Sharron and Lennard’s Summer Seek…


My husband and I just got back from Yellowstone and three days of concentrated treasure hunting.  We did not find it, but the real treasure was hunting with our son and his girlfriend.  We had an absolute blast.  We did however find Dal’s cache and read the notes people had left.  We saw someone had been there just the day before us. Thanks for making the directions so easy.


We picked them up in Boseman on Thursday morning and went directly to Yellowstone.  Of course I knew exactly where the treasure was, so we headed to the Lamar Buffalo Ranch where Ranger Brown lived for many years.  I figured the place where warm waters halt was the entrance to Yellowstone and the house of Brown was the ranger’s house. You do have to take a canyon road on the way.  We “put in” just below, which was right across the street and below the house.  It was not for the meek as the field was filled with buffalo.


As we carefully traversed across, two huge males took it upon them selves to look at us like we were lunch.  After some negotiation to get past them at a reasonable distance, we then followed the little creek down the hill to the river.  We did not need a paddle for the creek.  Then we waded across the river….braved the cold and went into the woods across the way.  When we got there we were sure this was it as there was a beautiful waterfall. Waters high and heavy load.  The waterfall had actually made a bright shining blaze from a distance! Well, we searched high and low and stayed long enough to have an afternoon thunderstorm drench us as we traveled back across the plain after waiting for the herd to move past us.  On the way back we stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs.  It is beautiful there. What an exciting day.


The next day we had breakfast in Big Sky, at the Bugaboo Café which was wonderful.  On a full stomach and with lots of snacks we headed out again.  Still beginning at the entrance to Yellowstone we headed to the nearest canyon down which is Firehole canyon.  We felt this was promising as it was not too far, but too far to walk.  So we took all the roads along the way looking for the house of Brown.


We looked in the Firehole river and nearby trees.  Finally we saw the Nez Perce cabin on the map and took the first trail below that, thinking it was the house of Brown as it was an old Indian post.  We hiked about two miles with our bear bells and bear spray into bear country and fortunately did not see one, but we did not see the treasure either.  We did find a small creek and a river, but to no avail.  No blaze anywhere. Then, since we were near Old Faithful, we stopped there for the show.  After the show we shared a beer in the parking lot and headed home for dinner.


On our last day we decided to try two places.  The first was Grebe Lake where Forrest used to fish.  The second was Tower falls, as that seemed like a good bet.  As Tower Falls was further we went there first.  As we stopped at the concession stand near the falls we saw a big black bear up on the hill. We also saw some silly tourists and their small children try to follow the bear.  At the store the people were nice enough to direct us to the Tower Creek Trail. (No paddle needed)  We hiked along that to a river and crossed on some old logs as the trail bridge was out.  We figured, what the heck! All the while watching out for bears as this really was bear country.  After about a two mile hike each way and a look in a cave on the cliff side we gave up.  Again no blaze to be found. Luckily, on the way home we saw a grizzly crossing the road.  Really exciting. It was now too late to hike to Grebe lake, so we had to forgo that until next time.  We headed to a new restaurant in Big Sky called RVRHOUSE and had a great barbeque and a beer!


All in all it was so fun and we went places and did things we would not have done except for the treasure hunt.

Thanks Forrest for getting us out there!   Next time give us a clue that it is NOT near buffalo!! We have not given up and look forward to our next adventure.
Back to the drawing board!

Sharron & Lennard


12 thoughts on “Sharron and Lennard’s Summer Seek…

  1. Thanks folks for sharing.It sounds as though you truly enjoyed your adventure.This Chase has given a lot of people a good nudge to get on out there.Wherever that may be.Thanks again,and good luck next time!

  2. Wonderful memories for 2 generations! I still need to pick up some bells and bear spray. Can’t wait to smell the pine needles in the mountain air.

    • I remember the last time in Yellowstone, the rangers said an easy way to identify bear scat is by the bells! lol

  3. I note that Sharron gets two beers…one for each “r” I guess…
    Great story…
    It’s nice that you had a great time looking and you regret nothing about your fabulous adventure…
    What fun folks…

    I will be up there myself on the 8th. I have some new (to me) ideas and still exploring one mail-in location. I will also be meeting with a camera crew from the BBC up there. I have to get a haircut I guess…

  4. @Sharron & Lennard
    What a great story…..You sound like my kind of folks. Beer and barbecue….doesn’t get much better than that.

    A note on the bear bells……I recently talked to a ranger friend of mine from up in that neck of the woods. It seems people have been using the bear bells a lot; when a griz approaches them they throw down their packs and take off and the bears get all the goodies in the packs for a snack. So to some of the bears you are ringing the dinner bell.

  5. Sharron & Lennard – great story and loved the pictures! Yellowstone is a wonderful place and I hope to get back there again too – treasure or no treasure! 🙂

  6. Sharron,

    What a great trip you had and quite productive too! I have hiked along similar paths right close to yours, up there, in Yellowstone (with no luck). It is great fun! There are still many ideas to explore in that big country. Thank you for sharing and appreciate your most positive vibe.

  7. By the way, any word on whether Forrest will announce another clue? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    • Forrest hasn’t heard from NBC yet. It seems like NBC determines when about a week before they do it…

  8. leaving out the 26th. I never knew there were so many w w w h and h o b. hope four weeks will get it done.

      • wife has to work and also has bad knees.
        I’am lucky she is very understanding.
        luck I will need all I can get
        If lucky i’ll try to meet with you in Santa Fe

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