Forrest Gets Weird Mail…

mail4In this, the fourth installment of actual email to Forrest you will find notes from people who claim to have found the chest (they did not) with Forrest playing along and notes that are downright scary and notes that are sweet. All in a days email for Forrest…


Mr. Fenn,

After locating the Blaze in the poem by solving the clues, and having been led to the chest, I was disheartened to learn that there are two different versions of the poem.  The version found on The Thrill of the Chase Resource page online shows:

The answer I already know

While the version published in your memoir reads:

The answers I already know

Based on the way the clues are solved to this point, it is obvious that every word and every letter are crucial.  I was hoping you would be able to clarify which version of the poem is correct.  Should the word answer have an S on the end to make it plural?  Pehaps this one letter has no bearing on the final solution, but it is something that continually weighs on my mind.

Hope all is well!




It makes no difference, one of them is only an innocent typo. You can pick which one. f


Hi Forrest!

I wanted  to share with you my adventure in trying to find the treasure.  The general thought around Yellowstone is only crazy people are looking for it and it is a hoax.

After 2 trips, 5 days looking in a concentrated area.  I’m beginning to wonder.  If anything, the treasure has been found or I have been within 100 feet of it.

My first trip turned into a search and rescue effort that seems to have made my name a household word around Yellowstone.  2 nights that each one of them could have killed me…long story and amazing what the human body can endure to survive.  20 people went looking for me and they found me walking out.  Then took 4 people to jerry rig a line to cross the Yellowstone River too retrieve my pack that I had to cut to get out of the place where I spent my first night.  They couldn’t go down where I went up,  Dangerous is an understatement.  You might have had a visit from my wife and dad had I not returned and I don’t think it would have been pretty.  This time I thought the treasure could be on a little island upstream from Gardiner.  Nope!

So further research refined.  Words like bluff, crack (crevice), Knowles Falls (wise – butterfly – flutterby) starting coming to life for me.  The marbles and the miner looking down while two people are now pointing to the third marble.  At first I took the image literally but after a day of tromping around over each bluff and valley leading up to Knowles Falls I realized I missed something.  Then I realized the image was reversed and the bluff I needed to get to was not easy to get to.  But the next day I did.  I walked the big bluff, the little bluff next to it and the two bluffs below it. (half way up the bluff)  I got some great pictures and saw a really unique rock formation that could draw unwanted attention.  Saw a lot of trees and rocks but I didn’t see the treasure.  I also expected to see perhaps a marking on a tree by Joe Meek who travelled around this area as he escaped the Indians.  I did see a bear and her cub.  That was scary.  I didn’t see any marking like a headstone…I presume grandma’s headstone.  I’m thinking grandma must be related to either Joe Meek or Mr. Knowles.  But I looked all over that area overlooking Knowles Falls and Crevice Creek.  No luck.  Last night climbing out of that area I made a wrong turn on a mountain.  So getting dark I set for the night on a side of a hill.  My friend couldn’t traverse the whole distance on the 3rd day and waiting for me with a plan in mind.  I missed my deadline and so once again the search and rescue started setting  up a search.  Fortunately, I got back to my car by 8:00 AM.  Fortunately, my wife and dad weren’t called.  Needless to say, either the treasure has been found or it is a hoax.  If I have missed it, the path must be down off Rescue Creek Trail to the river line and then up to Knowles Falls – perhaps a little beyond from the other side but consistent with the marbles picture it would have to be a lower bluff closer to Crevice Creek.  Needless to say, my wife won’t be letting me make this trek again.  She’s probably going to make me unwind my business.  Another casualty of the recession.  Needless to say, I tried and feel like I just didn’t see the right tree.  It  may not be in a dangerous place, but the switches make it a dangerous adventure.

In closing, I hope it is real.  I feel I have solved the puzzle, but it is not there.  Risking my life a 3rd time just isn’t an option.  In closing you got me.  I wish I could say I was right there because I solved it and that’s good enough like you telling the lady if she could tell you where it was, you would go get it for her.  The Thrill of the Hunt was more like an mission gone awry x2.

