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Posted in June 2013

What on Gaia’s green earth does Forrest have against Idaho and Utah?

When I first heard that he had completely eliminated these two fine examples of mountain states from the list of probable places where one might find the treasure, I was absolutely dumbfounded. I mean, think about it. As if these states are not already in the doldrums from an economic slowdown since 2008. This has got to be the Coup de Grace.

The citizens of Idaho and Utah were surely counting on the Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt to move along the end of this recession/depression. Just as Idaho politicians were licking their lips in anticipation of the tourism dollars headed their way; Just as Utahans from Salt Lake City to Kanab were bracing for the rush of searchers; Forrest has snatched the prize out from under their noses. As the snow melts in the Rockies so goes the fortunes of two pleasant little innocent kingdoms.

“The treasure is not hidden in Utah or Idaho.”

Nine little words and two states now face economic doom.  (nine words-nine clues…coincidence?)

In the previous Today Show clue Forrest simply said that the treasure was not associated with any structure. A pleasant little clue that hurts no one. But this most recent clue is bound to send Wall Street to the dugout, hat in hand, looking for a new republic savior.

You might think that I have crossed the line with my accusations. But this is certainly no exaggeration. There is more to this loss than airfare, gas, water bottles and national disgrace…much more! Let me explain:


Do you have any idea how much a shovel costs? Do you know what the mark-up on a shovel is?

Let’s start with America’s most popular long handled, forward turned, step, tempered, round shovel…the Acme, tall wood. Made right here in the US of A and sold in ACE Hardware stores all across the country and certainly in Idaho and Utah.

Retail Price $26.99

Wholesale Price $12.50

Manufacturing Cost $2.14

Generates about $2.00 in sales tax

Now the thing about a shovel is you need one to dig for buried treasure. And if you are traveling by air to your destination you don’t want to take a shovel. It doesn’t fit under your seat and there is never room in the overhead because that’s where everyone who got a seat before you put their extra heavy duty foldable luggage dollies. So, you have to buy a shovel when you get off the plane at a local ACE Hardware store.

But Dal…come many searchers are there anyway?

Thousands and thousands is my answer. In May, over spring break, Santa Fe had an additional 6,000 searchers fly, drive and bus in. And as anyone who knows anything knows, the treasure isn’t even in Santa Fe. So imagine the kind of searcher tourism some place like Salt Lake City (where warm waters halt) could have gotten.

Someone like Stephanie who has flown out to Colorado umteen times, buys a shovel every single time she gets off the plane. The Ace Hardware folks love her. She has her own reserved parking spot at Ace Hardware stores all across the country. “Non-Employee of the Month” they call her. That’s 4,017 stores with a parking space just for Stephanie.

But that’s not all. Searchers need other things too; arch supports, Gatorade, band-aids, inhalers, beer, dry socks, liniment, aspirin, maps, bear spray, ammo, beer, mask and snorkel, poisonous plant ID books, portable espresso machines, compass, beer…the list is endless.

In my humble opinion the states of Idaho and Utah have generous cause to sue Fenn for “breach of hospitality and denying suitable income”. In the words of my friend Mort, “You mean he knew all along that it wasn’t in Idaho?”.

And that’s not all. What about the hundreds…perhaps thousands of searchers who have already looked needlessly in Utah and Idaho. Perhaps a class action lawsuit against Fenn for not telling us sooner is in order.

The whole thing is willfully unfair. Fenn has now unilaterally denied Idaho and Utah untold income from treasure seekers not only from Americans but also from Canadians, French, English, Mexican and Lithuanian searchers. And he has knowingly hoaxed thousands of us into traveling needlessly to these near-do-well states to look for Fenn’s treasure. This is no meaningless, small breach of the constitution.

Gird your loins Mr. Fenn…


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  1. That’s hilarious……..and a great picture of the dry lake…..Steph has her own parking space at 4,017 stores. 😆

    Dal sure gets into a good mood when the site is working good. 🙂

  2. I missed the Today show so had no idea this was the clue. It is bad news for Utah and Idaho, although I’m not sure how many people actually thought it was there anyway – I never did so this was another Today show clue that was meaningless to me. Maybe one of these days ff will give a clue that really does help me, but I doubt it! 🙂

  3. Dal, where was all of this outrage when I said the treasure was not in Nevada? Seems you have something against that beautiful state. You must live on an island someplace. f

    • Don’t worry Mr. Fenn. Some people wouldn’t be happy if you hung them with a new rope!

    • Haha! f I had to giggle at the island comment!!
      Dal we love you and know you are just joking! I appreciate you keeping things lively!!

    • Forrest,

      First off, I would like to thank you for this exciting ride. I have enjoy it immensely. But I guess anything would excite people at our age…LOL.

