It’s a Family Event…


First posted June 2013 by Shawn

Although I have a proclivity to expand on the ether of the truth, I’m being
honest when I say the Treasure search has become a real family affair in our
house and I’ve finally managed to drag the kids away from their video games.
(I had to promise them an equal share)

The wife leads the genealogy team and all things Forest Fenn. If you did
something, even cross the street against a red light, she’s got it. I’m the
big picture guy and all things about the book and clues and give the daily
updates and game plan. I have two teens who sorta live on the internet and
you wouldn’t believe how fast they can have a report on my desk about any
subject I ask for. Then finally the youngest is the thinker. He thinks and
already has given us wwwh (guaranteed). He’s too valuable to waste on
research as he can out-think us all. I expect he will lead us to the chest

Of course the search is all about the thrill of the chase and the searches
this year we’re successful behind our wildest imaginations. We saw, we
searched, we had adventure and learned all about the Rockies and it’s
wonders. (and found a few clues as well)

My daughter’s quote from our first trip says it all – “Dad, I had no idea
there was so much land without people on it.” I guess I spent to much time
at Disney and the other concrete jungles and not enough showing them the
real Forrest! I already said thanks in an earlier email, but I will again as
this has brought us together in a way I couldn’t have imagined when it all

6 thoughts on “It’s a Family Event…

  1. Sounds like your team is on the right track! All the best to you and your search.

  2. It sounds like your search has brought your family even closer together. Feel the same way here! It does wonders to get out into nature and away from the daily grind for while!

  3. I thought the same thing as your daughter when I made my first trip out west several years past. I would have loved to have seen it 120 years ago.

  4. FF’s treasure hunt is a wonderful way to get children interested in going out and searching in the beautiful Rockies. Glad your family is enjoying the adventure! 🙂

  5. Yes it most certainly is a family event. The being outdoors and spending time together part. For me it’s hard to focus on looking for a treasure when the true treasure is right there with you. Is it the treasure hunting or the treasure of being together in a special place. Good job of introducing your family to a new way of enjoying each other. I wonder if Mr. Fenn will ever truly realize the impact he alone has had on the many families that have taken a chance on the thrill of the chase.

  6. The home of Brown……could well be……home.

    Querencia ~

    “It’s the place which we know exactly who we are and speak our deepest beliefs”

    Ernest hemmingway ~

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