Dal Complains to Forrest…


POSTED IN september 2013

I’d like to discuss a few things with you Forrest.

How far is too far to walk?
You might as well be asking, how deep is a hole? I need more information.

And what’s this about Brown? Brown what? Home? What home? I don’t know anything about those things. You must be losing it to think I could figure this out with no clues given other than take the canyon down. What canyon? You’re making me bilious. And what about this warm water place where I should start? I could name a million places where…

Some say it never was hidden in the first place, but I believe you because how could they know? Others claim someone already took it from their spot and that’s why it isn’t there anymore. How could they possibly be wrong? Never mind that they couldn’t find the blaze, or they found a thousand blazes.
Is the blaze painted on the side of an outhouse in Utah?

Some say they’ve read the poem a hundred times and that should be worth something. What should I tell them? The only thing meek around here is the information we have.

But wait a sec, let’s look at it from your perspective. It took you fifteen good years to put your treasure plan together. What sober thinker believes that anyone could waltz out over spring break and locate such a thoroughly pondered prize?

No worries! I can stop searching anytime I want. I am not addicted. I am in control.
My psychologist told me so.

Just in case though…I’ll keep Esmerelda’s tank full, my sandwich ziplocked, my flashlight on it’s lanyard, my meds in ample supply and my maps handy.

I’ll get back to you in a few days. Idaho, here I come!


139 thoughts on “Dal Complains to Forrest…

  1. Hi Dal … I’m glad you’re going to Idaho for a few days for relaxation and to rid your mind of all this silliness because we all know that Forrest told us the treasure was NOT in Idaho nor in Utah. Have fun! elizabeth

    • It is worthless to hunt for Mr. Forrest Treasure. I was in North Santa Fe hunting for that treasure and ran into this punk ask state park ranger that was trying to interrogate and arrest me for searching the treasure. I wasn’t trespassing at all. There weren’t any sign says do not trespass. He was saying “who the hell do you think you are for coming here to take and leave from this state. I will never come back to New Mexico again. This treasure hunting is not fun for me any more. Good luck and stay away from state park ranger. I hope he didn’t steal that treasure after he’s threaten me to leave that area.

      • Tom that’s crap. Don’t take it out on your having fun with the chase or he wins by being an a**. Any chance you got the rangers name? That can’t be something his supervisors want to hear about. That’s NM’s tourism dollars they are losing when they talk to someone like that.

  2. All excellent questions. But, Dal, it’s not in Idaho!!

    Like everyone else, I know where to start looking (bravely?).
    What is a blaze in the wood???

    At some point the clues lose their connection. I sure hope Mr. Fenn hears your plea. It reflects the plea of us all. Thanks again, Dal. Where ever your travel takes you, best wishes.

    • Blaze in the wood.. Look up Signs & Symbols..see what ti says about the BLAZE..Feen is interested in indian culture..perhaps he takes some of his ideas on how Indians marked there trails thru the forest..remember there are NO BAD IDEAS on Bad explanations:)

  3. Well said. I’m assuming you are joking about looking in Idaho. If ff is to be trusted at all we know it is not in Idaho. I’m thinking these days that warm waters is not at all what folks are thinking it is. Note that waters is plural. This could mean where all warm water halts. Does this not suggest something to you? In NM I have narrowed this down to two locations.
    Phil Mason

    • Phil-
      I have looked at where warm waters halt until my eyelids stuck open and my pupils hazed over..
      I’m pretty certain I still don’t have the place Forrest is referring to…
      But I have some new ideas…lol…

  4. Hey Dal, There is a Warm Lake in Idaho. It looks a lot like Yellowstone around there too. There is even a Peanut creek. You don’t think Charlie could be the Brown? Nah

    • Mike-
      I know that place…I had several places in Idaho I was looking at before Forrest pulled the Idaho plug…
      Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he told us not to look in UT or ID…
      But there sure are some beautiful spots there…

  5. Dal you crack me up! You are too funny, man!!! Send me an e-mail and we’ll go get this treasure together! cofvp9@gmail dot com. I’m still trying to get free next weekend to go search.

  6. Funny Dal! Some people are a little too emotionally involved in the chase and really need to step away for a while. We’ve all been disappointed in our searches, but why blame ff? He didn’t force us to participate in his treasure hunt.

    I thought I had a perfect solution, everything fit, but only in my mind I guess!

    Now I have another perfect solution. Maybe this one will work out? I doubt it, though. 🙂

    • You too??
      I thought I was the only one with the perfect solution…darn!
      I’ve had a few dozen PERFECT solutions…
      Maybe Forrest is moving the chest around at night when nobody is looking..

  7. Hey Dal,

    Hilarious post man kind of just sums up everyone who has been searching. Have you happened to hear a date for the Today show clue or what is going on with it?