      I found your clues very challenging and felt a welcoming of “open arms” when I got there. That was unique on your part. But then again, we all do own a piece of this land around us, don’t we. And we can do as we please with it.

      Have a great day, and thanks again.

  4. Golly Dal,

    In a previous writing from you I had to look up the meaning of “preen and goad.” Then I had to look up what the heck “grid your loins” was all about. You have to remember that some of us out here have the intelligence quotient of a quartz rock. I have asked Forrest if he would interpret for me your future writings but he said he could do so only in the form of a clue.

    Have a good day.

    Don Johnson

  5. Oh…I’m so glad that I’m in Colorado and can hike and search the Colorado Rockies to my heart’s content.

  6. Well….I guess we should be grateful for any clue(s). Mr. Fenn owes no one anything. We all have a choice here, to search or not search, and in any state we choose. He has said, “figure out the poem and it will direct you precisely to the treasure”. Since when is Mr. Fenn responsible for other states tourism, income, etc? Thank you, Mr. Fenn, for another process of elimination.

  7. Okay…I guess I better let folks know…
    This is my weak attempt at humor..
    It’s not supposed to be taken seriously…

    • Agree, agree!! That was great! And you had me too for the first few lines. I was like….Dal, Dal, Why? You speaketh ill of Mr. Fenn? You were the last person…..oh, wait a minute……ok, allright……smile breaking through tears…….breathing returning to normal…..chuckling……out right laughing. All is right with the world. Dal is still a crazy Fenn treasure hunter.

    • Dal, we knew you were joking! Well done satire – you’re a regular Will Rogers and Mark Twain all rolled up into one! 🙂

      Thanks for keeping us updated on all the info out there regarding the treasure hunt.

      • So Nevada and Utah have been ruled out. WWWH has not been ruled out of Nevada and Utah. Maybe folks might keep those states as no chest but part of the hunt?

  8. Laughing out loud. Not sure if you’ve written/shot much comedy before Dal, but you may have found your calling.

    If I’m lucky enough to be first to find the treasure, I’m using money I clear from it to shoot a series of short movies on the search. Of course I thought of trying to hire you to work with me Dal. And you should do the same… If you find the treasure, make a few comedies based on the search. You might want to do that regardless.

  9. Dal,
    I am amazed at your outrage. I would have thought that eliminating states would be a good thing. Not only reducing the number of possible places to consider, but also saving hours upon hours of needless research. Although I find a lot of humor in your comment, as long as there is a search (and he continues to eliminate states) and hopefully people won’t give up on it, there are still a number of states that will get the tourist bucks. Hey, maybe he will be moving further north into Canada and Alaska next…LOL.

    I really think that his clue is more with putting more “meat on the bone” for everyone. Not to overlook the limited amount of seating available on planes going to fewer areas…8=)

    I can see it now. Pilot welcoming a plane full of searchers with “Welcome about flight “Fenn”. And everyone talking about how they are “just on vacation”, yeah, right. On arrival they’ll look like a swarm of ants headed off in all directions, hoping they’ll get to their location before someone else does. What a calamity that will be.

  10. There is a new story about Forrest and the search in VICE Magazine. Roc Morin is the writer. He got his first fact wrong..and that is not a picture of me in that cowboy hat shop…way too much hair. It’s a great pic though…of somebody? Is that Mark?
    Story is at the top of the media page…here:

    • Thanks for the link. I enjoy reading about everyone’s adventures and where the interpretations of the clues leads them, even if I don’t agree! 🙂

  11. Utah and Idaho just got blown out of the Chase,but they are definitely states that have a lot to offer for the outdoorsman.Maybe Forrest will eliminate another state next month for us! Keep the humor coming Dal.You have certainly earned every bit of it.Thanks for sharing !

  12. Of course it’s not there. Everyone knows it is in New Mexico. “North of Santa Fe.” Mr Fenn expanded the search to include “Rocky Mountains” because the popularity expanded.

    • Oh, good finally someone who has a reference to Santa Fe. Can you please post a link that states: Santa Fe New Mexico? Or Santa Fe NM? It doesn’t say NM or New Mexico in the Book, it just says Santa Fe. So, can you please find that? Thank you!

      • Little-
        Forrest has been quite precise about meaning Santa Fe, NM. He has also said that it is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, NM. I’m afraid I won’t do the research for you. But if all you need is confirmation…I can provide that.

  13. During the May 3 clue reveal nothing was mentioned about anyone being close , but on the latest clue reveal it’s said someone was frighteningly close or within 500 feet of the treasure . Everyone who has done a search in the last two months needs to give it a rethink .

    • Hi Rebel,

      I believe Forrest first spoke of the “500 foot” thing back in Sept. 2012. It could be in one of the interviews from around that time. Maybe one of the Gadi reports? I’m pretty sure he made the statement in the April 17, 2013 Collected Works Q&A as well.

