunt. It seems sloppy that f would hide such a treasure and send folks on a hunt w/o being able to determine if the treasure had been found, unlike the f I hear about tho.

        One possible way f may have all but guaranteed his knowing would be to have placed a message that when found would require the discoverer to contact forrest to receive a great(er) reward for their hunt, or contact a bank, or trust administrator. I admit I don’t understand the workings of some of the ideas above but you get the picture. (admission in hopes to not to get flamed-but The Hunt is a pretty kind board)

        • Maybe FF has a spotter who lives close to where the treasure is hidden. Maybe FF provides him with a regular “guardian fee” or whatever you want to call it, giving him a comfortable enough lifestyle/retirement so he doesn’t need the value of the treasure and is willing to play along. Maybe the guardian lives in a remote enough location that he can go out and check on the treasure without anyone being suspicious. So any time there’s a claim, FF asks him and he checks. Yup, still there. I know there are a lot of holes in that theory given the “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead” comment and such, but it seems more likely to me than a trail cam, GPS device, etc. Just a thought…

        • If/ when it’s found the finder may decide to remain anonymous and should still notify F. This could easily be done with an anonymous package, the bracelet and pics. It’s a good amount of $$$ value, but I don’t think many would see it as being worth the frustration that would come from going into the spotlight…then dealing with ownership concerns, etc. I think/ hope F has it in a spot not too far from Santa Fe that is tucked away enough for him to be able to check on it once in a while if he get’s out early enough and can be sure he’s not followed. If you happend to bump into F in a weird spot in the woods somewhere randomly you can be sure…The spot could provide a a vantage point that allows him to see if anyone is coming from far off. F may have come up with his own rule early that says it is not “found” until someone provides proof and comes forward- let the books keep selling and the legend continue. CHC

      • Slope66 – Finally, someone who understands. Even if FF included a note or a way to contact him, that would not be a fool-proof method of notification. I believe there are only a couple of ways that he could possibly be certain. It matters very much how he could know.

        • Solar powered signal located in location, uncover chest and signal sent to f and upon his death to a predetermined receiver?
          It does matter to me also Becky. But there is not much I can do about it besides depend on f to be able to reassure of this. He does sound adament that the Utah yokels have not found the chest.
          It would be a comfort to think of some technology that can reassure us that it is possible to know. Maybe f was waiting for technology to become more reliable or just waiting to figure out how. This discussion might be fruitful in this respect.

        • Fenn knows that the Utah adventure guys didn’t find the treasure because they said they “don’t think it’s in New Mexico.” If they are not looking in New Mexico they will never find it and he knows that for sure. There are more than a couple of logical reasons why it is in New Mexico, possibly as close as 30 miles from Santa Fe.

          Disclaimer: of course I am speculating based on my application of logic.

          • Yeah, but he’s said that before when people claimed it and they were searching there. So I think there’s another reason…what if he put a note in there that says you can get an extra such and such if you contact me. Just guessing(don’t take that as fact at all or anything I believe he should do)….but after he talked about the other money going in there. Maybe he’s offered to pay the gift tax for the finder if he’s still around to do so or has it set up for his trust to do so.

        • Forrest could, indeed, assert immediately that the treasure was not found by the Utah boys simply because Forrest never hid it in Utah. btw, the article on the Utah boys only said they “knew where it was”, they hadn’t retrieved it yet, but where apparently going back to get it. Claimants on the treasure abound every where. I saw a Youtube video where the folks claim to have found it. The NY Post picked up the story and Fox News did a blurb on the tax issues and the fight to keep the treasure. So goes the claim on the video. A search of the above mentioned news papers and stations quickly reveals……NOTHING. No news blurbs anywhere. No NY Post article. Doesn’t exist. Yammering dunderheads may claim to have found the vortex to a parallel universe, but the proof is in the pudding. With regard to the treasure Chest of Forrest Fenn….Forrest said “I thought of everything”. Therefore, I imagine that Forrest not only has a way of telling whether the chest has been found, he probably included some kind of instructions along with his bio. When Forrest says it has been found, then I will believe it. Until then, all I hear is a lot of hot air and bluster from a bunch of wannabees.

