Scrapbook Thirty Eight…


Back in May Forrest posted a story on his blog called “Wars Last Forever”. It’s the story of a Vietnam Veteran’s jacket that was sent to Forrest for safekeeping earlier that same month. Forrest wasn’t certain what to do with that jacket and asked for ideas from his readers. That started a rush of comments. Not all of them very respectful. A commenter by the name of Dale Joritz has been particularly emphatic, some have said vile and ignoble. In Dale’s recent comments he called Forrest a liar and claimed Forrest didn’t even have the jacket.

Below is Forrest’s solution to the disposition of the jacket and a couple of photos that clearly illustrate that Forrest is certainly in possession of that jacket. If you’d like to read the story behind the photos below and learn about the history of that jacket, head to the story on Forrest’s blog here:

Forrest replies:

“I just wanted the Vietnam veterans and their wives to know that I had the jacket dry cleaned and am in contact with a former member of the 101st Airborne who knows the real history of those involved. Tracing its history has been a rewarding journey and it will go to a deserving home. ff”



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  1. I had read some of the comments on Forrest’s blog and was surprised at the emotional and sometimes very rude responses to his post. Of course I never doubted for a minute that f had received the jacket and would work diligently to find a good home for it but I guess some people didn’t so he felt compelled to show it to those doubters. It’s difficult to understand why some people would question Forrest’s honesty and integrity. 🙁

  2. Happy Birthday to you Forest…

    Arrowheads have a history they tell a story, they too can be lost given away
    left behind or intentionally placed somewhere found by someone accidentally or found by someone seeking them out directly.
    Either way they can be placed in a museum traded as a gift used for teaching history even used as a pointer to hint towards riches old
    or to inspire someone to go out and “Look”

    Arrowheads can not be returned to the original owner and their exact history of who where why and what is very seldom specifically known.

    Like all historical items people often have differing ideas of origination and
    the back story on the item..unfortunately they don’t talk so its all subjective

    We can learn to enjoy the “Thrill” of the chase even when the answers we seek are not always easily found.

    An Item found can bring immense joy to the new found owner in keeping the items spirit alive and enlightening others by sharing knowledge discussing thoughts ideas about the item
    This happens when the person who finds an item sees and places the value upon his find, as to another person its perhaps just a rock until the moment they too discover its meaning.

    Forrest you are wonderful and bring “Alive” items that pass your way
    sharing experiences with others both good and bad and the knowledge that its not always roses teaches us about this thing we call life.
    There would be no such thing as light without darkness.

    Thank you for creating more value to life and hopefully stirring up the pot
    for a next generation that seeks out accurate knowledge of the past as you
    do Forest.

    83 years from now they may be talking about finding your stuff

    If the craftsman had any clue when making it what excitement it would bring
    when it was later found
    I am most sure he would have made two or more of them


  3. Here’s the thing…. Whenever anyone with “brass” (like Forrest – filled with curiosity and purpose) steps out into the world, there will be detractors / naysayers and fools who (for want of any other explanation) will make disparaging remarks because they (the fools especially) are troubled. Not troubled by the likes of Forrest, but troubled by their own lack. Lack of what? Lack of courage / accomplishment / opportunity / verve … whatever. In a fool’s mind, if they can somehow diminish a good persons image, they (the fool) somehow increases their own value and self image. Let the troubled and quarrelsome be, as they too shall pass. The verbal naysayers are few and far between, so ignore them. If they don’t get your (or the likes of Forrest) attention, they will go away. I promise. Ziltch / Nada / Ixnay….Nothing…NO attention is like no oxygen for a fire. It goes out. Good effort re: the Nam jacket, Forrest. Keep up the good work, and have a Happy Birthday.

  4. Thanks Dal, I’m glad the issue has been resolved. So many memories from there , that won’t be forgotten. Thanks Mr. Fenn

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