  8. Dal, slap yourself and get a grip, we already know its not in Idaho! Stop wasting your own time. I mean it this time!!! I live in Idaho (Island Park) and I have already looked everywhere….. twice You should stop by some time. We could share some past search stories. Hay I just got an idea…………..where…….who…

    • Muzzle..
      I have a wife. I don’t need to slap myself…ha!
      But Idaho is right next to Montana. Maybe warm water halts in Idaho and the canyon takes you to Montana…

      • Dal, The problem I have with that is. Knowing the Idaho Montana border very well you would have to go up a canyon first in Idaho, not down (the canyon down) if you were going from Idaho to Montana as they are separated by the Continental divide. There are no canyons that travel down hill (that I know of) from Idaho to Montana. Hope that make sense??? I’m just saying.

        • I agree…maybe warm waters halt somewhere on the divide..
          But I am just pushing this thing around for no good reason. I don’t really think I should start in Idaho..

          Maybe Utah..
          I once had a theory that the Great Salt Lake was the place where all warm waters halt..
          But couldn’t find a canyon..
          Then I started thinking about Lake Bonneville..and how it broke it’s dam there at Red Rock Pass on the Idaho/Montana border…made a big canyon..but that goes the wrong way…as you’ve pointed out.. But Henry’s Lake is on the other side..canyons don’t seem to be around there either..

          Okay..maybe warm waters halt in Nevada..

          • One of my first thoughts was actually the lava fields in Idaho. Think about it, warm waters = lava, halting is where the lava stopped. Thus, the lava fields of Idaho. Plus, I always thought they were cool.

          • The cool factor is definitely an imperative. Forrest wouldn’t want to lay in rest in some beat-up roadside picnic area. Gotta have a view…water below…mountain peaks above. some kind of grand place to observe the mountains for an eternity.

  9. I am 90% convinced this is a shrewd old man’s hoax, which can’t be proven as such. He is having fun with it, selling books, getting emails, gaining notoriety, increasing tourism for his friends in Santa Fe, etc. He says it won’t be found for maybe a hundred years or more, yet the poem “will lead you right to it”. Who will be looking for it in a hundred years? He states “no one will stumble across it”, so if no one will be searching for it in a hundred (plus) years and no one can stumble upon it, the treasure (if there is one) will never be found. Think about all the contradictions (and there are many). If it doesn’t ring true, it probably isn’t. He spent years planning his hoax in my opinion and designed the poem to be so vague yet enticing that once known people will flood into the mountains to become rich. One would have a much better chance of wealth by buying lottery tickets with the funds spent on the search. Good luck to those “believers” and those “hooked”. I hope it’s real and I hope you find it!

    • I like the 10% of you Jim, that believes in Forrest. I hardly think he is a “shrewd old man”. I doubt you think that either. Yes, it’s frustrating and time consuming but hey…I don’t think there is one person (actively hunting) that wouldn’t say they haven’t been educated on a few things or seen beauty that they haven’t ever seen before. And a big Thank You to Forrest Fenn for that!

      Happy Hunting Everyone…you too Jim 🙂


      • Thanks Tracey. I have read so many of the fine folk’s postings of their searches. Yes, many have learned new things, have had adventures, and dreamed of the gold. I for one do those things anyway and for many years and love the outdoors. The 10% faith you say I have in Forrest is really giving him a 10% chance of not being a con man. I do hope I’m wrong, not for Forrest’s sake, but for all those who have fallen for his “chase”. Read the poem and it’ll lead you right to it… yeah right! Good luck to you!

    • Thanks Jim-
      Having a lot of fun looking…
      Much more fun than watching ping pong balls fall out of a chute on TV to see if I won anything..

    • Jim, sorry you’ve lost the faith. I understand its logical to think this is a hoax. But I posit this:
      A. Someone truly willing to hide a million in gold and recreate their own version of ‘Goonies’ isn’t running ‘Logic’ as their brain’s Operating System
      B. there really are such things as hidden treasure hoards and there are without a doubt more than a few which haven’t been found yet, but will be.
      C. there are many poem-based modern treasure hunts out there, which are just as vague, and yet are true/real / honest/ non-con-man and have really paid out — why shouldn’t this be another?

      But hey: don’t believe just me:
      Or http://www.greathunt.com/
      (Or even try looking up Terry Herbert’s mercia treasure, or the ‘noche triste’ , or Lake Toplitz, or…)

  10. Hi Dal,

    I’m with you on your thought that the clues could start in one state and the treasure be in another. That’s where my research is heading….for now. As we all know, our thought processes change many times, but I have been stuck on this one for a few days….may be a good sign. ???

    Happy Hunting All!

  11. Can anyone tell me the exact phrasing when he said 2 searchers have been within 500 feet. Did he say they walked past it or went past it?

    • Hi tony I’m not too sure but I think it was 2 parties got the first 2 clues right and passed right by the other 7 not knowing it. The one about 500 ft I don’t ever think he said it was a searcher he just said someone was 500 ft away could be a searcher or maybe someone passes 500 ft away from it everyday. My guess is if someone was 500 ft away I don’t know how you miss it .

      • If one made a circle 500 ft radius in the places I have searched and guaranteed the treasure was there, no telling how long I would search before finding it, assuming it was well hidden. Rocky Mountain terrain yields a myriad of hiding places. “The poem will lead you right to it” is absurd. Only GPS coordinates could do that and even then it would take some serious searching. Have you ever gone geocaching with a GPS? Not a slam dunk.