      My notes are a mess right now, but I asked about it once and I’m pretty sure it was Sept. 2012.

      • But nothing since then until now , and in that in 2012 one he said they blew right on past the other seven clues and never returned . I believe he is referring to the most recent events .

        • And here;s why…. so many are hung up on the “home of the Brown.” Take what Mr. Fenn has said and add them together: Once you successfully solve the first two clues you are then within 500 ft of the treasure. The clues are two parts. 1) WWWH, then take it to the canyon down. (Not far and Brown are a confirmation of where you currently are and not a continuation of the quest) There are hundreds of WWWH and canyons. Look for the one not far, and below home of Brown. 2) At this point, once you’ve taken the canyon down you are within 500 ft of the treasure. The poem furthur confirms this with the second part of the clues. From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is drawing near. (YEAH because you are within 500 ft of the treasure already!!) Head towards the direction of the creek, but if you’ve reached it you’ve gone too far (no paddle). Heavy loads and water high is your search radius.

      • It was a good bit ago to be sure. Does anybody know if a search has been done in Canada? If nobody has done so, that might move Canada lower on my list of possible locations, since somebody has been withing 500′

      • Steve I have often thought it was the Gadi report also because it was around the right time and was on video tape so FF could see for himself where it was.

  14. Has anyone mentioned that the Camel Rock Casino is (roughly) 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe? Wouldn’t that be ironic if Mr. Fenn hid the treasure just 500 feet from everyone hoping to “strike it rich?” And within 500 feet of the casino just so happens to be Camel Rock…….

    • That’s pueblo property and he said it’s not on any pueblo property. The site gets hundreds of visitors a week and it would get noticed.

      • Randall…
        I agree that it’s probably not on Pueblo land but I don’t remember Forrest saying that. Do you remember where/when he said that?

  15. Dal, are the pictures your own? They are great, you should post a blog on what you are using.

    • Mark-
      The photos are Goofy’s. He is a great photographer. He took all these in his backyard…okay, just kidding about the last part…
      Goofy took them and has allowed them to be put up here. I asked him to take credit but he ignores me when I say that…

  16. @Mark
    Thank you……I’m glad you like the photos…The only photos that are mine are the header photos. Dal has shot just about all of the others, and as you can see is an excellent photographer himself. Dal is a cinematographer and producer (besides professional treasure hunter) by trade; he has shot all over the world. He did the interviews with Fenn and are excellently done……Be sure to watch them if you haven’t.

    To answer your question, the photos were shot with different cameras over the years. I’m using my Canon 5D Mark II backup camera now; I destroyed my Canon 1Ds Mark III. As soon as I find the treasure I’ll get a new Canon 1D X to replace the Mark III. 🙂

  17. Shall we close the link to “Looking in ID & UT”? Nice upgrade to the blog Dal, life whisked me away in a major way for the last two months. Good to be back and catch up on old friends. -jp

    • JohnPaul-
      Welcome back. We always knew you’d return.The chase is too much fun to give up on…
      I closed the comments on ID & UT and put a note about Forrest eliminated those two states as a hidey place for his treasure…but I thought I’d leave the page and old comments up for their historical value…ha!
      And of course, as has been pointed out from time to time, just because the treasure is not hidden there does not necessarily mean that WWWH is not located there…

  18. Halt your tongue Devil Dog! While it seems you wrote this shocking anti-Forrest treasure clue blog on purpose to ruffle the feathers. I doubt that the governors of the two states have “Forrest Fenn treasure hunter income” as part of their budgets.
    “You’ve got guts and guts is enough! Disappear scumbag!”
    Take it easy killer. Love the blog.
    Semper Chase!

    • Randall-
      The last time someone told me to halt, then called me a Devil Dog, Killer and Scumbag all in the same thought was probably in Boot Camp…
      Well…I’m glad you like the blog anyway…

      • Well I may have crossed your path from the past. Although I went through San Diego boot in 1997. I’m sure at least one new officer who you ran in to called you one of those things after boot camp. Gunny Hartman would salute you if you held the treasure in his old bitter face! That was a lot of work we did to get that EGA! Keep kicking ass and sharing of your travels. Next time that your in Santa Fe I’ll buy you a meal at the Santa Fe Baking Company.

  19. oh please.. grt over it,,you jumped the gun.. you never bet till all cards have been dealt…DUH

  20. Hello Dal,
    What happened with Steph & chat/what’s a blaze? Is she O.K.?

    • Hey Slim-
      Stephanie is fine as far as I know. She went away for the holiday and her tech guy went too. Then her chat forum went down. She thinks it might be down til everyone gets back after the weekend. She posted a note about it on her blog…
      We have also seen quite a few attacks on our blog but so far no one has gotten past Goofy’s security door…one attack was from Romania…another from India…
      I am not sure why folks want to attack our site or Stephanie’s…maybe spammers hoping to post something..
      So far they have been repelled…

      • Hi Slim and Dal, PTN emailed me earlier and said she may not get her site back up. That’s all! Have funn treasure hunting!

