Scrapbook Forty Four…



September 2013

This is very cool!!
We’re all invited to a Forrest Fenn bash in Santa Fe…

Forrest says-

I am having a book signing and celebration in the Tesuque Room at the Loretto Inn in Santa Fe on Tuesday evening, October 1st. It’s an RSVP party so if you’d like to help me celebrate my new book, meet Folk legend Bob Haworth and listen to him perform his new song, Too Far To Walk, just drop me an email and I’ll see you at the Loretto at 5pm on Tuesday.

All the information you need is on the invitation below..looking forward to meeting all the searchers…ff

book signing event aLoretto Inn & Spa in Santa Fe

rsvp –




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  1. Dang! I won’t be in Santa Fe until later in the month. Are you going to be there Dal? Say “Hi” to Forrest for me. 🙂

  2. Forrest,

    Thanks for the open invite. I’m sure we all appreciate what you have done for those interested in the thrill of the chase adventure.

    I just got back from Taos a few days ago so I cannot make this book signing. Hopefully I’ll make a future book signing event.

    This whole thing has been more exiting and fulfilling than can be explained.
    Beautiful scenery and a challenge for those that are up to it. What more could a person ask for?

    Thanks again for helping all of us along in our quest.

  3. Too many Marks…lol.
    Yes…thanx for the invite. I was trying to figure out how to make Oct 22. Tuesday ????? Will you be there dal?

  4. Thanks Dal for passing on Forrest’s invite.Wish I could be there!Putting himself out there for us all to see and touch really does give a good sense of what he is all about.The naysayers will call it another publicity stunt; I think the invite shows that he cares about the searchers.I think this gesture puts another layer of legitimacy to The Chase.Perhaps a new thread on attendee’s interactions w/ f might be in order.Happy hunting all!!

  5. For those who cannot make the event on October 1st..Please remember that there is another book signing in Santa Fe on October 22nd. That one will be held at the Collected Works Bookstore and Doug Preston (author of The Codex) and Michael McGarrity (author of Hard Country) will be there with Forrest. Last time they did this it was a whole lotta fun!! The three of them are a hoot together and are all close friends. Forrest fields questions and there is a lot of humor and clever banter that goes on…

    This upcoming event is on October 1st…Tuesday… and is a celebration and an opportunity to mingle with Forrest and listen to Bob Haworth and enjoy a cocktail in the charming atmosphere of the Loretto..

    So…two opportunities in October…

    • Hi Dal,
      Hope you will be at the one October 22nd. We are trying to make that one. I’m guessing you can buy the book at that time? Sharron

      • The October 22 event is being held at the bookstore so there will be plenty of books for sale…and you can have Forrest sign it for you right there…

  6. TOO FAR TO WALK is awesome its a fat book 3 times the size of TTOTC its well worth it for those who haven’t ordered yet I recommend it

  7. Hey everyone, I’ve been following along for about a year. I’ve posted a couple of times in the past. Just had an idea, I created a channel on Zello where everyone can talk about their search or anything else related to it.

    Check out the Forrest Fenn Treasure channel on Zello

    • You mean someone has found it? Could you explain?
      Forrest already has 31 plus emails from people who have “found it”. Somebody
      is fibbing unless f stashed a lot of boxes.

      • Phillip, Anyone can write an email claiming to have found the treasure, but only one person can prove it. I am sure Forrest is avoiding all questions at this time.

        • Forrest has said nobody has proved it yet. Do you have proof? Do you know that someone does? If not let’s assume it is still out there until the proof shows up.
          Just sayin’.

          • We go through this every once in awhile when someone without an ounce of grace decides to announce they found it just so they can spoil everyone’s fun. Don’t even think twice about it. That chest is still out there waiting for you…or Stephanie…to find it…

        • Pam-
          ff has said the person who finds the chest WILL NOT BE ABLE to keep quiet about it.
          He dosent say may choose to keep quiet. Many searchers take that statement as a hint.