        • I agree Jim but do you think the blaze was with in the 500 ft maybe they didnt see the blaze. Ounce you find the blaze look quickly down I don’t think the blaze is something small I think it’s gonna be visable ounce your in the area

          • Let’s say you are floating down a river passing a boulder sticking out of the river with a blaze on it… better look down quickly!

        • And yet similar poems, sans GPS , have led 6 different winners to a 3″ medallion 6 yrs in a row with the Emerald City Search. Some even got it in 5 or less clues out the ten possible (released daily over ten days).

        • I think it might be 500 ft from a road or river where some pass by it everyday but only forrest knows haha

        • Nice catch Peacemaker..
          I think this is typically the case…when he repeats things they are often slightly different…
          It’s not just Forrest that does that. Everyone does it unless they are working off a script. I know this agitates some folks. I don’t hold him to any candle to see if I can see through his shell. I think it’s more important to recognize that this happens than it is to register a complaint about it…

          • Thanks Dal. Heck, I don’t remember what I said 5 minutes ago and nobody would bust my chops if I misquoted myself later. Mostly because I never say anything too important. LOL

            I think FF is just held under the microscope because he is always very careful and prepared when he makes a public announcement either in print or in an interview, but mistakes can happen.

            I figure it this way…the things that he says consistently are important and the things that he may not be consistent about probably aren’t meaningful as far as the chase goes. In other words, if it’s not important, why would he bother to commit it to memory? Just my opinion.

            I’m sticking to the only constants that matter (to me). The poem has the 9 clues and the book can possibly help. He’s never said (that I’m aware of) that the book was essential, but he has stated (in various phrasing) that it can help, contains hints, should be read a few times, etc.

            That’s good enough for me.

  12. Dal, have you ever considered what the “thrill of the chase” has done for you? At a minimum, it has done something “to you”. If you did find it, what would happen to your “thrill of the chase”?

    I haven’t found it either, but I do have a question for you to ask Forrest. Is the actual name of the trail one is to travel in search of the treasure part of the poem itself? I have good reason to ask this question.

    Let us readers of your email know what you hear from Forrest on this one simple question.


    Chasing the Thrill from Texas

    • Happy-

      Forrest doesn’t answer questions about the search. He stopped doing that when he decided that helping one person out is unfair to the rest..
      So he only gives out tips in public or someplace where everyone has access to the answer…like the Today Show..

  13. C’mon. Treasure hunts are supposed to be fraught with frustration. Stuffed with subterfuge. Prolific with paranoia. Fun-filled, games galore, where war women haunt every shadow’d leaf on the leeward…
    As far as no one ever stumbling over it, what about that skeleton (practically intact like he went to sleep there) that was found 20 feet from the shore of Yellowstone Lake in 1996? It was determined to have been there for about 1000 years-undisturbed. A fly fisher man stumbled across it.
    Personally i would like for ff to give a meaningful clue about wwwh — ’cause even if he did, we’d all still sit stumped for a good long while.
    — cheer up everyone, “it” is still out there.

  14. Dal, I was worried you lost it when I first started reading. I think I have answers to all your questions, it took me two trips to figure it out, and I can’t make a third to know if I am right. Talk about frustrations.

    • Mark-
      You’ve been looking for awhile now..
      Two trips…
      Jeese..I have 42 trips and I’m still trying to figure out where warm waters halt..
      I should have paid more attention in Treasure Hunting 101 at school…

      • Dal, I did more than 2 trips, but the 2 I made to the same location are the only ones that matter. Luck had a lot to do with it, as I was not planning on being in that location in the first place, I was going somewhere else.

        • And as a disclaimer, there is a strong chance I am wrong, as I was on the other trips. But I like to dream.

  15. Dal
    If I were you I would wait until Forest new book is released, read his poem then read his book then go back and read his book again very slowly. Well you know the routine, then maybe just maybe you will have some closer idea of the where abouts of the treasure; )

    • Muleskinner-
      Been waiting for the right time to ask this…
      Looks like the right time..
      Why skin a mule?
      I have never seen a muleskin rug or a pair of muleskin boots.
      Although my aunt Alice had shoes she called mules but I don’t think they were made of muleskin and anyway they looked like clogs to me.

      I have the poem memorized..I can recite it backwards in one breath. Doing that, however, has not helped me find the chest..
      It has improved my ability to speak during an oxygen deficit.

      • Yeah… buy what of all those poor — moles? Many a blister soothed and lavaliere hushed, but what an endeavor skinning those little fellars.

      • Dal, you are fast becoming one of the funniest people I know. Keep it up! You give us a joy that helps keep us going, Thanks.

  16. Dal,I had to step back a second at first.but then realized who was writing! Man,you have put yourself out there for all to see and hear.You have been a good friend to the “Chase”.The whiners will always be whiners and the doers will always be doers.Not much will change that.My 4 trips were to the same spot.For some selfish reason I still won’t say where,even though my interests now lay elsewhere.42 trips! You are the Ironman of the TTOTC.44 sounds like a good number to me.Esmerelda probably could tell us some good ones too! Maybe the therapist would go on a trip or two and only get paid if you find the loot.

