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  1. Love the new blog. I’ve been following along for a while 🙂 Made a trip to NM a couple of months ago. I was hoping to gain 40+ lbs. but came home with a lot of good memories instead. I got to see Santa Fe,Taos, Soda Dam and many breathtaking miles in between. Also made it to Collected Works to get my book. Didn’t see Forrest, but I did get to see his limited edition books that are on display. Just below mile marker??? on Rt 4, there is a big rock, several big rocks….but one of them had an upside down triangle that looked like it had been carved into it. My friend could not see the marking on the rock. I kept telling her she was too close and to back up to see it better. It was there. Those flutterbys were in overdrive. The chest would not have fit between the boulders, but it did not stop me from looking. I was a little obsessed. A storm was coming in and I had to leave, it was my last day there!!! I did not find the treasure, but had a great time. I have done so much research that I could probably write a book. I would have to title it……Things I Learned From Forrest (that he never even said). One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that there is a lot that I don’t know. Hope everyone searching finds some treasure.

    • Going to Nm come Monday and will be there about two weeks. Hoping to bring home my own personal treasure and have fun trying to find Mr F’s!! My Mom and Son are coming and this will be our one and only try to find the elusive treasure but we are locked and loaded and ready to follow our clues and trail down to the exact spot!! Have unusual perspective for HOB and No Place for the Meek!! Hope that will be enough to Bring Home Boys!! Dal, have waited for just the right time to go and am excited to get away and vacation and treasure hunt and explore NM. Probably 6 spots to check out but one stands out and that will be our first stop, along a long road we have hoed to get to where we are at this time. Dal, did you post on this site your last trip? I have not seen it it is a new website to maybe I am missing something. Can not wait for Forrest’s next clue hopefully Monday. Will stop and get next clue while in route. Thanks, JUDY M. PS: Maggie May, I know you felt a certain rush when you arrived and looking forward to that myself. JMW

      • Hi all-
        The new blog is different from the old blog but in order to see what I am doing and where I am at you can take a look at the home page and then click on the tab under the photo at the top that reads “Dal’s Notebook”…

  2. JMW I wish you all the best! Keep us posted. My GPS would not work in the mountains like I thought it would. If you are counting on it, use it where you have service and draw a map or write directions down and take them along. The mountains look a lot bigger when you are actually standing or climbing on them. We ended up walking a long way down the road to get back to our car because we came out of our trek in the wrong spot. Have careful fun!

    • Yep…Goofy is amazing…
      Those are his photos on the top of all the pages too..
      Talented and skilled guy…

      • Love the photography [especially since I’m into photography a bit myself 🙂 ]

        Some of the links need a little work but I’m sure all the kinks will be worked out in no time.

        Looking forward to reading about your travels!

        Question: Do I need to subscribe to every blog post, scrapbook, etc all over again or is it possible to transfer all my subscriptions to the new site?

  3. @CJinCA and Dal………Thank you very much. Hopefully we’ve got most of the bugs out now and we can get all the followers transferred over here. Dal has got so much information, it’s hard to find a place for all of it.

    I’ve always loved photography CJ; I’m just not very good at it, albeit I have improved a little over all the years. I’m glad you like the photos.

    • Goofy, you’ve done a GREAT job and your photos are VERY good! What camera are you using and are these HDR images? I use a Canon 7D but haven’t done any HDR as yet.

      One link that doesn’t seem to work for me is the one in my email for “Thrill Of The Chase”. When I click on it, I’m taken to a Page Not Found message instead of the “Home” page. If you like, I can let you know if anything else shows up. I did some programming in a former life so I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to convert and fix things. 🙂

      • Thanks again CJ……..I use my backup 5d II now, I destroyed my 1ds III (that’s another story) and as soon as I find the treasure I’ll replace it with a new 1d X. I want to get back to Canyonlands and shoot it with my new 17 & 24mm TSE’s that I recently got. I haven’t used HDR yet per se…….I shoot raw files and bump the exposure up and down then blend them in Photoshop 6……so I guess it is HDR sorta.

        Yes definitely let us know if something isn’t working……We are in process of transferring the followers from the old blog over here, so maybe the issue with the email will go away then……We’ll just have to see. I got an email that you left a comment and I clicked on the reply button, it opened the page and went to the comment box so that seems to be working……..But you are so right…..lots of little things to get working after moving a blog.

  4. Dal, The new blog is dynamite! Thanks to the Goofy one(I love that guy) you have a nice new site.Hope your trips were nice.

  5. Do you want to know the area where the chest is? Check out scrap
    book 162, for Nov. 15. It is in the poem!

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