  21. Hey Folks,
    I’m relatively new to the chase, but i know where it is.BWWWH is Mars, water halted long time ago and take it in the canyon down… Largest know canyon in the solar system, not far cuz ya need to find the stair. below brown.. well Mars is all dirt. No place for the meek … well i don’t want to go there. End of canyon where the sunlight stops. No paddle ummm no creek.Just heavy loads .. again all dirt and stones .. and water high. DUH! Earth…. if you been wise… look quickly down your head in shame.
    Maybe this is not to say hello for the first time, Maybe this will help. Stop reading it like a road map and look at it like a story, then a map. and please … I have only worked on the chase for 3.5 months and do know ( home of Brown). Mr Fenn has always said “start at the begining” . That may not be the words “begin” it where…
    Thanks for letting me jump in, hope i didn’t affenned anyone, but the poem and clues and information is spellbinding to say the least, and to that, i take the challenge of wits very seriously and exciting as all…… Mr. Fenn I’m hooked.
    PS. and i will bring you your bracelet back soon. unless the poem puts the final nail in my coffin.
    thanks Mike

  22. I love this post! Kudos Dal.

    The clue surely wasn’t good news to my father who was sure the treasure to be in Idaho not far from West Yellowstone. I admit his thinking had me convinced he could have been on to something, but now it’s lost. He did go on the hunt. He only found a bit of adventure, some beautiful scenery, and a large Brown Bear blocking his path. Luckily the bear was in an agreeable mood.

    –good luck to all

  23. The postings are slowing down. Is it because of the hot weather?
    I’m entering this comment mostly to see if my new picture is now working.
    It’s from my most favorite vacation to a special place.

      • I feel certain Mr. Fenn’s “T” is not at this place, but my son and I had our best time together here.
        I couldn’t find Yakville, Ontario on any map. LOL

        I suspect others have seen this famous Yak.

  24. Dal, I’m surprised you are not out searching…lol Are you taking a break? Or is it the demands of work.

    • Yes…a video will be out this week. It’s edited I just have to build the interface. Forrest explains the new book and gives us a preview…
      He expects to have it out around the end of summer…

  25. Received my bear bell and spray today. So, we will be ready to leave in about a week. I have seen several comments that seem to verify where we think it is. Just hope we get there first! Can hardly wait for our exciting trip to start.

  26. since FF has always said it’s not hidden, but out in the open, subject to the elements, could he be stating the obvious” it’s not hidden” and then saying it’s “in Idaho or Utah? just a thought

  27. Ok my feeling is the treasure is in NM. I think the first clue tells you that. The first clue is narrowing down the state. WWWH. His book is written in a chronological order. The book is chaulk full of memories of himself, his family, and childhood. Warm waters to me sounds like memories. People refer to warm waters as a place that’s familiar and known to themselves and memories are included. Where did his memories halt? When he was diagnosed with cancer. He thought he was going to die. If that happened he’d no longer have any memories to make. and where was he when that happened? NM. So the first clue gives you a place to start and you don’t need a map to figure that out. What are your thoughts?

    • Yes I have a gut feeling its in NM. My gut has never let me down before. I also have s feeling its not far from home. 🙂

  28. Yeah we been getting rain everyday here I wonder if forrest is worried bout floods moving the trove.

    • Sorry J.R. I meant close to home as in forrest’s home. I don’t think he went to far from home at all.

  29. However, to use Forrest’s own words, that’s not to say that the treasure isn’t buried in Idaho or Utah!

  30. Thanks dal. I’ll take your comment as a compliment. Maybe, I have a little bit of Forrest’s sense of humor in me.

    To elaborate more on what I posted, I believe that someone thinking deeply about the language that Forrest has used will eventually be successful at unlocking the hidden meanings to the poem’s map and his subsequent treasure clues. Clearly, every clue that Forrest has provided regarding the treasure’s location has been non-specific and I’m confident that he will continue to remain true to this format. Therefore, I feel this forces you to spin whatever he has said into meaning something else…something other than the obvious and something that most likely ties back to him and his life experiences.

    In the meantime, I plan to keep thinking about what information is out there from the source himself. And, should I continue to be given the gifts of time and health, I hope to eventually make a trip to the mountains north of Santa Fe. Hopefully, my interpretation of the treasure clues will allow me to follow my solution to the poem’s map precisely to where, at the very least, I will get to see a part of this country that most people do not know exists.


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