  17. Dal:
    is simple logic make up a story & sell books and then write another book with more clues that may or may not help you, but the book sales help him make more money. Gee how much money does he need? He does not need the money Mr Fenn whats to be reconized for his contribution..he needs those pats on the back..see me look how great am I..perhaps he did not get that when he was younger….

    Fenn has on big problem he has an “inferiority complex “!!

    • TG-
      Sometimes simple logic won’t get you to the right answer…For instance..thousands of folks have tried to deduce the location of the treasure using the poem and simple logic. Hasn’t worked so far…
      My point is that sometimes you need to use “creative logic” to solve problems..
      and this is where I think you’ve missed the boat..

      I think Forrest enjoys being creative. These last two books…and the treasure hunt itself are all creative endeavors for Forrest. This is all fun. Some people at age 80 do macrame or collect mercury dimes or paint flowers from their garden. Forrest writes and publishes. He does not do it for the money..there is no money in any of this for him…remember he is the guy who put all that gold and those gems and lovely jewelry pieces in a chest for someone to find. How can you accuse him of doing any of this for money?

      As far as the money from the book sales go, he never made a nickel on the first book. Profits there went to Collected Works and his cancer fund. I suspect he is not making any money off the second book either. He is just trying to break even. So that it does not cost him anything to make this book. The folks who sell the books make some money, that includes Collected Works Bookstore, Forrest’s grandson who sells the books on Forrest’s site and I make some money from the books I sell on this site.

      But Forrest..He enjoys the creative process from writing to publishing and all he’s getting out of this, in my opinion, is enough to cover the costs of printing the books. I can’t imagine how much it costs to put out a full color, glossy book these days. Forrest doesn’t get them designed in China. He uses folks from right in Santa Fe. They get printed and bound right in New Mexico. It’s a USA made product.Sure it costs more but that doesn’t mean anyone is making a killing on this book..certainly not Forrest.

      • Dal, I agree completely, besides, Forrest has met some of the most famous people in the US, if not the world. He is a respected art dealer, sits on various boards and who knows what else. He has achieved his fame. Given the quality of the books, and the limited market, I cannot imagine there is much money being made.

      • If I make it to 80, then hopefully I’ll be doing more than macrame! I think Forrest likes to stay busy doing things that are worthwhile and fun for him. He’s certainly not doing it for the money! I’m almost 50 now, so I’m inspired to see someone in their 80’s trying to get people off the couch and out into the real world to enjoy what nature has to offer.

      • Dal,
        I Think TG is trying to get you all worked up so you can’t concentrate on the treasure, or he is trying to get Forrest riled up hoping he will slip up trying to defend himself. Ha good luck! I don’t think you are giving up anytime soon and Forrest knows he does not need to defend himself.

        Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote should be dedicated to Forrest!

  18. Let’s see,where would there be warm waters to halt ?
    Humm !
    The treasure is in rocky mountains north of Santa Fe.

    Gee Wiz,where should a person start to find this wealth ?

    “The train only goes by the banana farm once,said Forrest ”


    “A banana belt is any segment of a larger geographic region that enjoys warmer weather conditions than the region as a whole, especially in the wintertime.”

    Gee Wiz Willakers,What could warm waters be ?

    “Banana belts of the latter type may form on the lee sides of mountain slopes caused by orographic lift. When air rises over the top of a mountain range, it cools and releases moisture on the windward slope. As the air is pulled down the other side, it is compressed and heated via adiabatic heating, and it warms and dries territory in the mountain’s rain shadow.”

    And where might they halt ?

    “The Arkansas River Valley, Colorado located in the Rocky Mountains, east of the Continental Divide and below the Sawatch Range of 14,000 foot peaks, is often referred to as a “banana belt”. It includes the towns of Leadville, Buena Vista, Salida, Parkdale, Canon City to Pueblo, Colorado.[2]”

    I don’t want to over think this,so I am just gonna sharpen my reading skills and research some interesting facts.

    I would like to say,see you at the search site.
    But it doesn’t look like that is gonna happen.

    • http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Atmosphere/precipitation/rain_shadow.html

      “Some examples of rain shadow deserts in North America include:”

      “The Colorado Front Range, east of the Rocky Mountains”


      “The Colorado Front Range communities include (in a roughly north-to-south order):”

      Fort Collins
      Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area
      Castle Rock
      Colorado Springs

    • “The train only goes by the banana farm once,said Forrest ”

      What!!! Only once! Well, then count me in. I don’t want to miss my train. That’s my ticket to escape from the planet of the apes! See you at the search site.

      • Alright !
        My estimated time of announced victory is getting very close.
        You see, I am planning on getting the treasure while others are planning on searching.
        Sometimes people get exactly what they ask for.
        The Universe is a fickle woman.
        Leave a note at the begining of canyon down.