In the end, you got me.





No need to search any place where a 79 or 80 year old man could not carry a 42 pound box full of gold. Please don’t over extend yourself. f


Hello Forrest, How have you been? Have not seen or heard much lately.

I found your treasure.


Congratulations Plato, do you want to sell the bracelet? f

🙂 sir its yours . you know im screwing around all though i do think its in the Fleetwood  make you a deal , not only can you have the bracelet back but I will also return anything else out of the treasure you would like. Its never been about the riches its been about the chase. One question : is it in the fleetwood? if not i will know to move on. if so I would honored to return your treasures. Have you read my previous emails or do you remember me? your friend, Plato.

Just a minute my friend Plato. You said you found the treasure. Are you saying now that you did not? f


Hi Forrest,

Hope all is well. I just want to know what I am supposed to think of this site. He wrote me saying I should check it out. I did and it has me wondering. Do you know this guy?

Best wishes,




Everyone wants in the act. Did you send your $99 in yet?

I am sure that any advice he could give would be worthless. You can quote me. f



Ive been on this thing a month now. Each time I think Im close the rug gets pulled out from under me. The broken arrow pointing at the commode and the placed stone, the commode with a pretty necklace like the photo. The Alpha which was ok because Alpha is the begginning. The swivet was cruel I think, but ok, your book your rules. Ive used money I need to survive with thinking im almost there, I’m almost there. Ive been persistant, diligent, and I’m worn to a nub. I’ve braved the cold nights and cold water days. My fear of Evil spirits out there on what  is a massacre area camping out. I’ll be out there at dawn while the Indian is sleeping  and give it a final go.  There are two Indians on the trail of this. The one with the truck and the one with the horse Im guessing. The one with the truck threatened to disapear me. I think they are related. Is the death threat part of the deal? Part of the puzzle? Be brave? The kid said the owner is dead? Are you dead?

There is now a record of the threat, by whom. If he gets in my face again in a threatening manner I am going to pull my bowie knife out and cut his throat open from ear to ear.  After the last death threat I believe I am justified in doing so. I wont bother to threaten him with the knife as he could easily run to his truck and pull a gun. You see the problem with waiting periods?  Just my having a holstered pistol or shotgun would prevent violence. Maybe he is your angus man and this is part of the gag. Maybe he isnt and is willing to disappear me for a million and a half bucks. Quite a motive and plenty of opportunity out there, me alone with no protection.

These guys have had a big edge for years now, Knowing its your land. Living surrounding the land. They have tapped no hole I hadnt tapped already accept maybe the ball of the feet at alpha. I let them fixate on Alpha slide to buy time.  While I dug out the commode then 16 inches in the married trees, ”win all”.

Theve apparrantly given up on Alpha and now want my diggings.

Now they want me gone so they can take over what I think is the final spot. I pray the didnt see me come outa there. There is enough evidence in there like the hole and tracks of mine behind the tree it wont take a genius to figure it out. The Truck Indian is bud light boy I think now. His son is the kid and the kid says they live next to the blue barn.

I know your real smart, I hope I am not being used to harm your enemy if what Matthew the kid of  Truck Indian says is true about the legal beef. Even if it is self defense. I’m sending copies of all my correspondance with you to my ex wife in case of my demise.  She can give it over to the media if I get croaked or in an altercation.

Who is the unseen hand?  Somebody moved those cows like the guernsey and opened the gate and made initials, my initials on the log. I know it aint Indian. It would be kind if he could hang close I have no backup, nobody.

I restored the broken arrow at the commode. hope that buys time.  I’m really peeved.

Call me  if you want, I have to go get a charger for my phone in the morning.