        • @stephanie, I also agree with your idea that there is something else in there. It’s not a camera or a GPS transmitter though because any one who’s used one knows that they have to have a direct sight to multiple satellites to work. His comment at the book store when asked directly about it was something like – I can’t say because I don’t want to give any more away and I might not know for sure if someone doesn’t want the IRS to know etc.

          It’s not unlike his comment about the public/private lands question when he commented that he won’t say because it’s too big of a clue. He’s right it’s a big clue – just as much so by not answering. If FF said the treasure is on public land, how would that change your solution to the clues? When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem like a big clue at all. What if the treasure is within a city limits? Does the Federal or State Government have any claim to it whatsoever? I think not. That’s a game changer and a really big clue if it were the case.

      • @slope66, Onecorgi, Martin, COHighCountry, Becky, crazyfamily, Stephanie, Bonnie, et al,

        This is from F’s site:

        “Has the Treasure Been Found?
        To our knowledge, NO!

        There is always a chance that someone has found it and hasn’t made it public but as far as we know it’s still out there.”

        It sounds as if he’s relying on human nature to let him know when the chest is found. He has no way of knowing for certain, evidently.

        • DK,
          I agree it sounds as thought he/we are relying on human nature to inform us, and we are, just as we were when we discovered this chase.

          I guess we can hope for more of a confirmation but I will not throw this chase away unless I am tired of it or I am certain it is all for naught. Two different reasons for my quitting and neither are present right now. Wish you all the best.

    • Wow, they’re going to get those little girls up at 3:00 AM for the broadcast?? I feel for them!

  102. The state farm commercial “Like a good neighbor, insurance save me money” and the flyfisherman pops up and says, “I caught you a dollar….You gotta be quicker than that”- that’s my reminder to check on the hunt, not that I need reminding. lol

      • Jen…so if it’s not associated with any structure does that also mean the clues are not associated with any structure as well?

          • I’m thinking that one of the clues is a type of structure as well..

          • Sorry Will, but Forrest stated last month in his monthly clue that the treasure didn’t have anything to do with any man made structure. Um….and that included out houses 😉

          • Thanks Bonnie, I’m convinced. Not that it matters really, but I assume he wrote the poem after he hid the treasure? I’m starting to beleive that “HOB” is just a rock.

          • Will, I should show you all my rock blazes!! I thought the blaze might be a rock….until I found that every rock looks like something! A frog, an X, a smiley face…we found tons. But as for HOB…I’m still stuck on fish. I did have one tasty yummylicious red trout at Grahms Grill in Taos…….delish!

          • Good to know…When we make our trek up there this summer, I plan on chasing a few trout as well..If i don’t find the treasure, I will find some fish both alive and cooked!

          • Will, there were more than a few tasty looking trout in the Cimarron River…..aka the Holy Waters 😉 If you go sans gear, there is a fishing outfitter in Eagle Nest always open. Great people and you can rent fishing gear if you need it. The price was pretty good too. It was the ONLY business that was always open in Eagle Nest LOL….um….along with the econo-lodge. Folks in EN are pretty cool and laid back. Enjoy….and catch one for me *S*

          • Actually, I believe Forrest had been writing the poem and tweaking it for years before he even hid the treasure. He said he always knew where he would hide it long before he did it. Then he set out to write and re-write that poem over and over until he got it just right. Now, to Forrest, it makes perfect sense. To the rest of us, well…..no one’s found it yet and our tail chasing just shows that it doesn’t make sense to us. After our trek out west, we all came to the conclusion that we were over working and over thinking the solution. It all comes back to Forrest’s intention which is to get families with KIDS out there looking and enjoying nature. Kids off the gadgets! Forrest didn’t mean for us old farts to be hunting (even though we will 😉 He wanted a fresh generation to get off the sofa and get outdoors seeing, touching and learning new things about the world we live it….the beautiful world….not the rat race of gadgets and games and video fame. We old farts need to start thinking like twelve year old kids if we want to find that treasure. And figuring in families with kids takes us all out of the dangerous trails and away from rock slides. Maybe we should all go to Disneyland. I’m up for Harry Potter land so I can get a magic wand to help me find that treasure.