        • Good luck. Problem may be that you don’t know what warm waters really means.
          I have made 50 plus serious searches in New mexico and come up empty because I totally missed what warm waters halt means. I now have it figured out.
          FF was real clever about this. So, one of those big nuggets says I beat you to it.
          If you figure out warm waters halt you’ll have the BIG clue that really only leads to one spot. Remember, FF said the poem is the map. Forget about warm water fisheries, hot springs, rivers, dams, waterfalls and so forth. Yes, there is a creek associated with the deal.
          My last problem is to figure out why I am going past the put in at home of Brown part.
          Super good luck to you.

          • Phillip,

            So if you beat me to it you’re going to give me one of those big nuggets?

            If I find it I’ll be using those big nuggets to help others see the light.

            Like the rest of the clues, I’ve had my solution to warm waters for days and days and days and days and years. I just had to take the summer to formulate infinity stored deep inside of me. You know, the whole mystical, gnostic, magical mystery tour aspect of the chase!

            Best of luck to ALL chasers out there!

          • I went past HOB because I chose to and Forrest was told that.
            There is much more to it I am not ready to reveal.
            I will give the banana belt clue so nobody reading this thread has the excuse they did not have the right place to start.There is much to say about the poem and how well it was crafted.But not without giving too much assistance.You do know you have to put in at 4 HOB’s right ?
            Darn it,big mouth redneck couldn’t keep quiet.

          • That is easy. Since the chest is in New Mexico, and very close to Santa Fe, then that is the area where warm waters halt. However, it does not mean what you think it does, even though warm waters halt is one way of saying it. Forrest is very cunning with words. I am suspecting that some of the other clues also mean what they say, but not what you might immediately think they mean, Of course I do not have the chest in my grasp so what do I know.

        • Why not take the canyon up!

          If I find the treasure I’ll be writing a nice little note to expose where the treasure was located.

          • Take the canyon up,take the canyon down.I’m gonna leave all 3 where they are.
            Jimminy Cricket,I did it again.

  19. Now Dal, did he not say in his last Today show clues , that it is not in Idaho!! You always get onto me saying you never get angry at Forrest? We all get so frustrated and want to get more simple info. He is not going to give the gig up!! Someone must figure out the clues and will be able to walk right to it and it will be waiting, unlocked and ready to claim. He said it is not in any structured buildings or associted with them. Take a month or two off and relax Dal, no one is going to find it. It is a detailed riddle and will be so simple to see it after you take a break from it for a while. I am looking into new clues and they are coming together. All above Santa Fe, NM. Let it get a little cooler and all of our minds and clues can work better!! I know what you mean now, We are all on meds of some sort and ready to figure it all out and claim the title!! We are all frustrated and it leaves me crazy a little to put it down. Take a must needed break from all things Forrest Fenn and then you can come back refreshed and with new perspectives. Still in the Chase, Judy,MS Girl Dal and the gang Jen , Stephanie Wolf,and all Self appointed Hunters,Chase Buddy. I believe we are all upset because we have not figured it out and retreived the elusive Lock Box yet. Take breaks and get away from it I have to and so do Jen and Stephanie. Slow down and calm down and we will figure it out. God Bless and Be safe. Ms Girl

  20. May I ask all you’se like Dal, Steph, Cowboys and Adventurers and other fine folks, why it is everyone considers line 5 (begin where warm waters halt) to be “starting at the beginning”?
    Here I am, looking at the first stanza & line 1 with scrutiny, but judging from blogs/comments, I’m fairly alone in that approach. Ex: “Riches old and new” seems ripe with double meaning.
    Was there a quote where FF specifies line 5??

    ((To throw “team MT” a bone; what about the lost treasure of Custer, and bighorn river, and Fort PEASE (…go in peace). Wouldn’t it be like FF to hide his treasure …on another treasure??)

    • Map-
      Forrest said to start where Warm Waters Halt…
      He said that back when people were looking all over the place for a Home of Brown..thereby starting in mid-poem..

      He told people that the only way to find the treasure was to start at the beginning..

      But that’s just his opinion I suppose…lol…

  21. approx phrase of my rewritten Feens poem “Alone in there I have gone” I would guess this is the place where Fenn keeps his pet gators, who else can go in there alone?” is there a phrase anywhere that Fenns says he did not remove his own treasure?.

  22. Fenns Poem rewritten by me-myself!..revision help to understand what he wrote.I did Fenn write it backwards first?

    Poem – Revised
    In There Alone, As I Have Gone
    Bold, Alone With My Treasure
    Where I Can Keep My Secret
    Riches New And Old, A Hint Of

    Where Warm Waters Halt, Begin It
    Down The Canyon And Take It In
    Too Far To Walk, But Not To Far
    The Home Of Brown, Put In Below

    Its No Place For The Meek From There
    Ever Drawing Nigh, The End Is
    Up Your Creek There’ll Be No Paddle
    Water High, Just Heavy Loads

    Found The Blaze, You’ve Been Wise
    Your Quest To Cease, Look Quickly Down
    Scant With Marvel Gaze, But Tarry
    Go In Peace and Just Take The Chest

    I Must Go, So Why Is That
    And Leave For All to Seek, My Trove
    I Already Know The Answers
    Now I’m Weak, I’ve Done It Tired

    And Listen Good, So Hear Me All
    The Cold Your Effort Will Be Worth
    And In The Wood If You Are Brave
    Title To The Gold, I’ll Give You

  23. Happy hunting all you active searchers!Good luck w/current and future ideas.This quest is definitely a good brain teaser that I hope will be solved and revealed for us all to hear and see.I know that for me to know would be a good release.Peace of mind for sure!