I think it is time for you to leave wherever you are and go home. If there is any kind of violence you will be the loser. It is stupid to take a knife to a gun fight, Go away now please. f 



Just cause you will probably get a laugh…i spent hours last night with those numbers below…i added them, multiplied them, found a pattern, try latitudes, hardshad #, morse code, applied it to the alphabet, searched zip codes, elevations, phone codes etc…dreamt of numbers and woke up this morning and said. If Hegben was that deep it would reach China and have a drainage hole, all the water would leak out and if you did plunk it at Hegbens depth then I could just walk around and find it.  Giggles.


Here’s a lady who may find the treasure because she has done the math and knows exactly where it is. f


The internet abounds with a supposed statement from you, saying to “think big”, particularly about the home of Brown.  Did you ever say that?  Is that a “fact” that I can add to my page?Kindest regards from a rainy UK!




I don’t remember saying that related to the treasure and can’t imagine why I would. f 



Dal’s blog thickens again with a rush of ideas ranging from interesting to scary. The topic right now is Tesuque. They are looking at that photo of you and Tesuque on Dal’s blog watching the Today Show crew. (look here for the pic

The latest question is “I wonder what Tesuque is thinking?”

Maybe they think they can snark a clue out of Tesuque since they can’t get one from you…




Tesuque can be bought but they would be cheated because she does not know where the treasure is.f


Hello mr. Fenn, My name is Octavios im 27 and I’ve been studying your poem extensively, and unfortunately all my efforts have led me nowhere. I have lived an awful life full of misery and despair, a horrible childhood that left me with no desire or purpose to live. I was planning to take my life two days before I read about your treasures, and the adventure I was hoping would turn my life for the better and it did. For that I thank you, I’ve added a few great years in hopes of finding your treasure and making my life good and worth something. Since I was unable to find your treasure once again I’ve failed to do something great and bring meaning to my life. I’m once again planning to take my life before someone else unearths your trove, the pain would be too much for me. I thank you once again Forrest for giving me a glimmer of hope, and a very exciting 3 years in this world and in the two weeks I have left before I leave this earth I will be waiting for even just one sentence from you, it would mean everything to me. I know I’m a fool for being selfish with something as beautiful as life, but the hurt is too much to bear, a few words from you would bring me much comfort and ease my mind for the short time that I have left. Thank you so very much mr. Fenn and have a beautiful time on this earth.


Sent from my iPhone=


Hello, Forrest!

Since you have gone on national television about the Chase, I’m sure there are many many more folks looking for the treasure.

After being stumped last October, this time I returned to Yellowstone with my boyfriend to search around the base of Osprey Falls, which if you have never been to it, is an awesome site that can only be seen by hikers.

While we didn’t find the chest, another treasure came to me that day.  I proposed to my boyfriend at a scenic overlook of Osprey Falls before the trail goes down into the canyon. He said “Yes!”

Upon our return home to New England, he surprised me with the engagement ring his mother and grandmother had worn over 80 years ago. The diamonds are hand-cut, and I am now proudly wearing a piece of his family’s history.

After many displays of affection (which scandalized the grouses and marmots!), we hiked down into Sheepeater Canyon. The base of Osprey Falls has a trail marker. It has overhangs and caves.  Sadly, even though we looked in cracks and crevices all around and below the wooden post there (the blaze) that was marking the end of the trail, we did not find the chest.

Due to recent warm weather and previous rain, Osprey Falls was in full-force and everything around its base was soaked. Thankfully, my fiance and I are well seasoned hikers and we had our rain gear on for the cold exploration.  The force of the water did not permit me to wade anywhere near the bottom of the falls.

Proposing at Yellowstone gave us an excuse to return some day and look again.  Whether we find the chest or not, Yellowstone will always be special to us.

Thanks for the Adventure, Forrest!  Any boyfriend crazy enough to follow me looking for your chest is a person I want to have adventures with for the rest of my life.




38 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Weird Mail…

  1. Tesuque can be bought but they would be cheated because she does not know where the treasure is.

    That’s hilarious…… Tesuque and my hound must be kin…she would give you all the clues you wanted for a couple treats.