          • Will-
            Forrest has said that he worked on that poem for fifteen years before it was published. So it appears that he started the poem long before he hid the treasure. He hid the treasure in 2009 or 2010 (he won’t be more specific). Of course he could have tweaked the poem moments before the book went to press in 2010.

          • Thanks Dal, very interesting. It’s scary to think he put that much thought into it…but i guess if i was hiding a million bucks, I’d think pretty hard too! The 2009 or 2010 seems to be a significant clue/hint as in something happend in one of those years that points directly to one of the clues in my opinion.

          • My first guess is the significant event is tied to weather or fire or both. Lightning strike?

          • Picture this: During an evacuation order, if there’s risk of fire destroying everything that’s dear to you, you’re going to take the good stuff even a chest full o’ treasure…nobody thinks anything of it because they are doing the same thing…what better time to leave the house undetected than when everyone else is on the way out too! So was any part of Santa Fe under an evacuation order either of those years?

          • He wouldn’t have needed to be secret when he hid it really…not many people knew his plan. After hearing that there was a reason he hid it then…maybe there was a fire where it’s hidden/buried and so he wanted to do it then…or…I don’t know what else. Curious though as this is the first I heard that.

          • I suppose so. A few turns on a dirt road and you’re alone with your thoughts and a small chest of gold to hide. I guess I’m picturing him parking his car on the side of the road, opening the trunk and pulling out the 30ish Lb. chest…disappearing into a wooded canyon only to walk back out dirty and exhausted, returns home and his wife doesn’t ask: “Hey hunny where ya been?”

          • Hi all: Will VERY interesting about FF doing it during an evacuation order, but I’m with Stephanie (go Pinks) that there would be no need for secrecy – no one would be looking. Now of course, if FF takes out the trash the world knows it and goes looking through it! Also, Forrest (pardon my familarity dear Mr. Fenn) is a collector and probably transports all kinds to goodies to and fro all the time so it all happened under everyone’s nose and that was that. I am so sad to not be there next week – I should change my name to SadMaryNOTinSantaFeinMay. 🙁 Anyway, still will keep reading this very fun blog.

            By the way has anyone ever considered that this whole thing is just something put out by the New Mexico Tourist Bureau?? LOL I’m kidding – simmer down everybody, simmer down. XOXO – (sad :{ Mary on 28th floor of downtown L.A. highrise wishing I was on my way to Santa Fe.)

        • 1-Color me stupid but what is HOB? xxBlaze?
          2- Clues leading to the treasure may be structures, but not the location of the treasure. Is this what is meant in the discussion of structures?

          • HOB = Home of Brown….sorry about the acronyms. Just makes it a bit easier. Re: structures. Forrest has stated that the treasure has nothing to do with any man made structure. Effectively, that could mean that it’s not under a bridge, under a crucifix, under a headstone, a building, and outhouse or someone else’s house. It’s not under a street sign, road sign or stop sign LOL I could use a sign….like an arrow pointing to the treasure. I still say it’s in the WOODS….somewhere, by a stream, in a clearing of tall grass surrounded by trees, butterflies and flowers. Probably hidden from view by a flat stone or two or three. Now what’s that blaze??? There in lies the rub.

  103. Hi fellow FF Treasure seekers!
    Just wanted to pass along a clue, just in case you may not have seen it. Just North of Eagle Nest Lake on Rt. 38, the Moreno Ranch is located. Moreno is Brown, in Spanish. It is seen on some To maps, but not on Google.
    Happy Hunting!

    • Rich-
      That’s very old news…but thanks for helping out. There may be some new folks who have not read that idea elsewhere on this blog.

  104. Question for Dal or Stephanie or anyone else that may have the answer… I recall seeing a mention of the number 88 somewhere on this blog, but I can’t seem to find it again. Besides being the year FF was diagnosed with cancer (I think) was there any other significance or reference to it?

  105. Hello all! I just read about this treasure a few days ago but have been reading up on it non-stop since. I will go look for it sometime over the next few months when I can make time. I have a specific spot where I will look (as does everyone, I am sure). Until then I’ll be reading this blog.