  24. if you think about idaho being possible, then you might as well know that if you walk north of santa fe you will end up behind where you started. it is definitely not far and too far to walk, since you will circle the globe.

    • Thomas,
      Around the globe is not far? Well, I guess everything is relative. So…that means it could be south of Santa Fe, huh?

    • In fact, if I find Forrest’s bracelet, I might just drive south of Santa Fe, hide it and send Forrest my own poem with clues to find it. Hee, hee, hee! Oh, I don’t think I could really do that!

  25. I have to smile as I read the comments from people that are positive they have the righ spot after 8 hours of thinking or even a couple of weeks. I was sure I had the right spot several times and could not believe others had not thought of it. Laughing at myself now. I don’t know if anyone else admitted this on the blog, but I was headed for an abandoned outhouse until Forrest gave that out as a clue. How I got there? Google waters and get amniotic fluid. The canyon down….crotch. A word for crotch in Spanish is cruz. There is a Cruz canyon north of Santa Fe, close to Taos mountain. There is a picture of an abandonded outhouse with flames painted on the side. It was posted in May of 2010, just a couple of months before TTOTC was released. I thought for sure when I saw the flames and looked quickly down, the lat/lon coor. were the answer. WRONG! It was ok though because from there it’s no place for the meek and Cimmaron is just down the road. Cimmaron in Spanish means wild one. Ha, that had to be it. Wrong again! Soda Dam where the water shoots out of the side of the mountain. That had to be it, after all the pop caps he collected. It is easy to make the clues fit, when you are sooooo sure. Who knows, I could have walked right past it, never knowing it was there and then again, I could have been a thousand miles away. This has been fun, frustrating, and very very humbling. I have some new ideas, like everyone else, but nothing solid enough to make another trip just yet. Good luck to all!

    • Thanks maggiemay, for the reasonable reality reminder, but you gotta believe to make it happen, right?
      I too have a whole set of clues that line up, no help from google earth at all, that fits FF ‘s character it seems , and also appears to be a line of inquiry that no one else seems to be on.
      One of us will be right, so why not me? …said every single treasure searcher ever. 😉

      Just need to get the needed gear, and get in there before snowed out.
      I think you need just 1 thing more than a sandwich and a flashlight. (Though brave & cold was mentioned, I suppose. )
      With luck, I’ll be there next weekend…. I might leave the chest for 2nd place winner 😉

    • Thanks MaggieMay for being so willing to post your highly creative solutions. That flaming outhouse is so good I think you should get some sort of consolation prize…
      I’ve certainly looked in places I would never even consider today after learning more about the poem..the clues…the man…the mountains..
      But I’ve had fun looking and I’ve learned a lot about the history, geography and geology of some lovely landscapes..

    • I’m certainly not positive I have the right spot and most likely I’m completely wrong! It may not even be in Colorado…I mean New Mexico…I mean Yellowstone. It’s fun to listen to interpretations but ultimately you’ve gotta listen to yourself. Why take advice from someone who doesn’t already have the chest? It’s not like there are teachers on this site giving out free advice…right? I’ll keep an open mind and listen but it’s really just someone’s interpretations and that could throw you completely off of a good idea.

      Me, I’m just going to specialize in having fun! Get to my general search area and see if the wind just sort of pushes me in the right direction!

    • I had my general search area located in 1 1/2 hrs.
      Just thought as I first read the poem “I just need 1 thing that I can positively identify”.
      And it happened.
      Then I reverse engineered everything else.
      And there is one thing different for me than any other searcher I have read about.
      I want the silver bracelet.
      The same silver bracelet that Forrest had a deep desire to acquire.
      The bracelet is not going up for sale.
      Maybe Forrest would like to have it back on loan where myself or one of my sons get it back after Forrest passes.
      But it will not be for sale.
      I have had a huge desire to go to Mesa Verde for many years and to have a bracelet made from beads that came from there is a very satisfying thought.And the silver smithing done by a Navajo makes it all the better.
      A real treasure indeed.
      And a connection with the unexplained universe.

  26. Shhhh, that was supposed to be my secret. he said he might leave the chest for the 2nd blace winner and I think he means an empty chest. I want to see all the sparkles inside.

  27. I’ll take that consolation prize,if it’s a gold nugget the size of my fist. Honest, I thought I had it all figured out and I had the nerve to ask Forrest to please stop giving out clues because I was afraid someone else would figure it out before I could get there. It was about the time he asked for and gave the recipe for the cheese and pimento sandwich. He said to put it in a bowl that would not clash with the red and yellow. Well….the flames were orange and when you mix red and yellow….you get orange. There is also a cold spring and a creek in pictures right next to it on google earth! When I got there, others had already been digging where the outhouse had been. It was ok though, I knew it was not the right spot. I did see some bear poop and was thankful because it let me know he had already had something to eat!