          • Zeldasings, The last time I checked Americans still have the right to Freedom of Speech. I guess Forrest thought differently when he made that comment.

          • Pam-
            I am not political. I am a Treasure Hunter. Some people take that statement to perhaps mean one has to ask for entry to the area “where the treasure lies”.
            Good Luck in your personal search.

  8. Hey Dal, With such a bold statement, do you know something we don’t? Come on Dal…give the folks a clue;)

    • Pam,I was curious about your statement alluding to someone finding the treasure.What makes you think that is so? It would be nice to see more words to back that up.Until then,Happy hunting all! PS I was going to just ignore this,just as in the past. At this stage of the Chase, the dedicated, serious searchers need not hear these types of comments.Just my opinion of course.

  9. I agree with Ken. Sources Pam.
    Dal several folks have asked if you would in fact be at these events with f… Will you? I asked Stephanie and she said she would not be there….Why…At the beginning of this story…it was said…when f gave a party everyone came…anyone who was anyone dropped what they were doing…will dal be there? Before I jump in Ol Sanford and son….that’s my truck…I call her Fredrita…and cruze to NM. I’d like to know if I’m going to buy a book or to have a few cocktails with the stars of this show.

    • Mark-
      Unfortunately, I cannot be in Santa Fe on the 1st. I already had immoveable plans for that day which makes it impossible for me to attend. I regret my plans. I’d much rather be in Santa Fe that day. I enjoy these “get togethers” of searchers. I enjoy Forrest. I enjoy Santa Fe. I even enjoy the 1,600 mile drive out there. Thanks for suggesting you’d like to meet. Me too! I suspect this will be the largest gathering of searchers yet. It should be a lot of fun. Have a beer for me.

      I hope someone takes photos so we can post them…

  10. Gentlemen, no need to get defensive. I was simply asking what people thought would happen when the treasure was found. I may also point out the poem tells us to “take the chest and go in peace”. Why would the person who found it ever go public? How would he/she benefit? The result would be a bunch of very upset people. The “Thrill” would end. On the other hand, is withholding information the same as lying? Do people have the right to know? I suppose Mr. Fenn will have to make the call on that one, but for some unforeseen reason, the Today show has dropped the story, and Mr. Fenn has become as elusive as his treasure.

    • Gentlewoman Pam-
      There are many reasons why someone who found the chest would tell everyone..notoriety..letting others know that it could be found..pride in solving the puzzle..informing “game over”..
      Depends on a person’s personality really. I am told that no two of us are alike. We are complex organisms. Who knows why people buy purple humvees or cover walls with graffiti, paint their toenails or keep goldfish.

      I think you may be in the wrong forum..
      Perhaps you are looking for the Psychology Today forum 🙂

      Why do you say Forrest is “elusive”?
      He is throwing a bash and has openly invited searchers. He is having another book signing in a few weeks. He sends information out to us. We’re not talking about Howard Hughes here (although considering the threats he has received he would certainly be entitled to avoid public appearances). The guy has a life beyond the treasure. He writes, he attends conferences, he sits on several boards, he takes care of his family. He communicates with searchers when he has something to say…

      Finally…you seem to be suggesting a connection that does not exist. If the Today Show has dropped the Treasure Hunt Clue it would be because they don’t see a wealth of interest in it and therefore it does not bring in advertising dollars. I am not privy to their letters from the public but I can well imagine that for the thousands of us that may have been interested in the clues there were millions who were not. The Today show caters to a much larger and varied viewership than searchers. It cost a LOT of money to have Forrest on live from Santa Fe..It may have turned out that the small increase in viewers who wanted to watch those live events simply did not indicate that the expense was worth it.