  106. F wants us to get outside and away from computers and here I am hangin’ online again with Dal and the Thrill Team. haha. Heading down to Southern Colorado and N. New Mexico Friday. How’s the snow down there?

    • LOL…better check the forecast. NM weather, especially in the northeast section is a bit schizo. One day sunshine, the next day snow flurries. We were in Cimarron Canyon a couple weeks back and although cool temps reigned, there was very little snow at the time. It melts fairly quickly anyway, but those winds through the box can be bitter and nasty. Bring your long johns, dress in layers and good luck. It might be just perfect out there too. Ya never know.

  107. I was quite excited to see the jeep…until I realized that this one was a 2011 Grand Cherokee…made 1 or 2 years after he hid the chest. This isn’t the vehicle he used to hide it.

    • hadnt noticed the new pics until i saw your post.. hmmm . answers a question i’ve had for some time..i d say there’s a strong chance he had one prior to the upgrade.. just speculating but it opens alot of forest roads and jeep trails to consider when picking your treasure site.

  108. Dal,
    This post should be in the Forrest responds to Treasure Hunt but it is closed. So I will post it here. Perhaps we should have a legal aspect forum.


    This document talks about METAL DETECTING ON NATIONAL FORRESTS
    It has an article in there about Treasure Troves (which is what this is by definition) which states searching is allowed but requires a permit and there is a caveat that protects the public for ownership.

    The Wolf

    • Wolf-
      We don’t even know if that’s an issue. We don’t know where he hid it. We are not attorneys. This blog is about searching for the treasure not what to do with it after you found it. I’d rather concentrate on finding it and not putting the fear-o-god into everyone about something that we just don’t know anything about.

        • The Wolf
          I appreciate your recent post on the legalities doing certain activities on national forest land
          and to me that is being very wise and a noble gesture to help everyone.
          These laws are fact not fiction and to me they are written to protect our natural resources
          so everyone can enjoy them now and in the future.
          A link which you provided to that info is very important as well and then everyone can decide for themselves if it applys to where they may be searching or how they want to search for things.
          Dal has his opinion and it his blog so we all need to respect that and he may not want to get in the
          legalities of searching for it or what do to if anyone finds it, but we can’t ignore the law just like we should not ignore speeding limits going along the highway to get to our search areas.
          Ignoring the laws like ignoring the speed limits is just not common sense.
          So thanks for the post and I found it very helpful.

        • Tim,
          Glad you found it helpful. I was uncertain about the law on my search and I erred on the safe side when it came to “digging around” (who know may have cost me). I was just thinking that there is a proper way to do this while protecting the searcher and the landscape and thought it would be worth discussing.

          Also I feel there is a solution for the person who finds it (if on federal/state or protected land) that will allow them to keep it. I think we all would hate to see someone find it only to have it confiscated because of a poor action plan.

          This kind of planning should never preclude getting a solid plan to find the trove of course.
          The Wolf

          • The Today Show segment with Forrest this morning also featured rangers in NM stating that it is NOT “finders keepers” on Federal and/or state lands. They reaffirmed the “no digging” rules and Forrest reaffirmed that it’s NOT in a cemetery. Stephi, you can forget about the graveyards now *S*

      • I see no merit in discussing the legalities of finding the treasure and keeping it. That would be determined only IF one finds it and how that individual intends to deal with it. Federal laws and state laws tend to be in harmony over antiquities and found objects. No matter what state you venture to, there will be laws regulating finds. The use of metal detectors is regulated differently in states and searching for rocks is vastly different than finding hidden treasure filled with antiquities, NA and/or pre-columbian artifacts and gold coins. As Forrest once said, (paraphrasing) he only placed the treasure out there for someone to find. What happens to it and the finder afterward is their own concern and how they intend to deal with it. I tend not to worry about certain things until I have a good reason to consider it. Effectively, I won’t concern myself about taxes and such until I have the chest in my hands. Until then, it’s all speculation and wonder, and I’d much rather enjoy the journey than perplex and frustrate my mind with something that hasn’t happened …..yet.

        • For whatever it’s worth…To the guy(s) or ga(s) who find the treasure…figuring out what to do with it seems to me that a problem I’d like to have.

