Scrapbook Thirty Seven…


Craig Rosequist sent me a copy of his new book, “Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure,” and I have looked it through. It’s very interesting. If I didn’t know where the treasure was hidden I might want to buy his book to get some ideas. It’s more imaginative and thoughtful than any other information I’ve seen for sale on the internet. ff


Craig's new book

Craig’s new book

You can find information about and purchase Craig’s book at his website, here.

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  1. Dal, you should have been the one to write a book – think of the money you could have made! 🙂

      • I might even buy that coloring book too! 🙂

        Are you going to buy Craig’s book? I find this “Scrapbook” on Craig’s book very strange. I hope ff isn’t inadvertently encouraging people to send this guy $20 by having you post this entry. Although if people want to “invest” in his hints or theories, they certainly can – maybe Craig has some “special” insights many of us do not have – it seems f thinks so.

        BTW Dal, I did not get an email on this Scrapbook. Did you send one out?

  2. Almost sounds as though he might mention the area. If that’s the case, why not just prove the theories?

  3. I can confirm that Craig is a legit awesome human being with real experiences. He has been a friend of our family for forever and a day. I have several memories of being out in the wild with him hunting for things as a kid. He’s taken my parents out on hunts for various things as well.

    He is learning how to get the whole website thing together and is working toward getting Paypal, etc. set up. He is an honest guy.

    So, if you are going to buy, do it with confidence – he is real, the book is real!

  4. @CJinCA
    I too found this a little odd……

    I read through his website and it looks like he is selling his search story. He seems like a nice enough fellow, although naive; no paypal account, no site administrator, a good ol boy blogger learning the hard way is one thing, but running a commercial website is another……I hope he understands what he’s getting into; incompetence is no excuse in the real world of business and taxes.

    Another thing I find really odd is his totally inaccurate statement in his “Chapter 1 Preview”……..

    “For the record, here’s what all the fuss is about. When diagnosed with cancer three years ago Forrest Fenn published a book called “The Thrill of the Chase” which contained the following poem……………………………………………………..”

    That is simply wrong……period. I hope the rest of his book is based on better information than that.

    @Craig…..If you are reading this don’t think I have singled you out to pick on (just ask Fenn); and I’m not a mean guy regardless of what Dal has told you……. 😆 I highly recommend you find a site administrator to at least set up the security on your site. Paypal is not bullet proof and between them and the scammers, they can make your life miserable…….Good luck with your new venture.

    • I agree Goofy. Not to bash anyone, but if you go to all the trouble with the formatting, why not just format it as a Kindle e-book? Kill 2 birds with one stone (no PayPal to worry about). Personally, I can’t see spending $20 on something that begins with a “preview” that’s inaccurate. That’s not putting his “best foot forward” to inspire confidence. Not that I would spend anything on someone else’s search ideas anyway. If it’s filled with well-written, interesting stories of search adventures (hint to Dal) then I’d bite. But Dal just gives his all away for free to us (Thanks, Dal!). I wish him well in any event if he has Forrest’s blessing. I’m sure he put a lot of effort into it and this is all apparently new to him so with any luck he’ll have some sort of success with it.

  5. but are his proceeds gong to help those with cancer who lack funds? I would not buy it if he doesn’t help anyone with his profits.

  6. She says Forrest will be announcing the new clues on her show as well as on the Today Show….

  7. Forrest said that he never said the treasure was burried but didn’t say it wasnt either. What does that mean? I think of it as Forrests wayof playing on words. If the treasure is in a cave or tunnel its burried under earth but really not burried at the same time. I think this is the thought process one would need to figure out this poem. What do you think? Ill never have the chance to go looking for this treasure so ill be posting all my thoughts in hopes that someone will be generous enough to share. If they take my info and its right but never share the trove with me there would be no difference since I could never go.

    • jim-
      My path is slightly different but my conclusion is the same as yours.

      I think most people assume “buried” when they hear “treasure”. The two words go together in our mind. Most treasure that we search for is buried treasure.
      So…in Forrest’s first interview on the subject with Lorene Mills, she said that the treasure was “buried”. Forrest needed to correct that (because the treasure is not buried, I believe) and so uttered the now famous and often repeated, “I never said it was buried. I said hidden. Not to say that it couldn’t be buried.”

      So, in my mind this was just a simple correction he made without giving out any hints (it isn’t buried)…and he continues to use this phrase. When I listen to interviews with Forrest I am amazed at how many times interviewers accuse the treasure of being buried, which requires Forrest to correct their mistake.


    • I think Forrest is just playing a combination game.
      9 clues with x amount of variables = difficulty level.
      The daily numbers game only has 4 number spots of 0-9 and I have never got all 4.
      And whether it is buried or plastered to look like a rock,he said it will not be easy to determine the exact location.
      So knock on wood,or granite for some good luck and have some fun because it may be the only thing you will get for your efforts other than a cold.

      Peace and Blessings !

