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My brother and I arrived at a meadow near the Madison River. to find it filled with Buffalo.  I had hoped to see the calves born and I wasn’t disappointed.

Unbeknownst to me, some buffalo were coming up behind me to get to the river, a cow and a calf.

My brother, realizing I didn’t see them, tried to get my attention. I heard him and turned around to see the cow toss her head back and forth, at me.

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I backed up to give her space, and once she was satisfied I had moved far enough away, she lay down.  Apparently I was interfering with her nap.

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I’ll bet she knows where the treasure is.



26 thoughts on “On The Madison…

  1. Kathy,the pics you shared are very nice.It’s not every day that a buffalo shoos you from their resting spot.Do you know anyone that speaks Buffaloinese?

  2. Nice pictures Kathy! Momma bison are very protective so I’m glad she didn’t consider you a threat to her baby and decide to charge you! 🙂

  3. This is still a new comment in an early blog.
    Its been awhile since I posted anything.
    I recently wrote Dal…I believe I know the defintion of the home of Brown. But Dal never wrote me back,,,maybe he wrote me off is a better description…lol…I don’t even take it personal, not one bit.
    I sit in my bed with my hands in my head and think..if I reveal what I think the home of Brown is…I think…the chest will be found before I can find it.

    I used to think I knew where the chest was…but I don’t believe that anymore.
    But I do believe I know the meaning of the home of Brown. FF said ” If I told you where the home of Brown was, you’d go straight to the chest”.
    God how I wish I could understand that meaning?!

    The home of Brown IS NOT what you think it is…its actually simple…well @ least to me…lol..atm I’m in Austria and I fly home tomorrow. Maybe I will be brave enough to let the cat out of the bag sooner than later…I can comprehend how deep this rabbit hole goes..its deep…see you Oct 1st in Santa Fe…A_The_A

  4. @ Dal, after seeing you deleted my comment on legal ponderings, I guess you might delete my comments here too? Hey Dal, my comments hold merit…so tell me what does 5, 55, and 13 mean to FF?
    When the chest is found I guess we will find out…but YOU remember I said it 1st!


  5. Oh and since I should at least give something to prove my words have weight…Hold the page (66) with Cody pulling the 2 wheels upside down.
    What do you see?…A man in a cave…Your welcome…A_The_A

  6. PS- and since the cats out of the bag on this one, let me expand the mind…FF said his bio is in the chest and that its so small you need a magnifying glass…for those that have the book “TToTC”…the whole book is set up like that. Turning the pages upside down and looking @ them with a magnifying glass will reveal a whole new world to the chase…ok…now I’m done…A_The_A

    • No, I hope that you are not done. Where exactly do you believe the HOB to be? Your deal.

    • Adam,
      Watch out for the man in the clean white coat.
      Maybe Home of Brown means the fall, when everything turns brown and warm waters halt and turn to ice.
      just a thought…..

  7. Kathy:
    I like your photos a lot. You have a really nice photo series on Bison. I don’t believe you can get anything out of them about the treasure though. Those big brown beasts are known for being tight lipped.

  8. Well I’m not quiet! All I needed was to read some things correctly and get a good dose Mrs. Olson’s coffee and I’m good to go. So, let’s see. I love those pics. I lived across the street of a buffalo ranch and they know they are certain of they’re territory and I think that’s how God plans things…Me on the other hand, I can be a complete idiot or at other times as sure as John Wayne. Here’s my impression of the duke, “Ok pilgrim, I Think you just need to keep that horse of yours pointed in the way you were going and mosey yonder.” How’s that for an impression?

  9. Good Duke. dal, I used to have a lovely Gold Avatar….now simple green…how might I post a picture.

    • Mark-
      If you double-click on your avatar it will take you to a web page where you can edit your profile and your avatar…Note that there is a “help” tab across the top of that web page…if all else fails…
      Good luck..

  10. Dal,
    Has anyone ever considered looking in Petrified forests, it kinda makes sense. Petrified (brave), Forest (wood), formed by volcanic material (thermals vents – warm water).

  11. Kathy, what a swell trip! Thanks for your photos. You must have really been close. Very cool.

  12. On TFTW the chapter river bathing is best has a lot of good information about the Madison and sure sounds a lot like Forrest’s poem what do you guys think.

  13. He mentions warm water entering cold, canyons, too far to walk , for those close to firehole I recommend to start searching more it must be close.

  14. To all on the Madison,
    This is not meant to discourage or refute anyone’s solve. Until the TC is found, one solve is just as good as the next.
    That being said….I was reading the Moby Dickens Bookstore (November 2013) interview last night. Forrest said he floated the Madison and he intended to make that trip again. He said the day never came.
    My thought is he never went back to the Madison so the TC would not be in or near the Madison. I assume he made the trip many years before he hid the TC because it would be nearly impossible for a 79/80 year old person to float the Madison alone. I have many relatives in their late 70s/early 80s and not a one of them could float the Madison alone (physically speaking) like Forrest did.
    My logic is he did not say he never went back to the area (to hide the TC)…but if he did go back to the area, why did he not get back to the Madison since it was a very special place to him. If he was going to make the trip to hide the TC in that area, then he surely would have stopped, even briefly, at the Madison. With this logic, I think the TC is not in or near the Madison.
    I still have my primary solve and search area. Maybe I am reading too much into the interview, but I’m trying to whittle down the possibilities of where the TC could be.
    Hope this helps.

  15. Not sure. I believe some searchers have said they are looking in the Madison or area nearby….could be wrong about that. I also believe there are multiple rivers named Madison….still not sure if any are in the Rockies.
    I’d have to GE it.

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