        • Bonnie,
          You have valid points. No need to put the cart before the horse. Taxes is another consideration and discussion topic that would benefit from a separate blog category to avoid interfering with the 9 clues discussion. I realize some are at different stages of the search than others and having a separate blog to discuss those aspects would appease all.
          Just my opinion
          The Wolf

          • Wolf, just saying that there is no point to the discusion unless one finds the treasure. No point in worrying about something unless you have to cross that bridge. I’ve listened to some folks get out right paranoid just thinking about it. Heck! I’m not going to waste my time worrying my brain over stuff like that unless my hands are on that chest. Then I can sit back and mull it over all I want until I figure it out.

        • The “tax issue” is going to be dependent on the person who finds it anyway….local tax laws, state laws, federal laws based on income, family size, yadayadayada….so, it’s going to be different for different people. What applies to me may not apply to someone else. That’s pretty much why i doesn’t pay to discuss it anyone. You find the treasure, then you decide if you want to be legit and pay your legally due taxes, or forfeit the treasure altogether, or donate it to the Smithsonian, leave it inside some church door, or keep your mouth shut and take your chances that no one wil ever find out. LOL….I’ve seen some folks get so paranoid over the question that they didn’t even want to stay one second more in the state they might find it in because they figured someone would bop them on the head and steal it from them. I just shake my head at all that bluster. Some people analyze so much that they scare themselves in the process. Maybe we should all search for the treasure without searching for it. In other words….appreciate what you see in front of you instead of looking for something else to fill the void.

  109. I’d like to buy a copy of that Cast Iron Cooking book. Thanks dal, for sharing all the moments of your trip.

    I find myself becoming a real fan of Mr. Fenn. He really is worth learning about, from. Same goes for you mr. dal.

    • Morpheus-
      That book is available at Amazon and she will be having a book signing in Santa Fe next month and hopes to have a lot of the Sisters on the Fly trailers there to gawk at..

  110. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pi7aQLuggc
    some interesting comments here regarding some folks that have claimed to have found it. I realize that people online will also claim that Elvis is alive and living with them, but sometimes the claims seem pretty sincere. I really wonder if f has actually verified that the chest is still there? I do hope he’s not waiting for someone to come to him. Nonetheless, we’ll be out poking around over the weekend. We’re gonna find something cool, chest or not, that’s for sure. CHC

    • What???!! Elvis isn’t alive? I heard he was living in San Diego.

      Sad news for me – I work for the devil in a law firm and she forced them to cancel my vacation. My only option is to quit – so instead of May in Santa Fe – I won’t be able to go now until August. I am very angry and sad – but maybe it’s for the best – people plan, God laughs, right? Anyway, won’t see you in the Plaza on May 12 – I will continue to enjoy this blog and all nice people on here. Bless you and all the best. – Mary

    • The video showed several ideas but what was most notable is the lack of bronze chest or identifiable objects from the chest.

    • Just to calm people down….Elvis is alive and well and living in the velvet painting on my living room wall *S* He just winked at me.

  111. Have read the book. Then re-read again. Have studied the poem and followed the blogs. Have to not only read the stories, but really understand the thinking, character, and emotion of Mr. Fenn.
    See nothing to indicate treasure in NM, UT, or CO. Convinced that treasure is located north of Lander, WY and east of Green Bay, WI.
    Agree with Stephanie that probably note in box that instructs follow with Mr. Fenn with reward or ? if he is notified. That is how he will know, if happens while he is alive. Think someone will find within next two years and Mr. Fenn will still be alive.
    I’m still waiting for snow to melt, for planned trip.
    Good luck.

    • Um….are you in trouble now? Do we have to find Stephi the Fenn Treasure Bail Bondman for ya?

      • Not in trouble (yet). I’m heading out on trip 2 next week. At least I can focus on my primary spot now and not worry about the secondary one. If only I could figure out what “look quickly down” means since it’s not directly beneath my “blaze”…

        • Aha! Another conundrum *S* I think the blaze is something that points down, but you still have to walk a bit to get to the treasure. Then I think that when I see the blaze I should look down stream, or back from where I came. That’s about the time I realize that I’ve been spinning around in circles in the same place while contemplating all the blazes i see. LOL Good luck on the hunt! Stay safe and bring a sandwich anyway.