  2. I love his responses. My favorite is pick which answer you want.

    I don’t know how Forrest responded to the suicide person, but I’ve been close to three people who have taken their lives over the years. One just last month. If they are reading this…this site has some good links to try and reach out and see if you can get some relief from your sad thoughts.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to Giggles! Was up til 3 am trying to decipher possible clues. And it doesn’t help that I’ve been seeing clues everywhere.

  4. Wow is about all I can say. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. I wonder how many more people have shown up at his house since that guy in March? Things like this make me worry for Forrest’s safety.

  5. Sometimes funny and sometimes very sad to read these letters to Forrest, but always interesting.

    His responses to people trying to get clues are great though and make me smile. 🙂

  6. “Forrest,

    Just cause you will probably get a laugh…i spent hours last night with those numbers below…i added them, multiplied them, found a pattern, try latitudes, hardshad #, morse code, applied it to the alphabet, searched zip codes, elevations, phone codes etc…dreamt of numbers and woke up this morning and said. If Hegben was that deep it would reach China and have a drainage hole, all the water would leak out and if you did plunk it at Hegbens depth then I could just walk around and find it. Giggles.

    Here’s a lady who may find the treasure because she has done the math and knows exactly where it is. f ”

    Hmmmm….. Hegben? Why would he say she has done th emath and knows exactly where it is” is this true?

  7. Forrest, this is your response from some time ago…

    I am afraid you will figure the clues and find the chest. That’s why I am trying to guide you to where the grizzlies hide near Brown’s house and wait for treasure hunters. It was a hard winter for them and they are really hungry.

    My reply is…
    The grizzlies finally came out of hiding on the 25th for 2013. The grizzlies waited out winter and then they meet half way and stopped for lunch. Those treasure hunters tasted like turkey or maybe meatloaf with brown gravy. Oh, the treasure hunter kids tasted like hot dogs. That home of Brown, at this time of year is deep in pine-trees and impracticable to cross over. I guess I am just meek.

    Thanks Forrest, a May vacation is whole lot greener than a August vacation. What was I thinking all those years.

  8. Unfortunately there are a lot of folks in the treasure-seeking world who seem to suffer from mental illness in one form or another. There is a whole subculture of treasure hunters, and naturally many have been attracted to the FF cache.

    The letter by “Gene” is an unnerving glimpse into the mind of one of the more unsettling examples of the deranged souls who are wandering around our lonely planet, armed to the teeth and haunted by paranoid delusions. Prayers for him and the other confused and tortured souls wandering around our wild places. Be safe out there, people. It may be “amusing” to read letters like that, but people like Gene can be dangerous.

    • Tom-
      I think you left yourself open to that. But seriously what makes your clues worth $99? I mean you have no idea they are the right clues since I think you have not found the chest, I am not trying to be belligerent..I really want to know why a clue from you is worth $99.

  9. You silly goose it was Jerry Brown and San Francisco….Peak…..Street……or ??????

    You can hear the real solution to the poem for the unbelievable low price $999.95. Be the first on your block to have your very own treasure chest.

    BUT WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE! If you respond to this offer in the next thirty minutes we will include a Pocket Hose, 5 ShamWows, and a year’s supply of Ageless Male.



    • Dear, URACHUMP, no Imachump, everyone is a chump,chump etc

      You are correct about “your a chump”, because anyone who goes out to actually look pays a lot more in gasoline than our fee, so if you think you got more insight than us New Mexico guys, put them on the table…HA! HA!

      Do not waste your gas, contact us we have a good chance to find this and all we ask is if we guide you, we split it 50/50

      Hunt Guide

      • Okay…but Forrest hasn’t told us it’s in New Mexico. Why isn’t MT, WY or CO as good a choice?

        • Dal, I love your blog, Your insight is great, I envy your relationship with the “Sage of the Western Woods”.

          In answer:

          Forrest chose to live in the “Land of Enchantment” where his fortune blossomed and his roots grew deep, like planting his Bells.

          This is why his love for our ancient “Native American” culture, a culture which existed long before Europeans, has become so important to him.