      If you are alluding to the idea that the lost broadcasts from the Today Show and Forrest’s interest in his family, community, friends and fishing suggests that the chest has been found, I believe you need to rethink your position. There is no “elusive Mr. Fenn. There is no conspiracy to deny information by Forrest and NBC. I believe I know Forrest as well as any searcher out there short of his family and lifetime friends. Forrest would not allow the search to go on once the treasure was found. He has also told us at various times that the treasure has not been found and at other times that to the best of his knowledge the treasure has not been found. Forrest is very aware of how much some searchers spend to make a trip out west to hunt for the treasure. He would not be comfortable allowing that kind of individual outlay if the treasure hunt was in vain.

      • Dal,
        Well said!! I don’t know Forrest as well as you do, but I firmly believe he is a man of the type of integrity that is rare in this day and age. He has gone way beyond the extra mile for us searchers, and given us some treasure that all the goddies in the chest cannot buy. Considering some of the crap he has had to go through
        surrounding the chase just increases my admiration for the man.

    • Yo Pam, no defensive behavior on my part! Merely wanted to hear why someone would say that the treasure was found and not back that up w/some cold hard factoids.I do hear where you are coming from in your last post,but that is irrelevant until some lucky person has to make that choice.Harvey Goodwin.

  11. Wish I could be there, I love wandering the galleries in Santa Fe. (by the way, I am a different Mark.)

  12. Wow…well said! Pam I understand your thinking…But… I am addicted to TToTC…I only want to read positive thinking! As a hunter I want yo know if the cache has been found…what I missed…I want to know how it was found and yes I hope it is found by a hunter instead of by accident. Positively!

  13. WOW! I dreamed I was in a room full of people. I was sitting on the floor. In walks a man in a long coat, carrying a big bag. I can’t see his face, the bag is that big! Looking closer at the bag, I realize what it is and excitedly shout for all to hear…”It’s BUBBLEGUM!!!” , then I wake up. What do you think?

    • dare-
      Maybe it’s a pink thing..
      or maybe searching for the treasure reminds you of your childhood..
      or maybe all that gold is unfathomable to your brain.. 🙂

        • Phil-
          I understand..
          I think WWWH is kind of like the butter in the refrigerator..
          It’s right in front of me but I don’t see it…

          • Dal,
            Exactly! The theory I am working on (after a lot of thought – maybe too much)
            is it can only mean one place, and one place only. This has to be true if the poem is a map and will take you directly to the spot with no guessing. I have a good idea about where this is. The WWWH clue is still technically correct but means something totally different than what searchers are commonly focusing on.
            Gonna go to FF’s little party tomorrow. Really looking forward to that and an opportunity to tell him how grateful I am that he has given us this merry little chase.

  14. Hi…the map idea was the only part of this I think, maybe, possibly,one could assume, is correct.
    Man, I spent months researching everything from the Spaniards and the Maxwell Land Grant to miners marks and symbols…and nothing.
    Until one day the Mrsss… suggested reading info about “Treasure Island” To paraphrase: said, any set of instructions or clues that would lead to a treasure is thus a treasure map. Thus the Poem is a map. Also true, if the map was followed in a precise order as instucted. The nine clues would lead to X marks the spot or the Roman Numeral 10. The beginning and the end. The box left Santa Fe…how far did it go…and how? Also….dal could you tell me the outcome of that little colonial picture that was posted around scrpbook 23? Was its location…painter…meaning ever deciphered? thanks

    • Mark-

      As far as I know there was no closure, as a searcher might wish, on those items. Weeks later I saw them in Forrest’s house and asked about them. I was told that they were part of a purchase Forrest made from a family with deep Spanish roots in New Mexico. In my opinion those items were not meant to be clues. I believe Forrest was honestly seeking out ideas about what they might be.

  15. Since I’m on a roll if I may dal?
    It seems I have more questions than answers.
    I had questions in regards to the new article on Stephanie’s site in which it states hidden in NM.

    Also the box…wow1100 AD….dal We know he bought it..but from who…Another hunter pointed out that 1100AD is also that of the first crusades and that the tapestry on the box was similar to Jaccobs ladder. Any take on this?

    What’s up with bells…where are they?

    How do peoples avatars from our conversations end up on images on the internet? Type in Home of the Brown…or any other clue and click images???