  112. Dal,
    I sent you my story and some pics – hope they got through ok.
    The Wolf

    • Wolf-
      They did…and I think your story is going to get some folks excited…nice find!!
      I know I’m excited!!
      I’ll post it later tonight. I am spending the day buffing out the nasty scratches Esmerelda got when we took a road that turned into a trail much too quickly…

  113. When Forrest said “the treasure is not associated with any structure,” do you think he also meant stone niches, stone chambers, culverts, cairns etc… basically anything old yet still man-made?

    By definition they are structures, but I can’t find a loop-hole in his statement. Then again, context might be important. He said this in reference to wooden outhouses. Anyway, thank you for your thoughts.

    • I don’t know FF’s thoughts any better than you do but I imagine the box nestled neatly in some rocks. Not exactly buried underneath them and but snuggly set in some rocks purposefully. That my two cents for ya. Happy hunting.

      • I agree. The box itself is quite valuable, so I think FF has protected it somewhat.

    • No convincing loop-holes. What is not a structure? Even DNA is structure right? Does seem to be an overly broad statement that may be clarified later, or not.

      Seems clues or non-clues beyond the 9 in the poem distract me from the chase as described in TTOC.

      My take away is, “enjoy the chase and on the way don’t destroy structures of any type”.

  114. Hey Dal,

    Really been enjoying your blog posts…that story about Coyote, the trickster, left me with chills up my spine!

    I just went on my first attempt, a week ago, in the clear creek in Cimarron Canyon National Park. I remembered Forrest saying that at least two groups have been within 500ft and that several people figured out the “where waters halt” line correctly but got lost from there. So, I figured, since the clues lead me there (even though other folks have looked there) that I might as well give it a try. The thing that was a hang up for me was finding the blaze. However, coming back form my adventure I was filled with more specific questions about the poem and wanted to share the points I am now pondering:

    1. Why would you have to look “quickly” down? It seems to me that this implies that time is of the essence. Why would that be?

    2. Could the first two lines of the poem be a reference to him skinny dipping in the Firehole River? “As I have gone alone in there” which he did as a boy to bathe, “And with my treasures bold” well, I guess since he was naked, that was bold of him and his family jewels could be considered his treasures…a long shot, but it did pop out to me. Then again, that would mean Yellowstone.

    3. When he says Begin “it” and take “it”….I am wondering more and more what that refers to. Sure, “warm waters halt” and “in the the canyon down” are important, but what do the its mean? I overlooked them the first time, but I believe that they are important to solving this puzzle.

    Thanks Dal and please keep posting!


    • Hot-
      You said-
      “Why would you have to look “quickly” down? It seems to me that this implies that time is of the essence. Why would that be?”
      I think because Stephanie is hot on your trail and you better move fast… 🙂

      Seriously,its a good question and so are the others you raise. I know two months or so ago folks here were talking quite a bit about the “it” thing..and what it could imply. I am not as concerned about that word as others on this blog. I think it is a perfectly natural word to use and is simply a convenient substitute for saying things like-
      “the creek”
      “the trail”
      “the road”
      “the journey”
      “the quest”
      My guess is that you want to know which of those things “it” stands for..
      To me that’s just part of the puzzle…something we have to figure out..
      I’ve had places where “it” was a stream, others where ” it”was a trail.
      “Begin it” to me is always my journey..

      On the other question..
      Since no one has found it yet I am sure you will get people who say yes to the Firehole and people who say no.
      I am in the “no” camp.
      I believe that line simply says:
      “I carried the treasure to the spot myself and no one was with me.”
      But I generally go for the least complicated solutions..

      • Hello all. I am feeling a bit less depressed today about my cancelled trilp to Santa Fe – so I thought I’d share a dream I had last night about the hunt.