          Why would Forrest bury his treasure I a place of childhood memories? No that is like saying that what happened in childhood is more important than where he chose to spend his “Golden Years”.

          Hunt Guide

          • wow. i see forrest has found the site….

            by the way i know where it is i cant get it out of my head.
            i sleep eat breath that poem…
            to a point that is….

            now how do i go get it is the issues…..unless i can trust someone to help out.

    • Hey Goofy old Guy, Sorry for the smarty comment,

      By the way, see google earth, near Taos there is a San Francisco, NM but it is home of Brown, not Toledo, NM either?

      Forrest and Ms FordI really wish you were listening better instead of being sarcastic.

      Tou sound like Forrest when he was in school.

      Hunt Guide

  10. Tell you what I’m gonna do Tom……..Send me the mere sum of $25,000.00 and I’ll take your clues and go get the chest…….You can have all the treasure and the fame and fortune that goes with it.

    That’s the deal of a lifetime…..if your clues are accurate. Put your money where your mouth is or quit making a fool of yourself.

    • Goofy, well if you got credit along with us for finding it, and you did not pay “The thrill would be over” and for naught!

      You are the fool for not paying us and wasting your time, writing with sarcasm, at least our time spent here is paying us.

      We have gotten a hundreds of hits on our site this month. And some people want to use their own clues, but they need local information to keep them out of trouble.

      Are you actually looking for this treasure, studying books and blogs, or just trying to be an arm chair quarterback? I feel your couch potato problem. we actually go our and guide people in search, so what do you do?

      Can you hear me now?

      Your Guide

  11. Tom, Tom, Tom……no need to get all offended when someone calls your bluff. So let’s see, you are actually offering a “guide service” for $99.00; but you don’t actually guide them anywhere. You are charging them $99.00 for “local information” they can get for free…….I will admit that anyone dumb enough to pay you $99.00 probably does need help leaving their front yard……so maybe there is a market share out there you can tap into…….after all you are getting “hundreds” of hits this month 😯 ……I mean the guy that sold pet rocks cleared a million bucks….so who knows.

    If this wasn’t so funny I would suggest Dal mark your post as worthless spam that it is and move on.

    • Old Guy,

      The difference between a bluff and a winning hand is to understand the risk and the reward. We at risk
      nothing but our time, and the reward is obvious, the “Thrill”.

      So Goofy, who would you actually trust to find this treasure, a guy who sits at home and dreams about it or someone who actually applies a direct search for it like Dal, who is best suited to guide?

      Sounds like Principal Fenn’s advice on trust’ “Mechanics School” verses” Actual Operating Mechanical Technician”? We are the latter, so is Dal.

      Tom Gregory, Hunt Guide,

      PS, have you actually looked for this?

  12. Tom-
    Glad you like the blog. Goofy made it all happen…and he has god-like powers on this blog so you should not annoy him or you might find your comments posted in Hungarian when you come back. 🙂

    • Dal, Try Deutsch instead.

      Remember is not the Toledo Browns, it is Cleveland as in football!

      Hunt Guide

  13. Has Mr. Fenn ever mentioned needing a ladder to recover the treasure? I’m out on the hunt in NM and need some help. Thanks, kackster

    • I have never heard that he mentioned a ladder or any other tool was ever going to be needed. He did say take a sandwich and a flashlight but that was a retort and I don’t believe it was a serious recommendation.

  14. Major Fenn is extra smart: you have to watch his hands when he’s talking like you would a magician and its not always about the meaning of a word but listen to the sounds that compose the word , sorry but you must know the sounds of all the creatures of the earth to find the treasure and where there homes are; and you must buy to far to walk to have any chance of finding the treasure, after reading this wonderful book you will begin to think like a genuine human being. I have.

    • Good mail, except for one? Many laughs…. made me think like a genuine human being.

  15. Thanks Seeker.

    Giggles mail to Forrest.

    “Here’s a lady who may find the treasure because she has done the math and knows exactly where it is. f.”

    Math – knows exactly where it is.

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