Scrapbook Forty Two…



September 2013

New outrageous Forrest Fenn interview by Margie Goldsmith at Huffington Post…
The photos are a riot…

Made me laugh!!!!

How much is a “bazzillion” anyway???

19 thoughts on “Scrapbook Forty Two…

  1. A bazzillion is much more than a gazillion, the word I planned to use originally. And I agree– Forrest looks adorable in those photos which I actually took on my iphone!!! (with his first and only copy of the new book). Missed you being there, Dal. Next post I’m going to link to your blog. Forgive me for not doing it this time. You SO deserve some recognition.

    • Fun interview Margie – I really enjoyed reading your article and the pictures are a bonus!

      Dal certainly does deserve recognition – we count on him to keep us all informed of the latest news about Forrest and the treasure hunt and he does a terrific job of it too!

    • hypothetical question – is it possible to spell bazllionaire incorrectly if it is not really a word?

  2. The article states we know the treasure is not in Canada. Is that something new? I don’t remember Canada being eliminated by ff, but I haven’t been following rigorously lately.

  3. That’s some photo shoot… My wife thinks he’s somewhere between Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

  4. Margie love the article, especially the photos. I like seeing Forrest having fun and smiling, its how it should be.

    Whats wrong with bigfoot? Looking down at feet…

  5. A national radio network is doing a story on Forrest and would like to interview a searcher in Santa Fe when they are down there visiting with Forrest. If anyone from the Santa Fe area would like to be on a radio story with Forrest in the next couple of weeks, please let me know and I will pass your email on to the show’s producer. My email is on the right side of this page right above my picture..

    • Yup exccentic bazzilluonaire treasure guy. Omegas should be everywhere, probably has a Omega trail behind him like fairy dust.

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