        It pertains to the blaze and looking quickily down. In the dream the sun or some light reflection blazed by a point and hightlighted an area tn some sort of a line that caused me to look down. It passed fairly quicikly but if I looked down quickly at the highlighted area and walked towards it and the treasure was hidden there. In the dream I realized that’s why I had to look quickly down from the ‘blaze’ because it was a fleeting moment when the light would shine right in the spot. Ok, maybe I’ve been watching too many movies, or it was the two glasses of sangria I drank last night at dinner, but since the clue guessing and theories have gone in so many (often odd) directions, thought I’d throw this in. Often the mind reveals and sorts things out in dreams. An extra added challenge to be in the exact spot at the exact time when the sun lights up the blaze. Ok, that’s all I got. Have a blessed day everyone. – Mary

          • Hi On2it: Thanks for saying it makes sense – when it really doesn’t but I guess the answer to your question of what if it’s a cloudy day would be the same as answer to what if it’s night time – wait for the sunrise. 🙂 Yesterday it was 80 degrees in L.A., and warm and beautiful in Santa Fe – today it’s cold, cloudy and blustry in both places – maybe I’ll go take a nap – see if anything comes to me in my dreams.

          • You been watching too many Indiana Jones movies..from what I hear Mr Fenn is a fan of..you might be on to something…

          • Hey Will!! You’re probably right – hahahaha – but remember it did come to me in a dream. Stranger things have happened. The thing is I don’t know what direction to go in anymore – complex, simple, numeric, symbolic, every third word, backwards. Honestly though, my gut feeling and my mom always told me to trust my gut, is that it is much simpler than we think. I so wish I was going to Santa Fe this weekend like we originally planned – but perhaps when we do go in August, I might have the dream with the answer by then!

          • I’m with you on the gut instinct thing! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ignored it and ended up kickin myself! I try not to over-think things as well. I’ve got my area scoped out, Unfortunately won’t be making the trip till late July or August. I’ll have to spend all summer here in S. Texas trying to get acclimated to the NM heat..!

          • Hi Will in TX:

            Yes!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same thing – kicked myself for not listening to myself!! Somewhere along the line I was taught to listen to your first thought, instinct. I think it was a test-taking technique and it’s proven to be correct and can be applied in all aspects of life. The first time I read Forrest’s poem, as complex and baffeling as it is, the first thing that came to mind was that it was simpler than it seems and not to over-think it. Now, having said that it doesn’t mean I have the slightist clue where the treasure is, but it seems to me it’s closer to Santa Fe, rather than farther – and I have no idea why I think that – I just do. Anyway, like you I’ll now be there in August. It will be during Indian Market time so there will also be a huge influx of visitors – about 100,000 I think. Wow.

            Interesting thing – I have contact with a few people in Santa Fe – a realtor, the rental agent who handles vacation rentals, a lady at a jewelry store that I’m buying Santa Fe charms from, my best friend – and it’s really, really odd (to me) that when I mention this whole treasure hunt thing, some of them have ‘sort of heard something about it maybe’ and some haven’t heard about it at all. Isn’t that odd – and in a way very cool – people in Santa Fe are so laid back – I love it!! Write back!

          • I was down in Santa Fe over the weekend and it was pretty casual. Not many of the folks there seemed to know much about the hunt. We were with Forrest for a while and had a table with him at a cafe on Monday. Not once did anyone come up and mention anything about hidden treasure. During our search over the weekend we did not come across any other searchers in any of our secret and not so secret spots. This was good to see. CHC

          • That’s really interesting – how did you get to meet Forrest – I would love to meet him and talk about his adventures in the escavations – I am a closet archeologist!!

          • I emailed him mentioning a few of our search areas and that we were visiting Santa Fe so he set a time up with us. It was great to meet him. Either we got lucky or maybe he thought we were onto something. It doesn’t sound like he responds to as many emails or blogs right now. He asked me, “So, what did you find?” I said “an arrowhead”. He turns and looks at my girlfriend and says, “Is this your daughter? What did you find?” she told him, “a mushroom”. lol. We did find most of our clues right in sequence and are still working on a few details. It really feels like we’re on track, but who knows…He did seem to like one of our search areas and spoke about some landmarks there but not in a way to give us any hints. CHC

          • Oh you’re so lucky – LOL that she told him she found a mushroom – very cute – I bet he got a real chuckle out of that!! I would only love to meet him because of the tales he could tell and talk about art – I work full time at a law firm (ugh), but my heart lies with art and I sell it on the side a little – and I love old stuff. Forrest has those same interests and I’d love to pick his brain and talk about things that have passed though his shop and stuff like that – he’s a very fascinating person – who wouldn’t love to spend some time with him?