    • How far is too far to walk?
      When your 80+ years old to far to walk is not very far….how far is far….take your dear old grand-dad for awalk!!

  28. the blaze..that took awhile to try and figure out..and zap I..the Spanish arrived they needed to mark there trails so they could find there way back..”Signs & Symbols” good book..Blaze marked trees..fenn photos for the most part have blazes behind him marked with a F..however its how you mark them that is the key to tell u which way to go!!

    • But Terence-
      Forrest said it could take a thousand years for the chest to be found. A trail blaze carved in a tree will not be visible for a thousand years. I believe the blaze is something more permanent.

      • And I still maintain that the blaze isn’t something to be seen/looked for with eyes.
        So many wonderful varieties of theories !! =)
        FF must love it.

      • Dal,

        I’ve been reading your blog for nine months now and finally have decided to jump in. The stories of your adventures are enjoyable. You are a true wordsmith in your own right.
        I believe the poem is a lipogrammatic panagram for more than just one reason (still trying to figure all the reasons). My thought is that the blaze is a specific destination that he is trying to describe and if you have been wise to arrive at this destination you must look quickly down….
        I also do not think he is describing a specific marking or carving.
        Knowledge with imagination will be the key.
        I have spent way to much time on this poem but I have enjoyed every minute. It has turned my mind upside-down and still I have not become bilious.
        Did you know Eric Sloane took his name from the middle letters of AMERICA? So many thought provoking discoveries. Again, thank you for your blog.

        SafetyJoe Says…Travel Safe!

      • That’s that’s true he said it might be found in 1000yrs, of course you left out the magic words..”by accident” not trail & error!!

        Fenn also said it was north of Santa Fe..I wrote him and asked was it True North or Magnetic North..I never got an answer!

  29. Actually I think the chest (if there is one) is really closer to Santa fe within driving range of Fenns old jeep..remember he said its was it was farther than I think it was *8.25mi. from Santa Fe..that was a very big hint..where is the geographical center of Santa Fe?? yep you guessed it the Main Post office..that the dot on the map!

    One thing Fenn never said was it TRUE North or magnetic North..actually there two diffent places..so find an aircraft maps aka “sectional “and do your mapping using that..don’t forget Fen was a pilot!!

    People seem to overlook that for some reason.?

    • Terence-
      Because Forrest specifically said that he did not mean directly north but rather, in a northerly direction. Therefore it makes no difference whether you use true or magnetic.

      Also, in order for the chest to be at least 8.25 miles away from all of Santa Fe one would have to measure from the northern most limit of the City. Otherwise, if say, one were looking at the area along the road to the Santa Fe ski area, there are areas that would be at least 8.25 miles away from some parts of Santa Fe but not from others.

      But I believe the chest is much further than 8.25 miles away. That was simply a handy number given the historic measuring system he was using…chains and links…
      I think a person would be foolish to mark a line on a map at 8.25 miles and start looking on that line…

      Forrest has often said, start at the beginning…Find Where Warm Waters Halt..Don’t start in the middle…

      Terence..I think you should do some reading about things Forrest has said before you start yapping away giving false impressions to readers…

      This material has all been covered…

      • Remember that FF is pretty cunning about words and directions. For example he did not say the northern city limits. It could be north of the southern city limits just as easily. Just sayin’. I’m not real sure that 8.25 miles is a real clue. Could be much like the 300 miles from Toledo remark. I do agree with you that it is close to Santa Fe. Also warm waters does not mean anything close to any of the popular ideas. The funny thing is it does mean warm waters and I really had a big laugh when I figured it out. Yes, it does lead to one place. Think I have it nailed but need to cruise the area (canyon) more to figure out Brown.

        • Angelina-

          I just got a note from Forrest about that-
          I probably have written my last blog Dal. Will you reply for me? f

          • Having said that… Forrest also announced that he wants to write a children’s book and is looking for an illustrator to work with..
            He is hoping that folks out here will respond with a sample of their work on a page we’ll be setting up here…
            I really don’t know more than that..
            I thought he said that Too Far To Walk would be his last book…
            I guess it is his last book..until there is another one…

            Look here:

      • I study the man..then what he says & does not say..we all have our own opions….and I will yap as much as I want to young men..have a nice day!

      • well since you don’t prefer any imput but your own..I.I try not to be disrespectfull of you so why disrespect my thoughts and ideas….is that not the reason you have this blog!

  30. A coincidence or what? Your going to Idaho and I just left Idaho. Someone at the store told me that the treasure wasn’t in Idaho nor Utah…Yeah right! Most likely it’s on the Idaho-Utah border. Kind of like it’s not buried but Forrest never said it wasn’t. Anyway, I do my best thinking when I’m thinking so I walked to the beach looking all cool with my 1973 style metal detector and boy “oh’ boy if having a metal detector at the beach isn’t a chick magnet then nothing is….
    I kept catching the babes checking me out as I would dig up those shiny dimes and nickels…I might be an old dude but when those pockets are loaded up with change it kind of evens up the playing field with those surfer dudes. I’m sure glad you have spell ckheck on here.
    When are you going to do your review on the new book? Was it hard learning to speak British? How many miles are on your van? Is Forrest going to be doing a book signing at the book store? I sure hope so because I would just love to meet him. I would say ,”hello Mr, Fenn” my name is michael and would you sign my book for me? That would be a personal treasured memory for me…Yep. That’s what I would do.

