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Last night we were walking back from our day long hike on the Firehole from just north of Old Faithful and we were coming up on the Ojo Caliente and we saw these beauties.ย ย  How serene!ย  I tried asking them where the Blaze was but all they did was swim off ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Didn’t you think that was rude of them? For many years there was a family of trumpeter swans that lived just down stream of the 7 mile bridge on the Madison. They mate for life and every year they were there, usually 5 or 6 counting the kids. Seeing them always soothed the the beast in me.

        • Should have figured that “thoroughly thorough Steph” would have not missed an opportunity to talk with a few eyewitnesses to the hiding of the treasure. It sounds to me like they are saying “it’s under the blaze”.

          • They actually told me where it is after Jeff tossed them that tasty snack. They came to me and started choking their last breath from Jeff poisoning them and chirped out that they saw it in the most beautiful marvelly gazey spot on the mountain.

            I’ll tell you where it is if you send me all your Forrest video footage that hasn’t been aired….and a precopy of his new book, and a trip in Esmeralda to your next spot. I mean I know the birds have it right…just curious where you’d go next ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • What…Jeff poisoned them? No wonder I have not gotten reports from them of your where-abouts lately. Those birds were my agents. Alvin, Theodore and Simon…They worked for crumbs. They followed you from place to place and reported back to me. That’s how I knew when you were looking in Idaho.

          • I only have two agents left…86 and 99. I am not saying what they look like but they communicate with me via a phone hidden in the heel of their hiking boots.These two don’t eat anything but apple pie so Jeff cannot assassinate them.

          • The one I borrowed you 3 years ago? *cute smile* I think that’s a great idea. When you give it back, I’ll set you up with some fresh baked Strawberry Shortcake that Jeff made to take with you on the chase.

      • Dal,
        Maybe we could make a big bowl of that cheesey pimento stuff for those swans, that might get them to spill the beans. I’ve eaten so much of that stuff while pondering “the poem”…..so good!

        • Nobody lets me make food they might have to eat. The BBC crew wouldn’t even let me make coffee for them. My culinary skills have preceded me since they let me make the Kool-Aid in Jonestown.

    • I had bought my mom an incubator one year, she was hatching every egg she could find. We ended up with ducks and geese every where, and the would return every year.

    • I moved to Flora Vista when I was 13 because my mom said we were going to “live off the land”. We had all these animals, goats, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, ducks and geese. no need for an alarm to get up in the mornings when you have geese. no need for a watch dog either. Geese took care of business with all that honking. They mate for life too. Our next door neighbor has geese too. Just the other day my son told me, “you know those two old geese over at Tom’s?” “Yeah, they’ve been there a long time.” I told him. He replies, “I know they have, those two geese used to be your geese.” I’m thinking that’s not possible we got those geese when I was 13. We had a lot more but eventually they drizzled down to two. I won’t tell you why. I told my son that’s not possible, we got those geese when I was 13. He tells me, “oh yes they are, grandma just told me they were.” That’s, that’s….34 years!

      No point to this comment. I was just looking at the swans and remembered the geese. But I’m a little dismayed that not only do I know nothing about the lifespans of geese I don’t even recognize my own geese even though they’ve literally honking at me from next door to my childhood home for decades. And I think I’m going find a little bronze box in the rockies. Uh huh.

      • Funny story CC. We never had ducks or geese when I was growing up, but I sure enjoyed seeing them peacefully floating on the Gibbon in Yellowstone Park. There is a small picnic spot to sit and feed chipmunks and watch the swans. Good luck finding that bronze box!

        • That’s why I like Forrest’s stories, they make a person think of their own. And we all have them. Thanks for the luck wish Norwegian, I wish you the same.

  2. Swans are a gracefull creatures..Dal I think you would have better luck talking to a tree..the limbs will bend in the cool nights breeze and point you in the right direction..

    I give clues away ………………

  3. Perhaps the swans simply ignored you because they know the treasure is not nearby at all! Also, the question may be one they have been asked far too many times already.Very serene setting for sure.Happy hunting all!!

    • wylibrarian-
      I know Forrest has…not necessarily to hide the treasure, but the title of his new book comes from a trip he made down the Madison. He walked down it fishing with a small raft tied to his belt that had his camping gear in it. He always wanted to make that trip again..but now it’s too far to walk…

  4. I’ve found so many blazes while searching that I think I need to go watch Blazing Saddles for some comic relief! I even thought it had something to do with Thor since he mentioned Thor in the book, but I think the blaze can only be seen in person and not on a map or Google earth. Forrest probably wouldn’t use a blaze that you could find on the internet. Maybe the blaze is on a tree, or maybe you have to look through some rocks to see it, or maybe it’s a Lewis and Clark trail. Who knows?

  5. Reminds me of the Grail:)

    In every age and every culture, there is a โ€œquestโ€ for something that will heal our ills and restore our lands. For the people who have followed the adventures of the Grail, the Swans lead the way………………

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