    Lastly…and this is odd…my son and I toured philmont on one of our trips and were given a tour off Waite Phillips house. Not soon after you posted a pic of Peggy and f sitting in a foyer in what looked like the bassement of the same house…I know crazy….where can I find that pic? I remember showing the pic to my son…I said where is this pic taken…he replied the basement of waite phillips at philmont…someof us hunters are crazy!

  16. Jeese Mark-
    Maybe you should start numbering your questions…lol…

    Forrest has never publicly stated, as far as I know, who he bought the chest from. He did state that he paid $25K for it and that he probably overpaid, but it was perfect.

    There were several articles written that said the chest was hidden in NM. Forrest claims that he never said NM. I interviewed one of the reporters that claimed Forrest hid it in NM. She told me that Forrest never actually said NM but she believed it was in NM and so that’s what she wrote. This info goes back a long way. If you look at early comments on this blog you will see that this conversation has come up many times. What I know is that Forrest claims steadfastly that he never said NM. What I also know is that people get very excited while talking to Forrest about the hiding place of the chest. What I further know is that the media constantly get things wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been quoted inaccurately by the press. Sometimes people, including reporters, just hear what they want to hear.

    The bells have also been written about and photographed and Forrest has talked about them in many interviews. The bells and jars are not part of the search. They are beautiful and Forrest made them to be buried and found by future generations. They have pithy little sayings. Some jars have his bio inside. I am sure he put special things in some of the jars. They are all cast in bronze. Each is unique. No copies exist. Some of them have spelling errors..”knowlege” for instance. These were done purposely because Forrest likes to play with language….as you may have noticed. You will find errors in both his books as well..Not necessarily typos or mistakes…purposely made errors.

    But this is all repeat…Mark you need to use the search mechanism on this blog and on other blogs and employ it to find out what has already been written. There is a tremendous amount of great info about the man in this blog and on others.

    Avatars…That’s a different forum..I don’t know about avatars.

    I believe the pic you are talking about was taken after Margie, Irene and I met with Forrest last spring. Irene and Margie had just left and Peggy and Forrest were sitting in their foyer. I snapped that picture. It is taken in their home. But if you a link to object you are talking about so others know what you mean.

  17. Sorry dal…I’ll ease up…its missing that party tomorrow that has my dander up…smiles.

    Working backwards:
    1. I can only say the basement foyer of W Phillips…is very similar to fs. same ceramic tiles, furniture, the entry doors have side lites w/wooden shutters…the opposite interior doors in the foyer leading to different rooms are all exact. I’m just saying!
    2. a. Go to google. b. type in tarry scant. c. click images…
    And bam… The TOTC. You can type any of the nine clues…click images…and you’ll find pics of theTOTC… of the Leprachan or what’s a blaze. peoples Avatars?
    3. Dal…the bells and the box just rub me…I just wanted to know what dal thinks about them? I imagine I could research old thoughts…but its much easier to ask. Too revisiting old questions about things like the colonial pic aren’t a waste of time…after all it was posted. Did you know the museum of Spanish colonial art is just a few steps down the street from fs old gallery…I imagine he could of easily walked over and talked to a pro about it but he asked us…why? I think it was a clue…as are the doors on the Chimayo.
    Lastly….and again srry…Why would Stephanie post the article if it is wrong and would cause grief…not our stephanie??? Russle or pirate steven had us all in NM…I believe around the same time f said two parties had been within 500 feet….at that exact time…were there two parties searching Cody…I dont know of them if there were.

    I guess after reading your rant on the poem last week, I thought you would share a few of dal’s less politically correct responses on TOTC.
    The Colonial pic…I know you say it was just posted by f to see if anyone had a clue as to it’s origin and or its significance…but are you sure??? Ask again…I think it was a huge overlooked clue that f threw out there…an accident maybe? A land grant such as the Maxwell or for Arroyo sec…puts hunters in NM. There are no spanish land grants in Cody… I just want real answers…its all Brown!