    • michael-

      I know exactly what you’re talking about. 1973 was a great year. Of course back then we were all looking for IEDs with our metal detectors just south of the DMZ, man. But we didn’t call them IEDs back in the day, we just called them booby traps. Today you can’t say booby trap in the workplace cuz you’ll find yourself then needing union representation. I think you can still say chick magnet though.

  31. Well I read what you “complained” about…

    Nice, I feel FF had 15 years of wanting a treasure hunt to be a hunt. I have made the trips to and from CA to NM a few times. Saving now for a trip north, I haven’t been frustrated yet because I know its out there. Clues are just things we identify with the poem and our interpretation of places that fit our perspective of those said clues.
    I for one look at this (as I am sure you do and many others do as well), as time better spent in life than sitting around the house waiting for life to happen. The chances that no one has found the treasure yet does become slimmer day by day but the fact that we will know if its is found by the finder or the next person to come across the SPOT is just as slim. Remember FF stating that you will know when your there.
    The poem is all you need to solve the clues/map. I have read the poem more than a hundred times more to keep me motivated than to just recite the action the poem dictates. I have learned more than I ever expected to about areas in the great country than I would have otherwise even cared about. That information in its self makes me take off on learning adventures, history, art, satellite mapping, GPS, and talking to my friends about how I am a crazy treasure hunter. Which in itself makes a great story and a great time. Telling my 4 kids (who all think I am crazy) to come along for the adventures and listening to them tell me they have to work or have plans (10 years ago it would have been better).
    So with resolute spirit I am having fun and talk about a hobby, wow this is a great way to go through my 40’s.

    Be well

  32. So…..a delay in the book shipment. Does Forrest have you printing these books on a Gutenberg Press?

    • Michael-

      I am not certain where the hold-up is at. Last I heard the books were in the bindery. I know the shipping guys already have all the labels printed and stuck on envelopes…so once they get to the shipper…I heard on Friday now…they will go out the door the same day…

      Sorry for the delay..it’s not Forrest’s fault and not the shippers fault…let’s blame congress…

      • Maybe they have more sense than some of us. My last search of the mountains an owl flew right in my face, a snake slithered past me and then came the rain!!!! And I’m still going back!

  33. Hello all – I think the hunt is having the opposite effect of what Forrest intended.
    All my life I have enjoyed nature, hiking, exploring, fishing, climbing, and especially warm waters.
    Now, I spend way to much time sitting with my high Tec
    gadgets looking at the history of all people named Brown that had ever lived in the rocky mountains!
    Without the possibility of knowing that it has, or has not been found, it might as well be a hoax, like many other so called treasures.
    I will quit trying, but I will always have this poem memorized, and maybe recognize the clues if I happen to be in the right area.

    I wonder if Forrest could spare another 2 million and split it into 20 treasures that are a little easier to find.
    That would be awesome!

    • It takes a lot of time and effort to make a loaf of bread; from preparing the soil, to planting, watering, to harvesting the grains, to milling the flour, mixing the ingredients, working the dough long enough for the protein to develop, raising the dough a couple of times, to baking. We love our delicious buttered bread; but I believe we’ve forgotten the cost.

      I greatly admire the founding fathers of the U.S.A. Until recently I couldn’t fathom the sacrifice of marching in the frozen snow like George Washington and his men. I will never fully understand their struggle; but I’ll tell you I admire them much more today. I had on boots and thick socks yet still my feet got wet and began to go numb and freeze; those men had nothing but rags to wrap around their feet if they were fortunate. Please don’t give up Shawn, if for nothing other than learning the art of perseverance and overcoming.

      That’s not to say I have not struggled with wanting to quit too; but I’ve done too much quitting in my life and I don’t like the way it makes me feel; so I’ve decided to fight against it. So, this pep talk is more for me than anyone else! ; )

      Take Care. <3

      • I find your words quite eloquent and said with much beauty. I am a huge fan of GW, I have found items detecting that may have been present in his existence. To overcome is a graceful act, GW was always graceful in his wise years. I’m sure he would be Warren Buffet if he were alive today. Embrace the cold that delivers victory!

        • Thank you Navyigator for your thoughtful reply and encouragement.

          GW was an amazing and rare individual, he was an excellent teacher.

          Life can be a win-win no matter what happens if that is what we choose and I love that I get to choose ; )

  34. This is the most outlandish thing I have ever heard. Do you think anyone will sole this in a hundres years? I am skeptical… but everyone is missing one key objective… not book sales… Mr. Fenn is already a legacy. You have to have a creative mind to outwhit or outsmart a creative mind. The flashlight and sandwich hint … um what do you take with you when you camp. And no place for the meek there is wildlife everywhere in the mountains. So look in yellowstone and find where warm waters halt… begin it there.

  35. Dal in regards to mule skin boots
    the most comfortable pair of boots i ever owned were mule skin
    custom made by an old timer in quanna texas

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