      • Kelly-
        I think that’s the difference between a challenge and gift..
        One you have to work for..
        The other you do not…
        This is a challenge…a puzzle…
        Forrest also said how it could be solved and described the kind of person who could do it.
        Not everyone is up to a challenge…

        • It’s a gift to a certain somebody that Forrest has never met.
          Forrest is an Empath and it is gonna be an Empath with the gift that goes and picks up the gift.
          Do you know the difference between an Empath and a Sociopath ?
          Other than all Sociopaths are Empaths.

  8. Here’s my thoughts of what the clues are.

    Clue one – wwwh
    Clue two – take it in the canyon down not far but too far to walk.
    Clue three – put in below the home of Brown.
    Clue four – from there its no place for the meek.
    Clue five – the end is ever drawing nigh
    Clue six – therell be no paddle up your creek.
    Clue seven – just heavy loads and water high.
    Clue eight – if you’ve been wise and found the blaze
    Clue nine – look quickly down your quest to seize.

    I don’t think the brave and in the wood is a clue. In the wood refers to bebes in the wood. Being in the wood means being in an unfamiliar place and you must be brave to do so. I think its a hint. This also goes for worth the cold. Its a hint but not a clue.

    If you follow the clues I outlined it gives you order to do something. Now interpeting those clues from Forrests play on words is the key.

    Clue one, two and three begin it where warm waters halt take it in the canyon down. The canyon that was put in below the home of Brown. I have more and will post later when I have more time. But please let me know your thoughts so far.

    • I personally feel you may have skipped important backstory stuff by deciding on starting …wwwh

      Especially if you missed line # 3
      Fenn has already told us “Where” his secret is kept….
      and described his treasures new and old as well.

      I wonder how many hours it took for Forest to actually get his 1st clue. LOL

      I have to say the bike helmet dude carved in his Ash tree
      was a real eye opener for me on a previously determined hunch …… My daughter (12) just finished a report on the Hopi Indians and she also has good eyes for playing I-Spy
      so I put her on task and it paid off HUGE !
      Only a 12 year old girl can bust this wide open…..LMAO

      Forest if you reading this how might someone be invited to your home to meet you and more importantly a quick tour around the backyard as it is indeed quite an interesting
      environment. Purdy Please ?

      We found all ideas and directions from within the poem
      and have yet to own or read your book. Perhaps Ill pick up a copy when in town this month then you may like to sign the copy WOW that could be cool.

      Mr. Douglas gets home delivery and if your ever in S.W Florida we have some treasure hunting in these woods too your welcome to stop in and say Hi back.

      I think I see how much fun you have been having taunting the nation It appears that Mr Douglas wasn’t the only one playing “The Game” (My Favorite movie)

      I will be arriving soon enough and quite intent on looking quickly down … although the emotions will be mixed.

      You have made this broke unemployed Floridian pull some cash out of his dwindling IRA just to buy a couple tickets out west for next week or very soon perhaps end of August
      Certainly before the Blanket of White arrives
      Thrilling absolutely Thrilling.

      Wife and kids think I’m insane !
      and well…they are probably right.

      Ya ever do the Foxtrot ?
      …….. Throt L, Bot L, Vize R, L, R, Squeeze



  9. I think what it might be is that it’s both it’s hidden and its buried not in ground but buried under sticks or something like that.

  10. Good morning Mr. dal…One man helping another person through a challenge inspired by wisdom. That’s a gift in itself.

    • Good morning to you too Michael. The searchers I really appreciate are the individuals like yourself who keep trying to prevent others from derailing.

  11. It was the second time I studied on Forrest’s face buried in Suzanne’s hair that I came to really know and accept him. Before that he was just a character. Or worse. Since then I haven’t even thought much about the “Thrill”. Just peeked in today to see if anyone had… well, you know.
    Prime searching time will re-convene when school does.
    Good luck & good health…

  12. I wrote the book mostly as I was researching it (and in between trips south), using reports from the internet I had gleaned from an assortment of places (with ‘informational accuracy’ as an obvious victim, and elapsed time as the single over-riding and critical factor…I wanted to be first to the treasure, right?). Forgive the inaccuracy in the first chapter about Fenn’s diagnosis date, but understand that that section of the book is only a very brief summary of Fenn and the treasure for those readers who may never have heard of him or it. I’m self publishing, so it’s not too late to make that correction in the books yet to print.. thanks for pointing it out. The critical thing to know is that, like you all, I was fighting through very muddy water to try to see a glimmer of the truth.
    I advise reading the “Excerpts” page of my website and compare the clues you all have speculated about to the ones I found and hint at there…. As Fenn himself implied in his post here, he believes I eventually acquired some insights beyond the norm. The motivation for any of you to buy my book is to zero you into the right area….from there, perhaps one of you will be able to put a different spin on the evidence I present. Hopefully one of you will come up with that final twist in logic which will guide you the last few steps to the treasure. I hope so…
    (Note to “Goofy old guy” …a title which could as readily apply to me… my website is up and running with PayPal and SiteLock currently…. We underdogs at times can’t afford ‘site administrators’….no offense, Dal.)