  115. This hunt has been a blast so far and we met some great people. Part of me hopes to find the chest soon and another part of me hopes to keep on searching! If I find it I plan to leave a little something out there to keep things going. Thank you to Forrest for creating this, and thank you Dal for the great blog. We got to meet up with Forrest for coffee yesterday and chat for a while. It was a pleasure and we learned more about the man. We spent a few days out in the woods and it was an adventure for sure. The anticipation of coming upon a blaze, and seeing you clues unfold in front of you is a rush. Keep your eyes open and you will find treasures- an arrowhead, a piece of some indian pottery, an old cliff dwelling, seeing some wildlife really close up, meeting some angry and well armed property owners (Note: to stay off private land)…lol. We saw it all over the weekend and are ready to get back out there for more. With this poem stuck in my head, what other choice do I have? lol CHC

    • Take a flashlight = Use your brain “THINK” (Light bulb in the brain).
      Take a sandwich = You must have a burning desire for it, YOU MUST BE “HUNGRY” FOR IT.

  116. Wish Mr. Fenn had hidden the treasure in a little more weather friendly(ie warm) area. Hard to sit and wait for snow to melt. Would rather be out “chasing”. I am not in the NM or AZ “camp”. Treasure has to be north of Lander, WY and west of Cody. Right now, cold and covered in snow. Even the trout are shivering Ha!
    May not be until July now before I get up there. Right now just “listening good”. Mr. Fenn, if you are following, would appreciate a nice, substantial next clue. Good luck all, regardless.

    • Hi T-weed,
      OK, I’ll bite. What makes you think North of Lander and West of Cody (that’s lots of country).

      Yeah, some places still have lots of snow! You’re spot must be pretty high and some distance back in, if you’re thinking July before you can get in..

      oh yeah, if you go through Lander there is a little pizza place downtown. They have great pizza. Only one problem, they put sage on it, I kid you not.

      • Do not want to give away my exact spot, plus love Lander and Cody(just the romantic in me chose these towns-although do believe north and west of these). Actually, could probably access my chosen spot sooner than July(end of May), just with schedules and all, just probably will not get up there until July. Was up in Yellowstone one year in early June and got in one of worst snow storms ever. They had to close roads, was so bad. So I’ll be a little safer even and go up in early July. Hopefully, treasure still there(so all others out there, do not look too “good”-LOL).
        Good luck all in the search!

    • T-Weed, I agree 100%. I also believe we have come to the same conclusions for the same reasons. There is one thing that happened during Fenn”s childhood that most everyone has overlooked. I stumbled across it while talking with my 83 year old mother. I believe it was important and set the course for his life, as it did many others. Said enough. Good luck……….

  117. Dal,
    Great photos and story too! – nice to see who are all the players

  118. Nice pictures Dal, thanks. Piece of trivia below.

    But I will first state that I do believe there are 9 clues, in fact I find 3 or four in the WWWH stanza as I believe f indicated in an interview.

    Anagram the German word for ‘no’ and you get the word ‘nine’. How may clues are there?

  119. Signing on the hunt. Dal … thought of you on my 1000 mile trip in 2 days, have road notes journal to share possible northern Arizona trip for some family to enjoy. Kids would love all the place names. The mountains are beautiful from passing window, points to trout streams and ponds.
    Appears blog activity increase or seems notable from being away from computer; old and new friends. I have 400+ posts to read before I take a pleasant walk. Thank you, again. I appreciate the forum you provide.

  120. Hey Dal, are you out of the blog business or taking a hiatus now that treasure hunting season is upon us? The thrill is missing online without you.

    • I am so busy reading what everyone says that I have no time to actually write anything of my own…
      Then there is the oddness that Dr. Q writes over on his blog and the interesting stories that Richard Saunier writes on his blog…
      If I were illiterate this whole blogging business would be a lot easier… 🙂

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