  18. I found this article (below) from The Daily Beast, Feb. 2013. No matter where it is found if you go public, you can’t keep it. I also wonder why he never released any photos of the jewelry (except the turquoise bracelet) to the public. Why do you suppose that would be?

    But if Fenn hid the chest on government land it could be a felony to remove it, since everything on government land by definition belongs to the country, to all taxpayers, not just a brazen fellow hoping to play finders-keepers. And if Fenn hid the box on private land, well, as Fenn himself will tell you, the owner of the land is the automatic owner of the box. “There’s no place that you can put [the treasure] that under the right circumstances there are not complications,” Fenn told me.
    But can you at least assure people they won’t get arrested? Or that they won’t get sued and lose the money? “I’m not assuring people of anything,” Fenn admitted. “I went out there and hide a treasure chest, and they can go get it. That’s it.”

    • All this chit chat about the legality of finding the chest on public land is very misleading. I, for example, am a prospector of some considerable experience.
      It is totally legal to hunt for gold on (most) public lands and keep what you find.
      If you discover an old miners hidden poke in the process you can keep that as well. Or perhaps an old bottle or the door of a T-model ford. There are a lot of examples of that happening. Just because FF’s chest more valuable than the run-of-the-mill poke does not mean it is special under the law in anyway. You can also go out and collect rocks, meteorites, wood, etc on public lands that are not specifically closed to such activities.
      Just my take!!!

    • Ooops, forgot to comment on this comment of yours:

      “But if Fenn hid the chest on government land it could be a felony to remove it, since everything on government land by definition belongs to the country, to all taxpayers, not just a brazen fellow hoping to play finders-keepers.”

      The fact is that many things laying around on public lands are finders-keepers.
      You may be more at ease about this if you’ll fact check it.

          • So why do you think there should be pictures of anything? We have been told in a general way what’s in the box. That’s good enough for me. And, no, I do not have it all figured out by a long shot. However I am out in the field actively working on it every day. Being in the process brings insights you don’t get
            by armchair hunting.

        • Pam, finding the treasure on government land has been discussed on several blogs. I’m not even sure the gov knows what the law is. Personally, I think the legal case is the same as findin a lost wallet. If the owner of the lost wallet says you can have it, not sure how anyone else can argue against it.

          Any woo, looks like me and the fam will be heading up there tonight. Hope to see some of ya there.

  19. Pam…it is not the questions you ask…but that you ask questions…awesome.
    The lady and I want to see the gems..fetishes…the gold…not photoshop! Pam You have noteven seen a coin….if so what types…lol The box is only apicture of a treasure..Ive never seen any of the boxes contents being held or observed, but have seenarrowheads and potteryshards and how to tie a fly. I’ve seen four guys find 80 pounds of Gold in the Az dessert…Treasure Net.. Iveseen some crazy time elapsed photos…I’ve seen the storys I’ve told on the internet that I didn’t put there. I’ve heard tale that fs box is of Knights Templer quality. Pam…I think questions lead to more questions.

    Instead…I believe Stephanie, who said “the treasure is real…people have seen it.”….smiles.

    Psss…Pam…they also use other fake pen names around here!

  20. Dal whn I saw your post Complaining about the Poem…I thought he’s one of us…and Tht’s because we are faithful…I don’t know what the requirements are for being excepted as a TOTC hunter, but I’ve been at it solid for near a year…been put through …THU, Treasure Hunting University. Traveled to NM three times…once in the middle of a terrible snow storm. And had life changing experiences…thus…I feel paid my dues and should be afforded a few simple questions by f. that we all need to know.

    For today: Why did you post the colonial pick…if it was clue….plz say so. If it was for show and tell…Why? The obvious difference being NM…
    PS I hope Im not Deleted…Players like myself aren’t heredicts…just serious players. Also…I have tons of these questions that will end all the ambiguous stuff…grins.

    • Mark, Mark, Mark.