    • Craig-
      I very well understand the problem of not having cash to pay a tech person…and here is my plan for attracting one who will ‘volunteer’ their services.

      Make your site so hideously unorganized that real web designers and engineers cannot stand it. To be at your site should hurt the average users head. It should be so unorganized that the site ends up on Martha Stewart’s hit list. Only people suffering from dyslexia can find what they are looking for. Perhaps then, a tech will take pity and come to your aid as one did mine.

      I offer this valuable advice for free because I do not know how to publish a book.


    • Craig,
      I read your excerpts and like your train of thought. I’m ordering your book and am looking forward to reading it. My thoughts on “Your effort will be worth the cold.” Iceberg theory/theory of omission. Does anyone out there have a thought on that? I’m also a ‘second generation’ searcher, so if this has already been discussed before……..ooops……..sorry. This is MaggieMay from the Midwest saying Goodnight and may all your dreams be golden.

  13. Howdy neighbor, that’s you Craig…I’m not far but too far to walk from you. In Ivins Utah…Maybe the next time I go to the DMV I could meet up to buy one of those works of art…And save shipping…

    • MaggieMay of Midwest fame, thanks. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all. Happy reading. Let me know what you think of it when you’re done.
      Michael P…. Neighbors indeed. Buy me lunch at the China Buffet in Hurricane, and I’ll hand deliver you a book (good neighbor discount…). I usually have to drive down daily to deliver books to the post office, so let me know…Drop me a note at the PO Box address I give on my website.
      Craig Rosequist

  14. Hi Everyone, Do you think that the poem is a code or is it just plain,” down a canyon and up a creek”? Please let me know what you all think about this. I am planning on going hunting this fall in wyo. and mont. Happy Hunting….

    • Linda-
      There are many who believe that the poem is a puzzle filled with secret meanings and mysterious keys which only when properly deciphered will lead you to the chest. I believe otherwise.
      I am in the camp where I sense that most searchers are in. We believe that the poem is a set of explicit directions. Start at A..follow this route and go to B…etc..
      All of us…no matter what camp, seem to be able to come up with multiple solutions. Once the first solution doesn’t lead us to Forrest’s hidden treasure we dig in and come up with another…and another…and another…

      • Linda,
        Read everything you can that came directly from Forrest. Dal has done a great job of putting it all in one place. It seems all of us that went searching ‘knew’ we were going to the right spot until we got there. Everything looks different in person than on google earth. Forrest said in an interview that people should always try and do their best. Most of us have been successful in eliminating places where it is not, therefore…..we have succeeded. Happy hunting and keep us posted.

  15. Hi Dal and others, I have been following many of you for awhile, I am in Idaho and I have searched, here and when he said not Idaho, I am now focusing on other places, I have many many great idea’s. So many places it can be. I just wish I had more time and money to go….I am treasure hunter and I believe, I can find this. I am ready too…LOL Happy Hunting and thanks so much for sharing! Linda Lou

  16. I just finished reading Craigs book. To me it was definitely worth reading. Some of the information would have taken me a very long time to research and some of it I don’t believe I ever would have found on my own. Besides Forrest sent this to Dal for a reason, so there is that to think about :-).

          • Jim-
            Sorry…my mistake. I thought you were asking about Forrest’s book not Craig’s book.
            Craig’s book is completely different from Forrest’s book.
            If you visit Craig’s website you can read a chapter and read what he says about his book..
            See the link above to his website…

      • Jim
        It is Forrest Fenn’s Unexpected Treasure written by Craig Rosequist. Forrest sent the information at the top of this blog for Dal to post. There is a link there to Craig’s site and you can read excerpts from it and order it there. This is the first time I have seen Forrest endorse anything and I think that means a lot. I’m not sure how many copies he will make available so I got mine quick. I was running out of ideas and had almost given up looking for the treasure until I read his book. Now I’m on the hunt again and feeling really positive about it. Good luck to you.

        • I just found it maggie. I’m gonnaorder it just to see. I’m quite the curious critter…lol. thx for the info!

  17. So I’m trying to eliminate places where the chest may not be so if you have searched a specific wwwh and did not find the treasure please let me know. It may help us all. Thx.

    • Jim-
      Just because someone has not found it at a place does not mean the treasure is not there. There are many pages on this blog devoted to places people have searched. Look around.

      • I agree dal. Just never thought of it like that until now. Ill have to check through the blog just for curiosity.

  18. @Jim
    I think you have a good idea eliminating areas to search, below 5,000 feet for example. But I agree with Dal about just because an area has been searched doesn’t mean it’s not there……Just my opinion, I think several searchers have walked right past it, they just weren’t “wise” enough to see the blaze.

  19. Oh,and do not forget that”There’ll be no paddle up your creek”. I say this because I believe this to be of utmost importance.Location location location…By now untold #’s have probably scurried on by,but who really knows! Just my opinion of course.Good luck all and never believe that an area is completely searched.I have metal detected for years and have visited supposed hunted out sites and come away w/very nice finds that have been missed over and over.A new day, is a new day!

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