      Paid your dues? Owed answers from Mr. Fenn?

      Have you considered that “the ambiguous stuff” is the point?

      Go back 3 spaces and lose a turn.

      Also grinning.

    • Mark- As searchers,by our own choice,we have chosen to embark on a treasure hunt that really has no bearing on anything other than our own decisions.forrest owes us nothing.In fact,he has given us more than I think he originally planned.If the hunt outlasts forrest he will always be remembered for what he has given and not for what he has not.

  21. Last night I prayed for “Peace on Earth” and today I find out the Government shut down…Yay! Perfect day to find a treasure, what say you?

    • I think every day is a good day to find a treasure…
      I think this closing of 401 National Parks to all visitors must please the wildlife in Yellowstone…
      Now they can go hunt for the treasure in peace…

  22. Gawd hep us! I hope ff will emotionally survive “the people” tonight. I’m sure it’ll be fun, it does seem that some people get caught up in (911, The Kennedy Assassination, The Tea Party, TTOTC) things sometimes and become… beyond obsessed. Wait that’d be a great name for a perfume “Way Beyond Obsession” – “use at your own risk, can of bear spray included with each purchase.”
    I do not drink alcohol and hate crowds but would have enjoyed being able to stay for the signing and chat tonight in S.F. Had to get back.

    • If Dal didn’t want questions ask he’d just end this scrapbook. or worse. Do you really think he is deleting your posts? Are you posting nasty things? He put me in the corner once but never deleted any posts – and I can get very ornery. So prithee… what ist thy query? I will answer you true.

  23. Mark-
    What do you mean “I guess I’ve been deleted.” and what makes you think you can’t ask questions?

  24. Ok,I will be the first to ask how the Forrest Fenn bash went.So, all you attendees,how was it?!Did everyone have a blast? Any new info to share?Dang! Wish I could have been there….

  25. There is a new radio interview listed at the top of the Media Page on this blog. It is an interview by Dorothy from the Collected Works Bookstore with Forrest, Danny Bodelson (illustrator for Forrest’s new book) and Shiloh Old (Forrest’s grandson and the guy in charge of shipping all the new books).

  26. Easy folks…if my post went through i must not have been deleted…I simply took three steps back and lost a turn…smiles.

  27. Does anyone know the last announcement Forrest made stating the treasure was still out there, and has NOT been found? I think it would be reassuring for all to hear or read a statement from Mr. Fenn. Don’t you agree?

  28. Pam – it was just before I wrote Forrest stating I solved the poem and I gave exact details where it was located! HA HA

    Unfortunately – I do not have the treasure in my possession! lol

    But I am not sure if I would tell anyone but Forrest if I had found it and that would only be conditional on him not revealing my identity and the location. I believe that there are some people who do not want the notoriety at the risk of losing it all or having all that attention. I have been asked to to participate in two reality TV shows based on this search – I am not interested – too risky!

    The Wolf

  29. The Wolf, I can see your point. I am sure a lot of people feel the way you do. I can’t help, but wonder if once you discovered the treasure if your feelings would change.
    Is it fair not let other searchers know the truth? Is it right to ask Forrest to not announce it has been found? What would that make him look like should the truth get out? Why would you place such a burden on him? What about the story that would be kept from the world? I don’t know if I would be so selfish. I would donate the discovered chest. Why??? Because, a golden treasure is not worth a tarnished man’s name.

  30. Oh, well that certainly explains it – wolves do not come equipped with a conscience! Maybe I can borrow yours?! Ha Ha

    I know this experience has changed the way I thought I would react.

    “Only when on finds the treasure does one actually know what they will do – to speculate is futile”

    The Wolf

  31. Don’t be so hard on yourself Wolf. I bet your a sheep in wolfs clothing. I think we all can’t help, but speculate. I do know I would wait a few weeks for Forrest to contact me and discuss options. If I didn’t hear from him I would proceed as I felt best. Forrest is smart and he thinks of everything. Don’t you agree?

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